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Hey sweet sisters! It’s Shelly and the whole Blog Team (Kristi, Lauren, Debbie, Carla, Kris, Billie, Missy, Natalie, Patricia)! We have missed blogging with you! 🙂

We all have assignments in our book today (isn’t this study AWESOME?!) so we’ll keep it short and sweet and get straight to the blog hop! Remember, blogging is optional. You do not have to blog, but you can if you want to! Another way to participate is by reading the blogs and leaving encouraging comments or by using the comment section here to write about one of our topics.

Now…let’s get to hoppin’!

New to the blog hop or a regular around here? Here are the details!
 Before posting your blog to the blog hop, please read  The Skinny on Blog Hopping  created by Heather Bleier for the guidelines and for links to free sites where you can start a blog. We will no longer be accepting submissions from Facebook due to privacy concerns. The blog hop may seem scary at first but our team is here to guide you through the process. To ensure your correct post is linked to our Blog Hop and is not deleted from the Blog Hop, watch the following 3:00 minute tutorial and refer to those instructions. Click here to view directly on YouTube or copy the following link into your browser

We can’t wait to read your blogs, but remember, you must blog about one of the Blog Hop topics. If your blog does not fit within the guidelines (the specified topics), it will be removed. If there is a question about your blog, someone from our Blog Hop Team will contact you. And if you post a blog here, grab our Blog Hop Button (right column) for your own blog! Don’t hesitate to comment below with any questions or with your thoughts if you don’t feel called to start a blog. This study is about you and God. We just want to support and love on you!

Here are this week’s topics: {The names in BOLD are suggested titles.}

NOTE: Please specify which topic you chose by either using the suggested title OR adding the Topic # somewhere in your post.

1. God’s Word & A Creative Display ~ Did you find a creative way to display our memory verses around your home? Post a picture on your blog and share with us how we can do it, too.

2. Finding Treasure in the Word ~ The Holy Spirit reveals truths to us when we study the Word. Take one of our memory verses from the last three weeks and dig deep to uncover hidden treasure and secrets meant just for you. Use verse-mapping or other helpful study techniques.

3. Changed & Transformed ~ We are in Week 3 of our study, but we don’t have to wait until the end to see what God has done! Share how the Word of God is already transforming you from the inside out.

4. 3 Simple Steps ~ Share three simple steps you take to combat the flesh and feed the spirit.

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  1. Woot!!

  2. LOVE the Blog Hop!!

  3. spring bratton says:

    Hello ladies,

    I hope your week is so far so jesus filled and wonderful. I have had a struggling emotional couple of days but I can, no sorry scratch that, God can change that. Anyways I have created a blog on my Google account but I don’t have the time to really write anymore. I hope that I can create a new post based upon my verses and prayer box. Love you and God bless you.

  4. Yay! The Hop is today!! Wooo!

  5. Very neat ideas! God is amazing!!!

  6. Love the Blog Hop! Such a creative group of women here. I get ideas and inspiration. How great is that?

  7. Excited for the blog hop today! However, I’m not sure if it is just me but I am unable to see any posted blogs or add mine. At the end of the post it says “Loading InLinkz …”, but it doesn’t seem to load. I have tried leaving and coming back as well as refreshing the page, but it continues to say “loading.” Anyone else have this problem? I will try again later today! In the meantime, here is my post on “finding treasure in the word”:

    • Hi Marissa! I had this problem this morning, too, but it was just my computer or internet connection loading a little slow, I think. All is well for me now so do try again! What a blessing to have you join us today in the blog hop! 🙂

      • Thanks, Shelly. I just came on to try again but still have the same message. It must be my internet connection. 🙁 Maybe tomorrow will be better.

  8. Sunnygirl says:

    I’ve never done a blog before. OMG! I’ll be posting mine soon. I hope it will be something of a joy. Love this OBS!

  9. Denise B. says:

    Hi Ladies,

    The thought of reading a Blog is new to me…thank you for welcoming me in with Living So That Online Bible Study…I was greatly blessed by the blogs I read. Looking forward to reading more!

    Thank you all so much for sharing!

  10. I have missed the blogs too 🙂

  11. This is soooo GREAT! It’s like giving our P31 OBS girls a

  12. Oh, I love this! It’s like giving our ladies a “going deeper” or a “call to action” assignment that they can then share with all of us! It’s also a wonderful way to get a peak into everyone’s hearts and see what God is doing in our midst.



    • Sunnygirl says:

      I love love love your book and enjoy the study very much! You are a blessing! Thank you so much for writing the book. Marvelous!


    • Hi Wendy! I agree . . . it’s so exciting visiting everyone’s little “home” on the internet! And to peek inside their hearts?? Such a gift! Thank you for being here while we study the words you poured out in your book. Your faithfulness and commitment to God’s Word are inspiring and your words are gently urging us closer to the heart of our Savior. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  13. I learned to combat the flesh by feeding the spirit. Speak the word out loud in the atmosphere. If your in public call someone on the phone and ask them to listen why you speak the word of god out loud. And maybe they can receive the word of god too. Speak against your flesh demanding and commanding with the memory verses daily morning day and night meditate to speak it into existing. I love to pray and been inspired by living so that. … I am trying to find out more information on blogging. Because I heard many details of it . It’s something I never considered. But are beginning to know.

    • Jenise Shupe says:

      Latasha, I love your idea of calling someone to speak the Word out loud. That way, you are lifting up a friend while you remind yourself of His promises! Keep meditating on His Word! Blogging is fun. I enjoy it when I have the time. I am not very faithful with my posting habits, though.

    • Hi Latasha ~ Confessing the Word is a great way to feed the spirit and get our thoughts lined up with God’s! Thanks for sharing! Also, if you’d like to learn more about blogging, a couple of great places to look are on Youtube (for some great how-to videos), and (both sites offer free blog set up and step by step instructions to get you started). Blessings! Shelly

  14. This OBS has been such a real blessing. Thankyou to all my fellow Christ-followers , I have gained so much insight…..We serve an awesome God….Have read all the blogs….Ngiyabonga (Thankyou in Zulu)

  15. Billiejo says:

    To combat the flesh I pray praise and listen to christian radeo what I need yet is a christian friend to hold me accountable praying for that I have a hard time trusting people

    • Jenise Shupe says:

      Oh, i so completely understand where you are at! I do exactly the same thing! I have such a hard time opening up to anyone and sharing when i need prayer personally. I have been really convicted on that issue in the past months and have taken baby steps to reach out here and there and have started to make a few connections. It is so hard, but I keep reminding myself that we are called to fellowship and to encourage one another. I love being able to encourage and support my friends, so I need to bless them by giving them the opportunity to encourage me. It’s not an overnight change. I struggle with loneliness and fear almost every day and there are times that I want to give up on people again, but i just cry out to Him and let Him bring me peace. Music is such a balm to my wounded soul. I will pray for you that you find courage to seek accountability and that you will feel Him holding you close during those lonely times. I love you, dear sister.

  16. I will be posting my blog link and coming back to read the blog posts of others tomorrow I have been out of town without internet access. Can’t wait to catch up tomorrow 🙂 I love blog hop day!! Love y’all have an amazing night

  17. Lynn Fincher says:

    Glad to see the blogs back.. They really lift my spirit. You ladies rock..

  18. Jeanette Pham says:

    Let me first start by saying to Wendy Blight that I love this entire study. However, Chapter 3, part 5 was just jam packed with God’s favor and love for us. I am going to have to re-visit it again and again.
    I tried my hand at verse mapping for the first time and meditated on Psalm 119:105. After sitting with it, soaking in it, bathing in it and personalizing it I came to this: “Your word shows me the way. It guides and enlightens me along my way in life.” I am learning through this study how important staying connected to God is, it is the only way that we can remain in His love. I am learning that I don’t need to figure out the purpose and meaning of life, our sole purpose in life is to know Him more intimately and to be a conduit of His amazing love….that is purpose enough for me!

  19. Hi ladies! Thanks for sharing this nice blog which is very interesting and useful I am appreciating for this blog GOD bless you Ladies.



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    in vo hop

    Living So That Blog Hop

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