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Hump Day


Happy Hump Day! We are halfway through our final week of this study. After today, we’ll be over the hump and headed toward the weekend! But before we get there, I have something that’s pretty important to discuss.

Today I want to talk about Chapter 29, What’s the Most Crucial Life Lesson?  As moms, we have so much that we want to teach our kids. There are many life lessons we hope they “get” while they are under our roof. And they are all pretty important! So how do we know what’s most important? I love this paragraph Lysa writes on page 217:

While I do want to equip my children to be well-rounded, responsible adults, I must not miss the most important thing. Of all the things I teach my children, I must place their relationship with Jesus at the top of the list. More than just going through the motions of taking them to religion classes, Sunday school, and getting them baptized, I must ask: Am I fostering in them a desire for their own personal relationship with Jesus?  Yes, these other things are important outward symbols of our commitment as a family, but what about my children’s hearts? Do they love Jesus out of family tradition or out of a personal relationship with Him?

Now, here’s the hard part. They cannot really know Him as Healer unless He has healed them in some way. 

Lysa goes on to write how this means that as a mom, we have to get out of the way. We nurture our kids, but point to Jesus for the healing.

Yes, ya’ll, it for sure isn’t easy being a mom, but aren’t we thankful that we are?

Let’s Chat:

Of everything you want to teach your children, what’s at the top of your list for them to learn?

What are some ways you can contribute to your child learning this?

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  1. My daughter is 22 and she doesn’t believe in God. This has been very difficult for me as I blame myself because when she was two I got divorced from her dad and my whole world fell apart. I was just trying to keep myself going, I didn’t nurture her. When I had sorted myself out it was like it was to late for her, she had decided for herself that she didn’t believe in God. Please pray with me that she will see that Jesus is the way the truth and the life, that she will come to Jesus and that He will be her ABBA Father.

    • I understand your feelings… although my non-believer is my sibling. We have had some difficult years and their belief is that God would not make life this hard… so the non-believing grew. It is hard for me to see because I am a strong believer and want the best for my family. I will pray with you and for all other families dealing with this issue. <3

  2. I know it sounds “overused” but seeing is believing. If I can’t show my children how He heals me…how can they know I believe what I am teaching them? I have to accept His grace and forgiveness and allow Him to fix me with the full assurance that I am loved and He has this! Hard to do sometimes (coming from a control freak and a never-ending need to be the fixer)…but so important!

  3. I just want them to know that Jesus is real and alive. He is in our daily lives, every part of it. He loves us and cares about every tiny part of it. Lord, help them see you as real in their lives. Relationship, not rules and religion.

  4. At the top of my list is a personal, loving relationship with The Lord.

  5. I want my girls to be strong in the Lord. I want them to know Jesus and what he has done for us and how we are loved more than we can imagine. Lord please help me to show my girls your light and love. I pray they walk your path Lord.

  6. Of everything you want to teach your children, what’s at the top of your list for them to learn?

    I want my Sarah to know first and foremost that Jesus is first in her life, mum and dad second. I want her to know and rely on him like the very air she breathes, so that whatever she faces from this young age, she knows she can first run to her heavenly daddy and tell him and trust he will take care of the matter whatever it is. I want her to love the word of God so much, it becomes a reality and the only truth she lives for eternity which will automatically shape her character, personality, behaviour, thinking, perception, outlook on life and everything else she is meant to be in Christ.

    What are some ways you can contribute to your child learning this?

    I can contribute by having an open, honest, positive outlook towards life, show a practical, biblical example in the way I live – speech, thought, actions – I hope I can do this as best as I can with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    Encourage upright and moral values and behaviour, unconditional love and compassion to those at home so it can be shown to those outside and that it would be imbibed for life.
    To practice forgiveness so that forgiving will become natural and second nature my child.
    To practice patience too so that she will know how to handle everything in her life without blowing up.
    In short to exemplify Jesus in my life so that she will see Him, not me and grow in his ways.

    Please pray that I will be able to fulfill this and train my daughter to be the best she can be with the help of Jesus and that my life would be a practical example for her to follow with his help and guidance. I am desperate, this is the one thing I want to do right in my life and not be found fault with or blamed for the rest of my life. Please pray.

    • Judy, wow you took the words…prayers right out of my head. Granted my daughter is only 1 years old, I pray for theses words over her. I got choked up reading your post. Lord please help us mothers fulfill this mission, this calling, to hear “well done good and faithful.” and to the next generation before us.

    • wow, that is exactly how I feel too. Patience and forgiveness are things that I have struggled with and lately I have noticed that my 8 year old is behaving a lot like me, short temper, no patience, and a fragile self esteem. I have decided that I need to make some major life changes to set an example for him so that together we can be healed, together we can be encouraged by God’s word and I will be able to foster that relationship with Jesus for all 3 of my sons. Loved what you said.

  7. I want my children to learn to go to Jesus, go to His Word first….not struggle in the flesh to long before, they Go To HIM! I am not sure through the years if I have conveyed that to my children, or that they see me doing it. I want to strive to be a woman of faith – that goes to her ABBA Father above everything else.
    Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

  8. Marcia Whaley says:

    This last week of chapters have been the deepest ones for me, allowing me to reflect and dig deep down. While all of the chapters hit home, these in the last week have been the ones I really needed to read. As I continue to help nurture my daughter and intertwine Jesus in her life, I get little snippets that I’m doing OK. Especially at those times when we have chats about Jesus and God while driving in the car. Conversations that she brings up, all on her own.

  9. Amy Meetze says:

    I want my daughter to have a personal relationship with Christ. I want her to be able to listen to God, so she can live the amazing life he has planned for her!

  10. Connie Zanghi says:

    I want both my children to know that only God can meet all their needs. There is no person, place or thing in this world that will make them happy except our Lord Jesus Christ. I wish I would have learned this at a much younger age.

  11. Amy Droegmiller says:

    The most important thing I want my children to learn is forgiveness with love. I want them to be able to forgive others, but also themselves. Most importantly I want them to know the peace that passes all understanding from God’s forgiveness through Jesus. I teach my children this by openly asking for their forgiveness when I do wrong by them. Plus, I openly ask for God’s forgiveness, and I try to always acknowledge when I forgive them.

  12. Happy Hump Day!!! I cannot believe this study is almost over 🙁 Well certainly for me having a relationship with Jesus is at the top of my list…Taking them to church, asking them what they learned in Sunday school, being conscious of the music that fills their ears/heart, praying with them and for them often. When asked about his friends, my son will always say Jesus at the top of his list. He’s 7 and I pray that never changes!!

  13. Heather Ace says:

    Some ways I can help my children learn about having a personal relationship with Jesus is by modeling it myself. My personal relationship with Jesus is out in the open. We pray as a family, we ask for God’s blessings, we thank God for the wonderful things He has done in our lives, the beauty He has provided for around us, and His guidance for our every footsteps, every breath, and every dance in the rain we need or have. I know that when my kiddos sing “Jesus loves the little children” that their faces light up and they really know God! Thank you Jesus!

  14. Most importantly, I want my kids to know and experience Jesus as real and present.

  15. I want my kids to recognize the God shaped hole that is in them, that we all have, and that chasing after this world and the things in it will never fill it. I want them to learn that early in their lives and feel that hole filled with Jesus early, so that they may grow in Him and have a full life of glorifying God. I was well into my 30s before I truly grasped that, even being raised in church my whole life. I pray that they can center their lives on Him and live lives full of His Glory.

  16. Angella L says:

    I want them to know that Gods love is real and unfailing for them and that when it comes down to it…He (a personal relationship with him) is all that truly matters in life.

  17. Osila Aaron says:

    Can we spare some prayer to those who do not have kids of their own and are still waiting on the Lord for this blessing.

  18. I want my children to learn that they cannot be perfect and they cannot rely on their own power to choose right from wrung. I want them to learn to depend on the holy spirit.

  19. Delinda Floyd says:

    I want my kids to learn compassion and service for others. The best way for
    Them to learn this is my example
    For sure. I have one who is not naturally bent for service to others (at least more selfish than my others) so lots of prayer too.

  20. Amy Osburn says:

    My 15 yr old in a stage of questioning her faith. My 4 yr old talks non stop about Jesus. Because we are always together, I use the time I’m talking to my 4 yr old and answering her questions as a way of reaffirming my oldest. I am also finding better ways of mixing Jesus into our daily conversations better and tell them what I’m doing. Thanks Lysa for reminding me the importance of this step

  21. My husband and strive to teach our kids hard work. Kids now days have everything handed to them on a silver platter. And when they step out into the real world on their own they don’t know how to do anything. I continually pray Prov 22:6 over us and we both invest in building their characters daily.

  22. This was convicting for me. I have 4 kids, ages 8,9,10,10 right now. They are wild, silly, arguementive, loving, crazy bunch. I just want them to be obedient and respectful. But what God showed me this week was that I need to be more worried about their hearts rather than their outward behavior. Life is crazy right now. We have slacked in our bible study, in our stopping to pray outloud etc.. I am feeling strongly that I need to pull that back in.
    BEcause of the life we live we do often ask God for physical provision. We see God as the Father of our family. It is really neat to see this reality for my kids. We talk often of answered prayers and of God’s real presence.

  23. Above teaching them about God’s unconditional love for them irrespective of how many times they mess up, I constantly remind them to have a holy fear of God. Yes, He is our best friend but He is also God. Yes, He is our brother but He is also our King and Lord. We must teach our children to fear God and honor Him in every area of their lives. When we stress on the fear of God, they too become aware of His greatness and how awesome He is, how holy He is and they become so conscious of His presence in their lives. Be blessed.

  24. The most important thing I want to teach my children is to love God and to know God. Ways that I can help do this are to be sure that I share the gospel, the Word of God, with them. When they hear me reading it, it becomes a part of them, when I read it along with them and they learn to develop a desire to read it for themselves, I am helping them. When we go to church and they hear and see who Jesus is and how much He loves us and the excitement others have for knowing him, I am teaching them. When we serve others and we show kindness to those who don’t show it to us, I am teaching them. There are so many ways every day that we can show the love of Christ to our children in big and small ways. I pray that I am an example for them and that I draw them closer to wanting relationship with the Lord every single day.

  25. I want to teach my children to always trust in Jesus & to always do what they know is right in their hearts. I think they learn best by love & example.

  26. I believe this is so true. I saw somewhere yesterday about having devotions on a chore chart and that really struck me as something important to teach my kids but not label as a chore. I understand why this person was doing this and it works for her family, however, I want the time the kids spend with God to be fun and interactive. We put on worship cd’s and dance. My four year old loves to tell me his is praising the Lord. It also amazes me how God uses questions that my kids ask to point to him. Who made this mommy? God did. We had to buy a new car (well new to us) about a month ago because a deer decided we needed it. My son told me he prayed really hard for a green car but God didn’t give us one. It was a great lead in to talking about God always listening but not always giving us what we want because he knows what is best for us. I still remember some of those conversations with my own parents.

  27. I want them to learn how much God loves them and that loving Him through the way their live their lives, through obedience, and through worship will make all the difference. I want them to learn how to pray boldly and always with the faith of a child, direct, expecting, believing, and not being afraid to ask for anything their Father wants to give them.
    I try to be real with them and ask God to model this in me but I know that I will very often fall short and my praying for this for them will be paramount.

  28. My oldest is only 3.5 and over the last several months I’ve taught him the planets, his senses, learned about volcanoes, and now doing a study on bugs….but I’ve come to the realization that in the grand scheme of things that stuff doesn’t compare to him knowing about God so that he can have a relationship with our creator. I’m now starting to work on biblical lessons as well as trying to talk more about God and Jesus throughout the day.

  29. Tonya McCoy says:

    The biggest thing I want to teach my children is to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Not just go through the motions & say yea I’m a christian. But rather know Him & love Him like no other. I tend to get aggravated at times when I see my step kids do something like really stupid & find myself thinking how could they do that & in the same breath say they love Jesus. Times like these I have to remind myself they are sinners just like I am a sinner and they are also kids so they do have the deeper intense relationship with Jesus that I do. I think the best way to instill this in them is by setting a good example for them and stating out loud that my walk with Christ is more than just saying I’m a Christian.

  30. Teaching the children to handle disappointments, losses, and failures with The awareness of God being with them… Always.

  31. I want them know the loving and caring Father that we all have access to. But I also want them to learn that it isn’t all head – stuff and needs to be shown, both to themselves and others.

  32. I want to teach them that people and relationships are the most important part of life after faith and a personal relationship with God. People are there for you, they support you and bud you up and laugh and cry with you. Stuff is just stuff. It may be fun but a nice car doesn’t hug you when you’ve had a bad day. A big beautiful home is nice but it doesn’t pray for you or speak words of encouragement when you are going through a difficult time. Stuff breaks, but nurtured relationships do not. Real joy comes from faith, and real happiness from our relationships

  33. I teach my children to PRAY for every detail in their life, no matter what it is to trust Him in all they do. I want them to remember to call on His name JESUS! when they are afraid, need someone. I want them to go to God first and know HE will never leave them.

    I pray with them and remind them that the name JESUS is very powerful!

  34. I want my children to ultimately know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I also want them to self sufficient human beings who are compassionate and kind.Right now while they are still pretty little, I and my husband have been teaching them to pray about everything and anything. Mickey Mouse gets prayed for a lot in our house! We are also trying to instill a total dependence on Christ. So much to teach and model, it is a little overwhelming sometime!! But it is all worth it!

  35. My boys are 19, 15 & 9….they all were involved in AWANA and that program makes it so clear right away what the msg of salvation is and all three expressed they believed that and wanted to

  36. Katy Hattenhauer says:

    I want to make sure that my daughter knows and understands that He is ALWAYS with her, no matter what! Even if she feels that she can’t talk to her friends or us (mom and dad), that she can and MUST always give it to God! Let go and let God!! I want her to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior and to always remember these things above all else.

  37. The fruits of the spirit and to love god rely on god and that they have a purpose! I want to teach them to pray always and from the heart and to go to his word for answers.

  38. My boys are ages 19, 15 & 9. All three indicated they understood the plan of salvation, via the AWANA program, when they were 5/6. The two oldest are now rejecting the Christian life. The oldest does not reject salvation itself however he plainly states he doesn’t want anything to do with organized church or being accountable. The next oldest is doubting the bible is even true. The youngest is still soaking it all in:) I am heartbroken as is my Mom. We didn’t think we would have to deal being worried about the boys in this manner – we expected rebellion and possible prodigal behaviour however we thought the foundation was taken care of. I point them to The Lord every day in life situations and I witness and I let them know I’m praying. I have made a deal with the middle son to come to church with me the first Sunday of the month (he has to have literal defined expectations) and while he has complied with our deal once, he tells anyone who will listen I am forcing him….and I just say well that’s one thing I know I’ve got right and if I’m doing it wrong I’ll err on the risk of being wrong…I am seeking ways daily to point them to The Lord yet the world is so entrenched in them with TV and gaming and friends and music; it is SUPER HARD. The devil wants me to believe it’s too late. NEVER!!! This Mama knows the mission. It’s a real balancing act though because you can’t just preach at them all the time and they each receive things in different ways…thanks for listening:)

    • Sherry,
      I stopped going to church when I was a teenager and I put other things in my life before God for a long time…fifteen or so years later after I had my own children I realized I needed to put God first to be content and I wanted my girls to experience His love. I will pray for you and your boys! Your post touched my heart.

    • I know how you feel… I have a pre-teen girl who is now exerting her own independence and “churchy-stuff” is one area that we have differing opinions. She sees that some of her friends don’t go to church and they are just fine (in her words). It is hard to keep them engaged with Jesus and not be absorbed by the ways of this world while at the same time not preach to them to the point that they pull away out of sheer rebellion. I am praying with you my sweet friend. 🙂

  39. Yes the most important thing I need to teach my children is to have a personal relationship with Christ. The best way to do that is by personal example. My kids need to see my relationship with Christ. Yes it is important to go to church,bible study,wed night kids clubs, but my children need to see my walk. How Jesus is living through me.
    Lord, help me to walk with you today. Let your light shine through me. That others will see you in me.

  40. I want my daughters to love Jesus. I know they will make mistakes. We all do. I want them to know that when they do Jesus still loves them.

  41. I am catching up after a busy couple of days and first, I have to say that I so appreciate Melissa’s realness in her video about dropping her son off to college. I cried as I read it, as I too have been there twice! Such a bittersweet day that is. Hope you are hanging in there, Melissa! Boy this chapter really is convicting me, because I have two boys already out of the house and in college and my baby is a Junior in high school. I have some regrets of things I wish I would have taught and put more value on with my older boys, so my hope is to be able to do those things with my youngest in the next two years…..emphasizing his relationship with Jesus is what I want to impart. Leading him to realize the importance of that in his life. He was healed by Jesus when he suffered a very serious injury in April which he recovered miraculously from. Lord, help to know how to plant the seeds and show him this healing so that he grows deeper in his relationship with you. Amen. And also, Lord, help me to continue to plant seeds in my little plants that are already in college. 🙂

  42. Lisa Gauze says:

    I want to teach my kids what true excitement is having a relationship with Jesus. I want them to see the excitement in me as I read and study the Bible with them. I want that infectious love to be transferred to my kids above all other achievements. When we put down Bible reading for the reading log, I want them to stand up and say “yes, this is true reading, no, this isn’t on the AR list, but it’s on mine and my family’s list.” Lord help me to convey this to this years teachers and let them accept it and witness our love for Jesus Christ. Please pray this with me Ladies as we head into another public school year. Thank you and God Bless in Jesus’ Name.

  43. My desire is that my children will learn to love Jesus with all their hearts, souls and minds. That they will desire to follow Jesus (even when what He is telling them is not popular or celebrated by this worlds standards.) That they will show love and respect to the other people God has placed in their lives.
    These are all hard lessons to teach. I surely need The Lord to give me strength and wisdom to guide them each step of the way.

  44. I want my kids to learn to trust and to let go. Those are 2 of the things I struggle most with. I’ve been working on those all my life. Because of that, I’m not really modeling it well, so chances are, they aren’t leaning it as I’d like, but maybe they will be further along than me. Also, one seems more anxious and the other more angry than I think is normal for young children, and trusting god and letting go and leaning on God is really something I’d like them to learn.

  45. I’m equipping my child for real life not sheltering them. Teaching them about God and to rely on Him. How Jesus is in control and howhavinga relationship with him is #1.

  46. Lyns. McD says:

    I of course want my children to have their own relationships with Jesus! Not just a because mom said so relationship. On top of that I want them to value honesty. Honesty defines relationships and also so very much effects ministry and the sharing of your faith with others. We try hard to show honesty in our home and encourage our kids in how important being honest is.

  47. Maggie Bell says:

    One of the most important things I want to teach my children (3boys- 10,8,5) is empathy for others. Not just sympathy but to try to empathize and put themselves in that person’s shoes. Such a quality lost in today’s world.

  48. I think one of the most important things I try and teach or more importantly show my kids is that in all circumstances we can be thankful. Even when things are going wrong a thankful heart can take your eyes off the situation and on to God. I want my kids to see Jesus in me everyday. I pray that I am His light as I go through my everyday life chores, making meals, laundry, taking care of the livestock, etc…… Having 9 kids and being pulled a million different ways I have learned that if I focus on thankfulness no matter what I see my kids in a different light and they see Jesus in me.

  49. I want to teach my son to have a relationship with God. I want him to learn relationship not religion. I want him to know God’s love and the impotence of reaching out to others, so they know God’s love. I want him to learn to seek Gods will in his life. I think it’s important that my husband and I talk to him about God , but I think it’s even more important that he sees us doing all of these things in our lives.

  50. My biggest hope for my children is for them to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

  51. Lauren Jolly says:

    I’d like my son to learn dependency on god and to look to him to determine his worth, not the worlds views. I aspire to teach him this by modeling the same behavior myself so that he can see me doing this in my everyday life. By talking to god together, we can develop this relationship from an early stage.

  52. I want my kids to have a relationship with Christ and a desire to serve Him. I have done many things I know that have messed them up and they are all older but I pray that they follow what they know to be true, to love God and serve Him and do as they should.

  53. I too want my kids to have a heart for the Lord and a yearning to serve and worship him. I want them to know they can go to him with anything and that he will always be there for them. My kids are 8, 3 and 19 months so I pray this prayer over them at night. With my 8 year old, I talk to her a lot about Jesus and how he is always with her. She has nightmares a lot and we always turn to God to help her sleep. This comforts her and she likes knowing he is always there. With my 3 year old, I am just now reading more bible stories with him and I point out God to him as much as I can in day to day things. We sing a lot of bible songs that I sang growing up and he is starting to talk about Jesus on his own now. With my 19 month old, I just pray over her and we sing our bible songs too! I really hope they grasp that Jesus is their Savior and that he loves them no matter what!

  54. Jennifer L says:

    A personal relationship with Jesus. I need to do a better job of modeling this behavior in front of them. I try to do things when they are in bed or off doing other activities but if they don’t see me in prayer and reading my Bible they won’t know what goes into having that personal relationship. It’s something I need help nurture with each of them. And leading by example is one of the best ways I think.

  55. Perhaps what I want my children to learn most is that which I struggle with the most: complete trust in The Lord. I want them to rely on him to fill them up during the most difficult of times and praise his name through all things. I am trying to be at this place myself and so I am constantly using my own moments of struggle as teaching times.

  56. As a new mom to a 7month old this question really hit me hard. Babies are so precious and innocent and it is so easy to become wrapped up in caring for them and wanting to protect them. I have to remeber that she is Gods child first and the most important thing I can do for her is guide her to a relationship with Jesus as well as live out an example of this in my own life. When I talk to other moms and they are taking about what schooling is best and what developmental toys she should be using, while all of this is great I need to start now paving the way for leading her to Jesus! That is my top priority and through prayer, example and showing her Jesus throughout each and everyday hopefully she will realize that in this world that is what is most important. Though she may be little right now I can start praying for this for her future!

  57. Besides the obvious of teaching them to be a committed follower of Christ I would like to teach all my kids to cook.

  58. In my walk over the past several months, I have been contently reminded that my perspective on things can totally change a situation. God has spoken to me over and over again about perspective in many different ways and circumstances. It reminds me of the glass half empty / half full scenario. When things happen I ask them how they feel about the situation and then I explain that what we see is not always the whole picture. On Saturday I took my daughter to have her hair fixed for her first gymnastics meet of the season. There was a beautiful little girl getting her hair cut. The cut was very short and mature for such a young girl. When we got in the car, my daughter asked if I saw the girl’s hair cut. I said that I did, but I thought it was too grown up for such a pretty young girl. My daughter said, “But Mom, she can’t help it. She has cancer.” I said there you go. I was quick to judge without knowing the facts. It was a reminder for me that it is not my place to judge and it was also an opportunity for me to tell her that 1. I am not perfect and am in need of God’s forgiveness and 2. that we should not judge a book by its cover.

  59. The most important thing I want my daughter to know/learn is that she is never alone and that while I love her with all my heart, I am not perfect. There is only one who walked on the earth who was perfect:Jesus. I want her to know He will never leave her, forsake and that He is there for her 24/7/365 wherever she may be @ any time of her life.

  60. Of everything you want to teach your children, what’s at the top of your list for them to learn?
    I always strive to make sure they know that I love them. My parents didn’t do that for me, so it became my main objective. I now see that while knowing Mom loves them is important, I need to make sure that they know Jesus loves them even more. And I also need to live my life in a way that says I know just how much Jesus loves ME!

    What are some ways you can contribute to your child learning this?
    When I think back over our routine, I regrettably admit, that they spend more time learning math facts and practicing piano than they do reading their bible. I will be praying for God’s help in changing these priorities. I think that my kids will learn best by my example and right now I wait to read my bible and do my study until everyone else is gone or preoccupied.

  61. My answer to the second question is that I am going to pray for her in the ways I know how and them as The Lord reveals more things/ways to pray for her. I will continue to pray for “the teachable moments” He provides instead of getting ahead of Him by worrying about how to handle a situation “down the road”. I will pray to be the mom God created me to be.

  62. I want my children to grow up to have relationships with Christ, even though I was raised in church, it was a watered down message, a close personal relationship was not emphasized. This is something that I am learning with them and sometimes I struggle and respond in a worldly way rather than trusting God, I want to make changed in my own life that will spill over into theirs. I have been feeling so convicted lately and I know Jesus is working in my life.

  63. I am a fulltime Mom and Wife. Although, I hate to admit this one, the thing I want my kiddos to learn the most is to be independent of me. They need to be able to figure things out on their own; make decisions; get out in the world and live it! Yes! The main way to do that is knowing that they have God ALWAYS backing them up. Sometimes, the only way they can really experience this and learn this is to get out from under my wings and just do it. I cannot believe how much my oldest grew up and became a man after one year of college. Sure, he still called and asked for advice – but I’m 3 hours away. He HAD to do it all by himself and he knew that too. And, the best thing is, he did it!! I could not be prouder (and a little sad). When we look back on some of those harder times, he can actually say I see how God worked that one out for me. Man, I love that!!

  64. Good morning Ladies!
    I pray that I can teach my children to look to God first in everything. This is something I still catch myself with. I want them to be aware that mommy and daddy won’t always be around in the tough times, but that God never leaves their side.
    #LordHelpMe xoxo

  65. Becky Brady says:

    My children’s happiness has been at the top of my list; me trying to buy them everything to keep up with their friends and taking them places that they enjoy. After reading the book, I’ve gotten an old vacation Bible school curriculum that I am going to start with them & I have been seizing the opportunities to talk about God several times a day! Now I have their eternal happiness at the top of my list.

  66. I have searched and felt God calling to me most of my life. However, I did not come to understand the personal relationship part of it until much later. I want for my girls to know Christ and to claim Him as their savior. I want so much for them to have what I didn’t have in my growing up years. Someone to turn to no matter what. Someone who is always there, never too busy to listen or help or even carry them in the bad times. I pray that I can teach them to claim that relationship for themselves, not just because I do. I pray that others will come along beside them and teach them also.

  67. I guess the most important thing I want to teach my children and grandchildren is that no matter what life is handing out to you or whatever problems that arises in your life, give it to God for he is the only one who can see you through any problems you are dealing with at the moment. For He is our healer, He is the only one who will get up through whatever problems we encounter.

    I was going through a rough patch with my son and step-daughter, they both were strung out on drugs, my son is in prison and my step-daughter lost custody of son (who we are raising) due to drugs, I prayed and prayed to God to please get them both back on a good path, to change their life’s around, well I can tell you that God does answer prayer, my step-daughter has stop doing the drugs and is making an effort to get her life back in order, my son has also said he wants to make new changes in his life when he gets out. So I continue to pray that they both will continue to make progress in their lives and leave the drugs out of their lives.

  68. I guess the most important thing I want to teach my children and grandchildren is that no matter what life is handing out to you or whatever problems that arises in your life, give it to God for he is the only one who can see you through any problems you are dealing with at the moment. For He is our healer, He is the only one who will get up through whatever problems we encounter.

    I was going through a rough patch with my son and step-daughter, they both were strung out on drugs, my son is in prison and my step-daughter lost custody of son (who we are raising) due to drugs, I prayed and prayed to God to please get them both back on a good path, to change their life’s around, well I can tell you that God does answer prayer, my step-daughter has stop doing the drugs and is making an effort to get her life back in order, my son has also said he wants to make new changes in his life when he gets out. So I continue to pray that they both will continue to make progress in their lives and leave the drugs out of their lives.

  69. At the top of my list to teach my daughter is to look to Jesus in everything. I can help her learn this by pointing her to Him in everything. When she needs healing, when she needs strength, when she’s searching for truth and trust, etc. As a mom I need to make sure she knows where to find those things and set the example by going to Him myself as well.

  70. The most important thing I want my kids to know is The Lord and to have a personnel walk with him.

  71. I want my daughter to learn how to offer the same kindness as Jesus. Living in south Florida can be a challenge at times because we are surrounded by impatient drivers, violence, and people that down-right have no compassion for others. I want my child to learn to be different and to spread kindness to the people in her life, and the ones that are not.

  72. I want my girls to have personal relationships with Jesus… not just to do what I do although I understand the value of framing expectations by showing your kids what you expect from them. There are times when they don’t want to go to church or be involved in a kids ministry activity and that scares me. I worry that maybe they do those things because they feel that is what is expected of them. And I have to be honest that it took ME nearly 40 years of my life to realize HOW to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Now I do things out of the desire to learn and grow and not from the expectations of others. I pray my kids get there MUCH faster than I did. I have really enjoyed being involved in this study for mom’s and I would like to see more studies like this in the future. 🙂

  73. Two nights ago we were about to tuck our children in and pray with them. My husband could tell our daughter had a heavy heart. He asked her and she said she wanted to talk to mommy. So we went into my room and closed the door. She has a friend whose daddy is an athiest and her mommy was raised Catholic. It’s been weighing on my daughters heart (my daughter is 7) all summer to talk to her friend about Jesus and how to ask Him into her heart!!! She asked if I could help her write some scripture like John 3:16 so next time she sees her she can read the verses to her friend. That was a WOW! moment! All of the praying we do for our kids and all of the Bible reading and talking about The Lord… We sometimes don’t know if they are actually listening and soaking it all in. That was such a gift to hear my daughters heart for The Lord before bedtime! I praise God for giving her a heart for Him and a heart to want to lead others to Him!

  74. The top of my list is that they a have a relationship with Jesus, but yet I don’t want them to be tested to discover they need Him 🙂 Does that make sense? Oh, the constant struggle/balancing act of parenthood. NO one told me it was this hard 🙂

  75. I want my children to actively love and serve others. We openly talk about those in need and how we can help them, through encouragement, prayer and actions (or giving monetarily). Serving others and being the hands and feet of Jesus are a few things I hope to teach my kids.

  76. I want my kids to know the real and living Jesus Christ and to depend on Him and lean on Him as they build a life long relationship. Please God help me provide a Godly example.

  77. I want my boys to know that Jesus is there for them through all circumstances good and bad. I can help them with this by talking to them about our own circumstances and then praying together and sharing with them how God made things possible. Talk about how a certain situation is difficult but verbally talk about our trust in that very circumstance and praise God together when He has clearly provided.

  78. Loving the responses here!

    I want my kids to be able to go to God first dor answers, ask Him questions, cry out to Him and celebrate with Him everyday of their lives. I want to live out my relationship with God in such a way that they see where my life comes from. I don’t want to provide them with all of the answers, but allow them the time and Holy Spirit’s timing to work.

    Granted, my kids are still young and this sounds great on paper…right?! 🙂

  79. I desperately desire for my kids to know how much Jesus loves them, and I long for them to love Jesus and have a personal relationship with him. I hope to inspire them beyond what my words can teach them but by my actions, and open honest relationship with them!

  80. I do want to teach them the importance of having a personal relationship with The Lord. We can make them memorize all we want but if they can’t see the importance it won’t do any good.

  81. The most important thing that I want for my kids is what my parents has left with me after they hav died…They truly have left a legacy and I felt that at each one of their funerals that even though in body they were not here I could feel the love and the life they lived for jesus that 1 day I will join them in heaven again…I want to leave that with my 8 yr. Old which wants to be baptized this sunday ♡ and my 21 yr. Old that is still trying to sort it all out. I want them to know through trials and temptations on this earth that GOD is there for them……

  82. I want my kids to know that for as much as I love them, God loves them more.

  83. I want my children to thank & praise the Lord, be prayful & be able to talk to Jesus, and have the characteristics of Jesus – be loving individuals.

  84. I hope to teach/show that God is with me every part of every day. From devos in the morning, to a simple prayer of thanks when we get in the car to head out for the day. Or a quick be with us prayer, even as we sit around the house enjoying each other.

  85. Kelly Catlett says:

    Hey Moms! All of the hard work and prayers can and do pay off. Praise, praise, praise that my husband and I did model and continue to do so for our children. They are grown and loving Jesus in their own ways and raising their children to do the same! After raising my children I experienced worry again over my grandchildren too! “Once a mom, always a mom!” Anyway, it is a joy seeing them following Jesus too. Anyways, I hope this gives some of you hope and just know our love never stops as moms and I continually pray every day for my children! #LordHelpMe to love like Jesus!

  86. Kathi Tidwell says:

    As a mom of three girls i have a lot of things I want to teach them. At the top if that really long list is to instill in them that they are beautiful loved children of the King. that as long as they have Him in their life than they can do anything. Because like the bible tells us nothing is impossible for God. That they grow to be kind, loving strong women of God and I pray that the faith that they have now stays with them as they grow. The way that they can contribute is to stay in the word, ask the hard questions that most are afraid to ask and as a mom can be afraid to answer for fear of getting it wrong. I think if the ask the hard questions now when the time comes that they need the answer they will be better prepared for it. My prayer is that they grow to be strong, happy well adjusted women who love The Lord and who never hit a point in life when they question if they are loved. Because they know beyond a shadow that they are. That they have a steward’s heart and that they use the gifts that God has given them for His glory. The list is endless of the hopes, dreams and prayers that I have for my girls but this is wants at the top.
    Again thank you so much for this study and helping me to learn that it is ok that my to do list is still waiting and to enjoy the time that I am given with my girls why I still have that time….they are growing up so fast.

  87. This was very good I have never looked at it from this perspective. Thank you for sharing these words.

  88. Jen Hartmann says:

    I enjoyed this chapter and needed the reminder of where my priority as a mom needs to be, helping them learn to depend on Jesus for everything and be thankful. Try to model this by my own choice of words and actions and show how God gives us grace when we do mess up. How I am also teaching our kids to have a relationship with Jesus is being involved and taking them to Awana, grateful they have ministries like this to give us parents tools in how to lead our kids to be disciples.

  89. I want my children to know it is ok to lead a simple life. It isn’t necessary to have an activity planned for every second of the day. This world is a temporary home and to get so caught up in the busyness of it will take away from our relationship with Christ.

  90. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    My only child is just starting kindergarten this week. He truly has a heart for helping people, and he believes Jesus and his Heavenly Father can do anything. I really want to nurture that in my little boy. I am grateful that he is going to a Christian school with an awesome teacher who is making “Jesus time” compelling to a group of 5 year old kids. Conor prays for a baby sister daily, but he may be the only one we get (I am looking at my 46th birthday very soon). I want him to know that Jesus can be enough for him, and to never lose that heart that loves other people.

    This book has come at such a time of changes inmy mommy world, and I am so grateful you all have been here on the journey with me!

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  91. Amy Punches says:

    We listen to Klove, talk about beautiful weather God gives us, pray, bible stories and devotions at night, Operation Christmas Child, kids rock youth every Wed, watch Christian movies, go to church, and talk!

  92. The most important thing I want to teach my children is to love our Lord and Savior more than anyone and anything. I want them to put God and Jesus first place in their hearts. I also want them to know God is with them wherever they go and He is always near. My husband and I try to model this in our behavior, actions, and conversation. Whenever presented with an issue or problem we always say, “let’s pray about it”. I want my kiddo’s to know that they can go to God and Jesus with ANYTHING. We also keep God center of all our activities. As we troop off to Karate classes or make our way to school we always pray on the way and ask God to be center of it all. Even when we run our errands we ask God to go before us and make each place we enter His Holy Territory. As we keep God center of everything we do I pray that my kids will understand that God wants to be in a relationship with them. I want them to know they can talk to Him like they would talk to me or my husband or a friend. I also want to impress upon them how very deeply God loves them. I want them to know that the Creator of the universe put them on this earth for such a time as this. God has amazing plans for them and I want them to know that all they need to do is keep their focus on our Lord and Savior and He will lead them and show them all the good things He has planned for them. I tell them that God will open doors that only He can open and He will shut the doors they shouldn’t go through. I desire more than anything that they know Jesus on the deepest and closest level possible.

  93. The top of my list is that each if my children develop a close relationship with Him. I want them each to find out how important that is and to not stray when they are out there in their own. My son has moved off to college and I reminded him before he left that it would be easier with God. I pray that he listened and holds onto that. I pray that he finds a church in his new place that he can belong to like he did here at home.

  94. Karen Newell says:

    Mostly, I want to teach my boys that the world isn’t all about them. I want my boys to treat others with love and respect, as God would have us do. God is not a genie or Santa, but He does listen when we pray. Mostly, I want to show them how much I love my Savior and how important He is to me. I want them to feel the same and act that way. I just pray that God gives gives me what I need to do just that.

  95. Caitlin Floyd says:

    My top priority for my girls is for them to come to know Jesus! We try our best to take them to church whenever the doors are open, pray with them & read the Bible with them. It’s the most important decision they will ever make, so I feel it’s our job to help prepare the way as much as possible!

  96. I want my children to know how to treat people, everyone from family to strangers. I was raised to be snappy & condescending to family but extra nice to strangers, which I unfortunately didn’t even know until my mid-20’s. I have been trying to change this in myself ever since, over a decade, but I still struggle with it. I learned it from my parents’ actions, so I’m trying desperately to not act that way anymore, and supplement with discussions about it with my kids. We even have a great children’s book called “Do Unto Otters” that I highly recommend.

  97. I just really want my children to know JESUS and have a close relationship with Him! It’s not a easy path at times but always strive down the road and on fire for Him to share His love to others

  98. I want my son to learn that Jesus is the answer. The answer to every worry, question, relationship, success or problem. In order for him to know this he must have a close relationship with Jesus absorbed in unconditional love.

  99. The things at the top of my list to teach my kids are to trust God, pray about everything, love one another….
    It is important for me to show them my trust in God and let them see what comes of it. They are starting to learn that if they are scared, pray; if they are thankful, pray; if a loved one needs healing, pray. Its an overwhelming feeling when my 5 year old asks me to pray with him. And he has just the sweetest little prayers! My 3 year old is starting to want to pray about things, too. The other thing is to love each other….and show it. I know I need to model this to them (and I know I fall short quite a bit), but I keep praying about it, and I let them hear me pray about my shortcomings…I think it’s important for them to hear me admit to God I know I messed up, and ask for His help because I know I can’t do it alone.

  100. I want to teach my son that he has intrinsic value because of who he is – a child of God – not b/c of anything he does.

  101. I want my son, Jerico, to always have the wonder and amazement of all of Gods creations. He has such a childlike faith and trust in Jesus, and I pray that never leaves him.

  102. We have 8 kids ages 20 down to 5. Capturing the moments each day with each kid is easy for me to miss in the busy days….but

    Top of my list (of innumerable things) to teach my kids:
    1. They are daughters and sons of a loving Father
    2. To listen to God and act

    These are two things I struggle with myself. So we are all a work in process 🙂

  103. I have been in church all my life literally in the womb, but I had no relationship. Even in my childhood home my parents taught us religion not relationship. With my daughters I want them to know that I may not be able to solve all their problems or be there during their time of need but their Heavenly Father is always present no matter what.

  104. The biggest thing I want for my kids is to feel Gods grace! I want them to be so stunned by Gods precious love for them and care for them. I want them to see it everywhere. And always have it on their mind. I want them to forgive because they’ve been forgiven. I want them to love because they’ve been loved and I want them to obey because they are looking to the ultimate obedient son for strength. A lot easier said than done 🙂 because honestly somedays I’m just tired and I just want them to obey and say tgeyre sorry and I don’t always care why.

  105. That my child grow in their love for Jesus and honor God in all she does.

  106. I want my children to be themselves. Not to worry about being judged and not to judge others. It’s now easy for us parents to do ourselves, to worry and judge, so it becomes a hard lesson to teach. The teachings of Jesus will have to help me with this lesson. Showing then Jesus is the best way to teach them this.

  107. This chapter really was very timely. Have so many questions going through my mind in regards to my boys especially with school about to start. A great reminder as to what is the most important thing. And that I don’t have to make it all right – just point them to the One who can heal/restore/provide. My oldest is struggling with his faith right now. It is so hard. He is angry that God has allowed me to be sick, to loose my job, for his Dad’s bad to be hurt, and a lot of other stuff that 12 year olds deal with. I am trying to model relying on God and pointing him back but my mom heart aches.

  108. Of course my number one thing I want them to learn is to love Jesus with all their heart, mind, body, and soul. But a close second to that is how loved that they are. How special they are. That they are worthy of love and respect. They are capable of handling (with God’s help) all that life can throw at them. Self confidence. Due to some childhood trauma, I never learned these lessons as a child. I still very much struggle with each of these. I do not realize how loved I am, how worthy I am. I have no self confidence. I am scared of everything (which is why I am so excited about the upcoming Kicking Fear to the Curb study!!!). It breaks my heart to think of my children growing up this way, so I am going to do my very best to make sure that they don’t. With God’s grace, I will succeed!

  109. I believe at the Top of My List would be: I want my kids to have a deep relationship with Christ! I want them to be Saved ofcourse but y’all there is so much more to it!!! I know people who everyday they may be saved and they just leave it there, pardon my expression but its their “Get out of Hell Free Pass” you know how I know because I’ve been that person. One day God chose to set me down and show me its more to it than that. Oh and ofcourse God is always right!!! Jesus is truly my best friend, there isn’t a moment that goes by that I don’t feel like I truly can go to him with anything!! Cast your cares upon the Lord because he cares for you. Oh how true yhzt is! So I said that to say this I want Jesus to be their all, then everything else should fall into place. #LordHelpMe#BffJESUS#AmIMessingUpMyKids

  110. Jessica Gilbertson says:

    I want my son to believe in Christ as his savior and have his own relationship with Jesus. I don’t want him to believe because I believe. I need God to help me show him what that relationship looks like because I do not always openly show my relationship with God. I pray to him quietly where my son does not see. That needs to change, otherwise I will not be the example he needs.

  111. I want my kids to learn to love Jesus with all their heart, mind, soul and strength. I want them to trust Him when it seems there’s nothing else to trust in and for when they fear or doubt. I want them to experience the peace that comes from a relationship with Him, and the hope of things they can not understand or see. I want to teach them that it’s ok to be themselves, to be different in this world, and to care for others.

  112. I want my kids to know Jesus as their Savior and that following Him won’t be easy but will be the best decision they have ever made. I want them to see Jesus in me but I also know that I fail miserably at times. That’s where grace comes in and I want them also to see me asking for forgiveness too. I try to reinforce this by helping out at their AWANA club and Bible School as we all can learn and grow together.

  113. I want my kids to learn many things – laundry, cooking, cleaning, hygiene. Most of all I want them to know – heart, soul, body, mind – Jesus loves them.

  114. I want my grandchildren to learn to trust God, to have and extend hope, and their significance is found in their relationship with Jesus.

  115. The top things I would love for my children to learn is humility and love. Through out every negative circumstance that has really shaken my faith I found when I stepped out of the situation and analyzed it with humility and love it turned the negative into a positive.

  116. Laura LaRiviere says:

    There are two things I want my children to learn. First and foremost God is ALWAYS there for them. Second, be who he made you and be proud of that!! I want them to be their own person and because that’s how God made them!!

  117. Of everything you want to teach your children, what’s at the top of your list for them to learn?

    To serve the lord. To trust him in their lives and that he will make their paths straight. We may not understand at the moment but he knows where we are supposed to be.

    What are some ways you can contribute to your child learning this?
    Showing my children and Doing it myself. Letting them see me reach for my bible and reading scriptures when I’m stressed or anxious and always thanking him for this day and the many many blessings we have.

  118. Hands down, the thing I want for my kids to learn is the very thing I feel like I’m finally embracing now…GRACE!

    In fact, I want them to learn (early) the lesson I just learned this week:


  119. I think that teaching them to love Jesus is the most important thing to teach our kids! Like you said, it’s more than taking them to church and Sunday school to model this. We need to be an example of loving Jesus for our children. 🙂

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