Hearing God’s Voice

Heeeeyyyyy, Yes Girls!

Wow. What an amazing first week of Bible study we had last week. It’s been such a joy to watch all of you choosing to say yes to God!

Melissa and I are still stunned by all God is doing in and through you. And we know this week its going to be even more!

Just a reminder, we are doing chapters 2 and 3 this week.

Alright, let’s get started!

Today, I want us to unpack chapter 2, “Hearing God’s Voice.” So if you haven’t read it yet, stop reading this and go read it. 🙂

I have a confession.

Sometimes I try to put hearing God’s voice in a formula. I often think, “If I will do A, B, and C then, I will hear God.” There are days though no matter how hard I try, I haven’t a clue what God is trying to say to me.

It can be frustrating to not understand what God is saying to us.

And we live in a loud world so the voice of God is becoming harder and harder to hear.

But I’ve started to see that when the time I spend with God moves from an obligation to a genuine desire to hear Him; this is the place my life truly begins to transform.

In Chapter 2, Lysa shares with us 5 great questions we can ask ourselves when we are trying to discern God’s voice.

These are fabulous questions to ask ourselves to help keep that genuine desire front and center.


[Special thanks to group leader Jenny Armstrong for making this reminder picture for us!]

Maybe the thought of asking yourself all 5 of these questions feels a little overwhelming. Here’s some encouragement Lysa gives us in Chapter 2 about this:

Remember, this is not the end-all way for hearing God’s voice. It is simply a starting place.

Could I challenge you to ask yourself just one of these questions today?

Our key verse this week is Jeremiah 29:13 and it says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

What does this verse mean to you personally? For me, it means moving to a desperate place of longing to hear from Him.

I want us to write this verse down everywhere we can think of…on our bathroom mirrors, our screensavers, and on sticky notes all over our desks at work or at home!

By writing this verse down everywhere we can think of, we will be reading and thinking on this verse all week. Getting God’s word tucked away in our hearts is one of the most powerful ways we can begin to hear from Him more clearly.

Seeking God’s voice is challenging–there’s no formula, but the Bible gives us this promise that when we do seek Him {with everything we’ve got}…we will find Him.

A few thoughts I loved from Chapter 2 to think about today:

  • How can we renew our minds to hear more clearly from God?
  • Are you sensing you may need to sacrifice or change anything to hear more from God?

I want to hear from you and we’ve got a few ways for you to participate.

1. Leave a comment here on the blog sharing what God is saying.


2. We’ve got our hashtag ready to go for the week, it’s #SayWhat . If you’re on social media [Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest] use this hashtag to begin sharing with our community what God is saying to you.

I can’t wait to hear!

I’ll see you back here on the blog tomorrow for a special video message from Lysa TerKeurst, and some more encouragement for our journey!

Much love,


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Hashtags…this is a new concept for most. Hashtags are used on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It looks like this~ # When you see that in front of a word or phrase, it means people are talking about it. This week we are talking about ‪#‎SayWhat‬ and ‪#‎YesToGod‬. You can search by the hashtags and see what others are saying. So, if you are on on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, enter #SayWhat or #YesToGod in the search box. Check out what shows up. Pretty cool huh? Let me see your #palmsup!

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  1. I am so excited about this bible study. Chapter two is something I struggle with and pray about a LOT!!! I’m always wondering how I will know what God wants both for me and from me. I find myself feeling the need to know now. While spending time alone reading my bible today, I came across this verse:

    Wait on The Lord;
    Be of good courage;
    And He shall strengthen your heart;
    Wait, I say, on The Lord
    Psalm 27:14

    This is such a great reminder for me that things happen on God’s time, not my own.

    I’m loving being a Yes Girl and building and strengthening my relationship with God!

    • Beth Wright (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Awesome verse Johanna! Thank you for sharing it with us. And I LOVE the question you ask yourself, “What does God want both FOR me and FROM me”- What an amazing question to ask when you are seeking a stronger relationship with Christ. Love, love, love!

    • Sarah JSH says:

      #palms up to you that is a great verse. WOW Johanna you were up early this am, are you always up this early to pray. I am still trying to figure out the best quiet time and am does seem to be the quietest, but wow you were up early. I will miss the group fb meeting as I will be camping an no reception for the internet. I will be reading and praying. I too really want to hear god, and it is a busy loud world. Still trying to figure out if it is just me talking in my head or god talking to me. I am impatient and a want to know now girl and I don’t like to wait. This verse is perfect thank you so very much for sharing. How do you know where to begin to look for verses? There are so many. Sometimes I just open up my bible and see where it takes me. Is there a better or different way to start? Do you know what mapping is? I don’t and would love to understand this better. This am after taking the dogs out and reading what you wrote in the quiet of the outdoors with the fresh air and crickets I read what you wrote and I can’t thank you enough. Then when I went to feed my dogs their bowls were all the way in the back of their crates and I had to really get down and kneel Hummm guess what I think god is telling me to do. Anyways thanks for the great verse so fitting. Have a wonderful day and rest of your week keep your #palms up and hope you are able to hear what God has planned for you #say what.

      • I too wonder if it’s me talking in my head or God talking to me. How does one distinguish the two? This is my first OBS & I’m loving it so far. Love to see all the comments, it helps me keep moving forward.

        • . . . for me, I always pray and ask God to silence the voice of my own reasoning and that of my enemy so I can clearly hear His voice bringing every thought captive, obedient to Christ
          2 Corinthians 10:5 . . . the 5 questions are a true test to my thoughts . . . He says if I ask for wisdom, He will give it . . . He says He will give clarity too . . . I look for His peace in my thoughts also . . .

          • Ludmila Kosenko (Luda) says:

            Just found this website and read your reply to Joely. Thank you for sharing “what you ask God” so you can hear Him. I am familiar with “taking every thought captive, etc. verse” you used and its context clarified it for me in a more practical way. Grabbed my heart. 🙂

      • Sarah,
        I had actually not gone to bed for the night yet. I did not have to be up early and I wanted to spend some extra quiet time with God. Thank you for your kind words. For me, sometimes I just flip through my Bible and see where it takes me. Other times I read some of my favorites. I am currently reading the book of Matthew. There really is no rhyme or reason for me. I figure if I open my Bible, God will take me to the right verse, and He did last night.
        I have never done verse mapping, but I think they posted a link to some information on one of the emails.
        Have a great day!

    • I read the same verse this morning too!

    • Linda Paver says:

      Great questions, Johanna. I copied them in my journal today as a reminder to ask the same questions. Thanks

    • I also struggle with this. I think all (most) of us do to some extent. Thanks for sharing the verse. It will give me something to meditate on the next time I am waiting to hear him.

    • Nanci Zehner says:

      Thank you for sharing this verse. It is exactly what I need today. Going through many struggles and this verse gives me peace and hope. Just one more way that God is showing up in my life. So blessed.

      • Nancy ~ My pleasure! I’m so excited to be part of my first online bible study. I can already feel myself growing closer to God! I am a YES Girl!! Hang in there. My motto is “Let go and Let God.” I heard it in church a few years ago and it stuck with me.

      • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

        God seems to do that, show up in our lives giving us what we need 🙂

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      I LOVE that you love being God’s yes girl and that you want to make sure that you are wanting to do His will for your life. Wait on God and know His timing is perfect. And while you wait, build your relationship with you Father. Get to know Him intimately!! #YesToGod

    • Thank you Johanna for that verse. I never thought of it until now, but maybe one way God wants me to say “Yes” to Him is by saying “Yes” to waiting…….which in this situation is so #4 for me in the 5 steps…So beyond me. I won’t go into the whole story, but just to say, we have been kept away from my granddaughter, my son’s daughter, by the mother. My son and her were never married and it’s been 2 years now since he or we’ve seen her or had any kind of communication with her. I ache and long for her and I so want God to tell me what is going on…? All we want to do is love her……but until then I wait. thank you for hearing God and sharing that verse ♥

    • As you can tell from this post I am behind. I started to go to Chapter 3 and come back to this! This is one of my small yes to God moments! Your post is so what I needed this morning. Thank You. You ask about verse mapping and if you go back to week 1 I think there is a link, but you are doing it to a point. You are listening to the voice and then opening your bible and reading what is there. Can you imagine what our world would be like if everyone tried this? I believe this is one of the ways that God talks to us. He also uses those who come into our lives as a nudge and sometimes a tender but loving shove. Thank you for your post and what a wonderful discussion that has followed. #palmsup and praising!

    • I too am behind in the Bible study and I too am reminded to WAIT! Two words that came to mind a couple weeks ago just out of the blue were WAIT and TRUST! To me that is #4. That does seem beyond me most of the time. I want to to know the answers NOW. Not WAIT and TRUST. I love that Bible Verse thanks for sharing! I am going to write it down and post it too! It reminds me of that song from the movie “Fireproof” by John Waller called “While I’m Waiting” . Thanks again!

  2. Lately I have been trying to discern God’s voice from all of the distractions around me. I’ve learned the hard way and some people disagree with this but recent events in my life make me believe this is true. Satan can give me peace of mind when I’m in his will instead of God’s. I never would have believed that, it went against everything I was taught,maybe that’s why I was so unprepared for the peace I felt recently, when clearly I was not doing what God wanted me to. This is for many people a #saywhat? Because it’s so foreign from what we are taught. Now I understand why the Bible instructs us to try the Spirits to see if they are of God. Yeap I’ve had a recent #saywhat moment and it has made me even more aware of my need to be sure it’s God that I’m listening to.

    • Beth Wright (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Gigi- I also believe that Satan can plant the feeling of peace in us when we listen to him instead of to Christ. That is why I am so thankful for the 5 great questions that Lysa shares with us in chapter 5. Even if we are feeling the false peace of satan- when we ask ourselves those 5 questions we will know that it is not of God.

    • Gigi, that is scary – that Satan can give us a sense of peace when we are out of God’s will. I guess it’s not surprising since he IS the deceiver. Yes, it makes the five questions, all the more relevant. Thanks for pointing this out to me as I never knew it. Bless you.
      Beth, thanks for confirming this .Bless you.

    • Thank you for sharing! I did not realize that Satan could give us a false sense of peace. That was a wow moment for me! I will now be extra guarded! Thank you!

      • CHRISTINA TEJADA says:


    • Jessica Sutherland says:

      Great warning for us ladies! Thank you! It helped me realize, even more, the importance of looking to
      God’s truths to help me discern God’s voice.

    • But I think that “peace” is different. Often God’s direction takes us out of our comfor zone, so I think it’s easy to convince ourselves that the comfortable thing is a sense of peace.

    • Thanks for your honesty! The masked peace you describe is something I have experienced when I want thing my way. I’m learning to listen for God’s voice and guidance and enjoy his everlasting presence over the temporary, self-centered, fake joy that causes more pain in the end!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Thanks for sharing your #SayWhat moment!! The devil is cunning and sneaky and he’s good at making things feel good to us when they are anything but. God is good at using situations and moments in our lives to show us where we are and where He wants us to be.

    • Gigi…sometimes I can mistake a ‘numbness for peace’……

    • #saywhat but oh so true! We do get momentary peace because it gives Satan a bit of time to wiggle in. I love the questions and know that out of instinct as we read the Word and listen to what it tells us the questions will become more and more like an extension of what we do when we are praying and talking to God!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I felt God telling me to learn Romans 8 and I would be ministering from what I learned. It has been a year or more and I am still studying the book of Romans. But what if he hasn’t given you that next step?

    • Beth Wright (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Oh sweet Stephanie- how wonderful that you have followed Christ’s call to study a specific area of His word. Romans 8 is such a wonderful chapter giving us many promises including freedom from condemnation, the privileges of being Children of God, and the assistance from the Spirit in prayer (Matthew Henry’s Commentary). I believe that God has already been using you in ways that you don’t even realize because of your willingness to follow His calling by studying His word. Don’t give up! He may have something huge ahead of you or He may continue to use in you ways that are hidden from you sight.

    • He knows when we are ready for the next step. We just have to wait and trust in His time.

      • I love Romans 8! It has ministered to me in the past year, as well. I have often struggled with self-condemnation and had a #SayWhat moment one week when 3 different people gave me the verse Romans 8:1 at 3 different times. That same week, I opened up the devotional book I was reading through, and guess what verse was at the top of the page? Yep, Romans 8:1. Obviously, God wanted me to hear those words!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      I too have felt that calling from God to be in a certain place in His word. Thank you for listening and obeying Him!! You might not know right now why God has you there or how He’s using you to minister through this, but keep being His faithful servant. As for the next step…TRUST 🙂 God’s timing is perfect and He will bring you to that next place, so keep trusting I Him!!

    • Sweet Stephanie you may not realize it but as you have studied this God has prepared you to minister in small ways and even though you may never see the fruits know that in his time he will move you where you need to be. Thank you for the discussion and the reminder about Romans 8:1. These past 2 weeks have been hard for me and I now realize it is because I let things get in the way. Thank You again! #saywhat moment 2 for me.

  4. YESS!!!

    Love, Love, LOVE chapters 2 &3! I so want to hear from the Lord. Am I ready? I feel as though I am still holding onto something that I cannot quite put my finger on. So, still working on a few things from chapter 1. I am encouraged that these chapters – this PROCESS – is building on itself. Baby steps toward being a Yes Woman for God.
    “How can we renew our minds to hear more clearly from God?” – I think we are doing it. Getting into the Word. Holding ourselves, and others, accountable while journeying together. Memorizing God’s Word allows us to conquer those self-defeating thoughts that arise from time to time (for me, pretty much ALL the time). Spending time with him, this is a hard one for me – in this fast paced world, I am drawn to go, go, go and do, do, do! How do I slow down and quiet my heart and mind before my Lord? One thing I have tried is to have a pad of paper or sticky note available and I write tasks down as they come to mind and try to alter my course, so that it is written down and I can refer back to it AFTER my quiet time. Still a work in progress.
    “Are you sensing you may need to sacrifice or change anything to hear more from God?” – YES! Not sure what yet. I am praying God will make it abundantly clear and that MY desire will align with HIS desire and my answer will be a resounding YES!
    Father, I pray for every woman waking up this morning, facing this new day. I ask you now to envelop them with your love and comfort. Prepare each one of us to be stretched and molded into the YES woman that you so desire. Lord God, allow us to hear your voice in a new and undeniable way today and this week as we seek to renew our minds and listen for what you would say. Give us discernment and clarity. Bind the enemy from our minds. O Jesus, I ask these things in your name! AMEN!

    • Amen, sister! Amen.

    • Beautifully written and expressed Kiki, thanks for your sincere prayer!


    • Beth Wright (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Kiki- what a blessing you are! Thank you for your encouragement and prayer!

    • Sarah JSH says:

      WOW! Thank you so much for your prayer so well said and just beautiful. Thank you for doing this OBS. Thank you again. As Beth said “what a blessing you are!”

    • Thank You KiKi for praying for all of us. I so want to be a Yes Woman for God and your words and prayer are such an encouragement.

    • AMEN!

    • AMEN!

    • I,too, am enjoying the way the chapters of the book are building on each other; and that the pace of the study allows for time to go back and forth to reinforce lessons learned or to re-visit some of the nagging questions.
      Awesome prayer – thanks!

    • Thank you so much for that prayer! I love this community of women. God is doing a mighty work through His daughters. I pray and thank God for creating us female, for adopting us as His daughters and sealing us with His Holy Spirit. I Corinthians 6:19 tells us that we are a temple of the Holy Spirit. The very POWER that raised Christ from the dead resides in us. WE HAVE THE POWER!!!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Amen Kiki!! Beautiful your desire to want to hear the Lord speak to you. He knows your heart, he knows your desire and he will bless you. You sweet sister are such a blessing!!

  5. I am having so many #saywhat moments lately I can barely contain my passion and desire to grow more! For several months I’ve had something on my heart- a passion for Christian education and everywhere I turned it was there. So I went to my pastor and he confirmed it and then he told me exactly what Lysa says to do… Read my Bible, pray hard, and really try to hear God. Do this and he said doors will open and wow have they ever! The best part is that is was nothing I expected it to be… Doors opened where my family didn’t know they existed and others we wanted closed, but for the first time we were ok with that bc we were following hard after God. Now months later another calling to missions work is on my heart and I can’t escape it…it’s so beyond me but again, doors are opening where I never knew they were, my pastor and everyone around me is confirming it, and I can’t wait to see how God will work. We don’t know how this will ever mesh with my career, my two little boys, or our finances but I’m excited bc I know the details will all work out in his time! Please pray that doors will continue to open and that I can keep earnestly seeking His voice in everything.

    • Beth Wright (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Marcy- Christian education and missions- girl He is gonna use to to the fullest! As and educator my heart jumped with gladness when I saw your post! Keep listening lady! He’s go big plans for you!!! 🙂

    • Sarah JSH says:

      Marcy, Good for you, it sounds like you are doing a great job listening to God and really filling his heart by reading his word.

    • Marcy,
      Your comment really spoke to me and God asked me to reach out to you. My family has also had a door close recently. It was something we’ve desperately wanted and prayed for for a decade. Our dreams were so close to coming true and then SLAM! The sadness and loss we’ve experienced as a result should have broken us, but only through God’s love and grace we are ok. In fact, we are better than ok. We are thriving, growing in our relationships with Christ, experiencing indescribable joy and walking through open doors we never even dreamed of. I would love to hear more specifics about your journey and the doors opening for you. I didn’t get into any of the Facebook groups, but would love to connect with you there if you’re interested. I’m Jess Gilman from Gorham, ME. Even if we don’t connect, I’ll be keeping your family in my prayers. Thanks for your comment, it lifts my heart to know there are so many women out there with hearts like mine:)

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Love seeing that desire burning inside you!! Keep following His will and watch Him continue to open those doors for you. We will be praying for you Marcy!

    • Marcie, as a public school teacher many people have #saywhat moments with me. Your post has reminded me that God put me in public education 16 years ago and I am able to be a light to many children who may not see it othr wise. I don’t preach to my students but many have come to me with a question and I believe that as a teacher when they ask I should let The Lord guide me in my answer. I have been provided with so many opportunities and even though I must be careful in how I answer God has always provided for a way for me to answer. I have had students come to me and ask for prayer for themselves or a loved one and I will tell them yes I will pray. I had one child ask if she was doing it right and if I thought there was a special way to do it; another #saywhat! I told her that when I pray I just talk to God about my problems and my situation. Notice that the question was asked and I had to give her a truthful answer! I believe that if a child brings it up it is God providing me with a way to be a small light at recess! So far the Holy Spirit has provided me with many ways to shine without being in violation of ED Code. You go girl. He is going to use you in ways you may not even realize He is!

  6. I love love love our Bible verse this week. I also really loved the questions that Lysa gave us to help us discern whether or not God is speaking to us. I know there are and have been times when I have been inpatient with God’s time, and have gone ahead on my own, saying “God, just protect me through this” or “God if this isn’t the right path, slam the door in my face.” I know I’m still seeking His guidance, but indont think it is in the way He wants me to. This is something I want to work on. I need to work on being patient and waiting for God to make His move instead of making mine and praying He sees me through it. Have a great week! God bless!

    • Beth Wright (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Jenny- blessings to you sister. We are all a work in progress! As Lysa says in “Unglued”- we are imperfect people serving a perfect God. The first step is recognizing that you need to listen to Him and you’ve already taken that step! Trust Him to guide you the rest of the way!!

      • That’s absolutely right! If I’m going to be a work in progress I’m certainly glad that it a child of God!

    • Sarah JSH says:

      Jenny, You are not alone. I too am impatient and want to hear him talk to me now and want a definite answer as to if it is really him talking of me just talking in my own head. Keep praying you can do it. Also Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Our verse this week is also perfect, Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Keep praying and those #palms up! thank you for sharing and if you have any insight to being more patient I would love to hear what you find.

      • I love both of those verses. I’d never read the one from this week but it is awesome. There is definitely power in prayer and I do a lot of it. God will take care of it and He will make His voice known. I just have to be patient! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Linda Paver says:

      “In God’s time” not “my time” is so hard to do, but prayer helps and really turning the situation over to God give me a peace unimaginable. I need to pray more often to allow God to do this in my life!

      • Thank you for sharing, Linda. I don’t think we can ever pray enough to God for His guidance. God is great all the time and He won’t let us down! God bless!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      There are times when we all want to make it our time, you’re not the only one 😉 Your willingness to have God close the doors that he doesn’t want you to go through shows your desire to be in the center of His will. Keep praying and keep saying #YesToGod

  7. I am loving having an intentional relationship with my Father, for years I have just sat back with a ” I need him, what can he do next attitude”. I’ve always knew I should be in his word, but with 4 kids, full time job and not a morning person I’ve never made quiet time a priority. However, I am a YES woman now and I am committed to seeking him daily . I think being in his word, memorizing scripture, and being in constant prayer will renew our minds to hear more clearly from God.
    Dear God,
    As we wake up this Monday morning I pray for the women to have a yes attitude and a calm mind to hear you voice. I pray that even though we may be fearful of what we are hearing we may have the peace it’s coming from our all knowing perfect Father. Let us serve you this week with a joyful heart. Thank you for the women who are participating in this study and for the leaders, I love you. Amen.

    • Sarah JSH says:

      Nicole, first of all what a beautiful prayer! Secondly wow I can realate to you so much. I too am a working mom with 4 kids and not a morning person. I haven’t really made the consistent quiet time with God our Father I have been more inconsistent. I agree with you and am also trying to make more time for God and reading his word and trying to have quiet moments with him. Although I am not a morning person it does seem to be the most quiet time and the verses we are looking at lately are so appropriate. God Bless you and thank you for the beautiful prayer and may you also have a wonderful week filled with God talking to you and helping you to find the best quiet time for you.

    • Nicole, great prayer! This bible study is helping to stretch already by sharing my responses and searching for pictures to encourage us all (pinterest). I’ve met some great ladies and appreciate all the feedback. “Dear LORD, we echo Nichole’s prayer. Use all of our leaders and all members in ways we can’t begin to imagine. Ignite our hearts, souls and strength with Your fire. ‘Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.'” (The Message)

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Amen Nicole…beautiful prayer!! Keep your commitment to Christ in saying #YesToGod and seeking Him daily and watch Him continue to work in such amazing ways in and through your life!

  8. What a great way to start the week. I have never put it into perspective with how God really wants me to hear from Him. I know of his love, but He really wants to hear all my hearts desires. I love our verse this week, and I know God is speaking. I had a little introduction of this verse last week from my pastor. He preached on Jeremiah 29:11 last week and he mentioned 29:13 a few times. It is like God was giving me a personal preview to this verse. The 5 questions are phenomenal and I am going to put them on my index card this week to keep them in the forefront of my mind. God is awesome! Happy Monday, now off to a busy week!

    • Sarah JSH says:

      Well said Hope. God bless you!

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      “It is like God was giving me a personal preview to this verse.”
      I believe God did exactly that because He sees you and notices you! He invited you to your own personal preview! I really do believe that.

  9. I haven’t finished my reading for the week, the kids start school on Wedesday so we are doing dry runs of gettng to bed early and getting up early until then. However, the part of Chapter 2 that I was able to read last night has been a wonderful reminder to me about listening for God. I have been lucky enough at times in my faith walk to have a mountain top feeling of closeness with Him. However it has been a long time since I have felt Him that close. I know that He hasn’t gone anywhere so that must mean that I have moved.
    Through this study I am feeling Him gently calling me back into that closeness and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me.. #PalmsUp

    • Marlene, OBS FB Small group leader says:

      Michelle, I totally understand where you are. I have been having the same sort of feelings lately. I know there is something more, but have been afraid to go that next step. Last night my pastor used Mark 8:22-26 the story of the man Jesus touched twice to heal as a metaphor for how we know we are with Christ but we just don’t see clearly. We need a fresh touch. I pray that you receive that fresh touch, renewed spirit and feel the closeness you so desire. Like our verse for the week says, “You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jer 29:13

  10. Karen Rhodes says:

    Nicki I am so an A, B, C type of person myself and that is hard to overcome because I keep wanting to reduce talking to God to a formula. You cannot reduce a relationship to a formula! I feel God telling me to make some changes and spend more time with him. Today I am embarassed to say that I awoke earlier than usual and rather than get up and spend that time with him, I laid in the bed thinking boy I sure wish I could get that last 30 minutes of sleep. But I am going to make an effort on my lunch to spend some time with him and start afresh tomorrow! I cannot wait to hear from God a #SayWhat!!

    • Karen, that’s the spirit! I hear you – OH, how I do! That extra 30 minutes of sleep calls to me, sometimes, far louder than my desire to spend that time with God does. And that’s exactly when I know that my priorities are out of whack.

      Dear God, speak into our hearts. Remind us that your mercies are new every morning and give us a deep desire for you, and you alone, Lord. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen!

  11. Sarah JSH says:

    Good morning Ladies WOW this is a great bible study Thank you Lysa for writing this book and providing such wonderful and amazing words and verses from the bible and for teaching all of us how to stop and listen and trust in the Lord our Father. Thank you also to our leaders for taking the time to teach us and do this bible study with us.
    Dear Lord our Father, thank you for this amazing day. WOW This bible study is really bringing me closer to you. Please put your hands on all of our lives and help us to slow down and stop and really hear what it is that you are trying to say to us today and everyday. During our #Say What moments Lord, please continue to confirm what it is that you are wanting us to do. I am understaning more and more that I need to be more obedient to you and that message has been shown to me several times over these past couple of days. I do not want to disapoint you or Lord. Is it you I am really hearing telling me to move my family and change jobs for a more peaceful life where I can spend more time with you. WOW there would be so many changes and I am fearful for my 2 oldest children that would have to change schools and start at a new school. The school they are in is excellent and a real family environment with several spiritual families that I became to know through MOPS and by working at the school. I am terrified of my ex-husband’s reaction to this move and the stress and disapointments that come with going to court over custody. I am terrified that my children would end up staying here with their biological father, even though he said he never wanted them, but as soon as I filed for divorce then he wanted them. OH dear Lord please let me hear you and truly know what you are wanting me to do, give me patients as I am a need to know now girl. Also I have a good job with good people, but the paper work is becoming way too overwhelming and taking me away from you and my family. Lord Jesus I pray that you continue to tell me what you want me to do, I want to be obedient and do not want to disapoint you, but I am terrified. Thank you for your words and the amazing verses in the Bible and for the amazing women doing this bible study as they are teaching me so much about you and how to understand what it is that I am reading. Ok Ok I will get on my knees and pray for you/with you. God Bless all of you women doing the bible study and may you really hear what God is saying and what he wants you to do. In this I pray. Amen! WOW #Say What and I am keeping my palms up Great chapters and verses this week.

    • Praying for peace for you, sweet Sarah! Much love, Jennifer

    • Sister Sarah,
      You are in my prayers. I pray for God’s divine intervention in your family situation, for His peace and favor to cover you, for His loving arms to embrace you, and for His Word to guide you. Wait on the Lord. Still yourself so that you can hear His voice. Then step out in faith and “Whatever God says to do, do it!”
      Keep your #PalmsUp and continue to #SayYes to God.

  12. WOW. Thanks everyone for sharing. What a blessing to feel connected to you all while I sit alone doing my bible study. Last week, before reading Chapter 2&3 I went to buy a new bible cover to make it easier to tote around my bible and the cover I purchased has the Jeremiah 29:11 verse on it. How awesome is it that this week we are memorizing Jer 29: 13. I guess maybe God is speaking to me. I am struggling with one of the questions from Chapter 2: What areas do I currently honor God in my life. I wanted to cry because I’m not sure I have an answer to that. I do believe He is calling me to sacrifice watching TV. I easily get caught up in watching way to often. Over the last month I have been attempting to spend less time watching TV and more time in God’s Word. I love you ladies. Thanks for listening.

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      “I guess maybe God is speaking to me.” Uh, yea, I do believe He is 🙂
      And Cheryl, about honoring God. Don’t get down on yourself about this. Instead of getting upset, just look for one way you can honor God today. It might be as simple as smiling and speaking kindly to those you are around. Or encouraging someone who needs it. Or if TV is an area you really feel God is calling you to do less of, then cut 30 minutes or more (or all, it’s up to you & God). Point is, don’t focus on what you haven’t done. Focus on what you can do. Praying for you and Hope you have a fabulous day! <3

      • Karen Rhodes says:

        I am with you there Cheryl! And I think Melissa Taylor is right on the money….I have myself started to try to cut out at least 30 minutes of my evening TV time and devote that to reading or spending time praying/mediating. When you start taking little steps they do not seem so big!! #PalmsUp and #SayWhat!

      • Melissa so well said! Baby steps as Lysa says in Unglued are what get us where we need to be. I think we all struggle to some extent and the enemy can really use this to try to get a foothold in our life! Sweet Cheryl know that you are not perfect and not expected to be but as you let the Word and God guide you look at the positives of your week. When I start questioning myself I try to make a t-chart of what I am thinking and then I pray to see where I can move the negatives onto the positive side and I usually find most can be moved by just listening and waiting for signals. This can create some sizable #saywhats as I realize that I am letting myself get in the way. Keep your #palmsup and continue to listen and apply the questions to your situation. The 5 questions really have helped me to take those t-charts, yes I said charts to a new level. #palmsup and #saywhat as I go through this study. I am behind in completing and posting but I am still moving forward with #palmsup!

    • Cheryl, I think TV is an area God is speaking to me about also. It is the idea that I am in a routine of eat supper, clean up and then watch TV so that I come to think I have a right to that. But I know God wants me to be listening for what He wants. Maybe more time in the word, prayer or who knows? I know that what He has for me is always better and right now I am writing to you instead of watching TV which is what I felt inclined to do. : ) May God bless you as you take each step.

  13. On page 37 of the paperback, Lysa writes, “”Look on every fear not as a weakness on your part…, but as a very real temptation to be attacked and overthrown.” That statement resonated deeply with me today. My 2 year old son is starting preschool today. He has some social/behavioral issues and I have so many fears about him going to school. Will his teachers be able to see him, not his behaviors? Will they love him through the difficulties? Will he be able to make friends? Will he like school? Lysa reminds me that it’s normal to have fears but we can not allow the enemy to use our doubts to attack us. I must trust The Lord. He knew what he was doing when we put our son in our lives and his struggles are not a surprise to God.

    • Thank you for pointing that phrase out. I skimmed through chapter 3 for my first reading. I am planning to reread it more deeply and I want to be sure I have that noted. My son though older, he is almost 6, also has behaviors, his are stemmed from having cerebral palsy We are in between churches right now because of the same fears I have as you. The first church I felt they could have treated him better which is a valid reason why we left that one about 6 months ago. But the the new church He was seemingly well-received, but I worried about his behavior. I worried what they thought, I worried they would be hurt by the things he says because he is very charming and well liked as his natural temperament But then the cp frustration kicks in.One of the first classes he was in he bit a teacher and the teacher was very sad because she didn’t want him to be excused from the class she was more sad about him leaving than the fact he bit her! but I was very upset about it and we left. one point a teacher was saying something about God and my son said “God is stupid” very loud, which shocked me and I excused us out of the class. He is an adorable sweet boy and well liked, but then when he is frustrated these aggressive cp behaviors come out of nowhere. So, because of my fears and worries, we left that church about a month ago. We are calling around to different churches to try to find one that will be a good fit for him, because I don’t want him to miss out on being in a Sunday school class, but I don’t want to worry the other members or teachers are dreading us coming because of his outbursts either. So it is hard. Sorry I kind of rambled but now I am aware that it was because of my own fears, and my perceptions of what they were all thinking that we left. This time I will try to leave my own fears out of it and give the next church a chance. I pray your son does well today, and that the teachers see the beauty in him that God sees and you see as well.

      • Caitlin, I glad you are trying to release your own fears as you look for a new church home. Just remember God uses each of us just as we are, maybe he is using your son to teach others about loving unconditionally, acceptance, compassion, tolerance, and the list can go on and on. We all have moments when we fall short of God’s glory. I am praying that you find a church that is supportive to both your needs. Keep prayer and God bless both you.

        • Thank you for letting God speak through you, what you just said is very profound, and gives me so much to think over and pray about. I’m just still reveling in the realization, I thought I already had my big realization with my fear but this is totally unexpected. I realized all this time I have been separating him into two, his natural temperament, and his cp temperament, I have been trying to eliminate the bad behavior and apologizing for him when he acted out. I knew that God was using him in the lives of others but I thought it was just in his charm, his kindness, or perseverance. I never considered that he would be used even in the moments that he becomes frustrated. I keep revising my wording since I tend to be long-winded but I can’t get out what I want to say in just a few words. Perhaps God is showing me that the previous church was the right fit for my son. When we told the pastor that we were going to look for another church that might better suit Seth because we didn’t want anyone to suffer missing sunday school, him or his classmates that he might distract if he acted out. The pastor didn’t have hard feelings, but he was sad and said that the church would really benefit from the experience having us, especially Seth if we ever decided to return.

          • Thanks again for your words and prayers.

          • Caitlin I was sitting here reading what you said and #saywhat hit me when you said you had moved from the second church. I was going to suggest that you might want to go back and give them another try. Pray about it and we are praying with you! Fear and dread can so wind up defining what we do and how we get the world mixed in with it. As a teacher I feel blessed to have special children in my class. I see them as not disabled but differently-abled and I have had much joy and some hurt (a talk with the Lord takes that away). It is so awesome that in writing your post God provided you with a #saywhat moment. God knows our imperfections and unconditionally loves us just as you do your son. Remember that he is one person with an issue that can create frustration for all involved. Satan will continue to try to fuel your fears and my prayer for you is that you are able to find the contentment and peace to hear God’s still small voice!

    • Good stuff, Adreienne – thanks!

  14. The five key questions are a great filter for saying yes to God. I felt the need to memorize these and thought I would share…

    The first three are in a line:
    1. in line with scripture
    2. in line with God’s character
    3. in line with confirming situations (sermons, conversations, readings)
    4.(the letter “B” in sign language) beyond me
    5. (palms up) pleasing to God

    I am praying that each of the 24k+ women in this study is finding “sheer delight” in the Lord this week as she seeks Him with all her heart.

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      I love this!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I love little tricks that make it easy to remember something!

    • This is SO helpful for remembering, Serena! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Serena,
      Would you mind terribly if I shared your tricks for remembering the 5 questions with my Facebook small group? I put tricks to everything! (ie. my blood type is B+ – I’m going through a lot of medical issues so I am asked a lot. I sing “Don’t worry, be happy in my head”, Be positive, B+). Already I remember the questions from your breaking it down and I think it would help others but only with your permission. I will of course give you all the credit! Thank you and bless you!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      LOVE this…thank you!!

  15. Several years ago during a study I was convicted to give up television for God. Life is so busy and I simply do not have enough time to do the important things. When I evaluated my schedule, I realized if I just gave up one or two must see tv shows, I could carved out more time for HIM and HE was much more important.
    Today as I look back, I do not even miss the shows and it has become a great conversation piece to speak HIS truth. People spend so much time watching tv, it is often the topic of conversation. I love when they ask if I watch… And I can say no, I don’t have time. Life is too full and rich to water down with television.
    Please don’t misunderstand. I am not criticizing watching television. I just love what God has done through the time I have given to HIM instead.
    Awed by His mercy and grace,

  16. Good morning ladies sometimes it may seem haed to say yes to god or even hearing his voice. I honestly belive he works throuh others. I know im truely blessed and excited about sharing it with you guys.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      He definitely does work through others!! I’m blessed to be sharing in this OBS with you too!!

  17. This morning I woke up exactly at 5. I am a morning person but I felt my eyes closing and I was drifting back to sleep. I am a stay at home mom and have about 2 weeks left of vacation and my little ones sleep until about 7. Plus even if I didn’t get up with the kids, my husband wakes up at 6 and can easily handle the morning before he leaves for work at 8:30. So, my point is that I could have slept until 8:30 if I wanted to. Anyway, so I was drifting back to sleep, and I had a thought. What if it is God who is nudging me to get up? Then I thought about the questions from the chapter, I could only remember a couple. I knew that it was in line with scripture because Jesus had a habit of getting up before dawn, and I knew that being in the Word is always something God desires. So then that settled it and I got up. So I don’t know 100 percent if I really heard from God but I feel pretty confident that I took the action He wanted me to. It’s a small thing but I think He can do tons with us through even a small step of obedience. Thanks for the great post and things to think about. I am enjoying this week so far!

  18. I shared this with my small fb group last night, but thought I would share it here too. I stated to read chapter two last night and decided that I would note the Scripture texts in my journal. As I opened my journal, two packages of seeds feel out!! Honestly, it freaked me out a lot!!! I don’t recall buying them or where they came from. Then I continued to read ch.2 I know that God is speaking to me, but I am still trying to figure out what he is saying. Needless to say, it has been a long night of searching, praying and not much sleep.

    • Laurie Messer says:

      Wow, Stephanie! #SayWhat
      Your post gave me goose bumps!! As Lysa wrote on page 10 in the book (the words she spoke to the Bible man on the airplane):
      “Sometimes the God of the universe pauses in the midst of all His creation to touch the heart of one person. Today, He paused for you.”

      God definitely paused for you, Stephanie! Praying God will continue to speak to your heart, that you will be able to put all the pieces together, and then say #YestoGod!

      Sweet blessings,

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Oh, those little things that make such an impression in our lives, and how those seeds made an impact in yours!! Keep searching and praying knowing your God is listening!!

  19. I love this chapter, I have been recently assigned to be one of the intercessory advisor for our dance ministry in my church. Well, first let me say, I never thought of myself of someone who would be praying for other, but I know God has plans for me. My struggle is discerning whether what I “hear” is my own emotions or the spirt of God directing me, this especially difficult in my personal life, with family/loved ones. I find it easier to step out on faith for others but when it comes to family/people I love, since I have the emotional connection to them it is really difficult for me to discern. I love the 5 questions, because as I grow and learn this can be a stepping stone for me to head in the right direction.
    Thank you so much for this bible study and all the tool/resources that are available.

  20. This first week of OBS has been great for me! It has already drawn me closer to God and I can feel him working in my life already. Pray for me – my church needs someone to work with the Youth on Sunday night ( a small group of maybe 5-6). I’m confused as to whether the Lord is telling to me step out on faith and take this. I know it would help the Youth group grow, but sometimes I feel I’m not qualified.

    Can’t wait to dive into Week 2!

    Prayers and Blessing to all !

    • 1 Cor. 1:26-31 and 2 Cor 12:9, 10 both remind me that what He calls me to do, HE will enable me to do! He qualifies, empowers, takes the ordinary and does extraordinary things…God’s wisdom as you seek His will!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      This comes to mind because I think it has been so true in my life when I have said #SayWhat to God when he asks me to something that I don’t feel qualified…He doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called!! You remember this sweet sister. If God is calling you, HE will be the one that qualifies you and gives you the abilities that you need to complete his calling!!

  21. I am excited to hear from God. My Prayer is that we all hear and experience God the way that we need. I know we will!

  22. #Saywhat! Help! It’s started! He’s asking me to do things that are out of my comfort zone! First it was to touch the lady in front of me at church yesterday morning – who I didn’t know at all and suspected might be special needs due to my observations – what if she turned around and caused a scene? You wouldn’t believe how much I argued with Him over that one. I got lucky as her tag was sticking out, as it gave me an excuse to tuck it in and pat her back a couple of times. She never turned around, but the angst inside me that I have asked for when I am being disobedient faded, so I pray I was obedient in that one – not in a way I’m proud of, though.
    The second time was driving home from lunch after church, and I saw a gentlemen on the corner selling newspapers. God asked me to talk to him. And I didn’t – he was on my husband’s side of the van, I knew I wasn’t planning to buy a newspaper…sigh, the excuses are endless, but in the end, I didn’t do what He asked me to, and as I sit here with tears in my eyes grieving my disobedience and unwillingness to trust in what He’s trying to do with and through me, I humbly ask forgiveness and push the restart button.
    I guess yesterday was a learning opportunity – I hate that I’m scared about what other people will think. I’m scared about the responses of the people I don’t know from Adam who I obediently reach out to. And to be honest, I didn’t want to see that expression on my husband’s face – what are you doing? Abba, change me, guide me – thank you for the clarity of Your requests yesterday. I grieve that I quenched them yesterday in my disobedience, and humbly request that You trust me again to be Your hands and mouth and what ever You planned for me today.
    Melissa and Nicki and all of my OBS sisters, thank you for the opportunity to be real with you today – to have a place to be honest and accountable for my actions. I request your prayers that I will love and trust my Abba so much today that what ever He asks, I’m scared NOT to do – scared of missing the opportunity to love Him back just a little bit of the incredible way He loves me.
    Much love,

    • Loved Adrienne’s post from earlier – on p. 37 of the paperback, 36 from my Kindle version, Lysa says, “Look on every fear not as a weakness on your part… but as a very real temptation to be attacked and overthrown.” Missed that one when I read the chapter – was too focused on the five questions – but this is very real to me after yesterday. Abba, please change me and guide me to recognize those fears for what they are and not allow the enemy to get in the way of my obedience to You.
      Much love,

    • Thank you for sharing your weakness and struggles. You are not alone and you have given me hope. Your post reminded me of a song from worship yesterday: “Lead me, Guide me”. As I hum it now, I lift you in prayer. Have a great Monday, my sister in Christ.

    • Your post really resonated with me because I just went through something similar not too long ago. God spoke, and in my mind I BLEW IT. I too was grieved over my struggle and willingness to just not be a part of something He asked me to do and so I just prayed. He had already made His will clear, and I just let it go. I prayed for opportunity and when I did I found that all the “excuses and reasons” I had analyzed in my mind were not so important compared to sharing in His glory. In my case, God provided a second opportunity (which required waiting awkardly for a half hour, HA!) I hope and pray for your opportunities. And I hope you know you really didn’t blow it. God’s mercies are new every morning and He doesn’t view us the way we see ourselves when things go awry. You are His beloved! He loves you today, tomorrow, and forever and He is the God of many chances willing to move mountains for you! Hope you have a most blessed week:)

    • Your post really touched me. I press through life much the same way. God is speaking and I don’t respond to it immediately. Then the regrets when I reflect on it. I know I need to “Be still and know that I am God.” and act upon what he is asking me to do.

  23. I was reading Jeremiah 29: 13 yesterday as I studied Israel’s exile to Babylon. After Nebuchadnezzar laid seige to Jerusalem for over a year and starved the holy city,most of the Jews were exiled to various parts of Baylon. Jerusalem ransacked and God’s holy temple was torn down. All of the spoils were taken to adorn Babylonian palaces and temples. Through the prophet Jeremiah, God promised His people that when the seventy years of exile was complete, they would return home. “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

    So yes, this verse came at a very desperate time in Israel’s history. The people lost everything, including their dignity. But God reminded them that all was not lost. They could find Him if they seeked with all their hearts. And some of them did, like Daniel, Nehemiah, Ezra, as well as many Jews who returned to Jerusalem when the seventy years was up. Israel would never be the magnificent nation it was under Solomon’s rule, but God used their exile to spread them out like seeds. They have lost their home but they were dispersed into the Gentile world. God has a plan even at Israel’s darkest hour. So He has a plan for me as well.

    • Laurie Messer says:

      Thank you, Julie, for sharing the background surrounding this scripture. I love Nicki’s words, “What does this verse mean to you personally? For me, it means moving to a desperate place of longing to hear from Him.” Both of you sweet “Yes girls” have caused me to pause and contemplate on this.

      Looking back personally, I have experienced more growth in my relationship with God through moments in my life that were my most desperate. Makes me look at these desperate times in a new light and hopefully I will not be so scared of future times that may prove to be desperate.

      But also, I don’t want my only times of growth to be out of moments of desperation, but I want to experience it as a result from a heart that longs to be in the presence of her Maker. I want that kind of desperation as well that will lead to a life of #PalmsUp and a woman who always says #YestoGod! 🙂

      Just some thoughts on my heart that I wanted to share. 🙂

      Blessings to all,

    • Yanira Rodas says:

      Julie, I agree with you The Lord has plans for all his children no matter how diffiucult or easy the plans are. But always Jeremiah 29:11 New International Version (NIV)11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. This is the BV that keep me going when ever I feel the Lord forgot about me. He is a great God. Thank you for sharing your explanation it helps to understand some things, I did not. God bless you Julie and keep your Faith a life He is with us all the time.

  24. Lynn Graham says:

    Jeremiah 29:13……..what this verse means to me, is to call upon the Lord in confidence knowing he is their for you.

  25. I need prayer for trials going through my family and finances and a desire to grow in The Lord! Thanks for doing this I am enjoying so much praise The Lord!

  26. Thanks Nicki. I need to find software or an app that will let me use pics & write my verses on them. Then I can create a screensaver for work & wallpaper for my iStuff (pad & phone, lol). Any ideas y’all?

  27. I am loving this study! Loving the book! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 5 key questions! I also LOVE verse mapping! I have never done it before and I started it with last weeks verse and love doing it, I will definitely implement that into my weekly routines from here on out. this is what Jeremiah 29:13 says to me ~ and you will desire Me, and WILL find Me, when you talk to Me, praise Me, learn My word and study it with all your heart.

  28. #SayWhat:
    I have been working on these 5 questions for the past week now and it is so exciting to see it as a topic of this weeks study. I had brought it up as a question in the FB small group. I have had a hard time discerning what God has been telling me to do. I was not sure if what I was hearing was correct. After looking at the 5 questions and reading Chapter 2, I have come to the realization that I was hearing my own voice in the hope that it was God. I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I have worked full time for so long that I felt it was starting to come between me and God and my need to give more fully to him. I have seen that as I spend more time in quiet reflection and open up his word, I am finding the true answers. We can renew our minds to hear The Lord when we grow in him. I use to only be able to hear his word through others reflections of the word. I would do a devotional and read someone else’s interpretation. Now, I work hard to really hear what it is speaking to me. It really helps. I have found that I need to sacrifice sleeping in a little longer or not watching as much TV so I can be the working mom that I am and still have time for my family, my career, and first of all God. It is amazing, I am not as tired as I use to be and I am enjoying every moment that I have! I am so glad that I can say #yesToGod and start each morning with my #palmsUp ! Sending blessings to you all! Have a great Monday!

    • Andrea A. says:

      I can 100% relate to what you said. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom. But it’s just not in the cards. If God wanted me to be a stay at home mom, then there would be some opening or opportunity for that. That just hasn’t happened. I agree, when I spend time with God it’s easier. I am somehow able to manage it all. But I slip away from it and get caught up in the tasks of daily life. I need to focus much more on God and the fact that there is some reason he wants me working. I may never know what it its, but I’m in the situation for a reason. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • I never tire of hearing testimonies from women who are intentionally seeking the Lord! There is always an element of sacrifice (sleep, TV) and discipline to grow closer to our Lord…but honoring Him is worth it! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story 🙂

  29. Stela,
    If you look on facebook there is lots of people posting pictures already. Select the picture and save to your camera roll. You can then go to settings and select the picture!

  30. It’s one of those days where little things can start to frustrate me…I’m looking to God to work against that. I’d write them here, but that would only be dwelling on them. I’m blessed today with everything I have. I pray I continue to know that all week!

  31. Andrea A. says:

    I confessed last week that I did not want to say yes to God because I didn’t want to take on anymore than I have right in front of me. What I realized and am beginning to believe more strongly is that all I need to do is simply to say yes to what God has placed in front of me. One of the questions Lysa suggests we ask ourselves is, “Is it beyond me”? Being a wife and working mom is definitely beyond me. I’ve been trying to do that with a peace and contentment for two years. Just not happening. I am a teacher and as I get ready for another school year I feel very conflicted. I enjoyed being home with my daughter and wish I could stay home with her. I am already worried and anxious about the stress of working a full time job and trying to find time to ‘do it all’. I feel the challenge and struggle of the jobs God has given me to do. And I believe this is what God wants me to do. Because if it wasn’t, then I wouldn’t be doing it. I don’t feel God is leading me anywhere else but where I am at.

    • Andrea,

      I have been a working mom and wife for 24 years; my kids are 24 and 21 now and let me encourage you, it was definitely beyond me and I was fearful anxious and disobedient plenty of times out of God’s will but i just kept pressing on and praying for daily strength. Had to let go A LOT of thinking i could do “it all”. I believe my kids are better from it (my husband has mental illness and is not emotionally supportive most of the time) and keep relying on HIS strength in my weakness. This OBS makes me continue to press thru and what do I give up? i just need to GIVE UP (surrender) and keep my PALMS UP to Him in worship, trust, and faith. Trust Him with your job, your children and your faith too! He is faithful and worthy of our trust. He has confirmed His promises over and over, just remind yourself of that.

    • Andrea A.,
      I, too, am a teacher and a mother with a daughter (who is now a whopping 15 years old!). And I know how conflicted you feel now that the end of summer is nearing. Summer for me is a time of refreshment (lots of Bible study and being in the Word!), and it’s easy to feel stressed and anxious as it comes to an end. Once the school year begins it is hard to find the time we need to be a wife, mother, and child of God. Teachers work long hours and are often physically and emotionally tapped out when they return home to their families. Something that Lysa TerKeurst wrote on her blog on 8/8/13 has already helped me prepare my heart and spirit for the coming school year. In her blog she wrote about “the cost of the call”. I was called by God to be a teacher. In that job I don’t make very much money, I work long hours, and it can be physically and emotionally draining. But that’s the COST of that call. With it are many blessings: love for and from the children, being a part of their year as they learn and grow, and developing in them (my little 4 and 5 year-olds) the knowledge that they are wholly and completely loved by God. I am blessed by following in God’s perfect will for my life. My prayer is that as your summer winds down you too will be able to embrace the cost of your call and look forward to the many ways God will bless your life by following in His perfect will for you.

  32. Can you explain the blog hop? It sounds fun but I don’t know what it’s about?

  33. It occurred to me this morning that many of my problems stem from a lack of sleep. This “fog” around me is oppressive and I want out. I also know that I can get a good nights sleep if I turn off my computer by 9 pm, be in bed by 10 pm and not drink my favorite glass of wine every night. My husband’s snoring is another issue!! I have struggled with weight loss and getting physically fit for years. Last week I decided that a great way to save some money and calories is to not buy the wine during the week and save it for a “date night” treat. It did not occur to me that I was saying “yes” to God until this morning. I drank the wine last night, was on my computer until 1015 pm and clearly was not in bed by 10. I tossed and turned all night. Now I’m lifting up in prayer, “What else have I been missing in order to have a good nights sleep?” Likewise, what amazing things will God bless me with when I am well rested? I’m so excited to find out! Jeremiah 29:13 is a great verse for the week!!! And to Cheryl in Knoxville – you remain in my prayers. -Peace+

  34. Jessica Sutherland says:

    What do I need to change? Ask God to help me desire Him more than anything else. More than being comfortable. more than the recognition of others. If I want God more than anything else, everything else will fall in line.

  35. I am so excited about this Bible study. I have a desire to discern God’s voice and really listen to Him and follow His will for me. I read chapter 2 yesterday and this morning I read chapter 3. As read what Lysa had written about listening to God and obeying Him completely, not just half way, I sensed God urging me to let go of something in my life, and I am going to be obedient. I am letting go and trusting Him to direct my paths. God is so good!

  36. I’ve got chills! When I wrote my prayer of commitment after chapter 1, I signed it “WITH ALL MY HEART”. Last week’s focus verse, Deut 6:5 “Love the Lord your God WITH ALL YOUR HEART.” A favorite verse of mine, Prov. 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord WITH ALL YOUR HEART”. And now this week’s key verse, Jeremiah 29:13 “When you seek me WITH ALL YOUR HEART”. All I can say is “Wow”!! I am loving this study.

  37. Theresa S says:

    I wanted to share what God shared with me this morning.
    Hebrews 12:5-6 NLT
    And have you forgotten the encouraging words God spoke to you as his children? He said, “My child, don’t make light of the Lord ’s discipline, and don’t give up when he corrects you. For the Lord disciplines those he loves, and he punishes each one he accepts as his child.” It is so encouraging to know that God loves us do much to gently correct us and guide us in the right direction even if what He says hurts. To hear God when I am thinking the wrong thoughts or speaking the wrong words is such a comforting feeling because it reminds me He is with me and I’m hearing Him.

  38. One of the things i can do to renew my mind is to constantly stay in tune with Christ, how will I do this by reading his word, praying, worshipping, and attending Church to be amongst other believers in Christ in doing this my way of thinking is constantly being changed and renewd so when negative or evil thoughts try to invade my thought process i will be able to cast them down 1. because I will have the word of GOD to fight back with and 2. because I am in tune with Christ daily.

  39. Laura Rhodes says:

    Happy Monday ladies! I felt led to share what God has been doing in me yesterday and this morning. Yesterday, my husband preached at the church I grew up in to help fill in while the permanent pastor is out dealing with illness. He focused on James 1:19-27, but the two verses that spoke right to me were 22 and 25: “22 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. 25 But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do.” I was amazed at how well this ties in with what we have been studying here. “Whatever God says do, do it.” “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13. Looking “intently into the perfect law that gives freedom” and continuing in it, as James says, IS seeking God with all our heart.

    I was convicted of some things in my life that I’m not honoring God with. My eating habits is the biggest thing that jumps out at me. I do not honor God with what I eat, how I eat, when I eat or why I eat. Eating is, and has been for a long time, my therapy, my escape, my DRUG. Philippians 3:18-19 says, “For, as I have often told you before and now tell you again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ. Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things.” I first read this verse in Lysa’s book Made to Crave. It hit me like a ton of bricks at the time. Paul describes ME as an enemy of the cross of Christ because my god is my stomach and my mind is set on earthly things. It has been about 2 years since I read that book, but this verse immediately came into my mind during his sermon yesterday morning. And last night, he led our evening service at our regular church. We were discussing sexual sin and he read 1 Corinthians 6:19 which says, “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” Even though this refers to sexual immorality, it spoke right to me about the way I treat my body with what I put into it. Wow! So basically, all day, God was speaking to me and convicting me.

    For the past month or so, I have been almost debilitated by depression and anxiety, which I’ve suffered with most of my life. A medicine switcharoo messed me up good. I felt like I was in a black hole and all alone and I would never find a way out. Thanks to God, I am on my way out and doing great as of this past week or so. But when things got really bad, I decided to stop “worrying” about what I was eating because I didn’t need the added stress on top of everything that was going on. Looking back now, I think I was using my problems as an excuse to go crazy with food, and using food to “deal” with my problems. Yesterday through my husband’s words, James’ words, Paul’s words and Jeremiah’s words, God convicted me. If I’m going to seek God with all my heart, and do what the Word says, what God says, then one of the major things I will have to let go of is food. I would say that it is an addiction and a crutch. I can’t do this alone. I can’t do this without divine intervention from the One True God.

    But I know that I am being called to follow hard after God, and I can’t do that with the weight of sin that I carry at this moment. I always seem to give this problem up to God, to lay it down on the altar, only to pick it right back up again as I leave. I am asking my sisters in Christ, my fellow Jesus girls to pray for me today. Pray that God will help me give up this struggle for good. That I will seek His guidance every second of every day, in everything I do. Thanks for reading this seemingly never ending post and thanks in advance for your prayers. #SayWhat #YesToGod #PalmsUp

    • Laura Rhodes says:

      Oh, and I thought of another song that would fit this study!

    • Laura thank you for sharing. I actually went through all of these same verses yesterday and they spoke volumes. I have been going through a hard time as well and I have leaned on comfort food more than I lean on God. I am not one to cry as a matter of fact I avoid and fight it as if it were a plague, so I stuff with food as a distraction. I have fought loneliness a better part of my life. My parents deserted me when I was in high school, my husband left me after 12 years of marriage with 2 kids 6 & 7 at the time. I spent the next 12 years putting everything I had into my kids, relying on God to assist me. Note the problem in that thinking… God assist me, Oh Lord what was I thinking?!?!? Now that my kids are young adults they now have turned against me (really just in the transition phase of child to adult), but it doesn’t help when they are venomous in their talking to me. They are God’s children he has them, I have to let them go (which I have) and TRUST GOD. Say YES to him and let him be in Total Control.
      During this time of being alone is giving me time to figure out what is truly more important than anything is to seek God, to know him, to trust him, to love him. Versus in this order are what I found last week that are helping to keep me moving forward.
      Colossian 1:27
      Galatians 5:22-23
      Jeremiah 29-13
      Isaiah 30-21
      Joshua 1:6-9

  40. Jeremiah 29:11-13 has always been a favorite of mine. “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” I find this so encouraging. When our heart truly wants to be in line with God’s heart, He will show Himself to us.
    I believe we can renew our minds to hear God more clearly when we take the time to pray specifically for His answers. Only the Lord can open our minds to having a clearer vision of who He is and what He wants from us.
    I’ve been praying for about two months specifically for an answer in regards to John. John was my fiance’. There have been clear signs that we are not meant to get married. First of all, there is the financial aspect. I have school loans that I cannot pay due to my disabilities and John does not make enough to cover my loans. Secondly, there is the health insurance aspect. I will lose Medicaid if I marry him because he makes $200 more than what the eligibility bracket allows, his insurance won’t cover me because of my pre-existing health issues, and John can’t afford having me on the insurance even if I were accepted. The last issue is the biggest. He is not a Christian. He thinks he is because he goes to church and believes in God and Jesus but there is no fruit of the Spirit in him.
    I’ve had to ask myself those questions that Lysa shared and the answer is clearly a “no”. I’ve also been doing the study, “Woman Thou Art Loosed” by T.D. Jakes. These paragraphs really spoke to me: “If your actions and moods are not a reaction to the probing of the Holy Spirit, then you are reacting to the subtle taunting of the enemy. He is trying to produce his destructive fruit in your home, heart, and even in your relationships. Receiver, be careful what you receive! Moods and attitudes that satan would offer, you need to resist. Tell the enemy, ‘This in not me, and I don’t receive it.’ It is his job to offer it and your job to resist it. If you do your job, all will go well…You must discern his influence if you are going to rebuke him. Anything that comes, any mood that is not in agreement with God’s Word, is satan trying to plug into the earthly realm through your life. He wants you to believe you cannot change. He loves prisons and chains! Statements like, ‘This is just the way I am’, or ‘I am in a terrible mood today’, come from lips that accept what they ought to reject.”
    John always tells me “This is just the way I am”. He believes people cannot change and don’t change. This just clarified everything all the more for me. I realize John and I are not meant to be married. So this happens to be a #SayWhat moment.

  41. Knowing that God is speaking to you is such an amazing idea! I wasn’t brought up to believe that God still speaks to His people. But now that I know His Word is a living thing, I have heard Him in so many wonderful ways. Don’t give up! He wants so much to speak His Word into our lives. We just have to listen with ALL our heart and put our trust in Him. I love the quote from Proverbs 3:5-6 that someone mentioned earlier. God brought those words to me in ways that He knew I would hear. One was on a bracelet given by a friend, another was scrawled on the back of my paycheck by a secretary, and the third was bookmarked in a long-forgotten Bible that had to be grabbed when no other could be found. This all happened in the course of ten days. Thank God that He knows where and how to reach us!

  42. Yikes… Chapter 2 in one day.. I gotta get on it today…

  43. Praying for you Laura.


  44. I wanted to share again a little excerpt of my journal. This was written before and after I read chapter two, titled: Hearing God’s Voice (again, I amy just typing what is in my journal, sorry for typos/misspellings etc…)

    (before reading the chapter)
    #saywhat?! okay, here I am, another week ready with my palms up and saying Yes to You. Take me away, take me deeper than last week. than yesterday, than just an hour ago. ready, set, go!!

    Jeremiah 29:13: You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart

    All. it is is used again here in this verse just like in Deuteronomy to love God with all my heart, with all my soul and all my strength. God, you want all of me. I need to fully surrender in order to let you have all of me. Have I fully surrendered? How do I fully surrender? Intentional. Thats it. I need to be intentional about You in every moment.

    (after reading the chapter)
    my heart is swollen. my heart is filled, no, it is overflowing

    Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    You answered me tonight. overflowingly. You covered me. I am filled with so much hope that I can hear from God. Lysa has provided some AWESOME insight and steps. What a wonderful teacher Lord. Thank You so much for how You used her. I am filled with even more hoope and assurance that God WILL USE ME. I am covered in love. I am saturated.

    ~~ I am still in the process of digesting chapter 2. seriously, I woke up this morning STILL with a full heart. My joy and peace was overflowing from last night. Praise God 😀
    Praying for all you Sisters and Leaders!! <3 xo

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Thank you for being so open in sharing something so personal to you!! I LOVE the word intentional!! That is my word for this year that I’m working on. It can be applied in so many different ways. But there’s nothing better than being intentional with our God! Keep those #plamsup saying #YesToGod and be filled completely by Him!!

  45. Good Morning! I just wanted to say how excited I am to participate in this on-line Bible Study. I purchased the book, workbook and video almost a year ago because I felt God leading me to lead a Women’s Bible Study at Church. I kept putting it off because I have never done anything like that and really, I didn’t know where to start. Because of this Bible Study, I am searching my heart and soul and I will be more prepared to start the study at Church and this time, I WILL say YES to GOD!! The Lord is working in my life and I can feel His presence. Boy oh boy has the devil been attacking me and my family since I decided to participate in this study. I am sure the devil is attacking everyone who is trying hard and putting their whole heart in it. DON’T LET THE DEVIL WIN….IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Remember, Jesus’ name is the most powerful name ever. Let’s put on our Armor ladies!! (Ephesians 6) and prepare ourselves to help fight the war. Remember (I have to remember too), that I can do ALL things thru Christ, who gives me strength. (Phil. 4:13). It says ALL not some, not only that or only this………….A**L**L!! Thank you Jesus. Thank you ladies for your commitment to the study. It sure does help me. Please pray for me and I will pray for you.

  46. Sarah Travis says:

    I am so challenged and encouraged by chapter 2 and this week’s verse. I have been through a lot of change and also uncertainty in the past year which has brought me some of the greatest joy in my life and also led me to become a little depressed and discouraged…it’s been a crazy year! I realize I have stopped seeking God with ALL my heart and I so long and desire to. My husband and I are praying for direction in lives as we seek to move jobs/location and the 5 questions have come at a perfect time as a reminder of how we need to be seeking God’s direction.
    So ready to say YES to what HE has for our future… #Saywhat !

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      We will be praying for you and that God gives you direction, wisdom, and peace as you look to Him for guidance with these changes. It’s always exciting when God gives me what I need, when I need it. I’m glad that He has done the same for you!! Love that hope that He shows us and how faithful he is!!

  47. Good Morning,
    I live on the west coast and always amazed by all the replies I see when I start my study. On page 38, chapter 2, I was really impacted by what Lisa says about seeking for desire,discipline,discernment,direction,and delight. I have written these down on and index card and plan on taking them to work along with our week 2 verse from Jer 29:13
    I l

  48. I said YES to God!!
    I have never, ever, ever written in my Bible. I have done many of Melissa’s bible studies and she always encourages it, but I keep my writings in my journal. The Bible is sacred. It would be blasphemy for me to write on the pages of the Word of God. I don’t know where that mindset was engrained in me, but it has been there, and I was good with that. NOW, what if God whispered to me “Susan, give that person YOUR Bible.”? My Bible would not help a person find his/her way through the overwhelming Words of God. My Bible would not be a witness to my relationship with Jesus. My Bible would be just like any new Bible I could pick up from the store. Giving My Bible would not be a sacrifice, other than having to replace it. Giving My Bible away would not lead me or the other person to a life changing encounter. So, drum roll please, I highlighted and wrote in my Bible this week!!! Don’t tell my Mama!! (That’s probably where my mindset came from )
    Love this study and Love my YES sisters!!

    • Debbie Hollingsworth says:

      Susan, I was the same way until several years back. I was raised by my grandma Bessie and was always taught (or thought I was) not to EVER put even a piece of paper on my Bible, so my assumption was that I would never be able to write in it, so I kept notebooks with my thoughts, etc. I saw a woman at church who wrote in hers and I asked her about it, then stepped out and began noting in mine too. What a beautiful thing to have seen words marked that encouraged me once, encourage me again.
      Guess what…I have the privilege and honor to have my Grandma Bessie’s taped together Bible since she has passed. Because of it’s delicate condition I don’t open it often, but when I do….there is her handwriting with notes and dates. I see where she found her strength in scripture and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Grandma may have never set anything on top of her Bible, but she used it as God would have her to find strength, marking the scriptures with dates of need or maybe dates of prayers answered. What a blessing to me to be able to draw from those same scriptures that helped this woman of God to walk close to the Lord.
      <3 God Bless you as you navigate His Word with your eyes and your pen.

    • 🙂

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Don’t worry, we won’t tell your mom 😉 Praise God for saying #YesToGod !! I LOVE writing in my bible, but I have only been doing it for less than a year, but man, it is colorful that’s for sure 🙂 I love being able to go back and see what God had spoke to me and what meant so much to me. Love writing in dates so that I can know exactly when He revealed something to me!! Blessed that you are a part of this amazing study with us!!

  49. Debbie Hollingsworth says:

    Hi Ladies, I am putting the five questions in my phone notepad so that they are handy when I need them. I’m also seeing that if I put the letter “e” before my #yestoGod I see that I need to keep my EyesToGod and off of the world around me. You are all precious in the eyes of our loving Father, and I pray strength into your lives this week. I, personally, feel like I am the seed from the packet being torn apart because God’s life for me is coming, and I’m okay with that. I don’t understand what’s happening or why, but I’m not supposed to because it’s God’s work and His will that is taking place. How strange for me to be okay with being torn apart and not knowing, it’s totally beyond my character of control but I’m good with that. I don’t want what I thought I wanted, I only want God’s will and I know it is better than what I could have hoped for. Nicole Nordemon (sp) song says “Be real to me now, that’s all I’m asking”, and that’s where I am. I just want to know Him and hear His voice, the rest will take care of itself. #SayWhat?! #PalmsUp! Because I’m saying #yestoGod with my Eyes to God. God Bless.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      How beautiful to be broken so that He can restore us!! Thank you for sharing and having your #PalmsUp so that God can give you what you need. Keep saying #YesToGod and keeping your eyes on God! 🙂

  50. Amanda A.G. says:

    In Chapter 2, one thing that I keep going back to is the quote on page 35 that I am a “dearly loved daughter of the Most High King.” WOW! When I need someone, feel alone, have frustrations, wonder about friends and family, I can reflect on the fact that my FATHER, the KING, loves me dearly.

    Then in reflecting on the questions to think about when discerning the voice of the Lord, if we are staying in the Scripture and know it, which teaches us about God’s character, then we will more readily be seeking to please the Lord, so some of the questions will almost fulfill themselves more automatically. As I am learning more about God’s sovereignty, it is only confirmed that I can do things only through Him, so whatever the case, it is almost always beyond me, but I am a “dearly loved daughter of the Most High King.” Finally, the other question… is it being confirmed? I have to sort of smile or laugh sometimes because first of all, once I know all this I just mentioned, what I need to do is practically already confirmed, but most of the time in my life, when I have something on my mind or heart and am trying to decide if it is the Lord nudging me, I hear it and see it everywhere… in sermons, friends mention it, words stand out in a commercial, I think about it seeing a sign while driving, etc etc etc. The only way I would miss the confirmation is if I simply ignore it…

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      AND…you are a princess of the Most High King!! 🙂 Don’t you love how God speaks to you?! He’s going to make sure that we get it 😉

  51. Jeanie Kelley says:

    What I am doing with the verse is when there is a new verse I will go on the images for the verse and save the photo then the next week have the verse on my screen saver on my computer. This way I have the verse and I can look at it and study it. I have an index card holder in my purse and have the verses written down on it. This helps when I am riding I can study the scripture. I am wanting to keep my eyes on God all the time so I will seek him during all that I am doing. With the glitches we had last week I am not giving up on what God has in store for all of us. We are learning how to say yes to God with our palms up and when things go awry we can ask say what to God even when the times are hard.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      LOVE this idea!! We definitely won’t give up because we know that God has something beautiful in store for all of us. Blessing sweet sister!!

  52. So incredibly blessed as we continue through this study, and at a perfect time in my life. So many questions fill my heart right now about saying yes to God and being obedient to his calling. I REALLY needed the end of chapter 2 as Lysa laid out the concepts of desire, discipline, discernment, direction, and delight. I believe that the desire, discipline, and delight are present. But, oh how I lack discernment right now. Praying fervently that I would come to know the difference between my own thoughts and God’s voice with the decisions that lay before me.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      God’s timing is PERFECT!! I want to be a Proverbs 31 girl. I have been praying that God will give me wisdom, like the Proverbs 31 girl. I will be praying the same thing for you!!

  53. I have felt God telling me to give up television for some time now & have resisted. This morning after reading chapter 2 , I know it’s so I can hear His voice. Nothing I can watch is better than hearing God’s voice! #saywhat – I am all in!

  54. All I can say to start is how perfect the timing was for this OBS to be introduced into my life, and chapter two WOW. I just finished reading and my E Book I s a sea of yellow. 🙂 I have always felt the tug of God my heart, but I also have always had a problem with trying to convince my self its not really God, I think its either me trying to rationalize something I really want, or its the enemy trying to weasel his way into my life. I will defiantly be bookmarking this chapter, and will revisit it many times in the future when I start to feel discouraged about what I am hearing from God.
    Sometimes I forget that God wants to have a relationship with me as much I do with him. I think in order to prepare my mind for hearing Gods word, I need to take more time during my me & God time, and be still and listen. I tend to pray and talk but to listen. I need to empty everything on my mind, hand it over to the Lord, and not just stop there…then I need to just be still in his glory and listen for him and just be in his wonderful presence. The answer to the other question about sacrifices…about a month ago I would have told you yes, but also a month ago I made a decision to spend more time with God, and I have sacrificed my sleeping in time. I have NEVER been a morning person so for me this is a difficult thing, but now that I am use to it I have no problem when my alarm goes of at 530/6 am. I spend time with me, my husband and God, and then just me and God when my hubby leaves for work. Now I just need to be still during some of that time! 🙂

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      God is pursuing you and he WON’T stop, but isn’t that the most priceless thing!! Keep listening for your Daddy to speak to you and keep saying #YesToGod

  55. Good morning ladies. I am looking forward to week two but I know that this will be a tough week for me. Every time I think I have given it all over to God, he shows me another area that I haven’t relinquished control yet, but every time I do he exceeds my expectations. I wish i had done it sooner but God’s timing is always perfect. Thank you ladies who share your prayers online with us. I love being able to read them and in way be praying that same prayer with you. One of My #Say What moments came this morning when I was seeing posts referring to 24k +, 100% gold is referred to being 24k, but we have 24k + women participating in this OBS, for me it is exactly where he wanted me to be at this time and all the posts, support and encouragement that is being shared is better than 24k gold, it’s Priceless!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Oh, but to see your willingness to obey him is wonderful. He is molding you into what he desires for you to be, and your allowing Him to and being obedient. He will bless you! I LOVE your #saywhat moment and the picture you painted. Being surrounded by other women who loved God with all the heart is PRICELESS!!

  56. The verse that is resonating with me this week is from Luke 9:23 and reminds me of the 3 things I believe God is calling me to do each and every day as I struggle through my “healing process”. I just finished Lysa’s Made to Crave book and found myself saying…”This is what I’ve felt I have struggled with for so long and now I have words to put with my gut feeling!” God seems to be confirming in me that He is leading me on a journey of true healing and I anxiously await to keep learning how to better hear from God as well as be God’s disciple by following what Luke 9:23 says: Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.
    Praise God for this Bible study and for you ladies as you venture into this new endeavor with technology and bringing God’s word to so many women! Thank you!!!

    • Janae, that is an amazing testimony to the deeply personal love and healing hand of God just for YOU! Those sorts of stories are such an encouragement to so many. I pray God continues to reveal His will to you in ways that you are able to hear and act on. And that He blesses your obedience to His specific calling for you.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Thank you for sharing and being so open to what God is revealing to you!! Rest in Him and the healing that He wants to have and keep being obedient. He loves you and wants to best for you! Have a blessed week!!

  57. I think the reason I do not always hear god’s voice is because I don’t spend enough quite time with him. The problem is I am one of the those people who cant keep still. Even when I pray I find if am going for a walk or doing something I am more able to pay attention, and mu mind does not wander to to other things. Any suggestions? Also, its is always difficult to find a quite place to go without distraction!

  58. Great lesson again and I am drawn to all the responses. My 10 year old recently asked how she can know if God is speaking to her and now I have more I can share. Thank you Lysa for your examples. I am feeling a change in my life as well that God is calling me to and I am going to say Yes!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Preciousness, having your 10 yr old daughter wanting to hear God’s voice!! Keep listening and saying #YesToGod

  59. Chapter 2 delivers so many pearls of wisdom that can be applied right here and right now! I am in awe of how easy it is for me to zoom right past the “it is beyond me?” part. Especially if I feel like what He’s asking of me might make me uncomfortable. Grace is a beautiful thing! One of the quotes from the chapter 2 that really leapt out at me, and that I am committing to memory, is, “God will not speak to us or tell us to do something that is contrary to His Word.” (pg. 27) This reminds me that I need to go digging around in the Bible to see what God has to say about the thing I think I’m hearing. I have to be in. God’s. Word. I’m tucking away the importance of knowing my God so well, knowing His Word so well, that when I think I’m hearing from Him, I’ll know if it lines up right away. I SO want to know Him that well!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Amen…me too!!! I don’t want to just know who He is. I want to know Him, REALLY know Him!!

  60. Lysa’s statement on page 33 has really helped me to not stress over whether what I am hearing is from God or just my own idea. She writes, “you see, if what you are doing pleases God, then even if what you thought you heard from Him wasn’t His voice, you still please Him. We should always seek to err on the side of pleasing God.” I also really liked the 5 D’s on page 38- Desire, Discipline, Discernment, Direction and Delight. I am praying for these things in my relationship to God expecting to draw closer to Him. My palms are up!

  61. I will be very shamefully honest. Chapter 2 spoke wonders to me. I have been a Christian for 46 years and I am not sure I have ever heard the Lord speaking to me and hear Him speak to me. I pick up God’s word when it is convenient for me…….how sad. This has been a struggle for me and I have let Satan make me think this is a struggle. It is a struggle to go to work…….it is not a struggle to go to my grandson’s ballgames…..it is not a struggle to go out to eat……..it is not a struggle to sit and watch television……….but yet, I make spending time with God a struggle. No wonder for so many years I haven’t heard Him speak to me so I can say Yes Lord……….please pray for my weakness that has grown into a habit. I want to have an intimate relationship with the Lord and hear Him like so many do. Love all the ladies here and it is so encouraging to read the comments, but I find myself being jealous of how so many can hear from God when I have claimed Him for 46 years. Please don’t waste your time on other stuff……..spend time with the Lord. It hurts to be honest but I think it is about time the truth is admitted out loud……….

    • Wow I see myself in some of what you are saying.. thank you for

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      God’s mercies are new every single day! If you are alive and breathing then God still has plans for you! Look forward and learn from the past. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing from your heart <3

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      Tina I will be praying for you. I have been a Christian for 30 years (wow can’t believe it has been that long) and I will be honest with you I was just like you, I made it a struggle to study Gods word. Two years ago I was at my lowest and God took me out of the pit and took care of me. He rescued me and put the desire back in my heart to serve him. I have never felt closer to him than I do now. These OBS have been the biggest help to me. I can come to this blog and I can get so much from all the ladies experiences. I am like you I let the worldly things take root in my life and just had time for God when I went to church. My life is so much better since I started putting him above everything else. I have a better marriage and better relationship with my chidren and I claim it is because I have put GOD above everything else. Sometimes it helps us to say our faults out loud…..that is what this blog is for. Praying for you.

    • Praying for you…..thank you for your honesty!

      • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

        I love your honesty. I think honesty is beautiful, transparent, and refreshing. So thank you 🙂 God’s work is never finished in us. Start searching for Him with ALL your heart and see the work He will do in your life!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Tina – thank you for sharing so honestly, making it easier for the rest of us to do the same!
      I have to admit that, though I spend 20 hours a week working for my church, I don’t spend much time being in relationship with God, being in his presence, listening for voice and direction. Being in church on Sunday mornings feels hypocritical, because I spend the whole time making sure that the service is running smoothly so that others can get what they came for.
      Saying “yes” to participating in this OBS is my way of getting intentional about growing in faith and knowing the Lord.

  62. Angie Boucher says:

    This spring I was given a chance to “live beyond me”. My husband takes high school kids on a mission trip every other year. This year he was having a time finding a female adult so he said I really think you should come. My son was going but my 3 girls were not old enough. So that meant leaving my 3 girls in the country with both my husband and I out of the country for over a week. Plus I teach preschool what do I know abt relating to high school girls. But I felt God telling me to go. So I did and had a wonderful time now because of trip I have connected with 2 girl who went on the trip and now I am doing a Bible study with. Plus my girls did great while we were gone!!! Praise the Lord!!!

    • : )

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      I can share in almost this exact situation as you 🙂 My husband was to be leading our middle school youth trip kids to Wyoming with our youth pastor and his wife. With some health issues with our youth pastor’s wife, she wasn’t able to go and I was asked if I would. God had already placed this on my heart and this was a #SayWhat moment for me. We have five kiddos at home and I wasn’t sure how we were going to find someone to watch all these spirited children 😉 But God worked it all out and I’m so glad that he had me there!! The blessings that I received from saying #YesToGod was more than I could imagine. LOVE our God!!! Praise God for working it all out for you and your family!! Keep saying #YesToGod

  63. Lori McGuire says:

    “Seeking Him with all my heart”, I think I have been trying to do this for some time now. The only thing is that I have not been doing it all the time. This is why I am going to really try to make the habit of using the “five questions” into my daily routine. That is my goal even with the simplest of things. I figure if I can nail it with every day things then when the important decisions come to mind, it will be truly a Godly decision. I tend to go to quickly in life and not rest in Him to even use all of these questions, sometimes justifying in my own mind instead of what God really wants. This is why the “five questions” will help me be accountable instead of my one which was always “is this what God wants of me”, easily justifiable, at least for me. Thank You!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Be intentional about it and it will just be a part of you and your nature. Keep seeking Him with ALL your heart and listen for His voice. Blessings sweet sister!

  64. This is the first post since the study began, however I do participate in my small group. I wanted to share that this is a wonderfully written book and God breathed for sure. Thank you to all the Prov 31 leaders and all that make this possible , for all that goes on behind the scenes that can be taken for granted. I have found ways to invite Gods word into my life, I have no radio in my car, I intentionally did not hook it up when I bought it, due to the fact that driving can be meditative for me and I do not want to drowned out that whisper I can hear and feel as the holy spirit. I started saying Yes to God long ago, but I never really walked in obedience, reading his word, worshipping , or service work. Service work is one of the biggest ways to see God in action. I normally have no trouble knowing if the words received are my own thoughts or his thoughts, what I do have trouble discerning is at times acting on the thoughts of self, or the world, vs good pure loving thoughts from my creator. I re-new my mind, daily, I am not able to live off of yesterdays promise, or tomorrows hope, I have to come to the cross daily and pray, for his will in my life to be done, and not my will. We together can do what no one person alone can do, and I try and talk to others who believe as I do, encourage others, and I also take the word into the dark corners of Myrtle Beach SC. There is a huge need for evangelism here at the beach. This study enhances my walk, I so am far from obedient , in so many things, yet in others I am confident in Christ and I know my Identity.

    Thanks Prov 31 for doing the kingdom work 24k that’s incredible. God given and inspired through diligence and obedience, we may never see the fruits of or labor, however rest assured that ” “The full fruit of a labor of love lives in the harvest, and that always comes in its right season…..Praise God.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Praise God for Proverbs 31, for this OBS, and for you and your love for Him!! Fighting the desires of worldly pleasures is a daily thing, part of our sinful nature. But being centered in Christ, filling yourself with His word and Him, and going to Him in prayer helps us in that fight!! Keep your identity grounded in Christ. You have a beautiful spirit!

  65. I have always wondered if it was my voice or if it was Gods. The 5 steps have been of great assistance. I never knew how to discern his voice from my own and now I feel like I am more open and receptive to hearing God. I also feel like he is calling me to give up my old ways and become the person He made me to be. I have felt a sense of relief and a sense of satisfaction over how I am changing. It’s amazing to see the work of Him through me and I couldn’t be happier.

    • Your joyful comment made me smile!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Ephesians 4:22 “Throw off your old sinful nature and your former way of life, which is corrupted by lust and deception.” We have to give up who we use to be so that we can become who God wants us to be. This can be hard, but it’s a necessary process. Love the happiness and joy you are experiencing by living for God!! #YesToGod

  66. Haven Willimon says:

    I too feel like something is holding me back from hearing God all the time, I just can’t put my finger on it, however, sometimes I feel I get a glimpse, when I see something confirm what I was thinking was God speaking to me. I don’t want to be one of those that “need” a sign, but for someone who is learning how to hear God, sometimes, it is needed to affirm and tune in your listening skills. I think one of my issues is releasing my worries to someone else. The idea of someone else handling my worries is hard for me to swallow. I know I need to work on trusting God more because He is capable of handling it, but there is often this little voice that also says that because I can’t see HIM, he can’t take care of something as trivial and material as the worries I have on earth. He can’t physically touch my situation. I know this is not true, but I have to constantly fight this voice, that says I must handle it ALL myself. I sometimes, am afraid of what I may hear or what He will aske me to do, when I do hear HIM. I don’t want to be that person either. I want to be open and trusting. I am gradually learning to hand it off, and try not to worry because the worry takes my joy that He has given to me. I love chapter 2 and I look forward to hearing God’s voice more often. I look forward to growing spiritually and being able to say whole heartedly Yes, God I hear you and Yes, I will do what you say! #palmsup


  67. I have been a stay-at-home mom since January of 2012. Previous to being a stay at home mom I worked in a daycare center for 8 years. I have loved being a stay at home mom. When I began in 2012 my son had just turned 1 year old, so from then on I got to experience SO much being home with him. And by SO much I mean the good and the bad! Haha I quickly found out how impatient I was and how much my son wanted to make me pull my hair out at times, it was just such a different but amazing experience. At one point my husband told me I might have to go back to work due to financial things and so I started looking for a job. No one was hiring. I had thought about steering away from childcare because I had done it for so long and wanted something fresh and new. The problem with that is, I’m a 27 year old women with only a high school diploma with ONLY child care experience, so no one wants to hire me. I was getting frustrated, as well as very sad to think I would have to leave my son all day to go to work. As well as all this going on, I was participating in the “Greater” OBS. It was during this time and this study that I felt God leading me to start my own home daycare. I struggled with God about it. Really God? Home daycare? Have you seen my impatience lately? Didn’t I tell you I wanted to steer clear from that portion of my life and move on? But God kept persisting! 🙂 I didn’t listen for a long time to God’s calling. I ended up helping a lady from my church in her home daycare, and during that time is when God opened my eyes to show me that is what he wanted me to do. My main excuse for not starting a home daycare was that we live in a small 2 bedroom duplex and I wouldn’t have enough room. BUT, then my husband decided we were ready to search for our first home, so we did, and we actually close on our new home this Wednesday! 🙂 A few months ago I contacted who I needed to and got all my paperwork to fill out to become a licensed home daycare provider. So after we move into our new home and get settled in, I will begin that! 🙂 I apologize for this being so long, but this is my story of a #SayWhat moment for me! 🙂

  68. I am picking 3 of God’s fruits of the spirit from Galatians. I am focusing on them ALL day and asking/seeing if “they are beyond me?” since “I can do all things through Christ”

  69. melva nolan says:

    Proverbs 3:4-6 is the verse I am clinging to lately…
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight.

  70. Linda Paver says:

    I have had several #SayWhat moments in the last few years and I know it really was God speaking to me! How do I know? Without consciously answering the questions in chapter 2, I actually answered them and amazing things have happened: My placement for my last year of teaching; retiring from teaching 4 years ago in March instead of the end of the year as I had always thought I would; being called to volunteer at our local Pregnancy Care Center; traveling on a Christian cruise to the Caribbean last January; to name a few! How do I know these were from God? Not one time did God place a roadblock in any one of these situations. I had no choice but to have my #PalmsUp and say YES. I’m so thankful I was able to discern this was God. By using these questions more intentionally, I hope to hear God’s voice more clearly.

    I also decided to map this week’s verse and share it with all of you girls. Someone shared theirs last week and it was a blessing to me. Hopefully, I can do the same for someone else. Our key verse this week is Jeremiah 29:13 and it says, “You(that’s me) will seek(look for tirelessly with everything I have) me(God) and find(do whatever it takes to locate) me(God) when you seek(look for tirelessly with everything I have) me (God) with all your(that’s me) heart(all of me with no holding back, internalizing from the inside out).”

  71. Just was thinking of some songs of praise to go with all of the wonderful awakenings we are all feeling. “Rise Up and Praise Him”, “Open The Eyes of My Heart”, “Shout to the Lord”, and “Wonderful, Merciful Savior”. I really love to praise God with song!

    • I love to find songs that help keep me in our Lord’s presence. What lovely choices, Pam!

    • I ,too, had songs this morning as I studied and also while Instant Messaging my daughter. The first that came to me was “The Love Of God” , and the other was , “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”. I love hymns and what a Joy to have them to hold onto or to just worship in His Presence!!

  72. Michelle Romero says:

    I love this study and love our scripture for the week. God is telling us He wants to be found. He wants us to have a personnel relationship with Him. He wants us to hear Him. Our scripture does not say, if you choose to seek me, or that He will seek you if He chooses but that When we seek Him we will find Him if we seek with our whole heart. #SayWhat

  73. Renewing my mind for me will be making a conscious effort to take my thoughts captive and give them to the Lord. I am also becoming more aware of what I put into my mind and the affect that has on my thoughts during the day. I have felt challenged to reevaluate the shows I watch, time spent being on my phone/computer browsing the internet. I am realizing the time I give to those instead of investing in other friendships/relationships, my daughter and relationship with the Lord, is not furthering my work in the kingdom or relationship with God.

    I felt so encouraged when reading Ch. 2 about the part of the “fruit of the Spirit” this morning. I felt like I was having cool water poured over my dry and thirsty soul! I will be meditating on that verse as well this week.

    • Amen Jennifer! It’s so easy in this world to get caught up in all that stuff in this world and not even realize how it’s affecting us and keeping us from being affective in God’s Kingdom. My Pastor addressed this at church yesterday about movies etc. and here I am again reading this message. I hear you Lord! Last night by husband popped in a popular movie, one that I love and have seen multiple times, but this time I couldn’t watch it. It just felt wrong. Praying He will nudge you in the same way with these things.

  74. #Say What. Wow, as I was checking some verses in my
    on-line Bible, the “verse of the day” popped up, and it was Mark 12:30. “And you must love The Lord your GOD with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength.” This is the same verse we learned in Deut 6:4-5. I am a beginner with all this but. I am listening for you GOD. Thanks for the message, and I say “yes”.

  75. Haven, I hear you Sweet Sister! Oh how I love your heart and desire to #SayYesToGod with your #palmsup. He HEARS you doing this and He is honored! Christ will show us Himself in ways that delight us. This is a process and dies take time but SEEK Him with all your heart. I also get the trust issue. One of our past studies (Let.It.Go) taught us that our worries and problems are to be put on God’s “to do” list. He wants them! Phil 4:6-7 tells us, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Do you have a journal or notebook to write down this “to do list”? This works for me. The more we are intentional with prayer and reading God’s Word, the more we learn that He can be trusted with eveything. Keep on keeping on Haven. I promise you will have victory in this Sweet Sister!

  76. God has been really showing me how to draw closer to Him by getting my mind away from my distractions. In the past month or so I have been tackling some pretty tough stuff, but even as it began, I knew that in the long run, God has a reason for a specific change in my life. It is uncomfortable and quite painful. Every day I am confronted with the hurt that I feel and with fresh wounds. Last week I found that my pain was really getting in the way of my really focusing on saying yes to God. It is hard to say yes, when you are too busy bawling and grousing. My pain was so loud, I couldn’t let God work. Then I began to see that yes, I am in pain, and it is valid, BUT if I focus on God, it will fade, His purpose will become my focus. He will be my focus. Listening again to the calls this week really helped with that too (I downloaded them to my phone and listened with my ear buds). Reading and rereading Romans 12:1-2 and tackling the first activity in Chapter 2 also gave me a lift today, and an understanding of how to really make a change. I am responding now to my abrupt life change in a whole different way thanks to God! And this study has been a catalyst for that change.

  77. I often struggle to hear God’s voice, but Chapter 2 has definitely helped. I hope and pray that as I grow deeper in my faith and dedicate my life to Him, His will for me and His voice, will become clearer!

  78. Just wanted to say how truly inspired you group of ladies are! This is my first OBS and I am blown away by how parallel this study is running with my life. I just stepped down from a position I had with our youth program, after 10 years, because of chapter one and my need to get my family and myself back to the basics of a deeper relationship with God and NOT getting lost in OBLIGATION. Then I started to second guess myself and chapter 2 came into the picture and I burst into tears to read Nicki’s inspired words…”But I’ve started to see that when the time I spend with God moves from an obligation to a genuine desire to hear Him; this is the place my life truly begins.” Thank you SO much for your divine inspiration.

  79. Lord you know my desire is to BELIEVE in you. Lord to TRUST in you. Lord to FOLLOW YOU.
    I know that I fall at times and I am sure glad for your love and forgiveness. Help me to be stronger, help me to hear you and keep my #PALMS UP. Lord today let me just give you all of my praise. Let me more thankful. Let me worship you today and not focus on anything else. Thank you Lord. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN.

  80. God’s voice and directions are not always difficult or even very exciting. Sometimes, they are simply reminding one to do what one should… For me, this truth was provided in a small, but delightful, way.

    I was given a “read the Bible” reading plan last summer by an old friend. I put off committing to the reading because, well, because. The person who gave it to me repeatedly urged me to give it a try…. I finally started it last October with the New Testament assignments… I’ve been mostly staying on schedule since them. My assigned reading currently is in Jeremiah. My planned reading for Wednesday is Jeremiah 26-29.

    I’m glad my friend listened to God’s voice, and encouraged me to “just start.” I’m glad I listened and obeyed. And, I’m pretty sure I’m hearing God smile.

  81. Charletta Rupert says:

    I am facing a life changing decision in my life and have been earnestly seeking “How can I know for sure which direction to go?” This is amazing and going to help me immensely. Thank you for your obedience to the Lor in doing this study at this time. God Bless You.

    • Charletta, I’m lifting your decision up in prayer praying He will make clear His path for you and provide you with the peace that it’s Him speaking.

    • Paige Ward (P31 Prayer Warrior) says:

      Father, thank You for bringing Charletta to this study at a time in her life when she so needed it. I pray that You would guide her and give her peace about this life changing decision she needs to make; You already know the answer and the path You have laid out to her. Thank You Father! You promise in Your Word that whether Charletta turns to the right or to the left, her ears will hear a voice behind her, saying, “This is the way; walk in it”. Isaiah 30:21 We thank You in advance for all that You are doing. In Jesus’ name, amen

  82. Good morning lovelies – Like so many of us have written – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this OBS !! There is no turning back now and I am so excited for what God has in store for me. I verse mapped our scripture for this week and again am struck by the completeness that comes from trusting our God.

    Seek – to search for, to obtain, to go toward
    Find – to become aware, to EXPERIENCE, to FEEL, to bring oneself to an awareness of what one truly wishes to be and do in life
    All – the utmost possible, the whole of one’s fortunes, everything one has, wholly, completely, purely

    Tying this verse back to our verse from last week, the theme of trusting in God ALWAYS is evident. One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 121. I am so renewed when I read and truly take in these beautiful words. Because of the awareness this OBS is stirring in my heart, I am spending more time in God’s word. I am actively seeking Him and making quiet time to spend with Him so that my faith grows and I become the woman He destined me to become.

    Happy Monday yes girls!!

  83. There are times when I hear God’s voice often, and then times when He is silent. Or, maybe I am not listening and seeking. The 5 questions are such a great reminder and tool for me. I’ve often asking “God is this You speaking or my thoughts?” And as Lysa pointed out in the book that happens to all of us I believe. So discerning begins with seeking and that begins with getting into His word. The more I know Him the more I will know His voice. The times when He is silent, He may not be – I may have drowned out His voice with being preoccupied, busy with life, trying in my own strength (doesn’t work btw!) and just not praying or reading His word. I have been really challenged spiritually this past week here and outside of this study in my church, small group and other areas of my devotional life and I can happily say that I am listening and God is speaking. O, how I love Him and praise Him!

  84. #saywhat http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/2d/53/11/2d531187540782e9b7218df04aced09a.jpg
    But God is so awesome the above is his word for me. Praise the Lord o my soul.

  85. No matter how bleak things look, remember God is never early or late, He is always right on time and He makes a way where there seems to be no way. Trust Him. He’s got your back and holds you in the palm of His hands.

  86. Nicki, I love, love, love what you shared that our verse this week means to you: “moving to a desperate place of longing to hear from Him.” Paints a picture of exactly where I want to be. Thanks for sharing that. God is calling me to be more bold in my Yes God heart and mind. I tend to want to be a Yes women in many ways and things, but still hold onto that little piece in my heart out of fear – what is God going to ask me to do if I completely let go and am I ready to step through that door? I want to be ready…it’s God who equips me, not me. I think that, along with the fear, is the piece I hold onto – equipping myself. Lord, help me to let go of self dependence. I know I can only do so much on my own and I long to be a part of something bigger than myself – something I would fail miserably in without you. Lord, that list of things that you would have me do that I have no idea how I would accomplish without you – reveal to me that list, those #SayWhat moments with you, and grow it as you grow me through this study. Amen.

  87. Seriously, I LOVE that we are ALL really so much alike, but then we are sisters after all! I cannot say how often I received a word from the Lord and looked at Him from the corner of my twinkle and replied, “Say what? You ARE just joking , RIGHT?” I am glad not to be alone in these moment of hesitation. Do we wish we could be a bit more like Philip who just did it? A couple of months ago the Lord asked me to begin preaching again. I work 50-80 hours per week, help care for numerous people in my family and pastor. The remaining 5 hours I try to sleep. When the Holy Spirit asked me to say YES, I did immediately followed by, “I would suppose You have all sufficient grace available to this impossible thing You are asking?” We laughed heartily together! I love you ladies more than I know to express and am praying together with you as each of us say YES to God! Thank God for our leaders! May God richly bless your efforts as you impart wisdom and power into our lives.

  88. Just journalled some great helps for to remember to keep my focus: my personal GPS (Gentleness, Patience, and Self-Control) and also another GPS reminder to listen to GOD, Palms Up, and Say Yes!
    I will be camping with my husband until Friday and off the Internet so looking forward to catching up with comments then but also eager to spend quiet times with my Jesus in the woods.

  89. Soooo many thoughts on chapter 2!
    I struggle with knowing if I am hearing God or just imposing my own will. The questions are going to be so helpful! Although I wonder – if we are questioning what we feel we are being told to do, is it better to step out in faith and trust God to pull us back from a misstep than to risk being disobedient?

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      We all struggle here, Beckey. That is an awesome question you asked. I often have to step back for quite a while before big decisions to discern if it is of flesh or of God. Thanks for sharing your insight here.

  90. So enjoyed reading Chapter 2 in my quiet time this morning! I truly need to have God’s peace and guidance now. I’m on unpaid medical leave from my job of 28 years, and waiting for my Long Term Disability to be approved. I’ve been turned down once already, so this time is an appeal. It’s very stressful not to be able to work and have an income. I’m searching for God’s will in this matter of being able to be healthy enough to go back to work somewhere, somehow.
    The scripture spoke to my heart and I am seeking God more intently!

    • Paige Ward (P31 Prayer Warrior) says:

      Isn’t in wonderful that God promises, “Carol will seek Me, and find Me when she seeks Me with all her heart.”

      Father, I ask that You would be with Carol in the waiting to hear about the disability and give her peace. Guide those making the decision and grant wisdom. I pray for healing for Carol. You are the same God yesterday, today, and forever. We praise You! In Jesus’ name, amen

  91. I loved chapters 2 & 3 thank you! Each of the bible versus helped solidify other versus that I read last week. My very first post I stated that I had not said Yes to God due to fear. We all know that fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real. But then Lysa had added to that for me. I paraphrased her writing in my journal, “His voice is strong and gentle, ‘Do not fear.’ Quick answer for fear – faith and confidence in God. Look on every fear not as a weakness on my part but as a very real temptation to be attacked and overthrown. Know that all is well and that Faith, not seeing but believing, is what will steer me to safety over the stormy waters.’

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Oh, Wow. That is exactly right. Fear is what the enemy uses on me and he is a liar. Love this. Thank you!!!

  92. It’s so easy to get caught up in life/ the world, we lose focus of our purpose, THE purpose, serving God. Thank God for His grace & mercy that keeps us…this week I’m facing the world #facedown, in prayer & the word with my #psalms up open & ready to receive deliverance & a fresh anointing.
    2 Corinthians 4:18
    “We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

  93. I’m loving this OBS. I want to share one of my “Say What” moments. My husband and I were accepted into a Bible College. We were believing for the money for both of our tuition. In a miraculous way, a strange lady paid for mine. But God told me to give it to my husband and I said, “SAY WHAT”…..I obeyed God with this and the results have been amazing!!!!!

  94. Ramsey Stepp says:

    Oh.My.Wow, Yes Girls!
    Chapter 2 was INCREDIBLE! It’s hard to put into words {without writing a novel} the feelings I have right now. As I read Chapter 2, I had a few mixed emotions – at first, it was panic. Was it really God I was hearing or was it just me telling myself what I’ve been wanting to hear? I got a little freaked out reading the details about the 5 questions { I know, they are just guidelines and it’s probably not as bad as I’m making it out to be…}, but the truth is, I don’t know The Word that well, so how can I tell it’s Him and if what He is saying lines up with scripture? His character? How do I know His character if I don’t know HIS WORD?!?! Is it being confirmed through messages….? I read WAAAAY too much into signs and messages, I think – this questions scares me! Is it beyond me? I tend to ignore things that I know are beyond my reach. You see, this is why I’m not a goal setter – I don’t like the disappointment when I don’t reach or achieve the goal, so anything that is beyond me, is usually a no go. So this part of my emotions was really upsetting to say the least. But, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of excitement and….peace at some points.{maybe that was God?} Even if I’m not sure it’s God I’m hearing, I’M GOING TO EVENTUALLY HEAR HIM. That’s the exciting part! Lysa just gave me a few tools I needed in order to do it! The major point for me is READ THE WORD, STUDY THE WORD, KNOW THE WORD, and you will begin to know God. I’ve been thinking I’ve been doing all the good “spending time” with God in the mornings by reading a devotion, studying the verse that accompanied it, and saying a little prayer or recording the prayer that the author of the devotion gave. However, I’m getting a sense {duh, Ramsey} that this isn’t enough. I need to give God more. Then that leads me back to….what if I fail? What if I can’t give Him more? What if I fall off the band wagon, yet again, and push myself away from God? Isn’t He getting sick of me doing this? I would if someone were doing it to me! Oh…wait….this I KNOW about God…He is never sick of me…He loves me…He is patient…kind…..Ok…I’m going to be ok. I know I can do this.

    In a round-a-about way, my answer to a question: I need to sacrifice my perfectionism. seriously. it’s a dreadful thing to have when it comes to relationships, because if I’m not perfect…or doing what I think is perfect….I push myself away..with EVERY SINGLE relationship I have….

    Sorry for the long post, but darn that felt good to get off my chest! 🙂 I’m praying for P31 and all you Yes Girls!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your heart Ramsey!

    • Thank you for posting it was so wonderful to read your honesty and just your ability to express yourself in writing . I pray you are blessed richly with all God shows you as you step out in more obedience. God bless you! Liz

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Sweet Ramsey,
      Uh, did I write this? Sounds a lot like me. “The major point for me is READ THE WORD, STUDY THE WORD, KNOW THE WORD, and you will begin to know God” You said it perfectly there sister.

  95. We were talking about gods will in our Sunday school class yesterday. Affirmation for me that being a part of this obs is where I should be. These five questions are great. I agree with those who have talked about a struggle for finding the quiet time but find joy in the short moments God gives throughout my day and am learning to turn off the tv. #palmsup and ready for a #saywhat moment.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Quiet time is so important. It is vital for our walk. Finding joy in the moments is also vital. Thanks for sharing.

  96. I think we can renew our minds to more clearly hear from God in two ways:
    – By adding
    – By subtracting

    – Time with Him – in His word, in prayer, in mindful moments throughout our day (when we see a beautiful sunrise, think of Him and His wonderful creation; when we wait on dinner to come off the stovetop, think of His provision in our lives; etc)
    – Time with other believers – iron sharpens iron and having Christian friends around us helps us more clearly discern His will in our lives

    – The stumbling blocks in our lives – we know what they are – and they’re different for all of us! I personally struggle with an emotional attachment to sugar – I need my “fix” when I’m having a bad day – but why can’t I turn in prayer to my Creator instead of a sugary snack that’s only going to make me feel worse in the long run? Others might struggle with other blocks – shopping addictions, gossiping, vanity, etc – and through prayer I know we can subtract them from our lives!
    – Time in the world – watching TV shows that don’t do us any good, spending too much time with the people in our lives who aren’t great influences (note that I said “too much time” – I definitely think we need to befriend and associate with non-believers – to help show them our Jesus whom we love so much!)

    Love and (virtual) hugs to you all, sweet OBS sisters!

  97. Chapter 2 was great! It didn’t occur to me before that Satan could give me a false sense of peace. Huge #saywhat moment for me!

  98. What an incredible example Lysa gives us with the adoption of her sons. Listening for HIS voice and communicating with HIM has never been easy for me, but I have the desire to change that. I love what Lysa says on page 38 about her seeking HIM by asking for desire, discipline, discernment, direction and delight. I plan on using these to help me seek HIM and to have a more intimate relationship with my daddy. I am excited for the first time in a very long time to draw close to my heavenly Father in a way I have never experienced before. Love this study!!!

    • I loved that part too. Many times I have asked God to give me a desire for His Word, and a heart for His people. I know that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. I even need to depend on me to love His people like He does and to crave the milk, and the meat, of His word. Bless you!!

  99. At the end of chapter two, asked to write out definitions for Romans 12:1-2. A favorite verse of mine for a long time. This morning I read it in depth and came up with this “translation”, if you will:) I looked up some commentaries that made some things clear for me and made me see this verse in a new way.

    12 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God

    I urge you brothers and sisters, by God’s abundant mercies, that you present yourself dead to sin and alive in faith (romans 1:17), holy, completely clear of sin, acceptable, living by the Spirit far removed from the flesh, worshipping God whose plans for us are good, is totally reasonable. Do not mold yourself or allow yourself to be molded in judgment, spirit, or behavior by setting yourself away from God’s face and following your own desires, but be changed in your character and condition inwardly and outwardly by setting your mind on heavenly things taking all thoughts captive and submitting them to God, and reflecting only on what is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, excellent, and praiseworthy. Doing this in obedience to God, will be proof in your life and testimony to others of God’s will.

  100. So strange…yet not so strange…..I hadn’t even looked at today’s assignment or glimpsed at the title of Chapter 2 until today, BUT just this morning God used my husband to confirm a message of calling that He placed in my hearts years ago. The calling has been tucked away in my heart because yes, it was/is beyond me, and I was afraid of my own inadequacies. Today all these things combine to release my fear to God and to rely on His equipping. Thank you

  101. For me, the challenge is saying “yes” when my hubby is not in agreement! So, am I to assume that if I think I’m hearing from The Lord and my husband looks at me like I’m nuts when I share it with him, the thoughts were just made up in my mind? I’d love to be a “yes” girl but can not be whole heatedly if my husband isn’t on board 🙁 This is frustrating!

    • That is a hard place to be, and I find myself there at times as well. Or, my husband will declare some big change that I am unsure of, and I don’t hear God’s direction clearly about…and then I feel very hesitant and confused. My dear friend reminded me the other day, however, that it is God’s will for me to be under the authority of my husband and that, unless my husband is asking me to sin against God, I am to submit to his leadership. That is, many times, very hard for me to do. But God is so faithful, and He does direct our paths, and He does work all things for the good of those who love Him, so I choose to trust in Him and say “Yes”!

  102. The five questions are great! It is so hard knowing what God might be trying to tell us. These questions really help.

    For the Bible verse this week, I did the map versing to help me truly understand it. To me it is saying that when we are serious about finding God, he will be there. We have to truly want to hear from Him.

    I do not always know when God is trying talk to me, but I am really working hard on this. A good example was last summer I felt the need to find a church. We had been out of church for a few years after our church merged with another church and it was not for us. My husband used to push me to find a church and I was reluctant and always made excuses. I am not a people person and do not like to venture to new things. This time was different, it was me doing the research and pushing to go visit different churches (#saywhat!). We had visited a few but they just didn’t seem right. My heart kept telling me to check out this one church but is was about 25 min away from the house and I was really trying to find a church in the neighborhood so I kept putting it out of my head. Finally, since I couldn’t get it out of my head, I decided fine, we would go
    and check it out. From the time we walked in the door, I knew this was our home church. It has been a year since we started attending this church and we have since become members and now serve in the church. This is also a big thing for me because I am the type of person who wants to get out right away, but this time I wanted to get involved in this church. We also joined a home Bible study group. It is amazing when God is telling us what we should do but we ignore it sometimes. I am glad I did not ignore Him this time!

  103. During today’s call, Melissa mentioned using a book of prayers and I was hoping she could tell us which one she uses?

  104. Cindy Mchaffie says:

    Love chapter 2 – so many time over my walk with God I have convinced myself I had heard from Him and it was ok to do it my way when I knew it wasn’t – this last few years my husband and I have completely surrendered our life to God and living and doing it His way. O it hasn’t been easy and it still isn’t as we wait on God and as He’s teaching us how he wants us to live for Him but you know there is no other way – for me the 5 points are an answer to pray because I have been praying for the Lord to help me to understand between what is of Him and what is not PTL now I will carry these 5 points everywhere with me thank you Lysa x

  105. Funny how everything seems to hit me all at one time! My thoughts are swirling…I so appreciate that Nicki’s post said to stop and finish reading the chapter if we hadn’t yet! I was about half way through when I opened my email this morning. As I finished the reading and went through the study questions I am bowled over with everything!!! I had previously memorized Romans 12:1-2…heard many messages on it, yet had never really “unpacked” it like today…God’s word shines a whole new light into my mind this day.

    I will definitely put the 5 questions to work in trying to hear God’s voice and to know His good and perfect will. These past few years I have felt like a grape in a rock tumbler…bruised and bashed, wounds weeping and so on. Everything that I had thought was God’s plan for my family has been taken away and I struggle day by day just to put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes I just want to hide myself away, self protect…but now, now….I wonder if what was, really was what God had for us?

    The end of the passage, Romans 9:30-33 that Lysa references in the study section of chapter 2: “If you are looking for me, you’ll find me ON the way, not IN the way.” knocks me flat….perhaps I was so busy looking for God that I didn’t see Him when I ran smack into Him!!! Oh, so much to think about!

    And what Nicki says in the post “We live in a loud world so the voice of God is becoming harder and harder to hear”….wow, so true. But the funny thing is this…with all the world making such racket…is it my OWN voice that keeps me from hearing God’s???

    I love God…so, so much. I know He has plans for me, to prosper and not harm, to give me hope and a future…and I know that He works all things together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

    I am so thankful to be doing this study. I want to be a woman who says yes to God…

  106. I did this study on my own about 3 years ago. It is so fun to do it again with this group. I have found that God speaks to me directly and also through others. I have prayed about things and then close, trusted, personal friends will say something, not knowing I have prayed and it is an answer. I do use Lysa’s tips above to be SURE it is God. It is such an awesome journey walking closer with God. But it is a daily thing. It is so easy to get caught up in this world. I am thankful God is so kind and loving and gently (most of the time) brings me back to Him….sometimes it takes a 2×4 up the side of my head to get my attention!

  107. Loving Chap 2! Taking pause and really noting that the HEART has everything to do with everything…physically and spiritually..working daily on what IS the condition of my heart?

  108. I feel there are a few things that I need to sacrifice and change to hear more from God. Mainly? My busyness and my lack of needing things to be “so-so”. I need to trust Him more and un-clench my fists. #PalmsUp really hit me…everytime I thought on it last week, or typed it, the word “Release” came to mind. Slowly, but surely, I am working on these areas. We had a guest speak at church yesterday that really brought perspective in my life. “Are you more concerned with doing works of the Lord, or with the Lord of the works?” That hit me hard. It’s time to lay down my agenda, open my palms, and say, #SayWhat, Lord? Your servant hears you.What would YOU have me to #SayYes to?

  109. Sharon Garner says:

    You asked us to ponder some questions today. I thought about the question you asked “how can we renew our mind to hear more clearly from God?” I read somewhere that “we don’t develop new responses until we develop new thoughts. New thoughts come from new perspectives”. How do we do that? Scripture teaches that we can accept or refuse thoughts. Instead of being held hostage by old patterns, we can actually capture or put our thoughts in prison so to speak and make them bow down. The word of God is the catalyst for this to happen. We renew our minds by applying the scriptures to our thought patterns. We can say “but God says”……With God’s word, we can change our old way of thinking with a new way. we can train ourselves to think differently, to respond differently – it’s not automatic. We must be intentional. God’s voice is so much clearer.

  110. nancys1128 says:

    Where were the 5 questions a few years ago when my husband was having employment difficulties?! He’d ask me how to tell if it God or not when things would arise. I felt so helpless in giving him a good answer. And he didn’t get good guidance from the Godly men in his life, either.

    I haven’t finished chapter 2 yet, and only wish I could do so here at work. It’s one thing to get interrupted while typing, but a very different thing to be interrupted while reading. Case in point – Fed Ex just arrived with an envelope to sign for, and make a phone call to its recipient. I’m now back to this note without missing a beat. Hard to go right back to reading a text that quickly.

    If only my lulls were long enough on a regular basis to read all the posts before my own. The reading might be possible, it’s the commenting on some (likely most) that would slow me down. Just wish I knew why these posts all of a sudden won’t load on my iPad. They were fine last week, but over the weekend they’d start, and even appear to be opening, and then go back to my home screen. Very frustrating, but at least I have a desktop at work that I can use.

    Now, though, it’s time to get back to some actual work-related typing.

  111. cheryl turman says:

    I was drawn to a verse before this study started and I wrote it in my book when it arrived. For some reason I knew this was special and God needed me to have this as a reminder. I take joy in doing your will, my God, for your instructions are written on my heart. Psalm 40:8. I stopped when I read in Chapter 2 p.38 I ask for my relationship with God to be charactized by sheer delight rather than a sense of duty. I never really pray for joy. This made me stop and really think how happy knowing God has meant to me and I need to communicate that better with Him and to others(which is way out of my seed packet)!! I pray for discernment and direction as He writes instructions on my heart. I am so glad to be part of this study and this awesome community of women. #SayWhat

  112. TABITHA JONES says:

    I am so LOVING this OBS. My heart is just bubbling over with the joy that it brings me when I hear from God. I want to share what I shared with my facebook group this morning: I have come to realize God speaks to me mostly through individuals. I recently had a #saywhat moment. I am a Sunday School teacher and our lesson was on Paul and it said in the literature to stress how Paul did what God commanded him to do no matter what he had to go through. The children really understood in the way I presented it and the #saywhat moment was. When we went into the preaching service my husband preached on the very same thing I had taught. My students looked at me and grinned. They understood that God was speaking through Bro. Whalon for us to have a better understandiung. This has happened several times. Me and my husband do not discuss my Sunday School lesson but God has really got my attention through it. What is the odds that I teach and he preaches the same thing on several occasions. This may not make sense tio anyone but God gets my attention this way ALOT of times.

  113. I enjoyed reading the scripture “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart.” I just returned from an amazing week with 2700 youth from our church. I chaperoned 3 high school seniors and I loved every minute of pouring into their lives and studying scripture together. #saywhat I am mentoring one of the girls who doesn’t have a supportive family and who has dealt with a lot of pain. I hope to be able to mentor her well along with the other young women in my life. I had a tough week at work and I’m wondering if God has another plan for my life. Should I go back to the classroom and teach children or continue to lead professional development for teachers? I am tired of working hard all the time and I miss having summers to regroup. I am taking care of my mother more and I need more time to help others.

    • Fran both are such rewarding jobs…but I also understand how hard the time commitment can be. I am a teacher as well and also have many friends who are teachers but work in other capacities such as teacher mentoring, professional development, etc and that can be even more time consuming than working in the classroom. From a fellow teacher thank you for all you do. Have a blessed week!

  114. How I’ve struggled with this lately. I want to clearly discern God’s voice but it does seem hard sometimes. Lately I’ve felt like I’ve been called to surrender some of the things I’m involved in to make more time for God, my family and any new things He may be calling me to. I have long since lost my joy for some of my current activities and the fruits of the spirit seem small and pitiful in these areas. These aren’t just hobbies, but church activities and things that it seemed I was once called to. It seems hard though to turn down something while I’m looking to say Yes to God. This chapter is incredibly timely as our family is growing and I’m feeling the weight to adequately discern God’s direction in this matter. I do feel encouraged by the verse in this chapter that encourage us that God does want us to know Him and to know and live in His will. Looking forward to focusing on Jeremiah 29:13 this week and giving my all to seeking Him.

    • Angie I will be praying for you…it is so hard to discern what God is calling us to do and what God is telling us to turn down. I am a YES girl I always want to say yes to everything and then find myself overwhelmed and stressed, unable to truly dedicate myself to any one thing.

    • Paige Ward (P31 Prayer Warrior) says:

      Father, I lift Angie up as she is trying to discern Your voice in the good things she is doing. It is so hard sometimes to let go. Make it clear to Angie and give her a peace as she makes decisions. Thank You Father that You know the plans You have for Angie and those plans are to prosper her, to give her hope, and to give her the future You have for her. Jeremiah 29:11 In Jesus’ name, amen

      I listen to one of the conference calls awhile ago (I can’t even tell you who was speaking), but something she said really stuck out to me and helped me let go of some good things for the better things God had for me. She said, “Know your limitations, not every need is your calling.”

  115. I feel God calling me to really make sure I make him my priority with my time. I am a teacher and as the school year begins I tend to get over whelmed and one of the first things I put on the back burner is God. So my goal is to wake up a half hour earlier so that I can put God at the start of my day instead of whenever I can fit Him in. I feel tht the more “I know about God the better I will hear His voice”.

  116. I was wondering with the back order of shipments if chapter 2 was going to be available to read on line here? I just found out that my shipment did not actually shipped and isn’t going to be until tomorrow. So excited that so many women are opening their hearts to see what God has for them. However, I am eager to get into Chapter 2 and 3 so I can continue in the study. Thanks for checking!


  117. in our memory verse i was struck by the “and you will find Me” 3 times. when we seek Him with all our hearts, we will find HIM, not just His ways, but HIM.
    we are also supposed to be “listening”. for quite awhile i think He has been telling me “time is short!” and this week, that He so loves me, adores me, has made me His treasure…wow. i was witnessing to a girl at work who was kind of put out with me for not having an open mind to all the other “gods”. she said, “well how then do you choose?” i only had a second to sum it up as it’s busy there, so i said, “I choose the One Who loved me so much He died for me.” i don’t know if i got anywhere with her, but it sure blessed my heart all week!

  118. Teliah Haywood says:

    How can we renew our minds to hear more clearly from God? I am renewing my mind to hear God clearly by uncluttering my mind. So many things happen in day for me, work, school, family life and friend relationships. I like to go into a quiet place and listen to a few gospel songs, with eyes closed and palmsup, this opens me to receive God and to get all the junk out my mind so I can hear him clearly. Then I pray, and read the bible.
    Are you sensing you may need to sacrifice or change anything to hear more from God? I am seeing that in order to hear God you have to dedicate time out your day to just listen to him. I love the saying “Peace be still”, in order to hear God you have to just be still.

  119. Lisa Bray says:

    Wow! Had a #saywhat moment today? Recently, my youngest son left home to go to college. It has been a hard transition for me. This weekend, I was working on his room, planning to use it as a guest room. I have never had a guest room so I was looking forward to that. Suddenly, the Lord spoke to my heart “You need to let Amanda use this room while she goes to college”. Amanda is my best friend’s daughter and she is coming to my hometown to attend college in January. The college is a community college and does not have housing. Immediately, I said to God “#saywhat???? Now, listen, Lord, I want a guest room! But it became increasingly clear to me that Amanda was to have this room. I did not say ANYTHING to ANYONE about this. I read chapter 2 this morning about how to recognize when God is speaking to you and I knew this request from God lined up with all the questions that Lisa had described except for the confirmation through other messages. This afternoon, out of the blue, Amanda’s mom called me and said ” How would you like to have another child?” I thought she was joking but part of me KNEW. This was my confirmation !! Sure enough, she asked if we would be interested in letting Amanda stay with us while she attends college. Joy filled my heart. Our God is so good! Not only will this be a blessing to me having my best friend’s daughter in my home (I have watched her grown since she was 3), but she will be paying us rent which will help with some financial difficulties we have been having (and I turned over to God on Sunday!). Praise God – He does speak to us and what a blessing it is when we say “YES”!!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Uh Wow. What a testimony. God is so good all the time.

  120. I am loving everything God is revealing to me reading this book. I am however stuck on something I’m not sure I understand. Galatians 5:22-23 “The fruit of the Spirit is…love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” Is that being said in the way of character or my actions will produce these characters? Trying to discern something and am kind of struggling trying to figure out if what I do will “produce” joy or if I have to do it “having” joy. Hope I haven’t confused anyone.

  121. I have enjoyed this OBS so far. Chapter 2 “Hearing Gods Voice” is awesome. I love the 5 questions to ask to determine if what you’re hearing is God. I have experienced some of the 5 so that let’s me know that I really did hear from God. It’s also an eye opener to things I need to sacrifice to really be in tune with Gods voice. I’m so glad I joined this study. It’s making me accountable and allowing me to commit to digging deeper in the word. This weeks verse also took new meaning for me. Ok now I need to seek God with all my heart and I’m determined to do that.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      you can do it sister. Be intentional about seeking him. Like Nicki says, put post it notes everywhere. Put alarms on your phone. He wants you to draw near to Him. Thanks for reminding all of us of this today.

  122. Kim Williams says:

    Our family has just moved from Indiana to Texas. So, getting adjusted to our new life is open to yes to God. We made the move do to my husbands job. I was and still am very excited. This change will allow me to say yes to God as there are no excuses. I’m no longer working and my youngest is a sophomore in high school. I’m looking forward to what God has for me here. I’m so excited because I feel like I have the time to say yes, when in the past I felt like I was too busy. Thank you, as this bible study came right on time!

  123. I am learning so much from this study and Lysa’s book. I look for God in all situations and hope and pray for guidance and answers. In church we talked about idols and things that are really idols and we don’t realize it. And how we can put them above God and what he wants for us. I have been really struggling with being single lately, I have never liked it but it seems to have consumed me a bit. I realize I need to deal with this in order to come closer to our Father. Articles are popping up in many of my Christian sites I visit dealing with this issue. I think someone is trying to tell me something. His voice comes through in so many ways. Thank you ladies for such a wonderful study. I am looking forward to each day.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Betty,
      So true. Anything can be an idol. For me worry can be a big idol. I have to daily take my thoughts captive. I am praying for you sister. So many struggle with the same thing you do. Thanks for being so honest and sharing.

    • Yanira Rodas says:

      Hi Betty we all go through that eventhoug I am merried and have children my life used to be enty, but I am closer to God now. I still strugle cause the enemy does not wants to focus in the amazing Love with recieve from JESUS. as the Bible said “Trust the Lord with all your heart and do not lean in your understanding” He will provide for you a true man of God Jeremia 29:11-13.

  124. Like so many, I too have had a challenge with making time for God outside of the regular weekly church service. Instead of thinking…how am I going to get this done, I’m sitting down and doing it and I’m amazed at how the time to participate has become more and more available. My prayer for those of you with this small challenge…….”Participate don’t Anticipate”! Palms UP

  125. I love this Bible Study. I haven’t had a chance to read Chapter 2 and 3 yet but your questions are already speaking to me. This is what God has been talking to me about lately, especially the last one.
    1. How can we renew our minds to hear more clearly from God? Romans 12:2 says: Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

    Do not conform to this world. The world’s responses to situations and problems are so different than God’s way. Trust God and seek his solutions and advice for circumstances in your life. Don’t just allow yourself to go with the flow. We were sanctified, set apart, by the Holy Spirit. It is our responsibility as children of God to not just go with the world. Renewing of your mind – as one of our Yes sisters said – this is exactly what we are doing now. Bible study, reading and searching God’s word with our #palms up waiting and expecting to hear his voice. This is the way to keep our minds renewed.

    Are you sensing you may need to sacrifice or change anything to hear more from God? – Yes, Yes, Yes – and you asking this question is proof that he really does want me to stop. Now, before I say this let me preface it with, this is God talking to me and it doesn’t mean the game is bad, it just is bad for me because it is keeping me away from listening to God. Candy Crush and all the other games on Facebook that I LOVE TO PLAY!!! I would spend hours playing these games. Then one day I had this change of heart, I remember the feeling it was like you know I could be using this time to read my Bible and gain that close relationship that I want with God again. It is hard sometimes I still have to resist the urge but God is more important and I feel that those games will keep me from actually studying God’s word. I use to play the games after my kids went to bed and before my husband came home. Now I use that time as my quiet time and I study God’s word. I really want to hear his voice again. In college I had a very close relationship with God where I would walk from class to class just talking to him like I would talk to a friend. Somewhere over the years I have lost that closeness and I want it back more than anything else. I know He is still here. I still hear his voice and see His hand at work in my life but I haven’t been praying or studying His word like I should. YOU can’t hear from him unless you are in the word. You couldn’t hear from your friend unless you pick up a phone. Well the same is true here you have to plug into the Word to hear from God. So instead of Candy Crushing I am Scripture Studying!! Thank you again for this wonderful Bible Study. It is an answer to prayers. I can’t wait to read Chapter 2 and 3 and hear more from God. Praying for you all as we say #YestoGod.

    • Debi Schuhow says:

      I recently gave up Candy Crush Saga and Bejewelled for the same exact reason you did. It was an idol that was not feeding me at all, it was draining me, and my family resented it. I feel so much better and that “drive” inside me is not driving me as crazy. If you know what I mean. 🙂

  126. I haven’t gotten to chapter 3 yet but chapter 2 was great. Those questions in the chapter will help me start to discern God’s voice from my own thoughts. I think that I need to spend less time watching tv and more time praying and studing God’s Word. I don’t like to have silence in my house when I am home. So I have the tv on a lot. Reading through some of the posts I noticed that some ladies said that in the noisy world you can lose your focus and can’t hear God as well. I need to work on getting used to the silence and wait for God to talk to me, and I need to be ready to listen.

    • Linda Paver says:

      I, too, use the TV for noise more than anything. But, when I do shut it off, and sit in the silence, this song comes to my mind: “I will come to you in the silence. I have called you each by name. Come and follow me. I will bring you home. I love you and you are mine.”

  127. Oh, Father, how I struggle to hear Your voice in the midst of all the noise and mind clutter. I want to know your voice like I know my own – better – so that I don’t have to #saywhat when You speak. I just know its You and I listen. I want to learn to seek you with my whole heart because You PROMISED me that if I do, I WILL find you. It’s Your will. Help me to empty my mind of all the distractions, worries, stressors, and even positive and fun thoughts that distract me from hearing You.
    I love You, Lord.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Beautiful prayer that I am desperately praying myself today. You are quite a friend to me. Love you sister.

  128. ‪#‎saywhat‬ — I was going to pray for awhile, when I was felt to call someone who was in the hospital, and I said, I am going to pray first, #saywhat, – I want you to call them first…. I decided I better just do what I am told, I called the person, prayed for her, and felt the Lord’s touch, I decide to call the second person not knowing she was no longer in the hospital — #saywhat, person who picks up the phone in the room said, she is no longer here, but I can use the prayer!! God is Awesome — He knows it All… So glad I listened!!

  129. Jennifer Ferrau says:

    On page 30 of the paperback book, I came across an awesome clarification form John 10:3-4. One of my biggest struggles is not understanding what I am reading, especially in the Old Testament. It is so frustrating at times; but the more bible study I participate in, the more ways I am learning to figure out how to understand what I’m reading. So glad I am saying Yes to God. ‪#‎Saywhat‬

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Exactly, Jennifer. The more you study the more you will learn and the more understanding God will give you. 🙂 Love you sweet sister friend 🙂

  130. Annette Distinti says:

    “Participate, don’t Anticipate”. Excellent quote. Love the verse for this week in Jeremiah. However, I know at times I do not put God first and am distracted my life’s other responsibilities. I am going to include this scripture in my daily prayer life and also pray for the Holy Spirit to help me to put God first. So very happy that I was led to this online bible study. I can’t express how very much I look forward as soon as I awake in the morning to check out the blog. Thank you Melissa and Nikki and I pray that the Lord blesses you with all that you need to continue with this study in Jesus name, Amen!

  131. Linda Weems says:

    I am loving this study!Thanks so much!

  132. #saywhat?? Got to love it!! Blessings abound when we take the time to listen to what God is telling us. I have a great deal of difficult memorizing Bible verses, so I’ve taken to writing them down – and putting them everywhere. My favorite place is right on top of my laptop at work. I see them and read over them as I begin my work day, and they provide me strength throughout the day. Recently, while I was on vacation, our IT department took my laptop and replaced it. When I got back, all of my verses were organized nicely on my laptop. My prayer is that at least one of them was read by the wonderful man who worked on my computer – and that he was as blessed as I am every day by reading the verses. We never know who we might impact~~ #palmsup ladies! We can make a difference. God is talking to us – we just need to listen. Blessings to all.

  133. I have enjoyed the readings so far. I like to go back and re-read the chapters just to make sure I catch everything. I read through some of the posts and you ladies are awesome!! The love you have for God and your enthusiasm is very inspiring. I said Yes to God in Chapter 1 but I dont feel like I am giving him my 100% that he deserves. The outside noise tends to make me lose my focus. I signed up for this study for a reason and that is to be a true YesGirl and to come to him with my #palmsup. However I am just not focused like I would like to be. Please pray for me to have thar focus.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Makeeta,
      Don’t let that outside noise distract you. You be that YesGirl. Thanks for sharing.

  134. I am loving this study so far working on chapter 2 now! ! Looking for my #saywhat moments this week with my #palmsup

  135. Part of my journey with this Bible Study I believe is finding that right time of the day I can have quiet time and time with Him. This is an area I have struggled with and I feel God tugging at my heart. So far evenings have been better, but we will see. I am sensing that I may need to sacrifice or change something to hear from God but I don’t know what it is yet. I definitely need tune out the loudness of life and listen for God.

  136. I thought week 1 & chapter 1 were good! It keeps getting better!!

  137. This is my very first OLS, so as you all can imagine all the emotions that come with it. But my main purpose is to grow in my relationship with God, and to know His face. This week is very important for me especially because even tho I know that I have experience hearing Gods voice in the past, its been a while, and I yearn for the “sound of His voice”. For direction, for purpose, to do His will, and to bring him Glory. I feel so privileged to be part of this historic moment I’m my life and in the life of so may others. Thank You God for never being to late. And thank you P31 ministries for hearing Gods Voice

  138. One of the things that has held me back from saying “yes” is that I’ve been afraid I would make a miserable mess of everything. But as I studied chapter 2, I realized God uses us just as we are. He created me and I am exactly just what he wanted me to be. Now I need to trust him and know that he will lead and guide me in the direction I should go. And I need to study and become so familiar with his Word that it is a part of me. This is so exciting! He doesn’t expect me to be perfect — just obedient. I love this study!!!!

    • I really struggled with the concept of perfection too. When I first accepted Jesus, I had a very hard time seeing God as my “Father.” To see Him in that way meant that I would have to be perfect and stay on course with my type A, perfectionist, please everybody, never stop life. Reading about how God used other people in the Bible, and realizing they were far from perfect, helped me to understand the character of God, and eventually see Him as my eternal Father. I am so stoked for you that you know you don’t need to be perfect! It is His delight to make straight our ways – to turn that mess into His Glory and our good!

      Praying for you!

  139. To renew my mind to hear more clearly from God I pray often throughout my day. The old way I used to communicate with God was hanging onto my prayers and have one long prayer session at night. By doing this, I would normally forget lots of things I thought to pray about during my day. Now, I take God with me throughout my day. I spend a lot of time in my car driving for work, and I spent most of my time in conversation with the Lord. I also like to take extra “time outs” where I relax in the Lord with a good cup of coffee and either sit silently, or I read. When I partake in relaxing and enjoyable hobbies, I am more at peace and my mind is more open to hearing the Lord.
    I am sensing that the Lord is ready to make a change in my work life. I have a pretty comfortable and routine work schedule where I get to encourage others to make healthy choices. Just today, I was given the opportunity to expand my work schedule, allowing me the opportunity to encourage even more people. My manager is respecting my request to give me time to consider these new opportunities. The Lord’s timing is awesome because I am using the 5 filter questions to make sure that these new opportunities are from the Lord.

    • Isn’t his timing amazing?!!!!! Way to use the tools we are given. I have been doing the same lately. Way to say Yes to God!!

  140. Nanci Zehner says:

    I am so grateful to be doing this Bible Study at this very time. I am having a really rough day. I read about the problems, issues and pains in the lives of others and, by comparison, mine or so small. But, I need to just share them as I am just hurting so much right now. I signed up for this Bible Study because I am in a transitional stage of my life. I’m 55 (or will be in one week), I lost my job of 15 years two months ago. I am struggling with staying positive about finding another job. I have good experience, skills, background, etc. But, in today’s job market that doesn’t mean a whole lot. Lots of people have those too! I feel like God is calling me to do something different. But, I just don’t know what that is. There are times I’m just frozen in fear and can’t move. Last Monday, my mother who lives about 300 miles away, was hospitalized for Congestive Heart Failure. We nearly lost her. She’s doing well and will go home on Wednesday. But, it was quite a scare. Then this morning, one of my indoor only cats got out and we can’t find him. We have two cats — Stewie and Pounce. They are brothers and have never been apart. I’ve never been much of an animal person, until these two guys came into my life. I have bonded with them and love them dearly. My heart is breaking for both of them right now. Fear for the one who is lost and sadness for the one who is here. It’s obvious he is distressed by his brother’s absence. Tons of people are praying and sending encouragement and support. Again, I am so blessed. It all culminated this morning and I just sat and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed — gut-wrenching, heart-breaking sobs. I do trust God. I know deep in my heart that God has a plan and it is greater than anything I could ever conceive. Some days it’s just hard to stay centered in that. So, tonight instead of TV, I’m spending my time with journal, bible, our book and blogs. I know you all aren’t right here nor will many of you see this, but I still feel the comfort and support of knowing I’m not alone. God Bless and thanks for letting me share.

    • praying you will find your cat… nothing is too small for our God. I have praying many nights for our cat to come home. 🙂

    • Nanci –
      Your post could be a page right out of my journal – with a couple tweaks here and there. Have hope! I also struggle with freezing. I don’t know what to do because I’m not certain if it’s of God or myself. These 5 questions have really helped. Recently, I went through a very difficult time, and at first I was unable to work. Then, my husband and I said yes to God – and we made a decision for me to stay home. Now – I feel that God is calling me to do something else. I’m just not sure what. I’ve had to settle into the idea that perhaps He is grooming me to do something else, but He’s not ready to reveal that to me yet. So some days I am emotionally overwhelmed, and other days I rest so secure in His hands knowing that He has a plan for me! Praise God for my husband who loves the Lord, and is willing to listen to what the Lord is saying to me!

  141. I have had a terrible day…. I have listened to God today, and a decision a made yesterday without consulting God yesterday, I realized was the wrong one. Unfortunately, it involved several people. I had to makes a phone call and say that I had prayed about it and God told me that what I decided was based on wrong motives and I needed to make a complete turn around. I hope to learn to tune into the voice of God more clearly. Sometimes it is so hard to hear the voice of God.

  142. I have been wanting to go back to school and advance my nursing degree. And with my personality I kinda just move on things. When discussing it with my husband, he told me that he wasn’t quite ready for me to go back to school. Well to be honest it angered me and I almost said I’m doing it anyway. I stepped back and started praying about it. I wanted to do God’s will. I could feel the Lord working in me.#say what..I owed my husband an apology, his reasons were sound for him not wanting to jump back into more student loans….listen to his side Vanessa. This happened in just the last week. Well my husband got his apology and I truly listened to his side without letting my emotions get involved. I feel that in listening to God’s voice my marriage is stronger. You’d think after 26 years of marriage I’d have it all figured out…I’m so thankful to God that he has never given up on me. And I Thank God for my husband that he tolerates me daily.LOL

    • 🙂 Well Said!!!

    • Awesome post! Sometimes saying YES to God means saying NO to something. I don’t think that God always calls us to action, sometimes He calls us to pause or stop! I sometimes have a hard time when I have to apologize, especially if I feel hurt over something. God is working in my life to change this. So, I just praise you for listening to the Lord and following through. Just imagine how much you strengthened the marriage God blessed you with by humbling yourself. Congratulations on 26 years of marriage!

  143. yes, I am sensing that God is saying to me to cut the T.V. off and spend move time with him in prayer and in his word, I feel he wants to in part something in my life. My desire is to be like Christ…I JUST WHAT TO PLEASE HIM!

    Lysa – you said something that really bless me, I NEVER thought about it that way before.Quote: When time spend with GOD moves from an obligation to GENUINE desire to hear from him your life begin to change.
    that is a good starting place for me…Thank you so very much.

  144. Sherry Wilson says:

    Chapter 2 was a great reminder of how to listen to God. Like Lisa, I find that when I’m trying to make a big decision God will confirm things to me through scripture or through what I’ve been studying or a devotional passage. The hardest part most time is the fact that it is beyond me. It’s taking that step of faith & trusting God to lead the way. It’s knowing that He goes before me & behind me & encircles me, as it says in Psalm 139:5, that keeps me going. #saywhat #yestoGod

  145. Shana Hodge says:

    I love the 5 questions! Such a practical starting place. Now, to remain calm when I’m trying to discern because we all know the enemy loves to distract us any way he can. In response to the question that Nikki asked at the end of the blog I realize that there are some things that I need to change in my life in order to hear Him. Innocent things that have become distractions and time wasters for me. I love playing Words with Friends, Song Pop and several other fun things but I have lately begun to realize that every free moment I am getting on my iPad to play my word or whatever. Good, clean fun but they are distractions that are tugging at my mind as I try to focus my attention on reading my Bible and even doing this study.

    • Shana, I also have some of the same distractions and they are fun and hard to give up, but I am working on that. I have been spending time daily with His word and it really feels much better than the other distractions, but at the same time, the desire to play the distractions are still calling. It will take time and we can ALL do it together. I will pray that we can all give up one distraction for a little time with God. Have a wonderful night.

  146. Hey YES ladies! I LOVED Chapter 2. I have been praying to hear God more and by spending time with him daily by spending quiet time in the morning, praying throughout the day, doing, thinking and saying the things God would be please about, bible study, surrounding myself with positive people, etc, etc, etc. I especially liked the part where Lysa talks about not being able to escape the particular issue weighing on your heart (God speaking to us). For awhile now, I have been “feeling” like I am supposed to be doing something in particular but I keep putting on the back burner. Just on Saturday and then again today, this particular issue has been put directly in front of me again! I think I finally get that it is God speaking to me. This is crazy because I went through the 5 questions and the answer to all of them especially number 4 (Is what I am hearing beyond me?). YES, YES, YES!!!!!! Yes it is and I am a woman finally saying YES to God fully! This is so amazing! I do think that it will be a process and will take time and learning but I am ready to accept what God is asking of me. Sorry for the long rambling post, but how appropriate for the assignment we were given today!!!!!!!!! Thank you and have a very blessed night!

    • Crystal –
      I remember having a similar discussion with a friend about “feeling like I am supposed to be doing something in particular but putting it on the back burner.” She said “Ignoring the Spirit is like having that last piece of cheesecake you know you just shouldn’t have. It’s so good while you’re eating it, but after – you feel uggggg.” I try to think about that- sometimes it helps, sometimes I’m weak!

  147. “When we invest in spending time alone with God, He will speak to us, and what we hear from Him in these quiet times will be echoed in other places.” pg 26 (nook)
    This to me was so awesome to read. Because it really has played out in the last week and really has shown me that God hears me and sees my efforts. My Sunday school lesson went along with my new commitment to spend more time with God. Slow down a little. And then the sermon on Sunday went right along with the online bible study for this week. This quote really helped me see how God speaks back to us.

  148. Hello my Proverbs 31 ladies, as i mention i’m moving very slow. We had 2 deaths. A close friend of my husband, my cousin husband, my older friend(92) broke her hips 3 times this year. She has dementia, and in so much pain. She doesn’t remember me and others. She has no children, husband decease. She has Church family and a Great niece. So we are off to my husband friend funeral in a couple of days. We will not be able to make my cousin husband funeral. The are the same day and they both live out of town. Right now i need to Hear God’s Voice, My Soul Longs for Relief. As im typing these words, i think of Psalm136:1-26
    “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever: 26 times repeated. That ladies is the voice i needed to hear and long for.Please pray for our family

  149. Traci Freeze says:

    This is an awesome chapter and right on point at such a time in my life. I struggled with knowing if it was God or just my own thoughts, but through studying, prayer and great teachings I have come to discern a little better. However, I still come to things/situations in my life that I am not sure. During this separation period of my husband and I, I have heard many things not knowing if it were God or me. While seeking Him on what to do I have definitely had some #SayWhat moments! w/o even reading this chapter I knew I had to pull from His Word to know if it was Him, but some of the other questions in chapter have really given me more insight and direction on how to hear God’s voice in this situation. I’m looking forward to putting these question to use along with seeking God more each and everyday.

    • Tracy –
      I’m so sorry to hear about the separation with your husband. That is so difficult, and I know from experience. My husband and I were exasperated for a few months almost a year ago. Coming back together with God as the center of our lives has been the most significant say what moment of my life. God will restore. I will be praying for your marriage and wisdom to discern God’s will for you!

  150. Chapter 2 is awesome. I am finding that all the lessons are teaching me the same message. This bible study, our pastor messages, and my personal bible study with God are all on the same page. I believe that this is Gods way of validating the lessons I am learning. So interesting that the message on Sunday was listening to God. Awesome!

  151. Sometimes if there is a marathon on tv that i think i need to watch, and of course i’ve already seen them over and over again. I am so convicted because i sit there for hours looking at something that’s taking time away from God. So that verse Jeremiah 29:3 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart is a verse that prick my heart. I wasted precious time when all i needed to do was click one red button. Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” I am to put God first and to ask him to give me a desire to read his word and to change me into the Godly woman for his Glory.

  152. As soon as I finished typing the post about the games I knew that I had to delete them immediately while I felt God prompting me. They are gone! Excited about how much time I will now have to really dig in this week and hear God speak to me!

  153. Lisa Young says:

    Lately I have taken time each day to spend quiet time, alone and away from distraction, so that I can hear God’s voice. It was just a couple months ago that I was submerged into darkness and I heard Jesus speak to me, telling me that I had not been listening. He had been knocking at the door of my heart and I refused to answer, so He simply came in. He told me that He always had the key to my heart, but it was important to Him for me to answer. He told me that I didn’t need to be in the darkness anymore, and that if I keep my eyes fixed on Him, I would always be in the light. I’m sure that I was directed to this amazing Bible Study through the Holy Spirit, and I am so thankful to you ladies for having it! I love the verse for this week, I will always seek God with all of my heart! Thank you!!

    • Yanira Rodas says:

      AMEN. and I am happy for you, you are albe to follow the Lord will. Keep saying Yes to HIm and you will be able to face any trial with His amazing Love.

  154. Yanira Rodas says:

    I am so thankful to God for the oportunit to be part of the OBS, so far is inspire me more to get out of my insecurities. I been looking for a full time job for about a year. I have not lost my faith the Lor will provide for one at time the enemy work with his lied and try to get me out of foucus, But I know Jesus is with me all the way. Today, I had a job interview. I did not wants to go to far from where I live. For a moment, I asked God to help me to decide to go or not to go. without me thinking, I fix my self and I went. I probably wont get the job, but I leanred so much. and more than ever I know, He has a special place for me and by saying Yes to God, I felt great the whole day.

  155. amy black says:

    Hi girls.. I am just sitting at work and I just got to watch nicki and Melissas video.. I really feel God tuggin hard about my smoking and TOO MUCH time on social media and CANDYCRUSH . #saywhat,,, anyway I just do not see me givin it up today,, Please pray for me…I love yall. off to read chapter 2.

    • HA! Funny that you should mention CANDYCRUSH! I finally had to delete it because I was spending so much time with it. For me, that was an easy one – but I’m with you on smoking. Game? No biggie. Smoking? Life change. I’m not proud to confess that I’ve been a smoker now 20 years (ouch as I just realized this). I’m only 34. My husband and I have our coffee and cigarettes every morning outside. We’ve had tears and laughter there, and some pretty significant moments and deep discussions. I guess I’m afraid of what my life would look like without smoking. Silly, right? I’ll pray for ya. Good luck with chapter two. It was great!

  156. How can I renew my mind? Wait. How CAN I renew my mind? This is an interesting question for me mainly because it encompasses both questions at once. For a month before this study (awesome by the way!!!) the idea of renewing my mind kept popping up. First, my husband and I were reading about it in Victory Over Darkness, then it came up in one of my scripture memorization tools. Finally, in worship. For the longest time I have been meditating on “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Rom 12:1-2 ESV

    I have that memorized now. Wonderful! Now – what does it mean? Do you remember studying for exams that you weren’t wholly prepared for? Maybe an all-nighter here and there? You were able to memorize the text or vocabulary words, but not necessarily able to apply them outside the realm of repetition? Yeah, that was me with this verse. That’s me with most verse memorization. Awful isn’t it? Nobody is asking me to pull an all-nighter on God’s word. There is no exam. There is only a desire to learn His word so that I can live truly for His Glory. It’s the word of God, not microbiology or the Fundamentals of Nursing!

    So, after allowing this verse to sink in – to allow it to really mean something – I went to my husband and asked “Sooooo, how exactly DO you renew your mind?” A side note – my husband is a fantastic Spiritual Leader! BUT, it was still humbling to go to him for an answer on a verse I was proud of memorizing only the day before. Oh pride, you are such an annoying little foe! With a smile, he replied – “by crucifying the flesh daily.” Say WHAT?

    After more discussion with the hubs, it became more clear what it meant to renew your mind by crucifying your flesh daily. To put it personally, I have to wake up every day and evaluate where I am going astray with the temporal things of this world. It means asking what I need to let go of to receive blessings from God. It means placing God first. I love spending time with God. I need to spend time with God! But, I confess that I am guilty of waiting until the end of the day to sit down and place myself in His word – like that decadent dessert you were waiting to have all day until after you accomplished your tasks.

    Yep – it makes no sense to wait until bedtime to renew your mind. Worse than that, I was so exhausted I would not only skip over being in the Word, but then I would fall asleep praying. Sometimes it would go like this “Lord God, I just praise you for the peace an provisions you ha —— pretty pink elephants in golashes —– placed in my lif —- flying over NY city — e. I ask for protect —- eating cheesecake with the Queen of England —- ion over my family.”

    You get the point. I’m glad God has a sense of humor! So, to renew my mind means putting The Lord first. Always. It means not saving Him (the best) for last. It means asking the Spirit to reveal areas of my life that need to be skimmed from the top. It means being in the Word daily, and seeking fellowship with my sisters in Christ so that I can see how the Lord is working in the lives of others. It means falling in love with Jesus more every day.

    It also means that if a verse is speaking to my heart, or if it comes up frequently, it’s probably a good idea to really look at it and see how God is speaking to me through it. Most often, I get stuck at question number 3. Confirmation from messages from church, scripture, and fellowship. It’s only after looking back where I can see God was putting post-it notes everywhere for me! I need to learn to be still enough to evaluate where God is speaking to me. That means being still by renewing my mind.

    Love and blessings!

  157. This is my first bible study…ever, online or otherwise & I am so enjoying it! Thank you ladies for hosting it, and every other lady participating in it! It is truly a blessing to know there are so many out there growing the Kingdom! My answer to the question “How can I renew my mind to hear more clearly from God?” By spending more quiet time with God (yes, I struggle with this too, but this bible study is disciplining me more!), spending more time reading His word, memorizing scripture, going to church and surrounding myself with fellow Christians who can lift me up, encourage me, and teach me. Also, being aware of what we feed into our minds…what is on our social media? tv shows? books? music? The mind is the devil’s playground, what we feed into it is what we get out of it. We can’t do a bible study for a few minutes in the morning and then feed our mind with trash the rest of the day…so that answers the next question for some of us…”What is something I must sacrifice or change in order to hear from God more clearly?”
    Blessings to all…

    • Dana –
      Congratulations on your first Bible study! It’s not an easy thing to jump into. I know when I first attended our Church’s small group (bible study based sermons and fellowship), I felt out of place and intimidated. I fully believe that God places new experiences and people in our path to help us grow and learn so that we can achieve knowledge and wisdom – and the whole while we receive the sweetness of spending time with Him. I didn’t expect to be part of this study. Even when I signed up for it, I sort of wondered if I would follow through with it. I have commitment issues 🙂 But here I am learning so much – only by the grace of God.

      I found that Bible studies – either with others or in private – help me to stay focused. Otherwise I’m just all over the Bible and don’t get much of anything I’m reading! I can’t wait to hear more from you. God bless you, and I’ll be praying for you!


  158. For some time I’ve known God was going to use my life’s experiences to share with others. What I didn’t realize is that it would be something that I’ve buried for so long and kept hidden because I’ve felt that He was ashamed of me and who I was. For the first time, I’m finally feeling the love that everyone speaks of about Jesus. I still struggle with insecurity and shame but the more I learn about His character, the more I feel His love for me. Like Lisa, I didn’t have a great father. I strived all may life even into my adult years to please him. That turned into pleasing everyone around me. As time went by, I realized one day Inwasnt sure who I was anymore. I just seemed to be going in a circle like on a merry go round. I would get on, things would be ok but I just never seemed to be able to get off. I’d try but something would pull me right back. I finally stopped and let go of everything I was doing outside of my normal activities that were required of me. I began to start spending more time with God which has become a necessity in my life not something I do on a checklist. The more I began to spend with God, the more He began to change me. I have recently been feeling Him drawing me to an area of ministry that I would’ve never expected. I never realized God would use something I didn’t want anyone to know to show His glory. When the thought crosses my mind of what I would be doing, I am filled with fear and tears come to my eyes. However I also know that fear is from the enemy and he would like no more than to see me continue to live buried in shame and allow this is my life to define everything about me as I have for years. God drew me to this study. I’m truly seeking Him in this area of my life. I know that many ladies are taking this study and I’m sure struggling with saying “yes” to God. It’s easy when its something simple, but like Lysa says, it’s a whole differently feeling when it’s scary and you don’t know what’s on the other side. My encouragement to myself and many others today that are where I am is that we will ” press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus. Loving God and seeking to hear His voice.

  159. Virginia Keithley says:

    Say what God? Give up TV to grow closer to you, spend time with my husband, and find areas of ministry to serve You???? Say what? Man this study is hitting me where it hurts. Every paragraph brings tears to my eyes as God is quietly showing me that He longs to be with me as only He can. Those 5 questions are spot on for me to seek greater discernment. God had been speaking to me and hubby about giving up cable…for many reasons, but as I get further into this study I am realizing its not about us. Its ALL for HIS glory!!! Say what? 🙂

  160. I’ve really been enjoying spending some time each week during this OBS really thinking about what these memory verses mean to me, personally.
    To me, Jeremiah 29:13 means that I can go to the Lord with a total sense of expectancy–expecting to find Him, and expecting to connect with Him deeply and intimately. This expectancy comes when I hold nothing back and desire Him with all of my heart.
    When I lose something, I can’t find it. I can’t see it anymore. Once I’ve found it, I can see it again. For me, “finding” the Lord means that I can see Him in my life—see His love and hear His voice speaking to me in the everyday things that happen, even through my disappointments and failures.
    Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful promise that when I seek You with all my heart and long for You and desire You with my whole being, holding nothing back, I will find You! I can be assured, no matter what my circumstances are and no matter how many times my crazy emotions or insecurities rattle me, even in the midst of it all, I can always find You. Even when I don’t understand the “whys”, I can see Your love in my life and I can hear Your voice guiding me through each season of life.

  161. Hello from sunny south Florida! Beautiful weather this week! I love this bible study and the book readings as well as the opportunity to spend more time with The Lord and His word reflecting and desiring to hear Him. I pray that we all get closer and closer to God these weeks and hear His voice clearly in our hearts and most important we submit to it and obey it #palms up even when #say what?!? That we all get so deep into His word that lights our paths every day for us to walk secure in His peace, renewed every morning by His strength and the power of the Holy Spirit giving fruit like never before. In Jesus precious name. Amen
    #say yes #radical obedience

  162. Psalm 22:26
    All who seek The Lord will praise Him ( #palms up giving thanks, praising and expecting Him)
    Their hearts will rejoice with everlasting joy.

  163. I love these verses from Proverbs 2:1-5:
    “My child, if you accept my words
    and store up my commands within you,
    turning your ear to wisdom
    and applying your heart to understanding—
    indeed, if you call out for insight
    and cry aloud for understanding,
    and if you look for it as for silver
    and search for it as for hidden treasure,
    then you will understand the fear of the Lord
    and find the knowledge of God.”

    This tells me that God is not put off by all the myriad of questions I continue to ask. I love the picture of crying out to him for understanding and searching for it like a hidden treasure! God wants us to dig deep into His Word and He hears us when we pray with tear-stained faces. I am excited to hear how God is speaking into people’s lives this week!

  164. As I reflected on my day yesterday and meditate on this weeks bible verse I come to realize that yesterday I did listen to His voice but I did not obey what God said. He’s asking me to give up eating out as I want my money that is ultimately His to be used better for His purposes and not just for my self satisfaction. Many times is just convenient to me to just grab something on the go or go to a place rather than cooking even when I have the time, and last night was a clear example of that. I heard Him not once but three times as we made the desition of what we would get for dinner and eventhough I proposed to cook I did it in you know very soft voice so my husband and kids will decide to just get something on our way home. Please God keep on urging me to use the resources you give me and my husband in the way that pleases you and forgive my selfish and lazy attitude.
    I want to seek you with all my heart and all I am. That everything that you provide for me it’s for your purpose!
    Luke 12:31 but seek His kingdom and these things will be given to you as well.
    Proverbs 8:17 I love those who seek me and those who seek me find me.
    Lamentations 3:25 The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to those who seeks Him. #palm up

  165. Cynthia McGowen says:

    I too am loving this OBS. I just wanted to share something that happened several years ago. When my children were young and in grade school my husband and I were super involved in several (at least 2-3) TV shows every night of the week. One night my children were getting baths and ready for bed and I actually said to my son that I would come tuck him in during the next commercial! I was so convicted at that moment that I cried. It was right then that I felt God say to me that television had replaced not only my relationship with him, but also my children. I am happy to say that since giving up television, I have so much more time to listen to God, study His word, read, spend time with friends and family, etc. I definitely don’t regret that decision. God has blessed me in so many ways. I’m not going to lie, it was hard at first. I felt like some of those shows were part of my family and I had withdrawal. But God has filled my time with more meaningful things. Best decision ever!
    I pray that those of you who are struggling with this issue will find peace in whatever decision you make regarding television.

  166. Also, I wanted to share my #SayWhat moment this week, which is the thing I also feel like God is asking me to change. One day, during my quiet time, I felt like God was telling me that I am making my mistakes (past, present, and future) and inadequacies bigger than Him, particularly when it comes to motherhood. I shared this with my husband and he agreed and encouraged me to trust in my Heavenly Father, then I read Chapter 2 and this quote from Lysa totally spoke to me: “”Did you notice an often repeated word in my cries to God. ‘I’m not.’ ‘I can’t.’ ‘I’m a fool.’ It was all about me and my inadequacies until I turned the statements into ‘God is.’ ‘God can.’ ‘God has called me; therefore, I am equipped.’….Don’t look at your inabilities and dwell in insecurities. Look at the Almighty God. See this as an opportunity to watch Him work in you and through you.” Ok, God, I hear you loud and clear!

  167. Ethel May Miller says:

    When Lysa wrote about God asking her to give up TV, it resonated in my heart. I AM NOT a TV person, but since my remarriage 8 years ago, I am living with a man who has the TV on almost ALL the time. I totally agree that what I am hearing and where my husband’s mind is dwelling on is “the world’s perspectives and influences”. So what can I do about it? We are both in our 70’s and 80’s and are discovering that our old bodies are putting limitations on our activities. So I do understand why it is easier to watch TV. But I never have wanted a steady diet of it. In my book, I wrote #Palms UP and prayed that the Lord would intervene on our behalf to make a radical change in this area. But I cannot speak of it to my husband; I have to trust the Lord to bring it about. Our home is small and it is hard to get away from the sound of the TV. The only way I can is to close myself up in the back room, but that offends my husband. So I try to block it out as best I can. Still I recognize the effect it has on my thoughts. It is hard to hear the Lord speaking to me when there is constant competition. Please pray with me that the Lord will work in my husband’s mind to bring about this change. Thanks.

  168. My biggest challenge of the 5 questions is “Is it beyond me?” There have been times in my life where I feel God pulling me and I’m scared. One thing was to stop at my mother’s nursing home after she died. (This situation is NOTHING to the commitment of adopting two boys from Africa like Lysa.) It might sound silly to some, but I wanted to avoid the painful memory of losing my mom at that nursing home. I felt God telling me to “Go” and in my heart, I knew He was testing me. I drove up, prepared to go in and say hello, but with tears coming down my face, He told me it was enough. I listened. Every time since that time when I hear Him speaking or “nudging,” I think of the nursing home message. I knew how hard it was to DRIVE BY but realized God knew I could do it. The questions in Lysa’s book definitely help with making sure that what we contemplate is something God wants us to do.

  169. Question 3: is what I hear confirmed through other messages…this is the one that finally gets through to me every time. When I was laid off from my job in the recession, there were definitely feelings of panic. Yet everywhere I turned on the day I cried out to God was Jeremiah 29:11. It was so amazing — verse for today on KLove radio, opened my Bible and there it was, on a coffee cup, even written at the bottom of pictures at the coffee shop!! Unusual unexpected places. God wanted me to know He was taking care of us and not to despair…and He knows what catches my attention. He did takes care of us and lead me to the most amazing job. Praise Him!! #palmsup

  170. how this is progressing is wonderful. It is surely making one sit as Mary. I keep saying this over and over, I am a Mary and a Martha. I am slowing down in the quietness and listen even more this week. Appreciate the rememberence of that. Cant wait to see God’s blessing in my heart and life. So excited, Yeah God.!!

  171. I love that verse. The verse Jeremiah 29-11-13 along with Matthew 7:7 led me to Jesus when I was lost in despair due to being laid off so many times. Now, I’m asking God to let me hear His voice more clearly and I have asked one of my Bible Study leader; how can you tell you’re doing the right thing. For example, as I mentioned in an earlier post that I had the “gut” to give up facebook which I didn’t wanted to do but I can tell you that sermons and where or who do you spend time more with God or something else. I was spending more time on facebook posting scriptures from the Bible but honestly that is not spending quality time alone with God; how can you truly participate in the service. Just like if you can’t take care of yourself; how can you help someone else. Trust me it’s not easy but what I have given up the blessing is worth for now I have 3 part-time jobs and you never know what door will open to a full-time position but I know it’s all in God’s hand and without God, we don’t exist. I love this study. God certainly answers your questions when you asked in His own timing.

  172. #5 Would it please God?
    Because no matter how many times I think of not wanting to do it, Would it please God if I did? Comes to mind. And if I have to battle with my self about it then I know it would, it’s just me being lazy and not wanting to do it at that moment in time and that’s not good. But I am surely changing into a Yes Girl and the next time I am asked to do some that would please God I’ll #SayWhat and then do it! 🙂 ♥

  173. •How can we renew our minds to hear more clearly from God? One way that I can renew my mind is to actually take the time and meditate on his word. Find a calm and quiet place that doesn’t have all of the outside noise filtering in so I can really focus all of my thoughts and emotions. I tend to get side tracked in the middle of my trying to focus on him and then once I am sidetracked I have a hard time getting back on track.
    •Are you sensing you may need to sacrifice or change anything to hear more from God?
    My attitude.

  174. While I am not the best writer, I pray that you all will understand what it is that I am trying to say.

    “YOU WILL seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

    When I read this verse, I see it as a promise. Many of us share the desire to spend more time with GOD, yet, we are often distracted and thrown off course by the desires/needs of our family, friends, pets, jobs, church responsibilities, etc. Often when we have completed the mission of fulfulling the needs of others, we neglect our need to be refreshed, restored, and rebuilt by our Creator. More importantly we neglect the necessity of building a close relationship with our Heavenly Father. The ONE who loves us inspite of us. The ONE who wants nothing from us but for us to come to HIM, rest in HIM, and delight in the love that we would share with HIM, if we would but come to HIM. Therefore, to me Jeremiah 29:13 says that we will continously want/desire/want above all else to seek HIM and find Him once we have done so with all of our hearts. GOD will make seeking and finding HIM so pleasant that we will want to above all else to spend time with HIM. The Bible says to TASTE and SEE that the LORD is GOOD. How will we know just how GOOD GOD tastes unless we first SEEK and SEE.


  175. This week has been a slow start, I got behind and read Chapter 2 yesterday and Chapter 3 today. I have been used by God so much already in the 9 days since I started this OBS. Even today a lady I go to church with messaged me and wanted me to join her in prayer about changing jobs. She felt like God was prompting her to change, but she had been fighting it. After our sermon Sunday, she felt like it added to the prompting, but she is scared because it is out of her comfort zone and so many things are changing in her life right now. I was able to share with her some of the great things in Chapter 2. I am joining her in praying for her situation. I love being used by God, sharing what He has done in my life and how I’m still seeking and learning to be obedient! I want my obedience to be an automatic response to God’s calling……even if I have to have a #SayWhat moment, I know with all my heart that God’s way is BEST! Thank you Lord, I praise You today for what you are doing in my life and the lives of those around me!

  176. I remember the other day when I hear God’s voice as I was purchasing a book online. At the time I was at a bible study at my church and there was couple of new faces in our group. One of them was a young lady new believer and new to our church. So as I was looking for a book to buy I chose a book from Beth Moore I heard God’s voice -He actually put this young lady’s face in my mind and in my heart the words: buy this book for her. I did get the copy for her and I was very happy that God was using me to minister to this young lady and that this book would help her to grow in her faith and love for God! The tricky part was actually go to the bible study the following week and giving her the book. My mind filled with thoughts like what are the other ladies going to say? Why a book for her and nothing for the others ladies? When would it be a good time for me to approach her and give her the book. What would she even think? All the silly and doubtful thoughts the enemy likes to put in our heads when we try to do what God says. Any way I prayed and towards the end of the bible study I gave her the book she was so happy to receive it and the lady who had invited her to church was talking to her so she told her that the book I was giving her was great and told her more about Beth Moore and it was a great moment. The following week this young lady came to me and told me thank you for the book actually answered so many of the questions she had. This young lady left after that week, since she was moving to Canada. I was really joyful knowing I had said yes to God and that this young lady would be closer to Him just because my obedience! #palms up
    The only filter to hear more from God is to know His word. He will reveal His character and His will to us the more we seek and know Him through His word!
    The message version John 17:17 Jesus says
    They are no more defined by the world Than I am defined by the world. Make them holy—consecrated—with the truth; Your word is consecrating truth.

    Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth. (John 17:17 NIV)

  177. Merci Moulder says:

    My husband and I are considering adoption and this chapter was right on. I think I highlighted half of it. I definitely feel confirmed that this is God’s will..now I just need to wait for my husband to get there. I did read him many parts of Chapter 2 that had the most impact.

  178. Misty Cooper says:

    Chapter 2 has really hit home with me, specially when she talked about her worldly father…. I wanted to cry I find myself in that same situation so much in fact that I have 3 beautiful children from it. It was a bad relationship in fact he distracted me from God I wanted to be loved so bad I did whatever I had to to stay with this man. He is out of my life now and right after it was over I felt that unworthiness again, I go through ups and downs there are days that turn into weeks that turn into months where I feel gods love and feel so worthy and precious and then next thing I know I am chasing down that feeling from a man and putting God on a back burner. I just pray and ask for your prayers to turn from this earthly “love” and focus on God always and for all these wounds to truly heal in my head I know God loves me its my heart I lack.

    I compare this to a person that is digging for gold, he is going to dig deep, hard, with all his strength wholeheartedly.

  180. I so appreciate this Bible Study and reading others’ posts and how God is speaking to them. I really feel that God is using this Bible Study to speak to me His desire for me to seek Him more and to know Him more. I pray that as I move forward with this study that my relationship with Him will grow deeper. In Jesus name!

  181. First of all I want to say how much I am enjoying and learning with this Bible study. I am finding myself underlining a lot of things I want to remember from the book. I am praying everyday the God will open my eyes, ears, and heart so that I may experience Him more. Today while I was sitting in the surgery waiting room (my sister was having surgery) reading in the Old Testament I was really struggling with it not speaking to me. I found myself closing my eyes and saying “God, this really is not speaking to me. Please have this scripture say something to move me.” After I finished I continued to read. To my amazement God spoke to me right away. The very next verse said “you have dwelt long enough in this mount” then a few verses later it said “fear not neither be discouraged” and finally “the Lord God which goest before you will fight for you” All of these seemed to jump out at me and give me encouragement. It is amazing how one little moment in conscious prayer can change everything.

  182. Carol Ralston-Huebel says:

    Thanks for the good words.

  183. In total and complete AWE of God! So I had a dream the night after I read the Aug 12 study. I had prayed about what I read and the steps Lysa suggested had been going through my mind. The dream was quite vivid and throughout the following day I kept asking God what it meant. I used the steps once again and was certain God had revealed to me what it meant. I then revealed the message to the person God has asked me to reveal it to. This morning, I received a daily devotional from my Church (which I hardly click on because I subscribe to so many) and WOW.. it was exactly what I had said to the person on the phone last night.. complete with the verse from the Bible which came upon me but which I forgot to reveal to the person. I forwarded the email to the person right away! God is so awesome and I loveee the steps Lysa gave us, they work!!!!!

    • I forgot to add that an aunt of mine who I haven’t spoken to in a while sent me a message this morning that she wanted to talk. When we spoke she had a revelation from God just like mine that was a message to the same person! Thats another one of Lysa’s steps covered! I pray God helps us all remember and use these steps to always confirm what we are hearing from God.

    • Foluso that is awesome! It’s great when we get those messages from God and just hear from God. I know that it encourages me. That is a great prayer! thank you

  184. The verse this week really is hitting home. I am not seeking God with all of my heart. My heart just hurts sometimes to the point where I want to cry.

    I was baptized almost a year ago now and there are major changes happening in my life. I grew up with a sense that I always had to do good things in order to be a good little girl. I have an older sister and her and I are very close in age so there is a lot of competition between us. Since she was older, she did everything first and was the “best” per say. I wanted to be #1 so I tried so hard to do good things. Now that I am older, and I realize it, I struggle so much with that. Since my baptism and my growing faith, I struggle a lot. I have recently sought out a Christian counselor and we discussion a lot of these things but I still wonder why can’t I just love God and seek him with all of my heart.

    I know God is there. I was struggling with the changes and I wanted to go to a counselor but I only wanted to seek a Christian counselor that my insurance covered and I thought that would be impossible. I search for a good month and then one day I found one. I also have a great connection with my counselor so I know God is hearing my cries and leading me in the direction for contentment. I also do not spend enough alone time with God. This study is really helping but it is not enough. I know I just need to listen to God more. The blogs and the book are very encouraging. They are so inspirational and just help the thought process.

    There have been times when I did not want to talk to God about something but I have been encouraged through this study. I went and looked for scripture like the bible study suggested and it was a great experience. Something I really want to put into practice more. I want God’s word to be engraved on my heart.

    I have been praying for this study and all the ladies in it 🙂

    • linnea nelson says:

      We are all very blessed to be a part of this study.. God has brought us together .We have listened to His voice simply by joining this study. God bless each and every one of my OBS sisters

  185. Jeremiah 29:13
    This verse talks to me to go to Him always. Read the bible to learn and get to know God.

  186. Wow!!! This bible study is blowing my mind and it just keeps getting better and better. The most important thing that I am learning right now is that God’s timing and His plans are so much better than anything that I could possibly imagine or conceive. I have been crying out to Him for a couple of months now that I longed for a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him and that I DEFINITELY wanted to more clearly discern his voice. I have sensed this tugging and pulling at my heart to just come away and sit at His feet and abide in Him but it seemed that the more I tried to do that the busier things got in my life and the more people seemed to try to pull me in another direction and the schedule became overloaded with doctor’s appointments, errands, and other daily activities that were necessary to keep the house and family running smoothly. The question that poses the biggest challenge for me is #4 “Is it beyond me?” I know that it is beyond me, but I look at my schedule sometimes and I think to myself,how am I ever going to do what He desires for me to do if I am always bogged down with all these daily activities. If the ordinary things in life are holding me back, how can I ever accomplish the extraordinary things that I believe He wants to accomplish through me. My other issue that I sometimes struggle with in regard to this question is feeling unworthy or ill-equipped to be used in this manner. through this study, I am being reminded of the importance of daily stealing away to spend time with my Daddy and I am learning how to still and quiet all the other voices vying for my attention. I am learning that taking a risk with Jesus is the safest take and best risk that I could possibly take in life and that being a “Yes Girl” for God is an amazing adventure and I am so glad that we are on this journey together.

  187. What God is saying…He is saying to me….Welcome home. I did not forget you nor did I ever leave you. I am so thankful that you are home again. Yes, I walked down the wrong path at the beginning of this year and put my marriage in Satan’s hands and he was winning. I struggled with hearing God talking to me asking me to come home to the point I ignored Him and turned the other way. I was in the dark for 4 months and I was growing weak and tired of the life I was living and so unfulling. I look back at it now and think to myself, how sick I was, how ugly I was, how wrong I was, how can God ever love me. I look at me now and I am thankful that I did hear God talking to me and that I chose not to ignore him and turn to him. Not only did he save me but he kept my husband here with me and saw me through it all (it was rough and we have days that it is still rough) but I am doing as I am told—By God and I love every day that I do hear him, it may be in a whisper or it may be in something that I say to my husband to help him that I know those were words from God coming out of me. I know there are times that I wonder if it is God I am hearing or is it a trick. I try not to question it but I go with it, specially when I feel it in my heart that this is what God is telling me to do, even when I do a SayWhat! I do my best each day to hear him, even if I question it.

  188. The 5 questions on page 35 of the paperback are very helpful to decern whether or not what one is hearing is truly from God. Since question number 5, “Would it please God?” actually covers questions 1-3, I’m going to try to bring #5 to mind throughout the day MUCH more than I have done in the past. What I’m hearing will please Him if it lines up with scripture, is consistent with His character, and is confirmed through messages from others or during my quiet times. Blessings to all of you.

  189. mary moreno says:

    It is beyond me what the Lord is asking me to do. Haven’t read Radical Obedience Chapter 3 yet. I’m sure God is going to use it. I got the answer to question #3 yesterday @ church through the message, Wow!! My husband and I have a church and I have seen myself outside the church building with women around me. While my husband is inside the church building with lots of people. I recently join a fitness class all women. (Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you Matthew 28:19-20). The instructor is inspiring and motivational, there is a positive atmosphere. We have prayed for a lady that has lupus, another lady asked where was the church located, she looking for a church. One lady has already attended a service said she will be back. The instructor ( zumba instructor) has no clue what God has for her and how God wants to bless her, it is beyond me. (#SayWhat) I believe I need Radical Obedience what He’s about to do! I will need for the Lord to uphold me with His righteous right hand. Still need answer for #5 Would it please God? God is faithful, Be Bless!!

  190. God never ceases to amaze me. How He works and how question 3 really rang true for me this week! I went to a Women’s conference before I had read Chapter 2 of this study. The topic of the night was about our fathers and a letter was read as if it were out father apologizing for all he was not or could not do and releasing us to our heavenly Abba Father. It was about growing up with an orphaned spirit! I crumbled and fell apart. I was holding on fo so many things from childhood!Only to
    start chapter 2 this week and read about Lysa’s childhood and her father and all the things she grew up feeling!How it led to the adoption of those boys! Talk about how question number 3 has been confirmed!All I know is I have heard loud and clear from God this week! Of the things that are holding me back from saying YES to God! What amazing experience! Thank you for this! Such confirmation!

  191. I went back to work this week after having the summer off and am struggling with time! I finished reading Chapter 2 the other night and am just now getting here! I LOVE ch. 2 and what Lysa had to say about discerning God’s voice from our own thoughts and “noise” in our heads. I will definitely use the 5 questions and am loving the study questions at the end of the chapter. I am amazed with how God has been working in my life lately and am super excited to see where I am at at the end of the study! #palmsup & saying YES to GOD!!

  192. Hello ladies!! I am far behind on this study. I had a very troubled week and a half and I allowed myself to fall into a pit, but God and Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit turned on the lights in my pit and offered a way out…and I JUMPED at the chance!! Now, I am catching up on the study. I apologize for not participating until now.

    Chapter 1 was a good start and warmed my heart. Chapter 2…wow! It is amazing. I always wonder “Is that God?” I have not been able to completely discern at times. Sometimes I have been lead down the worst paths because I feel it is God only to find it was my mind or even worse 🙁 Now I have some tools that will help!

    Johanna, that is a great verse, thank you for posting it. A wonderful reminder. And, the questions are good too!! Ironically, when in prayer yesterday, I asked God what He wanted from me and for me. I am going to put all of this in my journal as a constant reminder 🙂

  193. The reminder picture for Hearing God’s Voice would make a great bookmark! Bless all of you for what you do…

  194. Hi there would you mind letting me know which web host you’re utilizing?
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    Cheers, I appreciate it!


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    Hearing God’s Voice

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