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Yay!! We’ve made it through Week 2 and are heading into Week 3! But before we do, I have someone for you to meet! Not only is she the author of our featured blog this week, but she is also the winner of the Real Life Dreams Retreat scholarship! And when we were choosing a featured blog this week, we seriously had no idea it was the same person!! God is heaping on the blessings for Bethany Boring this week!

Congratulations, Bethany!  We can’t wait to see you at our OBS Retreat this September!

A Few Of My Favorite Filling Things

Your love for me is too great for me to understand. No matter where I look, You are always there, regardless if I choose to see You or not. I cannot go anywhere You are not and nothing can ever seperate me from Your love! That is too humbling, amazing and makes me want to worship.

Oh, how You fill me in the most incredible yet everyday ways.

I see You in the bright colors of the sunrise before my morning run.

As I run, without headphones today, I hear You ask me, “How are you doing, really?” And You actually wait for my hesitant response … (click here to read the rest of Bethany’s blog post.)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Blog Hop this week in any way! We love this community and we are so glad YOU are a part of it!

As a reminder, if you haven’t already registered for the Retreat, you can do that here —> Real Life Dreams Retreat

I would LOVE to visit with you face to face (and share a cup of coffee, too)!

Happy Saturday, friends!





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  1. So, I just read the first five chapters. Mother for two toddler. Isaac 3 and Priscilla 16 months. I am bless to have them in life. They keep me busy. I finally found book that keep me on point. Hope I keep up with blogs. Zaida G.

  2. Gwendolyn david says:

    I signed up for the am I messing up my kids,how do I keep missing it?? Help!!

  3. Traci Payne says:

    Bethany’s Blog was just beautiful!!!
    As we go into week 3, I am feeling blessed and so excited!!

  4. Getting the hang of the OBS post and emails. Bethany’s writes with such a transparent honesty that I found so very encouraging. Just amazing. I am so uncertain in my mothering, wifely duties and faith. I long for such a calmness in all of this. Lovely and happy for to have won the scholarship.

  5. I love all the stories and can relate to the ladies struggles..I have some very painful things going on…not in a bad way just realized my stuff is not even talked about…I am a God loving..God fearing daughter but I just was hoping to hear different stories..I loved the last post from the woman that left that..God does look at us that way..I love God but I am stressed over being in situation where I am surrounded by people that just don’t relate to me:( I read the posts each day hoping for that connection but I am not getting woman talking about the things i am going through…u know they are there but embarrassed or angry still…sorry I am kicking it up a notch. #pray for me:)

    • Tricia Wolfe says:

      Hi Christi,

      I am sure others share your struggles and feel as you do. Please share more so that we can understand and support you. Hugs, Tricia

  6. Monique says:

    Christi, I completely understand what your saying. I am looking for the stories too. I realized that after reading your post. We ALL have stories. I am a mom to two wonderful children. My daughter is almost 12 and my son turns 11 this week. Life is busy. I wondered if I messed them up when their dad and I divorced, 8 yrs ago. But God treasurers me that it am with you…and He was. I have come to realize even when I faulter God NEVER does. He is amazing. I see his wonder in our lives everyday when I stop to take that second. That is the hard part about this mommy journey. Stopping to take a moment to exhale and breath in God’s life giving energy.
    Be incouraged! I had not posted before but God is telling me I need to. It’s cleansing for me, and helpful to others on this blog.

  7. Kelly Catlett OBS Group 18 says:

    Congratulations Bethany! Your blog and words are so inspiring. Blessings, Kelly

  8. ~Congratulations, Bethany! Your post was beautiful!~

    • Thanks! Being a part of Proverbs 31 OBS has truly changed my life! Love getting the opportunity to be real, vulnerable and purely accepted every week by this awesome community!!

  9. Tammy Holland says:

    Hallelujah! That’s what I say to” why worry?” Its funny because although, I have been saved for 7 years now and our son is 10, my husband had never been introduced to the Lord until we started church 6 yrs ago. He still does not go with me to church but has developed the fear of the Lord and says he has Jesus in his heart.
    We have been harvesting our wheat for the last two weeks,(very busy day and night), and even though it looks like God has blessed us with an abundant harvest our wheat has a fungus that caused the elevator that we normally sell to to reject it. We just finished Saturday. For three days we weren’t sure what we were going to do other than store it in the silos and air it out for awhile and try again in a few months. We however, cannot afford to do that. (5th year and a critical one, a lot of debt) So, my husband walked in the kitchen where I was sitting after dinner reading my book 🙂 and I was somewhat cheerful. He says, “YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED!” Why aren’t you worried about what we are going to do? I said I AM, with a smile, but what can we do? I am praying and I just am trusting God and His plan! He stomped off… The very next day another elevator said they would take it because they blend it in right on the train cars. Hallelujah! My husband is taking baby steps in his faith and that was a victory for the Kingdom of God. I love the Lord with all my heart and continue to believe that He is making my husband a strong spiritual leader for me and our son. One thing at a time. #why worry. I don’t tweet or Facebook

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    Thanks for posting these types of info………

  11. Thank you all for the completely overwhelming encouragement! Seriously…I’m still trying to catch-up!!! I’ve never felt more humbled yet filled in my life! Love you all and what an amazing God we have that loves us enough to call us His chosen daughters! Love getting to know everyone through the spilled milk stains, tears and band-aids of our mommy worlds! This is awesome! Stay in touch!

  12. Bethany has such a beautiful blog filled with beautiful words!

  13. Thanku.
    You give serious information about this it’s always helpful to all basically me it’s very informative.

  14. Wow, I’m inspired and blessed. This has given me hope to pursue my desire to write inspiration-ally. Thank you Bethany and God bless. Most of you’ve written echo my heart.

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