A Confident Heart ~ Week 1

Hello and welcome to all of you Confident Heart Online Bible Study Sisters!!! I’m Melissa, and I’ll be leading us through Week 1 of A Confident Heart Online Bible Study.

I’m so happy that today is finally here! I’ve been waiting to meet you and begin studying with you! This study is going to be great! Believe that, because it’s the truth!

If you have ever struggled at all with doubt, depression, insecurity, comparison, anxiety, failure, worry, not feeling special or good enough~ OR if you know anyone who does, you will benefit from this study. We are going to move from these negative feelings and issues that can consume us to a place of trusting God and His promises for us. Our circumstances might not change, but our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves will.

Are you ready? I hope so, because it is time…here we go!

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Week 1

Memory Verse~

Then you will know that I am the Lord. Those who hope in me will not be disappointed.   Isaiah 49:23b NIV

I love this verse so much! Doesn’t it sound lovely to hope in God so, therefore, experience no disappointment? What will you do this week to bring this verse to life personally? Try to commit this verse to memory and claim it!

Phrase/Hashtag of the week~


There is only one place we can find a love that is perfect! That’s in the Lord. Let’s blow up social media this week with the #perfectlove hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Let’s share with the world where our #perfectlove resides.

Chapter Assignments~

This week, we will be reading Chapters 1 & 2. If you haven’t received your book yet, you can read Chapter 1 here. Chapter 2 will be provided on Wednesday.) Check the Proverbs 31 Study Blog daily (if you are signed up for this Online Bible Study then it already emailed to you every day.)

The assignments you receive during the week are all suggestions–you can decide what works for you and your schedule. Each day, you will receive an email (or you can visit the Online Bible Study Blog), which contains a message and your suggested assignment for that day. You will also be invited to leave a comment and share any thoughts or insights on the study and what you are learning. We LOVE it when you comment. This is our community in action!

Week 1 Optional Extras

 ACH Call graphicReal Life Connection Calls~

You can sign up for all of the Real Life Connection Calls Here.

SO EXCITED!!! This week, we will be chatting with author, musical artist, and Women of Faith speaker~ Sheila Walsh! If you don’t know Sheila, you will want to get to know Sheila! She’s so real and she is going to share honestly with us Tuesday evening, October 15th, 8 pm eastern time.

She’s a multi-talented author (with more than three-and-a-half million books sold!), speaker, singer, television personality, and dog-walker who does it all while wearing killer heels. Her transparency takes our breath away as she shares the real issues she—and many of us—deal with every day. Prior to joining Women of Faith, Sheila co-hosted television’s The 700 Club and her own talk show Heart to Heart with Sheila Walsh on the Family Channel. She is currently working on completing her Master’s degree in Divinity. She lives in Texas with her husband, Barry, son, Christian, and two little white dogs Belle and Tink.  (Bio from Women of Faith website)

(Other calls in this series include interviews with award winning musical artists Natalie Grant and Laura Story, and the author of A Confident Heart, Renee Swope. As a part of this Real Life Connection Call Group, you will also be invited to gather once a week, via phone, with Bible study leader Melissa Taylor for a time of prayer and study talk.)

Prayer Call~ Wednesday, October 16th, 1:00 pm eastern time

Facebook Parties~

If you are on Facebook, then you will not want to miss our very first Facebook party of the study! We will be hosting two identical parties this Tuesday, so you can pick the one that works best for you! Our FB parties are fun, informative, and we even have a few prizes to give away!

Join the party by clicking the link below of the party you wish to join:

Tuesday Morning Party

Tuesday Afternoon Party

Blog Hop Topics~

If you are unsure how the Blog Hop works, just check out last week’s practice blog hop. Everything is explained there. I can’t wait to read all of your fabulous messages about our topics for Week 1!

Have your blogs ready to post by Thursday, October 17th.


  • #perfectlove~ Define #perfectlove and share a personal story/example of the #perfectlove in your life.
  • Isaiah 49:23~ Unpack our Verse for the week.
  • I Believe~ In order for change to take place, we have to first believe it is possible. Refute your own thoughts of doubt with declarations of faith.
  • At the Well~ Reread Sam’s story in John 4, asking Jesus to meet your there and show you things in your heart that need His repair. Is there part of Renee’s story or Sam’s story that you can relate to most? (Ch. 2, Discussion #6)


I hope you are as excited and hopeful as I am about the impact this message of confidence can have on all of our lives! Commit to the next 9 weeks, and make this Bible study a priority in your life. You got this, and you deserve this! And your Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study leaders, team, and sisters are praying for you!

Leave a comment today with the following:

  • your name
  • where you are from
  • your main goal is for this study

Check back tomorrow for a video message from Renee Swope and a message from Chapter 1.

Love & Blessings!

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  1. I’m Heather Garrity from Sanford, NC. My mine goal in doing this study is to grow closer to Christ; as well as to see, accept, forgive, & love myself as He does.

    • Welcome Heather! Your goals to accept, forgive, and love yourself as he does is powerful. Thank you so much for sharing!

      • Angie Price says:

        Hello everyone

        My name is Angie Price and I am from Antioch Ca in the San Francisco Bay Area. My main goal is to grow my relationship with God, to be more obedient, and to find confidence in myself. I have always struggled with confidence and believing in myself, and I want to learn what God’s plan is for me and I think this is an area that He really wants me to explore. Im so excited to learn from everyone!

      • Daniela St. Hilaire says:

        Hi my name is Daniela. I am originally from Miami, Florida but I am currently in Tallahassee, Fl attending college. My main goal is to get back to my first love. As a child I couldn’t go to bed without spending time with God by delving into his word and meditating on it. I want to get back to that place where I was chasing after him wholeheartedly and I want to gain my confidence back in him without letting my past hurts and failures create doubt of my worthiness to approach God.

    • Dawn Witt says:

      Hi, Heather. How did you get a picture uploaded?

  2. Hi, My name is Kira and I’m from Pittsburgh, PA. My main goal for this study is not only to get closer to God, but to gain the confidence I once had. As most people, I have had life experiences that have had a negative impact on my self confidence as well as my spiratual confidence. Sometimes I feel as if I just need that extra ‘boost’ that says ‘you can do this’, ‘you can accomplish this’, ‘you’ve got this’. I’ve struggled with self doubts and struggles, and currently struggling with a sister who has made some poor decisions in life, and has now placed me in a position of caring for three beautiful little girls. Can I do this? Yes. Do I always feel I can? No.

    • Hi, my name is Lois and I am from Latrobe, PA, not that far from Pittsburgh. This is my first OBS. I’m not sure exactly what I am suppose to do, but hope to understand more has the weeks pass. I too have had negative life experiences starting at a very young age that have left me with a low self-esteem and a feeling of being unworthy. I believe that the Lord is knocking on my door, but it is my fault that he doesn’t come in. I have to ask him in. I feel that I am sincere when I answer the door, but life doesn’t change. I need to understand what I am doing wrong. I guess that is my goal. What a beautiful person you must be to take upon yourself the care of three little girls. God knocked and you answered. Feel blessed!

      • Lois,
        Please know that you are in my prayers. My heart broke a little for you when I read that you need to understand what you are doing wrong. Sweet girl, you are doing nothing wrong. You just need to do. Sometimes life doesn’t change right away. Well, life has hard parts all the time. One thing I learned though even through the tough times, is to ask our God “What do you want me to get from this?” Sometimes it is simply that you need to realize your need for God in such a way that you are continuously reaching out. A friend of mine told me that sometimes the rough times are God’s way of drawing you closer to him. I thought to myself, well then He must REALLY want me to be close, because life is so terribly rough, and then I realized that YES, He really wants me THAT close. Keep needing Him Lois. He loves you so much. Keep reaching out with all your heart. He is reaching right back at you. You are in my prayers. Please know that God delights in you, and you are VERY worthy.

      • i have asked God many times what i have done wrong so I completely understand wondering when it is going to change. I am not where I will be but God has brought me a long way. Keep reaching for him.

      • Hi Lois! I live in Boswell…not too far from you on Rt 30 E! Small world.
        I can relate to your struggles as well. I am in a very similar place in my life.

      • Wow, lots of Pittsburgh area ladies. I love it. I grew up around here and have just moved from New Alexandria PA to Greensburg, am renting from a friend and looking to move again when I find something more permanent. The verse “those who hope in me will not be disappointed” speaks to me because life seems so full of disappointments and things that don’t work out how we would like, but I keep trying to believe (and sometimes it is hard) that things are okay and will work out for the best. I just bought this book last month and read it. I am so glad there is bible study about it. Looking forward to gaining all I can from it.

      • Hi Lois! I’m Josi from southern Ca. Your sincerity has struck a chord with me because as I read I felt I was reading my own story. It’s difficult to come out and say it’s my fault, what am I doing wrong? Why do I find myself in the same place? We are on the same journey and I am encouraged to know that I am not alone. We must believe as His word says “See I am doing a new thing” Isaiah43:19

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Welcome to this study! I pray that God strengths you throughout this. Remember all things are possible!

    • Kira, I am from the Pittsburgh area too! I live about 40 minutes outside of the city. This is my first study. Your nieces are very fortunate to have someone like you step up and take care of them 🙂

    • Hi, Kira, and Lois and Kayla! I figured it must be a God thing that the first comments I read were from girls from Pittsburgh. I just moved to the McMurray area this summer and am feeling a little isolated. Its hard for an introverted girl to make friends in a new place…I just decided last night to join this study and I am looking forward to finally gaining a confident heart in Jesus. I’ve been a Christian a long time and have lots of head knowledge, but have trouble getting His truth to soak into my heart. I actually bought the book a long time ago, but never read it. I guess God was waiting for me to be receptive. Since moving, I feel distant from Him, and I’m hoping this study will draw me closer.

      • Hey girls! It was great hearing from you, I’m glad I found some ‘neighbors’. 🙂 I actually live a good bit outside the city myself and I commute in everyday for work. Laura, I know exactly how you feel with the moving thing, I grew up near 7Springs (If you are familiar with this area yet) and I relocated to Phoenix, AZ after college. It was a complete culture shock. I moved back east here a few years ago and was very happy to be ‘home’.

        • Way to represent the Pittsburgh area, yinz!!! Know that this Proverbs 31 OBS Group Leader from Steeler Country is praying for all of you by name during this study. God is able to work in your life more than you could ever imagine! How great would it be if some of the Pittsburgh girls doing this study could get together a time or two to encourage each other? How great would it be if this started to happen in other parts of the country and the world too?! 😉

          May God bless you all with tremendous peace and strength! He is able to help you… no matter what your challenges!

          • Suzanne, I do believe that was the best idea I’ve heard all day! That would be so amazing. If you have any thought or ideas on how to get it started I’m game! 🙂

  3. Hello my name is Jennifer Hance and I’m from Montgomery, Texas! My main goal of this study is to not only grow closer to God my Heavenly Father but also for my relationship with my earthly father to be healed and to overcome the insecurities that developed from that strained.

    • Hi Jennifer! I’m praying for you. My relationship with my earthly father was (and sometimes still is) pretty rough. He and I had been estranged from age 19 to 32. We are rebuilding a little at a time, and it can be so hard because he doesn’t know the Lord (or really care to), but I keep praying. I pray that God our Father will help you along this journey. I pray that His love will help you heal and grow in the confidence you seek.

  4. Dona Luna says:

    Hello, my name is Dona Luna. I am from Salinas, California. My main goal for joining this study is to build a closer relationship with Jesus, and to find the confidence in myself that others see in me.

    Thank you for having me.

  5. Janet Kramer says:

    HI I am Janet Kramer from Fremont, OH. I look forward to learning more about God and becoming more of a confident woman.

    • Terri (Hatfield) Wallis says:

      Janet – Are you a long time Fremont resident. I graduated from Fremont Ross in 1978. Still have family living there. Have been living near Akron for the past 23 years.

      I look forward to seeing how God is going to work in my life – am working on facing the light instead of watching the shadows!

  6. Hi I am Marie fromTucson,Arizona. My goal in this study is to grow in who I am in Christ. I too have had several life circumstances that have added to my already low self esteem. I really want to know Him more and live the life I know He has planned for me. But I know to get there I have some more growing and purging to do. I have been on a journey the past 2 yrs and I know to be all I am in Him I have to press in and press on.

  7. Hi, my name is Kim, I live in Reno, Nv. I have never done an online study so I am excited to see how God works through this. I have always been a high achiever but I struggle with constant doubt about myself and needing the recognition and praise of others to make me feel worthwhile and valued. I want to live my life knowing how The Lord sees me, how He loves me, who I am in Him, and to live BELIEVING in who GOD says I am.

    • Hey, Kim. I’m also in Reno. This is my first OBS as well. I have no idea how these work, but am excited to see other women from my hometown seeking God through this study! Have a blessed week!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I am so happy to have you here! I am “Confident” you will find a wonderful, supportive group of ladies here!

    • Hi Kim, I am Stacy in DC, and I can relate a lot to what you are saying about seeking validation from others. Growing up, and even now, I feel I have to be perfect for others to like me and want to be in my company. Working on focusing on the one person’s opinion of me that really counts – Christ!

    • Hi Kim,
      My name is Melissa and I am also from Reno. It is so good to see someone from my hometown here studying. I’m hoping we can communicate and be a source of support for each other! Have a great week. 🙂

  8. Hi! My name is Nicole and I’m from Brewster, WA. I am participating in this study to grow closer to the Lord, and become the comfident woman He created me to be. I am excited and looking forward to this time together with all of you.

  9. My name is Daphne. I am from North Carolina. I love online studies because they fit my single mom schedule wonderfully. I strive to do my best but I always doubt myself. I realize that I didn’t used to be this way and it’s time for a change and I hope to get that from this study. I need to return to the self-confident, high achiever I once was for myself and my children. I tell myself, how can I be an example for them if I am not living it myself? Knowing that my dependence and trust in God is the first step in reaching this goal gives me the encouragement to move forward. May the Lord bless each and everyone through this study as we reach our goals together.

    • Hi Daphne,

      My name is Melissa and I am also a single mom. I can so relate to your comments about doubting yourself. I do it constantly. I think we have both made a good choice to do this Bible Study. May God bless you!

  10. My name is Susan and I live in Black Oak, Arkansas. This is my first time doing an online bible study. I am hoping to get closer to God and to learning about myself more.

  11. Christina says:

    My name is Christina I am from Phoenix, Az. My main goal is to become the confident woman God has created me to be and to let go of lies I have been holding onto. And also to focus more on Him.

  12. April Bauer says:

    Hello everyone My name is April and I’m from Hampton, Virginia. I felt that my heart was being pulled to this study, a way for me to find a closeness that I have longed for with God. I am a mom of 2 special needs children, and I have learned that not all things can be changed, something’s GOD gives us to teach us, and let us know that WE ARE STRONG and we WILL BE OKAY… I have dealt with disappointment, self doubt, and hardships but after reaffirming my faith 4 years ago.. I have seen the beauty of what GOD can do through my children… My daughter has fought her whole life on things that others take for granted… I went through a phase where I was angry… and our family motto became GOD ONLY GIVES YOU WHAY YOU CAN HANDLE… I have lived by that these past few years… and I have found myself doubting friendships, myself, life in general and whether I’m doing what I need to do for me and my family. I’m looking forward to taking this study and finding my way completely to him… and understanding his love for me. Looking forward to talking and getting to know everyone.

    • April,
      Your sweet story touched my heart. I work with special needs children and they (and their parents) have a special place in my heart. We serve a mighty God and I know He is going to bring you to Him and help you find a place of peace. Please know that you will be in my prayers as we go through this study.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Welcome, April! I admire your faith and courage! I have a son who has battled cancer (and is in remission PTL). I know that after the 3rd person tried to tell me God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, I wanted throttle my friend! 🙂 We do all have challenges and what a blessing to know we aren’t dealing with anything by ourselves!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      After I reread my message I was afraid you would read it that I don’t support the idea that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. I do. It was that I went through a time in which I thought God must have picked the wrong person as I didn’t think I could handle it. I did. We did. And we will continue to do so! Praying for you and your family!

  13. My name is Angel and I’m from Everett Wa. This is my first ever online bible study. I’m hoping in praying that not only do I grow but that I’m stretched as well.

    • Depree Pounds says:

      Hi Angel! I am.from Washington as well. Bremerton that is:) I will also pray the Word of God penetrates to your very core! This is my first Proverbs 31 Bible study and I know I habe a lot of areas where I need to grow!

  14. Hi! My name is Tiffany and I am from Fernley NV. What I want from this study to is to have confidence in the woman God made and no longer doubt my worth. This is my first OBS and I’m so excited to take this journey with you

    • Hi Tiffany, I’m also from NV. This is my first OBS and I’m so excited to see other women who live close by seeking God through this study! Have a blessed week!!

  15. I don’t understand the hashtag, what is the purpose of it?

    • Debbi, if you use twitter, facebook, or instagram, it will link all of our posts. You can click the link on the hastag and it will show all posts that also have the same hashtag attached. You just insert ‘#perfectlove’ anywhere in the post.

      • thank you. all this technology is just too much! 🙂

        • nancys1128 says:

          I agree about the technology! Even with hashtags having been explained to me, I don’t fully get them yet. I get the concept, but having not seen it in action yet I don’t fully understand it. But I will! #perfectlove

          • Melissa Taylor says:

            With our technology/hashtags/etc we are keeping current and making sure we reach our next generation 🙂

            I know it can get overwhelming. That’s why it’s all optional. Just do what works for you 🙂

            Love you ladies, thanks for doing this OBS!

  16. AdeleAlys says:

    Hello…My name is Adele-Alys from Matthews, NC and my biggest struggle is with wholeheartedness. I may be 99.6 percent convinced God loves me, 99.8 percent comforted by it, and 99.9 percent committed to the path and purpose God wants me to take, but those small fractions of a percentage point represent a deaf, definant, and dead place in my heart…a place that beats out of sync. That tissue that must be cut away or it will pull the rest of my heart to beat with it. Cardiac Arrythmias may be small and infrequent…but they can kill.

  17. Janine Close says:

    Hi Ladies, I am Janine Close from Brisbane, Australia.
    My main aim of doing this study is to go deeper with God and to allow Him to go deeper with me.

  18. Hi! My name is Jen, I’m from Hays, KS and I’m so looking forward to starting this online Bible Study. My main goal of this study is to feel more confident in myself and my decisions and draw closer to God.

  19. So excited to see what God has in store for all iof us during this time of study. Thank you Proverbs 31, for making this happen.

  20. Tina Ganyo says:

    Hi! I’m Tina and I’m from Costa Mesa, CA. My main goal for this study is to truly find my confidence and value in God, and His promises for me. This is my first OBS and I’m really looking forward to it.

  21. My name is Shannon and I’m from College Station, Texas. I’m hoping to gain more confidence in my role as a Registered Nurse. I’m also hoping to can confidence and value in myself to guard my heart and stop making painful decisions that are not of God’s will. I know this Bible study will be a blessing if I can commit to it. I do have a friend as accountability partner doing this with me. Looking forward to seeing growth over the next 9 weeks 🙂

    • Hi Shannon! I am also a registered nurse—in Texas! I have been a NICU nurse for 10 years and love it! Having a friend do this with you will sure be helpful!!

    • Jennifer Deulen says:

      Hi Shannon. I’m Jennifer Deulen from Springfield, MO. My sister-in-law & husband moved from Springfield to College Station 2 years ago to be closer to their grandkids in Houston. She is a retired nurse. Small world!!!
      This is my 2nd OBS with PROVERBS 21.

      • Jennifer, VERY small world! In 2006, on a whim, I moved to Springfield, MO. I lived off Battlefield. Least to say, I was homesick and did NOT stay long. Beautiful city, but I’m a Texas girl. I did meet some wonderful people in Springfield though and still have friends there. This is my first OBS. I attempted the “Yes to God” one a couple of months ago, but I’m embarrassed to say that I fizzled out and did not finish it. Which is why I enlisted an accountability partner this go round. We are encouraging one another.

        • Jennifer Deulen says:

          I also participated in “Yes to God” sort of!!! I read the book, journaled & read all the information at P31 but did not Blog or Tweet. I still don’t quite get that yet. I plan on being more active this time around and at least leave comments. Accountability partners are good. I’m still going it alone, no accountability partner yet. I have been trying to get my friend to sign up but I don’t believe she has yet. We do, however, attend a Bible Study at her church once a week so participating in two studies is a bit overwhelming at times which is why she has not committed to this one yet. Good luck to you Shannon. I hope you find what your heart needs in this study.

          • Same to you!!!! I can’t express to you what that means to me. I am struggling and need this. I hope you find what your desire is too. I will include you in my prayers as we begin this 9 week adventure. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything, extra prayers or encouragement. Us God Girls have to stick together!

  22. My name is Teresa and I am from Royse City, Texas. So excited about growing in this online Bible study. This is my first. I am doing this to see myself the way God sees me. #perfectlove

    • Hi Teresa,
      I’m praying that God really opens your eyes and heart during this study. I completed my first study last time, and it was life changing. I know you are going to be blessed.

  23. Depree Pounds says:

    Hi everyone! My name is Depree and I am a 29 year old mother of four children ages 8,7,4 and almost a week old. I have been married to my best friend for a little over a year. I gave my life to Christ eleven months ago yet just recently committed myself to falling in love with my savior through His word and prayer. My family and I do not attend church at this time and I was hungry.for fellowship with other sisters in Christ. I have struggled with confidence and insecurity since I was a young child. Although I seek to bind my identity. With Christ sometimes those tlnehative thoughts and doubt creep in. This study will be perfect as I dive into Gods word; another weapon I can use against the enemy who seeks to destroy me. God is good! I sm so excited to become more confident in Him!

  24. Hi! My name is Felicia and my teenage daughter Linda are from Round Rock, TX. We are doing this study together as a mother and daughter team.So we can be confident and Loving God and Jesus girls. So we can be Gods royalty girls and the team of steel.

    • Hi Felicia,

      We use to live near Round Rock, in fact we lived in Bastrop and Austin both. We are now in Gainesville, Texas. I saw your post and thought wow, because my oldest daughter and I are also doing this study together.

      May God Bless You,


  25. Hi. I’m Amy from Virginia. My main goal in this study is to gain confidence in Christ to overcome anxiety and people-pleasing.

  26. My name is Donna Fraysier. I am from Kingsport, TN. My goal for this study is to continue to build upon what I learned in the What Happens when Women Say Yes to God OBS; and to continue to draw closer to God. I want to be able to serve Him with boldness and confidence!

  27. Sue Billings says:

    I joined the OBS to be a little more like Mary of Bethany. I want to choose the most important thing, sitting at My Saviors feet.

  28. My name is Martha, from Indianapolis, IN and my goal is to continue building my relationship with God through Bible Study.

  29. Lynn Graham says:

    I’m Lynn Graham
    I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska
    My main reason in taking this Bible study is to gain confidence in some areas of my life that keep me from having a closer relationship with the Lord.

  30. Jamie-Lee Walker says:

    Hey, I’m Jamie-Lee from Merredin in Western Australia. I joined this study because I have recently recognised the doubt I have in myself & my addiction to the approval of other people. I want to learn how to let God change me so that I can truly believe God’s promises & live them out everyday forever.

  31. Bobbie Warren says:

    My name is Bobbie Warren. I live in Washougal, Wa. I am looking forward to confidently standing in God’s grace.

    • Anna Wylie says:

      Hi Bobbie, Welcome! I live in Woodland, WA, getting ready to move to La Center. 🙂 Nice to see someone close to home. Praying for you on your journey to confidently stand in God’s grace.


  32. Aloha greetings from hawaii. I’m Aros and I would like to gain more confidence in the many hats I wear: wife,mom,daughter,friend and many more. I want to feel comfortable in any season and duty God calls me to perform.

  33. Jill Jarred says:

    My name is Jill and I am from Horsham, Victoria, Australia. I thought I would see how I went with an online study as I’m about to retire & will need to keep my mind active & challenged in a different way to how I did when working!and I’ll need confidence to step out into a new life and continue to grow in God

  34. I have been told by so many people in my life that I am worthless, stupid or just not a fit. My husband (2nd husband) has been trying for 22 years to undue the emotional damage that has been going on. I’m 50 and had more years of the emotional torment than I have had with my husband and 2 boys who love me unconditionally. I have low self esteem, clinical depression I know I am God’s child and yet I feel that I am too hopeless to get it right. People just don’t understand me.
    I want to learn how to be more confident in God’s love and be his shinning light! Thank you and God bless!

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi and welcome, Tammy!

      Your intro note made my heart hurt. I pray that our wonderful Lord will reach past all the garbage and pull out the wonderful, sweet-spirited person who has been trapped there for far too long. Lord, touch Tammy’s heart right now with your mighty love. Begin peeling away the layers of lies the years have buried her heart beneath. We thank you for the loving family she has now, Lord, as well as her transparency in her introduction, Father. Wrap her in your love, Lord, and hold her there through this process. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

      • Thank you Nancy for your prayers and encouragement. I know God has his reasons for allowing things and I look forward to him using my sorrow now to help others and bring glory to Him in the future.
        Love in Christ,

      • Tammy Schell says:

        Tammy Schell Do to migraines, I am behind on my study, but I can feel the prayers and God’s power working in my life. Thank you all for your prayers! God’s love to all!

    • I forgot, I am from Adrian, MI.

      • nancys1128 says:

        I’m not far from you — in Plymouth — about the same distance east of Ann Arbor as you are west.

        How are you doing with the study? I’ve finished Chapter 1 and took a lot of notes. Haven’t done the questions yet. Not sure if I’m blocking answers or if there really aren’t any to pop to my mind in the first place for some of the questions. I think I need to move on and come back, though, or I may not get to Chapter 2 before it’s time to be starting Chapter 3.

        • I know where Plymouth is. I don’t have my book yet and I’m sick, so I have some catching up to do. I know this is going to bless me when I’m up to spending more time on the computer (or my book when I get it) and diving into the scripture. I appreciate the prayers and encouragement.
          God bless!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Tammy, First…welcome! second, while my story is different than yours, these words really struck me:

      You are a beautiful child of the one true King. God does not make mistakes!

      • Thank you Wendy! I know I went through everything for a reason, it just really helps to have someone to listen and pray for me. I have faith that God never left me, but sometimes I loose hope and feel like I must have done something to deserve what I go through. My prayers are with everyone in this group and I know that God has blessings for all of us.

  35. Kristina N says:

    I am Kristina. I am Norwegian, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My main goal is to be blessed by Daddy God and let His truth set me free.

  36. Krystal Chalk says:

    My name is Krystal. I’m from Lexington,Tennessee. I’m doing this study to find greater confidence in God and to not worry so much what people think. To have confidence in what I know God is saying to me and what He wants from me.

    • Krystal, I just turned 50 and I have spent my whole life worried about what others think of me. I have let them rob me of my joy for way too long and I’m finally realizing that no matter what they think, God loves me, my husband and boys love me, and I have a support group at church that I never believed I had. Its still a struggle, but God always wins. We have to hold our head high and remember that as long as we are pleasing God, then what others think is their problem and if they feel we have wronged them and they don’t talk to us about it then it is their problem not ours. Sometimes people are jealous of what we have in Christ and rather than accept Christ they would rather make us as miserable as they are. The best thing we can do is pray for them. God bless you!

  37. sandy harley says:

    My name is sandy and I live in Knoxville Tennessee… I’m hoping to do as the book title says and gain a MORE confident heart…so excited and ready to feel what JESUS has in store for us all!!!

  38. The purpose of me taking this OLBS is to improve my confidence in all aspects of my life. I want to be able to enjoy a relationship with God and my family with no worry or anxiety. I want to let go of my worries and give them to the Lord permanently.

    • Sandy – I totally understand and am with you. Each day I work to give the Lord my worries – I know he can handle them better than me, but, for some reason, throughout the day i try to take them back…working on living “Let go and Let God”

  39. Hi! I am Kim and I’m from PA. I hoping this study will help me be a more confident woman for my children, my husband, and God.

  40. Pam from CT says:

    Hi I’m Pam from Greenwich, Connecticut. This is my second online bible study. I’m so excited that this one has (finally) started. I’m here because I’ve struggled with self confidence my entire life. I want that self confidence to be changed to God confidence so I can move on into God’s plans and purpose for my life.

  41. My name is Carol and I am from MD. I am looking to gain a deeper understanding of God’s perfect love for me. I feel like some super exciting changes are awaiting each and everyone of us……. Let’s all dig a little deeper during this OBS! >

  42. Howdy Sisters In Christ,

    My name is Jen Hale. I am from Gainesville, Texas. I am a wife of over 18 years and a mom/homeschool mom of our two darling daughters, ages 11 and 15.

    I have never done an online Bible Study of this type before. It sounds exciting and I am looking forward to it. In fact my oldest daughter will be joining us for this study. Her name is Jordi.

    It is my hope and prayer that as we come together to learn more about God, we also find compassion for one another and make some new friends. I am looking forward to chatting with you!

    In Christ,

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Jen and Jordi,

      welcome! We are honored to have you here! May you both be abundantly lessed and may you be a blessing to others!

  43. My name is Christina and I am from Swansboro, NC. My goal for this study is to defeat the doubt and insecurities in my life. I have taken big steps against my worry and stress but I still have work to do.

  44. Sharon Baker says:

    My name is Sharon, and I am from Mansfield, Ohio. My goal for this bible study is to stop feeling like I’m not good enough. I want to win the battle against my insecurities and know that I am just as worthy as the next person.

  45. Christina says:

    Hi ladies, my name is Christina and I’m from Brisbane Australia. I’m hoping to grow closer to god and learn to lean on him more. So great to see some other aussies doing this study.

    • Deb Rowling says:

      Hi Christina! My name is Deb and I live in Toowoomba – so very nice to see someone else from my ‘neighbourhood’!

  46. Shirley Green says:

    Hi I’m from Columbus Ohio. This is my first online Bible study. I purchased The book, A Confident Heart and loved it! I’m looking forward to the Bible study.

  47. Melissa Purdy says:

    Hi, I’m Melissa from OH. I am excited to be a part of this study. My main goal in this study is to become more confident and more bold with my giftings from God. I am ready to breakout from the old me, and become the confident new me that tends to hide. Thank you for doing these Bible studies! I love them!

  48. Hello I am Laura from Philadelphia pa, I am very excited for this bible study and I hope for peace of mind and confidence to know I am worthy of God’s love and compassion

  49. Good Morning! I am April Bunch from Harrison AR and I am taking this study to learn and grow and strengthen my relationship with God and get my walk with Him even closer. I want to be as close as possible and have the necessary tools to encourage and help others as much as I can so I need the confidence and ability to feel like I can.

  50. My name is Casey I live in TN and I want to no longer have worry anxiety and quit comparing myself to other women and getting my self worth on appearance but see myself as Jesus sees me.

  51. Hi, My name is Karen. I am from Ohio. My main goal in this study is to know and believe the perfect love that Christ has for me and then to go forth in confidence as I walk in life.

  52. Hi, my name is Darlene and I’m from New York. I joined this study to get rid of anxiety and to gain more confidence in doing the things that God calls me to do.

  53. Sharon Gooden says:

    I am Sharon G. from Fay, NC. My friend Kim, mentioned this on FB. I signed up to continue to learn and grow in God.

  54. Mati Gonzalez says:

    Hi my name is Mati Gonzalez and I’m from Queens, NY. My goal for this OBS is to familiarize myself with bible studies and especially to grow in Christ.

  55. Lillian Natalzia says:

    Hello my name is Lillian, I live in buffalo New York originally from NYC the Bronx. I’m looking forward to connecting with women of faith that know true hope comes from The Lord. I need this OLBS. I need real friends to pour Jesus into me. Connection is what I crave for. Very excited.

  56. Melissa Hood says:

    My goal for this study is to gain more confidence in Christ and to shake the nagging sense of dread that has been plaguing me for too long!

  57. My name is Sonya, I’m from northern Missouri. My goal for this study is to connect with God like never before. I’ve been struggling with many issues these past few weeks and I’m ready to get serious about letting go and letting God!

  58. Robin Gallagher says:

    I began this study this morning and I can tell already in my spirit that His Spirit is going to move in a mighty way. I am excited about the changes that are about to happen not just in my heart, but in the hearts of the women that are connecting with me. Thank you God for being a loving God who uses others to reach those of us who need encouragement in the journey!

  59. My name is Jess and I am from Adelaide, South Australia. My main goal for this study is to grow closer to God and grow my faith in him. Im very excited!

  60. I am Denise from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My goal is to develop a stronger relationship with God so that I can become a better person in all areas of my life.

  61. Jody Willoughby says:

    My name is Jody and I’m from Tipp City, Ohio. I hope to gain confidence in who I am in Christ through this study. Growing up without Christ in my family or life I lived by the worlds rules and standards…as my relationship with Christ has unfolded I see everything differently everyday and in everything am striving to grow and become all he has willed for my life. So excited to see what He will teach me through this study!

  62. Jodi - Group Leader says:

    Hi y’all! I am Jodi Bailey from Richmond, VA! So excited for this study and to dive again deeper into God’s word! I have certain strengths and certain weaknesses that I want to merge with more overall confidence in myself, others and Him!

  63. Tonya McCoy says:

    My name is Tonya McCoy & I’m from Waynesville OH. I have been doing OBS for quite some time now BUT this is my first study leading a small group. I am so excited to see what God has been doing through me, not only here but in other areas of my life too. I am even more excited to see where God is taking me. My goal for this study is to learn how to have a more confident heart & to draw even closer to my Heavenly Father!

  64. I am Jennifer and live in Kimball, MI and want to become more confident in myself and in God!

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Jennifer!

      This is the fourth note I’ve written to a fellow Michigander, so there are at least five us here! Am I remembering my MI geography correctly in placing Kimball in the UP? One of the other MI gals is in the UP. Looking forward to getting to know my Michigan sisters through this study.


  65. My name is Julie and I live in Lewisburg, PA. My first goal is to finish the study. I’ve signed up for OBS before, but never completed one. I know God has something for me in this study at this appointed time in my life, so I’m thanking Him in advance for what He is going to accomplish.

    • Hi, Julie! My name is Michele and I’m from Millersburg, PA – just about an hour south of you. I was just in Lewisburg on Saturday night for a fantastic night of worship with Big Daddy Weave. My family often travels to Lewisburg for events at Bucknell U., it’s a great town! Nice to have a “neighbor” in the study.! Blessings to you through the study!

  66. Rinda Poole says:

    Hi, I’m Rinda from Chrlotte, NC. I’m hoping and praying to get victory over the self-doubt and insecurities that have crippled my ability to have successful relationships for years, possibly my whole life.

  67. Shannon Ledford says:

    Hello! I’m Shannon, from Atlanta, GA. I’m excited for this study because I tend to fall into the guilt trap and comparison trap. I want to be a confident woman of God and be able to fully enjoy my relationship with Him each day. And I absolutely love these studies! This will be my third OBS.

  68. Shannon Kay says:

    I am Shannon from a small community outside of Columbia, SC. This is my first online Bible Study although I have received and read the daily encouraging emails from Proverbs 31. I recently retired early from teaching and I want to be more confident in God and His love and will for me in this new phase of my life.

    • Hi, Shannon! I am from Aiken, SC., and I am looking forward to retiring from teaching in a couple of years. I hope this Bible Study richly blesses you and helps you build the confidence in God and His love. I will be praying for you in this new phase of your life!

  69. Hi all! My name is Laura and I’m from VA. This is my first online Bible Study (what a great idea!) I’ve always been a self-doubter so I’m looking forward to seeing my confidence in the Lord and myself grow. But the biggest thing I’m excited to see is how the Lord uses this Bible Study to bring about His will for/in my life.

  70. Hi. I am Janet from New York. My goal for this study is to just finish it. I sign up and then quite honestly give up. I pray God helps me to stay steadfast with this.

  71. Thank you! Simply thank you. I am looking forward to discovering more of God’s word.

  72. Good Sunday Morning! My name is Missy and I live in Nee Hampshire, U.S. Oh, to be able to look into the eyes of our Jesus without shame! I aim to claim that Alwys Love and Always Acceptance that our Jesus so freely gives, by study’s end. Yes, yes I do!

  73. My name is Jane and I am from a tropical Island and now live in Northern Europe. I started the on-line Bible studies last time and plan to continue. I have little Christian support where I live and have not found a home Church yet. It is dark here in Europe and Proverbs 31 Ministries is like a life line to me. I had wondered this summer how I would be able to hold on to my faith here and then God led me to the last study. I am so very thankful for this connection to other women who follow God.
    This study sounds like it is for me. I have battled and won over 16 years of depression and some break downs. But I still battle doubts, fears, anxieties, worry and insecurities. I love being on the journey with God that leads to healing and wholeness.

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      Don’t you love how God brings us what we need at just the right time!! Praying God will take those insecurities and doubts replace them with confidence that comes from Him. So glad you are here with us for this study Jane!! 🙂 God Bless

  74. Hello, my name is Tammy and I live in Binghamton, (Upstate) New York. A lot of hills, rivers and countryside. I’ve been a empty-nester since June (a lot of time on my hands) and I know God has called me to start writing my story (God story)in book form but when I think about, I say…”Really. Me. Are You sure?”
    By the end of this study, I want the confidence to know with God ALL things are possible!

  75. Lois Doughty says:

    Hi, I’m Lois from Bangor, Maine. I’ve always struggled with insecurities, doubts, negative thoughts, and comparisons so I’m praying for growth and change in those areas in my life. Also,I want God to continue what He started in me in the previous OBS, Say Yes To God.

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      So glad you returned for this study Lois. Praying you will be blessed by it and God removes your insecurities and doubts and fills you with confidence that only come from Him.

  76. Maisie Green says:

    Hi, I’m Maisie from Bristol, England. This is my first on-line Bible Study and I am really excited to be part of it. I believe God has great things in store as we share this study together from so many different parts of His world!

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      Hi Maisie, so glad you signed up for this study!!! You are so right God has big things in store for all of us and I can’t wait to hear from everyone what God does in their life through this study. Blessings ♥

    • Samara (in England) says:

      Hi! I’m actually from down the the road from you, in Clevedon, so I’ll pray for you during this study. x

  77. Good morning everyone! My name is Geneasa, and I live outside of Fayetteville, NC. This is my VERY FIRST bible study, ever! I’ve been praying for God to place me in a bible study, and here I am!

    My goal for this bible study:
    My entire life has been filled with doubt, anxiety, depression, not feeling worthy enough, and not being able to trust. I’m living with childhood brokenness. This year I am experiencing my first year of marriage alone while my husband is deployed (it’s all my first deployment to experience). You can imagine this has triggered ALL my insecurities. Therefore I’m ready to let go of my insecurities, and let God’s healing hands in!

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      Glad you are here joining us Geneasa, praying the Lord will build your confidence during this study and praying for you and your husband who is away. ♥

  78. Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

    To become more Confident in HIM so that I am not held back in doing His will for my life

  79. Powerful first chapter. I am excited to see
    to see what else God going to reveal and
    help me overcome throughout this book.

  80. Sandy Withrow says:

    To be confident in my walk with the Lord and not allow my feelings of inadequacy no longer get in the way of loving and serving God.

  81. Brasil
    To be reassured of God’s promises in order to get rid of doubts and lies I believe at times and remain faithful to Him

  82. Sorry, my name is Mari from Houston, TX

  83. Rebecca krumholtz says:

    My name is Rebecca. I am from Columbus, Ohio. I hope to stop doubting myself and understand that God is my true love. Thank you for doing this study. God is awesome!

  84. Cindy Caton says:

    Good Morning! My name is Cindy and I am from Lexington, Kentucky. My goal through this study is to feel loved by my Lord again. Satan found my heart easy fodder to fill with doubts and sadness; I look forward to rekindling the truth inside me,

  85. Hello my name is Michele I live in London, Ohio. What I want and need from this study is to put god 1st, confidence, good enough and the list goes on and on!

  86. Been in kind of a limbo in my life lately, torn between wanting to go back to work as an RN or stay-at-home with my girls. Hoping to gain confidence to pursue whatever God’s will is for me. I am living in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, CANADA

  87. Can’t wait to see what God has in store. I loved the title of the book.

  88. Ann Ryals says:

    My name is Ann Ryals and I am from Demorest, Georgia. I hope to gain from this study with God’s help control over my eating and feel closer to Him.

  89. Jen from Chicago. I want to believe the promises of God are for me and I want depression to leave me forever.

  90. Ing Siew SIE says:

    Hi my name is Ing Siew SIE, but preferred to be called Agnes. I’m from Melbourne, Australia. It’s my first time joining this OBS, to find out more about what God says about me, and to learn to overcome my self-esteem issues, insecurity and doubts about who I am and whom He says I will be. In completing this OBS, I’m looking to apply all that I learnt in my life, to help all my other sisters who are going through the same issues. Looking forward to this OBS. Thank you for organising this.

  91. Heather aldama says:

    Hi! Im Heather and I live in Oregon. I’ve recently come to know the Lord in a new way. Im currently standing in the gap for my prodigal spouse and learning to love and trust the Lord in ways I never knew before. Im hoping to continue to strengthen my daily walk with Jesus and build confidence in the plans he has for me and my children.

  92. Hello, my name is Rena Hardy. I’m from Lawrence, MS. I am exited about this new Bible study. I hope to gain more knowledge about Gods word and more confidence in believing that I Can do all thing through Christ. And have less concern on how you maybe Les perfect in others eyes but confidence in me that he is the only one that counts and not to worry so much. These are some of the things I wish to grown in and hopefully I will learn to do that with prayer and this study.

  93. Tammy Marshall says:

    I live right outside if Nashville,TN in Mount Juliet, TN. I am looking forward to the support and comfort this study will bring me. I am right at the start of a very unexpected life changing period in my life and my goal is to stay focused on God’s love for me and His plan for my life. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me.

  94. Becky Kneller says:

    I live in Ruckersville Virginia. Originally a Pennsylvania gal. I am looking forward to studying God’s word with my sisters in Christ.

  95. Hi all! I’m Heather from Exeter, New Hampshire. I have recently come back to the Lord after following another path for many many years. I felt a pull to do this Bible study, like God has been leading me to it. I am hoping to grow closer to God.

  96. Melanie M. says:

    So excited to be in another bible study! I am looking forward to growing closer to God and beating those insecurities! I am a native Tennesseean living in DE. Hi Ya’ll!

  97. My name is Toiya and I live in Tennessee. This is my first online Bible study. I am hoping to connect with other Christian women who share my same struggles.

  98. Hi, my name is Joanne Morley and I am from a small rural town, Castile, NY. I am looking forward to gaining knowledge in God’s words and to grow spiritually in all areas of my life.

  99. First time for online Bible Study. I need a confident heart…I just took a new job and have many commitments that I need to be confident about. I live in North Dakota. It’s beautiful here this time of year.

  100. Hi, my name is Heather, and I’m from Georgia. I gained so much from the last study that I signed up for this one without really knowing what the book addresses. Now that if know, I’m so glad to be here! The more God works in my life, the more Satan whispers those doubts into my head. I want to become more confident in Jesus and cling to His truths instead of buying into the devil’s lies. Praying for all of you today and for this study to change our lives through Him!

  101. Hello!
    My name is Sonya. I am from Murfreesboro TN. With great confidence Our FATHER lead me to this study for the first time a few years ago and I loved it, but to this day I still at times throw my confidence away and I allow others to pour my confidence out like over brewed coffee.
    This heart hurdle is a continuous race y’all.

    And now, dear children, continue in him, so that when he appears we may be confident and unashamed before him at his coming. 1 John 2:28

  102. Michelle Wallace says:

    Hi I’m Michelle Wallace from Atlanta Georgia. This is my third OBS and I love it!! Doubt has plagued me my whole life so I’m excited to learn and apply what God has said about this!!

  103. Meg Derosier says:

    Hi Im Meg and I am from Vermont. My goal for this study is to live with a confident heart!

  104. Hi, I’m Judi from Liverpool, NY. My daughter & I are taking this bible study together. She has had her confidence shaken this past year with a difficult relationship that she is now free from. Although I have worked through self-doubt issues in the past there is still room for learning so much more. I hope to gain more insight & confidence in who I am as a child of God so that I can shine His light to others. I am in a new season of life with a new business. A confident heart will lead the way & ultimately glorify Him.

  105. So excited for this study. I have had this book sitting in my books to read. Now I can study this book with so many women. The connection is amazing and so exciting! Can’t wait to get started to see what God has in store for all of us

  106. Hi! My name is Tracy and I live on Camp Lejeune, NC. During this study I hope to gain confidence, in God, not only for myself, but that I can pass onto my 4 little girls.

  107. I lead a blessed life: wonderful home, amazing husband, good family, strong career, good friends. But there is always this doubt that chases me, this worry that at any moment it will all fall apart. Many years ago I lost everything, and so I know that God is with me always and I am forever grateful for what I learned during that time. So why do I still fear? I want to be free of the fear and the worry. That’s what I pray God leads me to here. I am Jennifer and I am from East Texas.

  108. Cindy is from Minnesota

  109. I’m paige from Virginia and I would like to get my confidence back. I think back to when I was younger and how confident I was and how I didn’t compare myself or situation with others. What a leader I was! Life changes, as well as our situations and who we are. I feel so much self doubt. So insecure. I do not like it. My heart is open to whatever God wants to do in me with the study. I’m so thankful He is in my heart.

  110. Hi there,
    I’m Marcy from Kansas and I hope to get a new look on my relationship with The Lord. A more confident heart that’s able to help my boyfriend get a more confident heart as well. I’ve already read chapter 1 and am so very excited about this study!

  111. Sheila love says:

    Hi everyone! This is my second bible study. I’m looking forward to eraseing self doubt. I live in Empire Ca. #perfect love

  112. I’m Claudia from Brunswick, Ga. I’m a Yes Girl ready for the next step! Since that study we have begun a health battle for my husband, and we are fighting in the confidence of our Big God. This study will keep me focused on Him as he leads me to lead and serve my family.
    Because of God’s great love we ARE NOT consumed!

  113. Hi I am Meg from SD. I am looking forward to replacing my anxieties with shouts to the Lord.

  114. Jean Bernard says:

    Hi my name is Jean Bernard and I live in Babson Park, FL. To be honest I’m not sure what I expect but I know that this study will do no more or no less than the effort I put into it, so I am going to wade in with both feet. It took a lifetime of abuse and bad decisions to get where I am today and I am hoping that this will be the beginning of putting those old tapes of insecurity and self loathing in the trash and begin to understand and see just what God does when He looks at me.

  115. Kimberly D. says:

    I am from the Raleigh, NC area. I’m not certain what it is that The Lord wants me to learn. I just know He brought this study to my attention last night. I’ve been praying for more….so maybe this is my more. Very excited to get started.

  116. My name is Brenda and I live in Ocala, Florida. I have always been insecure. Even as a little girl I would not make friends easy because I thought I was not exciting enough (my family was on the low end of the “pay scale”). So with this study I hope to break the bondage chains of doubt and claim My “Confident Heart”. Thank you Lord Jesus for loving me enough.

  117. Karina Escalante says:

    Hello all!!! My name is Karina and I live in Friendswood, Texas. I hope to build a confident heart and truly let go and let God.

  118. Kim here, from Ephraim, Door County, WI. I’m so excited to do this study. My first OBS was What Happens When Women Say YES to God, and it not only drew me closer to the Lord, but satisfied a need for consistent time with him and community of sisters who love the Lord and what to know Him more and actually work on changing to become more like Him. It is such a privilege to study God’s word with all of you and I’m looking forward to the truth of His confidence in me to penetrate my life, so I’m more confident when I say “YES” to the Lord’s directives.

    Also I recently shared the OBS with a friend from VA and she is signed up and doing the study too. So excited to stay connected to her in this way, as we met and became friends doing women’s Bible study when I lived in VA. Hi Aggy!

  119. My name is Rachel and I’m from Newnan, Georgia. I’m looking foreword to what God has to show me through all of this(:

  120. Jen from Ct says:

    HI , my name is JEN I am from CT . I hope to build a confident heart.

  121. Susan Bossert says:

    Hello everyone! My name is Susan Bossert currently from Norfolk, VA. My goal is believe with my heart & soul that The Lord TRULY has control of my life.

  122. I am excited about participating in this online study. Thank you for providing this opportunity.

  123. Lisa Richardson says:

    My name is Lisa Richardson, I live in Venus, Texas. GOD has changed me so much and His #perfect love has restored me. I said #yes to God and I am leading a small group Bible study in my home. I want to have a #confident heart and move past my doubt and insecurity of my mistakes I make daily.

  124. Alice Kidder says:

    I want to press into all that God has for me so I can in return help bring healing and hope to the women around me.

  125. I am Karen from Chillicothe, IL. I want to grow deeper in my relationship with the Father and hope this helps me be in the Word DAILY.

  126. Hey y’all 🙂 my name is Michelle and I’m from a very small East Tennessee town. This is my first women’s bible study and I’m so excited to see so many women that love The Lord and are looking for his will in their lives. For quite a few years I lived outside of God’s will and I am earnestly and humbly seeking his direction and purpose for my life. From this study I hope to learn how to better seek God’s perfect will and strengthen my daily walk with him. I pray that others will see God in my life and that I develop my testimony to lead others to Christ.

  127. Michelle H says:

    Hi everyone! I’m from rural west-central Illinois. This is my third OBS. My goal for this study is to grow in my relationship with God and to become more confident in my life. I also have a goal to start strong and finish strong this study!

  128. Dindi osterhaus says:

    Hi ladies! So excited to be a part of this study! I’m just ready to dig deeper into the word and become more like Jesus wants me to be! I want to walk stronger with Him every day of my life and share what I’ve learned with others.

  129. Maggie Gilbert says:

    I am so excited today is finally here. I am trusting this study will help me see the goodness of my Lord for me.

  130. Hello my name is Matalie and I’m from Haughton, LA. I pray to receive confidence in my faith thru this study, and to learn how I can teach/share confidence with others.

  131. Hi! My name is Megan and I’m from Weirton WV. This is my first online bible study and I’m so excited to see what God has planned!!!!

  132. Novella Pope says:

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Novella. I am from the city of brotherly love Philadelphia, PA
    My goal for continuing to join the proverbs 31 bible study series is to grow & look more like Christ daily.
    So excited to start this journey with each of you.

    God does not want us to embrace a spirit of “fearfulness,” but one of power, love, and discipline ( 2 Timothy 1:7).

    Peace & Blessings unto you all through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  133. Kelly Nelms says:

    Kelly Nelms here in South Carolina. I am claiming that I will gain confidence in being a better wife, mother, friend and Child of God!

  134. jackeline says:

    Hi I’m from Richmond Va ,I’m a new christian, 3yrs since actually. And I really need Jesus in me, in my family, my marriage, my life. My goal is to expand my knowledge , grow spiritually and be a confident women without doubts about God’s plan.

  135. I am so ready for this new OBS. I’ve been anxiously waiting. Hello…..My name is Mary Jo, from WI. My prayer for myself and the rest of us OBS gals is that God would show each of us what it is HE wants us to “see” and “hear” from Him as we study His word together. Sweet blessings, my “sisters” on the journey!

  136. I am excited to move forward in my daily life as a Christ follower, to be confident in the fact that I am loved and that I am not forgotten!

  137. Hi Everyone. I’m so very excited to be here. This is my second online bible study and I am so ready for a Confident heart. I’m Jasa from Midland Texas. I want a confident heart. I want to be able to be me and not worry about every little thing and having to have every area of my life perfect. I pray that I grow with God and become confident in the plans that He has for my life. I’m ready to truly experience that #perfectlove.

  138. My name is Vivian, I live close to Bowling Green, KY (no one has heard of the little community outside of BG LOL). My main goal … I’m not sure I have a “main goal” as in what goes through my head. My main goal is a deeper relationship with Jesus. He has shown me so much! My favorite part is the blog hop. That’s when I get to see how He’s talking with other women! That is important … whether sharing here, or on facebook, or in a blog … to share what God is doing, saying to us. It’s an important part of growing closer to Him! When we see how the Holy Spirit is moving a massive group in the same direction, that is proof of His existence! 🙂

  139. My name is Shannon and I’m from Philly! I’m looking forward to gaining a better heart knowledge of how and what God sees when He sees me! This is my first OBS and I’m really excited! My neighbor and new friend and I are doing this together!! Thank you! 🙂

  140. This is my first online bible study, I’m looking forward to growing closer to God through this study by growing stonger in my faith and gaining more confidence in myself in the plans He has for my life. My life has had many ups and downs in the past few years and my faith has been tested, I know God loves me but sometimes I wonder why some things happen the way they do. What in the world am I doing wrong. Looking to find peace and confidence.

  141. ….very early here in Western North Dakota, …My name is Sally D.praying for all of us on this journey!!!

  142. Kim Kangas says:

    Hi! I’m Kim. I’m from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. My desire is to have a confident heart and to reclaim the excitement in my life about God, His Grace, His Love, His Mercy, His Peace…His Acceptance.

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Kim! I’m in the mitten state as well, just the opposite end – southeastern section. Where in the gorgeous UP are you? My folks have a cottage up in Keeweenaw (that may not be spelled right, sorry). Nice to see another MI ‘sister’ here.


      • Kim Kangas says:

        Good morning!
        I live about an hour from the Keweenaw Peninsula in a little town called Mass City. I believe, if I have my directions right, I’m a little southwest of there. It’s wonderful to meet you!!!
        Have a beautiful, blessed day!!!

  143. Darlene M says:

    I am Darlene Miller from Sardis, Georgia. I want to have a deeper and closer relationship with the Lord and to know who I am in Him and the promises I have because of what Jesus did on the cross for me to hold on to in the tough times of my life. Also to see myself the way that Jesus sees me instead of how the world sees me.

  144. My name is Monica Ramirez and I’m from San Antonio, TX and my main goal in this study is to stay focus on Gods truth and not the lies of the enemy.

  145. I just started the 7-Day Doubt Diet in conjunction with the A Confident Heart OBS. My takeaways? (1) Fear or worry are symptoms of underlying self-doubt; (2) the Doubt Index showed that “self-doubt comes and goes for me, and when it comes it keeps me from all God has for me”; and (3) in reviewing my answers on the Doubt Index — I am able to drill down on 11 key areas that cause me to doubt. This gives me a great starting point for beginning my quest for perfect love and a confident heart!

  146. Hi my name is Cherie, I’m from Virginia. I was drawn to this study as part of a restructuring of my heart God is doing in all areas of my life.

  147. Beth Morphis says:

    Hello! My name is Beth and I’m from Canton, TEXAS! in so exited to do this study, I’ve read the first chapter and know that healing from self doubt is possible. I can’t wait to see what all God reveals thru thus study.

  148. Emily M (P31 Group Leader) says:

    Emily from SC! I’m hoping to gain a stronger dependence on God and a stronger faith in trusting His promises. I struggle with worry, fear, doubt, insecurities, comparison, & not good enough feelings. I’m ready to kick those to the curb!!! I did ACH in 2011 or was it 2012? with P31 OBS and this study is AWESOME. I can’t wait to read & study it again!!

  149. Danielle Hicks says:

    My name is Danielle Hicks, and I am from Albany, KY. I used to have that confident heart, but as the years have rolled by, and life has happened, my confidence has waned. Not my confidence in the Lord, but confidence in myself to be who the Lord would have me to be. It is my earnest prayer that this study allows me to find that confidence again and cling to it!

  150. Greetings from Naugatuck, Connecticut where we are seeing Gods BEAUTIFUL creations in nature turning bright beautiful fall colors (the foliage is simple breathtaking!)
    My name is Darcey and I am the mother of three children and will be turning 40 next month. This is my second OBS. I’m sure that these next 9 weeks will bring me closer to God and help me work through issues and concerns that I don’t wish to carry into the next 40 years of my life!
    I’m excited!

  151. I am so ready for this new OBS. I’ve been anxiously waiting. Hello…..My name is Mary Jo, from WI. My prayer for myself and the rest of us OBS gals is that God would show each of us what it is HE wants us to “see” and “hear” from Him as we study His word together. Sweet blessings, my “sisters” on the journey! – I copied and pasted my comment cause I forgot to check notify me by email.

  152. Sooo excited to launch this week!!

    I’m Steph from Illinois (suburban Chicago). Eager to see stories of life transformation and sense God at work in each of our lives, as we replace our negative self-doubts with confident hearts!

  153. Linda Sheets says:

    I am from central Florida. Looking forward to learning more about the God who lives in me and through me

  154. Hello from Bloomfield, Iowa! God has been bringing about some changes in our life lately, and I want to have the courage to #SayYes (from last study) and embrace the journey He has for me and my family. I want to step boldly out in Confidence with God! 🙂

  155. #perfectlove—- My name is Melissa and I live in Glen Allen, VA. I am so happy to be a part of this study. I hope to gain more confidence in myself and in sharing the love and word of God with others who don’t know God.
    Blessings to all you wonderful people and thank you to the wonderful leaders of this OBS. You are the best!

  156. Hi! My name is Candice. I am greeting you from a hot and sunny Gauteng, South Africa! God is calling me to the mission field and I sense that the time for me to go is coming soon. My instant reaction: fear and self doubt. So this study has come at a perfect time. I look forward to pursuing God’s calling for my life with confidence and security in Him!

  157. Sassy Sarah says:

    Hi! My name is Sarah and I’m from Troy, MO. (About 45 NW of St. Louis…. GO CARDS!)
    I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. I’m ready for this OBS, as I’m hoping to gain confidence and lose some of this anxiety I carry around.

  158. My name is Andrea and I’m from Ontario, Canada. What I want to get out of this study is to put my trust in God and to stop trying to do things myself. If I can put more trust in Him and His perfect love then I know things will work out.

  159. Hello OBS Sisters! My name is Meg and I’m in Wake Forest, NC. My main goal is to gain a little more confidence than what I have today so I can serve our Lord!

  160. Jana Reed says:

    Hi ladies, my name is jana and we live nestled at the edge of the flint hills in Kansas. I joined the OBS for When Women Say Yes to God a couple months ago and want to continue to grow by increasing my confidence for Gods will to be done. I’m looking forward to these 9 weeks!

  161. My name is Kim & I live in North Texas. This is my first OBS & I’m excited to get started!

    • Hi Kim…..I’m also Kim and I too live in North Texas. Aubrey to be exact. This is also my first OBS. It was weird reading your comment because I thought I had written that and forgotten. LOL

  162. Amanda from Indiana.
    I hope to get rid of the negative self chatter and really believe & rely on the truth of God’s Word

  163. Jordan Porter says:

    I am from central Texas [a tiny little town i’m sure no one has heard of]. My main goal for this study is to finally have the confidence in myself that God wants me to have, that I never have had before. I long to be the woman of Proverbs 31 and find true success in my life, through Christ… I feel that this is my first step in the right direction and I am so very, very excited!

  164. Kaylee V. says:

    Hi there! My. And is Kaylee V. and I am from Anderson, IN. I am so excited about this study. It come at the perfect time for me. Between Saying Yes To God and my church’s women’s retreat themed Free, I have recognized I had been pushing away God’s calling for me as something I might do later in life. But He wants me to do it NOW! But I have a lot of self-doubt, worry, and feelings that I am not good enough. I am hoping for A Confident Heart!

  165. My main goal for this study is to have more positive thoughts of myself and more confidence in what God wants me to do through my daily actions. I did the last study and was blown away by how much God came into my life and moved me. I can’t wait to see how this study goes!

  166. Hi I’m Lynda from South Carolina.
    I have struggled with all of the emotions/feelings mentioned above at some time in my life. I have found that the more I rely on HIM to heal or turn those emotions/feelings around the easier it is to face day-to-day stresses, concerns and problems. It is an ongoing inner battle > to seek confidence in my heart which is only available in and through the Lord.
    I looking forward to delving deeper into His Word with memory verses (& more), questions of reflection and general spiritual guidance of this study.
    thank you all!

  167. My Name is Ronda and I live in Virginia. This is my first OBS and I am looking forward to developing strong relationships with other Christian women. I also have had some major changes in my life within the past year and I am wanting to be confident in these changes knowing that God will see me through and will place me where He wants me to serve. I also want to say thank you and God Bless to all the leaders of OBS for all the hard work that you put into these studies.

  168. Good morning y’all! My name is Shana and I’m from DeQuincy, LA. I’m excited to learn about all the promises that God has for me in His Word. I consider myself to normally be pretty confident but there are always times when those feelings of insecurity and doubt creep in. I’m ready to study and know how to stand against the enemy with God’s Word when those feelings come.

  169. Amy W in MI says:

    Hi! I’m Amy from Michigan. This is my second on line
    Study and I am very excited to begin! I struggle with insecurity and self-doubt constantly. I am hopeful that God will help me break through with this study.

  170. Hi,my name is Julia and I’m from Raleigh, NC. I need to trust that He has it all and hoping that this is a great starting point.

  171. Breanna A. says:

    My name is Breanna, and I am from West Texas. I am so excited about this study! I have always struggled with a lack of confidence and with doubt, and I am looking forward to building a foundation of confidence in God instead of relying on my own abilities.

  172. I am Annetta from Virginia. It seems I struggle in just about every relationship with insecurity and comparison. I want to be secure in my value and in God’s love for me so I can overcome this.

  173. Hi, My name is Jessica and I live in Arlington, VA. I’ve been going through deep bouts of depression after two breakups and losing my job, and seeing the things I had built up around me as my gods crumble around me. I’ve been working through these disappointments with a Christian counselor, and this study sounds perfect for exactly the type of depression and self-doubt and blame I have been struggling with. I want to find freedom from blaming myself for past mistakes, let go of anger, and fully embrace the grace and freedom God has for me and us all.

  174. Christina says:

    Hello from Chicago! My name is Christina and hoping this study will help me clear some doubts in my mind about what I felt was true. Now I’m not so sure.

  175. Hello. I am from Maryland. I want to stop the insanity in my head that is rooted in lies from Satan.

  176. Laura Van Landingham says:

    I’m from Charlotte, NC by way of Winchester, VA. It is my hope that this study will help me see truths about myself through my faith in God.

    • Hello, We lived in Winchester, VA for 19 years and have now moved to Glen Allen VA. We attended Opequon Presbyterian Church. 🙂

      • Hello! I lived in Winchester, VA for 7 years also! I live in Kansas City, MO now, but I miss the Shenandoah Valley…especially in the fall. I’m excited to be a part of this study. It is my first on-line Bible study, and I joined because I could really use some encouragement from other women of faith.

        • Yes, fall in the Shenandoah Valley is beautiful. We lived in a neighborhood called Brookneil. We still keep in touch with our church friends in Winchester. 🙂

  177. Hi, I’m Michelle from Georgia, U.S.A.
    My goal for this study is to come out of my depression.

  178. Jen porter says:

    My name is Jen I am from Johnstown Ohio and my goal is to absorb as much as I can from this study so I can have confidence an feel I am worthy and that I have nothing to fear!

  179. Hello All, My name is Stephanie. I currently live in Chatham, Ontario, Canada with my husband of 15 years and our 10 year old son. This is the third OBS that I have actively done. My goal for this study is to have a more confident heart and most of all to finish this study! This is a crazy time of year for me and I am praying for the time to keep up with the study.

  180. My name is Kathy from Cary NC. My goal for this study is to replace the worry and anxiety that have gradually set up camp in my life over the last 5 years with the assurance and belief that God is at work in my life. I want to ‘replace my thoughts of doubt with declarations of faith’. ‘Believe’ is a word that has been jumping out at me over the last year. I just need to truly believe that God loves me just as I am and have faith that he is in control of my life.

  181. Through this study, my prayer is to grow closer to God, trusting his promises to overcome my doubt and insecurity so the light of Jesus will shine through me to everyone with whom I’m in contact.

  182. My goal is to keep my faith, hope and trust in The Lord that my family will be all right.

  183. I’m from the beautiful state of Vermont and my hope for this study is to lose the self doubt I have about where my worth lies. I suffer so much with self esteem about my weight and it has caused great damage to my mind and my body. I also suffer with confidence about whether people like me. This is my first bible study!

  184. Hi! I’m Dori and I’m from Mississippi. I have always struggled with self confidence and self doubt, and I have felt God whispering to me to do this study. So I can’t wait!

  185. I’m so glad this study is starting; the Lord’s timing is always perfect. Having a confident heart in Him alone is my desire. Too often I have sought affirmation from outside; only to find disappointment in the temporary filling.
    I love how much emphasis Renee has placed on praying God’s Word! I’m so thankful to be sharing this book and what we learn with you all! To God be the glory!

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Lisa, I totally understand the seeking of affirmation from outside. I know in my head that we are to be pleasing to God and not man. I need to get that knowledge to my heart.


  186. Hi there, my name is Shona and I live in Ayrshire, Bonnie Scotland. I have not been involved in a group Bible study for some time and this will be my first on line study.
    Looking forward to giving it a go and to digging deeper into God’s word.
    blessings, Shona

  187. Hi! My name is Jennifer and I live in Arkansas. I hope to gain greater confidence, particularly as a parent.

  188. Hi my name is Beth Moore. I am joining from Loxley, AL. I am a wife and a mother of 4 beautiful children. My boys are 9, and 6 years old, and 3 months old. My little girl is 5 years old. My husband has been so supportive of me being a stay at home mom the fourth time around, but financial situations has made it necessary for me to go back to work. I have my own home business, but while I’m still in the building phase and new at it, I still need to help contribute more. I’m already feeling like I wasn’t able to help make it work for me to stay home and be there for my kids. So I’m hoping to get from this Bible study more confidence for my business and that no matter where I’m at I’m helping my family.

    • Hi Beth, Your comment touched me. I’ve been a stay at home mom since my children were babies, and now it’s time for me to get back out into the world and find a job so that they can go to college. It’s not easy at my age to get back into the work force. My heart aches for you, because I knowhow much you want to stay with your little ones. What kind of business are you hoping to get started? Do you have a website? I would love to offer you at the very least some words of encouragement along the way!

  189. I am so excited for this study. Self -confidence is definitely one of
    my biggest struggles. Looking forward to diving into this book and Gods
    word with all of you.

  190. Hi I’m Joanna. I’m almost done reading through John and am looking forward to new insights into God’s Word.

  191. My name is Pat and I live in Lago Vista, Texas. I am excited about discovering the confidence I can have through my God.

  192. My name is Megan Chambers. I’m from Denver Colorado. I’m looking forward to 1) Being back in the Word daily and 2) Start shedding my low self esteem and lack of confidence. I’m done with them!

  193. Melanie Moore says:

    My main goal for this study is to walk in the peace only God can give knowing His love is all I require to make me whole. And, to be able to give this love others freely without expectations. I want to break the old habit of finding my self worth in anything but God.

  194. I’m Jane from Colorado Springs. This is my first OBS and I’m excited to see what God has for me and others. God has been so gracious to me as I have been praying for the restoration of my marriage. I want to be the woman of confidence and courage He sees in me and my hope is that this study will be a tool to get me there to the fullness of His glory.

  195. Catherine says:

    Good morning from San Diego, California! This being my very first online Bible study and Facebook experience, I’ve commemorated the event with a much needed new laptop. But it’s not here yet (bummer), thankfully we have a PC so I won’t miss anything. I currently spend my time taking care of my 83 year old mother 5-7 days per week, sometimes 11 hours a day in her home. We have had a huge division in our family unit and it is my hope and prayer that through this study I continue to focus on what’s truly important in life and that others will be drawn to Jesus through my testimony, confidence and devotion to God and our mother.

  196. Ronnie Yarbrough says:

    Hello all! I’m from Texas, and I hope to get a better understanding of myself while getting closer to God through this study.

  197. I’m Angela and I’m from New Paris, IN. I have wanted to do a Bible study for quite some time but am not able to commit to something in person. I’m so excited to be able to join this one. I believe the Lord has led me here because everything I have read about it addresses the strongholds I am fighting right now. I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do in my life! I want a deeper, secure relationship with Him!

  198. My name is Brittany and I’m from Massachusetts. My main goal is to help myself let go of the past and know that God isn’t punishing me now because of it. It has made me a much stronger person and sometimes satan has those memories come back and I feel like a terrible person. God loves me for who I am and has forgotten about the past and I need to as well!

  199. Yay so excited!!!! This is my 2nd OBS but I didn’t do the calls last time….I
    just signed up for my conference calls too for this series:))

  200. Jessica S. says:

    This is my first OBS, so I’m nervous but excited as well! My goal is to give God a real commitment. I am just finishing the Stonger bible study (Angela Thomas) at church. He is definitely working in me!

  201. Hi! My name is Erin, and I am from Jeffersonville, Indiana. This is my first OBS, and I am very excited to begin! I am hoping to gain more confidence and self-esteem through this Bible study. I have had a very difficult past three years, and I am ready to move on to whatever God has in store for me!

  202. Hi my name is Tina and I love in Maryland. I want to learn more about God’s word. Confidence is something I’ve struggled with and lacked most of my life so I am hoping this study will help with that too.

  203. Cyndi Kozora says:

    My name is Cyndi and I am from central Texas. My goal is to realize that my worth is in God alone. I doubt everything I do. I have an amazing husband, wonderful children. I have a close family and a great job, yet I don’t feel worthy. I am always afraid of saying something or doing something wrong to lose it all.

    • nancys1128 says:

      Though the reasons are a bit different, I’m so with you in the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing! I’m afraid of The answers and responses being negative and demeaning. We are in this together, Cyndi, because we do have worth. We need to see it ourselves, though, before others will see it. I certainly don’t mean we need to become arrogant and hauty, but we need to project a Godly assurance, which can only come when we are sure of who we are in God’s eyes.


    • Kim Kangas says:

      Good morning Cyndi!

      I struggle with those EXACT issues! Like right now, for instance, I’m struggling with how to encourage you while believing it myself. So with that, I will just say, I will keep you in my prayers and ask that you might do the same for me.


  204. Joan – From Hickory Mississippi – I need this in everyday life . Thanks so much

  205. Jessica S. says:

    My bad…I’m in Summerfield, Fl…

  206. nancys1128 says:

    My name is Nancy, and I’m from southeast Michigan, between Detroit and Ann Arbor. Go Blue and Go Tigers!

    I am first off hoping to actually finish this study. My track record with studies of any sort isn’t the greatest. I get the emails and read them, and even read many days worth of the comments. Unfortunately, things haven’t always gotten much past that. I’m doing this study for two reasons:
    * to stop listening to the lies about why I don’t have time for a study
    * to gain ammunition to use against the attacks do the enemy in general – the ones about not
    being good/smart/whatever enough to become all that God has for me to be.

    For the first time I’ve joined a FB group. I’m anticipating that being the accountability factor to keep me on track. Being in part of a group for an online bible study through another blog has paid off in huge ways. The FB group is larger than the other one, but it’s purpose is the same so I’m planning on using it for the accountability I need to stay on track.

    Happy Sonday everyone, and can’t wait to jump in and banish the doubts and lies and adorn myself in His confidence.


  207. My name is Karen. I am from Rhode Island.
    My goal for this study is to appreciate the person God created me to be. Through this I can do all things through my Lord and Savior who strengthens me and guides me through this amazing wonderful life!

  208. #perfectlove Hi 🙂 I’m Jenna and I live in Central FL. My goal for this study is to increase faith and confidence in the promises of God for our lives, where before my doubt may have been stronger than the faith.

  209. I’m from Michigan and my main goal in this study is to give over more control to God in my life and to allow His spirit to fill me with strength and confidence in Him.

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Laura!

      Wow! I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a study with so many people from MI. Where abouts are you? I’m between Detroit and Ann Arbor. Looking sooooo forward to growing my confidence alongside many wonderful Michigan sisters.


  210. Hello all! My name is Liz I’m from Mont Belvieu TX. I’m in a wilderness so to speak as God called us away from a church we helped plant and some then have not found another church home! I’ve been “doing” for God for so long I am taking this period to rest and really grasp His love for me, understanding what He thinks of me (and that is the only opinion that matters), and really getting His grace. I struggle with self esteem issues and no longer want to! Freedom from that is what I hope to gain from this!

  211. Kendra Seaton says:

    Hi! I’m Kendra Seaton from Springfield, IL. I have fought with doubt and insecurities my entire life. My 10 year old son is following this as well and it’s time to put a stop to this!! I haven’t done things or I start and not finish all because of doubt and not thinking I can do it, or I’m not good enough, or the group of people doesn’t like me, etc. I am so ready to see what God has to show me in this study and looking forward to meeting new sisters in Christ! Thank you!

  212. Cheryl turman says:

    My name is Cheryl Turman and from Pulaski Va! I am looking forward to learning and living more if God’s word!

  213. Joyce Allen says:

    I am excited to start this study! It will be my first obs. You would think that after being a pastor’s wife for 15 years I would be confident in my calling but voices from others and from within tell me I should remain just a pastor’s wife. However I feel God is calling me to do more than just teach ladies in our church but to also write, speak and teach in other settings.

  214. It’s early! I forgot to say in my comment that I’m Lisa and I live in Santa Clara, California.

  215. Good morning my sisters. My name is Becky and I am a 41 year old married mom from Arkansas . And boy do I need a confident heart! A few weeks ago I had decided that I was going to bow out of this study then I came to the realization that that’s exactly what satan wants me to do and I’m not giving in to him. Could use prayers during this study and I’ll be praying for all of you. (Sorry this is a little long melissa 🙂

  216. Sandi Brewer from Columbia, SC. My goal is to shed the burden of worry and anxiety, and especially the soul-killing comparison of my Christian experience to that of others.

  217. Hello all! I am from Dexter, MO and this is my first online Bible study. I hope to grow more confident in the Lord and life ingeneral.

  218. I’m from Macomb, OK very rural
    I want a confident heart with my savior helping me through this season of doubt and unbelief 🙂 thank you

  219. Good morning,
    My name is Michelle. I bring greetings from Orlando FL. I am very excited about online bible study, it is my first time. I look forward to building a closer relationship with God. I want to get rid of all my insecurities, worry and feelings of not being smart enough to accomplish my goals. I want to learn how to look to God for help and not to family and friends when it comes to making decisions. Right now i am struggling with finding myself when it comes to school, relationship with God and my significant other . I want to be a confident woman in all that I do. God is #perfectlove.

  220. My name is Ashley i’m from Kilgore Texas! I hope to gain more confidence just in myself! So that I will be a better mother wife sister and,all around better person.

  221. Debbie Christiansen says:

    Good morning,
    My name is Debbie and I am from Perrysburg, Ohio. This is my first online bible study and I am excited to see what God will be teaching me in the weeks to come. I am ready !

  222. By the way , how do I comment on someone else’s post please

  223. Hi my name is Leah and I am from new Sharon, iA. I have 3 kids 5,3,1. I am hoping to find more intentional time in Bible study as I have a hard time sitting down and taking that time. I do struggle with confidence, worry, and anxiety so I think I will relate to this perfectly.

  224. Hi!!! My name is Amy and i live in the Bahamas!
    I have struggled with wanting to please others and them accept me and just in the past few months of truly putting the Lord where he should be as number one have things started to change! Im so excited for
    This study because I also lead a small preteen girls group!!!! Thank You for all that you do!

  225. Trasey Allen says:

    Hey OBS sisters my name is Trasey Allen from Prosper, TX. My goal in this study is to soak up as much as possible and grow in my relationship with God! I’m really looking forward to this!

  226. Hi everyone, this is Shelley from High Point, NC. I am looking to replace my insecurities and self doubt with a confident heart through the love and compassion of God.

  227. Hi! I am from Waterloo Iowa and my goal is to grow in my faith. I have been a Christian from a young age but have still struggled with doubt and worry. I look forward to learning from this book and from others who have felt the same way.

  228. Sandra Hensley says:

    My name is Sandra and I reside in Orlando, FL. I have struggled for a while with confidence in myself. Everyone around me is either married, having babies, or engaged and I have none of those. I am 29, finishing my Masters and trying to start my second career. I really hope to gain confidence in myself as a woman and have all my focus on God and not care what others are doing or thinking about me.

    This is my first online bible study and I am excited to start my transformation with the help of the Lord 🙂

    • Sandra, So glad to have you along for your first OBS. Trusting that He will help you find your place and find your confidence in Him!
      Lauren, P31 OBS Blog Hop Team

  229. Jennifer D. says:

    My name is Jennifer from Jackson, Tn. My main goal is to grow closer to Christ while increasing my confidence. Self confidence has always been a very hard thing for me to have and believe in.

  230. I am from Birmingham, AL and this is my first online Bible Study. I have struggled with feelings of ‘not being good enough’ my entire adult life so when I saw this topic on P31 Daily Devotions, I wanted to join in. I am excited to dive deeper on how to truly hand these feelings over to God!!

  231. patty goss says:

    Hi everyone. My name is Patty, I live in Corry Pennsylvania.I am divorces and I have 8grown children. I have battled depression in the past mainly because of a bad marriage. I continue to want a confident heart and I know with God I can haveit.this is my second online Bible study. I enjoy them very much. So excited to get started.

  232. Edwana Thompson says:

    My name is Edwana Thompson and I’m from Pittsburgh, PA. My goal from this online study is to find the confidence in myself that I lost along the way. I’ve been through a lot of hurt and pain and each time something else happens it makes me doubt myself even more. Somewhere along the way I lost sight of the love that God has for me.

  233. My name is Jeannie and I am from Wisconsin. My goal is to grow closer to God and to be come confident in Him!

  234. Hi Everybody! I’m Chrstine from a small town near Kansas City Missouri. My goal is to draw closer to God and connect with other Christian ladies. SO excited to be here!

    • Hi Christine,
      I live in Kansas City…so glad to find there is someone else in our study from close to home! I’m also hoping to draw closer to God and connect with other Christian ladies…the support we can give each other means so much!

  235. My name is Sherri and I am from Killen, AL. I want to be more confidant in all I do, especially in my walk in Christ.

  236. Ronda Morrison says:

    Hey there. My name is Ronda. I am from Michigan. I have been excited for this obs to begin. I struggle with lack of self esteem in expressing my thoughts and beliefs. I want to be a confident women who says yes to God all the time.

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Ronda!

      I”m so glad they had us do this intro post. It looks like there are quite a few us here in the mitten state. Where abouts are you? I’m in the southeastern part, between Detroit and Ann Arbor. There are a couple from the upper peninsula as well as around me. Looking forward to growing my confidence, while hopefully helping others grow theirs as well.


  237. Hello, my name is Treva, and I live in Thaxton, MS
    In this study I want to gain more Godfidence and feel that #perfectlove that can only come from God.

  238. Hi all! My name is Sarah and I live in Australia. My main goal for this OBS is to become so firmly rooted in God’s promises that no thought or circumstance will ever be able to shake me again! Believing great things will come to pass!

  239. Rekiya Kelly says:

    Hi my name is Rekiya Kelly, I am from Wayne, Michigan!
    This is my first online Bible Study, and I am so eagered to find out what God says about a confident heart. I doubt and second guess myself all of the time; right now my husband and I have started a ministry, and I so desire to be confident in The Lord in what He has assigned me to do and be the support to my husband that he needs.
    Thank you Proverbs 31 Ministries for this Bible Study and bringing all of us together!


    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Rekiya!

      We are practically neighbors. I’m just a couple of cities west of you. It looks like there are six of us here in MI. And we are scattered from the southeastern suburbs to the gorgeous upper peninsula. Looking forward to doing the study with you!

  240. Hi! I am Angela from Vale, NC. I love God’s Word and in depth studies.

  241. My name is Julie and I am from Menomonee Falls, WI. I want to have the confident heart that God created in me from day one as well as learn, understand and believe the promises that come from Him.

  242. Hi, I am Patricia from NYC & I am thrilled to start this study as I loved the last one! My goal is to have more confidence in me so that I walk more confidently with The Lord.

  243. My name is Jody and I’m from Oconomowoc, WI. Through this study, I’m hoping to be assured of and more deeply rooted in God’s unfailing love and sufficiency, to combat the lies, fears and doubts that always try to take the place of His truth in my life.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Hi Jody!

      Welcome! We are so happy you are here! I am from West Bend. Looks like we have a few from WI. Yeah!

  244. Hello! I’m Jessica from Brevard, NC. This is my first time to participate in an online bible study. I’m excited to because of my work schedule it’s a bit of a challenge to participate with my church’s group. I’ve struggled with self confidence and doubt since a young girl as I am a product of a very broken family. Then later in life I found myself with a baby and divorced by the time I was 21. Now I’m 28 and seriously dating again and considering marriage but I carry all this self doubt and worry. I’m praying we all grow closer to The Lord and find comfort and support with the Lord’s word and in each other. 🙂

  245. Bonny Spears says:

    Bonny Spears. Canton, Georgia. My goal is to find that peace that passes all understanding.

  246. Dottie Jackson says:

    I am Dottie Jackson from Aiken, SC. This is my second OBS. I loved the Say Yes study, but I didn’t do the best job of keeping up with the readings and assignments. I will be working to do a much better job with this study, to keep God always first in my life, and to gain a more confident heart. Thank you, Proverbs 31!

  247. Good morning from Florida! My main goal for this study is to get back to a place of confident and get rid of negative self talk.

  248. Hi I’m Stacia! Live in Columbus Ohio with my two small dogs! I hope to grow closer to God and to have my confidence in the Father and less in the world.

  249. Hi, I am Jill from Minnesota, I am not sure what I want to get out of the study, it just sounds like something very appropriate for where I am at right now.

  250. To committ to a women’s bible study and learn what god has to say about being confident in Him!

  251. Tammy Grace says:

    HI my name is Tammy Grace and I’m from Rising Sun, Indiana.I have had a strong belief in GOD my whole life., but doubt worry, and lack of faith have kept me from having a close and personal realationship with him.My life has been full of heartache, disappointments and failure.I never could understand why I have had such a difficult life.There has been times that I wondered if HE even knew who I was let alone LOVE Me.I have never given up and now he is leading me here.My life is getting better but my doubt, worry and lack of confidence keep me from going forward.

    • You are at the exact place He wants you to be. Surrounded by other women going through struggles who will be encouraging each other. We need to trust God and let down our barriers that we place up sometimes for trying to self-protect. I have learned through the previous study that this is a safe place to share your heart and be encouraged. So glad you are here!

  252. I’m Cindy, currently living in Mechanicsburg, PA. For years I have been asking God to give me “confident humility”, a phrase that He put in my heart while I was facing a really difficult job (homeschooling!). I’m hoping this study will be the next step in that journey for me. I truly seek to be a woman who is “clothed with strength and dignity”, who “can laugh at the days to come” (Proverbs 31:25, my life verse!)

  253. Hi, I am Dawn from Clayton, NC. My goal is to become confident to do whatever God is calling me to do and not worry about the world’s perceptions.

  254. Hi, I’m Joyce from central Ohio. I have read the book and need to spend time on an indepth study. The book speaks to many needs in my heart. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

  255. Beth (OBS Team Leader) says:

    I’m Beth and I live near Asheville, NC. I’m excited to begin this study. Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies has been a tool God has used to transform my life. I’m looking forward to learning and growing together as we accept God’s #perfectlove and gain confidence in His plan for our lives.

  256. Tracey N. says:

    Seminole, TX
    My main goal is to persevere and complete the Bible study as an active participant. 🙂

  257. Hi, I’m Lauren from Kentucky. So excited to get back studying with y’all! My goal for the study is to draw closer to God as I learn to shed my doubt about myself.

  258. Debbie
    From ~ Wheeling, West Viriginia, USA
    I want to learn to see myself more as God sees me.

  259. Rosemary Stevens says:

    Hi my name is Rosemary, and I am from Maine. This is my second study and I am very excited. Today Melissa mentioned the one story that keeps coming back in my life and I never knew why but it has been my favorite, the one that God always seems to direct me too and I am hoping that through this study now I will know why. I am also just eager to gain the confidence I need in my life to be able to grow closer and begin to serve God better. Looking forward to a great study. This feels like home.

  260. Michelle Glick says:

    Hi all! My name is Michelle and I am from Carroll, IA. I am very excited to learn from this book, the leaders & so many amazing women so I can move past self-doubt and grow a Confident Heart.

    Blessings to all,

  261. Andrea Hansen says:

    I am a single 56 year old woman who wants to feel confidence so badly. I have been overweight all of my life and try as I might to lose weight. I always gain it back or a portion of it back, because I feel that I am not worth it. I know in my head that I am worth it, but not in my heart and that is what I am hoping to get from this Bible study. I have felt the “If I lose weight, maybe they will love me more.” yeah, that never happens. I want to break that cycle and know in my heart how much Jesus loves me no matter what I look like or how much I weigh. Like I said, I know it in my head, now it is time to know it in my heart! Thanks for this Bible Study it has come at a perfect time. Must be God wanting me to learn how much he loves me!

    • Oh Andrea. Praying that God shows you the root of that lie the enemy has spoken to you about not being good enough, because of ……fill in the blank. Hugs to you and so glad you are here.

    • I hear you Girl, I am 60 and have a sexual abuse background, that has been an influence of weight. I want in this study to overcome and beat the thoughts that were told to me over and over again. About I will be like my Grandmother who was over weight and could hardly get around. I see myself as her and want to break free. I need out of this bandage and into the light of being ok and to loose weight. This I want to gain through this bible study. Release and freedom to believe in myself and know that I am an OVERCOMER! Not just a survivor. God is on my side and I need his strength, for I can do this through Him who gives me what I need.

  262. I have been a believer for many years. The disappointments and storms of life seem to have gotten too much for me. I have faithfully followed and depended on God for 31 years, but have always struggled with self doubt, comparing myself, feeling of no value, etc. Events of the last 6 months have just confirmed all those thoughts. God seems so silent right now! I have joined this study to help me hear his voice again.

  263. Hello, I’m Shannon Payne from Deridder, Louisiana! This is also my second online bible study with P31 and I’m excited to “ditch doubt” and remember that God gives me a Confident Heart!!

  264. Hi all! My name is Jennifer and I am from lubbock, Texas. What I am hoping to gain from this study is a deeper, closer relationship with my savior. He is always making time for me, and I want to devote my time to him.

  265. Hi, This is my first online bible study and I am excited to begin. I am hoping to feel more confident in God and learn to trust more instead of waivering back and forth. I also hope to have less worry. Looking forward to this! Thank you.

  266. Barbara Abdallah says:

    Good Morning I am so excited about this study I read Chapter 1 weeks ago and then I ordered the book finally it arrived yesterday God is always on time. I know it was Proverbs 31 Ministries that introduced the book in one of my devotions weeks past oh now I know it was an daily devotion that I read in the morning and from there it listed the first chapter of the book and I knew I needed it. I am not that good with a computer and at times a bit embarrassed .but that does not matter I want every promise God has for me and his truths regarding me.I might not be able to join all the ladies with the blog hops and so forth or the online study group due to lack of knowledge with a computer but I am committed and fully soul out to studying each week .God bless each of you.

  267. Three of my closest friends and I have joined this study and look forward to doing this with you all. I now live in Missouri; another in Omaha; the other two in Iowa where we all used to be until this past spring. The Lord has bonded us together as friends forever, and studying His Word and books about His Word give us much to share. Our journeys are so different, but we all have the same Author, and the characters of our life novels come together as the Author directs. This study is one way He is linking our stories.

  268. I’m from SC and am doing this study to help me find ways to combat the demons of doubt.

  269. Nancy Allen says:

    Excited about growing my faith and a stronger and confident heart. This is my first online bible study. Thank you so much. I am also encouraging my best friend and sister to join me.

  270. My name is Lori Parker, and I am from Hattiesburg, MS….soon to be from Long Beach, MS as I will be moving during the middle of this Bible study! My main goal is to shed the weight of the doubt I face daily and learn to trust God with confidence…regardless of the circumstance.

  271. I am From SC. I am very excited about this study. I hope to learn from this how to be more confident without insecurities ruling my life.

  272. Hi all, my name is Sandi Chinn and I live Lexington Kentucky. I am a nurse and have worked at the same hospital for 30 years. I am turning in my resignation tomorrow and will be taking a job with a free medical clinic full time. I have been working part time at this clinic for a couple of years now – volunteered for 3 years before. I have confidence in what I am doing is right but then those doubts surface time and time again, I am so confident in where I am at the hospital – what do I know about the work in a clinic???, etc.) I am looking forward to hearing and sharing and reading and learning how I (with God’s help) can overcome and be more confident in who I am in Christ. I can do all things through Him!!

  273. This is my first OBS, I am looking forward to what God has in store for me.

  274. Danielle C says:

    Good morning.

    My name is Danielle C. and I am from Naples, Florida.

    I am devloping a closer relationship with God. However, one of the things holding me back is my confidence, or rather, the lack thereof. After completing this study I hope to have the confidence to trust God and myself.

  275. I want to have confidence in myself. I am tired of the doubt.

  276. Hi, I am Lisa from Virginia Beach, Virginia. My goal is to finally let go and trust God! After a terrifying childhood I have struggled with insecurity and doubt my whole life. I feel God led me to this Bible study and I am ready to give it my best.

  277. Hello!
    I’m Martha from New Richmond WI, I’m doing this study because I need a confident heart! I get discouraged easily, and it affects how I realate with others. I need a good dose of God confidence!Also, this is my first OBS and not a big user of social media and would like to become more profecient at using it.
    Thanks Ladies,

  278. hello my name is kelley i am from west coast of florida,, i have joined this obs to get closer to Jesus and to gain much needed confidence in myself and confidence in knowing that i am worthy of Gods love and mercy, and hoping that i will be able to better serve our Lord.


  279. Hi, my name is Natasha and I live in Spain. My goal in this Bible study is to lear about having a confident heart so I can better serve God.

  280. My name is Ashley and I’m from Marion, NC near Asheville. I hope to grow closer to God and truly grow my faith in Him.

  281. Hi everyone!!! My name is Johanna and I’m from Ohio!! I want to grow closer to God and develop a deeper relationship with Him. That is my main goal of this study. I have found that when I spend time with God, life seems much better. I am very excited and I know amazing things will happen with this study!

    God Bless,


  282. Bailey Scott says:

    Bailey Scott


    My main goal for this study is to gain confidence in myself as a wife, daughter, friend, and rancher and to also gain confidence in my ability to listen to God and really hear what He is telling me daily through His Word so that I can have the best relationship possible with Him 🙂

  283. Hi, my name is Janice and I am from Alberta, Canada. I am so excited to do this Bible Study as I have lived with insecurites for a long time. I have always felt that my thoughts, opinions and ideas are not as good as others. I don’t really know why I have felt like this as Jesus has always been a priority in my life but apparently, something is overshadowing my understanding of how He sees me. Well I am tired of living in my shadow and so I am here, with all you others, to expose this and get ready for the next exciting chapter in my life! Let’s do this!

  284. …..oops, I’m from Medford, Oregon

  285. Hi! My name is Norma and i live in California. My goal is have the faith and confidence to do the things i know God has called me to do.

  286. I’m Amy Carr, a homeschooling mom of five, living in Reno, NV. This is my first OBS and I’m very excited to see how God uses this in my life. While others would tell you I’m a secure, confident individual, I struggle greatly with self-worth and never feeling like I’m “enough”. Some of this stems from my relationship with my parents and I’m praying that as I walk through this study, God will heal those wounds in me, so I can parent my precious children from a better place, breaking the cycle of past generations.

  287. My name is J’ana and I’m writing you from Kentucky! This is my first online bible study. My goal is to build a closer relationship with God. I carry so much doubt when times get tough. I want to grow more confidence in myself and in my faith…I need to refocus on what is important 🙂

  288. Good morning, my name is Dawn. I am from Mechanicsburg, PA. I am hoping to build my trust in God’s love for me.

  289. My name is Gloria and I live in Missouri. I have had a rough few years of losing a job and being off work for 15 months then I finally found another job worked for 6 months only to fall and break my leg and ankle and now I have been off for 19 months and told that I am permanently disabled. I have gained a lot of weight and now I am putting my faith to work because I feel God is leading me somewhere and my faith walk and confidence are tied together. My lack of confidence is keeping me from putting my heart and trust in God. I am truly thankful that when I needed it most your online bible study was offered. God is an on time God!!! He meets your needs when you need it; even when you don’t know your needs!!!!

  290. Hi! My name is Lori and I am from NJ. This is my very first online bible study and I am a little nervous but excited. I felt the BIG NUDGE to be a part of this study! I need to feel more confident as a Christian and I want to feel worthy of God’s Never ending Love!

  291. My name is Heather and I’m from Searcy, Arkansas. I desire to come closer to God and follow Jesus. By going through this study I feel I can do just that. I look forward to this nine weeks! Prayers for all!!

  292. Mary (OBS Group Leader) says:

    I’m Mary from Castalia, NC, a very small town about 35-40 minutes from Raleigh/Wake Forest. My reason for this study is to gain back the confidence I once had and believe I am good enough for what God is calling me to do, as well as remove any doubt that I am a good wife and mother. Having a teenager has removed every bit of confidence I had in myself to make good decisions when it comes to my children. What I love most about OBS is the fact that we do REAL LIFE here. I pray everyone can open up and do this study at full force to allow God to work!!!

  293. Hi y’all! I’m Judy and I live in Virginia. I’m so ready to dive into this study and to gain a more confident heart! My doubt and lack of confidence often keep me from doing, saying/sharing, or participating in things. My head knows that I can do all things in Christ and should live in bold confidence with Him BUT my heart is sometimes fearful and resists. I pray this study helps me to release the chains of doubt and negative self talk and replace them with the confidence in Christ I know is waiting for me so I can live boldly, every moment, for Him.

  294. Jeana Adams says:

    My name is Jeana and I live in the panhandle of Florida. I am joining this bible study to help me learn to focus more on my relationship with God and how to deal with my doubts, depression, and my times of feeling as a failure and not good enough for anyone. I am excited to see the work God will do In not only me but all of us doing this study.

  295. I’m from Iowa. And I’m soooo excited for this study. Its my first obs and thrilled to be in it!!

  296. I am not sure

  297. Jennifer Dean says:

    Hi – I’m Jennifer and I live in Asheville, NC…originally from GA. I am very excited about this study – it comes at a great point in my life where I have rededicated myself to Christ and am growing more and more in my faith.

  298. My name is Becky and I’m from Nixa, MO!
    I want to gain confidence in my calling from God so I can stand strong against the enemy’s attacks on my health and confidence to move forward! Thanks P31 OBS!

    • Jennifer Deulen says:

      Becky , I am Jennifer Deulen, retired Nixa teacher living in Springfield, How awesome to find a gal that is so close and that I possibly know. Hopefully we can stay connected throughout this study and share our thoughts.

  299. I’m crystal from lubbock, Texas! What I want from this bible study is of course to grow closer and stronger with Christ! I also want to be able to learn to write this all into my daughters heart in hopes that she faces less times of doubt!

  300. Rosy Silvania says:

    I live in The Villages Florida……I am so excited to be a part of this Bible Study! To begin the day with Women of Faith across the world……my goal is to open my heart BIGGER for The Lord and to gain confidence in SHARING his #Perfect LOVE!!!!!

  301. Thus is my first online study and looking to learn more about what god has in store for me… He placed thus study on my heart and he knows I am fighting for my marriage to survive… I need strength to he restored in my purpose on life… Clicking forward to the experience…

  302. I am from Maryland and I joined this online bible study to be connected, due to me being in school in the evening on mon and wed I miss out on being in the traditional bible study..so this will be something new that seems exciting..

  303. Angie Sutphin says:

    Hi my name is Angie and I live in Radford VA in southwest Virginia. I want the confidence to step out of my comfort zone for Christ.

  304. Hi, my name is Nicole and I live in Buckeye, AZ. Buckeye is a rural farming community outside of Phoenix. I have long been held captive by perfectionism — always striving to do the very best yet always seemingly falling short, which has led me to feel ever so inadequate. This study came about and I thought that it might help me uncover all those things that I mask with my perfectionism, helping me to feel freer to be who I really am — the woman who God created me as. I look forward to growing farther from my perfectionist ways and closer to God through this study.

  305. ann hagenbarth says:

    Hi My name is Ann, I live in Spirit Lake, Idaho. I am so excited for this study because God’s timing is beyond amazing for me. Last week I was struggling with all kinds of self-doubt and problems with confidence and a beautiful friend suggested this book to me and then I found the OBS! So AWESOME! I am so excited to learn more about finding my confidence in Christ!

  306. I am excited to begin this journey in hopes of gaining a confident heart. 😉

  307. Michell Jurski says:

    Hi, I am Michell Jurski from Cypress TX. I am excited about this bible study and the opportunity to learn more about God’s amazing love for us!

  308. Good morning! I am from IN. I know God loves me, but I want to embrace His love for me. I have had doubts and fears and it is time to let all of those go! Have a blessed week everyone! 🙂

  309. Leslie Gray says:

    My name is Leslie Gray and I am from Morgantown, WV. I am so excited to begin this online Bible study. In my life I have been disappointed my many people close to me that I love, I am really excited to nurture the only #perfectlove there is. I know if I put my hope in GOD, I will not be disappointed. I am ready to have a Confident Heart!

  310. I’m Casey Guidry from Rusk, TX! My goal for this study is to learn to have confidence in myself because of God who loves me.

  311. Hi, I am Brandi and I am from Maryville, Tennessee. I feel like I am having serious confidence issues and a lot of the things mentioned at the beginning of this blog. I am hoping to just step out and believe God and put all of this fear behind me. I want to be confident in the Lord.

  312. Hi Ladies, I’m Debbie and I’m from Illinois…across the river from the St. Louis Arch. This study hits at a perfect time as I’m beginning a new job and need the confidence to move forward and be the best leader that I can be. That’s my thought, but I’m excited to see what God has in store for me in his #perfectlove. 🙂

  313. Belinda Davis says:

    Hi, everyone! I’m Belinda and I’m from Nacogdoches, TX (deep in the Piney Woods of East Texas). I read all these stories from you and cry. Not because I’m sad, but excited because I’m not alone. I chose this study because I’m from a broken family with no relationship with my mother OR father. My paternal grandparents raised me, which are now with the Lord. Family is important to me, but those that I love and were close to are gone. I had to grow up too quick as a child, and missed out on so many opportunities because of doubt in insecurity. I AM a child of God, but I’m tired of struggling. I want to go deeper (am I scared? YES) with my relationship with Christ. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 18 years now. We have one son who will e 13 in December. Fear creeps in every now and then because I think they will either leave or be taken from me. I’m looking forward to breaking this fear and self-doubt and growing closer to my Heavenly Father!!

  314. Hey! My name is Amy and I’m from Pennsylvania! This is my 3rd OBS. I am so looking forward to finding out what God is going to give me confidence in. I struggle with the confidence to show others God’s love, for fear of how they will react. I want to be a light for God, but often doubt what I’m hearing from God to do to be a light for Him. I’m looking forward to connecting with other Godly women over these next 9 weeks!

  315. Hi my name is Amy and I am from London, KY. I am just excited to draw closer to The Lord through my first OBS.

  316. Cary Marshall says:

    I’m Cary Marshall, from Ewing, IL. My goal in this study is to re-gain my confidence. I’ve experienced a lot changes recently and lost my confidence in navigating through life changing events. I believe I am perceived as a strong, confident woman. However, right now this is very much a façade. I want to really live out the confidence I know I can feel when I put my trust in God.

  317. Kathy Hathcock says:

    My name is Kathy Hathcock and I live in Russellville, Ky. I have dealt with insecurity my entire life, I hope to deal with that through this study. My husband is currently in a nursing home and I continue to pray for his healing so he will be able to return home. I am praying for bountiful blessings from our Heavenly Father during and after this study.

  318. My name is Chelcey and I live in Ohio. I joined this study simply because I am tired of always feeling not good enough, not a good wife, mother, etc, self doubt plaques me I want to move past all of the negativity that is constantly running through my mind and learn to run to God instead

  319. Hi there, I am Angie Diemer from Michigan. I have been anticipating this study for the last few weeks and thrilled for kick off day. I am expecting God to do marvelous things in my way of loving myself and getting rid of all the junk and the lies that are buried deep down. Gonna be a heart work-out for sure but ready.

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Angie!

      Whereabouts in MI are you? I’m just one of many from MI here. I’m between Detroit and .ann .arbor.

      Great to have you here. Looking forward to sharing the journey with with. Getting rid of all the junk and lies sounds like a great way to describe the desired outcome of this study.

      Love the “heart work-out” concept. Doesn’t sound painful like a body work-out, but it sure sounds productive. And any pain associated with it will be of the healing type, so it’s all going to be good!


  320. My name is Tammy and I am from Lovilia, Iowa. My goal for this study is to become more confidenent with myself by relying on God to help me through some of my most down times.

  321. Hi, I’m Katina from WA and my main goal is to dig deeper into the reasons causing my doubtful heart and more importantly, replacing that doubt with confidence from God’s Word/promises! I am also very excited and honored to be able help lead group #56 to doing the same!

  322. Christina Forrester says:

    Hi, my name is Christina and I am from Jonesboro, Arkansas. I have struggled my whole life with depression, anxiety, worry and a negative self image. Through this study, I hope to gain control over these issues and areas of my life and to trust in God more with these problems. I also hope to gain a closer relationship with Him!

  323. Kathy Webb says:

    My name is Kathy Webb and I am from Kansas City Kansas. I am excited to begin this study. It is my first time in this type of study. I pray that each of us will be open to God’s will in their lives.

    • Hi Kathy!

      I’m from Kansas City, too…but on the Missouri side. This is my first time in this type of study too, and I’m looking forward to all that God has in store for us!

  324. Howdy! I’m Jennifer from Houston, TX, and my goal is this:
    I want, when those feelings of worthlessness and helplessness and hopelessness are threatening to be the only things in my life that I can see – to turn my back on the shadows they create, and focus on The One who has stated and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am loved beyond anything I could ever imagine, and that I am priceless above and beyond any measure.

  325. My name is Lisa, I’m from the burbs of Philadelphia. My main goal with this study is to accept who I am through how Jesus sees me. I have no confidence at all, zero, lol. I’m also, always worried about hurting someone else’s feelings, and along with that worried they will not like me anymore. I’m hoping this study will help me be more confident so that I can love others with the right motive!

  326. Hello, dear sisters in Christ! Feel free to call me Aveline. I was born and raised in the Philippines. As I journey with all of you, my goal is to rid my mind and heart of all self-condemning thoughts and to completely trust God and in His faith-strengthening Word. I believe that through this study, my low self-esteem will be transformed to a full and firm confidence in the One who loves and cares for me.

  327. My name is Abbie and I live in Montgomery, Texas. This is my 3rd online bible study and I am so excited. I can see such a difference in my heart when I’m engaged in the online bible study. In between studies, I do my devotionals and study His word but don’t feel as confident or focused (self-doubt starts creeping in) when I’m doing it alone. My prayer is that this bible study will continue to transform my heart and show me more of His #perfect love. Many blessing to all of you! Let’s do this!

  328. Hello Everyone. Karen from Denver NC. This is my first online Bible study and I am excited to get started on a confident heart

  329. I am Angela Brackeen, and I live in a small town in the Southeastern U.S. Here it is the first day, and already the message is beautiful and so many are responding to it! From this study, I hope to build confidence in His love for me, to bring light to those small remnants of shadow in my soul. I want to be full of light and for my confidence in His love for me to go with me wherever I go!

  330. Shawn Walton says:

    Hi there! I’m Shawn a wife and stay at home mom to two kiddos, 8 & 10. Our 8year old has special needs. I hope to gain a new confidence of myself through this study. I’ve struggled with my weight , gaining a bit in te last 6 months, and I want to love me just the way Jesus does….thin or not to thin. 😉

  331. Hi – I’m Kris from Richmond Hill, GA. My goal for this OBS is to improve my self-confidence. I want to let go of the self-doubt and bring a new attitude to each day. I want to know that I am enough. Through this OBS I will continue to grow my relationship with God and with the other women taking this OBS. I’m so excited to start my second OBS here at Proverbs 31 and with my Facebook group (Group 24)!

  332. My name is Suzanne and I am from Fort Mill, SC. I have struggled with depression and insecurities for much of my life. I am looking forward to learning more about getting and keeping a confident heart in God so that I can not struggle with these issues anymore.

  333. Hi! I’m Beth, from Meridian, Idaho. My main goal for this study is to allow God to teach me about confidence in Him.

  334. Hello, I’m MaryLou in San Jose, CA. It is a blessing to know I am not alone in my need to claim the promises of God and to have a confident heart. I need to understand the difference between believing in God, and believing God. How would I live if I truly believed God and His words for me? My goal is to stay the course, and finish this study, being open and honest with myself and others.

  335. Angela Page says:

    Hey all! My name is Angela Page!!! I am 27 years old and live right outside of Louisville, KY! I was raised in Montana and moved from California so I am for sure a West Coast girl at heart but loving my new southern roots. I am married to the LOVE of my life and we are going to be celebrating 2 years of marriage next month! I am very excited about this bible study and I pray that I will finally be able to find the confidence that I have never had! Loving this book so far and can’t wait to see where the Lord will take it! Excited to meet some of you and get to know you all better as well!

  336. Hi-I’m Stephanie from Texas. I’m hoping for a lot of things from this study, but my biggest goals are to grow closer to God, be an active and enthusiastic participant in the study, and become more confident in myself to model it for my family. I have always dealt with a lot of insecurity and want to become more confident in myself, so I can become a better role model for my children. My teenage daughter really struggles with insecurity and a lack of confidence in herself, and I want her to be able to look at me and see someone who has learned to work past those insecurities and become a woman who is good enough.

  337. Meagan Mathews says:

    My name is Meagan and I’m from Fort Worth, Texas. I have always been a perfectionist and worrier consumed in anxiety.
    I am a very overwhelmed sixth grade teacher at a school that I find very hard to work for. By the end of the day, I am so stressed out that I have chest pains, many negative thoughts, and I don’t want to continue. I know that in order to survive the year and be there for my students, I need to change my attitude/ways.
    This is my first Bible study and I believe it has come to me at a perfect time. I want to change my attitude towards my life and situations I cannot control. I have failed at trying this on my own and realize I need The Lord to hold my hand, guide my feet, and fill my heart.

    • Meagan, I kind of felt the same pull to read this book. I am a 7th/8th grade teacher in a district near you. While I do not feel the same as you do about your job, I can empathize with you because I have felt that way before. I knew what I needed to do…move to a new school and try something new…or get out of education all together. I hope this study gives you what you need…I hope you have a better days…you CAN do this! 🙂

      • I feel for both of you! I have been teaching for 14 years…6 of those were in 6th grade. I am currently teaching 1st grade, and it isn’t much easier. My school is low income but our principal is driven and has extremely high standards. She has certain ways she wants things done and expects everyone to do it her way. It is a very stressful place to be. My days seem to revolve around feeling overwhelmed, stressed, negative, and anxious.

        I look forward to learning with my fellow Christian teachers! Remember, if God is for us, then who can stand against us! This and the serenity prayer are what get me through school days!

        • I’ll stand with you as a School Nurse….I dont know if you have ever thought about this but for nurses in schools…..It is very very difficult as we are our own breed….It is very hard as nurses in a different occupation to gain respect from some teachers & alot of administrators who do not understand the legal issues nurses face or the medical issues we deal with. We can learn from each other!!

  338. My name is Mary Ann and I’m from northern Virginia. This is my 2nd OBS with P31. Like a lot of working women I struggle with balance of work and family. Often I feel less than in the Mom category. I am looking for more confidence to be a better wife and mom.

  339. Jenny… Bethany, Ok, USA
    My desire to participate in this study is to gain confidence in Gods love for me …. and letting go of the hurts, perceptions and simply unsure women I have realized I have become. Looking forward to God opening the eyes of my heart and shattering this things that have held me back when it comes to my relationship with Him.

  340. Kim Anderson says:

    Hi Ladies, I’m Kim Anderson, from Lebanon, Ohio. I hope to gain confidence in my relationship with God. I want to grow stronger in my trust of Him also.

  341. My name is Cayenne. I live in East Texas (Tyler/Longview area). I want to learn how to really trust God and not rely on my own understanding or perceptions of things. I want God’s light to shine through me. I think I stifle it at times because it makes me shine and I don’t feel worthy of shining sometimes….that is the very short version of a complicated feeling ;)!

  342. Denise Kamppi (OBS Prayer Team Warrior) says:

    Wow I cant believe all the comments. So early, how great is our God.
    I’m Denise this is my 5th study, and with each one I have grown spiritualy and emotionally closer to God. A Confident Heart is huge for me after years of physical and emotional abuse a person loses them self in so many ways, while I seek help through groups and councilors, God is the supreme healer. I’m at the becoming stages of ministering women in shelters I just know God has a plan for me with this study.
    Oh ya I live in Superior W.

    One last thing A HUGE welcome to all the new ladies, praying that each of you find you Confident Heart.

  343. Alice Mowbray says:

    I am so excited about this on-line bible study as it seems to be written just for me! My goal is to bring the negative self-talk (which comes from believing the LIAR) to a screeching halt and immerse myself in the TRUTH of God’s Word.
    I can’t believe I have waited so long to participate in one of your on-line studies. I would kick myself for procrastinating but that would be negative so I’m just gonna praise God & move forward!!!
    BTW Laci Watson is my daughter & I have been considering an on-line bible study since I met you on the Girls Get-A-Way Cruise several years ago.

  344. Hi everyone! I am Cheri from Shreveport, Louisiana.

    I got tickled as I was reading everyone’s post this morning. I began visualizing everyone walking up to the microphone in a beauty pageant introducing themselves as the contestant from their city. Then I realized that we are all beautiful, we are all winners, and will all wear a crown one day. So start practing your wave!

    This is my second OBS Bible study. I was so moved by the last one that I knew I had to continue on. I have two friends who are joining me this time. I am so excited!!

  345. Michele Rigel says:

    Hi, I’m Michele Rigel, and I live in Omaha, Nebraska.
    My main goal of this study is to grow my confidence & trust in God to a new level & find any hidden places in my heart (that I may not even be aware of) that need Jesus to fill them!

  346. Rachel
    Watseka IL
    I want to be in the word for the next 9 weeks of this study. Accountability like this really works for me. I’m excited to jump

  347. My name is Mary and I live in Missouri. My goal is to live my life…no longer being scared and hiding. I have seen God’s protective hand work his wonders throughout my life but the fear and anxiety of each stressful situation is hard to overcome. I am in the midst of yet another trial…I need to firm up my foundation so I can be confident and break free to live my life according to God’s will and perspective, not according to those around me.

    • Hi Mary! Welcome to this study! I am challenged by your goal to no longer be scared or hide. God is clearly seeing us through difficult times and protecting us during much hardship, and yes, sometimes it is hard to be confident in his promises when everything seems to be crashing down around us. May the Lord help us to grow in him through this study so that, as you said, we can live according to his perspective on life!

  348. Hi ladies! I’m Kara and I’m from Clinton, Tennessee. I’m so excited about this Bible study. I have been looking forward to it since the last one ended a few weeks ago. This study (and this week’s memory verse) couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been struggling recently with doubt. The enemy has been reminding me of the many disappointments I’ve had in the past few years, and I admit, I’ve been letting him win. I’ve been down and depressed for weeks now, but I’m ready to fight back! My hope is in the Lord and His #perfectlove. Can’t wait to get started on this study with you all 🙂

  349. Hello from Rapid City, South Dakota! My name is Larissa. My hope for this study is to make bible study a vital part of my day again. I am coming off of a crazy busy time in my life where I let that slide… It’s time to re-focus!

  350. Patricia Saukel says:

    Hi my name is Patricia and I live in South Dakota. I am originally from Maryland, hence the slight Southern drawl. I hope that this study will make me realize how worthy I am that Jesus died for me. I am saved, but how can I feel so unworthy and unconfident. 🙁

  351. Lisa Deaton says:

    Lisa – Barbourville, Kentucky — I am completely sick of worrying about what other people think of me. I pray that through God and this Bible study, my confidence will grow, and I will finally realize that in God’s eyes, I am enough.

  352. Minden Hall says:

    My purpose for this study is to come closer to God and help with accountability with studing His word.

  353. Janna M Wagner says:

    I’m Janna Wagner from Douglas Wy. I hope 2 gain confidence in this study and quit doubting myself and God’s love 4 me. Im super excited and glad its finally here.

  354. I’m from Reno, Nevada and I hope to get out of this OBS the confidence in myself that God has in me. on the outside I am very confident but have doubt in my marriage based on a very hurtful past. My husband is due to come home in January after being in prison for 3 1/2 years. He is an alcoholic who has re found Jesus again and I just want to feel secure in our journey because right, I am scared to death!

  355. Ariel Button
    To get back into the swing of a small group

  356. To be confident that nothing is impossible that I can do all things through Christ. I want to be confident in the things I do and say.

  357. Teu-lah Theron – New Zealand

  358. Hannah
    Memphis, TN
    I hope to be able to more fully understand my purpose in God’s will and to have the confidence of knowing I am following God’s will for my life.

  359. Angela Hedrick says:

    My name is Angela and I live in Petersburg, West Virginia. I hope this bible study will bring me closer to God and help me to develop a stonger relationship with Him. My perfectly healthy son was shot in the head 3 years ago this month. He was nine. He lived but our lives have been altered. I want to replace the anger, depression, anxiety, etc. I feel inside with the love, peace, and joy that I used to have before this happened.

    • Angela — I am so sorry to hear about your son. I can only imagine how drastically different his life and your life is now. I am praying that this bible study lifts you up and helps you find the love and peace and joy that you once had.

  360. Hey yall,
    My name is Jess and I currently live in Red Lion, PA. But, I’m from Texas! 😉 I am really looking forward to participating in this study because, like many, I have struggled in the past with depression and self confidence issues. I want to be comfortable in my skin the way The Lord created me to be! I am also looking forward to the fellowship and sisterhood that I will be a part of and have access to within this study! The knowledge and experience of us collectively is powerful! This is gonna be awesome!

  361. Hi everyone! I’m Elizabeth and I’m from Gypsum,Co. I’m so excited to be a part of this study as this is just what God needs me to hear right now. I’ve struggled with self-confidence most of my life and want to change it! I know I am a perfect creation in Christ, but easily forget. Looking forward to moving forward!

  362. Jill Stewart says:

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Jill Stewart and I am from Miramichi, New Brunswick. I am really excited to be starting this study. ( I am very new to online bible studies). For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with feelings of insecurity. With this study, I have been asking God to give me a deeper understanding of his word. I am also hoping to learn how to put more trust in his promises and gain the self confidence He designed for us in this study.

  363. Angie Toman says:

    Hi ladies, my name is Angie & I’m in Fayetteville NC. This is my first ever OBS! My sister who lives in KY asked me if I wanted to join her in doing it, even though we are miles apart we always figure ways to connect like this, and I’m so glad she did! Life has beat me up in the confidence area & I struggle with depression often. I have recently moved to NC with my husband to help care for his aging parents & his mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I love them dearly but I’ve moved away from my grandchildren, eldest son & daughter-in-law, parents & church family so its been lonely. I’ve not been able to find a church so finding Proverbs 31 Ministries & this OBS is an answer to prayer. What I hope to get from the study is obviously a confident heart but also to get closer to God & make some new friends to Do Life Together with. I know God is going to do amazing things in & through us! Just watching Melissa’s video this morning had me on the verge of tears! God’s presence was all over that video! …… So thanks for listening, sorry for the length, I pray God meets each one of us right where we are and gives us exactly what HE feels we need from him! Have a blessed day! <3

  364. Good morning. My name is Charlotte, I live in Chico, CA. I have experienced God in amazing ways in my life in the last couple of years as I left a toxic and abusive 20-year marriage. At my lowest point, I cried out to him and he met me there and carried me, sustained me, spoke to me…and took all that was meant for bad and is turning it into good. And yet. In the waiting times, doubt and anxiety creep in and paralyze me. I KNOW he has a plan, and he’s moving me to something big…but waiting and not knowing exactly what or how is where I falter. So my prayer is this study will help me keep my eyes off of my circumstances and on God’s promises.

  365. Vickie
    Redlands, CA
    Definitely confidence, I know all the right answers but believing them for myself is the most difficult part. I am so… struggling with not only lack of self-confidence but with self-worth and God’s purpose for me. I have struggled with this all my life even though I know the truth the doubt creeps in all the time. Thank you at OBS for all you and all those you reach.

  366. Hi! My name is Stacey and I currently live in Georgia. My main goal in this study is to grow closer to God and trust His love for me – to see myself as He sees me instead of listening to the negative thoughts/judgements from myself.

  367. Hi my name is Toni, I currently live in Spring Hill, Florida. My goal in participating in this study is to truly find my confidence and value in God so that I may be able to defeat the doubt and insecurities in my life. I am able to portray to others that I have this confidence, but in reality it is a struggle for me. I want to stop always questioning, always being unsure of my abilities and worth. I am so looking forward to this study and drawing closer to my creator.

  368. My name is Brandy and I live in San Diego. This is my first OBS and I am super excited. I joined this study after a rough week at work. I discovered I place my self worth in what others think about me. I thought I had overcome this but I’m guessing God believes I am ready for another round of healing. My goal for this study is to remind myself who I am in Christ and become more confident in my identity.

  369. Jennifer S. says:

    Hey y’all, my name is Jennifer and I live in Dothan, AL. This is my first online Bible study, and I hope to become a more confident wife, mother, and friend. I am eager to see all that God is going to do through this study and each person that has committed to being a part of this!

  370. Hi, I’m Kim and I want to not only grow closer to God but in the process, help others to grow closer to God and I am hoping this class will give me not only the confidence but the knowledge to do that.

  371. Danice lee says:

    Danice Lee, from Alaska. I want to deepen my confidence in God, so that I’m less dependent on a man who doesn’t love me and can move on.

  372. I am from central Nebraska. This is my first online study and I am also very excited to be in it. I am struggling with emotions and feelings of worry, self doubt, jealousy, and fear. We have been thru 2 years of infertility and have been waiting to adopt for 4 years now to start our family. Hoping to gain more acceptance, understanding, and patience with Gods perfect timing and the plan he has for our life, to be the confident person I was before these challenges and struggles.

  373. Hi, I’m Renee from Arizona. I joined this on-line Bible study to strengthen my faith and confidence in God’s promises. I want to live a life without fear and anxiety.

  374. Hello. My name is Marita, and I am from Rhome, TX. A friend offered this book study up to me, and it just seemed to be the perfect time for it. I am a teacher, and the beginning of the year always seems stressful for me. And this year it seems as if it is taking longer for me to get my feet under me and feel confident. When she mentioned this study to me, I felt it was just what I needed. I can’t wait to get started!

  375. Alicia Lasher says:

    Good morning,
    I am writing from Maricopa, Arizona and my goal for this Bible study is to learn to deepen and strengthen my love for the Lord and learn to be most obedient.
    I thank Proverbs 31 Ministries for being here and teaching me so much already!

  376. Sheri Galloro says:

    Hi my name is Sheri I live in Temecula California looking forward to growing closer to my Lord <3 & studying Gods word with you beautiful sisters!

  377. Erika Alcorn says:

    Name: Erika
    State: Texas
    Goal: This is my first online Bible Study, and my first Study in a very long time. I’ve made my way back to God, I want to bring God into my home more for my husband and children. I want God to be the center of our everything, but first, I need to learn the best way how, keep Him there, and the hardest task of all is one I’ve struggled with my whole life. Have love & confidence in myself. I’ve learned that when I don’t, I tend to lose sight of God and what He wants. Not anymore. =) I’ve got my eyes fixed on Him and I’m hoping that this study helps.

  378. Kelli Taylor says:

    Good morning from Houston, TX. My goal for this study is to re-inforce the knowledge and understanding that I am enough. I don’t have to be perfect, and it’s ok that not everything is fine in my life. To learn how to believe God, trust God, and live in his word on a daily basis. Instead of just when things are falling apart.

  379. Lynette Addair says:

    I am from Bristol TN. I am excited about this study . I struggle with never feeling that I am good enough and insecure that what I do is never enough. I am looking forward to God revealing to me my worth in Him.
    Thank you for presenting this online study.

  380. Hi there, I’m Hope from Pasadena, Maryland. My goal for this study is to dig deeper and let the truth of the Lord’s love for me sink further into my heart. To learn to truly believe how much God loves me – to base my confidence in HIS love for me and realize how precious I am to Him, flaws and all. I want to learn to be a woman who turns to HIM first when things get stressful or off kilter. I’m facing some very difficult health struggles right now – I go in for surgery on November 7 to remove some problematic areas from my vulva that they believe might be cancerous – I’m trying very hard not to worry or be frightened and trust in Him. Just knowing I have this study to help ground me before during and after, and have such a wonderful group of women from Group 44 FB OBS small group study, gives me a great deal of comfort. I love you ladies and would ask for your prayers during this time of difficulty for me and my family.

  381. Hello Everyone! My names is Mary Davidson and I am from Riverside, California. My goal for this study is to understand in which ways I have been insecure in my walk with the Lord and trust him with the fears, worries, self-doubt and concerns that plague my mind. I am really excited to see how, as the book says, I can exchange fear-filled thinking with faith-filled believing.

  382. Maria Murphy says:

    Hi I’m Maria Murphy, I live in Simi Valley, Ca. My goal is to be as close to God or closer than I was when I met Him and fell in love with Him about 28 yrs ago. Thats what I want out of this Bible study, also to meet other women of God, to share my heart and to hear the heart of my fellow sisters in the Lord. I am ready to dive in!! So glad its finally here!

  383. Kelly Marlene says:

    Good morning ladies my name is Kelly Marlene I am from Martinez Ca
    I hope to grow in my relationship with The Lord as well as meeting and hearing from new wonderful woman and learning from them as well as the book
    I am very excited this book and this study is just what I need in my life right now.
    Blessing ~ Kelly Marlene ❤️

  384. Heather Ryan says:

    My name is Heather and I’m from Wichita, KS. I hope to get a jump start with getting back to regular time time with God and to build a more confident heart that will shine in every aspect of my life.

  385. Riesa Petruzzi says:

    Hi! My name is Riesa Petruzzi, from Rochester, NY. My mail goal for this study is to know Christ deeper, and to learn to trust what He says about me instead of the lies Satan tells me. My goal is also to get a better understanding of the gifts and calling God has given me, as I try to figure out what to do after graduating college.

  386. Crystal Conway says:

    I live in Lenexa, KS. I am from Nebraska. I have lived a couple other states as well. This was a great opportunity for me to incorporate fellowship with other women of God since I work so much, travel at times, and typically do work on Sundays. I am hoping to build some spiritually led female relationships. My friends are all over the U.S. I have lived here in KS for 3 years and have some very nice friends, but no one to talk to on a spiritual level. It leaves a huge hole since I am so spiritually led and based in my own life. (totally imperfectly btw) 🙂

  387. I live in Sacramento California. My goal is very basic. I want to stop all the negative self-talk that goes on in my head all the time. I want to live what I know to be true about God’s love, but my own voice blocks out what God says about me.


    • hi sherryl…i am pam. i live in citrus heights. good to see another sacramentan doing this bible study! look forward to learning and growing with you!

      • Hi Pam, I am so glad you sent me a comment. I was hoping there would be at least 2 of us from this area. I’m looking forward to the bible study and learning from everyone, but it makes it feel comfortable having someone from “home” doing this study. Now, I need to actually get moving on today’s lesson. It’s been a crazy busy day and this is my first chance to sit down. Take care, and hope to “talk” more.

  388. Jennifer, PA….and I just want to really soak it all up…and truly rest in His Truth and Promises, like never before.

  389. Brenda Hein says:

    Hi, I’m Bren from Kent, Wa. I am 45, happily married for 22 years, and have 3 amazing kids. My goal for this study is to learn to trust God unshakeablly. I’ve always struggled with depression and low self confidence, but the last 2 years have been especially bad and I have fallen away from God and from church. I know that God brought me through the most difficult time in my life and for that I am very thankful. But I am having trouble getting back into a place of service and fellowship. My confidence, self doubt, and fear of failure keep holding me back. Thank you for this much needed bible study. I read “A Confident Heart” when it first came out but it has been sitting on my shelf, waiting to be explored more deeply. I am very much looking forward to this study. Thank you.

  390. Penney - Tennessee says:

    I am so excited to be joining everyone for this study. I have actually already read the book but look forward to digging deeper and hearing everyone’s input. I am believing God to break down strongholds in my life during this next 9 weeks!

  391. Marcia Wilson says:

    Good Morning, my name is Marcia Wilson and I live in Columbus, Ohio. I hope to affirm and re-affirm the foundational truths about God his word and promises and his love for me.

  392. Michelle N says:

    My name is Michelle N. I am from the Raleigh area of NC. I have done several OBS with P31 and have been very blessed by them all. But I really have been looking forward to this one for awhile. I tried to read Confident Heart on my own but it’s such a sensitive area for me it was one I really needed to do in a group. I have struggled with doubts and insecurity about myself for my entire life- though I have come a long way there are still some places that are so deep. I know that God is the only one who can help me with those wounds. I hope that with this study I can get there and be the woman God knows I can be.

  393. Amy Rustay says:

    This is my first online bible study. In hoping to be more confident after the study and stop all the negative talk that goes on inside my head!

  394. Elk Grove, CA (near Sac) – A friend and I chose this study to discuss at our weekly coffee date. I’m so excited to chew on and ingest more of God’s Truth about who He is and who I really am in Christ. I want to be transformed and break free of the habits that hold me back in my walk like insecurity, comparisons, feelings on inadequacy, etc.

    • Hi Emily! I am Pam. I live in Citrus Heights but teach in Elk Grove. So good to see other Sacramento area women taking this Bible study. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

  395. Diana Rockwell says:

    Hi, I am Diana and I am from Ramona, CA. This is my fourth or fifth study. The book is awesome. Blessings. Diana

  396. Earlene Atkins says:

    Good morning from Snohomish, WA. I’m anxious to learn more ways to defeat those overwhelming feelings of doubt and insecurity with God’s words and promises so I can be the confident woman I long to be…..and that He wants me to be. This is going to be a wonderful journey with my sisters in Christ.

  397. Krista Scott says:

    I am Krista Scott from Welch, TX. My goal for this study and my life is to grow closer to God.

  398. I am from Grande Prairie, Alberta. This is my second study and I was blessed so much with the saying yes to God, that I joined this one to overcome some bad impressions which were given to me through abuse. I want to break that bondage and be an OVERCOMER! So Lord here I am. I need you to help me and to be all you want me to be. To be the confident woman you have a vision of. Lead the way. Thank you in Jesus name I pray. amen

  399. Hi! I am Georgean from rockford, il area. My goal is to find perfect love and to see myself as God sees me not as my mm sees me. And to know I am worth something. I would love to see myself as a child of God and not just a forgotten orphan or a wanted child.

  400. Hi! My name is Jeanne and I am from Palatine, IL. My goal for this study is to find the confidence that God has put in me and use it to follow the path that He sets out for me. I have always struggled with self-worth and confidence – even today – and I am ready to leave all the doubts behind!

  401. Hello! My name is Jennifer. I live in St. Louis, MO. I have read Confident Heart once before, but am excited to dig deeper into the teachings. I am struggling with the strongholds of feeling inadequate and hopeless at times after a failed marriage. It has been several years and I want to see myself in the way that God sees us. I want to be able to love again, but realized I need to work on my own heart first.

  402. Kristy Aiken~ OBS Team Leader/ Prayer Warrior Blog Team Leader says:

    HI SWEET BEAUTIFUL AND AWESOME SISTERS….I am so stinkin’ excited to be here.

    My name is Kristy and I. am. not. a. writer! At. all:-) I am a complete Jesus freak and He is the love of my life. I love P31. I love P31 OBS. Oh, and did I mention I LOVe Jesus Christ! The lover and saver of my soul!

    I am 32 (yikes). Although the Bible tells me not to be concerned with age I had a hard time turning 32 in Sept. I am a blessed, humbled, and called stay at home mom and wife. I embrace my role as a homemaker. I have 3 amazing daughters. Kalee is 4 and brillant. No, I mean that. I mean the kid knows everything and is never wrong (she tells us all the time.) 🙂 Mackenzy was stillborn but wait you know Jesus heals spirtually and physically. We have peace, friends. Emilee Grace is our MESS but a miracle. You know we are wonderfully and fearfully made! Well, this verse has taken such a new level in my heart after Emilee. She was born with a sever heart defect called pulmonary sling that would require open heart surgery. Guess what ya’ll? Jesus heals. He doesn’t heal in our time OR in the ways we think He should but He heals! Emilee’s heart structures are still in the wrong place and medically they should be obstructing her airway BUT THEY ARE NOT! Saywhat?!?!?!?! She is wonderfully and fearfully made. Her heart structures weave, twist, turn, and space in an EXACT way that her airway is not obstructed. Even less than a millimeter difference and it would be a whole new ball game. Can you say all God and wow and amazing and Praise you Lord Jesus:-) (Please note, I realize my grammar stinks)

    I feel so honored to take part in this community WITH you awesome gals. I live in the beautiful hand painted mountains of Southwest Va!

    Last, warning, I, absolutely, love, commas, and, can’t, live, without, them:-)

  403. Kallie Ybarra from Naugatuck, CT. My goal for this study is to allow myself to build confidence in who I am and what I am worth. To let go of all of my feelings of doubt, and sadness, and even depression. To find my purpose through the plan God has set for my life.

  404. elizabeth stafford says:

    Hi!! My name is elizabeth and I live in apple valley california. Im so excites to sit down today and begin this chapter. My goal from this study is to be more confident with me and more confident with who I am in christ. I need to stop worrying about other peoples feelings about me. And trust the lord.

  405. Hi Ladies! My name is Natalie Nieves and I’m from Queens, New York. My goal during this study is simply to draw closer to Jesus and get deeper into His Word. I participated in the last OBS and it was so life-changing for me, so I’m believing God for even Greater Things! 🙂

  406. Hi, I’m Jen from Nebraska. My goal in this study is to work to continue to remove obstacles, such as doubt, from my life so there is nothing between me and God.

  407. Hello my name is Lena Keys I am live in Hammond, Indiana. I tried to do A Confident Heart previously but because of multiple family emergencies I was not able to complete the study. I have completed a previous study and was thankful of how the people in the study and small group communicated, prayed, and cared about me. I am thankful to be a part of this study because I believe it will help my self esteem and give me a better understanding and relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Being lost and hurt in life especially the last couple of months, I really need and want a change in my life. I believe having a closer relationship with Jesus will help me.

  408. Becky Babin says:

    I am from Katy TX and I hope to overcome some of my depression and lack of strong faith

  409. Shara Livingston says:

    My name is Shara Livingston and I live in Newport, NC, USA! I am excited for this study to dig deeper into Gods word and pump up my quiet time with The Lord.

  410. Toni Price says:

    Hi my name is Toni Price and I live in Eaton Rapids MI. I have gone through the loss of my beloved dad this year and my prayer for this study is to reconnect with the Lord and to once again discover the confidence I found only in Him. After a year of ups and downs spiritually I am so hungry for God’s word and to connect with other women. I am very excited to begin this study.

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Toni! I love Eaton Rapids! My mom grew up in Nashville, and we would drive thru Eaton Rapids drove to visit my grandparents. I love the old Victorian feel there,, as well as Charlotte (accent on the second syllable). So happy to “see” yet another Michigan person here. Our mitten, with it’s beautiful seasons, is well represented in this study. We are from the southeast lower peninsula to the northwest upper.

      Sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. I pray peace and comport for you, and that this study will restore you in all the ways you’re looking for, and many others as well.


  411. Allyson Boykin says:

    Hi! My name is Allyson! I live in Cordova Tn and I am extremely excited to be a part of this study. This will be my second bible study ive done within the last 4 years… I am eager to hear God’s word speak to my heart and fill me with wisdom, confidence, and love. I have recently struggled with spending quiet time with God and I have avoided in depth prayer time. I have allowed myself to be too busy to sit and read/listen to His word. I have been reading my devotions daily or at least 4-5 days per week and I do my best to allow God’s light to shine through me. Im not perfect at it by any means..I hope to grow spiritually, draw closer to the lord, and teach myself how to soak up God’s word into my heart permanently. I want to KNOW and be reminded every day that I am only living to fulfill His will for my life..I want to be confident that I am continually headed in the perfect direction. I lost my Mom unexpectedly in April and I believe I have distanced myself from God’s word due to fear of having to face all of the steps involved with accepting her death. I am proud to say that I am not afraid of death the way I used to be but it still is a scary and intense feeling of fear within. My moms death is a burdon on my heart and until i accept it, I feel as though I will be unable to open up any other doors god plans to unlock for my life. I plan on putting my hands up during this study and allowing God to lead me where he wants me spiritually. So excited and thankful for this journey! Xoxo Allyson

  412. Hi! Sister in Christ from Maryland. My first time with an OBS. Haven’t participated in a good women’s life application study since leaving my dear friends/church in NC almost 10 years ago…my spirit is so dry! Have hosted many bible studies in our home since then but with young in faith and not sharing the same desire for depth as myself. Praying that this study will help me finally get rid of these strongholds in my life so the Enemy doesn’t have power over me! To God be the glory…amen.

  413. I’m coming from Texas and I’m looking forward to learning how to love again. There’s a lot more but I realize it all has to start with oneself so that would be me. 🙂 Looking forward to this class and the experience!

  414. Hi, I’m Lynda. I live in San Anselmo, Ca. I have struggles with depression. At this point in my life I have completed all that I have wanted to do in life. We are basically empty nesters. Sometimes I feel like why keep going but I know that if I am still here God has a plan for my life so I want to confidently embrace that “plan” and stop getting bogged down in the day to day “blick”. I do need to learn to be more grateful, as well, for all the blessing God has given me. I have a super wonderful husband, three amazing grown children and a job that although tiring at times brings me joy and I get to share Jesus with children everyday.

  415. Terri Atkinson says:

    So excited for renewal of my faith through this study

  416. Hi. My name is Sylvia. This is my first OBS so I hope I can keep up. Several years ago I pulled away from all things church related. I’m trying to find my way back but feel broken. Hoping this study can help.

  417. Terri Atkinson says:

    So excited for renewal of my faith through this study. I live in Trussville, Al and have had many trials in life death of my 1st husband at an early age my daughter with ovarian cancer, Mr mother left as an invalid by a stroke. Through it all I have kept the faith but thru other smaller trials I have grown Weary and beef renewal of my faith.

  418. Beverly Jones says:

    My name is Beverly. I am from Harvest Alabama. My goal in this study, is to believe that I am worthy to believe in me again. I was raised in self doubting home, felt unworthy because I was overweight, and was never as good as my other 2 siblings. I strived to prove that I was worthy of their love. I over compansated me to help others to the point of trying to be loved for my help to make everyone else s life better. I knew God loved me but it just did not seem enough. I wanted the love of my family also. My parents past away and my husband in the last 2 and half years. Now feeling so alone, I have reached out to my christian faith and and very dear friend, that has pulled me back to trying to believe I am wothy. I am much better emotionally now and see that life for me is now such an improvement. I found that taking the negative people from my life and only keeping company with positive friends and family that uplift me instead of tearing me down. I felt this study would keep me on the right track and continue to improve me as a person as well as a christian.

    • Hi! You’re the fourth Alabama student I’ve found, including myself! I will pray for you, and look forward to studying with you.


      • Beverly Jones says:

        Thank you Nancy, I hope to make many friends from this study. What part of Alabama are you from? I am about 10 miles from the Tennessee line.

  419. Hi my name is Judy. I am from St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. My goal in this study to do to exactly as the book title’s – have a confident heart. Through obedience to God I am here. I am really praying that He works through this study on my anxiety, fear, insecurities and other issues that were so abruptly forced into my life through 2 traumatic events in the past 2 years. Thank you for having me! In God’s love, Judy. #PerfectLove

  420. Alicia Lockert says:

    My goal for this study is to grow closer to God!

  421. I’m Jill and I’m from Wylie Texas. God has made major changes in my life in the last 3 years, teaching me to hope and to know that I deserve His best because I am His child. I want to reinforce my faith in Him and His promises in this Bible study.

  422. Susan Barry says:

    Hi, my name is Susan and I live in Ruther Glen, VA. This is my first online Bible study. I’ve been a Christian for a long time, but I’ve always struggled with a lack of faith and have never developed a deep intimacy with God. I’m hoping that this study will strengthen my faith and love for The Lord.

  423. Laura Holson says:

    Hi, my name is Laura. I am from San Antonio, Texas. My goal for this study is to open up and be ready to say, “Yes”, to the doors God may be opening for me. I will be retiring from my position as a school administrator at the end of this school year, but know that I am not ready, nor should I be, to retire from life. I’m ready for something new but want to be sure that my heart is open to what God wants!

  424. Veronica McNeill says:

    Hi my name is Veronica and I live in North Carolina. My goal from this study is to regain my confidence in Christ and love others as he did. I have a lot of bitterness in my heart from past experiences. I have lost a child, lost my marriage and now my confidence. Hoping to regain my love and my life.

    • Hey Veronica, I’m from NC as well. I hope you gain all you are looking for through this study. I’m sorry to hear about all you’ve gone through/are going through.

  425. Ready to have Renewed confidence in Christ and less doubt in my own worth. Perfect love!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!

  426. Kelly Kurtanic says:

    Hi, my name is Kelly & I live in Montgomery, Texas. I’m here because Renee’s words have always blessed & inspired me … and I’m at a place in my life where I need to pick up the shattered pieces & move forward. As much as I love the Lord and *am* confident of His love & plan for me, I’ve been broken down & my heart needs a healing touch …

    • Kelly,

      I know God will heal your heart through this study. God bless you.

    • Hi Kelly. I can honestly say I know how you feel. I finally hit rock bottom and I’m slowly coming up. I wish I could tell you that there’s a quick fix, but there isn’t. BUT. God’s love and power is greater than we can imagine. Even though it may not seem like He’s there, He is working behind the scenes, getting things ready for you. You may not believe this yet, and I didn’t either, but now, looking back, I’m blown away at the awesomeness of God. I still struggle with doubts and depression from day to day, but it’s getting easier to handle as I let God’s Word and His love to sink into my heart. I will pray for you!

  427. Hi! I’m Angie. I’m from Midlothian, TX, which is south of Dallas by about 20 miles. It’s kind of a country town, but close enough to the city that we aren’t hicks. lol I wouldn’t make it in the country!!! I have to have my shopping! and “culture” haha!
    There are 2 goals I hope to accomplish with this study: 1.-Finish! I have done the last 2 OBS’s and dropped out towards the end, so I want to finish strong! 2.-I want to get one step closer to being the confident woman God wants me to be. I still find that I am doubting myself and having low self esteem even though I know whose I am, and that His love for me is enough!

  428. I live in southeast Texas. I’ve been through some tough life changes since 2011. I thought I was coping well until anxiety attacks resurfaced. I’ve been here before and God brought me through, and daily He is my help. But my spiritual vitality is not as strong and self-condemnation has resurfaced. I need a renewed confidence in my calling–that I haven’t let God down–and that I can have a confident heart again.

  429. Hi all. I’m Tracy from Texas – specifically Fort Worth, Texas. I stumbled across this study and just fell right in. This is my first OBS and I’m a little doubtful 🙂 but very open and willing. I have come from the brokenness of addiction and mental illness – through a process of recovery and surrender – to a place of joy and hope in Him. However, I do remain riddled with doubt, esp professionally. I am 50 years old and have started a second career as a programmer after a career in social work and I frequently feel incompetent and wonder why I ever thought I could do this, forgetting that this is very difficult and challenging work with a lengthy learning curve. And, even more than that, forgetting that God’s got it, not me and that when I doubt me, I am actually doubting Him
    So…I simply hope to grow my real-life, practical day-to-day living faith, knowing that in Him, all things are possible.

  430. I want to be able to rest in my faith knowing that God don’t make no junk!

  431. I am so excited about this study. I want to gain FULL confidence in the Lord and in what He has for me. I want to reach my full potential in Him. I want to walk with confidence knowing I’m a King’s daughter and that He truly loves and desires ME!!! I want to be confident in my calling and to reach other women who are struggling. Thanks to all of you for putting this study together and sharing your lives with us!! May God bless every one!!

  432. My name is Amber and I am from southeastern New Mexico. This is my first online bible study, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us. For years I have struggled with confidence and acceptance in all aspects of my life…personal relationships, work, etc. I have drifted far from my relationship with God, putting my hope in things that only lead me astray and down a dark, lonely road. I hope to regain confidence in GOD throughout this study. I believe that without confidence in Him, there is no way to successfully have it in other aspects of my life. Ready for a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father.

  433. Hello everyone! I am Marsha from Rochester, NY.

    I read this book earlier this year. While I was reading it, there were so many positive changes in my life. I joined this study to relive those wonderful things and to take the words deeper to truly make GOD my confidence.

  434. My name is Niscah. I am from Texas.

    My goal for this bible study is to heal my heart of negativity, forgiveness, and hurt. I want to be confident in The Lord. I’m very excited about the journey.

  435. Erica Lawson says:

    Hi I’m Erica . I’m from Robertsdale, AL. I’m a divorced, single mom. I have a lot of worry about my son’s and my future. My goal for this study is to learn to leave my worries in Gods hands and know he has a plan for us that will glorify him.

  436. Nicci Patrick says:

    Hi! My name is Nicci. I am from Memphis TN
    My goal for this study is to learn better how to rely on God to be my ultimate confidence and not put earthly/worldly things in front of Him!

  437. Becky Babin says:

    I am from Katy, TX and hope to overcome my doubt, depression, insecurity, comparison, anxiety, failure, worry, not feeling special or good enough~These feelings that I had convinced myself as having worked through but have not. Hopefully this bible study will do this for me this time. I’m very excited to get into the nitty gritty of all there is to learn from this bible study and make amazing friends at the same time. God Bless each of you in our quest of more assurance of our learning of Christ!

    • Hi Becky! I am also excited to get into the study so that I can learn to overcome doubt, depression, anxiety, worry and not feeling special. As your sister in Christ, I just wanted you to know that you are not alone and we will be traveling on this journey together! I hope you have a week that is beautiful as you are!!

  438. My name is Tina and I’m from New Franklin, OH. My hope for this study is to overcome my fears and doubts and rest in God’s truth.

  439. My name is Angie. I am from Virginia. My goal for this study is to develop a strong confident heart that my husband, my kids and close friends begin to see a difference in how I respond to stress, negativity, doubts.

  440. Hello from Roanoke Indiana! I’m Judy and this is my first OBC. Like some others commented, I want to grow closer to God, worry more about what He thinks of me and less about what others think. I also need to stop the negative self talk tape that plays in a never ending loop in my head! I’m really looking forward to what the next few weeks will bring.

  441. Hi, my name is Laura. I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This is my first online Bible Study. I was feeling frustrated that I couldn’t attend the Women’s Bible Study at our church due to scheduling conflicts. A plug for this study came from Proverbs 31 Ministries in the midst of my wondering how I could participate in a Bible Study. It seems like an answer for this season in my life.

  442. Amy Saunders says:

    Hi I am Amy Saunders and I am from Moyock,NC up by the Outer Banks. I want a Confident heart. I want to grow close to God and be able to hear his voice speak to me.

  443. Stephanie Hicks says:

    Happy Sunday to all! My name is Stephanie and I live in East Tennessee, only about 45 minutes from the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains! This year has been an interesting time and my faith in God has grown so much stronger. In February this year, I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I immediately started chemo, then had a left mastectomy in June and then radiation, which I finished at the end of August. Through it all, I have done very well…no sickness from chemo, surgery went well and radiation went well until the burns set in the last week. I have recovered from those now and have been able to continue my physical therapy for Lymphedema in my left arm, which I have had since this all started. I am doing compression for it and soon will have a compression sleeve. Through this journey, I have kept a positive attitude and remained strong and have learned to pray more and turn things over to God. I am in the midst this week of having a skin biopsy and PET/CT scans to check on some suspicious activity. I am just praying the cancer is not still there or spreading. I know God has a plan for me and this is my first online bible study. I believe we all need to have a more confident heart towards God and I know I always need that extra boost! I look forward to this journey in my faith and want to say thank you to all who are making this Bible Study happen and to all who are here to learn to have a Confident Heart!

  444. I am Cynthia from Alabama. I am a Newbie and this is my first ever online bible study!
    I want to draw closer in my personal relationship with the Lord. Oftentimes the negative thoughts and feelings take over and I would like to better prepared to replace them with thoughts of the Lord and all his goodness.
    Happy Sunday everyone!

  445. Kellye Hammrich says:

    My name is Kellye Hammrich and I currently live in Jacksonville, Fl. I absolutely loved the last OBS “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” so I could not wait for this one to start!! I hope to gain more confidence not only in myself, but in my walk with the Lord and what he is asking me to do! Thank you ladies at Proverbs 31 for providing this opportunity to keep my faith alive and grow closer to the lord each day.. and enjoy every moment of it!!

  446. My goal for this study is to erase any doubt that I am worthy of His perfect love

  447. Angelique says:

    My name is Angelique. I am from Olivehurst, CA a small place in Northern California. I hope to grow closer to God through this OBC. And feel that I am a smart person inside.

    • Hi Angelique! I am Pam. I currently live in Citrus Heights but have also lived in Olivehurst and Plumas Lake. Good to see someone else from Northern Californai taking this Bible study! I look forward to learning and growing with you!

  448. Tracy Venable says:

    My name is Tracy and I live in Katy,Texas. I am hoping through this online study to have a more confident heart. I fight with this sooo much. Always thinking I am not good enough, insecurity etc….. I am always too worried with what others think when all I need to do is worry what God thinks of me. I have always been told since I was young from friends in school, and even family members that I am stupid, ugly and can’t do certain things. All those words have stayed with me and it is time to let it go. I am ready.

  449. Gayle Beck says:

    Hi everyone. I’m Gayle from Mt. Ephraim,NJ. I am excited to do this study, my first OBS. I signed up before I knew the theme on the recommendation of a friend, but now know it is directly from God to me. I have struggled with confidence my whole life, with feelings of inadequacy and always trying to make everyone happy to gain acceptance. When my husband of 25 years left me in 2010 for another man, I fell to an all time low. God is so faithful and has brought me through so much, yet I never feel worthy of that love either. I hope to try come to understand and feel and have confidence in Gods love and have that permeate my whole life. I have great expectations for myself and this study! Thanks for putting it together!

  450. Hi everyone! My name is Kimberly and I’m from Texas. Despite the fact I’ve known God most of my life, I have continually faced doubts, fears and thoughts of depression. Recently diving deeper into my walk with him has revealed a lot of brokenness that I’ve harbored all my life and never fully dealt with. I’m beginning to see how it has shaped my entire life to this point and how I must let it go so that He can guide me in the life of glory he has for me. My main goal is to learn to wholeheartedly trust in His Promise of no fear, no condemnation, no shame, no worry, no worthlessness, no doubt, and trust that in ALL things of my life. That He truly has the best for me in everything and is bringing that to full glory.

  451. I am Lisa, and I live in the fabulous suburbs of Chicago! The best city ever, shopping, food and beaches all in one shop. I love Baseball, my Bears and my Detroit Teams, because I grew up in Michigan. I am looking forward to helping my heart heal and become closer to God.

    • Hi Lisa, I also live in Chicago more on the north side. I too am here for healing. God has brought me out of where I was but the enemy keeps on remembering all I have done in the past. It get’s overwhelming at times. I love God and also pray to have a more personal relationship with him. God bless!

  452. Hi, I’m Tricia from San Diego, CA and I’m a thought-a-holic. Due to the constant swirl of negative thoughts/scenarios and stories that run through my mind I’ve suffered from anxiety, fear and depression most of my life. Wow, that’s happy huhhuh? Actually things are much better now thanks to many lessons learned and to a awesome God who wooed and wooed and wooed me until I finally turned my stubborn head towards Him. I have up and down days, mostly up but I do struggle with confidence and doubt and am hoping this study can help me get to the next level in becoming secure and strong through my faith in God.

    Good bless all you fantastic ladies, let’s roll!

  453. My name is Jen. I’m from Pella, IA. My goal is find my confidence in the Lord and not my self or others. The past few years through different siutations I’ve put my confidence in the worng place and it’s erroded my relationship with God, my husband and others. With that has come a lot of doubt and hopelessness. I don’t want to live that way anymore and believe this study will help get going in the right direction.

  454. Mavis Tipton says:

    Hi I am Mavis Tipton, from Vero Beach, Fl. It is on the East Coast of Florida. I have been anxiously awaiting for the OBS to start. I did When Women Say Yes to God. I was so blessed by it that I signed up for this one. A Confident Heart is coming at a really good time for me, as I have been going through quite a bit recently, and I am tired of second guessing myself, when I feel I have responded to what God wants me to do, only to have people or Satan telling me differently. The enemy has been trying to sit on my shoulder and discourage me, and I am having to flick him off almost daily. I love the Scripture verse for this week Isa. 49:23. Thank you Melissa and the team from Prov 31 Ministries for this OBS. Blessings to each of you.

  455. Colleen Stewart says:

    Hi! I’m Colleen Stewart and live in Bristol, WI. This will be my second online study and I did the last with my friend Tristine and we decided to do this one too! It’s nice to meet up each Monday morning at our favorite coffee shop and discuss our study, life and what God is doing in our lives! I just want to keep trusting the Lord in every aspect of my life. I want my faith to be stronger then ever. I want to know that God’s promises are true!! I’m really looking forward to A Confident Heart and seeing where God will bring me!

  456. My name is Jade, and I currently reside at Camp Lejeune, NC; I say ‘currently reside’ because my husband is a Marine, so home is wherever the Corps takes us. This is my first ever OBS. Through this study, I hope to find ways to regain my confidence and combat persistent self-doubt. I have always struggled to have a relationship with God. I want this study to help me open my heart to Him, and to help me replace my fears and doubts with faith, love and confidence.

  457. I am Nicole Woodard from Waco,Texas. What I hope to learn from this is to differentiate my true abilities from my what I THINK I can do. Once an overconfident person, my confidence has taken a hit the last 3 years due to health concerns and a change in profession…

  458. Christina says:

    My name is Christina and I live in Caribou, Maine of the United States, but am originally from the state of California. My goal for this study is to journal my thoughts from reflecting on the book and Scripture in the study for the practice of meditation.

  459. Robbyn R. French says:

    Hello my is Robbyn, I am from Valley City, North Dakota. A couple of weekends ago I did a retreat. At the beginning of the retreat I picked up a rock. That rock symbolized the unforgiveness, guilt, shame, doubt and insecurities I was carrying around with me for 20 plus years. I had just a year ago thought I had taken care of this but I picked the rock up again. Oh how so easy it was for me to fall back into old comfort behaviors..like your favorite pair of sweats. I laid that rock down again but I didn’t say I wanted self confidence I wanted God confidence. I had been praying about doing this bible study before that retreat. So this was Gods perfect timing that it came into my life. Thank you to Prov 31 Ministries, Melissa and all the team behind the scenes to make this happen.

    Your sister in Christ Robbyn

  460. Good afternoon! I’m Kim and I live in North Texas—Aubrey to be exact. This is my first OBS. I’m desperately wanting to really develop a relationship with God. I always hear about these people that talk to God all day long, turn to him with EVERYTHING….they hear his “voice” talking back. I’ve never had that and DESPERATELY want it. I also struggle with really knowing and believing that I am worthy of God’s love and attention. I think my brain knows it, but my heart does not. I’m looking forward to growing closer to God during this study.

  461. Jessica Thompson says:

    This is my first proverbs 31 online bible study. I have self-esteem issues and doubt with myself that I cannot wait for this to begin and today is the day. I love Lord with all my heart and I talk all to Him but boy do I need some help and I pray this helps me. When I got this email about A Confident Heart, I was on bored immediately. I want to have strength in my faith but also in myself. I have a husband and three beautiful children that I need to be a better wife and mother to. I know God will be with me through all this and I will be a better person soon! God bless!!!

  462. My name is melissa, i am from el paso, texas, and my goal for this study is to become more confident in the Lord’s work through me as i embark on a new jouney of being a mother….of twin boys! I also have a goal of becoming more confident in what the Lord wants me to do as a wife, a professional, a friend, a family member, and an overall servant towards his will for me.

  463. My name is Brandy and I currently live in Council Bluffs, IA. I just moved here a couple of months ago and am having a hard time adjusting. My family is suffering because I am often sad. I am hoping to find comfort in the Lord again.

  464. Blessings, sweet sisters! So glad to be with all of you on this exciting journey. My name is Mary and I live in Chantilly, VA. My biggest goal as I begin this study is to uproot those things which rob me of confidence (which, of course, requires me to figure out what those things are first) and replace them with the peace and security of Christ.

  465. I’m Maita. I live in Grays England. My goal in this study is to develop a confident heart. Many a times I find my self doubting and feeling inferior. I desire to find my confidence in God and to be the woman that God has created me to be in Him. Looking forward to be transformed by his Love.

  466. Hello all. I am Karen T from Indiana. This is my first OBS. I want to know God better and I want others to be able to see Him in me. I knew nothing about the book or title only that I wanted to dig deeper and study more about God.

  467. Hi My name is April I am from Arkansas and I am so Looking forward to his Study I need it in a Major way My self Esteem and self worthy is at a zero cant wait to see God’s Love through this!

  468. Hi everyone,
    My name is Sandra and I live in Albuquerque New Mexico with my wonderful husband of 8 years our dog Southpaw and our cat Buddy. I am excited for this study for a few reasons, one I want more time devoted to God and bible study, and two I want a more confident heart a more confident expectation. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but I am always in amazement to see God work in my life but I think with more confidence I would have a loving closeness in what God does in my life not just be in amazement.
    I pray this for all of us as we go forward with this fabulous bible study.

  469. Mandy from PA. I want God to reveal to me the doubts in my life and show me how to lay them down and go forward being the confident woman He created me to be.

  470. From Louisville, KY

    Hoping to go deeper in the Word and find more confidence in my daily life.

  471. Jen Csatlos says:

    Hi, my name is Jen and I am from Wadsworth, Ohio. I am looking forward to this in so many ways. I want to be closer to God and I need to seriously stop doubting myself and learn how to have a better self-esteem. I have had a lot of mental, emotional and verbal abuse most of my life but more so in the last 4 years and just recently I was the victim of domestic violence. Since this occurrence I have gotten back stronger in my faith as well as joined my church. My girlfriend told me about this on-line study and I thought what better way to build myself up even more. I cannot wait to learn more about God’s love for me and love for myself. Something I never thought I had. I am worth it. If God says I am than I am. Praise God!

  472. Sandy Weber says:

    Hi, I am Sandy and I live in Georgia. Through this study I want to gain a more confident heart, just as the title suggest. I want to begin to live my beliefs. Someone told me that my trust is not complete unless I am living it, because you live what you believe. Through this study with all the encouragement from my OBS sisters and learning how to overcome doubt I am sure this will happen. Praise God for OBS and Proverbs 31 ministries!

  473. Julie Scott says:

    I am Julie and I am from Lowell, NC. I am looking forward to growing closer to the Lord through this study. This is my second OBS. I am needing the confidence only God can give since I said Yes to some pretty big stuff. Very excited to get this going.

  474. Ashley Bunnell says:

    I’m Ashley, 29 years old, from Alabama and hoping this online bible study can help me to have more confidence in myself. My insecurities block me from truly opening up to people and I struggle with most realtionships in my life.

  475. I’m Susie and I’m 39 years old. My goal for this study is to completely put my hope and trust in God. This is my second OBS with Proverbs 31 and I can’t wait to get started!

  476. Hi! I’m Wendy from Mississippi. This study came at just the right time. God has been showing me the places I have been receiving my self-worth & confidence are harmful and hurtful, to myself and others. I don’t want to live that way anymore! I’m asking Him to teach me how to find those things in Him. I’m looking forward to how this book will change my life!

  477. Lynnette B says:

    I’m Lynnette from Indiana. I’m hoping to draw closer to The Lord through this study and to be more confident in my walk with Him.

  478. Gillian Wenger says:

    Hi! I’m from PA! I’m really looking forward to this Bible study! I’ve struggled with insecurity most of my life as I know many of us women do! I have come a long way but still have room to grow! I am hoping through this study I can become truly confident in who I am in Christ! To allow it to be rooted in my heart!

  479. Hi, My name is Pam Ruhl and I am from Marion Ohio. Although the Lord has brought me through a lot of healing form childhood abuse, I still find myself struggling with confidence and lies from the enemy. I am doing this Bible Study to build my identity in Christ and be His light in the darkness of this world. I want to be everything He has called me to be and the godly wife my husband needs me to be.

  480. Hi! I’m Kelly and I am from Arizona. My main goal from this study is to put my whole heart into it so I can walk away stronger and more confident in my relationship with God my Father and His love for me. I had a pretty rough father relationship which has defined many of my life’s downs (and very few of my ups). I have the whole bag of issues that come with that. My goal is to get my heart to know and believe what God’s word has been telling me for years.

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Kelly! It’s nice to see a familiar face here! We are going to be busy what with this study, Compel, and our lives in general. Maybe we can be support partners to assist each other with staying on track and focused for the next few weeks.


      • Hi Nancy! I would love that. This week is going to be extra busy with me also taking on the midday show at my station for Tuesday through Friday in addition to my own weekend shows so assisting each other with staying on track would be great! Let’s do it! 🙂 Praying for you even now for strength, wisdom and God’s guidance with time management.


  481. Amanda Langworthy says:

    My name is Amanda Langworthy, I am in Sioux City, Iowa
    I want to finish this study! and to build up my confidence, in myself, through God’s help! I want to build my identity in Christ and Christ alone

  482. Dawn Anderson says:

    Hi, My name is Dawn Anderson, i live in Whitehall, Pennsylvania and am excited for my very first online Bible Study! I am so curious how this will all work and to grow in my faith.

  483. Hi EVERYONE!! My name is Valerie and I am from Clinton, MS!! Go Arrows-Go Big Red!! I hope to gain more consistency with my everyday walk with God and to obtain more order and liberty.

  484. Michelle Brocco says:

    My name is Michelle. I’m from Willoughby, OH. I am looking to get more confidence in myself, especially in my walk with God. I want to be confident in order to minister to others. I’m confident this Bible study is going to build my faith in God and lead me in this journey.

  485. Kimberly Phillips says:

    My name is Kimberly and my husband and I just moved from NC to Myrtle Beach SC. It has been a very stressful time for me with leaving a place that I called home for 27 years. The move put me in a place that I haven’t been in for quite some time……doubtful! So many things: finding new friends, finding a church family and everything that goes along with those concerns. I am truly looking forward to diving into this online bible study because I don’t want for those feelings to overcome me.

  486. I am Meredith from Georgia and want to get back in the word with other women.

  487. Corbie Bradley says:

    My name is Corbie Bradley and I’m from Western North Carolina

  488. Patricia Morgan says:

    I am always looking for studys that will boost my relationship with God So here I go I am from Illinois and am 53 God has brought me through so much Especially health wise in the past 7 years God is in the business of healing so get with Him and He will do the rest and all you have to do is ask

  489. Good Afternoon, My name is Tina and I’m from San Antonio Texas. My best friend, Melissa (in Georgia) asked me to join her in this bible study with her. I am looking forward to this bible study as I continue my journey in growing close to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I hoping to chase any lingering self doubts about my worthiness, fears, anxieties, comparing myself with others, among other things. I feel confident on where my life is going, just not confident with myself, especially my views on how I look or how I think others view me on my body image. I am ready for a more confident me!

  490. Hi, my name is Lynn and I am from Alabama. I am looking forward to this study. My goal is to gain self-confidence thru God and His Word. I want to be able to see my life a significant and purposeful.

  491. My name is Tracy, and I live in Nashville, TN. This is my first online Bible study, and I’m most looking forward to spending more time in the Word and in prayer.

  492. Hi! I’m M. Liz and I am going to learn how to be more confident as HIS servant .

  493. This is Theresa from Houston, TX. I’m looking forward to this study and learning to become confident in God’s love for me and His truth about me.

  494. Hi! My name is Donna and I live in North Wilkesboro, NC. My goal for this study is to grow closer to Christ. I have struggled with self-doubt, insecurity, and feeling that I am not good enough. My prayer is that I will be able to work through some of these feelings and that every one of the ladies participating in the bible study will also be able to work through their struggles.

  495. Spring Maertens says:

    My name is Spring and I live in Glendale Arizona. I hope to learn to be more self confident in my walk with God.

  496. Andrea Feakins says:

    Hi, I’m a Texas girl, born and raised, but currently live in Kent, UK. I’m very excited and encouraged to participate in the “A Confident Heart” OBS to learn how to love myself more through learning more about God’s Word.

  497. I’m Mindy Miller. I live in Greenville, SC. My goal for this study is to grow in my relationship with God and believe His promises and how He sees me. I want to get away from the negative thinking and the guilt trips that I have lived on most of my life.

  498. I am from Oklahoma, currently living in Oklahoma City/West Moore. I joined this bible study to learn more about why I need to be more confident and how I can achieve that. I had been living life alone for so long that I need guidance and confidence in my walk with God.

  499. My name is BB Godfrey, aka God’s Yes Girl, and I am from Columbus, Mississippi! My goal in this study is to actually finish it! I have a BUSY 9wks ahead of me and I don’t waNt the devil tempting me to give up! I teach a bible study and involved with another bible study as well.

  500. Rachelle Bonifer says:

    Hello! My name is Rachelle & I’m from Kannapolis, NC. I’m praying to get past my hang ups & dive into what I believe God has called me to do.

  501. Elizabeth says:

    I am Elizabeth from Mesa, Arizona. I joined this study in hopes to further my road to recovery. There are many topics this study is covering that already seems to be tugging on my heart. I want to be more confident and focus on positive things. Growing my relationship with God is really important to me right now.

  502. Hi from sunny southwest Florida! Having completed the Yes to God OBS made doing this study a no-brainer. To continue my journey with Christ, I must now throw away the anxiety, worry, and self doubt that the enemy finds so easy to plague me with. I will renew my faith every day and stop comparing my walk with Jesus to that of others.I long to see myself as Jesus does and trust in God’s perfectly planned promises. For today that is my purpose. All of life is a process but with the help of God’s word and the company of my sister’s in Christ, I will learn to be confident for the future.Lord keep our eyes on You as we journey!

    • Hi, Pam! You are the first fellow Floridian I have come across as I am reading through blog comments. I am from Central FL (Plant City) between Orlando and Tampa. We need to start a recruitment plan for the Sunshine State! Welcome!

      Praying that God will reveal to you how completely loved and adored you are by Him and that you will be able to place your complete trust in His ability to overcome the lies of the enemy in your life.

      In Christ –

  503. Hey everyone, I am from Arkansas! This is my first online Bible study and trying to get tech savvy! Lol. I believed God has put in positions in my life recently that is out I my comfort zone. I find myself making excuses and doubting myself with negative self talk. I have come along way with building my self esteem and want to learn to walk with God.

  504. My name is Linda, from Ohio. I have believed most of my life the lies of Satan. I have been set free from this bondage of negative thinking. My goal is to learn fromtis study and start a bible study of my own with others in our church

  505. Deb Brewer says:

    Hi, I’m Deb Brewer from Sullivan, Indiana. This is my second OBS (just finished What Happens When Women Say Yes to God). Looking forward to seeing how God helps me deal with self-doubt and to gain more confidence as I continue to serve Him in prison ministry.

  506. So ready! Have been feeling a bit anxious and grouchy the past few days, I need to refocus on our Father.

  507. Amanda Mata says:

    My name is Amanda Mata and I’m from Buffalo, NY. My goal is to increase my faith and confidence in God and His promises and to truly trust in HIm. I’m so looking forward to the study and everyone’s thoughts and input!

  508. Hello to all! I am as excited as each of you to join in this OBS. This is my first one and I have a heart or expectancy. I know God is preparing something great for us all. I am looking forward to a renewed confidence in Christ and a stronger dependence on God.

  509. Hi, I’m Sandy from Philadelphia, MS. I hope to grow closer to God through this study and reach a whole new level. I have been inclined to help other ladies and I would like to give something to them as well through this study.

  510. Greetings!!!!! I’m Tonya and God is opening a new chapter in my life. I’m hoping this study will help me walk confidently into his will for my life. I’m excited for this journey.

  511. Hi, I’m Anita from Etowah, Tennessee. I hope this study will build my confidence to walk more faithfully each day.

  512. Hello I am from Texas and my main goal for this study is to learn how to embrace who I wad created to be and walk faithfully with God more.

  513. Lori
    Draw closer to God. Grow, strengthen my walk 🙂

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi, Lori!

      Nice to see another Michigan resident here. Where abouts in the mitten state are you? I’m between Detroit and Ann Arbor. And others here range from mid-state to the U.P. Looking forward to sharing this study with some fellow Michiganders.


  514. Hi! I’m Nancy Eady and I’m currently living in Alexander City, Alabama. I hope to make progress against the feelings of self-doubt I have quite frequently. I also hope, indirectly, to get a better sense of the direction God wants me and my family to travel in – we are in a holding pattern, and have been for a year and a half. I am trying to be patient, but no-one enjoys being in limbo and waiting to hear what comes next.

    I am excited to be studying with all of you!


  515. Howdy! I’m Melinda from Greenville, SC. I hope this study will teach me how to trust God more intimately and overcome a stronghold of fear!

  516. I’m Audra Heinman from Flemington MO. I have struggled with depression, anxiety, stress, fear, feeling inadequate, comparison, and more for most of my life. I’ve worked through a lot of that. I get better, then get worse and so on. I am praying that through this study, I can TRULY be confident in who I am in the Lord, which is all that really matters. Also, to get that very thought deep inside my heart, not just in my head. Looking forward to a great time of fellowship, study and some hard things to work through and come out on the other side of.

  517. My goal is to learn how to recognize how Satan is using doubt in my life to keep me from being used more effectively by my Father God.

  518. Jackie Ingram says:

    Hi, I’m Jackie and I live in East Tennessee. This is my first OBS. I am excited about it. I desire to grow closer to God and let go of doubt, worry and insecurity!

  519. Hello, my name is Michelle and I live in a suburb of Chicago, IL. The first year I became a Christian I was completely on fire for the Lord and His word, but in recent years my faith has been dwindling. I have not been attending church regularly, dropped out of my small group, and have become lazy in my study of the word – although I do still pray on a daily basis. I joined this OBS in hopes of re-igniting my passion for the Lord and getting back on track in my study of His word. I am so very thankful for this opportunity!

  520. Hi My name is Carla, I am from Baltimore MD and would like to be able to have a confident heart

  521. Cheryl Rucker says:

    My name is Cheryl Rucker, I am from St. Charles, MO but live in Knoxville, TN. I am hoping to gain a more confident heart myself so that as I am presented with opportunities my actions will speak louder than words.

  522. I’m Sadie from Madison, WI. I am doing this study to grow closer to God and to get a better understanding of how He sees me.

  523. Hi. My name is Alice. Can’t quite verbalize what I hope to get out of this study. Freedom from some life long bonds I guess.

  524. Hey y’all, my name is Heather and I am sounding to you from Ocala Florida. I am just so excited to get into the Word and be encouraged as I walk through some difficult times at home.

  525. My name is Cathy and I’m in Temecula CA right now. I’m not really from anywhere as I have moved so much in my life that I don’t know where home is except for where I am at the moment. Anyway, my goal in this Bible study is to be confident in the Lord. I have put my confidence in many things through my life and they have failed me. I am out of work, out of money, overweight, and have no relationship to speak of. I am in love with a man whom I believe can see that I’m insecure and it keeps him from me and I believe that my lack of confidence is the barrier between me and the rest of my life. I need to be who the Lord has called me to be.

  526. I’m April from Greenwood, South Carolina. I am so excited to be joining this study. My main goal is to become more confident in God’s #perfectlove and to know that His love never fails.

  527. Sandra Lynn says:

    Hi my name is Sandra. I am from Staunton,. Va. (beautiful blue ridge mountains) This is my second OBS with Pro