A Confident Heart

Are you signed up for the next Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study? (If you received this in your email then you are!) If not, then I want to invite you to join me! Sign up today!Β  If you’ve participated in an Online Bible Study (OBS) in the past, you STILL HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR THIS ONE. Your past registration DOES NOT carry over.

Our next study is A Confident Heart by Renee Swope! Ever struggle with doubt? Then this is for you. Feel like you just aren’t good enough? Then this is for you! Need a little more confidence to get you through? Then this is for you! And you aren’t alone.


We did this study two years ago and it was one of our most powerful studies. WOW, does this one grab you! I loved it the first time I went through it, but I’m even more excited to visit it a second time. You see, even though I know the power of God and I believe His promises for me, I still need a daily whack in the head! In other words, I still find myself at times comparing myself to others or doubting myself.

If you just finished our last study, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, then even though we ended strong, I bet you are also wondering if you are really hearing God correctly. So often when we become empowered by God’s Word, we also come under attack of some sort. It could be negative thoughts in your own head or even a well-meaning person telling you differently. That’s why it’s so important to continue in Bible study with a group.

If you are new to Bible study or Online Bible Study, welcome!!! We are so happy to have you and will help you with whatever you need. Our community is amazing. You leave a comment below and if it needs response, someone is usually right there to help. We experience a great deal of love, encouragement, accountability, prayer, and acceptance here. Everyone is welcome here. Everyone. ( Just a reminder though, this study is geared to women.)

If you’d like to learn a little more about our study, click here.

If your questions aren’t answered in the link above, then ask in the comment section.

Thank you so much for visiting today! I hope you will join us for A Confident Heart!

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  1. Hi there,
    I would like to sign up for the next on-line bible study but when I go to the link I don’t see a spot to sign up. Can you help me? : )
    Thank you,
    ~ Summer

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      When you click on the link up above that says “Sign up today!”, the link to sign up should be under the blue box the dates are in Summer, it says SIGN UP in an orange box . Hope that helps!! πŸ™‚ This is going to be another awesome study!!

  2. Summer: You have to click on the picture of a bulleted list in the upper right corner of your screen (iPhone users, at least).

    As for me, how do I access the site each day for the lesson? I just signed up for the confidence series the first time.

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      The study is on this blog site everyday Audra. You just come here everyday to get everything you need, you will also get an email everyday. So glad you are joining us for this study!! You will be blessed!!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi there –
    I really enjoyed the “Say Yes to God” study! I wonder for this one if there is a way we could know at the outset which chapters will be due which weeks? It helps me to plan better if I know that three weeks from now I’ll need to read 2 chapters instead of 1, if that makes sense.
    Thanks for all you do!

  4. When does the obs, the confident heart start?

  5. I can’t wait to get started. I have a feeling this study will fit me like a glove. Blessings to all the great women at P31 ❀

  6. Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

    WHOO HOO am so excited about this study. I love Renee Swope and love this book!!!

  7. Looking forward to this study!!!!

    • Kelly (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      We are so glad that you are doing the study with us!! Blessings to you as you wait for October 13th!!

  8. The anticipation is so great, I can’t wait to see what God has in store. Such a great way to study and have the encouragement of other women right there with you. I signed up for a small facebook group as well. Not quite sure how it works but doing it. Blessings πŸ™‚ !!!

    • Kelly (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      You are correct, the anticipation is great!! OBS is amazing and we love to hear all the stories of how this ministry has impacted women’s lives!!

  9. This last study was so exciting that I can’t wait or the next one. My priorities changed and I have fallen in love with HIs Word all over again.

    • Kelly (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      It is wonderful that you have fallen in love with His Word again!! God moves us in such mysterious ways, but so familiar to Him. I am so excited for you!!! In His Love, )i(

  10. I loved the last study & I know I’m going to love this one too. I’m ready to dig deeper, I’m ready to be stronger. I’m ready to be more confidant. I’m ready to be the woman God intends me to be.

  11. Good morning P31 OBS Ladies!!
    I just finished my first OBS, #YesToGod, #palmsup and I could not be more excited to be starting “A Confident Heart” with this same loving community of believers!
    Thank you Melissa for your encouraging words today, I really needed them. The enemy has been at work on my family this morning, but we are more than conquerors, we already have the victory! I will make it through this storm to the other side of what the enemy of my soul means to use for harm against me and my husband.
    Thank you all for your love, prayers & support, looking forward to studying with you again in a few weeks!
    In Him,

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      I’m glad you will be joining us for the next study and thankful God used my words for you when you needed them! Hope you have a great day!

  12. Yesterday I had a hard time trying to find where to sign up, using my Android phone. I sent en e-mail asking for help, and a little while later someone responded with the help I needed. Thank you! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to growing in this area of confidence, so I can be a better example to my children, and feel better about myself.

    • Amen, I agree with what you said Melissa

    • Nancy Silvers says:

      That has been my expirence too Melissa–when ever I have a question the OBS team answers it amazingly quickly! The first time it happened I thought “WOW They really DO care” -they not lnly talk the talk–they walk it too! Wonderful examples to follow!

  13. Monica Brown says:

    This will be my first time doing OBS and I’m looking forward to the experience. I’m ready to learn how to be confident. When someone takes it from you it’s a challenge getting it back however I am reminded “I can do all things…”. Have a beautiful day.

    • Monica – – I did my first one on the one we just completed “Yes to God” and it was incredible. It is amazing and I know you will love it.

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Welcome Monica to your first OBS you will not be disappointed!!! SOOOOO glad you are joining us!! πŸ™‚

  14. I’m looking forward to this study, I just finished the Yes to God study and I enjoyed very much.

  15. I,too, am excited about this OBS! I have never done one before. Looking forward to the “gathering” of hearts!

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      Glad you will be joining us for this OBS! It’s going to so good, this book is fabulous!

    • Nancy Silvers says:

      Robbie-You will be richly blessed! I love that I have so many Christian sisters, all over the world, who have one goal in mind–to learn as much as possible so they can be all that God intends for them to be! We are from many different places-in geography, economics, physical age and in our walk with Christ and ALL are made to feel welcome. Each and every person participating in Proverbs 31 OBS is special! WELCOME!!!

  16. So excited and can’t wait. Doing a review of YES TO GOD until October 13th. I will pray for all the OBS gals to prepare hearts for this study. Thank you, Melissa, for being such an obedient servant to our Lord. Bless you and all the OBS team.

  17. I am looking forward to this study…hopefully my book is on its way! I loved the #YestiGod study, it helped me keep my focus on eternally significant things everyday!

    • Donna Harris says:

      Yes To God was an amazing study, I completely agree. We were blessed by the insight God gave to Lysa. And the leaders of the study rocked it too.

  18. I also just finished “Yes to God”. What an amazing experience! I can’t wait until “Confident Heart” begins. Like Angie, I signed up for the small facebook group option and have not heard how that works. The groups were all full for the last study, so I signed up for it right away. Where and when should I look for the details? Thank you Proverbs31 for providing these online studies!

    • Donna Harris says:

      Normally the groups are loaded a bit before the study starts. I cannot recall how many days in advance. It is nothing complicated. You will be added to your group and then you share your thoughts and ideas about the study. You can also share prayer requests, struggles, and accomplishments with your group. It is like a small family doing the studying together. You will love it. Just remember, you get out of it what you put into it. Participation is extremely important.

  19. Say Yes To God was my first online Bible study and I loved it! I was able to quit one of two jobs during the study and was offered a promotion yesterday in the one I kept. God is Good!!! Confident Heart is timely and perfect as I begin my new job responsibilities and lack confidence in myself. I know, though, God has brought me to this place and He is able to equip me for the challenges ahead! Praise God for my future with the company. May His glory continue to be shown in my life.
    My 22 year old daughter watched as I did SYTG and now she is has signed up for Confident Heart. Couldn’t warm this mom’s heart more, and I praise God for a daughter who is searching for a deeper relationship with God in her life.

  20. Just finished the “Yes to God” study…it was my first OBS. Got signed up for Confident Heart and can’t wait for it to start!!
    Thanks Melissa for all you and the ladies at Proverbs 31 do to for the Kingdom of God. You all are definitely “Yes Girls”!!!
    God bless.

    PS…for those of you that are new OBS…I suggest signing up for a Facebook small group…it’s a wonderful experience and you meet some wonderful women of God that encourage you and support you through the study, and beyond!!

    • Donna Harris says:

      You are so right Deb. P31 OBS is a great place to be encouraged in the Lord. And small groups are definitely a blessing.

  21. I’m starting early – I started the 7 day doubt diet and I can feel the heaviness already falling away!

  22. Nancy Silvers says:

    This will be my 4th Proverbs 31 OBS and I am SO excited!! God called me to lead the OBS fb small goup I am in as our leader, Linda, is now on the OBS leadership team. You want to talk about doubts creeping in!! When they do I remind myself that GOD called me and HE will equip me. It’s also comforting to have such an amazing group of women on the OBS team and in my group! I am SO grateful being a leader doesn’t mean I have to have all the answers!! I just need to know where to go for those answers!
    I bought “A Confident Heart” a while ago and never read it-I am happy to be dusting it off and delving into it with such a wonderful group of women!

    • Donna Harris says:

      Nancy, I am a small group leader as well. I have doubts as to my abilities at times too. Should you ever need some encouragement please email me or inbox me.

  23. Hello, I’m new to this site. I came across it through a post on Facebook, that a friend of mine posted. I’m really looking forward to sharing my heart with all of you. And i’m ready to learn all that God has for me. This study looks really good (A Confident Heart).
    Be Blessed
    Lillian πŸ™‚

    • Donna Harris says:

      You will absolutely love studying with ladies of like minds. You will find love and acceptance in a world that is short on both. Be blessed sister.

  24. As a Mormon woman….am I welcome to join? We do believe and follow the Bible…..and we do believe that Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer and by His grace we are saved. I would love to study with you.

  25. Question? How do I place my picture on my post?

    Thank you

  26. Hi, is OBS one big group or are there small groups. I’d like to invite a friend to join as well and I just wanted to know if she would be doing it with me. Thanks!

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      On this blog it is a big group and we would LOVE for you to invite your friend! We do have some small groups that meet on Facebook also, but that’s different from this.
      Hope your friend will join too!

  27. Looking forward to this next study and received my book yesterday. Thank you for being so quick in sending out your orders from your store. Have a wonderful day all and I too asked for a small group and don’t know where to go or what to look for when this starts hopefully like the last study you will give us directions, Praise the Lord for the women who Lead us in the Word of God and the books we study. Thank you again.

  28. I’m signed up and ready to go, counting down the days ;o), I’m posting on facebook, pinning on Pin-whatever its called, just learned how to do it..I’m looking into how to do a blog, I think I need to go back to some of the YES posts, I remember something was posted on how to do it…OK……So excited….I wrote on the last page of chapter nine #KEEPITGOING, and I am….Miss Ya ladies..
    Philippians 4:9 What you have learned, heard, or seen from God, walk it out in obedience and you will be blessed with peace….AMEN
    SISTERS, let’s not let our journey end with our Say Yes To God Journey, lets make new chapters in our lives with A Confident Heart…….Blessings….A

  29. Happy Wednesday

  30. Looking forward to a second helping of “A Confident Heart”. I too need to be reminded ever so often to live in the security of God’s great and awesome promises. Anticipating being led one step closer to the heart of God. Love you all.

  31. test

  32. ENIECE AVIST says:

    I was abundantly blessed by the “Yes to God” online bible study. I do have the book A Confident Heart because I started the online bible study with Renee Swope and didn’t get to finish but I am determined to finish it this time with you lovely ladies! Thank you so much for your encouragement, it mean a lot. I can’t wait to get started!!!

  33. Audrey MCCLAIN says:

    Did the last study was bless by saying yes to God.looking forward to a confident heart have my book ready.be bless

  34. I loved the “need a daily wack in the head”, part Melissa! Oh, isn’t it the truth!!!! I know I need it! This will be my second time through this book too and I’m looking forward to it.

  35. Can’t wait for this study to start so excited

  36. Brenda Engel says:

    Went to sign up but there is no blue box with the dates
    How else can we sign up?

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      you can sign up at the top right side on this page Brenda where is says
      STUDY – OCT 13TH — fill out your info and click on SIGN-UP NOW
      That is all there is to it and you are signed up.October 13th – December 14th are the dates for the study. Hope this helps πŸ™‚ So glad you will be joining us!!!

  37. How do you sign up for a Facebook small group? I thought I did this last time but I did something wrong and didn’t get hooked up.


    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Laurie they are a first come first serve basis, You must have your book, be signed up for the study, and be willing to be an active participant. If you have all that then you should friend request Lisa Kramp.

  38. Does anyone know when the online bible study class start? I already sign up and have my book too.

  39. Hello Ladies, I just happen to come across this on my Facebook page and I was intrigued. After reading all of your post.I cant help to wonder if I was guided to you on purpose. This would be my first time doing OBS..I haven’t been active in my church and I really miss it..I hope this OBS will help me build my confidence bach..

  40. So… I just saw the facebook post regarding the study and thought oh..that would be interesting, but I wonder if I have to purchase the book to participate ..ya..I would like to try this but I am not going to buy a book right now. I am looking at the title and am sure I have seen this book somewhere. I wonder if it is one that I have in my collection. Then…it hits me…close the link open kindle..oh man!!! Guess you can sign me up! Isn’t God’s sense of humor something!

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Don’t forget to sign up on the top right hand side of this blog post Chrysta. So glad you found the book on your kindle and will be joining us!!! When you sign up here you will get the emails about the assignments and blog posts!!

  41. I would also like to be a part of a Facebook small group but I don’t know how to sign up?? Any help is much appreciated!!

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Crystal they are a first come first serve basis, You must have your book, be signed up for the study, and be willing to be an active participant. If you have all that then you should friend request Lisa Kramp. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  42. Hi P31,
    I’m so excited about the amazing ways God works in my life. Last night I was looking on my shelf for a book to read, I didn’t find anything interesting. I got into bed and checking my email I saw the message of the “Confident Heart”, I purchased this book while at this year’s She Speaks. I was blessed to be able to attend, and by the was it was AWESOME!! I hoping God will allow me to attend again. But, back to my blessing, I saw that I hadn’t missed the study but just God’s timing the study doesn’t start until October! I have a signed copy and praying to start the study with some awesome sisters

    • Marlene - Small group leader says:

      Genda, I’m so glad you will be joining us as we study this book. I was at She Speaks, this year also. What a blessing that was!! Have a great evening!!

  43. I’m looking forward to reading “Confident Heart”…& joining online bible study… this el be a different experience for me. Thank you for this opportunity… I’ll be purchasing the book on Friday…Gob bless you!


  44. Hello,
    Yes I am all signed up for the upcoming study session through Proverbs 31. I am very excited and I hope I can learn more about fear and faith. I have a big issue with fear and I never used too. As I have gotten older I have embraced my fear through constant crying on my knees and pleas with the Lord. He always comes through even though my faith feels low during a situation. God bless you ladies and I will see you (Lord willing) in next month study!

  45. This is my first OBS and I am very excited! Seems this study couldn’t have come at a better time as I am recently divorced and have taken on the role of raising my 10 year old neice. Instant single parent to say the least . God is good and his grace sustains me daily!

  46. sandii peterson says:

    I would like this study also.

  47. Crystal Anderson says:

    I cant wait. I loved “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God”. Can you Beautiful ladies pray for me I just had emergency surgery to remove my apendixs. I’m a single momma trying to take it easy. Looking forward to another great study. Thank uou Proverbs31OBS Melissa and Nicki. πŸ™‚ Love ya’ll..

  48. Jessica Ledesma says:

    Yes I would like to start the bible the new biblestudy. .

  49. tammy warren says:

    Yes I would like to join the online bible study

  50. I am looking forward to this OBS. God puts things in my face just when he knows I need it most. The last study was perfect got me at that time.
    As I go thru the struggles of my daily life, I can always count on something from Proverbs 31 to bring me back to where u need to be. Thank you Melissa!

  51. Daniela McMillan says:

    I would like to sign up please. I am excited and can’t wait to begin. I have ordered the book through my church.

  52. Hello to everyone
    I just wanted to say I Love Proverbs 31 !!! I read every email and all the Facebook posts. I have decided with much “pushing” from God to sign up for my First OBS. I am very excited Ordered my book today. Blessings to all on this beautiful Thursday


  53. So excited for this study! I know God is going to do great things for so many women as we all study together!

  54. Hi Ladies! I am very interested in doing this online Bible student, but I am wondering if someone could give me a general idea of the time committment required each week. I am already doing a discipleship essentials class at my church, and I work full time. I want to be able to devote adequate time to this study because I NEED it!

    • Oops – that should have been study not student!

    • Donna Harris says:

      Honestly, it is hard to say. The reading is usually one to two chapters a week. There is a post almost every day by Melissa and her wonderful team. We have blog hops on Thursdays and Prayer and Praise on Saturdays. I am guessing most people spend on average two hours a week. But, that is just a guess. It is not time intensive unless you want it to be.

      I am sure you will have plenty of time to do this study with us. And we would love to have you.

  55. Hi! I wanted to know if there will be small groups on facebook for this online study?

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      They are a first come first serve basis, You must have your book, be signed up for the study, and be willing to be an active participant. If you have all that then you should friend request Lisa Kramp. Hope that helps Laura!!

  56. I am looking forward to this Bible Study. Having a confident heart is something I struggle with everyday. I hope and pray that this will help me to gain the self-confidence I need to land that much desire teaching position.

    • Marlene - Small group leader says:

      Tammy, I, too, struggle with having a confident heart. So glad you will be joining us on this journey as we all gain confidence.

  57. I just want to say I was so blessed by the last bible study! Thank you for offering it!

  58. I had been wanting to get involved with a Bible Study for a year. I had attended a group and although it was very good, I felt like I was betraying the church that I attend. I live 30 miles from my church that had a bible study in Wednesday evenings. But with it being a school night and with the drive, it just isn’t a good option for my family. So I signed up for What Happens When Women a Say Yes To God Bible study and was able to be in a small group, it was wonderful. Our small group became a very close group in such a short time. the encouragement that was given through Proverbs 31was great. Most of our group is staying together for A Confident Heart Bible study. I can’t wait to start! Sign up if you haven’t. You will be blessed if you participate.

  59. I am looking forward to starting my first online bible study.

  60. Susan Lynch says:

    I was not sure if I would like on online bible study so I finally decided to say YES to “When Women Say Yes to God” and I am so glad that I did. I was a little slow getting into it at first but then I just dived in. I really enjoyed it. I was lucky enough to get into a small group which was a very big help. I would recommend it to anyone starting out. I really enjoyed our small group discussions, prayers for each other and just general correspondence. I also signed up for the conference calls, and although I could not listen to everyone of them live, they will send you a link the next day to listen to the call in your own time and I found that it worked great for me. I still felt that I got great benefits for these calls and could stop and start them as I pleased. I highly recommend these online bible studies so if there is anyone out there who is undecided, please say “YES”. Just give it a try, I think you will be very glad you did.

  61. I eagerly await this exciting study. I am currently praying diligently about this very issue. I discovered this study “accidentally” last night (I should just say that I was LED to this site, lol) while on my phone. Couldnt sign up then (my phone and I often disagree about how smart it is … πŸ™‚ Was in suspense all day, reminding myself that I cannot forget to sign up as soon as I get my computer back from the technician! Mission accomplished! Now to get the book and any other suggested study materials, lol. What a blessing this website is! \o/

  62. I’m new this time too and looking forward to a new adventure.

  63. Carol Lightcap says:

    Looking forward to completing the study. I have never participated in a bible study before.

  64. Hi! I am new to this online Bible Study.
    I am very interested to join. I am using a smartphone, how do I register?

  65. I want to sign up but I don’t see the link to switch to desktop. I am on my iPhone. My email is jatedd57@yahoo.com.

  66. The Diet referred to by Renee Swope would be the 7 Day Doubt Diet.
    Looking forward to starting this online bible study. I have never done this before and am excited.

  67. kristen johnson says:

    WOuld like signed up

  68. Renee Salefske says:

    The diet Renee Swope mentions on her blog is the 7-Day Doubt Diet!!! I am so excited about this online study!!!!!

  69. I am excited to do this Bible Study. I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety and panic attacks and depression. I am working with a counselor and also in a group to help me with stufff I have just shoved deep down inside of me and I need it to all come out. I want to live a joyous life but do not know exactly where to begin. I would like prayers for me as well. I am a single mom of four kids and now have 6 grandkids and work part time so do not have a lot of money to spend on things but the Lord has carried me through everything so far. I just need to draw closer to him. I tried to do another of the Bible Studies but I had a little trouble keeping up but am going to really try to keep up this time. Life is just so busy for me. Thank you for all your help, prayers and suggestions. I am ready to see what the Lord has for me to learn in all that I am doing.

  70. Rickie Trahan says:

    The 7 Day Doubt Diet

  71. The 7 day doubt diet

  72. Rosemary Bretoux says:

    The 7 Doubt Diet

  73. I want to sign up but can’t figure out how

  74. I’m new to an online Bible study of any kind. I haven’t signed up yet but really want to. I’m just looking for a little information as to how it works.

  75. Cannot figure how to sign up. There is no link or place to change to desk top view??

  76. Tiffany Donati says:

    Where can I find this book for the study? I can’t afford to buy it online, I am a single mother of 3 boys, recuperating from a
    surgery just had last wel I have cancer and need thos type of bible stuffy to help build my strength up with faith and my heart

  77. Tiffany Donati says:

    Sorry spell check did not work, I had surgery last week, and can’t drive for 3 weeks. I lost my job and am a single mother of 3 boys. Trying to become part of a bible study to help me personally come closer to God and to help rebuild my faith and character for my children as well as myself I am not confident in many ways and just finding out I have vulvar cancer isn’t helping I’m goin thru agony pain right now from just having surgery so please keep me in prayer, I know this has nothing to do with this entirely, but I need a book for the study and can’t afford it πŸ™ suggestions please

  78. Aleisha Newberry says:

    I tried to sign up, but when I click in sign up here it just takes me back to the previous page.

  79. How much does this study cost? Is it just the cost of the book or is there a cost to be part of the calls? I’ve never been a part of anything like this before.

  80. Just signed up and am SO excited to start! This my first online study – woo hoo!

  81. I just signed up. I’ve never done an online study. I’m excited. I have no idea what yo do, but I’m gathering that we get instructions everyday?? How do we do the Facebook and conference calls? Do the emails instruct us on all of these things? I did get my book on Kindle.

  82. kay griffith says:

    This is my first online study and I am so excited!!!!! I cannot wait to grow in God’s word.

  83. This is my first online bible study and I am very excited for it. I am a young mother of two who struggles daily with doubt…. I feel God led me here for a reason and am excited to see how He moves in my life!

  84. Angelique Jones says:

    This will be my first online study. But I am looking forward to it. The Butterflies are fluttering in my stomach.

  85. Not sure where I sign up. I did the yes to God
    Study but I haven’t got anything saying I’m signed up for this one. I already have my book
    And can’t wait to start this journey!

  86. I have Internet access only on my phone at home and it’s spotty at best. I also have Internet access to print from work, but i can’t focus enough at work to watch the intro videos. Can I do the study without the Internet at home? Just print out the outline each week and complete the assignments and read blog comments as I can?

  87. Im all signed up and I have the book purchased and loaded on my tablet. Im. newbie at this. Im very excited after reading all the posts. Bring it on!!! God Bless!!!!!!

  88. Tanya Volmer says:

    How does this work? Do we have to do it on the day it starts? I have friends that would like

  89. Im trying to print the chapter 12 “When I say ” that is supposed to be in pdf, having difficulties

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    Enjoy these along with your family. *Please note that this site iss under nno circumstances connecred with Vita Mix
    company, however I do advocate tthe Vita-Mix and enjoy
    deploying iit while iin the home.

    these recipes are meant for the Vitamix Machine or a commercial
    machine, they are not works having a stqndard mixer.

    The Vita-Mix equipment is ppreferred by me as I’ve
    found that it’s essentially the most effective and easy to use.
    Observe VM on these recipes identifies a business pace equipment, (VM).

    Blendtec reviews
    Tips about Drinks
    If you are Diabetic remember the glycemic index will be lowered
    by one gram of fiber by one stage illustration spinach, kale, etc.

    severaldecades. When was the last time you bought a tiny product using a several-yr guarantee?
    Any company that offer that on the product really, genuinely believes in its product.
    Now a true test of the customer assistance of the corporation is always: if you contact thesee using an
    problem how can they react? I did so get a problem using a component.
    I contacted them.

    You get a little book of recipds and rscommendations on howw to use the equipment whenever
    you buy a vita mix. I don_t actually know who they hired aheaad up wwith individuals dishes, although tthe Vitamix company possesses geeat advertising and a great solution.
    It_s the toughest mix of completely nauseating
    mixes of foods you can imagine.

    If you obtain a vita mix, used or new, simply throw away the reecipe book that is
    included with it. Burn it, delete it, do anything
    you want usng it but don’t utilize it!

    Alternatively, understand the proper recipes, which are no-brainers inn addition.

    I_ve incorporated smoothy recipes within my
    neww book, _Instant and all the mostt important raw soup Natural Sensations._

    Once I called customer care, aan incredibly satisfying
    person asoed us to spell it out the problem.

    I did, and she said here_s what we_re going to doo about it, here_s why that is happening, and no problem.

    Do I’ve to email in my oown mixer and sometimes even the component?
    Nope. Does the newest element occur speedily?
    It suure did. Am I satisfied with their service?
    vitamix cell phone reviews cnet (archive.org)
    Here_s an extra suggestion: if you purchase a Vita-Mix blender, the seven-yr guarantee is on all factors _ the primaary product as well aas
    the containers. Nevertheless, to be able to obtain the 7-yr
    warranty on any additional containers, thery must be bought by you at the same moment whilst the principal model.
    They feature a 1-yr guarantee, if you purchase thrm later.
    Why is this? It’s to complete with the enrollment of the
    mahine with thee sequential number. Upon initially
    subscription, everything that camme with that buy is roofed in
    the 7-year warranty.

    The amount of wholesome fruit and vegetables that idividuals consume provides increased considerably since
    utilising the Vitamix. I should confess, sometimes we simply
    drop in extra issues for that enjoyment of it. For instance, I have not purchased apple sauce in years.

    Apple gravy for uus suggests tossing a couple of apples within the blender (seed removed!).

    Shakes, pasta sauce, warm soup, salad dressings, nut butters, frappe
    coffees, unscorched cheese sauces, scraambled eggs (yup, while in the mixer), batters, aand the list continues on!

    M- It_s balanced. Joining greens and natural fruits breaks them on to particles
    that are simple to assimilate from the body.
    This Really Is spedially crucial, taking into consideration the fact that a lot of US do not chew well enough and/or include jeopardized digestion.

    H- It_s appetizing. Natural sauces, shakes, etc., are super yummy _ everybody loves
    these. You_ll have no difficulty switching your loved ones or children to become
    fruit and veggies enthusiasts using combined raw-foods.

    N- It_s ideal for youngsters. Combined uncooked fruits annd
    vegetables are the ideal _baby foods_ and might be added to a child_s diet from
    an early age.

    So I saved up. It wasn_t inexpensive. I hopped that it was
    worth the monetary expenditure. And two years ago I ordered one, saying
    goodbye to my old mixer that regarded joining iice to suggest a gentlee throw.
    Couple of yeears after, listed below are my

    Observe: TipBusters will only evger recommend
    an item that we have tested, and I’ve not only tested the Vitamix, I_ve lived with it day in and
    dayy ouut for just two years.

  91. Diane hoover says:

    I am leading a woman’s small group that is interested in doing this study. My question is, Is it necessary to get the dvd along with the book? Thank you.


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