Limitless Life Blog Hop, Week 1

What a wonderful first week of study this has been so far! It’s so awesome and encouraging to see all the conversation and interaction happening in the comment section and all around social media!

Let’s keep the momentum going! Today is the day YOU get to lead the class. 🙂 We want to hear from you. Put on your courage and get ready to share from your heart. A few ways you can participate are:

  • Link to your blog (if you have one) after writing about one of this week’s topics
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Here’s what tonight’s event is all about:

Labels! We can’t avoid them, but they can be changed. Let’s study and discuss how that happens, together. Join Proverbs 31’s Online Bible Study Team for Rev It Up, a fast moving hour of online Bible study with practical application, encouragement and fellowship! When? Thurs., May 29 at 8 p.m. ET.

Things to bring:
• Your Bible
• Limitless Life book
• Notecards (5 just in case)
• Pen
• Paper/journal
• Highlighter
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Now, here are the topics for Week 1: {The names in BOLD are suggested titles.}

NOTE: Please specify which topic you chose, by either using the suggested title OR adding the Topic # somewhere in your post.

1. MAP IT: Ephesians 2:22 ~ Expand our weekly verse using various study methods (verse mapping, word studies, etc.). (Click here to learn more about verse mapping from our awesome friend Heather Bleier or copy the following into your browser:

2. SNAP IT: A BIG God ~ Share on your blog a photo or word art that you have created that testifies of God’s greatness.

3. WRITE IT: In the Valley of Sheep ~ It is here David learns to depend on God. Are you here now? Do you feel unnoticed and like your assignment is not important? After reading this chapter of Limitless Life, how has your perspective changed?

4. SHARE IT: Let’s Hear Your Story ~ Do you have a story or testimony of going from Afraid to Courageous or Addict to Free?

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  1. Deborah V. Lord says:

    Good morning to All:
    I have enjoyed reading the first two chapter of Limitless Life. The author is wonderful. Just in case I do not make the Blog chat tonight here is my take on how and what God is doing in my life right now. I realize that all of my help comes from God and that I can’t depend on others. Like David, he could not depend on the Kings armor he (David) had to depend on the teachings he received from God while he was in attending the sheep. In knowing this it has helped me to rebuild my faith and trust in the Father. I feel much better knowing that the same God that did it before, He will do it again for me.
    My book has not come yet, however I will still keep up with every one.
    I have one request at this time; if after the five weeks maybe we could all get together with the author and further our thoughts and some ideas on how to really get this out there. For we know that the church is no longer in the four walls. We must go out and show the Limitless Powers of our Father.
    Talk later and everyone have a great wonderful Limitless weekend.

    • Katrinka Poage says:

      Good morning Deborah.
      It is always good to see what God is doing in our lives.

      God Bless you in your walk with Him.

      Have a great weekend.
      Love In Christ

  2. Katrinka Poage says:

    Katrinka Poage says:
    May 28, 2014 at 9:30 pm
    Thanks Stacy for the prayers.

    I have been married twice. 13 1/2 years the first time

    and last fall the end of the second came just weeks sjort of 25 years.

    As my healt has changed over the years both husbands did not find me to be what they wanted.

    I have a birth defect that as the years have gone on limits some of the things I can do and how I can do them.

    I just turned 60 and I know the Lord still has things for me to do in this life. On my death bed 2 1/2 years ago I ask God to take me but He said not yet so here I am.

    I am blessed many times over and God is ,as always , meeting ALL my needs.

    One of those needs is this book study. THANKS for doing it for us all.

    Love In Christ, Katrinka

    – See more at:

  3. Sandra Elise says:

    Is there a way to edit your blog link once it’s been posted or to delete & repost. I accidently posted before I could add the picture. Thanks!!

    • I don’t think you can edit… but you can delete. Hover over your picture with the mouse and you’ll see a trash can in the lower right hand corner. Click on that and it will delete your link.
      Lauren, P31 OBS blog hop team

  4. This week has been powerful for me. I signed up for this study skeptical because I have never done an online study, but I am so glad I decided to! Every day has had something that has spoken into my deepest heart needs, but the one I can’t stop thinking about-and have told lots of people about-is the story of Polly Oliver. I relate to her so much and it broke my heart thinking of how she must have been treated during life if that is what they said in her death. I have been labeled as unwanted, a mistake, a problem child, an addict, hopeless, etc since I was a little girl. I have fought to prove everyone wrong, but ultimately end up doing the opposite….because I am trying to do it in my own strength! I now know that God has new labels for me and that I don’t have to accept the labels of the world or even myself, but it is a challenge. The doctor yesterday who is supposed to specialize in treating people with more complicated needs told me that he doesn’t think there is anything he can do to help me because we have tried everything. It crushed me. My last doctor wrote in my insurance paperwork that my prognosis for depression is terminal. Apparently the new doctor agrees. That label hurts. That label makes it hard to keep fighting. That label makes me question so many things. But, I keep going back to this study that says “the merciless labels this world gives us do not have to define us anymore because of the redefining presence of Jesus.” So, as I sit here crying and searching for hope, I am clinging to the fact that Jesus is with me, Jesus loves me and Jesus is the only one who defines me!

    • Kathy LM says:

      Praying for you, dear sister!

    • Michele says:

      Kelly – I have been given medical labels before and was told basically that I would be in a wheelchair before I was 30. I am now 40 and that information from the medical professionals has never came to pass. My formula was lots of prayer and deciding in my heart of hearts that only God knows me path and even though doctors can guess or suggest a certain outcome…. their’s isn’t the final say. I will pray for your situation and stay steadfast in prayer yourself. <3

    • Kelly,
      Your post just touched my heart. You are not alone! Jesus is holding you right now and he won’t let you go! Don’t let these doctors define you! Don’t lose hope! I will be praying for you!

    • Barbara C (OBS FB Small Group Leader) says:

      Polly’s story has stuck with me too and I’ve ached for the Polly’s of today. I want to tell you that your labels are lies.. and the one I really want to focus on is mistake. So not true! People choose to have sex.. whether in marriage, out of marriage, even rape but only God.. ONLY GOD.. chooses to create a life. He created you and His Word makes it clear that He has a plan and a purpose for each and every one of use. (See Ps 139, Jer 29:11, Eph 2:10 for starters). No human being ever born was / is a mistake.. God is good.. perfect.. and what He does is good and perfect. He is incapable of making a mistake. So it is impossible for you to be one. 🙂 You are a beautiful loved and wanted daughter of the King!

  5. Kelly, when i read your post, it made me think of the labels i, too have faced over the years. As you continue to grow in fath, you will find strength through God and His Word that will show these labels are just that, labels. We serve an awesome God! He has a plan for each of our lives, and as we walk forward, we can be assured that we are forgiven. I lived with many painful labels growing up, and even into my adult life. I was defensive, hurt, and i closed myself off from everyone. Through the pain of my son’s addiction, legal problems and health issues, i decided to spend my beginning of each day reaching out to my Father. Do i still have problems, absolutely. However, i feel His presence in each situation. I ask for His guidance each day, and i am learning in all situations to ask Him to show me, protect me and lead me where this situation is to go. I start each day in His Word and in prayer. I pray that God will lead you past these labels, because you are His child first, He made you unique. You are a sister in Christ. May God bless your life!

  6. Good morning..people of God… Just want to say thank you for being open to God..This week has been a great Blessing for me

  7. I’m so glad to see the Blog Hop back! It’s always so much fun to see what others are writing and get different perspectives on the study each week. It never fails to amaze me how God can take the same words and use them to reach so many different people exactly where they are at that moment.

  8. Carol Bruntlett says:

    Hi limitless life bible study girls
    I am here to testify how God is working in my life , I just lost my sweet little mama tomorrow will be one month since her passing , the days have been hard, sometimes I feel like I am trudging thru mud , somedays I feel like I just want to give up and not go on , but I have kept crying out to God to keep giving me strength thru the day because He is the only one that can give me the corkage to go on. When this happen with my mom , my world was shaken to the core , it felt like my foundation was taken out from under me . But God kept saying to me I got you sweet child , I am not going to let you crumble under the weight of this , I am going to be with you each step of the way , I see the tears you cry and hold them in my hands , you my child are engraved in the palm of my hand. I look back over God faithfulness to me over the past years getting me from point A to B over many years , so there is no doubt in my mind that I know that He will get me thru this hard hard journey , I keep praying for me and my family and try my best with Jesus to be who He is called me to be.
    I know He will bring these ashes and make beautiful things out of them , I know He will turn my mourning into dancing, Praise You Father that You will never leave me or forsake
    Thank You Lord for a Solid Foundation that cannot be shaken or crack under the pressures of life
    Thank You Lord that You are my Rock that cannot be moved
    Thank You Lord that You are my source of Strength
    Thank You Lord that Your Love is unwavering
    Thank You Lord though I stumble You are right there to pick me up
    Thank You Lord when I falter You are there .
    Thank You Lord I am courageous with You in my life
    Thank You Lord You Keep my feet steady

    Group 10

    • Michele says:

      I so know how you feel… I lost my sweet little momma two years ago this month and my dad one year ago this month and it has been the hardest thing ever. Your description of trudging through mud is so true. There are even days that my heart physically aches like it is breaking. But sister I am here to tell you that the Lord has been very good to me during all this and has given me strength that I didnt know I had. Even family and friends have commented around me and to me that they see Him walking this journey with me. These OBSs have been a life saving thing for me and I pray for you too. Know that you are not alone in this… and there are others of us that know your pain. May God continue to bless you with strength and healing.

  9. About ten years ago, I was in the midst of a very unhappy marriage. Day by day, I drank to try to mask the misery. In my mind, my husband at the time was much easier to tolerate if I had a few drinks in me. The drinking only masked my problem. I began also taking prescription medication for anxiety, again to mask the misery. Each day hoping that things would be different. Before too long I was trapped in a vicious cycle of getting drunk daily and swearing not to let it happen the next day, only to find myself in the same situation the next day. I started seeing a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with bipolar disorder. Finally, an excuse for my actions and behaviors! Well you know the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. Anyway, eventually my addiction reached hit its peak and I wasn’t taking care of my children or my home. My marriage was still miserable and my husband at the time was getting drunk daily as well. Then one day it all changed. I had taken so much medication mixed with alcohol that my husband called an ambulance. I was admitted to a treatment facility and my third day of treatment, my husband served me with divorce papers. My world had been turned upside down. My ex husband got custody of my children as well as our home. After over ten years of being a housewife I was forced to figure out how to support myself and pick up the pieces of my shattered life. Then I hit my knees and turned my life over to Jesus. He met me right there in the middle of my mess. Me, the bipolar, addict alcoholic that everyone thought was a crazy unfit and unsafe mother. Jesus groomed me, guided me, and set me free from the painful labels that had been placed on me. It has been a long hard road but let me tell you, I am more grateful than words can express for my past. Ten years has now passed and Jesus has put the label of “Free” on my heart. God has made me a new creation, equipped me with strength and courage, and faith and trust in Him. I have peace and joy like I never thought was possible. The truth is, it wasn’t possible when I was trying to control my own life. I now have a wonderful job that I am so grateful for and full custody of my beautiful children. My ex husband is still drinking daily and I don’t even want to imagine the kind of misery he lives in, I pray for him every day. But let me tell you, GOD IS FAITHFUL! He did for me what I could not do for myself. I have been sober and clean for several years now and I have risen above the label of “Addict.” I am not defined by my past and to God be all the glory. My children and I are happy and my faith and trust in my Heavenly Father grows every day. Thank you for this study that reaffirms to me how precious I am to Him and how “Limitless” life can truly be when I turn everything over to God!

    • Misty, I read your story through tears and gratitude. I have some very dear friends who have walked a similar road and God, in His great mercy, is showing Himself strong and faithful. My heart rejoices with you today that He did for you what you could not do for yourself! I am so thankful you chose to hit your knees and turn to Jesus in the middle of your mess! What a powerful testimony! Thank you so much for being brave and sharing your story of triumph! I know God will use these words to encourage many others!

  10. Veralynne says:

    Well I have blogs, but they are my jewelry design, photography and such so not one I would use to connect to for this blog…but I joined this study to learn, and it is making me think of the labels I had to endure growing up an what I did with them and what I need to do now and how they relate to helping my children also. I pray each day for my family and friends and that their prayers and mine will be answered.

    I do like the thought of verse mapping and I think I will really give it a go….

    Thanks to all!

  11. This is my first OBS and I am so thankful for this community for sharing, caring and helping me fully take in the Grace of God! I was unfamiliar with verse mapping, but a link was posted previously in one of the daily comments so I checked it out. I have to say, though, even better, was from one of the “blog hops” this morning and would encourage you to check it out. Anna does a wonderful job of dissecting the verse, giving more depth and understanding to God’s Word! This has been very helpful to me as FEAR is just one of the labels I want to shed.

    • Welcome to your first OBS, Sylvia!! So happy you are here!! 🙂 And thank you so much for sharing Anna’s post! Verse mapping is AWESOME and you’re right . . .she did a beautiful job!!

  12. Pam Whitmore says:

    I created a blog, just for this, but don’t know how to find the URL on iPad to connect it. Anyone know how to do this, or am I going to have to use a “real” computer?

    • It should be listed at the top of whatever internet browser you are using, just like if you were using a computer. When you click on the title of the post you make on your blog, it will give you the http: address at the top, and that’s the url to use.
      Hopefully this helps.
      Lauren, P31 OBS blog hop team

  13. Michele says:

    Wow ladies…. check out that first Blog by Bethany Boring…. it is powerful. I tried to comment but it went to an error page. Probably my lack of tech savvy-ness. 🙂
    Really enjoying digging around in the blogs today. What a blessing!!!

  14. Sue hartenbower says:

    God is so good. I wasn’t sure if I was going to join this online study or not. But, I felt that I had a nudging from God to do it. And now I know why He wanted me to read this book. I had just finished reading Chapter Two, about Addiction and my son called. me. He has had trouble in the past and was having a relapse. He came home to my house last night and I knew that God wanted me to give him my book to read. My son has a label that he has been carrying around for years and I know that God wanted him to read this book. So, I am going to pick up another copy for myself. Praise God !

    • Sue!! That is so AWESOME!!! I love how God knows what we need even before we do! Praising God with you! He has great plans for you AND your son! Saying a prayer for you both this morning!

  15. The label I am struggling with now is fear. I am afraid of failure. I am part owner of a small business and we do great things for hospice patients. The sad thing is we aren’t making enough money right now. In fact, we are broke. The last thing I want to admit is failure. I especially do not want to fail my husband whose support has been incredible financially and otherwise. He believes in me and wants me to succeed. I have been praying and now we do have an opportunity to further our business but it’s not coming at the time table I want. The funny thing is I thought I had it all together and let “Jesus take the wheel” but things were chaotic yesterday and I felt lost and helpless to do anything so I “snapped”. I wanted things to move my way. It is hard to let the control go for me. I know it is because of my fear. I realize now if I do fail I still have the most precious love of Jesus and he will steer me in the right direction if I just let go of the wheel. There is a song by The Newsboys that I love called “I am Free”. If you haven’t heard it listen to it. It’s about through all things Jesus sets us free. The chorus is I am free to run. I am free to dance. I am free to live for you. I am free!!! That is what I want to be free!!! And through Jesus I am! I may struggle but I am free!!!!

    • Sherry Leilani Allinger says:

      Jesus please help Sheri in her business endeavors. Sheri, I appreciate that in light of your fear you are looking to Jesus. Blessings Sherry

  16. Sherry Leilani Allinger says:

    The blogs are really interesting. I’m glad P31 does this! Question – I’ve posted a few times on the blog page and I select ‘Send Email Notification Whenever a new comment is posted’, but I never get any emails with regards to the posts on the blogs. I’m using my mail account. I’ve checked my spam folder and nothing is in there either. Is there something else that I need to set in order to get email notifications? Blessings Sherry

  17. I don’t have a blog so I guess I will write here, I don’t have a story to tell about my life that is sad. So I will tell about the life God has given me I have never been in deep addiction, but what I have done is turn my back on God when I was in my late 20s early 30s & decided I could live my life on my own without God leading me. I didn’t do anything wrong I was a good person, even though I walked away from God he didn’t walk away from me, I didn’t have any major changes or problems in my life to bring me back. It was like God called to me one day & said okay Karen I have let you have your way so now it is time to come back & try it My way so thank God I listened . Has my life changed yes thing are brighter I am much happier do I have problems of course but I have a God who never left me I have been back waling with my Lord for 25 years now & they are the best years yet

  18. I just got my book and decided to read it while I sat in the salon. Big mistake. I’m in tears while sitting under the dryer. Derwin really gets it, he truly understands the debilitating power fear has over lives.

    I decided to put the book away until after my appointment is done. But I will be reading it as soon as I get home. What a powerful word this man has. What a powerful testimony. Thank you, wonderful women, for revealing this gem yo us.

  19. Hello! This is my 3rd online study, yay! Sadly, my first attempt at OBS was not exactly successful… I can’t even recall the name of it ( I must have “blocked” it out…) I just finished the Wendy Blight “Living So That” study and loved it! Encouraged… I decided to try this one as well:-) I’m pretty sure my label is”afraid” because I’m not even comfortable posting a comment(lol)… Looking forward to being part of this study. Thank you, Blessings and hugs!

  20. Christa says:

    This seems appropriate to share here…
    Last night at dinner some women in their 30s sat at the table next to my Dad and the boys and I. They were cussing a blue streak loudly and with no regards to my small boys. It was uncomfortable to say the least. I sat there
    every once in a while glancing at Jackson who was transfixed on the table as they threw around their swear words (the really really bad ones).
    God then started nudging me. No God I’m not ready for this. They are angry.
    Then He started poking me. Please God not now. I don’t want a scene.
    Then He said do it NOW.
    I leaned over to the woman sitting to my right and I said can I talk to you
    a minute? She said sure and leaned in real close. I could smell the alcohol
    on her breath. I told her my heart was pounding but I really needed to share
    something God had placed on my heart. She said what’s that? I said He wanted
    me to tell you that you are worth it and he loves you very much. Immediately
    her demeanor softened. She said oh wow. Thank you ma’am. You have beautiful
    boys. I said thank you and have a blessed evening. As we left she said bless
    you ma’am. Have a good night.
    I learned about me and about others last night. It doesn’t matter if someone
    is being ugly abusive disruptive or nasty. Every person is a loved child of
    God and they desperately need to be reminded of this. Me too. It isn’t them
    we are fighting against it is the principalities, against powers, against
    the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness…
    Ephesians 6:12 Last night I used the full armor of God. The belt of
    truth-God loves you (there is no greater truth then this!), the breastplate
    of righteousness because I have faith in Christ I can speak of God’s love
    with sinless authority, my feet fitted with the Gospel of peace- I did not
    condemn which brought forth peace, I took up my shield of faith – that the
    evil one’s fiery arrows would be extinguished in front of my boys, the
    helmet of salvation is my claim because I have been saved by grace, and,
    finally, the sword of the Spirit my weapon, for the Spirit directed me not
    to justice but to love.

    • Lorraine says:

      That was wonderful . It is awesome what God can do with us if we allow Him to take over. It was encouraging to read your comment. Thank you for sharing.

    • Tammy Haymon says:

      Wow. Thank you for sharing this and being courageous enough to say something and wise enough to know what to say without being condemning. I needed that reminder from Ephesians about who we are fighting against. Awesome insight!

    • This is so awesome. I literally thought back about David and Goliath when I read about that courageous act that God put on your heart. God bless you!

  21. SHARE IT: Let’s Hear Your Story:
    Here is how my story begins ; when I was 19 years old I found the Lord and asked Him to be my personal Savior, I went on to help lead our youth group at the church I was attending, after that I left Ohio to attend a christian college in Indiana, where I earned a scholarship to play volleyball. My life long goal and desire was to play volleyball for the USA Olympic volleyball team. I was thriving at school, loving life, making great friends, had never felt closer or more committed to my relationship with God. I was growing in my walk, and I was sharing God’s message everywhere. My walk with God, kind of made me the blacksheep with my family none of them had given their life over to Christ so they didn’t understand the changes that I was making in my life. Still I felt very strong, and believed God could and would use me as a tool to lead my family to Him, if I just remained faithful. Then one night while playing in a game, I dove after a ball, my eyes were completely focused on the ball and reaching it, I never noticed the cement wall that I was getting ready to crash into. In a blink of an eye my college career was over, my right knee was crushed and I immediately was in surgery, undergoing a complete knee reconstruction, back in 1981 recovering from a surgery like this was not an easy task, or as quick as you can today. I spent almost a full year in one of those big heavy white plaster cast, unlike now they didn’t change the cast every couple weeks, nor did they put you in the knee brace like now so you can start intense therapy sooner. Since I would not be able to physically play the next season, I ended up losing my scholarship, it went to a student who could play. Not only was I facing my career being over, I was also looking at the possibility of having to drop out of school, because I did not have the fiances to pay for school. I didn’t understand why this was happening, or what God’s plan was with all of this, but I did know my heart was very heavy and crushed, somehow I had to find a way to accept my dreams, may not be God’s dreams or plans for my life. EVERYTHING I had worked so hard for since I was 8 yrs old, all the workouts, all the pain, tears, pushing myself sometimes beyond my limits, all the long hours of practices basically were for nothing at least that’s what I was feeling. I was angry, but I believed in God’s promises I held on to several key verses Phil.1:6, Phil 4:13, and Isaiah 41:10. God did work out for me to stay in school, the financial aid counselor found other scholarships I qualified for, and denotions came in for me from the church. So one dream survived while the other one remained in limbo. So my faith was shaken but not destroyed, well not with this trial but … More time went by rehab was tough but going well, I would get my knee back where I could play the sport I loved, just not on the competion level of college ball or olympic ball, that dream would forever be shattered, I later found out as much as that hurt, it could not compare to the pain that was yet to come. I struggled with all of this I began question God, why would he take away what I had worked so hard for ? Remember I said the pain yet to come … Early one morning I received a call from my sister, her only words were Rick’s dead, he killed himself this morning. Rick was my older brother, who I admired so very much. We worked out together, he pushed me, he encouraged me, he was at everyone of my games, he believed in me, and helped me believe in myself. Remember when I said I was the blacksheep of the family because of my beliefs, Rick maybe didn’t agree or understand, but he never treated me any differently, he defended me, when others were bullying me, he loved me unconditionally. He was my hero. It didn’t make since to me any of it, everyone loved him, he was just beginning to achieve all of his goals, just started a new job, bought a new car, was dating a new girl. He hid his pain and demons so well, I never saw or dreamed this would ever happen. I was in so much pain, and then seeing the pain my parents were experiencing. I could not comprehend how God was going to use this for good. I became so angry, and I remember looking up at heaven and screaming at God, if this is the kind of God you are then I want no part of you, on that very day I turned my back on God, I stopped going to church, I stopped praying to Him, I stopped getting into my bible, I sunk into such a deep depression, all I kept thinking was if you weren’t strong enough to want to live, how am I going to be. I stopped going to class, I got mixed up with the wrong crowd, dropped out of school, never got mixed up in drugs or alcohol, however I stopped working out, stopped taking care of myself, I turned to food for comfort gained over a 100 pounds, got married to a man I didn’t love, who abused me in every way possible, cheated on me multiple times. Through it all, I could hear God trying to talk to me, trying to reach me, and bring me back to him, I was to stubborn, still to angry, refused to listen, this went on for 30 yrs, through those 30 years, I had a failed marriage, got remarried, let my priorities get all messed up, I put my job above everything else, I’m a perfectionist so I would spend many hours at work, and even when I was home, I wasn’t because I would either be on the phone with work, or leaving to go back to work,in my mind, my job defined me, it was who I was. Istill chose to ignore God, even though I could feel Him all around me. He never forsake me, He never gave up on me. There were many signs of Him telling me I needed to slow down, I needed to listen to Him, but once again I chose to ignore the warnings. On Jan. 18, 2011 I was involved in a horrible multi car accident, I was in bad bad shape. I died twice, and was brought back, my injuries included : a fractured pelvis, a crushed chest, my right ankle was facing backwards, my left ankle was crushed, my right knee was crushed, broken ribs, collasped lung. I went through 5 different surgeries on my ankles, 1 knee surgery, had to have a heart pacemaker put in I was in so much physical pain. I was laid up, where I could do nothing for myself and I do me literally nothing, I was in a wheelchair, on oxygen 24 -7 . My doctors told my husband they didn’t think I would ever walk again, and if I did I would have a serious permanant limp. I survived the accident, but I had a long hard road ahead of me to recover. Because of my condition, I definately had plenty of time on my hand, my car accident forced me to slow down. I spent many many quiet days alone. It was just me silence, and pain. I had so many doubts running through my head, I didn’t think I could do it, I wanted to give up and quit. One day in the silence, I heard God’s voice as clearly as He was standing right next to me, saying I’m right here, let me help you. This time I didn’t ignore Him, I remember crying out to Him ok you win, you win I need you in my life, I can not do this without you, I am so lost without you. Tears streaming down my face, in so much pain, I felt calmness, peace, at that very moment I knew I was going to be ok, I knew I was going to make it, and I would walk again. Don’t get me wrong there were still many times the pain got so great, the work was so hard, that my human nature wanted so desperately to quit, to give up. Each time I got to that point God would either lead me to a passage, or bring someone into my life to help me go on.In fact through all of this I got to meet another person I admire for his play on the field, and his committment and devotion to his relationship with God. I got to meet my favorite baseball player from my favorite team and have developed an amazing friendship with him and his family including his brother who is an amazing christian singer. ok ok who am I talking about : my favorite player is none other then Matte Diaz, and his brother is Jonny Diaz. To put an end to this story my relationship with God, my husband, my friends is stronger then ever. My priorities are where they should be. I have found a wonderful church that I am involved with, I’m in constant communication with God, I am back to doing a daily quiet time, getting in His word everyday. Proud to say, I am walking and I only have a slight limp when I get tired. I am not pain free, and unfortunately never will be until I get to heaven. But because of God never giving up on me, loving me unconditionally I beat the odds. God has been able to use my scars both physically and mentally to open doors to share his message with people who need to hear it. HE NEVER GIVES UP ON US OR LETS GO OF US, EVEN WHEN WE DO HIM.!

    • Thanks for sharing this story. Its really a blessing. It shows that sometimes God lets us get to the end of ourselves but still never leaves us and in those moments he shows himself strong and glorified. You are blessed.

    • Pam Handy says:

      Wonderful testimony! You are very encouraging. Thank you for sharing your story. You showed me that no matter what we go through God is right there if we just reach out to him. Glad to hear he drew you back himself and you are involved in a good church. God’s Blessings on your life. 🙂

  22. Anne Brown says:

    I AM doing the on-line Bible study through Proverbs 31 Ministries with the book “Limitless Life” by Derwin L. Gray. The emphasis is because this is the second one I signed up for, the first one I completed the book myself but unsubscribed from the Bible study. There is definitely no chance or coincidence in the timing of this study in my life.
    I love to read. And I have read and read so many books that have helped me in healing over the past few years, old scars and newer wounds. But I can see God using this study to take me over that line of theory and into practice. Showing how well He knows me, reminding me of how faithful He has been, and convicting me of the things that He wants for me.
    It took me half the day today to start because of “afraid” coming out. Afraid that I wouldn’t do the “Map It” right, who would see? Afraid that I wouldn’t have anything worth really leaving in a comment on someone’s blog. I have been intrigued on the idea of blogging, but now with a chance…
    It is much easier to look at the older “afraid” labels and know that even if I haven’t totally removed the labels they are peeling off, and in some cases completely. But how sneaky is our enemy to watch for a place to try and place a new label while we are focused on another?
    I am encouraged and excited by this, looking forward to growing bolder in sharing things I’m sure others have been through and how God IS faithful to us. To offer that same comfort that He has comforted me with.

  23. Christa says:

    Wow Traci. Wow. Your testimony is a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  24. I read some of the posts on here and you ladies are truly amazing! To let God work in your lives like that and completely turn everything around.

    I am going to be 100% real with you ladies! which is a big step for me because I have trust issues.

    I tend to have a hard time completely letting go and trusting God 100%, I guess I am afraid of the unknown. I think that if I try to control as much as I can then the less surprises will come out. But I only wind up mad and frustrated, and questioning why I even bother and that I should just give up. Some days I used to, I would just lie in bed and think i am worthless and why am I even here?

    Then God called me to Him (this is the third time, I tend to walk away from Him. Cause it feels like no matter how hard I try I am not pleasing Him and I bring Him only sadness.) but this time when He called me back it was different. It felt different. Like it felt as if He was going to stick with me, like I felt him next to me (I still feel him next to me). Kinda like He is holding my hand saying, “we are going to do this together. I’m not going to leave you and you will finally get to know Me.” He did it in time for this Study to start and He was pulling me toward this study, and He knew I desperately needed this study.

    I read chapter one and wrote down the things that I am afraid of and I burned the list and it was an amazing feeling. I was no longer afraid of the things on the list and I was starting anew and I knew God would help me with it. And then I read chapter two and almost cried (I am not a very emotional person). I had the biggest revelation ever! I didn’t realize how much God loved us, that He bought and paid for us with His Son. When I read over that court room scenario it truly amazed me that that is what Jesus does on our behalf, and that God forgives us so easily no matter what we have done.

    It was a really big week for me. I never quite got that from the Bible. I knew in my head what God did, that He sent Jesus to die for us. But I have never really felt it in my heart until today. So I have to say thank you to Proverbs 31 and the leaders for doing this study and to Derwin Gray for writing the book, and to God for doing everything He did to get me to read and finally feel His true love.

    • Charlene says:

      Thank you for being so real and honest!! God is good and faithful to draw you to Himself…I believe that you are going to experience Him in such real ways!! <3

  25. Just want to thank you for explaining “map-it”. That is something that I definitely will try.

  26. Trish Krieger says:

    Okay ladies, I am looking for encourement. In my heart I have so much to say I am just having a hard time getting it out on writing or even where to start. I love reading everyone comments and good everyone is at expressing theirselved. Looking for pray so I can share my past and how God is working in my heart


    • Anne Brown says:

      Trish, that was a perfect first step. I will definitely be praying for you and having the specifics of what you are needing (encouragement, the words of expression, to be able to share) will help to do that. What a gift the Spirit is to help us say just the right thing when we don’t even know what to say.

  27. Latasha says:

    My label is angry women. So I act angry all the time and grieve.

  28. Kim Smith says:

    In the Valley of Sheep

    I am definitely in the valley right now. I have learned over the past few months so much how to depend on God and to make Him my source. There have been times that I guess wonder about a situation and I can not figure out what to do or the issue is too great for me and I surrender it to God and He makes it well. I have learned that I don’t have to be afraid to trust God and the plan He has for my life. He has a good plan and I plan on walking it out. At times, I do feel unnoticed but when I feel discouraged God has a way of encouraging me and lifting my eyes back on Him. From reading the two chapters, I feel better about who I am and I am really getting in my heart Whose I am. I am being set free from things that were holding me back.

  29. Trish K. praying for you. I have the same problem about writing. I have so much I could share. Also, my husband does not want me putting anything over the internet except the God project.I know you will get the encouragement you need. God bless! I love you sister.

  30. Tammy Haymon says:

    I chose No. 1 – Verse Mapping with our Memory Verse this week.
    In Him we are being built together into a dwelling place where God lives by His spirit. -Ephesians 2:22
    The word “together” caught my attention and I began to think – together as God is building me inside into a place worthy for God to live or “together” with someone else?
    After reading the whole chapter and several versions, I learned that God is building us Gentiles together with the Jewish nation into His household and His family because of Christ’s blood! We (Jews and Gentiles alike) are welcome into God’s kingdom because of the precious blood of Christ. We are together with God’s chosen! There is no difference. That’s how much He loves and cares for us. No fear or addiction or nationality or ANYthing can keep him from loving us and including us in His covenant. It’s our choice. God is so awesome!

  31. I want to be free. In 2005 I went to rehab in Florida and couldn’t have been given a better gift. I should have died 2x when I was using and I’m still here. I have been tru counseling and meetings and spoke
    With others but what jumped out at me is “I am free”. I have heard this song, I have heard people say it but for some reason now, right now, I am not a recovering addict, I am free! I may slip, as I have ( not always with a drug but with attitude that I used to have or habit) and reading this – yes my guilt eats at me as I try to be perfect (which I know I can’t be – another habit to conquer) but hearing I am forgiven forever! Wow so I am forgiven, I was under the impression that if I keep messing up Jesus will not be here. He will only forgiven so much. Thinking of being on trial is insane to me, that pictured in my mind and it’s a new sight!!!
    It took courage to ask for help, it took courage to get it, to return home and fight to keep it (which 6 months later I succeeded now for years – 7 to be exact). Now I want to feel the true freedom that haunts me day in and day out. God forgives me!!! I know he has a reason I’m here! I can’t wait to read more on how to hold on to this feeling. Thank you.

    • Yes, Mary! God has a plan and a purpose for YOU! I am rejoicing with you tonight! YOU ARE FREE!! Keep pressing in and pressing on, sister! The Bible says when we draw near to Him, He draws near to us. I’m praying that as you continue seeking Him, He will continue to speak to your heart and everything that’s been holding you back, every chain that has held you captive, will be broken in Jesus’ name!

  32. Wow. So many amazing stories shared here. I am going to have to work through more of these over the weekend! Thank you ladies for sharing.

  33. In the Valley of Sheep
    Right now I am in the valley. I have struggled to leave my worries and give it to God. I am trusting Him more as I go on this journey to completely trust in God to provide for all my needs and for all situations. I know whose I am and have began to see God’s work in me. I want to be more encouraging to others, especially those who have gotten lost. I have felt unnoticed at times when I get discouraged but God directs me to a path right where I need to be and gives me the encouragement needed. From reading both chapters I am seeing a better person in me that is beginning to break free from the labels that have held on to me for so long.

  34. Topic 3
    I’m still trying to get a really messy break up. I had an affair with my friends husband. He in turn had an affair while with me. I confronted the other. It turns out she attends my old church. She was unaware about me. He denied my existence to both her and her now ex wife. This whole situation has put me in that valley were labels do not cease to pour. I betrayed so many my self my friend and most importantly God. I have a hard time forgiving me and him. I have a hard time understanding why the new girlfriend forgave and went back with him after I told her everything he did. He is not a believer. I have a hard time understanding why she and I were willing to give up our belief in God to be with him. This is when all my labels come flashing back. He was the first one to make me feel pretty, smart, skinny, worthy, caring, good, confident, assertive and superwoman. Now Of course all that turned out to be lies. How do I come back to the place of forgiveness and, allow God to forgive me and let the truth in. If all those were lies, what is the truth? What do I have left to live? I confessed to my friend and she said she forgave me. But why can’t I? When can I feel like David? When will my anger leave me?

    • Charlene says:

      Your identity is based on what Christ says about you…there is no human out there that will make you happy! I am a happily married woman, I have a great husband…a true blessing from God!! <3 However, I also have come to realize that he is not my true source of happiness. Christ is my joy, what he says about me is truth!! He loves me unconditionally, I am forgiven, I am faultless and holy, I am His dwelling place. He has chosen me. The same is all true about you! If you have confessed your sin to Him, You are forgiven!! period….His blood covers you and He remembers your sin no more, no matter how great or small! Go to Him and really allow Him to speak to your heart!! Get grounded in the truth of what He says about you, don't look to a man to make you feel special! You already are special!! The proof is that Christ shed His blood for you, to redeem you from the pit, from hell! You are His!! <3

  35. What a blessing to read through these comments. Thank you to all who have shared. So many of the thoughts written related to forgiving ourselves spoke to me. I, too, often allow my mind to return to thoughts of old, to beat myself up for things I’ve done, etc. But, we must remember to take every thought captive and to say no to the father of lies, who wants nothing more than to stop our growth. He is angry because he knows he can toy with us, but he cannot have us once we have come to Christ and are saved by the blood of Jesus. Nothing can snatch us out of the hand of the Father! I love this book, Limitless Life. Written at a level that is true and simple and not written above our heads and understanding. Just wanted to express how thankful I am.

  36. Trust has been a stumbling block for me for as long as I can remember. I have always been reluctant to confide in my friends, husband, or family members while on the inside I was begging to be heard and understood. It is challenging for me to turn my fears and doubts over to God. This obs is helping me to accomplish that, for which I am beyond grateful. I am gaining a deeper understanding of his love and how he has always been present, even when I was at my greatest despair. Many tears have been shed and it is only the first week.

    • Wow! So glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for joining us. Yes, such a challenge, but He is worth it!
      Lauren, P31 OBS blog hop team

  37. Carol Krueger says:


    I am kind of new to blogging and have been trying to add the OBS Blog Hop button to my page but it keeps coming back with an error that it has invalid characters. Can anyone help me figure this out? I use blogger and thought that all I had to do was copy the url from the OBS page, then paste it into the “add my own gadget by url.” Hasn’t worked so far! Thanks for any help!

    Many blessings to all.

    • In order for the blog button to show up, you have to be in hitml mode. On my blog, there is an option that says “compose” or “html”. I usually type in compose, because it doesn’t have all of the hidden characters… but then change into html to copy the button. On the right hand side of the page, underneath the blog button, copy/paste those characters into your blog as html, then when you change to compose, it should show the button graphic.
      Lauren, P31 OBS blog hop team

  38. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am new to online bible study. No idea is I am following this study correctly or missing something. I am however enjoying reading the book….and very tempted to skip ahead … I enjoy reading everyone’s comments too. Anyway…looking fwd to week 2 …:)

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Hi everyone! I can relate to so many here, especially Kelly. I to grew up being told I was a mistake and worthless. I am also having a very hard time in my marriage, I guess because I keep looking to my husband to make me happy. I have a very hard time with trust, which has been a HUGE barrier between me and God. I’m afraid He will let me down like others in my life. I have managed to push pretty much everyone away with my negativity (depression diagnosis years ago) and bad attitude. I’ve been crying since starting this study, and I truly hope and pray this will be what will break me down so God can continue His work in me.

  40. Leslie wheeler says:

    God saved my husband and our family from addiction. He was addicted to meth…long story short…he gave his life to Christ…and our life is completely different. Praying for anyone being held by Satan’s lies…any addiction can be broken!

  41. Karen Kramp says:

    I missed the deadline for yesterday to post the blog from last week. With end of school year and my son’s birthday, I have been busy. So today was my makeup day for everything and after I typed my blog, I realized, it was too late.…-to-courageous

  42. Bummer…thought the blog hop was open for a week…just got to my blog from last week. Here is a link though!

  43. Hello.This post was extremely interesting, particularly because I was searching for thoughts on this topic last Wednesday.

  44. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!


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