You WILL be OK

You WILL be OK

March 25, 2014

“Because of the LORD‘s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.” Lamentations 3:22 (NIV)

I was stunned. This was not the news I expected.

“You have atypical ductal hyperplasia, or ADH,” the doctor said. He explained that ADH is an abnormal growth of cells within the breast ducts.

“You need a bilateral lumpectomy as soon as possible,” he concluded.

My first thought was, “Seriously? I’m blind, for heaven’s sake! Haven’t I already met my quota for suffering?”

Well, that was my first thought, but it was followed by all the “what ifs.” You know — What if it’s cancer? What if they don’t get it all? What if I need radiation? What if this is only the beginning of something far worse?

While my heart was racing, my husband Phil’s Ph.D. mind was calculating. He broke the silence and said, “It will be OK.”

It didn’t feel OK, though. And maybe the reason was that we really didn’t know it would be OK. None of us really knows if it will be OK, do we? Life is uncertain.

We want to live out a story that makes sense. We want poems to rhyme and puzzles to be solved. We just want everything to be OK. But the truth is, we really don’t know whether or not “it” will be OK.

After the call with the surgeon, Phil and I continued to sit in silence. My soul was churning. When all the pieces hadn’t fallen into place, a tidal wave of fear washed over me. But instead of being a wave of emotion that drowned me, it cleared my head and awakened me to a vital truth I needed: It may not be OK, but I will be OK.

I had a deep, inner knowing that within the uncertainty, I could be certain that God cared and was with me.

During the lumpectomy, the doctor removed two golf-ball-sized lumps and I emerged a 34 used-to-be-B! And this may be too much information, but I was only tennis balls to begin with! (Big goofy grin.) A few days after my surgery, Phil and I met with the surgeon for the results of the pathology. All benign!

Thankfully, that chapter of my story had an ending that was genuinely OK. However, during the uncertainty, my emotions vacillated between fear and faith, peace and panic. Yet, my soul remained OK even though it, my situation, wasn’t. Why? Well, it wasn’t because of my great faith! I did trust God, but I was scared too. It was because of the Lord’s great love, I was not consumed; His compassions never failed (Lamentations 3:22).

My friend, because of His great love, you will not be consumed either. Fear, anger or insecurity will not overtake you. His compassions will never fail you. Even in the midst of your heartache, you’re still cradled in His compassion. You are as cared for and protected as a baby in a mother’s womb.

That’s why you will be OK, my friend — no matter what.

When we trust the compassion of God, our problems and fears do not consume us. Because of His love and compassion, we are not overwhelmed.

I was grateful to be among the 70 percent of women who emerge from lumpectomy surgery with a cancer-free result. Many women receive far more difficult news. I couldn’t imagine enduring a series of biopsies and surgery just to find myself facing more surgery or radiation, like many women do. Oh, how my heart goes out to them!

You may be one of those women. You may know and love one. Do God’s compassions fail if the diagnosis isn’t good? Is a bad diagnosis evidence of God’s failure to be compassionate?


A surgery may fail, but God’s compassions will not.

A treatment may fail, but God’s compassions will not.

A relationship may fail, but God’s compassions will not.

A dream may fail, but God’s compassions will not.

My friend, no matter what you’re facing, God cares for you and will carry you. It may not be OK, but, because of the Lord’s great love, you will be OK.

Lord, carry me today. Show me Your care for me. If I begin to feel overwhelmed, overwhelm me with Your peace and presence. Reassure me that no matter what, I will be OK. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Reflect and Respond:
What are you facing that makes you feel fearful — as if it won’t be OK?

How can the Lord’s great love for you protect you from becoming consumed by your situation?

Power Verses:
Romans 8:38-39, “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (NIV)

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  1. This has been a year of : uncertainty, fear for friends dealing with death, cancer, chemo. My sister, an empty nester, divorced, seeking compassion and love, finally, feeling good about the future…. Struck by a car, broken leg and c6 in her spine… Far from family!
    It has been a very emotional year! It’s only 1/4 gone!! I need some goodness! My sons are good, my husband is good, I am healthy. But, still things don’t feel right! Pray for me, my sister and friends entering the chemo radiation phase of treatment in her fight against cancer! Thank you

    • Hi Suzanne,

      I want you to know that I just prayed for you, your sister, and your friends. I am SO sorry to hear that you and they are going through such a trying time. The first thing I want you to know is that GOD DOES understand tears. I realize that the Bible says “count it all joy when we go through various trials,” but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to have moments of grief that GOD TOTALLY understands. The Bible talks about how JESUS endured the cross for the joy set before HIM, but it ALSO says that HE sweated drops of blood. JESUS HIMSELF. Remember, sweet sister, that it’s because JESUS allowed HIMSELF to NOT be OK, that no matter what is happening in our lives, we CAN and WILL be OK. Remember that no matter what it is that comes into our lives, or how unfair it seems–and it CAN seem SO unfair, and ALL of us wonder “why” sometimes, no matter how great our faith–GOD can use EVERYTHING that happens, take all those “scraps” from our lives, and make a beautiful “life quilt” out of it. I read that somewhere before. 🙂 One thing of which we can be certain is that GOD can and WILL MAKE ALL things work together for the GOOD to those who love HIM”. And if nothing else, through these very trials, we are DRIVEN to the Throne of Grace where GOD’S mercies NEVER run out. Through these trials we are drawn to HIM with even greater a pull. We are drawn in DEEPER and CLOSER into HIM and HIS love. And we know that GOD’S love is BETTER than life itself. 🙂 The trials we face are like “Magnetism to the Magnificent”. They magnetize us to GOD…the Source of ALL hope, all love, all wisdom. I do pray that you will be encouraged today, sweet sister. Remember that NOTHING can separate us from the love of GOD that is in CHRIST JESUS our LORD! And remember that tears create a “pull” on us to GOD that sometimes nothing else can. I had a miscarriage with my last pregnancy, and next month will be when I would have had the baby. I too have wept over this, and I still will. But I can already see how GOD has changed my perspective using that very thing. I have always loved my children, but since GOD decided to use the last one solely for HIS kingdom, I have come to appreciate every precious moment with my little ones all the more. And, though I know there will be days that my husband and I grieve over this child that “flew home” before we did, we look forward to meeting that child face-to-face one day as one of our heavenly rewards. I hope this has encouraged you, Suzanne. In CHRIST’S Love, Angela

  2. I guess the thing that makes me worry is that my husband, Ron Smith is going to wear himself out entirely by doing computer tech jobs for people that he won’t have any time for… me because he’ll be so busy doing that a great deal of the time. I was worried about him this past weekend because he only got five hours of sleep Friday night, and then he got only six hours and fifteen minutes of sleep last night because of converting a book for some friends, on top of doing a tech job for another friend. Nevertheless, God’s ♥ can protect me by shielding me from anything that may cause me to be afraid or worried. God’s love is what gives me energy and strength to make it through hard times. No matter how tough the situation is, God will help me overcome it because He can give me power and strength. “Because of the LORD‘s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.~” Lamentations 3:22 (NIV)
    God’s ♥ never ends. It never fails, no matter what. Nevertheless, God can give us the keys to overcome our circumstances if we just take our needs and concerns to Him in prayer.
    “Lord, carry me today. Show me Your care for me. If I begin to feel overwhelmed, overwhelm me with Your peace and presence. Reassure me that no matter what, I will be OK. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”~Jennifer Rothschild
    I ♥ this prayer. God reassures me every day that I will be OK. It must’ve been God saying this, but I felt a presence with me when I had two orthopedic surgeries when I was ten years old. I felt like I was lifted and carried to a very peaceful area to be in God’s presence. I know this now; however, I didn’t know much of anything about being with God at the time I was a little kid. Having cerebral palsy allotted for my legs to be “fixed” in order for me to be able to walk straighter. Ultimately, I don’t think that worked, as I still have bent nees when I walk with my crutches.
    My biggest worry is falling on ice or slippery surfaces because my balance is so bad; however, I know that’s just how my form of cerebral palsy impacts my leg muscles all the time. Romans 8:38-39, “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (NIV)
    I know that God loves me a great deal. He has loved me for as long as I’ve been on earth. Nothing is ever going to change that. I’m happy to know that God cares so much about me, even though He made me with the physical challenges that I’ve had to endure teasing about as a youngster.See More

  3. I will be ok. Prior to reading this, I was experiencing so much sadness, stress, feeling overwhelmed and in such physical, emotional and spiritual pain that i was exhausted. But I know God’s plans are not mine but I can trust him to deliver what I truly need when its needed. Thank you for the peace of mind. Perhaps now I can lay down and rest.

    • Life is really overwhelming sometimes Sadie, but I think this message spoke to both of us that we will be overcomers with Christ’s help. My Sunday School lesson for my preschoolers this week dealt with Peter walking on water to Jesus. When he kept his eyes on Jesus, he was able to stay on the water, when he took his eyes off of Jesus, he sunk into the deep. My goal, with God’s help, is to keep my eyes on Jesus. I will pray you do too.

  4. I am writing this in the middle of the night from a hospital room. My 84 years old mother lies I the bed next to me, her body weak from a heart attack and two strokes. Her breath is more shallow now, and she is on “comfort measures” only. At home I have a very supportive daughter who will be getting married soon, but will be moving 3 hrs away. I also have a son, who is basically no support, whom my husband and I fear is involved in some sort of addiction. Your devotional touched my heart at just the time I was wondering how I could possibly be OK with all this going on. Thank you for the reassuring words of hope.

    • It is hard when our kids move away but I think it is good for them as they start out, it causes them to depend on each other and not others. As for your son, our daughter(raised in a Christian home and with values) dated a “bad boy” and nearly drove us crazy with her choices, but eventually she realized what she was doing and turned back to God and is now married to a wonderful man and goes to church every week and has a beautiful family. ” Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6 Prayer is the answer to all of this, I have been praying about a situation for almost two years and am finally getting an answer, so do not give up. I just lifted you up in prayer!! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD!!!!

      • Thank you J for the encouraging words, particularly concerning our “prodigal”. It always means so much from someone who has been through it, and comes out ok on the other side. I strongly believe in the power of prayer, too. In face, there are four of us moms in our church who are dealing with trying children of various ages. We pray for each other’s children on a regular basis, asking that the Lord brings out the godly man/woman these kids were created to be. Blessings to you and your family.

    • Judy, my heart was touched by your words. I’m so sorry for the struggles you are facing. It’s doubly hard to be the daughter of the suffering and the mother of the struggling all at the same time. I pray the peace of God will flood your heart and mind, and His strength will carry you. As strange as this sounds, please let me know how you are doing-I will be praying for you.
      Beth Andrews

      • Thank you Beth for your response that was both kind and wise. I will definitely keep you posted on my situation. It’s just so difficult when I feel like the two women I am closest to are “leaving” me at the same time, just in different ways. The struggling son doesn’t make it any easier either. I really appreciate the prayers and concern. God bless.

    • Beverly Robertson says:

      Judy, I am praying for you and your family. I have been in your place too. Believe me, it will be OK.

      • Thank you so much Beverly for the encouraging words. Once again, I am in the hospital room with my mom. Her breathing is more shallow now, she barely speaks, so I know her time with us is short. Praying she goes peacefully to her heavenly home. I can’t tell you how many instances, like this devotion, that have directly spoken to me that GOD IS HERE IN THE MIDST OF THIS. I’ m so thankful for that.

  5. Jennifer, though I am not facing a health crisis, your message this morning spoke volumes to my heart. I am leaving my job of 18 years to focus on seminary studies and a ministry of teaching the Word and writing. I was touched when you said “my emotions vacillated between fear and faith, peace and panic.” I am right there. I try to stare fear in the face with faith, but I am swinging from excitement over the possibilities to sheer panic over the uncertainty. I mean, what intelligent person walks away from a steady paycheck? I don’t know how all this will shake out, but I am certain (ok-shakily certain) that God has called me to this: to study His Word, to live out His Word, and to teach His Word through classes, mentoring and writing. (Taken from Ezra 7:10.) Thank you for reminding me that God’s love and faithfulness will carry me, no matter what.

  6. I needed this – these exact words – this morning. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and the lesson you learned from it. I’m grateful to be able to learn from you today.

  7. It will be ok! Just what I needed to hear.

  8. Thank u sooo much for this devotion this morning!!!! I am going through a small trial right now too. I have to have a CT scan in the morning bc while i was sick a few weeks back they said they found a cyst on one of my kidneys. yes, I am scared, nervous….you name it. 🙂 But I too know that God is with me and will be with me through this. The bad part is I am a big worry wart and my mind keeps bringing up all these “what ifs”.
    Thank you for this reassuruance and verses of comfort. Julie

  9. I needed this this morning! My exact words were “vacillating between fear and faith, peace and panic.” Thank you God for confirming to me that I will be ok. Even though I am just starting out in the world, I help my mother financially and it worries me that I may not have enough to do everything. I thank God for his Word and this devotional today.

  10. Thank you for your article I found on Facebook…..I am glad your “it” worked out. 🙂 It is helpful to read your honest words. I like the honesty feelings. I am a single mother of a much older son who doesnt follow the Lord and no where in our life (that = fear) and a sweet 12 year old girl that I am delighted in. My daughter and I have endured alot of hardships in the past 8 years since the removal and divorce of my husband who was abusive, a painful condition my daughter endured from 7-11 years old that finally ended with traumatic 8 hour spinal surgery that has left her almost normal now. Everything has been a struggle and I mean everything (=fear). My “it” leaves me so fearful and rejected, I have been trying to provide a better life for years. I am currently becoming deeply worn out waiting for God to right the wrongs done to us and provide the means for us to continue and enjoy the life Jesus died to provide. I am waiting for a decent job/pay/benefits to help us. Our wounds are slowly mending and times are still tough. Its hard to put everything into perspective for you to see our condition and share without giving out to much info. Life has been hard to say the least and I am waiting as patiently as possible for the Lord to provide the goodness….its just really difficult to see. That = fear……May I add that I am very thankful that I have a part time job that is helping me manage the basics and keep a roof over our head yet in another breath there are so many other needs that haven’t been met. I hope that I am not coming across as asking for pity….or trying to be pitiful….just explaining my “it”….and the fear that goes along with it.

    • I prayed for you Carol. Don’t know why at times we have to endure such painful hardships but the Bible promises God will walk with us every step of the way. Hang in there.

  11. Sheryl Stacks says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart. I am working at telling myself I will be okay. I had a CT scan and a lot of blood work last week to find the source of my probable cancer and I will meet with my oncologist again Thursday to get the results. Like you, I feel like I have already met my quota of health struggles, and my oncologist agreed with me! I beat cancer already 20 years ago. I lost my husband to esophageal cancer. I have Multiple Sclerosis. Since I am a widow and on my own, I have to work full time for benefits and to put a roof over my head. The most stressful part of my situation is what I will do if I cannot work. My daughter would love to have me live with her but she cannot afford my daily expenses yet alone my medical bills. I feel like a prisoner working much harder than I should and it is taking such a toll on my health. I already eat a healthy diet, exercise every day, do my Bible study every day, get 8 hours of sleep, plenty of fresh air, love on my dachshund puppy. I don’t know what else I can do to improve the quality of my life to be able to face this additional stress. I was already hanging by a thread before this! But it is and will continue to draw me closer to my Lord and that will be worth it all. He is my everything and has gotten me through every other trial for the last 30 years. I heard a good reminder yesterday: “Remember, during a test the teacher is always quiet!” So I will wait, I will sing, I will trust, I will rejoice during this test!

  12. today’s devotion spoke to me today ! thank you for that. as i drove in to work this morning, i asked that God give me peace from my anxieties and fears that have been consuming me. Its almost as if todays devotion was made for me today. i’ve been dealing with an illness in the family that has made me fear the “what ifs” and i have not been able to enjoy many things because i’m waiting for things to get worse. i’m blessed with many things in my life but somehow can’t seem to shake off the fear for my loved one. please pray for her and for me that she continues to do well with her illness. i know that God has both of us in his hands and that brings much comfort. Thank you for today’s devotion.

  13. Jennifer thanks for the devotion. I know that God tells us to”fear not” but when life comes at us in huge waves its hard to get out of the moment and know things will get better. I love Proverbs 31 ministry and the way God is using you.

  14. Yes, it will all work out. I have a court date tomorrow, and I know that God is able to work things out. My husband has been unemployed for four years ago and you can only make money stretch so far. We tithe, we give, and we know that God loves us and has our backs. Creditors would much rather sue you than work with you. God knows that we’re doing our best. I’m resting in Isaiah 54:17- “But no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against me in judgment I shall show to be in the wrong.” My GOD will fight for me!! Enjoy your blessings, all.

  15. Banetta Bacchi says:

    Thank you for those words. Loved and believe the statement “you will be ok even when its not ok”

  16. Thank you for posting this devotion today. I am going to the dr. today to have a test for “glandular cells”. Praying that they are GONE or that they are not cancerous. Please join me in my prayers. God is with me, and will be with me throughout.

  17. Jennifer ~ THANK YOU for your words of inspiration. I so needed to read your message this morning! I know it will be OK, because GOD is still on His throne.

  18. What a testimony! So glad got brought you through that with negative test results.
    I just shared on my blog today about hanging in there during this difficult times. They will come. But it’s how we react and hold on during the storm.
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. This was just what I needed to hear this morning. It’s been a difficult time for me, I was layed off from my job after 20 years and as a manager had to let many of my valued employees go as well, all the while knowing I was losing my job to. It was heartbreaking for me. And I’ve been faced with marital issues. I’ve asked God why me, why so much now all at once? But I now realize he gave this to me because he will see me through it all. By uncovering my husband’s unfaithfulness while I was not working forced me to deal with the issue head on instead of burying myself in my work (which would have been my normal response). The last 4 months of not working have been difficult but I know God is working on me and with me and this time has given me true time to reflect on me and my spiritual health and well being. On those low days I pray for strength and he always delivers. I have to be happy with myself first and geniuely find grace to forgive and focus forward and each day that is my goal.

    Thank you for this devotional, it really spoke to me and I can’t wait to read your book! God Bless!

  20. Thank you for telling us your story. This is confirmation of what someone told me this morning. Sometimes you think people aren’t being compassionate about what you are going through when they say “you will be ok”. I like how you explained why we will be ok. People who are going through things want to hear more than they will be ok we want to know why and how. Now I know that my health issues, my issues I’m having with my children and my relationship issues may not be ok now but they will be ok because I have God in my life. We are only human its ok to be emotional but don’t allow our emotions to consume us. This devotional has really blessed me!
    Thank you!!!!

  21. For the last two weeks my mind has been searching the words ” haven’t I already met my quota for suffering”. Last fall, I’m one who’s test result was “you have cancer”. Surgery to remove breast, strong chemo and now having radiation with a burn and an allergic reaction to cream to treat burn has been overwhelming to say the least. My oldest daughter is blind and mentaly disabled, my teen son has diabetes, severe food allergies and is angry about everything.. Five years ago, my husband reveled he has lived a double life for30 yrs. full of lies & secrets that has been emotionally and financially devastating to me and our children. He has since been diagnosed as bipolar depressed with suicide tendencies. You could say, I been tried by fire but, I would answer, I KNOW who my God is….He is my strength, my comfort, my help in time of need, I know He cares for me and will never forsake me. This week been particularly hard with rad. burn pain plus other things that I don’t understand. Thank you for the reminder this week of who is in control of our peace.

  22. Thank you so very much for sharing this devotion. It spoke to my heart. God is so good, he knows what we need even before we are aware of it! I have two sisters stage 4 brca, one has died two years ago (after a 10 year battle). I have a 75.5% lifetime risk, and have already had the hyperplasia you spoke of. Every six months, after my mammograms (with extra views of course), there is either a biopsy (to date I have had 5), or an MRI. So frightening and confusing. I already have SPMS, and this hangs over my head every six months. It is so hard to stay positive. Your words today, help me see that I am not, nor will ever be alone. My God is always with me, no matter what the circumstance. I have better news than most so far, and my heart cries for those who hear those horrific words. I am blessed, and your words reminded me of that. Thank you so very much, I am sure you know that sometimes it feels as if you are the only one struggling. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone, and that no matter the outcome, God will never leave, or forsake me. God bless you.

  23. Kim Houle says:

    Last summer my best friend invited me to “Walk For Cancer”. What I didn’t realize is I was walking WITH cancer.
    1/4/14 my Dr. Called me and said I have cancer. My 2014 calendar wasn’t expecting to be filled with weekly Dr. Appts. I’m 47, in great shape, generally very healthy, rarely catch colds or flu (that’s amazing in itself, working at a middle school!) February 26th, I had a double mastectomy. My Drs. Said I probably wouldn’t need chemo, but when they did my surgery, they discovered how aggressive my cancer is. All I had was stage 1 and not even in the lymph nodes! Yet, still needed a double mastectomy and now chemo! My hubby and I went through exactly what you said. Nothing seemed ok. (At every turn) but I will be ok!
    I read each of the ladie’s comments and prayed for them. I urge all of them to listen to my favorite song~ Mandisa’s “You’re an overcomer” crank it, dance to it, believe it! We are over comers because Jesus Overcame sin and death on our behalf. I’m a Pastor’s wife, I am a worship leader, I am Children’s church Director, I am a mother of 3 awesome sons, I’m a child of the “one true King”. I am an OVERCOMER and if you are in Christ, YOU ARE TOO!

  24. you just dont know how this has encouraged me…i am facing a bit much right now but it will be okay….it is well with my soul..i have those very mixed moment i believe the next one scared….

  25. Kalae Makua says:

    Thank u for being inspiring and teaching me how overwhelming Gods love really is. God bless you!

  26. I’m just weary.

  27. Well Jennifer…………..been there done that…………..breast cancer/biopsy/lumpectomy/radiation and all the shock/denial/anger/depression and finally acceptance of God’s will in my life. Such love and comfort and grace I would never have known if I hadn’t gone through it (18 years ago by the way). Been through many more things and I’m sure there will be more ‘stuff’ to navigate in this world of woe but His grace is and will still be sufficient. God bless you Jennifer!

  28. I love how God uses devotions at the right time. I just signed up (again) to receive these devotions last night. This morning as I read these words my husband was on the phone to learn that our plans may have failed.

    How loved I am to know that God made sure I knew these words in Lamentations 3:22. Our plans may have failed, but our God’s compassion’s will not! Amen I am so blessed this morning to feel peace when often in these moments I would feel chaos.

    Jeanie – The Twin Falls Motherhood Examiner @

  29. Julie Morgan says:

    It will be o.k. God truly knows when we need encouragement. This couldn’t have come at a better time.

  30. Susan O'Brien says:

    This was a timely message for me. I had just returned home this afternoon from an appointment with the surgeon who removed my cancer 3 years ago. I was concerned that it had returned but he thinks it is a dental issue. (I had oral cancer even though not a smoker or drinker.) I know HE is with me through all things but the unknown is sometimes hard to deal with. HE is so amazing! You said it so well. Even when the news isn’t good, HE is with us and cares about every detail. HE carries us.

  31. Thanks so much for sharing! It came at such a good time. I myself have ADH too! I’m just at high risk for it. Thank you for sharing your courageous story! This week, we found out my husband has cancer. It’s a scary word… Your words of encouragement were huge. Thank you!

    • Thank you for this devotion, I am planning on sharing it with my women’s group. I used to be so fearful but I have come to the point where I know “it will be ok” because God gives us the reassurance that it will be ok!!!! HE is there to carry us through all the hardship and give us his peace. Bless you for sharing your story with us.

  32. Dear Lord Jesus!
    Please help us ALL . . . .Ladies my support system, I have struggled for so long with relational issues. Meaning, disconnect from some people. Yes! God and God alone carreid me through. When my mother and my
    father left me, when my friends turned their backs on me, when my brother whom I love dearly stopped calling me, God said . . . .It will be OK! When we left the church because of doctrinal beliefs, and the members have not
    call us from that day to this, God said it will be OK! Yes! my sisters certainly it was OK. And we are OK! Amen!

  33. Kristin Dinkel says:

    As I sat in the waiting room of my beast health center, awaiting an ultrasound to investigate a suspicious lump in my breast, I decided to catch up on some emails. I was feeling a little nervous so decided to read the devotional for today. How amazing is our God?! He choose to show compassion, speak directly to me at precisely that moment with Jennifer’s encouragement regarding her own lump! I actually chuckled out loud when I heard God’s voice in her message. I was encouraged that no matter what happens here today, I will be okay because God is full of compassion and He loves me. I felt an incredible peace and a readiness to handle whatever the results showed. Thank you for your ministry and for listening as God directs your topics and your distribution timing!
    Oh, and and I got the all-clear on the ultrasound!
    In His grace-

  34. Hello Jennifer, as everyone including yourself have mention that all will be okay, I myself went through an experience being diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma, cancer was inevitable because years before I was diagnosed being HIV+, I was so afraid and ashamed that the fear had a huge grip on me until my immune system collapsed. I can share with you speaking from experience that going through all the treatments I had to go through being in the hospital I knew God and Jesus we with me all along, I truly found peace, unspeakable peace, peace that only Jesus can give. The mass was detected below my left eye by my cheek bone. Treatment: chemotherapy. About six months ago doctors mentioned that the HIV virus is not detectable and the hemotologist said that there was no sign of cancer. I know that alone, I would not have handled it the way it did putting it in Jesus’ hands, I praise and give all the glory to Him. Your experience will only make you stronger in Jesus Christ. You ARE okay.

  35. Diane Rielly says:

    Thank you so much for sharing and posting your devotional today. God’s timing is perfect. Yesterday it was confirmed that I have a mass in my left breast. I am scheduled for a breast biopsy on Monday. I cried when I read your devotional. You were speaking right to me and I so desperately needed to hear the words you wrote. My emotions are going crazy. One minute I feel peace the next I am crying feeling terrified and thinking of the many what ifs. I too thought I had met my quota for suffering. I had a brain tumor removed in 1991 which left me deaf on one side. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with Meniere’s disease which has taken almost all of my remaining hearing in my good ear. Your words of I WILL be OK, I have been repeating to myself all day and will continue to do so. Thank you.

  36. Pamela McKinney says:

    I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed and benefitted from your book God Is Just Not Fair-Finding Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense. What really spoke to me are the questions you mentioned that we should focus on when we are enduring hardships…How will God use this redemptively in my life? Or How will He use this loss for my gain? And How can this help me grow or change?
    We all endure hardships and this book has given me a new perspective in dealing with what I am currently going through. Every woman needs to read this book. Thank you Jennifer.

  37. Jennifer, I read your book on walking by faith in the dark and was amazed at your strength and blessed. I was one of the ones who had a lumpectomy and it was cancer. After fives years of treatments, I have recently begun having vision difficulties and could lose my vision. Thank you for your words and for the acknowledgement that “it might not be okay” but that I will be okay trusting God. As a new Grandmother I still want to see my grandsons and the one that is on the way. I know though that there is no option but to trust God. I am eager to read your new book. God bless you.

  38. Beverly Robertson says:

    I couldn’t have read this at a better time. I am in remission from ovarian cancer and getting ready to go back for my 9 month checkup. As the time gets closer, I begin to have all of these feelings even though I have faith in God. I thank God for sending this at just the right time. Now isn’t that just like God! Thank you.

    • Praying for good results for you Beverly and
      that your faith in God is only made stronger by this situation.

  39. God is so Awesome! I just spent the nite thinking about how overwhelmed and fearful I am in every area of my life (relationally, professionally, spiritually) . I realized that I am afraid to fail. It is such a weight to carry. To constantly try to be in control of everything. To try to keep all the balls in the air. But your word today encouraged me. It reminded me that failures and hurts and things I can’t control will come. That people will hurt me, I my disappoint others, I may miss the mark. Things will happen, but no matter what, God is always there. When I feel I have no where to turn, no one to talk to He is there. I can trust him and know he his concerned about everything that concerns me. So Thank You for your words today because I know without a doubt I will be Ok.

  40. Kathy Keller says:

    Oh, how I needed to read this. Life has been so consuming lately but this reminded me that life may seem consuming BUT I am not comsumed.

  41. Great devotion.

  42. Florence says:

    Thank you for permission to be honest with God and myself. It is not okay, but I will be okay.

  43. Robyn Iversen says:

    The day I opened my email and read this devotion I thought…wow! What a great word. I’ll have to post it on Facebook and see if someone needs to hear it. Little did I know about 2 hours later I would get a text from my husband saying he was laid off. I had no idea God put that word out there for me. I have read it almost daily since that morning and find great comfort knowing God was preparing my heart that day.

  44. Hello, This is an exceptional post, but I was wondering just how do i suscribe to the RSS feed?

  45. Donna carlile says:

    Hi thank you for this devotional. It brought tears to my eyes. You see two days ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and my surgery will be scheduled in about two weeks. I love reading devotions like this. It gave me hope. Thanks be to God for his steadfast love and compassion. I know the situation is not OK but I will be OK. Thank you for sharing. God bless

  46. I need prayer that God will open up a job to supply my every need. If it’s not bad enough I have to have an breast ultrasound to check a lump. No money coming in and now medical bills. Does God send signs on whether or not I should move to find another job.

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