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At the time I’m actually writing this post, I’m sitting in my big, comfy chair in my living room at midnight. The kids, both big and small, are tucked safely in their beds (plus one on the couch). All is quiet except for the sweet sound of the air conditioner (I’m in Texas, remember?) and an occasional outburst of very loud snoring from my husband (don’t tell him I said so).

This moment in time has been carved out for me to spend with you. I’ve been reading through your comments and blogs from our Week 1 Blog Hop and my heart is so very full.

So many of you shared stories of success and failure, tears and joy, and everything in between. You are so brave and you are what makes this community special.

Thank you for being here. And thank you for sharing your mama stories.

We have randomly selected one blogger to highlight and feature this week. Allow me to introduce you to . . . Stephanie!

It’s tough when you are pregnant and dealing with nausea, pain and every other pregnancy symptom in the book.

It’s tough not worrying about that little life inside your womb for nine months. With all the things that could go wrong, you have to put that worry into God’s hands.

It’s tough when you bring that newborn home and aren’t really sure what to do next.

It’s tough when you’re feeding a newborn all through the night and can’t remember what a good night’s sleep feels like.

It’s tough when your baby gets sick. You wish so bad that you could take the sickness away for them, but you can’t.

It’s tough when your toddler becomes defiant, throws tantrums and tells you no. Figuring out the right way to discipline is hard.

It’s tough when you are potty training and become convinced your child will be in diapers til he is at least 25. (Please note the evidence of this in the picture above!)

It’s tough when your toddler sleeps 12 hours at night and all of the sudden is waking you up at 6 a.m. every morning because “the sky is awake so I am awake.” Thank you Frozen

Being a mom is tough …

But it’s also … (click here to read the rest of Stephanie’s post)

Thank you, Stephanie, for allowing us to share your blog with our community! 🙂

And thanks again to all of you for a fabulous first week! Are you ready and excited for Week 2?

Enjoy your family this weekend! Let us know what fun things you’re up to and how you’re spending your time together!

And if you have some extra free time, check out some of the other blogs from the Blog Hop! You’ll be surprised at how many other mamas share a story similar to yours. 🙂

Love y’all!


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  1. Cameron Teems says:

    Today was the last day of our church’s VBS. My husband and I volunteered as leaders and my oldest participated for the first time this year. Our twins were there with us, thanks to a sweet girl who volunteered to watch them for us. So it was a busy week and it took a lot out of all of us. So I am really looking forward to not having any agenda tomorrow!
    Here in Hood River, Oregon, there is a Lavendar Festival this weekend, which has been on our calendar for weeks, but because this has been such a busy week I don’t know if we will make it. We may go pick cherries at a nearby orchard and maybe get some shave ice- that is the part I am most excited about!
    I have to say, our twins are 15 months old and I keep forgetting how little they are. I mean we make plans like we did when it was the three of us and then either right before we are going to go or while we are in the midst of things, I realize that it is a very bad idea! I mean, you’d think that I would figure this stuff out!!! But each time is a learning experience for everyone. We learn more about the newest members of our family and ourselves. I just wish sometimes learning wasn’t so painful. Oh well. Have a nice weekend everyone!

  2. I love Stpehanie’s post!
    I am really happy with what I achieved in terms of this study this week. I have read the whole book and came back to the 5 first chapters to actually STUDY and read my Bible , make cue cards , answer all the questions.I wake up earlier everyday in order to do this Study. I really wanted to have a thorough approach of the book and I am glad I did it. It brought so much hope into my heart and somehow I feel even closer to God, now. Also I am also learning how to change the way I pray in order to really address the Lord and search for his perspective.
    Week-ends here are for resting and no schedules. I do the food shopping at the market on sturday morning with the kids and then we enjoy our garden in the afternoon. On sunday we usually go for a walk in the mountains and the kids get to enjoy their father and spend some quality time with him as he is absent most of the week. THank you again for this study!

  3. Awesome post! My husband will be taking our 4 yo daughter to a kid’s workshop at Lowe’s later today while I stay home with our newborn son. 🙂 At age 40, this is harder physically, but I am so grateful. I was so up in the air about having another child, as our first kiddo was born nine weeks early with a long nicu stay. God saw me thru this long pregnancy by providing the right doctors, as well as friends and family. Our church family was amazing with all the love and support they gave us. Fast forward to one day shy of 38 weeks, he was born. 🙂 Tomorrow we will attend worship services again for the first time in several months. Yay!

    • Yay Amy so glad things turned out for you with this second pregnancy. My second was born 9 weeks early and in the NICU for several months. I know you are excited to take that new one to church. WOOHOO! I remember my first time carrying our son on Mother’s Day. My hubby came home with a new dress and we were walking out the door and he spit up all over me. HA – a memory I’ll never forget and thankful for it. Have a great day at church!!!!!

  4. Being a mom is tough, but so totally worth it! Children bless us in ways we can not even begin to imagine! Praise God for His gifts to us. 🙂

  5. Hi y’all! We work briefly this morning. I plan to get a workout in….then we are going to “try something new” and go out shooting rifles. Afterwards we have a 50th birthday party for a friend.
    May God bless your mommy hearts!!
    Loving the study!

  6. Thank you for sharing Stephanie’s Blog – what an encouragement to my heart. Have a Blessed Day! Thanks for serving our Lord.

  7. Jeanie Benson says:

    Thank you Stephanie for the great blog.

    We are spending our weekend in Hickory watching our son play ball in the All Stars. He is representing JOCO or Johnston County. We are enjoying our time with our family and friends. Thank you Lord for the opportunity.

    Can’t wait till next week to start the next chapters. I’m sure it will be GREAT.

  8. Well there is a gentle, much needed rain here in Pittsburgh. However we have tickets to a Pirates baseball game in the evening with my husband’s newspaper guild. There is to be tailgating, which everyone was looking forward to. My 16 year old daughter and I are to go to the farmer’s market soon (in the rain). Tomorrow our family is a major part of the worship service-something that our new pastor is doing for the summer. In all of this, I ask for prayers for safety and our ability to share with the congregation our faith story.

    • Brenda just lifted your family in prayer that the congregation will be blessed as you share. Praying also you get that game in – sounds like lots of fun. We got rain this week too in Texas and needed it with this drought and so thankful, but at the same time it slowed down our pool remodeling. Love Farmer’s markets and love fresh veggies. Our neighbors brought over fresh squash, cucumbers and tomatoes.

  9. Heather says:

    This summer has been a whirlwind – leaving me emotionally and physically exhausted. My Uncle (more like my brother – we are only nine years apart and he lived with us growing up) passed away very sudden and unexpectedly. My Grandpa has since then needed a lot of help on his 300+ acres farm (an hour and 20 min. drive from me) so my family and I pack up at least once a week to go up and help. This is the first week that I will not be up there (hubby is up there right now) because my mom and I are taking the kids to the beach – OCMD. We do it every year but I am praying that this next week is enjoyable. My Mom has struggled with losing her baby brother (the whole family is really, really blindsided with his loss) and my kids get REALLY excited to go to the beach – not a good combination for my impatient Mom – it gets to her quickly. I feel the need to balance everything out and that is just ridiculous sometimes.

    I too am coping with the loss of my Uncle. Dealing with exhaustion, my mom, my kids, and being away from home all the time while we are currently looking to move closer to my Grandparents because of the crazy drive is enough to handle on top of trying to take a vacation!

    Through all of this – I can honestly say I strongly feel God’s peace and wisdom as my husband and I have made decisions – very very hard decisions – this summer. It is unbelievable how calm I have been – compared to what my usual reactions would have been few years ago.

    My book is packed and I cannot wait for my early morning quiet times (the kids usually sleep in on vacation – at least until 7:30 or so – YEAH!)

    • Oh Heather so sorry for you loss and I too have had a very hectic summer. I am praying for your family this morning – for peace and for wisdom as you make hard decisions and I am also praying that you, your mom and the kids can really enjoy this weekend and that you will make lots of memories and savor the moments together. Go get some rest!

  10. Karen Searle says:

    What am I doing this weekend? Well I am a grand-mama to a fabulous 14 year-old boy who plays a lot of baseball. I am so thankful to God because some of my happiest times as a Mom were all the times I sat on the sidelines with other Moms watching my kids PLAY baseball or soccer and the like! So today I am off with my husband to a baseball tournament where we might watch one game or two as his team has to win the first to advance to the second and final game. I’ve prayed for God to be with his team today! I am enjoying this OBS and hope to pass Lysa’s book on to my daughter and daughter-in-law, if they have children, so that they can hear her wise and encouraging words before they are raising their children instead of, like me, after their children are grown and out of the house, married, and living their own independent lives.

  11. Tiffany Eastep says:

    Please pray for my family, my son (Tyson) accepted Christ on July 13. He will making it public on July 20 at our church with baptism on July 27.

    Thank You and have a great weekend!!!

  12. We have had a fun week together! We had our nails done, pet sat doggies, played games and enjoy reading time. She even had her cousins spend the night.
    I’m juggling 2 Nannies right now until school starts back bc I refuse to put Gracie back in daycare bc of our nightmare we lived with her last daycare. Hopefully, I have the courage to share with y’all our nightmare Gracie and I both faced but God carried us through.
    I can’t help but worry about my daughter’s future because there is no father involved and ever since she has been watching “Peppa Pig” she has been using the word daddy in her sentences. She has only said it 3 times in 3 weeks but it crushed my soul every time she says it bc I don’t want my daughter growing up without a father figure in her life but her father is sick. I pray he will get help but that hasn’t happened yet.
    This is when I think Am I Messing Up my daughter. I tell myself it is my responsibility to protect her and that is what I’m doing. God is her Father and He is all she needs! It doesn’t always stop the fear and worry so I pray on it.
    Thanks for listening!
    Kristi P

  13. Maritza says:

    Thank you for sharing Stephanie post!! That sounded exactly like me when I had my girls.
    Well we just close on our colonial home a few weeks ago and we are going to put up a pool for the girls today. Pray for us please because it won’t be easy.
    Tomorrow we have our family coming over for a bbq. I love reading all the mama stories…it really, blesses my heart!! God bless all the mommies!!

  14. nancys1128 says:

    As is the norm with me and these studies, I am not on track with reading. For the first time, however, I can honestly say that life events played a role, as opposed to my own lack of proper time use. We lost my mother-in-law this week, totally unexpectedly. There seemed to be some of that going on this week.

  15. Hi #imperfectmoms …..I’m happy to be part of this study. This is my first post but I’ve been following along and keeping up. I’m a his mine and ours mom. 27-year-old son mine, 23-year-old daughter his ,and 11-year-old son ours. Parenting my 11-year-old is quite a challenge. He seems so different than the other kids did. Teenagey grouchy hormonal at the age of 11 which I don’t think happened until around 14 with the others.

  16. Hi #imperfectmoms …..I’m happy to be part of this study. This is my first post but I’ve been following along and keeping up. I’m a his mine and ours mom. 27-year-old son mine, 23-year-old daughter his ,and 11-year-old son ours. Parenting my 11-year-old is quite a challenge. He seems so different than the other kids did. Teenagey grouchy hormonal at the age of 11 which I don’t think happened until around 14 with the others.

  17. Renee Fisher says:

    I am enjoying the book! I find myself in each chapter and also in the stories our wonderful leaders share in emails. So nice to know I’m not alone! 🙂
    But feeling like I’m living in survival mode and under attack from the enemy is all too real. Just coming out of that. My oldest daughter was found partaking in things online she shouldn’t have. And the blows began. Found out it wasn’t just one thing but a couple of things. Saying “I love you” to a complete stranger! All the questions began, “what did i do wrong? I’ve raised her in a godly home so why is this happening?! God where are you? How do i fix this?” You know…every question possible! I felt it was the end of my world. I felt ashamed. Me it was my fault, i thought. But then God reminded that i gave my daughters and sons to Him, that i needed to still trust Him even in this muck I was in. So I stopped reliving and rehashing the muck. I began to blindly trust God. Its really hard to remember that He loves my kids more than me, but he does and has his eye on them all the time. He brings good from the bad. Our experience has led us to a new communication and reality. God gave me the words to speak to my daughter. But I still ask, how do I need to discipline better? Do I discipline too much or not enough? I am still rebuilding trust with my daughter. And when my daugter goes to her dad’s my heart still gets sick, b/c I’m not there to watch over her but God reminded me…He is. #imperfectmoms living in an imperfect world, but serving a perfect God. Thanks for sharing and listening!

  18. I just told my oldest daughter, 28, how I remember telling people I wouldnt want to be raising kids in this world today. Yet, here I am at 53 starting all over again with a soon to be 3 and 2 year old. Doing it by myself this time around is a challenge but I have wonderful support from my girls, family and friends. I think I realize now, more than ever, I must put my trust in God as I raise these two precious little girls. My future son in law is a blood relative but I am not I do worry about making the right decisions in regards to their relationships with biological mom and dad. Both voluntarily relinquished their rights; drugs and domestic violence situations. I know I have no legal obligation to allow them to see them but since the mom is the sister of my future son in law it makes it difficult. I pray daily that I am making the right decisions for these girls and that God gives me the strength to do this all over again…

  19. Tammy Howard says:

    Today (Saturday) is fragmented for us. I work from home and that is what I am doing, my husband and 22-year-old son just arrived at Cabela’s – I got a text message saying “this is Heaven” which means this trip will be between ouch and boing….LOL…..My 12 and 11-year-old daughters are at a friend’s house where they had a sleepover. All is quiet. Just me and Joey the attack poodle here. Looking forward to tomorrow when we get to go to church and worship! I hope you all have a blessed day. I can’t wait for week 2. This OBS has already been life changing for me.

  20. Excellent blog to share! Thank you Stephanie! There are days, weeks, months when I feel like I am on auto-pilot and constantly in survival mode. I don’t even know how to ask God to help. I just do. That is no way to live! There is no joy! I remember vividly bringing my first born home and being scared out of my mind! I prayed so diligently through every one of his firsts! Now he is a charming, confident, go-getter 19 year old man! What just happened and how did that time pass so quickly? I have four more children and am constantly wondering if I “do enough”, hold enough and say enough to them, for them am about them! They are my most precious gift from God! I really don’t want to screw it up! Sometimes, though, I put too much pressure on myself that I just might. Enough already – God’s got it!!

  21. Rene (South Africa) says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. It really does help to know that right across the world , moms are experiencing the exact same emotions. (I am in South Africa and now I actually feel quite silly thinking that I am all alone in this on going tug of war between scared, anxious, overwhelmed, fearful, exhausted, stretched to the limit. While at the same time filled with absolute love and adoration for my kids). Now I have proof in writing that I am in good company. 🙂 The section from your message that touched me was where you ask the question of what you would like your children to remember most about you. I am going to use that question to guide my actions (well I am going to try really hard). Very similar to the WWJD question. I guess the challenge for me would be to remember the question in time, before I act! God bless. Xx

  22. I am so thankful I found this study. I spend way too much time vulnerable in survival mode, convinced im failing at motherhood. Blaming muself for every misstep my children take. I AM NOT ALONE. That alone has been the most comforting message ive received, not only are there other moms like me but He is always with me.

  23. Andrea Tillotson says:

    Thank you for the reminder that I can start my day over at any time! I can get right with God at any time, because He is always with me. So many days something happens and I let that define the rest of my day, how I react and behave, how I treat others and myself. I tell my son all the time that he can start his day over at any time, but I don’t practice it for myself. Maybe I need to invite God into the process next time…

  24. I was so excited to receive the initial email about this study. It truly came right on time, and I know it’s just God working. I am a 45 year old mother, married for 15 years next month and a mom to a four year old. While most of my classmates and friends children are approaching or in their teen years and adulthood, I am blessed to have a pre-schooler, though there are many days when I can’t see the blessing in this fact. The journey to conceive my son was rough, but was nothing compared to raising him. We as moms go through so many seasons with our children. The season that I am in now with my son often leaves me exhausted. He is now at the phase where he is coming into his own identity and in doing so, trying to assert is independence. I feel like if I am not rigid enough, he will turn out to be a spoiled child (he is an only) who will turn into one of those defiant children you hear about on Dr. Phil. However, I also realize that just as God extends me grace for when I mess up, I need to extend that same grace for my son. I often wonder, will he see God’s love in me? Am I teaching him enough about God’s love for us and others? Even at this age, I tell my son to go to God and ask for forgiveness if you’ve done something wrong, if you want something and to pray for others. I just hope that it is seeping in. This is truly the hardest job God has ever given me, and I need His help every step of the way. I love the verse that was in Chapter 3 I believe – Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. It’s a great reminder that I may mess up, but God is my strength and through Him, He helps me thrive.

  25. Working on remodeling our 14 yeqr old son room. ..paint, furniture and such…oh and fixing our toilet, replacing it actually. … nothing exciting more nof a some what stress ful but fun weekend. …

  26. So grateful for a million things today! Especially grateful that over 150 people from my church were baptized yesterday! GOD IS GREAT! Going to spend the day with my loves, Penelope my baby girl. D my fabulous husband, Matt! Couldn’t be more blessed, proud and so glad for Gods Grace! Have a great weekend ladies! Gods got this! Xxx

  27. I loved reading this post! As I write my 2 year old daughter is bouncing from coffee table to couch and I have tried to get her to stop, but she says,” Mama I’m sliding.” Which has honestly been the most peaceful part of my morning….It started with her pulling me out of bed at the crack of dawn to eat breakfast, then the dog had dug up some plants, then the ducks were ready to eat and the chickens wanted to be let out to eat…then I came back in to get her breakfast and there was potty all out her pull-up up her back….Wow, I felt frustrated and then I remembered that this is all not a big deal, go to God and talk to him. This is what he planned for me, to be a mother of these three beautiful kids and I can do it with his help. This book study has been a great tool for me. I have been feeling overwhelmed and having an empty soul. So many things going on right now in my life and I feel the Lord has been really helping me through it all. Thank you for this amazing study!

  28. Heather Joy says:

    I was all prepared to spend a weekend away running with a relay team of complete strangers throughout the beautiful state of Washington. Mamma time, breathing room, freedom, and hard work to help me to be centered for the second half of the summer. God had prepared my heart drawing me close and reminding me of who I am in him and life has been tough but God is refreshing. Well I ran my first leg of my race and ended up coming home early to spend the weekend in the hospital w my seven year old who had to have her appendix removed. This weekend was about running a race and running can be tough. Unfortunately, I had to run the mamma race, the choosen race, the honored race, the previledged race….I prevailed through the tough challenges I was faced with because of Christ who bore all the pain, my tough life can be filled with refreshment when I allow God to hold me through these moments and depend on the power of Christ who ran the most significant race of all that saved me and my family. Thank you God for the tough times and helping me to realize that you are the true conquerer! Thank you for your prevailing love and peace….

  29. Kristen Bulger says:

    Being a Mom is a very hard job and as challenging as it seemed when my children were younger, it is much more difficult now that they are in those preteen and teen years. When they were little their problems were simple and it was so easy to fix them with a hug or a kiss or reassuring words. In those early years, as parents, we have so much more control over every aspect of their lives. I believed that if I provided a strong foundation when they were young, that they would follow the best and right path, the one that leads to righteousness, when they were older. We are even commanded to train our children up in the ways of The Lord. However, there are no guarantees and things don’t always go the way we plan for them to. There are a lot of things out in the world competing for the attention of our young people and it can be a very confusing time for them. Our growing children have minds of their own and have to make their own choices. We only hope that our influence will steer them in the right direction. Honest, open communication helps. It is OK for your older kids to know that you don’t have it all together and that you have your own doubts and fears to wrestle with at times. It is so important to stand firm in the faith and be a role model through these times. When your kids see that you love The Lord and turn to Him, you are showing them where you put your trust and what real faith lived out looks like. Am I disappointed by the choices my children make sometimes? To be honest, yes. But I am an imperfect person also and am sometimes disappointed by my own choices. I can get caught up in the same Mom guilt that we all do, yet we cannot change yesterday, all we have is today. We all need a Savior and God knows how much I need him in my life now more than ever. We are all in different circumstances, in different stages of life, with children of different ages, but we all want the best for our children. As much as I want to be the glue that holds the family together, I don’t have to be because God’s got us all in the palm of his hands and He’s got this.

  30. Misty Pocius says:

    Well this weekend, we have one child with us who is very sick with bronchitis and is going stir crazy. Ugh! My husband and I are working on the yard today while Laney rests up. Whew! What a workout that is! We will all sleep good tonight for sure!

  31. LaShonna says:

    Stephanies blog was so encouraging. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 I am enjoying this study so far! I signed up yesterday so I’m a little behind but moving right along. Today I read chapeter 2 and was able to do the study at the end because the children was with nana. I truly enjoy having those quiet moments with God. This weekend we are just relaxing. I will be watching a movie and eating popcorn with our daughter who is 5, while daddy has our 7 month old son. Sunday we will be going to church and going out for sushi. Have a great weekend!

  32. This weekend we are headed to our favorite summer carnival that I’ve been attending since I was 8 (I’m 35 now 🙂 ) my Kyla is 10 and Kaleb is 9! I’m hopping they will continue this with their own children some day!!

  33. Kristi Rassi says:

    We took a family mini trip to Chicago!! (3 hrs from my house here in Goshen, in) Our main objective was to visit some friends who had just moved there a few months back and take a long-awaited trip to ikea! Kids loved it and we got to get a few items for our home! And bonus we for to stop at Lego land on our way home (my family are Lego freaks! :). All in all it was a real treat and gift from god…the biggest gift of all though was my growth on embracing the moments and finding gods heart (most of the time) in the unlovely travel moments…fits, complaining, sleep deprived screaming, crying for unknown reasons…all of which seem way worse when cooped in a van! My husband and I didn’t lose our cool! Praise god !

  34. Gabrielle says:

    I have really enjoyed this study so far. It is so refreshing to be in the company of other Christian moms who have similar struggles. I enjoyed the blog entry because being a mom is hard. Its a lot harder than I imagined. But I love every minute of it, even the hard parts. I don’t think it gets any easier, things just change.
    This weekend? Lets see. My 16 month old boy woke us up at 6 07 am. He wanted to eat his breakfast and watch Daniel Tiger. Mom and dad got up a little before 7 after feeding him and turning on his favorite show. We read books and played with toys and then took a nap. Right now, father and son are at the grocery store while mama has a little time to catch up on reading and things. We may go on a family walk through the neighborhood when they come back, as the weather is sooo nice. Sunday mornings are always full because my husband is a pastor. So we will have two worship services tomorrow as usual, I will cook a nice Sunday dinner and then we go for a ride with the top down some Sunday evenings. We have to be creative with our time, as money is tight this year. But God has been good to us even in the middle of these financially challenging times.
    Looking forward to next weeks lessons and posts! Enjoy the rest of your weekend ladies!

  35. Holly Michelle Westberry says:

    Hello y’all tough mamas. I just got done having a great birthday. Spent time with family, eating, and swimming with my daughter arlyne. And I’m finishing up thr week with the last 2 chapters. And I love the lesson in chapter 3! It gives me great awesome encouragement bc I always felt and that I’m a bad mother bc of all the bad moments I have had. And that if everyone else saw me as a bad mother that god did too. But I read James 1:5-6 and read the quote and I have a slight change of heart. Bad moments don’t make me so bad mother and I will use pray and turn to god and ask forgiveness for my actions in the past. And to give me his loving perspective of how he sees me. I know the more I’m in the word, pray, and being obedient, trust, have faith, and believe I will know and believe I’m not a bad mother.

  36. Mary Beth says:

    Great day yesterday. Me, my husband, and our son, drove up to Tennessee and surprised some old friends we haven’t seen in several months. Enjoyed dinner with them at a great family style restaurant in a nearby Mennonite community. This morning my son and. Went to our local farmers market to buy locally made goat milk soap. I had never tried it before but have heard great things about it. It is the mst amazing bar of soap ever. Even washed my hair with it. No more icky buildup and residue. Squeaky clean hair. We came home and did some major house cleaning. Pretty cool when my seven year old gets excited about dusting the baseboards and mopping the entire house. He was a great little helper. As I ironed, he sat watching me wanting to know if I would show him how to iron when he is ten. I assured him that I would and explained to him that one day he will have a wife that will be very thankful to have a husband that knows how to cook, clean, and iron. He looked at me and said, “I’m not going to cook Mom. Dad does that but I’m not doing it”. Fun times with a seven year old.

  37. What a blessing for me that I came across this website and study! Being a mom is tough, been doing it since I was 17, still in high school. As hard as it was for me then, I think it’s harder for me now at age 37. My kids are pretty much grown (20 and 17) and I think I worry more about their choices and decisions than I did when they were little. Every bad decision makes me feel like a failure. I often forget who is in control and have to stop and remind myself to pray more, worry less. Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my many go-to bible verses these days when it comes to my kids. Thank you for this wonderful group that I can come to when i feel alone in my struggles as a mama

  38. Johanna (Group 36) says:

    My girls and I went away for an amazing, faith-filled weekend for Single Parent families. It was amazing and we had so much fun, and we got to learn about God and building a relationship with Him. We are so truly blessed! Now I am ready to dig into week #2!!!

    God Bless,

  39. Mom of teenagers are challenging as they don’t share there schedules and feelings with you. Miss those times when they were young and would tell their moms everything about their days. I understand they have to grow up just want them to communicate with us and talk to us.

  40. Mom of teenagers are challenging as they don’t share there schedules and feelings with you. Miss those times when they were young and would tell their moms everything about their days. I understand they have to grow up just want them to communicate with us and talk to us.

  41. I’m catching up on OBS emails from the week while I am curled up in the corner of a hotel room. Not very glamorous I know but it’s the best I have right now. My toddler is asleep after a long and wonderful first day of vacation, while my husband is playing games with the older brothers in the lobby.

    I’m a Mom, and this is NOT what I thought it would look like as I daydreamed about being a Mom. Making a fuss over poopy diapers, imparting, um, wisdom, at the most bizarre moments and in the most challenging of places (hotel hallway). No makeup, hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, and somehow making 5 hours of sleep work for my very tired mind and body.

    But I love it!

    I’m secretly in love with every crazy moment, and we are just beginning a week of what WILL become one crazy moment after another. That’s what family vacations are all about.

    I brought my Bible, a few Running magazines and my OBS book. I’m excited to see how God will move in my heart this week, and in our family.

    Thank you for joining me on my vacation!

  42. Brittney Frederick says:

    I cannot begin to say how much I need this study. Being a mother was something I had longed to be all my life. And when it proves a challenge for me and my husband to conceive I was faced with the reality that that longing may never be fulfilled. But then after God lead us through infertility treatments to finally one day see that plus sign on a pregnancy test, I was overjoyed at the thought of a tiny precious life that I could call mine. But with all that came something that I was not ready for. I admit there are times when I just want to throw my hands up and say God I thought this was gonna be a beautiful thing, having a baby and being a mom. But sometimes it just isn’t ans that makes me feel guilty. That I prayed Ana asked for this but I am neither qualified or good at being a mom. I yell and shout and don’t know what to do in all situations. And I fear that God is let down by my failures and giving me such am important job of raising another human being. So thank you for this study. I need some encouragement in this journey because I really do want to be a good mom and show my daughter what a living and awesome savior we have in Jesus.

  43. Me and my oldest butt heads so much…. He’s 7… He lies a lot. Over the craziest things. He back talks me and acts like he can’t hear me when I tell him to stop doing something… I’ve punished him, I’ve babied him, done one on one things with him, cried with him, prayed for US… He makes me feel guilty for spending one on one time with my other two. And just does the craziest things that upset me and gets him in trouble. I don’t know what to do!? He’s my baby! My firstborn! My role model to my younger two. I want a better relationship with him… I’m up for suggestions! If you have none please just keep us in your prayers…

  44. Larissa Villanueva says:

    My husband is an investigator for the department of labor (fancy huh?) and summer is a BIG travel time for his department. We’re almost through the month of July and my husband’s been home a total of two weeks collectively since the start of May. We’re looking at four more weeks of travel before our “normal” returns. We have two beautiful children, Harleigh is 6 and Rex is 2. I wonder if you can figure out who gives mama the most work? The first day my husband is gone is always the hardest. That day I yell (immediately full of regret), I cry, I pull out at least a handful of hair, and pray, pray, pray, like i’ve never prayed before. The rest of the week just falls into place. It never gets easier but it makes us stronger in many ways. My husband is also a United States Marine. He is no longer on active duty but because of that we know what it’s like to be without daddy for months on end. My husband (Travis) spend a year in Afghanistan in 2009. I’m so very grateful he came home safely to us and knowing that he’ll be home in a week or two is much easier than not knowing whether he’s safe or not; or even counting down months before hugging him again. Being a mommy is definitely tough and i have been so very blessed by this bible study. Thank you!

  45. Traci Payne says:

    Last weekend, my oldest daughter came home from her first mission camp. We had a week full of activities for my youngers and I listened to them tell me all week long, how happy they were that she wasn’t home, because all she does is yell at them. I kept thinking all week long, how I was going to approach my 13 year old once again, about treating her family with respect. Then the last day of camp came and I received a tet message from another mom of how sweet my daughter is. She was at camp taking videos of the kids who gave their life to Jesus and sending their parents the videos. How can a girl be so sweet to others but just mean to her siblings, well her family? Am I expecting too much from her? Giving her too many responsibilties? What gives? I struggle with this becasue I am an only child and have no idea what it’s like to have siblings, so the anger between them makes me so upset because I would do anything to have a brother or sister to share life with. After we picked her up and she put on her show for her friends and started yelling and being extremely rude to her sisters and brother within minutes fo stepping off the bus, I was furious, but waited until we got home and said something “AGAIN” about treating others the way you want to be treated and also to remember that your family is who will always be there. We are military so friends come and go and my daughter seems to have forgotten this and has really started just being mean to all of us. When my husband comes home, he is not going to take this well. I am trying so hard to put myself in her shoes and remember how I felt as a 13 year old, but boy oh boy is it challenging….
    So we end out weekend at church and my oldest expecting to be the center of attention and going to night one of VBS.
    The youngers had a great time, but we had to leave my oldest at home. She locked herself in her room and wouldn’t come down when we had to leave, so I had to leave her. I felt horrible, but we kept telling her to come down and instead she just sat in her room. So as we entered VBS, my phone started going crazy!! It was my oldest in hysterics, she could barely breathe from crying so hard. She was demanding me to come back and get her and I calmly explained, I was not coming back and that we had to leave her because we needed to be at church, since we are serving. She carried on and on and blamed all of us for her not being there and just created more of a negative situation. I am trying and trying and praying for this situation. Each day I try and talk to her and I am always doign something extra speical for her so she can be with kids her age, but it usually ends up with me threatening to take everything away or yelling at her and saying some mean things, since she wants to give me attitude and of course hates her home life. I am feeling like such a failure as a mom and this is just the start I know for those dreaded teeanage years.
    Thanks for listening to my story, I just need to get things off my chest sometimes, like I said I am a mother of 4, but a military wife so I am solo more often than not, so adult conversation is slim.
    I am really blessed to be a part of this study. Thank You.

  46. I can relate to Stephanie as I struggled with most of those things when my baby was quite small. I breast fed her till she was two. Struggled with the potty training to the point of giving up when she finally co-operated and viola – no more diapers. When she was born, it was difficult to feed her coz she would suddenly chock and that used to scare me to bits, some of those chocking attacks were pretty bad. Yes I did wonder what it would be like to be a mom and vowed to do and not to do, to be and not to be what I wanted to be to her. I have failed miserably but I’m leaning on Jesus to set right all the wrong and be the mom I’m meant to be.

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