Your Present Suffering

Your Present Suffering

December 22, 2015

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18 (NIV)

John Dickerson

My wife shrieked, her voice straining between hurried gasps for air. As a news reporter, I had seen human suffering. But never before had I witnessed such pain from someone I loved so much.

Pacing that hospital room, sitting, holding my wife’s hand and stroking her hair, I encountered pain I was unable to control.

She was giving birth to our first child, Jack.

And she, like generations before, had no epidural or pain medications to soften the suffering. I did my best to cheer her along. But honestly, I was trying to keep myself together. (Kudos to all you mothers. You have my utmost respect!)

When I revisit the excruciating pain of childbirth, I am amazed that any mom has ever had more than one child. And yet, so many do!

Why do smart, sophisticated moms knowingly choose to endure that pain again? Why do so many desire, even ache, to experience one of the worst sufferings known to humanity … again?

Veteran mothers invite this pain because the lifelong joy of motherhood outlasts the temporary suffering of childbirth.

Without belittling or demeaning our hurts, God assures us that, much like childbirth, our present sufferings will end. Even more, our difficulties will give way to future fulfillment that eclipses and outlasts our present suffering.

During the agony of labor, a hopeful mother fixes her thoughts on the arrival of her child. In the same way, Scripture encourages us to “… set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 1:13b, ESV).

In times of unthinkable pain or dead-end depression, we can “set our hope” on the coming moment when our pain will transition into unending joy. When Christ returns, He will re-create the earth to be unpolluted by evil. He will restore us into bodies with no sickness, no sin-bent, no need for pain sensors or tear ducts.

I have a rare medical condition that produces unpredictable episodes of severe pain and disability. When it happens, I lose my ability to speak coherent words. With half my body numb, I battle emotional anxiety in tandem with physical pain. In those moments, God has taught me to grab this hope — with the hands of faith.

I choose to believe that, like childbirth, my suffering will end.

I choose to believe that, like childbirth, my future fulfillment will far exceed my momentary pain. It actually won’t be worth comparing.

Fixing my hope like this does not mean the pain immediately ceases. But it does allow peace to invade the cavities and caverns of my soul, even at the peak of my suffering.

In our key verse, John 16:20-22, Jesus likens our “present sufferings” to the grueling pangs of childbirth, saying we will grieve but eventually, that grief becomes joy.

I will never forget when the OB-GYN set our firstborn on my wife’s chest after all the excruciating pains of labor, driven by the hope of future joy.

In that moment when the doctor cradled new squirming life, then set that life on my wife’s chest, tears of joy overcame her. I’ve never seen my wife shed more tears of overwhelming joy.

That joy is a glimpse of what will be yours when Christ delivers you out of your pain for good — when all of your waiting, believing and hoping delivers.

Because there will be a day when the birth-pains of this world are over, and we are forever delivered. Rescued. Forever in a place of no pain, no suffering, no broken relationships.

We will not only be empty of those negative experiences, but entirely filled with the good of God, with oceans of pleasure, joy and goodness that were once only droplets on fallen earth.

Father, where there is pain, doubt or discouragement in my life today, help me believe in Your future deliverance. I set my hope on the future glory Christ will unveil. I choose to believe Your fulfillment will eclipse and outweigh my present sufferings. Help me build my life around this hope today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

John 16:20b-22, “You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy. A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world. So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.” (NIV)

John S. Dickerson’s rare medical condition drove him to study pain and suffering in Scripture. His new book is designed to help you or someone you love discover God’s hope in the midst of suffering or doubt: I Am Strong: Finding God’s Peace and Strength in Life’s Darkest Moments.

Download free sample chapters of the book, and find inspirational Pinterest pins at:

Enter to WIN a copy of I Am Strong by John Dickerson. In celebration of this book, John’s publisher is giving away 5 copies! Enter to win by leaving a comment here, letting us know why you’d like a copy for yourself OR whom you would give the book to, if you won. {We’ll randomly select 5 winners and email notifications to each one, by Monday, December 28.}

Describe your present sufferings to God by saying them aloud or journaling them. Then, read Romans 8:17-39. Ask God for strength to believe these words and set your hope on the future glory that will eclipse your present suffering.

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© 2015 by John S. Dickerson. All rights reserved.

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  1. Kathleen Darst says:

    I would like a copy of this book for myself to learn of this peace and joy. My husband’s cancer has went to the bone and my mother is facing amputation of her foot and part of leg. Feeling like all is lost.

    • Kathleen,
      I lost a husband to cancer and know the pain of watching someone you love struggling daily. I will keep you and family in my prayers. I would like to order a copy of the book for you, a small way to reach out for you to know that God sees you as he has put this on my heart. please message me your mailing info

  2. Donna Sloan says:

    Thank you for your devotion…my sister has one child, a son, whose 8 month old son has been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. He underwent surgery last week to put in a feeding tube unto his stomach. Please pray for him and his mommy and daddy and grandparents. Believing for miracles!

  3. Barb harrison says:

    I find the more I keep focused on a good Christian book the better my attitude is.

  4. Looking for a way to find peace amidst multiple autoimmune diseases and a failing marriage.

  5. Yesenia Alferez says:

    Because pain teaches endurance and hope, Lord we will raise your name on High!

  6. Cassie Millet says:

    I would love a copy to work on that peace that comes from within even in your toughest and darkest times. To be reminded that our present sufferings will end and are reminders of the good to come.

  7. I would like a copy because I have a really hard time finding His light in the difficult times in my life. I need to find a way to get rid of my disbelief. I can tell myself Not to doubt God’s love and faithfulness, but my disbelief steps in and says “You are a sinner, why would God heal or help you?” I hate it because deep down I know God can heal someone, but let the disbelief convince me that I don’t deserve it.

  8. I would like a copy. Seven weeks ago my husband passed away after being sick with one of the rarest brain diseases. In eight weeks it took away his ability to stand, to walk, to see, to talk and to eat. After only eight weeks, he passed away. We were right in the middle of enjoying our three children in their 30’s and ten grandchildren ages 3-13. And in a moment he was gone.

  9. Last November my dad passed away and though he was a believer and I know he is in heaven and no longer hurting (he had a stage four pancreatic cancer diagnosis the previous December) death is hard for anyone who experiences it. And then this November my husband verbalized his desire to divorce as we are just too different. It has come to light that he thinks his salvation moment was just an emotional experience so we are on two different wave lengths and paths at the present time. I’m hoping and praying for a miracle of a resurrected marriage but in light of eternity his salvation is an even high prayer priority. I would love to have a copy of this book because Anything I can get in to my spirit that will feed and strengthen my faith Is what im looking for! Merry Christmas Proverbs 31 Ministry, you are truest a blessing!

    • Cecilia Newman says:

      Keep your head up Terri. I’ve experience almost the same thing within the pass seven months (dad and marriage). Even though it can be difficult, stay focused on God and not your situation. God has the power (if it’s His will) to resurrect those things that were thought to be dead to places greater than anything we could have ever imagined. Praying for peace!

  10. Elizabeth P. says:

    Never have I needed this encouragement more then now. With an uncertain future ahead of me and stress of life, I am feeling the burdens that cast down my eternal joy. I try to lift myself up most days, but I find it harder harder..if I win this book drawing I hope it’s a part of the solution of how to turn these tears of sorrow to joy in the morning.

  11. Judy Hunter says:

    I have experienced tremendous amount of pain that I can’t seem to overcome & I would love a copy of this book…

  12. Just what I needed to hear to keep me going! Our future victories outweigh our current pain. The gospel is much greater than what the world throws at us.

  13. I am depressed. Fighting rejection, humiliation, hopelessness, pain on a daily basis. I feel like giving up many times

  14. Jennifer Rasor says:

    I struggle with depression and many negative things that come with it..this devotion is very encouraging to me. I’d love to get the book when I can afford to. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Cheryl helmuth says:

    My best friend lost her husband and youngest daughter in a car accident in August, I struggle with knowing what to say or how to help her. I struggle myself with my own husband and our blended family and many children. I deal with frequent court battles and losing custody to my ex’s many lies and character defaming before the judge. Through it all, I try to take care of myself and remember that God is good and will work it all out, but it’s been so many years of struggle, sometimes I feel like it would be easier to be dead and that everyone would be better off without me. I appreciate this devotional, I’ll try to remember this verse and that it’s all only temporary.

  16. WANDA MCDONALD says:

    After almost two months of being sick and not being able to work, today has been extra stressful for me. I am having problems getting all of the paperwork and doctor releases together so that I won’t lose my job and my insurance. To add to this stress, it is Christmas and I have six grandchildren to buy gifts. (Christmas is in four days!) And I still do not feel able to shop!Just today I felt like giving up and that is so unlike me.
    This devotion was exactly what I needed. As I read it, I just said, “Thank you,Lord. I needed this.”
    I would love to have this book! I have many health problems and feel that I would gain encouragement from reading it. Thank you and may God bless you!

  17. I would like to receive a copy of “I Am Strong” because I am going through another rough patch. My skin cancer, our financial difficulties, and my husband’s diabetes is plaguing us now. I’m old enough to know that life is full of ups and downs, and that this too shall pass. I also know that we have to go through the rough patches in order to appreciate the good times when they come back. And they will come back. They always have and they always will. But I’m having trouble coming to grips with this life of constant ups and downs. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who shares this journey with me. We look forward to the day when we rejoice in the knowledge that God won’t allow our joy to be stolen ever again. My question is…..when that day comes, will I spend eternity with my husband, children and other loved ones? Or will it even matter at that point? Perhaps the joy of being in God’s presence will surpass the need for my family’s companionship. We’ve all accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. It seems sad if we won’t see each other in the after-life. In this life they are my everything. Guidance and specific scriptural references would be appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

  18. I have walked the excruciating journey of suffering with my best friend…she lost her husband to cancer in 2013 and 39 days later , lost her 6 year old son to a brain tumor. Her faith has hung on a thread and I’ve laid on the bathroom floor with her as she has cried out in pain recounting how both of them died in her arms. She has tried to channel the pain by starting a non profit which helps families who are diagnosed with terminal cancer – Tyler’s Grace Foundation. It’s been 2 years since her boys passing and it never gets easier…Id love to have another tool in the handbag to continue on the road to healing…

  19. Araceli Barron says:

    Throughout my 16 years of marriage & raising my children with my husband as their stepfather, I’ve always endured tough & rough times. Everyone would say how much they admired my strength & my courage as I stuck by my husbands side while he was on an alcohol addiction. As my adult sons fell into the hands of the law & are imprisoned. As we buried my grandbaby from a fatal death & lost 2 others to the state. Well, this year I said no more. No more being tough, no more fighting for what I don’t get anyway. You can say that I threw in the towel. Threw my hands up & declared that I was done & that I didn’t care anymore. At this present time, I am struggling to get my faith strong. I feel weak, unhappy & without joy. I want to be strong again, I want to feel the joy, the closeness that I once had with my Lord.

  20. I was really touched by this devotional. It has felt like a dark, tough season, but my heart just had a moment of really getting what it’s about and refocusing on the end goal. I loved the analogy and would welcome getting to read more of his insights.

  21. Rita Chavez says:

    I would like a copy for my mom. She’s been struggling with Trigeminal Neuralgia for 12 years. Recently the Drs have told her they have run out of options for her. After hearing that, she lost hope.. She gets pain spells that last up to an hour. She can’t eat, talk, or move without crying in anguish. She has been a strong believer for years but now I find her saying “when is this pain going to end? why won’t God heal me?” It’s not like her to ask these questions… It’s hard to see her suffer like that. I think this book will help restore her hope and belief that her pain WILL end! especially coming from someone who struggles with paralyzing pain spells just like her… I just want her to know she’s not alone and there is always Hope in Jesus!

  22. I’ve had an interesting year. Had the past boil up on me and I’m still dealing with sexual assault memories, spiritual abuse and other things. Toddler has anxiety and a brain tumor. Sometimes i get emotionally overwhelmed.
    I got saved mid May which helped a LOT, for example against the depression and ptsd. God is not through with us yet.

  23. I would appreciate a copy of the book, having endured trials and suffering through a stabbing/attempted murder, domestic violence, 2 cancers and more. However, a gift is not meant to be kept…but to be shared. I know many others that can benefit from being made aware of this literary and spiritual treasure. I will be sure to share after reading it.

  24. Tricia Canton says:

    This book would be a godsend for me. Last year, I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. I was only given a 15% chance at survival. I not only beat those odds, I walked (with a hemiwalker) instead of being confined to a wheelchair for life like doctors predicted. I believe that after your season of suffering, God in all His grace will restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. He still has a plan for my life. He will complete His work, and my test will be my testimony.

  25. I find great comfort in reading stories by others with chronic illnesses. I was born with several genetic disorders in which 2 are rare diseases. I only learned I had them about 2 years ago when suddenly things got a lot worse and since then I have continued to have increasing challenges. The last few months have been a rough season as I’ve learned more about some of the conditions and discovered that it might not be safe for me to become pregnant. It has been a struggle to keep afloat. Adoption is never a sure thing and even trickier if you are disabled. I would grately appreciate a copy of this book as I continue on this journey of understanding and acceptance.

  26. I would appreciate a copy of this book to read as this devotional was perfect in this very moment. I am struggling physically with pain which overflows to emotions. Loved ones don’t quite grasp the depth of my pain and when my emotions flare so do tempers. I needed this reminder tonight that God will bring it all to a glorious peace filled end. Setting my sights & keeping them on Him is key. Help me to help myself. Thank you & God bless.

  27. Linnie Hammer says:

    I admire and am in awe of how a Christian can overcome unbearable strife and turn to God throughout the stress and doubts. I am struggling to make sense of the purpose of pain and grief in my own life, having lost a son just recently and my husband, mother and father over the past ten years. I also have unrelenting chronic pain from arthritis and nerve damage. I ask the Lord to see me through each day and to show me how to live life well, according to His plan. It is not easy some days, but I have a deep love and a solid faith in Christ’s promises. This last loss had broken my spirit because it was so out of the norm…no parent should ever lose a child. But then I think of Mary and know she too had to bear this loss as did God when He sent Jesus here to save us all. I ask only for wisdom and longsuffering as I await the future joy of being made whole on that day when I meet my Lord in heaven.

  28. Just this little snippet of reassurance sure that in the word of God grief, pain and suffering are part of the path to joy. As a mother, I could totally relate to the childbirth analogy as I have done it three times regardless of the physical pain. I am in the midst of my first Christmas without my beloved mother and my husband of 18 years has excused me from my own home because I do not pay the bills with my part-time teaching job and he needs a “break” from the stress that apparently I add to his life. I am staying with my father and get back to my home only when he is at the fire station working. Thankfully I see my daughters often and I’m very connected with them, but right now the dark I fed now with my life looking completely different than it did this time last year makes my head spin. I am believer in Christ and he is keeping my head above water during this. I so look forward to the rejoicing after this pain.

  29. Linda West says:

    I would love a copy of the book. I live with emotional and physical pain every night and day. Jesus’s love and strength get me through each day. But there are sometimes it is so overwhelming. Need to dig deeper into not only medical issues but emotional ones as well. I remember my daddy asking me why I thought God kept him on this earth to suffer so. I never had an answer other than one day you will know and daddy, I don’t know but I know God has a purpose for you to be here. I suffer his pain now and try so hard not to question but to help others. Thanks so much.

  30. I am strong because God is with me. He works in me for His good will and purpose. I was abused for many years and now I am a very blessed single mother. God’s goodness and mercy pursues me. I love to write I have been journalling for many years my dream is to write a book. My purpose is to tell the broken they have hope. My voice for many will say God is love and He is waiting for me to come to Him.

  31. marion maclean says:

    My friend has similar illness and pain episodes although no diagnosis as yet. She isn’t a believer so I’d boldly give her this book if I won!

  32. My husband of seven years left and divorced me. I grieve the life that God had for us, but put my hope in Him.

  33. Sue Wagenaar says:

    We all endure suffering in many situations, but the fact that our suffering is eventually turned to joy is a very wonderful feeling. I know that because of my relationship with the Lord. I have a friend who could really use some encouragement in this area. She recently lost her Mom and is struggling with life. I pray that she will be saved by the Lord. I would love to give her a book by you to help her in her struggles.
    Thank you for the kind offer.

  34. My son has the worst form of Muscular Dystrophy. He is little now, but someday he could suffer terribly from this disease. While I know he could have difficulties that I cannot control, someday he will be pain and suffering free when he is set free and close to God. While his suffering may not be relieved soon enough, he has hopefully years to be a joy in our lives. We will treasure him in our lives while we can. You would never know anything is wrong with him, he has a smile that “makes others melt”, says my aunt and I agree:). Winning this book would be great because I know we will be enduring heartache and pain while his symptoms increase in intensity as he ages. I will need something to help cope and deal with my feelings.

    • I prayed for you and the many others that have touched my heart today. I pray that you will find peace in knowing He is walking with you. Psalm 16:8 NIV, “I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right side, I will not be shaken.”

  35. Jesus is our hope!!!

    Thirteen months before my father died at age 84, he met Jesus and from that day forward , he told everyone how wonderful a friend Our Savior is.

    When my dad died 10 days from pneumonia following gall bladder surgery,
    he died with the biggest SMILE on his face.
    That smile assures me there IS joy to come when we see Jesus.

    Reading John’s book from a young man’s
    perspective, will be very encouraging as I
    continue my journey through life.

  36. Thank you. God had opened my eyes to see things differently. My heart goes out to those suffering… I am grateful for His blessings and mercies that ate new every morning.

  37. Francine Andino says:

    I recently was abandoned by my husband, for twice… I don’t understand why all the men supposed to take care of me hate me, because my father did the same before I was born. I’m trying to trust in God for walk forward and go on with my life but the pain and humiliation are so hard. I know my strength is on God’s word not on another place or book but I like to know the wisdom learned by other people and keep the good of it so that is my reason for I want the copy of the book.

  38. Sheila Hunt says:

    Based on this devotion, I would love to read and study the book and also share it with my daughter.

  39. Both of my daughters still suffer from their father’s desertion. I once thought my oldest one was having the hardest time, but she’s like me and cries when sad, angry, or moved emotionally by something. The youngest is 17, has anxiety, and holds everything in. Until recently, we did not know how much she was suffering. I think we all 3 could use this book.

  40. Susie Crowder says:

    I have a disorder that causes chronic pain and fatigue. I would like to know more about how the author used his situation to learn more about God and His plan for the future.

  41. Fiona Shurmer says:

    This book sounds amazing. It may help me to deal with some very strong feelings of doubt and the pain and suffering that these thoughts bring. Thank you so much for today’s insight I found it very helpful comparing the struggles of life to childbirth. I can see that although things are difficult and painful at the moment it will end and God’s glory will reign forever.

  42. Erica DeHart says:

    Thank you for your devotion today- it has given me a refreshed perspective on keeping my eyes on our future hope and continuing to persevere. As a cancer survivor myself, I understand the fear of the unknown..and my husband as a survivor of 3rd degree burns over 2/3 of his body has a perspective of pain like no body I’ve known. I look forward to reading your book and passing it along to others who understand the endurance and suffering of chronic pain. Thank you again, blessings, Erica DeHart

  43. I am battling advanced cancer, and at the same time, my husband is waiting for a kidney transplant. We have young children. I really could use the encouragement of this book, but more than that, I really would love your prayers for our family. It has been a very tough year. God has been faithful, but I still struggle with fear and discouragement at times.

    • Tammy,
      I am praying for you and your loved ones! I encourage you to visit Psalm 145.
      May you find rest in His promises…

  44. Annette Smith says:

    I am encouraged by this devotional and am interested in reading this book.

  45. Cheryl Bernier says:

    I have been going through a very hard and difficult time in my life I have been going through lots of pain in my body and lots of fear. I cling to Gods word but the enemy tries so very hard to bring me down . I know my Father in heaven loves me , and I know He is trying to teach me something from all this , I need hope and peace in the storm. I long for victory , peace and rest , I have to believe He will bring me through .

  46. Kathy Coombe says:

    Today would have been my 20th Anniversary….but instead, I was divorced on October 7th. Tonight I ran into my ex at the grocery store. He is already in another relationship and tells me he loves her. I’m desperately leaning on Christ and would love to read a book encouraging me to be strong. I rarely feel that way.

  47. I would love a copy and would give to my friend. She has been sick for a long time and has a lot of pain. I want her to trust in God and have a better understanding. Thank you so much for this chance.

  48. May God bless you for allowing God to use your pain and suffering for His glory.

  49. Would love to read it and share it with family. My husband had juvenile diabetes; we tried many different ‘options’ in maintaining control of his sugars and the medical community considered him a long-term survivor but the last 7-8 years of his life were hard. Through it, we saw Jesus do amazing things – not in the area of releasing us but of giving grace for the journey. Thanks so much for offering hope in suffering!

  50. Pauline Murray-Russell says:

    I am a single parent with a teenage daughter out of work for almost 3 years. To talk about my bills and my finances is just non-existent…BUT for God’s grace and mercy. My faith is at best weak, however, in all of this we have never gone naked or hungry/ There are times when my hopes are high and other times there is not at all. To have this book would be a source of encouragement for me.
    Thanking you

  51. Reaching out to God to fill my empty caverns of hurt is the only way I get through painful experiences. Loved this devotion as a reminder to do so as this time of year is emotionally painful for me.

  52. I would like a copy of this book because I struggle with a mood disorder, and my symptoms are not always under control. It has affected my quality of life for years. I would like a reminder that I am strong- that the Most High is my refuge and my strength.

  53. Melanie Mattie says:

    How encouraging this article is to me tonight. I have just had my 17th surgery and struggle with pain daily. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do to be healthy,my body just really falls apart. At times I feel very alone, even though I have family and friends who love and support me through it all. To read that someone really gets it, really understands, touches me deeply. Thank you for sharing this article.

  54. I’d like to win this book for a friend of mine you lost a child in a car accident, last year. Although she is in ministry school and slowly sorting out the grieving process. I believe this book would be a blessing.
    Thanks for your consideration

  55. jackie jones says:

    God bless you on your journey. Pain can be such a teacher… I have a friend with a son who died in an accident this year (15 years old) that I would give this to or also a friend in jail for 30 days that I am praying uses this pain for good in her life… so many trials can be turned to joy. God is faithful always and the hope we have in Him is unshakeable if we believe. God help us all. thank you for your daily devotions, for your creating books that help and devotions that inspire and bring life and light to others.

  56. I have a friend who’s daughter was involved in a serious car accident where one of the girls died and her daughter was left with brain injury along with a long list of injuries.her life has been very painful.I think this book would be great for her.

  57. Kathy Byers says:

    I would like this book for my husband, he lives daily in physical and emotional pain. It sounds as if this book would be a help the him.

  58. I would like a copy for a family member who is battling a second round of cancer after 5 years of thinking she was cancer free…pray with me for her that her faith continues to be strong.

  59. Kadian Walker-Johnson says:

    I’ve been experiencing so much pain right now. Physically, as I am experiencing recurrent gallbladder attacks. Financially and emotionally, as we are flat broke, its like every money that we earn goes out into a vehicle repairs, medical bills, loans. U can’t even pay utilities, its the grace of God why they are still connected. All of this has been going on over a year and seems to intensify. When I woke up to this devotional, it jolts hope in me that: 1. I’m not alone 2. God provides a pleasing hope and future. I would love to get a copy of this book to continue to read about someone else’s testimony of how they got over and their experiences with God through the times of suffering. I also ask that you pray for me and my family. We need strength.

  60. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    Thank you. I struggle with trying to remain hopeful. Especially during the dark winter months and in the face of situations I have no control over. God seems to have to keep bringing me back to “hopeless” places to teach me that hope is not a path to disappointment, but I just don’t seem to learn the lesson.

  61. Susan Franklin says:

    I’m a christian and have been all my life. I struggle with validation of others when in pain or rough patch instead of giving it to God. I think cause it is a voice and physical person I can see.

  62. I would use this book to encourage people along this trail of Life, though I hope all these folks above me will receive a cooy of your book! I will pray for you all!

  63. I would like to give a copy of this book to my good friends husband who is suffering from cancer. He’s taking strong doses of chemotherapy and the side affects are terrible. He and his friends and family pray all of the time but this whole treatment process and all he goes through takes its toll on him and his family. He breeds dogs and he is currently training up a dog he named Hope that he wants to use as a therapy dog the way his dogs and puppies are his therapy. Your book may give him further areas of comfort to hang on to.

  64. I lost my Husband, Mom, and Dad in 3 years. Now I lead a grief group. If I won I’d read the book and recommend it to those in the group.

  65. I am constantly searching for daily encouragement to be strong in God’s word…I would love to read your book and then share it with others. God bless you every second!

  66. Kathy Anderson says:

    Sounds like a great book. Im looking forward to resding it

  67. Traci Stiltner says:

    I have suffered with yrs of chronic illnesses. Some diagnosed several haven’t been and now being told I’m just to complex. I have a lot of same symptoms you described and auto-immune disease undiagnosed for 3 yrs. I also lost my 17 yr old SWEET, SELFLESS Daughter in a tragic car accident Memorial Day 2012. I have a son who was 9 at the time but I still feel like if not all of me at least half of me died that horrific day. I have held on to GOD my only hope to survive. Without God and prayer I would’ve died of heart attack. God spared me I know I have a purpose to fulfill. It gets so hard to push on but I exist for my son. I have been in the deepest n darkest depression for at least 6 months n fear leaving my home. I have been very active in my children’s lives, activities, church, community, and Parent Coordinator at our local Middle School. I can’t go for the fear and sickness, depression. Christmas is such a dread n I never sleep. I was just lying here feeling overwhelmed with this indescribable almost unbearable pain and clicked on your story in my devotional. I KNOW GOD JUST OPENED THIS ONE OUT OF SEVERAL I HAVE. I’m behind on my readings. This book would be appreciated as I feel compelled to write a book about My Story and all of the ups, downs, struggles and the many Roses I’ve received just in time sent by The Lily Of My Valley. May God Bless you this holiday season.
    Thank you
    Traci Stiltner

  68. Our women’s bible study leader has recently had surgery for breast cancer and has learned that cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and will require radiation and chemo. I also have a cousin who had been battling cancer for a few years. I would love to share share this book with them

  69. Louise shirley says:

    A copy of the book will bolster my small group devotional meetings with six women

  70. I lost my husband of 38 yrs to a hard fought battle with cancer last week. He has ultimate healing now. I am a work in progress. It is hard as I miss him so much.

  71. I would like a copy of this book for husband and I. Shortly after the new year I will be reporting to prison for a little while and leaving my husband and 2 young children behind. It’s a devastating and emotionally tough situation to endure. We need all the encouragement we can get to help strengthen us.

  72. My sister has MS and battles severe depression because of the pain, discomfort, weakness and major life changes MS has caused. I send her my Proverbs 31 devotional everyday with a little note telling her how much I love her and want her to know God’s love. I had stage 3 cancer at 32, but it was that journey – as painful as it was and with all the life-long side-effects that linger – that changed my life forever. I learned to give up my controlling habits and understand that God already has a plan for my life and his plans are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I learned that you don’t have to be strong through pain, because God is stronger. It’s so hard for me to relate to my sister and her experience, because she doesn’t see her condition the way I saw (and see) cancer. I would love to give her a copy of this book and hope that she would realize everything is temporary (even terminal illnesses are temporary), but God’s love is forever and his plan for her life is not over.

  73. Barbara Southard says:

    I would give the book to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. My brotther-in-law was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer two years ago and doctors are now trying an experimental drug on him as part of a case study to help others as they say there’s probably not much else to be done for him. When he was diagnosed, he was given one to two months to live, but his faith, the prayer support of family and friends, and God’s healing hand has allowed him many beautiful days among some very difficult and devaststing ones. He is constantly in pain yet is so strong and so uncomplaining!

  74. I would love to win a copy for my mom. She lives in constant pain from a bad back and fibromyalgia, yet she doesn’t complain. She does get down sometimes though. Thanks for the opportunity?

  75. Erin Denton says:

    I would love a copy of this book for my husband.

  76. Marquita R Jacks says:

    Thank you! I cried my eyes out to God this morning and He gave me this devotional and Rom. 8:17-39. I’m overwhelmed by my private hell (for lack of better words). Blessed with many gifts…song, writing, speaking and encouraging. I’m a wife & mother of 3 (1 is autistic), nana of 3. I should be happy, right? But in secret, I’m miserable on so many levels;the stuff people can’t see or I won’t let them…idk. When you are who people seek for encouragement, sometimes,there’s no one to encourage you…but the word of God. I’m praying to recieve what my heart so desperately wants to believe…that it’s gonna be ok, I’m gonna be ok, I can put down my guards and stop blocking my own blessings & be more of a blessing to others, it’s not about me and it all works for my good to Gis glory. Struggling in my worth at the moment and I still hurt right now, but not as much…I know God’s heart beats for me. I just need to lay my head on His chest to hear it’s cadence…maybe then I can rest…

    • Cheryl Bernier says:

      As I was scrolling down the list of people and all the sufferings that people are going through I came to yours , its like God was saying to me tell her I love her that I hear her every cry that I am there in the midst of her pain. My arms of love are around her .I will give strength in her weary times and hope where there has been despair.

      God bless you

  77. I would love to share a copy with my teenage daughter who has grappled with chronic migraines and anxiety the last 3 years.

  78. I’d share this book with my mother, who has debilitating arthritis.

  79. I have a friend who suffers with bouts of great pain. She never knows when it will come or how long it will last. Medication does not really help. Her faith in God is weak. She does not understand why a God who says He loves her allows this. Would your book help her?

  80. I would like to give this book to a dear friend who is battling cancer.

  81. I would love a copy because I myself have been through many trials he last few years and I’d love help to focus in on my one and only Hope. We first lost everything except for me, my kids, and my husband to a house fire. Then a year later I was diagnosed with a rare disease called Addison’s disease. Now a year later, I was driving my son to school and a woman ran a stop sign and hit our car. My vehicle was totaled leaving me and the kids with minor injuries. Such a miracle! God has continued to have favor on me and for that I am very grateful.

  82. My friend Marie immediately popped in my head when I read that I could win this book. I often do not enter book giveaways because I’m behind on my reading already but Marie now walks with a limp because of her rheumatoid arthritis. She believes and loves Jesus and if this book can help her in any way then I would love to give it to her!!!

  83. I have a precious friend who has bone cancer, i would love to share this book with her.0

  84. Cassandra Burns says:

    I would be honored to present this book to a dear friend who recently has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She smiles in her suffering on the outside but I would imagine hearing from someone who experiences pain and seeks true joy in the midst of their peraonal suffering would be life changing for her.

  85. teresa meacham says:

    I am currently suffering from a chronic pain condition that has me suffering too. I would love to have this book to read, and then to share with the others I know of who are suffering.

  86. Angela Raphael says:

    I would love a copy of this book to give to my friend who deals with RSD, a very painful disease.

  87. My sister has a debilitating disease as well – chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. I would love to give her a copy of this book.

  88. I would so enjoy a copy of this book as I’m struggling with emotional pain with wayward sons. My best friend would be sharing it with me!

  89. My 13 yr old son was diagnosed with thyroid cancer this week. We are grieving this change in his health and his instant launch from childhood to adulthood as he will have to navigate this disease for the rest of his life. We do have hope and our hope comes from the Lord, the ultimate healer. We will cast all our anxieties on Him. We also acknowledge that Satan is just waiting to use this event to take hold of us…we must be strong.

  90. I’d like to give a copy to my friend whose new born daughter died 3 years ago on Dec 21. Joy was a premie and just on the cusp of medical intervention, but unfortunately the hospital decided NOT to intervene & refused premie care, so Joy passed away. My friend is still greatly affected & her grief is debilitating still.

  91. Angela Hobgood says:

    I would love to win this book for my mom. She suffers from a auto immune disorder that attacks her central nervousness system and has tachycardia along with several other ailments. All of these medical conditions worsened after her chemo from Brest cancer about 12 years ago. She was always so involved in youth ministry and had energy to get things done like I had never seen…now a trip to the grocery store or teaching one Sunday school lesson can wipe her energy out for days.
    She tries to always put on a good face of strength but I am sure just like Jack she has moments of darkness and lack of hope where this book might encourage her

  92. Lesia Knight says:

    My 18 year old daughter has suffered from a little known autonomic nervous system disorder for 7 years. The first three of those years was spent in darkness, searching for answers to the cause of her pain, the sudden loss of the bright light that was her life. Symptoms that couldn’t be explained by doctors so were just ignored, teachers and peers who ridiculed and dubbed her as a fake. But my God was faithful, using every minute of suffering, wiping away every tear, building in her a strength that goes beyond the physical and finds its source in the eternal. Her faith is strong, her hope is real and her focus is on her Abba, who she KNOWS will heal her in His time. She is the strongest person I know. And I am thankful to have been chosen to be her mom.

  93. Naomi Ingram says:

    I have a dear friend who suffers from depression I would love to give this book to. Thank you for an opportunity to win one!

  94. Thank you for your article. I would love to read your book.I have battled chronic illness for most of my 20 years of married life and would appreciate receiving the insights from scripture that you’ve found in your search during your own struggles.I would also share with the many people I come across who are also facing chronic illness, that sometimes get forgotten by others. God Bless you!

  95. Indie Cooper-Guzman says:

    Thank you for a very thought provoking entry today. I have suffered pain of all kinds over the years and continue to survive in the midst of it today. I believe this book would be a very good source of hope and encouragement in times of intense struggle.

  96. I would love this book. I suffer from an auto immune disorder and experiment my fair share of physical and emotional pain daily. I found writing out Romans 8:18 “the pain you ar feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming” on my bathroom mirror so I am reminded each day that this is all temporary. I’ve found that on my worst days if I can encourage someone else i take the focus off my pain and refocus on the cross. Blessings to you and yours and may each of you have a blessed Christmas!

  97. carol edwards says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book. That I may first read and then forward to 3 of my 5 Adult Children. I shall be 75 in March. My one daughter suffered mutilating Injuries due to Motorcycle accident and will never be free of pain, Doctor’s are unable to operate due to proximity of injury to Spine. Second Daughter lives with Chronic pain due to Many diagnosis . Son (my youngest at 46) Suffers from 2 Slipped Disc’s and Rotator Cuff Tare, He is Unemployed, No Insurance, Addicted to Pain and Anxiety Meds, he lives with me.

    So If I read this book First then shared with each one of my Adult Children , Hopefully we all could feel we are not so bad off and that God will see us through and that we all have a Wonderful future with him, Thank you, Carol

  98. My cousin recently found out she hasaid some disease (that I can’t spell or pronounce yet). She’s only 42 and is starting to go blind along with several other things that are altering her work and lifestyle. I’ve tried encouraging her but I haven’t been in those shoes. I think she could relate and be encouraged by this book so I’d give it to her.

  99. Angela Harris says:

    Oh this book would be perfect for my husband and me! My husband has so many football injuries from years of playing and I seem to have to so many times of anxiety and overwhelming that I think it’s something we need to read!

  100. I would love to win a copy of this book for my friend, Terri who is getting ready for a grueling round of chemo. She is a faithful woman but is struggling to stay focused and free of fear, doubt, and anxiety. She lives with her disabled sister and is her sole care taker.

  101. This devotion came at the perfect time. I am on my way to the hospital today to say goodbye to my uncle. He has been suffering for almost two years now battling cancer and I have been encouraged and reminded by you that he will suffer no more…Thank you and God bless you!

  102. I would love to win a copy of this book. I suffered a miscarriage in July, and the ache and longing in my heart to be blessed with another baby is great.

  103. Thanks for your words of hope. I suffer from migraines for over 25 years. I Woukd love to read your book. God bless you and heal you.

  104. When I look at my three children , I know that the pain was worth it. Even more I know when I see Him in heaven , it will have been worth it. Praise His Holy Name !

  105. I would read this book to my husband that suffers incessant pain from US Marine Corp. Duties in war, law enforcement work, and 3 car collision which were no fault of his own.
    Thank you for using your adversities for good!
    Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days!

  106. I have been grieving over the betrayal of my best friend. But I have learned through this heart breaking experience that God teaches us many valuable lessons in our dark valleys. He has shown me that I need to draw near to Him and He will draw near to me (James 4:8) and that I need to trust that He is in control of the situation and that He will bring me through this dark valley in His timing and into the light of His joy.

  107. My husband lost his father in April. He has had a difficult time dealing with this loss. Want my husband to find God’s peace and strength in this dark moment/s!

    Thank you for your encouraging words! Your story/message really spoke to me! Thank you! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!

  108. After having just completed cancer treatment, I have learned so much about how to seek the Lord in times of struggle, and feel compelled to help others to do the same. I would love to have this book as a resource to help others who are struggling to see God in their pain.

  109. Barbara Davis says:

    2015 has been nothing but pain and suffering for myself and my family. Job loss, financial struggles, health challenges, car accidents…the list goes on. In March, I made a commitment to study and pray more. God has kept me calm in the storm. I wake every day in pain, but continue to push on with God’s help. This sounds like an awesome book. I would really enjoy reading it.

  110. I would Iike a copy of the book to help me & my patients find answers for pain & suffering with strength to endure not only physically but mentally

  111. I often lead the Divorce Care class at our church. I am always looking for books and resources that van offer hope in such a dark time to recommend to the participants.

  112. This book would be for my dear friend Donna. She has struggled for years with extreme neck pain issues from an accident. She does not have a day free of pain. I pray my beautiful friend can find peace in the midst of her daily storms!

  113. Wow, those words of God ministered so much to my hurting heart just now. You have no idea. A close friend & I are both going through devastating heartbreak and I just shared this with her, as well. Thank you.

  114. I have so much suffering, lost of father grandfather my son, daughter, and grandson that I raised and grand mother me and my daughter are not close and it is hard. I just want these hurts to be healed. I love Jesus with all my heart and I know he is my hope. I just need encouragement I really believe this book will help. Jesus is my healer. Our family is a mess. Will you help me. Only God can change this situation.

  115. My aunt…who led me to the Lord forty years ago has suddenly lost her eyesight….she is a great example to all her family but is having difficulty with this eyesight issue…..there has been no effective treatment…everything has been tried… I was hoping to give this to her daughter to read to her as she reads her the bible every day…..God Bless You and Merry CHRISTmas!

  116. Such a timely post for me. Very helpful and comforting since my chronic illness was triggered by two difficult births. I would love to win a copy of the book.

  117. thoughts of future sufferings scare me. Would love to read your book.

  118. Thank you for sharing, the bible verses spoke to me as I was reminded of how I can be an encouragement to my sister with Crohns. I would want to share the book with her and read it together, to understand what she’s going through on a deeper level but to also help her understand that this life is temporary when we sometimes need that reminder.

  119. Phyllis Cooper says:

    My daughter is going through a difficult time after discovering her husband has been unfaithful for 14years. She is a strong Christian but still in great pain. She would appreciate this book.

  120. Linfa Ross says:

    I would read and study this book. I have been I in Depression for over a year. I have tried to be strong and hold on but for the last month I have been loosing the fight. Need to hold on to my faith and wait o. The joy that comes only frim God.

  121. Steve Vida says:

    I am going though a divorce with two young children, and we are all suffering.
    Perhaps this book would help me cope with the sress, pain, and turmoil that I and my family are suffering.

  122. Pamela Fulton says:

    I have lupus and suffer from brain damage. As I am working on learning many things again,especially the Bible, a copy of the book on suffering would be a great blessing. This article was a huge blessing to me, thank you so much for posting it.

  123. Love this devotion! I’ve struggled with depression over the years. With God’s love, I’m having less of those times. Today’s message was for me. I’ve given birth and i know the joy after the pain. Beautifully said. God is full of love for us. He shows us in so any ways. Keep our eyes on Jesus!

  124. Dolores Fobare says:

    My husband suffers a rare disease also and has painful days too. He would enjoy this book

  125. Cynthia Link says:

    John, I too suffer from a sometimes painful autoimmune disease. I would love toread your book to become stronger as I deal with continues and future episodes. Have a Merry Christmas!

  126. Thank you for your beautiful devotion this morning. The Christian faith offers us hope and belief in a new heaven and a new earth and it is this hope that we can bring to people here and around the world who are suffering chronic pain or despair on a daily basis. It is this faith that gets us mobilized to “go out” and share the good news! I have a friend in our small group who is dealing with physical pain daily and she just lost her husband to cancer. I believe my friend would love your book. Thank you again for blessing me with your devotions!

  127. I have been strugglung with depression for over a year and sometimes I thing I am losing the fight. I hope this book will help me hold on with faith to return my joy in the Lord.

  128. I would like a copy for a friend who lost her daughter this year and is going through the extreme pain of grief over losing a child.

  129. I would give this book to a friend, her husband has had debilitating pain for years.

  130. Sally White says:

    In April of 2008 I lost my son in a car accident. In September of that same year I lost a 4 1\2 month old grandchild (a triplet). I have felt no greater pain than at those times. I could not have made it to where I am now without God and my church family. I would add this book to our church library to be able to help others deal with the pains in their life.

  131. This was an exceptional perspective from a young husband and I think very encouraging to not only women but all Christians! I’d love for a friend to receive this book who being widowed for years, suffering through an abusive relationship with a son, then after being released from rehab for a leg amputation found herself living in her car out on the streets. A strong woman for being so small and frail, trusts God implicitly! She finally found a place to live and each day struggles to make her way. Her hope is for heaven and her heart goes out for others. She is a huge reader and would be so blessed with this book.

  132. I am thankful for this post and am eager to read I AM STRONG and lend it to my in-laws, who are struggling with their own form of grief.

  133. Charlene henry says:

    I almost feel guilty, after reading many comments, requesting the book for myself. I would love a copy due to my present sufferings. I am typically an optimist, I have faith written everywhere. I have pushed through many trials. I have had a difficult time understanding those who allow themselves to get depressed. (I’m not disagreeing- just not understanding.) However, I am dealing with chronic pain for months now from an autoimmune disease. It is all I can do to get out of bed and smile. I count my blessings. My Bible- what I would I do without it?? But like I said– after reading some of these posts. If I win, I will choose someone else here I find needs it more than I do. Someone named Tammy battling cancer, husband needing kidney transplant- I feel deserve the book if I were to win, please give it to her. Thank you. Merry Christmas. Many blessings everyone.

    • Charlene henry says:

      PS to add…after rereading my comment I thought I should reiterate- I was stating I never understood depression until now.

  134. Thank you for sharing your God given gifts! Appreciated! Acknowledged!

  135. I dont suffer from physical pain, but right now Im suffering from the pain of desiring to be a mother. Being married for 4 yrs I thought it would have happened by now. I thought 2 weeks ago, God told me that I am expecting…well Im still waiting to find it to be true. This is the most painful wait I have ever endured. Im trying to keep my hope, but it is slipping with every passing day and Im becoming impatient and irritated. I know Gods timing is perfect, but because I truly think He told me through His word and other circumstances that I am right now pregnant, and not showing any,physical symptoms, I am losing hope. I would love this book for myself and to share with others because we all experience pain!!

  136. Lisa samford says:

    I have received daily encouragement from proverbs 31 ministries. In this time of financial and physical struggles in my life today’s devotional was uplifting and strengthening. Thanks to all of you that provide these messages.

  137. Stephanie Cline says:

    I’ve been having so much trouble being hopeful that my own forms of suffering will end. I know what Scripture says, but every time I see a glimmer of hope, it seems that hope is instantly crushed again, as if satan is playing keep away with some one half his size. I’d love to read how to maintain hope in my present suffering.

  138. I would like a copy of the book for my Dad. He suffers from arthritis and fybromyalgia. He also has chronic back pain and neuropathy. He has good days but many bad days that he can do nothing because of the pain. He has a strong positive spirit most times. I think he is good at hiding his suffering from the rest of us. I believe this book may be able to help him further cope with his pain.

  139. Karen Herring says:

    I would love to have this book for my grown daughter who has lyme disease. She is in almost constant pain and suffers daily with this disease that is so often not acknowledged as a disease by many doctors. Even with doctors help it is hard to manage in late stage and is a balancing act. She is a Christian but gets very discouraged in her suffering.

  140. I am entering the I am Strong contest. After moving countries I am experiencing many losses; friends, work, income, and learning of family divides. Waiting for personal pain to ease or end. Trusting Jesus.

  141. My sister has MS. She has been in a nursing home for the past 8 years. She has not been able to stand or walk for about 10 years. She trusts God and always tells me when I start to leave, “someday you’ll see me walk again”. I love her simple trust and faith. She can’t do much, but she can still read. I would love to place a copy of your book in her hands.

  142. I would give this book to my sister who has fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease. She is in pain daily and medication offers no help.

  143. Shelly Bays says:

    I would like to win this book for my friend Kari who has suffered with fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease for 13 years. She is a woman of faith, but I know that many times her faith is severely tested. She doesn’t complain and continues to work, live, laugh and love through the pain and fear of what will come next. She recently battled and fought and beat breast cancer as well!! I would love for her to have a book filled with hope and scripturally based wisdom about her situation and how to live around it while glorifying God in the midst of it.

  144. My Mom sometimes has debilitating pain that keeps her up at night. I speak to her daily at noon and we try to find something to have a REALLY good laugh about. she tells me when she is in pain she thinks of those times of laughter to lessen her pain.. would love for her to have a copy of this book. peace and blessings 2u!!

  145. Hi,
    Would love to have the book for my daughter in law who has Lupus since she was 10 years of age.
    She is suffering severely Physically & mostly mentally with many things and would truly benefit from your guidance and spiritual inspiration. Her relationships are being severely damaged & she needs new inspiration . She is such a wonderful and loving person and she wants to be whole again. Please help us to help her become the happy & loving person she was and to be totally connected with God once again.

  146. I would like this book to bless my mother who for most of her life has felt with daily pain in her body

  147. Patricia Sakrismo says:

    I would love to win your book to give to my granddaughter. She is not very strong in her faith and suffers from depression and anxiety. Thanks for giving us a chance to win. Merry Christmas!

  148. This book sounds so interesting. If I were to win I’d have to read it first, but then would give it to my friend Lisa who is in a most difficult place in her life right now. Thanks for this great post and reminder that our eternal life is something to look forward to!

  149. Ramica Branham says:

    My Dad has stage 4 cancer: liver, lung, and colon. I know it’s hard for him to admit that he needs rest at times, even now he still pushes himself through house repairs, yard work, and other things he’s always been able to do until he hits that wall of needing to rest (I guess to show himself that he still can). I’d like this book for him for those days when his will can but his body won’t. Thank you. God bless.

  150. I have so many many many friend to give this book to. My family and I have witnessed 4 teenage and 1 adult suicide this year. Never in our lives have we had to sit by and watch such pain in people so dealing with 5 in one year has been awful. Trying to reassure these people we will see their loved ones again and their pain will be gone one day.

  151. I would give it to my husband as he has pain with unknown diagnosis at this time.

  152. My dad has a rare degenerative disease. I’d love to give him and my mom this book.

  153. Linda Eller says:

    My daughter Amy suffers from Lupus and I would love to have a copy for her.

  154. Alison Hanley says:

    I would like to give this book to a friend who fell 25′ from a roof and broke both of his legs a year ago. He is able to walk short distances but is in constant pain and has been in and out of the hospital several times with different complications. The doctors have said they don’t expect he’ll recover much more and he’s still unable to work full time or do volunteer construction work which is what he loves. He’s had a tough life and he’s got to be pretty discouraged even though he doesn’t talk openly about it. He’s a believer and the first person I thought of when I read this devotional. Thank you.

  155. Deborah Spann Veney says:

    I wokeup this morning in pain from head to toe. I am a almost 10 year pancreatic cancer survivor…praise God. For the past few years, I have experienced chronic unexplained pain. I have been told three times that my scans showed metastatic cancer. Each time they were wrong; God is in control. Yesterday, I was told that I have a suspicious lesion in my sinus cavity. I need this book of hope to help me through this season. Pray for me and I’ll pray for you. Good bless!

  156. Cheryl Fahr says:

    I would like to give a copy of your book to my friend for her husband. He is in his 30s and has had ALS for 2 years. He can no longer eat, speak or move and the depression he has is devastating.

  157. Cathleen Winter-Rafalko says:

    Thanks for this writing on pain. Although my everyday pain is mental and emotional, I would give this book to my friend joyce, who loves our sovereign father and is in physical pain most days like you are. Blessings my friend. Peace and love to you.

  158. I do ministry at Yale University. We live on donations given elsewhere to do this critical ministry. I think this book would be used to help the believers here who really need it. Thank you!

  159. I would gift it to my friend with fibromyalgia.

  160. I would love to receive this book because I need encouragement for my failing marriage. It’s been years now, and I’m getting tired of hoping.

  161. Minerva Briones says:

    I’m in the middle of a divorce after 34 years of marriage, it wasn’t easy to take this decision but I had to get out of that abusive relationship which I kept because he’s a pastor and I didn’t wanted the church to be discouraged, but after reading all the comments, I can see there’s people suffering more than me, God Bless you and thank you for sharing your message with us. It was a Blessing!

  162. I would love to give a copy to an unspoken person who is dealing with the effects of alcoholism.

  163. I lost my 29 yr old daughter to an unexpected death in Feb. This year has been very difficult. Proverbs 31 has helped. I praise Him for this ministry.

  164. I know several people in hard places in their lives who might benefit from reading this book.

  165. Great Devotional insight from a man on the pain of childbirth.
    I am even more impressed by the Wonder and Wisdom of Almighty God. That He could use a man’s painful condition to be a Deep Well of inspiration. One that Declares the Goodness and Glory of God !!!
    WOW !! HIS Ways are so high above ours.
    Blessings as you continue to explore this rich territory. May God show you great Favor and fresh insight into His hidden riches.

  166. If I won a copy of this book, I would gift it to my friend going through a divorce. I can see the pain and doubt she’s dealing with everyday. I want her to know God’s hope is what will get her through to the other side and a beautiful rainbow awaits her…His promise. 🙂

  167. Cindy Germann says:

    I would give the book t my niece. She has had been lost for a long, without Christ in her life for a long time. She has 4 children that she 91st r uggles to cloth and feed, she’s a single mother. Her decisions have not always been good ones and have led her deeper into despair. I have tried to help but don’t live close by so it’s hard. She needs to put God back into her life now before she loses her kids, the only thing she really loves. I have prayed for her and askeder to get to find a church, but I don’t think she is brave enough to do so on her own. Maybe this book would show her the way to grow strong in her faith and help her to lift herself up out f the life of bad decisions that has seemed to swallow h we up.

  168. I would like to pass this book along to a friend (strong faith) who just had surgery for esophageal cancer and a second surgery a day later due to complications. She had planned to be home for Christmas, but prayerfully she will be home by the new year.

  169. Oh bless you Mr Dickerson on your rare condition and turning it into a blessing to others in writing a Christian book on it. I can’t say the same for myself. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I haven’t coped well at all. Your phrase “dead end depression” resonates with me, I’m sorry to say. I would really like a copy of your book so that I might learn from your experience hoe you have and are handling it and honoring God too!

  170. I would love to read this book. I been suffering from depression and anxiety for years now and feel trapped. My world becoming smaller. I can’t drive take the train or shop on my own. God knows I pray cry use natural remedies there’s a lot of suffering. I try to read things that are positive and full of hope.

  171. Karen Catlett says:

    My husband has Intercystial cystitis an suffers pain every minute. I encourage him often an says words to try to deter depression from consuming him. He would benefit greatly from your book.

  172. Andrea Whitehead says:

    I would love a copy of your book. I have suffered from depression the last 23 yrs but when I was diagnosed with cancer I developed severe panic attacks. But I continue to praise God .

  173. Would love to give this to my teenage daughter who was just diagnosed with Lupus.

  174. Sandra Moran says:

    Your devotional came at such a timely manner. I have had mild depression due to family circumstances…a prodigal son, a daughter with a failing marriage. I had just been praying that God would take away the pain and change the circumstances. Then my daily Proverbs came this morning. Thank you for sharing. This is one email I won’t be deleting so I can read it often !

  175. I would love to win this book to give to my best friend’s son. He is 17 and suffers severely everyday with several chronic illnesses. He hardly leaves their home except to go to Physical Therapy and doctors appointments. His faith is strong but he needs this book for daily encouragement. I’d love for him to have this book and find complete peace & hope in it to persevere knowing Jesus is with him in this journey and peace knowing that he’ll be free of these debilitating pains for eternity with Jesus in Heaven. Thank you.

  176. Thank you for sharing God’s words in such a wonderful way. My daughter and i are both dealing with physical problems, and it is frustrating to not see the healing, even though it is ours thru Christ. It is so important to remember our hope in Christ, and your sharing did that for me. What a timely reminder of what God has in store for us. Thank you and God bless.

  177. I would like to give this copy to my Dad who recently received amber transplant.

  178. I would give this book to a friend of mine who is suffering from going through a divorce from a 17 year marriage. One year free from alcohol she has relapsed during this difficult time of her life. She needs to know she is a strong woman and can endure this pain to know how God works in our lives on our behalf.

  179. Betty Williams says:

    As a christian, we will suffer because we was form in the image of God. He suffer and did no wrong, but made that sacrifice for us because that was the will of his father. Adam and eve establish sin and disobey God.Suffering is part Iif our heritage as Christian and we must endure suffering no matters what the end may bring.Suffering for chist sake we will gain eternal life

  180. I would love to read/share this book as I have an 18 year old daughter suffering with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

  181. Amy Rardon says:

    I would very much like this book. The last few years have been incredibly difficult for my husband and I. I have chronic back pain which makes working difficult so as a result we lost our home. Theread have been many other things that have happened, as they tend to do, that I don’t want this to just be a list of bad things that have happened. My faith has helped me keep going but I often find myself wondering if this pain will ever end. I try to remind myself that things aren’t so bad many people have it much worse than us but the more that happens the harder it gets to remember. Lately, I gind myself floundering more than normal. I would love to have a copy of this book because I think it would really help me put things into perspective. Thank you so much for this devotion today, I really needed to read it. Bless you and your family. Merry Christmas.

  182. Jean Tatum says:

    My son is 41 yrs old and has had seizures most of his life. He is a Godly man but gets discouraged. I would like this book for him.

  183. Thank you you for this devotion, I really needed to hear this today. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since childhood and have been living with chronic pain most of my life. The past few years have been especially hard though and lately I really feel like I’ going down hill. I know and trust that the Lord is in in control, but it always helps to hear others words of encouragement. Thanks for sharing your story, I would love to have a copy of your book. God bless!

  184. I would love to read this book. Currently, my marriage is falling apart. All I can do is trust that God has his hand on it and I will be ok because I am protected by Him.

  185. I would love o win this book. I think it would help me right now when l need it most. I am going through so much pain and heart break l just want to die. Life has otter so hard and confusing right now with so many family problems l feel like l can not go on. Everyone is against everyone and life is just too complicated l just can’t understand. l know l need to be strong, but l feel l have been strong too long. l feel l am loosing my mind.

  186. I too suffer from an illness that has me living in pain daily, erosive osteto arthritis. It has destroyed my thumbs, I fight to build anew normal everyday. Wear braces for my thumbs, yet I won’t stop doing what God calls me to do.Even when other people thinks I should. Trying to get family to understand when I am still learn is a big challenge. God is in control, days I can not do much I know He is with me. Thank you for the encouragement.

  187. As my age advances so does my physical aches and pains, even though I work out every day and try to eat healthy I cannot stem the tide. I have arthritis in my joints, looking at a knee replacement soon, cataracts and hemi facial spasms among other ailments. I pray daily for healing, but this devotion reminded me that healing may not come until I am face to face with our Lord, that’s ok too, it’s just hard to deal with the limitations and the pain at times. God bless this writer, P31 and Merry Christmas.

  188. Sheila Dunham says:

    My sweet Aunt Leeann is the ninth person in her family to endure ALS. We are watching her slowly become more and more debilitated. And although she now has to struggle to speak, walk, and move, she continues to rely on Jesus for her strength of spirit. I think she could use the encouragement of this book to continue this journey, with encouragement to know her temporary suffering will end with eternal joy.

  189. Julie Frievalt says:

    I would love a copy of I am strong for my sister in law. She is going through something right now and I believe this would be of great help to her. Thank you for your ministry!

  190. I have a family member who has struggled his whole life with doubt and uncertainty about God and His goodness. I pray daily for his salvation. I think this book would help!

  191. Thank you for the giveaway. I would love this book to help my kids and me through the painful recovery of divorce.

  192. Keisha Gllasco says:

    I have been diagnosed with Lupus since I was 14 years old, I am now a 45 year old Survivor! My hope is in Jesus Christ and this book would minister to my Mind, Body and Soul! There aren’t many Christian resources that deal with chronic pain as this book does. With the debilitating daily struggle with pain, this book would assist me greatly!
    As I said before, I am a 31 year Lupus Survivor! Amen!

  193. , I immediAtely thought to get a copy as a gift for my coworker, a young lady, mother, wife, and veteran, who is battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for the past 4 years. I am always encouraged by her strength and tenacity to fight and win this battle. She is a former Marine so she always appears to be “tough” and okay. I still continue to pray for complete healing and God’s peace and assurance. This book I believe will be a blessing to her.

  194. Nancy Olsen says:

    I currently am suffering from asthma and allergies while on a vacation and this is a chronic condition that not only affects me but my family and has prevented me from working at times(not recently as God has me working with seniors with chronic illnesses) but has and my hope for healing has been shattered this week. I need this book not just for me but to help my patients. This is a difficult road as I’ve been on it 24 years now.

  195. I would love to win a copy!

  196. I would love to win this book to give to a friend who was diagnosed this year with a disease that has changed her life. She is a Christian & would find hope in this book along with the hope she already has in Jesus. Thank you.

  197. My Mother has had chronic back pain for 30 years. About 25 years ago she had a major surgery that revealed an extra nerve that was as big as a pencil coming off her spinal nerve. Her surgeon could not do everything he needed to relieve her suffering. Within hours she was transferred to IUPUI hospital where the states leading neurosurgeon tried another surgical technique. This made 3 surgeries in less than 10 days. She had a tumor removed from her mouth before the first back surgery. She has not been pain free in all of these years. Unfortunately, she has allowed bitterness and anger about her lifestyle change to take over. She has driven away family and friends. She has continued to have further surgeries due to deteriorating disks, linings of sockets, etc. She suffers and we all suffer. She is now in her 70’s. It would be so nice if she could live the rest of her days with a little peace. It would be nice if the great grandchildren could experience a bit of the love and joy their father did as a small boy without the anger to diminish her love.

  198. Ann Williams says:

    Thank you for sharing your darkest days and the joy to follow. Having lost a leg and nearly my life to flesh-eating bacteria — I understand how terrifying the fear of having pain again can be.

  199. I would love a copy to help myself and to pass on to others for hope in help’

  200. JOYCE EDWARDS says:

    I would give your book to my son who has Cerebral Palsy. He suffers back pain and emotional pain.
    He is a Christian but has a negative outlook on life. I pray every day that his attitude will change.

  201. My son and I suffer from Lyme disease. Every day is a gift and we fix our eyes on the Lord. I would be honored to read your encouraging book and then pass it along to others who are suffering. I know that God can bring much good out of our suffering. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope you’re suffering lessens with time. God Bless Everyone!

  202. Thank you for this reminder that our suffering is temporary. After living with suffering for almost 32 years of our marriage, we are waiting for our deliverance when we see Jesus. My husband would love to read a book from a man’s perspective to encourage him to keep on keeping on. Thank you for the encouragement for today!

  203. Shireen Wright says:

    I’d enjoy a copy…both my best friend & I struggle with melancholiness at times thru the year. I’d read & share with my friend the hope that this book may offer us in the midst of pain, darkness…
    Great post! I’ve delivered three boys. 🙂
    Kind of you to share your book!

  204. John, thank you for your message. It means so much coming from someone who has endured what you have. I wish that I had known of your book to make it available to my father as he and my mom passed away in 2015. However I would love to read it. Thank you.

  205. I’m praying this book will give my boyfriend, who is a police officer, hope and renewal of faith in God. He has been working so hard to eliminate a financial burden that caused him to lose faith.

  206. If ever I needed a book like this it’s now. I am going through a divorce and my daughter and granddaughter are moving out if state. I have a chronic health condition that is a daily concern. The hope of God is all that’s keeping me going right now and I need encouragement. The fact that it’s Christmas time is a help yet a heartache, too.

  207. I would love a copy of this inspirational book. My husband and I are very young but in the past year have been facing some serious physical and spiritual battles.

  208. Tori Grable says:

    This is a book I could really use right now. My sadness has been great as my grandson was taken from my life five months ago, and now a young couple who are close family friends must deal with the imminent death of their infant son due to a genetic disorder.

  209. I too have learned that my strength comes from the Lord! It was HE who carried me through my journey with breast cancer, covering every detail! He is still working on me as I continue my battle with chronic Lyme disease. The Lord is sharpening my spiritual gifts through my medical challenges. Perhaps this book would help me to learn and share and be a better witness to others!!??

  210. I have been suffering with chronic pain for 6 years due to a condition called hemicrania continua. There are many days when my body is being attacked from the inside and I can’t escape the pain for hours. I have felt hopeless many times and I’ve REALLY had to call on God for help. I would love to read another believer’s perspective on dealing with chronic pain from a spiritual standpoint.

  211. I would love a copy of this book to encourage me on dark days and to pass along to others to encourage them as well.

  212. I have a few friends who are suffering and would like to share the book with them as well as read it myself.

  213. Suzanne Ungaro says:

    Thank you for your transparent devotional. I would love a copy of your book for a dear friend of mine, who is like a mom to me. She suffers from various medical conditions that cause her great pain and has for years. Recently, she lost her husband and caretaker. Her son moved her into an assisted living home and out of Raleigh, where all her friend are. I know she would gain a new perspective on God’s love in reading your book. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  214. Connie Stutzman says:

    I lost my husband 5 years & 7 months ago. Got into a very difficult relationship within 7 months. We broke up over 100 times, it was me trying to get away. But, I was scared of being alone so I kept going back. Recently, God finally melted my heart and the relationship ended. My boyfriend ended it this time once & for all. I never loved him., really. Now, I’m trying to be strong holding on to God desperately…I need encouragement right now so I can be strong in Christ!

  215. Susan Payne says:

    I would like to read a book on hope. I have fibromyalgia and the pain is progressively getting worse. I need something to help me in the dark days. I know God is with me but a reminder always helps.

  216. I would love a copy of this book. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. To me there is no end. I am trying to believe there is an end. It just makes things look so dark and bleak. I would love to read this book. It seems the author has an understanding of what suffering can be. Thank you for reading this.

  217. I would love to read this book, God bless you for sharing your story!

  218. I will give the book to my younger sister, she tested HIV positive on the 14 of December. I think this book will help her to live a positive live and bring back her strength.

  219. Pam McGhee says:

    I have been suffering with depression, anxiety/panic for many years now. I am starting to have days when I feel hopeless after so many doctors visits and Medications haven’t worked. God knows I want and need to be in church and Sunday School but every time I go I start to get anxious and have to leave. It is so hard to understand where God is in all this.

  220. My sweet husband of 24 years endures excruciating back pain everyday. It prevents him from being able to participate in activities he loves and going places with our children. I would love to be able to give him your book for encouragement.

  221. I have a friend with a husband in a wheelchair for most of his life due to a car accident. He has been able to stubbornly work thru pain and suffering until a few years ago. Now the pain and depression keep him from much quality of life. His wife works hard to keep him going. I wish this was an audiobook but maybe he would allow his wife to read it to him. Thank you for your words from the Lord today.

  222. The e-mail I read about John Dickerson it touched my heart. I was diagnoised with Chronic disease RA – rhuemated arthritis.
    I was active but it has slowed me down alot.
    I am learning about the word of God, some issues God has helped me through it.

  223. Ted Redinbo says:

    I would like to win 4 copies of your book. I retired 17 months ago from delivering the mail for 25 years. I used to have purpose, now it seems that all this free time, not sure what God wants me to do. I have others in my life, who would benefit from this book, also.
    Ted Redinbo

  224. I would love to give this book to a friend of mine. She has recently been given a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. This is her third time battling this disease, and this time she has been given a time frame.

  225. My wheel bound daughter in law. Son who is much pain.thank you and God bless

  226. I am currently battling severe OCD anxiety and depression with an eating disorder and exercise bulemia…I have had not very many days at all feeling worthy or having a purpose…I just continue to pray to our Lord God that He have mercy upon me…I would love to FEEL STRONG once again…Blessings

  227. My cousin was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. He has a wife and two teenage daughters. This has been a very hard year for his family. They have been faced with two car accidents where their daughters have been injured and loss of income. They have been struggling with the “why me” question and there really aren’t any answers, just hope and faith statements and support from friends and family. I would love to send this book to them to help them keep strong.

  228. Battling depression and trying to praise God for he has better plans than I do.

  229. Laura Brown says:

    After a major life change 6 months ago, I think my husband and I could use this kind of encouragement!

  230. Rachel Brubaker says:

    I would like to give a copy of this book to my mom, who just underwent her 2nd brain tumor surgery. She is the strongest woman I know.

  231. E. K. Galloway says:

    I desperately need to learn how to deal will with chronic pain from illness.

  232. John, thank you for this insightful message! During this time of year as we celebrate all that God has bless us with, there are so many hurts and pain that linger. I pray that God continually reveals His love and mercy to all and that we are renewed each day by His promises.

  233. Sabrina Bernhardt says:

    I have endured so may trials with my LORD carrying me !

  234. Elaine Lueders says:

    This seems like it may be a message of HOPE for my sister. She has been in a place of physical pain for a long time with no answers or fixes. It may give her renewed hope and promises from Gods word to hang on to.

  235. Baileigh Allen says:

    As a mom who birthed three children naturally, I have to say that this post affected me profoundly. I have never reflected on future glory in this manner. My children have been my greatest gifts from God; knowing an even greater gift awaits brings a sense of peace to my heart. We all have struggles; your post has enabled me to view mine quite differently now. Thank you for this! I needed to read this today!

  236. Dana Diehl says:

    Thank you for this post. Our daughter suffers from depression. She has a mixture of Bipolar/Borderline Personality Disorder. She has been in the hospital twice since September, once for suicidal ideation and the next for failed attempt(praising God). All along she and her husband know that God has a purpose for this in their lives. However, when the times get to be back to back instead of once a month or so it takes a toll on the whole family. When it was at its worst recently, I got to where when I shut my eyes all I could see was darkness, dread in my mind and heart. I had to admit that I was losing my faith. I admitted it to several family members and coworkers. No! Not you they said… Yes, me. I love my daughter so much and her husband. Since they have been together they have turned to the Lord. Satan sees a good thing in them and he is bound and determined to destroy them. I set them at the foot of the cross daily. We live in a rural area and she has to travel a pretty good distance for doctors. Therapist are hard to find especially due to insurance and patient load. She has 1 set up after the first of the year and I am praying they are able to “get along” to provide her some help. We have adjusted medicines again that seems to be helping also. We know where her help comes from, its just when she is going through those times her lack of motivation to do anything to help herself is overwhelming. Her smile will light up the world and the lack of it seems to blow out my light. I finally decided that I was quenching the Holy Spirit by letting this get to me so. I have to find ways to glorify God through this and not let satan have his way!!!!!!!!!! And her little husband has been there above and beyond for over a year now, but he is just about spent. He cant take the anger, lashing out at him much longer. He is afraid of losing his faith especially if something happens to her. He has become hard toward her where before he was always soothing and doting. Maybe that is what she needs to get her attention. They had a good day Sunday and that makes me want to cry too!. We are thanking God for the positive improvements we have recently seen and trusting Him for the future. They are not alone. Her being in the hospital made us all realize we live in a hurting world. Many people need help….Many people need the Lord and be able to rest in His faithfulness to get us through the dark times…..Its hard when it is so dark. He is the Light of the world…..

    • Dana Diehl says:

      Please, don’t consider us for the free book. Reading all of the needs on the previous posts there are others who are in much need. Just want to thank you for your article and Proverbs 31 ministries as their daily articles are always uplifting and very timely!! God bless each and every one….Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. My mother has suffered with severe leg pain for several years. Now bedridden with illness that has taken her from her home to the hospital, to skilled nursing, and back to the hospital, her inactivity has increased her pain to become almost unbearable. If I won John Dickerson’s book, I would read it to her during visits in hope that its words would seep into her soul and provide encouragement and hope for an eternal future without pain.

  238. Jeri Carlstedt says:

    I have a friend who was volunteering at church and fell through the ceiling of the sanctuary 35 ft and landed on the podium. He has suffered chronic debilitating pain since then (28 years). I believe your book would inspire and encourage him to trust God in everything.

  239. Rhonda Hutson says:

    I had just finished praying for three persons who are going through some intense suffering when I read the title of your devotional. As I read Romans 8:17-39, I was filled with so much joy myself and I was very happy for the reminder of his promises to us in our times of trouble, I have since shared the devotional as a hope of my friends being blessed. Thanks much for this

  240. Estela Crespo says:

    As a Christian for many years its important for me to continue to mature in the faith. For some time now I feel stuck in my spirituality. I know I struggle with my constant battle ofsin and all the daily struggles I just at a point emotionally burned out tired. Of course our suffering never compares to what Jesus Christ went through.This book sounds encouraging.

  241. Hi I’d love to give this book to a close friend of mine. She’s going through a hard time right now in both physical and mental pain. Her faith is wearing thin and I think this book would help lift her spirits. Just in time for Christmas too 🙂
    Thank you so much.

  242. Catherine Farley says:

    Father God,
    You know my heart, you know my suffering, and you know what brings me true joy. Thank you for the seasons in our lives where we may see your reflection in us. Only wth YOU, may we truly experience the fruits of the spirit. May your abundant grace be especially with those who suffer due to causes unknown to us as humans. Every human life is a beautiful and miraculous story written by the most gifted author, Our Lord, Our God, Our Father.

  243. I would love for my dear friend and her husband to read this book. Their precious 5 month old baby boy passed away in October, and their pain at times is unbearable. Praise God they do have hope and faith in Jesus to see him again!

  244. Sara Meyers says:

    I would love to give a copy of your book to my friend who suffers from chronic back pain. She has endured several surgeries and procedures, yet the pain continues. Her faith is in the “ember stage” and I pray it is “set ablaze” soon. Her husband has turned his back on God due to the tragic death of their son many years ago. Thank you for your devotional. It encouraged me to continue to press on in my own daily walk of faith. God bless you this holiday season and the year ahead.

  245. Thankyou for writting a book to inspire others,, i thank the lord n for his children, My dearly Loved step-dad was 84, would of been 85 on March 20th, He just got back from a wonderful 2 week cruise ,,he caught a virus on the ship,, Sunday when he got back went to the hospital he had a hard time breathing,, My mom,My sis n I, spent every day with him from early in the morning to evening time,, the didnt feed him for three days on the third day he could eat ,, but not what the hospital had, the doctor said he could have the healthy soup, n food my sis made for him,, he enjoyed it very much,, he was a healthy old man only too 3 asprins and one blood pressure pill,, small dose…Jesus had gotten him through many things ,,like one beating a small cancee growth in his stomacje,, Well the heart doctor saw alittle differance in his heart beat,, but he really wasnt a good doctor,, he said thatbhe couldnt remember what he has for breakfast,, and didnt give Herb any blood thiners,, that he needed in this case,, but on Wed.morning the heart doctor said hes going to give Herb a pill to help squeeze his heart and when he said that i didnt like the sound of that at all,, all Herb’s test came back good,, his heart scan came back good, except it had alil differant beat,, but the one lady doctor that was there said the virus went into his heart but didnt know if it was just a virus or batctria so they had to give him anti-biotics to be sure,, Herbie passed away on Wed at 11:30 pm Dec.16 2015,, I miss him,i love him verry much,, Im thankful Jesus let us have him as long as we did to Love,care for and to help him be safe and fed and to enjoy his life. I know God heals,, my mom and sister and family n I are trying to get through this very hard thing… A spirit goes back to God who gave it LIFE!! If you have a extra copy of your book i would really like to read it..we were hopeing Herb would be with us for another wonderful Christmas but now Hes is with the Lord forever more i pray..To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Also, The body can not Live without the spirit but the spirit can Live without the body. In Jesus name amen, God is good all the time ! God bless you Herb!!

  246. I would like to give this to my mother-in-law. (We actually don’t do the in-law thing…she is another mom to me and I am another daughter to her). We just received news that she has cancer again and the doctor had told her there isn’t anything they can do this time. She has been through so much and is the most unselfish person I have ever known. I know God’s plan is perfect and her suffering is for His glory. I would love to share the hope in the midst of this trial for her, as well as her family.

  247. Hello, I just finished reading the post about pain & grief. I am a mother of 5 children and am recovering from a cervical herniated disc & torn disc in my neck. It took two months of bed rest & physical therapy to almost recover from this excruciating injury. It is the most painful & unexpected pain I’ve ever had. I am so thankful the Lord sustained me throughout the healing process. God’s word was the only peace, reassurance & hope I had of making it through each day. His word, “be still and know that I am God” surrounded me as I lay in bed each day trying to accomplish just simple but painful tasks like showering & washing my hair. Thankfully I am almost recovered but have had to readjust my life. It was a blessing in disguise. My children had to be resourceful & help out since their mom was not able. They needed that challenge and so did I. So often, I’d do it all. And I can’t anymore. It’s taught me to rely on others and that’s ok. God has blessed me with a new perspective on life. Reminding me & teaching me to slow down and let go of the “hurried” mentality of life. Even though I’m not back to my normal pace of life , I am so thankful for my health and so much more appreciative of my time with my family. I would love to have a copy of this book to read as I continue to heal from this injury. Thank you! Jennifer Lowery

  248. Teré Turner says:

    I’d like this book for a young Christian family suffering long-term financial, physical and emotional pain after being hit by a drunk driver.

  249. I have a friend that has COP and POT that I think would be helped with this book.

  250. I’d love my son who suffers from Crohn’s disease and now depression to hear from
    someone who has walked the road.

  251. Thank you for this insight. I had never likened our present sufferings and future joy and peace with the process of giving birth. I enjoyed reading this.

  252. I would like a copy. I think it would benefit me, as I have suffered from bouts of depression throughout my

  253. I’d love a copy of this book as I recover from a cervical herniated disc & torn disc in my neck. Thank you !

  254. I would love a copy of your book to send to a dear friend who has been suffering through a very dark time for about 2 years. I think this book would speak exactly what I’ve been trying to speak to her daily. I’ve been trying to encourage her not to lose hope.

    Thank you.

  255. Lori Golsch says:

    My 70 year old father has Parkinson’s disease. On Tuesday, he turned to hand off a box and broke his hip. He had surgery on Thursday and seemed weak, but we all thought it would be temporary and expected him to recover. Yesterday, less than a week since it all happened, my Mom had to make the decision not to intubate or do any heroic acts to bring my Dad back if his heart were to stop with his labored breathing. The hardest decision and day of her life. They had just celebrated 50 years of marriage in June. I think your book would help us during this most difficult time.

  256. Suzy McCabe says:

    I would love to give this book to my friend who suffers from fibromyalgia. Her daughter has a medical condition called POTS and her son has severe learning disabilities due to a double chromosome. Her husband is not a believer at this time and her marriage is stressful given the above conditions. I believe this book would encourage her and be something she could hold on to during the dark hours.

  257. Karen Barber says:

    Hi … For 18 years I’ve sruggled with fatigue , muscle and joint pain daily… I am a Christian yet still have periods of frustration and discouragement!!! I know that I am Loved ! I am Grateful for the many Blesssings….however I am Human and must still endure and persevere through the Daily Pain ….

  258. Laurel Wycoff says:

    I would like to share this book with either my father, who has Parkinson’s Disease, and chronic pain, or my best friend, who is going through a difficult time right now.

  259. Adetutu Oluwole-Rotimi says:

    I would like to receive this book because my pain is that which affects me when I fall short of His glory. I am repentant and remorseful and the enemy is not far off, accusing me; I can hear him. It hurts me to disappoint the Lord.

  260. I love when you said, “invite the pain”. I think that is one of the most difficult yet direct routes to God I have ever encountered in my own journey of faith. God knows our sufferings and is with us to see us through the pain and delvers joy in the morning. Thanks for the reminder…..

  261. Going through an ongoing financial situation and marital problems that has stolen all my joy. I am becoming more and more depressed and it is affecting my family. Need to lean on positive words. Would love a copy of your book.

  262. Kelly Hill says:

    Thank you for giving me hope during my season of emotional grief and pain. I have been fighting depression for years. It seems that I start to come out of it then something else major happens. I am so tired of the struggle.

  263. Thank you for this timely devotional. I need the reminder that God is faithful in all times, easy and hard. I am SO thankful that someday these earthly trials will fade in the Light of Jesus!

  264. malissa potvin says:

    Thank you so much for such words of encouragement and life. I love the Lord so much and yet lately life seems so dark. I have yet to personally experience the loss of a loved one, but yet I struggle daily with two sons who are lost in brokeness, despair and drug use. I have a brother who is plagued with paranoid schizophrenia and has been in the pit of addiction for roughly 30 years, parents and siblings who struggle with alcoholism and broken relationships. And my biggest struggle is maintaining a healthy relationship with my mom who is disabled and homeless living in her RV without power. To add to the despair my uncle overdosed 2 weeks ago and in the last 3 months I have been to 3 funerals of friends who have all lost children, the oldest to which was 21. My one friend, meghan lost her dad last year in October and then Sept 12 of this year on her dad’s birthday, a drunk driver plowed into her family’s car killing her husband, and both her daughters age 6 and 8. My heart is heavy at the brokeness, grief and horrific pain that surrounds me. I so want to reach out and ease the pain, offer hope, and carry the burdens, but my heart is overcome with the sadness of it all. Please pray for my family and friends. Never before have we needed God more to carry us through, to instill hope and to gives us his strength and courage to carry us through the dark times. I pray your book is a light and encouragement to others during their darkest hour. Thank you Jesus that one day you will wipe away all our tears and suffering and replace them with an eternal joy. I pray that my family and friends come to know you so that they may share in your inheritance.

  265. My sister is struggling to overcome pill addiction I feel this book would help her. She has been hospitalized several times over the last six months from being pill sick. Wont give up on loving her. She finally agreed to get help. Therefore reading this book my also be a good help. Thank you and God bless you for shearing your painful story.

  266. How true, our lives of waiting, of suffering, of going thru life are really hard, even when we know as Christians God is with us and has a purpose for our lives and family. I would give this book to my sister, who has been thru so much pain and sorrow in her life. Her son suffered for 20 years with severe psoriatic arthritis, before taking his life because of the horrible pain. Her other son is divorced, unemployed and living back at home, stretching finances beyond their limits. This book may help her get thru these hard times, knowing God is there. God bless you for writing these words of hope.

  267. I would like to give the book to the youth pastor at my church. He has celiac disease and recovering from Mercury poisoning. He has terrible pain every day and it keeps him in bed at times. He is such a light and inspiration in the midst of his suffering. I am sure,though, he would be blessed and encouraged through this book.

  268. I would like to give this book to my brother. He is struggling with depression and has attempted suicide several times. He was hospitalized several weeks, and was doing better until the holiday season started. Please keep him in prayer!

  269. Cathy Mortensen says:

    Thank you for giving hope. I have seasonal depression. The year has been truly the worst for me. The daily struggle just to get out of bed, is rotten. I know that once I get moving my day will be ok. A copy of your book would be a God send. Thank you the encouragement.

  270. Cindi Gartman says:

    I enjoyed this message today, I think I’d also enjoy the book.

  271. Katie Williams says:

    I would love a copy of the book because I am going through a lot of darkness right now in my life. I deal with really bad anxiety and I am trying to figure out how to deal with it. I have 2 children and they dont deserve a mom that wont go on vacation or other things that make me freak out..

  272. Bette Blough says:

    I am widowed and have been a single mom for the last 20 years. I had breast cancer last year and went through radiation. I have overcome life’s trials with God’s help but I feel this book could encourage me and others in my singles group to remember God’s promise of always being there with us through life’s difficulties. Some of my single friends are going through some rough times and I would love to share this book with them. Thank you.

  273. Tria Evans says:

    I would like a copy of the book for myself and to pass onto a best friend. This email comes at a time when I needed it most, a time of another broken relationship. I am in desperate need of the Lord and His healing, words of encouragement and guidance to the Lord.

  274. My daughter suffers from a condition that causes pressure in her brain which leaves her with severe headaches all the time. She has had over fifty brain surgeries over the past 18 years. There are times when we both just want to give up hope. I need encouragement and am always trying to find material to read and pass on to her. I think this book could help just knowing someone else suffers with tremendous pain.

    Thank you

  275. Thank you for this devotional-it is very encouraging!

  276. thank you for addressing a reality that satan often uses for distraction of joy , growth and function. God will use this in mighty ways.

  277. First Christmas going through divorce.

  278. I would like to win a copy of John’s book and give it to my husband. For most of our married life (we’ll celebrate 24 years together next week), he has not been healthy, and in the last 10 years, his health has declined rapidly. We’ve searched for answers, but it is all so complicated. Sometimes it feels like there is no one else to understand the complexity of the health issues he faces. He pastors a church as well as works a full-time job. Some days are really rough, but God’s strength always gets him through. There is physical suffering but the emotional suffering is just as real. In time’s of discouragement and hopelessness, God’s Word is what brings comfort. I think this book would be encouraging to him. Thank you.

  279. God never forsakes us. Sometimes we think so but we actually forsake God. My Heavenly Father has seen me through some troubling times. And will see me through more until I am rejoicing with Him in Heaven.

  280. I am suffering a loss of a relationship with my oldest son and his family. He has chosen a wife who had shown signs of mental illness before they were married but since has not only shown that but a pure evil that has tanted his feelings for his parents, brother even grandparents. My heart is broken and some days I don’t want to go on. We are blessed in many ways but that loss overshadow everything in our lives and is the uninvited guest everyday and every celebration in our homes. I know that God is in control and I am constantly telling myself that. Christmas is so joyous! The birth of our Savior! And yet somehow the thoughts of what were and what they are now depress me so that I just want it over and to be able to go on with the everyday where my busyness keeps my broken heart quite. I am hoping that this book can give me some more hope and make me want to go on and see what blessings the Lord has for us and that our sufferings will bring great joy!

  281. Thank you for this encouraging reminder! I have a friend who has chronic back and neck pain and has endured many surgeries. She is a strong woman of faith, yet there are times when the pain is too much. I believe this message of your book will help strengthen her in her suffering. I will joyfully give her the book! Thank you!

  282. Kathy Jenkins says:

    Your devotion was very much needed today! My husband had an accident and is a quadriplegic that also suffers extreme pain. So often, he tells me that he doesn’t know how he can take much more with no end in sight. As believers, we both need reminders that this is only temporary. Thank you!

  283. Ashley Allen says:

    My 33 year old brother and best friend just passed away last week very unexpectedly in a car accident. This book would greatly help me as well as my mother keep our eyes on eternity.

  284. Thank you for this eternal message. It is so powerful and humbling. I have a friend whose husband struggles with chronic pain from spinal tumors and I am thankful that I read this today and can also share with him.

  285. Lauri Wood says:

    Thank you for this encouraging devotional. I am a 10 year breast cancer survivor so I know pain. But more painful than that, is the death of my marriage as of 2 weeks ago today the divorce was final. The pain of sinful choices can be so destructive to a family. Since my cancer I have slowly watched my marriage and family fall apart. I know God uses all kinds of pain to bring us to the point in our lives that we can grow to be more like Him, as well as to minister to others going through similar pain. It is my prayer that my pain not be in vain, but be used for His glory. This book would be a great encouragement to me and to a friend going through the same marital pain.

  286. i absolutely loved this devotional. It is so related for those of us who are Moms or have witnessed childbirth but also to those who have experienced pain but then witnessed what God can do with that pain.
    I would live to win a copy of this book to give to a friend. This friend has been struggling with severe pain for months now and doctors are still unsure of what is causing the pain. This friend remains faithful but I believe this book would also bring encouragement!
    Thank you for the opportunity and God bless!

  287. John thank you for that devotion. As I read I experienced a familiar presence through the Scriptures you referenced.
    It was over 10 years ago that I was diagnosed with My Stuff (multiple sclerosis). Waddling in the “why” and the “how” I thought my life would be forever changed. Boy was I accurate on that one! Somehow, someway, I learned how to rejoice and praise God for my infirmities because when I depend on Him I am made strong. Similar scriptures that John speaks of in today’s devotion are the exact scriptures that propelled me through my initial diagnosis and eventually out of my deep depression and grief. My world was dark during the process. Test after test along with many losses, including my vision in one eye, my only hope lied in the Lord. I found some way through the Scriptures to find peace and with a humble heart I became thankful for what I had been granted at that moment. Praising Him for what he allowed me to maintain and those things he restored. Today I have yet to recover from the vision lost but 10 years later I have NOT lost hope that God will restore everything. I am thankful that He spared my life and I am committed to His service and encouraging others every opportunity I get. My living testimony…. He will and I can because ALL things work together!

  288. Polly Schneider says:

    I would like a copy of this book because I too have pain on a daily basis. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. Sometimes I get discouraged living with this day in and day out. So this book would be an encouragement. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  289. This devotional is right on time. I know that all God’s promises are true. I am going through a difficult time with a broken marriage in which I have been separated for two years. A decision has to be made regarding the direction of my marriage. This is extremely painful. Thank you for reminding me that the pain, sadness and bouts of depression are temporary. I need God’s strength in my times of weakness. If I win a copy of the book, I will pass it on to the many I know who are suffering with illness, financial strains and/or death. Thank you Father for our future hope.

  290. Loved this article! I was born with Spina Bifida but have been blessed with four happy healthy children. I love being a mom more than anything!

  291. Good Morning. This could not be more timely. I have burned many bridges. I’ve cried out to God to only discover silence. As I stomp my feet as a child would, having a tantrum, tears pore from my face “You don’t love me, you don’t answer me, what did I do to make you hate met” and it goes on. What I’m really screaming inside is “I’m scared, I don’t know how to successfully maneuver the storms of life, why does it take so long to get an answer, why am I still suffering when I’ve suffered so much, how could a loving God hate me”. My pain if very real, emotional, and undeniably lacking faith in a loving God. I just keep holding on to the promise of contentment in all things. I don’t feel that, I don’t feel the promises of Christ right now, but I know, it isn’t about feeling at all – it’s about truth. Unfortunately, sometimes I can’t recall it or hear it. But I still try.

  292. Crystal Cummings says:

    It’s awesome to read the promises of
    God, but especially in dark times to hold to them is life.

  293. Would be honored to receive your book.

  294. I’ve never responded before even though I’ve read these devotions daily for years. I couldn’t help but respond to this. My mother too has a rare disease and it leaves her in constant suffering. I have witnessed her suffering produce such glory for God however. She is so bold in her faith. I would love to give her this book. She clings to God’s word daily as she waits for His deliverance.

  295. Pam Easterling says:

    I would love to give a copy to my son, Chris, who has been going through a separation from his wife and dealing with the depression that plagues his 12 year old daughter. But God is faithful & day by day though prayer & praise for what God is doing in their young lives – the light of His grace and faithfulness are shining into this dark place of their lives. God is good & I thank our Father for the provision of healing for both my son’s marriage and my granddaughter.
    May this Christmas shine the light of Christ into the hearts of everyone at Proverbs 31 Ministries.
    God Bless!

  296. After reading today’s devotional, I am reminded of how God clearly speaks to me thru your writing. I was diagnosed this time last year with a rare neurologically disease – I too have battled physical pain and emotional strife hanging on at times with what feels like a thread. I would love to win this book to read and then pass it on th others.

  297. If I won a copy of the book I would give it to my daughter who has recently decided to find strength and peace in God as she deals with the pain in her life past and present. Sounds like what is shared in the book would be really helpful to her to not only start this journey but finish it.

  298. Chrissie Bernal says:

    Thank you so much for the reminder if the hope we have. I love how God speaks to us in so many ways. i definately felt Him speaking to me through this devotion. Thank you.

  299. I would love this book for my MIL who is going through a divorce and in a lonely place right now.

  300. I have experienced brokenness all my life. I was sexually molested by multiple family memebers, (male and female), from age 4-12. In my rebellion I lived a homosexual life for nearly 20 years. I self medicated using drugs, alcohol and sex to numb my pain and quiet the suicidal voices in my soul (they were much deeper than just thoughts). I had so much hatred in my heart for everyone, especially myself. I thought there was no way GOD could love me. I had a few “encounters” with the manifestation and saving Grace of our Lord, and yet struggled with unbelief. Then one day, alone in my car, I encountered the full power of the Holy Spirit. I felt the liberation of my soul as all those years “fell off my shoulders” I was filled with peace that surpasses all understanding and I knew without a doubt that God loves me.

    While my life is far from perfect and I struggle with moments of unbelief and sometimes suicidal thoughts and broken relationships (my son wants nothing to do with me). I hold on tightly to the promise of Romans 8:18. It has become a mantra to me. It fills me with hope. Peace and compassion for others. I qould love to read your testimony and pass it on to others to give them that same HOPE. Thank you for sharing your story, for encouraging others through your pain, but mostly, FOR GIVING THE GLORY TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

    In Christ,

    “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18 me)

  301. Beth Gibson says:

    For the last 15 yrs I’ve suffered several ruptured discs in my back. I’ve had five surgeries one of which I caught mercer. This led to two more surgeries and three months in a nursing home. The drs had to keep my wounds in my back opened with a vacuum attached to my back. Every other day they had to rip out the dressing and even though I was on morphine I would scream out in horrible pain. Because of this I lost the use of my legs and had to go thru three months of very painful physical rehabilitation. I know that The Lord was with me or I wouldn’t have made it! I now can walk but I cannot stand still for more than a few seconds because my back tightens up so bad that I feel like it would snap in two! I’m now on disability but thru this experience my faith in The Lord has grown!!

  302. Lyndie Glidewell says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book to give to a friend who has been experiencing unexplainable pain and other neurological symptoms for over a year. He’s been through brain therapy, tons of specialists and tests, and they are still uncertain about the root cause. He and his wife have maintained amazing faith, but I think this book would provide great encouragement as they continue down this road particularly with two young children in their home.

  303. Penny Tudor says:

    I would love to give this book to my mom. She was just diagnosed with a form of dementia where she will lose her ability to recall words. I am so sad for her but know that the coming glory will far outweigh her suffering. I want her to remember that as well.

  304. Tiffany Long says:

    Oh thank you for this! I’m just pouring tears right now! I have been dealing with health issues for a couple months and it’s been rough. Mornings are just miserable. And to add on to it, we learned my son may be autistic and are now in the process of having him tested. It’s seems to be one thing after another, BUT!!! We have hope in Christ! Knowing that all this will be gone one day! Oh hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus that we don’t have to live like this forever!! God is good! I’d love a copy of your book as well! It would be a great gift to us!

  305. I would give this book to my sweet friend who has lived through one miscarriage, debilitating anxiety and is currently walking through a season of cancer with her father. It seems like she is hit with wave after wave of suffering, maybe your book would help her learn to focus on Him.

  306. I would love to give this to several people actually, but I would also like to read it first 🙂

  307. I too suffer from chronic pain but God’said promises help me to keep pressing on.

  308. Great devotional. I have been going through a 2 year separation myself and have come to a crossroads where a decision has to be made. The pain is almost unbearable at times, I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without hope in the Lord. Knowing he has me and has a life filled with joy waiting for me is what keeps me looking forward. His grace is new every morning. I would love a copy of this book.

  309. Thank you for this timely message. As this is a public site, I wish to share that I appreciate Proverbs 31 Ministries, introduced to me by a very special woman who was one of the hosts of a marriage retreat I attended earlier this year in Crested Butte, Colorado. I am eternally grateful for sharing this ministry with my husband and I. Each message brings great inspiration.

    Thank you.

  310. Bryan Smith says:

    I struggle with being strong.
    Much is happening in my life now, my faith is shaken and weak most days.
    I am suffering through an ugly Divorce, my kids have been poisoned by their mother against me and my own parents(mother) have rejected me as being the first person in the family to be divorced.
    Even my church family has alienated me somewhat as they now see me a middled aged single divorced male.
    This divorce has left me near broke and homeless (meaning I lost my house, but I rent an apartment) and very much alone.
    Being ostracized is an extremely difficult thing for me.
    While many others deserve your book, it is with the hope that I would be honored with your book.
    Thank you!

  311. Kay anglin says:

    I lost my 42 ye. Old daughter in Feb. of this yr. I’m struggling with that even knowing she is suffering no more,& not in pain & not sufferings from depression! I am also a caregiver to my disabled husband! My attitude is not to good at this time I’m sorry to say! Thank you!

  312. Thank you very much for the giveaway book. I would love to have this book for my dear friend as she and her family have been going through difficulties…
    God Bless, -SJ

  313. This message spoke to me and I thank you for sharing it. My husband and I have been married 18 years. He was recently diagnosed as bipolar. He goes through so many roller coaster rides, one of which is severe depression where all is hopeless. This book would be wonderful for us to read together!

  314. I would love a copy of this book as I have been in a painful marriage for 26 yrs. My husband has on numerous occasions cheated. I stayed because my self esteem and self worth is so low. I was sexually abused as a young child almost daily for 3 yrs by a neighborhood teen. My self esteem fell and then I jump into a relationship that was not healthy, but because of my esteem issues have stayed. I know that God has kept my strong(and sane) through it all.

  315. I suffer from a “secret” pain, one that is not really visible to others. It is very hard to deal with the pain and hard to talk to anyone about it. I believe it is my affliction that I must bear (for some reason–I don’t know why) in this lifetime. Encouragement in your book would be very appreciated.

  316. I would share this book with many friends who are facing trials and in lots of pain. I think many people need this reminder

  317. Kim Reynolds says:

    I would love to have this book myself as I was recently in a car accident. While the pain is not excruciating it is always there. I’m not sure how long it will last or if I will ever be back to “normal”.

  318. I would love to share a copy of this book with my coworker who lost her husband unexpectedly a few weeks ago. Although she’s not suffering physical pain, emotionally she’s having a very difficult time. I’m also sharing this devotion with her today as a reminder of God’s promise..

  319. Jennifer Harder says:

    The Lord knows my hurts, and regardless of the situations He is calling us to walk through, may He be glorified. Even if we do not see the joy on this side of Heaven that will come from the past couple years of pain, He is God, He is in control, and He is Good. I will be thankful that He trusts me to learn from what He has allowed and that He desires for me to become more like Him every day.

  320. These words are of course timely..God ‘s timing is awesome and hope has been really difficult for me with holidays and family weddings coming darkest hours have been without my husband of 30years (together 5 before that)he decided he wasn’t happy and has now remarried,and it is so hard to be human and share our family with another but this gives me hope of a day I won’t have to and no more tears and broken relationships..Thank YOU I have had much loss in the last 5 years..I understand the example of childbirth comparison as my family has been my greatest Joy & pain. To God be the glory when this day comes and this gave me hope it will! Blessings, Susan

  321. I would probably give it to my mother. She was recently diagnosed with Kidney Disease and is having a tough time

  322. I know my husband suffers from arthritic pain and deep depression. It is hard for me to have complete empathy when his pain overcomes his logical thinking and reasoning in a very negative way. When the pains of his disabilities in reading and depression effects his memory. We were blessed with a 2nd child late in life, all of these sufferings effect him as well. I would love to learn from your book and share this in a positive way with my husband. I would also purchase one for his family as they suffer and have no desire to come out of that well known and rehearsed cycle of suffering.
    Thank you for being the vessel for God to work through and share with many.

  323. What a timely book. There are so many in my life who would benefit…

  324. What a powerful word. There is so much suffering and pain in the world. Not just physical but emotional. I would love to see how he uses the word to face suffering and find joy.

  325. I know pain deeply, and would love to read your book. Thanks!

  326. I thank God for these words of encouragement. I will meditate on these scriptures to help me. You know, for as long as I can remember I have prayed for a healthy body. Yet, it seems one medical problem after another appears. I am currently experiencing a degenerative medical issue in my back, I also have new conditions that I am currently going to the doctor for. Please pray the I would allow God’s word to dwell richly in my life.

  327. Thank you for this reminder that some day all this suffering will come to an end. Daily I watch as my mother suffers unbearable pain. Being a caregiver to one you love is so much harder then you can ever anticipate. I would love to have this book to read for myself as well as for my mom.

  328. After retiring and being married for 30 years, I experienced an extremely painful divorce this year. I became broken emotionally and severely depressed. Also, my brother has glyoblastomia and mother now has dementia. 2015 has been an almost unbearable year and I strive daily to climb out of depression through Bible study and readings to lift me up. I would love the opportunity to read this publication.

  329. Connie McWilliams says:

    I met a man last night that is suffering from some disease I really can’t remember what it was called. I honestly don’t know his spiritual condition, but I believe that God put this devotional in my path today for this man. I pray for his healing but most importantly I pray for his salvation. I would love this book to give to him and I believe God can do wonderful things through your book.

  330. My husband also suffers from a debilitating chronic illness. Would love to win this so we can glean all we can to keep on keeping on.

  331. Deborah Sulsona says:

    I would like to give this book to my cousin who lost her 28-year-old daughter to a heroin overdose the day after Christmas last year. She has been very vocal about the pain and suffering she is enduring in the dark place that she is in. I want to remind her of the light in Jesus Christ.

  332. I have a friend who could benefit from this book!

  333. Kathryn Perkins says:

    Thank you for sharing your story & words of encouragement. My pain came on sudden & its beyond anything I’ve experienced before. Now the Dr’s are telling me I have 2 & maybe 3 autoimmune diseases. Waiting for results. It’s crippling me. It’s causes me anxiety as well now. My life in just 4 months as changed 110%. It’s like my life is gone. I’m thankful that Christ is apart of my life. No one can go through this life without him. I pray you share your book with me & I will be praying for your health as well. Thank you, Kayhryn

  334. Laura Gucinski says:

    I would like to give this book to my neighbor – she is 35 yrs. old and will die of Adrenal gland cancer in 2016 (extremely rare). While I hear so many positive things from her about fighting and beating cancer, I rarely hear anything about God, heaven or the reunion that awaits her. I am very concerned for her soul and hope that this book will help. Thanks and Merry Christimas!

  335. Debra Daniels says:

    I had chest pains and trouble breathing that sent me to the ER yesterday. While in the hospital, hooked to machines, I prayed, repented and song “How Great is Our God”, was the song I kept singing because it was the first and only words that came to mind. I knew I had to focus on God and not on my pain to be at peace and comfortable even without knowing the cause until later (it was an Asthma (first time) and not a heart attack). When I got home, I broke down and cried, thanking God for His grace and mercy and continued to sing about His greatness and goodness.

  336. Christy Tierney says:

    For myself. Due to physical pain.

  337. Rebecca Shipp says:

    I would like to change my email address, could you please send future devotions to gmail address? Thanks

  338. Share my heart, now there is a challenge. What is it today? So many possibilities… If there was just one, I could handle it, but it seems lately the “its” come all at once. I won’t list them because I know I am not the only one that is struggling. There is so much hurt and pain out there. So instead I will list a couple truths I will strive to focus on today: God is not limited by my circumstances., In my weakness He is made strong., He will never leave me or forsake me., He is the Lover of my soul and my friend.

    Jesus, Lover of my soul
    Jesus, I will never let you go.
    You’ve taken me from the miry clay
    You set my feet upon the Rock and now I know
    I love You
    I need You
    Though my world may fall I’ll never let You go
    My Savior, my closest Friend
    I will worship you until the very end
    Jesus Lover of my soul
    Jesus I will never let You go!

    Thanks for listening!!

  339. Mary Sheets says:

    After being married for 42 years, I experenced a painful divorce three years ago. It has been all downhill from that time. Had to quit work because of disability and trying to fight this disease with no results and the bomb came about two weeks ago with the diagnosis of a disease with no cure and nothing to help with the symptoms

  340. My mom loves to read and I feel this book would help her with her attitude in caring for my dad who is declining with dementia. Thank you for being a role model! God’s blessings and Merry Christmas

  341. I would love to receive a copy of John’s book because my beloved daughter-in-law and I both suffer from chronic pain. This scripture-based encouragement would be wonderful.

  342. I lost my son on July 4th of this year in a tragic motorcycle accident. Not only did I lose my one and only child (33 years) I lost a whole family. I have not gotten to see his two children since he died. I feel like I am letting him down by not doing for his children. All I can do is pray. Jami was the glue that held our families together and when the Lord called him home our families come apart. Maybe it should have been God holding our families together instead of Jami……My heart hurts and I try my best to be strong for my dad(81 years) who cries everyday for Jami. Jami had an infectious smile and personality of which he got from my dad. Jami and I struggled through some tough and hard times but it seemed to just make us that much closer. I miss my two grandchildren, Bryce (2) and Cadence (1). I am so scared that they will never know what an awesome father they had. I am the only one that can tell and share those stories. I really need this book for myself. It is hard being strong for everyone else.

  343. Good morning, after reading today’s truth and reading about your book I thought Iod my mom. Two of my brothers passed away. One passed away 5 years ago, and the youngest just this past year. My Mom is a devout Catholic and loves the Lord but doesn’t see the Hope that Jesus gives. She’s so deep in her grieving that it worries me. I’ve talked to her about the hope we have of seeing our loved ones one day, no more pain, no more suffering. I understand her pain I lost a child 28 years ago but I think about the day when I will see her and Jesus. I can only Imagine! I think this book would help her and give glory to God!

  344. John Dickerson’s words were an encouragement to me today and left me wanting more.

  345. Debbie Narramore says:

    I would like to receive the book to give to my uncle who has myasthenia gravis He is also about to start 8 weeks of radiation for prostate cancer. He is a wonderful Christian who has been dealing with the myasthenia for several years but continues to work & serve the Lord. He is only 67 years old, but still he amazes me how much suffering he has gone through and still keeps a positive attitude. He is also diabetic. With all of his suffering, sometimes not being able to talk, etc., he still remains positive. It was be such a blessing to share this book with him.

  346. Linda Neese says:

    I would love a copy of your book for my daughter- in -law. She has been battling cancer for 4 1/2 years. She is 40 years old and they have 4 children. She is a blessing to all who know her. She recently had news that the cancer has flared up in 3 areas and is currently on chemo and radiation. This would encourage her so very much. Thank you.

  347. Marcia Drake says:

    What encouragement this article has given me not only in dealing with my wonderful husband’s illness this year but a dear Christian friend that has been dealing with a rare debilitating illness for many years. Either one of these two guys could use this book for a fresh perspective for holding on to their faith through the rough times. Thank you for sharing your faith-building testimony!

  348. Dawn Waterbury says:

    We are going through a dark time as a family right now. When I opened my e-mail today the Lord used this post to encourage my heart, and renew my hope. Thank you!

  349. This book sounds wonderful. I have been dealing with an undiagnosed illness that resembles MS, for close to 20 years. I never know what tomorrow holds, but I have learned to lean on the Father and allow him to carry me. I focus on what I can do and that keeps me so busy. I have my favorite verses I hold onto but would love to hear how someone else has used the scriptures to find the strength to make it through the painful days, and the fear of the unknown side of any illness.
    Thanks for sharing.

  350. Today’s article provided me with hope. I lost a dear, dear friend and became hopeless. I am desperately trying to renew my faith, thank you for your testimony.

  351. Donna Smith says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book because I to suffer with several illnesses. Also I have a friend facing kidney dialysis. I would like to share it with her… God is so good! and reading this so far sounds like a great book for this dark world.

  352. Robin Stillwell says:

    I would give this book to a friend who has central pain syndrome.

  353. John Dickerson’s understanding of pain & suffering in a scriptural context is a word in season.

  354. I would love to have a copy of this book to share with my daughter . We both suffer from chronic Lyme disease and its debilitating symptoms. Everyday can be a struggle. This book would be of great encouragement!

  355. I would love to read his book! My husband is in the midst of chemo and radiation treatments for brain cancer. I know God is with us through it all, but some days are harder than others!

  356. Jenny Pickens says:

    I too suffer pain on a daliy bases. Somedays it seems it would be easier to just stay in bed, however, life continues. Living with pain can cause you to let the frustrations of life take over and wonder why God is letting this happen to you even though you know God is with you everystep of the way. I would really enjoy reading the encouragemnt you have found through your book. God Bless!!!

  357. Ashley Gillespie says:

    I would love to have this book to help me continue to process and deal with my miscarriage. I’ve never known suffering and pain like this. I know the Lord is faithful and I know He has a plan for me but it’s hard to see it right now

  358. Marcie Miller says:

    I would love a copy of this book to share with my sister who has been dealing with undiagnosed pain and numbness in her face and mouth for over two years. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  359. Thank you for your devotion. I have many friends in church who have suffered from cancers and severe pain but
    with their faith always find the joy in scripture. My step-daughter was diagnosed as manic depression. She grew up in the church and knows the bible but I cannot emphasize enough to her to read and study daily and most of all,
    join a women’s study, to use scripture and companionship for “chasing” away depression and “catching” joy. The description of your book may reveal to her what I cannot say. God Bless you and your ministry. Merry, Merry Christmas

  360. Dyan Vander Sluis says:

    Wow, crying and smiling at the same time. Somewhat of an oxymoron, but it’s exactly what I’m doing. My 49 yr old uncle is lying in a hospital bed in his home while his 43 yr old wife takes care of him and watches him slip away. He has cancer, now sleeps nearly all day. The hospice nurse feels he has only a few days left on earth. If I were to receive this book, I would gift it to her. The grief I have watched her endure has put me on my knees in pain and in prayer. We cry together because we’re not ready to let him go, but also because we know he will surely be waiting for us in Heaven. Healing will indeed take time, but my hope and prayer is that this book would help her through her grief a little easier.

  361. How wonderful, a devotional book that helps people deal with chronic pain. I spent many days reading Psalms to deal with my pain, then a Pastor introduced me to a God given natural product that fights inflammation. Now my health has been transformed, as my life has been by Christ!

  362. Teena Oake says:

    Thank you for the encouraging post this morning. My father passed away last week, he took his own life, and my two brothers and myself are trying to come to terms with what he felt he had to do. There are other underlying problems that have complicated the situation even more, and it is ripping this family apart. I know from whom my help comes, but they don’t, and they won’t accept what I’m trying to tell them.I know that my present suffering will one day be traded for a joy unspeakable! Please pray for them, that they will have ears to hear the good news of the gospel. I would like a copy of your book, not for myself, but for a niece that has quite a few medical and emotional issues, and she struggles on a daily basis, with pain, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. Hopefully, this book will let her see that she can rise above it, even if it’s figuratively, and she can still live a happy, productive life in spite of the problems. Again, thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  363. My husband has been diagnosed with a chronic condition causing pain and fatigue among many other issues. I think he would benefit from reading this book. It would provide insight, hope and strength. Thanks for your word today.

  364. I have a dear friend who’s daughter has been diagnosed with seizures and a heart condition. She is a 39 year old Mother of 2. They say she will never be able to work again. They are staying strong but what encouragement it would be to have God’s Word daily to help them through each day. Trusting God to take care of them. Thank you for sharing your story.

  365. As a Chronic Pain sufferer of over 30 years I can appreciate what John is going through. I am always
    interested in hearing another Christians’ perspective on this matter. Iron sharpens iron, I believe the Holy
    Spirit works through each of us to encourage one another, especially when dealing with Chronic Pain. I would
    love to read about his experiences and how God has ministered to him.

  366. Going thru divorce and losing hope, this devotional was very encouraging.

  367. Brenda Carter says:

    This is article is an encouragement to all that have suffered or have watched loved goes through difficult times. I would a copy of this book to give to my granddaughter which has recently decided to end an abusive marriage and sufferedd a physical injury in doing so. Please pray for her as you read this comment. I know Jesus is in the healing business,both emotional and physical.

  368. Kimberly Myers says:

    I would truly appreciate receiving a copy of this book. Not only physical pain invades my body every day , but also mentally it has taken so much from me! It has opened my heart to Love our Savior Jesus Christ more each day, that he suffered so much pain to save us!
    Merry Christmas

  369. Suffering has been the recent theme of my life and my loved ones. I spent 10 years trying to get into medical school, and when I finally got accepted and was on the verge of completing my first year, I failed one final exam and I was immediately forced to leave the program. My brother is struggling with being in the gay lifestyle. A close friend’s son was just diagnosed with leukemia with a poor prognosis. Another close friend has been unemployed for over five years and can barely make ends meet. I want to read this book, then pass it on to my loved ones and have them pass it on as a chain event to inspire and encourage those around them. Suffering is universal, however the hope and promise of God working in the midst of our suffering for our good is a far greater truth. I look forward to reading this book and witnessing its impact in my life and those around me.

  370. Thank you for this wonderful article. Our research in communion leads us to believe there are two direct ways to encounter the Lord. One is to do as He invites us to and the other is sharing the koinonia of His suffering ‘that I may know Him… in the fellowship of His pain and suffering’. Your article continues to confirm this. 100,000 blessings to you and Merry Christmas!

  371. I would give this to a friend who suffers from depression. I have suffered from depression several times in my lifetime, and scripture and spending time with God were what got me through and out of those times and dark places.

  372. Thank you for the encouraging words. My husband of 42 years suffers with constant pain. As a Christian he tries to accept this daily struggle to show others the love of Christ. But many hours are filled with hopelessness and depression. Many days I long to just be a normal family and enjoy life together. Maybe in eternity this will become a reality.

  373. Thank YOU so much for this devotional! This is a book I would love to share with my family, especially my mom. Our family can be very anxious individuals….it is good to hear that promise over and over that this too shall pass but God is forever! =)

  374. I have a dear friend that suffers from chronic pain that I would love to give this book.

  375. monica Stephens says:

    I would give this book to my son who just turned 21. He is in college and have faced many academics challenges and personal challenges. This sept. He lost one of his friends, classmates and soccer mates due to an automobile accident. They played soccer together since they were 13. The played all 4 yrs together in high school and graduate together. He passed a couple days before his 22 bday. Just 2 weeks ago his college roommate was in a terrible auto accident as well. His passenger did not make it. My son roommate was in icu for week and have since stablized and been realeased to recover at home. He is only 20. My son has been there to support him. This has been a trying year to test his faith. But we believe god makes no mistakes.

  376. Kim Burgess says:

    This was a great reminder and confirmation that through suffering and trials God is able to mold us and make us stronger. I am not suffering pain but have been going through some really tough trials. However through this trial period I have purposely kept my focus on God and have grown so much in my spiritual walk that now looking back I would not change anything. God is in control and knows what is best for us. We just have to let Him and be glad and have a joyful heart for Him!

  377. Dianne Carter-Mccoy says:

    Good morning, thsnk you gor your encouragement. I have a sister in christ that really needs encouragement. In June of this year her daughter and 1 year old grandson witnessed her daughter’s fiancée shoot his self with an gun unto death. 1 month later my friend was diagnosed with lung cancer. As she was preparing to begin treatment her mom passed after suffering a massive stroke. She is preparing to began chemo this week. However, this past weekend her teenage child had to be placed on suicide watch. This young mothet is not yet 40 years old. She is trusting and holding on to het faith in God. Please pray with us as we minister to this family, as they go through this dark time. Thank you.

  378. I would love to win a copy for my husband a Pastor who suffers from Chronic Migraines and Fibromyalgia. Making life with pain a daily battle for him and the rest of the family I would love to share this with him

  379. I would like a copy of this book for my mom. I have a brother with severe mental illness. His illness has caused the whole family much pain and suffering over the years, but my mom has been affected the most. The rest of the family would benefit from this book. Perhaps one day my brother will be able to read this book…

  380. I would love to read your book!! I live with several chronic illnesses that try to suck joy from my life. I find myself feeling isolated and lonely a lot, and although I know with God I am never truly alone, I still feel that way. Each day is a battle and I know the enemy would like nothing more than for me to wallow and be discouraged and depressed. Thank you for your devotional today, it truly was God inspired and spoke to my heart.

  381. Elsie Kappler says:

    I have had 4 children and I do understand about child birth which brings suffering and the amazing joy that comes afterwards. From a little child on I knew that God did not promise us a rose garden. I do know now He is with us every step of the way and helps us to live through our trials joyfully. Thank you for writing about your experiences with pain and suffering and the joy that comes afterwards.

  382. Kathy Rust says:

    our youngest daughter us starting over with 2 young daughter’s of her own to raise, being a single parent is scary, especially if you don’t have a support system, but we do what we can to help her and the girls, I pray for them everyday that the good Lord will guide her as she starts on this new part of her life, they just moved into a 2 bedroom apartment. I know that the Lord is watching over her.

  383. Lori Hollinger says:

    I suffer daily with Lupus, fibromyalgia and migraines and mild depression. Thank you for the hope your devotion gave me.

  384. This is the exact post that I needed to read this morning. It is amazing how I can be going through something, say a quick prayer asking for encouragement, click on the devotional link and it will be so tailored to my day and what God knows my heart needs to hear. I needed some encouragement to know that this season of incredible pain will end. All of the hope, prayers and standing strong will pay off. Something miraculous will happen when God is done working in this situation. Love will be restored and it will be better than anything I can picture and hope for right now.
    Thank you so much and God Bless! Merry Christmas

  385. My Brother in law began having violent seizures a year and a half ago. Drs can not find a reason. They are trying very high dose of steroids currently. The side effect causes his blood surgar to drop quickly. He is close to losing his job. We are praying and trusting God.

  386. your story blesses my heart . I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with ALS, he is a very loving and sweet man, if I should win a copy of your book I would get it to him.
    My prayers are with you and your family John.

  387. Vickie Walker says:

    My 34 yr old nephew has advanced head/neck cancer and, as a result of previous surgeries, can no longer eat or speak. He has severe shooting, crippling painful episodes daily. Any help and hope your book might offer him would be sincerely appreciated. God bless…

  388. I’d like to win this book to give to my best friend who is in Iraq. He’s been overseas for about 8 years now, coming home only for a few weeks here and there, and is so weary. Situations are keeping him there when he doesn’t want to be and is very downhearted. This would be perfect for him!

  389. Lacey Green says:

    I would like a copy of the book for myself and for my husband to read. We have gone through the last two years of him being laid off from his job twice and being out of work for 6 months or more at a time. I have been absolutely miserable in my job and desperately want to stay at home with my two daughters and have never had the opportunity because of our finances. I feel like God has just given up on me most of the time and doesn’t care about me or my husband. I also suffer from two different conditions since I had my last daughter. I retain water and nothing has helped and the swelling gets so bad sometimes, I feel like my skin will explode. And I also have chronic back pain. I am at the point now I just want to give up. It is my hope that reading this book will help encourage me to keep pushing forward and relying on God. I have such a hard time trusting that He will take care of us.

  390. linda ruggeberg says:

    I am a Parish Nurse and I think I may use this as a resource for hospital visits.

  391. I would like to read this book and also pass,it on to some family members. This devotional was all of my Jesus, on Sunday, I was in tears b/c of physical pain and many other days it’s emotional pain. Yet, as I read m as my of the comments, I see so much pain, loneliness, despair. I pray God would comfort each reader today and meet each need, emotional, physical etc. I pray that though the pain doesn’t always dissipate that we would learn to lean Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

  392. Amy MacNeil says:

    I would like this book for a friend struggling with COPD, facing hospice care.

  393. I would like to get this book for a fellow nurse who lost her 17 year old son to excruciatingly painful cancer this year.Thank you for the hope this message brings.

  394. I have a young friend who has two young children, is pregnant with her third and suffers from a form of rumitoid arthritis. This young lady loves Jesus with all her heart and so try’s to see only good in her suffering. I’d love to give her a copy of this book.

  395. Leticia Flores says:

    I to suffer from chronic severe pain, but I think that it’s helped shape me in to a stronger more compassionate person and I’ve learned to thank God for it!

  396. Shirley Sloan says:

    If I was selected to win your book, I would give it to Joe Smith who is battling ALS. Once vibrant and active, we are seeing his body and strength deteriorate. He no longer can speak, but perseveres and relies on his strong faith.

  397. I would like this book for myself and my family.. recently we lost my father and youngest brother in a car accident. My sister was hospitalized and is still undergoing physical and speech therapy because of that accident. Our lives were suddenly turned upside down with absolutely no warning. We are all grieving, especially my sister (who lost her twin brother) and my mother. We all need hope!

  398. Elaine Segstro says:

    Thank you for this devotional today. My husband and I would love to read this book. I have dealt with knee pain for 2 months and my husband has been dealing with back pain for many years. This definitely is a book to be shared.

  399. This devotional felt so relevant to me today. I am counting down the days in my final weeks before my second child will be born. And this time, I’ve been so nervous for the labour. I’ve been trying to remind myself that I can find peace and strength from the Lord in the midst of that experience, and yet my mind still drifts to panic. This devotional was so encouraging, reminding me that my focus shouldn’t be on my present or coming pain, but on the hope of the joy at the end of the suffering. I know he wasn’t referring to the literal sense of childbirth and was using it as an illustration that Jesus uses, but at the present moment, I needed that childbirth analogy. I would love a copy of this book to remind myself that I AM STRONG. And I can get through my sufferings (be it my coming childbirth, or my seemingly ongoing anxiety) with Christ’s strength and peace inside me. Thank you for this message!

  400. Gayle martin says:

    I hold the hand of Jesus on a daily basis, you see I lost my only child on July 1, 11.
    Having been stripped of my beloved son, I have come to know no greater pain.
    How do I survive? Gods great grace and love.

  401. Such an encouraging devotional!! I suffer greatly from complex PTSD after many years of prolonged abuse. Through many hospitalization a and residential treatment, healing is coming albeit slowly. I continue to cling to hope that our present sufferings pale in comparison to the glory that awaits us!! Thank you for the encouragement this morning!!

  402. I would love a copy of this book. I have thought about ordering it but not convinced I want to spend the money as I cannot see how a few hours of childbirth pain (yes, I’ve had a child and was in labor for 50 hours!) can compare to the 14 years of pain I have suffered. Yes, I have hope for eternity, but that’s not always enough to get me through daily living. Would love to see if this book really offers hope that would help me.

  403. Desiree Rahming says:

    My friend has a daughter who is in her early twenties who recently attempted suicide because she has been ill and diagnosed with lupus. If I won a copy of this book, I would give it to my friend’s daughter who is also the mother of a three year old son who needs his mother to find strength and hope in Christ, instead of leaving her son to grow up motherless.

  404. Stephanie Lawry says:

    I’m coming through a very difficult season physically and mental and emotionally. When my anxiety gets high and o feel overwhelmed by the storm of life I practice setting my eyes on Jesus and the truths from His word. I would love to read this book!

  405. WOW, I was just saying something similar to my 41 year old son, Bryan, who just had open-heart surgery to replace his tricuspid valve that was weakened due to IV drug usage and him getting pnuemonia, with that infection traveling to his heart. Ay yi yi! It’s been a rough couple of weeks and seeing him in pain all I tried to do was encourage him to remember Jesus. Bryan was saved when he was very young but has been away from the Lord for way too many years. I pray this near-death experience opens his eyes so he can refocus and remember all that Jesus did for him and to know that his current pain will pass. I’d love to win this book for him. I may just end up buying it anyway 🙂

  406. Thanks for the encouraging words! I would love to share with a family member suffering with back pain and let them know their is hope.

  407. My husband is the Pastor of Compassion & Care at our church. This would be a good book to help those we minister to.

  408. Kara Petersen says:

    My husband’s sister suffers with chronic pain and limited ability to eat secondary to chronic pancreatitis from unknown etiology. The lack of answers and lack of treatment has jaded her faith and I would like to offer this book to her. Diann is like my own sister. I would choose healing for her soul even though we can’t heal her body.

  409. Your words are encourgaging but the pain is so deep in my heart since my husband passed away in April from lung cancer and he was non smoker. This pain is far greater than any of the three child birth experiences I had. This pain does not stop and it is so deep in me that it is hard to describe. This is the worst pain in my life and it is with me 24 7. He made me promise I would keep living but each day is a challenge to keep that promise the way he wanted me to. He also ask me to keep the congreation together as he was our pastor. I am trying. I am going to counciling and taking each day as it comes. I know I am not the only one going through something like this and one day I hope I will be strong enough to help others who are going through what I have been going through. I know God is in charge and I don’t have to agree with Him when things happen but I still know He is the one who knows what His plan is for everyone.

  410. I would love a copy of your book to give to my daughter who suffers pain daily from an autoimmune disorder.

  411. I’m currently dealing with a lot and I have gotten to my whitts end to where I have gone as far as having to go outside with tears in my eyes praying out loud to my Father in heaven for help. I have been emotionally spiritually physically and mentally torn for 8years now from a previous relationship I had been in. I’m slowly trying to find my way back but I get easily discouraged along the way. I feel I really am in need of this because I believe it will give me the added guidance and wisdom I seek.

  412. Just received word this morning that a dear friend has had a terrible tragedy in her family. Then I opened the email and read the Proverbs devotion with the free download of a chapter of the book. I feel God working in the smallest things like that! So, that’s why I decided to enter for the book – Maybe it needs to go to my friend!

  413. There are so many I could gift this to. The first name I thought of was Ellen who suffers with MS. She is the most most amazing preschool teacher ever. She should be in a wheel chair but is holding out until she is in even worse condition. She sits on the floor and crawls around to get from child to child. Then there’s Greg who had a stroke 2 years ago and life has never been the same. He use to write and play praise music. He loved dancing with his wife and jamming on guitars with his 3 sons.

  414. Marielos Kurtz says:

    I am blessed with very good in general. I deal with pain at work everyday because of wrists tendinitis in both hands. I cater to customers and do housekeeping. I’m asking prayers for this.
    I’d like a copy of a book to use it as a tool for Bible studies. I have a heart to disciple, teach, lift up and encourage women, especially new believer. I love to help them in their journey to fall in love more with Jesus and see themselves thru the eyes of our Beloved.
    May God continue to bless you, your health, your family & your ministry.

  415. Meredith Roever says:

    My husband gets headaches every. single. day. Some are almost tolerable and some make him put his head on his desk and cry. No matter how bad the pain is, he works and is an amazing husband and father. We’ve tried many treatments and medicines, but he has found no relief. I think this book would encourage him and help keep him focused on the One who promises peace and joy.

  416. I deal with chronic pain daily and there are days that I feel so very overwhelmed. I am a mom, wife, and a school teacher and there are many days that I am so very physically exhausted and uncomfortable and it brings me sadness that I am not able to do more. I also have a family member who passed this past summer and I would love to pass along this book to her family as well. Thank you for this devotion today, I would love to read your book.

  417. I would love this book to give to my husband. He deals with chronic back pain every day and I know he gets discouraged. Sometimes he needs more than my encouragement and I would pray this book would help to bring truth and light back into his life and that he would be reminded to keep strong his hope in the Lord.

  418. Even on earth, I sometimes commiserate about a plight I am experiencing but when I compare it to what is happening with another person and, as the scripture says, it isn’t worth the comparison….my sweet friend of over 50 years is experiencing cancer for the second time….after only one year of an “all clear” scan, cancer has popped up in another place in her body….she is devastated but coping better each day….I would love to read this book as pain and suffering spark age old questions but more importantly, she would benefit from reading this book….thank you for listening. Avery

  419. We have a godly man in our church family who has been diagnosed with melanoma, which has spread. With this disease comes much pain. He is always encouraging others and witnessing for the Lord. Your book would be an encouragement to him.
    We are praising God for his healing!

  420. Grace Ortiz says:

    I would love to read this book, I have been thru liver disease for almost 6 yrs in April . I have been going thru up and down emotional, with blood test,ultra sounds,every 6 months, there is a lot of fear of the unknown ,but God has been faithful

  421. elisha salandanan says:

    hello. i am a wife and mother of three boys. it began when i was 25 years old(15 yrs ago) when i have acquired several ailments that gives me pain and suffering on top of our already busy life. I am in a period of transition right now on how i can serve the Lord and still live my life to the fullest inspite of the physical and emotional struggles i experience when i wake up each morning.

  422. I’m praying for each and everyone who has posted. I was going to leave a comment on why I’d like the book but find myself near tears reading other comments and their sufferings. I can relate to so many, more than perhaps seems “fair”. I do believe the Lord has a perfect plan and purpose for me that goes beyond my present troubles. One of my prayers is he would open doors to a ministry that would use my experiences to help others. In hopeful anticipation, I would love to build a library that I could refer to, pray over, and use in this ministry that is yet to be defined. God Bless and I pray that the books will go exactly where God wants them to go.

  423. Janice Goodnight says:

    I’m on the prayer team for our church and just received an email that a woman named Grace Kim and her husband need encouragement in the hospital as she continues to fight her long battle with cancer. This book would be a terrific gift to pass along. Thanks for considering this request!

  424. Pamela Kliewer says:

    My husband and I are going through a health battle we never thought we’d face. He has brain cancer. I’d like this book to be able to read to him. The cancer is also affecting his vision and he’s blind in one eye now. The other eye is hanging on, but he has limited vision in that eye too, due to other health issues. This devotional was very encouraging and I will be reading it to my husband later.

  425. This was an excellent analogy, comparing our sufferings to giving birth. It was very helpful to me. I’m sure Mr. Dickerson’s book would be helpful as well.

  426. Marlene Casas says:

    I liked the devotional. I have gone through physical, emotional and spiritual pain; Jesus had delivered me!! I think to read about pain and hope from someone that “lives” daily with the pain and hope will help me broad my understanding. And to help those in pain with the acquired knowledge

  427. I just read some of the quotes from your book and am excited to read more. I have faced many periods of deep emotional and sometimes physical suffering and know how difficult and discouraging it can be. It seems I get through one “trial” only to have another immediately after; words to remind me of God’s love for me and His plan for me would be encouraging.

  428. Thank you for a chance to receive your book. I suffer from a TKR gone bad! But also I would like to read your book to be able to help some friends who are suffering worse then myself. Thank you again & Merry Christmas!

  429. Carolyn Huckeba says:

    Thank you for helping shine a light at the end of a dark tunnel. I am finishing out a year filled with loss of my father and health issues. The last being a severe case of shingles. I have struggled to get through and come back from all this and it has been hard. I admit to some dark times. Through prayer and prayers with support from Godly friends I am getting better. Your daily posts have helped too. Thank you again, your posts seem to be just what I need to read.

  430. Deborah Duran says:

    I want to thank you for sharing your suffering and God’s plan to give you strength in your moments of despair. Sometimes it is too easy to forget that God’s plan for us is to glorify Him and to be thankful in all things.He is our strength and hope. I too, suffer from chronic pain; but I want the book special for a young woman who seems to find no end to her suffering and no answers from the doctors.She seems to have a strong basic faith in the Lord and I keep her in my prayers.I know you book would bless her deeply. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  431. I was diagnosed recently with hemiplegic migraine. For years the doctors diagnosed me with lupus and fibromyalgia. This recent diagnosis finally made since. With eavh episode the come back was harder to fight. There were times, i didn’t know if it would get any better. Through prayer and an awesome support group at church i am learning my triggers and the aura stage. Prayers go ou to you. Our Goc is so very awesome.

  432. I would love to read this book myself for struggles I have faced in my own life, but then I would like to pass it on to all three of my daughters to share for their unique circumstances they are going through as well. I have had conversations with them and knwo they have strong faith in the Lord, but it’s so easy sometimes to think God is not listening…..or he’s punishing me for something. So, this book would be a blessing to my family to read. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win.

  433. I have been in pain for over a year. Recently, the pain was severe and I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 58! I would love to have this book to help me learn how to live with RA and what God has to say to us who suffer with pain!! Also, knowing the author is a Christian and has pain makes it even more desirable to read his book!!

  434. I would really like to have this book. I too suffer with pain on a daily basis. I endure arthritis and neuropathy constantly and have been seeking God for understanding my suffering. Gid Bless

  435. I would like to have this book for myself. I have suffered through many trials, sickness and had an accident several months ago that left me with broken bones and I’m still trying to get one of the breaks to heal. I would also like to share this with my mom who was diagnosed with cancer last year.

  436. My entire family will read this book! While participating in a benefit fund raiser for a baby suffering brain cancer our 31 yr old son took the polar plunge and suffered his own tragic life changing circumstances! He broke his neck in a burst fracture and is now a partial quadriplegic. He has overcome so much in the 18 months since it occurred. Yet we all deal with his pain and disability eery day. We will read this book whether or not we are chosen in this give away!! Thank You~MERRY CHRISTMAS

  437. I have a dear friend who suffers often due to numerous diseases. I would love to give her a copy of this book.

  438. Dawna Johnson says:

    The “thorn in my side” is severe arthritis. I wake up in pain, go to work in pain, come home in pain and go to bed in pain. I ice packs at school when I’m teaching my kids. I use a heating pad when I get home. My biological mother had severe arthritis and I didn’t know until I was 52 so that I might could’ve done preventative measures. Thanking the Lord for all that He has permitted me to do in my life. I do keep going. I believe that is good for my soul! Thank you for your encouragement. Prayers that you find relief in the midst of your pain.

  439. Barbara Butler says:

    15 years ago at 50 I had a massive stroke that left me with constant burning pain in my skin from my tongue to the bottom of my feet on my left side . Four years ago I contracted shingles and lost half of the sight in my left die. Through these things I did discover that God was in control. However, two months ago I found out that I had breast cancer. This was a whole new ballgame. Yes God loved me but did he love me enough to take care of me the way I wanted??? How do I put shoe leather on my “belief”.It seems that John has experienced a lot of the same things and having read some of the chapters from his book, I would really like to have a copy.

  440. Loretta Grapes says:

    Have a health issue the Drs cannot diagnose. It’s not life threatening. Thankful for that ❤️ Trusting in His faithfulness and peace.

  441. I would like to win a copy of this book because today’s devotional was awesome!!!

  442. Dawn Corder says:

    I have always lived with psychological issues of anxiety and depression and have learned to cope with these things with God’s help four years ago when I surrendered my life to Him. He has now in the past four years decided to challenge me with chronic physical issues which I have never in 40 years of life had to deal with. It is debilitating both physically and mentally and definitely spiritually. I am a new Christian and know without a doubt that God has a plan for this suffering but it can get discouraging and I could use some encouragement from someone who knows about such things because they’ve been there. And in return I hope to be able to encourage others going through similar issues.

  443. Exceptional devotion! Must be a marvelous book that I’d love to have.

  444. I suffer from serious pain everyday because of repeated injuries to my back. With a broken tailbone that did not heal properly to a slipped disc and degenerative arthritis, pain is my constant companion. I need hope.

  445. I would be so humbly grateful if I won a copy of this book. I would send it to my aunt who is 80 years old. She is biologically the mother of 6 children but because my mom (her younger sister) died at the age of 32, age became the mother to my five siblings and I in addition to all the neighborhood kids that we all played with! In her elderly age she has battled rheumatoid arthritis that has crippled her tiny body but we have never heard her complain. She continues to cook big meals for all of us and the entire neighborhood so there is never an empty stomach. Six months ago she was diagnosed with a rumor that was wrapped around her spine and growing inward to her lung. Her doctors decided to treat the tumor with aggressive chemo because she told them that she can not die yet because her job here on earth is still not done. She is so badly crippled that she is hunched over now. I received a call this past week from her saying that her cancer is all healed. She believes a miracle has occurred. Throughout her entire life once again, we have never heard her complain about her pain or suffering. She is a true example of one of Gods children!

  446. I have a genetic connective tissue disease which breaks down my collagen and bones don’t stay where they shootings because I’m super flexible. Right now I’m in two boots for two different reasons (neuroma and plantar fasciitis/tendonitis) and have had to end one career due to a wrist that constantly hurts (sign language interpreting). Would love this book to help rearrange my thoughts in the midst of the pain. I also have a friend that suffers from depression to the point of being suicidal that I would like to share it with.

  447. I think I would like a copy of this book. From early on everything seemed hard, harder for me than for others. I didn’t fit in. I was diagnosed with asthma as a young adult. After that came a thyroid disorder – hyper going to hypo. After having children I was diagnosed with clinical depression (my doc figured I had been suffering since puberty). Then I was diagnosed with lupus. 2 years after that they changed the diagnoses to fibromyalgia. My naturopath diagnosed me with Adrenal Fatigue. I now have an issue with anxiety. Since then I’ve been in a car accident (struck while at a light) and am struggling to get to a point where it is all under control again. That is just the medical stuff.
    My husband has been in and out of jobs due to the main plant in our town shutting down. We barely make ends meet – and with prices rising and wages not, the ends are starting to separate. My mom had breast cancer, and beat it. My dad has a pile of medical conditions, more than I do – and we almost lost him to a heart condition last year. This year both my sisters have been diagnosed with breast cancer (I’m eldest of 3 girls). My daughter struggles with anxiety and obesity.
    I feel older than my years, and I just want Jesus to come again so it will end. A lot of days I am just hanging on and reacting. I would like to know how to embrace all I am dealing with, without feeling numb or despairing.

  448. My mother and I both suffer from RA. we have seen each other suffer through unbearable pain. This would be a book I would share with her.

  449. Several weeks ago, God gave me the word strength. With all I have been through the past few years, that’s the last word I thought would be given. But God’s purpose, not His fairness, dictates the circumstances of my life. God knows I don’t feel strong at times. But I believe that is His messge for my life. This book would be another affirmation of that message. It would also assist in helping me through the times when I don’t feel very strong at all. Then it will be passed along to someone that God leads me to share.

  450. Pain and mostly suffering has been part of my life. Thinking of a future where pain and suffering will be nothing in comparison to the joy will experience when Jesus come, gives me hope. I know God’s promises are true. We need his strength to endure as we wait for that day.

  451. I loved your post today because it allowed me to reflect back to the births of my 34, 30, and 26 year old children. I could see myself in the delivery room with each birth and was grateful that your post prompted those memories. My oldest child is married to a wonderful woman who is battling fibromyalgia. She has extreme pain and fatigue and wants to find the right medicine and/or treatment to help her. I know that God hears my prayers and she seems better lately but the book, if granted to me, is a gift to her. My son and daughter in law have recently returned to church with their 6 year old daughter (who LOVES Sunday School) and God clearly answered that prayer. The joy that I felt when they told me they were coming back to church is indescribable. I hope and pay the same for my other children.

  452. Nancy Griggs says:

    We all need the message to be stronger!

  453. I am so glad to know there is a book of encouragement and hope for people suffering in so many different ways.
    This book will help me to be a better encourager as I walk with other through this dark world in the light of Gods promises. Thank you!

  454. Oh Lord, you know me and what I am going thru. It hurts when people lied about me and say mean things. I’ve been hurt for awhile now and being divorced has been challenging but somehow you put me out there to be a voice to the God’s children. You took me in and comfort me like no other. At times, I am lonely and sometimes I do miss some part of my past life but it will okay. My sufferings will end someday when my lord and savior returns. Thank you Jesus.

  455. I would be delighted to win a copy of this book! I would share it with my friend since 9th grade (37 years of friendship!) who has a very progressive form of MS. She deals with physical pain every moment of every day. Thank you for your research to make this book possible. I know those who read it will be blessed.

  456. “Choose Joy” in all circumstances, knowing He holds us in the palm of His hand! That is the quote I chose as I battled breast cancer the past year.

  457. Sonya Hewitt says:

    I have been suffering chronic Pancreatits and I’m facing surgery to remove my pancreas and spleen.

  458. Sure hit home when he mentioned dead-end depression!! I was surprised when depression was linked with pain. Mental pain can be so overwhelming sometimes. I just always ask God to not let me miss what He is trying to show me. Would love to read John’s book but after reading the previous comments, I surely have nothing to complain about would love to see them ALL receive a copy of the book.

  459. Valerie Mills says:

    My father has dementia and is struggling everyday to do the mundane tasks of dressing, self care, etc.

    He is on his knees praying that God will help him. He has a book of scripture, categorized by subject such as fear, peace, anxiety etc. He reads it often, bits at a time that he can comprehend and it helps him. This is something we put together for him.

    Any resource to help him would be a blessing. It is heart breaking to see him go through this.

    I would love to have a copy of this resource to reach him on a spiritual level and bring some peace to his days, knowing and reminding him of the joy he will experience again and the peace he can find in the middle of his struggles.



  460. Susan Rogers says:

    I would love this book for my hubbie! He lives with chronic pain and any encouragement would be great!

  461. Marjorie Scott says:

    I read my daily devoations from Proverb 31 everyday and today’s devotaion really set me free. I had surgery in June and I’m having more pain than before the surgery. I have tried everything from pain medications to injections. I have been so depressed since surgery and was placed on depression medication. On the way into work today a thought came to my mind that this is never going to get better maybe I just need to be on pain medication the rest of my life. After reading Your Present Suffering I will get better in Jesus name. If I’m choosen for a free copy I will give it to one of my co-workers that is battling with a mental breakdown. She have no supportavie family and I’m always encouraging her to read the Bible then stand on God’s word. Just today I was talking to her before I read my devotions and she was asking do I think she is going to get better. She was reassured that she will thru Jesus precious name. Please keep sending me the devotions and I often send to my family/pastor/church memmbers.

  462. My mother has been living with chronic back and leg pain for years – after giving birth to and raising ten children. I would love to bless her with this book.

  463. Lorie Phillips says:

    What a perfect book to write! Would love to read it.

  464. I also know pain. You can’t live long on earth without meeting it. I want to share something God gave me. I was told to find each of these scriptures and write them out in the order given( 1 peter 1:1-3, Romans 5:1-5, 1 peter 1:3-ll, Hebrews 10:35-39 and Ephesians 6:10) as a personal letter to me from God starting with Dear Cathey and Love Jesus. For me, it was a powerful revelation that has sustained me. Hope you and others find this helpful

  465. I would love to share this book with my son, who is 14 and suffers from depression and a growing scepticism of God. I pray that he will see the strength God provides.

  466. My husband sustained multiple injuries while serving in Afghanistan. 18 years as an active duty Marine so far, and his body has battled more than most face in a lifetime. Currently, he is facing excruciating pain brought on by nerve damage throughout his neck, as well as 11 herniated disks in his spine. It is so hard to see him writhing in pain and shouting out in his sleep when the pain is so intense. He has a strong faith in God, and we are believing Him for healing. Just this morning we had the conversation that either God would deliver him from this, or this would be the thorn of a reminder to daily rely on Gods provision for the strength to get through one more day.

  467. My mother, Kathy Dickerson, went to heaven this year. I know she is in heaven and that is comforting. I am having a hard time dealing with my Momma not being with me. I was not prepared for her to leave so soon, she was so young. My Momma was amazing and she taught me, my sister, and my father about God and His love for us. I want to go to heaven. Please pray that God will send His angels to concern themselves with my family and that we are covered by His feathers. I miss my Momma so very much!

  468. I suffer from depression and anxiety.
    Me and my husband are having problems, but , even if i feel like giving up sometimes, God doesnt let me.
    I look forward to the day i am healed forever.

  469. I have a number of serious medical conditions and struggle daily to manage my pain. I am a person of great faith, but my conditions are wearisome. I would like to be considered for this book, as I was uplifted in reading the chapter I downloaded. Thank you for considering this request.

    Blessings and merry Christmas.


  470. I have a brother-in-law who is battling cancer for a second time, and I think he would appreciate reading this book. He has overcome so much in life- injured in a war, overcoming alcoholism, one cancer, and now this one… So, if I were to win the free copy, I would give it to him.

  471. Debra Douglass says:

    Thank you for this devotional. I have been suffering severely with Epstein Barr 2 times this year, multiple infections, 6 broken ribs from coughing, and I have severe arthritis in my back. It is very difficult to move about. This opened my eyes once again, to joy that will one day become a reality. I have more and renewed hope thanks to your words. I wrote some of them on an index card to carry with me to remind me my suffering will end and with joy. Thank you

  472. Tiffany Tharpe says:

    I too suffer chronic pain due to a disability (quadriplegic). There are times when I do not know if I can stand it anymore. But, I know my God is in control. I would love to read this book to gain greater peace, but also would like to share with someone who I love that is going through great emotional pain right now. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and wisdom.

  473. Lauren Carter says:

    I’m going through a really dark time right now, and reading this article gave me even more hope that someday, all my suffering and pain will be washed away.

  474. I would use this book for my family and I since my husband is in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. After reading if I think he would like I would send it to him.

  475. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety since I was in middle school. However, the last few months have gotten worse. Sometimes, it feels like everyday is a struggle. I would love to read this book to find ways to cope in my everyday life and help remind me of the joy that God has in store for all of us. I think it would also be helpful for my mother who also suffers from depression. Thank you for today’s devotion. I feel like it came at just the right time.

  476. My sister has been homebound by her physical body for a long time now. There are even times when she cannot get out to the doctor. She struggles with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. I think this book would be a great encouragement to her.

  477. Could you tell me about your rare medical condition that you talked about in today’s email. My friend is having the same issues and they can’t seem to find the problem. Maybe, just maybe, that’s why I was reading this today.

    Thank you & God Bless you!

  478. Having faced some real dark times the last 2 years, I have turned to God to get me through. This book will certainly help me on my continued journey. Thank you.

  479. John’s book would be a blessing during times when I struggle with the disease that slowly destroys my body. Thanks for the giveaway.

  480. Linda Brazzell says:

    I would give the book to my son if I won it. He is a Veteran whom served two deployments in Iraq, he suffers with PTSD and is currently struggling with severe depression. He and his wife are both Christians that follow and serve the Lord but this is a painful struggle they live with on a daily basis.

  481. I’m going through a rough time with one of the chronic illnesses I live with. I need encouragement from someone who is also knows what it is like living with chronic diseases, as I do. Thank you, all for your ministry.

  482. I battled cancer this last year and it’s a very lonely and painful place. My sweet friend Amy is going through cancer treatments again after an experimental trail failed. I would love to give her a book that helps encourage her to cling to the Hope of eternity. She and I know and love Jesus and in Him alone is hope.
    Thank you for writing a book about the deep pain of suffering that most will never understand.

  483. My cousin and his wife buried their 22-yr old son who died in the military last week. They are suffering unbearable emotional pain and I would pass this book on to them. Thank you!

  484. I would love to win a copy of the book since I am curious at overcoming certain pain in this world and to get a new perspective of how to handle such things.

  485. Patty Licata says:

    I think this book speaks to us all – weather we’re going through the fire today, or know someone who is.

  486. Have mercy, Lord. There is so much pain and suffering in this world! But I thank You that You give us the grace we need each day to live as overcomers. I encounter people every day as a pastor’s wife that struggle with these issues. I welcome more teaching in this area to pass along.

  487. I have struggled with depression for years, and sometimes hope is very hard to find. I would love to have a copy of this book to read when those tough times come!!!

  488. Alicia Rhea says:

    My 12 year old son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The worry and anxiety consume me some days. To see him feel sick or frustrated from a disease that is often out of his control makes me so heavy. I wish I could take away his pain and burden. At times my husband and I feel so helpless. Highly manageable, this condition is life long and requires constant vigilance and as he grows he often has no warnings for his dangerous highs and lows. Unlike Type 2, part of his body has died due to an autoimmune disease. There is a feeling of helplessness there. I know he will grow to become a man who will thrive with this disease, the day to day now feels so heavy.

  489. Bernadette Chiffer says:

    Hi I would be so blessed to be able to have a copy of this book, I am going on one year of being sober after 14 years I have become a mother again after getting my kids taken God has just revealed himself to me in so many ways when I had no one but him and at this moment theres is a lot going on that is trying to tear me down but I know that I can rejoice in all things and embrace the strength I get in these times I would love to be able to read this become and just be remined of the strength and love that we have in Jesus Christ thank you for your time God bless

  490. Lauren Mangin says:

    I would give this book to my precious cousin who just lost her sister at age 61 to death from cancer. I literally just sent her an email, trying to help her to remember that God is loving, purposeful (for our good) even in suffering, and WILL wipe away every tear – someday soon there will be no more death, pain, tears, sin! My cousin is floundering in the deepest of grief because of the closeness that her & her sister experienced on earth. She’s unable to pray & feels so lost. I know grieving is a long process, but she needs to be reminded of God’s truth.

  491. For a dear friend, Linda, who is in constant pain and is living in it day by day. Love you!

  492. Cindy Buchanan says:

    God never fails to give us exactly what we need at exactly the right time!! This devotional today is so timely. My husband has endured 2 yrs. of cancer surgeries, radiation & chemo & is at a very low place right now – he so needs encouragement & frankly, so do I. God bless you for sharing your message. I would love to have a copy of the book for my husband.

  493. I would love a copy of this book. I am currently pregnant with our 3rd child. This child was un-planned and surpassed prevention methods. We did not know if we wanted another child due to the extreme blood pressure issues I had following the C-sections of my first two. We’re thrilled to have another child. I am, however, very anxious and stressed about my blood pressure/anxiety/panic issues returning during this pregnancy. I did not have issues early on with the other two, but my BP has already started to rise, at week 15. Work has been stressful, thinking of the future and money issues is stressful. I’m just very anxious and scared. I have spent a lot of time in prayer. I think this book would assist me in reducing my anxietey and worry throughout this pregnancy. Thank you 🙂

  494. Verdel V Ricker says:

    I would love to read the book and see how God has helped you deal with pain and suffering. In the last 5 years, I lost my first born son to an accidental drug overdose, another son was murdered, and then my father died. I have witnessed so many mothers who are suffering due to the loss of a child. I also have a dear friend whose daughter, Kelly, is suffering from a traumatic brain injury after the back latch from her van fell on her head. She has chronic headaches and must often retreat to a quiet, dark room. Her husband is left doing most of the care-taking of their 4 children.

  495. C.S. Lewis has a quote that I remember only partially…”God whispers to us in our ____(Comfort?) but Shouts to us in our Pain.” I wish I could remember the exact words but the meaning of this quote is that suffering draws us to God to seek His face and find healing in our spirit. I have a friend who is suffering from a broken marriage. She would be the recipient of this book if I am chosen.

  496. I would like to win a copy for my friend Kim J. I just had ankle surgery a few days ago and have zero weight bearing for 3 weeks. Ok, I had a little pity party then thought of Kim. She was diagnosed with cancer, lost a leg and is in a wheelchair. She has two children, works in our church preschool, has a very strong faith,and is always helping others. She is always smiling, never complains and I know she is in constant pain. She is an amazing women.

  497. Jessica Olson says:

    I would like the book for myself. I deal with depression and anxiety on a daily basis and I am trying to find strength thru the Lord but I struggle. Part of my struggle is the disease and the other part is me giving it all to God. Thank you.

  498. Thank you for the apt description of suffering and pain! Just yesterday I visited my friend of 25 years who has constant pain in her left arm and shoulder because of Parkinson’s. She and her husband have tried every treatment known to help this condition. They live in an assisted living facility and she endures this constant pain without complaining. I am hoping that your book might bring hope to her and to take it from the Lord. I did have a chance to witness to them concerning a disability that I have and how I have been strengthened through God’s Word.

  499. Darla Combs says:

    I deal with chronic neck and back pain, have for years. Last March I developed (I don’t know how) a large herniated disc at T1 with 70-80% compression of the nerve root. This was getting better until July when I got hit from the side. That wreck took me back to square one with the pain from the herniated disc and this time I am not progressing like I did in the first 4 months. I get so discouraged with the pain on a daily basis because everything you do is done with your hands/arms and everything aggravates the neck/arm pain and numbness. I sometimes wonder what I have done to have these years of pain.

  500. My sister lives with constant extreme pain extending from her neck to her right hand. It is with God’s grace that she is able to endure each day. She would greatly love receiving this book.

  501. Rachael Reinhardt says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book to share with the teens in my husband’s youth group who seem to always be going through struggles but can’t see the other side of it very clearly. Something like this that would help them build their faith would be wonderful!

  502. This was very encouraging, in more ways than one I have not one but 2 debilitating diseases that cause me pain every day, all day! (Fibromyalgia & LFD) Yesterday someone asked me about the pain I have from LFD (lumbar facet disease) & I told them what it entails but at the end I added how I handle it, I said but I keep going sometimes it gets me down but I always get up & continue my walk because the alternative is not acceptable! God has a plan & walking the path I am given, with whatever pain I have, I still have to walk, because laying down is not an option!

  503. I would give a copy to my Aunt & Uncle. My Uncle has been battling the agony of cancer in his blood/bones. Although the cancer is under control, the Dr’s cannot seem to find a way to ease his pain. So he lives with momentary relief.

  504. I would love this book for myself. This past year has a year of unexpected loss. Sometimes I find myself struggling to be thankful and find peace in every day life. I know what the bible says but I dont feel it. I need help and find participating in bible studies and reading books centered around Gods truth helps me find peace truth and hope.

  505. Thank you.

  506. This spoke to my heart. Thanks for sharing!

  507. I would love a copy of this book for my husband and myself. He has had so many physical struggles the last 8 years. I think it would be a great encouragement to both of us. Such an encouraging and refreshing devotional!

  508. I would love to have a copy of the book “I am Strong” to give to my daughter. She is an athlete who injured her knee last year and she has been rehabbing so she can return to the sport she loves. She has gone through a lot with this injury and we are so thankful for how God has healed and restored her so far. We are continuing to pray for complete restoration. I am so proud of her courage and hard work and want to keep her encouraged. I think the book will be just what she needs!

  509. Darleen Lamm says:

    What a wonderful devotion for today!! Thank you for the sweet reminder of our Saviors love.

  510. Caroline dehaas says:

    Living with terminal cancer would be unbearable without my faith to support me. I look forward to living in glory after I have suffered for a little while.

  511. Awesome read!

  512. Brandy Rich says:

    My friends husband has lime disease. He struggles daily symptoms and pain. Some of it as a result of an unwalked road of repentance and some of it due to lack of hope and faith. Their family, their marriage, and the ministries God has called them to are failing and falling to pieces. He thinks no one understands, and he can not stop complaining and focusing on his pain long enough to move forward. I think this book would make a big impact in his life, along with the Holy Spirit leading him.

  513. So many friends and family members are suffering right now – broken marriages, health problems, parenting crises, mental health issues, death of a loved one … I would love to read and share the message of your book. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  514. Would love to read this book! Then pass it along

  515. Two friends need prayers and love. One just had thyroid cancer surgery, the other’s husband had a brain tumor removed. They both know God but could use some encouragement! I have had plenty of past sufferings but we are okay now, I just want my friends and family to be happy and healthy.

  516. Katherine Horne says:

    I have given birth 6 times and I know what you mean but for most women, we remember that it was painful but the extend of the pain is diminished immediately upon looking at your newborn child. So, when you find out you are pregnant again, the pain is the last thing on your mind and joyous thoughts go through your head. Then, a few hours of pain are again diminished by that beautiful baby. I would love to have a copy of this book. Once I am done with Christian books, I pass them along for someone else to get a blessing from them. I ask them to pass when they are done. Thank you for your read this morning. As my oldest is almost 31 and my baby is 22, yes I had stepping stones, I am so blessed to be their mother!

  517. Nancy Baburek says:

    I would love to have this book for my hubby who has Cancer

  518. Cecilia Newman says:

    I’d like a copy of ‘I Am Strong” to share with my sister who is battling extreme pain from Fibromyalgia and a spine surgery. With no medical insurance, outside of periodic trips to the emergency room she is left to battle very painful moments without the help of a physician. I share words of encouragement as often as possible, but sometimes the pain is overwhelming. She has a relationship with God but has a difficult time keeping it together because of the daily and sometime debilitating bouts with pain. I know that my sister is believing God for her healing but I stand in the gap also believing God with her.

  519. I suffer from fibromyalgia and RA,, sometimes i just need to stay in bed,try to rest and wait for the pain to let go,, Perhaps this book could give me some help..Thank you Dianne Hartzell
    I stopped taking all the strong pain meds and muscle relaxers because they mmade me feel worse,I didn’t like being out in la la land,,its been 2 years and now I take an Aleve or an Ibuprophen only,,I want too feel and live and know what I am doing,,I don’ want to be sitting in a heap just letting the world go by,, Prayer helps me,, God is my healer,,no matter what,,

  520. Nancy Hitchcock says:

    I would love this book. For the past 20 years I have battled chronic pain and the side medical and emotional conditions that go along with this diagnosis. I would love to read the book by John Dickerson. There are days when courage and strength are hard to come by.

  521. God bless you. My husband has AS (axial spondoloarthritis) this is genetic but it dibitates him for days at a time, but his faith is so strong it gets him through. I would love to get him this book but we are on a very tight budget. Thank you for your message today it was inspiring.

  522. Thank you for this post! I am laying on the couch in extreme pain, deciding how I am going to entertain my 8 year old daughter while she is on Christmas break, and needed some encouragement. I have been in pain since the day she was born, and was feeling sad. I would love to win the book!!!

  523. Cheryl Moser says:

    We are going through a pain of a different kind. Our church is struggling through a difficult situation. As I read through some of the previous comments I realize how blessed I am and just how different all our lives would be without God’s grace & mercy. Lord, help us to keep an eternal perspective!

  524. Rita Kaufman says:

    I would like to win so I could give the book to my cousin who just lost his daughter (mother of four children – 9 yrs. to 2 yrs. old) in a horrible car accident. This family is grieving terribly right now. Thank you

  525. Cheryl Moser says:

    Sometimes I don’t know if I am strong enough to handle what God’s asked me to do, but His “grace is sufficient” for me!

  526. Abigail Belinda says:

    When my niece Emersyn was two years old she was diagnosed with a rare medical disease called Ataxia-Telangiectasia. Ataxia-telangiectasia attacks children, causing progressive loss of muscle control, immune system problems, and a high rate of cancer. It has the combined symptoms of muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, immune system deficiencies, and cancer all rolled into one. It is presently incurable and unrelenting. My beloved niece has been given the life span of her early teens, she will be ten this year. It breaks our hearts watching her suffer, she can no longer walk and she struggles to eat. One day they say the muscles in her heart and lungs will give out. I do not want this book for myself, but for my sister. She questions everyday the suffering her daughter goes through. I would love her and Emmy to have your wisdom and peace on such darkness.

  527. Heather Hutchinson says:

    God continues to remind me to give thanks for the trials and suffering, for it is the trials that draw us to foot of the cross. The cross, where Jesus suffered and died in agony for me, and the whole world. So thankful, Jesus is alive and we can cling to his faithful promises!

  528. I would to have this book for myself and then to share with someone else. I’ve been through a lot as a child growing into an adult. I’ve suffered through molestation and rape as a young girl and from the rape I became pregnant at the age of 14. No one came and asked me how did this happen or when did I become sexually active I was just told that I had to get an abortion so that my mother and I could stay at home. I suffered through that for a long time until I eventually gave my life to Christ and he restored the love back into my heart for my parents. I’ve been through a lot of sufferings since then, but I’ve learned to give things over to God, because I couldn’t handle it by myself and I needed his love and protection to help me to learn how to forgive and it’s really hard. I’m going through something right now and I have to remind myself of the promises of God and I know that He is the one who’s keeping right now and when I get the chance to read or hear other testimonies it’s very encouraging for me. When I read in the old testament how the Lord helped the children of Israel and the other prophets it amazes me how the Lord is such a loving, caring and forgiving God even though they were very rebellious. That’s why I would love to have a copy of your book I want to see how God helped you to overcome.

  529. Diane Hovis says:

    Pain and suffering can be overwhelming, this book sounds like a great resource!

  530. Ginger Leinhos says:

    I thought your devotion incorporating childbirth with the joy of heaven was very interesting.

  531. Lola Shannon says:

    As you know my name is Lola, and I believe that I need this book because there are many things that I am so painful about, and the book might help me to understand why we as Christian’s have so much pain. As we go through life we hurt for so many years and it seems to not stop. I understand that God will give use some days so peace; however, it’s unfair that we suffer and other’s that don’t give God a time of day is looking at use as though we are beneath them. Help me to acknowledge why it hurt so much when we serve the Lord with all our hearts, mind, body and soul. I know all about the enemy, all about we must go through things, and all about not looking at those around you. However, when your life seems to take a little longer or when your situation seems to be more hurtful then other’s you just need God to come and set by your side and explain it all to you. I know if He did we would not need Him. Let the book give me some insight on some of the pain most Christian’s are suffering. Thank you so very much for your time and understanding. God bless and keep smiling 🙂

  532. Lonetta Daugherty says:

    Thank you for your encouragement. Some days I get so beaten down with all the evil in the the world that I ask God to take me Home. I know that He will call my name when He’s through using me here!

  533. I would share this book with a coworker. Her only child, her daughter is dying with a brain tumor. My coworker is now raising her grandson, who is in the first grade at the school where we work.

  534. Sarah Miller says:

    For Rachel

  535. This book would be helpful to me and other family members…I live with chronic pain…as does my Mom.

  536. Ruth Schmidgall says:

    My husband suffers from fibromyalgia, I find it hard to always have the words of encouragement and hope for him especially spiritually. this book could give him hope while focusing on Jesus!

  537. This was very inspiring for me and I know for others as well! We live in this broken world along with it’s ills and pain, but Jesus said he has overcome the world! I look forward to His coming!
    I too live in a little bit of pain almost every day, not nearly as severe as Johns, and I would love to read this book and pass it on to many I know that would also benefit from it.
    Bless you John! I’m praying for you.
    Merry Christmas to one and all.

  538. I would like to share this book with people who are suffering to give them encouragement.

  539. dan tillinghast says:

    i have ms. there are days when i am in much pain. i go to work and teach my 5th graders. there are days when my legs hurt so much i want to cry. i go on a walk. there are days when i wonder why i have this disease and if i can cope with it. God sends this message to give me strength. i have dealt with ms for 22 years. five years ago i had cancer. God has seen me through. He will continue to do so.

  540. Peggy Crank says:

    I would LOVE to have this book as I am suffering from stage 4 lung cancer. I was a very active person (running marathons and teaching elementary Physical Education). I am trying very hard to stay positive and leaning on the Lord as I accept my severe limitations. I want to think more of what God has for me in heaven when I do die rather than the pain physically and emotionally I am experiencing now. This book seems to be something that would help me.

  541. My husband has chronic severe pain stemming from several nerves being damaged during a few lower back operations; he is on 2-3 narcotics. He had to retire on permanent disability 16 years ago at the age of 37. I believe this book will give him hope in his dark, painful life. We have three children and he cannot be active with them. He believes in God, but not sure he has accepted Jesus in his heart, so therefore does not have the hope and joy only he provides.

  542. Amanda Kimmich says:

    My sister, who was a single mother to two beautiful boys, was killed in a car accident a month ago. This devotion was absolutely meant for me today. Ironically…perhaps no irony at all really…..when I was sending out thank you notes from her funeral I penned “Romans 8:18” inside each card. I opened today’s devotional and see that was the exact verse reference for today’s reading. The words that followed were perfect for my journey through grief. These words were sent from above for me today. Thank you!!

  543. Karen Gilliam says:

    I would love to share this with my brother inamed law. He has recently found Christ and suffers daily with pain. This would be a wonderful encouragement for him.


  544. I would like a copy of this book for myself as I have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. While I am extremely blessed to have more good days than hard ones, the constant exhaustion and pain can seem overwhelming and disheartening at times

  545. I would like a copy for myself. I have struggled and suffered from depression, bipolar disorder, and MS. I will admit that the toughest by far is bipolar. MS is unpredictable, the meds are very expensive. I doubt my faith when I am depressed/

  546. My mother has chronic pain related to a combination of arthritis, old injuries, etc. Her life consists of early morning stretching then ice packs, a little more exercise (if she can get off the couch) and then more ice. Every activity, every small chore (making the bed) ,is done in stages to accommodate the ice and resting after. She does anything and everything to not take pain pills. I am weary from watching her suffer. I would most definitely give her this book.
    Lauri Grady

  547. Sara Dearborn says:

    I would give this book to my friend who has lost 5 children through miscarriages and still struggles to conceive. She holds strong to God’s love and truth, but could use this encouragement.

  548. I have Chronic Migraine Syndrome, this also hits at random times and I never know when it will happen. I can be planning a wonderful day and all of a sudden it it crashed because I start getting a Migraine. They keep me in bed for days at a time, so I would love to read John’s book and see how he copes with these times of extreme pain.

  549. Polly Merten says:

    I don’t know who I would give it to, but God does. 🙂

  550. I would like to win the book for myself as I go through hard times in my marriage and will soon have 2 kids in college.

  551. Yvette Williams says:

    I would like to give this book to my sister who is experiencing post-traumatic syndrome and has bouts with bipolar depression. She needs a Christ centered approach to handle her emotional pain.

  552. I have been going through taking care of my husband’s parents and now its my time to take care of mine. I know God is near – but it is sometimes like I can’t take another step. My Mom is 89 yrs old and has been blind for about the last 2 years. She also has heart trouble. My Dad is 96 yrs old. My Mom has some dementia and you never know if you are going to get yelled at for always being wrong or sweet. I have grown through this some. She said (as I have always been so close to her for 67 yrs. and asked one time what I would ever do without her when she was better than now) you will GROW UP. It is a very difficult time. Maybe I’m not grown up but this is the hardest growing up I’ve ever done.

  553. I would love to have this book to give to my mother. She is a very religious person but struggles daily with depression. Worry consumes her most days (usually things that she does not even need to worry about) and she has pain and discomfort most of the time, but medical tests reveal no problems to cause the pain and discomfort. I think this book would help her to place her focus on something other than her worry, pain and discomfort.

  554. Amanda Kimball-Davis says:

    I’d love this book to help me bring back my hope in my current sufferings that have taken a toll on my health and emotional well-being. My family is far from broken and I have lost all hope in it being repaired. The pain is agonizing.

  555. My sister and brother in law are going through a very hard time. He’s an associate pastor whose hours have been cut significantly – less than half time – so he’s picking up whatever jobs he can. She was the breadwinner, but lost her job at the beginning of the year and has been taking any part time work she can get and searching consistently since then. She’s battled depression and health issues and has been admitted in the past. It’s a very hard and dark time for them. I’d give the book to them.

  556. Donna hart says:

    I would like this book for myself. I have been battling an autoimmune disorder and severe insomnia for 18 years.I am very discouraged and struggle with trusting the goodness of God.

  557. Lorrena D. says:

    I was very encouraged by your devotion today.
    I would love to win this book. I want to give it to My husband who has an auto immune disorder which causes him a lot of pain and all the emotions that go along with it. even though he is the strongest man I know physically and in his work ethic regardless of the illness, I want him to read and learn and be encouraged on how to be stronger with the Lord through emotionally and spiritually during his life long sufferings.

  558. Sheri Perales says:

    I would like a copy for my sister she and her husband just lost their 15 year old son in a tragic accident 3 months ago, his passion was Christ and football. They have lots of faith, our whole family does, Nick left behind quite a legacy, many have come to Christ since his death but my sister and brother in law Hurt so deeply and are searching for reason

  559. I would love to win this book because I am believing God will give me the gift of becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy happy baby after being told it’s impossible and that I have premature ovarian failure. It’s a deep pain that I never thought I’d have to experience.

  560. I too suffer from pain, now for over 30 years from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Cold, damp weather are the worst, but humid warm days are better and salt water help tremendously, plus stretching. Also the short days of autumn and winter bring out SADD, seasonal affective disorder disease, which because of short days and not much sun cause depression and sadness. I pray and pray and can only hope for permanent relief one day when Jesus comes or when He takes me home. I stretch out my hands, my empty hands up to him so He will hold onto me and give me the strength and courage to go on.

  561. Hayley Irons says:

    I would like this book because I suffer from fibromyalgia and a laundry list of spinal diseases and injuries. I’m a 34 year old new mom and some days it’s hard not to get down. I pray to walk in Faith and to be more obedient. God bless you all that have physical, mental or spiritual pain.

  562. Shari Goertzen says:

    I have had Crohn’s disease for 14 years. The last 3 months I’ve had a bad flare up where I’ve been off work for the past 2 months. I just started Humira 2 weeks ago since the prednisone is not working this time. Praying it takes away this pain. I would love a copy of this book for myself. The Lord is faithful and has been with me every day of this difficult time. He continues to bless me every day! Thank you for your time. Merry Christmas!

  563. Sherry Meyer says:

    I have a chronic condition similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis, called Ankylosing Spondylitis, which has caused pain & suffering in my life since I was 13 years old. It affects my neck, hips,knees and other joints. I would love to read this book and then pass it along to a dear cousin who suffers from depression.

  564. julie giudice says:

    i would give this book to my mother who has endured years of pain and suffering from fibromyalgia. she never complains but has undergone several operations for spine and knee issues. she is the rock in the family.

  565. Susan Richard says:

    My niece has lupus. She has suffered so much with this disease. It breaks my heart to see her suffering like she is. She has had strokes because the lupus went to her brain and created lesions. She has lost two babies in her fifth and sixth month of pregnancy because the lupus destroyed the placenta. There are so many other complications because of lupus. Now, she is undergoing chemotherapy in an attempt to put her lupus in remission. I would like to win this book and give it to her.

  566. Rachel Archangel says:

    I’ve struggled with depression for years. I’m holding fast and paying for God’s deliverance. I would like the book because I’m hoping it will help me.

  567. Tricha McKinley says:

    For myself – to keep my mind focused on God. Heaven is my home and I must get my mind off earthly issues!

  568. For my niece who recently been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer at the age of 34 years old with a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children May God bless all of us on this upcoming Christmas the birth of Jesus Christ

  569. Would really love to receive this book! We lost my father in law unexpectedly two months ago and after 4 years of trying to conceive we were finally pregnant but also just lost it last week. Really looking for God’s peace right now

  570. Bonnie Shaner says:

    Being raised by divorced parents, there was one thing that I hoped never to experience – A divorce. This past year was very dark, but has been such an incredible time of growth in my life and relationship to God! One of the biggest struggles has been excepting that it is OK to not be OK . God has broken down the strongholds a perfectionism and control in my life! This devotion was a true inspiration, and hope to read your book in the new year!

  571. Hello. Thank you for sharing your story. I would love a copy of your book. Im dealing with a family member in alot of pain daily and would so appreciate this book to give as a gift to them.

  572. Misty Brasseaux says:

    I would love to win this book. My little family has gone through a whirlwind of ups and downs this year and we just can’t afford to buy the buy!! To win it would be amazing!!!!

  573. Beth Pendergraft says:

    I am going thru so much pain and loss right now. In 14 months I have lost my father,mother and left a 22 year very bad marriage. I feel so lost and alone, even when I am on my face crying out to God. I know God has a plan for me but I can’t see our feel anything but pain.

  574. This has been a year of great loss for me. In Feb. my 2nd daddy died, it was a great loss because he was the one that loved me because he wanted to, not because he was family and had too. Then later in the year I gave into a lie of the devil and it cost me to lose my job, couldn’t draw unemployment so my special needs son and I are struggling financially to the point, he asked for Gain laundry detergent for Christmas so that he could wash his clothes. My son, Isaac is struggling with health issues, he has had surgery 3 times for a particular problem and it is still not fixed. I am afflicted with DIabetes and RA and have no insurance since I lost my job and no money to buy my meds. I know that God is my source and our jobs are only the means in which he provides for us. But it is hard to keep going and not be down and frustrated with life. I know I have to stay strong but it seems so hard and I have been looking for a devotion that will speak to me and give me encouragement to continue

  575. I’ve had a hard year feeling beat down in multiple areas, but also realizing that God is the only way I’ve made it through at all. I’d love to receive a copy of this book to understand better how to tap into God’s strength since I feel like I’ve run out of my own.

  576. Teresa Drum says:

    Would love to get a copy of this book for a dear friend who has gone through many health struggles including cancer and still continues to fight health issues. She does a great job of being a strong, independent Christian woman and military wife doing a lot on her own and taking care of their daughter while her husband is deployed. Feel she would benefit greatly!

  577. I have suffered from depression for what seems like my whole life–I would love to feel strong…

  578. Kay Parrish says:

    I struggle with depression from bipolar. Right now I have broken right arm my shoulder was shattered when I fell. Had surgery but it was unsuccessful waiting for a Dr that can do a reverse shoulder bone replacement. in a lot of pain when I move my arm. I would like the book to read to overcome the pain of depression .

  579. Today was supposed to be a day of rejoice for me and although the day is not over yet, I have a sinking feeling that it remain yet another normal day without the good news I was hoping for. I however will still keep believing that God will turn the situation around even if it’s at the very last moment of today. I believe He will meet me in the darkness and bring my situation into light all the while making me strong in Him.

  580. Tonja Faulkenberry says:

    I would love to know this peace of mind…although I know Jesus, I have lost an uncle, my mom & now, another uncle was given a few months to live….so much death to deal with in 1 year for myself was almost unbearable, especially my mom but now my uncle that I’ve always been close to? I keep praying because I know they are all in a better place but I truly need to know how to live on until Jesus comes to get me….

  581. Ashley Garcia says:

    I would like a copy for myself. I struggle every single day. And i feel so alone. I’m ready to be free. I’m ready to not be alone. I’m ready for help. Thank you.

  582. Nicole Kestel says:

    This sounds like the exact book besides the Bible that I need to be reading. Circumstances would make it difficult to purchase right now but I really hope to read the truth in this book and then pass it onto to a couple friends going through dark times as well.

  583. Kaitlyn Wall says:

    I’m currently going through a divorce and could use all the support k can get.

  584. Caroline McDowell says:

    Such encouraging words today, especially in times of pain in difficulty. It’s hard to look forward to the days when the pain will end, but we must always remember there is hope.

  585. Would love a copy of this book, coming across this post was nothing but God placing reminders in my path. I am going through a separation and it is the darkest time of my life. I would hope this book would help me through this time in some way.

  586. I would love a copy of this book as my boyfriend just broke up with me and I’m struggling to find hope at Christmas time.

  587. Lawrie Morello says:

    I would like to present this to my son who is going through a great struggle after separating from his wife and other personal problems. I hope and pray that God will reveal Himself to him and give him the hope and strength that he needs to get his life back on track. He has a young daughter who needs her daddy.

  588. Michelle Ray says:

    Back in September my love and best friend lost his dad to a heart attack very, very unexpectedly. He was only 58 years old. Today, I look at the man who has been my best friend, love, partner, other half, rock, and shoulder to lean on for the past 2.5 years and I see a ghost. I see his image but I do not see the man I fell in love with. This man has turned to alcohol, tobacco, and other women instead of me, his friends, his family, and God. He has disowned all of his beliefs and faith in the Lord and fallen to desires of the earth, desires of the flesh. Instead of loving me, loving his family, and loving the Good Lord above, he has decided to “love” another woman and “love” the feeling of drinking and getting drunk more. I pray for him every spare minute I have for God to fill his soul and forgive him for his many indiscretions and become the man I have known and loved for so long. But at this time, he has renounced me in front of his family, in front of his church, and in front of God. He has taken away my best friend, my love of my life, our life, and our family we built together (we have a 2 year old puppy). I know God has a plan for me and will turn this situation around. I believe He will pull me out of this darkness. But it is so hard for me to stay positive and turn everything over to Him when everything I had got taken away from me in the blink of an eye. I know I have so much to be grateful for and thankful for and I know God has blessed me in more ways than I could ever count, but why has this happened? What did I do to deserve this? Why am I being punished? I know this is the devil coming out of me, but it’s just so hard to stay positive. Lord, I know You know the desires of my heart and I do turn everything over to You. And I know You will never forsake me. This is just so hard on me. To have the man I love and want to grow old with succumb to the devil and sin. I have faith in You. Please keep an eye on my love and re-enter his heart. He needs you now more than ever.

  589. Angela Dushane says:

    I would like a copy not for myself, but for a mother in our community who just lost her 11 year old son in a tragic car accident. Her strength and faith in the lord amazes me every day.

  590. Pamela Gordon says:

    I would like a copy not for myself, but me significant other. He is battling his second round of prostate cancer, beginning treatment next week. He is feeling discouraged, and needs desperately the Lord’s guidance. Thank you for the consideration.

  591. I would like the book for my best friend who lost her husband six months ago. She seems to be looking for strength in the wrong places.

  592. Look forward to reading a copy. I could use some motivation in this area.

  593. Monica Voelker says:

    I would like this for myself. I enjoy digging deeper into the word and sharing with others.

  594. I would love this book not only for me but I would give it to a special friend Susan who is going through a Very difficult time in her marriage .This book would be awesome for her so she can see that through it all His is with her Making her Stronger

  595. I would like it because I had cancer this year and so did my sister!

  596. Lisa Tarpley says:

    I would love to have this book and whether I win a copy or not, I will go buy it. I needed this today, this week and even for the past 8 years. Actually since 2005 I’ve been like a toy top spinning out of control. Unable to grasp onto anything and was fairly positive that God was just watching me drown in my grief and pain. It’s been just this year that I’ve started coming out of the fog and open myself up again to those around me. It’s not easy and each day presents it’s own challenges but today…… Today once again I was searching for a place to hide. The pain was overwhelming and quickly went from being emotional and mental to physical. I wish I had read this devotion this morning. I knew I needed to as soon as I saw this morning but in my rush I didn’t take the time. I should have. I would’ve been prepared had I done so.
    This verse give me hope. It reminds me of what I already know to be true. Thank you for sharing and as I said I will go and purchase your book. Should I win a copy though, I know a friend that could really use it.

  597. Ian anxious to read this book. Thank you for having a giveaway.

  598. I have a friend who has been thru some very hard times, as God was trying to get his attention. He has suffered and struggled, trying to find peace and purpose. I think the truths in this book would be an encouragement to him.

  599. Elaine Kam says:

    I have many physical chronic problems and have used many methods to cope with the effects. I am always open to trying new methods. I am also a Christian who believed the love of Jesus.

  600. This book touches a deep place in my heart especially in my work with inmates in the Michigan prison system. After I read it, I would share it with the prison library

  601. My present suffering is nothing compared to the suffering Jesus endured on the cross…I have been delivered from depression and now have the Joy of the Lord…Nehemiah 8:10

  602. I would love to have a copy of this book to give to my brother. For the past 2 1/2 years he’s been in a dark place that has just gone from bad to worse. First, the diagnosis of my rare form of aggressive breast cancer which entailed countless chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and on and on, rocked all of our world’s but he and I are very close and he took it very hard. Then, right as I was finishing up treatment, he had an accident and fell down a flight of stairs , which resulted in a traumatic brain injury which almost took his life. He is still recovering a year later after being in the brain trauma ICU for 6 months, rehab ,etc. And is desperate in wanting to get better so he can try to return to work. If that wasn’t enough, his wife served him divorce papers right in the middle of his recovery and is trying to keep his life, his son, away from him. He really needs everyone’s prayers and uplifting. Thank you and bless you! ♡

  603. Risa Taylor says:

    Would love this book!

  604. Mandy Eubanks says:

    My family is going through a struggle with my niece. She is estranged from our family. We really miss her. We have prayed for reconciliation and have faith that God will reunite us but the pain and suffering we are experiencing is hard to deal with.

  605. gwynne wilschek says:

    I would love to read this book, all face difficulties whether obvious or not

  606. I would love to get this for my mom. We lost my daddy suddenly and unexpectedly a year ago and it has been a horrible, sad, difficult journey. Our only hope is that we will see him again when God calls us home. But until then, we are just clinging to His promises.

  607. I am currently reading Ravi Zacharias’ book “Why Suffering” and your book sounds fabulous. I am currently facing the death of a loved one in the very near future and am struggling with it something awful. I find praying outloud with my loved one helps me a great deal. When I get caught up in thinking about what is going to happen, choices to be made, etc I have to very firmly tell myself to “STOP” thinking about it-that it is in God’s hands and I have no control over it. I struggle with “Let Go and Let God” but I like to think I’m getting better with it. I do think this is strengthening my faith, all things do happen for a reason, so this might be the beauty in the pain. I find great comfort in knowing that there is everlasting life and we will see our loved ones again. I am going to print off your writing and hang it in a place that I can remind myself of it daily…love the verse and prayer. We can’t avoid pain…it’s human, but as Ravi said, we can’t fall so in love with the blessing that we forget about the blessor.

  608. My son has just found out his wife is having an affair , she has told him she no longer loves him . He is devastated and is heartbroken , they have two little girls . I think this book will help him realize that we serve a mighty GOD and that his mercies are new every morning

  609. Brenda Klein says:

    Lord you know my pain, sorrow, and suffering. If it be your will that I may be blessed with a copy.

  610. I would love to share this book with my husband who struggles with chronic back pain.

  611. Brenda Chester says:

    I would like to win this book because I suffer from a illness that no one can see but it is very real to me and I have to pray daily for God to help me

  612. Lori Blosser says:

    I am a single mom with three kids. They all have struggles. My husband left us without any support and money has always been tight. At times it gets hard to keep my head up and my faith strong.

  613. This was an awesome devotional. Thank you for sharing it. I am now about to forward it to a couple of friends that I know will be blessed by it.

    • In winning the book, I will present it to a friend of mine that is struggling through an Alcohol and Drug addiction. I believe that reading this book will encourage and empowere my friend, and give him hope and strength with each passing day.

  614. Grateful for these Words from God and from you. Well timed.

  615. I would love a copy of this book. Why, because my family has been through so much in the last 5 months my brother in law went to jail and lost his kids on lies my mother in law died my father in laws health is not the best oh and I was told today that I possibly have inflammatory beast cancer. I know without a doubt God is in control. I know he is carrying my burdens. I am all the emotions mentioned.

  616. Theresa Stephens says:

    I am interested in this book because it is inspirational and can benefit lots of individuals who need to know that we are strong in Christ Jesus. I know lots of hurting people who would be blessed to have this book. Thanks.

  617. I would give this book to a childhood friend who just found out today that she may have cancer for the third time. She also just lost her youngest sister to cancer six months ago. Both of her parents are deceased because they have lost their battles with cancer also.

  618. Connie McClain says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book! I have been through so much over the past just about 10 years, from PTSD to health, relationship, and financial problems and more. I know God has everything in His hands! ?

  619. Marilynn Johnson says:

    My friend is fighting for her life suffering w/ cancer.
    She loves GOD and could gain encouragement by hearing a loved one read this book to her
    THANK YOU for your generosity and time to give GOD the Glory

  620. Jill Roberts says:

    I just gone through a divorce. My former husband left me, my 7 year old son and my unborn baby (that is 4 months old now) for another woman and got heavily into drugs. I know God will get us through this time and this book is what I really need at this time in my life so my faith and relationship with God will become stronger!! I pray that I will win!!

  621. I would like a copy for myself. I constantly struggle with finding hope in God when life gets hard; I usually turn away from God.

  622. Hmmm so encouraging, God’s perfect timing. Been through a season of trials & wondering if it will ever be over. Much needed, thank you.

  623. I would love this book, need this book ‼️ Raising two children with mental illness has been a constant, daily struggle. Life always in flux and constant chaos. Yes, deep faith, love and hope is the only thing that gets me through each day.

  624. Heidi Tibbetts says:

    I would love to win this for myself then maybe be able to pass it on and bless someone else. Right now I am struggling with my husband accepting another job out of state after we just moved back close to family. He is only going, his decision, and at first he said it would be just a month or two until the kids and I move, but every time he talks about it the time line changes….now it’s 6 months. He is not in the military so I struggle with it. I am needing something to help encourage me and help me grow right now, because I am doubting and feeling weak right now.

  625. I would love a copy of this book! I’ve been studying hope lately because I struggle with doubt during this time in my life. It just seems that every road I’m faced with leads to a dead end both financially and emotionally. I believe God has a plan, I just need to know how to stay positive and hopeful while I’m waiting.

  626. Allison Boyer says:

    My one sister struggles with very poor health that no one can seem to heal. She is 33 and has lupus and is on chemo shots. I think this book would be very encouraging for her.

  627. I would like a copy of I Am Strong by John Dickerson as I feel it would bring much needed encouragement to me as well as to my husband in this season we are in. Our son, 26 yrs old has suffered with an autoimmune illness and severe ocd for the last 7 years. It has stolen the very life he had before. It has been a huge struggle beyond imagination for us and somedays are just so hard. In Novemeber my husband lost his job of 33 yrs. That has brought on so much uncertainty and fear for me personally. I was already stressed and trying to hold on to hope and then this. We need to be encouraged and this book would be perfect. thank you for considering us. KAthy Noel

  628. Donna Monroe says:

    I have a Christian friend who has MS. She lives alone, depending on Home Health strangers, who are always changing, to come to her home to help her. She is in terrible pain all the time, but she still is thankful to God for conforming her to His image. I would love to give a copy of this book to her for encouragement. Being written by someone who comprehend pain, I belive would make it so much more meaningful and uplifting to her. Thank you for the opportunity to do this. God bless you greatly! May He constantly BE IN AND WITH YOU DURING YOUR STRUGGLES WITH PAIN IN THIS LIFE!

  629. Lisa Murray says:

    I would love a copy of this book. My daughter and I are both struggling with continuing symptoms from Lyme disease. It gets very hard to hold on to hope and I would love to read this encouraging work.

  630. His timing is perfect!! Thank you Lord for you faithfulness .. Help me to rest on your promises even in the midst of pain… Give me eyes to see and era to hear.. Amen

  631. Wow! After reading everyone’s struggles, mine pales in comparison. I have to be strong. I have no one to lean on. My daughter had a baby in high school and I had the privilege to help raise. The child’s father threatened her, cheated on her and manipulated her. She broke it off and said she wanted to go to college so I worked my tail off to make that a reality. Three weeks after graduation she announced she was pregnant again with the same guy, she’d been seeing him on the sly all along, she wasn’t going to college, but moving in with him and the other 10 people in their house. She took her child, turned her back on us and fell in love with the world. That was 2.5 years ago and while things are slightly better between us there is still much tension. My husband has been emotionally distant fir years. While I was mourning for my daughter, my husband announced he had had an affair and didn’t like being around me. My family is not supportive and I don’t have many close friends to confide in who live near by. My son, whom I have a good relationship with, graduated in may and left for college.

  632. April Cunningham says:

    I would love for my mom to read this book! She deals with several health issues and puts up a strong front as a pastor’s wife. I’m sure she would be greatly encouraged.

  633. Would love a copy!!

  634. I would really enjoy reading the book. I will then give the book to a family member to read.

  635. Christi Payne says:

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. I have many health issues that cause pain. Usually I have just rolled with whatever God allowed my body to go through. Not so much at this point. I am really struggling.

  636. I would love a copy. The last few years have been quite painful.

  637. I would love this book because I’m going through the most painful time of my life emotionally and physically.

  638. Meredith Glover says:

    I have a close friend that has lost a parent and a relationship. Depression and grief keep creeping in and trying to destroy joy. He is striving to be a godly man. The enemy is fighting hard. I pray encouragement, strength, and courage for him.

  639. jill knecht says:

    I went through a divorce after 19 years of betrayal. It was the hardest thing I ever faced. however I grew very strong and never gave up, and am now working on restoration. it is a day to day trusting in God, but it keeps me where I need to be!….TRUSTING HIM! I still need strength and encouragement daily, but I know God is with me!

  640. Carla Loomis says:

    I, too, have a chronic, debilitating pain condition that makes being a single mother to a young child very challenging. I would so appreciate the opportunity to find hope, peace and inspiration in this book, which I know I can’t afford on my own.

  641. Bethanne Martin says:

    Please choose me.

  642. I love this message of hope. Recently my husband and I began HOPE Room. This is a prayer and worship night both in our home and online. We have been running it now every Wednesday evening for the past few months and it has been wonderful to see what God is orchestrating. We know this is God driven. We have many praying for us and HOPE Room and have seen so many touched, healed and delivered. Over the past month it has been a struggle in the spirit as we stand firm in what we know God has called us to and feeling the enemy trying to destroy it. I am strong speaks so clearly to us as we really know it is only in Him we are victorious. We would love to win a copy. What a generous gift. We pray blessing over your ministry for this season and the coming year.

  643. Christina Lusk says:

    I struggle with clinical depression, this last year has been such a struggle. We lost our medical insurance, my medication was cost prohibited. I went through about 5 months of emotional pain, old wounds not dealt with, came back to cause me more pain.
    I am back on medication, The Lord provided a way for me to receive the medication (antidepressant) for free, it would have cost us $500. a month, and Praise God, I’m on the road to recovery, a slow, painful, but non the less recovery. I start seeing a Christian counselor tomorrow, this book would help direct me with the help of the counselor and more importantly, the Lord.

  644. connie thompson says:

    I have an unsaved 18 year old daughter; that in a couple of weeks was about to enter her last semester before completion of her senior year.then off to nursing school right after graduation she works so hard and fights to struggle through her IEP. Well now the news of she expecting. Unwed scared and alone would be perfect timing for her to turn darkness into hope. Please pray for her. Thank you!

  645. My friend chad endured a back injury almost two years ago. It has been nothing short of amazing at how God can use something like an injury to draw one closer. Initially Chad’s faith became so powerful one could only admire such strength. After the first year, chad stayed true to his newfound faith and grew immensely in the Lord, but two years later and two surgeries and pain that continues day in and day out the unknowns have taken their toll – I don’t se my friend as much and I fear Satan is ready to pounce on Him his Wife and their children. Please consider my friend in your prayers and thank you for this reminder that there can be freedom from the torment when focus remains in our Lord!!

  646. Nivea M. Laplaca says:

    I suffer from Bi-polar and the holiday season is especially hard for me. I miss my parents and siblings. We moved away due to a job relocation for my husband. I have three children and two of them have special needs. I grew up with family helping family. And now I find myself alone most of the time raising up my kids. It’s hard and even physically painful at times. But I have hope that God will help me somehow. That’s why I believe this book would be helpful. To strengthen that hope I hold on to.

  647. roseanne redfearn says:

    My husband died unexpectedly one week ago. We were filled with many hopes and dreams… my heart aches!

  648. Angie Alexander says:

    I am suffering from a physical affliction but I keep declaring Jeremiah 30:17 believing that JESUS is healing all my wounds spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally and relationally and I know that through the good and bad GOD is with me. Ecclesiastes 7:13-14) The Joy of the LORD is my strength..


    Angela Boykin Alexander

  649. My sister is going through a really difficult stage in her life. She has lost two of her children, and is now dealing with physical and mental issues. It would be a blessing for her to receive this book. Thank you and God bless.

  650. Melissa Olson says:

    I have been married for 26 years since high school. My husband had an infelidety and I filed for divorce. I prayed and prayed for my healing. And not just that but 26 years of being unevenly yoked. This gift is something we both would benefit from. God has restored my love and butterflies for my husband. God is an amazing healer and comforter. We both know it has to be 100% from us both to continue to keep the world and the materialistic stuff out of our marriage. I would love to share this with my husband and grow more spiritually. Thank you. God bless. Merry Christmas. ❤️

  651. What a great ministry tool,! We all have different types of pain to deal with!

  652. Kristi Sims says:

    I’m in a transition in my life right now. I would love to read the beautiful words of this book. To be able to share it with someone having the same pain, situation, and transition. God Bless!

  653. This sounds like this would be a perfect book to read at a difficult time.

  654. Sherry Van Luven says:

    I knew that God wanted me to read today’s Proverbs 31 devotion. My Mom has been suffering terribly from pain – in her shoulder and whole body from arthritis. I believe this book would bless and benefit her so much.

  655. I would give the book to my sister-in-law who lives with chronic back pain

  656. Would love to gift this to my friend Bonnie who is going through a hard season in her marriage

  657. This devotion resonated deeply with me. I’ve been praying through a trial for over a year. During this time I’ve experienced the greatest highs and the lowest of lows. This devotion was the first scripture and reading that really explained exactly how I am feeling and what I know is to come in the future.

  658. Would like to win to be able to share with my son. He lives daily with pain, fatigue, and weakness from mitochondrial myopathy.

  659. This would be a great resource to learn how to better understand how to see God in the midst of pain and darkness.

  660. Carol Njuguna says:

    Would to love to give this book as a gift my sister to encourage her in her life, as she raises her two daughters, one who is special needs. She is divorced and it has not been easy, and this book would spur her on in life.

  661. Christina Fulford says:

    I would like this as hope for myself. Like any book, if it makes a difference in my heart, I will pass it along and recommend it to others. The world can be hard and we all need hope during challenging times.

  662. I would love to give this book to my brother Anthony who has suffered with back pain for a very long time, probably close to 20 yrs. He has had 3 surgeries hoping he would get some relief of the pain. He can’t do anything and gets very depressed. Don’t know if he has truly given his heart to The Lord but has mentioned he prays. I do pray for him. It would be an awesome testimony if God would heal him.

    Thanks and God Bless you,


  663. I would love to be blessed with this book. I honestly just prayed a prayer begging the Lord to rid me of jealousy and anguish that has had its grip around me the past few days. I prayed to feel confident in my self and not to compare myself to others, because God made me just the way I am. I don’t want it any other way. I’ve now rededicated my cause to His will. I am so grateful to have scrolled past this article, because it relates so much to my current situation. If I don’t end up winning one of the copies, I might consider buying one myself! Thank the Lord and bless you. Thank you!

  664. Lauretta Pesce says:

    I would like to give this book to my childhood friend who had just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

  665. I’d love to read this book. I’m currently going through the darkest time of my life. Just reaching out for counsel about sexual abuse as a child. This is the absolute hardest time I’ve experienced yet. The analogy of childbirth hits home hard as I have had four natural and very painful birthing experiences, and the tears of joy that flood afterwards as the precious life was layed on my chest. I can’t wait to experience that reward when I reach the birthing of who God is transforming me to be in this storm.

  666. Please consider me for a copy of this book. The pain that I experienced from childbirth was that of my son who had died as a result of of a placenta abrution and I had to deliver my deceased child. This was the most painful, heartbreaking, shocking experience I went through in my life. I can’t put into words how I felt. My child was full term and weighed 8lbs. I began to hemmorage and now my life was at stake. The doctor performed an emergency c-section. To keep this to a minimum I almost died. Telling you my story brings tears to my eyes. i live with this heartache of pain everyday of my life. I know God has a plan for my life and I trust him completely. If you feel your book would bless me and I’m not chosen to receive a free book,I would love to buy it. Thank you for taking the time to read my shorten version of my story. My son’s name is Tyler.

  667. My pelvis broke during childbirth 16 years ago, which required 3 failed pelvic reconstruction surgeries. As a result, I am a 38 year old chronic pain patient, with 24/7 pain medication, am unable to walk distances, sit or stand for prolonged periods, etc… After 16 years, I am STILL in weekly Physical Therapy. I have a passion for the Lord & my pain has given me a greater ability to comfort & encourage people. I serve with the Biblical Counseling Ministry at my church & would highly benefit reading your book. Your devotion really spoke to me today, as I am so physically limited due to my pain & disability, especially as I try to meet the needs of my children during Christmastime.

  668. April Harrison says:

    I would love to win this book I am suffering now I was in a abusive marriage I just escaped from I’m trying to repair my relationship with my children who have lived with my sister for four years who act like they hate me I can’t see them and I have a grandbaby I rarely see I’m struggling to b hold it together Satan is fighting me every way he can I’m holding to God’s promises but some days are very hard.

  669. 2015 was a year of big suffering for me. After losing all my hope in January, i heard the voice of my lovely Lord. He said “follow me, be faithful and i will do everything else. I see your suffering. Don’t look at the storm. Look at me”.
    He helped me and helps every new day. He is so faithful!
    In his arms and with his armour i can stand every new day! What a great God we have ♡

  670. Lizzie Suro says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring words. The holy spirit couldn’t have led me to them at a better time. Stuck in my current hole of anxiety & depression, your words shined a light & lifted me to the promise of God’s eternal love & hope for the future. I look forward to reading the rest of your book. God bless you for your courage in sharing your story.

  671. Laura Mockabee says:

    I would give this book to my friend Clara because she has a painful disease that is making her doubt God. She has connective tissue disorder that she says is occasionally so painful she can hardly bear it. She has stopped coming to church and life group. I think she has had this condition for 2-3 years, but says pain medication would keep her from being alert enough to care for her 2 daughters, so she doesn’t take any. I would buy her the book but my husband is unemployed right now

  672. Shannon Browell says:

    I would like this book because I am going through some really trying times. My husband and I are separated and he has filed for divorce. He is in love with another woman. Myself and our three children are trying to live life without him. I have my good and bad days. I have realized just how strong I am. I could use some help though. Thank you for this chance to win. Merry Christmas!

  673. Laura Mockabee says:

    I would give this book to my friend Clara because she has a painful disease that is making her doubt God. She has connective tissue disorder that she says is occasionally so painful she can hardly bear it. She has stopped coming to church and life group. I think she has had this condition for 2-3 years, but says pain medication would keep her from being alert enough to care for her 2 daughters, so she doesn’t take any. I would buy her the book but my husband is unemployed right now.

  674. I need this book because I struggle daily with feeling strong. I am a single mom to a son that has Autism. Not sure how best to help him sometimes when I barely feel like I am getting through the day myself.

  675. I would love to win a copy for my mom who is having some health struggles.

  676. I feel this book is what my sister needs to read! She is suffering with horrible pain in the midst of finding a diagnosis.

  677. Terry Collins says:

    I would love to read as inspiration. There are alot of challenges foing on in my life and I feel as if I’ve taken on the worlds problems. From parents health, husbands on going health issues for 22 years. My own health issues and some of my children going through family stuggles. After I finish I would love to pass it on to others in my family and friend list. Everybody needs to feel stronger in God. B

  678. Great devotion! Would love to win a copy of the book.

  679. Britney S. says:

    I would love a copy…. This holiday season has brought more pain than I can manage… Our first as a newly divorced family…. Christmas was the last holiday not impacted by my ex husband’s selfish desire to destroy our lives……. I would love to be able to share it with our small single mom’s group at church…. We are just getting the group started and it might be great to Read.


  680. I would love a copy. I’m going through a rough time right now and trusting in God is all that’s getting me through. My husbands job is ending in the new year (shutting the doors) and they are making him work in camp from now until Jan 5. ( so me and our 4 kids don’t have him for Christmas and no prospects in our little town.) So hard to know what the future holds, with God all things are possible and I would love a daily devotion to get us through this challenge.

  681. encouraged by reading this devotion tonight -I too am going through a stressful period and I am just trying daily to remain faithful and constantly meditating on God’s promises.

  682. I would be interested in reading this book. I am going through a very hard time in my life and I feel that everything listed on the cover describes me. While my difficult season has only just begun, I pray the Lord will continue to provide and take care of me and comfort me and anoint me with His peace that passes all understanding. I long for the day when my sadness turns to joy.

  683. Emily Sennett says:

    I was in a car accident 2 months ago and was expected to return to work in 3-5 days but I still have not been able to return. These days I live with severe pain on a daily basis. It has been a life changing adjustment as I learn to rely on God because only He knows my future.
    My daughter and husband also have a rare muscle disease that causes severe cramps and spasms on a sporadic basis. This book by John Dickerson I am Strong I believe will help them too.

  684. My husband of 12 yrs is an unbeliever & an alcoholic. I have 2 beautiful girls 11yrs old & 19months. Although my husband has always provided for us financially- he isnt present for us even when in the house. He has tried several times to quit but goes back to drinking. The emotional toll it’s taking in my oldest daughter is too much to bear. My heart completely crumbles because I can’t help him or her. This has been going on so long that at times I wonder if it will ever get better, it the darkest years of my life & running out of hope.

  685. Amber Diestler says:

    This would be so great for a friend of mine right now.

  686. I have been a SAHM and my daughter is not even a year old. I’ve been in the middle of a divorce from an emotionally abusive marriage. I prayed for his heart to be changed but he continues to slam the door in God’s face. I still pray but I have to move on and find my own healing. I am needing those words of hope, encouragement and inspiration to get me through the days ahead.

  687. Rachel Gonzalez says:

    This Devo really spoke to me. Having a mom who suffers through pain and suffering through pain myself from a accident over a year ago…I can relate. If I win this free copy u will share it with my mom.

  688. I would love to have a copy of this book to give to a friend who is suffering terribly with back and leg pain. He has had multiple back surgeries and has so much pain. He is suffering from depression because of it. He really needs help!

  689. I would love a copy for my cousin and her family. She has depression, and without words to expand on what that means, I think the word “depression” is enough to understand it rings with suffering for the person carrying it, but that ringing echoes throughout her family too, especially her parents who are in the position of carrying HER as she carries depression. My own sister has suffered it, and my cousin’s family is leaning on ours in the midst of their darkness. I’d love to give them all a little bit of light.

  690. I would love to win a copy of this book and also share it with my daughter too.

  691. Suffering … Such a common denominator in our human condition. I would welcome to have further insight into how to find meaning in suffering, for myself, but also so I can encourage other people. I am a physician, a pediatrician … Too often facing the suffering of innocent children. This book feels like it offer so much hope and I believe “Where there is hope, there is life.” Thank you and God bless your ministry.

  692. Lisa A Beatty says:

    I await the day when we’ll be free from pain and suffering of this world. I often suffer from depression. I pray that God’s love will fill me with His peace and freedom in knowing that I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

  693. Great devotion! Know someone who could use this. Thanks!

  694. Would love a copy of the book to share with my Mom who suffers from chronic and debilitating pain. Thank you for allowing God to work through your personal pain to bless others.

  695. Wow! I was overcome with emotion reading this piece it was so well written and truly triggered something in my heart. As a mother having experienced childbirth I can now look at any opposition, difficulty as temporary and that God will replace that with love, joy and peace. Thank you so much for blessing me with this devotional!

  696. Melissa Wilkerson says:

    My husband lives with pain everyday and is constantly doubting his faith. This would be a great book for him to restore that faith!

  697. It has been years of going through trials and suffering I am also unemployed and have been for years thanks to gods nonstop allowance of trials and suffering please help me by giving me a free copy for myself!!! I am still going through it now !!!

  698. I would like a copy.. Because my friend is helping me to grow in my relationship w God and remove the darkness I carry along with doubt and anxiety.

  699. My husband and I just recently got married a year ago and now have a baby. He suffers from chronic pain and it has been so trying for us both financially, physically, emotionally. He also questions his faith at times as do I! This book would be awesome for us to read together to work through this tough season!

  700. I have battled with the chronic pain and depression of fibromyalgia for 24 years. Yet, God has given Grace and shown me mercy through it all. For the last several years, with the last year being most debilitating, my husband of 43 years has/is suffering with lung disease. I’ve become soul caretaker, and it is my blessing to have the honor to. Sometimes the suffering during long days and nights become almost too much to bear. But God! Ive never posted a comment, it seems I’m forever rushed, but I feel your book may help the both of us as we walked this path together. Thank you for your devotion shared to encourage all. God bless and Merry Christmas!!

  701. I would give the book to my 24 year old daughter who suffers with DEEP depression for I am afraid that one day she will give up hope that her suffering will ever end.

  702. I could really use a book like this right now. Going through a separation with two little girls is definitely a trying time. but there is always hope in the Lord and his will!

  703. Catina Roberts says:

    I would love a copy of the “IAmStongBook” to share with a young lady in my LifeGroup at church.

  704. I would share a copy with my mom, who lost the best man of our lives in September to cancer

  705. I am grateful for your words this morning a dear friend posted the link on womens church site. I struggle with such horrid anger issues, and I know God will heal me if I would just truly give it all to Him. Why is that so hard to do even when we know it will heal us, I want that so much. I would enjoy reading your book, and I know close friends and even my sister who would love to have it passed onto as well. I am blessed to have been shown this link. Thank you again for your words.

  706. Julie hyatt says:

    I have hip pain daily for the last 12 years. I have learned Gods grace is sufficient for my every need. He is a good father and nothing is too hard for him!

  707. Ellen Cole says: