Yes to God Week 2 ~ Prayer & Praises

“The more we say yes to God, the more we will live in expectation of seeing Him.  The more we expect to see God, the more we will.  The more you experience Him, the more you’ll trust Him.  The more you trust Him, the more you’ll open up your hands in absolute obedience.”  ~Lysa TerKeurst in What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, Chapter 3.

Radical obedience.  I’ll be honest, that word “radical” scares me a little.  It means “affecting the fundamental nature of something” (  God is calling us to fundamentally change the way we view obedience to Him.  He is asking us to let our thoughts and actions reflect what we say our hearts believe. That God loves us.  That God has a perfect plan for our lives that is better than our own plan.  That God’s plan is for our good.

Remember last Saturday when I gave you the image of God reaching for you with His outstretched hand waiting for you to place your hand in His?  This week I want to give you another.  Hopefully, at this point in our study, you have already agreed to say “yes” to God.  You are using the 5 questions to evaluate if that little voice you are hearing is truly His voice.  You are possibly getting ready to step out in radical obedience, whether that means praying over every piece of laundry you fold for your family or taking a missions trip to Liberia.  You aren’t doing it alone.

walking together

Lysa reminds us that the more we say “yes” to God, the more we will live in expectation of seeing Him, and the more we expect it, the more we will see Him.  He has always been here with us; we just weren’t looking for Him.  We weren’t asking Him to lead.  Now you are seeking His will, His guidance and you will see Him walking with you as a result.  Not physically, but He will let you know.  Many of you have already responded, in the comments, on the Facebook page, and via messages, with stories of how God is revealing Himself to you.  I want you to remember as we close this week that He is walking this journey by your side–all you need do is open your eyes and look for Him.

Ginny Blankenship

Saturdays on the blog are devoted to your prayer requests and praises.  Please feel free to share what is on your heart in the comments section and know that our team of prayer warriors reads and prays over each and every one.

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  1. I have a Yay God praise for this week that I would like to share. I am a single mom and my two daughter are nine and four and they are my world. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. I struggle with turning them completely over to God. I have been praying about this a lot, especially after Lysa’s video message about losing everything.

    My four year old daughter was being evaluated for special education services through the school system where we live. She has general anxiety disorder and a few other issues. I have done everything I can to get her all the help she needs. I had a meeting this morning to go over all the results and determine if she would qualify for this preschool that I know would help her tremendously, as it is a special program. I prayed all the way there, but I felt somehow it wasn’t enough. So then I prayed this prayer:

    Lord, I turn Alexa completely over to you. She is completely in your hands. Whatever happens in this meeting I will accept as your will. Please take care of her.

    God knew that I finally, truly meant it, and I did. It is a struggle, and I realize I cannot help her all on my own. I turned both of my daughters completely over to Him, or in reality, gave them back to Him, since He is the one who gifted me with them. I went into that meeting ready to accept whatever the psychologist recommended. When she told me they were recommending Alexa for the special preschool, I closed my eyes and thanked God then and there. I had to open my hands, #PalmsUp and stop holding on so tightly to my daughters, and allow God in. I’ll be honest and say it was not easy. I have been praying about it but today I knew in my heart I was ready and that I trusted God to take care of them and me.

    If not for this Bible study, I have no idea how long it would have taken me. I am learning so much and growing closer in my relationship with God. Please pray for me that I am able to continue on this journey and continue to grow closer to God and to know what He wants for me and from me.

    Thank you and God Bless!


    • Johanna,
      Praising God with you for releasing your daughters to HIM. I two was a single mom of two daughters for eight years. HE does so much better job fathering them than I can ever mother them. God carried my oldest through Nursing School to now an expectant Mother who reads His word most every day. HE is still helping my youngest through school. Praying with you that you will leave them in HIS care and be all HE desires you become.
      Warm Hug!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Johanna,
      Wow. I just prayed this prayer giving my children God like weeks ago. Finally. Such peace now. It is daily thing. We must release our loved ones into His hands on a daily basis. Thanks so much for sharing. I needed to read this today.

      • I agree it is a daily thing. Not only because I have to remind myself, but also to let God know I meant it.

        Thank you!

    • THANK YOU soo much for sharing this. I usually don’t read all the comments on the blog but this morning when I read your comment I knew I just had to give my daughter and husband completely over to God. For so long I have been holding back cause I have heard stories of people doing that and then they lose one of them or something tragic happens and it scared me. But I have given them completely to God now! #palmsup

      • This is the exact same reason that was holding me back. I was so afraid that once I did this, something would happen to them. I know the devil is trying to get to me and plant doubts even still; however I trust God completely and the devil is not getting in!

        Thank you!

    • Thank you Johanna for sharing your story. I know God is showing you that He is in control of your situation and to trust Him to take care of your daughter. I to have to learn to let go and let God take care of the things out of my control. I have three adult children now; my oldest moved away to college and never finished but didnt’ come back home. I miss him a lot and wish he was close to experience life with his siblings. I am thankful to God for taking care of him while he’s been away from home and helping him mature to a responsible young man. I worry sometimes about his future and the choices he’s making in his life. He is a good young man but my prayer is that He would follow the Lord completely and that he would find a Christian Girlfriend. With this experience that my son did not finish college and stayed away from home, I afraid my other two will follow in the same footsteps. I know college is not for everyone but I do worry about their futures. My twins are staring college in two weeks. One of them is going away from home and the other is staying. The one that is going away got an athletic scholarship to help with tuition. It’s still will be a stretch for us but I know God provided this for her because she loves sports and I was praying for her to go to a Christian College. I’m afraid because she has always had some health issues that doctors can’t pinpoint exactly what it is. She has always needed me to care for her when she’s sick. She won’t be very far but not that I can rush over and help her. It is a long drive. I am learning through this book that God wants to stretch me in trusting His plan for my daughter. I need to trust God that her health will be better and that her experience there will be for her spiritual growth. It’s hard to let go and stop worrying but I’m going to keep reading God’s word and strengthening my faith and rely more on God and not myself. My son will be staying close to home for school. He has a job and a car to get to work so he is pretty happy. I know he wanted to go away but finances do not permit him to go far. He’s okay with it now but eventually wants to transfer later. I am praying that God will help him keep himself organized and not depend so much on me reminding him of what he needs to do. I want my kids to be close but I also want them to become independent at the same time. It sounds confusing that I want both. I don’t have all the answers for my kids and I need to depend on God to reveal himself to them and show them the path they need to take. I am thankful for this Bible study that is holding me together through all of this transitions. I also want to be brave and courageous for my daughter so she will be courageous and believe she can do anything with God. Thank you all for sharing your heart and letting me share my heart. Please keep my family in prayer as we go through this season of change.

      • Thanks for your story, Maritza. I have a son and a daughter. I really related to you on the part of having a daughter who has health issues. I, too, have a daughter like that. She lives 4 hours away and it is so hard not to be there when she is going though her physical pain. Like you, I too am learning to trust God with my adult children and give them back to Him and trust in His plan for their lives. I have always been the kind of mom who wanted to “fix” the problems my children were going through. Though this book, I am learning to keep “palms up” and let go and let God be God.

      • Maritza, if it can be of any encouragement to you, my husband did not finish college. It was not for him. He has always been a very hard worker and a hands-on learner. His has a natural ability for working with his hands, be it mechanical work, construction, etc. He would have done very well back in the olden days when people learned a skill through apprenticeship, or started from the ground up like many of our grandparents. Thankfully, God saw fit to use my husbands natural abilities and blessed him with a wonderful job that he more or less fell into. Perhaps God will do the same with your son. Anything is possible!

      • You and your family are in my prayers. God has a plan…Jeremiah 29:11. We have to trust His plan not only for us, but for our children.

        Thank you,


        • That is so hard to remember, it is such a great promise, God not only has a plan for us but for our kids. Thank you for sharing that. God bless you on this Monday.

    • I struggle with the same issue. I am a single mom to two teenage daughters. When they were younger, it seemed easier to turn them over to God because they adored me. Now I am always afraid their growing independence from me, is a move away from God. I release my fear to God and know that His plan for their lives is much more than I could have ever dreamed for them. Thanks for sharing your story.

      • I will keep you and your family in my prayers. We have to trust God, no matter what. It is scary but something I know I have to do, and I want to do it. I know I am not alone raising my daughters. God is always with them and with me.

        Thank you,


    • Oh Johanna, thank you for your post. I so needed to hear it. I will be praying for you and your girls. I understand how hard this is. I have 4 children and our youngest is 17, wow what a journey we have been on. This study has also helped me put my PALMS UP, one day I just cried out to God and told Him I needed Him to help me, and surrendered her back to Him. I have peace in my heart and trust that He will place His hedge of protection around her. We are all so blessed to have these wonderful ladies and this study. Thank you Johanna, I am blessed to be able to read stories like your..
      Be blessed

      • Anna,

        Thank you very much. I will pray for you and your family. It was not easy to put my complete trust in God, but I knew in my heart I could not do it without Him. I need Him in my life.

        Thank you,


    • Johanna what a great post. I too have issues giving God control over the lives of my two boys (ages 5 and 7) and my husband. It’s kind of scary , but I have learned just as you did that God is good. My boys are starting kindergarten and second grade next week and I asked God to put them in the best classes with the best teachers for them. God answered my prayers again as we found out the teachers and classes yesterday! I had to continually tell God that I trusted Him over the summer when my fears would surface, but now I am so happy and will continue to put my children in God’s hands.

    • Praise God Johanna!! As a mom my children are probably the most difficult thing I struggle with giving to God completely…I want to and need to do it daily…sometimes hourly… I constantly find myself wanting to take control and take them back… I am putting palms up again to God…
      Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, ” plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future ” …
      I know he has those same plans for my children…
      Praise God for the baby steps we take each day…this study is such a blessing 🙂
      Thanks so much for sharing Johanna <3

      • Thank you. This study has been a HUGE blessing for me. I know God knew I was ready for it, and that is how I found it. I also remind myself constantly about giving up control to God. It is very difficult but I know the rewards are worth it.

        Thank you,


    • Ethel May Miller says:

      My late husband used to say that we (parents) are only God’s babysitters. There will come a time when we MUST let them go, hoping that how we raised them will be a good guide for their lives. I’m so glad I learned that when they were babies. The hardest time of “letting go” came when they went to attend a college in a state many hours away from home. Especially from the teen years, the lessons in entrusting them into the Lord’s hands became harder and harder. The Lord is good and He cares for our kids even more than we do. So glad the Lord opened the way for your little girl to attend that special preschool. Be sure to pray for her teachers too every day.

      • Thank you for the prayers and also the suggestion to pray for her teachers. I honestly never thought to do that. But I will write them on my prayer list. It is still difficult for me to imagine someone loving my children more than I do. I do not even want to think of my daughters as teenagers yet. Oh boy!!

        Thank you,


    • My dear OBS sister Johanna,
      Thank you for sharing and requesting prayer. The phrase “let go and let God” is exactly what you did. Your story brought to mind Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Sometimes its really hard to put our trust in anyone, even God. We, especially women, are so used to doing things on our own strength. But God’s strength is perfect, and He can handle ALL things. There is nothing too big or too small that He can’t do. What more capable hands can we entrust our children and our lives to? You are in my prayers. Keep the faith.

      God bless you and yours,

      • Joycelyn,

        Thank you for the post and for the prayers. It is difficult to me. Being a single mom, I am very independent and used to handling things. It’s been recently that I’ve realized I am not as independent as I believed, because I rely heavily on God’s presence in my life.

        Thank you,


        • Johanna, thanks for your response. I have a daughter who is a single parent of two daughters ages 9 & 12. She is and has had to be very strong and independent. My husband and I help her in the areas that we can. But I know God want her to trust Him to provide for He is our Provider and our Strength and our Deliverer. He did not create us to rely on our own strength. We are not our own, we are His. We were bought with a price; the blood of Christ. God takes care of His children. So, my sister, TRUST and KNOW that He is God and has promised to take care of ALL your needs. You are blessed and dearly loved.


    • Johanna, I am praying for you. I am a retired teacher and I know how hard it is for parents to get help for their children. I have also seen singel parents struggle with such situation. May God surround you with His Divine love I ask this in Jesus name.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I am so happy! For you and your daughter! Thanks for sharing this with us! It is great to hear these testimonies!

    • Johanna,
      Praising God that He has given you His peace during this time about your babe, Alexa. I have two teen daughter who are 19 months apart; I know that I sometime hold too tightly to them. But I’m learning that He loves them infinitely more than I do for real, and that He’s much better at what He does than I could ever be. I applaud You for giving them over to Him because I know it’s not easy. Great to hear the godly influence you’ve on your girls – you’re doing what He’s called you to do. Be encouraged!

  2. Racquel Peterson says:

    I want to praise God for all his mercy, grace, and peace! This week has been hectic with a lot up not so good moments, but through it all I can rest on God’s promises and find hope.
    I want to ask prayer for my husband who is struggling with a bad work situation and other personal things. I pray for God’s peace to cover him. I pray that I can put aside my unforgiving spirit and let God’s love shine through to reach him.

    • Raquel,
      Praying with you that you will be the hands and feet of Jesus as you support your man during this time and through this situation. Praying that HIS mercy and grace will overflow as you give all of your hurts to HIM as a sacrifice of love.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Raquel,
      Please know OBs is praying for you. When we praise God the universal Forgiver then we can have a spirit of forgiveness. I am praying that you can praise and worship our Father and he can instill the forgiving spirit in you. Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing today.

  3. Just today I closed down my Etsy shop. I am a seamstress, nurse and homeschool mom. I felt The Lord leading me to give up something. It wasn’t nursing like I wanted ( I was called into this profession) or homeschooling my children, it was all that extra time I spent making things for other people. I was so busy that by the end of the day where I could just sit and relax, I was either working on an order or a project. I started back working (been out for 3 weeks now). My husband had surgery and I’m back at work. I started working at night and I didn’t want to do it. I made a whole bunch of excuses but realized tonight God wants me to further my nursing and the down time I have at work while my patients are sleeping, I can study. Right now I’m reading my Bible. Please pray that I will continue to see the path God has for me. And please pray for healing for my husband. (David)

    • Jennifer,
      Joining you in prayer for you to see God’s path for you as you walk it one step at a time. Praying also for your husband’s healing, Jehovah Rapha pour out your healing and make your presence known.
      In His name,

    • Hi Jennifer!

      Father, I pray that you will continue to bless Jennifer as she seeks hard after you. Lord, you promise us that we will find you when we seek you with our whole heart. I pray that you would help Jennifer to see your hand in her life. Help her to discern your voice and your desires for her life. Thank you that she is a nurse and I pray that all her patients will see Jesus in her. That they will be so grateful fo the care she provides. I pray Lord that you will give her rest so that she will be able to school her children well..I pray for her husband David to be healed by you. Help him to see you in his wife. We pray this all in the name of Jesus.

    • Good morning, Jennifer! God has also requested I have given something up in this season, and I have struggled a bit with resentment since I felt His clear direction. I am thankful that He has led me to several gifts that have come out of my obedience to follow Him on this path, and I pray he will do the same for you. Praying also for healing for your husband.

      Much love,

    • Jennifer,

      I know what it means to take on too much, and have to give up something other than what you would like to give up. I praise you for your discernment and God-given wisdom. I pray for continued wisdom and renewed strength in your life. I ask for healing for your husband. I pray that you take God’s hand and hold it tightly as you move through this season in you life.

      Joy and peace,


    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      Sometimes it is harder to say NO. I have been there. I love Michelle’s prayer above and I am praying for the same thing today. Just felt led to share this with you:
      “God is seeking those who hear His call to a life of worship. Those who heed are those who will walk in His presence. They will know Him intimately as He will manifest Himself to them.” ~ John Bevere

      So stinkin’ excited that you are seeking him, sister! Lots of love and prayers for you this week.

    • Miranda Townsend says:

      For the last month I have been struggling with a decision, I did not realize that it was Gods voice speaking to me until a few days ago. I drive a taxi nights and make most of my money on Friday and Saturday nights, especially Saturday, so I miss the Sat eve services at church and after working until 5 or 6 am I end up sleeping through Sunday services most of the time and also miss out on alot of family time, holidays etc, but I have never been able to change it because up to half of my weekly income comes on Sat night. 3 or 4 weeks ago I started feeling like I need to give up those Saturday nights and was just adamant that I cannot do that, I need that money, thats my best money night, well since then that has been the worst night of the week for 3 weeks and Im getting further and further behind, I realized a few days ago while praying that this is something God is asking me to give up and began to pray about it earnestly, I found someone to take over my shift and told my boss yesterday (Friday) morning that I wont be able to work Saturdays anymore after this week, well last night I had the best night I have had in months lol. God confirmed for me in a big way that I dont need those Saturdays! He is my provider Every Day ! I was also feeling led to apply for a completely different job, way out of my comfort zone and did yesterday morning. I am very nervous about this, will hear something next week. This is a management position where I would be able to work day shifts, weekends and holidays mostly off, so that part sounds pretty good. Anyway, God seems to be turning my life upside down. Please pray that I continue to hear his voice and say yes to whatever He asks. Mandy

      • Oh Miranda, that’s RADICAL OBEDIENCE! Good for you! God opened up heaven and poured out these blessings all over you! I am so happy for you. I am overflowing with joy just reading your story. May God continue to bless you as you continue to seek, trust, and obey Him.

  4. Today, I truly turn my palms up with my career, my current job, my marriage, my busband and children and their lives. I am a controller and worrier. I do not allow the Lord room to work. I run to friends for advice, do not heed what my husband says, and make indecision a way to control as well. I am also a big perfectionist and procrastinator. I put off things and find that it makes me late on paying bills, getting things done at home, and hurts my relationships.
    I am asking you to pray for me that I will allow the Lord to keep,my family and open the door for my husband and son back to him. That I am able to overcome my perfectionism, indecision, and procrastination. And that I will turn my negativity and trash talk,to myself and critical spirit of others into praise for the Lord and find the good in others.

    • Praying for you, sweet lady! Isn’t it such a gift that His mercies are new every time we turn to Him and ask for forgiveness? Abba, I pray that Amy will rest in You and be sensitive to Your leading in all of the areas of her life, and that she will find confidence in Your love and perfect plan for her.
      Much love,

    • Oh Father –

      I ask your blessings for Jennifer. I ask that she recognize the beautiful way you are working in her by allowing the Holy Spirit to show her areas of her heart that she needs skimmed from the top as you work to refine her life for Your glory and her good.

      Father, I ask for Jennifer to recognize that you do not expect perfection from your children, and I ask that in knowing this, she remembers the beauty of the cross. I ask that she approach herself with the grntle love you approach each of us with. Father, I ask that she see herself through your eyes – as a greatly loved and cherished daughter of the King.

    • Heavenly Father, thank you for Amy and her desire to surrender all to you, to hear your voice and say yes to all that you have for her. I just lift her up to you today and pray that you would work in her life and the lives of her family. If there is someone who needs a relationship with you, draw them to yourself. Guide and direct Amy’s steps so that she would walk in your perfect will for her: to overcome perfectionist tendencies and trust that her best is good enough; to overcome indecision and to seek your direction; to overcome procrastination and to be obedient in even the little things to see them accomplished for your glory. Help her to dive into the word to renew her mind and to see herself as you see her, to experience your mercy and love so overwhelmingly that she will extend mercy and love to others who need it. Bless her today for her decision to live with palms up to you. Amen.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Amy,
      Thank you for sharing. Thanks for being so vulnerable so we can pray for you, sister. You are not alone, friend. We all have so many things that we need to turn over to Jesus. Worrying and controlling have always been strongholds on my life. I daily must take my thoughts captive and surrender to my Father. It is an intentional act of radical obedience 🙂 You never have to have a perfect heart to come to HIm in praise. God can purify your heart while you praise Him. Negative emotions have never been God’s will for us.

      Stormie Omaritan says, “Worship is lifting your hands to God in surrender, lifting your voice to God in songs of praise, and lifting your heart to God in love, reverence, and devotion.”
      We are praying for you this week, Amy!

    • My precious sister Amy,
      GOD is BIG enough. He knows you heart and He knows your struggles. Now that you have opened up your heart and all areas of your life to Him, He says to: “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!” Anticipate His miracles daily and watch Him work in amazing ways.
      Father God, your precious daughter, Amy turns her whole life over to you. I pray that you will honor her obedience and trust and make her whole again. Remove the shackles that keep her bound to worry, stress, anxiety and hopelessness. Remind her that hope is found in You. Grant her Your peace. Fill her with the oil of joy that she may praise and worship you with a pure heart. May she walk in your ways all the days of her life and be a reflection of Your love. In Jesus’ name. AMEN

  5. Praising God for all that He is doing in the hard places with both my daughters and my son. Knowing HE has everything under control and even when I cannot SEE HE is still at work. Believing HE knows best and HE has a plan and HE loves them more than I ever can and will. #palms up open handed…doing the Happy Dance in anticipation of what lies ahead!!!
    Awed by His mercy and grace,

  6. I am amzed at where the Lord has led. He has told me to rest and abide in him in my current job. Satan,tried to suck me in yesterday when a fellow coworker called me and began complaining about her job situation. Normally, I would have joined in with my own pity,party but the Lord just flooded me with peace that I,was where I should be and he would continue to answer prayer and be beside me granting peace and competence and help me not to panic.

    • Father, thank you so much for the peace you gave Amy at work yesterday. I praythat she will continue to have the peace that passes all understanding throughout her days.. Lord I pray that as she goes into work that Jesus would go before her, behind her, to her right and to her left. That she would walk in a Jesus bubble all day. In Jesus name.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Yay!!!! Thank you, Lord! I echo Lynne K…

    • Ethel May Miller says:

      So glad you wrote, Amy. Complaining ie a critical spirit is definitely a challenge to overcome, but it is possible. When we are complaining we definitely are not being thankful. It has taken me many years but I can see a more thankful spirit in my life and really hate to hear complaints because it tempts me to be critical again. You made the first step by recognizing it and asking God to help you. I liked Lynne’s “Jesus bubble”. If you ask for that kind of protection every day, you will find it really works. It did for me.

  7. Yanira Rodas says:

    Thank you Lord for giving me the oportunity to talk about you, for YOUR amazing love, by diying for me, you safe my life. I don’t have words to say thank you for this OBS for these ladies that take their time to help us to listen to YOUR voice. This week was ok, better than others, by saying YES to YOU, I feel I can do anything you want me to do. Please Lord continue to bless my 3 boys, and my nephew. Please continue to have them under Your Wing of protection. You know their needs and their trouble heart, I know by Faith you will get them closer to you. Please help my husband to see, I am a human been and I deserve to be treat right. I love you Jesus and I want to continue listen to you because YOU are my rock without YOU, I am nothing.

  8. Father God.

    Thank you so much for Yanira. Lord I pray for your protection around her. I pray that her family would see the love of Jesus pour out of her. Father, I pray for her husband’s heart. I pray that he would love Yanira as you love her. Help him to see his wife as you see her.

    I pray Lord that you would bind the enemy, that Yanira would continue to open her hands wide to you, and help her to see the blessings you plant in her path everyday.

    In Jesus name.

  9. Just a question does anyone have doubtful thoughts cross your mind regarding God? Despite loving The Lord and serving Him and wanting to say yes and be obedient to Him, from time to time especially when I’m tired thoughts that cause me to doubt God come to my mind. I have to make a choice to take them captive and think on Godly things. It’s hard to explain. It’s never been a problem until the last few months. Can anyone help me with this?

    • Sarah JSH says:

      Pam, Keep praying and trusting in the lord our father. I am also trying to become obedient to God and am trying to become more prayerful. I think it is The devil pulling at you. I have been told by other friends that are closer to god than I that the closer you become to God the more the Devil will pull at you and put bad thoughts in your head/mind. It is my understanding that especially when you are tired the Devil will attack also. I am still new at this, but (and I need to do this as well) when you start to feel this way, get down on your knees and pray to god if you can’t at that very moment then take some deep breaths and cry out in your head to god. If you are driving pull over and close your eyes and turn off your music and pray out loud and cry out to god and ask him to put his hands on your situation and to guide you closer to him. I also did a bible study a long time ago by Beth Moore (love her) and sometimes I know say aloud or in my head for the Devil to go away that I see him and am going to stomp him out of my life and actually visualize stepping on the words/ideas/thoughts that he is currently putting in my head. Believe me I need to do more of this, but it is something that might help. God Bless you Pam keep your head up and keep reaching towards God.

    • Oh Pam! I wish I could hug you right now. The very fact that you are concerned about this is evidence that you are in Christ, and Christ is in you. Yes, the devil can attack when we are tired. Rest at the feet of our Father who wants to love and protect you.

      Also know that the devil is not like God in that he cannot be in all places at one time. Be aware of the enemy, but never give him too much credit. He prowls, but we have the power to tell him to flee- and he must obey. Remember this – the battle has already been won! When I was struggling, my pastor made me laugh by saying “satan is like a little flea with a big mouth!” Also know that not feeling physically well can change how we perceive everything, even our spirituality. A sister once told me… “We are not called to FEEL faith, we are called to have faith.” Meditate on what that means to you.

      Thank you for Pam. Cover her with Your love and fill her with Your spirit. I ask for a hedge of protection around her, a renewal of her mind, and physical healing. Allow her to see how you are working in her life right now, Lord. Bless her by showing her that you never change and that you are always with us no matter where we are.

      In Jesus’s Name –


    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      You are not alone. The enemy will do anything to turn you from God. He is a liar, a theif, and he is out to kill and destroy. He comes at most vulnerable times and tries to use circumstances to overwhelm us. I would cry out to Jesus but I will also literally fall to my knees and sincerely thank God for what you know to be true. Shout praises to Him in the MIDST of this trial. This battle is not ours, thank God for that. And, the devil HATES when we praise and worhsip God.

      Praying for you sister.

    • Pam,

      My best friend and I were just talking about this recently, because we tend to have the same problem. I’ve found that when I’m tired, I do not think correctly or have the right mindset about much of anything! Since I’ve realized this about myself, it has made a huge difference for me, and I when I start thinking thoughts about God or my current situation or people in my life that aren’t true, I am able to see that I’m tired, and I just need to stop thinking about this or trying to make decisions about it until the next morning. 99% of the time, I see things completely differently after I have slept! I’m praying for you right now.

  10. Please pray for my preparation for my final exam on this coming 20th & 30th Aug (I am currently taking part time study at local University). May God will pour his wisdom and peace upon me so at the end of the day all glory will be for His name. Also, currently i was struggling with fear to drive on my own. All these while i only depends with my husband to drive me around (send to work,class,shopping). Since my husband will be away for fews months started on monday next week, I was stress and scared how will I moved around because I am scared to drive on my own. Actually I have possessed my own driving licence since last year but after I got my licence I never try to drive on my own until now. Please please help me I am stressed out ! I know this is sound funny but its really killing me 🙁

    • Sarah JSH says:

      Amanda, Take some deep breaths and think positive you can do this. God Bless you and may you have safe travels and feel confident with your driving!

      • Sarah JSH says:

        sorry I spelled your name wrong, so very sorry. Keep your head up

      • Sarah-
        I know what it means to be afraid to do something. And I know what it means to feel like that thing is silly. After a traumatic event almost a year ago, my whole world was rocked. Everything was upside down. I am still learnimg to let go of things that scare the pants off of me that wouldn’t make most other people think twice!

        Your fear is not silly. It is a fear. When I was really struggling, the Lord humbled me by showing me the power of my sisters in Christ. I agree with Jennifer. Can you ask one of your sisters to help you until you are comfortable? It’s not only a good way to learn, but it will also reduce your anxiety and give you some good time for fellowship.

        I had the privlidge of workimg with a Christian counselor. When I was scared of my own shadow every time I turned the corner, or had to be peeled off the ceiling every time the dogs barked, she suggested making a list of “fear nots.” I’m not sure about the actual number, but supposedly there are 365 times a reference to “fear not” is used in the Bible. I would look up a verse each day – and journal about my fears, and then dispute those fears against the truth of the Word of God.

        I lift up Amenda to you. Help her to feel your protective arms around her. Help her to see that she is not alone in her fears, and show her those who will help her through this stressful time. I ask that you keep her safe at all times – especially as she takes a step of faith towards independence. Keep her mind clear as she prepares for her exam, and grant her the wisdom and peace of the Holy Spirit.

        In Jesus’s Name,

    • Amenda, could you drive with your husband or another trusted friend to gain some practice with him while he is still here? Hopefully that will provide some more confidence while he is gone. Praying for peace as you work with God through this fear!
      Much love,

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Amenda,
      I understand a little. I used to be afraid of driving alone once in awhile. Afraid that something would happen to me and I would wreck. Not sure exactly. You have hope, friend. You have HUGE hope. Your hope is in Jesus. it has taken me a long time for in my situation it was the enemy. Fear LIES to you. It tells you things that are not true. I ask that you take today and literally get on your knees and Worship our Father. Sing praises to Him. Give him heartfelt and sincere thanks for the things you know to be true. This will make the enemy very mad and then later pray for your situation but first spend a significant amount of time just thanking him. God is a God of encouragement. He is a good God. Fear does not come from Him. Please know my sister, that I am lifting you up to our Father today. Thank you for being so honest and vulnerable so that we can pray for you:-)

      here are a few verses to look up that might help:
      2 Tim 1:7
      Deut 1:21
      Phil 4:6-8
      Psalm 3:4-6
      1 John 4:18
      Psalm 33:8
      Psalm 34:10

    • Ethel May Miller says:

      Amenda, the key to conquering this fear is to Ask the Lord for His protection with you hands on the steering wheel even before you turn the key to start. I discovered that it is not a vain thing to commit yourself (and your family as they leave the house) as they leave. I have experienced times knowing the Lord saved me from injury or accident. He will give you peace. I had not driven for quite a long time and I really do understand how you feel. But trust in the Lord with ALL you heart. Thanks for sharing.

      • Ethel May Miller says:

        I meant to say “Commit yourself and your family to the Lord each day. It is not a vain thing.”

    • With the exam give it to God. A few years back when I just about to graduate with a There was an final exam that I needed to do amazing on, in order to pass the class and graduate (I missed many days in this class and while I was doing well I suffered having too many missed quizzes and assignments that I tried making up in a short time). However it was 200 questions so I was scared. That morning I had about 2 hours before I needed to head out and started trying to study and I strongly felt God impressing on my heart to look at all the old tests and review my answers and right the correct ones. I thought why?? That is like 300 questions to review. But I did what He wanted me to do. I go to the test and ALL of the questions were on the old exams! Everyone! I had a perfect score, all because of God stepping in to care about my exam. So I was able to pass and graduate! Praying God shows you the exact things to study, and gives you peace about the exam!

    • Sweet Amenda,
      Hold to God’s promise that He will never leave or forsake you. He is ALWAYS with you (even in the car). You are NEVER alone. Trust Him with your life, dear sister. I Peter 5:7 says: Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. God cares for you Amenda and I do too. I’m praying that He will relieve you of this fear and grant you His peace. Trust Him.

  11. Please pray that my hands stay open with strength and trust. My mom passed nearly three months ago unexpectedly. While I know that she is with the Lord, I physically feel an emptiness. With no siblings, I feel very detached from my family. I also quit my job from what I believe was an urging from the Lord but the quietness that I am experiencing is so loud to the point it hurts.

    • Sarah JSH says:

      Angie, Take some deep breaths and continue to trust in the Lord and read his word. Also maybe get involved in some sort of social group and or maybe start your own once a month. OR Maybe right now God wants things to be quiet for you so you can really focus on him and his word. keep your head up

    • Hi, Angie. When I read your post, my first thought was Celebrate Recovery. It’s a Christ-centered program and some locations offer ‘GriefShare’ that might be helpful as you deal with the loss of your mom. Many churches have these programs going, and there might be one in your area. Here’s the website if you would like more info:
      Praying for peace as you enter a new season. God will heal your heart.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Angie,
      Praying for you sister. We are all weak on our own. Thanks for sharing today and please know so many OBS sisters are praying for you. Give everything that you have inside of yourself and release it to God….like really give it to Him. You have God for comfort and you have HIS LIVING WORD!

      “Worship is a secret place that hides the heart from the advances of the enemy.” ~ Michelle McKinney Hammond

    • Ethel May Miller says:

      I know how you feel. I lost my father many years ago and didn’t know how to handle grief. Now my mother has been with the Lord for 3 years and my older sister died recently on the same day. While I don’t have the assurance that my parents are “with the Lord” I have comfort in knowing my God is just and good and He will do what is just and good in their cases. On the other hand, I KNOW where my sister is now. She is with the Lord Whom she loved and served from her teens. Yes, the spaces are empty, but absorb your heart in thoughts of heaven. Grief Share is an excellent resource to handle this time when you are dealing with your loss. Above everything else, I advise you to let the tears flow — there is emotional healing in tears. They come from the Lord.

  12. I want to request a prayer request from you all Daughters Of The Most High God;
    I’m originally from Malawi and have lived in the UK for the past 17 yrs where at some point my visa expired & I was not able to renew it due to bogus Solicitors messing me up. Since 2005 I’ve not worked ( a single Mother of 2 & a Grandmother of 1) in my time of waiting upon The Lord, I fell from Grace and went to Study a Degree in Psychiatric Nursing fraudulently ( I lied to the govt that I was entitled to govt fees & bursaries for my 3yrs in University) as I wrote my desertation in my final year I was caught out and sent to jail for 3 and a half months. Came out and lost everything I owned except for a car which The Lord advised me to ‘give’ to another couple. I did as I’ve learnt that OBEDIENCE IS GREATER THAN SACRIFICE! By the end of 1 yr of my release, the govt said they needed all the money for my fees & bursaries back. There’s no way I could afford the £13k they asked of me in 6weeks after confiscating all my Bank Accounts. I was given a period of 6 weeks to pay this money back which I couldn’t and was sent back to jail for another 4 months Christmas time 2011 came out in April 2014. Notice, all this was happening as I ran away from my calling. I have now accepted The Call Of God on my life & God has used me in the Prisons and outside too & continues to do so. I live by GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD & live in my sisters house with her husband for the last 3yrs.( tough but His Grace is sufficient)
    I need Prayer on the release of my stay in the UK so I can pursue more in my Ministry also for my family. I have tried to request that the govt send me back to Malawi but they tell me I do NOT fit their criteria for deportation. And many have given me words of knowledge that The Lord wants me here. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it!! PRAY FOR ME MY SISTERS!!!

    • Sarah JSH says:

      Wow, I can not even imagine all that you have gone through and I thought my life was rough. OH my. May god lift you up and put his hands on your family to keep you safe, healthy and happy. May God continue to put his hands you and your families lives and guide you in the direction he wants you to go in. May he settle your heart and speak clearly as to what it is he wants you to do and help you in your journey in life.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Charity,
      Wow, sister. Please know that myself and many others are on our knees for you. Please remain encouraged and be radically obedient. God is with you and if this is the calling He has on your life then you don’t need to doubt, fear, or worry. FEAR lies to us.

      Thanks for being so honest today!

    • Charity how wonderful it is that you realized God could use you while you were in jail instead of becoming bitter, God bless you.

    • Ethel May Miller says:

      WOW !!! Life can get all scrambled up by a small thing. You are a Daughter of the King and He cares deeply about you. The Lord can use anyone who surrenders to Him. I sense that is what you have done.
      Someone told me long ago the that the Lord is a Restorer . I think the verse is in Old Testament where it says He will restore all that the cankerworm has destroyed. I have been clinging to that verse (Joel 2 :25) for that restoration to be complete. It may not all happen at once, but keep trusting the Lord and He will bring restoration to you. Love you Charity, my dear sister.

    • Wow…..may God’s peace and guidance surround your life. Wait upon the Lord and trust His plan. May you have continued strength as you minister while you wait! God bless you!

  13. My prayer request today is to remain strong in my trust in God’s plan. I was let go from my job two months ago. I feel like I’m being led to a different line of work, but its a radical change. I want God to make it crystal clear as to what he wants me to do. I made very good money at my previous job but was miserable. I feel guilty because I think being miserable led to behaviors and attitudes that caused me to be let go. The work I want to go into is non-profit so the money isn’t going to be even close to what I was making. My husband says it doesn’t matter, but I know it affects our plans for the future and more importantly his ability to retire in two years as he had planned. I keep thinking I should just go back into the corporate world as that’s the responsible thing to do. But, then I think that I deserve to have fun with what I’m doing and enjoy my work and do something meaningful that benefits others. I’m terribly confused and feeling bogged down. Make it clear, God! I think He is, I’m just afraid of the answer because I think it will disappoint my husband and be one that I may regret down the road. How does one ever KNOW for sure? It’s all so frustrating sometimes! Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness. My problems are so small compared to the burdens of others. I’m almost embarrassed to mention them. But then I have to remember that no problem is too great or too small for our God. Have a blessed day!

    • Nancy, I pray that you will be able to make some quiet time to get away with The Lord, seek Him in His Word, and ask for His clarity in the path He has for you. I pray that His Voice will be so clear that there is no doubt in your mind as to the which way He wants you to go. And, I pray that you will be overwhelmed by His peace and love for you and His perfect plan for you and your husband in this season of your life.
      Much love,

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Nanci.
      Quiet time will renew us. It will remind us why were are here. Take today and just praise and worship God. Thank Him for the truths you know to be true with your whole heart.
      My husband was laid off 3 times and I look back and I am still amazing…how did we get by? How do we pay things? Praying for you. Praying for clarity, discernment, peace, wisdom, and guidance. Praying that God gives you an understanding from His Word and directs your steps.

      “The world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.” 1 John 2:17

    • Nancy I am praying for you. You have been through a very difficult thing with your job. I lost my job about eight months ago due to age discrimination. Put yourself in God’s hands. He will lead you. He will not leave you.

  14. Goodmorning !!!!!!!!! Just got my book in the mail ! i feel so far behind but will be reading this weekend ,cant wait ! please pray that i will hear Gods voice in all the things i am going threw so i will know his will for my life/really need to find a church home and family. God has been so good to me and i just want more of him in my life .i will be praying for all the ladies on here ! God bless you all !

    • Karen, I pray that you will start trying out new churches tomorrow! The Body of Christ is such a blessing and encouragement to us as believers! My family and I are working to plug in at a new church, and while it is a challenge and requires effort, I know it is God’s will and we must continue to press into Him – I ask that He will make clear the path He has for you.

      Much love,

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Wooo Hooo. Welcome, Karen! I am praying this for you and for all of OBS, We long to hear His voice. We long to surrender and trust. Thanks for sharing, sister.

    • Karen, I send my love and prayers to you,Don’t be frantic thinking you are behind. You will do just fine!God will never leave you.

  15. Phranases says:

    Good morning, my prayer request today is that I can place all my focus on being obedient to God so I can hear His voice. I am participating in the obs, but it feels like I am not getting closer to Him. I am getting those doubtful thoughts that He is not going to come through for me, and I know He is faithful and He will never leave me. But right now I am feeling doubt. Cause right now my finances are not where they need to be for me, and its starting to give me doubt. I also need prayer to help me find my purpose, what am I to do to help spread His word. I have been trying to figure this out and haven’t gotten it yet. Thank you in advance, have a blessed and wonderful day.

    • Abba, may Your will be so clear to Phraneses. I pray the devil will be silenced and these doubts will melt away in the overwhelming light of Your love. I pray for clarity and a path forward in both her finances and her purpose, and that You will enable her to feel Your loving presence, and identify any stumbling blocks that may be quenching Your Presence in her life.

      Much love, Phraneses!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Phraneses,
      Feelings are just that friend, they are feelings. We can’t base our spiritual walk on feelings. The foundation on our faith is based on the UNSEEN, UNHEARD, AND UNFELT. I am praying for God to guide you. To give you clarity and wisdom. For the Holy Spirit to convict you and to pour down on you. Praying for you finances and for God to direct you to your purpose that He has laid out for you. Praying for you to really draw closer to God and then HE WILL draw closer to you. Thanks for being so honest and sharing today.

  16. Please pray that the decision I am about to make today is the right one. Please pray that if it is not the right one it will be blocked. Thank you. Palms up!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      On my knees right now, Linda.

    • Hey Linda i know where you are coming from,i too have made a choice and i have prayed and asks God if this is not he is will then remove or block this from my life,God is so good and he will make it be know to us if it is not his will. We just have to pray and trust him everyday for guidence will be praying for you! God bless you !

  17. I can praise God for enabling me to stay strong in my convictions about remaining unmarried to John. As I mentioned, I love the man very much but he truly needs the Lord. I see some movement in his spirit but he’s just not getting the concept of asking Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. He still comes over to my parents house on Sunday’s and we have dinner and do a Bible study so he’s open to the Word of God. Please continue to pray the Lord opens John’s heart and mind to God’s truth.
    I also have another prayer request. Currently I’m fighting a bad cold along with dealing with a very painful abscessed tooth I’ve had since February. Wednesday I go in to the surgeon to have my tooth pulled. In the meantime, I’m in a bit of pain and discomfort from the infection and the fevers I’m getting along with it. The cold is breaking thankfully.
    I always have health issues because of my dysautonomia and fibromyalgia. The dysautonomia is an autoimmune disorder and so I get sicker easily. Needless to say, colds and infections tend to hold on longer with me.
    Those are my main prayer requests. My son is doing so much better with his anger issues. He has been going through counselling and hasn’t seen his dad in two weeks. It has made Luke a lot more mellow. His father is very emotionally and mentally abusive and so it’s good that Luke isn’t spending as much time with him. My poor son would come home all torn up inside over things his dad did to him. It broke my heart. He’s only 9-years-old.
    Thank you for your prayers. I know the Lord works through them because I sense His presence in the midst of the trials I face. Some days can be so overwhelming but the Lord doesn’t let me get to that point. He really holds me and my son in His hands. I know prayer has a lot to do with it.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Carol,
      Praying for you sister. I can’t imagine all you are going through. My family has a lot of autoimmunie issues and I have fibromyalgia so I am praying. Keep clinging to Jesus and surrendering everything to Him.

      Praise God your son is doing better. Praise God that He loves us and holds our hands.

      • Thank you so much Kristy. It is a struggle but God is so good. Despite the circumstances, I experience His peace. I don’t feel overwhelmed because I keep my eyes always on Him. I learned what happens, the hard way, when I let worry and anxiety take hold of me. I become overwhelmed when my eye is on my situation and not my Lord and Savior. Sometimes, I have to will myself to claim faith. Still, God has been so faithful and I can’t thank Him enough for all He does for me and my family. 🙂

      • Prayer sent!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Please pray for my family. My husband and I have been separated for 2 years. His apartment lease runs out in a few months. He is an alcoholic, sober for 8 months. My daughter by my first marriage is a senior in high school and lives with me full time. They are not close, which puts me in the middle of their disapproval of each other. My marriage is at a crossroads, and I don’t feel like turning left or right. I feel pulled in both directions, but I just want to stay here in the intersection where I don’t disappoint anyone. I truly trust God with my whole heart. I just don’t know what His instruction to me is. Please pray for Him to speak clearly to me and to open my ears to hear Him.
    Thank you YES prayer warriors!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Susan,
      I am so sorry for everything you going through. God is with you. Stay in His Word and keep drawing close to Him. This is a tough situation and I am praying for clarity, wisdom, and guidance and most of all radical obedience once you know.
      Lots of love and prayers sweet sister 🙂

    • Susan –
      What a tough situation! My heart is with you. Have you gone through the five filter questions pertaining to “being pulled in both directions?” Or do you feel that you’re not at that point yet? When I am indecisive, I remember that God is not the author of confusion. Then I try to lay the matter at Gods feet and allow Him to speak to me in His time. I am praying for your peace in the matter, and praise God that you are here with us now!


    • Hi Susan I am praying for you know that you are a daughter of God. He loves you and will never abandon you. God bless you dear sister!

  19. Please pray!. My cousin disappeared 10 years ago. He was a 30-year old single father of a baby boy who he loved dearly. No one ever knew what happened to him until yesterday. They found his car with his body in the bottom of a river. Since it has been 10 years, there are no answers to what had happened to him. For 10 years his mother, son, and siblings had some hope that he somehow was alive out there. Please pray for closure for this family.

    • I am so sorry Rachel. Devastating. Will pray that your extended family have the comfort only God can give. And, that, somehow, God can bring good out of this tragedy.

      • Rachel, I’m so sorry, the Lord will give you and your family strength to endure, you are in my prayers. God bless, Cindy

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Oh, Rachel,
      What a tragic story. I am so sorry for everything your family is enduring. Know that God is with ya’ll. Cry out to Him more than you ever have. Stay in His Word and put the full armor of God on because the enemy tries to attack when we are down. Please know that many OBS sisters are praying with you.

    • Ethel May Miller says:

      Bless you dear Rachel. Thank the Lord that you have a sense of closure in the discovery of your cousin’s car and body. Yes, there are still too many questions, but I pray that the Lord will give you peace. Only He can give you what you need in this situation. Lean hard in His arms that surround you with love.

    • Rachel , I send love and prayers. May God watch over you and your cousin’s family . I ask this in Jesus name,

    • May God’s peace and comfort fall upon your family at this very moment. May healing and forgiveness flood your hearts as you allow God, who is all knowing, to render justice in this situation. May God’s love bind your family together so that you can be strength for each other. In Jesus name–amen!

  20. Sarah JSH says:

    Hello Ladies, I was doing good reading my bible and reading this obs, but then we went on vacation and I can’t seem to get back into it. I haven’t been reading my bible, haven’t been watching what I eat like I should. I am stressed and exhausted to the point that my arms actually tingle. I am tired all the time and stressing out because work starts soon again, I have had the summer off as I work in a school. I love working with the kids in the school I work at, but am not ready to deal with all the stress of the job and my previous boss took another job and so I now have a new boss. I am constantly stressed with dealing with my ex-husband or rather him not talking to me and trying to figure out about the kids and getting them braces. I am stressed because my current marriage is not that strong and i feel like a failure. Also my current husband wants to move 3 hrs away and have my 2 oldest start in a new school and then custody would be another battle in court. My little girls I need m ore patients. I need prayer for God’s guidance and sense of peace over my life as well as for motivation to stick to healthy eatting and exercising.

    I am new to this OBS idea and am not sure how to do several things. If someone responds to your “share your heart” will it go to your e-mail? Is there a way to check on past share your heart. Is there a way to look back on the Face book chats? I was out of town and not able to join in the face book talk. Does it cost money to start your own blog? Does it cost money to twitter? I seem to be able to suggest things to other people, but am not able to continue to follow through with things on my own. I start strong, but then can’t seem to finish. I am tired and am having trouble getting up early and or staying up late to read my bible as well as doing all the things that need to be done around my house. Things are so busy and I know if I stick to a specific organization plan it would help, but i can’t seem to stick to it, or I do, but then my husband and kids and dogs just mess it up. It’s hard to keep things organizded and clean and I am off of the work for the summer and have a hard time and soon will be going back to work, which will make it even harder. Please pray for me. Thank you

    • I can’t answer all your questions but you can start a blog for free at I will be praying for you. Be still. God will meet you in the stillness and carry you through to do the things He wants you to do. Start by being still.
      Blessings, Sarah

    • Oh Sarah! The Lord must have picked special people to be called Sarah because I hear you! I struggle with many of the same things I read in your post and with His help, I am learning to be better. I just got married and I’ve been trying to figure out a schedule too; to clean my house, cook meals, take care of my husband and 2 dogs, balance ministry and home life…it’s tough! And we don’t even have kids yet!! Something that helps me stay on track is what I call my Homemaker’s Handbook I went online and printed off resources to make myself this binder. Nerdy, yeah, but it helps me stay on track. I’ve got a monthly calendar, grocery shopping lists, meal planning calendars, cleaning schedules…stuff like that to help me stay organized. (If you want links for this stuff you can email me at and I’ll send it to you!)
      For some of your other questions…
      1) If you go to the comments section (this page here) and you type Control + F (or Command + F for mac users) a little ‘Find’ box will pop up and you can type in your name. It will find all the posts you made to this page and you can see if anyone responded that way. If you reply to a comment, you can also check a box below to get an email when a response comes.
      2) As the first Sarah said, blogs are free. If you have a gmail account, you can set up a blog at for free (that’s what I use). It’s really easy to use and if you don’t have a gmail account, you can easily set one up.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Sarah,
      God loves you. You are His child and He laid down His life for you sweet sister. You are so loved my friend. Being a mom and a wife is no easy business. It is tough. Try to take a day and just relax in Jesus. I mean just intentionally gaze your thoughts and focus on Him. Thank Him for what you do have. Give Him praise for what you are glad for. Let Him refresh your soul.

      “To be a worshiper is to fall in love with God, the Author of love, and accept the love He has for you. He adores you. God gave you HIS WORD as a living LOVE LETTER that contains everything you will ever need to get through this life and beyond.” ~ Darlene Zschech
      I am praying so many things for you today. The enemy loves to make us feel like a failure and overwhelm us. it is a lie. He is a liar and a theif. Praying to not let the enemy take anymore of your joy. Victory has been won at the foot of the cross. Praying that God would stir your spirit and enable you to turn to His Word and surrender your troubles to Him. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing with us. You never know who else you are helping when you share your story and I guarantee you that you touched someone else today. Prayers and love!!!

    • Sarah JSH , Put yourself in God’s hands. Sometimes we have to take life one day at a time. I f this is too hard break it down to one hour at a time . I send my love and prayers. God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ladies, I appreciate your prayers as I head back to work on Monday after a wonderful two months leave that allowed me to be home with my children for most of the summer. Prayers that my computer will happily hop on the network from the get-go, prayers for clarity in where to focus to honor my Abba and glorify Him through my words and actions at work, and prayers for peace as my children begin school and we swing into the routine of extra-curricular activities. I ask for clarity to ensure that the activities we are choosing are the right ones for my children – I’m not crazy about running six nights a week, but we are committed to my daughter’s dance schedule, and my children would be participating in Bible studies on two different evenings. Also prayers for my continued obedience to the radical obedience God has requested in my life.
    Much love,

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      I have so much respect for teachers/any school staff. It has to be tough to go back after all that time with family. I am praying all these things for you sister. Praise God that you even ask for such prayers. I love it. I have a 2 and 4 year old so we don’t have all the extra-curricular running yet but I have already started stressing over it. Thanks for sharing. Prayers and love this week.

  22. Please pray for my brother Tim he has been suffering severe anxieties and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). He use to preach and did such a beautiful job until this dreaded disease emploded. Now he struggles just to live and its God who is holding him together. Thank you!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Sheri,
      How difficult it must be for your whole family and especially for him. Anxiety and OCD is an awful disease to experience. I pray that he is getting some professional help and continuing to seek God. Be there for him and let him know you love him which I am sure you do. My heart goes out to you, sister. I am sure it is sooo hard to watch a man of God go through that. I am on my knees praying for your brother, Sheri.

  23. I have a prayer request that my husband will get serious with his walk with God and he will quit totally depending on me to carry the load. I need a miracle in our finances, I need the Lord to make a way where there seems to be no other way! I want to hear from the Lord but, I feel so heavy with the concern over our finances. We have 3 boy’s one is in the Air Force and the other two are teenagers and good boy’s. My concern is how this effecting my two teenagers because we keep going around this same moutain. I’m working full time at the school (not a teacher) and I’m also working my Mary Kay business which is a great opportunity. Wendell is laid off again and details cars on the side. Its just not enough, I just am being challenged to think God will ever turn things around. Its embarrassing to say how many years this has been going on. I know the Lord is able. We have two cars one we can’t afford to fix and the other needs work on it also. I just need prayer!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Debbie,
      I am praying for you sister.
      I felt led to share with you an OBS sister on the leadership team’s blog:

    • Debbie – I am so sorry that you are carrying such a tough load! I praise you for remainimg true to your vows. The Bible says that wives are to lead their husbamds to Christ through example, but its humam nature to feel things like fatigue and even bitterness. God makes all things for His glory and your good in His time. The Lord has proven His faithfulness throughout the Bible, and in the lives of all who believe in His Son. Hold tight to His faithfulness, and know that all you do first and foremost is for God – even above your children and husband. My love of the Lord and desire to work for Him pulls me through some difficult times of hard feelings. Don’t let them take root.

      Loving you up and praying for your strength!


  24. I am saying yes to extending my time working for another two years in ministry with young people. Please pray for the Lord to give me all I need: strength, perseverance, love, and a support team to help me financially do the work He has called me to. May I continue to trust Him in this adventure of letting Him direct my paths. Thanks for your prayers and your timely words as I have struggled to say Yes to God for a few years!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Sheree,
      Wooo Hooo for radical obedience friend. I am praying sweet sister!

  25. With my palms up and my arms outstretched, I said Yes to God and it was difficult. I am a controller but I saw that I was getting in God’s way. This week I gave God the 3 worries that were closest to my heart: healing my husband and protection from spiritual warfare, healing my foot, and I know this probably sounds superficial but an oven or a double oven. (my double ovens went kaput!!!) Well this week, I have seen and heard God. My foot looks so much better than the beginning of this week and it is obvious it is healing. Thank You, Lord. And the pastor that my husband called 3 weeks ago for assistance returned his call yesterday and the doors to my husband’s healing has begun to open. Thank You, God. And as for my ovens, my eyes are seeking and I am listening. God will answer this in his time. In fact, I expect it. Again, Thank You, God.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Pat,
      What a feeling and a release when we surrender worries to God. It is one of the hardest things I do on a daily basis. Praise God sister.
      I am a worrier hence a controller. I daily must give my daughters and husband to God and TRUST HIM REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING.

    • Praying for you Pat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Praise God for showing me His way a little everyday. Though I want to know the destination NOW, through prayer He is giving me peace to say, yes, to the little things, and giving me hope to be patient as I take the curves in life He has wonderfully prepared for me.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Lynn,
      Don’t you love that? Don’t you just love God so much sometimes it is hard to contain yourself??? Praise God that He is helping you say YES.. Wooo Hooo sister. Praying for patience as life throws us those curve balls. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lynn, God will never leave you put yourself in His hands.

  27. My prayer is this..that God will help me to discern what path to take in my life- both personally and professionally. I am at a crossroads. I am a single mother and also look after an elderly parent. I am tired of existing in this state of joyless living, waiting and feeling like nothing will ever change. I want to know joy again and feel it all the way down to my toes. I ask that he continue to give me the strength I need to make the changes necessary to feel free again to enjoy his many blessing. I have an interview this week- please pray that his will is obvious- I often force my choices out of fear.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Sweet Shelly,
      Sister, I am lifting you in prayer. I have the most respect for single mothers. You are obviously strong through God. Joyless living is from the enemy. He loves to get us when we are down and use our circumstances to overwhelm us. Discouragement is from the enemy. We can be encouraged by others but we can’t depend on that. We can ONLY DEPEND ON GOD. I am praying for you.

      “To be in the will of God requires us to put on the armor of God and go to BATTLE AGAINST THE ENEMY. Worship is our greatest weapon in the B.A.T.T.L.E. Bringing Attention to the Lord’s Excellence. That is worship.” ~Roz Thompson

    • Dear Shelly. You have two very difficult jobs being a single parent and looking after an elderly parent. I pray for God to surround you with his love . Have joy knowing His love for you is unconditional! God bless you!!!!!!!

  28. Michelle C NJ says:

    This week I am ashamed to admit I got angry at God for not answering a prayers. ( 2 yrs I am praying strong & hard)I have a 25 yr old son who (lets say hangs with the wrong people)`and landed himself in some major trouble,A road I would not have picked for my son. my son does not see things my way with Jesus and becoming saved & wants nothing to do with church. I yelled at God this week, I am being good,living life the way he wants me to,taking care of my family,loving on them even when they are not living life in an un-sinful mannor… Just a few hrs later after yelling at God-my son came home saw me crying and decided on his own(i;m sure the H/S got involved) hehehe and my son did 3 small things that the lord had told me to have him do in order for him to become more independant…. he did… I need prayers for not only me- to let Go of my 25 yr old and not have the feelings of ‘its my fault if he does not do things the way I want. and prayers for Michael to shape up and see the lite of salvation. ALSO BIGER QUESTION HERE IS- the 5 questions to ask myself in chapert2? how many of the questions need to be answered to know God is talking to me? 1? 2? or or 5 looking back on situations not even reading the questions I could see that 1-3 questions were a No… which tells me god was talking to me…. prayerfully begging for some directions,peace and knowing what God is asking me to do~ Michelle

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Sweet sister, I can’t imagine what you are doing through but God is right there with you holding your hand. I am praying for you. Praying for you to let go. To finally give God your son. Stay encouraged and stay in the Word. Cling to Jesus, our only hope. Please know there are so many OBS sisters praying for you. When things fail us here we have to lay down our expectations to the Lord. Lay them at the cross. He is the ONLY one who will never fail us. Praise God that you asking for direction and that you are aware that you need to let him go. I CAN’T IMAGINE how much pain you must be going through but I am here if you ever need to talk.

  29. Mary Hyde says:

    I need prayer that as I say Yes to God, that I remember to not be afraid to say No to myself and my own attempts at reconciling with my ex-boyfriend. I am under attack in my mind and feel so desperate to reconnect. I put my feelings out there in an attempt to be honest and to tear down these walls I’ve built around my heart and it has just resulted in being toyed with. I feel so humiliated and weak. I pray and seek God’s forgiveness for being so manipulative and self willed. I am so afraid that God is going to leave me to my own depraved actions and thoughts. I know that I will be okay at the end of the day but I make it hard for myself and the devil is having a great time torturing me. In October, I am going to a 7 day intensive therapy session in another state and I just can’t wait to go. Please pray that I can let go and let God, so that I can heal and really say Yes and mean Yes to God. Thank you sisters. May God Bless you.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Mary,
      I am praying sweet sister. I can see you are hurting and the pain through your words. You are not alone. Cling to Jesus and release EVERYTHING TO HIM. Please know that OBS sisters are praying for you.

    • Ethel May Miller says:

      Dear Mary,

      When you wrote “walls around my heart” you hit a nerve with me. We do that so we won’t be hurt but are hurt anyway. No the Lord will not abandon any child of His . Cling to Jesus — not just at the end of the day but moment by moment. When you have those “depraved thoughts and actions” turn them over to Jesus. I am echoing what Kristy said, “Cling to Jesus and release EVERYTHING TO HIM.” I am hurting for you.

  30. Thank You, Jesus!! That you that we are drawn us out of deep waters as you did Moses. In order for us to discover call, purpose or mission you have for us. I know the Calling/Purpose you have for me is not Comfortable, because God you want it to be by Faith. This means saying “YES GOD” by believing, trusting and being Radically OBEDIENT to him. Thus you are requiring me starve the flesh so it will die, and feed those thing you want alive (Faith In you God). This has been Prayer and will continue to be, because I want to be more like Jesus. Palms Up.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Joan,
      Praying the same thing with you and for you today! Thanks for sharing, sister.

  31. I have friends and family of who I want esperately to desire to know Him in a personal and real way. I am not afraid to be a bold witness, have radical obedience and have been trying to listen to His promptings to speak to them & I know that at times when I have spoken it has been out of my desire to control the situation and change their hearts as I am a sinner saved by grace through faith. I know also that at times He has given me words to speak and his spirit has directed me to a verse to share or a story as I’ve pulled out my Bible and read, spoken, or prayed with them. I pray that I can be silent until it’s His voice speaking through me, and that I do not miss divine appointments. In saying all of this I have a praise. A young neighbor who is now moved out and living nearby, finally started attending my church. She is one that I have had the opportunity to share my testimony with, “speak” with when I’ve felt led to, and it’s sweet to have the blessing of being able to see her heart opening and wanting and desiring to know more. Please pray for her and specifically my sister and sister-in-law, that God would move in their lives in ways too bold for them to deny Him, and that ultimately He draws their hearts unto Him. Thank you “yes” girls!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Mandy,
      Praise God that you were able to use your testimony and God was able to work on your young neighbor. I am praying for you, your sister, sister in law, and neighbor. I love being a “yes” girl and a I am so thankful for all of you who share and bless us daily with your words.

  32. I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years. I started late in the game-42 and am now 46. In the beginning of this journey I had dreams and signs and wonders and felt in every fiber of my being it would happen. The longer it didn’t tge more scared and concerned I became. My husband list his brother and father 2 yrs ago 3 weeks apart. We were devastated. We have been rocked with so many storms and challenges while still trying to get pregnant. I had my last frozen egg transfer and was told this past Wednesday I was not pregnant. I feel I have tried everything, nothing has worked but, my walk with Jesus has strengthened through this process. I am fairly new to Christ but my fellowship and relationship has deepened. I’m just worn and tired and don’t know what Gods will is. I stinks with having Faith and complete Trust to doubt and fear. I felt a strange peace when they told me the news but my husband was crushed. But then I woke up yesterday and was angry and overwhelmed. I coulf use some prayer for strength and peace of God to take over. Thank you, God Bless

    • Dear Lord,
      Give Kris your peace that passes all understanding concerning children. Bless her Lord. You know her inside and out and you have perfect plans for her and her husband. Let your will be made perfect in her life. The roller coaster she has been riding can be devastating. I know you have held her closely in your arms the entire way. Now as you draw her closer still to your side, fill her with your love, kindness, understanding, hope, peace, and trust. Fill the childless spot in her heart to overflowing. Let your grace and mercy overflow from within her to every one that crosses her path. In Jesus name I ask all these things for Kris. Amen.

    • Lord, thank you for Kris and her openness to share with us what her struggles are. God, you are the author of life and the only one capable of making this happen, despite our own thoughts and methods. As she feels overwhelmed by this issue, I pray that you would overwhelm her with your peace. Help her to trust that you know what’s best for her and her husband, that through all the struggles and pain, you are still God, still an ever-present help in time of trouble. Help her when she doubts your goodness, when she doubts your plan. Remind her that you are walking this journey right beside her. Bless her as she continues to seek you and follow you; and please help her husband as well. You know his thoughts and personal struggles as well and I ask that you remind him of your love, your goodness and your faithfulness. Help him to lead their family in your ways. Give them both your strength, to mount up with wings as eagles and soar above these storms with you. Amen.

    • Don`t fret. In God`s timing, you will become pregnant. I know it`s hard to have patience & wait on God but you must! God has His reasons for making us wait for things that we want. Reasons sometimes that we will never understand but we don`t have to understand, you just have to keep the faith & put all your trust in God. I have a feeling in your case, you are going to become pregnant when you least expect it. So don`t sweat this out so much. Sometimes doing less will bring you more. Hang in there! 🙂

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      I can’t imagine your pain, friend. I am on my knees for you. Cling to Jesus, He is all any of us have. You have been so honest and shared such a vulnerable story. I can’t even imagine how many women you have touched today by doing that. Thank you! I am praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ethel May Miller says:

      Kris, I feel the hurt and disappointment you are experiencing — it’s happening in my own family. WHY ?? we ask, but sometimes it seems there are no answers. My only advice to you is to turn your hurting heart toward the Lord. Let Him love you. Let Him love your husband. Find your joy in Him. Love you dear one.

      I hope you get inspiration and peace from this sisters blog, i’m praying for you.

    • Becky Kneller says:

      Keep in prayer. I had IVF when I was 46. Because of my age I was unable to use my own eggs. God opened the door for the selection of a donor, the finances and the pregnancy. My beautiful angel is now 3. It was hard to accept that biologically he is not connected to me. However, I carried him and nursed him. Give God glory in whatever circumstances. Remember Sarah, Hannah of the bible. It is not in our time. I will keep you in prayer dear sister.

  33. Cindy Knapton says:

    I am saying yes to God as I bring my daughter to college today. We are very far from home and she is afraid. I am praying that she will see God is with her today and every day and she will trust Him. I ask for your prayers as we go through this day. May I have the words to say at the right time. Thank you.

    • I remember when I’ve taken my daughter to college, it was a scary moment for me and for her. I was thinking.. Lord, she is so far away, what can I do? God, spoke to me and said.. give her to me she belong to me anyway.
      So I did.. I prayed that God will make himself real to her and that she will turn to God knowing that he cares and love her and will supply all her needs.


    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Praying, Cindy!!!!!!!!

    • I know that helpless feeling, but this was the also the time (one of the many times I was worried when I hadn’t heard from my daughter) when I heard God’s voice the loudest. God loves our children even more than we do (which is hard to imagine), they are His gifts to us. You just pray for her protection and that she look to God for guidance. God will give you the words of comfort for her. That is such a hard time, but a time to draw near to the Lord! Hang in there Mom!

  34. This week Wednesday (Aug. 21), my 4 mo. old grandson, Thatcher, is having open heart surgery. Last January, they found he has AV Valve defect. Basically, a hole in the heart but he also has a tipped valve which will make it a more complicated surgery as the “flaps” in the AV valve need to close properly so they don’t “leak”. Yesterday my daughter said, “Since Jesus lives in his heart, we are praying that a re-model job is being done right now”. Well that is our prayer for a miracle to be taking place and the all will be well when they get in there and it will be an easy fix. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Oh, Chris,
      I understand your pain. I am praying for your grandson. My daughter, Emilee Grace, was born with a heart defect tha they said would require open heart surgery. It is called pulmonary sling and take hope my friend because she did NOT need surgery. Her left pulmonary artery is still in the completely WRONG place but somehow is still “working.” That pain that his mother is feeling is so tough. I remember screaming and crying and throwing stuff in the shower. I am on my knees, sister, praying for sweet little Thatcher.

  35. mary b- obs leader says:

    Prayers for my daughter, Christina, as she heads back home today. It breaks my heart that she has to leave and face things there without us close by. I need to let go of her, trust God and know that he is putting good people around her. To let his plan for her life unfold and know that I can get to her in less than a day if she needs me. Thank you for the past week with her here. For time to connect again and show her how much we love her. I am asking for peace for her, and for her to know she is loved and that she did not cause this pain in her life. God has a plan in all of this and I have to trust that plan and ask for his strength to follow and not try to take over. And I am asking for forgiveness for mistakes I have made with all of my children. They are a gift and I want to cherish that gift every day. Amen

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Mary,
      Such a hard prayer, isn’t it? To let our children go. I am praying for you friend. I also have made many mistakes and daily have to ask for forgiveness and daily I have to take my thoughts captive. Praying for, Christina.

  36. I just want to give God praise for my husband’s new job. He has been a chef for several years after graduation from culinary school, and the schedule and money was great for a single guy. But when we got married and talked of starting a family, his schedule began to wear on him and our relationship. Everyday he was stressed out, frustrated about not being promoted, and he dreaded going to work. We talked and I told him we needed to pray and believe that God would open a door, either for a promotion (slightly better hours) or a new job. I wasn’t sure what would happen but God pleasantly surprised both of us. Two weeks after starting to pray, a friend called and told Joe about an opening with his company as a power tools sales rep. Better hours (Monday-Friday day work, with weekends off!) and MORE MONEY too! Joe went through 2 weeks of interviews and waiting, and we kept praying, believing that if this job was for Joe then he would get it; and if not, God had something better in mind. He got the job and started the first week of August. He loves it and wants to go to work now; he’s home in the evenings to have dinner together every night and we have weekends together to plan spontaneous outings. God is so good!

  37. Thank you Lord. Thank you that you hear all these written requests and even those that are not written. Thank you for listening. Thank you for revealing yourself to each of us as we seek you with our whole hearts. Thank you for all these women saying yes. Thank you for the blessing my own two friends in this study have been as they stretch and grow in saying yes to you. Thank you so much for the many blessings in my life. Your will is good and perfect. Thank you for leading me in it daily. Thank you for the hungry children in so many countries. Thank you for Sarai the little girl I sponsor, but, haven’t figured out how to write to yet. Thank you for the poor. Thank you for the hurting. Thank you for the lack of children in my own life. Thank you for showing me ways to be your hands and feet. Thank you for the times you use me to work out your will in the world around me. Thank you for the privilege of being your servant. In Jesus name. Thank you.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      That was so beautiful. I am praying the same thing sweet sister. Thanks for sharing that.

  38. Lois Doughty says:

    Kris, it must be very hard wanting to get pregnant so badly and then not seeing it happen. But I love that you said your relationship with the Lord has strengthened and the strange peace you felt when you got the latest news. That tells me that God is revealing Himself to you through this, which is awesome! I pray that you and your husband are part of a Bible-based church and that God will surround you with people who will love on you, encourage you, and support you both during this difficult time. Thank You, Lord, that Kris said yes to You by joining this Bible study, and that she will continue to grow in You and that You will give her the desires of her heart.

  39. Please pray for my youngest son Ryan. He has anxiety and with school fast approaching, he’s starting to get very nervous. I believe God has wonderful plans for my son. I ask that Jesus release his fears. Thank you all for coming along side me to pray for him.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Denine,
      I am praying for Ryan. I am praying for Jesus to hold his hand during this take and give you both peace, comfort, and wisdom.
      Stormie Omaritan says, “Worship is praising God for who He is, which in turn STRENGTHENS and builds our faith and gives us courage in the midst of whatever we are going through.”

  40. Sharon Garner says:

    I am asking you girls to pray today for my daughter Kelly. She is a single mom of a 7-month old girl Analiese. Today is the day the father of her child is getting married to someone else. Analiese will be in the wedding. Kelly will not be there. I just want her to have a wonderful, joyous day. I know she will miss her daughter and feels out of the loop today. I know my daughter wants to have a home with a wonderful, loving husband. Just please pray for an uplifting day. Thank you. My palms are up today….giving her and Analiese to God.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Sharon,
      So sorry. I am sure this is a tough day for Kelly. I will be praying, sister. Sharing a thought from Lysa’s devotional for What Happens When Women say Yes to God, “If I let Jesus be my way, and do what He is asking me to do, I can be a light rising in the darkness.”

      Praying for you family today! #palmsup with you

  41. Please pray for my daughter who keeps trying to live her life independently since graduating college. Her heart is turning toward God realizing she can count on him. She was fired from her job as she was rethinking this career path and her unhappiness. She has struggled financially since graduating and needs to rely on God first and not herself.May her faith grow stronger so she can follow the path God is showing her.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Heide,
      Being a college graudate is tough business. It is where a real decision of following Jesus or rejecting Jesus is made. When I first graduated I rejected Jesus after I had been a Christian my whole life but God found me and brought me back home. I am praying for your daughter today, sister.

      Sharing a thought from Lysa’s devotional for What Happens When Women say Yes to God, “Saying yes to God isn’t about perfect performance, but rather perfect surrender to the Lord DAY BY DAY.”

  42. Please pray for my brother-in-law and his wife. They are having a particularly difficult time in their marriage. Please pray that they will put God at the center to weather this storm.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      I am praying. Lifting them to our Father right now. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you this week 🙂

  43. Sonja A.. says:

    I would just like to thank God for answering a prayer that was prayed for my brother & his family. They were in a very desperate situation & I feel on my knees. Sometimes I have a hard time being patient for answers to prayers and in this situation they needed immediate intervention. I did not let it stop me from praying though, knowing that the answer may not come immediately. But thank God, He did answer the same day & things are looking up for my brother, sister-in-law, nephew & 2 nieces!!!!! They now have a home until at least the end of the year. I will continue praying for stability for their family & know that God is always listening & that He knows when, where and how we need our prayers answered. He is such an amazing God and His love knows no boundaries <3 I can not praise Him & thank Him enough for not only helping my family but for reassuring me that He is omnipresent! I love my God with all my heart & will praise Him continually!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Sonja,
      It is hard to be patient and this is the time while we are waiting that we just TRUST God. We just trust Him. We give Him our worries and thank Him that He already has everything under control 🙂 Praise God that things are looking up for them.

  44. I am enjoying the study very much. To a great extent I was a ‘Yes Girl’ but the study is helping me take it to the next level. My prayer today is because I have taught my children to say Yes and my son Robert (20) has stepped out in faith to devote a year to God and the needy. He has been accepted to the mission but has hot a snag with his visa application. Today he will need to hand in his notice at work, not having the Visa resolved. I know that God is in control but its hard not to worry – what if I’ve steered him wrong? My palms are up so I give him over to God and give up my grip on him. It may seem small but I have to say its one of the hardest struggles I’ve had. I guess it’s symbolic of me REALLY giving him fully to God.

  45. Jeanie Kelley says:

    I have a prayer and a praise. Prayer that I can continue in this yes God time of ridding myself of cussing and watching television. It is getting easier and I am not as angry as I was. Praise that I have been ale to go a couple of days with not saying the words. Thanks so much for praying.

  46. Debby Burke says:

    Praise God for this study, it has been the catalyst I’ve needed to get me back into the word of God. Last night, even though my flesh did not want to, I read my daily bible reading! Hallelujah!
    Please pray for my husband. He has a job (thank God!) but it does not provide enough to make ends meet. I am unable to work due to illness so the burden of providing falls on him. He lives in daily pain from a bad knee replacement and a bad back plus he has atrial fibrillation so the stress of seeing me ill and not having enough money for anything is very hard on him. Please pray for a job that uses his abilities and meets our needs.
    Also, I feel the Lord has told me that I am not to work outside the home in the future, even if I am able. I am praying that the Lord will reveal that to my husband in His perfect timing.
    Thank you to all who pray faithfully over these requests!

  47. Today i`m asking if you can pray for my son, Michael. Michael is 25yrs old. I pray that he will seek God`s face. Michael is lost. He is not making good decisions for his life. He is moving farther & farther away from his family & friends since he has met his girlfriend. He needs wisdom & guidance that only God & the Holy Spirit can give him. He has now put himself in a position where as of next week, he can become homeless. It`s too long of a story to get into but I just ask if you can pray that my son will find a safe & permanent place to live and also that my son will finally seek God`s help. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  48. I also have had a rough week. Trying to sell a home in MD, living in an apartment until our new home in PA is being built, my father-in-law going into the hospital in NY. And we were all to spend a week at the beach, which of course we cancelled to see him. I took the book and had no time to read (that was not good) and then when I got back home, totally became overwhelmed because the first week I was right on track. My father-in-law is better, moving to a rehab center to get his strength back and should be home soon. But totally stressed about my house in MD not selling and having 2 mortgage payments, plus a rental and last night got totally stressed and I know that God got us this far because my husband landed this job and all fell in place months ago. So I prayed last night to wake up this morning (Saturday) and get my book and sit on the deck and get started again. Made my coffee and then could not find the book and I kept telling myself this is Satan’s way of getting to me and I found it after a half hour looking for it! So glad I read it because Chapter 3 really was speaking to me. I am putting all these “issues” that all will be in God’s timing and not mine with the house to get sold. Thank you Jesus for setting me straight this morning!

    • Pat,
      I’m praying that your home sells very soon, and that you find rest and peace in Him, as you wait. It is so difficult, sometimes, to trust God’s timing, but we know that He works all things together for our good. Have a blessed weekend!

  49. Please pray for my family:) Loving this bible study and loving even more the fact that I can request prayer so easily. My hubby is saved but has a very stubborn spirit. He grew up alone in that his parents were always gone:( I believe God showed me him as a child, always wanting someone to be there but spending his days alone:( it makes sense. He is afraid to let me in and afraid of getting too close. Some days I want to just shower him with affection and feel blocked, and other days I get so frustrated I’m not helping the situation at all. I believe that God will break through this completely I just need some direction in my steps towards this. (Not that I think I will be used in a major capacity truth be told I’m not sure what my part is. I don’t care, I just want to be there in whatever measure God would have me.) and also please pray for my children and I, as we all have major changes this coming year. And for my dads salvation:)

    Lord, I thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this Bible study. I thank you for every heart that is involved. Thank you for gathering your beloved from one end of the earth to the other. I know , Jesus, you have individual plans for each one of our lives. May we turn our hearts to you, in complete surrender, seeking your will throughout our days. Show us how to love, as you have loved, fill us with your presence , that those that would speak against us would have nothing to say. May we be lights in a dark world, and have a willingness to see your glory always. Touch every one of us , God according to our needs, that we may be whole in You and share that with others. Give our leaders wisdom and compassion as they lead us and bless them abundantly Jesus as they carry out Your will. We love you, Lord. Amen.

  50. Like Kris, I have also struggled with infertility. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a little over two and a half years. Recently, we had our first IUI. Unfortunately I tested this morning and the it came back negative. I’m truly at a loss as to what to do next, if this is something we should try again, or if I need to come to terms with the fact that kids aren’t suppose to be a part of our lives. I’m am truly struggling and I’m just tired. Please pray that I understand God’s will for my life and that I trust Him.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Shae,
      Such a difficult thing. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Keep clinging to Jesus and surrender EVERYTHing to Him. I was led to share a part of Lysa’s devotional What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, ” Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 The 5:16-18 “We can settle in our hearts that we will choose God’s love and the pursuit of a love relationship with Him above all else.”

      I know this is easier said than done. When I go back to the stillbirth of my daughter I was mad. I was angry with God. At the time, I did not like anyone else who was pregnant. It is a hard place. I am praying that you understand whatever God’s will for your life is and that you will trust Him. I am praying for peace, joy, strength, direction, wisdom, and clarity. Sweet sister, I am praying for you.

  51. As I read these prayers, I am so thankful for an ever present God who can be with each of us in our struggles, praises and day to day life. I share with many of these ladies, fear, learning to let go of my children and trust God’s pan for them. My youngest son is heading back to college tomorrow and I pray for God’s blessings and protection on him as he begins a new year. For healing in his health as he was recently diagnosed with celiacs disease. As a college student, it is difficult to eat so strictly. My oldest son who has had so many health and legal issues is enrolled in college again, this is his third attempt. I pray God will fill him with strength and perseverance and confidence to get through this semester, so he can see positive change coming into his life. I also pray for our new puppy, yesterday he ate something and it was caught in his throat and we ended up in the ER at the veterinary hospital. We have to watch to see if he can pass what he swallowed so he will not need surgery. We have had so many financial burdens, I pray we don’t need this and he will be okay. I pray for my husband ho has been having health issues and all his hard work o ale ends meet and take care of his family. I just pray for strength and direction or me, sometimes I feel like I’m on a roller coaster that forgot to let me off. I pray for peace, direction, strength, and grace from my Lrd and Savior as I wlk side by side with Him in his journey that I don’t always understand but am learning to trust.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      I am praying for you sister. It can’t be easy while your sons are off at college. It is hard to let go of any loved one. Praying that you can SURRENDER EVERYTHING to God. Praying that health is restored and souls are renewed. Thanks for sharing today! Have a blessed week.

  52. I started writing something on my blog last Thursday to share with the bloghop, but after writing several paragraphs, I deleted everything. I knew what I was writing was in my head, but not in my heart. I felt like a hypocrite. I am still holding on even though I thought my palms were open. I have an adult daughter (28 years old) who has walked away from her God. Who is making choices contrary to everything she has ever been taught…. intentionally, lovingly, Iwantthebestforyou taught. I pray that God continues to draw her back to him. I thank him for what he is doing in her life. I know he is working it out for good. I pray those word so often, but I cannot say “…at any cost”. Those three words scare me to death. When Lysa shared, ‘One thing you can be assured of is that God has already worked out all the details of what your obedience will accomplish — and it is good. We need not fear what our obedience will cause to happen in our life. We should only fear what our disobedience will cause us to miss’. I know God loves her more than I do. I know he is jealous for the best for her. I need to be obedient and radically pray…. ‘at any cost bring her back to you’. But I cannot not. Please pray for her…. I am claiming Matt. 18:19-20 …. And pray for me. Radical obedience!!

    • Praying for you all. God loves you all.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Hi Connie,
      First of all your post has left me convicted about my own words. Thank you for that. I am lifting your daughter to our Father. You are right, we can’t do anything. God can do EVERYTHING! Praying with you, friend.

  53. Morning all! I want to praise God first for who He is & For all He’s done & Is Doing. He Is Faithful. I need prayer. I know that He knows our needs, desires, wants, but sometimes Trusting Him & Waiting on Him is so hard. Esp. When finances, job opportunities, dreams, plans are on hold. I’m experiencing financial problems. I recently graduated from college, & looking for work and just this week I interviewed at a district for a last minute teaching position. I thought for sure this was where he wanted me. However, I did not hear back and therefore know that I did not get the placement.
    I know that as children of God He does not want us begging and I know He is sovereign however discouragement swept in & im not sure where he is leading me. I will praise him in the good & bad.
    Please pray for me as He knows all that I’m struggling with to lay down.
    I will keep you all in my prayers. Thank you.

  54. Good morning,
    I want to praise and thank God for this study and the book. I want to hear God speak in every area of my life so that I can say yes to His will. I pray that I will be still and not give in to my own need to take care of myself and trust God to do so. I was abused as a child and trust is a big issue for me. Please pray I can let go of my fears and totally say yes to God and trust Him with my life and the lives of my children. Thank you and may all,you wonderful women be blessed!

  55. Carla Keller says:

    I just ask that you keep my husband in your prayers- he is doing good and is in a rehab facility for therapy before he comes home. I have felt the prayers that have been offered in our behalf and appreciate every one of them! I also ask for prayers for myself as I continue to work a full time job while caring for him-doing both has not always been easy.

  56. This week my husband and I both got new jobs. We moved to a very small town and we heard that it was hard to get jobs here unless you *know* someone. Also, my 13-year old daughter had been worried about moving here and finding friends. Last night, as we were leaving the ice cream parlor and she had been talking to some girls, she turned to me and said, “I’m so glad we moved here.” That made me feel so good! Thank you Lord for leading us to this next phase in our lives!

  57. Auzar Marut says:

    I just wanted to let Nikki know that I LOVED her video measage from this week. My husband has a college friend (who I have never met) battling Thymic cancer. They created T-Shirts to support him financially (hospital bills, etc) and my husband has bought one recently. And wouldn’t you know, I was folding laundry late a few nights ago and heard that familiar whisper when I pulled out that tshirt that said #kuykenstrong (His name is Shawn Kuykendall- please pray for him), and God moved on my heart so clearly to pray for this man, my husband’s friend whom I’ve never even met. Let me tell you, the Holy Spirit just moved.
    Absolutely. Totally. How awesome- a load of laundry changed my night and maybe changed Shawn’s through prayer. Praise God! God bless you OLB leaders and followers! Our God is so GOOD!! I’m trying harder and harder every day to see Him, to hear Him, and more importantly say YES to Him!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Nicki is awesome. Thanks for sharing! I think all of us are forever changed by the laundry story 🙂 Blessngs to you.

  58. My husband has had a difficult time finding full time employment in his field, since retiring from the military. His career is such that the longer he stays inactive the more difficult it will be for him to get hired, so we are hoping and praying for something very soon. I find myself trying to make things happen, rather than just waiting and trusting that the Lord will provide. And my husband is struggling a bit with his identity, and, honestly, I often struggle with my own view of him, especially when we hear of friends who have recently been offered jobs in his career field. Please pray that the Lord will soften my heart toward my husband during this time, and that while we are waiting, we would both be palms up, fully trusting God’s timing.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      I am praying for you both. It must be hard on both of you as well. When a spouse is struggling, the other spouse goes through many trials of their own. That is forgotten sometimes. Praying that your heart is softened and that you both fully and completely trust God. I want to share something I just read out of What Happens When Women Say Yes to God DEVOTIONAL, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing, and perfect will.” Romans 12:2 Lysa’s thought, “Just as God always speaks in accordance with His Word, he speaks in accordance with His character.”

      Praying with many other OBS sisters for you.

  59. Please pray for me because as I review over my day yesterday I’m sad to say that I did not obey. Yesterday I asked God for the strength to obey whatever my mom asked of me. To me this is difficult because we both butt heads a lot as we’re both strong willed. At the very end of the day she asked me to do something that made no sense to me so I said no. She asked again and I said no. She then made a comment on my lack of obedience. I know it was something minor but my heart just broke realizing while I declare that I will radically obey I completely failed!

    I really need prayer because obeying my mom is a difficult area in my life but I’m convicted that I won’t be able to move forward unless this is dealt with.

    I’m really blessed and encouraged by this study. This is my first obs and I love it! God bless all my sisters.

    • Ethel May Miller says:

      Sweetheart, you may be strong willed. BUT you also have a very sensitive heart. Learning obedience is not easy, but if you can learn to obey your Mom, you will be pleasing the Lord. And obeying the Lord will be easier when He asks something hard for you to do. Many of us have had to learn to give in. Bless you, Stacy, follow your sensitive heart instead of your strong will. Love you.

  60. Judy Flowers says:

    Please Pray FoR My Husband Keith He Is Steeped In Addiction And Has ColonCancer I Know God Can Do Anything We Are Not Together Because His Withdrawals And The Reluctance To Get In Detox Again He Is Very Sick We Have Only Been Married 3 Yrs He Is 56 Thanks

    • Judy, my heart breaks for you and I know that you long to see healing brought to your husband. My husband has been a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, and we have seen some very dark days. I know the struggles that you must be facing, but I am blessed to see that you are brave enough to share this heartache and prayer concern here with us. Yes, God can do anything and as we lift prayers to him, he can bring healing and strength to both you and your husband. Praying for you today!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      My heart is hurting with you sweet sister. CLING TO JESUS. He is our only hope! I am praying for you!

  61. I struggle with patience with my 5yr old son and just letting him be a 5yr old boy rather than the perfect person I think he should be. I don’t want him to remember me as a mom who was always after him about being too loud and too rough and all the things a normal boy does.

    • Amen! Amen! Oh how the Lord hears the cries of a mother’s heart. And letting our children be children can be so difficult. Heidi, I am joining you in prayer this morning for patience with our children.

    • I am right with you Heidi! I will be praying for you, as I struggle with the same issues-I have 2 year old and 4 year old boys and wow some days-probably most days I am in over my head! I’ve learned that I needed to let a lot of things go personally-worrying less about how messy my house is, how loud my boys are, and accept them for who they are. Not to say that we let them run totally wild but I truly believe God has used them to attempt to make me a better person. This is still a daily struggle for me, although I think keeping more of an eternal perspective has really helped. One book that I found really encouraging is Lysa Terkeurst’s “Unglued”. It made me feel less alone in my struggles and gave me more strategies for dealing with the everyday bumps in the road. I pray God continues to work in your heart and I hope you find encouragement and give yourself grace along the journey.

    • Heidi,
      I so understand what you’re going through. I have two boys- 5 and 7. They keep me very busy and some days I want to scream. Lysa’s book Unglued is a great. It helped me in just letting little things go. I try not to worry about how clean my house is or how much my 5 year old eats. I try to remember that my boys will soon grow up and not want Mommy around as much. I make an effort (some days it’s really HARD) to be present with them and ENJOY them for who they are. This isn’t easy and my 5 year old is bugging me to stop typing this right now, but I think if we spend time with them and love them that is what our children will remember. They won’t remember the details, but they will feel our love and Christ’s love through us. That is what counts!

  62. Prayers & Praise for all of you ladies. Can’t wait to see how God answers each & everyone of our needs & desires to glorify Him.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Me either. God is so good! I have been so blessed today.

  63. Good morning ladies!!! I am so glad The Lord has led me to this OBS because it has renewed my outlook on things and shown me that trusting in Him is the best thing for me. I’ve recently graduated from college and am starting a new job as a teacher. I have been a little overwhelmed this past week and I know that I just need to give all my anxiety up and let God lead me. Please pray that I will continue to let go and follow the path that The Lord has for me. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! #palmsup

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      It can’t be denied, Ashley! God is using OBS to CHANGE LIVES. He is so good. I love reading posts like yours. Thanks so much for sharing. I am praying that you can continue to be a YES girl and give EVERYTHING to Him.

  64. I am asking for prayers for my sister tammi, her life is really in a mess and she needs God’s directions, she knows God but I dont think she ever fully surrenders to Him, Please pray for her, Thanks you God Bless

  65. Please pray for my health. I am having lots of pain from what I think, is a response to surgery I had 8 months ago. I am very discouraged. I have had to miss work several days and really need to be there. I am having trouble doing daily tasks due to the pain. I pray for wisdom for my doctors as they try to determine the cause. I pray for complete healing. I pray that I will see Gods hand in all of this and I will continue to trust in Him.

  66. I need prayers for strength. God opened my eyes to my husbands drinking problem this week. I don’t know how to handle it. He is very loving when sober, but mean and hateful when he is drinking. He promised me that he is done after this weekend, but we have all heard that before. I need God to guide me so that I can continue to raise our girls to look for Godly husbands and not grow up hating their father. We have a 14 yr old and a 17 month old. I’m in pieces. I’m continually immersing myself in His word and prayer. Strength. God give me the strength I need to get through this and help my husband heal from his addiction. Amen.

    • Martha F. says:

      Hi Crystal,
      Just keep faithfully praying for your husband and God will hear you. If you can, seek counsel from a pastor for more guidance. God loves you.
      Blessing sweet OBS sister,

  67. I so needed the laundry example to help me bring “when obedience becomes radical” to an everyday simpler thought for me…Lord as I spend time today with my 80 year old mother I ask for patience and understanding…it’s a challenging relationship. Palms UP

  68. I just returned from a wonderful vacation in which I had plenty of time to be quiet and listen for God’s voice. I want so bad to be obedient to God. I am currently in a relationship with a man that I love which is putting myself in the middle, however, if I put God in the middle, I am not sure I am where I should be. I keep asking God for answers and I am having a difficult time discerning his voice. I pray that He will be loud and clear in this situation. He has been away from his wife for 12 years but never did anything legal about her leaving him. I told him last night that he is still considered a married man and that if he wants to honor God and me, he needs to get a divorce to finalize the end of his marriage. He did a lot of justification and rationalizing and that bothered me. In the end he said he would begin the process. I am sitting back to see if he does. Also he uses marijuana and that is illegal and bothers me alot. I am a born again christian and he is also. I do realize that everyone is in different places in their journey but this is something that gets in the way of me being able to truly commit to him. There are many wonderful aspects of our relationship and I ask for prayer for guidance in the this relationship.

    • Barbara,
      I would just encourage you that God has already spoken on this in His word and that it couldn’t be more clear. Follow what you know is right – do not be unequally yoked — it only leads to heartache and away from God’s best for you. Praying for you!

      • Renee, thank you for your encouragement. I always thought of being unequally yoked as not being with an unbeliever. He is a believer however we are unequally yoked when it comes to somethings. I am a substance abuse counselor and the marijuana think is against what I stand for. I have made a commitment to not be sexually active and to be obedient to God in this area. If this man tryly wants me he will do what he needs to do by getting divorced, stopping his drug use and honor no sex. I am praying because sometimes I wonder if God put me in this mans life to help him. I have a hard time in this area. I always want to help people and have a difficult time discerning when to help and when I am being codependent. Thanks for listening.

  69. Please pray that I can get back on track with the Bible Study. I have so much stress in my life and have found myself getting depressed again. If you could also please pray that God would heal my body so that I could have another baby, that would be great. Thank you.

  70. Constance Banther says:

    I pray for my family to look to god for answers and guidance, and that my husband and I be an example of the good life god has and can give if you only believe and follow god. I ask for prayers for my oldest son whom has a lot going on and just can’t seem to figure things out, 4 babies depend on his guidance and love. Three other boys that keep letting satin in, instead of god.

  71. Thank you all for the wonderful postings and prayer requests. I have each of you in my heart.
    I am very thankful for this BS and this site to request prayer and connect.
    Please I ask for prayer and clarity: i hurt my back about a month ago (disc and piriformis) which is healing very, very slowly. Please pray for Jehovah Rapha for complete healing. Also, asking for clarity for what God wants me to do as I wait on Him for a new job opportunity and his ministry. We moved and the extended long commute definitely contributed to my back injury.
    Thank you all and God bless.

  72. Hi everyone…I have just had the time to read a few of the praises and prayers and it seems like I could relate to almost every one of them. I have so many situations and issues in my life right now that I dont’ know where to start to ask for prayer. I am going to just name a few. I would like prayer for my grown daughter Hannah who has Bi-polar and is really having a hard time right now. Also for our finances and my husbands job situation. I felt God leading me to quit smoking so I bought the patch and am going to start at the beginning of the week. I know that I cant/t do it on my own because I have tried. After reading so many of the prayer request I can see that their are many loved ones and situations that I need to totally surrender to God and I woulld like to have prayer especially for that. Praying for everyone,,,:)

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Praying for you, Sherri. Remember through Christ you can do all things 🙂

  73. Michelle Romero says:

    Well I believe this is more of a praise report but would still love knowing y’all are standing in prayer with me about it.
    God has asked me to give Him my daughter. Now she’s 31 and lives in a different town than I do. You’d think that would be easy…..but she’s been sick her whole life, she married at 19 was diagnosed with a serious rare kidney disease. She got pregnant and everything went crazy (it’s been a 10 year-yes 10 year blur)! The baby-my sweet grand daughter-now ten was born 3 months early weighing 1 lb 10 oz. she was in NiCU for 3 months at a different hospital from my daughter, who by now was on dialysis. Well her husband left, too much to deal with I suppose. Fast forward 5 years and I donated a kidney to her and the transplant had its ups and downs but for the most part successful. My daughter will be on 28 medications for the rest of her life or life of the kidney. She must be careful as not to get sick because she is OB auto immuno suppressant drugs to keep her body from rejecting the kidney. Well she decides to be a nurse (yes, someone who is not suppose to be around sick people), for some reason the fact that she almost due several times and the fact that my grand daughter almost died multiple times did not push her into God’s loving arms but away from Him. She is living in sin now with her boyfriend and really does not live or choose to have God in her life. I tell you ALL of this so you understand how my life has been consumed with helping her physically, financially, emotionally. God told me to give her to Him. Ok…..wasn’t easy but I knew I heard God. So done! Well it’s very freeing to not have to spend hours and hours a day fretting and worrying over her. Of course I am still very concerned, especially because my sweet grand daughter is in the mix. But if you could please pray that I stay strong and true to God. I want to honor God and truly not take this back from Him. I also want to use this “free” time to pray for others and spend sitting as His feet and soaking up His love. I so love Jesus and want to focus on Him. If you could pray for my daughter it would be easier knowing others are praying for her as I will continue to do but now it’s just not a all consuming manner. Her name is Amber she’s 31 and grew up in a loving Christian home. She knows God and yet chooses to walk away. She lives with a man that she knows does not even like her daughter (hardest part ever) and he has never kept a job longer than 8 months at a time. This has been going on for 4 years. I’m concerned about her health because she is now a nurse and works not only around sick people but works so many extra shifts since he isn’t working for the past 5 months.
    I know there are many people with way worse issues and problems than this but I also know our God cares for each one of us and now that I have given this to Him I feel like asking others for prayers for her is very freeing and keeps me from taking it all back.
    Thank you for all you do and for this whole ministry. I’ve been beyond blessed by this study. #saywhay
    Praise God!

    • Praise God that you have been freed of this burden!!! Lord please bless Michelle to continue giving her daughter to YOU! You love her daughter more than even she does. Whether she is following you right now or not, you have apparently called her to be a nurse and you WILL take care of her. It may not always be the way that we would desire you to take care of her; but you know more than we do and your way is ALWAYS better than our way even if we don’t understand it. Bless Michelle’s little granddaughter . Protect her and keep her safe as she is too young to protect herself. Give Michelle an amazing PEACE that only you can give Lord Jesus. Let her be an example of your love for her daughter and granddaughter. In Jesus Name, Amen

    • Ethel May Miller says:

      In the end, the only thing we can do for our loved ones is to give them to the Lord. Michelle, I am so glad you have been able to do that and pray that you will not take your daughter back. Of course you also realize that you are entrusting your precious grand daughter to the Lord as well. Bless you and keep clinging to Jesus, He is our only hope.

    • Christina says:

      praying for you and Amber

  74. Michelle Romero says:

    Sorry, on iPad.

  75. Dana Murphy says:

    Hi! I just want to first say thank you so much for this bible study! It has come at the most perfect time for me and am just so grateful for everyone.

    I’m asking for prayers for continued peace for myself. My mother passed away unexpectedly 3 months ago and am now in the process of a divorce..I’ve been surprisingly strong through my mothers death and the issues in my marriage. I moved out a couple of weeks ago with hopes of that maybe repairing our marriage. He then gave me divorce papers a few days later….We have 2 young boys together who so far don’t seem to be affected by everything going on.

    I really can’t believe how strong I’ve felt through all this. I know it’s because I have God in my life now and I also know all my family and friends prayers are helping as well. I had a bad day yesterday, just feeling really sad and down and out…and even woke up today not feeling the way I wanted to…my talks with God even feel a little empty. I really want to get back to that peaceful spot I was in. For my kids, for myself and for everyone around me. I just need to remember that God has a plan and His plan is only for good.

    Thank you everyone in advance for your prayers! And know I’m praying for y’all too as I read through these!

  76. Thank you for answering my struggling prayer. I know God is calling me & I know what I need to do but @ 62 yrs. old I’m always questioning to make sure it is God calling & not my own selfish desires.

  77. I would also like to ask for prayer for an eight year old boy named Even who is having a hard time adjusting to school. I met his mom at the Christain book store yesterday. Thanks 🙂

  78. The wife of a pastor says:

    I am a pastor’s wife and blessed mother of three grown children. I am proud of who they are as they continue on their individual Jeremiah 29:11 journeys. My life as a pastor’s wife has been my biggest challenge. My husband and I serve in ministry at a wonderful church that have shown us love over 30 plus years. Many pastors’ wives cannot say that. I rejoice daily over this blessing. Unfortunately, my marriage has not fared as well. I am married to a wonderfully compassionate man who suffers with rejection issues from childhood atrocities. (not physical). Therefore, understandably so, he gravitates to areas that affirm him while I have been the voice of reality when he discovers he has left our time together out of his life’s equation. Seminars, conferences, conventions, and the like draw his attention because of he is held in high esteem in the eyes of fellow ministers at these gatherings. Hearing the cries of his wife for rich, quality personal time together are unwarranted despite the plethora of apologies that usually follow heated arguments because people with rejection issues feel they are being attacked when they hear their promises reviewed. Eventually, from his heart he’ll share “I hear you honey and I promise I will put you above all except the Lord from now on.” Of course, these promises are only followed by more promises rather his ability to safely fulfill his promises. While I am praying more than before for him, I ask for prayer for healing, patience (oh boy!), and understanding. This problem has plagued us for over 30 years. YET….I wouldn’t trade him as my husband for anything! Thank you for your prayers

    • Just lifting you up today…I can imagine this is very hard! I am so blessed to hear you wouldn’t trade your hubby for anything. Lord, please be with your daughter today. Show her how much you love her…be present to her. And please Lord, get the attention of her hubby. Help him to hear you beckoning him home to be with her. And allow them to spend the next 30 years more in love, more loving toward one another and all that means, and with each other as first priority here on earth. In your power to change us, Lord, Amen!!

    • Dear Pastor’s wife;
      I pray that the Lord will strengthen your marriage today. That he will show you in someway that he is hearing your prayer. I lift you up in prayer today asking the Lord to speak to your husband to show him what are his priority. That he has been given a gift of having a loving and caring wife beside him all these years. That he would know how to organize his time to make time with wife. That they will both be enriched with love and passion when they spend time together. We thank you Lord because you are using them to teach others your word but don’t forsake my sister’s need for her husbands companionship. Protect them from anything Satan would want to destroy. I believe that you will answer my sister’s prayer and give her strength to persevere. Thank you Lord!

  79. Becky Kneller says:

    Praise Report! My dear friend from High School has been pursuing adopting three siblings from Columbia. Mike and his wife Holly have adult children and grandchildren. God opened all the doors! With the help of their church family have raised the funds needed. The children will be in their forever home by Christmas. Praise be to God!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Wooooooo Hoooooooo!

  80. Natalie H says:

    Prayer for strength. I have had some bad attacks from the enemy this week and he always seems to use my husband. It hurts so much more but I know it’s not him so I try not to let it bother me.

    • Ethel May Miller says:

      This might be of some help to you. My problem was being attacked verbally before I was awake every morning. I started praying before I fell asleep that the Lord would just protect me — to put a shield about me — Put be in a bubble. It was a tremendous help to me It didn’t solve the problems in our relationship, but it preserved my sanity. Bless you Dear Natalie.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Sweet Natalie,
      i am lifting you in prayer. The enemy is out to kill and destroy and wants us to feel overwhelmed with our circumstances. Cling to Jesus. Praise and thank Him for the truths that you do know. Praying, sister.

  81. Lisa Taylor says:

    I am feeling God leading me in a direction that is so scary for me, please pray that I open my eyes and ears so I can hear and see the right direction I am to go in….Thank y’all so much for this wonderful Bible study, I am loving my group (21) the ladies are awesome and so is our leader…..Praising God to be alive !!!!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Praying, sweet friend. You have some awesome leaders 🙂

  82. Verna Miller says:

    I have been so blessed by this Bible study! Please pray for my oldest (18) son who has gone through two major back surgeries and has been diagnosed with OCD. He really questions Gods love and plans for his life. Pray for me as a mom that I could relate to and continue to teach my four teenage sons and 6 year old daughter Gods ways. I also homeschool and I know it’s a wonderful opportunity although I feel overwhelmed at times.

  83. Good morning,

    As I sit in my comfy chair reading these praises and prayer requests, I’m so thankful for this OBS. I have never actually participated in one until now but I know The Lord had a reason to send this one to me. With me not working since July due to health issues, I have struggled with depression and just feeling there is no purpose. However, I’m learning everyday The Lord has a plan and I’m saying Yes.

    I pray for my health physically, mentally and most of all spiritually. I pray for all these ladies in this OBS that we grow stronger to The Lord and if we all say Yes to God imagine the difference we can all make in our areas. There are so many places represented that Yes We Can Make Difference and hopefully touch others to Say Yes To God. Thank you all so much. In Christ’s Love for all of you!

  84. Loving Wife says:

    I am at a point where I want to be closer to God. So many things are going on in my life and I feel he is calling me closer to him. I ask for prayer that I can continue to say yes to God and be obedient to him. My husband is working and his job takes him near countries that are at war. I am praying that God will watch over my husband and his co-workers and lead them safely back home. My faith in God has always been present, but the older I get I feel like there is more I can do to strength it with him. I continue to look for ways and hopes he guides me to do what I need to accomplish this. Thank you for this OBS #Palms Up.

  85. Thankyou for the OBS. I feel so blessed. Please pray for my grandson, Daniel. My husband and I have custody of him since 2010. I feel the Lord leading me to turn everything over to him. I know that God has entrusted me and my husband to raise him. Things are getting very complicated and of course I worry about everything. His mother hasn’t seen him in 2 yrs (he is 4 yrs old now). My son, his father is in and out of his life and gives me the most grief. We are seeing a lawyer on Tuesday about adoption. Please pray that I can let go and let God handle everything.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I am praying that God gives you clear direction and you gain peace with what is decided.

  86. Good morning all! I have both a praise and a prayer request. First the praise. My daughter got married in June and moved to New Jersey (far away from us in Colorado) with her new husband. She is an elementary school teacher and had applied for 30 positions to no avail. She was about to settle for a 3 month extended sub position that was less than optimal given her area of expertise and her experience. My husband and I prayed and I urged her to do the same. I believe she has somewhat of a relationship with the Lord but I don’t believe she knows how to trust Him. I assured her that God had a plan and would take care of her as he always did, but she wasn’t all that sure. Low and behold two days ago she got two interviews and was offered both jobs. The Lord came through once again! Praise Him!!!
    My prayer request is ongoing – has been on both my husband’s and my heart for 2 years now. The man my daughter married is a solid, kind, caring, loving and good man. However, he does not know the Lord. He has always been very respectful of our faith – accompanied us to church on Easter and Christmas, bows his head when we pray (doesn’t say Amen) and was gracious about my daughter’s insitence they get married in the church. I believe, as does my husband, that God put him in our family for a reason and that he will come to a faith some day. He is a surgical residence and I can’t help but believe that he will sometimes have an Aha! moment when he understands the miracle of the human body and that God is the creator and sustainer of life. So – please join me in praying that our son-in-law come to know the Lord.

  87. Brenda C. says:

    My heart skipped a beat as I read over the words from today’s blog post. You see, God has placed a request upon my heart to show Him that I’m really ready to be obedient to him and to live a life in Christ & that I should do so by becoming baptized. My first response was over a year ago with : ok, I’ll think about it.” Than He asked me again in the winter. & I only went as far as looking up the process at my church. I once again retreated to my shy nature of skimming along in my faith & trying to fly under the radar at church, keeping my relationship with God just between us as I was nervous that I would be rejected based on who I was In my past. But than God asked again in the spring & a break through happened. During a very special Bible study, I found Gods love! The love that everyone had been talking about but I didn’t understand. The bond that was created between myself and God was life changing. I finally felt Him with My whole heart and wanted to devote myself to him for my whole life. So, I got serious & started the application process of becoming baptized at my Church. The process starts with an application, followed by an interview. One of the questions on the ap is : why do you want to be baptized ? & My answer was : “to show God I’m ready to be obedient by displaying to Him that my heart believes what my mind and mouth are Saying !” So you see, the words from todays post spoke directly to me. Like God is reasurring to Him that I’m on the right path. Today is my interview with my church! So, ladies, I ask for you to please pray for me as I embark on this next step of my journey with God. I’m hoping to have the words today that will help me during the interview. If all goes well & it’s of the will of God. I’ll be baptized in all His glory next Wednesday. & I know in my heart that this act of obedience will radically change my life with Christ.
    Sweet Blessings !

    • Praise God for your decision to be obedient. Our Pastor just baptized 2 adults last Sunday that had been struggling with obedience to this for many years! It was a joyous occasion!!!!

  88. As I was reading your email this morning, it gave me goosebumps. I have been praying about taking a mission trip to Liberia. I have friends there that are natives and have a ministry. So I am guessing your email is one of my confirmations to my Yes to God about going!!!

    God bless!!

  89. Katherine says:

    Please pray for a job opening. We are currently a one income family in need of another job to sustain us. Thanks!

  90. I am here again and after I put my prayer request for my Grandson, Daniel I started praying and reading and the Lord gave me this scripture; Philippians 4:6 – Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Praise God !!!

  91. I just want to send up a prayer of thanks for every single woman on this journey through this Bible Study. God bless each and every single one of you.

  92. It has been a very busy week and at times worrisome because of long hours at work and having to meet face to face with my child. For years I’ve been battling with her drug addiction. Yes, I thought I could be the one to make her stop by finding a solution. Of course, nothing I tried worked. It has taken years for me to get this point. I lost my way, I lost myself and in a way-God and I had a strained relationship. But my relationship with God changed about 18 months ago I felt him bless me in a garden while I was praying. It was wintertime and bitterly cold but there I sat for like an hour and what I felt comforted me in ways therapy could never do. I can’t say that I’ve felt that blessing again. And while I have gotten stronger in spirit, there are times I’m not sure if I’m hearing God correctly. I am trying these five questions and I’m trying to practice to let go and let God.

    Thank you for the class.

    • Maripat,
      Praying this morning that you hear God today. I pray that you feel Him guiding you, touching you, and leading you. I am always reminded to be still and really listen. I pray that even in the business of today, your inner self can be still and hear Him. I pray for your relationship with your child. Sending you big hugs today.


  93. Praising God for His presence and thankful for this day…However, I’m a little concerned about how this mama is going to get through the release of my youngest daughter to college today. It is so truly bittersweet. I am so happy for her and so thankful for all the years I was blessed to be a mom to a houseful. And I have lots to do. It’s just my heart is hurting as I imagine my home empty without her. I have a wonderful hubby, but it’s not the same as my daughter playing piano, singing, traipsing in and out with her friends, goodnight kisses, Love you mom…every day. Thanks!

    • Elise,
      Wow! A daughter going to college! How my heart aches for you. I’m sending you a huge virtual hug right now. I pray that today you spend time hearing God’s voice as you send your precious one out to the world. I pray that you feel His comfort as your memories scroll through the years. Hang on to Him today. Lord, I ask that you fill Elise with Your comfort. I pray that she is surrounded by happiness and joy as she envisions the homecoming when her daughter comes home. I pray for peace and direction, Lord, in the weeks to come as she adjusts to this new life. Lord, I pray for her daughter…guide her Lord, keep her in Your arms. Thank you Lord for mamas like Elise. Amen.

      Be blessed today, sister.

    • I will be praying for you as you start this new season of your daughter leaving for college. I have a daughter going away to college. It’s hard to leave our little girls go. A friend told me that I will enjoy my weekends with her and the holidays. That they will be extra special because of the times you’ve been apart. That was comforting to me and I hope it comforts you. God is in control of our children. Let’s trust him to help us let go and let them experience life. Praying for you.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      My daughter is starting her second year. 9 hours away! Our relationship has actually gotten stronger. With all of the technologies it is so easy to stay in touch. and the actual face-to-face is more meaningful and appreciated now.

  94. I wanted to say Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to start this Bible Study. I started a blog which I am learning to create. It’s a start. But the greatest blessing I received this week is from a message I received from a cousin of mine. She thanked me for all the posting about the Bible Study and my encouraging words on facebook. I always think that posting anything on facebook is a waste of time but you never know who’s heart you may touch. Hopefully we can touch people through this avenue to encourage and provide resources for people that may need it. She told me such beautiful things that I feel God was showing me to be obedient even when it doesn’t make sense to me and sounds tedious. God can use you right where you are to give someone hope. Thank you everyone for your encouragement through these comments.

    • It’s a blessing to receive confirmation from the Lord through others. Thank you God and please bless Maritza to continue to pay attention to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and say yes! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

  95. Good morning,

    This entire week God has been softly speaking to my heart. I have felt His presence daily. I praise Him for guiding me and holding me. But I come with a heavy heart asking for prayers this morning. I am a divorced mom with two teen daughters (I am remarried). My girls father was both a physically and verbally abusive man in our marriage and continues to verbally abuse our daughters. Well, several months ago, he lost his job. Then within weeks of that, he went to the doctor and found out he has stage 2 cancer. He has had surgery and will begin cancer treatments in the next few weeks. My husband has been guiding us in praying for him , showing him kindness, and listening to his concerns regarding our daughters. This has been tough because my ex is very manipulative and still attempts to control me as well as verbally abuses me. Yet, I continue to feel God saying “do this because I love this man regardless of his sins. He needs to see Me through your actions”. Ugh. This is so hard because my ex is so unkind and mean. Yet I continue to cover it in prayer and do as I feel lead with my husband’s blessing. So my main prayer request is for my daughters. They do not want to see their dad at all. As it is currently, they see him maybe twice a month for a few hours (we only live 1 mile apart). They have not seen him since school started and both expressed to me how they feel so much less stress since they have not had to see him. My oldest last night told me how she is just tired of him being mean and doesn’t feel like seeing him is helpful to her already busy, stressful life. Yet, I spoke to my ex last night and although he was very angry and yelling at me a lot, I could feel his pain in losing his daughters even more. I could sense how alone he is and how much he aches to know his daughters. Yet, the momma bear in me hates to put these beautiful girls of mine in harms way. So I ask today if you all would join me in praying for my family. God has clearly shown me what I need to do in relation to my ex…show him kindness when I can. But, I don’t yet have an answer on how to guide my girls in their relationship with their dad. My heart is so heavy. By the way, my girls are believers and understand showing their dad respect and honor but they struggle with his constant meanness and the hurt he inflicts on them. Thank you for joining me in prayer.

    • Hi Kristi,
      I just want to let you know that your family and your ex-husband are in my prayers. I know you must be emotionally drained. I can sense the heaviness in your spirit. I will continue to lift you and your family in prayer.
      Hang on to Jesus!

    • Lord, Please give Kristie wisdom in this situation. Help her know how to show kindness to her ex-husband and yet protect her daughters at the same time. Please guide her by your Holy Spirit. Bless her for her willingness to obey you in his tough situation. Help her Jesus.

    • You must have a pretty amazing husband now–to desire to pray for your ex in such a powerful way! It must be a VERY hard thing to do! I pray that your kindness to your ex’s ugliness might be what God uses to call him to a personal relationship with Him. When we are dealing with a particularly ugly situation, we try to reinforce to our children that whoever the person is that is unbearable, we remind them that his sin is no worse than our own and he/she is still a being created in the image of God; he NEEDS Jesus as much as we did and do. And then we remind them that we are to pray for our enemies…praying for those difficult people in our lives helps US to bear the ugliness. God bless you and yours as you deal with this situation.

    • Hi, I am sorry for your tough situation. I also agree with Christine that it sounds like your husband takes a strong spiritual role, that is great! I wondered if your ex is a believer, that way I could know to pray for his salvation if he isn’t. I hope things smooth out. My ex husband is not involved at all. He has never held his son because he left shortly after he was born. He was also abusive and neglectful. He is not a believer but someone recently told me they pray daily for his salvation. I don’t want to think about him ever, let alone daily pray for him. So I understand that feeling you have as well, so it is great your husband is helping you. Praying for everything. God has an amazing way of working out the bad things to help us to become better than we were had we not gone through that tough thing. I pray your daughters’ damage would heal, that no more damage would be inflicted on them from their father, but what has already happened to be used to create a strong godly character within them.

    • Kristie, I will keep your daughters and you in my prayers. I will also pray that your EX will find guidance as well for his and your daughters’ sake in the future. Bless you.

  96. I have a prayer request. Our family has moved to a new state and my youngest son is having a hard time with it. In the beginning he was so upset that we were moving. This caused issues with my husband and I. Then my son dealt with it……so I thought. It’s been almost two months now and yesterday my son lost it. He’s 15 and felt that he had started to fit in and get settled in school and then the move. He hates it and wants to go home. We’ve prayed and I’ve told him to pray. Right now I am so broken………he’s my son that I love so dearly and can’t seem to help him. Please, pray for peace and comfort to cover him. Thank you a me God bless

    • Oh Kimber, that is a HARD place to be. My mother moved us the summer after my sophomore year of high school. I was NOT a happy camper. I understand your sons misery 🙂 Father God, please comfort this young man. Send him a special friend that he can connect to that will help the transition he’s having to make. Give Kimber and her husband wisdom in dealing with their son’s frustration. Cover this family with your peace Lord God.

  97. My husband is looking for a new job. He’s been with this company for 11 years and we thought he’d retire from there, but things have changed and his income isn’t what it once was; and it probably won’t recover. It is quite evident God is moving him away from this company. He’s had 2 great interviews lately and both have narrowed their search to him and 2 others. I stay home and home educate our 4 children; so there is no “supplemental” income. I know God is in complete control and he has always taken care of us (sometimes in ways that seem strange to our human minds) but there are 6 mouths to feed, so it’s a little-nerve wracking. We are visiting “home” in a few weeks (my Daddy’s getting MARRIED after nearly 30 years of singleness-prayer for him and his soon to be wife, are appreciated too) it would be nice to know something before we make that trip. Thank you ladies! You have all been such a blessing to me these 2 weeks!

  98. I really get tired of feeling sorry for myself. What does God want? That is the question. What is He saying to me in all this? I fight laziness, self-pity, taking the easy way, complaining. I want to learn to live in praise, thankfulness, sacrificing, giving, living for Him above all. I want to trust that whatever God allows in each day is for His ultimate purpose and plan. I want to yield not resist. I want to embrace the moment. I want to let go of what I can’t control. I want to hold all that is in my life with open hands lifted up. Not clinging, not clutching, not desperately trying to control what doesn’t really belong to me anyway. I want to step out and trust and obey Him without weighing the pros and cons and trying to decide if I can handle the cost. I want to go all-in. put everything I have, everything I am, and everything I can be in His hands and let go. Instead of physical comfort, I want to seek living bread, instead of the illusion of control, I want to seek the freedom of free-falling into His loving arms, instead of holding on tight to what I think are my treasures, I want to let go and allow Him to give me riches I can’t imagine. When my last day comes, I don’t want to regret that I didn’t trust Him more. I don’t want to regret that I did not obey when I heard His voice. I want to hear Him say, “Well, done.” I know my soul is His forever. I praise Him for that. But I want to know that I spent more of my life laying up treasures and rewards in heaven than I did seeking temporary rewards down here. Father, please help me day by day make the choices that will allow me say I finished the work you gave me to do. May my life be pleasing to You.

  99. Heather P says:

    I finished Chapter 1 this morning. I still have the same fear I had 2 years ago. But I do request prayer that I can get a teaching job in the next week. Thanks for the prayers!

  100. Once again thank you for this wonderful online Bible Study. I never begin my day without taking the time for devotions and have been blessed to do so since my children (who are now 39 and 42) were little boys. There’s no better way to begin the day than by taking that quiet time alone with Jesus!!! I’m grateful for the blessing of adding OBS to my devotional/Bible Study time. I know God is strenghtening me through this wonderful ministry.
    I ask in Jesus Name that you please pray for my oldest son who is in need of a job. He is a cooperate attorney and was “downsized “in December of last year from the job he has had for over 4 years (along with about 13 other attorneys in that company). And to this day, he still does not have a job. He’s a good attorney and a graduate of both Brown University and Cornell Law School. And I honestly don’t know what “obstacles” are standing in the way of him obtaining a good job because in my opinion 9 months is much too long to go without a job in his field of work with the major credentials that he has. But whenever I ask him anything about it, he’s very vague and doesn’t say much of anything. So I’m asking for prayer that whatever may be “standing in his way”(even if he’s blocking his own blessing) that God would please “remove all mountains and obstacles” and that He would open the door for my son giving him the job He has for my son(because I do believe that God has that job for him) and that my son would receive it. I also specifically ask that the job would not cause him to have to move from the area because he wants to be close enough to still be able to be with his 8 year old son when he can. I ask in Jesus Name that the job would provide him with the kind of income and benefits that he has always had that will allow him to continue to live comfortably and peacefully. Please stand with me for the right job (God’s Job) for my son so that by the time Labor Day gets here he will be FULLY EMPLOYED as the corporate attorney that he is and has been since the late 90’s.
    Thanks be to God and thanks to you for your prayers!

  101. About 2 years ago I was going through a rough patch. my car broke down on the highway at night. I was trying to figure out why my last relationship didnt work and how long was i going to play the field again. i was REALLY tired of it so i prayed that God would bring me someone. Fast forward a year. Two weeks ago Chris and I got married. I couldn’t be happier!!

  102. For years I shunned the Proverbs 31 ministries because of the name; I have always felt inferior to that woman in that chapter! A Facebook friend shared an Unglued post by Lysa TerKeurst and I felt understood for the first time. I decided to join the OBS Saying Yes to God. About that same time I was asked to take a 4 month maternity substitute teaching job for kindergarten. I love subbing – on my own schedule, jumping from room to room, implementing plans I didn’t have to write, being the cool chick that didn’t have to enforce the class rules daily! This was overwhelming to me – to be the first teacher this group of kiddos ever has, to enforce class rules with consistency, to come alongside parents in this journey. So many others have special training, more experience, the desire to do this full time but I kept being reminded of the story of Moses and how he kept telling God he couldn’t do it. I didn’t want that to be my story as well so I said yes. I feel I said yes to God more than the teacher on bedrest or the administration looking for a four month replacement. School has just started (three days in) and so far it has been amazing. The mirror that reflects me flaws has not left me as discouraged as I can see it for the opportunity to improve. Praise God! Please pray for me as I continue this journey through the end of 2013 and for the teacher that is on bedrest – that she and baby girl will be safe and healthy and see God’s plan for them in this. Thank you P31.

  103. Allison M. says:

    Good morning! Praise report: 1. My mom did awesomely through the first administering of the chemo treatment that the doctor said was the least likely to kill her heart, but the most likely to send her crashing…no reaction at all! After the shot we anointed the injection site with oil and prayed over her. 2. I heard God speak LOUD AND CLEAR when I was about to pull onto a train track, waiting for traffic to move. I didn’t see OR hear a train, and thinking it was safe, I was going to pull up and wait for traffic to continue. A distinct voice said, “DO NOT PULL ON TO THE TRACKS” and 30 seconds later, I heard guard arms start clanging and they came down, and then a train whistle and a train….about 3 feet from the front of my car! I was BETWEEN the train and the guard arms. GOD IS AWESOME!!! Prayer requests: Please keep my mom in prayer, she has to do the treatments for another 3 weeks. Pray for my husband, Kevin, I think he’s not being honest with me about his addiction to drugs, and it’s pulling me apart. He works a full time job and gets paid daily and this week he’s contributed $45 to the family fund, and won’t tell me what he does with his money. Thanks for being here for me! 🙂

    • Allison, I’m happy your mom did have difficulty with her treatment I’ll say a prayer for her. Also a prayer that the Lord will open the eyes of your Husbands heart and heal him. God bless you, Cindy

    • Allison, I was going through the blogs and noticed a mistake in my reply to you earlier although I pray you know it was a typo, I mean’t to say I’m glad your mom DID NOT have difficulty with her treatment. I’m so sorry. Cindy

      • Allison M. says:

        Cndy, I understood! i’m the typo queen when I don’t go back and double check LOL, so I read typo fluently! 🙂 Thank you so much for your prayers! 🙂

  104. I have been doing Lisa’s Unglued challenge along with yes to God Bible study they have both been so amazing. To give you a bit of my history so that you can see how much yesterday mean’t to me without going on and on and losing you. Almost five years ago the Lord gripped me, he wooed me back to him and my life has never been the same. Not knowing that he was also preparing me for my daughter who passed away February 13th this year and preparing me to care for my grandchildren. Some say they don’t know how I handle this and I tell them I couldn’t if it wasn’t for the strength that the Lord gives me. My granddaughter is with her father and she is happy even though I miss her so much, she has lived with me most of her life. But I want what is best for her and know the Lord is in control and she excepted the Lord and was Baptized June 30th. My grandson who is almost three has a different father who is not a very nice person I do pray for him. I am trying to get guardianship of my grandson. The Lord has really taken care of us and although I am afraid at times I know he is in control. Yesterday was an amazing day the Lord showed his love in so many ways. I had to go to my granddaughter school and tell them she would not be attending because she was living with her dad now. I almost didn’t go because I knew I would get upset being in the school she has gone to for the four years but I went in and I did get upset but the staff and teachers at this school are so amazing I got hugs that made it ok. Then we went to the laundry mat and met this sweet lady around my moms age and her daughter. Her mother was visiting from CA and we had such a nice conversation part of which was about the Lord. I shared the Bible study I was taking and how wonderful the Proverbs team was and real and all the wonderful ladies that are taking the BS. Then we went to the grocery store, well we go in there all the time so they know us and I talked to several customers, one lady told me she had had a heart attack and that was how she lost 40 lbs. we were talking about about healthy food lol. I talk to strangers all the time but have so much fun because they share their life with you and anyway I just felt loved by the Lord so much yesterday and came home and wrote in my pretty little flowered journal I bought just for this bible study thanks to the sweet girls at Proverbs 3l ministry I am now writing in a journal that I have been trying to do forever now. And reading unglued with is a must with a three year old lol. This morning the bible verse that touched my heart so, just as if God said it out loud. Isaiah 43:1 But now, this is what the Lord says – he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” Thanks for letting me share, THE LORD IS GOOD!

  105. I have been working on the fruits of the spirit and listening to God this week. I, like so many women have stated, find myself worrying about my kids. My middle son leaves for his second year of college in two days and it is he that I have worried most about the last year due to some difficult situations when he was at school and a lot of changes in his life(breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, friend issues etc). I need big prayers in letting my worry about him be given over to God. Please pray for me to work on my radical obedience through turning my worries regarding him and my other two sons over to God and knowing that God is working for their good. Please help me to minister to all 3 of my sons, especially the two in college-to be demonstrate the fruits of the spirit to them in such a way that they will stay close to God during this time in college where it is easy for kids to get further away from Him. I offer praise this week for my ability to quiet myself way more than usual and starting to be able to look and listen to God in my every day.

  106. I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful study. Please pray for me in this upcoming week. I am to be baptized on the 25th and I have been struggling. I need a renewal of the fire in me. I have always struggled with being single and childless, and at 46 this has become even harder. I have had overwhelming sense of loneliness recently and have been feeling a bit isolated. I have tried hard to give my singleness and the feelings towards it to God and His will. This has been difficult for me and I keep wanting to try and fix this all myself. I am praying for a lifting of my spirit and direction in my personal life. Thank you all and God bless you all!!!

    • The devil knows about your upcoming baptism, and is totally trying to destroy that! Ahhh spiritual warfare! I am single and childless as well, and sometimes the loneliness is so hard to deal with (not to mention the feelings of inadequacy, etc!). Praying for a lifting of your spirits so that you can soar in this wonderful life God created for you!!! God bless 🙂

  107. I want to thank our Lord for continually showing Himself to me, as promised. I feel as if He is preparing me for something big (radical?) so I also pray that I remember that He will never leave me, and whatever is to happen, He will be by side the entire time.

  108. Linda Paver says:

    I just want to thank God for “dumping” this Bible Study into my life without giving me a chance to say no! #SayWhat I can’t believe how many #Say What moments have occurred in my life this week and I praise God for all of these:-) I think God is calling me to radical obedience for a major life altering situation regarding my physical health. That may be why I’m having so much knee and leg pain in my right leg that doesn’t seem to go away and can sometimes be quite severe. I think this is a praise but also a challenging, long term #SayYes commitment. Please pray for strength and courage to determine this is really God’s will and I will be radically obedient in the coming weeks, months, and years. This is really a long term #SayWhatSayYes commitment. Thank you P31

  109. Debbie G. says:

    I would like to ask that our Women’s Encounter be covered in prayer. It will occur next Friday and Saturday (August 23 & 24). It’s our 40th Encounter, and our entire staff senses something shifting for this event – we believe God has BIG plans for it! We sense a deeper, more relevant event and the evil one is not holding back on trying to trip us up! We’ve had sudden & lingering illnesses, family problems, car problems, things disappearing, confusion and all KINDS of craziness as we have been preparing – especially in the last week. Please pray for a hedge of protection around our team, the participants and the event site and for the success of the event as women draw ever closer to our Abba Father.
    Thank you so much to the OBS team – this study is spectacular!!! 🙂 may God richly bless ya’ll!

  110. Please pray for my adult son who has chosen a life of drugs over work and family. He has recently lost his job and I can’t imagine what his future holds. I am so scared for him! And unfortunately this brings a lot of feelings of failure as a Mother to me. I want to trust God and know all is well but can’t shake this aweful feeling! Please pray for Brian and our family! Thank you!

  111. Karen Weller says:

    Thank you for popping into my email each day. It is always encouraging to start my day here. I have never trusted God like I do now in my life. It was a radical experience and I am totally changed. I promise anyone that has any doubt to let go and let HIM in. It will truly change your life…take a look at me now! I love you Lord with all my hear and soul. Singing your praises every day in every way!

  112. My husband’s aunt and uncle are having some health challenges and really need God’s healing…

  113. Praying for God to give me patience and wisdom when it comes to dealing with certain people in my life. All of a sudden my anger is aroused and I turn into a person God would not want me to be. I am in a difficult situation right now at the age of 29 I am once again living with my parents who have been very generous and willing to open up their home with grace. Allow me to return the kindness they have shown me.

    • Ahhh Mindy, a kindred spirit! 🙂 I am 29 as well, and had been discussing moving back in with my parents just to try and save up some money, but I could not make myself do it as I get really snippy after a long day (when all they are trying to do is ask how my day was!). I tend to run very short on patience, which is another thing I’m working on! Anyways, praying for you for patience and wisdom! God bless 🙂

  114. God led me several times this week to do just small things that I normally wouldn’t have even thought to do (just going out of my way to help others, doing a little more than what is needed); and the response was amazing! I was tuned in to God’s gentle nudges, and since I said yes to them other people were able to see God’s light through me, and in turn I was the one who was blessed as well! I am so thankful I had those opportunities this week!

    I also had a big opportunity come up this week, so I’d appreciate prayers for guidance for myself and everyone in my family who would be involved in the decision-making. I have never lived more than ten minutes away from my parents, but I would be moving three hours away (not bad) to be with my boyfriend of 6 years and for a (what I hope would be, and should be) an incredible job. However I have many fears! I will be using the 5 question filter for sure 🙂 So thankful I said yes to this study! 🙂

    Thank you all for everything and for all you do!!! 🙂

  115. PRAISE REPORT!!! I had requested prayer for my husband and his back problems. We are having a lot of issues and God has shown up this week! I know it’s the prayers from all of the #YesToGod girls, the staff of Proverbs 31 Ministries that have contacted me via email, and my friends, family and church family. Heaven has been bombarded! In short, I chose to focus on God this week and keep Him first in my life and rely on Him. He has taken care of many problems that burdened me and laid heavily upon my heart. Thank you ALL so much and Praise God for His faithfulness. His promises are true, His love is unconditional, His mercy is never ending, His grace is sufficient!

  116. Dear Yes Girls. I’m struggling today. Could you pray over me please?

  117. Dear Yes Girls, I’m struggling today. Could you pray over me please?

  118. I can relate to the Pastor’s Wife. My husband was a teacher for 20 years and it seems that every child came first; before me and our chlidren. He changed careers do to medical issues, and then his clients came first because they would praise him. He also had wounds from childhood rejection. He decided after 31 years of marriage that he could not be happy married (at least to me).I really would appreciate your prayer -He left last July to take a job in another state. After being there for less than three months, he asked for a divorce and has been living with another woman since November 2012. He has signed the divorce papers, but I have not. The final divorce is supposed to be filed on September 5th, our 32nd anniversary. God has been faithful through this entire year to show me things that I needed to see, but HE has also given me a heart of forgiveness. I am praying for the Holy Spirit to speak to my husband and change his heart. It will take a miracle.

  119. A big praise from me is that God is moving greatly in my life and in the lives of my family members! Just a lot of amazing things are happening and it is great to see. Last night was such a lovely night for me, usually nights are hard for me. I become nervous and fearful and vulnerable feeling. Last night my husband found our music CD’s from our wedding and started playing them. He took my hand and we danced to a few of them and he sang some of them to me. While we danced the kids were happy and the baby squeezed inbetween us and danced with us. It just was a lovely time, it seemed like scene out of a movie almost. I kept thanking God for His love and for the love of my family.

    I prayer request I have is that while God is moving, I don’t want to squelch it. I have a tendency to let my humanity dictate my actions. I can be gossipy at times, especially with my mom, sometimes I speak negatively about others and poke fun at them. Just a quick example that made me feel a bit convicted recently. I read a review of an allergy medicine that is only once daily and the person said they were taking it as needed, and took 12 in one day and then followed with her suggestion to others to only take it once a day. So later I was talking to my mom and kind of laughed about it like “well yeah thanks for the suggestion but if you would’ve read the container you would’ve seen that is the way it’s supposed to be taken” So that is my style of humor that I can poke fun at others. It may be harmless through the world’s eyes but I know better, and I think I could do a better job in representing Christ. especially since I have little one’s with eyes and ears that hear and see me.

    Thanks for the prayers and support!

    • I can poke fun at myself as well. I actually did that this morning. I was making homemade pancakes and trying a new recipe. I saw that it called for 3 TBL of baking powder, I thought it was a little high but since it said 8 servings I figured it was a large batch. I make them, they look gorgeous and I am feeling proud of myself. I serve them up my daughter takes a bite and says “they are nice and fluffy but they taste weird.” I figured she was just being negative and unappreciative of what is obviously excellent cooking. I went over and took a bite and I couldn’t swallow the bite I had in my mouth because all I tasted as soon as it touched my tongue was baking powder, and she had eaten almost an entire pancake! I went and looked at the recipe again and saw it called for 3 teaspoons! So I tripled the baking soda and the pancakes were inedible and we had frozen waffles instead. Maybe it was another lesson in humility.

  120. Please pray for several people I work with, one woman who relocated her family to a place where she know no one and had her brother killed in a car accident last week and his fiancé who committed suicide days later (leaving her to raise three small children after raising 8 of her own) and has been such a witness to me this week showing me her faith. Another lady who found out her husband terminal cancer has weeks to live. I work in a nursing home and through all this tragedy these nurses show love and compassion while grieving inside yet chose to put others first. What an AHHHH HAAA moment. Lift them in your prayers please.

  121. This week I am thankful that I have seen the hand of God at work in my life and felt his presence with me. I’m praying for a great school year for my boys, that my oldest son will be well asap (having allergic reactions to something), and that God will bless us with another baby if it’s in his will. 🙂

    And Father I life up all the women in this bible study. You know every need and hear every praise. I know it thrills your heart to see so many palms up and women saying Yes to you. Thank you for meeting us where we are and taking us to where YOU want us to go! 🙂

  122. It is so comforting to know that God will never leave us nor forsake us regardless where we are in life. Once I realized the importance of placing Him first in my life by trusting Him, pleasing Him. Seeking Him and staying in His word , and there is so much more…my life changed and still changing and it’s to a better place with Him. It’s never too late . God starts wherever you are at in life and that is the beautiful and amazing thing He does for us. He is faithful and good always.
    This reading was amazingly beautiful not only to my ears but to my heart. I needed to hear this for it was another confirmation for me. God is a wonderful God… He is the living God.

  123. What a wonderful 2nd week. I did learn a lot! Thank you for your encouragement & prayers. I have serious injuries resulting from being rear-ended, mounting medical bills, my doctor has gone M.I.A., the insurances’ companies, only God knows what they’re doing. In the midst of all of this and other things I give God the glory. He is not in heaven pacing & drinking Maalox wondering how I’m going to get thru this season. His Plan is Good 🙂
    Thank you all for this Bible study, videos and encouraging comments.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  124. Praises to our King and Glory to the Highest. Thank you for your love and mercy. I thank you that we can come to you with our request and you hear us. I ask that all the ladies hear from you clearly due to the requests put forth. Thank you that you answer pray, even when it is not in your plan you still answer us. Even though sometimes it is wait. Help us to wait on you. If it is no then show us what to pray for . thank you Lord., In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  125. Miranda N. says:

    Hi everyone. This Bible study has been truly a blessing but I feel like I can give SO MUCH MORE! I feel like I haven’t totally given myself completely and totally to God. Please pray that God move in my life. Please pray for my discipline in participating in this Bible study. I also have so much more burdening my heart. I love my family SO MUCH and yet there seems to be always some problem presenting itself. The problems are so serious that I have considered moving my husband, son, and myself to a different state to get away from my mother and brothers. I don’t want to go into details but it has to do with my mom, 2 brothers, and drug addictions. Thanks for your prayers!

  126. Thank you for a wonderful week. I ask for prayer in a few areas of my life. First for my husband and I to grow stronger in our marriage and guidance in dealing with our families. Also, patience and understanding with each other as we adjust to new twin babies, that we can lift each other up and just have kindness in our hearts. Second for my job. I received a new position at work while on leave, and accepted it, but want to know that position is what god wants for me and my family. Also, strength and wisdom if this is the job for me to know where to start, having the words to say, and guidance to get the unit open.

    Thank you!

  127. Kimberly Koch says:

    I know compared to all these other prayer requests that my request seems insignificant. However Could y’all please pray that I passed my ESL certification exam? I took it yesterday and it was tough! It’s a job requirement that I take the ESL exam and pass. I just have to pass!! Thank you and May God bless each of you.

  128. Thank you ladies for this amazing 2nd week. Asking prayer for our 17 year old daughter. And please pray for me as I embark on my weight loss journey. I’m so at peace with it now, it is because of these wonderful devotionals, and posts from all you ladies that I feel so encouraged. Our God is good and He is in our midst, and I know He will never leave me (US) in whatever I (WE) are facing….Love Ya All Sisters.
    Have a blessed weekend!
    God is my refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble Psalm 46:1

    • Nancy Silvers says:

      Praying for your daughter and your wt loss journey. For me, the changing factor in my inability to lose wt was doing a “Made to Crave” Bible study last year. We ARE made to crave, crave more of Jesus not food. The Bible study transformed my life and today I am 35lbs lighter then I was Jan/2012. I pray that you are able to reach your goal and whenever ou feel like reaching for a snack, you will feast on God’s Word instead. You can do this with Jesus walking at your side 🙂

  129. Nancy Silvers says:

    I am Praising God today for His peace, grace and mercy. This has been an incredable week. God has showed me, over and over that HE is walking this path with me. I have such a sense of peace. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much but like any muscle group, they will get used to the new use and smile all the more. My situation has not changed. My body is still broken with residual affects from a MC accident, failled back surgery and several serious illnesses, we still have a big financial need that is due in a month or so, we still have credit card debt that is 10x’s what we need right now., my body is still broken yet I am dealing with all this with an entirely different attitude. The song that keeps running through my mind is “It is well with my soul” and it truly is. I have not felt such pure joy and smiled so much as I have in the last days. Only God can give such joy in such desperate times! I’ll be reading through the prayer requests and know that even if I don’t comment on your post I am holding each of these concerns up in prayer. We serve an Almighty God that loves you and hears every work your pray…even if it doesn’t come out of your mouth. The Holy Spirit intercedes for you when words fail you. Have a blessed day!

  130. I would like to ask prayer for my best friend and her family. Her dad has been battling cancer for a while and it may be getting worse. They are like my second family. Just please keep them in your prayers.

    Also for me… My brother and I do not have a relationship at all. And has always been like that since our childhood. I was sexually abused then and I’m still trying to get over it. I’ve had many ups and downs. Anyways, about 2 weeks ago I felt I should contact him and ask him if something happened to him or if anything happened to start the abuse with me. He did answer me, but told me that he needed time to get it all down… It’s been a while in my opinion and I’m trying to stay patient. I know whatever the answer is it will change everything again. I’m just praying that God is preparing me for whatever answer and helping me be patient in the waiting and not being angry.

    Maybe that was a Yes God! Moment to finally ask him for his side.

  131. Martha Brewer says:

    Please continue to pray for me and my husand, job, money, elderly parents’ decisions, and where we need to be for God. Thanks you for your prayers and sweet concern.

  132. I am praising God for His work in my life in the past week. God led me to attend the She Speaks conference last month even though I have not written anything in a long time. On the first day of the conference, I received an invitation to interview for a job. I committed it to the LORD as I couldn’t tell if this was leading from Him or a distraction from what He wants me to do with proclaiming His truth. I cautiously pursued the job possibility, committing it to Him and asking for His leading. In the meantime, I began this Bible study and committed myself to saying YES to whatever God has in store for me. Well, God has allowed His prompts regarding this job (which is part-time) and writing to run parallel. On Monday I received two emails – one from the school, offering me a part-time teaching job, and another from an editor asking for a contribution to a devotional book. In learning more about discerning His voice, I am beginning to see that God wants me to do both in this season. It’s beyond me to do both (reflections of question #4), and I’ll need to depend on Him, but I’m saying YES. I started a blog this week as a step of obedience toward His calling to write.
    I’m also praising Him for helping me to be more responsive to His small promptings. Yesterday I missed a call from a friend. It was time to start supper, but God prompted me to go ahead and call back. Well, my friend really needed encouragement and prayer, and He used our time on the phone to bless both of us. GOD IS AMAZING!

  133. I have a colleague who’s son is in Afghanistan and is in an area where they must live in underground bunkers. Please pray peace for the mother and family and a speedy return for her son. Also we have started school and please pray for teachers and students everywhere that are nervous about doing their best and that they are confident in their abilities as teachers and students…ME included. Thank you for this, I can sense changes and I know I am on the right path to the best God has for me. 🙂

  134. I’ve been feeling like God’s been telling me he wants me to start tithing but I haven’t been obeying. Last night though I went online and gave $10 to my church. I know that’s not much but I only have $11 in my account til payday. After I did that I set up on line to start giving every payday. It’s not the 10% but 5%. When I woke up this morning I had an e-mail from bank that I was overdrawn. A $12 service fee was taken out overnight that has never been taken out before. So of course right away I was wishing I hadn’t given that $10 last night and wanted to cancel my automatic draft. I feel like Satan is already trying to distract me from giving. But I didn’t cancel. I noticed right away that Chase has 24 hours customer service so I called and they were very understanding and refunded the service fee. So I’m giving it to God and still going to leave the draft scheduled and have faith that he will provide. I’m going to pray and ask for the courage to give the whole 10% and not just half and want to say Yes to God totally not just Yes, but….

  135. Please pray for guidance for us. Our house has been on the market 17 months and we so want to move and don’t understand what is going on. Also prayer for my husbands job. Thank you!

  136. Ethel May Miller says:

    To quote an elderly gentleman at church every time our Pastor asks for responses, he sings, “Jeus I love You, my heart says I love you. Jesus I love you.” I am working through each lesson, asking the Lord to do what He intends this study to do in my life.

    It is wonderful to fellowship with all these wonderful women who are seeking the Lord too.

  137. I am a teacher but this year will make 3 years that I have not been able to find a job. I am so passionate about teaching and can’t imagine finding another profession that would make me as happy but I’m beginning to feel like maybe this is not the path I should be following. I have prayed that God guide me in a direction that is pleasing to him and if its not teaching, I can accept that. I feel like I am at a standstill and really need prayers.

  138. Sue Zemaitis says:

    Been praying for His guidance in a volunteer position I am interested in. Had the experience of walking with a friend who had cancer last year. The journey for both of us was more than awesome. God most definitely was leading me and I was gradually saying yes to Him. Following Karen’s death I was given the idea to look into Hospice. And I said yes again. I will start volunteering for Hospice of NY in November. Praise God!

  139. linda paddock says:

    My husband and I married at 18. It’s been 4o years as of July 27th of this year.
    My husband is a very quiet, passive man. I call him my moses man. It has been a struggle for me and I have spent the last 40 years resenting my marriage and him. I love him, He is a wonderful, caring and selfless man, but… I want a spiritual leader. I want a man to say grace, offer prayers at family gatherings, counsel the children and grandchildren with godly wisdom, be a witness at work and in the world. I want to be equally yoked.
    blah blah blah. 40 years of bitter complaining, and the merciless berating of a kind and decent man. 40 years of pleading and petitioning god to give me what “I” want and need. 40 years of reminding God that what i long for is HIS design. 40 years of wasted breath and unanswered begging before the LORD.
    I just finished folding laundry, and as i folded this kind man’s shirts I decided to pray and give thanks for him, as suggested by the “so what” mentioned by nikki.
    As I prayed, I realized all those years of praying, begging, moaning and pleading for the godly man “I” wanted was focused on ME! My prayers, while biblical in their own right, were wrong in the offering. I was praying something that yes, I do need and should have and is desired by God for me, but I was praying for my needs to be filled instead of praying for his soul satisfaction as a christ follower first.
    No wonder God didn’t answer my prayer. It isn’t about me. It’s about loving sacrificially. Considering others better than myself.
    God forgive me for the clanging cymbal I have been. You have taught me how to love all over again.

  140. Hello everyone as I write this I can feel my tears welling up and nervous feelings of judgement but I feel that God is telling me confess and ask for help(prayers). God has really brought to my eyes my sexual immorality. I am not active but I push limits in every way possible I lust, I allow others to lust after me and encourage them to do so. It is being laid very heavily on my heart that I need to stop and fight this demon and ask for prayers to help. I have always associated lust/sex with love and fear that if I don’t have what I have now I will not be loved. Chapter 3 really opened my eyes to stop being scared of what you will lose after all it is just lust but think of what you will gain a Godly love. So today I am confessing as asking for your prayers to help me in this battle and more important to remember to go to God all times for my true defense and shield.

    • Sandra Elise says:

      Dear Sister,
      What the Bible says love is and what the world says love is, are two VERY different things! It’s easy to get confused by all the things we see on TV, read and books, and overhear other people is saying. I encourage you to dig deep into God’s Word. If your Bible has an index, look up verses about love. You can even google Love Scriptures or look them up on You might want to stay away from Song of Solomon, though. 1 Corinthians 13 gives us an excellent example of what love really is. And above all else, God’s love for us the ultimate example of what love should be. If you are feeling an emptiness in your heart because you are longing for a relationship, that’s because God created us to have a relationship with Him first, above all others. Start developing a deeper relationship with God: spend time with him, talk to Him, read the Bible, put on praise and worship songs, pin scriptures on Pinterest even! Participating in this Bible Study is a really awesome first step! And the more you spend time with God, and the closer you get to Him, the less you will crave lustful desires and relationship that are not from Him. I pray that God will give you strength during this battle, and lead you toward the path that brings you closer to Him. May God bless you dear sister! Thank you for sharing!

      • Lynne K- group 21 says:

        Sandra Elise, you are such a wise woman. I agree with your reply.

        Misty, you can talk to the Lord just like you did us. Be very open with your fears and concerns. Ask God to help you fall in love with Jesus. He WILL do it. He has done it for me.
        Father, I pray for Misty. That she can feel your presence. I pray that you will answer her prayer to give her strength in breaking this bond of lust. Most of all Lord, I pray that you will help her know, feel, embrace your love for her. Help Misty to know in her soul that you love her just as she is. That you are working to make her become the woman of God you have created her to be. Give her strength, encouragement, peace as she obeys you. Thank you Lord. In Jesus name.

  141. I am praising and thanking God for another day given to me. This morning i went to my friends mothers homecoming. A year ago she was diagnosed with liver cancer and the cancer one. It was a sad day but in the same breath a rejoiceful day because I know she is with our heavenly father looking down on all of her loved ones. I pray that you all pray for my friends family as they go through this difficult time. I also pray that we all realize and remember that our life is a gift from god. I pray that me, my family, and all of you live it pleasing to God.

  142. I think my prayer requests are probably the same as last week. Continued strength and perseverance as I weather the challenges of young motherhood. Praise for my husband and 3 beautiful children. Praise that God continues to remind me OVER and OVER again of His love for me, which never fails. Speaking of #SayWhat moments, randomly came upon a blog post that spoke directly to my heart on being God’s Beloved (I really felt like it must have been from Him because I tried to comment on the post, and apparently the blog is no longer in existence!). Also, I thought I might share a poem that I wrote after a #SayWhat moment I had no too long ago. Though I tend to want to jump ahead on the path of radical obedience, I sense that God is simply asking me to spend more time getting to know Him and allowing His truths to sink deep into my core (Step 1). “Stop DOING and just BE,” He says. I view this place as the wilderness, the desert…the place where he wants to feed and strengthen me for the journeys ahead (at least, I’m supposing that’s what He might be doing!).

    “Desert Road”

    I see you stepping through the haze
    Your hand reaches out for mine
    The warmth of Your touch filters through my soul
    And my heart begins to unwind

    I see the path that lies ahead
    As the fog begins to clear
    You beckon me to come and walk
    In shelter, not in fear

    To the desert place, the wilderness
    Find rest and strengthening
    As I catch the light of your embrace
    The view I see is changing

    No longer a haze but a beautiful scene
    Filled with wonder and delight
    So we walk hand in hand down this desert road
    Together, my Savior and I.

  143. Sherri Stormer says:

    My prayer request is for my ten year old daughter. She was bullied in school so we are now Cyber schooling her, she is lonely. She is an only child, is active in church and other activities. She is very out going, but can’t find that one true friend. Kids pick on her because she is active in church. Girls re so mean. I just pray he finds that one true friend. Thank you, this study is the best.

  144. Funny how praises and prayers can both be mixed in one situation… Praise – my son has decided to begin his relationship with Jesus and he is getting baptized tomorrow. Yay!!! Prayer request – my Dad who has been estranged from all of his family because of some unfortunate decisions Has a agreed to come! He has been a very angry man since my mom died and the last time we were all together it was not a pleasant scene. Please pray he can set aside his own issues and animosity to celebrate this occasion and that he can start to heal and be brought back to us and we can go back to having a close relationship with him!! And pray I can choose to respond with kindness and gentleness to his selfish and harsh attitudes. Another praise – my mother in law is coming to church for the first time in years to see my son!! (She even gave up weekend out of town plans to come) Prayer request – that the spirit moves and her heart is open to hearing she too needs Jesus!

  145. Sandra Elise says:

    I wanted to give a praise report, today. I knew that God was using this Bible Study to work in my heart, but I never realized before today, that He was using it to work in my husband’s heart, too!

    My husband and I were called to attend a new church this January. And while I immediately felt God pull me towards the children’s ministry, my husband was a bit more hesitant to dive into this new church. We both had basically been criticized unfairly at our old church for trivial things, and we weren’t able to serve the way we felt God calling us to. My husband was literally told that people were leaving the church because he was wearing shorts! We were both deeply hurt by the words and actions of our fellow sisters and brothers in Christ, but by my husband’s own admission, it took him a lot longer to recover from it. As I read this book (I actually read it about a month ago because I’m both a reader and overachiever!) and started this Bible Study, I would share with him all the things I was learning and all the ways God was revealing His Will to me. I told him, “I want to become a woman who says yes to God!” I think most of the women here feel the same way on one level or another.

    Well, on Wednesday, my husband informed me that the leaders of the youth ministry at our church would be taking a spiritual retreat today, to focus on God’s vision and will for the ministry…and he also informed that he would be going! I was ecstatic! I knew that God had completely healed my husband’s heart and now was going to use him for a new purpose, for His glory! This morning, out of curiosity, I asked him why he decided to start working with the youth. His answer left me speechless, and filled my heart with joy!

    He said, “I want to be a man who says yes to God!”

    Isn’t it amazing how God can use our witness to transform the hearts of those around us! God is using this Bible Study to help others through us, even when we might not realize it! God is using us to create a ripple effect. Whose heart do you think you have touched, because of this Bible Study?

  146. I have literally been fighting the urge to take a step back from Facebook. Not delete it, just get rid of my iPhone and iPad apps. I finally said yes to this prompting on Friday. It was a huge relief. I wasn’t addicted to Facebook, but I was becoming jealous of all my friends and family who were having babies and getting married. I want that and have been feeling like time is passing me by. I had my first yes to God moment last Sundy when finally went to my home church and agreed to take over the nursery. I must say that not having Facebook at the touch of my fingertip has been pleasant and not as hard as I thought…..of course it’s only been one day….

  147. Christina says:

    I pray for me to surrender everything and trust God with eating, finances, marriage, children etc. I am still searching for God’s leading and for my following. I have not felt anything yet as far as obedience, except last week I prayed over each prayer request and commented on each one that did not have a comment last Saturday, best hour spent in a long time! So , I guess I did without realizing it. Blessings to all and hope and pray for breakthroughs for all of us…

  148. Renie Mccanney says:

    Praying for all the Yes sisters here. I kindly ask for prayer of healing for my daughter Heather who is 34 years old single mom with 2 boys who need her so badly. She again has injured her back (already has had 1 surgery) and may lose her job. Right now she is bedridden, can not even get up to go to the toilet, in severe pain crying a lot and it breaks my heart. Every time she try”s to go forward something happens. Thanks ladies and #PalmsUp


  149. Yesterday I had a saywhat? moment. I just began reading Chapter 3, and was prompted to stop, and pray instead. So I did, and what God spoke to me wasn’t something I hadn’t heard before. He was asking me to quit writing on a forum I have been writing on for about 3 years now. On this forum, I have made many friends, and many characters with intricate plots. He was asking me to leave all this behind in favour of a new, better story He’s put on my heart. This wasn’t the first time He’s asked me to do this though, no, it’s been almost half a year that I’ve resisted. But as I finished my prayer and went back to the chapter, the question persisted – is there something you need to give up for a season or permanently? It was then and there that I knew, if my writing wasn’t for Him, if the creativity He’s placed in me is wasted on a simple game, then I’m wasting His time. This life isn’t about me, it’s about Him.

    I just ask that prayers for me include the passion to write for Him and not myself – there’s an amazing idea for a fiction story in my mind, and I know this is what I’m supposed to do, it’s just so out of my comfort zone!

  150. Teliah Haywood says:

    Their is a situation thanking place in my life. I don’t know what direction to go in. All I know is that I want peace, and for God to restore everything that has been broken inside of me.

  151. I just want to say thank you for all you wonderful prayer warriors in this bible study, and I’m praying for you and with you. This week has had some good and not so good moments. Please pray for my husband and myself that we will give all our burdens to the Lord and not try to carry them. And the spirit of rejection be cast down from us and that the Lord renews our minds from the lies of the enemy. There is so much love and adoration we have for each other but when we face trying circumstances the devil whispers terrible things to us that just kills our spirit. Keep my family in prayer please.

  152. I would like to ask for prayer for my husband. He struggles with an issue of not knowing his biological father – his mother – which is his biological mother -he has been with since birth – has told him many different things but I’m afraid never the truth or whole truth. Whatever her reasons are – she has chosen not to share with him the circumstances about his conception. He was adopted by her first husband and the father of his brother and my husband has had a blessed life. We have a wonderful family with two beautiful daughters that attend a Christian school. Even though he keeps it to himself he still wonders who his biological father is and if he would love him if he knew he existed. He takes these insecurities out on me, which in the past I didn’t recognize but with God’s help I now know why he does and that it is not me. I offer him, his mom, and his biological father wherever he may be, palms up to God today and I ask for your prayer that God will resolve and heal this empty space in my husbands heart. I know that He knows all and works all things for good! Thank u in advance for you prayers!

  153. Please pray for my sister, Bridget. She has M.S. and her symptoms have been really bad this last week and she has three children take care of. Pray that God will heal her of these if it is His will and that she would not stress over this as it makes her symptoms worse, but trust entirely on God. Thank you! Many blessings to you all!

  154. Hello ladies. Where to start. Well first I want to ask for prayer for my husband as he is not saved and that makes our marriage rocky and very difficult. I also want to ask for prayer for me… I am having alot of medical issues. My left arm is doesn’t want to work, migraine headaches (severe), and bulging discs in neck. Also I have been struggling with whether or not smoking pot is bad. I have been doing it for pain as you can see and I really dont if I need to quit. I also use it for anxiety and a few other uses. I dont want to be judged I just dont know if its wrong.

    I also need prayer for my heart cause since I started this study my husband has been putting me down and yelling at me. Living with him has not been easy… My husband is my weakness because I am waiting for the day when God gets ahold of his heart and molds him into a man of God. Please also pray a shield over our children Nate 7, Llilly 4, Robert 2! Thank you for the prayers

  155. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    Praise for a day spent helping a good friend with her ministry. So thankful to God for putting this wonderful woman in my life. She is a gift.
    Asking prayers for my mother in law who is having some dark days. Also asking prayers for my parents and their health. Praying that God will replace their fears about the unknown with faith and trust in HIM! Asking prayer for my church’s V-groups as changes in the format of the studies are made and they go to sermon based studies versus other studies. Also, praying for guidance. God knows what it is.
    Thank you for being such a wonderful group of ladies. Thank you for your prayers.

  156. God has called home two special ladies this week….I had an aunt pass away and my husband had an aunt pass away. Please pray for all the family members and let them know in their heart that God has this, We will miss their sweet presence here on earth. Thank-You God for putting trust in my heart at this time…and know that I miss the ones who have gone before us. I just know they are all angels waiting for the rest of us to join them and You. Amen

  157. Praise – My 70 year old Aunt Loretta successfully came through surgery to remove cancer in her lung, and apparently several lymph nodes as well. She is recovering, but appears to be doing well. All praise to God for his healing of my Aunt, again! When she was in her 30’s she was diagnosed with some strange disease that was only going to allow her to live 6 months to 3 years. God healed her then, and he’s healing her now! Thank you, Lord! Please pray for her continued recovery and that she will learn to accept the FULL healing of God!

  158. Dear friends. Please pray for me. I have been without a job since April. I have only had one interview in that time and I have been so depressed. I have so much anxiety that I am dealing with. My appetite is practically gone and I don’t get much sleep. Funny thing is yesterday a song I haven’t heard in a while got stuck in my head. “The Anchor Holds” by Ray Boltz. I love that song and I know it was God giving me some peace about my situation. If you have never heard the song look it up because it is a beautiful song.

    • Dear Kelly, I pray that you will find peace and rest. You are facing a difficult situation but the Lord will take care of your needs. Are you able to look for work in a different field? In my area there is always need for CNAs or personal care attendants. Blessings and love in Christ, Eva

  159. From my personal prayer journal for you, because your need struck my heart:
    “God, I pray your protection over Tami and her 3 children, Nate, Llilly, and Robert. Satan is attacking her and her family and using her husband to carry out some of his attack. Father, please comfort her. In Jesus’ name, I call out Satan from her family. She is a woman of God, loving and serving Him. Satan cannot have Tami or her family. Save her husband, Lord. Put your angels in his path to draw him to you. Knock at the door of his heart, Lord. Let Tami show him how great you are. Thank you, Lord. The victory is yours!

  160. Michelle,
    I pray for your husband. I pray that he knows the love of our Heavenly Father. Our earthly parents often fail us, because they are imperfect beings, too. But we can rest in knowing that our Heavenly Father will never fail us, will never leave us, and will always love us. I don’t know if your husband knows the Lord. I pray that if he does, he comes to know Him even more. This is the only place where he will find peace and satisfaction, in the relationship with God. May you lead him through this valley and may God comfort and strengthen you each and every day as you do His will in serving your husband and your family. My love and prayers for you are raised to God.

  161. Shina,
    I understand what you are going through. My husband and I went through similar events for about a year and a half, and we’re just now settling into a much more peaceful and comfortable place with each other and our marriage. What helped us during some of those really, really ugly moments was me stepping out and calling out our enemy as the source of the conflict. It sounded really, really strange at first, but it always, ALWAYS diffused the situation. So the next time you are in one of those moments, stop and see where Satan is, and tell your husband that it is not him, it is not you, it is Satan attacking you both. Your marriage glorifies God, and Satan will do all that he can to attack it. Be strong, and keep your eyes open to what is really happening. You, too, will come to allow God into these situations, and then Satan cannot stay. God bless you, and know that you are in my prayers.

  162. Teliah,
    I encourage you to not seek what you used to have, but to seek better. The Lord has so much more in store for you. I am sorry that you are going through such a difficult time, but know that it is an opportunity to change. To become more of who you were intended to be, and to have a stronger relationship with God. Do what is right, and honor God in your decisions. Please know that we are all praying for you.

  163. You go girl! I love this testimony, and I can’t wait to hear you share it with the world with this new story. I think it is so exciting (and scary, I know) to have God speak something so loudly that you have no doubt what direction He wants you to go. May you be reaffirmed as you make the steps in His direction. Thank you, Lord! Amen!

  164. This song I learned on a mission trip to Mexico has been running through my head. It is called Tomando De Le Mano. You can google it and listen, it is beautiful. It is about taking His hand and going with Him. You can find it with the words translated too.

  165. Thank you, Christina, for you love of us! If God’s voice is whose you are longing to hear, I encourage you to pick a Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John) and study it. The closer you get to God the more easily you will hear and/or feel His call on your life. I pray that God will make His presence known to you this week, and you will be encouraged and grow in your faith. Amen.

  166. Great job, Paula! It is hard to move away from those things that we use as a way to relax and enjoy our down time. When really, we should be using that time to grow our Spirit. You have a great opportunity to do this, now. I pray that God will continue to speak to you and you will hear His voice and recognize His promptings. Amen.

  167. I absolutely love your testimony! I invited my friend to join me in this study, and I think God is moving in her life, too. I love how God can use us! I pray often, “God, please use me!” Thank you for sharing your testimony. I can’t wait to hear how God is working in your lives in the future! And, remember, we perform for an audience of ONE. We will never please all the people around us, but we can rest in knowing that we are pleasing God.

  168. Melisa Schlunt says:

    Dear faith sisters. I am asking for prayers for my familly. I am asking that the Lord send provision for my family. My husband is without a job again. This has happened every year for that past five years. We have a son that is entering high school. My mother is ageing and will have to live with us within a year or two. I feel so stuck and helpless. Everyone needs my help and I feel like I am going to lose it because if we don’t get any income coming in I will lose my house. Everyone keeps saying to trust in God which I do but this job loss keeps happening over and over again. I am so dissapointed and discouraged I cant hardly talk to my husband anymore.

    • Melissa, I know how you feel. The same thing was happening to my husband each year. It is hard with a family of five. I had to say that it is OK if we have to live at the Rescue Mission. Instead we just sold our beautiful one and bought an unfinished house that put a roof over our heads ( which leaked and our church friends helped us put a new one on… the roof, not the head 🙂 I pray for you to find the strength in the Lord to trust Him. I pray for your husband for encouragement and direction. I pray that he would listen to the Lord for what He wants him to do. It is hard for a man to be jobless and even harder for the wife to keep it all together. I pray that your friends will start praying about how they can be a blessing to you. Love in Christ. Eva

  169. Ah, family! They can be a trip. And, at least for me, I find it harder to minister to my family than to my friends, co-workers, or acquaintances. I think it is because I expect different things from them than I do from those who are not supposed to love, accept, and appreciate me. I am glad you can see that it is their issues and brokenness that cause them to be who they are. You can love them in spite of all of this, because they are your family. You can be Jesus to them, and lead them to want what you have. I pray that for you. Good luck!

  170. I pray that your daughter knows how much she is loved by God and that no matter what “the world” chooses to say about her relationship with Him that it is the most important relationship she can have. May God grace you with the words and actions to lead and support her in this journey. Amen.

  171. Such a lovely poem! Thank you for sharing it with us. I pray that you are able to make the time to spend with God, to get to know Him better, and to grow in your strength. Amen.

  172. Amen!

  173. Misty,
    I suffered through sexual immorality, too. And I let it hinder my spiritual growth for many years. I am thankful that even through those years the Lord never left me, and continued to protect me as His child. I encourage you to completely disconnect yourself from those in your life who do not support your decision to change. You will find that by moving people out of your life, you will open up places for good, supportive people to come in. And, you will not hinder your ability to hear God’s voice. You will not allow Satan to shame you any longer. Remember that you are a child of God, and no matter your decisions, He always loves you. May you find strength and encouragement from these words and others. Amen.

  174. May He be glorified through your work. Amen!

  175. I agree, it is wonderful to have so many like-minded women walking through this journey together.

  176. I have been very excited about this study because I know I need to hear from God and need to obey Him. When the study started, I was already in a difficult situation. My husband and I have been considering divorce for a long time. My 13 year old boy is a spiritual and emotional mess and so is my 11 year old girl. The 8 year old boy just wants to cling to me. Financial struggles have been with us for the past several years leading to our living in an unfinished house. And our church went through kind of a split that has been really hard for me. The Lord has been with us, I know, but the pressures and stresses that don’t seem to go away have frayed my nerves and I feel like my heart is hardened. My husband called our former Pastor to start counseling, which is HUGE and I am thankful. I have reached a place of not knowing what to do with my 13 year old son. I am going to homeschool him this year, while I do full time college myself and part time work. I so desperately want to hear from God and want my heart to be willing…

    • Oh sister – your plate is full. You are a blessing to your kids, and I know that God is smiling about that. What a committment you are making for your son. Lord, help her with her marriage and begin to move in major ways in the life of their entire family. As she looks to you God, may she see you in new ways! I pray for her marriage… do what only you can do!

  177. Good Evening ” Yes” girls :),
    I was not going to write, I came to read, until I read a few about ” giving their children back to God”
    I have been on a ” journey” for a year now. This ” journey” has been Beautiful because it brought me back to my first Love.
    In July, I bought this book. After the first chapter I prayed ” Lord this would make a wonderful study, please send me someone I can study this with” we’ll when God blesses He does it BIG!! In that week, I want to say the very next day, P31 announced this study
    PRAISE THE LORD!! Is all I could do.
    Them I text a friend and she said she has the book and would join in.
    As August was getting closer, I had been asked to be part of a ministry for woman and I had said “Yes” months ago. In the middle of July God spoke to the leader and asked all of us to take the summer and seek God as to where He will be leading us.
    So as this study was about to begin and the ministry I am apart of has us speaking God for direction, I found myself praying hard.
    We have an 18 yr old son and a 16 year old daughter. With all that has happen this year, I have been focusing ONLY on what God wants for my life.
    On this particular day I was doing the final things for our daughter to go to Bible camp.

    I stopped at a coffee shop to spend time alone with God. Crying out to Him asking all kinds of questions…… Where do you want me? Am I qualified for ministry? Is this really you? Oh the questions I had.
    As I began to leave I got this overwhelming feeling inside me, like I was being torn apart.
    As I stood there crying next to my car, I asked The Lord ” I want to move fwd with you ‘saying Yes to Him’ I want to minister, I want to stay on your oath but why do I feel torn apart?” And He said ” you afraid you are leaving your love ones behind, LET THEM GO!! You are not leaving them behind they will follow.”
    I responded ” with honors Lord I will walk with You, You have my love ones.”
    A week later, I was told on the following Sunday.
    Our daughter was at camp and on that Thursday The Lord lead her to scripture, talking about our situation.
    She said ” mom understand, this was not the theme for the week, I was reading my devotion and God lead me to this portion of scripture”
    She came home asking me to help her become the woman God has called her to be she has asked me to teach her what His word says.
    Our husbands, children, family, houses…ect ALL belong to Him, letHim have them back and watch the blessings #palmsup.
    Dear Heavely Fatherr, we all want to hear your voice and we want to obey. Lord only you can help all of us. We all have a story Heavenly Father. May we all use our story to further your kingdom.
    In Jesus’ name Amen

    • You just ministered to my heart. I have three children 8, 11 and 13 and my life is falling apart, my house is falling apart… and I have been focusing on everything and everyone more than I have been focusing on the Lord. After reading your message I feel that I should spend this week trying to focus more on the Lord than on all the problems in my life.

      • Eva,
        God will restore all that has been destroyed. Give it all to Him, Let Go.
        Get in His word , sit at His feet. Let Him heal you first. Whatever is going on just give it over to Him.
        I LOVE P31 and all the ladies here, with their encouragement I have a stronger relationship with our Heavenle Father.
        I am also apart of a ministry. These two ministries have helped me focus off of my ” problems” and on my Creator, My Father, Friend, Brother , my Husband Our Lord. He is all of this. He is our only Provider, Protector, Healer, Comforter, the lover of our soul. Oh He is AWESOME.
        I would love to hear you are experiencing our Lord in this way.
        There is Hope and it is only in our Lord.
        My email is please send me an email. There is hope don’t give up.
        Satan wants us to, he comes only to destroy BUT OUR GOD IS GREATER!!
        I am praying for you.

  178. I have a praise and a prayer concern. My prayers have been answered about senior housing, I will move in a matter of days.Also please pray for the husband of one of my sisters. He has been diagnosed with cancer.

    • Dear Lord please watch over the Linnea’s sister and brother in law. Please provide comfort and healing. I hope you enjoy your new senior living and make new friends. 🙂

    • Denise Kamppi (Prayer Team Warrior) says:

      Linnea, yeah, Im so happy for you. that is great that God has answered your prayers, God is so awesome.
      Hugs sweet sister 🙂

  179. I am currently off of work on unpaid leave since this time last year. I have drained quite a bit of my 401k to support myself. I applied for Long Term Disability (which I had purchased through work) and was turned down twice. I have an attorney working with me on this, but at this point, I need to find God’s will for my life. I need to either retire and find some type of job I can do at home (at least until my strength returns and the fatigue leaves) or figure out some type of job I can do to support myself. I have been an R.N. for over 29 years, so I have no other skills. I have told God I will do whatever he wants me to do in this situation, but have heard nothing from Him at this point. I would love your prayers for financial provision and God’s guidance to the pathway to support myself. Thank you for praying for me!

  180. Sunday, I lost my 88 year old mamaw. I want to praise God for the 35 wonderful years that I shared with her. She was strong in her faith and taught me about Jesus’ love when I was very young. I love and miss her. Praise to God for giving me someone so special, so specifically designed for my family and me. God always knows what is best, and I firmly believe that His will was done in her life and He took her when He knew it was best. Although my family and I still struggle with her not being here with us on Earth, we celebrate that she is walking in Heaven with Jesus daily now.
    Due to the tough week this past week, I am behind on the Bible study, but I am eager to see what God has in store this week in our Say Yes to God study.

  181. Good evening, I am trying to say yes to God because I know that God has forgiven me for the sins that I have committed. I am fighting cancer, trying to get gainfully employed, my husband is an alcoholic, the house is in foreclosure and I am so tired that I need Gods help. Please pray that God will answer my prayers and other people’s prayers.

    • Oh Janet, my heart aches hearing of your situation. I pray that the Lord will keep you close this week. I pray that He will give you rest. I pray that you will feel His love for you.

      • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

        Janet, I am praying for you sweet sister!!! God has not forgotten you. You are going through so much right now. Lean into Jesus and let Him give you peace and love only He can. <3

  182. Hi everyone!
    I just wanted to write out a praise report and a prayer request.
    Praise: Thanks be to God for showing up several times this week. Monday He gave me comfort and peace when a family member broke my heart with rejection. Only remembering who I am in Christ and laying that heartbreak at His feet gave me peace and comfort.
    He also showed up later in the week to remind me who I need to trust in at this time with trying to find a solution to health issues. My hope comes from Him.

    Prayer request: wisdom to seek and make the right health decisions. To know when to seek Him and when to rely on medicine and find the right ones that won’t aggravate or I won’t be allergic to and make me sicker. I also want to request prayer to be able to find my place in my church or some other church.

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      Lord, please give Joan the answers she needs as far as knowing which medicines she needs to use. Help the doctors know which ones to prescribe to her so she won’t be sick. Give her wisdom to know her place in her church or if you see fit, guide her to a new church. In your name I pray, Amen.

  183. Stacey,
    I understand. It is hard to give when you live paycheck to paycheck. I, too, have stepped up my tithing lately. I want to share a link to a great sermon from Dave Ramsey done at Gateway Church here in Southlake, Texas during June/July this year. I found it really good. He did a whole series, so if you can, check the two before this one and the few that follow. God does want us to give, but He wants us to do it cheerfully. I like how Dave Ramsey laughs about God needing our money. It’s really His money, and we are just managing it. I hope you enjoy the message. (if this doesn’t turn into a link, just copy and paste it into your browser.

  184. Please pray for my husband. He is not a Christian, he is also having some very serious issues at work and his job is seriously threatened. This as been going on for some time, but things are coming to a head this week. Something’s got to give.

    The Lord has been showing me that He doesn’t want me hanging on to anything or anyone– not job, marriage, family, friends, home, my church– but Him ONLY. He will make the way.

    Thanks for this study… I need this right now!

    • Obey Him and watch what will happen.
      I wrote on here about our daughter going off to camp.
      Well let me add to it.
      The camp is 6 hrs away, I don’t mind it when we travel as a family, but right now that would not be a possibility.
      I was asked, by my husband, to drive her there and that he would pick her up.
      Right away I began to think of all the people I could travel with. Every time I mentioned someone my daughter replied with one reason or another as to why they would not make good company.
      So this one day, as I was taking a walk, I heard God say ” AM I ENOUGH.” I replied Yes Lord you are. He said ” so then why are you looking for someone to ride with you?”
      See I was thinking; someone to talk to, someone in case I had car problems, someone to laugh with, sing with, make memories with. WHY WOULDN’T I WANT GOD.
      He is the only one that brings REAL joy, He is the only one that truly can protect me. He is a lot of fun to be with.
      So I asked Him for forgiveness and said ” thank you that you will be with me like always. I look fwd to spending the time alone in the car with you.
      The next day, my husbands plans changed and he was able to drive her to camp.
      See God sometimes just wants us to acknowledge Him. He knows our hearts desires.
      Just obey Him, Trust and Obey there truly is no other way 🙂
      You are in my prayers.

  185. It is so great to hear how God is moving in your life, Cheryl. I’d love to read your blog. Did you post it to the blog hop? If you did, what’s the number? I pray continued confidence and hearing God’s voice in all that you do! May He be glorified in your life.

  186. I have a prayer request! I have not been as devoted this study or my relationship with Christ as I want to be. My husband is not saved and says he does not believe in god anymore, so it is very hard for me to stay focused on Christ and going to church when the person I’m around all the time has no interest in it. Please be praying for my husband and for my motivation and determination to be who God is calling me to be. Thank you!

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      Jessica I pray that you will stay determined to put Christ first. All you have to do is put Him first and obey Him. Period. You are not responsible for your husband’s relationship with God. Keep praying for your husband that he will turn around and that he will see a difference in you.

  187. Dear OBS Leaders and Girlfriends in God,
    I have to tell you this study came on time in my life! God is so Great! We just dropped my baby girl off at college. Hardest thing I have ever done but I have been placing her in His hands and His will for her and God has delivered so perfectly! A warm safe environment a beautiful sweethearted roommate. This last week before we dropped her off I just kept asking God to protect her and to grant she and I both peace about this new season in our lives and He gave me such strength today it was amazing. ( although as we said goodbye I did break down however my daughter was so peaceful and she ended up comforting me for those brief minutes). I would just like to ask for your continued prayers for her ( Sara) for safety and peace and a desire to listen to God and follow Him and seem His heart and not the crazy world she will encounter at college. Peace for me as I begin this new season and chapter in my life and as I figure out exactly what my role as “Mom” is now and for my husband and I as we enter this new phase in our marriage. Also prayers for my continued growth with our Lord I want to seek Him more deeply and submit to Him and His plans for me without fear. It is such a blessing to be part of this amazing study with you amazing women. Thank you and may God continue to Bless P31 and all that they do! ❤

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      Praying for you as you transition into this new season in your life. Prayers for your daughter while she is at college and you that you will have a peace about it, too. 🙂

  188. And when we turn it all over to Him, He can make it work. God bless you as you work through this transition.

  189. Please say a prayer for my sister, her family and the rest of my family as they continue to search for help in an extremely difficult financial situation. They are plugging ahead, trying to keep hope, but I know it waivers at times.

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      Rebecca, God knows your sister’s situation and has not forgotten her and her family. Rest in His peace.

  190. I am seeking prayer for grace and guidance as we begin hosting a small group in September, as well as prayer for my husband’s job. I would also like prayer for my 7th grade daughter as she starts at a local school next week after being educated at home since 1st grade. I am praying for quality friends, a positive experience, and a smooth transition for her as she begins this new journey. I would also like prayer for continued healing for myself.

  191. Charlene Dorame says:

    Heavenly Father, first of all I just want to thank you very much for placing me with this beautiful ministry of women with Proverbs 31, and the awesome 24,ooo participating in the “Yes to God” OBS. This was and is all your doing Lord. You Lord have placed this into our hearts. When we became your children You promised that you would complete the work in us You started till the day of Your coming. I truly believe we are living the last days and this could very well be a part of Your plan, for us ladies to Yes to You, My Father. So I pray for all of us to grow closer to You each and every day, that we hear Your voice Father calling your daughters, that we heed to Your every sign, direction and instruction. That You bless us all with wisdom, knowledge and understanding to do Your will. Fill us with our Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to guide us. That we may be strong in our faith and able to overcome and endure anything that comes upon us. That we may have favor in Your sight. Help each and every one of us to be able to say Yes to You,God in the Mighty Name of Jesus, I Pray. Amen and Amen

    Thank you very much prayer warriors for praying for me. God Bless You All. Lots of Love

  192. Annette Distinti says:

    Praying continually for my daughter in law Netti who is in Hungary and on Friday completed her third investor cycle. I asl The Lord to hear her and my son’s heart and desire to have children. I pray that you will bless them with your peace and comfort while waiting ten days for the results. I pray that they continue to trust in you Father God because we know “All things are possible with God”. In Jesus precious name I pray.

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      Annette, remember Hannah in the Bible? God granted her a son. Never give up hope for your daughter-in-law and son as they try to have children. Yes, all things are possible with God!!!! <3

  193. I am enjoying this study so much! It’s such an encouragement to my heart. Please pray that my mind and heart would be focused, quieted, and hungry for the things of God. That I would know Him radically and in a deeper way. Right now I am struggling with several relationship issues that are not in a good place. I know that in learning to hear and listen to the voice of God that things can be healed and changed. Thanks for praying…..

  194. Maggie Voth says:

    I am praising God for this online bible study – I am already learning so much! Thank you for all the work you all put into this and mostly, thanks to God for aligning this all up to happen!
    I would ask for prayers for my heart. I have struggled with very frequent PVC’s for the past two year. I am claiming God’s healing over my heart. The waiting in the physical is getting hard. I just want to feel good! I would appreciate prayer for wisdom and discernment about knowing what to do as far as treatment, if any. And also prayers for peace. I have made huge strides against the stronghold of anxiety but it still a work in progress. Thank you!

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      I know firsthand how it is to not feel good. Praying that your heart will be healed and for your anxiety that God will take it away. Rest in Him and gain His peace. Cast all your care upon Him, for he cares for you!!!

  195. I’ve been trying to post for the last 2 weeks & keep having problems. I hope this one goes through. I praise God for listening to my prayers & helping me remember I can talk to him at all times. I’m behind in my reading for this week & have not been spending many time with the bible study this week. I’m starting a need, not totally new but going back to the classroom after 6 years of being put of the classroom. Im excited & overwhelmed because I have to get my classroom ready & teach in spanish which I’ve never had to or very minimal. Also, God showed me he was tgere for me 9 months ago when I had a horrific car accident. I constantly have to fight feings if anxiety an fear and as the one year anniversary approaches & im returning to work from Summer vacation I fear going to work because it happened one morning after dropping off my 7 year old daughter and heading to work down the street frim our home. I pass the street every day & think of the other driver who wasn’t as lucky as me. I can’t stop feeling guilt though it wasn’t my fault that God kept me and as of May hebwas still in a comma. I think what it could have been of my little girl if I didn’t return home. I have dufficulty letting her go & leaving her, put I put her in God’s hands because that day as horrible as it was he kept us both. Also, i’m divorced so when she goes w her dad every other weekend & twice a week for dinner, I struggle even more now than I did then. I know she’s in Good hands & we talk before bed at night, but it has become more difficult since the accident. But I know God is with us all because we have said Yes to God

    • Kelley Worley Prayer Warrior Blog Team says:

      Praying that you will take all your fears and anxiety and just lay it all at Jesus feet. He wants to take it from you. He loves you so very much. Don’t be afraid, God is right there with you and is for you!!

  196. Dorothy Palmer says:

    Good evening! It’s after 11:30 here on the east coast. And I can’t sleep! I felt God was giving that #Say What moment now! I feel God has called me to be still. In Chapter 3 were Lysa talk about God wanted her to give up tv time. I have felt God telling me to give up my games that I have played on my IPAD! These games I played I play with a goal of winning.And I will play until I won! I did that so I could feel like a winner! As I never felt like a winner in life! but,for the first time in my 64 years. I feel like a winner! Cause I’m a child of The KIng! So,my heart,mind and soul are open to hear what God has for me. I also feel like God what me to write a blog. So, after church tomorrow. I’m going to do that!Please for me as I #SAY YES TO GOD!For what He wants me to do. Thank you! Have a blessed night and a blessed day at church tomorrow.

    • I’m praying for you Dorothy! I’m praying.

      • Thank you for reaching out. Praying for you and Kelli, as is our Savior. Our loving Father is in control so we have nothing to fear and He Himself will comfort us as a mother does her child. Peace be upon you, my sister in Christ! Please let us know how He speaks through this situation…

  197. I have a #Yes God answer to prayer. One of the wonderful prayer warriors from this OBS Jamy had sent me an email letting me know that she was prying for me regarding my urgent need for a job. I was invited to take the State Exam last week then yesterday I received a call to go for an interview for the job. Praise the Lord! Please keep me in your prayers when I go for the interview on August 26th. It is amazing what God will do when you start saying yes to Him.

  198. Hi all, I have a HUGE PRAYER REQUEST and I really NEED your help. I need major prayers to go up for my sister. She is 25 and a mom to a beautiful 3 year old little girl. My sister had a blood test done for some Health issues and she could have a Fatal Disease. I just need as many prayers as I can get for her. I know in Church last Sunday our Pastor was saying that when you have a whole group of people praying together it’s so much more effective. Not that all of our individual prayers aren’t just as effective but I’m reaching out. I don’t know who else to turn to. So I’m turning to you Yes To God women. Please Please Please pray that everything comes back completely fine with my baby sister. I’m so scared. Since I started this bible study I knew I was going to say YES TO GOD, and at this moment right now I am saying Yes Lord. Yes! I just don’t know what I’m saying Yes to yet, This feeling is so overwhelming because I’m saying Yes but I don’t know what I need to do. I don’t know what else I can do. My sister is not one to ask for help or take advice or to even be helped but I know she needs it. I’m saying Yes God but I don’t know how to do whatever it is You want me to do. So Please I know that after 380+ comments on here not many people are able to see the very last one’s but I’m here and I’m praying that y’all will see this and will send prayers up for my sister Kellie. I love her and don’t want to think about losing her. She has had a rough life and is in a very dark place right now. So I thank you all for reading this. I just I need someone to talk to. I’ve talked to my hubby and he is always there for me but I just I need someone to reach out to me, and I know that sounds bad. I don’t want attention or I’m not seeking attention but right now I just really need it. I just need some help with this prayer request. I need this off my chest and I just need to talk. I would do the Conference calls but I just don’t have the money to spend. We are on such a tight budget right now and making it paycheck to paycheck. I just I feel alone but I know God is with me and He is telling me to reach out to you ladies and I believe He is telling me that one of you will reach out to me as well and help me with this or just talk to me about this or just be there to listen. I need to cry and laugh and pray. I just I need help and to talk about this prayer request about my sister and I am asking for help. I’m finally saying I don’t wanna keep everything bottled in anymore. I’m so scared for her. I don’t know what to do. So thanks again for reading my comment. God Bless you all.

    Amanda Miller

    • Thank you for reaching out. Praying for you and Kelli, as is our Savior. Our loving Father is in control so we have nothing to fear and He Himself will comfort us as a mother does her child. Peace be upon you, my sister in Christ! Please let us know how He speaks through this situation…

    • ‘Praying!

  199. I have a praise and prayer request. For the past year my husband and I have chosen to say Yes to God. We have just offically moved from northern Idaho down to southern Texas with our two children after 9 months of being apart, and find ourselves starting over. The circumstances aren’t the greatest. We are living with his mom who is disabled and a hoarder. Her house is in bad shape and there are pests on top of it. But I have to say that God has still blessed us in ways that can only be from Him. I didn’t think our vehical would make the trip, but I said yes anyway, because God’s message to go was still everywhere I looked. It didn’t, but he blessed us in the middle of literally nowhere Wyoming with a newer, better vehicle we couldn’t even dream of at less than half the price it was worth, and we made the trip better for it. That’s just one of many blessings from saying Yes. But I’ve had a ruff year…I had my second child and a week later my mother died unexpectedly. My husband left for Texas two weeks later for work, and now I left family and everything I know to be with him. So even though I still feel God’s hand in all this, I have been struggling to keep saying yes no matter what and could really use your prayers. This is my first OBS and I know it’s not a coinsidence that it’s saying yes to God. It has really helped me stay the course, and I feel God has brought me here for a reason. Thank you all and God Bless!

  200. Amanda, I am praying for you, may your sister find peace and positive news. Trust in God! He will give you the answers you need.

  201. Hello Sisters!
    It never ceases to amaze me and fill me wonder and worship when I think of how large (I can’t even fathom it…) God’s heart is. He sees, hears and knows us all. He is closer to each one of us than we realize.

    My heart bursts and eyes are filled with tears when I read through the posts. I am NOT alone! We are all not alone. I say Yes to God now and always. I can so relate with the psalmist in Psalms 73: 25-26:: “Who have I heaven but You? There is none on earth I desire besides you. My heart and my flesh may fail ( I prefer the lyrics of the song by Hosanna – my heart and my flesh many times they fail) God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever”

    Father, I lift up all my sisters in the Bible Study and beyond, their families and that’s theirs.. Have Your way in our lives, lead us, direct us, guide us and guard us. Let us know deep within our hearts and our souls that You are all we need. Amen

  202. Dorce, California says:

    I am placing our grand daughter Areanna, who is three, in Gods hands. I feel this #Say What, moment we have had her since November 26, 2012. Her mom and dad both have drug issues, and mental health issues. Her dad has molested her, only her word does not seem to be enough. We go to court again on Augest 26 at 1:30. It will be the 8 time we have been. Her father Aaron is the only one fighting to keep her, our daughter Elizabeth knows she can’t take care of her. God knows what’s best and I place her in his hands with my palms up so he can’t use me or have me wait quietly in peace for him. Please pray for all of us. Myself Dorce, my husband Curt, and especially Areanna. #Say What?

  203. I had a #saywhat? Moment in April when visiting my family in South Africa. I felt God was saying that the time is right for me and my family to move back there (my husband is English and I have been in the uk for 16yrs). There are so many financial and safety implications, as well as considerations for my childrens’ future, especially my daughter who has high functioning autism and dyspraxia. We want to say yes to God, but can’t move until my husband has a job. Any prayers for a job for him and for God to remove any fear around our safety and health would be very much appreciated! My power verse through all this is Jeremiah 29v11. I know that whatever happens, God’s plans for us will be good..

  204. Amen, Brenda, Amen.

    He will go before you and direct your paths. One of my favorite verses is Acts 17:26b …..
    He determines the bounds of our habitations……

    God bless

  205. Debi Schuhow says:

    Wow! I read all the posts! Just struck by the recurrent theme of of forgiveness towards family members and ex husbands! UGH! I know what God keeps putting in front of me!

  206. I’d really appreciate some prayers for me to push thru this study successfully and take out of it everything God planned for me too. That i will be able to absorb, ‘digest’, and live out everything He has prepared for me. I noticed that with each chapter that I am reading some ‘skeletons’ from the past started to show up , including some fears. That honestly took me by surprise (esp since it happened after more than one chapter), so i feel like I am on a very rocking boat at the moment. I want to learn and grow and be pumped about saying Yes to God always, but this recent ‘rocking’ is making me exhausted on emotional, spiritual, and even physical levels. So I’d really appreciate prayers to gain the needed strength and courage, joy and peace, despite what the future and circumstances may hold (esp vis-a-vis recent events). Thanks very much for your loyal and faithful support during this study!!! 🙂

  207. Edwina Cowgill says:

    I realize this is a day late…but yesterday could not have been crazier had I planned it that way!
    My prayer request: My mother is transitioning into the final stage of life. Please pray that she will not linger, but simply fall asleep and wake up in heaven. Please pray for my dad, who is in her room 24/7 (they live with my sister). My parents 68th wedding anniversary is this Saturday, so you can imagine how difficult watching my mother slowly decline is on my dad. Pray for my sister – who has been my parents’ caretaker for over 2 years. It is also difficult for her to watch my mom. I ask that you pray for peace and comfort for all of us.

  208. I am feeling so very lost right now. I don’t know what God wants me to do. I ask for prayer for hope & direction.

    • Hannah…When I read your post I immediately thought of Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”. The Hebrew phrase for ‘be still’ literally means to to put your hands down to your side; to relax. But not just to ‘relax’ but KNOW. Normally when life is a confusing puzzle, what we know is overshadowed by what we feel. We need to remember who God is, and to KNOW that He loves us, that He is not confused, that He is in the details and that as we obey and trust, He is the one who works all things together for our good. (Romans 8:28) These wise words came from a bible study called “Strength for the Journey” on 6-2-13. I recorded in my Prayer Journal because I’ve been where you are many many times. Thinking of you with love, strengthening you with prayer, donna

  209. Today I would like to just share that we are have an amazing God. I had my cable turned off a few weeks ago I so I was not able to get to my Kindle and read the book or receive any of my emails. So things have really been financially difficult the last six months. My husband has been on the disable list. We lost our home last year and we have just struggled. God has provided for us with his amazing love and grace. He has allowed me his grace. I am so needing this study to truly need to see God and most of all to serve him wit all my heart. To say yes to God is opening up a whole new chapter in my life. Thank you. and Praise God!

  210. Leilani Mapupuno says:

    Here’s my prayer request: I am 37-years old divorced with no kids and I been a Christian since I was 23-years old and been praying to God for to marry a Godly Husband and have my own kids even just one and start our own Ministry together and serve together all over the world for the rest of our lives.

  211. Prayers requested for my marriage; my husband and I are currently separated. There are no Christian books written about how to act when you are separated. It is difficult, lonely, frustrating; living in limbo is very hard. Asking for prayers to strengthen me and hang on!

    • Tammy Haymon says:

      So sorry you are hurting right now, Rebecca. I have no idea what it is to be in your situation, but I do know what loneliness and frustration feel like. Saying a prayer for you right now. In His love,

    • There is hope for your marriage. God is the God of restoration. There is a book ” How God Can and Will restore your marriage” By Erin Thiele. She has a web page.
      You are in my prayers

  212. Praise God! I have something wonderful to share! Two weeks ago I was able to share at church about God’s word to me from Job 22:21-30 which says “Submit to God, and you will have peace;
    then things will go well for you.” I told of a situation at work where I had a choice to obey this scripture. Since then,my whole church “theme” seems to be – radical obedience. Our pastor gave an altar call IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SERVICE for people to simply step out and obey the last thing God has told them. The altar was full! I am so grateful that God moves in seasons like this!

  213. I thank God for his goodness. I know he is walking with me. I now need to trust him completely so that he can guide me into paths of righteousness

  214. In July I was unexpectedly laid-off from my job, and it has been a walk in faithfulness to see this as a blessing in disguise. God gave me the gift of time with my daughter this summer, a precious blessing. My daughter is starting Kindergarten in 9 days, and life as we know it is about to forever change. I have been struggling to do my part (update my resume, apply for zillions of jobs, talk to everyone I can about employment opportunities), and balance that against knowing that God has something in mind for me. My prayer request is for faith and guidance — to continue hanging on to Jesus’ hem and walking forward in joy, and to be listening for His voice about what to do next with my gifts.
    Thank you, in advance, for praying for me and my family! I am grateful for your faithfulness and love. 🙂

  215. Ladies,
    I’m praying for all of you that whatever circumstance you are facing love one ill, loss of job, personal struggles as well as our love ones struggleling, trying to get through this study successfuly and with palms up by sayin Yes to God that we truly belive with all our being that he is her with us. That he will direct each and every one of you and allow you to feel his presence. Thank you for your prayers and kimd words.

  216. Tammy Haymon says:

    It is such a privilege to be a part of this Bible study. I have been looking for a teaching job ever since I graduated 2 years ago. I sacrificed a lot to go back to school in my late 30s because I really felt that is what God was calling me to do. But hundreds of resumes and several interviews later, I am not so sure. My faith and hope have suffered a real blow and I need your prayers. Thank you.

  217. I am praying for all you ladies at Doves Nest.Life can seem very difficult, but never loose trust i the Lord. HE WILL NEVER ABANDON YOU. GOD ONLY INTENDS FOR US TO LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME. I ASK THAT GOD SURROUND EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU WITH HIS LOVE. I ASK THIS IN JESUS NAME. AMES

  218. Busisiwe Mabuza says:

    My name is Busisiwe Mabuza and i am from South Africa. I want to share my life testimony with the entire people of the world. I am very grateful for the good work Priest did for me, I was HIV patient, everything went bad for me, I couldn’t do things with my friends anymore and also lost my job when boss discovered that i am HIV positive and the virus was already affecting my advertising beauty. I lost everything and all i was waiting for is death, I went searching on the internet I saw many testimonies on how different spell casters helped people in curing their deadly diseases and i also saw how many people where scammed by spell casters. I was confused on what to believe but one day, i decided to contact the email of one Priest which i saw on health care website. I emailed him and he answered me, I told him all the problem that i am passing through and requested for my information and told me that I will be free from the deadly disease. He send me herbal medicine 3 days after i contact him through DHL. I took the medication in accordance to his prescription and after 14 days i went for a test. I was surprised that i tested negative. I visited 4 different hospital for test and the result was negative. I was shocked because i never believe that i will be free from this deadly virus and today i am ready to tell the whole world how this good man helped me in case there is anyone passing through any deadly sickness. He is the only solution to any deadly sickness and i trust him so much. Anyone that needs his help should contact him through his email address: and he will help you.

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