“Being a Mom Is Tough” Blog Hop ~ Week 1

Hey there, mama friends!

Shelly here, coming to you from the heat and humidity of beautiful Southeast Texas! My team and I are excited about leading the blog hop right here every Wednesday for the duration of our study!

Not only am I leading the blog hop, I am also here as a participant. I am a mama of three (Brooke, 21, Taylor, 17, and Logan, 9), and wife of twenty-two years. I am exactly one-fifth of the “Fab Five.” 🙂 Here is our professional family portrait that hides all of our imperfections (complaining, arguing, stress and TORTURE of taking a family pic – anybody know what I’m talking about?).


You would think after this many years on the job I’d have this mama thing down and everything would run smoothly. The truth is I’m at a place with my two eldest where I find myself looking back, wondering if I did enough right as they prepare to start their adult lives. This kind of pressure can weigh heavy on a mama’s heart.

My mind (and the enemy of my soul) likes to remind me how many mistakes I have made on this journey that began as a very young 19-year-old mother.

I LOVE being a mama. But yes, sometimes it has been (and still is) so, so tough.

I, too, desperately need this community.

So, today, I echo Lysa’s words in praying for ALL of us. I’m praying that this book, paired with the Word of God and encouragement from all our stories shared, “is just the adventure your soul (and mine) needs to look at motherhood with more joy than ever before.” That we will begin to look at our role with “a refilled heart, a refueled approach, a a renewed perspective, and a soul that feels refreshed.” And that no matter where we find ourselves on the timeline of mothering, we can “be encouraged and empowered to be the mom God knows you (and I) can be.”

We’re keeping this week’s blog hop simple. We just want to pull up a chair and listen as you share your mama story. We want to love you right where you are. We want you to know we understand. We get it. And you are not alone.

If you don’t have a blog, please feel free to share below in the comment section.

Now, let’s get this Blog Hop started!

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This week’s topic: “Being a Mom Is Tough”

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  1. Your family picture is beautiful, Shelly! I can so relate to the “torture” that is often behind those photo shoots. I have an almost 21 year old as well and am in the same place you are, wondering if I prepared her properly… My son is 11. I feel like I still have time to get it right with him :). Thanks for sharing your mommy story!

    • Annette says:

      I also have an almost 21 year old. I too find myself asking myself if I did enough and then there are times where I look at the man he is becoming and think, well I must have done something right. This time with them goes so fast. I just want to give them my best most of the time, I know it is impossible to be my best all the time. But, I sure want to try. Shelly, your family is beautiful!!

  2. Sabrina says:

    Hi I’m Sabrina. I’m a momma to 3 and a half year old Baralai and I’m 46 years old. One would think at my age that I would have mastered the art of patience but clearly its a big NO. Depending on my day I can react in a good way if my little one does something wrong or snap at him which makes us both feel terrible and me guilty.

    • Kristy Aiken (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      Hi Sabrina,
      I hear you, friend. I believe my lack of patience will be a thorn in flesh for a very long time 🙂 I know you are an amazing mama. Thanks for sharing!

  3. As a mom of four ages 19, 17, 15, 10 I have regrets with me three older kids. As I worked for eight years and tried to managed sickness, bipolar while doing it. I now am totally unable to work and feel God is giving me a second chance to be a better mom. God is good and I am so excited about this study.

    • Kristy Aiken (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      Good Morning Neely,
      We all have regrets sweet friend but God made YOU to be the mama of your beautiful children. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your story. I know you’ve reached so many women today alone. I am also excited to see God work in this community and through this study. YAY! #imperfectmoms UNITE

  4. I am a single mom of 2 Kyla who is 10 and Kaleb who is 9. Their dad isn’t around much but I do have family that’s always been there to help my mom, sister, and dad. We have had some struggles although myself and my children are all ADHD though I have NONE of the hyper. Activity and they both do… We are a home full of disorganization so I find myself dragging my feet a lot and letting things pass that I shouldn’t. Punishment for misbehavior is a lot if times swept under the rug because they are hard for me to hold them too. We do also although have loads of fun. I find myself as a mom either to passive in letting things go. Or the frustrated yelling and screaming mom who can’t keep it together. This family is def a work in progress. Just happy to know I’m not alone!

    • Hi Leah! We’re so glad you have joined us for this study. We know that God is going to breathe fresh on each of us and give us wisdom for the hard places of parenting as we seek His Word together. We are ALL a work in progress. 🙂 Blessings!

  5. I’m a mom of three teens, and boy am I ever blessed and challenged by these young adults. They are the light of my life, but they can also be the answer to my “God show me how to be a more patient person” opportunity. 🙂 Ask and He answers! I love them more than words can express, but I also stress about what they are learning from me (actions speak volumes). I work full-time and am often super worn out. I struggle with balance and fear I am letting them down because of my own business. They love God, love their family and are great in school. God has richly blessed them with gifts and with tender hearts. 🙂 I am thankful and joy-filled by the light they pour out into the world. I want to be a good example, but I fall short many days. I know I am a work in progress, too, and I strive to make better choices each day. Thanks for this community where we can pray for and lift-up each other!

    • Kristy Aiken (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      Hi Susan,
      Your post is honest and beautiful. God made you specifically to be the mama of those 3 teenagers and you are doing a GREAT job. I can see your joy overflowing and the love you have for Jesus and your kids shining right through your words. You’ve inspired me to be more positive today. God is SO good and it become easy for us moms to be negative. It only takes ONE child’s bad mood to do that 😉 Thanks so much for sharing today!

  6. I’m a mom to three great boys, ages 14,16 &17 and a wife of 18 years. Being a mom has been one of of the hardest, but best things I have ever done (and continue to do).i find myself second guessing the past and feeling guilty for not being able to live up to my own expectations. I’m trying to see the good and positive in my life and to trust in God and rely on the truth that He is enough. What God has provided my family with is sufficient. More than sufficient, for His is the perfect way. It’s not easy because I have to say no, more times than not, to my kids and as mom I want to give them everything. (My husband and I are both unable to work and our finances are tight). I also need help in dealing with a relatively new diagnosis of a chronic pain disease, and managing kids, the house etc while taking care of myselft too. My husband has a spinal injury and has been disabled for many years. I feel like it’s a constant uphill climb. I’m working on just trusting in God minute by minute.

    • Jayne trusting God with you! I believe we all have regrets. I know I do, but we don’t get a do over but I can do better now with my adult children and also my grandchild. I just have to remember God is in control and He knows our pasts even before they happened and He has control of the future.

  7. I’m a mom to Ethan (a little over 2.5 yrs), Elizabeth ( almost 10 months) and soon to be a new mommy to a baby boy (in about 4.5 weeks)… Oh my, when it is written down it scares me that I will have three children under the age of three! But God has a plan and for that I am so thankful. After my first was born, I longed to be a stay at home mommy, but being married to a dairy farmer I needed to keep my teaching job mostly for insurance. It was definitely tough being a working mom, as that added extra time commitments and stress that I’d bring home. With my daughter coming almost 6 weeks early, my life as a mommy and teacher became even more hectic. I survived, but know that it was mostly The Lord helping me through. Then when I found out I was pregnant again, I realized that though baby #3 wasn’t planned by my husband and I, God is definitely in control. After some events and major discussions, I finally realized that God was opening a door so that I could finally be a stay at home mom. What joy and relief I felt when I listened to His still, small voice. I love being a mom, but it can be very trying. My first day of summer vacation went very well, but then day 2 felt like an epic fail. Each day is slightly different than the next but each is special. When I think I’m doing an awful job, the quiet times cuddling after a nap or just before bedtime prayers reassure me that I love them so much. I am thankful for God’s reminder that he’s been patient with me and he is forgiving and full of mercy, mixed with chastening when I need it. I’m thankful for this study and for the encoragement in knowing I’m not doing it alone.

  8. I am a working mom of 2 little boys, ages almost 3 and 9 months. I’m not sure how to be the best mom I can be with the lack of sleep we are getting (at least one kid wakes up every night but it’s actually been several times most nights). I have found the only way to spend time with God is to get up before the kids. I’ve also found that I have a lot more patience with these 2 crazy kids when I spend time with God first. I just want to be the mom God wants me to be and that my boys need. I love the line in the first chapter that talks about how you are the mom God knows your kids need. That’s all I want is to be the mom my kids need and to not lose my mommy mind and calm and compassion every time the 3 year old dumps juice on the baby or shares his breakfast by giving the baby a whole pop tart. I try to remember when it’s 3am and I’m rocking a crying baby how blessed God has made me by giving me a baby to rock at 3am. I think it’s all about perspective… now if I could always have the positive perspective I might not lose my mommy cool so much!

    • Kristy Aiken (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      Hi Kelley,
      You HIT the nail on the head, friend. I am more of the mom God intended me to be when I can wake up before my girls and spend real quality time with my Father. This is not always an easy task because I hear you. My daughters are 5 and almost 3 and they both wake up several times a night. I absolutely love your perspective and I thank you for sharing because I needed it right now in this moment. I sit here typing watching my 5 and 3 year old “secretly” dumping their real breakfast in their play kitchen. All around us are messes, dishes, and laundry. I am choosing to get off the computer and go play with their real live breakfast food in their play kitchen 🙂 You are a huge blessing to you boys, Kelley. I am so excited you’ve joined us for this study.

    • Wow. Right there with you, Girl. 3 1/2 year old and a 6 month old = up at LEAST once a night to nurse if not 3 times to nurse, change a diaper, and change sheets when someone has an accident at 4 am. I definitely am doing what you’re doing and trying to thank God in the midst of those moments to keep my cool and my perspective, knowing that these days *do* pass by quickly (even though I don’t like hearing that from older moms). It DOES help–thanking God. In fact, I did that just this morning a few minutes ago before seeing this as my baby whined and whined from sore post-shots legs and my 3 year old held an ice pack to his temple while wearing winter mittens (ha!) after falling from jumping off the ottoman. I just looked at both these tearful boys and said Thank you, Jesus, for these little ones that need mommy.

  9. I’m a Mom to a 7-week old baby 🙂 Some of the challenges I face is how to care for my child while taking care of myself. I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I was diagnosed at 4.5 years old and am now 30. I find myself relying so much more on God’s grace to find the motivation and opportunity to make sure I eat well while caring for my little one. I am glad that I found this study and am hoping to learn from all the Moms in the study.

  10. So I have four kids between the ages of 7 and 7 months. I also stay at home and help to watch a few children for family, so on any given day our home has between four and eight children running around. We have a very busy, very full, very happy life. But I often crave deeper time with the Lord so I can have deeper relationships with my husband and kids. I want this job of motherhood to be satisfying in the depths of my soul where He has called me to this journey, and I want it to make a difference in the lives around me as this is the ministry where He has placed me. This study struck a few chords before it even started, and I can’t wait to see what He teaches all of us through this process. Blessings.

  11. Shannon says:

    I am a working Mom of a very busy 20 month old. I live an hour away from my job and my son makes the trip with me everyday so my mom can watch him
    Life is stressful. My husband is a detective so he has crazy hours. Two nights a week he plays ball. I am overworked, and over stressed. I worry that my son feels the stress. I just want to be a godly mom, who at the end of the day can say- my child loves the Lord

    • Kristy Aiken (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      Hi Shannon,
      Stress is such a tough thing we go through. I am sorry for the crazy hours and being overwhelmed. Rest assured sweet mama, you are doing a good job. The enemy would love for you to think otherwise but God entrusted YOU to be their mom. I am a naturally high strung and anxious person so it only takes a tiny bit for me to be overwhelmed in everyday activities. I have scripture all around my house and I have to intentionally take my thoughts captive and grasp that my days are numbered. I can’t change my circumstances but I am certainly trying to change my perspective. My husband also reminds me 😉 I am saying a prayer for your precious family right now. Thanks so much for sharing.

      • Wow it feels so good to know I am not alone! Kristy would you mind telling me some of the scriptures you have around your house. I think that would help me a lot? I am also high strung and it does not take much for my day to go from great to awful. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. I work full time usually 3-4 12 hour shifts per week. My husband works from home so when I am home, I take care of the kids and when he is home, he takes care of them. We are exhausted! I just want my kids to know how much I love them even when I lose it with them. I want to be the Mother God meant for me to be.

  12. Hi! I’m Hope, mom to 3 beautiful girls, 12,11, and 2! I work full time as well, and I feel guilty for not being around as much as I feel they need me. My prayer everyday is that to be the mom and wife God has called me to be…. And I’m pretty sure I fail that daily. Being a momma is so hard, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s my greatest accomplishment. Next to salvation, it’s the best gift God has given me. My husband is not a Christian, it makes my role a bit harder. His views are of cousrse different than my views. Keeping my mouth shut, is my biggest downfall.. Lol! Pray for him, pray for my girls, and pray for me! Love y’all!

    • Hope,

      I’m there with you on the husband front. My daughter is only 3 months old so I know we have many bridges to cross as I try to raise her to love the Lord and hope my life points my husband to Christ. I also work full-time and I often feel I’m not there enough for her now and how she will feel about that in the future. But, I go back to Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” That verse is for me, my daughter and my husband. It is also for you, your daughters and your husband. I’ll be praying!

    • Hope and Sally praying with you both for your husbands. I’ve found as we grow so do our children and our husbands and Hope we studied one time to pause before we speak. That has helped me tremendously to keep from blurting out. I pause and think and usually it is something that should not be said. So glad you ladies have joined in this study. May God teach us all some useful things to glorify Him and change our hearts.

  13. Marianna says:

    Thank you for your effort and info for us moms! It’s a hard lifelong job! How blessed we are to have you and our Jesus to help us through it!

    • Kristy Aiken (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      Hi Marianna,
      We are so glad you’ve joined us this study. I am also so thankful we have Jesus. HE IS OUR HOPE! Thanks for sharing, friend.

  14. I am a mom to a 10 yr old and 8 yr old. I stay at home and my husband travels every other week for business. The Lord gives me strength while he is on those trips to keep the house running even though I am challenged with swallowing difficulties after a battle with stage 4⃣ cancer seven years ago. I am grateful (most days) that I am alive but some days it’s TOUGH!

  15. I am a mom of a beautiful fun two year old girl. After having her I had severe PPD. It was horrible, but it was also a blessing in that I finally seeked out professional help for depression that I had been suffering with since high school. I have been on medication for depression since, and it has allowed me to spend time with and love my daughter the way she deserves to be loved. I always wanted two children, but after the depression and Evey was a difficult baby screaming all the time and did not sleep through the night until 13 months, my husband and I decided that she might be our only child. She is now about two and a half and I have decided that I really want to try and have another. I have an appointment with my OB next month to see what I would have to do with my medication to try and get pregnant. This has been a difficult decision for me, and I am still not sure if I am making the right choice. I am very anxious about having another child, and worried about how being off my medication will effect my relationship with my baby girl. I joined this group, because I am hoping that it will help bring me closer to God as I try to make this difficult decision.

    • Sara bless your heart. One suggestion for you and all the moms out there that worked for everyone I know that has tried it and wise advise from my pediatrician over 34 years ago – it even worked when our preemie came home from over 2 months in the neonatal unit. Wake them up every 3 hours during the day and during the night let them sleep. They have one 4 hour stretch at first and if we let them sleep that stretch in the day time they will be up at night and get the days and nights mixed up. Our first grandson was born last year and I think my DIL was skeptical but she did it and it worked – by 6 week they are sleeping all night and he sleeps 10 hours and takes 3 naps but no matter what we never let him sleep over 3 hours in the day. Hope it works for you.

  16. Chimere says:

    I have a 13 year old step daughter, a 7 and a 9 year old (boys), and a 2 year old daughter. My boys are not my husband’s biological children but he has been a part of their lives since I was pregnant with my 7 year old. He is the only father they know. My biggest struggles are with the negative behaviors that I notice in my son’s that are reflective of their biological father, and with trying to figure out when is the right time to tell them about him. I wonder if I’m messing them up by not telling them because until recently I thought I was doing the right thing by NOT telling them. I pray that through the course of this study God will reveal to me the right way to handle this situation. I’ve never done an OBS before so I’m excited to see where God leads me!

    • Hi Chimere! Welcome to your first OBS! We are so excited that you have joined us for this study! We are praying that as we all seek God and His Word together that we will each hear His wisdom specific to our personal journey of mothering! Thank you for sharing your heart and story with us today!

    • Chimere we are so excited to see you here and will be praying with you that God will show you the right path to take with the boys. Sometimes they need the encouragement that their dad loves them and you do too no matter what has happened. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi I am Jera. I have 2 beautiful girls 5 yr old and almost 2 yr old in a few days! I work full time and feel the pressures of balancing work and family. I hope this study helps me with that balance and to encourage me that I am doing a good job being a mom to my girls and preparing them for their future a Godly women.

  18. Tiffany says:

    Good Morning! I have an 11 yr old daughter, 8 yr old daughter and 4 going on 5 yr son. And boy do I strug h let with patience and self control. I admit I have anger issues, control issues and I feel the inability to express my love in the way I need to because of these emotions take my joy. My oldest is going through tween things and in turn I’m the “worst” mom ever and we are ruining her life! She also is strong willed like me as are both of my girls! Oye! But because of this we butt heads on a pretty regular basis! And then I lose it and win the mother of the year award! My middle child has typical middle child syndrome plus is ADHD and boy that is a combination! She too is strong willed and hard headed! And she finds any and all things to get into, my patience with her always seams to be thin 🙁 and yet I think she needs it more than all of them and then u feel like I don’t love her enough. And my son, out of all my children he is polar opposite of the girls! Loving, peacemaker of the family! He is a typical boy but has a very kind soft heart! I pray for change and more love!

    • Tiffany you aren’t the worst mom – we all feel that way at times and we are all here in this together trying to be the Moms God would have us be and the grandmoms for me. Hang in there! Love those kids and let God do the rest.

    • Hi Tiffany! Where would we be without God’s love, mercy, and grace, huh? I’m so thankful that when we can’t, He can! Hang on, fellow mama! And trust Him to meet all your needs (spiritually, physically, emotionally) as you lay it all at the feet of Jesus. Let’s dig into His Word together for some strength, joy, and super-natural power! 🙂

  19. Janna Smith says:

    I am a mom of 3 boys(3,6,and almost 9). After ignoring Gods small prodding, I finally listened to God’s voice and left my career that I absolutely LOVED, but sometimes took priority over my family. Not only that, but I was the bread winner with a great paying job and all 5 of us received great health insurance that we didn’t pay a dime for. It’s not like me to take risks, especially such a huge one. Crazy….huh? But God really laid on our heart to stay home and raise the kids, even though they had a great nanny. I was also excited that it would give my husband a chance to provide. I knew it would be tough and Satan would be there, ready to attack, but I didn’t anticipate it to be this tough! The dreamy future of having a organized schedule, doing field trips and play dates, teaching the boys, doing arts and crafts, reading 20 minutes a day, starting a successful chore chart, gardening, having a spotless house hasn’t happened! In fact, I am so far way, it’s not even funny. Some days my patience is gone by noon with the whole day left! My boys are great kids, but being with them all day tries my patience so much more than before. Am I messing my kids up? I used to think so because I couldn’t spend enough time with them. Now it is because of what I do or don’t do, raising my voice instead of being calm, how I discipline or lack of it, etc. I am looking forward to Lysa’s book and this Bible study. I always try to remind myself ” Be still and know that I am GOD.” Psalm 46:10

    • Hi Janna! Let’s take a deep breath together! 🙂 So thankful that in our weakness God’s strength is made perfect (even when our house and schedules are so imperfect!). I’m so glad you’re here! I just know God is going to breathe fresh into all of us mamas who need it so desperately (more some days than others) as we seek Him and His Word. Let’s do this!

  20. Hi, I have two wonderful kids in college. One has become a Christian and the other has not. She found a church youth group and he did not. All the seeds that I planted in him are there but he is in a secular school and is not practicing the Catholic faith he grew up with. In his case I ask prayers that he will make a Christian friend or two that would lead him to Christ. I regret telling them to say their prayers but not doing it with them. That would have been so much more powerful. We would have all grown from that. My prayer life is not that great too. That is what I recommend to all you young mothers. Pray with your kids. At meals, and especially at night. I pray Lord that this advice helps one mother bring her kids to Christ.

    • Thank you for that advice Jan, I’ll definitely be praying with my kids more now rather than just reminding them to do it at night.

      • I second that advice Jan! As a mom of four older children (24, 22, 22 and 15) that is something I wish I could go back and change too. For those of us with children grown or mostly grown who can see how our imperfections are playing out in our kids’ lives, maybe God’s way of redeeming it is for us to share what we would do differently with the younger moms here. Thank you for sharing what you have learned!

  21. Hi all,
    I’m Judy and I’ve been married for 29 years and am a mum of three boys aged 26, 25 and 22 and a daughter aged 20.
    Our life has been hectic, fun, stressful, blissful, emotional, but wonderful.
    Like Shelly I often find myself looking back and wondering if I did enough right, and trying to get a decent family photo has not become any easier having older children!
    I’m looking forward to being part of this study, to hopefully find ways I can continue to care for my children, praying the two that have drifted away from the Lord will return to Him and that I can be an example of a Godly woman for my daughter and future daughters in law.

  22. A ngela says:

    As a newly divorced mama of two ages 7 & 2 I’d like to express my excitement for this blogging. I have just started the struggle of summers week with mom week at dad we take most of My Time To recover back to the normal rules. I have an art loving soccer playing good kid and then I have just the opposite tWo year old.

  23. Theresa says:

    I am a mother of 5….ages 23, 21, 20. 17. 15. I raised them on my own basically from birth since their father was never one to participate in their caring and upbringing….and eventually we left him 7 years ago. Which is another area of quandary…should I have gotten them out of that situation sooner? To me it was easier to gloss over “mistakes” made in mothering when they were little. Now I watch as some are entering the launch mode of life and look back to those things that I could’ve should’ve done differently and think….”Would they be doing better or differently had I done some things better or differently?” I know that no one is a perfect mom….I do know that I wish I knew then what I know now. Don’t get me wrong, they are all beautiful and striving to be successful….sometimes I wonder if that is because of me or in spite of me, was I too easy or too tough…and so on it goes.

  24. Hi there. I have three wonderful children, Kyrsten (8), Kyle (6), and Julia (2). Being a mom is very tough! What I have been realizing lately is in my teen years it was very easy to judge my parents for all the mistakes they made when raising me, however, now that I’m a mom myself I know two things: first, not all of those ‘mistakes’ were a bad thing, and second, it is very difficult not to make some of those same mistakes myself. I am learning how God really is the only One in control and who knows the future. As hard as I try to shield my children from my mistakes or the pain in this world, I can’t control everything. Though its the reality, I still find this very tough to accept!

  25. Laurie Joseph says:

    I am a single mother of three children. Since my divorce three years ago, we have been living with my parents. My father, a music minister, and my mother, a retired teacher, are about as close to Ward and June Cleaver as you can get. It has been an amazing lesson learning to turn the bad habits I made during my 12 years in a not so nice marriage. The change I have seen in my children as we learn to live and love like Christ is amazing. However, quite often it gets overwhelming having to be the spiritual leader of my family! All I want is to be able to make mistakes and not feel as though I am accountable for how I raise my children. My good news is that god has never ceased to amaze me with how He provides not only the physical needs of my family but the river of peace that He provides spiritually as well. I am so glad that God can use such an imperfect mom to provide love and strength to my three beautiful children!

  26. Consuella says:

    Being a mom IS tough! I have a 19 year old and a 14 year old. I constantly struggle with looking at “mistakes” I made with my son and trying extra hard not to make them with my daughter which often leads to me being extra hard on her which LEDs to conflict. I am thankful for a husband who stays in the word and who was not afraid to “call me out.” Through prayer I am getting better at not comparing them and not making my daughter pay for her brother’s ways (which aren’t the worst thing in the world anyway) and instead trusting and believing that God has a plan for both of their lives and is in full control. I can’t watch over and protect them 24/7 as they get older but I am ever so grateful for a God who cares about them and me enough to do so.

  27. I am a mom of 2 we got pregnant with our daughter at 16. She is now 10 going on 20. She’s going to middle school this fall. The eye rolling and back talking are just starting I would give anything to have my little girl back. Our son is less than a month away from turning 6. He’s all about competition everything is a race now if he knows he’s not going to win he will say second place wins. The 2 if them argue over any and everything you would think they were enemies. The stresses of two working parents crazy schedules it makes it hard to get our kids In sports. Our children are amazing I thank God for them. They definitely complete our family.

  28. Johanna says:

    I’m mama (and daddy) to my beautiful 3 year-old Helen. I wonder if her daddy looks down from heaven and cringes sometims when I’m not at my best. I also wonder if I can do the job of two parents, when I don’t feel qualified to be even one! God has been so good to me in this journey – the fact that I have that wonderful girl is a testament to His grace. He’s also given me supportive friends and family, and the best church in the world. I’m loving this Bible study, and I’m so glad to be in community with other moms who are feeling a lot like me!

  29. Jennifer says:

    My three year old son has autism and our foster daughters left us in 2012 after being with us for 3 years so I am in desperate need of time with Papa and some refreshment. Thank you Lysa!

  30. Morning ladies-
    As I am really just beginning my Motherhood experiences I am constantly thinking and worrying about my skills as a Mom and also that I am saying or doing the “right” thing at the right time. I so desperately want to know that I am setting my children up to be respectful, self sufficient and most importantly godly people. I think sometimes I can get so wrapped up in these wishes for my children that I don’t relax a little and stop worrying so much. My heart carries so much worry for my children in many aspects. Will they be happy? Will the Lord keep the safe and healthy? Will my 3 year old have friends when she starts preschool?
    My two children are a very young 3 and 9 weeks old. Needless to say, things are a little wacky and crazy right now around our household. My three year old has so much sass and spunk which at times is funny, but most times is definitely not. Trying to reel her in and in the right way calmly can be tough, the nerve of those 3 year olds, ha!
    But I am a very blessed and happy mama and am so thankful for these two beautiful precious children I have been given the pleasure to love and care for during my time on earth. I know that for my sanity and happiness I need to relax the pressure I put myself under to be the “perfect” parent because I know it is in those imperfect moments that we learn and grown the most.

    • Ashley you need to relax because none of us are perfect and never will be, never have been. Just love those babies and discipline them when they need it and let God do the rest. Remember they are watching all you do and they will mimic. I can see they have a beautiful pattern to follow in you with the love and concern you have. Glad you are here with us.

  31. I am a mama to three amazing kiddos. I have a 5yo son and my boy/girl twins turned 1yo yesterday! I work part time as a mental health therapist and the rest of the week I am home with my kids. Some days are easy and I feel very God-equipped to do this job! Other days, I think I should be selling (or giving away for free!) tickets to the circus! He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His names sake. Psalm 23:3

  32. I’m a newbie to this whole Mom thing. I have an almost 3 year old son and another baby boy due next month. I commute an hour each way to work and most days feel frazzled. I struggle with a lack of patience and my anger. It’s something I constantly ask God to correct so that I can feel like a good wife and Mother. In fact as I write this, i’m stuck in my morning commute crying because I had a bad morning with my toddler (fighting over brushing his teeth among other things) which leaves me feeling like an awful Mom because I can’t just be laid back and loving like my husband is about things. Sometimes I’m so tightly wound that I find myself trying to control my toddler and that never works. Glad I’m able to go through this study and hear from other women who struggle in similar ways. 🙂

    • Shauna bless your heart and we are so glad you are here with us. Hang in there and let go and let God lead you through this. Honestly, our toddlers grow up so fast and you want it back. Sorry your morning was tough and I pray that you will learn how to unwind. Make some moments for you. (((HUGS)))

  33. As a homeschooling mother of 4 (3 boys, 1 pink caboose) I often find myself filled with guilt and the Ping-Pong syndrome of “Good mom” – “Bad mom” (easily frustrated when ‘school’ doesn’t go the way I plan and boys are not responding the way I wish). I am so thankful for this timely study — between school years — to refresh my soul and to get re-grounded in the truth that God gave my children the mother they need most (ME!). I am praying throughout this study that school and life would be more about God and less about me 😉 Loving the first week – being reminded of God’s benefits in my life…. that I can count on His compassion, love, forgiveness and grace to cover my Momma-mistakes. Thank you.

    • Kristen says:

      I can completely relate to what you shared! I also have 3 boys and a girl and we homeschool. After reading what you shared, it’s something I could have written. 😉 I’m also praying that this upcoming school year will be one where I learn to depend on God throughout our entire day. Thanks for sharing!

  34. I am a mom of 3 biological and 1 child we have full custody of as of this April. My children are 16, 16 (new child), 13, and 7. We were a military family up until Feb of this year when my husband retired after 21 yrs (I’ve been with him for the whole journey). We have moved every 12-18 mos for the past 6 yrs. now we chose to do this to keep the family together rather than be separated due to assignments. But the constant moving weighs heavy on me… My kids are resilient and have been strong! They have made friends everywhere they go but not sure how deep the relationships are bc of moving so much. They have a church youth group they enjoy bit still looking for a church. I know they have had their own struggles and challenges. My son gave up his passion, football bc he did agree with the program and has taken on a new challenge, cross country. So far so good… It was his decision and I just pray that God has bigger plans for him. We had one of my husband’s students to come live with us when he was removed from a terrible situation. We now have custody and are starting therapy for him. Mom life is challenging but so rewarding!! I pray this forever community will be a good fit for us all. I pray I can let go of guilt and not blame myself for decisions we made for the family as a whole (the moves). With the heartbreaks and guilt comes joy and overwhelming love for these amazing kids God chose for me to be mommy to!! Thank you Lord for them, they help me be a better person and make me happy (and frustrated, lol)…

    • Farrah praying with you that your kids will adjust. I worked with many military parents and watched them retire and only saw good things each time with their families. I think keeping the family together is important although I know it was hard for all of you. Thanks for sharing. Glad you are here. Give yourself from grace and let God lead you and direct you.

  35. Kristen says:

    I have four kids ranging in age from 2-8. Being a mom can be really tough. 🙂 For me it’s been so humbling because it’s brought to the forefront those areas that the Lord is working on in me. I never realized how impatient I can be or how much I hold others to such high expectations. I find that when things don’t go the way I hoped, (like getting ready to get out the door and the kids are taking too long, or someone starts getting into it with someone else) I snap and yell or speak unkindly. I LOVE being a mom and my hearts desire from a young age was to be a wife and mom, so having that “dream” finally come true I envisioned a lot more days filled with rainbows and sunshine. 🙂 I am often challenged by the saying “You can’t give away what you don’t posess”. So I think about how I want them to grow closer to God and have a real relationship with him, yet many days my personal time with Him gets put on the back burner. I am so excited to see how the Lord speaks to me through this study and through all you other mamas who are in the same boat. And I would LOVE to hear from those moms ahead of where I am!

    What are things that you wish you had the opportunity to do again with your children? I know we all have regrets about actions from the past, but I hope to learn and glean from those ahead of me to gain some of your perspective on things you would encourage a mom in my stage of life to do. 🙂 Thanks Ladies!

    • Kristen, as a mom of four ages 15-24, I can tell you that the Lord is guiding you in the right direction. Those things you mention struggling with are the same things I wish I could go back and “do-over”. All of the daily struggles that seemed so important (and stressful) at the time, seem so unimportant now. I wish I could do them over knowing that reflecting Jesus’ love every day was more important than anything else. And after losing my husband seven years ago, I’ve learned to rely on the Lord for everything. How did I ever think I could do it (mostly) on my own? I wish I had turned to Him more often when my children were little. You are so wise to recognize that your time with the Lord must come first. He is already blessing you with wisdom in the questions you are asking!

  36. Tracy S. says:

    Good morning, ladies! Iv been blessed with three great kids, 9, 4, & 2. And, for the last 4 years, have been able to stay home with them. Talk about a challenge! I went from having guilty mom syndrome over not being there to having guilty mom syndrome about yelling and needing a break (so grateful for my mother-in-love)! We’re embarking on the homeschool journey as my oldest starts 4th grade this year so I think this books timing was divinely appointed in my life. 🙂
    Any tips on homeschooling would be welcome. 😉

  37. I am a mom of 2 (ages 4 and 2). I am a stay at home mom. I love that I am able to stay home with them but it is tough at times. I wander if I am doing the right things, giving them enough to do, spending enough time with them, teaching them what they need to learn about the love of God. My daughter is 4 and will be starting school next year. One of the toughest things on my heart right now is whether or not to homeschool her or send her to school. The decisions we make about our kids and there future are often the toughest to me.

  38. Lucy Gladstone says:

    Thank you for your words that have allowed me to exhale this morning. I am a stay-at-home mama of two fabulous and exhausting kiddos. My son is 7 yrs old and has special needs. My mini-me is 5 yrs old going on 13! Every second of every day I seem hold my breath waiting for all my flaws in parenting to face me at once. Every once in awhile, the life saving mask of His grace steps in to allow me to exhale and enjoy living in the moment that brings laughter and tears to be etched in my memory, erasing those flawed memories scribed by the enemy.
    Thank you for encouraging words that speak right to where I am now. (Exhale)

  39. Thanks for hosting the link up, Shelley. Your family picture is beautiful. Thanks for sharing a bit about your life and your worries for your oldest almost adult children. I was hoping it would get easier as they grow but I’m sure I’ll still worry when they are grown also. Right now mine are just starting elementary school. Good thing I’m reading this book. I think I’ll need to revisit it every few years!

  40. I am mom of 2. A 6 year old girl who is having difficulty in school with reading and at six she give up so easy. I have a 10 year old boy with classic autism. Everyday is a struggle. His words are coming better but still struggle. Lady year I got so frustrated with him I yelled at him for not talking. A bad mom moment. He was mostly non-verbal so yelling at him for not talking not good.
    This book came at a time where I feel like I am failing as a mom. Thanks for writing it and sharing your lives with me.

  41. Jana Reed says:

    Hi y’all! I’m jana, mama to Rebekah 3, Allison 2 months, and wide to a hunky cowboy named Jimmie.
    Prior to Allison’s birth we had started to pray and prepare for the possibility of me staying home with the girls and supporting my husband in the family business. I cannot begin to tell you how many scriptures, sermons, and emails were delivered easing my aniexty about making the right choice. I had a great job with great benefits but once you put pencil to paper I would only bring home around $500 extra each month and that would be after a 3 hour commute everyday(which was very stressful trying to get everyone around, packed etc). But more importantly, was this precious time if their lives, I will never get these days back. So here I am, enjoying early morning snuggles with Alli and making “cakes” out of dirt with Bekah.
    I have had a full time job since 18, was never around young children myself as I grew up, so my fears of control and being a good, patient, kind, loving, fun, mama are on my mind. I don’t want them parked infront of the tv and me on the iphone. I want to teach them and show them the wonderful relationship with God, to do fun activities and be active, eat well, and do so much more than the worlds technology.
    I’m so excited about this study and have loved reading the first few chapters and all you ladies post/blogs. Glad to know I’m not alone in this!

  42. I am a single mom with a beautiful 21/2 year old and she is so full of life. I feel like God gave her to me as my angel to save my life. I feel very blessed to have her in my life. Although, my plan to be a mother was never the plan. I own my own business and my life was focused on work and building A huge business that did not involve motherhood but required spoiling doggies. Yes, I’m the dog lady.

    When I found out I was pregnant I was not a Christian and had just been sober from drugs and alcohol 4 months. The father was a user too and was verbally and mentally abusive so having him around was not an option. I chose to go at motherhood alone with no financial support. It is very challenging not having another parent around but God has given me strength to get through these hard times.

    I really have been enjoying this book. It helps me to see that I’m not alone. Although, I want to be the perfect mommy that I am still human and have to let my self breath and enjoy these times I’m spending with my precious baby girl!

    Thanks for the stories!
    Kristi P

  43. Elizabeth says:

    I have been blessed with 3 healthy and wonderful kids: Allison 10, Sam 8, Ben 5. Motherhood is so much harder than I ever dreamed! Some days I feel I’m just hanging on til bedtime. (Other days are much better.) I often worry that I’m messing them up…a sharp word, inconsistent discipline, a missed opportunity, etc. I also tend to blame myself for all their bad behaviors. (Hope this is normal!) I do the best I can but know I could do better if I could learn to more fully rely on Christ, especially in the tough moments.

  44. Candace Wright says:

    3 amazing, very different boys and a beautiful step-daughter I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to raise…I tease my 19 year old that he’s my “guinea pig” child and unfortunately got to live through many of my worst mothering years and mistakes! He’s a talented artist and a deep kind hearted soul and struggles with depression. ..Our journey has taken us the the depths of dark valleys and the shadow of God’s arms and every beautiful and horrible place in between. ..and yes how I often wonder what I could have done (or do) differently to have helped (help) him…thankfully God has a way of relentlessly loving this boy and hasn’t let go of him! My middle son 16 has always been an easy going guy, very gifted athletically, quiet, funny…an easy kid to parent for the most part…at 16 he’s getting a bit more complex and doesnt seem to have a relationship with God, I pray to God I can be the support he needs as he becomes a young man and can still plant seeds for his salvation! My baby, 7 years old is a powerhouse of energy, conversation and fun! He’s a character, goal driven, hard working, sweet boy and he loves the Lord! My step-daughter is 17 and lives in WA, we dont get to see her often anymore as shes busy with working and sports and friends now a days!

    When my oldest boys were younger I worked full time, their father and I divorced when they were 5 and 2…those idiots who say divorce doesn’t hurt kids, because they’re “resilient” are full of balogna! It was HARD! I became very dependant on alcohol to get me through the long weekends when they were with their dad and some life circumstances brought me to a great depression which stole even more of what I had left to give to them. They were robbed of a healthy mom for a few years as I struggled through these demons but we held on together and pushed through. They were my hope & my light so many dark days and I know I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for them! That being said, I’ve always shared my love for God, Jesus themselves and humanity with them and my need for connection with all 5!! They’ve seen how God restored my soul and our life together and they know that while I havent been healed of my depression it doesn’t devour me and has given me empathy for others..it’s become a gift in that sense…beauty from ashes! I pray that the impact that has had on them is bigger than the mistakes I have made!

    Since I’ve re-married and we had our 3rd son, our life has been so full of blessings, I have been able to work flexible jobs and now am staying home and the stability of our family foundation in Christ is being restored as we go to church and my husbands faith grows. Parenting is the best and hardest thing I have ever done, there is nothing in this life more directly tied to our soul than the strings that bind us to these kids…that never goes away…my heart breaks as much when I know my 19 year old is hurting as it does when my 7 year old and both between are hurting! I’m excited to be renewed through what God shares with me in this book and his word as well as all the beautiful testimonies of amazing women or there doing this MOM THING with me! ♡

  45. Good morning!
    I am a wife of 11 years to my high school boyfriend, mommy to an extremely energetic 8 year old boy and spunky 7 year old girl. They are 10 1/2 months apart, which has been a challenge and a blessing. I work full time and was roped into this, (my very first EVER), bible study by a co-worker turned friend, turned powerful sister in Christ. I don’t know what I am doing. Really. Not in my career, not in my family life, not in my path to Him…but I’m sure trying to wake up and find the way. I look forward to finding some help, sharing some hope and maybe some “AH HA!” moments.

    Here we go…

    • Karen R. says:

      Katie, I’m glad you’re here! I don’t know what I’m doing either! But, “Praise God’, He knows. The kind of honesty that you and so many women here are showing today…well, that is how God brings hope and encouragement into our lives, and for that…I am thankful. Strength for a new day. Take care 🙂

  46. I have been blessed with two beautiful babies…Jackson 4 and Addison 1. Motherhood is one of my greatest joys and one of the most challenging moments/struggles I’ve ever experienced. I work full-time, so value my time with my little peanuts, but sadly, I often feel like the stressors of work overflow into my home and those moments (that should be special), but turn into a crazy mess that leaves me ready to pull my hair out! I know I can do better, but so easily get frustrated with myself. My prayer is that God will totally open my heart and use this study to help me grow and be the best Mom!! I don’t want to “mess up” my kiddos or miss out on those amazing little moments that disappear so quickly…because I feel like I might be losing my mind! 🙂

  47. I am the mother of 5 great children. I have a 23 (special needs), 12, 8, 5, and 2. The three oldest are my step children and I can honestly say they have blessed my life more than I have ever thought possible. My 5 and 2 year old are my blessings. I just have recently realize that I have to be happy and in return my children will thrive. I have cerebral palsy and wasn’t sure if I would’ve able to have children but I am so grateful for my two blessings.

    There is never a dull moment in our house and I get so tired and overwhelmed every single day. This book has helped me so much to see that I can be the best mom there is and that it’s okay to say God help me get through this moment because I’m about to scream. Lol

  48. Brandi Weber says:

    Thank you for sharing with us this morning. . im way up North in Superior Wisconsin. Im a stay at home mom of 4. Elizabeth 8, Emma 7, Aeron 3, and Aylee is 1! Let me tell you. i wake up every day and wonder “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” It was so easy with just one NOT! Fact of the matter is i wouldnt trade them for the world. They have been through some tough stuff, no wonder they have TUDES.. Family pictures haha yeah right i cant get them to sit still to eat their food for 5 minutes..let alone sit and pretend to smile for the hours it takes the photographer to take pictures of pretend smiles.. We tend to do it the cheap way..Our phones have come in handy for pictures and WE ..DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM ♡ My Husband & I have been married for 8 years..but were Divorced after the first year together.. God had other plans, & reconciled our marriage. we now have these 4 Blessings that Make every day worth LIVING.. and im afraid im messing them up with my own bad habits. To God Be The Glory, & May He Help Us All Be The Moms We Need To Be ♡

  49. After reading the above posts, I know I am not alone in my fears and worries about being a Good mom! My story is a little different, in that I am a working Mom and Dad stays at home. He is a disabled vet and is unable to work outside the home. He has been home for six years and does all of the traditional Mom duties while I am the “bread-winner”. This is where I stuggle the most. I am 46 and grew up with 2 professional parents, so I didn’t know how to be a stay at home mom. My son is 11 and I tried to stay home the first couple of years, but felt more comfortable working. Boy, does Satan like to try to use that against me! It turns out that I am a better mom when I am working, than when I am home, as we found out during a period of unemployment for me. My biggest concern is will my son be a good provider and husband after seeing our roles reversed? His father is a wonderful dad and growing into being our spiritual leader! We are both very active in our church but still new in our walk together. That is a whole other set of challenges!
    I am really looking forward to learning how to be the best mom God wants me to be and to learn to trust Him to help us raise up a Godly son!
    I also forgot to mention I have a 22 yo stepson living with us that was raised by his mom, and has been living with us the past 4 years. He is a great kid, but not being the best example to my son (laziness, no motivation, spends all day on the computer), so there is another area I pray about! Thankfully he has started to come to church with us, so I know God has a plan for him!

  50. Lindsay Jepperson says:

    My name is Lindsay and I am the mother to two adorable boys 1 and 4. I am a fu time special education teacher at the local elementary. My husband is a paraplegic and has some other medical concerns. I am on summer break and have been searching for a study to do and am so excited about this. I feel like I am messing up my children day.

  51. i have been blessed with 3 beautiful children; Brennon 10, Brandt 2, and Rayna, 9 mos. I struggle everyday just to keep up, trying to make everyone happy. I have an awesome husband, of 3 years. I stay at home with my children and am so happy to be able to do that, although it gets very overwhelming at times.

  52. I am a mom to a 17, 15, and 1 year old, all girls. The older 2 (Paige & Josie) are blessings from marrying my husband 4 years ago. There has been many challenging times being newly married and gaining 2 teenage girls from the start. I love these 2 girls like they are my very own. They have had such broken lives in the past and I want to make the present and future better for them and show them what a mother’s love looks like. Our 1 year old (Reece) brings never ending joy to our family. She is extremely goofy and smart and we all love her to death. Living on 2 ends of the spectrum with teenagers and a toddler there is definitely never a dull momemt in our house.
    I am looking forward to what God has in store for our family in the future and how this book can help!

  53. Jennifer Coca says:

    Blessed morning… I started homeschooling 5 years ago when I came home to be with my then 3 kids. My oldest was in 5th grade, my second was starting kindergarten and the baby was 4 ( they r now 16, 10, and 9 ). I truly believed this was God’s will only now my oldest is a year behind, and my second oldest doesn’t read at grade level and she hates to read. I feel like I tried to do something positive and it all fell apart and I failed miserably. She has been attending school for 3 years now and she still doesn’t read at grade level… This one has been a very hard pill to swallow. I know God can turn all things around I just see no progress yet…

  54. Stephanie says:

    I have two boys, who will be 6 and 2 in August. I recently started back to work part-time, which has caused some stress in the family. And now that my oldest is growing up, he calls me out on so many of my imperfect moments, like when I’m angry and snap at him. A friend suggested this bible study, and I am hoping it brings me the strength I need to become a better mom. I want my children to see me at my best as much as possible. I struggle with motherhood every day, yet I also want another child…so conflicting! Glad to be a part of this community!

  55. Jenna Reed says:

    I am honored to be a mommy to a vibrant 3 year old daughter. I work full time and struggle with juggling all the demands of being a wife, a mother (to not only my daughter but 3 Labrador Retrievers), cooking, cleaning, bill paying, etc. I really appreciate reading everyone’s comments and take solace knowing that I am not alone in my struggles.

  56. I am a mom of 2 – a 22 year old daughter and 20 year old son, both of whom are Christians. Even though they are adults, I still need to be a mom. My daughter is married and both she and her husband are Christians. However, Satan has deceived them and some problems have risen (on both their parts). My son-in-law is getting counseling for his issue but our daughter is resisting working on her issues and resistant to getting counseling together with her husband to restore the marriage. Praying that God will soften her heart to bring reconciliation (especially since the issues are totally resolvable). Praying that I will not be a hindrance to God’s work as I tend to want to control things. I’m learning that I need to let God have control as I storm heaven’s throne on their behalf. I have a wonderful Christian husband who I cannot imagine life without. So far this study has been great and looking forward to the next 5 weeks.

  57. Clarissa Fattig says:

    Where do I begin. I used to think I was a perfectionist but lately God has been showing me that I pretend to be a perfectionist…that’s just messed up. He tends to reveal things and convict my spirit at weeee hours in the morning (3AM to be exact)…really?! I have 2 beautiful boys Janssen (2) and Preston (8 mos.). I am blessed but looking at me on the inside and my attitude lately you would never think it. His latest revelation came at 3AM the other night and it was about Carelessness….ha! ME?! Before that it was Pride….give me a break! What else?! I am realizing that He is a loving Father and I asked Him to reveal to me His love for me. So essentially I asked for it and I wasn’t feeing so “beloved”….I felt condemned and guilty and satan was winning. Coming from a family that mires in self-pity, guilt, shame, and the need to make excuses….I am getting the strength to endure the correction and conviction and take the promises He is speaking about and declare them over me and my house! More than anything, I want my boys to really understand how God works. I need this time to reflect on that so I don’t continue down this need to pretend to be perfect ALL the time and the disaappointment that will follow.

    • I feel the SAME WAY! I always go back to the story where Jesus is praying in the garden before he is taken away to be tortured for my sins. Over and over he was tempted by Satan. Satan trys to fill Jesus up with doubt and lies about his father’s love/purpose for him. Jesus simply says go away Satan and continues praying. When I feel Satan filling me with doubt and pulling me away from the love of Christ I simply whisper go away Satan and I pray instead. I have had great relief and I have found so much love in doing this. Don’t get me wrong I still feel condemned daily but we can fight through it together and know the lord loves us and forgives us for not being perfect. I will say a prayer for you today.

      • Clarissa Fattig says:

        Thank you for that reminder!!! I will use that when I feel tempted to think I am condemned.

    • Thanks for sharing Clarissa. I have had similar things revealed to me lately. Pride, Selfishness, Self-pity…and on and on. I have been going through a depression lately and realized it was all stemming from self-pity. I am a single parent, I have been divorced for 7 years and I am lonely. My parents divorced last year and my whole family fell apart, my best-friend and mother moved away and dissatisfaction at my job and the list goes on. God revealing to me that the cause of this was self-pity has been huge! I still have days that I struggle with disappointments and things but I was to the point that I was so angry and was constantly yelling at my kids that I was yelling at God for even creating me. Why would he make me if I was going to hurt my children with my words. Why would he let me continue to do this even though I constantly pray that he takes away this anger. I prayed the next day that God would give me a little break from the intense refining : ) and all me some time to heal from all that had been revealed to me. That same night one of my friends emailed me information for this book study and I have had a good week! I am truly blessed that this exists because I am finding so much encouragement through all of this. God is definitely refining me and I know satan is in there trying to get his dirty hands on me too. I just constantly have to remind myself to tell him to get behind me and remember God chose me to be the mother of these beautiful children. I guess I will consider this all On-the-job training : ) God bless!

  58. Maritza says:

    Good morning everyone!
    I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls ages 11 and 7. I am a wife of 17 years. I am excited to be here. ☺ I am a teacher in NJ and even though I spend a lot of time with my girls I always ask God to help me. I do feel at times am I doing enough to show them how to have a close relationship with God. All I do is pray consistently because no one is perfect. Looking forward to this bible study. God bless everyone!!

  59. I am the mother of two amazing little boys my youngest is 9 months and my oldest is 3. I know I am still in the early stages of my mom journey but it is still incredibly tough.

    Between middle of the night wake ups that I am still staggering through sleepy eyed, coping with a three year old who is eagerly trying to assert his independence, working full time, and having a loving husband who works shift work it is so completely apparent to me everyday that I am an imperfect mom.

    Recently, I have become so overly flooded with mom guilt, so badly that it began tugging at my relationship with the Father. I was yelling constantly, worrying constantly, and always feeling like someone was being left out.

    And it doesn’t help that my oldest son has to go to his biological father’s house two weeks a month during the summer time.

    The Fourth of July was especially hard for me, my hubby had to work, it was one of my only weekends with my oldest son and it was going to be just me and the boys at the Fourth of July parade.

    This seemed like a great opportunity to unplug from the guilt and have a good day with my boys, right?

    The only issue was that I am also trying to move up the ladder at work and my organization contributes A LOT to this parade. So add that on top of the duties for the day and I had my work cut out for me.

    The parade only lasted 30 minutes both of my boys were well behaved and had a great time. All these things pleased me but, I still felt a deep void. A void I filled with mom guilt.

    You see the years before I have made this parade a day for just family and as my work crept in to it so did the pain.

    Did the boys feel like I ignored them all day? Did other people think that I didn’t care about my children? Was I choosing work over them? Did I do enough to make this special for me and them?

    This guilt ate away at me and always does. Until yesterday when I read chapter 2 of this study.

    I felt as if David’s words bandaged my heart and God whispered you don’t have to always be enough because I AM.

    That was such relief for an imperfect mom like me to know. I struggle daily with showing the love of Jesus through my actions to my boys but I know when I fail God forgives me and loves me and redeems me to make me new everyday.

    I know this post is a little off topic but I felt compared to share because I know there is another mom out there who could think these same things or be in my place. I just needed to tell her I love you. Your children loves you. And more than anything our heavenly father loves YOU.

    • Michele says:

      Thank you for sharing today!! I needed to hear it! 🙂

    • Hi Taylor! Thank you for sharing. I share so much of the same mommy guilt. My kids go to their dad’s a lot more during the summer than the school year and I feel like I don’t get the quality time with them that I want them to have and that I want for me. When they are home I want so much for everything to be perfect…and this is where I fail. When I am expecting perfection because we have so much time to make up for it ruins the time. I think also that we as parents worry so much more about what our kids and everyone else thinks about us, what we are doing and where our priorities lie. Many times I pray that God will show me what He wants me to be doing and if I am doing that now that he comforts me so I do not feel the guilt that I do.

  60. I am very new to this mom thing. My daughter, Lucy, is 14 weeks old. The Lord saw fit to bless me with a child at 39 (40 next month), so I have waited a long time for this experience. I had thought that I would be a stay at home mom but I went back to work 4 weeks ago. I am coping pretty well. I think it is down to having a great babysitter who is just around the corner from work. I get to go visit and feed Lucy at lunch so I get my fix throughout the day. I’m still hoping and praying that the Lord will provide a way for me to stay home. My husband is not saved so the concept of taking a step of faith and trusting the Lord to provide are foreign concepts. So, my stance at the moment is that I am doing the right thing by doing as my husband asks and continue working. I know the Lord will honor me as I honor him through obedience to my husband.

    At the moment, my biggest struggle with being a mom (apart from sleep deprivation) is how to point my precious daughter to Christ at an early age and teach her to fall in love with Him. I pray over her these two things. I know that my Heavenly Father is a much better parent than I could ever be and loves my Lucy more than I do. I trust his promise in 2 Peter 3:9, “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” for both my daughter and husband.

    • Sally, I too pray that I am raising my son to walk with Christ. God often answers these prayers with the whisper of comfort and serenity knowing that he will learn of Christ’s love through my walk with Christ. My son is 5 now and is starting to ask questions and will start AWANA at church next year. I pray that through AWANA and other ministry interactions, he will remember “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Psalm 119:11

  61. Dawn H. says:

    I am the mother of 5 wonderful children ages 19, 16, 14, almost 12 and 10! Two boys and three girls! This week was a tough one for me! Two of my girls are in a dance camp and the other daughter in a volleyball camp – so I thought. I totally screwed up the dates! The volleyball camp was last week! What? I never do that! My heart sunk! I feel like when I screw up – I always screw with that child and she usually lets me know it! I was overly focuses on an issue with my step-son and I could not shake it. I was deep in prayer about him. Deep in conversation with him and my husband. Deep in…. I went to my daughter, sobbing and asked for forgiveness, but I still feel terrible. It just stinks, sometimes, this Momma thing. She forgave me instantly – also not in her character – so I know that God was at the heart of this situation. I am so thankful for God’s grace. He knows I need it!

  62. Michele says:

    Good Morning:
    Well, I am a mother to 2 beautiful children (daughter 15 and son 12) and I have been married for 21 years. I currently work full-time at Northside Methodist Academy as a K-12th computer teacher (was a 6th grade teacher before that). I love being a mom and a teacher but it can be VERY STRESSFUL when I think about getting everything done that needs to be done. If I spend to much time on “school stuff”, then I feel like I am neglecting my Mama Responsibilities and if I spend to much time just doing the “mommy thing” then I know I will never get everything done I need to for school (I teacher computer to 10 K-6th grade classes weekly, 1 high school computer class, 1 Consumer Math class, and 1 7th grade exploratory class daily). Not only that, my daughter is on the volleyball team and basketball team and my son plays the piano and is thinking about playing football. So, I am glad to see that I am not alone in my feelings that I am messing up as a mother! I LOVE BEING A MAMA but my kids have gotten to the point where they like to point out when I am not spending enough time with them or throwing back at me the times I mess up! Makes life tough, for sure! 🙂

  63. I am a mom of 2 daughters – a 16 year old and 12 year old. I work full time and have a disabled husband battling Multiple Sclerosis daily. I hope this study will help me balance my life better and not be so moody at times with the daily demands of life. At times I have a short temper but I am a work in progress for sure. I also hope that I am a daily example of Philippians 4:13 to my girls. That they can do anything through Christ who strengthens them. I hope that this study will help me direct my girls through their next stages of life. Entering high school and graduating high school.

  64. Nancy shukers says:

    I first want to thank every Mom who has posted! Such vulnerability and honesty sure is a sign God is working in the Bible study as we share and uplift eachother!

    I have 5 kids ranging from 26 to (gulp) 4 years old. I am so fortunate to get to stay home with them because that is what works best for US : ) when they were all little there were so so many demands on me that I used to say to myself..”just get through the day” some days. But I have to say that overall I look back with such fondness and an ache for them ALL to be little enough to snuggle on my lap or curl up next to me. Sure makes me recognize now with my 4 year old just how quickly time goes by. The challenges I face now with the older ones are such grown up issues that I sometimes feel like there is NO way they (I) am ready for it. I find myself holding on a little too tight to my boys and not really liking their girlfriends : ( I am praying that the Lord allows me to see them (one girlfriend in particular) as He sees her, a beautiful child of God.

    Even with the stress of cell ohones, car insurance, college, club sports, gi4lfriends, boyfriends…I do know enough to know that I will miss it all so very much when it’s gone.

    Much love to all of us Moms!!!!

  65. Hello all! I am very excited about this study and his network of friends to share my thoughts and struggles. I feel this book could not have come at a better time for me. I have a wonderful husband, Preston, and we have three beautiful daughters, Brooklyn who is 12 and on the brink of becoming a young woman, Jayla who is 9 and who challenges my perspective everyday, and Karley who is 4 and full of life! I just recently finished nursing school and am embarking on this new career and through the chaos of working and studying and trying to be a decent wife/ mother I feel like I am slacking in all areas, especially in finding time for God. I am excited (and determined) to allow this study to transform how I feel about myself, and force me to spend more time with God daily!

  66. I’ve been blessed with 2 beautiful, healthy girls – ages 8 and 6. I woke this morning at 4:15 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep. Made my coffee, headed straight to my computer to start working, then was prompted to head to my bible and study instead. Total God thing! What a blessing the study was this morning, I’m read chapter 3. I struggle with feeling God’s love, though my head knows He loves me. It was a breakdown moment that I never saw coming. I struggle with enjoying being a mom in the middle of all the to-do’s. Praying for joy and patience (which I almost completely lack!). I lived in such a ‘good mom’ place yesterday until ‘bad mom’ flew in during bath time. Prayed for forgiveness. Asked for forgiveness from my 6 year old and went back to being good mom. I’m still thinking about it today, which tells me I haven’t yet let go, but I’m trying! Thank you for this amazing study.

    • Carrie Kopec says:

      Give it all to God Jill. I use to count the days that I didn’t mess up and it was exhausting. These studies are such a sweet release that provide you with so much peace. It is truly about making the next best choice and not counting all those bad decisions along the way. Life is a journey and day by day, with the help of God…we can become the mothers that HE intends us to be. Give your troubles to the Lord Jill, you will never regret it! Sending Blessings!


  67. I have 3 children, 17, 13, and 8 and have been married for 19 years. My husband has 2 sons from his previous marriage who are now adults.
    I never wanted to be a stay at home mom. My mom was, but I didn’t realize the blessing she was to me unt much later. Now I am thankful for her help every day. Anyway, I wanted to be like so many of my friends’ moms. I wanted to dress up and go to work and be professional and important. I graduated from high school in 1990 and I can honestly say that no one ever really told me that being a stay at home mom was a viable option. College and career. That’s what I heard.
    So when my first born, a son, was placed in my arms, I was overcome with the knowledge that I had to go back to work in 8 short weeks. The next 7 or so years were spent with my husband and I working toward the goal of me staying home. Thankfully, we were able to move back “home” when he was 2, so my mom kept him while I worked. Finally, I got to leave teaching and stay home. Two years later we started homeschooling because it worked better with my husband’s work schedule.
    Side note–to any workings moms out there–please do not think I am saying working outside the home is wrong or bad for moms. It just wasn’t right for me. The years I spent teaching I know I was where I was supposed to be.
    Anyway, we have continued homeschooling for lots of reasons, and our oldest will graduate in 2015. Where has the time gone?
    I am enjoying the book and study very much. I loved Chapter 2 and I loved reading in today’s post about looking back on the lives of older children and asking all the what it’s? I thought this mom stuff would get easier. I am still waiting. And yet I love it so much. I definitely fail and struggle. But I love it just the same.
    We have definitely had struggles and issues and tragedies, but here we are
    Thanks for the study!
    Blessings to all!

  68. I have four kids Max is 9 Madden is 7 Addilyn and Isabella are 4. I love ALL the energy my kids have! Its amazing that when I think about this I know God has used there energy to keep me going in my life. My husband became a Christian a yr ago so the struggles we have had and still go through make it exhausting. So instead I kept up with my kids and turned to God. I have been the spiritual leader for almost 7 yrs and now Im ready to breathe a bit!!!
    I love doing anything that puts smiles on there faces and makes them completely exhausted so they will take a nap!!

    • Carrie Kopec says:

      Stay strong for your family. I feel that I am the spiritual head of the household. I have struggled with this for sometime but rejoice in the progress that we are making as a family. My husband has never had the kind of faith that included teaching our children about God, but with time…we are all growing together. Sending out prayers for you during your struggles. Sending Blessings!


  69. Carrie Kopec says:

    Good Day Ladies! It feels so good to be back blogging! I have not written in awhile and I am so happy to be a part of another wonderful study. Sending out Blessings to all you Moms! I am new to posting on the official blog as I started out in small groups and this is the first time there is a study without a small group for me. With every change there is room for growth right? Hoping to get to know new mommies in this setting as well. God Bless and have a great day!

  70. I have been blessed with a daughter who is full of life and certainly has her own personality, even at just only being 1! As a new mom, everything seems tough! My husband and I do our best with supplying her needs (both physical and emotional) as we both work full time which means Emma is in daycare. I have struggled with having to utilize daycare even before I was pregnant as I would love to spend as much time with her as I can. God apparently heard my prayers regarding this as we are privileged to have our mothers have the ability to each watch Emma one day a week allowing her to only be in day care 3 days a week. The daycare she attends is at our church so we know the ladies who care for her. I can see now that Emma has done well being in daycare as far as in developing her social skills. Another one of many ‘tough’ moments was with breastfeeding. I struggled with production/latching as well as finding the time to pump as again, I work full time.and Emma was struggling with reflux and fussiness. Kudos to those mommas who can do this with no problems!! We ultimately switched her to formula at about 3 weeks (right about the time I started a new job position). Oh what a failure I felt I was (and sometimes still do!). The many questions continually swirled through my mind and God heard from me often. But when I should be praising him for my healthy baby, I tend to be overcome with worry on this and many other decisions. I have learned numerous lessons from these situations and have become more ‘in the moment’ with Emma instead of worrying about what the next stage is and if it will happen when it’s “supposed” to. It has been helpful to read everyones comments to know that I am truly not alone in this Mommy journey.

    • Hi Erin, hugs to you mama. I felt the pain of your struggles through your words. I also struggled with breastfeeding and reflux babies. My first, I made it to 5 months before switching her to Nutramigen because neither regular or soy formulas agreed with her. She immediately was better when put on that formula, so I have no regrets. With my second, I was bent on breastfeeding exclusively but turned out he was worse than my first! Super colicky and fussy. I eliminated dairy from my diet but it wasn’t enough. His reflux got so bad we had to take him to a GI specialist, who helped me find out it was also soy he was intolerant to! Once I eliminated soy (and dairy) he turned right around. Who knew… but what a difficult time it was. As for daycare, I didn’t have to go that route until more recently with my youngest.. but he wasn’t an infant. If it makes you feel any better, my sister put all 4 of her children in daycare right at 6 weeks old – all of them – and they are all so well rounded and happy (the eldest of hers is now 21 and a father of his own!)

  71. I’m a mama to 9 kiddos. Our oldest is 19 with ages ranging all the way to a 1 1/2. We live on a ranch with lots of chores and lots of animals. I love it! My oldest is getting ready to move a few states away for a wonderful job opportunity, but boy no one ever warns you about the heartache you feel when one of your kids leaves. On top of being so sad the thoughts of ” did I raise him right” ” did I prepare him and give him the right tools” did I teach him to stand for what was right even if he was the only one” rush through my head. Big changes for our family I am entering a different season of life while still being in the same season with my other kids. My verse that I always have up is ” Give thanks in all circumstances” so as I struggle with all the ” what if” questions I have I also need to remain thankful and to be able to show my kids that I am thankful.

    • Good morning, April! Wow, 9 kiddos! I can understand your fears and heartache at your oldest baby leaving home. I pray peace comes to you. The “give thanks in all circumstances” verse is one of my favorite comforters. As is Matthew 11:28-30… in times when I feel so overwhelmed, it soothes me to know all I have to do is give it up to Jesus, and he takes it from me. *hugs*

  72. I have 3 “blessings”, except my problem is, I haven’t yet realized it. Frequently, I read other moms quipping about how their children drive them crazy – but oh how they are a blessing! In all honesty, I know my children are blessings, but I don’t FEEL it. I’ve been praying, and I hope this study helps. My eldest, a girl, is 7 going on 16 and challenging because she struggles socially and has a difficult time with friendships (which she craves). There is a great deal of whining and melodramatic pity parties always going on with her. My middle is a boy, very mild natured and sweet, but at age 6 still sucks his thumb and is a reluctant learner at school – so he has to repeat Kinder. My youngest is a ball of wild fire. There is no controlling him, and his temper singes. He’s every bit of his ripe age of 3. . . Sigh. . . I just want to feel contentment and peace and gratitude. Any time now…..

    • Beth Ann in NW Ohio says:

      Sweet Mama, I have nine (yes, 9). My oldest (30,son) still sucked his thumb at six, and if in school he would have repeated every grade until he was maybe 14! he was home schooled, so I could read him TONS and he learned by listening, but did not learn to read until he was 14 – then learned it all in 1 month! he probably had brain trauma at birth, as we came close to losing him (purple, no breathing on his own for over 20 minutes-doctor said it could have gone the other way…) Anyway, we always told him God gave him a smart brain, and he learned how to fix and make just about anything, even though he couldn’t read yet. I had read that when his brain re-made those pathways damaged at birth, that he would be able to learn to read-just to “try” once in a while, until it began “clicking”. Oh, did I have “relative resistance”! But I stood firm. At 14 he said he really wanted to learn, and we sat down with an adult book that he wanted to read – and he learned, phonetically, one word at a time. He now owns his own woodworking and sawmill business since he was 15 (yes, fifteen). He has shipped/delivered custom work all over the US, including Hawaii, and also Canada. HE’s doing great! Your sweet 6 year old is himself. He does not HAVE to stop sucking his thumb when someone else thinks he should, and he doesn’t have to be on the same pace as everyone at the school he’s at. Let him know how much Jesus loves him, and you do to! Read, read, read interesting, big, chapter books to him (my son did Legos and Fischertechnik building toys while I read to him), let him play outside (mine spent hours every day in our 12 foot by 12 foot sandbox built under a backyard tree), and my favorite “Did I tell you today that I love you?” then hug and kiss him! Now, I still want something for my sweet 30 year old son – for God to give that man a sweet wife… a God-loving, children-loving, country-loving sweetie! He’s ready, but being patient.
      Now for those 3 year old tempers… one mom announced to her children that all temper tantrums and whining were to be done in the garage corner only (haul child out there carefully, if necessary). That pretty much ended them for her – as they had no audience. But my mentor said to take child into another room away from everyone, sit in chair, wedge lower legs between your legs as he sits on your lap. Then cross his arms and hold the top one with your left hand (“straight-jacket” him). You must smile and be very sweet and happy. I sing a praise, scripture, or prayer to them! Then tell him the second he stops having his fit, you will let him go, and do that! If he starts up again, repeat above. Now my son (now 21) was 2 at the time and screaming ridiculously, so I covered his little mouth as he screamed out, and took my hand away the instant he would suck in his next breath. That ended the screaming, and tantrums within a week or two. He became very self-controlled through this parenting advise, and never hit or bit his siblings after that! He is a wonderful, Godly, married man today, and just yesterday his wife told me how tender-hearted he is toward her. So your three year old may be a transformation around the corner! Remember to hug him several times a day and tell him how much you love him, even if you have to say it in faith until you “feel” it 🙂 Been there, too. Remember, I have 9 and have had many challenges – hopefully will learn where I am challenged presently in my parenting (Youngest is nine). Many blessings!

      • Thank you so much for your caring words and wisdom! What an awesome story of your eldest son. I truly admire you for following his lead and allowing him his space to grow as God intended. I need sincere help in that arena – letting go of control. I always need to do it “my way” … instead I need to heed to HIS way. Such a hard lesson for me to learn.

        I will try your tantrum technique out tomorrow with my “Thunder”! Thanks again!!

    • Hi Leigh! I read your post a few times to try to get a grasp of your heart. I remember when my son was three and behind on potty training according to the norm, or when he struggled with certain subjects, my mom would always tell me not to worry. She would say ” I guarantee you that he will be potty trained by the time he graduates high school.” 🙂 I remember feeling overwhelmed and blaming myself and my lack of “mothering abilities” for various behaviors or shortcomings in my sons actions. I remember feeling like others were always judging me, when in reality they were cheering me on. As he has gotten older, I have learned not to be so hard on myself, and to take it one day at a time. I don’t get jelly kisses anymore, or woken up to change sheets in the middle of the night. As I look back, I see that what I was so concerned about worked itself out, and I smile. Some seasons in our life seem more than we can handle, thankfully the Lord is with us every moment, helping us raise our children. <3

      • Thank you Liz! You are right, I don’t know why I work myself up so much sometimes. Like they say the days are long but the years are short. Already I’ve been a mother for nearly 8 years. All in the blink of an eye. And the problems I had at the beginning… it’s hard to even remember them all. In 10 years time, todays struggles will also have faded into a fuzzy memory. I need to remember this daily, to help keep me centered and focused on what’s truly important. Thanks for the wonderful reminder.

  73. Hello! I am a mom of one. I have a son who is now a teenager. I am now getting used to not being cool anymore. I enjoy the community and support here, and glean from other mom’s experience. Our family has to stay pretty stationary right now as my husband is awaiting a transplant. I try to find new things to do nearby. I am also trying to help our family focus on the joy in little things. My son has been grieving the loss of his Grandma (best pal) and his dog he had his whole life. I have been trying to keep everything pretty routine with no huge surprises as we adjust to life without them. I am thankful for the Word of God, prayer, our church family, and all of you! We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

  74. Andrea Tillotson says:

    Hi! I am a 50 year-old stay-at-home mom of a 9 year-old son. I suffer from depression and have been hospitalized twice since 2008. However, I seem to be stabilized now and doing much better. I do worry about those 6 years when I was “absent”, isolating, and sleeping so much due to my depression. I can see that my son is a worrier and is in fear a lot about things he cannot control. He limits himself due to his fears and that makes me sad for him…

    • Hi Andrea,
      I am 51 soon to be 52 and I have suffered from depression and PTSD since the failure of my marriage to my children’s father. He had a lot of hopes and dreams but somehow his love for God and me got mired in his love of drugs and alcohol. He loved us in the only way he knew how but he was abusive and held a gun to our heads while I was pregnant with my 12 year old. We have been divorced for 11 years now and he gets supervised visitation with our 3 children (the fourth child was his from a previous marriage and she no longer has anything to do with him). He does not try to visit them, he has never given them one red cent since we divorced but God has been SOOO good to me!

      I will not tell you that it is going to be easy, it will not! There will be days you will struggle with getting out of bed but this I know to be true…IF you will put God first, IF you wil renew your mind daily with God’s Word and make an effort to go to church at least 2 times a week, IF you will take one day at a time and not look back (God is not interested in your past, he is interested in what you do with your future), IF you will find you scriptures to stand on and pray them over you EVERY day (at least 3, like the 3 smooth stones that David found to fight Goliath) I always stood on Ephesians 3:20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, and I stood on 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. When I would have a panic attack or my children would have a nightmare or could not sleep in thier own rooms for fear of their father or of loosing me, we would quote these scriptures. I am no longer bound by PTSD nor do I have regular symptoms of it or depression. It did not happen over night but God took care of what I could not and this I know….He will take care of it for you too but you have to do your part and ask Him. NO FEAR!

    • Tammy Holland says:

      Hi Andrea, we have a lot in common, I am turning 47 this week and my son is 10 and also suffers with worry and fears. He has been designated as “gifted” by the school. I keep trying to find new ways to teach him the POWER in the name of Jesus. We were given authority at the cross to conquer all darkness with our savior’s name. In fact, we are commanded to “be doers of the Word not hearers only, deceiving ourselves.” I am trying everything to show my son that just saying that “Jesus is Lord” drives all illness, fear, darkness and worry away. We are victors in Jesus and should use that name over everything that we have no control over. Sometimes it is difficult to just “receive” the gifts God has given us. Receiving grace and forgiveness and healing and victory can be very hard to comprehend when it should be as simple as God handing us a present and us taking it and saying thank you. Anyway, he is still suffering with fear of dark among other things. I will continue to pray for him and yours. God will increase their confidence in Him and give them courage to be bold in Him. Once they receive that, everything will be okay.

  75. Bethany says:

    Good morning! I have a sweet almost 15 month little girl (spitting imagine of her daddy…like I had no part in making her…ha!)! Being a new mom is tough and figuring out each new stage can be challenging. But it is also so rewarding to see her grow and learn new things! I’m loving this bible study already and have a few friends joining me. My struggle is making time for reading God’s words daily and starting my day with Him, as I work full time and get home to household duties. Sometimes I find myself half way into the day and think I can’t believe I haven’t spoken to my Lord yet today. I pray this study will awaken my soul and help me to be more focused on my Savior all day!!

    • Hello Fellow Moms!
      I am so excited about this Bible Study because I suffer from the disease of “Mommy Guilt.” I have a 9 month old son and a 3 year old son. They are VERY active! I suffer during the school year when I teach and I am away from the kids. However, I suffer during the summer too when at times I complain about my messy house or lack of “me” time! I know this is Satan working in me no matter what the season is. I also know that God is much more powerful than Satan and that God’s word can put out the flames of the evil one (Ephesians 6)! To the one mom who said that there are days were she is half way through her day and hasn’t talked to God yet…I get it. No matter if you are working or stay at home. However, starting my day with my Proverbs 31 devotion and some quiet time with God is the only way I can stay centered and be the wife, worker, mother, and servant God wants me to be. Thanks ladies for being women of faith! Let’s laugh at the days to come (Proverbs 31:25.) I have a baby making his way toward the toilet…crawling that is. Press on faithful servants!

  76. I am a mom of 4, all of which comes from an abusive marriage. I have a 34 year old step-daughter that has 3 children of her own. Amanda has been in my life since she was 8 years old. She is a wonderful, godly mother and has turned out to be one of my dearest friends. My other 3 are my world, Lillian is my 16 and very book smart, funny, creative, nerdy (her words), beautiful and socially akeward child. She is all that I wished I was at her age, she loves to write and is very good at it and loves science! She has such a bright future and is reaching for all she can get out of it! Then there is JP my quick witted 15 year old baseball loving, handsome, sweet, kind son who would never set foot in school but he has to to get to play baseball. He is all about doing anything with his hands…he loves to be clean and nice looking but has no trouble getting dirty. JP’s world is either black or white, there is no gray. He is much like his father in that it is his way (the right way) or nothing. He has a huge heart and loves to help others. And is always trying to do what is right except when it comes to his little sister. Alivia was my 12 year old suprise child, she is vivatios, head strong, sassy, bossy, beautiful, big hearted, kind all mixed in with a little bit of mischeiviousness and she can make me completely loose control of my senses (Not in a good way)! She is all about her friends and having fun! They are all wonderful kids very polite to everyone but me, they love God and everyone around them! They are quick to help anyone in need and I am so blesed to get to be their mother!

  77. Socorro Garza says:

    Hello Mamas from all around the world 😉
    I am a mom of two teenagers, one girl – 16 years old and one boy – 15 years old (Irish twins although not Irish 😉 What amazes me the most about being a mom is how you can raise children in the same household and yet they are sooooo different. I get the uniqueness that God has each blessed us with but man, oh man, can they agree on anything??? They are great kids and actually get along really well and how all of that works out, blows my mind. I have often finding myself looking at their pictures from when they were little to see if they were actually happy kids or if they looked totally messed up…hah!! Yes, they look happy and healthy and well-adjusted, so I move forward and pray now that I can help them through these wonderful teenage years.

  78. Amy Blount says:

    I have 3girls. My oldest is 20 she has autism so she will be with me for the rst of her life. I like that b/c she will be shielded from all the yucky life situations that scare me as a mom. But it’s hard at times b/c there isn’t progress like with the other children. I got saved when pregnant with my 5yr old. She is so full of energy, never stops. My youngest is 2yrs. I’m learning not to wish my kids childhoods away. The Lord showed me this week where I need to cut out other people and their problems to make more room for my kids. When I’m being drained of unecessary isssues I don’t have anything left for my family. I feel overwhelmed b/c we only get one shot at our kid’s childhood and this my time to instill the love of God in their hearts. The Bible says train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it…pressure is on to be the best example to them!

  79. Shelley Holcomb says:

    I am the mother of a 3 year old Landry, who we were blessed to receive through adoption. We got to go through the pregnancy with the birth mother, and I am now the 46 year old mother of a toddler!!! I am a neonatal nurse practitioner, and am totally comfortable telling other families how to care for their children, but totally overwhelmed by the responsibility if raising a Godly child. It’s my own hang up I know, but I stress over this so much. I’m a total type A….so I’m learning to trust in God and not miss the fun that goes with motherhood. When you’re doing g a job you’ve been trained for….it’s easier….when does my parenting handbook come in?! LOL!!! I definitely know I need the grace of God & as much support as I can get!!!

  80. Read chapter 3 this morning… loved that Lysa wrote…”Anything I do right as a mom is because of God. Anything I do wrong is because of me.” What a good reminder to keep myself plugged in to Him everyday so that I can do those right things as a Mom – He gives me the strength to be a good Mom.

  81. Oh Shelly! The picture made me smile. It never ever reflects what actually happened during those moments leading up to the snap! I am almost always pit stained, sweat dripping down my back, 7 layers of powder to contain the forehead shine, staring at the white something caked on my 8 year olds overly stretched out shirt, while my husband is not happy with the matching button up I forced him to wear, and my 5 year olds cowlick may be holding with more lick than I’d like. Boy, we sure do make our Maker smile!

  82. I love being a mommy to my 2 1/2 year old daughter ~ Landri!!! She is absolutley amazing!!! I would love to be a stay at home but financially I can’t. I hoping that when she starts kindergarten I can be part time. She has definitley taught my husband to have more patience (he’s still working on that). I look at other kids & moms & wonder what I’m doing wrong. They seem to have it together & their kid listens. My husband blames me when she throws a fit ~ says I baby her too much ~ maybe I do ~ I do disipline but maybe not as much as i should ~ i dont know. I’m just so thankful for this Bible study ~ knowing i’m not alone makes it a little better!

  83. Hello 🙂 I am a mom to 3 my oldest is 9 and struggles with anger issues. My middle is 7 and is always stuck in go lol and my last is 2 1/2 and she is challenging me in new ways. Older two are boys and have the horrible love hate relationship that challenges me and everyone else multiple times a day. I have recently been diagnosed with MS talk about a life altering change. Everyday I feel like I failure because of the challenges with this disease. I feel like I haven’t taught them properly and am afraid to take them out anywhere because they just can’t seem to control themselves. I know how lucky we are to have each and every one of our children, sometimes I don’t feel like I can handle it and I get so upset. I’m praying that through this website I can get some peace and understanding.

  84. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    I am a 45 year old mother of 5 year old Conor. I never thought I would be able to have children (We have been married 13 years), so he is a great blessing. But, it is not only the young who corner the market on impatience, let me tell you! 🙂 I do ride that swing between Good Mom and Bad Mom all too often. There are days when that boy seems like a super star–and it feels GREAT!! Then, he will turn around and hit another kid or spit at the teacher at school–not so great…

    I am a terrible housekeeper–let’s just put it out there. I HATE housework. I am poorly organized on so many levels, and we have too much stuff.

    I work full time, so I was not able to be with my son full time after the first about 2 months of his life. I do feel guilty about that sometimes.

    I LOVE the Scripture reading form Chapter 3, Psalm 51:10-12. It was really striking to me in the Voice translation:
    10 Create in me a clean heart, O God;
    restore within me a sense of being brand new.
    11 Do not throw me far away from Your presence,
    and do not remove Your Holy Spirit from me.
    12 Give back to me the deep delight of being saved by You;
    let Your willing Spirit sustain me.
    I have always liked this passage–I hear Keith Green’s precious “Create in Me a Clean Heart” in my head when I read it, and I spent some time praying that passage today. I do need to feel the deep delight of Hius salvation of my soul, and I need to enjoy the feeling of being brand new–every day, every hour, every minute, if need be! That means I can come to Him to start again at any time–I can be the mom He designed by cherishing being new. My mistakes and troubles are wiped clean.

    I needed this today, and I need it every day! Thanks, Lysa, and thanks to my OBS sisters–I pray that He can creat in us that clean heart again and again!

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

    I wo

    • I totally get the “some days are great, and others…not so great!” My husband and will talk at night about how good our 3yr. old has been lately. I give myself a little mental “pat on the back.” Then…he has a horrible day and I am back to second guessing myself. I think this is one of the many ways God keeps us humble. Press on Mommas!

  85. Good morning to everyone This so great to read the posts from moms of various stages of raising their children. Leigh we find our blessings in small ways with our children when it is stressful, their bright smiles, unconditional love, their persistence to keep going. They can at times be our encouragers. I have very bright and energetic children with ADD. God has worked on my patience ability with that. How to encourage them to be their best and stay focused on the goal. One more to get through high school, very tiring but so worth the effort, pain and joy.

  86. Tammy Holland says:

    Thanks to the first topic studied, “Good mom, Bad mom”, I have decided to use those specific words with my son as we journey through each day of chore time, play time, errands and conversation. Normally when I ask him to do chores around the house and the yard, I get busy and just assume he has done them. When I return to see it not done, I sometimes use a voice that hurts his feelings and he will do the chore and disappear. Sometimes I show him my disappointment in his behavior and he stomps away and will not talk about it. Like yesterday, I had just brought home our screen door from being repaired on Monday, he then ran into it last night and broke out the screen. I didn’t say much but my body language said it all and I was very disappointed with him for not being more careful. He went straight downstairs and sat on the couch and turned on the T.V. I didn’t realize how much my reaction had effected him until I went down a few minutes later and sat down next to him and tears began running down his cheeks. I immediately new BAD MOM. It wasn’t that big a deal to make him feel so bad about, I knew the screen wouldn’t last because we have four dogs who get very rambunctious and eventually would have gone thru it. Now, once things are done, (or not done), and I say my piece, I ask him, Good mom or Bad mom? It has really opened a door of opportunity to discuss how and why he is feeling the way he is toward me and in our relationship. Communication is so important for me because I don’t ever want my son feeling as though he can’t share his feeling with me. I hate it when I upset him and he just closes me out. Sometimes I agree with him on the “bad mom” for not being understanding enough or patient enough, other times he is being more understanding and seeing the “good mom” in it. It has only been a couple of days but I am hopeful this will bring our relationship to a whole other level. Eventually I won’t have to ask him, good or bad?, he will let me know when I am too consumed to see if I am handling things good or bad. Thank you for your stories of encouragement I needed a way to see myself in my handling things around here and this is a great start!

  87. Let me first say thank you everyone for sharing your wonderful stories! How comforting to find I am not alone in the worries of motherhood. I am 34 and a mom/aunt to five amazing children! My life has changed dramatic in the last 9 years. What an amazing roller coaster God has set me on. So I have 4 girls and 1 boy. My daughter from another mother (step daughter) Tiffany is 18, Jennifer (niece on my husband’s side) 11, Addison (biological daughter) 8 & Janneth (niece on my husband’s side) 8. Then we have the only other male in the house besides my husband, Junior ( nephew on my husband’s side) is 15. My oldest has moved out almost 2 years ago which was a extremely trying time, but in many ways has brought us closer together over time which at the time she moved out I would have never foreseen though I prayed heavily for it to turn the negative into a positive. With junior he is our newest addition to the household as he has only been living with us since the end of May this year. My children have brought me so much joy and are truly blessings . I feel blessed to get this opportunity to get to know them and guide them and turn them towards God. It has been a crazy ride with many ups and downs. There has been laughs, tears, excitement, frustrations, doubts and happiness. I wonder 90% of the time if I am guiding them enough and in the way God wants. I struggle with doubts with myself constantly about if I am raising them right, guiding them enough, handling situations right. I know I have numerous imperfect mommy moments and there definitely some particular moments that stick out that are parenting fails. But, I am slowly getting there on giving myself a break and understanding that no one is perfect and that what makes me a good mama is that I recognize it, take time to learn from it and constantly push myself to improve to be the best I can be.

  88. Sarahdenile says:

    My husband and I are pregnant with our first! Baby is due February 7th. I was interested in doing a Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study and a mom friend and I decided to sign up for this one. I am excited to hear from others about the ups and downs of motherhood and how to raise a child up in the Lord. I am an Elementary Special Ed teacher so I have lots of experience working with children. I want to gain knowledge from other moms about how to raise children up in the Lord.

  89. Kasey Perkins says:

    Being a mom is tough: Being a mom to one child is tough when you add 4 more to the 1st one it seems that we could be flirting with disaster. You have 5 young humans who share common interest and some similarities, but who you have to learn to parent differently according to what best works with each child. But blessed we are to have 5 and 3/4 (currently expecting #6) healthy boys. And I am so thankful to be participating in this bible study, especially since the stress of being pregnant combined with the rambunctiousness of 5 boys have been wearing on my nerves. It is good to see that I am not the only one is in this boat, and that while other moms look like they have it all together and running things smoothly without breaking a sweat it is only just an illusion, we all struggle at times, and can benefit from each other’s experiences and encouragement.

  90. Hi my name is Sara and I’m 36 years old on July 27th. I am a wife and mother of 2. Almost 3. I have a sweet precious gift waiting for me in Heaven. My mom died 4 days before I found out I was becoming a mom. Wow did God know what I needed. It’s been a long journey to healing and I thank God every day for my beautiful gifts! With saying that man it’s tough being a mom and a wife. I am the only adult in this family that goes to church and I’m waiting quiet and patiently for God to work in my husbands life and I’m very hopeful because God is faithful. I also have been working with children for about 20 + years. Before and after my own. Isabela just turned 8 on 4th of July and Isaac is 5. Trying to balance the families I work with and my own is very challenging and it has it’s great moments and it’s just plain awful moments. I recently retired from teaching preschool of 15 years thinking maybe God had a different plan for this worn out mother but He gave me this gift and made sure I knew that after a few failed attempts of business work. So now I am a Mothers Helper. I watch kids, do there laundry, cook when needed and do housework. I know every mothers dream. Except for this mom that still has to do her own family when I get home. I cry out to God constantly for Him to be my portion and help me be the mom He created me to be but most days I just feel like one big failure. It’s even gotten to the point that my own kids laughter doesn’t always bring me joy. I love being a mom and love working with families. It’s the balancing I have a hard time with. If I didn’t have my relationship with Jesus I don’t think I would survive! My husband is a great help to me and a wonderful father but is working 2 jobs and goes to school but taking a semester off right now. He is gone 6 nights a week. Sleeps every weekend due to his 12 hour night shifts at the Hospital. Did I say how hard it is to keep my kids quiet on those days! Wow I feel better just getting that out. As hard as it all is I wouldn’t trade it for nothing. I get emptied to be filled. I’m so excited about this community of like minded moms. I love the transparency. The freedom to share without it being used against you. I think moms can be so hard on each other. We are just doing the best we can one battle at a time! Jesus please help us to remember that! Thank you for what you are doing to help us moms have a better perspective over the joys of being a mommy. Can’t wait to see how God uses this study and community in my life. I constantly pray for a better perspective, for my joy to be restored, for my soul to be refreshed so this is an answer to my prayers! Thanks again ladies!

  91. Meghann Morrow says:

    Hello! I am a mom to three boys- a two year old and 4.5 week old twins. I’m still adjusting to caring for three, but thankful for the family support. My husband travels several days a week for work so things can get challenging. I am thankful God has entrusted me to be their mommy even though some days I feel like a failure. Especially with my two year old who is adjusting to his brothers. He doesn’t listen and often is rambunctious around the babies which causes me to yell so I can protect them but then I feel guilty because he is trying to adjust and I hadn’t been able to take him outside to burn off his energy. Not to mention how much he watches movies these days. I’m not at all the mom I want to be or thought I’d be, but leaning on Jesus to fill the gap and make me better. I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. Excited and praying for this opportunity to improve.

  92. Debbie Hills says:

    Hi Shelley, Thank you so much for your honesty and loving words! What a beautiful family pic! You took the words right out of my mouth. I have a 15 year-old boy and 13 year-old girl. I wonder if I have messed up sometimes and my mind is my enemy. You see, because of my broken family growing up, I have realized lately how very insecure I am. I suppose it is stronger now because I am older and when I had to get a job last year, I found out my skills have slowed. My husband is wonderful and my mom was loving (who passed away last year). I am grateful I do not need to work now and am having a wonderful summer with my kids. I am looking forward to this study every day!

  93. Being a mom is hard?? Oh come on! Well, that would have been my response years ago, but now with a 3 and 1 year old some days are like battle fields! I LOVE my children and they are without a doubt my greatest joy in life, but I teeter on lines of sanity some days which confuses me. How can something that brings me so much joy also cause me such angst? The best part of parenting is of course witnessing these little creatures develop and turn into the people they are meant to be. The worst part of parenting is constantly worrying that you are doing a terrible job at helping these little creatures develop and turn into the people they are meant to be! Excited and hopeful that this book will offer some much needed reflection.

  94. Yvonne G. says:

    I am a mother of two 17 and 14 and my mind goes crazy with worry that I’ve not done enough to prepare them for the real world. This is my first online bible study (only bible study) and am looking forward to learning and reading every day.

  95. Thank you P31 Ministries for this study..it is my first one ever! Like everyone out there we are trying to do our best in a world that seems so morally corrupt..so kudos to all the mom’s who are her talking to each other or simply reading and studying and making such an awesome effort to raise holy children.
    I am a mom of two beautiful children: 6 and 4 and along the way, have picked up a plethora of parenting books and, now that I recall, none involved God. No wonder I didn’t learn from them! I to have many “bad mom” days but now that I have found this ministry I know where to go.
    Just a little advice ( and not found in the parenting books) when you have a really, really bad day, go into their room at night while they are asleep and just watch them, this is what God sees every day in every child. This is what drives me to be better the next day. This is what refreshes my soul.

  96. Heather Savage says:

    I am struggling tremendously with my 18 year old. She abruptly moved out and moved in with my mom (2 miles down the road) after being punished for missing curfew way too many times. Now my parents and sister have enabled her by buying her a new car and a new cell phone and cater to her every need. Now my in-law family is doing the same. My daughter has removed us from her life and is very angry for some reason but won’t communicate her feelings. Our families won’t stand behind us and support the way we are raising our kids. Instead, they comfort her. I have no idea what I did wrong or how to correct. I have emailed her (that’s the only form of contact she will have with us) to let her know we love her and want to work this out. I don’t know what else to do.

  97. Stephanie says:

    Being a mom is very hard but also the most rewarding job. I am the mom of 3 kids: Alex who is 5, Noello 3, and Noah who is 6 months old. There is several times a day where I wonder am I doing the right thing. I get worn out and exhausted. I have a husband who works third shift and does a good job helping out. Noelle is in the middle of potty training. Noah has acid reflux and that can cause some problems. Most days I can get so busy that I don’t spend the time I need to WITH God. It is encouraging that I am not the only one in this boat. Thank you all for the openness and honesty.

  98. Hi! I am the mother of four children and one step-child. They are my world! I have a daughter 18, twin boys 14, a daughter 4, and my step-son is about to be 22.
    I was in a very troubled and abusive marriage for many yrs. I have always had to be mommy and daddy. I have had to support my children in every way. I have never minded. They are my heart and my world. It has always been my place to protect them.
    I saw this bible study and was so very excited! I have asked the questions numerous times, especially lately, have I messed up my kids! We have been faces with many trials lately. My ex-husband who has been abusive and non-supportive of our children has filed for custody. I have wondered and prayed and asked where have I gone wrong to be faced with this. I have always true to be the best mom I could be. I have always tried to teach them to follow Christ and to trust in The Lord.
    I re married last March. My children adore husband. They, for the first time, have a father figure in their life. They have a Christian father figure in their life!
    I am looking forward to this bible study to see what God is wanting to reveal to me. And hopefully will understand why we are being faced with the situation we are when we are trying to follow Him.
    I ask that you all please pray for my family as we face this journey ahead of us.

  99. I am a mom to a four year old. Very strong willed daughter. I.am divorced and doing it alone.
    Some days are rough being a teacher and all i know the statics for not having a father. I do surround her with positive male figures but not the same. I am very hard on myself. But am slowly learning to rely on the lord.

  100. Being a mom is so hard! I am very blessed to have an amazing family. I married the love of my life thirteen years ago. I have three healthy, beautiful girls. They are 9, 6 and 18 months. I am blessed to stay home with them. This was always my dream. However, my dream was lacking the reality. I only saw the possibilities and what “I would do as a mom.” Because of this I often compare myself to “better” moms and feel inadequate. It is the most challenging role that I have ever played. Thankfully I am learning that I was never meant to do this on my own. God is there. I am meant to turn to him. It is ok to ask for help. The words that spoke to me the most in these chapters was that I am the mom that God knew my girls needed. I feel that my perspective changed. I am going to make mistakes. The more I rely on God the less I will hold onto those mistakes. As a recovering perfectionist I feel hopeful. What a better mom I will be to be honest and true. Be an example to my children by relying on God at all times. It is such a blessing and privilege to be a mother. I don’t want to waste any more time on regrets and guilt. I want to cast my cares upon him and move on! This time is precious. I also want my children to see the reality that it is hard but it so worth the effort.

  101. I am a mom of two. My daughter Jenna is 6 and my son Jordan is 5. I work full-time outside the home. My daughter is a special needs kid. She was born very prematurely. Because of this, she has developmental delays, has behavioral issues, ADHD and is strong-willed. She is the sweetest little girl, but struggles with focusing and controlling her behavior/emotions. My son is the kindest kid ever. He has a tender heart and is very compassionate. Just recently, we noticed a bit of a temper with my son when he does not get his way. My biggest challenge with my kids is trying not to yell in order for them to listen and get their attention. There are days when I feel like I am the referee breaking up arguments over toys, games, etc. and the police when I have to constantly put them in timeout. I have always been known by my friends to be the patient, understanding and calm one, but that has all changed. I fear that I am messing up my kids because I allow my temper to get the best of me and I yell. Now, I am starting to see similar characteristics in my children and that frightens me. There is a song entitled “Let Them See You” and that is my honest prayer that they see Christ in me and seek to be like Him. I hope that through this study I can be more like Christ and be better equipped to lead and guide my children in His ways.

  102. I am a single mom to a four year old strong willed daughter.

  103. Tammy your comments spoke to me! The scenario about asking your son to do something and assuming it has been done and your showing him your disappointment is exactly where my son and I are STUCK! My son is 17 years old. We adopted him when he was 7 and he has a history of trauma, RAD,ADHD and cognitive delays, which we were well aware of when he came to us. My family first met my son through foster care although we were not his foster family, we did respite care for his foster family . He was sent by the foster care system to live in a residential facility at the age of 4 due to his emotional problems and the associated behaviors. My heart went out to him at that time but I didn’t feel that we were the “right family” to adopt him. I prayed for him to find the “right” family but after a year of being in the facility it still hadn’t happened. My family and I kept in touch by infrequent phone calls and visits to him in the facility(this facility was a 5 hour drive from our home. We live in a rural area, the facility is in the big city). He was still considered to be part of the local Department of Social Services and one da a co-worker told me that she was interested in adopting him. This woman is a wonderful person and I knew she had been looking to adopt but I was sure that it would not be a successful adoption as I new she wanted a baby and I was sure his behaviors would be overwhelming to her and her family. I thought that it would result in a failed adopting and that the child would be thrown back into the system,one more time(he had had several failed placements by that time also). I didn’t mention that my son has a biological sister, who was in the same facility at that time, and that a family wanted to adopt her but not her brother.That was when I heard God tell me “Kate you need to adopt him”. It was scary but I truly felt the hand of God! Well I would be lying if I said I hadn’t doubted my listening skills,on more than one occasion, since that time but I know that God doesn’t make mistakes, so I must be the one making the mistakes. My husband and I have spent a lot of time and money trying to improve our parenting for this child, and our journey with our son has brought us a much deeper relationship to God, but we still can’t seem to get this parenting thing right! He needs to feel the unconditional love from us and I fear that he only sees conditions to our love. I find myself being so negative and “shutting down” . I have often blamed him “he makes me so angry” or “if only he would do the right thing”. I realize that I can’t ask him to change if I can not change. In reading the book” Am I messing Up my Kids” I have become more aware that Satan is the one working on us and trying to keep my son and I from having the relationship we both need. I have been praying for the Holy Spirit to come to me and it has truly helped. the Holy Spirit has helped to overcome the negative feelings and help me handle the situation at hand, but I will say it is a constant battle! I often get caught up in the battle before I remember to ask for the intervention of the Holy Spirit. I having been praying for help to use the right words and to say the words in a way that is not condemning. I know my son needs correction but I need to learn to give it in a more accepting manner. I also need to stop rambling now! Hang in there Tammy! We will be successful with the help of Jesus! Now I just hope that I have posted this in the right way. I looked into starting a Blogg but that was too overwhelming today. Maybe tomorrow! ha ha! Have a great day everyone!

  104. Oh the rollercoaster of Motherhood. My husband and I decided to have a son when we were 23 and 24. We had no idea what we were getting into other than we wanted a child. God blessed us with a healthy baby boy in 2008. Tyler has taught us so much and brought us closer together. Since his birth, I have been diagnosed with Epilepsy, PTSD, ADHD and a host of other mental illnesses stemming from a severe brain injury I had when I was 15 and a very stressful career. My son refers to it as the hole in my head. I question sometimes if he deserves a mom with a better memory or one who is more organized. This study is helping me to see that God has equipped me with all I need to be the best mom for my son. I really want 3 kids and to be the mom who is there to help with homework, cook food for the team, but most importantly be surrounded by family. Now that I am receiving treatment for epilepsy, it is risky for me to carry a child again. My husband and I both work so caring for a 2nd child would also be difficult but I worry that my son is lonely as an only child. And then balancing time for him, my husband, me, work, etc. In the end though, I would not change a thing, I am blessed with the portion God has given me.

  105. I am a mother of 1; and Gann of 1. I was raised by a single mother; raised my daughter a single mom and she is raising her daughter single. Not that we are not great women but we all need a man, father figure, fatherly love when we are little and a companion as an adult. I pray this single curse ends and my daughter finds a Godly man to love her and Elle. I know the things I did wrong raising my daughter and I pray my daughter overcomes those memories. I pray for both of them. We all live together. It is time they live their life. I pray for strength for me the day they do buy a house. Thank you for loving me just as I am.

  106. Kristan Maclachlan says:

    My 9 year old daughter is really give me a run for my money. She does not like anything and wants to always fight with her sister. Last night in bed I told her we should pray that god will help her be a good girl and she said but I can’t be a good girl in tears. We agreed if she ever felt lost and could not stop being mean that she would come to me and we would pray right there. I am trying to help her grow up to be a wonderful women with a great foundation but some days are just tough.

    • renea sweet says:

      I hear ya, I have a 8 year old daughter that will be turning 9 and she is very strong willed with a self esteem that is becoming very low. She says all the time that everyone is mean and why am I always the one getting picked on. I run a daycare in my home and she gets very angry with the other kids. I feel like I have failed her already and that when she becomes a teenager its going to get even worst. I love her to death and I pray every night that God will give me the words and wisdom to help her see. I will pray for your daughter that God gives her peace and understanding and I pray for you also.

  107. Thanks for sharing your stories everyone. It’s so comforting to hear that I am not the only one thinking and feeling that being a mother is tough. I have one child, a 13 years old boy. I think many of us do not see the results we want to see in our children’s actions/choices and we feel that we had already failed or so “unequipped” (so to speak), and we think we are not doing a good job as mom and we compare ourselves to other moms and our children to our neighbor’s “well behaved” children . P31 ladies, thank you for reminding us that we are the moms, “the imperfect moms”, God has chosen for our children. Thank you for reminding us that “we don’t have what it takes, but that we do have WHO it takes”. I heard someone say that “God does not choose the qualified people, He qualifies the people he chooses” and this is the story in my life, my child has special needs and I could not have made it this far without God’s help each day of my life.
    This is my fist OBS and I am so thankful for the comments and this book full of scriptures and real life experiences that reminds me where my strength comes from.

  108. Vicki H. says:

    Hi! I am the mother of 3 grown children, a daughter-in-law, son-in-law & granddaughter. I already know I messed up but I also know God has gotten me through each mess up & He has blessed me beyond measure. I can’t wait to sit back & read the blogs later on!

  109. Hi everyone! I am a stay at home mom to three precious loves who are (almost)5, 3 and 18 months. Reading over all these comments here I am reminded how blessed I am in my situation! So many moms out there are dealing with so much! Single moms, those who are ill, kids who struggle with behavior disorders, and on and on! Honestly it makes me feel like a bit of a whimp for those days when I feel weak. I can’t imagine how strong these mamas are! I’m in awe of how they keep going day to day when somedays I feel like I can’t make it and I deal with none of these issues!
    Just yesterday I had a weak day. My husband had a bad morning before leaving for work and it started our day off poorly. I spent the morning singing hymns and praise songs aloud, trying to lift my spirits and refocus myself. At lunch my 3 year old flat out lied to my face (about having a dirty diaper – she is STRONG willed and refuses to potty train) and I lost it! I yanked her from her chair, marched her over to change her, all the while yelling angrily. She was shaken, which in some ways is good, she needs to get the message and she is hard to reach, but I felt that I was out of control of my temper. I felt even worse when I thought about all the songs I had just been singing. I had hoped that they were listening, but then in my fit of anger I destroyed my witness. Will my children grow up seeing me as a big hypocrite? Will they fail to see who Christ is because I keep getting in the way? I try so hard to be a good mama, but ultimately I’m weak and I fail. My kids are almost always present for that and even though I try to turn it into a learning experience (“Sometimes we lose our tempers and we need to say we are sorry and try to remember how it made others feel the next time we get mad.”) but I still feel terrible. I am encouraged to remember that God often uses the weakest people so His power can shine through. I suppose it is ego centric to think that I could mess up God’s plan for my kids, that my mistakes could be more powerful than the Spirit of God moving in their hearts. I know the answer is to keep praying for Christ-likeness in myself and the influence of the Spirit in the lives of my little loves. Some days are easier than others, but what an encouragement to know that all of us mamas are struggling together! May God bless all of our efforts to be the mamas our children need us to be! ❤

  110. Amy Pritz says:

    Being mom is tough because I don’t even read or deal with my own emotions appropriately. I’m really learning Biblically what appropriately means. And I feel this dramatic pressure to be sure my kids know the Word of God NOW because I don’t want them to be as ill equipped as I have been. And what is hard for me is I had great parents who were just dealing with their own issues when I was young…much like me. So I always ask, how could I possibly do better…oh, and they had 2 kids 13 years apart and I have 4 that are 21 months apart at the most. And we homeschool. Whew!

  111. I am a 43 yr old mom of 2 girls, ages 9 and 11. I joined this bible study b/c I can see actions/reactions from my children that are a reflection of my stress. To be honest, there is a lot of yelling and arguing between my husband and I and the girls are often caught in the middle. The children are loved and well cared for but I so want to consistently be a godly wife and mother. Praying for healing for my family and invite God to take control b/c right now I don’t feel like I have any. Reading daily and repeating the verse of the week which is very appropriate and helps me focus on God:)

  112. I have four children aged 5, 7, 9 and 11. All of my children are extremely different and know how to test their momma in different ways. I am a stay at home mom, but attending teacher’s college part time. I grew up with very authoritarian parents, and my husband is the same. I am trying to raise my children differently, but it is so hard to fight my own instincts (because that is the way I grew up) and to fight my husband constantly about how to discipline the children. My family is not close at all, and my greatest fear is that my children will grow up and be like my family – jealous, unhappy and without the Lord in their lives. My husband is also not a Christian, and I find this difficult when dealing with the kids as well. I question myself about hundred times a day! I yell and lose it sometimes (when watching the video I thought: “that’s it? Boy, I really am horrible!) The enemy really knows my heart too. I feel like I am fighting every way I turn and my children are paying the price for my inadequacies. But the Lord has helped me through so many challenges and he is with me through these times as well. I thank him for bringing me this bible study and look forward to what he has to share with me.

    • Hi Rachel,
      I too have four children…almost exact exact age as yours. Same predicament in many ways..you are not alone. I too yell and lose it..probably much more than you. And like you said..the enemy knows exactly how to bring me down. Thanks for sharing and i hope that this bible study will encourage and srengthen us both! anne

  113. Hello I am a Mom of 3 kiddos that I LOVE DEARLY, Kimmie is 17, Noah is 14 & Dalton is 12. I have been a stay at home Mom from the time all of them born till up to a yr ago. I am a private care-giver to my brother who suffers from a Trauma Tragic Brain Injury and is handicap and can’t do for hisself or knows anyone except myself and my parents. He lives with my parents which is right next door to my house so my job isn’t far away from home but still working full time and being a mom is HARD! It’s tough and I have my days it seems like everyday I have days that I could just strangle someone. I have been happily married for 19 yrs I am fixing to turn 39 next month. This is my first bible study online ever I have taken a lot of studies through my church 😉 I love bible studies it always seems to make me step back and take a deep breath and helps me to pull through. To be honest and God knows I struggle a lot being a Mom and worrying about if I have messed up my kids have I really been the Godly role model in their lives so they can carry it with them as they get out on their own one day. I’m struggling now with my 14 yr old him having issues acting out aggervating siblings and us as the parents won’t listen thinks he right all the time has no self esteem at all for himself had to take him out of public school due to bullying for yrs never got better. I find myself asking myself did I do the right thing ugh… I’m just a horrible mother I think. So I’m looking forward to this study and what I have read so far I’m trying to let it all sink in and letting go and letting God restore my soul my mind my strength just all of me

  114. Hello there! I am a working mom to my soon to be 6 year old. He is a loving boy that loves his cuddles but he is all boy after that. He loves playing with Legos and anything Starwars related. He has a sweet demeanor but boy is he stubborn, which he could not possibly have gotten from me..its not possible. We tend to butt heads when I am disciplining him. I get frustrated or irritated more often than not I hate to admit. So when the listening ears aren’t on I tend to go from 0-60. Some days I feel like Mary Poppins; everything gets done according to schedule, no attitudes, no frustrations. And then we have the days when I feel like I am messing him up badly. I hate that I have the ability to put a look of hurt or shame on his face. I don’t want to be that mom and I feel like God is starting to work on my heart by bringing me this study and Unglued for my last study. I want to be seen in my son’s eyes as his precious mama that brought him to know Jesus and raised a stand up, Godly man. I am looking forward to the insight Lysa has in this book and the stories that you ladies are sharing!

  115. Being a mom is tough…this just kept repeating in my head all morning. For the last two weeks I have been rushing our kiddos out the door to swim lessons bright and early. My husband left Monday for a 4 day trip and so I am also tasked with feeding the chickens, cows, dog and cat (and kids) before rushing off to lessons. Yesterday we were 15 minutes late. Today, one was crying because he wanted to leave lessons because it was so cold, another was crying because she didn’t want to leave and the third was crying because she was a tired, hungry baby! By the time I got home and had to deal with the warranty company who is supposed to have serviced our broken washer (on Monday) but hasn’t shown up yet I was pretty stressed. I lost my cool with the customer service lady and our 4-year-old witnessed it. When I got put on hold for the 3rd time, I told him “Momma is a little upset, I’m sorry I overreacted. We shouldn’t treat people that way.” He looked at me and said “Jesus says we should pray for forgiveness and, if we do, that would make him very happy.” So while choking back tears I prayed with my son for forgiveness and patience. Being a mom is tough but it is also the most fulfilling experience of my life. While I am working so hard to help them grow to be good people they are helping to teach me how to be a better version of myself.

  116. K'lyn D'Elia says:

    I am a stay-at-home mom of 2: Kennedy (9) and Lincoln (6) and my husband’s girlfriend for 17 years this year. I am abundantly blessed and so grateful to be in this season of life, although it is a struggle at times to be content where I’m at. Sometimes it feels as though I’m not putting my full potential or talents to good use in this “job”. However, I have to remind myself that it is such a luxury to be able to stay home, and provide that consistency to my kids … even though there are days I’d rather be doing anything else. I am thankful to have found this group/study and be surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses… looking forward to getting to know more of you.

  117. Michelle says:

    First online study and I love it! I am in transitional period right now. Married to my high school sweetheart and before you say “awww”, yeah anyone that is together that long (25 yrs+, married 15) has issues. When we look back we figure only God had a plan because we don’t know how we stayed together through some of the most critical times of growing up and becoming an adult. Things are going well now and it’s been an interesting journey. I’ll save that story for a marriage study. Plenty to say about messing up kids. We have 3 beautiful (biased) children- all girls ages 13,11 and 10. We mess them up all the time because I”m the “no” person and Dad is the “yes”. We have varying opinions to work through regarding discipline and rewards for chores that should be an expectation of being part of the family. I am currently working out of work, realizing that in order to focus on our kids where they are at and to be the best wife I can be, it’s time to hunker down and build a strong foundation in our home first. What I love about my relationship with Christ is that He lets me rest in making tough choices and taking a hard stance with the girls regarding clothing, makeup and what we allow them to do and the boundaries. I stopped basing this off of what other parents are doing, what society says and started looking at it from our kids maturity level, is it age appropriate and such to make the right decision for them. The amazing thing is that they may pitch a fit upon the initial answer that conflicts with the answer they wanted, but did you know that they (quicker than we as adults) get over it and move on? Sure you may get an “I hate you” or “I have the worst life ever”, and I have started to look at this as part of parenting. Does it hurt? Yes. But resting in the strength the Father has given me to make the right choice for them is enough. We’ll work on the disrespect later when they simmer down, just as I’ve learned to apologize and show them that when I’m wrong or acted out of emotion that I regret it and apologize. They learn so much from what we do, less on what we say.

  118. Iam mom to three 9, 13 and 14. Learning to parent a teen let alone 2 at the same time is very challenging! 2 of the 3 have ADHD one hyperactive and impulsive and one who is just unfocused. The chapter about learning to “hold your tongue” resonates the loudest for me. “The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life,but violence overwhelms the mouth of the wicked” proverbs 10:11
    Not only do the verses in that chapter give me strength, they give me ideas on how to parent a teenage mouth. I am happy to be studying everyday and seeking my portion. Somedays I need seconds! I wish there was a way to communicate better with all you! Blessings…..

  119. linda somerton says:

    Hi I am Linda Somerton. I am from Sanford North Carolina. I will be married for 22 years on August 22ud . Me and my husband adopted our daughter at the age of 17 months she is now 8 years old. I would not have it any other way. i can not have any kids of my own . I look at it this way god had a plan for me to give this wonderful little a loving home and family. yes i get very fustated at times at her and yes i yell at her a lot and i try so hard to really controe the fustration . this book and study is going to hit me hard cause i need some encoursment and help with this and i know god is with me all the time . just i will abit that i always do not take everything to god in prayer and i know i need to do that. i am so blessed with be able to be a mom .

  120. Being a SINGLE mom is SO tough! I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter, Abby. She is the light of my life and what I have dreamed of my entire life! All I have ever wanted to be is a mother, so with that dream accomplished I am left holding the what now card. I got a divorce a little over 7 months ago and moved back into the house with my parents. They have been WONDERFUL through this entire thing and are giving me a roof over our heads until I have finished school and can get on my own two feet. I know God has plans for me, I just have NO CLUE what they are..lol. I am not sure what I want to study as far as school goes, because all I have ever seen myself doing was being a mom. Well being a mom doesn’t pay the bills!! So I am having to really look out of my comfort zone on this. Then there is dating, her father, making time for school, being social, and then of course being her mother! AHH!! Sometimes I just stop and ask her if I am doing a good job..and I get mixed reviews, depending on her mood, but I know she loves me. I had such a wonderful and sheltered childhood, and I felt for a very long time that I had already broken that for my child because her dad and I are no longer married. But by the grace of God, and only God, my child doesn’t remember a thing about us living together or all the arguing! She thinks her going back and forth every other weekend is the norm. I know this sounds weird and crazy, but I am SO thankful for that. Her dad and I have a wonderful relationship and she sees him as much as he wants, and I count my blessings with that too. I just want to do this right and make sure I am being the best mother I can be for her and my future children. I look forward to this journey! 🙂

  121. Hello! I feel like the “old-timer” of the group :). I am 54 and I have been married for 26 yrs. I have a blended family… a married step-daughter (38) with a 6 mo. old son…a 34 yr. old step-son… a 24 yr. daughter and a 21 yr. old son. We have the struggles and hurdles that every family has. I am missing the mothering time of children and I am finding it difficult to take the next step in parenting. I LOVE this bible study and I hope that we can encourage each other thru this remarkable journey! I am so hoping I didn’t mess them up too badly…!

  122. I am a working single mama of two precious boys. I never have time I “attend” bible studies, so I am excited to find out they are actually offered online! My oldest (14) has CP and requires a lot of assistance with daily activities. It is easy for me to get focused on tasks at hand and loose my patience with my sweet boys. Life is so busy and I just want to be a Mom that they can one day say, I know she loved The Lord, loves us, and taught us the importance of loving The Lord as well. I hope to learn how to slow down and seek God before responding and learn that it’s ok, we all mess it up from time to time!

  123. Diana Jackasal says:

    Good day!! I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of this study. I truly believe it is divine appointment since I was praying for this study for a while. I have three kids 10, 6 & 5 God bless their hearts!! Last night as I sat at my desk doing my study my 10 years old daughter came in and asked what I was doing and took up the book. She looked at me strangely and said ” Do you think you are messing us up”? So I said, am I. She then said “nooooooo”, I felt so relieved , cause it seems as though I am always apologizing to my kids for saying something hurtful or reacting or shouting. What I am so grateful for is that my kids are always eager to forgive when I say I am sorry they quickly say we forgive you Mummy and move on, and sometimes I wish I can move on as fast. But thank God he knows my heart and with this very down to earth and realistic study I know God will give me the much needed wisdom, discernment and a real sense of humor in raising Godly kids. Thank God for my supportive hubby whose heart is in the same place as mine. We are determined to enjoy this journey!!!

  124. Brytannia says:

    I am a 23 year old mom of a fantastic two year old daughter. My husband and I work opposite shifts so she doesn’t have to be in daycare. I am really looking forward to this study because i want to be a God centered Mom. We want another child soon and I’m slightly nervous because I don’t if I’m doing things right with my daughter now. Looking forward to all the encouragement!

  125. Cindy M says:

    As a mother of 4 biological kids and 2 bonus children I find there isn’t enough of me to go around. I sometimes (most of the time) have such a heavy burden that I need to be in 3 places at the same time (Work, home with the 2 older boys, and 3 hours away at a ball tournament with my youngest).
    My current mindset: “The housework is piling up, I have a wedding coming up in 2 months (still working on the venue “our backyard”), a dog with 7 new puppies because the 8th puppy died of fading puppy syndrome in my 13yr old boys arms (no I wasn’t there for that either because I was at work-he called hysterical), and I haven’t seen my fiancé in 2 days. Not to mention the 10 year old is still 3 hours away at the ball tournament that may never end with his dad (not the best influence, but at least there…)”
    I could go on, but I think you get the gest of the recording going round and round in my head and on my shoulders. I just keep saying throughout the day, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and “God is in control”; however, the guilt just keeps popping up over and over.

  126. Chris Ward says:

    I just thought of another time that I felt like a REALLY bad mom. I was trying to get the children to get their shoes on so I could go home and fix supper. I must of tried for a half an hour when I was at the end of my rope I finally said, Let’s go! It was a hot day and the blacktop was too hot for little feet. I was not aware that you can burn the bottom of your feet and they walked onto the blacktop and next thing I know they have blisters on the bottom of their feet. I wanted to just sit and cry, I wondered if any other Mom would have ever done this, I felt so horrible. I had to pray just to get comfort, I felt like I had abused my children.

  127. Latasha says:

    I’m a mother of three two boys and one girl. Parenting is difficult because of many life changes within me and my children trying to stay healthy and around healthy people. I need this community thankful for this obs.♡♥♡♥}}}. My two boys are 11 and 7. And my daughter 4. It feels like their forty if I didn’t know no better I would think they were. My struggle is getting along with the dad side of family and their deep culture from back in the days before I was born in 1984. I have to be grateful and say I been blessed and other days feel cursed. But God always do his very best. What can I say. Grace is always willing and precious. And I take it day by day and pray others will also. I pray everyone strength.

  128. Stacey S. says:

    I think, for me, the toughest part of being a mom is living outside my comfort zone. I am an anxious, type A introvert. I tend to have high expectations and can easily fly off the handle and get extremely overwhelmed when when those expectations aren’t met. Which is quite often bc I have 5 kids (ages 8-15) and a hubby who are all almost complete opposites of me. I have yet to find a good balance that works for our family that doesn’t involve me just doing everything. The fact that my hubby doesn’t really care about cleaning and hates to do almost anything after work makes it very difficult to keep up in the chaos. And if he does help to get the kids involved, is always “mom wants (insert jobs here) done before we can watch a movie.” In turn it looks like I’m the fun killer. I’ve talked to him about this (he really is a loving and kind hubby -just don’t ask him to do stuff he doesn’t want to do lol!), but nothing changes. I try to plead with my family that if everyone carries their own weight, life will go so much smoother and crazy mom won’t surface so often. At any rate, I know this study isn’t going to tell me how to reverse the early years of doing everything for everyone (the reason we have this struggle now, so new moms do yourself a favor and teach your kids early on to always be responsible for their messes and their home in general), but I’m hoping it will help me change myself from the inside so I can better handle things that I’m not so good with now.

  129. Andrea T. says:

    I am a mama to a three year old girl and a 14 month old boy. Every day I am so thankful I get to mother these two children, alongside my husband. I am struggling right now with finding God’s will about working and about being a stay home mom. I am a teacher and have the summer with my children. I am here for the good, the bad, and the ugly and it is hard, but it somehow feels really right to me. I feel like with the crazy imbalance of mothering, working, and being a wife- that I am not doing anything well. I am praying without ceasing that God opens doors for us that need to be opened and close ones that need to be closed.

    • I understand! I am a teacher as well, so I know the craziness that hits the second the students walk through the door! And then to go home and deal with the craziness at home! Exhausting, to say the least! I have a 15 year old stepson, and that is challenging, but I also have a baby due to be born in January! My heart’s desire is to be a stay at home mom for my baby, but financially, that is not possible. I am hoping and praying I am able to find an online teaching job…one where I can work from home and still be home to raise my baby. The hard part is waiting.
      I had a pastor once say that we are doing better than we think we are. We are our own worst enemies with self-doubt. So, chin up and know that you are doing a fantastic job being a teacher, wife, and mom! Keep the faith and fight the good fight! 🙂

  130. For me, I am still finding my place in this whole motherhood thing. You see, I have a 15 year old stepson and a baby on the way (due Jan 9!). We have full custody of my stepson, and it is very challenging for me. His dad and I got married a year ago, and while my stepson likes me, and to some extent loves me, he constantly lies, cheats, and talks back to me. I am the ONLY one to call him out on it. His dad tries to be supportive, but is often oblivious to what his son is doing. My husband works nights and is going to school (and looking for another job…one that will keep him home at nights and weekends and pay the bills). He tries, but I often find that there are too many expectations placed on me. I am expected to do everything for my stepson, something I can’t do. Biological parent must do a lot of the work. This leads to a lot of frustration and hurt, and I’m questioning myself often…should I draw those boundaries all those stepmom books tell me to, or should I suck it up and do everything for my stepson? So, am I messing up my kids? Well, if truth be told, I don’t think I can mess him up any more than he already is (long story short…he had been primarily raised by grandparents who believe everything he says, lets him do whatever he wants, had no chores, and rules were not enforced. They let him speak to them disrespectfully, play as much video games and watch as much tv as he wants, and they are not very supportive of my husband’s and my decisions with my stepson). I am a teacher and thrive on structure and discipline and respect. I simply want him to lead a successful, God-fearing life, and at this point, I don’t know how to help him in that. My main concern is for my baby due to be born in January. I don’t want to mess my baby up!

  131. renea sweet says:

    Hi, I’m a mom of 2 and a stepmom to 1. My oldest is a very strong willed child which it makes things very difficult sometimes trying to explain stuff to her that she has done wrong. My step child is very scared of everything and everybody and being a step mom is a challenge in itself cause she doesn’t want to listen to me cause I’m not her mom. And my youngest is a mixture of strong willed and scared all in one. My struggle as a mom is trying to make sure that there heart is protected from evil and if evil comes know how to put the armor of God on. I have a question though is there a book or material out there that help with raising daughters and to help them with self-esteem issues?

  132. I am so thankful for my mom suggesting I join this Bible Study. I, all too often think I am messing up my kids. Within this past year I went from being a full time mom/home maker, to a part time town employee. At the same time my husband switched jobs and is home late many nights as well as gone from time to time due to his military unit. We try hard to keep routines but often fail and that creates confusion. That’s life though right? there is often times when life Is undependable and takes twists and turns. This year we encountered our biggest twists ever for our little family of four. Beginning in January God sent us the realization that something wasn’t right for,our 11 year old daughter, Jordan. He used my 9 year old son, TJ to bring us to this reality. TJ said “mom keep an eye on Jordan—pay more attention to Jordan” it turned out she was dealing with Type 1 Diabetes. We have learned that her diagnosis process was way less dramatic than it was/has been for others but it was still a huge life change and shocker for our family. Since then my son was struggling with school and it turned out he needed to be treated for his ADHD to focus and be successful in school. These recent things have surely brought to mind the quote “Am I messing up my kids?” Many times. Prior to Jordan’s diagnosis I felt like I was failing her because she loved sweets so much but I refused to give her all she wanted… Which I know she shouldn’t always get what she wants but with she would screem and yell and tantrum (even at 11yrs old) so bad just because she was hungry and healthy choices just wouldn’t cut it! my son has always been forgetful and distruptive but this year his grades were hurting so we opted to treat his ADHD with medicine… So I wonder did I do the right thing waiting so long to great him, should I even be treating him now, could he succeed without the med. I am so thankful for the times when God does show me that I am doing ok taking care of the gifts he’s given me. Like the fact that my daughter is taking care of herself. She’s even let her brother give her the shots from time to time. And the times when we meet with the dr for my sons ADHD and TJ tells the dr. How well he’s doing even temper wise he notices a difference in himself. Being a mom sure is tough but groups like this and the glimpses of success help moms like us see that God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with our children.

  133. Blessings from Iowa! I am married and the mama of three beautiful children: Joshua is our oldest (24) and married his beautiful wife, Betsy last June 14. They gave us a beautiful grandson, Parker Levi this June 13! He has brought so much joy into our lives! They just moved to the same town three weeks before Parker was born. Joshua is going to teach 2nd-3rd grade special education and Betsy is going to teach 3rd grade. Joshua also was hired as the head varsity boys basketball and he and Betsy are part of the core group of a new church starting here in town… so lots of exciting changes in their lives! The LORD is so good!
    Justin is our middle child and is going to be 15 July 23. He is a great student and a great athlete. He just got home from the CHALLENGE Conference in Kansas City and said it was awesome and can’t wait to go back! Our churches youth group also went on a missions trip to Rose Bud, an Indian Reservation in South Dakota and it really impacted Justin’s life also! Please pray for Justin and for me as I have constant fear and anxiety in sending Justin off to High School in August! The drug use in our school is so bad…all the popular athletes, great students, everyone I’m told…does drugs. I know I need to just trust the LORD and give Him my worries but I just can’t shake this one! My brother is a recovering alcoholic so I know first had what addiction can do, not only to the addict, but to everyone who loves them and is a part of their life. Please just pray for us both…strength for Justin to JUST SAY NO and for this mama to JUST SAY YES TO JESUS AND LAY THIS BURDEN AT HIS FEET AND TRUST HIM WITH IT!! Satan has no power over Justin’s life nor mine!
    And the baby of our family is Emma Jane. She is 10 and will be in 5th grade. She loves school, sports, dance, her friends and family. We were so excited to have a girl after the two boys! What fun I had in dressing her when she was little. She has her own style now so mom doesn’t buy too much without her with me!
    I always wanted to be a wife and a mommy! Now that I am (and now a grandma too!) I wouldn’t change it for anything! I fail at both daily and often think…AM I MESSING UP MY KIDS? I am so thankful for this study and all of you to learn and study God’s word with and to have each other to talk to and to know we all struggle with being a mom! Love and Blessings to all of you!

    • Paige,
      I am from Iowa too! It sounds like we have a few things in common. I just became a grandmother in January to beautiful boy named Ryder.
      I can feel your fear and uncertainty about sending Justin off to school this fall. I have traveled that path too. My youngest will be a Senior at Northwestern College in Orange City. I have always felt the nagging worry of alcohol and drug abuse. My family, extended and immediate, have dealt with those issues, and sometimes not very well. I worry about my children who are all of legal age now. How can I let them be normal adults without panicking every time they go out with their friends? Your comment about trusting HIM is a reminder that I need. I will pray for Justin and all of our youth and young adults.
      Have a wonderful weekend and I hope it is filled with JOY and BLESSINGS!

  134. I am a mom to 2 little one’s. My oldest son turned 2 in April and my daughter is 7 weeks. So I have my hands full. I think my biggest challenge right now is that I have so many big ideas, plans, desires but I’m terrible at organizing them and getting a good strategy or plan together. I have the pressure (only put on by myself) of setting the BEST foundation I can for my kids. What things do I want to happen for this holiday or this time of year. Am I spending enough time with each of my kids. I need to read more. I want to put educational play packets together for my son so I can help in his active learning while trying to take care of our newborn. I don’t want to look back a few years later and wish I would’ve done such and such. But I think I’m also living in fear of the looking back that I’m not enjoying or taking the time for today.

  135. Just posted a successful blog…go me! I love reading everyone’s story. Thank you all for sharing.

  136. Rebecca says:

    I am a 45-year old mom of four, ages 14, 9 and 7 heard old twins. I run a daycare from home so most days I have other people’s kids for up to 11 hours of the day. I often feel like I’m messing up my kids because I don’t get to spend as much quality time with them as I’d like. I’m so drained at the end of the day that by the time the daycare kids leave, I just want to be left alone. I have a lot of guilt about wanting time to myself…after all, I’m the one who went through years (and lots of money) of fertility treatments just to become a mom. Shouldn’t I be enjoying my kids a whole lot more?!? I’m excited about doing this study so I can recharge and refuel to become the mom I’ve always wanted to be and the one I know God has made me to be.

  137. I had no idea being a mom would be so hard! I have two stepchildren (20 and 16) and 4 of my own – 4, 3, 2, and almost 6 months. My husband and I are very blessed, but i don’t always handle situations very well with the older ones or the younger ones. I am easily stressed, therefore my responses to them tend to come out negatively. I love them all very much, but I’m very afraid that I am messing them up. Very thankful to know I’m not alone on this journey!

  138. I have a blog but didn’t write on the subject this week. I am a mom of 3 living children. I had two miscarriages and those babies helped mold me into the mom I am even though they reside with Jesus! I couldn’t find links to check the other blogs just more comments here but I wasn’t as active with made to crave when I did the study with proverbs31 ministries then!
    I love my kids they are my life but sometimes I feel like I am drowning. My husband works afternoons and I do bedtime 5-6 days a week solo. I get the tired whiny arguing stage of the day with my babies! They are Kiersten (8), Josiah (almost 5) and Izzy (2). Josiah is my strong wild child and has always been difficult. When he gives in and loves anyone it is with a fierceness that words can’t describe. It takes time to get through to him and i was his world when I found out I was pregnant with Izzy (she was a sweet surprise) I broke down in tears crying to God wanting to know how I was going to handle another I struggled a lot with Josiah and couldn’t do a baby too. In reality it was as easy with Izzy as it was without her and she adds so much life to our family. I really feel like after suffering two miscarriages and praying for safe and healthy children my worst mommy moment was when I cried about her. I know all babies are a gift from God and I feel awful that I didn’t appreciate that as soon as I knew she was on her way!

    • Jenny Player says:

      I know so many Mom’s who feel guilty for that exact reason, including myself. My fourth child was only 3 months old when I found out I was pregnant again. With my first couple, I would cry when the test would come up negative, but now I found myself crying because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I ended up losing that baby at 10 weeks. I felt so awful, like my doubt caused it, and I was just so sorry, and wished I had that baby back. The reality is that being a mom is hard. It is scary sometimes. But, we know that no matter how difficult it is, we wouldn’t give any of them back. A book that really helped me connect the fact that Jesus truly understands a mama’s heart, and all the trials and fears, is called Real Moms, Real Jesus by Jill Savage. He knows how it feels to be overwhelmed by other’s needs and demands, and how hard this life can be sometimes, and He has enending grace and forgiveness for us. .

  139. I couldn’t get the add your link button to come up. So I am just copying and pasting what I wrote on my blog:
    As I go along on this journey of being a mom I find myself looking for help, support and peace at every corner. So when I came across a book study titled, Am I Messing Up My Kids?, I couldn’t help but be curious. Then when I saw who the author of the book I said, “Sign me up!”
    I downloaded the book right away on my kindle and read the first chapter right then. I couldn’t wait for the study to begin and be able to join other moms, just like me, who are just looking for some answers to the same questions that we all ask ourselves.

    Did I handle that situation the right way?
    Am I portraying the traits that I want my kids to see each day?
    Why can’t I have a little peace in my day? (at least when I’m in the bathroom)

    The list could go on and on. Week 1 for the book study was titled Being a Mom is Tough. That is an understatement for sure. I watched the intro video and immediately felt a sense of calmness. Our assignment this week was to read the first 5 chapters of the book. This only took me two separate afternoon nap times. I wrote down some notes and verses that were uplifting and thought I would share them here.

    The verse of the week is Psalm 23:3 he restores my soul. Take a deep breath and really let that sink in. The word restores is so powerful, isn’t it? I mean there are days when my head hits the pillow and I think to myself, “How am I going to wake up and do this all over again tomorrow?” To know that he restores me is such a comfort.

    The ladies in the intro video gave some examples of imperfect mom moments and encouraged us to think of our own.

    I have two children, Kara is 9 and Kallen is 3. They are the type of children who act like perfect angels around others, especially strangers, but when we are in the confines of our home they can be not so perfect. I always say that I would rather it be the way it is then to have children who act out all the time or in public settings. Well, I have had a moment or two or three where I have reached my boiling point and just lost it. The kind of lost it where you can feel your blood pressure rising and you have a splint second thought that you should probably take a moment to calm down, but you don’t.

    One day in the middle of one of these moments my daughter was arguing with me about something. To tell you the truth I can’t even remember what it was about. She had already rolled her eyes and stormed out of the room. I should have let it go. I should have given her time to herself, but I didn’t. Instead I went after her and kept on about proving her wrong and she had reached her boiling point by then. So here we are both screaming back and forth at each other. Neither of us listening to the other. As I left her room I yelled back, “Well, you can just stay in here then!” and slammed the door behind me. Not my proudest mommy moment and reflecting back I feel ashamed of myself. #imperfectmoms

    In reading the chapters this week I feel that there are some important points that Lysa makes:

    “Let my time with the Lord overflow while withholding my to-do list.” Uh-huh

    “How can I continue to pour out if I’m not being filled back up?” Yep

    The best quote for me, by far, is “You are exactly the mom God knew your children needed.” Thank goodness.

    I am looking forward to really being filled up over the course of this study and another that I am also doing at the same time. It has been a long time coming and I am excited of the things to come!

  140. Hi ladies, I am very excited to be “a part” of this study coming at a time when I’ve been falling “apart” as a mother :(. Yes I definitely relate to the “good mom” “bad mom” Lysa refers to . I have ALWAYS wanted to be that perfect stay at home mother with a hubby, kids, dog and white picket fence….I Am LIVING THE DREAM LADIES!!! Lol.
    I have 4 wonderful kids. Melchor 9 1/2, Jake-ryan 8, violet 5, baby ginger 1 1/2. I am a navy wife of 13(woohoo) years!! We are currently planning a move back across the country. That means leaving our great church family of 7yrs, trying to sell our home & sell our food truck business. I am in a season of uncertainty, overloaded with thoughts and an overflowing to-do list. Needless to say, my reactions to my family have been out of these circumstances/frustrations.
    With all this being said, I know that HE has good plans for us! I decided to stop with-holding my time with The Lord, I realized my well was running dry. During this time I received an email invitation to join this study. So here I am ladies, Ginger. A little fun, a little crazy, willing to let go, be still and know that he is God!!

  141. Ladies, you are speaking to me in the first 3 chapters of this wonderful book. I have been losing my mind. I am a wife of 17 years. I have 3 kids, a set of twins – boy and girl who are 10 and a 14 yr old son that’s off to high school. I work a full time job and come home to be a full time mom. Everyone has something to do and it’s all urgent. My 10 yr old daughter plays AAU basketball, so we are always running and trying to make sure the boys get equal run time. Thank you for this book. I feel like someone understands my frustration.

  142. Scarlate says:

    A minute left to this day and I find myself grateful that I joined this study and reading all the stories ( well more like most) just enveloped me with a sense of ” I am not walking this journey alone”. I have an 18 month year old sweet precious treasure of a boy. Up until I had him I was used to being in control and as a lawyer I was actually paid to be in control. All that went out of the window as I struggled with confidence of bring assured whether I am doing things right. I find myself awake at midnight with a screaming child who simply refuses to sleep. Tears roll down my cheeks night after night as I wonder what wrong I did in the early months to caught such hectic sleeping habits. Today was no better but I was determined to join the community come what may. He is peacefully asleep now and as I read about all your stories and being reminded that God is in control, I am restored. You all have been a blessing. Pouring out my love to you all .

  143. Wendy Slaughter says:


    I enjoyed your blog post;)! I can so relate to having my children act well behaved in Sunday school & the moment I show up the testing begins. I have a 9 yr. old step daughter & 3 yr. old twin boys. They seem to have an insurmountable amount of energy & plenty of ideas for testing my patience. I too, am loving the tid bits on parenting. I am finding much rest just in reciting our verse this week. I am learning that one of the areas of my heart that is easily offended is when I do not feel listened to. Obviously this is bound to occur in the midst of teaching our children. I’m learning not to take things so personally & remembering that this parenting journey has so many lessons for our children and ourselves! It certainly is not easy, but so enjoyable at times;)!

  144. I have one 19 month old daughter and work part-time. I struggle with managing stress from work. I often find myself thinking about my daughter when I’m at work and thinking about work when I’m home. During my pregnancy and until recently I was too focused on reading all the parenting books and making sure I was doing everything “right”. Praying that this study will help me to look to and trust God to help me be the best mom for my daughter.

  145. I am constantly telling myself what a failure I am as a mom. I have two kids – Ella is 10 years old and Jack is 11 years old. I am hoping that this study will help me see the blessings that God has given me and how God has chosen me to be the best parent for my two kids.

  146. I can so relate to the entire first chapter! My girls are now 11 & 13. I pray this study helps me to stay centered & focused on God during those moments when my stress hits the roof & I unload my stress through ranting on my girls. I am beginning to hear & see me in their words & actions and I don’t always like what I see & hear. I pray everyday that I grow into a more nurturing mom especially during high stress, anxiety, & angry moments. I love my girls beyond this world & what to be a better role model, protector, & strength for them. I am super excited to complete this study – forgive my mistakes & grow with God for my girls!

  147. Good evening sisters on this precious journey! Just your joining this study shows that God is leading you closer to the mom He wants you to be for your children, no matter their age (s). He doesn’t ask us to be perfect in anything that we do, and I for one am so thankful for that fact. I am the first to say that my husband and I are raising three children (17, 15, and 7) that teach us something new day. He has had 15 years clean/sober and likes to say that parenting is just like recovery, “One day at a time.” Chris stepped into my life (during a trip to Walmart) 12 years ago and has adopted our oldest two children after their biological father signed away his parental rights. God then blessed us with Cody in November of 2006.
    We have had times when I questioned a mishap in the nursery and just knew that these children were in no way related to me and then, I am reminded that we are each “wonderfully made” and unique creations in the image of God. They were loaned to me (and my husband) for a season and we are only to ask for direction, listen carefully and do the best we can. We weren’t issued perfect children…and neither were our parents.
    I am looking forward to reading blogposts and comments from each of you. Whisper a prayer for my house tonight as a whisper one for each of yours. May He bless us as we begin…

  148. Hi, my name is Lori. I am a 42 year old mother of 4 children. Ian will be 10 July 31st, Camden is 8, Emma just turned 5 on July 13th and Callum just turned 3 on July 14th. Yes, July is a very busy month for us. Before kids I was a family therapist so one would think I had this raising a family thing down but no book reading/studying prepares you for being a mom. All those things I said I would never do when I was a Mom I have done!! My prayer is to become more Christ like in dealing with my children (and with myself for that matter).

  149. Being a mom is tough. I just realized that school is starting in 3 weeks and there was sooo much to get done, appts to be made, last minute trips, summer fun etc. Not to mention his birthday party I needed to plan because I was late doing that as well. Usually I try to do everything all at once and I end up extremely frustrated, overworked and overwhelmed.

    I go thru mommy guilt for being so last minute and chastise myself for falling short and being unorganized yet again which leaves me feeling defeated and depleted.

    This time I invited God in, yep I invited him into the party planning, appt making, all of it. I asked him to please unrush me. So instead of being in panic mode, instead of doing more I did less and focused on my top priorities.

    I am happy to report that most of it got done and what’s not done is in process. I know that it was different this time because I stopped operating in my strength and asked God for help.

  150. Hi, my name is Heidi. I am the mother of 2 handsome boys (6 & 4 years old) and 1 beautiful daughter (13 months). I work full-time. I am so blessed to have these wonderful gifts from God. I struggle daily with exhaustion and feel guilty that I am not able to be home with them as they they grow. I know I am where The Lord would like me. With the being exhausted from a stressful work environment, I struggle with balancing my time at home (cleaning and time with the kids). This bible study will be an encouragement to me as I know there are many moms that have the same struggles as I do and we can all be an encouragement to each other.

  151. Nikki Coates says:

    I am a mom to 2 children. One boy 13 and one girl 7. Christian being a teenager really pushes my buttons. He is very kind hearted and I hope he continues with that. I lack patience with both of them. Probably him more. I give in to easy when I need to discipline and say no more and mean no. Thanks for this study to help me be a better mom and realize that we are all messed up but great moms.

  152. I am the mom of 4 beautiful kids. My oldest daughter is 18 and will be going to college this fall. All of my kids except my youngest have big changes in schools this year. My next oldest daughter is 14 she will be going to high school and then my oldest son will be going to middle school. My youngest son is 9 and will still be in elementary. I am enjoying the study so far. I think now that my oldest is ready to venture out on her own I have been really struggling with guilt, questioning whether I prepared her enough for things she will face. And with teenagers it often feels like there is a lot of good mom/bad mom as you try to learn how to give more freedom but also how to keep boundaries, etc.
    It’s great to hear other moms stories & know that we all struggle with some if the same things…it’s such an encouragement.

  153. As a mother of two boys,one 7 and one 16 months, I felt desperate to find some type of Bible study about parenting. I am a CPA and worked up until a few months before my second child was born. My mom watched my first son for 6 years and as I look back I am full of regret and guilt because I put my job before my family. I worry about my firstborn as I missed out on so much of his early years and am concerned about him spiritually-whether his heart is tender to the things of God. Lately he has been exerting his own will and at times I wonder if it is too late-that I missed the years of helping mold his heart. However, I believe that Satan wants me to think it is and so I am doing this study to help me be a better mom to him and to guide him spiritually. In addition I thought that when I decided to stay home it would be easier! It is not as my house is less clean (because we are constantly messing it up) and I don’t feel any more organized. Reading other posts and realizing I am not alone has been a blessing. Thank you for doing this study!

    • Sarah,

      I too feel like I have missed a lot of my 7 years olds life. I am a single mother and from the time he was about 1-3 or 4 years old i too but my school and work before him. I also even to this day regret that and also feel like I missed out in molding him. Although i am still in school and work flu time, I feel like our relationship is stronger, as far as i am concerned anyway. Going through that I have learned to never take one other minute for granted. When I am in the middle of studying or doing homework and he comes to me to tell me or show me something as small as a new trick he learned to do with his hands for those few seconds i focus all on him. I get my face in the same level as his and look into his eyes as he speaks Even though i have probably already seen him to the same hand trick a gazillion times before I treat the gesture as if it is the coolest thing i have ever seen for the first time.

      It doesn’t take much to please little ones at this age and, with my child anyway, its the smallest things that are a big deal to them. I am sure that we will learn more as the weeks go by, but take comfort that no you are not alone. We all have some sort of mommy guilt, I think it comes with the territory of being a mother. Have a blessed week.

  154. I am 26 years old and my motherhood started also at the age of 19 yrs old and I have been a single mother since I was 2 months pregnant. Everyday is a struggle, a test, a lesson learned, but never a mistake. I work full time, go to school, and tending to my 7yr old is a full time job in itself. While I do have a great support system on my side sometimes the support system isn’t the support I necessarily need.

    I am trying to lean go God’s understanding in helping raise my child rather than taking every one’s very different piece of advise. Id like to think that my maternal instincts are God’s way of telling me “hey, something isn’t right” or “maybe we should try it this way instead.” I am so grateful for this online bible study as I think God will use this to speak to me in specific areas as well as in an “in-general” area. Even there first two chapters of reading this book God has already showed me that no matter how bad i am on myself, he sees me in a completely different light than I see myself. That in itself is winning half of the battle.

  155. I have a smart, funny, loving 2 year old boy — and he is all boy! Non-stop, no fear, and very strong willed! And, for as loving and sweet as he can be, man he can do a complete 180 in seconds! I work full time in a school, so I have the summer off with him. This change in routine really made his behaviors escalate this summer. He has these raging tantrums sometimes and I feel at a loss for what to do. He seriously has me thinking sometimes, “what am I doing so wrong that he is so upset?!” This study is my first, and has come at a wonderful time for me. Already, in the first few days, I am feeling calmer. Of course I talk with my friends about kid stuff; however, hearing everyone’s stories here, reading Lysa’s book, and remembering to find strength from God again have helped remind me that I am not alone. Thank you!

  156. I have a two year old daughter. Being that I was adopted she is my only blood relative that I know, and what a wonderful connection that we share. I am so blessed to call myself her mom. In the midst of a blessing leave it to me to find myself struggling to not question myself from the small descisions about what I am feeding her to the day care she is in, and letting go of the desire to be “perfect” and accept the call to be MOM. I am so glad to be in this community of other moms that are in the different stages of parenting, but all have the same desires…to be the best mom we know how to be through each season of our children’s lives.

  157. Today was interesting- before really getting into the study or the word, I was starting to drown in reflection of what was really weighing me down. I have an 18 month old boy and another on the way in October. I have been terrified about adding number two. EVERY NIGHT when my head hits the pillow, I feel like a failure. I’m staying at home and will be indefinitely, so I don’t have career gains to keep me pride going anymore. With the house a mess, an 18 month old that is a toddler, and my expanding pregnant body, I feel like such a let down and exhausted at the same time. Doing more of the study tonight has already started releasing some of that burden. I SO am in need of a renewed spirit!

  158. I am a stay at home mom to 16 yr old & 9 yr old boys & a 14 yr old daughter. We’ve moved around quite a bit in their short lives for to my husband’s job. We’ve been in our new location in N, Texas (& hopefully permanent) for almost a year & it has been so hard this time around to meet people & make friends. As my children have gotten older there’s no more meeting other mommies at play groups or play grounds. As a result it’s been very hard not having a support for those days when I look at my beautiful children & think “wow! I really stink at being your mom today”. So, for that reason, I’m so very thankful for this ministry. You’ve already shown me that even though I have many days when I feel very alone & that I have no idea what I’m doing as a mother-God loves me anyway, right where I am & there are other moms going through the exact same thing.

  159. Hi, my name is Heather. I am 39 years old. My husband and I will be married for 8 years in November. I am a mom to 3 children. Christopher just turned 7 on June 27, Nicholas just turned 5 on July 14, and Kaitlyn will be 4 on August 25. I am a full-time stay at home mom and I also homeschool our children. I love being at home with them and watching them grow, but sometimes it is also very overwhelming.

  160. I am a mother of two beautiful girls. A 4 year old and 10 month old. I struggle to share myself… Before the baby was born my 4 year old and I did everything together, she was always with me. I didn’t go anywhere without her, she was my sidekick. Now with a sister she struggles with the sharing attention.. My 4 year old was of course our first but also the first grandchild on both sides… (very spoiled). I believe due to having to share everyone with her sister now her behaviors have gone down hill! She has an attitude and is rude. I think I might expect to much from her and unfortunately I do loose patients often with her 🙁 I try to stay calm but often fail. I love my girls more than anything and I just want to raise them in a loving, safe, fun home that follows the Lords path! Both girls are full of life and love and I pray the Lord will help me lift them up and help them to know how special and loved they are. When they are happy and smile that makes everything worth it! As I read some of your post I understand the husband part. My husband was saved about 2 years ago and I am so grateful to know that and to have witnessed it. Also he was in the Word a short time and I have not seen him reading for a while now. We don’t talk about it and don;t pray together, I really don’t know why, I am being stubborn and selfish I suppose because I want him to lead instead of me….. My prayers are for the Lord to open my eyes and show me the light to be a better mother and wife!

    • ashley fulmer says:

      Thanks for sharing your life and being open about your family. We too struggle with sibling jealousy and poor behavior. Our three and a half year old is like no child I have ever seen! I will be in prayer for you and your daughter. Being a momma is sooooo tough! It’s the hardest but most rewarding job I have ever had. I will also be praying for your husband and his leadership. My husband and I were both saved as teens, I am the leader spiritually in our house. My husband has a new Bible I bought him two years ago that he has NEVER opened…this is soooo discouraging. He goes to church but is definitely not living the Christian life. I pray that the Lord will tug on your husbands heart and that he will soon be your family’s spiritual leader! And prayers for you as you walk this journey as a wife and momma, I am sure you are doing an awesome job!

  161. ashley fulmer says:

    I am the momma to four beautiful children. Jonathan is three and a half and Jordan, Annlsey and Kendall are our 16 month old triplets. Jonathan is a very defiant and strong willed first born. He is loud all of the time and loves to do anything outside or in my husbands workshop…he is ALL boy! The triplets are starting to get into everything. Each are unique with their own personalities. Jordan is a momma’s boy and has the best smile in the world! Annsley is our little drama queen! She is absolutely beautiful, she looks like a doll – literally. Kendall is my laid back, sweet spoken princess! She has the calmest personality but can be super sensitive. I stay home full time with them and work one day a week as a Registered Nurse. I feel like most days are crammed full of house duties, kid duties, and wife duties, which leaves little time for me. I feel like a failure as a momma a lot. I find myself yelling at Jonathan because he is so wild, in reality I know he is bored. I am pretty tied down at home having three babies to deal with and I often beat myself up over the way his life is and how many adjustments he has had to make being a big brother of three. I am so excited to be a part of this study and have already been blessed just by reading the first few chapters!

  162. Being a Mom IS tough. Somewhere, I think I missed that in the job description! I love my boys, Marshall (8) and Isaac (7, as of today). They are both adventurous, loving and determined little boys! I am beginning to see tiny glimpses of the men they will become, and the gravity of my influence on them is overwhelming! Tending to a boy’s heart, guiding them to be Godly men, teaching them to stand up for what’s right, but doing so without a fight, getting them to bathe correctly and hit the potty (or at least clean up if they miss)…this is tough stuff. I’m thankful to have a loving husband along side me. His guidance and direction for them makes up for so many of my failures. And, I’m thankful and blessed to be part of this Bible study. It’s only day three, and I can already see a change in my approach with my boys! God is at work and I’m seeing evidence of “He restores my soul” in each moment of the day! Being a Mom IS tough…but I believe we can all do this, because I know God is with us!

  163. Being a mom is tougher than I thought! I have two children ages 4&5. I worry about their future ALL the time. I know I should just have faith and trust that God will take care of them but I also know that He entrusted me and my husband with them and He wants us to raise them to serve him. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing enough, Ii f I am enough, and if what I do today will shape their tomorrow in a way that is pleasing to God. Also, my son is entering Kindergarten this fall and I think about how he’s going to do in a classroom of 25 kids when his preschool only had 8 kids in his class. He is very shy, easily influenced, and lacks self-confidence at this stage in his life. I worry that this new environment will be too overwhelming forb him and that he will begin to withdraw. I pray about this all the time. Then my daughter is a little rebel rouser. She loves to be the center of attention and she is very independent and determined to do what she wants to do. She says whatever is on her mind and she doesn’t hold back one bit. She is definitely my litte challenger! Somedays I find myself getting so overwhelmed with all my responsibilities that I just shut myself in my bedroom and take a time out from the kids, my husband, and everything else! I need those moments of peace because I don’t get them too often. I’m trying to learn to just accept everything for what it is now and be present in the moment with my kids. I hope this will lessen some of my anxieties about them.

  164. I am mom to 3 beautiful girls ages 18, 15, and 12. I’ve been divorced for 2 years now, but have always had to be mom and dad to them due to my ex husbands alcohol abuse. Since the divorce I feel like I am always questioning myself and wondering if I am messing them up. Being a mom is tough, being a single mom is harder than I could have ever imagined.I am always trying to make ends meet and just get by and I end up feeling like the world’s worst mother.

    My two younger girls see their father every other weekend. During his last visit with them he was drinking and became violent with the 15 year old.This isn’t the first time he’s been abusive towards them. The oldest won’t visit him at all because he was verbally and emotionally abusive towards her.

    Reading some of the comments on here have helped me feel like I am not alone. Even people who seem to have it much more together than me doubt themselves.

    I pray that I will learn to let go of this doubt and be the mom my kids need.

  165. I am a mother of a daughter 17, Melissa. I worry everyday that I didn’t or haven’t prepared her enough for the world outside the comfort of home. I worry that she will struggle in school while working or give up. Did I give her enough determination to keep going through it all?
    My son Nathaniel, 10, struggles in school. He has never liked school and I haven’t found his niche to get him just a little enthused. My son Joshua 9, cannot sit still. It’s great when chores need to be done, because he gets to them, even begging to cut the grass, but that kind of busy-ness does not work well in the school setting. I have had a couple of teachers suggest medication, but I will not allow my son to turn into a zombie or to take any drug that will affect his growing mind. They both will start a new school this year, hopefully this will be the year for them. My 4 year old Jordan doesn’t speak full sentences, but understands everything you tell him and can point out colors, numbers, shapes etc. The doctor told me he had to many lawyers, as in we all know what his grunt, half words and points are so he doesn’t need to speak. I am hoping with interaction with kids on an 8 hour basis (he starts kindergarten this year) that he will have word vomit.
    I work full time, am an only child with ailing parents, will now just parent. There are not enough hours in the day for me to fulfill the duties of a daughter, wife, mother, worker and I feel I am not, or never doing enough as a mother. Sometimes I find myself rushing through a bedtime story or finding the shortest poem just to be able to take a hot shower or declining the request for a bike ride to just sit. My husband works full time and usually works late. He does what he can to help and I am grateful for that. He helps out with house work when he is not working, as he cannot sit down, ever (well at least I know where my 9 year old gets it from). I love my kids to the moon and back and then back again. But I always wonder, am I hugging them enough, am I encouraging them enough, am I giving them the tools they need to be a good person. Did I just ruin their day, month, year because I yelled for them because I was feeling overwhelmed and they were the ice cube that overflowed the cup?! Ugh! Let me tell you, reading the first part of the book, about the soccer game on an early Saturday morning a tea filled car really allowed me to breathe (even if it was for the moment). I literally released a breathe I think I had been holding on to for months. I haven’t finished the chapters yet, but I can already feel my shoulders getting lighter and lighter. Thank you P31 team for having this study!

  166. I work full time directing a preschool/daycare and help lead the teen group at my church, while helping raise two amazing and beautiful girls. I have been dating their father for three years now. Our first year together consisted of their mother moving two hours away and Eric getting residential parent rights. This means I have been like a full time mom throughout the school year and part time in the summer. The summer is the hardest though because you miss them and hope they are okay. We get to see them every other weekend in the summer, which helps. I love being at Lindsay’s soccer games and Cassidy’s basketball games. Girl Scouts, church, homework, and thousands of other things keep us hopping. My favorite is on our weekends the girls think every girl in their class needs to spend the night. Eric with 11 little girls in the house, or might I add tweenagers in the house, seems disastrous, so I am nice and stay the night to help him. In the end, it goes smooth and we fill up a row at church. I am loving Lysa’s book and find myself becoming more positive and God focused. Jasper, our newest four legged addition, is giving me lots of practice in patience and helping me put this bible study to use. Paper is his love, so my bible study book may not be safe. praise the Lord for high shelves and cabinets. Lol! I love Eric, my two girls, and my baby, the dog. They are the highlight of my life.

  167. Hi, Ladies…I’m a mother of 2 daughters. My oldest turns 4 in August and my youngest will be 4 months next week. Life with 2 kids has definitely proved challenging as I have struggled to find my groove with routines, discipline, etc. I always used to say I would have a hand for each kid, but the truth is, I need a SET of hands for each kid! These days, I stay home with both girls and have done so since my oldest was 2.5. My life has become a daily “wash, rinse, repeat” of household chores (which I loathe but must attempt to complete) and feed and care for my kids. Oddly, I always thought I would despise this lifestyle and would say to others that I could never be a “Stay-at-home Mom”, but I find that being with my girls in this crazy mess of childhood and motherhood, is where I’ve found the most fulfilling joys. My husband is pretty awesome, too…don’t want to leave him out…he helps out a lot when he’s home from work.
    I’m looking forward to digging into the book and study as I sometimes wonder what my children are learning from their mother :)!

  168. I started the study on Sunday and I absolutely loved it I got my tablet which has the book downloaded on it, my phone with my bible downloaded on it, pad of paper, pen and coffee and sat by my garden and let God inspire me through the book and scriptures:) Thank you so much for offering this online bible study:)

  169. I am a stay at home of two boys and have been for the past 7 years. I love my boys so much and now that my youngest is starting first grade, I was ready to go back to work. I finished my teaching degree and started master classes and I was ready to find a job I love and “do me” for a change. To my surprise I found out that I was pregnant at the beginning of the year and we have our third boy coming this September. I am excited and can’t wait to meet our baby but part of me feels that everything that I have worked so hard for was for nothing. I will be staying at home with this baby as well and I feel that everyone is passing me by when they talk about their careers and lives and sometimes I feel that my life does not go beyond my house! I feel left out and frustrated because I have put so much on hold and when job opportunities come up, I find myself thinking “Oh man, that would have been such a great opportunity!” At seven moths pregnant I am handling all of the house responsibility since my husband is completing a college program and is a full time student. I know the reasons he is doing this program so I try very hard to not vent my frustrations and I keep chugging forward but at times I am exhausted! Between two boys, two dogs, housework, driving my son to therapy and finding time to do fun stuff for my boys to enjoy and do, on top of being pregnant, I feel like I need a vacation soon! I find myself snapping sometimes and I often blame it on the hormones but in all honestly its all due to the pressure that I feel. As I read chapter 5, I started to question if my children and my husband truly see God through me and my actions. I wonder if they see love when I do things for them, even on those times that at loose my cool.

    • Hi Mayra,
      They said to read the blog before mine, so I read yours, hope you don’t mind me responding! I think it’s amazing and selfless of you to choose to support your husband and care for your children and home at this time in your life. I truly believe it is the greatest thing you could do, to raise your boys to know Him, to love your husband. I know it must not feel rewarding right now, but I just want to encourage you to keep on! I will pray for you in all the areas you mentioned above. God bless. (by the way, I’m a teacher also:) )

  170. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. Kobie is 15, Jasmine is 14, Sammy is 4, and Josephine is 3. I am recently divorced and have the full responsibility of the children on myself. It is hard knowing this responsibility is mine. I know the Lord equips, and I want to learn how to more rely on His guidance, wisdom, and grace to raise these kids to follow Him. Having teenagers has been quite a learning experience. Every day I ask myself if I have done enough to prepare them to be who He created them to be, and to be successful. They are really good kids and have a good relationship with Him, so I know I at least did one thing right. I worry they doubt my love. I try so hard to assure them, take care of them, speak love to them, but it sometimes seems like it’s not enough, like they are always mad at me for some reason. My younger children are still very loving, sweet, and content just spending time with me.
    It was almost shocking to me to read the other blogs, seeing how many other women struggle with confidence as a mother and worry. It honestly helps so much to know that I’m not alone in this.

  171. My name is Brady and I’m a mom to three energetic boys. Sanders is 5 and His twin brothers, Sawyer and Shephard, are 3…they are exactly 17 months apart. Growing up I prayed for boys and tear up now thinking about how God allowed me to be the mom to such three unique warriors. As much as I love being their mom, I never invisioned how hard parenting would be. My husband and I long to instill Gods word in our boys hearts…for them to be His warriors. There are days I COMPLETELY screw up and am so thankful for Gods grace!
    I don’t have a blog, but we have a Facebook page titled Warrior Shephard. Almost a year ago, Shephard was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or ALL. As crazy as it sounds, our whole family has been blessed throughout our entire situation. We’ve seen Gods miracles first hand. The Lord has changed my perspective, as a wife and a mom, about things that are important. I’m thankful to have gone through such a hardship at a young age because it has shaped and formed me for the rest of my life!
    Loving the book…it’s encouraging me as I often think I’m screwing it up : ) We aren’t alone!!!

  172. Wow I am so excited to start this journey. This is my first online bible study so I am just learning this all. I am a mother of two amazing little men. Mikey is 2 and Mason is 7 months. I just said to my husband this morning I am having a hard time finding my place being a mommy to two, working full time and still finding time to be a wife. God has truly blessed me and I am forever thankful. When Mikey was born I lost a dear friend to a tragic event and it shattered my world. When he was 5 months I ended up with ppd pretty bad and I owe all my strength of getting through that to the Lord. IT was the darkest time in my life and I sometimes feel guilty like I missed so much out of this newborn stage because I was just out of it. I am learning to let go and realize I went through that for a reason.

  173. I always wanted to be a mom when I grow up. Doctors told my husband (Brandon) and I chances are slim for us to have children. Every morning I prayed for a baby and after 5 years God blessed us with Kayleigh. After another 5 years and three days we were blessed again with Katie Joy! Those doctors do not know everything.

    I am the mother of 2 beautiful girls Kayleigh (11) and Katie Joy (6). My girls are the best the part of me. My 6 year old is wide open pretty much all the time. She is so funny and cute, but man can she wear you out. Kayleigh is my calm quiet one, however her hormones are everywhere. One minute she all sweet and the next minute she is mad at the world.

    Our family has been through a lot the past few months. In April my husband was hit by a car while walking through a parking lot at church. He broke his leg in three places and had to have surgery. He just started walking three weeks ago. Everything was put on hold. I homeschool my girls and needless to say school was pushed aside to take care of my husband. The girls and I had to take care of everything, the house, two dogs, two cats and six chickens, and that was ok. We were just glad he was still here. There has been times when I have yelled at the girls or felt that I wasn’t giving them the attention that they needed. Those moments I felt I had failed as a mom.

    I am very blessed to be loved by my husband and the two most wonderful daughters. I love my family very much.

  174. I am so thrilled that I happened upon this online study. I live with constant “Mom” guilt. God blessed us with three daughters ages 13, 11, and 7. Life is never dull for sure. I feel like I blinked and my girls went from babies and toddlers to teens and tweens. This new stage for my girls is exciting but is mentally exhausting. Helping them navigate friendships and in the case of my oldest–boys (mainly innocent flirting–thank goodness) is challenging. As several moms have mentioned, I too, suffered from PPD with my first two girls (medication was in place before #3), although now I am fully aware that my depression is more than PPD. Even though I am well past the post partum period, I have realized that anti depressants will more than likely be a part of my life forever. In addition to my job as mom, I am an 8th grade teacher. I love my job but always feel like it is hard to give enough time to my girls during the school year. I am currently enjoying my summer break and have about another month before I head back to work. Looking forward to growing in my walk as a Christian and a mom through this study.

  175. April beavers says:

    I just want to say thank you for starting this bible study. Being a single mom of 4 is really tough but I often hear my kids say mom u work to much. I am a 1st grade teacher and a hair stylist on the side. My life consist of working taking care of the kids and sleep if I can fit that in, so after the first week I packed up and took my kids camping with no interruptions just us the best vaca we could ask for!!!!!

  176. My name is Kelly and I am a mom to 3 beautiful girls (Katie age 7 and my 13 year old twin stepdaughters Makenzie & Delaney). I quit my job in October to pursue a career as a photographer (www.facebook.com/kellymullinsphotography)

  177. My name is Kelly and I am a mom to 3 beautiful girls (Katie age 7 and my 13 year old twin stepdaughters Makenzie & Delaney). I quit my job in October to pursue a career as a photographer (www.facebook.com/kellymullinsphotography)

  178. I had read all the parenting books, talked to all my mommy friends, subscribed to the most popular parenting magazines, bought the best crib and “in” wallpaper – I did everything I could to be well prepared. When my firstborn was delivered and declared a boy it all went out the window. I was an only child, never babysat and had been convinced we were bringing home our daughter. What in the WORLD was God thinking? I had never felt so helpless and incompetent in my life…of course until we brought him home. Every day seemed to bring challenges, or “growth moments” as I came to think of them. Never think that God doesn’t have a sense of humor. We ended up having three boys! Adam is now 26 and married to our beautiful daughter-in-law Hayleigh (no grandkids…yet). Drew is 24 and a Youth Pastor. Ethan is 16 and blesses us with his humor, tender heart and compassion, and endless sporting events. Over the years we’ve dealt with the skinned knees, broken hearts, joys of discovery, shocking failures and all those growing pains. I don’t know who’s learned the most – me or them. The one truth that has kept me sane and (mostly) focused is the complete understanding that God is mighty, faithful and sovereign.That He is more than able to fill in my mommy gaps and take care of all my messes and misses, whether I know about them or not. That He fills those gaps for me and my boys every single day because He is the perfect parent. I need Jesus to fill me with patience, energy and wisdom every minute of every day or I can give “mommy” a very bad name. Being a mom is very tough, and our culture doesn’t do us any favors as we try to train our kids to love and follow Jesus. We can be so grateful that God has given us the ultimate parenting manual in His Word. It is truth and life.

  179. This is my 4th time trying to post. The first 2 got cut off and the 3rd I deleted. Kinda sums up my day.

  180. My name is Susanne. I am the mother of two, amazing, wonderful, delightful, creative, “out of sync” children who both happen to “hang out” on varying degrees of the “Autism Spectrum Disorders”. My husband of almost 8 years was my high-school “sweetheart”, is the MOST amazing and wonderful man I have ever known ( 35 years ago, our different religious backgrounds was a strict prohibition for planning our futures together…) and I daily thank God for the Blessing that our re-union and marriage is. My children’s father left the children and me when my (almost) fifteen year old son was an infant and his (almost) nineteen year old sister was four and just being diagnosed with high functioning autism, as well as a mood disorder and some other complicating matters. To say the past 15 years have been a challenge is an understatement, but I do believe that, as with everything, this has been God’s plan as I have found personal strengths I never knew that I COULD have… or use, through Him and discovered his wonderful love in a way that I could never have been open to before. Raising our children, dealing with personal disability (more another time), and the challenges involved have kept me quite too busy for quite too long…

    Our family is now facing a new transition as we try to reintegrate our daughter into the family home after spending 6 years living with a special “support family” (in an effort to help her learn behaviors and self-care skills that she was not achieving in the home). Making the decision to have her go into residential care was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do as a parent, although one of the greatest “Mommy Moments” that I hold near to my heart was the time that she first told me, about a year after going into the placement, that “Mom, you were right… this is what is best for me” and for the first time in months I felt like she had forgiven what she felt to be my rejection of her… which is what she felt, regardless of the explanation and necessity.. And now, the pressure to make her return a success is weighing heavily on me as I struggle to make things happen in a system and situation that is very much not any help at all!!!

    While his sister has been growing elsewhere, my son’s issues progressively became more dysfunctional and problematic (as often is the case…) to the point where in the last few years I have sometimes wondered which one had greater “special needs” (they are equal, in different ways) ! And NOW, just as his sister is on her way home, somewhat ironically and of course, I realize in part, at least in some ways, in anticipation of this change, our son and his father have presented me with a convincingly well thought-out discussion of reasons and ideas for having him live with go to live with his dad (40 miles away)…

    I feel like I should replace the front door with a revolving door!!!!! And while I try to smile, express understanding, love and support, I know that once I have a moment to stop and breathe it will be much more difficult to face the reality that 1) instead of uniting our family (at last), we are facing yet another shift in the dynamic and 2) I am having to “let go” of my other “baby” before I was prepared to! Not that either of the situations called for any actual “letting go”, throughout the course of her placement I have remained the primary coordinator of health care, education, insurance and public services for our daughter and she has remained very much involved in the family’s daily life… spending every weekend (alternately at my or her father’s house) on “family leave” as well as spending many holidays, etc. at home. And, as I mentioned, keeping up with both her needs (from “afar”.. all of 20 minutes away) and his “at home” has kept me quite busy. Now, she will be the one “in residence” and our son the “weekend visitor” (only in body, always here in spirit).

    While hard on the “Mommy” heart, I remind myself that as I painfully learned six years ago, it is essential to “let go and let grow”, and that I must now do the same for our son as I did for his sister if that is his need and his path. And now, unlike before, I have the strength of faith, and the Lord, something that I only came to last year, and with that comes the faith and trust in our father that as he is guiding me he is doing the same for our children’s father so that he can do this job and will do it as is required. My husband is an amazing support, best friend, daddy, and we have a wonderful church family. And so we pray… and pray….

    It’s still going to be really hard as my son’s “Mommy” to let go…. Big Ouch! And it’s still going to be very challenging and trying as we work to help our daughter transition and take the next steps that she needs to take. What an exciting time this will be!!! (Yikes!) I know that this is the Lord’s plan though, and resolve to have all of the faith, all of the trust, and (okay, letting go of control too) that he asks of me!

    Why this bible study, now? I know that, despite the best intentions and loving my children with all of my heart, my actions and/or responses are not always graceful, or kind-hearted, the truth of which I feel great shame about. Add to that my “imperfection” and whatever size my jeans happens to be this week, throw in the limitations of my physical (and other) AND the ever-present, inner critic who is quick to tell me what I should have done differently! These are the three areas that I most hope to address in the coming weeks and
    I look forward to the coming weeks participating in this Bible study with you all, my sisters in Christ. That, and, too, just one more thing, as I know the importance and power of prayer, the realization that my discipline still needs some work, and I wouldn’t mind some guidance in that direction as well !~

  181. Hi, I’m Maria! I’m 22 years old, with a beautiful son who will be turning 2 at the beginning of August. My introduction to motherhood was pretty rough for me. My husband and I married at 20 and 19, respectively. A mere 4 months after we were married, I found out I was pregnant. It was most definitely not planned, and I cried and cried when I found out. My husband was thrilled, I was… Not. I had big dreams for myself, that came crashing down that night. Even now, I often feel crushed under the weight of might have beens. I have worked very hard to accept where I am in life and to be content with the blessings God has given me, but so often I feel depressed over my perceived failures. It has never been my dream to be a stay at home mom/wife. There are days I downright resent it, and it makes me feel so guilty. I’m terrified that my attitude will harm my son over time; that beautiful, sweet boy that I labored over for 52 hours before I held him in my arms for the first time. I have also recently discovered that I am pregnant with our second child (planned this time), and am excited, but also afraid of how my attitude will handle 2 small ones, and a husband with pre-conceived notions about a woman’s role in life. I am looking forward to the encouragement that this study will bring, and wish all of the beautiful women involved a very blessed motherhood.

  182. Hello. My name is Tarah. I have a total of 4 kids…2 step-daughters (15 & 11), a biological daughter (8), & a step-son (20 months). Even though I didn’t give birth to all of them, they’re all my kids. Biological moms aren’t really involved. My husband and I have almost been divorced, but I’m thankful that God restored our marriage. Raising kids is tough…period. Raising step-kids (in my opinion) is harder. My family has overcome so much in the last 2 years, everyone has been saved! Praise God! However, I struggle with similar issues that some of you ladies do, like am I being a good role model & teaching them what they need to be successful? I also struggle with feeling like I don’t get enough quality time with each of them since I’m working full time again. I’ve done a few online studies before and I’m so excited about this one. I look forward to the journey we’re about to experience! 🙂

  183. Jennifer says:

    Hi. My name is Jennifer. I’m a mom to three amazing kids. My husband & I moved to Texas 3 years ago, from Indiana. I have a son, Kyle. He is 25 years old and still lives in Indiana. A daughter, Taylor. She is 22 years old and recently moved go LA, with her boyfriend. And my third child is Samuel. Sam is 8 years old. This past February I began homeschooling Sam. I made this decision abruptly but am so happy I did. Let me take a step back, prior to homeschooling, Sam had been in Montessori for 5 years & public school for 1 semester. This change was a huge help and eye opener for me. Sam was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, mild ADHD and autism spectrum disorder and after several attempts to get the school to work with me, to help Sam better adjust to the big change in educational format, I gave up and took matters in my own hands and began to homeschool him. Through our time together I was able to understand where Sam was struggling & I spoke to his pediatrician about medication and if it was the best choice for him. This decision to medicate him has been such a huge weight on me. I struggle daily with whether or not I made the right decision and evaluate his every move (or so it seems). We are just in the the first few months and I still dont know if his dose is correct but am patiently awaiting our 30 day evaluation to discuss. With regard to my older children, well I can say I have been beating myself up for years about many decisions I made. I know I can’t go back & I truly don’t want to but watching them have some personal struggles of their own tears me up inside. I know that if I don’t seek God to help me “retrain” my brain, I will continue to beat myself up. I could go on & on but for now I ask that you please say a little prayer for my children and help give me the piece of mind that this is is the “refresh” I needed.

  184. Hello Jennifer! I will be praying for you! Like you said at the beginning of your post , you have three amazing children! I am sure they are and I am sure you are an amazing mom! About Sam… Follow your heart and keep praying! God answers our prayers in many ways… Sometimes we are just too busy to recognize, listen and respond in obedience to His answers! Don’t feel guilty for “medicating” your son… Take advantage of this time to teach him the skills he will use later when he gets out of the medication! You are not alone, my son Jose was diagnosed with Aspergers Dosorder 4 years ago and we have been through many ups and downs! But God has been with us through it all! Stay strong! God Bless!

  185. My name is Shelly and I have a 15 year old step daughter, and two boys (14 & 8). Having teens is a bit crazy and a whole new mind set to deal with. I have heard several people discuss medication and it is something I struggled with also, in the end I chose meds because my son was struggling so much in school. He has ADHD and Aspergers along with that he was dealing with some major sensory issues. Thankfully I was able to take him to an awesome occupational therapist who specializes in this area, it helped him a great deal. I make sure I stay involved with his schooling, keep his IEP up to date, and he sees a developmental pediatrician every three months. His first year of middle school was so crazy and stressful that we had four IEP meetings that year, it was finally decided that he would have a personal aide and that helped him to adapt better. This year he will be starting high school and I am hoping he is able to cope better than he did that first year of middle school. My 8 year old is full of energy and imagination and loves to read. I signed him up for karate so he will have an outlet for all of that energy that bubbles out. Right now we don’t see my stepdaughter very often because she and her father are having some issues in their relationship. He is struggling with anger management and PTSD after 20 years in the army. I very often feel that there is not enough of me to go around, I am the peacemaker when things get sideways, I do whatever needs to be done for the children, housework, dinner, plus I have a job. With no time for myself I sometimes find myself snapping at the children, I apologize but it makes me feel terrible. I am hoping this study helps me to regroup and refresh.

  186. Hi my name is Joline and this is my first online bible study. I am working mom to Tali, who is a 10 year old wonderfully sweet and funny little girl. My husband of 17 years and I decided to have only one child. I always worry that we are royally messing her up because she gets all the good and bad from both off. We just pray the good out ways the bad. So that is why I choose to do this bible study (and because my sister prompted me to follow through).
    I can totally relate to Lysa talk about the cycle of GOOD MOM and BAD MOM. I am constantly trying to remind myself those moments of imperfection can often provide great insight on how to improve your parenting (if you can get past dwelling on the shame). One recent moment with Tali I was reminded of this. We are getting the amazing opportunity to visit my friend and her family in Europe. They asked us where we wanted to go. So I posed the question to Tali and she promptly replied Turkey. Suppressing an eye roll, I replied in my best patient mom voice well Turkey isn’t in Europe; the countries we were thinking of we were like Germany, France etc. (While I am doing this I am recalculating how much we need to save for college as my dreams of any scholarship are fading). She gave it a second thought and replied then let’s go to Jerusalem. After a deep breath, trying to hide my frustration an idea pops in my held-well maybe this new church is really touching her and she would like to go where Jesus walks the earth. So as any good wanna be great mom does, I ask well why do you want to go to Jerusalem. I wait for the reply that will be spoken at Bible studies for years to come. Instead I hear I want to get more of the Bazooka bubble gum my teacher got when she was in Jerusalem. Yep! My daughter wants to go Jerusalem for GUM! Better yet gum with comics in Hebrew. I promptly ended the conversation in frustration.
    I felt like a BAD MOM . I was frustrated because she wasn’t celebrating this great opportunity (that a GOOD MOM would provide) instead she was wanted ten cent gum I could buy at the corner store. In reflection, of course she would choose these places, her favorite teacher last year traveled to Israel over Christmas break. This teacher was truly a blessing to Tali. This teacher built up Tali’s confidence; celebrated all the joy Tali brings to school and really filled Tali with a passion to learn more about different places in the world (maybe without an emphasis on where these places are located on a map!). Instead of looking for ways Tali can build me up I need to be more like this teacher who sees all the many positives and not the shortcomings.
    We are still going to Europe probably starting in Belgium and then traveling from there. Tali is really excited about this plan because she can’t wait to try their world famous waffles. With any luck we will get to France and try their fries!

    • Joline,

      Seriously…the Belgium waffles are amazing. I would be with Tali on being excited to eat them! Hope you have a great trip!

  187. My name is Laurie and I am a mom of 2, a 10 yr old boy and 12 yr old girl. I stayed home with them until my son was 4 and in preschool and then had to go back to work part-time to help with our finances. I am a nurse, so I find fulfillment from my job and sometimes even enjoy it-lol. When my dtr was 4 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The chronic pain and exhaustion goes with me each day no matter where I am. Trying to be a mom with a chronic illness is a daunting task. my marriage has been greatly affected and has taken some serious hits. I have learned to take life one day at a time and lean on God for everything, but still, life is messy, especially when I am not seeking God every day. I especially like this week’s verse which I am claiming for this time in my life: “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26 I have a Facebook site where I post things God has given me that might encourage others living with chronic illness. All are welcome at God-Living With Chronic Illness

  188. My story? I am mom of two boys 13 and 15. The 15 year-old has tremendous learning disabilities, limitations we have researched, tested, coached, accommodated, everything — and no less with psychiatrists at Oxford University and on 5th Avenue. At the end of the day, my son makes it through (highly-accomodated) normal school with mom and dad and an army of tutors all but doing his work for him. Imperfect solution, but really probably the best one for now, all things considered. But it means I am almost always learning bio or geometry or Western Civ, feeling the responsibility of reteaching an almost unteachable guy.

    While I understand my son’s disabilities, every few months I fly into a rage over something he screws up. I know, I know — his mind is not strong enough to think though that if you get a 0.05% on the math quiz (This really, really happened last week!), you probably ought to be seeing the teacher, etc. before the test on the same material. Some moms forget to turn in a form; I scream at my child about his disability. Wow, that is a bad mommy.

    I am a JD/PhD with a long career in a very nuanced area of education, so having a kid that just can’t learn is a special blow, I think. Maybe all moms think these things are special blows.

  189. Stephanie says:

    My 4-year-old, Christene, is getting to be more of a handful than ever as she has made the jump from toddler/preschooler to young girl. She is in charge of her own life and daily activities as well as those of her little sister, Victoria (who is 2), and she has plans in mind for her coming brother, Connor.

    Victoria, on the other hand, is much more daring than her older sister, and despite having had 2 surgery in her short life, she believes herself to be unbreakable. (But when she trips over her new shoes, which are a little large for her, she cries until you pick her up. Then she wants to stand up on you, pull hair, jump around, and continue to be the center of attention.)

    I work full-time outside the home, but I’m lucky enough that my husband has agreed to take time off from his job to be a stay-at-home dad. He told me last night that he’s so tired of the girls fighting over little things, and he’s so tired of yelling, that he’s just not going to do it anymore, and whenever they do something wrong, he’s going to call me at work and put me in charge of discipline! hahaha.

    For most of my second pregnancy and about 8 months after having Victoria, I was the stay-at-home parent after getting laid off, so I know that it is just as exhausting to be with the kids every hour of every day as it is to leave for 10 hours a day. I love that they are excited to see me when I get home, but being in my third trimester, that first hour home wears me out before I can make any dinner or do any laundry, and weekends seem to be for recuperation and big projects we want done before our third child emerges. There just seems to be no time for rest, and when we’ve finally gotten the girls into bed and can get some sleep–well, I’m in my third trimester, and it’s getting harder to find a position that’s comfortable enough to fall asleep in, never mind the many times I wake up in the night because some random muscle has downright started to ACHE.

    This week’s verse, Psalm 23:3, is written on a sticky note and stuck on my computer, where I can see it every day, several times a day. God does restore my soul, my body and my mind continuously, and I know that this mental and physical fatigue I deal with in the coming weeks and my every day life is temporary and will be worthwhile. Meanwhile, I get to have moments like last night…

    Typically, when I’m putting the girls to bed at night, the lights in their room are already off, and I carry the Victoria in to rock her until she’s asleep enough to put in her bed–and let me tell you, if she’s not asleep enough, she won’t go willingly. We’ve tried to let her cry herself to sleep, but an hour of crying only leaves us exhausted, and she’s still up and going. So, we don’t put her through that anymore. That being said, from time to time she won’t go to sleep, so we do put her in her bed and let her cry for 5-10 minutes, and then we go rock her. This seems to serve as a reminder to her that it’s bedtime, and at that point she’ll go ahead and go to sleep while one of us rocks her.

    I’ve told Christene, recently, that she’s going to have to start picking up the toys in her room when she’s done playing with them, because let me tell you, that walk from their bedroom door to the rocking chair can be–and usually is–a minefield of toys and dresses, and sometimes even food! Still, I’ve ended up picking up a lot myself or helping her pick them up just before bedtime. But last night, I was folding Connor’s newborn-sized clothes and putting them away in preparation for him, and I just reminded Christene that she was going to need to go pick up her room. She slid off my bed and took off, toward the living room, I thought. When I was done with the clothes and had spent a few minutes playing with Victoria and her giraffe, I got up and went to see what the state of the bedroom was, anyway.

    I found Christene there, in her room, breathless, with most of her toys put in her toybox and the rest pushed toward the sides of the room. She had even spread out the sheets across her bed. I told her I was proud of her, that the room looked great, and that in fact, we HAD to go get Daddy so he could see, too. I don’t think she could have been more pleased, and I was thrilled that this had happened after just one mention from me for her to get it done!

    Yes, it’s true. God restores my soul!

  190. Jennifer R. says:

    I have two beautiful girls, ages 9 (almost 10) and 14 months (today). We waited a long time to give Natalea a younger sister or brother so we were overjoyed when we had Lucy. Natalea is a great big sister and a big help, but she does struggle with jealousy as she was used to getting my undivided attention. Lucy also gets upset if I hug her sister so she is already experiencing those jealous feelings at times. I am an Occupational Therapist for the school system so I have really enjoyed being at home with my girls this summer and am dreading going back to work in less than two weeks now. I like my job, but I would rather be at home. I struggle with mom guilt all the time because of not being able to be here as much for Lucy as I was for Natalea when she was the same age. I worked part time then, however, I didn’t have the summers off or the two week breaks during the school year, so I guess there are trade offs there. I am also a chronic worrier so I am always worried about them and the future even though I know I shouldn’t be.

  191. I don’t have a blog, and don’t really have time for one. But on the topic of “Being a Mom is Tough”…. all I can say is AMEN! I thought having one was tough. But after having twins 10 years later, and on my own now, I can REALLY say AMEN! Between being everyone’s everything, forgetting who I am, being so busy that even God gets pushed aside, being a mom ISN”T for cowards. I am so grateful for Lysa and her book and this OBS- I am already implementing new ways of thinking, and realizing that there is no perfect! And that putting God first, no matter what, will help with my parenting. Will being a mom ever be easy? No way! It will always be TOUGH! But isn’t it wonderful to know, that with God ALL things are possible, and He will be there ALWAYS to help get us through if we only ask and turn to Him!!

  192. Hi I am a Mom of twin precious two year old boys! Life can definitely get crazy! After two years of fertility treatments and one round of IVF God answered our prayers and we became parents! I feel God took us through that journey to help others. I get overwhelmed at times and wonder if I am doing a good enough job as a stay at home mom. I’m very excited about this book and study! I know God will work through us all!

  193. Jennifer
    Couldn’t agree more with your post! Tough for sure but the most rewarding also!

  194. I am a mom of 2 boys. One is 18 and just graduated high school. He plays baseball for a summer league and is working his first job. College is still up in the air right now, but we are hopeful. My other son is 15 and he is my handful. He has ADHD and ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) He failed 9th grade and has “little man” syndrome. He was bullied in 6th grade, became the bullier in 7th grade and by the end of 8th grade started sticking up for the kids getting bullied. Then 9th grade/high school started. He has never been much of a leader or had many “true” friends. The friends he does have know how to push his buttons and are only his friends when its convenient for them. This last year consisted of him getting into several fights, sent to Alternative School and then finally Boot Camp until the end of the year. 2 days after school was out him and these same “so called friends” vandalized the ballpark. They worked community service and have to pay for the lawn mower they destroyed. One won’t pay, so there may still be charges. That is pending. Meanwhile we are in family/teen counseling with Safe Harbor for 12 weeks and they all pray for us each week and daily on their own. I have also enrolled him in a smaller private school to get him away from these friends and hopefully help him pass 9th grade. Not to mention she is a Christian and is already praying for him. Being a mom is VERY tough and I need this study/blog more than anything right now!

  195. Vicki Hurst says:

    Hi, I am divorced (14 years) mother of three TeenAgers; Ben 18, Stephanie 15, and Daniel 14, all having birthdays in the next three months. It is tough, and I have my days of parenting doubts. I work full time. I am looking forward to this study in hopes that it may allay some of my doubts about how I have raised my kids, especially without a father figure in their lives.

  196. I don’t have a blog at the moment, but I had to weigh in. Being a mom is TOUGH! Everyday there are new challenges that I am not ready for. For most of the challenges I don’t welcome them, and I feel like I handle them poorly. I feel like I am constantly falling short of performing the role that God intended for me. I feel like I am failing. The best part of this study so far is that I learned I am not alone. God is always there, and there are all of you going through similar feelings, even if our circumstances are different. God brought me this study at a time I need it most. My oldest is 11, and entering a very challenging phase of his life, and at the same time is a high-needs child, high-functioning on the Autism spectrum. To know I am not alone helps immensely.

  197. My “mom story”…I’m 26 years old, in September will be married 6 years and I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl and a 5 month old little boy. Ever since I can remember, the main thing I’ve wanted to do in life is be a wife and a mom. I LOVE being a mom. It doesn’t come without its difficult moments, of course, haha. My daughter is so much like me, both the good and the bad. It’s very comical and so fun to see, yet there are times I want to pull my hair out, lol. I’m continuing to learn to parent with grace in mind. I mean, I have been given so much grace and I am so undeserving of what Jesus has done for me. I want to model that for my children! The book “Give them grace” was huge for me. Loved it. I’m learning so much as a mom and the Lord is teaching me all the time what it means to parent in a way that pleases him. And the Holy Spirit definitely brings conviction when I’m not. (Thank you Jesus!). I love this journey. I’m so grateful to be given the blessing and privilege of being a mom to these 2 kiddos, hopefully more in the future. 🙂
    Can’t wait to read more of this book!

  198. I’m was excited about this book and the study but now I am feeling more like a failure in parenting then I ever have! I have a six 1/2 year old a 5 year old and a 18 month old! My son which is 61/2 just got back from church camp and I was rudely awakened as to how he lost his cool with out burst of anger arising from who knows where! My friend who went with the kids as a counselor told me she had never seen that much anger in a kid! At a lose for words and satan is beating me up!!! #1failuremotheraward goes to me!!!!!! I need help!

    • I felt led to speak encouragement into your life.. my son also started having outbursts of anger around 7. (it can be hormonal) I found that calmly and firmly giving consequences every single time is the best way to disarm that anger. I did a lot of reading and studying, trying to find new tools in order to help my son. But most importantly remember, you teach and guide, he listens and makes choices. He is young and you can still guide him.

  199. I am grateful for this bible study and it has confirmed that I’m not a bad Mom! I’m a “late bloomer” and i have a 9 yrs. old little boy…my sidekick. He can be a handful and I have have had moments when I have yelled at him. I learned that I can apology to him and ask God for forgiveness! That’s a lot off my shoulders and this book makes me happy! Thanks for bring it.

  200. Debbie F. says:

    I am going to figure this blog thing out. How hard can it be? Me + technology = a major disaster. I will figure it out. Which one is everyone finding easy to set up wordpress or blogspot?

  201. Kimberly says:

    I am so thankful for this Bible study!! It has been an answer to prayer. I have been a Momma for 12 years now and have been blessed with 5 amazing kiddos that teach me something new everyday! I have to admit that I am doing everything I said I would NEVER do. God has a way of changing hearts and I am so thankful He changed mine years ago. I said I would never marry, have children and definitely not Home school. Well…. 14 years later… I am married to the one that balances me and cheers me on…. we have 5 children (after the doctor said I could probably not have any) and I am so glad that my husband encouraged me to start homeschooling. It has been one of the biggest blessings in my life (definitely ups and downs and raw emotions rear their ugly heads) but I enjoy being with my children and teaching them and being taught myself day to day!
    I have been praying for a while now for a source of encouragement. God’s Word is the ultimate source, but was praying for encouraging friends to come alongside this journey of Mommahood (Is that a word?). My husband and I share a vehicle and live 9 hours away from family. It is rare that we get out and have felt in somewhat of a “prison” mentally and spiritually. Been feeling overwhelmed and have had some health challenges this past year that have left us both depleted. This study has been “God~Timing”!! I appreciate the realness of Lysa. We need more of that these days amongst brothers and sisters in Christ. I am learning so much just over the past few days. Still having struggles juggling my emotions, hormones, taking care of Hubby, children, and self, but I know I will not be perfected till I meet my Saviour face to face. So glad He is still working on this Momma 🙂 Thankful for this ministry and getting to learn and grow alongside of other beautiful and amazing Mommas! I hope to one day be able to help others in this journey with what I have learned. Thanks so much!!

  202. Antoinette Church says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to get onto the bible study. I printed out chapters 1-5 until I get the book. I’m trying to catch up from Sunday’s Bible Study. Can u please help me. Thank you.

  203. Today was a very difficult day with my six year old. One of those “when does school start…” type of days. I need so prayers for patience

  204. I am so thankful for this! I feel like I’m messing up daily. I have 4 boys (one with a physical disability) and the stress gets so overwhelming. My family is also blended. The other parents in our boys’ lives aren’t exactly as active as they should be (and tend to cause more problems then not). I am glad I’m not alone. I know I’m not the lazy mom but I constantly compare myself to June Cleaver. I’m a stay at home mom (until school starts then I was hired to work at the school where my boys attend). I feel like I should do more. I also feel like I may expect too much out of my children at times or am too harsh with them. I know I lose my temper with them too much and I need God daily. I have a lot to work on and I am hoping that this will help me. Thank you again!

  205. Hello I am a mother of 4 children, 12, 8, 6, and 4. I have been battling with anxiety and panic attacks for about 3 months now and let me tell you it has def taken a toll on me and my relationship with my kids and my loved ones. My patience with everyone is on a thin line and im quick to get snappy. I chose not to go on antidepressants because I feel a pill isnt always the solution. I chose to use vitamins and exercise and of course always prayer. I pray everyday for God’s strength and courage to overcome the irrational fears and to renew my mind, heart, and spirit so I can be the loving, fun mother I was before this hit. Ive been lacking on going to church and making sure my kids get spiritually fed at home. It seems like this took life from me. I do believe this is just a season and that I will be healed. I will wait patiently on the Lord because i truely believe he pulled me from the “pit” as I call it. I couldnt of came this far without him!

  206. I am a mostly stay at home mom, working about 2-6 days a month, of 2 beautiful girls ages 3 and 20 months. Expecting a little boy November 6. My biggest hurtle is the expectations I put on myself. I feel like I should be a fun mom who has all these fun activities planned out for my girls, like I should be able to keep a clean house, and have a healthy meal prepared and on the table at 6. I want to be the best mom for my girls, be able to maintain my home to the standards I have set for myself, and the wife my husband deserves. He works very hard to provide for us and I want him to come home to a clean, calm home, with a wife who is not stressed out. I want to have the energy at the end of the day to devote time to our relationship. I am loving reading all of these posts, and wish I could read all of them. It is so nice to know I am not the only one with these feelings. I could just cry (hormonal) over everyone of them because I know exactly how you feel!!

  207. I’m Shawna. I’m 34. Married 3 years in September. I have a ten year old step daughter and a 2 year old son. I’m so glad to be here. Especially in dealing with my stepdaughter I’m always afraid I’m messing up.

  208. Tisha Allen-Jack says:

    Thoroughly inspired and challenged with the entire first chapter of this Bible study. Anticipating much more as I stick to it and begin the 2nd chapter.
    God’ blessing moms.

  209. Andi Stansbury says:

    I need prayer… my whole family needs it actually. I seem to be so out of control so much of the time. I don’t know what I am feeling half the time, and I am constantly yelling (and using language I really shouldn’t be using. I had tried to see about getting medication now that we have insurance, but it seems like every appointment leads to another, and at $25 a pop (plus what ever the insurance doesn’t cover) I can’t go in every week (I was sick on my first appointment) I am also in almost constant pain with my feet… something else I fear will cost many appointments to get straightened out (but they didn’t hurt for a couple of weeks after getting steroid shots when I was sick) I am so very tired of yelling at my kids, not being able to figure out how I feel to tell my husband. so much going on and I can’t seem to stop coming unglued ALL the time.

    • Andi I hope you and your hubby are able to communicate about your emotional/medical issues. I know it helps me a lot to get things off my chest to my husband. Praying the Lord will give you strength to get through this hard time in your life.

  210. I am a mama of 2 little boys aged 27 mo & 9 mo and one 13 y/o stepson. I work out of the home one day a week & stay home with my little boys all the rest of the week. This is a recent development for our family, as we had financial restraints for awhile, but I am loving it. This is where God has called me to be & I am so happy we could finally make it happen. Recently the Lord has been showing me a few different things & my relationship with Him has been growing, which is so exciting. I am hoping to grow even closer to Him and really discern what he has in mind for me as a mommy in these next few weeks of bible study.

  211. I am a mother to two sweet, beautiful children- Hayes (2) and Eleanor (1). I am grateful to be able go stay home with them and put my job as a nurse on the back burner. We spend our days with activities including pool time, zoo, playgrounds, childrens museums, etc I, too, like many mothers struggle with finding time (actually making time) for myself and it is so easy to get bogged down. I am grateful for this Bible Study in that it allows me to go at my own pace. I need to be more obedient to God’s desire for quiet time. I’ve been prompted by the Holy Spirit to lead a Bible Study within our neighborhood and I feel like God has led me to this study as a starting point for hopefully what will be a means of developing eternal relationships with my mommy friends in my neighborhood. any advice?

  212. Erica Kelly says:

    I am a wife, teacher, and mommy of three; boy 6, girl 5, and boy 18 months. I had worked with my first two but when my husband and I decided to try for a third we decided that I would take a year and half off. I had always thought that if I was a stay-at-home mom everything would be better (maybe even perfect)…my house would be clean, dinner would be served at 5:30, and I could do all the things a “good” mom should do with their children; crafts, science projects, games, and pre-school. But I quickly found that not to be true. The house is continually a mess (sometimes more than when I worked because we’re here all day), laundry still sits in the basket waiting to be put away for days, and I still feel like an inadequate mommy. I go back to work in August with a new perspective. I’m still a little nervous about going back and a little sad about the things I will miss, but I do believe God has called me to be a mommy and a teacher. Prayers that I can do both would be appreciated 🙂

  213. Is it to late to sign up for this study and how does it work..how often online?

  214. Kelly Leger says:

    I am mom to three girls—12, 3 and 11 months and one little boy who died very suddenly nine years ago at 11 months old. The biggest challenge in our lives is our busy schedule and the age difference in my children. I struggle constantly with being torn between three girls–all in different stages of life–all with very different needs–and all who need Mom ALL THE TIME. Most days I feel like I’ve at least one of them if not all of them in some way. I am so grateful for this bible study. I can already feel a change in my perspective.

  215. Holly westberry says:

    Tough being a mom. My name is holly. I’m a mother of 2 girls. 15 and 7 years old. I’m a veteran suffering from PTSD, MST, & MDD. And I’m in a very emotional mental abuse relationship with my self and my boyfriend. I sometimes take it out on my girls and say a lot of things I don’t mean to say. This isn’t me, I’m not an angry person. I feel I need a better and stronger relationship with god. We aren’t married and live together so I struggle with this with my relationship with god. I try everyday and I pray everyday for this to change. I’m struggling and feel that I’m messing up my girls is bc of my disobedience or not believing and trusting fully in The Lord. I wish I could get the conference call but I barely have enough to get my bills paid. I have lots of fear and don’t know what to do.

  216. Judy S. says:

    Hi, I’m a mum of an adorable 5 year old, Sarah. Since she was born till now there have been a lot of issues due to my insecurity and feeling of worthlessness as a mother. Emotionally and practically I haven’t really been that effective. She has been taken over by those more capable than me to the point that I’ve not been free to be a mum to her on my own terms which has caused me to be frustrated and do and say things that have affected her. I am more on track now and with the help of my husband and a few prayerful friends things are getting a little better. Pls pray much for my girl as she is still scared from the past 5 years. We are slowly working with her now but there’s still a long way to go. Sometimes I just want to give up but then I get back to the fact that she is my first priority. Being a mom is really tough. It’s also been a year since I lost my own mum to ovarian cancer and that hasn’t been easy for me at all. She was my biggest support system. I am blessed and grateful for all I’m learning here. Thankyou.

  217. Kamala Hendricks says:

    Hello everyone, I have 4 wonderful kids. Jonathan is 13, Austin is 11, Justin 8, and Katelyn is 7. I wanted kids from early on, but I had trouble getting pregnant. I was 30 when I had Jonathan. It has been amazing and very challenging at the same time. I find being a mom is tough because I have other people trying to tell me what and how I need to raise my kids and what I am doing wrong as a mom. Through Christ I am a great mom, but only through him. I want my kids to know I love them and I want the best for them.

  218. ‘Being a Mom is Tough’…I’m participating in a bible study this summer about being a mom asking that pivotal question #amimessingupmykids? We were given the verse Psalm 23:3 as our verse to pray this week: “He restores my strength (soul). He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to His name.”

    I love how my summers always seem to bring me back to the book of Psalm. I spent last July-August doing a neat study reading the whole book of Psalm. It’s mostly a book of prayer & praise. Probably the BEST way to describe parenting- prayer one minute & praise the next! It’s a constant wave of emotions.

    Yesterday I dared to venture for a day trip to the beach and the morning started out rough (prayer) as my little darling doesn’t like to have his sleep interrupted (but if he awakens on his own he’s practically emulating rays of sun out of that cute li’l tooshie). This created a 2 hour car ride with a 4 year old mouth from a place I’m really interested in knowing nothing about. And it continued for about the first hour or so once on the beach. NOTHING pleased him. The constant waves of “No’s!” and “I don’t like this!” and “The water is too cold!” and “I don’t like these toys!” and “This is not what I want to eat!” made me feel like the grains of sand having to roll with the punches of the massive waves. A constant parade of back & forth, pulled in & sucked out. And it seemed fitting that the waves were rather large yesterday morning- biggest I have seen in quite sometime. It wasn’t even 10am and I was ready to pack up and tackle a torturous 2 hour car ride back home.

    I found myself silently praying “He restores. He restores.” over and over. I was bound and determined not to let this 4 year old darling of mine continue to be the waves controlling my emotions. SO? I buried him. I really did! But the beach way 🙂 I stayed quiet not to say anything I’d quickly regret, got a shovel out and started digging. He quickly stopped his whining and watched me becoming more and more curious, “What are you doing?” I didn’t respond right away. Once my hole was big enough I looked at him and said, “Hop in.” His eyes got excited, I mean dirt + boy = heaven. He happily obliged and squealed with delight as I started covering him up. He was now giggling and I was smiling. It felt like us again and back in tune with the ebbs & flows of each other.

    The waves died down both outwardly & inwardly. The rest of the day moved along with such ease & fun (praise). And I found myself resting on His promise and my prayer “He restores”.

  219. Sherry Griffin says:


    I am a mom of a seven year old attention-def son. I lost my hearing since I was 8 years old, which made my employment and financially difficult. Through God, I am trying my best to be positive and strong in my faith. Throughout my motherhood, I am learning a lot out of son from God. Being a mom is tough when going through challenges and distraction of my time with God at the same time. I tried to remind myself that it’s only a test, and that I need to put on the whole armor of God to be able to withstand these challenges. I want my son to understand the challanges, use prayer and see God is in control.

    I look forward learning from this study group.

  220. I posted Psalm 23:3 in my kitchen and what a good idea that was. I look at it without even thinking and repeat the verse to myself. I am an elementary school teacher by fall, winter, and spring, and a stay-at-home mom during the summer months. I get up way to early to run and go to bed way to early because I am exhausted. I have 4 children – 12, 11, 7, & 5. They keep my husband and I busy and I love every minute of the day…even the minutes I don’t like. I have been in a variety of bible study groups with other women from my church and this summer decided to try this online study. Thank you for all of you for sharing your stories. I suppose I struggle with just daily responsibilities…cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, driving around to sports/music/dance/art and remembering that “He restores.”

  221. My name is Ann. I’m turning 26 in a few weeks and I’m married to my husband michael for 7 years this October. We have 3 beautiful kids…Alexis who’s turning 5 Aug 4th, Tyler who’s 3 and Dawson who is 16 months. Being a mommy is not what I thought it would be. Just being honest….I adore my kids and wouldn’t want to go to work but I’m tired, stressed, exhausted and tired of making mistakes more times then I’m happy and joyful with my kids. I yell to much, I cry to much….I’m frustrated more times then I’m not and I feel like a failure. My 3 year old son doesn’t listen to a word I say no matter how I discipline and takes joy in driving me wild! My youngest needs surgery to remove what they think is a noncancerous tumor from the roof of his mouth but without insurance it’s becoming a problem. His speech is being affected more and more. My husband is self employed so it makes it impossible to be able to afford insurance. I feel like a single mom with my husband working late nights and home barely on Sundays 95% of the time. I’m proud of his hard work owning his own company but he thinks my job is easy and I shouldn’t be so tired and worn out. Oh if only….I feel like I’m the only mom who doesn’t FEEL the happiness she always dreamed of when she imagined mommyhood….

  222. I am mother to a 20 year old daughter and an 18 year old son. I was a CPA before I left work to raise our children. I tried my best to be the perfect mom and raise perfect children. I became critical and angry for many years before I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I thank God for a husband who stayed with me until I faced it and started medication. I am much better but when my daughter was 18 she was diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety. After trying 2 years at college she is now home indefinitely while she tries to recover enough to take care of herself. As we crawl through this maze, I have to constantly fight the thoughts that my shortcomings caused her pain and that I failed as a mother to her. I hang onto the thought, “He restores me.”

  223. Being a mom is tough…. so tough! I am a mom of Triplet 6 year olds- Timothy and Jacob are my boys and Bobbie is my daughter. I’m married to a Texas football coach which tells you that life is very difficult in the Fall! My kids were born in June, so I had help from my hubby for 7 weeks before he had to go back to work … and every Fall since then. Everyone always asks… are your kids a like or different and I always say… if you met them and didn’t know they were triplets, you would never know they were even related. Timothy is my advanced child who knows everything at 6. My huband and I used to joke he’d be smarter than us by 5 and on some level, we were right (LOL). Love language for Timothy is quality time… Jacob is our very physical child who already knows the asst principal from Kindergarten, but he is the most tenderhearted one too. He just does not understand his full strength nor his boundaries with others’ personal space. His Love language is physical touch. Bobbie is the kind hearted, people pleaser who tends to worry if I’m upset… always wants to pray when something is wrong with anyone. Her Love language is words of affirmation and quality time.

    They have an amazing relationship and play so well together… most of the time. Then there are other times when I feel all I do is yell for them to keep their hands to theirselves or stay away from each other, use nice words… etc. You all know what I mean.

    My toughest issue as a mom, is, I struggle with my volume control… i.e. quick to anger. I do know that I have recently started getting on my knees and praying aloud which greatly helps!!! I recently read/currently reading- The Circle Maker and Draw the Circle and Drawing Circles around your Children…which is about prayer. I am trying to go to the Lord more and not try to do it myself so much.

    I also struggle with guilt because I work full time (but out of the home) in addition to being a Mary Kay Sales Director. I feel stress of being a supermom and guilt of (NOT) being able to do IT ALL. I’m starting to learn, I cannot do IT ALL because it’s just unrealistic to think so. I have began praying for God’s guidance and desire to be placed in my husband’s heart, as well as mine, because most of the time he is the one wanting me to get IT ALL done and does not contribute much of the IT ALL.

    I can assure this is not all of my difficulties with being a mom, but it’s a good start. I’m very thankful for this study and cannot wait to be more wise as a mom when its done!

  224. Alecia Thomas says:

    Wow! I am so grateful for my friend who encouraged me to sign up for this study. I am a mom of a handsome but vivacious 22 month old and a beautiful step-daughter who is 7 years old. My little ones will be 2 and 8 in September! After reading the first reading assignments, I felt calm and relieved that I am not the only one who feels stressed. In addition to being a full-time mom (mostly to my son as my step-daughter lives with her biological mother), I work a very demanding job as an Administrator in the school system. I am pretty meticulous about the things I do and tend to strive for “perfection”. Falling Short of my confidence if things are not laid out the way I expect.

    Lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and unproductive…my house is a mess! So tempted to hire a cleaning staff but think about the money wasted and the other things I can use it for. I also feel guilty as getting someone to clean my house makes me feel lazy and not equipped as a wife and mother. Today, I said goodbye to my baby boy and felt a heart wrenching feeling as he hung to my dress before I left the house. The other day he would not look in my direction when I picked him up from school…a sign that he was mad at me. I get the same feeling with my baby girl as well…the time we spend together is so limited that there are times when it is hard to say goodbye. I try to make the best use of our time but sometimes the sadness she expresses for wanting to spend time with me longer is just too much to bear.

    With all that’s said there is no greater joy than being a mom! I love this journey that I’m on…just wish I can do it all. So far, I’m starting to realize that it can’t all be done…easier said than done for me:(

  225. Rebecca says:

    I wanted to do this study b/c I feel as though I am not in a good place. I love my boys, yet I have a difficult time enjoying time with them b/c I find myself so exhausted, completly depleted of patience. I beat myself up for not feeling more grateful for the blessing God has given me and often times feel as though I am failing at fulfilling the resposiblity God has given me. I want to desire to just “be” with my boys and not always feel the urge to do and move on to the next thing on my to do list. Instead of cherishing the time I have with them, I often times find myself distracted by what I should be doing and feel like I am not only letting my kids down, but God also. I want to be the mom they deserve and sometimes I find myself wondering if I can do this mom thing. I get caught up in regrets and in doing it “right”, but always feeling I’m doing it wrong. It is my hope that God can use this study to help me work through this and be the mom He has called me to be.

  226. Yes, being a mom is really tough… just becoming mom itself was tough for me…both pregnancies were stressful as i had some complications .By God’s grace, i have 2 healthy kids Joel(10) and Hannah(6).They are very poor eaters which made it very difficult to raise them with a full time job. Balancing work and home drives me crazy at times,brings down my patience level and finally becomes stressed out and tired.To make matter worse , I feel guilty that i am not able to spend time with my children.My son is very emotional and daughter very stubborn..both fight all the time..I loose my patience with my daughter at times and yell at her that makes the matters worse. My friend enrolled me with this study seeing me struggling with my daughter. Now i know i am not alone in this struggle..God gives us wisdom to raise our children ,provided we ask for it.God has given me this beautiful role to play..to be a mom..which i want to do it right , with God.

  227. I do not have a blog but I have enjoyed reading some of the other blogs that have been posted. It is so very encouraging and comforting to realize that the same issues, struggles, and weaknesses I face day in and day out are also confronting many other mamas out there and I am not alone. Thank you for this Bible study! The verse for the week has really touched me. I must admit I have never taken the time to meditate on the individual verses of Psalm 23…especially verse 3. “He leads me in the paths of righteousness FOR HIS NAME’S SAKE.” Wow! If I look to my heavenly Father, He will lead me to make the right choices so that HIS NAME will be glorified in front of my children! Every night at bed time, I sing songs to my girls (ages 2 and 4). I often find myself singing the old hymns that I grew up with because they bring back such good memories and have more depth of meaning to me since I became a mother. Count Your Blessings has been coming to my mind often. One evening recently, I was singing this hymn to them as they lay in bed. I was tired and ready for some alone time with my husband (we also have a 6 month old boy), but I was determined to spend a few precious minutes feeding their souls with songs about Jesus. I feel this is the most important time of the day because music can live in the recesses of our minds and souls and the Lord can draw out much needed refreshing truths through song later in life. But often I am tired by this time. As I sang through this song, I started thinking of my own personal blessings. My husband and all three of my children were the first to cross my mind. At the end when I kissed them good-night, I said, “Good-night Blessing Adeleigh” my 4-year-old and “Good-night, Blessing Scarlett” my 2-year-old. She looked right back at me and said, “Good-night, Blessing Mama!” Melted my heart and gave me much-needed encouragement!

  228. Cynthia Becker says:

    My name is Cynthia, I am a mom of 2.5 children. The half being my stepdaughter whom I love like my own. My daughter is 4, very energetic, loud and can’t seem to relax, my son is 20 months and is the most stubborn kid I’ve ever met with a horrible attitude problem. I just had to have a full hysterectomy 🙁 and I’m having a hard time adjusting. I’m only 27 years old and have quite the medical history. I’m lucky to have given birth to a child let alone 2. I am in love with my husband of 8 years who is very supportive of this family and Our relationship. I am privileged to be able to stay at home and start homeschooling this year. I’m scared because I’m having severe hormonal problems along with pain and I’m taking it out on my babies. I’m excited to start this study with u women.

  229. Kris Rhodes says:

    I just love this Bible study and being able to do it along side moms of all ages and stages. I am a mom of 3 kids and a son in law. Ashley is 24 and her husband Dillon age 25, Ryan age 21 and Anna age 16. So I have 2 “seniors”. One in college and one in high school. Being a mom is tough as you always seem to wonder if you are doing the right thing and if you did the right thing for your adult children. Lysa’s words of wisdom and encouragement remind me that I don’t have to do this “mom thing” alone especially when my husband has to work long hour along with a long commute and be gone up to 14 hours a day. These weeks verse “He refreshes my soul, He guides me along the right paths for His name’s sake.” Psalm 23:3 is just what I needed. When I feel like I am a single parent because my husband has to gone a lot for work and then still “gone” when he gets home because guys have the ability to be able to just “check out” and not think about things. Boy do I wish I had that ability to not think. Psalm 23:3 is just the right verse to remind me I may run to God and be refreshed and guided.

  230. I am 36 years old and a mom to two boys and currently pregnant with triplets. I think I just became exhausted just typing this. I have always had lots of energy which is probably why God blessed me with two VERY energetic boys….and three more surprises to come. Funny thing is that this blessing was totally God’s plan since my completely supporting husband and I had a lot of issues getting pregnant along with the loss of two miscarriages. I am a nurse and work part-time so that I can be home with my kiddos.

    Ever since we found out we are pregnant with triplets, I have been exhausted, nauseous and just not feeling well. Imagine feel like this and trying to take care of two VERY energetic boys! Almost impossible without loosing it every time. I am not one to slow down the pace, but with this pregnancy I am almost forced to. So I am struggling with a lot of guilt. Guilt in not being about to keep up with the boys, do the laundry, cook dinner, spend quality time with my hubby (since I am so tired) and because of this I feel frustrated all the time. Frankly, it is getting exhausted and I am tired of being in a bad mood. I know this too shall pass, but I am praying this bible study will help me focus on the importance of getting rest, the importance of spending quality time with my boys when I can and letting go of the things I can’t do right now. 🙂

  231. grace garland says:

    I’m a mother of 2 girls (7 and 2). If anyone asks me how my summer is going, this is going to be my answer: “My summer had been full of pee and poop. The first thing I do in the morning before fixing coffee is change Piper’s bed sheets and put the soiled ones and the comforter in the wash. Then somewhere in the day I might have to clean poop off of a church bathroom floor because it fell out when trying to clean up yet another pooping accident. Oh yeah and then I have to clean up the child and throw away the underpants and skirt because they were also soiled. Oh wait, then I have to figure out a way to get her to the car without exposing a naked toddler to everyone. Thankfully, she was cold and wore a jacket. Jacket made into a skirt…problem solved! Oh and then another day might be filled with pooping in a swim diaper at the pool and the only way to clean up is to strip down in the backyard and hose her off. Oh and then the swimsuit, coverup, and car seat need to be cleaned up. Then another day I might have to tear apart the sofa cushions because there was another peeing accident. I love my job! Does anyone want to hire a commercial interior designer???!!!!
    All of the above are just my current circumstances. Through this book God is showing me that I can’t let my circumstances dictate my attitude. Those circumstances usually make me have a bad attitude which in turn gives me “mommy guilt” and then I feel like I’m not being a good example to my girls. Oh Lord, help me to to turn it all over to you!

  232. Felicia Abrahams says:

    Hi there, I’m Felicia (from South Africa). Mom to three kids. A boy Timothy 12yrs and twin girls Faith and Grace 9yrs. In 2007 my hubby and I decided that I should give up my job and be a full time mom and I believe that is what God wants for moms who can afford to. At the beginning things were not too bad altho challenging but I think as the kids get older and started school and came home everyday with their homework, projects and extra murals, it just got a little harder. I battle with keeping my cool and not shouting hysterically over nonsical things. But God has really been good to me in that regard that if I start my day correct with Him and in prayer then things tend to go a lttle better. Not perfect but a bit better. I also always feel like I could do more when it comes to their schoolwork. Because there’s three of them, it’s a real challenge to sit with each one and give them good quality time. The twins are doingwell at school but my son seems to struggle a bit and I keep thinking if only I did this or that. I’m one of those mom’s who would write his exam for him if I could cause I just want the best for them…aaah I think I’m my own worst enemy at times..lol.
    anyway it helps to know the Lord and have Him on our side, so I’m really excited about learning some tools to help me be a better mom and to raise kids who are confident, strong and who loves the Lord.
    From a wintery South Africa: Chow for now.

  233. Melissa says:

    My biggest struggle is with my 14 year old. He is bipolar, ADHD, and has Aspergers syndrome. He has actually been expelled from school for attempting to stab his best friend in the neck with a pencil. The sad part is, no one can tell us how to handle him or the unusual situations he has thrown our way. We have tried counselors, who all close us out because we are “doing the right thing” or they “have nothing more to offer us”. The frustrating part is that, although I understand not all of his behaviors are in his control, I can’t see them as being something he can not control. When he is screaming and throwing a 10+ hour tantrum (after I have worked all day) and breaking every door and window in our home, not to mention holes in walls, I don’t know how to see that as something that is out of his control. When I have to try to figure out how to protect my other kids from the tantrums and my husband is working or out of town with work, I struggle with seeing that as something he can’t control. If there is one person in the world who knows how to make me feel like I have failed as a person, and not only as his mother, but as a mother in general, he is it. I love him dearly, but I have no idea how to help him anymore.

  234. Traci Payne says:

    AHHH!!! I missed the Blog Hop. Nothing shocking in this house for me to miss something. But I love looking at everyone’s Blogs, thanks for sharing. I am a mom of 4, Kodi – 13, Kamden – 11, Kennedy – 9 and Kaci – 3. My life changed a little when miss Kaci was born, she was a little SURPRISE!! That turned our world upside down. We thought we were all done with having children and I was ready to go back to school and work and become my own person, but God had other plans and boy oh boy are we glad He did. I can’t imagine life without her. We have started over with a little one in the house and it has been so much fun!! She is a pistol, smart as ever and just a complete lunatic that makes us all a little crazy, but we love her so much and love it!! My husband is in the military, so I do alot of parenting alone and it gets trying, but we make it all work for the best of the kids. I love the family picture, sometimes I wonder if my smile looks real in our pictures since I usually was just screaming at someone before they snapped the shot or completely losing my mind just to get to the studio. Most of our family pictures have been without my husband, which stinks, but like I said we do what we do for the best of our family. I am just so looking forward to this study. I am a little behind, but that’s just how I do things:)

    • Brenda Brockmann Armstrong says:

      Hi. I started this bible study late also, but wanted to glean some mommy ideas to improve with our fourth child, who is about to go off to college in another state! We can always learn! My husband is retired from the army for four years now and he works with FEMA so he sometimes travels with his job. I have moved 37 times in 55 years as my dad was in the Air Force. We are thankful for the provisions from the Lord as He has answered prayers and been faithful at each assignment. We have an older daughter, Apryl, 27.5, a son, Mark Jr. serving in Korea in the army who is 26, another son, Drew, also serving in the army who is 23.5 and our last daughter, Leah, 18, going off to Auburn University, in Alabama in 8 days.
      Thank you and your husband for his service and your service.! I feel that it is a privilege and honor to be a wife of a service member, but definitely can be taxing on your emotions! It sounds like you are exactly where God wants you-caring for your four disciples and your husband. Is there a mommy’s support group in your area? It sure helped me when I was homeschooling to set up playdates with other moms while the children played at the park under our watchful supervision once or twice a week. I also had a chance to be in a MOPS group for two years, as well as a Mommy’s Co-Op Group in Virginia for a year. That way we switched out who watched and played with the children and who got something else accomplished during the two hours like a doctor’s appointment or special time with an older child. May God give you exactly what you need to be both Mom and Dad when necessary! Sounds like you are qualified, with God’s grace to love these precious family members!


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