Word of God Speak

Happy Friday, Y’all!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this first week of study! I think we are off to a great start!

We began the week like this:

“I can’t do this.”

“Things will never change.”

“My life isn’t going to get better.”

“I’ll never have the confidence I need.”

But then, we were introduced to hope.

“Then you will know that I am the Lord. Those who hope in me will not be disappointed.”

We learned that God’s love, #PerfectLove, is all we need. We may be fine (Frazzled, Irritated, Neurotic, and Exhausted), but we will move forward with hope (Hang On Peace Exists). God’s promises are for us and they are the key to stopping the doubt we experience about ourselves. We must focus on listening to the Right Voice (God’s). Remember this: Touch on the issues causing doubt and acknowledge them, but don’t park there. Dwell on God’s promises.

ACH No Parking Doubt

One thing I hope we all will do during this study is to pick up our Bibles. We’ve had lots of great verses captured within the pages of A Confident Heart in chapters 1 & 2. Let’s not overlook them. They are the foundation of this Bible study. In 8 weeks, this study will be over, but your Bible study should never be finished. Look up verses in your Bible. Get to know your Bible. Write notes in it. Pray every time before you open it that God will speak to you through His Word and show you how to apply it to your life.

If you aren’t familiar with verse mapping, I want to share it with you today.

ACH Verse Mapping How to graphic

Here are examples of this week’s verse mapped out by some of your OBS sisters~

ACH Verse Mapping 10

ACH Verse Mapping 9ACH Verse Mapping 8ACH Verse Mapping 7ACH Verse Mapping 6ACH Verse Mapping 5ACH Verse Mapping 4ACH Verse Mapping 3ACH Verse Mapping 2ACH Verse Mapping 1

I hope you can somehow zoom in and get a closer look at these! If you want a detailed tutorial, check out my friend, Heather Bleier’s blog post on verse mapping. She’s the one who taught us how to verse map during a previous study.

We close this week with a song. Can you guess it? (Hint~ look at the title of today’s post.)  But before you listen, let me tell you a little about what to expect this weekend in our A Confident Heart study.

No assignments!

Saturday~Prayer Requests & Praises

Sunday~A look at Week 2 + winners announced from Week 1

Do you think you guessed our song to close this week? If you were thinking Word of God Speak by Mercy Me, then you were right!  Enjoy listening to this song and as you do, reflect on the goodness, truth, strength, and power of the Word of God.

If you are receiving this by email and can’t see the video above, click here.

Thanks for a great Week 1 in our A Confident Heart Online Bible Study! Have a great weekend!

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  1. “to be still and know that you’re in this place, please let me stay and rest in Your holiness.” Thank you Melissa, I needed that message this morning. I began this week holding those negative beliefs, and I’m ending the week with them too. The difference is – I am have given myself time to rest right at His feet. Time to reflect and be with my Creator. I know the Lord gives me rest, but if I don’t take the time to rest – I find myself pulling away from Him. I am not perfect. I cannot achieve perfection. It is a hard month for me, and I need to accept God’s enduring grace and mercy during this time. He will bring me through and draw me near.

    Having several panic attacks in 2 days over the events that took place last year at this time, I remembered just how real spiritual warfare is. I can’t imagine how I forgot. So, this time off – alone with God – is how I’m telling the devil to take a flying leap. I am casting aside my pride – the pride that tells me to pretend everything is okay on the outside – pretend I’m fine – in favor of allowing God to take care of me, and confess to my sisters and brothers in Christ that I am struggling. I will not leave any foot holds. I am a beloved child of God. I want to rest in His holiness.


    • Michelle, I celebrate your commitment to take time away to be with Him, and I pray in your honesty with Him and in your brothers and sisters and Christ, you will find more love and support and encouragement than you ever dreamed possible. Much love! Jennifer

      • Thank you Jennifer – God has blessed me with a wonderful group of Godly women, a Pastor who is a great shepard, and a husband after God’s heart. So sometimes I feel guilty for suffering such spiritual lows – although I know following Christ does not mean a life free of problems. I am trying not to focus on the “what if’s” had I not isolated myself before. But God lives with us in the present, not the past. Praise God!


    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      Praying for you Michelle as you are going through a tough time that the Lord would wrap His loving arms around you and comfort you. I pray for peace in your life and that the panic attacks would cease. Thanks for sharing with us today! We love you ♥ God bless!!

      • You know – you just reminded me of something a sister told me once – if you wrap your arms around yourself, it’s like feeling the arms of God holding you, because the Spirit dwells within us. Thank you for the reminder, support, and prayers Janet. God bless you with love and peace sister!


        • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

          Absolutely Love this Michelle!!!! Thanks for sharing this!! ♥

        • Yes, that was a beautiful thought. Thank u for sharing. When our minds are tensed , we forget all rational thinking. I forget the verses, I just think about myself. We have to train our minds , to think otherwise, as thinking good thoughts is difficult, thinking -ve thoughts are easy. Even when we are alone, we need to keep our mind on god’s word, visualize how he is helping us in times of trouble. God will help us to be conquerors. 🙂
          All things are possible to her who believes – Luke 9:23

          • Thank you! I love the strength in this group – in this study! We can be strong in Gods promises – strong in His word – strong in our fellowship!


    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;” 2 Corinthians 10:4

    • Praying you will get through this, Michelle! I also suffer from anxiety, and have been on and off meds for it through the years. I have had a rough time these last few months, too, and I felt “called” to read Renee’s book and have found it to give me the hope I’m looking for. I’m also find this Bible study inspiring. Despite your struggles right now, I hear a strength in your words, and I find that inspirational, too! Keeping fighting the good fight, you WILL get through with God’s help!

      • Heather – thank you so much for reminding me that I am strong and “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” (Phillipians 4:13) I forget that if I rely on my own strength, not only am I prideful and guilty of idolizing myself – but it’s dang near impossible to be God! Thanks to His #perfectlove, I can look forward to more healing, and more steps ahead and away from the past.

        I am sorry to hear that you are struggling too. Thank you so much for sharing. We are meant to share so that we are not alone. “For two are better than one, because they have good reward for their toil. For if one fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10) God leads us to places where we can find healing, and I pray we will both find it here.


        Love and His light,


        • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

          Thank you for sharing the verses from Ecclesiastes 4. What a great reminder for all of us. I spent most of my life feeling like I needed to be in control and didn’t need anyone. How wrong I was! We all need God and we were meant to need others. May God’s blessing rain upon you!

      • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

        I pray that your anxiety subsides as you get closer and closer to God! Thank you for sharing with us!

    • I’m feeling the spiritual warfare of starting this study too. Nothing major here but all these little things that just chip away at your attitude and resolve. We must be doing something right if Satan feels the need to attack us. Stay strong! I love your phrase “telling Satan to take a flying leap”! How true!

      • My Pastor says that satan is nothing but a little flea with a big mouth! That always makes me laugh when I’m feeling a little piece chip away! Dang right we’re doing something right! Coming together to share the Word of His #perfectlove, and building our confidence in Christ!

        • Michelle, never discount your bravery in continuing to deal with anxiety and other issues. I have had chronic depression since 1998, usually well controlled with medication, but about two years ago I had a severe downswing, worse than I had ever had. One of the most important conversations I have ever had in God through prayer was when He told me that He was very proud of the way I kept fighting and dealing with my depression. My unconfident self felt like a failure sometimes because I HAVE depression, but right then and there I realized that God saw things very differently. Remember that God is proud of YOU because you are dealing with your anxiety attacks.

    • Nancy Silvers-OBS Small Group Leader says:

      Michelle and Heather, Holding you both up in prayer as you rest at HIS feet and soak in all that God has for you. Ephesians 6:12 says “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Let God and His warring angels fight these battles for you. My prayer is that you will be blessed today with the assurance that God loves you, He knows your hurts and anxiety and most specially that He LOVES you with His perfect love-a perfect love that will cast out all fear. Holding you sweet sisters up in prayer today.

      • “cast out all fear.” Thank you. Not only does God love us perfectly, but He protects His beloved Children. “I shall not be afrsid, what can flesh do to me?” You reminded me to stop, let God protect me – and evaluate my anxieties against the backdrop of eternity!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      It amazes me how we are so wired to have “I’m fine” as our answer when we are anything but…I congratulate you on your wisdom and identifying the enemy. We are here to pray and support you!

      • And I you. That is the true beauty of being children adopted into Gods family – we sisters stand strong together and for each other. Although we are not gathered physically, whenever two or more are gathered in praise, God is present! And we are certainly gathered!

    • I completely identify with you as I go though the same thing. Thank you for sharing because it does help me to know that there are other believers that go through the same struggles–especially panic attacks. Mine are related to medical issues, and although nothing has ever come of these issues, just scares, I go right back to it every year. God help us break this bondage!

  2. What a wonderful week of Bible Study! I have heard God speaking to me and have renewed my desire to become more of who I can be in Christ. God bless you sisters!

  3. Thank you for this message this morning, it’s just what I needed to hear “Word of God Speak”. I’ve really appreciated this Bible Study this week and am throwing my doubts in the trash can! I’m taking this new tactic and sharing it with my daughter so she will grow to have a Confident Heart. Also, I am looking forward to using the verse mapping technique.

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      Becky you will love the verse mapping!! I had never heard of it before these OBS’s and they just bring the verses alive for me!! Have fun doing them!! 🙂

    • I love that you are sharing with your daughter! Leaving a legacy is so important. Praises to you for the wisdom in recognizing this! I do children’s ministry, and I am so amazed at how uninvolved many parents are. You can see a big difference in the children of parents who are taking an active role in leading their children as followers of Christ. They have hearts filled with confidence in God.

  4. AWESOME 1st week!
    My takeaways for the week are: turn to the light..God.
    Stop pretending, it only leads to hiding and isolation.
    Be real wih myself and God….he already knows me and to be known is to be loved!
    Stop telling people I am FINE…well at least the people I love and trust.
    YAY for Verse mapping! I have more scripture study to do…
    Because God’s love is perfect I don’t have to be.
    Don’t throwaway my confidence.

    My most valuable takeaway: When you talk to God and get in his word, I find peace, I feel love. I am empowered and courageous….Praise God!

  5. What a wonderful uplifting song to listen to in the quiet of the early morning. I love these studies and thank God for using them to bring me closer to Him. I have found out that I internalize so many these, thinking that I am just fine, but then something comes up and puts me back in that I am not good enough mood, but now I am giving these things to my Jesus and allowing Him to give me peace and A Confident Heart.

    • Nancy Silvers-OBS Small Group Leader says:

      Praise God!!

    • Thanks for sharing Nancy…That is exactly how I feel!!! I think and feel I am fine, but the smallest comment brings me down. Like you I am in a journey and I am giving all my thoughts to Jesus. I am not pretending anymore and I am addressing my emotions right away by throwing away what is not good and asking Jesus for strength to continue this journey!

  6. Thank you Melissa and the team. The promises of God found in his word definitely stop the doubts we experience. I pray this word finds a permanent place in my spirit. thanks for the song as well.

  7. “Jesus is the only one who can meet our deepest needs to be accepted and delighted in simply because if who we are. ” Praise God! Such a comfort to me. That there is someone, THE ONE, pursuing me and wanting to know ME! I can stop being disappointed as I quit seeking this from others. Only Jesus. Lord, help me find my identity, my significance, my confidence in you alone.

    • Praise God for revealing to you how He can work in your life through His word. I love that you realize we are prone to seek acceptance from others. I know I do, and sometimes I can’t even see it until I am knee deep in commitments I cannot keep, self doubt, and fear. Having a confident heart puts the most important thing in perspective – God!

  8. Michelle Bode says:

    I haven’t started the study yet but I can catch up. I need to do this study! It’s been a depressing , tireing. Week. Can I still get in the study?
    Thanks for putting so much time into this!
    God bless your day!

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      Michelle YES you can still get in the study, the posts are always here on the blog. If you have not signed up go to the top right hand of this blog and fill in your info so you get emails of the new posts. That it the beauty of these studies, you can work at your own pace and go back over a day you missed. We would love to have you join the study! Praying for you sweet sister that you will be renewed in spirit soul and body!! ♥ God bless you!!

      • Michelle Bode says:

        Thank you that’s great! Thank you for your prayers also, much needed!
        I will catch up.
        God Bless you!

        Michelle B

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      Yes yes yes!!!! So glad you are going to join us 🙂

  9. I am grateful for this study. I’ve been wrestling with a new job that I have that I don’t like. I feel like I don’t belong. But I am trying to keep the verse that I won’t be disappointed in my head. Please pray for me!!! I really need encouragement

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      Praying for you Jennifer in your new job. Praying for peace and that you find favor and acceptance in that new job. God bless!! ♥

    • Lifting Jennifer up to you Lord God. Praying that you will give her a sense of belonging in her job. Pray that she will begin to find enjoyment andfulfillmentin her work. But Lord God most of all i papray that she will continue to rely on your #perfectlove in difficult times. Remind her that she will not be disappointed as she continues to do her will. It’s in your holy name i pray, Amen!

  10. Cindy Shick says:

    I had three very stressful events to happen this past week. God is good! I have read both chapters, but my mind was not in it. I am going to retread it this weekend. I am so thankful for the OLBS. Please pray for my family. My children and my marriage the devil would love to destroy them.

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      Praying for you and your family Cindy that the Lord would protect all you from the evil one, that He would send extra angels to encamp round about you and your family. I pray a hedge of protection around all of you from satan’s attacks. God bless you!! ♥

  11. I have to say I have been so excited about this study and couldn’t wait for it to start but things went crazy this week. My daughter was home from school sick and I have had migraines that have kept me in bed. I feel like someone is trying to stop me from being the Confident Woman I want to learn to be. Please keep me in your prayers.

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      Praying a hedge of protection around you from the attacks of satan, he does not want us to have #AConfidentHeart and will stop at nothing to keep us from it. I have been attacked by him this week also Shari. I pray for God to fill you up with His Spirit and renew your physical body with strength from on high!! Praying for your daughter’s health to be renewed also. Hang in there and God Bless You!! ♥

    • Praying for you as well Shari. I have felt attacks this week as well. Your honesty just made me remember that nothing can pluck us from His hand, and that if we tell the devil to flee, he must. Just cry out the name of Jesus!

  12. Good morning all. I just wanted to share the amazing love I am feeling from God this morning. So question number 5 really made me realize how amazing Gods love is. I realized I don’t hang out with the people I used to that knew me before I knew The Lord. I stopped really communicating with them bc they knew me before , they know my past. I don’t know how they will feel when they see the REAL me who love Jesus. BUT then I thought wow God knows my past, He knows all of me but still loves me, all of me, even with my past! How amazing is that! He still wants a deep relationship! Ahhh praise Him!!

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      AMEN Praise God!! Thanks for sharing Hailey!!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Hailey I went through similar things. It took me a little bit for it to sink in that I am not hiding my past from God and He still loves me!!! It is such a humbling thought but it is true! Never forget that! You are a loved princess of the true King!

  13. Christina.E says:

    In a week that has been up and down. I have found this study a blessing, and what an awesome up lifting song. Feeling very blessed, and looking forward to next weeks study.

  14. I am truly blessed to call Jesus my Lord and Savior! I am truly blessed to join thousands of other women from across the world to deepen my relationship with Jesus through my participation in this study. Learning who I am in my journey is strengthened by my quiet time learning and reading God’s Word. Thank you for this forum of sharing, learning, and encouraging each other.

  15. Donna Torrado says:

    I love this email the most. I found it not only gave me a spiritual hug, but it taught me ways to grow closer. Never heard of Verse Mapping before, but I love it.
    Bless the entire team at OBS and P31 as well as all the beautiful women who are part of this study.
    I have had a very rough week, between my work schedule & some personal concerns. Although the information I received were not comforting, I am going to believe God will provide all that is needed.
    I ask for prayer for strength and guidance and more importantly than any of that, I ask for prayer to know not just in my head, but in my heart that God loves ME unconditionally and He will lift me up and make me whole and better than I can ever even imagine.
    Thank you

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      I’m praising God right now for the way He has wrapped His arms around you through this Bible study! Our team is praying for you and we will continue! Bless you sweet sister and have a wonderful weekend!

  16. I loved the study this week! This weekend I am definitely going to work with the verse mapping!

  17. I am so very thankful that I “stumbled” across this online Bible study! It is exactly what I needed!!

    I have been a Christian since I was 12-but I have felt like I have been living in a desert for the past couple of years-no growth and no life!

    On September 25th of this year, while on vacation at the beach, I prayed for God to REVIVE me-to RENEW my walk with Him. I can’t explain it except to say I felt His peace wash over me- the hopelessness is gone!

    I need to confident in the area of weight loss specifically, which is how I happened across this Bible study on Proverbs 31 Ministries. I am expecting God do do big things in all of our lives!!

    In Him

    • Nancy Silvers-OBS Small Group Leader says:

      Kimberly, So happy that you “stumbled” ascross OBS too. Praying you are richly blessed as you do this study.

    • God IS amazing, and does amazing things! I love that you are praying with expectation and hope. It shows the strength you feel in God’s ability and desire to work in our lives!

  18. I’m definitely growing because of this. I’m so very glad to be doing this.

    • Growth in the Lord is so amazing. Sometimes, because of doubt, I’m unable to look back and see where God has brought me, how I have changed and healed and grown because of His love! I’m glad to be doing this too – to learn to be confident enough to look back and see how the Lord has lifted me up!

  19. I am learning that some of my behaviors which I always attributed to just “being me” are actually the products of doubt. The devil has fed me lies that have given me excuses for my actions, when truly those actions are because I doubt myself and in all honesty God. If you asked me last week if I doubted God I would have given you a big NO! But after this week, I have to admit that through my actions of people pleasing, attempts to control people and situations, and staying stagnant, I am doubting that God has my back, that in Him ALL things are possible, blessed is she who trusts in the Lord. My hope has been in the Lord, but only when I can see that the outcome will be favorable to me. No more. Lord, you have my trust, fully and completely, and when I feel that I need to take back those reigns, I trust in you to show me what I am doing, to give me that nudge that says, “I’ve got this, let go and let me show you how much better it can be when you put your hope in me.”

  20. In my younger days, I relied on my strength and kept struggles to myself trying to solve everything myself. I now know that my Father, is there to lift me up and help me. Joshua 1:9 says, ” Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for The Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

  21. Wow. This has been an amazing week. Every day God has met me and revealed or confirmed something through this Bible study. Even the end was perfect. This is one of my favorite songs and it was right on time this morning. GOD IS AWESOME!!

  22. Thank u so much for the info on verse mapping!! I can’t wait to start using it!!

  23. Shady Malaeb says:

    I have always taken side notes and highlighted verses in my Bible, but never verse mapped! That’s cool! Especially the inclusion of your own name..makes it even more personal! I’m gonna do this!

    • …. I not sure why, but you made me smile – remembering when I first accepted Christ as my Savior. I was raised Catholic, and almost passed out when my Husband encouraged me to write in my Bible. I always believed the Bible as an actual book was holy – but it’s the words that are contained within which are holy. It’s not a religious artifact or whatever!

      I was like “like, write, write? In ink? In the Bible? Where? Isn’t that sin?” Then he said “yes, you can even highlight it!” I told him “NO! I can’t do that – what are you highlighting anyway?” LOL. Now, my bible is covered with notes, stickies, and is half highlighted! Oh how we grow when we are hungry for His word!

      In all honestly, I learned about verse mapping in the last study, but when I just glanced over it, it seemed confusing. This time around I understand. God’s saying “Give it a go!” So, I’m going to try it this weekend too!


  24. What a great way to end the first week. Yes, Gods word does speak. And it speaks clearly to all who will listen.

  25. I love the verse mapping!U are right,I need to put my doubts away and listen to Gods voice,start verse mapping,to put my name on His promises will surely help,pray for me as I go through my journey of putting my past behind me.The last time I tried this,I put the brakes on,I did not want to remember any more,I became depressed and it was like reliving everything again,any suggestions for doing this in God are welcomed,I believe I let my thoughts run away with things,I need to stay focused and maybe go slower?I will pray for everyone taking this course too! Thank-you so much for this Bible Study!

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      Debi on the encouragement call Wed Melissa talked about this very thing. About focusing on God’s promises and not the bad things in our lives and told us to go to Chapter 12 and use it all the time. It shows what we say, what God says and His powerful promises to us. When we think those discouraging thoughts about ourselves Melissa said “there is a promise from God that says A HUH honey, you are my daughter, I created you in My image, and that doesn’t describe you at all, you are a daughter of the King and you are beautiful and here is My promise for you.” Chapter 12 is amazing Debi. I am praying for God to bring His thoughts and promises into your mind and not the ones satan wants you to hear. You are loved Debi!! ♥ God bless!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I too struggled with reconciling the fact that my past does not have to define me. That is Satan talking. I don’t know what is in your past but it doesn’t matter! God loved you before you were born. He has never loved you less throughout ANY stage in your life!
      “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.”—Isaiah 61:3.
      Beauty from ashes….you are a blossoming woman in Christ. If I can help you in any way, please let me know. I will pray for you and your knowledge that your past is done.

  26. Jodi - Group Leader says:

    It is great to see so many verse mappings in one place! Now I know my crazy looking notebook is just right! Thank you for posting this song – I have always loved it, but now it has a deeper meaning when I relate it to this book study!

  27. This has been a good first week for this newbie so far! I love the verse mapping idea and the samples – thank you! I also very much enjoyed the song and video, it’s the perfect way to wrap up the week.
    Thanks so much everyone for their work and contributions to this study!

  28. Wow…having that song tie it all together just spoke to me so gently. What a way to start my day. Thank you for putting that together. Feeling at peace to begin the day.

  29. God is so good ! He just keeps giving at the right time. This week has been great. This song was a great choice. I can’t wait to use the mapping. This is the first week I have picked up my bible outside of weekly church service and its a good feeling knowing that I moving closer to God by just that simple gesture. God is #perfectlove.

  30. I can hardly write this for my tears…. God showed up and showed out this morning! Just as I opened my e-mail for the OBS… Word Of God Speak came on my radio and the title on my screen was the same !!! All I can say is awsome! God’s timing us so perfect !!

  31. Nancy Prewitt says:

    I missed Chapter 2 video message notes. Where can I go to watch it? Thanks, Nancy Prewitt

  32. Anastasia Corbin says:

    God’s word is alive and active! I love this truth. What a great way to start the morning. Thanks for this amazing song. 🙂

  33. Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

    Love all these photos of he different ways to verse map. I had never heard of verse mapping until doing the
    P 31 OBS’s and I love it!! It brings the verses to life for me. Love this song my Mercy Me!! I want to hear the Word of God speaking to me so it drowns out the worlds voices. Thank you Melissa and P31 for these awesome studies and all the behind the scenes people involved in them. God bless you all!!

  34. I love the verse mapping concept. It is very similar to how I have studied the WORD. Sometimes I will take a lot of time with key words the Holy Spirit is fingering in my life. I love digging into what God is saying to me this way. The latest word for me: patience.

  35. Love the No Parking sign for Doubt!! 🙂

    Love love love the Verse Mapping. Keep up the great work, sweet OBS sisters!!!

    And the Mercy Me song is a fave. What an awesome rendition, with all of the scriptures about God’s word thrown in there. <3

  36. Lena Keys says:

    This week has been very insightful. Reading the chapers answering the questions at the end made me really think of how God has been with me during some really trying times. He has been with me when I didnt think I could make it through. Thank you Jesus for never leaving nor forsaking me, thank you for your #perfectlove.

    • Lena, I’ve found the questions at the end of each chapter very thought provoking as well. They are pretty deep. I’ve shared some of the questions with my husband, and we’ve had some good conversations over them.

  37. Mary Basham says:

    I love the verse mapping idea. I had never heard of that. Can’t wait to start using it.

  38. Christina says:

    You know after you are told for so long that you mean nothing, you are worthless, you are not worth the air you breathe etc. It’s really hard to believe in Gods unending LOVE!

    • Janet F (OBS Prayer Warrior) says:

      I am praying for you Christina that you WILL BELEIVE IT!! God does love you!!! and so do we at OBS!!♥

    • Kim Parris says:

      Almighty Heavenly Father,

      In the name of Jesus, Thank you for loving Christina so much that you brought her to this OBS so she can be freed from the Father of Lies and be encouraged and loved by You and her sisters. Father I ask you to open her eyes and heart to Your truth and to help her recognize that everything she said in her post comes straight from the bowels of hell. Renew her mind with Your word: Jeremiah 1:5, Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 139:13-17.
      Thank you for raising up a standard against Satan when he comes in like a flood with all of his lies! Thank you for Jesus who loves Christina so much that HE willingly laid down His life for her so she could be free! Father, in the name of Jesus be glorified in her life! AMEN and AMEN!

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Galatians 5:22-23
      But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.
      Christina, fill your mind and heart with these words! These are the words of God. All others are worthless and meaningless!

  39. Crystal Anderson says:

    Wow ! Just Wow ! I think of where I’ve been ans how far I’ve come over the yrs. I couldn’t have done it wothout God in my life. This study is amazing. He is speaking to my heart in this study. I am God Confident that I will become more and more Confident. I will rely solely on him, after all that is his plan all along. This study allows us to be vulnerable a place we don’t likw to be. He will allow great and mightly things to happen in our vulnerable state. Excited for next week. # Perfectlove # AConfidentHeart

  40. Martha Brewer says:

    Thak you.

  41. What a fantastic first week…I already feel more confident and even wrote a blog for the first time! 🙂 I feel, like so many other, that this book was written to me. So much that Renee writes resonates in my heart and has brought me to my knees in praise and prayer. Thank you Melissa for creating something awesome and a big shout out to my awesomely glittery group 28 leader Kristy who adds so much to the study through the group 🙂 #perfectlove

  42. Good morning beautiful confident heart friends!

    I have been so moved by your hearts, your stories, just YOU – all week reading your comments, tweets and blog posts about the ways God is loving on you and speaking to your hearts – has been a huge encouragement to me. I am so amazed and honored that I get to be part of your story. And Im right there with you as we read A Confident Heart together.

    Although I wrote it 3 years ago, God has a way of timing things. He knew when Melissa and OBS would host this study, I’d need HIS message again and again. This time my doubts and feelings of being overwhelmed are for a different set of circumstances – but the power of His promises in Chapter 1 and 2 were perfect for me this week. I just love how He knows what we need when we need it.

    And to top it all off – Melissa T chose my favorite song today!! I can’t wait to pull away from all the noise and let Him love me as I soak in His #perfectlove. Praying you will have time this weekend listen to His heart speak to your through His Word!

    You are loved and prayed for today!

    • Jean Buist says:

      Thank You Renee for your obedience to Christ in writing this book. Because of your obedience, so many have been blessed, and will continue to be blessed. So thankful to God for you and our other bible study leaders. This study will be life changing.

      • Waiting on God says:

        I echo that, Jean. So many are blessed by Renee’s obedience. A good reminder for us all as we don’t know how God will use our obedience. That’s a lot to take in!

    • Thank you Renee for exposing your heart’s struggle and your journey to Victory in Christ through A Confident Heart! It’s been a tremendous help to me so far!

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      Love you Renee 🙂 <3

    • Sue DiStefan/Stedtler says:

      Thank You Renee, I really need this and it couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. What a true blessing! 🙂

  43. Jean Buist says:

    I am with you Melissa!!!! With Christ there is always Hope. There is such a joy in knowing that. It’s very calming. A week ago, even when I was excited to start this study, I wasn’t feeling that joy. I was depressed about certain circumstances in my life. I do know that no matter where I am in my life God meets me!!!!! I’m not alone and I am Loved. Just a few days ago my girlfriend Sue wrote me and said ” God is on the Move!!!!!! To me He certainly is!!. Our soul waits for the Lord, who is our help and shield. For in God our hearts rejoice; in your holy name we trust. May your kindness Lord, be upon us; we have put our Hope in you. Psalm 34: 20-22 Loved the song ” Word of God speak

  44. As I was reading this everything was “ok” until I got to the title of the song. “Word of God Speak”…it just broke me.
    The Lord does speak to us through His Word. This song goes so well with verse mapping. Going to go do some of that now from the first two chapters. 🙂

  45. Margaret flournoy says:

    I have been waiting for this since the last study end. I am super excited. Thanks to all OBS workers!

  46. I just love Hang On Peace Exists! That is beautiful!!! This has been quite a quickstart to the sorts of heart issues I’ll be working through during the course of this study. I’m so glad to be doing it in community with all of you. Helps to feel less alone as we dig up some dirty soil in our hearts and plant new seeds of hope and trust.

  47. I have a huge prayer request. As I am going
    through this online bible study, my insecurities are
    being tested everyday at my job. I read my verses
    and chapters then go back to work where I am
    reminded that I’m just not good enough. I keep telling
    myself that I work for God not man, but it’s so hard.
    Please pray for me. Thank you!

    • Praying for you!

    • Right there with you! It’s such a challenge to constantly have to remind ourselves to extend grace and God is our side and it’s His perfect love that we have in a bad work situation. I like to think that it’s just that….a situation, and our situations are not where we get situated. Situations and circumstances are subject to change and praise God that we can be that motivating factor that changes those situations. Praying for you today! And Me!!

  48. Oh how I need this study right now!! Prayers for all my sisters participating too.

  49. Patricia Dedrick says:

    Week one I have to be honest I have not put my all in this OBS as I did the yes to God OBS because i do not have much alone time. My husband is home healing from a surgery and he always has tv on. I am busy a lot and been doubting that I can do this at this time, but that is what the devil wants me to think. As I was listening to the song “Word of God Speak” I stopped and thought I can do all things through him who strengthens me and that all things are possible to them that believe. The devil is a liar I can do this study even though I do not have a Christian spouse and if I obey and do what God tells me I will overcome and win my husband for The Lord if I would stop and listen more often and be slow to speak . my tongue gets me in trouble a lot with my husband. Please pray for me and I am not going to quit , but dig deeper in to Gods word and do some verse mapping. I can’t change no one but myself. Thanks so much for these online bible studies and may God bless each one of you ladies. I will be praying for everyone and please pray for me.

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      Amen Patricia! You got this because God’s got you! Hang in there, don’t quit. Even if you just pick up with Chapter 3, don’t worry about catching up or if you missed something, just pick up where we are and continue.
      Our team is praying for you and for your husband to heal and recover quickly.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      This is my 3rd time doing A Confident Heart study. At different times in our lives we are going to need different things and different things will touch us more than others. Use the book, this study, and the amazing community of love and support and take small steps. You will be moving forward towards a deeper relationship with Christ. Sounds like a win-win situation. Join us where you are – it’s the perfect spot!

  50. Julie Schultz says:

    I so related to Renee’s words on page 42. Except I created God in the image of my mom. She would show her love by buying me things, and if I did not “behave” she would withdraw and ignore me. She had bi polar disorder and I was told if I did not behave, then she would end up in the psych ward. I think I have forgiven her, she died 3 years ago, and I love her dearly and miss her so. I, however, began to seek unconditional love through relationships with men. I gave myself to men in hopes they would love me. After many one night stands and failed relationships, I became pregnant, which led me to an abortion. I was fearful of bringing my parents shame, and because of my “bad” behavior, fearful of losing their love. I became a Christian 15 yrs later, I knew I was saved, but I yearned for LOVE. I assumed God would treat me the same as my mom. I had to earn His love by good behavior. I have grown to understand the kind of love God has for me in Christ, it helps having a husband who displays unconditional love for me, but I so easily revert back to the doubts of not being good enough to have God’s unconditional love. I am the same with my husband. It causes me to be angry and rage, at myself and at my husband, and at God. I say such poisonous things to myself, calling myself names I will not put in print here. Then consciously or unconsciously sabatoging my relationship with my husband, at this point I purposely didstance myself from God,b

    • Sue DiStefan/Stedtler says:

      Hi Julie, first I want to say God Bless you. I feel like you have just spoke of my life some what. I am presently in the mist of a trying relationship with my own mom who the family feels has the by-polar disorder. I have had some really bad confrontation with her when she is on what they call the high of by-polar. These confrontation leave me thinking I wish she would go back to her down side of the disease which is sleeping the days and night away, because I can’t take much more. I have prayed for her and our family for many years and have been left thinking that this is the way my life is suppose to be. It has gotten so bad that she has actually taken me to court 5 years after my grandmother had died for things my grandmother gave me. Saying that she did not give them to me that she sold them to me and I never paid for them and she wants the money. I have sense decided not to have any dealings with her until she gets help and becomes the loving person I know she can be. She has confrontation with everyone she come in contact with if they don’t agree with what she says. She is very head strong on things. I am very close to my dad who 2 years ago suffered a heart attack and had quadruple bypass surgery then suffered a stroke coming out of the anesthesia they used. So he was left with partial memory loss and she has used this to her advantage to get him to believe everything she says. She argues with him all the time over stupid things. Now my dad has waited on her hand and foot all my life because she demands it. If he says I’m busy right now can’t you get your coffee your self she total flips out on him.This happen a few months ago and she post on Facebook for someone to call the police to her house and posted her address and everything. So of course someone called and they came out to the house and she started ranting and raven to the police about all kind of stuff. Well my dad spoke up and said I don’t know why you came out here I have done nothing wrong the Officer looked at my dad and said we are not here for you, you have done nothing wrong, the whole time my mom was still ranting and raven. So the police officer said to her mam if you don’t calm down we are going to have to take you to Columbia, we have that right. She looked at the officer and do whatever you gotta do, take me to Columbia. At that point they finally got her to be somewhat quiet. Then they told her that my dad did nothing wrong and that she need to just calm down, maybe go out for some fresh air. Well she went out for some fresh air alright she went to the probate judge and fed her a bunch of lies and had the judge issue a pick up order on my dad to have him arrested and taken to Columbia to be test because she felt he was medically incompetent and chemically dependent. So the next day she chased my 79 year old dad around the yard trying to give him some paper. He would not take it and said I dont need whatever that is. Then she throw it in the back of my husband’s trailer cause he was there to pick up my dad’s mower to work on it and she said you have been served. When my husband got home he told me what happen that day and gave me the paper. I was never so scared in my life that my dad was going to be pulled over on his way to my house and be arrested. Little did I know she had to take those papers to the Sheriff to be served. So my dad finally showed up and I had to break the news to him about these papers. Right there I thought my dad was going to die. He was in disbelief that she would try something like that. So I immediately called the judge and thank God I was able to speak to her, I explain what was going on and that the family feels she is by-polar and this is the reason behind how she is acting. So the judge said come in and see her but first we went to see my dads Doctor to get my checked and to obtain a written statement of his health which the Doctor is aware of my mothers problem, because he seen it first hand when she got into it with him. Plus the other reason we got a statement was because the pickup order said that my dad was to be held for up to 24 hours until a Doctor could give a written statement of his health. So got the letter after blood work and a complete exam. We then went to see the Judge of Probate and explain more of the situation at which time the Judge ask why she has not been check for the disease. We had to explain to her that my mother refuses to get checked. She states there is nothing wrong with her its everyone else. Everyone does all the wrong and she does everything right. So the judge told my dad that he may need to do an order on her to have her get checked and the loving and caring person my dad is said he would wait and see if she will seek treatment on her own that he could not have his wife picked up like that. Well this was over about 2 months ago and things have not change. But back to what I was saying your story has touch me deep down inside, I have struggled with not being good enough or thinking no one loves me like I feel I need to be love. So this has cause me to be in some really bad relationships. I feel that growing up in the life I did with a mother who suffers from an illness that’s to me is really bad has caused me to feel the way I do. After my first husband and I divorce I got involved with a true gentleman I had known from my old neighborhood. It quickly grew into a beautiful relationship, I thought I finally have been blessed with this amazing man and a beautiful relationship and we were to be married April 24, 2004 but 19 days before our wedding my sweet Frankie went into a cardiac arrest and was in a coma he never fully came out of the coma and on my youngest sons 18th birthday he past away. Then all my doubts were back again and I felt I don’t deserve to be happy, that maybe I was meant to be alone and unloved. Now I have decided that am worth loving and being happy but to get to that place I have to trust in the one and only person that has never stopped loving me, that is Jesus! He has always been there waiting for me to let him in my heart. There is so much more I could tell you that has happen to me over my many years but I will leave it for now. So yes God’s love is unconditional. So for you and many like us who relate to our life story lets trust in him and feel that unconditional love he has for each of us. God Bless You.

  51. Every time I go into a study I just love how God brings up ways for me to identify with what I am learning. I am a visual person. I have to see it at work, in action, or demonstrated. Doubting thoughts flood my mind. Many I have buried and didn’t want to deal with. Remembering to turn from the shadow of doubt and face the light has been such an eye opener for me. I am so blessed already to be apart of this study. Now my struggle is my alone time. I live with my mom in a small apartment and she craves my attention. I long for quiet time with no interruptions in order to hear God. There is no yard or deck. And I do not own a car. No parks near by either. Finding white space is difficult. I ask prayer for this situation. Melissa, thank you for the visual of Verse Mapping.

  52. I’ve never heard of verse mapping before and I’ve done quite a few Bible studies in the past. Thank you so much for the examples and the link to Heather’s blog. I’m off to map out this week’s verse and will be sure to share it via Twitter (@Breemarie83) when I’m done. Thank you for choosing one of my favorite songs (by one of my favorite bands) to close this week out. I have been so blessed by this week’s study that I can’t wait to get started on next week’s!

  53. This first week has definitely been far more than expected. I was a little late to start and I haven’t really been keeping up with the social media; however, It has been a pleasure to read your blogs and all your posts. I am so blessed to be a part of something so amazing. When I think of a perfect love, I am reminded of the song “LOve me Anyway” by Sidewalk Prophet. I probably listen to this song at least once (maybe twice) a day. No matter what mood I am in, this song lets me know that God loves me anyway; when I doubt His grace -He loves me anyway, when I question his forgiveness- He loves me anyway, No matter what my feelings are towards Him-He loves me anyway. I don’t know about you all, but this love makes me feel so strong that I just want more of it. Its this same love, #PerfectLove, that Jesus showed to Sam when he visited her at the well that afternoon. Despite her past and her present, He loves her anyway. I cannot imagine a greater love. Because of perfect love, I CAN and WILL NOT be disappointed. I want to share a verse I stumbled upon this morning during worship. 1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love. But PERFECT LOVE drives out fear.”
    I can’t even explain how amazed I was to open my bible to this verse. As I continue with this bible study, my prayer for all of us is that God’s perfect love will drive away all our fears and doubts as we find our way to having A CONFIDENT HEART.
    Have a great weekend everyone,
    In Him,

  54. CarolAnne says:

    Oh. My. Goodness! What a beautiful video! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Love what we are learning. Thanks for all your hard work. xo

  55. I have been feeling a lot more confident with the writing down my doubts and throwing them literally away in the garbage…I had a lot to throw away and a burden lifted off my shoulders!!! TYJesus!! God’s Blessings and Favor upon each and every Woman in OBS!!! Excited and Ready for what God is going to do next!! 🙂

  56. I have absolutely love this first week of A Confident Heart. I learned the verse mapping from our last OBS and that has totally changed the way I study scripture now. I’ve taught everyone I know:)
    It’s so wonderful how it can be personalized because God truly takes His word and speaks truth & life through it but everyone receives something different. Oh my goodness who would have known “HOPE” would be such a big part of this study. This is the word God gave me to study for 2014!!! I feel like I’m getting a pre-study on it……the early bird special. Lol
    Anyway, thank y’all for all you do, the book is so powerful, the study is awesome, today’s email is fabulous. Who could not learn from all this? So blessed!

  57. Debbie Jo says:

    Love the song……………rest in His holiness…..what a first week!!! Thank you, Melissa, for all the words of encouragement!!! I have never truly thought about what I have been doing with the confidence God has given me….what a great gift, and I am just not using it……I cannot wait to see what God brings to us in the coming weeks!!!

  58. I’ve enjoyed this weeks study. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

  59. I thought I would share the prayer that derived from my daily devotional:
    Lord, when I am feeling anxious, let me seek refuge in the shadow of your wings. For though my heart may fail, Your love for me never does. I trust in Your love which is perfect and unfailing to drive out my fears and keep me and mine from harm. You are my portion – You protect me, You strengthen and calm my heart and my special patrons guard me in all my ways. In Jesus’ name, I pray. AMEN (1 John 4:16-18, NIV; 1 Corinthians 13:7-8, NIV; Psalms 139:23, NIV; Psalms 73:26, NIV; Psalms 36:7, NIV; Psalms 91:9-12)
    I am facing some of my fears today with His help — My significant other is in for another biopsy – it may be a recurrence of thyroid cancer — he had his thyroid removed a year ago. He has had a run of it — starting with open heart surgery during the summer of 2012; then prostate and thyroid cancer surgeries and follow-up treatments. I also have a phone interview for a job today — my current assignment ends October 31st, to the clock is ticking.
    Your thoughts and prayers will be much appreciated!

    • You can find my devotional and other thoughts on my Blog — drdesonia.wordpress.conm

    • Kim Parris says:

      Heavenly Father,
      Thank you for Amy and her devotion to Your Word! Father, in the precious name of Jesus I ask you to give her the peace that passes all understanding today. Remind her that you are in control of the circumstances and that You have her back at all times. (…if GOD is for us , who can be against us? Rom8:31)… Lo I am with you ALWAYS, even to the ends of the earth. Matt.28:20. I pray that YOU will be glorified today in her life and in the lives of those she has a burden for.
      In the precious name of JESUS…AMEN

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Thank you for sharing this devotional. I will pray for God’s healing grace for your friend as well as for a positive outcome on your phone interview.

  60. Marybeth D'Amico says:

    One of my special moments this week was chewing on one of the very first verse in our study, Jeremiah 17:7. Though I didn’t verse map, I found myself researching simple words such as blessed, confidence and trust. Synonyms were security, hope, assurance, safe, sure, and benefitted. I asked God what this meant for me and it is clear to me that He spoke to me. See, I am never one to use analogies, though my husband and boys do all the time and I am always so impressed by what they come up with. Well, God gave me the analogy of a bank. Most banks have the word trust or security in their name. I felt God say that just as I can trust what I take to the bank, I can trust what I take to Him. I know that when I make bank deposits they are safe, secure and protected. Similarly everything I give to The Lord is safe and protected and I can be assured in Him. And just as there are dividends overtime to my funds there are dividends in my time with The Lord. ( He is our very great reward!) i was so blessed to hear from Him so early on and I am excited to meet Him everyday! My next step is to map some more of our verses! Thank you for this wonderful idea!

  61. Christina Pratt says:

    I want to KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW — all the time!

  62. Praying for a blessed and beautiful day for everyone. Yesterday I came to a realization of how often I allow the word “never” to come out of my mouth as in “I could never do that.” I challenged myself to immediately do two things…write down the awful statement on one paper and a replacement statement on the other and per Renee’s instruction toss crumple and toss the first…now I have several affirmative statements replacing the “nevers” as well as the “can’ts.” Thank you all! Looking forward to continued growth!

  63. I really enjoyed the song and I think it was a perfect choice. I have been reading and trying to grasp it all. Please pray that I will get through this and be a stronger person, I am still struggling with my doubts and insecurities. Thank you for the Bible study and I am sticking with it. I am going to try to do the verse mapping I have never heard that before and I am one of those people that does not write or underline in her Bible but I am going to start trying that I just sometimes struggle with understanding what is being said. Thanks again

  64. Julie Schultz says:

    Well…this is my 3rd attempt at writing this, ( the last 2 were deleted off my iPad?). Satan obviously does not want this to go through, which means it is something I must write, it is my truth, and I am thinking there might be someone who has gone through it also. I related to Renee’s story on page 42, except I created God in my mom’s image. She expressed her love by buying things for me, and if I did not behave, (or disappointed her) she would be angry and ignore me. She had bi polar disorder, and I was told repeatedly, if I did not behave she would be put back into the psych ward. I have forgiven her, thanks to Jesus coming to live in my heart. She passed away a few years ago, I love her dearly and miss her so. Yet, my relationship with her set the standard for all my other relationships. I sought unconditional love through many relationships with men. After many one night stands and failed relationships, I became pregnant. Not wanting to disappoint my mom, I had an abortion.
    I became a Christian 15 years later, I knew I had received forgiveness and was saved,but felt I needed to be perfect for God to shed His unconditional love on me. I have grown in my faith since then, yet easily revert to doubting God’s love for me unless I behave. I feel I am a disappointment to God and to my husband of 25 yrs. I get so angry at myself which leads to anger and rage directed at my husband,myself and The Lord. I sabotage my relationship with my husband, verbally abuse myself, calling myself such poisonous names that I will not put in print. I then distance myself from The Lord, all because I screwed up, said something wrong, did something wrong, and think how could God love me now. I am fearful I will never change. I love the song by 10th Avenue North “Worn”. I tired I’m worn, my heart is heavy, from the work it takes, to keep on breathing. I’ve made mistakes, I let my hope fail, my soul feels crushed by the weight of this world. I know that You can give me rest, so I cry out with all that I have left. Let me see redemption win, let me know the struggle ends…this is my hope, I know it is true,I just seemed to have a hard time living as if it is true, and I know if I do not live as if it is true, I am not being a good witness to those around me.

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      Our team is praying for you Julie. One thing I love about God (well there are many things actually…) is that He loves us NO MATTER WHAT. There is nothing we can do or did in our past that can separate us from God. Don’t ever forget that 🙂

  65. I so enjoy your and Nicki’s videos & posts so much. You seem like the kind of “girls” who it would be fun to hang around with. You make the OBS feel warm & friendly.

  66. Myrtle Cash says:

    Be still and KNOW that I am GOD !!! Thank you Jesus for loving me & Never giving up on me !!!

  67. Myrtle Cash says:

    Thanks Melissa Beautiful Song & Video <<<3

  68. This song always comes to my mind when I get ready for bible study, or even just to open my bible to look something up. It’s amazing how powerful a song can be. I have read chapters 1 & 2 twice now. The second time I went through and highlighted things that really spoke to me. (I probably should invest in a new highlighter 🙂 haha) I am so thankful for this study. I’ve always struggled with doubt and the lack of self confidence. We’ve just moved to a new city for my husbands job and I don’t know anyone here. We’re trying to find a church to get involved in. The one I’ve really fallen in love with is 40 minutes away and my husband feels like it’s just too far. So we will just continue to look for the right fit. Please pray that we can find a good church for our family. Thank you much for this study. It truly is speaking to me and is such a blessing 🙂

  69. I LOVE Mercy Me! They were my first “real” Christian band that I loved when I began listening. I tell my kids that when you sign to the Lord you get double prayer credit! PRAISE HIM! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the confident heart resource on Renee’s website that relates bible versus to overcome any feeling of worthlessness in ourselves. I am going to share it with my family and friends. It speaks volumes to fill those voids that we have. I am so filled with joy today! Thank you OBS team. Happy Friday!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      What an encouraging post here!! To see and hear that you are so filled with joy brings such a smile to my face 🙂 What great resources we have been given! Praise God for what He’s already doing!! #perfectlove from our Daddy is all you need to fill that void <3

  70. definition of “Perfect Love” is When two souls converge knowing they belong on the same journey; How any times have we as women and even men for that matter been on the journey of finding that “perfect love” How many times have we set expectations so high we can’t fullfil or they don’t meet our expectations?

    I am relatively new to the Proverbs 31 bible studies but after reading the first two chapters of Renee Swopes book “A confident Heart” something inside has changed. I have been overcome with emotion so strong that it has led me to realize all the doubt and lack of confidence inside me has been building for years.
    The feelings of “I am not worthy”, “I am not good enough”, “I am not loveable” all these doubts blocking me standing in the way of who I really am.

    I keep coming back to “Because God’s love is perfect, I don’t have to be” it resonates loudly in my mind as if God is reminding me of that he is telling me I am perfect you don’t need to be because I love you for you regardless of your insecurities, your flaws my love is the only love you need.

    Maybe we don’t need to be perfect because to him we are beautifully and wonderfully made why because he made us that way we are perfect through his eyes. So many of us strive to be perfect in everything we do, perfect mothers, perfect wives, perfect daughters, we strive to be the perfect employee or employers, perfect friends and in all honesty we don’t need too we just need to be who we are to be ourselves. To be the person God wanted and created us to be for him. It’s not about us it is about him. It’s not about doing things in our timing because everything is done in Gods timing.

    I spent my entire life looking for other peoples approval, trying to please everyone, to feel like I fit in to be perfect the more I was criticized the more I did to seek the perfection that I thought the people in my life wanted and or expected never did get it or find it so it was time lost. Instead of trusting in Him or believing more in Him and his truth I relied on my doubts and insecurities to take over.

    Today is the day the Gospel of Grace moves from my head to my heart! Taking that step out of the shadow of doubt and start living in HIS truth. The day I start living and learning to live in the power of his promises. You don’t need a man to find perfect love because you already have a man in your life that can give you the best relationship you could ever want or need all you have to do is look up, reach out, and find some quiet time in your special place and talk to God.

    Isaiah 43:19 says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” I heard his call in my life and am answering that call but what is even more amazing for me is that I am learning to search deeper in myself and find his truth and live my life in that truth for that to me is the “Perfect Love”

    Blessings to you all

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Thank you for sharing with us Susan! So many of us set expectations so high that neither us nor anyone else will be able to meet them. We are setting up for failure before we even begin. But how blessed are we that we have a God who will meet us and love us where we’re at and love us with His most #perfectlove that we don’t have to be…perfect!! <3 Take that step Susan, move it from your head and into your heart!!

  71. Hi Everyone! I am getting a lot from this Bible Study already, but, although you wouldn’t guess it from my demeanor if you met me, I can’t help but find things to laugh about. So today, after a fantastic time of working on this study and reading my Bible, I began to pray. Right after the first sentence I heard a noise that is unusual enough that I had to stop and investigate it. How many of you have had to interrupt your quiet time to retrieve a pair of underwear from your four year old lab?

    I’d love to hear about other funny interruptions from other people, just to know I’m not alone. (For the record, I did go back to finish the prayer and study.

    Have a great day!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      LOL…no really, I’m seriously laughing out loud!! 😛 God loves us to laugh! Thanks for bringing some laughter into my life tonight as I read through this! #AConfidentHeart

  72. I listened to the Prayer and Encouragement call recording Wednesday night. Enjoyed Melissa’s reading of Jeremiah 29:11-14, as well as the rest of her message. I woke up the next morning reciting verse 13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (I went to bed with Melissa’s voice in my head and woke up to God’s voice in my head.) This is just the message I needed to hear; it kept replaying over and over again in my mind most of the morning. I did make the choice to not park in the center of my doubts, but to move forward. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m up for the challenge after two dreadful years of doubt, insecurity, anger, frustration; no I am not fine, but I am FINE! This is my new “Real hope for real life!”

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that verse. You have to SEEK Him with ALL your heart <3 Throw away that doubt, that insecurity, that anger, that frustration!! Give it to God, let His #perfectlove fill you full of Him and give you #AConfidentHeart that He so desperately wants you to have! NO PARKING ZONE 🙂

  73. Kim W (Texas) says:

    I didn’t get the confident heart email this morning. Just want to make sure I stay on the address list. Thanks

  74. Question:
    Where can I see/hear the Saturday prayer requests and praise? I was in the Yes To God study and never understood that there as well.
    thank you so much!
    Blessing to us ALL at OBS!

  75. nancys1128 says:

    I sure hope sharing a link doesn’t violate any copyright laws. It shouldn’t, since it’s going to show the original item, but consider this my apology if I’m doing something I shouldn’t. This is today’s (Friday, Oct 18, 2013) devotional reading from In Touch Ministries. I thought it tied in very well with all we’ve been reading all week:
    In addition to hoping it was okay to do this, I’m further hoping that it worked and is clickable for you.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  76. Wow, I had a breakdown and breakthrough this week. God really spoke to my heart about holding on to guilt and shame over my illness. I was really glad that Sheila Walsh addressed illness in her conference call. Although my illness is no fault of my own, I have been carrying it around like a wet blanket, as I prayed about this, I felt the Lord reassure me that this was not my burden to carry and instead that He would carry me. My illnesses are chronic and for the most part invisible to others, but they are not invisible to God. He is my hope and in Him I will not be discouraged!!!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      It is NOT your fault!! There is no guilt or shame in your illness. To hear those words from Sheila Walsh helps in giving ourselves permission to let it go, to not guilt ourselves. God has big shoulders and He wants to carry our burdens for us. Do NOT be discouraged for you Lord God is with you. Let His #perfectlove carry you through this!!

  77. Great chapter (2)!! I am struggling with the feelings that were stated so perfectly. I feel that God will be mad at me for my sin, I know that he loves and forgives me but I feel like I let him down! I love Phil 1:6 that He will carry it to completion. And why wouldn’t He? I would do it for my kids. No matter how angry I might get and fed up, I still love them and want the very best for them. I just want them to make the right decisions so that their lives will be the best. God being perfect must want it even more and He knows the best for me.
    This has been my biggest struggle right now and this study came at the perfect time for me. I am standing on I am worthy because HE makes me so. Praying His promises. I love that part. I don’t always remember my verses as I pray and I can read through the prayer and say “Yes God, yes God”
    Getting baptized on Sunday. Been a Christian forever but feel called to be obedient to God’s call for me to do so. I haven’t gotten baptized because “You can’t make me, it’s not required” and feel that He’s saying “no it’s not required but I’d like you to do this for me”
    Wanting to remember that God loves me through thick and thin an tho disappointed maybe, will not leave or desert me.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      You are right. Just like we would love our children and forgive them, our Father does the same. He still loves us and forgives us. No matter what you’ve done, what I’ve done, our God is waiting for us. Pursuing us, loving us, saying that we ARE worthy!!
      How exciting to hear that you are being baptized on Sunday!! What a way to stand before God, your church, family, and friends and proclaim your love and life to Christ. I have been baptized already, when I was 15, but have decided to d o it again in a couple weeks. I just feel that although I did it, I didn’t live a life that showed it and I want the world to know my full commitment to Him. God is good and I thank Him for His #perfectlove when mine wasn’t!! God loves you girl…ALL THE TIME!!

  78. So loving this study! God has such perfect timing! This study is so meaningful and came into my life at just the time I needed it and could devote the time I need to get the most out of it!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      This is an amazing book!! We all need #AConfidentHeart, one that God’s wants us to have! I’m glad that God has you here, but it doesn’t surprise me that it’s perfect timing, He has a way of doing that, doesn’t He?!! 😉 Praying that God continues to show you things throughout this study that makes a huge impact in your life!

  79. Cheryl Freier says:

    Really looking forward to this study and making it work letting god change my heart and putting those self doubts that satan enjoys doing to me behind saying get thee behind me satan. Thank you so much for listening to God and doing what he has called you to do in this study.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Amen!! Let God work. Let’s all get out of the way and let God do His thing in our lives through this study! Let’s squash the doubts that the enemy is trying to fill us with and allow God to fill us with #AConfidentHeart!! Praise God for you being in this study with us 🙂

  80. Do anyone els have a hard time deciding if the voice in your head is yours or that of God? Sometimes it’s very clear to me and other times it is not. Especially with tough decisions. I can’t tell if I want to run from the tough decisions out of fear or if God is telling me to move on.
    I am hoping that this Bible study will help me figure this out.
    And thank you for showing us how to do the Bible mapping. I love this idea and am going to do it this weekend with all that we’ve learned so far. I’ve always to become more familar with verses and wondered how people do it. Thank you, thank you!

    • Sue DiStefan/Stedtler says:

      Hi Melissa,you are not alone in this situation, I too struggle with know if God is speaking to me or if its my own. I sometimes wonder if I am will ever know if its God or Me, but do believe that it will soon be clear as we continue this study and dig deeper in his word. I also want to comment on you last sentence, I feel the same way. Example Wednesday at church we are studying Mathew chapter 5,6, & 7 and while we were in his word their were some who were speak about other verses that link to what we are studying and call it out. I thought how can they remember all those verses and were they are in Gods word. My son is able to do this as well, its just amazing.I pray that one day you and I with anyone else who struggles like this will be able to know God’s words like that. Blessing to you my friend.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Isn’t bible mapping just amazing?! You are going to get so much from it. It’s amazing all that you learn from doing it!
      As for hearing God’s voice, I too have felt the same way. I just want to make sure that it’s God and not me. I make sure I’m spend time in the word, getting to know my Father. Pray. And be still!! It seems that the more I’m with God, spending time with Him, drawing near to Him, is when I hear His voice the most clear. God knows your heart and your desire to do His will!! <3

  81. Carol Stone says:

    Hi, I haven’t received my book so couldn’t follow bs. Pls remove me from all lists and subscriptions. God bless

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Carol, we do have a link for chapter one and chapter two on here for you to follow the first week. Don’t worry if you get your book a bit later. We’d LOVE to have you still and just start with us when you get it. You can always read the blog in the meantime!!

  82. Deb Brewer says:

    Wanted to share with you all what I shared with my OBS Group 64 sisters last night after reading Chapter 2. God showed me things last night I didn’t even realize existed. So blessed to being doing this study.

    Finished Chapter 2 tonight. I started it this afternoon at lunchtime, but couldn’t finish it…so started it over this evening about 7pm and just finished it up…10:45pm (I jot down a lot of notes in my journal, too)…WOW!! If I didn’t know better I would say Renee Swope and I are sisters separated at birth!!! Her story so resembles mine it is crazy!! God really worked on me through this one…in fact the whole chapter is highlighted pretty much, with notes written in the margin…and tons of notes in my journal!!
    All these years I thought I’d done really well coming from a divorced home…there have been some issues but I didn’t think it was that bad…well God showed me tonight that I had put up some pretty big walls over the years and have been doing a lot of pretending. I never really related my parents divorce when I was 4 with my insecurities and self-doubts. I also never related my up & down relationship with my dad with those same insecurities and self-doubts. But God showed me tonight that it all had a big bearing on my childhood and my adult life. A lot of tears have been shed this evening while reading Chapter 2…all good tears though because God filled a space that I didn’t even know existed till tonight. God took me beneath the surface tonight and showed me a place in my heart that needed His repair.
    I’ve also been able to thank Him for bringing me to places that I have not had to pretend and could just be me…our ministry (Revival In Prison Ministry), Kairos Prison Ministry, Bible Study Fellowship and the most recent place OBS Group 64.
    I’m so thankful that as I’ve grown in my relationship with God, He has blessed me by breaking down some of the walls I had built up so that He can help me be the woman I am and the woman He created me to be.
    If this chapter is any indication of what the rest of the book is like…sisters we are in for one amazing journey over the next several weeks. So glad that God brought us together for this time and to journey together to having a confident heart as “we move beyond knowing about God to knowing and relying on Him – to depending on His Word with our whole heart, mind, and soul.”

    • Deb, your story really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing. I love hearing how God is speaking to your heart through this study already. It takes courage to let Him show you those empty places and then be still enough to let Him also fill them 🙂 Praying for you and each woman reading this – that we’ll have lots and lots of “wow God” moments in each chapter!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Oh Deb, thank you for sharing such an important piece of your heart with us!! How beautiful that God is using this study to heal you, to show you things that need Him, that need His #perfectlove! I praise God for what He is doing in your life and encourage you to continue to allow Him to show you places that He can and will mend for you. What an encouragement this is for so many women who share in these same places. Thank you for being so open!! Praying for you!!

  83. Maggie Voth says:

    I am so grateful for this online bible study! This is coming at a perfect time in my life and it makes me feel so hopeful. I have struggled with anxiety/rejection for a long time but have worked through things and know God has won the battle for me! However, I am dealing with some heart issues (PVC’s) and the anxiety is trying to get hold again as I need to make some decisions for treatment. Something that really hit me was when Renee said we need to go from believing IN Him to BELIEVING HIM! I am claiming God’s promises for healing over my heart! Thank you to all the Proverbs 31 staff for this study!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Hope, what a wonderful feeling!!! God will fight your battle for you, just give it all to Him! 🙂 Know Maggie that we will be praying for you that God will give you peace and hope and that He will give you the wisdom you need to make these decisions. Believe Him…claim His promises…embrace His #perfectlove!!!

  84. Sue DiStefan/Stedtler says:

    Thank you for an awesome first week. I am so much looking forward to what God has in store for me through this study. As the song of the week ( Word Of God Speak by Mercy Me) says, I’m finding myself at a loss for words. The funny thing is it’s okay. The last thing I need is to be heard but to hear what you would say. This is going to be etch in my mind. I so want to hear wath God has to say. His words are the most important thing to me right now. I am throwing that self doubt in the trash, I no I may stumble until I am stronger but by his grace, love, acceptance It can be done. There is another verse that I do know just not sure where it is in his word it is but this is how it is. Without you Lord I am nothing but through you all things are possible. This is what I call me latter that I climb. Knowing that with God I can do anything, move that mountain or climb that hill. I am gonna keep climbing that later to get to his loving arms and hear him speak to me. May y’all have a very blessed weekend. Looking forward to our continued study of A Confident Heart and to see what Our glorious Savior has in store for us! God Bless!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Amazing first week…that’s for sure. And there’s more to come 🙂 I am in complete agreement with you. I want to hear God’s words, to hear His still small voice. I LOVE hearing you desire for this!! Throw that doubt away. Remember, it’s a NO PARKING ZONE!! God’s love is a #perfectlove and with Him, you can do what He’s calling you to. Love the picture you’re painting with climbing that ladder into His loving arms. That’s what a Daddy does, holds His children 🙂 Keep crawling into those arms <3

  85. I always say God has to hit me upside the head to let me know it is him talking. I too never know if it is God or me or the devil.

    Love this study and all the sharing women. I would comment on more if I knew how but anyway, prayers for all of you who have opened up your heart and shared. Proverbs 3:5,6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. Acknowledge him in all thy ways and he shall direct thy paths. My verse since junior high. Prayers and blessings. Thanks to all leading and sharing.

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Me too :/ Sometimes when I need God’s voice louder than others, I tell Him that He needs to make it VERY clear!! The best part is, you’re heart is wanting to hear God and you want to discern between you, the devil, and God. That’s a beautiful thing! This is such an amazing way to share and encourage each other in our lives. To come along side and life up each other. Thank you for being a part of this!!

  86. I am very behind in reading these first two chapters. It discourages me. I feel like I have taken steps backwards from the first two studies I did on here. My mind is overwhelmed with this Out of the Darkness suicide prevention walk we are doing in memory of my son Zeb on the 26th. I feel like I am spinning my wheels and not even taking to time to seek a God first as I deal with the walk and my daughter being sick in Ireland . I need prayers to be able to stay searching. God first and let him help after with all the details of my other things . Thanks .

    • Waiting on God says:

      Praying for you, Liz…

    • Praying for you right now Liz. Praying for peace, for clarity, for courage to be still and listen to Him speak. It’s completely normal for this to be a time that is hard for you as you prepare for this walk. Give yourself lots of grace and give your heart time to grieve again. I can’t even imagine the weigh of emotion and sadness that must be surfacing as you courageously bring Light to the darkness of the quiet battle so many are fighting against depression. Praying these verses for you from Ps 46:2-5

      God is your refuge and strength,
      always ready to help in times of trouble.
      2 So Liz will not fear when [emotional] earthquakes come
      and the mountains [of her circumstances] crumble into the sea.
      3 Let the oceans roar and foam.
      Let the mountains tremble as the waters surge! Interlude
      4 A river [of God’s love] brings joy to [Liz},
      [for her heart is] the sacred home of the Most High.
      5 God dwells in {Liz}; she cannot be destroyed.
      From the very break of day, God will protect [her].

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      I agree with Renae, give yourself grace. Do what you can. You have so much going on right now. Just call out to Jesus. All you have to do is say His name!! And know that we will be praying for you Liz. Your God is with you, ALWAYS. He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. Cry out to Him Liz. Lay it down at His feet!

  87. These first 2 chapters have really spoken to my heart. I was sexual molested as a child, once by a a grandfather. At 50 yrs old, I’m still fighting the demons of doubt that Satan has planted. I find myself wondering “why did that happen to me? What did I do to ‘make’ it happen” even when I know, it wasn’t my fault, it was Satan. When Renee talked about feeling unlovable at times, I knew what she felt. I’ve struggled w/insecurity, where I don’t feel worthy of anyone, especially God and His son, Jesus, who died for me. You’ve reminded me of the hope I have through His death & ressurection. I’m so thankful for this OBS and knowing that God’s #PerfectLove is for me and I’m one of God’s girls!!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      You don’t have to fight anymore. You Daddy will do that for you!!! I am so sorry that you have had to endure this pain. My heart breaks for you. But you did nothing to deserve it. Don’t let Satan feed you lies to make you think that! But let me tell you something that you need to hold onto and NEVER let go of…YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! YOU ARE WANTED! YOU ARE A PRINCESS! And you can do NOTHING to make God NOT love you. That’s the thing. His love is a #perfectlove that no matter what you do or don’t do, He can’t love you any more or any less. You are His girl. His beautiful, special, little girl!! NEVER forget!!! <3

  88. This first week has been such a blessing to me to do. I have already learned and taking in so much! I cannot wait to see what the next 8 weeks hold. I have learned that I do not have to be perfect it is ok to let down my walls and have people know what is going on with me. So that they can even pray for me and with me. God is the perfect love. A new house , a new car, or new things are not going to make me happy. Spending time with my husband and kids and us together as a family studying Gods word will make me feel whole. Others have already noticed a difference since I have started this and I just pray that God will keep working in me. I am going camping this weekend with my 5 year for girl scouts…I would have NEVER done anything like this by myself. I would have made my mom or husband come with me because honestly I have no IDEA how to put up a tent….LOL BUT I have confidence in my self now that I can do anything because God is there with me….even when it is a little thing of putting up a tent! I hope you all have a blessed weekend!!!

    • Amy Wall (OBS Prayer/Blog Warrior) says:

      Isn’t exciting when you’ve gotten so much out of it already and have so much more to go?! LOVE it 🙂 We do NOT have to be perfect because our God is. I have found that when people are honest and transparent with one another, we are more relatable, we can identify with one another not thinking that we always have it together. I know that I don’t!! I love that you see that only God’s #perfectlove can make you whole. And I love hearing you spending time as a family in God’s word. How that must make Him smile!! I know it does me 🙂 Keep letting God work in you giving you the confidence that you need to have #AConfidentHeart. Have an amazing weekend with the Girl Scouts!!

  89. I am loving the study so far and I know God led me to P31 and this particular book to help me let go of my fears and doubt and trust Him completely. I am still getting the hang of the on-line communication~created a blog, but don’t know how to add the blog hop pin or pictures or anything to personalize it and have tried commenting to the daily emails, but need to reach out a little more to feel connected, I think. I have been encouraged and blessed by reading others’ blogs and posts and look forward to what the Lord is going to reveal to me in the coming weeks. I’m excited to try the verse mapping, too.

    • Hi Michele – Verse mapping is awesome! I gave it a try for the first time on the last OBS, it’s a great tool.
      Don’t know much about “blogging” or how to answer any of your questions …but I know one of the P31 team leaders will come by and give you some pointers!
      Glad to be in the study with my sister! #perfectlove

  90. Great job verse mapping ladies!! One of you is using the SAME notebook that I bought to write /journal my thoughts and answers in for this study.
    I am just thrilled to be a part of this Confident Heart study, we are so blessed by our awesome God. I just know that our confidence levels are improving daily as we walk with the Lord and stay in His word!
    Blessings to you all,

  91. I don’t have a blog so I didn’t do the “hop” yesterday, but I was reading my daily devotional and I thought it would be helpful to share today because of the topic. It is out of “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young which I’m sure most of you have but for those who don’t…
    ” Go gently through his day, keeping your eyes on Me. I will open up the way before you, as you take steps of trust along your path. Sometimes the way before you appears to be blocked. If you focus on the obstacle or search for a way around it, you will probably go off course. Instead, focus on Me, the Shepherd who is leading you along your life-journey. Before you know it, the “obstacle” will be behind you and you will hardly know how you passed through it.
    This is the secret of success in My kingdom. Although you remain aware of the visible world around you, your primary awareness is of Me. When the road before you looks rocky, you can trust Me to get you through that rough patch. My Presence enables you to face each day with confidence.”
    – John 10:14-15 and Isaiah 26:7

    I hope everyone has a great week! I’m starting a “blog” and if anyone has any advice to give, it would be appreciated lol

    • Thank you for sharing this devotion Bobby, what a beautiful reminder to keep our eyes on Jesus! I don’t know ANYTHING about blogging, other than reading the posts… but I’m certain you’ll do well!

    • Jean Buist says:

      Bobby, What a beautiful devotion! Thank You so much for sharing. I am reminded to keep my focus on Him. I also liked ” My Presence enables you to face each day with confidence”. You are a blessing to all of us!!!!

  92. Thanks for including the beautiful song. I don’t think I’ve heard it before. Touching and meaningful. As I listen I am gathering information to be used for a memorial service for my father, who has cancer and lives with me. I signed up for this class to gather the confidence needed to complete this task I feel I’ve known all my adult life was coming to me. My father is almost 96 yrs old and has been the mentor for everyone he came in contact with rather work or family friends. Even though he wasn’t a Sunday church goer, as such, he was a living proof of a righteous man being faithful to mother and our family of 6 children. Even now his man concern is not for himself, but that he leave us something of value…which he has in lots of ways.

    I may not get through the study, but it certainly is being applied to my life and passed on to others through me, hopefully. I do pray for that.

  93. What a week! As I started this book, my church started a week of revival. Oh, how I needed both! I have been in a spiritual slump for the past 5 or 6 years. I had become discontented with church, ministry, and to be honest, God. I allowed situations in my life to cast a fog over my spiritual life. I stopped doing ministry and started running from what I know God has called me to be. I let hurt and bitterness be my excuse for not stepping into the position God has ordained me to be in. Chapter 1 and 2 coincided with the revival message being preached at my churc and that just confirmed to me that God sees where I am and wants to come to Him. The revival ends Saturday and I am so excited about what God is doing in my church and in this bible study. I can see him moving in the lives of His people. This is what I have gotten so far from the revival and this study: I realized that I think I need to be doing a certain ministry in the church and I feel bad about my walk with Christ because I don’t pray enough (in my eyes) and I don’t study enough (in my eyes). I sometimes feel as though my life is consumed with school, family, and church activities. This week I have learned that God loves me in whatever state I am. I need to stop spending so much time beating myself up for what I’m not doing and praising God for who he is. He is the ultimate example of love. He loves me when I forget to pray, forget to seek his counsel, forget to study his word, disobey his commands, and when I’m not invovled in ministry. I know that no matter how many times I fall away from my spiritual disciplines, God is always waiting with open arms to receive me. I told myself this week that no matter how many times I let life distract me, because it may happen again, that I will not act defeated but get back up, repent for backsliding, dust myself off with the word of God, and keep it moving. No more piti parties over here! I don’t allow others to keep having piti parties and the same goes for me. I thank you all for your testimonies and I wnat you to know that I am praying for a fresh anointing to fall over each one of us, our households, our family members, and churches. I pray that chains be broken in our lives and that the spirit of God bind the enemy of our souls. I pray for physical healing, spiritual healing, and mental healing among all who enter this forum and read our blogs. I pray that our lives and relationships be transformed and renewed by the spirit of the living God. I pray for peace to envelope us and for joy to consume us. In the name of Jesus, Amen and Amen!!!

  94. Verse mapping has been a part of bible study for 42 years now and I’ve grown deeply in this time but also recognize hidden areas of my life as this bible study begins. 1 Timothy 6:20 ~ “Sandy, guard what God has placed in your care! Don’t pay any attention to that godless and stupid talk that sounds smart but really isn’t.” CEV

  95. Sara Bowen says:

    If you love the song by Mercy me . Take a look at OVERCOMER by MANDISA. The words should be our rally
    song foe the study.

  96. Sara Bowen says:

    If you love the song by Mercy me . Take a look at OVERCOMER by MANDISA. The words should be our rally
    song for the study.

  97. the FINE in this book has a whole meaning for me. I always thought it meant Feelings Inside Never Expressed. But I like Ms Renee’s way much better. Cause all the negative chatter does make you feel FINE……
    Happy Reading

  98. TABITHA JONES says:

    I was so excited for this study to start and then Sunday when it started I was so sick that I could not focus to get started. I have had a rough week physically and it has been hard for me to get into the study. I hope I can start fresh this weekend. I love the song that was chosen for this week. I have actually had this song in my mind for a couple days. I want the word of God to speak to me. I have really been dealing with a lot of doubt in my life this week and I have just ask the Lord for understanding.

  99. You are doing such a great job with this bible study! I’m really enjoying it and drawing closer to God! Thank you!

  100. I have been truly blessed by this week’s study and all of the comments from you wonderful ladies as well. Will be praying for you Michelle and Heather and all of us going through this study – knowing the enemy is going to try to deter us because he fears our confident hearts. No longer will we be “fine” but we will have “hope”. God has been calling me into ministry and like Jonah I have been running away constantly thinking I can’t because I’m not good enough. But this week’s study has really helped me to disperse of those fears and doubts. Thanks also for sharing verse mapping. God bless you all! Have a super weekend!!

  101. Thank you, Melissa for encouraging us to do verse mapping. It’s been a long time since I’ve done it. I started again today and was quickly reminded how important it is for me personally because it really helps me to commit God’s Word to memory and hide it in my heart. It was an awesome week. I’m glad I joined in the ACH study.

  102. Thank you, Melissa, for encouraging us to do verse mapping. It’s been a long time since I’ve done it. I started again today and was quickly reminded how important it is for me personally because it really helps me to commit God’s Word to memory and hide it in my heart. It was an awesome week. I’m glad I joined in the ACH study.

  103. Laura Sawyer (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

    Sara Bowen,
    Im not sure but I feel like this week the song overcomer has been the theme song for this study. Mandisa will be on the live conference calls if your interested. Its not to late to sign up! Prayers and Hope to You for a Blessed weekend!

  104. Laura Sawyer (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

    Tabitha Jones,
    I am praying for you that God will place a Hedge of Angels to surround you at home and throughout your day. May you be Blesssed in your venture through this study may God heal you and wrap you in his Holy Spirit giving you the peace and comfort. No worries things will come up in Life We never know what a day will bring but we have Hope and #perfectlove through Jesus! Sending Prayers Your way ♥

  105. Laura Sawyer (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

    I can relate to the battle with the demon of molestation. My story is similar to yours but here We are serving an AWESOME GOD THE HEALER & REDEEMER…PRAISE GOD!! HE MAKES ALL THINGS NEW!! Please contact me if you would like me to speak with you personally and pray I encourage and pray for You during this study that the Healer of All things will erase the damage through this study we will let the Holy Spirit take over and do what only the Spirit can!! Prayers & Love to You Sister

  106. Teri Hurley says:

    Thank you for Mercy Me video, that was so encouraging!

  107. I always try to tell myself I am doing great and I am confident, but this week I realized it is those hidden places in my heart where doubt and fear are hiding. I need Jesus to find these and to fill them with his #PerfectLove. I have had my heart broken twice and now a lot of my heart is closed off…I think even to God. I didn’t realize this until this week and this bible study. I have not gone too far below the surface in my relationship with Him and it might be out of fear, I do not know. I do know I am a single mom and I love my life, but I do not let many people get too close because of the fear of getting hurt. I’m learning already in this first week of this study that God’s love is perfect, and I do not have to be. I am learning that God wants to fill the hidden places of my heart with his #perfectlove so that I can have #AConfidentHeart.

    God Bless!


  108. Danice lee says:

    Just tried verse mapping for the first time. Wow! I love it. Thank you!

  109. Hello Sisters in Christ,
    Bible Studies always present a challenge for me because I don’t know how to answer the questions or how to study well. Seeing the “Verse Mapping” got me a bit worried. “How can I do such a thing?!!” I believe in “pushing” yourself to do or learn something that you have never done before so off I go to get the index cards!
    Praying you all have a Blessed weekend

  110. Maria Murphy says:

    Thank you for this, week one and I already sense Gods presence more then ever and already see a change in the way I think about myself and the situations I’ve had to deal with this week. Praise His name!
    Bless you all this weekend:)

  111. I haven’t had time to read very many posts, but I was encouraged by what one of “our Michelle’s” posted. (I know we have at least two today(:) She said that God would lead us to a place where we can find healing. I think that is what he is doing for many of us thru this study and I feel blessed to be a part of it. Love and prayers to everyone.

    • Denise Kamppi (OBS Prayer Team Warrior) says:

      I do believe that God does want us to be healed, He wants us as His children to trust Him with every part of our life’s. We are the daughters of the King of Kings.
      So glad to share this study with you. May the Lord shine on you and bless you. 🙂

  112. Betsy Earley says:

    absolutely love this. what a great new experience.

  113. Me too Betsy…blessings to you(:

  114. Sandra Lynn says:

    Great first week! Thank you Melissa Taylor for your obedience! Love the song!

  115. Thanks for the verse mapping! Is so helpful and plan on using this and sharing with others!
    This study has been so helpful to me! I struggle with relationships and God has been showing me that my lack of self confidence and worth has apart in it. The little doubts that can turn into big doubts, especialy when my feelings are hurt, allowed me to hang on to hurts. Bittnerness, jelousy and yes malice all had/have a place in my heart! Yuck!!! Major repentance here!
    Listensing and worshiping to “Word of God Speak” was great! Just what I needed today!
    Martha from Wisconsin

  116. Thank you for the song just what I needed. This OBS is awesome so glad to have all of you Jesus girls beside me.

    God Bless

  117. Brianna Wilson says:

    Love the song and this first week! Thank you all!

  118. Thank you for this OBS. My first OBS and I am so grateful! I am going through some very difficult emotional things right now and this study is so helpful. Please pray for emotional healing in my heart and my mind. Thank you for this study it is heart felt. God Bless. 🙂

    • Denise Kamppi (OBS Prayer Team Warrior) says:

      Praying Marianne for God to cover you with His everlasting love. His #perfectlove will get you through your troubles.
      Sending Hugs.

  119. Love the verse mapping…..

  120. Teresa Wall says:

    Wow .. first week of doing any OBS and I have to say, I am a little overwhelmed. I posted a blog the other night, now cant find it. That was new to me, never did a blog thing, but it was kinda cool! The book is awesome. I am learning so much and just really getting into it. Reading my Bible, marking it up, taking notes, making it a rainbow! looking forward to more of this!!! Had a friend this week who needed some support and instead gave me a great compliment. She said “I love that we are friends, and I love that you are allowing God to show your thoughts and share his love through your words. God loves you and he loves that you are becoming so much closer”. Great compliment!!! God Bless all those in the study and I can’t wait to connect with more and talk it out!

  121. I am so thankful to be able to participate in a confident heart bible study! I am a nurse serving in the airforce which sometimes means my working schedule doesn’t allow me to have a regular bible study and fellowship. How awesome is it that proverbs 31 has online bible studies lead by such wonderful women of faith! It is such a blessing.
    This has been a perfect study week and the lesions have matched to some of the weeks frustrations. I can definently be an “I’m fine” person and reading of 31. I stopped and said that’s exactly what fine has been! frazzled irritated neurotic and exhausted. Definently a God Ah-ha moment! I look forward to continuing to dive in to this study and recieve many more Ah-ha moments from our Savior.

  122. Please pray for me. I woke up in the pit of despair today. I was in the word each morning..was feeling so blessed and encouraged..then I listened to the internal chatter…and started that slippery slope… spiraling out of control…I prayed all day off and on had a friend pray for me and am in the word again tonight…the difference is I am reaching out instead of fighting alone..I really appreciate this study and have shared the opportunity for others to join us.

    • Denise Kamppi (OBS Prayer Team Warrior) says:

      Suzann, Keep praying and know we are to. Dear God give Suzann an army of angels to protect her from Satan’s ways. Give her peace of mind and comfort of your #Perfectlove. Amen

  123. So glad you posted this Mercy Me song….needed to hear this tonight. Love Renee’s book & this study. <3

  124. This study is so timely and I realize I’ve been trying to find worth through acceptance from others, being a good mom and wife and missing that my worth is in Christ. The lyrics to a Matthew West song keep playing in my head “hello my name is child of the one true King.”… I have a sense of peace that I haven’t had in months. Thank you, Jesus!

  125. Amy Lewellen says:

    I’m really struggling to embrace these truths. I just feel so defeated when I’ve barely started the study. You ladies make all of this seem so easy. I love this song and so badly need to hear God speak to me. Hope seems so far away. I’m sorry I’m not as happy as everybody else. Trust me I wish I was. I try to blog, but it seems only pain comes out. I “know” the truths but they seem so disconnected from my heart; as if a balloon with a very long tail drifting away and I just barely missed the end of it as it slips from my fingertips.

    • Denise Kamppi (OBS Prayer Team Warrior) says:

      Praying Amy. You are so loved by God and you are His child and He only want you to trust in Him to be healed from all your pains and hurts and He will get you through it.
      Satan wants us to have all these thoughts and feelings he will try to distroy any part of us if it means getting to know Gods #perfectlove and being happy knowing God personally .
      Heavenly Father place a hedge of protection over Amy, fill her heart with you love and give her peace of mind to rest and be still in your everlastnig love. Amen.

  126. Waiting on God says:

    Amy, we’ve all been where you are, so don’t feel hopeless or downhearted. Stay honest with God and taking a note from our previous OBS, ask God to reveal Himself to you and to increase your desire for Him, and He will. Listen for His whispers– an email from a friend, a song on a CD, etc. Just keep your heart open and get ready to say “yes, Lord”. Praying for you.

  127. Hi,
    Thank you for all the effort the OBS team members have put it to create this beautiful eye opening study. I belong to a very loving family although we are Christians we were not focused on god. I spent the 13 years of my childhood in a girls boarding school. Maybe that left some empty spaces in me. I was always a people pleaser, wanting people to like me. At the same time I wanted to be the woman after god’s own heart. Both are contradictory , right. So when I move towards god, Satan attacks me from all directions, and I go back to my old ways. I was always fighting alone and I tend to fall. Doubts kept flooding my mind and I had to start with medication. I need to start changing from my thoughts , which will change my words and actions. God revealed to me , that I was all empty on the inside. The two verses in chapter 12 just popped out at me this week – You are precious and you are honoured in my sight.. I love you. Isa 43:4,
    Lord will be my confidence and god will keep your foot from being caught – Pro 3:26.
    Do keep me in your prayers. Praying for all of you. May god make us conquerors in christ . Praise God

  128. Juanita Head says:

    Thank you sweet Jesus for knowing what I want/need to say without me having to say a word, because it is OK! Praise God. Absolutely love reminders in songs like this. I tend to be quite hard on myself and feel very ignorant when it comes to the bible, prayer, etc. I don’t know bible verses by heart or even where to find all the chapters in my bible. I was not raised in church although somehow I always believed. No matter how much of a failure I believe I am, I know God is on my side. I am blessed to have a huge support group, an amazing husband who will lead me, a mother in law who continually prays for me and loving children who have a zest for life and God! Through my struggles with depression, self hatred, inadequacies, etc… God always seems to use music to remind me I am where I need to be and HE will see me through. I just have to believe. Thank you for this study, for the emails of encouragement. God is great and thank you for listening to Him!!

  129. I love the fact that I don’t have to be perfect because God’s love is!!! I am also excited about verse mapping! This will be good for me to challenge myself with Bible study!! I have printed the memory verse that was posted on Facebook in my bathroom where I get ready each morning! I need to stop staying so busy though…take more time to study God’s word!

  130. SHANNON V WILSON says:

    The video is truly awesome. I love it!! I was so blessed by it. Thank you!!

  131. Jacqueline Scifres says:

    Word of God speak was a great song and I was refreshed by it this morning! I have “heard” it before but never actually listened to it.

  132. natalie khimochka says:

    I loved this weeks study. It was exactly what u needed to hear and focus on this week. Knowing that God is perfect and I don’t have to be definitely take pressure off also. And just to be able to read and study the word and reflect in it, definitely made me a better woman this week! So thankful for this study and were it will take me.

  133. Beautiful post and song….so thankful for a community of women who are on the same path of intimacy with God as our father and ultimate love source! Blessings to all of you and thank you for sharing your hearts!

  134. Reading Chapter 1 brought back memories of the doubt that started during my elementary years and how it compounded throughout my life and carried over into my career. Chapter 2 showed me that even when I feel like a failure as a teacher, parent, friend, etc. I don’t have to be perfect because Jesus is. Just as he was with the woman at the well he is with me through it all. The illness, the parenting, the teaching, and through every other areas of my life. What a blessing to know that it’s more than just having an easy life, it’s about having a God that is there to walk beside me giving me strength and carrying me each step of the way.

  135. Sonja Miguez says:

    Love Love love verse-mapping!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  136. Thank God for the first week. Looking forward for the next week. I pray that as we learned chapter 1 & 2, God will transform our heart to become more confidence in Him. Even though our life is difficult, I pray that God gives us strength each day and let us see how amazing is our God in our daily lives.

  137. I am learning how and will focus on studying harder and longer for understanding…

  138. Chantine Pegha says:

    thanks for the verse mapping instructions. I’m doin it right away. I was out of touch burrying my husband’s grandmum. Just returning to pick up from where I stopped.

  139. Cecilia Larsen says:

    I didn’t get this email….I realized it when I started reading about the verse mapping. Do emails go out everyday?

  140. Thank you for posting! I look forward to doing this :).

  141. Thank God for enabling us this far we look forward for the second week. God bless this great ladies for their effort.

  142. I am so happy to be a part of the bible study I ride the train to work I get on the quiet car and it me and god an the book thank u I love it

  143. Hi everyone,
    It is really an encouragement to see how God is using ya’ll and working on our weaknesses. God has been doing a lot of that too in my life. I moved downed to Texas back in August because my husband got a job as a college professor and I got into grad school. It has really been a struggle financially with doctor bills, rent, and now having to pay for water and heat, which we didn’t do back in Ohio. God has still provided, but he is really trying to work on my anxiety and trust in him. Those have always been my weaknesses, but somehow now I know that God is working on those things because he is showing me these problems, which I have pushed down so far in me, for so many years. This stuff is coming out and God is slowing helping me clean myself up. It hurts, but I know it is for God’s glory.
    Also, how do you add a website and create a twitter account? I don’t have either of those things. So I don’t know how to become more involved in this study? I just started it because my sister in law told me about it. I don’t have the book yet either, because I am so swamped with papers and projects in grad school. Please let me know what I can do to create a twitter account and a blog page. Thanks! Be blessed and let Jesus be glorified. He is awesome!

  144. Let’s Pray.
    Father God,
    You see all the needs and words of encouragement from these sisters in Christ. Thank you for this bible study. It is always awesome to read your word and be encouraged by you and your promises. God we thank you that you still take us back no matter how many times we fall. We know that you have it all together. We thank you that you love us, even if we don’t love ourselves. God continue to show us your amazing love and how wonderfully we were made. It says it in Psalms 139, how your works are wonderful, that is because our creator is amazing and deserves all the glory. Continue to encourage these ladies, and myself, with these precious words from the Bible. Thank you for these teachers and this ministry. They are such a blessing. We give you all the glory and honor and praise., Lord Jesus. Amen.

  145. Growing up fundamentalist/evangelical, I was told that as a born-again Christian God would “speak to me”, “move me”, and “lead me” so that I would know and could follow his will. I listened to others talk about how God spoke to them, moved them, and led them to do this and to do that…but He never did the same for me. I finally came to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with me because God had decided he didn’t want to talk to me. So I left the Church.

    Many years later I became an orthodox Lutheran and was told that God doesn’t work like that. The evangelicals are wrong. The voice they are listening to is their own. According to “true” Christianity, God speaks to Christians in only one manner: through his Word, the Bible.

    That gave me a lot of peace…until I found out that the “Word” is full of discrepancies, errors, and scribe alterations.

    I was very sad (and angry) to find out—it is ALL nonsense.

    So what about my problem of not hearing the “voice” that other evangelicals were hearing speak, move, and lead them? After deconverting completely from Christianity, I came to realize that it was THEM, not me, that had the problem. They were hearing voices. I was the sane one…who did not.


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