Yes To God Blog Hop – Week 5

I close my eyes and I can see the banner waving up ahead. I can see us there, too, picking up our pace and raising our arms in celebration as we prepare to leap over the finish line.

Happy Thursday, beautiful sisters! With only a few days before the start of our last week, I just want to remind you how close you are!

Oh, how sweet it feels to finish something you’ve committed your heart to, doesn’t it?

We will surely celebrate a well-deserved victory!

But guess what? The end of our study isn’t really the end. Even as the sweat is still dripping from our brow our next journey has already begun.

We don’t stop. We keep going.

Each leg of our race prepares us for the next.

And no matter how many times we trip or fall or lose our way, we can choose to start fresh right here, right now.

We can leave here stronger, healthier, and better than when we started.

This week Nicki encourages us to get #freshvision. I was awake at midnight when her post arrived in my inbox and I couldn’t wait until the next morning to find my white space. So I tiptoed out of bed, quietly rearranged a few pairs of shoes and a whole lot of clutter, and squeezed into my closet.

And since this is real life we’re doing together, here is my make-up free instagram photo to prove it.

photo (1)

(Did I really just go out in public with no make-up on? Mercy.)

As I sat in my white space, I wondered how many of you, like me, are tired? All these weeks of “yes” stories and messages of #stickwithit may have you feeling a tad overwhelmed and out of breath. If so, dear friend, may I remind you of our starting place?

Can we sit here at the Master’s feet for a while?

Our purpose is not to become women who say yes to everything.

Our purpose is to become women who say yes to one Person.

We say yes to Jesus.

All that we do should flow from that secret place of intimacy with our Savior.

It’s where passion dwells.

It’s where purpose is discovered.

It’s where dreams are birthed.

It’s where fresh vision is found.

One last thing…as I read through blogs and comments last week, my heart was filled with gratitude. Thank you for being brave and sharing your words here.

If you are not a blogger, I would still love to hear from you. Share something in the comment section about our study to let us know you’re still here.



Now let’s get to the Blog Hop!

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1. #FreshVision

2. Lower Your Nets – Simon Peter had no idea that his obedience to something that seemed so small and insignificant could help him discover his calling in life, but it did! What little thing is God asking of you today?

3. Glimpses of God – How can your life experiences help provide people with glimpses of God? (Phil. 2:14-16) Reference the “verse mapping” method here:

4. Inspired By Obedience – Have you been inspired by someone else’s obedience to God?

5. Dove’s Nest – Write a letter of encouragement for one of the women currently living at Dove’s Nest.

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  1. A big “Thank you” to all you lovely ladies at Proverbs 31 ministries that have served the Lord so faithfully these past weeks. I’m still here because of your obedience and faithfulness to the Lord. The first week of this OBS, after I had said YES to God, I was hit with one of the biggest blows of disappointment in my life. I felt depression setting in and found myself crying several times a day and almost all through the night. And I questioned myself, “Wait a minute, I just said YES to God, now why are all these blows coming my way? Isn’t God supposed to be on my side?” But somehow I was moved in my spirit every single day to continue to read the book, do the questions at the end of the chapter, listen to the videos and do the study for the day. I’m here to say that with God’s help I have come out of that state of depression, I’m moving forward, I’m #stickingwithit I believe this OBS study was designed for my life for “such a time as this.” Honestly, I don’t know how I would have come out of my situation without having said YES to God almost 5 weeks ago and continuing with this study up until now. I believe I will finish the race strong. It is in saying YES to Him that has made all the difference in my life. God bless you all abundantly as you prepare for the next OBS 🙂

    • Vanessa…we are so glad you said yes! You WILL finish the race strong! Blessings to you sister! 🙂

    • Keep sticking with it sister. So many times we get sidetracked and hit with “arrows” that seem to come out of nowhere. Hold up your shield of faith, no matter how shaky your hands may feel. (hugs)
      Jeremiah 29:11~ For I know the thoughts I think toward you, says the LORD< thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. (NKJV)

    • Vanessa – Praising God! Girl, life is tough – and that ain’t no lie! But as long as we walk with Him and give Him some radical obedience, we are going to be just fine! So glad you stuck it out so we could be blessed by your heart! You just made my day with your post!

  2. Susan P. Bateas says:

    God Bless

  3. Sandy Arnold says:

    Disappointment is tough; experienced it in marriage situation last night. Sticking with it (life) is hard some days. ButbI know my Redeemer lives and does not want the enemy to win these battles. Whatever it is you are experiencing in this season of life, know He goes before, behind and beside you. Be blessed in the love of Jesus.

    • You’re so right, Sandy. Disappointment can be tough. But thank God we never have to walk any part of our journey alone. We can have joy and peace and strength no matter our circumstances. I’m so glad you are here with us as we seek Him together. I am saying a prayer for you this morning. Blessings to you as well!

    • Amen! Praying that what the enemy meant for harm, God will use for good. Keep looking up sweet girl!

    • Sue Kerschner says:

      #Freshvision is what I wanted to share with my Husband last night after working on the notes and encouragement cards for the Dove’s Nest. I felt to share these with him and somehow my excitement was felt by him and he listened for a few minutes then back to the TV. I know sometimes the discouragement we feel from out spouses is the devil working against us, but I choose to #stickwithit and not let the devil win. Sandy I am sure there are lots of women who are in the same boat as we are but we have said Yes to God and there’s no turning back. May yours and mine have their hearts softened from the Holy Spirit and they will find the excitement we feel. God Bless you.

      • Thank you for sharing on this obout your spouse with discouragement. I love the way you think that it is the devils work. My thought when my husband has to work out of town is a new thought thanks to you. Now just sticking with it, the devil knows how i feel with my abandament issues. It is always there just lurking & waiting. I am saying Yes to God on this. Thank you

    • Sandy, Love that FAITH! That’s exactly what makes God smile!!!!

  4. Jen Saylor says:

    I am still here, too. I am sooooo far behind in this study, trying to catch up. Every day Satan tells me to give up and I feel a wave of disappointment and anxiety wash over me because of it. But I know that God wants me to finish this, so I will. I keep trucking along in the book and with the questions when I can, and take some time to check in on the post where I am supposed to be (like here, today!). Amazingly, even though I am behind in the study, I read parts of the book, or watch a video post that you all did two weeks ago, and it is EXACTLY what I need in THIS day! God is good, and if anyone else is where I am today with this study, #StickWithIt with me with your #PalmsUp! God has got this and He will give us #FreshVision in HIS time, not ours.

    Dear Lord, please help those of us who are behind to finish this study, showing us what you have for us each and every day. Keep Satan from pulling us down as we seek to say, “Yes,” to you. Give us patience, perseverance, and open hearts to your will. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Jen so glad you are sticking with it and you’ll be glad. Each chapter gets sweeter and you will grow stronger. Find a quiet place for just a few minutes a day and before you know it, you’ll cross the finish line. WOOHOO!

    • Know that you are not alone in your state of being behind. Your words are actually an encouragement to me as I am right beside you. Thanks for the prayer as well. May we all #stickwithit to the end and beyond.

    • Way to keep pushing on! God’s perfect timing is always the best timing! I will get mail or packages and I don’t open then, I put them on my nightstand and when I feel led, I open them (silly right?). YES, He knows just what we need when we need it! Praying you are going to finish with us! HUGS!

  5. This is the second day that I did not receive the post in my email – is there an issue?

  6. Shelly you always have a way with words that blesses this girl’s heart. Thank you for stepping out and letting God. What a blessing to wake up and come here this morning for a touch from the Master’s hand. Love you girl!

  7. #freshvision…This morning will be our 2nd week of Moms in Prayer – Bible study and prayer. A dream of mine since my son that is in 4th grade was in Kindergarten. It is finally getting off to an awesome start with a total of 5 ladies today!! So excited that God is giving my dreams a fresh breath!!!!

  8. Loved your message today, Shelly and that you posted a pic of your no make up self! 🙂 You set a great example by doing that and I give you a lot of credit. I wasn’t going to do this study at first. I had done the last one because the topic spoke to me and I felt like I really needed it. This one didn’t jump out at me as something I needed or would be interested in. However, I already had the book and just the suggestion from someone I connected with through the blog hop was enough to get me started. I’m so glad I did. Shelly, your message about it being a race, a journey, with different legs, that we don’t stop, we keep learning and growing along the way is just so true for me right now. Things I have learned and read in this study connect with what I learned in that last one, each idea, truth, etc building upon the last and leading me ahead to the next. I am learning that any bible study is good, God will use it to teach me what I need to learn and take me to the places He wants me to go. Very cool!

    • Good morning, Andrea! I”m so glad you decided to do this study with us! We are transformed and changed by His powerful Word. I love how He leads us….and oh, how He loves us! 🙂

  9. This week has been a challenge, but in a good way. I asked for confirmation about where I should be and it has been around me every day. It is a little overvelming, because it is time to say yes to God. This is something that has been a challenge for me to say yes to for years. I just need to do it, I have prayer partners and I have Jesus on my side. Now its time to move. Oh Father, HELP

  10. I am not a blogger, but at our first week, had every intention to try it out! Guess what, it has not gotten done to this point. I have fallen behind a little and caught back up. I’m so glad I have (#stickwithit) instead of dropping out. This OBS has been such a great experience. I start each day with a #freshvision, praise and worship. I hope everyone is feeling the prayers going out to them as they post. I don’t write much, but as I go through I pray for everyone.
    I am looking forward to doing more and more OBS’s with Provers 31!
    God Bless

  11. Lou Ann Ratliff says:

    I am not a blogger, but like many have given it thought – maybe next study. This study has been such a blessing for me. At the end of July I experienced a major life event and was struggling in a party of selfishness. This study has really helped me to seek God’s face, to draw closer to the richness of His love, to listen to His gentle prodding. I am His child and He lives me. Thanks for all of the encouragement and fun.

  12. Anyone else feel nervous to end this study? I am afraid to do this alone! Also- I struggle with some of the questions where I honestly don’t know the answers so I just tend to skip them. Anyone else?

    • I don’t feel nervous about this study ending, but a little sad, because I feel like we are family.. we have been communicating for weeks together ..on facebook, twitter, bloghop. Perhaps you can join a support group at your local church, you don’t have to be afraid or alone, my prayer for you is that.. GOD will cuddle you in his arms, he is there NOW with are never alone.

    • Hi Krista – I have also skipped answering some of the questions because I don’t know the answers, and some I just don’t get what they mean. I have gone back to a few and have had some Ah Ha moments, but I wouldn’t get hung up on them, just do your best and don’t be afraid, we are all in this together. I am praying that we all find our way to just say yes.

    • This has been such a great study – I guess I don’t look at each study as an ending…all the learning and growth will stay with you and you get to use it, think about it and build upon it during future studies! 🙂

    • Remember, Krista…It’s not the end, just the beginning of a different part of our journey 🙂 And we are never alone…He goes with us. As God commanded Joshua, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

    • So glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t answered the questions. While I know there aren’t any right or wrong answers to them, I still haven’t done them. I actually think the not having right or wrong answers is my stumbling block, and I need to get over that and just answer the questions.

    • As much as I have enjoyed the OBS, I am in need of real fellowship with other women, so I decided to form a weekly Bible Study with some women in my church who are also looking for “something more”. We are starting with the same book so we can experience this study together! If anyone in the Charlotte, NC area would like to join us, we are starting on 9/16 at 10 am at Panera in the Arboretum.

      So, it’s not an ending, but a beginning of even better things!!!

  13. I am #stickwithit all the way, it has been a challenge for me last week with excruciating pain in my lower back, it is hard to focus when you are in pain. I was determined not to give up! But…God grace is sufficient for us. God has done a new thing in me, he has open my eyes with so much love and compassion for people. I love you my sister’s in Christ. I wish I can see you all, but God can.

    My God keep you and his grace be upon you.

    • So excited to hear that God is doing a new thing in you, Delores! We can’t help but be transformed as we seek His face and study His Word! Saying a prayer of healing for your back this morning. Blessings!

  14. Amy Kellenburger says:

    I am finding my life changed because of this study. What has been the biggest change is saying no. Yes that’s right no. I have followed God for a long time but was saying yes to everyone around me first. I am finding such a sweet closeness with God. He is giving me peace with saying no. I just was getting so busy with God that I needed to find a #freshvision. It is going to be difficult to stop and say wait is this what God wants me to do but I know it will be a more effective ministry for Him. #palms up. Yes to God first!

    • I have walked this journey, Amy! And even still! Pausing to seek His will and direction is so important. I, too, want to be effective and purposeful in everything I do. Keep seeking Him, He will direct you. Yes to God first! 🙂

  15. I love this reminder. So simple, yet so profound. Thank you:

    Our purpose is not to become women who say yes to everything.
    Our purpose is to become women who say yes to one Person.
    We say yes to Jesus.
    All that we do should flow from that secret place of intimacy with our Savior.

    • Amen Kym! I was thinking the same thing!

    • So thrilled to read your comment – the temptation, especially in fellowships where not many “volunteer” – is to take it all on and then end up exhausted or complaining or, if we have declined, then going on a guilt trip at having said No! I know there are times when eyebrows are raised when I either say No or say “Can I get back to you on that?” rather than an immediate compliance. It is all about balance and knowing who we are in Christ and Who it is we are following – I know that for me as a young Christian there was an addiction to being a people pleaser and I had to learn to be a Christ follower; now I am old enough in both years and walk with the Lord to make prayerful decisions but I know it isn’t always easy when the pressure is on!
      Blessings to all you wonderful women who have so encouraged me over this summer and reminded me of the joy of saying “Yes” .

  16. I am #stickingwithit to the end. It has been an amazing time and I do feel encouraged. Praise God for letting me find this great bible stidy with these great women. Thank you for your hard work a nd dedication.

  17. Thank you so much for this study. I am a changed woman! My heart has been broken and my mind renewed.I feel fresh and truly happy for the first time in years. I have found my precious savior’s face once again. Thank you Jesus!!!

  18. I am not a blogger but have enjoyed reading them when I can. This study was divinely orchestrated by God for me to prepare me for the news that the job I have been at for 18 years will be ending as if November 29th. Because of this study I have said yes to Him even though I didn’t and don’t know what He is asking of me. I am trusting that His plan for my life is far better than my own. This study has been eye opening and many of the main points have been confirmed thru other messages. God is #Amazing!!! Almost everyday I read or heard something that helped me through the day. My question is where do I go from here? Is there another study someone can recommend? I can’t stop now I need to #stickwithit.

    • Jeannie, how awesome it is that the Lord is leading you through this journey. Continue to #stickwithit as you trust him for your next step. If you are looking for another study, we will be continuing with a new book study just after #YestoGod comes to an end. We will be reading A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. You can check it out at the Proverbs 31 Ministries Bookstore. Hopefully you can join us!

    • Jeannie…don’t you love how He confirms His word and speaks to us when we position ourselves to hear Him? He is so faithful and good. So thankful you are a part of OBS. Our next study begins here October. We will be sharing more about it next week.

    • Melissa S OBS Group Leader says:

      I love your perspective! You know God has something planned. I am really looking forward to our next study as well, it is going to be good! !!!

  19. Shelly, Thank you for these words. I was so incredibly blessed by them this morning. I am typically somebody that blogs and writes. I love writing. But the last few weeks have been exhausting and depleting and to be honest, I have been dreading Blog Hop Thursdays. I feel discouraged that I am not blogging like I “should” be. But this morning, you reminded me that our Yes is to Jesus, and our external actions are merely an overflow of intimacy with the Lord. My times with him have been sweet the past many weeks, and my journal is filled with prayers and conversations with him. But maybe right now, those conversations are not for others. Maybe my focus is to be on the intimate relationship with him. So…I can let go of blogging until the spirit leads. And that’s ok.
    “Our purpose is not to become women who say yes to everything.
    Our purpose is to become women who say yes to one Person.
    We say yes to Jesus.
    All that we do should flow from that secret place of intimacy with our Savior.
    It’s where passion dwells.
    It’s where purpose is discovered.
    It’s where dreams are birthed.
    It’s where fresh vision is found.”

  20. Well I can’t say I’m in my white space right now. I’m actually in an endoscopy waiting room, waiting patiently and prayerfully while my husband has this procedure done. Please send up prayers for good results and a healthy patient. I’m optimistic, but without God we will go no where fast. Blog update coming soon! God bless!

    • Waiting on God says:

      Prayers for you and your husband, Jenny. Medical stuff is always difficult. Plug in your headphones and listen to PANDORA while waiting, or re-read the OBS posts. God will create a white space for you right there in that waiting room. May God’s tender mercy cover you today.

    • Kelly (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Offering up prayers for you and your husband. May God place his loving arms around you both.
      Blessings )i(

  21. I have yet to do the blog hope, usually by the time I check this page there are so many and i get so overwhelmed. BUT today, i feel that all to famliar tug on my heart to put away my daily study, and my devotionals. And just get inspired by all these stories. SO coffee in hand, and i am in my white space. I am reading reading. Saying yes to God right now!!!

  22. Oh Ladies I hope I get to read some of your wonderful blogs today. I have limited computer access this week. I always am so encouraged to read your thoughts!

    Shelly, you’re beautiful in your closet at midnight without makeup!

  23. Love your courageous attitude Shelly Faust! 🙂

    What a joy to get this inspiration from you today! Praying I’ll find white space today as I work AND do final preps for a speaking engagement tonight. Any prayers you can lift up on my behalf would be GREATLY appreciated. 🙂

  24. Thank you, Shelly, for your inspiration and sharing. Love to see what others are doing to carve out their white space for God. You really nailed it for me, because I have had some moments the past few weeks where I feel exhausted with the changes going on inside of me, but I have had even more moments of PEACE and of STILLNESS that I have not experienced in a while. This Bible study has been such a blessing to me, as I know it has been for thousands upon thousands of women out there. I have now signed up for an “in person” Bible Study (BSF) that I did previously but haven’t done in about 6 years. I’m excited to dive deeper into his word. At the same time, this online Bible study has been the most transforming one I have ever done and I fully plan on continuing on with the next Bible study in October. I send praise to God for the day I clicked on the little Proverbs 31 box on my Facebook to see what this Bible study was all about.

  25. Thank you for hose wonderful words of encouragement today! Thank you to all of you for this OBS, especially Nicki and Melissa! Saying Yes to God has encouraged me when I most needed it to not give up on my calling to encourage those suffering with chronic pain. It has given me a #FreshVision in planning my website and ministry. It has encouraged me to #StickWithIt! Thank you all and thank you Lord!

  26. Nancy Silvers says:

    I am so moved by this study. I haven’t written a blog for this week yet–still praying and waiting on the Lord. Our Pastor gave his retirement notice and will be retiring and leaving the area on Nov 1st, his wonderful wife, Sylvia, has been our women’s Bible Study leader and I am feeling a tug on my heart to fill that void. Of course, my flesh is say #SayWhat !! I feel so ill prepared to do this but God knows better then I could possibly imagine.
    On another note, please keep Linda Leighton, my fb OBS small group leader, in your prayers-her mom went home to be with the Lord yesterday. Linda is such a precious woman of God and I know her heart is hurting and feeling joy at the same time. Hurting because she will miss her mom, joy in knowing she is walking with Jesus, in her heavenly body!

  27. Hi Shelly,
    I’m still here! I have grown so much in the past weeks as I have said yes to God over and over again. I’m so refreshed and excited about living each day in expectation. I love what you said about being a yes girl doesn’t mean we say “yes” to everything, but rather YES to Jesus! Thank you ladies for your obedience and leadership in this study.
    May God bless your ministry!

  28. I really have enjoyed this bible study. It has helped me so much dig deeper into my bible and have a closer relationship with God. I was really struggling with saying yes when I knew God wanted me to do something that was out of my comfort zone (which was pretty much everything he was asking me to do) Even though at times I’m still hesitant to say Yes, I find with each yes the next one isn’t so hard to say. I’m so thankful for proverbs 31 ladies hosting this study and all the help I’ve received through blog posts, facebook parties and just the whole bible study experience. God bless!

  29. I find it very difficult to stay up until midnight any more. Glad you can! Ready for one more week!

  30. Lisa McDonald says:

    That’s a beautiful picture Shelly.
    I am still here and although I tried the blog thing, I just didn’t get it so maybe the next study I will.
    This is my first ever OBS, well heck, it’s my first bible study ever of any kind and I’m so thankful to have done it and can’t wait for more! I’ve already purchased my books for the next two.
    This study has changed my life. I now have a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior and I praise him every chance I get and I study his word morning and night and any chance in between.
    I am so grateful for P31, Melissa, Nicki, Angie, you and everyone behind the scenes. You are all amazing women and I can’t wait to figure out God’s purpose for me so that I can change lives like you have. God bless all of you!

    • Lisa, what a blessing your testimony is this morning! I am rejoicing with you and thanking God for the awesome changes taking place in your life. It’s just the beginning! Keep seeking Him, sweet sister! Blessings to you today!

  31. Mavis Tipton says:

    Good morning. This weeks study #Fresh Vision has been perfect timing. I oversee a ministry that runs from September thru May. I really needed to hear and get before The Lord in my white space for a Fresh Vision, but even greater a Fresh Passion. The Lord is faithful to meet you (me) where I am. I have been battling with to have victory over Satan’s condemnation. Again I say#yestoGod. Thank you Proverbs31 ladies for this awesome OBS. We have all read the end of the Book, so we know that we are all More than Conquerors . PTL! Have a veryBlessed day Sisters in The Lord.

  32. Kristi Rassi says:

    Oh man I cannot express how much everything in my spirit has been saying YES! AMEN! PREACH IT! This whole bible study…getting confirmations left and right! However, even though I have no doubt god is near and intimately speaking to me I STILL have to walk out the daily decisions, challenges, etc. it’s not easy! I love your reminder Shelly Faust that we do not need to say yes to everything but only to Jesus! I am an “all in” kind of girl and so this study has been a challenge for me to stay focused on Jesus and walk to his beat bc I have wanted so badly to do everything but with three little kids and other responsibilities its not realistic for me to do that. I want to blog and read everything but for me right now that would distract me from loving my kids. Bigger is not better unless god is the bigger! 🙂 this is the area I am growing in during this study and I’m so thankful for it. I am excited every morning to read the email and listen to the prayer calls when I can! Even though I haven’t been able to comment/blog much I am all in in the way I can now! Loving it!

    • I”m so glad you are listening for His voice to direct your daily decisions. It is so important and something I am still learning. You’re right…bigger is not always better and less is often more as we keep Him center of it all. 🙂

  33. I am not a blogger, but have definitely been blessed through other means of communication throughout this study. Through this study and the support of the wonderful ladies who have sent prayers and words of encouragement i was able to see see a purpose in being at my job with non believers. Thank so much. I can not wait for the next one.

  34. I have experienced the highs and lows many of you are speaking about since this study. I have felt Satan’s fiery arrows plummeting me on each new turn. I would have been so defeated at one time that I would have given up. I never saw the Lord in all the little things as well as the big ones before this study. I never even considered the Lord caring,about me folding laundry or washing dishes as a way to serve him. Now, I meet him everywhere throughout my day. I see him in the beauty of each morning and feel him in the warmth of the sun. I am glad I have stayed the course and caught a #fresh vision for God.

    • Amy, I LOVE when you said, “Now, I meet him everywhere throughout my day. I see him in the beauty of each morning and feel him in the warmth of the sun.” Isn’t He amazing?

  35. For me this chapter was all about the part of Peter and how God used Peter and gave him a vision. Radical obediance, a willing heart is what Jesus saw in Peter. Radical obediance to Jesus’ simple request resulted in Peter descovering the calling on his life. WOW!!! I love the three points that Lysa makes concerning Peter. Peter was an unschooled fisherman, Jesus saw more. I wanted so much for Jesus to see that in me. Maybe not the fisherman part but a grandma, wife and mom ready to serve. In my Sunday School we just started the study “Peter, Eyewitness to Majesty” by Mindy Ferguson. Looking forward to learning more about Peter.

  36. Sheri Van Bakel says:

    I’m still here and loving it!

  37. There are so many ways that the Lord has blessed me as I keep my eye on Him and Him alone. Yesterday my boss was challenging me and it was difficult. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders but know that God was right beside me. I retrieved a voice mail from a search firm mid-day that brightened my spirits that resulted in a preliminary phone interview. The Lord knew when I needed that call! It’s unclear whether a new job offer will come my way but the timing of the call was what I needed! Praise God for His timing.

  38. Sue Kerschner says:

    Well #stickwithit was just the inspiration I needed to get me to this point. I’ve finally feel like I’m on track with the OBS just to realize that we are at the last leg of this race. But I find comfort knowing that I will be starting a Disciple class at my church starting next week and what a way to go from one to the other…running and seeing the #Freshvision. Thank you for this OBS it’s been fun and also made me grow a lot closer to Christ. You girls are #Awesome!!!

  39. The last two weeks have been very hard for me to continue the Bible study. Please pray that I will have the strength to pick it back up in a few weeks and finish it. My father passed away last Friday. He had lung fibrosis and has been very sick the last 6 months. Please keep our family in your prayers.

    • Waiting on God says:

      Oh Annette, my heart goes out to you, girl. The loss of a parent is so overwhelming. Don’t worry about “picking it back up”, because it should be picking YOU up. Just read the posts (especially yesterday’s), watch the videos, and let God fill you because I”m sure you are beyond depleted right now. Don’t worry about reading or answering questions. Just be filled and rest in Him.

    • Praying for you and your family, Sweet Sister!

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      Annette I am praying for you. Be encouraged, I know it is a hard battle to go through but God will carry you through. . My father passed away almost 5 years ago and it is hard but with God you can make it. Love you and hope you can #stickwithit.

    • Annette…I am so sorry, sweet sister! Please know that I am praying for you and your family now! Praying you find comfort and peace as only He can give in the safety of His presence.

    • I am sorry for your loss. I will pray for your family.

      • Annette… I am praying for you. This can be one of the most difficult things. I had to deal with losing my mom and a sister in 2008 a month apart it was hard and still is at times but God will comfort you and keep you. He can bring healing to those broken pieces of your heart that seem shattered. Continue to stay focus & trust in Him. He sees and know your pain.

    • Annette, i too am very sorry about your Father. I pray that Our Mighty God will give you and your family Peace and Strength. Praying Always

  40. Jodi Cooper says:

    Thank you SO much for this study! I am finally finding my white space (my car!) & truly trying to listen for Gods prompting in my life. I even woke up an extra 1/2 hour earlier this morning just to get some quite Bible & Jesus time in! I started this study so lost, so wanting to hear Jesus in my life, but just not being able to. I felt like maybe I heard Him before, & maybe I can still feel Him a little, but not knowing the direction of my life, or where I should be going. I still don’t know the plan for my life, or what I’m supposed to do, but I truly have seen Jesus show up in my life these past weeks!!! My husband has had 3 surgeries on his knees, 2 for aneurysms, & 1 for a complex tear to his meniscus. I was catching up on my reading while waiting for him to come out of his 3rd surgery when a lady walked up to me to tell me she was reading the same book! and she is a Proverbs 31 group leader! and she’s also adopted kids! and her husband is seen by the same doctor! for the same surgery! I had chills by the end of our conversation.
    I’ve also taken on a bigger leadership role in our church. I love kids & truly think that is where I am supposed to lead, but being a foster parent sometimes makes it hard to also lead kiddos outside the home. Right now we have no placements though, so I think it’s my time to really step out my shell & become a leader in our church that so desperately needs leaders right now.
    My last thing I’m struggling with though, I still need lots of prayers for. There’s a big age difference between me & my husband (24 years to be exact!). That age difference is really starting to become apparent the older he gets, & I find myself not in the same place as him & not wanting to be in the same place as he is. I’m not sure what to do, as I don’t believe in divorce & I know he truly loves me, but what happens when I no longer love him as a husband?
    Ok, sorry that all got so long!!! Thank you again for your awesome leadership & for doing this Bible study!!! I can’t wait to do future studies with Proverbs 31!

    • Waiting on God says:

      Father, it is so clear that you are working in Jodi’s life as you showed her by bringing the other OBS group leader to her during a most trying time. Help her to feel Your love and Your arms around her. Restore and revive that love she had for her husband during their time of dating; help her to see again what she saw then and fill her with that same longing. Help her and him with this aging process, as it’s tough enough for those of us who are aging at the same pace, but Father, how difficult it must be when you are in different places. Show her again how to be with him and give her the strength, wisdom, and peace as she travels this path back to the love You have for them to share once again, as right now, it is so desperately needed for both of their healings. Thank You for the answer that is to come. In Christ’s name, Amen.

    • Melissa S OBS Group Leader says:

      Pray! Lord God open the eyes of my sister Jodi’s heart. Father, I thank you for her honesty because she has brought these feelings to the light. Father your word says that you can change the hearts of kings. Father, I ask you to guide Jodi’s hear. In Jesus’ name

  41. I am throwing out a prayer request, I have so much on my plate that I am not sure how to juggle it all in my 8 hr work day. Please let God clear and focus my mind on and what to prioritize and what can wait until later. Thank you! I will hopefully be back on later tonight to see how everyone else is doing!!!

    • Casey,

      I am right there with you! I work full-time, started back to school to finally finish my degree (I am 45 years old)I have 3 kids, 3 dogs and a husband. I love these online bible studies though, because you can get encouragement and read the blogs on your time! You hang in there and I’ll be praying for God to grant us His Time Management Skills!!! Love ya! Christy

      • Christy,

        You are VERY busy!! I am not sure how you juggle all of that!! I wanted to tell you yesterday but I cannot “reply” back on my phone. Reading your note of encouragement it brightened my day. I thanked God for you yesterday and I will pray for us today on this Friday that he will again grant us his time management skills. I have enjoyed the OBS this is my first and it def wont be my last!!! Love Ya Casey!!

  42. Marcia (from Iowa) says:

    I am definitely #stickingwithit. I have never felt so alive as I have since I’ve started this study. When’does the next one start? 🙂 God has reached down and touched my soul. I have always found excuses for not spending quality time with Him. I let go of my Facebook addiction (it’s only been since Sun but I feel FREE) and have put that time into studying and talking to God. This morning God woke me up just before my alarm went off as if to say “Wake up, Marcia, I want to spend time with you!” And how can I not say YES to that??

  43. Thank you Shelly for the motivation I desperately needed this morning! I love your very visual cheer “raising our arms in celebration”. I could actually feel myself doing that. Your make-up free picture in your white space is beautiful! I still need to find mine.

  44. Ok ladies! I’m coming clean. I’m an alcoholic. I struggle. My Yes to God is that I will say Yes to him and no to alcohol. I don’t know if there’s anyone else brave enough to shout it out but if you are, if you do, I will pray with you and encourage you. This study has been such a blessing!

    • I applaud your courage. I firmly believe when we tell our secrets we can be free from them. The shame from those secrets keeps us prisoners. Praise God for acknowledging you are weak and broken…because now God can heal you. I will pray for you.

    • Admitting it is the first step. I am so excited for you! I too struggled with alcohol (and drugs) for 17 long, dark years. God has blessed me with 14 years of sobriety! You will get there too- one day at a time… Soon the days will become years and the years decades. Just focus on this moment for now and keep saying YES! You are in my prayers!!

  45. Shelly – you inspire. #FreshVision comes in those quiet white spaces with or without our “warpaint” on. 😉
    Can’t wait to read all of the encouragement here, today.

  46. Shelly, I love that your “White Space” is in your closet. That is where mine is too! It’s so quiet and noone can find you (not too fast anyway!!). It’s only me and God and that’s what I need daily!

  47. Waiting on God says:

    This study has been life-changing for me. The main thing I have learned is how to show my vulnerability to those around me; that I am not living in my strength, but His. God is working through some very tough things in my life and in my family. I anxiously anticipate each day’s post to see what God will show me next. So sad to see this study end, but so excited for the next one, as I do need a Confident Heart.

    • Love what you wrote. Being shy, keeps me from showing just how vulnerable I am. I have had a very rough time the past few months. I love the Lord so much. He is the one I went to in prayer everyday and sometimes several times a day. He promised to get me through when I stepped out in FAITH after a specific prayer. My husband refers to some of my prayers as dangerous prayers. I trusted His promise even though I stumbled, fell along the way. I am still discovering and learning from this prayer. I held tightly to His promise. I want to share Him with others and tell them how He has helped me because He loves us. I am excited about the next study -Confident Heart and plan to sign up. I know it will give me more help, encouragement, and insight to self and how to reach others about Jesus.

  48. Lindsey Roe says:

    Its was my sister-in-law that lead me to this bible study, I have wanted to be a part of a bible study but there have been some obsticals that I’ve had to get through -lets see, I lost my job (but its okay because I didn’t feel I belonged there and I questioned it daily, so the Lord pulled me out 🙂 I am soo greatful that He did) I ended up helping out at the previous jobs. Then our preacher moved, our church is lacking a shepard and our flock scattered a bit, we lost some, but we are getting back. We didn’t run when things got tough and I am greatful for that too! Then I got a call about getting a bible study together! I plan to take what I’ve learned from this bible study and share it with my sisters! Thank you soo much Melissa, Nicki, Pro31 ladies, and all the wonderful sisters I’ve met along the way! #sayyes #stickwithit #freshvison I feel truly blessed! 😀

  49. Thanks to you ladies for this study and all you do to make it real for us women. I have been struggling this week with keeping up with house work and have been distracted by many things. A fresh vision is what I need and not saying yes to everything but my first priority is to God. My white space has been my bedroom during the week and on weekends the living room. I enjoyed the video yesterday and realize when I praise God and seek his guidance and the help of other Christian women I will make it. Lisa’s post yesterday on Twitter made me realize my need to seek counseling for my past. Thanks for sharing that. God is a great God and He loves me and will not give up on me.

  50. I am definitely still here! In the midst of a commitment to say “yes” to Jesus, I have heard him calling me to a new career. He wants me to be a nurse. Me – the journalism major. Me – the girl who has been known to faint near needles. Me – the squeamish one. But I trust His perfect plan. I don’t know how this is supposed to work. Thankfully, He does! He has confirmed this calling through devotionals, in my quiet time, and through Christian friends. I am ready to start this new journey with my precious Lord. Prayers are appreciated!

  51. I needed this post this week as I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed that I couldn’t give up the “right” thing so I could hear God, so instead of giving up something I added something I added an additional 10mins of journaling and talking with God a day. I feel a new hope and no longer feel overwhelmed. I feel like I can breath!
    we’ve got this yes! girls! Keep it up! Almost to the finish line!

    • Brittany jacobson says:

      wow I love this Keri at first when I watched the video I also felt like I didn’t know what to give up and it was overwhelming to me but I never thought of adding something this is brilliant I love your testimony thanks for sharing

      • Thanks Brittany! I tend to feel this way during lent, even though my church doesn’t practice lent as intensely as some churches, I have a Catholic background and I used to feel all this pressure to give up the hardest stuff etc, but I learned/figured out by adding a good habit, it works out for me so much better and I can still practice lent. Thanks for the encouragement! Have a great weekend!

  52. Lord I need a #freshvision from You today… Help me to just stay in Your presence…in the quiet of my ‘white space’ with You!!! So any voices are trying to drown You out today!!! Lord all I need is You… Help me to keep my focus on You and not the negative voices that want get my attention!!! Let me finish strong with You!! And like Shelly said… It’s not ending just continuing in my journey with You…Amen!!

    • Brittany jacobson says:

      I have a verse for you exodus 14:14 you need only be still and the lord will fight for you. when you are just still even for a moment you are in his presence

  53. The phrase we have only one more week to go actually made me quite teary! This journey has reignited my passion and faith. I DON’T actually want this to end. I have so appreciated the book, the emails and blog hopping. The challenge wil be to keep the momentum going when this oh so short course is over.

    • I share your thoughts about not wanting this to end, Carol! This book has been a catalyst to bring me to a deeper level in my walk with God. I talked with several of my friends and we are going to go through this book again this fall. There is so much meat in this book that we feel it is worth going through again. I’ll be praying that the Holy Spirit will give you the desire, the discipline, and the strength to keep this momentum going in your life.

  54. I don’t have a blog, but I was thinking about the question of how my life experiences show glimpses of God to other people. These are the verses God brought to mind : 2 Corinthians – 12:7b-10 (From the Message) “…so I wouldn’t get a big head, I was given the gift of a handicap to keep me in constant touch with my limitations. Satan’s angel did his best to get me down; what he in fact did was push me to my knees. No danger then of walking around high and mighty! At first I didn’t think of it as a gift, and begged God to remove it. Three times I did that, and then he told me, My grace is enough; it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness. Once I heard that, I was glad to let it happen. I quit focusing on the handicap and began appreciating the gift. It was a case of Christ’s strength moving in on my weakness. Now I take limitations in stride, and with good cheer, these limitations that cut me down to size-abuse, accidents, opposition, bad breaks. I just let Christ take over! And so the weaker I get, the stronger I become.”

    Having a Husband who is a non-believer has shown me that it is important to show other’s my vulnerable, imperfect, weak, “I don’t have all the answers” side. If I put on this front that everything is perfect and “I got this”, how are others going to relate and worse, how will others see Jesus in me? I am firmly convinced that it is through our weaknesses that God’s power is revealed. What a testimony to others (believers or not) to be able to say, “no, life is not perfect, but I know a God who gives me the strength, peace and joy to face each day. I am not alone.”

  55. I am so encouraged through this study! This book has been a God-sent thing for me in my life right now. Thank you, Lysa and Proverbs 31 Women, for saying “Yes!” to God so that so many women could experience such a blessing!
    I think one thing that is standing out for me in this chapter is that I have the freedom to uniquely follow Jesus. No molds to fit into, no man-made rules to follow, no “right” way (from a human understanding perspective) to be, or do, or act. God has created me to be uniquely His and to worship Him as He created me to be. Our God is so creative, and He loves to be praised and served in uniquely creative ways. I loved Lysa’s word picture of the stones in a river that have all been tumbled and shaped in different ways, yet they all have one thing in common — their God.
    I am praying that God will give me the desire and the discipline to be radically obedient to Him in the everyday events of my life, so that not only will I be changed from the inside out, but others will be drawn to my Lord and Savior as well.

  56. Thanks all – very inspiring reads here! Btw I recieved my email right after I posted above that I did not get it – so if something was done – thanks!

  57. Love being able to say yes to God and have a personal relationship with Him! I feel God telling me to ask as many women out there as I can to say a prayer for a family friend! She and her husband were told she could never have children after years of trying and miraculously they became pregnant with twins! Now at 19 weeks they have been told one is very sick and may not live and the other twin is showing signs of not doing well too. If you find it in your heart to pray for this family it would be a wonderful blessing. Thank you!

  58. This is my second OBS study and I love it. It’s so encouraging. Everyday when I go to read the post, I can always relate in some way. Thank you for all you do! I have definitely grown in my relationship with God.

  59. I am soooo tired!! I am struggling and I too, was up last night in my white space. BUT – God finally told me what I was to do. Or, actually, I finally Heard Him! I was finally able to hear what He has been saying to me. Our lives are so filled with stuff and some of it is so good! It is serving Him and serving our church and I know that God needs us! But – through this study have learned so much about relationships and dying to self! My husband is struggling with the Man God is calling Him to be and I have come to realize that I don’t help! I am an encourager, by nature. But, lately, I am holding up this family and burning the candle at all ends. It is causing some irritation! I realized that My husband’s intentions are always good, but that the outcome of those intentions ends up causing pain to me and to our family. My reaction to him does not need to cause additional pain. So – as the old adage goes…”What Would Jesus Do?” He would not lose his cool and lash out every time. He would draw some compassion and pray through it. He would continue to encourage through scripture and keep on loving. I am saying Yes to God and praying that the Lord can give me strength. I am tired….

    Thank you ladies for an amazing study!!!

  60. Hi Ladies, This post has nothing to do with our OBS but i REALLY need prayer warriers right now for my 22 year old son. He’s addicted to all kinds of drugs (not just one) and has a huge anger problem. Y’all have encouraged me so much in this study, i thought i could use your help now. This is very hard for me because i don’t like people to know my personal problems. But here it goes….My son just called crying and talking about suicide. We talked for quite awhile and hopefully he will go into rehab/detox today. He doesn’t live near me, so i’m depending on his friend and his father to help him get there. We’ve talked about it before, but i’ve never seen him this low. Please pray that he does go into rehab/detox and that he will be surrounded by Godly people. His heart is so angry and hardened. I pray also that he will start to look toward God again.

    God Bless you all!!!

    • I’m praying for your son, you, and your family right now Shari. As you walk through this with Jesus, please remember that He will place people in your life who want to walk through this with you as well. Do not be ashamed, this is life. This is why WE ALL NEED JESUS.
      Dear Jesus, Please be with Shari’s son right now. Help him to feel your presence and love. Strengthen him for this battle to overcome his addictions. I pray for your amazing peace in Shari’s heart today. I ask you to place a loving woman in her life who will confidentially listen, pray with her, and walk beside her. Thank you, thank you dear Jesus. amen.

    • Shari, I am walking in your same shoes. My son is 22 and has used countless different drugs and alcohol. Thank God he has willingly gone to a place in Atlanta, Georgia and seems to be doing good. Yesterday was his 60th day of being clean! I do realize that going there is not the total answer to everything, but it certainly is a start. I will pray for your sweet son to want to go into rehab/detox and pray he will reach to Jesus for the strength he needs. And as Theresa said, please don’t be ashamed. I don’t know how many years you have been dealing with your sons addictions, but this is about my sixth year and if I didn’t have my friends and family helping me through this, I don’t know what condition I would be in. Laughing, but true. I have also started going to Al-anon meetings to help Me, which is just as important as you wanting to help your child. Take care of yourself and reach out for help. My prayers are with you and your son.

    • I have put you and your son in my prayers. Tough times call us to reach out for encouragement. Though my situation was different, I had no sure encouraging woman outside my home to talk to about what was going on in my life. Find someone. It is so important. Like Theresra, I ask the Lord to put someone in your life to listen and encourage and be there with you. Our Lord always is. God bless and keep you in this time.

  61. Shelly! You are precious! Thank you for being you and being such an amazing Jesus Girl!!!

  62. TABITHA JONES says:

    I do not have a blog but I sure wished I did. When I started this study my computer went out and I have to access this site through my phone or on the computer at work, so I can’t do it right now. I get such a blessing from reading the blogs and they help me to stay encouraged. I am absolutely loving this study it has helped me grow in Christ so much. I hope it want be long that I can post a blog but until then I will enjoy every minute of reading everyone elses. I appreciate you ladies from Proverbs 31 for all the time and energy you put into this study. God has given you a talent that you do well with. Keep up the good work.
    My “white space” is usually in my car, although I have started walking and I spend time praising the Lord during this time with K-LOVE.

  63. I have thoroughly enjoyed each day and week with this study. Reading the lessons, seeing the film clips and reading my book are all so encouraging! I have listened over and over to the two songs that were posted yesterday. What uplifting songs! This is my first study and won’t be the last. Only one more week, I will really miss opening up my email and not having a message from Proverbs 31! Thank you girls for your dedication and hard work. Oh, and a big pat on the back for all of the examples you gave us with the visuals such as the envelope inside an envelope. You must either be teachers, or need to be! ha Thanks again!

    • Ditto to what you said Susan! I listened to the songs several times yesterday too! I’m a fellow first, but not last timer!

      • In fact, everytime I walk by my computer , I click on and play them again. Like you, over and over. And if you click around from those songs, you can find so many other awesome songs too. Enjoy!

  64. Needing help posting my blog to the link. I looked at the tutorial….but it doesn’t help me understand. What I need to know is after I type my blog post and publish it to my blog, what do I do then? How do I link it up to the proverbs 31 blog hop? So clueless……I tried once, but my whole blog was posted so had to delete. I can’t seem to find the little box that is on the tutorial to do a specific post and not the whole blog.

  65. I’m still here Shelly! I had a bit of a tough week as I had to say good-bye to my 16 year old cat. 🙁 Sure isn’t the same around the house, but I am still here and still saying YES to God! This week’s chapter is exactly what the women in my small group were praying about and for last night – Keeping our focus and vision set on Jesus. Amazing how they both linked together so nicely – All God! Off I go blog hopping! Blessings~

  66. Just wanting to let you guys know I am still here…I love being apart of this online bible study. Thank you to all you wonderful YES girls. 🙂

  67. I really hope and pray for the courage today & thank you again for the encouraging words. God bless you all

  68. Wow! I love my daily devotionals and this bible study! I thank God for P31!! It has literally been life changing for me. God’s richest blessings to all of you 🙂

  69. My husband wants to know is there one for men like this? Ive really com down on my issues that I have. Are there any???

  70. I don’t know how to blog. But I am still keeping up. I love the interaction. I am blessed daily by you ladies

  71. Lori McGuire says:

    Today, September 5, 2013, I made the decision to ask my ex spouse to meet so I could ask for his forgiveness. We divorced in 1993. FINALLY. There were many times I reacted poorly to his abusive and demeaning ways. His life style angered me for my children, my mouth shocked even myself at times.

    Reading along side this study “When You’ve Been Wronged” by Erwin Lutzer, he states “That genuine gesture of goodwill—painful as it was—acted like a splint to allow the healing process to begin.”

    I am not looking for anything from this person. I don’t know if there will be a response and if there is this will be done in a safe place. Nothing has changed in him that I am aware.

    I also did a study last year by Jim Berg where the facilitator did this and encouraged me to do it as well. She did not have good results yet she did it because she was called to by God. I guess I just needed a larger platform to gain the strength to do this. Meeting world wide at Proverbs31 gave me the push I needed. Thank You Ladies!!!!!!

    • Hey Lori!
      You are one courageous lady for even wanting to ask your ex’s forgiveness. I understand where you are coming from. There were many times when I reacted badly with my ex from anger and desperation. I said things and behaved in ways that were not the person I want to be. My ex and I get along great now, but sometimes I still catch myself getting defensive and jumping down his throat when he hasn’t done anything to deserve that. I heard myself last week and for the first time, I immediately apologized to him for my reaction. He seemed surprised that I apologized and accepted my apology. My prayer for you is that your meeting with your ex goes well and that God will soften his heart. My ex can be difficult to deal with and I realized that the only control I have over the situation is in my reaction. I can only change myself. God will bless you for taking responsibility for your reactions and for wanting to make things right. May God our protector, wrap a hedge of protection around you as you meet with him and may God deflect the fiery arrows of the enemy so that they do no harm.

  72. Cindy Uhrick says:

    Definitely still here! This study and all of you at Proverbs 31 have been such a blessing for me. I had been struggling for weeks but wasn’t sure why I was so stressed and disconnected feeling… then last week, while sitting and reflecting on the chapter we were covering, I heard this still small urging… #FreshVision! I sat down got out my laptop and began typing an e-mail to our missions committee chairperson… He gave me a new perspective on my role as part of the missions team… since last week, I have definitely gained a #FreshVision and am excited for next week and the weeks to come, though I am sad that this study is coming to an end…. I’m looking forward to the next one…

  73. Dawn Hyatt says:

    Praying diligently for all of you!! God’s love is all surrounding, all merciful, and never ending!! HE IS WITH YOU ALL RIGHT NOW!!

  74. I am still here, thank you! So many crazy things have happened during this study. Got to be the enemy trying to exhaust me. But I am energized from your post. XO

  75. Carol in North Texas says:

    I needed to hear you say ‘Our purpose is not to say Yes to every thing but to say Yes to one person…Jesus.’ Wow! I was beginning to let myself get burdened and overwhelmed. I need to remember to use the wisdom and discernment that God gives me to know when He is asking me to do something and not to feel as if I must say yes to everyone and every opportunity that comes my way. One of Satan’s favorite and sneakiest weapons is to keep me so busy with ‘good,Christian’ stuff that I lose my perspective and let my relationship with God suffer.
    Thanx for the reminder! Still here and planning to stay a long time:)


  77. Yes to Jesus, not to everything … remember who you are, His girl & He has the strength to pull us through any adversity, and to help us in our times of exhaustion and weakness so that we are able to #stickwithit and keep our #palmsup!

  78. Susan P. Bates group 31 says:

    This week I failed at most everything I started…but I realized first and foremost….not let what I planned…interfer when God was trying to led me a different way…. and staying up too late worked against me….Hopfully I’ll be still and quite for Gods instruction this week. Did get One grandson his daily devotional mailed….

  79. I’m still here. Almost caught up to the study. I was on the verge of quitting g when I watched the blog about quitting and knew I needed to #stickwithit. I’ve refocused and really enjoyed the quiet time I’ve made myself find. I want to be more #palmsup and feel like the breakthrough is out there. I need to keep working on this leg of the journey.

    • Jennifer M i can relate to your comment. I also ask for prayer to #Stickwithit, sometimes i feel so overwhelm with so much going on in my life. Please Proverbs 31 Sweet ladies. Lets all remember to pray for each other.

  80. Shirley Allen says:

    Wow-Wow-Wow; Words cannot even be written to express my Love and Appreciation to all of the Proverbs 31 staff and OBS group leaders. I don’t want this #yesGod OBS to end, the blessings I have received already from doing #yesGod. The in depth study, learning the Start Simply, Simply Start, the opening of our heart wells to God are indescribable. Even though I have walked with God many, many years and felt I had a strong relationship with HIM—and I do, but NOW, it is even STRONGER just like Mandisa sings. Using the #tags words have been AWESOME to keep our #freshvision each week. THANK YOU SISTERS OF PROVERBS 31 Ministry for your SACRIFICE and COMMITMENT to us #yesGod OBS women.

  81. Thank you for sharing one thought in particular: “Our purpose is not to become women who say yes to everything. Our purpose is to become women who say yes to one Person. We say yes to Jesus.” I soooo needed to read that tonight!

  82. judy flowers says:

    Today is my 56th birthday. When I started this study I was very excited and was able to keep up I even joined the FB party. Then life happened. My husband was not at home (its a long story) but he is back. He had himself put into a Hospice program(while living with friends in another county). He has been sick, he has been battling Stage 4 Colon cancer since we got married 3 yrs ago. But, its the drug addiction that is killing him. When I found out they had him in this program without getting any new scans to see what is happening with the cancer, I went and brought him home. They had him on 5 different drugs. He stays pretty sedated most of the time. I brought him home so I could love and care for him. It is very taxing and I am very tired yet I know God has a purpose in all of this. I said Yes to God before starting the study but recommited and have a prayer closet. I am encouraged to know there are many of us Yes To God Women and that we all are dealing with this journey and that God is with each one of us. I trust His word and the promises therin.
    I know there will continue to be fruit from this study, I am so thankful for each of the leaders and Prov 31 ministries. Judy

    • Judy…Happy late birthday!!! I am sorry for the hard place you are having to walk through right now. I am glad you are finding encouragement here in our community. Please know that I am saying a prayer for you and your husband today.

  83. its been a wonderful moment of my life being a part of the study. i was yearning for a spiritual freshness in my heart. my yes moment happened in the first week and i have taken each at a time since them as i said yes to a situation in my home. As i read chapter 7 this week, i asked God to show me how i can stay focused on him and take my eyes away from the material things of the world. that’s my prayer request.
    once again i am so glad to be a part of this study. cant believe its ending…

  84. IrEne cunningham says:

    Paul, this world-changing apostle so appreciated Rufus’ mother being like a mother to him, he made sure she received a special mention (v 13). How important to honour and cherish the ‘mothers’ God has given us.

    Part of my reading for today from Romans 16.

  85. Thank you for doing this Bible study. These past few weeks I have been less engaged as I’s a secretary at a large high school and we have been getting ready as staff and students have returned! Last spring I watched Lysa’s video series and then offered it to the women in my family and a few close friends. This summer I’ve been reading her book as I follow the online study. In two weeks, we will offer it to our single moms group in our community. I’m so excited to have had this opportunity to go through the online study in preparation for leading it this fall! I only wish I could have been available for the online parties and that I had more time to spend in the blog hops.
    May God bless your team and Proverbs 31 ministries as you continue to do the work that He is calling you to do! May we all have a fresh vision and say YES! to God!

  86. All the other weeks I was going strong, this week I dropped out. I read the chapter and did the questions on Sunday, but didn’t participate. I got buried under college assignments and my kid’s attitude problems, being the family chauffeur and fighting a sinus infection for 3 weeks. But GOD… 🙂 God wrapped his arms around me through encouragement from a staff member at Proverbs 31 Ministries who sent me a personal e-mail. A person from my daughter’s school called with a good news. God gave me inspiration for 2 college papers that I have been dreading. I am learning to see God in action around me, encouraging me to persevere. I pray that I can keep strong and have #freshpassion, #freshhope and that I can learn to dream again. Thank you all for being part of this amazing life changing journey. May the Lord strengthen us as we finish strong.

  87. What a blessing to read all of your comments here, my beautiful OBS sisters! Please know that every comment is read and prayed over because YOU ARE IMPORTANT!! So thankful to be here with all of you! Thank you for being a part of this community! Love, Shelly

  88. Thank you very much! I don’t have a blog and I haven’t had the time to read anything. But I am still reading the book and answering the questions, watching the videos presented and journaling my thoughts.
    I told my sister this morning; this bible study has helped me a lot! Changing my attitude and behaviour, I feel better about myself and looking forward to finishing up this study. ALSO ready to start a new study when the next one is available! What a blessing this has been and I am so greatful for everyone on this study.

  89. Debi Schuhow says:

    Thank you too all of those who made this possible, including your supportive husbands and children. Only eternity can tell of the many changes in me in the last few weeks. Keep trucking ladies and believe that God’s Word will not return to Him void.

  90. Can I still get to the link to print the personalized Bible verses? I would love to do this for the children in our Children’s Church.


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