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Hey there all you Jesus girls. It’s Shelly. I write to you today with news of a significant assignment. The weight of it presses heavy on my heart and I am humbled at how God has asked to use us here.

What if I told you we could suit up and march to the front lines of a battle raging this very moment? What if I told you we could play a part in wreaking havoc in the camp of a terrible enemy and assist in causing evil plans and strategies to unravel?

What if I told you that if we take action today others might find breakthrough and freedom and deliverance and life?

Lysa TerKeurst & Proverbs 31 Ministries has partnered with Christine Caine and the A21 Campaign to activate women around the world in 31 days of prayer to end human trafficking.

This is a call to walk bravely out of our comfortable place and into the trenches with our sisters by praying bold prayers and spending time with our Father on their behalf.

It is a call to God for help.

According to the A21 website, “There are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in human history, with an estimated 27 million in bondage across the globe. Men, women, and children are being exploited for manual and sexual labor against their will.”

The most unimaginable, unthinkable crimes against men, women, and children are happening right now. Right now.

It’s not something we often see or even hear about but it’s real.

It’s happening all over the world and even in our own cities.

There is a physical war taking place but there is also a spiritual battle in progress.

We have been given the privilege of gathering here on Thursdays for our blog hop. Our voices and influence reach far and wide. And our prayers can shake the heavens. With great privilege comes great responsibility.

Together we can link arms and bow knees and cry out to the Father.

Individually we can find that place of surrender where we lay down our lives for others, if not on the soil of this vast mission field then in our secret place of prayer – in our closet, on our knees beside our bed, or in the carpool line at our child’s school. No matter the physical location when our heart is surrendered, our soul connects with a God who hears our prayers and responds.

There is no distance in the spirit.

Oswald Chambers reminds us of the importance of our prayers, “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.”

This is a great assignment. But within each of you lies the power to touch heaven. When we pray on behalf of others our two worlds collide and God intervenes.

Will you take action? Will you pray with us?

If you have a blog, post your prayer there and then link up here. If you don’t have a blog leave your prayer in the comment section. Share on Facebook, share on Twitter; let’s rally the troops.

Let’s pray, friends. Let’s really pray.

Father, may our prayers be set before you as incense. Hear our cries. Let us touch heaven and let earth be changed. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Praying with you,



There is a specific prayer for each day. Click here for the 31 Days of Prayer. Whatever day you link up, post a prayer for that specific day. For example, today, October 3rd, is Day 11. The prayer for day 11 is for governments – for corruption to cease: Deuteronomy 16:19, Amos 5:12, Zechariah 8:16.

No matter what day you link up or what prayer you pray, use this title for your Blog Post:

  •  A21/P31 – 31 Days of Prayer

Remember, link your specific post and not your main blog page.

Also, please feel free to grab the A21/P31 Button and share on your blog. It will link back to the 31 Days of Prayer document so all who visit your blog can easily find out how to participate and pray with us.


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  1. I want to join with this group of praying women, but I don’t have a blog

  2. Heavenly Father rally your angels to stand with those who are victims of human trafficking. Wrap your arms of protection around them to comfort them. Show your almighty power to those who hold others in bondage, that they will see the error of their ways and stop exploiting your children. In Jesus name. Ame

  3. Lois Doughty says:

    Heavenly Father, I thank you that we women can stand together as mighty prayer warriors against the forces of evil on behalf of those who are currently enslaved by human traffickers. I pray today for all government corruption to cease at every level. Work in a mighty way to change the heart of every corrupt government official so that they see their sins against humanity and truly repent of all evil doing. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

  4. God we need to more than ever before. Please set your spirit on fire in the hearts of those in our congress and in our government. Convict, speak undeniably loud, have YOUR way, if it’s YOUR will restore our land and bring hope to those in desperate places. You are Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and we adore you for who you are and for your power to overcome sin in our dark world. We love you & praise your Holy Name.
    In Jesus Name, Amen!

  5. Dear Lord our God, please hear our prayers and make way to help the victims of human traffic. Please help us not to be so blind to this issue. Please help the victims to find peace and freedom in you, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

  6. Shelly, what a great idea! I just came through a weekend spent on prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking. Every year The Salvation Army sets aside the last weekend in September for this particular prayer request. It saddens me the amount of hurt that is still being done to others. I continue to pray for these victims, the ones who are doing the hurting and also the workers that are rescuing the women, children and men and who are working to fight this horrible war on human trafficking. I thank God for the dedication of many who daily fight this battle. I pray for the ones who have been freed from the bondage and who are trying to put their lives back together. And as hard as it is, I pray for the ones who are trafficking these victims, that they may see the light of Christ and change their ways.

  7. Dear Lord Jesus, please help us to do our part to end trafficking around the world. give us your heart for the victims. Show is were and how to make a difference. I especially pray for the countries of Nepal and Myanmar and for their governments to stand up to protect the children and to enact laws to stop the trafficking. Bless and strengthen those who work in this mission field, protect their hearts and minds.

  8. Father, thank you that we can gather together on behalf of all those who suffer from human trafficking. We don’t understand the ways of our world, but pray for everyone who touches, is involved in this atrocity. We pray for peace, comfort, strength and knowledge. We pray you will move this mountain, work of behalf of those suffering. As your word says, as two or more shall pray, let our prayers find the hearts of those suffering and turn this around, and for those that can intervene and change the situation, i pray you will reach into the hearts, and minds. Thank you that we can all come together on their behalf. Amen

  9. dear Lord I come to you today and ask that you help all the victims of the human trafficking situation that is going on even in our own back yards Lord. I ask that you put a hedge of protection around the people who are victims and I pray that justice will be served on those who are doing the acts. Lord I lift up the families to you whose children husband and wives are being effected by this horrible act. I pray Lord that this will end and they can return to their families and move on with their lives. Forgive me Lord where I have failed you in Jesus name I pray Amen.

  10. Nancy Millar says:

    Dear Lord, We come to you with hearts that are heavy with the weight of a burden only you can carry – the weight of our concern over human trafficking in this world. Many of us live our lives taking our freedoms for granted but there are many whose freedoms have been taken from them. Lord, be with the men, women and children who are being forced into a life of bondage and captivity! Wrap your loving arms around them! Help those who are trying to help them! Bless them, give them strength, give them courage, give them hope that their efforts are not in vain! Lord, this world is a sinful place. We pray that the day of your returning might be soon!

  11. I am standing with you all. I am so blessed to have received this information. I am working on creating a blog page, so for now, I will post on Facebook.
    Back in June, I was on a mission trip to Melilla Spain and Morocco where the Lord gave me a heart for women in bondage. My heart broke to see how women are being treated and to see just a glimpse of what is going on around the world. Thank you for inviting me into the prayer commitment with you and helping me to fulfill what the Lord is leading me into. Love, Peace and Blessings to you all! Glory to God!

  12. Amen! I recently heard Christine and Lysa speak at Women of Faith in Dallas and I was very moved by the A21 Campaign and P31 joining forces. Thank you for further rallying the troops!

  13. Father God, I come before you on behalf of these people sold into slavery. Keep them safe from harm, bind the enemy Father. Put people in their paths that want to save them from this horrific life. Father God put Your arms around them and shower them with love. Father free them as you did Your people from the Egyptians. rescue them and put them somewhere safe, never to be sold again. Father God help the ones that are free. I am sure they are going through big adjustments. I am sure they don’t know what’s to come of them and who exactly to trust. Father I ask that You put them with godly people who love You and want to share Your Son with them. It sadly burdens my heart Father God that this is still going on, stronger than ever. I cry out to You to put an end to this. I ask this in Your Holy Son’s name, Jesus. sweet Jesus. Amen

  14. Our Father and our God,

    I am seeking you on behalf of the many people who are suffering under the cloud of human trafficking. My heart hurts just knowing that people are being treated so wrongly, are being forced against their will into unspeakable acts. Please Father, help them. Change this situation and end the pain and suffering. Defeat Satan, Lord. Defeat the pervasive evil that reigns over this situation, that hovers over these people. Send your Holy Spirit and send your Army to rescue them, to save them! In Jesus Name put an end to this! I love you, Lord! AMEN!

  15. Lord, Please bless those held against their will and forced to do terrible, unspeakable things. I ask your justice and power be brought upon those who to this – to soften their hearts and open their eyes to the horrific oppression they bring to your angels. I ask Lord that you especially protect children who are victims of slavery. I beg with all my heart that they are freed, justice brought and hearts and bodies are healed to know Your love. I know You can do ANYTHING! You alone Lord can stop this. Use us, Your hands and feet on this earth to do Your will. Amen.

  16. Nancy Silvers says:

    I have been praying the A21/P31 prayers-often repeating the previous days with the one for the specific prayer for the day. I waill blog my prayer but would like to know how to “grab the A21/P31” button. Thank you for teaching this tech challenged woman a new trick 🙂

    I also want to add that I had no idea how serious human trafficking is and that it is not all about sex-i’s about forced labor too and on not only adult but children too- how utterly unacceptable! :/

  17. A21/P31 – 31 Days of Prayer

    Dear Lord,

    Please use our prayers to intervene on behalf of all women, children, and men who are victims of human trafficking worldwide. Please hear our cries and our pleas to comfort and heal these people and defeat their enemies. Put all of us where we need to be so that we can aid in their relief and their safety. Lord, guide us with your wisdom, strength, clarity, and truth.

    In Jesus’ Name we ALL pray, Amen!

  18. This is a wonderful idea. Wish I’d know about it when it started. This is a part of our corrupt world that needs to be addressed…out in the open and stopped. Am starting today to pray for these victims.

  19. Janet Daniel says:

    Please pray for our government and world peace. And all those suffering from abuse.

  20. Father, thank you for this day and all your blessings. Please protect us and guide us in making the right decisions according to Your will. Protect those who are hurting and are lost. Please put an end to human trafficking. Thank you. In Your Son’s Name, Amen………

  21. Joyce Miles says:

    Dear Lord,
    We are praying for those who are suffering right now in silence and are being denied justice. We are asking that you send them comfort in knowing there is rescue in you. We are asking heavenly father for this abuse to be exposed and justice to be served expediently to all those involved according to your will. We ask that a blind eye be bound and that this injustice be stopped and that those who are being held captive be freed. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  22. Father,
    Thank you for the A21 Campaign and the women (and men) across the country that you have called to help rescue those enslaved and in bondage. I pray that you would protect all of the victims of this horrible act and allow them to feel your peace and protection, right this very moment. I pray that you would help them and rescue them. Heal the people who are being affected by this, heal them physically, emotionally and spiritually and make yourself real to them. I pray that you would hear our cries to you on behalf of all the people who are being victimized and harmed. Lord, show us and teach us how to pray for these people and how we can help them. I pray that you would end human trafficking completely and indefinitely. I pray that you would open the eyes of the blind and change the hearts of the people who are committing these crimes/acts. I pray you would save them and forgive them.
    In the name of Jesus I pray,

  23. Shirley Hieter says:

    Heavenly Father, my heart breaks as I read and learn of how many people are living in bondage, subject to horrible treatment and crimes. I know that you love each one of them and my prayer is that as more and more of us learn of them and the horrible conditions in which they live, and lift them up in prayer, that somehow each one of then may experience the feeling of your love and caring for them. May the people who are in government positions desire to bring an end to slavery and work towards ending this type of activity in their countries. Please speak to their hearts and help them see that they have a responsibility to address this problem. Give them guidance and wisdom. Thank you, Jesus. Amen

  24. Father, Creator of all, we unite and come before you with humble hearts and we are united in our desire to ask you for the release of our brothers and sisters who are being held in slave bondage. You have allowed governments and kingdoms with rulers in whose power you still control. Today Lord we are petitioning to you to bring an end to the corruption that infiltrates these powers and we give you honor for what you are about to accomplish for your kingdom. Help me to have a willing heart for whatever you may choose for me to become involved with in your plan. You OH LORD are still God !

  25. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day and all that will go on. I pray for P31 and A21 as they are reaching out to the women who are being trafficked. I pray for each one that is represented here. She is special in your sight and she is valued by you. Please keep each one safe and sound. This is for the ones who are doing the rescuing and the ones who are being rescued. I also ask that if any of these people who do not know you that they will ask questions and be shown you and your love. I pray this in your name, Amen.

  26. Pam Bender says:

    Dear Father, Your promise to us is that you would never leave us or forsake us. We pray on the behalf of those around the world that are caught in the trap of human trafficing. We pray that you would comfort them in the midst of their suffering, you would deliver them from slavery and that they would fall into your arms of love, safety and mercy. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

  27. Lord I beg I pray for this treacherous heinous crime of human traffiking, slavery to.END! Your purpose for us, Your creation was not for this! Your promises state for us to lean on you, give you the yoke, cry to you, end of enslavement. how can these people hear Your word if they are enslaved & luving unimaginable lives? Set them free…to run to You. To KNOW you!
    Thank you for only YOU can truly end this.
    humbly forever yours

  28. Dear Heavenly Father……Please forgive this world of sinners. We all fall short and yet the sin that we hear about that involves slavery, drugs and prostitution leaves me feeling helpless and sick. Only your LOVE and TRUTH can set them free. I pray protection on the victims and justice for the evil doers. I pray for peace and conviction for the people responsible for horrific circumstances and crimes. I pray that you can forgive us when we are unworthy and unforgivable people. Thank you for your Love, Your Mercy and Your Grace that covers us. Thank you for an Ultimate Sacrifice that can never be matched with the murder of your son. Help us to always reach for Heaven and remember Your Promises that you will never leave or forsake us. Hear our prayers and intervene with the Power of Your Might. You Alone are Holy. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

  29. Jessica Devaney says:
  30. Angela Page says:

    My Lord Jesus I pray for these next 31 days that our eyes may be opened up to your truths and that we may unite as a group of woman with a similar cause. I pray Lord Jesus that you will be there with us each step of the way, giving us the words to say when we don’t have any and to give us the strenght and energy to go on. This is going to be a challenging 31 days and I have no doubt in my mind that I am going to be pushed to my limits and back. I pray for a change, I pray for hope in these people’s lives that are affected by human trafficing. I pray that you will open up doors for us to be your hands and feet here on earth and that we will see your work be done in this situation. In your sweet name. Amen.

    I am very excited about this and I hope that we will come along each other as we wrestle with this topic and are challenged and stretched more than we ever thought possible. Looking foraward to this!

  31. Dear Lord, please have mercy on the many souls that are being abused. May our prayers be a sweet incense to your nostrils as we come before your throne of compassion, mercy and judgement. Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world. End human trafficking across the globe and that you will be glorified and we experience the Great I AM. In Jesus Name, Amen

  32. Father God, you and you alone can end the horror of human trafficking in our world. I pray that you would have mercy, release those in bondage, and restore their souls. Convict those who are committing the crime and bring them to new life in you. To you be the glory. Forever and ever Amen.

  33. Elizabeth Dillas says:

    Dear Lord, I pray for the many Brothers and Sisters and Children held in boundage throughout this world, I pray that you will free them from the situation that they find themselves, and that as we lift up your name that grace and mercy will set them free. In your holy name we pray. Thanks be to God.

  34. Father God, in Your word You said where 2 or 3 is gather in Your name , there You will be in the mist. As we come before You in prayer on behalf of men, women and children for their freedom, in Jesus name.
    We Thank you in advance…

  35. Thank you all so much for praying! Y’all are amazing! Keep those prayers coming! Believing for big things!!

  36. Lord wrap your loving arms around those being enslaved and trafficked. Fill their hearts with your love and help them keep their eyes on you as bring them through this time of suffering. Save them that they may know that it was You who brought them through and You who they can depend on always. Bless their families and fill their hearts with your love. Let Your will be done in this situation and we will praise you in your Holy name. Amen

  37. Father, I ask you, I the name of Jesus, and through the power
    of the Holy Spirit, to open these doors of entrapment and set
    the captives free!

  38. Nadelle Payne says:

    I am a single mom of 4 kids and a teacher. I am blessed by a great school, principal, and a job that is my passion. I go to a great church, The Rock, and am trying to start up a Deaf ministry because I’m deaf myself and I see the need for Deaf people to find Jesus. Recently I lost my mom, and it has been a very devastating experience. The grief of it consumes me some days. I am thankful for God’s strength to help me continue. Recently, someone I thought I trusted took advantage of me when I was at a vulnerable time in my grief…that person is apparently very manipulative and possibly bipolar.. In the stress of it all, my doctor found a solid mass on my kidney. They don’t know yet if it is cancer. It seems like one bad thing after another keeps happening. I need sincere prayers for God’s grace to deliver me from the bitterness that I feel from my former friend/family member. I need comfort in my grief, and the reminder that I’m not alone. I need my children to understand and continue to have patience with me. I need prayers that the mass is not cancer and whatever procedure is necessary to remove it will be safe. My children need me…I am their world. I pray for peace and God’s grace and love during this tough time in my life. I pray that in my storm, I will continue to bless my students and others. Thank you.

  39. Toni Bessette says:

    Our Great God,
    We thank you that according to your Word there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. I ask and join in prayer agreement with brothers and sisters around the world, that you would expose the evil plans of the enemy and thwart every scheme and business already in operation of both manual slave labor and sexual exploitation of men, women and precious children everywhere. Your eyes see all and we ask that you would break through and bring freedom and release to countless people whom you love and died for. Save them from this atrocity. Oh how your heart must grieve of the depravity you see all around, give us humble hearts to pray for those in desperate need. We thank you Jesus for this privilege. Amen

  40. I have been following the prayer list and praying daily! Dear Lord, please continue to protect these women. Use us as your disciples to show and spread the message of the love of God into all people. Be with the defenders of freeing these people And those who tend to them after they are set free.

  41. Father God, I pray for those in the clutch of slavery around the world. I had my own eyes opened to the reality of bondage when in Haiti. It is present, so is your mercy and grace. Soften the hearts of those in corrupt governments that encourage this to flourish and of those who take advantage of the vulnerable. Bring the afflicted into the safety of your ‘wing’. Comfort and heal them, give them life that is found in You. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

  42. Cynthia Bussey says:

    I am still confused on where to post that I am blogging prayer for the a21/p31. I prayed today topic.

  43. Hello
    I am looking for places to post a prayer that I wrote as a devotion of my heart. I want so much to do something for all these beautiful people that are held against their will. I will my prayer and you can join our “Prayer Project Freedom” that is sending this message of peace and love to all God’s children. From my heart to yours – Blessing of Love in Action.

    Prayer to glorify God and to enjoy God forever!

    We gather together in a unified voice of victory in proclaiming God’s love and light into every place on our beautiful planet. We project our eternal love & light through prayer into the dark places where principalities and the negative energy of slavery exists anywhere in your creation.

    In the peace of our collective voice we speak through our hearts. We agree and decree freedom for all your lovely children. We send blessings of comfort through our energy of prayer so that the many that are living out the effects of unconsciousness and cruel people are feeling our peace and know that they are free NOW!

    In your perfect way, through your will, may the release of bondage and slavery be brought into the light and may all those held against their own will be released into your safe keeping.

    Open our ears, eyes, and hearts, dear God so that we can hear clearly you speaking to us words of Holy justice and love. Plant your life giving grace and love deeper into our hearts for us to use in our lives to make excellent choices for ourselves and others. May we know and choose not to partake in things that support the network of slavery and trafficking.

    We pray for parents and family members who have been misled to feel as if there is no other way but to sell their children and family members into slavery to eat and live.

    We pray for the traffickers and government corruption all around the world. May any person that has chosen to lead by their shadow side, see the blessing of choosing a path of love and compassion for all living things.

    We pray that your love and light open every soul’s heart and mind to the cruelty and abuse that they are participating in. Move us into action by being close to you so that we know and choose your will. We pray for freedom and the ability to pray this situation back to you in truth and love in action. Guide our voices and steps that all living things on Mother Earth will feel our gentle spirit in the union of these prayers, so that we remember how to be in our authentic and divine nature every moment.

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