You Have All It Takes to Love Your Home

You Have All It Takes to Love Your Home

April 19, 2017

“By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” Proverbs 24:3-4 (NIV)

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We bought a new-to-us old house not quite two years ago. While I liked the house, I didn’t feel at home right away. From the very clean but nearly Pepto-Bismol-pink bathtub and mauve walls, to the purring kitty and a bag of cat food on the porch left by the previous owner to help care for the neighborhood stray, right down to the cheerful welcome sign hung by the front door, this home told the story of the people who lived here before us.

And rightly so. Our own story here was just beginning. Understandably, we wanted to make some changes so this house would feel more like our home and tell our family’s story. For starters, our family is allergic to cats and I have an aversion to the color mauve. From the moment I walked into this house, I started to form a vision of what it could be and what I felt would best represent our family.

Finding a neighbor to help care for the cat and painting the walls a new color would be the easy parts of this makeover. The real transformation always comes from the heart.

These are lessons I need to hear again and again.

Making a house a home is so much more than investing in material updates. But when I’m in the middle of what feels like never-ending projects in an imperfect home, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

When I think about the way God looks at His children, I’m thankful our own personal shortcomings do not reflect to Him that we are an unredeemable mess. God refines us and makes all things new, one project at a time.

Because of His grace, we have stories of redemption and faith to tell. We don’t need a perfect situation to bring glory to who He is. Just like our home doesn’t need to be perfect to be a perfectly creative setting in which to tell His story.

Our key verse reminds us of this: “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures” (Proverbs 24:3-4).

We can place a beautiful bouquet on top of a rickety table to make it beautiful again.

We can hang a seasonal wreath on an old door to bring it new life.

We can polish a bathtub in an outdated bathroom because we see it as a gift.

We can bring color, texture and light to a space to make it a welcoming sanctuary.

We can display family memories to tell the story of God’s faithfulness and love in our home.

We can display His promises and truths on the walls of our home to be reminded of His Word.

We can show hospitality to others through preparing welcoming spaces in our home.

We can create beauty right where we are.

How amazing is it that just as we long to create beauty in our imperfect homes, He creates beauty in us as we grow and are transformed through Him?

His incredible story of redemption can be told in our home one chapter, one decision, one project, and yes, sometimes even one pink bathtub at a time.

Dear Lord, help me focus on the many blessings You have given me, especially those things I might initially see as limitations. Help me let go of my wants and focus instead on Your priorities for my life and home so my family and I can find joy every day. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Philippians 4:12b-13, “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” (NIV)

1 Thessalonians 5:18, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (NIV)

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Make two lists today: One to remind you of things you love about your home, and another to brainstorm little things you can rearrange, add or change out this week with pieces you already have to make your home even more welcoming.

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  1. Grace Gallagher says:

    God’s blessings flowing down for all of us to share. We are all here to love and help one another! Soft Hugggs and smiles and prayers! Take time to enjoy God’s beautiful world and his love is never failing!

  2. Pamela Taylor says:

    Wonderful is so easy to be distracted by the exterior ‘bling’ of worldly possessions but these are only superficial & offer only temporary happiness..very soon a new fashion or temptation will appear and then what?

  3. Francie Beaulieu says:

    What a great reminder that He makes all things beautiful in His time!

  4. Monja Blue says:

    Thanks for the chance to win Simple Decorating and this encouraging word!

  5. Today’s blog speaks directly to me as I have struggled with being content with my home. God has worked on me through the years but I’m still a work in progress & appreciate reminders of how far I’ve come & that I’m still on my journey! Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Christen says:

    Motivational & inspiring. I look forward to reading this book!

  7. Vicki Frohling says:

    I loved the comments and the direction made by Melissa regarding the home. I would love to have a copy of her book to read more…..

  8. Just bought our old first house together and looking forward to making lots of new memories in it together!

  9. This devotional is just what I needed to read today. My family & I are planning to move into a new home next month. This devotional reminds me of the impact my vision has in making our house a home.

  10. My husband and I are down sizing from our 3400 custom built home to “whatever the Lord provides”. We are praying for our new prospective buyers. Leaving the home where our children grew up will be tough but we can make this “new to us” home a place for our grandchildren and the new season in our lives! I will need all the help I can get to make this new house our home!

    • Mandy, we are in the same position with trying to sell our home, which we have tried to do for the last three years. My husband was suddenly disabled and forced retired and struggles with depression. For us too, it will be tough to leave the home where we raised our children and spent so many happy years. I have also been praying to God to send us the buyer of his choice and that he provide us with a downsized home also of his choice. It is a challenge to envision what our new chapter in our lives will look like, but praise God, He is the source of our hope.

    • BARBARA Majerus says:

      Downsizing is a fabulous inheritance to leave your children and grandchildren. Don’t leave them with accumulations to get rid of. We learned none of our modern “minimalistic” adult kids want china, crystal, or antiques.

  11. Cindee Roach says:

    I would love to win a copy of Melissa’s book. We are going through a foreclosure on our ‘forever home’ and are going to be starting all over after 28 years. It’s very scary and we can’t afford much as I’m on disability and my husband hasn’t gotten his yet so we may be living in a shelter or motel until we get his disability so I’m going to need all the help I can get!!

    • Anne Marie says:

      Praying for you Cindee.

    • I’m praying God will provide for you in miraculous ways, more than you could ever hope or dream! God id a good father and provider!

    • I understand the difficulty in having to foreclose on your forever “home” had to leave the home our 4 children ever had lived in after 20+ years…..sincere prayers for you at this chapter in your life🙏

  12. Janet axelson says:

    Wonderful: I’m decorating my home to be more welcoming and hope to host neighbors, friends soon.

  13. Kristi Bailey says:

    Great reminder for us all! It was a great lesson for me to share with my clients, I am a Realtor.

  14. Thank you for a new perspective. My house has been a labor of love and now I will simply look at as my home.

  15. Jill Email says:

    As my family and I are on the verge of a less-than-ideal move, this reading came to my inbox at just the right time. Thank you!

  16. LaTanya StClair says:

    Thank you for the words of encouragement…The message today was especially for me as I continue to be restored from unemployment and isolation from family.

  17. Thank you for this incredibly timely word! I have been so deeply focused on my home’s imperfections and my desire to move that I have forgotten my responsibility to, like Paul, be content in EVERY situation. It is Christ who gives me the strength to do this and to continually walk in joy. Lord I declare that I chose gratitude, thanksgiving, and joy despite any situation’s imperfections.

  18. I bought a fixer upper 2 years ago right around the time I started my walk with Jesus. I have often times reflected that as I grow, so dies this house. Little by little, through faith, hope, love and some hard work, my little house and I are being made new.

    • Gloria Maynes says:

      Amen Deb, I too feel like a project and everyday God is knocking down walls to make new in my heart.

  19. Lisa Ignjatovic says:

    Thank you for this amazing devotional. What a great reminder that we are to be content in all circumstances. As my family is preparing for a move into a new “used” home, this was very encouraging.

  20. Lanette Rodgers says:

    Thank you for sharing this story and the lesson along with it. This is one of those, “That could be me” stories that hits home. (No pun intended) Thank you again for sharing your story

  21. Our family has a fixer-upper.. it can be overwhelming at times, but my husband and two kids have made great memories around the quirks that make it funny and crazy… but overall I think we will cherish it forever.. thank you for this article.

  22. Thank you for this devotional. I had a long sleepless night worrying about things I can not change. Thank you for reminding me, that which I already knew, to give it to God and trust Him and His timing for the resolution. I have been struggling with this needed surrender for some time now. Prayers for my heart to soften and my head to understand are coveted. Thank you again for sharing.

  23. Jodi Smith says:

    I would really love this! We just bought a house and I can really relate to your feelings.

  24. Jill Jessen says:

    I am currently in the phase of creating beauty in an imperfect space while waiting for extra time and money to finish a few home projects. The waiting is hard, but necessary. I would enjoy reading Melissa’s new book. Thank you 🙂

  25. We have our own little fixer-upper right here and I’d love additional inspiration to make it our own. This is a wonderful reminder that God makes all things beautiful in His time.

  26. I am creatively challenged when it comes to home decorating. I would love to win a copy of the book to help give me ideas on how to make my home a beautiful sanctuary for those I love.

  27. Rinona L Taylor says:

    This article was right on time for me…recently moved in new home…recently working on old home (self). Desire to fill both with God’s Love and Power.

  28. Patti Strain says:

    Pink bathtub. Wow! When problems arise, you can just say, “It’s just a ‘pink bathtub’ we can work around it.”

  29. Thank you for sharing this devotional. I would love to read your book and share it with my daughter.

  30. Woke up way too early today and read this inspiring devotional. Great reminder to be happy with what I have and to look more towards my walk with Jesus. Thank you!

  31. Janna Ledbetter says:

    I would love to have a copy of her book. We are fixing to buy a house.

  32. ❤️

  33. Elizabeth Nagarajah says:

    Great message

  34. The Lord has blessed us with a 100 yr. old house. Over the years I have wanted to move to a newer, smaller house but my husband refuses…he loves this ole house. The location is not prime, but I guess when you come down to it….being content in all circumstances puts a new twist on a lot of things. Living on a tight budget helps the “vision” of things come to life, like repurposing furniture, using old things to bring new life. Since the Lord knew those things bring me joy I guess He put me where I am right at least for now.

  35. Polly Tabor says:

    Perfect to hear and confirms what the Lord is currently telling me. I am in a similar situation.

  36. What a lovely column; thank you

  37. Lori Curtis says:

    We have been in our fixer upper for 14 years, and we still have a yellow toilet and a blue bathtub 🙂 There have always been other projects, but I think this is the year we get white ones!! They have always been a thorn on my side, but this devotion today makes me appreciate them. I truly want to focus on Gods plans and priorities and not these material things. I want my home to be filled with rare and beautiful treasures only He provides! Thanks for this reminder today!!

  38. Years ago, we too bought an old house. We moved in, visions of improvements dancing in our heads . . . especially for the kitchen: brown paneled walls, brown carpet, a single bulb for light, counters with no cabinets. I started sketching plans and pricing cupboards,and my husband started stripping old paint. Suddenly, 14 years after my last pregnancy, a baby was on the way. Renovations came to a full stop. One day I looked at him sitting in his highchair in the middle of that dreary room and thought, “there he is, my new kitchen.” God’s plan to breathe new life into a tired house.

  39. Eva Robbins says:

    I have a new home I need all the inspiration I can get

  40. My place just went on the market. When it sells I will be looking for a fixer upper. I love old houses!

  41. Becky Butts says:

    Thanks for the devotion for today. Very up lifting.

  42. Thank you Melissa for this much needed reminder….beautifully written. ~Lisa~

  43. Oh wow! Looks like that 14 year fixer upper is a common theme among us! We’re still fixin’ up after 14 years. Now even the kitchen we updated when we moved in is outdated. But our Father is forever faithful, providing for every step of the way. We still love our neighborhood and our land space.

  44. Stephanie Walters says:

    It’s a funny oxymoron of a situation…. I’m fearful of voicing my opinion/my views/likes/dislikes and yet I’m drawn to those folks who do just that…. even when I don’t agree with them. Even though it’s not my style, I enjoyed the blog reading and appreciated hearing her voice through her words and the enthusiasm about her home…. it was contagious and got me excited to write/respond…think about and write down those things in my house that I love and those things that I want to tweak. Thanks!

  45. Lori Starr says:

    It is good to remember that true beauty comes from within. Thank you for reminding us of that.

  46. Kim Watson says:

    How timely this is… We are in a season of change for our family. Moving from our home of 11 years to downsize. This message of contentment is needed. We find ourselves looking for more or in our case, looking for less. Being content where we are or where God is leading requires heart change and sacrifice. Thank you for this reminder. Seeking God first to fulfill our needs not in looking to our possessions to what will make us happy.

  47. Stacey Harris says:

    I am very interested in this book I prefer simple and meaningful docor

  48. Does my life tell God’s story and show Jesus lives in me? Do I need to rearrange things in my life?

  49. I would love a copy of Melissa’s book😊

  50. This reminds me to be thankful for my home and the memories we have after 30 years. However I could use help in my home decorating skills of which I am challenged. This book seems like it would be a great start. May God be in the details of my home as well as my everyday life. God is so good even in the hard days of which have been many in the last 6 months.

  51. Chrystal says:

    How timely! We are currently wrestling with the decision of whether to move or not. I feel like God wants me to love where I am now.

  52. We’ve lived in our home for over 10 years and countess days I’ve grumbled (ad naseum to my husband I’m sure) that my house is not as polished/clean/modern/quality as I wish it was. What an awesome new perspective! MY own house is FULL of pink bathtubs and He loves me still. How could I ever grumble again?? Thank you so much for this!

  53. CS Brown says:

    Thank you for this devotion today.

  54. Angela Raphael says:

    I would enjoy a copy of the book.

  55. Daniele Shick says:

    It is always good to be reminded of the fact that we should be content with what we have. I often look at what others are able to do with their home and feel envious. It’s easy to get caught up in what I want and lose sight of the blessings that I do have. Thank you, God, for all that you have given me and help me not to lose sight of what’s really important and remind me of the fact that this home is a temporary one. My real treasures and home are in heaven.

  56. We are moving next month! A timely message…

  57. I am in the slow process of redecorating my home after the end of a 27 year marriage. I would love Simple Decorating to help me on this journey.
    Plus, I love decorating and getting new ideas!!!

  58. Michelle says:

    We bought our house in 2012 and I still struggle with how to make it our own. There are so many things that I would like to do, yet can’t. Then I struggle with the space issue. Where do I put things and how to create functional storage that doesn’t waste valuable space?

  59. Becky craft says:

    This devotional is an awesome reminder of the Lord teaching me how to be humble and grateful when I lived in a not so attractive trailer. It took many years for me to, “get it!,So to speak. ☺ The neighborhood wasn’t great either. But eventually I made that trailer a home for my family and I realized that the Lord was using us for His glory in that dark place. We were the “light” in that dark neighborhood! I now own a beautiful home the Lord has blessed me with! In Christ ~ Becky

  60. Christine Vargo says:

    I feel so blessed to have this God moment & know it was Him who brought me to read this page. I feel like I’m losing my mind trying to keep this house up by myself, raising a 14 yr old boy (that doesn’t want to help) & a 6 yr old daughter that has way too much STUFF. MY couches are shedding what I call little rat turds because they are fake leather & I had no idea when I first bought them off the yard sale site. After almost 4 yrs of living here I have managed to NOT break the glass on the very low hanging chandelier in the living room UNTIL YESTERDAY whilei was vacuuming…right before I was to get my daughter off the school bus. Then,I didn’t want to scratch the wood floors (anymore than I already have) so I ever so slightly tilted up my glass coffee table & asked my daughter to see if I had put the felt stickers on the legs…I watched in slow motion as my heavy big glass top slid to the floor to break on top of the other pile of glass I hadn’t yet cleaned up. My big vacuum broke, my lawn mower won’t start, the window pane broke in the kitchen, the screen doors somehow won’t shut all the way and wasps keep getting in and I’m constantly cleaning…doing dishes, laundry, dusting, but somehow we have roaches…the cat is now outdoor only even though I spent alot of money on Frontline, I’m breaking out in hives from flea bites and I’ve seen roaches even though I’ve bought traps and I just realized a mouse was rotting under my son’s bed and that’s what I was smelling every time I walked down the hall and said,”Sweetheart, you have to clean your room and put deodorant on PLEASE…IT SMELLS LIKE SOMETHING DIED IN THERE.” My basement is continuously flooding every time it rains, it seems & I’m fighting mild and the smell of must but because of God I am a fighter and KNOW WITH HIM I WILL CONQUER ALL MY FEARS & ALWAYS THANK HIM FOR THIS HOME.
    I really needed to read every word and continue to pray for God to keep me positive so that my children can find joy in every day that the Lord truly has made. As well as, always remembering to count my many blessings and be thankful for the roof over our heads. By His grace alone I have been able to keep this home & pay my bills even living without a car. Thank you so much for your prayers and this beautiful post that has given me so much encouragement. GOD BLESS YOU.
    Sincerely, Christine Vargo

  61. Our house is 100+ years old and we have lived here for 30 years. It doesn’t have a dining room, has only one full bathroom (but thankfully two potties!), and only five closets in the whole house. But it has a lot of character. The rooms are large, but I am always looking for ways to use space wisely. I am ever so thankful for the memories of love we have experienced within these walls.

  62. Elysett Correa Sigler says:

    Thank you Melissa for this message and reminder. In a world and life full of chaos, We must stay focus on God because with Him and through Him everyone and everything anything is possible and will be made perfect! Peace be with everyone!

  63. Holli Wolfe says:

    Such a good reminder! I need to remember that j should open my home & show hospitality not when my house is ‘perfect’ but because God says to (Rom 12:13).

  64. Brooke Owen says:

    I love fresh ideas on how to warm up my home and create inviting spaces for others to experience Jesus in my home.

  65. I would love to have this book!

  66. Marsha Tennant says:

    Thank you. Home is the soul of the family. Fancy doesn’t make it a home but the love that is shared does.

  67. I would love this book. We live in an older home that needs constant updating! I could use some tips!

  68. Audra Hopkins says:

    I just bought a new house and am struggling to figure out how to make it my own.

  69. Amanda Lacasse says:

    Great reminders to turn my focus off the imperfections-thank you!

  70. What a great devotional! I can get caught up in trying to make my house perfect but am learning to turn to god to see my blessings instead. I would live to read this book.

  71. I know it is God talking to me when I opened my email today to read this devotional. I really needed to hear this. I’ve been struggling to feel ‘right’ in our home since we bought it almost 10 years ago now. I’ve been very depressed and pray that God will help me to feel more content. This devotional and scripture today reminded me that God is listening. Thank you.

  72. Sharon Seneker says:

    I really need to scale back & renovate my farm house! 🏘

  73. I would love this book! I need to make my house more welcoming! Thank you!

  74. We, too, have a blue bathtub, popcorn ceilings, etc, etc… I’ve just learned that it takes time and money to do the fixer upper thing and there’s always SOMETHING that needs fixed/updated. Would enjoy this book to help in the meantime!

  75. We bought my husband parents home 25 years ago. I have a baby blue bath tub! A few years ago the toilet broke and I got to get a new white one. The old one was blue! He has finally agreed to update some colors. We just don’t have a huge budget.

  76. I would love some decorating tips.

  77. I would love this book!! I’m always trying to think of ways to make my home more inviting.

  78. Jojuana Singleton says:

    This really touched home for me. I needed a reminder and hope to know what God wants me to focus on.

  79. Heather Christon says:

    Oh how The Lord spoke to me with this today! We are in the process of moving into our new home. It’s old and needs a lot of work, but it has good bones and is full of memories. I can’t wait to make it our home, full of love and our own memories with our new baby!

  80. Vickie Youmans says:

    This was a wonderful reminder that “things” don’t make a house a home. I would love and enjoy a copy of your book.

  81. Charmaine Grafton says:

    This was such a timely message for my current circumstance. This post inspired me to seek assistance in God even when it comes to making my house a home. My children and I are in transition and I’ve been trying to get our home orderly and stumbling across this post ignited the fire 🔥 I needed to make the necessary changes. Thank you for you spiritual insight! I pray blessings upon you and your family!

  82. I live in a family home that is more like a museum for my father-in-law, who grew up here. I have struggled for years to view it as a blessing and a gift rather than as a borrowed space I can’t personalize. The sentence in your devotional about seeing that bathtub I’m cleaning as a gift really hit home! The good news is that God is faithful… he’s opening up my house to become my home in ways I’ve never expected and growing me in the skills of contentment and grace in the process.

  83. April Gibson says:

    Would love this book.

  84. cynthia robinson says:

    I would love to win a copy of Michelle’s book!! I remember when she shared awesome ideas with Lysa on P31 one year! I always worry about having our friends or my kids’ friends stop by and seeing our piles of junk! Lord, please soften my heart to being hospitable and sharing your love in our home instead of worrying about the house!

  85. Susan Fockler says:

    I was surprised to see a link from my daily devo site to a decor site and book giveaway, but then we feel that God found this home for us. The style you display on Inspired Home will help me as we renovated our retirement bungalow…having those ideas in a book would be wonderful!

  86. Cecilia Bellon says:

    What a wonderful way to start my morning, your sweet reminders for me to be content right where God has me. Life has been a struggle of late but knowing he is tight alongside me makes it so easy to say I am blessed. Thanks in advance (in case I win). God bless!

  87. Jennifer Powell says:

    This book seems like a wonderful help to people who need a bit of inspiration to make their house a home. I could certainly use the ideas

  88. Sherry Long says:

    Thanks for the devotion. I love my home with its reflections of our 42 years together. But it is still a work in progress.

  89. I love reading encouraging messages thank you.

  90. The house is ready for some redecorating and updating. I don’t host company much, mainly family, but after 21 years of being lived in well, it doesn’t seem as inviting.

  91. Dawn Kesselring says:

    I struggle with using what I have and only adding a little, to make something look great. I feel like I don’t have any creative vision!

  92. Rachel Zazzaro says:

    Thank you for the reminder to focus on God’s priorities for our home and not worry about my wants.

  93. Patty davis says:

    I love all of Proverbs31 it is always encouragement for for sharing

  94. Thanks for the devotion. I’m not great at decorating, but I want my home to be welcoming and inviting.

  95. Thank you for this reminder. Such an encouragement for my morning.

  96. Really great and hit home for me. Thanks for sharing!

  97. Oh, how I needed to read this today! We are in the process of fixing up our condo, and of course, God’s in the process of working on me, too! I love how Melissa drew an analogy between our lives and our homes. I would love to win her book to learn more about what to do with my home as God “fixes” me up!

  98. Julia Littley says:

    Thanks for a needed reminder that we need to be content with all that God gives us!

  99. As a SAHM in a season of waiting for my own home, I would love a book of helpful ideas on loving where we are, & making our space more “us”!

  100. Thanks for your encouragement! I will start following your blog.

  101. Jackie Williams says:

    I would love this. I want my home to show bright and cheerful atmosphere

  102. tricia kuntz says:

    So true that the old house overwhelm can replace your gratitude and appreciation for the many many blessings. Forgive me for taking my eyes off of you Jesus.

  103. Michelle says:

    Looking forward to the ideas in the Simple Decorating book, as we make changes in our home

  104. This resonated with me! I love the idea of the Lord seeing us as a project in the works. Also in the middle of what seems like a never ending home redo! Pepto bismol pink was apparently popular =P

  105. What a great reminder to focus on God’s plan for our homes! I need to remember that this world is just a temporary dwelling. My true home is in heaven where Jesus is my Interior Decorator!

  106. Patty Hall says:

    After living in one home for over 20 yrs we bought an older home. As you said, it reflected the previous owners. We have been here​ almost 3 yrs now and I’m just now getting over the move and being over whelmed by it all.

  107. Being content is a neverending process. It is a daily decision to let God guide us through each day and embrace all that comes our way, knowing He is with us to make it beautiful.

  108. Patty Homan says:

    Thank you for this devotional today. I’m not good at decorating and I have a very limited income. Deciding what color to even paint a room is hard for me. I would love to win a copy of your book. Thank you for offering me a chance. I am so thankful for your Proverbs 31 devotions they always inspire me and help me every day.

  109. Katie McIntyre says:

    I could sure use some help decorating our home…5 years after moving in!

  110. Thank you Proverbs 31 ministries for providing daily encouragement and a renewing of my mind through your devotionals.

  111. “We don’t need a perfect situation to bring glory to who He is. Just like our home doesn’t need to be perfect to be a perfectly creative setting in which to tell His story.” Thank you Melissa for those words. Says it all. How many opportunities to share and witness to God’s love have I wasted because I have been so focused on making the ‘frame’ perfect rather than just letting the picture of who God is speak for itself!

  112. Teresa Crabtree says:

    Loved this devotional! I love how you made me remember that what makes a house a home is not just how I decorate it, but the love and the memories that are made there. I know I am so blessed and I thank God for all of it.

  113. God always speaks right when we need it. I have always loved the verse referenced today. Just needed reminding.

  114. SallyAnn says:

    Thanks for helping me remember the joy I used to have in taking care of my home. And your book sounds like it would be helpful in motivating me to do better.

  115. Amber Vincent says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  116. Pamela =) says:

    Amazing. My husband andI literally just prayed over our place last night. We’ve lived here for quite some time but our hearts need to change towards it. Thank you for this devotional. No coincidence in the timing! ♡

  117. Amy DeBrock says:

    Loved today’s devotion as this is something that weighs on me. What a beautiful reminder to fill your house with love instead of things.

  118. Suzie Perrier says:

    I just moved un à new house which i donot really like. We bought it because we sold ower ils one and cauld not find what i wanted. And we had to move out.i think that maybe with yours ideas maybe i Can learn to like m’y house.

  119. Jennifer Buscho says:

    We have lived in our house for 8 years and I’ve never felt like it was a home…
    We bought it with 1 child and now we have 5… it’s a 1 bathroom 1 bedroom….I’m sure you can imagine my struggle. It’s small, crowded and unorganized…

  120. Toni PerezPalma says:

    Would love this inspirational book.

  121. Julie Cameron says:

    Thank you for your words and inspiration!

  122. Sarah B. says:

    Thanks for the devotional this morning.

  123. Ang Burman says:

    This message is a gift. We bought our current home from my inlaws and it has been a challenge to make this house our home. God bless you in your ministry to others.

  124. Kim McCulley says:

    Oooo, I’d love to win a copy of Melissa’s book!!

  125. Staci Mize says:

    Pick ME! Pick ME! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!! 😁🙃😀

  126. Needed this today!

  127. Thanks for the inspiring devotion

  128. Great reminder from your words today that it doesn’t have to be perfect to welcome others. Our home and us are all a work in progress!

  129. I would love to win this book! What a great birthday gift if I win, my birthday is April 24! I love my home but really do need help in decorating it.

  130. Liz Potter says:

    God has blessed me with a wonderful home but I don’t have a creative bone in my entire body. Winning this book would truly be a blessing. Thank you. And Thank you Provetbs 31 Ministries. What a blessing it is to start my day with you each morning. God Bless you all.

  131. Heidi Ansari says:

    I hate to send only criticism, because I absolutely love your devotional and have shared it with many people, including my mother and sister-in-law. Today’s devotional really did not hit the mark though. I don’t want to read about how to decorate my home in this space. I want to read about filling my home with more God. About how to be more gracious. About how to make my home more peace-filled.

  132. Aimee Mayer says:

    That book would actually be perfect for me because we’re moving into our new house in 2 months and I don’t know how to decorate! I’ve been asking my friends for ideas. I want it to be a nice looking home for the family instead of being jumbled items in our current residence.

  133. Sandra DeFoor says:

    I would love to be picked fit this book.
    I am a teacher at every morning start my day with your devotions in my quiet time.
    Thanky you for this!

  134. Katherine Lewis says:

    We have recently downsized or home. We wanted a space that every square inch is used. We are learning to be creative in making an office spot in the living room, etc. Our goal in downsizing was to free up time for our two kids and to show them the inportance of giving, rather than spending for our gain.

  135. Donna Miller says:

    I pray that I and my home will be a reflection of grace and redemption. I, most definitely am a work in progress!

  136. I am grateful for your ministry this am. Thank you! Please consider me for a free copy of your book as I am very passionate about home interior decorating and would be very grateful for another perspective.

  137. Sandy McClure says:

    I’ve lived in a fixer upper for 34 years. We never quite finish one project before another project or problem bubbles uo. Now we’re empty nesters and have decided to downsize. We’re building a new home. As exciting as that should be, I find myself looking around my old home these days and realizing I’m going to miss the memories we have in this house. God will provide times for new memories in our new home, but I will always look back at this old house with love in my heart for it, creaky floors, old windows, peeling paint and all.

  138. Stephanie Herndon says:

    After living in our home for 10 years, we repainted and redecorated (well, mostly repurposed) our kitchen, laundry room and my oldest son’s room. It’s so nice to have a fresh look. This is all part of our “Operation: Take Back the House”–an ongoing, whenever-we-can project. This book would be perfect for that! 🙂

  139. What a timely message! Teaching 45 minutes away from home and keeping up with the schedule of a very active/ involved teenage son…not to mentio being a minister’s wife…leaves little time to focus on our home. Making it a more welcoming place is our planned summer project. Melissa’s book would be such a blessing!

  140. Jennifer Ruddell says:

    Thank you so much for this today! We have been living in my husband’s house (that he shared with his ex-wife) since we got married 4-1/2 years ago. I was ok with it for quite a while, but recently have had a bad attitude about it. We have had to fix and update several things (new roof, new flooring in the entire house, repainting inside and out, etc.). We both have a dream of living on a small farm, so we are hopeful that once we fix it up, we can put it on the market and find “our place”. I needed this refocus. This is our home right now and I need to be thankful for that. I need to be content, no matter the circumstances or where I am. Thank you!

  141. Decorating is my passion. I would love to receive a copy of your new book!

  142. Cindy Weems says:

    My husband and I bought our first home two years ago and are still in process of making it out own, on a very tight budget. Thank you for the reminder to not get lost in the imperfections but to be grateful for the blessings.

  143. Julie Rayis says:

    This devotion was passed on to me by my daughter as an encouragement!! We are looking for our next home, getting discouraged, and as God always does, this is in his perfect timing. Thanking God for you & your message!!! & my wise daughter too!!!!

  144. We are moving out of state in around 6 weeks. It’s a move I am not excited about and into a house/setting I don’t like for one year+ before building our own. I will need this reminder to keep my attitude right and thereby do what I can to make it “our” home. Thank you! Timely message for me!

  145. Jan Thomas says:

    Thank you for this devotional. I sometimes get caught up in the never ending list of to-do projects that I want to accomplish then I realized I needed to slow down. It all doesn’t need to be completed this week.

  146. The devotion today was exactly what God wanted me to hear. As I was enjoying my coffee, reading and thinking of God word in the back of my mind was the dread of spring cleaning. My house was purchased 44 years ago with God hand on it then as it become a place beside me for my Mom to live for 20 years and now become the family home. My family has been raised here but now my siblings and their families has a place to visit celebrate life and grief loss.

  147. Thanks for the devotional this morning, it is a great reminder on what I need to stay focused on! Gods Blessings in my life.

  148. I want my home to be beautiful & reflect Jesus!!

  149. This was so good for me…we just moved about 5 months ago and have been struggling with feeling settled…my husband also just had back surgery so is ‘out of commission’ which is making getting projects done harder. So needed the reminder that it’s a process just as His process of working on me.

  150. For years I was distracted with furnishing our home. Then an event happened that changed our finances and I had to return to work. I no longer had time to focus on decorating and it was a good lesson for me as I now focus on the people in it. I get excited these days on the little accents like a new decor pillow, picture frame, fresh flowers or candle. I have learned that less is more and to keep it simple.

  151. I love my home, but I do need some ideas for making it feel special and warm again! Our plan was to do some massive redecorating and renovating once our youngest graduated college, but we got a special surprise from God just as he left for college! A 5 lb., pink, little bundle of joy! She turned our lives upside down, but we are so blessed by her. Since I quit my job to stay home with her, money for reno and redec has been scarce! Would love some inexpensive ideas!!

  152. Great reminder of the treasure of our not so perfectly decorated home!!

  153. We moved into an older home last year. With new excitement we fixed some things in the kitchen and outside the house. A little paint for two rooms and nothing else has been done, no pictures on the walls, no more paint. We even took the wallpaper down in the half bathroom and it still hasn’t been finished. My house can sometimes feel like my spiritual life, stuck. Uncertain if it will look good, nothing gets done. Insecurity in life leads to indecisiveness and worry rather than taking that step of faith.

  154. I love your quote, “Because of God’s grace, we have stories of redemption and faith to tell!” Thanks!!

  155. Leigh F. says:

    Loved this devotion today.

  156. Cathy Tache says:

    This is so perfect. Our children are both moving into new/old homes this month. I love your verse from proverbs & the mauve bathroom comment. I have printed your article and will be including it in their “new” home gift from us. I also am looking at someway creating a sign to include the verse for their homes. Thank you & God Bless.

  157. Tam Potter says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post today. I would love to win a copy of your new book.

  158. Sue McGee says:

    I woke up this morning thinking about my house & how I could make it look nicer on a limited budget & then I checked my email and there was this article! God is cool like that 😊

  159. Kathy Barrett says:

    Oh my! Today’s reading hit home for me. We are buying a condo today & it has “egg yolk yellow” in the kitchen! Many more things need to be done to make it OUR home. I’d love a copy of Melissa’s book.

  160. Christine T says:

    Would love this book!

  161. I have recently started reading the daily devotionals and I’m so thrilled to have found it. Thank you for providing such wonderful and uplifting devotionals! They start my day fresh and exciting!

  162. My daughter and don in law are super busy with life building careers and all. Their new to them home renovations are taking a lot more time than they imagined.

  163. Sara Rector says:

    We’re buying a house today that was built in 1870 (needs lots of work). I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but after reading this I feel hopeful. Thank you.

  164. Thank you for the inspiration. Help me to have a grateful heart, Lord, despite the circumstances. Amen.

  165. Stacey Foot says:

    Thank you for your devotion for P31. God bless!

  166. Sandy Crain says:

    Need inspiration badly! Old home needs facelift but I’m stuck & cant vision anything beyond what it is at the moment. Thx!!

  167. Lisa Shaver says:

    I read The Inspired Room blog and follow Melissa on IG! She’s awesome! Great talent and creativity. I would love to win a copy of this book.

  168. Sandie waters says:

    We’re building a home and I needs lots of decorating help, I’m clueless!

  169. I feel like God is ‘doing a makeover on me’ would love this book! To Him be the glory!

  170. I love a copy of her book. We are slowly trying to remodel our 70’s ranch.

  171. Heather Johnson says:

    Need help feeling comfortable in my new home. Thank you

  172. Home is what we make it to be, not the walls or floors that secure it’s foundation to the earth. We are the living foundation. We breathe life into it’s surroundings. We share love and attention to it’s care and safety. We love it unconditionally even through all it’s failures in time, ” If you build it I will come”. Unity is a home built by Love.

  173. Trudy-Ann says:

    Love the key verse at the end, reminder to be content with what I’ve been blessed with.

  174. Barb Tallent says:

    This is the first time in my life I have seen this verse applied in this way! I am 58 years old and have been a Christian for over 50 years. Decorating is definitely not a strength in my skill bank!
    Seeing this verse in this way gives me renewed faith that God is still strong in my weakness. There is still hope. With His help I am equipped to clean up my hoarded mess!

  175. Peggy Hall says:

    Thank you for your message this morning, Melissa. I struggle to feel comfortable opening my home in hospitality. House organization and decorating are not my forte! You have shared beautiful insights. We are all a Work In Progress as God works in our hearts and minds. Blessings!

  176. Connie Jo says:

    I’ve been struggling w making this house a home, spend too much time wanting thing or somewhere else instead of being grateful for what I have. Thank you. Never thought I’d see a devotional w this theme

  177. Our homes are a place to gather as an extension of His open arms – for a meal, fellowship and encouragement, or simply learning more of Him.

  178. Dana Stick says:

    Thank you for your inspiration!!

  179. A house is not a home if there is no love, peace and contentment. Life will be beautiful if the inhabitants communicate and trust and be true to each other. Get rid of junk instead of hoarding everything.

  180. Pamela Roble says:

    Again, an attitude of gratitude makes God smile! I also find myself becoming consumed with “how things look.” Thanks for the reminder about where my priorities should be.

  181. I would love to win a copy of this book. I’m starting a new chapter in my life. I had a home, my definition of what I thought a family should be and over a year ago my life was suddenly turned upside down. I’m starting over. I’ve just found a home for me and my daughter. We are set to close next month. I need help and inspiration to turn this into “our home” on a single parent budget.

  182. Thank you for helping me see my house in a different way.

  183. Sarah Milheim says:

    Thank you for this. I needed it today!

  184. We are looking at purchasing a house ourselves, and ironically one we looked at had a pink carpeted tub and walls! Thank you for such a warm devotional this morning. It touched me being reminded about how much my Jesus loves me!

  185. Amber Snow says:

    We have been in our house 2.5years and still have most of the decorations from the previous owner. I love the idea of making it reflect our family more but creative decorating ideas don’t come natural for me so I don’t know where to start. I would really love to win this book!

  186. Sherry sullivan says:

    Thank you for today’s encouragement. Home is definetely family and God is all about the family. My son and his wife are going thru a house change and I am going to share this message with them.

  187. Cathy Thrasher says:

    Stepping out of bed this morning onto the worn carpet of the house that became our home a month ago, I whispered, “Lord, I am running on empty’. Your message was just for me and I thank you for the perspective your heart delivered. Today I will treasure the carpet and home that God has gifted us with. I will not rush the transformation but listen as He speaks and walk in His footsteps…even when those steps take me to seasoned flooring. Thank you!

  188. Barbara Smith says:

    This devotion really spoke to me. We will soon be moving from the home we have lived in for 34 years. We too are currently fixing up the home we are moving too. It is a very emotional process but the Lord continues to bless us all along the way. I would love to have this book to help me make our new house our home.

  189. Monique Routhier says:

    Great to hear of this book as we moved into our place after a tragic fire where we previously lived. I would like to get motivated to make this our home and I’m sure this book would help

  190. Karen Pope says:

    We are currently completing what will probably be our last major update project on our home we have been blessed to live in these past 30 years. So much of our family story has taken place within these walls. Now, as grandparents, we are watching our grandkids fill this house with joyous activity!! Blessings beyond words. Thanks for this devotion. May God bless your day!!!

  191. I live in an old fixer upper and would love practical tips to make it out home.

  192. Julie Woodman says:

    Thank you for your words. We moved into our house just 7 months ago and it is still a work in progress. I am working to make it our home and to full it with memories of our family before our kids leave for college next fall. I want it to be a place where they call home and want to return to 9cet and over again.

  193. susan green says:

    I am not much of a decorative person, alot of friends talk about the ways they do things in there homes. U just hang pictures of family and friends, put some trinkets around and I am done. Help.

  194. Miriam Martin says:

    Would love to have your book…love to make my home cheery & comfortable for others as they visit & to show the love of Christ.

  195. Rhonda Beirnes says:

    Thanks for this article today. Sadly, my home church for 40 plus years held its final service this past Sunday-Easter. So I am moving forward to a new “home” where I can bring my faith and talents. As I kept reading this article the “home” to me said church, where I do a lot of my living! I pray I can bring beauty to my next home!

  196. Phyllis A. Witter says:

    What a welcomed gift this would be to help make our home more welcoming to our guests.

  197. Good inspiration for making our family house a blended ‘home’.

  198. Michelle says:


  199. Thank You for today’s devotion! Would love this book!

  200. Love the subject of this new book…it’s such an exhausting and exciting journey to make a house a home!

  201. Mary sammel says:

    Tx. My eyes go to what is not right w my home. I am challenged to look for the blessings.

  202. Beth Reynolds says:

    Wonderful devotional this morning!

  203. Donyelle says:

    Thank you for this devotion today. It helped me remember to be thankful for the home I have rght now.

  204. Patti Bliss says:

    Oh dreaming of a makeover.

  205. We just moved to a new house in January and are working on making it our new home, one project at a time. Painting the rooms has been the best transformation so far. Wow, what a difference! Can’t wait to add shutters to the outside of our house to make it inviting.

  206. This is just what I need.

  207. Lisa wray says:

    Appreciated today’s devotional for helping a perfectionist realize I don’t have to be perfect for God to accept me. And…that my home doesn’t have to be a showcase to be a “home”.

  208. I am one who could benefit greatly from your book as I couldn’t decorate my way out of a paper bag if I tried!

  209. Kondwani Nyirenda says:

    I would like to have the book please

  210. amy anderson says:

    Thank you for this message. We are buying our own pre-used home next week. Will be re-reading this message again to remind myself that this $50000 home is a dream not a nightmare.

  211. Thank you for the encouraging devotion and for the opportunity to win the book.

  212. Great devotional today

  213. I lead a small group of college girls. They were at my home last night and commented on how they couldn’t wait to get their own home. This devotional is so timely, for all of us, to see the beauty and potential, but not to be consumed with wanting it all right now. Fixing up our hearts truly is the most important work. Thank you for sharing this.

  214. Karen Green says:

    I especially liked her comment, ‘We can display His promises and truths on the walls of our home to be reminded of His Word.’
    This inspires me in my own home, daily!

  215. I recently moved across the country from CA to NC and could really use this!

  216. 5 years ago my husband was put on a ventilator & trach. He can never be left alone & I became a 24/7 caretaker. I was dreading being “stuck at home” more. The Lord encouraged me to see home as a sanctuary not a prison & to begin doing little things to make it so. It’s still a work in progress but I can look around me & see reminders of the Lord’s faithfulness. He has put together the color & decorating schemes & other people feel at home here. A house is a physical entity; a home can be made anywhere.

  217. Kathy Horne says:

    Would love to win a copy of Simple Decorating. In the process of moving to new house in new state and need to be inspired!

  218. I’m so thankful for this devotional and Gods word. Just what I needed today!

  219. Teresa Melvin says:

    Thank you for the reminder that we are God’s renovation projects…a work in progress!

  220. Our home was a foreclosure, so it has been an endless project for the past 12 years. We just finished a huge main floor overhaul, and the stress took its toll on our little family. This was a good reminder to keep the Lord and HIS priorities first. Thank you!

  221. We are moving into a new-to-us house this summer. This book would be a great resource. Thanks for all you do at Proverbs 31 Ministries!

  222. Faith Stewart says:

    Sigh. We close on our “new to us” home today. New city. New friends. New home. SO overwhelming and this isn’t the first time. I love these tips… and I am looking forward to more:)

  223. Amy Morris says:

    Thank you for this reminder!

  224. We bought an old-ish home last summer and while it was not supposed to be a “fixer upper”, it sort of turned into one as we found that there were a number of out-dated appliances that needed to be replaced. Also we’re expanding our family, so we needed to make small modifications in certain areas. Overall, I admit that it is very easy to be dissatisfied with various parts of our home. Sometimes, I do wonder what our lives would have been like if we had chosen a different home instead. But God brought us to this neighborhood for a reason. We have met some terrific new neighbors and the location is very good for a number of things, including commuting. It’s important to focus on the blessings and not give in to discontentment or envy. As Melissa pointed out, each change or decision should be done with God’s guidance and wisdom. I pray that we’ll continue to do that with grateful heart.

  225. Inspiring! What a great reminder as I work on cleaning and organizing my apt.!

  226. Loved today’s devotion. I have a hard time learning to be content with what I have, but I am blessed beyond measure. God is so good! Time to open my eyes to his goodness. I am decoratively challenged, but I find that as long as there is love in my home, it really doesn’t matter if my curtains match my couches or my flower beds are a hodgepodge of mismatched plants.

  227. Donna Willard says:

    Enjoy the Encouragement for the day. Devotions.

  228. Brenda Alburl says:

    This book will be a great resource as I am trying to re-invent my 20+ year old home, now that I’ve retired! Thanks!

  229. We moved into our ‘new to us’ home 2 years ago, this June. We bought the home furnished and all. To make it our own has been difficult, as far as material possessions are concerned, but I’m so, so thankful God put us where we are!! Any house can be a house but it’s​ what’s inside that makes it a home. 🙂

  230. I need tips!! Would love this book!!

  231. We bought a home that had not been loved in a long time and are slowly making it our own. Being on a church salary means we are very much on a budget. I could use some inspiration!

  232. Belinda Hunter says:

    I’m purchasing a new home. Old house new to me. And it be good to get all the tips on how to save money. And I have a welcoming atmosphere for all my friends that enter my home.

  233. Lorie Higgins says:

    I really need practical, affordable, updating tips for my home. This book sound like it is just right! 🙂
    Thank you!

  234. Sharla Holland says:

    I would love a copy of this book!

  235. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win your book. I am a person that needs to see things in picture before I know how to do them. what a wonderful opportunity with your book.

  236. Loved that little pick-me-up morning wisdom!

  237. I would love to win your book. I struggle with being content with what I have, especially when I go in my best friends house. I would love to redo some rooms– it has been over 20 years – but don’t know what is practical or timeless. Thanks

  238. Thank you for the verses and encouraging reminder that God continues to work in us even with our imperfections. I struggle to find joy some days with the struggles in my family. I realize I need to not only pray for God to use me as His vessel but to find JOY in it! Thank you for this reminder!

  239. Wendy Johns says:

    I loved today’s devotion. I really understood the comparison of a fixer-upper to our lives. I would love to win this book. God bless! Keep the good stuff coming!

  240. Karen Maye says:

    Hey. Really enjoyed your encouragement today. We’re looking for first home. This book will really come in handy as our first home will be a fixer upper.

  241. Jennifer says:

    The other morning, I announced to my sons that I was going to read Proverbs 17. To make sure I had their attention, I asked Proverbs what? One of my sons answered, “Proverbs 31 Ministry.” 😉

    P31 devos are a blessing to my whole family!

    And winning a copy of your book will help me make some decorating decisions around our home 😊

  242. Kimberly says:

    Would love some simple ideas to make our house feel more like a home!

  243. Carol Bieber says:

    This is the first time I have read your devotional and I am so happy I did. I seem to need reminders of what is important and what is not. Being content, doing what you can and leaving the rest to God is really getting your priorities in line. I feel hopeful today. With God, I can do all things🙏🏻🤓

  244. Chris Thompson says:

    As an older reader I treasure all the inspiration both spiritually and physically that I receive from Proverbs 31! We live in a tough world and have struggles in our lives BUT how wonderful it is to get INSPIRED to make ourselves better and our homes better! Thank you for the devotion today!!!

  245. Diane Butler says:

    Trying to be content with my not so pretty sofas, but have to remind myself My family has some where to sit. I’m truly blessed for my home.

  246. Thank you for a Beautifully written Devotional, I live in a less than perfect Century Home, God has accompanied me through all The Ups and Downs of living with my home’s imperfections, I’m working on my imperfections as well as my home’s! It’s my belief God doesn’t expect perfection, just an Open Heart & a willingness to Learn about Him and His Loving Ways.

  247. I need a few ideas to give my home some simple changes. I sit often in my recliner as I have stage four lung cancer and look at the same things everyday. Having a few changes could very possibly lift my spirits up a bit!

  248. Inspiration is always helpful, and my home needs help! It would be nice to win this book 🙂

  249. Thanks for the reminder that my faith should be “on display” in my home. What an easy way to start a conversation about how wonderful and faithful our God is.
    I would appreciate some simple budget friendly decorating ideas to get me started!

  250. Love how you tied loving your home to our loving God.

  251. I love the anology of our homes being transformed from the inside out, just as we are. My home now is a special part of who I am due to my childhood. My parent’s home was their ministry center. Not in an official capacity, just a big kitchen table ment to draw in the highschooler, passerby, missionary on leave, cousins, neighbors etc… They were filled with more than homemade bread and coffee at that table, they were filled with Jesus. Id love to receive a copy of the book as my husband and I leap into a new home endeavor!

  252. Teresa Land says:

    I’m not creative, I would love this book!

  253. Just watched house transformations on HGTV last night with Chip & Joanna Gaines & then this devotional today! How thankful I am to Jesus that the Holy Spirit did major transformation in my life several years ago.

  254. Your article was perfectly timed for me. Not surprised. My husband and I purchased this fixer-upper farmhouse seven months ago. We wanted space, privacy, peace – which we do have with our four acres surrounding us. However, there are so many projects, inside and outside, that I feel overwhelmed on a good day, helpless and out of sorts on a less-than-good day. This is a gentle reminder that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – but more importantly, neither are we! Another tap on the shoulder of conviction for me leads me to realize I am focusing on what ISN’T instead of what IS. Progress is best measured through eyes focused on Jesus.

  255. I would love to have this book! We have moved into a new home and would love to have some help from this book!

  256. Melissa Groeneveld says:

    Great devotional which speaks to me about the issues my heart and mind have been grappling with lately. I would love the book!

  257. Loved today’s message. Thank you!!!

  258. Leah Fultz says:

    Would love to win this!!!❤

  259. Sarah Bentz says:

    Your examples of how we can make a house a home are so welcoming. I love how you used them to remind us of what God can do in our lives.

  260. Pamela Wolfenbarger says:

    Thank you Melissa for sharing your heart for your home with us. We have rented our homes for most of our married life(40 years) but it wasn’t ever just a house, it was always my Home. I made it a place that brought JOY into my life and comfort into my heart and soul. It was my place of refuge. We now own our home and I continue to make it a place filled with JOY and a place that can be a refuge. I have always loved finding ways to make a house a home and can’t wait to find your book. Have a beautiful and blessed day as you find JOY in your home.

  261. Judy Gaul says:

    Hello Melissa!
    I’m about to embark on major change…
    Since my marriage seperation, in 2000, I’ve lived in a single wide mobile home.
    My name is close to the top of a 21/4 year waiting list for a senior apartment building in a town close by.
    I’ve never owned a new piece of furniture, so I figure I’ll use some of the proceeds of the sale of my home to buy contemporary pieces, a total change from country presently. I’ve looked several places, but nothing has knocked me over so far.
    I can’t buy yet, not knowing whether a one bedroom, or an efficiency apartment will be the first available, room sizes, layout, etc., but I’d like to at least have some idea what I like & where to find it when I do.
    Your book sounds like it could possibly help me figure this out.
    Kind regards, Judy G

  262. Lynn Walker says:

    Thank you so much for these encouraging words! They give me hope and renewed strength. Our family has so much to share of our story of God’s faithfulness!

  263. I love this reminder and believe it can be taken a step further to include our “office”, wherever/whatever that office may look like. We have an awesome opportunity to be witnessed in our workplaces.

  264. Lenora jones says:

    I just move from a house I live in for 24 years. To a medium apartment. It was hurt to make this change. I found fault with everything in the new apartment. Until one day I realize that God have give me a new start in this new apartment. Remember that new start are bless too.

  265. Michelle says:

    I do not live on my own yet but I do feel God will have that in store one day for my daughter and I. He has been preparing and shaping me in this season. And I’m so excited to see what he is going to do.

  266. Carol Roy says:

    This is the first time I’ve visited this site. Thank you for the inspiration.

  267. This was the perfect devotion for me today. We farm and our house is 120 years old. We’ve talked about building a new one before this one falls down but, as anyone who farms will understand, the farm seems to take precedence. There is always something that needs fixed or replaced, some farm equipment that is always breaking down, it my husbands just thinks he needs something else for the farm. It has become frustrating for me when I see our house with new cracks in it and know that soon it will need some repairs to keep it standing. But this devotion showed me how a house in itself is not a home. It is what you make of it, with wisdom, understanding, patience and love. And with God I can bring all those things into our home to make it a wonderful place to live.

  268. Shelia Russell says:

    I would love to win this book!

  269. I would love to win this book and learn more about how to make our home more beautiful and welcoming!

  270. Katherine Baldridge says:

    What a timely reminder to love what God has blessed us with and to be content. I too have taken a long time to call my house my home.

  271. All I can say is WOW! This devotional was written for me. There is no doubt in my mind that I was meant to sit and read this today. Thank you for these reminders. I am humbled by your words. God used you today as his mouthpiece.

  272. Cheryl Downing says:

    Loved the devo today! It spoke to my heart. We have just purchased an older home that has already been renovated and will be moving into it June 1. I would love to read through your book to help us make it our home full of simple things that show our family and our love for God. And that it would be a place that is welcoming, warm and inviting to others & at the same time a haven for our family. Thanks for the picture you painted today with your words of wisdom & Words of God! Blessings to you!

  273. I was very moved and “spoken” to by your words this morning. I have been an interior design professional for almost 30 years, and through this profession have helped design some amazing homes, meeting some wonderful clients, some who have become friends. The proverbs 24:3-4 verse is so very true, as ultimately it is not about the beautiful finishes or furniture in the home, but the people that live there. I have seen acts of unselfish generosity and caring, but also lots of entitlement and narcissism. I think we will find a way to gift this verse, possibly on a plaque, canvas or even a planter box to all of our clients as a reminder of what truly makes a house a home. Blessings to you.

  274. Connie Black says:

    Thank you for reminding me in the midst of renovation that God is always in me and I shall let His light shine. Not for my Glory but for His.

  275. I loved your devotional! I can relate after my husband and I purchased a fixer upper farm house to raise our family in last October. It can be so overwhelming wanting it all done now; I often have to stop and reflect on what my real priorities should be, and put things back into perspective. Thanks for sharing your story.

  276. linda mayne says:

    We bought a 20yr old home & I thought no better g deal we would remove the kitchen cabinet and get new ones ( no idea the cost) & new sink . The cost to remove & replace was way out of our budget. So I have learn to live w/them hoping I could find a good deal

  277. Kelly M. More says:

    Just what I needed to hear today! Being thankful of the home God blessed us with instead of competing with the Jones and coveting what others have. Thanks!

  278. Kim Pacheco says:

    I moved into my first home with my hubby about four years ago, it was a new build in a new development, there was nothing inside and no grass or plants on the outside, since then I have been slowly trying to make it our own.

  279. Robert Vance says:

    Perspective! We share the same. Continue to write bringing Glory to God through Jesus Christ.

  280. Thank you for sharing these very practical truths from God’s Word.
    I needed the reminder that God is not limited by my small home. This is the place that He has blessed me with. Perfection is not required to bring glory to our great God.

  281. Mary Hannah says:

    Love, love, this message!

  282. I would love a copy of your book.

  283. Margaret Piendl says:

    Thank you for your article today. It is so true so many times we get discouraged and overwhelmed with the overall picture. We need to divide the situation, prioritize and use a little imagination. Thanks again

  284. We just bought our first home so your devotion was especially relevant. One can get caught up in all the flaws and material things but miss the heart aspect of it all. Thank you for your reminder!

  285. I would love to win this book. We live in a parsonage and it is a blessing, but there are days when I need to see it as a home and not a house with flaws.

  286. I really soaked in these words today. My husband & I have been house hunting for 5 years. The perfect house or perfect spot has been just beyond our reach. We prayed and agonized when one after another our hopes and plans fell through. Thank you for sharing your experiences to help me to be content in whatever journey that God has for this family, inside and out. Blessings on your day, your family and your lovely home.

  287. Janet Werntz says:

    I am at that point where my home needs a few changes to make it feel fresh and ready for summer. This book would be such a help in oh so many ways! I would love a copy of it.

  288. janny holder says:

    we moved in our house 2 years ago and I still struggle to make it our home. I ask you Lord to instill in me love for my home, no matter how I feel about it or dislike certain things about it; please Lord help to love the home you gave us.

  289. Peggy Page says:

    Thank you for your reminder to choose to be thankful and be content in any season of life. We live in my elderly in-laws house and are fixing it up to sell. While I’m enjoying this, it’s not really my home and my energy levels are not as good as I would like. I needed this reminder!!

  290. Susan Berti says:

    After reading your devotion today it
    changed my outlook on decorating my apartment. I’m not an organized person
    so now I’m encouraged to purge 1/4 of my apartment and to add a few things that will make my apt more cozy. It also reminds me to be thankful every day to have a beautiful apt to live in. We share are God given gift often by letting people stay with us in our extra space. People who couldn’t afford to pay for a hotel room to do God’s work in NYC. Thank you for your encouragement.

  291. Gail Hoad says:

    This devotional is so relatable right down to the pink bathtub (and bathroom wall tiles and vanity and toilet) that we found in our new home. While these were things we wanted to fix we could not lose sight of the fact that this house was a gift from God given when we needed it and at a price we could afford in the most miraculous of ways!. We kept the pink tub (too expensive to replace) but replaced the other pink fixtures and just like Melissa we have found so many other little reminders of the previous owner that we have incorporated into our home. Most importantly however is that God has been the heart and hearth of our new dwelling.

  292. Tara Hornal says:

    I too need to be more content with my home and what material things that I have and remember that the important things in life certainly aren’t material. I would like a copy of your book!

  293. Thank you for sharing!

  294. I need this reminder frequently! Thank you. 😊

  295. Jean Thompson says:

    Wow.. I sure need help in letting Go of my Stuff and Arrange whats left into a more pleasing peaceful Home to enjoy and invite friends over to enjoy with me..

  296. Gina Willis says:

    As an Interior Designer, I am constantly in bigger and more beautiful homes than my own. It is a battle to not want what others have but I am always reminded that I have what God intended and am thankful. I enjoy being creative with what I have been given and making my home comfortable and beautiful for my family. There has been a lot of love and great memories in our home! Thank you for this beautiful reminder of what a home is all about!

  297. Julie Miller says:

    This book would help me in so many ways. We’ve been in our home for 9 years now. We’ve spent a good bit on the mechanical end of new things but have yet to make fresh the cosmetics of the house which will take time and money. I would love to try out what this book has to offer. God bless us on this journey of renewal.

  298. Marla Strong says:

    This devotion is a reflection of how God does work on us the same way we work on getting things in order for our homes. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today. We need these kinds of devotions for our lives each day.

  299. I enjoy Melissa’s devotions and would love to read her book!

  300. Karen ARCHEY says:

    My home has a green tub and sink and toilet but I love it because most of my son’s live nearby and come for dinner…My grandchildren run and play here! This is my heart…This is my home!

  301. Gigi Tharpe says:

    I recently moved into my house in small west TX town and need help decorating it. This house was one I asked God to provide and it came with everything I love such as rock fireplace and honey pine paneling. I rent it and live on tight monthly budget. Please help me reflect what God has done for me within this house. It seems so bare compared to my spiritual house which is filled up daily by God. I need ideas to get all the boxes emptied as I still need shelving and furniture.

  302. I moved to a fixer upper farmhouse 2 years ago with hopes and dreams of turning it into our home. A home where I can let God’s love shine to all who enter. There have been many set backs in my plan, NOT God’s plan. We still have a few obstacles to get through, but I am patiently waiting to paint walls, hang pictures, bring in my furniture and decorate the place I can call home.

  303. I’d love this book – I need all the help I can get decorating-wise!

  304. What great reminders! We just bought a house (the first we’ve owned) and will soon be moving in. Looking forward to making it a home.

  305. Janelle Volkers says:

    Thank you for the good reminder!!

  306. Jo Ann Philibin says:

    I am in my seventies and still look for fresh ideas for making our home a welcoming space!

  307. Barbara Abee says:

    I love doing these kinds of projects, just need ideas to help get me started. Thank you!!!

  308. Somalia Ford says:

    What a beautiful insight. Often times I do catch myself trying to be perfect and do/say the right things because I want to please God. I forget that it is HIM who is working in me, giving me a desire to do His will. Instead of me focusing on outside behaviors and becoming stressed for not measuring up, I can rest in the assurance that it is God who is transforming me from the inside. So even though I’m a fixer upper, I know He is faithful you finish what He has started in me!

  309. Bethany H says:

    Your book would be a perfectly-timed treasure as I’m slowly down-sizing everything in my house to make it more home-y

  310. Beautiful devotional, and a great reminder on keeping our priorities on the Eternal.

  311. Meredith says:

    This message is so timely for me. Last night I found out our offer was accepted on our first home! This devotion is a gentle reminder for me to keep my eyes focused on Him, while I start to dream of ways to make our house a home. Thank you for the encouraging reminder that God is creating beauty in us daily as we walk with Him, and that my house does not have to be perfect to share His love with my neighbors and friends

  312. I would love to win a copy of Melissa Michael’s book on decorating. I can create beautiful silk floral arrangements but that is as far as my talent goes.I do however, love to learn anything about making my home more beautiful.Thank you Melissa for this opportunity to win your book.

  313. As the owner of a house built in 1969, this line especially touched me: “We don’t need a perfect situation to bring glory to who He is. Just like our home doesn’t need to be perfect..”
    Thank you!

  314. Such great words. Thanks for the giveaway

  315. Molly Wilson says:

    I just bought my first home! I pray I will be a good steward of the gifts He’s given me!

  316. Carole johnson says:

    My husband passed away last year and I am finally at a point of doing some needed updating. Having a hard time getting motivated…hoping your book would help give me some good ideas.

  317. Thank you so much for the devotional reminder to be grateful no matter what and to appreciate what you have. To make learn to be creative with what you have that does not mean it has to be costly For years i was so concerned about the type of home i lived in and how important the decor or if everything on the inside was picture perfect. After downsizing due to financial hardships from living in a nice home in a nice neighborhood to motels, friends and families houses to now a small apartment. Trying to keep up with the Jones’ is so unimportant now. What means more to me is the love and laughter expressed by my loved ones within our small home. There is nothing like it. And besides i have more money to use for God’s purpose.

  318. Thanks for the devotional! I would love to win a copy of this book!

  319. Linda Hansen says:

    This devotion came at such a good time in my life. My husband inherited his mom’s old house when she passed last August. It is in another state and a place we love to visit. We have decided to restore it but there is much to do with this run down house. Thanks for the reminder that I can do a lot with it for now and pray for wisdom how to get it all done. Love your books!!!

  320. Karen Fletcher says:

    I was just talking to my husband about this last night. We live in a small apartment temporarily (well, 4 more years). We have lived here 2 years already and have done nothing to personalize our place. I desperately want to make it “ours” for as long as we are here. Need to remember that this home is a blessing and treat it as such! Thanks for this!

  321. Fredda Brown-Kemp says:

    I’ve lived in many homes over my years, and with each I’ve struggled with how to decorate! I pray I bring my own sense of style into my present home and yet show God’s love and and care in each room.

  322. Thank you for this! I often feel like my house is lacking – but this was a great reminder that God is the most important part of a home. I am anxious to read more!

  323. I would love to see more ways to learn new ways to share Gid’s love through my home.

  324. Anne Dahnke says:

    Love the idea that we have what we need to “improve” our home & to make it more God centered😊

  325. Stephanie Thaggard says:

    Related to this in so many ways! thank you!

  326. Love the two lists idea. Due to our employment we have because it makes a difference (read: low income), we ended up buying a foreclosure two years ago. I get frustrated that it’s not as pretty as I’d like. Thanks for reminding me to cherish this blessing of my home and to celebrate the good things about it!

  327. Mallory Murphy says:

    Just signed up for the daily devotional yesterday and already love it so much! Thank you for this wonderful resource we can utilize at any moment of the day when we are needing a little Jesus time or as our daily quiet time. I was a part of the “Wait and See” Bible study and loved it. Cant believe I just found out about the daily devotion.Thank you for everything you do! I love all of your books!! : )

  328. Our home is an inheritance from my dad. For my children’s young years we would visit my parents in their country home. Now it is a mixture of us and them. We now have our own young grandchildren who come and stay. They love the garden and outdoors but retreat to our now house we call home.

  329. I can definitely relate to this devotional as my family and I recently relocated to Texas. Thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless & keep you and your family!

  330. Martha Swenson says:

    How timley this message is! We are in the process of trying to either add to our current house or move to a larger one! Please pray for us to find & follow GOD’S will!! Thanks for your message!! GOD bless!

  331. Such beautiful reminders to make our homes beautiful.

    Love how He refines us and makes us into something beautiful, and as we do our hoes become more beautiful.

  332. Elisabeth says:

    Would love a copy of this book! Loved today’s devotional, very relatable as I tackle the rooms in this old house.

  333. Angie Allen says:

    …it’s rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. Prob 24:3-4. Thank you for that reminder! God is so good! I love “keeping house ” in our little home!

  334. Mandy parr says:

    Thank you for today’s devotion. My husband and I purchased an old home (1873)about 6 years ago when our children were 5,4 and 8 months old. We really had no idea what it is like to live in an old house that needs a lot of repair on a limited budget. I have learned so much that I call it boot camp for my soul. God really does breath new life into the old. This was a beautifully written devotion. I love hearing real stories grounded in truth. I was quite encouraged this morning as I read it. I am hoping to be entered into the draw!
    God Bless.

  335. We have moved around a lot in the last 20 years. Thank you for the reminder that ‘home’ is much more than a house.

  336. Great devotional! Would love to win a copy of the book.

  337. Linda Dyson says:

    Just a few minutes ago in my devotion ( before reading this email ) I asked The Lord to encourage my heart regarding a major remodeling project . To read and discover this new book would no doubt be a major boost to us!

  338. Thank you fir reminding me that a home is more than what it looks like, but the love and energy that fills it also. Thanks

  339. Pat Janzen says:

    Thank you for sharing your Insights, talented creativity The Lord has blessed you with.

    Ps. 37:4. Delight your self ( family, home, friends , church, etc)
    He will give you the desires of your ❤️

  340. Sunday we were asked to write the one word in an area we needed God’s help. My word was contentment. Reading the Philippians verse just now and seeing the word “content” jumped off the page. Thank you for being God’s voice today!

  341. Jennifer says:

    This devotion is so relatable to me…even down to the pink! Except my whole kitchen is pink, including a pink sink. It can be so frustrating trying to turn “their” house into my home. Thanks for the reminder to refocus and be content.

  342. We can relate! We considered our foreclosure a gift from God, something we need to remember more often. Our children are happy enjoying the 4 acres of God’s creation. Having a modern home with marble countertops matters not to them.

  343. We can relate!

  344. Thanks for the important reminder. So often I get caught up in the cleaning and maintaining of the house that I feel like a horrible parent for neglecting my kids. Great reminder that it takes more than a clean and updated house to make a house your home.

  345. Michelle says:

    I love this post. Exactly what I needed for today. God is always working in us and through us. It’s messy and beautiful. I also love your approach to decorating. God centered and within a reachable budget over time. So different than alot of what’s out there in the decorating world. I would love a copy of your book!

  346. Denise nesbitt says:

    Simple is good. Simple decorating, simple living, simple life. All good.

  347. “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” How true.

  348. Great reminders for moving into our forever home. It cannot happen overnight and remembering to be content with what we have.

  349. This was very encouraging to me!

  350. Thank you for these wonderful reminders of what a home is really about.

  351. So inspirational!! Just found your blog too! Love all your decorating tips! I have a lot of decorating to do. Just purging my house of junk & beginning to decorate for the first time in years. I’m sooo excited to find you now! Perfect timing!!!

  352. Thank you! I needed to be refocused on what is really important..the renewing of my mind first…not the renewing of my “house”!

  353. Your advise came while I’m in the middle of a big and sometimes overwhelming home project. Thank you for helping me change my focus on God’s blessings!

  354. Stephanie says:

    We’ve lived in our home for over 26 years, but there is always something to do. I am “decorating challenged” and can easily get overwhelmed because you know…it must be perfect…and what is that? Thanks for the lessons and reminders in your devotional!

  355. v. Johnson says:

    This was so inspiring and I’m looking forward to reading more on this subject!

  356. Thanks for the encouraging post today! I would love to win a copy of your book!

  357. I’d love a copy!

  358. My husband and I have been looking for a different home for several years but haven’t found just the right one. Apparently our time table doesn’t align with God’s. 🙂 Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for God’s blessings and for our current home.

  359. Today’s message reminds me that God will provide exactly what we need and there is much joy in the blessings already granted to us.

  360. Cynthia White says:

    I love this! I have been trying to grasp this for awhilr.

  361. This is a timely devotion today as my thoughts have been almost consumed with things I would like to do around my house. I would like very much to win a copy of this book.

  362. We bought a home 2 years ago and it’s been an experience for sure doing renovations and learning the ropes of being a homeowner. We are very blessed and grateful!

  363. Thank you for your encouraging words this morning! I would really enjoy reading your book!

  364. Sue Peacock says:

    Thank you for your reminder in today’s devotion that God can live in even an imperfect home and imperfect person like me. I hope to use your ideas to make my home more welcoming.

  365. krista york says:

    today’s devotional proves again that God meets us right where we are ,in every situation. I would love to win a copy of this book.

  366. Stephanie Bolesh says:

    This was just what I needed to read today. We bought an older country house 4 years ago and I get discouraged sometimes. But this reminds me that we can build memories with friends and family even in our work in progress house and that is how it becomes our home.

  367. Wow! I really needed to read this devotional today! Thank you

  368. Thanks for the verse and thoughts in “You Have All it Takes to Love Your Home.”

  369. Sarah Schmidt says:

    Timing is God-blessed! Yesterday found out that my home (and her owners) is in desperate need of returning to a place of peace. Help is being sought. Creating a new stage for the healing is so needed!

  370. Fix me Jesus

  371. Dori Sheese says:

    Thank you for your warm and inviting heart, Melissa. We have been in our new/old home for 5 years now, and I still love it!

  372. Michelle Lefler says:

    Love this post. A home is blessed most when Christ shines through us!

  373. Kristin Dyck says:

    Would love to win this book!!!

  374. Thanks for the devotional this morning. I was reminded it is about transforming the heart and it will effect what
    we give and create in our family and our home. I would love to have a copy of Melissa;s book. Thank you.

  375. Linda Williams says:

    What a great post! I was just lamenting about my 40+ year old yellow laminate counters and backsplash. Now I’m grateful for having a full functioning kitchen that I’ve served my family thousands of meals out of!

  376. I enjoyed your piece today it reminded me of my childhood home. In that house us kids had a green bathroom that grated on me as well. It’s green tile, green tile shower, green sink and green toilet made me dislike the color green for a while. I have a home now that needs some help so I hope to win your book. Thank you, Liz Gillean

  377. No

  378. I desperately need to win your book!

  379. I would love to have this book to read. My husband says that I’m not content with our house and it hurts his feelings. I’m definitely not gifted in the decorating sense and would love to have some help.

  380. I enjoyed this article. I’ve struggled for years in trying to be happy with my home. It’s a great space but my decorating skills are not a strength! I’d love to win the book!

  381. Mary Ann Smith says:

    So true Lisa! I have a pink countertop in my kitchen which has been a sore spot for me waiting to get it changed. Thanks for a reminder to look at it in God’said time not mine.
    Mary Ann Smith

  382. Thank you for sharing your perspective it truly is what helps us every day to see things with gratitude. I remember having a pink tub in our first home and actually loved it 💗 The current home we have has always felt like something was missing because of a different floor plan. Would love to be inspired by some of your creativity. Thank you for the opportunity have a blessed day 🙌

  383. God blessed me with a home after my divorce and as He transformed me He transformed it – literally gutting it and removing the entire foundation (not by choice) and then rebuilt it with people from my local church. He transformed my kitchen, the heart of my home, during my heart ablation for A-fib. And this past season I poured every cent, all my energy and time into renovating my 3 children’s rooms. During that time I spent quality time with each child and they all accepted Christ into their heart. We prayed for direction on every detail from paint color to curtains. After 7 years we have created our home and for me and my house we will serve the Lord. (Bathrooms need work but God will tell me when)

  384. Laura Sovine says:

    I’d LOVE to win this book and get some decorating inspiration!

  385. Kathy Ragan says:

    I would LOVE a copy of this book. Being newly retired so spending more time at home, I’m interested in ways to “homey up” my haven of comfort.

  386. Jaysa Stewart says:

    I needed that today. I feel a bit overwhelmed at the projects to make our new- old house into our home. If I can turn the volume down on what the world wants and turn up the volume on God’s will in our home; I know it will all come together for his good – even with yellow rooms and dated wallpaper.

  387. Megan Ward says:

    Starting a home myself, would love this book. Here’s to creating home where ever we end up as long as God is with us (and He always is.)

  388. Julie Amaya says:

    Through several years of neglect & disrespect due to making my once lovely “new to us” old house a haven for displaced homeless family members it breaks my heart to admit that my once happy home no longer feels “homey”. It is more like just a house, a building. I long to reclaim the beauty & serenity of what my home used to be. I think this book would be an excellent starting point for like someone like me.

  389. Would love to get new ideas!

  390. Sarah Kocour says:

    Yes please!!! This would be great!!!

  391. I’ve read Melissa’s blog for a while now. Love her simple but beautiful style. Her newest book sounds great-would love to win!

  392. I sometimes look at my home and shake my head to myself. Just yesterday I wondered just how would my home look if money were no factor. . .or less of a factor. I love my home and am blessed to have it. . .but there is SO MUCH I’d love to do with it. One little project at a time. . .mixed in with the occasional needed repairs and upkeep. A constant work in progress. A continual reminder of God’s blessings and my need for him even when I am blessed with good things.

  393. I love my apartment, and I love decorating. Been challenged over the years on how to decorate.

  394. I enjoyed today’s devotion as I find myself wanting so badly to get some projects done and yet am missing how truly blessed I am to have a home to raise my young family.

  395. Wendy Kretschmann says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words. I once again am looking for a new house to call home. I’m praying for specifics as far as space, but I too know that’s it’s the love we put in the house that makes it a home. The most important thing is that wherever I move I find that God moves with me. I would love to see your insight and decorating ideas on how you put your story into your new home.

  396. Jolene Nofzinger says:

    Loved this devotion! We moved to a new home about a year ago and are slowly making it our own. So many ideas floating around! This move was also about simplifying and downsizing, which has been so freeing! Also trying to decorate with intention and meaning – only with things we love or that reflect our faith and family.

  397. Christie says:

    Great perspective…I could really use hekp in this area.

  398. This is so exciting to see , because my daughter will start looking for her 1st house in November 2017 on a fixed income. Her 3 little girls live with their grandparents due to her mental illness. She was in the military for about 5 years and they had to release her. She is a veteran and still has benefits through the military which has been beneficial. I live with her and am her to be a support for her. She could really benefit from this book and would love to to have copy. We are working very hard on our relationship with the Lord and excited on our Journey.

  399. I have learned that making a loved and welcoming home is more important than a beautiful to the eye home. I want my family and others to feel welcome and “at home” when in it. Sometimes that focus means ignoring the dust or older furniture. A hard lesson but one that has changed my life.

  400. Ruth Trigg says:

    We are moving to a new city in 3 months. Kids not looking forward to it so truly want to make a home for them as soon as we get there.

  401. Roxanne Langley says:

    I so enjoy moving or re-purposing items throughout my home. It’s small but seems interesting I’m always moving and tweaking things here and there after I peruse the magazines or blogs. LOL

  402. Simple and affordable I love that, most fixer upper shows breed discontentment yet God calls us to live contentedly with what we have.

  403. Deborah Thoden says:

    Yes, I am a work in progress, through God’s grace alone!! How precious to know He will never stop His work in me, and He will never leave me or forsake me. The earthly home I share with my husband is one of my many blessings from God, and I have long admired Melissa’s tips and photographs on how to improve it. Thankyou for the inspiration you always provide Melissa!

  404. Jenny O'Shields says:

    What a great message that I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  405. Would love to read this book!

  406. Thank you for such a wonderful reminder that God takes our imperfection and makes something beautiful. I am encouraged to look for ways that I can add beauty to my less than perfect home. I think I’ll start today with cleaning the outdated bathtub and making it shine again.

  407. Debbie herbst says:

    Great reminder that we can ask God for wisdom, understanding and knowledge.
    love the example of redemption in the physical house, one change at a time, which reminds me of redemption in marriage and family and in me, one change at a time.
    Thank you.

  408. This is so timely as my family is moving to a new home and this scripture has been on my heart and mind as we move to a new town and had this home built. For us a home is always a place to welcome people from all walks of life and minister to them not in a churchy way but in a real and every day way so they may know the God we know and serve!

  409. Janet McCoy says:

    Thank you; thank you. I’m confident that God sent your words to me. In the past four months I have sold two homes (my mother’s and mine) and purchased another (we moved in last week and more coming this weekend). My desire is for my mother, who moved from her home, to feel comfortable, and my focus has been on the house. I needed to be reminded for my focus to be on what God has in store for us. Thank you.

  410. Thank you for this excellent reminder. I am in the process of downsizing and as I let go of the old to embrace the new, I am also learning to be content in any circumstance.

  411. Julie Bergstrom says:

    My husband is a Pastor and our first Parsonage had Pepto-Bismol-pink walls in the formal living room. 😂 We laugh about it now. God has truly blessed us over the years with wonderful accommodations that we could make into a home.

  412. God has truly blessed us with our home which was given to us by a family member, but I have no idea how to decorate it. I’m not good at decorating at all. I would love this book. Thanks

  413. Thank you for the reminder that I don’t need a new home to have a welcoming home!

  414. Great encouragement today for our family and home! Thank you!

  415. Janice Kesterson says:

    I needed to read this devotion this morning. I had been feeling depressed about my home and other things. My perspective changed after reading this and I am so grateful. Thank you!

  416. Thank you for offering this perspective. I struggle with not being satisfied or happy with myself and my home. I have saved this devotional and Proverbs 31 Ministries and will surely visit again. I would like to win the book too!

  417. We just got our house couple months ago and would love to receive a copy, would be a blessing.

  418. Alison Curlee says:

    I’m an inspiring designer and also follow proverbs31 daily. God spoke to me on your the devotion “you have all it takes to love your home”. I’m learning & praying over God’s will for me and your devotion was so encouraging and inspiring . Thank you!!

  419. Would love to read this book!!

  420. Your devotional was perfectly timed as always. Simple Decorating sums up my personal style and taste although not always what my clients want. Looking for inspiration for our new not so new coastal cottage. Thank you for making the connection between God and our home.

  421. Jen in TX says:

    Could really use this book, as we moved to a new house in November and I still haven’t really done any decorating.

  422. Amber Donnelly says:

    This book sounds amazing!

  423. As a Christian Realtor, I appreciate your comments about your new to you, mauve-tubbed house. What a treasure it is to decorate a home and make it yours when you have a thankful heart and Christ as a permanent houseguest. Have fun remaking your new to you home.

  424. We are in the process of completely remodeling our new-to-us home. It has taken longer than we planned, and feels so overwhelming at times. Thanks for the reminder that we can show hospitality and find daily joy in an imperfect work in progress just as our Father delights in us while we are being transformed and made new. I would love to be entered for a chance to win the book!

  425. Linda Hagen says:

    I have lived in many homes in many areas by adult life. Each time I feel God lead me to the home and area since I would sell my old home right away and immediately find the new one. My last home is by far my smallest, but I feel like I have lived here all my life….it contains some of my old treasurers and several new ones. In each move God lead me to a great church and places where I could volunteer to serve him.

  426. Marie Cox says:

    What a great analogy. While I do not have a gift for design, my goal is for people to feel comfortable in my home and in my life, and for both to be extensions of who I am in Christ.

  427. Audrey Ellis says:

    We’ve lived in our home for awhile now, but still feel like there’s lots of room for improvement for decorating. I would love this book!

  428. Barbara Taylor says:

    Since I frequently have moved with my husband’ s job, I am frequently faced with having to make a house a home on a limited budget. Since I am not creatively gifted in decorating, I look for new ideas on how to use what I have or can reasonably acquire or do.

  429. Deborah Chambers says:

    I love this story because I am moving from my family home to an apartment. I want my new place to feel like home. I believe this book will help me accomplish that.

  430. Kathy Ellis says:

    Wow! This post is so apropos! I’m preparing my cute but very small home for sale and am in the midst of trying to decorate and stage it since I cannot afford a professional to do it. God gave me many amazing gifts for which I am eternally grateful, but decorating is not one of them! I can’t wait to dive into this book for help. Thank you!

  431. Christine says:

    I just sold my home after losing my husband of 21 years. My son and I are renting now and it just doesn’t feel like a home. But we know God has placed us in this location for a period of time while our hearts heal from our loss and we find our next perfect home! Any suggestions are helpful while we try our best to feel “at home”.

  432. Kathleen Auen says:

    I moved into my husband’s house more than 11 years ago. He lived here with his deceased wife. After all this time, I still do not feel like this home is mine. There are too many things here that were hers. It is a very sad state of affairs because I’m longing for it to be MY home, too.

  433. Judy Flores says:

    What a great reminder to focus on our homes and relate it to our physical bodies as well. God can turn both into vessels to be used to bring glory and honor to Him! We have lived in our brand new home foe almost 9 years and we love it but want to do some tweaking! I would love to read your book for suggestions.

  434. Lisa Siler says:

    I have been living in a “fixer upper” for 13 years. One project at a time, slowly but surely. I get very “envious” of my sisters who are able to have “move in ready” brand new homes. I struggle some times with wanting to be able to
    quit “working at it” all the time and just be able to be at home and rest! I do want people to feel at home and for my home to be a place where people feel the presence of the LORD! I am so glad God doesn’t “quit working at it” when it comes to growing me!! I would love to read this book. I am going to go visit her blog now! God Bless!

  435. When I read the title of today’s devotional I about choked on my coffee. We are going through exactly this and are desperate to move but can’t afford anything else. However, our discontentment is not cosmetic…it’s location. You’ve offered encouraging words that God has us exactly where he wants us to be and is shaping us for what is to come. We have prayed about our situation daily and I’m trying so hard to find joy in our home. Matthew 6:25-27 has been my verse that lifts my hope.

  436. This devotional comes at a great time as my husband and I are looking for a new home for our family. This book would be a great inspiration to help me create our home in a new house.

  437. Ansley Beverly says:

    We are about to move into our forever home this weekend! There are so much things I want for our new home but I know we will need to take it slow. I needed this message to remind myself to be content where I am and to be grateful for the process.

  438. Judy Spaulding says:

    We purchased a piece of land a couple years ago. We have been debating whether to build on it or stay in the home that we have owned for over 30 years. I have mixed feelings about it – from feeling a bit sad to be leaving the home where we raised our family and shared so many memories; to excited to start a new chapter in our life together in a home we have designed to suit us as we prepare to retire. I have prayed that if it is God’s will for us to build, it will move forward and will feel right. I am sure He will let us know if it isn’t part of His plan for us. I want to develop a new, fresh style in decorating so our home will be warm and inviting to family and friends who spend time with us. I am done with the beige walls and am hoping to discover interesting colors and textures and this book sounds like a perfect place to start.

  439. Getting ready to build a new home and would LOVE to decorate on a budget. This book would be a fabulous addition and help to me.

  440. Patricia Williams says:

    Hello! Are you the next Joanna Gaines? I feel my house is lacking and I don’t have a creative bone in me. Help! Thank you so much. You ladies make it look so easy….

  441. Cathy Jennings says:

    Having a home, not just a house is an amazing Blessing from God.
    How important it is to recognize that fact and give Him the credit…and your Love.

  442. Kimberly Cram says:

    Gods timing is always perfect!! This message was EXACTLY what I needed to hear at this very moment and is a beautiful reminder to give thanks to him in every area of our lives, including our “not so perfect” homes. 🙂

    Kimberly Cram

  443. Jean Dahduh says:

    My husband and I moved into an old house in 1969 and worked on it for years. Now it is old as it has grown along with us and needs some simple freshing up tips. This is the way my husband and I need fresh words from the Bible each day to freshen up and grow our faith.

  444. JoAnne Graham says:

    As I read today’s devotional, I realized that over the years (I’m 78 now), living on a modest income, I have been doing this in my home, delighting in unexpectedly discovering an occasional quality decorative item I like at Goodwill; making an arrangement of fresh flowers from our yard – for no special occasion, but just to bring personal joy. I have enjoyed decorating with items that have meaning to me or my husband – rather than treating our home as a “model” home with what I view as impersonal objects purchased to create a “look.” God has given me an eye for color and bringing things together in harmony – such that friends who come into our home and find it “inviting.” Of course, all the external beauty is just a backdrop for the warm and loving welcome that others experience when they enter our home. Loving others well has become the focus of our lives – Of course, I do not always love well and then I get down on myself. However, I am in the process of learning to accept this and to turn to Jesus for healing and restoration.

  445. Jean Dahduh says:

    Jean Dahduh says:
    April 19, 2017 at 10:36 am
    My husband and I moved into an old house in 1969 and worked on it for years. Now it is old as it has grown along with us and needs some simple freshing up tips. This is the way my husband and I need fresh words from the Bible each day to freshen up and grow our faith.

    – See more at:

  446. Julie Mumpower says:

    The “Art of Decorating” can be very simple or complex…….but it is almost always personal! I am one of those people that love to decorate my own home and to help others decorate theirs’. I take the time to take “small” areas-a wall, a bookcase, a corner in the basement, etc. to bring beauty and happiness to my home. I think when your inspiration comes from a heart filled with God’s love that you can weave His words, the nature that He created, the design of his handiwork, into your home. It’s the small things that make the simplest moments come to life: a small pitcher of flowers in the refrigerator, a special scripture verse tucked in your PJ drawer, a beautiful cut glass vase filled with prayer cards-one side the prayer, the other side the answer and date. At the end of the day, fill your home with the simple joys and pleasures of life.

  447. Jean Dahduh says:

    Jean Dahduh says:
    April 19, 2017 at 10:36 am
    My husband and I moved into an old house in 1969 and worked on it for years. Now it is old as it has grown along with us and needs some simple freshing up tips. This is the way my husband and I need fresh words from the Bible each day to freshen up and grow our faith.

  448. Thank you for your message today! I would love to win a copy of your book! I, too, love to rehab houses!! 🙂

  449. Jeanne Hill says:

    Today’s devotion REALLY “hit home” with me ( no pun intended 🙂 )
    Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister! It is so refreshing to receive these devotions daily!
    I would LOVE to receive the book, Simply Decorating!

  450. Lindy Berglund says:

    This devotion spoke to me today. I love my old home with its wonderful and funky character. Some days I am so pleased and grateful to watch the sun stream through the windows but other days I sit in my kitchen, discouraged by its age and dream of it being different. And so it is with my walk with the Lord-pleased and so grateful for the sweet relationship, and other days disappointed in my disconnect. Refine me, Lord, refine me.

  451. Katrina Griggs says:

    I absolutely loved this devotion today. Over the past two weeks after marveling at my mom’s green thumb for Years! I finally set out to fix up our yard little by little and it has been an absolute joy to garden and work in my yard. It’s become a new hobby! Fixing up our small patio now to make for a relaxing spot in the evenings for my family. Also always trying to find ways to brighten my home inside. I’m no decorator but my small rearrangements are cute and welcoming to me. The smells of candles and burning oils have also become a new love of mine. My husband even commenting one day on how amazing the house smelled! It’s the little things that create the heavenly atmosphere in our homes.

  452. Michelle Rossi says:

    Thank you for the encouragement to find God’s grace in all of the unfinished projects!

  453. Monica Niles says:

    Wow. Great timing. I was starting to think our house was looking tired and showing its wear and age. But really it is the family story of love it is telling. Likewise I am tired from being a working mom and care giver to my mom. I too am a project God is working on. One piece at a time! Thanks

  454. Lisa Andresen says:

    We bought my in laws house after my mother in law passed. I would love to make a few changes to make it more ours.

  455. Ericka Tingley says:

    We moved into our house 10 years ago and are finally getting to a point where we can financially afford to make it our home. We are working on projects little by little with what we can afford. I can’t wait until our house truly is our home!

  456. Linda Weber says:

    Would love this book! Always need help with rearranging and decorating

  457. Jami Harder says:

    Perfect! Just the reminder I needed this morning. Thanks for sharing!

  458. Katie sexton says:

    Thank you for this wonderful devotional


  460. We have a spacious home, that took us very long to afford and proving even longer to decorate. I’m so thankful that our house is blessed with many a friend…

  461. Joanna Kearns says:


  462. I have quite a few projects needed in my house right now, so I really appreciated the analogy. Thanks for the encouragement. Would love to read the book.

  463. Linda Miller says:

    This book sounds very interesting.

  464. We moved into our home in 2010. The Previous owner had painted all the walls white so that we wouldn’t know her character, anything. One by one we have painted each room. One room by one room we have slowly made the home ours. That’s the same way with our hearts. The more we grow closer to God the more, One space by one space the walls come down and our hearts warm up.. it amazes me that even parts of our heart that we vowed never to show again, God has the ability to get into.

  465. Jenny McDowell says:

    i want my home to be a sanctuary of peace to all who enter, especially those who live here. Having moved twice in a year recently, sometimes it feels anything but that! Slowly though, God is helping me to cut through the mess and create spaces of peace and order. Thank you to Melissa for her inspiring words and insight!

  466. Becky Lysdahl says:

    Thank you for the reminder to focus on our blessings rather that what we could have… Sometimes when my kitchen / living room / home are messy and /or dirty, I try to remember to thank God that we have a home. That seems to always help… 🙂

  467. Dee Ohmstede says:

    Wonderful article…reminds me once again to be grateful for my many blessings.

  468. Sharon Milo says:

    I would love to be selected to get a copy of the book. I would love to learn some good tips!

  469. I just bought my first house and cannot get excited about it – too much going through my mind that could go wrong and/or is already wrong with it. This post was just the thing I needed to read today after just discussing with a friend last night my struggle with being happy/excited in new home.

  470. Oh oh oh please please please pick me i have a lovely 21 year old home that NEEDS some touching up DESPERATELY we have made no changes since moving in…none zilch Nada!!! I have borders and magnolias and ughhbh i shouldn’t go on..!!!!

  471. Grace Crapittog says:

    I would absolutely love to win this. My husband and I are elderly and getting ready to redecorate our home of 23 years for the final time. This book sounds perfect and very much needed.

  472. What a timely word for me today. While my house is on the market right now and my family and I are trying to keep it “show-ready”, I am reminded that all our hard work is to bless someone else. But right now I can enjoy the simplicity of not having so many belongings to manage and that God has given me a respite time after three months of remodeling and packing away stuff so the house would look better. I am learning that we don’t need all the stuff and am looking forward to getting rid of most of it and simplifying our lives.

  473. Would love this. I don’t really decorate our home because I feel like I really don’t know what to do.

  474. Heather Romero says:

    Truly thankful for having a home to call my own. I’d love some inspiration and new decorating ideas.

  475. Nancy Dunker says:

    I too bought a fixer upper 2 years ago when my husband and I moved from CT to NC. He fell in love with the BIG garage – and I didn’t love the house or yard. The whole house and yard needed major work and major money. I struggle with fixing up and decorating and can use all the help I can get!!

  476. Brenda Hamas says:

    This was so inspirational to me today. My husband and I have been struggling on whether to update our current home or build a new one. This reminded me that this home is where our children grew up, and it is where our challenges and blessings have all occurred. It also reminded me how blessed we are to call this our home, and to be thankful for all that we have.

  477. I would love a copy of your book for my daughter.

  478. Oh my, yes, my house needs help! I would love to have this book.

  479. I would love to read this book. I’m stuck figuring out how to make our home warm, welcoming, a place of rest and reflect our values on a budget and in our Pinterest driven culture where things are beautiful but also pricey (not to mention a distraction). Perfect read for this summer!

  480. Denise Lapointe says:

    What a great description of the common needs we often forget and the treasures we have and are making.

  481. Brittnee Wells says:

    I so needed to hear this today! Love how God know what we need to hear when we need to hear it. He is a real and attentive God. Looking at my blue toilet and blue bathtub and old linoleum, I can remember that I am lucky to even have a functioning bathroom when millions in the world would see that as a major luxury. We are incredibly blessed, we just need to remind ourselves of that. Would love the book!

  482. Revonna Bean says:

    We live in 3 bedroom cottage of 1,300 sq ft. We have raised 2 children in our home over the past 21 years. I don’t let anyone come into my home due to the shame I feel about all the undone projects, and piles of stuff I need to purge. I have started boxing and taking stuff to a local mission. I can’t believe I finally saw a devotion about our homes and how I relate as mine is such an eye sore. I have guilt because so many people in third world countries don’t even have a home, yet in the U.S. there is such a stigma about where and what we live in. This situation is very painful. I would love to hear your heart on any ideas.

  483. Lisa Ivory says:

    This was refreshing to read this morning. Thank you for being a vessel that the Lord can use & for being obedient to Him in writing this devotion! I see so many responses about this subject. Obviously it spoke to many including myself. I am blessed to be living right where the Lord wants me. It was nothing short of a miracle that exactly 2 weeks before my due date we were signing a lease for a 2 bedroom apartment.God kept us in perfect peace. When everyone was questioning where are you going to live? Or saying that baby is going to be here soon, you don’t even have the crib set up yet. You haven’t got the baby’s room ready. Aren’t you worried? Where will you put all your baby shower gifts? Are you actively looking for some place to rent? We would respond by saying we have a place it’s not ready yet. Because it was His perfect timing. We signed the lease 2 weeks before my due date but God knew something we didn’t. Our daughter was born almost 2 weeks after the due date! We had a month to get everything settled before she would come home. We started out with some funky looking furniture, everything was not even close to something I wanted. It was a little embarrassing even when I had my mom over but nobody cared. They knew we were just starting out & the most important thing needed in any house to make it a home, no matter what it looks like is the presence of the Holy Spirit! When a house has it then it becomes a home. Holy Spirit never leaves our home. If He wasn’t here the ugliness & the discontentment of this place would be miserably depressing. Before that we had shared a home with 5 other people. We had a bedroom & that was our home, our sanctuary. Love, joy, peace & all the other fruits of the Spirit were growing in that small bedroom as well as my belly! My husband & I were so close in our relationship. Weekends when he was off work we would watch funny faith based christian movies in that small room. Eating popcorn & laughing so much,so hard & so loud I’d cry! Everytime I would end up running to the bathroom because I almost peed my pants. (Maybe I didn’t always make it to the bathroom but I was very pregnant so it was ok!) Most of the time I would ask our roomates the next day if we were being too loud or if we woke them up. They would always start laughing & say yes you woke me up with your laughing but all I could do was laugh too even though I had no idea what was so funny! They were never upset when they woke from hearing me laugh hysterically. I always tried so hard to be quiet but everything was so funny when I was pregnant! Anyway my post is kind of a long one but praise Jesus I can share a bit of my testimony for His glory! If it doesn’t help anyone on here that’s ok because it sure helped,encouraged & reminded me of the blessings He has poured out upon us! -P.s.- I’d love to be entered for a chance to win the book! Lord knows the gifts of this woman will help me in decorating! God bless 💛

  484. Vickie Spires says:

    My home is always a work in progress! I would love to read your book!

  485. Carmen Peralta says:

    Hi , I lived at my home for approximately five years, and when the birds are singing and the grass is growing I think of paint!!! Lime green to be exact! It reminds me of a sunny day, lime green drinks, sun, happiness and love, Love you say. Yes that’s my baby favor color. So this spring I am going to spruce the house and enjoy the sunshine! …Remember the projects that you do around your home is the reflection of you and your honey. It brings a little togetherness. After all its takes two! P.S. and with that lime green I will add splash of orange to boot!
    Have a wonderful and many bless days

  486. Jane Mergens says:

    I so appreciated today’s devotional- spoke right to me as we are in the middle of updating our home & I am trying to find inner satisfaction with that & not push too much for a complete overhaul! Would love to read the book!

  487. Judith Monasky says:

    Your devotional was so appropriate for me. In October 2015 we moved to a new home in town and were preparing to put our former house on the market when my brother passed away in a far off state. He owned three homes which added to my list of properties to sell. I have had to replace entire septic systems, repipe an entire home, do major repairs to at least two of them. My own home has suffered as I have not had time to devote to unpacking and arranging our things. Thank you for refocusing my perspective on what a home really is meant to be. I would love to read your book. Blessings

  488. This sounds like a welcomed book for those of us looking to downsize and live more light heartedly❤!

  489. Geraldine Gennaro says:

    My family and I needed today’s devotional. Remembering that we are far from perfect, that God still redeems us and loves us “imperfections” and all! Praise be to the Lord!

  490. Melissa Garcia says:

    Great article

  491. Thanks for the reminder to be content with what I have, and that a home is an expression of one’s heart not of pretty material things! And change doesn’t need to be one big makeover but a series of little improvements.

  492. Thank you for some much needed perspective. I long to make my house a home; comfortable and inviting, but I get paralyzed by the clutter. It’s not as bad as it used to be because the kids are older and there are not as many toys around, but still there’s clutter. Right now, I’m trying to just find a small section of my home a day and focus on decluttering and making it visually appealing and functional. I worked on my desk yesterday, today it’s my book shelf (because there was stuff from my desk that needed to go there), which will overflow to shifting some stuff around and finding spots for what’s been moved. One thing leads to another, right? With new perspective and gratitude that I have a home, I choose to love it and nurture it and make it a place where my family and friends can feel welcomed.

  493. I would love to win a copy of the book! I won’t say I’m a hopeless decorator (no one is without hope), but a book like this would sure help me out!! 🙂

  494. Kathy Mizell says:

    My husband and I have moved into a beautiful home with some rooms empty of furniture provided to us by our Savior. We are doing it one room at a time. We are so blessed I would love a copy of this book to help us decorate it. Thank you and God bless.

  495. Katie Holden says:

    I would appreciate a copy of how to decorate and tips on organization! In desperate need… Lol! I have 4 kids, ages 7 months to 12 years old, and I need help. My house is a mess. God is great! Our hands are full, but so are our hearts!
    Thank you for all Proverbs 31 does!

  496. So grateful for these devotions and this community.

  497. Mary Coetzee says:

    In our almost 5 years of marriage my husband and I (with our littles) have moved 7 times. My heart aches for a nest to develop and create in. Each home has had it’s major quirks, and each season of our short life has been full of boys and heart aches. But this… perspective that reminds me of our story. God has always, always filled our pockets and provided a warm home.
    This book sounds amazingly fun! Checking out the blog too!

  498. Maritza Morcillo says:

    My husband (hopefully guided by God) decided to buy this house that we are cleaning so we can start moving, even though I mentioned to him that I didn’t like it.
    My daughter shared your devotional about moving into a new ti you old house you didn’t like.
    Perfect timing for this devotional. Thanks a lot!!!
    Hoping to be one of the winners,
    Maritza Morcillo
    1216 Brentwood Dr Clermont Fl 34711

  499. Judy Willms says:

    Thank you for these encouraging and real words. God gives us everything to enjoy! Even festive coloured walls and an outdated bathroom! I am slowly learning to give thanks, trust God and to let go of my own expectations and agendas. We just moved off an acreage to the city to downsize. I have entertained in the midst of renovating an older smaller condo. We moved in just before Christmas and celebrated together in bright orange and dark green rooms. My adult children were happy to have a place to gather and crash for the holidays. Memories of their past home on the acreage were shared. I hosted a bridal shower for my soon to be daughter-in-law, with no kitchen backsplash, trusting God that it was more about the relationships formed then how I desired my home to look and feel. My two grandchildren came here with wonder and expectancy in their eyes. Grandpa and Grandma’s new home became a playground of a game of hide-and-seek even among the ladders and painting supplies.

  500. Sue Brooke says:

    This is a great post. Just about 2 years ago I bought a tiny condo with mauve everywhere. I’m slowly but surely changing things out to reflect me. I put a decoration on the old table and a wreath on the door to make me happy. I could really relate to this.

  501. Just moved in our newly built “forever” home that we began planning for nearly 6 years ago. It is so easy to get caught up in all the “to dos” of moving, cleaning up behind subcontractors, unboxing, etc. that I don’t take enough time to be simply thankful & grateful for the blessings that God has given our family. Thank you for refocusing me through this article!

  502. Ann Hemken says:

    We just sent off some missionary friends who stayed with us over the Easter weekend. In spite of having 4 coolers in the kitchen due to a fridge that died we had a wonderful time of fellowship!

  503. Melissa! What a delightful devotion! There are many things I appreciate about my home. 1) I have a roof over my head. So many do not. 2) I love the spring peepers singing outside my window. Their “song” reminds me that spring is really, really here! I’m going back to check out the blog…I haven’t stopped by in awhile.

  504. Love this blog!!!

  505. I really needed to hear this today. I needed to hear that I can choose to appreciate my imperfect gift (home). We have been in a bit-really-suited-for-us house for two years and I long to make it feel like a home but don’t have the budget for a sever makeover.

  506. I can identify with owning and older home without all the new conveniences the newly more expensive home can provide.
    As I watched home renovation shows I grew increasingly frustrated withy home and always thought if I could do this and that. Until one day I prayed, Lord you know my heart’s desire in the type of home I would like to own someday. If you want to give it to me, I will be happy but in the meantime help me to be content and love the home you have given me. I can honestly say that God gave me a love for my home, I am content and would not want any other home but the one God has blessed me with. What an awesome Father we have!😊

  507. Kathy Lawrence says:

    I need this book!

  508. Kathy Sutton says:

    I loved this devotional today. Our home growing up was always a warm welcoming place. Not because we were rich, because we weren’t, but because it was always open to everyone and always welcoming.

  509. Melissa,
    Perfect timing for this post. I have recently moved to a house that I could not initially see any good in because my preference would have been to have the fixer upper “fixed” BEFORE moving in. However, God used something as simple as a fresh coat of paint on the inside to remind me of the beauty of the “fixing.”

  510. Jane Norton says:

    God is good and of course He sends a message that is perfect and what I needed to hear. We have lived in our home for over 20 years and some things need updates and after two storms last year, there is repair needed so interior updates need to wait. Great to focus on the blessings of having a home and those that gather here and to also began to be creative with what we have and use those to change things to make them feel like they are brand new! I love my home and I love to have guests here…thank you Lord for sending this message to remind me of all my blessings and what to truly focus on!

  511. sounds like a wonderful book

  512. We just opened a transitional home (we call it transformational) for women and children. It was renovated and is beautifully decorated unlike my small 2 bedroom apartment. Reading the devotional today made me realize that I have been discontent in the apartment for so many reasons: I forget I share it with the love of my life, I don’t put forth effort to make it ours, the rent is sooooo cheap, God dwells there with us keeping us safe and joyful and still married. So many reasons it is ours and His! Thank you for your encouragement.

  513. Thank you! A good reminder that I absolutely love my home for all the right reasons.

  514. Belinda Dimaio says:

    This message hit me straight to the heart. Right now I am currently in a situation where I need to pray and give thanks even though I am not where I need to be. My family and I lost our home and had to move in a small camper in someone’s backyard. It is super tough and through this message, I have learned to feel thanks and lucky to at least have a roof over our head and food to eat when there are people out there who have nothing and would love to be in our spot. I pray that I find joy in our current situation instead of frustration and focusing on my wants and needs and feeling content in my current situation. Thank you

  515. Brandy Beekman says:

    I would love this book.

  516. Dawn Burhans says:

    I love three msg that it’s the simple things that make ca difference… Starting with our mind set.

  517. This really hit “home!” I appreciate the effort it took to write it and I am blessed to have read it – particularly today! Thank you for always providing such wonderful articles!!!

  518. I need to simplify and remove some of the things ha that become clutter. Simple Decorating sounds very helpful.

  519. Thank you for an inspiring message. It really struck a chord with me today! I would love to be selected for your book!

  520. Patricia Mees says:

    I have an old house that needs a lot of help. Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful book that I know will help our house become a home. But for sure I know it’s love that makes a house a home. God being the center of our home. Thanks Pat

  521. Mary Smith says:

    God is so good. Even when we are a disorganized mess He still loves and cares for us.

  522. Rhonda Bergman says:

    Would love to win a copy of this book.

  523. Needing some fresh hints to give my home a more attractive atmosphere. Encouraged by your devotional. Thank you.

  524. Thank you for the reminder that my home is with God not on this material world. I am in between homes right now and searching for the place that God wants me to be. I know that it will not be perfect when I find it, but you have reminded me that I can make it a place that reflects who I am in God.

  525. I just found this devotional today. What a treasure! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Recently my blended family of 8 bought our first house. I’ve been struggling finding the time, energy and inspiration on how to make this ‘our home’. I’m encouraged by what I read here today. What a blessing!

  526. Decorating a home is like God’s work within us “He makes all things new”.

  527. Luba Zygarewicz says:

    Thanks for the godly insight with regards to creating a joyful home out of a house. As a creative and a believer, I find your words and posts are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your gifts so generously. Follow you on Instagram and get your email.
    Be blessed!

  528. Angel Bosarge says:

    This is exactly the pep talk I needed today. Our home is in a bit of disrepair right now. Our budget is microscopic. Our God is Mighty and will provide every need. Thanks a million!! Stay Blessed!!

  529. Shelly Davis says:

    Thank God that he doesn’t see us as the “projects” we truly are! Thanks for the message and reminder to feel thankful in all situations, whether living in a mansion or a shack.

  530. We all try to decorate ourselves to hide our imperfections. God sees through those decorations and sees the real us and he loves us any way.

  531. velda mccurley says:

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  532. Mendy Simmons says:

    I’m so grateful for your encouraging words. We have been in our home 11 years. It required much work before we could move in. This old house is now getting to a point where a few things need a re-do. When I think about these things, I just remember that God gave and gives a re-do to all who are willing to accept Jesus into their lives. I person or one space at a time. I tell God often how grateful I am for my imperfect home and family, knowing that he loves us just the way we are but works on us over time!

  533. Im always looking for simple ways to improve our home, would love to read the book.

  534. Sarah Liddy says:

    I love that it takes more than just decorating a home, but to bring life to your home, and to also make Jesus known, by showing hospitality to others.

  535. Sharon Phillips says:

    Thanks for the beautiful analogy that I can relate to!

  536. Mary Ann Kuehnel says:

    I enjoyed reading about this topic. Very biblically practical!!!

  537. Jennifer says:

    I’m in the process of redecorating our home that tells messages of family,our faith and God’s love. Thank you!

  538. Wendy Stewart says:

    After developing an illness, I moved back to my parents home to help them and ourselves. Unfortunately, it needs life breathed back into it. I would love to have a copy of your book… Love in Christ, Wendy

  539. Carol Galloway says:

    I really enjoyed today’s devotion. I’ve just recently lost my husband and moved from NC to Florida. I bought a home from the family of an elderly lady who passed away. She moved in at 82 and lived here about 13 years. Needless to say there was love in here but not present in the paint, carpet kitchen etc. I’m praying to be able to fill it with the Lord’s presence and His grace.

  540. Courtney says:

    Boy, did this come at the PERFECT time! We are having to some quite a lot of repairs down to our house due to, long story short, the damages of a falling, large tree limb & years of worsening condition while unable to get necessary repairs. We are FINALLY in the beginning processes of getting this work done. After, a year, four months & counting of our family, my husband, two daughters, & myself, having to live with my parents & LOTS of prayer. Thank the Lord, by the way, for finally making it possible to get everything squared away to begin the repair work! It has been a VERY long year+, having to have a family of four confined to living in only one small bedroom! The house belongs to my brother. Since he had moved & was not living there, we decided to move into it to be closer to my parents & to be in a better area, rather than in the city where we were preciously living. It has never really felt like “home”, mainly bc everything other than our bedroom was still decorated with his things & furniture. This is something that I DEFINITELY want to change when we are able to move back in. I am so excited to learn about this book to offer some help in that process! Thank you!

  541. Verona Wooten says:

    Thanks for this personal story as I am also in the process of buying an old house, should be closing in a few days so we need all creative ideas. My husband and I will be checking all ideas for the encouragement.

    Thank, perfect timing for me,

    God blessings and Favors always,

  542. Boy oh boy!… did this strike a nerve with me! Our home that we have lived in for almost 14 yrs ( and was also the house my husband grew up in ) has been a work in progress and continues still to this day. Though my husband’s parents have passed on, our home still looks like a throwback to the 70’s and 80’s! It has upset me many times because our progress has been so slow on rehabbing and decorating it to make it “our own” , yet threw the years I have come to realize that this house is a gift from God and everything is in his timing and not ours. Many guests to our home have told us that they love our home and feel a real warmth about it.. which I pray is the love and warmth of the risen Christ! This P31 posting reminds me to always be grateful for all of God’s blessings, even if they are in disrepair! Praise God!!

  543. I would love to have a free copy of your book.

  544. I need decorating help badly! I have lots of pieces I’ve collected over the years but have no creative view what to do with things.

  545. Cindy Baumann says:

    I would love to redecorate my house. It is so outdated but we can’t afford to do much! Thank you!

  546. Tonia Anderson says:

    Home decorating and organization are not gifts of mine. Some guidance would be great. Thank you.

  547. Thank you for your kindness in offering several books to bless others as we grow in Christ in ALL areas of our lives!!

  548. Niki L. Baik says:

    I so needed to read this article! We recently bought a fixer-upper & I struggle with always seeing what is wrong with it, rather than focusing on the assets & how much we have done so far. I also struggle with embarrassment of having company over because I feel like I need to have “the perfect” house to have people over. I am working on these “materialistic” issues that God has been revealing to me. Thank you for the encouraging devotional – going to print it out & keep it close by to remind myself of the truth…and that I am not the only one working on a fixer upper! =)

  549. This looks like an amazing inspiration to be purposeful with our blessings and create a home, not just a house! I would love to have this resource to get started!

  550. Pamela Schultz says:

    I am marrying a man and moving into the 150 year old farmhouse he grew up in. There have been no updates to it since 1970’s. After his parents passed it was used as a weekend getaway in the country for twenty years. When he was widowed three years ago he moved back in with some of his stuff, some of his wife’s stuff and all the stuff from his parents fifty years together. It has been a labor of love to sort, donate, give away and throw away. We are looking forward to cleaning, painting, and settling into what will become “Our Home”

  551. Angela Tatum says:

    I would love help from this book on my house projects with my limited budget !

  552. Mei Ling Won says:

    I look forward to creativity without spending loads of money!

  553. Janice DeKorte says:

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder to check my heart attitude! Excited to check out the book.

  554. Gloria M. Wonzo says:

    It’s love that makes a house a home, love of God and of family.

  555. Loammi R says:

    I want to win a book! I need it! I have no idea how to decorate… and have no money lol

  556. patty perona says:

    Oh how I love to decorate my 60 year old home@
    My style is eclectic and farm style and ever changing!
    Thanks for reading!

  557. Justin Williams says:

    I enjoy decorating and looking in antique stores and at yard sales for unique items. A book on decorating would be right up my alley!!

  558. Kelly Stauff says:

    It has been a dream of mine to have my own home and as a single Mom at 38 years old I never thought it would happen but I am on my way. Even though it may be a few more years before I can realize that dream I have a plan and budget to get that plan to become a full blown reality someday. Even now we are down sizing to a 1 bedroom apartment so save even more and I am looking forward to decorating the smaller space with lots of scriptures and momentous for my children to remember that just because it is new doesn’t mean it isn’t home. home is where your family is and where you praise god for all your blessings as you strive to be more like Jesus everyday. Thank you for the post, it is really inspiring.

  559. Stahsha Diaz says:

    I can use all the help I can get for decorating on a budget. Even if I am not one of the lucky five, I will purchase it. Michelle I loved your devotional today. Thank for your obedience to God. May you be blessed abundantly as you have blessed me with your writing.

  560. What an awesome resource this book could be for me! We just purchased my childhood home and it needs a lot of work. I’m a little overwhelmed and unsure of how to get started. I’m praying for guidance throughout the whole process!

  561. Kathleen Dariano-Majka says:

    As I get older, I am finding it more desirable to keep life simple and free of clutter. Making memories in my home with the ones that I love is more meaningful than accumulating unnecessary stuff. This includes my decorating style as well.

  562. Thank you I needed this prospective

  563. Would​ be great to be able to get this book. I am planning on changing things in my kitchen and bedroom and need ideas.

  564. Jeri Pepperman says:

    Your teaching revealed exactly how I felt when purchasing our home! So glad to know I was not the only person who was grateful to have a home but also needed some personal TLC to call it “home”! Your book would be such a blessing to gain insight on decorating ideas. God bless you for sharing your talents with others!

  565. I am so decorator challenged… my poor family… lol.. My house is in dire need of a decorator’s touch. The Lord is working on my personal house…. your book would be an amazing gift 🙂

  566. I am reading this as I wait for the movers to arrive with my furniture! Thanks

  567. As in your prayer, I too want God to help me focus on the many blessings He has given me, especially those I might initially see as limitations.

  568. Jill DeHoff says:

    Thank you for the reminder to be thankful and content! My house does not flow well and has become very cluttered. I have read and enjoyed 2 of your books and would like to read the new one!

  569. Debbie Golden says:

    I REALLY need help with decoratibf my home –PLEASE! A very simplistic style would be quite welcome. I desperately need to clean our the old and bring in the new, both in my home and in my life. Thank you!

  570. My rooms need refreshing!!!!!!

  571. Terry Hohenstein says:

    I love decorating and would enjoy some new insights.

  572. I recently purchased my first home and have yet to feel excited or happy about it. This post hit home and reminded me to focus on blessings rather than shortcomings.

  573. Maureen Tonelli says:

    Need help with decorating home! Would love this book.

  574. 13 years ago we bought a home built in 1958. It had quite a bit of its original charm and I decided I loved mid century modern decor and architecture. Although our home is considered mid century modest I jumped right into the MCM style. We don’t have much money but by finding things at estate sales and thrift shops I’ve been able to decorate in this great style.God is so sweet to provide me with a fun and inexpensive hobby. I’ve gotten many compliments on my decorating and “finds” and a few requests from some to help me decorate their homes😊

  575. 13 years ago we bought a home built in 1958. It had quite a bit of its original charm and I decided I loved mid century modern decor and architecture. Although our home is considered mid century modest I jumped right into the MCM style. We don’t have much money but by finding things at estate sales and thrift shops I’ve been able to decorate in this great style.God is so sweet to provide me with a fun and inexpensive hobby. I’ve gotten many compliments on my decorating and “finds” and a few requests from some to help them decorate their homes😊

  576. Thanks for sharing. Right timing! My husband and I bought our first home couple of months ago and we have done quite a few updates. Still more updates to be done but it would need to wait because we have spent all our savings. I haven’t decorate my new home yet. This book will bless me to get some ideas and to do it with a normal budget. Thank you!

  577. Rachceda king says:

    Hello this might seem a little off topic but ive just went through a divorce og 11years and I found myself with all sorts of emotions loosing focus trying to get my thoughts together and just seeming stuck. i finally set down and said god help me to get my house back togethr the way you want it to be. and I got on the bibile gateway . looking for encouraging scriptures to help me in the time of darkness. and I say your name with the scripture phil.4:12-13 and thessaloians 5:18 it help me spiritually. gave me something to hold on too but I need to also get not just my spiritual house but my home as well for my kids and myself back up so that it can feel like home again. it would be a blessing to recieve the book. I want to purchase it but ive lost my job pretty much everthing but a roof over my head . and I would love to have the book. in all that is going on im still fighting to be strong. it would help me get rid of the old and bring in the new. God Bless you.

  578. We are moving into a parsonage this summer. I am so excited about this new chapter in our lives. I am also excited about making this house our home and welcoming to others. Since it is not our house, we will have to be creative on how we decorate and make it our home! This book would be a great resource in our new adventure!

  579. Today’s devotion really struck me because my house is being constructed right now and hopefully be finished by June. I am expecting it to be perfect but it doesn’t have to be. I just have to be thankful that GOD is giving me one.

  580. “Help me let go of my wants and focus instead on Your priorities for my life and home so my family and I can find joy every day.” Love this prayer… in the recent death of my husband JOY in the suffering has become my hearts desire.

  581. Over 7 years of tearing down and rebuilding a large part of our house… which we continued to live in along with our 4 kids and family pet…. I’m done doing dishes in the bathtub (a whole year) and laundry in the old cellar basement. It took going outside, around to the back, down a ladder and up another to get to the laundry. Oh my. We survived and now have a beautiful home that is not quite finished. We are doing this on our schedule, with our own hands, paycheck by paycheck and with a enormous amount of grace and patience that could only come from God.

  582. I enjoyed this devotion. It is a good reminder of how wonderful God is! My house needs lots of work, but I am really glad God provided it. I am inspired to get things organized and decorated.

  583. This one spoke directly to my heart. I’ve been overwhelmed lately with my messy, unorganized house. What a great reminder to love on my four kiddos and hubby that make it a home, rather than get so distracted by the housework that will always be there.

  584. I do want my home to reflect God’s blessing by what I own and how I display my “treasures.” It seems my decorating is more “clutter” to my husband. We are still working on the items to reveal on the walls yet the inside of closets need desperate overhauling. In all our rooms, I want the sense of tranquility and peace. I suspect I need some expert to help me gain perspective and show me ways to make my home a magnet of love and peace to all who live in it and those who visit.

  585. Whende Rueschhoff says:

    I love your perspective. I have done a lot to try to “improve” our home… but it still doesn’t feel like “ours”. I realize it might be my heart that needs to change now. Would love to read your book!

  586. Kia Graves says:

    Thanks for this gentle reminder. God Bless You!

  587. Thank you for yet another timely devotional that touched my aching heart today. I’m in a blended family and we live in the home where my husband raised his (now adult) children. For many reasons, I’ve never felt completely at home and have longed to feel rooted here but feel I never will. This morning, in particular, I had a little fit about it. I read your devotional just now, and it reminded me that God can use any circumstance to mold and shape me, and that contentment doesn’t require having my own way. I especially love the reminder to “let go of my wants [another house] and focus instead on Your priorities for my life and home [to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness]…” and do my part to make it a happy home.

    • This devotion is so timely. My husband and I are starting over in our 50’s as a result of a bad family business partnership. We are currently looking for a new home in a new town. I needed this to remind me that I can make whatever home in which we settle to be ours, despite our financial hardship. You have put this in perspective for me when I had grown discouraged. Thank you!

  588. Martha T. says:

    I would really like this book! I want some good decorating ideas.

  589. Delyn Metcalfe says:

    Would love to win this. I keep putting off having new friends over because of the half-finished projects around our home.

  590. Sarah G. says:

    So thankful God knows exactly what we need to hear! I really needed this devotional today. My husband and I moved into our “new for us” home a week ago and we have quite the list of things that need to be updated… except we have a baby blue tub not pink 😉 It has been easy to get discouraged about our list of to do’s and questioning if we even have the room in our budget to make the updates. We moved because my husband accepted a new pastoral job so our budget it tight with the ministry salary. We are confident God will take care of us because He always has and I need to continue to keep the mindset of contentment and thankfulness.. even in the in the midst of the imperfect. Thanks for sharing!!!

  591. Susan G. says:

    Thanks for this devotional and for the great ideas!
    Some women just have a gift of making beautiful things, spaces and areas in a home, where there once was not so much beauty. Others have the artistic gift of taking little things and making them look like a lot! I don’t have this gift, but I love learning from those who do!

  592. Dorothy Oyler says:

    Hello, I followed a link to your site. I already am a winner after having read Proverbs 24: 3-4
    Perfect for a living room sign. Bless you.

  593. Thank you for this! What an inspiration, Would love to read more in your book.

  594. Jo Ann Kinser says:

    love love love this!

  595. Kim Brown says:

    Such encouragement. I look forward to reading more of this inspiring message. Making home a “home” when surrounded by stressors of life is challenging to say the least. Thank you!

  596. Shawna G says:

    What a lovely book! If love to win a copy.

  597. Teresa Ostrander says:

    I needed this bit of encouragement. I would love to read this tool of encouragement.

  598. Elizabeth Wiley says:

    This is something I needed to hear today! Just this morning I have been on my significant other about getting a better job because the money would be nice. I needed that simple reminder that my family is what God has placed in my life and I should not be worrying about the materialistic items that are a want and not a need! I need to enjoy every moment with the people I have and know that God is the only bread i need to fill me!

  599. Rachel Benzine says:

    This was wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  600. Chantelle Hee says:

    Would love to read this book! Looking forward to when I’ll be able to decorate my new place.

  601. This will be perfect for my husband and I’s first home!

  602. Mandy Redabaugh says:

    Thank you for your incouraging words. We just moved into a new home that allowing wheelchair accessibility. A new permanent disability that makes this home not feeling like home.

  603. Thank you for this devotion, Melissa!!! I struggle with this daily!

  604. Lora Lord says:

    I’d love to win this book!!! ❤️

  605. Abby Windsor says:

    Such a powerful message for reminding us what is important and how great a simple life, lived after God can be.

  606. Amazing devotion! Definitely need to focus less on what God has for my life instead of what I want. He will always provide!

  607. Lacey Autrey says:

    Always a good reminder that hospitality comes from the​ heart, not the decorations in the home.

  608. Brandy Yntema says:

    Thank you for this reminder. I often get lost in the details of how my house looks or things that need to be done… When what I need to do most is to share and SHOW God’s love to my children, friends and family. And focus on what GOD wants for my home and life, not what I want.

  609. Susab Bricker says:

    What a beautifil devotion! Such powerful truths and great reminders. When we focus on Him and rest in His Presence this brings such peace and joyful simplicity.

  610. I live each day trying to thank the Lord for all of my blessings and being content with where he’s led me for that moment.

  611. Mary King says:

    We just purchased a “fixer-upper.” This devo came in God’s perfect timing! Can’t wait to read the book!

  612. I would love a copy!

  613. Carole Barnhardt says:

    I love decorating my home with symbols of my faith and I want people to see Jesus in me.

  614. I would love to win a copy of this book. I’ve become very unhappy with my home and would love to make some changes.

  615. Jolene Conway says:

    Last year my husband and I moved into the house that I grew up in. It has many memories from my early childhood through the years until just recently when my mom passed. I want to preserve the memories and gently combine our style into the house. I feel so blessed to be in our family home

  616. Stephanie Leonhart says:

    I would love to receive a copy of the textbook as it would inspire me for our future home!

  617. I would love to receive a copy of this book. Thank you! I was blessed by the article.

  618. Amy maillet says:

    Would love a copy for our home, which we have lived in 5 years but never done much with as we had twins 8 months after moving into it. xoxo

  619. Anissa Wallin says:

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  620. It would be great to learn some simple ideas for decorating a home!

  621. Ronda Golden says:

    Would love to have this book

  622. Heather Risser says:

    Awesome!! I enjoy your daily emails and post. It keeps me Balance and in a good place all day. Just what I need to hear! Thanks for all the work yous do at proverbs 31!!!

  623. Sherri Scott says:

    I am in the process of making my entire life simpler, yet more fulfilled. I’d love to have a copy of this book to help me in this process. Thank you!!

  624. Eileen Reuss says:

    I needed this! I find myself being discontent with my home and long to improve it. I need motivation to rearrange things and appreciate what I already have in my home!

  625. Mechele Dunlap says:

    I am content in my home, but it is hard in other areas of my life. Lord, please help us.

  626. Linda Bird says:

    My house was built in 1860. I had to learn to let people in even when it wasn’t perfect yet. Just like He lets us in

  627. As always timely, was daughters birthday today and gift was decorating her bedroom. I was unable to help due to surgery yesterday.

  628. Sounds like something very useful in this day and age…

  629. Love this. I’ve been in my house 7 years and still haven’t done much to it. It’s so hard to decide on anything when I love everything lol.

  630. Meriwether says:

    The Truth for today is so fitting for all circumstances! We can do all this through him who gives us strength! God is good all the time!!

  631. I love how just when something is weighing heavy on your mind and heart, something comes along to remind you to focus on what is important and to refocus on that. We recently moved into a family home that needs a lot of updating and work and I have been letting it overwhelm and get the best of me. This post was just what I needed to read today. Thank you!

  632. I can do all things through Him; He uses me right where I am, even though far from perfect!

  633. Hoping to win a season for change.

  634. The most beautiful part of this devotional and the one that overwhelmed my heart with peace was:
    When I think about the way God looks at His children, I’m thankful our own personal shortcomings do not reflect to Him that we are an unredeemable mess. God refines us and makes all things new, one project at a time.

  635. Shannon Berry says:

    I loved the pink bathtub analogy. I once had an entire pink tile bathroom. It was too expensive to replace the tile work so I had to go with the flow and make it the prettiest pink bathroomit could be!

  636. Such a great reminder this article is for me, our home can be a great way to link a connection to our receiving God’s Grace as in a new transformation in a room or our heart..
    Blessings. ❤️

  637. Lynn Quernemoen says:

    Thank you for this devotional. The verse is familiar to me. It is on a tile in my kitchen. I lead a Home Experience class each year and this is the theme verse. It teaches how to make our home a Sanctuay of Love and a haven of Peace. And learning to be content with what God has given us and use it for Him.

  638. Melissa Hull says:

    This is just what I need!

  639. Janet Darden says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book!

  640. Shelley G Meyer says:

    Need to learn how to create and decorate spaces in my home that will project a happy welcoming feel.

  641. Thank you for reminding me that God sees beauty and potential in my imperfections.

  642. Ronda Manager says:

    Enjoyed this devotion! Awesome to see one of my favorite decor bloggers at Proverbs31!

  643. Nancy Garren says:

    Though my current home does not have a pink bathtub and mauve walls, I have survived a house in which those items were accented by salmon colored drapes. What joy it was to put my own touch on the place. From the moment I stepped into my current home, I knew it was not my home, but God’s. He has only gifted it to me. As such, I want it to be a welcoming haven to all who enter. I’d love to learn more through your blog and decorating book.

  644. Heather Whitsitt says:

    Needed the reminder today~

  645. Donna Schoenwetter says:

    Our home needs some Simple Decorating! A wonderful devotional tonight.

  646. Such a beautiful reminder. We are in the process of buying a house, and this had so many points of applicable insight.

  647. I struggle with this issue a lot. I’m looking forward to trying a new perspective.

  648. Mary Anne Clark says:

    Melissa, I have been a devoted follower since the inception of your blog. Your posts are must read for me. I have all your books and I just love them!

  649. Great devotional!

  650. Samantha McFaye says:

    Simply inspiring.

  651. I would be very honored to receive a copy. It would be a great blessing. Thank you

  652. Thank u God! I’m am in a place in my life, that God is working on my new home! Thank u for your encouraging words! I am being Blessed read ur articles! Again thank u! And may God continue to Bless you!

  653. Thank you for this reminder today.

  654. Empty nesters in need of downsizing and creating a new sanctuary for two retirees with a 12# fireball.

  655. I loved the analogy that God wants to make us beautiful just as we work for the same in our homes. My mess on the inside is being made beautiful, cleaned and organized by my Creator- thank you Lord!
    Praying for those having to leave their homes.

  656. We bought our house fourteen years ago. This devotional hits home, i never liked this house and was embarrassed to have anyone over.
    This was a great reminder to be thankful to have a home and to work on creating a hospitable home. I’m looking forward to this book for ideas that will turn this house into a home that will please God.

  657. I struggle with decorating my house. I’m more of an analytical person than a creative person. I know what I like but I don’t always know how to put it all together. So I get stuck in a rut and do nothing. I think I will have to look into the book. But winning it would definitely be better. 🙂

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    How exciting that the first 2 posts I read on Proverbs 31 this morning are about the very things I struggle with everyday. Why Isn’t God Answering My Prayer? and You have All it Takes to Love Your Home. I have been doing a study in the Bible about Barrenness. Not infertility, but the barrenness of being in a desert or dry place of waiting for answered prayer, a place to call home and dreams that have been deferred. I would love he book you are offering, Simple Decorating: 50 Ways to Inspire Your Home.

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  682. I love this scripture because to me it is two-fold. 1 my physical house and 2 my Spiritual house. Those “rooms” need fixed up and made welcoming as well. Awesome job!!! Have a great day all! 😄

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  689. My heart His dwelling place ,
    My home His very presence

  690. Your mauve is my harvest gold. Our to-do list seems endless at times, especially with other pressing financial needs that come with three children. When I wrestle with being discontent or am embarrassed by the state of our home and the amount of work we need to do, the Lord gently reminds me how He provided our home in ways only He could have orchestrated. We have a home, praise God, and yet…this is not our forever home! We won’t need a plumber or have to deal with mold in heaven! 🙂 I needed another reminder today and eternal perspective. Thank you.

  691. Rebekah Roberts says:

    This message is a wonderful reminder! I love the verse that was shared Philippians 4:12b-13, “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” (NIV)
    It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed or out of place especially when our homes aren’t what we expected but in every season and every space God is with us and we can make everything more beautiful with His strength working in us. Thank you for sharing and encouraging me today!

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    Thank you for the encouragement.

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  701. Lori Bowman says:

    This fits right in with my one word focus for this year–hospitality, but I’m in need of some inspiration to update and redo some areas of my home.

  702. I have always struggled with our home. You see, it really isn’t mine. It’s my husband and his first wife’s home. I am reminded every time the taxes come in the mail. I have tried painting the walls, new curtains, but still, it doesn’t change my heart. It is still the same house. It has their memories, their excitement purchasing this home together, their bringing babies home to it, their family traditions, their neighborhood parties. I think maybe new rugs, maybe new patio, but I have lost interest. Even planting flowers, it doesn’t bring me that satisfying feeling. I need a change of heart, a new vision, a desire again.

  703. I love Melissa! I follow her daily and she has been such an inspiration in my home and for my heart. So nice to see this devotional for Proverbs 31.

  704. Kathy Webb says:

    Thank you for this devotion. It could not come at a better time as I spent a long weekend looking at all of the repairs and improvements I would like to make to my 1980’s era house to make it ours and a peaceful retreat. In fact we nicknamed this “new” home Webb’s Retreat when we first purchased it 3 years ago as empty nesters. In the meantime our prior home did not sell, my father passed away and my daughter and granddaughter came to live with us. We are once again empty nesters 🙂 and a desire to create our space (but LOL no money to do so). God is good and in the big scheme of things I have so much to be grateful, your devotion helped bring that home.

  705. Felice B. says:

    Dear Melissa,
    Funny how I read your post Today as I’m getting a new couch and love seat delivered in 2 days:) But, of course, as you so beautifully wrote, it’s not about the new furniture… Setting up a ‘home’ is about so much more! For me, it’s about the ‘heart’… I believe EVERYTHING starts and ends there. The Heart…
    When we are spiritually fit and filled with Our Papa, we can be grateful for the littlest things; even a Pepto Bismol bathtub… In fact, we may even want to leave it that color 🙂
    The way you write Melissa, draws me right in and for this, I thank you. It’d be so cool if I were to be one of the 5 who wins a copy of your new book? That’d be an extra Blessing 🙂

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  709. Thank you, this is an eye opener and very inspiring for my current situation too.

  710. Having just moved your comments made me think and be thankful as my home like me, is always, it seems work in progress!!! Knowing Our Lord is here too makes it all safer and easier. Your words of encouragement make a difficult situation easier Thank you

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    In the midst of a remodel &, this summer, an addition – talk about letting the dust settle! All in time, it will happen. We know we are blessed to be doing it. Thanks for the perspective…

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  734. I love all Melissa’s books and blog posts.

  735. Wow! This is so timely for me! We have a very old house that needs so much work and updating. Unfortunately money is an issue and we’ve filled it with stuff. I’m feeling overwhelmed and lost in my home. Your words are encouraging me to look at the gift of the life inside the house and not the material things we have or don’t have or need to do. Thank you…encouragement needed at just the right moment.

  736. I would love a copy of this book!

  737. Betty Anway says:

    I praise God for this devotional about the importance of a clean and orderly humble home. I live with my daughter who is divorced and needs help in repairing and changing things in her home. We have no means to hire it done, so we would be so blessed to have your book to guide and direct the best way to give a new look to the house to make it an enviting and humble sanctuary for family and friends to gather and honor the Lord! Blessings on your day!

  738. Thanks so much for your honesty! We have been in a ‘new to us’ home for a year and are seeing things that need to be done; I, unfortunately, turned into ‘wifezilla’ when we first moved in, wanting everything to be in place (but not knowing where ‘place’ would be) and having to apologize to my husband on several occasions as he tried to ‘help’ and wasn’t doing it ‘right’. Oh my! Thankfully, the Lord moved us through that and we are better for it, taking our time, and having people over on a regular basis, despite the ‘imperfections’. It is a joy to extend hospitality and people are not coming to see our home but to fellowship with us. Thanks so much for the book offer – would love a copy to read and share!

  739. Denise Milby says:

    Our home is a sign of my personal battlefield. I love our 100+ year old very basic bungalow we bought from my husband’s family but it challenges me every day.
    Giving my family a beautiful, clean home when I am naturally a clutter keeper is a constant struggle but nothing is more satisfying than being able to relax in the peace of a pleasant room. After years of thrift store shopping, family swapping, and reusing pieces we had, I was finally able to give our home a lovely living room with a dining area for special occasions. The rest of the house always needs attention and inspiration. Your column often provides this and I think this new book is a wonderful idea,too. Thank you for your daily support and encouragement.
    Denise Milby

  740. I would love to wise up on how I can make my place(s) into a home by reading the ideas in this book.
    I still do not own a place but keep on renting. When looking for a place, (unfortunately) the key factor in decision making is the rental fee, so all of the places that I’ve lived in could always use some prep-ups to make them look a bit better and homy. (Just as Melissa described about her recently purchased home).

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    Having a home with a personality and a voice are some of the most effective ways to witness.

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