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Hey Yes Girls! Melissa here~ Hope you’ve had a great first week in OBS! Today I want to introduce you to two OBS gals you will grow to love! They will be bringing you the Blog Hop each week of our study! I’m so happy to introduce you to Shelly Faust and Kristi Seat~

Hey Yes Girls, we are so happy to serve you through the Blog Hop!
You’ve probably discovered by now that this is a place where souls connect and hearts collide. A place where we spill out and God pours in. This place is community. It is grace and it is love and it is hope. So grab your coffee, pull up a chair, and have a seat at our table. Today women from all over the world open their living rooms, dining rooms, and prayer rooms to invite you in as they share their #yestoGod stories and the amazing things God is doing in their lives at this very moment. And guess what? You can share, too, by linking your blog below. Remember, attaching your personal blog to this Blog Hop is optional but lots of fun! 

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So, let’s get started!!!!
Here are this week’s topics: {The names in BOLD are suggested titles.}
NOTE: Please specify which topic you chose by either using the suggested title OR adding the Topic # somewhere in your post. 

1. With All My Heart. We’ve been studying and meditating on our memory verse all week. Share what loving God with all your heart, soul, and strength means to you or what God has spoken to you through this verse. Deuteronomy 6:5   Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

2. A Soul Longing For More. On page 14 Lysa talks about how we’ve become “so familiar with God yet so unaware.” Our soul truly does long for a richer experience. What are some action steps you can take each day to become more aware of God’s presence? How can you intentionally pursue God even in the middle of “life’s mundane activities?”

3. #PalmsUp. In the Bible Study section at the end of the chapter Lysa asks, “What is holding you back from going deeper in your relationship with God?” List one or more things you sense holding you back (fear, intimidation, lack of confidence, etc). Use your Bible study tools to find scriptures that will help you apply God’s truth in this area. Determine to release, surrender and move forward with #PalmsUp receiving all God has for you.

4. #yestoGod. Share a time you caught a “glimpse of eternity” as you said yes to what God was asking you to do.

Next week’s blog topics will be in Sunday’s post.

Our OBS team loves and appreciates YOU!

Yours in Christ

Shelly Faust and Kristi Seat
OBS Blog Hop Coordinators


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Join us here tomorrow as we wrap up Week 1 of our study! Plus we’ll be announcing the date of our Lysa TerKeurst Real Life Connection Call!

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  1. I shared a comment last night August 7, 2013 at 11:52 pm the tenth person down. At the end of my note i was saying that i am one of God miracle. I stated i am God(wrong………………………) i meant to say i am one of God miracles and if you are Saved so are you, Please forgive me ladies i was typing to fast. But please let me share my Blessing again.
    “I wanted to share with my new Proverbs 31(Strong One) i was diagnose with cancer in 2000 and went through a Stem Cell Transplant in 2006. My sisters were tested and 2 were a perfect match. I was sooo……………sick from chemo and other medicine, There were days i didn’t want to get out of bed. My husband was my main Caregiver. God and my sweet husband saw me go through sickness that no one else did. God ordain so many wonderful family members, friends, coworkers, doctors, nurses, in my life. I was at the point that i wanted the Lord to take me home. My memory was and still is bad, so if i repeat myself you will know why. But this verse 2 Corinthians 12: 9 was in my heart,”My grace is sufficient for you Delores for my power is made perfect in weakness..(Lord have Mercy)was my prayer. When i looked in the mirror and saw how terrible i looked and very sick, i just knew i was going to die. So many people prayed for me and God strengthen me and continue to do so, God made me strong and my Palms are up right now praising him. Again i am one of God’s Miracles and if you are a born again Chrisitan so are you. Love in Christ.

    • Ashlee L. says:

      What an amazing story/testimony!!! What an amazing GOD we serve!!! As I was reading your story, I couldn’t help but to think of my Aunt, who by GOD’s grace, has also been kept by GOD. She too was diagnosed with cancer and became very ill (lost a lot of weight, her hair, and even her joyous spirit). BUT GOD…He saw fit to spare her life, heal her body, and restore unto her her joyous spirit. Just as I now pray for her, I pray for you also Naham 1:9, that the plot that the enemy set will not come upon you a second time. In Jesus name…AMEN! You are truly one of GOD’s Miracles!!! You two (you and my Aunt) are mighty warriors!

      • Delores and Ashlee,
        It was wonderful to read both of your posts today. My mom is currently battling cancer and like you both mentioned, she is very skinny, her hair is so thin that she is wearing a wig now and she gets tired very easily. A huge difference from the very active, independent person that doesn’t look her age person that she used to be. BUT she does believe that God is going to heal her body completely and restore her to good health so she can share her testimony with others and help them. She also has been blessed with many wonderful people in her path including nurses, other patients and probably the kindest oncologist you could ever meet. It is nice though to read posts like yours to remind me that God IS stronger than all of this and he DOES provide miraculous healings. Thank you for sharing your stories!

  2. I just want to say THANK YOU for bringing this bible study to us. This is the most awesome, life changing, bible studying experience I have ever had and we are just beginning…….Just say YES to GOD!

  3. I just made a blog how exciting! Wow! But my pic I picked didn’t show up! I don’t know why!
    It’s hard to choose from 1-4, to talk about! I guess ill say #1with all my heart! Loving others is very easy for me! I think loving God with all my heart, soul and strength has improved over the last couple of years with increase this week noted! My heart swells with knowledge of His presents in my life! Giving full power over my life He strengthens me! My soul has confidence He is with me! Therefore giving me peace and understanding only He can convie by my willingness to say Yes to God, with my palms up to bloom where I’m planted! I love My Lord and praise Him with all my heart/soul/strength!

    Love y’all all!,


    • Barbara Prince OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team says:

      Hi Dana, I am so happy you are part of this OBS of What Happens When Women Say Yes To God. I am delighted that you are seeing yourself with your #PalmsUp and saying “yes to God.” I know that God with show you more and more of who He is and what He desires to do in and through you. Just continue to say “yes God, whatever you say do I’ll do it.”

      Speaking blessings over you,

  4. When I was presented the question on how I can act out Deuteronomy 6:5 I didn’t really have a good answer. I decided to commit it to prayer. Then one word came to my mind. Obedience! In John 14:23 Jesus says anyone who loves him will obey him. How perfectly simple! Walking in obedience to my father in heaven shows him that I love him. I am always waiting for my life to have “perfect circumstances” before I follow God. Anyone else feel that way sometimes? I have to constantly remind myself that God can work with less than ideal circumstances. The Bible is proof of that! Praying for you ladies 🙂

    • Yes, I certainly DO feel that way sometimes! And you are so right, obedience is (and should be) our loving response to His word and instructions to us. Thanks Tiffany! 🙂

    • Tiffany, I also understand how you feel waiting for perfect circumstances. I always start something(anything) out strong then off the wagon I go. I feel like that is how I have been in the past with following God until I found Proverbs 31 Ministries! I am living my life with God in the center (it has been new to me to continue doing this day to day but I love it). I am a work in progress but this OBS has been just what I needed to keep me focused each day. Thanks Tiffany for your post.

    • Hi Tiffany! I feel the same way about obedience to our God. I think sometimes I need perfect circumstances to obey, but then I remember that no one is perfect. So if I wait for the perfect timing, I will constantly put off what I know God wants me to do. I thought of this scripture when I read your post. I am being made perfect. That will take a lifetime of imperfect circumstances. Heb_5:9 And being made perfect he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him; I think of that song “Trust and Obey”. Thanks so much for sharing how you feel. This is my first OBS ever and I am loving it!! Going to try my hand at verse mapping today!!

      • Barbara Prince OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team says:

        Ladies, I can not tell you how often I sing that song “Trust and Obey” to myself and to God, as a commitment when I been so much less that perfect. We are all a work in progress. But the Bible tells us in Philippians 1:6 that, And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Christ Jesus.” We can know for certain that this is truth!

  5. WOW…what an amazing first week of OBS. This was new for me so I did not know what to expect, but it is AWESOME….Saying YES to GOD is so freeing. It is not easy, but when we are obedient there is a peace that comes over you. I have been facing some difficult things over the last couple of weeks, and like most women I am a “fixer” but God spoke and said “Let go and let Me”. That was very hard, but when I was obedient he showed up in a mighty way! WOW……life is not easy and you will get hurt, but with GOD all things are possible. Thank you Lord for loving me and for caring about ALL the decisions in my life. I pray that I will seek you for every decision even the little ones.

  6. Goodmorning to all. i cannot sleep. The Lord woke me up at 3:30 am, it is now 5:38 am, have your mind ever been Blank, so much peace ladies. i’m sitting here meditating on the topic(A Soul Longing for More) questions A and B ==What are some actions steps you can take…..For me I want too have a more intimate relationship with God, Love him and others more, Be Obedient, Trust him totally. Pray more, Witness.. i could go on. That is what my soul longs for. Have you ever tried to witness to family members, Why is that so hard for some Christians. Is it because they knew you before the Lord saved you, is it because you have a fear of rejection, I want to do God’s will and say Yes to all i’ve listed and i want the Lord to have Victory.

    • Christine says:

      I have woken up every night this week wanting to do my Yes study! I have been SO excited about it! And God has given me the strength to get through the next day with joy in my heart!

  7. Christine says:

    LOVING reading the blog hop already! Can’t get enough encouragement from these ladies! Sweet, sweet fellowship. Still amazed at how God has brought so many that are so different, yet so “the same” together for this study!

  8. Longing for More Kelley Worley says:

    Linking with Yest to God – Week One Blog Hop……..http://kelleyworley.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/longing-for-more/

  9. We have some great writers. Thank you, ladies, for sharing!!

  10. Hello ladies…this is my first time doing a blog…I really want a stronger relationship with God and the first step as I have learned is saying yes to God all the time no matter the circumstances….One thing that is holding me back is rejection. I just want everone to know the Lord as their Savior and it is hard when I can’t reach someone…I know that I have to learn to plant the seed and let the Lord water it. I have been talking with several people about the Lord so now I have to leave it up to God to do the rest…all I want to do is follow God and be a fisherman of men. I have my palms up and waiting for what the Lord tells me to do next. Thanks for doing this bible study….Saying Yes to God is the best thing that we can do….

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      Schelaine, all you are responsible for is telling people about God. That’s all God wants from us. I know it is hard when people reject the good news. Just keep telling it!!! God will work in their hearts! 🙂

    • Shelaine, know that with each seed you plant the Lord will water and fertilize and seek. Know that each time you say something you are saying Yes to God and spreading his word. I too have had difficulty planting and then putting it on the shelf for God to tend. I seem to keep taking it off the shelf and trying to make it happen. Know that you are being heard and is all for Gods Great and Perfect Plan! God Bless and Keep you!

  11. Shelley Summerville says:

    Hey Melissa:) Quick question- The whole blog thing is brand new to me- I literally just started a page last night and haven’t even written anything. I was hoping to have something to be able to participate and see what the blog hop was about but am causing myself way too much un-needed stress at the moment- lol! Will there be another one during the study by any chance?

    • Shannon (from New York) says:

      Hi Shelley,
      I’m right there with you. I had no idea how the blog hop worked. I found that you can read the other blogs posted and I believe you can comment as well. However, to actually take on one of the suggested discussion questions I believe we must have a blog. I believe we have until next week to post our own blog if we choose. I think there will be weekly blogs.

      • Shelley Summerville says:

        Thanks Shannon! (funny- my only siblings name is Shannon;) I have fought and prayed and struggled all week and FINALLY come up with a name and got a blog started- now I just need to write. So glad to know now I didn’t miss it and still have a chance to get one in here:)

    • HI Shelley! Every Thursday during the study is Blog Hop Thursday 🙂 You can link up here with a post on the topics provided until next Thursday. Each week we will have different topics to choose from. Blessings!

      • Shelley Summerville says:

        Thank you Shelly! I’m working on finally getting my own up and running- got everything in place and ready to write (the hardest part for me was choosing a name- something that was just right for me and my life- and would last!) Ok, my next questions- the little blog button- so cute! I’d love to add one after I write it but have no clue what to do. If you happen to know off the top of your head could you send me a note? thanks for the info!

  12. Before we hit Twitter tonight can someone please explain how to twitter, lol. It looks simple enough but, I don’t get it. Lol. Does this mean I’ve become old? =D

  13. HOLY COW… look how many blogs there are… this is gonna be a fun day!

  14. Melanie F says:

    This is my first Blog hop. It was fun learning how to blog and creating the blog. But I am stomped on one thing. How do you add the blog hop button to your post? I copied the code into the post but when I viewed it, I see code not a button. Thanks for any help you can offer – #PalmsUp

    • Hi Melanie! Click on the youtube video included in the post above. It is a great, short tutorial explaining exactly how to link up! Blessings! 🙂

      • Jane Macdonald says:

        I have just re-watched the tutorial and being quite new to blogging I also cannot get the Proverbs 31 Ministries button on my blog post. I have uploaded my post to the blog hop successfully, but after several hours of searching and trying, the button still appeared on my post as just code and not with the logo or button that would link from my post to Proverbs 31 and to the blog hop. Anyone know or can tell me how to do that.
        Technically challenged and grateful 😉

        • Melanie F says:

          Jane M – I feel really dumb right now because I am a IT professional – I am going to play around on my blog and let you know if I figure it out. Thanks for trying to get us help.

          Shelly – thanks for the help but the video only speaks to posting to to blog hop not how to add the button.

          • Ooops! you are so right! The video tutorial is for linking up! Sorry about that! Maybe these instructions will work better in helping to post the button on your blog 🙂 This is how I did mine for my wordpress blog:

            On the dashboard of your wp blog, go to “Appearance.” Click on “Widgets.” Move a “Text” widget over to your sidebar or wherever you want the button. Open the text widget and paste the following blog button html:

            Click save and you should be good to go! 🙂

          • Melanie F. says:

            Thanks so much Shelly – this worked – I appreciate your helping me – bless you!!!

    • I got to the online part of this study too late to post a link to my blog, but I’m going to go ahead and create it and keep up with it as well as all these other great links!

  15. Debra M. says:

    It’s going to be great to read all of these, thanks ladies!

  16. Shannon (from New York) says:

    I just received my book. Yea, I feel so in the loop now! There is something about having a hard copy in my hands…thank you Jesus!

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      Yay!!! I agree. I love to have the hard copy in my hands. Great to hear you have your book!!!

  17. WHEW! Just did my first blog ever! I am hoping to get lots of inspiration from the other great ladies in this study. Is it crazy that while I am saying #yestoGod, there is a voice in the back of my head saying “you have no idea what you are doing?” This blog thing, for some reason, scares me to death, but i am putting myself out there and trying to ignore the negative voice. This is the same voice that makes me miss out on all God has for me, and I am tired of hearing it. I want to step BOLDLY into all God has for me. Give me strength to overcome it!

    • Awesome Amy! Congratulations on saying yes to your first blog! You’re right…it IS a little scary when we step out into the unknown because it requires greater faith and deeper trust. I love how God is stretching, growing, and challenging us in different areas! Let us remember to keep our eyes on Him as we continue to step BOLDLY into all He has for us! Blessings!

  18. SO excited to participate, can’t wait to read through some of the other posts!

  19. still haven’t found my footing with the #palms up, I will. Trying to create blog! Yes to God with all my heart and soul and strength. God bless You.

  20. It’s Thursday August 8th. I don’t Blog, and I don’t want to learn how. I am going to participate in this study by writing in the comments section. This morning, I heard God tell me to “Trust One Person.” For the first time in my life, I am supposed to completely trust one person. With my very self, my heart, my dreams, my strengths and my weaknesses. I”m supposed to believe. Completely. That someone, anyone, could really truly know me, and still love me. This is going to be hard.

    • Ha-ha I am totally with you on the blog thing. Awesome hearing the word of God, isn’t it. Trusting an individual is tough,especially if you haven’t been able to trust anyone before. This will be a difficult task but well worth the journey. I know that with God by your side he will teach you to trust. God is one person who wont walk away from you. I will pray for you Shelly!
      God Bless!

    • Hi Shellyl – But you took that first step – several first steps actually 🙂 You reached out. You signed up for the OBS. You posted in the comments section. Those are measures of trust. Our world is imperfect with imperfect people. Thankfully our God is perfect !! He loves each of us perfectly and completely!! If you are looking to trust one person, trust HIM !! He already knows the path you are on, where you are going and how to get you there. TRUST the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding: in all your ways acknowledge him and He will make your paths straight Proverbs 3:5 I’ll be praying for you.

      #palmsup ((Hugs))

    • I hear you about the blog thing. I don’t like to do Facebook, Twitter or Blogs. I work in IT and I learned a long time ago don’t put anything in writing that someone could hold against you later and in this case that someone can use to locate me. Leaving comments is scary enough for me, so big leap of faith here. I feel like I am missing out on part of the experience by not participating in those media outlets but I am grateful for the comments to read through.
      Trusting someone is a hard thing to do when you have been hurt before, so Good For You that you are hearing God speak to you to do this. PalmsUP and walk in faith, the one bible verse I lean on for this one and oh so many others is Jeremiah 29:11. No matter where I am in life this verse comes back to me over and over again. God Bless.

      • Ginny,

        I can completely understand how you feel. The social media aspects are completely optional! The study takes place right here and nowhere else. Some folks love to share what’s going on with the study and connect with others doing the study, and some do not. Either way is OK. I pray that God will bless you through the OBS. Reading some of the blog posts is a great way to see others that are experiencing some of the same things that we do.

      • Ginny,
        Thank you so much for sharing that. I don’t social media either. My son got me on Facebook so I could get updates on my great grandson. I just look at the pictures and never write anything! I’m with you. I love to read the comments from OBS. I live on the west coast and work all day so by the time dinner is over and I have a little time to myself I like to read them. I just love this “Saying Yes to God”. When it gets a little scary or uncertain, I just recite Prov. 3:5-6. Thank you so much, Ginny. It is nice to know that I am not alone. God Bless You or as Yes Girls Say, PALMS UP!!

    • Shelly,

      You don’t have to blog to do this study. It’s just a way to see how this study is touching the lives of others that at doing this along side us. I didn’t do a blog (and I didn’t want to) my first study either, but I decided to do it as sort of an online journal. Even if you decide to never do one it is perfectly ok! I do encourage to read some of the blogs though, I have been just a blessed to read how my OBS sisters are being touched through the word of God! God bless you as you continue this study!

  21. Hello all!! Very excited to be doing this OBS with everyone. The last couple of days I have had a severe migraine with toothache pain and to beat all severe cramps. The motrin I was taking didn’t know what to work on, LOL. Of course Football practice started for my son this month, so I missed out on the conference call. Is there a recorded version that I can listen to? Take care and so thankful for this bible study my #palmsup are up!!

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      Hope your migraines ease up!!! Praying for you!! 🙂

    • Hi Lisa! Praying that your migraine and toothache are gone and you are feeling better! We started football practice for my son this month, as well! Good times! 🙂 If you purchased the conference all series you should have received an email with a link to the recording. Make sure you check your spam folder and all other mail folders because sometimes it seems to land in there (I found mine in my gmail “promotional” folder). If you didn’t purchase but would like to, you can get more info here: http://www.p31bookstore.com/collections/conference-calls/products/real-life-heart-to-heart-connections-yes-to-god
      So glad you have joined us in this study! Blessings!

    • Thank you Ladies so much for your prayers!! As I listen to this mornings video message, I believe these were attacks of the enemy to keep me from this bible study…BUT, praise God, we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ who strengthens us!

  22. I have chosen topic #1 With all my Heart- Loving. God with all our heart, soul, and strength, is easier said than done. Most of us have been raised to be self sufficient and to rely on God only when we cannot do for ourselves. To become a woman dependent totally on God is very hard at first, but becomes much easier, as you continue to rely on him first and not on your strength. It took me 32 years after leaving home at 18, to finally realize, that I could pretend that I could do all things in my strength. The trial that finally made me realize that I really needed God first, was my Dad’s stroke in 2009 and how life changing that was for me and my life. It was a truly amazing journey that began in June 2009 and ended with his death in 2012. I finally surrendered completely to God. His death has left such a void in my life, and I have known that I am to fill it with the Lord. Proverbs 31 has been such a blessing in my life. Loving God with all my heart, soul and strength, means just that, we are to love him with all that we are. I have been going through a very difficult situation at work this past year. I can really see Gods hand in the situation and what he wants from me. I have not tried to handle it in my own strength, but have been pouring myself in the scripture that has been given to me by Lisa Terkeurst Renee Swope, and Stephanie Clayton, in their blogs and books. I read the daily encouragement from Proverbs 31 every morning before going to work. Thank You for your ministry

    • Hi Pam –

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I understand the emptiness that losing a father brings. I lost my Dad to a post-op complication in 2008. He was my rock.

      I too am focusing on “Love the Lord …” I’ve noticed an interesting theme emerging as I’ve read through the posts and studied scripture with this OBS. TRUST keeps coming to the forefront of every thought. Trust and love go hand-in-hand. You can’t truly LOVE in all of its richness and rawness if you don’t trust. And when you trust with your whole heart, you naturally tend toward love. My mission is to learn how to rely solely and completely on GOD alone – not on myself as I have a tendency to do, but on Him. I pray and lay my burdens at His feet but I don’t let go. I keep a little grasp on everything so that when things don’t happen quick enough I can grab it back. We are called to obedience in love. That is what I am working on now – obediently trusting, giving over, leaning, clinging to and relying on God instead of my own limited, flawed strength. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiration for LOVING God with our whole heart. #palms up


  23. A Soul Longing for More…praying to God before my feet hit the floor, for no fear, doubt or anxieties, placing all faith and trust in Him; staying in the scriptures; looking to God for guidance in all areas of my life!

  24. http://ghardin72.tumblr.com/post/57701516488/palmsup

    I posted the link to my blog above. I’m LOVING my study group and the time spent in the Word. I’m excited for what God is going to do in my life and the lives of the women I’m studying with here, as well as the other 22,000+ women that are participating in the study. Thank you for being Yes Girls and continuing this ministry. 🙂

  25. This is my second OBS and I’m feeling a little disconnected. I tried to set up the blog after watching the YouTube video and it didn’t work. I appreciate the emphasis that we don’t have to blog hop.

    I thought I’d comment here to seek “connection” to the group. In following the topics above, my soul longing for more is to be able to find inner peace with God. I recently heard about prayer “centering” on a phrase or word from the Bible each day. Sometimes I find that word in Proverbs 31 e-mails, others in the Daily Upper Room Devotional (from the Methodist Church), or from the OBS book. My soul continues to long for the closeness and peace of the almighty Lord Jesus and centering is another way to make me feel closer to Him. One thing I need to do “with all my heart” is to SURRENDER to God. I was born as a worrier and Tracie Miles’ book in the last OBS showed me that God doesn’t want us to worry; He wants us to give Him our troubles. I’m truly “practicing” this everyday but it is a challenge! With God’s grace (because He knows I’m trying), I’ll get there.

    • Hi Nancy! I’m so sorry about the blog issues but so excited that you decide to connect here in the comment section! I love the idea about centering on a phrase or word. God speaks to us in so many different ways and this is actually one of my favorites! He can turn something so simple into something so beautiful and personal, can’t He? I love how He loves us! 🙂 And like you, I am so, so thankful for His grace. One day at a time, one yes at a time. Blessings, sweet sister!

  26. I am really looking forward to reading as many blog posts that I can squeeze in today. I will have to wait until after work. So excited about how God is moving in everyone’s lives. 🙂

  27. These blogs are wonderful!! Thank you ladies for sharing your hearts!!!

  28. I’ve added my post – now I can’t wait to dive in and start reading all the others! God is really convicting me about what has been standing between us and what has been holding me back from a deeper relationship with Him.

  29. This community of women is truly amazing. I am so psyched to be in your ranks, you beautiful sisters in Christ!!! Love to you ALL!

  30. I just did the questions at the end of the chaper today. It was a “wow” moment after I answered the question of what is holding me back to find that even though I had other things than those listed in the book, Psalm 16:7-10 provide the answer to them! God’s word truly holds the answer to our questions, doubts and fears, if we will just look. I’m learning to relinquish control and trust Him more each day and finding a peace and joy that I’ve been without.

  31. I said YES to God, and then read about Lysa T. praying how the Lord could use her. I thought, “oops! I need to do that, too!” So, I did, and lo and behold, *He* did two hours later.

    My son has a small bike we were going to give to my nephew who is younger than him. But it turned out it didn’t work, and so we were going to toss it. Put it out to the trash. A neighbor of mine was driving by at that very moment with her three young sons in the car, and asked, “Are you getting rid of that?” Said, yes, it doesn’t work, it was going to my nephew, but it’s broken.

    “Awwww…” is what she said as she got out of the car. She turned the handle bars around and boom! The bike worked – it didn’t get stuck (as was the problem). I heard the Lord say, “Give her the bike.” I know God, and usually when He says do something, I do it, because He blows my mind. This moment was no different.

    I told her, “I want you to have the bike”. She said, “No… you said it was for your nephew, you can’t do that.” God said, “Give her the bike.”

    So, I said, “Well, you might think I’m crazy, but God just told me to give you this bike.”

    She came up to me and hugged me, and said “I believe you.” And the walls came down.

    Like me, she is a single mother, but has two more boys than I do. She opened up to tell me of her struggles at how she lost all her money because of an ex’s sordid behaviors, how she finally got a new amazing job … but it is out of state. And how both of her ex’s (there are two Dads involved) are fighting to keep her boys from moving, even though they don’t visit them. There are always two sides to the story …. but my point is, I can relate. Because I went through the SAME thing years ago, and I was able to offer her Scripture, encouragement, and the name of my previous attorney who helped me keep my son safe while we moved out of state, too. 🙂

    SO SAY YES TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • God bless you! I have a special place in my heart for single moms too. I was one for over 10 years. Although my children and I did struggle at times the Lord showed me how much he loved me through my love for my children. I am so happy that you are here with us, and I am saying a special prayer for you right now that God will just bless you abundantly for your obedience! God bless you!

      • Coming back to share this scripture with you after I said that prayer Psalm 68:5 A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows is God in his Holy dwelling.

        • Dear Melissa,

          I am sitting here in tears, you have touched my heart, thank you. It is so nice to learn I am not alone (I know I’m not, but it feels like it a whole bunch the past 7 years), and thank you for your prayers and Psalm 68:5. I feel, through you, I have found the sweet spot of our Lord, and I really needed it today. I am blessed, as long as I focus on my blessings, rather than “what not’s”. Just sometimes it’s just darn tough.

          Thank you, thank you, thank you. #PalmsUp for our King 🙂

          In Him,


  32. It’ll take a lifetime to read them all! LOL

    • Isn’t it awesome how many beautiful women have linked up their hearts and stories today?! You’re right…it’s a lot!! Definitely no pressure to read them all…Lol! Pick even just one or two and you’ll be so blessed! Thanks for joining in today, Vivian! 🙂

  33. “When you look at your everyday circumstances through the lens of God’s perspective, everything changes.” Yes to God page 16.
    My 3 yr old boys have a Dr. appointment today and as they were watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger had to go to the Dr. today. They were so interested. I believe God had that planned for them today, to help with any concerns those little minds might have.
    This is something I might not have considered a “divine appointment” before reading our study this week. However, I see it now and am grateful the Lord is watching out for us big and small!

  34. To link up, do we just post in the comments? I want to make sure I’m doing this right.

  35. Stephanie says:

    I shared my blog this morning for the blog hop and I just want to say Thank you so much to all of you who have taken the time to view it, comment, and like it. You have definitely given this “YES” girl some encouragement today just when I needed it. The Lord sure does know when to send great people your way when you need them. It is so amazing to me that although all of you are miles away we are all brought together through this OBS and we immediately have a connection with each other. Thank you all again and have a blessed day.

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      Isn’t the community of women wonderful! When I first heard of these studies I thought what an amazing idea! Technology is wonderful, but God makes it even better!!! <3

  36. Ok so this is my first time ever blogging and I think I already messed up LOL – I created my Blog and linked the address, but I didn’t link the actual post – so I’ve linked the actual post for With All My Heart but now I have 2 accounts! And my second one has the Red x on it, but I can’t delete my first one – Help? I am # 112 and # 179. How do I correct this???

    • Hi Dianna! Congrats on your first time blogging and linking up! So glad you’re here!! I see what you’re talking about and will get someone to take care of it. Thanks for letting us know 🙂 Blessings!

  37. I am loving this study! Reading the blogs on the blog hop are so inspiring!! What an amazing group of women God has brought together!!! I am so ready to say yes to God!!! My palms are up!!

  38. Wow.. look at all of the bloggers!!

  39. I actually created my first ever blog post last month. I had felt God tugging at my heart to do it for a while, and I finally said, “Yes!” It’s not perfect, it’s still a work in progress…just like me!…but the first post is my story. I feel blessed to be part of this Bible study. I know I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to truly listening to God and doing what He calls me to do. But as I look back at my blog post, I realized I am on my way to really being a Yes girl! I appreciate any feedback on the post if anyone has any. God bless each of you!

  40. Hey all you YES Girls…I am loing the Blog Hop. I don’t currently blog and don’t know if I will ever start. I’m in front of a computer all day and even more so with this OBS, which I’m loving! The extra screen time has been so different than “work” screen time. So many inspirational stories and comments. The Lord is Good!
    So…I just have to comment on #palms up. This morning I went out for my walk and met a wonderful elderly lady who is a year-round neighbor. (I live in a “summer cottage”community, so this time of year you never know when you meet someone if they are year ’round residence or just up for the summer or vacationing.) Anyway, we had a wonderful conversation and since getting home the Lord has been pushing me to call this wonderful lady. She is somewhat house bound due to her husband’s illness so she doesn’t venture too far away for home. I’m heading to the big city in my area (9,000+ residence…whoo hooo) this evening, and the Lord laid on my heart to call her and see if she would need anything from Wal-Mart, etc. So I called her and she is going to think about it and possibly call me back. She was so appreciative and my heart feels like I just loved on God with all of it, just be saying “Yes God!” to calling this wonderful lady. I really hope she calls me back with a list, but even if she doesn’t I think I’m forging a new friendship/relationship with a neighbor as well as drawing closer to the Lord. Gotta love that!
    One other thing…I’m loving reading the blogs and hope to read more later. One of the few I read shared a song by Casting Crowns “Already There.” Check it out on YouTube! It was so perfect for some things I’m going through, trying to trust the Lord for, and keep my fears from getting out of control. Praising the Lord with #Palms Up!

  41. Angie M. says:

    I love the blogs that I have been reading. I think I have accidentally replied twice to two blogs. I am sorry I wasn’t sure if my reply posted due to WordPress taking me to another screen for a second and then coming back to a blank comment screen. I am sorry. Thank you everyone for sharing I love to see how God is working in everyone’s life. He has spoke volumes to me through the several that I have read, can’t wait to read them all.

  42. Robin Hancox says:

    Hi Melissa – I just listened to your conf call. You are doing a great job! Don’t let all the craziness of technology get you down because it doesn’t matter at all. The fact that you keep on going and trying is all that is needed. Grace Be With You.

    • Robin Hancox says:

      LOrd, Please Calm My Heart and Soul Today,
      So Many Things Are Out of My Control and
      I Need Your Love To Soothe Me And Calm Me.
      Your Love Lets Me Know It Will Be Ok.

  43. This morning was like Christmas morning – waking up and logging on at 9:00 am to find 89 blogs already up? WOOHOOO! Seriously dudettes – that was amazing!!! (Exclamation points, themselves, are begging to be used here!) I love how many women have said YES to God – whether it was done afraid, done blindly, or done after much prayer and faith, every single #YesToGod is so beautiful. So so beautiful.

    • So now what Missy when it’s way over 300+??? Totally WOO HOO! and really love seeing this also!!!

      I hope it continues and builds to more “YES to GOD!”

  44. Mary Tullila says:

    I am sooo very inspired by what Im seeing here today….I am not alone! Community..of sisters from all over saying #YestoGod! Each blog link…equals HOPE. Each link brings a grand story of YOU & your faith walk. Carry on brave warrior sistahs. #PalmsUp !!
    Satan…BITE the dust.

  45. Melanie F. says:

    Thanks to all that visited and commented on my blog – it was a very uplifting experience! #PalmsUP!

  46. Jennifer Etters says:

    So yesterday after reading what I call the morning news on here (lol) I made a blog. All I can think about is wanting to write on my blog about this study and all I am learning and what I have learned the past 4 years of being saved. I want to say thank you for showing me that blogging can be fun and very cathartic. I use to hate to write or read but now I love it. Thank you so much. Jennifer

  47. Wow, I am being encouraged. I have been hooked on the blog messages. Inspiring, uplifting and refreshing. I am keeping my palms up – receiving all what The Lord has to give. I have been meditating on this week’s memory verse. As I was jogging this morning, I realised it requires discipline and effort from my part in order to get to the finishing line.So to me, loving The Lord with all your strength requires me to make every effort to read my bible, books and any material that draws my heart and my soul close to God.

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      That’s beautiful, Maita!! We do have to be intentional with our relationship with God. Keep doing what you are doing, and God will bless you!

  48. I’m loving this OBS. We’ve been hearing similar things these past few weeks in sermons, our daily devotions and again in chapter 1 of this book. So my husband and I are wondering what God is preparing us for. Saying Yes to God is difficult but I’ve never regretted it.

    • Caitlin G. says:

      God often works like that with me too. I’ll hear something repeated in many different venues, like in a song or a sermon or a devotional or even in a conversation with someone. It’s like He is showing you He definitely doesn’t want you to miss this.

  49. I was scared about the blog hop. Did I have any idea what to do or where to begin? Were my words even going to touch anyone else? After spending a day and a half of reviewing, learning and reading, I have to admit “I LOVE BLOG HOP”. What a wonderful tool to connect and know ~ God has a plan for each and everyone of us, all we need to do is say one simple word ~ Yes!

    • Loved your BLOG and that you are “leaning on God!” All your posts from “Yes to God” were so well done!
      Good job and welcome to blogging or blog hopping Brenda! You have really begun well, keep it up! :0) NO FEAR dear… “No fear, no God – Know God, No fear” it can be overwhelming and your words did touch me. Thanks!

      • I think that quote I messed up (what’s new)… it may go “No God, Know Fear, Know God, No Fear” OK I hope this time I got it right. So don’t be scared … you shared beautifully and meaningfully from your own heart and experience.

  50. I have been trying to get on the blog hop but everytime I copy the link on the OBS website it takes me to an ask site. Oh well. I will keep trying I guess.

  51. Hi ladies! This is my first OBS and my first comment! 🙂 I am loving the study already and can tell it’s going to be powerful. I am struggling with a pretty big decision right now in my life and have been having trouble discerning my own voice from God’s voice (does anyone know what I mean?) in my head and I think this study is going to help! I have clearly heard God’s voice several times in my life and it is definitely an exhilarating experience when you say “YES” and act! Two times were pretty painful but in the end were for my own good and another time recently was pretty cool… I had found $5 in my back pocket that morning (don’t you love when that happens?!) and was pretty excited. About an hour later, on my way home from volunteering for a homeless ministry, I encountered a homeless man standing with a sign at an intersection. Clear as day, God said “give that man the $5 in your pocket.” Now mind you, I was in the farthest right hand lane behind other cars and he was all the way over on the left. So I put my blinker on and became THAT person who crosses 3 lanes of traffic and holds up traffic, but I got it to him. 🙂 And it felt great!

    Anyway, I am rambling now but I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to learning more about saying YES to God and getting to experience this study with all of you!

    • It’s my first OBS as well Jenn, and already I am enjoying the emails, the insight and the opportunities to say “yes”. Our family is in the midst of some major decisions and we are truly trying to discern whether it’s God speaking our own desires-so we know exactly how you feel!


    • Jenn,
      How awsesome that you listened and were obedient in the $5. If we are obedient in the small things God will continue to call on us!

      I love it that you are listening for God for your decision and we will be praying for you. Remember Lysa’s advice to test it against scripture and whether you are hearing the same message multiple places. I also just pray a simple “Lord, if that’s you will you make it abundantly clear, and if it’s not you, then change my direction.”

      What I’ve come to know is that you are consciously listening, he is speaking! Blessing to you and welcome to your first OBS!!!

  52. I just posted my blog. I testified about an experience that my family endured. Four month ago we said “YES” to God. It wasn’t easy because of our circumstances. We moved to NJ from Ohio a couple years ago, and we didn’t have a penny to our names. Basically, we were homeless. Then we began renting a beautiful house, working two jobs and we were becoming stable. However, when super storm Sandy came, it snatched everything out of our hands. In the midst of this situation, God called us to go back into the Ministry that we started five years ago (Move The Earth). How can we say “yes” to God when He asks us to do something so great in a situation where you don’t have anything? Well my husband and I said “YES” and from that moment on, we have been walking in the supernatural. It blew me away when I received the email from Prov.31 about this Bible Study, because in our situation, saying “yes” to God has been the most wonderful decision that we ever made in our lives. God is faithful!!!

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      What a beautiful testimony of how you said ‘yes’ to God!!! Perfect timing with this OBS for sure!!! 🙂

    • I agree Great Testimony Glennys! (what a beautiful name and spelling) Praying as you both continue to be obedient to your calling and that you never walk “homeless” again as you “move the earth”!!!

      Your link from your name did not work to Move The Earth so I hope you don’t mind me sharing it here:

  53. Sue from Wisconsin says:

    Yes to God. Today I was volunteering as RN at a free clinic in my community. One of the volunteers needed to print all the lab reports on patients seen in the last week. This person was given directions on how to do it but couldn’t remember exactly what to do. I offered to help. I closed my eyes and said Please help us God. God heard. He helped us to find the site on another computer and directed me and her to where the reports were. I quietly said Thank You God for your help. The other volunteer said thanks you. I said to myself it was God not me :)))

  54. OMGosh – what a blessing! 277 blogs to read!

  55. I want to thank all who have left comments. I love reading them and reply to some. It is so nice to know that I am not alone or that I am not the only one that thinks this or that. I am a great grandmother so I have to wonder in all my years how many times have I said “no” to God and missed out big time. I shutter to even try to imagine! So, from now on it is “Yes God” WHATEVER He says to do. God Bless all of you, or as “Yes Girls” say, PALMS UP!

  56. Wow, I wish I could read all of these! So many amazing posts today. I cannot wait to dive into more of them. Keep sharing ladies!!!

  57. I’ve enjoyed reading all of the blog posts today…they are so inspiring. I am loving this OBS and all it’s bringing me to. 🙂

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      This is probably a record turn out for the blog hop!!!! God is so good!!!!!

  58. I’m late to this for SURE! I am a week late buying my book (tomorrow!) and so…I’m slow. I feel like I’ve lost so much! It’s been great reading some of the blogs for today!

  59. I don’t know if this is the right place to do this (I know NOTHING about blogging), but I wanted to post a #yestoGod of sharing a time when I caught a “glimpse of eternity as I said yes to what God was asking me to do.” In 2003, I had just started attending church (after a 40-year sabatical). Just before communion, one of the praise leaders said, “Jesus thought of you when He was on the cross.” We’ll, that was definitely a God moment and it hit me right in the heart. From that moment, I KNEW God was real. All at once, everything in the Bible was real and every person was a real person to me. It was, and still is, the most wonderful thing. I became a voracious Bible reader and He showed me that all of these people were real with real lives. A short time after that I was walking a half marathon (and having difficulty with my feet and the hills), so to give it to God, I said “you’ve got me God,” and then laughed at how true that statement was. He DID have me — completely. (BTW: I finished the race and came in first in my age bracket.) In hindsight, the most important thing that day wasn’t the finishing or being first, but the realization (and the most warm, wonderful feeling) that I belonged to God. Ten years later, I still have the same, unshakeable faith about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, but I do go through times of getting out of the habit of getting into His Word. I’m thankful for this bible study because it will get me back into His precious Word, and that’s the right place to be.

  60. Kelly Hansen says:

    I just want to Thank all you Yes ladies for the Blogs. I’ve been reading so many I haven’t commented on all of them, but I just want to let you know you’ve touch me and I appreciate all of you

  61. What an awesome kickoff to OBS! I am still trying to get through all the blogs. Just a guess I will be coming back and visiting often! Thanks to each of you who have written such diverse yet same inspiration! I love it when God’s sweet mercy is so wonderfully demonstrated!

  62. I’m ready for the adventure I’ve always played it safe but knowing the Lord is in control he is now my safety net. My palms are up! Just like the song, “moving ahead”. I’m not looking back, I’m moving ahead, giving my life to Christ my past is over in you.

  63. I have never done an online bible study and to be completely honest I’m a little scared but I am saying yes to God right now and trying to grow colser to my Lord.
    The time to I remember saying, yes to God most vividly was when I was 10 years old, in my dads little country church, where he was the pastor. The Lord burdened my heart to become a medical missionary as I listend to one of my close friends tell her story of mission work In the Dominican Republic. With shaky hands I walked up the isle and told my dad what God had told me to do.
    I have never been on a mission trip to this day. And who knows I may never get to go on one but firmly believe that God called me to surrender my life to his work on that day 14 years ago. I have been in nursing school for a year now and I am married to a nurse with the same passion for sharing Christ in the nursing field. I have never lost that burning desire to share Christ overseas, but for now God has me where I am here in the states. And wherever he leads ill go. Even if it means saying ” I’ll go to India” or ” yes ill stay right here where you have me Lord”. This has been my little glimps of eternity from The Lord. That no matter what he may ask you to do, say yes and he may just want to see if you mean what you say. Remember Abraham when God told him to sacrifice Isaac, he didn’t want Isaac to die he wanted to test Abraham.

  64. (#1) I would definitely say I have learned the lesson of how you to love the Lord with heart/mind/soul a number of different ways recently. I have had bouts of depression in lots of ways/reasons within the last year, year/half. I have gone through a divorce and had to handle being a single mom. One of the ways I have gotten through so much, is by loving God and being a child of God more than ever. I have hung tight onto Matthew West’s song–Hello my name is….a child of the one true King. My family/newly church friends have been a lifesaver and a helper to be reminded of such great love from our true God. Reading this first chapter has helped to have more of that reminder that God will use me in some way in the future because I have such a love for Him as my Saviour/God/Father.

  65. So many fantastic blogs this week! I wish I could read them all. OBS yes women rock! I just wanted to say welcome to all the new bloggers. I know that’s a scary step so congrats on saying yes to God in this. Thank you for opening up and sharing for all of us to read, learn, and connect. And if you’re not a blogger, don’t sweat it. What God calls us to say Yes to is different for everyone so just be true to yourself and what He calls you to 🙂

  66. WOW! What an awesome, HUGE Bible Study Online group and wonderful participation! That’s what makes a study work … when we each share a bit of us with the rest of us! This BLOG HOP of 300+ is aMazing!

    Thanks to OBS here at Proverbs 31 and Melissa Taylor, getting this ball going and growing! Hats off to the P31 team!

    All of you bless us so much! I have enjoyed so many of you and your blogs and BOOKS! WOW! Lysa, I read this one way back when it first came out and LOVE this but your manner of teaching and writing so honestly, makes YOU – YOU and such a wonderful writer and YOU!!! I am continually blessed thru P31 since they motivated me back in 2007-8 to start my own blog (I now have 4) … yet I was only reading and gleaning from the team back in 2007 until I stepped out and went beyond “YES”! Living in MX since 1996, I continually am challenged to keep saying “Yes” and “what’s next?Lord”

    I did write on two of these topics blended into one but I did not link up. (sorry Lysa but this but is a but not a therefore)… Therefore I love everyone of these posts this week and can’t even wrap my head around which end of the blog hop to start with… so many. I appreciate seeing and reading each one I open. Thanks to ALL!

    Keep saying “Yes” to Our King and walk with Him always,

  67. WOW! What an awesome job participating, ladies! Keep up the great work!!! =)

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  70. I like the efforts you have put in this, thank you for all the great blog posts.


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