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Congratulations Ladies! I can’t wait to meet you in person at our upcoming retreat and give you a big ole hug!  Y’all~ it’s not too late to register, so you can still join us! You can get all the details here. 

This week, our section of text is titled, Help Me to Walk My Child Toward Maturity. We have five chapters and just based on the titles of them, I need God’s help with each one!  Our hashtag #LordHelpMe is a daily cry for me! I find myself looking to God for help with my kids most all the time.

Let’s check out the titles for this week with our added hashtag at the beginning…as if we are talking to the Lord~

  • #LordHelpMe, How Can I Get My Kids to Step Up and Pitch In?
  • #LordHelpMe, What Is the Secret to Not Freaking Out?
  • #LordHelpMe, How Can I Set Boundaries?
  • #LordHelpMe, What’s the Most Crucial Life Lesson?
  • #LordHelpMe, Will This Be Worth It in the End?

I wish I had all the answers, but if I did I’d never have reason to say, “#LordHelpMe.”  And I believe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. When I add #LordHelpMe to any of my thoughts, I automatically feel empowered and not alone. Why? Because I know He’s with me.

Now look at the answer after we go to the Lord for help, and imagine His reply ~

  • How Can I Get My Kids to Step Up and Pitch In?   With My help.
  • What Is the Secret to Not Freaking Out?  With My help, I’ll give you My peace.
  • How Can I Set Boundaries?   With My help.
  • What’s the Most Crucial Life Lesson?   With My help, My Word, I’ll show you.
  • Will This Be Worth It in the End?   With My help, you betcha! (Ha ha, I’m not sure if God would say that exactly … well, actually, I think He would!)

Let’s Chat:

Is there a specific area where you have found you need God’s help on a regular basis? What is it?  When have you said, “#LordHelpMe?”

If you use any social media like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram … use the hashtag #LordHelpMe this week. That way, we can search the hashtag and see what our OBS friends are talking about. We can also use this as a tool to pray for one another in our #LordHelpMe moments.

Don’t forget, we have a lot of give-aways this week, but you must comment to be entered! See details in this post.

Have a wonderful day OBS friends! <3

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  1. Jenelle Mullet says:

    I have to ask the Lord to help me understand my children’s’ feelings on a subject instead of trying to make them feel the way I feel about something or downplay their feelings as silly. I need His help to not get so frustrated when them and to try to understand their feelings. I need to honor the unique person that God created them to be so they can live out the plan he has for them.

  2. On a daily basis, I need God’s help to be God’s servant even when I feel like I’m the only one in the house doing all the chores, the only parent guiding our son to growing and learning, and the only one really working towards being a Christ-centered family. Every day I go through endless struggles that are quite similar than the previous day. And every day I’m easily angered from being the only one attempting to teach our son to be positive only for it all to come crashing down in a heap of a mess once someone else walks in the door. #LordHelpMe

  3. Tonya McCoy says:

    I literally got goose bumps when you announced Roberta won a trip to the retreat! That is awesome!

    I have mentioned before I struggle daily with my stepson who is almost 13. I know I say Lord help me at least once a day. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt if God were not helping me I wouldn’t still be here.

  4. I feel like I need God’s help the most when I’m encouraging my children, when they feel like failures, when they are hurt, rejected, and afraid #Lordhelpme

  5. Marcia Whaley says:

    To be honest, I (we) need God and Jesus in our lives on a daily basis to help guide us in shaping our kids, dealing with life, work, stresses and everything that comes our way. I have truly enjoyed this book, it has helped me to take a new look at things with my family and my daughter and ways to continue to encourage, teach and shape my daughter to be more productive and to teach her that she is a child of God. I am a far cry from perfect, #Lordhelpme find grace in the messes of life.

  6. I always beg for the Lord’s help with my children. I have such difficulty determining where my responsibility ends and His begins. I don’t want to fail my children by not doing everything I can for them.

    • I had to get off my tablet just so I could reply! I struggle with knowing that too. What does God expect me to take care of and what is God just going to do! I struggle with that in my own life and in raising my kids.

  7. Oh my goodness… #LordHelpMe is my prayer for everything. School is just around the corner and I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, I’m kind of glad that these boys (11 and 7) of mine will no longer be on top of each other and being mean to each other every.single.second. On the other hand, I cherish having them home- yes, they drive me crazy with the fighting and the constant mess they leave and the constant “I’m hungry.”
    So this week in particular, I am asking the Lord to help me be intentional about enjoying this week with them. They go back the day after Labor Day. We are going away for a few days this week. Our last summer get away before school starts. Next week, I’ll be working and will be busy getting them ready for school. So I must be intentional this week in spending QUALITY time with the boys. I am asking the Lord’s guidance to make this possible.

  8. I need the Lord’s help with dealing with 3.5yr old…he has his sweet moments, but then does a 180 & I need the Lord to guide me through and help me with the frustrations.

  9. Good Morning ladies — how exciting to hear about the OBS retreat winners…congrats ladies-
    I say #LordHelpMe everyday – I try to make it my mission as soon as my brain starts churning to say This is Your Day Lord, please help me through it – Use me as you will to advance your kingdom. Ok somedays it is is just #LordHelpMe – and I do say this many times throughout the day…Praise the Lord He always come through. This past month has been especially hard and I am so thankful for this study – Lysa’s statement in the chapter What is the Secret to Not Freaking Out – I realized God has a plan for each of my kids. As long as I am depending on the Lord to guide me as a parent, nothing I do or don’t do will mess p my kids future.” I sure did need that this morning…I am struggling with not being able to send my daughter to college this year, and it is wearing on me…but I do know that God has her in his hands…It Is So Hard For Me To Let it Go….prayers are appreciated. Love You Dear Sisters…
    God Bless You today and always.

  10. Wendy Sterk says:

    God has blessed me with 4 great kids and each time I was pregnant He gave me a verse for that child. And when I think “Lord, Help Me!” He brings those verses to mind. “Help Me, my child isn’t doing as well as I hoped in school!” “Remember he is “fearfully and wonderfully made” – just the way he is!” “Help Me, I can’t seem to get anything right!” “Remember how great My Love is for you and for each of these kids!” Whew! His Word is my strength. Thanks for Psalm 73:26 – it has been a great encouragement to me during this study. I’m so grateful for the things I’ve learned in this study – thanks!

  11. Amy Osburn says:

    Many of you know how what having a teenager is like. For the most part mine is great but with her turning 15 and school starting, her attitude is a little testier than normal. When I catch her pushing my buttons on purpose, I need help taking that deep breath before reacting and then walk away or just not respond…sometimes it’s harder then other times. #lordhelpme

  12. I was really challenged by chapter 27 as school started for us yesterday. Not to push my kids toward success but toward Christ.

  13. Dawn Johnson says:

    I’ve said #Lordhelpme several times since you introduced the hashtag.
    #Lordhelpme my baby girl is leaving for college in a few days.
    #Lordhelpme my middle daughter is dating someone that we are not thrilled with.
    #Lordhelpme I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the work I have to get done.
    #Lordhelpme we need to get our finances in better shape.
    The Lord has answered my cries to him. He has given me peace that passes all understanding. He knows my heart and he is there for me no matter what.
    I pray that all the Mamas doing thus study are experiencing the same.

  14. I need God’s help to be patient and remain calm when my children misbehave. I have a tendency to fly off the handle and making a bigger deal of stuff than I should. #LordHelpMe not overreact and to keep my cool so I can be an example of grace, mercy, and forgiveness for my children.

  15. I struggle with wanting my son to “look successful”. So the chapter on grades hit home. God has given him a tender heart and a deep thought mind- but not a good at math kid!

  16. Beth Anderson--Proverbs 31 Ministry OBS Team says:

    So excited for Roberta and Beth! Can’t wait to meet you both! Congratulations!
    My #LordHelpMe is working with teenagers at a Christian boarding school. Praying for wisdom, strength, endurance, awareness, and lots of love.

  17. Congratulations Roberta and Beth – so happy for you. I find myself saying #Lordhelpme with repairs going on at the house – like during remodeling – right now we are remodeling our “old” pool. The workers show up and work so hard and it’s almost finished and has been and I haven’t seen them in 12 days now. I want to pick up the phone and I say #Lordhelpme stay calm and let You work this out in your time. Would it really do any good or help my Christian witness to get on the phone and tell them I’m upset?

  18. I need the Lord’s help on a regular basis with patience and grace. I’m wiggling through the fine line of what is disrespectful when my kids talk back and the words they choose versus giving grace, trying to understand their ugliness towards me or my husband is because of something they’re struggling with, or stressed about and are not talking about. I do use #Lordhelpme a lot- great hashtag : ) This may be wrong, I used to tell them I was going to say (very loudly so those nearby could hear it without question) “Thank you Jesus for blessing me with these 3 children!” when they continued to fight in public (push, pinch, wiggle, sometimes punch). How He has changed me- I say it now to myself like last week when we were at California Pizza Kitchen and they were having a lot of fun but being very loud. I appreciated that moment and truly, not sarcastically thanked Him for blessing us with these 3 children, I love them so much!

  19. I have a 4 year-old. There is so much boundary testing. I need the Lord’s hep to keep things light when there is so much correcting to be done to keep my son on track. To teach right from wrong. Lord help me to teach without criticism.

  20. I feel the most #lordhelpme because I get so overwhelmed! I have 4 little ones and they are always demanding and needing and testing and making messes at the same time. I often feel just one situation away from just freaking out and I hate it, so I find myself begging God for help often. I have a little stool in my closet because I’m short and can’t reach anything, but it has become my sweet retreat. My go-to place when I just need to crawl in Jesus’ lap and get help. I think that closet has saved me from many screw ups…unfortunately I don’t always run there fast enough or the kids find me too quickly 🙂

  21. Bobbi Martin says:

    I would have to say the area I say #lordhelpme the most and almost daily would be in raising my 12 year old daughter. She is so different from my first daughter and nothing like me!

  22. I have #lordhelpme moments often! I have a son who is autistic and who is a teenager-hormones gone wild! I feel so challenged most days, trying to help him get through each day. At times he wants me to do things for him but then wants to be independent at the same time! I just ask God to guide me through each and every moment, knowing that he will help me If I just ask and listen:)

  23. My Lord Help Me mom omertà are ALWAYS after work! I teach high school and spend hours ignoring the complaints, whining, and calmly explaining why they need to do something, so without fail when my own children question something I freak out the apologize. But the damage is already done 🙁

  24. Lauren Jolly says:

    My Lord Help Me moments are for daily patience as I try to navigate being a new mom of a strong willed but gorgeous baby boy. Bryson is amazingly awesome and I feel continually blessed to be entrusted as his mom but he changes by the second and it has taken lots of my asking The Lord for help to not think parenting is something I can fully control and check off on my to-do list. My type A personality wants to think that if I do things right, I’ll get the easy result. Bryson’s teaching me to slow down, depend on god more and love him to pieces for exactly who he is, even when he doesn’t act the way I think he will!

  25. Lord help me keep everything in perspective, to remember
    that my kids Behavior reflects how they are feeling, to respond with compassion, and to not let little things, like spilled milk for the 3rd time today, get to me!

  26. #lordhelpme to not feel overwhelmed with the little things. Some days are stressful trying to juggle the cleaning, cooking, gardening/preserving, working from home as a case manager, and spending time with my two boys (16 month old twins). I know that my house will not always be perfect. It certainly isn’t even close now. Help me to not stress over the little things and just enjoy making memories with my boys.

  27. I need God to help me with patience and not getting to stressed and overwhelmed with all that needs to be done.

  28. #Lord Help Me – To not over stress the little things…I am def getting better at it..but sometimes….sometimes!

    #Lord Help Me – Be more and more the mom you made me to be, a godly example to my children in all the areas of my life. Amen!

  29. Meghann Morrow says:

    I have literally yelled lord help me several times in the past couple weeks when my twin boys are inconsolable at night, won’t go to sleep and my two year old is hollering “mama, milk!” while my husband is gone to work so I find this weeks post a little funny. Oh how I have to rely on His strength and not my own and remember just because my husband is gone I’m not alone and He cares for me!

  30. Jen Hartmann says:

    Can’t wait to meet you ladies next month and feel extremely blessed that I get too!!

    I feel I need the most help daily help with Lord help me not freak out. I can start out in a peaceful mood, start each day in quiet time with God, then second my kids start whinning grumbling crying complaining I’m gripping on for dear life of my patience. Trying to be more to intentional about giving grace and reflecting patience and praying more for God’s peace and wisdom on how to handle my kids. I have been a mom for 9 yrs and have 4 kids and some days feel like I have no clue what I am doing, grateful for this though, makes me realize how much more I need my Savior 🙂

  31. The area that I have most recently said #Lordhelpme…is the area of patience. In fact, my three year-old son at the dinner table said, “Mommy, what do you need to pray for?” Before I could answer, he said, “Do you need to pray for patience with me?”

    Umm…ouch…why, yes…how did you know!? 🙂

  32. My two older children…one boy who’s 13 and my girl who’s 12. Then three littles (8,3,&,2). I must say #LordHelpMe daily…several times per hour!
    I literally take a 10 second time out and ask God to help me manage what’s currently going on…because there’s always something going on,LOL. I find with my request, I’m filled with more peace and patience. Thank you Lord!

  33. There are a million ways I know I need the Lord’s help in my parenting but one of the ways that really began to stand out a year or two ago as the need to ask His help in letting my children be who He has called them to be though the gifts and talents He has given them rather than who I envisioned them to be. Letting go of my thoughts and wishes, many of them based on what I would have liked or felt I missed out on as a young person, was tough. But it was necessary. My daughters aren’t called to be who I would have liked to be. They have very unique plan and purpose, given by God, which they are called to fulfill. And this mama would be wise to ask God’s guidance on how best to help them fulfill that.

  34. Fawn Carr says:

    Melissa, Nicki and Kristy, I feel like I know you all. Thank you sooo much for this Bible study. I have felt closer to Jesus than I have in a long time. I will truly miss my carefree mornings with the three of you as homeschooling begins again soon. I’m going to pray that Jesus helps me find a way to fit your new study into my already too full school days, with God, ALL things are possible! Thank you so much ladies and God bless you for being “real”.

  35. Yeah!! The exact topics that I need right now. I have one that will, but got to give a little shove to get him going. The other I sometimes have a little harder time to get to help. Then I try so hard not to freak out and not in front of the kids and then my husband points it out. And sometimes it can get into a discussion or argument. Then of course I feel bad, and everyone lets me know it. So, Lord HELP! But what makes it hard for me that my two kids are both my step kids, but I accept them as mine. And then I have to think where are my boundaries as their role as mom? I pray what should I do all the time.

  36. I need the Lord’s help every day! I constantly pray Lord help me! I have three little ones at home, ages 8, 3 and 19 months. I work full time and my husband works full time and is in school. My 3 year old doesn’t sleep very much and my 8 year old is in competitive gymnastics.. I’m short on sleep, run around ragged and am trying to keep it all together. Most days I feel overwhelmed and have noticed that my temper is shorter than it’s ever been. So, often my only prayer is Lord help me! That’s it. And it helps!! I know he will help me , I just have to lean into him and trust!!

  37. #LordHelpMe is said often in my house – usually as Lord, give me strength! When a discussion ends up in an argument. When the two darlings are intentionally poking each other’s sore spots. When one of them tries to open for negotiation – again – a topic that has already been discussed and decided upon.

  38. Nancy shukers says:

    Lord Help Me with gracefully accepting the fact that my kids are growing up and out instead of emotionally chasing after them like a needy crazy lady!

  39. I find myself saying #LordHelpMe more and more these days as my son turns two this week and pushes the boundaries everyday to see just how much he can get away with. With daily meltdowns because he can’t have a cookie for dinner to the next minute for Momma to pick him up and never put him down. As trying as it is while I am trying to get us both ready and off to daycare/work on time I love every minute of it! I wouldn’t trade a single second of any of my sleepless nights or anything because I know too soon my little man will be all grown up and I will look back and wonder where all the time has gone! I ask the Lord for help to guild my son to be the man he has planned for him to be!
    I want to thank you ladies also for such a wonderful bible study and for giving me a new perspective on so many things!!

  40. Heather Ace says:

    Constantly I have to step back in my thoughts, and ask God to help me stay patient. I know he has good plans for me, but they are in His time, not mine. I made a goal with a co-worker, that for the next 30 days, I would declare what I need help with, what I am trying to obtain, and how it’s going to feel when I get there. My goal was to have more patience. Patience with the kids, patience with my husband, patience with work and trying to get a full time position teaching, among other things. #LordHelpMe to know and remember that You are in charge of my life and that only you can direct me in the way I belong.

  41. My Lord Help Me moments are centered around my own fear and anxiety that I’m messing up my kids. Or fear and anxiety around them growing up too fast and thinking so much about the future. When I have those fears creep up, I pray for peace and comfort and to live in the moment!

  42. I consistently need help -and I pray for it regularly- with patience dealing with my 4 year old. She is strong willed, and a sweet girl. Often I am dealing with the sweety, then she flips. And I tend to as well. When I remember to pray before or while dealing with this, we are both happier in the end.

  43. My precious daughter is 11 & has just started middle school. In many ways she is mature for her age. Her dad & I are in the process of going through a divorce. We have been as decent & kind to one another as possible, but this was not my idea and I didn’t/don’t want it. When “we” told her, her dad did most of the telling, focusing on him and how she could help him find a new house. When it was my turn, I focused on the things that will remain the same, reassuring her that we both loved her very much. Since we told her, she has seemed to be different towards me. (He told me he would tell her it was his idea, etc., but changed his mind at the last moment.) She knows I still love her dad. I know children generally in time discover who they can count on, etc. My big concern right now is how to keep things as consistent as possible for her. He works in a field that doesn’t have “9-5, M-F hours/schedule”, so his availability to see her and have her over is pretty limited even though we will have joint custody. That means I will be the primary parent dealing with the good & the not-so-good. She is a very bright girl-good student & good athlete. It is the areas like bedtime, electronics, etc that I second guess myself because our personalities are not very much alike. Please pray for us! Thank you!

  44. I am always in need of help from God, but the thing I usually need help with the most is patience.

  45. Melanie B says:

    Just two months ago we moved our family from Michigan to Southern California. My 10 and 8 yr old kids were not thrilled about this move in the least. But, both my husband and I believed we are following God’s path for our family. Literally everything came together because of God – the job, the sale of our home, the rental out here, etc. However, it has been challenging with the kids. They are nervous, trying to meet new friends, started a new school, etc. And my anxiety is OVER THE MOON! I keep reminding myself that while I am worried, etc., that these are God’s children. He loves them more than I can ever imagine and he will watch out for them. And, I am his child as well – and he’s watching out for me. So, today, in the midst of my worry, I am calling out to our Father saying “LORD HELP ME! Be with them and help them adjust – make new friends, feel this is their home, comfort them, reassure them, and be with them always.”

  46. My #LordHelpMe is with seeing blessing rather than inconvenience in motherhood. I can all too easily fall into the trap of frustration with the noise and mess and interuptions. But with God I’m reminded of just how blessed I am to have this calling of mom. Thank you Jesus for the gift of gab and gusto you’ve given my girl. My life wouldn’t be the same without my precious little girl. And thank you for your new bundle of mercies each morning for when I mess this up and take this blessing for granted.

  47. Amy Punches says:

    Lord help me with patience and not to worry.

  48. Congrats to both winners!!!!

    Lord help me to be a better wife, mom and friend and to not worry about things that are beyond my control.

  49. My son Rex is 2 years old. That should be enough explanation right? 🙂 He is cutest thing, so funny and such a character. So what’s the problem? He cannot take him out in public! I feel like he needs to be in full body pads 24/7 because he’ll get hurt. I feel like we all need to wear pads at home including my sweet 6 year old daughter. He is the absolute definition of a boy, loud, daring, and dirty. But sometimes i feel like he is too much, like something is wrong. He’s too rough, too loud, and i feel like any discipline given doesn’t even make a dent. I sometimes feel like I’m running out of options. The past couple months have definitely been some #LordHelpMe months!! We love this sweet little boy with everything we have, we just need A LOT of help from our Lord.

  50. I have found that I continually ask for God’s help in two different areas of my life. I have to constantly retreat back to the Lord asking him for help with my financial provision. I’m a single mom and I get no help from the father or my family, so the care and provision of my three children lies solely on my shoulders. But in actuality, it lies on God shoulders because He is the one who helps me sustain. It is a constant struggle as I worry about the next day, the next week, will we have gas for church, will this job still be here next month. I work from home in a contract job, so they can come and go at any time. But I cannot afford to work outside of the house because it would not match with the kids school schedules and I could not afford day care if I needed it for all three children. So working at home is the season he has me in, and has had me in for years. I’m blessed to be able to do so, but I constantly have to seek Him for His help, understanding, and provision. The other area is in patience and understanding and also the strength to be the single mom that I am. To be the disciplinarian and the comforter, to be the authority and the fun one, to be a friend and a parent. It is really hard to be everything to everyone, so I constantly need his strength and patience.

  51. My #Lordhelpme usually comes when I am busy trying take care of something or trying to get out the door and suddenly each child needs my attention immediately.

  52. My #LordHelpMe moments are centered around my own need to control everything. I constantly have to surrender my thoughts, plans and goals to the Lord and realize that He has everything under control. I have to do this in all areas of my life, but especially in parenting my children. I want them to learn to trust the Lord’s plans as well, but it begins with me showing them that I trust Him. #LordHelpMe

  53. Sarah Helton says:

    How can I narrow it down to just one or two?!? I need God’s help just to get through every single day. I need help remembering that as type A as I am, I am not actually the one in control. I need to remember that my little ones are their own people and are not always going to act and respond as I would like for them to. I have to remember that as hard as it is to imagine, God loves them even more than I do and He only has plans to prosper them. The list goes on and on and on…

  54. Kelly Catlett says:

    Hooray for Roberta! She is our leader in group 18 OBS and we love her! We don’t know anyone more deserving of going to the retreat!
    As far as needing God’s help on a daily basis…I have this terrible urge to want to jump in and rescue! I forget to ask God’s help first, or to just allow Him to handle it. For some reason I have it in my head that He needs me to help him. And even though I know how backwards that is I just need to stop and say #LordHelpMe before I do anything else!!!

  55. I say #LordHelpMe all.the.time. I am struggling with being a mom, stepmom wife, mother, teacher, aunt and Christian overall. I am struggling a lot lately with jealousy and have been asking for #help with this a lot. I am excited to see the hashtag replies to this topic, as I feel like I am always in need of perspective, help and guidance.
    Have a great day, ladies.

  56. My “Lord Help Me” moment of the day started this morning when I got to work only to realize that I had on pink flip flops instead of business casual dress shoes. I left and picked up some shoes on clearance from the local Target….. Now i’m thinking about the evening ahead, preppng for my son’s first day back to school tomorrow.. are the uniforms clean? Do they still fit? Did we get all of our school supplies packed up, i totally forgot I have to be at church tonight… Lord Help Me!!

  57. Kelly I share this too! #Lordhelpme I tend to make a bigger deal of misbehaving issues and loose patience. #Lordhelpme be more patient and understanding with my daughters.

  58. OMW (oh my word) this past year has been a big #LORDHELPME moment. My five yr old son was having issues. Like real bad tantrums that no one was understanding nor could help with. So I went to one therapist and he diagnosed Sam with ODD, OCD, ADHD I felt like is there any ABC’s left to give. I was mortified. Was there something I did while I carried him that caused this? So many questions no answers. Then he was hitting and throwing things and it got real bad one day when he picked up my youngest and threw him. I immediately called the doctor and we decided to put him on medication. I was leery . But I was worried for the safety of my other children. So things weren’t getting better. Now we are seeing things because of the meds and he wasn’t sleeping by himself and I was beside myself. My husband couldn’t deal and he was short and loud with him. This is no kind of life. So I started asking around and I found another place to have him evaled again. Well 50 questions and answers later we now have the right diagnoses for my Sam. He is on the very low end of Autism and he has SPD (sensory processing disorder) WOW. now I am really worried. I sat down with God this morning and just broke down. Why did he give me a child like this? Am I the one capable for his care? Am I equipped to handle this journey? I don’t mean to question God and Hid plan I just want to be reassured I’m doing right by Sam. We changed his meds, and starting in Sept. he will going to a group to help him equip himself to deal with life. The best part is they have a support group for the whole family unit. Parents and siblings alike they have a group to help better educate and help you through. So our awesome God showed me a way to better handle Sam. I am nervous as he will start public school this week. A good thing is he will be in a class that has other kids like him but in a normal setting. So he can learn some social skills and regular learning too. Sam is very shy….. So I went to the school last night and met his teacher, the guidance counselor, and support group for him there as well. They have a Psychiatrist, learning specialists, and they are all very nice. I never had that in school when I went 20 some years ago. So I have confidence to send him to regular public school, but Steve, my hubby have talked if it too much for him I can always homeschool. I used to for six years up until my dad died. that was an all time low for me. But God got me through and I know it was all Him.. I still miss him with every part of me, but I know he is in heaven waiting for me and God has me in His hands til I get there. I lean on Him more on those days I really miss talking to my dad. He was always full of wisdom and never judged me. To me he was my Jesus on earth. and I do miss those conversations. But through his death I have learned to lean on God more and it has strengthened my relationship with God. so there will be a lot of #LORDHELPME days I am sure….

  59. It’s so encouraging to read through what other mommas are dealing with. It’s been very encouraging and as I read through, I am praying for all of you! My twins are 14 months and really starting to have personality. My daughter is now the biter at daycare. # LordHelpMe. Help my husband and I as we work through these toddler times.

  60. Shew! An area I find myself shouting #lordhelpme is when I’m feeling under the weather. I am fairly flexible and patient (mostly) under normal circumstances, but man oh man, let me feel ‘off’ and sometimes it’s like a beast broke loose. I have to work EXTRA hard to have patience when all I really want is to be left alone. I’ve been feeling like I’m fighting a sinus or cold infection and could use some extra prayers for patience today <3

  61. I need help daily with my temper. I hate how often I yell at my kids.

  62. I feel like I am always crying out Lord Help Me, especially lately. I have been dealing with health and financial issues, that are causing more stress. Then in turn I am short on patience and take it out on my two kids. I don’t like who I am when I’m not feeling well and how I am towards my kids. So thankful for this study to challenge me and remind me of the truths in His Word.

  63. Jennifer L says:

    Patience and not overreacting are definitely daily #LordHelpMe moments!

  64. Congratulations ladies.

  65. I cry out #Lordhelpme quite often when it comes to my children. These 3 little people can drive me to laughter just as easily as they can drive me to madness. I feel that I need the Lord always, in good times and bad, but I really notice that I pray more when I need to tame my temper, when I am worrying, when my children have asked a touchy question and I don’t have the right words to answer, and when my children are hurting.

  66. I’ve been LOVING on this hashtag these past few days! With my boys heading back to school in a few days, man…I’ve been able to plan a few last minute things to spread my mommy love! This morning I took a picture of my oldest and I after completing a morning run together. He told me that I make running look fun! Funny thing is…it was the Made To Crave OBS that started my running adventure and desire to actually get healthy. But the fact that my kiddo notices my effort and wants to use my exercise as an avenue for a closer relationship…well, I didn’t see that coming! I tagged my photo saying #LordHelpMe to continue to make healthy choices…especially now that I have a following! HA! 🙂

    Congrats to the retreat winners!!! Isn’t it cool to be on video??!! Love the smiles ladies!!!!

  67. #LordHelpMe have patience! With 2 little girls running around I definitely need it!

  68. Whew I say #Lordhelpme a lot…. I have a preteen that is very strong willed… Very intelligent…. And goal driven. So there are times when I really struggle with parenting. I need wisdom to make it through the teen years!

  69. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for this reminder. We need God’s help is raising these precious gifts he has given us.

  70. I have lord help for raising my 4 month old son. I fo not know a lot about boys but I am learning. He is starting to teeth now. Cry alot but that ok because I know that god can put me though anything, because he know that I can handle it. He is right beside me.

  71. Love the idea of a life verse for the kids. I think I need it as much as they do if we are going to survive the teen years:)

  72. I have never really processed my kids as being God’s children in terms of him creating them the way they are, even in regard to the traits that make me pull my hair out. I truly get a new perspective every time I do a study. Now I just need to pray for Him to lead me in parenting these kiddos without messing them up!!

  73. I feel I need God’s help on a regular basis to not be negative and speak negative everytime I come face to face with something that happens which is out of my control and I’m helpless to deal with it. It’s a battle in my spirit and it has come to the point that I feel I’m going to lose my daughter very soon for it. #Lord Help Me is a daily cry, coz I know if I don’t go to Him, I’m just going to fall apart and lose everything. The devil is playing havoc in my life and its draining me fighting this battle everyday. This has affected my ability as a mother to such an extent that I’m not allowed to do anything even basic for her, my hands are tied. I am so frazzled that I just want to keep fighting to be in charge of my child and she’s pulled away from me more. There is something on the inside which is blocking me and I need Jesus to get it out of me so I can be what I need to be to my child and my family. Please pray. Pray for me to stop talking, thinking and reacting negatively to everything. I don’t know what else to do. Holding on to Jesus is all I can do.

    The questions you put forth with the answers are a helpful way to put things in perspective Melissa. Thankyou. Yes, I’m not alone, He is with me. Amen.

  74. Shannon Mills says:

    #Lordhelpme to root all my decisions in You. As the single mom of a handome ,bright , super talkative 4yr old I find myself yelling too much about insignificant things that won’t matter in the grand scheme of life. I am feeling overwhelmed. I struggle to know if I am messing him up. I teach him to love and depend on God , when sometimes it seems I’m leaning more on myself. Lord , just help me to abide in you and what your word says. Help me to realize you’ll carry my burdens if only I give them to you.

  75. Kathi Tidwell says:

    I am not a patient person by nature, so I often find myself saying #LordHelpMe when my girls or my husband start to test my patience beyond it’s breaking point. It usually sounds something along the line of Lord help me to think before I speak or Lord help me to take a breath before I yell.

  76. Shannon & Kathi I identify so much with you. I truly believe one of the reasons God gave me my daughter was to teach me patience. I was a single parent for the first two years of her life and had many #Lordhelpme moments. For .e now the biggest is in balancing my very stressful job with being there for her (she is 4 going on 40) as she already told me once “you are always working and never play with me” 🙁

    I am also trying to manage being newly married and now having a new husband and 9 year old step daughter whose upbringing and boundary structure is different to that I was raised with and have tried to instill in my daughter. Of course she only wants to do what her “big sister” does. Daily #Godhelpme. Many days I am worn and overwhelmed with my responsibility to raise and nurture them both as God lays things on my heart and I fight human natural response to try to respond as God would have while also being Physically exhausted and overwhelmed.

    BUT GOD!!! He is bigger than any problem and able more than to deal with what concerns me and you today

  77. I need the Lord’s help to be patient, kind, loving & joyful with my kids. I am a yeller, and I need His help to shut my mouth.

  78. Patience. I expect my kids to say how high when I say Jump, but instead, they have that delayed hearing thing going on. And not acknowledging me when I speak to them is a huge pet peeve of mine. I struggle to figure out the difference between my kids and me when I was little. If my parents told me to do something, I did it, and ASAP! I just can’t figure out what it is about me or my kids that is off, how my parents managed to get us to act immediately. It may have been patience…because they never lost their tempers like I seem to do so often.

  79. I need help not caring about our messy house. I am a teacher and had the summer off and it was hard not to let the crumbs go. Now, I need help with going back to work. I just miss my boys so much, but feel called to teaching and to helping our family out. Lord, help me!

  80. Billie Jo says:

    I always ask The Lord to help me obey and to help me live out what I have learned through bible study I struggle with that and it frustrates me and I am sure god too.

  81. I say Lord help me the most at work. I work with predominantly females, and some are middle age mean girls.

  82. I say #LordHelpMe when my kids start in whine mode and I need to respond lovingly with patience!!

  83. I have been working on not freaking out and yelling over the last few years. The Lord has really helped me in this area. I have so much more grace and patience with my children. I’m working on my fears and anxieties now around my children. They are 22 and 17. I want to let them have their independence but I have so many fears and worries about the “what ifs”! I don’t want to feel they aren’t capable or give them my fears. #LordHelpMe

  84. The biggest thing I need the Lord’s help with right now is energy! I have a fun, extremely energetic 16 month old 😀 Life is so fun and I am oh, so tired!! #LordHelpMe to have the strength to keep up with my toddler and take advantage of every moment I have with her.

  85. #LordHelpMe have patience and not react in anger towards my kids!

  86. #LordHelpme not to worry about my children. Help me to remember that they are in Your hands and You have a plan for each of them. Help me to trust that plan.

  87. On a daily basis I need God’s help to do all He has called me to do. On an hourly basis and sometimes moment-by-moment basis, I need God’s help to keep the law of kindness on my tongue or just to keep quiet : )

  88. I needs Gods help to keep from being consumed with mom guilt. His support helps me know I’m not a perfect mom and that’s ok, there is now perfect mom.

  89. Jessica Gilbertson says:

    I need God’s help in realizing my son is an individual with a unique personality all his own. I have trouble keeping that in mind as he gets older and is now voicing his own opinion and views. He is not just my little baby that will agree and follow all of what I say. My son has a path God is leading him on and I need to step back and let God do what He does best. I am only here to guide my son to God’s path and to show him how to hear and see God and His plan.

  90. Is there a specific area where you have found you need God’s help on a regular basis? I’ve been asking and praying that the lord gives my husband the ability to stop using tobacco. We have had a friend that was recently diagnosed with oral cancer. It scares me to think that it might happen to him. Please pray that the lord cleanses him and releases him of this addiction.

    What is it?  When have you said, “#LordHelpMe?” I have said #lordhelpme many many times this week. i need his strength to help me to use a better tone of voice when speaking with my children, to stay calm when life gets a little crazy and to continually be thankful for the many blessings we have.

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