Yes to God Week 6 Prayer & Praises

I am sure that many of you have read the story in the Bible where Jesus is preaching to thousands and it’s starting to get late.  Everyone gets a little hungry and Jesus’ disciples encourage Jesus to send the people away to get something to eat because they just don’t have enough money to buy food to feed everyone.  From out of the crowd steps a young man who offers up his small lunch of 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.  From that small act of obedience Jesus not only feeds everyone, but ends up with TWELVE baskets of leftovers!  (You can read the story in John 6:1-15)  What an amazing story of how Jesus can take the small offering and use it in a big way.

The awesome news is that God is the same yesterday and TODAY!  You may not have offered up some bread and fish, but many of you offered up your time, your talents and your hearts with some small gifts to reach out to broken women and show them and their children that they are loved.  God has multiplied your gift to touch so many lives!  And it doesn’t have to end with that.  You are a woman who says YES! to God.  As Melissa said in her video Wednesday, all we have to do is open our eyes to the opportunities He places before us.

I call the story above the lesson of 5’s and 2’s.  While Jesus used 5 loaves and 2 fish, He has given us our own 5’s and 2’s to use in blessing others.  We have 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot.  We have 2 hands and 2 feet each.  With these we can reach out to others through our actions and show them God’s love.  We can be His hands and feet in this world and He can use our small acts of obedience to provide sustenance, love, compassion, and to provide for the physical and emotional needs of so many-all we have to do is open our eyes to the opportunities and be willing to use our 5’s and 2’s to say Yes to God.  Are you ready?

Ginny Blankenship

Teresa of Avila quote

Today I encourage you to share with us your 5 and 2 stories, not as a way to toot our own horn, but as a way to show how God can still use small offerings in a big way.  As always, we also encourage you to share your prayer requests and praises with us so that we can join with you in lifting them up to God.

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  1. Amanda A.G. says:

    I am often #amazed at how The Lord uses me. I have come to realize that it really has nothing to do with me, but He simply equips His children for the task He has for us. First, as a “5 & 2,” I have never been “rich” but I’m a giver, and any time I give someone money who may be in need or who just comes to my heart, it seems to go far for them and come back to me in double. I also give gifts for birthdays, holidays, or no occasion at all, and I seem to find the best deals, prices and clearance. I stay busy and take on several responsibilities at home, church, work and with family and friends, and yes, there are only 24 hours in a day, but everything just gets done. God always provides, and since He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, He doesn’t need my “2s & 5s” anyway, but if He chooses to use them, like with the boy’s lunch, it only multiplies.

    I’m thankful for salvation, my husband, my family and friends, my church, my job, etc. I’m thankful for how The Lord has renewed my mind to say #YestoGod through this study and given me a #freshfocus to study the Word.

    • One thing that I have learned during this study is when you give God time, He seems to give you time. Like you, I am like there are only 24 hrs in a day, but, yet, everything seems to get done 🙂

  2. I’m thankful to God for the radical obedience and radical blessings that follow when obedient. This study reminded me to stay on track with God and trust Him when He leads me in a new direction.#freshfocus At the beginning of this study, I was going to file for divorce, but God has rerouted my steps and is currently changing my ministry route and using the arts ministry in me for His kingdom. Tonight I take a radical step of obedience as God calls me to try something new by ministering through prophetic art. Lord, I say yes.#yestogod Please pray for all that will be ministered to as God moves in the service tonight and that I would walk in complete trust with God as he stands beside me, encouraging me.Say YES and don’t look back!!!

    • Praying, Danielle!

    • Sandra Elise says:

      I will be praying for you Danielle! It sounds like God has spoken to to you in many ways! Praise God & continue to put your complete trust in him.

      “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

    • praise God that you’re sticking with your marriage! May God continue to draw you into a closer relationship with your husband. My He be glorified through your marriage!

    • Danielle, the Lord has used me in the art. It comes from the Lord – a message to the church. I want to encourage you to do the art if He calls you to it. The Holy Spirit will guide you. He consistently led me to Scripture as He guided me in painting the series God’s Works. He gave titles, people, and just opening the Bible to give the specific Scripture that related to the art piece. I just did an interview over the work. The first step in getting His message out besides being up in my studio. I know God will have to tweak the interview so it serves His purpose.

      • Continued. I am writing this to clarify do His will. Holy Spirit kept leading me to Ezekiel 3: 16+ verses. This body of work belongs to the church and not to me. I have refused sales because the work belongs to each believer same as it belongs to me. Please, read Ezekiel 3 for it may help you. I am currently trying to write a book to set with the work. Holy Spirit leads here too. He has given me a Scripture to place at the beginning and a Scripture to end the book. Satan will surely attack restlessly. Pray and read the Word. Hold fast to His promise He will get you through. If you want, you can contact me personally. You will need constant encouragement so contact me if you like. Love you and God be with you each step.

      • Also, by chance are you the lady I talked with in my studio who spoke about prophetic art and felt she might be led to do it?

    • #Amazed…….Danielle, I will be praying for you. Thanking God that he has stirred your heart. I wrote this scripture on my index card today, I want to share it with you. Proverbs 14:30 My heart is at peace and, it gives life to my body”…..Your are His masterpiece and with Him nothing is impossible….
      I pray you will be joining us in Confident Heart…..I wrote on the last page of Chapter 9 #KeepItGoing…Let’s do this, sister.
      Blessings, Anna
      Prov. 46:10 Be still and know I am God

    • Ethel May Miller says:


      I was wondering how God changed your heat about filing for divorce — I don’t want to know — just thinking about how God changed your thinking and maybe your heart? Many years ago I divorced an abusive husband. But I still feel the sting of the big “D”. It is a stigma that I had to live with and learn to leave behind. You don’t want any of that IF you can help it. In my case, I usually say that I would not be living today if I had stayed in that situation — either I would have taken my own life or he would . I am not advocating that we should remain in abusive situations, but I think maybe we have adopted the world’s attitude. Marriage — living with another so different than we are — is always a challenge. I pray that you will continue to “work” at yours for the glory of God. To this day, I wish with all my heart that that marriage had turned out differently. BUT it didn’t and the Lord has been gracious to me and given me many opportunities to BE LIGHT in dark places. Bless you dear Danielle.

  3. WOW!!! I don’t even know what to say right now………
    ok, I am doing over time at work. I carry this bag that has all my bible study stuff and my bible; everyday matters bible for women. My bible is not as special to me (not sure if that is the right word) as the one that Lysa gave away. But it is all highlighted, written in and I really enjoy it. I got it from the Extrodinary Women’s Conference in Mississippi a year ago. I guess what makes it meaningful is that I got it at the conference where I got to meet Lysa and she signed some books. I was giddy thinking, oh, yea, this is the bible Lysa uses 🙂 Well, one of my co workers saw it on my desk and was looking at it and started asking me about it. I told her I liked it and that I especially liked the little inserts. She was flipping through, read one, and agreed. And then that was it. But later on I thought about it again for some reason, and the first thing that came to mind was Lysa’s story about her bible and the airplane. I was like, really? Me? Maybe I am thinking to much into this. My imagination started to get carried away. Picturing myself in an arena telling my bible story. So I went to my prayer journal and asked God for conformation. I forgot about it until something told me to read my email. So I did and my one and only email was Proverbs 31 Yes to God week six. Really?!?!?!? “With these we can reach out to others through our actions and show them God’s love.” Well there is my confirmation 🙂
    I’ll tell y’all how it went………

    • I gave it to her! She was really shocked and surprised. I forgot to mention that she looked up the prices to buy her own and was a little upset about the price. I know God will provide me with another bible and now she knows God will provide for her 🙂


    • Lifting you up, Rene.

      • May God bless you in abundance. There are too few people who are willing to stand up for what is wrong. The Bible tells us there is going to be trails and tribulations. I thank Him that you stood strong for HIM. He knows where you are, He has a plan, He will deliver you and use you in abundance.

        • YES, Rene, keep doing the RIGHT thing and standing up for Jesus. He loves you so much. He will NEVER leave you for FORSAKE you. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you, but it’s NOT the end of the story and GOD LOVES YOU SO MUCH! THE VICTORY IS HIS! Praying for you, Rene.

      • To make things even worse that told all kind of lies to keep me from getting my unemployement, I do have a lawsuit in for whistleblowing. it seems like its taking forever for me to get a answer from it, but I Know that when Jehovah blesses me it going to be my 2 and 5. thanks for all the support and prayers this has really made me feel good because I have really been up and down, feeling depressed and sometimes even beating myself up for doing what was right. but this makes me feel so good, and to renew my faith in people. Thanks again and keep me and my family in prayer. This has been one of the hardest things I ever had to deal with.

      • Thanks Jennifer!

    • Rene,
      I’m so sorry to hear that you suffered for doing what was right. And your employer’s reaction to it is likely the most wrong thing they have done. You may actually have a #yestogod tomcome through this situation, though. There are whistle blower laws, and if you pursue applying them in this situation, it could end up blessing many others. Praying that things turn around for you, and that all involved has God’s wisdom in how to work through all the pieces to the puzzle of your current situation.

      • Thanks Naccys1128, I do have a lawsuit in and it seems like it taking forever to hear something back from it. but like I said, this is going to be my 5 and 2. so I can help someone else. thanks for the support. because I been beating myself up, I have even had people to tell me I should have kept my mouth close. This wasn’t about me it was about the tax payers in that town. and that community shouldn’t have to have the people they trust to run things stealing their hard earn money.

    • I am praying for you Rene. Continue to trust God. Remember Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

  5. This verse by Teresa of Avila was printed on a bookmark and given to me from an awesome nursing professor in my Masters program. She always started our class with a reading and prayer to bless us and our learning. I am blessed by The Lord to be a nurse, a mother, a daughter, niece, sister, neighbor, friend, grand-daughter and a grand-mother to 5 beautiful blessings.. Thanks to Ginny for printing this verse today. Say #YestoGod.

  6. Celebrating God’s perfect timing and coveting your prayers as my hubby and I fly out this morning to Napa Valley, California for a professional conference, and his parents stay the week and hold down the fort with the kids. Requesting prayer for a wonderful time of learning and fun and peace for all of us.

    Much love,

  7. Lord, I pray for ears to hear your voice. I pray my eyes be used, Lord, to see people and their circumstance without judgment, but as you see them. Father use me to touch those with needs in their lives. Father, I confess my shortcomings of self-centered human nature and give them to you today. Brush them aside I pray and give me a renewed vision and heart. Let my heart beat for those in need, Lord, let me be used as your vessel to fill the needs of others. I realize Lord, that your blessings can flow through me best if and when I allow myself to be used by you. I give you this today Lord, and know that you find me worthy of the blessing of being used as your extended arm.
    I pray for my sisters who walked throught he Bible Study with me Lord. Bless them immensely as I ask to be blessed myself, with your strength and power. We call upon the examples in your word Father, we ask that just like the men and women you used beyond their faults through the ages, we also be used of you to serve others.
    I ask this in the precious name of Jesus Christ,

  8. Last week I shared with my OBS group that I felt God asking me to give away my $10 I was holding on to very tightly to a homeless gentlemen that came to our church. Now I’m hearing God asking me to provide some clothes for him. So today I’m heading out to purchase and answer God call by saying “yes”. I know this is nothing big and won’t impact lots of people, but I am called to help the lost and hurting one person at a time. This study as impacted me tremendously to stop and listen to God talking to me and do what He asks to the best of my ability. To be more of a “yes” girl!

    • Praise God……Love ya girl!

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      God Bless you Theresa!!! ♥

    • I love this! Thanks for sharing. What we consider small, God makes big. A man on the street last night asked if I could spare my “to go” box. I did, and was humbled that somebody would want, sight unseen, what I chose not to eat at dinner. Needs are everywhere, touching one man touches God’s heart. 🙂

  9. Three years ago I was sitting in worship after taking communion when a married couple passed in front of me. Even though I did not know them personally, I knew their story: A beautiful wife and mother to three fantastic children had also become the primary caregiver of her handsome and funny husband. Her husband who had been diagnosed with ALS. Her husband whom she assisted through the communion line until he was no longer able to walk on his own. Her husband that she was pushing in a wheelchair that Sunday morning in September. As I watched them move past me, I heard a voice very clearly tell me to “Offer to make dinner for her.” So, following the service I made my way over to them. I remember feeling so nervous and shy and I had NO idea what I was going to say. But praise the Lord that He gave me the right words, because after I introduced myself and we chatted a bit, I told her that I would like to make her dinner one night as a way to help and she #SaidYes. She also began to cry. She told me that she had been offered meals before but had always politely declined because she didn’t think she “needed” the help. But she had been struggling with needing help recently and my offer seemed to be an answer to her prayers.
    To make a really long (but beautiful) story a bit shorter, I felt God’s nudge to ask some of my friends to help me with making meals for this family. The list of volunteers grew. Then an older adult Sunday School class wanted to help. The list doubled. For the last THREE years, the hands and feet of Jesus have been making and delivering meals to this wonderful family TWICE a week. The “cooks” deliver the meals and sit and visit with the family; spending time talking to the wife and her husband who now can only talk using a computer that he operates with the blinks of his eyes.
    God so obviously took my “5&2” and multiplied it in grand measure. The list of volunteers is over 30 people strong. When 2 ladies moved, 2 other ladies just randomly came up to me and asked to be put on the list. This “list” has become a family of friends to this family whose struggles continue. Now they can hardly get out of the church doors because of the loving friends who constantly surround them. I am thanked all the time for coordinating this ministry for this family. But I am the thankful one. #ISaidYes and He blessed me with leftovers. That wife brought me to this Bible Study. That wife is my best friend.
    Thank You Jesus that we both #SaidYes to You and that our church family is filled with people who Say Yes too! Hallelujah!

    • Oh wow! That is a beautiful story. My prayer is that God blesses me someday in the same way he has blessed you with such a generous and growing gift to others. How awesome to be the vessel for so much love!!!

      • All because a woman said Yes to God….I love this! I would much rather fill my soul with stories like this everyday instead of the negativity from the world and the enemy.

    • Amazing story! Wow! I really feel the spirit in that! Keep doing God’s work girl!

    • That IS a wonderful 5 and 2 story for sure! How wonderful to bless that family and all the families involved are blessed too!

    • Your story brought tears to my eyes and gave me chills. That is amazing. Thank you for saying yes. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    • That is awesome!! Thank you for sharing. God bless you and that family.

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      Wow what a wonderful story. It has blessed me this morning.

    • Dorothy,
      That is an awesome story, and a wonderful testimony to how God has blessings that are beyond our wildest imagination. Thank you for sharing. God Bless You!

    • Wow what a beautiful story of God’s provision and multiplication. My heart just rejoiced in God through it.

    • What a beautiful story of obedience to God! Praise the Lord for using you!

    • Thanks for sharing, Dorothy. What an amazing experience to do God’s work. You are blessed to be a blessing! It feels great to be used by God and to give all the glory to Him. What a wonderful ministry you have. I’m sure you would not have thought of being used in such a way that promoted growth and service from so many volunteers and that it would have continued for over three years. Amazing things happen when we #SayYes to God.

    • What a beautiful story, Dorothy. Thank you.

    • Tha
      t’s an awesome testimony to our God. #amazed

    • Dorothy …your story has brought tears to my eyes, just simple obedience to God can do so much, how i pray that when i hear His voice or nudge, i will obey!

  10. I just want to say that I will so miss this study….and am looking forward to the next one so very much! I see God in the little moments of my life now, thanks to the transformation this OBS has provided in my life. I feel as if there isn’t a prayer of thankfulness that is big enough to express my gratitude at times!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Melissa & Nikki — you are overflowing with blessings for others! I am so glad that I got to be one of those people over the past 6 weeks. God led me to this study on the morning that it started through a Google search for Proverbs 31:25, which he had used to bring me peace and comfort in a moment of fear and anxiety. 20 minutes later, I was signed up and began this unexpected, challenging, and joy-filled journey. That first little “Yes” has started something beautiful in my life! God is awesome.

    Praying for peace and blessings for each and every one of you. See you all in October at the next OBS! 🙂

  11. During my childhood up to today God has always had people in my life who have blessed me from a kind word, protection, items needed, etc.. I always felt like I had nothing to give. One day God had a lady show me the dolls her church makes and sends out. I asked the ladies in our church if they would be interested in doing the same. To date we have given well over 1,000 comfort dolls to hospital, hospice, parenting classes, Haiti, Africa, orphanages, and the list goes on. Every dolls is prayed over and with each doll we get blessed. There are 5 churches working together to make dolls. We have also made adult bibs, quilts, baby hats/sweaters, dresses, shorts, tote bags. God keeps giving us ideas and we keep saying “yes”. The friendships that have developed have been God sent. We have all grown spiritually.

    • Marlene ~~OBS small group leader says:

      Sharon, That is great!! Our Women’s Ministry just started a couple months ago. We have crocheted hats and made pillow cases for the state Children’s Hospital. I would love to see a comfort doll as we have a Pregnancy Resource Center in our area that we are also looking to help out.

  12. Awesome post Ginny!
    Lord, I lift up my temptations and strong willed personality. Please help me not to give into Satan’s lies about needing outside substances besides You. Lord, I ask that you help me figure out how to balance two churches and help me decide at the end of the year if I should leave my “home” one. I also pray that Ataan and I continue to work on our relationship and grow closer to You. I pray for my parents that they may see that church is a good thing and that even though they believe and say they don’t need to go to a “building” to figure that out, please show them that the church is not a building but a group of people who love and want to service God. Lord, I lift up all these wonderful ladies that are with me during the study and I pray for the next one that you will continue to speak and reach us where we are at in our lives. WE love you!
    In Jesus,


    • Amen! Thanks for sharing you prayer.

    • Sandra Elise says:

      Keri, in the beginning of the year I was also balancing serving in two churches – my “home” church where my husband got saved, which was the church we got married in & the “new” church we felt God calling us to.

      At first, I didn’t want to believe God had called me to this “new” church. It was big, and scary and the music was way louder than I was used to. I argued with God. I didn’t want to move. So for a while, my husband and I served at both.

      I helped out with the kids ministry at my “new” church on Sundays & with the youth at my “home” church on Wednesdays. And I don’t know about you, but it was very difficult for me. During these four months of church juggling, I wasn’t able to give myself completely to either church or either ministry. I was literally sick the entire month of May! I had to go to the hospital and everything. During that time, God showed me that I needed to be obedient and commit completely to the “new” church.

      And you know what, Keri? It was one of the best decisions I ever made!!! My husband and I are so happy in our new church- which by the way we now consider our HOME church! We have grown more spiritually in the past few months than we had in years at our old church. I have a leadership position now, where God allows me to use ALL of my talents, and I truly feel that He created that role just for me! And the people at my church have truly become my family. My pastor is even on my speed dial!

      So I encourage you, Keri to truly pray about this decision and to be obedient to whatever God tells you to do. God ultimately knows what’s best for you and He wants to bless you! You just have to be obedient and let Him.

      • ETHEL MAY MILLER says:

        I loved your words of encouragement to Keri. And for continued blessings in your new “HOME” church. Thank you for sharing your own experience with us.

      • Thank you for you’re lovely, encouraging note! I know I need to pray and be obedient! Thank you so much!

  13. I was standing in line at this lunch place and felt God tell me to purchase lunch for the man coming up behind me . At first I was uncertain if it was truly God but then the urging become overwhelming. So I said Yes and told the cashier that I am purchasing that lunch too. After exchanging of smiles, he agreed. He asked me why? I wasn’t sure how far to take my answer so I said Faith…I am walking in faith. He was a young man and smiled and said…that”s cool! He was smiling and said that he will pay it forward too and asked if he could take a picture with me! Too funny

  14. Yesterday I was grumpy, a bad attitude was working and really for no reason-well I did have a bottle of finger nail polish that I have turned the house upside down looking for and still can’t find -but nothing to warrant what was brewing inside me. At one time that would have ended our “good day” but yesterday I went to my journal and wrote “Lord help me with my attitude please I want to have a good attitude today” God changed my attitude and we had a wonderful rest of the day! (And I had even forgotten about that polish until I opened my journal and read “and please help me find my polish” God is SO good!

    Also for those that remember my daddy got married a week ago they’ve been honeymooning at the alabama beaches and are in louisiana today with family. They’ll be figuring out how to combine their households next week please pray for them as they adjust to each other. And we’re still uncertain what job my hubby will have in a couple of weeks- we should have an offer for the one he went to chicago to interview with last week by Monday but it’s a little stressful when his last day at present job is this Friday 🙂

    Oh Ladies I’m gonna miss you these next few weeks! God bless each of you while we’re apart love and hug to all of you yes girls!

    • ETHEL MAY MILLER says:

      I’ve been in a marriage somewhat like your Daddy’s and it is not easy. Pray for them ALL in this transition time and in the many days and years to follow. I’m sure they will struggle with many things you might not be aware of. Just love them and be supportive any way you can. Your family has expanded this way, and you have more people to love now. Blessings to each one of you.

      • Thank you Ethel May. I’ am sure there will be a lot of adjustments and several they haven’t though about that they’ll have to work through. My dad is 73 years old and hasn’t been married in over 30 years. She’s been widowed for about 5 years and was married most of her adult life. They both like their space, and realize that they had lives before they married. I don’t expect this marriage to look anything like a traditional marriage, but I think it will work for them. I am VERY happy for both of them and extremely happy that my dad has someone by his side in his sunset years. They are very cute together 🙂

        • Ethel May Miller says:

          There are many unexpected bumps to a marriage in old age. Be as supportive as you can. I am happy to know you have pproved of this marriage — it means a lot to your Dad and his new wife. Hope the whole family feels the same way.

  15. This has been such a wonderful study. May each of us say YES and let The Lord use us as He chooses.

  16. When God allowed me to get breast cancer almost 5 years ago I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. Since then my very shy husband and I have taken extra training to equip us to reach out other cancer patients and their caregivers. I often am asked to call newly diagnosed patients to answer questions and give them hope. By telling them my experience I can give testimony to how God calmed my fears and gave me a new ministry. Since I live close to Cancer Treatment Center of America I often get to meet these patients when they come for treatment. At times it is very hard because many of my new friends have lost their battle with cancer but on the other hand I have met many wonderful people that I would not have met this side of heaven. Sometimes I am so busy with my life that I almost groan when a new request comes in but I know that God has His hand in those that are sent to me. I pray that He continues to give me the strength to serve Him in this way.

    • ETHEL MAY MILLER says:

      God works ALL things together for good to those who love Him. Even surviving cancer — thank you for being available to those struggling through this spirit-crushing illness. What you are doing inspires HOPE to fight against the despair patients often have. Let your name, SUE, be HOPE to others.

  17. I have so enjoyed our study. It has made me more aware of God and what He is saying to me. I love the 5’s and 2’s, what a great way to keep that in the forefront of our minds. On my down days, it seems like the best way to get up is to help someone else and the 5’s and 2’s will be a simple reminder. Thanks Ginny.

  18. I also have a prayer request. My single daughter lost er job as a teacher in May. She is trusting God to bring her enough subbing jobs to stay afloat this year or even have a job open up. She suffers from fibromyalgia and the added stress of no insurance for medication does not help her health. Also, my teenage granddaughter is having some issues at school that are causing panic attacks. Please pray for her to remain calm and for the light to go on in chemistry class!

  19. 5’s and 2’s. Ha ha! How about 15? God gave my daughter 15. We were blessed to adopt her just 3 years ago. The first time I saw the picture of our cutie w/ a badly deformed and short leg, boy was I scared! Maybe this little girl would be too difficult a challenge. Maybe we should keep looking, maybe find a different orphan to adopt. But no, this picture of this little girls face had already won my heart and my husband’s. We said yes! Yes to adopting her. Yes to 15! Now, 3 years home, 2 surgeries and 5 prosthetic legs later here we are. Was it an easy road? Ummmm no. Would I do it again?Yes! In a heart beat! No, I don’t share this to honk my own horn. I share this to tell you that anyone can use their own experiences to help others. Even of it’s just reaching out to others who’ve walked in your shoes and helping them by telling your story. For me that means holding other’s hands while

    they adopt or put their baby under the care of a doctor for another surgery. And God willing, buying a business soon which will provide our family w/ finances to help other special needs orphans (whatever that means, not sure yet). I have a heart for these little children a d just want to use what i have to help them. Man, what if I’d said “no” to 15?

    • ETHEL MAY MILLER says:

      God has been blessing you as you have followed His calling. He doesn’t touch each of us in the same way, and I know those sweet children are being blessed because of you and your husband’s obedience to the Lord. Thank you for sharing your story.

  20. I have found the blessing of giving til it hurts, the freedom of not only forgiving but loving those who have hurt me, and a new awareness of God’s presence with me all the time. The small acts of obedience have been far too many to list and daily God has blessed me with an opportunity to give time, encouragement, money, prayer, and possessions in His name, for His glory. In some of these instances I have been able to see the effects of these gifts; people coming to know Christ and people who already know Him being inspired to do more, to know Him better. All I can do is say thank you!

  21. We also have 2 eyes and 2 ears, and it starts with using them to see and hear how God want us to use our 5’s and 2’s.

    While I still have not yet finished the book, among the posts here and what I have read I have been greatly blessed.

    A little while back, I thought I was feeling like I was to be an encourager to people, probably women and children more than other groups. I didn’t heed it at the time, even going so far as basically disowning the feeling when my husband (with whom I had shared it) mentioned writing encouraging notes to people.

    I have since stepped up to it, only to receive multiple confirmations that I am going the right direction. God is good!

    #yestogod #stickwithit

    • ETHEL MAY MILLER says:

      Nancy, That is just what I have been impressed with during this study. Many women share some things but not everyone seems to get a reply of encouragement. Perhaps they have, but when I read something that has no reply, I ask the Lord, “should I respond?” Being an encourager is a worthy calling — not everyone can do it, but we ALL need encouraging. It is one of those things we can do for the Lord that may not get the public recognition that we want sometimes. But the rewards are there –“well done, faithful servant, you are using the gift I gave you.” That is what we want to hear from the Lord. You go Girl, sweet Sister. !!!

  22. Can someone from P31 please tell me how much money was raised for Doves Nest? How close were we to our goal? Thanks!

  23. Almost two years ago, I got an idea out of now where that I should go back to school. Nursing school to be exact! I was a 45 stay at home mother of 4, but my kids are all grown or almost grown and I had been praying about what God wanted me to do in the next chapter of my life. Something as challenging as nursing school was not even a possibility in my mind. But God opened all the doors. For instance I passed the entrance exam the first time. Even got a 100 on the algebra part… Almost as much a miracle as the loaves and fishes. Lol

    But now I am over half way through and Satan keeps sending doubts to me. Can I really do this? It’s just sooo hard! But God calms my mind and reminds me that saying yes to Him means He bears the burden of getting me through!

    • ETHEL MAY MILLER says:

      Julie T,
      I am proud of you for pursuing this challenge in nursing !! Hang in there, you can do it with the help of the Lord. He showed you that in the beginning — don’t let your faith in Him waver. That thought didn’t just come “out of nowhere”. In way of encouragement, I went back to college after a many year interval and earned my BA and teaching certificate when I was 50 years old. A few years later my husband died and I had a good income to support myself and my 2 girls in college. Then about 6 years later got my Masters degree as well. Sure it was hard work, but so worth it. I’m cheering for you — the Lord has something in store for you where you will be so glad you finished this course. Keep up the good work !!!

      • Ethel May, good for you in going back to college and having success. I’ve noticed the wonderful way you have been encouraging others today. Bless you.

  24. Please pray for my children to come to know Jesus. Please pray for their hearts to be open to receive Him and for their salvation.  My teenage sons are fighting me on this every chance they get and I am heartbroken. I feel I have failed so miserably as a parent and I just don’t know what to do. They hate going to church and refuse to take anything i say about God seriously. My oldest son (14) will blindly believe anything he reads on the internet or anything his friends say but completely dismiss the things that I tell him. He thinks the Bible is only a book and it seems he thinks I’m a fool for believing it. Please pray. I’m desperate for some help. I thank you with all my heart. God bless you.

    • ETHEL MAY MILLER says:


      I understand your desire for your sons to believe in the Lord, but their hearts are resistant. But you can’t convict them of their unbelief. Only the Lord can do that. I was in a similar situation and still

      Mikal, I can identify with this strong desire you have for your sons, but what you say won’t bring conviction to their hearts. Only the Lord can do that. Live your faith before them in quietness and continue to pray earnestly. This really heart-breaking — I understand. Pray that the Lord will draw them to Himself so strongly that their resistance is broken. They can’t fight with you if you don’t pressure them. Maybe you think I am criticizing you, but I’m not –really. You are not failing as a parent — we just can’t make our kids (or husbands) do what we want them to do. Prayer and living your faith quietly day by day is the only way to win them. I remember reading about a well-known preacher of older times who was wild, but when he came home late at night, he found his mother on her knees and he knew she was praying for him. He finally got convicted and saved and used mightily for the Lord. Bless you. I pray that you will one day see your sons follow Jesus.

  25. I have been SOOO blessed through this study! I have seen God working to prepare me for a new season in my life and praise Him for that! It won’t be an easy road but I know He goes before me! And I love Ginny’s 5 and 2 story! When you are going through something difficult in your own life it is hard to focus on someone else’s but that is precisely what I need to do!!! God’ timing is perfect!!! Rejoice in The Lord always, and again I say Rejoice!!!!

  26. Wow, such amazing stories and testimonies. .Guess I am moving at a slow passe, I’ve just come to realize what God wanted me to give up, probably because I didn’t want to hear. However because God knew that I truly wanted to be a YesGirl, he didn’t give up on me. After reading this morning, I also realize that God has used me in many ways to bless others, whether with a kind word, helping my 87 year old neighbor, or a financial help for someone. There are times when we help someone, a stranger that we may never know how it spread out to others, of if it did, but we do know the blessing that comes back to us. The most important for me in this study is how my relationship with Jesus has grown and is growing. Excited for the next study.

  27. After 2 serious asthma flares at work this week (requiring ER visits via ambulance), my boss gave me 6 paid days off to recover – and to “FLOOD HER EMAIL” with as much research on allergies, asthma, celiac disease, and airborne irritants as I can find, to help change district policy to make life safer for students AND us bus drivers. God turned what started as a very negative situation into a massive positive. I still have til Tuesday night to finish her request! Through this God is clearly showing me just how much He needs me to be an advocate for Celiac Disease, Food, Environmental, and Chemical Allergies, and Asthma. In spite of my recovery He has given me strength and drive to make this happen!

    • ETHEL MAY MILLER says:

      WOW !!! All THIS because you had such serious asthma attacks!!! It’s amazing how our God uses even “bad” things to work for good in our lives and the lives of others. Let your light continue to shine for His glory, my sweet sister.

  28. This Bible Study has give me the #freshvision I have needed as I continue on my walk with Jesus. Thank you so very much for your ministry and please thank all the woman “behind the scenes” that make it possible.

    Please pray that my daughter signs up and gives her all to the Confident Heart Bible Study. I had bought her the book last Christmas but I think it has just sat in her bookcase. I sent her the link to sign-up but now it is up to her to hear the nudging from God.

    Thank you all again for you faithfulness and saying #yestoGod to the call Jesus has set before you.

  29. I thank you for this Bible study!! It often touched me with something I was in need of hearing. One of those messages was “Dreaming is not making plans for God, it’s sitting in the stillness of His presence and allowing His creativity to flow in us” and “Passion comes from praise”. As a result of that day’s message, I have been using YouTube for my daily time of praise. Our God is awesome!!

  30. Last Spring before my daughter passed away the Lord gave her, my granddaughter and myself an awesome gift of serving and getting to know a homeless man. It was on the way to getting her medication we went almost everyday of the week. She had been addicted to pain medication from back pain and the medication was to help her with that addiction. So on the way to the clinic we would notice this man with a bag walking around the same area. One day I ask my daughter how she thought he would react if we offered to get him something from Sonic that was near by. She didn’t really know how he might react so I ask him if we could get him something to eat and he refused. So the next day we decided to make him a few lunches and my granddaughter Ruthie, thought it would be nice to put a scripture in with the lunches so she did. When we saw him at his usual place I parked and my daughter Tara went to talk to him. I watched as my sweet girl sat on this hill and talked to this man quite awhile and then they both walked over to the car. His name was David he was from Texas and he wanted to go back home because he didn’t really like it here. We offered to get him a bus ticket but he refused. He said he wanted a pad and pencils to draw and a blanket. So we told him we would do that for him. We went to a thrift store and got him some clothes and a blanket and an umbrella it had been raining. We also got him a pad and some pencils, he was so grateful but the amazing thing about David when we would stop to see how he was doing he would always ask how we were, and was concerned about us. One day we stopped and got him some bottled water and a few other things but couldn’t find him anywhere. His bag was on the hill but no David. There was a recreation center right next to where he always was and so we stopped in and asked if they knew him. One gentleman said they did and he would come in every now and then so we gave the things to him and ask him to give them to David if he saw him. We checked the bag and it didn’t have all his things in it so that made us feel better. We checked online to see if anyone was found in the creek but no one. We never saw David again but what a blessing he was to us. Tara and I thought the same thing one day I said what if that was Jesus, she said she thought the same thing. What an honor it is when the Lord chooses to work through us.

    Blessings, Cindy

  31. Sandra Elise says:

    I am hosting a benefit concert fundraiser tonight at 6 PM central time to help raise money for a Christian special needs camp, called Cristo Vive International. We have faced so much opposition in the last week! We almost lost the band, we almost lost our sound person, we did lose our photographer, we have a new singer who is nervous and keeps messing up her songs, and the leadership team has been arguing. My gastritis pain has also been killing me and on Wednesday, I FELL(which actually happens quite often, because I’m a huge klutz, but it was still pretty inconvenient) and I hurt my ankle,knee, back and wrist!

    #ISaidYes to organizing this benefit concert. Quite honestly, there have been many times this week where I wish I said No! or that I could throw my hands up and say I quit! But #ISaidYes to God, and that’s a commitment that I take very seriously.

    I feel in my heart that God must have something amazing planned for this concert if the devil is trying to put so much opposition in our way. I also know in my heart that even though the enemy “intended to harm me, God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (Genesis 50:20)

    Sisters, I have been so amazingly blessed by our time together! I ask that you please pray for this fundraiser, our camps, our special needs campers and our leadership team. May God bless you in your endeavors and #I Said Yes adventures! I love you!

  32. So sad to see this wonderful study come to an end, but it has blessed me in so many ways and opened my mind and heart to so many different areas in my life that I struggle with that I have to give them over to God and have faith in His timing and trust his Word. I am still having some very hard struggles but i’m trying not to stay focused on the problem and stay in praise and trust, but it can be so very hard to keep the faith when it just doesnt seem like God hears my prayers or sees my heart. I know He does it just hurts so bad sometimes. I’m going to continue to renew my faith and tell the devil he’s a liar and I don’t believe his lies when this torment starts. Thank you ladies for being so transparent with your struggles they have really blessed me and I’ve prayed for you and thought about you throughout this study. God bless you all and see you at the next study in October.

  33. A few years ago, I was the leader of our women ministries group which consisted of 8 ladies. Four of us went to our district retreat. Each year, we are challenged to give to a missions group. We are asked to spend a few minutes in prayer to seek how we might be led to give. In the years past, we did not participate in this but now, with a younger, more energetic and somewhat spontaneous president, I wanted to jump in with “all fours”. So we prayed and decided to give to Firewind ministries… an organization that ministers in Africa. We wanted to build a “bush church” which would cost $2,500. This amount would be a huge challenge for us but we felt like God really wanted us to do it. While we were praying about this, I felt God promoting me to say that we needed to match this amount to use for local missions also. I told the ladies about this prompting and they (some out of respect because of my position) said “ok, you’re the president.” So now this means that this little group of ladies needed to raise $5,000! I went to my pastor and told him what we did….. He was supportive yet I think he wondered if I really heard from God, especially after I told him that we wanted to sell Krispy Kreme donuts for our fundraiser. At that time, we did not have a Krispy Kreme donuts store in our area so groups would drive three hours to pick up dozens of donuts to sell in parking lots. You hold a sign up saying Krispy Kreme donuts, and people went crazy! It was so scary writing a check for all of those donuts but I trusted God. We sold ALL of the donuts and raised $3,000 dollars! We sold fireworks that July to finish raising the money that we had committed to raise. It was awesome to see God work in so many lives. There is now a church in Africa that is full of families worshiping God. We gave the money raised for local missions to our church to use for the needy in our community. It was an amazing time watching this small group of ladies trusting God to do what we felt He told us to do. We had such a spiritual growth in our church that year…..all because we said yes. Yes to God and to selling donuts and fireworks.

    • ETHEL MAY MILLER says:

      Sharla, Yes God is amazing and He certainly CAN do much through people who are committed to Him. Thank you for leading your group to do something big like that. I am hoping that you have also seen growth in the everyday faith in finding God in little things. I can tell that you are a good leader and pray that the Lord will continue to use you in the lives of these women.

    • What an awesome story of stepping out! Through donuts and fireworks, nonetheless, I love it!

  34. Last week, I sent out a prayer request through Proverbs 31 Ministries for my husband who was traveling to Seattle for a meeting on Thursday of this week that had everything to do with spiritual warfare. I asked to specifically pray for protection, perseverance and endurance. And I also asked for prayer for myself for complete healing of the wound on my foot. I don’t know how many people prayed, but I know they surely did. Our prayers covered my husband and after a 4 hour battle, he was set free to stand firm and come forth as the man that God intended for him to be before he was even born. And as for my foot, well I have complete trust that God will heal my foot. It will be in His time, though….not mine. God has equipped me through this bible study and through His Word. I am so thankful that He nudged me hard to participate in this study, I am so thankful for the sword of the Spirit which is His word, I am so thankful for all of the Godly women who reached out in prayer for me and my husband, and I am so thankful that our good and gracious Lord can Love me especially during the times I don’t deserve it. I said YES to God at the beginning of this study, and now that this study is ending, I am STICKING WITH IT.

  35. Morning all you Proverbs 31 ladies! What an amazing honor to be called a lady after God’s own heart! I give our Abba all praise & glory for all he’s done & is doing in our lives & in the world around us.
    I ask for prayer for the challenging tasks that I am facing in my life. Especially In keeping a positive mindset in a world where so much negativity exists. I want to overcome for him. My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. I need encoragement, prayer, & I thank you for support.
    Our God is amazing & no thing is too difficult for Him!!
    I am praying that miracles are happening in each of our lives. Bless u.

  36. ETHEL MAY MILLER says:


    You really tickled me when you wrote about the 5s & 2s. Never heard anything like that from the account of the little boy’s lunch that Jesus used to feed so many people. Thinking about that little boy reminded me of the song we teach little children, “Be careful little eyes what you see —-” . My thoughts then went to Jesus wanting us to have the faith of a child because children accept what they hear so innocently — not like cynical adults who “know better”. I have 3 grandchildren who are so innocent and it has been so wonderful to see them absorb Biblical attitudes taught and lived out in their home. The oldest is 9 now and she gave her heart to Jesus a few years ago already and no talks about maybe growing up to be a missionary. How great is that !!! The next girl is 7 and just recently told her Mom that she has believed in Jesus for awhile now. She is a very loving girl. My grandson is 3 and he is really a honey. Last night they were here for dinner and I asked him how we should thank the Lord for our food. He started us singing, “Oh the Lord is good to me and so I thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need —–“. Their grandfather was a godly man and it would thrill his heart to know that his girls (both of them) are living out the legacy he left behind. It really matters how we use our 5s and 2s. Ginny, I have enjoyed your daily posts the most of all during this study. If I can continue to receive them without taking the next class, please tell me how to subscribe to your blogs. Thank you so much. All in all the Lord has used this OBS to work in my heart in many ways. #Palms UP where I placed my alienated son, but the biggest was exposing the PRIDE in my heart. The “something beautiful” in my old age is wrapped around my grandchildren, but also finding many little things I can do to reach out to others, even if it is only giving the widows a hug on Sunday morning. Bless you, Ginny.

  37. I donated a kidney to my daughter almost 5 years ago. I never thought of it and still don’t as any type of sacrificial giving. It’s just what moms do when called upon. Anyway, obviously I’m glad I was able to do it so she could have a new chance at life and it’s been a blessing watching her really live now, live off dialysis, live a whole life. But there’s continual blessings: blessings never even thought about before the surgery. I am able to speak, pray with, encourage so many people and hurting families who are waiting on a transplant or waiting to be tested (that’s a grueling process) or have just found out how sick they really are. I’ve been able to show them God’s love, peace, grace and strength. It was a really tough time in my life (the whole seeing my daughter sick, testing to see if I could donate, the surgery, recovery-etc) but God has turned it around and allowed me to be used and I am able to talk & pray with these people. It’s amazing how something you once thought was so devastating in your life can be turned around by God and use you to show His love to hurting people. He’s multiplied my compassion ten fold, not that I wasn’t a kind or giving person before but when you step out to help others….there’s no limit on what God will do, praise God!
    I loved this study, it was confirmation in my life in several areas. I’ve learned so much too. Thank you doesn’t seem enough but I know your real blessings are in heaven!

    • So, so awesome that God used this to bless not only you but so many more people besides just your daughter! And, awesome that you get to witness God in action through you!

  38. I think God is so awesome how He multiplies our supplies so we can help someone else’s needs. as I have posted before about my friend’s daughter . Well she has an eating disorder and she was better enough to come home from the hospital. Her diet of 6,000 calories a day. My friend called me and was like, “we need so many things to add to her food to make the meals a 1,000 calorie meals.” I asked what was on the list that she can use. Well God and in all of His awesomeness, I had most of what she needed. By chance , not at all. She had little money. By the time we got done going through my kitchen she only needed to get two or three things more. I love watching God at work. It secures my faith and the I pray the stories will bring others to see Christ and what the same for their lives..

    I am so grateful for this study. My life has been kind of crazy and I really think God is testing my faith. I will try my hardest to stay on course and close to Him. Be as obedient as I can. Ladies you have been such a joy with the videos, blogs, and posts. thanks

  39. Yesterday I was blessed with serving at a local food pantry. There were several volunteers and we take turns walking people through to get the food they need to help them survive. I ended up getting a family with two small children and after we finished getting their food, I told them to pull their car around and I could help them load it. She said she would bring the cart back because they were needing to find someone with jumper cables to jump start their car, which guess what I had sitting in the trunk of my car which also turned out to be in the same parking lot. Now that I think about it this is the same family whose number was missed in rotation in the chaos of the day. God knew they needed a jump start and knew I had cables. Before I had left my house I had asked God to allow me to be a blessing to those I came in contact with, because even though I am currently unemployed I am so fortunate and blessed by all that he has provided for me. I would also like to ask for prayers. I am starting to interview for some perspective jobs and they are definitely out of my comfort zone so it seems. Please pray that I will keep my eyes and ears open to where God is leading me and that while I am at this crossroads in my life, that I will make the right decision to saying Yes to his will.

  40. My sister and I were talking one day and she told me how she needed new shoes. She said the ones she had were killing her feet and we old and ragged. She is on her feet more then she not. She told me that it would be probably 3 months before she would be able to afford new shoes.
    I give all this some consideration and God had blessed me with a bit of extra money. I went to Walmart and got a gift card. I had some pictures and such that I had been putting off sending to my sister for years so I gathered them up and put them in a big envelope along with the gift card and some devotionals and sent them out to her. I never said a word to her about it!! I wanted to suprise her and that I did!! She text me the day she received the envelope and told me I made her cry.
    You see not only did I send her the much needed money for shoes in that envelope was some things that had our mothers handwriting on it. Since our mom had passed away my sister hadn’t seen her handwriting in years.
    I called her that night to see if she got her shoes and she had. She told me not only did she get shoes but she also was able to buy some much needed food!! When we talked she praised the Lord and was so greatful to God for his provision. In my mind I was thinking Hey girl I”M the one who sent you the money!! Then God spoke to my heart and said But child had I not provided you with extra money this would have never happened!! What an eye opener it was for me!!
    I am so grateful that God never gives up on us!!
    Thank you ladies for doing this bible study!! I have learned things about myself that I don’t think I would have if I had not done this. God is so awesome and He uses you ladies in a great way!! Thank you so much for all that you do and allowing God to use you!!

  41. Good Morning Ladies
    I really have enjoyed this Bible Study and I am excited about the next one , I do have a Praise and Prayer request .. I have a prayer request My husband has just recently left for his New job out of town he will be gone for about 2 months so i ask for prayer for his safety on the job and his surroundings plus also for my Son and I here in Ga, My Praise is that although he is out of town this is a much better job and its stable
    My YESTOGOD while he is away is to grow stronger in the word with my Faith and Trust in the Lord and to know that all things will be taken care of for our family..

  42. What I love the most about this post, Ginny, is that it cause me to ask “What I have done for you lately, God?” Questions like that are exactly what makes P31’s OBS so important in my life. It’s important to take stock of where I am spiritually, every so often. And it’s important to acknowledge all of the many small (and sometimes big) ways that God is using my 5’s and 2’s to do His work. Maybe more to remind me that I am useful to our Great God in some way on the days where I don’t feel very productive? Or useful.

    This study has been a blessing to me because I view every interaction with others as an opportunity to say Yes to God, now. Every. Single. One. The neighbor who is talking about me behind my back, but smiling at me in the sunshine? I can smile back and genuinely care for them. The child who won’t cooperate as we’re trying to get out of the door in the morning? I can breathe in deeply and let some of that grace that God pours all over ME spill over onto my little one. The friend who disappoints can serve as a reminder that God never does. And on and one it goes. These small things (from Zephaniah 4:10) add up to lots of Yeses. I pray I please my God and stay open to more of them. Tons more of them! What a praise for this fresh perspective!

  43. Vickie Massey says:

    I started this study because I needed to set my focus where it needed to be. You see my husband has cancer and it had gotten to where I cried every day. As I am typing this, he is in the hospital. He had emergency surgery Mon. to remove another lesion that is a 2nd primary on his colon. The other primary was inside his colon. I metastasized to his liver and he has multiple lesions on his liver. They have tried several chemos and we are now down to the last one. If this tumor has a certain kind of gene then that will open some more doors to treatment. We will see.

    Now as I said earlier, I needed to focus on something other than myself. I was having one heck of a pity party. My husband and I have been married 40 yrs. We have grown very close during those years. Yes, we have had a lot of storms in our life; this has always brought us closer together. This time I felt like I am going it alone. I know my husband is going to heaven and everlasting life and I will see him and our daughter when I get there but who will I share every thing about my life with. Who will take care of me. I will so lonely. These were the things going through my mind before this study. Quite a pity party huh!!!

    On the week we use #SayWhat? we were to give something up. Now I have given up Diet sodas before when I have been watching my diet, but when Danny got sick I started back drinking them. So I asked God if that was what He wanted me to do. I had not gotten an answer so Blog Hopping and I came upon one that I know that the Lord directed me to. MY ANSWER: #SayWhat? Give my husband up? By Brenda H. Rodgers. In it her husband had myocardiopothy and needed a transplant and they wheeling he down the hall to put him on a respirator. They had not found a heart for him. 3 times, God told Brenda to give up her husband and 2 times she kept arguing with God that she didn’t want to, she couldn’t give him up and finally she did and gave it all over to the LORD. He just wanted her to allow Him to take care of the situation and Him to take care of her worry and Him give her the peace she so desperately needed. I think that after reading that in the end her husband came through it all with a new heart and they had a baby that I realized that this was exactly what I needed to do. #SayWhat? Give my husband up? So that I did. I now am not trying to control this situation with Danny but allowing God the control. Sometime in the future I will I will lose my husband, but right now I still have him and we will live each day at a time. Enjoy what time we have together. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Satan gets in there sometimes and I still will start getting teary eyed. That happened yesterday while I was driving to the hospital. I politely invited Satan to get out of my car. I went into the post office to get the mail and came back to the car; turn the car on and the radio had Mandisa singing “You’re an Overcomer.” #SayWhat? Well Satan go out of the car and God got in.

    #SayYes has become a little easier since starting this study. Several situations had cropped up during the study that has nothing to do with working in church but just general people that you see and meet everyday. I have gotten 2 calls from 2 of my friends have come to me. One woman called because she knew we had lost our daughter and they don’t know what is wrong with hers–possibility that her daughter had cancer or hepatitis or liver damage. She was beside herself. I used the same Blog information and talked to her about giving the situation to God. She is doing better except they still haven’t found out what is wrong with her daughter. I prayed over the phone with a friend who has breast cancer and is on Chemo; her husband is having a hard time with the situation. #Amazing how God works the things out but it helps me to be encouraging to others when I fill down God sends someone else for me to encourage. It takes my mind off of me and on to others.

    Where is my purpose? was a very hard question for me to answer. But I believe as you read this comment you can see the answer I got. My purpose is to encourage people and they will encourage me as God wants me to #SayYes. People think that I am a strong person but I am not who they think that I am. It is God living through me. Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers.

    • Oh VICKIE! This is beautiful! Your story is an inspiration. I’m so glad we’ve gotten to know each other and am hoping next year we can meet in person and give each other a real hug!

    • Your story is beautiful. My daughter’s ex passed two years ago this November from cancer, leaving behind a now 6 year son. We brought them to Texas from Florida. My heart and prayers will be with you each time I see my little man, who hurt so much not understanding why his daddy was gone. May our Lord give you strength and keep people in your life to constantly encourage you daily. Jesus name I ask and lay this request before You, Father. Amen. Love you and God bless you.

    • Your story brought a big smile to my face. I’m sure there are moments of agony, and tears are ok when using to process emotions (even Jesus cried!), but you are smart enough to know when it’s the devil and to throw him out. You go, girl! God bless your willing spirit.

  44. Good Morning Yes Girls! Thank you for this amazing experience. I have learned so much and am so grateful, I finished strong. Thank you very much for being the inspiration I needed to keep going. I love you all!

  45. Over 13 years ago I initiated and started a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at our church. It started small and actually was a group of women from several different churches in the area with very few members from my own church. As my children grew out of the preschool age, I had to step down as coordinator. Over the years the group has had its growing pains. I was invited back several times to speak at meetings and was always blessed to hear it was still meeting it’s purpose regardless of the number in attendance. Once again this year I was asked if I wanted to be a mentor mom. In the past I have declined due to my busy life with teenagers, but this year, in part because of this study, I said “YES”. It was during this year’s promo video at church that God confirmed I should accept the invite. They talked about moms being a “beautiful mess”. I said to myself and texted the coordinator, “I’m a beautiful mess and I say yes to being a mentor mom.” We had our first meeting last week and it was a full house. I found out afterwards that a mom I just met at my table found out right before the meeting that her cancer had returned. I believe God has me in here for a time like this. Not because I have faced cancer myself, but have supported others who have. From a ministry started with a small group of ladies, God has multiplied the impact on young moms. I am blessed to be a part of that.

  46. Jeanie Kelley says:

    I am in complete awe of how God has used me this study. I have prayed for God to take away the cussing and anger. I still have times when I do cuss or say a word or two, but I have learned to come back to God and say forgive me for saying this. God has forgiven me for saying the words and God is going to get the praise for this. I have still a long way to go, but I know that God will get praised for this. Thanks for the this study. Looking forward to A Confident Heart. You guys rock and are awesome. Blessed and radically blessed.

    • Oh Jeanie! Me too! My old nasty pre-Christ habits rear their ugly head from time to time, but since starting this study and being in the Word daily again His Spirit is a work more and my spirit less. Praise God he’s healing us!

  47. Good Morning Sisters! What I have received from this study is a new focus on relating with ALL people. Every morning before my feet hit the ground I have said YES to God and asked Him to fully direct my thoughts, words, action. “Lord let me “see” them with Your eyes; let me “hear” with Your ears; let me ONLY say what You want them to hear..” It has and continues to change my everyday journey with Him. Thank you to all for this OBS.

  48. First I want to praise God for this last week in our OBS. The Lord has taught me to be more obedient to him. I have given back to him my marriage of 35 years and most of all my husband that has left to commit adultery with another women. I would like for you to please continue to pray for my marriage and my husbands salvation. Put what I would like to share is that for many years our son and his wife have had on their hearts to help with the youth. Well it finally happened, they were asked to be leaders for a football organization here in the community. So they have had muh success but like always the devil has tried to destroy Gods work. They are not quitters and they have helped so many children to stay out of trouble and want to be someone. The blessings have been abundant. So please pray that all will continue to go Gods way and that they will continue to do Goda work. Thank you so much for all your prayers and continue to pray for my marriage and myself. Thank you ladies so much.

  49. Jeanne Yates says:

    I said Yes to God 20 yrs ago when He told my hubby and I to raise our grandson. That has been such a blessing and a few years later God told us to raise two more of our grandkids, siblings, from another one of our children. That was and is still a blessing too. Hubby and I had just gotten through a study with our Sunday School teacher from a book, (I am ashamed to say I don’t remember the author or title) but it was about Expanding our Borders. We prayed for that so we could be witnesses and lo and behold, God answered it in ways we could never have imagined. It has been trials and we have been married for over 47 yrs and the only time we have had empty nest was the two years before we had our firstborn and the summer months when the kids went away to church camp. Our kids, not our grandkids. So it has been and is a real struggle along with the blessings. I am 64, hubby, 66. we are retired and living on limited income. We have a couple of our grown kids living here and helping out. We help each other, neither of them are the parents of the grand kids we are raising. We have five children of our own. We have truly been blessed by these children and it is truly a stress level for me at the same time. Their bio mother, not my daughter, has been in and out of their lives, in and out of court for custody, abandoned them after the judge awarded custody back to her, and etc. long story short, the kids have emotional issues within themselves because of this court battle over and over and several times of her abandoning them and her drug using, drinking, etc. It is a mess. Lately, she tried to commit suicide, is on a respirator in a hospital thousand of miles from us, and I don’t know what to tell the kids. Prayed and decided to not mention it to them unless she dies then only if the services are near enough for them to attend if they wish. She is an awful person, and God knows I am stuck in how to pray for her mode. The easy way out is if she would die and leave us alone forever, That is not what I want but somehow I do. A dear Christian friend of mine said it might be a blessing in disguise if she did die. I know that but don’t know what God wants. These kids would be devastated if they felt she did not love them enough to stay alive for them. My grand daughter when she was seven asked me, ” Grandma why didn’t my mommy love us enough to keep us?” And now my grand daughter is 12 and she hasn’t spoken to her mom or seen her since that day. Over and over, in and out of court, visits, no visits, placed in her home and then taken away because of drugs, alcohol, or something else. Why Lord is it so hard on these children. Pray for me please, I am so not knowing what to do. Just waiting on God to reveal to me what to do when the time is right. However, I won’t tell them she was suicidal. Just that she died if it comes to that. They know she is sick. In the head anyway. So I am waiting on the Lord but not very patiently I must say. God forgive me for wanting the easy way out.

    • Lord, please calm Jeanne’s heart. She is overwhelmed by the challenges and not sure what you want her to do, how to handle this situation. Lord, you know every one of our trials, every one of our tears, and we thank you for caring for us each on such a deep and personal level. Grant Jeanne an extra measure of grace for herself today, and the ability to see your hand in all the little things she comes across today, to be reassured that you are supporting her through this extra difficult time. Remind her of the joy her grandchildren bring to her life, despite the lack of rest. You are a wise God who paired these children with Jeanne and her husband. Despite the troubles the children have gone through, we ask for a measure of extra grace for each of her grandchildren to understand that you are greater than any trial or upheaval they’ve faced in their life and will use those experiences to embolden them to be reliant on you and to help others going through hard times. Especially today, Lord, reveal your wisdom to Jeanne, and especially today, give them all extra reasons to see joy around them. In Jesus name we pray, Amen

      • Brittany jacobson (obs prayer team) says:

        what a beautiful prayer Katie , if she can see this have two scrpitures that I hold on to. lord when I am ovwherlmed you know which way I should turn . the seconed one is when doubts fill mind you give me renewed hope and cheer.

    • My heart goes out to you Jeanne. I have placed you on my permeant prayer list. If there is anything I can pray for in a more specific way, let me know. Love you and God bless you.

    • Christine Ann says:

      I too am a grandmother, although not raising grandchildren myself. My heart and prayers go out to you Jeanne. For your continued strength in this difficult and emotionally charged situation. I pray that somehow, in God’s grace and mercy that the children’s mother will be touched by God all those thousands of miles away in hospital. God can send a servant of His to her, so that she might hear of Jesus redeeming love, inspite of her destructive life choices. Be rest assured this is absolutely nothing you have to do, let others reach her and pray for her. God can do it.Be at peace yourself and love your grandchildren, God has given them into your care and He will honour you in this.

  50. I’ve had quite a week! My attitude today is horrible because I got no sleep last night. I have received an email or a phone call from a different teacher every day this week because of my son’s grades or behavior. My daughter is having a tantrum. My husband is driving me insane. My step-son is sick. My cat puked in my chair. My dog…well…he’s just being a dog. But ugh! What a day and it’s not even noon! But then I came here and read this post. Amazing how quickly my attitude changed! I love the lesson of 5’s and 2’s. It really made me stop and think. No matter my attitude or how bad of a day I’m having, Jesus died for me. He died for my sins. He did so much for me! Whenever I feel like nobody in the world cares, all I have to do is close my eyes and picture Him with His hands reached out for me telling me He loves me. He’s all I need to put a smile on my face.

    I have loved being a part of this study. Melissa and Nicki and every lady here is beautiful and amazing. I cannot wait for the next study! God bless each and every one of you!!

  51. Cindy Uhrick says:

    Asking for prayers for the growing number of people/families in need in Colorado… The flooding is devastating so many communities… heard this morning that they are expecting even more rain during the next couple of days…
    God has used me and my family to help a young girl in Guatemala go to school, and to have food to eat. He has also used us to work in many areas, assisting in medical clinics to provide needed healthcare to those in the Highlands of Guatemala who otherwise could not afford to see a doctor.

  52. This study has been such a blessing. When it started, I was in a major rut. Had stopped going to church, stopped reading God’s word and stopped spending daily time with God. I had been through some stressful family stuff the past year and think, little by little I had grown further and further from God. In the past six weeks, I have been back to church with a renewed commitment, even signing up for ministry things at church, which I have never done before. I signed up for the study of Matthew with Bible Study Fellowship for this school year to dig deeper into His word, and have grown to look at my time with God every day as a delight, not a duty. I SOOOOO am looking forward to the next study, A Confident Heart. I find myself saying yes to God in many ways throughout my day and then I will pause and realize how differently I am handling stressful situations than I did before. What a blessing. I feel so much more at peace. I am so thankful for Nicki and Melissa and their honest, open, wonderful spirits that made all of us feel such a part of this awesome study. Love all you Yes Girls and will miss this community until the next study!

  53. Praises & Prayers – I love those two P’s and the 2’s and 5′!
    Praise: I am so thankful for this being part of my first P31 OBS and great praise for Melissa & Nicki and all the OBS staff for their hearts of radical obedience. Thank you also to Lysa Terkeurst for the penning of the #SayYesToGod! God has truly had his hand on me in this journey of Faith that I’m on. He is such a provider! I have been seeking God’s will for my life now in this season as a new widow, seeking for that #FreshFocus! I just wanted to grow deeper in Love with my Savior, Abide in Him and He in me. Thanks to all you wonderful Ladies in this OBS, I love reading all the comments in this community.
    Blessings to all!
    another Praise: I had been wanting to attend the #WomenOfFaith conference here in So Cal but couldn’t get the monies together . Well someone wanted to bless me with a ticket to #WomenofFaith this weekend so I said #YesToGod and I went last night (so Amazing). I’m going to here Lysa Terkeurst and others speak today!! And where once I might have had pride get in the way (because I couldn’t pay myself), I have let that go. Am truly #Amazed. Thank you Lord, I know that you gave me my hearts desire. May I always keep Radical Obedience in my heart.

  54. Prayers and praises…I want to thank everyone who has prayed for my family and my mother during this time. Seems every week I have a different story to tell…My Mom went to be with our Lord on 9/11/13. She is no longer in pain and has been reunited with my Dad. I praise the Lord that she knew Him and I have full confidence that she is looking down now on us, watching over us. I am behind on the study, but I promise to catch up. Thank you all again. 🙂

  55. Please forgive the length, but I wanted to share how this study has changed the course of my life, and more importantly, my heart.

    I’m at a place where I’m saying #YestoGod and making peace with a chronic, sometimes debilitating, lifelong illness and the God-given dreams it has stolen…

    I was raised by parents who told me I could do anything I put my mind to. They cheered me on as I did that many times over in my life. I’ve worked my behind off and gotten to do some pretty amazing things in my life. And although I knew I didn’t want to continue down the career path I had been on before having twin daughters nearly 4 years ago, I knew whatever was next would be amazing, because I would just build a business doing something I loved, helping to support our growing family while building a life that would allow me to both be a hands-on mom and entrepreneur. Or, I would at least be a hands-on mom and a great party hostest, as I love to throw parties, and have a side job to help keep my sanity.

    I am a mom of young kids, twin girls who are so active and inquisitive that my friends with active boys are amazed at their activeness. So for a couple of years I blamed that. Until I kept getting worse, because an occasional issue in the past–debilitating fatigue–was no longer occasional. And although I was happy to have an excuse to get off that career path to become a parent, I never thought my path would lead here, spending the last few years trying to determine what was causing the downfall in my health and energy levels, and then trying–very unsuccessfully–to make peace with said cause, questioning why God would allow this to happen, including to cause me to put aside the dreams that came from him. I no longer can dream of adopting a huge family of kids, something God put on my heart at the age of 13 and sustained until even after I was sick with an unknown disease.

    My mind is still (mostly) sharp and full of ideas and inspiration and to do lists and dreams, and in many ways this just taunts me. Instead of doing fun activities and art and running around at the playground with my daughters like I want to–or building the business I’ve dreamed of for 5 years now–I sit. Just getting to the playground wears me out many days. The mundane tasks of life wear me out, make me tired and exhausted in a way a normal person can’t ever begin to understand–being very tired or totally exhausted doesn’t cut it as a description. I can no longer put my mind to something and just do it and it happens.

    I have narcolepsy and a couple of other more “minor” things. No, I don’t randomly fall asleep during conversations as portrayed in the movie, very few narcoleptics do. I’m thankful I can still drive, as many with narcolepsy have had to give it up, but I don’t have cataplexy, a condition often associated with narcolepsy that causes muscles to weaken as a result of strong emotions (even laughter–or yelling at your kids), to the point of even falling face down on the ground. Despite the trial of this chronic disease, I am thankful for these things.

    The quality of life of someone has been compared to that of someone with Parkinson’s Disease. I have found myself at times wishing I had cancer just because it would be easier for others, including my spouse, to understand what I’m experiencing and how hard it makes life. This isn’t a matter of will power, or I’d power through, trust me–or I’d end up in the hospital, or dead, if I did somehow manage to “power through.” This is a matter of putting my own safety at risk–and the safety of my children when they were younger–if I push myself too hard. What is “too hard” on some days is anything beyond mere existence. Somehow, by the grace of God, I understood this and didn’t put us (me and my children) at risk, even though it made me look like an even worse wife/mother to not keep up with housekeeping on a regular basis, or getting out of the house, period. It took 8 months of following every “rabbit hole” of research and visiting multiple specialists before a doctor multiple states away from me told me what I had.

    I have had some improvements with a number of medications and lifestyle changes, including supplements and dietary restrictions. I am strictly gluten free and now dairy free, too, and will be potato/tomato/pepper and corn and egg free soon enough here–I feel so much better without these things, it makes it much easier to keep up with avoiding them, although my past food issues can make the transition hard at the time. (I even have been facilitating my daughters doing art the past week or two in the way I dreamed I would, at least a fraction of that dream!) But more than the physical improvements is the one that has happened in my heart. I realized in July that I’ve had the same requests and issues in my prayer journal for the last year. An entire year! Things needed to change.

    Along came #YesToGod. I started living #PalmsUp and God has blessed me with #FreshVision for my life–despite having to lay dreams that originated with God for my life at His feet as a result, dreams he gave me for more than 20 years to parent children in desperate need of forever families and Christian homes. A wise friend told me that God knew what he was doing when he paired my brain with my body, faults and all. (And twice today alone he has brought the passage about “knitting me together in my mother’s womb” to my attention.) I knew that was a sign from God to start a support group I’d been thinking about doing, called Grace*Life: Christians with Chronic Illness. In just a few weeks time, the group has gone from 2 of us to over 30, and includes international members. Shepherding the Grace*Life Facebook group is something I can do still even when all I can do is *sit*. I’m #Amazed at what God is using me to do in “real life” too, encouraging others in their own trials, helping others find the path to true health instead of more medication. And although my daughters won’t have the most amazing mom experience I know I could be capable of if I had my previous level of energy, they will grow up with a better understanding of what it is to be compassionate and understanding, and I don’t yet know how God will use those qualities in them to bless others, potentially reaching multiple generations down the road.

    God has blessed me with a number of opportunities to immerse myself in learning about his qualities while still being able to sit. This bible study is one. I have 2 others I’m blessed to be able to do this fall. I have 2 “secret sisters” and some friends I’m building bible verse meditation books for, which has given me plenty of time to steep myself in his word, in his promises that are still for me even when I can’t do anything more than sit. And, He’s given me a business idea that will bring glory to Him and fuel my creativity while not taxing my brain too much. Through all of this, God has continued to show himself faithful, and will grow me right where I am as long as I am open to Him. I have joy I haven’t felt in years because I opened my palms to him and allowed him to seep in to my aching heart.

    Here’s my #SayWhat moment: although I’m not quite to the point of thanking God for narcolepsy and health issues, because I still have to give up my dreams (which weren’t mine to begin with, so I need to give them back, even if those dreams were using talents given from God), I am seeing the good that is coming from an otherwise cruddy situation that seems to have little upside. So I’m going to #StickWithIt and see where this journey goes, releasing my anger about my health problems and the ache that resulted from losing many opportunities to be my best, and instead allowing joy and understanding and God to overflow from my heart and lead me on a new path.

    Thank you, Melissa, Nicki, Lysa and all the Proberbs 31 women for this opportunity. Thank you from the bottom of my now joy-filled heart.

  56. Thank you for this Bible study. I do want a deeper relationship with the Lord. I’m thankful for the strength He has given me to live each day. Yesterday after getting my chiropractic adjustment our toilet flooded, yep, ruined some rugs, we needed to have the floor drain snaked. I was not feeling well but I was able to look past the mess, pain and we had the money to cover the plumber. Praise God! Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. God bless!

  57. Kate, your story brought tears to my eyes. I see God doing beautiful work using you. What an encouragement you are and will be for many people in your serving the Lord. It was a blessing to read your story. I just suddenly felt this. I would like very much to use your story in a book my daughter and I have started. Though the completion is down the road, your faith and service to our Lord would add and help someone who chooses to read it. God bless you. Love you sister and will keep you on my prayer list.

    • Thank you, Karen, for your kind words! {I am assuming you mean me, Kate, with the long story, forgive me if there’s another Kate, I haven’t read through all the comments.} Are you on Facebook to connect? Or email?

  58. Asking for some prayer – as we try to say “Yes to God”. This study as been so timely for us as I’ve gone through it – God has laid upon both my husband any my hearts to go into full-time ministry. We have no idea what this looks like or the next step to take. My husband is feeling led to pursue a Master’s in Ministry and that door seems to be open but the cost is going to be a lot and we are worried about becoming “disciples of debt”. We’re a bit confused and struggling as we are getting attacked daily it seems. He’s supposed to start classes in October, is in a challenging job situation currently, and I’m just struggling too to manage my household, the ministries God has called me too both in real-life and blogging, and the uncertainty that all this brings. Thank you for bringing this study and the encouragement this has brought to both me and my husband – we just need prayer for wisdom and help to get over the fears that are fighting so hard to keep us back!

    • Faith doesn’t make things easy, it just makes them possible. Dear Lord, thank you for blessing Crystal and her husband with ears to hear the call you have for their life. Bless them with wisdom and discernment for their next steps, guide them to do what you want them to do and to keep their eyes focused on you, not on the daily attacks that satan is using to try to throw them off the path to following your call on their life. You are already stirring in their hearts, show them that the courage to overcome and be filled with joy despite the uncertainty and daily issues is already in them because your Spirit is with them! In Jesus name, Amen

    • Crystal – Praying that God continues to give you encouragement and making his call clear. Sometimes he just wants us to put our everything into his trust and care. Hard. Praying for you!

  59. I love to give. I was born to be a nurse, caring and loving others because of the gifts The Lord has given to me. I pray that He continues to work through me, and use me in ways I don’t yet know. I pray that my children will see the value of serving and loving others in a world that teaches them to take all they can.

  60. Yes God, I am ready! So much has happened in my life since I started this study, I wrote this scripture on my index card this morning: Proverbs 14:30 My heart is at peace and, it gives life to my body……SO BLESSED, and yes I feel free and alive. GOD is good! I am going to share a couple of things that happened this past week. First: Thursday my husband came home and was unusually quiet, even during our home group, and when I asked how work was he shared that some changes came from corporate, which he had to implement the next day, and he knew he would face opposition. I told him to pray and ask God to guide him. Friday morning before he left, we were standing on our front deck it was cool, beautiful and overcast, I put my arms around him and told him to but on Gods armor, and pray. I then prayed to God outloud to guide him, to give him strength and to remind my husband about His armor surrounding him. I also asked God to continue to let His light shine through my husband, and at that very moment the sun came through the clouds and this beautiful light shined down on us, we both said WOW at this same time and I felt so warm inside, He was there with us. it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, things did get a little hard at work, but my husband said that at one point he just closed his eyes and remembered “the light” and all was good, and he made it through…… Second: I am teaching my friends 8 year old how to crochet (my friend comes to the Prayer Shawl Meetings at my house AWESOME!) and while we were crocheting, I noticed she had miss counted and I felt bad but we undid several rows and I explained that this happened to me to and she smiled and said, “I want it to be right!”. So she continued to make her scarf.and we were talking about making crafts, and she saw a project I had started on the table and asked what I was doing. I told her I was making bookmarkers with scripture which I would be giving away.. Her eyes lite up and she asked ‘Can I help?” SO, this beautiful child and I are on a mission…I just love how God works….I felt bad because we undid her scarf, but I felt that if I didn’t “what would I be teaching her” and now we are embarking on another journey together….We will be God’s hands ;o)
    Blessings, Anna

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Loved your story Anna, thanks for sharing!! God is good 🙂

    • I too love your stories! Learning to undo mistakes is an important life skill, so don’t feel bad, especially if you did it with kindness, it was your attitude about it that made the most impact, not the fact that a mistake had to be re-done. What a precious gift for that child to be able to do these projects and be creative with you!

    • Anna I loved your story thank you so much for sharing..God is Good All The Time!!! I knit Prayer Shawls and I started a Prayer Shawl ministry at church. I have enjoyed this Bible Study so much and I am so sad that it has ended. Thank you Melissa and Nicki for everything that you did and said during this Bible Study you both are such a Blessing..Looking forward to the next Bible Study in October..Blessings to all the Yes Girls.

    • Love this. Your story of encouragement to your husband is something we can all gleam from!

  61. Please pray for me to be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power…. and do what He has asked of me

  62. I want to praise God for giving me the means to stay home and homeschool my children, even though I’m a single mom who struggles I make ends meet. I need prayers for my boyfriend. He’s a believer, but he’s fallen away and we won’t be together much longer unless he yields some control to God. :’-(

  63. I am so thankful that the Lord led me to the website about this Bible Study. At first I was not so sure about it but I signed up anyway. I am so glad that I #ISaidYes as it has really ministered to me in more ways than one. I am now learning to trust God again in many areas of my life that I never could before. I am going to miss all you Yes Girls and all the encouragement and prayers we shared. But I am anxiously waiting for the next Bible Study to start as I have already signed up and have the book. I can’t wait to see what God has waiting for me in the Bible Study of A Confident Heart.
    Just keep praying for my work situation to get better and that I keep on doing what is right, even if I have to do it alone and it cost me my job. But I know that as long as #ISaidYes to God and obedient to do what He wants me to, everything will turn out for the better for Greater is He that is in me than he that is the world. Praying for all of you at Proverbs 31 Ministries and all you YestoGod Girls. Hope to communicate with you all soon in our next Bible Study.

  64. Good afternoon Yes ladies,
    It is truly awesome to read about everything that is happening in everyone’s lives. Even the bad stuff, God is turning out for the good. Thank you to all the OBS staff that has made this study possible, this has been really intense and I know it’s had a lot put into it to make it so wonderful. Many thanks to all, including all of us Yes ladies that have poured their hearts out. I’m #Amazed how we have been able to #StickWithIt and say #YesToGod. It has been a real pleasure to be involved with all of this, I just wish I could have put a little more time into posting more comments, joining the blog hops (I still have to figure that out), and giving to Dove’s nest. That was truly God’s work there, all those gifts and donations. I wanted to but just let other things get in the way. I can feel God convicting me on this one. I can relate to these women because I have “been there, done that”, but didn’t do anything to reach out to them. I still have the information for them so I’m going to try to get involved anyway. I also think I missed a 2-5 moment this past Sunday morning. As I was driving to church within the first block from my home I notice a man standing on the sidewalk. I noticed that after I passed that he was limping across the street. I had to stop right there for the light and the next thing I knew he was at my rear passenger window talking. I had my radio on worship music and couldn’t hear him very well. I live in Albuquerque, NM and it’s a big city with lots of people begging for money almost everywhere. I didn’t bother to turn my radio down and just assumed he was asking for money. I heard him say something about McDonald’s, which was just up the road, and was making an eating motion. I said, “sorry I don’t have any cash”, and then turned down my radio,then the light turned green and I said “I have to go” as he said, “I have cash”. As I drove around the corner I felt awful. It occurred to me that he was probably asking for a ride to McDonald’s. Then God told me that I should have asked him if he wanted to go to church with me. I argued that it was dangerous for me to let a strange man into my car since I was alone. I’m a widow, and have yet to get my 2 teenage kids to go to this new church with me. The problem is that God keep convicting me all the way to church, and I’ve felt bad all week about it. The thought came into my head that I can trust God with my safety. After all this studying on saying yes to God I didn’t take the opportunity. I’ll pay more attention from now on. Praises- I made it through my first week of Microbiology good. I got all my studying done for my lecture class and I think I did pretty good on my first quiz, and did okay in my first lab. It’s kind of hard to hold the test tubes right and the loop and put bacteria into medium without touching anything, but it was awesome. I love that stuff!!!! I’m going to keep my eyes on God for my #FreshVision, and hopefully by the time we meet I can say #ISaidYes to more things for Jesus. My thoughts and prayers will be with all us Yes ladies. Love to all and blessings to everyone. See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. After completing the last online bible study I was all excited for this one to start but Life kept throwing up roadblocks left and right so it was really the third week before I began and caught up. I diligently carved out time from that time on and started this week ready to finish strong but Life once again stepped in and I have not completed the last two chapters or any of this weeks blogs and exercises. My Dad had a stroke Sunday night and it has been a difficult week. He is 86 and my my Moms full time caregiver after she had a stroke on April. We have transferred to a rehab facility this weekend and look forward to starting this leg of recovery at the first of the week. I so enjoyed the analogy of the 5’s and 2’s and look forward to getting back on track this week. There are many dynamics going on with this situation and I would ask for you to remember us in prayer as we pray for full recovery and the ability to make the proper decisions. I live out of state and would also appreciate prayers for my husband and children I left back home.

    • Kelly, What’s great about doing an OBS is that you have so many woman around the world, praying for you, especially down here in Florida. I will add you to my prayers and have my Life Group pray for you and your family as well. Don’t stress about finishing, you will finish when you can and the excitement you get from this book and what God will do for you, will be extremely rewarding. Thank God for your struggles as he is making you a stronger and stronger woman who has said YES to God!

  66. Saying Yes to God bible study has allowed me to change in many ways. In my prayer time God brought 7 people to my attention and had me purchase a devotional book for each of them. I kinda doubted it at first but couldn’t shake it. I thought buy 7 books? I wanted to be obedient so I purchased the books and blessed those women. I told them no special reason I was being obedient to God’s instructions and he wanted me to buy you this book. I don’t know what these ladies may be going through but God knows and I believe he used me to be a blessing to them through the book I purchased. One lady did tell me she really needed it and was very thankful. I’m so glad I was obedient and didn’t dismiss it. There’s nothing like knowing you brightened someone’s day with a small gesture. God is awesome and I give him all the praises!

  67. There are so many things I am thankful for today! I am so thankful for this study and all of you ladies who have joined forces together! We are changing the world!

    Today I am asking for your prayers. I shared a few weeks ago about my parents, and about how they have turned away from their Faith. Over this past week our relationship has taken a terrible turn. It all comes down to them spending time with our two year old daughter (which we have no problem with), BUT they are wanting to see her more frequently then we actually have time for (if that makes sense). This conflict of opinions has really driven a wedge (especially between my mother and myself). Any time we talk or text she is says really hurtful things to me, and I just don’t have the energy to keep on dealing with it.

    Please keep my parents in your prayers as well as my husband and myself. Their hearts need to come back to God and that they can understand that what we are doing isn’t being mean, but we are choosing to spend more time as a family and grow together. We need wisdom/patience/energy/strength as we deal with this and that we can be Godly examples to them. And for our daughter as well, that she doesn’t feel caught in the middle.

    • Jenna, I’m sorry to hear about your family’s struggles but will pray for you and add you and your entire family to my Life Group’s prayers. God Bless and know that folks in Florida are praying for you and your parents understanding.

  68. This study has brought me around 360 degrees. I feel so pumped about saying Yes to God every morning and praying for all of my OBS sisters. We have all been blessed in one way or another. Do I know what God has in store for me yet, NO, but am I stoked about all the God Winks I’ve been given lately, You Betcha! God is awesome and some of us are just here for little things here and there, like paying for an elderly gentlemen’s breakfast this morning who was eating by himself. I hate to see people eating alone and try to pick up their tab every chance I get. Even though they have no idea who did it, I feel good..GREAT about making someone smile. Peace to you all

  69. My church did a Serve Greenville week, where we went out into the community to serve others. I participated in an event in a neighborhood on the west side of town that had many who are struggling. We served food, played games with the kids, and shared Jesus with the many who came out. You might think that we did all the giving, but that was not so. One little girl came up to me and showed me her purse and all the things that were tucked away inside. She had all kinds of things: paper, hair barrettes, a little figurine, and stickers. After she showed me all of these things, she asked me if I wanted a sticker. At first, I wondered if I should say no so that she could give them to someone else, but I finally said yes. Her smile was so wide that it seemed to encompass her whole face. She put two stickers on the tops of my hands,and then she said, “Thumbs up!” and put them on my thumbs. I was the one smiling then. It’s amazing what happens when we say yes! God puts these opportunities in our lives so that we can see His goodness 🙂

  70. I love this Ginny! I’m ready!!

  71. I will really miss this study also. It has really renewed and refreshed me. I have posted a couple of times about our work with orphans that are at risk to fall victim to human trafficking in Nepal. Since the study began, I have been feeling the call to teach people more about trafficking so I said yes last week to leading a class at our church on trafficking. I found a great study to use. I also have connected with several people who work with traffic victims and they have agreed to be guest speakers during the class. I am so excited. The class will be in Jan and Feb. thank you Jesus

  72. I would love to share with you how God guided me in obedience during my prayer time the other day. As I was having my usual devotional/prayer time, I felt the Spirit nudge me in a different way than is my usual pattern for that time of prayer. That meant stepping out of my comfort zone and trusting God’s leading instead of my own. Thank goodness, I listened and trusted His promptings! God’s Spirit led me in prayer for my son who is in college out of town. I felt specific prayers come to my heart and lips, which I spoke over my son. About an hour later, my son called me and told me that He had just heard God speak to Him more clearly than he ever has in his life! He said that as he and his roommates were chatting with the lady who cleans their dorm room, he mentioned his career path and she began to speak blessing over him that ministered to his heart so deeply, he knew it was God’s Truth. As he elaborated on what she had said, I sat on the other end of the phone stunned because the things he told me she said were the exact things that I, following God’s leading, had spoken in prayer just an hour earlier!!! WOW! My simple act of trusting God’s leading in prayer, brought a HUGE blessing to my son! And it brought a HUGE blessing to me too, as my faith was strengthened, and I was encouraged to keep listening to God and trusting Him! Let me not forget to mention, that this cleaning lady is obviously a YES! woman to, because as she was prompted to speak words of life over my son whom she doesn’t even know, she obeyed, and my son was encouraged was amazed!

  73. For about a year I attended two churches. Both had amazing things to offer my children and I. About a month ago I felt God telling me to help rebuild the women’s ministry at the church I’ve gone to for seven years. So #ISaidYes and have been involved in that and have not gone to the other church.

    Well this week the director of the children’s Ministry at the other church (that I have not been going to) called and asked if I could teach the 4 and 5 year olds Sunday evening because she has a hard time finding people. I’ve never taught it there but she knows I did at my other church so I have experience plus I helped a couple of times in the summer. So again #ISaidYes and I’m going to teach the class.

    I don’t know if this is God’s way of telling me He actually wants me at this church and not involved in the women’s ministry at my other church? I’m feeling conflicted about this so if you could pray for me I would appreciate it!

    God Bless,


    • Hi Johanna,
      Keeping you in prayer as you seek God’s direction. I know how it feels to be conflicted about something. One thing I have found is when I’m seeking his direction, he has caused me to feel overwhelmingly chaotic when I’m working in a certain ministry that he wants me to let go of. I know he doesn’t always work the same way with individuals, but I thought I would share this anyway. Praying that the Lord would reveal his perfect plan for you, so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt if you should stay or go in Women’s Ministry.

      • Thank you Kim. I seem to be the only one right now trying to move things along in the Women’s Ministry, so it is difficult, but I will keep pressing on for now. I did teach the children at the other church last night and it went so well she asked if I could do it again next week. I told her I would let her know. Thank you for the prayers…they are definitely needed.


  74. Amy Kellenburger says:

    What an amazing God we serve! Through this Bible study I have been able to take some steps in a closer Yes to God relationship. I have served him for a long time and felt I needed to do all the time. But for now Jesus keeps saying “just pray”. I have had the flood gates open to prayer needs. Amazing what being obiendent can do. Just praying seeking God. He answered some prayers in a big way. He didn’t have to do that but He did. God didn’t have to provide for all the hungry people but He did. I feel a peace that only God can give. Thank you team for saying yes to God!

  75. I thank and praise the Lord for bringing me to this OBS. It came at a time when I needed the study, as well as the community. I work from home, and I’m alone a lot. Life has been a struggle over the last 6-7 months. Work is uncertain, friends and family seem to call only when they need something, and I was feeling very angry and alone. Lots of tears during this time of so many unknowns. This study, the time with all you OBS Yes Girls, and Melissa, Nicki, and the whole OBS Team at P31 has been so encouraging. Things have not changed much, but my eyes are fixed on Jesus, I’m saying yes to God’s request, I’m blown away by the things he has taught me, revealed to me, and is working with me on. #Amazed!

    This past Thursday in the comments (I don’t blog, but enjoy the hop), I asked for prayer for an elderly friend of mine… Bob. He has been not eating on purpose because he is just giving up. He and his wife Marie just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary, and the party seemed to turn him around and when I saw him a few days later he was like his old self. According to his son and daughter, he seems to be better, but it is hard to tell. During the reading of Chapter 9 I felt the Lord’s nudge to pray & semi-fast for Bob for 30 days, as well as send him cards based on two verses in scripture (Phil. 4:4-9 and Rm. 12:1-2). It was definitely a #SAYWHAT? kind of thought, yet I was so overwhelmingly excited and scared all at the same time. 30 days is a long time to do what God is asking, but I said YES! So the first card went in the mail to Bob on Thursday so he got it on Friday (9/13). Since then I have sent a total of 3 cards, and tomorrow I will give the 4th card to his daughter to give to Bob. I’m glad I’m able to do that since the mail is not delivered. Also, I live in a very small village in Wisconsin and I have to have a PO box for my mail…they don’t deliver to the house. So as I have been walking down to the post office each day to put the note card in the mail for Bob I spend that time praying over the card for Bob, that both God’s word and the words God has given me will transform Bob by the renewing of his mind, as well as many other things for him. Today he should have received card #2. I’m so ready to be #Amazed by how God uses these cards.

    Also, today I spoke to a granddaughter-in-law of Bob’s and she told me that she is having her children send cards and notes to him as well. I was #Amazed as God working already, as that is something I have been praying about for him. That his family would call, send cards, notes, etc. Tomorrow Bob will get my #3 note card, as well as a group of prayer cards for all of his family. I’m encouraging him to pray for each one of them and that as a result of his praying for them, they would call or write to him telling him stories of how things are going, and that he would see God’s hand at work, as he hears how his prayers have effected his family. Please continue praying for Bob! Thank you and be blessed.

    Looking forward to the next OBS study. All signed up and waiting for my new Bible study book!

    Until we meet again…keep your #PalmsUP to hear those #SayWhat requests, be #Amazed by the #FreshVision you receive, and continue to an #ISaidYes girl. I will be doing the same!

    Hugs, love & blessings,
    Kim 🙂

    • Christine Ann says:

      What a lovely way you are honouring and encouraging this gentleman, Bob, in his latter years of life. Your acts of kindness are giving him hope. I pray that every card you send to him will increase his faith and let him now that he is special. Also that he is encouraged to pray for his family and sees how much he belongs and is of value.

  76. Love the 5/2 example… Thanks and God bless!!

  77. Vanessa Stephens says:

    I have hardly any money to give but God has shown me how to give spiritually instead. So He has given me eyes of compassion on those who are struggling spiritually and He teaches me things in His word to share with others. God is amazing to show us how He can use us even when we feel like He can’t.


  78. I am a day late responding , because yesterday I was at the women of faith “believe” conference. I went by myself, and was selected to be a part of a “meet and greet” Lysa Terkeurst”. It was great seeing her in person, and I loved the entire conference. I was amazed that the women sitting next to me had never heard of Proverbs ministries or Lysa , so shy me suggested that they buy her book unglued and look up the website. The Lord placed on my heart, that I should buy a unglued bundle for the woman sitting right next to me. The Lord spoke to me about 20 minutes before the conference was resuming. I wanted to be on time, so I did not buy the books . While I was experiencing the greatest freedom of my life in worship, I knew at the next break, I was to buy those books. The woman whose name is Patti, was very blessed that I was able to that for her. I really can never say enough about this ministry, this study, Saying yes to God. The Lord has used this ministry to heal me finally from my past, that I had been dragging around for 22 years. I was living in regret, and not living life to the fullest. I really did not have any joy, I was going through the motions of living. I had such a blast at the conference ,and signed up for next year. I have asked The Lord to reveal to me how he wants to use me. My “story” is not that different from many ladies that I have been introduced to through this ministry. If they could fight through their fears and say yes to God, what would really be my excuse for saying no. I know I have said no, or ignored many prompts from The Lord in the past, I want to step beyond my fears and insecurity. God Bless, Pam

  79. Christine Ann says:

    Today, on my journey back from meeting with church, I listened to the words of a song ‘ Visible, Invisible’ by More Than Rubies. The power and beauty of the words echo the 5 and 2 illustration. We are indeed His hands and feet here on earth, ‘ the flesh and bone of His enduring love’.. My 5 and 2 story is that of helping hands.. Recently I have got to know a lovely lady from Sri Lanka, who is currently seeking asylum. She is a widow with two children and has recently come to faith in Christ. this is wonderful in itself, yet she has nothing. I have been able to offer my hands and feet to help, giving lifts, providing practical things where need arises and visiting her. For me it is a very humbling experience to get to know this lady and her family, epecially as I recall scripture which clearly tells us to defend the cause of the widow and the fatherless.Deuteronomy 10 v18, Psalm 146 v9. I pray for the future of this lady, for her security , to live a settled life, and establish a sense of belonging.

  80. Wow! What an awesome way to put it! I love it!!

  81. Shirley Allen says:

    From start to finish of this OBS (and really never finished saying #YestoGod, I have been WOWED how our God has moved in each one of us. Each week, I have been able to act either in prayer, sharing scripture, sharing of the widow’s mite or just physically preparing a meal(s) as in the 5/2 for other women. One whom I had never met or others I had not seen in a long time. I feel that because of Proverbs 31 OBS, with my heart in the #YestoGod mode and God’s Word literally in my mind, heart and soul, I have been ready for the battle and walking toward and through to God bypassing the strongholds that had been holding me back. Thank you to all the Proverbs 31 Ministry OBS leaders, administrative support and the REAL GOD CONFERENCE CALLS. Love you all…See you in the Real Gap Study and A Confident Heart!!

  82. I hate to keep mentioning the surgeries I’ve had but with all of them and how my health is I wonder if the quality of life will ever improve so I can enjoy life again. The sad part is that it was all for nothing. I’m worse off now than I was when I had my first surgery to fix what I wanted to make me look and feel better. Inside looks are so much better than outward looks. Sharon

  83. It has been a blessing reading all is the praises and prayers. A few years back I was making my bed, not thinking about anything in particular when I heard The Lord say ” if you love me feed my sheep” . I sat down on the bed and thought about what he meant. I wasn’t sure what to do. We didn’t have very much left over at the end of the month .. But over the next few weeks I think I tried to give a little more to our hunger fund at church but still didn’t feel like I was really doing what God asked me to do. After a while I didn’t think about anymore. Then about two years later our ministers wife shared about an orphanage that they visited while on a mission trip to China. They had many needs and no way to meet them on their own. One of the things they desperately needed was new shoes for the children. I was really touched by her story and wanted to help, but knew that what me and my husband could give wouldn’t be very much help. But then The Lord gave me an idea of putting together a church cookbook and selling it to help the orphanage. I asked a friend to help me with it and we asked all the ladies in our church to contribute a recipie. It took about three months to get it put together and published. But when we finally sold them we had about three hundred dollars to send for the shoes. A few weeks after we sent the money we received a letter thanking us , only instead of buying shoes with the money they bought enough rice to last them for many months. I know I should have been happy but I was kind of disappointed because I was really excited about all the little boys getting new shoes. I could see their little faces smiling as they put them on their feet. A few days later when I was thinking about it while I was washing the dishes all of a sudden God reminded me about when He asked me to feed His sheep. I was so amazed. I had forgotten all about it but God didn’t forget and He helped us to provide for those little ones. He is so good and faithful even when we don’t understand. (: (Two years later I got to visit the orphanage myself when I went on a mission trip with our church ..I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to say#Yes to God)

  84. A long time ago a friend of mine bought my daughters “little girl” bedroom furniture. She gave me $100 and said she’d pay me the rest as soon as she could, but then her husband was in and out of work so I just let it go. This has been awhile ago but at around Christmas time I felt Gods prompting to donate money to my church. Even though I didn’t have much money left in my account until the next payday, I trusted God and gave anyway. The very next day I opened a Christmas card from my friend who bought the furniture several years ago, and there was a check for $500! I was awestruck that she even remembered it because I had forgotten all about it. I was even more amazed that God was so totally in control and knew that I needed the money. I learned a valuable lesson that day, which is that I can always trust God with my life and with provisions that He know i need. He will always provide for us and He is always with us. We just need to learn to trust in him and lean on him for everything we need.

  85. Yesterday I was on Facebook when my teen aged niece Katie posted a note that pretty much made it clear that she was feeling worthless and unloved. I don’t have a close relationship with her, but it was an eye opening moment. I felt useless to God because of my own struggles. But I could relate to my niece because of my past. I immediately typed an encouraging message to her sharing my own experience and letting her know that God created her for a purpose and she is special to Him and us. I offered her my phone number with an invitation to text me. I immediately felt led to get her a teen Bible, for I don’t think that she is a Christian. Today I found a Revolve Teen Bible on Amazon, bought it and had it shipped to her home together with a note asking her to tell me what one thing she thought was weird, funny and helpful . Please pray with me that she will open it and find answers to what is aching her lost little heart. She has been looking for love in all the wrong places. This is so new to me because I am not good with young people but I felt God nudging me, so I chose to obey. 🙂

  86. I am praying for your niece….It is such a blessing that you said #yes to God and sent her a bible. Lord please bless and keep Eva’s niece and help her to know how much you love her. Please be with her Lord and keep her safe. Thank you for helping Eva to reach out to her. Give her your words , love and encouragement to share with her niece. Thank you for loving us Lord. In Jesus name.

  87. I have been moved by my own church and its members. There was a volunteer training today for all new and current volunteers as we get ready to move into our first building as a church. We were able to have the training in the new sancuary. It was packed! Almost every seat taken! These were just the volunteers! God then reminded me of the song by CastingCrowns “If We Are the Body”. Then God painted a beautiful picture before my eyes that this is what the body of Christ looks like! What a beautiful moment that God decided to share His perspective with me and let me see that moment through His eyes. God is amazing and I can’t wait for the amazing things He is doing in my life!

  88. I have gone from working part-time to working full-time while raising two adopted teenage daughters. I have found it VERY challenging to keep up with the book study and with my own Bible reading. I thank God for the iphone app. Youversion. I enrolled in a Bible reading plan and I get reminders to read everyday and I can catch up while I am waiting for my daughters to come out from their music or dance classes. I have a Bible verse written on my mirror in the bathroom so when we wake up in the morning, my daughters and I are greeted with God’s word. I squeeze in some more leisurely times with God as often as I can, but I am grateful for the snacks of truth I can get into my busy day. I haven’t put as much energy into the online book study as I did in the beginning, but it is so encouraging to know that there are other woman out there who are struggling with the same issues that I face. I am going to miss the ongoing cyber community that has been available to me through this study.

  89. Good morning,

    So I struggled to get through the last half of “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” but I got through it. I’ve had a rough year to say the least and I have some areas that I’m really struggling in but the Lord is faithful. He provides. He gives. He protects. He walks beside me. Even though I struggled to get through this study, I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to get started with the next one. I knew that I really couldn’t afford to order the next book for the online Bible study so I asked God to provide a way. I had $4.24 on my amazon account left over from a gift card that I had and I was asking God to provide the next $5 so that I could get “A Confident Heart” before we started the next Bible study. I also had one other thing in my cart for my daughter but I knew that would have to wait. Within a few days I received a survey from LinkedIn that offered me $5 to Amazon. What an amazing answer to prayer. The $5 gift card came to my email yesterday and I’m headed to Amazon now to purchase my book. Praise the God who provides even the small stuff. I’m asking God to provide a way for me to get my daughter the CD that I have on my “wish list” for her. It’s precious, it’s called Sweet Dreams Princess and it’s by Sheila Walsh. 🙂

    My heart has heard you say “come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”
    – Psalm 27:8

    I’m looking forward to starting this next Bible study with each one of you. Thank you for this ministry.

  90. I want to thank you for the OBS. God’s blessing to everyone.

  91. I’m kind of late with my response, but last week at Walmart I was waiting at a checkout behind a woman who was trying to decide what to put back from her one bag of groceries because she didn’t have enough. She first put back a bag of tortillas, but that still wasn’t enough. I felt in my heart that I needed to pay for her stuff, so she could keep everything. She stood silent, then thanked me. Later she caught up to me again, and the gratitude spilled from her eyes. And my heart was touched… I usually don’t share these experiences, because it feels like I’m tooting my own horn, but this incident was such a lesson in humility for me, because here I was coveting in my heart for a nicer home after checking out the Parade of Homes. Our home isn’t fancy, but it really is such a blessing already. And though we have to budget, we do have enough food on the table to eat. I take far too much for granted.

    I read a touching story in a post about someone who prayed for another $5 so she could buy “A Confident Heart” for the next Bible Study. If anyone else doesn’t know how to pay for a copy of this book, you can enter for a chance to win it at my site – . I’m announcing a winner on September 30, so someone car receive it in time for the Bible Study. 🙂

  92. Dolly Torres says:

    This weekend our Church youth and some of the adults participated in packing food for the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) and one of the ladies working the event had no babysitter, so I was able to pick up her children and watch them while she gave her time for this cause. So this is my 5 and 2’s.


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