#YesToGod Blog Hop Week 2

Hey there all you Jesus girls! It’s Shelly, writing to you from the sweltering summer heat of Texas! 🙂

Last Thursday on our first blog hop, I wasn’t really sure what to expect since our community has grown so large in such a short amount of time. But what I didn’t expect was the emotion that washed over me as I sat in my living room reading blog after blog declaring how God is touching your lives through this study, and all the ways you are responding.

So many of you said “yes” by finally starting that blog you were supposed to start long ago. Some of you said “yes” by sharing your testimony for the first time ever. There were over 300 blogs linked up and each one influenced, challenged, or encouraged someone else! Your words matter.

Maybe you didn’t write a blog, but you have a gift of encouragement and you used that gift by reading and commenting on some of the blogs. Your words matter.

Maybe you didn’t write a blog, and you aren’t even sure how this whole blogging thing works, but you gathered enough courage to share here in the comment section. Your words matter.

Perhaps you didn’t write a blog or you couldn’t even figure out how to leave a comment, but you shared our memory verse with your neighbor or co-worker. Your words matter.

Do you see what’s happening here? God is using our words, your words, His Words, and, together, we are making a difference all across the world.

Is God calling you to share today? Maybe that’s your #SayWhat? moment. Maybe you feel like what He is asking you to do is beyond your abilities. As we read in Chapter 2, you are in good company, my friend.

Though our stories vary and our callings may differ, we are each handed the same invitation. An invitation to follow Jesus, and say a resounding “Yes” to our heavenly Father by walking in obedience to whatever He asks of us. Lysa says in Chapter 3, “Obedience is the key that unlocks this secret place with God” and “The more we say yes to God, the more we will live in expectation of seeing Him.”

I’m accepting my invitation today. Are you?

Now let’s get started on our Blog Hop!! 🙂

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Here are this week’s topics: {The names in BOLD are suggested titles.}

NOTE: Please specify which topic you chose by either using the suggested title OR adding the Topic # somewhere in your post. 

1. The 5-Question Filter. How are these 5 questions helping you discern God’s voice?

2. #SayWhat? Blog about a specific time God spoke to you and you had a “say what” moment.

3. Radical Obedience. Is there something God is asking you to give up? What specific steps do you need to take to fulfill this obedience?

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Your fellow yes girl,
Shelly Faust
Blog Hop Coordinator

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  1. Shelly thank you for reminding all of us that our words matter – to each other and to God. So blessed to be part of this blog hop again this week.

  2. The 5 question filter has been very useful in my journey of yearning to hearing from God. I have seen messages being confirmed through other messages. For example today I was reading and meditating on Ephesians 6: 10-12 about putting on the armour of God so that we may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. I turned to Proverbs 31 encouragement for today and Lysa was sharing on the same scriptures. I just learned that God wants me to watch out on little things that satan may use to take away my joy. I am glad I am dressing myself with God’s armour and I am mindful that I will not fight against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in the heavenly realm. “Is what I am hearing confirmed with other messages” yes it has been confirmed to me today. I thank God for these 5 question filters. I am also learning to look beyond my inabilities and insecurities. I am focussing my eyes on the Almighty to see him work in me and through me.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Maita, beautifully said. God will do wonderful things through you!

    • Yes Maita, Such wonderful Scriptures. Every morning in prayer I ask God to help me get dressed in the full armor of God that I may stand against the wiles and attacks of satan while God fights my battles. And God is so faithful! Keep pressing on. The victory is already won!

  3. Beth Wright (OBS Group Leader) says:

    And away we go!! Can’t wait to see what everyone shares this week. And Shelly- I agree with Nicki- thank you so much for the sweet reminder that our words matter!!!

  4. Since I am not a blogger, I will simply moment here. My Say What came Sat ascI received an invitation to join with a nationally known counselor in conf calls to learn and discuss her new book on emotionally destructive marriages. Having read her first book on emotionally destructive relationships and attended a women’s conference where she was the speaker, I heard God call me to participate. ‘Say What!?’ God…me be a part of this? So I said yes! I am in a destructive marriage though my husband sees none of it though he is a believer. Only those who know us very well see the truth…those in church or work never see that side. Pls pray I can keep up with the reading, that the calls bring encouragement to participants and particularly that Jesus will bring growth in me to effectuate change in my husband for redemption in our marriage.

  5. Tanya Singleton says:

    I have been praying that God help me to spend more time with him. Now when I wake up I start my day praising him and with my bible study. I am listening and being obedient to God. I never turn my TV on when I send time with God but I felt it in my heart to do so this morning and I had said a prayer before doing so and it was a message on being obedient to God. I sent a pledge in because I felt that God was asking me to be apart of this pledge and I acted in obedience to him. This was my ” Say What” moment you want me to do what but I am trusting God and acting in obedience to him.I didn’t feel that I had it to give but I pledged that I would provide as God provided it to me. I strongly feel that he led me to this channel on TV and that he led me to be apart of this pledge.I didn’t want it on my heart to not act in obedience. Now I am waiting on God to see what is next. I want to thank you for this bible study because it has truly been a blessing to me and helped me to get closer to God. I found that I love my computer and I am addicted to it and now I am spending more time with God as opposed to being on my computer. I am learning to put God first and spend my time with him and to trust hi with everything. I am saying yes to God.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      What a wonderful “Say what” moment! Putting God first will give you multiple rewards!

  6. Thank you for bringing the words to me today that I needed to hear. I love being a part of this community and this OBS! I have to admit that I have signed up for several OBS’s before and have not completed any of them. This one is different, though! Maybe it’s the study? Maybe it’s me? Or, let’s go with – it’s GOD! Yep, it’s Him! He is the director here and I am so thankful to have Him as my loving Father. All of this “blog hopping” is very new to me. Actually, I rarely leave a comment, but today is different! Today I feel led to say THANK YOU! And, to share my blog, website, too. Without any fear, too! And, that is praise worthy! My blog doesn’t quite answer the others, though, so if my link needs to be deleted, I completely understand. It’s out there on the world-wide web, so I trust that whomever is to read it and benefit from it WILL read it! So, if you feel like reading, yet another, blog – hope on over to http://www.jacquelinesjive.com Thank you, God for giving us courage, for loving us, and encouraging us to encourage others. Blessed be your name!

    • Thank you Jackie for your blog. It is very encouraging and I am so glad you posted. I don’t post much either, but this OBS has really started opening my heart. The 5 questions to ask are such a great filter and makes me think more than twice about things I do. I want to please the Lord above everyone else, even if that means losing a friend or two. So I can relate to you on that level also. Thanks again for sharing and have a Blessing Filled Day!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Wooo Hooo. Thanks for going out of your comfort zone and sharing and leaving your blog. Going on over NOW sweet sister.

  7. No matter if it is a blog, a comment or an encouraging word to someone you know, follow God’s lead. I have been beyond blessed with past 2 weeks because I know God cares. He wants to know our intimate secrets, yes he is God and already knows how we feel, but he wants us to share with Him. God has been speaking directly to me this week through scripture and radio broadcasts and mostly through this bible study. I am trying to listen to his voice. I am struggling right now, I am not sure what God is trying to tell me on my housing situation. When I first started reading chapter 3 I felt he wants us to sell our house because we have been having some conversations about it, and I am like Lysa was, I love my house. A house is not a home, the people in it are. I am very confused and I pray with my new knowledge of the 5 questions I will be able to discern God’s voice. This is my #saywhat moment. Have a blessed Thursday.

  8. Good morning YES girls!
    I am still reeling from Nicki’s message yesterday. I do know people that have #SAYWHAT? encounters. I have never thought of my daily (yes, mundane) life as being a #SAYWHAT?! encounter. I know I will never do laundry the same after Nicki’s message, and probably none of the > 22,000 women from > (I forget how many) countries who heard her message will either! Think about THAT! That will change a world!! My job involves indirect patient care at a hospital. Yesterday before work, I prayed for the direct caregiver who would be using the tools I develop, and the patients who would receive that care. Work was so much more fulfilling! I truly had a #SAYWHAT?! encounter. Thank you Nicki and thank you YES sisters for all of your words that matter.

  9. Oh my goodness! My first blog hop. I’m so excited to share.

  10. Have you ever had a #say what moment???? I have! I remember praying three or four times a day for weeks for a young teenager to have the opportunity to attend a Christian camp, thinking it would make a difference in his life. I was sitting at my typewriter at work, silently praying when I felt the Lord say, ‘it’s okay, he’s going, don’t worry.” Do I hear from God every time I’m pouring my heart out to him? Unfortunately NO!!

    However, I wasn’t even praying on a particular day and heard Him loud and clear!

    It was my third summer mission trip in Steertown, Jamaica. Enduring the miserable heat and working conditions is not my favorite thing; however, God loves these people too and Isaiah 42:12 says, “Let them give glory to the LORD and proclaim in the Islands.” We build houses there – actually, it’s a storage building to us, but a home for the poorest of poor. They have a view the rich and famous would pay millions to have, but many have no house. I get carried away when I start trying to explain why we go to Jamaica. I’ll post later about our experiences there – today is just about hearing from God.

    Every morning our mission team loaded up on a crowded non-airconditioned bus and headed out to make a difference in the lives of these people. As we approached the community center, the barefooted children chased the bus, hit the sides and began cheering, “white people, white people.” We felt like celebrities. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

    I need to give you a little background on my husband. He, (and my daughter) for whatever reason, think that rules were made for everyone else! It’s a little ironic since he is a reliability specialist and his job is to see that others maticulously follow a process.

    Previous years, we would all get off the bus and love on the kids at the community center. However, this year things had changed. The white people were not allowed to get off the bus. As the bus stopped, my husband recognized a young boy from the summer before. We both fell in love with this little boy the previous year and our daughter had loved on him the year before that! We have pictures of this little Jamaican boy in our home and if possible would bring him to live with us! There was just something special about Conroy that tugged at our heart strings.

    I was simply sitting on the bus praying for these children, wondering how our week with them was going to unfold. Looking up, I saw my husband getting off the bus. My thoughts raced from love and compassion to “what is he doing?, why can’t he follow the rules?, Ugh, I wish he would just get back on this bus!!”

    At that moment, I witnessed one of the most amazing events ever. My husband had his arms outstretched as far as possible. It reminded me of Jesus’ arms in many popular depictions of Him today. With much anticipated excitement, one word started a string of events I will never forget. ”Conroy” my husband shouted. My eyes scanned this group of children; however, Conroy could not be mistaken. With a look I’ve only seen one other time in my life, Conroy smiled all over and exclaimed questionably, – “you know my name?”

    Honestly, it seemed as if time slowed down. I looked at my husband who looked like he had found a lost treasure. Conroy looked as if in disbelief. My heart swelled with tears, I could feel every heart beat. Then it happened! Dressed in the oldest miss matched clothes I owned, sweat pouring down a makeup free face, sitting in a crowed bus in a foreign country – I heard Jesus say, “Who’s going to be surprised I know their name, because you didn’t tell them?”

    Conroy is just like you and me. It had been a whole year since we had seen him. While we prayed for him and thought of him, the lack of contact and distractions of the world caused him to forget the promises we told him and how much we loved him…just like when we don’t connect with Jesus, when we don’t guard our heart…we forget the promises of God, we forget that He knows our name.

    Have I lived every moment from that point like I should have? No

    Have I told every believer and non-believer I’v come in contact with? No

    But I can start today – sweet friend – Jesus knows YOUR name! He has it written on the palm of His hand! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Psalm 139:14

    I pray for each one of you! I pray you are sharing the Gospel freely! If not, find a way.

    There is no problem He can’t handle! Go to Him, He knows your name and is waiting for you!

    • WOW!! What a WONDERFUL testimony!! Thank you for sharing!! I have tears in my eyes!! Also what wonderful mission work you and your family share together in! Thank you for sharing your words!! 🙂

    • Wow! Amazing story of love and connections to God’s love for us. I needed to hear that. Thank you for sharing. That is beautiful!!!

    • WOW is what I say also! Thank you for sharing, that was so powerful and a great reminder – He does know our name – and every little detail about us and He LOVES us no matter what! So awesome – God is SO Awesome!! To be reminded of His love is a wonderful #SayWhat moment for this morning!

    • Who would be surprised? What an awesome idea to reflect on! Thank you for sharing what Jesus spoke to you in that moment. It is so encouraging to hear.

    • That was an awesome story Trish.. thanks for sharing!!!! Also thank you for the reminder that God knows our name and is hear for us always!!!!

    • nancys1128 says:

      WOW! What a story, and what a point it makes! Thanks so much for sharing it today.

    • Very profound! Thank you for sharing!

    • Amen! How awesome that He knows our name. I love how He loves us as if we were each His only child! Thanks for sharing your encouraging words here!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Oh. My. No words but beautiful and only God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this.

  11. Wanda Singleton says:

    Thank you for online Bible Studies! It is nourishment for the day! What a blessing! Praise be to God!

  12. God is moving through my life so quickly, I’m still trying to keep up! This week, God is showing me that saying yes to Him is not the same as saying yes to everything related to church or ministry. Even if I’ve already committed to a ministry, I don’t have to say yes to every single little thing. I did that once with an area of ministry and burned out very quickly. God is showing me that He is not looking for “yes-men” (or yes-women) in the sense that He doesn’t want me saying yes blindly. That five question filter is very important and I need to saturate decisions in prayer and if I do say yes, I have to do it with sound judgement and a cheerful heart. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if I could just blindly say yes to God all the time? But He doesn’t want blind obedience, He wants willful obedience. What a God we serve!

  13. Lisa Young says:

    Yesterday I had a #SayWhat moment. Running into the grocery store for a few items and everyone seemed to be grocery shopping at the same time. I went through the self check out with my 6 items. I checked out in record time. As I was going to my car, something was nagging at me. I looked at my receipt and saw I forgot to ring in my garlic. There were at least 150 in the bin where I got it. I thought they wouldn’t miss one head of garlic. Then #SayYes to God came running through my mind. So I dug in my bag, got the head of garlic that I didn’t ring in and went back in the crazy busy store. I thought these people were going to think I am crazy. What would I say to them about the garlic? I looked at the long lines and thought this was crazy for me to do just for this head of garlic they would never miss. But my heart was racing and I could hear in my head “Lisa, you are a Say Yes to God girl!” The self help register I had gone through was empty so I headed there. I smiled at the attendant and rang in the head of garlic, paid and went back to my car. In my car, I sent a prayer of thanksgiving that I didn’t listen to my thoughts of no one would miss the garlic but that I must had missed something because I didn’t tell anyone why I ran back into the store. Did I miss sharing with someone why I ran back in to ring up this head of garlic and how I love Jesus! Did I miss the blessing? My heart started racing again and a thought popped into my head (and my heart) saying “No, the blessing is that you did what was right, good and true! It was being obedient even in the little things. It is knowing that I did what God called me to do even when I didn’t think anyone one notice or care.” God cares! He knows and sees all things! Even the head of garlic! As I sit writing this and thinking no one would care about this note, my husband comes in say “I smell GARLIC” Another #SayWhat moment! Oh how I love it when God makes me giggle out loud!

    • Lisa , I love this. These are truly the kinds of moments in our every day lives that are totally living out ‘Saying Yes to God’!

      I am always saying ‘it made me giggle out loud’ when I am talking about something God has done or shown me! That’s not a phrase that you hear often and it’s not one that I use at any other time, so, of course I just HAD to comment!

      I don’t use it any other time except when I am telling someone about a time when God undeniably showed up and took care of something that I know was not me because it wasn’t anything that I would EVER do or say. I really do giggle out loud when I recognize these moments, but what’s funny to me is that I actually say to people, ‘that made me giggle out loud’. It’s a very out of character phrase for me to use, but I use it because that is totally what I do and there’s no other way to describe it!

      There have been some really big things that were unhealthy habits that I asked for God to change the desires of my heart over (and He did) and there are the ‘garlic’ moments and then all sorts of in between moments from the mundane to the monumental, that I experience every day that make me giggle out loud! The giggling out loud isn’t as funny to me as actually saying, ‘That made me giggle out loud’!

      On the last page of Chapter 2 Lysa says ‘…..God wants us to live in expectation of hearing from Him’. It is recognizing these giggle out loud moments that compel me to live with this expectation every day! The more of these moments you start to recognize…….well, the more of them you start to recognize!

      Thank you for your comment today…..(giggle on)

  14. Learning to #SayWhat in the mundane has been an eye opener. Things that seem tiring and boring, are now opportunities to pray over my beloved family, and set my heart right in Him, so that I may serve them well. It’s been a blessing to go through this study so far, and I’m blessed to be apart of the blog hop!!

  15. Shelly
    Thank you so much for validating all of our very important roles in this study. The bloggers, the women reading and commenting on the blogs, and the women praying for each other whether publicly our silently.

    We all matter and make a difference. #SayWhat

  16. I love being a part of this study! It certainly has stirred up a passion in my heart. I want to sit on my computer all day and read everyone’s blogs, comments, etc. I want to read in my bible and journal all day long! (However, yesterday as I was reading my kids became a little mischievous! So I’d better use my quiet time wisely!!) But I do feel God calling me to intentionally carve out quiet time, when my kids are in bed.

    I am so excited about what I am learning my thoughts are consumed about all I am learning. I love sharing about God with my little ones. It is exciting to see how they are “getting it” too! My husband believes in God but does not attend church with us. Whenever I talk about my faith he does not seem interested in listening, or he seems to listen out of respect to me, not God. I pray daily that God will open his heart and that my actions and beliefs will speak through me.

    Last evening after the kids were in bed, we were having a quiet moment of sharing our day with each other. It wasn’t just a “oh what did you do today” conversation. It was one of those real, open your hearts conversations. As the conversation drew on, I felt my heart stirring. I hesitated, more than once, but then the right moment came up. I began with the fact that my bible, journal, and Say Yes book where lying around the house, everywhere! I shared how excited I am about this study, and went into detail about it and how God is working through us if we just listen and say yes. I shared the “yes” moments the kids and I had earlier that day by sharing with random strangers and how happy it made us. Then something exciting happened! My husband shared how he felt his major life events were directed by God. A few years ago he lost his job and was jobless for a year. Then only one job opened up and he shared how he felt so strongly that he wanted this job and now he knows it is a perfect fit for him. He stated that he felt God wanted him here. And that God wanted him out of his last job because it was so destructive to him (the one he was fired from). #saywhat!!! I am so excited to see how God is answering my prayers of opening my husband’s heart to Him!!

    Thank you Almighty Lord!!!

  17. Six years ago I thought that I had a #Saywhat moment. I did not go through the 5 Questions filter. My church was having alot of prayer meetings this particular summer and during my drive to one of these prayer meetings I felt that God had impressed on me to open up a mattress store. That way my husband would not have to travel, my son would not cry anymore when Daddy left out of town, and my husband would finally be happy. My husband felt that God told him that this job was over for him. Being that my family has been in the furniture business pretty much all my life, I thought, “this is natural for me”. Why wouldn’t this be God’s will. Oh the agony of not going through the 5 Question filter. We have suffered so much. Lost our 401k savings, my husband has since to find a good job suitable for him, my husband has felt like a failure in so many ways. He asks himself almost daily, “How could I have let this come into my family”, “How could I have given up such a good job”. The stock market crashed only after having our store open for less than a year. We did not research fully as to what location would be best. We did not ask God for daily direction. My husband did not want to go back on the road (he was a Truck driver/Mover), so he turned down a couple of positions that were available to him. My has he regretted that. But God has been faithful to give us breaks in this horrible time. He has blessed us with family memories so precious and dear to our hearts. For the most part we have let go of the “why why why did we not involve God more after making the decision to open up the store”. We have asked God for forgiveness and direction as my husband struggles to care for us financially, emotionally, and spiritually. There is a current position in the works…the man keeps telling my husband to call every week until the owners are ready to hire another employee. The position would be driving a hazardous material truck, the hours would be better for our family, the work would be better for my husbands body. We are just praying for God to move for us if this is indeed his will. My husband is currently working as a mover, not driving over the road. His body aches so much, I feel helpless for him. There has been so much in the last 6 years…one child 20(my step-son) very troubled, another child 21 married and very happy, two boys that are both ours together 9 and 7 now. The boys have brought much joy to all of us. I want to be a Yes Girl, I am a Yes Girl…I love Jesus! I want to be Radically Obedient…that’s what I thought we were doing at the time we opened up our store. We would talk and talk for hours sometimes with people, praying for some, meeting the need of another. God knows all things. I praise Him because of His strength in our weaknesses, our water in a dry place, and Love beyond compare to anything in this world!

  18. Shelley,
    Yes, I know “This HOT Texas weather” too. I too am in Texas…
    I want to thank you also for your words of encouragement. I am not able to Tweet, Blog, conference call..I am not connected to any group that is doing the “Say Yes to God” study. I do know Jesus is with me! and it has been a remarkable “God time!” Thanks for saying all the things you said “Words do matter!” …and I do share. I plan to make a visit with a friend who recently had surgery , so I will share some awesome God things I have gleemed from this study. Hello! to all of you “yes girls!” I am blessed by your blogs and comments as well. I know I am NOT ALONE!
    God bless all!
    Friendswood, Texas

  19. Cinderella Musonda says:

    God is so Good, I heard God’s voice when I was about 14, nobody told me it was God, but I knew it was and from that day, I have never doubted his existence, he has spoken in my life and asked me to do almost the impossibles and sometimes to step out in faith. But from that day I have never doubted that he is real and I am grateful to God because few have this experience where no matter the storm, they don’t question who God is. It’s an amazing experience to be a sure of his existence no matter what comes. I praise him for that and I am so blessed.

  20. Looking forward to reading the blogs! Great topics!!!

  21. 😀

  22. Ladies,

    I just needed to share how frustrated and discouraged I’ve been this past week and a half. It seems like every small thing that could happen, has happened. Nothing major… thankfully… but I think sometimes Satan works best that way. Just enough to distract and frustrate me. I won’t even go in to details, because it doesn’t matter, but I just could use some prayer if you are reading this. Specifically family and work. I just want to give up. I’ve been trying to do this study and I feel like my mind is so full that I can’t take any of it in. I’m trying… really, I am… but it’s hard.

    Thank you for your prayers.

    • Praying for you to find space and peace in your mind and soul to be filled with His love! God loves that you are persevering 🙂

    • Saying a prayer for you right now. Don’t give up, sister! Open those palms, release it to Him, and then receive His peace and joy in the middle of your hard places. He is faithful and His Word is true. So glad you are here and a part of this OBS community! Hugs to you!

    • brittany jacobson obs prayer blog team says:

      I’ve been were you are and I want to give you some verses I lean on. Exodus 14:14 you need only be still and the Lord will fight for you.. I also want to give you a verse in Romans. May the God of peace soon crush Satan under your feet.

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Blog Hop!!! Already this morning I have been filled with so much reassurance in our Savior, and with so much amazement at all these talented women who are sharing their full hearts!!! Thank you all!!!

  24. I had a “say what?” moment this week. I work in downtown Chicago and there are homeless people waiting on corners for donations. While we are to be humble about what we give to others, this may help those who feel compelled to do something for the homeless. I started buying Subway Restaurant Gift Cards and carry them in my pursue. God and I have an agreement that if someone REALLY needs the gift, I am pulled to share. Last week I gave it to a girl sitting on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign. It read that “I am 14 weeks pregnant and need $52.89 to get home to my other two kids.” She looked SO lost. I gave her a Subway card but on Monday, I saw her again. This time I felt God nudging me to get the money for her. I am not rich but can periodically afford to help someone out in need. I got the money from the ATM, looked for her and did not find her. But I felt a message from God that she needs my help so I tucked the money away in my wallet. I saw her yesterday (Wednesday), gave her $60, and said “now you can go home.” Her response, “Oh God, thank you!” Like so many of us who posted here, I thought of the things I should have said to her about God helping her to get home and to trust Him. I felt so blessed to be able to share with her although admittedly when I first felt pulled to get the money for her, it was “say what?” God truly works through us in mysterious, wonderful ways and I felt so blessed to be called upon.

  25. About 10 years ago I had a say what? moment. My husband at the time walked out and left me with financial responsibilities I could not handle alone. I had been giving money at church but not at a tithing level. God said tithe. I said yes after some agony. God gave me job opportunities above my regular job and has continued to bless me with abundance. Saying yes also meant the willingness to work more at that time and live frugally. I do continue to live frugally and say yes when God says share.

  26. Since returning in April from a trip to Haiti, I have not wanted to share much about it because I had gotten sick and made some choices that did not follow the rules which left the leader’s wife mad at me and the team, I think, disappointed that I went. But our words do matter: We overcome the enemy by the BLOOD of the lamb and the WORD of our testimony. So, when prompted by God, and the grief of my husband’s sweet niece over the death of her first born teen son, I was burdened to share something He taught me in Haiti just recently to my Facebook page. I fought it at first because of the humiliation of failure and not wanting the judgment of those who went on the trip too of why I, of all people, would be writing something about the trip there. But then, I relented because I knew God was asking me to use what He showed me to comfort her and her aching family’s hearts, it was in line with scripture and would please Him…and at this point it was way beyond me to want to open that can of worms from the trip and do it in a public way. I could have mailed it to her, but for some reason was burdened to post it there. After I posted it, I was blown away by the comfort the family received from that post, what it meant to them at this time, and then what others that they shared it with received as well. I was amazed that the testimony God gave me, even in the midst of failure, He could use so mightily to comfort and encourage others. Thank you for the reminder that our words matter. I needed that reminder. For a while, I have had this urge to start a blog, but never thought I would have anything to say and really that I could not do it technically. Usually what I write is what God gives me for others to encourage them, etc. To help carry their burdens by turning their eyes and heart toward the Burden Bearer. But so many times others say, “you should write and publish that” or “do you have a blog? You should.” I always smile politely, and shake my head like, “no way, not me!” when I walk away. BUT last week I started a blog on word press, designed it, etc- took a good amount of time as I am not tech savvy and had to read all the intros, etc. . I was happy and excited with how it looked, and then I got to the blank page of “what is on your mind” and nothing came. NOT ONE THING. I could not go forward because I was trying to talk to a blank page, not a person with a need that God would give me words of comfort to help. So, I have this wonderful blog spot, but cannot write in it!!! 🙂 So funny. Anyway, God has used this study to get me taking baby steps in that direction. I am saying “Yes” to believing my words count for His glory and His purposes whether I blog them or just share them with those who have needs for encouragement or a reminder that God loves them and hasn’t abandoned them. Someday, one day, you will see, hot off the press, what God has confirmed in my heart through this study, and through others so many times, and in my heart: That He has given me words and He wants to use them for HIS GLORY. May it be!

    • Thank you for your post! God is an Awesome God! #yestogod with our #palmsup saying #saywhat!

    • Even in our messy places God’s glory can shine through when we choose to obey. I’m so glad He reminded you today that your words matter! Thanks so much for sharing here.

    • Christine Ann says:

      Hi Wendy,
      I have to encourage you as I have just read your comment. Our words really do matter, spoken or written, they touch others lives and will count for eternity when they are infused with God’s love and truth. I hope that you can find the courage to write on your blog.. My encouragement to you is not to think TOO much but start to write from your heart and from your experiences. Believe you can do it. Now, you are going to smile , because I really want to start a blog but haven’t got past just the research/planning stage yet.. My goal is to join in the ‘What Happens When Women Say Yes to God’ blog hop BEFORE the OBS ends in Sept.. My #Say What achievement to come!

  27. Linda Paver says:

    I have has two #Say What moments this week! Part of my family was at my house for dinner on Tuesday night. Sometimes the prayers I say before dinner are long, sometimes short. This time God nudged me to pray we would enjoy all the silliness, laughter, and goofiness as we fellowshipped together. My boys (in their late 20s) were goofier than usual. We laughed so hard that evening we were brought to tears. Most of this was just silly, mundane stuff! Until this Bible Study I would never have recognized this as a #SayWhat moment.
    On a more serious note, the local OBGYN office referred a client who has a abortion scheduled for today to our local Pregnancy Care Center to talk to our director. The client missed her appointment and hung up on the director when she called to remind her of the appointment. As Cara and I sat in the main office, we were heart broken for both the client and the director and another client advocate as we heard crying and wailing coming from the director’s office. I said to Cara, “We need to pray.” We held hands and both of us prayed for the client and the grief felt by the other 2 ladies. After that, a peace filled the office, the incessant crying ceased, and all 4 of us had chatter and giggling for about an hour later in the afternoon. #SayWhat? Please pray God will put all kinds of barriers in this young woman’s heart so she will miss her appointment with Planned Parenthood today.
    Thanks for letting me ramble on and one. Have a blessed day, ladies:-)

  28. Shelly I’ve been so blessed by saying YES, I continue to keep my palms up!!! This week My Lord blessed me by allowing me to return to work full duty started yesterday! I must addmit I’m sore all over and my hand hurt! But praise MyLord I’m up and running!
    Say what! I move again ugh! In 8days and working too! But I’ve a place to go and I know The Lord will work it all out! Continue to pray for my answer I receive next week about the plan has made for me and the courage to say no matter the answer!
    Love all y’all thanks for blessing my life!

  29. Megan Haase says:

    I have been struggling on whether or not to share my writing for sometime now. I just took a step in faith and shared on this week’s blog hop. It feels good to get it out there! This has been a great week with a great message! Im seeking with ALL my heart.

  30. I am responding to topic no. 3. I honestly did not feel God asking me to give anything up, per se. I felt like God was, more, asking me to be obedient to him in the small ways each day. I have what I call a “disobedient spirit”. I am like a wild horse that God is trying to break. I don’t do anything outrageous, I just don’t like to be told what to do. God typically doesn’t ask me to do radical things … He’s got His hands full in getting me to be obedient in the small things! God is definitely asking me to do some re-prioritizing and to be tuned in to His voice each day and to then be obedient to what He asks me to do. I am working on this in my time with Him, in my prayer time, in my study time, in my marriage, in my commitment to my children, and in my outside commitments. My main focus right now is making that choice set forth in Titus 2:11-12 … either do it God’s way or the world’s way. I have that choice multiple times a day. So I am concentrating on seeking God’s opinion on all of these daily matters and learning to discern His voice before I make my choice.

    The one thing I am so happy about “this time around” is that I have come back to a relationship with God because I want to, and because He has been calling me to, NOT because there is something awful going on in my life for which I need His help. I know as a mom to an adult child, it annoys me when my daughter only calls me when she needs something. And it thrills me when she calls or stops by just to say, “hey”. I am sure God gets very annoyed with me in this area and is happy that I am making time for Him each morning, just because I want a better relationship with Him.

    • Nicole,
      Months back, God spoke to me about that “wild horses” thing He is speaking to you about. I had made a decision to do something “for Him”, and purchased some materials to make that happen. When I received the package with the materials in it, they had included a note at the bottom of the receipt that stated, “May these materials meet your purposes”. I was struck at that time with the fact that they had worded it, “your purposes” and not God’s purposes. The Spirit convicted my heart that I had not asked God what His purposes were in what I was planning, just plowing headlong into what I assumed was a good direction. Anyway, I am responding to your post today to let you know they ALSO included a tract in that package that was called “Training Wild Horses”. I gotta laugh today when I see myself in your post and remember that tract. When I read it, the writer had likened God’s training us to breaking wild horses and how the horse trainer does it in gentleness, allowing gentle pressure not overpowering force to motivate the change in direction, slowly increasing the pressure until the horse complies. So glad that you heard God’s gentle voice and didn’t have to wait for the increasing pressure this time. He is still breaking me. Love you!

      • nancys1128 says:

        My daughter is an hunter jumper rider, and what you said about training horses is so true. While she doesn’t train them (yet) in the sense that they are not able to be used by others in classes, she does train the ones she rides in her own lessons to listen to her gentle leg cues, as well as the subtle changes in body and rein positions. I never thought about it before, but that really is a good illustration of how God trains us. He doesn’t beat us into submission, but rather gently guides us along his path(s) for us. Every once in a while we may need a good swift kick, which he will also deliver. But for the most part he is a gentleman. Thank you so much for sharing!

  31. Ugh! This one really got me where I needed to be emotionally. To actually write out the event of #SayWhat in my life was to actually live it again and remember the hand of God guiding me. Thank you for this subject!

  32. Beverly Reeder says:

    I guess #Say What moment was when after teaching 32 years I decided to retire. I was not planning to retire but I felt that God had something else for me to do but still I said #Say What.I am too young to retire.I thought retirement was for older people.
    The first thing I did was pray about it to make sure I was seeking God’s will.God started showing me things.My friends was praying for me. When I decided to say Yes to God a peaceful feeling flowed throughout my whole body. I started seeking God’s will about what to do now. God led me to help do things around my church. My niece needed my help taking my Down Syndrome nephew to a special school which I enjoy doing. If I did not say Yes to God I would have missed out of blessings He for me.

  33. I just realized that right when we started this study, after we moved the start date, my daughter and her dog moved in so it was difficult to find time alone in our 1 bedroom apt. There is no where to go. lol So I feel perhaps God was seeing how serious I was in saying yes to Him. Not only did I say yes to my daughter and pet, I also, without realizing it, had said Yes to God to give up my overindulgent eating habits for he last year. I had lost a lot of weight and let my family talk me into indulging more. The thursday of the first week of this Bible study I went back on my controled carb/sugar eating lifestyle. I feel so much better a week later and I’ve lost 3lbs.! God knows what’s best for us. Something in the 2nd and 3rd chapters touched me about having the perfect home….now with my daughter and pet it was such a struggle to keep things organized and the dog off MY couch. I realized, with tears, in my eyes that it’s not MY apt. or couch and I felt such gratefullness that my child has a safe place to stay in between her career choices. Praise God for his revelations to me this week.

  34. This OBS has been a eye opener for me. I have never done one before and have been a little afraid to post a comment. I guess my Yes for today is posting this comment. I don’t have the book but have been following online the posts and blogs. Although I have not been able to read many of them. My Say What moment I believe is to start a group for those who are suffering from a mental illness to see what God’s perspective is on this. I am rather timid and need courage to do this. I myself suffer from a mental illness and there is not much out there for those who are Christian and suffer with it mostly in silence. There is a group which I have attended but it is quite secular. Pray for me to have the courage to start this group. Also pray for me and my family that we will find a Church that we can attend we have not attended one for quite some time. I really would like to find one that is excepting and that would support me when I need it.

    • Hi Evelyn,

      My heart goes out to you. I know what it is like to have an illiness mine consist of the brain & spinal cord but I am trusting God has a good plan for our lives as the word says in Jeremiah 29:11. I pray that God meet all you and yor family needs. He is able to take our situation and use them for his glory. If you need a copy of the book. I am willing to get you one. Please reply and let me know. PsalmUp!!!

      • Hi Karen

        Thanks for the offer to get me a copy of the book. It sounds like from todays post that it is not necessary. Anyways it would take a while for me to receive it as I don’t live in the States. I to believe that God has a plan for my life as well. Hope you read this post. Thanks again for your caring and your prayers.

  35. No ‘say what’s’ for me this week…I guess I’m STILL in the holding tank!
    More discouragement!
    My son goes off to college in 2 weeks and I won’t see him until Christmas. I’ve been a stay at home mom all these years with no regrets but now what? I’ve been praying and listening intently for my ‘say what’ moment but…SILENCE!
    Thanks for the reminder this morning about how our words matter!!

    • Nicole – I have not experienced a “say what” moment this week either. Please do not give up. Be on guard that satan is not trying to pull you away from the direction you know you need to go and that he is not blinding you to what God wants you to see, hear and feel. Be faithful in your studies and prayer time to the Lord. Be patient and know that He is always there. My friend and I are praying for you daily now. Your sister in Christ….

    • Nicole – You have been on my mind today. I just ran across this and I wanted to share it with you. I don’t know if it will help you or not, but I hope so. I had read this another time but had forgotten about it.

      “Satan’s very name means one who casts something between two, causing a separation.”

      I don’t know about your situation, but maybe satan is working overtime to separate you from God and to make you feel alone. I know that he preys on our insecurities and doubts. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and praying for you.

  36. Hello Ladies;

    I love your shares and thank you so much. Please keep me in prayer because I am not hearing from God.
    Be blessed

  37. I’m hoping to post a blog later, since I’ve only had an opportunity to read chapter 2 so far. But I did share in my FB group that I do love the 5 question filter that Lysa elaborates on in the chapter. God has actually used some of those tips in the past to assure me that I am indeed hearing His voice. Usually when I am seeking an answer to a prayer request or need, He will confirm His answer either through some random email devotions, through my Pastor’s message or through another church member. A lot of times in the past He’ll give me a verse and then I’ll see the verse several times afterward – either Facebook, twitter, devotional, etc., and then if someone else randomly mentions it, then that is a confirmation to me that I am hearing from God.

  38. Michelle Garcia says:

    So I don’t typically comment on blogs or anything really, I’m more of a lurker. But I wanted to share that already the study is changing me. I have a lot of things going on right now – going back to school, unemployed so finances are very tight, still trying to lose all the weight I need to and getting out of a bad relationship that left its mark on me. I don’t know how I will get thru all of this and have been praying as Lysa suggested in Chapter 1, asking to hear God, asking him to show himself everyday, etc. And today, I was again praying for that and I suddenly felt like he was telling me to go for a walk. And it was one of those directions that I didn’t feel I could um, ignore, or put off until it was “more convenient.” I had a lot of excuses – all my sweats in the laundry, it looks like rain, I have too much to do. But he told me to go. I asked if I could take my dogs and he said no – that was almost a stumbling block because how could I leave my dogs when they always know (somehow) that I’m going to walk? But I did and I walked and I prayed and while I did discuss everything that was going on, I also praised him for everything. It was a wonderful walk and in the end, I realized the walk was more about obedience than about exercise. If I truly want to hear from God and do what he says in the big areas of my life, will I do this one small thing that he’s asking me to do? And I”m glad, so glad that I did. Oh and also glad I left the dogs at home. I past a couple of dogs running loose and one large German Shepherd that was on a leash but my dog has little dog syndrome and I’m sure he would have gone after the German Shepherd anyway. So thank you all for the bible study! Thank you Lysa for the courage to write this book, it has been such a blessing. I am so looking forward to seeing what God will do next!

  39. Fully frustrated on how to post my blog to the blog hop. Set up my account and started my blog, watched You Tube Video and still cant figure out how to participate in the hop. Any suggestions?

  40. cheryl turman says:

    I’m really enjoying reading the blogs! One of the reasons I signed up for this study was because I felt alone. Some of my close sisters at church had moved and I was missing their encouragment and support! Being with this study has really changed that for me. How incredible these OBS women are to share their testimony with others!I have learned so much from this study and these other women!I am so glad God led me here and giving me courage to say Yes!

  41. “Say What” I really love this new saying, I use to say “whatever” but now I have changed. I just finished reading Chapter 3 and I’m getting ready to do the questions, but before I do I just wanted to let everyone know how much this study has me really excited to get to it everyday. This weekend, I’m going on a retreat with my church The Rock Church out of San Diego California, and we have 425 women signed up, and I can’t wait to share this study with the women that I run into. We have 6 ladies in our room and I’m working the registration table so what a better place than to stread the word of God and this amazing study. I have grown just in the last two weeks. And yes I love being a women who loves saying YES TO GOD…… I hope all you ladies get as much out of the book as I do. God Bless you all And thank you Lysa Terkeurst for writting this Book

  42. I thought this explained it in a pumpkin shell.
    From one pumpkin to another!!!!!!!

    ‘A woman was asked by a coworker, ‘What is it like to be a Christian?’
    The coworker replied, ‘It is like being a pumpkin.’ God picks you
    from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off of you. Then He
    cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff. He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, and greed.
    Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the
    world to see.’

    The above was an email I got from my Aunt Sue (who I adored so very much and loved more than I can even express with words) on 10/7/2008, two weeks to the day before she went home to be with Jesus. We lost her too soon. No one was prepared she died suddenly but she left behind this and I will never forget her and how much she was there for me and how much she loved Jesus!

    I just happen to come across this email today that I saved and thought it might encourage someone as much as it has encourage me. It’s simple but it does explain being a Christian and what God does to us when we choose to ask Him into our hearts and live for him.

    God Bless everyone!!

  43. judy flowers says:

    I created the Blog at word press but dont know how to get on the Blog Hop
    I have to take my son to work but will be back at 4

  44. Hey ladies! I wanted to share something short and pretty amazing…well, it was pretty amazing to me. I got my post written for today, Radical Obedience and it was a tough one. The Lord broke down some walls I didn’t even know I had and showed me a lot of stuff. That is really not what I wanted to share though. I came over here to post my blog link for the Blog Hop today. I went through the process and then refreshed the page to make sure it was there. It was but the image I had chosen was not there, it was a black square. So I went back in and deleted the post link and reworked the entire link up process again. Again, link worked, black image square. I decided to leave it and went to have lunch.
    As I was eating and thinking about the very revealing post I had just done and wondering why the image for the blog hop wasn’t working, I had a thought. “Because the image I want you to use is the image of you from your blog. I want them to see you…not something else…you.” No Way! Or rather, #SayWhat?!
    Soooo…in total rebellion, I thought, no way, that couldn’t possibly be the reason. I came down to the office to “prove Him wrong” and to my amazement, after I deleted the post link and uploaded it again with my picture as the link photo….it worked. Oh wow ladies…this is For Real! I totally had a God moment…
    Thanks for letting me share…..I am being so very blessed with this study.

  45. Carrie H. says:

    I don’t have the book but I am trying to just follow each week. Good spoke to me today about my words. I feel he was speaking to me because it was confirmed in your message. Our words matter. Good or bad they have an affect on others. Thank you for sharing. praying for all my yes sisters in Christ.

  46. I just want to say how much I enjoy reading these blogs and how exciting is it that we have so many women sharing their hearts! Yes, I’m still working on some from last week, but those I have had the privilege of reading have been so much of a blessing and encouragement to me. I love the blog hops!

  47. Wow wow wow!! So many amazing blogs!! And the comments here…I have read every one and just want to say thank you ALL for sharing!! What a blessing your words and your stories are. God is using them and He is being glorified! Also please know if you have left a prayer request our prayer team is lifting you up in prayer. So glad you are each a part of this OBS community! Thank you!

  48. Corrie Maas says:

    Question: I am new to blogging and thanks to this study I thought I would give it a try 🙂 I am trying to figure out how to add the blog hop button, you asked us to share on our blog.
    Thanks for the inspiration

    • Not sure how to share if you are using wordpress… I use blogger and to share, you copy and paste the link in the box under the button, go to your page, make sure you are composing in html, and then paste the link there. I’m not great at technology, but hopefully this helps.
      Yay for you starting a blog! Blessings!
      Lauren, P31 OBS SmallGroup Leader

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Way to listen to God’s whispering, Corrie. I’m proud of you for stepping out and starting a blog!

      • Sue Kerschner says:

        Reading the blogs and taking in what each other has to say has been very exciting for me. I am a slow reader and have been on vacation down at the beach and don’t have wifi at home so I have to be down at the club house to do my OBS and keep up with the blogs etc. I have to share that while reading the blogs some of them really touched my heart and I guess it’s the Radical Obedience of God that while I’ve been here for most of the day 6 hours I have shared so much of this with people who have come in and they have shared back some of their #SayWHAT moments. I am so glad that I stuck it out and decided to sit here and read the blogs and share with others as well. God Bless the Obedient ones they are all around us.

  49. 3. Radical Obedience. Is there something God is asking you to give up? What specific steps do you need to take to fulfill this obedience?
    God is asking me to give up eating out everyday at work, so that I can save money and eat healthier. He is also asking me to give up listening to secular music, so that I can give Him all the glory through music and maybe bring non-Christians to Him through it as well. Who can resist praise and worship music?!?!

  50. I have had so many #SayWhat moments this week and over the past several years, too many to share in one comment! Something that I struggle with that relates to today’s post is that my words matter. I grew up feeling like I didn’t have a voice and for the past few years now, I have felt God calling me to “speak up” and use the voice he has given me (not an easy thing for me to do). I really have a passion for teaching and encouraging others. The thing is, and I know this is probably the devil trying to deter me, when I do speak up, I still have this awkward feeling that no one is really listening and that no one cares. I struggle to believe that my words really do matter because I am always looking for some sort of affirming response from people. As embarrassed as I am to admit this, there have been times when I’ve shared something in the comments and no one has responded, so I get discouraged. It’s so silly. This is also true when it comes to sharing the gospel with my family members who don’t know Christ. I worry that no one will listen, which has been the pattern when I’ve spoken up in the past among my family. Anyway, my #SayWhat moment has to do with Ezekiel. God showed me the story of Ezekiel a while back and he often takes me back there because it’s a story of God specifically telling Ezekiel to share a message with people, and then God says that the people won’t listen, but he still wants Ezekiel to go share the message! So…I guess what God is saying to me is that he wants me to obey regardless of people’s response (or lack thereof). This is SO hard, as I shared in a previous post that acceptance has been an idol for me. I WANT people’s response! I want to know that my words are making an impact. BUT I am learning to trust in God and find my identity in Jesus, not in what the world says about me. I want to be a “Yes” girl, even when it’s hard, simply because I love the Lord. Pray that I will love him with my WHOLE heart! Thank you for this study and thanks to all of YOU for sharing YOUR hearts. I have been blessed by your stories. Looking forward to the weeks to come!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      First let me assure you that you DO matter. You matter to the most important person – God. I am so glad to hear that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and saying “Yes”! Please don’t measure your worth by comments left. Your worth is measured by God and He is using you in many ways. Many, many people quietly soak up messages and, perhaps, aren’t comfortable responding. These are the ladies that gain immeasurable gifts from your words. Keep spreading God’s word and remembering you are a precious child of God!

    • You are not alone, Stefanie, in admitting that acceptance is your idol. I, too,have continued to struggle with feeling accepted and that what I have to say carries any importance. WORDS are very important to me so if people don’t respond or worse yet, they leave me in ‘mid-sentence’, I am deeply offended, and ready to throw in the towel. Seemingly a bit foolish, I keep trying again, and then feel as if I continue to fall into the same trap. I’m finally beginning to understand how uniquely God has created each of us and that ‘words of affirmation’ and how they are used have a great impact on my emotions/feelings. I don’t know if you’ve ever read the book called, ‘ 5 Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman but he’s a Christian writer that speaks to this. Others are touched deeply by receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch, and/or quality time. Anyway, I’m learning to accept the way God has created me and that I need to be the one accepting God’s workmanship with thanksgiving. I’ve been given a sensitive spirit to ‘words’ or the ‘lack thereof’. And I need God’s help to use it in the way that brings Him glory to His name. But I’ll also be honest in letting you know that I, too, have initially struggled with nobody responding to my comments. (After all, there’s 22,000 women in this study, I might think maybe someone would respond) But, more importantly, I’m realizing that the reason I’m doing this OBS is not about me and what I say, but about seeking to know God better and grow closer in my walk with the Lord, listen for His voice, and ultimately, say ‘Yes’, in obedience to Him. God has renewed my hope, and refreshed my spirit by just saying, YES, to Him. And He promises us through Jer. 29:13, You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart. And one of the verses in today’s Chap 3 talks about how He takes our hand and He helps us. He loves us so deeply, beyond comprehension, I just need to walk in faith and trust that God accepts me fully and completely, and that I CAN let go of my need for acceptance from people around me. It’s a process, we’re on a journey, and it all doesn’t happen overnight… but God cares and He won’t give up on us. I’m praying for you, too, Stephanie. 🙂

      I’m excited, the more I get into His Word (which are the most important WORDS), the less I focus on my words or the lack of right words.

  51. Well, today I heard this and immediately though of our Scripture verse for the week…
    Restless by Switchfoot

    “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all of your heart” ~ Jeremiah 29: 13

    Blessings to you all,
    Suzanne <3

  52. Dora:
    Wow…when I think about this…this is a pattern! Whenever I embark on a new adventure with The Lord, the big dark pit is where I’ve found myself… being spiritually tormented! I’ve had a huge calling as a prayer warrior as well and I’ve been attacked and discouraged in that area as well! Things in my home go hell bent! It’s nuts and I feel ‘played’ by Satan!
    How do I stop this nonsense? How do I nip it in the butt so I don’t fall in to this again?
    I feel blind sided!!
    Thanks Dora for the insight!

  53. Wow! I cannot wait to read more. For some reason, Blogger was not liking my posts tonight, but I read so many great posts!!!! Thanks to each woman who shared this week.

  54. Karen Eberts says:

    When I read this book a while ago, I, too, applied the 5 questions to a situation I was considering. The answer was definitely “yes!” However, due to circumstances beyond my control, the open door suddenly closed. However, since it was so clear from God that I was to do this thing (minister to women at the work release center,) I have determined that I will do it in the future…just not now. The door that closed was that after I had gone through the volunteer orientation for this, and set up the time I’d be going, the center scheduled mandatory substance abuse classes for the women on the same night! Thus, after the initial two visits I had with them (that went great!) they were never available for me to meet with on the one night my schedule allowed! But…will do it when God once again leads…

    This week, the five questions also resulted in a “yes” answer from the Lord…four of the five questions were answered affirmatively for me, but the one that hadn’t was “Is what I’m hearing being confirmed through other messages?” THEN, I continued to read Chapter 2, and Lysa shared her story of adopting her boys from Liberia…AND used the scripture, “Pure religion is this: to look after the widows and the orphans in their distress.” Well, THAT “just so happened” to be the scripture that had popped into my mind at Mass on Sunday, as the Lord seemed to be having ideas gel about putting together a Day of Service for our parish feast day, Sept. 21! I have spoken with the pastor, and am now in the process of putting together a day of activities to celebrate this day…that will serve the “widows” and the “orphans.” (Orphans in the sense of children of single mothers, who have no male figures in their children’s lives to do the things husbands/dads usually take care of around the house.) So, planning to find folks like that who need help either repairing things, yard work, small painting jobs, etc. and have members of the parish put their stewardship into action through those kinds of “acts of service,” since we pray that each week when we say the Stewardship Prayer. Then, we’ll celebrate what God has done through and with us, at a Mass that afternoon and a community pot-luck afterwards. Once I saw Lysa quoting the same Scripture that had come to my mind when this idea was coming to me, it seemed the last question was answered affirmatively, and “all systems are go!” Say WHAT?!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Karen, God has a perfect plan and perfect timing. I pray that the timing works out for you at some point. You will be a great blessing! You are truly inspiring as a “Say Yes” to God gal. Thanks so much for sharing!

  55. Hi yes girls – I’m much later with my reading and postings today and that has really thrown me off. So, first off, may I just say how AMAZING God is???? I had a #saywhat moment this week regarding my daughter. My daughter is 20 and has been quite a challenge over these past six years. I swear that child of mine has never found a hard road she wouldn’t take. My worry over her choices made me hold on even tighter. Anyway, I started to think about what radical obedience means. I started to really think about how much God truly loves us – HIS precious daughters and I realized that my daughter belongs first to Him then to me. For the first time, I truly laid my precious girl at His feet completely and I trusted. I released the clenching hold I had on her and I trusted that God would work out all of her past poor choices and mistakes for her good and for His glory. Within one day, God blessed her with a wonderful, compassionate physician who actually listened to her and gave her hope. AND … God made possible a fantastic job working with mental health/substance abuse patients. #SAYWHAT???????? Over the past several weeks I had been inadvertently replacing the word “love” with the word “trust” when reading scripture. Now I know why. God wanted me to be “radically obedient” and TRUST Him. As soon as I did, all of the longings and heaviness in my heart, my worries over my daughter and her future, all lifted because of His great mercy and love. After that #saywhat moment, you can bet I’m looking for more ways to be radically obedient!!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Traci, giving up control of our children is so hard. we want the best for them but we need to take a step back and know that the best is when we totally give them to the Lord. when my son was diagnosed with cancer, the worst times were when I was trying to control things! Once I understood the best place for him was to be in God’s hands, things worked for the good of all who believe!

    • Amen!

  56. I am loving this blog hop today. What wonderful, inspiring stories of #SayWhat moments and Radical Obedience. It’s so awesome how God will lead you right to the blogs that resonate so strongly with you. Thank you everyone for taking the time to blog and open up your hearts to inspire others. 🙂

  57. My words matter – thank you so much for the validation! I was able to participate in the twitter party last night and had so much fun! 🙂

  58. I can’t figure out how to blog but I can tell you this study has touched my heart as all these women have too. My family is going through an ugly battle with my daughters ex regarding the baby & it is very scary but knowing I have this army of sisters in Christ praying has been such a comfort. xo

  59. As I read the second chapter I heard God voice speak to my situation that he was working on it and to trust him that he has the best time to bring it to pass! I need to work on being in God presence instead of worrying and trying to figure it all out! It going to happen in God’s time and way so I got to trust God no matter how long the wait is and it will be worth the wait!!

  60. Christine Ann says:

    This week, I faced a big Yes to God moment.. When the Pastor of my church asked if I would go and visit a lady in a local psychiatric hospital. The lady is a member of our church and for some weeks I had thought of visiting her, but was held back by memories of my own daughter being in the same hospital last year after a breakdown.I knew this was an emotional hurdle I needed to get over. So I said Yes.. I then remembered that ‘Two are better than one’ and asked a good friend to come with me. Taking some gifts with us to cheer her and a little home made card with Isaiah 43 v1 to remind her that she is special to God. The few words we spoke together helped her to hold on to hope and better days ahead. For me it was a healing time too and helped me to move on. That’s what saying yes to God produces, hope and healing.. God’s word calls us to ‘bear one anothers burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ’. So here’s a big YES to many more challenges ahead to learn from and bless others too.

  61. Jane Taylor says:

    Wow…Amazing Grace…#say what? I so aprrreciate about how our words matter in so many different ways. God had nudged me but now I hear loud and clear that I spend more time on the computer gaming than in his Word but now I hear it loud and strong and I am ready for radical obedience that has already been initiated. //excuse my typing errors but continut to recover in hospital and hahve thnings taped to my fingers and general weakness but I am catching up and well….WoW. My Pastor visited yesterday and shared with him and readparts to my husb.


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