Fresh Focus

“Truly, a woman who says yes to God knows that her life will follow where she focuses her vision.” –Lysa TerKerust

You know what God’s done this week Yes Girls?

He’s started a revival. That’s what! You ladies are fired up and it’s a beautiful thing!

Thank you for letting me peek into your hearts through this week’s study. What God is doing through you has been so inspiring.

He’s brought you a:

Fresh Start
Fresh Passion

And now ladies, we are truly learning to have a:

Fresh Focus.

But as we are wrapping up Chapter 7, there’s something we must to chat about.

Because we can be inspired and passionate till we are blue in the face but a continued fresh focus is going to require a lot of…obedience.

This week I’ve really understood something about obedience when it comes to my dreams:

If we want God to do great things in and through us, obedience isn’t an option; it’s a requirement.

In Chapter 7 Lysa mentions 3 truths about our obedience.

I’ve bolded each of the statements but wanted to unpack a few thoughts and focus questions about each of them.

1. Our call to obedience may challenge our PRIDE.

Humility is one of the bi-products of us, being with Jesus.

Focus question: How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream?

2. God uses our EXPERIENCES to equip us for our calling.

Your history is not your destiny but chances are, it’s shaped your calling.

Focus question: What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?

3. Our obedience may inspire OTHERS to respond.

Women who say yes to God have a rhythm with God that may look foolish to the world, but looks just right in God’s eyes. Ultimately this type of obedience will spur others on towards their own obedience.

Focus question: Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

Here’s your challenge for today. It’s time to be brave, again. I know…I’m so annoying with this being brave thing. ☺

I want you to choose one of the questions above and answer it as honestly as you can in the comment section. Doing this {together} is going to help us give us a clear focus as we move into the final week of this study.

I want to hear from EVERYONE. You. Yes, that means you. ☺

So, you have your fresh start. You’ve found your white space. You’re bringing that passion from a place of praise. And now, you are setting yourself up for a fresh focus.

You’ve got a good rhythm to uncovering a fresh vision!

I’m incredibly proud of you.

And so is our great big God. I bet He’s smiling down saying, “Look. There are my Yes Girls. Aren’t they something incredible?”

Remember, as you continue to move forward there will be opposition. Keep this week’s key verse close to your soul.


Before we wrap up this week, Melissa and I wanted to give you a little-exciting-amazing-awesome-inspiring-SAYWHAT update about our outreach project with Dove’s Nest!

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  1. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    Yes, the ultimate step of obedience for me! He’s been after me for a long time to Praise Him even in the passing of my daughter. It’s been a long, stubborn battle, but I took that step with him this week. You can read the whole story on my blog (by clicking on my name). I don’t want to take up too much space with it here.

    • Jessica Pegram says:

      Oh my goss Sherry, many thoughts and prayers for you. I can’t even imagine. And I was just getting on here to write about the battle I’ve been having between working and staying home with my daughter (how selfish!). I just need to be so grateful I get any time with her. She is gods child ultimately and the step of obedience for me is giving her over to him. It’s the hardest thing and I just pray for you and what you’re going through. God can really get us through anything, its amazing. Hugs, Jessica

      • I’ve stayed home with mine and never regretted it for a second, but it’s such a personal decision. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. Praying for clarity for you on your decision.


    • linda anderson says:

      I know I am saved but sometimes I have my doubts because of satan. I want to obey Christ with all my heart. the one thing I have trouble with is witnessing and I need prayers to help me with this.

      • I hate having doubts too! When I doubt, I think it is because I don’t really understand God’s full measure of grace and love. Not based on anything that I do or don’t do! Not like a love from a human perspective. Praying for you.

    • Sherry,

      Thank you for sharing your story and it touched my heart so deeply. I will be def praying for you and your son and hope God brings more people to Jesus because of the experience you have.

      God Bless You!

    • Sherry, I read your blog and the story God has written in your life. Thank you for pursuing His heart and finding the courage and strength in Him to obey Him. You are a brave woman and mother, and I have prayed for your dreams to be realized as He walks you through the pain and loss. God has used your example to humble me. You are seen and you are loved by the only One who matters.

      • That’s what it’s all about really. It’s not about my story, but God’s story in me that can touch people. Thank you for the beautifully written message. You have touched my heart today too.

    • (hugs) praying for you Sherry.

    • Sherry, I pray that the Lord continues to meet you in your praise and in your obedience. My heart goes out to you in your loss, but it also rejoices in that God loves you so much and He so desires to show that love to you.

    • I woke up this morning torn up. I was up late last night working on what I need to work on today and this weekend, and I was spent by 1:00 am. The last thing I wanted to do was wake up this morning and spend time in the word. This is what I need to tackle today:
      How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream?
      I started this study completely excited and just out of my mind with the joy of saying yes to God. I hit a few walls here and there, but nothing stole my resolve. Then last night, everything came crashing down. I am humbled and I am lost. I don’t know remotely anymore what my dream is. I don’t know what my calling is. I don’t know what God is asking me to do. I feel like everything I thought has been buffed away and now I just sit with empty hands and a broken heart, because I desperately want to say yes to God. I desperately want to live for him. I feel like suddenly I have been dropped into a hole in the ground and I simply do not have any idea how to get out. So in obedience, I am asking for help. With tears in my eyes (before I have to go to work no less), I ask for prayer. I feel hopeless. I feel helpless. My strength is gone.

      • Lifting you up in prayer that God will reveal himself to you. Lay it at the cross and know that he loves you completely. Go into your white space and just listen. I pray that he meets you there. ((HUGS))

        • Thank you Sherry. I am so sorry. I meant to post that at the bottom of the posts. I so didn’t mean to insert it into your’s. Please forgive that error. Thank you for your kind prayers.

          • No problem at all. It happens. I got your post in my inbox and knew I had to pray for you right away. So maybe it wasn’t a mistake at all. 😉

      • Linda Paver says:

        Kelly, my heart breaks for you. Please read and write the following Scriptures on cards to memorize and carry with you every day. When life comes crashing down, these are one I turn to: Psalm 23, Psalm 139:13-16; Isaiah 40:28-31; Jeremiah 29:11-13; Philippians 4:13. Praying for you now that you will “Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.” Have a blessed weekend, my friend.

        • Linda, Thank you for your words of encouragement to Kelly. I too have been struggling with what direction my life may or may not be going. So many unknowns. I have been thinking on “Turn your eyes upon Jesus.” I couldn’t remember the rest exactly. Thanks for writing it out.

          Keeping Kelly, Sherry and all the OBS girls in prayer. God is good and is at work, even when we don’t see it. Praise Him!

          • Linda Paver says:

            You are welcome, Kim. “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” has been my go-to song when I’m struggling. Have a blessed weekend!

        • Linda thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for them and for the verses. I keep trying to hold onto the fact that sometimes it is when we are at our end that we can fully reach out to our Lord. I just have felt like I am in the midst of this silence. I’m going to hold onto those verses and encouragement. Thank you so very much again.

          • Linda Paver says:

            You are so welcome. God spoke to my heart this morning as I read your post and directed me to the Scriptures and the song. Keep on being encouraged by God especially when we are at wits end:-)

      • Hang on dear sista. Your breakthrough is nearer than you think! I would just keep praising Him. He will reveal things to you at just the right time. Praying for you as I type this. Take care,~b

      • Mahealani Edwards says:

        I understand what you are going through. I feel like i am in the same boat. I thought I had my God walk under control. Then we got to week 2 and I realized I am wanting, thirsty and hungry for God’s presence in my life. I am so blessed to have started this bible study (the first I’ve ever done with women and/or online). Thank you sisters for being so encouraging. I know God’s plans are so much better than I can even imagine and I have to be okay with sitting and waiting #Palms Up. I know the devil has been attacking my family so I am believing I am doing good things for God. All I know is that I say “YES to God” each and every morning. It’s what I can do.

      • Girl my husband and I have felt exactly how you feel right now for the past few months!–We are getting the resounding message to put one foot in front of the other and take the next step–however small– and it will lead to the next to the next etc etc. Will be praying for you!

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      Oh Sherry your story is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

    • Is there a way I can send you a hug via this e-mail? What a beautiful story. Thank you 🙂

    • Sherry, I’m praying for you as you walk through troubling times.

    • Well I wrote a long one and lost it but I will simplify it by just saying thank you Sherry and I know how hard it is to give up a child I did 6 yrs. ago in Nov. and now I am afraid I am losing my husband also. Thank you for opening my eyes to praise God for it. I will give Praise to my God from whom all blessing flows.
      I know it was not a mistake to come this site. Again thank you.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I so admire your step towards obedience. The first step is the hardest. My son battled cancer and is in remission. Praise the Lord. It puts things so much more into perspective. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I posted a comment on your blog. Love you dear sister.

    • Thank you Sherry for sharing your story, I felt conviction and selfish. We have a 17 year old daughter who has fallen away from the Lord and we have been on a journey, I was going to tell of an experience we went through with her last week, but now I am in tears, and I’m praying for you for God to help you and give you strength to have this Fresh Start with Him. #StickWithIt.. I have placed your name on my prayer list Sherry, and will continue to pray for you…Thank You again….sending you prayers, love and many hugs
      Dear Lord, Thank you for Sherry, and for her openness to us, reading her post has made me realize that things may look and feel bad to us but there is a someone who is hurting more. Sherry is brave, and I’m grateful that in doing this study she has laid this battle down at your feet and has taken this step of faith with You. Father You are our Redeemer, our Healer, our Father, our Friend, be with Sherry in this Fresh Start with You, let Your Light shine in her life and let her remember that “You stay close to the brokenhearted and You save them whose spirit is crushed” (Psalm 34:18) Father, You are an Amazing God, You are merciful and gracious and we love You.. In Christ Jesus we pray AMEN….

  2. I believe saying YES to God involves our obedience every step of the way, every single day. It’s not easy coz there are times I just want to have it my way rather than obey Him. So now that I’ve said YES to God, I sense His prompting for me to be get more involved in ministering to young girls and women. I will respond with , follow His leading and be a blessing to those who are waiting for just that smile, word of compassion, bear hug or maybe just a listening ear. I will be His eyes, ears, hands and feet during my time here on earth.

    • I will respond with obedience.

    • Well said. It is hard, but the most important thing the world to do!!!! I also feel God prompting me to get more involved in youth ministry!! I will pray for you to find the strength to be obedient ALL the time!!!

  3. I believe that God is calling me to move to move back to South Africa with my husband and two children, after being in the uk for 16 years. We will be moving from a life of predictability, financial comfort and relative safety to one of more uncertainty and more threats to our personal safety, but I believe this is God’s plan for us. That he has a special plan for each member of my family out there. Being someone who enjoys being in control, God is really challenging me to give that control over to him, as I can do nothing to influence my husband finding work, which is the hold up at the moment. This study has helped so much with overcoming my fears about the future and what my husband’s and my obedience will bring to our lives! Still a long way to go, but I’m not giving up. I want to say yes to God!

  4. I have been feeling for sometime now that God wants me and my husband to write a book together about our testimonies. We divorced after 3 1/2 years of marriage at the begining of 2008. During our darkest moments we both reconnected with God. For me it was a recommitment to Jesus but for my husband, it was salvation! We remarried in October of 2008 and now have an amazing God centered home. The problem? OBEDIANCE! I have a hard time even journaling daily! I love to write but just can’t seem to stay focused for the long haul! I truly believe our story could help other couples turn to God instead of a divorce attorney, I just can’t seem to buckle down and put my pen to paper….or in my case my fingertips to iPad keyboard. Lysa’s words are an inspiration and a catalyst that is propelling me forward toward renewed OBEDIANCE and HOPE!

    • Lori Thompson says:

      Hi, Jenni.
      That’s an awesome calling. My husband and I are leaders in our church’s marriage ministry. There are so many hurting couples that we work with. I am certain that many people could be blessed by your testimony! I encourage you to write it or share it in any way you can. God bless you!!


    • Mahealani Edwards says:

      My husband and I also divorced 17 years into our marriage. During the separation period, we were both saved through different churches. Now, we too, have a God centered home. It would be a blessing for you and your husband to work together encouraging other couples who think there is no hope. After getting remarried, we were able to help start a Christian School here in our town. I believe we came back so much stronger than we were ever could have imagined because we chose to look to Jesus for the strength to press in for the long haul. I hope it works out for you.:)

  5. Melinda Brakenberry says:

    I believe God is nudging me to focus more on my family and children than my own personal desires. I believe He wants me to take focus time at the start of each of my mornings for prayer, devotion and dedication to seek his will to dedicate our family to Him. Being a full-time working momma it is easy for me to find excuses to not have the time to give to Him each day and to not be intentional. I am not sure where God wants me to serve, but can feel in my heart that service starts at home and let Him take the lead…Lord, I am ready to follow…please give me strength to wake up early to spend quiet time with you, to stay God focused throughout the day to be an example to my husband, children, and other families. Thank you God for inspiring me to say YES to you.

    • I echo your desire and prayer!!! Truly. It’s as though you took the words right out of my mouth. I feel as though sometimes my work and colleagues and clients get more of me (especially patience) than my family. Hmm … it’s not that I sit out to do that on purpose. I just have a guard up at work and when I get home – the family gets what’s left and all my frustration comes out. Hmph! No fair to the family I love!
      God will bless our obedience, Melinda. One day at a time. Thank you for sharing! & thank you for saying YES!

      • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

        Oh my, I want to say your words, that echo Melinda’s, echo mine! Lord help all 3 of learn and practice obedience. Help us to not get caught up in the “I have to…”

  6. God is calling me to publish my husbands journal that he wrote from the last months of his battle with cancer. That others who are sick or spouses who are caregivers may be encouraged. He wants our story to be told. It is painful for me to go back there, but I know it will help others. I need to be courageous and obedient.

    • I pray God’s comfort as you open doors to your painful experience. May God use this as a time of reflection and healing! Sweet Beth, you will change others with your transparency. God bless you on this journey!


    • (hugs) I have met through her some amazing women and you are one of them. Praying for you as you prepare to do this very difficult thing. May it bless others who have gone through the same thing. It will help them to know they aren’t alone in their feelings when facing such an illness.

  7. Right in the beginning of our OBS, God challenged me with Hebrews 10:25 with regards to weekly prayer meetings at church. I have now committed in obedience to the Word that came to me so clearly, resulting in at least two extra hours spent at church weekly, but I have great peace about that. God is using those meetings to teach me so much.

  8. My radical step of obedience is to continue this journey that this study started. The steps I have taken so far are keeping stress from getting in the way of God’s plan for my life. It has given me a renewed passion for living my life to serve God.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I would be very interested in any suggestions or guidance for keeping stress from getting in the way!

  9. OBIDIENCE! I am a 56yr old woman! Obedience! I really have know idea at times that this is what I am struggling with. It made me laugh to think that I have to be obedient to someone. 🙂 🙂 Well I guess that is a form of pride.
    When I started this Bible Study I truly felt the main question I was having for my life was what church did God want me to meet him at each Sunday. My husband and I have not been “involved” anywhere in quite a few years. Just visiting here and there and watching T V Church. Well, this has certainly changed in the last month. I was obedient and my husband agreed and we both have been visiting regular. When the sermons started matching up with my prayers along with the Bible Study I felt a peace and excitement in my spirit that I haven’t felt in a long time. I knew I was being obedient. I know that I am doing what The Lord wants me to do. He will show me if this is the place he wants me.
    Is this a radical step towards obedience? For me it is. I have been sitting back waiting for my husband to decide where to go. Well, it’s been a long wait. LOL My obedience my inspire others to respond. It does work when you fix your eyes on JESUS!
    Blessing to all!

    • Amen girlfriend!
      You are an inspiration! How easy is it to wait on our husbands, “the spiritual head of the family” to make the first step? You have chosen to say YES! And have changed your life and outlook as well as his. Who knows? Maybe all he needed was a swift kick in the … to realize it! HAHA! God uses us at all ages! Isn’t that amazing?! Your story, your purpose is not yet done! God is using you. God wants your obedience, even now!
      God bless you, Judy. I pray you find a church home where you can blossom as well as serve others!

  10. One experience in my life God is asking me to use is my teen experience. I am now working with the teen girls at our church and leading the student leaders as well. I can’t wait to share my experiences during that time to hopefully change a young girls direction or help keep her on track. I love being used by God and growing closer. I can’t wait to see what He does with the past that I despised. The past that would bring me down in just a thought. I can’t wait to see what God does!

    • Thank you! Our teen girls (& boys) need good, strong, courageous leaders to help through what can be the toughest time of their lives. I pray God’s strength and guidance for you as you walk alongside those young ladies. God is good! He will use you in a mighty way.

    • I work with youth and have shared here and there some of my teen decisions as God prompts me. I think it helps the youth see that we are real and that God can turn our messes into good. Praying God uses your experiences to bring glory and honor to Himself.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      God bless you, Jess!

  11. Obedience, well ladies I confess that I have always had trouble expressing my words on paper, but I truly feel that my heart has had wonderful feeling of change in my attitude towards listening to God and wanting to hear from him, wanting a true desire to follow his precepts and asking for his wisdom in my life. I have learned a long time ago that I have the gift of giving, but sometimes I have enabled someone by giving too much and not allowing God to work in their life. Learning to use my gift by listening to God and knowing his voice has given me such blessings in giving spontaneously to help someone, even someone that I do not know. I so want to be a yes woman and to hear God’s voice and know that it is his choice, not mine, that I walk in.

  12. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    I have a desire, a pull a longing to return to school. Unclear if this is a personal desire or God’s prompting. My first step would be to take some prerequisites and research my options. I graduated with my BS over 20 years ago and my MS over 10 years ago. I don’t even know if any of that education will suffice any longer, as quickly as things change these days. I’m so scared. What if I fail? What if our bank account can’t take it? Ultimately, what if this is God’s calling and I choose to ignore it? Hmm…

    What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?

    I currently work as a physical therapist in an acute care setting. I have been a PT over 10 years and have enjoyed what I do and who I serve. It’s only been recently, last 6 months or so that I have felt called in to something more. I can’t quite place my finger on it, but feeling like PA (physician assistant) or medical school is where I’m prompted. Things, life, circumstances have changed so much in the past 10 years … I’m married now, have 3 children and am the “bread-winner” for our home. I can only imagine returning to school (at nearly 40) and starting a whole new career. It scares the be-jeebers out of me. I want to be obedient. I want to make sure this is not ME, but God IN me.

    How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream?

    Well, I really haven’t given voice to this dream … until now. I have told my husband, haphazardly. And another friend. That’s about it. Now, I’m sharing it with over 20K women. WHAT? Pride? Yep! FEAR! of failure, rejection, negative comments from the naysayers, possibility of moving for school, length of time and commitment, on and on. I could give you all the reasons that this doesn’t make sense.
    I NEED to ask for help. I need to find a physician or physician’s assistant that will take the time to get to know me and write a recommendation letter. Who’s going to do that for me? (Enter DOUBT)
    Oh, and I would be competing with all you young ladies out there – fresh out of school, with a mind filled with knowledge and completely focused on your dream – while, I’m here trying to provide for my family, help with my own kids’ homework, pack lunches, fold laundry, wondering how we would even afford something like this. More loans? I haven’t even paid off my PT school loans yet! & it’s been 10 years! Is this really a God-given dream?

    I know this is CRAZY long. Sorry. Guess I finally put into words what I’ve been feeling for so long now. Now, to keep praying for God’s guidance and answers. This would TOTALLY be beyond me!!! So, wether this happens or not … I will praise my God! Thanks!

    • Bless you! Crazy? Not at all. Keep praying…but add to that prayer that if it is God’s will for your life, He open the doors for you and give you the peace about it so you know….and if it is not, shut the doors so you know the is not what He wants for you, and to burden your spirit to move on from this. He will do those very things if you ask it in His name and listen and wait for the Holy Spirit’s answer.

    • Waiting on God says:

      Wow, Kiki! Good for you to venture out to take that next step.

      I have been a PT for over 30 years and just completed my DPT in 2012. I went at God’s prompting, and then when I finished, I went back to the same job. I thought, “Really God? All this schooling and nothing’s changed?” Well, it was just in preparation for this next step. I have been working in the school system the last decade after doing orthopedics, hand therapy, and home health. I feel God is calling me to start a practice to focus on kids with Developmental Coordination Disorder and that everything that I have done up until now (the schools, ortho, my own kids with special needs) has brought me to this place. I also developed an injury that has made me rethink how I can continue to physically practice until retirement age, and by focusing on this population, I should be able to do so. I just formed an LLC and during this rehab period for my injury, am proceeding with all the paperwork, etc. to take that next step.
      If God can change my direction in my “over 50” world, I know He has great plans for you. #stickwithit and know that it all goes through His Hands first before it reaches you. Philippians 1:6

      • Thank you for sharing.
        Thank you for your encouraging words. May God bless your new venture! I’m those kids will have a fabulous therapist!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:


      Always follow your dreams! They may end up looking a little different but that will be God’s handiwork and it will be perfect!

  13. How does your pride keep you from obedience?

    By whispering to me, “But what will others think?”. Almost every. single. time. I am praying for God to build my strength and to keep me focused on only His will, and what He thinks. Truly, the only opinion that matters.

    • Naysayers! Praying for you as you become radically obedient! I have found the beauty in God blessing obedience. Others may comment on my obedience and at times it annoys them, but I am sooo blessed even in the midst of my trials and struggles!

  14. I believe God is asking me to be obedient with his calling to serve. I feel I have a lot on my plate right now as a working Mom, just like we all do! But, I need to be obedient to God’s call to serve and put Him first. I’ve been asked to co-teach a children’s Sunday School class twice a month and lead children’s church once a month. At first, I didn’t want to give up my “adult” time, but I know this is my calling and I can use my experiences to teach the children. I just had to swallow my pride and be still and listen. I know there is more to come of this story!

  15. I have been wondering and thinking about possible next steps for ministry in our church as I led Bible studies for several years, but have not felt led to continue in that role. I hope to retire from fulltime work in a yr and half (yeah!) giving me more time to pursue other adventures. One area that I am contemplating is training to become a Stephen Minister in our church. This is a ministry of coming alongside those in need (listening, encouraging) as they reach out. For me this seems a logical ‘next step’ as I seek to be used of Him.

  16. Is there a radical step of obedience that God is asking you to take?
    This week began my journey to 30 day of no television for 30 days. To me this was radical. At first I questioned God, however, I know that He confirmed that I must take this step for a #fresh vision for my life and my family. PRIDE almost got in the way of my obedience, however I thank God that I listened. Although it has only been a few days I can truly say that I am grateful because I have already:
    -Spent more time with my children
    -Been more patient with my children
    -Not rushed to try to finish a tv show or return to a show
    -Have more clarity about the things that I need to/want to
    -Been more cheerful with my husband
    I also realized that the tv was numbing me. I would come home from a long days work and plop in front of the television and become unconscious. I want to be AWAKE. I want to be able to HEAR from GOD. So I will continue this journey… excited for what God will say!

  17. Lois Doughty says:

    I believe my radical step of obedience to God is to exercise more tough love with my adult son. I’ve prayed for his salvation for years, but lately I sense God saying to me, “How can I work in his life if you keep enabling and rescuing him?” This is something I’ve struggled with a lot, so it will be a radical change for me, but I know it’s the right thing to do. I also said yes to God this week by signing on to work in the children’s ministry at church for Grades 1 thru 3. I haven’t worked with the kids at church for awhile now, but felt God nudging me to get back into it.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Lois, I pray that God guides you in your relationship with your son. Love and strength to you as you embark on your new ministry with the kids!

  18. My pride is holding me back from being obedient in that all too often I let what others think effect whether I step out in faith. When I worry about about what others think I get self-conscious and fearful. Then instead of going forward in obedience, I let something I have no control over hold me back from what God is asking me to do. This happens most often when I am asked to speak in public. I become afraid that I will not speak well, or that people will not be touched by the message I am conveying. Instead of worrying and fretting over these things I cannot control, God is teaching me to give it all over to Him.

  19. How does pride mess with obedience?
    For me, my personality, failure is not an option. Although looking back at life, sometimes those moments are when I learned the most. So pride says, don’t do it… you might fail. Well the heck with that! I started to allow God to send me where ever… when ever. I am finding my self with amazing people, in amazing places, in an amazing new job. God dreams bigger than me. A simple truth that I have learned.
    #Amazed #FreshVision #YesToGod #PalmsUp #SayWhat #StickWithIt

  20. I believe God is calling me to tell my story of my deliverance from an abusive situation into a shelter full of God encounters. I believe that this is the experience that God would like me to use to encourage people that I haven’t met yet that all things are possible and that He makes all things new. I am planning to step down from a leadership position that was filled with administrative duties to become more connected with my neighbors and co-workers and am praying for divine connections that will allow me to speak about the many miracles that point to the Lord. I have spent way too much time studying and in meetings and behind a computer while the people around me are literally dying without Jesus.

  21. As this bible study has opened my eyes to some really great #saywhat moments, I think this one is the biggest of them all. I have had a burdened for several weeks now about my job. My great amazing 8 to 5 job. I work with at-risk youth and help them overcome their barriers and get back in school to achieve their High School diploma or GED and I also help them with real life issues. (You see how I wrapped that up in a nice little bow I believe this is how the enemy is working against God on this….) My youth are such a blessing to me and I know what I’m doing is good, it really is good work…to the world…I know God put me here for a reason in this season of my live but now I believe He may be taking me out of it for a new season. Your question was: Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step? I believe God is calling me to quit my job as a next step in obedience to Him…….Yes girls I need some help with this. My husband and I have 2 children and his job barely pays the bills with little to nothing left over. I know if God has called me to it He will walk with me through it….but this unknown path that my human eyes can not see is very frighting for me. Ladies I’m struggling to #SayYestoGod……
    I feel He is calling me into ministry some where but I do not know yet where or what that will look like. I believe it’s some kind of bible study/writing for Him but again this unknown is really getting to me. Thanks ladies for at least reading….

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I will pray for and with you, Jennifer. God will reveal His plan to you in exactly the right time. Keep praying for wisdom and insight and just follow!

  22. The Lord asked me to be willing just yesterday morning to give up something that I love to do!! It was hard and I even cried which really made me feel stupid but God sees my heart in it. So, I stepped out in faith, shared with someone why I can no longer partake and God just spoke to me saying, “there is blessing for obedience”. So, I look ahead to what He will accomplish because of this simple act of obedience. The thing I love that I gave up involves a small amount of money. He wants me to give that to Him and watch how He can multiply it !! EXCITING!!

    • how exciting! I know from my own walk with the Lord there is indeed blessing in obedience! The Lord is always calling us deeper in our relationship with Him. The deeper we go, the harder it seems at times but when we get there….Awesomeness!!!!

  23. This study has been amazing!!! I did not realize that I was dealing with pride. I know that I am a work in process, but now when I hear that “quiet voice” I will listen and say “is this something that God’s word says.” I want to obey. I know there will be times that I don’t act quickly, but praise God, he gives me grace and mercy because there is no condemnation in Christ.

  24. I believe God is calling me to take a radical step with work, but I don’t know if its to quit and be home with my son or to go full time, because as of January those are my only two options. I am still uncertain and am trying to hear way God is telling me but I keep going back and forth. So I think for now I am going to go to work and step out in faith everyday to help the, because I am not sure I will be there much longer and I know God wants me to help change those women’s hearts and help them find Jesus! I was not planning on typing this so I believe God just spoke to me that this is the obedience He wants me to take, step out at work and then He will tell me what to do next!! Praise God, for He is good!!

    • Waiting on God says:

      Good for you, Hailey. I know that is a tough decision to make. In a similar situation in regards to my work, God did not let me know until the morning I was suppose to return to work after an injury, that I was not going back. So make sure you are waiting on His timetable, and not what you think the timetable might be. You’ll get the answer you seek. Jeremiah 29:11

  25. How is pride keeping me from obedience? In one word, control. It’s not only preventing obedience but also stepping out on faith. I know I need to let go and let God.

  26. Mine is actually in my career & family life. I’ve been an assistant teacher at a over populated elementary school for 3yrs. Prior to that I was involved in serval different ministries at our church. With my husband deploying on a regular basis, 3 younger children & working at school my time with God & my personal relationship with Him suffered as well as my children. home. I truley feel God is telling me it’s time to slow our life down & refocus on God/family life. This means a major change in our financial life…less “toys”, less vacations on the weekeds & just slowing life down. I truly miss my close relationship with God. I truly miss spending time with my children in God’s word because of homework & life that comes with working full time. Working at the school has opened my sheltered eyes to children’s home lives that has truly humbled me & helped me refocus on the important things in life that I lost focus of when I was a stay at home mom & how important a strong relationship with God is for my children in the environment they are spending most of their waking hours in. My husband is very supportive but wants me to finish out this school year. So starting an adult prayer group at school once a week before school starts has become my immediate focus but I have a principal who shot down the idea before so I have to place my fears aside & ask for her permission once again 🙂

    • I will be praying that God’s will be in the principal’s decision. The schools NEED to have JESUS in school. I would continue to ask as the Lord Prompts and who knows maybe the principal will join you???

  27. Christine Ann says:

    Joining in with your praises and prayers for the fantastic way in which Dove’s Nest is being blessed and supported. Before seeing the video/blog for today I had just managed to donate a small gift online.. I was then rejoicing that my small gift had just joined the $10,000 of gifting from all the wonderfu ladies in the OBS..
    Praying there will be an even greater increase to this giving and that every life will be touched, changed and supported through all the cards,letters etc in an amazing way. My heart is full of love toward the women and children of Dove’s Nest across all these miles land and sea, from the UK.. Halleluyah..

    • Linda Paver says:

      I’m with you, Christine Ann. I sent 2 envelopes of encouragement cards. Like you, I was rejoicing when I saw how many other envelopes were on the table. In fact, mine are still on their way as I only mailed them a couple of days ago. To think we will have an impact on generations to come and many someones will have these cards to reflect on throughout theirs lives makes me #Amazed and #SayWhat!!! “Praising my Savior all the day long.”

  28. I feel that God continues to ask me to let go of my pride and the desire to do things on my own strength. It’s not about me, never has been, never will be. It’s all about Jesus! God has also revealed to me my desire to have people accept me. I was basing my significance on the acceptance of other people. I have come a long way but still have a long way to go. My significance and security is in God alone!

    • Linda Paver says:

      I’m with you, Christine Ann. I sent 2 envelopes of encouragement cards. Like you, I was rejoicing when I saw how many other envelopes were on the table. In fact, mine are still on their way as I only mailed them a couple of days ago. To think we will have an impact on generations to come and many someones will have these cards to reflect on throughout theirs lives makes me #Amazed and #SayWhat!!! “Praising my Savior all the day long.”

  29. My pride is strong when I have been hurt by someone. I build up big, sturdy barriers so that I don’t have to address the issue. These barriers “protect” me from further pain or embarrassment if my efforts are at reconciliation are refused. And sometimes those barriers serve as passive aggressive weapons against those who hurt me. But God has been SERIOUSLY working on removing that pride by asking me to reach out to not one, but TWO different people who have hurt me. I was obedient, even though my pride was screaming “NO!” in my ear. I reached out to both, and sadly they both refused my efforts. I know that God is working in me, as well as in them, and that He works for the good. Being obedient in the face of my pride was hard. Really hard. But I know that God is working good out of it and now I am filled with compassion for both of these ladies, instead of pride and bitterness. I am so thankful that being obedient to Jesus brings peace beyond my understanding.

  30. Marlene ~~OBS small group leader says:

    I have taken the first step toward obedience by volunteering and giving of the time God has given me. I begin training in a couple weeks to be an advocate with a Pregnancy Resource Center in my area. This is a move I have avoided for a couple years now because I have been being stingy with the time I have been given. God has shown me that it isn’t my time but His time and is a gift He has given me.

    • Linda Paver says:

      Oh, Marlene! You will be amazed at how God work @ you PRC. I have been volunteering @ our local PCC for over 3 years and it is such a blessing to serve our clients in the name of Jesus!

    • Oh my this one gave me chills!! As I am reading this post today I keep thinking what “story” of mine could God use for His good. Well I was 17 when I had my oldest son, and 20 when I had my daughter. In spite of I managed to go to school, get my nursing degree and by the age of 23 was an RN working in a NICU (love my job!) God has been telling me for a while I need to use this story–this success story if you will to help other young moms!–Often I have thought about pregnancy resource center but also have been stingy with my days off. :)–Think I am getting that reinforcement I need to be a part of it–thanks!

  31. God is asking me to Stop being so critical of others and to love them more. He is giving me a fresh vision to not talk about others. I struggle sometimes with that. Loving the unlovely isn’t easy but gossip is. My focus needs to be on loving more!

  32. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    Yes, I believe so…He is asking me to put one foot in front of the other and move out in faith. To stop being concern or listening to the ” you can’t do that” voices and GO FOR IT!

    I need to step out in faith. Jesus is standing there with His arm and hand extended towards me saying… Lets go Tammy, I will not let you fail!

    My first step is to jump out …grab a hold of my dream and make it a reality!

  33. I think that the one experience God wants me to use in my life is my struggle with alcohol and my journey to sobriety. When I look back, I can see how clearly my life centered around drinking. It didn’t mean that I didn’t function or even that I wasn’t a good mom, wife and friend; but my focus was certainly not on God-it was on alcohol. Now, just over a year sober, I’m learning to redefine myself and my eyes have been opened. The only way for me to know and love myself fully is by keeping my focus on Jesus. Although it isn’t clear to me exactly when and how I am supposed to share this and with whom, I have no doubt that God is preparing my heart to share this experience to bring at least one other person out of the darkness.

    • Good for you! One day at a time and hopefully you will be able to help others in the same situation!!

    • Congratulations! I have just over two years of sobriety. I’m like you, I was still functionable I just put alcohol above God. I am working on my self-worth. Through this study and saying YES to God has helped me learn that I too can do what God asks of me and that He still loves me. Situations keep falling in my lap that I never would have expected. (for the good) We just have to keep our focus on God and the rest falls into place! Keep up the good work!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I am praying for continued sobriety. You are an inspiration!

  34. God has called me to help lighten the load for the pastor’s wife . She has way too many responsibilities and is a mother of 5 and is working on building a house. I was able to be co directer of Backyard Bible clubs this summer. Now God is calling me to continue teaching Sunday School and be director of the children’s choir. This actually gives me more time with my hubby working together. When I told him I wanted to do this he asked if he could be my helper. We had our first practice and 20 children were there. This allows this pastor’s wife not to have to teach these children on wed. nights. I know God is going to bless us as I already am being blessed by the songs and feel closer to God and my hubby.

  35. Jessica S. says:

    Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    God is asking me to trust that He IS good and His plan is best for me. God is asking me to trust that He will take care of my children and my husband. I’m dealing with some health problems–some that may take my life. I am and was having a hard time understanding how leaving behind 3 small children and a husband could possibly be GOOD for me and my family. However, I’m trusting in God and who He says He is. If I’m healed, if I’m not–God is good, forever faithful. He loves me and my beautiful babies and my supportive husband. He has the best plan for me and my family. I don’t understand it, but I will put my faith and trust in Him. My first step: Stepping out in faith–choosing to love and serve God–even though I’m unsure about His plan. Believing He is good, loving, and has the best for me even when it’s hard–really hard!

    • Jessica,

      I do know how you feel and what is going on in your mind. On my 30th birthday I was diagnosed with cancer. My boys were 5 & 1. The doctors were not sure I would make it. The cancer was rare and treatment options were limited to Radiation Therapy only. A year maybe…Well I just passed my 29th year of survival. The weird part of all of this is that I had given up on God many years before. But when I got sick I started to pray a little (I had not accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior), my family prayed a lot. Three years ago I received a post card in the mail announcing the starting of a new church. I went and I have never looked back! I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Praying for you and your health.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I am praying for your complete recovery. I am also praying that some day I can be the woman of God you are today! So, so inspiring to me!

  36. What one experience in your life is God asking you to use. When I look back over my life I can see where God has asked me to use both the major experiencies of my dads death as a teenager and the death of our baby girl to help others in similar circumstances. Right now it doesn’t feel like he’s nudging me in this way. Instead I fell Him nudging me closer to Him, to rest in His peace and trusting in Him above all else and to give Him complete control. I can feel Him working with the smaller experiences of my life to produce something big, I’m just not sure what it is yet. So ready for a fresh passion and new, bigger dreams for my life. Keeping my focus on Him, palms up and ready for the journey.

    • Thank you, Laura, for your post. I think it’s just beautiful the way God can take some of the hardest things we go through; the hurts, the loss, the disappointments and use those experiences to work His beauty in us and to draw us closer to His heart so that in His perfect time and in His way, He can use those experiences to be a blessing to others. Your post made me reflect on some of the things I’ve gone through, including a recent emergency surgery and doctors telling me that I won’t be able to have children (I’ve been married for two years). I agree that He uses everything, the big experiences, as well as the smaller experiences too. Sending you lots of love and hugs and prayers your way as we continue on this journey! After reading your post, I went back and read over this paragraph I had highlighted because both your post and this paragraph really encouraged me concerning the place I’m at right now on my journey.
      “God uses our experiences to equip us for our calling. God doesn’t waste our experiences in life. I know in my own life God has been able to weave everything together to form a beautiful tapestry of good experiences, bad experiences, hurtful things, joyous things, professional jobs, ministry jobs, and everything else to prepare me for the work He is in the process of revealing to me.”

      I love that Lysa wrote that it’s a process.

  37. God has chosen to heal past hurts late in my life. I am 61 years old. I am in Christian counseling.
    Trusting God’s unconditional love is the problem for me due to a childhood of emotional deprivation. Thus, obedience is a challenge , as it is for us all.
    This Bible study has been used by God to help me. Thank you for answering His call to produce this study.
    It is never too late to heal and follow our blessed Lord.
    My goal, with God’s help, is that my last chapter , however long that will be, will be very best. In wondering why I am the way that I am, our bleesed Lord has chiosen this time to heal me. I’m already seeing how my testimony and sharing it with others is affecting them and leading to a closer walk with our Best Friend. Praise God.
    Like all of us, discerning God’s will, our own desires, and Satan’s manipulations is difficult. It’s easier to discern if you pray , ask God “Is this your will and then wait for His answer. He always answers.
    May God richly. Bless this ministry and each and every member of this study. What a difference our testimonies are going to make in the battle against Satan!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I feel like we are kindred souls. I, too, am in Christian counseling for something 40 years ago. It is never too late to heal. Throughout my counseling I am seeing in a much clearer light how God was there when the trauma was occuring and, it is because of Him, I am here today.

  38. Focus question: Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?
    The Lord has asked me to give up drinking alcohol for a season. I’m not a big drinker or anything, but love to go out for drinks with friends to relax and unwind. God has asked me to go to HIM to relax and unwind…to seek his face. I’m praying about the next step in my life, where God wants me to go on a medical mission! This is a big deal and I keep praying for God to lead me where He wants me to go since the opportunities seem endless…like drops in the ocean! Good problem. Anyway, this step of obedience is certainly not easy…but has already been a great testimony to my friends and family. Saying Yes to God changes your life! Thank you all for doing this study with me 🙂

  39. God is using my experiences from a job I had for the past two years. That time was a trying time for me, full of frustration, hurt, inadequacy. Since this Bible study has begun, I have been battling with God’s plan for my life. But now, I am beginning to see how my attitude and heart are changing to be more Christ-like. I can feel God using that experience to move me towards greater things. This is only the first step, and I’m excited to see what happens next.

  40. Our obedience truly might inspire others to respond! What an encouragement to me this week as I have been in the midst and muck of an unseen spiritual battle because of my faith. I have chosen love and grace, I’ve chosen steadfastness and have refused to compromise my values to appease others even when they’ve tried to make me feel like a selfish person for doing so. I choose love. I choose grace. Ultimately I choose Jesus.

  41. Thank you for this post and for encouraging us to ask those questions of ourselves. I feel like I started this study SO fired up and in sync with God’s calling for me, but as the weeks have gone by, I have too quickly let life get in the way of my passion for obeying Him.

    The specific experience that I have felt God nudging me to use is our season of miscarriages. Five years ago this month, we endured the first of four miscarriages in a row… losses that rocked us at our core and threatened to seriously destroy our faith. My husband and I had been married for a year-and-a-half and were eagerly trying to start our family; enduring the pain of losing four babies in a row was heart-breaking, to say the least.

    Eventually, by God’s great mercy and might, our fourth miscarriage ended in such a way that our doctor found I had a uterine anomaly. It was quickly fixed by a phenomenal specialist, and two months later we were pregnant with our now beautiful little girl… who is getting ready to turn three in just a couple of weeks.

    Sleeping in the room next to her is her 6-month-old baby sister, born in March. 🙂

    Our story is difficult to relive, but it is one that I KNOW so many women need to hear. Infertility and pregnancy loss are words that are often whispered in hush tones, never really talked about openly and honestly. I spent too many sleepless nights crying out for help and feeling completely alone in my pain. It’s not a feeling I would wish on anyone, and God has told me time and time again that I need to DO something about it. He has blessed me with both a gift and a love for writing, which prompted me to shut down my former foodie/crafty/DIY blog and start a new one: It’s a place where I share our story, past writings from those sleepless nights when I could do nothing but pen my pain on paper, and I do my best to let God reach other women through the experiences we have had.

    I’ve already been blessed enough to hear from women (and even a few men!) who have been touched by hearing our story and found hope in God’s faithfulness to us; those people make it easy to keep going. What makes it hard are posts that receive no comments… days when the only sounds I hear are crickets chirping as my words seem to fall on deaf ears. I know what God has put on my heart, though; the storms we’ve survived have not been for nothing. He wants to use the two precious miracles in our lives as a testimony to others, speaking hope to women who so often go without ever being told that their IS any.

    I’ve heard God loud and clear, and He continues to give me all of the confidence and reassurance I need. Now to make my obedience to Him a requirement as strive to answer His call!

    • Keep taking those steps of faith, sweet Kim! Even if all you hear are crickets … God is making the crickets chirp! And remember, the God of the universe hears your voice when you bring Him the praise He has earned!! Be blessed, while you are blessing others!! =)

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Kim, I just signed up to “follow you”! Very poignant words. Thanks for sharing. I also want to point out that, even if the crickets are the only ones chirping, doesn’t mean your words aren’t resonating in the heads and hearts of many!

  42. Aida Guerrero says:

    I am consistently inspired and blessed by this study that God will bring me focus and direction in my life. I desire to honor Him in all I do. With my family, work, time, everything… I sometimes just feel so scattered. So many needs and don’t know where to begin. I see obedience and say YES. But what to be obedient at? I see pride and I say, “Could it be ?” Never saw myself as a prideful person. thought God blessed me with the ability to be diligent in what he calls me to do, depend on Him to do it. Through the toughest times in my life there He had not provided people to help. Always has been my husband, me and the kids. I was ok with that and still am. I thought that he was equipping us and protecting us from difficult interactions with unhealthy relatives. It has been lonely at times but I am so blessed to know He believes in me enough to entrust me with this beautiful family. All this to say I at times am overwhelmed with the duties and responsibilities and no one to outsource anything to but GOD! Just want to make sure a prideful attitude does not begin to take root and prevent me from God’s vision fro my life. I desire to be a woman that says yes to God and be able to hear His directions.

  43. I am coming to realize that being a teacher is what God wants me to do. That also means being a working mom, something I did not want or have planned for my life. It has taken me two years, TWO years, for me to realize that I am exactly where God wants me to be, doing what He wants me to do. This is how God wants me to serve Him. I just think 2 years is a long time to take for me to finally ‘get it’. I still haven’t fully accepted that this is what God wants, still a bit unsure, but that’s just me. That’s just my sinful nature taking over.
    My experiences have definitely brought me to this place. God allowed the stress to build in all areas of my life so that I would be at a point in which I would be sufficiently motivated to make a change. He has brought to my attention people, verses, bible studies that have been an example to me. Looking back I can see how all of that brought me this point, of being down on my knees, no where else to turn to but God to make my life better. What I’ve learned, especially from the last Tracie Miles book and OBS, is that your circumstances may not change, but your heart and attitude will. That is exactly what has happened. It is unbelievable and amazing to me sometimes to see it and feel it in my life. In fact this school year is going to be more challenging, but I feel more at peace. There is just no other way to explain that than God. There is no way I would feel this way on my own. I know me! It wouldn’t happen. I couldn’t do it on my own. That’s where the pride thing comes in. I like to be in control. I like to think that I can be independent and do everything myself. Being a working mom, well, keeping up with work, taking care of my kiddo, keeping house, meeting my husbands needs, time for family and friends, then time for myself??? That’s nearly impossible to make happen all on my own. I have to ask for help. Which makes me feel very weak, incapable, and unable. I’m working on that. I’m getting over it. Because the space and time that opens up I can spend with God. And that is making all the difference in my life right now.

  44. Martha Brewer says:

    I have a really hard time asking for help. Pray that I will be more open and willing to reach out for help.

    • Me too, Martha. I think it was because of the way I was raised. I now have 3 chronic illnesses from stress related issues. I need to let go of my pride and let others reach into my situation. God has really been laying the issue of pride on my heart during this study. I don’t know if I look at it as a sign of weakness, ect..but God knows and is working on me in this area.

  45. paige edwards says:

    I have been through MANY struggles that I feel has equipped me for my life today. I am so passionate about following Jesus that I have a deep longing to just study ALL the time. Thank you Lord for keeping the fire burning!!!!!

  46. God has used this study to focus my attention on the damage I was inflicting on my marriage. A little over two years ago, I sought therapy to deal with depression and anxiety, which I needed to do, and in which there is no shame in admitting you need that help. The damage began when I began to value what my therapist , who was a man,had to say about my relationship over what God had to say, and when I began to confide more deeply with him than I would with my husband, all but shutting him out. God began to throw warning signs at me, but I pretty much ignored them–until this study. Boy, did he get my attention! Not only did He finally get me to open my eyes about the very dangerous path I was taking, but He also put squarely in front of me the sin in my life in not respecting my husband, ignoring his leadership, and blaming him for the mess my life was in, when it was all my doing. I had to confess that sin in my heart and life to him, and I walked away from therapy. Thank God for getting in my way and calling me to obedience. I set my pride aside and I’m learning more each day about the beauty of being willing humble toward my husband, and following God’s design for marriage. We are on the path to healing, and it is a joy each day to say “Yes!” To God!

  47. One experience God wants me to use is my unfortunate financial situation. We went from wealthy to middle class due to the recessions and bad financial choices. I have relied on God along this journey. My husband suffered from heart failure this year due to all the financial stress. I am so compassionate for the poor and needy since I know how hard it is each day both spiritually and emotionally . I have always helped others financially but now I can help in so many other ways
    Being Obedient is what I am taking from this study

  48. My fear of failure keeps me from my dreams. And that is nothing but pride in disguise! Like so many of you wonderful ladies God wants me to continue with my morning devotion, focus more on my family, and to start writing! I received that Compel workshop email yesterday and felt like that was sent just to me. If I write something and no one reads it or publishes it, so what? I will have been obedient to God.

    • Your words sound exactly like ones I recently wrote in my journal. I cam to the same conclusion, keep priorities in perspective, God, husband and family and God will show me the rest. I too have struggled with to write or not to write. Start, give up, and start again. As long as words flow I shall write and determined as well if only the Lord sees it it was not wasted effort. It becomes my offering of worship to Him.

  49. Obedience has definitely been a challenge to my pride this week – I lost control of something I thought I should be controlling and guess what…spiritual warfare took over, I was furious, it wasn’t fair to me (selfishness again). But the study from yesterday and really all this week got me to thinking that I needed to lay down my nets just like Peter did when Jesus asked him. So I have done that, now I need to just wait, just wait…keep my vision and focus on God and what he is calling me to do. I know my obedience isn’t calling others to respond just yet but The Lord knows I’m not where I used to be and I’m on my way.

    Submit yourself, then, to God. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you.
    James 4:7

  50. I find that my focus when I get home is my phone. Everything is there: books, mail, games, Facebook. Just last night I was justifying being on my phone as: I need to relax too!! How much precious time has been wasted??? When I need a break, what better way to be refreshed than to turn to Jesus?
    WASTE less time on my phone
    INVEST more time in my home and family
    OBEY no matter what someone else (spouse) is or is not doing
    CHALLENGE 30 days- put phone on charger in my room as soon as I get home. When I need to take a break or relax: spend that time praising God.

  51. This study has changed my relationship with God, I have a fresh and living concept of a living Vibrant God that I have always loved but now I Amin love with and I am going to serve. My life has been rocked I have heard from God for the first time, and I admit that rather than jumping up and down like I thought I would, I was scared. But through prayer and through knowing him, I am now jumping up and down because I am honored that I can serve him that has gave so much to me. I lost my job yesterday and we are a family of 6 we live paycheck to paycheck unfortunately because my husband was laid off almost a year ago, but do you know what girls……yesterday during my release at my job when I boss told me God told them to fire me, I thanked him. He will provide and my family will use these experiences to bless others.

  52. Ok so for some reason my blog isn’t uploading onto the blog hop. Here is the link…please check it out!
    As you will read in my post, I totally believe that my obedience can lead others to God. Many times I believe it’s not in what we say that leads people, but in what we do…especially when we do for others…but with life in general. I had a situation at work…a tough one…and people were looking for me to break. I could feel it. But I just kept saying…”the Lord is going to get me through it. It’s all about God’s plan and not mine. He’s going to take care of it.” And even though it took close to a year, He did take care of it…and my response was “thank The Lord” and people knew I meant it. I feel like a faithful obedience is just one of the ways we can lead people to Christ. God bless and have a great weekend!

  53. I believe God is showing me that I need to ask for help and guidance in my life. I have been praying for direction. I want to know where God is leading me and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to serve Him. So, I am enrolling in a Foundations class at my church that helps you seek out your spiritual gifts. I still struggle to hear God’s voice and to know it is Him talking and not myself. I am ready to surrender my selfish pride.

  54. Marcia(Iowa) says:

    Obedience!! For a long time God has been asking me to respect my husband. A few years ago friends of ours gave us the book Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs​. We started reading it and then little by little we quit reading it. They have asked on occasion if we finished it. During this study, God has put this on my heart again to respect my husband. It is not easy. I love him but he is very practical and his material things are important to him. I once said he loves his pickup and money more than his family. He called it respecting them. I could go on about the fights we have had when he puts things and others before his family. God has asked me to respect my husband and I am saying yes to God. Keep me in your prayers as this is not an easy task.

  55. I love where you said, “Your history is not your destiny, but chances are, it’s shaped your calling.” I have to always remember that my history is His Story. I believe that God is calling me to focus a few things: on the ministry that is right in front of me, to pour out to the women and families in our church and community I come in contact with. He is also calling me to trust Him with more finances and to listen to His voice on where to give sacrificially in faith. And He is calling me to build more respect to husband into our marriage. After so many years of marriage, I have let some patterns develop that need to stop. This has been a challenging study for me in the seemingly “small” areas of obedience that really aren’t small! Bless you ladies, as you step out in faith and fresh vision for Him.

  56. Kelly Evans says:

    My pride kept me from realizing that I could be a much better step-mother than I was being. My pride let me think I was doing the best I could or that I had the right to give my step son less than my best because of the ways I have been wronged. This study has changed everything in terms of my perspective. I’ve never been so clearly convicted about something as I have been with the help of this OBS. Love you all.

  57. I find as I cleave to radical obedience, the challenges get harder, testing my ability to push through and stay focused. This is a mind over matter battle within that I have chosen to fight! Pride is a tough cookie to break, but this gal is ready to stand strong in The Lord to over come it! The sucker punch of a full on reality check on pride is a small setback in reaching for the eternal goal of making a commitment to the one known fact….I will be focused on the Holy One and the truth of His words shall set me free!

  58. #FRESH FOCUS WILL REQUIRE MUCH OBEDIENCE!!!! I m stubborn and sellfish always wanting things the way I want it to be….my way. right now ican hardly wait to be discharged from rehab on Monday and I plan to continue until I can return to work fulltime….but just maybe God has other plans. whatever… I want it to be Him and not me deciding what will be next in my life and when He speaks I will listen and obey. also, pray that I will resist the devil’s temptation to keep snacking on food. I just came off steroids so this should be stopped right now!!!!!!!!

  59. I am unsure in what form right now, but I feel that experiences over the last 11 months & the amazing way God has provided for our family needs to be shared as encouragement to others. Not only for people suffering but for people around them that have the ability to step in & help their neighbor. Our youngest child was diagnosed with Tourette’s one year ago. Today after God provided wonderful physicians, therapists, family support & church prayer support he is doing well & in college. My husband was diagnosed with cancer just as our son started improving. Four major surgeries followed by chemo & starting radiation next week–yet again, God has provided amazing support from so many unexpected places. And my husband has been able to return to his classroom where he is an inspiration to his students. Pray with me as God guides what direction to go in sharing our encouraging story with others.

    • God has truly blessed you in the face(s) of adversity. The beautiful thing is that you REALIZE it! My prayers are with you.

  60. Judy Healey says:

    My fresh focus and step of obedience is continue in my purity of being single. God has planted that in my heart from the moment of my divorce that others were watching how I lived out my faith or would I be just like the world and jump back into the crazy that is out there for singles. Well, praise God that it has been 5 1/2 years of purity waiting on the one who is waiting on the Lord. I have had to stand by myself in and out of the church about waiting expectantly for the one God will bring into my life. We have just started a class on Biblical courting and how God wants us to court. Last night was on purity and a verse in Revalation about 144,000 pure virgin that stood before Jesus with the name of the Lamb of God written on their foreheads, their minds fixed on God, who could speak with authority, a new song to sing, sweet word that came out of their mouths. It was great encouragement to know that it can be done, they have gone before me and sacrifice and denied self to stay pure for Jesus. So that continues to be my fresh focus. I will praise Him no matter what comes my way!

  61. I believe that my step of radical obedience is to share what God has been doing in my life over the last month through this bible study and the ways these messages have been repeatedly impressed upon my heart. I feel I need to share it with everyone but especially a coworker of mine that is somewhat difficult to get along with but is also going through some very difficult family times as well as losing her job of 23 years as the bank branch we work at is closing. I pray that somehow she too will see that God is good and faithful and choose to follow Him.

  62. I am so humbly grateful to be in study with all of you amazing ladies! Truly, revival is not an inappropriate word for this season, and I praise our Abba for the amazing things He is doing in each of us. I think for me my radical step of obedience is a change in mindset. I have always worked to give God everything I have mentally in the mornings – looking at my time with Him as an intellectual exercise. In this, our second week of school with after-school activities in full swing, I’m already struggling with fatigue. And God has been so good to show me an energy source He has ready for me to plug into – His Word, the praises of His people, and time with Him. He is asking me to, in my downtime, not feel like I need to give and push and learn while in His Word, but to rest and receive and recharge. I have looked for those things in other areas of my life – like books, games, and TV, but I hear Him calling me for Him to be my go-to in everything. And, I know I’ll need it to be all He has called me to be this year! 🙂 I covet your prayers as I work to step out in obedience to Him on this one!

    Much love,

  63. I believe God wants me to let go of a friendship.
    I struggle to release it even though “obedience” has been the shout from heaven in this for 3years now.
    I love this person and letting go is so painful and scary. I prayed yesterday that god would give me a fresh vision on how to obey him in this.My answer was immediate and found in my devotional less than 60 seconds after praying: “Esau…he found no place for repentance, though he sought for it with tears.” Hebrews 12:16-17.
    And now today your message has driven home what I must do.
    I really need some prayer warriors to lift this situation up for the will of God to be accomplished in my life.
    Thank you Jesus for these faithful women and the ministry of your spirit through p31. In Jesus name, amen.

  64. Mary Lewis says:

    I have a real struggle with boldness. As I sit here I realize that this is nothing more than pride. I am so scared someone is going to make fun of me or belittle me I won’t allow the Holy Spirit to move through me like He wants to. I am scared if I speak out I will look foolish or mess my words all up. Pride… and I have always viewed myself as very humble. Wow… I am so thankful for this ministry and for the love of Jesus. He loves me too much to let me deceive myself. I am reminded of the Psalm “Search me oh God and see if there is any evil way in me.” That is my prayer. And when He answers that prayer I want to be a Yes Girl and agree with Him so that He can help me conquer my flesh and become a mighty woman of God.

  65. Carol in North Texas says:

    Your history is not your destiny but chances are, it’s shaped your calling.

    Focus question: What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?

    Three years ago, I applied for a job in my school district that I just knew was ‘my job’….one that God must have designed just for me. I prayed and prayed about it, He opened doors, and I was sure this was his plan for me and I was so ready to say Yes! but that wasn’t what God had in store for me. The job went to a sweet Christian lady who needed it much more than I did and was much better prepared to do an amazing work in that role. I put that dream aside, and decided I needed to serve where I had been for the past 7 years. I should have known that God was just preparing me for something truly designed just for me, and he had some work to do in me and experiences to give me so I would be ready. This last month I began the perfect job in a brand new wonderful district…I am serving in my position like never before and being blessed with new friendships and experiences every day. God truly took my history and shaped my calling! And each day he gives me the opportunity to say Yes! to serving others for him!
    Feeling blessed beyond imagination!

  66. What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?
    Miscarriage – it’s a deeply painful loss of a child. A child you prayed for, dreamed with God about, were making plans for, and you already loved with your whole heart. Yet, so many people don’t see it as a death or a heartbreaking, tragic loss. I miscarried 27 years ago, and I still shed tears over that sweet child I never got to hold in my arms. I know he or she is with Jesus though, praise Him! God has placed a couple young women in my life recently who experienced this pain and asked me to minister to them. It started with them, but I believe He is directing me to so many more.

    • What a gift you are bringing to those young women, Theresa. Blessed through your obedience to take your trials & suffering and comfort others… =) 2 Corinthians 1:4 says, “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” You are definitely living this out!!

  67. How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream?

    Pride has always been a problem for me. Every time I think that I’ve gotten over it, it comes right back in a different form. How do other people do it? I’ve tried to surrender and pray through my judgmental tendencies, but it’s so hard when I’m trying to grow spiritually, I just notice how others are treating me and I instantly fall back to the “why can’t they just do this?” mentality. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t notice others so much so I wouldn’t be so quick to judge them! But the truth is, God wants me to notice them, but to reserve judgement. My way is not always better, and their way is not always worse, if it may inconveniences me at sometimes.

    And God has put a big dream upon my heart, but up until now, I’m having trouble discussing it with others. It’s a complicated concept just t o describe, much less execute. But I also know that I am only going to play a small role in God’s grand vision. Humility is necessary when I realize that while God wants to use me, I won’t be the only one He uses. And I would definitely need to work with others to make it happen. So surrender, trust, and obedience marks the beginning of my journey!


  69. Focus question: How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream?

    I am a writer and a voracious reader. The Lord has been dealing with me about my pride for many years. Just when I think He’s done, He shows me that there is more in me. My pride says I can make my daily schedule, yes, I am also a list-maker, which to me, represents MY accomplishments. My pride keeps me from obeying God’s schedule for me. It keeps me from writing when He says write, and reading when He says read. Listening when He tells me to say “no” to someone’s request. Listening when He says turn off the computer so I’ll be punctual – my worst area of disobedience!! I didn’t see being late as pride until He showed me I’m being arrogant when I have others wait on me or I inconvenience them by making them accommodate MY schedule, how I want to do it!! Yes, I need help! I need accountability! I need guidance with my dream! And when the student is ready, the teacher will come. I’m ready Lord!! I’m ready to be a Level 5 Leader, called by You to do great things for Your name, glory, and honor, not mine. And it all starts with being obedient in the smallest areas on a daily basis – chronic consistencies. “The signature of mediocrity is not an unwillingness to change; the signature of mediocrity is chronic inconsistency.” (See Jim Collins’ book “Great by Choice” re: Level 5 leader and this quote.) Be blessed today ladies, to be a blessing!! In love, Mo

  70. I agree with a post above that my obedience will be in continuing these studies! This study has been AMAZING! I have been challenged these last few weeks and have been amazed at how God has opened my eyes about scripture (thru mapping). I loved the last part of the study questions on page 125 where we filled in the blanks. I am a baker…it’s what I love to do! God has really used this tee tiny gift of mine to touch the lives of others by donating my baked goods to bake sales or auctioning off cakes for children in my area fighting cancer. My spiritual gift is giving….so I give and give freely BUT I’m not always sure God gets the praise! Pride can be such a huge deal! We all love to hear words of praise but what God revealed to me this week was that I need to remember that HE has blessed me with a gift and that through that gift HE has allowed me to give freely so HE can receive the honor praise and glory! Without his gift I would be nothing! As I prepare for another bake sale for Childhood Cancer tomorrow, my response simply won’t be “thank you…I love to bake”. It’s going to be “God has blessed me with the gift of giving through baking and I give him praise”!! #palmsup #amazed!!!!!

  71. Cathy Davis says:

    Focus question: What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?

    I have given him lots of material with which to use…I think He is currently using my singleness and my time in the wilderness. Neither of which I am happy about….but grateful that I stayed obedient even when I didn’t want to.

    I was talking about my time in the wilderness the other night. During this time, I could do nothing. I withdrew from every activity except for one. It was a lonely time and I didn’t understand what was happening. I’ve had incredible mountaintop experiences but then, I felt so alone. Going to church left me empty. Being with godly girls left me unenthusiastic. Doing small group was impossible.

    But, during this time, I did not turn back to my old ways and have the attention of undesirables fill me up. I stayed faithful to God in knowing that He was right there with me. I was a leaning on Him and His affection-not some stranger. He was breaking the cycle I had of being alone and looking for attention from another man. However short the attention was for…

    A dear friend and mentor listened to me lament about my aloneness and suggested that in lean into the One who could fill me. he was calling me to a new place for His glory And He was preparing me for His journey. It was like the light (or Light) broke through and I could see all around me. Yay!

    This study has helped me transition from the end of my wilderness to the new place God is calling me to enter. I am so grateful! I will share the experience with anyone who will listen :). #palmsup

  72. Melissa Hughes says:

    I am still struggling with what God’s calling on my life is. I have come to realize that I was defining who I am on my career, not on who God says I am. When I started this bible study I had big hopes and dreams that I would say yes and finally get direction in what He wants me to do. Little did I know that I would lose my job of 11 years because of a bully in our HR department. Fear and anger were my feelings of choice for at least a week. I was hearing a small voice that this is my opportunity to learn in and trust Him. I tried to listen. I wanted to believe that. It wasn’t until our youngest daughter was in a car accident that I finally understood that I need to be home for my family. It was then that my eyes were open to realize my prideful attitude about my job and my income. I wasn’t truly faithful and obedient yo what God was asking me to do. He wispers “I am in control. Trust me. Lean into me.” I am now able to do that. I still don’t know where He is leading me…what is His dream for me…and that is a bit frustrating for my type “A” personality, but I trust that it will be revealed to me in His time.

  73. Ashley Jones says:

    I believe The Lord has equipped me for a calling of giving others hope. Through my past experiences I’ve learned that The Lord is and always will be my source of hope! I had a baby girl 6 years ago who was born with brain and heart abnormalities. I was told she would never live to be born and if she did she would pass after birth but she’s still here bringing so much joy to our lives and teaching all who see her and know her the true meaning of life and never to take it for granted. She has been through so much in her 6 years of life including two open heart surgeries and brain surgery and several other procedures. She is unable to walk talk or sit up but she is beautiful in my eyes and on the Lords. I believe being her mommy is part of my calling and I know when we go to heaven to meet Jesus someday I will get to see her run and play:)

  74. Laurie Robertson says:

    Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    Yes God is asking me to forgive those who have hurt me in my past and to be free of all the anger and frustration so that i may draw closer to him, and also to be more obedient in my readings. He has recently put someone in my heart, a christian man, and I am experiencing first hand what it is like to be with someone who listens, laughs, and just enjoys being with me, without any expectations.

  75. sarah simms says:

    I am asking God to help me with my pride. I get caught up in being right and competing for number one at work. I must be more humble, and I can start by not gossiping and rather encouraging. I will ask a caring co worker to help me be accountable. I am loving this study!

  76. Sandra Elise says:

    God has recently placed in my heart the task of sharing my past emotional struggles with you beautiful women. I had emergency abdominal surgery when I was eighteen, and I was so emotionally (and physically of course) scarred by it for so many years. I lead to years of anger, depression, anxiety and fear. I let these things build up a wall inside my heart that was keeping me from God. For the first time in my life, I no longer viewed God as a Daddy who lovingly protected me but instead as someone who punished me unfairly and allowed me to be in pain.

    Psalm 56:8 says that God, “keeps track of all my sorrows. He collected all my tears in your bottle. He has recorded each one in His book.

    God was with me every single moment during my time of heartache. Even though I tried to push him away, He stood by patiently, waiting for me to invite Him back into my heart. Dear sister, don’t worry if you feel the same way as I did–He is standing next to you, waiting for you too!

    God has asked me to start writing about this time in my life, to give hope and encouragement to other women who are suffering. So, I took the first step that I felt God prompting me toward: starting a blog. It is absolutely terrifying exposing my deepest emotional struggles – especially the ones that I had buried deep inside my heart, because I didn’t want anyone to ever find them! Honestly, I haven’t told a single family member of mine, and literally only a handful (Five!) of my friends about my blog. I think I have a grand total of about five followers. (Which for all I know, could just be the five friends I told!) However, my prayer is that it will reach the people that God needs me to reach. Maybe there is one woman out there – maybe it’s even one of you! – who’s life has been blessed by it.

    2 Corinthians 1:4 says that God,” comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” Sisters, my prayer today is that by my sharing my troubles with you, you will find comfort in God.

  77. Our FATHER is asking me to launch out into the deep by continuing this online work & applying for a full time position that would give my mission of racial reconciliation more exposure. This position would require me to work in the city (Nashville), where homelessness first touched my little family after the east wind all but destroyed a house that was not our home. In Obedience I sold our SUV this summer to attend the She Speaks Conference and HE is also asking me to ride the bus to Nashville and use this ride time as reading time. The God-sized dream house he provided for my children & my five O birthday is in walking distance of the MTA park and ride.

  78. My dream is to be transformed into the image of Christ. I know I am a work in progress. The importance of radiical obedience, has been, through this study, brought into focus In a huge way. I heard the phrase “pin point obedience” a long time ago and it has always stuck with me. This study has just brought new meaning to the phrase. My pride gets in the way of my obedience more than I like to admit. I want a moment to moment walk with Jesus. I don’t want it interrupted by disobedience. More than ever I want it to be more about Him and less about me. You see, I am 72 years old. I have been walking with The Lord a long time, but He isn’t finished with me yet. My radical step is to focus on that “pin point obedience” and to seek His humility and transparency as I journey with Him.

  79. What experience is God using? I am raising two children, one with special needs. I am also a kindergarten teacher, and my class this year has many ‘special’ children. It seems like every conversation with a parent this week has involved me saying “I understand” and sharing a little of my story and my faith. God is using my messy life to encourage parents who are just getting started on this difficult journey.

  80. The one experience in my life God is asking me to use is my health situation. I’m in constant pain and have little energy, so it’s easy to come up with excuses as to why I can’t reach out. In fact I’ve been struggling throughout the summer with self pity because I didn’t feel others were reaching out to me. Then I started this study and my thoughts have been refocused and now I do need to take that next step to SYTG. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard what God wants of me, but my insecurities of what others may think, or fear of failure are my HUGE strongholds that I need to barrel through. Blessings to you all.

  81. Could the ladies of Doves nest use some good slightly used clothing to help them as they get a fresh start? We have switched to uniforms at work and I have some good “business casual” clothing I would be happy to send if it would help our friends.

  82. I fell in love with Jesus on Palm Sunday this last year, so I’m a newbie to being a “yes girl”. Something that God has changed in me this year is my definition of success. I now know that the only measure of my “success” is my closeness to God. And He brought me to this OBS in His ever-perfect timing. God has really been pushing me to quit turning to worldly comforts and crutches and to dig into His word. To just keep moving closer to Him. This study has helped me push through some plateaus and some road blocks. I’m on day 4 of a healthy eating (no sugar!) plan. I’m working on 4 different bible studies. The bible study is EASY and I look forward to it in my day, praise God! Giving up soda, and cupcakes, and cheeseburgers, and donuts…not. so. easy. My #freshfocus is to continue learning how to turn to God to be filled up…even when it feels really uncomfortable. Painful almost.

  83. Lisa McDonald says:

    So everytime a question is asked about my obedience and what God is asking me to do, I always stumble and think…..I don’t know. I guess I need to think back to how I was before this study started and compare it to all of the changes I’ve made thus far.

    I now spend an hour and a half alone with God every morning. It’s amazing how I get up so easily every morning because it’s something that means so much to me . I’ve never been a morning person but I’ve become so disciplined now thanks to this study.

    I also study my bible all throughout the day at every opportunity. I’m reading it cover to cover for the first time. I’ve got the time all set aside on my calendar.

    I’m also spending at least an hour and a half before bed each night in quiet time, reading and worshipping.

    I’ve given up TV, shopping, and anything that does not involve my Lord and Savior. I have fallen in love with him and can’t spend enough time learning more about him. I find myself talking to him constantly and I can’t wait to see what plans he has for my life. I have yet to figure out my purpose but I’m staying focused so I don’t miss anything.

    My attitude has changed dramatically. I’m a much happier person, letting go of all past grudges and impressions, and treating everyone with love as I know I’m supposed to.

    I’ve signed up to volunteer more at church and will start Financial Peace University next week. I can’t wait to learn how to have financial freedom and tithe and save all at the same time.

    I apologize for this being long. As I still don’t feel like I know God’s purpose for me or what he’s calling me to do yet, I guess the changes I’m making are a good start. I sure have noticed how some things just aren’t important to me anymore. My house doesn’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to spend as much money entertaining or trying to impress. I’ve always wanted my house to be perfect, and my dinner parties to be perfect with the right decorations and everything had to match. It’s no longer important to me. Just spending time with people is what matters.

    I believe I am now God-focused! And I couldn’t be more content. Thank God I found this study. God bless you all.

  84. Verna Miller says:

    I am so humbly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this Bible study. My family has been through so many trials in the past year…..the Lord is truly teaching me to just accept all those situations because I can’t change them. I am still learning that circumstances do not have to dictate my happiness….the joy of the Lord is my strength! Praying for all you Bible study sisters along with myself that we can stay strong!
    Blessings to all of you today.

  85. Melissa V. Boykin says:

    I believe God is wanting to use my experiences over the last year and I am still seeking the how part. My experience is not something I have shared outwardly as I’ve been dealing with it but through this bible study I realize what happened was a result of my disobedience. God had been asking me to let go of my son and I chose to keep custody. In August 2012, due to safety concerns for myself and our 1 year old daughter, my son who was 6 at the time had to go live with his dad. A situation happened and within 2 hours he was gone. A week later, I found out I was pregnant and the following week I miscarried. Then over the next 3 months, I had to decide to let go of my 3 dogs. My dogs were my life before children and they were all in their teen years. God has worked on my heart and stirred a compassion within me that I did not have before. I was blessed with the birth of a son, Marcus, this past June. Although I miss my oldest son terribly, I’m thankful God has been teaching me and I know, one day, God will reveal my purpose from this experience.

  86. Is your pride keeping you from obedience? YES! Fear of failing and of rejection hold me back from be obedient to what I sense God asking me to do. One of the experiences in my life that I believe God wants to use is the abandonment of my father. That is so hard for a girl – we all have dreams of being Daddy’s little princess. But having that happen in my life has given me a wonderful sense of God as my one true Father, my Daddy. I am His little princess. I have climbed onto His lap many times and cried on His shoulder. I believe God wants me to use this experience at some point to speak to women, perhaps young people. But fear (okay, really pride) holds me back.

  87. Thank you for this beautiful message this morning, Nicki. I am pondering these questions and their answers today. Thank you for challenging me again and again.

    And I am so excited about the response to Dove’s Nest!! I love seeing how God is using this community to reach out and touch others. What a difference we can make together! Thank you, Melissa and Nicki, for your obedience and faithfulness here! Love y’all!!

  88. Nicki the question on my one experience that God has asked me to use. For years I wanted to bless women so they could bless their families. I did that a very long time at church but had a hard time speaking. I don’t now because I went back to college and had to do it. But God has used all my experiences of taking women to Beth Moore conferences over the years – doing her studies at church and ultimately placed me here. This is where I want to be. This is where I want to continue to grow. This is where I want to be to love on women all over the world. I want moms and wives to see what I have seen through these precious studies. Been here for over a year now and WOW! You ladies bless my heart and I thank God each day as I go into my prayer time for each of you. Many, many thanks and hugs for all you do each day Melissa, Nicki and staff.

  89. I struggle with pride – daily. ugh! I need a constant reminder on my phone saying, “this is God’s work, give Him the glory!” Maybe a pop up every hour will help 🙂

  90. Jean Brown says:

    Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    Yes, oh yes. God has spoken to me clearly – and once & for all said I need to TRUST HIM completely. For me, this has meant stepping outside of my comfort zone for the past 2 weeks – way, way outside of it & acting when I am prompted to, regardless of my fears. My number one fear for the past umpteen years has been doing something on my own. If I couldn’t find or beg someone to do something with me, I passed up on the opportunity & experience. And I just cannot do that anymore God has said. I need to focus my vision on Him and follow His calling in all that He asks me to do! So I have done this a lot! And I’m scared but I have a peaceful presence & comfort because I know I’m not alone – Jesus is by my side & is with me every step of the way! I’m going to Women of Faith tonight & tomorrow BY MYSELF (oh my!) My plans kept falling through – people were backing out & I had just said, “Oh well … I won’t go.” But God seems to think I need to be there, so I bought 1 ticket last minute & I am off on a new adventure later today! I have also joined a mini-church at my church, which allows us to gather in small groups once a week to talk about our faith walks more intimately. Scared again – but trusting God’s direction. And the list goes on & on. I have been so hurt in so many ways by life stuff, and I need to trust that God is my God despite all of the hurt, and can be trusted … And obedience is no longer an option – it’s required – to further my walk with Jesus. Thank you Melissa Taylor & Nicki Koziarz & Lysa TerKeurst for helping me with this journey – from God’s heart to all of you … & then to me! ❤

  91. Over the past few months, God has put the burden on my heart to foster a child. My husband has recently received the same burden. It seems way bigger than us, because we have a 2 and 3 year old and this is something we know so little about. We have not hesitated in being obedient because we know God is walking next to us. We have finished the paperwork process and are waiting for our training date. It feels so good to be obedient:-)

  92. Praise the LORD! Stand back World and watch what a bunch of fired up YES to God girls can DO!!!! $10,000 is an amazing gift that will help get so many lives back on track. Oh, for the impact this WILL INDEED have on generations! Thank you God, for spurring our hearts toward this opportunity!

    This quote, ” obedience isn’t an option; it’s a requirement.”. YES to this! I read the rest of the post and instantly smushed all three of those (fantastic!) points together into one thought: In order to keep my #FreshVision, I need to be humble about the shape of my calling so that others will desire to be obedient.

    Thank you GOD for what you are doing and what you will do with this desire in my heart. Please bless the dreams that have been birthed here, nurtured here, and lived out here. I pray that we all continually sit at your feet, awaiting your vision for our lives. And then, God? Make our hearts willing to be obedient immediately, every. single. time. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!

  93. Wow! This study has allowed God to speak to me in some amazing ways. In the first week of this study, the Lord reminded me that my body is His temple and I need to take care of it and honor Him with it. My first step in fulfilling this is by eating better and exercising so I have been doing just that. I started jogging 5 days a week in the morning as the sun comes up and I am using an app on my ipod to keep track of the food I’m eating and calorie intake. It has been a wonderful experience! Last week I spoke to my best friend about what I am doing and she had a ‘say what’ moment. We have both registered to run a 5K next month so I have a goal to reach. This will be my first 5K ever and I am so excited!! As a bonus, my own mother, who is not healthy has also joined in and is exercising and eating better. When I am jogging and get tired I envision God jogging on one side of me and my husband on the other and it always gets me through. Listening to praise and worship music while jogging is a great booster too. God is good! I am so thankful for this study. Without it I know I would not be where I am today. Radical obedience. God can use anyone he chooses as long as their focus is on Him.

    • Linda Paver says:

      Thanks for sharing, Christie. I, too, have had the same call to obedience but in a different way. I like what you said about being tired and envisioning God on one side and your husband on the other, As I start an exercise program @ our local hospital’s health center next week, with God’s help I will put this into practice. Since I’m single, it will be God on one side and my daughter on the other. Looking forward to both of us being blessed by our radical obedience to God!

  94. I have always had a problem with patience in most areas of my life, but the one God is really speaking to me about is patience with mistakes. The mistakes of others and those I make myself. My pride shows up when others make mistakes and I feel I am better than them. Then I make a mistake and berate myself for days. These mistakes can be as small as a forgotten phone message. God is convicting me of the imperfections of our worldly selves and my great need for his grace, mercy and forgiveness. He is telling me that to say ‘Yes’ to Him means allowing those imperfections in myself and others to be cause for praising Him and His strength in our weakness. I have learned so much about myself during this bible study. It has truly changed my focus and vision.

  95. What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?

    An experience that happened over two years ago. That it doesn’t matter what has happened in the past that he forgives and if it ever comes up again that God has allowed it for some reason for his glory. There is NO condemnation through Jesus Christ and I want to share with women who feel like they are worthless nothings that JESUS SAVES and when thoughts spring up like “I don’t want to live” or “I don’t deserve to be happy “those lies are from SATAN and with Jesus there is hope and a future.

    I am not sure who I would share it with but some many men and women are so ashamed of their past but when your heart is centered on Jesus and he remembers our sins no more we are free. I cannot forgive myself but remembering that Jesus wipes the slate clean and Satan uses the guilt to hurt us but saying in our hearts its not truth but lies it goes away.

    Praise Jesus and I will be praying for all the OBS ladies.

  96. Pride – I’m not a prideful person, or so I thought, but God has used this study to touch areas of pride that I never knew existed. He has placed me in two jobs when I lost the security of a job I held for years and showed me what it’s like to work long hours and days on end working both jobs. Now placing me at a job I come to find as a means of ministry. It’s a heartbeat for me that I never would have found without the struggle, heartache, and frustration of job loss. I am now quitting one of the jobs and am blessed with the ministry job full time and a possible promotion in it where I will use skills I have but haven’t used in years. No words to express how much God has touched me through His grace, mercy, and love. My prayer is that I never lose my drive for the ministry. I know that the people in both jobs I have been working and my previous one have watched and seen God’s work in me. Lord, please let my light shine in a way that pleases you and you alone. May somebody take a step out of themself and trust you as I have set and example to them. I am #amazed again and again, continuing to keep my @PalmsUp, as I #sayyestoGod and use my #FreshVision to follow God into this new area of my life. Praise God!!!!

  97. My radical step of obedience is finally moving to Colorado to live close to my daughters and their families. I’m getting my house ready now to put up for sale! I believe that God has wanted this for my life for awhile and I just kept finding reasons not to go. I want to challenge my daughters to start a Griefshare group with me, for teens who have experienced the loss of someone close to them. ive made some huge changes in my life since starting this online bbs. My bf even said that he’s noticed a big difference in my attitude and demeanor lately. God is working inside of me and its exciting and refreshing to be obedient to him!

  98. Gloria Jean says:

    That video was #Amazing! I am writing with tears running down my face. Wednesday I plan to help with the middle school girls at our church. Lately, when I have seen them I have to smile. When I read in the bulletin of a need for a few women to help I really felt a desire. Through this study I had the courage to #SayYes to God and offer. This is a stretch for me because I am really tired by evening. But I’m excited to be a part of God working in their young lives. Many people had a part in shaping me and I’ll be thrilled if I get to do the same.

  99. Is your pride keeping your from obedience? I know it was. I have been sharing throughout this study about a conflict I have with my co-supervisor. She has a much stronger personality than I do, and years ago she was my supervisor. I believe she is threatened by me, because of the knowledge and experience that I bring to the position. She has done many things to me this past year to make me feel less than. I have let pride stand in my way. Bottom line, I have been really trying to lower my pride and work with her as well as I can given the circumstances. I realize that the Lord has given me strength of character to overcome her hostile attitude towards me. I am able to go to work each day knowing if she can say or do something to make me look bad, she will. She needs to look good to our staff at my expense, and God has given me the tools to withstand her behavior. If I had not allowed the Lord to lead me in this area of my life, I would be acting out of the flesh, and setting a really poor example to my staff. I have felt myself grow inside through this experience. When the enemy wants you act in a certain way so you can feel validated, you must put on the armor of the Lord. I saw a small breakthrough yesterday. I do not want to get my hopes up as I have before, so she can crush them with a hurtful action, I will just continue to behave the way the Lord wants me to, and hope that the outcome is favorable. Pam

  100. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking me to take?
    Since attending the She Speaks Conference, I have been feeling God’s call to help begin a Women’s Ministry in my home church. When I returned from Charlotte, I started praying to hear God’s clear call. I have been praying daily and doing the What Happens When Women Say Yes to God bible study. I keep hearing God calling me to read Romans 12. It has been placed on my heart over and over – by friends, in sermons at church and by complete strangers. I know this would mean crazy RADICAL obedience, so I have really been fighting God about this. I keep hearing Lysa TerKeurst say how important it was that she share her experiences with other women, so they don’t have the challenges that she did. Pray for me to hear God clearly and to not turn my back on His call!

    • Melanie F. says:

      Anne – based on the posts I have been reading on your blog – this decision is a no brainer – you are brilliant! Thanks so much for your calling!

  101. Sarah Travis says:

    My pride has been greatly challenged in the past few weeks as I felt the Lord lead me to leave my job and as He leads my husband and I to leave both of our jobs and move. Since moving to the US last year, a lot of my sense of ‘belonging’ to the country and feeling settled was to find a successful job and ‘fit-in’. I felt pride take over when I landed such a great job as my first US employment and that was really my focus – not what the job was, or what the Lord wanted me to do. He has been gracious to me and used me to witness to a couple of people, but it was clear that the time had come to leave and #SayYesToGod and not what society views as belonging. He has broken me thru this job and shown me the importance of belonging to HIM, not a country. So that’s the fresh start…now to move on to a fresh passion and focus!!

  102. Well, my radical step of obedience has to do with my weight problem. My dear friend Christy encouraged me to do this Bible study with her, and I am so thankful God put this woman in my life to encourage me to have a better relationship with Jesus. Not only am I doing this Bible study, but I am also doing Made to Crave again. I have never felt so close to Jesus in my life and I truly want to get as close to Him as I possibly can. I’ve been running to praise music and picturing Jesus cheering me on as He did with Lysa. I have been reading Christian fiction, and trying to listen to more and more praise music. I’m trying to clean my mind and live for Him. I have lost some weight over the last month, but I’m trying not to obsess about the number and focus on my relationship with Him instead. Please pray for me on my weight loss journey. After I reach my goal of losing 150 lbs and maintaining for a while, I want to be a witness to others and hopefully lead a Bible study at my church or online….in some way possible. I want to be a success story for Jesus.

    • Linda Paver says:

      I’m with you, Patsy. My ultimate goal is 80 lbs, but I’m starting with 40! Like you, I’m trying not to obsess about the numbers like I have in the past but instead focus on my relationship with God. It won’t be easy, but with God’s help we will keep our #FreshVision. I’m looking forward to the study “Made to Crave” and have already purchased the book and devotional. Blessings

  103. Melanie F. says:

    Please read my blog post from yesterday – I believe in it I answered question 2 above – thanks have a blessed day everyone!

  104. Gloria Jean says:

    Debbie, I just saw your post. God bless you as you do this. My sister-in-law suddenly passes away a year ago leaving a husband and three daughters–two still at home. My brother benefited so much from Grief Share, but the girls did not go. I trust God will use you to help many young people who really do not understand why they feel the way they do.

  105. I want/need to answer the question of how my pride is keeping me from obedience-radical obedience? All my life I’ve allowed myself to let “what other people think” dictate my thoughts, moves, desires, etc. And at the age of 67 I am TOTALLY ASHAMED AND DISAPPOINTED IN HOW THIS HANG UP has caused me to miss out on a ton of blessiings.(that’s not to say that God has not blessed me through the years because without a doubt He has blessed me in numerous ways inspite of myself). But when I think about all that I’ve missed in my relationship with Jesus and knowing that it’s been because of this “hang up” I am MORE THAN ASHAMED OF ME!!! So……………. I have asked God to please help me overcome this “thing” and inspite of the fact that I’m not where I need to be in this area, I realize that by His Grace I have grown somewhat “away from this syndrome.” HOWEVER I need to add that because of this OBS on saying “Yes” to God, I know now that I will allow Him to remove this “thorn” from my spirit and in doing so take me to “great, great heights” in Jesus!!! And nothing would please me more because not only do I want to receive all that He has for me but just as importantly, I want to BLESS OTHERS with the Gift of Jesus in their lives in whatever way I allow Him to lead me!!!

  106. Donna Mundy says:

    God is asking me to keep hands off my oldest so he can help her….hard to do cause “I have all the answers to make her life perfect” Yea right….been 41 years today and I still have not “fixed” her. God has been nudging me to just love her…and let he and she figure out the rest….
    I am enjoying this study…but sadly do not always get a chance to listen to the live messages…but when I do your true love for God shines through…thank you for doing this and God Bless you

  107. My experience that God is having me use – is the fact that I am divorced. Again. You know, I was ashamed to admit it and face the world again – but God has healed my shame. I went through a DivoreCare program at our church and now I am part of the leader team that is leading the new DivorceCare program. So I can use my experiences to help others. It is so rewarding when you see someone who goes through the program, learns how much God loves and values them and gets their life on track with the Lord. Leaning on Him for His peace and love – nothing better in this world! I thank the Lord for His faithfulness and love. Thank you for all you ladies that share your experiences, and may God continue to guide and bless you.

  108. I have known for years that the Holy Spirit was leading me to prison ministry. I was blown away at my first Kairos team building meeting when I found out I was responsible for 50 DOZEN cookies! God knew if I knew all the particulars ahead of time I would come up with an excuse of why it wasn’t a good time etc… I’m too busy with my sons Senior year with marching band and panning his Eagle scout Court of Honor ceremony in Oct plus my part time job….. That next day at Sunday School my sweet brothers and sisters in Christ signed up to make those cookies! I didn’t want to ask for help (PRIDE) but God knew He had all the details figured out and I was to be OBEDIENT! Praise God for the body of Christ and not one of us have all the gifts but we can come together and be His hands and His feet. I have wondered why me for prison ministry? I don’t know anyone in prison etc… I was widowed at a young age, remarried and dealt with infertility and adopted our son from Russia. Why not something matching my experiences? But then again…. Why not me? As I’ve learned in this study He can use our experience to mold us and prepare us for the ministry He has in store. I am stepping out in obedience but I desire a heart and a joy for this ministry that He can provide. The study was perfect timing for me and I am thankful for Lysa and Melissa and Nicki. God is good and He is faithful!

  109. What one experience in your life God is asking you to use.

    On Sunday would be our son’s 20 birthday. Would have been because he died when he was just 9 days old. God has asked me to use this terrible experience to help children in other countries. Our son died even with all our great medical resources we have here in the USA so what must it be like for families in other countries where children can die from a fever. These thoughts have broken my heart for the orphans of the world and God has called me to do what I can to make a difference in thier lives. We have done this work for a while but I was really struggling with this lately. Praise be to God thay this study has renewed and refreshed my heart for this work. I feel this study has really helped to confirm this in my heart and I praise God for this chance and for these great ladies. I look forward now to see what Gos will do next!

  110. Obedience.
    God is calling me to change the little things in my life. Starting with doing my devotions before my family gets up for the day. Doing this (though it seems like a small step) is going to change not only time I have during my day, but I will be getting to bed earlier and cutting out the things I do before heading to bed – TV watching. Getting rid of the amount of TV I watch during the evening is the next thing God wants me to get rid of.
    I am excited to change the small stuff in my life so God can continue to add in BIG stuff!!!
    God has called my husband and I (and our family) to do church planting around the world (right now we are looking at Burundi and Tanzania, Africa as well as Costa Rica). If I am not ready spiritually for this and not willing to give up some of the comforts of home, I will not be ready to do this great work God has for us! And I want to be ready.
    Hebrews 12

  111. God is calling me to let go of the hurt, resentment, negative self-talk and all the yuck I have been clinging to since my husband told me he didn’t love me and asked me for a divorce about 10 years ago. I refused the divorce, he decided to stay and we have been working on reconnecting and staying connected ever since. He is really a good man and has worked so hard to show me he loves me but I keep doubting that it will last. The enemy has done a bang-up job of making me distrustful and feel undeserving of that love when I really have no reason. This has truly been paralyzing in my life. I am saying NO MORE to the enemy and YES TO GOD!

  112. God is asking me to do many small steps that I have trouble doing because of pride. My biggest issue is pride. The biggest doubt is “what if I look silly?” I spend so much time wondering what people will think about me that the opportunity to act is lost. I’d like to think it’s lack of confidence, but I know it’s just too much ego. Sorry, God!

  113. Have to respond to the challenge of “radical obedience”. During the past year, my friend and I have presented 4 of the Proverbs 31 Bible studies at our church and have seen lives changed! And a small group of us have done 3 on the Online Studies; more lives changed!
    Just as I toyed with the idea of “retirement” you gals gave us “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” and we are loving it and hate to see it end. No retirement yet; God is telling me to offer it to our church women this fall and we will begin the 6 week DVD series in a couple of weeks!
    Now for the blessings: in addition to seeing lives change, He has made it possible for my friend and I to attend the Women of Faith Anaheim event and hear Lysa in person next week! So excited…
    We absolutely love the studies Proverbs 31 provides and I would challenge anyone who hesitates to lead a study to use one of these to teach and encourage women in their quest to be “yes” girls.
    God bless this ministry.

  114. Pride has been trying to keep me from the right attitude I need for myself and for my husband as we face separation from the Army, going into civilian life and moving back into a house I do not like. The 7th whole house move in 10 years to start over again with with new community, new church trying to find new connections and our ‘niche’. Which to this point has happened smoothly at the last 3 areas we’ve lived in. Yet, I believe God has been and is preparing us for new things. This new chapter of life and I do not want my wrong attitude about this house to get in the way. Father I submit to you, I resist my pride and the devil. Give me your Fresh Vision for this time.

  115. How is your pride keeping you from obedience?
    Pride as in I do not want to fail at what I feel God is calling me to do. Which stems from a “BIG FAIL” about 5 years ago.

    Anyway, I have had a dream to do a Prayer/Bible study in my home for about 4 years…That dream is being lived out this year! I love it! I am not going to let the fear of failing hold me back. I am not usually a prayer in front of people…but I am pressing through that. Currently there are 5 ladies that meet in my home each week for Moms in Prayer. Next week another lady will be joining us. I am so thankful to God for this time!!!
    Also, I will be signing up to be an Awana Leader this year…something that I have put off because of fear of failure…not anymore…I love kids, I love Jesus. So excited for this OBS and the strength that I draw from it.
    One more thing, I am finally going to put more effort into my little side bookkeeping service and make it more official. Praise God for his guidance, for strength, and His never ending love and patience.

  116. Wow, so #AMAZED at what God is doing for Dove’s Nest and I even saw my package mixed in with all the others, that was a blessing.

    Focus question: Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    The first thing that God asked me to do was to quit my job, due to health issues, so I have been unemployed for over a year and am a single mom, but God has continually provided for me and my son in many ways, although I still have many times when I worry and fret about my finances, but feel that if He called me to this that somehow, someway, He will provide for our needs.

    Now God is asking me to sell my house..#SAYWHAT!!

    I was praying about this really hard, seeking his guidance and then I read chapter 3 in our book and got confirmation of what He was asking me to do. This house has been in our family for several years, so it has a lot of sentimental value as well as memories for me, so this does not come easily, but neither does trusting God at times. It is a choice we make if we want to be radically obedient to Him.

    I am choosing to have a #FRESHFOCUS on God and all that He has for me. Although I may be losing material things, nothing can compare to being obedient to His calling. I don’t know what my future holds, but I know that He has plans to prosper me not harm me and plans for hope and a future, and that is a promise that I am holding on tight to!!

  117. Donna Munday. I too have a similar experience with my daughter and would encourage you to ” let go and let God”. After much wrestling with God a few years ago He convinced me I was keeping Him from working in her life as he desired because I wouldn’t turn loose. You see somewhere derp inside i was afraid of what God might do if i turned her completly over to Him, no strings attached. On my face on the floor He brought to mind Matthew 7:9-11. ” Or which one of you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone?) 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a serpent? 11 If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him”! I was finally able to turn loose and allow Him to work freely in her life. A few years ago I was able to share this with her. It brought tears to both our eyes.

  118. Wow, I am so changed. I have two experiences in my life that I feel God is calling me to use. I come from a long line of abuses, my father sexually abused me, my mother was physically and emotionally abusive, my husband is a recovering addict who was emotionally, physically, and mentally abusive, I have never felt like I was enough. But because, of this study I feel empowered to make sense of such a rough experience and use it for his glory, I feel like I am being called to be a Christian counselor. But, I am the homeschool mother of four children, and I feel I need to start with selling allergy free foods, at my local farmers markets. While starting classes online. My family has severe food allergies, and God has given me a great gift in the kitchen(or so I’m told) as well as a gift to speak! I am waiting to make sure this is his voice before I begin my journey:)

  119. I have to go with obedience in the area of pride! As I read this weeks chapter Pride was the one thing that seemed to pop out at me. I started praying and asking God to show me where I was prideful. Before I got done praying I was telling God “I have nothing to be proud about” and you know how you go through all the things with God that your NOT prideful about and as I am doing that HE says to me “oh but you young lady are so PROUD of being an independant woman” Which I know some independance is good but I am the type of independant that WON’T ask for help in any situation from people! I will from God but when He places people in my life to help me I WON’T ask for it. It’s like I’m totally blowing off God’s answer to my prayer!
    Later in the week God also showed me how proud I am to be a STRONG woman who will stand up against anything and anyone so that I won’t get hurt. I don’t like being week because that opens doors for people to do bad things and I have already had enough of that in my life! The thing is in my quiet time with God when I give my all to Him and sit to listen for Him to speak to me it’s always the same verse that comes to mind~ Proverbs 3:5-6 TRUST in the Lord with ALL your heart, Lean NOT onto your own UNDERSTANDING, but aknowledge HIM in ALL your ways and HE will direct your path!!
    I am ok with trusting Him in some areas and I so freely give them to Him but reciently He has been saying to me “Give it ALL to me not just bits and peices of it! Not just the easy things! But ALL and trust Me to take care of you like I have ALWAYS wanted to!!

  120. How is pride keeping you from obedience?
    I had surrendered my dreams to God earlier in the week, but I keep coming back to not wanting to praise Him because yet again our lives are in pain and turmoil due to my oldest son’s poor decisions. The pride of wanting things my way is getting in the way last night and this morning of praising Him. Then I read a comment by Sherry, who lost her daughter and is taking the courage to praise God in the midst of that loss, and I see my selfish ways all too clearly and God humbles me again.

  121. Amy Kellenburger says:

    Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step? – OH how this study has challenged me and God has been so very close. You said something about a revival and that is just how I have felt. Even shared that with my pastor. God is calling me to PRAY. I was the youth director and last year I felt God was asking me to walk away from it and focus on HIM. I had struggled with it and tried to figure out what I could do as a ministry and God said nothing now – ugh. I kept trying to figure out on my own what ministry I could do… I was so caught up in saying yes to people and yes even to the church. I was following God but not allowing Him to speak to me. The biggest step is for me saying no to others and YES to God. God is calling me to Just Pray. I know big things are coming and He is changing my heart to calm down and come close to HIM. REVIVAL is sweet!!! #FRESH FOCUS #Palms UP PRAYING!! God has already answered prayer just this week!!! WOW!

  122. To be honest, I haven’t found my fresh start, passion or vision. I haven’t had quiet time with God this week and it makes me sad. I am going to find some time this weekend to really meditate on these three questions and hope God speaks to me!

    • Kristi Rassi says:

      Stefanie…I just read your post and honestly my heart fills with compassion for you because I have felt (and still do sometimes) those same SAD feelings of not being close to God and silence from heaven. The saddest part I think is the feeling that I know its “my fault”. I feel like I have let God down or don’t have what I want because I haven’t asked for it or paid the price to get it. I get what you’re feeling. However, I just wonder if you know that God loves you no matter what and doesn’t want you to spend quiet time out of duty or even because you want to GET something from Him. I knew God’s unconditional love in my head for a LONG time but it wasn’t until I let it sink DEEP into my heart that it has changed me. God told me that I didn’t have to do devotions for the rest of my life and He would still love me. Say what?! He told me He just wants me to want to love Him. It starts there and you already have that. You WANT to love Him. Will you love Him even if He doesn’t speak to you? Or at least you don’t feel like He is? This is the hard part. Yet, I think this is where life can really begin. God will fight for you! He loves you with a never-stopping, never-changing, passionate love. I pray you feel and believe that regardless of what you feel! I’m praying or you today. I do pray He speaks to you today and that you don’t have to wait until this weekend.

  123. Kristi Rassi says:

    My journey in obedience recently has been to a nudge I felt from God to begin reaching out to the youth in our church specifically with my purity story. God has been opening my eyes to how the EXPERIENCES I have gone through in my teen years and since with getting married and having children is to be used not only for my own growth but also to encourage/help others. I have always known that but have gotten a tad overwhelmed with the care and raising of my small children that I wasn’t sure HOW that practically looked.

    Well during one Sunday morning God challenged me to step out in faith and share my story with our youth pastor and simply tell him God was putting the youth on my heart but I didn’t know where to start or even what I could offer. God gave me favor with him (who didn’t know me at all) and he invited me to come share my testimony with the youth girls during the upcoming purity series. It took me a few weeks to get the courage to do that because what I had in mind was something more one-on-one, not in front of a couple hundred girls! God challenged me through a verse “do not withhold good from someone if it is in your power to do it.” I nervously said “yes”. God moved in a really special way and even gave me the boldness to speak without many nerves and had a lot of fun with the girls. Many of them responded to my “covenant” challenge where they went home and asked their dad to sign a covenant with them to help them find the righ man and keep pure in the process. Amazing!!!

    That was at the beginning of the year. For the last several months I’ve just been seeking God for “what’s next?” Does He still want me to invest in these girls? If so, how? Where? When? I have just been stopping in every once in awhile to be with the youth but haven’t been sure where to plug in that won’t take me from my family in an unhealthy way.

    Well it seems God is making it possible for my whole family to be involved and even my husband went with me to youth group last week and had a great time. I’m hoping to start a prayer time with whoever wants to pray for their unsaved friends and for God to move in our lives and in their schools, families, our church, etc. I’m still a bit scared but the more I step out and see God’s favor and grace the more I’m excited about it.

  124. I was going to comment on the pride issue but I see many already have. So I will comment on
    #3-Our obedience may inspire OTHERS to respond.
    When I get my eyes off of others seeking their approval or acceptance and focus on being a radically obedient woman, I have found that others follow. I love sharing with ladies the beauty in putting “spiritual blinders” on and stop looking at the world and its ways and keep my focus on Him!
    Obedience is catchy when others see the blessings that follow! Pass it on! 🙂

  125. Radical Obedience!?!?
    What does it mean? I think I am finally getting it! I posted the following to Jessica S earlier. But there is more to this story. I have lost 125# but I need to lose much more to be healthy. My mind tells me that I should honor God with the 29 years He gave me, but I let the temptation take over. I think God is calling me to show radical obedience and stick to my program and lose 50 more pounds!
    I do know how you feel and what is going on in your mind. On my 30th birthday I was diagnosed with cancer. My boys were 5 & 1. The doctors were not sure I would make it. The cancer was rare and treatment options were limited to Radiation Therapy only. A year maybe…Well I just passed my 29th year of survival. The weird part of all of this is that I had given up on God many years before. But when I got sick I started to pray a little (I had not accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior), my family prayed a lot. Three years ago I received a post card in the mail announcing the starting of a new church. I went and I have never looked back! I will keep you in my prayers.

  126. Focus question: What one experience in your life God is asking you to use? It’s exciting, as I sense the Lord is asking me to use more of my women’s ministry experience to build into equipping leaders. Neat opportunities on the horizon! =) And humbling to see that when God shuts a door, He truly does open a window. We just need to pray for courage to head faithfully in that direction! =)

  127. The other day I felt led to spend the next 365 days encouraging various women I know in hopes of reminding them how others see their gifts as opposed to the sometimes neg things we tend to remember or hear louder sometimes. It’s been a blessing for us all. Also decided to start a university program in International development (work I did 10 years ago, pre-family) despite feeling really ‘out of the game’. Excited about future possibilities

    • I so love this one! God laid it on my heart as well to just start really encouraging the women around me–I got a dose of encouragement from someone else and it made me realize hmm that doesnt happen often–that stinks! Cause it felt good and made my day! I will join you in this challenge!

  128. For years I have prayed and hoped to find a job out of state however the emphasis of radical obedience allowed for a “light bulb” moment. While it’s still the desire in my heart, I need to let God decide where and when He needs me to be. How awesome that one Bible study can change a person’s spiritual direction and inspiration! Proverbs 31 Bible Studies truly rock and have made such a positive difference in my life.

  129. Judy Huffman says:

    God has used many of my life experiences to equip me for ministry. Until you have experienced something, you cannot really relate to others who are going through difficulties in life. The loss of my Dad 19 years ago gave me a heart for the grieving and prompted me to start ministering to the grieving through sending out grief booklets during the first year after the death of a loved one. He also used difficulties in our marriage to prepare us to teach a marriage class (Boundaries in Marriage) to newlyweds or others who need some help in having a better marriage. We will teach the class for our second time in January. We have an added challenge this time, however, that I am praying The Lord will handle. My husband has Parkinson’s and had deep brain stimulation surgery about 3 years ago to help control his tremors (and it has worked wonderfully!). We believe the stimulator that was implanted may be affecting his speech as he now has somewhat of a stutter at times. We are praying that others will understand when he gets hung up on a getting started with a thought. Right now we can also not find any of my husband’s notes that he used previously. I am praying that we will find them. If we don’t, if may be that The Lord has other thoughts He wants him to share. Would appreciate prayers as we prepare for this ministry opportunity.

  130. I know that there is something BIG coming, God is going to be calling me to do something. I just don’t know what it is and how he is going to use me yet. I believe he has been preparing me through this study and through my struggles these past few months for something to come. Because of this study, I am READY TO SAY YES to Him when He calls!!

  131. Linda Paver says:

    Focus question: Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step? He’s asking me to live a healthier lifestyle to glorify Him and be the woman He wants me to be. I’ve already taken the first few steps which include: praying for discernment, admitting I have an addiction to food, using the word “obsese” instead of “being overweight” to describe myself, taking small steps to healthier eating, discussion with my doctor as I continue to dig a deeper unhealthy hole and need to climb out, asking my doctor to write a prescription for exercising @ the local hospital’s health center and making an assessment appointment for this coming Monday. My final motivator yesterday was when my blood pressure was 122/70, the lowest it’s been in a VERY long time! PRAISE GOD!!! I’M ON MY WAY TO BEING FREE of this bondage. I’ve tried diet and exercise before, but this is the 1st time I’ve had a #FreshVision, #Fresh Passion, and #Fresh Focus for healthier living. That’s why I know it’s God calling me to be radically obedient. Will it be easy? I’m a fool if I answer yes!!! I know Satan will do everything in his power to lead me back to old habits, but I’m holding onto God’s promises in Jeremiah 29:11-13 and Philippians 4:13:-) Thanks for letting me ramble on and on, but my heart is so overwhelming with God’s new #FreshVision for me:-) Love this Bible study, love being with all of you “YesGirls! Have a blessed Friday and a blessed weekend!!

  132. Melissa Wandler says:

    First of all WOW the results for gifts for Dove’s Nest are AMAZING! God is good all the time!
    I think the question that I am struggling the most with right now is what experience from my past is God using to shape my calling! For whatever reason, whenever I look back at my past I don’t see anything worth God using. I am not usually a person who lacks confidence. In most cases, I am the person whose pride is in the way. So I am baffled by this feeling of not having anything worthy enough for God to use. I know in my head that it is ridiculous because throuugh Jesus Christ I am so worthy! I just don’t think that has made it to my heart yet because I don’t see the big plans yet.

  133. Ok Yes Girls, here goes…
    I know we were only supposed to pick one statement, but actually all 3 are pretty important with respect to what I’m going to share. 1. I felt I was being called into a particular ministry and was excited to get it started at my church. I was fired up passionate to get it started, and I had my pastor’s approval, but we just couldn’t make our schedules work to get it started. I’m sharing this ministry with my dear friend who belongs to another church who is in the same situation as I am, and she kind of took the ball and ran with it. My pride made me feel like she was “stealing” MY ministry. Yep, there, I said it! This ministry that I was so passionate about and I felt like God called ME specifically to do this, and here she was getting it started at HER church. Yeah, I know, pretty childish, huh? So, after I thought and prayed about how I felt, I said, “OK God, I’m letting go and maybe you’re telling me I’m not ready to lead this.” So I was going to just sit back and let God direct me and teach me while I attempted this ministry with her at her church.
    2. God is using my divorce 10 years ago to start/lead a DivorceCare ministry with my friend. As it turns out, circumstances have made it necessary to change the venue back to my church. I’m feeling that because of my obedience in accepting that it really wasn’t MY ministry but God’s, that He’s allowed it to come back to where my church home is. This was such a powerful gift on God’s part, because I feel that it was a test of my obedience. Part of my being ready to lead this ministry with my friend was my willingness to see that it wasn’t all about ME.
    3. This ministry is a radical step of obedience, because I’m sure it will stir up some painful memories, but God wants me to use this to help someone else. I’m stepping out in faith knowing that this is God directing me and my friend to do this.
    So my dear sisters, here is a perfect example of “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God!” Please pray for us as we begin this ministry of service to help others begin to heal.

    God bless you all!

  134. My first written comment on the study blog. Thank you Nicki for the challenge. You call us to be REAL as we share & even with a feeling of embarrassment and doubt, here I go. I’m 47 and got married last year for the first time. Years of addiction & fear kept me from having an intimate relationship with anyone, let alone get married. In 2003 I got sober, in 2004 I had a son out of wedlock & raised him on my own (with sobriety sisters support) until last year. MY DREAM CAME TRUE… I, yes me, finally got married. NOW, I’m struggling. What happen to the dream (fantasy)? This isn’t how it was supposed to be??? I am full of PRIDE in my marriage… displayed through criticism, control, moodiness. I gave my life completely to Christ about 3 years ago and now He is calling me to healing, to be the wife he designed me to be as a result of all of my EXPERIENCES, to say YES and lay down my life for my husband, my step kids (13, 18, 20) and my son. My heart longs to say YES, my reality (whether only in my thoughts or coming out in action) is struggle, disappointment, frustration, condemnation. The intensity even greater since starting this bible study (my first ever by the way). ugh ugh ugh. I know I am in process, but process is painful. Will it ever come naturally? Get easier to love my husband? Be more level headed with my sweet 9 year old boy who makes me nutso? Only when I say YES TO GOD over and over and over again… right? Thank you ladies, all of you. Thank you Nicki again for the challenge to be honest and open and real. May God continue to do his work through Christ in all of us! AMEN

  135. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    For me, God is asking to to define who I am in the flesh and who I am in Him. They are two very different people. Then, when the two are clearly defined, I am to die to who I am in the flesh. If a choice I am about to make is from the “flesh” me, I say, “That’s not Me!” and I don’t do it! (I always love how when we are referencing ourselves united in Christ, our we becomes a We and our me becomes a Me.) I am excited and scared for this. When you deny your flesh, it is painful, but I know that greatness lies on the other side of the struggle I embrace as I learn to die to self fully and completely.

  136. One experience in my life God is asking me to use is me looking for afirmation from men/people. As a young girl growing up I always felt the need that I wanted to be loved by a boy not that I didn’t feel as though my parents didn’t love b/c I felt they honestly did and were and still are great parents but I just had this longing for something more and I turned that longing towards boys and I begin to become sexually active at a very young age , I wanted to feel loved and secure and when those so called relationships failed I continued moved on to the next guy until I found myself in a very bad marriage that I still did not find or get what I was looking for . All the long what I was looking for was right in front of me it was Jesus , you see I was raised or brought up going to church , going to bible study , being involved with the youth at my church , but to blind to see that God was the way until a whole lot of mistakes, disappointments, hurts, and setbacks had occurred. I had reached a point were I was tired and had exhausted all I knew to do and i begin to turn to Jesus and he is slowly but surely restoring my life and putting things backs in to order that I messed up and using me in special ways and doing some wonderful things through me that I am not worthy of. So I want to encourage someone today that God is able to do the impossible and he is a fixer of everything broken.

  137. Focus Question 2: What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?
    I wrote about a recent experience in my blog post yesterday. I had an amazing, refreshing, eye-opening experience last Sunday that transformed me. I was finally able (after 2 years of prayer) to see God’s plan for me. Here is what I wrote in my blog:

    Sunday evening my husband, my daughter and I left our house a little early to go to our church’s evening service. We stopped at McDonald’s to get a small dinner. While waiting to order in the drive thru we discussed what we should get our 2 year old daughter. We always get her a chicken nugget Happy Meal, but this time I was only going to get her french fries because she never eats the nuggets anyway. I changed my mind at the last minute and ordered the chicken nugget Happy Meal with a sweat tea.

    Of course, just as I suspected, she didn’t eat the chicken nuggets, or drink the sweet tea.

    About 10 minutes into our drive, we saw an older black gentleman riding a bicycle along the side of the road. He was dirty and thin. His bicycle had a basket attached to the back that held a few pieces of clothing and a fishing pole. As soon as I saw him I could tell he was homeless. I said to my husband, “Now that is a homeless man I’d want to help.” (Our area is notorious for pan-handlers that pretend to be homeless) Before I could get the words out of my mouth I felt God’s impression on my heart. God was telling me to give the old man the chicken nuggets. I had also been carrying around a $5 bill for weeks. I never have cash on me, and the fact that I carried it around for weeks is a miracle in itself. Without even thinking about the cash I reached into my purse and grabbed it. I asked my husband to stop the car. I rolled the window down and got the man’s attention. I handed him the chicken nuggets with the $5 bill on top. He smiled at me thanked me several times and wasted no time digging into the child size box of chicken nuggets.

    We started to drive off when I remembered the sweet tea my daughter didn’t drink. I jumped out of the car and ran to the man with the sweet tea in hand. I cannot fully express the feeling that came over me when I gave him the tea and he smiled at me.

    I saw Jesus in this man’s smile. I caught a tiny glimpse of eternity and a tiny glimpse of the emotion Jesus feels for each one of us. At that moment, when the old man smiled, I felt great joy, overwhelming compassion, and painful heartache. I wanted more than ANYTHING to give this man EVERYTHING.

    Just as Simon Peter did not realize that his small act of obedience would lead him to be a fisher of men and an eyewitness to the gospel of Jesus Christ, I did not realize that my small act of obeying God’s voice would give me a clear vision of what God has called me to do.

    My small act of obedience allowed me to be used by God for this man’s provision. My small act of obedience allowed me to see Jesus and experience a tiny glimpse of eternity. My small act of obedience changed my life.

    I will never forget that old man’s face. I will never forget the emotion that came over me.

    This old homeless man touched my life more than I touched his that day.

    God gave me the confirmation that I was seeking. He showed me a small sliver of my purpose and the path He laid out for me. As I continue to obey Him, He will continue to reveal his plans for me one sliver at a time.

  138. I am so blown away with this Bible Study and saying Yes to God! I have shared the Daily Devotionals with my friends and a few of them have signed up to receive them for themselves! I have bought my daughter the book “What Happens When Young Women Say Yes to God”. I am still learning how to recognize what God wants from me and how to use it. I don’t know what he would want me to use from my past as a story to help others and I don’t know what my calling is. I will keep up my daily time with God because it has changed me and blessed me so much in the past weeks. Thank you ladies for all you do at Proverbs31.

  139. What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?
    In 2009, we walked through an unexpected pregnancy with our 19 year old daughter. There was so much during that time, I can’t write it all here. God used that time to do a work in me to prepare me for His calling.
    While I have used some of that story during my time at the center. There was a portion of it I held back…it was just to hard. We ended up leaving our church in order for our family to get the healing we needed. So much was said and not said, before we made the decision to leave the church.
    Yesterday, I was asked if I would share this portion of our story with Pastors in our new community. So, they can learn and be better equipped to serve those in situations like we walked through. I said Yes…but have been contemplating it every since. I want the story to honor God! And in no way, show unforgiveness or criticism.

  140. God has been calling me to share my experiences of getting out of my abusive marriage and getting divorced. He was with me in powerful and REAL ways through the whole process…comforting me, giving me supernatural peace, speaking to me in ways I’ve never experienced before. I feel a call to write a book and to blog. I don’t know about the speaking…that terrifies me. But if he’s calling me to that, I’ll be obedient. I want to challenge “The Church” in how we don’t address abuse and divorce in the church…and by abdicating our responsibility to the people attending church we are totally unprepared to help the people outside the church. As a single mom, I see a great need for the church to help the single moms in church…and reach out to the unchurched single moms. He has provided for me in amazing ways, given me the time. So I pray for continued direction and courage to do what he’s asking.

    • Praying with and for you on this calling on your life , that God will give you a spirit of obedience to do his will and contiuously equip you with the tools and resources to do what he is calling for you to do also that his favor will be upon, you will have boldness as you step out in faith and that his power and strength will be upon you. God bless you my sister as you answer the call.

    • Love your heart. God will use you to encourage others in a much needed way!

  141. God has called me to attend Theological College and be a part time Reverend but my husband is refusing to give his consent . I havee said Yes to God and am ready to do His willl but how can I do this without causing a rift in my marriage? Please pray for me! Thanks Sisters.

    • praying for you and your husband that the Lord will soften his heart and open his eyes to see the work that the Lord has called you to do and that he will begin to fall in line with God’s plan for you. Be encouraged and know that God is working on your behalf and he hears your prayers and knows your worries.

    • Praying that God will open the eyes of your husband as well. I’m thinking specifically of the story of Joseph in the bible when he discovered Mary was pregnant. Had it not been for a dream, he would have divorced her. May your husband have a supernatural encounter with the Lord that clarifies for him God’s will in your lives!

  142. I chose to answer Focus Question 3: 3. Our obedience may inspire OTHERS to respond. Focus question: Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    My radical step was speaking to my husband. This may seem like “so what” and let me tell you our marriage is equally yolked, God centered and loving but we all know how talking to someone we love can be difficult at times. After talking to God about what was on my heart and asking for courage and strength to approach my husband, God gave me the ability to help remove the wool from his eyes. Quick background story: my husband’s family has a problem with drinking and so did my husband at one time but we both have not touched alcohol for over 3 months. During a family reunion his mom became very intoxicated – she tried to hide her alcohol in a water bottle. She has had help with this before but has not forgiven the people in her life this have mistreated her since her childhood. It was during this reunion that my husband stepped in, took his mom back to the hotel, chatted with her for awhile and they came to an agreement she was seek counselling again. It has been over 2 months; she believes she is “fixed” as she is a binge drinker but during this time my husband started to become angry and bitter. Bring up this subject was very sore. I understand that he is hurting because of his mom’s actions and because he wanted to fix her but we agreed that we cannot fix her but pray for her. We also came to an agreement that he (my husband) would seek counselling himself as her actions have been effecting his life since he was a child (passed out during sleep overs, bringing boyfriends over to the house, etc.). I praised God! I was to relieved to see that he was willing to seek help to become the man that I married.

    Please pray for us both.

  143. Ricole Rice says:

    Radical step of obedience…wow, the words make it sound so big! And truly it is big, it’s a life change, but with God we Yes Girls know anything is possible. I have felt God asking me to stop seeking entertainment, joy, acceptance, ways to fill the un-busy moments in my life with things from the world and to instead seek it from Him.

    So….I cancelled my TiVo, cancelled my internet and started this Bible Study! What a difference those changes have made. 🙂 I used to leave the world behind when I would get wrapped up in a TV show or movie. It felt good to have a brief respite from the trials and stresses of life. But that’s all it was…a brief break. It never lasted past the end of the show. Now that I am spending that time praying and reading His word, things are changing. I still need a break from reality occasionally, but I use that time to get with God. The peace it brings lasts longer. And I know if I need another boost, all I have to do is ask Him. It could be a quick, “Please help me know how to respond, God” or “This is where I need an extra shot of patience, Lord” and everytime….yes, everytime, He is there.

    My strength is in the Lord…..TV? what TV?! 🙂

  144. Well, I am going to answer all three. I think I might need to see these things “in black and white” so to speak…
    #1 – I have been called into a recovery ministry in our church that I am not sold out for, I am sold out for Jesus, which is why I agreed to get involved. But things are just not… ??? … I don’t have the words to express what I am trying to say… I am half-hearted and empty in it… if that makes sense.
    I am a recovered addict, God did not choose to use a man-made program to get me clean, but I realize others may need that and that is why I feel like God wants me to use my mess to help others who are caught in that trap. I just fell empty, irritated, overwhelmed and I want to quit. I feel like I am just going through the motions and I don’t like that. The really funny thing is the “accountability team” I have around me are all involved in this same recovery ministry, so I don’t think they’ll be very objective.
    #2 – Yes, I believe God wants to use my past drug addiction to help other women.
    #3 – I suppose the answer to this question is that I must continue stepping out and wait patiently for God to move however He wants to move in the recovery program He has called me to serve Him in, in this manner others can see what God has done in my life . And MOST importantly, I have committed to do this thing for a year, which won’t be up until March 2014.
    So, I am in it for the long haul… I just need #fresh vision, #fresh passion and #fresh focus.
    AND lots of prayer!

  145. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?
    I hesitate thinking this is a radical step of obedience, but I know some will think it is. Due to unplanned circumstances I’ve been a stay-at-home wife for a year now. Financially this is not a good choice for us, but both my husband and I feel this is exactly where God wants me. Since I’ve been home, I’ve been able to write more, really be there for my husband, and have more time with God.
    Even though I’ve been home for a year, it’s still a day-by-day trusting God kind of thing. Just this past week our only car died, and we had to replace it and take on a payment making me rethink my purpose. God has been faithful and continues to provide, but I have to remind myself to keep my focus on God and not on my circumstances.

    • Crystal –
      Praying for you and your husband during these times. Trusting in God will mean so many rewards, but I totally get the worries that come with it. I’m praying that he shows his provision so clearly over the next month that you couldn’t help but know that he’s got this and that you are in his will!

  146. What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?

    He is not calling me to use just one of them. He is asking me to use all of them. Not just the stories about what happened to me – but He wants to tell the stories about what I did to myself. I am more ok with sharing what happened to me, because in those instances, I was the victim. But when He asks me to reveal what I have done to myself, He is asking me to tell the stories about ‘Me – the Perpetrator’.

    Though I don’t want to tell any of the stories, I will. Because ultimately, the story is about what He did on the Cross, not about what happened to me, or about what I did to myself. Its His Story of what He did with my story.

  147. Focus question: How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream?

    I was raised by a single, extremely hard-working mom. She did everything she possibly could to support my twin sister and me. She had two full time jobs working 80 hours a week and got very little sleep for almost my entire life. She always made sure my sister and I were clothed, fed, and taken care of. It may be because of how I was raised that I am how I am. I always saw my mom struggling- but she always did it. She always made things work. She always provided. She always took care of what needed to be finished. The same “must-do” attitude has been instilled in me- Almost to my own detriment! I have finally realized that I can’t do everything on my own. I can’t. I don’t have enough strength. I don’t have enough resources. I don’t have enough patience. I don’t have enough time! It has taken hurt PRIDE, to realize that there is a reason I don’t have the ability to handle ALL things ALL of the time. It’s because I need Jesus to help me. I need my Heavenly Father’s support and resources. I need the Holy Spirit’s comfort and guidance. It’s been a process, but I’m finally realizing that I can’t move mountains by myself. Only by the grace of our loving God can we EVER move mountains. We aren’t Super Women, He is a Super God! HALLELUJAH!!

  148. Rebecca Anderson says:

    Pride is always a problem, especially when we don’t think it is. It can sneak up so quickly that it blindsides me or it can keep me from enjoying things for years. I have pride and need help but I will answer #2.

    What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?
    I am coming out of a hurtful friendship and there isn’t any peace from walking away. You can try to do the right thing but if the other person isn’t ready then there isn’t always closure. I don’t want to be bitter and I don’t want to close my heart to others in the future because of there insecurities. So God is patiently putting me back together and healing my heart but He is already giving me situations and people to talk to that are going through it too. He has put the people around me for such a time as this. Women who have been through it courageously and women who need courage to get through it, God is Amazing in so many ways and in so many ways unseen. Thank you.

  149. Catherine in Ca says:

    Our call to obedience may challenge our pride.
    One step in my call to obedience has been to sell my house and downsize, making it possible for me to focus on God’s purpose for my life. One of the next steps is buying a new home, a smaller , simpler, less costly home. I know what my God inspired spending plan is for buying a new home but I feel pulled and pushed by the world to stretch outside of my financial limits. The challenge is to politely ignore those who push and to resist my pride that says bigger, better and location location location. I am challenged to be obedient to God to think about money differently, to track my spending, to occur no new debt and to live within my God inspired spending plan. This Bible study has helped me to change my focus, to pray about any financial decisions, to find an accountability partner, to keep the focus on God and not let my pride and the culture around me get in the way of my God driven purpose! I ask for prayers as I continue on this journey.
    thank you ladies, you rock!

  150. So many steps of obedience…being brave in leaving a career to be the wife & mom I really want to be, spending time in God’s Word and diligently seeking what He has for me each day…requires getting up early and keeping in contact with Him throughout the day. I don’t want to miss out on His plans since His are the best! Sometimes we do what the world thinks is nothing or little…but true joy comes from obeying God even in what others may think is nothing at all! Grateful to be able to invest in God, family, & friends!

  151. 3. Our obedience may inspire OTHERS to respond.Women who say yes to God have a rhythm with God that may look foolish to the world, but looks just right in God’s eyes. Ultimately this type of obedience will spur others on towards their own obedience.Focus question: Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?
    This may be a minor step of obedience to some but it has been a HUGE step for me. Giving up Facebook. Here is an email that I sent out to friends explaining it… please read.
    I thought I’d share a glimpse of why I chose to “live off the grid” and give up Facebook since several people have asked. If you’re not interested, go on and hit the delete button! 😉 Let me first say that I am NOT a Facebook “hater” or that I’m turning into a Facebook “basher”. As most of you know I LOVED it!! While there is a world of good in Facebook there is also a world of bad. If you are not truly grounded in God and His word, that world of bad can be damaging. These are the bads that I struggled with: frustration, loneliness, jealousy, or dissatisfaction that comes with seeing everyone else you “know” living-it-up, getting married, dating, having babies, traveling, and all the other wonderful and/or random things people post on Facebook. I’m not saying it’s wrong to show a picture of yourself or tell someone about your vacation or day at work, but sometimes it seems to almost encourage a look-at-me mentality. Honestly, I found myself posting with that type of mentality more than I care to admit. I noticed that I was beginning to feel worse after visiting the site and more dissatisfied with my life and where God had me. This along with other things (I’ll spare you those details for now) opened a door for Satan to creep in my life and begin to have a party! I’ve struggled a long time with the idea of coming off of Facebook but honestly felt like if I left Facebook I would lose my existence and miss out on “important” stuff. How did we ever manage before Facebook? LOL Anywho, for the past several years Bill’s wanted me to come off and if I’m honest I felt nudges from God that He wanted me too also but I kept pushing them off. Let me say this, you DON’T need to push God off when He’s telling you to do something… He will find a way to get your attention not to mention the blessings you hinder yourself from receiving by disobedience. An awesome quote that hit hard when I read it in my bible study, “we need not fear what our obedience will cause to happen in our life. We should only fear what our disobedience will cause us to miss”. So after pushing off both of the most important men in my life for quite a while, He got my attention and the first change I KNEW I had to make was to delete Facebook. Bill decided to support me by deactivating his account as well. I can’t begin to tell you how free and liberated I felt when Shannon said, “Your pictures are on a flash drive and you are now deactivated.” Whew… bring on more time! Time for God which is resulting in less TV time too and a desire to be in His word (woohoo), more time with my amazing husband which is resulting in a renewed and sweeter relationship, more time with my girls cause we all know we are not supposed to blink, more time for “real” connections with friends that want to “talk” to me. With all that being said, I don’t believe everyone should quit using Facebook. We just need to be aware of the ways any form of media can interrupt our time with God… because in pulling away from God you allow satan to creep in.

    “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve that God’s will is – His good, please and perfect will” Rom 12:2

    It’s not going to be easy at times but it will be OH SO worth it!

  152. God has been pressing upon my heart to use a past experience (as well as something I’m currently going through) to teach others who might be going through the same thing. For about 3 years now, I’ve wanted to either start a blog, begin a support group for women, or become a God-centered speaker. But every time I feel moved to pursue this dream, I hit a roadblock, and I believe that roadblock is satan. He convinces me that I can’t afford to start my own blog, or that I don’t have enough knowledge to begin a support group or speak to others. He places those doubts in my mind and then I simply give up. But time and time again, God brings me back ’round to those places of truth. I know I need to dig deep to move past the obstacles in my way because by doing so, He will receive the glory He deserves.

  153. Jammie Hobbs says:

    Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? Yes! God has asked me to go back to school to finish up my degree in Psychology-Christian Counseling after a 20 year break 🙂 The first step was to apply for admission and financial aid. I did those 2 things the day He asked not really knowing if it was going to happen. So far everything is moving smooth….and FAST! One thing I’ve come to realize through this study is God has been showing me that I DO have what it takes to say yes to Him. When I started this study I wasn’t so sure. Thanks!

    • Jammie – how I wish I could pursue a career like you are! But having virtually only 1 full year of college under my belt, I feel it would take me ages to complete (and I’m already 36 years old). I also feel financially strapped. But I commend you for taking that radical step! You will bless many with your skills!

      • Lindsay, I want to encourage you if God has put on your heart to pursue this career, your age (you are SO young and have many many years ahead…God willing), your financial situation and any other roadblocks are NOTHING. Question for you: If it takes you 10 years to finish your degree you will be 46. How old will you be in 10 years if you don’t pursue your degree? 46, right?! Either way…follow God’s direction.

    • Go girl…. Praying he continues to throw those doors open and lead you!

  154. I feel times when God is tugging at my heart to do different things: bible study, prayer, giving to those in need, staying strong for others, showing love, etc. But even with this OBS… I am still not sure of my “greater purpose” or my “calling”. I understand the idea behind #freshfocus…. but it is like my lens is broken. My white space is my 30 min each way car ride alone to work each day. And I feel connected to God and His word…. but I still don’t understand my dream or my purpose. Anyone else feel like this? Is it me? Has God not revealed my purpose to me yet? Or am I not tuned in correctly to hear it? This is where frustration comes in.

    • Jodi Cooper says:

      It’s not you, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been the same way since the day I was saved in 2010. I’ve waited, listened, prayed, and waited some more. I felt like there was something wrong with me, why could everyone hear God, but I couldn’t? I didn’t understand…but after 3 years, my purpose was FINALLY revealed to me & I heard God talk to my heart on what He wants me to do. Don’t give up, don’t stop listening, because when the time is right, when God is ready for you to see, your focus will be clear, you will know what He wants you to do, and you will be prepared to do it…no matter what!

    • I think sometimes we are called to be right where we are and be obedient in the small things. Say yes in the everyday things. When we are looking for God in our every day decisions, we become more sensitive to his leading and better able to discern what he is telling us. Continue to seek him where you are. When he says something different, you will KNOW it.

    • Waiting on God says:

      Michele, Don’t give up! Keep seeking. Sometimes we have to walk through other events before God can reveal to us His passion or dream, because we just aren’t ready to hear it yet (maybe we wouldn’t understand; kind of like explaining a savings plan to a 5 year old:-). So even if you don’t see the whole picture, or don’t even know where it is you’re suppose to go, just listen for that next step. It’s one step at a time, and then you’ll reach that bend in the road where He shows you where you’re headed. The book, Hinds Feet on High Places, talks about that long time in the desert before we see that oasis. He’s always walking before us. Prov. 3:5-6

    • Thanks so much ladies for the encouragement. It is so easy to get down on myself and feel like what am I doing wrong or out of sync. It was ironic that right after I posted this… I picked up my book and opened it back up to Ch 7… and on page 117…. it jumped right out at me. Definitely had a DUH moment when I read “Our calling is revealed as we wlak in daily obedience to Christ in the little things”. I have NO idea how I had overlooked that before. But I have underlined it… highlighted it… written it in my notebook and then was inspired to make a pretty Powerpoint slide to post on FB and Instagram with that quote. Thank you Lysa for putting that statement into your book and thank you Jesus for drawing my attention to it. And thank all you ladies that responded with your kind and supportive words. 🙂

    • Praying for you Michele – it’s so hard to wait patiently upon the Lord, especially when everyone else seems to be “getting” it. Many times I have found that it is in the very small things that he is speaking to me. Keep pressing in and #stickwithit

  155. Jodi Cooper says:

    Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?
    My Radical Step of obedience to God is to run a marathon! I’m not a runner, I’m not a walker, in fact I consider myself to be the BEST couch potato you ever met! I sit for my job 8-9 hours a day, I sit when I get home, I just sit, that’s what I’m good at. But last year I got this crazy thought that I need to run! ME, RUN!!! My favorite line is, “I run…I may be slower than a herd of turtles running through Peanut Butter, but I run!”
    I’m 34, 5’7″, 252 lbs! (Did I really just give my weight out?). I am in no shape to run, but God wants me to run a marathon. 26.2 miles of what I would consider pure torture! But because of this Bible Study, I took that radical step of obedience…last night…my first step…I went to the gym & I ran! Granted, it wasn’t very long (only a total of 15 minutes & 1 mile), but I ran! I had to stop in between to walk…and I had to catch my breath..A LOT! But I did it, I didn’t think about it, I did it. I even shared my goal, well God’s goal, with my friends & family so they can help hold me accountable.
    I don’t know why God has this vision for me, why I need to run a marathon, where I’ll even run my marathon…but I know for a fact that it is from God, because that is so not me, not what I thought my dream would be, it’s a dream I’ve waited for God to show me now for 3 years & because of Proverbs 31 & this bible study, I can finally see it…I can see myself crossing that finish line, I can see myself so excited that I followed God, and I FINALLY said YES to HIM!!!

  156. When I started this study I said that I wanted to get out of it what God wanted me to get out of it. I have been doing the study each day waiting to hear what God was asking me to do. This week I got it! Seven years ago I said yes to God and started homeschooling my boys. It has been a blessing for our family. But at the end of the school year I was so done. But through this study I have a fresh vision. Saying yes to God is not a one time thing. I have to say yes every day. Homeschooling two middle school boys is not an easy thing to do, but I will say yes to God every day until the job is done. I am so thankful for this study and a fresh vision!

  157. I don’t know how this fits with the assignment today but I want to obey and put my palms up. I’m tired and frazzled and we’re having lunch with my mother. Not a good combination. I have limited computer access and my phone is acting funny so I’m typing this on my husbands phone. Please pray for me ladies. I want to succeed today and overcome the attack! Thanks!

  158. 1. Our call to obedience may challenge our PRIDE.

    How is your pride keeping you from obedience? It’s my do it yourself mentality. If I want it then I need to make it happen. I’m working at slowing down, praying before I leap, waiting on Jesus. But it’s hard. I pray for things & I see the total opposite happen. I know this is for a reason, I know I’ll grow from this but it doesn’t make it easier.

    2. God uses our EXPERIENCES to equip us for our calling.

    What one experience in your life God is asking you to use? My husband is a chronic pain sufferer, he can’t work, he’s not the same physically active man he wasin all manners. But our love is stronger than ever. I’ve grown to be more patient (which is funny looking at the answer to #1). I’ve come to appreciate the tiniest things between us (a look, his touch, his little bald head). Through all of this God has taught me to love, truly/purely love. He’s taught me to share my thoughts & feelings. He’s teaching me to write it down.

    • 3. Our obedience may inspire OTHERS

      Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step? I’m still unsure, still scared I guess. I’ve started blogging. I share our OBS with anyone who’ll listen. I need more prayer on this last question.

    • Love that you are working on praying before you leap…. As you do, it will become a habit and you’ll find that your decisions will rely on him!

  159. How is your pride keeping you from obedience?
    I’m a little ashamed to admit but for me, my pride often keeps me thinking that I can do life on my own, without spending a whole lot of time with Jesus daily. I do just enough to get by and I’m ok. I have just enough of God to be happy and blessed, but I know there’s more! Throughout this study, I’ve been feeling God tugging at my heart to be humble, to sit at his feet like Mary and rest in his presence; but my pride keeps me a Martha, busy but missing out on the life that Jesus wants me to have. It’s a matter of submission for me – to submit my will and prideful attitudes, to FOCUS on God and his purposes for me, to be obedient and simply say yes. Getting married has really opened my eyes to my need for him! I CAN’T do this without him! I NEED time with him, to be happy and content and joyful, no matter the circumstances. I NEED time at his feet to be filled and satisfied in a world that is empty.

  160. Michell Jurski says:

    Our obedience may inspire others to respond.
    WOW! Has God really showed me this week that when I am obedient it prompts others to do the same! A few weeks ago I was asked to take in a teenage girl who’s mom “no longer wanted her”. My first reaction was NO! my kids were grown – one getting married and two who were in college – why Lord are you asking me to start over? But being a Yes Girl has changed my life, so I said yes and we have begun the journey. Then, just yesterday, my dear friend called and told me that she was taking in a teenage daughter who’s mom was homeless. She was in doubt and despair over the changes in her home that would occur. But she told me that all along she was saying Yes to this precious girl because my obedience had inspired her. God is so faithful and wonderful to us, how could we ever say No?

  161. Kelly Baker says:

    Right now it is “God uses your experiences to reach others”. It just seems every time I turn around God is putting friends in my path that are going thru something very similar to what is in my past. Really two things, ones that are dealing with spouse having an affair and/or going thru a season of pulling away from God and doing their own thing. When I am talking to either one I try to seek God’s guidance in how He wants this to help them and that I say only what He wants me to say. No more and no less!!!! To let the Holy Spirit completely work thru me. I know this doesn’t seem of a lot of importance and rather small compared to others, but it’s what I feel is a very prominent area in my walk right now. Thank you nicki for asking me to share!!! I love y’all sooo much and it’s bittersweet that the study is coming to a close!!! Hope y’all have a blessed weekend

  162. Michelle Romero says:

    Obedience…..well that’s a very exciting & truth be told-sort of a scary word for me. God is challenging me to be obedient to Him in so many areas: my energy, my time, my efforts, my talents-wow didn’t even know I had those! God is showing me that perfection is not needed but a willing heart is what He needs from me. I believe I was scared to have a new vision because I didn’t know what it would require of me. Now I realize it doesn’t really matter what is required because if God calls me to it then He will be right there with me each step I take. I was worried I had too many limitations, a lie from Satan. God can and will use me if I am obedient. And I want to inspire others to obedience. I believe everyone’s obedience might not look the same as mine because God has called us into the area He wants us–but it is all obedience. Such a humbling thought that the creator of the unvierse, the maker of all things, the King of Kings; wants us, He wants to use us for His purpose. Living for God, being obedient to God….it’s all very exciting, not quite as scary as it once seemed! And I’m thrilled God has placed a fresh new vision in my heart. He’s good like that:)
    P31 OBS rocks, loved all of y’all. Loved the book and this study and my FB group. Wow feel so blessed that I was led here, as my OBS leader would say…..divine appointment:)

  163. I believe God is calling me to start a blog and later an online bible study for my church. I hate to write but I’m going to be obedient and trust God. I’m a very private person so I fear my privacy being destroyed when I start a blog. I’m going to take small steps and start one the next OBS study.

    • Eris, I hear you. I’m a very private person too, but God has placed it on my heart to start a blog. We’ll need to rely on Him for strength to open ourselves and let others His hand in our lives.

    • Eris –
      Go for it! Start by reading blogs that you love and link up with some that you trust. Some advice I got once was that criticism isn’t a reflection of me, because they don’t know me. It’s more a reflection of their heart condition. Hope that helps!

  164. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    I hear God asking me to be involved in music ministry. The difficult thing for me is a fear of performing in front of others…a problem I’ve had my whole life! But God gave me talent and I know he wants me to share it. My first step (other than courage!) is to just do it!

  165. Our call to obedience may challenge our pride. Yes, it surely may. God has placed on my heart the need to obey Him in some areas that are humbling to me. One is to forsake my reflex to turn to food, solitaire and Sudoku to feel relief from stress, but rather to focus on Him and praise Him. The challenge to my pride here is how difficult this is proving to be! Then there is the tug I feel from God to write for His glory. I’ve always prided myself on being independent and self-sufficient, able to figure things out on my own. But truth be told, I have no idea what I’m doing and I need help. He has place in my path some people who can help me. Now to humble myself and ask…

  166. First of all I want to say how touching it was to see the video this morning! All the help for Dove’s Nest is AMAZING!
    I think that God is wanting me to use a big part of my past to help others and myself. I am a single mother and before I got pregnant with my child I was on a very destructive path. The second I found out I was pregnant my life changed in ways that only God could have had a hand in. During the pregnancy I was so scared and felt so very alone. It was definitely one of the darkest times in my life. When I had Tucker my whole life was flipped upside down. He saved me. I have never been this close to God or as strong of a woman as I am now. I really feel God working in my to help children in some sort of way. Maybe children who are from broken homes? Or possibly single moms who are don’t have anyone else. I’m not exactly sure but God is definitely using my past to and calling me to help others who are in the same place I was. Have a fabulous week ladies!!

  167. Susan Sweeney says:

    In answering the second question I am also dealing with the first question.
    I believe that God is directing me to minister to single moms. This is a life “experience” that I never wanted, tried to “correct” and had a hard time to admit to as I often felt condemnation from other christians who wondered what I had done so wrong to become a single parent. Was I a bad wife, or had I been involved in a sinful relationship and gotten caught? I hated being a single parent and allowed myself to feel inadequate because of it. But with my first daughter grown I went out and adopted a second daughter. I still felt bad that this second daughter did not know the unconditional father’s love.
    Now having raised my two girls, I think God wants to use my sense of shame (often pride based) and encourage and mentor other single parents so that they can better acomplish the raising of their children as God desires.

  168. Pride has been a huge struggle for me over the years. I’m a planner and organizer, and in my world, everything has to be done my way. At least that’s what I used to think (and still sometimes revert back to). Through studies and the encouragement of close friends and family, I have learned to trust God with most situations. It has been extremely difficult to give up control, and was a 10+ year process. I don’t recall a specific moment where it was “OK” if plans were broken or things didn’t go my way, it was more of a gradual release. I can only praise God for this life change because I did not have the will power to do it on my own. I pray every day that I don’t fall back into old, prideful habits. If I can kick those habits, anyone can!!

  169. The experience that God wants me to use is my past issues with self image and insecurities. I spent half of my life worried about how I looked and obsessing about beauty. I went through times of extreme exercise, bulimia and anorexia, all just to feel better about how I looked. I know God wants me to speak to women, young women especially, to help them focus on the beauty that is on the inside. God made us just the way we are and he loves us just the way we are. I know my past experiences can help others to know that they are wonderfully made.

  170. Elizabeth B. says:

    “God uses our EXPERIENCES to equip us for our calling. Your history is not your destiny but chances are, it’s shaped your calling. Focus question: What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?”
    This past year and a half of healing has led me to a greater understanding of what God is calling me to…He has been guiding me to put my story on CD. I am not a speaker, and I tried to use that as an excuse to not give my testimony, but God has been nudging me to put my testimony on CD (hubby, others, and I believe, even God, are nudging me to eventually write a book…a longtime dream). This whole time of healing has been a beautiful unfolding of what God has been doing with my ashes from my past…the ashes I have worn as low self-esteem, shame, guilt. God has transformed me from a caterpillar to a butterfly through the love He has lavished on me!! Although my story is one of such pain, I see where God fulfilled Romans 8:28 and brought it ALL to good!! It truly is astounding to see God at work…to see His fingerprint in your life, smile and know deep within yourself that it is ALL about Him in the end…even if it is your story–it is all used to glorify and magnify Him!!! Can’t wait to see where He leads me…………………………….

  171. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step? ~ God has asked me to apologize to my son. He’s had a rough last year and our relationship is very difficult to say the least. The Lord told me that I had not been using my past experiences to walk in love with Him. I was a teenager once and I, at times, forget that. I know I am impatient with him and I expect a lot from him. The Lord has told me as a first step to let him know that I’m sorry for my impatience and to tell him that I will work on looking at him through the eyes of God so that I can help him navigate this difficult time. My pride is a bit hurt because I just want to see my son be obedient to me but I will be obedient to God so that my son can learn to be obedient to Him. That is most important! Please pray for me.

  172. I believe God is asking me to step away from things that I use to entertain me (facebook, and internet surfing for example) to focus more on him and taking care of and spending time with my family. He also is calling me to be less focused on my needs, and more focused on the needs of my huband and family. I have realized through this study that I spend a lot of time telling my husband what I want instead of focusing on doing things to bless him. I want to show God’s love to my husband and children.

  173. Our call to obedience may challenge our PRIDE. I have been struggling so much lately with INSANE jealousy. Jealousy of my colleague’s successes at work, jealousy of the fact my husband seems to have many friends and no lack of socialilzing while I have very few friends or social life, jealous of others’ opportunities to minister while I feel obligated to be at work, jealous when good things happen to other people that I wish happened to me, jealous jealous jealous!!
    God had really been speaking to me about trusting Him and not myself, thanking Him for all I have vs. envying others and wanting what they have/experience because “I deserve it more”. I want to be free of this burden and find joy in life, in others, and not feel envy all the time. this study has been helpful, focussing on thankfulness which leads to prayer which leads to joy which leads to thankfulness……
    My pride is a real obstacle to obedience. God has called me and my husband to join in a missions trip to South America, it’s been a journey for me to even come to the point of saying ‘yes’, and I’m still very afraid of opening myself up and TRULY saying ‘yes’ – i’m afraid of what He may reveal in me, and do in me, but the thought of being used to lead others to Christ is more exciting. Pray for me to truly say Yes, to trust Him, to be free of this jealousy and be humble, because He is all I need and focus on Him, not me.

  174. I have to share that my response is going to include both “What experience is God asking you to use?” and “What radical step of obedience is God asking you to take?”

    We have recently changed churches. This was a radical step of obedience…one my husband and I tried to take 6 months ago but did not have peace at all. But then, through some unfortunate experiences, our blinders were removed, in a sense, and we knew it was time to go. So we stepped away, tried to leave with peace and love extended but that wasn’t part of the plan. It was hard…and we miss certain people who have blessed our lives over the past 5 years we have been there. But we KNEW that we were obeying God…so we took the step of radical obedience He was asking. Then, just 2 weeks into our new place of worship…God started unfolding so many answered prayers…prayers we have prayed for 20 years as a married couple. It is amazing to see His hand in all of this…a difficult life experience that I didn’t like but, that He is showing me, is going to be used for His glory!! We are excited about what God is doing, especially in the area of ministry for our dear Pastor Mammen, from India. God is opening doors for him through our new church, and we see that the timing for our radical obedience (to step away from what we were in) is definitely God-ordained. So we never know what life will bring, but if we trust Him and keep our focus on Him, our steps will be ordered by Him and His plan for our lives will unfold. #freshfocus #freshvision

  175. Upon reflection and time in God’s Word, I realize that I need to look at both pride and obedience. My obedience has been requested in several areas. First that of trusting Him to answer which He reminded me of in my reading this morning through Psalm 20. Through these verses He gave me reassurance that He knows of my distress (v1), has heard my prayers(v3) and gave me comfort with His answer (v6) then reminded me to trust in Him for His timing (v7). Next step is dealing with my pride through immediate obedience to His words and commands in Proverbs 5:20-27. I tend to not always be aware of my words during football games as I cheer for my teams. So now He has placed on my heart that I am to give up my favorite thing of watching my teams play football this fall. My pride had me arguing with Him abiut how difficult and not fair it was to ask that of me. God quietly reminded me of my language and how that is a time when I really don’t pay attention to my words so to help correct that I’m to not watch so I’m not giving myself an out for cussing. He confirmed my little argument was pride through Philippians 2:14. This will be a definite show of His strength and my commitment to say yes. I pray for His strength and guidance on this first step to obedience and to the amazing dream He is slowly revealing to me.

  176. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    I need to find more ways to let people know I am interested in adding to my family via adoption of an infant or toddler. I have been hesitant to do so because I don’t want to be hurt if it doesn’t work out, we don’t have a lot of money to pay a bunch of fees, and I DREAD having to do a home study.

    As part of this, I need to keep doing the baby steps to get my home organized in order to have someone come in to look around as part of the home study process. I need to be patient enough to see this all through, because it will not happen quickly.

    If this is about saving a child’s life, and helping a woman out of a situation that seems impossible to her, then it isn’t about me, or what works comfortably for me. It is about a sibling for my son, and doing something that is beyond me, and pleasing to God. Results are really not the most important thing here, and timing is irrelevant. I don’t know how I will proceed after this, but I am sure He will guide me.

    Blessings to all my fellow Yes Girls. I know He will be glorified in all of us who obey.

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  177. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?
    ~ Yes. God is asking me (and has confirmed through various channels) to go back to school to become a nurse. What an exciting calling… and what a scary calling! Just like in today’s message, sometimes the obedience we are called to seems absolutely crazy to the world around us. But God is not of this world! My first step is researching which nursing program to attend in my area, including what I have to do to get accepted.

    I think it’s important to incorporate the question from #2 in this response as well.
    “What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?”
    ~ I have spent lots of time in hospitals with very ill family members, the most recent being just last month with my Daddy (who was hospitalized for over 30 days with a rare lung infection – he is recovering, praise God!) I know now that God was using those experiences to prepare me for a calling I’d never have imagined or thought up on my own. As hard as it is to watch family members in such a terrible place, it has taught me the importance of true care and compassion for those who are sick. Those things can’t be taught in a classroom!

  178. How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream?

    I have felt called to a teaching ministry (speaking & writing) for a number of years. I have had some opportunities to write and speak here and there. Three years ago we moved 1800 miles away from everyone we know and love because of Jim’s job. It’s been a difficult time for me being so far from family, especially our kids and grandkids. The church I joined here didn’t have an active women’s ministry. I got one started and the first event was a success. I did a big God’s Princess Party for the ladies and girls complete with tiaras and a teaching by me on being a daughter of the King of kings. Then our pastor’s wife came in to take over leadership of the ministry. I got all bent out of shape and took it way personally. I kind of assumed I would get to be in charge and do a lot of teaching. But I guess God needed to nip the pride thing in the bud before allowing my ministry to grow. It’s not about me. It’s about the Gospel of Jesus. It’s about souls saved and lives changed. It’s not about me. Any talent/gift I have for teaching and writing is all God. God has placed a few wonderful, supportive, and honest sisters in Christ into my life here to be a sounding board and means of accountibility and correction for me. In the flesh I do have a tendency to become offended easily. God has worked much of this out of me already, but I have apparently still needed some trips back into the Refiner’s fire over this pride/offense issue. we have worked through this conflict and come to the realization that even if I were teaching at each of our quarterly events it would not satisfy the need to teach that God has put in me, so our pastor suggested I start a blog, which was a confirmation to something I was already feeling. and I am working at a book I started at least 8 years ago. it’s time to get it done. I feel God is telling me I need to complete it to move forward. I need more focus to not let life distract me.
    I am loving this study and you can see it’s the perfect timing for me as it has been a long time since God first gave me my dream/vision and I needed #FreshVision #FreshPassion and #FreshFocus desperately. I’ve been really feeling lost and unfocused for a while now. Everytime I think something is going to happen, it doesn’t turn out like I thought. I need clearer vision of what God is showing me and stronger focus on the current task He has given me to do. To be still and not try to rush God’s plan and renew the passion for what God’s already shown me to do and just keep doing it until He shows me the next step.

  179. Though I too the time to answer each of these questions in my head (still listening on the using experiences front) the one that has me most excited is GOD and pride. God is definitely helping to break down my prideful heart. I was thinking of how pride keeps us from responding in obedience because we can do it ourselves; it’s that willfully proud decision of not coming to God for help. Yet when I think about this question of what pride is keeping me from, I discover a different variety. My pride comes from digging a pit and then falling deep into it and choosing not to get out. I just want to stay out, wallow in my self pity, and continue to heap on the guilt, and say whatever God. It isn’t a lack of knowing God can help. It’s more like a two year old temper tantrum that says I don’t want to, let me just me miserable, thus condemning myself. I am climbing from that pit ladies! I will not stay in the pit of despair when I am saying yes to God. Obedience means willingly extending my hand and climbing one foot at a time. Oh I have slip ups and I’m sure more will come. I still catch myself condemning past behavior that affects today. But there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I’m working to reflect on those as part experiences that cannot be changed. But by God’s grace (as talked about in James just before our key verse this week) I am humbled, drawing near to God and resisting the lies that are so easy to believe (like needing to stay in that pit).

  180. Well, I think it might be a book. What that would look like I don’t know. How to be a fearful, anxious, neurotic woman? HAHA I am feeling pulled to write a book.

  181. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    Yes, He is asking me to really take my diet seriously. I’ve always had battles with my weight but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes that I took it seriously. I was able to control my sugars for a long time with just diet and exercise. I started to get off track and my sugar levels spiked high. God used that to ask me to take my diet seriously again, so I don’t have to rely on just medicine to keep my sugars low. My first step is to give up all my sugary drinks and food. Then the next step is to incorporate excersise into my diet. I know that God is asking me to be obedient in this area of my life, and I am saying Yes to Him. 🙂

  182. What an adventure this has been. I find that my white spaces are reading at night in my bed, during showers and out in nature. Also, I am still praying for my dream, “the DREAM” to come. Thank you for this opportunity to get closer to God. I’m so excited to attend Women of Faith this weekend in Denver and hear Lysa speak!!!

  183. our call to obedience may challenge our PRIDE, this is a tough one for me, self worth self conscious , fear of not hearing God fear of not measuring up if i do,, fear of not be able or willing to be obedient. to let God be in control like carrie underwood said Jesus take the wheel,, i have to let go and let Him take over,, , through this OBS i have put my heart into this, i have prayed like i have never before, i have grown closer to God my eyes hve been opened my heart has been open my #palmsup, I have learned i have to make the effort to know God ,,God cant do this alone i have to meet him half way,, i have to Love God more then life. It dawned on me I love my kids heart and soul, and Gods love for me is so much more then heart and soul his love is so much more boundless. so i have to build on that relationship and i think it is harder for me cause when your not with that person, like a long distance you tend to forget you have to focus about whats important, they go on the back burner, but not anymore i want to know Him inside and out i want to feel Him in all i do, I see Him all around everyday sometimes i tell him how beautiful life is and all creation other times i just admire and continue on, but i want to change that as well i want Jesus to be my best friend, i want to go everywhere with HIm and share everything with Him, I want to be obedient to Him.

    group 21

  184. Juli Kernodle says:

    This week something has been resonating with me.. When you take your relationship with God to whole new level- you get a new devil! Indeed! I have heard others say that they can feel the enemy trying to work in their lives and I never knew what the experience was like.. let me tell you.. I do now!
    I love the verse James 4:7 and I can feel the power of Him when I put my hands in the air (palms up) and submit myself to Jesus every day..

    Have a blessed, beautiful and ENEMY free weekend! 🙂

  185. Cindy Parker says:

    “God uses our experiences to equip us for our calling”…My life is very different than I had imagined as a young girl. I wanted children…lots of them. I love kids. But, God had a different plan for me. Being a melanoma survivor, I could not have children. God has always used health situations to get my focused attention. During those times, I dug deep into His Word, memorized scriptures, journaled, & prayed & prayed & prayed. What I began to understand was that God was using my experiences and shaping my attitude and perspective about my life. (During my 30’s I was angry @ God because I married a man with 2 children – not mine…but, another woman’s). When I finally realized – THIS IS MY LIFE…God opened doors. Many have confirmed that I have a gift of encouragement. I am feeling a strong nudge from God regarding “prayer/encouragement” ministry to women. Doors are already opening. Keeping my eyes and ears open to God for what’s next!

  186. Our obedience may inspire OTHERS to respond.
    I was so excited when I began this online study, I was sharing bits and pieces with the women at my church(whether they wanted to hear it or not). We are small church and from the responses from the women who I shared this with-they have requested that we start a Woman’s Bible Study group with “Saying Yes to God”. I am so excited! God led me to this study and has given me the courage to share with others.
    Our pastor told me, even if it is only one-do it!
    It has been a hard week this week as the devil was having me doubting myself over this, throwing thoughts into my mind that need to postpone, etc., but when I went into my sewing/quilting room the first this I saw was a poster I had hung on my wall “When my feet hit the floor in the morning, may the devil say “Oh no she’s up!” So Glory to God and #palms up!

  187. Kristen Blaschke says:

    How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream?

    Since starting this journey of saying YES TO GOD I’ve become more aware and eventually convicted by God for my pride. This has been a painful process for me, but clearly something that I need to work on with God. My pride has hindered my relationship with God and with my fiance. I’m struggling with letting either of them lead the way that I am supposed to. Realizing this week that I do have that fresh start in front of me has been liberating. The first step has been to recommit myself to my early morning devotions with my Father. And, each morning, asking Him to guide me on this journey of being obedient.

  188. Radical obedience is where I get stuck. I know how to be obedient but I don’t know how that looks in my daily life. There are so many gray areas in the daily things, that I don’t really know what He really wants me to do.

    For the past 3 years every time I decided to obey God in everything, I started doing everything I know a “good Christian should do.” Doing devotions daily, doing couple devotions to improve my marriage, doing family devotions to improve our family, kid devotions with the kiddos to help spur on their own walks with God, praying with the kids before school, before meals, before bed, praying with my husband together, then praying on my own, then working on getting more organized and getting the house in better order to be a good steward of what God provided, then I think, “Oh, I need to keep in touch with family members and keep my end of those relationships good, so I started calling a family member once a week, which equaled to once or twice daily I was spending about 20 minutes or so on the phone. Plus sponsoring a child and donating and then all the other things that “good moms” do like spending time with each child separately and making sure to read to each child daily, making lunches, having family movie nights, game nights. Then I started adding on other things like “I shouldn’t go bra-less around the house anymore because it’s better to model modest dress for my daughter.” Within a week I would be constantly adding on new things. Then I burn out and stall in my walk with God. I can’t find that middle ground of where I am obeying in everything, but I am not adding on these rules that may be a good thing but not what God is telling me. So I feel myself starting up again with the “ought to’s and should nots.” I really don’t want to get in that cycle again.

    • Caitlin, sometimes quietness and listening is what the Lord is asking us to do. This is RADICAL obedience because it is the hardest thing we will ever be called to do in our not so quiet world. Praying for your quietness

      • Thank you, it does make sense that it is a problem for me. When everyone was listing their white-spaces I had no idea what mine was, it took me days of thinking about it. I think I found it today, kneeling at the end of my couch with a throw over my head. I am praying God helps me learn what it is to be quiet and still before Him.

  189. For me it’s obedience, spending time in the word. It’s so easy after the kids go down for a nap to take one myself or turn on the tv. I really feel he wants to use those few hours for me to spend time with him and rest In his word. And when I do I feel a lot better. It’s little things, that I need to say yes to.

  190. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?
    I have been walking this challenge since the beginning of the year. I have always been one who was in charge…in control… Everything planned out… Fingers in all the pies so to speak. And The Lord asked me to stop it all so I could truly find what it is He is calling me to and that is to be a Mary and not a Martha… To learn what it is to BE a doer of the Word!! Not just a DOER!! This has been very scary at times because my comfort and security has always been in my plans and activity so to become a woman who sits at the feet of Jesus while things need to be done around me has been a very radical step of obedience. It is a journey I am on and still struggle with. Through this study I am seeing more clearly the path The Lord has for me but still a little scary… I have to trust Him to direct my steps day by day… Moment by moment!! This is not easy but I am staying committed to the process to see His plans and purposes fullfilled in my life!! #YestoGod #PalmsUp #FreshVision

  191. How is my pride keeping me from obedience?
    Often, I can too easily justify my sin, which makes me so sad when I reevaluate. Also, there are so many distractions that cause me to lose focus. And when obedience calls me out of my comfort zone, it is easy to become distracted, even by good things.

  192. Many, many years have passed since that fateful day in that big empty house and I’ve often wondered what it was that God had wanted me to do with that experience in my life. Just a few short weeks ago in our womens ministry meeting, we were discussing human trafficking and the ministry idea of helping those in our community who suffer in abussive situations came up. I’m not sure I am ready to take on such a responsibility as reaching out to those individuals but I have been asking God to instruct me about this matter.

  193. This study has been so powerful to me. God is now asking me to use my experience in losing over 110 lbs by making healthy lifestyle changes to start a successful business which will fund a ministry and shelter for homeless women and children. A place for them to come to know the power and love of Jesus Christ so that they may rebuild their lives according to His purpose, for His glory. I couldn’t be more excited to see what God has in store. #palmsup #amazed #stickwithit

  194. Melissa Hughes says:

    Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    God MAY be asking me to leave my job in order to work as the ministry assistant at my church. I feel challenged for many reasons. I am not SURE if He is taking me in that direction. It is a PT position without benefits; I would need to supplement my income, probably waiting tables in the evenings, which would take me away from my family. I LOVE my current job. The steps I am taking are prayer and research. I am not stressed about it because I know God will make it very clear to me what to do.

  195. Mavis Tipton says:

    I have been struggling since last week with a situation that happened in December. I knew that I needed to speak with a certain person to apologize and clear the air. I had tried on a couple of occasions to do so, but it did not work out at the time. I determined that this past week I had to do this. I met with this person and we talked. The talk went well, however some things were brought up that kept eating away at me. After a very restless night on Wed of this week I pleaded with God to reveal the truth to me. What He did instead was to show me I was walking in self-condemnation, which was keeping me from pushing ahead with the Fresh Start, Fresh Passion, and Focus. I gave it all to him wrote a couple of letters to some people I had been sharing with, and spoke again to the original person, to make sure that the mistake I had made was unintentional. By being Radically Obedient to the Lord, I can say today there is no condemnation. PTL Thank you again dear Sisters of the Prov. 31 ministries for this amazing OBS. You see when you live under condemnation you try and put the focus on others. What a lesson to be learned. Love you all. Have a blessed Friday and wonderful weekend. I am looking forward to the next OBS, and have already bought my book. 🙂

  196. I think for me the biggest obedience for me is the being obedient to inspire others. I let my emotions run at times and it is so hard to stay focused on God and that their are people who are watching me and how I handle things. My thing is don’t look at me, I’m just an average joe. But God does put people in your path that He wants you to share His love and promises with. The biggest is that my kids watch my every move. This is me nail biting right now. God gave these precious ones to me and that is a big job but He gave it to me. So I am saying Yes and I pray my actions and obedience will show my children to have a heart for God.

  197. Nardia Rose says:

    Thank You OBS Sister, Yes I have my fresh start-My view on GOD has changed. Yes i found my white space(a small corner in my bedroom with a yoga mat and a back pillow where I kneel, lay down, stay flat on my face if needed. He has reunited my heart w/his with Fresh Praise. Now I need to fully obey him in the area of REST. One of the keys Lysa points out is partial obedience. I will obey GOD in some things but not all. Now i surrender totally, completely, As we said last week ITS NOT EASY. I said before, I am a fixer, its scary not knowing how I am going to pay for this -when i have been out of work for a few years and now only working PT-, how is that going to happen, and how will things turn out. It’s my pride. Today my focus was in James 4: Submit, surrender, He’s in control!. IT ALL belongs to Jesus any way. This is my first step. My second step is what she said,” Listen, act, and follow”, when Jesus commands. I continue to walk #Palms Up in my #Fresh Vision

  198. God uses our EXPERIENCES to equip us for our calling.
    I have always thought that I am to minister to people. I really haven’t been able to walk in any part of that, but last week since I have a “Fresh Focus” about my relationship with God I was able to use something in my life to help another group of people. You see I have just realized that through this study that God wants our full attention and I was able to share my experience of who I was and who I am NOW and this fresh outlook I have about my relationship with God. I also know that all the things I have walked through my life God as a plan to use that to help others. When, where, who… Of course I don’t know, but I pray my life will change others to see Him!

  199. Focus question: Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    I am on day 2 of the Advocare 24 day Challenge with my husband, we are busy with young kids and school and sports and life and it’s turned into years of convenience foods and fast food and eating on the go. I feel God calling us to healthier, more balanced eating habits for us and the 4 kiddos. I wish I could say it’s easy, I have definately been humbled today reading others posts and blogs, thanks for sharing your hearts and souls, love growing in my faith and obedience with you “Yes Girls” 🙂

    • Erica~ I love hearing that you are starting the Advocare 24 day Challenge. My husband and I have also done this and you think 24 days, that is not that long, right? Yeah right. When you are used to eating poorly, 24 days feels like a million!!! I will tell you that I grew up eating fast food and boxed food and not fruits and veggies and other healthy food. This was a HUGE challenge to me. I forced myself to #stickwithit!!!! The rewards are amazing and you will be so happy and proud of yourselves once you complete the Challenge. Let me know if you need some encouragement or a listening ear to get through it! You can do it and I will pray that you find the courage and strength you need to follow through. Best of luck and wait to see how good you feel inside and out!!!!!

  200. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?
    It’s a long story. I was rear-ended 23 months ago, I have major physical issues ranging from loss of sensation in organs, spasming bladder, pinched/entrapped nerves, bulging disc’ in my neck, the list goes on and on. I have seen a combination of 25 doctors; E.R., GYN-, G.I.-, Urology-, 2 Neurology- specialists, interns, nurse practitioners. I’ve had numerous MRI’s, CT, x-rays, been tested for AIDS, and the list goes on. I have been accused of lying, making up symptoms, needing psychiatric help. My husband and children try to understand but this has been a very challenging time for all of us. And all along when I thought I was all alone, the answer to my prayer was Peace that surpasses understanding. I am not alone. My radical act/step of obedience is to keep Trusting. I know it sounds so simple! I keep saying my Bible verses any time a negative thought comes. I had to write a letter asking my neurologist for another letter, the first one he wrote the insurances didn’t accept. I need this letter to pay the medical bills from this accident. Praise God! No matter what the circumstances around me I know my Redeemer lives! Thank you all for sharing your stories, I’m so encouraged 🙂

  201. I’ve been involved in the past two OBS and starting with Stressed-Less Living, my life turned completely upside down and now in What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, I am finally able to post a remark and pray for the courage to obey God in what I feel He is calling me to do. I have clung to these OBS’s and to God in the past few months and have found Him so faithful, one day at a time. I have been in a high powered job with many responsibilities which ended last week and starting this week am now a contractor for 6 months to help transition the new folks in charge. In my heart I have felt called to not work instead of find a new job and minister to my family for a season. My husband agrees and God has even answered prayers so that financially I can now take this step of faith. My children are grown but I am now caring for parents with dementia plus I want to spend time with my grandbabies. I want to be sure I am hearing God and then have the courage to say outloud to the world that God has called me to stay home for awhile. (I will not be just sitting home either, I have so much to do with my aging parents- that will take much of my time.) When the week began I was not sure what my passion was – but I began praising God and His plan for me is becoming more clear. What my passion will be in serving my family is nothing earth shattering or profound, except perhaps to my family. The world simply does not understand this thinking. I am so thankful for the wisdom of Melissa and Nicki and the women who share. You inspire me!

  202. Nicole Fellows says:

    In answer to question #1 and #2…here are my thoughts….also posted in my FB small group (21)
    So I was thinking about this week’s study and thought well God has not challenged my pride that much and then He made me think about all the times I have been frustrated in the last year because I could not be self-sufficient. Now that is a blow to my ego! Over the past year God has taken me on a journey of losing a job that provided for my every need and most of my desires to a place where I have to trust God to meet every bill due date. Talk about humbling. Through this time I have learned the difference between need and want. I need the rent paid; I need certain staples of groceries. I want a new bicycle and I would like to eat whatever strikes my fancy. The difference between wants and needs. Another frustration I have been struggling with is communicating about finances with John. I like to receive a set amount of money every week and plan accordingly; pay some bills early to ease the strain on the following week. He has a different view. He likes me to tell him every week how much money I need to pay the bills that are due this week and worry about next week later. I am having to learn to trust that between God and him the bills will get paid and not worry about next week. This had been very humbling for me. The amazing thing about all of this is God took away a job that was successful in the world’s eyes so that I would have to rely on Him. Now I am on a path to take me back to the vision he gave me when I was a teenager about having a clinic and orphanage in some remote area. He has opened doors for me to get my Licensed Vocational Nursing degree and the opportunity to move beyond that to a Nurse Practitioner. Had I stayed on the career track I was on, I would never have been able to realize that dream. Now I have #FreshVision for my future.

  203. Christine Ann says:

    This is my second comment today ( 1st was response to the success of Dove’s Nest giving). This is in ‘obedience’ to the challenge questions and my response to Q1: I identified an area of pride in my life which is.. keeping myself private, which hinders me from venturing too far in service to others. I seem to go so far then draw back. My home could be more open and hospitable, but it is only so often that happens, sharing a meal or having a guest overnight. It seems that my home has become for me, a safe and private place from the world outside. It hasn’t always been this way thankfully. So my challenge is to be more open and have my life interupted by God, through other people. I do have to be honest here and say that the main way I share my home and serve is for my grandchildren in support of their hardworking parents, it is outside of this family support that I am challenged to be obedient in serving with acts of hospitality.
    This gaurding of privacy also causes me to avoid facebook and other social networking and flying in the face of this is my desire to create a blog ( so I can join in the blog -hop!). A big challenge..

  204. ***How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream?***
    Call it pride or fear of rejection or whatever you want to call it. I have been thinking about this question since reading this post this morning. There are times that I am in a conversation with someone and I want to add something about how God has done this or that or whatever in my life but I don’t. I think that I am afraid that they will look at me funny or judge me or something. I have not been close to God for most of my life and I have made some really bad decisions and I am working on letting all of my past choices and decisions and actions go. I am a new person and I love the new me and I share it will some people, but not others. Call it my pride, I am not sure what it is. I do need guidance and I do need to be accountable. I want to share with everyone and I don’t want to worry about what they will say or think. I pray that we all can have a #FreshFocus and shout out that we are YES girls. Please pray for me to continue to work on this area!!

    • Cindy Uhrick says:

      Crystal, I’m lifting you in prayer…. It is a tough place to be struggling with fear of rejection and worrying what others may think or being judged for sharing thoughts or sharing about God…. This is an area I struggle with everyday…. I pray that you will have that #FreshFocus and that we both can let this go to our Father and be fully committed to being Yes girls….

  205. Cindy Uhrick says:

    These are tough questions…. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking me to take? I’m definitely sure of that but as to what that step is I’m not sure… need clarity on this…. So the question: “How is your pride keeping you from obedience? ” Wow… how to answer this one…. I think pride or fear keeps me from sharing with others because I’m afraid that I will sound stupid or not make sense. In group settings I normally listen and don’t contribute any thoughts or views to the class because I always feel so much less knowledgeable than others. I fear being judged all the time.
    Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream? I know I do need to ask for help and guidance with my dream but have felt that the person I usually seek counsel with, other than my husband, is someone I haven’t been able to talk to lately, especially when it comes to my dream/vision. It is like a wall has gone up and I’m not sure whose wall it is, is mine or the other person’s, or both…. This is part of my struggle over the last few weeks too…. Praying for wisdom and guidance on this issue…. as I take the step towards a #FreshStart, #FreshFocus and #Freshvision….
    Praying for everyone here also….

    • Cindy~I understand and I will pray for you to find clarity so you and your friend can figure things out. I will also pray that you can find the strength to talk about God and his word with others.

  206. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    During this study I have had several yes to God moments and many times I have felt like he was a million miles away. Just this week God told me that he is my portion and I Should hope in him. With this I have learned to be content in this waiting period going on in my life, but now I feel that God is telling me to get rid of all my distractions. So I have somewhat eliminated them. Mainly the television. I don’t watch as much tv now but I decided to start a program exercising and eating healthy. Every day this week I have set my alarm one hour before my son wakes up so that I can exercise. I spend time online finding healthy foods to eat and reading others weight loss stories. Just to realize I have only replaced tv for this. Not once have I set my alarm to get up to read my bible. Although I do set apart time in the day to spend time in the word, I am just not going out of my way to do it, the way I am with exercising. The point I am making is God has told me that he is all I need, so today I take the first step in obedience to make him my priority.

  207. Karen Eberts says:

    #3: “Our obedience may inspire others to respond.”
    While reading the part in the book earlier about the five steps we are to take to discern if it is God’s will for us to do something, all the steps were a “yes” answer in my mind, except the idea hadn’t been confirmed through messages elsewhere (sermons, books, a talk with a friend, etc.) So I asked the Lord about that…and guess what? I turned to the next chapter in the book and Lysa was sharing her story of how she came to adopt her two boys, and the VERY Scripture the Lord had placed in my heart, James l:27, about “Pure and faultless religion is this: to help the orphans and the widows in their distress,” Lysa quoted right there! Amazingly, at church a week or so before, that was the Scripture the Lord had put into my heart with an idea to do “acts of service” for those elderly, single moms or widows who were in our parish, but who may not have folks reaching out to help them! Long story shorter, I went to our pastor with my idea and now things are in full process to have a morning of service that the whole church can participate in! We currently have 68 volunteers signed up, so yes, the obedience I knew God was asking of me has inspired others to respond! It is a lot of work to coordinate all this, but I know when we celebrate at the covered dish dinner that night, and watch the videotape of the community reaching out to one another, people will have a better sense of how God uses us to be His “hands and feet” in our world! Love this study…thank you Lysa, for your faithfulness, and for the whole Proverbs 3l team’s effort and heart!

  208. How is your pride keeping you from obedience?
    I have been asking my husband to quit dipping for 9yrs now and when I bring it back to his attention that he still hasn’t quit (even though he promised me he would) it causes an argument, which then leads into a financial argument, which then leads hatred right into our hearts. But as I have grown deeper in my faith (through this bible study) I heard God’s still, small, just, voice speaking to me…”Drop the pride and selfishness, and gain obedience and patience!” I thought to myself, “Really..patience? As if 9yrs wasn’t patient enough?” And then later that night, it hit me like a ton of bricks… God wants me to have patience with Him!!! He is the one that my husband needs to go to for support and God has a plan!! So I have many, many times voiced my opinion to my husband about his dipping habits, and I cannot keep criticizing him about his failures.
    God had taught me that patience helps you give your spouse permission to be human! And He will continue to teach me how to love another imperfect person unconditionally! I will continue to be obey you, Lord. Thank you!

  209. Shawn Walton says:

    My call to obedience may change someone else’s life.
    My husband and I are starting. Celebrate recovery in our mostly Filipino church. In 6 months we’ve had ZERO interest. I am passionate about this ministry as it has transformed our family, but frankly I’m tired ad I want to quit. I want to change churches and attend the church where I have connections through the CR I attend. Alas, God said don’t quit. So I will keep on toward the goal. As soon as any one in our church has the courage to admit they need help, their lives will be changed, and Jesus will be glorified . They are, admittedly, a proud culture. By the way, DH and I are not Filipino. So we will keep on pursuing the goal.

  210. Hi! I am not answering one of the questions, cause I haven’t read Chapter 7 yet, (the plan is to do so tomorrow!) but I did want to let you know I am still here plugging along! 🙂 Even though I am a bit behind the crowd, I have to tell you that I am not one single step behind with Jesus! He is right with me cheering me on and ministering to me like crazy! I just finished Chapter 6 & questions, and WOW! The timing of the chapter and my heart needs was AMAZING! I have felt a freedom this week and a closeness with God my Father that brings tears to my eyes as I write this. He has given me a “fresh start” this week with the powerful truths from Chapter 6 questions of who I am in Christ. There is fresh passion in my spirit for God’s Word, for God’s praises to be lifted up, and a fresh passion to trust Him and believe Him and say Yes to Him daily! Saying Yes! to Him daily means finally saying NO! to the fears that I’ve been listening to for too long. I have been praying to develop new habits, and God has given me a fresh start with that this week too. It’s been powerful! And I am truly on my journey of learning to have fresh focus…Praise God! So I wanted to thank everyone for your part in this Bible study; whether you wrote the book, are facilitating the study, or participating in it (and everyone in between!) “Where two or more are gathered there He is also.” Indeed, God has poured out His Spirit on us as we have “gathered” online each week. May you all be blessed and freed and empowered to live more fully in Christ, as I am experiencing.
    And may those of you who have been “behind” in study too, be encouraged to keep plugging along! You’re right on time with God!

  211. This is my first comment and I’m answering the question about what experience we have that God is asking us to use. Well, I’m not entirely sure yet, but I have been through breast cancer while I was pregnant. I had chemo, surgery, etc while pregnant and my daughter and I are just great. It’s been almost 5 years now I have done everything possible to wipe the experience from my scared little brain. Finally, though, I found the overwhelming love and safety that God can bring. My life in unbelievable changed in a million ways! I know the value of living each day to its fullest and trying not to get caught up in trivial things. I try to see the BIG PICTURE. I think God wants me to use my experience of relying on Him, through life and death, to help others, but I’m not sure how. I have avoided dealing with any cancer reminders like the plague! I just pray that God will give me the listening ears I need to now which way to go to follow Him. Thanks for listening. I’m nlown away by everyone’s passion here!

    • I will lift you up in prayer to find the listening ears you need. I pray God will speak to your heart and give you the answers you seek in order to help others.

  212. My experiences as a single mother and recovering alcoholic seem to emerge in my present position. I have the blessing of working with people to find employment and God has encouraged me to share His word and love with customers. What an amazing experience to plant a seed and to be able to pray for people!

  213. Sue Kerschner says:

    I have to say my first step to obedience to God has been persevering through this OBS and reading all about you wonderful ladies that I feel like #Amazed beyond words. But my steps are baby steps and I started my walk with Jesus in a whole new light since doing this study. I find myself finding my White space and then hearing God speak and instead of my usual #SAYWHAT moment I say #YES GOD and just do it. I have seen the works of God in my life since last Sunday when I turned down many rides to church and Walked the whole way with the Lord. A little background (I wasn’t able to walk to my mailbox a little over a year ago from a gait disorder and here I am getting up ready for church and walking about 5 miles to take in God’s words….although I was a little on the sweaty side I knew that God had helped me make this an accomplishment I’ve dreamed of doing…being independent and yet knowing that God was with me was my first real step in my Obedience. God Bless y’all and as the old saying use to be “Keep on Truckin” I have to say that I Will “Keep on Walkin” with my Lord every day for the rest of my life.

  214. The experience in my life that most defines my personal connection with Jesus is the alcohol addiction of my late husband. I had no one who understood what we were going through. The Holy Spirit drew near throughout his recovery and his sudden and unrelated death. I was alone as never before, left with huge responsibilities, debts, and a son to raise. Friends say they didn’t know how I was surviving. It was truly by the grace of God. I I use these experiences in so many areas of my life. They have built compassion in a deep place I my heart. My knowledge of the Lord is personal and real. He has wrapped his loving arms around me, worked through others, and placed others with similar struggles in my path. He is my savior!

  215. Cheryl Freier says:

    Not sure of what God wants me to do although I seem to be put in a lot of situations to pray for people and try to get them to look up to Jesus. My husband and I have had a rough 5 years he lost his job, our daughter ran away and we lost our home and moved. Some of this we know why I was a stay at home mom and I had to go back to work we moved from Ca. to Or. where I had family and they said their was work up here like my husband does not so, but we now know why God moved us here one of our daughters with her baby daughter followed us the next summer she found a awesome Christian man who loves her and her daughter and they are now married and have another daughter couldn’t of ask for anything better for her. My husband has a job at Lowes making 1/4 of what he used to make and he has now taken on a part-time position which is in the field he used to work in as an inspector and he is back in school getting more certificates to make him more desirable for positions which we know this is all God we are looking to leave this area and so is my daughters family. Now the daughter that ran away that is still a horrible situation she still will not have anything to do with us and she is our youngest, and as a mother I know this can heal but it will only be with Gods grace. But I tell people I have written on my forehead tell me your story or what is going on because I get stopped by people I know and strangers so I can listen and encourage or pray with them and always think positive I just would love to have our daughter back into our lives.

  216. I’ve felt for quite some time that God is asking me to be more open about my struggles to others but big fat pride keeps getting in the way because I worry what people will think. I’ve struggled with skin issues all of my life as well as depression, insecurity, anxiety, abusive relationships etc…you know the usual stuff we women deal with. 😉 I’ve come a long way though and feel a special place in my heart for helping women with emotional issues by writing a book or somehow getting my words out there but I’m scared to death what people will think when they see that side of me, especially the CHRISTIAN SAY YES TO GOD side as I don’t talk about my spiritual journey much with others. God has been pushing me to get started with a blog though and says he will lead me from there. Just as I was pondering how to make that happen I happened to catch Brene Brown giving a Ted Talk on vulnerability (google her ladies and watch some of her stuff, you won’t be disappointed!) and it came to me to call it the Vulnerability Project and make it a place where I just put it all out there. I’ve read other blogs, many of them through this study where people really just open up their hearts and are so authentic and inspiring. I hope and pray to one day do the same.

    • God placed that dream in your heart then he will fulfill it. It is so scary to share your story but that is how lives are changed. Someone will hear your story and it will be the exact thing that they needed to take that step in asking God in their life. Excited for you!

  217. Dana Cowen says:

    My experiences for Gods calling!

    Ladies, My Lord has opened a new door for me! I said Yes, Yes, Yes! Say what! I started cooking and baking when I was 6 years old! By 12 I was cooking lunch for the cowboys lunch while my mom had job in town! God given me a talent for this! I’ve cook on ranches, chuck wagon had a bakery, cartered and baked sales to support my children as a single mom of 3!
    Now God opened the door for me to run a local cafe!!!! So excited The Lord has blessed me amazingly! I get to use my talent and love it yea!

    Thank you My Lord!

    Hugs and kisses y’all way!


  218. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?
    Yesterday while at work I seen some things go on that should not have happened and I kept quiet. But today the Lord apparently wants me to step up and start standing up for what is right. The one who is acting as supervisor until one is hired and I were the last ones at work when it came out about what I witnessed yesterday. So now I have to fill out a report and turn it in and see what happens from there. I am so scared right now as to what is going to happen. It could cost someone their job or mine and I know that if it gets out that I spoke up, the opposition and ridicule from the rest of my co-workers I could be facing. I am not sure that I would get any support from any of my co-workers for standing up to what is right for things have been covered up far to long.
    But I feel the God wants me to recommit my life to Him and start fresh and if that means that I stand up alone for what is right, so be it. For I know that God is one my side and He will fight for me. Even if it means that I lose my job and the Lord close this door, He will open another one and have something better for me to do.
    Will be talking to my Pastor and his wife tomorrow to ask the church to lift me up in prayer and to uplift and to keep me encouraged until this situation is settled. I would also appreciate it very much if all you you Yes Girls would keep me in prayer over this situation. Thank you and God Bless all of you Yes Girls.

    • He is your shield and he has you under the shadow of His wings. Psalms 91. He will honor your faithfulness and courage.

      • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I read Psalm 23 and Psalm 91 every morning before I go to work. And throughout the day find a quiet place and just cry out to the Lord just to let Him know that I need Him and before I know it is time to go home.

  219. Thank you so much for posting the video updating us on the Dove’s Nest. I had goose bumps during the whole video. Simple amazing. Praise God!

    The focus question I would like to answer is: Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step? I have mention that I have been on my pathway to purpose this year. I have been taking steps in the direction I feel the Lord is wanting me to, but I’m not making much head-way. See, I have been asked to help facilitate some of the women group events at my church. I have been given the freedom to pick and plan a few events/gatherings. By taking on this “facilitator/coordinator” role, will allow me to use my talents and spiritual gifts. I have spent much time in prayer and truly feel I am stepping in the right direction. Where I feel I am getting stuck at is waiting on other female leaders from my church to respond back to my emails regarding the ideas I have. I am so excited to get some of these events on the calendar and get started planning them. However, I am stuck. I recall reading in one of my purpose books that the Lord will some times halt our plans because others may not be ready. I pray that this is the case. I do plan on following up with the lady I emailed this week at church. I have a clear vision as to how to use my talents, I have a passion to praise Him through song and my obedience and now I need to stay focused on the pathway He has for me.

  220. One experience God has called me to use is my anxiety. So many places ive been with this. From being stuck in my home for almost two yes two years because of fear and anxiety to Him rescuing me time and time again and He still does. Yes. I still suffer with this crippling horrible disease , I sometimes cuss at it, talk to it , beg it to leave me alone, plead with God to take it away, cry until my eyes nearly bleed because I am literally scared to death.. BUT GOD…. I was living carefree and although I had been a Christian for many years, I had no idea what lengths He would go to , just to draw me back. I get mad at Him, and wonder a lot of times why He used such a drastic thing to get my attention, but then, in my disobedient times, I realize, what He does is use this to keep me grounded in Him. AND,, most of all, it has given me one of the sure things in my life, and that is to help others with anxiety and panic disorder. I have used it, not as I feel it is complete yet, but I joined a group for fear when I was home for almost two years, ,met wonderful people who also suffered with this and after a while, a few of us from all over the world shared phone numbers and when one would be suffering, would call each other.. at first, I was very needy, and the lady who made the page, became a wonderful sister in Christ… after a little while, she made me an administrator of the page because people would tell her they called me and felt comfort just from hearing that I too was afraid to go to the grocery store alone, or drive to the dr. or whatever.. and the calls came more and more. and suddenly I realized, God was using me… in the very place that crippled me in the first place.. well, you will be glad to know I now work, and am not afraid to be alone or go places, oh He has carried me so far. I do still panic, and get afraid. but this disorder got me into Gods word and IT became my comfort instead of someone on the phone,,ha I called it running to the phone instead of the Throne. its funny now, but that’s when 2 Corinthians 1 jumped off of the pages and came to life for me. We struggle for the very purposes of God. sounds crazy I know.. but I am a girl delivered and I know it to be true… so.. that is the one and only thing I know God has called me to and used out of me. and I just know theres more to come. love yalll sorry it was so long but I just couldn’t leave ANYTHING out…

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Oh Amy,
      I am on my knees for you friend. I had that disease when I was 19 to almost 29.

  221. Julie Braga says:

    I believe that question 2 is where The Lord wants me to focus. I am on a journey with The Lord that really started over four years ago. I think The Lord is equipping me to serve Him even when I am at home. The cards I wrote for Dove’s Nest was such a blessing. It opened my eyes to a ministry that uses cards & phone calls to encourage widows and others. I am so grateful that The Lord showed me this. It gets my eyes off of me and on Him and His beloved children. This study has blessed me incredibly from the P 31 team to my sisters in Group 21. Thank you Lord!

    • I love your story!!! I have also been on my journey with God for a few years now, but this study has really been a blessing as I am seeking the Lord in a whole new way and he is leading me to where he wants me!!! Have a great night!

  222. Praise the Lord from whom ALL blessings flow.

  223. Hmm well i fall into a couple of those focus questions, “Is there some thing radical God is asking me to do and How is my pride keeping from it”?
    Well God has been after me for a long about praying more and group prayer, I have tried a few times to join prayer groups and no luck w any of that! I tried (not real hard) to bring together a couple of friends to pray with but no luck again. God was waking me many mornings at 345 am to pray, and I would, he would drop in my spirit to pray more, but I would not. Our church started reading the “Circle Maker” and we formed sm prayer groups, and one night we were all praying and the Lord drop in my spirit this is what I want right here this is what I am looking for he showed me what he anted and I took it to the leaders they talked, prayed and said yes but you do it, then I was sharing the same thing w a friend and she said why don’t you do it, well I was already two weeks into OBS “Yes girls” ugh so I guess my first step is to say “YES” and I did, however my pride kept me back with you cant do this there are to many leaders in there remember how you feel about leaders, you can’t lead them! I dont want to be in front of them and they were the first to encourage me to do this….WOW my fear became less and less, I was also in a Gideon study which was teaching about our weakness is God’s strength, so I began to put all three of the studies to work, I shushed my fears, prayed circles around what God was telling me and said YES to the whisper in my heart to lead a pray group once a month at our church, and God worked it all out for HIS glory….three bible studies that helped me step forward and ea one built upon the other, God knew what all it would take to make me say YES!

  224. Hi, Ladies,
    I have been so blessed, challenged and overwhelmed as I have been taking part in this study. It has been so encouraging to look into the Word, and see how God can work through me as I say “yes” to Him. Knowing that so many women around the world are sharing in this experience is so uplifting and I truly believe that each life will be different as a result of this study. I must confess that I have been challenged in a way that makes me think how I can get so wrapped up with what I think I should accomplish each day. God is working in me to realize as I spend time with Him in my white space, praise Him in all circumstances, my life will be at rest in Him, and others will see Christ in me as I serve him throughout each day. Of course, Satan is working, saying, you are behind, this is too overwhelming for you, you can’t get caught up, etc, and tries to distract from what is important striving to have Christ living in and through me to accomplish what he has for me to do. Am praying that what I have learned will be transformed in me, and that I will sense His peace. Thank you, ladies for sharing so much of your hearts with each of us. Your inspiration is such an encouragement. Hugs to all!

  225. For me it’s question # 3. I believe that God is leading me to do something similar as we have done for a Dove’s Nest, for a rehab place that is close to where I live. This is not a huge step of obedience for some but for me it’s pretty big. I’m fairly shy when it comes to try to organize something like this. This is the place my sister in law is at. I think the cards, notes, or bible verses could be very helpful for these men and women. They aren’t allowed any outside contact for the first so many months, I thought even though they won’t know where there from it may help them know someone is thinking and praying for them. I am going to call and talk to them over the weekend or Monday whenever I can talk to someone in charge. That in it’s self is way out of my comfort zone, but I will follow where God leads me in this new journey. God Bless each and everyone of you.

  226. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    2. God uses our EXPERIENCES to equip us for our calling.
    Your history is not your destiny but chances are, it’s shaped your calling.
    Focus question: What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?
    I think the one thing that God is asking me to use is what I have been through being suddenly widowed and how God has been with me from the moment I found out my husband had died. I was praying as I was driving home for God’s guidance, wisdom and for him to give me the strength that I knew I was going to need that day and in the coming weeks. I will not tell you that it has been easy, but I can certainly tell you that even when I have been pushed to the depths of despair in dealing with no will, no organization on paperwork for insurance policies, finding out my husband had been addicted to pornography and spent a great deal of money on that,just to name a few, but God has been there to give me hope and and to ease my grief. I do not miss an opportunity to tell anyone what a wonderful God he is. How he is there for us always, if we will only put away our selfish pride and humble ourselves before him. There is no need for pretense with God; he already knows everything and that is what I am trying to share with others, especially my ladies Bible Study group and with other friends. Humble yourself, praise him, ask for his guidance…life will not be perfect, but that is okay because I know that when I encounter these storms, I have someone who is right there with me and will help me make it through if I will only trust him and obey. I pray that I will be able to use my compassion and passion for God to work in women’s ministry to help others. God is guiding and growing me each and every day and giving me the confidence that I need to step up and speak. When the time is right, I am convicted that he will reveal his plans for my life and for this calling.

  227. 2. God uses our EXPERIENCES to equip us for our calling.
    My Marriage. See Ladies I tour my home down for too many years that God removed my husband from me to bring me back to Him. For Him to change me into the woman,wife, mother, and friend He has called me to be. This journey has been very refining and painful but so worth every minute,hour,day,week, month, and year!!! I. Know He is going to use this to help others. He has already started bringing woman in my life that need the comfort The Lord gave me. His perfect comfort. I say Yes God HERE I AM USE ME!!!

  228. I have always been one to avoid being the center of attention. I remember being sick to my stomach whenever I had to speak in front of the class at school. This was and is one of my biggest fears! Recently I was asked to read chapter one from the book of Ruth (with another person) and I did not hesitate. I said yes. I began to feel, after the fact, those feelings of inadequacy, fear, and doubt. I have been praying asking for strength and courage. I want to step out in faith, trusting God to be there with me every step of the way. I don’t want to stay in that comfortable place anymore. I truly want to be used by God for His glory.

    • Ooops, I forgot to mention the most important part….I was asked to read at our ladies retreat in front of all the ladies!

  229. Shirley Allen says:

    There is no doubt, it is question #3: My obedience may inspire others to respond. When I moved into the manufactured home park (MHP), I was still working full time. Then, the SHIFT came for me to stay home and be full time care giver for my husband. The new RHYTHM that God wanted me to learn was HIS. I believe He wanted me to be available to the residents in my MHP. Well, 2013 has been the RHYTM of God for ministry in our MHP. What a radical blessing. As I respond in obedience others will (and are) catching the vision and respond to God’s calling on their own lives. The CAUTION is that I need to be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that my blessings for radical obedience will profit my accounts and fill my pockets.
    Prayer to my Abba Father God:
    Don’t let me miss your offer of eternal significance because I am too distracted by earthly things. I want your vision beyond the moment. I must keep my focus on Your Son, Jesus. I must hear you when you speak. When you direct I want to act. When you compel me to give I must do so freely. When you remind me to get past trivial matters, I must let my pride fall away. When you invite me to leave the world behind, I must follow you. Even the funny or simple things I can experience you God – if I choose to, Yes God, I truly want to be the woman who says yes to you that knows that my life will follow where I focus my vision = You Jesus.

  230. Heidi Edwards says:

    I always pray to God for direction and to hear him speak to me so I know that I am doing what pleases him. I feel discouraged after prayer almost every time because I don’t ever hear God speak to me. I read everyone’s awesome “God experience” stories and wish I had one myself. I don’t feel he is pushing me in a certain direction and I ask him for help every night. I am not giving up on God but just really confused right now.

    • Heidi, I love your honesty. Been there and it is tough but hold on you will. It may not be the still small voice you hear but he may be speaking to you through other ways. Scriptures that are the same popping up day after day or just kinda jumps off the page, a certain event that just might quicken something inside you, lyrics from a worship song that comes out of nowhere. Keep seeking. Don’t give up.

  231. First I want to say I am #Amazed by what we have been able to accomplish with supporting Dove’s Nest! Great job ladies!!!

    The focus question I chose is: “Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?”

    For me there are two steps of radical obedience God is asking me to take. The first involves my church and the Women’s Ministry there. We do not really have much of a ministry since a bunch of people left our church after some drama. I was conflicted if I should go to this larger church I had also been attending. I felt this really strong feeling in my heart that God wanted me to stay at my church and help rebuild the women’s ministry. Since then, I have felt His nudging to continue. I have been taking the steps to rebuild the ministry and talking with my Pastor’s wife and an Elder’s wife and we are moving forward with the ministry. I could have stayed on the sidelines and not get involved, but I chose to obey God and I already feel blessed by growing closer to these women and working to provide a fellowship for other Christian women.

    My second step of radical obedience involves my evening routine. When I am ready to go to sleep (after kids are in bed, homework’s done, Bible study is done), I lay in bed and wind down playing Candy Crush. Lately I have been really praying and wondering what God wants me to give up to spend more time with Him. I’ve been reading other women’s posts and then last night I just knew that I should not turn to Candy Crush to unwind, but I should turn to God. So that is exactly what I did last night. Instead of playing Candy Crush, I read my Bible. I felt at peace when I went to sleep and I knew I had done what God wanted me to do. I will continue to turn to God to unwind, and not the things of the world.

    I am a YES Girl and I will continue to say #YesToGod with my #PalmsUp!!!!

  232. My pride is really what keeps me at times from obeying God. The fruits I struggle most with are patience and self control which really are rooted from my pride. My pride to need to be in control because I do it best. My pride because I am such a type a personality and I want to be on time and I want perfectionism so my patience level is nil at times. My inability to control my tone when I’m angry at times comes down to my selfish need to vent my anger and frustration. I ask daily for guidance and the ability to be slow to speak, slow to anger….yet when the emotion comes sometimes I choose to to stop it. By God’s grace and overwhelming love for me I have been able to see how my reaction is wrong and stop it way before it becomes more then it should be. However when ou have two kids and a quick temper, it’s hard. I have been looking up verses about being prideful and I am starting to see how my pride interferes with my husband as well. I am not saying yes to God when I am too busy trying to say I’m right to my husband. God is saying be quiet Kim. Yet my pride wants me to say that last word. I pray this prayer to you God and for all of my sisters in Christ too….please Lord give me the strength to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. Human anger DOES not produce the righteous You so desire for me. I pray I can know that the only person I need to be proud is you. I desire your love and your acceptance. And the best news is I ALREADY have it. I pray Lord that I can once and for all surrender my pride. Surrender my impatience. Surrender my control to you. Those times as a child when I was helpless. Those times when I was alone and felt abandoned. You were there and I’m sorry I didn’t see it as a child but I see it now. Take my heart Lord and know how much I desire you and want to give my life to you. I want to lose my life to gain what’s truly meant for me. Please help me surrender god. Surrender it all. In your name I pray these things. Amen. Thank you girls for allowing me to talk so honestly and to pray with my true heart. I pray for you all and I pray that ou too can surrender what God is asking of you.

  233. Question one has made me stop and think all day. I came to the conclusion that I am prideful. I frequently want and have a hidden desire for others to notice the good work that I am doing for God. As I thought of this during the day I realize that this is a stumbling block to being truly obedient to God. I need to focus solely on God and not worry about what others think or wait for their affirmation or acknowledgement. Thanks Nikki for challenging me today.

  234. The one experience in my life is stillbirth. I experienced a stillbirth many years ago and the past year I started a group called MOMS (mothers of miscarriage and stillbirth). I know God has a plan for MOMS. I try not to jump ahead of God but I know I sometimes do. This bible study has really helped me.

    • I am so sorry Jeannie for what had happened. Opening your heart to help others in the healing process is inspiring. Letting God use in you in that way, beautiful. Hugs to you and prayers for wisdom and favor as you engage on this journey walking with Him.

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      My little girl, Mackenzy, was stillborn. I understand. I understand sooooooooooo much. If you ever want to talk please email

      Praying, sister.

  235. When I opened my home and heart to a develomentally delayed boy, I didn’t know I as saying Yes to God in such a way tht my life would be changed. I am realizing that God has a bigger plan thaen I had for my life, tht at the age of 70, He is not finshed using and changing me. I know I am feeling His heart for the helpless and the disadvantaged. I am glas I said ‘Yes’ to Him and I am awaiting the unfolding of His plan. It is not easy, there are days when I want to say ‘NO, to God, the days when my flesh wants to please itself. YES GOD!

  236. Sometimes i don’t know what to pray for (Romans 8:26) I want to please God in everything. I am so convicted when i have bad thoughts and being disobedient to God. Yes i know we sin and i also no 1 John 1:9 if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us. I want to give more to the Lord and others. I want God to have the Victory in all i do.

    • Delores, What is so great is he loves us the same no matter what. You can’t earn more love he just loves. He knows your heart. Don’t let condemnation come on you that isn’t from Him.

  237. Molly Townsend says:

    Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?

    Ever since I have started this study, I have felt God telling me that I needed to get out of my job that I was in. There has been some very sticky situations that I have hated to be associated with just because I worked there. After beginning to look for another job, and of course praying about it. I put in another resume for another job that I have officially accepted, I will be a preschool teacher at a place that is christian based and I am over the moon about it. Not just that the lord is providing us with a new home which will also help us get away from the people we are renting/ working for. It has been a stress on not only me, but also my marriage. I am thanking God that he is providing these things for my family, because things have happened while I have told them I am leaving and I don’t want to be associated with it, or get involved. I start my new job this week and I absolutely can’t wait! Praise the LORD!

  238. I have been without a computer for the past couple of days. How did we manage before..Lol 🙂 Anyhoot, I came on here to just check up on things and was going to write what I thought I was going to write until reading all of the previous posts. I am in awe of the support and true caring for one another. Post after post when someone shares their heart you see encouraging and comforting words and prayers. I have never been a part of something like this, it is amazing. Father, Thank you for this study. Thank for all the women all over the world who are opening their hearts to you, lifting their palms up and saying Yes to God! What an awesome visual of thousands of women seeking you. We give you the praise!!!

  239. Today I was challenged to focus on my marriage. My husband is having issues with his “manhood” in that he was laid off from a decent job October 2012 and is now working in a demeaning to him job and not earning as much and drinking too much. This afternoon I came home from work tired and irritable and he had the day off so drank too much and was annoying me as soon as I walked in the door. God knows how much I love him, and He has been telling me to confront him, and I finally did. We ended up in each others arms crying for several hours and now he knows my heart more than ever. We laughed we cried we prayed. He is now sleeping it off. I am praying he will move forward and out of this mess he’s in. I feel so bad for him, and he is sorry for the hell he puts me through. I also pray he finds the strength to fight his demons. I walked a long and painful road to find this man and I will not give up on him.

  240. Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

    I experienced some severe childhood abuse that I thought would be the experience God called me through. Nope… That isn’t my experience that God is calling me to use. It is the period of my life where my son was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer and refused to give up because “God knows what He’s doing and He’s not done with me yet!” said my then 9 year old. As I volunteer in the hospice or Ronald McDonald House I am able to share my faith in the Lord but, more importantly, my son’s strong faith that God isn’t giving up on him (my son Alex) so how could he possibly think of giving up on God?
    4 minutes ago · Like

    • I am going to be praying and believing for a miracle healing for Alex, Father by your stripes I pray Alex is healed in the mighty name of Jesus. Do you have a website where I can follow his progress?

      • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

        When he was first diagnosed we did. Now, as he wants to just be “normal” we don’t use the Caring Bridge. It is still available Type in alexfranke

        Last summer he had a non-malignant tumor removed and this summer a malignant spot on his lung. He is marching forward with God through this all!

    • Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

      Amen, Wendy!

  241. What one experience in your life is God asking you to use?

    God has spent the past six months speaking LOUDLY to my heart that I need to start writing my salvation testimony and getting the mess I was out into a message glorifying Him. Two weekends ago I gave that testimony live in three services at my home church and while that experience was beyond words amazing He is not done – I am going to submit it to a woman’s magazine for an essay writing contest whose them is: The Greatest decision you have ever made; which is Jesus. I only started to obey Him as I began this study, read all the comments over the first two weeks, waited until the last minute to write my testimony, thinking of every way possible I could get out of it doing it. Other than the Bible and Paul and Luke especially has any other author motivated, encouraged and stepped on my toes as much as Lysa TerKeurst and her words come to life in this AWEsome community of ladies!

  242. Weight has been my struggle since I was 12. (In December I will be 60) in 2012 I read made to crave and lead a friend through it this spring. Through it I did much of the study but felt I didn’t need to give up sugar. I can’t lose the last 10 pounds. God laid it on my heart to give up sugar , bread and wine for 6 weeks. I have made it for 5 days now. This week my attitude has improved in several areas. Also I am returning g to leadership in a Bible study for young mothers.

    Please pray for me as I take this step.

    Thank you for this study.

  243. I think God wants me to use my experience and journey of how I dealt with being sexually abused as a child. It took many many years to hit rock bottom and to get help. And along the way I have gained Christian friends who have had similar struggles and experiences. We have helped each other get through some hard times. I went through counseling and I think that has helped me with others in general.
    Like recently my friend/coworker/roommate has gone through her husband leaving her and after 5 months he is wanting to come back. During that time she didn’t know what to do and I think through some of my hurts and pain I could encourage her and help support her. I haven’t ever been in that situation or had a spouse, but I could see insight to maybe some things that he was dealing with and to help her understand maybe a few things.
    It’s crazy the connections God has put in my life and that our experiences start matching up with others we have met along the way. I am thankful for those connections although I would never wish the experience itself on anyone. I pray God will continue to heal and to allow myself to use the experience to help others.

  244. Radically obedient? The first step that God is asking me to take is to spend more time, digging deeper into His Word and meditation. I need to take those small moments here and there spending time with the Lord. I’ve wasted so much time feeling lonely(as we moved out of state from family and close friends) and feeling disappointed in myself. Well, I’m not alone, I HAVE JESUS! Thank you, Jesus and thanks to all of you wonderful ladies with OBS.

  245. Racquel Peterson says:

    I feel God is asking me to dig deeper and live His word daily and share His message with every person I come across — starting with my family, specifically my children. My son was asking me tonight whether he would still go to heaven if he sometimes thinks he hates God (he is 9). He said he always thinks about how much he loves God, but sometimes he thinks he might hate God. I asked him for more details — what is going on around him when he thinks he hates God, but he would only say he could not explain it other than he has a thought that he hates God. Well, I sure did not feel like mother of the year in that moment!! I am not sure I answered his question the best way — I went over the steps to salvation and then quoted the last part of Romans 8:39 –nothing separates us from the love of God. Either way, this conversation reinforced to me my responsibility as a parent to teach my children about Christ – not just in words, but in actions.

  246. Heather M. says:

    I feel God is asking me to work with cancer patients, as I was one earlier this year. I believe He wants me to open a fitness place to help relax and relieve some discomfort that comes after surgery also during and after treatments. I believe he is asking for a relaxation garden also, where people can come to think, read, write, reflect, paint…. something with total wellbeing. I want to be obedient, but have to find a way to come up with the funds to do something like this, also for the schooling to become a fitness instructor. I also find it funny he wants me to be a fitness instructor when I’m still struggling with my shoulder and arm after my surgery on my neck and mouth. I don’t know how he wants me to do this, but I want to listen to Him and work on a solution to get moving.

  247. Edwina Cowgill says:

    2. God uses our EXPERIENCES to equip us for our calling.
    The thing which the enemy would use to destroy us, God will turn it for good. It has taken a long time, but God is using the story of my first husband’s leaving and the reason he left, to help other women through writing my story in a book. It is only by God’s grace that I am writing this book and I give Him all the glory.

  248. I sort of cant answer those questions very well. I am praying for clarity. i am at a stage in life where i feel i need a fresh focus, fresh dream, fresh passion. i am yet to curve out my white space to let God speak to me but my life has been so crowded lately. no excuses. i guess what God is asking me to do is to actually spare time for him so he can clarify issues in my life. my prayer is that i do that.

  249. DebraDwife says:

    Smoking – my step of obedience will be to give up smoking once and for all! I have been trying all week to meet this head on and have not completely succeeded 🙁 I am ready today to open my hands and let this go for Jesus! I have His strength, His grace, His power to resist! I am victorious in this for the Lord! Amen! and Thank You Jesus!!

  250. #1 Call to Obedience

    Hi All,
    I have been faithfully doing this study each day, but I have never made a comment online, so here goes. I believe that God is trying to open my heart to follow through with something that he gave me years ago. I can’t remember how long ago, but one night I woke up, sat up in bed and had a very strong feeling and the words that came to me were: THE CHILDREN. It wasn’t worry or concern over my kids, but a strong sense that I needed to do something for ‘the children’. I have no idea what. This has come back to me over the years, but I have always been too busy with ‘my stuff’ to even ask God what he wants me to do. I have sometimes considered talking to a pastor at my church to help me to unravel what it means. But I do believe that my busyness and my pride have stopped me. Through this Bible study I have answered the questions and have begun journaling and I most definitely hear God calling me forward to finally ask this pastor, to swallow my pride and admit that I do not know how to figure this out by myself. Thank you all for your guidance here in this study. I say YES TO GOD, with palms up, armed with Bible verses to keep me strong to stand against the evil one who wants so much to keep me too busy to listen and hear from God. Thank you.

  251. Lisa Little says:

    Focus question: How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream? I don’t find myself prideful to ask for help, when I need it. I feel like we do not learn or grow when we do not ask for help in any area.

    I felt Him calling me for a couple years now and it has led me down several paths. As I had mentioned on my FB obs group page, I have asked for help finding the missing ingredient in my walk with G-d. I see Melissa, Nicki even my DIL, my neighbor and they all have this happy, joyfulness to them. It’s in there face, the tone of their face, their aura and I am missing that. I pray, have learned verse mapping and love it, now connection with Elevation Church and actually take notes [Thanks Melissa} and get uplifted. Though in my quite time with him, when I praise and sing and get goose bumps, or pray alone I let it out, I let go, I give Him it all, I don’t hear anything, I don’t feel anything, I do not feel a guidance a nudge a prompting……
    This is where I get confused. I have not given up, I will #StickWithIt and keep my #PalmsUp . It is just so frustrating and don’t know if I just don’t “get” something, I am “missing” something, like an ingredient to a recipe…

    What’s a #YesToGod girl supposed to do in this type of situation?

  252. Felicia Kem says:

    My experience through the study has been incredible. I feel the Lord speaking to me every day. I feel that I have only scratched the surface. I want the things that God is showing me to continue. I feel the need to do the study a second time to help cement these things into my heart. I also think about the women in my church who would benefit from this study. God is giving me a vision for doing this OBS with the ladies in my church. We are all homeschool moms and so busy with our families that it is difficult to get away to do a bible study with a group. My hope is to walk through this study again and have an “email” group of ladies from our church to correspond with daily who also feel led to walk through this study. Only God knows how He will use my experience through this study to guide others through this study and what God will do through them!

  253. What experience in your life to do I feel God is asking me to use?
    Well, I could write a lot here but I don’t want to take up too much space. I’ve had many experiences in my life, some great some not so great. Grew up with an abusive father who I continued throughout my life seeking his approval. A horrible careless mistake that resulted with a horrible decision- the choice to have an abortion at 19. The loss of my mom just a few months later at the age of 20 which resulted in my father blaming me for her death due to my choice. Another loss i suffered was divorce from my first husband. I’ve spent many years on an emotional merry go round. In my first marriage God blessed me with twin daughters. Since my divorce, years later he has brought a wonderful Christian man into my life I am thankful to call my husband. With everything being ok now, I still wasn’t ok and I didn’t know why. Earlier this year I looked at my husband with tears streaming down my face and said “I don’t know who I am” I wanted to know what made me ME. I knew God wanted to deal with me but I didn’t know what. I was always busy filling my calendar. I knew it was time to let things go and so after arguing so much with God , I did. It was then that He began to deal with me. Through scripture, time with Him and this study, God began to show me not only who I was but I believe what He wants from me. I’ve used my experience of abuse, loss of parent, and divorce to encourage many however my abortion is an area I’ve kept so hidden in fear of rejection and accusation from those that know me. During these last few months and hearing Lysa share her story one day, god has began to uncover such a hidden secret but not to shame me but to show me how to use it to give others hope most importantly freedom and peace. He’s brought people in my life whom I’ve shared my story. I even had the courage to meet with my pastor and tell him one day. I’ve felt the chains begin to fall. My biggest fear is telling my children. My husband knows and supports wherever I feel God leading me. I pray my children will too. They are now teenagers and very opinionated as teenagers are 🙂 this study has made it even more clear to me this is where God is using me. To help women come out of darkness whether it be from abortion, loss, abuse. Satan loves to keep us in darkness but I think he especially loves to keep women there. We are so fragile created that way by God. I never realized through all my daily activities the darkness I was living in. I understand scripture more than I ever have. I know that no matter what Jesus loves me. I am currently leading this Bible study with a group of women in my church- another step of obedience. Not sure what other doors God will open and when the right time will be to tell my children. I know God has that planned out. I also know that the enemy is shaking because for many years I’ve been in this prison hes kept me in…the chains are coming off and I and finally able to breathe and feel free! He knows that means that this isn’t good fir him. I’m determined to overcome this dark place and he works extremely hard to keep me there. Please pray for me as I move towards this area of obedience in my life. I’m finally understanding what it means to dream and to dream with God!! Thank you for this study! This woman will always be grateful fir Lysa TerKeurst and the day she said “Yes to God”.

  254. Lana Archer says:

    Say Yes to God and following his voice has lead me to give up TV for a night, Wednesday night, and just focus on God and praise and worship at our home. My husband agreed to join in, and this in itself is a total blessing. We have had such peace and my time with ‘God has been so inspiring that the rest of my week has gone so smoothly. I say yes daily, and hourly, but having that night of total dedication, praise, and worship to God has been wonderful for us. I encourage everyone to have a Praise Night…..

  255. I know I am a day late but obediently following orders. 🙂
    Our call to obedience may challenge our Pride.
    WOW, I know pride is a challenge for me. I was taught not to ask for help, not to depend on people. If I want it done right to do it myself. I am a fix it girl. So when ever there was a problem I took it upon myself to fix it. This I learned over the past two years, while in a program for addictions, has created pride.

    Yesterday, my daughter ran into a problem of getting stuck on a bus on route for her to catch a train for a wedding. I went into mom mode. At the same time my sister was there when I got the call and since this fix it mode runs in my family, my sister went into fix it mode also.
    I was upset, I didn’t want her help, this was my daughter. She sent her husband out to get her. This, unknowingly at the moment, was Gods plan.
    My thoughts raced to online study saying to myself, “YestoGod” repeating it several times. I did nothing and prayed for God to take over the situation. He gave me peace which was a #saywhat moment in my obedient moment. Because of my obedience, God orchestrated may blessings. My daughter was able to get a full refund of the fair, my sister’s husband (feeling bad for my daughter) offered their car so my daughter could make the wedding 5hrs away.
    My obedience (of staying out of it) allowed my daughter to see God at work in her life. #amazed.

  256. Teresa Irwin says:

    God uses our EXPERIENCES to equip us for our calling. For years I have wanted to hide my experiences because they were so hard to deal with. I got pregnant at 16 and we got married (he was 19). I had two babies by the time I was 19 and then right after turning 20 I found myself pregnant again. My marriage was extremely difficult and I got no help from my husband with the children, the yard or the house. I had finished high school with a baby on my hip and graduated with my class. I worked part-time during high school and went to work at a bank after high school. I felt exhausted all the time and used for sex because that was about the only time that I got any attention. My girls never got any attention from their father unless someone was watching and then all of a sudden he was a doting daddy. When I got pregnant with the 3rd child I was afraid and overwhelmed. I had gotten pregnant while on some medication and I let the doctor talk me into aborting my baby because there might be something wrong. I then rationalized that since I was having such a difficult time in this marriage bringing another child into it would not be right. I didn’t trust God enough to take care of me. I had trusted Christ as my Savior when I was in grade school but He wasn’t Lord of my life. Through the experience of the abortion I came to trust Christ as Lord. My home circumstances didn’t change much and I struggled to raise my children with a husband who was never very involved with them. That is until I got pregnant the 4th time and gave birth to a little boy. My husband took great interest in the little boy much to the hurt of my 2 little girls.
    To make a long story short, I struggled with a husband who had numerous affairs (I kept trying to make it work and forgiving him and taking him back) but finally after 37 years and the 5th affair that I knew about I gave up and filed for divorce. Through the divorce process I learned a lot that explained his behavior, but didn’t excuse it. Namely, he never thought the children were his (I think because he was a cheater, he thought I was doing the same thing) and he was just being nice to me, playing the role of the good guy by taking in the stupid girl who managed to get pregnant at 16. Wow! Was that ever a slap in the face. All 4 of those children are his and he can have the paternity checked to support that.
    Needless to say, I am very ashamed of my own stupidity and being so gullible. How in the world can God use my story? I believe he can but I don’t want to hurt my kids and my family any more than they have already been hurt by my choices.
    I would love for God to use me.

  257. Karen Pettiford says:

    I believe God is asking me to use my previous experience with colon cancer and current health challenges to minister to others dealing with serious illness and disease. He opened a door for me to attend on-line Health Minister Training with Hallelujah Acres, located in Shelby, NC. I received my certification in March of this year. I am extremely passionate about helping others by educating, guiding and ministering to them. God says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” I have gained a wealth of knowledge over the past four years studying about natural proven methods to healing. My desire is to be His instrument for others to obtain total healing and restoration for their spirit, soul and body.

  258. Focus question: Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?
    Yesterday, I didn’t have the opportunity to spend as much time on the Bible study as I needed, so I quickly read through the post and the focus questions, but I was not sure how to respond. So I didn’t post anything. This morning as was showering and getting ready for the day, God revealed to me what I should post.
    One of my spiritual gifts is giving, and I feel that I am usually open to giving pretty freely, but I have never really given sacrificially. This week I have been challenged to be obedient by giving sacrificially.
    I did actually start by giving to a friend of my mine who has been out of work several months, but I know this is only the beginning. I am being led to give a certain amount in our offering at church tomorrow and I am choosing to trust God and give as He asks me to give. I admit I feel a little scared, but I am trusting God to provide and I know that he will not let me down. He has always offered his provision for my family and me and I know that He will continue to do so.
    Please pray for me as I choose to be radically obedient in giving as God asks me too,and please pray that I will be sensitivity to God’s voice and that I will not miss an opportunity to give when he leads me.

  259. #1-I feel God urging me to step out of my comfort zone and just be me! He is calling me to be obiedient and listen to His voice. I am not sure what He wants me to do next, but I feel ready to listen. (Even posting a comment is a HUGE step for me.)

  260. Yesterday I finished a “radical step of obedience”. Today I am sitting in my white space waiting on God. What will He ask of me? What will I respond? Will He ask me to minister to girls who have an unexpected and maybe unwanted pregnancy? Will He ask me to encourage parents going through a black cloud with a prodigal child? Will I be asked to encourage women with mother hearts but no child to hold? Will it be something I have never dreamed of but will fulfill me because it is EXACTLY what I have been created to do? Whatever it is I pray I will be a “Yes” girl and I will honor Him in all I do.

  261. Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? What is your first step?
    My two grandsons (ages 4 and 6) are being raised in a loving home but one devoid of our Lord. When they come and stay with grandma for a weekend I take them to church but that is the extent of their being raised in the ways of God. My son recently moved and now lives next door to a Bible teaching church (thank You Lord) which I know is the beginning of an answer to my fervent prayers/cries to the Lord. I have been praying for years that my son would come to Christ and raise his children up to be men after God’s own heart; but that has not yet happened. A few days ago the Lord put it on my heart to suggest to my son that I travel to his house (we don’t live in the same town but are not the far away from each other) once a month and take my grandsons next door to church. I asked my son yesterday if that would be ok and (another Thank You Lord) he said “sure”. I don’t know why the Lord is leading me to do this but I’m excited to see what He has planned. Please pray for me that I am faithful in following through with this.

  262. Just to say thanks to the OBS team. It’s great to have Sisters all over the world opening their hearts and praying for one another! Am happy I said Yes Lord!

  263. 2. God uses our EXPERIENCES to equip us for our calling.
    Your history is not your destiny but chances are, it’s shaped your calling.
    Focus question: What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?

    God has been using the unexpected tragic death of my father who was only 63 to reshape my entire life. It’s been a painful process but I know God will be glorified in it. He already has been. Dad passed away on March 26, 2012. I have been struggling with PTSD since August 17, 2011 from a work incident and then my Dad’s death. This history is certainly not my destiny, and my story is not complete; God is certainly using it to shape my calling. Everything in my world has changed, even my career. I have to remember that God has a purpose for me and for it. (Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 29:11) It was hard for me to share this, but I know sharing can help others.

  264. I’m so happy for being part of these bible study this book has been a huge eye opener and spirit opener to what God wants and expects of us. He calls us to be like Jesus period – that’s our ultimate goal and the more we understand it and let it sink into our hearts and minds we die to self. We focus on God to serve Him to serve others and love others just as Jesus commanded, forgetting our selfish ways.
    This past week I experience how my agenda was so important I didn’t even thought of praying and asking God if those where the things He wanted me to accomplish; instead I just went on to peruse it. One day while I went to target to return something I bought (something I didn’t need) the lady who attended me was mean and sour but in my mind it was only “me,me,me” my schedule, my plan. After I left target upset since I had wasted so much time in something so simple, I got into my car and I felt as I had just slapped the door at God. My attitude towards the lady was not at all a reflection of Jesus. Eventhough I didn’t say anything harsh I wanted to do so. I was angry and nasty with my body language yes because she was very much like that but… I will be giving account of my faults not other’s. what if God wanted me to share a word or two of encourament with her, what if this lady’s life was so troubled and empty she acted so unkindly because her heart was so hurt and empty. I didn’t take any second to put God first I just thought of me and my agenda.
    Just like Lysa’s curtains I came home knowing that I needed to repent and focus on God, letting Him shine through me everyday everywhere. Keep on pressing to reach the goal!
    And as soon as they landed, they left everything and followed Jesus. (Luke 5:11 NLT) #fresh visión #God’s vision #follow Jesus
    I pray that all of us have gained a new vision! His vision and allow God to keep on changing us and transforming us through His word. Is in Jesus name amen!

  265. Rachel Kagay says:

    I am running a day behind and trying to play catch up today, so I just got to this post. I don’t share much via these blog comments, but I could write for days about the work God is doing in my life, the way Jesus has changed me and brought me to my knees through this study. I went from feeling completely directionless at the beginning (and really for almost a year) to finding direction, re-committing my life to Him, and finding a job so perfect for me. It is actually a job I had applied for last May, and never heard anything back from. Now, through this study, I know exactly why God made me wait. He wasn’t finished teaching me a few serious lessons yet! When I was copying down the prayer Lysa wrote on pages 85-86 I had this moment that I cannot put into words. But, I know that in that moment, Jesus grabbed ahold of my heart and revealed all He has been trying to teach me and the ways He has been trying to re-capture my heart for the past year. So, I guess in an indirect way, this is my answer to the first AND the third focus questions.

    He has revealed to me that I had been placing my identity in the work I was doing and the accomplishments I’ve had. I was unable to find a job in my chosen profession because He was teaching me to place my identity in HIM and give HIM the glory for my work. My pride had been keeping me from obedience, and from pursuing His plan for me at all. I thought I had it all under control and had been only consulting God when I thought I needed Him ——- Oh, how silly of me!

    Accepting this job that I start Monday was a major step of radical obedience. While it is a job I am beyond excited about, I was honestly convinced that I wasn’t capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of the position. I now know that when I rely on HIS strength and HIS guidance instead of trying to go my own way, the job is completely within my abilities – because I can draw on Christ’s strength new each morning. Accepting the job was my first step, now I must work to APPLY this lesson of leaning on His strength and listening expectantly for His voice each day. I’ve been saved since I was seven years old, but have been living as a complacent Christian. No longer! I am so thankful for this OBS and for Lysa’s words in this book!! God is so, so good!!

  266. How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream? After reading what everyone else’s pride is, mine seems so small…I am a widow with very little income, I am starting a small online home based embroidery/applique business to help with what I feel God has called me to do at least for now, I make quilts for babies/children who have cancer and give them as a prayer/love quilt. Plus trying to help my youngest daughter pay her bills. My youngest daughter and family have taken in 6 extras a mother and 5 children, who don’t have a home or anything for that matter.
    It is so sad that we have so many children in this world just like them that have nothing (yes they have a roof over their head and food to eat at this point) however the oldest little girl started 1 first grade and had no school clothes, my grand daughter had some things she had out grown that she gave her, she still has no school supplies, I am working on that now..These children don’t even have any toys, or many clothes at all, the way they play is to fight with each other and call each other names, this was not where I was going with this :).
    My issue is I need help from someone with a long arm quilting machine to quilt the quilts for me so I can get more quilts to the children and this is where my pride gets in the way of asking for help, that I can’t pay for.. As I said this seems so small compared to all the other posts…
    I am praying for all the above posts….Lisa

  267. Today Sunday, before reading my next email, I was catching up and opened our Fresh Focus from Friday. I saw the video and cried, Ladies this bible study and what it has done for thousand of sister and for Dove’s Nest is totally #AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I wrote in my journal: No matter anymore what it is that will come my way and ladies this past week was full of “fiery darts”, but after seeing the video and reading Sherry H. post and going to her blog, I will #STICKWITHIT. I am so thankful to God, and I love Him so dearly. His love and support is amazing. I promised Him that from today forward I will stop and remember to pray for others during my struggles, because there are people out in the world with bigger giants than mine.
    Keep my appointment with God daily
    Go to my white space and be still
    Read my bible
    Be positive, even when I feel I don’t want to.
    I will not let others dictate my attitude (thank you Lysa)
    I will walk in confidence in my life with the Lord, and with my family (thank you Renee)
    Be thankful for the good and the hard times in my life
    I will walk in radical obedience, come what may. (Thank You ALL SAY YES TO GOD LADIES)

    Heavenly Father, Thank you for Proverbs 31, for this study, and ALL the Ladies who make these studies possible, YOU ARE ALL AMAZING, for ALL the ladies participating in the study and sharing their stories. God You are AMAZING. Thank you for changing my life, for placing this ministry in my path, I surrender all to you Precious Lord, and will continue to seek You, will sit still and listen for you, I want to know you, more, #PALMS UP AND HANDS OPEN to receive from You…..YES GOD, I’m here, and I want to be used by You. I love You my “El Sali” Amen
    PSALM 46:10 “Be still and know I am God”
    Blessings to ALL…..Hugs and Prayers Love Anna

  268. This has been a very challenging bible study for me and has made me take a step back to see who I really am and what God is calling me to do. It has been really wonderful to have these challenges each week so that I am growing closer to Him 🙂 I like the next two questions, because I have felt God nudging me in these areas. Question #1: What one experience in your life God is asking you to use? He is asking me to use my experience over the last sixteen years as a single mom to help other single moms realize that they will be able to persevere with His power and strength. Question #2: Is there a radical step of obedience God is asking you to take? This radical step that He is asking me to take is to help other single women in my area. What is your first step? My first step was to search online for organizations that helped single moms where I live. I called the place, left a message, and talked to someone on Thursday. Unfortunately, they do not have any programs specifically for single moms, but they do help moms in the community who are struggling. That’s where I come in, because I certainly know how it is to struggle. I hope to help with an event coming up soon. There is also another organization that helps women who have been parties to violence against them. I am calling on Monday to see if I can help out in some way there. Finally, at my church we are serving our community each day this coming week with different events. These are some of the events: providing music and companionship at a local nursing home, filling a food pantry, moving a community organization that provides support to those in need in our community, and serving dinner and interacting with a community so that they will have hope in these desperate times. I have realized that I am supposed to be part of a community and be a part of those who make a difference by providing the help that is needed through my time and effort. Thanks for the challenge ladies 🙂

  269. How is your pride keeping you from obedience? Do you need to ask someone for help, accountability or guidance with your dream?

    I’ve always had a “can do it attitude” – Nose to the grindstone and hard work along with planning I thought would get me to my goals….That is all pride….I’ve been humbled and it is God that has carried me through this life and God has prodded me to acknowledge Him in ALL things….and have humility. I am nothing without Him. I am nothing without Him….I am prayerful that through my continued daily time with God and his word that I will walk closer to Him, humbly.

  270. Focus question number 3: the beauty of giving something up in obedience to God is that in His strength it is possible. I have had a slight desire, but no real yearning to return and I know without a doubt that is all thanks to Him!

  271. My pride is getting in the way of me turning over my family completely to God. I can say–and have said–YES! when it involves only me. When it involves only me sacrificing or going out on a limb–with the exception of the safekeeping of my children. I am still terrified of something happening to them! I don’t know why I think I can watch over them better or take better care of them than God…but my fear repeatedly reveals to me that my prideful, sinful self still believes if I let go of that last stronghold, I will lose them. That putting my trust in God to keep them safe is somehow giving God permission to let the unthinkable happen. I know God wants me not to fear for my children and I talk to Him daily about giving me the strength to lay this fear at His feet.

  272. I feel like maybe my struggles with food he wants to use but I don’t know how right now because I have not experienced freedom in that area yet, yes I need help and maybe my pride is in the way of trying a new plan but I think mostly fear of failing and of not being in God’s will with the right plan.

  273. I’m a little behind with my study, but I wanted to make sure I completed my challenge. 🙂 First I wanted to thank the wonderful ladies that responded to my prayer request for my son! Thank you so very much!!

    I’m not sure what radical step of obedience God is asking me to take, but I’m positive the first step he’s asking is for me to be humble. Everywhere I turn, I’m running into scripture about being humble. Even my youngest sons’ memory verse last week was about being humble. So I’m working hard on becoming humble. I’ve run across the word humble so much in the last week, I smile now every time I see it pop up again. But I started wondering today if I’m not catching on to what God means by “humble”. And right now as I’m typing this, I’m starting to realize different things that He could mean. I love it when the Holy Spirit starts talking!

    This is my first OBS and I LOVE it! Thank you Proverbs 31!!


  274. Cricket Castro says:

    Too all my sweet sisters of Christ~first every single one of you are AWESOME, absolutely obedient to our Father, noble, brave, warriors in His army, disciples of Jesus Christ & daughter of the King…do you agree with me? No seriously, dig deep within, be still & quiet for just a short bit and feel, sense, listen, and feel secure in what you already know and who you are, what you believe as Truth, Trust in that knowledge of just who’s image you reflect-THE bold, bright, faithful, confident, beautiful, loving woman & creation you are in Him. We (I most definitely included-most woman of God I have the privilege of crossing paths with daily) have the tendency to lean to the bad, unworthy, ugly, quiet, head down sorry, measure up to nothing ENEMY enticed hot mess a lot of the time-WHY?? Do we complicate this simple, all-knowing belief that we Fully believe & know in our spirit, soul, being, heart & self – the flesh, worldly, dark, pitiful mind…the enemy sees a slite crack, thought, image that was a flash of negative doubt & jumps into action before the flash began & has began his mind games on our weaknesses & will continue to wait, lerk, mess, prowl until he can get in again, and again, deeper each time trying to let that old woman (that hot mess of craziness I like to call it) back out from where we left all that Baggage & build her up until we break what we know is the truth of ourselves as a New Creation-saved by his blood on the cross…so to each one – I finally found that person that had been locked inside after 37 years of deep scars, blamed myself for those scars that others had abused me with my whole life, I pushed them way back, hidden to never be spoken of again until finally God snatched me up before I even knew the depth of being saved & started living life constantly being transforms for Him & His purpose-to share the Good news, witness 24/7 to anyone, everyone, a walking “billboard” proclaiming Him & the freedom to breathe, live life proudly with head up & my voice is a blessing as a testimony to other woman, men, children that they too have a voice & it needs to be heard by themself (first of all confident ) without shame, guilt, weight of past sins & transgressions before JC took over & ignited your spirit w/ new set of batteries & your light began to flicker until the shine was blinding in that dark space of life to lead your new life on an amazing, powerful journey you were called to lead before you were even thought of…

    I was amazed, relieved, overwhelmed, weightless, carefree, peaceful & honored that He did all of that just for me…WOW-no one has nor will top that sacrifice of giving up His perfect life for a sinner like me! Powerful transformation in less than a nano second & yet we fought that amazing rebirth for what?? Dude, I was like wow a lot of wasn’t time, effort, scars & just life overall fighting against having the slate clean, no score or evidence left from that old life, true forgiveness, and filled with divine power to be that Woman of God that I never thought I was good enough to be…FAIL on my part God-sorry for holding out, resisting your gift of Grace, you amazing love, security & wisdom to continue to be that noble, woman of God you knew I was…

    Thank you will never be enough, I will constantly strive to be more like you every minute until I am with you in paradise, never looking back & what-if, should of, maybe-nope-my eyes are set on you Jesus, never looking away to be inticed by the enemy to play His games again-he continues to lose people he thought he had to God’s glory & they continue to build more disciples daily & lead people out of that negative, worthless, self-centered dark hole into the light, the way & the truth that we all have heard of at some point…just never thought such a thing, life, event, new beginning was possible after all we did that was not good, of the flesh fully, didnt care about others feelings much less there entire life as God-made like ourself, loved the power, greed, & overall disastos life of destroying whomever, whatever, whenever for how knows why to make our disgusting self pride on our trophys of weakening others to uphold what we knew was better-ourself, flesh, selfish desires, habits, words, choices that were made without any consideration or thought beyond right now & what’s in it for me now, insanity lifestyles of drowning our internal image of truth of disgrace that we often intoxicated ourselves with personal choice of drugs, alcohol, whatever was available then & there so we could just not deal with the person we had become – in a time frame that seemed to pass by without notice, thought, care or realization of the destruction we left behind & inside ourselves…FAIlL again…

    I hit rock bottom & God reached down & I grab on on have never let go & absolutely are in “AWE” of what I have become & continue to we transforms into…I am a new creation in Jesus Christ, I live loud, proud & make that statent at all times-I am His billboard of life in Him, following His lead, not of myself, and know that I am not perfect (just because I am a Christian), a work in progress every second, I am a sinner & of the flesh & understand what, when, where & why the enemy lurks around my life, my family & all that I consider a blessing from God…waiting to bran wash my mind & allow old self come out to play for his team from time to time – but as my walk gains depth from obedience to God’s leadership & my personal tour guide in life, constant study of His word & understanding the relationship to my life for Him revelied with each lessons, bible study, fellowship with other woman with similar stories of lost, no confidence & self driven only to be transformed into His image, put others first & enjoy serving for Him w/o constant score keeping on the side or comparing themselves to other sisters but being accountable for her spiritual walk with love, patience, kindness & strength to lead others for His purpose knowing all to well that we don’t worry about ANYTHING-seriously?!? Do you worry? Even a little? Be honest-God knows & you do to but don’t want to admit that we are too scared & afraid to give up 100% control to someone else & not even have a say or option in what happens to us….

    Worrying =NOT TRUSTING GOD FULLY=truth-black & white statement-no gray in this one ladies…why worry when you know (really you do-but due to hot mess craziness we where created with ..thanks EVE) we love to make things complicated & mess the simple things up royally at times & then later go “really, what in the world?” That was dumb to make simple events of everyday life of lessons that are designed by God, for God Glory to be revielved & discovered, with God sitting right with us no matter where we are & He is just waiting for you-whom have ran 1 million steps away from Him & allowing Him to love on you, heal you, support & build you up-kicking, screaming & most definetly fighting that Goodness of Grace & new life in Him – all you have to do is turn around, face Him & reach out because He is always one step away from you at all times….waiting, praying & ready when you are…

    I too fought being Woman of God for long time but we all have our set time to turn back to Him-some never stray (I admire those who never did-but find they too are just as broken as I was due to opposite factors of not taking risks, being too safe in life… WHAT? You wanted to be hurt, beat down & inflict self pain with everything & belittle yourself due to no self-esteem & live a false lifestyle of lies, bullying, dispicable actions of others to gain power & fall hard…I guess?!? All I know is I am a sinner daily & sometimes 2-4 times over & I get called out by the HS that lives inside me & has been awaken & held accountable to those choices (speed bumps) that I will continue to make for now until I am in paradise partying down with JC himself (can you image?!? I cannot even begin too…) but I will contuinue to be more like Him daily, with all I come across regardless of personal assumptions that are only of the enemy & continue to be a work in progress – I am obedient to what He called me to be, do, represent in this life – each one of you are obedient to Him as well & you need to know, believe, and grasp that since you are questioning the fact & having rumbling internally about your own walk & vocalizing them with others whom share the same journey lessons & blessings that are given by God & constant communication is real with the Holy Spirit & yourself proves this – if we weren’t being obedient to God we wouldn’t care, wouldn’t be on this website, get the email at all, talk about issues with other much less woman of Godly staue, nor care enough to be so raw & exposed with vulnerabilities being admitted, seen, read & feedback would be just opinions & words not advice from another sister in Christ willing to serve you!

    Just sayin’…love being a Work in Progress to become that Proverbs 31 woman God describes so beautifully in Good Book-my husband gave me personalized “In God we Trust” Texas license plates that state “PRV31” on them…I finally put them on my car almost a full year afterwards because I felt unworthy, I knew I would be judged by others, gossip started & flying, & really felt didnt meausre up to that statement of perfect Woman, wife, mom, sister just yet until He confirmed that I was, always had been & will always be that in His eyes…and that was all it took-his word whispered & felt in my spirit & believed in my heart & soul-I am a noble hot mess PRV31 woman being constantly stretched & transformed into His purpose as his disciple-not perfect & who wants to be perfect anyway? Not be-I am unique & my own design falling short most the time but bold enough to yell it & keep on keepin’ on

    Only by the Grace of God I am redemmed & a new creation in Him
    (I have that tattooed on my upper back from shoulder to shoulder) & a portrait of Christ with crown of thorns on my left side (under arm to mid-hip) with a blood red rose surrounded by black & shaded image-daily reminder of Hos sacrifice for me & strength to keep moving forward, bigger, better & brighter & never looking back…soon right side artwork begins with Ephesians scripture & image that I have been saved by Grace through Faith & that it was a gift from God (blessing-not earned by works)…love that statement-A GIFT from God—amazing gift truly:) and then my PRV31 right arm sleeve artistically designs by what God blessed me with & interrupted by my artist symbolizing what all She represents to God, His image, His perception of a woman of God, and what others see from her light shining at all times-I so strive to be her one day & know it is possible to achieve & wear it with honor w/o care or concern of others judging & gossiping about…only due to their own insecurities & lack of complete trust in Him with THEIR craziness…just be honest & get real & speak truth without shame…try it it certainly is liberating & alot less stressful to not lie about personal false images you impersonate in a crowd…stop & start living a life of freedom, love, fulfillment & confidence now & never look back:)

    I love each one of you sweet, noble, sista’s in Christ & applaud you, support you & pray for others out there to be bold & bright enough to question what God is doing in their life & at times uncomfortable certainly not “joyful” – but in the end it will be worth every step, valley, mountain top, speed bump, whatever detour thrown up to distract you living a life in Jesus Christ as your tour guide in life..

    Thank you for allowing me to share & reflect my joyful, sometimes painful journey that I so love to live each moment of-being His servant for others I may cross paths with each day forward to teach, learn, torn down, built up, ignition for others, paying forward what I have been blessed with & so thankful I surrendered to Him=} TY JC for all & more to come…

  275. Over the years I have had dreams of doing “great things for God” but at age 65 most of those dreams have gone by the wayside. Some may have been from God and some may have been just my own dreams but I think they never materialized in part because of fear of failure on my part. Because of my inability to see past my limitations I failed to remember that God does not have limitations.
    Of late I have felt the call to write to the glory of God and the old insecurities began to surface but because of the work God has done in me and the encouragement of His Word and godly friends and mentors I can see past those insecurities now and trust the Father to provide the words and the opportunity to share them. So I have started a blog with the help of a Sister-in-Christ and have started writing!
    Will I become a famous writer, possible but not probable, but I will share what God puts on my heart in hopes of encouraging others to pursue the dreams God lays on their hearts and step out in obedience even when it seems impractical and even impossible. I will share the awesome blessings He has given me as I walk in obedience in the good times and times of difficulty. And I will be blessed in the sharing if only one is brought closer to Christ.
    Thank you for this study, this book Lysa has written!

  276. God uses our EXPERIENCES to equip us for our calling. Your history is not your destiny but chances are, it’s shaped your calling. Focus question: What one experience in your life God is asking you to use?
    I copied and pasted what I’m responding to because I think it is often good to be reminded of God in it all.
    God is asking me to be more open in sharing that my oldest son was my everything. In fact, he was my god. God was important and I loved Him dearly, but my oldest son was at the very top. When my youngest son had a need to be protected, I had a decision to make. God became my everything. I could not breath, think, function without Him. It has stayed that way even when I stand on rocky ground at times. We women have great loving hearts and we usually love our children in amazing ways. But God needs to be Lord of all in our lives.

  277. I don’t know yet what God is calling me to do or be. I am going thru a very challenging time in my career, and only know I need to draw closer to him. I can’t bear the stress alone.

  278. Teresa Savage says:

    Dear Lysa,
    I just want to let you know that many times in the last 18 months your words have spoken so much to a friend and myself who have done your on line studies, devotions and books. I am always amazed how they fit into our lives at the time. They really go hand in hand with our struggles. My husband has been unemployed since June of 2012, and only worked part time for 4 years before that but truly loved that job as a minister. We developed beautiful friendships through his ministry and greatly miss those. I lost most of my business this June when I raised my day care prices to 130.00 a week for full time care. So by many blessings of others we still have our home. My friend has struggled with your son and his schooling, being around other children is hard for her son, there are some other family struggles as well that she deals with.but each time we do a study your words seem to help pull both of us through as we deal with issues that are similar. I also want to let you know that something else has been happening. That is our church services have been going on the same topic as our chapters each week. I find this to be truly amazing, a true work of Christ. God is Good all the time. And all the time God is Good. You are definitely a disciple of Christ. Thank you for listening to God you have truly helped each of us.
    God has been working in amazing ways in our life lately. I do believe it is due to being more obedient to my time of prayer, worship and being still to hear his voice. In times of trouble it is so hard to stay focused and right with Christ, but after all that is the devils job to keep us from him. We must be strong and trust in Christ. He really does have our best interest at heart. He even has our children’s interest at heart also.
    Two weeks ago my 18 year old college student went off to college to play volley ball and get her education. She was doing well with her three a day practices she had trained for all summer. She had trouble with her knee in the past, but we thought we finally had strengthened it enough she was good to go. Second week in it gave out on her and she was down. I told her to wait and see how things went. On Wed. she called back and said trainer wanted to see us. So we went to Dubuque. After two hotels stays and doctors visit and MRI we still did not have answer. She was going to miss some freshmen meet and greets, but we decided to bring her home and wait for the answers., It was hard for her to get around on crutches on a hilly campus. So we waited all weekend nothing. Monday still nothing, Tuesday contacted both doctors again and still nothing. Classes were Starting Thursday what were we going to do? Went to bed Tuesday frustrated. As I climbed into bed I hear God Say,” Teresa tomorrow morning place your hand on her knee pray for healing, but also pray for her to feel the healing.” I laid there a moment and said”ok Lord, I will pray as you have asked me to pray” So I got up the next morning and prayed just as God had asked me to. An hour later my daughter called me into the room and said, “Mom There is twitching in the back of my knee. I said, “you know the Lord wanted you to feel it.” that afternoon the doctor called MRI was clear her leg was fine. The doctored also had said, “I was sure she had a tear.” We just are doing intensive therapy to strengthen it. She went back to School on Thursday Morning just in time for class. God truly is there for you if you are willing to let him in.
    In Christian Love
    Teresa Savage

  279. Sue Zemaitis says:

    Sorry this is so late I’ve been in the hospital ans
    D struggling since discharge. Fear which I think is the opposite of pride keeps me from being obedient and trusting. I just want my life to be as it was spiritually, emotionally and physically, before the surgery. I am fearful that that person may not return. I try to reach out to God but I do it with am untrusting heart. I know what I should be doing but I feel frozen. I know that this does not probably answer the question but this what was in my heart. I know one thing I must do is not be so selfish. This is not how God wants me to act with anyone especially my husband..please dear God help me to get out of myself and be more obedient to you. Blessings to all.

  280. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the
    video to make your point. You definitely know what youre talking
    about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something informative to read?

  281. Heya! I understand this is kind of off-topic but I needed to ask.

    Does operating a well-established blog such as yours require a lot of work?
    I’m completely new to operating a blog however I do write in my diary every day.

    I’d like to start a blog so I can share my own experience and
    thoughts online. Please let me know if you have any kind of suggestions or tips for brand new aspiring blog owners.
    Appreciate it!


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