Radical Obedience

Happy Wednesday Yes Girls!

Here’s a short video message today on some thoughts about our “say what” moments: “When people hear about your obedience to God to think, “so what?” or “say what?!”

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Questions for the rest of this week to think on:

1. Is there something that stirred in your heart as you read chapter 3 that God might be leading you to give up permanently or for a season? [Nicki and Melissa are going to share with you soon what they have given up for this study!]

2. If your answer is yes to question 1, what is holding you back from this?

3. In Chapter 3 Lysa talks about the sweet secret place. Do you have a specific place you go to let your soul breathe and rest and reflect?

Feel free leave a comment with your answers here on the blog to these questions. We LOVE to hear what God is saying to you!


Reminders {optional} 

Tomorrow is Blog Hop Thursday ~ all day and night!
Please choose one of the following topics for this week’s discussion.

  1. The 5-Question Filter – How are these 5 questions helping you discern God’s voice?

  2. #SayWhat? – Blog about a specific time God spoke to you and you had a “say what” moment.

  3. Radical Obedience – Is there something God is asking you to give up? What specific steps do you need to take to fulfill this obedience?

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  1. For me, it’s not the TV – it’s my books, and I’ve got favorite authors that I’ve been reading for years. And no, my favorite authors are not Christian – they write paranormal romance and fantasy novels. This is hard to be open and honest about – it’s one of the things I don’t share in Christian settings for fear of being judged, but I want to be real here. My Abba has asked me to let go for a season, and to let go of how much I read in the evenings, with a promise of more stuff getting done in the evenings and an earlier bedtime, and I do struggle with these – constantly. I ask for your prayers as this one is going to be hard for me, and there are certain actions I’ll need to take first thing tomorrow morning to honor this.
    I’m trusting my Abba to keep His promises to give back more than I can imagine by giving this to Him, and I choose to watch with eager expectation to see what He will do in this season of my life.
    Much love,

    • I am really proud of you, and I admire your bravery! I defiantly understand the desire separate the secular life from the sacred. You are not alone. God has shown me that bringing things to light creates healing. My prayer for you is that by sharing here, and “being real,” you will be able to share your experience with others. We all fear being judged in some way. Maybe part of God’s plan is to allow you to trust here so that you can bring that same trust back to your church. Maybe that will inspire others to be more open as well! Love and prayers!

    • Beth Wright (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Jennifer- praying for strength for you as you lay down and step away from this distraction. Remember that you are laying them down at the feet of Jesus and stepping closer to Him!!

    • Jennifer, praying for you to put those books down and replace them with godly things. I pray you will not even miss them but be so full of joy from the Lord you will not return to them. Much love, Trish

    • Jennifer, I’ve been there, not with books, but with games on Facebook. It was so hard to admit to anyone how much time I really spent on those games, rather than on things that needed to be done, or with my kids. When I finally did, I had some wonderful friends who kept me accountable and it didn’t take long for me to not even miss the games. It’s not been easy, there’s been times I’ve gotten carried away with new games, or different distractions, but it’s so worth it to give it up. Praying for you that you will not miss you books and that you will have friends close to you who will keep you accountable!
      Love, Shari

      • Jennifer, you can so do this!! I have been there with so many things and God has faithfully taken care of it. It makes you totally excited to start the next thing, really, eagerly asking, “What’s next God, what are we going to tackle next?”!

        For me, I literally asked God to change the desire of my heart. It’s like, God, you want this for me, I can feel it, so you need to take care of the desire of my heart because I want to live out your will for my life but I do not desire to let go of this. This is part of my life and I like it and I can’t imagine my daily life without it. God, I whole heartedly invite you, to change the desire of my heart to yours.

        Oh, and I can justify away to convince myself that there is absolutely nothing wrong with whatever it is that I am feeling led to change or give up. Just like Lysa and the TV, many times there IS nothing wrong with it, in and of itself. As a matter of fact what I watch on TV has radically changed as a result of asking God to change the desires of my heart to His. I can totally relate to Lysa’s story on this. I have tried, since, to watch certain things that I had felt addicted to in the past and can’t even tolerate it anymore. I just giggle with glee when this happens! There is no question that was ALL God’s doing. All I did was ask that He change the desire of my heart to His. That is ALL.

        This is what happens, one day I am going about my day as normal and I realize that I no longer do that thing and no longer even desire it!!! I realize……it is done! I get so giddy, it was so beyond me. Sometimes days have gone by before I realize that I had not engaged in that daily habit that I had done for decades!! I reflect on it and when I realize the desire is not even there I just get so giddy, because it was sooooo beyond me!

        Jennifer, I encourage you to ask God, daily, to change the desires of your heart to His, to take away your desire for this. Then, get ready to be blown away!!

        I will pray in agreement with you! So excited for you.

        • Kym~
          Thank you for your advice and encouragement. I know that was written for Jennifer but it spoke to me so deeply. Thank you very much and I will be praying for God to change the desire in my heart as well as in Jennifer’s. Jennifer, we can do this together!!!!!!

        • Kym, I can so relate to your giving up your TV programs. I did the same thing a few months back, and like you I tried watching one of those programs recently. I couldn’t believe that I had wasted my time watching that before. I’m so thankful for God laying on my heart to give those things up. Now I have much more time to study his Word, getting to know him in in a much better way. And, I don’t know about you, but I never did miss those programs. It was like God just took away all desire for them. Isn’t he wonderful!

      • Sondra R. says:

        A wonderful testimony and JESUS is the “WAY MAKER”. Thank You.

        • I struggle with this. Is it really a bad thing to read books that are not Christian? As long as they are not against God? I understand the distraction part, but am I not supposed to read books at all? Tv is not a big deal for me, but I enjoy movies and I realize that some movies are not appropriate, but no movies either?I struggle with these issues. I don’t see a problem with reading or watching t.x at times as long as I spend time with God. Just being honest, but maybe this is part of my problem.

          • Jody, I don’t there is a right or wrong answer to your questions, but rather it must come from your heart. This would be a conversation simply between You and God. He will direct your path and if He is asking you to give something up for a bit, only you can obey in a way that is pleasing to Him. We do not all follow the same plan…God gives us each our own.

          • Lots of questions here … Reading non-Christian books isn’t something the Bible ever forbids. But we are definitely to guard our hearts and minds and be aware of the influence. If this is your primary source of knowledge and insight into the world, then that’s a problem. If you are grounded in God’s word (knowing the Bible and how it applies to your life) … and are reading for entertainment, then that is safer than if you’re not. I believe it’s John Maxwell (leadership ‘guru’) who says, “Three things in life will change you. The experiences you have, the people you meet, and the books that you read.”

            So think on Philippians 4:8-9 … “8 And now, dear brothers and sisters, let me say one more thing as I close this letter. Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. 9 Keep putting into practice all you learned from me and heard from me and saw me doing, and the God of peace will be with you.”

          • I don’t have a problem with reading books that are not Christian. The Bible is not specific on this one. But I do think that God changes us from the inside out, and God will tell us through nudgings of the Holy Spirit if this is the right thing to be reading. My guide is always, would God be okay with me reading this? Or is it full of lustful romance outside of marriage, etc. God told me to give up romance novels, as well as R rated movies. But that is just for me. I do still read books that have a romance in them, but there is a difference.

          • Here is what I have learned, so this is my own experience and opinion from what I feel like God has shown me. I truly believe the reason God allows some people to do certain things and others not to do it, is because we are entirely different people, and we have entirely different lives that we affect. So lets say God allows a man to drink wine occasionally, and yet his neighbor God doesn’t allow to touch any wine at all. For whatever reason this second man feels a strong conviction to not touch any wine. But why? I feel only God truly knows in each individual person. Maybe he would fall to addiction, maybe his children would. Who knows. But whatever the reason God needs to protect this man from that temptation, but the other man he allows because that man has a different life entirely. I think there are the certain rules that cover all Christians but then the grayer areas, God uses the Holy Spirit to set up the boundaries within each person because we are so different and the lives we affect are different from someone else. With me God has very strict boundaries with music, I don’t know totally why for sure. I know music influences me greatly, so I think that may be why. But I know many Christians who can listen to secular music and not be affected or feel convicted. So anyway, only God knows for certain, but I believe He sets individual boundaries for each person. So if you don’t feel convicted or led to stop reading non-Christian books then maybe that’s not a boundary you need in your walk with God. I don’t know if that makes a bit more sense. Just some thoughts from my own experience.

          • I truly believe that with anything- if we place anything in front of our time with God then maybe He is asking us to step away for a season or perhaps longer. Reading books that aren’t always deemed “christian” or watching TV and movies is fine and can all be well and good but I find I too often use those things to “unwind” or just relax at the end of a hard day. Problem is 3 hours later I am still sitting and nothing else is done. For each of us our vices are different. The saying “garbage in garbage out” is oh so true with me. Perfect example would be if I watch a show such as CSI or something and its too gory or scary- I have trouble sleeping for a day or two. I purposely try to stay away from it for that reason- 🙂 I want to replace these things that compete with my precious time with my Savior.

            One step at at time Girls!!!!

          • Thanks everyone!

      • phyllis wiley says:

        FB games is one of my struggles too. God must have been preparing me for this, because for the last few weeks I have been paying attention to the time spent playing mindlessly.
        i should know that if it is something i keep secret – it is not healthy! Thank you for helping me see!

      • I love facebook games as well! I go through a few weeks of being constantly on them then I go through a stretch of being bored of the games. I just need to stay away entirely and stopped being lulled back on.

      • Jane Taylor says:

        Shari, #say what?….this is me also. what what originally designed to help my cognitive abilities online with certain games became quite an ordeal. Boy has the Lord showm me in this study how it robs us bothof much neededintimacyand afterall its eternal and gaming isn’t. I needprayer in how He want me to carry this out. /so far its bee Him first before anything else online. I will prY FOR YOU WRITING YOUR NAME RIGHT NOW IN MY JOURNAL. Oh what He must have in store for us.

    • Barbara Prince OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team says:

      Hi Jennifer, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus to those who walk after the spirit (Romans 8:1). Walking after the spirit just means listening to God’s voice. Do what he says and don’t accept condemnation. I’m glad you are doing what I would term a “fast” of something you enjoy in order to seek God 1st! He will honor your obedience.

      Blessings my sister in Christ Jesus,

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      That is obedience. I agree with Barbara too. I also was asked to give up some TV shows that really weren’t awful but still not right for me to personally watch. Listen to God’s voice. Please know OBS sisters are praying for you.

    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      I to have wanted to read books that were non christen authors before so I know what your going through. I will be praying for you as you lay this in Gods hands

    • Sweet sisters, I look at the responses to my sharing, and I am floored. When I first started this message, I would start typing, and put my head on the bed and say, “Lord, I can’t do this.” It took a long time to type it, and longer to hit the post button, and God patiently sat beside me with a loving arm wrapped around me the entire time. I am so grateful I was able to get past my fear to share, and I so appreciate the honest sharing, questions, and other comments, which would not have happened in this context had I not been obedient to share.
      I wanted to thank you for your prayers and share with you that God provided the space to put away all non-Christian books (that was NOT an insubstantial effort, my friends!), find a couple of books I could read until I could get to the library, clean up my Kindle reading app, put away the library books and request ones that fit what God is calling me to, and find two Christian audio books for the road trip to take my kids to their grandparents. I look back over that list, think about everything else that went on yesterday, and say, WOW! 🙂
      I’d be lying if I didn’t share that I was and still am experiencing some resentment in this, and the devil messed with me good yesterday afternoon as we had some stressful situations going on, and you know what my favorite destressor is! And then trying to find audio books for a single use for the road trip without paying an arm and leg. Temptation was heavy, but I kept giving my feelings to Him, and asked Him to change them, knowing my feelings were an indication of where my heart was, and that I needed to press in to Him, hold fast as much as I was able, and trust Him to change my heart and provide the rest. And God is so good – He helped me through yesterday in an amazing way! And today is a new opportunity to press into Him with what ever is going on in my head and heart.
      Ladies, please don’t hear me say that what God is calling me to fast from is wrong for you. I am only trying to be obedient to my Abba’s request of me. I can only suggest you take the issue to Him and hear what He has to say to you, because He loves you so very much and knows what is best for you.

      Much love,

      • Rachel Kagay says:

        Oh Jennifer, I have read your posts here and can SO relate. My “addiction” is different, I’ve been using TV for years in the same ways it sounds like you’ve been using books. I also agreed to be obedient to God this week and give up my personal TV time. Thank you so much for making me realize I’m not alone in these same daily struggles to overcome this and to be obedient! Although the source of our distractions from God may be different, I’m walking this walk right along with you sweet sister!

  2. #3. ahhhh i get this.
    i need this space.
    i carve out the time to spend time with God, not because its a good idea and its what good christians do, but because i need it.
    I need His presence.
    i need His peace.
    i need His love and grace and power.
    i am pulled in many directions and that stopping, pausing, remaining, dwelling is where i am pulled in only one direction. towards Jesus.
    its where my heart is realigned and renewed. refreshed and restored.
    sometimes all it takes is for me to close my eyes in the busyness of the day and say “hello Jesus, here i am.”
    other times i like to take time, to meet with Him.
    to lie on the sofa, music on, heart open.
    in winter there is a space on a bean bag by the fire with my name on it.
    in summer, the deck calls to me.
    at night, when everything and everyone is quiet i read my bible, following a plan, day by day soaking in His Word and truth and revelation.
    sometimes i talk to Him, pray, bring my needs and wants before Him.
    sometimes i share my feelings.
    sometimes i am still. quiet. listening.
    every time i meet with God like this i come away changed.
    i wait on the Lord, He restores my soul.

    • Beth Wright (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Claire- isn’t it wonderful that we CAN meet with Jesus in the simplicity of just closing our eyes and saying “Hello Jesus, here I am” ~(BTW LOVE this). Love that you’ve found different ways and places to come to Him! Thank you for sharing!

    • Claire, thanks for sharing all the ways you draw close to the Lord. This inspires me. Thank you.

    • Shannon (from New York) says:

      Thanks for sharing Claire. I too am pulled in many directions and really need that time with the Lord. Many days I am able to sneak away. But there are some where there just seems to be business around every corner. Right now for instance, started out quiet and alone with the Lord (for a brief second) and then my 7 year old walked in and started reading (out loud) what I am typing to you! I either have to get up in the wee morning hours or stay up late at night. Either way, my body only seems to manage this about 3-4 times per week! My prayer is that the Lord give me a good amount of time each day to abide in His presence. Again, thank you for sharing, it’s a reminder of what I really need and desire:)

    • Could not have said it better! SAYING YES to every time he calls is the key to the real realtionship with Christ!!

    • I have the hardest time going to sleep at night and an even harder time getting up in the morning before everyone starts stirring. I feel the Lord tugging at me in the early hours of the morning. Because I have made a choice and said, #Yes to God, it seems so much easier. It’s what you want and I WANT to spend time with God.
      He is so good to us. I love what Claire has written. It really blessed me.

      • brittany jacobson obs prayer blog team says:

        I feel you it’s hard for me to go to sleep at night oh and getting up is even harder.
        I do my quite time in the morning as well

    • LOVE THIS, my sweet Kiwi friend! =)

    • Heather M says:

      I long for that time alone with Him. The only problem is it seems to be in the middle of the night lately. Every time I try to sit and read or to be alone (doors closed and all), thats when I seem to have the most interruptions. I literaly have to wait until everyone is asleep before I can tune everything out and zone in on Jesus. My husband gets upset because I have the lights on & am up all night now. If I tell them to leave me alone for awhile they are often offended and want my attention more. Sometimes I feel helpless …… satan is doing whatever he can to keep me away from my alone time with God….husband, children, friends & yes my animals beleive it or not. When I sit down to read all of a sudden thats when they want to play or have to go out or they just want attention. So it seems that the middle of the night when I’m exhausted & when everyone else is asleep is when I’m able to be alone and read and be still with God. Thank You for sharing and may God know how much I look forward to spending time alone with Him.

      • Barbara Prince OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team says:

        Dear Sister, I too often find that true quiet time is reserved for very late at night or very early in the morning. Also, I do water aerobic 3 or 4 times a week. Usually I’m the only person there, so I can pray and worship then. It can be challenge to find that quiet place, but as you ask your Heavenly Father to help you, He will!!

        Praying blessings for you,

      • I understand!! I missed the facebook party yesterday and my book is STILL NOT HERE!! something is trying to distract me for sure

    • Thanks Claire. OH, how He retores our soul when we make time for Him! I meet Him at my kitchen table early in the morning. I anticipate what He has to say to me and what He has planned for our day. Reading His Word, praying and being still to receive His revelations brings me so much joy. I used to get angry when distracted by someone or something, but God led me to pray for that person or about that situation. And OH, His Peace that transcends ALL understanding and guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus! What better way to show our gratitude to Him for all that He has done, are doing, and will do in our lives, by spending time with Him?! Anticipate His presence. Expect Him to show up. He’s ALWAYS on time!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Love this

    • Claire,

      Distractions are the number one thing for me. We can get caught up doing things, that we miss our appointed time with God. We can have every intention to start our day with prayer and meditation and one distraction can lead to another, then before you know it the day has taken over, and busyness has moved in. I’ve decided that I need to get up early before I do anything and spend quiet time seeking his presence and asking how to go about my day. I’ve realized when my days go wrong and I know they will at times. I didn’t spend time or enough time with God. We don’t always need an appointed time, but quality time is important. I also speak to God through out the day, thanking him, and asking for guidance to stay in his perfect will.
      Thanks again Claire for the reminder of how busy we are, but we should never be too busy for our Heavenly Father.
      Be Blessed

    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      I understand what you mean, I confess that sometimes I have to fight to sit in Gods lap.
      but other times I just want to sit in Gods lap and spend time with him. I will be praying that you will crave him more. I will be praying that you are given more opportunity’s to be with God . and I will be praying that you will have a prepared heart when you read his word. . I will be praying against the distractions of the day cause I know they are there. . I will be praying that you can just get still with God.

  3. I didn’t anticipate the answer to this question to be particularly difficult, but the Spirit revealed something to me even before I began to write.

    In November it will be a year since I was raped. It occurred shortly after my husband and I were so much at odds that I decided to live with my parents. After the rape – with a tremendous amount of help from our Pastor, I returned home with my husband. It was a beautiful night when I did, but it was truly a long string of Say What moment’s.

    When I came home my sweet place wasn’t so secret. I was shell shocked, and I couldn’t manage being around the house in a normal environment. My husband helped me convert a spare room in the basement into a “closet” for myself. We hung sheets on the walls to cover the pipes, and battery operated string lights to make it “pretty.” I had a desk, a bean bag, and plain black carpet. Except for potty breaks, I did not leave that space for a month. I just couldn’t bare to. I felt like that room was the only place where I could be with God.

    Slowly, with God’s great healing, I was able to leave the room into the house. For a while I couldn’t leave the house because I felt like my house was the only place where I could be with God. A while after that, I was able to drive to counseling appointments – but still only felt that God was with me in my home.
    After more of God’s great healing, I realized that God is everywhere. God meets me wherever I am. If I close my eyes, He is there. If I am having a hard time with my insomnia, He is there – at 2 am, or at 4 am.

    Now that so much is behind me thanks to the grace and mercies of God, my favorite secret sweet place is anywhere I can have my nose in the Word! God speaks to me among His words – and I crave to hear what He says. If I’ve had a really rough day, my next secret place is in the shower or tub. There is something about the sound of running or splashing water that reminds me of our Lord. I love the echo in the shower when I pray! My third secret place is on my knees. There have been many times where my knees literally ached to be on the floor. These were times when I felt I was so lost that I just couldn’t handle anymore. A spontaneous act of going to my knees before Him was what I needed to find and hear Him.

    I just praise God for His progressive healing. As much as I try to avoid looking back, sometimes looking in the rear-view mirror is just what I need. I don’t do it anymore to dwell on the pain, but rather to see how far my Father has carried me. I don’t worry anymore about things going back to the way there were. I only look forward to where He will bring me. I look forward to each moment I am alone with Him, and each new thing He teaches me – even through my struggles.

    • What a beautiful testimony to faith and the strength that you gain through it. I’m glad you shared this story, because it truly blessed me this morning.

    • Beth Wright (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Oh sweet Michelle- how my heart breaks for you and rejoices with you at the same time! Thank you SO much for sharing your story here on the blog. As I read your post a picture came to my mind- a river where someone has just thrown a rock and slowly the ripples begin and then they spread wider and wider and wider. That is how I see your post touching others lives! It’s going to be far reaching. Thank you for your willingness to open your heart to us today.

      P.S. Do you have a perpetual fountain (I think that’s what they are called) in your prayer closet? I can also see you down there in your quiet place, on your knees, listening to the water as it washes over the fountain!

      • Beth –

        No. I don’t have a perpetual fountain. I think it would be something I love. Sometimes the noise of everyday can become too loud – too much- overwhelming. I love to focus on the sounds of small things: the ceiling fan, the dryer, this seasons of acadias, the leaves in the trees like God was blowing on them, and especially the sound of water. Some of my most intense praying is done in the shower 🙂

        Thank you so much for the encouragement!

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I was also blessed by your story, thanks for sharing it Michelle ♥ God bless you!!!

      • God bless you too Janet – and I pray that you see God’s blessings every day in the lives of people you meet. I see that you can hear their “His – stories” and see how He touches the lives of everybody around us 🙂


    • Thank-you for sharing such a personal experience. Only God will heal you and what a testimony you will have to share with others who have experienced the same thing. Romans 8:28.

      • Kathy –

        That has been on my mind for such a long time. I used to focus on sharing my testimony with others to the point of tears. I just couldn’t imagine how I would ever be able to open up like that, but I knew the desire was there. Finally – I realized that I was pressuring myself, exerting expectations on myself that the Lord had not asked of me yet. I was trying to play God. Finally, I placed it all at His feet.

        And Oh! How He heals. And once He has His hands in your healing, you can rest assured that He will never stop. I have days of self doubt and pity. I have days where I look back and can’t see the healing. But now I have the assurance of a new start every day. I focus on that as I spend time with my Father every night.

    • Your story touched my heart this morning. Thank you for sharing.

    • Beautiful words of Life, Michelle. Thank you for sharing such a difficult thing here. They point my heart to the Restorer and the Redeemer of not just fallen life, but of all that the fall takes from each of us in so many different ways. He has painted His victory over suffering and pain through the blood of the Lamb written in the lines of your life and the words of your testimony. Your story brings such glory to Him, to His love. Redirects my thoughts this morning, changing my attitude. What was meant for evil, God truly meant for good and for His glory. Again, thank you for being open and sharing your struggle and His victory.

      • Wendy –

        Such beautiful words! Yes, we all experience effects of the fall in different ways. And no one experience is worse than another. I love how you expressed how Jesus has washed this all clean – “He has painted His victory over suffering and pain through the blood of the Lamb.”

        Truly – what was meant for evil he turned into his glory. The most amazing, beautiful, and profound blessing of my testimony is how the Lord loves my marriage. He could have restored my apart from my husband. He could have restored my husband apart from me. But amazingly – a true miracle due to the circumstances – He restored us together. Our marriage is now devoted to the Lord. He is the center, He is our treasure!


    • Thank you so much for sharing, you have an amazing story! I am blessed by this as well. I love how you said “I don’t worry anymore about things going back to the way there were. I only look forward to where He will bring me. I look forward to each moment I am alone with Him, and each new thing He teaches me – even through my struggles.” It always amazes me how he can use everything for His glory. Thank you and God bles!!!

    • Sondra R. says:

      O my dear sister, what an amazing testimoney and love story. Thanks so much for sharing.

      • Sondra –

        Thank you so much for reading my story! We all have such busy lives, and for you to pause for a moment to read how God has impacted my life is an amazing blessing to me.


    • Thank you for sharing your awesome testimony of God’s healing in your life. Praise God for carrying you through such a difficult time. God bless!

      • Brandi,

        Amen! Isn’t amazing how sometimes it feels like you are in that rough spot one moment, and shortly thereafter, you are on the other side of it? He loves us enough to just carry us over some rough terrain. His glory is to keep us safe and loved so we can see His love for us on an even more personal level!


    • Thank you for sharing!

    • Tabitha Jones says:

      What a testimony. You have blessed me with your story.

    • Heather M says:

      Wow! Thank You for sharing your testimony! You are an inspiration to me & I’m sure to others. God Bless!

    • Barbara Prince OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team says:

      Sweet, dear Michelle! How I hope that you will write about your experience one day. You could help bring healing to others. I rejoice in the work God, our Beloved, has done and continues to do for you and through you. Just continue to bask in His amazing Grace and Love for you.
      Peace and Prayer for you, dear sister,

      • Barbara –

        God works through everybody. You have just given me some confirmation that I have been asking from the Lord. You have been a blessing to me today. Thank you for your Spirit led words.


    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Wow. What a testimony sweet sister. Praying for you.

    • Michelle,
      Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful testimony you have.

    • Michelle,
      Thank you for sharing your testimony. May God continue to bless and heal you through your difficult times. You are truly a blessing to me and many other women who are reading your testimony and gone through difficult times in their lives. Hearing your testimony allows me to do a self assessment and makes me remember no matter what we go through God is strength in our weakness and there is nothing too hard for God. James 1:2-3 states we should Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever (key word whenever) you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance, and that is what you are doing persevering. I am so proud of you. Keep fighting the good fight of faith.

    • Stephanie M says:

      WOW. What an amazing testimony. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life with us. God is amazing, and nothing is beyond Him.

      • Stephanie – God is always good! You are so right – and even though I am overwhelmed at times, and may not “feel” all His mighty strength and power, He puts people in my path to remind me of what He has done, and all the other things He can do. He is sovereign over all.


    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      your testimony gave me so much strength ,
      I want to tell you that Gods glory is over you. and
      that im praying for your insomnia I struggle with that as well

      • Oh my GOSH! I almost accidentally scrolled past this post from you Brittany! The Holy Spirit has truly given you the gift of prayer!

        Last night, due to some off the wall circumstances during the day, I actually slept for 12 hours. 12 HOURS! I did the calculations (I’m not math genius), and that is about three to four normal nights of sleep for me.

        What a different perspective I have today. The Lord calls us to rest. My husband was in the air force, and recently we memorized “the soldiers prayer,” Psalm 23, together. Sometimes when I am in bed at night I especially focus on “He makes me lie down in green pastures; he leads me besides still waters. He restores my soul.” God is my Father, and last night He sent me to bed early! Praise our God who answers prayers. I have shivers!

        Thank you Brittany. God bless you!

  4. What an amazing video today, Nicki.
    I have never quite thought of the “mundane” tasks in this light. Believing that a generation could be changed by simply praying over and believing in the power of God to go beyond what I am doing with my hands. How easily I slip into the “poor me” moment when I am doing laundry, picking up toys/clothes/backpacks for the 100th time – INSTEAD of thanking God for those things, moments and praying over them.
    Even now, as I look around our living room where 15 minutes ago I would have been embarrassed and disgusted by the things that were left out/forgotten from the activities of yesterday, NOW – I’m seeing these “things” as opportunities. Thank you ….
    O God, forgive me for my selfish behavior. Continue to open my eyes to everyday moments that I might turn to you in complete and radical obedience. Father, change me! Use me to radically change my family, my household. Guide me into “mundane” tasks and show me how to use them to glorify you. Work through my hands. I lean into you right now. I ask, I plead for you to give me the qualities of your holy Son, Jesus, that I might see, understand and meet the needs of those around me. Not just in my family, but to whomever you bring into my path. Thank you, Lord, for this bible study – thank you for a new perspective. Lord, please continue to prick my heart until it is open and raw for your work. I want more! In your name.
    With tears flowing and a heart glowing – I offer this prayer for all my sisters. Have a blessed and transformed Wednesday!

    • Beth Wright (OBS Group Leader) says:

      KiKi- thank you for your wonderful prayer. As I read your post one of my favorite songs came to mind- “Do Everything” by Steven Curtis Chapman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEqdDdvFXZ0

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Love your post NiKi!!!!! What a beautiful prayer. I too after the video have a different take on the mundane things of life. I love the idea of praying while I do the laundry or picking up my grandchildren’s clothes and even doing tasks for people at work !! I am starting this today!! Thanks Nicki for the video today!!

    • This is a beautiful prayer!!! I am praying this for myself and all the women on here! If I could just remember to see and meet the needs of others around me and not so focused on my own “needs,” how incredible would that be for bringing glory to God?!?!? God bless, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Wow! What a wonderful, beautiful prayer! It hit the center of my heart! Thank you! May I copy it?

    • Linda Paver says:

      Thank you for this awesome prayer Kiki. I copied it into my journal and asked God to let this prayer be mine today and in the days that follow!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Love the prayer. Writing it down too.

    • Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer! I loved it and felt it from my heart too. What a wonderful blessing we all can be, when we surrender our hearts to God. Bless you!!

    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      there is a verse in the bible that talks about how he opens the eyes of your heart, I pray that would continually open the eyes of your heart. and I pray for continued obedience in him

    • Love your post, Kiki! It is definitely an “attitude changer.” I am totally guilty of a bad resentful attitude when I have so much to do with no help to do it. Those little every day tasks have really gotten to me, especially yesterday, as I was trying to get my house in order for my kids first day of school today. I’m going to have to post that prayer over my washer & dryer!

      I do have a little #yestoGod moment to share though – My husband is the youth pastor at our church and he has been remodeling some space for them. In the process, he got overspray (from spray paint) on about 80 folding chairs and I was the lucky one to get to scrub those chairs. When I felt a bad attitude creeping in (blaming my husband for not thinking things through), God impressed on me to pray for the youth that will be sitting in those chairs. So I did, I actually chose to say yes! Yay! Those little victories!

  5. Jennifer Etters says:

    Today while watching the video above you said something that hit HARD…the end of it said “we need to only fear what our disobedience will cause us to miss” WOW what a very hard smack in the face for me. You see recently I had the chance to take a spot on a missions trip to Thailand. Well 7 of the youth from my church also had a chance to go on missions to 2 other places as well. So I told them I would help them raise their money when Im raising my own money. I told everyone I was going, received the last bit of paperwork, I was about to send everything thing including my $20 deposit in when all of the sudden FEAR came creeping up. Those voices came nagging at me telling me I cant do this, this is not for me, this is too far away, and my favorite one this is way too much money to raise. So I sent an email stating that because to many of them are going and I was the one helping them raise their money that I did not believe I could raise my own money plus theirs. SO I backed out………this was a Sunday morning e-mail, come to find out last that day at church only one of the youth are going due to the others not getting the call backs or their parents not allowing them to go. So I backed out for no reason..I could have helped raised her money as well as mine. So what could I have learned from this trip, what could God have shown me from it, what could have happened there…I don’t know but I do know that I said no to God when I should have trusted him with all my heart with all my soul and with all the is in me but I did not. SO I am learning that I should never let me fear get in the way of anything God says to do. I think you for this bible study it is teaching me to says YES to God when He calls…Thank you all so very much.

    • Jennifer, thank you for sharing this story of your failure to say yes. I think it will help me and others to be afraid of saying no to God. I ‘m pretty sure that God in his goodness will give you another opportunity. Bless you.

    • Thank you for sharing. We all let fear get in the way, so you’re not alone! I’m constantly asking God for forgiveness for backing out of things, both big and small. But He does forgive and He doesn’t give up. You may have backed out this time, but God will provide many more opportunities for you to say yes to Him. A bible study leader once told me that faith is a test but if you fail, you get to retake it as many times as you need to pass.

      I agree with Nick that God doesn’t always calls into huge and spectacular things. Sometimes, He starts with something small and mundane and see how we fare. I admit that I’m still struggling with the small and mundane, so it might be awhile before He throws me into something huge. But you know what? Small things can still have huge results. We may not realize it at the time, but perhaps we should teach ourselves to believe that praying over some laundry can change a generation. And if we’re called into something huge, like going on mission trips, they’re only made possible by a series of smaller acts of obedience.

      May God continue to show you how to be strong in your faith today!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      What you said “Today while watching the video above you said something that hit HARD…the end of it said “we need to only fear what our disobedience will cause us to miss” WOW what a very hard smack in the face for me.” ME TOO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      fear and guilt can be are worst enemy , I struggle with fear , fear used to be so bad at times it would feel like a thick blanket in my life. don’t feel bad for not going God has a plan for you here maybe to pray over someone maybe to lead someone to chirist. I’ve often heard that are mission field starts here.

  6. Mari Fisher says:

    I have found sweet precious time with Jesus at the beach. I love going real early in the morning before the sand has been trampled from the day of sunbathers and babies running toward the waves. The beach is quite empty then and looking down the expanse of the coastline I get a temporary picture of how big our God is and how temporal this life is.

    • Sue Kerschner says:

      Mari I too find that oh so precious time with Jesus at the beach. You are so right when we look at the water and the shoreline we realize the greatness of God and all that he provides for us. Peace comes as the waves wash upon the shore and I imagine our worries as the sand along the shore and God bring the waves upon them and washes them out to sea never to be worried about again. Ah yes Peace by the beach. God Bless and if you don’t live near the beach just close your eyes for a few moments in the day and imagine watching the waves wash ashore to take those worries away.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Mari,
      I love it. Thanks for sharing that amazing image.

  7. I loved today’s video about thanking God for the mundane things in my life. For the honor and privilege of worshipping Him during those times and being thankful that I have those times. Several things have popped out during this week of study that God is placing on my heart: first I spend too much time watching televison rather than spending time with Him. Collecting STUFF and overeating. All three of these things are emotional supports rather than letting God be my emotional support and letting my heart turn to HIM! Radical Obedience-I love the words.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Kathy,
      I agree. I spend too much time doing so many things where I could be focusing on God. I am a fast paced person and between these OBS studies I am learning to s-l-o-w down and stop and enjoy Jesus. Praying for you sweet sister.

    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      oh Kathy TV is a big one for me I spend to much time watching TV thank you for bringing that up, and food im an emotional eater. , collecting I don’t really collect. but you brought up a good point that they are all emotional attachments when we should really be cleaning to God. I’m praying that we both don’t go to food when we are hurting but instead we pick up are bibles

  8. Tricia Davis (OBS Facebook group leader) says:

    My bedroom closet is my sweet secret place where I go to let my soul breath. Sometimes it sounds weird to people that I go to my closet to spend time with God. I have discovered though that my closet is the place where I feel the safest to just “be” with God, however I’m feeling, with whatever is on my mind, no matter the emotions that come while I’m in there. I know I can be honest with God & really lay it all out there when I’m in my secret place with him. Having this safe place to “be” with God makes all the difference for me.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Love that. I need to find a big closet in my house.

  9. Right now, God is telling me to get more sleep and go to bed earlier. I used to never have that problem, but for about the last nine months or so I’ve been going to bed ridiculously late, knowing that I have to wake up early to go to work and take care of others, and go home and take care of my family. I also know I can only do both of these jobs well if I’ve had enough sleep. But like I said, for awhile, this has not been happening. But about 3 weeks ago we found out that we are expecting our second child. My body has been rapidly changing as this angel grows, and it has left me no choice but to slow down, chill out, and go to sleep at a reasonable time! So I’ve had a few backfires, but I know God is with me and He doesn’t expect me to be perfect. For the most part, I am doing well. That’s just one of the things God has told me to let go of…I’m sure He has more! God bless!

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Congratulations Jenny!!! I will be praying for you as you let go in this area and saying yes to God!!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Woooo Hooo, Jenny. Congratulations on your blessing! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and for radical obedience!

    • Jenny what a beautiful reminder of the importance of a good night’s sleep God has sent you. Blessings for you and your precious baby!

  10. That something that stirred in my heart to give up permanently or for a season is my relationship with John. I feel the Lord is leading me to break off our relationship because I have no business being with a man who does not know Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I realize I am “missionary courting”. I am holding back because I HATE hurting others. This man loves me very much and I still love him but I know we need to be apart. He needs to understand that the issues I have with our relationship are serious. In the long run we will end up hurting each other. I have a quiet place in the corner of my living room. I sit in my recliner there and spend all my day reflecting on the Lord and encouraging others where I feel led. My family tends to do things around me but I remain quiet and enjoy the stillness of being able to pray as I watch the birds at the feeder.

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Praying for you Carol, I had to do the same thing a few years ago, but it was the best decision I ever made. I know I was in the Lord’s will and not my own by breaking it off. I found this quote that I love and I use as a guide for the man who might come into my life one day. “A women’s heart should be so lost in God that a man needs to seek HIM in order to find her ♥”

      • I love that, Janet. Thank you so much. The more I read my studies, the more I’m convinced this is the right decision. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has had to face such a choice. What you shared is very encouraging. 🙂

      • I love that saying. But it is so true. All of us single women need to wait for a man that loves God. God has a special man for each of us and we need to wait…so hard to do, but like Janet said, so rewarding. In the meantime, learning to love God, seek Him, we become women after God’s heart and any Christian man will be blessed to marry us!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Praying sweet sister. Love that too, Janet.

  11. Kelly Baker says:

    Thank you for doing this video via YouTube!!! I can save it to my favs and yes it deserved to be there :)). Too, I felt it needed to be shared on fb. Any woman of God can benefit from this word. I would love to meet nicki, js! I love her spirit and she’s sooo adorable :)). Hope everyone had a great day

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      I agree. She is so stinkin’ cute and the way she loves Jesus is just infectious. 🙂 Praying for you to have a radically obedient week!

  12. My private place is anywhere I am alone. It could be my car, the shower, in front of the tv, walking my dog, in the bathroom or going to bed. What is such a blessing is God is Ever Present and I know thanks to Christ He’s listening to me. I just need to be as available to HIm and I am working on it. He is much better at it though His love is amazing!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Exactly. We just need to be with Him.

    • Love this Sheri. I have had to read through the responses to figure out the answer, and yours really struck me. I spend time with God almost everyday at lunch. I go out to my car and do my bible study, or read the word. It is definitely my time to talk with God. Many times I am thanking HIm. Another favorite place is the shower. I take my shower in the morning and as the warm water is streaming over me I thank God for hot showers, shampoo, soap, soft towels. I also thank him for the new day and lift my hands and say I am yours God. Help me. It is an awesome way to start the day.

  13. This video was SO encouraging to me! I needed to hear that the little, everyday things do matter. And seeing how a little whisper about a mundane thing from God can be used for a large expression of glory and praise was so helpful. I hadn’t thought of it that way…… Now I feel energized and excited to use my everyday life and little sacrifices for a larger purpose and good. Every moment DOES matter. 🙂

    Thank you!

  14. I have been for awhile struggling w the drama and trash tv I watch. I live my life outside of the house and inside very much in accordance w God’s plan however I believe this holds me back. I feel like I indulge in one or two shows at night when everyone is in bed and I don’t like the messages they portray. I have decided to slowly go through my dvr getting rid of shows God really wouldn’t want me filling my head w. Shows like housewives or any that create drama that is ungodly. Thanks for this study and for allowing me to say yes to God!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Kim,
      Way to go girl! I had this conviction about a year ago and most of my normal shows were out the down. Praying for you sister.

  15. I have a problem with stress and worry. I know everyone deals with this but I have let it take my joy and let it reach a point where I am no longer productive. So, I am clinging to Isaiah 41:13 and am giving it up. Am I taking on the impossible??
    I also had to share my sweet secret place…when I put praise/worship music on my IPod (with ear buds) I can focus on God and block out all that clouds my vision.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Crissy,
      So many sisters share this with you. You are not alone. Satan attacks me with the same very things. When God tells us not to be anxious about anything it is not just a simple cheer up. He gives us a solution and tells us to pray about everything and give thanks and praise to Him. I know how hard it is to deal with. There was a time when I was nervous for my husband to drive anywhere. It is not easy but this is where radical obedience comes into play. You have to radically trust Him to take your stress & worry. You have to jump off that cliff and free fall right into His loving arms. Fear LIES TO YOU. Fear takes away hope. But God will conquer every fear…start trying to give it to Him. I know easier said then done. I still have to do this on a daily basis. It is not a one time thing. It is a daily taking thoughts captive and surrendering. Please know that I am praying for you, Crissy. I truly do understand what you are going through and there is HOPE. YOU HAVE HOPE, FRIEND:-)

  16. Janet Spates says:

    Please pray for me ladies – I totally lost it with my kids last night and I feel like I’m in place where everyone would be better off without me. I’m trying to hold onto his love, but I’m losing what little grip I have.

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Praying for you Janet!! Been there done that!!! Know that I will be lifting you up to the Father!! Love you sweet sister and God loves you too!! We are all human and need His forgiveness and grace!! There are lots of scriptures out there to quote and confess to get freedom in this.

    • Dear Lord please be with Janet. Show her your love Lord. Let her know you are a God of grace and forgiveness. Lord please show her that she matters and that you have her where she is for a reason and that she is important to the people around her. Lavish your love upon her. Lord if she needs to apologize for last night then please give her the strength and humility to go to her kids and seek forgiveness. Lord may her children forgive her like you forgive her. Please gracious Father give her peace, reassurance and rest. Thank you Lord for Janet. While I do not know her I know she is Yours; Your creation; Your daughter and therefore a priceless treasure (even though she may not feel like it at this time). Thank you Jesus for hearing this prayer. Bring good things out of this situation for your glory.

    • God knows when you ‘feel like you are losing your grip’, too. I remember all too clearly, the times when I’ve lost it with my kids and my husband. I always thought, this is not like me, but it was me. I was hurting and I was hurting the people around me that I loved the most. Forgiveness is exactly what I needed to do. Jesus teaches so much about forgiveness. ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.’ 1 John 1:9 I’ve had to ask my family many times, ‘Will you forgive me and can we start over???’ They’ve been amazingly forgiving and they’ve learned also to ask, “Can we start over?”, too, usually followed with an ‘I love you, Mom’. I’ve needed to hear that so much. Now, I’ve realized that when I get so angry at them, I typically have something going on or not quite ‘on track’ with in me. And that can be a ‘Say what?’ moment with God. Saying ‘yes’ to faith and forgiveness. It is not easy, but it’s right where God meets us. When we feel like we’re losing our grip with God…He wants to carry us through. He loves you so so much. Praise God!

    • Oh Janet, I have so “lost it” with my children and husband…too many time!!!! Go to them and admit your failure to them, ask them to forgive you for losing it, and then pray (together if possible) for God’s forgiveness and for the Holy Spirit to guide you into a place of control. Self control is so difficult!!! I struggle moment by moment with a critical spirit and with losing my temper.

      It is good for kids to see their parents admit their mistakes in humility and to ask for forgiveness. No one is perfect in this life, only Jesus can claim perfection! This isn’t to be an excuse for our wrongs, but it does help to mend the hurt when we are wrong.

      One other thought – I know nothing about you personally, but let me ask this question. Have you ever had your thyroid checked?? I am 42…and for many years in my late 20’s and all through my 30’s I struggle with mood swings, irritability, fatigue and so on and I always chalked it up to being a woman…ha ha ha…and I tried to learn to manage this. Well, by about 38 my primary care doctor changed…and the new one was real big on natural healing and stuff. She asked if I had ever had my thyroid checked, and as it turned out, my thyroid was not functioning as it should. It did not put out enough hormones to be efficient. (I had been struggling to lose weight for years also) and when she put me on the medication for this (levothyroxine) everything changed! After about 6 months I began to lose weight (with lots of exercise…that I had always been doing) and I wasn’t as tired anymore. My husband noticed how much better I could keep my temper in check (though I still lose it from time to time) and there were many other benefits. So, all I’m saying is, if you haven’t already, check it out.

      I will be praying for you, Janet. God is good, and He loves you so much!!!

      Jeremiah 29:11

    • Oh Janet,
      I’ve been there and I feel I should tell you that your family needs you. I am disabled and struggle with constant pain. I used to believe my family would be better off without me but deep down I know this is not true. Jesus understands what you are going through and He wants you to lean on Him. He’ll get you through this.

      Heavenly Father, I lift up Janet to You. Lord, we know that if we seek You, we’ll find You when we seek You with all our hearts (Jeremiah 29:13). Lord, You have plans to prosper Janet and not to harm her. You have plans to give her a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). Place your healing hand upon her life and draw her close to You. Abba, Father, You are our heavenly Daddy. I thank You that we can call You Daddy. You are such a personal God. Let Janet experience YOU, Lord. Help her to look beyond her circumstances and see the possibilities her life has in You. Lord, I thank You that we can come to You with any issue we are faced with. Let Janet sense Your touch on her life. Let her see just how precious she is in Your sight. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Janet, I am praying for you. God is transforming all of us into brand new creations, and this is probably part of the process. God chose You, before you were born, to be a part of your loving family!
      If these moments come back, remember Philippians 4:13 “I can do all this through him who gives me strength”.
      Love, Adri

  17. Yesterday was a day that I didn’t want to do anything, not OBS, not talking to God or even thinking about continue with Bible Study……We lost almost everything due to Hurricane Sandy and yesterday due to the heavy rain water came in through the basement in our new house. I found my son on his bed hugging all his teddy bears afraid of another “Sandy”. I got so angry and discouraged. But this morning I say, “YES” to God. I have to keep moving on and I am moving forward with OBS. The devil is a liar!!!!

  18. Novella Pope says:

    Amen KiKi! I’m agreeing in prayer with you for all you have mentioned.

    Say What??? Thank you Nicki! Wonderful video message.
    I started praying over the meals as I prepare them about a month ago now I will look @ all the activities I complete daily as opportunity to give praise for the family I’m BLESSED to have, to pray over their futures and my gratitude for The Father .

    Thank you Father for Proverbs 31 may we all look more & more like the proverbs 31 woman & Jesus as each day pass.

  19. I’ve really been struggling lately with my daughter. She’s only 2 and I think it’s more my problem than anything. We recently potty trained her and she has been getting up so early and it’s cutting down on my time with God. I get frustrated with her and sometimes I feel like I don’t even want to be with her. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a mostly stay-at-home mom but sometimes it’s harder to be at home than it is to go to work. I only work 1 day a week and I enjoy my job. I am an occupational therapist and went to school for 7 years to do this. Yesterday in the midst of a struggle I began to think about what needed to change. Do I need to quit my job? Should I work more? I really have no desire to work more. The desire of my heart is to teach my children to love and serve Jesus and to love and serve others. The thought of quitting my job is also a little scary too. Even though I’m working very limited hours they do depend on me. It’s good to get out and have adult conversation and time away. I’ve also thought about the fact that I don’t want to lose my skills so when I do want to go back to working more I still have the skill set. In the time when I was feeding my baby I was struck my thought that in 10-15 years God might be calling me to something totally different. I’m not sure where this will lead me but I want to be open to God’s leading and to fulfill my purpose.

    • Julie, I am a registered nurse who became a full-time stay at home mom after my third child was born prematurely and our oldest son had social and behavioral issues. Now, so many years later, the children are mostly grown, and I have been unable to get rehired in nursing. I could never, nor would never, want to replace those years with my children, and do not regret at all the time spent raising them and loving on them as they grew. I believe I did what God called me to do in that season. In hind sight, I cannot help but wish I had worked in my profession at least one day a week, so that now I could return to it without more schooling, which we cannot afford. Just wanted to share from a mom who has been there. I believe my first responsibility was to raise our boys and teach them to know and love God and love others. Now I am asking God to show me what next.
      Father, thank you that you have promised that if any man lacks wisdom they should ask you, and you will give it generously. Thank you that every good and perfect gift comes from you, and you do not change. Thank you for the gifts of our families. I ask for Julie that you would give her your wisdom in this situation. Help her seek your will in all things. Give her the desire to answer “yes” to whatever your will is in this work situation. Thank you for her love for her children. In Jesus name, Amen.

      • Thank you so much for your response and encouragement. This has become a heavy issue for me quite suddenly. I never really questioned my work schedule and now I am. I’m not sure what God wants me to do but I am willing to listen and obey as scary as it may be. Praying for you as well as you enter a new stage in your life. It’s easy to look at things for the short term. My husband is a physician so I am not working for the money. I don’t have to work and that’s a blessing that I have the choice. Seeking God with Palms up

        • Hi Julie– I am also a stay at home mom, blessed because my husband has a good job. I am an SLP who slowly reduced my work schedule to 3 then 1 day a week and now it’s been 2 years since I’ve quit completely. My children are now 3 and 5, and I too struggle with the thought of working a day or two to keep up my skill set. My husband travels a lot and we move a lot because of his job, so I felt God wanted me to be home for our children, to be their constant. Some days I feel torn and look for part time work– and others I am happy right where I am. When I’m super frustrated with them I tend to look for work, as a “break”, however, I have to keep reminding myself that children go through stages and seasons just like we do. I have been asking God what He wants me to do. I will pray for you too that God’s love and wisdom will show you what is “right” for this season of your life!
          Hang in there sister!! <3

    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      im praying for patience and for you to be able to spend more time with God

  20. Thank for your video today Niki!! Reading through Ch 3 today, God showed me how I need to open up my fists to my own home. Not in regards to selling it, but it regards to controlling it. I’m sorry to say but I can relate to Lysa when she is talking about those pangs in her heart. I get frustrated when I pick up after everyone constantly only for it to be messed up again. I look at other people’s homes and wonder how I can become more organized. The saying ” Comparison is the thief of joy” is such a true statement. God showed me today that its ok if things are out of order, as long as there’s laughter and a place my girls and husband can call home and feel safe. I’ve had experiences when doing the dishes, I just make a choice and not complain but thank God for dishes to wash and food on our table, for a husband who works so hard and for children who want to gather around the table and eat. I do good for a few weeks, then go back to my old ways. I was reminded today that my obedience hasn’t been wholehearted but halfhearted. Praying today that God will truly help me in this area of my life and praying I can find a secret place where it’s just me and God. That in those frustrating moments, I will seek Him first to change my perspective. I lived in a home where around my father everything had to be perfect. I hated that feeling as a child. Perhaps it’s why I am who I am today. Nevertheless, God is showing me today that in this Say What moment, it’s time to break the cycle of generational sin. I know this is going to be hard but I know through His strength and power I can do this!

  21. Nicki thanks for sharing your heart today. I was reminded and had to post in my group how God led me over 16 years ago to pray as I was folding my husband’s socks, handerkerchiefs and underwear and I still do – not every load but often. It is amazing how when you are upset with a spouse how it changes your heart to pray for him. I am not sure why I did not do that with my kids, but I didn’t. I do now if I get the chance to do their laundry like my son’s this week as they are at the hospital ministering to a newborn baby and this week for my daughter who is here to minister to her brother. I encourage every lady reading this today to pray as you fold your families clothes. It brings peace over a mundane task.

  22. Michelle C NJ says:

    Good morning Yes Girls~ I get totally wiged out in the morning if I dont sit in my secret place for at least an hr or so praying-praising-reading-or talking to God. My day does not feel or go the same as if I miss my quiet morning time. The question is God asking me to give up something? a few time I get the promptings to do 3 things- (do I dare share?) ok, I will – I;m addicted to facebook, then I say……. #say what? I go on facebook to look and read all the inspiring things to help me feel encourged thru the day especially some special pictures of my granddaughter…. I feel I dont want to miss out on anything thats going on within my circle of friends/family……. so is it beyond me? OH Dear Lord YES! the 2nd thing God is prompting me is Trash Reality t.v shows-I;m addicted to the NJ housewives- I am getting confirmed I shouldnt be watching this type of show because I get a pit of disgust in my stomach and I dont want to see some of the nasty things they say or do…… and the 3rd prompting is not so much something to give up but something the Lord is asking me to do so I can grow deeper in love with him is Go to church CONSISTENTLY EACH WEEK AND NOT MISS 1 SUNDAY OR MIDWEEK SERVICE. (like this past sunday I could have gone to church,but I was comming off vacation woke up late and was too lazy to jump in the shower to go alone.) so I stayed home and watched internet church..ug, I felt horrible- soooo yes Girls…… my thing is does God want me to do all 3? just 1? I;m so confused! and this is my #say what God? trying to hear from him…. could maybe use some extra words of encougement to guide me to hearing God……… Happy Wednesday 🙂

    • Dear Michelle, thanks for sharing your three things. I encourage you to give up the tv shows that you are addicted to. You know they do not bring God glory. (I need to think about the crime/mystery shows I watch) For going to church, yes that is important – that is your church family- but if you NEED to miss one week, you should not beat yourself up about it. As for facebook, facebook can be both good and bad. I have been thinking about limiting my facebook time – maybe just checking three times a day when I am home. On work days, it’s easier (not to check so much) It’s important to connect to the people right where I am. God bless.

      • Michelle C NJ says:

        Thanks Eva~ if I really think on what God is prompting me to do with FB it is just checking in
        2 -3 times a day instead of cking in my millions of spare minutes. while I have a minute when ever. instead I heard the lord say to me he wants me to praise him thru the millions of extra minutes I have…. . this i,s so beyond me radical obiedance? oh boy today is gonna be a hard LONG day- lol xo
        #palms up- #say what? ps, (the t.v thing is the most easiest) lol

        • Michelle, praising God in the extra moments – that is such a great idea. I have a bad habit of looking for something to read in the spare moments. Thanks for sharing. I hope you had a good Wednesday and managed to reduce your FB ‘checking’. I want to try your idea.

    • I am doing a 30 day fast from Facebook. This just started 3 days ago. It’s hard because, like you, I also use it to keep in touch with close family and friends. I have new babies in the family and some that will be born while I’m fasting so I won’t get to see pics yet. It has already been a blessing though. I feel lighter already. Less guilt b/c I’m more focused on God, my family, and things around the house. Praying for you. :0)

    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      Facebook oh girl don’t get me started on Facebook addicted here , and reality shows got a problem with that, my real problem is cell phone. I went with out it all day long for two days and felt really good. praying that you go deeper with God.

  23. This morning during my prayer time I sensed that I needed to be on my knees with my face down near the floor. I’m 51, that’s not easy or comfortable, lol. But I did it, sore knee & all. As I prayed for the 3 things that are so in need of His touch I felt impressed to pray for the rest of the family, for the family members I don’t see or hear from (lots of love there they’re just too busy with the things of life). When I was finally able to sit tall again I still felt I needed more. The laundry made me cry as I realized today when I’m folding the payroll checks for the employees at work I’m going to pray for each of them & their families! 54 employees. I’m praying for their salvation, their health, their families & their finances. 54 people that are my work friends. There’s going to be major changes in our place of work.

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Stela what an awesome idea to pay for the employees when doing the paychecks!!! You go girl!! 🙂

    • Wow, what a great idea. What a great calling. God will answer in mighty ways in the lives of those employees. They are so blessed to have you folding their payroll!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Wow! Awesome!

    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      I love spending time on my knees that is were I feel closet to God. im praying for your family members and
      your employees

  24. Annette Distinti says:

    Nikki: I was so blessed by your video today. I never quite looked at doing the mundane things in life quite that way. But, now I will certainly try and pray thru them in that way. Thanks so very much for revealing this to me.

  25. Amazing what God can accomplish in our lives, in our hearts, in our souls when we Say Yes and are obedient to Him. Thank you Nicki for sharing that even in small things, obedience is expected and reaps great rewards for others and for ourselves. Palms Up and Saying Yes to God on a Wednesday in August.

  26. Last night I was reading through chapter 3 while I sat on the couch with my husband. I read aloud the same phrase that you said in the video. I think that God doesn’t want me to miss that. I am honestly not sure if God is asking me to give up something yet. He has definitely impressed on me various things in the past. One of the hardest things He asked me to give up listening to secular music. I fought Him on that one. I gave a list of reasons why not to, and that other Christians listen to it. I already avoided the music with profanities, but He wanted me to only listen to music that glorified Him. That was a challenge, and even now I feel him pressing me to not listen to certain songs even if they are Christian. I realize now (this was about 6 years ago) that He did it because I am so influenced by music, He knew what was best for me. Right now I am just waiting to see where God wants my radical obedience. Maybe like in the video it is just the mundane things but doing them with a completely new perspective of honoring God that would be radical.

    Oh I just remembered something really awesome that God is doing that I wanted to share. My oldest daughter is very strong willed and has been since birth. She is only 7. These past few years was a year of change. I married my husband, we moved to chicago from NY. I became pregnant and had a beautiful little one, and she started a new school. So through it all she was getting pretty hard to handle. Very easily upset and having alot of disrespectful behavior which was understandable. Many days I felt at my wit’s end, and struggled with patience and trying to adjust myself while helping her adjust. Things are getting more settled in now, but I was still struggling with her “sassy” attitude. I prayed God to help me see the beauty in her and not focus on the times she would sass back. Then I decided to start giving her more responsibilities, so daily she dries the dishes and puts them away while I do them. At first there was a lot of resistance on her part, but I kept at it. Then about a week ago when she was especially crabby, I decided to tell her a bible story. I think it was the good samaritan. She knows alot of them too. Every day since then she has asked me to tell her bible stories, and she is truly engaged and wants more when we finished. Yesterday I went through the origin of Moses starting with Jacob and was about to finish with joseph and the colorful coat when we finished the dishes but she asked me to keep going so I went on through and ended with the parting of the red sea. The beauty of it is I never would’ve guessed she would’ve been so engaged and her excitement is making me excited about it too. I love doing the thematics and getting excited about God’s word. So that has been an awesome way that God is moving.

  27. Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

    My sweet secret place is my front porch swing looking right into the mountains…ahhh. I will have to find a new one soon because the girls go to bed at 7:30 and it is starting to get too dark too quick. This place is absolutely where my soul breathes where my mind can rid of all the chatter and just focus on my Father.

  28. Hi ladies!! Just a quick logistical question…are we supposed to be doing the bible study questions after chapters 2 & 3 this week yet or is that something that will be assigned separately like it was last week? I just don’t want to get behind!!! 🙂
    Love the videos–they really help highlight the messages from the book and I love getting to know both Nicki & Melissa through them!

  29. Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

    Wow!!!!!! What a video, Nicki. Now, I am a little nervous for my #saywhat ‘s today 🙂 Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. linda paddock says:

    Ironically, my initial response last week to the story on radical obedience and the giving away of the bible brought me to this exact place mentioned in the video; not every obedience or call is necessarily a “big” thing. Today, God’s voice in this matter has been confirmed.
    God wants me to give up some very hard things, things beyond me. I think it may be a friendship–this grieves me like there is no tomorrow. Please pray how this should play out.
    But He is also confronting my sins of being easily hurt, or thin skinned, because this is a judgmental attitude in the sense that I am interpreting others intent in the worst possible manner.
    I am critical. I’m seeing that I am easily angered/offended, a complainer (“she hurt my feelings”). And I guess I have an entitlement mentality. My “say what” insight then, is more than a call for radical obedience, its the revelation that ; Say What? I am ALL of these things?
    Overcoming these negative attributes is HUGE.
    Thanks for this OBS, it transforming life. Your encouragement, wisdom and devotion have been a blessing.

    • Philippians 4:6-7
      Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

      • linda paddock says:

        thank you for your prayers and verse, God has moved.
        The friendship pretty much imploded today, my path is clear now.Though my heart breaks and my soul grieves, I am convinced this is gods will. I have been trying to un=tether myself from this unhealthy alliance for 3 years, still, the finality leaves a gaping hole in my soul, for I loved deeply.The road ahead will be arduous and the temptation to fall back, great, However I remain encouraged by the admonition on the August 9th blog, and will continue to stand on that as I trudge forward: Refuse to Turn Back!!!!

        Also, had an encouraging and very positive conversation with manager about addressing office conflicts (women’s health, ugh, it’s challenging) and feel empowered to be victorious through christ in this matter as well.

        Thank you to all who have prayed. please keep me, and the friend, in your prayers. God knows the details and thats good enough for me. <3

    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      I my self can relate to that negativity that was me.
      praying God renews your heart and mind

    • Linda, thank you for sharing! Your revelation has now become my own. I have struggled with being easily hurt by others. I never saw this as being judgmental. I will now look inward and see how my reactions are effecting others. I pray the Lord plants a lighter spirit in us both. I pray He renews our minds so any penetration will no longer take root and can easily roll off of us. Thank you again for your words. They have brought so much insight to my now re-freshened journey with the Lord and others!

  31. I was so encouraged by the video today, and how it refocused my everyday tasks to seek Him and serve Him right where I am, doing what He has put in front of me. God has been hounding me to give up poor eating habits and staying in bed too late to exercise in the mornings and to have my quiet time with Him. He has asked me to be healthy so that I can serve Him in all the strength He gives, and I am unfit and unhealthy right now. As a matter of a fact, because of fighting Him in this area, I missed His best on a mission trip to Haiti because my BP and weight did not settle well with the heat. I was unable to do all that He had called me to do. In His grace, He provided small ways to serve Him and love on the people He put in my path, but I still grieve the opportunities I missed. I want to say “yes” to Him in this area of healthy living…now for the desire to turn into action. Please pray for that for me. Wishing and hoping without steps to obey lead to nowhere in this area for me, (except gaining more weight). I know He can redeem all that was lost in my disobedience. I am counting on it.

  32. Oh how I love chapter 3 in this book. I have been through quite a lot over the past few years. 3 miscarriages and then not being able to have children (had to have a hysterectomy). Also had to sell our house due to business struggles but God has been so faithful even when I have felt He is so distant and have not felt how much He loves me. I have filled the empty spaces with spending sprees and have shut Him out and others in my life. i have just felt numb and I havent been able to love Him as i know I should. Doing this study is stirring me up for what will happen in my life when I radically obey Him. I want to fall so passionately in love with Him again for Him to be my all as I know He is the only one who can heal my hurts and fill the empty places. He has been so faithful even in my unfaithfulness. We have so many spiritual kids that our friends share with us or ones God puts across our path and our business is doing really well, so many miracles there in this time of recession. I just want to say Yes Lord with everything I am and will be, to do what you call me to do, in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      Ive tried to feel the empty spaces with friends that is how I filled the empty spaces in my heart. and I have felt the numb feeling, and the distance of God. praying that you feel him more and more.

  33. Loved your video today Nicki!!! Today we register my kids at a new school. While this change is met with optimism on my part not all of my family are excited about it. My son & my husband are very anxious about it leaving me to now stress about how it will go. I have felt my anxiety growing the closer we get to the beginning of school. This morning as I woke God nudged my heart telling me I need to prepare a prayer for each of my children for the school year. Your message today confirmed that nudging #SayWhat! I LOVE how God confirms His messages to us in so many areas!! So, this morning before we go to registration I will say #YesToGod & write out a prayer for my children & my husband. Thank you for all that you and Melissa do to lead so many women to Christ!

  34. Melanie McCarraher says:

    It is so inspiring to read all the comments. Before I had gotten to Chapter 3 this week, I felt led to give up one of my loves. I love riding my motorcycle! However, I leased it last year and a month later my husband became ill and lost his job. I knew at the time, it was a foolish thing, but couldn’t resist having a new bike. (We already have one that is paid for) My selfishness overtook me that day. This week, I was prompted to seek and find if I can find someone to take over my lease and give it up. Boy, this was hard, but finanially, it only makes sense. So, I have put out an ad and am positive someone will take over this lease and get me back in agreement fiancially. My sefishness and wordly desires are a big hindrance and I am working on it!

  35. Good morning ladies as I spend time with the Lord this morning and reading Jeremaih 26,27 and psalm 23 I just felt the confidence and comfort of our God who is so full with compassion and love towards us. He is our shepherd leading the way and always there for us to keep us safe and guarding us specially through the dark places and tough moments in our lives.
    We are secure in Him and nothing He asks us to do we are doing it alone.
    I believe that this will be a year for me to say yes to God and no to eating out, so I can use my resources His provisions in the ways that will please Him- giving more to others in need, and most important without the pressure of not having enough money when I could have saved by cooking a healthier and delicious meal at home. Stop my laziness!
    I love Nikki’s video this morning. We can not expect to go to Africa to be the women God wants us to be, we need to start obeying God right here, so that we become that living sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to God to be the moms, wives and friends He has made us to be! #radical obedience God bless you and keep u all enjoy and rejoice in Him!

  36. Oh ladies I would to sit here and say God has challenged me, but so far right now I haven’t felt a call to give up anything, well except sleep. Like I have said I am not a morning person and I have made a commitment to get up at 530/6 am every morning to spend time with God, and my husband & God before he heads to work. To use this time as my secret place/time with God, it is the only quiet time I have with him. I am a stay at home mom with a 3 & 1 year old, my husband is a Marine Corps recruiter, he leaves at 630/7 am and isn’t home until anywhere from 830-10pm, so everything at home falls to me, by the time I get the kids in bed, the house straightened up, I am ready for bed. So getting up early it is! I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, and its a little easier each day, but still a challenge for me, I love my sleep lol.

    • Rita Renn says:

      I love sleep too! Waking up early, especially when I don’t have to be anywhere, is so hard for me to do! Good job on waking up early and making time with God your priority. I think sleep is a huge thing to give up and can be a HUGE challenge. Keep it up!

  37. I have been struggling with fear. I am afraid God is going to allow something to happen to me or my family to teach me a lesson or to help me become a stronger christian. I have fear that he is going to ask me to do something that is going to break my heart. While writing this, it sounds ridiculous to me. But I think about Job and others that God allowed things to happen to, to teach them lessons and it scares me.

    • Kelli, I understand your fear! I have days where I am absolutely terrified about those same things!!!! I try to remind myself that God is a loving God, not a mean, spiteful God and that whatever comes, He will help me through, but it’s so hard some days! Praying for you, Kelli!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      I just did a double take. EXACT SAME HERE. BUT God is a loving God and he is good and just. You are so not alone my friend. Satan attacks me with the same very things. When God tells us not to be anxious about anything it is not just a simple cheer up. He gives us a solution and tells us to pray about everything and give thanks and praise to Him. I know how hard it is to deal with. There was a time when I was nervous for my husband to drive anywhere. It is not easy but this is where radical obedience comes into play. You have to radically trust Him to take your stress & worry. You have to jump off that cliff and free fall right into His loving arms. Fear LIES TO YOU. Fear takes away hope. But God will conquer every fear…start trying to give it to Him. I know easier said then done. I still have to do this on a daily basis. It is not a one time thing. It is a daily taking thoughts captive and surrendering. Praying for you Kelli!!!!!!!

    • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

      kelli I struggle with fear to , but fear dosent come from God infact he commands us not to be afraid. I have a verse for you I use it when Im scared exodous 14:14 over her lord amen

  38. When I watched Nikki’s video, I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I have about 6 loads of laundry that are clean, but need to be folded and put away. God has definitely been convicting me the last while about the way I use my time at home. I am a procrastinator and I need to change that. Her video today inspired me to use that time for more than just folding laundry. I have never thought of it that it could actually make a difference in anyone’s future if I spent time praying for my family while folding laundry. I love it! Thanks Nikki!!!

    • Rita Renn says:

      I thought that it was a great idea about the laundry too! As I sit at home and go about my daily tasks, I feel as though the only difference it makes is that my husband and I have nicely folded, clean clothes and a clean house (most of the time 🙂 ). I never even thought of looking at these tasks as a way to pray for blessings on our home and my husband.

  39. Rita Renn says:

    WOW! Did Chapter 3 hit it right on the nose! Yesterday, and probably many other days before that, I decided to turn on the television as a distraction from the work I had to do at home. As I was scrolling through the guide, I remember thinking to myself that I shouldn’t watch my normal shows that are dark and dismal. Why would I want to bring that into my life as I’m trying to follow in the path that God is leading me down? I want to be someone filled with joy and knew that watching these tv shows would do nothing to help me. But I turned them on anyways. Long story short, I ended up getting sucked into watching them and got little work done. And I was left feeling unaccomplished in my work that day and empty from the negative stories I had watched. Why didn’t I listen to God yesterday?
    As soon as Lisa talked about the television in the hotel room, everything clicked for me. Why am I doing this? It doesn’t get me closer to God…I need to leave those tv shows behind me and focus on my walk with the Lord. Here’s to day 1 of bringing as much joy into my life as possible . . . step one – turn the tv off!

  40. Sarah Travis says:

    I have placed too much value and security in having a job since I arrived in the US (I immigrated here last November to marry my US soul mate!)…”I won’t feel like I belong until I have a job…” etc. I really need to pray for God to beat down my pride and be humbled to true security in what He has given me…Himself. THAT needs to be enough…anything else is a bonus with an expiration date. We are feeling led to leave our jobs and truly seek what it is God has for us, as we believe it is different from where we are now. Our fear of the unknown, and desire for more confirmation than we seem to be receiving every day is holding us back and we need to put our #PalmsUp and let God have His way with us, not matter what the risks are! #SayWhat !

  41. Sharon Tavera says:

    I know in my heart the Lord has been calling me to give up my foolish spending habits – daily looking at websites, thinking I “need” things when really I know I don’t! This has been a struggle for me for many years – I have boxes of things that I buy and then never really use! I’m obsessed with possessions you could say and I know for my future, for my marriage, for my children I need to give this up and honestly I want to! It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, that I’m a compulsive shopper. It’s put me in huge debt, I’ve sacrificed my financial future and it’s emotionally taxing and draining. So, I know I need to turn this over to the Lord. The passage we read Isaiah 41: 13 ” For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you” will become my rock….for I know I must turn to Him, lean on Him and listen for His voice!!

    • Lisa Waughtal says:

      Sharon I have the same problem. I have such a bad spending habit. I spend when I am down or angry thinking that it will make me feel better with something new, and it does for a couple hours and then the problem that starting the spending comes back and I have to face it. It has been a struggle and one in which God is still working in my life. I need to remember that things will not make me happy only God will and if I stop and think that before I get out my checkbook I can usually overcome the temptation. Stay strong and know that others have the same conviction and are praying for you!!

  42. Looooved the video today! Truly God inspired, to Him be the glory. ‘Radical obedience takes place in the everyday mundane things.’ That hit me hard and had me scrawling notes in my journal for tomorrows post for the blog hop!

  43. My sweet secret place is anywhere I am surrounded by nature … whether it is at the ocean or a nearby lake, a park or a hiking trail, my back yard or a walk with the dog around my neighborhood. Whenever I am away from distractions & the busyness of everyday life – and surrounded by God’s lovely creations – I feel such a peace about me & am easily able to open my heart & soul to God’s presence & commune with Him.

  44. I have been feeling for quite some time that the Lord wants me to let Facebook go. I struggle with this for more than one reason. The most sinful of them being…..addicted to it….addicted to the “attention” you get from it……addicted to “knowing” about everyone. However, I use Facebook to share Jesus. I use it as a mission field. I use it to encourage. Now of course, I use it to participate in the OBS and stay connected to my “sisters” all around the world via Facebook. Lord, I don’t understand. Don’t you want me to be their? I need prayer about this …. I need God to show me. “Seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart.” I am seeking Lord and I am seeking with all my heart…….show me…..”acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your paths.” Direct me Lord, please. The thing that comes to me in using the “excuse” to use Facebook to encourage and to share Christ is this……Am I doing this for MY glory or for His. Hmmmmm……….that is deep. That is SINFUL. Can I use it in a different way? Can I stay away from the “stuff” and stay connected to the “good” of Facebook? Help me here Lord…..help me here sisters. I need prayer and guidance. Thank you.

    • Mary Jo, I think God wants me to give up the amount of time I give to FB and pinterest. Like you I also like to use FB to encourage. For me, I am giving myself a time limit. It is so easy to get on and spend half an hour. I pray God will show you if you need to step away or maybe limit the amount of time. I also understand how the pride comes in. Isn’t it amazing how we can get addicted to how many “likes” we get? Lord, please show us how we can use this tool for your glory.

    • I’m with you on this FB issue and the time I spend on it for the same reasons you shared. Praying. And thank you for sharing.

    • Mary Jo I am right there with you struggling with the FB issue as well. Praying for clarity. As I sit today at work and read all these awesome blogs, I am excted to go home tonight and listen to the video. Praying for you Mary Jo and I and whoever else for clarification on the FB struggle.

  45. Something to give up Alcohol~I can do it socially but doesnt fit into my Christian Life or the Godly example I am setting. I do enjoy it with friends, dancing, with my husband. Seems to be only friends I make to actually have something to do besides sit at home like a bump on a log! I do enjoy other things but my friends cant do them without packing a cooler with wine, beer. beach,barbarcue,social gathering always involve this so I partake and usually have fun. I feel guilty because cannot become member of my church but am actively participating in every event, teaching, serving,learning but cannot say I am official member. This hurts. I know gods is pulling me in direction to minister and I do with my friends I have one who is athetist and we talk about God when he comes over to hang and drink cocktails, so I know God knows my heart. Whats stopping me from giving up friends, acceptance,enjoyment, spouse, and will power! thanks for listening.

  46. God is asking me to give up my early mornings to Him. That has been the most opportune time of the day to get in a workout, but He wants me with Him first thing. It has already been such a blessing! I did ask for victory over my health and He impressed on my heart to workout after the kids are in bed in the evenings. I mentioned this to my husband and he said HE wanted to start working out in the evenings too! So much easier with a partner. God is bringing balance already through my obedience. I sit in my kitchen at 5:30am and have a good view of the morning sun coming up while studying His word. I know He wants me to have victory in my health, but He is also showing me very clearly how to set these priorities. I’m so thankful for His presence!

    • Paige, God has asked me to give up my early mornings, too. It is SO hard – I think I might have a sleep addiction if such a thing exists! On a normal morning, I have to be up before 5 in order to get ready and make the train on time for work (I start at 6:30). Yesterday when I was working on my Bible study, I felt a stirring that said, “Why don’t you get up at 4 and spend time with me?” 4 a.m.???? #SayWhat

      So I set my alarm this morning for 4 a.m. I turned Guy Penrod’s version of “Softly and Tenderly” into my alarm so I wouldn’t feel so jolted and angered by my clock. I won’t lie… I stayed awake in bed for 20 minutes before I got up, because the devil was trying to convince me of how ridiculous it is to wake up at 4 when I can sleep til almost 5. So I failed in a way, but I got up, spent time with Jesus and gave my day to him.

      Am I a little tired now? Yes. But it’s worth it to know I am trying to do what God has asked. Praying for you as you give your early mornings to Jesus!

  47. I constantly forget that even in the mundane things we do God wants to be honored. This OBS has been great to show me this. It’s interesting Nicki’s laundry example in her video(God was putting another confirmation in front of me of what I should be doing). From her example it finally hit me that God has been pushing me, for a while now, to be better at cleaning my house. Laundry, I can do all day without any issues. Cleaning, dusting, maintaining clutter, I’m not so good at. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who on Sunday helped me get our entire house dusted while I cleaned bathrooms, what a major help!! Now I feel energized to finish the cleanup process that has already been started. And God’s cleanup process in me continues. 😉 I pray that I can continue on without being reminded from a video. LOL!

  48. I think now I know what God wants me to give up. I actually felt that prompting last night, but dismissed it. I feel a bit embarrassed to share because it’s a silly thing, not on His part to ask me, but my part for doing it start with. I have been suffering from fear and anxious feelings which has increased greatly in the past year after having my baby, which has led to palpitations. I have gone to the ER before for them 2 times thinking I was having a heart attack, and everything came back normal. While I haven’t gone to cardiologist specifically, I am pretty confident things are ok with my heart. I have a long family history of anxiety and my mom struggles with palpitations and anxiety and everything checked out fine for her in the extensive tests they did. Plus I am 29 and I eat healthy and in I’m in decent shape. Anyway, so logically I know it is just anxiety trouble, but I check my pulse all the time. I keep track of how fast or how the beats are. I do it many times a day and have done it for about a year, I have even learned how to check it in a way that no one notices. Someone can be talking to me and I will be checking my pulse and they won’t be aware that I am doing it. I also downloaded an app to my phone that checks it as well. I think God wants me to give that up in my journey to letting go of my fear because how can I say “Yes I give you my fears” when I am still out of fear checking my pulse so many times a day?

    • Melissa H. says:

      Sometimes the things that seem so little and insignificant can be the big problem area for us. And remember this, it’s not a silly thing if it’s a big deal to you.

  49. Vanessa Stephens says:

    God has called me to give up facebook for a while to retreat more intimate with Him. I have a tendency to waste a ton of time on facebook. When I spend time alone with God as He is teaching me the, the whole time I keep saying to myself I need to share this on facebook. It’s a constant distraction for me. God is leading me to do this I’m sure too because my son has stressed to me that it has caused him problems with his marriage because things get turned around and mislead. I pray that God used my experience to help others learn that it can be a huge distraction…

    Love Vanessa

  50. Good morning Yes Girls. Thank you all for sharing from your hearts today. What a blessing you are to me. God has been working on my heart for the last year or so to give up both tv shows and books that don’t align with His will. I was addicted to murder mysteries and couldn’t get enough. I realized this was not pleasing to The Lord and only helped to push me away instead of drawing near to Him. It has been a struggle, and I am by no means “free” from this addiction, however I have come a long way. When my desire is to go down that path, I take a detour to my quiet place and pick up my bible and study materials and foccus on growing closer to My Lord. I’m putting my #PalmsUp more and trying to fill myself with His presence. Love you all. God Bless.

  51. I realize I need to give up control. I need to stop thinking everything through and plan. I have an issue with needing to see the big picture and every element coming together as a life. Instead of doing I’m planning. I often want to figure out what could go wrong and if the cost is too great I stop myself from ever moving closer to His request. I want everyone to be happy and all the needs met. What I forget is that is not up to me, but up to Him. I just need to say yes and move in His direction. I struggle with uncertainty and concern myself with not being enough. What could I possibly do? What if I mess the whole thing up. I realize that all he wants form me is to move In his direction, even if I trip. God is so good and I need him to supply my every need not for me to make things happen in my own strength and ability. I need to give up pleasing others to please him.

    • Linda Paver says:

      Oh my goodness, Velvet! This is so much me. Thanks for sharing and reminding me I’m not alone in this struggle.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Velvet,
      I think we all need too and it is so hard. It takes daily intention to trust Him completely….

  52. Thank you! SAY WHAT went directly to my heart this morning. God is asking me to GIVE UP CONTROL. I struggle so much with this and my radical obedience starts with letting go almost second by second.

  53. I know for a fact that God has continually called me to give up my “what other people think syndrome”- something I’ve allowed to “drag me around” all of my life. While I’m better than I used to be (by His Grace Alone), I am nowhere near where I need to be. I’m tired of robbing myself of so much that God has for me simply because I’ve always held in the back of my mind “what others would think.” Well, while I know God wants us to respect all of His Children, more importantly He wants me to “let go of me” so that He can use me so much more and so that I can grow stronger, more secure and just happier in Jesus. So this summer,(again by His Grace) I have “stepped out” of that box and have begun to do some things that I never thought I would do(actually I started a few years ago but I’m allowing God to continue to take me to greater heights this summer.)
    Took a wonderful trip with my ex-husband and once God confirmed in my spirit to accept the invitation to go, I let go of that “wonder what———–???? would think or if they would “approve.” Well because God had already given His Approval(why do I need man’s approval when God holds the key to all my blessings!!) it turned out the be one of the best trips I’ve ever taken and definitely the best one my ex and I had ever taken when we were married. Now that’s nothing less than AN AWESOME GOD!!!
    I’ve also retired from work (both full and parttime)AND by His Grace and Mercy I’m moving into a brand new place within the next couple of weeks !!! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought either of these things would happen to me at this stage of my life—–and all because I decided to “give up self!!”

  54. lynn fincher says:

    Thank you Nicki for that am wonderful message this morning.it really hits home when I think of all the mundane tasks that I do everyday. “Say What” is having that radical obedience and I am working on that now on a daily basis. I also saw a confirmation for me this morning as you ended your message I had in my notes
    at the end “Fear what our disobedience will cause us to miss..
    Going forward with God. Love this OBS and what it is doing in my life.

  55. Andrea A. says:

    I have to think on these questions a bit, but I really wanted to say “Thank You” Nicki for sharing your video message. I have struggled with feeling like what I’m doing is not big enough or exciting enough for God. I mean I’m a public school teacher, mom and wife. Ho Hum. Sometimes I feel as though that’s not enough for God. But what I’m realizing is that it doesn’t matter so much what I do, but how I do it. What kind of attitude do I have, what’s in my heart as I’m doing these things. I just can not emphasize enough how big of an idea this is for me. To think that being a public school teacher, wife and mom, is in fact what God wants me to do completely changes me attitude and mindset about all those things. This could be life changing for me. It’s all a matter of remembering what I’m learning and putting it into practice. Praise God!

    • Andrea, you are a public school teacher. Your mission field is HUGE!!! There is so much that you can accomplish with the students you come in contact with every single day – even with the limitations the law places on you regarding sharing your faith. I will be praying for you as you go into your mission field everyday. And I hope you will accept my gratitude for what you do! God bless!

    • Nicki Koziarz says:

      From one momma of public school kids…YOU are an answer to MY prayers and the prayers of many, many mommas.. I pray each year that God would allow those that love Him to surround my kids at their school. Andrea, you have the ability to have such a huge impact on this generation. Your presence in the school is powerful. I praise God for you!!!

    • Stefanie Schwegman says:

      God Bless you for what you do! My kids go to public school and I cannot imagine how hard it is. We need you – people like you so blessed with the gifts that it takes to do this work. Such Holy work. Thank you for what you do! you are changing lives each day.

  56. I am lazy. I have a terrible attitude when it comes to housekeeping. I justify it by saying, “If someone comes over, they’re here to see me, not my house.” But I have been under a strong conviction this week to change my attitude toward keeping a neater house and taking care of the things GOD HAS PROVIDED! I don’t know why it didn’t click with me before – perhaps because I’ve been so selfish and unwilling to hear what God was saying. But it’s more than overcoming an attitude and defeating laziness; it’s about stepping away from the television in order to do accomplish these tasks. It’s about putting my phone down and not letting Candy Crush Saga (evil game!) invade time with my family or doing other important things. The bottom line is that I haven’t taken care of what God has given me because I’ve been selfish and lazy. I’ve attempted to justify my laziness and attitude and it’s ridiculous! I envision myself as the two-year-old throwing a tantrum on God’s kitchen floor screaming and stomping my feet, even as He prepares a place for me, “I don’t want to clean my room! I don’t want to fold clothes. I don’t want to do the dishes.” (Now, don’t get me wrong, my kitchen and bathrooms are clean and the clothes get washed, folded and put away, but my house is an organized person’s nightmare! There is clutter where there doesn’t have to be – and I’m only that way in my home life. At work, I am the most organized employee in the mix!)

    I guess the biggest take-aways for me then, are stepping away from the television, putting my phone down, and learning to take care of God’s blessings. After all, why would He entrust me to more if I can’t take care of the “stuff” I have now? (Maybe that’s simple-minded, but I hope you understand what I’m saying.)

    • Gwen, as I read this I was going #SayWhat? When I first moved out of my parents house into a place of my own, my mom brought me a “housewarming” present it was a sign…I hate housework!. I struggle with this daily, not because I truly hate it (I like to think I figured this one out) but, I want to wait so I can see a difference when I clean. My house is clean, laundry gets done but the clutter is there. Dust-working on it! I know if I did some everyday I wouldn’t have to work so hard when I do “do it”. I agree Candy Crush Saga – evil!!!! I am proud to say I haven’t played it in over a week and it’s time to delete it. Television is not a problem for me as I really don’t enjoy it unless it is Duck Dynasty and only the new ones. Yes, I know God is working on me with this and yes I know I need to listen all the time on this particular subject. I hope this makes sense-you are not alone in this area.
      I do believe that in reading your post I have received affirmation from God of what I need to do!
      Hope this makes sense…

    • AMEN1 Have been to my house and I didn’t know it? 🙂

  57. Stefanie Schwegman says:

    I resononated SO strongly with the radical obedience you speak of today! For the past few months my husband took on a new job that has caused me to operate as a single parent. It has been SO hard. I have fought it kicking and screaming – the chores, the kids demands, having a full time job and at the time studying for an important test. I cried every morning on the way to work – I felt like I would absolutely break apart. I was frustrated, frazzled, and stressed to the point of harming my health. Here is the AHA moment, now I see that God was calling me to obedient in these everyday tasks! Loving my family through scrubbing the floors or running kids to this or that. I was totally missing the message. I now GET IT! Praise Him for this moment of clarity and to grow in HIS love. I LOVE YOU JESUS! and thank you so much to the Proverbs 31 Jesus Divas!

  58. One thing that I know that I need to give up on permanently and not just for a season is gossiping. I have such a hard time of not running my mouth that it can become downright annoying. You see I grew up in a family that is all female (I have five sisters) and unfortunately we tend to talk about each other to one another . If it was about something positive , that would be great, but more times than not it is something negative and I have found myself of the receiving ends of both (talking about someone-or being talked about). This gossiping tends to bleed over into my evreyday life- even at work and I am always left feeling disgusted with myself because in my heart I know it is wrong and not PLEASING at all to god. The past couple of months alarm bells have really been sounding off in my consciousness everytime I do it and I know that is Gods way of speaking to me and telling me that I am wrong for Gossiping..being that it is a sin. Everytime I say to myself today is the day I am not going to do it… I do it!! Which only brings one person joy and that is the devil himself. I even try to justify my gossiping sometimes by saying..well..I would tell this to so and so’s face if I had the chance! Ridiculous.. I know!!! The bottom line is that I need to stop so I am asking you awesome and incredible ladies to pray for me as I pray for myself to stop with my gossiping permanently and to remember that is not pleasing at all to God and it’s wrong.

  59. It embarrasses me to say this but for so many years God has been asking me to surrender my soap opera addiction to Him. I have wasted so much time and money on it with editing videos, keeping scrapbooks, buying all the magazines I could find. For almost 40 years I have been watching them and have seen many cancelled only to grow closer to more. I believe many of my own fears at such a young age have come from viewing them. With my own kids I make every effort for them to not watch them with me , but now it has become even easier to with IPad apps. I have made lots of positive changes but still a way to go. I have watched the actors/actresses grow up and have families of their own. I feel so drawn to the couples relationships. I feel trapped in how to release it all. This and my shopping addiction are ways I know He wants me to say yes to Him. I haves such terrible choices and am reaping the consequences now as we face heavy debt.

    • Praise God, Jeanine, for your willing heart to admit this addiction to soap operas. That’s a big step. God is good and He will continue to help you with this, ‘little by little’. I grew up watching a soap along with my mom really never thinking there was anything wrong with them. Then as I got older, my friends were watching so I began expanding on the soaps. When I was out on my own, that made it easier to watch with less guilt. But the more I sought after Jesus, the more I knew this was not a good thing for me. So one day, God gave me the boldness to share and ask for prayer in a ladies Bible Study group. The response was pretty disheartening to me. I don’t think the ladies knew how to react to my prayer request (saddening) as probably no one else was dealing with that issue, and worse yet, they just moved on to another topic. But to this day, looking back, I had to forgive them and move on with Jesus’ help. We all fall short. It was hard but I continued to keep praying and ask God to remove this ‘wrong’ desire from my heart. I can’t tell you exactly how long it took, but I know God was faithful and I think it’s been about 20 years or so since I’ve been freed from watching soaps. The more we turn to God, the more we experience ‘real freedom’ in our hearts. Dear God, you know Jeanine’s heart and her desire to be freed from this addiction. But more than that, you know her desire to please You and put You first in her life. I can see that you are already at work. ‘In your time You make all things beautiful’. Thank you, Dear Lord, for the victory is already won in Jeanine’s heart. Amen

  60. I am reading through all of these comments and I forgot another addiction that I need to give up- gossip websites… huh..goes hand in hand with my first post now that I think about it.. Go figure!!!!!!

  61. Theresa S says:

    When I read chapter 3 I heard Him again about being radically obedient with smoking. God has been calling me several times this year to stop smoking. I am obedient for the first few days, but then I falter and pick them up again. It is my heart to stop and obey Him, but I feel like I can’t do it! I’m not walking in trust that He can do this in me. I don’t want to give over that control I have to choose what I can or cannot do. Where can God take me if I can’t give Him total control over everything in my life? What am I missing out off by not obeying Him? This is so hard to do and I have heard of countless stories of how people have just laid them down and never picked them back up again, God has delivered them and helped them overcome… I want to obey! Could you please pray for me?

  62. One place I go run to that I find pure peace and closeness to God is in the Catholic church , sitting inside when no mass is going on, no people are around just me and the Lord. There seems to be a very special connection when I can pray alone in church, there is such a peace, and solicitude there.

  63. I loved this video encouragement for the day. It makes me pause and remember that God is in the ordinary and everyday if we look at those opportunities in a totally different light! I work in a local mentoring ministry and have become extremely restless and discontent with my role there over the past week or so. It seems like what I’m doing has become routine. This sheds a new light on how I can look at my role of service there and how even with endless paper/computer work and a “to do” list on my desk that I can pray over and for the people behind the paperwork that we have been called to serve everyday. I can turn this into a “say what” situation for His glory and honor!

  64. Elizabeth says:

    The Lord has asked me to stop TV, also. I don’t watch much TV because let’s face it…there just isn’t much there, but I have an affinity toward investigation type shows or court cases and most deal with not so uplifting subject matter. And, I believe The Lord is saying, Elizabeth, I don’t want you feeding your mind with this. I want the best for you and these shows are NOT what’s best. And I had already turned the TV off before I read the chapter about this very subject. So it was confirmation for me. But, yesterday I felt like God was telling be no more FB. I had deactivated a few weeks ago and then re-activated. But, all I kept thinking about was how nice it was not to be on FB. There are lots of great things about FB, (like this OBS) but there is lots of negativity. So, I felt like The Lord was reminding me of how nice the break from FB was. So I deactivated again. I really feel like The Lord is wanting all access. So, I’m cleaning out all the space I can to let Him fill it. And let me tell you, it has been awesome. I’m a better Mom and wife because I’ve been obediently seeking Him above all else.
    My sweet spot would be after I’ve put my kids down for a nap around 1pm, I come into my bedroom. Hop on the bed and read my bible plans that I have on Youversion. I have several. Sometimes I have laundry to fold so I’ll turn on some worship music and fold laundry. It’s funny, another time when God really speaks to me is when I’m cleaning my house. It makes cleaning less mundane that’s for sure. I find myself looking forward to that time with Him.

  65. Nancy Silvers says:

    WOW, What a WONDERFUL video and I love your questions. I have been wanting to do more for God and I’ve had my eyes on the bigger picture and not the little things. In my prayer time in the last couple of days when I have asked God “What do you want me to do for you” and He said to me “I can’t give you more to do until you take care of what I’ve already given you” WOW!! I have been blessed with a beautiful home with a large yard. I have not been caring for either to the best of my ability because I am “busy” doing things for God or trying to figure a way to earn money to take care of our debt. I feel that God is calling me to go room by room and go through every nook and cranny and get rid of everything we are not using. He clearly let me know there are others that can be making use of those things. How can I expect God to bless me with more when I’m not using what he has already blessed me with or I have hoarded to fill the spot he’s supposed to fill. In this call I also feel that God is calling me to turn off the TV. When I had this feeling I said, but God you know Bill puts the TV on as soon as he gets home from work and the Lord said to me while you are home, alone, no TV! WOW I am starting this today and today I am going to start with the master bathroom–the furthest room from the garage–garbage will be tossed, usable items I don’t use will be donated. I feel so elated that my home is going to be clutter free and filled with God’s Holy Spirit as I pray for those who will recieve the things I donate. Thank you Jesus!!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Oh WOW, Nancy
      That hit me like a ton of bricks. I think I might need to get to some de-cluttering and cleaning ASAP. Thanks for sharing!

  66. I am twitter and blog and instagram illiterate. I am lost on how to participate in these – I tried last week and just got frustrated. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Lois,
      If you friend me on FB then I can help you.

  67. Melissa H. says:

    God has asked for my radical obedience in giving up my food addiction. It’s something I have been trying to do for months, but I realize that my focus has been not really on God but on how much I have to give up to succeed. I know it isn’t something I can do in my own strength, but only through God’s. Despite the fear that I will fail yet again, I want to be a YES! girl, so I will begin again…..and keep my focus on GOD!

    • I am with you Melissa. This is something I have to work on also and give it to God once again. I did a year and half ago and did so well but the enemy has snuck back in and I am fighting once again. It is amazing how things line up. For our Sunday service at church he talked about self-control (part of what he calls Cow-tipping series, the first one was on diversity). I re-listened to the service online tonight and one of the things he talked about was gluttony and how it is not a weight issue but a mindset issue. The question he said to ask ourselves is “does food control you?”. Wow did that hit home for me. The three cow-tipping items he mentioned are: 1. Our bodies belong to God; 2. Gluttony is a sin; gluttony is a lack of self-control and 3. Give your body to God.

      One thing he said that really hit home for me is “Your body will affect your spiritual life” and this is so true because when I am overeating I feel terrible physically and I cannot seem to focus on my spiritual life.

      I too am ” Yes girl” and will give this back to God! #palmsUp

  68. Nichole Shapley says:

    WOW! This video explained so much to me! I really didn’t get the #saywhat?! Now I do! Thank you Nicki!

  69. Diana Seen says:

    Good Morning from Maryland! A wise woman once preached these words to our bible study group, words that I have not forgotten. “Delayed obedience is still disobedience!” That was sooo uncomfortable to hear and very convicting. Several years ago (before I came to a saving faith) I stopped speaking to my father for the pain he inflicted on our family in our childhood and into adulthood. Two years after being born again, the Holy Spirit kept nudging me to forgive him. Forgive him? No way! He needs to beg for my forgiveness! For months I wrestled with God. Then in one weeks time, every Scripture I read, every song I heard, and every sermon I heard, screamed at me to forgive him. That Sunday I went to the nursing home and spoke with him. He asked for a hug, which I did. I cannot tell you the peace of God that come over me in that moment. Sadly, the next day he passed away. On one hand, I am blessed that the Lord conked me on the head and got me there in the nick of time. What would my life be like now if I had completely disobyed Him. Guilt, remorse, etc. But I also think about the “delay” of my obedience and what blessings I missed because of it. Sharing the gospel with my father? Having more time with my father? Jesus died on the cross for all our sins, past, present, and future. Who am I not forgive others and also ask forgiveness of others whom I have hurt? This study has hit home with me in so many ways, and I thank God for bringing it to me!


  70. I was so relieved to hear today’s video, even though I didn’t even realize, I had this notion that my obedience had to be “big” obedience! I do want God to use me in a “big” way, but that may look different that I imagine! Thank you Lord for loving and using little ‘ol ordinary me!

  71. God is asking me to give up my work. I am teacher and LOVE my job. I cannot quit working, but I need to find that place where my job does not define me. I love the idea of posting scripture verses everywhere in my house. I also need to work on time management.

  72. Jennifer Ferrau says:

    While watching this video, my first thought was, “I will never look at laundry the same again.” I’ll keep these questions in mind as I read Chapter 3 and see if I’m feeling like there’s something I’m being called to give up; however, in the meantime, I feel, after reading this blog and watching the video, that I’m being called to add something to my life, something I don’t do as much as I should.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      My sweet 28er. I love you girl. I will never look at laundry, dishes, or anything the same again. I am praying for you right now for God to give you the strength, discernment, and guidance to add that something to your life. You are a beautiful daughter of God whom I have been blessed by knowing. I thank the Lord for you today.

  73. Elesha Butler says:

    Nikki this video touched me so much today. I have been a stay at home mom for almost 10 years now and it is a daily struggle for me because I am a people person. I have tried to work a couple of times throughout that 10 years but the jobs have been too much of a hardship for the family and just haven’t worked out. For awhile I was upset with God that He had put me in this position and I struggled with needing to be the “perfect” mother and wife. I would go to the grocery and see these mom’s who looked as though they had it all together and their kids were perfectly well behaved and I wondered what I was doing wrong. Finally God showed me I was doing just what I was supposed to do and that there is no such thing as “perfect.” As time has gone on I often wonder how I am supposed to reach the lost and do His work if I am home with no one to interact with other than my church family and my kids and husband. My kids are at school during the day so I have lots of time to myself however that time is often filled with “mundane” activities such as laundry and cleaning or running errands. This video put all that into a totally different perspective. I sat and cried while you were giving the examples of the laundry. I still struggle daily with knowing if this is truly where I need to be but for this season I know this is where God needs me.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      yes. yes. yes. I am also a stay at home mom and wife. It is not easy!

      Like Nicki Koziarz says, “radical obedience is in these mudane common everyday places.”

      This song says it all


  74. Patricia Dedrick says:

    Thank you Nicki for the video today . As I listened to you about doing 6 loads of laundry and praying for your kids my heart stopped I use to do house work and pray for my husband an children , but along the way time set in and I lost my faith in God and listened to the lies of the enemy.

    This is my testimonies 13 years ago my husband and I separated and I lived on my own gave up the world and tv for 3 years and hear gods voice and had a very close relasonship with him. Prayed for restoration of my married and god did grant it. I though god would save my husband first but he didn’t , but as other people tried to tell me to go on with my life and get a divorce I had to be obenenant to god and he said he would restore he did what an awesome god.

    Ten years has went by and it’s hard to service The Lord when your spouse doesn’t and I have began to be rebellious and believe a lie from hell that said god doesn’t care about me and my family. So I have gotten back into things of the world and let go of my sersct places with god. I still have little faith and believe but think its not for me to have a spouse who believes in god and wants to go to church and do what god wants us to do together. It’s hard walking alone with god when you are being pulled by your spouse into worldly things.

    As I was reading psalms 78 today and reflecting on god I felt like he was speaking to me to first of all listen to him , open my ears to his word,put all my confidence in him, step out of my stubborn rebellious state and return back to him by searching for him diligently and trusting him for the salvation of my husband and family, be steadfst in believing him and not listening to the devil, and remember that I am but flesh but that he his. More powerful than the flesh if I remain in him I can do anything through him not of myself and thtat obedience is better than sacrifice. I need to give up a lot of things tv, games and I know that this bible study has been a yes to god moment for me because I have already been seeking god more through this study then I have playing games. Thank you all at probvers 31 for being oven ant to god though this OBS. May god bless all.

  75. I’m reading chapter 3 and I’m scared. I just turned 51 and have spent the last 50.5 years just skating by. I feel like I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I folded laundry this morning and just kept thinking how much I hate doing it. Now I have a different approach to doing the mundane chores of everyday life. I signed up for this Bible study not really understanding why, but the dimmer switch is slowly making things a lot brighter now.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      praying sweet friend. God puts all here for a reason.

  76. Rose Slaughter says:

    I have been made aware of so many things during this study, but I have truly been convicted to pray more and remember more of God and less of me. I love the Proverbs 31 hearts. Thanks to all of you.

  77. Wow! This chapter was a home hitter for me. I too will never look at folding laundry the same again, and I thank God for that. (right now all my clean clothes are on the guest bed and that is where I am dressing.) Obviously this is a task I do not enjoy doing, but will be forever changed in my heart! How awesome of a reminder it is that we don’t have to be on our knees in a room to pray but can be praying all day while we are doing things. Also, what really hit home was when she quoted “We need not fear what our obedience will cause to happen in our life. We should only fear what our dis-obedience will cause us to miss.” Wow! Wow! Wow!! I don’t want to miss out on anything the Lord has for me……not trials that refine me, not the joy of those refining moments, not the times I witness Him in action through be, not the times that He just blows me away and amazes me, not the times that He fills my heart with His love so that it can be extended to others through me……I don’t want to miss any of it! I need to live every day with that attitude……with gratitude for the laundry and in prayer during the times I am busy and with total anticipation and open hands, #palmsup and a ready and obedient vessel of Christ! I read this chapter this morning…..in less than an hour…….and Wow! It was the most powerful reading/devotion time I have had in a long time! I am just bursting at the seams with joy! How faithful God is even in my unfaithfulness!! Thank You Lord for continuing to speak to me!! God bless!

  78. Brenda Embry says:

    Wow! God has already been trying to tell me to give up TV, but what I wanted to hear was that He was asking me to give up only my favorite shows. What He confirmed today is that I am supposed to give up TV completely, at least for now… It’s interesting, too, that we have our house up for sale, but have had only 1 family come see it so far, and it’s been on the market since July 4th! I knew in my heart that God was expecting me to do something, but give up TV “cold turkey”? My middle name is “News and Weather”! I “pride myself” on being an informed adult, who knows what’s happening, and who is prepared for “whatever”! And if that’s not enough, I’m also to stop binging on sweets, which I have been known to do…like yesterday! Ouch! But rather than risk missing out on God’s best, which for us would be selling our house and moving out to Colorado, where our [only] son, his wife, and our 4 precious grandchildren have moved…you better believe that RADICAL OBEDIENCE is what’s called for! So, girls, PLEASE, pray for me…and for my husband, because I do believe that God is asking my husband and me BOTH to give up the TV! It’s time to turn off the tube and open our ears to what God is asking us to do, and in the process, my carnal flesh will be crucified, Hallelujah!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Brenda,
      Had to laugh because my middle name is WEATHER! Praying for radical obedience sweet sister.

  79. Laurie Miller says:

    I hate folding laundry but now I will never look at laundry folding the same way again!

  80. I am a nurse who works 12 hour shifts and I am 58 years old. Almost 3 years ago, I ruptured my Left Achilles Tendon while at work. I ended up having surgery, wearing a cast for 6 weeks and a boot cast for another 6 weeks, and 12 weeks of physical therapy. I finally was able to return to work. Then this past January, I developed an infection on the ball of my left foot which resulted in 2 surgeries, PICC line with 8 weeks IV antibiotics, orthotics, multiple MRI’s and approximately 12 weeks on a knee scooter because I was non weight bearing. During both of these instances, there wasn’t a whole lot I could do other than sit at the computer, read and knee scooter myself to the kitchen, bathroom etc. Anyway, I would get on facebook constantly. Many times I would send out prayer requests to my prayer warriors, and many times I would just see what was going on in other peoples lives and looking at their pictures. I have been convicted since before our Chapter 3 Radical Obedience to stop facebook (whether it be forever or a season) but chose to ignore it because I thought it was insane. But since I started this bible study it has become a very strong conviction. SAY WHAT!!!!!! I can’t do that….Right? It was all I had at a time when I thought I had nothing else to do. It was a way to communicate a need for prayer and stay in touch with friends. Well, today, I say YES!! I am taking time off from facebook. I don’t know if God wants me to make it permanent or for just a season. He will let me know, that I am sure of. In addition to giving up facebook, I am searching and seeking God’s will for me. I am not blind to the fact that my poor left foot has had some serious issues in the last 3 years and I am a nurse who is on my feet 12 hours a day, 3 days a week. I have not been convicted to lay this job down or to cut back on my hours, yet. But if God directs me to do that, it will be another SAY WHAT??? moment and it will truly be beyond me. I covet your prayers.

  81. Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me. Change my heart O God make it ever true. I know that Lord wants me to do many things and one is to loose some weight. I struggle with this because the weight was my protection against unwanted advances. I need to BELIEVE and TRUST God with this. I need to start with a change of heart and mind. Lord help here and thank you for your help. Change me O lord. As I pictured with you taking my hand when I read the Isaiah 41:13, For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you do not fear, I will Help. Also Phil 4: 6&7 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving , let your requests be known to God; and the Peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. #Palms up I need you Lord. #whatever you say to do I want to do. Help me. Praise be to the Lord that his love endures forever and his mercy is new every morning.

  82. Nikki, loved the video and what great thougts. First, getting into the study this week has been challenging for me. Too many things needing my attention earlier in the morning an then after work in the evening over the last 2 days. I finally started getting back into my routine this morning, and feel so much better spending that time with the Lord, reading the blog posts and praying for various wonderful OBS ladies who are sharing such heart issues. This study has been such a blessing in so many ways, but mostly being connected with 24K+ ladies around the world. I spend quite a lot of time alone, and recently feeling very disconnected from people, so this study has been such a great way to connect.

    Anyway, back to your video…I love the idea of praying over laundry, or someone posted toys, or other things. I am going to start to pray for the clients of the company I work for every time I have to send them a report for the work we did for them. Sometimes I know a bit about their lives, but mostly I know nothing about their personal lives, but God knows and he can work in their lives without me knowing the particulars. I’m really excited about this, because I have felt that my work has been feeling very routine and mundane lately and I’m excited to work prayer for these clients into my routine and maybe God will show me his hand and maybe not, but what fun if he did! Blessings to all of you OBS girls!

  83. God has not yet pressed upon my heart to give something up, but I think that’s because I’m still having difficulty hearing His voice. But I believe that’s because my time with Him is usually (and unfortunately) cut short in my day, finding other things to do rather than devoting precious moments to Him. So I do believe that as I spend more time in His Word, I will hear His voice more and then hopefully, I will be able to know what He is wanting me to give up for Him.

  84. I feel like I give God a lot of opportinity to speak in to my life…he just doesn’t! I’m pretty disappointed in my Christian walk so far and need a break through! There are so many people doing this study…it seems hard to get connected and have a real conversation with anyone 🙁

    • Hello Nicole,
      Sounds like you may be in a “low” place right now and I can relate to you, and I am sorry that you are in that place. I have been there. I have found sometimes God whispers and I don’t hear what He is telling me. Someone told me once that God always answers prayers – but those answers maybe “yes, no, or not now.”
      How long have you been on your Christian walk? Do you have a female mentor to support you?
      I will include you in my prayers.

    • Hi Nicole,
      When I started this study, to be honest, it was motivated by my struggles with feeling like I haven’t really established close friendships even within the church in the past 5 years. Then when I ventured to try this online Bible study, I thought…over 24,000 women, ‘say what??’ I’ll never be able to connect. But I believe this is what God wanted me to do. It’s no coincidence that we’re all here. Now, I’m beginning to realize that the real friendship/relationship I need to be working on is my relationship with Jesus Christ. He wants to draw me closer to himself and that is happening ‘little by little’. Friendships take time and effort and if my first priority is to ‘know God better’, I need to focus on connecting with God, and in His time, He will help me to connect with others in a better, healthier way. But I am truly thankful that God surrounds me with all of these beautiful women who desire to know Him better. That’s becoming a real strength and encouragement to me. I will pray for you, too, Nicole.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:


      Friend me on Facebook. There are not many Kristy Aiken’s. I would love to get to know you!!!!!!!!

    • Martha F. says:

      Hi Nicole,
      I’ve had that feeling before and call it “walking through a desert.” I wonder if I just have too many distractions to connect with Him sometimes. Worship music helps as does prayer & I admit sometimes my prayers life is lacking. Anyway, dear OBS sister, you are not alone. God does love you & hear you even in the desert.

  85. About 7 yrs ago, my husband and I felt pretty smart and smug about our possesions, we owned 2 homes and a 2 acre lot. At the time the properties were valued way more than we owed. About 5 yrs ago we were called to adopt a little girl. To begin with, I was surprised my husband finally agreed to adopt. We’d joked about it for years and one day I asked God to either remove the desire from my heart or put the desire on my husband’s heart. 2 weeks later hubby agreed and we put one of our houses on the market to sell and pay for the adoption. Well, it took forever to sell that house and it ended up being vacant so we were paying double mortgages and to make a long story short, we didn’t make nearly enough money to pay for the adoption. God however had a plan, the reason the house didn’t sell was our daughter to be wasn’t listed yet. We closed on the house and found our daughter on-line just 9 days apart. In the process of selling the home and adopting our girl, which took 21 months, I started a business to help pay for the adoption. Money was way tight! Eventually, we got our precious daughter right before her 4th birthday. She needed surgery, she needed to bond with us and our 2 boys, she needed to learn English. She was a complete handful (still is : ) ). Just as my business started to make real money God asked us to move and for me to close the home business. For 2 years I did the wife and Mom thing, took care of our daughter’s needs, a second surgery which left her leg in a fixator for months. I became an advocate for our daughter’s medical care, constant PT etc. So glad God saw all that was coming and made me less busy so I could focus on what I needed to.

    So, here we are now. Just moved again back to the same house where I had my home business, the boys are in HS. Our daughter is doing great. She can run and play and do anything she puts her mind to. Not only can she speak in English but she can also read. She starts first grade soon.

    We are broke despite hubby having a wonderful job. We are upside on this house and can’t even re-fi. The boys need braces. College is just around the corner. We put our lot on the market since we are so behind… I am praying about starting my business back up. There is also a possible job opportunity. I am giving it all to God. Not going to try and do this on my own. Going to listen first and not get all stressed out like I have in the past. I have seen God work in these last few years. I’m more humble now. But waiting is hard right? So, I’m reading the study and waiting for answers. Trying to remember what God has done for our family through the adoption etc. My palms are up. I surrender. Finances and all.

    Amy H

    • Amy I hear you. Over My husband also has a wonderful job, I had a wonderful job but was stressed. Mother years ago the Lord showed us how to get our finances in order to purchase this wonderful home we have for our family of seven My husband and I have one boy and 4 girls. The youngest just graduated from high school and we were told we made too much money so our children in college didnt qualify for Federal aid only loans… go figure. My #SayWhat? moment was several years ago when God put on my heart not one but several things that I could do that would be a joy for me, less stressful and bring glory to His Kingdom. Last year He also put on my heart to step away from my job and get on with starting the businesses. I am not being disobedient, but it hasn’t been a radical obedience because needless to say we haven’t been good stewards over our finances for the past few years. I am just trying to wrap my mind around where the funds will come from to do so, because our coffers are empty, can’t even cosign a loan for my daughters to pay the out of pocket tuition the Federal Loans wouldnt cover. My husband have been stressing, and I have been trying to put up a good front, giving it to God but still not following his words “be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication and with thanksgiving make your request known to God.” Philippians 4:6 because whatever you ask in my name that I will do so the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14:3… I have been stressing because like Amy says waiting is hard. I have to learn to be patient because if it is His will it will be done in His time, not mine. I also have to bring back to rememberance how he took us out of our dire circumstances in 2002 when we thought we would never be homeowners.
      This song by gospel singer Tye Tribbett – If He Did It Before….Same God…was put in my mind while I was typing, the words go like this ….
      If He did it before, He will do it again.
      Same God right now, Same God back then….
      So Amy I am cosigning with you and all the Say Yes to God ladies…My palms are up. I surrender. Finances and all, becauae If He did it before, He will do it again.

      • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

        Oh Amy, you my sweet sister have such an amazing and beautiful spirit!! Being faithful and obedient to what God calls you to do is hard sometimes, but the blessings that He will shower down upon you far outweigh anything. Look at that beautiful little girl that you have running around 🙂 God is working out all the details for you and your family. His timing is perfect, but it’s not always easy to wait! We will be praying for you and your family as are waiting on the Lord, that He will give you patience and peace. He is faithful and wants nothing but the best for His faithful servants. Keep those #palmsup and keep saying #YesToGod

      • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

        Beautiful song words Marilyn!! Keep those #palmsup and receive what God has for you 🙂

  86. Radical Obedience James 1:19 NIV- My dear brothers(sisters) take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, It is important to listen to God’s word, but whats most important is that we obey. As i was reading Chapter 3- pages 43- spoke to my heart concerning the TV and hold that remote in my hand, i think i mention this before. All i needed to do was press that red button(off). I should be quick to listen. The Holy Spirit is convicting me to be obedience and i should by the Grace of God put that in action and study God Words. “Turn the Tv Off and do what saith the Lord”

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      I too have been convicted about those things, those things that seem so simple and meaningless, but mean everything to God. Quick to listen, obey, follow. That’s what matters to Him. Thank you for sharing this and how the chapters are touching and influencing your life!

  87. Thank you Nicki for the video! Great message and great reminder that God can be in the “mundane” of our lives if we chose to acknowledge Him there and make it into something special! 🙂

  88. I really feel led to give up eating gluten. That might sound like a strange answer – but it’s so hard for me! I’ve recently been diagnosed with lupus (mentioned that before, but repeating for those who probably didn’t see my previous comments!) and all research indicates that giving up gluten can really improve lupus symptoms. And yet, it’s so hard for me to give up eating bread! Why is that, Sister Friends?!?! A food that’s probably making me sick, yet I need and want it more than I want to be healthy, to be healthy enough for the work God wants me to do here? Typing it out, it seems like such an obvious choice, yet I know it’s going to take His power to help me give it all over to Him.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13 It is only with Christ’s help that we can do anything. Don’t worry about not being able to do it on your own. You can’t. Give it to God. Go to Him in prayer and lay it at His feet. He will be your strength in this process. Praying that His strength will fill you so that you can make these choices that are healthier for you and that he takes away the desire for you to want the bread that it making you feel sick!! Blessing sweet sister!!

  89. Terri Childers says:

    I am blessed to have a whole room for my prayer, study and creative pursuits. I call it my Tryst Room because I consider my quiet time with God a TRYST (def. an agreement between lovers to meet at a certain time and place). I wrote this poem about my Trysting Place:

    Trysting Place
    Every day I hear the call
    of Jesus Christ, my All in All,
    Calling me to seek His face,
    inviting me to our trysting-place.

    Every sin and weight of care
    has no power o’er me there,
    Every sorrow there erased,
    at the hallowed trysting-place.

    But dearer far than sin forgiven,
    I find a sweet foretaste of heaven,
    and awed, I marvel at the grace
    that meets me at the trysting-place.

    My most precious joys are found
    on that spot of holy ground,
    as I delight in His embrace
    and glory in the trysting-place.

  90. #SayWhat
    I participated in the Facebook party and read Chapter 3 last night and, God spoke to me loud and clear this morning. One of the questions during the Facebook party was “What is one thing you are struggling with right now?” My response was time management and priorities. God told me this morning that I am also pretty selfish. I often forget or fail to recognize the needs of the people around me. I get so caught up in my own strict schedule that I don’t have time to commit to helping others. Well that changes today. I am going to say Yes to God and be more aware of the needs of those around me. I will intentionally carve out time each day to pray for others and offer myself in service. “Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” (1 John 3:18)

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      I too have struggled with this at different times and it has been something that God has convicted me of. I am with you on this journey sweet sister!! I love your devotion and your saying #YesToGod. Thanks for sharing this verse. It speaks volumes!!

  91. It seems in every new season of my life I’ve been convicted from God to give up certain things-like romance novels, TV shows, obsession with exercise, a job so I could be a stay-at-home mom, etc… I am now a mother of adult children, and I feel that God is asking me to give up my expectations of what I want my adult children to do and become, and instead Trust them to HIM for their futures. I’ve always prayed for my children but I don’t think I’ve ever totally surrendered them to Him. My expectations of my children are just that, “mime”. And, when they are not fulfilled this brings resentment and disappointments. I am trusting in God’s plan for my adult children and what he has in store for them. Letting go and letting God!

    • OM my gosh. My daughter is 17, and just told me she does not believe in God, she believes in many. This just floored me, we go to church she has been on youth retreats and was hiding how she really felt very well.Id reacte in the worst way possible… I was upset and judgmental. I know it was because I am scared for her, but now I am not sure what do to. Making her go to church does not seem like a good idea, but doing nothing seems wrong as well. Looks like you might have an idea! Thank you for sharing

      • I apologize that was an awful post( typing I mean)!

      • First of all Jody don’t be too hard on yourself for the way you reacted. We react out of fear a lot of the times as a parent because we love our children so much. If you can go back and apologize to your daughter for overreacting I think this will make a huge impact on her. Only God can save our children we can’t. Your daughter knows your beliefs by now and how important they are, so anything you say really won’t make a difference at this point. But, your relationship with her is so important. Love her through this and try to maintain as close of a relationship as you can. And of course, keep praying for her. God loves your daughter even more than you do. Pray for God to show you what is the best way to handle this, and talk to your Youth Pastor, etc… Now that you know the truth about your daughter you can be praying for her so much more specifically and ask others to pray for her. Hope this helps a little.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Rachel,

      That is so true. I loved what you said that the expectations of your children, “just that, “mime”. And, when they are not fulfilled this brings resentment and disappointments. I am trusting in God’s plan for my adult children and what he has in store for them”
      Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Oh Rachel, my heart is sharing in this pain with you!! I too have had to go through this with my 18 yr old son. A few years ago I had to give him to God. I remember praying and telling God that he was His child that I have been blessed with here on earth to take care of. That I was giving my son over to God completely, and that God would do whatever He needed to do to bring my son back to me and back to God. What a hard prayer but how freeing. It still is hard now when I see him making choices that I know that are going to hurt him, but I know that God is in control. I have to lower my expectation, with all of my kids, and husband, with everyone. If I have these expectations that they can’t obtain no matter how hard they try, I’m setting them up for failure each and every time. I’ll let them live up to God’s expectations and allow Him to be their Daddy!! So when I want to change him and think I know what’s best for him and his life, I have to remind myself that it is God’s plans and desires for his life that ultimately matters!! Thank God for hope!! Thanks for sharing and know that I will be praying for you!!

  92. God is calling me to surrender to Him and give up a relationship that is sinful for me and hinders me in my walk with the Lord. I am believing that my radical obedience will not only change the path of my life and allow God to move ahead with His purpose for my life, but it will also change my adult children’s lives and those of the children they will have one day. 🙂

    • That is radical! I will stand and agree with you that God would support you in every way as you make this radical decision for His glory!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Thank you for sharing and for being radically obedient to your Lord. He will bless your obedience!! Keep saying #YesToGod

  93. The Lord has been speaking to me about being still. Giving up the noise and sitting in the quiet to hear Him speak. This is difficult for me because I like being busy and doing…He just wants me to BE with Him. I don’t have to perform for Him. He just wants me to be still. When you seek God with your whole heart is could mean we need to be available to hear Him speak to us. I have to admit I am not always “available.” Even when I am having my “quiet time,” my mind can be some where else. My prayer would be that I would make use of the quiet in my life and give it to God to hear what He is saying.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      I also need to do this. Sometimes, it is so hard to get those distractionsto quiet down. BUT it is so important to get to know your Father, quietly.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      I too was convicted of this back in March. There are so many distractions today in this world, tv, phones, computers, and life in general. But I heard Him say, Be still and KNOW!! “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 I need to find that quiet time free of all those distractions so that I can be still and KNOW my Father. My prayer for us is that He will help us find that quiet time daily that is free of distractions so that we can focus on Him and get to know Him more personally and intimately!!

  94. I participated in the FB party last night. At first, I just didn’t get it and thought I will just check it out. But then a Say What moment happened, when I realized how many were at the party and how awesome it felt to be part of a community of woman needing and wanting the same things I do. To yet be closer to God and to continue to say, “yes, God”. I turned it around and took the time off from me and about me to all the other posts. I read so many posts and liked so many. I just wanted to let others know it’s so much more than about ME. Thank you leaders for an amazing leadership you have brought thus far and to think….it’s not even close to be over yet. Whoot! Whoot!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Woooo Hoooo

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Isn’t is amazing being part of a community of beautiful women that love God, come along side each other, and surround each other in love and prayer?! And your right…the best part is that there is much more to come! 🙂

  95. What a message today, Nicki! Awesome stuff!!! I often voice a prayer for family members during my mundane work, but to put an assignment like that to it is so empowering! Thank you so much for that look at #Say What?! What a blessing you are to Proverbs 31! God Bless!!!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi CG,
      Isn’t it? I am so excited about this!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      It is pretty great when we’re given a different way to look at and approach things!! Praise God for this!! And I would have to agree with you, Nicki IS a blessing!! Have a blessed day!

  96. A big scary idea has been floating in my brain. It started a few weeks before I started this OBS. A total career change? #SayWhat?! My Daddy’s life was recently saved by a respiratory therapist. I feel led to go back to school and become one. I am not sure if this is my desire or God’s, so I am prayerfully seeking His guidance and using Lysa’s Five -Question Checklist as a guidepost. Already, I know it is DEFINITELY beyond me. How can I afford it? How will I have time for classes and clinicals? Am I even capable of working in a hospital setting? It will be so hard, mentally and physically. Not to mention the toll it could take on my marriage. This is CA-RAZY! Please pray for discernment, and for that peace that passes understanding no matter what God asks of me.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Isn’t it the absolute BEST when we hear from God and He gives us something to do. I love it. Thanks for sharing and please know that OBS is praying for you.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      It’s both scary and exciting when we feel God’s calling and it’s something that we can hardly fathom!! We will be praying for you as you pray and look to God’s will with this change. Praying that God gives you wisdom and discernment in knowing where He’s leading you!!

  97. Sharon Garner says:

    I have a “secret place” I go to each day or sometimes at night. I call it the tangerine room because if the color if the walls. I turn my fairy lights on, kneel on the throw rug by the chair. I take my iPad with me to listen to worship songs, sing praise and pour out my heart longings to my God. Sometimes I’m loud, sometimes quiet…..sometimes I say nothing at all and just listen. I have my journal and write down any promptings I may have. Sometimes instead of the room, I go to my piano and just sing and worship when no one is around. Singing soothes my soul. It’s the expression God has given me. “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Sounds like me 🙂 Love these sharing of “secret places.”

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      The picture that you painted here is just beautiful!! Sounds like an amazing place to be!

  98. One thing God has really been asking me to work on recently is quiet time- as in, time spent without the tv on in the background or music playing, or whatever. Just…quiet. Time where I can truly hear His voice. I’m too often guilty of drowning Him out with the world and then wondering why I can’t hear Him. I can’t wait to see what #SayWhat moments come from this time with my Father!

    • Amen Stacy!! I agree with you. I am also guilty of “busyness” or setting my own agenda in my quiet time with Him….instead of just sitting still…….why is that so hard for us? Martha and Mary again………

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Quiet time must be intentional and it is not easy to do but it is so critical to get quiet with God. And it is so hard? Why? Thanks for sharing, girl.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      I love what Kristy said about being intentional. That is so true!! We have to be intentional about taking the time and spending it with our God. But it doesn’t always make it easy. I’ll be praying for you as you find that time to spend with your Daddy and that you will have some pretty amazing #SayWhat moments!!

  99. Love the Vlog… that part you mentioned in the book is so underlined & starred in my book.. so powerful!

    My place to get away sounds funny – but its when I run.. I honestly feel closer to God & hear from Him more clearly there then anywhere… I always say its because its where I’m closest to death 🙂 haha

    • Love that Rebecca Jo! Not that running brings you “closest to death”, but the fact that you have a way to be in His presence and hear Him clearly. Blessings!!

    • I feel closer to God outside when I walk, or just sitting on the porch. I understand!!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      I’m to same as you Rebecca Jo!! There have been many times that I have gone out running because I just needed to cry out to Jesus. It’s a great time when you’re alone with God, surrounded by His creation, and it’s just the two of you. I remember one time that I was really struggling with something and I told my husband that I was going to go for a run and that I would be back when I felt better. He said that he would see me in the morning then 😉 Love your desire of wanting to be close to your Daddy!

  100. Monica B. says:

    My knee-jerk reaction or initial thought on something to give up was Facebook. I’m not on it that much, but so often think I could be doing other things instead. But then as I’ve been mulling it over more I’m thinking that it doesn’t just have to be something tangible where I can measure the time or whatever it is of something to give up. It’s really been pulling on my to give up all the comparing I do. I’m constantly comparing myself to others and feeling that everyone else does everything right and I do everything wrong. That negative self-talk. I compare my kids with others and think I haven’t done a good enough job as their mother in whatever the situation. So, I hope by finding or taking some quiet time to actually hear his voice, as others have mentioned here, I can stop all the comparing. I think it would lighten my heart and make me much more content in all of life.

    • Monica, I’m a comparaholic sometimes! Rest in knowing that as long as you are seeking God’s will for your life and your children’s, you are a fantastic mother! Just the fact that you are concerned about it speaks volumes of your love for them. God bless you, and praying for you as you seek to stop comparing yourself to others and take time away from the world to spend time with our precious Jesus. Isn’t is beautiful to know that no matter how much we neglect Him sometimes, He never ever neglects us and is always there with open arms?

    • Monica, I so know where you are and struggle with those same things. In fact, I did give up Facebook for a year because I felt it was becoming an idol. I have since returned and still have moments when it can serve as a hindrance or distraction, mostly when I am not keeping my focus on the Lord. I really like what you said about stopping all comparing. I believe the real idol in my life has been acceptance, but God is helping me to see that we already have complete and total acceptance in Jesus. I just need to rest in that. I’ll be praying for you, sister, as you strive to do the same.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Oh how the devil likes us to be in that comparison trap!! 🙁 Know that the only thing that you have to compare yourself to is God’s standards. Keep looking to God and rest in Him!

  101. Nicki, thank you so much for the video. Your example is awesome I am doing laundry today, and I will surely pray for my husband and my two teens when folding, I will also pray for our older children and grandchildren as well. :o) …Then I’m going to sit and start chapter Three……God Bless

  102. Hi Ladies;
    I won’t be getting my book until Aug. 21. Is there anyway you can email me or post Chapters 2 & 3 so I don’t get too far behind?


  103. Thank you Nicki for the comment that God can use us in our everyday life to make a difference for Him. I have struggled with that. Last night I felt his calling to start reading the comments and pray over the members of our online study. It was an awesome #saywhat experience. I even said to myself and him that is a lot of members. Are you sure I can’t just say an all inclusive prayer. He said pray. I didn’t get through the list before I fell asleep but I know that as I read each comment from this moment in the study that God wants me to stop and pray for that person and their situation. Thank you for this experience. Praying for you all!

  104. Thank you, Nicki. Your words really resonated with me. The message goes right along with this quote a friend shared with me: “…Even your most mundane duty has a twinkle of the favor of God. For if He removed His blessings completely from you—taking away your home, your family, your work, your possessions—the reason for many of your daily tasks would disappear. Don’t despise the very things that signify you are under the umbrella of God’s goodness each day.” –Priscilla Shirer. It also reminded me of a story I read about an Amish family. They had no washing machine and once a week, the mother and daughters would spend all day washing the clothes by hand. At some point, church members were permitted to get gas-powered washing machines, and the father announced to the family that he wanted to buy a washing machine for Christmas. The mother respectfully declined. When the father said, “But why? It would save you so much time! It would cut the job in half!”, she responded, “I use the time to pray for each one of my children. That’s not time I want to cut in half.” (from the book Amish Values for Your Family). Definitely gives one a new perspective!

  105. For me this is a challenge as I have given it up before and it seems much harder the second time around:( Bad eating habits. I had given up candy, pop, and many other sugary items and tracked my food and did so well I lost 31 pounds!!!!! I was on the right track with more to go but headed there. I guess I fell off the wagon and gained about 10 pounds back. That sucks:( I felt amazing, less tired, more energy to keep up with my kids and my clothes were huge. I was great. What happened you ask? I am not sure but now I am falling into bad habits again and I feel icky again. It makes me sad. Reading this chapter has put it into perspective, not saying it will be easy but I understand!! I have also created a special place in my living room with its own light and my grandmother’s chair where I sit and relax and reflect. I spend my quiet morning time there and I am beginning to really like this special place.

  106. DJ: I’ve been on my Christian walk since 1991! I’ve been in this low space for years…I became a Christian with an expectant heart 🙁 something isn’t clicking!

    Thanks for asking!!

    No, no female mentor!

    • Gina Cash says:

      I can understand your feelings, I think. I have been a Christian since I was a little girl, but I didn’t really start to follow Him closely until I was an adult, and from time to time I still struggle with times that I don’t walk as closely with Him as I’d like to. During those times, I often feel like He is not talking to me anymore, but I know that is not true. I believe that God is speaking to us all the time, in myriad ways. We just might not be tuned in to His frequency sometimes. Sometimes we miss His voice because we think we will hear Him only in ways that we expect — and He likes to catch us off guard. So, I challenge you to change the way you listen. Realize that He always speaks to us through His word … we need to be open to what He is saying to us every time we read it. Ask Him to show you what He is saying to you in each passage you read. When you feel encouraged by a scripture, that’s His voice … when you feel convicted by a passage, that’s His voice, too … when you learn more about His character and His ways, that’s His voice, as well … When you feel strengthened or challenged by a story or character in the Bible or sense His love and mercy and grace through your favorite Psalm or Bible story, that’s His voice! He will also speak to you through Bible studies just like this and through Christian friends, songs, nature, sermons, on and on and on! All these things are His voice. As we become more in tune with these ways that God speaks, you will find that you recognize that still small voice inside you that is nudging you in ways that seem outside yourself — That’s His voice, too! So just remind yourself when you feel that He is not talking to you that He is — every day in every day ways!

      I’d love to continue this conversation, if you’d like!

    • Nicole – I totally understand where you are at because I am at the same place too. I have been in the church almost my entire life and have been a Christian most of that time (I am in my 50’s now). However, lately I have been feeling quite inadequate in my walk with the Lord. I can tell you that there have been very few times in my life that I felt that He had made His presence known to me in a way that I knew it was definitely Him. There is an old saying that says that God never moves, we do. I began this Bible study because I wanted a closer relationship with God. I know that my life will be fuller and richer because of it. I must admit that when I hear people talking about God speaking to them that I am jealous because I don’t feel like He speaks to me. As I read these comments, and I hear others speaking about how He is moving them to make changes and speaking to them, I wonder what is wrong with me and why don’t I feel these things. I do have a female friend/mentor who I talk to about everything, especially God. She is one grounded and strong in her faith Christian woman. She is here with me now and says to tell you that she has also felt this way at times during her walk. Please do not feel like you are the only one that feels this way because I am sure that there are others out there struggling also. Just don’t give up seeking the Lord and His plan for you. I know I won’t even though I do feel alone at times. I do love the comments to you from Gina as these are things that I did not think about before either. Perhaps God has spoken me many times in the past and I didn’t recognize Him. Even though I have been a Christian for a long time, I struggle a lot with understanding scripture. I have gotten to a place in my faith that I am not afraid to ask others to explain scripture or their view on scripture even though that little voice says “they will think you are stupid for not knowing that”. It is more important to seek and understand than to worry what others think of the question. Know that my friend and I will be praying for you as you continue to seek the Lord and to hear His voice. I pray that you will find someone that you can talk to about scripture and your walk and your fears. Your sisters in Christ.

  107. Gina Cash says:

    This might be a bit off topic as far as the questions go, but it relates to Nicki’s illustration about God speaking to Melissa about laundry! One of the most pointed things that God has spoken to me through the years was directly related to laundry, so I could so relate to your illustration! It was during a moment when I was complaining to Him about always having to pick up my husband’s dirty laundry that he so consistently left trails of for me! I was feeling justified in my complaining and expecting consolation or a pat on the back (I was having a Martha moment), but I got very lovingly rebuked in a way that I have never forgotten. So I know firsthand that God does speak to us during our most mundane real life moments! Thanks for your illustration, Nicki!

  108. I love the laundry example Nicki used, it made radical obedience something we can accomplish everyday if we listen to and look for the Lord’s guidance! Also, anyone else love the black and white image, Nicki glowed!

  109. So, Yesterday I read Chapter 3 When obedience becomes radical. And I was shocked that Lysa touch on a subject that I have been having a hard time with. For at least a couple of weeks now when I go to watch my favorite reality TV show or just a regular show. I realize that while I watching the show I’m feeling this stirring in my soul that says that I shouldn’t be watching this show. But I continue to watch the show because I say to myself this just entertainment. It not doing me any harm. I say to myself I go to church every Sunday morning and evening service. I pray for everyone that I encounter that need prayer and I pray for those that don’t know any better about how there action effect their lives. I do bible study everyday and I’ve even stop listening to secular music about a year ago and I just listen to KLove and gospel music. or another good excuse is it not me doing fighting, its not me cussing or any other sin.
    Well recently when I watching TV the first thing that happen to me is that voice. That voice that says you shouldn’t watching these shows. I find myself feeling kinda ill or sleepy and I just turn off the show. So, after this happening a couple times I realize God’s been telling me to stop watching these show that are not of him. He says that I keep on asking for a closer relationship but I still do things of the world.
    So, I said ok God I hear you. But know I’m like What am I suppose to watch and is there anything that I do watch is acceptable in his eyes. So, in the process of saying Yes to God and I will keep ya’ll posted on how this process it going. #SayWhat #plamsup #YestoGod

  110. I have been feeling like I should give up something for a season. I know that their are some things I can give up for good measure like sweets and facebook, but I also want to really a have a burden to release it, you know. But I am being challenged in the area of the little areas of abedience, like helping my mom more and being kinder to my dad so that he and I are both blessed. For now, I am thankful to be a part and to know peple are praying for me.

  111. cheryl turman says:

    I loved Nicki’s message this morning as she shared we could take our so what and turn it into a #SayWhat!! “A holy God in the middle of life’s mundane activities will change your life.”p.15! I don’t have to have a spectacular grand moment unless that is what I’m led to do! I can have just as much joy with my Father in the quiet everyday! I have been shown this week to have more of that real quiet time and just be still!

  112. Oh my goodness. Did you really mention praying over laundry? I literally can’t express what kind of a light bulb went off in my head while watching your video. What a great idea!!!! Your video spoke volumes to my heart. To pray, in the mundane. And as an added bonus, I won’t have anxiety if I forget to pray for somebody because I was shortened in time that day, and I can pray for a lot more people if I just use my simple task time to seriously pray. Thanks for the blessing!

  113. Teliah Haywood says:

    Yes, something was stirred in my heart as I read chapter 3 that God is leading me to give up permanently. I love when Lysa said ” I was filling myself with the world’s perspectives and influences, while He wanted to be my strength and fill me with Himself”. I believe that I have also allowed the wrong things to influence myself and my perspective instead of filling myself with God’s strength,and wisdom. God is asking me to give up WORRYING, and to let him take control of my life. I believe that what held me back from this was FEAR. I feared letting go and as I continued to fear the unknown, I became a prisoner to my own hardships. As I starting studying the bible and truly believing that God has my best interest at heart. I was able to let go, though I still struggle in some areas. I’m happy that I am not doing alone. God is helping me through. As Lysa simply but God wasn’t interested in half of my heart , he wants it all, so I said Yes.

  114. God is asking me to give up my “empty time”. This is the time at the end of the evening where I just surf around Facebook, Pinterest, etc. I spend too much time with this and I think God is asking me to bring this time to other things. For some reason, I feel like I will miss something if I give up completely. For some people and things, it is the only contact I have. I think it is simply that I need to re-evaluate my priorities, but this has been hard for some reason.

  115. I feel I am being challenged on many things so I need to pray for clarity. One issue is forgiving and moving on from a person who has really hurt me. I realize that the friendship was a lie, but it was for 12 years and it is so hard to let go of. I find myself thinking of this person more than I should and it makes me angry and I think of all of the things that I would like to say and they are not nice! I have talked with this person and it is obvious she just does not care. I know I need to stop thinking bad things about her and I need to get over this anger. I do not have a jesus heart during these times, and it bothers me, but how do I get over this? How do I stop hurting and being angry, and learn to love this person. It has been over a year and although I am better, I am not healed. Sadly, I have other people I need to learn to love as well.

    • Denise Kamppi (Prayer Team Warrior) says:

      Jody I totally get the not being able to forgive someone, and the anger that goes with it. Until someone told me I am in bondage in my own self and the chains will hold you down with emotions.
      Luke 6:37 “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemned, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.
      Then she told me that by prayer and asking God to take away the hurt and heal my soul first, then as they say forgive that person whole heartedly, and keep praying about it. and this is the most important part pray for them everyday, and as time goes by the pain is less and less and soon the heart feels better and your not in that bondage. you see I have been able to forgive and by prayer give it to God. but that doesn’t mean we FORGET. you dont have to forget, thats our way of protecting ourselfs from getting hurt again. Pastor Rick Warren has a book Hurts Habits and Hangups. a great resource in forgiveness. I praying for you sister that you may break free from those chains.

  116. Facebook is certainly a thing I feel I need to give up I spend too much time when I could be using this time with God in his word. I find myself checking it way to much and I have justified it by saying oh I’m posting inspirational verses and keeping up with friends when I know that isn’t true. So I’m vowing to only allow myself to go on Facebook after I have spent time with God and I will not spend more time on Facebook than I do with God. I really need to work on my attitude about work I pray that God guides me to have a better attitude and to help me do my job and show is mercy and grace through my work.

  117. I am constantly insecure and fearful. I’ve always been shy and uncomfortable around groups. I mostly keep to myself and stay home. I mostly watch the sermons from my church online because I just feel so uncomfortable around people which I know has closed off my relationship with God where at times I doubt my “spiritual journey” as one of the pastors at my church called it today. I finally got the nerve today to e-mail one of our pastors if he would have time to meet with me and answer some questions about my doubts and he we set up a time to meet to discuss my spiritual journey as he called it. I’m looking forward to this and hope this will help me be more secure in my relationship with God.

    I also have been feeling for months that God wants me to start tithing. I’m ashamed to say I have never tithed before but when as a single person living by myself I put everything down on paper sometimes after rent , car and all the bills are paid if I tithed then I wouldn’t have money for groceries and gas. And of course to be totally honest there are many times when I do have a little extra money that I will spend it on clothes or books, etc. I ask for prayers that I’ll be able to take that leap of faith and be obedient to God and start tithing and trust that he’ll provide everything I need.

  118. My “Secret Place” is my moment of worship place. I’m reminded by the lyrics of this song:
    “With You” Jaime Grace

    My left brain is racin’ free
    And ADD’s been chasin me all day
    Wait, what did You just say? (okay, okay)

    See I misplaced my master plan
    Courtesy of my attention span
    But I’ma be okay

    Just need a little You and me time
    Hit the rewind
    It all comes into view

    When I’m with You
    When I’m with You
    It’s like anything, everything
    That’s been weighing on me
    Falls by the wayside
    When I’m with You
    I love being with You

    I smile when You say my name
    Cause no one’s ever said it quite the same
    I listen for it everyday (You know, You know)

    On cue, it’s You perfect timing
    Dusting off that silver lining for me
    So I can finally see

    Yeah It’s like a cool breeze blown through my hot pink hair
    On a Sunday afternoon

    When I’m with You
    When I’m with You
    And anything, everything
    That’s been weighing on me
    Falls by the wayside
    When I’m with You
    I love being with You

    I can’t imagine life without You
    Could not make it on my own
    I could write a thousand lines
    Why being with You feels like home

    So when You offered me salvation
    How could I ever say no?
    I’ll never find a greater beauty
    Than the beauty that You’re bringing
    Bringing to my soul
    My soul

    When I’m with You
    When I’m with You
    It’s like anything, anything
    Everything, everything’s
    Fallin’ by the wayside
    It’s like anything, anything
    Everything, everything
    Falls by the wayside
    Wayside, wayside
    When I’m with You
    When I’m with You…

  119. I’m beginning to realize what a very private person I am. Hearing God speak to me about starting a blog was a definite “Say WHAT?” experience. I started my blog today, by faith obeying Him. This is definitely BEYOND ME. Any advice from experienced bloggers would be more than welcome.

    • Cheryl! I am not experienced either, this is my first blog too, and I just wanted to tell you that I’ll pray for both our blogs to be a blessing for future readers.

  120. I too was lead to give certain t.v. shows that don’t encourage my walk with my Abba. Many so-called reality shows & soap operas (past General Hospital fiend here). I had to give up purchasing & reading gossip magazines & thereby breaking free of my obsession w/ the lives of the rich & famous. I deeply coveted them, wanted to be them & was upset @ God for not making me like them. I was also lead to give listening to secular music altogether. For me now, if my choice of entertainment, what I allow to fill my spirit is not pleasing or honoring God, I want no part of it. Before instead of attending Bible study or prayer meetings, I would joyfully & willfully choose to stay home & watch tv. Instead of reading my Bible, I would religiously read gossip & fashion paraphernalia. God & His word (which is Him John 1:1) was not my interest @ all until I hit rock bottom & He was the only One who could help me. He unfortunately was my last resort. Fortunately for me, He promised to never leave me nor forsake me & also to never condemn me. I’ve since re-decided to follow Jesus, no turning back after tasting & seeing just how good He truly is. This piece of scripture summarizes were I was & where I want to be in my journey home: “O God, I beg two favors from You; let me have them before I die. First, help me never to tell a lie. Second, give me neither poverty nor riches! Give me just enough to satisfy my needs. For if I grow rich, I may deny You and say, “Who is the Lord ?” And if I am too poor, I may steal and thus insult God’s holy name. (Proverbs 30:7-9). Be blessed & stay encouraged Yes Girls!

  121. What struck me most about reading the opening of Chapter 3 tonight was the verse from Malachi 3:1-3 on page 47. Not the refiner’s fire but but the verse that boldly states…”who can endure the day of his coming”. Endure? Say what? Got me thinking…..in order to endure the strain and pain of a marathon, we need to practice, prepare and participate. In order to endure a hurricane or a flood or an ice storm or other “act of God” we need to prepare, practice emergency measures and participate in activate stay bring us to safety!
    Look at everything Jesus had to endure for us! Satan’s temptations, judas’ betrayal, Peter’s denial, the Garden of Gethsamene the night before the most horrific final endurance test of all…..being crucified so that WE could be saved! Now that is endurance….that is saying Yes to God!
    So, if I need to endure hardship, illness, separation from Him, getting lost, sinning when I knew no better and when I did, then, I guess I fell short of everything at different times in my life…but in His eyes??? I endure, I shine, I glow, I stand on His promises of grace , redemption and salvation because of all that His son endured for my sake!
    Who can endure the day of his coming? His only son, our wonderful saviour Jesus!

    • Denise Kamppi (Prayer Team Warrior) says:

      #SayWhat? That is AWESOME !!!! Thank you for sharing that. God Bless you Sister 🙂

  122. Before I started this study Lysa, through various FB & Pinterest posts, opened my eyes to the fact that my issues with food were a spiritual matter. My weight makes me self conscience in front of large or small groups, especially youth group age. This inhibits me from fully using my spiritual gifts, which is Satan’s plan all along right?! So I commited to eating healthy and staying active, not just for my physical health, but for my spiritual health as well. This study has reaffirmed this for me.
    Another thing that came up is that I was asked to mentor a young woman in our church who for years had head knowledge of Christ, but recently realized she didn’t have heart knowledge and has become a Christian. This would normally be a no-brainer for me, but this young woman is different. She has purposefully attempted to slander the reputation of people near and dear to me. She dresses very provocatively on purpose. She has been manipulative, gossipy and just blatantly awful. However, The Lord has been dealing with me and reading Chpt 2 & 3 this week was perfect timing (of course b/c that is just sooo our Lord!) He has called me to do it, and I will, not just out of obligation but with a joyful heart!

  123. Thank you Lysa, Nikki, Melissa, and all the wonderful Proverbs 31 staff! This OBS has been such a blessing. Thank God for all the women who are actively opening their hearts to God and to me, when I have the privilege to read your posts and comments. I am learning so much every day from all you.
    Many blessings from Colombia!

  124. I would definitely have to say TV/networking (Facebook). I feel I have to keep up to date with everything, certain shows even if reruns sometimes. I have to know soon as I get up each day what someone said or did on facebook. I have thought of limiting myself a number of times before, and not actually gone through with it. I think it is basically because it is so easily accessible all the time. I know I need to get into the word more, alone time as I have had eye opening moments through Church services/weekly studies recently. I think because I have been working such long days lately, that I just enjoy the relaxing time of doing said things rather than pulling away from it. It is my own fault, and I know it as I have an urge so to speak to do less or more either way. I guess just being able to admit it, is a start-right???

  125. Better late than never, right?!?! Being on vacation this week, I’ve had days at the beach to just reflect on what my obedience looks like to others. Does it look, like Nicki said, like a “so what” or a “say WHAT?!?”? It seems like the more responses I read, the more I realize that we are all so similar in our heart’s desires. We want to please God and be available and open to whatever He has for us – but we want to make sure it’s what HE has for us and that we can indeed do it. I’m listening really intently to what that could be in my life right this minute. It’s a blessed thing to serve a God who will speak to those who expect it and strain to hear it. I’m loving this journey, this study, this time to be fully open to ALL God has for this willing heart.

  126. Barbara Abdallah says:

    Question 3 Radical Obedience. When I lost my job April 2013 I started looking for another job but had no appointments which I felt was strange.Then I found out about this bible study I knew that was a divine appointment from God so I started to pray at first I remembered a dream I always had to open a clothing store but after reading the first chapter my prayer life changed and I started to pray God will and not mine.So I have enrolled in Liberty University to finish my degree in Christian studies.It seems we tend to go to that place of comfort.I am excited because I knew for a while God had a calling on my life .What is beyond myself is to publish a book to inspire other women who are and have struggled in many areas of life.I kept saying to God I can not write I have no experience.But I know it is not up to me but God. Thank you so much for this bible study it has changed my life

  127. I spend too much time on facebook and also reading. I have been feeling as if God is telling me not to be on FB so much, with the exception of my awesome OBS FB Group and also a couple groups for my business, and I need to listen. It’s mainly the games on FB that I keep wasting my time on and with. And what I read isn’t always pleasing to Him and He has convicted me of that before but I haven’t given complete obedience and I know that’s hurting me and my family. That is what spoke to me in chapter 3. Also, I need to find a quiet place and time to do my Bible study because it seems that every time I sit down to read the book, my husband or daughter want my attention.

  128. Ok I don’t usually post comments, or if I do they are not lengthy, but this is what is on my heart and since I am a “Yes Girl” now here it goes.
    It is like God stands on the side lines of our lives jumping up and down screaming “pick me, pick me” and we pick everything else but Him. Then when we do pick Him we kind of half heartedly say “ok I pick you – I guess.”
    Now imagine it like this…God is standing there jumping up and down and screaming “pick me, pick me”, but this time we are all saying “I PICK YOU, I PICK YOU!”
    Same God, same answer from us (sort of 🙂 ) but the outcome is going to be very different.

  129. Nicki, you really hit it on the nail for me on everything you said. I’ve been so busy at church with VBS this week, that I just now got a chance to catch up on all the videos from this week, but I have been keeping up with the book. I wondered to myself this afternoon just after doing the questions for chapter 2 that God would want me to obey him in some BIG thing, yet I realized just as you explained that it is in the everyday things that he asks for our obedience as well! I have heard the same verse (Deut. 6:5 and following) THREE TIMES over the past week, which focused on instructing our children about the Lord. I heard God speaking to me to start a devotional time with my young daughters each morning. And if any of you mommas out there know how hard it is in the mornings with young kids, you know this was beyond me! But I obeyed, and gave it a shot. What do you think, my girls sat so quietly (amazing!), we had our devotional story time followed by a quick prayer, all so naturally as if we had been doing this all along! And we still got to VBS on time, three days now! I love that one sentence in Chapter 3 you keep referring to – and this hit me to the core even before I heard you refer to it – what would I miss out on in my DISobedience? I want to raise my daughters to love Jesus, yet I wasn’t teaching them as I should, I was leaving it up to Sunday School, and thats only once a week. God has blessed me in this already, and I know there is no price I can attach to the cost of my time each morning when it comes to my children.

  130. Debi Schuhow says:

    I feel the call to extend forgiveness to my mother and while I know that God can extend this forgiveness through me despite how I feel ( I think of Corrie Ten Boom extending her hand towards an Auschwitz prison guard) what I really am afraid of is reconciliation. I don’t want one, I don’t want a relationship with my mother. I don’t like her, and if she wasn’t my mother, and just an acquaintance, I wouldn’t have anything to do with her. But, I will do it as God calls me to it. Please pray with me.

  131. While I was reading chapter 3 it brought tears to my eyes! I had prayed when I first started this bible study that God would help me to really dig in and really learn something from this study. Well last week started out really good right up until Wednesday! I got called into work and ended up doing a 13 hour shift and of course that really cut into my time with not only this study but with my time with God!! I kept saying I didn’t have time to get back into really reading the book and marking it up with my highlighter and all that exciting stuff. BUT I always found time to fiddle around on Facebook!! Posting some good things that are encouraging others in their walk with God as well as me. BUT on the other hand I was posting also things that was not glorifying God in any way. So when I was reading this chapter God spoke to my heart and said to me that I had all the time I needed not only to get caught up but to spend so much more time with Him if I let go of Facebook until we get done this study!!
    Now I have to admit this is going to be really tough for me because I love the socialization I get from Facebook and playing my games. You could say I am addicted to it!! I am praying that God will keep me on track with this and diciplined enough not to disobey Him. Please pray for me in this area. I have struggled with many addictions in my life and this is also just as hard to let go. I, however, am so excited to dig into this and learn so much and see just what God wants to reveal to me!! Oh have to say also that God has been asking me to give this up for quite some time but it really hit home when reading chapter 3!!

  132. While working through the questions in chapter 3, I read Isaiah 41:13: For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” The note for this verse in my Bible really jumped out at me. It says, “God’s right hand fights for His people in power, while with His left hand He holds the right hand of His child Israel.” I immediately pictured God walking next to me, holding my hand protectively with His left hand and fending off all of the evil and distractions around me with His all-powerful right hand. God holds our hands to comfort us as we would comfort a child, and he only needs one hand to deal with all of the things that seem completely overwhelming to us as humans. What an image to get us through the day!

  133. God has given me strength to acknowledge that I am worthy. Worthy of love, joy and happiness, worthy to be his daughter and he will meet me wherever I may be. I know my Father knows my heart and he knows that I truly want to obey him. I said yes, a long time ago but never knew how much he loved me and cherished me. The bible study along with other doors that the Lord has opened for me, I am beginning to see my worth and know that no matter what GOD is with me. I have been struggling in an emotionally abusive marriage for the last 3 years and never had the courage or strength to even share this with my family let alone 20,000 women who have the opportunity to read this blog. I am learning that GOD does not want me to suffer, that is not what it means to be a good wife, the submissive or respectful wife. God wants me to be in a healthy relationship so that I could flourish and grow into his plans for me. I love you JESUS thank you for saving me and bringing me to a point of finding my self worth. Ladies, I am beginning to come out of my pit of darkness and it is still a time of extreme anxiety, fear and uncertainity for me. GOD BLESS YOU all. I pray for all my fellow sisters that the Lord may meet them wherever they are and provide love, healing and joy in all areas of their lives. May we have compassion, understanding and the ability to help each other as God intended us to do so. I love JESUS and I love you all!

  134. This Bible study keeps getting better & better! Today while I washed dishes I prayed for my family & the meals we’ve eaten together. I prayed while I put laundry in, it felt right.
    My focus has been off for years! Keeping my focus on God and not my circumstances has been a huge obstacle for me. I didn’t realize my Sweet Secret Place was within reach all along. Praise God 😀
    E-hugs to all.

  135. As I was thinking about our questions for today, I became aware of something that I sensed God asking me to give up permanently that I had not thought of previously when I wrote my answers down in my book. I need to give up permanently spending so much time discussing food. What is going to be for breakfast, lunch and dinner today? Several years ago, God delivered me from addiction to food and I have been purposely choosing to eat better and choosing to eat food that will help me live as opposed to living to eat. However, I have noticed that the lack of planning out my meals for the family causes me to spend an exorbitant amount of time discussing with my husband and family what we are going to eat and if we choose to eat a meal out , I usually end up going more than one place which is extra time and gas and even though I did not prepare the meal, I am exhausted from running around and then I do not have the energy to study or have any quiet time with God without falling asleep. I know the solution is to get organized by planning out menus, clipping my coupons and sometimes preparing meals in advance. As the Word says in Matthew 4:4 “It is written “Man does not live on bread alone,but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. I do not want to love food more than I love Him and I am reminded that whatever we spend the most time with is what we love the most and my prayer today is for God to order my steps in this area so that I can experience the joy of His blessing in my life because my hands are open to Him.

    • This is great, Roberta! I too struggle with this and am sending encouragement your way today. We can tell ourselves all day long that this is such a small thing compared to the world’s troubles, but God wants us to be free and have victory over anything that gets in the way of His work in us! Stay the course!

  136. I am sensing the Lord wanting me to give up a fun pass time of mine (temporarily) and that is Line Dancing. I have been given an opportunity to work a few more hours each week, allowing me to use my spiritual gifts and talents to encourage others. I absolutely love what I do. In order for me to say yes to God, I need to forgo my line dance lessons, because I can not be in two places at once.
    To help me connect more with the Lord, I try to regularly set time apart for an extra “time out” with Him. There is no place in particular that I go. Some times it’s at the coffee shop, sitting outside my home, or from the comfort of my own home. During my extra time out, I some times do an extra devotional, work on Bible study homework, or work on my life purpose. With a great cup of coffee and my extra time spent with the Lord I end up feeling more refreshed, focused and energized to continue taking steps forward.

  137. My secret place is my car. Believe it or not, no one bothers me when I am there, and I can talk out loud and have “my” time with God. Such a peaceful drive to and from work spending time with my precious Lord – talking to him and listening for him to talk to me. I am hoping to learn better if he is actually speaking to me or if I’m hearing what I want him to say.

    My Palms Are Up this morning and I’m ready for a glorious day!

  138. Sunday the week before last I got a huge impression on my heart to call up my sister-in-law and ask her if my nephew could come to Vacation Bible School with us. There is a history here. She is not a believer and has been against going to church or us taking my nephew. It was also last minute since VBS started on Monday. But God made it so my Pastor’s message and my Sunday School lesson were both about reaching out and not giving up on people in our lives who need Jesus. So I took the chance and called. She said YES! I was able to bring my nephew into the class I was teaching and introduce him to God! He even told his Mom when she picked him up the first night that “God helps us so we don’t be afraid.” Amazing! Praying this will open a door for the Holy Spirit somehow. Thank you God for putting those pieces in place!

  139. I am a bit behind due to work and then a migraine. But I am catching up now.
    I have so many things, seemingly little things, that God is asking me to give up. I am praying for the strength to do this. I want to be obedient. So I WILL be obedient. There is a saying at the gym – don’t try to do it, just do it. I think that is a good saying to apply in so many areas. I won’t just try to be obedient, I will be obedient. Praying for the OBS ladies today.

  140. Dora: thanks for your reply! It’s nice to know I’m not alone although it is sad that we’ve gone all this time feeling this way and perhaps missing God’s voice! I wonder how many out there can relate and hopefully they dont stay stuck!
    Thank you very much to you and your friend for praying for me!

    Gina: Thanks so much for explaining all that…I feel much better and not so alone and jealous as I think about all the little ways The Lord has spoken and I’ve passed it off as ‘me.’

    Wow, who would of thought that one could find friends and comfort in a study where thousands are participating from all over the world!

  141. Nardia Rose says:

    It took me a moment in chapter 3. The most touching part of this chapter is PLEASING GOD- I struggled to answer this question? I read romans 12:1-2 several times but i just couldnt answetr that part. This morning Holyspirit (aka HP) says to me you please me, you are always looking at what you do wrong but never what you do right. You are pleasing to me. Ladies i cried and cried. As the book says “I am chosen and beloved” Let me remind you my Yes Sisters You are pleasing GOD just by saying YES. As we keep our #palms UP

  142. Never thought of it like that. As a matter of fact, I was going to get up and switch the wash before I watched the video, but stopped myself to concentrate on this first. I am glad I did because it will bring a whole new perspective when I go to fold it…..Thanks!!!!!

  143. Thank you Nicki for the video, well since I saw the video, I folded clothes and prayed for my husband and two teens, and I read chapter three, It’s amazing, and there has been stirring in my heart! I kept trying to figure out about the giving up question. I re-read the chapter yesterday evening, and prayed. This morning after praying and spending time reading, I opened my email and read the August 12 devotional from Leah “My New Normal” Talks about change, fear, a new normal a solid place with a foundation rooted in our unchanging God. (a must read), and that God is faithful and we can trust Him. ok then I opened todays devotional by Lysa “When my happy gets bumped”.. another must read…and my emotions just went bonkers…..here is what I commented to Lysa’s devotional…
    Lysa, your connection to my web cam must be on~ LOL :o) It’s amazing how these devotional talk to me….I am doing the #Yes To God and chapter 3 has my mind going….the book is amazing by the way. I felt a huge nudge yesterday when I was thinking about the questions: Is there something that stirred your heart, may God be leading you to give up something?” —I thought TV, but I don’t watch much, secular music, I don’t listen too much, but I’m always after the kids, not to listen, or not in our home… but that just didn’t sit. I heard a whisper “your weight!” wow that was a #SayWhat moment……So, I need to stop denying I have to get on it and lose this weight. I have struggled with my weight “forever”. The other day my son and husband were talking, not sure about what, but I heard my husband say “I love my big girl”—now I know it wasn’t meant in a mean way, and I know he loves me and I him… But I felt hurt and was going to start to get offended (yet another devotional I read) and I felt satan egging me on to get angry. I stopped and “palms up and open” and said “God help me”…..
    I want to lose this weight, I’m so tired of being heavy, and I surrender this and will obey. This has always been so hard for me, but I know that I am strong in God and He will help me.

    Please pray for me…..I feel a lighter heart, and I know this has been weighing on my heart for a long time and I just ignored it…..

    My secret place is anywhere I can close my eyes and pray, but I love my garden as my secret place, I sit on my bench among the floweres, birds chirping, it’s relaxing, it’s a place where I can be along with God. Sing, listen wait! Sit under the cotton wood tree, taking in God’s beauty…. I’m headed there now….
    Thank You Ladies for all your hard work and for blessing me each and every day. Blessings Anna
    Psalm 46:1 He is my refuge and my strength.

  144. chapter 3 stirred my heart, my thoughts…my tears, lol. It hit home literally. Lysa wrote about liking her house to be just so and how God asking her to let her house go led her to be ready to open her doors to adopting and being prepared to have more messes and noise in her home. God is asking me to let go of my need for an orderly home. He put it on my heart to have more kids, to adopt, and I do want this, but I have known for awhile it was going to require letting go of some things and growing in some areas in order to be prepared for this major change in our home. This week I’ve been praying for #saywhat moments, and he has been pouring quotes, verses, pictures, etc. all about being a Godly mom and this this perfection thing go. I have 3 pages worth of copied and pasted stuff on this just from the last 4 days and I’m not going looking for it. Also, on the night that I had read ch 3, and Lysa’s shared her story of adopting her boys, our neighbor showed up randomly knocking on our door with paperwork for adopting through foster care. #SayWhat?! What’s been holding me back from letting go? A fear from a childhood lie that letting go of keeping my house and life orderly means giving up or giving in. I didn’t understand how to let go without feeling defeated – like I wasn’t good enough to keep up with it all. The enemy had me believing letting this go means I lose, but the truth is, not letting it go is what brings defeat – defeat over God’s grand plan for my life and that’s not a war I want to lose in. So, as scary as it is, I’m saying yes to God. Whatever He asks me to let go of in my weeks, days, moments – I say yes. Lead me to a new victorious place in obedience to you God!!!

    • Thank you for sharing Katrina, I will be praying for your. M y husband and I are in a small group and the Lord has been stirring things in both of us, for us it is maybe getting involved somehow with young teens, seeing as we still have two at home. A lot of the kids our 17 yr old daughters hangs out with come from a single parent home. We are not sure where the Lord is leading us, but your post was such an encouragement.

  145. Regina Santo says:

    Wow! What a week this had been for me! God is at work! I don’t even know where to begin to express where I am in my obedience to God at the moment.
    Sometimes I forget that the career I have and my daily job as a Christian school administrator is because God said this was what I would do. Looking back I see all of the things He had to do in order to make made this happen…. It would have made things a whole lot easier if I would have listened right away!
    He has given me some say what moments, but many times it takes a long time for me to commit!
    But oh, the blessings when I finally do! I can’t imagine a more fulfilling career. My plan was to be a stay at home mom with a husband and many kids…God’s plan was for me to remain single and my many kids are the children who walk through the doors of our school! Money wise, all of us working at the school must see it as a mission; the pay is a whole lot less than what could be made elsewhere. On paper, in the world’s eyes, it could never work, but God says yes it can. He told me, “Not only can you provide a home and support yourself, but you can bring an orphan into your home as well!” SAY WHAT? Say yes!
    It has been over a year since this new adventure has begun…and God is still at work. My baby girl is still not home, but God is still at work! Who would have thought He would ask me to do something that cost over a year’s salary for me? God doesn’t see dollars, He see lives!
    I won’t go on and on anymore…I still have so much to spill… To share how my saying yes to God in the daily grind has changed because of the lessons this week. There are BIG things going on in my life, but God continues to help me not forget the daily things as well!

  146. Jeanne Yates says:

    I never thought about doing laundry that way. What a way to go! From now on I will look at laundry as a blessing in disguise. Thank you Nikki for that video lesson. Sorry girls that I am late getting on this blog. I just let the time get away from me and no excuses. I will try harder to keep on with the lessons and keep up too.

  147. Thank you so much for this OBS. I have had this book for awhile, but now I have a reason to read it. 🙂 God really is speaking to me thru these chapters so far…wonder what it will be that He wants me to say yes to? And the questions at the end of each chapter are really deep! Some of them even bring me out of my comfort zone just to answer them in my journal. yikes! Radical obedience is hard, but I like what was said, “Saying yes to God will no longer be a disipline of your heart, but rather a delight of your life.”

  148. I first want to say, I’m loving this study and all the lovely ladies I’m privileged to know through P31 OBS! I’ve finished Chapter 3 which really spoke to me in many ways. During Stressed Less Living, I was waiting for God to tell me to get out of the worldly corporate environment I’m in. I prayed to Him asking what His plan for my life was…No answer right away. One day, I heard I want you to be intentionally (obviously) different then those around you. I thought, but don’t you want me to get out of the worldly environment I’m in? Nope…I have never heard that…Again, while studying chapter 3, again, He is calling me to be different, Not to conform to the world. He has said to abide in Him and He in me. I am a recovering people pleaser, I can also be a bit judgmental. I’m purposely learning to follow God’s instruction’s. Being kind (shining God’s Light) no matter what is going on around me. People do not know what to make of this. 🙂 I share my love of the Lord when given the opportunity. Which is becoming easier and a natural response from me. I’m not totally there and I thank God He is always with me…Loving this journey to Radical Obedience, which is what it will take to accomplish His will for me. The funny part is – the bible study portion of the book asked list the friuts of the Spirit. I knew all nine. But, for some reason, I could only list 7…The two I missed were Patience and Goodness…I get it…I’ll be working on this as my journey continues! Love in Christ, Nancy

  149. Julie Braga says:

    First I want to say how incredibly blessed I have been by this study and my amazing group of sisters in Group 21. I have taken several studies, but didn’t participate and often didn’t finish the book. God and the Proverbs 31 team showed me what an incredible blessing I have been given and to take advantage of it. I have been so blessed, encouraged and convicted by being really involved even through some challenging health issues. Praise God!
    Now to today’s questions. The Lor has been clearly showing me all the ways that I waste time and give Him only leftovers. I knew there was a problem, but I didn’t realize how it created separation in my relationship with the Lord. I am going to pray about specific things that need to be eliminated. But the truth is He has already shown me through my group how sweet it is to be in fellowship. The thing that was holding me back was really me. I didn’t wanted to miss anything or say no to myself. Which is pride. The Lord has been stripping away my pride through the week. As far as a secret place, it will vary, but I will prayerfully seek Him. God is definitely tired of hearing so what from me. As He chisels away on my pride, I am in awe of His majesty and able to say #SayWhat? Thank you for letting me share my heart. Hugs & blessings!

  150. ok, so here it is. I allow wine or a few drinks (or more) to sort of dull the stress in my life more evenings than not. problem is, it dulls the good things too like fostering that connection with God. Could i ask for a prayer or two? its a tough one, something i feel guilty about and need to change. thx 🙂

  151. I was praying this morning about what God may be asking me to give up and one specific thing became clear. I struggled for many years with weight issues and low self esteem related to this, as well as an inability to eat “normally” I was either dieting or bingeing, no in between. God has delivered me from this through prayer and counselling (although I do still have days when I fall back into bad habits!!) and my eating has mostly normalised. However, I do still have to have something sweet after dinner each evening. God is challenging me to give this up and let Him satisfy me, rather than the short lived pleasure of a chocolate! Thank you OBS team for a wonderful study!

  152. Deb Brewer says:

    I just finished reading Chapter 3 and I’m a mess…a good mess…but a mess none the less. I was crying just 3 pages into the chapter…LOL!! I guess I should start at the beginning so you will understand why I’m such a mess…LOL!! During the months of September-May, I’m involved with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)…attend Bible study classes on Mondays of each week. Back in July I was approached about teaching a BSF children’s class each Monday evening. I was like ‪#‎Saywhat‬!?! The leader explained that each time she prayed about finding someone to teach a children’s class, God laid my name on her heart. I was shocked to say the least. With our prison ministry schedule this fall and other commitments I’ve made, I knew it would not work out for me to commit this fall. So I told her that I was committed already for the fall. I also knew that the BSF commitment would mean meeting with all the other leaders every Saturday morning from Sept.-May at 7am in Terre Haute which is 35 miles from our home. That would mean giving up the one day a week I had to sleep in!! #SayWhat!?! The leader and I finally decided to continue praying about it and we would talk again in December and see if things would work out to begin in January. I had already committed to do this Bible study before I got the call, so I prayed that God would show me through this study and through prayer if this is really what He wanted me to do (I’ve also been using the 5 key questions from chapter 2). But I was caught up on giving up Saturday mornings!! 3 pages into chapter 3 God made it perfectly clear!! My Saturdays are to be spent in fellowship and study with other BSF leaders and teach these children about Him. His voice was loud for me “If you can reach them now, you won’t have to wait till they are in prison to reach them.” #SayWhat!?! I’ve been in tears ever since!! As Lysa said in chapter 3, I was weighing out what I would be giving up against what I’d be gaining and trying to decide if the trade was worth it. God showed me this morning that it would be worth it!! I discussed it with my husband and just sobbed that I would not be willing to give up my sleeping in to do something so powerful for God!! I then put my book down and lifted my hands ‪#‎palmsup‬ giving God Saturday mornings and letting Him fill me with His power and strength to accomplish what He is calling me to do!! That’s why I’m a mess….albeit a good mess!! I will be calling the BSF leader to let her know that God has made my decision and I’m willing to be radically obedient to Him and accept this task He has put before me!! Tears are still being shed…albeit good ones!! I’m just so amazed by God and the tools He uses to get to us!! ‪#‎YestoGod‬ no looking back!!

  153. I think for me what I need to give up and I am partially doing it already is the television. It was getting to the point of being obsessive about a particular series, and trust me I’ve had many. I have realized that there are more important things to do then to sit in front of the television. I try to read more, and yes it is also non-christian books, but it is my escape from reality. I still need that television once in a while but mostly it’s on as background noise. My quiet, secret place for me is my bedroom when I wake up every morning. My routine is to get up, get ready for work, go downstairs and make my lunch, get my coffee and go back up and spend some quiet time with the Lord before my work day begins. It’s not always easy to stay focused on Him. There are days where life’s situation gets in the way and I have a hard time praying,
    but I am trying to work through that. I find it the best time to talk to and listen to the Lord.

  154. Thank you Nikki for this video! It and reading chapter 3 definitely stirred something inside me. I am truly blessed to be a part of this study and am very thankful for it. It’s opened my eyes and my heart in more ways than one! I am no longer going to be a “so what” girl…from now on I have my palms up and strive to “say what?”!

  155. Hello ladies!!

    I apologise again! I had chapter 2 and chapter 3 switched. So, Chapter 2…My soul certainly yearns for more. A better walk with Lord Jesus and God and more peace and inner joy 🙂 I want to be the ‘yes girl’ God wants me to be and, to quote Nike, “Just do it!” My thoughts were swirling as I headed for Chapter 3, knowing God really wants me to say yes and therein I will find the peace and joy I have wanted 🙂 With a prayer or 2 or 10, I was able to collect my thoughts and continue to Chapter 3.
    This was an amazing chapter. I have a lot of trouble discerning if God is speaking or I am telling myself or even worse, as stated in a previous post.
    In answer to the blog questions:
    1. Yes, God has completely stirred in me a need to permanently give up a certain area of my life. Besides this huge elephant in the room that I have avoided (our of fear), there are several smaller areas I can easily change, with His help, including the TV/movies I watch, books I read, and the amount of games I play.
    2. Fear has kept me from changing the big area of my life. Laziness and “I’ll do it tomorrow” have kept me from changing the smaller areas.
    3. I have a couple of sweet not-so-secret spots! I love parks and the ocean. When I am by myself, I sit quietly and talk to God with my eyes closed at any park or beach. A quieter place would be a particular park 🙂 And, my Bible teacher and his wife have opened their home to me and I always feel refreshed when I come from a visit there 🙂

    May God’s peace find you and surround you 🙂

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