The Beginning of Wisdom

Who was with us for The Best Yes Webcast last night?  Oh my, it was so so fun!  I love when we can find a way to gather together using technology, especially since we don’t do this study face-to-face or in person.  We’d like to invite you to join us for another fun way we can gather to discuss the applications we are learning and hope to apply to our daily lives. Here’s Lysa, Nicki, and I to tell you about another one:

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And now, on to today’s lesson~


One of the things Lysa addresses in The Best Yes Study Guide — wait she doesn’t only address it, it’s practically the main idea of the study guide — is this:  Wisdom.

Note:  You do not need The Best Yes Study Guide for this online Bible study. However, I will be using some of the wonderful points discussed in that guide, here on our study blog.

The Bible tells us that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  But what exactly does this mean?

Lysa writes on pages 13-15 of The Best Yes Study Guide:

Head knowledge of fear of the Lord:

~Fear:  There are two Hebrew words for “fear” in the Bible. One is pachad (pakh’-ad), which means terror. That’s not the word used in this verse. The word used here is yir’ah (yir-aw’), which means a reverence for God.

“The expression describes that reverential attitude or holy fear which man, when his heart is set aright, observes toward God” (Matthew Henry Commentary). To observe toward God is to look for the hand of God in everything.

When we have a reverential attitude and look for the hand of God in everything, we start seeing things from the perspective of wisdom. This becomes our focus.

~Lord:  I need to anchor my heart to the Lord so I can set my heart to the wisdom of God.

Jesus is “the power of God and the wisdom of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:24 (NIV)

In Christ, “are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3 (NIV)

~ Once Jesus is the Lord of our heart and the focus of our heart, we have unlocked the door to obtaining God’s wisdom.

Heart knowledge of the fear of the Lord:

Get your Bible or Mobile device and look up and read Proverbs 2:1-6.  (Find out about the free YouVersion Bible app here.)

Let’s Chat:

What does it mean to:

–Accept my words

–Store up my commands

–Turn your ear to wisdom

–Apply your heart to understanding

–Call our for insight

–Cry aloud

–Look for it

–Search for it as hidden treasure

Record your answers in your own notebook and share a few of them with us in the comment section. Commit our verse, Psalm 111:10, to memory.

You can do this! It’s an easy one this week! Go ahead and write “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” (Psalm 111:10) on index or note cards and place them around to remind you to set your heart to wisdom today. Why not even make this verse your screen saver this week?

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  1. I haven’t done all the reading yet but wanted to comment about fear. I always was told you should fear The Lord. I am so glad this is the first study and the use of the word fear was made clear. When I think of fear I think of being afraid of the boogie man or something. I now understand how I should fear The Lord. Hope this comment doesn’t sound silly to the rest of you.

    • It doesn’t sound silly at all! In fact, I too am so glad that fear was defined and the distinction was made between fear as in terror and fear as in reverence for God. It’s something I have been mulling over lately but couldn’t quite grasp what fearing God really means. Just like you I think of being afraid when I think of fear. This blog post has really helped me in understanding what it means to fear the Lord.

    • Definitely not silly! We can read the same verse or be be taught the same biblical idea our whole life, and still have the ‘ah-ha’ moment. What a blessing to have fear made clear during your first study.

    • I completely agree! “Fear” tends to only have one connotation and that is being afraid in a negative way. I have always experienced dissonance in thinking I was supposed to “fear” God because of this negative connotation, but this post really helped me to understand the concept of “yir’ah” instead and was very helpful!

    • Tristina! That is not silly at all. In fact, I had the same idea as you. I always grew up (and still did thing, until now) that to fear the lord you had to be scared of him. Although, to me that sounded crazy in itself, because I know God is loving and faithful, so why would he be so scary? I too am glad that Lysa made it more clear, I think I just feel even more in love with the Lord. Praise God!

    • No, that is definitely not silly, and you are not alone in thinking that. I have actually argued over that very thing with several people. I had people tell me as a kid/teen that we are supposed to “fear” God. Some would say fear in the sense of being afraid, and my answer, in my head, would always be: Why would a loving God want us to think of Him as the boogie man? That doesn’t make sense to me. Now seeing that there are two different Hebrew terms that don’t mean the same thing when translated…It makes so much more sense!

    • I’m right there with you Tristina…it took me 27 years to finally understand the meaning of the word fear as it is used in many places in the bible. I literally thought for the longest time that we should be fearful of God and cower to him and that is simply not the case…just a misinterpretation!

    • I was also excited that fear was the first topic as well. I have been vexed with the word fear for many years but not quite sure how I was to overcome it. I had alwas heard people say fear of the Lord but I didn’t understand how to really apply it to my life.

    • No its not silly. I was thinking the same thing when I read that part of the study. It is something that I have always wondered about. Now my question is why in the world have we put the word fear to that definition.

    • Not silly at all! I was raised in a church that preached fearing God. I had such a difficult time with that concept. God is supposed to be our Father- why would I fear him? I read The Shack a few years ago and the book called God, Papa. That made more sense to me than anything. I longed for that intimate relationship with God- not a fear, but a close, family intimacy.

    • Your comment is not silly. This was probably an “aha” moment for you, am I right? “Aha” moments can happen at any age. We’re never too old to learn something or have something click. Especially when it comes to the Lord and His Word. Knowing and distinguishing the difference between fear as in terror and fear as in reverence is definitely good. And I know this can be held for a completely different conversation but… There is healthy fear and there is bad fear. Healthy fear helps you grow in God. Bad fear can hold you back. Having that reverential attitude is definitely part of that healthy fear.

    • I’ve always equated fearing the Lord with the healthy fear I have for my earthly father. I revere the Lord and want to please Him just like I do my dad.

    • You comment is not silly. When I read Lysa’s description of what it means to fear thhe Lord it brought me a whole new understanding of those bible verses.

  2. courtney satchell says:

    The two statements that really grabbed my attention were “Apply your heart to understanding.” and also, “Turn your ear towards wisdom.” applying our hearts to understanding isn’t always the easiest, we are constantly trying to control our lives and the outcomes of them…. or at least I am. Applying my heart to understand God’s to me is at times when I am constantly praying, I find myself praying for a certain outcome that would best suit me and make me happy. When in reality, God has grander plans for me and He knows what He is doing and I need to learn to understand that while His timing may not be my own, it is perfect and it is wonderful. Turning my ear towards wisdom, kind of goes hand in hand with that in my life. I am constantly looking for ways to make me happier, or when I need advice I am consistently turning to everyone but God because I know that He will tell me what I need to hear instead of what I want to hear and at times that scares me. Learning to look to Christ instead of others for wisdom and truth is a struggle, but I must remind myself that God allowed these certain situations to come into my life and He has a plan for them. I must let go of the steering wheel, and let Christ take control.

    • Gena C (Proverbs 31 OBS volunteer) says:

      I feel like I am praying all the time but also am learning (in my old age) to pray for God’s will and that I will accept that with peace and joy and thankfulness. I am getting better at going to God first instead of as a last resort but at times I feel like such a child!

      • Brittany Newell says:


        I have began praying for God’s will as well. This is very difficult because I understand that His will may not be the same as mine. I pray many mornings for Him to wrap his arms around all of our children while they are in school.. to protect them and hold them in his arms. Even when I say this prayer, I know that God’s will may not be to protect them in the sense that I am asking for. It may not mean that nothing bad will happen on this earth to them – and that is where trust in His plan is so important. This concept has become increasingly easier for me as time progresses, but it is also very difficult.

    • Thank you Courtney – the words you typed were as if you were in my mind. I can totally relate to your post. This is my first online study but already I am excited to connect with so many women around the world.

    • I have found my heart in a similar state as yours on many occasions (especially this past year as a new/first time mommy). The Lord as been teaching me about His sovereignty and how He ultimately (and completely) controls all of life’s events…this however has left me angry, upset, confused…you name it…because I may not like what God is allowing to happen in my life or the life of my loved ones (particularly my baby…praise God she is healthy and well, but things such as slamming her little head into the crib when she tries to stand up, etc just breaks my heart and I ask God why He didn’t prevent something like that when He could easily do it). I have come to realize that I FEAR the Lord’s will b/c I don’t know if His will is going to mean pain and suffering (or something I just don’t like!…self-centered, I know). I have lost sight of the fact that God has a plan to prosper us…for our good and not our harm. I need to cling to that while also remembering that DOESN’T mean hardship/harm won’t come upon us in this life…He is for prospering us for His glory and for eternity. Anyway, it’s sad to me that I fear God’s will b/c it might not be “good” in my human estimation. I need to fear God and trust that His will is ALWAYS best…ALWAYS!

      • I can totally agree with how you feel about fearing God’s will. I am in the same boat. I pray for His will to be done because i know His plans are so much better than my own, however it also scares me because I don’t want to go through anything painful. I am praying about it and clinging to His word. Romans 8:28 is definitely my comfort many times, “And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

    • Courtney, you were so elegant with your words and they matched my thinking. I have been reading the Bible daily on YouVersion (Bible in a year). I’ve read all sorts of different stories and examples, but haven’t really gone so far as to apply them to my life. This is something I need to pray about and pay more attention to.

    • Lauren Corbin says:

      I too struggle with the statement “Apply your heart to understanding,” I am a control freak and hate having to be depend on others. I too pray too help me let go and let God take over, because he has such an awesome plan for us if we just let him take control. It also is very hard to understand sometimes why something didn’t go our way or turn out the way we wanted it too. And sometimes I make myself crazy over it, I ask myself, well what did I do in order for this to happen. But I have to remind myself that this is God’s plan and I may not see it right now but there is a reason that this situation didn’t have the outcome I wanted it too.

  3. First of all, I love this week’s verse! When I think about the phrase apply your heart to understanding it makes me think about looking for what is in my best interest, not always what makes me happy in the present. I have a perfect example of this this morning. Today was one of those rare days on my calendar that had nothing written in it until dinner time. And that is bringing food to friends who just had a new baby, so I am looking forward to that! But the rest of the day was wide open for me to spend it however I wanted. These days are few and far between y’all. But my preschool aged son has a cold. So today I chose to keep him home to avoid spreading his germs with everyone. He’s not running a fever and if I sent him he’d be fine to stay. But I know it’s better for everyone if he stays home. Except me. I could be grieving the loss of a full day of me time, but I am applying my heart to understanding for my little guy who just isn’t feeling like himself and everyone he would gave been in contact with today. It’s all about my perspective. I didn’t lose a “me” day. I gained an “Momma & Andrew” day. And those are just as rare so I am embracing it today!

    • Judy McMillin (P31 OBS Volunteer) says:

      What a great blessing for Andrew to get to stay home with Mom when he doesn’t feel 100%. I was spending some quiet time after reading the Best Yes chapters and was praying about what my Best Yes was today. I felt that I was to clean the house. It is in the mundane tasks of life where God often speaks to us!

    • Perspective. That is what jumped out at me after reading your post. Lately, I’ve been bogged down with one thing after another as far as loss and grief are concerned. And sometimes I lose perspective. Or I start thinking negatively. And I know when I start thinking negatively, I have to stop and figure out what my perspective is. Because that usually is what’s causing the negativity. And then I switch my perspective to something more positive. And my day is a whole lot better. Way to turn what could have been a let down and an annoyance into something positive.

  4. Victoria Kay says:

    The statement that got to me the most was Look for it. We need to actively look for God in EVERY situation, no matter how big or small. For his hand is in every little piece of our lives. We should also store up his commands by letting them into the deepest part of our hearts. By actively, not passively reading and studying scriptures.

    • Gena C (Proverbs 31 OBS volunteer) says:

      I love how you said “actively, not passively” – that is my goal this study- to make my best yes as an intentional and active student of the scriptures!!

      • I like that “actively, not passively” — too. That indeed, like you Victoria and Gena, is my goal with this study. As you said Gena “to make my “Best Yes” as an intentional and active student of the scriptures!! Amen.

        • Ditto! I’m hoping to be able to focus on actively studying scripture and looking through the lens of God when approaching situations. Often times, for my anyway, I may be doing one task but thinking about the 5000 other tasks I think are waiting. I’m going to really try to focus on the task at hand, and look for what God is trying to teach me though that task. Looking through the lens of God so I can learn to recognize his hand in all I do, is my mantra this week!

    • The “look for it” is what grabbed my attention also, and the challenge to search for it like treasure. It should be something we “actively” pursue and that we passionately pursue! It is treasure, God’s great gift to us! We should long for His wisdom and cultivate teachable hearts, receptive, moldable, submitted to His loving instruction and training.

      • Heather-
        I totally agree! We need to be in constant search for God and his mercy. If we are passive in our faith and our search- what does that tell God about our desire to seek Him and his kingdom?

    • Victoria, I could not agree more! In fact, I wrote pretty much the same thing in my notes that we need to pe pro-active not passive.

    • Lynne K- group 21 says:

      Victoria, this ie exactly what God impressed upon me again! Look for God’s hand in everything. This helps me to put my focus where it belongs…on God…and you know what? He shows up….he shows me his love, his glory, his splendor and his answers. I am so excited about this study

    • I saw examples of finding god in everything this summer when I chaperoned Centri-kid camp with my daughters. I have been challenged since then to recall or find scriptures into our activities. This certainly does take active bible study and memorization, but oh so worth it!

  5. What does it mean to:
    –Accept my words- it means believe, trust and believe, have faith
    –Store up my commands-
    –Turn your ear to wisdom- be open minded and accepting
    –Apply your heart to understanding- feel your emotions, turn inward to yourself and allow yourself to feel the words in the message
    –Call our for insight- ask for help
    –Cry aloud- don’t suffer in silence, put it out there, be vulnerable
    –Look for it- open your heart and your mind, it’s all around you just need to believe to see
    –Search for it as hidden treasure- god’s message is right in front of you but in the little things. you need to slow down and take a minute. when you stop doing going moving rushing you have an opportunity to see what is in front of you which is the gift, the treasure

    • This is great Cassandra!! Thanks for sharing! ♥

    • Wow Cassandra, this IS great! I have been thinking about these questions and making notes all day. Your post just gave me a lot more to think about — it’s kind of like an “aha” moment. I’m loving this concept of sharing our thoughts, studying on line together, and just having the opportunity to be on this journey that will lead me to that an awesome relationship with God that I know I’m destined to have. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Gail Jackson says:

    I have always wanted wisdom for my life isn’t this why we are here to be wise in our daily lives yet I really never achieved it the saying let God and Let Go come to mind. If I let god give me wisdom instead of tying to obtaini it myself I think life would be so much easier.

    • Wisdom is one of the most precious things we can have. James 1:5 says if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God who will generously give to all. Gail, I pray for wisdom for you right now. Ask God for it, then jump in to the Bible and see what wisdom He will give you!

  7. Good morning!
    Wow!! What great verses these are!! My ESV version read a little differently but I loved comparing the two. I think that when we receive God’s Words, we are applying them to our lives. When we treasure up His commandments, we are hiding His Word in our hearts (so that we might not sin against Him). When we make our ear attentive to wisdom we are paying attention – I loved reading this in The Best yes in chapter two – and oh! how I do not pay attention!! When we incline our hearts to understanding we are preparing our hearts with His Word to remain open to His ways. We can ask God for insight – how cool!! And He’ll answer us too!! When we seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasure we are making it a priority in our life and the most important part in our life at that!! What a great way to start my day!! Searching for God’s truth and asking for understanding.

    • I am right there with you Lara! I read Ch. 2 yesterday, and after reading it I feel like I am more aware of my “yes’s” and “no’s”. I also have realized that I have missed some of God’s opportunities yesterday, so today I am going to make a better effort to be more aware.

  8. –Accept my words: agree with them – be willing to follow them – see them as truth, beneficial, worthy
    –Store up my commands: memorize and think about, refer to and contemplate, be aware of through the day
    –Turn your ear to wisdom: listen to godly people who live righteously and know God’s word
    –Apply your heart to understanding: take time to think – study God’s word – seek His will
    –Call out for insight: Ask God for help and guidance in understanding as well as growth in wisdom
    –Cry aloud: Sincerely, openly, – earnestly ask God for understanding and wisdom
    –Look for it: His will, His purpose in my life discovered through wisdom and understanding – His response/answer!
    –Search for it as hidden treasure: persistently, with effort and desire knowing the value it holds
    What is needed to achieve success in doing the above is focus, and to focus we need less distractions and demands so our mind can find times of rest. We need to dedicate time – make space on our to-do-list: and review our priorities.

    • Thank you Janet for your insight I love you point about needing to be focused and our need to dedicate time. I am praying for these “focus” and “dedication”.

  9. How appropriate that we begin this OBS (my first btw), with such a powerful message but also a command. We are being reminded at the start of this journey what this journey is really about. Setting aside the hustle and bustle of life, the noise of life, the noise of technology and social media to ready ourselves.

    This first “assignment” has already given me such an incredible gift. The gift of understanding on a deeper level that our faith is not passive. God requires more of us than sitting and listening to someone give us his word. We have to do the work so to speak. We have to make the commitment, make the time, make God our priority. Yes, this is a very active, a doing process. Seems basic perhaps, seems obvious, but applying it is where I know I often stumble and fail. It’s not intuitive (for me) to schedule time, study and pursue my faith and God. I am changing this. My faith is something I must live, I must practice, I must tend to, nurture and grow. We nurture and grow our faith when we open our minds, our hearts, and our ears so that we are ready to listen to God’s words and then accept and receive His word. He is calling us to first prepare then act.

    It isn’t enough to listen and receive. We must store it up. Soak it all in. Live his word, his commands. God’s commands are our guide to making choices each day. He calls us to remember his commands with respect, reverence and let his commands be our foundation. What a gift! He is giving us the bricks and cornerstones for our foundation, we just have to do to the work and lay them by living them.

    Wisdom is in all He speaks and all he does. If we are studious, if we are active in our understanding and looking for the insight we will see the wisdom. We will experience not only God’s love for us but his gifts. He will give us what we need.

    • ‘My faith is something I must live, I must practice, I must tend to, nurture and grow” – See more at:
      This quote is so true. So often I neglect the nurture and tend to part and think that my faith is strong enough without constant practice and care. It isn’t. Your words really spoke to me this morning. Thanks for sharing.

      • I too, tend to think my faith is “just fine” and doesn’t need nurturing. I’m so busy nurturing everyone else (yes, even when you have adult children you still want to nurture them) that I know for a fact I do not make enough time for my own walk of faith. If I want God to use me for others’ lives, then I need to be receiving Him daily into mine. I can’t give out of a well that is dry – the bucket will come up empty every time. I need Him to fill me so that the water can flow….

    • CJ – very well put. I agree with everything you have posted. I used to lead women’s bible study in our church and I have become so overwhelmed because of not being able to say “no” that I let that go of it, as well as the personal study habits and quiet time with God that went with it. This OBS (my first) has brought so much excitement and joy already, as I rediscover the life sustaining benefit of time set aside to ready and study God’s word with so many other women around the world.

  10. What does Proverbs 2:1-6 mean to me? God is instructing me that I should accept His Word with a readiness of mind and willingness of heart; to have affection and ascribe value to His Word which should be memorized and meditated on; listened to with focused attention and lived out in my daily life. I should cry out to Him in prayer for insight, revelation and understanding of His word so that I can apply it; live it out and be an example of His Word to others who will seek Him as a result.

  11. So sorry I missed the meeting. .. sounds like all involved were truly blessed by the message I’m looking forward to this study… having a hard time stopping at chapter 3 for the week!

  12. Search for it as hidden treasure is the verse that particularly spoke to me this morning. I see these verses in Proverbs as an admonition for me to LISTEN to God’s words and to take them to heart. The effort I am willing to expend to attain something speaks volumes about how much I value it. If I don’t take time to dive deep into God’s word DAILY how can I expect to find the hidden treasures He has just for me? Obtaining spiritual wisdom can not be found by treating the study of God’s Word as a once-a-week hobby but maintaining a daily discipline remains a struggle for me. Thank you Proverbs 31 for providing the forum and accountability partners to keep me focused on God’s Word!

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 OBS Team says:

      Yes! I love the way you put that! You don’t find a treasure by skimming the surface. Treasure is only found by digging deep! I am praying for you as we begin this study!

  13. All I can say, is this is the truth.. And I have the testimony to prove it!!! GOD IS WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE!!! When you allow God in your heart, you fear Him and reverance Him, He will take the reins and guide, sometimes pull you through.. Thx for your support…

  14. To me, this set of verses means for me to read Gods promises and commands in his word. To apply them in my daily life. To ask for the Holy Spirits help in understanding them, and to look for His work and provision giving Him praise and glory daily. I often just point out things and day, “that was you, Lord, that was you.” I want to be sure He knows that I know His work.

    • Christina Rodriguez (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      Amen, Paige! I love to tell the Lord I see Him as well. It’s great that you’re able to unrush and see those things that He does in your day to day life. It makes a HUGE difference!! So glad you shared with us this morning! 🙂

  15. Just beginning with: “Jesus is “the power of God and the wisdom of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:24 (NIV)”, it’s easy to read Proverbs’ word of Wisdom replaced by Jesus. It makes sense to me that in the Old Testament, this was a way to point to our Lord Jesus. For instance, Prov. 2:10 reads: “For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will fill you with joy.” Now replacing Wisdom with Jesus: “For Jesus will enter your heart, and knowledge will fill you with joy”…..makes sense to me. And I’m not suggesting that I’m trying to re-write God’s Word, but I put this into practice and understanding was very clear. Jesus is the answer.

  16. To accept my words — Trust them. Receive them with approval or favour. Regard them as true and sound.
    Store up my commands — Accumulate wisdom and knowledge from God’s word. Hide it in my heart.
    Turn your ear to wisdom — Listen to God’s word — receive it, seek it and be attentive to it.
    Apply your heart to understanding — To put God’s word into effect; devote close attention to God’s word; to make good use of God’s word; put on God’s word as a garment close to my heart to guard it; to devote with diligent application God’s word to my heart; reflect on it for understanding to gain the right perception of truth.
    Make earnest effort to understanding — Apply it’s truths to our hearts — seek with all our heart, soul and mind for understanding
    Call for insight — Pray for spiritual understanding and discernment
    Cry aloud — Earnest, persevering, diligent prayer seeking God’s counsel
    Look for it — seek, search and desire it — making all effort to attain understanding
    Search as for hidden treasure — Excitement, desire, do all it takes to study and apply God’s word to our hearts and lives to gain understanding and application. Examine, investigate as if looking for something lost or concealed until you find it, search for it as searching for clues to find a hidden treasure.
    I really enjoyed doing that. It really showed me I must thirst for God’s word and earnestly apply myself to the study of it to gain all wisdom and understanding as the most precious treasure I could ever find and apply it to my heart, mind and soul to guard it and live by it.

  17. vanessa stephens says:

    The opposite of wisdom is folly. Folly is foolishness! Seeking God’s word in our life is wisdom. Anything done without God’s wisdom is folly. It is amazing to me how many times I have operated from folly but because of Jesus and His grace and mercy, God brings me back to His word. Without God’s word and other Christian women like you all, I would only have earthly treasures. Heavenly treasures always start from God’s word! What would we all do if we didn’t have the bible? If it’s not in our heart, we would be so lost. One day we may only have what’s in our heart. I want to soak up every word!!!

  18. To accept His Word means “no spin”. Reading the Word guided by the Holy Spirit and not our earthly motives. It means studying in context to gain the fullness of His message.

  19. I need wisdom every day. I have forgotten how hard it is to operate in the world without it! thanks.

  20. Theresa Brooks says:

    These scripture verses touched my soul. Thank You God, for this and for Your many Blessings that You so graciously bestow on us. I Love You God, and, more importantly, You Love All of Your Children, too! ❤️

  21. God’s timing is once again perfect. I have had a rough month. Being a caregiver on top of being a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend… Got me very stressed. The time I have spent in the last two days reading and getting back into God’s word has reminded me that I am not alone in this. “The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom” amen!

    • Christina Rodriguez (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      Oh wow, GiGi! I LOVE God’s timing!! I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a rough month. It sounds like you have a lot on your shoulders, indeed. You are right though, you are absolutely positively NOT alone in this. He SEES you, sister. I’m praying for you today! Sending love and hugs!

  22. The part of the passage that spoke to me most was “If you seek her as silver, and search for her as treasures; then you will understand the fear of The Lord, and find the knowledge of God.” (Vs. 4-5). I am always asking God to give me wisdom, but I can’t say I search for it as I would a hidden treasure. I recently lost a fairly large sum of cash, and I turned the house upside down looking for it. I used every resource available to me to find it. We can ask God for wisdom, but if we don’t use the resources He’s given us to find it, we won’t have it. The biggest resource we have is His Word. If we search out His Word, He will give us knowledge, AND the WISDOM to know how to use that knowledge.

  23. Shari Gibso says:

    Accept my words: taking God’s word on faith, accepting it as truth
    Store up my commands: know what the Bible teaches and apply it to our lives
    Turn your ear to wisdom: listen to God’s word and the advice of godly council
    Apply your heart to understanding: be intentional about knowing God
    Call out for insight: ask God for wisdom and seek godly council
    Cry aloud: be vigilant in knowing God
    Look for it: look for God in everything
    Search for it as hidden treasure: look for the wisdom of God in places where you least expect it.

  24. I love the text that says “turn your ear to wisdom”. What/Who am I listening to? I need to be still, yes, STILL, long enough to hear God’s voice; to Hear His precious words as they speak to me from His word. I pray that is the “yes” I choose in my life during this busy season.

    • Christina Rodriguez (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      Yes, Mandy! What a great question to ask ourselves!! I will be praying for you as you go through this busy season. It’s so hard to be still, but when we are, oh the things God tells us! Thank you for sharing with us today!

  25. God has said that is we ask Him for wisdom, he will grant it. He will not turn us away. I know that every day in every way, I need His insight and wisdom for my life. God hears us when we cry to Him and He answers. I know that I have a great need for His help always. Have had a rough month being very sick, and I know that in those dark hours of the night, it is so awesome to have God. He is there, and He has promised never to leave. His wisdom becomes in a sense our wisdom the closer we get to Him. So the “fear” of the Lord is indeed the beginning of true wisdom. Our thoughts in line with His.

  26. Shari Gibson says:

    Apparently, I need to unrush and remember to add the “n” to the end of my name. 🙂

  27. Asking for His wisdom is a daily request of mine. I am in leadership for my company and look at the posistion as a ministry. Juggling the professional needs of my people along with their many life hurts and needs could drain me totally without Gods wisdom. I do treasure His wisdom like silver. It is a light for path and strength for my being. I love that we can ask for His wisdom in all things. And I love seeing it delivered.

  28. What a blessing this has already been. Enjoying the book!!!!

  29. I always thought the word “fear” somehow implied weakness. Thanks to today’s message, I realize it’s actually a sign of strength and wisdom. Thank you!

    • Christina Rodriguez (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      I thought the same in the past, Tracy! So glad you were able to read today’s message and gain some encouragement from it! Thank you for sharing!

  30. Karen Walton says:

    Wisdom. What does that really mean? I ask for wisdom just about everyday and honestly don’t know if I get “it” sometimes. I do know my life would not know Him if i had not gone through some of the things I, we, went through. It was tough but God was the only way I survived. I clung (if that’s even a word) to Him in those troubled times but often put Him to the side when things were going “good”. Now I’m working to make Him a priority ALL the time. I’m a people pleaser and a stuffer and my past no longer defines me (thank you to my wonderful husband Lee) but it is slow going. Yesterday I was keeping my youngest grandson (another miracle from God) and as I watched him sleeping I think I got it. I don’t want to miss this moment. I had brought work home with me but was okay not doing it because of him. After he left (with my daughter of course) it was much easier to turn off the TV, pull out my unglued book and begin the Best Yes. How blessed I was to read and find out I’m maxed out! I only work according to the chart 32.4 hours a day. It was very good to see that in writing and in a pie chart (the nerd in me). Thank you for your ministry.

    • I liked the chart, too. Mine said I’m working 30 hours a day! We need to slow down girl! We can, with wisdsom and God’s help. Praying for you!

  31. Mitzi Chafin Adkinson says:

    I accept God’s words when I receive and believe and choose to act upon them no matter what my feelings are.
    I search for wisdom as hidden treasure when I nurture a spirit of anticipation and hope and joy. Isn’t that what kind of attitude I would have if I were searching for hidden treasure?

  32. Karen Walton says:

    Faith is active not passive. I like that. Trusting in Him is often difficult because I’ve had a difficult time doing just that “trusting”. He has been very patient with me though.

  33. “turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding” – these words really struck me.

    Turning my ear towards wisdom-as I know we are tempted to turn it in so many other directions. Radio blaring, kids screaming, boss demanding…etc…it’s hard to focus on God in such a demanding world that exists all around us (whether we want it to or not). How important then it becomes to find that still place with The Lord to actually hear Him so that when the day screams louder and louder….we know where our focus should return to…Him and His a Truth alone.

  34. Convicted! “Search for it as hidden treasure.” In this busy life, how many times do I search frantically for different things like they are the most important when I should be seeking like hidden treasure wisdom from The Lord.

    • Christina Rodriguez (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      Oh my goodness, Allison! Me too! Thank you for sharing your heart with us! 🙂

  35. “turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding” – these words really struck me.

    Turning my ear towards wisdom-as I know we are tempted to turn it in so many other directions. Radio blaring, kids screaming, boss demanding…etc…it’s hard to focus on God in such a demanding world that exists all around us (whether we want it to or not). How important then it becomes to find that still place with The Lord to actually hear Him so that when the day screams louder and louder….we know where our focus should return to…Him and His a Truth alone.

  36. I just turned these verses into a prayer for this study. Seeking His knowledge & wisdom & my understanding. I prayed it out loud as in verse 3. Calling out for insight and crying aloud for understanding. To help me seek it as I would hidden treasure. Ask, seek, knock. It will be given.

  37. –Accept my words As we read God’s word, we must take his Word as Truth and believe what it says. If we are not reading God’s Word, can have no concept as to what His Commands are. As we read, we need to Listen and Hear what God says in His Word and then apply what we read to our lives. How can we do this, if we are not daily reading His Word? Daily I need to remember to ask for Wisdom to know when He is nudging me to reach out to someone and then follow through.

  38. If we accept His wisdom and store it deep within ourselves, we can sift through the clamor of everything around. Then we are able to discover the knowledge of the one true God. I love these verses!!! What great application for the best yes! “Sifting through the clamor” by looking into His wisdom in my heart to find my best yes!! 🙂 love it!!!!

  39. miranda freitag says:

    There is a difference between wisdom and advice. I constantly run to my friends for Godly advice. Yet I hesitate to run to the Lord and seek His wisdom first. Going to be working on that this week.

  40. Accepting his words means really believing and trusting Him, our God will give understanding and wisdom when we search for it, what a precious promise

  41. All of these bullet points mean :
    To read Gods word and apply it to our everyday life. Having Christ in us naturally will help us bece better disciples if The Lord

  42. To me “search for it as hidden treasure” means the same as praying constantly! I should in all things look to Him and for Him as if I were in fact looking for treasure because HE is the ultimate treasure!!!

  43. Rebecca Whitehead says:

    To accept His words means to believe them no matter what. Believe they are the truth and you can trust in them.

  44. I just realised afresh that I have nit been comfortable with “wisdom”. I have seen it as serious, boring, high and mighty, not for me. I am a dreamer, imaginative, Don’t like being tied down. I don t know if this makes sense to anyone. So I haven’t pursued it.
    Today I realise it is a gift from God, a treasure to be sought, and also learnt how to go about gaining it.The word that has peppered my responses has been ;intentional” and I an so excited now about finding, gaining, searching for it.Thank you for this first day!! U feel a stumbling block gas been rolled away from my heart and mind and I’m dicing in to fund His treasures if wisdom and insight!!

  45. Seeking to understand really hit home for me this morning. As I see to be closer to Christ and to fear God, I’m not always seeking to understand His ways or His discipline. My prayer today is to seek to understand rather to jump to conclusions.

    • Accept my words: Don’t just give them lip service or say you believe them, but in your whole heart, in my whole heart, believe them. Make them second nature, a companion in all of my life.
      To store up “my” commands is to commit what God is saying to my memory, to my heart, to remember and not turn a deaf ear to them.
      Call out for insight requires me to pray. I think all of this does.
      I wish I had time to read all of these comments, for they are all meaningful and lovely.
      I was sorry to miss the meeting, too.

  46. …search for it as a hidden treasure- Each day I want to seek out God working not only in me but AROUND me, wherever I am so much so that it becomes my daily purpose. When my 3 kids where under the age of 5, I had to make a short trip to the mall. I had the 2 younger ones in a side by side stroller and the oldest holding onto me and the stroller. I was NOT a fan of these trips at this stage in my life. But, we set off. My eyes were only focused on getting in the mall, getting the gift and getting out of there as quickly as possible. After, I had made my purchase, we rounded a corner and I slammed my side by side stroller into this elderly man with his wife watching. We nearly knocked him over. He was stunned and what do you think I did???? Kept right on going!!!! I didn’t stop to see if he was ok, to say I was sorry or anything. That episode has forever changed the way I look at others around me.

  47. I just realised afresh that I have nit been comfortable with “wisdom”. I have seen it as serious, boring, high and mighty, not for me. I am a dreamer, imaginative, Don’t like being tied down. I don t know if this makes sense to anyone. So I haven’t pursued it.
    Today I realise it is a gift from God, a treasure to be sought, and also learnt how to go about gaining it.The word that has peppered my responses has been ;intentional” and I an so excited now about finding, gaining, searching for it.Thank you for this first day!! I feel a stumbling block has been rolled away from my heart and mind and I’m diving in to find His treasures of wisdom and insight!!

  48. Enjoyed the comment about actively, not passively, searching Gods word. I am guilty of just skimming his word because I usually have other things going on while so called having quiet time. That is not “my best yes.”
    With this study I am making a commitment to get up before everyone else and get my quiet time in.
    Look for it – actively digging in to his word and allowing myself to be in tune with whatever it is that he wants to reveal to me. Opening my eyes, and clearing the selfish fog, so that I can see his word in action.

  49. Thank you for putting so much time into this bible study and giving each of us the opportunity to commit to using this in our lives. We are all broken vessels that God can use to encourage one another and help each other to fight the good fight. Your in my prayers.

  50. This is all new to me. I have been a christian but I dont feel like I have a close relationship with Him. I am one of those that gives it to God and then try to do it my way. I so want the wisdom andcknowledge he offers. I look forwardvto this study and learning to lean on Him entirely. To accept his wordscisvto fully trust Him

    • Judy McMillin (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      I too long for the wisdom and knowledge that only HE can give me. Today I am going to try and pay attention to HIS small instructions in the most ordinary moments, like Lysa says in Chapter 2!

  51. Have only read thru chapter 2 and am already loving this study. I have to remember to listen for the instruction first. Jennifer’s comment earlier hit home with me too. Had the same situation with my 4 yr old daughter yesterday morning. It’s all in the perspective. Everything happens for a reason.

  52. Ladies, it is so fun to watch your videos, and see the relationship you share with each other and your passion for Jesus. I have learned so much about grace, and my walk with God through these studies. My Best Yes is to learn to be quiet and listen to what His scripture in my daily devotions is telling me. I cannot tell you how much beginning my day with God has changed my life. I have so much room to grow and I am excited to se where this study leads me in my Best Yes.

  53. I love going through these verses in Proverbs one by one and being challenged to really listen for God and look expectantly for Him to show up. Part of my prayer today is “borrowed” from the 3rd step prayer of Alcoholics Anonymous~ “Relieve me from the bondage of self that I may better do Your will.”

  54. It is so hard to stop and listen. I pray often and I try to really stop and focus so prayers do not ramble. Often though I do not take time to stop and listen.

  55. In the midst of a stressful move, transition, lots of choices to be made…I need to cry out, ask for guidance but also LISTEN. It is just so hard when there are so many big choices (schools, apartments, jobs, friends…) I need to slow down and watch, and listen. And in the struggle of this transition still look for the best yes moments, the lambs to feed, the sheep to take care of….look for God’s hand all around in this new city.

    • Judy McMillin (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team) says:

      I am going to pray for you today, Jenni! I will pray for God’s wisdom, peace, and grace to remove any apprehension about all the decisions you are faced with.

  56. These two are my favorite
    Apply your heart to understanding – Desire to understand
    Search for it as hidden treasure – Search for wisdom as earnestly as if you were looking for hidden treasure

  57. Meghan Hancock says:

    – apply your heart to understanding: take time to dig deeper than just reading a verse once, let Gods word marinate on your heart and figure out what it means.

    – search for it as treasure- don’t give up and go after wisdom with a purpose!

  58. For me reading this, reveals to me that I need to spend more time in the word. I think that from more time in the word and praying it would open my eyes and ears to so many things. I tend to let myself get overwhelmed and try to push things off thinking it’ll be fine. But to accept God’s words we have to be in his word. We have to be still to be able to hear him and to let him stir and move inside of us. Proverbs 2:4-6 says: If you look for it as silver and search for it as hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. These verses spoke to me and moved in me this morning. To be honest, I felt so lead to do this study I wasn’t sure why I don’t feel like I’m overly physically busy but maybe I am too emotionally busy. For me, I know to be able to be wise, I have to seek it out and to pray and be in God’s word.

    • Amen! Thank you for being so transparent. I too, tend to push things off thinking it’ll be fine. In reality, by pushing things off, things get worse. Lol! After reading these verses I was reminded where I need to get my wisdom from, from God. I am going to make an effort to seek Him first (Matthew 6:33).

  59. gail harless says:

    good morning. beautiful day here in minnesota. mist rising from the lake, sun just now making its appearance over the horizon.

    when i read ‘turn your ear to wisdom’, my sleepy eyes 1-1/2 hours ago saw ‘tune your ear to wisdom’. i kind of like it that way. i pictured an old fashioned radio with a knob that you turn to get to the station you’re looking for. you can tune/turn your ear to country, rock, news, sports, talk radio. or you can tune/turn your ear to the only true wisdom, the wisdom that comes from God. that’s why i love doing my bible study first thing in the morning. it helps me ‘stay tuned in’ for the remainder of the day.

    have a good day everyone. a godly day…

  60. Accept my words: To me that means that I fully believe in His words but, and this may just be my perception, it also means that I accept His words for my life. Be it what I want to hear or not, I am to accept what the Bible says about how I am to live my life and the path I should be taking. Accepting His knowledge for my life. Accepting that He knows where I am and letting His word guide me through every situation — whether it is what I want to hear/do or not!!!

    Store up my commands: I am do hoard His words in my soul. I know, I know, that word brings with it visions of rooms piled to the ceiling with junk but sometimes hoarding is NOT a bad thing.

    Turn your ear to wisdom: To me this is more about listening to God and His voice in the still small moments than about listening to someone else. I am to be still and know that He is God. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Trust me, it ain’t!!! I think that means we are to be a Mary instead of a Martha. And isn’t that what this study is about? Being still at the feet of Jesus, spending quiet time with Him, and listening to Him so that we can do the best in our lives? I know I have a tendency to be a Martha (not in the house keeping department but in the cows/pasture/hay/fence fixing department!) and I need to slow down and find my best yes.

    Apply your heart to understanding: Search out His meaning. Do the work!

    Call out for insight: I read a book several years about Bible study and it said every time you open your Bible to study you should stop and pray. Pray for the Holy Ghost to guide you in your study and lend you understanding. That is what this means to me — ask God to give you the insight into His word.

    Look for it and search for it as hidden treasure: I have several different Bibles. One is a plain jane KJV, no frills. One is a life application Bible. And one is a companion Bible. I also have a Strong’s and a book about customs in the time of the Bible that I am studying (you would be amazed how knowing the customs will suddenly make that last little niggling question suddenly make sense!). And that is what I think it means so search — use every available tool you have to get to the meaning of His word.

    I am excited about this study!! I think this is gonna be amazing and will change lives on a daily basis!!

  61. I like the Study Guide’s notes on these verses, especially:

    ACCEPT MY WORDS- get into God’s Word.
    STORE UP MY COMMANDS- Let God’s Word get into you.

  62. To “look for it” means to, not only, seek Him but expect to find Him. Expect He is there and waiting for you to turn to Him for answers.

  63. “Accept my words” and “Look for it” are two statements I do…after I’ve decided I can’t do it myself!! I need to refocus my attention on to HIM at all times.

    I am truly taking so much away from this book!! Thank you, Lysa!

  64. Turn your ear to wisdom- LISTEN! I think of how when my children were small I would sit in a room and face whatever direction they were in so that I could hear them. That’s what the Lord is calling me to do as well. Turn my ear to him and listen to his wisdom
    Call our for insight- Who doesn’t pick up the phone and call Mom or other trusted friend to look for insight on how to solve a problem?!? I really struggle with trying to figure things out on my own rather than picking up God’s Word and calling out to him to help me. I was taught to read the Bible as a child but even today I have a hard time viewing it as God’s Spoken Word and not just letters written on pages that are really aren’t personal to me.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the explanation of “fear of the Lord”!

    • Rebecca, I SOO relate to your description on Call Out for Insight…I find myself going to others and trying to navigate the “figuring out” of things all the time rather than seeking God’s wisdom, reaching out for Him and His words. It is God’s Spoken Word that we should look for, seek out like we would in searching for our most prized possession!

  65. –Accept my words – Don’t argue with the Lord! Accept what the Lord says and do what the Lord asks.
    –Store up my commands – Memorize Scripture. Store them up in your heart. Know them front and back. Regard them as a priceless treasure that you would keep safe.
    –Turn your ear to wisdom – Study the Word. Speak to the Lord throughout the day and listen for when he speaks throughout the day. Be inclined to his voice. KNOW His voice! Become intimately acquainted with His voice.
    –Apply your heart to understanding – Know his commands and then apply them to every day life. Know what the Word says and make sure you are living them out. Read Scripture and hide it in your heart so that is becomes second nature to react in what His Word says.
    –Call out for insight – Go to the Lord all day and in all things. There is nothing too big or too small that the Lord does not want us to run to Him about. Running to Him in all things all reinforces in our minds, hearts and lives our dependance on Him.
    –Cry aloud – Sing to the Lord! Shout praises to His name! Make His name known!
    –Look for it – Look for the Lord in each situation we face. Put on your spiritual glasses and always be looking for what the Lord is up to. Always be on guard for what the Lord is up to and be prepared to get involved.
    –Search for it as hidden treasure – I think of the Scripture of a man that found treasure and buried it and went and sold all he had to buy the land and reclaim the treasure. How terrible would it have been it he bought the land and forgot where the treasure was. We are to seek the Lord as if He were hidden treasure. Seek His face. Seek His virtues! Seek His will!

  66. When I read Proverbs 2:1-6, I am reminded of Proverbs 3: 5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Our scripture today says just that – to focus on the Lord in everything. When I am obsessing over an issue and how I can fix it, I am gently reminded by the Holy Spirit to stop and focus only on God. That is when everything comes into focus for me. My issue may not be resolved in that moment, but I know that God has it and will handle it.

  67. Debbie Harting says:

    Accept My words~~ The word of God is so different then the words of this world. And the words I say to myself.
    Apply your heart to understanding~~Because His words are opposite of this world I must keep working on understanding them. The worlds words always try to take me down. HE wants me committed to learning and understanding the love in His words.
    I love breaking down verses. It gives such insight to understanding. This is great! Thank you.

  68. I find myself obsessing on what I respond in this blog because I don’t want to be wrong. But then I realized, it’s ok to be wrong. If I am, someone please gently lead me in the correct direction.
    I love the explanation of fear – “yir’ah (yir-aw’) – which means a reverence for God.” But I needed to look up the word reverence, and guess what I found? It means deep respect for someone or something. That puts it all into perspective for me. When we have deep respect for God, we will accept his words and store his commands in our hearts. We will automatically turn our ear to wisdom because of that respect. This is a hidden treasure that I found today.

  69. I think that I often expect wisdom to just fall out of the sky, hoping that God will reveal His will without much effort from me. But this passage emphasizes being purposeful about becoming wise – study, listen, learn. Sometimes when I come across a passage of Scripture that I don’t understand, I’ll sort of pass over it like, “Well, that’s just one of those ‘mysteries’ that I’m not supposed to understand.” But this passage encourages us to ask – to plead – for understanding, with the promise that God will reward earnest seekers.

  70. Hi Ladies, wow, i am missing my church care group and felt so guilty about it but because i know my body really needed the physical rest which is why i decided to stay home instead. How wonderful it is to come on to my email and able to read short snippets of God’s word and your topic about wisdom cannot be more apt in my current season. The the verse that really jumped at me is Proverbs 2:6 – For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. I felt anxious because I didn’t know how to go about doing the above few actions except maybe Cry out for understanding..yet when I read the last verse, there was such a gentleness in my holy spirit saying – Child, it is ok not know..but all you have to do is Ask, and the Lord shall give you Wisdom…you don’t know how much it means to me at this point to receive this sweetness from the a newly-wed, wife, daughter, new job, colleague, worker, subordinate..i feel so overwhelm with all the new changes currently happening in my life and i wouldn’t want to let anybody down..yet the crushing expectations make me realise, that’s the beauty of have a relationship with DaddyGod…you can Depend on Him..and He shall give me Wisdom in this time and season…thank you for doing what you do..i am so glad now i have a website and videos to listen to and learn from…

  71. It is hard to create new habits and very easy to fall into our old habits. These verses speak of being intentional in seeking the Lord in ALL THINGS! We need to look for him in even our daily, humdrum schedules and find joy in that! We need to be present in Him and in our own lives – not just go about with our schedules. When we are purposeful in living for Him, it becomes a “new” habit and our lives are all about Him and not about us anymore and our schedules. It’s hard to not be selfish and do things because He says so and not because I say so! Theses verse were wonderful in making that clear. He wants us – all of us – all the time!

  72. accepting Gods words means that I inwardly store and Digest them and to use a means to daily walk with God

  73. Search for it as a hidden treasure: Make it my priority. (Deep breath) Wow, won’t that be a challenge to put it at the top of the list……

  74. Wonderful verse to learn this week! I’m so excited about this online bible study (which is my first). I wish I could have seen the webcast last night. Is there anyway to view it after it airs?
    Accept my words-agree to what He says in His word and follow them
    Store up my commands- study the Word and apply it to everyday life
    Turn your ear to wisdom- pay attention to the Word
    Apply your heart to understanding- apply the Word to your everyday life
    Cry aloud- pray to God about your troubles
    Look for it- look for the Lord in every situation He will be there
    Search for it as a hidden treasure- Search for the Lords wisdom and truth

    • I’m with you Miranda, last night the Lord caused me to rest and put the Best Yes into practice, but as a reslult I didn’t get to tune in for the webcast. I hope there is a way to see it again. This is my first online Bible study too and I’m hooked, I chose the third box and I’m truly glad about it!

  75. Gayle Johnson says:

    I think that to “turn your ear to wisdom” means that you cannot hear wisdom unless you turn away from worldly distractions and the noise of life. I try to apply this to my own life. For example, I belong to a very active online group for parents whose kids are all at the same university. When I allow myself to be sucked in to the gossip and drama stirred up by a few members of this group, I get led away from the kernels of truth and sound advice that are offered by those more level headed members. I have learned to “turn my ear” towards these grounded, knowledgeable people and away from those who cause the drama.

  76. Wow! The first three chapters of this book are so great. I can’t wait to dig in to the rest!
    Search for it as hidden treasure: Reminded me of a pirate. They spend their whole lives looking for an X on a map. They blindly search for years and years to find a treasure that may have already been found by someone else. But our treasure never runs out. Our God never dries up. We search and we don’t give up until we have every last drop of what God wants us to fund. Then once we have it, we cherish it more than we ever thought we could. We nurture it and protect it, and keep it close to us so we don’t lose it.

  77. Thank you ladies for sharing. I’m so glad to be here with y’all. I’m meditating on ” I need to anchor my heart to the Lord so I can set my heart to the wisdom of God. ”
    Just as a ship is firmly anchored at the harbor, to be unloaded and reloaded I need to anchor my heart firmly on the Lord so that I am able to pour my heart to Him and to receive wisdom from Him.

  78. Thank you for this study and for the comments posted. I have a problem with saying yes to too many things thinking I am pleasing God when I do not seek His wisdom first and wait for Him to lead me to the things He wants me to do. I read and study His word alone and in studies at church seeking how to hear Him. I have been a passive Christian and have read my Bible for many years. But I have not actively studied His word till lately. I still have a hard time feeling the Holy Spirit at work and hearing that still small voice!

  79. First off, I am so excited to be sharing this journey with all of you! I think the Proverbs reading for today really spoke to me, because it was an undeniable call to action and a set of “instructions” for seeking the Lord’s wisdom. I think sometimes the idea of looking and listening for God’s voice can feel overwhelming or inaccessible, but these verses remind us that if we seek out the Word, apply our heart to understanding it, and call out for the Lord’s counsel, we will be filled with His wisdom and calling for us. As someone who often feels like I have to have the answer or take care of things or problems on my own, this is so incredibly comforting! The Lord wants us to call out to Him for help and this is not a sign of weakness but rather of obedience and reverence…what a relief for all of us perfectionists out there! 🙂

  80. What does it mean to:
    – Accept my words (Have an open heart and mind to be able to receive what God has for you.)

    – Store up my commands (Keep Gods word in your heart, Meditate on His truth.)

    – Turn your ear to wisdom (Listen , Surround yourself and Focus on Godly things: Friends, Music, Reading.)

    – Apply your heart to understanding (Seek God, apply yourself to want to know Him and receive His direction. Open Heart Open Mind.)

    – Call our for insight (Ask God to Reveal Himself to you, Seek His Presences and Pray for Guidance.)

    – Cry aloud (Pray, Worship and Praise Him.)

    – Look for it (Be aware of your position, Is it where God is.)

    – Search for it as hidden treasure (Never stop seeking Him. Don’t Lose sight of God in your Life.)

  81. Thank you proverbs31 for this online Bible study – it’s my first one, and already I’m looking forward to it so much it’s the first thing I do in the morning! I’m glad you’ve given us weekly verses to memorize. I really need to get back into storing God’s word in my heart, and this is the perfect way to do it. I’m going to write Psalm 111:10 on my blackboard in my kitchen right now, as a reminder throughout the day to pursue the Lord’s wisdom!

  82. “Turn your ear to wisdom” This really caught me! It’s so easy for me to just do whatever I want or whatever is easiest. Turning my ear to wisdom is a deliberate act of being in control enough to actually turn my ear, and to seek the best, the wisest thing for me. I know I don’t need to literally turn my head to find wisdom, but I wonder if the slowing down, taking a deep breath and actually turning my head in an effort to remind myself to seek His wisdom would be a beneficial practice. I’m going to try it today!

  83. So many replies already – wishing I had more time to read them all.

    “The fear of the LORD” has for many years been of great interest to me. It is a term used quite often in the Bible, and yet seems to be one that so many of us shy away from, because of the negative connotations with that word “fear”. I like that this study takes us to the heart of the term as it really is, giving us a great application for daily life. I would really love to find an in depth study on this topic, if anyone has suggestions.

  84. Ann Milovich says:

    I liked the definitions of fear. A reverence for God. To observe toward God. To look for the hand of God in everything.I also liked the phrase Commit our verse to memory. For me man says memorize this verse and God says Commit our verse to memory. I heard his voice…a Best Yet assignment for me…to commit this verse to memory.

  85. Haley Rodriguez says:

    Searching for wisdom like it is treasure! Wow, so often I find myself searching for the latest Pinterest project or recipe more then I search for the wisdom that the Creator of this world holds. I am so guilty of it. I want to search for God’s wisdom like I am searching for a treasure. Gods wisdom is a such treasure! The fact that he guides and leads us. I want to love and value that.

  86. Victoria W. says:

    Receive my words – Have a teachable spirit. Even when it’s hard to hear.
    Treasure my commands – Store up and care for God’s directives as rare beautiful jewels that you would treasure.
    Incline your ear to wisdom – Be willing to hear and shut out all distracting voices and put yourself in a posture of receiving. Get ready for /prepare your ears.

    Apply your heart to understanding – When wisdom is found, apply your entire being to understanding. Move it from head knowledge to heart knowledge and be ready to act on it and walk it out.
    Seek her as silver – cry out – call out – search for her as a hidden treasure – stop short of nothing in your search for wisdom. Receive it earnestly and seek hard after it.

  87. So glad to find the reference to a verse I already have stored in my heart and head.

  88. I have always put my to do list,if/ when my daughter is in need of help.
    She has 3 young children now,but this began when she was very young.
    In the past week,she has presented two situations to me and normally I would have said yes sure I can help,but as a result of reading The Best Yes, I realized I had to say no. Was that ever hard! I am a people pleaser and often put aside what I planned to do and often find myself grumbling and complaining.
    Thank you,Lysa, for following God’s plan and writing, you are blessing me and leading me in a new direction.
    God bless you

  89. While reading Proverbs 2:1-6, I tried to picture what these words meant to me. Accepting God’s words and storing up his commands; applying your heart to understanding; call out for insight and cry out loud for understanding; search for it as for a hidden treasure. By doing these things, you will then understand the fear of the lord.
    These words mean to me that I need to constantly seek God in everything that I do – I need to pursue him by reading and committing to his word, having a constant relationship with him, fully trusting him, and to listen and obey – live my life in the way of Christ. Once I have done these things and continue to live these things, I will then understand the Lord and his true meaning for me and of his power/love.

  90. From our reading I found confirmation from my understanding from the reading was if I pray and listen.. God will give me clear directions and wisdom.. I believe that I am going to get exactly what I need from this bible study!:)

  91. All of these words tell me to take an active role in seeking wisdom.
    Accept: agree/ not challenge
    Store: keep adding to my collection
    Turn: be alert to listen
    Apply: be a DOER of the wisdom
    Call/Cry Out: Ask specifically for wisdom in a certain area
    Look/Search: constantly notice when wisdom is offered; make it your most valuable possession
    I am generally good at asking, but I am praying God help me to be a better listener and doer!

  92. buffy blease says:

    Today really spoke to me because I too have taken the word fear of the LORD as to mean we were to react as if he was going to beat us with wrath. However, fear is to respect just as I want my children to respect me as their mother GOD wants to have the same fear of him. With holy fear we build a relationship of understanding with our Daddy GOD that wants nothing more than to develop us by teaching us to apply wisdom to our daily lives.

  93. After reading Proverbs 2:1-6, the idea that stands out to me is that I must be humble in receiving God’s words and commandments and wisdom. If I think I already know it all…if I think that after 34 years of being a Christian I’ve already studied that or heard that preached, then I am not receiving; I am not treasuring; I am not making my ear attentive; I am not inclining my heart to understanding. I must be teachable and ready and eager to listen to our big God whose understanding no one can fathom!

  94. Wow,
    What an awesome God we serve because He does grant us the desires of our hearts and He knows what we need and exactly when we need to hear it.. This message today is an expression of what I personally have been seeking from Him in this time of transition. It is only the first week so I can not even conceive what He has in store for all of us as we strive to discover our “Best Yes.”

  95. Anne Brutsche says:

    apply your heart to understanding- Don’t just try to understand God with and His Word with your head. Allow His Word to filter into your heart- for where your heart is, so goes your focus and action. My prayer is that every time I go to God’s Word, my Heart is looking for what God wants me to do and where I should go, to whom I should speak. This is Wisdom. Thank you Lysa for sharing fear of the Lord, and how that is Wisdom.

  96. I too appreciated the clarification of the definition of “fear” in this context — “reverence” rather than “terror.” This helped me feel better about how to comprehend the verse, and also prompted me to reflect on these definitions’ relevance to terrorist events in the Middle East and other places globally. I also felt these verses from Proverbs were a great connection to Chapter 2’s content from The Best Yes. That chapter provided a strong reminder of how easy it is to get distracted from what is important. When I thought about “Store up my commands” (Proverbs 2:1), I imagined a grain silo or old-timey “ice box” where we would “store up” valuable, life-sustaining food. We need to protect what is precious and hard-earned in our lives — 401k savings, our weekly food from the grocery store, etc. How much more important to protect God’s words and our fragile understanding of them, lest we allow all of that spiritual “food” to spoil.

  97. I really like how this has been presented. It has really opened my eyes to what fearing God is and how wisdom is involved. I especially like how the verses in Proverbs (NLT) summarize this concept and pattern.

  98. Wow, again, I enjoyed reading chapters 1-3 and immediately I saw that this book/this study is just what I needed. First, I want to give a testimony if you will. I need to share some things that spoke directly to me, God really got my attention. Page 5, “We must not confuse the command to loe with the disease to please” (POWERFUL) Page 10, “…even more disturbing, we forget God. We say with our mouths that we are trusting and relying on God, but are we really?” (Great question, we serve him with our mouths and lips but our hearts are far from him). Page 11, “…how big a thing is it that I didn’t pick up that cup” “…we have to long for unbroken companionship with God”. “The one who obesys God’s instruction for today will develop a keen awareness of His direction for tomorrow. I’m always asking God for direction, but I’ll miss it if I constantly ignore His instruction”

    So, I am an ordained minister in my local church and I’m heavily involved in my church. I was asked earlier this year to coach recreation cheerleading; initially I declined due to my obligations at church. Then, I later worked my way in to saying yes. Ever since I said yes, I have been torn and unhappy. It has caused problems because I was missing Bible Study etc. After reading the first three chapters yesterday and thinking about the small things that God tells us to do and we don’t do it. How God is training us to know His voice. Last night, I did not got to cheerleading practice, I believe God made me rest and I had to tell the cheer coordinator I would not be present. God told me to tell her that I would have to step back from this cheerleading. I instead of being obedient was trying to reason with God about the commitment I made (confusing the command to love with the disease to please). I didn’t want to hear what that voice, His voice was telling me to do (I didn’t want to walk in the way he was leading me). So this morning, the cheer coordinator text me and ask if I had time to call her this morning. All I could do was laugh when she said what she had to say. She asked me if coaching was stressing me, I replied no, but that I was torn. So she said, what did I think about her taking over the competition portion. Honestly, at first I wanted to resist, but then I felt God prod me. See God’s will, WILL always be done. I chuckled and I chose the “BEST YES” and accepted her offer. Here’s the kicker, now I am no longer obligated to miss two Sunday’s of church for cheer competiton. All because I chose that THIRD BOX!!!!!!!!!!! Oh what a blessing this book is ALREADY! Again, God knew that you would write this book, that I would be in your e-mail subscription and that I would sign up for this Bible study. What an awesome God we serve.

    Now to the question at hand for our study today…
    What does it mean to:

    –Accept my words – For me this means that when God gives instruction, wisdom/teaching, we should accept or agree with what he says as what is best for us. Even when we might not understand (because our thoughts are not his thoughts and our ways are not his ways) we should accept/agree the word of God

    –Store up my commands – Same as accepting his words. God has given us instruction in his word and when we hear his voice, when we feel the prodding we should take those and put them in our memory bank, so that when needed, they will be brought to our remembrance and help us to make wise decisions.

    –Turn your ear to wisdom – We need to turn away from listening to nonsense and things that are contrary to God’s word, but he who has an ear, should hear what the spirit has to say

    –Apply your heart to understanding – Once we accept what God says, once we store His word in our memory banks, once we truly hear his wisdom, all these things flow to our lifeline, the bloodline our hearts. When something is in our heart we work very hard to protect it and know the ins and outs of that thing, that place, that person and that’s what we should do with God’s instruction and wisdome. Put in our hearts so we understand, so we will make the time to understand

    –Call our for insight – When we don’t know what to do, when we begin to slip in accepting, hearing, understanding, listening, we need to cry out, call for help. (I’ve fallen and I “think ” i can’t get up, I don’t “understand” how I’ll get up, I didn’t “hear” what you told me of how to get back up)

    –Cry aloud – Cry loud and spare not is what God’s word says, the word also says that God heard our cries and pitied our every groan. When we get in situations, all we hvae to do is cry out to the Lord.

    –Look for it – simply put, seek and ye shall find, God stands at the door knocking. Look to the hills from whence cometh all our help.

    –Search for it as hidden treasure – Open the Bible, prayer, study with one another, seek again and find, hide is word in your heart so that we might not sin against him (choosing boxes 1 and 2 instead of box 3)

    • I love that God already had a plan worked out for you to step aside while not leaving those little cheerleaders without someone to work with them…He just needed you to see it and say YES! Thanks for sharing!

  99. The point that jumped out at me the most was “cry aloud” . I’m really bad at crying out to God in times of struggle (and times of blessings as well). I usually internalize it, so that nobody notices. After going through the bible study, I am making it a point to make my voice heard, and praise God out loud!

  100. What a blessing to be reminded of the fact that to know God, you merely have to seek him in earnest. He is willing to lead and guide us. It’s not some great secret that only those who are in high places of wisdom and knowledge can only understand. No he wants us all to know him and to seek him.

  101. This is so fun!!!! I am so excited about this Bible study. What reached out to me this morning was — I need to anchor my heart to the Lord so I can set my heart to the wisdom of God. This reminds me of the verse, Hebrews 6:19. Jesus is the anchor of my soul. I think that our personal testimonies of Jesus Christ are truly our stronghold and our anchor.

  102. I just noticed the retreat that you had last weekend. Are you going to post pictures or video on this? I didn’t see it early enough to participate………………..but I am planning on attending next year if you have it again.

  103. I think Store up my commands means to always keep God’s commands in your heart. Never forget what He has said. I also think that you have to live this way also.
    Call out for insight- Means to pray about it. I pray about almost every decision I make. I should pray about all of them! But God hears them and He will answer even if it isn’t the way we want!

  104. -Accept my words: Be attentive (Proverbs 4:1); believe as truth; set as standard
    -Store (ESV- Treasure) up my commandments: Teach them, talk about them, live them, write them on the doorposts (Deuteronomy 6:6-9)
    -Search for it as hidden treasure: Seek it as a great desire, not out of indifferent duty; it is of great importance and worth (Matthew 13:44)

  105. Shayla Ross says:

    Accept my words–accept Jesus Christ as savior and accept the word of God (the Bible) and what it says. Be worthy and aware of Gods mighty and truth.

    Store up my commands–encrypt Gods word/commands into your heart/soul/mind. Overwhelm your soul with Gods truth and power.

    Turn your ear to wisdom–always look to God for advise, knowledge and understanding. Turn away from evil and the earthly lies.

    Apply your heart to understanding–fully open your heart to God, allowing him inside to give you knowledge, open his Word for understanding of his commands and truth.

    Call out to insight–ask God for understanding and a more personal/emotional connection with his truth.

    Cry aloud–pray to God and talk to Him, I’m talking on your knees with tears of acceptance and vulnerability. Set your soul on FiRE for his burning and faithful love!!

    Look for it–always keep an open eye for God. Search for it as if you would silver or (valuables) God is so dear to us, he IS my silver. Constantly seek him and look for him.

    Search for it as hidden treasure–make His word and wisdom a constant craving. Make God and his gracious word he has blessed us with a TOP priority!

  106. Good Morning, I read the scripture and I am really happy to say I am loving this bible study because I have always wanted to get more into learning more scriptures and their meaning and i have read all the comments and what others think the scripture mean to them and there is no wrong answer .. Fearing the Lord lets you know for me that you are drawing nearer to him . I am very excited about learning more .

  107. Today it is so easy to get lost in all of the noises of life we are bombarded by them. This verse stirs an imagine in my mind…you are a young child separated from your caregiver in a large crowd of an amusement park at night. As a child you may be oblivious to being lost as you are mesmerized by the lights and sounds of the rides and games. Your caregiver on the other hand wants nothing more than to have you within a safe proximity to them. Where they can keep an eye on you, knowing if you stumble you are an arms length away. Or should you fall completely they are there to pick you up. Your caregiver in being unsuccessful in visually locating you begins to call your name. You hear that recognizable voice and maybe for the first time realize you have strayed. You follow that voice to safety. “Turn your ear to wisdom”– this is a command to my spirit that I hear the voice of my Father (the source of all wisdom) and I will respond to it.

  108. Blessings to all the women on this beautiful journey together!

    Accept my words: Receive with an open heart without struggle as they are vital and valuable. Embed them in my mind and heart.
    Store up my commands: remember them, revert back to them, reserve them and retrieve them… Apply in all circumstances!! Even when I don’t feel like it!!
    Turn your ear to wisdom: So many times my emotions want to dictate what I do or say but if I first and foremost follow this command and turn my ear to wisdom I will be able to hear what The Lord has to say about the matter or circumstance and gear my mind and heart towards that!
    Apply your heart to understanding: Pray and allow God to change me from the inside out so that I may see , hear and feel what he needs me to – His will not mine so that I may glorify Him!! 🙂
    Cry Aloud: The Lord is my refuge! He is always near, always ready to Help and Give! Who Better to understand our troubles if not Jesus! Ask and it shall be given!
    Look for it: Scripture tells me that seek first his kingdom and the rest shall be given. If I seek his path, his will, his word and apply it to my life I will find the vital tools necessary to live out a life for God.
    Search for it as a hidden treasure: This is so awesome! Who doesn’t want to find hidden treasure?! Except God makes it available to me no need to go scavenging with shovels and maps. He saves me the trouble. All I need to do is open his word daily. His beautiful treasures are there. I pray that my heart will always be eager and excited and ready to search for His valuable treasure!!

    Have a beautiful day ladies!!

  109. “Look for it” – I must actively and intentionally seek out God’s wisdom in my life

  110. What really jumped out to me today were the lines in Chapter 2 about confusion. I have really been struggling this past month and am feeling overwhelmed with all of the different opportunities that could fill my time. I am feeling confusion about how God wants me to spend my time. I am having a hard time separating God’s voice from my compulsions and knee jerk responses during times of stress. I recognize that recently I have had a break in my companionship with God and now I feel like I am reeling and blowing in the wind and drowning in a sea of anxiety and confusion. I know confusion is from the devil and conviction and direction is from God. I am having trouble forgiving myself for pulling away from God and having my self-will take over. I know He forgives me. But I feel guilty and ashamed. But I know God says to keep seeking Him and He will reward that and James 4:8 says Draw close to me and I will draw close to you. I am having trouble praying because of my guilt and shame. Jesus, please help me to cling to you and to remember what you say about me. Help me to believe your words and discard the devil screaming in my ear. You love me for who I am and not what I do. I don’t need to earn your approval. I don’t need to work for the approval of others. As long as I feel like You and I are on the same page, all is well. Help me to hear my Best Yes from you and live it out boldly regardless of the opinions and reactions of others. Help me to be willing to say “no” to certain things to make room for my Best Yes!

  111. Thanking God for His wisdom today! I’m storing up His commands in my mind & heart!

  112. Francis Mc Hugh says:

    To fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. How beautiful to speak here of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit – wisdom, understanding, right judgment, knowledge, courage, reverence and wonder (WURK CReW). Our first class speaks to one such gift – reverence or awe or fear of the Lord. The lesson of today’s saint, Padre Pio is food for thought – to carry our yoke, our struggles, our concerns, our fears, with faithful love. No fear involved here, only reverence and respect!!

  113. What does it mean to:

    –Accept my words
    1st Believe what is say is true. 2nd Apply His words to my daily life. 3rd Share His words with others.

    –Store up my commands
    If you store something then you keep it and build up your supplies. So if I keep the God’s commands then I am storing them up and building up my faith and relationship with Him.

    –Turn your ear to wisdom
    Listen to what He is saying

    –Apply your heart to understanding
    You need to true want to understand something and put everything into study it and not just read over it.

    –Call our for insight
    You need to pray and ask God for help.

    –Cry aloud
    You need to pray out loud to God.

    –Look for it
    You need to dig a little dipper it there and your are missing it.

    –Search for it as hidden treasure
    Hidden treasure is just not laying on top of the ground for any one to take, you have to search and work hard to find it. The same with wisdom you have to search and work for it.

  114. Hi all,
    This is my first online Bible Study, and probably my first Bible study as well. I have grown up in the church and in a Christian family, but have not done something like this. I did go to a small group as an older teen and early twenties starting college. Now that I’m past the 25 mark and Married…I have been needing something to help me grow.
    About the Lesson: This verse is very helpful to me! I think my favorite statement is “Turn your ear to Wisdom”. Listen to what God is saying. Listen to the wisdom of those God has put in your path. Be careful of listening to the foolishness of others. They will only bring you down, and distract you from what God wants you to hear.
    I am having trouble answering a few of these statements, like for example… Call out for insight. (or at least I think that’s what it was supposed to be.) I understand needing insight, but are we calling out to God? is that what this is asking?
    What I look forward to with this Bible Study: Saying no hasn’t been a problem, per say, but it’s not easy either. Depending on the situation, for example, saying no to something may be easier depending on who the SOMEONE is that I am saying no to. Then sometimes, because you said ‘yes’ to something else that you didn’t intend to, you can’t say ‘yes’ to something you really want to.
    I really look forward to enjoying this Bible Study the rest of you! God Bless!!

  115. For me verse 3 really stuck out to me “Cry out for insight and ask for understanding”. This is something that will not just come by being idle, we must cry out to God! I feel like often in my walk with The Lord, when I read a verse like that and I feel my heart respond saying, “yes Lord! That is what I want”, but then I keep on with my life. I need to stop and cry out and be intentional about asking for these things.

  116. Elsa Zukowski says:

    Loving this study already! Can’t do the conference calls, but looking forward to it all!

  117. I am doing fine this morning. I hope everyone else is doing good too. I really need to memorize all 8 of these points that we are discussing today. They are key points that are very weak in my life. I could only imagine what my life would look like if I was to live out all of these points everyday. To start off, I am very busy. It is not that I don’t have time to do a daily bible study, it is that I don’t take time which needs to change. That is the first point of importance— Accept my words. Get into God’s word. The third one is important as well. Turn your ear to wisdom— Listen to wise instructions from God and wise people. I need to surround myself with more godly people who are willing to build me up and not tear me down. I have found that when you hang out with cheerful happy positive people you learn to be the same way. And the fifth one would be important too. Call out for insight— Ask god for insights you wouldn’t think of on your own. I need to stop being in a rush all the time and speak to God. Asking him what he thinks and how he feels might actually turn around a lot of things that we get into in our daily lives that we often regret. I am enjoying this lesson so much and hope to continue it with you ladies. I took one before and got so busy that I lost track of it.

    • Your not alone, the business of life is set as a trap for us to lose focus on the most important aspect of our lives- God. I too have fallen into the rush of life and am a people pleaser. Our rushed lives leave no time for not only the “us” in our marriage but also the “us” in our relationship with God. Prayers go out to all the ladies for us to step out of the fast lane of life and stroll down the slow lane to a better relationship with our husbands, our children, our co-workers, our Best yes situations and most importantly God.

  118. ~Call out for insight…Seek godly wisdom (His word, counsel) NOT wordly.
    ~Search for it as hidden treasure…Esteem and covet His Word~~Wisdom..
    So simple…yet so hard for application…its a choice..I purpose to make Him my choice….Thank you Jesus..Praying for all my sisters here that The Lord is your strength…His Word is true..and He IS Faithful..

  119. Yvonne McCallar says:

    Accept My Word: we accept the Bible in our heart, it’s our instructions on how to live our lives.

  120. Nancy Zimmer says:

    When I realize my words are not in tune with God’s words, I need to recommit, to reading my Bible, to praying for wisdom, to rebuking falsehoods.

  121. I am especially focusing on Storing Up God’s Commands, and Searching As For a Hidden Treasure right now during this study.
    Storing Up God’s Commands: Understanding God’s word and memorizing scripture helps me to hide God’s Word in my heart. Posting verses and having scripture as art around my home helps me with this. Talking about a certain verse and writing it out helps too. I want to work on memorization of the Word so I can easily call His truths to mind.
    Searching for it as Hidden Treasure: Spending time in the Word! Really seeking God through Bible reading, prayer & study of scripture. His truth is precious, a treasure! I want to seek Him with all of my heart, desiring Him more and more! Dedicating time each day for bible study helps me with this.

  122. Christy Sullivan says:

    I was wanting to ask a quick question. I’m on my IPhone and I’m trying to leave comments on posts and discuss but I’m not having any luck. Does anyone know if you can do this and how?

  123. Hello all,
    Awesome bible study so far. Last night was great!
    Accepting always has to do with believing first. So you would have to believe Gods word as truth. True acceptance also means living what you believe (integrity). So you would have to be living Gods word.
    What an awesome way to explain how someone obtains wisdom. A lot of people don’t know that there are specifics to obtaining it and go about thinking they have it. Believe it and live it! A cry to the Lord: Mark 9:24 Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”
    I don’t think he was just saying he didn’t believe, I think he was saying he needed help to live his life according to the way Jesus had told them.

    • Amen! Well said! True acceptance means living the Word out. Sometimes, we have a hard time accepting “wisdom” from others, especially if their ways don’t line up to ‘your’ ways. In my journey with God, I have had to submit to God’s wisdom over my own wisdom. Following God and listening and seeking His insight and not my own has helped me so much.
      Thank you so much for your post. God bless you!

  124. Greetings and possible meanings.

    –Store up my commands/”treasure my commands within you” 1. Honour/value God’s commands by putting them into practice 2. Keep (learn and obey) God’s commands in acknowledgement that you need to
    –Turn your ear to wisdom 1. Pay careful attention to knowledge effectively applied 2.Listen to learn to share sth effective/Biblical effectively
    –Apply your heart to understanding 1.Let nothing in your heart resist clear/righteous guidance
    –Call out for insight 1. Ask God for discernment 2. Appeal to God for clear edifying understanding/articulation/expression/judgement 3. Tune into God’s Holy Spirit
    –Cry aloud/”Lift up your voice to the Lord” 1.Cry out to God 2. Seek God with brokenhearted sincerity 3. Come before God in acknowledgement/absolute trust that only He can be/do/grant/know…

  125. “Turn your ear to wisdom”– For me to “turn my ear,” first I need to shut my mouth! LOL Seriously, I need to quiet my thoughts too, get still, power down… so that I can hear what He has to say to my heart!

    “Apply your heart to understanding”– So many times, I hurry through the Word and jot something down in my journal, and if you asked me what I read, by evening, I don’t even remember. This phrase reminds me that I need to let God’s truth “marinate” in my mind all day. Understanding doesn’t always come right away, but after my heart & mind has had time to soak it up.

    “Cry out for insight”– to me this implies desperation. I don’t need to be casual about desiring His wisdom and insight. I need to desperately desire it!

  126. Dreamer Jowers says:

    For me, as I look at those verses, I see that all those words are verbs. Something we must DO. Wisdom doesn’t just happen. WE must search for wisdom – we must search for God. I also notice that those are commands – not suggestions. I must search for wisdom, understanding; I must cry out for insight. That means I must forget about and not focus on the things of this world that aren’t wise, that don’t lead to understanding.

  127. “Accept My Words” To trust God’s advice even when we don’t understand. To accept His perspective not relying our own.

  128. Kathie Waters says:

    This is what I put in my notes just now… looking forward to reading other comments!
    What does it mean to:
    –Accept my words—believe what God says
    –Store up my commands—memorize scripture, apply them to my life
    –Turn your ear to wisdom—read my Bible, listen to sermons, other Godly people, read good books, study
    –Apply your heart to understanding—pray, ask questions, work to understand, don’t give up, Bible study, Godly friends
    –Call out for insight—pray! Call out to God
    –Cry aloud—praying the scriptures, seeking God in everything, pray without ceasing
    –Look for it—don’t expect it to be easy, have to go looking and be open when I see it
    –Search for it as hidden treasure—may not be as I expect, have an open mind, be willing to dig deep within myself and in scripture

    • Hi Kathie!
      I love what you wrote about “storing up my commands.” As I was thinking about storing up commands, I literally thought about how you can store food in case of emergency. I believe God wants us to do that same thing with scripture. When we are in a “crazy” situation, if we have stored up His commands, we will automatically act the “Christ way” instead of an ungodly way.
      Thanks so much for you post!

  129. Hi everyone!
    Wow! Such an awesome way to start off the week! The pieces I decided to share are:
    Accept my words:
    That means to accept (receive, believe, acknowledge them) regardless of how I feel. Often times, in the midst of life, we do not always accept His Words…we only do so, when it’s convenient for us. We must accept His Word at all times, even during difficult circumstances.

    Cry aloud:
    This was important for me because sometimes we do things and feel so ashamed. When we feel ashamed, we hide them instead of crying out to God. Some of my most heart felt prayers are the ones where I just cry out to God.

    Look for it:
    God is everywhere, His wisdom is in every situation. Sometimes we just need to sit down and say, “Lord, I need your insight in this situation.” We must look (seek, search) for His wisdom. If we aren’t looking, we will never see it.

    Have a blessed day everyone! <3

  130. Muriel Lark says:

    But!!!!!!! When I say “yes”, I dread doing whatever I agreed to do. When I say “no” then I agonize over not working it out, making my schedule fit the request. Big guilt trip no matter what.

  131. I was really bless yesterday evening listening to Lysa talk about John 21:15-17, I was challenged to bring someone close before holding them accountable. So many times as believers we want so badly to bring someone to Christ that we forget to love on them. Isn’t that what Christ did, sit with the tax collector, the lonely, the prostitute, the sick, the forgotten people of His time. Thank you for sharing this and for the challenge.
    What does it mean to:
    –Accept my words— God’s word is true and I am to believe what it says
    –Store up my commands—hide God’s word in my heart, remember it,
    –Turn your ear to wisdom—listen to what God’s word instructs us to do it is His wisdom
    –Apply your heart to understanding—ask the Holy Spirit that is in us for understanding, revelation
    –Call out for insight—ask God and his Holy Spirit to reveal to us
    –Cry aloud—boldly ask God for wisdom
    –Look for it—seek for wisdom in God’s word
    –Search for it as hidden treasure – seek for it more than anything of less importance

  132. I am so happy to finally understand what it means to fear the Lord! I am a new Christian and that concept has been so hard for me to grasp! I came to this faith out of a love for God. A calling in my heart to love him, so to fear him seemed wrong. Now I get it! I was very drawn to the verse “Accept my words” As I am learning about God and reading my bible, I sometimes question what it says. I pray constantly for God to take away my doubt and to let me trust in him fully. I really felt comforted by “Accept my words”.

    I am a new Christian and I am also new to my area. I moved to White Bear Lake last December and would love to know if any of you ladies are from this area? Would anyone want to get together for coffee? I don’t have many friends who are of the same faith as me. I am very open-minded and come from a very liberal background, So even though I am still more liberal a lot of my friends have had a hard time understanding my choice to become a Christian.
    Hope everyone is having a beautiful and blessed day!

  133. Ps 111:10 So simple that if we truly fear the Lord, it will drive us to seek his word & pray for clear understanding. What stood out to me was:
    – Search for it as hidden treasure – Lets be honest, if I were given a treasure map with clues to find valuable hidden treasure (Yes..I love the National Treasure Movies) I would never give up and keep searching until I found it! We need to see Gods word as the most invaulable treasure and to search it for the truth and understanding to apply in our daily lives. Thank goodness for my translation, but its explained that understanding Gods word is a gift given only to those who seek it!

  134. I’m thankful daily for the words he has given me to treasure. Often it’s not hidden if I have my heart open to him because I find him speaking a subject or verse throughout the day or week to me. So thankful for such a wonderful Omnipresent God!

  135. Accept my Words – There is no higher authority in my life except God.
    Store up my commands – (NLT, treasure) God’s Word should be my prized possession.
    Turn your ears to wisdom – (NLT, tune) the frequency of my heart should be set to God’s wisdom, not worldly wisdom
    Apply your heart to understanding – I must put forth effort to study and understand God’s wisdom.
    Call out for insight – Pray to God that he would open my heart and mind to His wisdom for my life.
    Cry aloud – I’ll admit this one was difficult, I am referencing my answer to “Call out for insight”.
    Look for it – Seek out people or resources who display Godly wisdom and ask for help when needed.
    Search for it as hidden treasure – Seeking wisdom should be a desperation of my heart.

  136. Missy Davis says:

    This current season of my life has taught me much about calling out for insight and crying aloud, especially crying aloud. I’m a preacher’s kid (PK), and now a minister’s wife. I’ve lived my entire life knowing about the Word and asking God for things in prayer. But I’ll have to confess, for many years is has been pretty shallow and routine, especially my prayer life. But then God stepped in and began to lovingly correct me and teach me about silly and ineffective my prayers were by allowing a huge, intensely personal storm into my life. My shallow, “lord please allow this to pass if it’s your will” little prayers weren’t going to do. I literally learned what it means to be face-down on the floor, crying out my deepest hurts, confusion, frustration, anger, to Him, asking “how much longer?” Until I didn’t have words left to say, until I reached the point of finally surrendering my stubbornness to Him and giving him control. The storm didn’t die away instantly, but I found there was great peace in letting go. I’ve learned from this, at least for me, that I need to do more than just sit and silently offer my prayer. I need to vocalize, say what is on my mind and in my heart-not because God is going to hear it better-but because He asked me to, and I must obey.

    • It is amazing how God uses the hard times to teach us lessons. When I look back at different things I learned, I always wonder if I would have learned them without the struggles. I don’t think that I would!

  137. I spent alot of time today distinguishing between Wisdom, Understanding, and Insight. I read many different definitions and found that as with many things the worlds definition and the biblical definition are very different things. I found for Wisdom – the application of our acquired knowledge and understanding, how we apply it to our daily lives and for Understanding – meaning and reason that is required for Wisdom. For Insight I found – the spiritual quality that enables a person to appreciate God’s mind and will. It is God given and should be sought after. To know God’s heart.

  138. Oh, this is really good stuff! So glad I stumbled across this study just as it was about to start up. Excuse the length of this, but I so enjoy hearing how God speaks to others, and therefore also enjoy sharing what He’s saying to me.
    “Accept my words” – receive them not just as words, but as truths, as priceless gifts of untold value.
    “Store up my commands” – commit these commands to memory and draw on them when situations arise that demand decisions; obeying God’s commands will always yield a Best Yes response.
    “Turn your ear to wisdom” – tune out any nonsensical babble and listen only to what is wise, relevant and beneficial.
    “Apply your heart to understanding” – study God’s word not just with your head, but with your heart as well; let understanding become as necessary to your survival as the very beating of your heart; make it your heart’s desire to gain a deeper understanding God’s word so you will know how to apply it to your daily life.
    “Call out for insight” – pray for God to reveal His personal message to you every time you study the Bible; ask Him to enlighten you, to show you what it is He is trying to say to you.
    “Cry aloud” – don’t just pray silently to Him, be vocal! Make your plea HEARD! God can hear your silent prayers, but Satan cannot, so shout to the Lord, if only to make Satan aware that you are fervently seeking God’s wisdom and guidance in your life and he better look out!
    “Look for it” – don’t wait for it to fall into your lap; wisdom is gained by seeking it out, through prayer and petition to God.
    “Search for it as hidden treasure” – don’t search for it like it’s a lost button, and if you don’t find it you can pick up another; wisdom is one of the greatest treasures known to mankind; if we want to possess it, we must search for it as we would a buried treasure, using the “treasure map” God gave us; never give up the hunt, never stop looking for it; the search should only end when the treasure is found.

    If you knew there was a box hidden somewhere in your home that had a million dollars in it, you would search high and low and in all the secret, hidden places until you finally found it and held it in your hands. Wisdom is worth far more than a measly million dollars. Keep up the search until you finally possess it. God promises us wisdom, and He always fulfills His promises.

    “Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever: wisdom and power are his…He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning…I thank and praise you, O God of my fathers; You have given me wisdom and power.” Daniel 2:20, 21b, 23

  139. I am studying while eating lunch at my desk at work. And even amidst the chaos here, God is showing me what He wants me to see in this study. The first thing that hit me is all of the verbs in the Proverbs passage. In order to have wisdom we must DO all of those things- make it intentional to choose God and to seek Him and see His hand in everything around us.

    The other thing that just hit me is that the daily verse says that “Fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom.” The beginning. Having a reverence for God will start the lifelong process of growing in wisdom, but all of the other things listed in Proverbs are choices we must make to let God’s work be completed in us.

  140. I love how in the passage of scripture Proverbs 2:1-6 many of the words used are verbs. ‘call out, cry, search, turn’ etc. The verbs imply it is up to us to seek God for wisdom, and he will willingly GIVE it to us!

  141. Accept my words: believe what God says
    Store up my commands: obedience
    Turn your ear to wisdom: listen
    Apply your heart to understanding: life applications
    Call out for insight: Ask
    Cry aloud: Pray
    Look for it: Open your eyes
    Search for it as hidden treasure: Dig deep

  142. Jennifer Phillips says:

    Store up my commands – If you put something in storage it stays there. There is even sometimes a lock on a storage and it cannot get out. The only way it gets out is if you take it out. Otherwise you will always have it stored there. Keep God’s commands in storage of your heart and life. Put them in and don’t let them leave!
    Look for it – I always tell my kids to look for something and then usually have to follow it up with the statement, “move things around.” It probably isn’t going to be right in front of your face. Put forth some effort to find it.

  143. What does it mean to….
    …accept My words: For me, it means to accept God’s WORD(s) as absolute truth. This is hard to do — my pastor uses the phrase, “an echo from the Garden”: Even after all this timem we struggle to believe that God is as good and as trustworthy as He says He is. With struggle with accepting His words as is.
    …store up My commands: For me, to store up God’s commands means to store them in my heart so that I will be able to say “Yes” in obedience in every situation/crisis/dilemna I face in this life.
    …turn your ear to wisdom: For me, this means to be listening for Him; to be open to hearing Him. Lysa talks about and references Isaiah 30.21 in Chapter 2. If we turn our ears to listen, we will hear Him (God, the WORD, Wisdom) speak and we will know what to do.

  144. Beverly Wright says:

    I believe the Lord really wants us on the alert. We need to be on the look-out for the wisdom that God wants to give us. True wisdom, as the Bible describes, only comes from our Lord. As His children, He wants to give the most wonderful gifts to us, like wisdom. No parent wants to withhold good things, especially the things that will help their child, from them. Lets seek what God has for us, in the everyday. If we are focused on God and what He wants for us in the day to day with our decisions, then when a big decision comes along there is no question of Who to run to for help and wisdom. God’s Word directs our everyday and our big days too. God wants us to understand, but we have to want to understand. Thank you God for Your wisdom.

  145. For me this means to take God seriously, do what He says. If I am a follower of Christ, then my life ought to look like his.

  146. Melva Taylor says:

    I have been reading the book and all I can say is WOW! I just finished reading chapter six and I just can’t put the book down. As I look back I have always said yes to things I knew or felt like I should have said no. I am looking forward to learn how to say no and learn how to say yes. This book is amazing.

  147. Kathy Haubert says:

    Accept my words – believe Me
    Store up my commands – remember them
    Turn your ear to wisdom – listen to Me and no one else
    Call out for insight – pray
    Cry aloud, Look for it, Search for it as hidden treasure – want it more than anything!

  148. Linda Saliba says:

    This verse just spoke to me in many ways, Accept my words: believe Gods word as truth, Store up my commands: Burying Gods word deep in your heart, so that when you need them, they are stored there. Turn your ear to wisdom: This always reminds me of the still small voice inside, the voice of the Spirit this is my way walk in it. Apply your heart to understanding: Gain knowledge to the Word and listen to the voice of wisdom (Holy Spirit)
    Thank you for being such a blessing

  149. I”m going to love this study. My eyes were opened a couple years to the good “Lord” and fear the Lord was kind of different. Here we we’re to listen to someone I feared didn’t make things right. Now that I’ve come to understand the word fear in a different way “I’m totally going to get into this study. Thank-you so much.

  150. It’s a little confusing here but so simple in James 1:5 where he tells us to just ask for it

  151. It says “call out” and “cry aloud”, We need to give audible voice to our plea for wisdom.

  152. “Cry aloud for understanding” stood out to me. This tells me to be bold in approaching God; not to be scared to call out to him. I can be bold in my requests for knowledge and understanding of his Word because he longs for me to gain biblical wisdom. I used to be in the habit of asking God for knowledge and understanding of his Word before reading any text from the Bible…but lately that has somehow slipped away. This came as a reminder to ask him because he wants to give it to me!

  153. “Cry out for understanding” and “Cry aloud”…reminder to me that I need to ask. I forget that I can ask instead of just sitting in the struggle. It reminds me of James – if anyone lacks wisdom, ask!

  154. I see an implied step that must be done before these others. I have to stop…everything else, so that I can hear what the Lord is saying. Wow! Gonna have to work on that!

  155. Mechele Dunlap says:

    I believe Scripture memorization & meditation on God’s Word is key! His ways & thoughts are not like ours (Isa55:8), so how could we make best yes decisions without His leading? The only way is to draw near to Him & He will draw near to us (James 4:8). In so doing, He will give us His wisdom & teach us & lead us in His ways. No one has ever missed God’s leading that was truly looking for it; that is why it is so important to stay focused on Him, so we don’t get sidetracked by other things.

  156. I love how the contemporary English version on my Bible app explained these verses: we must follow and treasure Gods teachings and instructions. We must think what it means to have common sense and to keep in tune with wisdom. We must beg God for good common sense. We must search for wisdom. If we do all of this, we will know what it means to respect the Lord. Wisdom and common sense come from God.

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      I really like that translation! I love to pull them up on and do a side-by-side comparison of different translations. It makes the verses just come alive in a whole new way, doesn’t it? 🙂

  157. Kimberly Jones says:

    I love how it says search for it like a treasure. Like it has value. Like it is precious to me. We have the map to the treasure it just takes being intentional to invest in making it the priorty. God has gems of wisdom waiting for me and I can hardly contain my excitement over the discovery of them.

  158. Accept My word- Apply God’s word to my thoughts and choices.
    Store Up My Commands- Hide God’s word in my heart.
    Turn Your Ear to Wisdom- guard my ears against talk that is unlike God.
    Apply Your Heart to Understanding- let love flow from my heart. Forgive. God is love.
    Call Out for Insight- go unto god with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Ask God to show the way in which you should go.
    Cry Aloud- cry out to God for His help. Let Him know that you’re in a waiting place. You’re waiting to seek His face to be in His presence.
    Look for It- search for Godly wisdom. Be an intentional Kingdom seeker.
    Search for It as Hidden Treasure- Dig deep into God’s word. Study and apply it to your everyday life.

  159. I just picked up my book today I also bought the study guide I can’t wait to get started I am a little behind this is my third time doing the obs study. the last two were so refreshing and encouraging thank you for doing this study have a wonderful day.

  160. Melissa Chambers says:

    Awesome lesson! Accept my words – without question, putting aside our own limited perspective and just taking God for God. Store up my commands – Restock the shelves of our hearts where we keep expired hurts, pushing out those dangerous habits we have and filling ourselves with the one and only truth. Turn your ear to wisdom – Face forward, stop looking back. Be listening and ready to act on God’s will. Apply your heart to understanding – Don’t just read it, apply it, live it and learn it. Call out for insight & Cry aloud – While God can hear us even when we are silent we need to be heard, to feel heard and He knows it and longs for us to be all in and verbalize our needs, fears, troubles and triumphs. Look for it – Don’t just talk about it but know God’s word is the key to every situation, we just need to seek. Search for it as hidden treasures – Don’t just go looking when in need but have the word be where you get your strength for each day, where you escape to when you are stressed, find comfort and instead of always going for a specific reason, seek what else God has in store for you.

    • I like what you said about God’s word being the key to every situation. So good to remember. 🙂

    • Love your words about remembering that God is there and he knows all of our fears and troubles…that he is always there for us and that his word is there in every situation. It really hit home for me, thank you for sharing.

  161. First FEAR- Sometime in the recent passed, I came to the slow realization that the reason I had so much trouble saying no to things had to do with fear of man. I started reading the book “When People Are Big and God is Small.” It has been very convicting to me. I would never consciously say that I fear people more than God, but that’s what my decisions sometimes say for me. It’s good that God was working with me on this, because a situation came where a major decision was criticized by people in the same ministry as our family. It still stings, but I can rest in the knowledge that God’s voice needs to be louder than those voices!
    -Accept my words- I have to choose to believe God’s words
    –Store up my commands- review and meditate- once is not enough. One way I do this is by writing verses where I will see them. Another way is by having praise music playing as much as I can. It helps my focus!
    –Turn your ear to wisdom- Ignore those “other voices.” Focus on God’s truth not others. When you have some other input, compare it to what God says.
    –Apply your heart to understanding
    –Call our for insight- Been doing this a lot lately! Praying for wisdom, for understanding, for choices that are God’s not mine. It doesn’t come naturally. I need His help and wisdom.
    –Cry aloud- Not sure what this means for everyone, but for me this is singing aloud, and also telling people about God’s truth, His goodness, and what He has done
    –Look for it- Put some effort into it! It’s not just what you see at your first glance. Reread, study, meditate, etc.

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      Oh, my friend, I feel your hurt over that situation. You’re so right though. We have to make a choice about who we want to please- God or man? That’s a question I’ve started asking myself when things like that arise- Who am I trying to please here? People or God? When you put it in those terms, it makes it a little easier.

  162. What does it mean to:

    –Accept my words
    Take ownership of God’s words
    –Store up my commands
    Save them in my heart
    –Turn your ear to wisdom
    Take heart of wisdom
    –Apply your heart to understanding
    Hear my words and take them to heart
    –Call our for insight
    Seek understanding
    –Cry aloud
    –Look for it
    –Search for it as hidden treasure
    Seek for it with all your heart

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      I love what you said about taking ownership of God’s words! What better way to get them from head knowledge to heart knowledge? 🙂

  163. I have thought a lot about applying your heart to understanding. I have a terrible tendency to float by on autopilot- focusing on fringe details or interesting facts and not evaluating the big stuff
    I can zoom by ignoring important questions or overlooking the less than perfect parts of my life
    I think that applying your heart to understanding means asking the hard questions- looking at truth , even if you don’t always like what you see. And it’s about learning to switch off auto pilot and living an engaged, purposeful life

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      You are so right about living on autopilot! It is waaaaaay too easy to settle into a routine and stop searching for more. This is one reason that “The Best Yes” is going to be such a great study! It’s really going to stretch our thinking and our faith and cause us to really step back and evaluate why we do the things that we do. I can’t wait to learn!

  164. Lauren Shields says:

    When I read these verses, Solomon comes to mind. In asking God for wisdom, he was blessed with not only wisdom, but so much more. We have to seek wisdom, tuning our ears to the whisper of God for true wisdom comes only through Him. We have to set aside time to prioritize delving into His word and setting our focus on His will. Wisdom takes action on our part and in response, a gift on God’s part. The truly wise soon discover that wisdom is their treasure, one worth yearning for; toiling for; crying out for. Those who receive it, know how indeed God has blessed them.

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      “Wisdom takes action.” SO very true! Wisdom alone is a beautiful gift of God, but we have to actually tap into it and use it! And you are right- that is the treasure right there. God is so good to us!

  165. I’m so enjoying this book and study. In the words 1) Accept my words- I think means to understand what God has said and to agree with it. 2) Store up my commands I think means to to study and memorize God’s Word.
    3) To turn your ear toward I think means to carefully listen to what’s be said to learn something from it. 4) Apply your heart to understanding I think means to make it important to get this Godly understanding make it a priority in your life and live it out in your life everyday. Really enjoying this and just want to say thank you. <3

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      Hi, Loresa! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the study so far! And it only gets better from here 🙂

  166. Carrie Holmes says:

    Store up my commands – To me this means to have them readily available. What better way than to memorize scripture and just when you need it, the verse is there.
    Turn your ear to wisdom – Have you ever strained real hard to hear someone talk because you wanted to get every detail? That is how I want to be with God’s Word…I don’t want to miss any detail. I want to really pay attention and get the most out of it.
    Search for it as hidden treasure – How often do I spend hours on Pinterest looking for just the right recipe or idea? I want to be a Christ follower who spends time searching and digging into God’s Word, once again, not missing anything.

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      I love what you said about turning your ear to wisdom. Working in a school, I know that one of the best ways to get a child’s attention is to speak very very softly. The only way they can hear what you have to say is by quieting themselves so they can tune into you. Maybe that’s why God speaks so quietly to us. If He spoke in a roar, we could go on about our busy lives and never even have to slow down. By speaking in a still small voice, though, if we really want to hear, then we have to quiet ourselves. We have to slow down the rush and really tune into Him. It’s a challenge in this busy world but something well worth seeking after!

  167. Holding fast to Gods promises even when it seems I’m abandoned has gotten me through some pretty dark times. Saying yes to keeping on and no to giving up has been the path I have seen Gods amazing grace and faithfness.

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      I love how you said to keep holding fast EVEN WHEN you feel abandoned. That’s when it can become so easy to give up and assume He’s not there, but just maybe He’s waiting to teach us something in the wilderness. Sometimes the greatest lessons in life are learned there. And even when you feel abandoned, He’s still always there <3

  168. Search for it as a hidden treasure: Seek his word earnestly and never stop. Look for it in any situation your in.
    Accept my words: having faith in what he teaches and knowing they are truth.

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      Yes, the hand of God is in EVERY situation regardless of how we feel. We just have to keep searching!

  169. Here is how Proverbs 2:1-6 spoke to me:
    I should be listening to God and what he is saying in His Word, not just hearing it, but truly listening. I should keep what the Word of God has taught / is teaching me close, in my heart, living it out in my everyday life. When I am struggling, or when I need a wise answer to a question I have, I need to be consistently looking to God’s Word for His wisdom, and praying to Him to speak to me. God’s Word, and the wisdom it brings me should be a top priority in my life. Being in God’s Word is crucial if I want to truly understand, and grow to be more like Jesus.

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      Exactly! We can’t settle for being hearers of the Word. That alone does us no good. We must be DOERS as well! Yes, God, speak to us!

  170. IF we accept (an internal response) the words and commands of God’s Word then we will be compelled to put forth the effort required in the next verses to turn, apply, call, cry out, look, and search. And IF we do these actions (as stated in verses 2-4), THEN (verse 5) “you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.” Wisdom is a gift that isn’t just given, but has to be sought! Lets find the treasure of wisdom!

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      Yes! And just as it must be sought, it must also be tapped into and put to use. Otherwise, we may as well not have it at all.

  171. We should always turn our ears to listen to Gods words. We have to learn to slow down and make sure we take the time to put God first in every thing we do.

    • Stacy L., Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      The slowing down part is what’s so hard sometimes! That’s why I’m so excited for this study- to learn how to slow down from the rush and really focus on those things that God has for me to do.

  172. –Search for it as hidden treasure~ Earnestly look for it, don’t just glance around like you are looking for some inconsequential thing. Look for it like you are looking for your most beloved treasure because wisdom is one of the greatest treasures you can ever acquire.

  173. So many times I hear God’s message but it doesn’t make it to my heart when I step out of the church doors and back into the real world. To seek His wisdom I have to slow down and open my heart to it everyday. There are so many things that distract me from Him, and I need to find Him in my everyday life. I need to “tune in” to Him. It is as simple as calling out through prayer, searching through His word, and storing it in my heart. Giving myself a moment at the start of my day to say, “Here I am. Help me to see You today.”

  174. The memory verse is something to think about. I think as believers we often fear the Lord because we know His power, but I also feel like we often unintentionally and sometimes intentionally take the Lord’s mercy & grace for granted. My personal goal is to show more reverence to Him versus fear of Him so that I may seek His guidance in everything and that I will not only have knowledge of God’s word, but the word will be a part of me; so much a part of me that it will hurt me to go against it.

  175. Apply your heart to understanding: Really put myself into action to study and understand what Gods word is telling me.
    Look for it: Open my bible & study, don’t just expect it to happen for me. Put some effort into what I am doing, God puts a lot of effort into me.

  176. I’m glad we’re doing this study as well! I live in the DC area and we have this “go go go” “yes, yes, yes” mentality so I DEFINITELY NEED TO LEARN TO GRACIOUSLY say NO. I also like how Psalm 111 gives you a different picture/definition of fear.

  177. Holly M Westberry says:

    oh this is so hard, because i have trouble applying my heart to the understanding of the word. I mean my whole heart. I know I need to turn my ear to wisdom more than I already do. Accept the word of God and always search for it as hidden treasure.

  178. Antonia Tillman says:

    In my life at the moment I am calling for insight from GOD and crying out loud because I need his guidance, his WISDOM. I am accepting his word for the first time in a long time and I am trying to understand with all my heart what it is he wants from me. What it is that I am here for. I am actively searching for his treasures as I read the bible. The one that speaks the most to me is TURN your ear to WISDOM which I believe I am doing with this bible study. You are all part the WISDOM I seek. It helps to read different interpretations and see people at different points in their lives with GOD as well. Thank you.

  179. haven’t done the study guide work yet, but have been reading the book. The one thing that stood out for me in Chapter 1 was the comment “We must not confuse the command to love with the disease to please.” That struck a chord for me as I tend to be a people pleaser! Even being more mature (old) I too have not learned to say NO. Sometimes I’m so busy that time to read what God says and to ask Him for direction goes unattended. I hope that through this study and a more concentrated time of reading God’s Word, I will be able to change this pattern of “doing” to a pattern of “listening”. In other words be a Mary not a Martha.

  180. Paula Nobles says:

    Accepting God’s word is taking those words as truth and applying them to our lives. We aren’t truly accepting if we aren’t obeying. We are to memorize (store up) those commands and keep them in our hearts. Our heart’s desire should be to listen to God’s instruction and follow His way instead of my way which is so often hard for me. That’s why I must daily call out and cry aloud to our mighty God as I hunt for this treasure that He gives. He so freely gives. All I have to do is accept, deisre, and seek it.

  181. Laura Stanberry says:

    The first two phrases just jumped for me. ” Accept My Words” First I must receive His Word. I must be willing to take the time to sit, be still and receive from His word what He would teach me. And then once I’ve done that I can move onto the next phrase ” Store up my Commands” I can commit what it is He has given me to memory so that I can continue to receive the blessing. I have known for a long time I need to devote more time to His Word. If I am not filling my soul with the Food of His word how can I possibly ever feed others. I know I am guilty of raising my hand and volunteering more than I should. I am looking forward to the wisdom I will gain from this study. God’s word will not return void and I am so glad He has given me a community of women to share this journey with.

  182. linnea nelson says:

    I trust in the Lord.He will not fail me.

  183. Alicia Lovelace says:

    This was such a great question for me to ask myself. It confirmed just how much I need to accept my Heavenly Father’s words and how I need to take them as they are and not for what I hope they mean. I need to accept his words, store up his commands, apply my heart to be understanding. I need to take his words for what they are and be obedient to his commands. I need to apply myself to understand what God wants me to understand.

  184. Cry aloud and search for it as hidden treasure grabbed my attention as I went through the verses. When I cry aloud for help, for insight, or even praise I am heard by my Heavenly Father. My cry doesn’t fall on deaf ears. And the searching for hidden treasure is a constant activity. We go through life always looking for more understanding. As we search it isn’t something we give up on and we want to find more!

  185. Wow. What a topic, Wisdom. When I was at the P31 OBS retreat this past weekend, we were able to pick a verse out of the basket, one that God meant especially for us. When I first got mine, I thought….hmmm this does not seem super-applicable for me right now. The verse is Proverbs 31:26–“She conducts her conversations with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is ever her concern.” Then I came home and had a situation with my mother, who is not a believer. I did not use wisdom. I did not use kind words. Then I remembered the verse. I pulled it out and read it and said to God, “OK, God, now I know why you gave me this verse.” Then….this morning I open the email for our Bible Study and it is all about wisdom. About choosing your words wisely. About listening to his INSTRUCTION so that I may be able to discern his DIRECTION. Wow. That’s all I have to say. The verse was definitely meant for me!

  186. In chapter 2, it speaks of unbroken companionship. Unbroken companionship helps us hear His instructions so then we can see His direction (pg. 18). Wow!! This speaks volumes to me. I so often wander in my faith walk due to the many, many things that are thrust upon me on a daily basis. I then wonder why I can’t hear Him. I now see that I have to ‘unrush’ myself so that I can truly hear His instructions so then I can see His direction. Praise Jesus.

  187. Cry aloud for help & Accept My Words: these 2 statements stood out to me most. I cry out to the Lord for help and then be willing to listen to God when he shows me the answer in His word. There are so many ways for God to speak to us through His word. I want to work harder to be a willing listener to grow stronger in Christ.

  188. Tonya Burgess says:

    When people in the old days heard there was gold in the hills of California, they took the word of others by faith and went. It was a hard journey and lots of work to find those nuggets of gold or silver, but they worked at it in order to make an earthly profit. I look at this adventure in the Word of God like what the pioneers did. I am to God’s Word by faith, I am to store it or hide it in my heart, apply it to my life, use it in my daily walk, follow it’s directions, ask for the Holy Spirit to teach me, & learn from Godly leaders. As I read the Word of God I am to dig deep as one who seeks a buried treasure. It’s valuable and sufficient for everything that I need for what I am going through at the time, the Holy Spirit will open the Word to me as I pray for insight. This kind of treasure is not on the surface, but it is well worth the work!

  189. When I read this passage, it’s like my Father talking to me lovingly. I feel so loved and blessed that I am one of His children.

  190. Accepting God’s words… reading the Bible and trusting them in your heart that He will be faithful to do what He says.
    Store up my commands… obeying what He commands in his Word and never doubting it no matter what the circumstance may be.
    Turn you ear to wisdom..taking time to be quiet in His presence to listen to what He has to say. Let him talk as a close friend would and take heed to His wisdom. He will never lead you astray.
    Apply your heart to understanding…take his Word and apply it to daily life.
    Call for insight…ask God for more information on things not understood or decisions which need to be made.
    Cry aloud…seek Him when in doubt…cry out to God for wisdom.
    Look for it….expect an answer.
    Search for it as hidden treasure…sometimes our answer may not come immediately or in a pretty package…it may be disguised within something else. In order to find the answer one must be attentive to everything. We must search until the treasure is found. Reminds me of the little woman who lost her coin and turned her whole house upside down until she found it. Sometimes we tend to stop searching before the treasure arrives and even though it still arrives, we miss it because we stopped searching.

  191. To accept His word means to not only listen, but take it in deeply. To digest it fully so that it becomes a part of me. To hide His words in my heart so that I may not sin against Him.

  192. Katie Bates says:

    When searching for hidden treasure you look everywhere with a passion. Lord, help me search for Your wisdom in the same matter.

  193. I just love that Lysa defined “fear.” How much more sense that all makes now. I’m excited to share that with my kids in the morning…

    Store it up…to me means that I need to take the commands God gives me…and store them inside me. Therefore, I need to be aware of what those commands are in the first place. And how do I do that? By reading the Word…daily…as if I’m desperately searching for treasures. And then asking God for his wisdom to be revealed. If I’m looking for something that I really want…I hunt and hunt! I don’t stop until I find it. So it should be the same for God’s wisdom…I need to keep hunting…until I find it.

  194. My take aways from Proverbs 2:1-6

    Accept my words- when we accept something it means we receive, agree with, regard as true, believe and acknowledge it. So I think this is really pointing to the fact the word of God must be believed for it to work in our lives – without faith it is impossible to please God.

    Store up my commands – I love this- we store things that are valuable to us, we throw away whatever is not valuable. We also store up things that we believe will be useful to us in the future. I believe when we store up Gods words and commands in our hearts, it is evidence that we believe it will work for us, and I believe that is why the God advises us that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. We need to store up the word to build our faith to face all circumstances in our lives.
    Apply your heart to understanding – the voice version states – engage your mind to understand what she is telling you. This reflects the fact that we need to make the effort to understand what the word is really telling us, to comprehend it deeply. Its like studying for a test, we know we have to pass it to graduate from the class, we stay up all night to make sure we are ready for the exam… it means we have placed value on it. When the word of God means that much, it pleases God and he will never withhold it from us.
    Call out for, Cry aloud for, look for it, search for it as hidden treasure to me means, I am regarding the word of God as a necessity and not an option. Its either I understand it or I am not fulfilled. It is life to me, just like water when I am thirsty or food when I am hungry. I remember when Jesus says,Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. John 7:37.

    I love how the voice translation sums this all us in verse 5 – “Then you will grasp what it means to truly RESPECT the Eternal,and you will have discovered the knowledge of the one True God” this brings us back to Psalm 111:10 – the fear (reverence, respect) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It comes full circle- if we want wisdom going through this process of seeking God gets us wisdom as we hold Gods word in high regard.

    I am truly challenged by this- I am thinking ” how much have I really given up to gain more understanding, insight, of the word of God? if the more I seek him, and the more of His word the wiser I become, why have I read so many books and not finished reading the bible? Ofcourse, not as a religious exercise but a reflection of how much I value Gods word.

    Just a thought!

  195. Look for it – seek God whole heartily all the time. You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all of your heart…Jeremiah 29:13

  196. Madeline Ellis says:

    These were really great questions that reinforced why I am doing this Bible study. I don’t know if other woman have had similar experiences, but as of lately I feel that I don’t take the time to listen to the Lord. I get caught up with the stress of work and other things going on in life and make excuses for why I haven’t made time for the Lord. I get stressed out and run down by all my commitments. But, when I take a step back, breathe and began praying, it’s as if all the stress is washed away. The Lord always takes the time to listen to me and I need to focus in on what he is saying to me, seek his guidance and wisdom and ask him to help me what he wants me to learn.

  197. I love the explanation of fear of the Lord. Fear is engrained in my head as being scary. I fear clowns, I fear roaches, I fear cleaning out under the seats in my car. Fear of the Lord is so much more comforting than earthly fears. I LOVE THAT!!!

    • Becky,

      Think society is what makes us look at fear as a negative thing–scary… thankfully it doesn’t have to be!!!

  198. Accept My Words: would be an act upon the listener to be willing to listen, to take in and agree on what they have heard, to believe what is spoken to them is true and beneficial.
    Store Up My Commands: would be to absorb what is spoken to you with an open mind and to ponder on them. To hold close, to retain in your heart and mind so that you may recall for a later time to put into use when needed.
    Turn Your Ear To Wisdom: to stop the direction you are going and to turn around to instructions and sound advice. to listen to authority and follow it.
    Apply Your Heart To Understanding: take what you have learned and live it out
    Call Out For Insight: ask God for guidance and direction
    Cry Out For Understanding: is to cry out to God for help and compassion when you lose your sense of direction.
    Look For It As For Silver: is to be willing to go to the depths and work for what you desire or have passion for.
    Search It As For Hidden Treasure: seek to find it with excitement and anticipation and once found, value it’s worth.

    This is a very deep proverb. Wisdom is a free gift from God, yet He gives us the responsibility to search for it, find it, accept it, use it, live it and value it.

  199. Irene O'Leary says:

    “Apply your heart to understanding” – Ps 111:10 continues saying (ESV) “all who practice it have a good understanding.” Practice applying God’s Word to life as to become good at it, making it second nature.

    “Search for it as for hidden treasure” – This makes me think of the children’s shows with pirates and all… seeking wisdom doesn’t need to be all clinical or strict! 😉 Make a game-plan and stick to it. Follow the “map” and look for all the clues. Don’t take things at face-value.

  200. When I think of -cry aloud, -look for it, -search for it as a hidden treasure, I immediately thought about how I would be and have been when I lose sight of one of my children in a public place. The panic of needing to know where they are and wanting them so badly. I began to think, do I yearn for the wisdom of God like that? Honestly, at times I am very complacent in what I know of God. But if I want to grow and be more like my maker, I must yearn for Him as I would for my child. My heart should hurt for finding wisdom and understanding from God.

    • love your last sentence “My heart should hurt for finding wisdom and understanding from God”…. Proverbs 3:5 Trusting the Lord with ALL of your heart and lean NOT on your OWN understanding…. the only way to do that is to be in HIS Word!!!

  201. SO, I’m looking at the “what does it mean to”….and I’m realizing each one of the phrases result in Fear of God…a reverent fear to accept God’s Words, yes there is more than one word, there are MANY words we need to read and store into our heart….turning and tuning my ear and heart to what God wants to speak to me through HIS Word… then the important factor…APPLYING it to my life…. I’m remembering its great to read God’s Word, but doesn’t do any good when we don’t apply it…<–big ouch!!…

  202. I think when we accept the words God has given us and know His commandments in our hearts we can listen to what God is saying and apply what we know when Satan tries to attack us. By thirsting after God, reading His word we can pray (cry out) for Him to help us understand further. We seek (look for it) by again reading God’s word, spending time with Him, and search for what He has given to us to therefore understand and speak the wisdom He shows to us. I believe Satan is working overtime to try to take Christians down and only by spending time in God’s word and learning can we know the truth and fight with what we know.

  203. What a great book so far and what a great scripture to study this week. Not only do I need to listen for God’s instruction, but I need to prepare my heart and mind to hear it. It has been awhile since I have sat down and have really studied God’s word and not just read it. I have made excuses, but I am ready to study the Word. One passage from Lysa’s book has stuck out…the decisions you make determine the schedule you keep…leading to determining the life you live…leading to determining how you spend your soul.

  204. My thoughts on Proverbs 2:1-6

    Accept my words: Not to question (something I have a hard time with), but to hear them and believe them knowing where they come from.

    Store up my commands: Instead of listening to commands one at a time and the newest one taking the place of the last, we should remember them. The commands should build upon one another to give us a foundation for our faith.

    Turn your ear to wisdom: Tune out the distractions and things that are not speaking God’s wisdom. Surround yourself with it!

    Apply your heart to understanding: Open your heart to understand the message how it was meant from God, not how we want to hear it. Again this is an area that I struggle with. Am I hearing what God is telling me or only what I want to hear? This requires me to STOP and truly listen with my whole heart.

    Call out for insight: Look for help for full meaning when we do not see and understand right away.

    Cry Aloud: Be bold & loud about needing insight. Don’t passively accept what you think is a reasonable interpretation. And when you are in need of wisdom, ASK for it. We need to set our sights on wisdom from God and ask to be led by the Holy Spirit.

    Search for it as a hidden treasure: I loved this one! Think about the planning, sacrifice, and effort put forth to go on a treasure hunt! God’s wisdom is the greatest treasure there is and is therefore worth the greatest effort we can give.

    What I learned is that I need to seek God’s wisdom and that means I need to slow down and make more time to read God’s Word and think about how it applies to my spiritual journey. There is no way that I can receive this divine treasure if I am rushing around at full speed from dawn till dusk. I am going to make an effort to not rush, after all Jesus didn’t (and aren’t we supposed to strive to be more like him)?

  205. Barbara Robbins says:

    What stands out to me from Proverbs 2:1-6 is that God’s Words are hidden treasure. Just reading scripture quickly to get through “today’s passage” will only bear a little fruit. But if we see it as hidden treasure and take the time to find out what God wants to show us, by studying the passage, asking God to speak to us through it, and seeking to apply it to our individual lives, it changes us. When we sit down with God’s Word, we need to apply our heart to undersanding it, and this takes both time and effort.

  206. Johanna (Group 36) says:

    I love love love this study so far! I am loving digging deep into God’s Word.

    –Store up my commands ~ to me this means to do what ever I need to do to store God’s commands and His Word in my heart. Memorize verses so they are front in my mind.
    –Look for it ~ God is all around us. We need to have our eyes and hearts open to see Him.
    –Search for it as hidden treasure ~ We have to want it, like a treasure hunter wants treasure. We have to search with determination. We have to be excited about the search.

    God Bless,


  207. What stands out to be is cry ing out to the Lord. I am in a season in my life where I am constantly calling out to the Lord for advice and strength in my daily life.

  208. Joan DeKoekkoek says:

    These verses are all about action. If we want wisdom from God, we need to actively pursue it. We need to seek it out, apply it in our lives, and keep coming back for more. We need to exercise our spiritual eyes and ears so we can move in the directions God is leading us in His word.

    • Shanda Hiatt says:

      I agree Joan learning to apply and actively seeking God’s direction for our lives must be our desire to be more like Jesus. Press on!

  209. I am trying to learn to cry out to pray and for it to be effective. I am waiting for my book to arrive, but I did read Chapter 1 online. When it comes to crying out, I don’t want to take all the time. I want to figure out what I can give back. This is my fourth OBS and still just as excited as I was when it was my first one. Christie

  210. “To observe toward God is to look for the hand of God in everything.” Powerful words. We don’t know God and all the magnificent things he does until we fear him. Until today,I have thought to fear Him was to literally be afraid. I am so glad this study started out like this. I don’t have to be afraid. I need to be in awe of His wonderful work that surrounds me. When I see His works around me, that is when I can truly seek wisdom.

  211. Each one of these verses, spoken by Solomon to his son…and GOD to us today are calling us to seek wisdom and understanding… Which is seeking GOD’s face, after GOD’s heart, Incline you ear to wisdom. Well, The fear of the LORD, is the beginning of wisdom. How often do we purposefully search for GOD in our everyday humdrum…the smile of a child, the beauty in the clouds. Finding GOD in every day is like hunting for the rarest, most precious diadem of all. FOR the LORD GIVETH WISDOM out of HIS mouth. Are we diligently seeking ,listening and following after GOD with our whole heart?

  212. For me the fear of the Lord being the beginning of wisdom is eye opening. Starting with respect and awe and giving God His place in your life IS true wisdom. His words share insight and knowledge to how we can live this life. We can have hope and taking His word as treasure for our lives.

  213. Shanda Hiatt says:

    I agree with Courtney sometimes I have a control issues with life and want to lean on my own understanding instead of God’s wisdom. I really liked what Lysa said on p.23 of the book “The lives we live determine how we spend our souls. So, this isn’t just about finding time. This is about honoring God with the time we have.” Our time is really God’s time and we should be giving back to him in everything we do. I love that verse too “The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom” Psalm 111:10. I think this is going to be a great bible study to learn more of God’s word and how to apply it in my daily life. Thank you Jesus!

  214. Proverbs 2:1-6 made me realize there are things I must do to obtain the wisdom God wants to give me each day of my life. He never wants to keep His wisdom from me. All I must do is keep my focus on Him. I must be in His word daily, accepting it as truth and hiding it in my heart because it is the truth that will lead me in every decision I must make. I also must turn my ear to it. I must not just read it but listen to it and put in into practice. I love the part in Scripture that says I must look for it and search for it. Look for it means I must slow down, open my eyes to see Him leading and using me. Search for it means I will not give up but continue digging into His Word like it is a treasure to me. When I live the words of Proverbs 2:1-6 I will understand His plan for me and see the wisdom of the Father who loves me.

  215. Accept my words-accept what God says is true. He will do what he says he will do. Trust Him!
    store up my commands-learn what God’s word says/promises and hide it in my heart so I might not sin against you-Psalm 119:11
    Turn your ear to wisdom-listen to God’s word attentively and obediently. Tune out worldly distractions.
    apply your heart to understanding-God’s word put into action
    Call out for insight-ask God for wisdom-he will give it generously James 1:5
    Cry aloud-earnestly and sincerely ask God for understanding. Get real with God.
    Look for it-wisdom doesn’t fall from the sky in clouds of glory. We must search diligently for it.
    search for it as a hidden treasure-wisdom is a precious thing we must search for consistently and diligently as a miner searches for valuable gems and metals.

  216. I’m amazed how simple the Lord makes GETTING WISDOM & UNDERSTANDING for me to grasp and hold on to! Vs 6 says For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. We have HIS actual words and we can read them aloud or memorize them and pass those words along to our children! It is my desire to fall in love with God’s Word……if I do that, then my life will reflect my heart, God’s heart…..and surely WISDOM will just be woven into the whole DNA of my existence! That’s my prayer! Why do we make our lives so crazy and difficult by listening (& reading) to EVERYONE when all we are told to do is accept, store, apply, cry out, etc. …….there it is! God’s Word is the eternal BLOG! Great thing to go to bed meditating on! Thanks!

  217. Vickie Mullins says:

    So loved the first 3 chapters you put into words how many of us feel. I myself run till I really forget to stop and listen to what God is trying to tell me. I think we are all guilty of doing this.

  218. vicki white says:

    I have enjoyed reading the book thus far. I am learning that my time is not my time but God’s time. I am the kind of person that I have to do everything and organize everything but I am learning that may not be God’s best yes for me. I want and pray to be open and free to be available for God’s Best Yes for me

  219. Janice Pierce says:

    “search for it as for hidden treasure”: search for God with all of your heart

    ” accept my words”: RECEIVE- to be pleased with- rejoicingly take to heart

    “fear the Lord”: understand how awesome & great the Lord is revere & respect

  220. Thank you for reminding me to look for the hand of God in everything…every day! I never thought of wisdom as a treasure, but I will from now on.

  221. Terri Satterwhite says:

    Turn your ear to wisdom is what struck me in the verses. For me, I need to remember in problems, situations, or just daily interactions, I need to turn to God. If I do the other things mentioned in the verse and then turn to him, chances are I will increase my wisdom.

  222. To accept His words is to receive their engraving on my heart. Which leads to many open doors to receive understanding and wisdom from God’s voice through scripture and prayer. When we are open to accept his words it will bring about a wisdom that we never thought possible.

  223. Listen to the Lord! commit his words to memory

  224. Louise Johnson says:

    The thought that is really striking a chord with me is “cry aloud”. I need to still myself long enough to verbalize my request to God. I get all up in a knot thinking about a situation. When I finally sit down and journal my request for wisdom and insight, God gives me his peace. Cry aloud, to Him. If not journaling, at least sitting down in prayer – not just praying on the run, while driving, or washing dishes. Alone. Crying out. Still before God.

  225. I feel like He is telling me…it’s simple…just be in MY word. Do life with God and the Scriptures. Why must I complicate things? Oh Lord I cry out!

  226. What does it mean to:
    Accept my words- They are true and non-negotiable. We can not chose to follow the ones we like and ignore the ones we don’t like or agree with.
    Store up my commands- Memorize them, be conscious of them at all times
    Turn your ear to wisdom- Pay attention to that voice inside you the one that urges you
    Apply your heart to understanding- Look for the meaning in situations, use your whole heart and effort to understand
    Call out for insight- Pray for wisdom
    Cry aloud- ask others, be honest about it
    Look for it- Read the Bible, Bible studies
    Search for it as hidden treasure- Know that life will be richer with it, look excitedly

  227. Proverbs1-6 tells me:
    A. Oh Lord I believe and trust in your word because is strong enough to see the real you in me.

    B. Oh Lord you ruled my world so I can follow you with all my heart,which I respect and honor with patient and experiencing a lot of trouble and faults among us.

    C. Oh Lord I can hear and listen into your word so I can acknowledge your wisdom by thinking thorough so it can reflect in me.

    D. Oh Lord let my heart open my soul so we could be one sound of eloquence…

    E. Oh Lord let me be alert on your words so I could worship you among others.

    F. Oh Lord in times of trouble let us cry aloud so we don’t suffer any longer…

    G. Oh Lord could you look after us so we can get rid of being in trouble?

    H. Oh Lord let me share your word with others so your word become in to us which is a treasure for our souls; the more and more we know you the more we worship you more wisdom and open minds we will learn your word,Amen

    The Lord in this scripture is a gift to my soul!!

    • Vicki Sellers says:

      Love this…What a great way to expression of the statements that were given to us. You turned them into prayers and that is what I need to do more often with his verses!! Thanks for sharing!!

  228. What a great way to start my day and hearing God’s word and having so many women sharing it with me. Thank you everyone. What spoke to me as I outline this study are the initial words to ACCEPT, STORE,TURN, APPLY,CRY,LOOK,SEARCH for God’s wisdom.

  229. I noticed the word “if” which means contingency upon doing the things listed in the rest of the verses. Storing up His commands requires hiding them in your heart so that when needed, they are in there to recall them. Each of the verses include action verbs…we can’t just read them, we have to do something with the words. for example, turning your ear, applying your heart, calling out for insight, crying aloud for understanding, look for it, search for it, “then” you will understand the fear of the Lord.

    • Ka'Lon Dewey says:

      I agree. We can’t obtain wisdom and knowledge from God if we don’t take action. I’m reminded of the psalmist. He states, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee” (King James Version, Psalm 119:11). As you stated, storing up God’s commands in our hearts, will help us for when we need His word when being under attack, but I also feel we store God’s word in our hearts to please Him. His Word is powerful and active. When we store up God’s word and commands, it changes us. When we begin to fear the Lord, he gives us wisdom. It begins with reverencing the Lord.

  230. Ka'Lon Dewey says:

    When I began to read the verses in the New International Version, I didn’t understand the verses, but they spoke to my heart. Reading the verses in the New Living Translation, helps me to understand the verses a little bit more. When the Word tells us to “Search for it as hidden treasure”, I believe the Word is telling us to search for wisdom as if we are searching for something valuable. Treasures hold value and could be near and dear to our heart, so I feel the author is saying to value wisdom. To search for her as if our lives depended on it. Turning our ears to wisdom would be listening to wisdom. Storing up commands would be treasuring God’s Word in our hearts. “Look for it” would require us as women of God to look for wisdom in every aspect of our lives. All of these require action on our part. We can’t obtain God’s wisdom, if we don’t put our faith into action. If we begin to fear God, and put our faith into action, we will find wisdom and we will get understanding. When we seek God with all of our hearts, we will then find wisdom.

  231. “Turn you ear to wisdom” What this means to me is that you should listen to God, so that he can direct you to the right place. Sometime we want to listen to ourselves instead of listening to what God wants us to do. I have been guilty of this because I should have left my ex and now I see, as I have gotten older and in the word, that when God told me to leave, it was for a reason and I should have trusted him.

  232. I love this verse! I truly desire God’s wisdom. I have read the first 3 chapters of the book and am craving the insight that this wisdom will give me, and help me to stay tuned in to God so I can achieve my true purpose!

  233. Becky Venhaus says:

    I cry out to God for myself and each of us that are connecting through this OBS that we will be able to apply our hearts to understanding. Understanding life through God’s wisdom and then allowing that wisdom to rule our hearts and decisions……”Our Best Yeses!” God’s wisdom is a hidden treasure that when we find it and apply it to our lives……Our Best Yes will come naturally!

  234. Steph Fruhling says:

    What does it mean to:

    –Accept my words- to know and understand the lords word

    –Store up my commands- to make what God asks of us apart of our life

    –Turn your ear to wisdom- be open to the lord continuing to speak to us

    –Apply your heart to understanding- keep walking with the lord and seek his knowledge

    –Call our for insight- have an active and continuous conversation with the lord

    –Cry aloud- worship anytime and all the time

    –Look for it- observe how the lord is working through our life

    –Search for it as hidden treasure- looks for the blessings!

  235. -Accept my words: God’s word is the truth. I must be willing to accept God’s word even if I don’t agree at the moment.

    –Turn your ear to wisdom: Gaining wisdom will help me understand God’s word which in turn will make accepting His words easier.

    –Apply your heart to understanding: When I apply my heart to learning, I gain wisdom.

  236. If we were supposed to read and memorize the whole Bible at once, I think God would have given us that ability. What is so fascinating about God’s Word is that we can always learn and see something new, even within the same scripture, at different times of our lives. Talking about fear being the beginning of wisdom is, for me, admitting that I will never understand it all perfectly, but trusting that what I need to know will be revealed in God’s time. It is an opportunity to be an eternal student, and it is a great gift to revel in a sense of wonder in the not-yet-learned. The Proverbs passage helps me to understand my part – this is what I wrote down: believe, know/memorize, listen, practice obedience even when our emotions say ‘I don’t feel like it’, keep the communication line open through prayer, talk to God all the time, especially be sure to cry out to Him when we are frustrated, be quiet and observe, give thanks and acknowledge, know that with experience, we will get better at hearing His voice (instruction and direction).

  237. This is my first bible study and it falls right in the middle of my very first semester of nursing school. I could not have asked for a more perfect topic as I am struggling to juggle the demands of school, parenting, marriage etc. etc. I just have to comment on the portion “call out for insight.” In the 2 years it took me to complete the pre-requisite courses to even apply to the nursing program – I did this constantly because I knew after my first failed attempt at college when I was 18, that leaning on my own abilities was going to get me as far as a failing grade. I so appreciated this first week and digging deeper in to the fear/reverance for God and how it leads to wisdom. I am excited to participate and refocus my time and energy in a wise and intentional way. Forgive me for the rambling nature of this comment as it comes at the end of a very long study session and sleep is hopefully in my near future.

  238. What it means to:
    –Accept my words: Believe they are HIS Words, and trust them.
    –Store up my commands: Study, listen, and accept His teaching so I will have the commands at my ready.
    –Turn your ear to wisdom: Really hear and study His Word.
    –Apply your heart to understanding: Pray He will change me.
    –Call our for insight: Ask that I will understand.
    –Cry aloud: Repent and rejoice.
    –Look for it: Actively make an effort to be alive in each moment.
    –Search for it as hidden treasure: Reflect and praise Him for opportunities.

  239. Storing up my commands brings to mind Psalm 111:10 – I have hidden your word in my heart so that I might not sin against you. To me this means reading, meditating on and memorizing scriptures so that in difficult times or times when we are tempted, we know the word of God and can pull it out and stand on it!

  240. Lynn Fincher says:

    Accepting God’s wisdom no matter what happens in my life.Accept my Words(God’s Word). Staying close to Him at all times so I can hear what He has for me..I continue to work at this it is a daily walk.. I pray for God to change me according to His will..Keeping my heart open to Him..
    I am enjoying this study..

  241. Search for it as hidden treasure-I read “one thousand gifts” by Ann Voskamp, she,suggests looking for 3 things every day in which to be thankful and says it is “Eucharistio”. I’ve been trying to do that
    On and off since then. Finding God’s wisdom is similar, in that when we see the every day, “little” things God does and we acknowledge them as coming from Him, we then will find His wisdom too. So my Susters in Christ I wish you “Eucharistio” today and every day. God Bless!!!

  242. I loved this first session. I started yesterday, but had to finish first thing today. I finally understand what it means to fear the Lord. I always thought it meant to be scared of Him. I always thought well am I doing something wrong because I’m not scared of the Lord. I love how it means reverence not fear!! A couple of these statements that stuck out to me Call out for insight, pray for God to reveal his insight to you-read his word. Search for it as a hidden treasure-God’s word is a hidden treasure it’s like his love letters written to us, promises.
    I am really loving this study. I can’t wait to do more!! I have one question for the team-Should we get the study guide?

  243. Ashley Hicks says:

    My Life application bible had this to say about our verses we just read.

    Wisdom is God’s gift to us. But he gives it only to those who earnestly seek it. Because God’s wisdom is hidden from the rebellious and foolish it takes effort to find it and use it.

    I really like that explanation so I thought I would share.

  244. This was great. I took so much from this. God wants us to be aligned/in agreement with his word. We are to keep his commands in our heart and have a listening ear so we can discern and operate in wisdom. We cannot be passive but we have to actively seek and apply his word. We cannot relay on ourselves but we have to study and ask for help for understanding. Praying, seeking, and leaving no stone unturned will lead us to a relationship with God that is invaluable.

  245. “Search for it as hidden treasure”- To me this means to look for answers as though it was hidden treasure (which it is).

    “Turn your ear to wisdom”- Similar to above, it means to listen to only wise comments and tune out any others. This allows us to hear His message.

    “Accept my words”- To me, this means to hear His words and to accept them as they are without trying to twist them or change them in anyway to fit our own agendas.

  246. Cindy Richardson says:

    First I would like to start out by saying I’m so excited. This has been a real struggle for me ” the best yes”. What’s more awesome is over the past couple of years I’ve developed a closer relationship with god. The one thing that I’ve never really understood. Is why we should fear god. When he is such a loving and caring person. Already I’ve had a more understanding of this than ever. I’m so truly blessed. As far as what the questions that were asked mean to me. It reminds me so much of a relationship between parents and kids. Where as a parent your teaching your children your rules and expectations. The more you apply them the more you understand them. At the same time your applying your growing but influencing others. As parents when your child does well and you see how they are behaving we reward them and hope they continue to do well. 🙂

  247. Sharnta Hall says:

    First let me express how thankful I am to GOD for you all and your OBEDIENCE! I’d type a book sharing all that is in my heart from just yesterday’s assignment and the AH HA moments I got from the “Unrush Me Lord” article to today’s assignment. I slowed down and I got SO MUCH RICHNESS from 6 verses that have just messed me up in a GREAT WAY. Anyway…not to hold your eyes hostage for too long let me share in hopes that someone will be sharpened just as I am being sharpened by your sharing. I use the New Living Translation so my wording was a little different:

    Listen to what I say – RECEIVE My TRUTH, LIVE OUT My TRUTH, KNOW that My Word is ABSOLUTE.

    Treasure My commands – Keep, value, respect, obey, live, do… “those that love Me keep my commandments.”

    Tune your ear to wisdom – Adjust, be in a receptive condition, in harmony, render your ear to understanding, discernment, wise accurate absolute insight, teaching, revelation.

    Concentrate on understanding (apply your heart to understanding) – Focus, ponder, make central, give intentional attention to understanding so that you can make application and witness manifestation.

    Cry out for insight – Call out, make loud your request for insight…reminded of Blind Bartimeaus on the side of the road crying out and even with a crowd trying to hush him he cried even louder “Son of David have mercy on me!” Got Jesus attention and received insight with the restoring of his vision! AHH-MAZING!

    Ask for understanding – OPEN YOUR MOUTH and request, inquire, seek an answer, expect, put a demand on The Supplier and know that He will supply! Whew!!! Excited!

    Search for them as you would for sliver, seek them like hidden treasure – PURSUE Sharnta! Get in aggressive pursuit of Wisdom. In Worship He downloads and Wisdom is one of the very things He will download in us.

    Then you will understand what it means to fear The Lord and you will gain knowledge of God. For The Lord grants wisdom! From His mouth come knowledge and understanding. – Keep positioning yourself at God’s Mouth where revelation and wisdom flow freely.


  248. Jeanie Benson says:

    I’ve read the chapters and watched the DVD. I haven’t watched the webcast yet, but plan on doing today. After hearing the verses from Proverbs 2 there was several that spoke to me, however, the one that stands out is CALL OUT FOR INSIGHT. I feel at times I’m not smart enough to understand all these verses BUT The Lord can give me the understanding HE wants ME to get. I pray I CALL OUT more to The Lord when studying and confused.

    Thank you so much for this study.

    • Francis Mc Hugh says:

      How rare it is that we actually think about making a plea for insight. To understand God’s will for us, the plea includes a prayer for perfect wisdom and spiritual insight. Not too difficult a task!!

  249. Barbara Leinbach says:

    Made the verse my screen saver. Great idea.

  250. I’m so thankful that God gives us the insight to understand His word. Whether through revelation to us or through Godly teachers, it is such a blessing. When I was first saved I remember thinking “Why would God want me to fear Him?” Praise God, He revealed to me it wasn’t that kind of fear but a reverence for Him!!!

  251. Barbara Leinbach says:

    Wow this is my first time in an online Bible study. There are great comments but i am finding it would be a full time job just to read them all. Thanks to everyone for their open hearts and sharing.

  252. Cynthia Wilkie says:

    I like the idea that God word is like a “Hidden Treasure“ that we need to seek. Reading the Bible is like a treasure hunt because we often find “Gems“ where we did not see them before.

  253. It means to include God in every decision, in all we do, pray, read His word, speak & cry out to Him, He listens… Def a hidden treasure! WOW what a privilege!

    I made the verse my Desktop Background.

  254. So many great comments and I was able to read the first three chapters of the book at the bedside of an ill friend in the hospital. Rather than leave or do email or something else so important I sat and opened my Best Yes book and read the chapters again with pen in hand under lining, boxing, circling and really taking into myself the words. I moved to the scriptures in my pocket bible and meditated on what they meant. For the first time in my life I am reading the bible in a way that is seeking the wisdom of the Lord and giving one hundred percent attention to this part of my life. That is what I found in Proverbs 2 that spoke so much to me was to turn my ear and to seek like looking for silver. Accepting in my heart that the “fear” of the Lord is the awe, respect and reverence for his goodness, love and glory and prizing that higher than the things of this world that come assigned with value (monetary or not).

    I spent some time reflecting on the need to confess to my Lord sins like Pride, Envy and Gluttony in not so traditional ways – wanting to do what others do (envy), needing the recognition for ideas or a position with authority in my work (pride) and gluttony of not only food (ok ok who doesnt like sweets) but also in things how many things do I really need to bring into my life and how many can I give?

    These are the thoughts and loving feelings I want to remember as I continue to search for His wisdom and become a truly wise person.

  255. What does it mean to:
    – Accept my words: To agree and apply to my life and perspective
    – Store up my commands: To keep and abide by
    – Turn your ear to wisdom: Tune in to His word and if it is wisdom it will line up with His word
    – Apply your heart to understanding: Be accepting to His word and allow that to be the core of my heart that my understanding in life is from an influence of His word

    The more I engage in my relationship with God and make Him the center of my life the more I see growth in myself and purpose. I turn not to rely on this world for the direction I need for my God knows my purpose and ordered steps no matter the circumstances that I face. God sees us through…we have to be willing, accepting and believers of the promise that it is so.

    There is life in the wisdom and truth of His Word!

    • Thanks for sharing Nikka! I can relate with what you are experiencing right now, and making Him the center of my world has changed EVERYTHING!!!!

  256. Ashley Grogan says:

    It truly ALWAYS amazes me when I pray to God and ask for insight he ALWAYS answers. He truly is a loving God, BUT we have to be sure we are actively searching for Him and His answers. Many times He answers us but we miss His call because we are preoccupied. I am so excited to dig deeper into this study.

  257. Capture His words and store them up. Cry aloud for insight. Find and proclaim His riches. Just a few thoughts roaming in my mind. Something I really like though is when I was looking at “turn your ear to wisdom” I looked at “ear”. H241- ‘ozen – body part for hearing AND RECEIVER OF DIVINE REVELATION. I have never considered my ear in that light.

  258. I think that accepting my words is one of the most important pillars. God speaks to us a lot but we have to be willing to not only hear and then listen to his words, but also take those words and put them in our hearts. Truly take them and know those words in our hearts. I think for me acceptance is a hard thing to accomplish. I think I know better or worse yet that I KNOW the words and instead of listening rush right through this life. I barely have time to listen to myself so when am I meant to accept his words? I think that by accepting his words and using that as a foundation I can begin to live my best yes.

  259. To me, “Turn your ear to wisdom” means to be willing to listen to wisdom.

  260. pastor melva perry says:

    Praise The Lord Bless You Love That Verse Life In The Word Thank God For Wisdom An Attiude Of Revernce This Awesome Online Bible Study Pray That Every Person Life Be Enhance An Enpowered An Educated Edify Euiped Encouraged Changed An Transformed More Like God We Can Change A WORLD.ADVANCE THE kINGDOM OF GOD. GOD CONTIUE TO RICHLY BLESS AN TEACH YOU ALL THINGS WIN SOULS FOR JESUS TRAINING TO RAIN. PASTOR PERRY BLESSINGS.

  261. Turn your ear to wisdom, I LOVE THIS!!! I think it is saying, open your heart to Jesus and truth.
    Apply your heart to understanding: Apply= learn, live, and use your life to mirror His teachings.
    Call for insight: PRAY

    I couldn’t agree more with Nikka, in her earlier post 🙂 How grateful I am to not rely on this world for answers, but to rely on God’s word, God’s truth, is more fulfilling then I could have ever imagined!

  262. Proverbs 2:1-6 seem to be a foundation for not just wisdom but our walk with Jesus when you think about it.

  263. Jada Harris says:

    Looking at the basic meaning of the word for wisdom (heb. hokmah); skill given by God to accomplish a task. As we develop the reverential fear and intamacy with God our Faher, we yearn to store up the treasures of His word. Through our relationship with God he can use that knowledge to provide the skill we need to complete His will in our lives.

  264. Jerryce Morris says:

    To me, search for it as hidden treasure means to keep searching and seeking but with joy and excitement in our hearts.

    Call out for insight: seek help and understanding when needed.

    Often times when I don’t understand things, I tend to keep relishing in it instead of allowing others to help me figure it out. I have to embrace that its ok to seek help when I need it, and trust that God places the right people there in that moment to help.

  265. God is always available to reveal His Love and Wisdom. I seem to be the one who is not always available for Him. I find that when I daily Read and Study His Holy Word, Listen, Pray, Listen, Praise and Be Ready to Move when the Holy Spirit nudges me, I am employable for Jesus.
    So – “I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.” Psalm 31:14

  266. To accept my words tells me to acknowledge them as coming from God. To store up my commands tells me to hold them not only in my head, but also in my heart where God speaks and impresses His desires for my life most often if I am willing to see.

  267. Accept my words- to me means accept that He is God, accept His plan and His timing.
    Applying your heart to understanding- I am reminded of St. Francis, seeks first to understand rather than to be understood. Taking time to understand God’s word, God’s plan not rebel against it, not wish for something different. Taking time to understand God’s people, the ones He has placed in your life, even the ones that occasional make your life hard. I LOVE the verse about hidden treasures, God’s word, His faithfulness, His wisdom is a TREASURE!

  268. Danielle Graham says:

    To accept my words, first thought is to simply go with it, obey, take heed. To store up my commands, is all about the mind in terms of knowing God’s Word, committing it to memory and when you need it being able to draw from it. Turning your ear to wisdom is truly about being silent and learning to tune in and listen whether it be through His Word, the Holy Spirit or through everyday occurrences and people. Apply heart to understanding is about being open. This I believe is the heart’s/practical living response to storing up God’s commands. Call out for insight is about praying, mediating, crying, literally yelling out to God for guidance, wisdom. Looking for it would be similar to turning your ear to wisdom along with searching for it as a hidden treasure – going out and seeking Christ, pursuing Him.

  269. Application and cultivating a relationship with God so that He can show me what he wants me to see. Plus, making sure that I am paying attention enough to notice what He does show me.

  270. Accept my words… take them in and let them live and breathe in your heart and mind.
    Store up my commands… keep reading HIS word and explore all his commands and “Accept HIS Words”
    Turn your ear to wisdom… let your heart, mind, and soul listen to the nudges that will happen when storing up HIS words
    Apply your heart to understanding… keep exploring HIS word for clarification
    Call our for insight… keep exploring all avenues to understand HIS will, HIS words.
    Cry aloud… You will get frustrated… talk to HIM! Vent!
    Look for it… Look for wisdom, miracles, signs to happen, you might miss it if you don’t!
    Search for it as a hidden treasure… There needs to be a Passion to know. A deep desire or craving to seek wisdom, do HIS will.

  271. Angela Taunton says:

    The phrases mentioned in this day’s blog all sum up to mean that we embrace God’s word as truth, we strive to secure an understanding of this truth, and, with the power of the Holy Spirit, we apply this truth to every aspect of our lives (decision-making, habits, daily-living).

  272. Apply your heart to understanding…This is a tough one. Everything tells us to follow our heart, but the Bible tells us our hearts are deceitful above all things! (Jeremiah 17:9) This applying God’s word and reverencing Christ in my heart means my heart CAN be changed for His glory. That is good news! Only Jesus can take my heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh. Only my Father will give me back a white stone in heaven with my New name on it! God asks me to understand-myself, my husband(!), my children, my co-workers, my church, the WORLD…Understanding brings about an empathy, compassion, and willingness to be pliable before Him and how He desires to mold me. This is not binding or twisting my arm, it is freeing and untying my hands so I can be used more freely. Thanks be to God for His perfect Grace. IF I apply my heart to understanding what is BEST, I won’t settle for what is just good.

  273. I believe this is saying is that as we accept God’s word as truth for our lives we have to be diligent in our quest for wisdom and hold on to God’s commandments while doing so.

  274. Vicki Sellers says:

    Search for it as hidden treasure—–
    I believe this means that we are to prize and value wisdom and knowledge that God imparts on us and that we are to treasure His word and His commands and place more importance on them and Him then anything else in the world. To find joy in the truths and promises found in His Word.

  275. ~ Accept my words:
    I love this because it reminds us to take God’s Word for exactly what it is, not to try to change or manipulate it to mean what we may want it to mean, usually to hide or validate a sin.

  276. Elsie Davis says:

    Getting ready to me with my co-workers to have our first Bible Study on the first 3 chapters of The Best Yes. We meet an half hour before we need to be at school. And one of the Blessings is, we meet in my classroom.

  277. I absolutely love doing this Word Study!!!God has Called us into ACTION, Ladies , these are VERBS!!!!
    Accept: RECEIVE
    Store up: COLLECT
    Turn ear to: INCLINE
    Call out: UTTER SUDDENLY
    Look: SEARCH, SEEK
    Search for: PURSUE , CHASE IT!!!
    VERBS, ACTION, The love of the the LORD is to be ACTIVE,
    love you all:)

  278. Cookie Kurtz says:

    I am moved..and motivated by this first installation of the Best Yes bible study.
    This is my first online bible study. I am a avid listener of KLove music ministry. Lisa Terkurst was a featured guest and she spoke about the command to love and the disease to please. This message spoke to me as if GOD had called me on the phone. I am a serial people pleaser…my friends call this disorder SPP. Watching this video today has open my eyes to the words: wisdom, decisions, time. search and treasure. I am really looking forward to opening my heart to this study and letting these messages help me. I feel helpless in my choices, The YES_ has me feeling as if my choices control me. My Yes serves others and ..I should find joy but don’t. This video has given me an assignment that I will certainly pray about today.

  279. Jessica Coffey says:

    When I first read Proverbs 2:1-6, I felt convicted in my apathy towards God’s word….that sounds awful to say, but I can be honest and share that although I love God with all my heart and have given my life to Jesus Christ, I have been a bit intimidated by the Bible and it’s vastness (much of which is hard to understand). But because of my fear of the Lord (that I should and do have), I need to seek out His wisdom through His words that he has so generously given us. It should be my passion to look for and attempt to understand what God wants me to know. If I could accept His words, store up His commands, and apply my understanding — I would be much closer to being the person He has called me to be. Perhaps I wouldn’t have so many questions about what it is I am supposed to do with my life. I must first read His word and seek to understand.

  280. barbara Keane says:

    Accept my words: To me that means to agree, his words are truth.
    Store up My commands: To me this means to memorize scripture – his commands
    Turn your ear to wisdom: To me this means hear God’s wisdom hear God’s word
    Apply your heart to understanding: To me this means apply God’s word to your everyday life. Do his commandments, follow His truth.
    Call out to insight: To me means pray to God to understand what He is trying to tell you through His Word.
    Cry Aloud: Pray to God , Cry out to him with your voice.
    Look for it: Seek after it. Study God’s word, look for the meaning.
    Search for it as hidden treasure: Look hard – God’s Word is the treasure. Look hard after it.

  281. Accepting my words and storing up my commands challenges me to be more intentional in my Bible study, memorization, and recalling and applying God’s truths.

  282. Cry Aloud is a difficult skill for us to learn as “Americanized Christians”. We are strong and independent (as the world teaches us to do to exemplify success in our lives), thus we can handle things in our prayer closets (where scriptures tells us to go and seek him) and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ never know we are hurting.

  283. How do you make the verse your screen saver???

  284. Caitlin Macmillan says:

    First time doing this and first post! The answer I didn’t have to think about was Store Up My Commands – “Keep my commands and live;” now I don’t know the exact verse but to me it means you can really live life if you keep God’s commands. I am hoping to learn more about “turning my ear to wisdom” through this study!

  285. Linda Maybee says:

    To “accept” makes me think about receiving a gift from someone. God’s Word is a gift to us that we are asked to “store up..within” or treasure in our hearts. Imagine receiving the most wonderful gift and then putting in a place that is safe and easy to see or access. I should view God’s Word in the same way. His Word is a gift that I need receive and place in a safe place that I can easy access…within my heart.

  286. I’m thinking that we are simply so bombarded by noise and media, we don’t sit and look for wisdom, cry for wisdom, turn our ears or hearts to God and search.
    I am guilty of needing too much noise around me all the time, when what I need is quiet.

  287. Accept – I struggle with this one, I tend to want things my way. I “try” to accept but then my strong personality kicks in and I try to get God to accept my view…that is not how it works. this bible study already has my eyes open and my spirit receiving! I am working on “store up my commands” by keeping better notes and notecards for memorizing. my problem is I forget so easily because I try to do to much! and the last one that stands out to me is “Look for it” Thank you Jesus for this bible study to help guide me. We need sisters in Christ in our lives!!!

  288. I am so happy to have a better understanding of what the “fear of the Lord” really means. I have never understood why my Father would want me to fear him. Now I understand that it just means having an attitude of respect and reverence towards him, and looking for His hand in all things. I even made a point in the past to teach my Mission Friends girls what “reverence” means, not even knowing that I was also teaching them about the “fear of the Lord”…… Also, asking for wisdom has been a constant in my prayers for many years and I am glad to know that the love of Jesus is the key to receiving this wisdom that I greatly crave from my Heavenly Father. Thank you for “opening the eyes of my heart” as it says in the song!

  289. First off I just wanted to say thank you for having the best yes online bible study. I just moved to a new area and am participating in a bible study but needed this too!! I have always had the “fear” of saying no to people. I show my love through service and gifts and feel that if I say no to anyone then they will think I don’t care for them.
    I love how you explained to look for the hand of God in everything. I feel as though “apply your heart to understanding” means that it is ok to say no to somethings. As long as you follow his truth everything will be ok

  290. Thank you for The Best Yes Online Bible Study. The timing could not have been more exact! My soul has been under whelmed and thank God that He heard my cry and answered with The Best Yes. What does it mean to accept my words, store up my commands, turn your ear to wisdom, apply your heart to understanding, call out for insight, cry aloud, look for it and search for it as hidden treasure? Welcome, make room for and be convinced of His word; save and keep it in a safe place where it can always be found; listen and pay close attention to it; put it to work daily-use it; hunger and thirst after it, ask and pray; open your mouth and make it known unto the heavens that you desire it; go after it, pursue and prefer it above all else; dig and be diligent about finding it(because “faint desire does not prevail”-Matthew Henry).

    • I am also trying to notice the God in EVERYTHING! Through this study I am learning to choose my best Yes!

      I believe applying your heart to wisdom means to not just going through life oblivious or even just listening to God’s word or reading the words of the Bible but instead listening to God’s word, reading God’s word, praying about it, coming to understand it and then applying it in your life.

  291. I like the idea of looking for the hand of God in everything. I’ve really started doing this since I rededicated my life to Him back in March, but my plan now is to turn it up a notch and REALLY look for His hand in EVERYTHING. From the whispers of the wind to the starry sky to the presence of my 1st graders in my classroom. He is everywhere. 🙂


  292. Ok! I may be behind, but persevering and making myself keep going with this study is a Best Yes for me! So –

    Searching for it as a hidden treasure: to me this means finding God’s knowledge, wisdom and leading valuable, and refusing to give up seeking it! I wouldn’t give up looking for treasure if I knew where it was. I know where wisdom is, so I need to “dig” into God’s word for it!

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