“This Is All I Have To Give” Blog Hop ~ Week 2

I just finished watching a Hallmark movie with my sister. You know, the modern day fairytale (minus the Cinderella dress) where the girl gets the guy of her dreams and the movie ends with the promise of happily ever after? I love Lysa’s thoughts about these movies in chapter 7:

“Why are we so moved by these love stories? I believe it is because God designed our hearts for an eternal love story, our love story with Jesus.”

She goes on to talk about how so many women are so busy raising kids that they forget their first love and begin to serve Him out of duty. This certainly hits home for me. There was a time in my life when raising kids, volunteering, working and even ministry became my priority above everything. Yes, even my relationship with Jesus.

Fast forward years later and my heart has since been reunited with its first love. But still, life tends to separate us and make me forget this great love story. I have to be intentional about spending time with the lover of my soul. Not out of obligation or duty. Not out of guilt. But out of the desire to know and to be known by Him and to honor Him with everything within me.

I took some time out to spend the weekend reconnecting with a dear friend and God invaded our time. He met us on the couch, He accompanied us on our morning walks, and He sat with us by the pool. He tugged at our heartstrings and breathed fresh into our souls. He whispered reminders of His amazing love and grace and refilled those places life had recently emptied (even the ones we didn’t know about).


So much better than a scripted fairytale!

When we purpose to get still and set distractions aside even for a moment, we can feel His gentle tugging and make the choice to respond to His invitation to draw near. We can find these divine appointments, these God-moments, throughout our day if we choose to see them.

Let’s bend our hearts toward this God who loves us like no other. And let’s say yes to His love story written just for us.

Do you have a God Love Story or a favorite way to refill? Those are two of our three topics for sharing today on the Blog Hop (see list below). We would love to sit down again with you this week as you share your heart through words either on your personal blog, or below in the comment section!



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This week we have three topics to choose from:

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1. My God Love Story

2. Favorite Ways to Relax & Refill

3. This Is All I Have to Give

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  1. I have to be honest I get so caught up in everything like you mentioned (work, kids, cooking, family, and etc.), that when I make that connection with God it almost to me seems rushed or out of guilt. I felt that I really wasn’t getting much from it or even really growing in my relationship with God. It was until recently that I have finally taken a step back and started combining my times that I relax and refill to reconnect with God. I find that these times I’m not in a rush and I let it soak in and relish in His word. I have started sitting on our front porch in my rocking chair with my Bible and enjoy the fresh air, whether it be during the day or night (when the kids are napping or have gone down to the night).

  2. One of the main ingredients in my relax/refill day is getting up super early and reading my Bible and browsing P31’s website for inspiration from my sisters. It is amazing how God’s Word and His love shared via others who share their love for Him penetrates and encourages my heart. I need that and I’m thankful that God loves me so much that He puts the desire in my heart to rise early so I can worship and grow each day!

  3. Having three kids, and a full tiem job, finding quiet time is nice to impossible… Except for 5 am! So that’s my time, and I spend it alone with my Jesus. The past few months, kids are outta school, and I’ve hit snooze, and only made a small amount of time for this. Let me tell you, Jesus has let me know that he misses me. This study is helping me in more ways than I expected! Getting me back on track, parenting, my relationship with Him, And others. Thank you all for your comments of everyday life, and keep on keeping in sisters!

  4. I love the thought of Jesus as my first love. I never looked at Him that way, but it is so true. I didn’t grow up loving Him or even knowing Him, but He most certainly loved me before anyone else did and loves me like no one else does :). So glad you had a beautiful weekend of relaxing and refilling with your friend, Shelly!

  5. Heidi L says:

    Hope, I understand where you are coming from. I am a mother of 3 kids and work full-time as well. It has been difficult finding time to spend time with the Lord. Since I have gotten back into my personal devotions with God…I often think to myself “why did I push Him away?”… My days are so much more calm even with chaos when I remember to spend time in the Word…I am not a morning person but God is helping me by giving the nudge in the mornings to use that as my time to relax and spend more time to be refilled, encouraged, and get to know Him more.

  6. Thank you so much for the Post! i love being a mommy and a wife but then time escapes me!
    i love early mornings too because thats when i have a little bit of time to exercise, pray and just be calm. do have a look at my blog and leave a comment if you like!

  7. Prior to being blessed with my two little girls I found evening my time with Jesus. I loved getting in bed and spending quiet time him; praying and listening. Since I havent been spending that kind of time with him lately I see and feel the difference. Through this study I realize we all face these challenges and I am working hard to restore this personal time with him again…..Thank you so much!!!!

  8. Meghan Faircloth says:

    Growing up I had never met my biological father. He had abandoned my mom and I while I was still in her womb. She remarried when I was 2, divorced, and remarried again when I was 6. I’m thankful for my step dad and how he stuck in there and provided, but he struggled with showing me affection, affirmation, and saying “I love you.” Naturally, as a teen, I clung to boys, flirting, and dating as if they were my lifeline. God, by His grace, saved me at 13, but I still struggled with making boyfriends my security for years. I gave pieces of my heart away again and again, leaving me broken and unsatisfied. Jesus pursued and wooed me with His relentless love over and over, showing Himself as lover and romancer, and I finally surrendered. In college I still struggled, but He helped me to continually come to Him to satisfy my craving for love, and eventually He led my best guy friend and I into courting and marriage. I now have been happily married for almost 6 years. We have a 4 year old daughter, a 2 year old daughter, and I’m 30 weeks pregnant with our son. Through the business of marriage and motherhood I have struggled with abiding in Christ as my great lover and satisfied, instead going to tv, movies, books, Facebook, but recently He has faithfully drawn me back again, and I’m daily experiencing the refilling and refreshing of His never ending love, and Proverbs 31 Ministries has been a tool in that, so thank you with all my heart!

    • Meghan, So excited that you are a part of the P31 OBS community! Love your testimony of how God has drawn you back to Him. It’s so easy to lose our focus in the midst of all life’s changes and pursuits, but I’m so thankful for His grace and love that never fail and that He never gives up on us! 🙂

  9. My God Lovestory
    My story is like the ones where long lost childhood sweethearts reconnect years later. I had turned my back on God and lived a life devoted to the flesh. Then my first daughter was born. Since my husband and I were both raised Lutheran, we decided to have her baptized. Standing there as God claimed that tiny miracle as His own, I remembered that He had long ago claimed me. I fell in love all over again. I have lived a life devoted to Him ever since.

  10. Amy Viviano says:

    This bible study has been an honset to God Lifesaver. I am a mother of two girls, 12 and 17. I work full time as a manager in a thriving dental office. We are in the middle of remodeling our upstairs and everything is chaos. On top of it, my wonderful hubby of 20 yrs just switched jobs for less pay but more family time. My mother who lives 3 hrs away and has MS is having medical and financial problems that I cannot fix. I barely have time to myself to use the restroom and the dog usually follows me there! The overwhelming stress and anxiety was affecting my every living cell and I finally decided something had to change. I stumbled upon this bible study and realized I had not been fueling up properly to tackle life. 5 am is when I can squeeze in 30 minutes of fuel and fellowship. I have not dug in as deep into the word as I would like but every little bit counts. I would love to have a blog too because writing was a past passion. Maybe when some of the craziness settles down in the next 15 yrs! I am so thankful to read these stories and know that I am not alone. With God’s guidance and women fellowship, we are a mighty presence in this world. God Bless you fellow women warriors! ❤️

    • I laughed when I read the part about the dog following you to the bathroom:) I just made the comment the other day to a friend that I can’t even go to the bathroom a lone. If my two year old is right behind me then the dog is!! You are not alone sweet sister:))

  11. Being a single mom of a two year old, I seriously have NO time alone. Single meaning Dad is not in the picture at ALL. I work from home, which is usually when he naps or is already in bed. So, my time with God has to be early in the morning before my sweet, little mess wakes up. He is on summer break from His Mothers Day out program at church, and while I love being with him, those 2 days a week that he is not home are my days I get everything done. He now sleeps with me…..after refusing to sleep and nap in his bed, which makes it pretty difficult to get up without him knowing. I swear the child knows the second my eyes open. So lately, my time with God is usually a few seconds mid-day when a tantrum has started, nothing gets checked off my to do-list, I feel like I”m about to lose it, and I close my eyes and beg HIM to give me the strength to continue or at least the strength not erupt and handle the situation in the worst way possible. I’ve had a few successful early mornings, today being one, that I’ve slipped out of the room so I can spend some time with MY LORD. My, OH MY, it is absolutely amazing at what it can do. I am seriously a different person when I get that time in. I handle things differently, I’m stronger, and I know I can take on the day. This study has been such a BLESSING. It came at just the right time. My soul desperately needs some refueling. Even though I know I’m not the only one who deals with these things, hearing these stories reminds me that I am not alone. We all have different things we are dealing with. Thank you everyone for sharing and giving me a little more hope. You ladies are FABULOUS and I pray that God will touch each of us.
    Can I also sneak in a little prayer request from all you amazing mommas? My sweet little boy is having surgery this Friday, and I am not only a complete mess because of the fact that he is having surgery, but also because of the fact that I am in a panic about everything that needs to be done before and after. Please, lift my sweet baby and I up in a little prayer when you get the time. Thank you so much<3

    • Jasa,
      It’s women like you that inspire me.
      I’m not a single mom, but the wife of a solider, which sometimes feels like being a single mom. The short period I was doing things “on my own” was so crazy for me. I think I cried most everyday.
      And then I hear about amazing, strong women like you who do it EVERY SINGLE DAY, and my heart goes out to you because I know just a portion of the frustration you have gone through.
      My encouragement to you is, God knows where you are and what you are going through. Give Him what you have and He will bless you for it. I don’t believe he requires hours upon hours. He just wants time where we honestly seek Him and need Him.
      I want to remind you of how amazing you are because sometimes when the only person we interact with is our precious little ones, we forget how wonderfully and beautifully we are made.
      I’ll be sure to remember your little boy as his surgery comes up. Don’t fret because God already has things under control. Just thank Him for what He is already doing and rest in His peace. 🙂

  12. Jennifer says:

    There was a story in the book that talked about a woman, who in college was a devoted Christian. After she got married and had kids her time with God suffered. That really hit home for me.

    This study has helped me find a time each day that works for me to be with God. I take time each night after the kids are in bed to read. It has help to restore my soul.

  13. We have an almost 7 year old and just turned 3 year old..both of which have taken turns to never have a decent sleeper in our house!! For years, I always knew that I needed to take time for myself, but working full time, it meant that I either sacrificed my sleep to get up early, sacrifice time with my kids when we get home or sacrifice time with my husband in the evenings. And I struggled with it…i didn’t want to sacrifice any of it. I was exhausted getting up a few times every night with kids. My husband is amazing and makes supper and we work together to get things done, but he’s not so great at getting up at night. Over this past year and a half, my faith has grown substantially, between joining a new book club at our church and joining our church council…it has certainly changed my faith a lot!! I’ve always had a strong faith but I still wasn’t making time to study His word except for a quick 5 minute devotions when I had some extra time. I realized that’s not the way I want to raise my kids…to only devote time when I had an extra few minutes. So I ran across this blog, http://inspiredtoaction.com, and she has a free Ebook, Maximize your Mornings, and it talked about slowly getting up earlier to spend time with God and get your day started the right way, do some excercise and organizing your day. It has helped me immensely! I get my time with God, reading His word and focusing my day the right way. She also has another book about creating a mission statement for moms. I’m slowly working on mine, but it has made me think about my each and every action and if it truly fulfills my mission! For the first time, I am taking time for myself to fill my cup up the right way…with God. And it feels amazing!!

  14. #thisisallihavetogive, unfortunately in the past 2 weeks our family has been struggling with some very tough emotional issues. As a mom I have been ripped in two by the actions of one of our boys(my step son). I have even said out loud to no one but myself and Jesus that I hated this boy. I don’t know if I can ever forgive him or if I ever want to see him again. He doesn’t live with us he lives with his mom. Let me say before this incident I was over joyed at being able to call him my boy but no I don’t even want to speak his name. I have only just begun to be able to pray about this situation and I am still sickened by his actions. I don’t have anything to give right now and I desperately need prayer! I am not sure where this is heading but it is sure to be a long bumpy road. Lord help us all. Prayers for me and for my family please!!!

  15. I have been so blessed reading these blogs and being reminded of the many ways in which I can relax and refresh my soul. The Lord is so awesome and I love the blessing of this community of women. 🙂
    … just thought I’d share.

  16. #MyGodLovestory is a new and recent one. By recent I mean: All of my life He was there. Now that I have finally taken some time to know Him better, I see that He has been reaching out all along. Reaching and calling out to me through friends and family and life. This bible study has been such a blessing and I am so thankful for all of you!

  17. I refill by attending Christian concerts with my bff! We are WAY overdue for one!

  18. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    My #favorite way to relax and refill, is sitting on the patio as the sun is setting, either talking with my husband, or reading my Kindle. I don’t do this often so when I do MAKE time it becomes my favorite way to reconnect with me.

  19. I am so thankful for this community! Thank you for this study. Thank you for your transparency. Thank you Lord for knowing just what I need and bringing me to it.

  20. I refill and refuel by exercising, singing, praying. I also love date nights with my hubby (which have been few and far between lately).

  21. Ruthie Keegan says:

    Thank you for this reminder

  22. I have enjoyed reading the posts. My blog was taken off because after I thought it worked and so excited they said it went back to only a picture. Technology and me maybe some day! For some reason I find now that my kids are older and out of the home I should have more time to study and be able to find that quiet time but things seems so much busier and hectic. I feel like Satan is truly out attacking and making times set aside interrupted by something critical. I need to make that time happen and keep it daily.

  23. Judy S. says:

    #This is all I have to give. The past few months have been tugging at my endurance and faith so strongly, I’ve wanted to throw in the towel so many times but instead held on every time, drew on Jesus’ strength to bring me back to where I was to those points in my life and get back on track through the word and prayer. I’ve been struggling with my daughter for the last five years since she was born. This past year has been very challenging with her having a few milestones to cross and most mum’s fret about those points.
    I was very insecure, in fact am still working on getting over it. I praise God for bringing me this far in my life. I still get angry, frustrated, confused, hurt daily with things I experience or situations that are too overwhelming at times and can’t deal with at those moments. I still feel very guilty for what I’ve put my daughter through. Due to all this she has been having unusual tantrums and fear for a lot of things. I’ve noticed though in these past two weeks, since I started doing this study, things have calmed down to some extent with her and we both have grown more closer and are bonding better.
    The stories of so many of you who have shared have given me so much reassurance that the guilt of not being a perfect mama is slowly lifting. The daily devotions as well as the word of God have been such a source of daily strength. Please pray that I can keep trusting God without doubting that he is in control and will never fail me.
    I lost my mother last July, she had ovarian cancer. We just had a thanksgiving service on Monday which marks a year since her passing. I praise Jesus for my mother. If you had known and seen her from the time she was diagnosed in May 2012 till her death last year, you’d wonder if she was really sick. Throughout the whole ordeal, she was positive, joyful, constantly witnessing and sharing Jesus with others and has actually been a source of strength and encouragement to to others though her own suffering. She would never fuss, never complain, remained very determined and independent, with her faith as her driving force and had a smile on her face.
    My Dad, younger brother and I, along with our families are coping better with it now, but still feel the emptiness and void of her absence. Her death was beautiful tough. A week before she died, two days before we admitted her and through the week, she had visitations from the Lord, preparing her for her eternal journey to heaven. We are content to know she is resting in the Lord’s presence and that is or comfort and peace.
    Please pray that I will be able to carry on my mother’s legacy and be a witness for God’s glory as I raise my own family. Keep praying for my husband Michael and daughter Sarah, that we would be bound by the love of Christ and led by His Holy Spirit as we keep trusting Him for every area of our lives. God bless.

  24. Antoinette Church says:

    Mine would be :My God Love Story. I have loved God all my life. God has been in my life since I can remember. Recently God was there for me when I lost my dad. God was my rock through the whole deal with my dad. I would pray to God to help me through this rough time. He showed me his undying love. So when I need to talk he is always there to listen. I will show my undying love to God always and forever.

  25. Holly Westberry says:

    Well I’m super excited, I got my book today and so I got to catch up on chapters 6-7! And boy oh boy, lysa wow you are touching my heart so much. I just finished chapter 7 and the prayer you gave lysa on page 59, this will be in my prayer tonite. And all the time when I’m feeling disappointed in my self, and feeling that I’m being a bad mother and feel I’m messing my kids up, I will work hard everyday with the struggle I have with letting the spirit of Christ to have full reign over me. And Lysa has made me see that, when I do refresh my soul I go further in the verses she wants us to read. I have a comprehension problem and sometimes i don’t get it right away but I know that The Lord is working through lysa to speak to me that he loves me and wants to take my pain, struggles, and heartaches, and to trust, obey, and believe in him. Let The Lord reign over my life.

  26. Alecia Thomas says:

    Do I make time for God? Great question! Lately, I’ve been so busy that I often think about my time with God but do not actually make time for him. I go to church but it seems to be more dutiful than not. I use to enjoy service but it had proven to be a daunting task since my lite guy became active. Most Sunday mornings I hustle and bustle trying to get everyone ready and then is super exhausted by the time we enter the sanctuary. Then I sit there trying to listen to the word…ends up in the quiet room with other parents of toddlers. By the end of service I am super exhausted and is feigning for a nap! However, I try to take time with God during my alone time even if it’s just a few seconds of thanking Him! In most cases I find this time commuting in the car from home, dropping off at day care, and then off to work. I do need to find more time to spend with God! I need to realize that He’s my first love…falling in love with Jesus was the best thing I ever did!

  27. #2 My favorite way to relax and refill
    I enjoy spending time with my family but sometimes the everyday routine can get frustrating. I relax by getting a good book. Nothing serious, just a good read that catches my interest. I also enjoy sewing and going to the fabric store with my mom and getting ideas and looking at all the cute fabric and thinking of ways to use it. I love getting a new nail polish and doing my own manicure!

  28. This is all I have to give. I have felt stressed and stretched thin lately. I have been working 4 days a week, have to cook and clean, make sure the girls get a bath and are taken care of. My 4 year old is involved in tumbling and cheer that’s 1 evening each per week. And still suppose to be romantic and communicate with my husband. I’m exhausted! my 11 month old doesn’t sleep thru the night 🙁 this momma feels she can’t give even a little more at time…. but I turn to God and he fills me up! I feel he is really moving in me! Amen! He is changing my attitude and I am so grateful! I don’t want to be grouchy or have a short fuse. I want to be the joyful momma that sees the good in everything. The glass is half full! Thank you Jesus for your forgiveness and unfailing love, please show me how to show others the same. Also I would like to ask for a silent prayer request. Thank you!

  29. Traci Payne says:

    I get so caught up with life myself. I let the hustle and bustle of life take me away from the number one guy in my life, God. It always takes one time of me almost falling on my face to stop and realize that I am not doing something right and that is usually putting Him first, so he talks to me like he did a couple days ago and tells me “Traci, you need to slow down, nothing is more important than our time together. Make time for me, I am here for you”. So, I stopped, I have taken the time to reconnect to refresh and renew. To show Him, He is still number one to me and He always will be and to be reminded that I cannot do any of this without Him. And it is time for me to put that focus on our relationship and put the rest after that.
    I lveo to spend time with my Father, our time is special, quiet, intimate and incredible. He lets me finish my coffee, he listens, never criticizes, lets me speak my mind and say what I want to say and always has the answers, he leads me in the all right places and helps me to do things one step at a time and reminds me of the things that are most important in my life, Him being number one.
    After I spend my time with the Father, I feel like I can take on anything at all. I am refreshed, renewed and that person who was lost because she didn’t take the time to put her Father first.
    I thank Him for His reminders that He is there and how important our time is together.

  30. I am really struggling with life, church, family it all. I so want a church but cant seem to find the right church for us. I have no friends in this area so of course I am lonely. My “fantasy” ended up being married to a man whom has a exwife with many issues and have made my life hard to say the least. Where is that church that will be my family and the ones who will faithfully help me fight the good fight to make it to heaven?


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