A Confident Heart~ Week 7

ACH Ch 9, week 7

Welcome Back!  I missed y’all last week! Hope you enjoyed your break and are ready to finish BIG!

This week we are tackling something that most know doesn’t ever help a situation, but we do it anyway…worry!

Ten years ago, my son Dylan was beginning Kindergarten. He was so nervous and worried. Worried he wouldn’t make friends. Worried he would get lost in his big new school. Worried he would miss his mommy. (Side note: His mommy missed him more than he could ever miss her!)

Before he left for his first day, I prayed over him. The verse I prayed is our main verse for this week, Psalm 139:5 from the New Living Translation.

You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head.

After I prayed, I said to Dylan, “Do you see where you are in this? God is in front of you, God is behind you, and His hand of blessing is on your head. You are a God sandwich.” This changed his perspective and he went to school feeling peace, because he was in the center wrapped by God. Don’t you just love that?

Our chapter this week is titled, When Doubt Whispers “I Can’t Stop Worrying.” Check out this video about Week 7 of our study~

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So y’all, let’s claim it ok? Remember #WhyWorry, we are a #GodSandwich!  🙂

Chapter Assignment for Week 7~

Chapter 9, When Doubt Whispers “I Can’t Stop Worrying.”

Week 7 Optional Extras~


FB frenzy P31 OBS

Yay! This week we will have a Facebook party at 2:00 pm EST and a Facebook event at 8:00 pm EST.  The 8:00 pm event will coincide with our Real Life Call with author of A Confident Heart, Renee Swope.


Real Life Prayer & Encouragement Call with Melissa Taylor, 1:00 pm EST


Blog Hop! 

  • #WhyWorry – Paul gives us a prescription for peace in Philippians 4. Use these three steps to remind your heart that God is near and that you can have peace in the midst of your problems: Stop worrying, Start praying, Keep thanking God (see pg. 171).
  • Psalm 139:5 – Unpack our scripture for the week and share with us what you learned. Use verse mapping as an optional study tool (see Heather Bleier’s instructions).
  • Praying God’s Promises – Write your own personal prayer using scriptures and God’s promises as the foundation of your confession (see Renee’s prayer on pg 178 as an example).
  • A Setting For Two – Share your favorite place to meet with Jesus for some alone time and tell us what sets it apart from other spaces in your home.

Rev It Up!

This is a new feature that has EXPLODED in the best kind of way! It’s on Facebook. Come join in on a fast moving hour of Bible study. Please work on reading chapter 9 of A Confident Heart by Renee Swope prior to this event. Bring your ACH book, your Bible, pen, paper/journal, and notecards 🙂 Can not wait to spend this hour with you!   This event is totally free! Join/sign up for the event here.

Wow! What a fun, exciting, and God moving kind of week we are in store for! Join us for as much or as little as you wish. Let’s make this a worry-free week filled with confidence! #WhyWorry

Hugs to all my sweet, beautiful Online Bible Study Sisters!  I love you!





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  1. Hi all!! What a wonderful week of blessings I had, and I pray the same for all of you. I was able to catch up and finish reading chapter 8, since I had fallen behind. Chapter 8 really applied to me because a lot of times I feel as though I’m lost at sea and just floating there, waiting to try and figure out what God wants me to do. That question about my dream if money was not an issue, I was not sure of the answer. I had no clue. It was not until I dug into the chapter that I realized a long ago buried dream, and I am happy to take the first steps to getting to know the woman God wants me to be.

    So what am I worried about? I am worried that I will not know what God wants from me, and what He wants me to do. I am worried about how to determine that. I have a special trick to hold my worries at bay, and it is one of my favorite Bible verses. When I was divorced for the first time, I was definitely lost and did not go to church and I worried constantly…about my daughter, about my finances, about life in general. You name it, and I worried about it. Then one day I came across this Bible verse and it completely changed my life. It is: Philippians 4:6-7 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Anytime I start to worry about anything, I quote this verse in my head and I “Let go and Let God.” It’s not always easy, and sometimes worry takes hold before I go to my verse. At other times, I turn everything over to God and then people think I don’t care at all. I try to explain that it’s not that I do not care; It is simply that I trust God and His plan. I know I am in a #GodSandwich!!

    I hope you all had a wonderful week and I am very much looking forward to this week!!
    God Bless,

  2. I love the #GodSandwich! It is most definitely one we should be eating all the time.

    You go before me and follow me.
    You place your hand of blessing on my head.
    Psalm 139:5 (NLT)

  3. Dorothy Palmer says:

    God blessing to you all! What a wonderful spiritufully week I had! Were I work the place closed down for the whole week! The Facebook group I’m in the leader ask if we would do a fast from Facebook. I took the whole from all the social networks I’m on! And I woked on me through A Confident Heart. I had found things frim my yourth that I had still had healed! Praise God they are healed now! I don’t feel like the same person I was last Sunday.I’m so excited to see what God has for me the rest of the way! Have a blessed Sunday in The Lord!

    • Dorothy,
      That is a wonderful testimony! I can feel your excitement from the words that you shared. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful day!

  4. The timing of this lesson is impeccable. We are again facing challenges with our son, who had violated his probation, is facing new accusations. It has devastated our family once again. We have to go before the Judge who was so harsh the first time twice this week and maybe another time. I have a conflicted heart. I have peace knowing God is on charge, yet as a mom is still worry about my son. My pastor said all things pass through God first, so I have to trust. I love the example of the God sandwich, and will share that with my son as he faces the Judge in the days ahead. My family is in desperate need of healing, peace, guidance and knowledge to know what God wants us to do and when to step back and let it go. It causes is great affliction. I am going to dig into this lesson and ask God to help me and my family, ask him for protection, wisdom and peace. Thank you for this study, it had helped me so much.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:


      I will continue to pray for you. It is a very hard thing to give everything to God as we want to control something. Trust me, He will handle it way better than we can!

    • Becky,
      I am praying for you, your son and your family.

  5. Lisa McDonald says:

    I also used this week to catch up. I went back and re-read Chapters 1-8. I’m looking forward to Chapter 9 as I find myself a worrier. I have gotten better about giving everything over to God and he’s amazed me with what he does with everything. He always takes everything from me and does way better than I could’ve done myself. I actually love to sit back and watch. I feel so blessed everyday knowing I have him here with me to go beforw me, follow me, and have his hand of blessing on my head. I knew sandwiches were my favorite food but they just got a whole new meaning! I love knowing I’m in a #GodSandwich. Now there’s never any reason why I should ever worry.
    Have a blessed week everyone.

  6. SO thankful our OBS is back!!! Missed it so much last week. And what a phenomenal scripture for this week!!!

  7. It is so difficult to rid myself of worry. It doesn’t consume a lot of my time, but when certain situations arise, I really have to go to my Bible to find the answers, or it will become an overwhelming issue. I’ve learned to place many things at the feet of Jesus at let Him take it from there. Currently, I have to make a decision about a job offer. Today, I believe I will make that time to find the answers I need, pray about them and ask God to take over amd lead me in the direction where my God given talents can be used.

  8. Janet Daniel says:

    This is such a blessed day for me! These are two of my favorite #WhyWorry”, “#GodSandwich”
    Every year I have always worried that Christina my precious child of God would not make it to see another birthday! And today is Christina’s Birthday! I know God is helping me to see “#WhyWorry” when in “He is in control of her life. And I love knowing that she is a “#GodSandwich” between His hands and His heart! and I’m glad He has been so compassionate with me in helping me learn this! I challenge myself this week to give this worry to Him for good! I treasure every day with her in my life !
    Thank you all OBS sisters.
    LOL Janet D.

    • Wendy (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Happy birthday Christina!! Janet, I don’t know your circumstances but we went through that same worry with my son when he was diagnosed with cancer. It took a little bit but, through my son’s wisdom, we realized that we could worry all we wanted but God was the only one that had control. My son has celebrated quite a few birthdays. Here is to many more birthdays for Christina!!

  9. anoyomous says:

    I am such a big worry person. I think that has probably added to health issues so am looking forward to the reading this week. I also pray that God will allow peace and joy in our home this Christmas. For the past 28 years Christmas has been the most awful time of the year!!!! I would love to skip the holiday season but it is here. Please pray that it will be a time of joy and not a month of hate and fighting.

  10. Ooh, I love the “God Sandwich”! So looking forward to continuing on!! I am a chronic worrier, so this chapter has my name all over it! Even though things were crazy busy last week, I missed you all! But in the midst of my craziness I tried to keep my ” confident heart” on track!

  11. My husband had an abnormal EKG and I’d like to say that I am just concerned, but I do worry, too. I have given the situation to the Lord, but……..Please pray for my husband, Allen, and please pray for me to say, “Why Worry”. Thank you to all my OBS sisters. I love you and pray for all of you, too.

    • Jennifer (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I am praying for both your husband’s health and for your peace of mind as he goes through his medical testing. I understand how hard it is to let go of the worries of a loved one’s health. This is in God’s hands and I will continue to pray for you both.

  12. Patricia Dedrick says:

    #Why Worry? We all do it so natural, but Jesus came to die on the cross so that we can have a life of peace. My peace I give you . I need to trust him more and seek his peace . In this world we have no peace , but in Isa. It tells us he is our comforter and he is our peace. Pray for me I am facing some things tommorow that I need to seek Gods peace to get through. Hope everyone has a blessed week.

    • Jennifer (Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Patricia, I am praying for you that you have the strength to get through what you will be facing tomorrow and praying that you remember that He is before you, behind you and has his hand on your head. Blessings!

    • Thank you, Patricia. I pray for you as well.

  13. I love love love that song!

  14. I just love that verse in the Bible…John 14:26-27: “Peace I leave with you: my Peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do NOT let your HEARTS BE TROUBLED “(#WHYWORRY. )”and do not be afraid.” Just reading the first part PEACE I LEAVE WITH YOU….tells us right there no need to worry because Jesus Christ has given us the wonderful gift of PEACE. So this week and from now on I will work on accepting the Peace and go with #WhyWorry. God Bless all and looking forward to this week.

  15. I love this book thanks Renee. I always worry about finances since we are a family of five n I am the only one working thankfully my children r humble but I realize it’s all on God’s timing n he is by our side God bless you all

  16. I am clicking the link for the Facebook party from today’s post. It is taking me to the connection call event.I would like to sign up for the latter time Facebook party. Can anyone help me get signed up?

    Thank you,
    Stephanie Brickner

  17. Love that we are God Sandwiches!!!! Can’t wait to get back in the groove of OBS and A Confident Heart!!!

  18. I have always loved the Philippians 4 verses and how Renee says we can
    *stop worrying
    *start praying and
    *keep thanking God. (Page 171 ACH)
    I am very thankful to God for this book, this study, and all the OBS community.

  19. No surprise that #whyworry is EXACTLY what I need to hear as I go into a stressful week of change. After spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with family which also left me feeling very single, and very alone at 35 y/o, I need to be in a big old #Godsandwich! And the blog I intend to write this week ties in very nicely so far. Can’t wait to get in on the blog hop for only the second time ever!!! Blessings to all others who may feel loneliness in the midst of family gatherings this week. I pray for you today!

  20. Kelly Kendall says:

    I am facing quite a bit of change in the near future and that always brings some worry. My 14 year old step -daughter is moving in with us for the first time ever; she is moving from her mom’s in Indiana down to San Antonio with us because of some behavioral issues. So I have some concerns. On top of that, my husband has his last week in the army ahead of him and then he is going to be out after many years-retired. That is going to be a big change in many ways.This chapter Comes at a perfect time for me since I will be having so many opportunities to choose worry, or # whyworry and give it over to God’s all knowing plan.

  21. Sisters, the devil was waiting for our OBS break and unleased on me! without y’all and the focus of this study, he entered into my mind and started to whisper all of those lies – you are a failure as a mom, why does everyone else have things you don’t, you are alone, you are a failure….I struggled so much over my Thanksgiving holiday with these thoughts…enough to get me down. I know that I have to maintain my focus on God and what He wants me to do. Pray for me ladies that I get back in the saddle…

  22. Hi OBS sisters-
    God is soooo good! This weeks chapter in ACH is written especially for me! Everyone has posted such encouraging posts throughout this ACH study.
    I thought I had a lot of reasons to worry but today I realized God’s got this, #Whyworry?! I’ve been waiting since January 30, 2013 for a letter from my neurologist, my auto and health insurances have stopped paying on medical bills from a rear-end collision 9/23/11. I have consented to various tests, scans and the like for over 2 years. The only thing I refuse to do is take pain medication, I wouldn’t be awake to care for my spouse and children. The pain has been so intense I imagined the worse.. I don’t have a history of this condition I’m facing and the pinched, entrapped nerves, bulging disc’ in my neck have caused me to seriously modify my life. Long story short, the 1st and 2nd letters written by neurologist did not have the information required by insurance(s), I have explained in great detail and have medical records and fax’ to back my request. The neurologist flat out accused me of asking him to commit fraud. I was stunned. This all came to a head Thanksgiving Eve. I worried and reasoned for months but last week it was worse. While we were on Thanksgiving break from ACH I started reading ‘If not for the Grace of God by Joyce Meyer’. She gave a new definition of worry I never heard but in my spirit felt like it was happening to me. I’ve provided a link:
    Old English wyrgan ‘strangle.’ In Middle English the original sense of the verb gave rise to the meaning ‘seize by the throat and tear’, later figuratively ‘harass’, whence ’cause anxiety to’ (early 19th century, the date also of the noun)
    That is what I’ve been doing, accepting worry as truth over God, in doing so I’ve been seized by the throat by the enemy! Today, I made a decision, I can’t let worry win…I’m a #Godsandwich!
    This ministry has been a blessing to me in my time of need. Melissa, I’m so glad you have been so open about your trials that led to beginning OBS. God bless you all.
    Hugs. 🙂

  23. My hobby is worry. I used to tell people to just call me and I would worry for them as well because that is what I would spend my nights doing. I know that worry is sinful because I am not trusting God to carry me through the issues. I have slowly been working through this and am more and more trusting Him that He will. It is a slow journey but I’m getting there. I memorized the verse in Phil.4:6–Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything. Tell God what I need and thank Him for what He has done. Then I will experience God’s peace which will guard my heart and mind as I live in Christ. I really loved this chapter as it really spoke to me in this area. Not looking forward to this study ending!

  24. Thanks for sharing about your son’s anxiety and how this verse helped him. I was able to use this verse to help my first grader who is having a lot of anxiety about school and really didn’t want to go back this morning. This verse really helped as well as the “God Sandwich” analogy and a good dose of prayer.

  25. Hugs to you, too. 🙂 #WhyWorry

  26. This chapter is definitely for me! The worry-wort! I always try to narrow down just what I worry about and it is the unknown! Which can include everything. I will be paying special attention to the weekly scripture and ask myself #WhyWorry. Be blessed Ladies! 🙂

  27. Robbyn R. French says:

    Okay Melissa…I do have to say I was a little jealous of the sunshine and warm weather when just finished with the 1st of 3 snowstorms and by the end of the week it will be twenty below…I am looking forward to this Chapter I have whole WORRY list…hmmm I think I am going to list my worry list on one side and find scriptures to combat them…

  28. Kim Riddle says:

    Just want to share something my mom always told me! If your going to pray, then don’t worry! But if your going to worry then don’t pray! That is truly what it is all about! After all if we take our problems, our cares, our struggles to God, by praying and asking for His help, then we worry about it, aren’t we really saying that we don’t trust Him to take care of them! And can I just say to Melissa, girlfriend I just love you past the moon!


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