#Yes To God Blog Hop ~ Week 4

Happy Blog Hop Day, Yes Girls!

I have a question: How many of you felt like Sunday’s video message was recorded just for you? (Raising my hand!) Melissa and Nicki talked about how – in the middle of the study (or in the middle of anything) when the excitement wears off and things get hard – it is tempting to get frustrated, slack off, and quit. I can relate to everything they said.

I confess. I, too, am a natural quitter. It’s hard for me to finish strong and sometimes finish at all. When I read through some of your comments this week, I found I am not alone. Most of us share some form of the same struggles.

The closer we get to God’s amazing presence the more of our “stuff” that gets revealed. The good news is, as the Holy Spirit uncovers areas in our lives needing healing and growth, we can be assured that with our faces turned to our Father our victory is certain. The hard thing can be accepting His timing or His way of giving us the victory. It doesn’t always look the way we expected it to look. We prefer an instant fix or a supernatural move on our behalf but sometimes God has other business to deal with first – the tricky business of the heart, the deep rooted issues that only He can see, the unforgiveness we’ve been holding on to, fear, shared affection and devotion with things of the world…you know, those things we would just rather avoid altogether.

But God calls to us in those hard places. Those hard, challenging places that tempt us to turn away are the very places our heart can discover and know God as never before. We find Him there waiting with tender mercy and amazing grace.

May all our messy places bring not condemnation, guilt, or the desire to give up, but rather the motivation to surrender all.

Let’s push through, friends.

Let’s #StickWithIt.

Let’s trust more, believe more, give more, and love more.

With our whole heart, with everything within us…We say Yes, God.

Again and again and again.




And now to the Blog Hop! 🙂

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1. #StickWithIt – Have you experienced moments during this study when you felt like you just couldn’t do it anymore? If so and you are still here, write about what happened and why you have decided to #stickwithit.

2. Breaking Chains – Make the decision to be set free by applying the powerful truth of God’s Word to whatever has been holding you captive. Use scripture to write a declaration of hope and freedom. Reference the “verse mapping” method here: http://bit.ly/11j4zW2

3. Life Interrupted – Some of God’s greatest gifts are “wrapped in unlikely packages.” Share how God has used a challenging time in your life and worked through it for your good.

4. #YesToGod – On page 103 Lysa shares a short prayer she prays every morning choosing to say yes to whatever assignments God places before her. Write your own personal #YesToGod morning prayer.

5. Dove’s Nest – Write an encouraging note to one of the ladies currently living at Dove’s Nest.


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  1. This OBS has revealed a lot about myself. At work I don’t like to put things off, I am the organized one. But when it comes to God, I have noticed I put off doing things for him. In the morning I hear God telling me I should write notes to Dove Nest and sent them money. I plan on doing it when I get home from work, when I get home I am tried and I forget all about the things God asked me to do that morning. I need to get my life organized with God first, so I can truly say Yes to God and mean it. At work people cames to me they know I will get it done. I want to be that same person with God if he asked me to do something he knows I will get it done, he can count on me. Please pray that I from this day forward that I put God first in my life and he can count on me to get the job done he has asked me to do. Thanks so much for this OBS.

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi, Kim! I just want to let you know that you are not alone in what you shared. Your post could have had my name as its author. We need to stay strong, using the times we do say Yes as encouragement to keep saying Yes. And for those times we say Yes but delay in the actual action involved, we need to ask and accept forgiveness and still do the Yes, even if it’s delayed.

      • Thanks for sharing this. I have something I have not completed for God too. I am such a bad procrastinator. I am delayed and must get back to the task He has given me. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Good morning Kim! I completely understand what you’re saying! But what I love about God is…He is so patient with us. And He doesn’t put a value on us based on our performance or how much we do for Him (like our employers and other people in our lives). His desire is that we seek Him, that we spend time with Him, that we get to KNOW Him. He just wants us! And often in our pursuit of Him, He leads us to say Yes to certain things so that others can know Him, too. We don’t have to be perfect or have everything perfectly in order before we start…we just surrender right where we are. I’m praying for you today! I’m moving forward with you and I’m so thankful you are here! Big hugs!~Shelly

  2. I started out so good – I kept up with all the bible study’s and this week I am getting behind ;-( . I am seeing things in my life that I have got to change . When i start out in the mornings with my bible study’s and say all my bible verse the day just seams to click. But this week has been hard it is the last week of the month and is the most hardest at work trying to get all done . I feel like I just am falling and it makes me sad . I try to be the happy one at work and home trying to do it all and I talk with God all day long and it does help. This weeks lesson really is hitting me in so many way . I will keep going thanks for all yalls hard work . and I too will stay strong . I have too and will STICK WITH IT. love Joan

    • You got this girl! I was behind too, but I stuck with it. You can too!! Hang in there! God has lots more to teach you through this study! <3 Praying for you!

      • Thank you Keri – I had a good day at work got alot done 😉 and finished chapter 5 and working on Chatper 6 . Thanks

        • Yay! Joan I’m so proud of you!! Ch. 6 was my favorite this week! Really spoke to me about going through tough times and how even when we pray to get out sometimes God lets us stay there a little while to use that time later, He uses us for reaching others and doing His will! Have a fabulous Friday!

    • Joan, I’m so glad you’ve committed to #stickwithit even when things are getting hard! With God by your side, you can do this! I’m praying you find joy today…) The joy of the Lord is your strength! Hugs!~Shelly

      Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

      • Thanks Shelly for your help . today was a good day and the bible study this morning did help me stick with it. 😉 I started chapter 6 and back on track . I was feeling hopeless but I am going strong . THANKS

  3. “Keep me as the apple of Your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wings”.
    Psalm 17:8. Praying that he convicts our hearts to #stickwithit, #refusetoturnback, keep saying #yestogod even in the messy places of our days, and keep our #palmsup. He has a lot to teach us so that he may use it all for his glory to build his kingdom. I pray that today be a YES day for all of us yes girls!

  4. I had fallen behind but yesterday was able to catch up. It had seemed like everytime I went to study something would call me away. I was getting frustrated and annoyed. God had to work on my attitude. This study has helped me so much. I am very thankful for all you have done.

  5. Kim, I so identify with what you wrote. I will uphold you in prayer and would ask if you would please do the same for me. I don’t want to be “that” person that tells other people to listen to the Holy Spirit and do what He says and not do that myself!

    • Barbara Prince OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team says:

      Hi Laurie, I understand where you are coming from and I’m praying that God will strength you so that your “yes” means “yes”. I pray that you listen and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit as He speaks to you. That is the desire of all our hearts – to just follow Jesus.

  6. nancys1128 says:

    More than not looking like we expected it to look, the answer to whatever we’ve asked may not look like we WANT it to look. Sort of like with our children and their questions and requests. They often have a desired response, and they get the opposite, or a variation on the desired response. I don’t know about others’ kids, but this sometimes leads to questions about why, and sometimes even bargaining, in my house. When that path is stepped onto, I have a shut-it-down response for them: Asked and answered. How often do we do the same thing with God when we get an unexpected or undesired response? Not exactly an example of saying Yes to Him, is it?

    So loving this study for not only the readings, but for the blogs that make us look at the bigger picture as well, and further apply the readings. Thanks, ladies, for all your hard work!

  7. I am like you Kim. I am very much a Martha, the one always getting things done. Itake pride in that, which just compounds the sin. I need to slow down and take time to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to Him. I do the study and different points hit me but then I do not take the time to meditate on the truths and let the Holy Spirit speak and change me.

  8. Michelle Romero says:

    This study truly has revealed a lot in me (the good, the bad, the ugly-but also showed me who I am, The Daughter of The Most High King). It’s pushed me beyond what I thought I was ready for. But God is so faithful because as we stay close to Him it’s alittle easier to leave my comfort zone, step up and be who He wants me to be. I want to be a Yes Woman of God and #stickwithit, as the lesson said…..trust more, believe more, give more, and love more. Shelly encouraged us today to be motivated to surrender all. Yes Yes Yes!!!!

    • Isn’t it funny how it does that? Pushes us beyond what we think we are ready for? I’m going through that very thing myself…and because it’s beyond me, it’s ALL HIM. What a great place to be…not confident of our own abilities but in what He can do through us in His power and might. Thanks for being here, Michelle!

  9. Vanessa Stephens says:

    Two years ago God called me to step down in my career, I said yes to God and did what He ask. Since then I have been before two judges, one for bankruptcy and the other for a dentist who has sued me. I feel like saying yes has been a burden to my family. At the time I thought I was doing what was right but as I think back through the last couple of years it has brought great distress financially to my husband. I am about to be without a car. I got on my knees this morning begging God for forgiveness and ask Him to show me how to turn this around. Show me where I messed up and show me how to look deep into the pits of my heart and see where He is teaching me in this. God I pray for mercy, grace, and guidance…


    • Praying God will speak to your heart today, sweet friend!

    • Barbara Prince OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team says:

      Dear Sister, I don’t know if you miss-heard God or not, but I do know that God will always answer the heart that is surrendered to Him. Continue to listen for His instruction and look for the doors He will open for you and your family.
      Dear Father, please look at Vanessa heart and listen to her cry for help. Father, she has desired to say #yestoGod, but she is in a hard place. Reveal to her, our Father, the next step she should take. Help her Lord to trust in You and Your love for her, In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  10. hi yes girls!
    It has been hard for me to #stickwithit! I totally missed ch. 4 but I feel that instead of throwing in the towel, I am going to #stickwithit! I am all caught up and I’m so glad I did stay with this because Ch. 6 spoke to me so strongly and I’m so glad because I am the guest preacher at my church on Sunday and I was struggling with what I wanted to speak about but now that I have been inspired by Ch. 6, I have been able to write a beautiful encouraging message that I hope with lift up my congregation! Thanks for all those involved in making this OBS happen. It has really been a blessing for me! Love to all!

  11. Debi Schuhow says:

    Breaking Chains——–I finally sent my mother a note telling her that I forgive her and thanking her for those good things. I have not talked to her for about 5-6 years now. Before that, the pattern of avoidance was in operation for a good 19 years or so. What’s strange about it is that when I think if her, the bitterness/anger/rage/sadness is not there. Just a sensation of ” Everything is just the way it’s supposed to be”. I sent her the message after God made it clear to send it to her. I’ve talked to God about this many times in the last 5 years or so and I feel that that chapter is now closed and I can move on to a new chapter.
    Thank you Proverbs 31 ladies, and all those who blogged in the first three weeks as I kept coming across the theme of forgiveness in every blog I read!

  12. hi yes girls,
    this is a really silly question, but where can I put the OBS and Bloghop buttons on my wordpress? I’m having trouble putting it up. Thanks girls! Love the encouragement on here today!

  13. Crystal Anderson says:

    I am finding the closer I get to God the bigger obstacles. Satan, is attacking my family. My sister and brother in law Co signed a car for my daughter last weekend. What turned out that they were supposed to be going along with my daughter for moral support with her father. He had the down payment, but is not educated in the car buying experience. He led my daughter on all day saying she could have her dream car.. After several dealerships and cars later. They settled on a car. However, did not get a car fax. We are learning now there are multiple things wrong with the car. My brother in law had a heart attack last yr and is very weak at times. He was rushed that night of the shopping for cars. He was in the hospital from Sat until Tuesday. Praise God he is doing great and no signs of a heart attack..This has put a great amount of stress on my sister. She felt blind sided about the car experience. Please pray for healing for my brother in law and sister. May he be in the midst of this storm and they feel his presence. All things work together for the good. I claim it and stand on his promises. My sister hasn’t called me but is telling family members how she is feeling. I just txd her praying and I love ya’ll. She never says I love you back..Which is strange to me. I am full of joy and will NOT let Satan have a party in my mind or family. I will continue to lift my sister brother in law, daughter and her father in prayer.Will y’all join me. May they all feel an overwhelming peace over there minds and hearts. May God show them he can turn this around to work together for good. # Palms Up # SayYestoGod # Stick with it
    Shining his light no matter there negative responses. I will keep loving them as our father loves us. It says in his word Do not lean on your own understanding , but in all things cast your anxietys on him. Reading 1 Peter this morning. Thank you Lord for your Amazing Love for us.

  14. I just have to tell you Shelly how much I love, love, love your post today! I started taking notes and ended up copying down pretty much the whole thing into my journal. It was like you were speaking my exact experiences and feelings from my heart. Bless you girl!

  15. I dedicated my blog today to the lady birds in the Dove Nest. There’s been lots of YestoGod moments I’ve had this week, but those ladies have been on my heart.

  16. This has been an amazing study and I have found myself wondering am I going to get behind due to work and health issues but I have #stickwithit! I enjoyed Chapeter 6. I am Stephen Minister at my church and due to health issues and wondering if this is still God’s call for me or should I be doing something else. I was thinking about stepping down. I have a person I am seeing that is so depressed I have not been able to reach her. I wanted to be a SM to encourage people and show God’s love after dealing withthe loss of my mom and sister and health issues I wanted people to know God is still there even when we dont feel he is. I then realized as I have been reading maybe I am trying to do this it in my own strength and I have /need to rely on God. I like the Verse Lamentations 3:22-24 God is our portion of whatever we needs him to be as it says on pg 102. Please keep me in prayer PalmUp!

    • Barbara Prince OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team says:

      Hi Karen, I’m praying that you will come to a place of rest and peace in Jesus. Let Him be your center. Don’t allow yourself to get unbalanced by the cares of life. Father, let you Holy Spirit settle over Karen as she waits for You.

  17. As I go to leave a blog it keeps telling me to sign up for something else.
    1. StickWithIt, I feel like I cant do it anymore so manytimers through out my day. Im still here bc I know I have & love life today.

  18. Talk about Life Interrupted! Today I have had God pulling me to read all the amazing links in the blog hop. Not one. Not a few. ALL! Um… Lord, I know YOU know I have a mile long to-do list today! What do you mean take time to read all these and comment as I am moved?? I don’t have time for that! (sigh) Yes, Lord … whatever you ask.
    What a morning I have had as a result! The beautiful testimonies. The insight. The different perspectives. I have also been called to stop no less than twice to write future posts for my own blog inspired by something I read.
    Not my plan… but His!!

    • Barbara Prince OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team says:

      Becky it always pays to say #yestoGod even when it doesn’t make sense to us. He always has a good reason and it is for our good.

  19. LIFE INTERUPTED/YES TO GOD: this is a hard one to share for everyone to see. Ive had some hardships in life. Some of them were my fault and some not. But today I know the mistakes Ive made are just that. I dont have to be a victim of my past today. Saying yes to God & surrending to him is so amazing for me today. The relationships of family members that have been mended/healed and still are healing to a stronger bond. My highter power God has & is still teaching me that love & graditude are the places of my heart to have peace with in. I know everyone is different and there peace could be something else. This is mine!!!

    • Barbara Prince OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team says:

      Always follow after peace if at all possible as Hebrews 12:14 instructs us. Praying you continue to be blessed!

  20. Marcia (from Iowa) says:

    I think my picture might be posted next to the word interupted in the dictionary! I feel that whatever I start never gets completed. I started this Bible study with the promise I would finish it and what happened? Life interupted!! I missed the second and third weeks and normally I would have just said nope, I’m behind now so I’ll just quit. Not this time!! I am proud to say that Tues night I told my family I could not be interupted until I caught myself up. When I watched the video from Sun I almost cried. I am so glad I haven’t given up and may this be the first of many things I will complete!!

  21. Darlene Omichinski says:

    Still going strong with the Bible study. Have most of the questions done not a big deal if they aren’t complete as the bible verses lead me off in other directions and I am reading more parts of the bible because of this. I also have decided which direction my first weeks of the bible study I plan to lead this year will look at. Our first story we will look at is the binding of Isaac Genesis 22:1-14. To copy a phrase from Lysa ” Radical Obedience”. God bless you all and may his peace be upon you.

  22. This is in response to Peg Speaks (Blog Hop #120, above.). For some reason I could not comment directly on her blog…

    Dear Peg,
    I love the way you’ve explained saying “Yes” to God in such a down-to-earth, understandable, achievable way. I can share your post with others, even if they have not been on the “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” journey. I believe it will still make sense to them.

  23. Sorry, Peg Speaks is #119.

  24. This is for #116, Shannon I can’t reply to your blog. I tried twice, but here goes….

    Shannon 😀 God is amazing! God reunited me and Adam together after 20 years apart!!! Isn’t it awesome what God does? He and I were both so broken, him from the death of his wife of 8 years and me from the loss of my 4 children in a divorce, after 17 years (I was a stay at home mother for 18). God knew Adam was the only one who could understand me, and He knew I was the only woman who could understand him. He knew all that before we did, just like He knew what would happen, what our losses would be, what our mountains were, the heart break, before we knew them. God is truly Good.

  25. Alright, I’m a mush, I get it, but this study just brings me to tears. I LOVE blog hop Thursdays, reading all of the wonderful posts from these wonderful ladies. Never thought I could feel so connected to people that I have never met. I’m praying for these women, crying as I read life stories. Wow. Thank you for this study, I not only get encouragement from the comments they leave me but I’m encouraged reading their stories. Love it!

  26. Cindy Uhrick says:

    I am really loving this study and the fellowship! I struggle with finishing things more often than not. Right now I am struggling with a decision. Last year, I signed up to be a work from home travel agent. Did all the online video training, got my certificate from the host agency. Unfortunately, that is about where it has been left. I have my agent id #, access to the supplier websites but just really don’t understand how it all works. I enjoy researching the airfare, so has to get the best price for our mission teams and my family. Different things happened to take my focus from it. I’m really struggling with whether I should hold on to this or just let it go, because I really don’t have any idea of who to contact to find the answers I need in order to be able to make this opportunity work for me. Just praying for answers and directions….

  27. OrendaSmith says:

    Hello, I have been told by my group leader that when they click on my link it’s coming up broken. Can someone please let me know if they can see it or not? Thank you

  28. Darlene M says:

    Wow! What a week so far. On Sunday I was sharing with the Youth Pastor what had been going on at work and how bad it is getting there. Before leaving to go home he tells me to persevere. Than come home and turn on the computer to see what Chapter or chapters to do this week for out Bible Study. And I couldn’t believe the verse for the week was Romans 5:3-4 and it is talking about how perseverance produces character, and character, hope. Than I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I saw what the key phrase was for this week–stickwithit.. But the amazing thing is that with all my daily devotions and people coming up to me and telling me to hang in there, I am finally get the message that the Lord wants me to stay on the job where I am at. Even though the flesh wants to call it quits because of all the gossip, lies that staff is telling and all the back biting going on, I know that the Lord has not and is not closing the door to this job. So I am trying my best to do what I am suppose to do and to keep my mouth shut and try to stay busy so that I have no time to listen to what my co-workers has to say about any of us.
    Also I came so close to wanting to quit this Bible Study because this week I am a little behind. Didn’t get to see the video that was for Sunday as could not get it to come up. Was able to see it on Monday. Then yesterday wanted to to do some when came home from work but ended up with company and was late for Bible Study at church. But was able to leave work early today as been staying late, so was able to catch up some, but still have to finish the questions on chapter 5 and read chapter 6 and answer the questions. But the video today was awesome and really has me thinking. The hardest question for me is where is my purpose? To me it is hard to know where my purpose is when I am not even sure what my purpose is?
    I would like you to keep me in prayer as the stress at work is starting to take affect on my body. I am still recovering from double hip replacement. Was doing fine and no pain other than the stiffness with the cool damp weather, but that will go away in time. But the stress is starting to cause me to start having a little more pain in the hips and in the knees again. I know the Doctor said that there may be days that I might have to go back to using the cane, but I don’t want to become dependent on using a cane. They have not hired a Center Director yet and until they do it is going to be rough at work. But it may still be rough when get a new Center Director until he/she gets use of their job and what is required of them. It is going to be hard with what I have to go through at work, but I know that God wants me to stickwithit so He is going to have to give me the strength to endure. But my hands are palms up for any blessings that God has for me for trying to stickwithit and doing what He ask me to do for I am trying to be a woman that Say Yes to God, no matter what for I know that God’s Word says that He will never leave us or forsake us and he will provide all that we are in need and He will equip us when we say Yes to Him.

    • Thank you for sharing, Darlene!
      I can hear that you are in a tough situation at work, but our God works best in tough situations. Don’t give up! I understand the feeling of just wanting to give up. I have been there. I know how tough it can be to hang in when you are miserable. There have been times when my only prayer was, “God, don’t let me go” and He never has. God will work in this situation at work and will bring healing to your hips and knees. I believe that. God does have a purpose for you! He has given each of us a passion for something that only we can fulfill when we partner with Him. What is your passion? What is that one thing that causes that fire to burn within you? Pray about it and God will reveal it. You are a daughter of the King! Satan loves for us to get caught up in the chaos that he stirs up. I believe in you and I know that you can persevere through these difficult times. Hang in there, my sweet friend! Things of this world will pass away, our inheritance is in heaven!

      • Sue Kerschner says:

        Darlene M have been in your shoes and at that time in my life I was still searching for God to be in my life. Now that I look back and all the “stuff” at work that was going on and my health failing I realized God was right there beside me. Hang tight and don’t let the so called gossip take away from you what your work does for you…what I am saying is enjoy your job and tune out all that Satan is drumming up. Take care of yourself as well, I didn’t and ended my career because of letting work become more important than taking care of me. Now I am disabled with a disorder that doesn’t allow me to work and would love to be apart of that world again someday, but not without know that God is by my side all the time and when you look back things weren’t as bad as we thought they were. God Bless you and I know healing is on it’s way to you.

  29. #interruption in unlikely pkg.: a pneumonia with status asthmaticus while at work ( so very sudden)and been on a vent and my life and our finaninaces have been interrupted as I started this study but am caught up and loving ing it and learning and sticking to it. I especially appreciate St. Patrick;s words from his breastplate and have shared with others and hadsome energy to write note to Dove’s Nest. Bless you all.

  30. Sue Kerschner says:

    #Stickwithit couldn’t have been a better incentive for me this week, as I was so far behind in my OBS that I almost gave up and said I’ll try it again another time more convenient…but God had another answer for me. I listened and heard the word Perseverance before I even opened my book to chapters 5 and 6. As I was reading of course it was #Amazing how God spoke to me through out those chapters. I thank you God for teaching me to Never Give Up and to push on through what ever is thrown at me and to FINISH what I started so here I am catching up and keeping up with y’all. It was words from so many that help inspire me to keep going. God Bless all the Yes women and even those who are on the fence but I know with all the prayers you will be right beside me…keep on keeping on!

  31. Jennifer Chapman says:

    Hi! I’m really struggling with my job right now. I’m not happy with the direction my job is going and I want to leave. I’m a nervous wreck when I go to work. I want to find another job career, but I have some limitations and need to make the same or more than what I’m making now. Every morning and night I pray for an opportunity to come. Reading these blogs and inspirational verses really calms me down. Thanks!

  32. We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance, and endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. Romans 5:3-4
    Can – Apparently this is a “choice.” So, everything that follows, we may not experience if we don’t make this choice.
    Rejoice – to feel joy or great delight – I looked up “joy” in Webster’s dictionary, and I disagree. Joy is not an emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires.” It is absolutely NOT that!!! Joy is a contented, peaceful emotion that is not evoked by circumstances, but rather by a continuous fellowship with God.
    Problems and trials – Things that don’t go “our way.” Sometimes these circumstances are the cause for our turning back to God, or re-evaluating our walk with Him, looking again at the love He has for us, trying to find His provision in all of this, causing us to re-read Romans 8:28.
    Develop – Recognize on the front-end of this, that developing is a process…a lifetime process.
    Endurance – How do you gain endurance? Think about running. When I first started “running”, it was more like “ralking”, a combination of running and walking. I hadn’t trained enough to run any real distance yet, so I would run a little and then walk a little. As time went on, my heart & lungs got used to the work, getting stronger. Then I was able to handle more and more. That’s endurance, the ability to handle those problems. Recognize…this ability and strength is not mine, but rather, it comes from where my Focus is placed.
    Character – something inside of us that wants to be obedient to God, regardless of what those around us are doing. Our external actions then reflect our internal character.
    Strength – goes hand in hand with endurance. It comes as part of a process.
    Confident hope – Not a wishy washy, I’m not sure about this type of feeling/attitude. But I KNOW and can “rest assured” that what I believe is true.
    Salvation – **inhale/exhale peace** a beautiful picture of love. John 3:16-17. This love is what causes my response of worship and obedience.

  33. GM Ladies;
    We are almost at the end of the study. I am believing for a “fresh start” this week. I haven’t heard from God concerning my purpose. I know that participating in this online BS was saying “YES” to God. I’m struggling with sugar addiction and feel like its getting worse not better. Please pray for me.

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