Limitless Life Blog Hop – Week 4

P31 OBS Blog Hop

Sweet, beautiful, Jesus-loving friends,

I have good news today. God is doing great things! And He is totally setting us up in this study.

I think every label we’ve thrown off and replaced thus far runs us smack dab into the middle of Chapter Eight this week: From Purposeless to Purposeful.

Every label of defeat we remove and every label of promise we put on reveal another part of who we are in Christ. And the more we discover our identity, the clearer our purpose becomes.

Thousands of women armed with purpose, knowledgeable and secure in their identity in Christ, can change the world around them.

Isn’t that exciting?!

That’s YOU, my friend. You can change your world.

We’re not here to build a social club. We are here to link arms with our sisters far and wide and make a difference. This is about Kingdom building.

Today, we are using our voices to make a difference by sharing our words, our testimonies, and most importantly the powerful, life-changing, life-giving, life-sustaining Word of God. Each blog represents an arm reaching out to its own community, its own sphere of influence.

We were reminded in Chapter Seven and on the blog Tuesday that we are ambassadors. His mission is our mission.

And today is filled with divine possibilities.

Time to represent, girls! Let’s do this!

Speaking and acting on behalf of our King,


Time to Blog Hop (use our abilities, share from our platform, spread His Kingdom on earth)!

A few ways you can participate are:

  • Link to your blog (if you have one) after writing about one of this week’s topics
  • Pick one (or more) blog(s) to read and leave some encouraging comments
  • Choose one of this week’s topics and write about it in the comment section

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Now, here are the topics for Week 4:

NOTE: Please specify which topic you chose, by either using the suggested title OR adding the Topic # somewhere in your post.

  1. Map It ~ Zephaniah 3:17 — Expand our weekly verse using various study methods (verse mapping, word studies, etc.)
  2. Snap It ~ In the HANDS section of the Transformation Moment at the end of Chapter 8, Pastor Derwin encourages us to go for a prayer walk. Take a picture while you’re out and share with us!
  3. Write It ~ Choose one of the following writing prompts from Chapters 7 & 8 and share something from your heart relating to our study: Divine Birthright, Kingdom Ambassador, Rescued by a Savior, Beautiful One, The Prodigal, Spiritually Bankrupt, Extravagant Love
  4. Share It ~ Do you have a story or testimony of going From Consumer to Contributor or From Purposeless to Purposeful?
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  1. Michelle says:

    Woke up and could not sleep..
    Only to see the email…
    In reading this book it has helped me to give away my expectations to God….
    Reading this book has reminded me that God is soo greater than I. I have to admit 5 years ago when I had to step out in Faith to be a single parent I did not realize how angry I was until this year. Finally all the friends & Women who mentored me , their words of love and encouragement has sunk in. This year I gave been able to encourage 3 other single Moms. I keep a prayer journal …
    And so many of my “impossibles” have been answered…..I am so thankful that God saves, rejoices, exalts and loves me!

    • Michelle – I have been a single mom for almost 7 years now, and I will admit – I was angry for a time to…But God Is the Great Healer = he has walked with me through the tough times. Isn’t He Amazing!! God is also using me to counsel others, encourage them, and just to be there to listen. I never thought that God could use Divorce as a jumping off point to a mission field…there are so many that God needs to reach, and we are His vessels! God loves you – 1John 3:1 ” How great is the love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called the children of God! And that is What we are!!”
      Keep on Keeping on my friend.
      Blessings, Teresa

      • Kim Kolleck says:

        Michelle and Teresa, I am in the midst of my marriage potentially falling about and I am struggling with anger and fear of becoming a single mother. Your words inspire me. I am fighting for my life, my husband and my family. I am not sure what the outcome will be – I know what I want but I have also learned through this study, that I cannot change someone’s heart and I am only accountable for my own actions and have no control over others. I pray to God every day to bring my family back into sync but I can see that beautiful strong woman like you have survivied this horrible ordeal and that God will love me no matter what. Thank you for your words – you both are like angels to me right now.

    • I’m divorced, but not a mom. I was filled with anger and I didn’t think twice about it. I was justified in my anger, right? I had a right to be angry, right? Anyone in this position would be angry – right? Wrong. It took my Associate Pastor annointing me with oil and laying hands on me during a healing service for me to be freed of this toxicity. To get outside of my self-righteousness and accept God’s freedom and love was unexpected – I didn’t see I was doing anything wrong. God was so good to open my eyes to what I had available in Him which was so much better than what I was holding onto with such a firm grip. Thank y’all for this study.

  2. My husband has taken a job with the State Department I will be a tagalong spouse and we will be leaving for Yekaterinburg, Russia after this summer for about 2 years. My leader Sandi Brewer posed this to me yesterday:

    I think that, in your situation, as you prepare to leave for another country as representatives of this country, you are in a unique position to understand what it feels like to carry that responsibility. Are there any parallels that strike you between the job you are preparing for and the spiritual ambassador God has called you to be?

    This made me really think Sandi, these are a few things I came up with:

    Parallels between Job and Spiritual Ambassador for God:

    Job – I will be representing myself as an American in Russian, I have to do my best to uphold the ideals and the respect of the USA.
    Ambassador of God – I have to do my best to show and reflect Jesus, through my actions, words and to be open, my eyes, ears, and heart to the new people I meet, and to share the word of God, through my gifts/talents, testimonies/stories/events, sharing/opening the Bible to show that is living, God’s words are the past our history, relevant to our current daily lives, and our future/eternal life.

    Job – Need to learn about the language, culture, country
    Ambassador of God – need to share who Jesus is by sharing the word and history which is our bible and address how it is a living bible that applies to us in the past, today and future.

    Job – Connect with my new Foreign Service post community
    Ambassador of God – need to connect with like- minded spiritual people, listen and see when God draws leads me to someone that is not and act on that moment.

    Job – Need to do volunteer work in my new Foreign Service Community by helping being a sponsor, activities
    Ambassador of God – See and listen to see if there are or people in need of places of worship, are there bible studies available or talk of starting one, or introducing PB31 and OBS. Depending on what we are allowed to do outside our post will determine what and how I can volunteer or connect with people outside in the city I live in.

    • Tairi wishing you many blessings as you transfer. What an awesome opportunity to serve God and it looks like you have all the right tools and ideas to do it.

    • I love the question your awesome leader, Sandi, asked you and all the parallels you were able to draw!! Blessings on your transfer, Tairi! So glad you’ll still be able to connect with your Online Bible Study community even in Russia! 🙂 I look forward to hearing about your journey.

  3. Lynn Fincher says:

    Ambassador of God getting involved in our community center for our seniors working on committing I time a week with my husband…as I keep reading in this book how I do see my purpose is to let God love me and continue to ask God to help me remember my purpose..everything I have is on loan to us so I see and am doing how to give away time and treasures..

    • Lynn everything we have is on loan. How wonderful that you are working with seniors at your community center and I know you are blessing them. Mom was in a nursing home and she loved people coming to visits – especially strangers and new ones. Keep up what you are doing for the Kingdom! It counts!

  4. Upward Inward Outward
    I am on a journey, and I have known that for a while and I am trying to get comfortable with being in that Journey mode because life is a journey. In chapter 8, Pastor Derwin wrote about a principle or truth that has guided his life i.e Upward Inward Outward. That really stuck with me.

    I believe this is the foundation of our lives, if we dont get this right we will live a very purposeless life. What is most beautiful about it is that It flows gracefully by the power of the holy spirit. As I recognize that God loves me unfailingly and I learn to respond to God’s love, understanding that He created me so that He can love me ( by the way, my mind is still struggling to comprehend that reality but I am getting there :). I intend to fully grasp it, my life depends on it). I can then view myself from His perspective, understanding that its all about him and not me. I begin to fdepend on Him only for all the love and acceptance I need to live a fuull life and it frees me from putting pressure on myself or others. God accepts me so I also accept myself because I have the min of christ. It takes me to this awesome place I have always wanted to be, to be able to love others so compassionately that it flows freely from my heart.

    The very foundation of all of this is recieving that love and that is where I am focused on right now. Although God has laid some visions and dreams in my heart, this chapter has motivated me to truly seek God to ensure and validate that what I desire and dream of is coming from his heart and that it is not selfish. That is true purpose, birthed out of love from God and for God. I am still amazed at his love, it is making my heart beat so fast. By faith, I declare that….I am so in love right now I dont even know how to handle it. I have the power and grace to Love God completely, Love myself correctly and love others compassionately In Jesus Name. Amen.


    • “this chapter has motivated me to truly seek God to ensure and validate that what I desire and dream of is coming from his heart and that it is not selfish” –Yes, amen! 🙂

  5. Kingdom Ambassador ~ I love this one. I have the wonderful honor and privilege to be a preschool teacher in a Christian environment. When our oldest son went to a Christian preschool 23 years ago I thought to myself, this is what I want to do. So 3 years later our youngest went to preschool and I went to school to become a preschool teacher. God opened doors and laid it all out for me to ‘be called’ to be His servant. I humbly ask every year if I am ‘good enough’ or have the ‘right’ knowledge and skills to continue and He blesses me every year and gives me the knowledge and children to continue this ministry. These little ones are true lovers and believers of God. THEY teach me and are the BEST Ambassadors. I have so many parents who thank me. I am trying to be better about giving God the glory. It is not me, but God who has called me and works through me that allows me to teach these little ones. He has called me to do this and who am I to say no. Oh to have the faith of a child, so pure, simple, innocent and convicted. A pure joy and blessing to be a part of this ministry!

    • “It is not me, but God who has called me and works through me that allows me to teach these little ones.” Amen, Tamara! Thanks for saying yes and allowing God to use you right where you are! 🙂

  6. Ladies –
    I wish this blog had a LIKE button – because all of you would get a huge thumbs UP!!!!

  7. Wow-that chapter spoke deeply into places that so needed it in my heart! Yesterday I listened to a song over and over about being on the long, hard road but being able to sing a victory song because Jesus is faithful, will restore the years the locust ate, makes things new, makes ways where ther is no way, etc. I thought about it all night and the. This chapter confirmed what God was speaking to me in that song. I have read the prodigal son parable SO many times and have talked about purpose being found in my identity in Christ, but it has always been hard to accept for me. I 100% believe it for other people, but have always felt like the exception. From very early I was told my purpose by evil men, and although I am out of that lifestyle now, it is hard to get out of those thinking patterns. I have always felt different, been told I am different and felt the need to over achieve at everything to make up for how “messed up” I am. I have my masters degree, a great job, good friends, etc but still fight so hard to find the will to keep living. To think that my purpose is to let God love me and not any of the other things I feel like I am supposed to do to be accepted by God and others is so freeing! Is this an easy switch in thinking? Of course not-but it is a start. I know God brought me to this bible study for a specific reason and I think this chapter is it. I doubt I am clearly expressing all the thoughts and feelings surrounding what I just read, but am looking forward to sitting in these thoughts for a while and re-reading the chapter to see what God has to highlight for me. Exciting 🙂

    • Kelly, I’m so excited about the revelation and understanding you are finding as you seek God here. I can relate in part to the place you are coming from – a life of performing, trying to prove your worth, etc. I’m rejoicing with you over the freedom we find in Jesus and the amazing love and grace He pours over us 🙂

    • Kelly ~ “The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” Zeph. 3:17
      Praying that God’s Love will wash over you and cleanse your thoughts and feelings. May you rest in Him – be encouraged and rejoice in this time of renewal of your heart and soul. Blessings, sweet sister! Dianna, OBS Group 65

  8. I am a prodigal and now I am the parent of a prodigal. Although financially it would seem unwise for me to take in and provide for my adult son (who hasn’t accepted Jesus as His lord and Savior yet!) I am trusting God that this is my current purpose and based on Scripture. “But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.” 1 Timothy 5:8 NLT “Trust in the Lord and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

    • Susan, will be praying for you as you trust God in this decision. I pray God will give you wisdom and strength as you follow His leading. Dig deep into His Word and fall into His arms and just let His love overwhelm you. Blessings sweet sister <3 Dianna, OBS Group 65

  9. Tammy Haymon says:

    Wow. Ch. 8 is incredible. So many words that touched my heart in those sore places. It is even more meaningful because I was just laid off from my job on Friday. While I don’t believe I found my purpose in that job, I have been in a low place and really needed the reminder that I am worth something even if I’m not working. However, I am confused about some things. I think that sometimes you have to do in order to be. We can’t just sit around and stare at God all the time; sometimes he wants us to do. Right? Any help here ladies is appreciated.

    • Tammy, God gives us gifts and talents to use to bless others and bring glory to His Name – I think sometimes “doing” those things become idols and soon become our identity – instead of allowing our identity to be found in who we are in Christ, we find our identity in what we do for Him – it’s a fine line to balance – I have a friend who is gifted with an incredible voice but walked away from singing for 10 years b/c she realized she was accepting the applause of man and allowing what she was doing to define who she was – It took a long time for her to come back to singing b/c she didn’t want that to happen again – but now she sings for God’s glory only b/c she knows who she is in Christ. The applause of the crowds goes over her head and straight to the heart of God. With that said, in James 1 we read “be doers of the Word and not hearers only” – that means action – so I do believe He wants us to put feet to our belief, our gifts, and our talents – just not seeking our identity or purpose there – as we seek to bless others we are blessed beyond measure, and God has a way of bringing about that perfect opportunity we never expected 🙂 Blessings to you sister! Will be praying for a job that will be a blessing to each person you meet! ~ Dianna, OBS Group 65

  10. Spiritually Bankrupt

    So here’s the deal, I have been here and still reaching put of my hole pulling God’s rope to safety.

    I was raised low income single family mom working hard with little to spare childhood. I always though if I had money I’d be happy cause I was gground in good roots and with God. Well when I moved to Mass and got into my relationship and started establishing myself, my grounded foundation went out the window! I wasn’t in with a church, making good money, helping my family back home, eloped, 2 suvs, vacations, you name it! And I was miserable! I worked 24/7, left my husband twice, had a child that was conceived wrong, and was morally killed!!!

    My husband and I got back together and choose a church to try and became grounded in it. During 9 months of pregnancy I went thru a crash course on being a wife and mother grounded in the Lord. It’s not easy and my marriage is work but now we live paycheck to paychwck, share a vehicle, have 2 kids and smile more as one instead of two separate people living together even though we don’t have like anything! God showed me to keep him center and everything will work out. There is the devil in the corner waiting for me to mess up and inviting me to think otherwise BUT he will not win!

    I came from poor with one mind set and lost my way resulting in starting over and learned one of the most valuable lessons next to cleaning myself up that I’ll ever learn. I praise God that he is patient and love and grace!

    • Praise God, Mary! I think a lot of people get caught up too easily like you and me. Like you said, thank God that He is patient and love and grace.
      Father, thank You for Mary. Lord, please help us both to keep our eyes and heart fixed on You and to always be ready to take captive any thoughts that threaten to lead us away. We love You, Lord. Thank You for surrounding us with Your ever-present love. In Your Son’s Holy Name I pray, Amen

  11. Wow thank you Terry! I have hard time accepting things especially prayer but I’ll take that one!!!!
    Thank you all for sharing, God has his finger on all of us! Thank you Jesus! Amen

  12. BethAnn says:

    I love the Prayer walk photos. God’s beauty.

  13. I do too BethAnn! God’s beauty is all around if we will just take the time to look 🙂
    Bless you! Susan, OBS Group 65

  14. Latasha says:

    It’s a pleasure to go from consumer to contributor. Contributor isn’t all about money it’s about giving cheerful and from
    the heart. Ii give financially but it isn’t big seeds but it’s a big sacrifice. From some past churches I gave and weren’t satisfied
    so it eliminated me in giving. You do have to give your very best because the only way the church can run is by funds. But I thought giving was only about finances. To be a contributor is a blessing it’s giving to the needs of the church. That my testimony I’m know a contributor.

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