Would You Rather Be Liked Online – Or Loved in Person?

Would You Rather Be Liked Online – Or Loved in Person?

February 20, 2017

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another — and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” Hebrews 10:24-25 (NIV)

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A little over a year ago, the exhaustion hit me. I began waking up in the mornings feeling drained, burned out and lonely.

The loneliness is what surprised me most. I have four kids, a great husband and friends I adore; why would I feel lonely when there’s no shortage of love in my life?

With a little self-reflection, I recognized the problem. For 18 months, I’d worked tirelessly on a project, writing and traveling and building a social media presence. It was non-stop. When things finally slowed down, I crashed. I was running on empty and desperately in need of downtime, prayer and regrouping.

The hardest truth to admit was that I’d neglected my closest relationships. I’d fallen into the black hole of my computer and my phone. The lifestyle changes I’d made to get everything done — like working through family dinners and turning down invitations to meet friends for lunch — caught up with me. As fun as it was to connect with new people and build online relationships through this project, I missed the people closest to me.

In my efforts to succeed in my work and be liked by people online, I’d forgotten the value of personal contact. I knew the only solution was to stop going wider into new relationships and start diving deeper into the relationships I already had.

And so I took a break. I started working less, calling people instead of texting, exercising regularly and reconnecting with friends. When my husband came home from work, I spent time with my family instead of retreating to my computer. I went on field trips with my daughters, hosted more get-togethers and helped with my 6th grade daughter’s play — one of my favorite parenting experiences yet.

I also prayed more during this break. I asked God to make His will for me clear, saying that if He wanted me to work less, I needed direction.

Slowly the changes I made refreshed my soul. I felt deeper peace and fulfillment than my computer, phone and social media presence could provide. What I learned was that spending too much time on technology breeds loneliness. The feelings I might try to escape by getting online — i.e., loneliness or boredom — are only magnified if I’m not making time for real-life connections.

Technology is a gift, but it can also be a crutch.

It can make us lazy in our relationships and instill a false sense of security of having more real friends than we do. Just because someone takes two seconds to “like” our latest post, however, doesn’t mean they’d take off an entire afternoon to help us in a crisis. A thousand Twitter followers doesn’t equal a thousand trustworthy friends.

Life’s best connections happen in person. God created us to live in community, and while digital communities can enrich our lives, they can’t replace the joy of eye contact, laughter and tears, hugging and the comfort, love and affection of a live human friend.

In today’s key verse, God reminds us to intentionally gather together: “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another — and all the more as you see the Day approaching” (Hebrews 10:24-25).

In an age when we’re more “connected” than ever through technology, many people feel lonely because they’re tending to the friends who “like” them online before the people who love them in real life.

The good news is: There’s hope. God wants us to love each other well, and He will guide us. Through Him, we can take small steps in the right direction. We can limit screen time and commit to spending more time in personal dialogue than online dialogue. We can also alter any habits that keep us from discovering the deep peace and joy of being loved and known in person.

Dear Lord, thank You for the gifts of friendship and community. Thank You for the technology that enables me to connect with others. Please, Lord, help me use technology wisely. Guide me in setting healthy boundaries so I can deepen my real-life relationships and ultimately grow closer to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (NIV)

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Has technology enhanced or hurt your closest relationships? How can you prioritize your personal interactions ahead of your digital connections?

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  1. Grace Manuel says:

    This is a very timely encouragement! It is true that this generation has hooked us much into the use of internet, social media and other online stuff that we sometimes already forget to connect to the real world, or real people around us who waiting for our time, touch and even just our smile.
    Very nice devo!

  2. I have noticed lately how much I am on my phone and have begun to set it down more when I am at home. I haven’t got to where I want to be but I miss the personal connection of getting together with someone and need to remember how that is so much more rewarding than likes.

  3. Nicola blizard says:

    I would love to win

  4. I had noticed that I had started spending more time online since my mother passed away in July. It would take my mind off things and when I would sit down I would grab my phone. I would play some games more than even getting on Facebook to chat. This really hit home and I appreciate the encouragement I found in this devotion.

    • Jennifer Hansel says:

      I’m so sorry you lost your mother. I lost my dearest friend who was more like a sister, 6 yrs ago. I’ve spent way too much time on social media and games since she passed. This hit home for me too. God bless you and comfort you as you grieve and heal. Hugs.

  5. Eric Williams says:

    Just yesterday I wrote a thank you note to an American leader as requested online. Somehow I felt like I fulfilled some civic duty and made a connection with other who felt like this leader did more than his reasonable service, as the gospel ask of us. Soon afterwards I felt profoundly disconnected from all. Then later that the next day I went to church for worship and fellows and went to this class about the Holy spirit. I was fascinated that the mininister had us not simply discussing such a deep and intriguing subject but had us expressing our self and sharing our answers and praise dancing together. There was silly chatter and awkward dancing and laughter. I felt reconnected and not alone.

  6. Thank you for the reminder! Just in time for Lenten season :). To reconnect with ones closest to me.

  7. I have a son who has gotten to the point he felt social media was his god and this weekend deleted all of it after it caused him heartache and another son (foster) that his tablet is his escape from everything, it is really hard to teach how to handle the world of technology in our lives, I’m praying for balance.

  8. Cynthia Streid says:

    I would love to win

  9. Wendy Morrison says:

    God’s blessings be upon you and this book..
    May the truth of genuine friendship and real love for each other spread and multiply like white fluffy clouds.

  10. Lisa Cooper says:

    I would really like to win this book. Thanks for all you do.

  11. Candace Green says:

    I enjoyed this read. Its true technology has taken over our everyday lives and it more than just social media. Very helpful thank you.

  12. Brandi Sereno says:

    Reading this message today made me realize what I have been doing in my own personal and professional life. I am a school teacher and most days feel drained by the end of the school day leaving nothing left to give others.This book giveaway would be a great reference/resource to use with some of the teens in our school community.

  13. Thank you for sharing this devotional. I would like to win a copy of your book and share it with my daughter.

  14. I recently dealt with this same issue concerning someone who said they wanted to get to know me. Thanks for confirming my response to them about technology’s limitations.

  15. Perfectly timed message! I often find that I’m checking Facebook,email, text messages and other apps for updates. I recently started my own business & feel compelled to see what’s happening online. Thanks for the reminder to take time for real relationships-with our Lord, our loved ones and friends. The online world can wait!

  16. Hi Kari,

    Your new book sounds wonderful and my teen girls would love it. Thank you for this devotional and for providing copy of your book to a blessed reader.


  17. Wow!! What a great story you sure lose yourself with the internet,texting instead of calling its so impersonal this world of technology is sometimes too much. Thank God you got back on track to what was really important. says:


  18. I can’t get away from reading and hearing that word “relationships”. I’ve lived 60 years, in my dad’s home and in a difficult marriage, trying to relate to the two people who should have been most important to me. These two people are no longer a part of my life. And yet they still influence me more than I would like. Tell me that it will be worth working at developing new relationships instead of living in a virtual world of friends.

  19. Andrea Richardson says:

    Wow! Great story you are so right technology is getting so much apart of people’s life with texting and emails we don’t make time to truly reach out to love ones or spend time with them. Thank God you got back on track and back to what’s important your family. God bless and thanks for sharing.

  20. Mary Moody says:

    Striving for God approyal and a closer relationship with him and cut down on technology tim

  21. So true Kari as this happens in many of our lives. Technology is moving faster than I can keep up with. You can never go wrong with a personal one on one connection. Thank you for this reminder. ~Lisa~

  22. I first joined social Media outlets to look at pics of my grandkids (which my children posted only there) and to monitor actions of my older grandkids. But I too at times have been caught up in the social media bubble, justifying my actions by saying I’m reading only devotionals and sharing scriptures and positive vibes. When someone is sitting next to you trying to talk to you and you never look up, that’s a problem. When you have to keep rewinding a program because you missed something while reading posts, that’s a problem. When you no longer read books (something I love doing), and instead you become programmed to keep tapping the keys (?? ??? ? ?? ❤️ ? ? ?), there is w problem. When you wake up and pick up your phone almost before you’re awake, even to read devotionals, prayers, and share scriptures, there’s a problem. I know all too well how the social media beast will keep you from your close, most important relationships and ultimately from the closest relationship with our Lord.

    It can be addictive and mesmerizing and shiny and bright, like a snake in a garden! It’s really simple: God knew before social media was ever created, EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!

    Thank you for this devotional; a great reminder to unplug, and instead of ??, to really look into the eyes of a loved one and really ?? hear what they’re saying. And thank you for writing a book we can share with our young ones to help them through the maze of social media. Have a blessed day ladies!

  23. Jalayne Goss says:

    Recently, there has been an emptiness feeling, I thought it was due to one year divorce anniversary and not dating…now I feel a new direction to pray for. Thank you

  24. Sheri tucker says:

    Such encouraging words. Technology is good but needs to be set aside for those we love. I’m a culprit of this. I need reminded every day to make that phone call, don’t text.

  25. As a high school teacher, I see this theme ring true for many of my students. As a wife of a man whose job is in information technology, I sometimes feel as if family takes 2nd place to the machine. As a mother of a daughter about to enter high school, we are working through how she can manage social media and realize that true friendships are those that you have to invest real, physical time into – rather than just simply clicking a “like” button. This is definitely a devotion I will be sharing with those most important to me today.

  26. So very true.

  27. I felt similar to this after nursing school. After graduation I crashed. I had been missing church, missing sleep and knew nothing else but studying. Thankful that is over and I have a job that I love. I have made time for Bible study instead of studying those awful Med/Surg books

  28. What a great resource. Would like to win to share with kids at church.

  29. Great devotional ! I have found that it is do easy to get on Facebook or Pinterest for what you think will be a minute and then before you know it, 20 minutes have passed by! Great reminder to focus on what is important!

  30. Cynthia Andrews says:

    I had become tired up in on line friends until my beloved roommate died December 31st. I have had to force myself out off the house and to interact with old friends and meet new ones. It has made a huge difference in my life!

  31. Shelly Carpenter says:

    Thank you for this message today! I need deeply for reconnection with my genuine friends. I’m lonely and am unable to identify the source(s). I struggle emotionally every day and pray to God for guidance.

  32. Thank you for your insight on social media. I have struggled with my recent move and leaving behind all my friends and check-in’s and likes. Over time I had come to need this type of validation. I am still adjusting but have peace with my small group of amazing friends here and more time with God.

  33. Nora Holmes says:

    Thank you for your words which are so true. I would love to share this book with my teenage daughter.

  34. Laura Thomas says:

    I cried when I read this devotion because I woke up praying about my loneliness. TODAY I WOKE UP WITH THE HEARTACHE OF LONELINESS! Today!!
    I, too, have four kids, loving husband, and countless real friends. Real friends that we have allowed to drift due to differing schedules and life’s demands. And my heart aches for togetherness.
    The timing of this was such a God thing. He’s so amazing.

  35. Very pertinent and well written! Looking forward to sharing this!

  36. Sonda Gentry says:

    So true! Technology does not replace relationships. I am constantly reminding myself to take the time to listen and be around others.

  37. I would love to do this study with my teenage daughter.

  38. Melinda Arnold says:

    Good morning and thank you Mrs. Kampakis for the encouraging word from God! Thank you again in advance and have a bless day!!

  39. This tends to be a very tough subject for me. I sometimes feel that technology can have a negative impact on my marriage. I understand that it can be a great way to keep connected with others, but I also feel that my husband chooses it over our family more often than not. Thank you for the encouragement today.

  40. Thank you for this devotion❤️

  41. I have deactivated my Facebook account and decreased my phone screen time significantly in the last year and a half, and it has alleviated some of my depression, anxiety, PTSD symptoms. I may not know as much about old acquaintances anymore, but it has deepened my true friendships. We take more time to swap personal messages rather than read updates and write letters and talk on the phone.

  42. Mary Noell says:

    Loved this! My daughter is going through so much right now, and searching for acceptance from all the wrong places. She is 20 loves the Lord but with so much life changes at this age she just feels lonely and lost. There are so many people that love and cherish her. But she is looking for acceptance and love in the wrong places. She is to caught up with social media and wanting acceptance there that she feels she is lacking somehow. Can’t wait to share this devotional with her! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  43. A very well timed devotion for me. Thank you!

  44. In my work as a psychotherapist and personally, I am amazed and saddened that we can often have entire relationships that exist via text messages. On one hand, that’s crazy! On the other hand, it has provided an avenue for connection with a faith community that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I cling to the first5 and online bible study community for support.

  45. This really struck a chord with me. I decided to delete my FB account for many of these very reasons. I find I am so much freer when not tied to technology, and can cultivate and nurture real relationships with people.

  46. Kristi Williams says:

    Beautiful message ❤

  47. Would love this book for me and my 13 year old daughter!

  48. God is so good. Yesterday at church I shared with a few ladies we need to have a lunch at my home, just to catch up with each other. It seems like we are always headed in different directions. This devotion would be perfect to share with them and maybe make the event a “leave your phone at the door” gathering ❣️

  49. I am childrens director at my church and am trying to teach the young kids that very same thing. They are growing up in a world where technology is taking them away from their families and loved ones. It is especially taking them away from God. They are always on their phones or iPads. I tell them they are not allowed in children’s church. When we go out to eat you don’t see families talking anymore. They are all on their own personal phone. Wake up and look around you. Our next generation needs Jesus. Thanks for sharing this today. I have been thinking about this a lot lately.

  50. How timely this was. This was the sermon from yesterday! I love how God confirms things over and over to me!

  51. Mario Espiritusanto says:

    May God keep blessing and guiding you to help us in this journey of parenting teenagers in this generation where technology is been allowed to lead most of the people’s lives putting our Lord Jesus Christ on the side.
    This book will be an amazing help for me raising my 13 yrs old daughter.
    Thank you
    God bless.

  52. There is an African proverb about “friends of the road” and “friends of the heart.” Friends of the road are temporary–they are pleasantly sharing a brief trip with you. Most social media friends are friends of the road–just cruising the same internet highway. Friends of the heart are with you always.

    Thank you, Kari, for this reminder to stay connected with our friends of the heart.

    • I always scroll down to find your comments, Shirlee. I think you bless a lot of women each day with your thoughtful messages.

  53. Summer Rowe says:

    This devotional was a total slap in the face this morning… But in a good way. I have been very guilty of letting technology get in the way of my relationships and this truly spoke to my heart. I will make a much more conscious effort starting today to reconnect those in person relationships versus relying on technology. Thank you!

  54. Excellent! In our home we try to limit screen time – whether it’s movies, computer, phone…. We are trying to help our teen realize problems with technology and make boundries for time use on it. Real time, face to face relationships cannot be overlooked for the digital. We tell our teen and the young adults we lead that it’s a tool to be used and it can be used for good, but too many times it becomes and idol in our lives because it loses its correct place.

  55. Sue Jeffords says:

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter who is 11.

  56. Kendra Shymanski says:

    This is so true!! Technology is taking over close personal relationships.

  57. Christa Coffey says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Relationships are vital and are most important than technology and such!

  58. This is something we definitely struggle with in my house. Thanks for the reminder to set down the phones and build the relationships!

  59. Superb thoughts on the topic of social media. Would love to have a copy of the book for our daughter.

  60. Wanda Butler says:

    Would love this book for some to help me know how to deal with some of my family members usage of technology!

  61. Linda Farrow says:

    Thank you for these words today. My computer has been down for over a month. I miss it and jokingly said “The Lord is telling me I don’t need the computer or the devil had been real busy” Have been using my phone more and turned down chances to interact with friends and family. Not good and your words brought it to my attention this morning!! With that in mind, let me start connecting more with people. Thank you again!!

  62. Great devotional. Book sounds excellent.

  63. Pamela Lake says:

    Thank you for this devotional. Although social media is not a problem for me, texting is. I hate to pick up the phone to make a call and tend not to step outside my comfort zone to invite face to face interaction. But this devotion hit home for me to step outside my box to make an effort with people.

  64. This is so true! I’m guilty of sending a text instead of calling people. Would love a copy of this book for my 13 year old daughter & myself!

  65. I would love to share this book with the young people in my church small group.

  66. Linda Turk says:

    Thank you Kari for your obedience to the Lord. Writing this resource at a time when social media is so prevalent, will be of much help to so many. Our Father is a good,good Father. I thank the Lord for leading me to your devotion and book during this time of struggle with my teenage daughter and social media. Blessings to you.

  67. Goodness this really is so true. My husband is so addicted to his phone, as soon as he gets up he’s on his phone while having his coffee,if I try to talk to him he gets real touchy. I just go sit in the other room as even my presence annoys him. Then he’s off to work. He comes home eats and then sits on the couch for 4-5 hours on his phone. We talk about 5 minutes a day. I’m so tired of having to compete for his time or to even to ask a question and know that he isn’t really listening or interested in what I say. I’ve mentioned it to him but he gets all angry. So I say nothing anymore. It’s hurtful and lonely.

  68. Mirrored my recent thoughts perfectly.

  69. This devotional touched me in a way few other things have. I feel like it was talking to me because I have the same problem some days

  70. Thanks for such a thoughtful insight. They are so many people that are spending way too much time on social media than spending time with family and loved ones!

  71. More timely than I’d like to admit. Shared this on my FB page.

  72. Donna Sanders says:

    What a timely word. Our teens and teens don’t know a world without all the technology and it is great to address this for them – and for the adults, too!

  73. Thanks for sharing. I never thought about it that way. Would love to read your book. Blessings!

  74. I think technology can lead you away from relationships. Everywhere you go people will be together, but one or all are looking at their phones and not communicating. Younger and younger ages are now having their own technology, keeping them from forming real friendships, using their imagination and just plain playing outside. It’s good to have but with linits.

  75. As women, it’s far to easy to fall into the habit of trying to please and impress others rather than seeking God. However, we were created to love and adore God and seek Him. It is only when we can focus our eyes on Him and his approval that I believe my soul will find peace. Looking forward to reading your book for nuggets of wisdom to help me with my focus!

  76. Susan Freeze says:

    So true! I find I always feel more peaceful when I take time for God. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

  77. Linda Scott says:

    I am interested in your book for my teenage daughter because the world has changed so much from the time you and I were teens. I constantly worried about her because she believes that her phone and social media are truly her world. Although, I keep reminding her that both social medial and a cell phone may play a significant part in her life doesn’t mean that all her time has to be consumed by them because there is so much more of the world that she can discover by building on a foundation of true friends and family in personal relationships rather that fictitious meaningless relationship behind a screen. So, I hope am able to win a copy of your book, so my daughter can discover that as well. Thank you and God bless!!!

  78. I am interested in your book for my teenage daughter because the world has changed so much from the time you and I were teens. I constantly worried about her because she believes that her phone and social media are truly her world. Although, I keep reminding her that both social medial and a cell phone may play a significant part in her life doesn’t mean that all her time has to be consumed by them because there is so much more of the world that she can discover by building on a foundation of true friends and family in personal relationships rather that fictitious meaningless relationship behind a screen. So, I hope am able to win a copy of your book, so my daughter can discover that as well. Thank you and God bless!!!

  79. Excellent and very needed by me personally and probably by many others.

  80. I just started a business in the last six months that has me online and on the phone non stop. Trying to find balance between home and online work is tricky! Would love to get a hold of this book and be encouraged with ways to make it work.

  81. This book would be a wonderful resource for my girls ages 16 and 11. We’ve had countless conversations about this very thing with my 16 yr old. I think it would be great to read it together.

  82. Awesome devo! It made me want to call my girlfriends and go have coffee. Thinking that this book would be one of those “read, sign your name and password on” books. If I don’t get my name drawn, I am going to purchase and pass around.
    Blessings to you and your work, helping others like me ☺.

  83. Thanks for sharing this resource! Its definitely something I’d love to give to my daughter!

  84. Jenny Mosley says:

    Great article. Thank you!

  85. So true–and so needed today!

  86. Kathy Barrett says:

    What a great resource for my girlfriends, Bible study friends & most importantly my daughter & granddaughter! My grandson can benefit also.

  87. Perfect. Spot on and comes as a spur to a new women’s inter generational ministry group within the church. Thanks. Would love a copy to use with this group as well as my granddaughter’s teen group.

  88. Lori McDougall says:

    I would love to win a copy of your book. I need this. I tend to connect digitally rather than personally.

  89. Thank You! The world is changing so much!

  90. Jami Friend says:

    Thank you for your good words.

  91. Erica Rogers says:

    I have two teen and one tween daughters who spend a lot of time using technology. I think Kari’s book would benefit them. Thank you.

  92. I would love to have a copy of your book to read and share with my 5 granddaughters.

  93. Thank you ever so much Kari for sharing this subject matter and more importantly your story with us. I’m deeply moved by your message, being it’s speaks TRUTH to how we live in the world TODAY! I find myself frequently sharing this message of REAL LOVE with my daughter in hopes of her seeing the importance of human contact & communication in a social media crazed world. She has yet to own a smart phone & is limited on her iPad, but I’m fully aware of the changes that are occurring heading into the middle school/high school years. I pray that she sees me lead by example with the time we interact in person verses through technology. Overall, I believe the message you are reinforcing us with in your blog today is one that I will carry forth with me for years to come!! Blessings & thanks to you and your family.

  94. Great devotion and reminder that our relationship with the Lord is the most important one……. he is not connected to the digital age but is available through prayer faith and trust- from that we are filled with his wisdom, words and actions through his Holy spirit living in us and can use reservoir to bless and love others in ways that can impact far greater and longer lasting than a ” like” button on Facebook. I love a real conversation with a real God and pray that his love will spill out of me and onto those I am blessed to see and know. ?

  95. Nicole Benjamin says:

    Ouch! This hit home because it’s easier to send a text or text in between loads of laundry as opposed to sitting on phone engaging in conversation but easier doesn’t mean healthier.
    I thought about calling my sister of circles on the weekend & at least connecting with 2 per weekend on phone.
    Your book would be great as a teacher I could use the information to help my girls & even women start seeking approval from Christ and not buttons (??❤) from social media.

  96. This was just the reminder I needed! I, too, am surrounded by people – my three kids, my husband, friends, neighbors – but often feel lonely. I blame being busy for why I only text and never call people anymore, but if really does damage relationships when we don’t actually talk to those we love. I worry for my 11 year-old daughter who is growing up in an age where social media is the norm for communicating with friends and family. I can remember a time when I actually called people and saw them regularly – before technology exploded onto the scene – but my daughter has never known anything but using phones for texting or screen time. It is important to remember how God designed us for community!

  97. In the fall of 2015, I felt God calling me to fast Facebook. I did for about 50-something days and got back on, not having felt God directing me to get back on. In September 2016 I felt the weight of my disobedience and God asking me to give up Facebook, but I had been praying for the ability to moderate my usage. Which I had failed to moderate every single time. So I finally gave it up indefinitely at the end of September and haven’t been back on since! I am so much more productive off of Facebook. And don’t spend so much time trying so hard to get perfect pictures to post for people to like and comment on. I just live more in the moment! For me, Facebook was defiantly a way to feel accepted. And I feel God was calling me off to show me I don’t need that to be accepted. I’d love a copy of the book!

  98. Dorice Timmons says:

    Just what I needed today. I spend way too much time connected online rather than with friends and family in person.

  99. JoAnn Pattara says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m going through something similar. This encourages to to slow down and look from a different angle and insert a few keys things: prayer and exercise. Thanks.

  100. Mary vukusich says:

    This is so me with the technical age. Been praying to not get on my phone the minute I wake up. Spend that time with my Lord.

  101. Nicki Horan says:

    This could not come at a better moment. As I walked into my daughter’s bedroom and she had engaged with her ipad before us. So sad!

  102. I seek approval too many times from people and worry about what others think. Working hard to let God be my guide and not my peers.

  103. This is a great topic. There are pros and cons to our devices. Every morning, I can wake up, get my coffee and connect with a great devo like this. With the day off, I’ve also messaged an old friend from college and we’re making plans to meet for lunch later today. BUT, there is that downside. I can waste time, and see others do the same. An afternoon sitting on the couch with my daughter, she’s skimming her FB, while I’m checking mine. I notice you can see too much information, whether it’s the latest about the president, or just home town gossip.

  104. GodOnlyKnows says:

    Psalms 119:37 Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.

    1 John 2 : 15- 17 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions—is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.

    Luke 12:2-3 Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.

    1 Corinthians 14:40 But all things should be done decently and in order.

    Colossians 2:8-10King James Version (KJV)
    8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.
    9 For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.
    10 And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:

    1 Timothy 6:
    20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:
    21 Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen.

    Romans 12:
    1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
    2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
    3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.
    4 For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office:
    5 So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

    1 John 2:15-18
    15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
    16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.
    17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.
    18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time

    Who’s time are we on? God’s time? Or the Worlds time?
    I feel sorry for the ones I see in church who show no respect to learning about the Lord, because they are texting, on their phone, or letting their children play a game even while the church service is going on. I love when I see a Pastor say all technology off. Even I heard a preacher once say, What do you read scripture with? A real BIBLE in your hands? Or a technology Bible. Because a technology Bible can be tempting to lead you spending time in other directions. To where a hand held Bible can fill your mind, body, and Spirit, more then a piece of plastic with buttons, and sounds aka cellphone, or computer, or tablet.

    I do not have a facebook page. Why? Someone may say. Because I call it Nosebook! or Gossipbook! I hear more people saying what they have seen, heard, or know about someone or something on facebook. The BIBLE teaches not to gossip. But I hear more people tell me what they have posted on facebook, or what they have seen on facebook, or what they know so and so is doing on facebook. Makes one wonder what they would feel like if they told Jesus the same thing they saw on facebook, or what they said on facebook? Jesus still sees, hears, and knows. But it would definitely be a different world if he was physically sitting next to someone while they were on the computer.
    I have also seen people in todays society use the internet as a drug addition on how long they spend time on the internet. Whether they are playing a game, doing something on facebook, or whatever other addition they have to push the button on the computer and spend HOURS glued to the computer. I do this devotional and read a brief amount of the news, and email. Less time then a person can imagine. I once was glued to a recipe sight. Then I LET REAL life take a hold of me, and I made a sacrifice to make sure I spent more time in the real world and less time on the computer.
    One has to decide what they are addicted too. The Bible says our body is a living sacrifice. Sometimes we have to realize what our idols are in life, and what are we willing to sacrifice to draw us closer to the Lord.
    I have a rule in my house. You sit at my table, you are not allowed a cellphone or a computer on. Many people not thrilled with this rule, when they could be enjoying conversation and real life. Some are insulted. To where they no longer feel the need to visit. If we dine out, the same rule applies.
    The Bible teaches there are lovers of many things. In todays society we have to much modern technology addition. There was a time in life when there was not all this technology. To where each person has to decide do they want to love the man or love the master of something else in their life.
    With this devotional, it made me think of who will be there TRULY in your life when you need them? Is it someone in the cyber world? Or is it someone you can sit down with a human wise speak too?
    As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. To where I desire to spend time with the Lord and not the techno world.

  105. Yes, social media has taken over. I do enjoy sending and receiving a text to friends saying Happy Friday or Monday with a photo or cartoon! It’s like receiving an unexpected card in the mail in stead of bills or junk.

  106. Terri Sawyer says:

    I loved this gentle reminder today that we are relational beings. God created us to live in community with personal connections. Screens and an online presence are great sometimes, but they do not meet the need for community that God created in us. It is my prayer that I can instill this in my 13 year old daughter.

  107. Stephanie Pavlic says:

    I’m a very young wife and mother (22 with two little ones) and I often find myself spending more time online than really investing in my loved ones. I’d love more instructions on how to break my social media and phone addictions.

  108. Sheila Sexton says:

    Looking forward to reading this with my daughter.

  109. Thank you for this post. This is excellent and a good reminder as technology and social media continue to grow and thrive in a tech-era. Thank you!

  110. I’d love this book–the struggle is real!

  111. I would love to win a copy of this book!

  112. I need to refocus my priorities. Thank you for the reminder.

  113. Faith Stewart says:

    I love the idea behind this book, and I would love to go through it with my daughter:)

  114. Jeanette brace says:

    Ty tour this timely devotional looking forward to reading this book with my 12 year old

  115. Great reminder for us about the power on connecting with others.

  116. I loved the scripture and will feed on that as a reminder about my use on the computer. I plan to connect more with family and the few friends that I have. As Shirlee mentioned I will connect more with friends of the heart. Very timely devotional.

  117. A strong and meaningful message to me and my life. It is SO easy to have relationships online and not so easy to have them in real life which is what God wants for us.

  118. dear Lord help to build my relationships through human touch, face to face conversation and love.

  119. Thank you for writing this book, one concern I have for my children is how much kids today rely on technology to communicate, and that their generation will not know how to develop and maintain healthy relationships. We have to help our children find that healthy balance between making responsible use of technology and face to face interaction.

  120. Dotti Dilger says:

    I am new to the Proverbs Ministries and anticipate learning from all the daily inspirations. This touched me at the right time as I am in the Direct Sales industry and Facebook and texting are my downfall….I need to make a commitment for more personal time and spend meaningful time with my family, what matters most. Thanks for the reminder

  121. Patti Quintana says:

    Would love to receive a copy, just a sweet reminder as to why we need more of Jesus’s love for one another rather than our new way of technology towards self gratification.

  122. What a great reminder of the importance of deep relationships. Sometimes it is difficult to make that time happen with all of the other screaming demands of life.

  123. Great devotion! I am still old fashion & prefer “real” relationship, too.

  124. I could really use this book. I definitely fall into the camp of those looking for significance on social media.

  125. would love to have this book for myself and my daughters!

  126. looking forward to checking this book out.

  127. This topic is soo important! Thanks for addressing it and also reminding us of the Godly perspective of it. I miss out on family moments often due to my phone & I hate that! My kids have the day off today. So the phone is going to be set down!

  128. In this day and age it is important to discuss ways we connect with the outside world. Though it is important, it is not the primary way we should interact with others. It seems young people may have difficulty keeping these 2 in balance but older people needs these reminders as well. Thank you, Karl, for sharing your wisdom.

  129. You make some great points. I liked how you commented that technology is a crutch. One of the best things that has happened to us in the smart phone but it is also one of the worst. I am learning that people are more important.

  130. Susan Niemi says:

    Sounds like a wonderful book! The title caught my attention for sure!

  131. This post was a wonderful reminder for me to stop the mindless scroll. When I need a mental break, there are so many better things for me to do. I’d love to read the book!

  132. Beautiful! At the beginning of this year I made a list of those people – family and friends – that I want to contact and connect with each month, by phone, through a visit, or by sending a letter. This has helped my own children stay personally connected to others, too.
    With tweens and a teen, your book is intriguing to me. I will check it out!

  133. Traci Fleming says:

    An important message for everyone!

  134. I would love to read this book and be able to share it with my daughter! I completely agree that too much screen time instead of real “face time” can leave us lonely and without any true friendships. We need to not take for granted the friends and family right in front of us and make them the priority over our online followers. Thanks for a great post!

  135. Patricia Williams says:

    Wow, that spoke loudly to me as well. Thank you for that honesty!

  136. Would love to win some copies of this for our youth group at church!

  137. Lisa Denton says:

    It seems that not only have I have been caught up in the electronic age, but my whole household has as well.. I would love to learn how to break this cycle!!

  138. Deb Dickerson says:

    This sounds like a great book for my granddaughter!!

  139. Rachel Bonilla says:

    I have a 15 y.o girl and a 12 year old girl. Would love to go through the book with them both!

  140. Having grown up without technology I can say that this blog is so very true. This would be a valuable resource to share with my adult kids and grandchildren.

  141. This message resonates with me as well. My phone just seems to draw me in, and I’m seeing the effects it has on my entire family. My 8-year-old daughter is just starting to dabble in technology, and I want her to get this message from the very beginning. Thank you for your wise words.

  142. Doris Hart says:

    I would love this book for a friend, after I read it.
    I tend to be more of a Martha, but I also think there is a part of me that enjoys the attention my service, and attention to others satisfies me me in some way.
    My friend, seeks attention and boasts about it a lot. Not sure how to tell her without loosing our beautiful relationship.
    Thank you so much for all of your beautiful devotions, and reminders to be a woman of God.
    May God continue to use you in mighty ways for His Glory.
    Thank You!!

  143. This article hit home, so to speak. I have worked from home for the past 7-8 years, so social media is my only avenue of communication (in and around my work) until my husband gets home from work each evening. We also moved out into the country with no close neighbors. Pile the Iowa winter on top of all this – well, it makes for very isolated days/weeks/months, and at times, I would be emailing, snap-chatting, instant messaging, Facebook-ing, and Instagram-ing. (made up those words – lol). However, as with anything, moderation is the key, and balance in all things is vital. It takes a lot more effort to get together with people – but so very worth it!! The words are SO timely for our current status in social networking – and a wonderful ‘heads up’ for all of us!!

  144. Shirley Paulson says:

    This hit me right at the heart.

  145. As someone who has moved a lot, there is so much truth in what you wrote. Each move I cling to my online relationships because I feel lonely but it never helps. It’s not until I get out there and meet people and spend time with people that I break that feeling. That’s how God created us – to be relational. Would love to win a copy and read more.

  146. I don’t know who could benefit from this book more, me or my 16 yo daughter. Thanks for reminding us that there is life outside of the box of technology!

  147. Just what I needed to hear this morning- perfect timing! I’ve been feeling more lonely after seeing social media. Great reminder to put time into relationships in person.

  148. Thank you for sharing this devotional with us! In this day and age we all are attached to social medai and wanting to feel included and “liked”. We show only the awesome things in our lives, leading others to believe that only great things are happening there, not real life things like arguments, lies, family issues.My daughter has been informing me of the number of views she has on her online book. Those views make her feel liked. She would benefit from your new book.

  149. Thank you for your message today. I recently moved from California to Texas. I use social media to keep in touch with friends back home. I have started to build connections here in Texas as well. I know it is important to join community here as well.

  150. I can really relate because I accepted a volunteer job to help with social media promotion for our women’s ministry. I agreed even though I had no professional experience in this area but I wanted to help. My husband recently expressed that I was neglecting the family. I think online activities can become a black hole that is hard to escape. I have realized I need to find balance and boundaries for screen time or I tend to lose myself and my real life. I also feel more depressed lately and I miss actual talking instead of texting.

  151. Oh all too often we can get caught up in this trap…Thank you for this devotional and reminder to have face-to face fellowship sharing our lives with those who mean the most to us as well as others in our lives.As they say in our church small groups – community happens in circles.
    I would love to read your book.

  152. melanie robinson says:

    Just got this book a few weeks ago for my daughter and am going to do a tween book club with girls her age! Looking forward to it…I know I will learn as much as I pray she will.

  153. Carol Rush says:

    What a timely post! Trying to explain to my college students why social media doesn’t substitute for in person relationships. You gave me “meat” to go back and share with them.

  154. Great advice
    I think I need that book! Thanks for sharing

  155. This book will be helpful for my tween daughter

  156. Tammy Dyer says:

    Just the right timing! I have recently struggled with back pain issues getting worse and having to take medical leave. I may not even be able to return and probably won’t after corrective surgery. I have worked in special education for 20+ years. That’s also where a lot of my relationships occured. I AM SO LONELY RIGHT NOW!!! This article helped so much. Yes I am limited but I am the one not working so I need to be the one to keep those and some other lost relationships alive. I was just praying for God to give me someone to care for…to give to…to spend time with…. And then I read your devotion….PERFECT!! I realized that I was the one sitting home not reaching out!! This book may be what I need for this new season of possible retirement/disability that I’m facing…because I need to be with people, caring and giving to feel complete…though I know I am complete in Jesus Christ…I need that people connect too…its who I am. Thank you for your valuable insight and encouragement! Blessings!

  157. Sharon Bouknight says:

    Thanks for the timely reminder that technology is a poor substitute for personal contact with friends!

  158. Great devotional to wake up to. Would love to check out this book.

  159. Love this post. Excited for the book. I teach middle school and parent an almost tween. Timely resource!

  160. Great & timely word!!

  161. Paula Hill says:

    This is so relevant to kids and adults! Like you, my husband has to engage in social media for his job. He is constantly on his phone posting, tweeting or “liking” something. We have girls who are 10 and 12 and I keep telling him that it is a bad example for them to see him on his phone so much. Although they are not on FB or Twitter, there are other social media apps on which most of their friends are participating. My 12 year old, is practically consumed with checking her “notifications”. Your post and your book are very timely. With conscious and consistent efforts, hopefully, we can shape the mindset of the generation of kids who don’t know life without text and social media.

  162. Excellent post. I am guilty of misinterpreting my internet friends as significant relationships. Maybe because some of them are the friends I used to get together with and now distance prohibits that. I bet your book will be good.

  163. Guilty as charged. Going to make daily efforts to connect with people in the real world instead of the virtual world this week.

  164. This articulates so beautifully what I’ve been feeling for the last three years or rather what I was feeling before disconnecting from social media. It has been three years since my social media presence was felt by “friends.” I even sigh away from WhatsApp.

    I may have thrown out the baby with the bath water as I’ve noticed that I’ve grown so much more silent. In some ways the silence has been a blessing. But I also feel discontented by the silence at times. Like I’m muzzled.

    This is the first post I’m responding to in years because your words helped me put things in perspective and understand the need for balance. Thank you for putting my thoughts and feelings into words.

  165. Jessica L Mullins says:

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder!!

  166. Going to make daily real life connections this week. Thanks.

  167. Amanda crump says:

    Face to face is always better than phone or website chatting.

  168. Wonderful thoughts to ponder today and something I struggle with as well. Thank you!

  169. A really good reminder for all of us! Loneliness is always remedied by an intentional return to our Lord!

  170. Christiane says:

    Definitely a subject I need into which I need to dive deeper.

  171. Cindy Aucon says:

    Thank you for sharing this post. I also fall into this trap very easily. This is something l need to work on but learning the balance is really a challenge.

    Media doesn’t replace people…oh how l need to work on a balance. The thought occurred to me that Jesus is a personal God that wants a personal one on one. Thank God he meets us where we are at in a real personal and loving way! We need to reflect Him to others as well in a real personal and loving way.

    Teach me Lord to work on my realtionship with so that l can reflect you to others!!

  172. Jenny O'Shields says:

    What a great reminder to put down the phone and computers. Thank you!

  173. Betsy Heller says:

    I would love to give this book to a teenager who needs it! She gets so upset about social media stuff.
    Thank you for this devotion.

  174. A timely post for where I am in my own personal journey. Thank you for sharing your own experience. I would love to read the book!

  175. I am so glad this idea is being addressed. I know it will enlighten as it sheds a new light on how we think about why we put so much emphasis on being liked on social media. I would love to share this with my daughter as well as my nieces.

  176. Incredible words! Teaching people to love those around us and to not be consumed by the positive or negative social media world is soooo important for everyone to remember.

  177. Karen Quigg says:

    Thank you for your timely honest story.
    For the first time, at age 56, God has sent me to work in the public schools. I have been in Christian Education for over 20 years either home schooling or working.
    The hardest part is being in education without God but also for the first time,working 40 hours a week…I grieve missing my face to face times with girlfriends. And I do find myself trying to “connect” more thru technology. It is not the same thing…at all. I love how the Bible uses the phrase “face to face”. That has always encouraged me deeply.
    But I trust God is up to something, as always! Especially since my husband works down the hall and we have recess duty together ❤
    As the adjustments continue, I too, need to put down my phone more. And get face to face. First with Jesus. Then my family and others.
    Thanks again for the reminder.

  178. It is amazing that God would bring your insight to me – just this morning. Perfect timing! As always, with our Lord. I am 53 – yes, a grown woman with 5 kids and 8 grandchildren. Technology is challenging to me and really, not something I prefer to do. But in my business (commission based mortgage lender), there is always that push for MORE. And I am learning from my younger counterparts that I need to reach out with technology. After all, the “Z generation” prefers technology and my business is suffering because I don’t have much of an online presence and I don’t utilize what I do have correctly.
    This is scary to me!!! Not only because I don’t fully get HOW to do it, I also don’t like the WHY I should do it! I am somewhat uncomfortable with spending that much time on the computer and feel fake! How do I go into each person’s face book page and comment on their personal photos or experiences and then ask a question about it, so I can show that I am interested in their lives and thus, keep my name top of their minds to when they want to buy a house, they will think of me first???
    This seems very misleading and NO, I don’t even WANT to have 500 or 1,000 personal friends!!! How ridiculous is that??? Your post/blog makes me remember where my true focus should be – GOD! He will bring me the business I am supposed to have! True, I can’t sit back and do nothing, but I don’t have to perform acrobatics to make my business grow either! I venture to guess that your new book would be great reading for girls – of ANY age! :):):):)

  179. Thanks for the giveaway

  180. Great devotion! So many are using fb and texting. Just not the same as a good face to face in real life!

  181. Nancy Dunker says:

    Thank you for sharing the importance of real Godly relationships. Every one needs encouragement and we need to also be encouragers to others.

  182. Sharon Gosselin says:

    As a church librarian and grandmother I would be pleased to have a copy of this book
    to share with the girls in my church and my older granddaughter.
    I could relate to this article as my messenger maybe busy but oh to hear the phone ring or hear the voice of a family member or friend.

  183. Amber Donnelly says:

    Great info and makes me stop to think! I would love this book for my 12 year old!

  184. Christine Monroy says:

    I just read the devotional on the value of real relationship and balancing that with our online relationships. This topic is greatly needed, to be communicated, back in the 80s I threw out the TV, now I don’t even know how to use my TV and no one at my house is interested because they are busy on their lap tops, computers, phones, etc.
    I am amazed how we, my family are apart of all this technology and how our relationships have suffered for it.
    Thank you for addressing this topic, its a needed message!

  185. Tabatha Tutor says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful devotion this morning! I am an interior designer……especially for churches all around our area that are building and remodeling. When I come home in the evenings, it is so hard to turn off my mind from all the decisions that have to be made. I take to heart each and every material or color choice being used ….after all, it is going into God’s House. This devotion brought to my mind our family movie night last week. As we were ” suppose” to be watching this movie together, I lifted my head up from looking at my iPad for rugs for a church I was working on….when I should have shut it down for the evening. As I looked around the room, there were two of my daughters on there devices and my husband on his. Immediately it hit me!! ” Everyone off your devices” I said….including me!!! It can truely take over you life if you don’t keep it under control. Thank you for the reminder this morning!

  186. Beth Thomas says:

    Great reminder that real relationships are more important than anything on our computers! This is an issue our kids will have to deal with that will be especially hard for them.

  187. This is so relevant for me and if my daughter would confess her too! Technology ca be a time waster and a replacement for human interaction. I need to read your book and pass on to her.

  188. I have ‘so been there’! It’s difficult to lead others to build real relationships when you yourself are caught up in the world of cyber-communication. There is definitely a difference! Not only can this impact our relationships with people, but our relationship with the Lord is often compromised when we seek wisdom from websites and internet acquaintances instead of being in His word.

  189. So very true and relevant. Worry less; pray more. That’s the key! Would love to win the book.

  190. Mary Dorsey says:

    God keeps bringing up the word “community” to me. It’s actually something that we have to do intentionally! Building relationships.

  191. I can very much relate to this blog today. I’ve started my own Real Estate business and I often times find myself drowning in the busyness of life. I tend to cling to social media, finding my worth in my work instead of in God… feeling empty. It’s a constant battle for me to remember where I find my worth! Thanks for the great reminder. I’m looking forward to the new book!

  192. Andrea Mouldon says:

    Great article and so true. Sounds like a great book!

  193. Thank you for this timely word today. It’s amazing how much social media has cropped up in almost every aspect of our lives. When I was in college, I was in a class where I was required – yes, required – to have a Facebook account (and not any sort of computer class where that might have actually made sense). How much longer before things like that will be required for high school classes? When my daughter was born last year my husband and I agreed to no more video games (we had both stopped going on Facebook at that point) because we don’t want her growing up with the constant screen time that we both had. Technology can be a beautiful thing – there are some terrific online communities that exist and certainly God can be worshipped through online sermons, worship videos, and devotionals – but so many people, young and old alike, cannot find a balance between screens and the rest of their lives. It is so important that we remember to reconnect with God and our friends apart from our technology first and foremost. I can’t think of a single time in my life where the technology couldn’t wait. And I pray that God continues to show me if and when I am abusing the gift of technology He’s blessed me with. Thank you for showing us where our priorities should be focused.

  194. Romona Arrasmith says:

    I love the statement that nothing can replace eye contact, hugs, and I feel now more than ever our youth need to hear this as technology continues to expand and become the norm for all communication!

  195. I would love to win this for my 12 years old twin nieces..I don’t want the girls to lose their way in this tough season.

  196. I share these devotions daily to about 20 women in our office (and 1 man), and would love to read the book and then share with the others. Thanks.

  197. What a great message! It’s one that should reach all the teens in my life as well. Thank you.

  198. I totally understand how a person can feel so lonely when the main source of communication is the computer. Unfortunately, this is a fact of this generation of technology and it takes a conscious effort to stop it in its tracks and connect with family and friends in real life.

  199. Great article! Would love the book!

  200. Thanks for the words of wisdom! I’ve been trying to read more.

  201. Would love the book, it seems perfect for the highschool girls small group I help lead at my church!

  202. Chris Walz says:

    I have a 17 year old daughter who struggles with her identity. I would love to read this book with her before she goes off to college.

  203. Since I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder, the medications have caused me to gain a lot of weight. I always seem to be looking for approval with men in particular. I feel very down on myself. I use social media a lot for staying in touch with old friends, and trying to develop a few new ones. Because I deal with social anxiety and fear, social media is my only way to bless others and share my heart. I’d like to join a women’s group at a local church or a bible study for “real time” face-to-face contact. Keep me in prayer please! 🙂

  204. Dana Scott says:

    I am so proud of our children!!! We have one teenage son and two teenage daughters!! They are an inspiration to my husband and I,as well as all of our family and their peers!!! I would love for them to learn how to share God’s word more!!!

  205. Personal contact is so much more meaningful to me than online relationships. My youngest daughter is so connected to social media. She constantly has a phone or tablet in her hands. I know people who prefer to text than talk. I want to hear their voices, look into their eyes, and be able to touch them.

  206. Jody Roche says:

    This completely hit home and is exactly what God has been showing me. My prayer is to be present and intentional in all my relationships. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can’t wait to read your book and give it to my 13 year old daughter!

  207. BARBARA Majerus says:

    Although my daughter’s are grown, I would like these books to be available to our Youth Minister. The value to young girls is tremendous. Montana has one of the fastest growing meth problems. In small towns like Columbus, MT, it is doubly important for our Youth Minister to help mold our girls to walk in God’s grace.

  208. Thanks for this devotional. I’d love to read the book and share it with others.

  209. Sharon Wootten says:

    Waking up today and receiving your message. Over fifty, my job as a full time mother is retired and feeling the loneliness of no community after 20 years of relocation as a military spouse. Some days overwhelming. Thank you for the comfort of these words.

  210. I do find that technology can get in the way of family, and I’m trying to be an example for my son. Thanks for this timely reminder!

  211. Erica Goodwin says:

    I would love this book for my daughter. This is a message she needs to hear, and I am having a hard time convincing her that being online can be good but also has downfalls. After reading her text messages and talking to her about friends, I can tell she is seeking to be liked in online community more than being loved in person.

  212. Thanks for this timely message. I think winter time puts us in a place where we more easily become absorbed in social media because it is indoors and easy. I am finding it less satisfying and more full of questionable news. I’ve just decided that during lent this year I will turn off all social media until Easter and dedicate that time to either prayer or social contact with friends. Thanks for the jump start on this idea.

  213. Thank you for sharing a message that everyone in this day and age needs to hear and reflect upon with frequency. Your discerning observations that technology “can be a crutch” that eventually amplifies emotions we are trying to rid ourselves of and that social media has a way of deluding us into perceiving that we have “more real friends than we [actually] do” are insights that I’ve had for quite some time, yet have never truly known how to put into words. I pray for patience when I am confronted by family and friends who constantly expect me to relate to them by way of social media. Indeed, some have even expressed concern for my welfare due to my intentionally lengthy absences from social media websites. Thank God for His gift of fellowship! Let us always remember to nurture the real and true relationships we already have–not through a screen, but with our voices and deeds.

  214. This is so true! I’ve noticed in my own life that when technology increases, so does lonliness. Thank you for this post. I look forward to reading the book.

  215. What a wonderful read. For years I’ve been thinking the same. The conclusion I’ve come to is that striking a balance has the best chance of creating or supporting social harmony. Thank you for the wise words ♡

  216. Wow…..what a timely word, especially in this day of technology…..excellent and encouraging

  217. Would be interested in reading this book!

  218. Teresa Froese says:

    A great reminder for me to work on my real life relationships.

  219. Teresa Froese says:

    Sounds like a great book to learn from!

  220. I would like to be loved in person. I pray that my family and friends are feeling loved by me also.

  221. I have a soon to be 13 year old daughter and would love to read your book with her. I have struggled my whole life with acceptance, identity and belonging. Trying to fit in With groups and the cool kids, this is something that I’m just now at 38 getting a grip on with the Lord’s help. I’d love a copy of your book to read for myself and my daughter. Thank you and God bless

  222. This message was so good this morning. I would love to have this book for my 12 year old granddaughter. Thank you for this timely message.

  223. Wow! That’s a good question (book title), I guess I need to think about spending more time offline rather than online!

  224. I am going to make this the family devotion today for sure! Great reminder.

  225. Thank you very much for encouraging words!

  226. Thank you, this message is one that has been tugging at my heart and is no easy challenge. I appreciate that God is speaking this truth and that he wants us to have the joy of real relationships.

  227. I just signed up for the devotions through the help of my daughte-in-laws sister-in-law, Alisha Bruxvoort, so this was my first reading & loved it. I am looking forward to reading the devotions every day in the future. Thank you for making these available through the Proverbs 31 ministries!

  228. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! Sounds perfect for our 15 year old daughter as she navigates the uncertain waters of high school. As always, thanks for the excellent devotions.

  229. Susan Erickson says:

    My daughters are all grown but I am also the grandma to two beautiful granddaughters so this book would be a blessing.

  230. Angie Hubbard says:

    I have 2 daughters that will become tweens in the next few years, and I also lead a bible study for tweens. I think a copy of this book would provide valuable insight, especially in today’s day and age of online technology, which provides added complexity to growing up as a teen! Thank you for writing it!

  231. I would love to check out this book for myself. I have a thing about feeling like I need everyone’s approval, good or bad. I think this book would help me focus on the real approval that I need from God and not people.

  232. I work with someone whose spouse could really benefit reading this book , thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  233. Looks like a fantastic book!

  234. This was exceptionally appropriate for me today as I’m trying to make some changes!

  235. Betty Jean Pope says:

    I love FaceBook, but this post spoke right to me!
    I love seeing ” who” liked something I posted. I spend too much time
    checking that, than I do picking up the phone to call friends who are not
    on FB!
    I have a quiet time every morning and part of that is reading Devotional’s
    on my email. These are great, but this devotional today kinda woke me up! I miss my “face to face” friends, and will take care of that today!
    Thank you, and God Bless.

  236. Enjoyed and encouraged by the wisdom of real life

  237. This was exceptionally appropriate for me today as I am trying to make some changes.

  238. What a great reminder!!! My daughter and i both would love this book. Thanks for your blessing in this ministry!

  239. I’d love for my daughters to read this book! This is so relevant for today. Thank you!!!

  240. Thank you for sharing to go deeper with Relationships you have and take care of those wehace been blessed with instead of focusing on widening the social media Relationships.

  241. Sharen Rayburn says:

    I’m a truck driver, I drive with my husband. I’m 58 also, not exactly tech savvy. One of the most difficult things I have found is keeping and maintaining friendships. My husband is wonderful but not exactly girlfriend material. The other day in a truck stop I had another lady trucker stop me just to talk. She was desperate for another female to communicate. After 40 minutes, she apologized for letting go on me. She said I didn’t know what came over me. I gave her a good long hug and prayed for her. Pray for the women in trucking.

  242. I really enjoyed this devotional! So applicable to today’s society! Thank you for sharing, I really needed it & what a blessing! ?

  243. Nancy Shillington says:

    My daughter is 13 and I would love this book for us to read together. I strongly believe that this new technology is taking away from deep personal relationships and would love to teach her this and be an example to her as well.

  244. Gloria Love says:


  245. Thank you for sharing!

  246. This would be a wonderful book for my daughter and I to read together!

  247. Very timely and lovely information. I would love to read this book!

  248. Sally Ann Price says:

    This is a great devotional. You are so right. It is great to see your friends in person and keep in touch with them, instead of being online a lot. Hope you have a beautiful week. The Lord provides and protects, and he loves us eternally.

  249. This really helped me today. It really is easy to feel lonely in this day of technology. I used to look forward to long talks over coffee on the phone in the morning and now it’s texting. This devotion has made me realize that I can change this bad habit and connect in a better way. I’m so thankful to have found this wonderful devotional website!

  250. What a beautiful message in this devotional. I have felt this way for a long time and didn’t really realize this was the root of my loneliness. Thank you for giving me the realization of it. I do feel people spend too much time on their cell phones but had not really realized how much time I spend on my computer. And how detrimental it is to me. Even though the majority of my online time is for business purposes, my family, my health, and my well-being is suffering from it.

  251. During reading this, I found myself being convicted. I too have pushed side the face to face connection of others. In doing so, how am I to teach what I don’t practice? Thank you for sharing this devo today!

  252. Cindy Parker says:

    I would love to give this book to my seventeen year old daughter. She recently ended a 2 year relationship and has had some bad experiences with social media. This might be just was she needs to hear from someone besides mom.

  253. BARBARA ORTEGA says:

    I read the devotion and the book is very very interesting for myself. I feel like a young girl at this time because of everything that has taken over my life. I also feel like I have no control of my own life due to mental illnesses and some physical ones. I’m on medications and feel worthless, so I could use a book of encouragement that will help me understand myself and my situations and spend quality time with those I love and love me. It would be the Lord’s blessing to receive one of your books. I will also share it with my daughters and those in my family that need it as well.
    Thank you.

  254. Linda Preiss says:

    Oh my! This is so good! I moved across the country and have yet to find really good friends here yet. And my tween daughter is just on the cusp of having an online presence. This would be so good for the both of us!!!

  255. Monique King says:

    Thank you. I have been encouraged. I also went through a period of time where suicidal media presence was very important to me. I’ve find so much peace in letting go of that in order to spend quality time with God first and then the people I love and visiting a young mother from church to offer her encouragement. Sometimes we forget the impact that we can have on the people around us.

  256. I have a struggling niece who could really benefit from this book, and so could I
    Thank you

  257. Dennisa Reade says:

    I would love to share this book with a young women in my church.

  258. Yeah, this hurts today. I’ve fallen away from friends I had 15 years ago because things didn’t seem to click, and I doubted my place with them, so I distanced myself. We never really got together. Now one of them is really ill, and I had already wondered if I could “join again,” though it honestly feels like crawling back and begging them to be my friends. If they could be friends all that time, why couldn’t I? Why did I feel so apart from them? Why can’t my new friends I’ve made over the years seem to fill that need, even though I’ve tried? This has been my intense struggle the past few days, though I’ve struggled with it off and on over the past decade, I guess, hah.

  259. Diane Lockard says:

    Technology has definitely cut into family time and gathering together with them and our friends.
    I am guilty of excess time writing, publishing a book, being on Facebook.
    Earlier, this year I made this wonderful discovery, starting the day with your inspirational thoughts and prayers. Plus, sending them to my busy, “schedule-filled” granddaughter and great granddaughter…

  260. Brandy Beekman says:

    My husband and I are so much involved online between our ministry, my two businesses and then it down time is usually also spent online. I recently took up a hobby to get me off my phone more. My husband actually gave up Facebook and Twitter one year for Lent and since one if us needed to be where our ministry clients could reach us I have up all the online games I played for that same Lent. Or properties changed we spent more time together. We got more done around the house. Thank you for this lovely and hard hitting devotional.

  261. Gloria Irving says:

    Goodmorning. I would love a copy of this book for my daughter who is 18. Thank you.

  262. Would love to share your insight with my daughter and 13 year old granddaughter. Blessings!

  263. I read the your message for the devotional today. I touched by heart because it seemed you were describing by youngest daughter, Brianna. I have been praying for her because of this. She’s on social media and does not have very much contact with real face to face relationships. I would definitely enjoy giving her your book. Thank for your ministry and many blessings to you.

  264. Shelonda Darling says:

    I am currently struggling with this big time. I need to connect with my husband, my three young girls, the women’s study, and the high school ladies I lead. Technology has caused me to retreat to my bedroom, instead of joining my family at the table or in the living room. Thank you for the reminder.

  265. Rhonda Harris says:

    My husband desperately needs this book. He gets so beet out of shape if someone defriends him on Facebook. He is constantly seeking approval on line so much so that I really believe this book could help him out.

  266. My husband is youth pastor and I am always looking for new material to present to our teen girls! I would love to have a copy of your book to share with them!!!

  267. Thank you for this reminder. They will know we are Christ followers by our love! Let us run this race well!

  268. Holly Surels says:

    My daughter is 14 and I think she would benefit from reading this book

  269. This devotion was no coincidence. I was just talking with my husband yesterday about him choosing phone time over family time. Thank you for this!

  270. Nancy Vaught says:

    Just this weekend our church sermon was on “Friends”. Technology has recently been weighing on my heart as I truly need direction in working on prioritizing God, friends, family, responsibilities. I can’t help but feel today’s Encouragement for Today, the sermon, and the opportunity to receive this book are all messages put before me by God.

  271. Elaine Segstro says:

    It was just so sad when I saw 2 girls at the mall walking together – not a word. I was sitting in an area reading my book while waiting for my husband. During the 10 minutes that I was there, they did not speak a word to each other, but spent the time texting. Silence. Whatever happened to talking to one another, sharing, laughing, crying, hugging, etc. I would love to read your book and share it with my family and friends.

  272. I didn’t have to even read the blog to answer the question (but I DID read through it). I always make time for friends, even if we don’t meet very often. I also have the pleasure of working in an office where I feel we are all friends. I grew up in the era before all of the technology we now have. We used to play as a group of neighborhood kids and friends. Sure social media is great, but certainly not a substitute for the real thing. I may be all tired and worn out after a long week of work and home life, but I still always make time for visiting with friends in person. I wouldn’t miss that for the world!

  273. beth parker says:

    I would love for my 16 yr. Old daughter to read this…thank u for this chance

  274. I hope I win this one. I have a 16yr old and would love for this to be her next bible study. This book would definitely help her learn what to say to girls struggling with this in school.

  275. What a great meaaage!! I do play on the computer a lot. This meaaage has me thinking am I substituting cyber relationships for real ones? Time to pray up about this one!

  276. Small nugget of truth same thing pastor talked about yesterday not forsaking the fellowship of others,getting face to face instead of staying home watching tv on on computer.

  277. Christine Huber says:

    This was so inspiring. I often get disappointed when not many people like my post.

  278. Rachel Moen says:

    In the busy season of college life, I need to make sure I don’t pay more attention to facebook life and in real life not just superficial twitter updates. I also was challenged to deepen my friendships instead of running off all the time and making new friends.

  279. I am about to start a study with tween and teen girls. This would be awesome! Pick me, Pick me!!

  280. Miriam Miller says:

    It is so easy to get caught up on the digital/online/social media thing…how many likes did I get? who commented?
    I am thankful for friends that bring me back down to earth and CALL me out of the blue on their way home from work just to say hi, how are you, and they really mean it! It reminds me that I need to do the same.
    Social media can also get out of control in that you are now looking to see who has given you their approval….but am I really searching for human approval or Godly? I can get wrapped up in it so easily.
    I am learning to tap into God more frequently and seeking his approval on things I want to be in my life, people I want in my life, etc. I want God’s will for my life…I don’t want to deviate from it, but it is tough in today’s world.

  281. The post today is what I needed. Thanks for sharing and writing about this strugglentry so many of us our having and what we should do.

  282. sharon dowdy says:

    This is such a relevant issue right now. One so many of us struggle with right now. Would love to read your insights on it 😉

  283. Alyson Cornelius says:

    This is so true. I am very excited about IF:table which is bringing women together in small groups to sit down at a table and discuss God and the early church.

    This is how Jesus made disciples: face to face and eye to eye with a group of men he loved.

    • Alyson
      It is great that you have found a group to spend time with & to share with people. I’ve been trying to find a way to connect with others too but I’ve not had much luck yet. The Word tells us to encourage one another & to pray with one another but it seems ppl are closed off. I find this so sad because we all need each other.
      So feel blessed & enjoy your group!!!

  284. Shirley Stallworth says:

    I knew the only solution was to stop going wider into new relationships and start diving deeper into the relationships I already had.


    Great Word!

  285. I personally don’t have social media, but I can understand how it can deter people from one-on-one direct contact with others. A technological device cannot replace the relationship with a person. God has wired us for relationships and I don’t think He had Facebook or Twitter in mind when He created the world. Nothing touches me more than when I receive a smile or a friendly greeting from another person. It feeds my need for connection with others.

  286. I agree 100%!! There are also the ones on the other side of this technology explosion that are very lonely too. There is always work, emails to answer & phone calls to take. I’ve prayed so long & hard just to find common ground for conversation & communication. I’ve discussed this over & over with no avail. It’s a very lonely place to be. To all who are caught up in technology I ask you to take a minute & think about your loved ones & your friends. Consider their feelings just as much as your own as you make changes in your life. Good luck & God Bless each & everyone of you.

  287. Brenda Orellana says:

    Thank you for this post! Teaching my two beautiful girls this message and having them understand the value of true relationships. As a parent, I continue to teach them to be UN-Common and know their worth.

  288. Gail Carlisle says:

    I have a problem wanting to know others love me, care about me, what to be with me. It really hurts because people don’t even try to understand “me”.

  289. Yup. Every morning I wake up feeling exhausted, lonely & confused. I know God loves me but I dont feel His love. Knowing it in my head is not good enough.

  290. This post hits home so much. I just recently took a break off facebook for all these reasons and I feel like I dont even have time for it anymore! Im happier than I have been in awhile, and feel better have more time to spend with God, family and friends. Would love a copy of this book to check out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  291. I loved today’s devotion. I have noticed my phone ( which I still have a land line), hardly rings during the day. Everyone is so attached to their cell phones and they don’t make calls. I miss hearing voices, texting is not the same.

  292. Rhonda Greiner says:

    This message really hit home as I looked over my life and saw more texts than calls and eyes glued to my tablet instead of my friends. Thanks for opening our eyes once again.


  293. Paul Hengy says:

    Dear sister Kari,

    Thank-you soo much for sharing your heart, experience and God’s Word with us. I am disabled and in pain 24/7. The pain medications that I take prohibit me from driving, so I understand what loneliness is all about. I am very fortunate although to have an awesome bride of 37 years, Sharon, who cares for me. We have a great family: a daughter Jessi, a son Joe and his family: Bekah his wife and 3 children Ashlyn, Walker and Alaina. Joe is serving in the US Navy. He and his family live out of state, so we Skype and call each other as much as possible. Jessi lives with Sharon and I, attends a university and helps Sharon care for me. Jesus is my constant companion whom I love with my whole being. My family is my life! Outside of home life I enjoy several friends. One thing I am able to do is to pray for their needs. That gives me purpose: connecting friends with Jesus.

    The answer to your question is: To love and be loved in person, it is what I stay alive for.

  294. Roylene Haggard says:

    Sounds like a wonderful book. In this day and time, technology is taking away from talking with each other and people sitting at the dinner table, where we use to catch up on the day’s activities. Growing up, that was a very enjoyable time for family time.

  295. Roylene Haggard says:

    In this day and time, technology is taking away from talking with each other and people sitting at the dinner table, where we use to catch up on the day’s activities. Growing up, that was a very enjoyable time for family time.

  296. Karen Pope says:

    Thanks so much for this devotion. I have been teaching tween-agers at a Christian school for the past 22 years and have seen so many changes in social interaction. You are so right about kids needing to not lose face-to-face social skills. Computer screens and smart phones should not replace human relationships in their lives. Thank you for this very wise reminder to not neglect real human relationships!!!

  297. Hi Kari, thank you for this beautifully candid post! Isn’t it sweet to know that God created us with community in mind? I am a writer too, and I agree with you… while some of us may feel called to use our social media presence to share God’s truths, there is still no greater ministry, no greater need, than the one right here at home. I’d rather have one REAL friend who would drop everything to help my family if something were to happen to me, than a thousand facebook followers. Glad to hear your break refreshed you… and I’m sure your family enjoyed that special time with you too! Hugs and blessings, Laura Jane, howtobless.com

  298. Thanks for addressing this huge and important challenge in a large percentage of the population!
    Great truths here.

  299. Veronicajuarez says:

    I would love to win this book

  300. Melissa Adargo says:

    What a great reminder to put the phone down and the computer away and focus on real life relationships!

  301. Terri Hinckley says:

    I sure could use this book.

  302. Due to a move for husband’s job, I currently work remotely. I truly miss my day to day connections and conversations. Connecting on Facebook does not make up for face to face conversation. I try to involve myself with group Bible studies and church happenings to connect and meet people. Love the article.

  303. What a wonderful devotion. Thank you!

  304. Monique Garcia says:

    This post really hit home with me today and as I’m sitting here feeling exhausted by life and work, I realize that this is an area I have been struggling in for awhile…I would love to read more on this and feel like even just this small bit of encouragement has given me a realization of some of the priorities I need to work on as a Christian mother and wife and leader at work!

    Needed this today ?

  305. Aimee McGough says:

    I would love to win these 5 books! I am currently planning a weekend get together with 5 of my girl friends for some much needed time! We are all strapped for cash….. And need time together. I think this would be a perfect way to spend our weekend together!

  306. Carrie ORourke says:

    What a timely word this was for me, Kari. It was an encouragement to something that has already been long on my mind. One thing at a time.

  307. Charlotte Martin says:

    I would love this book, so I can share it with my 12-year old daughter. I believe it will help us communicate, as well as boosting her belief in herself. Thank you!

  308. Sarah Morgan says:

    This is so true. My pastor even talked about this and I am pretty sure there was a speaker who talked about this on Internet. I do remembering hearing about how some people look to see how many people have liked something and then that person checks to see “who” did. When in reality…having real life friends is really important. I loved reading this. Thank you.

  309. Thank you

  310. I strive for everyone approval when it should only be gods I need, but it hard to do that

  311. I loved this article. Years ago, I had a patient who was absolutely brilliant. She said that everything we do to make us more “social” was actually making us more “anti-social.” I’ve never forgotten that.

  312. So needed – Not 30 minutes before I read this, I was complaining that a certain person had not liked my post, even though I knew she had been online. It seems like it is so much harder to make true friendships these days, and I think it is in large part due to our technology. Looking forward to reading more.

  313. Many seek the approval of others when all they should seeking is God’s. Today’s technology is a wonderful thing is it’s being use in the right way.

  314. Jessica Purvis says:

    Thank you! I needed this reminder because a year ago I left my70 hour work week to find joy, I have found it in God, spending time with family & friends…. we are so blessed when we take the time to count our blessings. Thanks for the reminder.

  315. Larysa Detzel says:

    Such truth in this and it’s something so important to pass on to our kids

  316. Kelly Shore says:

    I appreciate this. There is so much truth….we are made for each. God created us to be with other humans. Thank you so much!

  317. BrokenHearted says:

    Thank you for the validation throughout this clear post. Spending the best years of my life raising children to have all of them hijacked by facebook et al is crushing grief I could never have imagined. They need to wake up! Thank you for saying what needs to be said.

  318. Darilyn Browning says:

    I find so much truth to this. Growing up in the age of social media I feel the way to be connected with others is to share on social media. There is some good to it, but sometimes I need to put my phone down & live in the here & now.

  319. I needed this reminder today. I am too guilty of having my online friendships take the place of real interaction.

  320. I needed this along with everyone else. My husband and I are on our laptops, tablets and phones all the time for work reasons, hobby reasons and social reasons. He says I’m addicted to my laptop and social media, while he is a workaholic with his phone going constantly. It is making me feel so depressed and disconnected. I need prayer to get out of this stronghold.

  321. Simone vishvabharatha says:

    Thank you very much for making aware of the little things we neglect and cause bitterness in life. God bless you

  322. Social media eats up time that should be spent with family and friends but then again it’s a blessing when you need to connect with people who are available to listen.

  323. This hit disturbingly close to my heart. And my conscience. Why doesn’t my approval from God always satisfy??

  324. Dear Kari,
    Thank you for being so brave in telling your story. So many of us… women especially… get caught up in trying to be all things to all people. Your message really hit home.
    All best,

  325. This is soo what I needed to hear… I spend too much of my time on devices and this convicted me to “lighten up”…Thanks.

  326. Loved this message….

  327. Penny Schomaker says:

    I have an 11 year old granddaughter who is going through her Confession of Faith. She really struggles to make and keep friends due to her rough upbringing and a social disorder. She often gets her cell phone taken away for texting in the middle of the night, etc. I think that this book would be good for her.
    I think that my Ladies group would enjoy it too!

  328. Having to move away from family and friends where I was born and raised I think has put my social media doing at a very high level and a good number of times feeling lonely. One because I am missing happenings and friends at home, and two because making friends in a new state doesn’t mean you are connected in any way – sometimes it just means you have more Facebook friends.

  329. I have watched a video recently on the connection between human connection and addiction and how having connection with others, society and feeling loved can help to eliminate addictions. I would love to read this book and see the other thoughts on human connection. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly get this book and Thank you for running this site. I too spend too much time on social media and the internet due to the nature of my work I spend more time alone than I think is healthy. Fortunately I have some good friends and church family who go out of their way to help me connect.

  330. Mare Hindall says:

    Thank you for sharing this truth, I really needed to hear this. It is sad how we depend on social media more than depending on our relationship with God and others. Many blessings.

  331. Kimberly Broadhead says:

    What a relevant word. This very thing has grieved my soul! Even to see people sitting around a table together in a restaurant, and all with cell phones in their hands. My heart beats for real connection with people, which only happens when you take time for them, and look them in the eye! Social media is networking and connecting, but not necessarily friendship…in fact, you may rarely, if ever, see those whom you follow! I enjoy saving personal things for my closest people, rather than sharing so broadly.Thank you for writing an insightful,honest word…a needed one!

  332. Monica Hamlin says:

    I ask myself all the time. Who do I live for? What story do I want to tell..His or mine? Thank you for your insight. Inspiring.

  333. What a great and much needed read in a world where social media is always in our hands, and the words of people aren’t always encouraging. Thank you for the reminder.

  334. Allyson Gardner says:

    Great devotional! It really encouraged me to dig deeper in the bible on fasting and how I can put aside my social media to bring God closer to my heart.

  335. Marilou Guerra says:

    I would like to have one for my teens.

  336. Kristin Emaus says:

    I would love to read this book and get it for my 3 daughters!

  337. Maura Osborn says:

    I need this book. It looks so good and so relevant.

  338. Great gift idea!

  339. Love this devotional. We were meant to live to connect with those who love us in person rather than judge how much someone loves/like us by the likes we get on social media.

  340. Grace Crapitto says:

    Oh, I would just love to win this. I have 3 granddaughters ages 10-12. My daughter, daughter-in-law, and I am very concerned with handling social media in their lives as God would want. Sounds like a fabulous book!!!!

  341. Your articles will hit home with many! Technology used the right way is great, but most of us spend too much time reading about other people’s lives and should pay closer attention to your own.

  342. What a timely post! I am a blogger and get discouraged sometimes by the “numbers”. I try very hard to put the world around me – my husband, home, and ministry to those around me ahead of the blogging world, while taking seriously those God has placed before me in that realm as well. It isn’t easy! Thank you for your encouragement, and a dose of reality! God bless!

  343. Chelsey Funk says:

    Very true! I deleted my Facebook because I felt like I was missing out on what was happening, when in fact I was missing out on my family. We live in a selfie world. My church has a good sermon & book called #struggles. Love this article! I’m trying to teach this to my kids! The internet is a very good thing but it can be bad too

  344. Elizabeth Mellon says:

    Trying to overcome my tendency to sacrifice myself to please others. I’m sure this book would have great tips & perspective I could us and also share with others to help them!

  345. Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  346. Laura Rankin says:

    Dear Sister or Brother,
    I am trying to find my way, this devotional has been shown to me through the Lord.
    It is exactly how I am on Social Media.I have No real life friends, & I would really love to read this book.Thank-You for reading this.Laura,Adelaide.Australia.

  347. This devotional spoke right to my heart today!! I am in ministry and am in a season of loneliness and isolation because I can’t seem to stop working and start ministering to the main people God has entrusted to me: my husband & my children. I would get rid of social media but it is difficult because I use it for ministry. Balancing ministry and family has been a huge struggle for me. Stumbled upon this blog because I was literally searching for an answer from the Lord!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  348. Melissa Camacho says:

    Thank you for this reminder!

  349. I’d rather be loved in person! Nothing beats eye contact and lots of laughter!

  350. Lisa Brown says:

    I really like to have a friend who I can see face to face and I pray that God will lead me to a place where I can find a friend. At this time of my life I have no church, no husband and no children and yes I feel lonely! I do have family but we have been having difficulties with each other and need to have some space from each other. I live with my parents and I am still waiting for my disability to be approved. But I can say that I found the WBC and I am now a leader with them and I love each one of them and I praise God for leading me to them for we study God’s Word and then meet once a week to share our thoughts on the studies that we do. I have been so encouraged by them and I pray that one day God will lead me to where He wants me to live and then I pray that I can find a friend. Thank you for this beautiful devotional I enjoyed each one of them and I pray that God bless you.

  351. Alexia Montali says:

    This was definitely an article that was delivered to my inbox at the exact right time. It seems I struggle with the very things you spoke about. I have ventured out into my community to build more personal relationships but I absolutely MUST build my relationships at home first! Thank you for your truthful words…sometimes we need to stop chasing and start building ?

  352. Melissa Mendez says:

    I would love to win this book and not only read it myself but share it with my daughter when she gets older. This is a timely message for this generation today. Thank you for sharing.

  353. Suzanne Barbour says:

    Need this for my 2 girls and even my son!

  354. I’m a day late reading this cause I’ve been in bed with the flu. What wonderful, needed words! I needed the reminder that there needs to be a balance between social media and live, personal contact.

  355. Anna Brett says:

    What a great read and timely reminder. Thank you for your words and insight.

  356. Amanda King says:

    Would absolutely enjoy reading more on this topic! It’s a battle for sure… for myself as well as my mini!

  357. I ordered this book from Amazon for my daughter yesterday, and am very excited about it. A great reminder for us all.

  358. Very timely message, I would love to explore this deeper! I do use technology, especially social media to maintain relationships, but it is NOT the same as face to face contact. I am grateful that I can send my son a message at any time, and that he can get back to me at a convenient time, but it doesnt stop me from missing him in person.

  359. Kassie Kent says:

    I got wrapped up with a Network Marketing company which then I started completely allowing social media to consume me for what I was told would be this incredible outcome if I spent so many hours a day consistently on social media reaching out to a ton of people. It wasnt until I took a step back and started my morning with God that I started to drift away from social media and literally felt a relief off my shoulder! Ive learned its okay to put my phone down and not look at it for the rest of the night. Facebook for me can be very addicting, once I start Its hard for me to stop. I am grateful for technology but I dont want to lose the intimate connection face to face brings. PS I am a huge people pleaser and I would love to just seek God for approval and thats it, would love to know how

  360. Emily Sulzle says:

    My tween girls are starting to have more access to technology (with boundaries), but it’s unnerving as a parent to set safe limits that I didn’t have to consider until I was an adult! I know how I struggle with screen/life balance; I pray they, as digital natives, don’t lose sight of God for technology.

  361. Thank you for this opportunity to win this book! I am so excited!

  362. I think this book could be for all ages….looking forward to reading this. It resonates. I have been guilty of this too.

  363. Unfortunately, I live in a state that is far from family and home. I thought joining Facebook would lessen that void of closeness to my family and friends. It didn’t. In a way I feel trapped-it eats up precious time- I’m always looking for something that is not there… instead of getting joy I get discouraged. I think Proverbs 31 has been one of the few highlight on there.

  364. Kimberly Rumple says:

    Would love to win 🙂 looks like a read we could all use!

  365. Mary G Johnson says:

    In some ways, technology has been good, because it has given me contact with people I otherwise would never have seen or heard from. The bad thing is that it has taken away the closeness I felt with those closest to me, because we rarely talk – we text. I miss those phone calls or even talking in person. In person, everyone feels the need to be on their phones. 🙁

  366. Amy Noaker says:

    Would love this book for my 13 year old daughter!

  367. Kelly Beckner says:

    I could really use this book!

  368. Melanie Nunez says:

    Facebook has kept me connected to people I loved who have moved away. I love watching their kids grow and change through their status updates and comments. BUT, nothing compares with hugging their necks when we visit. Hearing their voices and laughing together, melts away loneliness. It gets me excited for finally hearing Jesus’ voice and laugh audibly, and for feeling His embrace. Oh what a glorious day that will be! ❤️

  369. Andrea Graybill says:

    Sounds like an excellent book!

  370. Jennifer Hawkins says:

    Very encouraging & reminder to me of how to spend my time wisely.

  371. I love social media & text for those I’m not living near. As for my family, friends I limit technology as much as possible. I truly want to be present and they with me. Hard to get young ones to put down their cells/tablets but so worth it!
    Thank you for your words today

  372. Thanks for this timely message. Sadly, I’ve watched as friendships in real life have been destroyed due to the overwhelming draw of internet approval and borderline addictions to social media.

  373. Cindy Smith says:

    I enjoyed your story and a great message to everyone who lives on social media.

  374. This hits so closely to my heart it’s almost as if I wrote it. The loneliness, the black hole of my phone, the feeling of an impending crash… I am working to dig deeper instead of pushing wider.

  375. This would be a great book for my teenage daughter! I’m also going to suggest it to the youth pastor of our church.

  376. Erica Standifer says:

    This is a very good read. Definitely an eye-opener for me, especially in the technology era. I will also read this with my 13 year old daughter later when I get home. Everything is all about her phone and social media. I am really trying to get her to understand that it’s not all about how many likes you get on social media but more important to build lasting personal connections, even if that means you have only one or two real friends.

  377. Exactly what I needed to hear today, thank you !

  378. I am very isolated from family because of distance. It is not by my choice. This book sounds like it would be helpful.

  379. I’d love to read more!

  380. Wonderful writing and encouragement! Thanks for the good reminder. Your book would be great for my daughter.

  381. Guilty as charged. Thank you for this timely article.

  382. Christy Griffin says:

    This looks like a great book.

  383. Loved your post!

  384. Regina Overpeck says:

    Would love a copy and would pass it on after I read it!!!

  385. I would love this book and thank you for it. Sometimes loneliness creeps in with out us noticing how it can affect others. Sounds like a terrific book for encouragement, love it! And thanks for the reminder that we should all engage one on one, face to face its just as important and also to be an encouragement to one another and to be strengthened. God Bless You!

  386. Sandra Dixon says:

    I think this is an excellent resource, especially for young girls today. With all of the bullying and low self-esteem and other things that happen online, it is great to be able to talk to girls about true friendships..

  387. Meredith Harrison says:

    I absolutely loved this devotion. There have been many times I’ve taken a break from social media and I feel like the time spent with my family has greatly improved. This is something I need to constantly remember and continue to do daily.

  388. So timely. Thank you

  389. Thank you! This is how I’ve felt for a long time! I don’t have any social media, I want real friends but they seem too busy to be friends! They have social media the they have plenty of time for. I feel lonely and without friends because of not being connected like everyone else…??

  390. Connie Ricchini says:

    As I have gotten older, I care less and less what other people think, including family members and dear friends. But still…..why do I care what I look like in the mirror? why do I care that I put on a couple more pounds, as long as I’m healthy? why do I feel “ugly” in an outfit that used to be my favorite?
    Obviously, I’m still a work in progress when it comes to caring what others think of me!

  391. I am late reading this but it is one of the things I say so often to my family, the art of conversation is lost because of spending so much time in chat rooms and Facebook we need each other and we should miss moments because we can’t get them back. I enjoyed the devotional I will share this book with the young people.

  392. Teresa Kauth says:

    I can’t wait to read this book! I have three daughters & it sounds like a book that a “20 something social media following” female or male needs! I think my book discussion group would like this too!


  393. Lesa Bostic says:

    I was very moved by this devotion because I have found myself in the very position described!! I have a 16 year old who is treading down the very same path but for different reasons than myself. She is constantly looking down towards her phone and has even been guilty of remarking about the no of likes she has gotten on a photo or post. This book would be a great resource for us both. Thank you for sharing your experience and heart with us all.

  394. Char Wells says:

    Thank you so much! We have a weekly Bible study at our office and today before we started I observed several people on their phones rather than conversing. It’s my turn next week and I plan on teaching this exact subject and have them all leave their phones at their desks.

  395. Thank You For Your Encouraging Words & Asking God’s Directions In Our Lives & Outreach In God’s World……

  396. I work with a small group of teen girls at church. This study would be wonderful to do with them.

  397. Reading made to crave stirred something in my heart, and I want to read more and do more soul searching.

  398. Bethany Ling says:

    What a timely reminder 🙂

  399. Anne Farmer says:

    This article could not have come at a better time. I need to read the book. Thank you!

  400. Natasha Krahn says:

    In this day and age, when everyone is so attached to their screens, it’s hard to remember we need to connect in person. Thank you for thus timely reminder.

  401. Lauralee Belden says:

    I enjoy the u most read in the stories of proverbs to help me maintain my word with God the Almighty creater Kings of Kings, it has given me enough to keep him by my side to reflect of my holy Spirit of him through him in me so gratifying today!

  402. Helen Scanlon says:

    I have a daughter who has lost 65 lbs and this would be a great book for her

  403. Esther Chanley says:

    A few years ago after I had to retire early due to pending surgeries with lack of support from my work place, I was lonely at home after being in a workplace setting for years. When I got my new home computer and discovered Face Book, it temporarily filled a void. Having several people respond to a comment I made was energizing BUT my daughter started fussing at me for spending too much time on it at night when she wanted us to watch a show together or something. I was constantly saying, “just one more minute”, etc, etc. You know how it is. Now I have become bored with a lot of it and spending more real time with family & friends AND no small need, with God and my devotionals, which has been much more fulfilling than staring at a monitor screen. I praise God for waking me up to what is real and what is not. Looking back now, I see that a lot of FB interaction is really quite shallow and unfulfilling. Thank you for this article & I hope I win a book! God bless all reading this!

  404. LaShaundra Gale says:

    I am interested in gaining godly knowledge and encouragement to share with women in my community as well as personal growth.

  405. This was so good and I needed a little reminder…I try really hard to put my phone down and just be with the people I love but sometimes get caught up in it.

  406. Great reminder. My life can get crazy busy with work and responsibilities, so it’s easy to just slip in to the practice of brief communication through technology. I have also been trying to connect with one person each week to have dinner or just a visit – to go deeper in my relationships. Sometimes it is hard because of the lack of time in my schedule, but it is so crucial. Thank you for the post.

  407. It’s so true that the online friends “seem” real, but only the flesh and blood ones in front of us are there through whatever comes our way!

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