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I entered my information into the formula, anxious and afraid to see the results. My heart was beating fast. I knew it was time to take a hard honest look at the facts…and do something about it before it was too late.

MTC BMI beginning 12.26.14 In case you can’t see the picture, it says:

Your BMI is 31.1 (kg/m2) at a weight of 181 lbs. and a height of 5’4’’

A BMI of 30 and above is considered to be Obese

The BMI is calculated using a formula that compares height and weight (kg/m2). It provides an acceptable measure of fatness and helps identify your risk of developing certain health problems – the higher your BMI – the greater your risk.

Note: BMI is not appropriate for anyone less than 18 years old, competitive athletes or body builders, pregnant or nursing women, or frail elderly persons.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this position. But it’s the worst it’s ever been and I’m so disappointed in myself. I knew the numbers. But there’s something about seeing the word “Obese” as my description that wakes me up and gets my attention.

Oh how I did not want to post this today. Mostly because it could potentially be embarrassing and sadly there are people out there who get pleasure out of watching someone in ministry struggle. But I also want to be totally honest.

Don’t worry, you will never be asked to post your weight or any other detail of your life that you are uncomfortable posting, that’s not what the Made to Crave study is about. I’m choosing to put myself front and center because I want you to know that your Bible study leader is way far from perfect and I’m on this journey with you. And I know that I am NOT defined by the numbers.

My Body

My body is not in a very healthy place right now. The numbers for me serve as an indication of where I am and where I need to be headed. But they aren’t who I am. Can I hear a thank you Jesus for that!

I know, for my health, that I should lose weight. My doctor has recommended it. I can feel it in my joints and by how easily I can become out of breath. My blood pressure is high (another indication that change is needed as shown by the numbers).

My Mind

My mind is in good health. I know that I’m not defined by these high numbers, but I also know that God wants me to take better care of myself. If He needs me for anything, I want to be ready with my best to give. I can’t give Him my best if I am unhealthy.

Made to Crave is a book written to help us find our “want to.” Most of us know what we should do, but for whatever reason we don’t. Knowing what to do to get healthy is only part of it. Before we can move to the “how to” we have to find our “want to.” And we have to train ourselves to turn to God for our satisfaction. Not food. Not ___________________.  (fill in the blank…what do you crave?)

Made to Crave has helped hundreds of thousands of women and men overcome their addictions to the unhealthy things that control their lives. And God knew we would have these struggles. His Word is PACKED with promises that we just need to hold on to and claim when we are challenged. He wants us to use His Word this way. That’s what Made to Crave is all about.

Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.  

2 Corinthians 7:1

You know what your life needs. And if you join Proverbs 31 Ministries’ next online Bible study, Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst, our team and community will do all we can to be there for you. In this online study, you will have access to prayer, support, accountability, encouragement, and best of all Bible study.

Sign up today and you will automatically receive updates and information with all of the tools we have to offer you to help you on this (difficult) journey. You will never ever hear me say it’s going to be easy. But you will hear me say it’s possible.

Do you know others who struggle in this area and are ready to make 2014 be a year of healthy change? Invite them to sign up too! We have a group of ladies in our Proverbs 31 office who plan to meet once a week during lunch to discuss the study and support each other.

Are you alone in this? Have no fear, that’s why Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies exists! We are here for you! We want to walk with you every step of the way as you grow closer to God, learn to rely on His Word, and make big changes in your life.

I’m so sick of the way I feel inside and out as a result of my poor choices.  I’m tired of defining myself by numbers that really don’t represent me very well at all. I’m ready to #CraveGod and I’m ready to do this now. How about you?

Click here to sign up for the Made to Crave online Bible study beginning January 19, 2014.

Click here to purchase your Made to Crave book.

We Aren’t Alone

Do you struggle with defining yourself by numbers, behavior, addiction, or ____________?  Without sharing all the details, let us know here that either yes you do struggle, you can identify with the struggle, or that you too have been in a similar struggle. It’s always comforting to know we aren’t alone. (If you are reading this in your email, click here to leave a comment.)

Big Blessings friends! I love you and I’m looking ahead with hopeful anticipation of all God will do through Made to Crave!

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  1. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Yes I do struggle with my weight and all the issues that go along with it. I am so glad there is a group that I can go to at this time. I am praying that I can begin working out in January and that my life can take a huge turn around. Looking forward to this study.

    • Praying for you Jeannie. This group of sisters will hold you up in prayer and cheer you on.

    • Lisa Richardson says:

      I’m with you. I want to be healthy. my mom was in so much pain and mostly due to her inactivity, i don’t want to be like that and I am 44, I am looking forward to this study and the amazing support from my sisters in Christ

  2. Barbie Lewis says:

    *Hugs* to you Melissa. God bless you for you transparency. It is a powerful encouragement to know that we are not alone in this journey.
    Yes, I struggle with food and weight, and most likely always will.
    I have binge-eating disorder, and have since I was a small child. I didn’t even know that was a real eating disorder the first time I did the Made to Crave Bible study with you a couple of years ago.
    At the same time I started that study, I started making changes in my life. I have now lost 130 pounds, and kept a majority of it off for over a year. BUT I am far from healed, and far, far from perfect.
    I still struggle daily to put my cravings for God above my cravings for food, and I am really looking forward to going through this study again with you!

    • Oh Barbie, I know your struggles. I have the same issue and had no idea how to seek help. Just thought here must be something wrong with. A few years ago, a wonderful Christian counselor assured me there was hope and the Lord would be with me through my healing. I, like you, have more healing to do, but praise the Lord, I am not where I used to be. Congrats to you on the journey you have made so far. Keep pressing on towards the prize He has for you.

  3. YES, I Struggle with addiction and weight. Thank you Melissa for being completely honest with your own personal struggle with weight…brave and courageous! I admire your willingness to put yourself completely out in the open. Praise God for this opportunity to share, grow and be all that God wants for us.

  4. Melissa, you are definitely not alone on your journey either. Praise the Lord we have such a wonderful community of sisters to cheer us on and to uplift us. Looking forward to this study and all the lessons the Lord wants to teach us. I already have one friend coming along with me on the journey. Here we go…bring on 2014!

  5. Currently my weight is one of the things I am struggling with. Since I am tall (I’m 5’11″), it is not as noticeable but I am the heaviest I have ever been currently and I am NOT okay with that! There are other unhealthy behaviors that I struggle with as well that I am hoping the study will help me through those. Right now my prayer is that I will be able to actively participate in this study. Since I am a student and classes begin again on January 6th, life will become very hectic once more and I know from one previous online study I tried to do with Proverbs 31, life sometimes gets in the way!

  6. Liz Bryner says:

    I struggle with being defined by numbers and labels. Between my weight and ADD, I have a hard time getting past the idea that I can be anything but fat, lazy, unorganized, late, etc. I am tired of not living up to all that I am capable of in so many areas of my life. I’m so looking forward to Made to Crave because I need to find my “want to” in so many areas of my life. It’s been so easy to let my labels be the excuses for not meeting goals and being my best. I’ll be 40 in May and I am overdue for this kind of change.

    • Lisa Richardson says:

      Liz, if there was a like button for your status, I would have hit it. We can do this together :)

    • Darcie Inkpen says:

      I will also be 40 in May, and I feel like if i dont lose the control over food now it will just become more and more of an uphill battle. I am also in the (pre)menopausal phase of my life. My mom hit it at 38yrs old, and I started having glimpses of it last year, and the past 6 months have been rough. One side effect is weight gain (was for my mom and we are soooo much alike!!). I cant gain more weight!!!
      Together we can let God be in control and make our 4oth bday the best yet!!

    • Nicole Fellows says:

      Liz, I think you have said exactly where I am…..heavy and ADD not a good combination….I feel the weight every day and look forward to facing it with you and God…

  7. Annalisa Harmon says:

    I also struggle with weight issues. I was able to lose a lot of weight when I was in my twenties. But I was a gym rat and the gym for me was my all in all. While I was skinnest at the time, my apperance did not match my mind nor my heart at all. I was prideful and critical. And so now that I have had 2 children, I am more overweight. I know what I need to do, but like the Melissa stated in her email to move from “how to” to “want to” has been challenging for me. I am looking forward to this study and I appreciate all of you. :)

    • Donna Slazinski says:

      Just wanted to pass on this, Annalisa, 80% nutrition & 20% exercise. A lot of people think that hitting the gym all the time is all they need. Hope this helps. No guilt because now you have 2 children and hitting the gym is not always possible.

      • Annalisa Harmon says:

        Thank you, Donna. It does help a lot. And its true I have to find different means of exercising.
        But that breaks it down for me. :)

  8. Yes I still stuggle! My friends and I did this study together in 2011 and I made some great progress and also some thought pattern changes. Then my father died unexpectedly in 2012 and I fell hard off the wagon. I have signed up for the study and am looking forward to it!

  9. Donna Slazinski says:

    Yes I struggle with weight, along with fear and stress. I have lost 125# an recently put on 20#. I have 80# to lose to get to my ideal weight. That ideal weight according to my numbers is 163#. This is so difficult for me even though my business is Health & Wellness. Ironic, right? I help many people who struggle with weight and other health issues, I have the perfect program, yet I am the one struggling, Hard to figure out. I am so looking forward to sharing with everybody in this journey to finally get healthy. I have come to realize that our body is a gift from God and I need to keep it in the best shape possible to honor Him. I am also a 30 year cancer survivor. I really have beaten the odds. I am thanking God for these 30 years of life that I should not have according to the doctors. God is not done with me yet! So the healthier I get, the more people I can help. Thank you Melissa for being so honest. If you want me to post my entire “numbers” let me know,

  10. I have ALWAYS been “overweight.” Even when I was a young kid. (although, looking back on some photos of when I was in my 20′s, I”m angry that I – and others – thought I was fat….when I really was NOT!)
    Although I don’t struggle with the numbers on the scale, I do struggle with loving * accepting myself, regardless of my size….
    I love your transparency & honesty Lysa!
    And I so look forward to this study because of that!!
    Lord willing, with the help of this study & study group, I will have some victory in this area of my life.
    Looking forward to it!!
    ~ Jennifer

    • I just realized Lysa won’t be seeing my post (oops); that we are just doing her study.
      But I do love her authenticity!! As well as yours Melissa :)
      And those that are responding to your post!!
      Thank you!!

      • Melissa Taylor says:

        Lysa is working with OBS during this study of Made to Crave. She’s in the office today and I will show her your comment…so she will indeed see it and be blessed by it!

  11. THANKYOU Melissa for your honesty and transparency. You have encouraged me to keep with ” the program” after a discouraging loss of only four tenths of a pound lb in two and a half weeks. I do well with the eating it’s the heart issues that I am struggling with. That and the fact I hate exercise! Looking forward to January 19th.

  12. I struggle with my weight and singleness. Both seem to weigh in heavily on my self esteem and self worth despite being a Christian. I long to be healthier and for a godly companion or contentment whatever my weight or marital status. I have read the book once and look forward to studying it again.

  13. My struggle is with behavior…. or more specifically discipline- or controling my behavior. And more specifically– controlling my behavior with food. I always say- I rarely eat when I am hungry! I eat because I’m happy, I’m stressed, it’s lunch time, everyone else is eating, food is in plain site, etc…. I get discouraged that I cannot control my behavior and I give in time and time again after saying I won’t! I struggle that I am not strong enough to control myself…. but that’s my problem– I never will be! Only with God’s love and strength will I overcome it! Excited about this OBS and the possibilities it holds for me in my physical health and my walk with the Lord! Thank you for making it possible for us!

    • Lisa Richardson says:

      Jennifer, I am with you.. I eat simply because it’s there and I can… I eat too late at night, snack too much,and behavior plays a huge roll in that.

    • Jodi Cheeseman says:

      Jennifer, You’ve described exactly how I feel except I tend to turn to alcohol instead of food. Hoping this study will teach me how to turn to God instead.

  14. Laura Russell says:

    Since the passing of my mama I have realized how her poor health and her obesity played a role in her death because it prediposed her to chronic illnesses that lead to her untimely death. Then today I entered my weight and I about died. I’ve known and I do know how me being overweight is killing me. And frankley I’m tired of fighting this battle. Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t living. That I didn’t have to struggle and that life could just be easy. But that is not what life is about. Life is about struggle yet me being overweight is because of choices that I have made. I have to take responsibility and just be healthy. That is why this upcoming study is what I’m looking forward to. Its not about food but its just following GOD and not my stomach. Letting him fill those needs of my deep seeded heart and not food. Can I hear an AMEN

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      I hope that you never want to wish that you weren’t living again. I understand that feeling though. Life can be exhausting. I’m so thankful I have my Jesus and my Jesus sisters there for me to remind me that life is worth it and so am I. I want to tell you right now, that your life is worth it and so are you. Let’s do this…together!
      And yes….AMEN!

    • Laura,
      Please know that you are not alone. If you every feel alone know that there are a lot of women out there that are praying for you and totally understand you.
      You are worth it
      We can do this together.

  15. I have had weight issues since Jr. High; have gained and lost numerous times. I have tried almost every weight loss program ever invented. Each time knowing in my heart it has to be God changing my heart to be a permanent change. I will be turning 50 this fall and its time to do this the right way.

    So thankful that I can start this journey with other ladies who are searching to crave HIM and not food. Praying for all of us as we begin that the Lord will be honored and receive all the glory for the transformstions that will happen as we seek HIS heart. Thank you for this opportunity to lose weight the right way…. HIS way!

  16. Melissa, thank you for being so honest. I am struggling with my weight and you today have helped me realize that i am not alone. Thank you!

    • Lisa Richardson says:

      Renee, you are definitely not alone… Funny how when we share our deepest secerts, or our worries, that we find we are not alone. Satan always tries to use that to keep us down, but thankfully God will never let us be alone in anything we face.

  17. I have struggled with my body image and weight since I had my daughter 17 years ago. I am ready to not focus on those issues any more. I want to live for God and know that what I am doing to my body does not glorify Him at all. I am excited about this OBS and the things I will learn through it and pray that I will begin to only crave God and can overcome my food addictions.

    • Amy,
      You sound just like me! I too am anxious for God to be evident in my life. I want people to be drawn to Christ through me. I will be praying for you!

  18. elizabeth zemanek says:

    thanku for this today over did it yesterday trying to stay on task today I have the book but need the support im on ns but cant afford the full program again don’t fit into my budge so praying about everything

  19. Carla Crowell says:

    Can’t wait to get started! I have been struggling with my wt a long time and I am ready to get healthy. I know with God’s help and guidance I can do this!

  20. Same height, same weight, same feelings! Let’s do something about this together, ok? Together in Christ we can anything!

  21. Lisa Richardson says:

    I so struggle with my weight. I have for 8 years. I even went so far as to have lap band surgery, I did lose 80 pounds with that, but need to lose about 40 more. I know I need to lose weight, to make better choices, to exercise, but I have no discipline to do it. My husband is amazing but not good at motivating me or holding me accountable. He hates to tell me no :) I am excited about this study, I pray for God to give me the “want to” to be successful in this journey.

  22. I could tell you I’ve got “baby weight” to lose — but my “baby” is about to be 26 years old! So that’s really not it. Actually I weigh more now than I did the day she was born. And only being 5’2″ (on a poofy hair day!), my weight is going to kill me. Fortunately I don’t have high blood pressure, but the knees are screaming more and more as the days go by and my cholesterol is not in the “good” range. I’m like everybody else — I know what I NEED to do, just can’t find the right reason to do it. Praying for heart transformation that only our God can give!

  23. Lisa McDonald says:

    Melissa, your openness and honesty truly is admirable. You are such an inspiration to me and I’m really looking forward to this study with your leadership :)

  24. I’m ready to give God all of me, even when the days get hard.

  25. OK, I have to ask a really dumb question…if I don’t have a weight issue or a food issue per se, would this be the right study for me? Not to be boastful, but I am actually on the slender side, due to illness, genetics, and other issues. But I have other strongholds and am wondering if this study would apply to those things. And I guess my struggle with food is actually not eating enough, getting so busy with work that I don’t grab something to eat, and being afraid to eat much of anything for fear of getting sick again (I have ulcerative colitis, which is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the colon).

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      I think this is a great book for anyone who wants to get healthy and focus on God and His Word. We all have different strongholds, some similar, but they look different. We won’t be sharing magic formulas (wish there was one!) or specific plans during this study. Your goals will look different than mine and your way of meeting your goals will look different from mine. What we will share in common is our desire to #CraveGod more than our desire for anything else and being intentional on ingesting and digesting His Word and healthy amounts of the other stuff.

      Hope this helps!

    • I have read the book and am looking forward to the study. I think that the book encompasses more than people who struggle with overeating…as the title says, we are “Made to Crave” God. If there is anything in your life that you turn to in times of stress, loneliness, anxiety or whatever…for me at various times it has been shopping, exercise, alcohol, AND food…then this book and study will be valuable.

      • Thanks, Charlotte!

      • Tammy Lancaster says:

        This is a very good way to describe why this study can be for everyone… ‘what we turn to during times of stress, loneliness, anxiety…’…needs to be God, not our bad habits. I’m looking forward to learning along with so many other ladies!

  26. I do struggle with the topic that this book focuses on. This study is coming at the perfect time (God’s amazing like that)!

    Can’t wait for this study to get started!!!!

  27. I have struggled with food for as long as I can remember. I could have written Jennifer’s post as my own. Time after time, day after day, I say I’m going to approach food differently and allow the Holy Spirit to guide my choices. But most days I end up doing what I want to do. I feel guilty all the time, but I continue to repeat the behaviors that lead to the guilt and weight gain.

    I have made some headway in turning this over to God, but for the past few weeks, I used the Christmas festivities as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted in whatever quantities I wanted. I’m looking forward to being a part of this group.

  28. I am sharing my heart, not easy for me to do. I am a food addict. I use to weigh 250 pounds, over the years fought to lose weight up and down up and down. Lost the weight and maintained for a while then got back up to about 150, not caring. Then lost more down to 115 pounds stayed that weight, for about 2 years, and now back up about 12 pounds, might not see like much to others, however I was pigging out again, and lost who I was. I am a Christian, I need to let God control me not food. I am praying this study helps me.

  29. Melissa, thank you for posting your BMI, weight, and height. I’m really “proud” of you. It doesn’t make me think less of you but instead I admire and appreciate you more than ever. Transparency is a rare quality but it’s a beautiful thing and it helps others not feel alone in their struggles. You’ve been an inspiration. Thank you!

  30. This is my third Pb31 OBS and am just ad excited as my first! I also need s health chsnge next yrsr smd will be starting s Daniel fadt on January 7 by God’s grace. Thanks Sisters.

  31. I too struggle…it is so disheartening to look back over 5years at the number of times I have tried to lose the same pounds…and have not done it in spite of training for half marathons, sprint and Olympic distance triathlons….it never came off…so it must be what I am putting in that matters more. Looking forward to the study a nd the focus on God and His word…

  32. My struggle with weight has been a lifetime event. Being an emotional eater has its challenges.
    The last couple of years has been an emotional roller coaster and my weight has ballooned to over 220lbs.
    At the moment I do not like myself and the person I have become, I don’t know this person, I don’t trust this person, she scares me. I don’t know how to handle the pain and anxiety she is going through. I want the old me back :-(

    • My daughter says some of those same things and I am in tears after reading your comments. She makes jokes about herself because she is “the fat kid.” That hurts a mom’s heart.She is 17 and weighs much more than 220 at 5’8″ tall and has dealt with the death of her father using food. She was a little chubby at age 10 when he died and it has gone downhill from there. PLEASE know that you are a wonderful person in Christ. He loves us no matter what we are or how we look. I will be praying for you, Gwenda. I love you and hope you will hang in there and see this study all the way through. I really feel this is going to be an amazing year for you in 2014! Do you have anyone to get together with after each lesson and share your thoughts and feelings? If you don’t, PLEASE message me anytime and we can talk things out!

  33. I know every diet in the book but I am still overweight.I want to break this habit once and for all.

  34. The numbers shown are so close to mine, I weigh 179 and I am 5’3! And I am not doing my body any good! I love food, I crave a good meal with friends and family. But I also crave, a healthier ME!

    Looking forward to this study starting!

  35. Yes! I definitely struggle with my body image (i.e. clothes fitting properly, tape measurements, etc.), but not with measuring myself with BMI. I think BMI is a totally bogus number because it’s missing the critical component of fat to muscle measurement. It’s kind of like believing only counting calories will help you eat a healthy, balanced meal in lieu of reading labels. I have many friends who are bodybuilders who are classified as obese because they weigh more than their height says they should. So, please don’t let yourself get discouraged by BMI!

  36. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I had weight loss surgery 4 years ago, lost 104 lbs, never reached my goal weight and now I’m slowly gaining weight back. I’ m terrified of going back to size 28-30 even though I never got lower than a size 20. I want to change my focus from food to Jesus as a means to filling the emptiness in my soul. Christmas was yesterday and as usual, it was a total disappointment because once again, I didn’t focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I am the only believer in my family and it is incredibly difficult keeping Christ in the center of the holiday when I am surrounded by those who only care about the presents and the food. I’ m just exhausted by it all and I know I need to make some big changes. Signing up for this bible study is a first for me and I’m hoping it is the beginning of a new way of life for me.

  37. I have struggled with emotional eating all my life. I am despairing of ever being able to turn away from this destructive way of life and turn to God instead. I am praying that the Made to Crave study can help me.

    • I’ve felt the same as many who’ve posted above and tried many things. I hope it’s different this time. I’m hopeful and hesitant. I want to be optimistic. Right now, I’m just trying.

  38. I do now at 46 years old and have always since I was 12 years old struggled with my weight. I am literally a yo-yo!

  39. Yes, I too struggle with weight. I’ve always been “chubby” and never at my ideal weight. I am anxious to do this study with P31. My mother has always been very heavy, and I live with the fear that if I don’t get it under control I will be there one day. I know that for me I need accountability – serious accountability. I am definitely an emotional eater, and I want to learn to turn to God instead of food.

  40. Yes I struggle with my weight as well as letting social media take away from my time with God. I crave social media and unhealthy choices more than I crave God. This is the third time to do this study – hopefully this time it will stick!!!!

  41. I completely understand this struggle…my mind knows I need to change things but I have hard time getting down to make those changes. I also keep hearing the words in my head that “‘you can not persevere through this”…I can’t seem to be at peace that I can be where God wants me to be physically, emotionally and spiritually. Seeking God during this journey.

  42. I am looking forward to this group. Before I was married four years ago I had finally reached a weight I was comfortable with. Then I got comfortable in my marriage and I have gained about 40 pounds. Almost 9 months ago my third child was born. I want to get fit and healthy so I have more energy to do things with my children and to help teach them to be healthy.

  43. I love your honesty, too ! My BMI reads the same … I am at least 40 pounds overweight. I currently weigh in at 181 and my “ideal” weight should be around 135. My employer offers the yearly blood work to its employees. This year my BMI also said “obese” and that was hard to see/take. I am praying this study will help me to gain insight into not only the way I look at my eating habits … but more importantly, the way God sees me. Thank you for leading us through this study and thank you for your heartfelt and sincere honesty. God bless each of us as we study and learn together !!!

  44. Kim Abbott says:

    I am really looking forward to this study. I have struggled with my weight for a long time and I really want to get fit and healthy. I also struggle with spending time with God. I can’t wait for this to start!!

  45. I am so tired of the struggle to try to find WHAT my motivation is. I have struggled with weight since the birth of my second child – she is 17 now! I am so afraid of what changes my body will go through. I am somewhat happy with my “upstairs” and don’t want to lose there, but I know I will and it will be for my best interest. I just can’t imagine how my body will really look and what leftovers will sag around with me. YES. I know this sounds so superficial, but I think I need to be honest with myself and really ( finally ) find out why I am scared to lose the weight. If anyone is with me, I hope you will pray for me as I will be praying for everyone who is making this commitment to “once and for all, finally” make the right changes in our life, mind and soul! God bless!

  46. rita L causey says:

    It’s funny that you posted your weight today, because I checked my weight today and I’m at my heaviest and my b mi is 49.1 I felt heavier but I didn’t think I was this heavy. I really looking forward to January 19 to start the made to grave study. Thank you for you honesty.

  47. Weight has been an issue my entire life — now more than ever. I can say, sadly, that I am the most unhealthy I have ever been. And it does sadden me. A little more than 10 years ago I was in the best shape ever! Strong, toned, low weight, etc. I know how I got there and that I could do it again, but I don’t (except in my head!). I can imagine myself doing the things I need to do, yet I don’t. So I don’t do what I want to do and do what I don’t want to do. I believe there is scripture about that in Romans.

    So I shouldn’t let my body dictate my abilities, but I do. My weight affects my self-confidence, self-image, relationships (or lack thereof). It appears to be a never-ending battle. I know intellectually that God does not look at my fat, but at what is in my heart, but emotionally I think how can God love me when I look like this? I can’t even drum up the courage to weigh myself!

    I am rambling. Bottom line is I am looking forward to this bible study as I need to learn to love myself the way God loves me. I DO need to get healthy because I do need to be prepared for what God has in store for me.

  48. Christy Milam says:

    I struggle with defining myself by my past and by my weight, and by my relationship status. I am working on all three. My past is complicated and hard, with a lot of pain, caused by both me and others. My weight has always been an issue, up and down, all around. It’s hard and a huge effort to deal with either or both! Especially when you are a stress EATER!!!!

  49. I’m ready to be back with my online Bible study gals! And I’m praying the 3rd time through this book, along with support from the wonderful ladies here will really help me continue to fight. You are a warrior for posting this. You are my warrior of hope. Daring to hope that I can have victory in this area that I have so failed privately, publically, and too numerous times for me to count. Over half of my life has been involved in this struggle. I. Am. Over. It. Praying for hope for you, continued bravery through this study to open yourself up publically and incredible victory for you over this through God our heavenly Father who not only loves and cares about this struggle (yes He does!) but He wants to show us something amazing through the struggle. I can’t wait!

  50. I too struggle with my weight. I also struggle with jealousy that pretty much all of my relatives on my mother’s side of the family are so naturally skinny that they have to work at maintaining or gaining weight. Of course, my brothers inherited those genes & I the only girl got my father’s “look at the refrigerator & gain weight” genes! On top of that, I LOVE to cook & I LOVE food; taste, texture appearance, blending of flavors…..I know it shouldn’t but, it angers me that I can’t just eat & enjoy. So, I’m praying that somehow this Bible study will help me change my attitude.

    • Boni,
      After reading your comment, it made me realize that I may need an attitude adjustment as well. I hope that this Bible study will help you (us) find what we need to make the changes.

  51. Stacy Meyers says:

    I am soooooo ready for this study. My mother passed away at the age of 51 due to her inactivity and poor life choices. I am going to be 49 this year and need to make the changes necessary to be the best I can be to serve the loving Lord and Savior when he calls upon me for action. Can’t wait to start.

  52. I have always struggled with starting out great, but fading off and losing my motivation for change. I am comfortable with the “crave.” I am praying that I can come out of my comfort zone and learn ways to keep this lifestyle change for good. I am a classic yo-yo dieter. I am 33 years old and ready to make a change.

  53. I go to food – especially sweets, for comfort, for celebrating, to keep my heart from breaking or just to have something in my mouth. This is really bad because I know my joy is in Christ but… I am also diabetic

  54. I already signed up and already received my book. I’m into Chapter 5 and I am feeling afraid of failure as well as invigorated and empowered. I have learned in my 20+ years in the Lord that you can have 2 different feelings about the same thing at the same time. It is conflicting of course, but I am soooo ready to feel FULLY confident and empowered in this struggle! I was always thin and active as a child and young adult; 3 kids later in life as well as ridding my life of “other” addictions has made food my “go-to” now. I know God wants me healthy. I KNOW God wants me free from this bondage. I know He wants me FULLY dependent on HIM and not myself or food or any other person…..I also know He has greater plans for me but this is an area that I need to get right with Him in, in order to press forward in my purposes. Thank you for this book and this study. It is divine timing for me personally. I am ALL in! Can’t wait!

    • Kathy,
      I will be totally honest I have my book, I’m terrified to open it as I have a massive fear of failure, as well as a fear of not being good enough against the other people doing this OBS. So thank you so much for your honesty about all of your conflicting emotions it rang through with me too.
      I am terrified that I have bitten of more than I can chew with the bible study, my current study at uni and my health issues.
      WE can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
      Once again thank you for your honesty.

  55. Melissa, once again I am so amazed with you and how much you put yourself out here for all of us, for every study. You are like the sister I always wanted, honest, funny, and so down to earth. I can’t think of anyone I would rather have beside me in tough times. I have struggled with weight my whole life,I have really been on that up and down on the roller coaster ride, lost a bunch of weight when I was 18, turned to booze to fill me up, (poor plan but worked) I struggled with so much stress after my first marriage ended, WW and booze then, I lost 127 pounds, but alas as I got better the weight came back. Being Italian, food and fun have always gone hand in hand, so this is a tough struggle. Imagine being the favorite granddaughter because you loved to eat. ;-) that was me. I am a stress eater, a emotional eater and a cook and pick eater (have to make sure everything tastes good. This time around, I understand more that God indeed can help me change, he has in so many other areas in my life. This time when I faced losing my husband, I left the booze alone (18 months sober 1/6 through the GRACE of God.)but struggling with feeling that emptiness and can’t wait for this study to help me find the tools to change the attitude to allow me to become the healthy women I truly crave to be.

    • Melissa Taylor says:

      So happy to have you with me on this journey! Thank you for your very kind words!You have overcome a lot and I know you can do this too!

  56. I blame my weight(220 lbs) on quiting smoking in Oct. 2009. I get so disgusted with the way I look, I stay at home. Hate the way my clothes look. So this should incoutage me to loose weight but guess what I eat. Actually this morning I started a new diet. This one is gonna work!!!

  57. Yes it is something I difficult with on a regular basis!!

    But I believe I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

  58. I forgot to mention in my previous comments, that I am thrilled that my daughter joined the study, because all I do is talk about these studies and all the wonderful people I have meet, but she also told her friend who has also decided to join. I am very excited about that and praise God for guiding her closer towards the walk with him.

  59. I struggle daily. Not only with food but my tongue. I constantly am working on it and am excited about this study.

  60. Mary (OBS Group Leader) says:

    Melissa, your ability to be “real” is what I have always enjoyed about you! So ready to begin a new year with you and the OBS community!!

    While starting to write this, I burnt my 3 pan of chocolate chip cookies meant for my girls. Having said that, I know I would have demolished 6-7 cookies in one sitting because I’m….bored, anxious about turning 40 in a few days, stressed over returning to school in January and any other emotional thing I can attach to my need to eat. :/

    I’ll be sharing my “stats” for accountability since my craving is food, while remembering they are just numbers. I’m more than a number, but my health IS important, so I’ll focus on craving God while honoring Him with healthy changes for good….this time.

    Thank you for reminding me how accountability works!!!

  61. Saw this Bible study was coming up and I thought “Nah…I think I can skip that one”. However, the Lord has been convicting me in this area for the past several weeks. And then this morning I step on the scale to find that I am at a 10 year high! (not counting preggo weight ;) After the birth of my 5th (and final) child 7 years ago I struggled for almost 3 years with an eating disorder. Part of me is afraid to get into the diet cycle again as I’m terrified of going back to that very dark place. On the other hand, I desperately need to get healthy. I know that making healthy choices is going to make me feel so much better (both physically and mentally)…but why is that so hard???? Anyway, here I am…off to sign up for this study, find my book (it’s around here somewhere) and throw away this empty Twinkie wrapper that is sitting beside me :?

  62. Patricia Dedrick says:

    I too struggle with overweight issues and have a stronghold of being an emotional eater. I have asked God to help me get back on the straight and narrow gate of fasting and praying seeking more of him and his will in 2014 and I believe through this OBS is his way of answering my prayer. Can’t wait .

  63. I have struggles and am still struggling with my weight, I struggle trying to be the perfect wife, mother, Christian and student. As well as caring for my mother. There isn’t a day I don’t feel overwhelmed I am just finding my way back to God.
    I work every weekend so finding time to go to church has been a struggle and guilt trip for me. I am doing lots of bible studies and watching preaching online.
    I am terrified that I will be overwhelmed with my university study and my life that I won’t have time for the crave study.
    I am disorganised at the moment just trying to write an essay. I was given 1.2kg’s of chocolate that I am slowly eating my way through. I don’t eat properly, I skip meals, I live on coffee and am struggling as I have only just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and just feel overwhelmed, fat, useless and unworthy. Unworthy comes up a lot for me.
    I think I will leave it at that, I have said more than I intended.:(

  64. Most of my life I have been tall and slender. Although I lost some weight before my wedding 14 years ago, I never really struggled. About 5 years ago my father-in-law died of cancer. My husband and I took care of him in our house. I remember now how I started going to food for comfort,but was still able to hold my weight. Then at 43 I had my fourth child, we started taking care of my mother-in-law who has dementia and the pounds started piling on. Possibly going through premenopause makes it harder to loose the weight and I know I stress eat. I started reading the book, but it was too hard to continue or I wasn’t ready. I am hoping this study will help and pray I don’t quit.

  65. Kimberly R says:

    I dread get together a, going out to eat or any event that’s centered around food. I can’t control myself. I’m so tired of the struggle, I am morbidly obese and at my highest weight ever. My body is starting to give out on me. I feel this is my last chance.

  66. Teresa Dunivent says:

    One looks at their bmi and can’t help but feel defined by it as society places such importance on one’s weight. Nine years ago I was in great shape. I ended up with cancer and my thyroid died as a result. I gained 40 pounds in four months. It just got worse. All of the sudden I was unhealthy and eating to relieve stress. Four years ago I discovered I was married to a habitual adulator, and ended up divorced, a single parent trying to make ends meet. It has been tough and food was a comfort. Several months ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease and had to change my eating. Food was killing me. Since then, I have lost 20 pounds and read the book Made to Crave. I have a long way to go to get my body back, but I am on the road to getting my BMI below the 30 mark.

  67. I started this study a while back and got about 1/2 through it and then stopped. Not sure why I stopped but felt weak and defeated (and if I am honest, just wanted to eat what I wanted). Since my dad died over a year ago I have gained 30 lbs. It’s dissappointing because I had previously lost weight and was successful for a short time and saw a glimmer of hope. I think I became overly confident in what I was doing and did not fully rely on God. Now, I feel as if I am starting from scratch. Like so many other women have said, I am thoroughly weary of the battle with food, feelings of guilt and depression. I really want to be an overcomer, like the song by Mandisa, but it such a daily battle for me. Please pray I don’t quit this time.


  68. Michelle Barron says:

    I have also struggled with my weight all my life. I’m reading Made to Crave now.

  69. Melissa,

    I am so thankful for your honesty and straightforwardness. Indeed, my physical health is a priority and am anxious and excited to use scripture as one tool to help me get on a good path. Again, the fact that you so readily posted your struggle with weight mat very well destigmatize the battle we women fight with body image daily. Thank you for being such a bare-souled sister in Christ Jesus. I look forward to doing this study with you and replacing the desire for food with desire for God.

  70. Melissa, I know exactly how you feel! All you need to do is replace my name for yours and those are my numbers. So I have comfort in knowing I’m not alone. Stress eating is not my friend and add chronic illness, at least, I don’t currently binge eat much any more.

    I’ve loss weight and then gain it back. My desire is to know God more and what direction now to go to serve Him. I want to be able to get out of my own head and out of my recliner. I want to enjoy life again it has been too long.

  71. I sabatoge myself. I had my hubby make another batch of his great large dessert so I can eat it all because I’m going to do Made To Crave and loose weight any way next month. Or I vacuum and think I deserve that goodie because of the work I did. Lord, help me to focus on You now and until the study starts and not sweets. God give me a desire for mor of You and desire healthy foods. In Jesus Name.

  72. Linda Johnson says:

    Boy oh boy this study couldn’t came at a better time for me! This yo-yo roller coaster ride of life, weight, health, and ministry has to stop! This war within myself is indescribable! The Lord has sweetly been dealing with me about my priorities vs. His priorities and I believe this study will help me settle in my soul once and for all what should be first in my life! Looking forward to this and will need accountability, encouragement and love on this journey!

  73. I just read this e-mail, After eating a huge plate of Christmas leftovers. I am so disgusted with myself but sometimes I just give up and eat my sorrows away. I am Truly Addicted to Food !!! Just as others turn to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc… I am guilty of turning to food. I come from an obese family and my husband is obese. I am surrounded by others making poor choices. Its so hard to eat healthy when the family around you is not on the same page. I wish I could Detox or go to Rehab and just rid myself of these cravings and desires. But food is EVERYWHERE. Every holiday, every celebration, even funerals….all have FOOD. I so desperately want to be healthy. I turn 40 on Jan 7th. Instead of dreading turning older, I want this to be the BEST Year of my life. I want to take this year and turn my life around. Not only with regards to food but every aspect of my life I want to focus on Christ and have a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit. Praying God hears my Cry and heals me and draws me to Himself.

  74. I can related with you totally, I’m 56 years old weigh the heaviest I have ever, ever, weighed and I have a granddaughter that just turned 4 that I’m not able to do certain things with her because of my weight and injuries from an auto accident 3 years ago. My husband and I are doing Weight Loss Challenge Classes to help us , our family and others to lose weight and get healthier and have God as their foundation and I have ask myself how can I help others, if I’m not overcoming. I’m so looking forward to this class to help me to grow closer to God and have that stronger foundation and to be able to share “Made To Crave” with others and let it be an addition to our Weight Loss Challenge Class.

  75. Add morbidly to the front of obese and see how much worse that feels. I went through Made To Crave the last time it was studied here. I have changed my eating habits a lot, but the weight seems to keep climbing. I probably weigh more than anyone else taking this study. I have health issues that keep me from exercising. I am just at my wits end. Hopefully, this time I will learn more than I did the last time. I want a closer walk with HIM. He is all I have. He and my sister, who helps me so much. If I didn’t have her I don’t know what I would do. I thank God for her daily.

  76. Thank you so much Melissa for being so honest and opened your heart to all of us. Food is not a big struggle for me but exercise is. I would love to be more active this year. I try to jog with my dog at least 4 times a week but many times I just don’t feel like it. I read a post from Lysa T. that really motivated me to go out and even if I don’t jog all I wanted, I walk and enjoy the time praying and thanking God.
    I pray this new year brings many blessings and the desire in our hearts to crave God’s word, and presence like never before, so we can be satisfied and filled with His peace and Joy!

  77. I very much relate to this… I’ve got the “how to” and have been working out three days a week with my husband! but my relationship with food it horrible. I’m missing the “want to”. I feel I have no control with certain foods.. And every time the scale moves I sabotage it with what I eat. WHY? I don’t feel worth it or worthy of being healthy and thin. I wish I could love me the way God does and see me through His eyes. I want to be better so I can glorify Him with ALL my actions. I am very ready for this OBS.

  78. Right there with you ladies; I calculated my BMI…. I’m not surprised, but I’m not happy(to say the least). For most of my adult life I have either been underweight or normal weight, but the last 10 or so years, the weight has just kept creeping on. Stress, long hours at work, relationship issues, little exercise, and poor diet choices that become habit and, voila, I have a weight problem. Time to honor God and learn healthier habits( the weight is just a symptom). I look forward to to this Bible study with you ladies, see you in the New Year.

  79. Lynda Bart says:

    I’m ready to begin. I have purchased my book at a place other than this offering. Will that be acceptable?
    Thank you.

  80. noble farrow says:

    This looks like a good study.

  81. I’m listening to the radio and the song that’s playing it’s, I think, so perfect for this study.
    You are more by Tenth Avenue North. here’s the link in YouTube
    God bless! for we are much more than the numbers on the scale we have been remade beautiful and new in Jesus!

  82. Shawn Walton says:

    I am struggling to not be defined by my weight. I am a food addict. Last year after losing 230lbs God said it was time to leave a secular 12 step program that had very rigid food guidelines and go to Celebrate Recovery. I have gained 100lbs this year. I’m not binging or eating addictively any,pre I just need to learn do eat according to what my body needs. I KNOW Jesus has a plan and for some reason His plan included me gaing those weight. I a, working out daily for the first time ever , I’m looking forward to adding made to crave as another layer of my recovery!

  83. I too can relate to the struggle. When I was in my 20s I lost 60 pounds and got down to a healthy weight. I stayed that way until I got pregnant at 31 and it took me about 4 years to get the weight off. I was doing great until earlier this year when my dad passed away. Family issues as a result of his death caused me so much stress that I gained 20 pounds. Family issues are better now but I need to learn how to crave HIM for the comfort, strength, loneliness and peace that I need. I am looking forward to the bible study! I started reading the book already and I am looking forward to studying with all of you women of God.

  84. I’m just hoping and praying this is finally the plan for me to get healthy. I need to lose 30lbs at least. I am 63yrs old. I just want to get my weight under control before it’s too I am hoping this is my plan for life.

    • Kim, I’m right there with you at age 64! We can do this…with The Lord and the support of this amazing support group…even though we are told it’s difficult the older we get.

  85. All of my life, I’ve defined myself in large part by the numbers on the scale. Subsequently, I’ve yo-yo’ed and know it’s time to make a change in a different way….time to value myself the way God does. I’m looking forward to this bible study & support!

  86. Sue Zemaitis says:

    Definitely have had a problem with my weight for many years. Just had a heart attack and need to get my body in line with mt spirituality. Looking forward to this Bible study

  87. I had lost 60 lbs then in May of 2010 I had back surgery and ended up with a spinal cord injury. I can barely walk now and it will not be long before I am in a wheelchair. I have gained almost all my weight back and it has become so depressing. But eating is not the only thing I crave. I like to buy things I do not need and can’t afford. I am really looking foward to this bible study and growing closer to God!

  88. I have struggled with weight all my life. In 2005, I weighed over 330 lb. I had gastric bypass surgery and lost weight and reached my goal weight of 165. I thought I would ever hear the words from my doctor “you have reached your goal weight and do not have to lose anymore weight”. Three years ago, I fell back in to the old eating and lazy habits trying to deal with stress through food and I know I have probably gained 50+ lb. Well I know I have because all my clothes are tight and/or too small. Reasons why..I could write a book but the main reason I took my focus off of God and let the stress and the worldly ways creep in. Last January I broke out with the shingles. My doctor asked me what I was stressed about. I really did not realize I was stressed. My niece gave me this book and I have read it. But I am ready to dive in to the book and bible study and with support from family and friends, ready to lose those “creeping” pounds. January 2nd is weigh day…..not looking forward to it but not going to let that number define me but instead motivate me to focus on God and open my heart and mind to His word and let Him guide me again to a healthy life style. I swore I would never see the “200′s” again; but I did. This time I want it to be for good. For the last year I have walked several 5k’s. One of my goals is to run a 5k and finish…no matter how long it takes me. Looking forward to the bible study!

  89. I really thought that I was in this alone.I had no idea that so many others feel exactly like I do for so many of the same reasons.For the first time in a long time,I feel hopeful.I signed up for the study but was wavering on whether or not I would actually go through with it.Still trying to run away from God instead towards him.Running to food.No more.I will stand with all of you.

  90. Yes, I have struggled my whole life with so many things, but one of the most heart breaking things was my weight. I was always big and kids would make fun of me and they did all through school. I’ve been watching my calorie intake now and have lost 65lbs. so far and I didn’t just do this myself if it wasn’t for God I don’t think I would of made it this far. Thank you for sharing with us and looking forward to starting the new bible study and getting to know all you beautiful women. God bless.

  91. One of my worst fears ever is seeing my weight history and it never changing. Up and down ten pounds here and there, I totally see my self-worth as that number on the scale. How in the world do I feel “like someone” when I weigh just 3-5 pounds less than before and when I weigh those extra pounds, I feel like a failure. I certainly don’t look any different, but inside that water weight is pent up tears. I want to change that.

  92. I struggle with defining myself with others opinions of me. Feelings of being unloved-or-unloveable.

  93. I used to be curvy. when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was a healthy weight until I was put on bed rest. I gained an extra 60 pounds. I am still struggling to get it off. one excuse that I have is that I do have arthritis (which I have had for 7 years, before my daughter and after) and that I just don’t have time to go to the gym. I now have a DVD set (Body Gospel) that I will be starting January 1 and am able to modify some the moves so that it doesn’t cause me pain.

  94. Karen Wheeler says:

    I have struggled for so long with my weight. These past three years of taking care of my ailing parents has added stress that I tried to suppress by eating. The “I deserve this…” created a monster. I forgot to turn to God, and turned to food. It is time to change that and put God in the proper place.

  95. Yes I struggle too! I’m both ready and terrified of what happens when I find my ” want to” and have no more excuses! 24 more days!

  96. Kathie Waters says:

    Finding my “want to” is for sure my biggest struggle. I know why and I know how but my depression keeps me saying why bother. I have retained so often it.feels pointless. And yet I DO crave.more of God and am tired of feeling so yucky. My weight needs to be managed before I do begin having major health problems from it.

  97. Yes I struggle. Sometimes waking up out of a deep sleep to go find a cookie or a piece of pie in the fridge. Why do I do this? It’s hard so tired of the up and down struggle and the lack of confidence I have in myself. Looking forward to this class I need help from myself.

  98. I never had a weight problem until I was divorced (not my choice) almost 30 years ago and I have not recovered from this yet because I don’t really know why he left. I am now 73 years old and soooo tired of being obese. I weight 278 pounds and cannot play with my great-grandchildren like I want to. I have spinal stenosis and bulging disks and cannot stand or walk more than 5 minutes without severe pain. I love to swim and was going 4 times a week, swimming laps for 40 minutes, but due to a severe sciatica attack (which is healed now) I haven’t swam since September 4th. I really want to get back to swimming but don’t feel motivated I have to drive 16miles each way. I know it makes me feel better and my neurosurgeon told me it was better than any physical therapy he could prescribe. Why, oh why don’t I JUST DO IT!! I am very anxious to start this Bible study on-line. My Church has Bible studies for women, but I cannot walk the distance from the parking lot to the Church. On Sundays they provide a small bus to pick anyone who want to ride, but this service is not provided during the week. Excited to get started on this journey to honor the body the Lord has given me and ask forgiveness for the way I have taken care of it. Didn’t mean to go on so long, but thanks for the chance to give my comments.

  99. Sheri walton says:

    I am already telling myself a head of time , before the study starts .. Smoking is not Gods will for me. My hope is to reach to God ,, in all my stress, emotional breakdowns & just plain nasty days instead of reaching for a cigaret .Im so ready for #MadetoCrave I can feel ,see,hear God He has great plans for me it’s time to go over the mountain where rushing rivers flow

  100. Oh yes I struggle. Christmas is my favorite time of year, because I love to bake all kinds of goodies. But I know that I turn to those goodies in times of emotional stress, which I am under right now.

    But there’s been a little breakthrough. My dear husband (DH) told me tonight that he had made a promise to himself that the next chocolate he eats will be next Christmas. So tonight, we got rid of all the baked goods in the house. And I went to the local gym and did a 30 minute bike ride.

    I don’t like being heavy. I don’t like looking like I’m 9 months pregnant and feeling like it, when my “baby” is 8 years old. I don’t like running the risk of diabetes that I’m putting myself in. Things have got to change. And I know that is me.

  101. Like many others, I struggle with the “number”. I blame my size on my loss of happiness, which I know is not true. I am asking for prayer from all my sisters in Christ That I will put Jesus first in my life, before food or other earthly pleasures. Thank you.

  102. I also struggle with defining myself by the numbers.

  103. I lost about 30 pounds after I had my last child. I’ve kept it off for 5 years now, but it’s always a bit of a struggle. I belong to, and a team on the site called “At Goal and Maintaining & Transition to Maintenance” team, and the website and that team has helped me a lot! The biggest thing I learned and had to come to terms to is that it will ALWAYS take work and dedication to keep the weight off – I will never be “naturally” thin and be able to eat whatever I want when I want, or slack off of exercise. For the most part, I’m OK with that.
    But I struggle with body image. I only see flaws when I look at myself. Too big here, too small there, too soft here, not defined enough there, etc. Not to mention I feel like I’m looking “old” these days, even if I don’t feel that old (I’m in my early 30s).
    If I had to say I’m addicted to something, it’d be sweet things. I crave sugary treats regularly (especially when I’m PMSing!), and have the tendency to binge on them (usually once, sometimes twice a week). I do well for a while, keeping things in moderation, but then next thing I know I’m popping candy, cake, chocolate bars, or whatever is around into my mouth almost uncontrollably! I always get back on track, but I would like to stop these binges so I could quit feeling bad about myself so regularly.

  104. I am so ready to learn how to focus on God rather than food or anything else! I am ready to turn to Him in all things. I want to be happy and healthy.

  105. I am so ready to read this book and do the study again. We will feel like our best selves again soon!

  106. I definitely struggle with food (I <3 it tooooo much) and also another addiction. I heard about this book before and am super excited to read it!
    Happy 2014!!

  107. I read this book on my own in 2010 & was successful in losing a lot of weight. Unfortunately I have allowed myself to gain some back. I have always had a problem with being overweight . I signed up to do this OBS because I need that self discipline again. It’s a terrific book!

  108. Dear sweet Melissa I know how hard that was to post . Thank you for sharing. I’m scared to get back on that scale as I prob have gained since Christmas! I’m ready to get with it! I struggle with late night eating which is worse on the body. I’m very excited about this study ! Thank you again ! Big hugs and Happy New Year!

  109. Yes I have struggled with weight gain for so long. I am not healthy and I am a candidate for a stroke or heart attack which I have already had a mild stroke and heart attack. This is a big weakness for me and it affects every relationship that I have. I want this to be a God thing for me because I know that it will bring Him glory and honor for me to get health and feel good about myself so that I can serve Him better.

  110. I am looking forward to spending time in Gods word with other who struggle with poor choices and gluttony. I also struggle with lazyness and therefore do not exercise. I have been watching what i eat but recently have gotten so frustrated with my eating in that it seems that if i eat anything other than salads, the weight doesn’t come off. I try to keep my food intake to 1200 calories a day. I know i have to exercise but i work 32+ hours a week as a Cravker Barrel server… Iam on my feet for 8 hours or more each day. Needless to say i dont feel like exercising.

  111. Evonne Boggs says:

    I struggle with my size and the frustration of having so many aches and pains. I know my body and my mind will feel better if I get healthier.

  112. My husband of 17 years died from cancer. This left me to raise our children. For years, I’ve struggled with depression and food as a source of comfort. I’m always starting over tomorrow, but tomorrow always turns into today. I asked myself how I got here. ..I still need to find the answer to this question.

  113. I can’t wait for Made to Crave. I love what you said about finding our “want to”. I have a great head “want to”, which I’ve failed at many times. I want to find my HEART “want to”.
    Thank you Melissa for bring this study, for such a.time as this, in my life.

  114. Betsy Holder says:

    I struggle with my attitude toward my self image. I could be healthier. I am considered obese but not having issues with severe weight. My husband lost about 250 lbs after surgery 3 years ago & he has maintained this loss until about 6 months ago. I am afraid that he is getting pulled into my comfort eating routines. So perhaps with some like minded prayer warriors I can get healthier for me & my family.

  115. I have been struggling with my weight for the past several years. At times I have hated myself for my bad choices and I have let them and my resultant weight gain define me as a failure. I want to be healthier but I am so sick of diet after diet and having to obsess about food all the time. I know why I am overweight and what I need to do to stop binge eating. But I have not been consistent in my follow through and need a support system. I am hopeful that this Bible study can help me to re-think and focus without obsessing and having to spend every waking minute thinking about what not to eat or buy or cook or crave.

  116. Thank you for being so honest, Melissa! You give me hope. I’ve struggled with weight & food since I was 10. I’m now 43. That’s a long time. I’m weary from the battle & just want peace. Peace with God & peace with myself. I realize my turning to food instead of Him is really a lack of trust. I’m ready to surrender this area of my life completely. Looking forward to a fresh start!

  117. I do struggle. I know that my physical appearance is a reflection of my mental state. When my life is calm, then I am usually practicing healthy habits. When my life is chaos, then I usually eat my way through the stress. I want to learn to keep my focus on God and keep my healthy habits despite whether my life is calm or chaotic.

  118. I am by myself a lot and i eat out of boredom,something to do and comfort,I try to eat healthy but night seems to be worse for me! I would like to get stronger in the self control department with God as my leader!

  119. Charisa Hays says:

    made to Crave….I would love to crave The Lord and The Word more than food. I am morbidly obese have never gotten smaller since the birth of my children nine years ago. My body is now paying a toll. Diabetic. High cholesterol, high blood pressure… I keep saying I will start dieting but never do.. My addiction to carbs is more prevalent than my ability. I come to this Bible study hoping to find others like me, so we can work on this craving together…God Bless and look forward to learning and doing his together.

  120. Wow! Reading through all of your posts…well, ladies, I just want to say BRAVO to all of you who have lost SO much weight, even with setbacks! And AMEN to those coming back to this study again and again. As I begin this study for the first time, it makes me realize that it really is a worthy study and that I will be moved to change through God’s word and YOUR support! I am excited, nervous, anxious, hopeful…you name it! I am 35 years old and 5’7″. While I am not willing to share my current number, it is above the 2** mark that no one wants to see. I was 135lbs consistently until I hit 25 years of age and started antidepressent medication. I am grateful to God and the doctors because that medication saved my life!!!! However it led to 10lbs extra per year for 7 years…that’s 70+ pounds that my body does not need! My healthy goal weight is 155 which puts me at the top of my healthy BMI range. But it all honesty, that is too big of a goal to see right now. I’m just hopeful to gain the motivation to lose the first 5…then the next 5…and so on. Your posts have inspired and encouraged me that I CAN do this…and that craving The Lord first will bring health to many, many areas of my life, not just my weight. Let’s be nervous and anxious together! Let’s share our successes and setbacks! Let’s push each other forward as sisters in Christ! I was reminded at the Candlelight Christmas Eve services this year that it starts with one light…the light of the Christ candle. Or in this case the lights of Melissa, Lysa and our fearless leaders. One by one we can light each other’s candles…eventually ILLUMINATING this study with HIS light, so we no longer live in darkness and doubt. That picture helps to minimize my fears a bit and I hope it can do the same for you. Let’s do this! Love, Kathy (Overland Park, KS)

  121. In July my Mom had to move in with us and the stress of having her in my home 24 / 7 has caused me to gain 10 lbs in 6 months. I was already heavy and needing to lose and now am worse than ever at heading to the kitchen and continually binge on sweets or carbs. Happy to start this study and learn to binge on our Lord!

  122. A lifetime battle can wear a person out. I’m exhausted from fighting against food issues I just wish food was a non-issue. That would be victory. The ability to just live life without the crutch. It’s very hard to understand how I can allow this kind of burden and the consequences of overeating to take such a toll. I need to believe I can change. I know the only way is with supernatural help.

  123. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    Food is not what I substitute for God. Can I still be part of this study? When I run from God, I am running to pornography, the arms of men who are not my husband, and any thing else that I feel will fill the gap while I am waiting to hear from God. .

    • Kelly Wise says:

      Stephanie, thank you for sharing with us! I used to do that and still struggle sometimes. Mine was more erotic reading and it got in the way of my desire for my husband.

      • Stephanie Mitchell says:

        Kelly, when, or how many days, weeks, months, years, whatever, did you take to regain the desire for your husband, or “pure things”? When did you feel worthy of his attention. and that he was giving you what you needed to feel whole again (your husband, I mean)?

        • Kelly Wise says:

          Stephanie, it’s a daily choice. I still struggle. There are days when I don’t desire my husband. But I have to remember that God is bigger than my problem. Have you talked to your husband? I know it’s hard to do but being completely honest with him is the best way. It’s never easy. I have found the longer I am away from it the easier it is, but I still slip up. It’s very easy with the anonymity of a Kindle. The way I fixed that was by allowing my husband and my 14 year old son on my account. That way they could see whatever I was downloading. I wish I could say it gets easier but having someone hold you accountable helps. I am praying for you Stephanie!

  124. I am at a place where I am really desperate to get my health and body back into good shape and to Crave God like never before. My weight has gone up a lot this past year that I am also now on blood pressure medication. My poor ankle is so sore, so when I try to protect it my hip hurts and when I try to protect my hip my back hurts, so you can see I really need the Lord to help me to crave Him and not food.
    Thank you Melissa for being so honest, it really helps me because I would never for the world have written what I have just written, if it wasn’t for what you have said. xxxx Elna

  125. I struggle with emotional eating. Thankfully the bulimia issues have not resurfaced in years but food is still a HUGE struggle for me. There are deeper reasons as to why I turn to food for comfort and I recognize that. I’m ready to get real with myself. I choose to be brave and wallow through the mire of emotions I know I will have to face.

  126. Words that have defined me recently include: exhausted, worried, old, overweight, overwhelmed! After a bout with cancer, loss of my job, and my husband’s two brain surgeries, I am hanging on to the end of my rope.

    Thank you, Lord, for Your timing in this Bible study. Thank you for preparing my heart. Thank you for showing me I need to be completely dependent on You.

  127. I am struggling very much. Tired of feeling like a failure and being so upset with myself over my weight. I do so much want to lose the weight and be healthy and strong and have real control in this area ,but even more, I want to love me again.

  128. I definitely struggle with my weight and emotional eating and turning to food in every situation. I have gained so much weight over the last few weeks and I know food doesn’t satisfy it makes things worse

  129. I have struggled with my weight for a long time. I stopped smoking 2 yrs ago and since then have put on about 50 lbs. I feel like I have a war going inside me. I am looking forward to this bible study. I need to get my life and my body back in control.

  130. Kelly Wise says:

    I tend to eat or spend. I don’t feel like I am trying to keep up with the Joneses, I just feel better when I spend. On the flip side, I feel good when I purge my things too. It’s a pretty vicious cycle because I spend money to literally throw it away 6 months later. I do that with food too. I buy food intending to use it, then I forget why and it goes to waste and I spend more money eating out. It doesn’t matter if I have a list or not, I still overspend and overeat!

  131. Robbyn R French says:

    Melissa…..Thank you from the bottom of my heart…I had done this study last summer but I am not doing any better…I have an unhealthy fear of failing but with the last bible study we did here A Confident Heart I am finding out who and wants me to be

  132. Jill Raymond says:

    I do not mind sharing that I live to eat and not eat to live. I LOVE food. And I mostly love food that isn’t good for me. I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) about 5 years ago. Because of this my body over produces insulin and instead of processing it, stores it as fat. In order to combat this, I have to take medication for diabetes (although I’m not diabetic) and I cannot eat sugar, anything made with white flour, rice, etc. And although this change in diet has had a positive impact on my weight, I still get emotional over the foods I can no longer enjoy. I miss ice cream, cheese cake, french fries….I’m so looking forward to MTC so that I can replace those food pity parties with rejoicing in God’s promises!

  133. Hey everyone. My
    Biggest struggle is that my self worth is wrapped up in my body image and weight. From the age of 7 I have either been on a diet, watching my calories or not allowed to eat certain things because I was overweight. In order to get a dress, I had to lose the weight! At 7, my heart was upset because my dad didn’t think I was good enough to have that dress unless I was smaller. Fast forward 22 years and I am still a woman who struggles with loving herself and the body god has given me. I have lost 50 lbs and kept it off but the ghosts are still there, telling me I’m fat, ugly, not enough and not worthy of love because I’m no skinny! My prayer is through this study I can become a strong woman not defined by my weight or the food I eat, but by the grace of god, I’m made in his image and that’s a beautiful thing!!!!

  134. I have had problems with my weight all my life. It started after I had to have surgeries for both my feet and was in casts for two years. I was 8 and didn’t have support of family or friends, I was scared. Food was my source of comfort. My mother blamed me for all the problems in the household and I was her “Freak of nature”. The bullying got worse at school and soon I was left alone and isolated. I withdrew and became a hermit with my only comforter being food.
    My first marriage was abusive; emotional, spiritual and sexual. He actually told me he wouldn’t leave bruises on me cause that would leave physical evidence but it didn’t stop him from destroying the rest of me. All this while he made his presence known to local churches to show what a good Christian man he was. Again I turned to food.
    My second marriage, at first seemed to be different. I truly loved this man and I thought he loved me but slowly the mask came off and the controlling and manipulation took it’s place and with it the mental and emotional abuse began to ‘keep me in line’. It was made worse by his family who were strict Pentecostals. When the emotional and mental abuse wasn’t working, he turned to death threats and slept with the .357 by his bed side as a reminder. All the while telling everyone how I was mistreating him. It was so bad I stuck my gun underneath my chin and was ready to end it all. I couldn’t live trapped in this kind of life. My cell phone ringing brought me back to reality… wasn’t worth losing my life over. So I went back to food for comfort.
    All this time I felt as though God had hated me, that I was just messed up and one who God dropped through the cracks for His enjoyment. My thoughts of Him and love were so twisted because of what others had done, I didn’t have a true relationship with Him. I even turned my back on Him and told Him, “If this is what You want out of a Christian then I want no part of them or You!” For two years I was just a bitter, cold-hearted shell of a person walking around and trying to survive.
    It wasn’t until after the divorce and I was on my own that He talked to my heart. I will say the last almost 5yrs He has been working with me though this last year He made sure I listened! I have a habit of filling my life up with food, work and even schooling….just to keep me busy. I didn’t want to face things about myself and still have a hard time. I lost my job at the end of last year, I have had to live with someone just to make ends meet and I had to quit school. Everything was wiped out of my life but I still find myself clinging to food. I have lost some weight…almost 50lbs but I still see myself using it as a crutch instead of going to God for my everything. Because of lack of money, I have to depend on what I can afford and what is in the house. Also, because of fear…..fear of never being able to find a job…..fear of being alone…..fear of being on the streets….fear of……I resort to food to comfort that ‘fear of’. I have to say, I trust God but I don’t trust at the same time. Which of course contributes to more problems because of Christians saying I’m not really a Christian if I don’t fully trust. All I can say is UGH!
    I do apologize for this lengthy note.

  135. I am so anxious to start this Bible Study. I have just finished Made to Crave and had an urge to re read it to let it soak into my mind. With this study it should do that.

    I struggle because I do not feel loved. I know I am loved and this is a lie that I must fight

  136. Loretta Sola says:


  137. Loretta Sola says:

    Struggle with emotional, stress sweet eating. Looking to overcome these emotions and feelings of stress due to rejection.

  138. I have struggled in this area since I was a teenager. I’m so tired of the struggle, that I’ve sort of given up, which is not a good place to be. I know that I need to lose some weight for health reasons. The doctor has told me so. I really am hoping this study will give m back my “want to.”

  139. Oh Melissa, I have been where you are! Will pray for and with you (and all of us in this OBS). I struggle w/sweets, anxiety, and “I’ve got this itis”. If that isn’t an actual medical condition, it should be! XO

  140. Shirley Collins says:

    Thank you Melissa, I too struggle with overeating for various reasons. I am so looking forward to this bible study. Being overweight affects just about every aspect of my life. This bible study is very timely for me. I feel that God has something so special for me and all of us in this bible study. It is good to be able to share with women who have similar issues and concerns.

  141. I come from a very heavy family. Everyone says it’s in our genes and there is nothing that we can do. I also had a doctor tell me once that I eat to fill up an emptiness inside. I just finished the online course, A Confident Heart. It helped me to understand the inside “me”. I am now ready start to work on the outside “me”.

  142. I definitely have some work to do. Thank you Melissa for inspiring me to calculate my BMI. I haven’t done that since my college days. While I know it is not all about the numbers, it is about my heart, the reality of the numbers certainly motivates me to want to get things right. This study couldn’t have come at a better time in my life and I can’t think of a better bunch of people to go through this journey with then the gals of OBS!! Can’t wait! Next week I’m taking a big step in my health by going gluten free. This is something I’ve needed to do for some time but have put off. The time has come though and I know that with God and through this study, success can be achieved. I look forward to feeling and being better!!
    “Therefore, I urge you, (sisters), in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” -Romans 12:1-2a

  143. Melanie Lund says:

    Dear Melissa & ‘students of the Word’,
    Since 16 years of age I’ve been ‘dieting’ and plagued with ‘negative self-talk’. My life needs to be changed, and I am thankful for this upcoming Bible study which will hopefully ‘set me free’ finally. I’ve been yo-yo’ing in weight for several years, been through & still fight occasionally with being bulimic. I do not want to be controlled by food nor the desire to be attractive (except to our Heavenly Father & my husband), but instead want to be addicted and completely devoted to our Heavenly Father & Creator. Life has gotten so busy that I’ve allowed myself to get lazy…it’s time to “Do Hard Things” and honor God with all that I am, all that I do, all that I think. Thank you for leading this group, Melissa. May God bless you and all that are attending. In Christ’s love, Melanie

  144. Sarah Mosley says:

    Yes, I can identify. My weight has been seemingly a forever struggle. I know that I will feel better and have more energy to do what God has called me to do. Also, to live a long satisfied life <3. I am looking forward to the study.

    • Oh gosh, I am definitely with you on the energy level and feeling better!! So ready to not want to sit around all day and hide in a hole!

  145. I so appreciate your ministry and all you do to encourage women to lead Godly lives. Weight has always been a struggle for me. I would tease that I has “Maxarexia”, which is looking in the mirror and thinking I look just fine so I keep on eating! The only upside is that no one will ever be able to tell I’m sick if that day ever comes:)
    15 years ago I facilitated a Weigh Down Workshop at my church and lost close to 40 pounds. I know that God is our answer to any situation in our lives and He is the only path to permanent peace and weight loss. 25 of those pounds have remained off…but now I need to lose 30 more for a healthier state of body and mind.
    Tnank you for offering the Made to Crave study. I look forward to traveling this journey with you and other women who have a heart for our Lord and Savior. Blessings to you all! Happy 2014!

  146. Teresa Case says:

    I have been so encouraged by what I’ve been reading in the M2C book as well as a series of videos on YouTube where Lysa Terkheurst further explains her journey in this area. Here are several things that I’ve gleaned so far and have posted around my house to remind/encourage myself:

    My weight loss goal is PEACE, not lower numbers on the scale.
    Nothing tastes as good as peace feels.
    I am not defined by the numbers on the scale.
    I was made to crave God, not food.

    Looking forward to growing in God with you all. :)

  147. I most definitely am on the struggling with food addiction train. And Im so ready to jump off! I have started to read the book already and it blows my mind that I have never thought of my struggle with food and my weight as a spiritual issue. Nothing else has ever worked and Im so relieved that I have realized that I can do it. God is always the answer…. I guess I thought of this issue as my own and it did not concern God, nor should I bother Him with it.
    I was going to do this study with just my mom, but Im so thankful I have come across this online study group! I need all the accountability and encouragement I can get!
    Thank you!

  148. I’ve struggled with weight my entire life. I realize that I’m addicted to food And need help breaking this addiction. I want to learn to give all this burden to God and rely on him instead of food. I’m looking forward to this bible study and all the support that I will get and hopefully be able to give with it.

  149. I can’t remember a time that I haven’t been struggling with my weight, and in the past several years I’ve picked up some other behaviors that I really need to break away from. I didn’t grow up in a religious household; I’m 38 years old and just now trying to learn to make God the focus of my life. I’m hoping this study will help me learn to rely on God instead of food and other things, because I definitely need to turn some things in my life around.

  150. I struggle. I go to bed thinking about food and what I am going to do different the next day. I get up determined to control my cravings but somehow it goes out the window. Looking forward to your bible study

  151. I struggle with my love for food everyday. I first heard Lisa speak at the Women of Faith 2013 in Dallas, Texas and heard about Made to Crave. I am praying everyday to make better food choices so that I am healthy and am able to play and run with my 2 and 1/2 year old. Being obese is no fun and I am looking forward to this bible study!

  152. I struggle with the whole idea of TRACKING, writing it down, the actual doing the plan thing. It just is overwhelming to add that to my day. Each day I have to keep track of all sorts of things for out business and our clients. Keeping track of what I eat, when I eat, how much I eat, how many carbs, calories, exercise, etc is all just too much when added to everything else. I don’t have the Want TO! Planning menus with proper carb/calories for the week or month and doing the shopping and preparation is too much when I am working 10-18+ hours in a day at work 6 days a week plus the responsibilities of wife, mother, etc. When is there time for exercise? For some reason I have this (wrong) concept stuck in my mind and heart that it is WRONG to take care of me. I KNOW I need to take care of me so I can do/be what I should be but it feels so WRONG. . . . .I take care of others but no one takes care of me. When I do try to take care of me, it is the whole thing of “when will you get to the office; how much longer will you be; I need you to (fill in blank) so I can do thus and so”. I try to institute personal boundaries and then that is seen as “not giving the job enough time, not carrying my part of the load” threatening, etc. Sometimes I struggle with resentment because I wish someone would take care of me, make me a priority, cherish me, etc. Then I struggle with the idea that evidently I am not worthy of being taken care of and should not care for myself because I am not worth it. When I try to take care of myself I am made fun of, teased, scolded, etc because I am not doing it the way others think I should. . . . . . .

  153. Melissa, I say it again: Thank you for your transparency, heart, and positive encouragement. I LOVE MTC and have taught it at my local Y. The combination of you and Lysa being involved with this study is an answered prayer. I am SO excited to get started.

    I need healthy eating habits. Period. I am safe in the BMI range but am called by sugar, chocolate, and cigarettes. THAT is hard to admit. I have set my quit date for Jan 10th and will actively be pursuing craving God only.

    Love you all!!

  154. Lisa Marie says:

    I am Struggling with my weight…. I have been diagnosed with Gastroparesis. Gastroparesis is a condition in which your stomach cannot empty itself of food in a normal fashion. It is caused by damage to the vagus nerve, which regulates the digestive system. A damaged vagus nerve prevents the muscles in the stomach and intestine from functioning, preventing food from moving through the digestive system properly. Often, the cause of gastroparesis is unknown. I also am Lactose Intolerant, and have Ulcerative Colitis. So I feel uncomfortable most of the time. I am getting to the point were i don’t want to eat at all :(

    • Truly God works in amazing ways! I was going to sign up days ago, and I really don’t have time to be doing this now, but I needed to see your comment… I went to a group called PRISM through my church and they read and studied made to crave on the side. They loved it~ I’m excited to read it.
      I don’t have a vagus nerve anymore.. I had a vagatomy after a gastric bypass gone bad has left me in pain for the past 12 years, And I don’t pass food correctly… I’m so glad to bring this new info to my doctor, because they just can’t be specialists in everything… unfortunately I have a countly dr. and he’s a specialist in nothing…. but maybe this will be a starting point for something. I have not seen how this is set up but if its sectioned of into groups, what group did you join? I would like to get to know you better?

      Kelly S

  155. I can’t wait to get started. I want God to fill me to overflowing so that there is no room for ugly cravings. I only want to CRAVE HIM!

  156. I cannot wait to get started. This is a plan that I definitely need.

  157. My addiction is to Fast Food. I like just pulling up to a window, getting whatever I want and Eating as much as I can. Some times I wish I lived in a town with no fast food restaurants but then I realize I just need to control myself. My weight has suffered with this. I need to have meals ready for lunches and just be done with it. It was hard to read all of the posts about how we are all struggling with so many problems. My prayer is that We will all feel God’s loving hand on us as we go through this journey together. I am So very excited to join this group. My Mom and a couple of girlfriends are also going to be doing this with me.

  158. Hello Melissa, i struggle with defining myself by numbers, behavior, and how I dress. i can identify with the struggle with weight to lose and gain back and letting this control who I am by what I look like, and i too have been in a similar struggle.

  159. I SO struggle with food and the numbers on my scale. It is literally on my mind all day, every day. None of my clothes fit comfortably or just don’t even fit anymore all together!
    :( I just want to lose this weight, get healthy and actually feel comfortable with my clothes

  160. I struggle with the want to of getting healthy. My addiction isn’t food per se, but rather it is diet pop–diet pepsi or diet coke. I literally drink over 100 0unces a day of these drinks. I know this is NOT good for me. I have tried to give it up so many times or even cut back and each time I fail. That begins a cycle of hating myself. I need to lose some weight as well although I don’t have a lot to lose, it still is a matter of lack of discipline–a gym membership that hasn’t been used in almost a year. I think about going but never do. I need the want to.

    • Ouch, Becky! You stepped on my toes about the diet coke. But thank you! I really have been under conviction about giving it up.

    • Misty Clark says:

      I commiserate with the lack of discipline, the unused gym membership, and the Diet Coke addiction.

      If paying for the right things without using them led to fitness, I would be running triathlons instead of huffing up a single flight of stairs.

  161. I want to be in a small group. I’m signed up and have book.

  162. I am 70 lbs. overweight and have been diagnosed as being pre-diabetic. I need to make some life style changes or my doctor will be putting me on medication this June. My family has seen a lot of challenges in the past couple of years and I find myself trying to take care of everyone but myself. I’ve decided to be very deliberate and intentional by starting to take care of myself first and then the rest of the family. As the saying goes “Put oxygen on yourself first then administer to others”. I’m really excited to take this journey with the group.

  163. I’m ready to start this. I’m a total emotional eater. I’m totally aware that I have a huge problem. A couple years ago I lost 100 lbs and have gained it all back. The more I eat, the more uncomfortable with myself i get, which triggers me to eat more. I pray this is the beginning out of this black hole.

  164. I am so ready for change but so tired of trying and failing. This battle of the bulge(which keeps growing and growing) seems futile. I used to be so fit. I ran 5k races. I was a certified aerobics instructor. I liked my body and myself. Now I can barely make it up six steps from our laundry room without panting. I experienced a stroke in 2010 due to high blood pressure. I am now the heaviest I’ve ever been, even when pregnant. Yes! Sign me up!!! Thank you for offering this. God bless you.

  165. Shelly S. Cantrell says:

    Can hardly wait!!!
    This will be my 4th time doing the study–it’s just that good and I need to hear the message over and over again. :)

  166. I have recently hit “that number” on the scale that I swore I wouldn’t see again. So, I am looking forward to starting this study and making a change. I have struggled with accepting myself and being okay with who I am no matter what my weight. I have worked a lot on that aspect, but look forward to losing some of the weight to prevent the health issues that I have seen in my mom as a result of her weight. Looking forward to learning to crave things other than food! I got a Fitbit calorie tracker for Christmas and have started logging foods in “Lose It.” I decided I needed to start doing something even before I started the study. Love the support and communion found here with you all. I will be praying for all of you!

  167. I am having a hard time finding the energy/motivation to commit to anything and have developed some bad habits. I need to learn to focus on my relationship with God and not lose myself in food, tv, Facebook, or just doing nothing. I have too much to enjoy in my life to waste it away!

  168. I am looking forward to this study. I have done it before and I know I need to again. I want to be healthy, both in body and spirit and I know I am lacking in both. Thank you for being real and giving me a safe place to be real also.

  169. Been here, done this, TOO MANY TIMES!!! Praying God will help me to find a way to control my diet (low income, can’t afford the foods I wold love to eat!) and get active enough to lose some weight and get my body in better shape! Not trying to get ‘skinny’, just clean up the temple!!! I don’t want to live here, so I can imagine how the Holy Spirit feels!! Just want to get healthy enough to enjoy the “winter” of my life and be able to do whatever the Lord might have in mind for me.

  170. I struggle with condemnation from my past and I compensate by eating. I eat just to eat … it brings no comfort just shame. I punish myself with food.

  171. Morning, I am looking forward to this Bible study with on-line friends. I am turning 60 in 2014 and would love to conquer my sugar addiction. I love food and baking is one of my favorite things to do. I have struggled with weight my entire life. I am ready to conquer this battle and as Joyce Meyer would say “to not go around this mountain again”. I also realize I eat when I am bored or upset about something. I thank my friend who suggested I take this course along with her and her sister.

  172. Boy do I struggle with my weight! Always have. And now I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. However, my God has gotten me through much more than this! He’s just waiting for me to lean into him and persevere! Looking forward to this study and incorporating what I learn in my life!

  173. Hi Melissa,

    God Bless You as it took a lot of courage for you to post this.

    I want to share a great resource with all of you out there. It’s a free, 5 day (short) daily devotional on fitness and taking care of your body as a means of Praising & Honoring God:

    Founder Jimmy Pena travels all over the US speaking to churches for free. I hope you will consider inviting him to speak at your church….or any others of you out there!

    I support Jimmy in his efforts to eradicate “donuts” and other unhealthy foods being served at church services!

    There is a lot of obesity at my church, especially in the pastoral staff. I’m only a 5 year new believer in my 50′s (and a fitness freak) and this has been the hardest part for me to watch. It’s clearly in the bible to take care of our bodies. I’ve visited many churches and this is the one topic that seems to be “taboo” and even insulting if you mention the subject.

    Another great resource is the book, “The Daniel Plan” co-authored in part by Rick Warren whose entire church went on a diet. As a whole, they lost a “ton” of weight. Rick will be speaking at my church in May at a 3 day conference and I can’t wait!

    I believe Jimmy might be on the Daniel Plan advisory board (unconfirmed).

    I believe it’s time for churches to step up to the plate and take fitness serious. There’s a reason why childhood obesity & diabetes is at epic proportions. Very sad for me to see so many obese children. Even adult obesity/diabetes is at epic proportions.

    I hope a lot of you out there will consider signing up for pray

    Abundant Blessings and Best Wishes to All for a Safe, “Healthy” & Happy New Year!


  174. Hi Melissa Im excited to do this study again. I did it the first time in Jan 2013 it changed my life I’ve lost 55 to 60 lbs depending on the day and changed my eating habits completely until this last month and some of the old habits have come back. I also passed it on to my sister in Tx who has led a group of women in the study. We are all excited to do it again. Thanks for sharing and being so honest. Is the study the same or will it be different do I need a new book? Thanks again can’t wait!!!!

  175. So excited to start this study. Some of the comments here break my heart – our relationships with food seem to have defined us – but no more! Take heart, daughters! God is walking with us on this journey and together with Him, we will overcome!

  176. Just signed up for this study and downloaded the e-book. Really looking forward to it! I’ve had my ups & downs with weight all my life, but am currently not overweight. However, I have ALWAYS struggled with food. I think people would look at me and think “what does she need this for?” Well, the best way I can describe my position is similar to a functional alcoholic. I manage to control myself just enough to not be overweight, but food is always on my mind whether it’s what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, etc. I’m looking forward to renewing my mind! Hopefully making a few new friends along the way! :)

  177. Transparency…more of it is needed in my life…regarding health, food and every area. Thank you for leading by example.

  178. I do indeed struggle….with a lot actually. I struggle with a food addiction. I struggle with retail therapy. I struggle with loneliness. I struggle with parenting (5.5 & 7 yr old boys). I struggle with anxiety. I struggle with fear. I feel like I am in a very low point in my life. I signed up for this bible study and would love to lose weight but most importantly, I need God’s word. Thank you for the encouragement!! 2014 is the year for a renewed mind, body and soul!

  179. I have been overweight all my life. I lost 109 pounds but have never gotten control of my relationship with food. It’s time to put it all in perspective so I can concentrate on my relationship with God instead of food.

  180. I do struggle with overweight, and other craves which are not healthy, or for better words, do not bring glory to God. Trusting God for grace to help me change to the person He desire’s me to be. With confidence in Him, I will overcome and feel better about myself and will be able to help others! Thank you for your obedient heart as you share.

  181. I want to participate in a ‘small’ group with this studay. what do I need to do?

  182. Wendy Downey says:

    Melissa, Wow – you rock! That took so much courage and self-confidence to post! As a nurse AND an exercise physiologist, I am also in the obese category. It took years of food struggles and a major illness to get me here, but I REFUSE to let it define me anymore! So looking forward to doing Made To Crave with you & all my OBS sisters in Jan. It will be so much easier to tackle surrounded by friends :-)

  183. God freed me from other addictions many years ago and I’m afraid I replaced them with food and t.v. addiction. So I’m looking forward to this study and allowing Christ to reign in my life again! I want to “Crave” Christ above all else! Thank you for your honesty and encouragement!

  184. I am so looking forward to this Bible study! I have started reading Made To Crave book and there are so many sentences that have already made me think, “oh, that is me! I so desire God to have his way with my thoughts about food and desire Him more. Thank you for this study!

  185. I lost 25 pounds in 2013 and yet I still feel like I’m in the beginning stage of my journey. I’ve done many studies and programs, etc. and always pitter out about halfway through. I look forward to picking up and moving forward with God’s strength and will. I know He has more planned for my life!

  186. First of all I can’t imagine anyone getting any pleasure out of seeing someone struggle especially those in ministry!!! Thank you Melissa for you honesty and commitment to help women like me! Second, my stats are the same as yours and I have struggled with emotional eating my entire life… just figuring out that my eating was emotionally driven about a year ago! I am expecting my third child in early May and I am so thrilled to do this study and have a good footing before it’s time to put what I have learned to the test.
    In his Grace,

  187. I have struggled with weight issues most of my adult life and it’s taken me a long time to realize that it’s not just about eating better. I know all about nutrition, what to eat, what not to eat. It’s more of a heart and head issue for me. Food is my stronghold and I turn to it time and again when I should be turning to God. I eat healthy meals but binge on junk, especially sweets. I am about 40-50 pounds overweight and 57 years old – menopause just makes weight loss that much harder. I also am not a big fan of exercise and that has to change as well. I am so looking forward to this study – not just for the weight loss but to feel free from the bondage that I am in because of food. The only one who can free me from it is God.

  188. You all are NOT alone! I struggle daily. After working very diligently, and long, to reach a goal, life happened and due to overwhelming family illnesses and other stressful circumstances, I gained it all back in 3 months! It’s been over a year now, and even completing a 1/2 marathon hasn’t given me the oomph I need to make lasting changes for the right reasons. I know that God has a plan for me and see that my surroundings (messy home, messy life) are a reflection of how I feel on the inside…messy! Looking forward to reclaiming the promises God has made to me and to all of us! So excited to be on this journey with you all!!

    • Not to mention, that I’m about to hit 40, and losing weight is sooo much harder now than it was! I need to lose about 30 pounds!! Just wanted to say that out loud :)

  189. Hi everyone, I was so glad to hear this bible study was starting. I bought this book and the devotional, and I have been putting off reading it. I’m so glad I have a group of ladies to go through it with.

    I am 26 years old and have been married for 2 years. I am 5’6 and weigh 360lbs. Obesity definitely runs in my family. I wish I was taught at a young age, the importance of eating healthy and taking care of your body. By no means, am I saying it’s my parents fault. I know they did the best they could with what they had, and I know they were insecure about there weight too.

    I want to have kids and start a family, but I really want to be healthy. I don’t want to be that parent who can’t run around with her kids, or be the hyprocrite who tells her kids to eat healthy and then can’t do it herself. That’s not the parent, I feel God wants me to be, nor the wife! My weight drags me down. I’m so embarrassed to even go out sometimes. I know my husband loves me, and I’m so blessed. And I’ve been overweight the majority of my life, partly because of a medicial issue, and parttly because I just love food. But I do have times where I don’t want to go anywhere, because I feel like nothing in my closet fits or looks good on me.

    I have found that being unhealthy trickles down into so many other areas of your life. I’m always tired and depressed. I feel horrible for my husband sometimes because I’m always so drained. I want to be a healthy wife, so I can give my husband the attention he deserves.

    So I’m excited to start this. Weight loss is tough, but it is so much easier with a support system. :-)

  190. I am 32 years old. I’m already on high blood pressure medicine. I am borderline high on cholesterol, diabetes and my BMI is well over 30. Last time I weighed (about a week ago), I clocked in at 281lbs. Sad to say this isnt the heaviest I’ve been, but its close. I’ve fought with my weight all my life. One time about 3 years ago, I teamed up with someone who I thought was a friend to workout & lose weight. I lost over 40lbs in 3 months. Things were good. Until that friend got jealous (even though she was way prettier and smaller than me) and started talking me down in front of people, friends and our families. I got depressed, felt betrayed and gained back all the weight and plus some. Now I know I should do it and I know how to do it but like the blog above… I need to find my ‘want to’ again. I am doing this alone, mainly because the last person I had ‘help’ me to lose the weight turned against me, which is a trust conversation for another day. I hope this online bible study helps. Which doing this is better than doing nothing.

  191. Misty Clark says:

    I struggle with identifying myself by my mental illness – Bipolar Disorder.

    In February, I will turn 40 which despite being just a number has lead me to soul-searching. It is time I reclaim my life. I know it will be difficult, but no more difficult than continuing life as it is now. The downward spiral which lead me here was slow, likewise the recovery will necessarily be slow. I am hoping this study will prepare me for the long journey ahead of me.

    • Marilyn Saxon says:

      Dear Heart,
      I have the same diagnosis and manage well on my medications and visits to my psychiatrist. I have a loving support network which means so much. I just want to encourage you as you participate in the Made to Crave Study to take one day at a time and anticipate and enjoy the process. I am really looking forward to the study because my moods play into craving food and I want above all to crave God and His Word.

      Love in Christ,
      Marilyn (61)
      South Carolina

  192. As everyone has already shared, I am excited for this OBS! It’s coming at the perfect time in my life… God sure is amazing like that! I have been on a God journey the last several months. I feel I am closer to Him than ever before in my life and am aksing for Him to reveal things in me that He can heal. One of those things is my relationship with food. I’m from the south and everything revolves around what we’re going to eat… Good times, bad times, celebratory times, you name it and out comes the food! I am becoming more and more aware that I am an emotional eater and turn to food instead of God when times get rough. When I’m upset or stressed or worried, I can’t shovel the food in fast enough. I’m hoping that this OBS can help me recognize those triggers before they happen and help me crave the healthiest and most satisfying outlet, God!

  193. Hi, I am 45 yrs. old and I have struggled with my weight now since I was 18 and started having kids. Well, my kids are now grown and I still struggle everyday. I’m at one of my highest weights ever right now and my joints are telling me enough is enough already. I have been one the biggest yo-yo dieters on the planet.
    I was so thrilled when I went on FB today and saw this OBS offer. I am so wanting to grow in my relationship with the Lord and put Him above food. I know with His help and all of you I can accomplish it this year!!

  194. My daughter just shared this with me and ask me to join her in doing this online bible study, we are both very excited and cant wait to see what God has in store for us!

  195. I would love to join this study. I struggle with food and weight and want God to be what I truly crave! I got the book and I’m excited!

  196. I definitely struggle with trying to fulfill my cravings with things other than God. Whether that be food, approval from others, material possessions, etc. After the moment of pleasure, the emptiness comes back…over and over again.

  197. I am ready to start

  198. I’m overweight and don’t necessarily see it as much of a problem. I suppose I’m really in denial. Doctors have told me to lose weight, I’ve even been referred to a dietician. But unless I get to the point where I want to do something about it, then nothing will happen. I love the Lord Jesus Christ, and trust Him for His guidance and strength. Nobody knows I’m putting my name down for this, because I also don’t like letting people down. I thank God in advance for this study and the encouragement and support I’m going to receive. God bless you all.

  199. JeanneMarie Weber says:

    Thank you so much for this kind of bible study. I’ve never been apart of a bible study and look forward to diving into God’s word. I look forward in learning about my father in heaven and what he has to say about who he is and what it means to find myself in him. I’ve been struggling with my weight, focusing on numbers, loosing then gaining, never feeling quite satisfied! I know it won’t be easy but I do know that through Christ I can do anything! I have no doubt that I am much more than the numbers on my scale, but I do feel that God wants me to take better care of this body he created for me. I’ve brought this to the Lord on different occasions, searching my soul to make sure I am not asking for weight lose for vanity or anything other than the right reasons. He’s given me a Godly perspective of my life, and ever since I’ve come to Christ, I’ve witnessed a transformation in me regarding other areas of my life that needed attention ASAP. Now that I am stronger in my faith, I feel that I am ready and able to give attention to this, that God is calling on me to deal with this “craving” with this study. So, it’s with a grateful heart and an excited spirit that I will be apart of this study, to give this addiction Godly attention instead filling my “craving” with fad diets, books, etc. which have filled me with a sense of falseness and failure; and to know that I am with women who are struggling the same. My prayers are with you (Proverbs 31 Ministry) and all the women apart of this biblical journey!

    Craving God’s Love,

    JeanneMarie Weber
    Oconomowoc, WI.

  200. Chelcey Marie Lewis says:

    I have been overweight since having my first child, I now have five. I use to food to numb myself, to soothe my hurt feelings, to relive stress, any negative emotion. I am really looking forward to this study and I hope we all grow closer to God and away from the table ;)

  201. I’m beyond ready…the kicker is I’m in recovery so I know God is who I need to turn to rather than unhealthy eating. I also know it goes beyond “snacking” or emotional eating, it’s a way of “numbing” my feelings/emotions. But now the extra weight is causing health issues as well as mental issues. I’m sick & tired of being sick and tired as well as tired of hating my self. I want to see me thru God’s eyes and eliminate the “weight/food” issue that I’m obsessing over rather than focusing on God. Time also to dig deep and figure out what’s making me unhappy & why I jump into helping others and avoid helping myself. I guess it’s time to take my own medicine, pray and/or cry out to God rather than mumble/grumble to myself, forgive myself and be kinder to this temple God has blessed me with. To be honest I’m a little afraid but I know God is right beside me and in me to guide me, love, comfort and coach me through this. I’m glad this website is also here to help me take those steps. Praying for everyone else on this same journey.

  202. These numbers are so close to my own – I am only 5’3″ and 181 lbs and I recently came face to face with the reality of the numbers also. Each year my New Years resolution is the same – to lose weight. And some years I have, only to gain it back. This time I would really like to take it off and keep it off! I’m hoping this study will give me the strength and willpower. No, God’s power.

  203. SJ from CA says:

    I’m the same age as Lisa (from a previous comment), & it sure helps to think of attempting this journey with others rather than alone. Granted, part of me is saying, “Really? Are we getting back on this hamster wheel *again*?!” However, this time I’m choosing to look past that negativity, and keep my eye on my goals. I can do this! I *can* succeed!!! We can ALL succeed…because with God, ALL things are possible! :)

  204. I am so excited to start this journey with you all! Is there a FB group? That would be fantastic to join up. Blessings to you in the new year!

  205. Hello, I”m so excited to be a part of this study I had this book on my to read list so this is the perfect way to begin the new year and new focus on allowing God to be everything I need and to help others along the way Thank you!

  206. Thank you for sharing this with us. I have almost the same exact BMI. I signed up for the Made to Crave Study starting January 19. I have read the book once already, but I am so looking forward to digging in deeper in this study and in God’s Word.

  207. I have been struggling with my weight for sometime now. In February of this year I joined a local gym and at first it was going good the inches were getting smaller in numbers then eventually I just stopped going. I get so DISCOURAGED but I’m really ready to take a stand on losing weight in this new year. With the support I believe I’m going to have from this Ministry I know I can do it. I’m not gonna lie I am nervous about being able to stick with it this time. Please pray that I will give it my Very Best so that God can do the Rest.

  208. Lori Gregoire says:

    Oh Yes I DO Struggle! I weighed myself this morning and I have gained 8 pounds this Christmas Season. I am the highest I have ever been. Even higher then then I was when I was pregnant. I look forward to this Bible study and getting my body to the healthy weight that God wants for me.

  209. I just got my book for this study. This is my first time to do a bible study here. I am excited about growing in my faith and closer to God and learning not to always turn to food. Looking forward to this and be a part of this with everyone.

  210. Hi, I am consious about my weight,but I do manage to keep it under control. But the one thing I crave for most is acceptance from people. Actually I got the MTC for young woman. I suppose god wanted me to go thru it. I keep thinking about what people would have thought? what people would think? etc. I can see the destructive pattern of thinking. I hope we will be focusing on the emotional,physical and material cravings and not only on the food cravings.
    Wish u all a happy and prosperous new year. May god shower u with his love, peace and joy.

  211. I have signed up for this study and am really excited about it! Our family recently moved overseas and so I am focusing on our kids’ transition right now, and haven’t joined a Bible Study at church or with a women’s group here. I am looking forward to the flexibility of this study group, accountability, and the study material. I think God has been reminding me/trying to teach me lately to be JOYFUL whatever my circumstances and to be satisfied in Him, not anything else. I am looking forward to learning more about craving HIM!
    Just wondering — if I have already signed up for the study, why are these posts not coming to me via email…?

  212. I’ve signed up for this study and am looking so forward to going through it with all you wonderful ladies! I’ve been through this study before and lost 20+ lbs… sadly though, I lost focus and before I knew what hit me, I’d gained all 20 lbs back and a few more to boot. I get disgusted with myself because I was on the right track and feeling SO SO SO much better, but I got tired of all the hard work (counting calories, keeping a food journal/log, exercising and keeping an exercise log, etc.) and just stopped… stopped everything. The really sad part is that I took our ladies group at church through this study and now look at me. I turn to food for comfort, out of boredom or loneliness when my husbands away at one of his trainings rather than to our Lord and Savior who is the ONLY one who can TRULY fill all those places I’m trying to fill with food! Oh, how I’m looking so forward to getting started! Thank you for doing this study, it couldn’t have come at a better time!!

  213. I most definitely struggle with weight issues and emotional eating. I am truly looking forward to this M2C study.

  214. I’m new to Proverbs 31, New To Online Bible study. I’m 30 single and totally tired of not living for or craving God. I struggle with self image self acceptance, emotional eating. I’m looking forward to Made to Crave to move forward in life in God. I’ve had these struggles for as long as I can remember, they affect my relationships with family and friends and more importantly God. Looking to become a better ME!

  215. Marilyn Saxon says:

    I ignored my weight problem until I had trouble with my heart and had a stent put in 2013. Since then I have been working out at medically supervised facility. I started Weight Watchers online and lost some weight but I have gained some of it back. I have to admit that I crave food and I want to crave God and His Word more than anything.

  216. I am signed up and can’t wait!! I am tired of defining myself by a number on the scale…its time to get ME healthy…I want to crave God above anything else!!

  217. I have officially signed up! This is my first online Bible study so I am pretty excited. Thanks for providing this opportunity for us all.

  218. I have struggled my entire life with food issues. It has had a stronghold on me and has compromised my ability and willingness to serve God (afraid people judge me because of my weight). I read Made to Crave a year ago and I’m still in the same place. But I choose to not remain stuck! I am a set free child of God who has the power to make healthy choices to the glory of God. No longer will I bow to the god of my stomach!

  219. I struggle, and have since my mid to late 20′s, with my weight and emotional eating, or eating because I just don’t know why. I also struggle with self acceptance, self loathing because I have let myself get as big as I was when I delivered my youngest daughter 9, almost 10, years ago. The biggest thing I struggle with as far as acceptance is being a ministers wife and people accepting not only me but my children. Our oldest daughter more importantly because she has Down syndrome and is extremely ADHD and I have long struggled with the worries of just how people, especially in the church, will treat her and look at me when she is in one of ‘those’ frames of mind where even her medication isn’t helping. I am ready to crave what it is God sees in me and how He sees me and my family. I am excited about doing this online bible study as it is my very first but I know that I am not alone for I have each of you for much encouragement.

    It is only through the Grace and Strength of God that we will all succeed in this study.

  220. Yes I struggle! The biggest struggle I have right now is fully devoting myself to God and surrendering to Him. I feel as though I get on the path to simply fall off the path shortly after. I know in my mind how to stay connected to God and how to grow in Him and yet I do not engage in the behaviors that I need to support this. I crave God and yet do not give my body and mind the feeding it needs to satisfy my craving. I end up feeling like a failure and spiritually defeated. I hope this bible study keeps me committed daily to connecting with the Lord and growing in Him.

  221. I have the book Made to Crave and I’m looking forward to this bible study. There are so many secular programs for weight loss but so few from the Christian Community. I’m so tired of the merry-go-round. To stop emotional eating is what I crave more than anything. My God has promised strength for where ever and whenever, but when it comes to eating I can’t seem to draw from it.

  222. Ivonne Ramos says:

    I want to be healthy. i struggle with my weight and emotional eating self acceptance, high blood pressure. Beside all that, i really want to be fully devoted to God and crave for Him . This is a new experience for me, and i hope and prey that with with God and your help, i could reached my goal. Thank you .

  223. Yes I struggle with the numbers and feelings of not being enough. I’m excited to start this study because I truly believe GOD put this in front of me to help me grave more of HIM than of food, relationships or facebook or tv. To fill my void with HIM and HIM only.
    Thank you for being here for us.
    Much Love and Blessings,

  224. I have struggled with my weight for years. I finally had it under control about 15 years ago, but then about 10 years ago I started struggling with a reoccurrence of my depression. Without realizing the depression was the root cause, I gained all of the weight I had lost back, and then some. Since then, I haven’t been able to get a handle on the weight. The discussion about finding your “want to” describes me exactly! I know I need to lose weight to get healthier but I have had a very difficult time finding the “want to.” That is why I am participating in this Bible study.

  225. It always been a constant struggle up and down like a yoyo for me. Last year I started my journey and have thus lost 12 lbs with the most part of it toward the end of the year where sincere motivation kicked in. So I am sooooo excited to have joined this online study. I am so hopeful now that my journey will be successful in 2014.

  226. I have always struggled with wanting to be thinner. As I grow older I now struggle with wanting to be healthier and treat my body as God would have me treat it. I have gotten out of the habit of exercise and eating right and want to start this new year with a better mindset. I took this study before so I know it will help remind me that I am not alone in this struggle – God wants me to lean on Him and through His strength I can do anything. I am looking forward to the challenge and thank you Lysa for sharing your journey and giving us the opportunity to grow in our relationship with Christ as we diminish our relationship with things that are not healthy for us.

  227. I find that I’m a comfort eater. I mindlessly eat when I’m comfortable and bored, and I also mindlessly eat when I’m uncomfortable. Now that I’m in my thirties, married, and trying to conceive I now know the real value of my health and the life I want to live with my husband, and my children, and for my God.

  228. Yes, my weight is an up and down problem. As a young wife and mom, I was very active. Then I had some back and knee problems that put me in bed 4 major times. Each time, I have added a few more pounds. I have tried to take off the weight, but the ‘moving’ causes problems and I slide back and add a few more pounds. I am to the place now where ‘moderate moving’ is possible and I want to do it right this time. I have done this ‘diet thing’ so many times that I am tired of it… of the futility of it. But I desire to KNOW it is possible. I am 62 and I do not want to be a blob in a wheel chair in 10 years! I have to loose the weight before my health suffers. I am looking forward to this study!

  229. I just signed up for this and I’m scared. My emotional attachment to God is lost somewhere and I’m scared to face this study, these women. But…I’m glad I took the ‘dare’ and I NEED to do this.

  230. Shari Brase-Smith says:

    I have battled my weight for years. I guess you could say my weight is constantly “yo-yo” ing. It’s not at all uncommon to gain 4 pounds in one day after binge eating. My body image has tended to be one of a very overweight person even when I really wasn’t overweight. Since my husband passed away, the struggle is much worse. I know I need to approach my weight in a new way, as I have been on many diets in the past-they always work to ge my weight down, but then it comes back, usually with a little more on top of it! I know I can’t do this on my own I need divine intervention!

  231. I have struggled with my weight as well. I know God is working in me as I see Him dig deep to root out my uglies to expose them to the Light. Yesterday I spent most of the day reading and praying. I am trying to get to the end of myself; to give up control fully. As a recovering control freak, this is not easy, but I am making strides to put Him first and me second. To die to my flesh and want nothing more than to honor Him with my life, including my eating.
    I’m looking forward to the study to help refocus my mind even further. At 5’10″ with a set of what I call ‘man hands’, being skinny isn’t in the cards for me, but being healthy is and I SO look forward to that. Right now I weigh a whopping 348 lbs. I’m looking forward to that number continuing to drop, but even more than that, I’m looking forward to God changing who I am to who He wants me to be. I covet your prayers. Blessings….

  232. Yes i so identify, been struggling now for 14yrs with a wine addiction that i can’t seem to break the cycle. I do nothing to fight for freedom, oh the constant shame and feelings of inadequacy that i will never be that Godly woman.

  233. Same height and 5 lbs heavier were my first thoughts after reading this. Why do I compare? It’s that girl in me who grew up with 3 younger sisters who God made differently! They all teetered at about 100lbs for much of their lives, while I, the active and athletic one, only saw the scale read 130 for me. I didn’t understand until years later that I was 3 inches taller and had much more muscle. Even now, with that information, I feel the comparisons linger in my head…it’s always been about the number. I am grateful to the Lord that over the years this has gotten much, much better, however, it hasn’t gone away completely. wish it wasn’t so!!!

  234. I actually did this study a few years ago with a few ladies from my church. I loved it but it was also hard. I didn’t want to look at some of the things required. So here I am, still in the same boat. I don’t make resolutions because the only one I stick to is that I will break every one eventually. I need Gods help to change my life in this area. Not just a quick fix for now but something I can live with. So here I go again! Looking forward to being part of this.

  235. My struggle is being in denial of my numbers. My BMI score falls well into the obese category and it has my entire life. The numbers speak to me saying “I’m ugly”, “I’m unworthy”, “I’m unlovable” and “I’m a failure”. To me, obese = ugly, healthy = beauty. Culture and comparison have taught me that rewards are given to those who are beautiful. However, my behaviors are more representative of a long time & feared companion, rejection. I’m learning to be courageous as essential life lessons arise from failures and rejection. My struggle is to overcome rejection by moving forward towards the good works God has planned for my life.

    • Satan truly is a big bully, Lisa. It breaks my hear to hear that you, and so many others in your shoes, feel that they are ugly, unworthy, unlovable, etc. Our Father in Heaven definitely loves you no matter what. I can’t wait to see your progress not only on the outside, but most importantly on the inside, through this Bible study :) *hugs*

  236. I do not necessarily struggle with the numbers. I struggle with the possible health risks. I could stand to lose a good 20 lbs, but given that I am 5’8″, I am not considered overweight. Both of my parents are diabetic, and a lot of it is due to their eating habits, being overweight and overall poor health due to poor choices. I find myself slowly following their path and I do NOT want to be where they are when I’m their ages. I crave carbs in a very bad way. Pasta, bread, etc. Not to mention sweets! I LOVE SUGAR!! Oh, and soda. I drink Dr. Pepper & Coke like it won’t be allowed anymore tomorrow. I have tried and tried and tried to change, but I fail miserably every….single…time.

    • Jennifer Jurden says:

      Me too! You are not alone


    • Laura, I’m with you on the sugar thing! Even though I KNOW it’s bad for me… I keep shoveling it in! Grrr… I get so frustrated with myself! Lysa’s book has lots of encouragement though and know that you don’t have to rely on your strength…. you can call on God.

    • Thank you for your post. It totally spoke to my heart. I have a serious autoimmune illness and have resisted my mom’s overeating habits because of this until now. I am currently under attack by satan in a ton of areas. Trial after trial and I have resorted to eating just like mom. I now am the heaviest I have ever been. I have gained 20lbs in the last year. Before my weight was good. I totally feel my illness getting worse as well as my spirit. I joined today. So satan watch out! :)

  237. Jennifer Jurden says:

    I just signed up. I have actually facilitated this study a couple of years ago, but I did not allow it to go as deep as it needed to…because I am where I was when I lead the study. I never FEEL LIKE I am ready to do something about my obesity, because it would require me to give up an addiction…something I have turned to for far too many years now. BUT… I KNOW it is something I need to do…for my health, for the sake of my small children, and most importantly for my soul. I am believing that I stumbled on this online study, not by accident but by god-incident. I don’t read my email devos from Proverbs31 very often, but for whatever reason TODAY’s devo (“Triggers”) caught my eye. And there at the bottom there was this offer for the online study. I thought I would click on the link to see how much it would cost and see if I could afford it. Low and behold (again, another god-orchestrated-incident) it is FREE! Food addiction is a huge battle I have faced for most of my life. Ready or not, here I go…again.

  238. I’ve lost 40 pounds since September 2013. I still have quite a bit to lose. Food has been an issue since I was a child. I’ve lost and gained so much weight. I’m 40 years old and I’m ready to stop going around this mountain. I have all the Made 2 Crave resources. It has definitely helped me with the first 40 pounds. I even loaded the videos on my cell phone so I could watch at work if I felt weak. I’m looking forward to doing this study with like-minded sisters in Christ.

  239. I am very excited to see where I can go. I purchased this book a year ago and have started it and stopped it and started it and stopped it many times. I’m praying this Bible study will help me get over the hump.

  240. I have struggled for some time with food. I have prayed for God to help me and what appears in my email but this free Bible study. I don’t have much time for myself so joining a Bible study at church has always been difficult. This will be perfect and I am so excited to get to the bottom of all my issues. I thankfully don’t currently have any health issues but do know they will be coming as I am 38 and the same measurements as Melissa. I was always slim and petite until I had my kids now I am 70lbs. More than I was when I got married. It doesn’t make for a very good self esteem. Thank you for this opportunity!

  241. God Bless you Melissa for sharing! My struggle has been fitting in time for exercise. I want to make better eating choices not only for me but for my family as they see what I am doing and think it is ok. I want them to know an active lifestyle. I also want them to know they are beautiful in the eyes of the Lord and that He made them unique and wonderful. I know that this study will help me with all the above! Praise Him!

  242. Tired of feeling “sick & tired”…..I eat to fill an emotional need….not happy in my marriage relationship and because “I” cant fix it (our LORD has said to me its not for me to fix) I get very discouraged……I KNOW I need to lose weight but I also KNOW I want & need to fill that void with our GOD….. and so I pray that I will choose JESUS instead of food to fill my needs…. cant wait to get started and also alittle nervous but its nice to know I can pray with all of you….. thanks for doing this study!!!!!!

    • I know what you mean about being “tired of feeling ‘sick & tired.’” For me, it’s a vicious cycle. I feel tired, so I eat junk, the junk makes me feel tired, so I eat more junk…. I want to break free from that!

      • That sounds like me too. And I feel so lazy and depressed. I’m angry at myself for being so lazy. Looking forward to this study!

  243. I am so looking forward to this study. I have already read Made to Crave, but I look forward to studying it and hearing what others have to say. While most people would say I’m “thin” and don’t need to worry about my weight, I have gained about 10 – 15 pounds over the past year or so. This is mainly due to stress eating, eating in private, and eating junk! I have decided to cut out “junk” starting January first and am doing good so far! ;) I want to stop treating my body like a trash can and want to stop looking for comfort in food. I want to stop binging when I feel stressed. I want to be disciplined in my eating, but also I want to be disciplined in all areas of my life.

  244. I am so ready to feel better physically and spiritually.

  245. Artemis Vasdekis says:

    Yes, I struggle for what seems like forever, though I’ve realized something, it wasn’t forever, I wasn’t always fat, but my image of me was (“fat” oh there goes that word I dreaded using more than anything, at least until the world “obese” came along). Now at the age of 57, sometimes I feel like is this it? will this be a struggle, a goal I never reach the rest of my life? I want to lose weight to be healthy above all, it affects my arthritis, my energy, and often my attitude or mental state. More than anything I want to be healthy, bursting with energy so that I can be all that God had intended for me to be, but my weight became my stumbling block (or I let it). I’m ready though to move forward to a closer relationship with God, a healthier body and take on all that God wants me to accomplish, because there is so much need in this world.

  246. I can agree with so much that was posted. I struggle with a chronic painful auto immune disease and have been eating lately to comfort myself. Trials are nothing new for me and I usually can rely on God. In the last year I have gained 20lbs from poor eating choices. I am empty physically and spiritually. I signed up for the study because God laid it on my heart. I am relying on food instead of Him and it is an awful cycle. I need this study because satan is winning right now and I am sick and tired of that.

  247. It seems like I’ve been struggling with this forever. My “love affair” with food began when I was eight. I remember the exact day, time, and event that began this life-long struggle. Now, my body is finally suffering the effects of the very poor choices I’ve made over the years. My mind knows that as a redeemed child of God I am not defined by the numbers on the scale, or on the label of my clothing, yet when I look in the mirror I define myself by what I see there. I’m looking forward to gaining victory over this struggle with the MTC study!

  248. What do I have to lose?
    The first thing I literally have to lose is weight. I am only 55 and have years ahead of me Lord willing, of running, playing with my grandkids (currently have 4 and one in heaven) but if I don’t get rid of some weight, and get healthier – I won’t be able to do it. And that thought alone, grips my heart. So I have weight to lose.
    This is a win-win scenario!! :)

    What do I have to gain?
    Everything …. physically – better health, lower risks to my health.
    Emotionally – a better frame of mind, and less tears I hope, better self-image.
    Mentally – I know I can do it with HIS strength – so I want to!!
    Spiritually – for me, my struggle with weight is very connected to my spiritual life. I want to grow more in love with Jesus – and to follow him closer and this weight struggle plays into my journey.
    SO I have SO MUCH TO GAIN!!

  249. I’m struggling!

  250. I struggle. I went through this study a couple years ago with some women from my church but it seemed like just a study and no one was really challenging themselves to really make changes or hold each other accountable.
    I suffer from chronic lyme disease and am on high doses of antibiotics energy that make me tired. I don’t have much energy but push myself to work and take care of a family and a home.
    I need accountability and energy to do my walking dvd’s that I use to love to do.
    I am really hoping this online study will help me.
    Nottingham NH

    • Chelli,
      There is a gentleman that I met through an essential oil intensive that has helped hisself, wife, chiropractor and many others suffering with Lyme Disease. His business is called “I Have and Oil for That”. He has a lot more knowledge about treating Lyme than I do, it may be worth contacting him and talking with him.

  251. Yes….I struggle…

  252. vanessa herpin says:

    I have struggled with my weight since I have been a child. I am not looking to weight 95 # I just want to be comfortable .. Heading back to the gym Monday morning.. Thanks for this bible study.. I am so ready to get started.

  253. I am tired of defining myself by the numbers…weight, jean size, etc. Actually, my struggle is knowing that those numbers don’t define me but they do say something about me that I do not like. Oh, to find the balance in attitude.

  254. Yes, I am really struggling right now especially with the holidays recently – it was very difficult to stay on the healthy path with all those Christmas cookies and goodies!
    But I am ready for a new beginning – I am ready to find my want to! Thank you for this study!

  255. Do we need to have read the book before the study starts?

  256. I have struggled with emotional eating for most of my life but was able to keep my weight down with walking/running. Now I can’t do strenuous exercise because of an injury. I’ve watched the weight creep up slowly over a year. Plus, hormonal changes and food allergies are bringing stronger cravings for foods I know harm my body. I want to crave God and his word more than foods that don’t ever truly satisfy. I’ve been in that place of freedom before, even led others to health and wellness for awhile. Letting life’s circumstances and schedule changes get in the way of healthy practices has undone good changes that I saw the Spirit make in me. This time I pray I will persist in caring for my temple even through life’s storms.

  257. I struggle with weight and have ever since I had my children, 16 & 13 years ago! While I do want to lose weight and get healthier, my ultimate goal is growing closer to God and having Him be what I crave above all else! I’m looking forward to this study and to the on-line support group. I need that so much!

  258. Looking forward to finding my “want to”

  259. I’m so glad that God allowed me to click this website of yours. I can’t believe I’d be bless enough just reading online. I just want to say how wonderful this is. Regards all the way here from Philippines. :) <3

  260. Michae T Fowler says:


    I stuggle and am addicted to food. I love to eat. My BMI is high and yes, I am considered obese. I am praying this study will help me focus on God and not food. Thank you for sharing this study online.
    I am praying that everyone has a blessed day.

  261. I am a food addict plain and simple, food comforts me when i’m down, and lifts me when i’m happy, I celebrate with food, and i choose food when I am blue. I’m so excited to get my poor choices in order and break free from this bondage of gluttony. thank you

  262. I too am struggling and use food as a comfort. To feel less lonely, more in control, and probably 10 other reasons that I can’t think of right now.
    OK, here goes – all the numbers for everyone to see – it’s so hard to actually see them in print:
    Turned 50 last year
    5’10″ 235
    There they are – no more denial, no more hiding, I’m done feeling fat, old and tired. Let’s get going!

  263. The numbers: 185, 5’5″. 51. I struggle with food addiction and alcohol abuse. I justify it. It makes me happy. But the happiness is always temporary and fleeting. I crave status and am boastful to make myself feel superior to others. I am tired of the struggles and the temporary and temporal high of it all. God sustain me and lift me to new and greater happiness without abusing power, food or fame.

    • Oh my but when I read your post I thought I was reading about myself! I too struggle with alcohol abuse and am just now learning to admit it. I have used alcohol to try to forget or deal with some struggles I have in my life right now and of course they are always there when the wine wears off.
      I just wanted to tell you I will pray for you by name and ask God to hear and answer your prayer to sustain and to help you find happiness in Him.

  264. Hi. My name is Dawn. I am 51, 5’2″ and 165. I hate my # on the scale! I also hate my weakness and my need to satisfy myself with things other than God. My go to comfort is food and alcohol. Also hiding in television and my knitting needles. Everyday I wake up with the same resolve to spend time with God, read His word, pray and gain strength. I really just want to believe that I am more than the # on the scale. That I matter to God. This is all so very hard due to the people I see on a daily basis and their attitudes about faith, fitness, food, etc.
    Father, please help me through this study to see that I am more than just a body shape or size…..that I am your beloved. Amen

  265. Lori Gregoire says:

    Yes I DO struggle to satisfy myself with sweets and carbs instead of with God.

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