Wrapping Up 18

I began this week with tears because I miss two of my kids who moved up to college. I end this week with tears because our 18th Online Bible Study is coming to an end.  🙁

It is my sincere hope that you have found something special here. We have loved gathering with you as we’ve read Am I Messing Up My Kids? by Lysa TerKeurst. I was on the phone with Lysa last night and one of the things we talked about was how very special our OBS community is. It’s been fun to meet other moms of all stages of motherhood from all over the world. It’s been helpful to know we aren’t alone and that there is hope for us as moms and for our kids … no matter what the circumstances. And I think more than anything, this study has reminded me that my relationship with Jesus is the most important thing I can have for myself and for me as a mom. I don’t want to do anything in life apart from Him, especially in my role as a mom!

So, OBS #18 is a wrap … now what?

The Best Yes

We want to invite you to join our next OBS if you haven’t already. It’s The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKeurst, already a best-seller on The New York Times list! That study begins September 22 and Lysa and I hope you’ll join us! We have a lot of great stuff planned for this study!  You can sign up here.

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Let’s Chat:

Share your heart with us today.

What has Am I Messing Up My Kids? helped you with most?

Will you be joining us for The Best Yes?

Twenty winners will be randomly selected from all the comments this week. Winners will be announced Tues., August 26.

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  1. I have enjoyed my first online study w you! I so enjoyed it. I did not keep up w the blog, hashtag, Facebook but did enjoy talking to a friend about the study several states away. I moved almost 5 years ago and have only seen her once when I ran through security on a connecting flight to hug her neck and see her kids. She was so kind to drive then there for 20 mins we had together. I miss her terribly and this study has given us some great conversations. We hope we can both do the next study too together. Thank you so much for all the work in making this possible to be involved in Bible Study. It is very difficult to attend Bible study at church w their class times and my family’s schedule. This was perfect!

    • I agree, Julie! Its so great to be able to participate in a study when I can’t physically get away in the evenings to do so. Can’t wait for this next one! Growing in Christ!

  2. Theresa Rasmussen says:

    Thank you so much ladies for this awesome bible study! I have learned so much from you all and this book. I have a lot to work on as a mom. Thankfully I know to just trust Jesus and it will be okay! This is so hard to do sometimes. But I know now that I am not the only one struggling with this, which comforts me. Thanks again so much!

  3. You ladies have been so inspirational to me!! I fully intend on signing up for the next session. I loved your scripture references & how they truly relate in many if life’s trials. I am a mom of twin 19 year old boys & I need all the help I can get. I intend to refer back often! Thanks for all that you do! <3
    I will still wonder if I am messing up my kids……I know I am not alone & that is so reassuring. God is good to us we just need to learn to let GO & then truly let go. Thanks again!

  4. Tanisha G says:

    Thank you Melissa, Nicki, Kristy and anyone I have left off for an amazing study!!!

  5. Am I Messing Up My Kids study really helped me to slow down and enjoy my kids as they enter the teen/high school years. It’s also been a great reminder that I’m not alone and God gave me these children for a reason and He is always there along the journey.
    I will be joining the next Best Yes study. I really need this one!! In my current job and state right now I am struggling so badly in what decisions to make. With three kids, husband, work and going to school full time I feel like I am always running around and yet something is seriously missing in my life.

  6. Thanks so much for this OBS. It came in a time in my life when I needed something “real” and not just another kind of parenting book. I realized that being a “good” mom isn’t in what I DO as a parent, but in who I AM as a child of my almighty God. In fact every aspect of our life is really all about that very thing. God bless you, thank you ladies for all the time, love and prayers you devote to this dear community. I’m sure I can confidently say it has not come back void to you. Looking forward to The Best Yes study.

  7. This has been an AMAZING 1st OBS. Thank you so much for opening up your hearts and words of wisdom to all of us. It is so nice to know that I am not alone in these everyday struggles. I have already started implementing a lot of what I have learned, and decided to focus on. This OBS really did “hit the spot”. I hope to do the next study as well. Thank you to everyone involved! Here’s to all of us #imperfectmoms!

  8. I think the biggest thing I learned from this Bible study is that my job is to raise my children as disciples of Christ, not to please the world. They are to be accepted for who they care because God created them to be unique and special. I don’t have to be perfect, but I need to strive to do my best every day and when I mess up, ask the Lord for forgiveness and move on. Hoping to join The Best Yes study. I really enjoy these. Peace and blessings to all.

  9. I am so thankful for Proverbs 31 Ministries and the OBS community! During this study I found I have at least one, potentially two, auto immune diseases that have completely zapped my energy and made life more challenging in the short term. I am not able to commit to anything outside of our home and truly appreciate being able to find inspiration and community while resting at home. Thank you so much for all this team of amazing, inspiring women do to bring God’s word into our hearts! Lysa is one of my favorite authors and her studies continue to touchdown right where my heart needs it most. I learned in this study that while my strength is low and my worries are high, God will fill me back up. That He’s got.this. My babies are in His hands and no matter what, the testimony He is building in their own lives is greater than any of my best and worst days with them. Praise God! Looking forward to The Best Yes!

  10. Nicole Nista says:

    This has been my 3rd Bible study with Proverbs31, and I have never felt more accepted and at home in a bible study in my whole life than I do in this community.
    This study of Am I Messing up my Kids has shown me that Mothering needs to be God-Centered. I also don’t feel so alone or guilty that I can’t do everything in my own. I’m only Human. I have asked myself time and time again why did God give me these kids??? I am no good for them , I can’t meet all the demands of a mom and wife. But I now I know that God doesn’t make mistakes and he has a plan for the kids and me 🙂
    Thank you Lysa, Melissa, Nicki and Kristy for sharing that even you guys have off days too.
    I love you all and I can’t wait for The Best Yes Study to start.


  11. I have loved this bible study and many from the past. I have learned so much from this book but if i had to pick one section that stood out it would be Chapter 4~ “Did I really just say that??” Psalm 4: The psalm of Hope. I have really started to hold my tongue. Think before I speak and stay in Gods word. Also to think positive thoughts. I too can overreact when certain things happen and start raising my voice at the kids which upsets me and them. So in most all cases I take a moment hold my tongue and speak words of encouragement instead go over the edge. You stated words are powerful they can hurt and they can help, My goal is to stay close to God daily, Thank you for your help in this. I am definitely looking forward to The Best Yes!!!

  12. Thank you so much for this study…you all are amazing and I have been truly blessed

  13. Looking forward to the next study…The Best Yes!

  14. Every P31 OBS that I have participated in has been AWESOME! I love how we all share and care for each other, even though a lot of us have never met in person. Thank you for this great ministry. I am signed up for “The Best
    Yes” and can’t wait to get started. 🙂 God Bless You all.

  15. Thank you team! This was great and perfect for the summer. I have learned that I am not messing up my kids!!! I am all signed up for The Best Yes!

  16. The main thing the study, “Am I Messing Up My Kids”, has brought to me is a greater peace in my role as a mother. I no longer feel like a failure, a mess up, or that I’m the only one on the planet that has children that behave a certain way sometimes or that feels the way that I do, or that I am the only mom that has a house completely disheveled at times. I feel capable, I feel equipped, and I feel human. This is exactly the way God made me and I now embrace it. I have been truly blessed by this study, and I thank you all so much for leading us in this.

    Yes! I am joining you for “The Best Yes” study. My book is supposed to be delivered the beginning of next week, and then as soon as they release the study DVD set with member book, I have that pre-ordered as well! Very, very much looking forward to that one with you all. I need that one so badly also! You all are a blessing, and thank you again!!!

  17. Rene Sloan says:

    YES!! I will be joining for the next study and every one after that until I am no longer able to read!! 🙂 My very first OBS was Living So That and my life has changed with each study since and I can only imagine what God is going to continue to do with me through you wonderful ladies at Proverbs 31!!
    Am I Messing Up My Kids has opened my eyes to a fresher parenting perspective and has taught me many, many things. I can’t even begin to name them all but Lysa Terkeurst is a GREAT author! Once I begin reading it is so hard for me to put her book down! I can relate to what she says and I love her style! So I am so excited to be reading another one of her books, The Best Yes!
    Wish I could join all you sweet ladies for the OBS retreat but I will meet you all again in September as we begin yet another wonderful bible study!

  18. I love all the online Bible Studies . I have enjoyed each one. I am looking forward to The Best Yes study. I know that it will be a blessing to me as well.
    Thanks for all you do,

  19. I have 5 children ages 28, 27, 24, 21 and 19. Am I messing up my kids? Not really, I have blamed myself for some of the troubles my son especially has gotten into. I realized they will stray but as long as I have faith and trust in the Lord they will get back on the path. I have been reading and praying Psalm 103 before but not really paying attention to the words. The questions that accompanied the study helped me remember the good things the Lord has done for my son and my family, how he has seen us through troubles before and will give righteousness and justice again. Not my will but the Lords will be done in our lives.

  20. Anna McLeod says:

    Thanks for offering the online Bible studies! It’s not always easy to another meeting to my schedule but an online one where I’m encouraged to be the best version of myself that God wants me to be- that’s a win! There are so many good books out there- thanks for sharing some of them with us.

  21. I LOVE BOOKS and would LOVE TO WIN ONE!!!!!
    Yes, I WILL BE JOINING you for the Best Yes – I have my book and am forcing myself NOT to start reading it!
    I am truly grateful for your ministry and have become a REAL GROUPIE!!!! Thank you ALL for what you do for us!

  22. Andrea Tillotson says:

    I had a realization that I have been a reluctant mother because I have been afraid I will do it wrong! I know now that God has been in control the whole time. I am glad to know that I am not alone and with God’s grace I will get better. I love TIME: Take Initiative for Meaningful Experiences. I now need to evaluate my relationship with my son, and ask God for direction.

  23. Jennifer Waterhouse says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for having this OBS during this summer. I am a mom and school teacher and really had time this summer to read and think about things in “Am I Messing Up My Kids”. Being a mom of 2, they have very different personalities- one child is shy and one is outgoing. My outgoing child does get in more trouble (not intentionally, he just needs to make better choices when to socialize and when to listen). Whenever I would get a naughty note home, I would take it personally, because a teacher’s kid should know better, right? Through this study I have learned that I need to teach and discipline my children, but they will make their own choices, that they have to own and while I think it may be a reflection on me, it shouldn’t. As a teacher, I pray that the parents of the kids I teach will allow me work with their children and trust me to guide their children to be the best they can be. Help my students to see Jesus in me- not by me preaching (can’t do that in the public school), but by my actions. Again, thank you for the videos and thoughts you have posted each week. Looking forward to “The Best Yes”.

  24. I mourning this study a bit. I will miss the constant validation that I don’t have to live up to crazy expectations to be a good mom. Just last night, I had the confidence to nix a Kindergarten popsicle social event. I was exhausted from a very trying week. My kids both looked tired. My little is starting… look at that, already listing out the excuses. I don’t need an excuse! We didn’t go because we wanted to be at HOME! And that’s what was best for my family last night. Hamburgers and Rise of the Guardians. So there. Can’t wait for the next study! That book has been burning a hole in my kitchen counter just waiting to be devoured! Thanks, ladies!

  25. Thanks for this amazing study, Melissa. So grateful to you, your team, the OBS community, and Proverbs 31 Ministries. The videos were especially awesome this time around. You ladies keep it “real” which I truly appreciate. Grace and blessings to all!

  26. Jen Hartmann says:

    Thank you Melissa and to all the contributors that took time to reach us moms. The emails and videos were so encouraging and so grateful for All your godly wisdom. I felt Lysa spoke directly to my heart on so many subjects I needed to journal through. Being a mom is definitely the most challenging job I have ever had. I tend to focus on the struggles more than the joys of being a mom and needed a renewing of my spirit. Know the retreat with be the icing on the cake and can’t wait!! I have already signed up for the best yes study and have my book. Can’t wait to join you ladies for another study ❤️ Thank you for all the giveaways and your generosity!!!!

  27. Never before have I been so mindful as I mother my children. This book has taught me so much! I can’t wait to start up in the fall with the best yes

  28. This study was amazing!!!!

  29. Debra Hopkins says:

    I just finished the book and even though my kids are on their own and serving the Lord in other states in their churches, I had been concerned that my mess ups as a mom could have lingering affects on them. I was afraid their marriages wouldn’t work because mine has had a lot of bumps and they saw it.I was afraid they would turn away from me and send me to a ‘bad mom home’.
    I love the statement on paper 224…’For I have finally realized that, despite my shortcomings,God has made me the mom I am meant to be.’
    Our son has thanked me for staying in my marriage, keeping us all together and for being the best loving mom ever. My daughter suggested Christian counseling and a light,calming prescription from my doctor . I did both. God has blessed both with great marriages, jobs, my wonderful grandchildren, DESPITE MY SHORTCOMINGS.Praising Him!

  30. I have loved every minute of this study. This is my second P31 OBS and I have gotten more than words can express out of each study. This study in particular helped me set a foundation for the type of mom I want to be. My daughter is 7months and although there are days where I secretly wish for certain stages to be over I have realized that I am going to cherish each moment. I can change my mindset and lean on God when I am having those tough days! I know with out a doubt that I need God in every aspect of my life especially when it comes to being a mom! I pray that with His help I can raise a daughter whose heart is full with love and Jesus! I truly feel like Lysa is one of my close friends after reading her book! I did not want it to end! I am beyond thankful for what I have learned from her words of wisdom!

  31. Thank you for another great study! This is the second time I’ve read our book and I know I received even more from it this time than last! Love you guys!!

  32. This study was a blessing to me. Thanks a bunch ladies!

  33. Heather Harris says:

    Thank you for leading this great study! My perspective on mothering has changed significantly and I hope my children will be able to see that change. It has been great to hear from other mothers and know that I am not alone!

  34. This was my first OBS and it was great! Looking forward to joining many more! Thank you so much!

  35. This study has helped take the burden away that it is my responsibility to MAKE my kids behave and love Jesus and be perfect. It is my job and blessing to teach, discipline, love, and provide an environment for them to learn to obey, I counter Jesus, and learn to love. But I can’t control their choices, and just because they may make bad ones, it doesn’t mean I am failing.

  36. I’m thankful for this study. I will continue to seek God first! And know that living and sharing Jesus with my girls is the most important part of being a mom!
    Looking forward to the Best Yes study!

  37. Thank you for another amazing OBS!!! I love Proverbs 31! I love Lysa TerKuerst! and most of all I love Jesus! Thank you all for all the work you do to put together these wonderfully enriching book studies. I truly cannot express my appreciation enough. I often feel like you guys are saying exactly what I’m thinking or feeling and it’s so nice to know that I’m not alone. Thank you!

  38. I have loved “Am I Messing Up My Kids?” ! I really don’t want it to end. It has made me realize that making a mistake in parenting does mean you have made a mistake in your child. All that we as Mother’s do does not go un- recognized in God’s eyes – EVER!! I get so bogged down with doing the same old thing sometimes – packing lunches, driving my kids from one place to another, volunteering and do it again and again. Sometimes no one says, Hey thanks – but God always does and for that I am enternally grateful! I have begun to feel His presence again! That is good and I thank you!!

    I am looking forward to the next OBS study!!

  39. Thanks to you all for a wonderful OBS!

  40. Jennifer L says:

    Forgiveness, grace and that my children are a gift to me from God. They belong to Him. And I have signed up for The Best Yes OBS!

  41. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I have really enjoyed the book, the emails, the conversations and the conference calls!
    This study has allowed me to take a deep breath and realize that I am not alone. Praise God for His love, protection, mercy and grace! And I thank Him daily for allowing me to be the Mama of my precious little gift from God!

  42. Jennifer Gearheart says:

    I loved this study! It reassured me that I am not alone and definitely not a perfect mom. I am more dependent on God through the struggles. I will most definitely refer back to this book for reminders.
    I can’t wait for The Best Yes and I will be joining!!

  43. Shelley Holcomb says:

    I think I’ve discovered most is that with God……I truly CAN’T mess up my kids!! As long as we continue to include and make God a focus of our family and child rearing, we can and ARE going to make mistakes, but we won’t be “messing her up”. With God…….can we really mess her up…….I’m gonna give a definitive NO!!! There are so many things we WILL mess up with as parents, but teaching and living Gods grace by example is a cornerstone. Reading that and discussing the fact…..has made me feel less like the only parent feeling how I feel. I’m gonna continue to have bad days, and pray for God’s grace in them, and by doing that, I hope Landry can follow my example and ask for and give grace during her lifetime!

  44. Sandra Butler says:

    This study has strengthened my relationship with God and helped me trust Him more with my children and their future because He knows what is best for them and me.

  45. Alicia Starr says:

    Thank you for a great study. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  46. This study has been so good. I am still reading and re-reading it and soaking it all in. Not sure yet if I will do the next one but the new book looks awesome!

  47. Misty Cox Henderson says:

    Definitely doing The Best Yes! This study has been comforting to me; I have enjoyed the scripture especially all the verses from Psalms. As a mom to 2 teen boys, the last 5 chapters were a huge blessing and timely with the start of the school year. God has a plan for my children and true success is not measured in worldly terms but in a strong relationship with Christ. Thanks for an amazing study; loved all the videos and the genuine leadership.

  48. I have thoroughly enjoyed this Bible study. Thanks for sharing God’s plan for mothers everywhere. I can’t wait for the next one.

  49. Chelsie Bourque says:

    I enjoyed this online bible study so much. Can’t wait til the next one and all the more to come. Thanks ladies for what y’all do.

  50. This study has been beyond what I expected! I needed it during this phase of my life, more than I imagined.
    Thank you for all you girls shared and for being real about this whole wild journey we call motherhood!!

  51. Kelly Catlett says:

    Loved this study, even as a grandma! I pray for all of the moms and that they feel the Lord moving in their hearts as we continue on this journey of motherhood. I am excited for The Best Yes and will see many of you there! Thank you Proverbs 31 OBS and all of the wonderful ladies that help make all of this happen! May God Bless!

  52. Cathy Bates says:

    This study has helped me realize that I haven’t messed up my kids after all. That the struggles that I have had are normal and so many other women have gone through the same things. I am learning to let go when my older kids make decisions and the consequences to those decisions aren’t so cool (ie . . . doing no call, no shows for work and being let go and then having to try and find money to put gas in the car etc.) That God watches over me as a mom and is pleased with me. That validation was HUGE!!!! 😀 I am also learning with my younger girls that a little dirt under their nails and hair that isn’t perfectly styled and outfits that don’t exactly match, are not negative reflections on me and to really take time to hear and watch them when they say “Cathy (I’m their step-mom) please come look at this” or “watch me” or “cuddle with me.” Because the time with them is so short. I have also learned that daily time with God is truly enjoyable. I used to dislike it because I didn’t know what to do and it was almost a drudgery, but now, thanks to this study, I really value my quiet time alone with God in the morning. These are just a few of the wonderful things God has blessed me with through this study and for all of these and so many more, I will be forever grateful!!! 😀

  53. Thank you for this study. It came at a time I most needed it. My mom just passed away this year and as a new mom I needed her and her example and advice. I felt so alone. This study encouraged me that even though she was my example of a great mom, she was showing me the love of Christ every day as my mom and as we have all talked about that’s out goal. I was feeling like an imperfectmom 🙂 and because of this study I am reassured that I can be an imperfect mom, but I have a perfect God. And I’m not alone. Thank you for sharing your stories and your time with us. This was my first online bible study and it was such a blessing. I can’t wait for the Best Yes!!!

  54. I have so enjoyed this study. This was my first on line study. It was so good. Thanks.

  55. Wendy Slaughter says:

    I think the one thing that stands out to me & has helped me the most by putting it into practice is tapping into the strength of the Holy Spirit to get me through each & every challenging parenting moment. When I feel frazzled & worn out & I want to snap at my children to stop & evaluate their heart in the situation & to discern how the Holy Spirit would have me respond each time, which each child. We are truly not alone! God has equipped & chosen each of us to be mom’s of His children. He knows exactally what He has for each of us to learn as parents & children. We are not alone as mom’s either-each one if us has unique challenges & gifts specially assigned by God. Most importantly that although we have our struggles & mistakes & it is nice to know that we are not alone, that God does not intend for us to stay there. He wants to grow us far beyond our expectation for our good & His glory;)! Thanks for this study Lysa & ladies! What a huge shift in perspective I needed in a season when I was feeling discouraged;)!

  56. Amy Osburn says:

    This study has been my 1st online bible study of any type. I absolutely LOVED it! I am super excited for the next one. This fit so much what God has put on my heart. So much great information and I will be going over this book again and again whenever I find myself stuck.
    Thank you ladies and I will certainly be praying for God to work during the retreat and in your lives as well.

  57. Sounds like my bible study group wants to do “The Best Yes” as our next study. Thanks!

  58. Living for today! Saying Jesus Jesus Jesus when I need the hs to take over! Thanks

  59. Shelby Holsopple says:

    This book has been great! Lysa is so real and easy to related to. It has given me so much to think about that I am going to read it again! I have even shared this book with a friend and she was crying in the first chapter! Love it!

  60. Delinda Floyd says:

    This study had so many days that the chapter said exactly what I needed to hear that day. The things that spe to me the most were making sure I keep myself filled up with Christ and bay my most important role as a mom is fostering my kids relationship with Christ. I knew this but I never looked at it in the way that there accomplishments would come and I do not need to focus to much time on there school accomplishments and others. Still considering about whether to join the “Best Yes”

  61. Mary Tullila says:

    Planning on the next yes and no I can’t come to the mountains but yes I’m praying a blessing over all of you going. Excited to hear all about it!

  62. Oh I will miss this Bible study but I already signed up for the next one! Do you know how these bible studies have helped me? Oh my goodness…A LOT! It is amazing how God reaches our hearts deep inside in place we sometimes dont want to go. But it is amazing how that process is for molding us more and more like Him….molding us to become the women HE created us to be! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, FOR YOUR VIDEOS, FOR YOUR PRAYERS, FOR YOUR TRANSPARENT Spirit, FOR YOUR LOVE. A HUGE hug to all!!! God bless you and may the Lord continue to mold us! Hugs!

  63. Debra Carney-deGruy says:

    I can’t wait until retreat!!!

  64. this Bible study has been an eye opener as well as a heart opener. I have learned that even though I was raised in a dysfunctional home doesn’t mean I am raising my kids like that. That I can break the cycle of dysfunction. Parenting is not for sissies and not to be ashamed that I need to lean on God to get me through. I just love Lysa and her books.

  65. I loved this book! I don’t know if I can wait a month to read The Best Yes. I’ve been so looking forward to its release

  66. Thank you for doing this study! I was longing for something to keep me focused and in God’s word during the summer while my womens bible study wasn’t going on. I loved this study and will use the tools to help me parent my sweet 4 little ones (2- 8yrs old boys, a 3 year old girl and an almost 10month old girl)! Parenting is a daily struggle but with great tools we can send our kids out……maybe, only slightly messed up! LOL!

  67. Thank you so much! Ive learned I need to rely on the lord more often and pray about everything. I’m not messing up my kids I need to keep trusting him and he will lead me down the right path with these precious souls.

  68. nancys1128 says:

    I’m all set for the next study. I even pre-ordered the book, rather than waiting until the study starts and hoping to find it at my local Christian bookstore.

    As for the current study, I think it’s helped me the most with realizing we moms all have stuff to deal with. Just as we are imperfect, so are our kids, and even our families. The best thing to do is let go of expectations and work through the realities. Our realities may not be what we want or had hoped for, but they are ours, and no one else’s. And it is all for a reason.

  69. I have LOVED doing this bible study and hate for it to come to an end! I think this bible study has helped me to cherish the little and to ask God for strength and guidance while raising my son to be the man he want him to be. I find myself being much calmer and more understanding of the terrible two tantrums that seem to be ends these days!
    I will be joining you for the Best of Yes bible study and can’t wait!

  70. I loved this study – each chapter seemed to speak directly to me about various things that I have been feeling or dealing with as a mom. I will definitely be here for The Best Yes and I can’t wait to see what is in store from this new book!

  71. I have learned to enjoy my kids. Enjoy every crazy minute. I have learned to pray in the midst of the craziness so I don’t lose my grip on reality. And I know that I am not messing up my kids even when it seems like I am. I’m teaching them to always keep their little eyes and hearts to their Heavenly Father.

  72. I have really enjoyed the study! As a mom of three little ones, 6, 3, &1. I often feel frazzled! God is teaching me patience and to rely on Him!!! Because many times dut

  73. Marcia Whaley says:

    This has been a great OBS. What I have learned is I’m not doing that bad! LOL Seriously, great points and suggestions on how to help me to appreciate my time with my daughter (who is 7) and to maximize the time, even when I don’t have a lot of time and to appreciate the little things.

  74. The OBS and Lysa’s book have eased my guilty mother complex. I am created and loved by God who gave me just the right kids at just the right time. Phew! I’m not really messing them up! 🙂 Thanks ladies for a great study!

  75. Samantha Compton says:

    LOVED IT!!! Thank you and I look forward to The Best Yes!!!

  76. This study has challenged me in many ways. It has reminded me to focus on my relationship with God and my kids more. And I realized that maybe I’m really not messing them up! Thanks for the study ladies.

  77. This obs has taught me that I am not alone and it is ok to be imperfect. It is also ok to do things differently than my parents. God can work through me each day in the lives of my girls even when I feel like I have blown it or had a good day or can’t go on one more day. And He loves my girls even more and better than I do or ever can because He is perfect and can’t mess up

  78. Yes I will be joining you for The Best Yes! Looking forward to it!

  79. I have gone through one of my most difficult seasons of mothering. This study helped me realize that im not alone. It helped me adjust my focus and put things in perspective. It pointed me to God and just encouraged me. I would like to do the next online bible study.

  80. Laura boyd says:

    Im in!

  81. Leigh Ellen says:

    This study has encouraged me by letting me see that many of my struggles, worries and feelings are shared by other mommas.

  82. Leigh Ellen says:

    This study has been an encouragement to me by letting me see that many of my struggles, worries and feelings are shared by other mommas.

  83. Racquel Peterson says:

    This study has been so great! I love, love, love the wisdom shared in the book. I think the most impactful takeaway for me is to truly rest in God and the realization that HE has already written the story for each of my kids. HIS plans will supersede any plans I might make for them.

    I eagerly anticipate the next study!

  84. I am sad that the study is coming to a close. I put my heart into it for the first three weeks. then life got in the way. I feel like I missed out on good fellowship in the blog. I feel like a failure, as usual. I know that is not healthy thinking. I am even in counseling to deal with my incorrect thinking. but it IS how I feel. The Lord has answered some really important prayers during this time. He is so real to me, and yet feels so far away.

  85. This was my 1st study with proverbs and has been a total blessing♡♡I LOVED the whole book and will use it from time to time:) Thanks to all the leaders and their children to make this all possible:) all the videos were awsome:) and very encouraging♡♡♡♡looking forward to the next study…have my book and ready to go…also thanks to everyone who shared their personal lives with me as now I know im not messing up my kids:)♡

  86. I think the biggest thing I’m taking away from this study is to just stop taking on things that were never mine to carry. It’s okay to step back and relax where my daughters are concerned. I need to remember that my job is to teach them but not to control them. I must take time to enjoy these precious moments because as I’ve really recognized with my 15 year old, time grows short. I pray my girls see Jesus in me and always know how deeply I love them. My greatest priority is to teach them how to love God best. And I trust that God’s got it all in the palm of His hand.

    Thanks Proverbs31 for another amazing OBS! Looking forward to the next one!

  87. I didn’t do “Am I Messing Up My Kids?” due to a very busy summer. But I’m SO looking forward to “The Best Yes” because my life is so busy and demanding!

  88. Robin Long says:

    Super excited for “Best Yes” OBS!!!!

  89. I looking forward the “The Best Yes”. I love Lysa’s books.

  90. Thank you P31 for this Bible study. I have learned so much. First that not only does God have a plan for my child, he has a plan for me too! I am trying to turn to God and let him take the lead not thinking I can plan the outcome and I finally believe that I am the mother God intended for my adopted child. I have felt that someone else would have done a better job, but I realize that our family is right where we should be! God never promised it would be easy. We will keep on growing in God’s love, by His grace and by His plan. Thank you all and God bless your ministry!

  91. I’ve never been a part of a Bible study since becoming a mom. I’m always doing the childcare for others! I thought this would be a good chance to get my feet wet. I never quite felt caught up – always being interrupted by one or the other kid – but I did get my answer: NO – I am not messing up my kids! Thanks!

  92. Thanks P31 for this Bible study. It has made me realise that I am not alone in feeling that I am messing up my kids. There are a lot of other moms who feel the same, however we need to turn to God for his help and guidance and his grace. We should enjoy the time we have with our children as it goes by so quickly. God bless.

  93. What I learned through this study is that I don’t have to be the perfect parent. God will fill that gap if I ask him thru prayer and really let go of my fears and anxieties. Truly trusting in him. Thank you for this these online studies. You are changing lives and hearts!! 😉

  94. Loved the book and the study. Thank you so much. Also really enjoyed the conference calls.
    I think this book helped me most to stop, relax and be a more loving parent. To forgive myself for my failures. To lean on God more in the day to day parenting decisions. To laugh more. To be more present in the moment. To rely on God wholly.

  95. I have wanted to post something every time and have even written what I wanted to say in my head, but I have always had my hands full, mostly with my third baby who is just 2 months old. I usually read the posts on my phone while nursing, which seem to be my only time sitting down! (In fact it’s what I’m doing right now!) It was so encouraging to hear some experienced moms talk about these days, and even Lysa in the book, that they are just so physically demanding, but that they also just pass by too quickly. I am trying to look at more moments from a distance and recognize them as the blessings that they are. I am the mom The Lord knows they need, and they are the kids I need too! Thanks for a great book and a great study.

  96. I am new to Proverbs 31 OBS; I found you through the living room redecorating the Nester did with Lysa. Who knew a DIY/decorating blog would lead me to a Bible study?! I am so thankful it did, though, because I started seeking God’s guidance this summer and Am I Messing Up My Kids was precisely what I needed. It was truly nothing short of divine intervention.
    I always feel so at peace when I do Bible studies, but I haven’t had many opportunities to do them with moving a couple times and being busy having babies. I definitely needed a sense of peace this summer being home alone with e kids for week after week after week…. This study helped me find an incredible amount of patience for my kids. I probably reduced my yelling by at least 75% just by connecting with God over the last 6 weeks. That is a major feat, and I am so proud of myself!
    I really enjoyed reading/listening to the mom stories. They make me feel like I am not alone in some of my mom challenges, there is hope, and I can absolutely be a better mom when I lean on God for guidance & peace.
    Yes, I will be doing The Best Yes Bible study, and my best friend will do it, too! I am really looking forward to many more studies through Proverbs 31!

  97. I have enjoyed this study so much and wish I would have had a lot of the information shared when my kids were young. Lysa is such a down to earth writer/speaker and the videos have been truly mom experiences we all go through. Thank you so much for all the time you have put in for us.

  98. Am I Messing Up My Kids helped me to enjoy my “kids” (daycare children) a lot more in the last few weeks. My viewpoint and feelings about this last group was drastically changed.

    I will be joining the next stud and can’t wait to get started!

  99. I have learned that I can’t do this mom thing on my own. I need to rely on God to guide me and fill in my gaps. I need to seek Him day by day and hour by hour and then trust Him to work it all out.

  100. Yes, I’ll be back for The Best Yes!! I can’t wait.

  101. Jackie Epstein says:

    Hi there! Well I loved the study, I learned that Im not alone in my own parenting struggles and challenges….and I also signed up for the best yes study too! I’ll see you in NC for the retreat as well!!! so pick me as a winner! thank you!

  102. I can’t wait for “The Best Yes” Bible study. I am reading the book now, but I look forward to the study so this message goes deep into my heart and impacts my schedule and my life : )

  103. Chelsea D. says:

    I really want to read the best yes.

  104. This was my second study ever, and both have been with OBS. I loved both of them, but this one really helped me remember to keep it together more by going to God instead of trying to do it on my own and blowing up. Thank you for this awesome ministry!

  105. I am signing up for The Best Yet Bible study. I can’t wait! I am a teacher and I have three boys. We are busy with church, school, and sports. I was so excited to hear about this online Bible study that I could do based on my schedule. This has allowed me to draw nearer to God. This study has also made me realize I am normal and I need Gods help daily in raising my kids. Am I messing up my kids??? With Gods mercy, wisdom, and grace I can say no.;)

  106. Angie Worth says:

    I have loved this Bible Study because it has made me realize that I am not alone – not only is God by my side through this journey, but there are also so many moms out there going through the same things! It does help to know that I’m not crazy! LOL! And I have also loved the discussions and motivations along the way! Thank you for a great study and an awesome book!

  107. Have really enjoyed the study and am even going back to re-read parts of it. Looking forward to The Best Yes study. Trying hard not to crack open the book yet!

  108. Am I Messing Up My Kids has helped me to not feel so alone! It has helped me to take a step back and realize my kids belong to God first and that I am just here to help. What ultimately happens in their lives is a part of God’s plan. It has helped me realize the most important thing I can do for my kids is help them form a relationship with Jesus. Thank you Lysa for this book and thanks to the OBS group for helping keep me on track so I could read this amazing book in just 6 weeks!

  109. Lacey Hammontree says:

    I have learned so much! I am so excited to see what God has planned for my family! I will be joining The Best Yes! Can’t wait!!

  110. April Secrest says:

    Thank you so much!! This has helped me to have more patience with my 4 year old son. Every time I would start to go back to getting frustrated I would read one of your emails or another chapter in the book. I will be reading this amazing material over and over! Can’t wait for the best yes!

  111. Thank you to everyone who hosted this OBS. It was the first one I have done, and I really enjoyed it. I would like to do the next study with everyone, but will be starting The Family Project with our family’s small group.

  112. This was my first P31 bible study and I loved. The book was amazing and I feel so much better as a mom. I can’t wait to start another study!

  113. This was a great bible study! It was a good reminder to remember what things are important in the parenting role. And yes I will be doing the next study as well-I can’t wait. I’m tired of feeling pulled in many different directions-of doing many things but not doing many things well.

  114. I am so looking forward to the next study The Best Yes. I think a lot of ladies will get so much help in this hard to manage area of our out of cintrol busy lives. Can’t start soon enough.

  115. Sara Chapados says:

    Really looking forward to the next.online Bible study
    Can’t wait to read Lysa’s latest book!

  116. More than anything I want to thank you for doing this bible study. I has blessed me beyond measure. One of the things I will remember more than anything is that Jesus is the only one that can restore my strength. It is my relationship with Jesus that is the most important gift I can share with my children.

  117. This study has been so good! I have a lot to think about, pray about, and review in the days to come. Thank you for your stories and encouragement to be the mom God created me to be

  118. Gay Palmer says:

    I was apprehensive about joining, wasn’t sure what to expect. I am glad i did.
    I have been encouraged that no matter where we are in the world as mothers the struggle is the same.
    I have been encouraged that as moms no matter the situations we are all wanting to do and to be better for ourselves and our families
    i am hopeful as i have seen through this study that christ is there ready to lead and guide if we let him.
    i believe that this generation of children will grow up better as we have asked for help and guidance and i believe that God is, has and will answer
    Thanks online bible study team dor ur willingness to share ur hearts, lives with us. Hope u will also be blessed by also

    i look forward to joining more

  119. I am so grateful and blessed for all I have learned in this Bible study. I am happy to know that as a mother I don’t have to beat myself up for not being perfect and getting everything right and I’m not alone. There are seasons to go through and learn from, still. I have realized as Melissa said, Jesus needs to be first in my life in every way, for me to be at least a good enough mom, playing this role with Him giving the directions through His Holy Spirit and the Bible. I have enjoyed the fellowship of other mothers as they have shared their hearts and heartaches. Thank you to those of you who’ve encouraged and blessed me.

    Thank you Lysa for authoring this treasure of a book and sharing your heart. Your message about Abigail, from the broadcast on the 12th taught me so much about humility and submission. So powerful and awesome. The Lord continue to make you a blessing.
    Thank you Melissa, Nikki and Kristi also, for being our OBS guides and sharing your mama hearts with us. The insights and truths you have shared from the Word of God have been eye openers and new lessons to learn from. All the hashtags, verses and quotes that came with them are a daily encouragement to me.
    I’m going to miss checking my mail for the OBS daily mail from tomorrow. Going to miss the weekly videos of the three of you and you’re sweet, funny and loving way of getting across to us all that we need to know. I wish I could hug all three of you. Your personal testimonies have been so comforting and have touched my heart.

    Melissa, missing your kids, persevere in being all that God wants you to be in Him as you lead and guide your family, for His glory.
    Nikki, searching for a foothold in the unknown, know that He holds everything in His hands, including you.
    Kristi, overwhelmed, there is nothing that God cannot restore. He is your strength and peace.
    Love y’all as Melissa would say.

    I would love to to The Best Yes OBS, but am not able to right now. I trust I will be led, if it is God’s will, to do future ones. I’d love to read The Best Yes if its possible to get a copy. I’d also like to know how I can get the Conference call series for this study as I’m not able to purchase it online. I live in India . Please let me know if there is a way to download or get the series in some other way. I would love to get the invaluable messages shared on it, that’s the only thing I’ve missed from this study. God bless.

  120. Praise God for Melissa, Nikki, Lysa, this OBS team, and another great OBS! Signed up and looking forward to The Best Yes! (Would love to win a book, too!)

  121. Wow!!! I will be part of The Best Yes OBS. Can not wait. I have gotten my book and I am 3/4 of the way through it already, did I say WOW? I have already shared so much of it with my Mentee from church and it may be used for our next girls Bible Study. Thank you and God bless!

  122. This has been a great study! I have learned so much from the book! I have appreciated the focus on God and His Word! I have learned to keep my eyes on Jesus and to lean on Him for strength and wisdom as a mom.
    I will definitely be here for The Best Yes! My book is ordered and should be here by the end of next week! Yay!

  123. Oh my gosh !! I loved this study. It had helped me so much as a mom My kids are older. 29 25 23 20 17. But wow. The laughs I got just hearing lysa stories and relating to them. And wow. God really opened my eyes to change some of my parenting skills. It him to be the glory. Not me. I’m here to guide them.. Help them .. Encourage and pray pray pray. Thank you lysa for a awesome study. Will miss it. But so excited about the newest one. Was tempted to wait. But can’t. Already diggin in to. Sooooo good

    • Nicole Nista says:

      Oh my goodness. Hi Carolyn
      It is Ron and Barbara’s daughter from Ma. We wnt to church together. How long have you been doing the bible studies with Proverbs31?
      This was my 3rd one. I just requested you on Facebook maybe we could study/talk about THE BEST YES when that study starts.

  124. I love the OSB. Sadly I could participate in this last one, but I’m hoping to join again soon!

  125. Thank you ladies for all you do in leading these studies. You are such a blessing!

  126. I learned A LOT from this bible study, and while it was my first it was truly great to share everything with moms all over. What I learned most is to spend time with Him each day, pray for my kids, let them openly witness my relationship with Jesus, talk about it often when prayers are answered and most of all that I need to focus on His plan for my life as a mom, not anyone else’s plan. Focus inward with him, not outward into what others are doing, and the true plan for your kids will come to light. Psalm 121 is my next verse to focus on for a while. Great book- I will be passing it along amongst other moms I know that may be asking themselves the same question, “Am I messing up my kids?”.

  127. I have learned so much and really enjoyed this study. I felt Gods peace through this study. I learned to relax and enjoy the short time I have with them. It goes fast.

  128. I believe I would have to write my own book to express all of the beautiful things God has been doing in my life this summer. This study has been such a blessing to me and my family. After being a mother for more than 21 years!! I am seeing God,myself,my children and husband and my important role in a different light. I truly thought earlier this year that I was so un needed, un wanted and un important. My how that has changed. Thank you so much for this book and study. I can’t wait to see what is in store with the next one. This Mama has been renewed and is ever so Thankful to God for all of the beauty that has been put in this world and in my life.

  129. I’m so sad I won’t be able to join you at this much needed retreat but I’m really looking forward to starting my first ever online bible study! I’ve even invited a friend to join with me! Thanks for this great opportunity!

  130. Just finished reading this last blog for the study. A little sad it’s over but so very glad to have been a part of this great OBS group. It’s been such a blessing! 🙂 Thanks so very much !! Having just helped our 2nd of three children move out on her own this past summer, I could really relate to all that Melissa was going through and feeling. I loved that it’s o.k. to give ourselves a little time to grieve this loss. I know God has good plans for my children and can’t wait to see HIS plan unfold. Thanks again for an awesome study.

  131. This blog has been a blessing. I am a mother of four amazing blessings! This summer I found strength I never knew existed when I made it through ten weeks of Basic Combat Training with my 17 year old who decided he wanted to join the National Guard. Please continue to pray for all of our youth as a whole.

  132. Kelly Goodman says:

    Thank you so much for all you do for us! It is so great to be able to participate in OBS. I can’t attend a bible study this fall due to conflicting schedules. I love that you offer these studies on-line. I am so excited to start the next one with Proverbs 31! God bless each of you for your hard work, dedication and inspiring blogs!

  133. Kathi Tidwell says:

    This experience with this bible study has been amazing. Thank you so much ladies for all of your hard work. It is refreshing to know that I am not alone in my worries as I raise my girls. This study has helped me to learn that it is ok that my house is a mess, and my kids are running wild. It has helped me find the joy in the little messes and has reminded me that it is ok to take time for me. I am looking forward to the best yes!

  134. This bible study has been wonderful. I have learnt to lean on God he is in control and to go to him with everything. I’m working on not letting the little things get to me. Thank you ladies! I will be a part of the Best Yes study!

  135. Andrea Keawe says:

    Aloha ladies, I really enjoyed this study and have already put a lot of what I learned into practice ..praise God. I’m sad that it is over but can’t wait to get started on our next OBS. I love you all and thank Jesus everyday for this group of awesome women. Blessings!

  136. Cristy Carnes says:

    I am so excited to be coming back to OBS after many months away! Can’t wait to ready Lysa’s new books and chat with many of my OBS friends!

  137. This has been an amazing study. My first experience with an online bible study and I was so blessed. My heart was challenged. The hardest part was forgiving myself for what I should have done in the past- “if I had known then what I learned through this study…”. I am forgiven and I am putting God first in my role as a mom. My kids will benefit in the 6 summers we have left before college. Yikes! Bless you all 🙂

  138. This has been such a wonderful bible study! I loved reading what Lysa wrote and connecting with other moms out there in the trenches of motherhood. This online community is so great and I am excited for the next study on Sept 22! Thank you!

  139. I’m so thankful I took the leap and started this OBS. It’s been my best study yet! I lost a dear friend this week. She was an inspiration to our entire church and community. I was reminded tonight as I was reviewing out verse from last week that our days here are numbered. And so Isaiah 55:

    9 For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so my ways are higher than your ways
    and my thoughts higher than your thoughts. Praise God! Thank you ladies for a great study! It’s a battle daily but I’m making the most of it and raising my children with God first. Can’t wait to the next OBS and please say a prayer for me as I mourn the loss of my friend. Hugs!

  140. Thank you for this Bible Study and showing us that we all have these common elements in our lives and we have a place to share and relate, help and pray for each other. I look forward to The Best Yes study! And I really, really thank you for the reminder of Psalm 121: The LORD watches over me and will keep me from all harm!

  141. Thank you ladies so much for all the wonderful work you do with these Bible studies. They give me hope that I am loved and accepted as I am, but also that God loves me too much to leave me as I am. I am an imperfect mom, with an imperfect life, loved by a perfect Savior! Blessed be His name for that! 🙂

  142. Amy Corder says:

    I loved the heartfelt topics discussed in this book! Lysa is such an inspiration! Getting ready to purchase The Best Yes!!!

  143. I wasn’t able to participate in this OBS but I am signed up for the next one – Lysa TerKeurst, THE BEST YES. I purchased the book at my local Women of Faith conference in August. Hearing Lysa speak was so motivating and what a wonderful event it was! So looking forward to reading along with the group – I love Bible studies and getting others’ thoughts and input too. Thank you, P31, for all you do! 🙂

  144. I am very excited to participate in “The Best Yes” study! Unfortunately I missed this last one because we moved across the country! It was an exciting adventure for our family, but now I am ready to get settled back into life. I missed doing bible study in a way I never thought I would. I love this online community too because even though we moved away from most everyone we knew, I still have a way to connect online and be a part of something greater than myself. Thank you for these opportunities.

  145. First time reading Proverbs 31.
    I ll be doing the OBS.
    So excited!

  146. Rebecca Many says:

    I would love to join the next online biblestudy! It would be great to win the book! I look forward to connecting with everyone! Good luck!

  147. Heather Wilson says:

    Thank you for this amazing study. One of the many things I have learned is to worry more about training the heart of my precious children than my “image” of how I look as a parent to the world.

    I look forward to joining you next month for #20!

  148. Traci Holland says:

    New to the online bible studies but not new in the faith. That said, we all have seasons in life when we need more focus and encouragement. I’m in such a season and am excited to be signed up for Best Yes. Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers as I go through this valley of health issues while working full time and raising our family. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

  149. Debbie Oliver says:

    I’m just wondering if I’m the only one that has not seen a posting for the giveaway winners? According to the blog the 20+ winners were going to be announced on Tuesday, August 26. It is Friday, August 29 and I have seen no postings for any winners. Can anyone maybe shed some light on to if I missed something or if they didn’t do the giveaways, or if they haven’t posted yet for some reason. Feeling a little lost in finding no way to contact them so I’m posting on the blog. Makes me worry that something has happened or that someone is not well because they are always so on time with their follow through. Thank you! God bless and have a beautiful holiday weekend.

    • I was wondering the same thing. There are a couple of the books being given away I want to purchase if I didn’t win them. So I’m kinda anxious to find out! 🙂

    • Jennifer L says:

      I’ve been looking for it too. Below is what someone said after you posted your comment.
      Rene Sloan says:
      September 4, 2014 at 4:44 pm
      I sent them a tweet and they said the winners will be announced soon!

  150. I just signed up for the next study and trying to get a group in our community to join me. Looking forward to it.

  151. Signed up for the next study. Can’t wait 🙂

  152. I have always had trouble with boundaries so am looking forward to doing this study with you.

  153. I have signed up for the next study. I cannot wait! I have needed to know how to say no for years! While many times I realize that when I want to say no, saying yes can be exactly what God wants. Deciphering between the two has been the hardest for me.

  154. Did they ever announce the winners of the books? I’ve been looking and haven’t seen anything.

    • Jennifer L says:

      I’ve been looking for it too. Below is what someone said after you posted your comment.
      Rene Sloan says:
      September 4, 2014 at 4:44 pm
      I sent them a tweet and they said the winners will be announced soon!

  155. Rene Sloan says:

    I sent them a tweet and they said the winners will be announced soon! 🙂

  156. I was wondering the same thing? Looking forward to the best yes study:)

  157. I really want to sign up for The Best Yes Bible study. However, I am bringing kids home from activities at the time of the study. Will this one be available via recording? Thank you so much!!

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