Limitless Life Blog Hop ~ Week 2

Hey friends! It’s Shelly here for our Week 2 Blog Hop! How are you?? Wait, I already know. You girls are AMAZING. 😉

Seriously. These first two weeks have been incredible. And I’m not just talking about the Blog Hop.

The way you share and encourage and love in this space – YOU make this community great.

You are brave, you are strong, and my goodness . . . you are ripping those labels off!

God is transforming our stories. He is gifting new beginnings and restoring hope! He is healing brokenness and redeeming what has been lost! He is taking what the enemy meant for evil and preparing to use it for good!

He is nourishing dry and weary souls with the beautiful, life-giving, life-sustaining truth of His Word!

He is changing our mess into a masterpiece! And no matter the size of that messy place you find yourself in, God can and will take what the enemy has meant to harm you with and use it for good!

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If you can’t see the message from Shelly above, click here.

I could go on and on and on but I can’t wait another minute to hear what YOU have to say. This is your day to lead, remember? Your day to stand in front of the class and share from your heart. I know God is going to use your words for good. I just know it.

Let’s get this party started.

A few ways you can participate are:

  • Link to your blog (if you have one) after writing about one of this week’s topics
  • Pick one (or more) blog(s) to read and leave some encouraging comments
  • Choose one of this week’s topics and write about it in the comment section

(For those of you linking your blogs, we do have a few rules to follow so that things stay neat, tidy and relevant. If you have any questions about what to do or how to do it, click here to read the Blog Hop 101 post. )


Also, don’t forget our amazing Facebook event happening tonight! Here’s what you can expect:

Mess to Masterpiece and Orphan to Adopted – nothing is outside of God’s amazing transformative power! Join Proverbs 31’s Online Bible Study Team for Rev It Up as we “Marinate” in God’s word in the fast moving hour of online Bible study with practical application, encouragement and fellowship! When? Thursday, June 5th at 8pm ET.


Things to bring:
• Your Bible
• Limitless Life book
• Notecards (5 just in case)
• Pen
• Paper/journal
• Highlighter
Click here to join —> RSVP to Rev It Up Live on June 5th


Now, here are the topics for Week 2: {The names in BOLD are suggested titles.}

NOTE: Please specify which topic you chose, by either using the suggested title OR adding the Topic # somewhere in your post.

1. MAP IT ~ Ephesians 2:10 ~ Expand our weekly verse using various study methods (verse mapping, word studies, etc.). (Click here to learn more about verse mapping from our awesome friend Heather Bleier or copy the following into your browser:

2. SNAP IT ~ God desires to be our friend, and longs for us to be in fellowship with Him and fellow believers. We’d love to see a pic of 1) you in fellowship with your community; or 2) your quiet time with God showing your fellowship with Him.

3. WRITE IT ~ Choose one of the following writing prompts from Chapters 3 & 4 and share something from your heart relating to our study: Spiritual GPS, Deceived Into Doubting, Image Bearer, Humility, The God Without Limits, Marinate on That!

4. SHARE IT ~ Do you have a story or testimony of going From Mess to Masterpiece or From Orphan to Adopted?

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  1. Rene Sloan says:

    Hey guys!
    My blog post is #3. When you click on it, the link will take you to my blog but it says the page was not found. Right underneath that, it has my recent posts. Just click on the one titled Ephesians 2:10 -Week 2 Verse Mapping to read my post!
    I am so sorry. I deleted it and tried to do it again thinking I may have done something wrong, but it is still giving that message.
    Thank you all so much, and I look forward to reading your posts!
    Have a great day! 🙂

    • Hi Rene, I think I might know what the problem is. I’m a new blogger and when I first went to do my link today (I’m #4) it wasn’t bringing up my photos from the post so I knew something was up. I noticed the permalink had a … in it. So just click that section and then you can copy the whole link. Then when you go to put in the link address type you site name (example: and then paste the part of the permalink you just copied. Hopefully that helps 🙂

    • Hi Rene! I’ll let our super smart and helpful tech girl, Kristi, know about your issue and see if she can help! 🙂 We will get it worked out for you!

  2. I just finished reading Blog #5! I am writing with tears that so touched my heart. Every word was so true for me. I need to wake up each morning and not see the bags and wrinkles but the Masterpiece that God created. And seek my purpose for that day.

    • Amen, Donna! Me, too! I’m praying that you’ll soon realize the masterpiece God has created you to be! Have a great Thursday. Emily

    • So glad you were encouraged here in the blog hop today, Donna! I love how God uses all these words from so many different places to help and encourage and build each other up! You are God’s masterpiece!! 🙂

  3. I often struggle to see myself at all. I go thru the routine every morning but without really seeing myself in the mirror. I don’t really think about it because my life is so emotionally and mentally challeging. (My husband never uses my name nor does he acknowledges me as an individual) Kind of sad that even in my quiet time I am fearful to really bask in His, Gods love. I know that God is wanting me to see myself the way he sees me. May I take the time and pause long enough to know that I am Gods masterpiece and He does have a plan and purpose for ME. 🙂

    • Kelly N says:

      Lisa, I am so sorry you feel this way. I have had my own marital troubles this past year. If I had not been the strongest I have ever been spiritually I do not think our marriage would have made it through it. Through my forgiveness my husband saw a change in me and it has brought Him closer to God and closer to me.
      I encourage you to read Chapter 4 if you haven’t. If you have, try reading it again and really study it. I pray that by the end of this book you will see the truths and find your identity in Him, God the Father, whether you see a change in your husband or not. I pray for his heart as well. That he will discover God’s love through you and see you as a treasure to be had.

    • Hi Lisa, I am saying a prayer for you this morning and asking God to draw near to you today as you draw near to Him . . . that you might know how great and deep His love for you is! His thoughts for you are too numerous to count, you are the apple of His eye, and He is rejoicing over you with singing even now!! You are God’s masterpiece!

    • Oh, Lisa, my sweet sister, do not let any person – — never ALLOW any person to devalue your worth. You are a true treasure, not an accident. Not a mistake, not invisible. But a sweet “poem” that God gathered together, and he created in you, not just value, but gifts and talents. So much is inside of you… gentleness, kindness, love, worth, special gifts that only you can wrap up and offer to others. Put your shoulders back, love your husband as Christ loves YOU! If he still does not take the blinders off, it is not you, it is something God must do in him. Pray for healing of his wounds. Pray that he will see how much he should love and honor you, as you do that for him.

  4. Aw, those messy moments. THIS morning was one example. There’s a bunch going on at work right now (not all bad; just a lot of stuff!) and I leave on vacation in two days. Too much happening – my brain is having problems slowing down and i can “feel” that my emotions are going to start leaking onto other people soon. Thank you Lord for reminding me to STOP – concentrate on you – before running to those to-do lists; God will help me remember what I need to do. Quieting my heart and listening to God is much more valuable than permitting my brain to fly around on the hamster wheel!

  5. Danessa says:

    Well I guess mine would be going from orphan to adopted. My dad and I in my younger years had a very trying relationship so there are many resentments that I still need to work on letting go of. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad. It’s just we did not have one of those relationships where I have fond memories. No teaching me how to ride a bike, going to a father-daughter dance, being there for important milestones…. I tell myself that he was the best father he knew how to be but it doesn’t always help. Well I am blessed to even have him around today because 20 years ago he had to have a heart transplant so reality is he shouldn’t even be here by worldly standards. Then we had a scare last year where a minor surgery almost cost him his life. A big part of our struggle has always been my stepmother who I promise at times is still very conniving and well to keep the peace I have just learned to say nothing. It leaves me at times however feeling very defeated. My dad likes to think we are one big happy family and it has gotten harder to play along so lately I just limit my contact which in turn makes me feel really guilty. I have a sister who lives in Georgia who manages to see my dad and stepmother more than I do and I live much closer. (5 hour drive for me verses 9 hours for her). I drive close enough to them sometimes to stop through but will often hide the fact that I am even traveling that direction to avoid going to the house. I committed myself recently that I would start going back to spend Father’s Day weekend with him. After reading chapter 4 I thought that if Derwin could forgive his father and have a loving relationship then I could certainly do better myself. I called my dad and asked if he had any plans the day before Father’s Day and he said no. I said well good because I am going to be your sugar mamma for a day!. He started laughing and said “oh really. You are?” I said yeah we are going to go get you a suit and then do lunch. We both cracked up at the whole sugar mamma concept and exchanged a few words about why I could only be his sugar mamma for one day a year but he was really excited. I hung up the phone looking forward to my date with my father. No longer feeling like an orphan but grateful for the opportunity and relationship I have today.

    • Danessa ~ I am so excited that Derwin’s testimony encouraged you to reach out to your dad! I am praying for you this morning . . . that God would heal those places still tender from your childhood and enable you to love and forgive your dad. Also, that you would know the unconditional, unending, amazing love Father God has for YOU. “See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!” 1 John 3:1

  6. Love your video Shelly! I completely understand about those emotional high school graduations. It is beautiful to watch our children grow and sprout wings, but so stressful as well. Watching them make mistakes as they mature into young adults is a tough thing as a mommy who wants to fix everything. We just have to remember God will turn their Messes into Masterpieces exactly as He has ours :).

    • Good morning Candace. You are so right. I want to shield my senior from anything negative out there. He has a really strong faith (thank You Lord!) and I have to remind myself of exactly what you stated: God WILL turn his messes into Masterpieces.
      Father, thank You for being in control. Remind us of that when we want to fix everything for our children. You are such an awesome God and we love You! In Your Son’s Name I pray, Amen.

    • Thank you for this reminder, Candace! 🙂

  7. Kelly N, THANK YOU so much for your encouraging words!! I agree with you. If I was not spiritually stronger ( than I was a year ago ) I would not be making it. I will read chapter 4 and really study it. Forgiveness, yes, yes,yes! Once again I must continue to forgive, and maybe, God willing my husband will draw closer to The Lord and even if my husbands heart is not changed I need to find my identity in Him. Thank You!

  8. Melissa says:

    Shelly, You are awesome! Love your posts. I am really enjoying the Limitless Life study. 🙂

    • I am loving it too, Melissa.
      Good morning God! Father, be with Melissa and me as we go about our day. Thank You for bringing us to this awesome study and use it to help us grow in our knowledge and understanding of You. Help us Lord, to keep our hearts and minds focused on You minute by minute. In Your Wonderful Son’s Name I pray, Amen.

    • Thank you, Melissa! 🙂 So glad you are enjoying the study!

  9. Erica E says:

    Wonderful prayers Terry thank you for encouragement. I truly feel a change in me. I really feel God is removing the labels. The last few days I have enjoyed just sitting and reading. Something that I am not known to do Really I think God is quieting me to prepare me for what is yet to come. Please Lord find the right buyer for our Townhouse Let them enjoy the blessings that we have preserved in that home soon.

    • Dear Erica, what a kind prayer to pray. Each house or place that we have lived I have always prayed blessings over the house and in each room, especially my children’s rooms. But when we moved I never gave a second thought to the next owner; hopefully those blessings poured over them as well. I will remember your prayer.
      Father, please bring the right buyer to Erica’s townhome. Let them enjoy the blessings that You poured over and Erica’s family preserved in the house that was truly a home. If it is Your will, let it be sooner rather than later, Lord.
      In Your Precious Name we pray, Amen.
      Thank you Erica- I hope you have a happy day!

  10. Lorraine says:

    I would like to share a story. My last visit with my dad was hard. He was dying and my sister had told the nurses I wasn’t his daughter. I didn’t know this was going to happen so I didn’t have my birth certificate with me. It took 3 hrs. to get that straighten out. I was getting ready to move from Va. to Al. so I knew this was going to be my last visit. At first I was really mad at this, God reminded me there must be something wrong for her to do this. My dad told me she was jealous of me because she was adopted by my dad. We had the same mother but not the same dad. After the move, I had gotten news he was not expected to live more than a month. I didn’t know anyone, had no church family, and didn’t know how to get anywhere. I was going to try to go up with my daughter one last time. She hadn’t seen him for a long time. We were going to stay there until he passed. My sister told me, in front of my dad she would make sure we couldn’t go to the funeral , if we did that. She would schedule it for 3 weeks later so we couldn’t stay. My dad passed away a few hours after that call. At the funeral, I introduced myself as my dad’s youngest daughter. I was told I wasn’t that my sister told me she was the only daughter he had . This was said to me by a few of my dad’s friends. He lived in Pa. and I lived in Va. so I didn’t know a lot of his friends. This whole thing turned me into a mess. I already felt like an orphan since my mom had already passed. I loved my dad and had wished I could have been able to get his grand daughter to visit more. She had been going to college in Al.. I also was very hurt that my sister would tell anyone that lie that I wasn’t his daughter. It took me a really long time to completely forgive her. I tried to approach her about this but her response was “I was dead”. Everytime I would forgive her then I would remember something else she had done. Finally, I emailed her a letter. I needed to ask her forgiveness for getting so mad when she had done this to me. It was wrong of me. After I apologized for that anger . I felt so much better. My relationship with God grew and I had a peace in my heart. I am dead to my sister but that is ok. I have God and my own family to give me the support and love I need. I also, have a church family now who is there for me when I need help for life’s situations. God is so good.

    • Dear Lorraine, my heart goes out to you. I am so happy that you chose to listen to God, a lesson I need to remind myself. It reminds me of a statement from Chapter 4: “I no longer wanted to limit my life when the limitless love of God was available to me.” That statement has spoken volumes to me, and you actually lived it!
      Father God, I just want to thank You with my whole heart for Lorraine, Your precious child. Thank You for guiding her to move forward into Your limitless love. Thank You Lord, so much, for flooding her heart with Your peace. Fill her days with the joy and happiness that only YOU can provide Lord, and let her be an example to others going through similar pain. We love You and praise You God!
      In Your Son’s Name I pray, Amen.

    • Lorraine, I am so sorry for this hard place you have had to walk through. Thank you for sharing your testimony and how you have been able to find God’s peace, love and hope by being obedient to His prompting to ask for forgiveness from your sister. He IS a good God! So glad you are a part of the OBS community!

  11. Although it’s been 17 years since I was robbed,July 26, 1997, at gun point at approximately 11:25 am at the trunk of my car in a neighborhood grocery store parking lot I will never forget that experience. It was when God brought me to Himself, and used me in the courtroom to witness to the man who had robbed me. I gave him and the other two men in the car during the robbery a Bible. I went from Afraid to Courageous

    • What a wonderful testimony! Very courageous of you to let God move in your life like that-something that Satan mean to steal your confidence and cause fear, opened the door for much more. Thanks for sharing! <3

  12. This is the first blog hop I have participated in. I finally got all caught up with the reading, and something about this week’s verse just spoke to me. I am also really enjoying reading other’s blogs. You ladies are all so thought-provoking and inspiring. <3

  13. Kim Smith says:

    From Orphaned to Adopted

    For me I am so grateful for the Lord becming my Dad. It took a while for me to get there but I learned that God loves me and will not abandone me. I grew up without my mom and dad. My dad left me when I was 6 years old and I never had a relationship with him before he left. My mom was mentally ill since she was 18 and became worse after some time and she because too ill to take care of me. So I lived with my aunt and because she went going through an abusive marriage and working, she couldn’t give me to love and time that I needed. Growing up, this was hard because I felt rejected and no purpose. Over some time God revealed himself to me and showed me that He loved me and sent others to show Godly love towards me. He took the isolation and neglect and made me feel loved and accepted. I also thank God that I wasn;t with my parents because it no telling what would have happened to me if I did and how I would have turned out. Being with my aunt would have been the mostly likely “better” situation even though I went through with her. Now I know that I don’t have to fee lalone that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me.

    • I am sorry you had to go through that, but you never have to feel alone again. Flesh will always fail us, but nothing will ever erase God’s love for us. <3

  14. I am in a serious mess through some of my own doing and with some circumstances beyond my control. The enemy is trying to torment me with fear, worry, and doubt; however, I am believing that God will turn this mess into a masterpiece. Please pray for me. Thank you!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Lord I just lift each of these wonderful ladies upto You right now. I ask Father that You would wrap Your loving arms around them all, show them how much each of them mean to You. Thank you YHWH for bringing us together as sisters in Christ to learn to love one another and support each other as we all learn who we are in You! In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  16. Arlene Pearson says:

    Hi, can I join even if I don’t have a book?
    was hopin to have one by now but I’v been wearing my favorite cap (of percrastination)
    when do you have the study & what time?

    • Arlene,
      Welcome! We are on week 2 of this study and we are doing 2 chapters a week from the book. You really need the book for the study, but you can for sure follow along on the blog, you just won’t have all of the information like you would from the book. I would encourage you to order the book if you haven’t-it is a good one. The best thing about P31 is that you can choose when and where and to what extent you participate. You’ll love it! <3

  17. Cathy Lentz says:

    Love what you said in the video. Everyone feels that way and I agree we just need to pause and listen. It’s just not real easy to do. Thanks.

    • I heard on Klove today that everyone is always saying things like “if I could only get through this day” or “if I can make it to the weekend” and that by doing so, we are missing God’s glory in each day. Th that speaker was so right. It is easy to keep or eyes focused on a certain day or time, something bigger or better, but what are we missing when we do that? What if God needs our minds, hearts, and bodies in the here and now to mold us, teach us, lead us, and use us? Thanks for the reminder that while it is not always easy, we need to stop and listen and look for what God is going to do in us and through us today! <3

  18. Kim L. (Kimmie) says:

    I believe God makes our ‘messes” into “MESSAGES” stomach aneurysm runs on my Moms side and I was told to have an ultra sound done, I did and Praise God no aneurysm was found, but what was found shocked me.. I have a mass attached to my gallbladder and the gallbladder wall has a thickening around it, the Surgeon says he can not tell if it is cancer or not until my gallbladder is removed, so I believe God is turning my mess into a message, I would never have went in for an ultra sound because I feel good with no pain, but I believe God is showing me something and I have been wearing the label as a “WORRIER” I want to dump that label and put “CONFIDENT” on me. I will not use my energy stressing on what is or what is not, I will use my energy on healing. God is GOOD!

    • Kim,

      So glad you found that out and I am praying for you right now! I am a worrier too. I actually had to face this head on in 2013. I started having chest pain, especially at night, and my mom had a silent heart attack. I was so afraid, I wouldn’t and couldn’t sleep. I spent so much time and money at hospitals and doctors office convinced something was seriously wrong with me. After a year, I found out that it was heart burn/acid reflux from a hiatial hernia and anxiety. I let a not-so-serious medical issue and worry turn my life upside down. Because of this situation though, I gave in and started doing P31 studies, starting with A Confident Heart. I’ve learned to control my anxiety and worry a bit more and I have found such a support system in my Group 24 girls. I cannot imagine my life without them now! God can truly turn any mess into a message and any test into a testimony. <3

  19. Michelle says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying this Bible study; however, I’m finding that taking the time to participate in the blog hop, verse mapping, etc. is a bit much for me. With my demanding full-time job, it doesn’t leave me with much time to participate or get to know you all like I want to. But, nevertheless, I will continue to participate in the Rev It Up online studies.

    I have to share this with you all. Just recently, my past was mentioned and, although, I wouldn’t allow that “label” to stick because I know who I am in Christ, I was hurt that the person would bring it up. I’m not that person way back when but I am dealing with the hurt emotion and just allowing God to heal my heart. I’m thankful that I’m doing this Bible study because it is keeps reminding me about who I am. God bless.

    • Michelle,
      I can understand being a bit overwhelmed with the study, especially if you aren’t someone who has always set aside time for Bible Study (Guilty!). The best part about P31 studies is that you can choose the level at which you feel comfortable participating. I know all of the studies I have done have taught me more about who I am and who I can be through Christ. Praying for the raw emotions your feeling, but so glad you are casting aside those labels! <3

  20. Latasha says:

    I have been labeled by my mom and dad and their families that if you wait on God and believe in him you will never be nothing or have nothing. And they have used curse words. But I step on the crack and break the devil back as I say and proclaim over and over. God has turned those never labels into a masterpiece. I mean I almost believed those labels curse words and curses out their mouths. And I still feel in the pit daily. I been rejected by Christ believers in many churches. And I wait when will that day come when someone will come in person and shake my hand and say I am here for you to bring you out of the pit to the kings palace. I don’t want to contradict myself but one day I claim good days the next day I feel trapped and back in the pit. God is not finished with me yet with us yet. Get
    ready the masterpiece never folds. Amen. Amen. King Jesus !!!

  21. Janet Daniel says:

    Good Evening Shelly, and OBS friends,
    I have been in been in a frozen, motionless state for the last few weeks. I have not even been able to read pass Chapter 2. My sweet angel daughter has been having a lot of health issues lately. We have been to Dr’s every week. I’m not sure if I can catch up. Please pray for her and I know right now I’m a mess but God will help. Today I spent the day in prayer and listening to sermons from Healing Place Church. Then I prayed over my house and blessed the inside and the outside. I will try to catch up later!
    Thank-you everyone!

  22. I wrote on here the other night that I wasn’t sure about my messes were for Gods glory. Well I just found out last night. I was saved when I was a child. I’m not sure I fully comprehended what it meant until adulthood. I lived my life and went through the motions until I met a new neighbor who was a pastor and we joined the church. My husband and I were really involved and excited to be a part of a church family. Unfortunately the church split. We could never find another church we liked and I became cynical. I lived in oblivion knowing I was saved but taking it for granted. I made a huge mistake not teaching my daughters or studying Gods word. Then a few months ago I went to see Gods Not Dead. That movie “woke me up”. It changed me and I began seeking a relationship with God. I started reading the bible to my family. I have been going to church. I joined this bible study and I can’t get enough. I’m trying to learn everything I can. My prayers are more meaningful. Unfortunately the enemy is not to happy with my new life. I have been attacked quite a bit. I get bad thoughts in my mind and I can’t get them out or to stop. My husband just found out he has a serious knee injury and he is in the pit having a pity party. My daughters are resistant to church and bible study. They don’t like my praise music I listen to and they accuse me of not being the same person. They are right I’m not. In spite of all this I feel joy. Yesterday my mind was under attack and I asked my friend. Why?? Why won’t it stop? She thought God was preparing me to help someone or strengthen me. Last night I looked at my evening devotion and it was 1 Peter 1:7. These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold-though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world. I fell on my knees in prayer and I asked God how I could ever thank him enough. He sent that message to me when I was upset over why I was being attacked. There aren’t enough words to express how great our God is. My mind was calmer today. I still had thoughts but I felt stronger to face them and peace knowing God knows what I need to endure to become his masterpiece. Being his adopted child is my greatest joy! Sorry so long. I love this bible study! I am blessed to be a part of it and to get to know and share with all of you! Abba loves us!!! Hallelujah!

  23. Shelley,
    I love the video. It really reasonated with me because I feel I am going through a process in which God is teaching me how to lean on him in every area of my life – no matter how small. I feel like I have to trust God to do everything because I don’t feel like I can do anything on my own. I think I prayed for God to teach me how to depend on him so now I am learning to love on God’s agenda and its so scary and it feels like I am literaly trying to step out into an open ocean. Mastering the messy moments sat well with me because it reminded me that walking with God doesn’t mean I will do everything right, it means I am walking with God and he will teach me how to walk and grow through all the teachable moments in my life and he will be right there to catch me when I fall and I will not utterly be destroyed as long as I keep my eyes on Him and rest in His unfailing love. He is teaching me to be comfortable even with my messes knowing that He makes me perfect, I dont make myself perfect. I believe I am getting stronger and more grounded in Him through the process. Praise God.

    • Kemi, I wish sometimes there was a “like” button here in the blog comments. This is one of those times. LOVED what you shared!! God is going to do so many amazing things and works in you through your obedience to follow and depend on Him! Blessings to you on your journey.

  24. Carolyn Miller says:

    Orphan to Adopted: I carried lots of anger, much more than I realized against my long dead parents – God gave me the gift of healing from that anger during a healing service during an Alpha Project retreat. The healing is a few months old and I’m still experiencing the disorienting feeling of the lack of anger and the lack of weight on my shoulders, the weight of wondering what I’d done wrong. Thank You GOD!

  25. Lynn Fincher says:

    Thank you Shelley great video ..we are all God’s Masterpieces . We just need to believe in Him and He will lead the way…

  26. So missing my time writing for the blog hops!! But God has me in a different season during this study, taking care of some other things, so for now I will be blessed to get to join in the hop solely by reading what all you wonderfully women of God have to share! Thanks everyone for sharing your hearts for Jesus and how he’s working in you during this study!


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