Will Your Kids See You Talking to Jesus?

Will Your Kids See You Talking to Jesus?

August 9, 2017

“But now, thus says the LORD, your Creator, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel, ‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!’” Isaiah 43:1 (NASB)

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I have vivid memories from my days as a little girl of my grandmother sitting quietly on the edge of her bed with tears streaming down her face.

I would tiptoe toward her room and watch as her lips moved while her words were void of sound. She never looked sad or mad, but she always looked serious, and I knew not to disturb her.

My initial response was concern, and I couldn’t wait for her to finish so I could check on her and make sure everything was OK. Without fail, when I asked if she was OK, she assured me that there was nothing to be concerned about because she was “just talking to Jesus.”

I never quite understood what she meant or why she chose to talk to Jesus. And despite her response, I knew everything was not OK. The truth is, my grandmother had a lot of things she could cry about. Outside the walls of our row home in the inner city of Baltimore, Md., was a community infested with drugs, violence and hopelessness. I recognized it as much as I could sense anything.

But not so with my grandmother.

I never once received even a hunch of despair in my grandmother’s countenance. I now know why. My grandmother was determined that the very present and tangible realities she faced would not be the point of focus for our family, but instead we would trust in the love of the One to whom we belonged. Day by day, she put our lives in His hands.

I will never know every detail of the conversations she had with Jesus, but I know her daily tears represented the hope and joy that rested in His love and the saving grace she received in her adult years.

She chose to talk to Jesus because she believed His promises in Isaiah 43:1 and throughout the Bible — that God not only called her by name, but He called her His own:

But now, thus says the LORD, your Creator, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel, ‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!’”

Today, as a mom of four daughters, I reflect on my grandmother’s faithfulness, and I thank God for the traces of her trust in Jesus that run deep in my own life. I’m reminded that her conversations with God mattered and impacted my life. Her words and her commitment are a legacy that now serve as fuel in my pursuit of the Savior for me, my daughters and our family.

As a mother, wife and woman, if I’m not careful I can allow my circumstances to dictate my outlook. There are many days when it seems easier to throw in the towel and wallow in the mud. But my grandmother’s witness is a reminder to me that others are depending on my prayers. My children are watching and are following my lead in understanding what it looks like to live as God’s daughter.

So I’m choosing to talk to Jesus, following in my grandmother’s footsteps. I’m determined to focus on His goodness and rest in the fact that I am His.

Ultimately, I pray my conversations with Jesus guide my family’s focus and continually point my daughters to His love. Will your kids (or other young people in your sphere of influence) see you talking to Jesus?

Heavenly Father, there’s something so comforting in knowing that You know my name and that I am Yours. Oftentimes the circumstances around me look hopeless and overwhelming, but please help me to focus on You — on Your goodness and mercy, Your truth and faithfulness. May Your Spirit be my guide as I trust in You. Lord, may my conversations and walk with You speak of Your presence in my home. I pray that my relationship with and trust in You serves as a root of my family’s growth, and that we remain grounded in Your love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Hebrews 13:7, “Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.” (NIV)

Psalm 121:1-2, “I lift up my eyes to the mountains — where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” (NIV)

Discover how to entrust your daughter (or a friend’s) to God, and raise her to develop a strong faith and healthy relationships with the book She Is Yours: Trusting God as You Raise the Girl He Gave You, by Jonathan and Wynter Pitts.

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Which area of your life do you need to talk to Jesus about today — trusting He hears you, knows you and calls you by name? Commit to making Him the focal point of your situation and your family’s identity.

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  1. My little girl is my world!! I try my best to live life reflecting Christ a lot of times I fail. I adopted my little girl and it was all Jesus who worked it out!! She sees me talk to Jesus I want her to see Jesus through my actions which take a curb some days. I want her to know Jesus even when I yell at her trying to guide and protect her. One thing I do know she knows is the cross represents our Loving Lord so she is 2 almost 3 and when she sees a cross she exclaims is excitement “mommy’s Jesus!!!” I love it!!! I would be honored to receive this gem of a book to help me!

    • Diane Elliott says:

      Love that your baby is adopted! As a mom of 9 adopted kids, I am still so encouraged each time I hear a story of adoption. Remember, you are following God’s lead, when He adopted us into His family! (I was recently also reminded that Joseph adopted Jesus, so there’s a history there!)
      Blessings to you.

  2. Teri Lynn says:

    Your daily emails are such a blessing to my soul. I would love to read the book and if I do, when I’m finished I want it to give my sister who could also use encouragement and hope.

    • To love the Lord with all your heart soul body and mind and love your neighbor — I wanna teach this to my children through my thoughts and prayers…. praying for all ❤️ in Jesus name

  3. Toni Samuelu says:

    This was exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you for these encouraging and important words that have filled my heart.

  4. Patricia Browbe says:

    Jesus, i need You every hour❤❤🔥🔥

  5. Beautiful message, a reminder that we can pray for the next generation today. God loves us dearly and will not leave us alone.Ok

  6. Joan Adams says:

    I really enjoyed this “talk” of Jesus how He knows me by name. You are right, so many times life gets in the way and we stumbled or get fearful for even the slightest things if we don’t talk to Him regular. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. I’m hoping I win one of your books because I believe it would greatly help me in my walk with Jesus. Bless you

  7. Raising a daughter in today’s world is scary. As a family we pray and worship together; I want her to have a strong moral compass.

  8. Betty C Gladney says:

    I only have one daughter and I am so proud of her faith and her walk with the Lord. I would like to think that I had a positive impact on her life. She’s married with 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren. She is a wonderful wife and mother and she has done an outstanding job in their upbringing.

  9. Dawn Vivirito says:

    Focusing prayer on my college girl and her struggle with anxiety. This book looks like a good resource.

  10. I have 2 daughters who I pray for pray with all the time. I am so thankful for Gods faithfulness to each one. I love to pray. I want my daughters to be prayer warriors and know God so deeply and completely. The book sounds so good. Bless you for being kind enough to share the book as a gift.

  11. Sashani Brown-Gowdie says:

    I have 3 girls…all age 9 going 10…3months apart. One biological and two adopted…and everyday I am thankful that Jehovah loan them to me. This reading is so timely, I just got off my knees begging Jehovah to allow immigration to grant my adopted twin girls their visa so that they can join us their new family in canada for their 10th birthday this August 26 2017. This book I’m sure will be am asset in raising 3 beautiful God fearing women. Please pray for us aa your grandmother did, they have been through so much, I want their10th birthday to be a fresh start and our family miracle.

  12. Thank you for this devotional. I would love to share this book with my daughter and granddaughter.

  13. Tiffany Howell says:

    Wow, this message brought me to tears! My own daughter cought me praying and said mama who you talking to? I told her the Lord because he is the only one that can help me with my problems. Then, she whated to know him too. I thank you for the beautiful reminder of that day that she started a relationship with the Lord.

  14. Elizabeth Daoust says:

    Such a great reminder to ensure that we don’t just talk about our faith but that our children see us live it out…we have a boy and a girl and we try our best to pray and live out our faith in front of them…reading this made me think, how often do they see us on our knees in desperation praying to the Lord…

  15. Beth Trice says:

    This book sounds like a wonderful way to share God’s love.

  16. I have two teen girls

  17. Jeanne Wiles says:

    This was so encouraging to me. Such a great challenge to live out faith in front of our children, especially my daughter. I want her to see that she has a mother who prays, and especially know that I pray for her!

  18. Stephanie N Elder says:

    Man, this was a good one this morning!

  19. As a mother of 4 little girls, I pray every day that they look to God at all times in prayer and encourage them to pray as well, for God’s direction in all they do and go to God with all their needs. As woman now, my childhood has helped me to continue to believe/serve God because my parents made sure we attend daily bibil study.

  20. Heather Franchi says:

    As a mom of a young daughter, I constantly think about am I talking to Jesus frequently around her and having that be a daily occurrence in her life. Thank you for this encouragement!

  21. Charlotte Shue says:

    We like free books!
    Blessings to all!

  22. Bonnie Lash-Freeman says:

    Mrs. Pitts’ devotions are a true blessing as I struggle to honor God and my daughter’s wish to raise her children in an a-religious home -” not yo much religious stuff”.

  23. Geralyn Miller says:

    The main thing I want my daughters (God has blessed me with 3) to ABSOLUTELY KNOW
    about God is that He loves them……totally just like they are, unconditionally LOVES THEM!
    Thank You Jesus!

  24. Angie Wagler says:

    I’d love to have this book!

  25. My grandmother talked with and about Jesus. Set a good example for me too. Thanks for sharing. Would love to win a free copy of this book.

  26. Thank you for this!! It is exactly what I was praying about a few hrs ago and exactly what I needed for today! God’s timing is perfect!

  27. Jodi Smith says:

    I have a daughter and would love to read this book. This was a wonderful devotion! Thank you!

  28. I have a daughter and I am teaching her about Jesus. I try to live a Godly life in front of her and her brother. I enjoyed this devotion. We all need to talk with Jesus everyday.

  29. Joy Everett says:

    Good morning!
    Being an only child and having two daughters, and now a precious 3 month old granddaughter, it seems that this book would help three generations of our family. My grandmother was a prayerful soul. I learned so much from listening to her teachings. I hope many women will start this in their family right this second. I can’t tell you house much our faith has carried us through this old life.

  30. Would love to win a copy of this book. I have three girls and this was encouraging to me. Thank you for the message and opportunity.

  31. I have two teenage daughters: 14&16. I pray for them both to know Jesus.
    Thank you : )

  32. This would be great. I have three girls.

  33. Diane Reese says:

    The Lord has blessed me with two girls, 29 and 16. This world is a hard place to grow up in. I pray they see Jesus in me.

  34. Catherine says:

    Raising children has its challenges…but God!!!! Having a tool such as “She is Yours” would be a very helpful resource as I continue to raise my daughter in the admonition and fear of God. I want her to know that He will never leave her nor forsake her. I want her to know she can call upon His name for herself and He is with her wherever she goes. Thank you for sharing this devotional this morning. Blessings!

  35. AMEN

  36. Cheryl Walker says:

    I would love to get the book

  37. Ruby Gibson says:

    Thank you for this article. I didn’t see my grandmother or mother praying but I myself do it and am in a place where k pray for our children and grandchildren.
    I would like to read this and give it to my daughter to learn and read about God’s love for her. It’s so beyond what we can give…

  38. I have 2 daughters and would love a copy of this book!

  39. Thanks for this beautiful devotion. It’s the prayers of those that love us, that’s still keeping us as we grow in our relationship with God. May we continue to pray for those we love.

  40. Beth Clipp says:

    Thanks for your devo It reminds me so much of my mother in law. She influenced my life and my kids w/her daily journey w/Christ. I can remember her daily talks w/Him and journals. My only hope is that my kids/grand kids see christ in me as much.

  41. Annice Page says:

    This book would a wonderful read for my son and daughter-in-law as they raise two daughters.

  42. Joyce King says:

    I have to daughters whom I’m praying learn to trust and rely more on God. We are members of our church. Recently, I’m noticing my oldest daughter is getting distracted with life instead of focusing on God. They see me pray and read my devotions and praise God. I want them to do the same.

  43. Shawn.Spencer says:

    I JUST became the foster parent of a 15 year old girl who needs me to be my best, Christ-like self for her healing and growth. This devotion spoke directly to and this book sounds INCREDIBLY applicable. Thanks so much for bringing the word into my life!

  44. Thank you for sharing this picture of your childhood, Wynter.

    We were in a Bible study group, and our little circle included five young children. They played in the room above us; when the noise got too loud, one of the adults would go upstairs and restore peace. It wasn’t unusual for a young one to interrupt our discussion with an angry “He’s being mean to me,” or a tearful “I pinched my finger.” But when we were praying, their little footsteps stopped at the doorway. While the grown-ups talked with God, conflicts resolved themselves and boo-boos disappeared on their own. The power of prayer!

  45. Rachel Alexander says:

    Sounds like an excellent resource for raising daughters. God bless.

  46. Debbie Sutherland says:

    I would love this for my friend’s daughter. It’s hard to walk with Jesus and go to public school!

  47. I would love a copy for my daughter. At times it’s tough being in a household with an unsaved husband so I need all of the support and direction that I can get.

  48. Jacqueline Garcia says:

    My daughter’s name is Wynter!

  49. Kim hilton says:

    Timely words. As a parent to 10 children, 7 of those girls ages 23, 10, 10, 9, 8, 7, 7, 7 this would be a great resource for us! We have bio, adopted and foster children, however, our foster children will soon bear our last name and be our forever children! I would love a copy of this for us to share together!! Thank you.

  50. Mary Jean says:

    I so enjoyed this devotion. I understand, just as you have, that many are depending on me to lift them up in prayer, so I cannot and must not miss the daily opportunity to “talk to Jesus” as your grandmother did:) I have a son and a daughter, 23 and 20, and it doesn’t matter how old they get, how far away they are from you or the Lord, godly parents must never stop praying for them!! Thank you for your sweet devotion!

  51. I have 2 adult daughters who each have 2 babies. They’re in great Christ-centered marriages, raising their babies in the Lord. I remember so many nights when my girls were growing up, going into their rooms after they were asleep, getting down on my knees, raising my hands up to the Lord, saying “Fayher God – she’s Yours! I know she is. Help me to let go. Help me to remember You love her more than I ever could.”

  52. I have 2 adult daughters who each have 2 babies. They’re in great Christ-centered marriages, raising their babies in the Lord. I remember so many nights when my girls were growing up, going into their rooms after they were asleep, getting down on my knees, raising my hands up to the Lord, saying “Father God – she’s Yours! I know she is. Help me to let go. Help me to remember You love her more than I ever could.”

  53. Loved this, just what I needed this morning. I’ll be sending my daughter off to college 800 miles away in 2 weeks. Would love a copy of this book!

  54. lori leonard says:

    Thank you for the devotional. My daughter leaves for college in 2 weeks. I am separated and will file for divorce next year. My son just got his driving permit. Right now even the good things are overwhelming. I have grown closer to God in the last few years. please pray for peace that passes understanding and wisdom.

  55. Leah Powell says:

    I would love to have a copy. I have a 6 almost 7 year old and it is so hard raising children these day verse when I was going up. Reading something encouraging would be wonderful! Thank you!!

  56. Rosemarie Tayo says:

    I would love to have a copy of your book. I am a single parent of three children. I want them to grow up loving God and be the person God would want them to be.

  57. I would love to read this to learn more about raising my daughter to be a Godly woman.

  58. My daughter needs prayers today because she has to put her cat to sleep today. She is heartbroken.

  59. Knowing Jesus loves them is so important forngirls. My daughter is 5. I would love this book as another tool for me to help equip her.

  60. Rebecca Henderson says:

    I have 3 daughters, 7 and 5 year old twins, Its a blessing to be called their mommy! It’s also been rough, trying to know how to raise them up loving and knowing Jesus, their Savior, with all that’s going on in our world. I could use ALL the help I can get!

  61. This took me back to the time I spent with my grandmother. She was the one who taught me about Jesus. I have her picture hanging over my mantle and Everytime i look at it I thank God for her and reflect on the love I get to pass on the my girls. It will be a glorious day when we meet again. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Jennifer LeBlanc says:

    I am yours (JESUS)!

  63. Raising 4 beautiful daughters. What a blessing. God has given me a great task that some days I feel very ill-equipped for
    And at the same time in awe of the fact he trusts me with them.

  64. Christy Tidwell says:

    Thank you for the message this morning.

  65. My girls are grown and have young girls of their own. I think we could all benefit from this book. Thank you.

  66. Angela Pope says:

    Dear Ms. Wynter!

    Thank you for giving us a window into your childhood! My grandmother was the one who introduced me to JESUS and every night from 6:30-7pm when she rides her exercise bike, she prays during that time!!! She’s 82 years old! When I read about your grandmother she reminded me a whole lot of mine!!! Your grandmother seemed to always keep her head up and eyes fixed on JESUS no matter what the situation and had a certain time where you knew she was spending time with JESUS!!! And too, my grandmother has always said, ‘Don’t worry about things! The Lord’s up 24/7 and He’ll worry about things for you!’ Maybe that’s something your grandmother would have said. But, I believe you and I both have a lot to give thanks (so to speak) to our grandmothers for where we are now in our relationship with JESUS!!! And now, being a wife and mother of a 4 year-old daughter with two boys 8 and 6 years old also, I would love to have a copy of your book to read!!! I pray for them a lot and in today’s society that seems to be getting so much more corrupted everyday, I need all the help I can get!!! Thank you so much!!!

  67. Kathleen Solazzo says:

    Love starting my day with Crosswalks and talking with Jesus… I pray to instill on to my 2 daughters still growing in faith.

  68. Jeanne Hand says:

    I would love to give this book to my daughter who is the mother of my beautiful 13 year old granddaughter. She will be 14 on 8/14. What a wonderful gift – the book! Thanks!

  69. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have one beautiful daughter starting kindergarten today. I need God’s guidance!

  70. My daughter is such a blessing. She loves the Lord and she loves people and animals. She is strong willed and has a personality that can sometimes be mistaken as not loving. As much as she is like me and my husband I want to find joy in disciplining while she is at home. She has a younger brother who adores her. Thank you for your disciplin and perseverance through Christ with writhing this book!

  71. I have 3 girls. I want them to know Jesus more than anything else.

  72. Trusting God with my kids is so hard. I want to be in charge of it all. God is calling us out of homeschooling and into public school this year. It is so clear to me, but I have struggled to trust Him fully in this big change for our family (until 2 weeks ago). He is constantly calling me back to His heart and reminding me that He loves my kids more than I do. Also have to remember this as my daughter is having some odd health symptoms that make me anxious. I want my kids to see my bring those anxious thoughts to Jesus. Thanks for the reminder.

  73. Annel Mccollim says:

    The only need I had by replying was to say to Wynter that reading her words in “Will your kids see you Talk to Jesus” comforted me and encourages me to not only continue to trust my Lord during this tough time that I am in, but also to changes my negative ways of responding to it to positive ways so my kids can remember me in the same way Wynter remembers her grandmother: A spiritual, faithful and strong believer to the Lord.

    Thank you Wynter.

    Please keep my Cyrus (11), Sophie (8), and me (Annel McCollim) in your prayers. We greatly need the Lord’s strength and protection.

  74. I want to plant Jesus’ see about God in my daughters. Thank you!

  75. Mona Riggs says:

    Love this. I didn’t grow up seeing anyone pray, but want that for my kids.

  76. Kim Kinyoun says:

    This is a wonderful reminder of how important having godly parents is….and letting it show. For me, it was my Dad that I remember most spending obvious time with his Father. Sometimes I would wake up early and he would be on his knees in his quiet place (wherever that may have currently been possible) praying and talking to God. He would tell me that as much as he loved his coffee, his day couldn’t really get started without talking to God first.

  77. Donna Lane says:

    With all that our children are exposed to today we need to stay focused on pointing them to Jesus.

  78. As my daughter struggles with self love, I keep guiding her to the one that will give her peace and love. I would love to know more.

  79. Raising children is one of God’s greatest callings as a woman…doing it well takes discipline and dedication to His word. I’d love to read this book as a guiding tool to raising girls in a Godly home. I’m looking forward to checking it out!

  80. Tricia Coleman says:

    I love this and hope my kids see how important my faith in Jesus is. Praying as a family and having a relationship with Christ are very important to me. Great read!!!

  81. Donyelle says:

    I would love this book for my sister. She has one daughter and I believe this would be a perfect gift for her.

  82. I would love this for my 3 girls!

  83. Cheryl Kimbro says:

    Today’s message spoke volumes to me. My husband and I are raising our two granddaughters age 8 and 6. Some days it would be so much easier to throw in the towel. This has been so encouraging. Thanks you so much.

  84. Jennifer says:

    I have 4 girls too and am excited to learn of your ministry!

  85. “Others are depending on my prayers”… This is why it is so important for me to pray! My husband, children, and grandchildren need to be covered in prayer. Our leaders need to be covered in prayer. My pastor and our church need to be covered in prayer. Our world needs our prayers! Prayer is a wonderful, powerful privilege. Lord, help me not to take it for granted.

  86. Diane Contravo says:

    I grew up without a mother and now have two daughters of my own. I am doing my best to raise them in the admonishment of the Lord. I would love to have this resource.

  87. Steffi Jean says:

    May God continue to bless and grow your ministry; may you touch lives that are familiar and unfamiliar with the Lord’s promise; may you be BOLD in your teachings and inspire this nation; may your family be covered by the Lord against all the plans of the enemy. Walk in your truth and others shall surely follow. Thank you for being a light!

  88. Bre Rivera says:

    I don’t have daughters but I have a great group of women that are entrusted in my care. I look at them, and want nothing but the best for them. They are all married and I long to be that example of a Godly woman to them, letting them know that there is no need for comparison or competition. But I can be that example for the two boys that I do have as well. They are the kings that will be accompanied by their queens one day and the power of prayer is important for them as well.

  89. Pat Huggins says:

    I know today that I owe my salvation to my Godly Granny who was the single greatest influence and joy in my life. The only focus in my parents life was their misery.
    Today as a grandmother raising a lovely granddaughter, I would love to have this book to further understand the role that I play in her life

  90. Megan Renick says:

    Wynter, thank you for being real and sharing your heart! I identify with your words and stories so much. Having spent my childhood outside of Baltimore and then attending JHU, I appreciate your perspective and am reminded to pray for the much beloved city of mine.

  91. Jonnie mellen says:

    I am the mom of 4 girls. 15,11,9,8. I want so hard to be a good mom and have my girls see Jesus in me and fill I fail them sometimes. I am working harder at showing them that he gives me direction. I would love the book.

  92. Rachel Zazzaro says:

    Thank you for sharing about your grandmother’s faith. God bless

  93. I would love to read the book. It is always useful and a priority for me to learn to fully trust God with my own life and of those I love.

  94. Liz august says:

    What a beautiful legacy from your precious grandmother. Attach my heart and made me think of my father

  95. Angel Cioffi says:

    Thank you for your message. This sound alike a great book.

  96. I am thankful for the devotions that I can begin my day with

  97. Michelle says:

    I often have my 6 year old ask me, mommy why are you crying. I tell her it’s happy tears, Jesus tears. I’m a single mom so I feel that sometimes the weight is def more on my shoulders to make sure I’m doing the right things and taking my time to spend time with Jesus so she sees. I pray over her and declare things In her life and we just praise the name of God. I know I’m doing the best I can to lead by example and just doing what I know to do and asking God to lead in all that I do in raising her.

  98. Stephanie says:

    I would love to read this book!! I have one daughter and one more on the way. I am always looking for resources to help me point them to Jesus. Great devotional!

  99. Heather Evenden says:

    I would love this devotion for me and my girls!

  100. Charleane Stone says:

    Wonderful example of a life lived in Jesus 🙂 I thought of my godly aunt who left her bible opened on the edge of her bed daily and a song in her heart 🙂

  101. Trudy-Ann says:

    Thank you.

  102. I now have a granddaughter I thought of as I read the devotional. The book sounds very good to motivate and inspire me to live my faith on the outside where she can see it, as well as on the inside.

  103. Gail Honey says:

    I trust my family see Jesus in me!

  104. Kathleen Mallett says:

    Great devo today! Thank you for the reminder of how important it is that those around us see us talking to Jesus! Would love to win a copy of your book!

  105. Thanks for the encouragement to remember God knows my name and to share that with my sons and daughter.

  106. My 6th grade daughter is struggling with friendships right now. Girls she has been friends with since PreK are turning against her. She is devastated. I know these next few years will have more drama of this kind and I want her faith to be strong as we navigate this together.

  107. Janet axelson says:

    As the single mom of 3 daughters, I feel the burden of being mom and dad, and the role support. I feel I fail in the spiritual area as I know it’s supposed to be their fathers job. I’m just grateful that Jesus steps in the gap and helps me parent these kids for Him.

  108. Crystal Gosa says:

    I would love to have this book. My daughter is starting high school and I need all the help I can get on how to better pray for her and point her towards Jesus.

  109. Stacey Foot says:

    This would be a great resource for the parents of the 4th grade girls I teach on Sundays! Love my Sunday school class!

  110. Monica Compagnari says:

    I have 2 daughters and would love this resource.

  111. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Have a daughter so Book would be great to read and learn!

  112. Jami Harvey says:

    I would love to share this book with my 10 year old daughter.

  113. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for great devotion!

  114. Lisa Saylor says:

    I would love to win this book!

  115. I love that picture of your Grandmother praying! I have the same memories of my Mom-always talking to Jesus. I now know why tears streamed down her face, as they do mine. My daughter sees me doing the same thing and i want her to love Jesus even more than I do! This world that we are living in now, needs Him more than ever. Thank you for this devotion today!

  116. Janine Wetzel says:

    Thanks for the reminder on where my focus needs to be – and setting the example for my daughters!

  117. Connie Becker says:

    This book would be a basis for our ministry with the girls in my parish

  118. I love everything about this post. Kids model what they see and if we don’t let them SEE US talking to Jesus, how can we expect THEM to talk Jesus? Great remind to model what we hope to see in our children.

  119. Noel Bell-Poats says:

    This post reassures me of my daily time with God praying for my daughter and our family . It so reminded me of my grandmother and how I’m standing on her prayers from yrs ago. You see I’m a breast cancer survivor and often think and have said to my husband, if anything happens to me please promise me one thing , that my daughter knows and has a relationship with Christ . I daily cover her and my family in prayer as well as worship God in front of her with times of joy and tears. In reading this post it made me reflect on the many times she’s seen me worshipping and I think to myself what will she remember about our morning breakfast time, listening to worship music and our drives as I shout, sing and oftentimes cry out to the Lord. God reassured me today that these CONVERSATIONS will be replayed and relived over and over throughout her life. Thank you for sharing this post.

  120. Diane D. says:

    I have two daughters and 5 granddaughters. I would love to give this book to my girls to help them in raising their girls!

  121. Raising girls is tough stuff! I would love an extra resource!

  122. Michele Terrell says:

    Being the mother of two girls this content excites me so much! It’s really a battle to give them back now that they are driving and one is in college. Thank you for writing and sharing!

  123. Mandy B. says:

    This was just what I needed for today. I pray that my daughter will make her faith her own. I have been looking for resources to help me as I encourage her to grow. Thanks again for these daily devotions!

  124. Lauren Hightower says:

    I needed this so much this morning. Thank you!!

  125. As my baby girl heads off to her final year in high school, I pray I have set the foundation of faith for her so that she is ready for the next adventure in life, and she can step out in faith.

  126. This book sounds amazing!

  127. Allison Messer says:

    Thankful for my daughter and growing her in Jesus. I would love to win this book!

  128. Judy Wood says:

    I have been raising my now 3 year old granddaughter since she was 9 months old. I read her her devotions every day, we pray together & I show her everything God made when we go hiking & thanks him out loud. This book would be a blessing in our lives! Please choose me.

  129. Loved this! I thank my Mother for talking to Jesus when we were kids and being a wonderful example of a Proverbs 31 woman

  130. Heidi Hernandez says:

    What a wonderful lesson this is for me. As a young mom of 2 small children, so often my countenance is less than trusting. I am going to truly reflect on this devotional Wynter. Thank you so very much for this encouragement!

  131. Tammie Gainey says:

    Everyday I thank God for the miracle of my daughter and I pray she always keeps her strong faith. Thank you!

  132. Linda Reznik says:

    I am very intrigued by the premise of this new book. I am a grandmother of five, three of whom are girls. My husband of 48 years and I raised two daughers who continue to make us proud each day, always trying to be the best parents they can be, guiding their children with love and the help of God. We as loving grandparents know we certainly need to learn and grow more in our Christian faith as we help these young adults and children find their way in these very challenging times. I am confident that as grandparents, we would benefit from reading this book, learning better ways to shepherd all five grandchildren (both female and male) and help them find their way. We have always believed “it takes a village” and a lot of faith to honor this commitment.

  133. Karen Feigh says:

    Would love to have this book to add to my devotional. I am mother of a college age daughter and my concerns for her grow daily so I would love to have something to focus my prayers and my care.

  134. Lisa Benton says:

    I do not have a daughter, but would love this for my sister and sister-in-law and my nieces!

  135. rebecca kauffman says:

    I have a daughter that is working hard to raise 5 beautiful girls in today’s society and she would benefit from the this book.

  136. Renette London says:

    I, too, have vivid memories of my parents and grandmothers praying. I remember the joy that was tangible after they finished their talk with Jesus. It is my hope that my children have memories of me doing the same. It is so easy to allow the cares of this to world to consume you. We must never forget to cast our cares on the one who indeed cares for us. Thank you for this wonderfully amazing devotion. It is a reminder that we must pray without ceasing and establish or continue a legacy of prayer

  137. Margaret Layman says:

    Loved this devotion and the sweet memory shared. I often think of my grandmother who rose before the sun to pray and read and soak up Jesus before the day began. Today, my daughter turns 10 and I can’t even believe it. Thank you for your devotion before we begin a day of celebration for her.♥️

  138. Buffie Wingate says:

    I’m the mother of two beautiful girl almost 11 and 13. I pray for them to have a better understanding of the love Jesus has for them during this stage of their lives than I did.

  139. I prayed every day of each pregnancy that God would give me girls and He graciously honored those requests. But I have to say, be careful what you pray for! 😁😉 There are days I need help and I can only pray that they will become the women He wants them to be.

  140. Vanessa Bergen says:

    Would love to share this book with my sister!

  141. Kristene L Onyskow says:

    I have only one child, a 14 year old daughter. I was never raised to know God and have only very recently found my way to Christ, so my girl was not raised to know Him either. I would love to know more about what I can do and say for her so she can be saved and come to know Him.

  142. I am the mother of two precious girls. I pray for them everyday that they will be the women God wants them to be. And I pray for myself that I can guide and support them in the ways He calls me to.

  143. Angie Holloway says:

    I would love to win a copy.I love to read. And I love God.

  144. Martha Parrish says:

    I love this memory about your grandmother and her faithfulness. It is a wonderful reminder of how our outward expressions of faith can influence our children. I love the scriptures that you referenced.

  145. this book sounds amazing! Would love guidance and wisdom to raise a daugther

  146. I’m learning a lot about entrusting my daughter to God and really trusting He has her.

  147. I have a 7 year old who I pray daily, sees Christ in me. I am so grateful that she has so many good, Christian women to show her the way. I really enjoyed today’s devotion.

  148. Stacie Powell says:

    Your devotion really hit home with me this morning. As a mom of two little girls, I constantly struggle with the worry that I am going to screw them up somehow. I want to be a good example for them. I want them to see my relationship with Jesus and know they can have the same.

  149. Erica Standifer says:

    Wow! First of all, Wynter is a beautiful name. This really touches my heart and reminds me that my kids are watching everything that I do. I need to be a better example for them. I don’t think I have done a bad job, but there are areas of my life where I can do better. I am raising an almost 14 year old high school freshman girl and then an 18 year old son and an almost 4 year old son. It’s not always been easy for us, but God has truly blessed us, through divorce and my becoming a single parent. Thank you so much Wynter Winter for this devotional as it has truly been a blessing to me.

  150. Kami Potjer says:

    I pray that I am not teaching my daughter how to follow rules but how to have a relationship with the living God.

  151. Your devotional really resonated in my heart today. Would love to receive a copy of your book!

  152. Angela Prunty says:

    What a wonderful reminder that as a mother of 2 dsughters and son (my precious 3 kids) and a wife. I need to be showing my kids and my family that it’s a blessing to be able to talk to Jesus as our best friend. He’s always there and understands even our smallest requests and when we don’t feel at our best. He understands and wants to us to know He’s there and knows all our names and want us to trust in Him daily.

  153. The devotion this morning is convicting. Thank you. And thank you for the opportunity to receive the book.

  154. Ashley Caughman says:

    Thank you so much for this. I pray daily that my children see God thru me. That I am a light to them and their friends.

  155. Today is my daughter’s 12th birthday. 12.5 years ago God became the most powerful presence in my life as I learned of my pregnancy then her congenital heart defects. It is so hard to put into words how thankful I am that our Savior loves us so much that He will shake us to our core to see Him and bring us close to Him. I pray that I honor God every day as I raise His precious miracle baby. But I know that as long as I am obedient in my faith, the Holy Spirit will guide me. Thank you, Jesus for this community of Proverbs 31 Ministries and the truth they share with us everyday. Amen!

  156. This was a wonderful devotion this morning, and reminded me of my own grandmother’s legacy. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of your book

  157. Taneisha Hughes says:

    Yes indeed, I really enjoy reading proverbs 31 devotions each day but this particular devotion by Ms Pitts is by far my favorite. I also remember my grandma talking to Jesus and reading her bible daily. I remember when I first began hand writing in first grade I wanted to write the bible for my grandma. There is Something very special about letting your kids see your love for Jesus and how to communicate with Jesus that is very influencing. I love Jesus so much, I still write to him, talk to him read the word and its all because I saw the lady I love so much talking to him. Great article thank you so much for sharing it touched my heart dearly. God bless you

  158. Thank you for the words this morning. I have 3 daughters and need all the encouragement I can get.

  159. I would love to pour over this book!! Raising a confidant, Christian daughter in today’s society is on one of my greatest challenges. Thank you for the devotional today and the chance to win!

  160. Ashley Williamson says:

    This is beautiful. I have a 9 year old daughter that is bringing up baptism and what a joy that brings to my heart. My grandmother instilled in me the fire to know more about God.

  161. Greta Thomas says:

    What a wonderful topic for a book! As a mother of a daughter, I think about how grounded in her faith she will be when the “teenage” years hit. I worry that she will be influenced by the wrong things and people, but I also know that all I can do is live a positive example, pray a lot, and trust God. I also feel that as a high school Choral Director (teacher to A LOT of girls!), the truths learned from this book will help me impact my female students in a post way.

  162. Thank you for following God’s lead in writing such timely and valuable books on a topic that I needed to be encouraged by.

  163. Valerie Keller says:

    Thank you for this great reminder about the legacy we leave our children, daughters especially. Their role/impact in the home as women can be astounding and impact many for the Lord.

  164. Sounds like a great book! Can’t wait to read it

  165. Erin E Hill says:

    I hope my little girl sees me as a great example through our faith.

  166. janny holder says:

    I pray father God that I can believe without seeing and know that I am yours. Knowing that your love is unconditional that reassures me of your goodness and promise you have over my life. Help me to pray everyday and have that 1 on 1 with you father God.

  167. Thank you for the encouragement today! I needed a reminder on my role as a Christ follower and mom.

  168. I desire to be able to truly impart into my daughter’s life even more l am a mother of four girls as well,with eight grandchildren now who need to see the power of prayer as grandma as well, thier a handful,taking turns to be with each of them not easy,but lm there and so is my Jesus giving me strength. Thankyou so much for encouraging me today. Amen .

  169. Christine says:

    I have a very strong willed girl who I know God has amazing things planned for her life. But, most days I feel like I’m failing to raise her to be a strong woman of God. I’m needing encouragement and godly advice.

  170. Thank you for this devotional. It was a great reminder of where to keep my focus!

  171. I like the part where it says that others are depending on our prayers and one of those people is my daughter Ari. She’s going off to college in a few weeks. I will see what’s been instilled in her by me and her daddies influence, love and spiritual guidance. I pray that our influence is strong enough to make her aware of the importance of keeping her relationship with Christ on a daily basis.

  172. Vickey Maples says:

    I have raised 3 daughters & now have a granddaughter. I would love to read this book & pass it on to my daughter.

  173. Tammy Buckner says:

    I also had a praying Grandma who was a huge inspiration to me and prayed aloud behind closed doors in her room. She’s been gone for 5 years now, but I was so blessed to have her around until I was 52 years old!!!! So many times as I pray myself- I hear her in me 💕🙏🏼🌹 She taught me so much about strong faith. Now I’m the praying grandmother with 6 beautiful grandchildren😮😍 Lord may all who come behind me- find me faithful❤️

  174. Michelle Castro says:

    I have a beautiful ten year old daughter my husband and I adopted from Thailand. I think this book would be a wonderful resource for us as we raise our daughter to love and follow Christ.

  175. April Magallanes says:

    I would love to win one of these for my nieces and my sister. They have struggled in raising their strong willed daughters who are much like their mother.

  176. Thank you for this reminder of who I belong too, the only perfect Father. May I lead the little ones around me to Him.

  177. Teri Shipley says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this book 🙂

  178. Love the premise of this book!

  179. Even as Grandmas we can be such an influence on our children’s children and beyond. One day, while I was visiting my daughter, my Grandson had a friend over and I heard him ask “is this the Grandma that makes the great chocolate chip cookies?” I think now would it be great to hear his friend ask “is this the Grandma who prays for you all the time?” 😊

  180. I want my two girls to see Jesus in me like I’ve grown up seeing Jesus in my mom. He will never leave us.

  181. I too had a praying grandmother that has had a heavy influence on me coming to know Jesus personally. Thank you for a great reminder that I need to be that vulnerable in front of my children. Too often I try to pray away from everyone, but they need to see what this special time looks like.

  182. MaryBergel says:

    As a grandmama this so important to raise your daughters and granddaughters to love God as their number one thing in life!

  183. Danielle Cunningham says:

    I have been trying my best to raise my 7 year old daughter in a way that’s pleasing to God. As a young single mom still learning who she is herself, this is not always an easy task. We simply take it day by day.

  184. Wow! A book focusing on raising girls! Send it my way! I have 3😀

  185. Karla Baker says:

    The devotional today really spoke to me. Recently I found my relationship with God not being the focal point of my life. And God reminded me that He loves me and calls me by my name. Of course, the journey back to God isn’t going to be easy.

    My fondest memories from my childhood are of my Granny and her faith. She was one of the women in my life that showed me what God’s love is.

  186. I want my granddaughter to see Jesus in me. Would love to win this book

  187. Sherry Dobson says:

    That’s important to remember, as the day gets started, what will I choose for myself and my family. Will I bring my praise and requests to Jesus first or will I start the day out in my own strength. Thank you for sharing that sweet reminder.

  188. Hannah McPherson says:

    I love Proverbs31! It is so refreshing to see scripture and encouragement on my news feed from a spirit lead ministry! Thank you for helping me in my walk with Christ and continuously reminding me of His promises!

  189. Susie Zacharias says:

    This devotion really touched my heart this morning. Leaving a legacy is always something I aim for. I am a mother of 3 daughters and now am Blessed with 6 grandchildren! 7th is on his way soon! It brings joy to my heart knowing that I can make a difference in their lives by showing them relationship with our Lord and Saviour is a huge part of my life.

  190. I so needed this! As a mom of 3 girls ranging from 8-17 I need to be more mindful when it comes to being an example for them. It gets so easy and routine to get caught up in the busyness of life. My girls know my heart but I want to be a mom they are proud of and can say they heard me talking to Jesus.

  191. Heather Pichora says:

    Thank you for encouragement in this area.

  192. I am a mother of 2 beautiful daughters. I try to show them how to live for and talk with Jesus daily. I’ll always accept encouragement and guidance on how to do better!

  193. Evelyn Pollard says:

    This was so needed especially right before school. I am a mother of two very different girls that I love equally. In the world today, raising them is the most challenging task to accomplish. I know I can not be perfect but sometimes just getting it right every now and then would work for me. I’m so glad I clicked on this devotional and found some resources that would assist in that. Thank you 😊

  194. I want to leave an Impact of The Love I have for Jesus.I want My Daughters to Bring up My Grandchildren in the Admiration of The Love of God.Its Women like You all. At Proverbs 31 that gives us Hope in our difficult trials and Tribulations.I love doing Bible Studies With all of You Warriors of God.God Bless You all and your families and this Ministry.

  195. This devotional was right on time.

  196. Vickey Addington says:

    Very inspiring blog!

  197. I have 3 young girls and I would love to have this book as a resource as a raise them.

  198. My heart is heavy today but this devotional reminds me to place my focus on all of God’s goodness.

  199. Kelly Thorp says:

    Thank you for these encouraging words! I need all the help I can get in raising my daughters to be in conversation with Jesus!!!

  200. My children need their daddy to know the Lord and so many times I just want to give up. Thank you for the reminder that “others are depending on our prayers.” Tears! You hit home and the Lord used you to speak powerfully to me this morning. Many blessings to you.

  201. As a mother of two growing young girls, I would love to read this book! Thanks!

  202. Sindy Turner says:

    Your message touched my deeply this morning. We are going through difficult times and I fear for the long term affect it will have on my daughter. Thank you for the encouraging words!

  203. Thanks for the devotional, it was great! I am learning how important it is to keep my children bathed in prayer. Thanks again.

  204. Suzanne Conner says:

    This spoke volumes to me today, it triggered a memory of my mama writing letters to Jesus. I remember thinking it odd, but she was teaching me to always stay in conversation with God be it letter or talking. Because I saw her trust and love for her savior, it made a big impact on me. Thank you Lord for a mama that loved you and taught me just to talk to you!

  205. Kerri Cline says:

    I have three Daughters I want to raise them to be Godly Women. My oldest is 14 and she has had some struggles of her own through these teenage years. I feel this book could help me guide the girls through these hard times and to see that God is light and love.

  206. I have four girls and it has been on my heart how to teach them to talk to Jesus. Am I showing them how to live like a daughter of the King. I would love to win this book.

  207. Patricia Williams says:

    Dear Father, as You already know, my Prodigal 26 year old daughter just moved back home. It’s stressful. Please help us, in Your Son’s matchless and mighty NAME, I pray believing !

  208. Crissy Smith says:

    Need this for the strong willed girls in my life! ❤️🙏🏻

  209. Jennifer says:

    I have two special daughters. We are a family in ministry as my husband is a pastor. It’s difficult with the changes we make as we move around and our children are asked to sometimes start over. Our oldest daughter has struggled over the years to adjust and she sometimes becomes resentful of God. I feel this book would allow me to connect with her as she grows and soon will be out in the world.

  210. Wonderful devotion…Thank you

  211. Gail Mosby says:

    As I prayed for my 6 year old this morning, I am reminded that when she leaves our home, you go with her everywhere I can’t. What a comfort!

  212. Barb Kilgore says:

    I have 3 young teenage daughters, and would love a copy of this book.

  213. Thank you for this reminder. I want to lead my children to know Jesus and understand His love for them.

  214. Annelie Bronkhorst says:

    I would like to be chosen to have a copy of your book. I don’t deserve it more than anybody else, but I just think God wants me to have it! It’s definetely not by accident that I’ve read todays devotional! Be blessed and keep on blessing us!

    Annelie (South Africa)

  215. What a beautiful memory! I love that my boys see their Daddy reading his Bible, but also the sweet picture that they can find it just about anywhere in our home. I would love to share this book with my sister. I’m not sure where she is on her journey, but I think she’s not in a good place. God is working in her oldest daughters life. She’s 12. I would love to share your book with them.

  216. Thank you for the reminder to pray without ceasing. I can speak with God anywhere and should do that throughout my day.

  217. Rachel H. says:

    I have 4 children, 3 of which are girls in every stage of childhood. They are ages 6, 11, and 16. The Bible is our first source, but I would love to read what advice the Pitt’s have to share. Thanks!

  218. This GiGi wants to follow in that Grandmother’s footsteps!

  219. Emily Hazelwood says:

    I would LOVE to win this book for me andy daughter!!! I crave to raise her to be a light in this dark world despite all the evil especially aimed towards girls.. Thank you for the opportunity to be entered!

  220. Would love this as a mom of a soon to be 16 year old daughter

  221. When I start to lose focus that I remember to redirect back to my God!

  222. Thank you for the devotional this morning. It is always good for me to remember to walk in faith. God has been working on this area of my life for years. Thank you for the opportunity to win the book as well.

  223. anna reinke says:

    I have one beautiful seven year old daughter and would love a copy of this book!

  224. This seems like a good resource for my 15 year old daughter fighting anorexia. During her two times in treatment has been led astray from the Lord,and is now unsure of Him, and how He fits into her life. Any words of wisdom would be helpful and any prayer too.

  225. Julie Villacorta says:

    Would love this for my 15 year old daughter who could use some uplifting in her life right now.

  226. Such an important message.. thank you. I would love a copy of this book especially as we venture in to the teenage years with our daughter.

  227. I pray every day for this same thing and although my teenage daughter knows how important and sacred my mornings are with Jesus, I do want her to experience and feel that same desire in her heart to want and need him as much as I do. This book would be an amazing one for her and I to read together…

  228. Raising our girl in times of today is no easy task. We are thankful to God knowing that His story for her life is already written, and we trust that she is in His hands. Her story isn’t a fairytale, as much as we would like it to be, instead a series of smooth and bumpy trials by her own choices and decisions along her journey that continue to create her to be the young woman He created her to be. She is lovely and beautiful, still developing in her storyline handwritten by God.

  229. Stephanie says:

    God is so good! Needed to read this today. Gave me reassurance for a current overwhelming situation! It also reminded me of my sweet grandmother and her solid example of a Christian woman. I have three precious souls that God has entrusted me with and would love to win this book for them. Thank you for your service!

  230. Ashleigh Weinert says:

    This is something I absolutely need to improve on. I hope abd pray my children come to have beautiful close relationships with Jesus and I need to set an example.

  231. Karen White says:

    I’m thankful that I serve a loving God who guides and directs me in my parenting! I’m also thankful for the many resources he gives to help along the way!

  232. Deborah Kile says:

    Would love to win a copy of the your book for my daughter in law who’s raising a daughter.

  233. catherine vautier says:

    I have 4 grown daughters, 2 At home:6yrs @12yrs and 1 on the way. I found Jesus a year and half ago. Since then alot of tragedy has happened but God has been gentle and has done so much for me too. He has been changing me. I also have 2 grown sons, one whom passed away a year ago. My relationship with a couple of my older girls has been rocky for the past six years, since I divorced their dad. So yesterday during one of my daughters rants of how horrible I am, she said I mean nothing to her. That hurt considering that I’ve always been there for my children, from birth. And I know that alot of the hate is coming from thier dad who has drilled it in their heads that I’m bad and don’t love them and did him so wrong. My point is to my story is last night I layed in my bed with tears asking God to help me to Do this right. To pray for my children and my ex. To pray for the two sweet girls at home with me, and the one that’s coming in two weeks. I ask Jesus to help me show these girls Who He Is. I know He can restore everything in my life. Then this morning ,I woke to this devotion in my email. I had to leave a comment.

  234. I would love to learn more about raising my daughter in Christ! What an awesome opportunity.

  235. I have 3 girls and 3 boys I pray for all of them in many ways I also have 4 granddaughters who remind me so much of their mothers – being an only adopted child I too recall seeing my grandmother and mother praying each night at their bed often with heartfelt tears – I felt secure and safe knowing they trusted in the one who made me and showed faith in so many ways to show me He is Real in our lives each day Their example helps me pray for my own family In a world where evil tries to conquer but God will prevail

  236. If there is one thing I can do as my daughters mother, it’s to pass on my deep rooted love for God. Not one day of my life is possible without connection to Jesus.

  237. Karen LeRoy says:

    Your grandmother’s faith and prayer life reminds me of my mother’s. I’m blessed to have such a great example.

  238. Jennifer Keith says:

    I have three girls…13, 10 and 4 with a boy tucked in at 7 years of age. My husband and I really want to raise them to put their trust in God and we want their brother to value them as well.

  239. Kathy Davila says:

    I have 2 stepdaughters and the relationship has been hard. Even though the relationships are strained, I keep praying that God will bring healing and restoration and that He makes way for a better relationship between us. I remain hopeful and trusting you Lord.

  240. Thank you for helping us remember how important our actions are in our home and how important our conversations with the Lord are.

  241. Jennifer Nicole Terrance says:

    I pray I can raise my daughter to know that no matter how excruciating life can be, she can always reach out to HIM. ❤️ If I teach her nothing else, I pray I have shown her The Lord.

  242. Having a rough morning today. Getting the two girls up and ready for school, and dealing with their emotions and struggles is weighing heavy on my heart. This devotion was right on time and a great reminder. I believe the book would be amazing way to encourage and daily pour into my daughters.

  243. Becky Campbell says:

    I need this great reminder for my girls. Thanks!

  244. Angela Carrigan says:

    This book would really help me as I raise my daughter to love the Lord.

  245. Such a great book for someone with two daughters!

  246. Julie Riddle says:

    My son and his wife are expecting a baby girl in just a few weeks. I pray for them as they begin this journey of parenting.

  247. I’ve been looking for a book like this as my daughter enters her tween years.

  248. Nichole Tucek says:

    Thank you for the devotional and this opportunity to receive a good read!

  249. Always looking for resources to help me point my daughters to Christ. Thanks!

  250. I feel very blessed to be the oldest of three daughters of a prayer warrior. Our mother prayed daily for us. Even in her late seventys, she actively tries to mother our mothering. I appreciate her wisdom and example of faith as we raise our own families. With my new title as “grandmother,” I have even more understanding how prayer is the best weapon we have against this fallen world. Prayer also gives me the piece of mind in knowing God has this; He has everything under control. Praise the Lord.

  251. Stephanie says:

    I don’t have children, nor a family of my own at the moment, but I pray this over my life, that my conversations and walk with our heavenly Father would speak of his presence in my life. Thank you for this devotion to help me put a Godly focus on my day.

  252. God’s timing is perfect – this is just what I needed to hear to help me persevere in raising my now-17-year-old girl.

  253. Guadalupe M Magana says:

    My grandmother cried as she prayed as well. I never understood why but now as an adult I get it. Thank you for such a beautiful passage.

  254. Love spending the first part of my day with Prov 31 – thank you for your message today. I pray my life will reflect Christ in it and my children will not depart from being raised in the way that they should go.

  255. First day of school brings lots of prayers for our children. I want them to see Jesus in our home & our lives.

  256. Janelle Volkers says:

    My daughters are grown but still good to be an influence on them and my son and now the next generation my grandkids!

    Great reminder!!

  257. I just had my 3rd daughter & I pray every day that all three will have relationship with Jesus.

  258. Yvonne Caceres says:

    Great devotional!

  259. Linda Mireles says:

    I have 1 daughter, and I recently have started talking to her about following God.

  260. Lisa Wolfe says:

    Thank you Wynter for your beautifully written devotion. This reminds me of Proverbs 22:6. Even though my oldest is in college and two youngest are in high school, I am a firm believer to continue to be the example to them…..no matter what age they are. I also have shared with them how I have made wrong choices at different times in my life and how God has shown his Grace, Mercy and Unconditional Love to me when I so didn’t deserve it. Now….talk about getting on your knees and praising God for his redemption……that is something to share 🙂 ~Lisa~

  261. Jennifer Paire says:

    Thank you for this message about your grandmother. Beautiful.

  262. trudy mann says:

    I have raised 3 daughters and also am in the process of raising my 12 year old daughter. I also have 2 granddaughters that I love dearly. I would like to have this book.

  263. I thank you for your message this morning. What a great reminder that our prayers matter and we are being watched by those around us.

  264. Thank you for the encouragement I found today in the word “trusting in His love.” Please enter me for the chance to receive a free copy of She Is Yours.

  265. Wemi Fasehun says:

    So blessed to have read your devotional today. Would love to win!

  266. I’ve been fighting against the sins of the world for my daughters very strongly this past year. Teaching them Gods ways.

  267. Nicki North says:

    I look forward to reading this book, we have 2 daughters ages (almost) 2 and 4. Love reading about how to raise them in Christs love. Wish I had a personal relationship with God earlier in life, so thankful it’s never too late and Gods timing is perfect!

  268. I just discovered this site and feel so content after reading the message today. My 9 year old is so aware of the world and making sure we pray. I appreciate the chance to win She is Yours to nourish her heart even further and grow closer to Him!

  269. Amen!
    Nothing brings me greater joy than my children praying and praising Jesus. I pray I will set an example much like this grandmother set. ❤

  270. Michelle says:

    Thank you for this devotional. I raised all boys but I do have a granddaughter now. She is 5. I would love to win a copy of this book and give it to my son and daughter-n-law.

  271. Kimberly Sutton says:

    Yay! 🙂

  272. Christiane Lenk says:

    I praise the Lord that we never grow out of Jesus or retire from our calling and relationship with Him! It’s this type of example that reminds me of that.

  273. Danielle Guidry says:

    I am the mother of a 15 year old daughter. Her birth literally saved my life. I was heading down a dark path when I received the news that I was pregnant. She is my reason for not giving up or giving in. She is an awesome kid, and GOD continues to bless her with talents and abilities that can only from HIM. I pray that she continually.seek HIS plan and purpose for her life, as I seek to be the best mother and example of God’s daugjter9 for her. GOD BLESS

  274. This article about seeing your kids see you talking to Jesus lifting me up in a beautiful way today. How inspiring and authentic as I grow as a seasoned mother of a boy. I often see my tears as pain or joy, but your explanation gives me the real sense of peacefulness in knowing it is showing my son…my love of God’s grace and mercy. Not having any of my grandparents living when I was a child, I am today hoping to become the great grandmother I did not have in years past. You helped me today to look at the future and not to reflect on what I did not have, but to look ahead what lies ahead with God at the center of my life.

    THANK YOU and Blessings to YOU,

    Suzanne in Louisiana

  275. I struggle big time with trusting God with my daughter. There have been times where the Holy Spirit would say, “you trust me, but not with everything ” In those moments I know that he means my daughter. How does this momma release her white knuckle grip? I try to control every aspect, but as He is gently revealing to me, it is a false sense of control that produces false comfort. Therefore, step by step He lovingly assures me that He will take care of my baby. I pray over her constantly, and I know that she was His well before she was mine.
    I’m so thankful for His patience with me , especially in this area.

  276. I have a 6-year-old girl that we am trying to bring up to know the Lord. Any chance we get we try to show her that God is real and He answers prayers.

  277. I am the mother of three daughters I look back and wish that I had had a book like this to help guide me. I hope it isn’t too late,there are some things I probably would have changed as they are growing up. I would love to have the opportunity of reading this book in helping to raise my girls.

  278. This was so beautiful and very well written. Thanks for sharing.

  279. Sheila Small says:

    My 27-year-old daughter has fallen away from the faith. She now lives with me. I struggle daily in knowing how to point her to Jesus again. My heart breaks for her. I need so much guidance in knowing how to do this. Her eternal soul depends on knowing Jesus.

  280. Thank you for sharing this! You are so correct that we must be careful to not ‘throw in the towel’ — which is an easy out at times. I try to remind my children constantly to turn to Jesus, lean on Him and don’t give in. I’m sharing this article with my daughter now who has one toddler and another on the way!

  281. Gail Durnell says:

    Thank you so much for proverbs 31 ministry sense I’ve started to get it .i start out my day by reading it as it lets me know that God is with me during all trouble or trials I go through and that his love for me will help me get through whatever I’m going through .Im struggling with some financial difficulties right now .so will you say a prayer for me .also my husband has bladder cancer and is going to have surgery on Aug 30 and my son has seizure so I have slot going on right now .I know God will see me through this .Thanks

  282. So blessed to have read this devotional today. Being a single parent, I’m constantly praying for my children to turn their lives over to the Lord. I KNOW this will happen one day, as God’s timing is always on point. I would love to have a copy of this book..

  283. Beautiful message and encouragement. I would love to read this book !

  284. I have one child and she is a blessing in this time of my life.. I pray to God for a child several years ago.. I did not get pregnant very quickly., I wanted a girl but didn’t want to be disappointed if my tiny baby was a boy so I choose to not find out the sex of our baby till I delivered.. God blessed me with a girl and strawberry blond hair.. I was 36 and turned 37 3 days after she was born.. being pregnant was some high risk test and a few other miner things.. she is heathy and 13 now.. a whole new set of teaching.. she was saved at 7 and We have had her dad leave us for unknown reason for another woman.. God is good and I need this book please..

  285. My sister in Christ has an eleven year old daughter that I would love to share this book with. At that age, I can remember
    wanting to “fit in” with my peers and seeking my place in this world & I know this book will bless her life In showing her how much God loves her& has a specific plan & purpose for her life.

  286. Rocio Enriquez says:

    I love reading the daily devotionals, they are always full of encouragement. It is something I need daily. The word of God,encouragement, hope, and love.

  287. Thanks for your words today. We are all struggling in our own ways but anyone can feel comfort in this post

  288. My heart’s cry is to leave a legacy of faith that works for our children, grandchildren, Godchildren. Thank you for this opportunity.

  289. Jackie Foster says:

    Wow! This was very touching! I have 5 children: 3 boys who are married now, an 18 year old and now we are raising our 9 year old daughter whom God has blessed us with. It is so difficult to raise children now with all the challenges we have today. It is scary to think about raising children without Jesus as your Lord and Savior! Thank you for this article! My friend shared this with me today and it was an eye opener for me!

  290. beth warren says:

    I always speak to him and know he is my reason for being. The leader’s words above remind me of my Grandmother who was so faithful. She passed in 2001 at 96 years of age. She prayed every day, when my son her only great grand came along she taught him to pray and frequently asked him to bless the meal with the prayer she had taught him…and his little voice would start “Our Father who art in Heaven……” She and my grandfather never used credit, during the rations at war she gave up using sugar in coffee or tea so my mom her only child and my grandfather could enjoy the sugar. She taught me the ways of walking in downtown Charleston (SC) which streets were shaded at certain times and those that had the easiest way. She would stop and speak to people along the way …other than the loss of my grandfather the only time I saw her really cry while praying was after my mom’s stroke and upon her arrival back home. My grandmother had come downstairs to see how she was doing and my mom yelled and said it will never be the same … so my grandmother went back up to her apartment and when I went to check on her she was sitting in her chair rocking with her hands clasped and as she moved her lips in prayer she was crying so hard. She passed less than a month later and my mother her daughter actually said we need to get this burial done so people can celebrate Christmas…..I ache for my grandmother and grandfather to the point that I have paid for my arrangements (I have been battling heart disease for over 26 yrs) and was blessed yesterday to find I can have my ashes spread at my grandfathers home (it no longer stands but we know where it was) and the balance at the burial grounds of the family of years gone by. It took several months but the director and trustees gave me that and it means so much. My grandmother took was the one who took me to church in my young years and we took her in her later years. I never heard a harsh word from her and she loved my grandfather. The always kissed (just a peck) after they closed the door to head out and again when they arrived home. I asked her once why… she responded we never know when we may be taken home and we never want to say “I wish I had showed love to him/her today” Unfortunately my life has not ended up like hers but I have realized I am enough, and I love the Lord and look forward to my time with him as my precious pup lays at my feet. By the way the Great Grand she taught the Lord’s prayer too has a Major in Biblical Studies…..

  291. Sherie Robinson says:

    As the tears flow from my eyes with joy of remembering my grandmother talking to Jesus. I knew at an early age to be still and not to bother her or make noise until her conversation with the Master ended. It was through her faith and prayers that I am now a believer in Christ Jesus. Thank you for today’s devotional. Absolutely uplifting and refreshing to recall my elders who walked with the Lord before me. HALLELUJAH!!!

  292. Thank you for this. Sometimes it is too easy to want to give up. I do want my children to see me talking to Jesus!

  293. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for those encouraging words. What a great reminder of how we need to let our children see us making God a priority and show them spending time with Him. Thank you for those great words of wisdom!

  294. Thank God for Godly Christian Grandparents! I belong to God today because of my grandparents. Thank you, for a beautiful message that I needed to hear today. I always have tried to live and set right examples for my children, who are also saved.”Jesus Is The Only Way”!! ❤️

  295. Courtney Gillett says:

    I want my kids to see me talking with Jesus. I need to do better starting today. Thank you this.

  296. Catherine Carrington says:

    As a grand mother I do not hide my love for Jesus and share with my grand children my love for our Savior. We often talk about our relationship with Jesus and what it means to each of us at different times in our lives, at different ages, different experiences, etc. Thank you for these wonderful resources. Blessings to all

  297. Adrienne Crawford says:

    Thank you for your message about your grandmother! I too am from Baltimore and remember what it was like growing up there. I owe the church and my Mom my gratitude for bringing me to Jesus. Our church was planted in the middle of that city and touched so many lives. They never turned anyone away. Its so encouraging to read about your grandmother’s faith. She reminds me of those that I grew up with at Faith Christian Fellowship. I had thrown in the towel on my faith this morning but this brought tears to my eyes. God provides, he loves and takes care of us no matter what.
    Thank you again!


  298. I’m raising 3 daughters, all have unique personalities from the strongest of willed to the most sensitive of heart. It can be a challenge to trust God when you hold so much love … trusting God for them feels like death to myself. But the more I let go, the more He thrives in and through.

  299. Julie Storey says:

    Thank you for today’s devotional. I am praying I set a positive example for my daughter and son in a world full of immense pressures on them and us as parents also.

  300. I encourage my children to talk to God. My youngest daughter struggles with depression and anxiety. This would be a great book for her to realize zhe is loved and accepted no matter what people on this earth tell her. I pray with her all the time and encourage her. This book would be awesome for both of us to read together.

  301. Wynter, your devotional reminded of my Christian Grandmother (who lived to be 103), and how she influenced my life and the lives of her 10 children and MANY grands and great grands. To this day ( am 77), her words
    of wisdom and instruction resonate in my soul. I know that my grandmother spent time every day in communion with God. To be in her presence was to be close to God! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be like
    that? I have said it at least a million times over my lifetime that if only I could be more like her. I am still trying
    but fear I will never get there. So wonderful that God gives us special people, grandmothers and others, to help guide us along and to pray for us so earnestly.
    I loved your message, it really spoke to my heart today. Thank you. Your children are fortunate to have you
    as their Mother.

  302. Today’s devotional is exactly what I needed. It is so important that we set a good example for our kids in every aspect of our lives. I pray that my husband and I do the best we can do help our kids.

  303. Thank you for today’s Word. I want my children to know where my help comes from. I have one daughter and 2 sons. I’d love a copy of your new book because even as a woman it’s nice to have fresh perspective in raising my girl to be a godly woman.

  304. I hope to be such an influence in my daughters lives

  305. Thank You for your encoragement every day to keep me strong, to share and shine for others, that they would want what I have from You, my Mighty Savior and God.

  306. I’m raising three teenage daughters (and two boys) that I adopted when they were 7, 4, and 3. Now 19, 16, and just shy of 15…I need ALL the guidance and wisdom I can get. Sometimes I wonder if the Lord chose the right person for this enormous responsibility. Sometimes I feel confident. But mostly I just feel weary these days. I know I’m to come to Him and He said He will give me rest. I’m still trying to find that elusive place called rest to operate out of when so much is demanded of me everyday. Prayers appreciated. Thank you.

    • Vicky Nordeen says:

      Lord, please give Jaclyn the strength and comfort she needs each day so she can shed your light to her children. We are role models and leaders of Christian faith to our children and to the world, but we need the strength and peace to do it. So please Lord, I pray that Jaclyn will receive Your peace and comfort each day so she has the strength to be the mom she needs to be. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  307. Vicky Nordeen says:

    I hope my children see and feel Jesus in our home. It is a challenge as a single mom. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but that’s when Christ steps in and reminds me that everything is going to be okay. When my kids get upset about something or they desire something, I tell them to give it to Jesus. Even when they are hesitant to do it, I go ahead and talk to Jesus for them. I don’t want my kids to only hear Jesus’ name in church. I want them to Him in our home, too.

  308. Pearl Holmes says:

    I am a 75 year old grandmother and also a great grandmother, I can still see my grandmother on her knees praying for her family with tears streaming down her face, she has left a legacy which I follow to this day,I have lost four sons and a 17 year old grandson but I am still continuing to pray for my family God is good all the time,let me urge parents and grandparents to spend time before God lifting up their families daily,God blessings always,

  309. I have been going through a very trying year and at the center of all of it I have prayed to remain faithful. I constantly feel like I am not doing enough for my little girl, that I’m not being spiritual enough, that I’m not praying enough, that I’m not teaching her enough. I am a single full time working mom and our lives are just so busy. I want so badly to be able to instill a Godly character into my little girl. If I was choosen to get a free book, I would be very grateful!

  310. Thank you for the beautiful devotion 🌹 I am so blessed to have my daughter, Bella. She was a gift from Guatemala and God💜🙏🏼💜

  311. Cheryl Maras says:

    Love today’s message. Sharing on Facebook! Blessed, to be a blessing!

  312. And I will follow him…trying my best to obey along the way.

  313. Thank you for your message. I have two children. One just left for college, and has drifted away from the church. I pray that he will follow God’s path.

  314. Faye Salkil says:

    Good read today

  315. Teresa ogletree says:

    Thank you God for all the different resources we can get I would love to give the book to my daughter because she is a Christian and an awsome Mom. We all can use extra encouraging help with things the way they are.

  316. Tamika Washington says:

    Oh how this blessed me so much as I am an expecting mother of a baby girl. Such a gentle reminder of what it means to show others to Christ by our actions, especially our children.

  317. Thank you for this. It is so easy to be swept up in the moment. Your grandmother had peace in Christ and she now sets such an example for us. Thank you for sharing this. Bless you.

  318. Consuella Craig says:

    This was so timely for me. I am raising a daughter and just this week hit a bump in the road and went through a oh no what do I do now moment. I am so thankful God led me to this resource. The amazing thing is since the P31 First Five started, I don’t read the daily devotions but they still come to my inbox. The only explanation for why I read today’s post is a leading from the Holy Spirit, a push from God

  319. I am due with my first child in two days, August 11th! We do not know if baby is a boy or girl, but if they are a girl it would be such a blessing to win a copy of this book. Or even to use for future children/girls I mentor. Thank you for your beautiful devotional today.

  320. Fran Genger says:

    What an excellent devotion today! I have vivid memories of both of my parents in prayer with the Lord. It can be so easy to be bogged down in daily life with worries. Such an important reminnder to keep my eyes focused on Him and to let me children see that! With my four children around me, I really needed to read this today! Thank you!

  321. I am the mother of 2 beautiful little girls and I too want to be an example of Jesus and faith in their lives. I would truly love to receive a copy of this book, because often times I feel at a loss when dealing with the day to day responsibilities. I would love some guidance. God bless.

  322. Kim Brown says:

    Such a powerful message! This spoke to my heart!

  323. Gillian Muzvidziwa says:

    I read this devotion during my fast and it really resignitaed with me.
    I have two kids boy n girl. Only young but ever so concerned with the world we’re living in.. I pray for my kids and we often pray together too..
    But I really was convicted to allow them to see me pray alone often. I really pray that they grow up to fear the Lord. And walk in his guidance.. Being a parent is overwhelming.. But also such joyful experience.
    I just need guidance in my walk to be the woman, wife and mother God has called me to be

  324. Catherine Phipson says:

    I really enjoyed your message today. Got me thinking of my own daughter, has she seen me pray – has she seen me in my quiet times … and what about my Sunday School classes over the many years … did they see me before class and wait patiently for me to look up and acknowledge their presence. Thank you for your message today, I really needed to read this today, right now. God bless you.

  325. What a great devotion to read this morning. Very encouraing. I have 4 daughters too and as mother’s we need encouragement too. I do a prayer journal and now my oldest daughter who is 15 has one as well. It is important that we let our lives shine for Jesus and be Christian models for our children. Thanking God for all the elders in my family and friends that have been Godly models for me. They went through a lot of things in life and seen things but they continued to serve the Lord. Lord wrap your hands around and guide all of our daughters in Jesus name.

  326. Kathy Hatch says:

    Would love to win!

  327. This devotion spoke to my heart. Would love to share a copy of this book with my granddaughter and her mother.

  328. Candace Murillo says:

    I follow you on Instagram and enjoy the wisdom and truth you share from Gods word… this specific devotional was timely …. I often find myself worrying or fretting over my circumstances and I think that I’ve prayed about it because I’ve “thought” about it so much and flippantly whispered “Lord please help me”
    But this is a good reminder to actually GIVE myself the time to actually talk to God and have my girls see it

  329. Thankful for your devotional today!

  330. Jennifer ONEIL says:

    Wow! Wynter so good this morning! I am in a place were I could say: This is overwhelming and hopeless! Thank you for the reminder that the unseen is eternal and what we see is temporary! I have a Heavenly Father who can do EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANT above ALL I ask or think and He DELIGHTS in me!

  331. Courtney Clay says:

    Enjoyed reading this today. I am a fairly new believer and struggle to teach my daughter what I am just learning myself. I question all the time if I am doing it right! This was eye-opening to me! Thank you!

  332. Tami Sube says:

    Hi! My niece has a beautiful daughter who is 9 months old. I would like to gift her w this resource. 💛💛💛

  333. Thank you so much for these devotions. They are truly a blessing and am grateful to receive them daily.

  334. Katie Steen says:

    I would cherish this additional resource to give some guidance in raising our 3 daughters!

  335. Debra Schuld says:

    This was a refreshing devotion from the book.

  336. casey tomlinson says:

    I would love a copy of this book. I just had a daughter on July 5 after 8 years of infertility and loss. She is truly a miracle from God and my husband and I are honored He has chosen us to raise her.

  337. I would love a copy of this book, today’s devo spoke to me in great depth as I am raising a 12 year old little girl and praying daily she sees her worth is in Christ and not of this world. Thank you so much for this and your ministry!

  338. Lekeydra McKune says:

    Hello Wynter. I’ve been through a lot in this life time. Your words encouraged me to continue to do exactly as your grandmother had done. My 2 boys now see me when I’m in prayer. They wonder as well, if everything is alright when I cry. They know now by the smiles on my face, that Jesus has my back, and he has worked things out for my good. Thank you for this devotional. I look forward to many more. God Bless.

  339. Jennifer Reardon says:

    I have struggled to find the time for faith in my home. Reading this reminds me of how important faith was in my home growing up and has moved me to reorganize my priorities.

  340. Vannesa Kurth says:

    This was suck a blessing this morning! A reminder that my persistence to know and follow God is setting up my kids to have the right attitude and the resources in this world. I want my girls to be the light of their generations. I want them to be unashamed of the gospel and everything that is means. I want them to know that this life is hard, but God is always with us. Planting a seed of prayer and demonstration of how the bible says we should be/act is so much more effective than simply telling them what they should do.

  341. Angela Ponce says:

    Thank you so much for these devotionals they have meant so much!

  342. Glee Crippin says:

    I don’t have daughters but I would love to give this book to my niece and nephew who have 4 girls 8 and under, and to the mom of the teen girl I mentor who also has 4 girls.

  343. Having two daughters growing quickly, This book would be a blessing.

  344. I will definitely be needing to get this book. I am a HUGE believer in the importance of religious instillment in your children as they are growing up. I have witnessed, first hand, the benefits of it & God finding a way to pull you back if you wander & get lost. I am currently having a very difficult time with my 8yr old daughter. I hope, & may we all pray, that this book may be of help to our struggles.

  345. This is so beautifully stated and true. Will my daughter see my trust in the Lord? Will our daily lives speak into the lives of others? Thank you.

  346. Christy Woelm says:

    I too had a praying grandmother, I try to model that with my two daughters. I enjoyed today’s reading.

  347. Teresa L. Mauder says:

    I remember my grandmother praying, she passed away before I had my children. I have a nine year old daughter who is challenging to keep in line with all the secular influences out in the world today.

  348. Eileen Barrios says:

    I would like to thank Jesus for ministries like yours, I am out of a job currently and feel like I’m trying so hard to hang on to His promises of provision. He always provides! 🙏

  349. Phyllis McIntosh says:

    I feel so blessed to have Christian resources like this available for me to use and to share with others. Life can be so challenging, but we know that our hope is not in this world and your writing is an encouragement to all of that truth. Praise God!

  350. Thank you for the reminder to show my walk in front of my daughter. She’s still a baby right now so I typically wake up before her in order to have some one on one time with Jesus. When she wakes up, I usually put it on hold. I’ll try to continue my prayers or reading if she allows it in order to have her grow up seeing a mom seeking God.

  351. I have two grandchildren hundreds iof miles away, whom I hope will come to know Jesus. Their parents don’t take them to church, although my daughter was raised in the church.

  352. I’m raising my first daughter and would love a copy

  353. Beautiful devotional I remember listening to my Mom Pray at night and listening to my aunt. My mom use to tell us about our great grandmother and how she would pray. When I was young I use to tell God I want to pray like that to be so close to him that I not only feel him but I see his hand in situations move immediately. Puts me in a place of remembrance and to know that he is with me and I have seen his hand in so many areas of my life and my children.

  354. Mildred Flowers says:

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your life to encourage me along the path of Faith, I’m a single-parent of five adult daughters and I often wondered if I could have done something differently in parenting them, I wasn’t raised in the church nor was there any prayers at home, however; later I was given the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as my LORD & SAVIOR, my family: mother, brothers, sisters, daughters, and grandchildren ALL witnessed this; today some are in relationship with Jesus, others has left, and still others say they have a relationship with Jesus, yet their life says otherwise. Thanks again for allowing me in.

  355. What a lovely testimony of your grandmother’s faith! I wish I had been more obvious with my faith to my children, who are now grown. 2 of them do not follow Jesus. But your devotion gives me hope and courage to pray, even silently, in front of others.

  356. Patricia Palacios Guerra says:

    I am a mother of 4, which leaves me a precious daughter and three lovely daughters in laws, and 9 precious granddaughters whom I am leading to Christ. This book will bless me and assist me in my mission of leading each of them into the family of Christ.

  357. I am a mother of three (boy age11, girl age 8, and boy age 6.) I desperately want to point my children to Jesus through the way I act, the way I speak, and the way I love them. I don’t alway get it right but I’m so thankful for God’s grace and faithfulness. He is enough!

  358. What a great reminder that little eyes are watching and will be influenced by the way we live our lives with and for Jesus.

  359. Terry Davenport says:

    Just by chance, is Wynter Pitts related to Otis Pitts who attended LCC from 1967-68?

  360. Thank you for sharing this. I vividly remember my mother praying silently to God or laying her hands on us to pray. She has been my biggest source of inspiration. I hope that I can carry on her legacy…

  361. Mary Lou Palm says:

    Hello Wynter…what a beautiful name you have been given! One of my granddaughters’ names is Summer. Thank you for sharing about your grandma and how you saw her as she prayed so faithfully. You said in a word that really touched my heart. It is, “As a mother, wife and woman, if I’m not careful I can allow my circumstances to dictate my outlook.” How true! That’s a great reminder for all of us to keep focused on the LORD and His greatness and not on what’s happening to and around us. Thank you for that truth today! God bless you! 😊

  362. Marie Kelley says:

    I cherish those times my children see me talking to Jesus and praying. As I guide them to have that personal relationship they know I do and not just talk about it.

  363. Melanie Montel says:

    I would a copy of this as I am trying to raise a daughter.

  364. Debbie W says:

    Thank you for this beautiful story. I have 6+ children and 11 grandchildren. They have watched me grow in my walk with the Lord, from being saved to leadership roles in our church, to becoming a Deacon and now a Pastor. This a encouraged them in their relationships with Jesus. The sad thing is I suffer from depression. Sometimes I slip into depression for a couple of days, but God is always with me and gets me through and up again. I dislike that my kids witness this, but there reaction is always supportive and they continuously remind me of my faith and the strength that God provides me. I believe God uses these bouts of depression as a testimony to His love and Grace. They see that I take this time to be alone in my sadness, to spend a lot of time in prayer and tears. These bouts last a lot less time and are easier to get through. Praise God for all he does especially praise Him with your children! I would love to get this book to share with my 11 yr old granddaughter who is going through a very rough time in her life. However, just reading this has reminded me of tools to share with her. God bless you!

  365. Marsha K. Glenn says:

    I am a mother of three and a grandmother of seven. I raised two daughters but the world was a much different place when they were youngsters. I have 4 grand daughters and could really benefit from this book as I attempt to raise them with Christian principles and values. I know that they watch “my walk with Christ” and welcome their observations to keep me on the straight and narrow path I have chosen.

  366. so inlighting! would love to read this and glean more as my husband and i raise our 3 daughters 💗💗💗

  367. Patty Hanson says:

    I wish I would have grown up with a grandmother talking to Jesus. I have grandchildren of my own and I want them to remember me as talking to and about Jesus with them. I’m even teaching my young niece how to pray before a meal. Thank you for your words of wisdom today, it was inspiring and humbling to me.

  368. Carolyn Milby says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspirational words. I will share them with a Godly friend who has committed to foster a troubled teen girl.

  369. I’m a first time mom to a baby girl. It is my desire for her to know Him.

  370. Sondra Oppedisano says:

    I pray to You JESUS, mighty Father. I pray that You will hang on tight to all Your believers, as we walk through the trecherous and evil in this World. Hold us close and we will be protected for all eternity. In Your mighty name. AMEN

  371. My heart is heavy for my youngest niece. My little sister just moved away again and I hope and pray that this will be a good experience and they are where God wants them. I have to trust “my” baby girl (who is now a preteen) into His hands. My sister has continued the lifestyle of her birth family and I so want better for my niece. I pray that this time my sister really is turning to God and trusting Him to provide for and meet their needs instead of finding another guy to live with. I would sent this book to her.

  372. Susan Allen says:

    What a great story. My children inspire me to model prayer in my everyday life. I want that to be true in their life as well.

  373. I want my daughter to grow up loving Jesus. I had a complicated childhood and we never went to church consistently and it stopped completely when my sister passed away. I am trying to set a good example for my daughter!

  374. I have 2 daughters, and 1 goddaughter. I would love this book. I constantly tell them to pray about everything. But even though they see/hear me praying, they still don’t. I can use all the help I can get. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  375. Mrs. Walker says:

    I have 2 daughters, and I pray I raise them to know how precious and loved they are by the Lord. I pray that they always find their worth in Him alone.

  376. Thank you, I really needed this message today!

  377. everything I have gone through I know Jesus has always been with me I don’t have a Daughter but I am a daughter and the lack of religion in my household growing up never gave me a lack of hope and faith I have been through so much through my marriage and feel like I have missed out on some of my sons years cause I have been so financially depressed all I can do is over think it and when it comes to my son trying to communicate with me I shut him down cause I cant seem to just relax I have made a choice to separate from my husband physically to find myself and finding myself I feel like I need god.

  378. I would love to win a copy of your book! Can never seem to get enough encouragement and reminders. Thank you!

  379. Erica Bancroft says:

    Yes, yes, Yes!!

  380. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have 3 daughters and I would love to share it with them!

  381. Don Gochenour says:

    Blessings Jesus my savior my deliver my one&only for you are mind forever and ever

  382. I would love to be able to receive this free book if I’m chosen too. My 18 year old grand daughter is coming to live with us and go to college . She seeks the Lord but she hasn’t been exposed to Him. She’s been raised in the world not in the Word. This book I feel will help us.
    Thank you

  383. My sister in law just told me about this ministry, and today I checked it out and was so blessed. I needed to hear (read) this today and be reminded of what my kids see and experience in our home. Thank you for taking the time to share YOUR story and encourage me.

  384. Nicole Carr says:

    This sounds so encouraging! As a first time Mom to a little girl, I could use all of the resources I can find, especially in this broken world we live in! Thank you!

    • I am the Blessed mother of two daughters. One of them is sooooo much more of a challenge than the other one! I thank U for this rememberence of your Grand as I think of my own role as a
      Mother and Grand…with Jesus, doing the best that I can ! Prayerfully

  385. JOYCE THOMAS says:



  386. Yes, please!

  387. Chemi Perez says:

    I’m a grandmother dealing with a 23-year-old granddaughter(single mom) who has gotten away from the Lord.
    I desire to see her happy and at peace with the Lord, and I cry out daily to my God who is able to do ALL things in our lives. I believe in His miracle-working power. Blessings.

  388. Would love a chance to win-thanks.

  389. My husband and I are currently expecting our baby girl this winter. I feel that the Lord is pushing me, especially through today’s reading to be more bold in how I shine His light. I pray I can be a strong woman of God to my children and those around me. Thank you for that reminder today!

  390. Kara Smith Wyckoff says:

    Would Ben blessed to have this book! 😁

  391. Thank you for the reminder of my own grandparents who also loved God. It’s so encouraging!

  392. Joan Webster says:

    I would love to win your book . Please send the book to 2321 Fortune Lane Greensboro NC 27408

  393. I would love this book!!

  394. It would be such a great book to win!!

  395. Janice R Sloma says:

    I talk to the Lord Jesus everyday and in every moment of my life, especially now as I face my separation from my husband who chose to leave me for a much younger woman in the Philippines after 36 yrs if marriage. We raised two lovely daughters who gave us two wonderful grandsons and three lovely granddaughters! My daily walk has been filled with challenges both fulfilling and exhausting yet every step in God’s will! Keep me close to your heart and let me hear your Will oh Lord my God!

  396. When my son (4) sees me pray he tells me to stop that, or that’s enough. I tell him we pray as long and as often as we like or need to. He seems to move on, hopefully one day he understands and joins me.

  397. Raynore Jones says:

    These words were just what I needed today. Thank you. Life has been overwhelming this summer and I thank God for bringing me through. It’s only by his grace.
    My talks have been many as have the tears.

  398. Teresa Ingram says:

    Looking forward to possibly winning! ❤️❤️

  399. During the week my two girls will climb out of bed and snuggle in next to me while I finish up my morning devotional and prayer time. It’s my favorite moment of the day! ❤️

  400. Alexis Payne says:

    I actually just finished having my ‘daily’ talk with God. I started a new job a few weeks ago and have found myself having fewer and fewer daily talks with Him. It’s hard to make sure to remember to always talk with Him, especially since He isn’t manifested here on earth. However, I do notice how much I miss him whenever I fail to talk with Him. Thank you so much for your post! I am not yet a mother, but I hope to be one day soon. But in the mean time, I hope that I am able to have a good influence on those around me and am able to inspire them to trust in Him and His plan.

  401. Elizabeth says:

    ❤️ Love

  402. Julie Blaine says:

    Happy to read this today! I pray that my girls see me chasing after Jesus everyday, drawing closer to Him, & holding tight to His promises, so that they may grow up to do the same & have discernment from the things of this world.

  403. Sherry Carver says:

    Praying for my daughter. College has given her a different outlook on life.

  404. Pam gomez says:

    Thank you so much for today’s message. I needed this so badly. I have been very down and feeling worthless and I know my girls see that and it breaks my heart. I just need to get up out of this darkness.

  405. Liz Bryner says:

    I cannot put into words how much I needed to read this today. I just finished a conversation with a friend about how bad my day has been and most has revolved around the actions and decisions of my 13 (almost 14) year old daughter. What I didn’t share was that this day on top of the last few months has made me question I ever thought I could be a mother. With all my issues, how I ever thought I could raise a child (especially a daughter) that would not struggle with the same things is beyond me. I forget that God chose me to be her mother for a reason. And this devotion reminded me that I not only need to remember that but be sure to make time to talk to Jesus and remember that she is His.

  406. Katherine says:

    Thank you so much for that lovely devotion about talking with Jesus. I’d absolutely love to read your book.

  407. Laura Lewis says:

    This was a wonderful article. I only pray that my grown children remember times of their mom reaching heaven through prayer!

    I know I am thankful to still be confident knowing my mother prays for me.

  408. This is beautiful! Excellent! I love “just talking to Jesus”. What an awesome way to think about our conversations and prayer with our Lord. Thank you so much!!!

  409. I wish my family before me had been Jesus lovers. It’s a struggle that I am the first to truly raise my kids as Christians and then to see them stray. Prayer is the only authority I have through Christ, to bring them back. For now, I will choose to believe they are not far from God and they will be back!

  410. Carolina Menendez says:

    I would love to win a copy of the book. God bless you ladies!

  411. Having a rising 6th grade daughter and having her move on to the challenges of middle school. Sometimes it’s hard to have the most positive outlook on life, but the reminder that God knows us by name and calls us His, it’s important to remember that and project that to her. I would love to receive a copy of this book.

  412. Pat McBryne says:

    2 years ago my husband of 40 years, who loved God beyond any and everything else, and taught us as his family to Serve God and have Reverence for Him, was called Home….. Keeping the kids focused on their Spiritual well-being is not always easy, but I Trust God to keep me going, and to continue where Alistair has left off, so that the Wonderful Spiritual and Natural Legacy he left behind, will be carried out, with full Reverence for God ❣️❣️❣️

  413. Beth Gallup says:

    My husband has been away all Summer for an internship and I have been pulling single mom duty M-F with him home on the weekends. It has been absolutely exhausting and I have been trying to lean into Christ and make sure my children know He is our everything. I would love to check out that book.

  414. Lynnette says:

    The area of my life where I most need to talk to and trust Jesus is my role as mother to 4 children (3 boys and my daughter, the youngest of the four). I pray, I read God’s Word, I participate in Bible studies, and I talk to my children about all of these things. I often wonder if I’m “doing it right” and if the message I wish to impart is getting through.

  415. I would love a copy of this book. I was a teen mom of 2 daughter’s. I grew up knowing the Lord but being a young mom I packed in showing my girls a lot of what I grew up seeing from my mom. My oldest is now 18 and gone and I have many regrets but I do believe it is not too late to Be a better example. I need my kids to see I do depend on God and talk to him daily do that they can carry that legacy on to their children as well. I would also love to be an example to my grandchildren.

  416. A timely reminder as I felt life’s challenges try to overwhelm me today. Thankful for my two young daughters and praying that they will continue to grow in faith and knowledge of our Lord.

  417. Sarah Jackson says:

    What a beautiful message to encourage others to trust Jesus with EVERYTHING. That was such a blessing to me and something I really needed to hear.

  418. Holly Walston says:

    Prayer is such a powerful thing and I try to pray with and for my children often. It is very comforting to me when they ask to pray about a situation or for someone.

  419. Raising 2 girls can seem overwhelming. Especially in todays world, when society it telling them there is no right or wrong. I would love a copy of this book!

  420. Esther allan says:

    Modelling positive Christian behaviour for my children can be so hard when I feel flawed and immature in my faith at times.

  421. My daughter is grown but now I have 3 granddaughters I long to share Jesus with in meaningful ways. I watched my grandmother praying whenever I visited her and reading this made me realize it would be good for all my grandchildren to see me praying beyond the prayers I say at night with them. So glad for the reminder!

  422. This is an inspiring message. Thank you! I needed to read this today.

  423. Sarah vestal says:

    I needed to hear this today! Thank you!

  424. Jennifer Palubicki says:

    My daughter is starting Junior High and it is a really interesting time in our family. I have been praying a lot for her and what she is about to walk into and I have constantly reminded her that when she feels insecure or worried to talk to him just like she would talk to me and allow him to take care of her. I remind her that she is his daughter and he cares so much for her. I pray that my example would stick with her forever and that she would remember that rest and comfort can be found in spending time with Him.

  425. Lisa Bradley says:

    I’ve been very intentional about my 10 years olds relationship with Jesus. As a mom you always doubt how good of a job you’re doing and if anything is sticking. Recently I got to see the fruits of our labor and it was so beautiful and reassuring! I’m a mom of all girls and will teach my little ones when they’re old enough as well!

  426. This is a timely devotion and it would truly be a blessing to receive a copy of She is Yours. Please pray with me as I pray for a more effective, influential and peaceful relationship with my daughter.

  427. erika Rivera says:

    Wow, what powerful message. In todays time we have so many resources and outlets to vent our frustrations, needs, and worries. We can easily text or call a friend. While all those resources are wonderful outlets. It keeps us from going to God first. I am guilty myself. As a first time mom i want to instill my love for the Lord and his word in my children. Although i am their mother and i want them to cone to me for anything i want them to learn to go to God first and talk to him! The first step to doing just that is learning myself to talk to God no matter the circumstances. Good or bad!

    • Lola Vaughn says:

      I am rasing my grand daughter. She is seventeen now. I have had her since she was 3yrs. old. She is a good girl but you can never have too much help !!

  428. Robin Reich says:

    Super excited about devotions that focus on mother/daughter relationships. Thank you.

  429. Love this!!

  430. Shawna Frazier says:

    I would love a copy of this! I have 2 young daughters and 2 grown daughters

  431. Megan Alcorn says:

    This is so true! I think we all struggle to maintain focus on Jesus sometimes.

  432. Susan G. says:

    Thanks for this!
    I’ve found that whatever I go through, I need not focus on the problem, but Jesus the problem-solver!
    Bless you!

  433. Good words to live by.

  434. Thanks so much for the reminder to be careful to not let circumstances dictate my outlook. Choosing to see life from God’s perspective doesn’t come naturally… Thank you for focusing my attention on the fact He knows my name and He considers me “His”. That changes everything! God bless.

  435. Angie DeRosier says:

    Would love to read this book. I have 2 beautiful daughters.

  436. Jen Klooster says:

    My husband and I are also raising four daughters. Such wonderful words you spoke. I would love a chance to read your book. I’m also going to look into your magazine for my 7 yr old!

  437. This is my prayer for my family.

  438. I am so touched by this ministry!! Thank you for sharing!!

  439. "Angel" Goldstein says:

    I did not grow up knowing what church was about and read about Jesus, God and other things but t wasn’t until I was a much older adult where I have a special relationship with my father. I’m often in a corner, walking through my house, in my bedroom just sharing, crying, talking, thanking him for everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. I finally get it. I’ve wondered, hmmm…. kids must think I’m nuts. Do they really understand. I’m a single mom of a 22, 20 and 11 year old. By you sharing this, I feel great to know that faith loving women do this and it’s normal.. Hopefully, one day, like you, my children will not look to me in wonder but KNOW that he is the way and to trust in the Lord with all their heart and soul. Thank you for giving me this hope and clarity. I’m a work in progress but THANK YOU JESUS for being my BFF.

  440. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this! I’ll be honest, my walk with God has been pitiful lately. Years of living with a husband who only sees the worst in life has truly taken it’s toll on me. but I need to remember that my daughter is watching, and my baby to be will be too! Thank you for this encouragement!

  441. LORD BLESS YOU ALL!!!! 😁😊☺️

  442. Cassidy Camp says:

    This ministry helps me so much and speaks right to my heart. Thank you for always helping me to keep my eyes on Jesus!

  443. I have one princess and three boys. My family has endured much sadness and we lost two of our sons (7 months and 19). My daughter is entering her teen years and I pray over her daily. She has so much hurt and pain from our losses. I would love this book to help me connect her and show her Gods love even in the valleys.

  444. This is so true. Your children and others are always watching even though you may think they aren’t. Thank you for the reminder! The

  445. Thank y’all for always having uplifting articles that relate to everyday life!! Beyond grateful I found this site!!

  446. What an inspired topic! I want more than anything to teach my 7yo the goodness of trusting our Father, and show her how to do so. Even as I stumble my way through, I hope she sees me lean on Him for the hard stuff… and the easy.

  447. Hoping to win a copy of your book!

  448. Michelle Bezet says:

    As the mother of 4 beautiful daughters and 2 precious grand daughters, this post touched my soul. I have only recently started to really try to talk to God often and one of my biggest reasons is because I’m realizing that I must lead my girls by example. I have lived in fear for so long and worried that it is too late for them to learn about God through me because I’ve waited so long to come back to him but as I read this I’m reassured that it is never too late, he was and will always be with me as well as my girls. I pray that the Lord will continue to guide me on the path closer to him and that by doing so my daughters and especially my baby grand daughters will see and know that God loves them, wants a relationship with them and is only one prayer away. Thanks for today’s post.
    Sincerely God’s child,

  449. As a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and aunt- God is ever faithful to guide me and hopefully those looking up to me. I’d love to grow deeper in my relationship with my Father with the aid of this resource!

  450. Ashley Vorhees says:

    Please, I am looking for a book to read & feel this one would be perfect!

  451. BEVERLEY says:

    When I saw this book I not only thought of my daughter, I also thought of my 7 granddaughters. I know my grandchildren see me pray. I’m grateful for when I am faithful in spending time with the Lord.

  452. Tammy Abbott says:

    What a beautiful grandmother! I remember my grandmother praying. I pray that I will be the same example to my grandchildren.

  453. Madinia Proyous says:

    Reading this brought tears to my eyes. But not sad ones. They are more of a release of all the stress and strife that surround me and my girls. These words you’ve shared are a reminder that all I need to do is speak to Jesus, our Saviour. He knows me. He knows my girls. He knows my husband. And he knows what is best for us and will lead us all down that path. All we have to does is have faith in Him.

  454. Renee Van Den Broek says:

    Always in need of His word.

  455. Audrey Schmidt says:

    I needed to read this today. My daughter is almost three years old. My sons are fouteen months old and fourteen YEARS old. I have become a yeller, a screamer. Years of bottled frustration are spilling out. I hope there is time to fix this. I had forgotten my Help. I hardly ever talk to Jesus. I’m mad at His Dad, God. I feel like I’m too busted to talk to Jesus, then I remember that He is FOR the busted. He loves me… and my kids. I don’t have a lot of help. But I do still, and always, have Jesus. I hope I can turn this around and leave a legacy of patience and security, unquestionable love… NOT yelling. I know the giant missing piece is neglecting to talk to Jesus first. I dont, because I don’t want to cry. But, He won’t think I’m stupid or pathetic if I do ask for help with “stupid” things, or cry a little or a lot. I need to remember this.

  456. I’d love a copy!

  457. Great devotional

  458. Julie Lipic says:

    Would love to read this!❤️

  459. Linda Shugart says:

    Love Proverbs 31

  460. Crashanda Joaquin says:

    This would be a blessing to me and my three girls ❤ I want to install Christ In All 5 Of My Children And learn how to be more of a role model. Without Christ We Are Nothing..so thank for the story shared I Want To Have That strong relationship with him as well…. Thanks For Sharing blessings

  461. Melissa Gray says:

    Single mom of 4 daughters … Love this concept. Can’t wait to read.

  462. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to read this! I love Proverbs 31 ministries!

  463. Ruth Portzline says:

    I want to be the kind of witness to my three granddaughters that will lead them to a life with Christ. It is such a responsibility and I need God’s help every day.

  464. I would love to read this, to be more of an example to my daughters. God bless all of us who are raising girls.

  465. Haley Holt says:

    My daughter is two and I’ve been trying to work in more talk about Jesus with her other than praying before a meal or bedtime. This book would be perfect to help me really get he ball rolling!!

  466. Tina Meredith says:

    I entrusted them to You LORD, since they were in the womb!

  467. Rebecca Mace says:

    I’ve never felt God’s presence more than when praying with my grandmother. I struggle daily and need to remember your message. I worry my daughter sees me more in emotional distress than faithful peace.

  468. My 8 month old daughter and I read bible stories, children’s prayer book, sing bible songs and pray aloud with her…and her baptism day was one of the important days of her life and our family’s. Would really like to win this book to grow and learn more, for her and myself.

  469. Jeanette says:

    Thank you for your story!!! It’s reassuring, & inspirational. God’s blessings to you & yours.

  470. Jasmine Elle Sinclair says:

    I hope I can leave a mark on my little girls. I want to show them what it looks like to talk to Jesus; to cry with him, laugh with Him, fuss at Him( I know I’m not the only one), but most importantly awe at Him. I always want them to be able to recognize Him working in their lives and taking care of their every need. I want them to know that He loves them soooooo much more than I ever could and can do so much more than I will ever be able to do. All they have to do is accept His Son and talk to Him more openly and honestly than they would me, with every step and action that He be apart of the decision. I want them to think, ” I used to think my mom was crazy, walking around the house talking to herself, but now I know.” If that is a thought that crosses their minds when they get older, then I’ll know I’ve done something right.

  471. Some days it is difficult to understand why God has given me two more children to raise. I thought when I hit 50 that I was finished. I hope that I will also leave them that legacy of seeing me “talking to Jesus.” I know sometimes I think I spend more time questioning than talking, but I’m grateful that He listens. I know He has a plan and a purpose for my life and He knows that I can’t do this alone. Only He can through me. 🙂

  472. Just what I needed to read today

  473. Debra Smith says:

    i would love to receive this book! I have 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters whom i will share this with. thank you and God Bless you!

  474. Candice Bailey says:

    A very important message that I needed to hear! I want my actions and words to positively influence my children and their walk with God.

  475. Wendy VanCamp says:

    I want to have a relationship with Jesus like your grandmother. Praying my daughter will also have that relationship and the desire.

  476. Loved this devotion about the way your grandmother modeled prayer & trust in Jesus. The first time I ever saw anyone pray without an audience was my now stepmother. I can remember it so vividly. It stopped me in my tracks. I didn’t know what to do. So I just stood in silence staring. I want to be that kind of woman. I want to demonstrate and model that for my children day by day so that they can do it in their own lives and share with their families. Jesus is necessary for living life. Relationship with Him DAILY is essential!

  477. Heidi Olsen says:

    I have three daughters and my best friend has two. The oldest are teenagers now and I would love to read this book with my best friend as we continue to support each other in raising our girls. I want to leave them a legacy of His love!

  478. I vividly remember, as a young girl, my father kneeling by his bedside praying. I just loved that sight🙏✝️ I want to be that kind of roll model for my grandchildren❣️

  479. Even though I was raised in a non Christian home I came to know the Lord at an early age. I believe that is because of my grandmothers prayers for me. God is faithful and I believe in the power of prayer.

  480. Oh man I would love this book! We adopted two little girls out of foster care who would have never heard about Jesus if God hadn’t placed the in our home. What a responsibility God has given us – especially me, who grew up as a non-Christian. Thank you for this Devotional today, I wrote so much of it down to remember in the future!

  481. Diana Foster says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. I want to be the kind of mother that my daughter can look back on and say I laid it all at his feet. 8 months ago I lost my husband of 28 years to colon cancer. He was 45. I am now parenting our 15 year old daughter by myself. Your daily devotionals are always so encouraging to me.

  482. I can remember my grandpa praying for hours. I WOULD Listen til I feel asleep, too little to understand.

  483. Our daughter is almost two years old & I’ve been praying for her since before she was born. We waited until the birth to find out the gender of our baby & it was such a beautiful & overwhelming feeling when we saw she was a girl! We now had this responsibility to raise a daughter who loved the Lord & would someday hopefully raise godly children herself. Her soul depends on how we raise her. We would love one of the books to learn more!

  484. Would love a copy of this book!!! I’m always ready to make improvements – in each role that I serve in – especially as a mom. I know wholeheartedly that Jesus gave me my beautiful children to refine me – I just pray I receive/welcome how He is refining me – Can’t wait to read this and then pass it on to another Mom friend 🙂

  485. Holley Norris says:

    Oh please pick me! I try not to wallow but I have to be honest….I do. I want to be a great example to my children of someone who takes things in stride and relies on God’s grace and perfect plan. I get too consumed by the things that need to be done instead of taking a breath and seeing the good stuff all around me. Thank you….

  486. Danielle says:

    Wynter, what a beautiful memory! Thank you for sharing such a precious memory and reminding us that little eyes are always watching. My daughter is 2 1/2 but when she a little younger she got croup suddenly. We rushed to the hospital and they said the sides of her trachea were almost touching. The next night she had another rough coughing spell so as we sat in the bathroom with the hot water running in the shower, I asked my daughter if she wanted to talk to Jesus. She agreed with a weak “uh-huh”and I began to pray out loud. As I prayed my daughter began saying “yes” at the end of my phrases and they became stronger as I went. Tears ran down my face as I soaked up this beautiful moment of my daughter and I talking to our Heavenly Father and worshiping him. We have prayed together several times since then and she has even begun to add in her own thoughts. I pray that she sees Christ in me. I would love a copy of your book.

    • Samantha Smith says:

      Praise God I pray that my kids,and granddaughters will see and want Jesus in their liv3s as I tried to lead them to him. I would love to win this book thank you And God bless you for sharing this with us.

  487. Colleen Larsen says:

    Thank you fur sheeting your powerful story! I am a mother if 4 girls and 1 boy and I know I need God’s grace to help my husband and me raise them in God’s will!

  488. LOVE this! As a mom of an almost 2 year old I’ve noticed her start imitating my actions

  489. Kelli Johnson says:

    Hi, I also have 4 daughters, and I would love to read this book for insight and encouragement. Thanks

  490. Kyla Ward says:

    Thank you for the positivity and uplifting message!

  491. Gaby Puente says:

    I just had my first child, a daughter, and I want to be a role model for her of what a Godly women looks like – thank you.

  492. This is the journey the Lord has started me on. Miss 10 of independence strong will and stubborness is overtaking the familys life. She has been entristed to me but how to parent is another wuestion. The Lord is good and faithful and He will overcome.

  493. Stephanie says:

    Great reminders

  494. I struggle with trusting Gods Plan and I often try to work where Gods is already working and delay my seasons

  495. Marge Wall says:

    I am a mother of 2 girls. My last girl just moved out so this is such a good reminder that I now have to let go and trust that will God to take care of my girls. I was surprised to find ths stage of life so difficult but know God is in control and will make things work out. As my girls face different situations in their adult life i thank God that i have the priveledge to guide them to seek God and to create this everlasting relationship with Jesus through talking to him daily. Thank you for sharing your precious memories. I would be honoured to receive a copy of your book.

  496. Rhonda Patterson says:

    Thank you for reminding me of my grandma – she did this too. This was much needed for me right now. Thank you!!!

  497. This has been a year of upheaval. New home, new location, family difficulties, and learning to give it all to God, because I cannot of my own will make things better. It is a daily struggle not to just fall into the mire and be overwhelmed. I have to be a support and light to my loved ones. There is just a whole lot of hurt all around that needs healing. I need His strength renewed daily.

  498. Thank you for putting into words what many of us think. Thanks for the encouragement, I really needed to ready this today.

  499. Catherine S says:

    This is constantly on my thoughts as I am a mother of two young girls!

  500. How great to know that my Almighty God loves and deeply cares about the present and future of my children.

  501. Lisa Kirkpatrick says:

    What a wonderful reminder that these daughters of mine are a gift from God. I would love to read this book about how to trust God as I raise them to know and love Him. I constantly need support as I raise these precious little emotional beings in a world that wants them to grow up way too quickly. Thank you for providing literature to guide us as parents in navigating this journey.

  502. I would like to have a good read.

  503. God always finds me when I’m in the pit and speaks truth into my life. Thank you for being the vessel and writing these words of hope and truth for me to read.

  504. Marilyn Chaves says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional. I have a 5 year old daughter and I know I need to set an example for her. This book would be a great gift for me.

  505. I would love to read that book! I have a little girl of my own 💗

  506. Brandy smith says:

    I am a mother of 3 girls! I would love to win a copy of this book!

  507. Jessie Santala says:

    Thank you for sharing this!

  508. Krista De Wit says:

    I’d love a copy. I needed the encouragement today & the story. I had a hard day. Thank you!

  509. valerie goodnow says:

    Wonderful Devotion especially as my daughter goes off to college!

  510. Sheri Lynne Williams says:

    I am thankful the Lord is using you all via this site. He is awesome and I am thankful He is allowing me to raise and teach my girls to know His ways. God bless you all and keep building one another up through God’s word. Greenwood, Fl.

  511. Jonda Rupert says:

    I needed to read this tonight. Thank you. My husband and I have had a tough nine months. We have been married for 13 years. We have two beautiful children. A seven year old boy and an almost two year old daughter. I worry about our arguments and four month separation effecting our children. We are working out our marriage with GOD leading us and our pastors guidance. I’m afraid at times though that I allow my emotions and fear to take over. This was a reminder that my children our watching me and our reactions. I want them to see a mother and father fighting for our marriage and family. I want them to see a mother “talking with Jesus.” Doing God’s will. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  512. Camilla Henry says:

    I pray that my daughters recall and retain my love for Christ as they were growing up and now as women continue to see and feel that continued love. My granddaughter is 12 yrs old and nestled downstairs in bed with at our home tonight. My hope and prayer is she will remember me someday as I do my Grandma…a woman of faith and a fun Grandma! Our children and grandchildren watch, listen and learn…I pray I am living a life pleasing to God, and that will be the most important lesson for them to learn and grow from…His amazing love!

  513. Joli Blanks says:

    This really resonated with me. A great lesson!

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    Wow, what an amazing read and reminder this morning. Praise God.

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  518. On July 13th, My son and his wife made me the grandmother of a very beautiful baby girl named Magnolia. I live in Florida and they live in Baltimore, MD as a matter of fact… in a Rowe house. They plan to move to Fla. by the time she is a year old and I am looking forward to teaching her about Jesus and how to pray and talk to Him. I can hardly wait for the opportunity to teach her about her Creater as her parents, even though they believe in God are not active in prayer or reading the Lords word and attending church. I pray for them that the Holy Spirit guides them to putting God first in their life and find it important to begin to pray as a family with their daughter. I would love to have a copy of the book to read and use what I learn from it to enrich our closeness with our Father and His word. Thank you for offering us a chance to recieve a very special book, She Is Yours. God Bless All!

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  525. Christina Xiong says:

    I definitely needed this today. Amen.

  526. Kerry And Celine Medeiros says:

    Beautiful. 😊

  527. What a legacy your grandmother left for those to follow in the faith after her.

    I pray my grand daughter that I am raisung will also stand firm in the faith of knowing her Heavenly Father called her by name.

    Loved your devotion

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    Your article ‘Will Your Kids See You Talking to Jesus’ brought back memories of my grandmother and her daily praying the rosary, an influence on me.’ Thank you for your insight. I would love to read more!


    I have such a desire to leave a lasting impression that my kids would see me talking to Jesus & reading my Bible regularly. I have 3 daughters & need all the help I can get! I would love this book.

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  534. Ana Nieves says:

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  541. I would love to get to read more! I am a stay at home & homeschooling mom & always could use encouragement as I am raising my two kids.

  542. Rosa Chavez says:

    This article brought me back to the days my grandmother would also pray and talk to Jesus. Seeing her converse with Jesus gave me the know-how that Jesus will always be there in times of need. Now I know Jesus us there ALL the time. I have two little grand daughthers that I know their father would benefit from reading this book and use it to guide him. Thank you for a wonderful article.

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  544. Mimi Breedlove says:

    Amazing how God always sends the message he needs you to hear. Thanking so much for sharing your family’s testimony and faith in God!!! Blessed by your willingness to share!!
    Thank you!!!
    And may God bless you and your family🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  545. Ok, I feel kinda out of place here…I have 3 boys…So, I am not hoping to get a free copy of the book 🤓. I just wonder if anybody knows good resources or a good book for moms raising boys?? I’ve seen several books offered for girls on this plattform, but none for boys….am I right? I wonder why that is…? But boys are important too, aren’t they;)? So, if any of you ladies can recommend a book for boys…Thanks!

  546. Bessie Collins says:

    What an honour to be raising our girl today! When I see what they face each day it causes me to seek His face daily, to watch over her and protect her from the evils of this world. I pray that everyday that she will become the God girl that He intended her to be! Such great words of encouragement from this study!

  547. Arely Vasquez says:

    Beautiful content! It’s so true, growing up I also saw my mom talking to Jesus which planted a seed in me to seek Him like she does.

  548. The area of my life i need to talk to jesus today is being a mother.i know that my first ministry is my family and i want to be a perfect mom but sometimes i failed… I know that my daughters are not mine i’m just an instrument to them to know more about God and to guide them that life is not that easy but when they put God first everything will lead to a right path and if they have Christ in their lives they will become not a perfect but a better mom soon to their children….

  549. My husband & I didn’t start going to church as a couple until our youngest daughter was in a private Lutheran High School. Now that our 3 daughters are now parents, we have the opportunity to take our grandchildren to church. God has blessed us the chance to share this experience with 6 little ones! I would love to win this book.

  550. A great reminder that others are depending on my prayers.

  551. I need all the help I can get in raising a daughter- thanks !

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  555. Thank you for this wonderful Book. My daughter was raised like this. I thank God for keeping His hand on her. Can I get this book for her future daughter’s? Thank you for the prayers and Devotion.

  556. I would Love to win this book to share with my daughter! Thank you for all that you do in Ministry to others!💕

  557. Wow!! This one hit home. I’ve been praying that I be able to pick up where my grandmom left off. Even in sickness she made every church service she could, prepared meals for events, opened her home to everyone, she was a true woman of God. Now I have a family of six and we have just been dropped with the bomb of needing to find a new home in 18 days. I pray through this trial that my kids only see me talking to Jesus, that we not miss a service, that we remain involved in every event and outreach, and that out faith not fall or fail.
    Thank you for this post.

    • Just an update. My husband and I prayed. I’ve always been taught to “make it plain”. Simply said “Besides sparing my Dad, keeping a roof over my babies heads is the biggest thing I’ve asked you for. If you decide to keep us here great, but if you decide not to please don’t let my kids be negatively affected. I trust your decision.”. In the end, we’ve managed to pay rent in full, we have the materials to fix up our home, AND a sister in church is helping us to get on a program to get a loan and build a house on my parents property.
      God is good and faithful all the time.

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  562. Maryellen DeTurck says:

    I am raising two daughters, 10 and 7. They are a blessing to my husband and I and we are raising them in the ways of the Lord. We attend church and read our Bibles together. They have attended church camp for 2 years now. We would love another resource for them to see how much God loves them and wants to guide them in their lives. Blessings to you for making this available!

  563. Why does it seems so hard to just stop and talk and trust in Jesus! Thank you for the reminder of how much trusting in Jesus truly gives us freedom from sin and realities of this fallen world!

  564. I would love a copy of this book. I am very interested in additional resources as I pray daily for my daughter. God bless.

  565. Jada Mullins says:

    Fading two girls and would love this book!

  566. Julie Lechner says:

    Thank you Mr & Mrs Pytts for sharing your wisdom and your family’s legacy to continue the good works of helping others in their faith journey. My daughter and I just finished your tween devotional and would definitely enjoy your next book. God Bless

  567. Christian Appling says:

    So thankful for this message. I have two young children ages 4 and almost 2 and one one the way. So often I forget who’s daughter I am and focus on the circumstances around me. This is a great reminder to look to Lord for my focus and let him handle the rest.

  568. Mary Anne says:

    I remember watching my grandmother pray and it left such a great impression on me. I always remember watching my dad pray when he thought we were all asleep. I am now the mother of 2 grown children and I pray that I have my sons with an image of a praying and faithful mother. I pray that they would remember to trust God in everything.

  569. Thank-you, Prayer is so important. A family that pray together say to together. Your grandmother pass the prayer line down to you and your family. You are passing the prayer line down to your daughters. What a mighty God we serve Angel bow down before him. Heaven and Earth adore Him. adore Him. AMEN

  570. Betsy Harlan says:

    As a single mom of a 13 year old daughter with a disability we are constantly talking to Jesus together. Asking for protection and guidance as we go through life together.
    I have always thanked Jesus for giving me my daughter. He has given me her, so i want to raise her to live and appreciate everything the Lord has given us.
    At one time my daughter was very ill. The doctors were not sure what was wrong with her and they suggested she may have a terminal illness. But the doctors realized she has rare genetic syndrome. Jesus guided me through the hard times of her being sick. Now she well. She really has no health problems at all. She is such a sweet loving child. She loves going to church and dedicates almost every Sunday in the nursery helping take care of small children. I always have people telling me that my daughter is so wonderful. At school, she lets others see she is a daughter of The Most High King. She lets His light shine through her as she is a constant blessing to others.
    I would love to have this book! I think it would be an excellent resource for guidance in raising my daughter that the Lord has given me.

  571. I have become more and more aware of the watching eyes and listening ears of my 2 year old. How precious she is and so very impressionable. My desire is that she see Jesus through me and in me, in all I say and do. One of the most important is through prayer. Thank you for that message.

  572. Thank you for this reminder today. Speaking w Jesus now! Cant wait to read your book. We have 2 little girls 🙂 and 3 rambunctious boys!

  573. Would love this book! Great devotional today.

  574. Nichole Osborne says:

    Thank you Wynter for sharing your childhood memory. It conjured up my memory of my Great Grandmother, with me kneeling next to her at night asking her to pray, because I loved the tone of her praying voice; even down to her row house in South Philadelphia and the turbulence on the outside of her walls. I too appreciate being a mother of four and passing on the legacy of prayer. While some nights I barely can keep my eyes open, I thank God for the press to honor my children’s request for me to pray with them each night individually. Thanking God and looking forward to reading your new book! May God continue to richly bless your ministry!

    Nichole Osborne

  575. Loved this devotion today! I have 2 daughters age 13 & 9, everyday I have to remember to give them back to God & not worry.

  576. My daughters are walking with me through a challenging time. My hope is that they see Jesus walking with us in the midst of it. May they forever put their hope and trust in Him because, “oh how He loves us so.”

  577. Beautiful story of a grandmother talking to Jesus’ daily, most likely, in part, for protection of her grandchildren. This truth is so important for all. I have 11 grandchildren, most receiving spiritual guidance from their parents. The few who aren’t are the ones I want to make sure see and hear of Gods love and promises. Thank you for all that you do and for your encouragement and prayers.

  578. Trista Bell says:

    God is so good to lead me to this at the very second I needed it and I’m so thankful I saw this in my devotional!

  579. Thank you for sharing your story. I have memories of growing up of my mom sitting in our living room in the mornings spending time with her Heavenly Father. I hope to have a positive impact on my little girl like my mom had on me.

  580. TallulahJane says:

    That is a great post. It is amazing how God works through people. I often think about the positive godly influences in my early years and wonder if I would be the same person if they had not been in my life. Probably not. I thank God for them and His protection.

  581. Appreciated your Grandmother’s example of seeing with eyes of faith. Living with parasites in my building for over a decade, seeing the attrition of participation in church and having chronic pain, all contribute to stress and sorrow. Yet,hope in the Beloved is a constant source of strength. Thank you for honoring your Grandmother and emulating her “eyes of faith”.

  582. Phoebe James says:

    So excited to read this book. Our little girls are 3 and almost 2…I can’t wait to learn how to be even more intentional about being an example to them as a woman of faith!

  583. Angela Williams says:

    My daughter and I love reading a daily devotion together daily and this book would be awesome to read after the devotion time together.

  584. Nancy Tuel says:

    My grandmother left the same kind of legacy as mentioned in today’s devotion. This brought back precious memories.

    Yesterday, stress got the best of me. I am grateful that each day is a new beginning. Thank you for this gentle reminder of the influence I have on my daughters at all times … especially in how I respond in times of uncertainty.

  585. Reese Campos says:

    I love the promise that I am His!

  586. Becca Stanley says:

    Yes! My prayer is also that they are equipped with the armor of the lord daily!

  587. Today I was in tears…. at my limit….and this devotion was exactly what I needed to read. Thank you 😊

  588. Estella Thomas says:

    Simply Wonderful. I hope will practice a conversation with Jesus daily.

  589. Waineen Morgan says:

    Reading this devotion today reminded me of my grandmother and the example she daily lived as a praying woman. I have three daughter ranging in age from 12-24 and I pray that they see an example through me, even in difficult times. Each are different and my prayers for them are the same and different. I trust and seek God for His leading me in their lives , as well as lives of other young women I come in contact with daily.

  590. Boy,could I ever use this!!!! I need help!!!
    Thank you for letting me enter.
    Bless you all

  591. I would love to win a copy, this was a great read and spoke to me in many ways. We just moved to a foreign country and my son and I are struggling with the adjustments living in a different country. Our daughter stayed in the US and it is so difficult not having her nearby.

  592. Angela Montrose says:

    I have two young adult daughters who I’ve struggled to raise from God’s point of view. I would love this book as a resource! God is good!

  593. I have such comforting memerories of my granny and her words ever time I walked away from a visit, “I’m pray for you everyday baby!” My dad was killed in a car accident when I was 2 yrs. old. My mom visited his family mostly on Christmas and then that soon got less and less as we grew. I began to pursue a renewed relationship w my grandparents as I was able to drive. Until granny was 97 yrs. old, blinded by glaucoma, and in the nursing home I visited her and ultimately took my children on a regular basis. She continued to call down the hallway, ” I pray for you everyday baby and your babies too” as we left. And I know she did. What comfort and security that gave me all my life and still does. And He answered her prayers. I truly believe that. I was there holding her hand when my Lord and Savior welcomed her into His home. I began many yrs. ago purposely telling my children that I pray for them everyday too. Now I will my new grandbabies. I know they will feel that same comfort and security also.

  594. Sarah Elliott says:

    Thank you for this post!

  595. My daughters are 26 and 28 years old but they will always be my little girls. In May I was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer, both my girls live a distance away, one is actually in Korea. It’s amazing that such a tragedy can bring us so much closer through Christ. To be able to speak to them about God’s will for my life has been life-changing for me and my relationship with them. My own mom has a prayer sheet with all of our names on it that she goes through on a daily basis. For years my girls and I have watched her daily pray for us. This is touched me and I just pray that has touched my girls as well. I want to be able to touch my girls lives like this.

  596. Candace Diehl says:

    I pray that I can show my daughter (and son) what it means to truly love Jesus and live for Him. I’m afraid I fail daily. I pray that Jesus will take my weakness and show His strength! Only He can protect them always. I pray they see Him in me and grow to love Him more than anything else.

  597. I would love to read this book! I have 2 daughters!

  598. Christina Burrell says:

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    Would absolutely love to win a copy of this book! As a Momma of two girls under two, it is of utmost importance to raise my girls to always know the great love of Christ and to set an example of what a Christ-centered life should look like.

  602. Carrie Van Diest says:

    Thank you for this devotion today. I needed this reminder for me for my kids. I am His and they are His. I must remember to emulate his love to my children daily. No matter what life throws my way. God bless you!

  603. A wonderful reminder that no matter what my children face, that with Jesus, they will be okay and I need to believe that everyday.

  604. Betty miller says:

    This looks so good

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  607. Haingo FIDISON says:

    Heavenly Father, help me to never forget that Antsamihoby the daughter that You gave me and I raise for You is Yours, as I am too ! Help me to trust You in all of Your ways, every day and forever ! A.M.E.N

  608. a concerned mom says:

    I have vivid memories of my mother kneeling by her bed, with her Bible open, and a pile of tissues next to her on the floor. With 6 kids to raise, I’m sure it was only those talks with Jesus that carried her through. Now I have a teenager of my own and I find myself following my mother’s knee prints. I pray that someday my daughter will embrace the legacy of prayer she has inherited from me, my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother before her.

  609. Molly Van Cleve says:

    I would love this book! Thank you!

  610. Would love to win a copy. Even though my daughter is grown, she still seeks advice etc and I am blessed to be able to pray and ask God to guide her. She is still mine and even though I have entrusted her to God, I still ask God to help her in situations!!!

  611. Shelli Armas says:

    I am the mother of 5 beautiful girls.❤❤❤

  612. NaKedra Rodgers says:

    I would love a copy. I pray to have a daughter someday!

  613. Apryl holley says:

    My daughteris 16 i have been seperated from her and her two brothers for 3 years due to their controling father i am now fighting for visitaton unsupervied and she is angry. With me for taking it to court this storm has been a very long one for us all

  614. Rebekah Smith says:

    Thank you! This is my prayer!

  615. Sharan Kiza says:

    What an excellent lesson. Will be ordering books for my daughter for her 2 daughters.

  616. Sharan Koza says:

    What a wonderful lesson. Will be ordering books for my daughter for her 2 daughters

  617. As I was reading the Title “She is Yours”, something tugged at my heartstrings. Life happens and you just don’t realize how important it is to make time to connect with your daughters, you are their strongest female influence.. I think that when you did not have that with your own Mother, You don’t even know where & how to start,nor what to say.

  618. Carolyn P Horn says:

    Thank you so much for today’s message. I wish i had done better with my daughter.

  619. Noel Prettyman says:

    I love a copy to share and read with our girls. Thank you.

  620. amy christ says:

    Loved this! And would love a copy!

  621. Melody Everhart says:

    If I don’t win I’m hoping to buy this one!

  622. Susana Rucker says:

    I have a soon-to-be 2 year old girl! I know there will be so much that she will only look to me for, and I ask Gid to help me be the wise counsel and good example of what it means to have a genuine, live relationship with Him.
    I would love to glean what I can from the book!

  623. Lois Unwin says:

    I myself am mum to four girls, my eldest just turned 16, it’s tough, the worlds temptations againlst who God says she is. I pray over her and let God take the wheel.

  624. Thank you so much for your ministry!!

  625. Stefanie Moffitt says:

    I have a daughter and I would love to read this book!

  626. Thank you for your encouragement today. I enjoyed the devotional. I Would love to win a copy of this books to help me with understanding my girls and to give them back to God. I also have neighbor girls who love to come to our home and play with my youngest daughter. This book would be helpful to me to impart into their lives as well.

  627. Thank you so much for this. I also have a heritage of praying women in my family. As a “young” mom of two under three, I’m so grateful I can talk to my Father anytime. I’m tempted and sometimes give in to the pity party, ask for forgiveness and move forward in Him. I don’t see how people do it without God. No thank you!

  628. Amy Stewart says:

    When our now adult two sons were young I made sure they knew that our home was a praying home. We hosted Men’s and Women’s Bible studies in our home as well as Bible studies with young adult leaders that they participated in without Mom and Dad. Now, our oldest has two girls and I cannot wait to get your new book in their hands. So thankful to our LORD for leading you to write a book like this.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  629. Susan Turk says:

    I wish I knew your grandmother

  630. Melissa H says:

    I’m constantly striving to show patience, love and kindness through me to my daughter. But, I’m human and fail daily. I’d love to read this book. Thank you for the chance.

  631. I am recently separated from my husband and am driving more than ever to show my 4 kids what trusting God in the hard looks like.

  632. Thank you for this, it as just what I needed to read tonight.

  633. My daily devotional led me to this link and I am excited for the chance to win the book. As a new mother, to a baby girl, it will be vital that I understand God’s truth, and that I imitate His character for my daughter.

  634. Thanks so much for these wonderful devotions that are great reminders of how our mindset should be. Have JOY in knowing you have a relationship with your Lord and Savior and keep the conversation going, he is always there and listening.

  635. I am a behavior counselor and would love to in a copy of this book to share with the young ladies I work with on a day to day basis. These young ladies are dealing with a lot of battles – some are in the mind , involving temptations, strongholds and thoughts- involving relationships with family and with peers. I pray for protection over their lives spiritually, emotionally and physically.

  636. Leica Haire says:

    Pick me 🙂

  637. Chardelle Spencer says:

    Thank you for this as I truly thought that I was the only one who did this! With 4 kids, 3 girls and 1 boy, my kids have definitely seen me talking to Jesus. I usually try to talk to him in private, but when it’s on you to pray, you just pray anywhere! The youngest daughter has done exactly what you did to your grandma. And I have told her the exact same thing your grandma told you. It’s a blessing that I have no fear or shame for my kids to see me with tears in my eyes as I’m praying. For I know they will have a better understanding when they have kids and will do what they saw their momma doing.

  638. Vanessa Ciavarri says:

    Our daughters are so bright and aware. They sense the distraction. I admire your grandmother for turning away from the distraction- turning it off- and giving it all to the Lord. You painted a beautiful imagery of this through your words. Thank you.

  639. Melissa kea says:

    I would love to win free copy God bless you for what u do

  640. Please me!

  641. My little girl is 2. I would love to have the book as I pray to be an example of Christ before her.
    Thank you

  642. Merle Nursten says:

    This is just a thought but could you not perhaps have a separate competition page, click here to enter kind of thing…its that whenever you have a leave a comment to win there are hundreds of comments of I’d love to win etc etc. I find the comments so valuable on ‘normal’ days and then days lime today I just dont have an extra 30 minutes in the morning to sift through. My feeling is its a page for us to share and ask for prayer, not to win something. Xx

  643. Tasey Cates says:

    What a legacy of a Christ like grandmother! Raising Godly daughters and granddaughters is the only way to leave a legacy for Jesus

  644. Tasey Cates says:

    Love to win this book

  645. Christina Knuth says:

    Thank you Proverbs 31 Ministries…My life as a wife, mom and woman are encouraged to look to the One who created me and allows me to continually give thanks in all circumstances.

  646. My daughter is now 19 and I pray God will show his hand on her life. So many mistakes.

  647. Leanne Robinson says:

    Seeing my dad kneeling at his desk praying outside my bedroom door most mornings when I woke up and most evenings when I went to bed was one of the most memorable ways he impacted my faith journey. I never questioned that his faith was genuine and that he was lifting me up to the father daily. I want to have that impact on my own kids…it’s harder than I knew to be so consistent.

  648. My mother had her Bible out each morning, and I sat with her as she listened to sermons on the radio as she got dressed. Foundation and sweet memories. I want my daughter to see thesame thing in me.

  649. Felecia Todd says:

    Wonderful devotion! Just this week I asked my daughter if we could start reading the bible together a few nights a week. I’ve been sharing how important it will be for her to own her faith as it will be challenged in the years to come. Faith is easy for her now but I want it strong before she leaves our home!

  650. What a beautiful reminder of our responsibility to model our lives after Christ. Our children are watching and modeling themselves after us. What a huge blessing and responsibility we’ve been given!

  651. The title of this book sounds like everything I need right now. I have 3 amazing daughters. One of them has very strong “leadership skills” and my husband and I feel hopeless at times in raising her. Our constant prayer is that she will be filled with Christ’s love and the fruit of the Spirit and that so will we. Thank you for this beautiful devotional and reminder that nothing is more important than praying and trusting in Jesus and for your children to be witness to it for their sake and for generations to come.

  652. I have two young daughters and this would be nice.

  653. I really loved this devotional today. So often I think my communications with the Lord need to be in my own quiet time away from my kids and husband. I know they don’t have to be, but I find I’m drawn to quiet. I thank you for this lovely reminder that I can speak to the Lord anytime, any place. If my children don’t see me doing this, how will they learn? I should be not only be praying with them but modeling ALL ways I communicate with my Father.

  654. Brittney P says:

    I needed this today

  655. Beverly Cheevers says:

    This was so very timely and relevant. I love how God does that! It seems like the biggest struggle for me right now is being intentional with Him: reading and meditating on His Word, praying, serving, and simply trusting in Him and His steadfast and perfect love. I can’t truly encourage my children to do seek after Him wholeheartedly if I’m not. Thank you!

  656. Doreen griffith says:

    I have a grand daughter and her husband raising 3 girls, age 11, 9 and 5. They are Christians but any helps would be appreciated, I would love to win this book for them, Thankyou

  657. Loralie Koblen says:

    Wynter, you are an inspiration! Thank you for following the Lord’s leading and stepping out into the destiny He has for you, ’cause it blesses all of US!!!! My tween daughter often witnesses me talking to Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. I pray it inspires her to follow Him wholeheartedly, in Jesus’ Name! Keep up the great work– the world NEEDS what you are doing!!!

  658. My husband and I have two daughters. This book would be very helpful. Thank you for the opportunity to win it. Blessings.

  659. This week my kids caught me face down crying to God, I have been going thru a lot for the past 3 years and the only thing that has sustain me is the word and my gods teachings and love. Yesterday after my mediation on the word, while praying and crying onto my lord, I did not know my daughter heard. Later I was sharing with her how God is so good and how he had spoken into the issues we were facing and the word he had given and she said, I know mum I heard you crying to him. I would love to get this book for my daughter I think it would be a great encouragement and a teaching tool!!!

  660. I thank you for your ministry. I have a 20 month old daughter and look forward to raising her to seek God every morning. This book will be a great asset.

  661. Growing up, my mom didn’t share her faith. I didn’t see her praying for us or with us but as an adult I know she did. I struggle with this myself. How to share my faith with my daughter. It was good to read her experience with her grandmother because that my daughter and me! I hope she sees something.

  662. Being smother of two young daughters and another in the way I appreciate and found inspiration through your devotion. Thank you

  663. 4 girls 5 yrs old and under. Would love a copy!thankyou

  664. Thank you for sharing this devotional about your wonderful Grandma. My Grandmother gave me my first bible and prayed for me and my family always! What wonderful blessings we had having praying Grandmothers. I would love a copy of your books, I have two daughters and lead a young girls ministry at my church. Thank you again for sharing a precious memory. God Bless you and your family and ministry.

  665. Michele Wagner says:

    What a great devotional! Thank you for allowing God to use your words!

  666. Amazing! My greatest desire is to see my children trust firmly in God’s love and fear Him more than anything that is or will come to be in their life.

  667. Jamie Fox says:

    I would love this book!

  668. Angela Cooksley says:

    I would love to win this book, as my husband has sadly walked away from the Lord a few years ago and now my girls (10 and 12) don’t have his fatherly guidence along side mine to help continue guuding our girls to living the Christian life following after Jesus. It’s all on my shoulders now. I pray he will come back one day but I intend to help guide my girls in life and I hope they grow to find a genuine relationship with Jesus for themselves.

  669. Debbie bluth says:

    I would love to check out this book.

  670. Raising my girls has been such a challenge already. Would love this to help guide me.

  671. Julia Williams says:

    Thought of a really good friend of mine. She’s got a 14 year old daughter that she is struggling to understand. I think this book could be a blessing for her. Thanks!

  672. I would love to have a copy of this book… I have a 14 year old daughter who just started high school. I know she will face many temptations over the course of the next few years and I pray that she continues to grow in her faith and relationship with Jesus. She is really struggling to find herself and gain confidence in this season she’s in. Thank you!

  673. I would love this book. Raising my defiant teen daughter is extremely challenging and I have been praying daily for her that she will open herself to Jesus that she knew when she was a lot younger. Thank you.

  674. Mendy Eskew says:

    Wow Proverbs31.org devotionals never fail to bless my heart. Thank you!

  675. Ashley Tyler says:

    It’s been a struggle lately! Just feel like am am always under attack!😥 Please keep me in your prayers!

  676. Mechelle Bowens says:

    It may be too late to enter, butt I would love a copy of this book to help me in steering my daughter to her walk with God. Thank you and God Bless

  677. might be too late but I would love to do this study!

  678. Francesca says:

    Wow this is an awesome site! I’m not even sure how I clicked on to it but I did and loved everything I read… My husband and I were involved in ministry, he became very powerful and felt he no longer needed a family to fulfill his mission so after 25 years of marriage he abandoned us for someone else in the church. In the process our 14 year old turned to her school friend and he tricked her into believing that he would be there for her and that he wouldn’t be like her dad who abandoned her. I too am raising a 14 year old that my 14 year old gave berth to and walked out leaving me to deal with the task of raising her on my own. I had two daughters of my own but Lord I don’t remember facing so many challenges as I am facing raising my granddaughter. She is a very good girl and loves the Lord but sometimes it’s hard for her to understand how a Jesus loving grandfather could have put his family through the ordeal he put us through. I try to explain to her that we all have choices and consequences and sometimes she understands and others she looks at me with a stare in her eyes. She has it really tough because the school where she goes to has many children that also come from broken families and some of them are of a Christina background. What can I say some things just don’t have an explanation! So…having said all that I too would be blessed from getting a copy of the book She is yours. Thank you!

  679. Michelle Rahner says:

    No one showed me how to talk to Jesus…but I am showing my 11 yr old daughter. This book would definitely help us. Blessings.

  680. Im a single mum from the uk. Far far away lol. I have 3 children, 2 daughters and a Son. I just wanted to say thankyou for your daily encouragement emails, they really keep me focused on the Lord and what he is doing in my life and my childrens lives. Helping me stay possitive within a not so possitive world. I will always talk to God, and hope and pray my children will follow in my foot steps. Hey everyone reading this,sending blessings nuff love, keep praying and chatting with the father. Amen🤗

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