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Today, we’re examining the keys to replacing the label of “Consumer” with a new identity: “Contributor.” In Chapter 7 of Limitless Life, Pastor Derwin writes that we are Christ’s ambassadors. This brought back memories of my days serving as a Student Ambassador in college.

In our role as official ambassadors, we would host functions for future students, special guests, alumni and government officials. We had the honor of representing our student body, and occasionally we’d even travel to other cities to speak on behalf of the university. It took time and preparation, and was an honor and a privilege to promote a cause we believed in to outside constituents.

The same is true in our faith. As Pastor Derwin writes, “Our identity in Christ is so much broader, deeper and richer than we often realize and experience.” In fact, once we have a relationship with Jesus we have a citizenship in Heaven and on earth. We are representing Jesus, the King of Kings, and as His ambassadors, Jesus’ interests become our interests. His passions become our passions. And His mission becomes our mission.Ambassador Definition Screen Shot

So, just what is an ambassador, anyway?

According to my trusted friends on the Internet, an ambassador is a “representative or promoter of a specified activity.” A champion, supporter, backer or booster.

In other words, it’s our job to represent the King of all Kings and stop living for ourselves — which stands in pretty sharp contrast to our inherent selfishness, as we discussed yesterday.

So, how does that work??  Here are the keys:

Keys to Becoming a Contributor LL Ch 7

To summarize, here are the keys to stitching a new label of  “Contributor”:

  1. Know That You Are an Ambassador. Look for ways to represent the King of Kings to our fractured world. It will take time and effort on our part, but it’s an honor and a privilege to champion His cause!
  2. Know That Christ’s Ambassadors Are Controlled by His Love. Our goal is to love others compassionately and completely, as we spread Jesus’ kingdom on earth.
  3. Know That an Ambassador Lives for the Glory of Another. Pastor Derwin doesn’t mince words here as he talks about generously giving back to God a portion of what we’ve been given. He also points out how there are 2,000 verses in the Bible about money, more than any other subject! (Uhm, do you think God has something to tell us on that subject??!)  As Pastor Derwin writes,

    “One of the areas of discipleship the church overlooks is the correlation between how we use money and our spiritual maturity. The more generous we realize Jesus was to us, the more generous we become with our money in the local church.”

  4. Know That Ambassadors Are Reconcilers. Do you awaken with a sense of urgency for your loved ones — for those within your sphere of influence to know Jesus? Pastor Derwin has a great challenge in explaining the message of reconciliation. Christ’s ambassadors “feel deeply that their time, talents, and treasure are to be leveraged so that God’s enemies can be reconciled to God through Jesus … as God’s enemies become His friends.”

SUCH great wisdom here, sweet OBS friends! Let’s keep making the time to invest in our personal Bible study, and glean these nuggets of truth to share with a hurting world! You are an ambassador!

Have a blessed day!

What to do:
Finish Chapter 7 of Limitless Life. Prayerfully consider developing a budget to start giving sacrificially, generously and consistently to your local church.

As you read the “Hands” section (p. 154 paperback), make a list of 10 people within your sphere of influence with whom you can share the message of reconciliation through your prayers and Christ-like actions. Write down one Scripture verse from Chapter 7 (or another one of your choosing) to remind you to pray for them.

We want to hear from you:
After you make your list (above), comment below and tell us, “I’m an ambassador!” As champions and representatives of the King of Kings, share the verse you chose by commenting below and/or in Social Media and tag us! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram … you can even tag me on Twitter, @stephraquel and I’ll re-Tweet some of my faves! I can’t wait to see the verses you choose!

What is one step you can take in the next week toward moving from a life of selfishness to self-lessness? What are the highlights for you from Chapter 7?  Share your thoughts on the blog today!

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  1. Terri Satterwhite says:

    “I’m an ambassador!” – I chose 2 Corinthians 5:15 – “And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him who died for them and was raised again.” One step I can take this week to move to a life of selflessness is to sit down with my husband and reevaluate our giving. We need a concentrated effort to see if our giving pattern reflects honor to His kingdom and not ours.

    • Amen Terri! I have heard from several Christian financial advisors that it is wise to do exactly that – as seasons in your life change – God bless you as you seek to follow His Will ~ Have a blessed day, Dianna, OBS Group 65

    • Love it, Terri!!

      • JeccaAutumn says:

        I was just wondering if you could tell me why some people’s comments have their name and then OBS Group and a #? Is this a small group that they participate in online? Thanks for your help! 🙂

  2. I would like to remember that I am a reconciler. It is much better to be winsome and to encourage others who are seeking than to judge where they may be going wrongly about it. I know people need to understand their own sin in order to realize they need a savior. But I would want to do it like Jesus did with the Samaritan woman. But I’m not Jesus so I see that I might have difficulty. Anyway the woman who led me to Christ was irresistible. She promised peace with God using scripture deftly. I hope I get to have a chance to do this. As of now God is working with me like with Moses on the back forty. I have much to learn from my mistakes.

    • Jan, as God prepares you going forward, when you meet people, just tell your story of God’s saving Grace. As He trains you, those verses will come – but not everyone is used in the same way. I pray God will fill your heart with compassion and boldness so you will have the confidence to speak to those you meet, and they will see Jesus in you. Blessings to you sister as you continue to seek Him. Dianna, OBS Group 65

      • Recently I told my story but I got off on a tangent that was critical of another religion. It pains me to think how I offended someone. That’s why I need to be on the back 40. I at least learned a lesson for the last time, I hope. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Jan, that’s soo sweet and so special that you describe the woman who led you to Christ as “irresistible!” 🙂

  3. I am an ambassador! I’d like to be more of a reconciler for Christ but honestly I am horrible about sharing the Gospel with my non believing circle. I get too wrapped up with what people will think of me and I usually either stay silent or mumble some generic phrases about God’s love (never Jesus’s name). I’ve been working on this and am getting better at overcoming my strong need for approval in other areas of my life but keep my growing relationship with Christ quite hidden. It’s shameful I know.

  4. I am an ambassador! Since we do “map it”, I have started last week to pick a verse I would map, plus the verse given here at obs to map. Its very awesome to see them all linked together. So yesterday when I started reading chapter 7, It mentioned Matt. 6:9…well what I do, is that when a scripture is referenced, I go to that chapter as a whole and read the whole chapter. Then I do a commentary on that chapter…..soooo getting through chapter assignments is pretty long for me lol :). So I took the first verse referenced yesterday of chapter 7 and picked the first verse I had highlighted and made it a “map it” verse for the week. So it is “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it.” (Matt. 6:2) So right now with me being on unemployment, and my husband working, what better way to sow into the kingdom of what I have that is given to me. I know the Lord is constructing something behind the scenes for me, and I have a feeling he’s seeing how I handle the small things for future big things. 🙂 So may the seeds that I sow from this day forward…may be for HIS GLORY and not my own.

    • What a neat way to connect the dots through this study! And how great is our God that this verse comes to you this week! May God bless you sister, as you sow those seeds in obedience to His Word! Dianna, OBS Group 65

  5. Lynn Fincher says:

    I am an Ambassador and not just in giving and serving in my local church but moving out in the community to help and serve too…

  6. I am an abassador. Not on that in Christ. In 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, I am a minister of reconciliation for God. Blessings. Diana

  7. I am an Ambassador for Jesus Christ! Romans 5:10-11

  8. I am an Ambassador for Jesus! John 15:7-8 “But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted! When you produce much fruit, you are my true disciples. This brings great glory to my Father”. I loved the reminder that God is not some kind of ATM in the sky and that we exist for Him not the other way around. Every day I am moving away from consumer and into a contributor and I LOVE it! 🙂

  9. putting others above myself.i met my neibors and they dont have what i do. i live in a nice building there is really bad broke my heart they have two teenagers 4 people living in a one bedroom. parents sleep in living room. i going to invite them over. romans5:11 not only this ,so but we also boast in god though our lord jesus christ,through whom we now have reconciliation. amen gods spirt is on the move now all we have to do is move.

    • Kelly Wiggins OBS group 24 says:

      Hi Allenia! Thank you for sharing this! What a wonderful thought to open your home to them! God Bless you! You have a servants heart!


  10. This is overwhelming for me. I give and try to do and I feel like I’m failing God so badly, I am awash in His love and I don’t feel like I’ve got the strength and the courage to go out and do what others are doing. Am I able to do for Him without doing what others do?

    • Kelly Wiggins OBS group 24 says:

      Hi Carol! I know it can seem so overwhelming! But God doesn’t want you to feel that way! Each of His children are made differently and we all have different talents. Pray to Him and ask Him to show you what talent you can use for His good. Ask Him for His strength! “When we are weak (and admit that we are weak), then He is strong”. We are all part of the body of Christ and we all have a gift to serve the body with. First seek Him to find out what that gift is. When we try to portray a gift that someone else has, it will get overwhelming.
      Praying for you & His strength!

  11. “I’m an ambassador for Christ!” The verse that speaks to me about dealing with my sphere of influence list, is Colossians 4:6 Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.
    As I go about my week, I will be in prayer that each of these people will receive a kind word, a smile, encouragement for their day.

    • amen.
      words have power u know…. they often have long term consequences for they live on in the mind of the hearer. they can influence…. the influence can be for good or evil.

      I pray God to lighten our words that the words that come from our mouths will shine brightly and bringing smiles and encouragement to the hearers. Amen

  12. For the love of Christ compels us, because we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died; and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again. (II Corinthians 5:14, 15 NKJV)

    This scripture is a good reminder that we are to live for Christ, not for ourselves. I think this is the key to learning not to be a consumer – consumers live for themselves. We are called to a higher purpose, to be Christ’s representatives in the world, starting with our own Jerusalem and expanding out to the whole world.

  13. “I’m an ambassador for Christ!” “For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by His life. More than that, we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation.” Romans 5:10-11
    As an ambassador for Christ I need to awake in the morning with a sense of urgency because outside of association and allegiance to Jesus, humanity is God’s enemy.

  14. I am an ambassador for Christ!
    My favorite part of chapter 7 is on page 132. A lot of people seem to think that when we become a Christian that our lives are going to be a bed of roses and we will get whatever we ask for from Christ, there will be no suffering or difficulties in life because I follow Christ. The truth is we are going to suffer as Christians just as Christ has suffered: Romans 8:17) and if children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him so that we may also be glorified with Him.
    Mr. Gray stated this:
    Here’s the deal: Jesus will gladly give us what we ask for when what we request of Him advances His kingdom on earth by bringing His Father glory. Jesus delights in answering prayers that reflect His words.
    As Christ’s ambassador I need to strengthen my prayer life to the advancement of His kingdom and not for the advancement of what I think I need. I need to pray His word to Him and ask for the strength and courage to share His love and His gospel with those around me.

  15. I am an ambassador!! Thanks for this today, Steph. Such GREAT wisdom here and in Derwin’s book. One of the greatest gut-punching reminders for me this week is this, “Our time, talents, and treasure are on loan to us from God.” Am I truly using what He’s given to me to advance His Kingdom on earth? Or am I being careless, doing just enough to get by or taking those gifts for granted? Much food for thought.

  16. I am an ambassador for Christ. My favorite verses about being an ambassador are II Corinthians 5:18-21 because they speak about reconciliation. I especially like, “Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us.” What an honor. What a responsibility.

  17. Kim Smith says:

    I am an ambassador for Christ !!! I love Isaiah 61:1-3 It tells what Jesus came a did and this is how He uses us.

  18. I am an ambassador, God is really showing me through this study the direction that he wants me going in 🙂

  19. Latasha says:

    I am a ambassador. Thanks steph. I love the part about being passive and narcissism. I can acknowledge that I am selfish everything has to be my time.using God to meet my own selfish needs. And my own inquires. Praise God for this obs. I’m repenting.

  20. I am an ambassador. My anchor scripture is 2 Corinthians 5:20.
    So I am Christ’s ambassador, God is making His appeal as it were through me. I as Christ’s representative will plead and go out and share that- all should lay hold of His divine favor now offered and be reconciled.

    One of the things I believe God has laid on my heart is to spend more time listening and getting to know people and from the information I gather from the conversations I can raise prayer points and pray for them one at a time. As I pray for them I believe the Holy spirit will begin to work on their hearts and mine too as I grow in loving them compassionately through the love of God. I’m going to start one person at a time this week.

  21. Karen Smith says:

    Just got the book Limitless Life today would love to stat a on line reading of the book with u were r u at in the book please.

  22. Tammy Haymon says:

    Laid off from my job Friday. Feeling like a pretty rotten consumer.

  23. Maria Garcia says:

    Wow, wow, wow! I am so amazed! This week I have been struggling with guilt for the lack of willingness to tithe. I have been going to this church for about 4 months, I was saved, and baptized last weekend. The ministry mommies with hope who guided me through the loss of my child and literally introduced me to my relationship with God is through this church. I had just decided that it was time to give back what is rightfully to God what is His. Then we go to church and Pastor preaches about how some go to church to see what they get out of it and not what they can give to it, and how we need to make our self available and be obedient and give God our “first” and then I read Ch 7 and it makes even more sense. I say “really God, I hear you loud and clear. I know I have been a consumer, I know that I need to be a contributor. I can’t continue to justify the little things I have done, and compare them to the big things you have done for me… this ends now. I will contribute an amount to help the church who has brought me closer to you!” I can even hear him say “about time Maria”.. LOL!

    But seriously I feel as if this chapter was talking to me directly. Especially on pg 136 “Jesus, died for me” Jesus can provide for me and he created church for us… I have asked myself so many times, why take my child what could possibly be better than to have my baby with me. I was reminded that is not about ME, or MY needs, it is about what I can do for God, what GOD wants from me, which is to do all things in His Glory. If Octavian would not have passed away, I would not be were I am today. Close to God, living in HIM and Him in me. I would not have done the fundraiser that will help other mommies know Jesus, through the book Hope for today Promises for tomorrow that helped me not only come to terms with loosing Octavian but was the stepping stone to building the relationship with Jesus, with God that I have today.

    pg 138 it talks about how contributors should say, and I wrote I need to think this way, Jesus Love, grace power and provision are given so that His rule and reign will be established on earth as it is in heaven, through his Church. .. and on pg 140 “seeking His Kingdon, Not our Own”! wow, just what I needed to hear, this chapter has really opened my eyes to what the purpose is in loosing Octavian, and reminds me that if it wasn’t for this trial my friend Nae who lost her child 10 years ago and had been so far away from the Lord, came to know him through me, was saved and baptized at the same church I attend. Now, How Big Is God!

    I pray that God continues to use my story, my trial, my suffering, and my love to bring others to HIS Kingdom, so that what HE began is finished.

    There is so much more my heart wants to share, but I think I found my topic for this week blog!

  24. 2 Corinthians 5:15 – He died for everyone so that those who receive his new life will no longer live for themselves. Instead, they will live for Christ, who died and was raised for them.

    I am an ambassador!
    Wow! Talk about God layering messages. What an amazing chapter. Budgeting has already begun and I hope continues so we can give with a “gulp”. I love that! Reaching out to those in my sphere of influence is something I have been working on and I definitely love the encouragement to continue to share the love God has shown me!!!

  25. I struggle with tithing. Sometimes my priorities are more of consumer than contributor. My goal is to give more to my church. I like the scripture verse “We are ruled by the love of Christ.” 2 Cor. 5:14 GNT
    I have some people that daily need reminded that they are loved. Talking with these friends reminds me of how much I need God daily too. I recently began a relationship and feel compassion overflowing to show him of Christ’s love.

  26. “our time, talent and treasure are on loan to us from God. Give them away with unlimited generosity” …… LOAN! seriously as in LOAN!!!! (loans have to be paid back and most often with interest). To be faithful in paying back a loan, one has to therefore utilize it on investment(s) that will yield OPTIMAL returns.

    Our accepting of Christ into our lives implies asking Him to make use of our time, talent and treasure for His glory. It is ours but He gave it to us to use — we didn’t pay anything for it so we have to account for it.

    the loan: time, talent and treasure
    what to invest in: individuals (Christians and non-Christians) – by loving them unconditionally as God so much loved the world that He gave … John 3:16
    return: draw them nearer to God’s love and personality–

    Ambassadors of Christ — those who impact freshness and newness (producing them in abundance) wherever they are, influencing a qualitative improvement in the lives of the individuals therein and leaving a good and godly legacy (with their time, talent and treasure).

  27. I’m an Ambassador! I actually thought of 12 people, some of whom are already faith-filled Christians; they still need my prayers.

    My scripture is our memory verse from last week: “For we are God’s Masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus so we could do the good things He planned for us long ago.” (Ephesians 2:10)

    One step: I can keep this scripture in my head all day long, to remind me of the good things God wants me to be doing throughout the day…minute by minute.

    Highlights of Chapter 7: there are 3:

    1) the quote by Sasha Avevedo Derwin begins chapter 7 with: “The world is not interested in what we do for a living. What they are interested in is what we have to offer freely – hope, strength, love, and the power to make a difference.”

    2) on page 132, Derwin writes: “God will gladly give us what we ask for when what we request of Him advances His Kingdom on earth by bringing His Father glory”.

    3) I’m not sure where this came from: Contributors live without limits because they are participating in the “full and true life of Christ”, but right after this I wrote this quote: “A contributor says that because I’ve trusted Jesus, God has given me every spiritual blessing in Christ SO THAT HIS KINGDOM WILL COME TO EARTH THROUGH MY LIFE. Jesus’ love, grace, power, and provision are given so that His rule and reign will be established on earth as it is in heaven, through His church.” – page 138

    Blessings, Carol
    PS as I’m writing and sharing all this, I can feel myself being filled with the Holy Spirit and hope. 🙂

  28. What is one step you can take in the next week toward moving from a life of selfishness to self-lessness? As a stay at home mom it seems my day is filled with self-less actions to constantly fill the needs of my husband and children. Whether its cleaning, cooking, laundry, running errands, or whatever, that its easy to want to be selfish. I want to do what I want to do, not something I have to do. But there is such joy in knowing that I’m taking care of some of my Father’s kids as well. This husband of mine and these kids that I birthed are my Father’s kids and they need me. I’m naturally a helper/giver. I know what it is like to go without so I want to give and help where I can. Though, I am also human and would I like my needs met as well and I can get selfish with my actions.
    For me I have to stop what I am doing and think of all that I have, how incredibly blessed I am to remember that I need to be a blessing to others as well. God gave me a compassionate heart, I hurt when others hurt. If I just stop, and look outward I will be able to see others and their needs.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Am an Ambassador for Christ!! I have not had a chance to read chapter 7, the devil has made sure my time has been on my son who has been making poor choices:o( That’s changing right now, with the start of a brand new day! I have found that sharing the Truth with others over the last couplel years has been really hard. I worry if I’m saying the right things, I know Jesus light was not shining through me, and it seemed I was coming up against ALOT of defiance and hate for God. Maybe now that my personal testimony has grown, I will be able to share with others..

  30. Laurie Morton says:

    I am an ambassador!
    2 Cor.5:14 For the love of Christ controls us.
    I want to be reminded of this each and every time I lift my list of people up to the Lord in prayer.
    This study is so eye opening for me and I am so grateful to be a part of it! 🙂

  31. Teresa Gines says:

    I am an ambassador! Ephesians 3:14-21

  32. It’s truly amazing how quickly God can answer our prayers. I prayed this morning about how I can be more sacrificial with my money since I am in transition with churches. I had the opportunity to add a tip to my bagel bill of $2.99 this morning and I walked away without tipping. God tugged at my heart all the way to work as I devoured my bagel. I should have left a tip. There were two young kids who helped make my breakfast. Though it was a short and sweet visit to the bagel shop, I need to be more generous, show God’s love, give without questioning, because ultimately, I truly know God will provide for me, especially when I am giving with no holding back. God is so intentional

  33. The one step I’m taking is to begin to pray for others. I have a goal tho pray for a need for someone else for every need I ask to be met.

  34. Brittany says:

    I am an ambassador! Acts 3:19

  35. Jennifer says:

    I am an ambassador! Ephesians 6:17-20

  36. Melchorita Fahey says:

    Wow…this chapter 7 really talking to me! Our Father God knows that I am a consumer. I need to change from consumer to contributor.
    Father God, equip me with all I need to be Your Son Jesus Christ’s ambassador, Amen!

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