#EatSmart & Learn How to Be in God’s Will

“We will be most victorious when we position ourselves to be in the center of God’s will.” ~ Lysa TerKeurst in Session 2 of the Made to Crave Action Plan. Check it out on the video here:

*As you watch the video, use the outline in your book to follow along or to take notes on anything that stands out to you. If you have time you can begin the Group Discussion questions, but we will also be working on these Tuesday.

**Please note, this video will be available only until next Monday**

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If you can’t see the video above, click here to see Lysa’s Bible lesson and Dr. Chilton give us the skinny on fish & fiber!

Here is the free guide, Dr. Chilton referred to in the video. Click here for that.

Don’t you just love the variety of information we get in these video messages?

After you’ve watched the video, you can begin your Discussion Questions in your Made to Crave Action Plan book. We will also be working on those tomorrow, so if you don’t get to them today, it’s ok.

  1. What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today?
  2. What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today?
  3. What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message?
  4. Share these in the comment section with us today.

Great stuff, huh?  I can’t wait to read your thoughts and insights from the message today! Be blessed y’all…make it a great day!

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.~ Thessalonians 5:16-18

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  1. Wow! Awesome lesson! I love it! Thank you so much everyone who participated. I love the thanksgiving study, the loaves and fishes study, the Adam and Eve study, and the pool of Bethesda, but especially the baptism of Jesus and our identity study. Yesterday I had 10 gram of fiber cereal with 1 gram of fiber almond milk for breakfast, I had a romaine lettuce salad with a small can of pink salmon and a touch of fresh garlic and it was so flavorful I didn’t use salad dressing! I also ate a flax and fiber thin roll with it. That got me 5 grams more of fiber! What’s your tips and tricks?

    • Lois White from Spring,Tx says:

      Patti thanks for sharing your meal. It gave me some ideas for future meals.

    • Chia seeds! You can add these to anything and they have so much fiber. 4 grams in 1 tablespoon and you can put it on salads, yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, etc… I always add tons to muffins or other things I bake. They don’t have any taste and have a texture like poppy seeds! Plus they are an excellent source of Omega 3. I buy mine at Costco, but you can get them at most grocery stores now. You can order them online at amazon for pretty cheap too.

  2. Spiritual Truth ~ I was created to be a human BEING, not a human DOING. I focus too much on what I need to be doing, I need to spend more time just resting in God’s Word and let it wash the lies from me. I just love what Pastor Steven shared that; before Jesus performed a single miracle and ‘proved’ His worth ~ God looked down on Him and was pleased, simply because He was His Son. God looks down on me and sees His daughter, and that makes Him smile 🙂
    Physical Truth ~ I didn’t realize there was such a difference between tuna and albacore tuna. I eat fish but going to try limit it to Salmon, Mackerel, and Cod 🙂
    Implementation ~ Only eat those 3 fish! Rest more, switch off more, DO less!

  3. I woke up earlier than my alarm was set for and I’m so glad I did! What GREAT stuff and a great way to start my week.
    1. I need to be a woman who is joyful, prayerful, and thankful. Complaining/grumbling has taken up to much time in my mind and heart and really is not the kind of woman I want to be. It’s hard to be joyful if I’m complaining. Thank you Jesus for the gentle reminder of what kind of woman you want me to be.
    2. I really should check out this fish thing. I’ve never really liked fish because of the smell. Need to do some research on preparing it.
    3. I’m going to work on 1. and 2. I’m also going to pay more attention to my fiber intake.

    • Johanna (OBS Small Group 36) says:

      I was wondering the same thing about how to add fish to my diet since I am not a fish eater at all. I have already started eating more fiber, so I am taking baby steps. I love the reminder Jesus gave us to be joyful always. It is not an easy thing, but with God it is possible. I also find myself complaining or grumbling at times and I have to stop myself and immediately say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for all of my blessings. This helps me to refocus and remember how truly blessed I am.
      That is awesome that you recognize the reminder Jesus has given us. We are all on our way to being the women Jesus meant for us to be!!
      God Bless,

  4. What a great session! It is comforting to know that we can be in the center of God’s will by being joyful, prayerful, and thankful, even when we don’t “do” so well on a given day! Also, so many of us struggle to know what God’s will is for us–what we are supposed to do–how freeing to realize we can be there with these three attitudes of worship! Physically, I can attest to the increased fiber helping me not be hungry. It has made all the difference in the world to me as I have been losing weight this time. I wish I had had this information years ago so I could have been successful then! I’m determined to implement the info on fish…I’m not a fan, but that marinated or blackened salmon might work…I have to go shopping! 🙂

  5. Albacore tuna is good, but it’s when you add mayo to it that you add omega 6 (the bad stuff)… Is that right? How do you fix your tuna? Another trick I started was putting a note in my pantry that says,”You’re not hungry, you’re bored! Drink some water and crave God!”

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Hi Pattis, I love the note you have put on your pantry. I found that I was most likely just to “eat to eat” when I was watching a movie or TV show. So, instead of doing those things, I’m learning to #CraveGod.

    • Misty B. says:

      Hi Pattis,

      With tuna if you don’t have to watch your sodium intake real close, you can add one of these things or more if you’d like: mustard, salsa, horseradish sauce, garlic and spices.

    • I totally need to do that! Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. I am thankful today for what I am learning here! I have a question: can we take fish oil capsules if we don’t like fish?

    • There are other ways to add Omega 3 into your diet too. Flax and Chia seeds are a good source as well as fish. Fish oil capsules are good, but getting it from whole food sources is always better.

  7. I really felt that this was so informative today. I could not believe Tilapia was not that great. I am definitely going shopping for the Blackened salmon and Mackeral. I also loved the part about being joyful, prayerful, and thankful. Being in God’s will is very important to me, I am putting this verse on my fridge and committing it to my heart. I am so excited about this session and making the subjects that were discussed very important on my journey to become healthy and fit .

    • Johanna (OBS Small Group 36) says:

      I can feel your excitement through your post! I am not a fish person, so I have to work on a way to add these essential things to my diet, but it sounds like you are a fish person, so good for you!!! The information they gave us in this video is so great and not difficult to implement. I also loved the part about being joyful, prayerful, and thankful. I will be looking to this verse more and more as well!! There are so many aspects of this journey to take into consideration, and I’m so happy to hear you will be making these important to yours!
      God Bless,

  8. Tanya Judd OBS Group 44 says:

    1. I love we can be in God’s will without having to perform anything. He is pleased and loves me no matter what the scale says. When my desire to focus on Him is there the other stuff will fall into place.
    2. So much information about fish the Omega’s. I did not know the difference between the Omega 3 and 6. Going to buy cod instead of tilapia.

  9. WOW what a powerful video and I honestly I thought 45 min and my grandson is on the way. I watched 20 and once he laid down the rest. So many notes in my book. Talapia going in the trash! The word BE keeps coming up in this study for me. I wrote BE above the woman I need to BE – joyful, prayerful and thankful. Pastor Furtick was amazing and loved it when he spoke about Mark 1:11 and how God was pleased with Jesus before “He performed” a single miracle. And then when he said”I can’t let God down – I was never holding Him up.” Ouch! “He’s sustaining me.” Thank you Melissa, Lisa, Dr. Ski and Pastor Furtick for this beautiful message for each of us today.

    • Linda Leighton (OBS Leadership Team) says:

      Debbie, I had watched that webcast live when it was first out, and, I have to tell you, Pastor Steven’s line “you can’t let God down because you were never holding Him up” was so freeing to me. I had done several other Christian-based eating plans in the past that I felt made you feel guilty if you “cheated”. I was feeling the same way–like I wasn’t sure I wanted to do another faith-based “diet” plan because I was tired of feeling guilty when I went outside of the plan. I COULDN’T LET GOD DOWN!…He loved me regardless of whether I ate a cookie or not! Not that I didn’t know that it might not be beneficial to me to have it, at least I knew I didn’t have to call my leader and confess that I had cheated and discuss whether I should stay on the program. I am so thankful for the truths that Pastor Steven shared!

      • Wendy Hurley says:

        Linda, when I heard Pastor Steven say that, it was like someone flipped a switch in my brain & the light came on. It is very freeing to hear that. There’s so much information to absorb, I may have to buy the dvds to make sure I don’t miss anything.

  10. I got so much out of this session but the one thing spiritual truth I learned today was that we are human “beings”, not human “doings”. I really needed to hear that. I struggle so much with “doing” all the time and I sometimes base my identity on what I do and NOT who I am. Today has been a very difficult day for me. I’m very weepy and frustrated.
    Again, I learned a lot of physical truths too. One that stuck in my mind was about the importance of drinking water. However, I was also impressed by the information about Omega-3’s. Today I plan to incorporate Omega-3’s into my diet along with more water. I definitely don’t drink enough water.

  11. Rebecca in FL says:

    I love eating fish, but I hate preparing it (buying it, smelling it, touching it). Why didn’t I think of frozen fillets before? There is a new Trader Joe’s opening in our area March 21. I will buy a bag of frozen salmon fillets, maybe even already marinated if I can find a marinade without sugar, and begin having two fillets a week.

  12. I have to rush off the Women’s Bible Study Group at church this morning – I am leading today. But here aremy takes from the video:
    1. God loves me whether I weigh 200 lbs or 135 lbs!
    2. Which fish to buy and eat and encouragement to work toward 25 grams of fiber each day.
    3. Make a list of good omega 3 fish & good fiber choices so that when I go to the grocery store I can buy the correct items.
    4. ‘Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Implement “rejoice”, “pray”, “give thanks in all things” in my day – all day!
    Ladies, may God bless your entire day.

  13. Nancy S. says:

    Another study I’m involved in has taken eight weeks to focus on different aspects of our lives. This, the eighth week, is focusing on Health. Thought the topic fit in perfectly with this study, so I’m sharing the link to the kick-off video. (Disclaimer – I’m sharing it simply to share, not to promote anything in any way.)


  14. Misty B. says:

    Good Morning Ladies 🙂 I’m so thankful and blessed to BE a participant in this study with all of you. I’m joining in a bit late. I just returned from my first week long mission trip fixing homes effected by hurricane Sandy in MD.

    The spiritual truth I gained from this amazing video was: I am a human BEing not a human DOing. God’s will is what I am suppose to BE not DO. BE a joyful, prayerful and thankful woman! I am going to enjoy Being with God in this moment, going to Him in prayer when I’m triggered and thanking Him IN and FOR all things because that is what God desires for me. I’m thankful that God is well pleased with me because I am His daughter! 🙂 I need to do the natural and let God do the super.

    The physical truth I gained was: I need to add more fish and fiber sources to my eating regime. I don’t eat enough fiber. Looking forward to printing out Dr. Chilton’s guide and using it with my meal planning.

    I’m going to implement these things by: DOing less and BEing more, concentrating on Being joyful, prayerful and thankful, adding more cod, mackerel, and albacore tuna into my meal planning as well as 25 grams of fiber a day.

  15. The spiritual truth that God revealed to me today was back to the living in the center of His will by being joyful, prayerful, and thankful. I loved hearing that prayers of thanks moved the hand of God. I have always struggled with understanding how to live in His will. I want to know what he has in store for me, what his plan is, and I feel lost to live how he wants without knowing what is in store. But today I can see that I can live in his WILL without always knowing His plan. Trusting that He will reveal in His time what He has for me, taking each day one by one and remembering to have joy, prayer, and thanksgiving at my focus, I can be in His will.

    As for a physical truth, I was interested in the availability of frozen fish as a good source. I have been struggling with where to get good quality fish to eat. I also liked the discussion about soluble versus insoluble fiber.

    For implementation I plan to go to the store today and check out the frozen fish. I will remember to keep joy, prayer, and thanks in mind as I go through my day.

  16. Gail Harless says:

    What an amazing tape today!! A few things really stuck out to me. I thought about the one lady on our FB page who with joy said she had fixed tilapia for her family, her first healthy meal. People not so full of grace got down on her for that. Well, she had not had the benefit of watching this tape a week ago! And she should have been full of joy because taking care of her family is where her heart was.

    Secondly, I love Pastor Furtick! What a cute dude and so full of wisdom!! I disagreed though when he said the beginning of our breakthrough is desire. Well, I’ve had the desire since I first become a chubby child 50 years ago! The beginning of my breakthrough was belief! The belief that I could do this. And that came from God.

    I was disappointed that Dr. Chilton used all processed foods in his videotape this week. He said he wouldn’t have made it through the airport with a pear. Maybe next time he’s doing a presentation he could ask the staff of the company he’s speaking for to gather the appropriate whole foods! Fiber One bars have a lot of sugar in them, and that’s just one example of what I was thinking when I was watching the tape. If something is in a box, I don’t buy it anymore. 🙂

  17. Lois White from Spring,Tx says:

    Spiritual truth: Choose today to be joyful, prayerful and thankful!
    Physical truth: Tilapia has high omega 6, not the best fish to eat.
    This week I am going to eat more fish and increase my fiber.

  18. I have struggled all my life with addictions, as long as the man at the pool at Bethesda. My mom took me to weight watchers at age 8. That was the moment of you are not good enough, and it has been a life long mantra for me. Today though I am going to pick up my mat and take my first step. Knowing He loves me, and I am perfectly made. Everyone pray for me!!!!! Thank you for all this wonderful joy, prayer, and thanksgiving!!!

  19. My spiritual truth is two fold-being joyful, prayerful and thankful coupled with understanding my idenity before activity. To me, that means I am going to the word before I exercise because sometimes I feel that if I can’t do a certain thing I think I should-I can be defeated-BUT when I know that NOTHING I can do will make God love me any more or any less than His already does.

    My Physical truth is I am learning to shift my food to what to eat and how to get the best out of the fuel rather than taking some things out-I find I just don’t have the time to focus on what I can’t have. 🙂

  20. Spiritual truth~If I”m in the center of God’s will, I can experience victory even when my goal is still far away. Joyful, prayerful, thankful are things I am to be. Identity in Christ comes before activity in Christ. He is pleased with me as His daughter.
    Physical truth~I didn’t realize there was such a difference between tuna and Albacore tuna.
    Tuna is the only fish I can eat, so I will make sure I’m eating Albacore tuna only.

  21. 1. Who told me the lies about myself that are in my head? I need to find where I started believing the lies about myself and replace it with the truth that God knows about me. My insecurity is an insult to God.

    2. Fiber intake can create a feeling of fullness that automatically helps us decrease our caloric intake daily.

    3. I will shop according to the guide for higher fiber items and some healthy fish options. Albacore tuna, you are my only hope for this fish thing! 🙂

  22. Thank You for this message today. There were so many things I got out of this today. I think for my Physical Action Plan, I am most excited about trying new foods, especially salmon. For years I have not purchased or prepared salmon because my husband does not like the texture of it. I’ve decided not to let that stop me. I will grab salmon and cod at the grocery store tonight and find recipes for both. He can choose which he’d like to try. I am also excited that my Spiritual Action Plan got a boost today too. Hearing the “Who told you?” question from God to Adam and Eve, hit home for me. Struggling with my identity has been huge for me over the past years, and now to finally understand that God has never, not once in His Word, does he call me by a negative name. That gives me renewed confidence to be bold everyday.

  23. Such great information today! I had no idea that tilapia was a “bad choice” – the information about the fish and fiber was so interesting and helpful!

  24. Praise God! All of the information, both physical and spiritual is a great blessing today! Being a woman of joy who prays continually, and gives thanks in all circumstances, so that I can rest in the center of God’s will is a beautiful lesson from God’s Word.Thank you, Lysa! That verse seems to speak to my need to grow closer to God.
    The nutrition information was wonderful and will be easy for me to implement. Thank you Dr. Chilton! I’m still keeping my food diary, as a way honor how God intends for me to eat. I believe, through God’s grace, that it’s all coming together for me. Praise God!

  25. Great message! I didn’t think there were bad choices with fish (tilapia). Also, the segment with Pastor Steven Furtick was just what God wanted me to hear today. “Find and replace” all of my identity issues. My identity issues have led me to make so many poor choices and live in a cycle of defeat. Love the “before He can do the Super, I have to do the natural”!

  26. 1. That I really want to crave God but to do so I need to spend more time with Him and less time with everything else.
    2. The physical truth I learned wasn’t from the video but from real life. I didn’t eat too well yesterday and because of it my run this morning was negatively affected and since I am training to run a 10k I now have a big reason to stay on track and to leave my unhealthiness behind which I know will keep me on track and in His will
    3. I am going to relinquish control and let myself just sit and be in His will and leave this burden at His feet and not take it back.
    I like how this chapter says being in God’s will is not a matter of what we did or didn’t eat. That is what I struggle with because that is how I see my successes. I want to be in the center of His will by being thankful and joyful no matter what and see my success in how many times I turned to Him instead of anything else.

  27. Jamie Young says:

    Spiritual truth – I took away a few things today – I am a human being,not a human doing. Everyday I am so focused on what needs to be done that I don’t take the time to just “be” and listen to what I need to hear and see what I need to see. I am going to take more time to do that. Also, God loves me for being his daughter. I don’t have to wait until I am perfect to be with Him and live. I can do that today! My insecurity is the ultimate insult to God. This struck me hard, but in a good way. Too often I let my insecurity get in the way of doing what I want to do and accomplish things and be successful. I need to believe that I am ok and I can accomplish anything and God will be there to guide me.
    Physical truth – What fish is the best and what foods are good for Fiber.
    I am going to print Dr. Chilton’s guide and take it with me to the store so I can fill my kitchen with good foods. I am also going to try to be rather than do.

  28. Meredith W says:

    I loved the information this week, especially the spiritual teachings. I need to work on being joyful and thankful. I am so caught up in my life’s disappointments and regrets that I am sacrificing my health and my happiness. I need to believe that God sees me and loves me just as I am.

    One of the behaviors I am struggling with is eating the fiber. I have celiac disease and cannot eat 95% of the breads and cereals offered at our local grocery stores. I rely heavily on natural fiber from beans, fruit and vegetables. I appreciate the list with the fiber content of these foods.

  29. 1. I really needed to hear that God loves me now just as I am. And that he can hold me no matter what my weight may be.

    2. That cod is a good source of omega-3 and make sure to get albacore tuna.

    3. This week I would like to add more fiber and make sure I’m drinking all my water each day.

  30. I absolutely loved the word given by Pastor Furtick!!! Two things he said that really spoke to me were “You can’t let God down because you were never holding Him up” WOW!! And, “My insecurity is the ultimate insult to God” I have never thought of that before, but it makes sense. God created me in His image,but I feel like I am not good enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough…..True light bulb moment!!
    Spiritual Truth: To be in God’s will I need to be Joyful, Prayerful and Thankful
    Physical Truth: Fiber, Fiber, Fiber
    Implement: 16 ounces of water to start the day and eating more fiber.

    • Linda Leighton (OBS Leadership Team) says:

      Crystal, Pastor Furtick’s statement about not letting God down was very freeing to me when I first heard it, too! It’s so unbelievably simple, and yet how long have we felt that way! I’m so glad you were blessed by that, too! 🙂

  31. Sandra Woodard says:

    /Wow, what an awesome session!!
    1. Spiritual truth-I am going to choose to be a woman who is Joyful, Prayerful and Thankful!! Focusing on God more – Craving God!
    2. Physical truth – Learned so much from Dr Chilton. Didn’t know that fiber should be subtracted from carbs to get actual carb count. Thought Talipia was good kind of fish. Will be eating more Salmon.
    3. This week I am going to continue adding more fiber, drinking my water and adding the good kinds of fish!

  32. 1. I am a child of God, in whom He is well pleased. I am loved <3
    2. All fish is not created equal. Omega 3=Good, Omega 6=Bad
    3. I'm gonna be eatin me some fish this week!
    This was a powerful video and I am going to have to watch it again, because there is so much truth that Jesus wants me to hear and, Girlfriends, I am listening and allowing it to settle in 🙂

    • Gena C (Group 50) says:

      I was just about to write the same 3 things!!! Loved this video- could hardly keep up with all the notes I wanted to take! will be watching again!

  33. What an amazing video. It has given me such inspiration and motivation!

    My one spiritual truth from the video today was what Pastor Steven Furtick referred to when talking about our identity, and his words of “identity comes before activity” really stuck with me! It reminded me once again that God loves me exactly where I am, and that I can’t earn His love, nor will I ever lose it. There is no worrying in that, so that battle is no longer. I am loved exactly for who I am…I am His!

    Dr. Chilton’s discussion on fish and fiber was so informational, and I loved how he focused on how to achieve the benefits of nutrition without having to spend an outrageous amount of money. The fact that canned salmon and albacore tuna are great resource was so encouraging. I think more encouraging is the resource you can download that has so many more choices than I ever realized. And I’ve realized that this isn’t as difficult as I thought. Just making some small changes will make a big difference.

    This week, I’m going to implement counting my fiber grams and making an effort to eat foods which will allow me to my daily goal of 25 grams of fiber! I’m excited to see what changes in my diet will allow me to reach this new goal.

  34. Sally Weber says:

    Read the post about the woman who was excited about her tilapia meal. While it may not be the best fish, I still believe it has to be better than a burger! It is something I would love to ask Dr. Chilton! I have tried so many diets. They all work for awhile. I have been trying to get motivated to go back on weight watchers. My big thought today was… I have gotten into exercising very well & watching portion size, so maybe now I should just focus on water & fiber & see what happens.

  35. Thank you for the great information. All this time, I thought Tilapia was healthy. Out it goes. Fresh Salmon is so expensive and is nearly always farm raised. I am glad to know that frozen and canned is okay. I am so excited that in God’s eyes I am beautiful and that He is there to walk me through this lifestyle change. I do have a question about mercury. Do we not have to be concerned about the content of mercury that we are digesting?

  36. I loved the video this morning. There was so much good information talked about. This whole study has been so beneficial and I am so thankful to be a part of it. It has been very difficult for me for years to control my eating habits. But now I find myself thinking about food less and God more. It is like a tremendous weight has been lifted. When I do think about eating I am planning healthy meals and snacks. My struggle right now is getting to the gym but I am getting more and more motivated to add that to my schedule. Due to health problems I can only ride the bikes and swim. I have not been able to get myself motivated to do any exercise. Please God help me with this area of my life. I know it would be so good for me. I am a retired teacher and I keep grading myself on these different areas. Studying God’s Word more –B+ Changing my eating habits–B+ Exercise–F Studying Made to Crave– A This is the kind of study that I love and I will continue to study it in the days and weeks to come because every time I go over passages I continue to learn new truths.. Thank you to all who have worked so hard to present this study. Lysa, you are wonderful and such an inspiration to me and so many women in the world.

  37. Jill Bailey says:


    I cannot wait to give it a try-I’ve read that if you soak it it becomes more gelatin-like and is awesome in smoothies-I have trouble with flax b/c it gives me a “fishy-heartburny” aftertaste which seems odd… so Chia is my new hero to investigate. Loaves and Fishes=Hooray! I love bread and can learn to eat high fiber ones.

  38. Audree Lyles says:

    Like all the other women today, I am thinking, WOW!! What a GREAT session!!! And Lysa was right—If we weren’t feeling joyful before the video, we were going to feel joyful AFTERWARDS!!! I wasn’t NOT feeling joyful before, but I’m feeling overflowing with joy now!!! =D (plus, my daughter texted me that she lost some weight! She reached MY short term goal today, which I want to reach by the end of this month!)
    I loved being reminded to be in the center of God’s will…AND what it means to be there! To be joyful, to be prayerful and to be giving thanks continually!
    I loved learning about the good fish vs. the bad fish! I loved learning more about fiber—how much should be soluble and insoluble and that I should drink LOTS of water if I have that much fiber!!!
    I learned hat fish is good for depression. Something I want to tell my mom about! In fact, I have a LOT to tell my mom about! She eats a LOT of tilapia!
    I loved hearing from the pastor. His message reminded me of how much God loves me and that I haven’t let God down because I was never holding Him up!!! hahaha!! We have such a wonderful God!!! I might actually have to listen to this video again because it was so packed with info!!! Thank you so much!!!

    • Audree–I’m so glad to have read your comment. I am in a pretty bad state-of-mind right now due to an interaction with my boss this afternoon. I’ve talked about it with my husband and prayed about it a little…but I can’t shake the way I feel right now. I haven’t watched the message yet, and now I’m looking forward to it even more than before. Thank you for sharing your joy about the message today.

  39. Deanna Ervin says:

    What if you do not like fish? Can you take supplements to get the Omega 3’s? Also, what about fiber in the form of Benefiber/Metamucil type supplements?

  40. Can I just say WOW, Pastor Furtick really had my pen moving taking notes. That was good stuff!!! Although I took notes from Lysa, and from Dr. Chilton, the message from the Pastor really touched me. The one thing that really struck my heart was when he said ” insecurity is the greatest insult to God”. This has been my biggest struggle and I will need to find out what I have to do, to do the “natural” part of that so He will do the “Super” part. I am sure I will go back through the video this week at least another time or two. I have said before, I know already I will want to do MTC over and over again. I am praying that all of this stuff really sinks into my heart and soul to the point it does become just the way I live and not just another resolution that falls by the wayside after a time.

  41. Tracy Law says:

    WOW! God has surprised me this day in taking the blinders off me to see the lies I’ve spoken over myself for 50 years. What freedom! Thank you Father God and I lift up all that they will see Your freedom for them,. In Jesus Name. amen

  42. Lori Jackson says:

    I really enjoyed this video this morning!
    I learned so many spiritual truths from this video making it hard to narrow down but I just want to remind myself that God loves me where I am and that makes me feel so motivated and secure. I am ready to #EatSmart because of that truth!
    Physical truths also were flowing and learning about all the health benefits of fiber and omega 3s is also very motivating.
    This week I am definitely going to implement the fiber getting 25 g per day and also i bought some salmon so I am going to have that as well.

  43. Dianna Green says:

    This is my first time to comment.
    I w f ill be definitely adding fish to my eating plan. How convenient that I am working the plan during the Lenten season! I am even teaching my hubbie to eat fish- I know it is beneficial to both of us!
    Thank you for all this information.

  44. Be thankful and eat more ‘good’ fish! Seems that God is wanting me to implement more ‘prayer and supplication with thanksgiving’ into my life so that is what I will be doing this week. Pray believing! Good study again today! Thanks. <3

  45. God is pleased with me because I am his daughter. Replacing the condemnation of not being good enough because of my sin, with Sarah is a daughter, created in His image. I am chosen to be His. I am logging my food choices into a calorie counter as my diet plan. I am going to add a log for my daily fiber intake.

  46. Spiritual Truth: God is already well pleased with me
    Physical Truth: Increase fiber. Stop eating tilapia
    Going to implement: Be intentional with prayer, joyful, and thankful. Try salmon 🙂
    Loved the message this week. I have been struggling and it spoke to everything I needed. God is so good!!!!

  47. Hi! I just noticed that my link does not go to my website so I have corrected it. Thanks……….hope to see some of you there. <3

  48. Praise God for this bible study!
    1. Spiritual – How amazing His love is for me that he is pleased with me! The joy that comes from knowing that is unstoppable!
    2. Physical – Fish and fiber
    3. Fiber! Fiber! Fiber! and my printed guide! Awesome! I just had a Fiber One bar – I used to avoid them….it was delicious with 9 gm of fiber!
    4. Thank you Lord for this powerful loving message!

  49. What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today? Thanksgiving will allow me to see the hand of God move. Identity before acidity.
    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today? 25 to 30 % of the fiber I take in should be soluble fiber
    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message? I’m traveling for business but will look for fish (salmon, cod) on the dinner menu.

  50. I loved all of this weeks video! It was chock full of encouragement, spiritual food, and solid nutritional information.
    1) The Spiritual truth that had the greatest impact on me was what Pastor Furtick shared about our identify. Just like Jesus hadn’t done anything yet in His ministry to make His Father “well-pleased”, it was a statement based on WHO He was, I can know that the Father feels the same way about ME! It is who I am in Christ, not what I do. I am His precious beloved daughter and He is well-pleased with me!
    2) The physical truth I am taking away from this week: that Omega 3’s help arthritis and inflammation!
    3) What am I going to implement? Three things: first, I love the “find and replace” plan…great reminder from our previous study. I’m going to be more intentional about recognizing the lies each day and replacing them with God’s truth. Second, even though I really dislike fish, I am going to force myself to eat 3 serving this week knowing that it is for my benefit. And last but most important! I am going to be full this week: joyful, prayerful, thankful! Full of God!!!

  51. Great, informative lesson today!
    Spiritual truth – which I knew but am trying so hard to do – I need to be more concerned with and consumed by God than concerned with and consumed by my struggle with food!
    Physical truth – tilapia and catfish are NOT good for you!!
    Something to implement this week – Put salmon and other healthy fish on my shopping list! And devour the materials we’ve been provided to educate myself better on fiber and fish to I can make healthier choices for me and my family.

    I am really so thankful for this God-focused but practical study!

  52. Kim Hatcher says:

    1. spiritual truth from Steve Furtick – God can & will locate you wherever you are. We need to replace Satan’s lies with God’s truth. You do the NATURAL God will do the SUPER. You take the first step He becomes what you need.
    2. physical truth – food really is about so much more than eating, can actually be healing. Fish can improve depression.
    3. implement this week – buy SALMON

  53. Kim Hatcher says:

    Just found this on Google search, anyone tried it?
    Fiber One Lowfat Cottage Cheese with Fiber
    Per ½ cup: 80 calories; 2 g fat; 10 g protein; 5 g fiber

  54. I am really enjoying this study and am learning a lot. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for my action plan book to arrive. Will the pages for this week be made available for download like you did for week 1?

  55. Lynn Fincher says:

    1.spiritual-as a believer repaceing the lie with God’s truth .he is pleased with me as His daughter..:)
    2. Physical-increase my fiber I do eat apples so I can add an extra apple everyday to give me 5 grams of fiber for that apple..:)
    Implementing something new would be adding salmon on a regular basis. I have eaten it but it has been a long time.. Out with Tilipia and in withSalmon.:)
    Also add more beans too..:)

  56. Spiritual truth: I was made to “be” – not to “do”. I need to learn how to BE joyful, BE prayerful and BE thankful. A high calling, to be sure.
    The one thing I am going to attempt is adding fish to my diet (the good kind). Right now I only eat tuna (solid white albacore in water) but according to Dr. Ski this is not enough. I’m not one to really like fish, so this will be another journey for me. I’m going to try the marinated kind and see how it goes.
    It was very helpful to see (I’m very visual) the various kinds of fiber. I appreciate all the practical tools this study is giving me.

  57. This week’s bible study was amazing. I’m sure I will listen a few times, I want to focus on being more in God’s will. I am determined to add fish to my diet. I have actually been praying that God would give me a love for it. Looking forward to the week ahead.

  58. I had one other thing to add….I do not agree with the pastor when he says “You can’t let God down” Whenever we sin we let Him down. He still loves us – that does not change, but when the Bible says the Holy Spirit is grieved when we sin, I’d say that is letting God down. I want to be continually aware that I am bring joy to my Father’s heart, not sorrow. And I can only bring joy to His heart when I am following and obeying Him.

  59. What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today? We have to BE in God’s will.
    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today? We have to want to get well, first.
    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message? I am going to buy some of the ‘good’ fish and look up recipes.

  60. 1. One spiritual truth is that we need to “be” instead of “do.” I am very much a doer. I need to learn how to be a child of God, instead of trying to do. I also really liked the “find and replace” reference. I’m going to be going back through this book and trying to remember that.
    2. One physical truth was all the different types of fish that are high in Omega 3s. We’ve been stuck in a tilapia rut for awhile.
    3. We’re already trying different things. I picked up Cod at the store on Saturday. I have almonds in my pantry, and a whole fridge full of fruit!

    I also did something a bit different. I homeschool my two girls (ages 15 and 8). This month is “national nutrition month.” I’ve been trying to teach them different bits about nutrition. Today, we watched the video together. They might not have understood it all, but they did watch it with me. I want them to have these truths in their hearts before they get an older.

    • Kathie Waters says:

      I think that is awesome, having your girls watch with you!! We homeschool two of our kids as well. My 13 yo daughter and I just started “The Daniel Plan” together yesterday at our church. (They announced it after I had started this.) SHE wanted to sign up for it in order to learn how to help herself feel better and have more energy. I was so proud of her, and was happy to join her! She sees me struggle, and I don’t want her ever to feel as I have over the years. God bless our daughters!

  61. This was GREAT STUFF!!
    The spiritual truth that resonated most with me today is that “God’s will is what we ARE.. not what we DO!” I pray that God will show me what it is to be in the CENTER of His will, so that I can be a woman of joy, a woman of prayer, a woman of Thanksgiving, and ultimately a woman of VICTORY!
    The physical truth is really a repeat of something mentioned last week which was that if I can get to 25 grams of fiber a day, counting calories will not be an issue! I also loved to learn that studies have shown FISH to be good for depression. 🙂
    That being said, I am going to try to incorporate more FISH (No Tilapia!) and FIBER (through brown rice, beans, and fresh fruits) in my diet (and my family’s diet) this week. I will be planning our meals for the week in just a few minutes, and that will be a goal to strive towards.
    Thanks again to Lysa and Dr. Chilton for doing this amazing study. I am so excited to be a part of this.

    As Pastor Steven Furtick spoke, tears sprang up and into my eyes, because I have been feeling “stuck” in a pattern… scared to try again, for fear of failing again. It seems that I have lost the same 35 pounds at least 4 times in my life… and now, my goal is to lose at least 20 more than that! How did I get here? No more excuses! YES LORD!! I WANT to be healed… I WANT to change… TODAY IS THE DAY!

  62. The spiritual truth that stood out to me today was that walking in the center of the will of God is more about being than it is about doing. I need to focus on being joyful, prayerful, and thankful.

    The physical truth I didn’t know was that albacore tuna is more healthy than normal tuna, because it contains mostly omega-3s. I have severe arthritis, and this explains why I feel bad after eating regular tuna, which has omega-6s that cause inflamation. This is another change we’ll be making on our next shopping trip. I’ve already started buying salmon and cod, but now I know more about what specific kinds of salmon are most healthy.

  63. Patti S- I have found fixing tuna with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper and any other spices you may like is a good substitute for mayo.
    Donna – small group 36

  64. WOW!!! Really enjoy and got so much out of today’s video. I have been confused about “Fiber” and now I understand I need to look at “Fiber” not as “Carbs” but a good food I need in every day eating. I also thought all fish was the same. Great information.
    I like knowing and now understanding that God loves me as I am. I need to protect this body he gave me by eating healthy but not making food my focus. God is my focus in all things I do.

  65. I loved this video, thank you so much. I know what I’m supposed to do, I know what I’m supposed to eat, I drink my water but, getting the Biblical truths makes all the difference in the world! I’m reformatting my mind, I WANT to get well, I’m a child of God, loved & cherished by the Most High!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  66. Sabrina Ebert says:

    After a long day it was so refreshing to watch this video. I loved it ALL…it was packed with such insightful info. Reading it is one thing but hearing and having it being said, makes you retain it and just say…wow! The biblical references especially John 5 to Christ pinpointing us out and telling us to stop making excuses for our disabilities has really struck a chord with me. I have already started incorporating the fibre and starting to feel full…it’s amazing!

    I am joyful, prayerful and so thankful!

    In Him

  67. Please check information under “Know Your Fats” on page 53. Under Trans Fats it says that HDL is BAD cholesterol and LDL is the GOOD cholesterol. I think that is backwards. I have been told you want your HDL to be “h”igh and your LDL to be “l”ow. That is how I was told to remember which is which. HDL would be greater than 39 and your LDL should be less than 100 according to my lab work.

  68. Wonderfu lesson today. The things I want to remember most are as follows:
    1) Most importantly God loves me right where I am. I don’t have to change to receive His love. It’s already there. I can choose to let it propel me on this journey.
    2) 25+ grams of fiber daily AND drink more water
    3) I have set a goal to pray when I face a struggle. I want to be more prayerful in general, and I feel this will help me reach my goal. I feel hopeful in that I have a source of strength I can call on anytime to help me when I struggle.

    One final note. I struggle with sugar cravings. Sugar has always been an issue for me. In addition, I am pre-diabetic. If any of my fellow Bible study friends have any tips, tricks, or suggestions on how to overcome or deal with this problem, please share. Thank you in advance.

  69. Beverly Gerres says:

    Awesome News God is pleased with me because of my Identity in Jesus Christ before I started any activity for Jesus Christ. God loves me and he created me I insult God with my insecurity. Jesus is asking me “Do I want to get well?” and I need to stop giving excuses! M2C # Action

  70. Stefanie says:

    Hi OBS sisters, I have really been waffling on this study because I just know I am going to fail. I have never had a weight issue and been able to eat whatever I wanted without issue, but when I turned 40 that stopped! Now I am the biggest I have ever been and miserable. I do feel encouraged because I know God is talking to me. The verse we studied from 1 Corinthians has been popping up all over in the last week for me – SO I know He wants me to do this. I started today by weighing and eating some beans which I have never eaten before. Small steps but I am trying! Pray for me!

  71. Jennifer Gearheart says:

    Spiritual truth: Be a woman of joy, prayer and thanksgiving. I also loved the interview with Pastor Steven. He is always so insightful and encouraging!!!
    Physical truth: I need more fish and fiber
    I am going to the grocery store and taking my healthy go to guide. I am getting more fish and fiber!
    Stay strong in the Lord, ladies! Praying for us all! Have a great week.

  72. I didn’t mean to come across as critical. I am studying this information so I can wrap my mind around it. I am enjoying the spiritual journey and am learning so much. Thank you Proverbs 31 Ministry for providing us with the videos at no cost. They have been very resourceful and informative!!!!

  73. Carrie Carlsen says:

    Spiritual Trust: The reminder to be joyful, prayerful and thankful! There are so many blessings that God gives us each day to celebrate and practice all 3!!
    Physical Truth – Looking into the fish oil. I take a supplement each day, but want to make sure it is cutting it. I used it when I was pregnant for my mood and have not stopped as I think it makes a difference and now I have some facts to back that up.
    This week I am going to check out the fish oil and will change if I need to meet the criteria. I am also going to make a conscious effort to be more prayerful and thankful.
    Along with this study, I have been doing a fitness program virtually with a group. A few weeks ago, I had a switch go off and I got it. I know God is with us in this fight too and my whole demeanor has changed. My excuses have lessened and my motivation, focus and attitude have shifted positively. I have been working on losing weight since last June. I hit 26lbs this week. IT IS A PROCESS!! I AM MADE FOR MORE!!
    Have a great week everyone!!

  74. I need to praise God in whatever situation I am in, good or bad. Praising Him allows us to see God’s hand moving in our situation.

    I didnt know talipa and tuna werent all that good for you. I thought all fish was good for you.

    I am doing great with my fiber intake just by adding some kind of bean each day.

    I was very surprised that mackerel was the best choice,,,its 98 cents a can where we buy groceries!! Salmon is almost $3.00 a can!

    • Praising God with you Shannon! I have to admit, we eat a lot of tilapia. I am venturing more into salmon though. I found great recipes and a really nice wild caught canned salmon. I haven’t ventured into mackerel yet. 🙂 I like the idea of increasing the fiber intake with beans. Those are my favorite.

  75. I have read a lot of posts regarding the “tilapia debate”. I have done a ton of my own research on nutrition and supplements, etc. It is something I have been interested in for a long time. Our bodies need a proper ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 (It should be 3:1). The optimal ratio is 4:1. This ratio is needed for proper prostaglandin metabolism. Omega 6’s, when consumed out of the appropriate ratio to Omega 3’s cause inflammation and have a negative effect on our cardiovascular health, can increase our allergic response, and other unwanted effects. When we increase our intake of Omega 3’s, we find many healthy benefits.
    As far as eating Tilapia, it is ok to eat. It is all about what you eat overall and not just 1 food. There are so many foods that have high amounts of Omega 6’s that you can eliminate from your diet that have a better effect on your health. All margarine or shortening contain the bad Omega 6’s as well as any food that lists hydrogenated oil. Many other commercially prepared oils (low quality) especially those that use heat to make oil should be avoided. The high temps can hydrogenation.
    It is much better to eliminate butter, margarine, shortening, and any food with hydrogenated oils from your diet than to never eat tilapia. If you significantly decrease the amount of animal fat to 15 grams or less, eat fish 3 times a week or more, get the majority of your protein from veggies, nuts, fish, and lean white meat, this will take care of the problem of consuming more omega 6’s than omega 3’s. I see a lot of people have been asking about fish oil supplements. You can take these, but you want to make sure they are cold pressed and have been tested for mercury levels. Flax seed oil is a great way to add Omega 3’s to your diet. Flax seed oil (high-quality) contains more than twice as much Omega 3 as fish oil and at a much lower price. While flax seed oil does not contain EPA, the body will and can make EPA from alpha-linolenic acid that is found in flax seed oil. God made our bodies to use the food we give it to make what we need, given that we feed it healthy, nutritious food! This is also very good information for those that may be vegetarian or vegan.
    When you buy a flax seed oil, you want to make sure it meets a few guidelines. Look for brands that are certified as organic by a reputable third party source, products that are extracted by modified expeller presses only and at temps. that do not exceed 98 degrees F., Oil should come in an opaque, light-resistance container, be dated, and be found in the refrigerated section. Oil does go rancid and why we can buy oil on the shelf is because it has been exposed to such high heat, it ruins the structure of the fatty acid and is now shelf stable for years. Not something we want to put in our bodies.
    Flax seed oil can be taken as a supplement or used to make salad dressings, hummus, and many other recipes. If we are careful about eliminating these very harmful sources of omega 6’s that are found in abundance in so many foods, I don’t think the occasional piece of Tilapia will be a big deal. Don’t just believe something that 1 person tells you. Do your own research and find out for yourself what really is healthy.

  76. Bonnie Johnson says:

    I appreciate Lysa’s focus on G-d’s word, and defining His will from scripture.
    I want to be a joyful woman who prays and is thankful!
    Can’t wait to go shopping for healthy salmon!

  77. Spiritual truth: We will be most victorious when we position ourselves in the center of God’s will. Crave God, not food.
    Physical truth: Fiber WILL lessen hunger pains. Omega 3 fish is good for everything!
    Something to implement: Gonna try the 2 sheet rule:)!! Drinking all this water leads to many more trips to the bathroom. I want my plumbing to be healthy too! (also going to start tracking fiber and go shopping for salmon).

  78. 1.What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today?
    We can rest in the center of God’s will instead of constantly striving to find it. Besides, if we are joyful, prayerful, and thankful, the right doors will open. Worship helps us defeat the Enemy, prayer moves the hand of God, and gratitude opens the door to increase.
    2.What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today?
    The benefits of fish and Omega-3 and what fish I can introduce into my diet that are within my budget.
    3.What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message?
    I began working on increasing fiber last week & will continue this week to find the right mix of foods and the right amount of fiber for me. I was eating about 12 g/fiber a day before. Now, I aim for 18-20 g. Will also be doing some research on cereal (fiber) and dark chocolate (cacao) at the grocery store tomorrow.

    I was thinking today that Made to Crave is a spiritual journey with great physical benefits and the Made to Crave Action Plan is a physical journey with great spiritual benefits! 🙂

  79. My spiritual truth today was that we are human beings not human doings and I am to be in God’s will by being joyful, praying and thanking God for all He does for me.!!! What an eye opener!!!
    My physical truth for today was I don’t get any where near enough omega3. And I have been mislead by the low carb craze and have cut out important fiber rich foods because of it.
    I plan on implementing the be joyful, prayerful and thankful everyday and to find an omega3 supplement, also to add back some of the fiber rich foods I’ve been denying myself!!!
    I love love love how God is using Lysa to bring the spiritual food we need and Dr. Chilton to bring the physical food we need together so that we can be healthy to live and serve God!!! I want to be that Jesus girl in the center of God’s will. Thanks for this study and all your hard work ladies….again…it’s great!!!

    • Sara! I just love love love your energy. Low carbs got me too, but high carbs as well. I do feel like I am really learning so much. I am glad that you are choosing joy and thankfulness. We really do have such an amazing God!

  80. Awesome video today!

    1. BE in the center of God’s will, we are BEings, not about doing. I also loved the statement from the pastor….identity comes before activity–shown at Jesus’ baptism! Awesome TRUTH!
    2. Fiber and Omega 3s
    3. I am going to focus on God and BEing in the center of His will for my life, which I believe includes eating healthier with more fiber and Omega 3s!

  81. I just finished watching Week 2 webcast. I would like to know how to get the required fiber if you are gluten intolerant. I have been told that once you are past the age of 40, wheat is hard to digest. I am 57 years old and weigh 160 pounds. My goal is to lose 20 pounds. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

    • Hi Elaine, I am not a professional, but I was looking at the guide that Dr. Chilton offered for free, and there is quite a nice list of fiber rich foods listed with the grams per serving that are not wheat based like almonds, black beans, brown rice, pineapple, peaches pears, and lots more. Maybe it can help you with your choices. Being 46 and trying to eat very little wheat made that a first stop for me. Hope it will help you.

  82. Joycelyn says:

    Great video message!

    1.Spiritual truth: What God’s will is: to rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in ALL circumstances.

    2. Physical truth: choose good fish (salmon, mackerel, cod, etc.)

    3.Daily I will choose to be more joyful, more prayerful, and more thankful.

  83. Peggy Clement says:

    1-Today I learned that Spiritually I coa pray when I am tempted, turn to God and not food. 2- Physically eat more fiber and fill fuller. 3- I will do my best to add more fiber in my diet.

    • Wonderful lessons learned today, Peggy! I am with you on prayer (well all of it really) I am learning that probably the most important thing I can do is pray before it all. I hit the ground praying! 🙂

  84. Carrie Kavan says:

    Wow! This message was awesome! Interesting to hear adr. Chilton talk about the fish and fiber! Although I “thought” I knew most of this, turns out I didn’t! Going to have to add my fiber powder in more! Also, when Pastor Steven was talking that was powerful! I felt like he was talking to me! Great points be made and even brought some tears to my eyes! Thanks for that!

  85. Kalyanie says:

    1.What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today? God loves me unconditionally.
    2.What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today? If I do what I need to in the natural God will take care of the super. Increasing Omega 3s and fiber will help in my healthy eating plan.
    3.What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message? I will commit to the 3 principles in 1 Thess 5:16-18: Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances. I will also begin increasing my omega 3s and fiber intake.

  86. Christy Nelsen says:

    I’m on overload and it’s wonderful! Thank you for the extra message by Pastor Furtick!! What a blessing and encouragement that was for me today!
    Melissa, thank you for the reminder to pray BEFORE I do the study. I was great about it until the end of last week and then I was busy and trying to get everything done so I wasn’t being as diligent in prayer which I want to be. Thank you for your smile, silliness and enthusiasm. I just adore ya!

    1. My Insecurity is the ultimate insult to God because He made me. I NEVER read Mark through that lense or knew that God said that to Jesus BEFORE he ever did anything. I hear that scripture used because someone has done something good or obedient..as if God will say that to us when we go to heaven but to know that He says that to us right here and right now is so freeing and encouraging!!
    2. I need to incorporate more fiber.
    3. a.I am going to pray 1st
    b. I am going to find some ways to incorporate more fiber. I don’t want to do cereals or bars because I’m trying to eat less processed foods so I’ll be finding ways to add fruit, beans and whole grains.

    Have an awesome week!!!

  87. Spiritual Truth: My insecurities are an insult to God and I need to BE joyful, prayerful and thankful rather than DO to be in God’s will.
    Physical Truth: Albacore tuna is better than regular tuna in Omega 3’s; remember to drink adequate fluids when increasing your fiber intakes.
    To Implement: Try some new fish varieties and read labels for fiber content.

  88. “God created us to be human beings not human doings.” Resting in the center of God’s will. I also loved Pastor Steven’s interview.

  89. I loved the video. There is so much information…I want to share about my experience with fiber last week. I had 25 grams of fiber for two days and never felt hungry. I was amazed how fiber really helped with my full button. I just wish I drank as much water as I should have…explains the yummy problems. 🙂 Now I know!

  90. Julie Young says:

    Spiritual truth – god’s will for me is to be joyful, prayerful and thankful at all times

    Physical truth – fish and fiber are a must.

    I’m going g to try to eat fish this week. Prayers appreciated. I have never been a fan of fish.

  91. Pat Hawkinson says:

    1. #spiritualtruth: Only I “can choose” to be Joyful, Prayerful, and Thankful.
    2. #physicaltruth – Not all fish are equal, and that I need to drink tons of water along with fiber. My Question is? In the video, Dr. Chilton showed many pre-packaged food products, and salmon, tuna, etc. purchased at Sam’s or Cosco. Is everyone watched “where” they are products from. (Product of China) or (if they are farmed)
    3. This week I am going to try to implement more Omega 3’s from Alaskan Salmon and also Tuna.

  92. Hi ladies,
    Great Message today took lots of notes, and enjoyed Pastors message.
    Spiritual message I learned is that I need to focus on joy, prayer and thanks every moment in life, because that is Gods will. I also learned that God is holding me up so how can I let him down. AMEN!
    Physical message I learned that there is good fish and bad fish, how to subtract fiber from carbs, about soluble and insoluble fiber.
    I will try and implement 30 minutes of exercise a day and also increase my intake on fiber, even if that means a supplement. Thanks again everyone for putting time and such energy into this study.

  93. I am SO GRATEFUL to God for equipping you with His Word and Wisdom. I am SO GRATEFUL for your obedience to His call on your lives and your willingness to share.
    PS…..I’ve not been able to find and print the “Go Guide” on http://www.GeneSmart.com

    • Mary Sawyer (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Hi Maeva, When you click on the link you provided, you will see the Healthy Eating Go Guide mentioned off to the right on the top of that page. You must provide your email address for it to be mailed to you. Hope this helps!

  94. Meredith says:

    Spiritual Truth-So many rang true to me today…I think my two favorites are:
    “I was created to Be a Human Being, not a Human Doing.” If I will just relax and BE, instead of rush to DO, I will BE so much better off!
    “Identity comes before Activity” I love the fact that God calls me His BELOVED even before I make my plan, reach my goal, or work to maintain what I’ve done! How empowering, caring, and freeing it is to know embrace this!

    Physical Truth-I’ve been searching for SOMETHING to help me to not have to count points every single day, to not count calories every single day, to not OBSESS about food and quantity every single day. Hearing Dr. Chilton say that if we strive to get 25 grams of fiber each day-THAT will take care of the 500 calorie reduction we need to lose one pound. So I simply choose high fiber foods from the list and let go of the obsessions! GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH!

    Implementation this week-I’ve started taking a fish oil supplement, and I am planning on buying some of the frozen salmon Dr. Chilton showed on the video and see what kind of delicious creation I can come up with!

    Here’s a to a great week!

    • Mary Sawyer (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I so agree with you Meredith! It is so liberating not to have to obsess over calories, fat grams, etc.!!

  95. Brittany Eby says:

    1. God is pleased with me because I am his daughter, not because of what I have done. Identity comes before activity!
    2. Fish has lots of physical health benefits.
    3. I will continue to try to add more fiber to my diet and track my fiber intake

  96. Spiritual Truth: Be for God can do his SUPER, I need to do my NATURAL. Resting in God’s will is where I need to spend my time.
    Physical Truth: 16 oz of water first thing in the morning, More Salmon and FIBER.
    Looking forward to seeing Dr. Chilton’s list when it arrives.
    Great beginning to a 2nd week.

  97. What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today? To be in the center of God’s will even though my goal seems very far away.
    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today? Fiber is the secret weapon for weight loss.
    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message? Drinking lots of water.

  98. Spiritual truth: God is pleased with me because I’m His daughter
    Physical truth: bearing God’s image through my physical health
    Implement: trip to the grocery store and get my fiber & fish in stock
    I am so wowed by this study and Lysa’s book. I have bought several MTC to pass onto friends (who don’t even have food issues) and the Young Women’s edition for those younger friends. Love Pastor Steve and his truths spoken. So thrilled I purchased the video (accidently-really?) to be able to refer back.
    So, so grateful!!!

  99. This will be a challenge to add fish to my diet. I don’t like it and half of my family doesn’t like it either. I’ll have to be brave and experiment!

    • Mary Sawyer (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I don’t like fish either so I assumed my children would not either, but to my surprise, they really love salmon. I take my fish oil capsules and hope that some day, maybe I will be able to stomach some kind of fish!

  100. Bev Newman says:

    The most encouraged I’ve been so far. I was so blessed by the pastor’s comments.
    I truly hope that he will be able to speak again in this study.
    Today was wonderful…I think that I will have to watch again!

  101. Patty Cooper says:

    1. What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today?
    My insecurities are an insult to God. I need to be joyful and thankful and grateful!
    2. What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today?
    The information on the different kinds of fish, the Omega 3s vs the Omega 6, and fiber!
    3. What’s something you are going to implement this week?
    More fiber – building up to 25 grams a day, more fish…salmon and cod; also beans, fruits and veggies.

    Loved, loved, loved this video and the added one from Pastor Furtick!

  102. What a great informative and encouraging video! I went ahead and read the FAQ section of the study guide too and learned that I can have fish more than 2-3 times a week as I was previously told (along with taking a daily supplement). Wow. That is so cool! I love fish! Anyway…on to the questions:
    1) There was a lot that impacted me spiritually, but the one thing that hit me most this afternoon was what Steve Furtick said towards the end of his interview. The knowledge that Jesus will tell me to do what I don’t think I can do and once I take steps, in faith, He becomes the grace, determination and self-discipline I need on a daily basis.
    2) I was amazed at how cost-effective this diet is. $2.00 a fillet? Come on! And it’s good for you!
    3) My goal this week is to up my fiber intake and reach for that 25 grams per day goal.

  103. What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today?
    That my insecurities are an insult to God. He loves me just the way I am because I am his daughter. In order to bbe in the center of God’s will I must be joyful, be prayerful, and be full of thanksgiving, even when I’m not where I want to be yet!
    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today?
    That my two favorite types of fish, salmon and cod, are super healthy and great sources of omega 3s.
    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message?
    I’m going to intentionally focus my attention on God and use my unhealthy cravings as a cue to pray.
    Great message tonight. I’m planning to watch the video again because there was so much information I’m sure I must have missed some!

    • Mary Ann says:

      I was really surprised when Dr. Chilton said that Tilapia is not a healthy fish! I love Tilapia! However, I like salmon much better and really like cod as well.

  104. Loved Pastor Steve, he was so inspirational, and made so much sense. Would love to hear him preach again 🙂

  105. I need to focus on Lysa’s truth to focus on being in the center of God’s will. I want to learn more about fixing fish. But my goals this week: count and pay more attention to fiber and drink more water. The 16 oz when I get up has been real helpful. I’ve been doing that for a week. I’m enjoying learning the reason behind these rules. Makes them easier to apply.

    • Mary Sawyer (OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      I am like you, Aimee…it really helps me to learn the WHY of the different rules to make them more meaningful. It also makes it much more likely that I will remember them and abide by them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  106. God made us to crave so we’d crave more of Him. I would love to train myself to remember this when I am craving anything! I would love for my cravings to make me think of Him. I appreciated the information about the types of fish that are best to eat. I plan to make fish for dinner 1-2 times a week from now on.

  107. Mary Ann says:

    When Pastor Furtick said that my insecurity was the ultimate insult to God, I was horrified! I NEVER want to insult God!! Who does? Also when Pastor quoted the verse in John 5, it really made me pause and think. I never thought about it like that. Do I WANT to get better? Of course, I do. I really enjoyed listening to Pastor speak about the truths in M2C!

  108. Kimberly says:

    I’m sorry, I won’t likely read all the comments, but I have a question. What does Dr. Chilton think about the amount of mercury in such a huge amount of fish?

  109. Good session! My spiritual truth is that being thankful moves God to reveal Himself to us, and it makes me happy to be thankful. My physical truth is fiber + water = fullness = less calorie intake! I will start adding more beans, fruit/veggies and water to my diet. I also loved the story Pastor Steve talked about the crippled man at the Pool of Bethesda, how we need to WANT to get healthy, and if we take that first hard step in faith then Jesus shows up to fill us with his grace, assurance and love. Awesome. Jenny & Debbie, I’m still praying for you sisters!

  110. Be a woman of JOY, PRAYER, & THANKSGIVING!
    Consuming 25 g of fiber each day will make me feel full.
    Increase fiber (especially soluable)!

  111. Michele from Winter Springs, FL says:

    Does anyone else have a problem eating fish – I’ve never liked any seafood except canned tuna and that’s with plenty of mayo?!
    Can a fish oil supplement fill this gap?

  112. Susan Kintzel says:

    Before I watched today’s video I did my workout. Seeing myself in a full length mirror as I worked out, I was so distressed. I felt like a complete and hopeless failure. My workout clothes were so tight and my age seemed to be showing. Watching Lysa’s pastor point at me through the computer screen and remind me that I am precious and loved by God not because I did something right, but because I am his daughter gave me renewed hope and determination. AND I believe my youth is being renewed as the eagles. Spiritually I was reminded I am LOVED. Physically I was told that SALMON would make me look younger!
    After the video I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and looked into the mirror and realized what shirt I was wearing for my workout. It is a shirt from a Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference and the shirt reads “Divine Beauty.” God definitely had my name and address tonight. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

    • WOW!!! That is so awesome!!! God was speaking right to you and to me too!! I was crying as I heard Lysa’s pastor say that I was loved and that God is well pleased with me even before I DO anything BECAUSE I am His child! What freedom in that knowledge!! Thank you for sharing your blessings with us!! HUGS!

  113. I enjoyed the video tonight. I really need to change the out look on my appearance and remember that God loves me right where I am. I really liked the bible verse to become a joyful, praying, thanksgiving woman and to be at the center of God’s will to be victorious. I will try and really focus on increasing fiber this week. Also does fish oil pills help as much as the actual fish?

  114. Spiritual truth – I can never let God down, because I was never holding Him up.
    Physical truth – Pound to pound and a half is healthy weight loss.
    One thing to implement – 25 grams of fiber, I am really going to work on that.
    Steve Furtick really spoke some powerful words, hope we see more of him in this series!
    Joyful, prayerful and full of Thanksgiving! That’s me this week!

  115. What an encouragement today! Thank you. I also felt like God was talking to me directly tonight. I was reminded I have made the choice to please God with who I am and all I do. I am reminded that when I find the lies I have believed in the past come back to taunt me I am not hidden from God and he is my truth. Identity, Activity, Do the natural (step out in faith and watch God work!) and God will take care of the super part. I choose to be healthier and do my part to get there. I am camped on Philippians 2:13 ” God is at work in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” Praise his Name. Physical part… Soluble versus insoluble fiber and throw out the tilapia.

  116. Kathie Waters says:

    What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today? SO MANY things! And this is why I have failed so many times to keep off any weight I lose, because I try to do it myself. I focus on the food more and more. I focus on ME more and more. This time I am putting the focus where it belonged all along–on God! He created me, and is pleased with me. Right now as I sit here he is pleased. That is so amazing!
    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today? I learned that cod (which is inexpensive) is better than tilapia! I also was reminded of many things I already knew but chose to ignore about fiber.
    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message? I have already begun adding more fiber back into my diet. More fresh fruits and veggies, and more oatmeal and other whole grains. Trying to be mindful without being obsessed. Turning to scripture and prayer LOTS!

  117. Thank you so much for today’s totally uplifting, truth filled message. I am so glad you all let Pastor Steven speak WOW. So much food for thought and I have to say I am having my eyes and heart opened more with God’s word. Like last week I was excited to learn how Adam and Eve were in God’s grace place when He sent them out of Eden. I truly never got that before but because of hearing it and then going through my different versions of the bible and using the commentary It has totally soaked into me and I am telling many. Thank you so much for sharing these spiritual truths with us all and I am pumped to keep diving into the Word and letting it soak into my being. God bless You all and Let’s hear more from Pastor Steven.

  118. Suzanne R. says:

    Awesome session! My husband and I watched together, we absolutely love Pastor Furtick!
    Thank you for sharing all of this information, it is such a blessing!

  119. Judy Flores says:

    I need to digest more but all I can say is AMAZING & powerful:)

  120. Spiritual truth: I need to make God my focus. I can’t focus on eating healthy and talk to God. My primary purpose needs to be on being in God’s will. Once I have positioned myself in His will can I be success in eating healthy.

    Physical truth: Fish! omega 3s and 6s.

    Steps… I bought some wild salmon while at Costco and Im going to focus on eating more. I also have been drinking a glass of water first thing, even before my coffee.

  121. WOW! What an inspiring video! It has moved my heart and it is what I needed to hear.
    What’s one spiritual truth learned: Pray to be in the center of God’s will. Finding my identity in Him. To know God is pleased with me before I do anything.
    What’s one physical truth you learned: Eat more fish high in Omega 3s.
    What’s something you are going to implement this week: Go shopping to buy more fish and starting eating more fish and adding more fiber and water to my eating habits. Also, pray about practicing this week’s scripture, to be joyful, prayerful, and thankful. Thanks for all your encouragement!
    Latonia, child of God!

    • Hi Latonia, first I want to say I love your name, it is beautiful just like you (saw your picture). and I agree w/all you shared.

  122. God loves me right where I am. I am excited to add some of the fish and fiber, that was shown, to my foods. Committed to this process and craving God. ♥

  123. 1. I want to be a joyful, prayerful, and thankful child/woman of God!
    2. I need to find fiber and fish that I like to eat, and that I need to eat 25 grams of fiber a day.
    3. I am going to pray more and eat more fiber this week!

  124. Spiritual truth- It is important to focus on God rather than the object of our struggle.
    Physical truth-Learning about the Omega 3 fatty acids and the many things they protect against.
    I want to definitely implement the fiber goal of 25 grams per day and focus on getting the necessary Omega 3 in my diet.
    I was very encouraged and inspired by what Pastor Furtick had to say.
    Joyful, Prayerful, and Thankful!

  125. Am I willing to change, spiritually giving my weight issues to God,, and factually changing my eating habits.. fish and finer are not hard impossible out of my price range things to add. The can do of this isn’t overwhelming. I just need to do it. I’ve allowed my weight to become my identity and God loves me anyway just as me heavy or light. That’s a freeing truth. This week I can drink more water, add more fish, and count finer. I can do it no excuses needed. I’m in the midst of a pretty bad health crisis. And it’s adding to my weight issues. But God knows all of that too and can heal me. And eating right s only going to help my problems so it’s beneficial in that way as well

  126. 1. I cannot let God down, because I was never holding Him up.
    2. fiber does not have to come from whole grains, I can add it with fresh fruits and veggies and yummy black beans and brown rice =]
    3. more fiber and fish, start planning/cooking meals for the week on Sat or Sun so I am not tempted to just eat whatever I find when I get home from work

  127. Spiritual truth-God loves me even before I do any performance activity. Double check the lies I have believed from abusive people. I recently got a Facebook post I reposted that stated if you feel bad about yourself, take a look at the people you surround yourself with. Many people are gossips, critical, boastful and prideful. Just be nice to them and spend as little time as possible. I learned that eating right does not have to be expensive. Important note: Fot those of you who still need the books, Amazon has them on Kindle. If you can download the Kindle app on your device, then get her books on Amazon. It is a one second download from them!

  128. One spiritual truth that I took in, is that we need to BE in God’s will. We always talk about DOing God’s will, but it was a little eye opening to hear we can simply BE in God’s will by being joyful, prayerful, and thankful.
    I learned that 25g of fiber a day is what I should be aiming for! And that a pear is a good source of soluble fiber.
    I am going to try to implement more fiber into my healthy eating plan! I don’t care for much fish, BUT I do like albacore tuna and sometimes salmon.

  129. My physical truth for this week is the best calorie deficit per day is 500 to 700 calories, which is 1 to 1.5lbs per week.

    My spiritual truth for the week is that God is well pleased with me JUST AS I AM! This is huge for me.

    My action to implement for this week is to see how much fiber I’m getting in a day and work to raise it to 25 grams.

  130. 1. spiritual truth – God made me to crave Him, not food, so food will never satisfy the hunger in my soul. Choose joy, prayer, and thanksgiving all day long.
    2. physical truth – why some fish is better than others. That at least 30% of fiber intake should be soluable.
    3. Aim for 25 grams of fiber a day and notice how much is soluable and insoluable.
    1. I take a good quality fish oil supplement instead of eating fish so I get omega 3’s every day. Is fish a better way to get the omega 3’s or does it matter?
    2. Isn’t there a risk of getting mercury in fish, especially salmon and tuna? I avoid tuna bc I have heard that on average one can has about 25-50 micrograms of mercury. Here is an article about the amount of mercury in various kinds of fish: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=dailytip&dbid=116
    The fish oil supplement I take is supposed to be processed in such a way as to remove the mercury.

  131. The spiritual truth that stood out to me is that I need to BE in God’s will (it’s not about DOing). To be in the center of God’s will, I need to be more joyful, prayerful & thankful – continually, no matter what the circumstances are. I learned more about different fish & which ones are best. Something I want to implement this week is to intentionally BE more joyful, prayerful & thankful. I also want to increase the fiber in my eating (I am gluten-free, so it can be a little more challenging as I can’t have the whole grain..) Looking forward to experiencing God’s faithfulness (& grace) during this week!!

  132. Honestly I was blown away by the idea that I am a human “being” and not a human “doing”. So much time spent trying to figure out God’s will in certain things. I just have to be, not do. So very freeing!!!!!
    Have already started increasing my fiber. The fish part is going to be very hard for me….I do not like fish at all! I will switch my tuna to albacore, and will maybe try the marinated ones at least once a week. I know it’s not the best, but would taking an Omega3 supplement be ok?

  133. Spiritual: I want to be a woman in the center of God’s will and was so blessed to read what that is in 2 Thess 5! It is in being, rather than doing, that I am in His will: Joyful, prayerful, and thankful! What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today?

    Physical/Something to implement: I will be looking for an Omega 3 supplement to start taking this week and add whatever omega 3 fish I can afford. I was happy to see canned salmon was one of them – the filets are ridiculously expensive! Last week I began increasing my fiber intake to 25 grams per day – and I feel good!

  134. Kelly Butler says:

    I want to be a woman in the center of God’s will. I want to be consumed with hus truth. I wilk be joyful, prayerful, and thankful.

    Salmon…good! Tilapia…bad! Dissolve your fiber with water.

    I’m going to finally take my measurements. Like God says, “Who told you that?” That these measurements meant anything.

    Love what Pastor Furtick said…you be the natural so He can be the super.

  135. Donna (OBS small group 36) says:

    Susan Kintzel- thank you so much for sharing your heart with us today. Let us lift up one another as we realize we really are a His divine workmanship in Christ Jesus!

  136. Oh my goodness so much great stuff tonight on the video!! The Web Cast spoke to me in a big way too.
    Pastor Stevens was awesome!! I stopped and restarted the video many times while taking notes because I didn’t want to miss a thing. And of course Lysa well she is definitely God’s anointed women for this time we live in that’s for sure. The part about : identity, activity, natural and supernatural and how we take that first step to do the impossible (we think) God steps in and does the supernatural. Sooooo Gooood!! “The beginning or our breakthrough is Desire” Just to much to put down here. But I plan on reading MTC Book a couple more times, the web cast with Lysa, and Pastor Stevens was just phenomenal.

  137. What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today?

    When Pastor Steven Furtick said “Before He can ever step in and do the ‘super’, you’ve got to do the ‘natural’.” This fit with other things I have been studying for a class I will be teaching and with a couple of other things I have been working with.

    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today?

    Not all fibers are the same. There is Soluble and insoluble, and we need at least 30% of our fiber need to be soluble but the market is using insoluble.

    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message?

    This week is total God’s. There is only 2 days that I will be home the rest of the week I am book doing thing that. I am ok with this I know this is what God’s want me to do and even the impassable task of the week will get done. I also find it interesting that on the week that I will only have control of 3 meal that we are focus on Eat(ing) Smart

  138. Jennifer Kay Neer says:

    Very happy with this session.
    Group discussion:
    1. I really liked the fiber and fish specifics.
    2. I used to base how I was doing on my clothes size and exercise routine. But then my excersize place closed down and I was allergic to the cloreen in my swim class. Without a exercise routine I soon gained the weight back.
    3. Working on 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18
    4. I do have a question about how to keep whole grains in as fiber when they turn into sugar in the body. Are bread products OK if they are whole grain or whole wheat?
    5. I am looking forward to eating more fish and was thankful for the variety shown in the video.

  139. WOW!!!! My eyes and ears and heart are wide open God!!! Thank you Pastor Steven for saying what I needed to hear and for letting God use you to minister. Tears are rolling down my cheeks even now!! The parts of the video that had the greatest impact on me were how to be in God’s will by being joyful, prayerful, and thankful, and that God is pleased with me before I DO anything BECAUSE I am His child, and (this was like an arrow straight for my heart) that God will tell us to do the one thing that we think we cannot do. God has already done that, and I have taken a half-step in that direction but not felt victorious in it because I know that I am still holding back from being completely obedient. Still praying for the want to.
    Physically I have been drinking the 16 ounces of water in the morning for 3 days so far. Plan to continue doing that. Plan to slowly build up to the 25 grams of fiber per day. Having some issue with the adding fish to my diet, because I do not prefer the taste of fish and I feel like I don’t know how to prepare it in a way that my family and I would like eating it. Willing to try though. And, plan to focus on being joyful, prayerful, and thankful!! I feel hopeful that, this time, the journey will be victorious!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

  140. What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today?
    Pastor Steven Furtick comment/Adam and Eve in the garden hiding from God, when God call out to them asking, where are you? I have been (HIDING) avoiding getting on the scale. I don’t want to face my numbers fearing that I have a long journey ahead of me, but also Pastor Steven said, INDENTITY COMES BEFORE ACTIVITY…meaning GOD excepts me RIGHT NOW! for who I am…PRAISE THE LORD! I feel I can face my fears because God loves me and excepts me for who I am.

  141. amy black says:

    Spiritual- take a breath and learn what it really means to be in the center of God’s will.
    Physical- It is about so much more than food, or eating.. or smoking, or whatever I crave more than Him.
    I am going to make it a priority to drink my water first thing, eat more fiber, and implement fish 3 times this week.
    * I CAN BE VICTORIOUS TODAY, NO MATTER MY PERFORMANCE.. MY IDENTITY IN CHRIST HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT I DO, BUT WHAT I BE… and I had this verse come to me as soon as I read question 3 second dot.. BE STILL and KNOW… so I looked it up…Psalm 46:10. Be still and Know that I AM GOD… what an awesome day of study today.. I worked until 11 pm so I am late posting.. I love you guys and all that you do and sacrifice for us… fellow sojourners in this journey called life..
    I choose to live more joyfully, prayfully, and thankful.. no matter my circumstances… muah!

  142. spiritual truth i learned is that i got to have the desire first without making any excuses before the Lord can help me. like the lame man for 38 years Jesus asked him if he wants to get well then told him to get up and start walking. Same with me I have to take action before Jesus will help me. Physical truth i learned was that the more fiber i eat the fuller i will be and lose more weight and will help me fight diseases. Also salmon is the best fish to eat. something i will focus on this week is focus on Jesus and spend more time in his word and be thankful to Him.

  143. I really enjoyed all the information that I got from this video. It makes me open my eyes and heart to what and how God longs for us to be.
    The spiritual truth that really hit me is that we are worthy. We don’t have to be skinny to be loved. God loves us no matter where we are at in our struggles.
    One question I have is. Dr. Chilton talks about the benefits of Atlantic salmon, how does this differ from the Pacific salmon. Where I live I have yet to find
    canned Atlantic salmon. I have started incorporating more fish into my diet. For convenience and simplicity of taking along lunches I buy the canned salmon
    Fiber increase has not been as hard, I thought, but after watching the video I see that I need to incorporate a balance of fiber.


  144. Jennifer W. says:

    The one spiritual truth that I learned about in the video was that you will be most victorious when you are in the center of God’s will. His will is that we be joyful, prayerful and thankful. Typically when I think of being in God’s will I think of doing something specific, but I needed to be reminded that being is sometimes more important than doing. The physical truth I learned this week is that not all fish are created equal! I thought it was great that he gave some different options for people who may be on a tight budget! This week I am going to by some salmon when I go grocery shopping and while this may see off topic from this study, I really want to work on implementing being joyful, prayerful and thankful at my job this week. I need victory in that area as well!

  145. Spritiual Truth: God’s will for me is not some mystery that I have to uncover. It is so easy to be in God’s will when I crave Him more than anything else. Giving thanks, always praying, finding joy in everything.

    Physical Truth: I should not base my progress or worth on a number ( weight, clothing size). God loves me regardless

    Implement: tracking food in an online diary to track fiber

  146. Amy Pritz says:

    Spiritual truth: do I want to get well? Yes. I’ve believed I have no ability to impliment and maintain a plan to the fullness it requires to change my life due to my “rabbit trail” personality. I am “taking upy mat” and trusting Jesus to be the Power that holds me through this process. Not my my might but by His Spirit.
    Physical: I need omega 3 for depression.and I’m going to keep a record of moments of joy today. I need to learn when I’m feeling it and how to repeat what brought it on. I think I have so much to learn about this.

  147. What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today? That being in God’s will does not mean I have to necessarily DO something, but it is what I am to BE. So freeing. When I started the study I wasn’t too excited about learning more about grace, just wasn’t an appealing topic. But more of God’s grace has been revealed to me through this, how cool 🙂

    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today? I guess a physical truth would be knowing the difference between Omega3 and Omega 6. now i’ll keep my eyes opened.

    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message? I am going to choose God over food. I’m going to use my desire for unhealthy choices as triggers to pray. This seems very parallel to fasting-which is often done during the Lenten season to bring oneself closer to God. I actually came across this study as I was searching for a bible study to do for Lent. I’ve been on a healthy living journey the past year already so I figured this was a good fit, but a bit disappointed it wasn’t going to be more about Jesus. Ah to my surprise! Jesus has been revealing himself to me through this study already! its actually just what I wanted and even more needed. I’m glad I listened to the still small voice telling me to chose this study. 🙂

  148. Spiritual truth-God is pleased with me because I am his daughter, not because of any actions I take.
    Physical truth-I need to eat more fish and fiber for depression, allergies, and arthritis issues I have.
    I will make an effort this week to begin adding fish and fiber to my diet and take away unhealthy options like fried and fatty foods with lots of preservatives.
    LOVE this clear and concise plan. Thank you, Mrs. TerKeurst and Dr. Chilton!

    • Also, I’m looking for salmon recipes because I see eating a lot of salmon in my future!!! 🙂 Not a big salmon fan, so I hope there are some ways to make it taste good!

  149. Thank you Pastor for your anointed message.
    It was so inspiring and grounded in God’s Word.
    With grateful tears, I will remember that “I have never let God down because I was never lifting Him up!”

  150. Hi to all you dear sisters out there,
    I still do not have a book, but I am listening to all the videos, reading all the blogs and studying the scriptures. As from to day I am going to be joyful, prayerful and thankful. I am so glad that I have been able to do these studies.
    While Pastor was speaking a thought just came to mind, when I was young my mom was always trying some or other diet and she would always try and get me to do it with her. I hated it. When I was 11 years old I stopped using sugar, that is about 54 years ago lol. You would think that now being the age I am I would have it all together. Well I don’t but thank you so much Lysa, because of your obedience I’m starting to get things right, especially my walk with the Lord. Its so wonderful to know He loves me just as I am and will be with me each step of the way as I move toward a healthier life style.
    I enjoy the talk about fish, unfortunately in South Africa we don’t get all the ones Dr. Chilton spoke about but there are others we can get.
    May God richly bless each one of you as you encourage us in a closer walk with Him.
    Love Elna

  151. I’m running a day behind but these are my comments from the Monday Video:
    The spiritual truth I learned is to “rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances.”
    The physical truth I learned is tilapia is a bad fish – who knew.
    I’m going to implement drinking more water (I never realized that you get gas from fiber because you don’t drink enough water with it) and having fish at least twice a week.

  152. Really helpful lesson today alot of food for thought , I totally get the 25g fibre thing but is that as well as the other things like protien we need in our diets! As I know this is not a diet , but could we end up eating to much over all and not loosing weight!!!! Thanks for the encouragement and the story of the man by the pool said it all for me , I needed that . God Bless you all.

  153. Spiritual Truth: I can be in the center of God’s Will without having to “do” anything else! Just resting in Him is enough sometimes!
    Physical Truth: I really dislike fish, but Tilapia is mild enough that it’s usually my choice if necessary. So I was a bit worried when he was talking about how it wasn’t all that great for us. But then he talked about tunafish. I ate tuna sandwiches growing up and I loved them! How did I forget about tuna!! I just need to remember to buy Albacore tuna. Hooray! Any ideas on how good Mahi-Mahi is?
    Things to implement: Work toward getting 25 grams of fiber and have tuna sandwiches for lunch a couple of times this week. Also research some ways to prepare other fish for my whole family at dinner time and possibly look into a fiber and omega 3 supplement.

  154. Love the message. I have a problem, I do like fish at all especially salmon. I cannot stomach the taste or smell. Tilapia was the only one I could tolerate and now that has to be thrown out the door. So what do I do now? The omega 3 capsules you can take but how much are you truly absorbing from the tablets? *Big Sigh!*

  155. The videos are very good, thank you. I do wish more information would be given though. Dr. Chilton never did address the changes in bowel movements or the gas that incurs from taking in fiber. When I take in fiber my gas is terrible and embarrassing so because of this I eat very little fiber. I really wish he had addressed that issue as he mentioned in the video but never continued. That happened last week as well. Just wish more following through of information was given.

    • Hi Sue, that goes double for me. explain the gas, and bowel stuff. As I said earlier I’m having magnificent improvement in this area. although the gas still is crumby. is there anything we can do to curb that??

  156. Roslyn Williams says:

    This message really blessed me today. God’s will is for us to be, not to do. This is a new insight from the scriptures telling me that He is there waiting for me to reach out. I am already His accepted child. Take joy in knowing Him, be prayerful so you can feel His presence as He moves in your life. Just be thankful.
    Thanks Dr. Chilton for the Guide. I will use it when I plan my meals and implement the increase in my daily fiber intake. And thanks to Pastor for his insights and encouragement.

  157. Pat Moore says:

    I was especially inspired by the idea that we need to be women of Joy, women of Prayer, and women of Thanksgiving. I want to intentionally implement those into my daily life this week.

  158. Andrea Runyon says:

    Spiritual truth– I am a loved child of God REGARDLESS of my pants size or the number on a scale. What freedom that brings me. It does not absolve me of my need to be obedient to Him in regard to the sin of gluttony or idolatry of food, but knowing I am loved FREES me and enables me to want to be more and more obedient with my food and exercise choices.
    Physical truth– Focus more on healthy and whole foods- for fiber and omega 3s– salmon, cod, mackeral, chia seeds, flaxseeds, beans, whole grain breads. Find fun/easy ways to eat them more often. And don’t forget to increase my water intake when having more fiber.

  159. What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today?
    That I can’t let God down because i wasn’t holding him up to begin with.

    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today?
    That I need to focus on getting more fiber and water.

    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message?
    To get more fiber.

  160. Stefanie says:

    I love the messages from today – luckily I am a fish lover so I can eat it several times a week without getting sick of it! I do pray to be in the center of God’s will continually. I am normally joyful and thankful for all He has given to me and I ask Him to use me to glorify Him daily. PRAISE HIM!

  161. What consumes me? If I focus on God, then His truth will consume me. If I focus on food, then food will consume me. Sounds so simple…being mindful of the choices we make and what we choose to think about determine behavior, habits, and lifestyles. I’m confident in my identity that I’m a beloved daughter of a powerful God. May I become confident in my choices with food & exercise. May they no longer be a major issue in my life but seen as a priviledge to choose joyfully, prayerfully and thankfully as is God’s will for my life.

  162. 1) Spiritual truth learned: We are human BE-ings not human DO-ings. Again repeated by Pastor Furtick when he spoke about Jesus’ baptism and how God was well-pleased with him before he had commenced any ministry! Identity comes before activity!
    2) Physical truth learned: The difference between types of fish and omega-3s v omega-6s.
    3) More fish in my diet, and to increase my fibre too.
    Also to always ask the question: “Is this choice honouring God?”

  163. Dawn Witt says:

    What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today? I need to be joyful, prayerful, and thankful. Our verse for this week ties right into this and I need to be more of all, for I am a human BEING.

    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today? I learned that the Omega 3’s are important to get into my system to help with inflammatory diseases.

    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message? I am going to get some Omega 3 supplements. I eat fish, but not often enough.

    Praise God for all of the people who are sharing their expertise and time with us through this study!

  164. Better late than never. Talk about a good week to be reminded to be thankful! Lots of frustrating (some little; some large), and emotional things going on right now. It’s so easy to focus on what’s wrong instead of what’s right. Thanks for the reminder. Also, what a great video; packed with a lot of info and inspiration: just the combination I love.
    1. Spiritual~being reminded of my true identity and the fact that God is pleased with me just b/c I’m his kid. Just like my own kids bring my joy simply by being in my world, God is pleased with me right where I am. He’s holding me not the other way around.
    2. Physical~I had never heard of Omega 6 before; ever! Now that I know about it, I will certainly be watching for it. I never knew the difference between albacore and other tuna. Happy to know my tuna is here to stay. A little sad to see my talapia go but at least I still have cod. 🙂
    3. I will implement albacore tuna 100% of the time now that I am aware it’s the healthiest. I will also keep a check on my soluble/insoluble fiber closer. I do pretty well with fiber but never checked each kind.

  165. 1. I love this: “It’s important to focus on God rather than the object of our struggle.”
    2. Fiber. Who knew?
    3. Definitely going to get some fiber rich foods and look into Omega-3 supplements since I’m dreading the fish part (not a big fan).

  166. Teresa Cagle says:

    The spiritual lesson I learned from this video is -sometimes we need repetition 🙂 – that before I ever existed, God loved me and that my weight gain was not going to cause me to lose God’s love. The physical truth I learned was about the fiber and the 45% decrease in the risk of heart attack for women AMAZING! Wonder how many doctors could share that and save lives, wow. Something I’ll be implementing this week – going to buy some fish. I love fish, but had no idea how much the benefit of Omega 3 oils were. Wonderful study – wonderful God! What more could we ask for? Thank you for caring – Lysa and Crew.

    • WOW, Theresa I agree w/u 100%. wonderful stuff. I’m so glad this is working for you so well too., Blessings, Linda

  167. What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today? We will always be most victorious when we are in the center of God’s will.
    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today? I need to look at the fiber content of my food!
    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message? I’m going to start reading labels for fiber content. I have noticed that when I add chia seeds (also a good source of omega 3s) to my fresh vegie/fruit juice I feel full for a longer time.

  168. I am loving this study!! Learning a lot, and definitely being encouraged. My thoughts on the subjects of losing weight and cravings is changing dramatically – for the better!!! =D One spiritual thing I learned is that it is more important to focus on God, than on the object of our struggle. One physical truth is that nearly all of us in North america eat too many omega 6’s – who knew?! Something I am going to implement is eating more beans =) Which will be totally easy for me, because I love them! I just don’t take the time to plan ahead for meals containing them. So, that’s something I am planning to work on. Thanks again for all you guys do at P31!! This study has REALLY REALLY helped me a lot!!

  169. Carmen Miron says:

    God’s will for me is to be joyful,pray nonstop & give thanks to Him in any situation!
    My body needs Omega3
    I am planning to search & add fish & fiber to my body!!!

  170. I am learning so much from this study!

    I am thankful for this study, for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and everyone involved in it and associated with it. Also, I am thankful for our OBS Group 55 sisters!
    I am thankful for my amazing family.
    Most of all, I am thankful for my Heavenly Father who loves me no matter what my scale, dress size, or body says!


  171. I will memorize the scripture for today as I have been struggling with not being happy with my life as it is. I have been convicted over the past few days to work on my attitude and this scripture was directed toward me. I am going to start eating more fish as a way to eat healthy and to help with my depression/anxiety.
    Thank you for this study!

  172. Spiritual- God accepts me in my identity in Christ before I ever do anything
    Physical- different kinds of fiber and fiber helps you feel more full to eat less calories
    Implement- try to get the fiber in

  173. So much!
    Joyful, Prayerful, Thankful
    My identity in Christ comes before activity.
    Can’t let God down because He is the one holding me up…..
    Plan is implement more fiber and Omega 3 in my meal plans.

  174. 1.Rejoice always. 2. Fish is good to eat because it has omega 3. Ask myself this question : Is this choice honoring God? I am also going to try to eat more fiber and fish.

  175. Emily Day says:

    Spiritually I learned something so many other women posted, that victory will come from not focusing on the object of my struggle, food, but from focusing on God. I had no idea how valuable fiber is! This week I want to keep the focus on God, not calorie counting every little thing, getting a work out in at any cost, but just doing what I can to lean in to God. I also want to set the goal to eat the good for me fist at least three times this week. Thanks ladies, I am so thankful to be on this journey with so many amazing children of the Father.

  176. I am late getting my homework done but here I am now!
    1. spiritual–to identify myself as how God’s sees me– not as I see myself with failure, regret, and shame. SO FREEING 😀
    and to “BE” joyful, prayerful, & thankful–that this is a choice I need to make, but it is relieving to me that I am not bound to “DO”. Attitude before activity!
    2. physical–how important omega 3’s are & how many different ways they can benefit me–cognitive, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc!
    3. I actually ate Alaskan salmon, asparagus, strawberries, and brown rice for dinner tonight 🙂 Love these foods!

  177. Nicole Wallace says:

    I am so thankful for this weeks video. There have been so much information.

    1)What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today?— I learned that God is on my side in whatever my outcomes may be. Sometime temptation overcomes our bodies but God is there to give us that genial push onto the right road.
    2) What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today?—I learned that it’s not all about looks. There was a post on Facebook awhile back with a picture of Marilynn Monroe and a super model from today. I love the fact that Marilynn was comfortable in her body. This just shows that we still need to eat healthy and workout but can look good with curves!!
    3)What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message?— I am having some workout videos copied for me as well as adding the Fiber and Omega 3 into my diet!!

  178. Spiritual truth: Being in the center of God’s will isn’t what I ate or didn’t eat, it’s choosing joy, pray & thanks.
    Physical truth: Eat more fish & fiber!
    I am going to focus this week on being in the center of God’s will & try to rest in Him no matter what swirls around me. Also, eat more fish.

  179. MichelleG says:

    This was good to hear.
    1. Spiritual truth…the lame man and his excuses, Jesus responds by telling him to get up; before Jesus does the supernatural we must do the natural. I’m often stuck in the same rut as this invalid man.
    2. Physical truth…one study showed that women who are the highest levels of fiber had a 45 percent reduction in their chances of having a heart attack. Good fact to know considering my mother’s family’s medical history.
    3. Continue to strive to get the fiber each day.

  180. hi, I was unable to watch the video due to circumstances beyond my control, but delighted to do it now, today. I am amazed at the food info we are receiving. I’ve been experimenting w/lentils, beans and barley, and making these rich awesome soups and stews and have to say, my whole being is experiencing a greatness. like even my plumbing is all
    working so much better; I’ve had problems in that area most of my life, I remember at 6 years of age (things that are not so pretty), but shows me how early this kind of stuff was a very real problem in my life. I am praising God for all this info and my willingness to try something new that actually works for me. I am hoping my hubby will watch w/me b4 u take it off. By the way why do these wonderfully informative videos HAVE TO BE SHUT DOWN? I’D LOVE TO SHARE THEM W/FRIENDS IN THE FUTURE????? TX U ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU SHARE ETC. Linda

  181. I have just found out I am gluten intolerant and still learning about fiber without gluten. Can anyone help with this?

  182. Spiritual Truth: God is well pleased with me because I am His daughter and I am precious to Him. I choose to replace the lies from the enemy with God’s Truth!
    Physical Truth: Fiber fills the gut, and I must drink water with it. Also that Omega-3 helps fight against depression. 🙂
    This week I will concentrate on choosing higher fiber foods along with drinking my water.

    Sorry to post this late. Falling behind this week! 😉

  183. Andrea A. says:

    Spiritual Truth: I can be victorious everyday regardless of my circumstances, of my progress towards my goals. I can choose to be joyful, pray, and be thankful.

    Physical Truth: I know what is important, but I’ve learned even more so if I’m eating a lot of fiber. I also didn’t know that Omega 3 could reduce depression.

    I’m definitely going to start eating more fish. I’m going to keep focused on drinking water and work on upping my fiber consumption. I too downloaded the healthy eating guide so I can buy food that are high in omega 3 and fiber.

  184. 1. Spiritual Truth: Being in the center of God’s will is not a matter of what we did or didn’t eat today. Being in the center of God’s will is to be joyful, prayerful, and thankful (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).
    2. Physical Truth: The Highest amounts of fiber 45% reduction of in chances of having a heart attack and that Wild Alaskan Salmon is the best fish to eat.
    3. Will try to implement eating more fiber and better fish, even though Salmon is the fish I like least 🙁

  185. CarolAnne says:

    Spiritual= if I do the “natural” God will do the “super”
    These videos are fabulous, thank you so much!

  186. Mary conrad says:

    Pastor brought Gods plan directly to my heart.so simple, but so Omnipotent

  187. Kim Johns says:

    I love that God was well pleased with me even when I was at my heaviest weight. He loved me when I was thin and He loves me now that I am fat.
    Physically I realized if I add more fiber, I don’t have to worry so much about calories and carbs-that is freeing!
    I am going to try to eat albacore tuna (I love tuna, but have always eaten chunk light tuna in water). I also want to try fish (I have never really liked fish, but it has so many benefits that I need to try it again)
    I also need to try to drink more water.

  188. Christina says:

    Wow! Another powerful video!!!!!
    1. Spiritual truth I learned: Many solid truths here that probably most of us have heard similar teaching, but “God made us humanBEINGS not humanDOINGS”, Rest in the center of His will by being a woman of joy, prayer and thanksgiving, and Identity comes before activity were the top ones for me! (sorry, I couldn’t limit it to one.)
    2. Physical truth learned: Omega 3s =good, Omega 6s = bad …. am going to have to check food nutrition labels to identify if these differences in fatty acids are listed – will definitely down load Dr. Chilton’s “go to” guide – Many thanks for his reference guide!
    3. What I’m going to implement: More fish into my family’s weekly dinner menu and research from Dr. Chilton’s guide which fish is more beneficial.
    Thank you Prov 31 ministry – this is powerful stuff!!!!
    ~ Christina

  189. Vickie Massey says:

    I found out there tilapia was not good for me. I really don’t like fish and this one I could at least stomach. I will try Cod and see how that is. I am also going to buy some supplements from Gene Smart site.

    I need to Doing and just Being. I am going to try and see what I can do about this. Becoming closer to Christ is my goal.

  190. What I want to remember:

    This was something that hit me big time, it meant so much that I decided to share my “revelation” with my Facebook friends, which I am sure they will enjoy my lengthy post :/.

    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 tells us to be: a woman of joy, a woman of prayer and a woman of thanksgiving! It is easy to get bogged down with everything wrong in my life, what I want to change. But tonight’s lesson reminded me that I need to slow down, and be joyful for everything that I do have; an amazing family, a great job with the sweetest kids, a roof over my head and food to eat and so much more that I don’t deserve! We were made to crave so that we would crave God, when a craving for an addiction hits you… turn that craving into a trigger to remind you to pray! And most of all… Just like Daniel in Daniel 6:10, no matter what our circumstances, we need to be thankful. Daniel knew that he was going to be thrown into the lions den because he was not going to stop praying to God. What did he pray before this? Verse 10 says that he got on his knees and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. In this prayer of thanksgiving, God sent an angel to save him from the lions. I am not even close to facing a den full of lions, but, I still have struggles. It is in these struggles, that I must remember to be a woman of joy, prayer and thanksgiving. It is then that I will rest in the center of God’s will!

    I am 26 and have been “overweight” for as long as I can remember. But the thing that gets me is that when I started feeling insecure, I really wasn’t huge I wore a size 9… what I would give to be there again! But I was in high school and I wasn’t the toothpick that the media and others said I should be…. Because of this struggle and my parents divorce, I quickly moved out of a size 9 and can’t wait to see it and smaller sizes again! It was hard, and I still have insecurities 7 years later…. I am so excited for this journey… because I know that with God as the center of my journey… I will succeed!

    I am so thankful for tonight’s lesson, it opened my eyes, yes, I am thankful for everything that I have and can do, but I take it for granted. I pray that we never forget this, that we always strive to be a woman of joy, a woman of prayer and a woman of thanksgiving!

  191. I found the spiritual truth of being women of joy, prayer and thankfulness. I really need to work on these. The food part was very interesting about fish. I like fish but find we don’t eat the best fish as we eat tilapia and regular tuna and also my family won’t eat fish except my daughter and I so that is hard to put more fish in our diet. I suffer depression so it was interesting to find that fish helps that. I am going to add it to my lunches more times a week. One of my main concerns/issues I am trying to figure out is the fiber. It seems like when I try to put fiber in my diet I throw up. I was told to drink lots of water and I tried that and still got sick with a small amount of fiber. How do I increase/add fiber when it makes me sick?

  192. I loved this study! I really got a lot out of the interview with Pastor Furtick. He was real and spoke some awesome truths about our identity and replacing the lies with the Lords truth. I learned that Salmon helps with depression and Tilapia is not good for us. I’ve decided to spend time daily with Jesus so I will crave Him more. Thank you Lysa for putting this all together for us. I’m so grateful!

  193. Kristen Kiel says:

    1. Focus on God rather than the object of my current struggle.
    2. Tilapia is full of BAD omega-6.
    3. Increase my fiber intake.

  194. RITA NELSON says:

    That before you lose one pound God loves you because you are His. Good video and full of lots of good information.

  195. Noemi "Mimi" Luna says:

    What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today?
    -That I should not be ashamed of who I am, what I look like and trust that GOD loves me for who I am and what I look like because HE made me.

    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today?
    -To eat more fish (the more healthy types) and fiber (soluble is best) to feel full.

    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message?
    Be more content with my looks/appearance and to crave GOD more than my need to appear better.

  196. I thoroughly enjoyed the video, I learned so much.

  197. Jennifer C says:

    One spiritual truth I learned from this message was that I can choose to be in the center of God’s will by being joyful, prayerful, and thankful. A physical truth I learned was that tilapia is not as good as I thought. This week I am going to put more fiber and water in my diet and use my triggers to focus on God and move toward the center of His will.

  198. Lori Knutson says:

    What’s one spiritual truth you learned from the video today? God loves me as I am. He wants a better me…for my sake…because He loves me.
    What’s one physical truth you learned from the video today? I have to take care of the foundation first. My spiritual has to come before my physical. I have always tried to take care of the physical and let my spiritual starve.
    What’s something you are going to implement this week as a result of today’s message? I am going to endeavor to plan ahead and to stop and pray before I choose what to eat and how much to eat.

  199. 1. Spiritual Truth-I need to be a women of Joy, Prayer and thankfulness. To find things everyday to be thankful for.
    2. Physical Truth-I need to add more fish and fiber to my diet. I have been trying to do low carb and have not been paying attention to fiber and I have been eating fish but not necessarily the right kind
    3. This week I want to start looking into adding more fiber to my diet

  200. 1. The spiritual truth I learned was about being in the center of God’s will. Reading 1 Thessolonians 5:16-18 just brightened my day and I can’t help but to smile and feel uplifted when I say be joyful, be prayerful, and always be thankful.
    2. The physical truth I learned was how much of my Iberia intake needs to be insoluble and that if we eat the 25 grams of fiber we won’t eat the calories.
    3. I will try to increase my fiber intake.

  201. Kathy LM says:

    I am behind, but realized it was divine intervention that I heard this video today. I was that one person that was “picked out to the crowd”. I have continually believed lies. Pastor Steve said, “Who told you that?” Wow! I know if I would have listened to the video last Monday, I wouldn’t have heard God speaking to me.
    1) One spiritual truth I learned from the video Is when Pastor Steve talked about the first sin, the sin of identity. I touched on it above. Made me look at a passage I’ve read over and over and never applied it in the way Pastor Steve did today.
    2) One physical truth I learned from the video was the difference between Omega 3 and Omega 6. I will try to add more salmon. I love salmon even if my family does not. I also like cod. No more tilapia!
    3) I will choose joy, be prayerful, and be thankful to be in God’s will. Again, I am so grateful that I listened to this today. This message today was perfect timing for me. I want to use the struggles of this week to be the pathway of prayer!

  202. Roberta Gabriel-OBS Small Group Leader says:

    The spiritual truth that really resonated with me after watching this video was Pastor Steve Furtick’s comment about identity. He said” Our identity in Christ must supersede and predate our activity for Christ. Wow, this truth is so powerful and liberating for me. In regard to the one physical truth, I was glad to learn about Tilapia and the best types of fish that you could eat without spending an exorbitant amount of money. I am going to be conscious of adding 25 grams of fiber to my healthy eating plan daily.

  203. Thank you for your Facebook feed! I signed up for this class the first time around, and let myself be defeated; I talked myself out of trying to understand and accept this approach, because like other times, I have failed. Tonight, as I am winding down the day to get into ‘teacher-brain’ mode, I came across the notification…I am SO very happy I did! The information Dr. Chilton shared was fantastic, I have re-signed up for emails, and the introduction from you at the beginning that reminded me to be thankful in all ways for all things, all the time. I had to stop myself from crying a few times, only because the snot and sniffling would have deterred me from hearing all of the great information!! I am sad that I missed the 1st week’s message, but I know that I will catch up and CATCH ON!! Thank you for your encouraging book and words of wisdom and faith.

  204. Jenniffer says:

    I was sick this week and saved watching the week 2 video for today because I thought we had through Monday to do it. I realized today that is not the case, as the video was no longer accessible. Is there any way to get access to the video again, even if just for a couple of hours? I was really looking forward to seeing this one! Thanks for your help!

  205. A friend of mine just directed me to see this video and I tried to watch it today and it apparently is not available any longer. Is there any way to see this video? I heard it was great!

  206. I tried to pull up the video from last monday,I got behind and I was trying to get caught up it keeps telling private video!

  207. Stephani says:

    Hi I am part of the study but the video says it private..? Does anyone know why?
    thanks 🙂

  208. I am very behind on the study and I can not see the video for last Monday. Is it possible for me to get it some way?

  209. Help! I missed the week 2 video because I was traveling last week. I am getting caught up, and just finished watching the week 3 video (wonderful!). Can I please get the link to week 2 resent to me??

  210. Help! I have been out of town for 2 weeks and am trying to get caught up and cannot access the video’s. I am getting a “this video has been set to private” message.

  211. Elisabeth says:

    So sad! I’ve been a part of both these bible studies, spent the money on both books and the one week I’m not able to do the work, I can’t even go back and access the video! I understand if the study was over but, we have weeks left. I am upset! I’m loving these bible studies and feel nourished by them… I really needed them after this week without:(

  212. I too am woefully behind but wanted to try to catch up this week. Is there any chance of opening up the Week 2 video for just a bit longer for those of us who haven’t seen it yet?

  213. Hi, i feel that i noticed you visited my blog thus i got here to “go back the favor”.I am attempting to find things to enhance my website!I suppose its ok to use a few of your concepts!!

  214. oh yes all for the right reasons. God is the 1st in my whole life and each day.


  1. […] you have watched the Week 2 Video with Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Ski Chilton that was posted yesterday. If not, that’s ok, just make sure you watch it soon, it will […]

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