What do you crave?

Think about it.

When you are stressed, what do you crave?

When you are sad, what do you crave?

When you are happy, what do you crave?

When you are tempted, what do you crave?

When you are exhausted, what do you crave?

When you need a “fix”…what do you crave?

There are many things you may have answered. But if they are things that can be obtained on this earth, then they are only temporary and won’t last. Oh how I know this.

Made to Crave is about craving God and not food (or whatever you answered to the questions above).

Are you ready to make a change in your life?  Would you like to be a part of a loving, caring community where you will have the support and Bible study you need to succeed?  Join us for Made to Crave, beginning January 19, 2014.

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So, back to the question at the top.  What do you crave?

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  1. Deborah Taylor says:

    I saw your book on Crave and I would like to order it and sign up for the sessions.

  2. I am so very excited!

  3. I am so excited for this next study! It goes along with the other two. First I had to open myself up and have faith in God so I could say YES to the many blessings He sets out for me. Then I needed to rid myself of the negative talk and address the deep issues that were keeping me down, so that I could say YES with a Confident Heart. Now it is time to put the two together and say YES, and be Confident and conscience in my attitude, effort, and actions to take care of my health and treat my body as a temple and not a pin board with lists of things to do, to buy, reminders of what I failed to accomplish, images, desires, and tasks that only become a wedge between me and God. I want to Crave God, use His word to guide and encourage me, to realize that during the busy moments in life, the tug of war issues that pull at my heart and mind, and the guilt I feel when I want a moment to myself all I need is Him…my cravings need to change in order for me to change!

  4. I CRAVE FOOD!!!! Lol. I crave chocolate when sad or stressed. I crave a great meal when happy and celebrating. I demonstrate love by cooking and baking big meals. I crave caffeine when I’m exhausted. Food items are associated with a lot of my emotions. I lost 50 lbs 2 years ago. I had a stressful year last year and regained about 30 lbs. I want to lose the weight again but I’m finding it difficult to discipline myself again. I’m looking forward to prayerfully seeking God for a spiritual solution to this issue in my life.

  5. I am like Denise who participated in the Yes to God OBS and ACH OBS. I find that this fits so well. I love her imagry of not using her body as a pin board of things to accomplish, things to but, things to get done. Rather, treating it as the temple it really, truly is.
    I recall cleaning our church with my mother. She always reminded me that we were taking care of God’s house. She told me that we should work as if it were for Jesus because it truly was. That cleaning toilets and washing windows can take on a Holy purpose when seen through that lense.
    Now, I see that my body is that church and caring for it, mind, body and spirit are a part of working for the Lord. It can take on a Holy Purpose too. It can also align my thoughts with Christ’s thoughts for me.
    I learned to open up to God’s leading through What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. I discovered that focusing my gaze on the Lord and his light will not only help me face my fears but totally defeat them.
    The Lord used the last two studies to point me in new directions, confirm my staying in my present career, direct me in seeking transformational power in the lives of my family and myself, and lead me to new depths of faith. The In the Gap study about the women involved with Christ taught me so much about delving into the word and understanding the Lord can use absolutely anyone, anything, and any situation for his glory.

  6. So often I crave attention from others and recognition when I feel empty.

  7. My daughter and I are doing Made to Crave together. We both suffer from the same craving, food and our saddle bags are showing it. We’ve both went thru the last two studies and God has worked out some very stressful issues in both our lives. I agree with Amy and Denise about our body being the temple of God and I’ve always been embarrassed of this run down body and to call it a temple of God. Looking so forward to this study, not because it will transform this old body but because I know God is going to transform my way of thinking and understanding.

  8. It hasn’t even been a full week since our last study but, it seems so much longer. Lol. I miss everyone. Being part of OBS is so enriching. You learn God’s Word, you gain new friendships & discuss how His Eord influences each person’s life. It’s awesome. I can’t wait for this next study.

  9. I so agree with the comments above. I lost 40 pounds two years ago and have now gained 20 back. I have so lost my want to. Looking forward to being back with my small group and seeing God get me through this. Have my book and the 60 day devotion book.

  10. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    Not reacting to stuff in anger.

  11. The answer to all of those is FOOD!! SNACK food, SALTY food, SWEET food. Oh how I need this study!!

  12. Today I am craving God, His hand in a situation

  13. Not to eat when I am stressed

  14. I have already read this book and it is wonderful. I am so excited to be part of a bible study group on this book.
    If you haven’t already ready Unglued!! It is EXCELLENT!!!

  15. I started struggling with emotional eating when I was pregnant with my daughter. At the time, we were facing a lot of major struggles and changes – many deaths in the family, a major move, financial struggles, health struggles, some family things going on…then after my pregnancy I struggled with post partum depression and we moved states again, and lost more family members and my eating just kept right on going. It wasn’t until about a yr ago when I joined OBS that I even recognized what was happening and I have been looking forward to doing this study ever since!

  16. Yeah I can pretty much answer “food” to every one of those questions. Boy do I love to eat! I can’t really pinpoint when it became so important to me. It’s a vicious circle…I lose weight and get back down pre-pregnancy size but then I fall off the wagon and gain some weight back. And so it goes back and forth, and back and forth. I think “why can’t I beat this?!” and then I get so disappointed in myself. I know, I know that Satan knows this is my weak spot and uses it to his advantage and dadgum I let him!
    I have read Made to Crave before and loved it, it was full of good info, but I think I read it too fast and didn’t let it sink in so much.
    Another thing, I participated (I’ll admit, kinda halfheartedly) in the A Confident Heart bible study but felt very lost amidst a sea of women. That and I felt like I couldn’t keep up with all the blog posts, but I have seen some Facebook groups for these bible studies…how do those work and how would I get into one? I think that might help me feel a bit more connected and stay on track.

  17. what do I crave?…Snickers candy bars….they are a weakness…or most anything chocolate

  18. Ice cream. To every one of the questions. I crave ice cream. Usually 2 bowls.

  19. Cigarettes!

  20. A lot of time I know when I’m upset or angry I like to turn to food a lot. That’s how I started having the issue of my weight until I finally started watching what I was eating and counting my calories and now have lost over 60 lbs., but I know I couldn’t of done any of this without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am really excited to start the study in January Made to Crave. God bless each and every one of you on this journey.

  21. I either crave food or the ability to retreat into a fiction book and shut out the world. Neither of these is productive in any way.

  22. What do i crave…beer…not good. Yikes, I haven’t thought about beer being what i crave until now…i definitely need to change.

  23. wow…there is a lot of things I crave
    -peace of mind
    -happy children
    -the love a Godly man
    And of course food….mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, sweets, sugar free non fat mochas, cranberry muffins…I just noticed I am not craving fruits or veggies (well potatoes)

  24. Knowledge! HaHa actually that & sweets. Are y’all going to have the Small Groups again? xo

  25. What do I crave?
    - Attention, love, peace., like so many of you healthy kids, happy family… but I also crave all day..
    -Steak, cheesecake, macaroni and cheese, bread!!!! I love food.. Mostly ALL foods, but I don’t want to be defined by food. I want to enjoy food but not have it control me.. I am tired of eating junk food and feeling like I cannot stop eating.

    It is so weird how I feel powerless to stop over eating because when after I eat something if I do not feel “satisfied” I eat and eat until I have the I am “satisfied” feeling…and by that time I have eaten twice the calories I am supposed to eat for the day..

  26. What do I crave?
    - Attention, love, peace., like so many of you healthy kids, happy family… but I also crave all day..
    -Steak, cheesecake, macaroni and cheese, bread!!!! I love food.. Mostly ALL foods, but I don’t want to be defined by food. I want to enjoy food but not have it control me.. I am tired of eating junk food and feeling like I cannot stop eating.

    It is so weird how I feel powerless to stop over eating because when after I eat something if I do not feel “satisfied” I eat and eat until I have the I am “satisfied” feeling…and by that time I have eaten twice the calories I am supposed to eat for the day..

    I pray the Lord will take a hold of me and walk through this together because without him I am powerless…

  27. Food and shoes – to every single question!

  28. Salty snacks .. chips, crackers. Recently lost 17 lbs but am now falling back into a bad pattern with eating. This is my first Online Bible Study, or Bible study EVER. I fell away from God for a long time in my late teens to early twenties, and after going through some tough experiences I found solace in God and am now so dedicated to Him… and looking for more ways to grow deeper in Faith. I am really looking forward to this :)

  29. Exactly which books are needed for the study?

  30. I crave being in better health because for too long I have been an emotional eater and now I have hypertension and fatty liver disease. I crave learning more from Lysa in this Made To Crave book about how to turn it over to God!
    Looking forward to starting this study with all you OBS friends!

  31. I crave sweets,I had lost a lot of weight due to anxiety,so they wanted me to gain by eating cake cookies,etc… so now I am addicted to them I dont want to be,I like eating a heathly diet and would like to get back to it

    • I can agree with you about craving sweets. I too lost a lot of weight over the summer due to depression and anxiety. I was put on a medication that has a side effect of weight gain and I have also been craving cookies, cake, etc. too. I would like to get myself back on a healthier diet and exercise and lose some of the weight I have gained. Good luck with your journey and hopefully this study will help the both of us.

  32. Whenever I have stressful situations in my life. I turn to food.Anything that taste good and I am guilt ridden after I eat because I know I should of prayed instead of comforting my self with food. I know that my behavior is sinful but I need conviction of the heart. Im looking forward to this study.

  33. I crave carbs! And chocolate. My emotional eating first became a problem when I lived in China. I was lonely and depressed and certain foods – like Oreos – tasted like home. So I ate a lot of them and just assumed I’d stop when I came back. But it didn’t work that way. It’s like an addiction and I’ve been losing the fight ever since. There’s always some justification. A bad day, a milestone, whatever. I know the answer is to change my mindset and my diet will follow. I just need support to get there.

  34. I agree with what most everyone else has said about food. When I get stressed or have a bad day I usually go for ice cream, cookies, or a frappachino to make myself feel better. I was doing better about this last year but have gotten into that habit again and I do not like it. I am gaining weight, in part to medication that I was put on at the end of the summer and the emotional eating and I do not like it. I cannot wait to start this study and to try to get myself back into some better habits again.

  35. My cravings are weird, I crave sleep when I’m ultimately stressed or feeling down, and we’re talking like 12-18 hours of sleep, so I feel terribly groggy and out of touch when I do wake up. It affects my work, my home life, and my relationships. Thank the Lord, I’m a positive person and this doesn’t happen very often!!! But when it does, it knocks me off my feet and people don’t see me for weeks because if I’m not at work, I’m sleeping. On the flip side? that’s when I eat. When I’m happy or want to celebrate a good day, I eat. Mostly chocolatey goodness is what drives my food cravings, and to get even more specific, chocolate ice cream. OMGoodness, that is amazing. I’m excited to explore this bible study again, I’m a 2nd timer, I took this bible study recently, and we only got through half of it, and for some reason our women’s group stopped. So, I’m excited to take it to the end this time!

  36. Andrea Runyon says:

    would love to sign up, cannot figure out how to do so, don’t see any red box.. My email is standrunyon@yahoo.com but I don’t have Facebook or twitter, just plain old emailing

  37. I am excited about starting this study. I have done several obs. I need this one . Five years ago I lost almost 60 lbs and have since put back on 35-40 lbs due to my inability to stay focused on what needs to be done and stress and depression from my current life circumstances . I know to turn to God for everything that I need help with but I feel like with all I have going on I have overloaded him already and one more thing is just not cool.

  38. Question: does the young women’s verion fit in with the bible study? I have bought a book for my teenage daughters and would love to do the study with them as well!

  39. Just signed up for this new study. Couldn’t find where to get the conference calls. Will you have those this time? They add so much. So enjoy everything about the studies..Thanks for everything you do.

  40. I just signed up. Currently doing Made to Crave on my own. Really looking forward to sharing this experience with others. I have never done an OBS before. So all very new and a bit intimidating.

  41. Melissa,
    My crave is longing to have more of God. My crave is to feel more loved by my husband, I know he does, but he’s the type that don’t show or tell his love like other ppl do. I do admit when I’m stressed or depressed, which I’m meds for, I crave food. Preferably something that is quick to grab.
    I also crave to fulfill my calling. I know it’s to write devotionals and Bible studies. And maybe a blog or two. I love my God HE is so good to me and I know He will guide me through the journeys I’m going through right now. Thank you Jesus you are my everything!

  42. Kathie Waters says:

    Depending on the stress I crave sweets, coffee an/or sleep. Occaisionally alcohol. Nothing healthy. But I also do crave more of God and that is why I thought I would sign up for this study.

  43. I was introduced to this book Made To Crave about a year ago and we briefly touched the surface of this book in a Bible study at my church. I must tell you that I never before had considered the thought that I was craving food more than God. However, I must admit that ever since I was a little girl, food has been a significant pray of every major event in my life; good ones,bad ones, exciting ones, sad ones, happy ones, frustrating ones, etc.Our family meal at the dinner table was the highlight of our day and my mother always cooked too much food for the three of us because growing up she had always taken care of her four other siblings due to her father’s work schedule and her mother’s poor health. I want to eat to live and not live to eat and this is one of the areas in my life that I really desire to honor God by being healthy and eating in a healthy, sensible manner.

  44. When I am tired is when I am at my weakest and I crave whatever is closest, be it potato chips or chocolate. (mostly salty and/or sweet). Then of course I feel guilty afterwards because “I should no better than to eat those kind of things”.
    I also crave more energy (but don’t exercise), I crave companionship, yet sometimes I want to be left alone. I crave a closer walk with God yet I let everyday tasks get in the way of my devotions.
    Looking forward to making the time to spend with you, the other ladies in this bible study and with God.

  45. Could someone please check but I think I have all ready signed up fot the made to crave study. Please
    get back to me . Thanks

  46. Sally Gallager says:

    Hello, I believe this is for me. I have been struggling with many things and one of them is food allergies to gluten, soy and dairy. So I am going to step out on air and order the What do I Crave bundle package and get started to change to press forward no matter what. January 19th here I come!!!
    God bless

  47. How does this work? Im from Manila can i still be a part of this?

  48. Jennifer Fell says:

    Well…. I am not sure what I crave. My answer to all your questions were FOOD! But I guess I am craving some type of satisfaction or reassurance or approval! Not really sure! I do know food doesn’t solve the problem yet I keep going to it for the answer! I know my Lord will provide and I am excited to see how this study will help me depend on him more! Thanks!

  49. In all honesty besides food, I crave having a boyfriend. I know God should be first in my life and I don’t have Him there. I do keep Him as a plan B, as someone mentioned. I do want to have a close relationship with Him and everything else will fall into place. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I’m ready for a change!

  50. I crave sweets and carbs , but most of all I crave attention from my husband. This is hard to say because he is such a good provider and man.. But he doesn’t seem to have the need or time to want alone time together to just do something together or have a date. I don’t say anything anymore because he thinks I am nagging and ungrateful so I keep it in and then I EAT because IT makes me feel good. Sounds funny when I write it down on here , but here it is !

    • I can soooo relate to you and, no, it doesn’t sound funny at all. In fact, I bet there are more of “us” out there than we even realize. I, too, crave “attention” from my husband – he is the most kind, easy going (most of the time, anyway – ha ha) excellent provider, etc., etc. man I know. But, we don’t have the time to do things together like we used to (I’m 70 and he’s 71) because he works 12 hr. days 3 days/week and 8 hr. days the other two days and sometimes, we don’t see each other for a couple of days. Nighttime is my biggest downfall – I watch tv and eat sweets, chips, etc., (hot chocolate) all comfort foods for me. (instant gratification, I guess) then, I go to bed and feel really guilty b/c I ate all that and the next day I feel lousy – I am busy all day, running around, picking up grandkids and doing things for them, etc. I eat on the run ALOT – I love the Lord with all my heart and soul and mind and read his word almost daily, so why isn’t that enough??? Oh, well, that’s my story (ha ha) I am really excited about this new bible study, PTL!!!!

  51. I feel so guilty. I crave so many things before God. I guess because I need something tangible and instant gratification. When my daughter started getting involved with a bad crowd, I was so upset I caught myself eating a whole pint of ice cream. When I lost 4 pounds, I asked my husband if we could go celebrate at Cheesecake Factory. (I am ashamed that I reward myself with food!) When I am stressed from work, I come home and unwind by going on Facebook for hours. Yet, there is my bible sitting there waiting for me and I haven’t picked it up in months. I am looking for a new church, so I haven’t been in months either. It is hard for me to ask God for anything anymore since I put him on the back burner – and it is easy to do because I know he will always be there. All I know is, I am sick of putting food first! I feel myself thirsting for God.

    • Wow your confession hit home for me , I also put GOD after food and FB and for me self pity because I know he will not give up on me. Lets hope we can quench our thirst and praise him more and put him first where he belongs. Thanks and have a great day :)

  52. It’s the hugs of my 2 older sons I crave. 14&17 it’s been 6 +years since I have been able to be with them. Texas is a state that if you have the millions then you get the kids…the baby now 13 is with me and he’s amazing and was eber so abused emotionally by his bio. Dad. It’s not even close to being ok, I promise to be a best possible mom and more I know to be. I praise God He is doing well and good for the times he went through my own baby was told he should have never been born, was a mistake and ruined the family. It’s not me but my ex. I Who has been this way to him. Now having told his new wife i tricked him into getting pregnant w tje youngest

  53. All too often I turn my cravings to food, all sorts of food. I am not extremely picky. This will be my third time in this study and I look forward to it.

    I was trying to order the magnet but it keeps redirecting me to a part of P31 that does not give the option to order.

  54. I crave a professional life. It’s been a difficult year. I’m ready for 2013 to be over. Got a teaching job after being home for several years with kids. School closed, lost my job. Interviewed and interviewed, nothing fell my way. I have comforted myself with good food (I love to cook) and wine. I have ballooned to the largest I have ever been. Time to get my focus back! God is in control of my life, not me.

  55. I crave FOOD and the WANT TO, but I’m GOING to. I have always known that my craving food is a spiritual problem. But what struck a cord with my heart was when you spoke about helping with my WANT to. I am excited about this. Will the bible study be at any particular time of the day? I work and will not be able to participate until the evening time? See you on January 19th. God bless all of us who are doing this study and may we Fall So In Love with Jesus.

  56. The thing I honestly crave the most is Jesus Christ. I want Him closer everyday, closer than my skin.

  57. Pat Tayes says:

    I crave being closer to my savior. I also crave chocolate and junk food.

  58. Cindy Miller says:

    I am in the final stretch of my mini goal of fasting on Sundays (from dinner Saturday to dinner Sunday) my stomach is growling and my salivary glands are watering-my husband wants to go grocery shopping!! I crave God’s strength, long-suffering & self-control. Prayers my friends.

  59. I crave lots of things, but I cover those things up with food. I’m not too picky with the type of food either. But my favorite is chocolate. There, I said it. I use chocolate to cover my boredom, my nervousness, my shyness and I even use it to just be doing something when I get tired but can’t sleep. There is so many things I use food for. I am praying for the strength and knowledge to be successful. I won’t be using anything other than the book I already have, which makes me nervous because I worry that I won’t get everything I need out of the study, but I will desperately try to put it all in God’s hands for him to guide me and show me the way. Looking forward to talking with everyone! God bless!

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