It’s Time to Say Yes to God

God: “Melissa, There will be over 22,000 ladies from 120 countries around the world who will sign up for the Yes to God OBS.”

Melissa: “Really God? Lord, with all due respect, I don’t think so. That’s not possible No. No way. ”

Yes to God No

Yes to God No Way final

Yes to God No Way 2
God: “Melissa, you should Know me better than that! With man, you say ‘no way.’ With Me, you can say’ WAY. With me everything is possible, even over 22,000 women from 120 countries. It’s time to say yes to God'”

Yes to God World Pic FB

Welcome to the What Happens When Women Say Yes to God Online Bible Study! You ladies represent our world and I’m so excited to get to do Bible study with you! Are you ready to get started?

Nicki Koziarz and I will be co-leading this study. Since the study begins in just about 4 days, we want to make sure you are ready! Check out the video below to hear a message from us and to make sure you have all you need for a successful OBS!

Seeing so many beautiful faces from across the world at the end of this video gets me teary-eyed! Wow, isn’t God amazing? (If you cannot see the video above, click here to go directly to the blog post.)

One more thing…I absolutely LOVE my journal for the Yes to God study! I don’t usually share where I purchase my supplies, but this journal is so pretty and it’s the perfect size, I just had to! It has space for prayers, space for answers, and space for writing. It’s awesome!
Prayers & Answers - Christian Journal

If you’d like to get a journal like this one for the Yes to God study, you can find it here at Dayspring!

Our study begins Sunday, August 4th. You still have a few days to get ready! I’m praying for you as God prepares your heart to say “yes.” It’s time to say Yes to God.

Love & Blessings,

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  1. brittany jacobson says:

    Hey Melissa Taylor ,
    Love the blog today and I love the journal. That verse spoke to my heart with man it is impossible but with God it is possible. I needed that reminder today.

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      Aw Brittany, I’m so glad. I love you girl!

    • Renee redican says:

      Looking forward to starting.
      Does anyone know how to join a small group via facebook?

      • Ginny Blankenship, P31 OBS Director of Social Media says:

        Renee, right now our small groups are full, but we are still accepting gals for the waiting list. To find out how to get on the waiting list send Lisa Kramp, our OBS small group coordinator, an email and let her know at Looking forward to saying Yes to God with you!

    • Hi Melissa,

      I am so excited to be just one of the 22,000 on the bible study. This is my first time! I am very excited!!!

      • This is my first study online as well and I too am looking forward to taking this journey to get closer to God with all of you.

        • brittany jacobson says:

          Bren your goanna love it,
          I have made so many friends , have gotten so many letters in the mail, so many blessed texts, and been able to pray with some of them to.

    • So excited!!!! Can’t wait for Sunday……

  2. Cannot wait, my book came in today!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      I know isint it exciting I can’t wait to learn how to say yes to God instead of no all the time

  3. Melissa S OBS Group Leader says:

    Wow! I am ready!

  4. Love love love this post! I am ready! Lets do this!

  5. Deb Brewer says:

    Getting very excited to begin this online study. This will be my first study with P31OSB. Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for all 21,000+ of us through this study. God bless.

  6. Janet F (P31 OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

    Loved the video Melissa and Nicki and the map with all the places colored that these wonderful, beautiful women are from, who are joining us in this study and saying YES to God!! So excited for this to begin!! Only 5 more days!!! YIPPEE!!! πŸ™‚ God is on the move!!!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      I loved the video as well they were both filled with such joy. And they looked like they were having fun. Loved the map as well that was very creative . I’m excited to say yes to God to

  7. God is so good and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for us! This is a great post and is making me more and more excited. Thanks proverbs 31!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      Yes Judy I agree God knew you needed this study and God
      Wants us to know how to say yes to him I’m so excited that Your here and I’m excites that your gonna say yes to God .

  8. bonnie blanton says:

    can’t wait to get started,the map at the end of the video is so cool!!!

    • Janet F (P31 OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I agree Bonnie, it gave me goose bumps seeing where everyone is joining us from!! God is sooooo good!!! πŸ™‚

    • brittany jacobson says:

      Hi Bonnie welcome I can’t wait to get started either and I can’t wait to say yes to God more and more .

  9. I just signed up for the Bible study tonight. It will be my first OBS and I am so excited to see the direction God is leading me!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      My name’s brittany welcome to the bible study
      This is my fourth study and your going to love it

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      Sarah, welcome! Make sure to order your book, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. Thank you for signing up, this is going to be great!

    • Janet F (P31 OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Welcome Sara you will love it!!!!

  10. Linda L - OBS Facebook Group Leader says:

    It seems like a million years since the end of Stressed-Less Living! I cannot wait to start this amazing study on Sunday, along with 22,000 of my closest friends! What an awesome opportunity to say “YES” to God! I am so excited to hear testimonies of what God is going to do through this study. The world will never be the same! PRAISE GOD!!!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      Stressed less living loved that study, I took that it was just what I needed I learned I need to lean on God more then I do people . I can’t wait to say yes to God and stop saying no

  11. Nikki B. says:

    Melissa and Nicki, you two are too cute and sweet!! Looking forward to the study and being back in a FB Small Group. P.S. Seeing all those pictures at the end of the video was incredible!!

  12. Martha F. says:

    Looking forward to this study Melissa! Great video…thanks! Love the visual map of how our God is working all over the world! πŸ™‚

  13. I am SO READY! I decided to start a blog while I do this study so I can share with others the things that The Lord reveals to me:

    I know that God is going to do some powerful things through this study! I adore you fantastic ladies! Again, so amped!!! πŸ™‚

    • Janet F (P31 OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Love your blog post and your photo Stefanie!! So glad you are joining us in saying YES to God!!! πŸ™‚

    • Kristi Seat (P31 OBS Team) says:

      So excited to see how God moves in your life. Congratulations on starting the blog! Blessings!

    • Melissa S OBS Group Leader says:

      I am looking forward to reading your blog on the blog hop, and to see how God works in you through this study! God bless you!

  14. Melanie Croy says:

    SO ready to get started!! This will be my first on-line study and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us all!!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      welcome Melanie,
      your goanna love it! I’ve taken the joy in the dark corner study, the stressed less living study, the how to get organized study and , the unglued study, and now this one, I love the friendships that I have made. I have received cards in the mail from these beautiful ladies and they are beautiful sisters of mine your goanna lovem

    • Nichole Wolland (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Welcome to OBS, Melanie! You will love it! I have grown so much from each study I have done.

  15. Jessica Romero says:

    This is my first online bible study and I am so excited for it to start!!!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      welcome Jessica ,
      you are going to love it I promise you these ladies will be life long sisters

    • Nichole Wolland (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Welcome, Jessica! I am so excited for you. You will absolutely love the study and Melissa!

    • Chika N. says:

      Its my first too. I will have a field day watching God move amongst us. He is raising up dread champions all for his glory, which will be tangible in our lives a few days from now.

  16. Michelle Thompson says:

    I thought I had signed up for the blog posts to be emailed to me when I signed up for this study. They were on the former blog site but I have not received any since the move to the new site. I thought I had read that the blog posts would continued to be email. What did I miss? I only saw this one because it was shared on Facebook.

  17. Hello lovely ladies! So excited to start the study! I have a journal that I jot all my thoughts down in. From basic bible reading, daily devotions and church teachings. Love looking back to previous years on things I wrote and was inspired by. Cant wait for all the things I’m going to be writing with this study!!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      a journal I love to jornal. I never used to like to journal until I started in these studies,

  18. Jeanie Kelley says:

    So excited for the study to begin. I will be much more engaged in this study than I have from the past. This is a whole new way for me to do these studies. To comment in the comment sections and do the blog hops. Looking forward to it all. You have made me feel welcomed and accepted much more than I do from any other place. I continue to pray for you and Proverbs 31. Blessings and Keep Smiling.

    • brittany jacobson says:

      the blog hops are a lot of fun I love reading the ladies blogs I myself have never written a blog. but we are excited to have you here as well and looking forward to saying yes to God with you

  19. I am ready to say YES to God with this beautiful community of women all across the world! What an honor and a privilege to seek God with all of you and surrender to His plans and purposes for our lives! Have Your way, Lord! PS…I LOVED the video, Melissa and Nicki!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      amen shelly,
      im so excited I cant wait to yes to God instead of saying know. hey has there ever been a time in your life were you said no to God?

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      Thanks Shelly! You are a part of God’s awesome plan in OBS! Have your way Lord!

  20. I just can’t wait for this to start! We are all going to be so blessed by this study!
    It’s COUNTDOWN time! πŸ™‚ <3
    Cheryl <3
    OBS Group Leader

  21. Melissa!!! This is so exciting! I love it! Great video Melissa and Nicki!


  22. Angela Hall says:

    I am so excited about this bible study. God can and will do good things through it. I believe that I was brought to this site for a reason. I am looking forward to what seeing what God will do in my life and the lives of others through this.

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      I’m looking forward to what God will do in our lives too! It’s going to be a very exciting time!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      I believe your hear at this site for a reason to. God lead me here to a while back and I’ve been doing studies ever since

  23. Barbara Prince OBS Small Group leader/Prayer Warrior says:

    Melissa and Nicki, I am so ready for this study to begin. How exciting that so many women from around the world are joining together to just say “yes” to God. As we learn and grow in our faith we will have a greater impact on our families, our churches, and our communities. God is so good!
    I’m praying for you beautiful ladies as you lead us on this journey. May God bless you and anoint you with His Holy Spirit and His power as you minister to His daughters.

  24. I purchased the devotional a few weeks back and have love it. If the study is anything like the devotion book it is going to be great

    • brittany jacobson says:

      I love the devotional that goes with it im slowly reading it. and each day its like that day is made just for me. I agree.

      • Brittany that is how it has been for me. I can’t wait to read it each morning.

        • brittany jacobson says:

          I know forgive me I may be repeating myself but It always has something in there for me I can relate like today’s was all about getting away in gods quite place for you .

  25. Raenna Killian says:

    I’m curious how to sign up for small group. I’m also not quite sure how to do the online study. Do we log on at a specific time or do we log on at our convenience?

    • Pat Ewing (OBS small group leader) says:

      Raenna, I’m so sorry, but right now there’s a huge waiting list for the small groups. I actually just followed Melissa’s blog for 2 of the studies before I got in a small group. Be sure to sign up (on the right side of Melissa’s blog) so you will get the emails. Each week Melissa will put out the weekly assignment (I print this out so I have it…I’m a visual person πŸ˜‰ ) and then you can go to Melissa’s blog AT YOUR CONVENIENCE to see what’s up for the day. That’s what makes OBS so great…it’s done at your convenience!! Each day you can interact with other ladies on Melissa’s blog (like we’re doing now!), see what the assignment is, watch any videos Melissa has posted, etc.

  26. Janet Kramer says:

    Hi Melissa

    I noticed in the video that your bible looks like it has the reference tabs that have each book of the bible marked. I have been searching locally and cannot find one like this. Do you know of any online sites that I can find this type of bible?

    Thank you for your assistance

  27. Laura Shapiro says:

    Missing the P31 gals I was with while moderating the members FB group. Looking forward to now joining in my first online study and what a blessing it will be! I had hoped to do Stressed Less, but it didnt fit the schedule. This study does, and I am ready to say Yes!

    • Pat Ewing (OBS small group leader) says:

      Laura, that’s what makes OBS so great!! I’m so glad you’ll be joining us and I’m excited for you that this is your first study!! Woooo hoooo!! πŸ˜€

      • Laura Shapiro says:

        Thank you. To clarify, I helped moderate the P31 FB group Laurie Webster set up. Not, OBS small groups on FB. We’ll see tomorrow if that happens or not! Either way, I’m excited.

    • brittany jacobson says:

      Hey Laura welcome back,
      Enjoy the study

      • Laura Shapiro says:

        Thanks all. While I have done numerous online studies, meant to say this is the first time to plug into this particular area of P31. I’m sharing this with lots of friends, and on the web as an outreach since I know what a huge blessing P31 has been to me and others. Let’s Go!

  28. I can’t wait for the study to begin! I was a little sad looking at the map though – you haven’t marked China on it and that’s where I am!

  29. Cindy Mchaffie says:

    I cannot wait till we start have missed you all. Also love the journal was able to order it from a site in the uk so am very happy xo

    • Pat Ewing (OBS small group leader) says:

      Cindy, I also missed OBS!! I can’t wait to receive my journal…it’s so pretty and everyone who is already using one loves it!! πŸ™‚

  30. priscilla says:

    Good morning to you all, am so excited about this cos its my first online study and like Raenna would like to know if I have to sign up for small group. Also how do we all log on at a specific time or do we log on at our convenience?

    Please kindly let me where and how i can get some of the book here in Ghana.

    • Pat Ewing (OBS small group leader) says:

      Welcome, Priscilla!! You go to Melissa’s blog at your convenience. Have you ordered a book from the Proverbs 31 site?

      Online Bible Study is done at your convenience…each day you can interact with other ladies on Melissa’s blog (like you and I are doing now!), see what the assignment is, watch any videos Melissa has posted, etc.

    • Kara (OBS Team Leader) says:

      You don’t have to sign up for a small group. They are there if you’d like them. At this time all our Facebook small groups are full so if this is something you are interested in friend Lisa Kramp and she will put you on the waiting list. You can check the blog whenever you can. There is no set time. That’s the great thing about OBS. I’ll let the team know about the book to Ghana. Do they have a kindle device? Thanks!

  31. Edwina Cowgill says:

    I am so excited for this Bible study to begin!

  32. Hi Melissa… your blog always seems to be speaking to me.. I don’t know where i would be if i hadn’t stumbled upon P31, signed up for the YES to God OBS and the daily devotions which pull me through my day’s struggles. I believe one day He will answers my prayers of getting a job and another child (after being diagonized with endometrium hyperplasia and having surgery). We are stronger in Christ and i say Women go through a lot for the sake of our families so as they can be happy and comfortable but what i came to realize is that all we need is Just Listen and Surrender all to Him. Am blessed and excited for OBS to start!! God Bless you all!!! πŸ™‚

  33. Thank you so much for your encouraging messages. I took a nice walk last night to clear my head and really started connecting with God on this study. Truly expecting amazing growth from this and am looking forward to studying with 22,000 of you AT THE SAME TIME!!!

  34. Amy-Beth says:

    I watched the video and just got even more excited to start. I have my books ordered but I am still waiting. I just can’t wait to start.

  35. I am so excited to get started – this is my 5th obs, and I love the community you guys provide. Thank you for saying Yes to God!!
    God Bless all will be in my prayers.

  36. I’ve never done an online Bible study and was looking for a Bible study I could do that would fit into my schedule. Thank you for offering this! I love that so many women from so many countries will all be doing this together – talk about power in faith!!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      Welcome Barbara ,
      My name’s brittany and I have taken several of the studies when I first found the study I was searching for bible studies online . And God lead me to this one my very first study was I think joy in a dark corner I highly recommend that , unglued, how to get organized, the confident heart and now this one. I love the connections all the friends

  37. So excited!!! I’ve followed Nikki for a long time on blogs & Facebook – LOVE HER! So excited to see her as a leader as well in this… LET’S GO GIRLS!!!! πŸ™‚

  38. I can not wait to start Say Yes to God! It will be amazing watching all that God does in the lives of women around the world. Praying for you Melissa & Nikki & praying for all of the other OBS leadership team!

  39. Hello from Maryland……..SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! Thank you ladies so much for doing this online bible study! Can’t wait!! Looking forward to growing in God’s grace!


  40. Melisa Schlunt says:

    Very cute post. It lifted my spirits this morning. Very inspiring to see so many women that are eager about saying yes to God. Thanks be to God! !! And thanks to all of you who work hard to make this possible for us.

  41. Hello fellow sisters! This is my first OBS, yep a newbie, and so excited to hear what God has in store. Patiently waiting for my book to arrive, praying that the postman hurries πŸ™‚

  42. Susan Sweeney says:

    This is my first online Bible study…excited to see the effect it has on me with such a worldwide group of ladies!

  43. Hey to all my fellow OBS sisters! I am so excited to begin! I can’t wait to meet ladies from all over the worlds who are ready to be real and say yes to God! I am also posting a prayer request for a friend who is have a horrible time right now. She is staying in her car and her husband has decided he no longer wishes to be married to her. She is hurting badly and needs to feel that God is with her. Please lift her up. God knows who she is and with all of us lifting her up she can not help but feel the love of God and his Mercy and Grace. Thanks oh and I am so excited to be participating in the calls this time!

    • Prayer said for your friend…God can heal any situation

    • Geneva Oliger says:

      Dear Elaine,
      I am so touched by your friends need. I will be praying knowing God is going to take care of her.
      I felt Gods presence so strong when I just prayed for her, it gave me chills.

  44. April McCourt says:

    I am so excited to be doing this study with so many from all around the world. I have had the book for a long time but every time I started to read it I got sidetracked. God had much bigger plans for it to be read and studied with all of you. I can’t wait!

  45. I cannot wait to get started! And, I am so excited that I was able to bring a friend into the online bible study with me this time! We are going to have a great time!

  46. 10 of us at my office are joining together for this study. So excited!! We’ll meet during lunch each Thursday. Woohoo!!

  47. We’ve got 12 women, including myself, signed up for the study and participating in a small group at my church PLUS 4 more not at the same church but in the same community. I know we’re all excited to get started πŸ™‚

  48. Polly Schneider says:

    Excited to start this Online study. What an awesome group of people!

  49. Still so blown away that 22,000 women have signed up for this study! I’m in awe of God’s working!

  50. Dayna Lyn says:

    I’m so excited too! I got my book this past weekend and just ordered the journal today πŸ™‚ This is my first Bible online study and I can’t wait to get started!!

  51. In looking up the book on Amazon I noticed that there is an interactive workbook. Do I need that as well or just the book itself? Thanks!

  52. Hi Melissa! Looking forward to taking the OBS adventure with you again! Gives me a fabulous reason to blog more often. Thanks for leading and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

  53. I am so excited to be doing this study with so many women who long to say YES to GOD! I can’t wait to get started. I actually finished the book two weeks ago but I wanted to do the Bible study with other women. A friend from my church suggested I join OBS and we could do this together.
    Can I just say, since I said YES to GOD, my life has changed drastically. I was living with my fiance’ for a year and decided that if I believe that God’s Word is infallible than I needed to start LIVING like I believe God’s Word is infallible. This happened before I started the study. John doesn’t know the Lord either. Since turning my life over to God, I’ve been sharing the gospel with him. I asked him very pointedly if he knew where he would go if he were to die at this very moment. He didn’t know and I proceeded to share my testimony with him. He didn’t make a decision to invite Jesus into his heart and life at that moment. However, last night he called and said he was thinking about what I said and he wanted to make his choice. He said he would go to my pastor with me and wanted to know Jesus. Tonight I’ll be talking to him and inviting him to pray with me.
    The Lord truly is amazing! When I chose to honor Him, He started working things out in ways I never thought would happen. God is so good and I can’t wait to continue answering YES to Him more!

  54. Colleen Vindhurst says:

    Looking forward to this study. My life seems to be out of control with business, and this will be a breath of fresh air for me. Just trying to stay focused on Jesus these days. See you on the 4th!

  55. I’m looking forward to what God is going to show me. I’m so excited that over 20,000 other women are searching for what God has for them also! May God bless this study and your ministry!

  56. I can’t wait for this study and I’ve already said Yes to God! I’ll be learning this study to lead a small group and will become one of the Group Leaders for the next study! I’m so excited about how God is working in my life already!!! <3 ya'll!!!

  57. Amanda Langworthy says:

    I am so excited to do this study! I have my book and I just ordered the journal you posted today πŸ™‚ I struggle with staying consistent…will you pray for me to FINISH STRONG! I really want this to be a life changing thing for me.
    I also had a question, what version of scripture do you recommend to go through this?
    Thanks so much!!

  58. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    So excited about this next study. Cannot wait to get started.
    For everyone that is interested in the DaySpring journal, them have a promotion code “SUMMER25” for 25% off of your order that ends today.
    Looking forward to Sunday and sharing and growing in God with all of you ladies! Thank you Melissa Taylor and the OBS team! You continue to bless us all.

  59. What an awesome experience watching the pictures of the women who are joining us in this online bible study pop up at the end of this video. There is strength in numbers. Praise God!

  60. Veronica says:

    I am so excited for this study!!! I have multiple of that same journal and never leave home without it! They are on sale at Dayspring right now!!! Actually going to go buy some more <3
    God is awesome!!!!

  61. Ladies,
    I am looking forward to this bible study. At my church, the studies are held at the same time my daughter has church activities or when I have band practice so I haven’t been able to join. So this is a great alternative for me. I can have a study on my own time and I am looking forward to it and to meeting my Sisters in Christ.
    So thank you so much for doing this.

  62. Marsha Carter says:

    Melissa, I’m so pumped for this study!! And the thought of 22,000 women from ALL AROUND the world studying God’s Word together is Amazing!!! I have a passion to study the bible and doing it with others is just a plus! Can’t wait til the 4th!!!

  63. Sara B. says:

    So excited about starting this journey. Thank you Melissa for the journal reference. But, if any of you are like me and have your book on an iPad,etc. and want an idea for a good journal app., I have been researching for about a week to find the right journal app. for my ipad to use not only for this study, but in general. My recommendation is Dailybook available in the Apple App Store for $3.99. It integrates with Facebook, has availability to print, back up to Dropbox, etc.! Hope this helps, happy journaling.

  64. Grace Joseph says:

    I am waiting with excitement. Sad to say, I have no book. I do not have credit card or any such thing. I am in India inits southern most part. in Kerala. I wrote this to you in the begining and there was no answer. Is it possible to study without a Book. I have my journal and my Bible. Hope to hear from you. Grace

  65. Sandra D says:

    I’m so grateful to God for using you as a willing vessel to inspire many of His hungry and thirsty women to be confident in His calling. I just retired from Nursing with 30 years + by the grace of God, this gives me more of an opportunity to keep up with the study. I pray God bless you a hundred-fold for your services.
    In-His Service!!!

  66. Dear Melissa and Nicki:
    Thanks for the reminder today by video!! Am excited to start this journey with u..need to get the book today for my kindle. I just read the entries before me and I’m struck by Grace Joseph’s note from India…. Grace: I will be praying for u as we start this together/ may God bless u immensely thru this study of His word and may He bless us all as we take this step!!!

  67. Will we need the workbook that goes with the book as well? Thanks!

    • Janet F (P31 OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Nope, just the book πŸ™‚ Thanks for signing up with us. Be blessed β™₯

  68. Racquel Marr says:

    This is my first Bible study – ever! Ver excited! Just wondering: How does it work? Do I log in at a certain time?

    • Janet F (P31 OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Praise God Racquel, what a blessing this will be for you I know!!! Thanks for saying YES to God and joining us for this study, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!! There are posts on here everyday and you will read the posts and do what it says to do, do it at your convenience. It is so easy. You will learn so much from others who comment on here too. Praying that this study will bless you!!! β™₯

  69. Rebecca F says:

    Would you mind telling me what bible you had in your video? Thank you!

    • Kara (OBS Team Leader) says:

      Rebecca, most of us use the Life Application study bible. It has great comments on scripture, gives you context and descriptions of each book. There are great maps and is generally great to use to learn more about the bible bible in general

  70. Kathleen says:

    Can’t wait to begin. Waiting on my book and today I ordered the prayer & answers journal. One for me and one for my sister. I am so excited about this study.

  71. Carla Noll says:

    I noticed there is a workbook to go along with this study. Is that something we should get also? Can’t wait to get started. Thanks.

    • Kara (OBS Team Leader) says:


      You do not need the workbook. As long as you have the book, a Bible and a journal we will provide everything else on this blog. If you’d like to purchase the workbook you can but its not necessary.

  72. Melissa and Nicki, I am so excited to start the Yes to God study with you beautiful ladies. Thanks for sharing your hearts throughout the past weeks/months getting us all inspired for this coming Sunday. And I’m so excited to see all the pictures of God’s girls from Texas participating!

    • Courtney says:

      Hi Kim! Are you in Texas, also? I’m in Dry Dallas! We’re facing 102 today! Pray for rain for us! Hugs!

  73. Ashlyn Simon says:

    I am buying the book today….is it the book or the interactive workbook that we need for this study??

  74. Courtney says:

    Hi Melissa and Nicki! I’m sooooo ready and excited to experience this journey with you! Im ready to totally let go and totally say yes!

  75. What do I need to purchase for this book study

  76. I thought Lysa TerKeurst was leading this online study.

  77. Donna Brown says:

    I was invited to ONLINE bible studies from my daughter who lives in Kentucky and I live in Ohio. We just finished one online bible study and are looking forward to this one. I think this is a great outreach ministry. I have been doing in-home bible studies for over 6 yrs and this new medium works really well for me. I am getting so much out of the one on one time with the Lord and reading other peoples real life struggles and joys….you not only get the word but you get encouragement along the way. Thank you for doing these and I thank God that this tool has been made available to me! Blessings to all at Proverbs 31.

  78. Charity says:

    This is my very first online Bible study and I am so excited! I have been receiving the Proverbs31 devotions for about a year, now, and I have been blessed by this ministry. I also just purchased the journal, (so cute!) I’m a paper and journal nerd! Thank you for leading this and may the Lord bless each as we dig into His Word!

  79. I am so excited about the Bible study. I too bought a journal from Dayspring. I love their journals. At the bottom of my pages it has a Bible verses. I am new to journaling. so if you have any pointers that would be great. I never had diary or anything growing up. I was always scared to write my thoughts out onto paper and have someone else find them. I am a little apprehensive, but willing to give it a try. I am grateful that I stumbled upon this website and your website and I praise you for all the time you and the ladies put into these studies. They have really open my eyes but specially my heart to God. God is using you all to do really awesome things and touch so many lives for the better. With all the world has it is good to see something great and worthwhile. So I’ll be praying for you, Melissa and Nicki. Can’t wait to start

  80. I’m so excited about this study. My book, bible and journal are ready. I just looked at the date I started this journal. It was August 3rd, last year. The journey continues. My prayers for all who are participating…May the eyes of our hearts be enlightened through this wonderful study of Gods Word. Praying for God’s blessings to you all! πŸ™‚

  81. Isobel Granger says:

    Hi Melissa,

    it was great to meet you at the conference and to witness what God is doing in your life. I am really looking forward to this Bible study.


  82. I am going to have to participate without the book. No bookstores in our area have it in stock! Ordering online could take 2-4 weeks.
    I am looking forward to doing this online study!

  83. CarolAnne says:

    Hey, Y’all! love the new look! Am excited for the study to begin. Have a feeling it is going to be great. Praying for us all. xo

  84. I am looking forward to going through this study again.
    I helped co-lead this study before in my small group at our church.
    It is an awesome study – and if you truly enter into it with your ears
    open to God’s leading – hang on for the ride as you will be amazed where
    God will take you. Because of this study – and saying YES to God – I went
    on a 18 day mission trip to Rwanda (and if you knew me – that would be the
    last thing on earth I could ever imagine myself doing!) At the time I really had no
    idea why God was asking me to do this – but I was obedient and said yes …. and
    since that time – I can see many, many reasons why I was meant to go. So I give my
    100% confidence to this study – it is an awesome encounter with God if you will listen!

  85. I am so excited about this Bible Study. I have been looking for something like this for some time now. God Bless you at Proverbs 31 for doing this. Great this are about to start happening !!!!!!!!

  86. I’m so excited about this study. Looking forward to it since many days ago. I was able to invite a friend too, we are both from Colombia but live in the US. Your website has been a blessing and I know the Lord will do wonderful things through it. God bless you and your ministry.

  87. Seriously, could you two (Nicki & Melissa) be any stinkin’ more encouraging and positive and beautiful with those smiles?!?! This study, this amazing and willing group of 22,000 (!!!!) women from all of these different countries just proves what a unifier our God is. Oh, yes it does! I. Can’t. Wait!

  88. Hey, you all, I am excited for this study, I can’t wait. It going to be great. God bless you all.

  89. Woohoo! I cannot wait to get started. I have been having a hard time staying motivated to read my Bible the last couple of weeks, so I look forward to some accountability again.

  90. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    Am afraid I will have to leave the study before it starts. Can’t afford the book. No sense taking space someone else could use. I pray that all goes well and you women have a blast saying “Yes to God”.

    • Kara (OBS Team Leader) says:


      This is the devil talking. There is always room here at OBS. Let me see what I can do about getting you a book

  91. I need prayer, I decided just last night to get several woman together to do this at my apartment and i am already getting attacked, work was a night mare and i get home and they put a notice on my door raising my rent, guess i’m doing the right thing huh! Please Pray:)

    • Kara (OBS Team Leader) says:

      The devil would love for us to not spend time in the word. Congratulations on starting a small group.I’m praying for you.

  92. I couldn’t help but think, that’s because He is THE WAY πŸ™‚
    I am so thankful for this study! I am currently in California but will be returning to South Korea in 3 weeks and I’m doing this study with my cousins from Arkansas and my niece in California. Who would have thought this would be possible! Thank you!! God Bless You!

    • Kara (OBS Team Leader) says:

      Praying for safe travels and praying you get what God wants you to get out of this study.

  93. I am so excited about this study! I can’t wait to get started. It’s so amazing to see all the faces of the women who are involved in this study. Praise God for this wonderful community of women seeking God! God bless you all!

  94. This is my very first online bible study. I’m lookn forward to it yet a little nervous how so many people from around the world can feel so comfortable sharing their life with “strangers”. I’m really hoping that you understand my first time jitters. I want to make new friends and have people keeping me encouraged on a daily basis. I know this will be different for me, but I also know it will have a great effect on my life.

  95. I am so excited to start this study. This is my second on-line bible study. I pray blessings on all the wonderful women who are in this study!!

  96. Carrie Carlsen says:

    I have already the book and it was amazing!! I was a certainly a changed woman and began listening to God more as he was present every day with me. I had the pleasure of being a part of the Unglued bible study and it was awesome hearing about God moving in so many women’s lives just like me. I cannot wait to hear all the stories of the things that God will do during this bible study.

  97. lynn sinsapaugh says:

    i just listened to the video, i too was teary eyed, when you talked about the different ways to read the bible and then held up the bible i was teary eyed and i felt the spirit of God moving already. i wasnt going to sign up, but i know God has led me here. thank you and God Bless.praying also for all the ladies who signed up, this is going to be a great time for all.

  98. Kim cook says:

    This is my first online Bible study. I’m interested in joining a small group. Any idea how I can do this? Thanks for your help!

  99. I am ready! Got my book, a journal, a highlighter, and the motivation to take this study seriously! Looking forward to seeing what God is going to show us all!

  100. Jane Taylor says:

    I am so excited for the Bible Study to start. Will be my 2nd.

  101. I got my book today thanks Angie Combs!!! I am so excited for the Bible Study to start. Looking forward to what God will do with me and every lady in this journey!
    From Van Alstyne, Texas

  102. I signed up to take this course at the She Speaks conference and know that it is one of the best decisions I made that weekend. God is asking me to step out if the secular world of speaking and coaching and into His world through His word. I am scared, excited, humbled and trembling as I realize how little I know his bible and how much I need, long, must learn! So very grateful to be part of this online study. I hope you will all be kind to this “newish” Christian!

  103. Hey Ladies!

    I just wanted to leave a quick note. I was doing the MTC 2014 and realized that that was not the study for me, very quickly. However, I knew Prov. 31 Ministries probably had previous ones that would better speak to my heart. So, I found this: Yes to God. It’s absolutely the right OBS I need right now. How do I say Yes to God when I’m confused and feel stuck? What is his plan for me? Just say yes!

    Thank you!

    PS I’ll take it as His sign that this study started on August 4, 2013, my 25th birthday. God certainly has a sense of humor in His communications!

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