Wisdom in Ordinary Moments and Chasing Down That Decision

Sweet, sweet friends. I know that sometimes this online thing can seem a little impersonal, but, oh my goodness, how God is knitting our hearts together this week! I have been praying for you today as I’ve read through your comments, and I am amazed at what God is already doing here.


Yesterday, we talked a little about how being overwhelmed and stressed affects our ability to make wise decisions. We were also supposed to show a short video clip from The Best Yes DVD series, but due to some technical issues we were unable to do so. After reading through so many of your comments, I believe God saved it for YOU today. His timing is always perfect. Watch below and see if you can relate to what Lysa shares. (Click HERE if you can’t view the video in your email.)

Ragged. Worn out. Stretched to the max. Running on fumes. Too many irons in the fire. Can’t think straight.

My heart tenderly remembers a season in my own life when each of these words and phrases described how I felt every single day. Sometimes, I still go there. Maybe this description illustrates how your life looks and feels right now? If so, God has a message for you.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30, NIV)

Back in Chapter 4, Lysa says, “Life has such a habit of stripping the feelings of power and significance right out of our scope with its constant daily demands.”

And that is so true, isn’t it?

But then she says something so powerful, life-changing, really. Did you catch it?

“That daily stuff – those responsibilities that seem more like distractions – those things we want to rush and just get through to get on with the better and bigger assignments of life – those things that are unnoticed places of service? They are the very experiences from which we unlock the riches of wisdom.”

She challenges us to “unwrap” the mundane – those daily, ordinary things that fill our days in a season of mothering toddlers or finishing school or wherever you happen to be in this moment.

Yep. “We can learn right here, right now, in the midst of all that’s daily how to become wise.”

Because chances are, most of us are not in the middle of some GREAT assignment — standing on the wall of our city and bravely calling out to the commander of an invading army on behalf of our people – or are we? Could it be that protecting our children and serving our husbands and caring for our homes and being faithful in the workplace and volunteering at our church ARE those GREAT assignments? Could it be that the very place of service our feet currently stand is the exact platform from which God is inviting us to walk in wisdom and call out on behalf of those He has entrusted to our care?

I say yes.

Seek wisdom for this ordinary moment and be brave there, too, sweet friend.

As we move on to Chapter 6, we continue building on what we’ve learned in previous chapters. Lysa reiterates the importance of every single decision we make.

“Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances.”

“Your decisions will determine direction. Your direction will determine destination.”

Let’s read that again. Decisions determine direction. Direction determines destination.

Every decision we make matters.

We have to “chase down that decision.

We have to consider and evaluate and then take appropriate action based on the wisdom we find as we seek God for our best yes decisions.

Let’s Chat:

  • Can you relate to what Lysa shared in the video?
  • In Chapter 6, Lysa says, “Our decisions point our lives in the direction we’re about to head.” Is there a decision you are struggling with? What steps can you take today that will help you put your heart in a place to receive God’s truth in your situation?
  • What’s your favorite takeaway from Chapter 6?

What’s Next:

  • We read quickly through Chapters 4-6 so if you got a little behind, now is a great time to catch up!
  • Tomorrow Steph Raquel will be on the blog highlighting an exciting area of Proverbs 31 Ministries.
  • Friday, I’ll be back right here with a personal Week 2 Wrap-up video from yours truly to review the wisdom we’ve found this week and give you all a great big long-distance hug from Texas!

Special Events Reminders:

  • Thursday, 12:30 p.m. (ET) – Conference Call with BOB GOFF, bestselling author of Love Does. Click HERE for more info.
  • Thursday, 8 p.m. (ET) – Proverbs 31 Bible Study LIVE – Click HERE to join. Even if you can’t be on live, you can always go back and check it out later! 🙂

Y’all come back now, ya hear?! 😉



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  1. Victoria Kay says:

    Today’s choices are tomorrow’s circumstances. Love it.

  2. Wisdom is what we need in every descision we make. That determines our tomorrows. Mostly our descisions are not Godly inspired and makes our lifes.

  3. I think there may be technical difficulties. I could only view one minute and 36 seconds of the video.

    • “Could it be that the very place of service our feet currently stand is the exact platform from which God is inviting us to walk in wisdom and call out on behalf of those He has entrusted to our care?” My head screamed “No” but my heart said “Yes”. And then you asked “Is there a decision you are struggling with? What steps can you take today that will help you put your heart in a place to receive God’s truth in your situation?” Surrender to His will for my life. I need to continue to serve in my situation but do so lovingly and not grudgingly. I do spend the better part of my day begging God to give me a kind and gentle heart and a godly attitude and then, of course, I beg him to guard my mouth and keep a watch over my tongue. 🙂

    • Hi Audrey, We only had the full video for the first week. We will be showing short clips like this one for the remainder of the study.

      • jodi peterson says:

        Ok so Im trying to understand……we will no be able to see full length (15 min) session videos anymore for the bible study? A video like we saw online for week 1?? I am leading a study and have told my group to watch online and then the next day we come together and discuss it. So am I going to have to purchase the DVD now in order to watch the sessions in entirety???? Please let me know ASAP

        • Hi Jodi,
          I don’t work for P31 but I would imagine the answer is yes you need to purchase the dvd’s if you want the full length sessions. They provide a lot of resources here for free but have to recoup costs. For me I think reading the book is the main part of the study anyway, the videos being nice extra perks. 🙂

        • Hi Jodi. . . Tricia is correct. We wish we could provide everyone with the complete DVD series but it is not ours to give away. The publisher has been so kind and gracious to give us the full video for week one and a short clip for each week thereafter.

  4. Denise Payton says:

    What an amazing God we serve!, but it’s easy to forget when we get bogged down, worn out and end up crying “uncle” as we make a speedy retreat to a quiet place to mope or cry. It is in those times of retreat that I find God waiting for me, ready to refresh, renew, and regenerate me when I need it most. Decisions determine direction. Direction determines destination! Short statement, huge truth. I choose to seek wisdom in all things.

  5. Sabrina Ebert says:

    I love it…and I highlighted it…and well I’m embracing the mundane with a servant attitude cos’ that = WISDOM 🙂

  6. I wasn’t quite sure why I was awake so early this morning, now I know. As I struggled with a “Best Yes” decision to lay in bed or get up early and spend time with God, I see I have a made the right decision. Often times I do feel run down and ragged in the day to day. Thanks Lysa for helping me realize that is often times right where God wants me to be, serving others in humility and finding wisdom! What a great truth to start my day!! 🙂

    • I feel the same way. I have to get up so early to exercise physically and spiritually before anyone else gets up and “needs me to serve them” My day is so much better when I have done both of these things.

  7. It’s one of those seasons. Two kids and two different schools. Football and behavior issues. Exercise class is going to the back burner a lot. God recently asked me to take the kindergarten class at church instead of going to my adult class. It’s going well. Stretching me. My little is in there and I get to pour some Jesus into his heart in that setting. But there are still so many events they want me to lead or be a part of for the adult class. And they all happen during family time or exercise class. I’m getting grumpy. Time to make some decisions and prioritize. Even if the adult class stuff is good stuff. Ministry opportunities. I just can’t do it all. My family and my health must come first. We must make the boundaries and if the extra events fall in those boundaries, great. If not, they need to be someone else’s assignments.

    • Good morning, Paige! It sounds like you are on your way to some courageous yeses and confident nos! 🙂

    • “My family and my health must come first. We must make the boundaries and if the extra events fall in those boundaries, great. If not, they need to be someone else’s assignments.” I LOVE this! I have been desiring to put my family and health (mental, physical, emotional) first, but have been feeling pressure to be involved in something that isn’t fitting at this stage in life with an almost one year old baby. If the events fall into the boundaries great…if not, they need to wait for another season. I think I forget or others belittle the fact that God desires us to put our family first (next to Him). It is almost seen as less important in the eye of many church goers. I need to remember I am to be a witness and disciple of my OWN CHILD too (and primarily).

  8. Jada Harris says:

    The phrase “ordinary moment”, stuck out to me. Sometimes I focus on including God in the big decisions of life ND neglect the little day to day decesions. Such as when someone requests an impromptu meeting, or even as simple as priortizing a to do list. I want to be more wise with the ordinary moment decesions, as I realize they have also drive our circumstances.

  9. Irene O'Leary says:

    “Character to match our calling.” I don’t have time now to read, but this comment in the video clip will be on my heart today. I think God wants me to meditate on this thought. He knows His good plans for me.

  10. How refreshing!!!! What a perspective change!!! As I was scrubbing the floors this morning, thinking about how I did not want to do it, I remembered what was said about finding the great in the mundane. I love being home with the six kids and cleaning the house. It is hard to find the importance or smiles in that sometimes. Thanks for the challenge and reminder of the calling. I also loved the illustration that was written out regarding whether the young lady should live with Lysa and her family. What a great process to see spelled out. It put some of my own decisions into perspective and made me really think about whether I am making the right choice for my family and I or for others. I love this OBS!!!!

  11. Amy W from MI says:

    I love the Andy Stanley insert that says “the prudent woman understands that all of life is connected. She is aware of the cause and effect relationship between what she chooses today and what she experiences tomorrow.”

    I struggle with this. I tend not to see the connection and resent the importance of constisancy. Maybe because it is so hard to maintain.

    Love the insight though. Becoming wise/prudent is a process, right?

    • Amt W,

      I understand your struggle with being consistent. It is so hard and takes lots of discipline to maintain. I am myself in a similar boat with decision making. I am aware most of the time of the consequences of my choices but I forget about the choices I made have already made. Especially with dieting, I will be going along great watching what I eat, counting calories then bedtime comes and I get a craving for something sweet or chocolate so I think to myself a cookie or two think this isn’t going to do me in, it will be fine. But I forgot about the craving I had after lunch when I ate that candy bar that wasn’t going to do me in either. Sigh! I think about what my decisions and what they may cause to happen but after I make them and accept the consequences I forget them and move on. This doesn’t just happen with dieting, I do the same thing with finances, the drive thru and convenience stores just kill me with my kids, they get me into even more trouble. I forget about the small purchases made earlier in the week. So most of the time I understand in that moment the consequences of my decision but to remember what those are the next day or even a few hours later is a real struggle for me. I believe it is a daily process.

  12. Peggy Hyland says:

    How do I access the video!

  13. I love the logical, but Biblical, ways Lysa challenges us to look at opportunities! So helpful and so insightful!

  14. I can relate to the video and have noticed if I am not careful about my attitude, things are worse. So the statement whatever attitude I bring to a situation multiplies resonates with me. My attitude is my choice and I can choose how I will let a situation affect me. I just need to remind myself if this as it is not easy when everything comes at you.

  15. I love the last part of the video clip where she says, “God develops our character to match our calling.” I feel so many times like I am the wrong person for the tasks I have been called to do, that I am not enough, there are other people out there that can do a better job. I feel very unworthy. But then I remember all the people in the Bible who God called for tasks they felt they were not able to do, and they resisted. They asked God if He was sure and even tested Him. But He stood there by their side letting them know that they were the right person. He knows what we are capable of even if we don’t feel it.

    I pray that as I go through my days, with my busy schedule, that I may know that I am worthy…that I am enough in Gods eyes. He has me right where he wants me and I need to trust in Him, leaning not on my own understandings or insecurities.

    • Amen, Candy! So many of us struggle with the feeling of not being good enough. But because of Jesus, we are! You are a daughter of the King! Wear that tiara confidently, sista! 😉

  16. Kim, I agree. The illustration with the young lady was an excellent one. I love the end of the illustration where Lysa said ‘no’ allowing the young lady to be even more richly blessed by a better solution. It reminded me a lot of financial decisions we have made. My husband and I like to give financially to people in need. Sometimes I have wanted to give, but as I prayed about it, God has said ‘no’. You can’t throw money at everything. A lot of times people who need money got to that place by making unwise decisions. So giving them money is like rewarding them for their unwise decisions and not allowing them to work through the issue. That is when God reminds me that when I want to help it would be better to pray. I have also been in situations where I felt God wanted me to give, but somebody else beat me to it. Maybe they should have said a best no! The phrase that jumped out at me was ‘We aren’t the Master provider, He is’. I have to remember that. Sometimes I want to try to fix all of somebody else’s problems. I have to remember that isn’t my responsibility. God might give me a small part, but I need to play my role, not God’s role.

    • Thanks for sharing, Marcia. It’s tough being a fixer by nature and not being able to fix everything! I love how you are listening to God and learning to let go of control and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  17. I needed that video this morning. I sat down with my coffee to do the study in my quiet house and found cat puke waiting for me on the couch. How can the craziness start before anyone else is even awake? I also realized that I left clothes in the washer all night. Something about dealing with the three year old who has decided to test his boundaries and the almost two year old who is learning from her brother must have distracted me. There’s also a three month old but thankfully the noise seems to relax him. I’m a little jealous of that. So today I needed to be reminded not to despise the mundane. It’s also nice to remember that other people have been in my shoes and are still standing. When I look at it through the lens of being a “great assignment” it all becomes a blessing and not a chore. Now I pray I can remember that lens when I’m in the middle of it.

    • Julie, I love how God is speaking to your heart this morning. It’s hard sometimes in this stage you are in. My children are older now (and that comes with its own challenges) but I remember the toddler stages. This IS a great assignment. I’m asking God to give you strength and courage to stand, even when the moments are hard. Asking Him to give you joy today as you embrace this calling and seek His wisdom in all things. Blessings and big hugs!

  18. My favorite chapter this week was 6. I read it to my husband and 22 year old son. Thanks for sharing your heart and Godly wisdom with us!

  19. Valerie Huff says:

    “God develops our character to match our calling”. Wow! That spoke volumes to me this morning. A lot about who I am makes much more sense in relation to the above quote. I am finding such peace with the woman I am through this study. Everyone have a wonderful day looking for God’s hand in all that comes your way!

  20. I love in Chapter 5 where she says, “This doesn’t make me a bad person. It makes me the wrong person for that assignment.” So many times we feel we’ve disappointed someone with our decisions. And maybe we have, but if we can’t do a specific duty with a yes to the 4 areas Lysa mentions (physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally) than we will we draining ourselves and not be able to give our BEST for the Lord. I will definitely use this guideline in my decision making.

  21. So many times I see things or hear things and I feel like God is trying to tell me something and this mornings message is one of those times. Last night I was struggling with feeling underappreciated and just plain tired and worn out. I needed to hear this.

    • Nicole, God knew exactly what you needed. I love how He meets us in those places and lets us know that He sees us. He does see you, sweet sister. And He is present with everything you need to complete the GREAT assignment in front of you.

  22. I am chasing the decision down to return to work full time as my last child has started elementary school. The income is definitely a factor and I don’t want to be misled by this idol. I have loved being able to temporarily stay at home and provide a modest by love-filled home for my family. On the other hand, providing funds for a newer car, college, and the much needed savings we need would be a blessing I could help provide for my family

    • Teresa:
      I think the decision to work is THE HARDEST a mother has to make. I have no option–we need my income as I am the primary “bread winner” (even though I HATE this phrase). I have worked my daughter’s entire life. I feel stretched, guilty, scorned, overwhelmed, inadequate and emotional most days. I feel judged by my SAHM friends everyday. My mom never worked–she reminds my sister and me of this daily. My house is never spotless, some days I can’t get dinner together so we eat cereal (yes, admitting this), and I am the first up and last to bed every single day. Last week it was so worth it though–my ten year old looked at me and said, “Mom, I don’t know how you do all this–but we sure love you for it. One day can you teach me how to do it?”. I thought it was unnoticed, underappreciated, and pointless. God laid it on my heart that I am teaching my daughter to manage life and still love Him and her family. I urge you to PRAY about your decision, and look for the good in whatever you decide. Sometimes not having to worry about money gives you peace and the ability to enjoy the good! Just one working mom’s rambles!

      • Jennifer B says:

        Gasp HOW SWEET!!!!!! I love that she spoke that life and encouragement into her mommy. God sees sister, He knew you needed that! Amen!!!

      • Stacey,
        What an incredibly encouraging word you have shared! As a SAHM I have the utmost respect for working moms! There are so many days that I am overwhelmed with trying to clean the house, do laundry, run errands for my family, pay bills, volunteer at my kids’ school, serve on the Women’s Ministry team at Church & follow the ministry path God is leading me in that I want to throw my hands up in the air and quit. Mom’s who work outside the home are my heros because you have so much to juggle. So happy that God blessed you with the words from your 10 year old!

    • I am a mom who returned to work last March with a child in 7th grade, 4th and 2nd grade at the time. It was not smooth sailing but they rose to the occasion with training and we are all learning to pitch in. This is after many times working and then stop working. My last time I left for 2 years before going back. Thankfully there are great jobs out there that you can try going back to work to see how things would be. Take a temporary holiday job or hold out for the job with the exact hours you are looking for. Seek God in this of course asking Him to guide your steps. He is ALWAYS faithful. Blessings on your journey.

  23. I needed to hear this this morning. I am going to slow down today and take each task one at a time, enjoying and listening to God’s voice on any matter. I hurry my day sometimes to get done with things, so I can get to my quilting (me time) Even that time is in His time.

  24. I could not get any sound for the video. I feel like I am really missing something good.

  25. So many good things to take away in this Chapter. I enjoyed the excerpt from Andy Stanley. My favorite take away was : “Show me a decision and I’ll show you a direction. It just reminds me of how each decision can make a difference and even what we think are simple decisions could have a huge impact on us.

    • Sydney Roach says:

      I agree–that was the BEST take away from this chapter. It was sobering to think, “So that is how I got here!” and helps me to be more mindful of the importance of everyday decisions.

  26. Lucy Kahle says:

    Hi y’all,
    I so appreciate all you are doing, the emails, the blogs, sharing your thoughts and ideas. I look forward to each part of this OBS experience! I have not found in my emails Session 2 video yet this week. Please help me locate it. Thank you sooo much! I do not know how to twitter/ tweet so, is there a way I can see a replay of the twitter session somehow? More thanks! Praising God for these multiple blessings and teachings!
    Love in Christ Jesus and all for Him,
    Lucy Kahle

  27. I am at a time in my life where my children are mostly grown (two teenage boys left at home) but I have three little grand kids all under 18 months and we get to babysit them and it is so rewarding to see them get to know Jesus. Our 18 month old and his 2 1/2 month old sister as well as our 6 month old who lives with us are being introduced to Jesus in everything they do. We pray with them, read to them and teach them. The decisions we make today we will see in them tomorrow. It is so sweet to see our grandson say his prayers before eating and when he goes to bed. It was something we did for our children and we get to see it at work in our grandchildren. God is so faithful in His word and His love is such a wonderful thing.

  28. Chapter 6 I think and learn God gives me the wisdom to help others by being humble; God develops our character to match the calling so He gives me a unique gift to make my own choices,God loves me in his way of my action ; I liked the verse posted on the video Proverbs 11:2 “…with humility comes wisdom..”God directs me to determine my own decision… God is with me at all times I feel it I am in his hands,
    God Bless

  29. Between today’s lesson and Renee Swopes devotional, I feel like God looked Into my heart and gave you a view also. There have been moments in my life when I feel like I am giving 200% and it was not enough for the people around me. I wish I could have had some of the tools that Proverbs 31 has given me when I had to make decisions. Then I would not have lived under an umbrella of guilt and regret. God is healing my heart, but I think I could have made better decisions, if only I understood all of the options God gives us. Now, I would examine those options the way that Lisa and Renee have taught us! Still, God is faithful! He will use my decisions for my good! Thank you, Ladies!!

    • I love how God can take all our mistakes and wrong decisions and use them for good! Even when we mess up, He is faithful! We gain experience and wisdom (if we are seeking Him) to take with us into our next season. I’m so thankful God is healing your heart and giving you understanding as you pursue Him!

  30. There is so much good stuff in chapters 4-6 that I can’t hardly choose! But, chasing down that decision is a concept that I never thought or heard before. I really had to take a look back over a few decisions I have made recently. These decisions were made out of my fears, foolishness and unchecked feelings. I also like the approach to making a decision when conflicted by asking myself could this fit physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally. This is so good!

  31. This study is causing me to read the book a second time – which I really needed to do! I am your typical Type-A person. Historically I have confidently made decisions based on what I considered wisdom – but honestly it wasn’t Godly wisdom. The consequences of those decisions were a schedule that had little room for family, friends or God. Now I am in the midst of a difficult career change and am determined to chase down the decision so I don’t start the pattern over again! I am trying to use the tools from Chapter 5 and view the job decision in light of the physical, financial, spiritual and emotional impact and by considering how it will look down the road a week/month/year. This is such great stuff – and the study couldn’t have come at a better time! Thank you!

  32. Jennifer B says:

    I mentioned in the Twitter party last night that I regret accepting my promotion. I struggle with the decision that I already made. I am blessed and I have to remind myself of that (financially) but I worry that my mental health is being strained. It is like Lysa said about whether a decision fits emotionally. Physically – it is close to home, Financially – it is more money and I am able to finally pay some debts down, Spiritually – the environment feels completely void of God so despite how I feel, I know I have a responsibility to be a light in a dark place. Emotionally – this is where I am so drained, feeling trapped in my circumstance, unhappy, I’m at the point of thinking about changing careers, confused about God’s Will, etc.
    I haven’t started Ch. 6 yet but I am loving the book so far (as always because Lysa TerKeurst and the P31OBS team ROCK)!!!!

    • Jennifer – I LOVE how you are using the tools Lysa gave us to work through your current job situation. I know God will give you wisdom to help you make your best yes decision as you continue to seek Him. And wasn’t that Twitter party crazy FUN??! 🙂

  33. Thank you for that video. We all get stretched beyond ourselves. God is stretching me beyond myself. I am re examining my heart so I can make a assessment of what He is showing he and guiding me to. I have some big decisions to make, in one of your chapters it talked about how we are making those decisions, are we asking the right questions. My weariness comes from not seeking my path through my true Fatherr, and trying to take it all on myself. Thank you

    • Becky, It’s hard to give up control and kick the habit of making every decision based on our own intellect and worldly wisdom. I have certainly been there and STILL go there sometimes. But we can do this. We can choose to seek God’s wisdom above all things and trust that He will equip us and empower us to walk as wise women. So honored to be on this journey with you!

  34. Holly Miller says:

    I was laying in bed feeling yuck, have to get the kid up, help get her ready, help my husband, tend to the dog, get my self ready to get the kid on bus, me out the door for work…feeling like I wish I could just roll over and sleep in! what a refreshing video. I should have spent the moment with God this morning when I was feeling this!!! I was already disappointed in myself because I get up early for my time with God but I was busy feeling sorry for myself trying to wrap around my thoughts what I need to get done before we go away this weekend!! thanks for getting back into motion and not feeling I give, give, give and not receive.

  35. Embrace the mundane. As a recently retired teacher I am having to make decisions about what to do now. Although my schedule has drastically slowed down, I see the possibility of taking on assignments that may not be for me. I want to embrace being a grandmother, a daughter to my elderly parents, wife to my husband, church volunteer, and a student of God’s Word. I want God to use me where I am now and give me wisdom about future decisions and paths.

  36. Takeaways:
    1) Video: “God develops our character to match our calling.”
    2) Chp 6: “Your decisions will determine direction. Your direction will determine destination… It’s crucial we make better decisions, because our decisions will set the course of our lives” (71). I don’t have control over every aspect of my life– that’s reality. However, instead of lamenting and agonizing over the things I can’t change, I should focus on what I can change and run with it.

  37. Only plays 1:36.

  38. Again….great reading and so pulling on my heart right now. I am so struggling with some decisions that affect my family and I need to go through Lysa’s algorithm to help with the choice. Also, knowing that God has me right where I need to be right now…so powerful! Thank you for this OBS

  39. From the video: “God develops our character to match our calling.” Powerful statement!

  40. Ohh my goodness can I relate to the content in today’s video. I was literally complaining…ohh I know…complaining?! I’m working on this whole wise woman thing…lol…one step at a time. Anyway…I was complaining about all the things that I was having to do vs what my husband was doing. My list was huge and I was exhausted but I see now that it is all simply service to my family. I have never looked at it that way before. I always just thought it was the lame stuff I needed to get through to get to the better stuff but my perspective has changed and I dont think you will find me complaining about serving my family, which I am called to do, today!

  41. I am reading through “jesus Calling” by Sara Young, and today’s focused o this verse, matthew 11:28. think god is trying to tell me something? ,grin>

  42. Your decisions will determine direction. Your direction will determine destination.

    I took from the chapter that chasing down your decision means to follow its path to where it will lead you, then decide if that is really where you want to go.

  43. I was only able to access the video for 1min 36 sec. I then clicked where it said click here if unable to view. It was the same 1 min 36 sec video. I am so enjoying this study and am anxious each day to read the daily emails from P31. Looking forward to hearing all of the video posted today and can’t wait for Live Video Thursday night at 8pm. Thank you P31 team for everything 🙂

  44. I think we all can relate to the video. Satan is great to whisper in our ear the discontentment we should feel and the resentment we can have for our husband “having it so easy”. Then we go on Facebook and Satan whispers how she has it all together or she is living a life that is more….. whatever. We need to seek wisdom and truth and push his lies aside. What is a better more noble profession than caring for our family? It is always good to keep things in perspective and read blogs and other things that encourage us on this journey. I love Ann Voskamp and the Inspired to Action blog for revitalization and wisdom through the mundane.

  45. This is exactly where I am. I am a single mom, and I run preschool from home – so I am working by myself with my son (who has autism) and five other children all day. I also teach music in the evenings to be able to make ends meet. I love teaching, and music has been my life for as long as I can remember, but it’s becoming so exhausting. I work about 13-14 hours a day, and have planning and cleaning and everything else to do in the evenings, as well as my piano and singing practicing so that I can finish my masters. I always feel like I’m not giving enough attention to my son, who needs so much extra support, but I decided to work from home to have the extra time with him. I have constant mommy guilt, and it’s wearing me down. When I watched the video clip I cried, because that is exactly how I feel… I’m worn out, exhausted, and I know in my heart God has led me to this place, but I sometimes wonder why? why everything has gone the way it has, and how long this season will last.

    • Mandy, I can soo relate. I have a daughter who is 4 years old with Eosinophilic esophagitis (in short it means her body treats what she eats like she’s allergic to it) I also run a preschool at home with 6 other kiddos. Two of who are my grandchildren who live with us (and their parents). My normal work days are 12 hours long but with the grandkids here it has turned into 18 hour days. I always feel tired and frustrated that the people in my house can’t seem to see how worn out I am. I feel they take advantage of me and the situation. I also have a third grandchild due any day now. Prayers go out to you and just keep in the Word and focused on Him. He will give us the strength and the rest we need. 🙂

  46. I am struggling with the next stage of my life having just gotten married to my long term love (8 years together), 2/3 through a PhD program and on medical leave from an executive position (potentially toxic position ok ok toxic) I am having such trouble coming to terms with leaving my job altogether, being a student and basically a stay at home wife. We have two cats – it almost feels selfish and irresponsible. I have worked since I was 15 years old, through moves, degrees, a first husband, cats, siblings, parents, in-laws, deaths (all of life) and now with all the people including doctors telling me to slow down more I have a terrible fear. Fear steeped in PRIDE – today’s verse took me aback and I had to go digging to research online all of the bible is so new to me so I had to take my PhD hat and go and find out about it.

    Proverbs 11:2 – Pride leads to disgrace, humility to wisdom. Pride is my sin having a life that is boiling over and the pride that is wafting above in the air (literal translation) and that I know better than God and my identity is wrapped in this idea and secular respect of busyness – if you aren’t doing homework at 2am there is something disgraceful about that, if you aren’t on your smartphone answering the last 100 emails that just came in and responding “timely” read – every 10 seconds then you are disgraceful. God tells us that the prideful those that can not see the humility of not knowing, of searching for Jesus of confessing our sins is the ultimate disgrace. So when the cut throat day walker ladies look at me and judge that I do not have a baby carriage in hand and that a book or research is “beneath” respect I must remember that the only affirmation I need is that of Jesus and to come humbly to him and ask what is his will rather than my own will is the only way to know, discern and make this decision – not what other people will think, not what I lose in title and prestige, not what the family loses in money it has to be from his will alone what is my purpose and what am I created for.

    I watch this in real life play out – my husband is the most humble of souls often people misread him as naïve or behind the times or even dumb but he is one of the most inspired, happy, beautiful souls to walk the planet. He has all that he could ever need in his heart. This is my daily reminder to continue to seek Jesus.

    Pray for me – tonight we are going to church to confession (I am pretty sure I found my answer).


  47. Chapter 4 was so convicting…I have leaned toward the side of foolish woman for too long and am praying God will help me to become wise! Gearing up to read Chapter 5 now.

  48. Antonia Tillman says:

    these two “Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances.” and “Your decisions will determine direction. Your direction will determine destination.” I plan to write down and keep with me. I may write out multiple times and place them at several places so I can see them.

  49. Need to remember: Every decision points your life in the direction you are about to travel. If you choose wisely your future will reflect that. If you don’t, the decisions will take you to places you don’t want to be later.

  50. “Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances.” Such wisdom. I am making this into a sign for my wall. I need this penetrated deep into me. I am currently in a place (I end up here at least once a year) in which in am depleted after feeling like a hamster on a wheel who has gotten no where but overwhelmed because once again I have thought to highly of myself? Saying yes, coming up with great things but more than one person can do. Praying wisdom takes over this foolish heart.

  51. “God develops our character to match our calling.” Giving us nuggets of wisdom each and every time we serve because He sees us. I love these words from Lysa’s video. Filled with tremendous encouragement for all of us when we feel unnoticed. He cares, He loves us and grows us in His wisdom each time preparing us for the next task. After all we are serving Him in everything we do.
    And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father. (‭Colossians‬ ‭3‬:‭17‬ NLT)

  52. Tura Klepfer says:

    Oh how I needed to be reminded of this today. I tend to want to rush through my work so I’m ready for whatever it is God has in store for me when my work may just be it! I have to remember the words from chapter 5 ” whatever I do. In word or deed. My approach must honor Jesus.” My job must honor Jesus. I must honor Jesus.

  53. Was the video only 1.36 long ?

  54. I just read Julie’s commend on the hectiness of her life right now with her 3 small -very small children and I just want to say God is with u my dear sister. The fact that you are doing this bible study and coming to His feet each day it’s what gives you the strength to do it all. Those children are so blessed to have a mom like you. God blesses u! He sees u and gives u strength!

  55. Talk about decisions. This one is hard. I have been praying and praying and now I must stop to look at it from the perspective of the steps in our study. One decision could push this person farther into the world and on the other hand it could be the limitations they need to get back on track. I could lose my relationship with this person and the worst part is it is my own daughter. That’s what makes this decision so hard. If it were anyone else I could sputter out what I know should be done. It’s often not until we are in the midst of that same kind of decision that we actually “know” how it feels and the struggle that comes with doing what we know has to be done. It makes that old saying “Take your own advice” hit hard. I have taken so many things away from Lysa’s book and to tell the truth I got the book from the library before I even knew about the study. I had to turn it in the before the study started. Chapter after chapter is packed full of riches that God gave to Lysa just for us women. We do feel unnoticed and unappreciated. That’s what the enemy wants us to think because when he can get our thoughts off of God and onto ourselves we will lose focus on the things that matter most. I saw a perfect church sign once that simply said= When I focus on others I get stressed, when I focus on self I get depressed but when I focus on God I get blessed.

    • Jennifer,
      I am at the place you are at and so appreciated your honesty and reflection. In addition to my daughter struggle I am still seeking answers to my job decision. I needed to be reminded of all you said along with how Lysa says it so well. too. Just knowing that another person is struggling with issues similar to my own has helped me pick up my head and pursue the wisdom God is offering us. Thanks for your sharing.

  56. I’m am so run ragged and feel exactly the way Lysa was taking about on the video. I have 3 that are 5 and under and feel like I’m always doing but nothing really gets done. But today God revealed to me the sweet rewards. The baby snuggling with me with his head on my shoulder then quietly falling asleep in his car seat on the way home from carpool. What a gift God has given me in my three boys! I pray for wisdom in each moment of my mundane life as God has given me this challenge of raising my (his) children.

  57. I struggle with decisions every day. I have an overwhelming anxiousness and lump in my throat most of the time.
    I am a full-time working mom and wife and mother of two elementary kids. I have to take time for myself (early morning exercise) in order to be a better mom/wife. I would love to have more time with my kids and volunteer school activities, but God has not opened that door.
    I pray that getting out of debt and down-sizing our house will lessen that burden. The stress on my husband and I relationship is not healthy and finding time for us is slim.
    This is my first OBS and pray that I continue to find my Best Yes.

    • Hi Mary! Welcome to your first study! So happy you are a part of the P31 OBS community! I think we all have some area where we struggle with decisions or wish could be different. The good news is God sees us, hears our cries, and knows our situation. He will empower us and equip us to do whatever is required of us as we seek His wisdom and guidance. I’m honored to walk this journey with you!

  58. Natesha Blanchard says:

    This morning God led me to watch a video from Pastor joann rosario condrey regarding having a faith that produces and it completely blew my mind because it tied into so much with making wise choices in faith and watching what it produces.

    This weeks reading and this video kicked things into high gear for me as I am faced with many decisions and have been so fearful of making the wrong decision that I have just not made any decision. That is why I know God led me to participate in this OBS because I needed to learn about how to make wise decisions and how to live a life that is a result of wise, God led decisions. I need to be able to move forward and not keep those very things GOd gave me buried inside because of my fear. I need to know how to live a life where I know when to say no and when to say yes to the right assignments.

    I needed to read ” I needed to determine whether I had the required resources physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally . . . ”
    I have not always considered this in my decision making and have not allowed myself to truly consider the cost of each decision that I make.

    Prior to starting this study, I was considering moving back to NYC from Georgia, not because it was a good decision, but because in my current situation, my husband separated from me and our 4 sons, I have two part time jobs and finances are still tight, I live in an apartment Where I have been fighting off numerous infestations of different bugs creatures and I cannot afford to move anywhere else on my current salary, I live in a small town with no public transportation and Im limited in what I can do for myself. It has been a treacherous time of trial after trial after trial, but in the midst of it I know God sent me here to Georgia with our boys and also my husband. I cannot control his decision not to be here with us, but I can make up my mind to trust that God had a plan when He sent us here and that he is able to bring it to fruition. This OBS has helped me to come to grips with my past choices and the consequences. This OBS has also helped me see that wise decisions does not mean that I will not face hardship or difficulties.

    So I’ve decided not to move back to NYC until I count the cost, prayed and really “chase down the decision” to ensure that is God’s best for me. God led me here with a goal in mind and that was to grow me up spiritually and have me in a place where I could sow into my children, work less, have a better quality of life and have more time to complete graduate degree/ to grow in my faith & relationship with God/ begin working in God birthed ministry and to be able to deal with paying off my debts, and rebuilding areas of my life that were destroyed or destitute. God had plans and I want to see them come into fruition and instead of running I am now looking for God’s hand in everything and also reading His word with a new level of faith.

    I know that I will never be the same again after this OBS because it was created exactly for me for this season that I am in right now. God knew I would be weary. I would want to give up and that I would want to throw my hands up as assault after assault hit my family, my home, my finances, but He gave me a renewed sense of hope through this OBS and also other resources that confirm every word that is being read in The Best Yes .

    I am so excited to see God’s work manifest!!!!

    • Natesha – I’m so glad you’re here! I love how God is speaking to your heart through His Word and this OBS as you seek His wisdom and will for your situation. Keep pressing in, sweet sister. He will never leave you or forsake you. He loves you with an unconditional love. And His plans for you are for good, to give you a future and a hope! (Jeremiah 29:11)

    • Melissa Sherlin P31 OBS Team says:


      What a beautiful testimony of having faith, and trusting that God is with you! In this trial, moment by moment HE IS THERE! The father to the fatherless a defender of widows is GOD in his holy dwelling. (psalm 68:5) That scripture helped me through so many moments. He sees you sweet sister, and he will use even this for your good because you love HIM and are called according to His purpose!

  59. Ann Milovich says:

    “Even when it feels hard to say no, God’s wonder turns it into a know.” Powerful words that I will carry with me.

  60. Merideth K says:

    Great message for today!
    Proverbs 11:2…So helpful!!!
    Thank God for putting wisdom in the daily things…if He didn’t I don’t know what I would do! It’s funny how sometimes through they every day things, you can hear Him saying things, whispering to you…and you just say, “Yes Lord…I’m sorry, I hear you.”

    • Melissa Sherlin P31 OBS Team says:


      Amen girl! I seriously don’t know how people make it through life without knowing God! I pray that God reveals himself to many through this study, or even through a lady taking this study.

  61. Elsie Daly Proverbs31 OBS Volunteer says:

    This spoke to me today! I do feel unappreciated at times. I do everything! Thank you Lysa, this was perfect, as usual! I cannot do it alone, I need God! Amen!

    • Stephanie says:

      I feel the same way! Everyone always comes to me with their problems, and I always do my best to help solve them without even thinking about the toll it puts on my spirit. You are amazing! God Bless. 🙂

  62. One question – due to having to go out of town on Thursday evening and will not able able to attend the “Live Study”, will there be away to see the video later? Late that I have to miss it – but, schedules don’t always work together. I may not be there to watch but, my prayers are always there.
    Have a great day!!!

    • Hi Pat. The LIVE study is a one hour event on Facebook. It is not a video, but live questions, postings, responses, etc. You can click on the link provided in the post above, go to the event page and click join. This way, it will be placed in your events section on your Facebook sidebar and you can go back and view/read at a later time.

    • Hi Pat! The live study is actually done through Facebook. It isn’t a video. If you have FB, you can join now and go through the questions, etc. later, when you have the time. 🙂

  63. Sherise Smith says:

    I loved this message. With humility comes wisdom. I’ve been ben struggling the past few days with a family relationship that is so important to me. I’ve stewed over it and felt sorry for myself and wondered what to do. Then I realized this morning that I need to pray about it and ask God to help me with knowing what to do. Lysa’s message confirms God’s answer….with humility. Pride is a thing from Satan, humility is from the Holy Spirit. So as Nicki Koziarz taught us…let me just do the next right thing .

    • Stephanie says:

      Go for it girl! I too struggle with pride, it’s an every day struggle for me to swallow it but with God’s help I know we can!

  64. Stephanie says:

    I can totally relate to what Lysa shared in the video. As a single mommy to wonderful three year old, and a full time nursing student I currently have my hands full. For a while it was easy to get caught up in the everyday chaos, which would in turn build up and cause me to have a stress overload. After realizing how much I was missing in my everyday life, I decided to stop and breathe every day. I’ve made it a point to cherish everything I do, and the time that I have with my daughter. I’m glad I happened to stumble upon this bible study (divine intervention… 😉 ), it only backs up what I am doing at the moment which is the inspiration I need. In fact, after leaving all of my worries and burdens to God I am thriving even more and enjoying every minute!

    I can totally relate to Chapter 6 (in fact, it’s one of my favorites so far!). I agree that every decision you make sends you down a certain path. Before, when I left God out of my decisions I would do what felt right with me. My path always lead to a dead end road which I had to dig myself out of (so annoying!). Now that I rely on God’s wisdom to help make decisions, I don’t feel that burden any more. As I stated, I feel like I am on the path I am supposed to be on (God’s purpose). Praise Jesus!

    • Melissa Sherlin P31 OBS Team says:


      That is so awesome! I was a single mom to two for over 10 years. Chapter 6 was HUGE for me too! I’m thankful that you’re here doing this study with us. Your post reminded me of this song.

      “when I think about the Lord, how He saved me, how He raised me,
      How He filled me, with the Holy Ghost.
      How He healed me, to the uttermost.

      When I Think about the Lord,
      How He picked me up and turned me around,
      How He placed my feet on solid ground
      It makes me wanna shout,
      Thank you JESUS,
      LORD, your worthy, of all the glory, and all the honor,
      And all the praise… ”

      Have a great day!

  65. In my early years my decisions were rash made my decisions based on emotions and the grace of God has given me wisdom to look back on those times and even know I have regrets he has forgiven me and its giving me a rich life and it’s allowed me the ability to help others and look at the big picture and have a good life now I am very blessed and god is so good it doesn’t mean I don’t have problems but I know who to turn to when I do, and I really appreciate Lysa’s take on decisions and how we make them it really is forms my daily shaping of my heart towards God more and more. Thank you Lysa

    • Melissa Sherlin P31 OBS Team says:


      Isn’t it so beautiful when God takes our ashes and breathes life into them and creates something so beautiful it has to be shared with others? We are a work in progress, but surrender is so sweet! God bless you

  66. Melissa Sherlin P31 OBS Team says:

    “Because chances are, most of us are not in the middle of some GREAT assignment — standing on the wall of our city and bravely calling out to the commander of an invading army on behalf of our people – or are we? Could it be that protecting our children and serving our husbands and caring for our homes and being faithful in the workplace and volunteering at our church ARE those GREAT assignments? Could it be that the very place of service our feet currently stand is the exact platform from which God is inviting us to walk in wisdom and call out on behalf of those He has entrusted to our care?
    I say yes.”

    I say yes too! I say that there is no more important assignment that making sure that I am faithful to the flock that God has entrusted me with! Whether that is my children, husband, co-workers, the cashier standing in front of me at the checkout line, or the angry man that followed me to work because I accidentally cut him off. (I’m sorry again sir, it really was unintentional) Thank you for this beautiful perspective Shelly, sometimes when we’re rushing through our day (or to work) God gives us a GREAT assignment that seems so ordinary to us, but right in the midst of the chaos is a God that is present.

  67. When I first began this study, I took the Time Assessment and it made me realize what I was really spending my time doing. I was sharing this with the Vice-President of my sorority and told her that I thought it would be something good for us to do at our sorority retreat. She agreed. Well today I receive a copy of the agenda and she had me down to lead this workshop. I never told her I would be the one doing it but she thought that she had emailed me and told me that she was putting me down. Well as I reflect on this chapter about decisions and assignments that God gives us, I had to evaluate the situation and ask was God speaking to me. It is amazing how things work. I am LOVING this Bible Study!!

  68. Amy Van Slambrook says:

    Everywhere I turn this morning is a message of compassion and understanding for feeling weary, worn out from daily serving and frustration with not being able to get to the “bigger calling” because of the deluge of the necessary day-to-day activities. Wow – God is showing up and reminding me to REST in Him and His full appreciation for the weariness I inflict on my own soul through running myself ragged. Thank you for this refreshment that is like a balm to my worn out (yet overjoyed and grateful) body. It helps shift my perspective.

  69. Many times I feel drained. Working full time & 3 kids I feel like I’m just doing things back to back. And, at times I feel I’m not dedicating enough time to my kids. Lisa’s video made me knod my head a lot, but what grabbed my attention was ‘God develops our character to match our calling’ that’s what spoke to me.

  70. I am a bit behind, due to circumstances beyond my control. On Friday we had to pick up and leave quite abruptly, because my husband’s grandmother died and we had to drive to my husband’s hometown to support family and friends and to be there for the funeral. It was a LONG weekend and I am now trying to play catch up a bit with homeschool and other chores that are normally done on the weekend.

    This morning I read Ch. 5. Wow, did God ever speak to me through Lysa’s words. I am a stay at home mom, homeschool teacher, and private ESL/EFL teacher for a couple of students down here in Mexico. I am currently trying to decide if it is a good idea to add another student to my plate right now. The parts that really spoke to my heart were: “My attitude of love must not be sacrificed on the altar of activity.” and “Whatever attitude we bring into a situation will be multiplied.” I have laid this decision at God’s feet and have asked Him if adding another student right now is a best yes, or if this is not MY assignment right now. While part of me wants to say yes because it is a friend’s daughter and it wouldn’t hurt to make a little bit more money, I have my reservations about time and added stress. However, this all could be fixed with better time management and planning on my part. While I don’t have a definite answer yet, I can hear God speaking and will continue to pray and look to His word for the best answer.

  71. Heather Hodgdon says:

    I think the decision I’m having a hard time making is getting rid of some of the stuff on my plate. Which one to get rid of? Which one to continue? I know that some of the things from these chapters that really effects my decisions are to chase the decision down and think of which causes the most stress for me. I need to get rid of some of the worldly things and add more godly things in my life. Even if it’s just getting with God more often in private and not huge assignments that seem epic and adventurous. I need to find wisdom in the mundane as well. Sigh, im glad I’m not the only one who over fills their schedule, over commits, and becomes or became bankrupt. Thank you ladies!

  72. I really liked Andy Stanley’s quote. Here is just a part: “Consequently, prudent people look as far down the road as possible when making decisions. Every decision. After all, they understand that today and tomorrow are connected.”

    • Hannah,

      Just one more support to drive home the point that wisdom and prudence are always in season to helps us choose The Best Yes and certainly to avoid the wrong choices = negative consequences. Thanks for sharing Andy Stanley’s quote. – 🙂

  73. Carissa D. Huffman says:


    Seeing the wisdom and the value of the mundane–I so continue to struggle with this. I want to hurry through the dishes, the laundry, I want to skip most all cleaning and/or organizing of anything. I see now that this set of decisions was not properly chased down, and have left me feeling overwhelmed with too much stuff, not as good of financial situation, and even less desire to deal with any of it…

    I have to really dig into how much the seemilngly mundane really matters…and chase down the result of my choices. Again, this book at this time, seems to be just what I needed. I need to learn the lesson of the mantra I have taught my 5 year old son: “Bad choices cause bad things to happen”

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  74. Wow! This really hit home for me. Just the other day I was talking to my husband about how I feel like I give and give and give, but nothing back…This is a serious kick in the hinny to stop saying yes to everything!!
    By the way, I love this bible study! First ever bible study I have done online. And from my experience with it so far, it’s not going to be the last!!! 😀

  75. Joanne Dekkers says:

    Okay! God is getting through to me! At least a dozen times in the last 2 weeks, God has been saying exactly what you just said Shelly! I quote “Could it be that protecting our children and serving our husbands and caring for our homes and being faithful in the workplace and volunteering at our church ARE those GREAT assignments? Could it be that the very place of service our feet currently stand is the exact platform from which God is inviting us to walk in wisdom and call out on behalf of those He has entrusted to our care?” God is finally getting through my ‘thick head’! I AM where I am SUPPOSED to be; right now! PTL!

  76. My best takeaway from this set chapter readings is in Ch. 6. Lysa’s statement about what we’re all too familiar with about choices have consequences, “Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances.” It is beyond marked and flagged!!- 🙂

    I can relate to this sooo much with regard to decisions I made and did NOT make that have affected my personal and professional life to this day. I have regrets, and on some dark days, they weigh me down heavily; however, I know that the Lord doesn’t want me to remain in my past, but to learn, change and grow in my present, so I can be effective in my walk and witness for Him and a blessing to others in the future. My tests are my testimony about who God is in my life.

  77. Is there any way to share just this video clip on FB? I don’t want to join Vimeo.

  78. i have to say i have never been a big reader but God put in my heart to to read this book and do this bible study and i have to say this is the best and there are two other women from church that are doing this bible study and we are meeting tomorrow night and this is such a blessing to me God’s hands are all in this and i just have to say again I AM SO BLESSED thank you for all you do.

  79. Terri Satterwhite says:

    Steph – great post. It is funny – but I feel out of all this God spoke to me with this part of the verse you quoted from the bible “for I am gentle and humble in heart”. I do need to be more humble. For me, too, it was another season for me to experience all Lisa described – but I remember! Also, thank you so much for praying for us – I greatly appreciate it!

  80. Yvonne McCallar says:

    We should always listen to what God has to tell us, He has wisdom

  81. I feel like I could underline and highlight every single word from today’s post! Such treasures of truth. During the sabbatical year I am trying to discover joy in the ‘mundane’ and really embrace the good gifts He’s given me- my kids, my family, and not chase after the ‘bigger assignments’ that I’m so accustomed to. Having served for 15 years overseas among the marginalized and unreached, I feel like there have been times I’ve neglected the precious gifts and responsibilities right in front me for the more ‘needy’ demands around me. The Lord is working in me through this study, drawing me closer to Him in new ways, and convicting me (a GOOD THING) of areas in my life that really need to change. And now that we are at a crossroads, and need to make some big decisions about our future ministry overseas and as a family, the timing of this couldn’t be better! Searching for wisdom. I feel so blessed to have this book and study right at the get-go of our sabbatical. Thank you P31.

  82. Yvonne lynch says:

    I love he saying, decisions determine direction, direction determines destination

  83. Christina says:

    Chapter 4 did wonders for me. I have to read it again. I don’t want to rush through the chapters so I reread to let it soak in my mind, my heart and my self.

  84. Steffany Ayala says:

    Giving, doing, serving…. I received an email few days ago about how great I was in the ministry and that I should know that I been noticed not by the people but by God. It’s feels good when we make positive decisions that direct us to a peaceful destination. I have experience those moments, but sadly I come back to the overwhelmed calendar with an overwhelmed soul. This week has been a great insight of confirmations on how God is teaching me that decisions are not always fears. That is ok to say no. 🙂

  85. I’m struggling with the chasing down of a decision – I see the diagram but a bigger example might help me understand where the praying scripture and wise advise fits into the financial physical spiritual and emotional areas.

    • Hi Mandy~

      I had similar feelings when I read this chapter, so I decided to start small. For example, yesterday did not go as planned at all and by 9:45 I was just finished doing stuff that should have been done by 6:00. I was tired and almost went straight to bed just thinking the rest of the stuff could wait. But then I thought about this chapter and decided to give the reasoning a try.
      I chased down the decision and realized that if I had gone right to bed I would not have lunch containers clean, lunch items ready, and clothes ready for my girls’ picture day today. That would mean that I would have WAY more to do the next morning. This would mean I would have to skip the gym in the morning or really rush. However, I have been making an effort to take out the rushing because it keeps me from my connection with Jesus. I didn’t want to miss the gym because my physical health has also been a Best Yes. So this tiny decision of just going to bed directly impacted two of my Best Yes commitments.

  86. Melissa Chambers says:

    I have found that when I have run myself ragged with giving, doing and serving and feeling unnoticed and underappreciated is when I am leading and not asking God if I am giving, doing, serving in the way He needs me to. I long to be noticed when it was my idea to help my friend by cooking dinner for her and her kids every night because the first time God led me to do it I felt so welcome and appreciated that I chased that feeling instead of asking God if I should stay every night. I felt unnoticed when I become a disciplinarian for her girls because I was responsible for them every day during summer, they started treating me like a Mom and choosing other, more cool adults to gravitate to that didn’t remind them to brush their teeth every day and that broke my heart. Favorite takeaway from Chapter 6: Page 73, “Truth has a powerful way of interrupting our runaway feelings if only we’ll get it in front of us.” Sometimes it is nice to be reaffirmed and this is something I had victory in (for the most part) for a couple of years and practically shout from the roof tops to all of my sisters in Christ. I think we are programmed, at least in America, as woman to let our feelings be our guide, to let them rule our lives and in that let our own happiness, pleasure and comfort be the most important things to protect in our lives but I find that concept ridiculous because our feelings are so fleeting and every changing. God is our only constant and if we turn to Him, even just whispering His name when we are in doubt, pain, stressed to the max or exploding with joy we can never go wrong because turning to Him in name and His word is our only constant in this life!

  87. Amy-- West Virginia says:

    “Could it be that the very place of service our feet currently stand is the exact platform from which God is inviting us to walk in wisdom and call out on behalf of those He has entrusted to our care?” This statement is hard for me to comprehend…..in a human state of mind. I have four children and my husband recently lost his job. I work part time for the postal service. Life has been so hectic lately and full of struggle. I have absolutely detested every day mundane tasks..dishes, laundry, potty training…..because I have been so full of worry. I will be doing everything….even the mundane as unto the Lord…he has a purpose for where I am…I just have to be willing to embrace it. Prayers for every one here…and prayers in return would be greatly appreciated! <3

  88. Amy Punches says:


  89. Julie Morren says:

    Chapter 6 is MY CHAPTER!! I have to admit, as much as I have enjoyed the book thus far, I was beginning to think it was maybe a wee bit more for young mothers than for me. We have a new college graduate and a college sophomore, and so I am in a different phase of my life…no more sporting events, school events, extra laundry, etc. I am self-employed and run my own business, which at times can be a little hairy. But I am now able to commit the extra time to work when needed…no longer sacrificing time with my kids. But Lysa’s statement that “today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances” really hit home for me. The decision to have a high-calorie treat that becomes a craving and adds up to unwanted weight gain over time. The going to bed mad at my husband on occasion with the scripture about not letting the sun go down on your anger running through my mind. This happened just this week and the next morning I swallowed my pride and my hurt feelings and called my husband at work to mend the damaged fence. This is not something I do often enough and I really hear God speaking to me through this book and study!

  90. I loved when Lysa mentions the fact that when it seems like no one notices or appreciates all that we do, God always sees.
    He has given us these everyday assignments and rejoices every time we do them with a servant’s heart. Also we are told in Lamentations 3:22 :
    “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. ‘The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.'”
    If we are truly following our Best Yes assigned by God, then we will always have enough of us to live as Christ wants.

  91. I hope others are enjoying the discussions. I can’t figure out how to get to them. I love the book. Have not been too crazy about the online community because I can’t figure it out. It would help if you would link to the discussion of the week in your email. Or have a link in each email that shows how to navigate to the discussions. Just providing input in the only place I can figure out how.

    • Hi Ursula! We are glad you are here! This online thing can be a little tricky if you’re not familiar with it, can’t it? No worries! We are here to help! The discussion actually takes places right here in the comment section where you left this comment. Please feel free to respond to any comment or post you see! Or you can just read along with absolutely no pressure AT ALL to respond. Our community takes places right here and sometimes on special extra events we have like Twitter parties, Facebook parties, and Conference Calls. We do have a Facebook event tomorrow night (Thursday) and you are welcome to attend provided you have a Facebook account. Here is the link where you can get signed up: https://www.facebook.com/events/310562689146071/

  92. I am so behind. I feel like I haven’t commented on hardly anything. I did the reading for last week, but haven’t gotten around to this weeks. I was out of commission with a migraine yesterday. I hope I can catch up and still participate as much as I can.

    • Hi Liz. There is absolutely no pressure here for you to comment. Please go at your own pace and as your schedule allows. Find your best yes in how and when you complete the study. The good thing is that all of these posts will still be here if you need to come back at a later time. 🙂 Hope you feel better soon!

  93. “Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances.” This is truth that speaks to my heart. Truth that helps me seek God’s help in self-leadership as I do the little things today that will make a difference down the road.
    Down the road can seem so far in the future until we’re there. Then it can feel like we blinked and time passed us by. So today I need to make those little choices that will lead me to better tomorrows. And if I need to redirect my course, God offers help for that too : )
    One of my favorite quotes from “The Best Yes” is: “Truth has a powerful way of interrupting our runaway feelings if only we’ll get it in front of us.”
    In light of God’s truth, I can make choices that will lead to better circumstances. Or if I’m headed on the wrong path, God’s truth can help me find a way to alter my direction and follow Him more closely : )

  94. As Lysa “needed light,” so do I. I need a new direction. I’ve decide to put my heart in a place to receive truth that is now taking me in completely different direction. This study is on time. Lysa’s counsel is timely and practical to my life. I’m learning and growing so much and it’s only the beginning! Excited about what’s to come. Thank You Lysa and P31 Staff :)!

  95. Olayemi Yemisi says:

    Yes, we need God’s wisdom in our day in day out activities. May God grant me the ability to walk in his wisdom .

  96. So back in the spring, I said my Best Yes to become a Facebook Small group leader for Proverbs 31 ministries. And for Limitless Life, I loved working along side the awesome Kelly Blair Murphy! Now for this study I am flying solo with many of the same ladies who were in the group when I first joined the OBS Facebook community. And I love them. Well thanks to various volunteers in the ministry I found out about some paper planners, which led me to look up planner groups on Facebook. I joined groups for two different paper planner companies along with a couple of other ones for discbound notebooks. On one of the groups, a lady mentioned Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies and “The Best Yes”. She wanted to know if anyone was participating. So I immediately said yes and explained about being a Facebook small group leader. This lead to a whole discussion with a whole group of ladies who may now say their Best Yes and get involved with the Online Bible Study community. This lead to further discussion that lead to me creating a Facebook group for Paper Planners for Christ. And the interest I have received in joining this group in just 1 day has been unbelievable. It is amazing when we say yes to God what He can do!

  97. Brenna Book says:

    Oh my goodness, how I can relate to everything Lysa said in that short clip. I am in the midst of feeling like that currently in my life. Some days I’m great and ready to go and can handle everything and anything. Other days I’m short tempered and throwing a pity party for myself. I just want to find contentment. I know contentment is found in God. That’s why I have started waking up early every morning to have some Jesus Time. Before my husband and son are awake. Before my kids for my home daycare start showing up. It’s just me and God and it’s been so refreshing. God is so good and I just want to serve him. After watching todays clip I’ve realized I am serving him! 🙂 Just gotta keep doing the next thing! <3

  98. I can definitely relate to what Lysa talks about in today’s video. During my sophomore and junior years of college, I was involved with a number of ministries while working two part time jobs, leading a Bible and taking a full-time course load in classes. Total burnout…and there were many days when I felt as if my efforts went unnoticed. But God saw me. Every time. I took comfort in Matthew 6:16…which is about fasting but can be applied to any area of life, including ministry God’s Word talks about not boasting, but humbly doing what he has set before you. Because of those words, I knew that God saw me and took comfort in that rather than placing my “mattering” on human shoulders.
    My favorite takeaway from Chapter 6 is that I don’t have to continue down the same path the decisions I made in college have me on. I can make BEST YES decisions today that will counteract those, flip my destination on a 180 (or however many degrees I need to turn) and take me to where God ultimately wants me. How cool is that?

  99. I can SO relate to Lysa’s video! While I am not a mother, I am a working wife. We recently moved and I am still working 2.5 hours from our new home. I was staying with friends during the week so I was literally gone from 5 am Monday morning until 7 pm Friday night. I felt lost…I love to serve my husband who works so hard to give us a good life. I didn’t cook, clean, do laundry…wait, why am I complaining??? But it wasn’t me. I am not one who can just sit around. Just this week I started working from home part of the week so I am able to do those things again – after an entire month of this long-distance marriage, we are finally back under the same roof together. I still have a ton to unpack…afterall, who wants to unpack boxes when they are finally home!!?!?! I feel like God saw this struggle I was going through, this change in my life that I didn’t want to happen – I needed to be home again – and He made it happen. And I have laundry going right now!!

  100. Kathryn G says:

    I love this chapter! I fully relate to what Lysa talks about when the man she thinks she is going to marry leaves…I’m coming out of the same thing. I love that her friend gets her back into church and I’m thankful for my parents, best friend and crazy bunko babes that have done the same thing for me. My favorite quotes are, “We’ve got to engange with what’s offered if it’s going to do us any good.” “It’s crucial we make better decisions, because our decisions will set the courses of our lives.” I knew what my heart and soul longed for…for being with my church family, with my Bible Study girls Wednesday night, with my group of amazing ladies at Bunko. My roommate recently asked if I was ready to get back out dating and I told her not yet…she thought I was crazy! I know I need to let my heart heal…this is my best yes right now.

  101. Matthew 11: 28-30 has been my go to bible verse when I get overwhelmed. My dear friend Christine T. wrote this verse on a note card when I was a brand new believer. It still gives me comfort when I allow myself to see that I am over booked and turn back to what’s important for me.
    Rene R.

  102. I can definitely relate to Lysa’s video! Being a working wife, and mother of 4 wonderful children, I often feel my serving is unnoticed and underappreciated. How amazing it is to be reassured that God sees!!! Gifts are truly given in everyday serving, and knowing there is purpose in the small stuff is so motivating and encouraging.
    I also took a lot away from Chapter 6! Chase down that decision….LOVE THIS!
    The verse Proverbs 27:12 that Lysa points out, proves to be a helpful reminder for me.
    “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty”.
    Really seeking God’s wisdom, and thinking through the decision, asking myself; “in the light of my past experiences, and my future hopes and dreams, what’s the wise thing to do”?
    What a great day at the online bible study! Thank you Lord!

  103. I’ve been struggling with the decision to look for a new job. My current job is great and the people I work with are wonderful, but I’ve been put in a position that has stalled any growth or challenge – and I feel God calling me to do that growing and moving and shaking. I’ve been praying over it, but I know I need to spend more time in the Word about it and also ask for Godly counsel about it… The knowledge, insight, and discernment… I’m working on it. I want this to be a wise decision.

  104. Just wanted to say this book is just what I needed. I’m already in Chapter 9. As a young lady entering her 30’s relatively soon my need to make wise decisions have definitely increased. Over the last few years of my spiritual development my passion to have a deep connection with God has definitely blossomed like never before: “In light of my past experience, and my future hopes and dreams, what’s the wise thing to do?” Such an awesome and on time question to ask myself. Great words of encouragement for me in this juncture of my life. Always great to get a reminder that my past doesn’t dismiss my future and God’s word should dominate my own desires and dislikes when making a decision. Sometimes you just need reminders that God has got you covered on all bases. What an awesome God we serve!

  105. i am the woman lysa talk’s about in the video. I feel like I keep giving til there is nothing left and I am not joyful anymore. i have given til the joy of giving is leaving me, but I am working to change that I was at a revival this summer that convicted me on many levels. I was putting my husband and children and chores behind God and he must come first. That is the greatest command so now there are more dishes left in the sink. when i feel desperate I go to my bible, my knees in prayer, or I go to on of my inspirational pages on the internet where I can find a few words of biblical wisdom to turn too and help me refresh! thank you for aiding this change in me helping me not feel guilty for saying no and gaining ability to do it more often and to chase after what I feel God has planned in my life

  106. I struggled today. I am recovering from surgery and working full time as well as dealing with a 29 year old autistic son with emotional and behavioral problems. My day at work was really bad. I am wondering if this is my best yes! Luckily I received a prayer by email and was able to step back and pray. I think I am coming to some best yes decisions. I am reading each chapter twice. Thanks for this online study.

  107. Chapter 6 was rich in with many lightbulb moments! There was reminders of past life experiences that through God’s grace turned me around! There were favorite quotes and statements that I want to tape on mirrors, refrigerator, doors, etc. love, love, love, this chapter.
    The past several mothers I prayed over leaving my job as an assistant director at a Christian School. I was part of the Church Staff, managed our Wed. Night dinners, greeter, started the book club, and involved in other church activities! Listing all of this just made me tired. My husband has needed my help with his business and after praying, council, praying more, I gave notice, after two resignations! Lol. I wish I had had this book months ago.

  108. vickie mullins says:

    Love this im a grandma wife mom an retired medically. But God has give me so much strength yes I think we all feel under appreciated. I know I do I would like to be asked things instead of assuming im going to drop what im doing which I do im so a yes person lol but its hard to turn yourself off at least for me it is. Im the energizer bunny 10 times over

  109. christine says:

    Thank you Lysa. That video just captured my life in the present and on a myriad of occasions before. Exhausted, weathered and ragged. I spent ten minutes with God today praying, and during that time as i praised for the good things, I began to cry. I cried and that release felt good…but truthfully i could have cried a long while, but the surmounting things I had yet to accomplish for my family and the day just flew through my mind. I love what you wrote on page 74, “what decisions are you in the midst of making, chase it down. If you do this where will it lead? And then what? And then? Keep going until you walk it all the way through.” This to me is inspirational. Sometimes I just don’t have time to make decisions as everyone: family and friends all are asking something of me. I ask God to guide me while making the most important decisions amongst the many that fall on my plate. Truthfully, i need a break….to get some quiet time, to have more than ten minutes to pray, meditate or read…………….and to catch up on lost sleep. God spoke to me today reminding me that today is beautiful. In spite of the business, it really has been a beautiful day.

  110. Lysa is so down to earth when she speaks. I am struggling with various things right now. One thing with our daughter who is living in a room at college…..it has major issues but there is no where else for her to go and her health is possibly at risk. I have an opportunity to go to Tennessee and North Carolina and we haven’t been on a vacation is over 9 years and I am terrified to leave and try to go away. I need to make this decision. I know this is something we should do and take a break. Taking care of my mother although not full time just taking her to the doctor and making sure all is ok (she had open heart surgery two years ago and hasn’t fully recovered) and another heart surgery in May is draining as well. God has been very good to her through all this though. Lots of things going on. Again thanks Lysa for your words.

  111. Ann D. Williams says:

    My decisions today determine my direction.
    My direction determines my destination…tomorrow and the next…

  112. Kelly Bonner says:

    I loved the video so much! One of my favorite parts of the day is opening my best yes daily email & just soaking it all in. Tonight my best yes is taking a break & just resting. I’m an elementary teacher (1st grade) & a mom/wife(first & foremost) & I really feel like I’ve been running like a hamster on a wheel lately. I have found myself being more intentional with my yes’ & am forever grateful for that. Tonight I’m choosing to dig into the next chapters of Best Yes & choosing to rest in Him.

  113. Tonya Burgess says:

    my favorite take away from this chapter is, “Truth has a powerful way of interrupting our runaway feelings if only we’ll get it in front of us.”, pg 73

    Today, at the doctor’s office I work at I experienced this in a very real way. At lunch I accidentally ate something I was allergic to and my lips and throat started to swell. I was with the doctor and calmly said to her that I needed Benadryl to stop the reaction. Unfortunately, the Benadryl was unable to stop this runaway chain of the allergic reaction. I have never had an epi pen, but the doctor ordered an epi shot to be given. As I lay in the exam room waiting for the reaction to stop, I thought, “Lord, I’ve been praying all week for you to unrush me, is this the way you want to do? Because I feel helpless and powerless to do anything about it.” I couldn’t stop my body from reacting, but the Epi could. It did something I was unable to do. That’s just like what truth does to our emotions or feelings when they get out of hand. It will stop the train. God is so good!

  114. Stephanie H. says:

    My takeaway from chapter 6 is “to look as far down the road as possible when making decisions.” Using the map to see the problem based on facts not emotions.

  115. It’s crucial we make better decisions, because our decisions will set the courses of our lives.

  116. Run ragged? Yep. I feel that a lot lately, but the t hang is, I get so much joy out of those things that run me ragged. My perspective when sleep is at a minimum does not always reflect that. I love the truths highlighted in this book and reminding me in the fatigue what amazing blessings have been bestowed on me!

  117. oneika brown says:

    Hi there! I am really feasting on this book. It is so full of insight and what I need right now. I am an active duty military woman, mom, wife and I am on my way out the door very soon to deploy. I have been stressed to the max at my workplace to the point of physical manifestations. I have been overwhelmed and this book/study has really been a God Send! The only unfortunate thing is that I was so excited about starting the bible study last week until I found that it could only be viewed on Facebook. Is there any other way that the that the bible study can be viewed?

  118. The quote I came way with from chapter 6 was“Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances.”
    “Your decisions will determine direction. Your direction will determine destination.”
    I had not thought of in those terms . It certainly makes sense and made me stop and think more about the decisions i make.The other two Quotes I cam away with are from chapter 4
    First Quote:“Life has such a habit of stripping the feelings of power and significance right out of our scope with its constant daily demands.”
    Second Quote:“That daily stuff – those responsibilities that seem more like distractions – those things we want to rush and just get through to get on with the better and bigger assignments of life – those things that are unnoticed places of service? They are the very experiences from which we unlock the riches of wisdom.”
    This book is opening up my mind to the way I go about my day and the decisions I make and that I need to depend on God’s wisdom and not my own.
    Thank you Lisa for writing a very practical book that is helping me understand the difference in the way i make decisions

  119. Can you all please pray for my aunt Karen? She had breast cancer and received treatment and has been doing good. A few weeks ago her left hip started bothering her. She thought it was just out but nothing was helping. The cancer is back in the bone in her spine. She is in a lot of pain and cannot walk right now. I ask the Lord to heal her to take the pain away. Lord please guide the doctors to proper treatment. Thank you!

  120. I can absolutely agree with what Lysa says in the video…being pulled 3million and one different directions at times it definitely feels that god must have forgotten about me or something Or maybe I’m too rushed to see the way he sees me.

  121. Thought you all would like to hear this lovely song originally sung by Sandi Patty… couldn’t find a YouTube version of her singing this song, but thought this artist is amazingly talented in her own right! This song brings tears to my eyes it is so very beautiful… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-Td7vcJSlM

  122. I don’t think there is any one decision that I am facing a problem with at this time. My issue has been that I have been a stay at home mom (I now work part time as well) for almost 6 years and feel frequently that at times I am waiting for my great assignment. I have struggled often with thinking that what I am doing is of little consequence and that I feel life is passing me by. I have been doing a lot of soul searching in 2014 and a couple of months ago I started to realize that maybe all these “little” things were really what life was made of. I wasn’t in fact missing out on anything. I just always thought that life held these big, grand adventures all the time and that isn’t so. Most of us have a lot of things going on every day. We pay our bills on time, work, work with our children and spend time with our loved ones. This bible study has come at such as a great time in my life. I feel that FINALLY someone else understands. At times, I feel it can all get a little lonely and knowing that other women feel this way and completely understand gives me hope. It makes me feel that the deeper I delve in a relationship with God the more I am gaining wisdom each and every day. I will be a better woman for this and will be my best yes self for my children and my husband. Those days of negative thinking about my place in life are over!

  123. ” Today’s choices becomes tomorrow’s circumstances.”
    I realize that maybe I am trying to help everyone else solve their problems, in doing so I create more work for myself and I am adding to my overwhelm.

  124. I just want to shout it out! Listen to someone who knows and is paying the price–“Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances!” My circumstances today are a result of past choices. Yes, most of it was out of my control but I’m still paying for decisions that were made. I’m trying to praise God in the midst of my pain and I’m finding His peace again. There is hope and God will make good come from this because I love Him and I believe in Him. The most important decisions I’m making at the present time are how to deal with Satan’s deception and evil. I’m trying to chase my decisions down and consider the consequences for me and for those I have come to love. Praise God for His truth and wisdom!

  125. Ka'Lon Dewey says:

    “Your decisions will determine direction. Your direction will determine destination”. These words were the driving force in the chapter. All too often we make decisions, and we don’t realize that the decisions me make, determine our course/destination. I’m so grateful that Lysa reminds us of this profound truth. “Our decisions point our lives in the directions we’re about to head. Show me a decision and I’ll show you a direction”. Proverbs 11:2 states, “When pride comes, then comes grade, but with humility comes wisdom”. This scripture was quoted in the video, and the thing that stood out most to me was, “God develops our character to match our calling.”

  126. “God gives us character to match our calling”. I challenged myself this week to search for the wisdom in the mundane activities of the everyday. I have been really struggling with exactly what that meant until watching Lysa in the video! It’s funny because when I look at the recent hills and valleys in my life, I felt good about myself when I was serving my husband through chores, cooking, and making our house a home. When the demands of graduate school escalated my anxiety got really out of control and threw me into an intense depression. I MUST take the time to continue to serve my home and my husband through acts of service (also his love language!) and in that way honor God and bring myself back to a more balanced place!

  127. Its just so amazing to know that God notices everything we do. It gives me great joy to know that the unnoticed places of service becomes the very experiences from which we unlock the riches of wisdom. ” God develops our character to match our calling”- this really excites me 🙂 Thank you so much for blessing us with God’s word 🙂

  128. Lara Lee Bugeja says:

    Direction. Hmmm. Direction is not something I necessarily think about for my life. Don’t get me wrong, I want to walk in the Jesus’ direction – that’s for sure! But when it comes to making decisions that determine the direction I will go, well, that’s not usually my way of thinking. On page 68, I loved this quote: “We’ve got to get good at chasing down our decisions. See where they will take us. And make sure that that’s really where we want to go.” Wow!! This is great advice for such a non-contemplative girl like me!!!

  129. Teresa Case says:

    This book comes at a time in my life when I do feel overwhelmed by the busyness of my life. After dinner last night, I felt irritable and frustrated; it seemed like my life was just endless chores — I’d already washed a big load of dishes in the early afternoon and then had another big load of dishes after dinner. I was feeling overwhelmed with the “mundaneness” of life, but then I felt the Holy Spirit remind me that I had not spent any alone time with God that day and my soul was empty. I told my family I needed to go spend some time alone with God, so I went and sat out on the back patio with my Bible and my book, and I am so thankful that the God of the universe and the Creator of my soul met me there. I was refreshed in those moments that I spent with Him. Oh, how I long to live in His presence even in the everyday moments of life. This book and Bible study time is teaching me that I cannot “do life” effectively apart from continual fellowship and communion with Jesus. The verses from Matthew 11:28-30 were especially meaningful for me to read today; they were also sent to me in an email from my mother-in-law back in January when my dad was dying, and by God’s providence, that email resurfaced in my inbox today, just when I needed it the most. Thank you, Proverbs 31 ministry team, for your faithfulness in presenting the Gospel in a format to remind all of us that we need to underwhelm our schedules so that God can overwhelm our souls.

  130. “Truth has a powerful way of interrupting our runaway feelings if only we’ll get it in front of us.” Exactly. When I’m feeling run ragged and desperately seeking the opportunity for MORE, anyway, it’s my runaway feelings (wanting to be noticed, needing to feel needed, hoping to be making a difference) that impede my ability to zero in on the divine assignments that are in my life right this minute. Chapter 6 has been my favorite so far because it’s provided me with the ammunition I need to be determined as I ask more often “What’s the wise thing to do?”.

  131. “God develops our character to match our calling.” Sometimes this character development is painful, long, and challenging. But isn’t it great that through all these challenges comes a part of you that is well able to handle what God has created you for? I love that. Knowing that it is all worth every moment, every tear, every deep sigh of frustration, every second spent waiting is worth the character creating moments. My God has the victorious end in mind when He charts the path of my life. I say the best yes is saying YES to the moments He has in mind for me.

  132. I haven’t made it to chapter 6 yet, but WOW, did chapter 5 come at exactly the right moment! I have been in a season of trial, growing, building, being prepared for …I’m not sure what yet, but it feels as though this season will never end. I couldn’t help but feel like there is something I am missing, some lesson I am to learn that I’m just not getting, and that makes me feel so inadequate. And afraid. What if I never “get it?” What if the time comes when I have work to do and I haven’t learned what I need to in order to do that work? In the midst of this questioning, and prayer, I read Chapter 5 of The Bet Yes. The whole chapter hit me right where I am, but the phrase “God’s wonder takes a NO and turns it into a KNOW” just broke through and brought me tears of joy! That’s all I needed! To know. And beyond that, I was reassured that God knows me! Me. The God of the universe knows….me. He made me, is still making me, and knows me inside and out. HE knows what I am ready for, and what I’m not. And He loves me anyway! Can you believe it? I know now that God will never send me out unprepared, unclothed, He KNOWS, and He will make sure I have what I need to accomplish the task he asks of me. After a day of crying and self doubt, I slept peacefully, wrapped in love beside the God who knows me, His hand on my forehead saying “rest, my child; I know you”. God is amazing!

  133. “Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances”

    “Show me a decision and I’ll show you a direction”

    “We’ve got to get good at chasing down our decisions. See where they will take us. And make sure that’s really where we want to go” – I have also heard this referred to “play it until the end”

    “Truth has a powerful way of interrupting our runaway feelings if only we’ll get it in front of us”

    “The scariest place in a relationship isn’t when the talking is hard – it’s when the talking stops”

    “In the light of my past experience, and my future hopes and dreams, what’s the wisest thing to do?”

    This chapter was so full of amazing wisdom! I so need this right now as I am on a journey that I have never been on before to find my best yes! I never understood this until just recently. I still get confused, but God’s wisdom and guidance are always available! I really needed to hear in Chapter 5 Lysa talk about not every assignment being my assignment and saying no doesn’t make me a bad person. That actually by saying yes I could be interfering with God’s plan

  134. What spoke to me the most in Chapter 5 was the comment, “…whatever attitude we bring into a situation will be multiplied.” We’ve heard it phrased a wee bit different in the South: “If Moma ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy!”

    I intentionally make my mind up each morning to be happy in all circumstances. I don’t want my attitude to cancel my blessing. 🙂

  135. Oh my how I’m the ragged servant feeling underappreciated and unnoticed! Often, I’ve been there and I know the holy spirit spoke to my heart one day when I was stewing on this in my mind that God sees your efforts….and Lysa confirmed this!! What a blessing and now if I can slow down and recognize more in the “mundane” of daily life….well, I’m still working on that. 🙂
    I loved when Lysa said….”God develops our character to match our calling”. I’m going to stew on that for a while…..

  136. Tavia Pittman says:

    So, let me start by saying: I ABSOLUTELY love this book! It sounds so crazy, but I’m so happy and relieved to read a book and just feel, “omg! I’m not the only one!” or “Yes, guilty. I do this ALL the time!”
    Yesterday, when I was reading ch. 5, what really stuck out to me was when the author discusses our attitude and approach to our activities and “assignments”. P. 57 specifically… “The ways of God insist on an attitude of love. Therefore, my ways should reflect an attitude of love. Not a ragged, rushed, and rash attitude due to overactivity.” I am so GUILTY! As a nanny, I have somehow crammed my schedule so full that I’m working 4 jobs and 70+ hours a week! By Tuesday, I’m already EXHAUSTED and completed drained! I have a bad attitude and lack of patience with the kids. And, as a result, they reflect my attitude; they get grumpy. And, guess what? My job is EVEN MORE difficult now! So, reading this… really made me realize that if I’m overworking to a point where I no longer have an attitude of love, then I should be saying “no”. I need to give work my “Best Yes”, not my half-hearted “alright”. It’s not fair for the kids I work with to suffer with my lack of patience and understanding simply because I’m way over scheduled.
    I love that this book is so encouraging, God-based, and real! Thank you Proverbs 31 ministry! 🙂

  137. Carrie Newcomer has a lovely song called ,”Holy as a Day is Spent”
    This chapter reminded my of the lyrics, when you mention the mundane:
    Holy as a day is spent
    Holy is the dish and drain
    The soap and sink, and the cup and plate
    And the warm wool socks, and the cold white tile

    Shower heads and good dry towels
    And frying eggs sound like psalms
    With bits of salt measured in my palm
    It’s all a part of a sacrament
    As holy as a day is spent

    Holy is the busy street
    And cars that boom with passion’s beat
    And the check out girl, counting change
    And the hands that shook my hands today

    And hymns of geese fly overhead
    And spread their wings like their parents did
    Blessed be the dog that runs in her sleep
    To chase some wild and elusive thing

    Holy is the familiar room
    And quiet moments in the afternoon
    And folding sheets like folding hands
    To pray as only laundry can

    I’m letting go of all my fear
    Like autumn leaves made of earth and air
    For the summer came and the summer went
    As holy as a day is spent

    Holy is the place I stand
    To give whatever small good I can
    And the empty page, and the open book
    Redemption everywhere I look

    Unknowingly we slow our pace
    In the shade of unexpected grace
    And with grateful smiles and sad lament
    As holy as a day is spent

    And morning light sings ‘providence’
    As holy as a day is spent
    Read more at http://www.songlyrics.com/carrie-newcomer/holy-as-a-day-is-spent-lyrics/#oycvRfMkuLY4vLy6.99

  138. I love, love this book. It has come into my hands at the right time in my life. God is working his wonderful works through this study.
    Yes, I feel like a mother that goes and goes, and gives and gives, so on, so on. And the more I do and overwhelmed I get, the less appreciated I feel. I know my husband and kids love me (no question or doubts there) but at times I wonder (selfishly) “Do they appreciate what I do” And when I start feeling that way, it is then I start walking a dangerous selfish mode. I find things to make me “happy”.
    2 things from this chapter were heart touching and eye opening for me.
    Proverbs 27:12, “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.
    Here is a way I would express this “The wise person will see the danger of their way (choices) and will turn from it and seek the right way, but a foolish person (lacking in knowledge) will keep going and later face the consequences.”
    Like the quote say… “Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances.” So when I felt shellfish and foolishly searched for something gratifying to make me happy, what was the circumstance? Debt or money spent without wisdom. 🙁
    The follow up to that is verse 2Timothy 2:13, “What you heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus.”
    The Holy Spirit will speak truths into our heart and stubborn mind if we open up to listen. I may not feel appreciated at times, and it is in those moments that I love how Lysa puts it that “God sees, God notices, and God cares. That truth in itself should be enough to feel appreciated. If all I do is in His name, then it goes noticed.
    I know my family appreciates me. It just take them a little while to come around to show it, but when they do… they go all out. 🙂

  139. I have two large decisions before me! I so love God’s timing that the Best Yes study would happen at a time in my life not only where I have two large decisions but where I need to break the habit of making a decision/getting involved in things that are “great” things to do, but not exactly a Best Yes decision.

    Therefore I so loved the opportunity for immediate application to chase down a decision! As it says on page 72, the statement “chase down a decision” has interrupted me and Yes truth has intersected my thought processes.

    God knows I am a “tools” Girl and always want to know the how- so I was excited to find the chart on page 254 to actually walk it out!

    Thank you for writing this book, thank you for the transparency, thank you for the social media strategy so many can join. Most of all thank you Heavenly Father for this Best Yes journey and Bless the P 31 team for their contributions to in this journey!

  140. I have to say I love this OBS format because it helps me to still stay on track and take the time to go through the study in the midst of a crazy schedule. This week was a classic example, I had every intention of participating everyday but other things came up. Thank God I can still benefit from the discussions.

    So Lysa’s video was awesome, I can certainly relate to having so much going on and having this really deep desire to rush mindlessly through the “everyday” stuff and move on to the somewhat big assignments which in some cases I have been putting off for a while. The video is making me wonder if the everyday seemly little stuff is really preparing me for the somewhat bigger assignments, and God is nudging me to pay attention to what He is doing Now, and be present with Him as a go through the process and journey of life and growth with Him.
    I pray for the grace to be still, present and patient enough to make wise decisions in the everyday activities.

    A major decision I need to make relates to my finances, I set some goals earlier in the year and I got off track along the way. I used the chase that Decision tool, and I have been able to break down some steps that I need to take to get back on track prayerfully.

    There is so much in the chapter that resonated with me but I loved the tool best because I could take practical steps to address my challenges with it.

  141. Like some others have stated, I appreciate the format of this study very much as I haven’t been able to keep up but am still able to participate!

    The biggest take-a-way for me from Chapter 6 was Andy Stanley’s quote from his book ‘The Principle of the Path’. I just learned about some similar things in a leadership book I read. I learned about the “Law of the Process”, which talks about how our daily habits and daily behaviors can lead us one way or another. The actions and decisions we make today really do have an impact on our overall destination in life. While I am very much a believer in living in the ‘now’ (not focusing so much on the past or future but on the present), I also am trying to head this advice about day to day actions more and more, knowing that they are either going to lead me closer to God and a happy, fulfilled life, or away from God and to disappointment and disarray. I hope this makes sense!

  142. This weekend I went to my church’s women’s retreat. Our overall theme was on mentorship and the importance of having a mentor/mentoree relationship in our spriritual lives as women, and we also had a special session on the future of our women’s ministry as we are in leadership transition. Oh how my heart ached to get involved and jump in! It is an important ministry to me, I do want to mentor some of the younger women in my church, but I know in my heart of hearts that now is absolutely not the time to add commitments to my life. I know that the results of committing to this ministry would be either broken obligations or overwhelmed and overstressed scheduling. I had to wrestle with this in my heart and reassure myself that I will be done with school in a relatively short 18 months, and then I can dive in head first to these ministries. I have been in a place of being overwhelmed, ragged, worn out, and stretched thin, and I just cannot go back there. I had brought my Best Yes book with me, and while I had not had time to read it, just seeing it in my bag helped be a constant reminder that not every assignment is MY assignment!

  143. I completely relate to Lysa’s video! I feel worn out, unappreciated, and just plain tired. The challenge to find wisdom in the little things? Honestly? It sounds exhausting…
    I don’t have a specific decision that I’m wrestling with right now, but I am battling apathy in my life. In my parenting, and just in general. I think that if I am intentional though, with my time and parenting choices, and if I seek God’s wisdom in all of those, He will help me find a passionate direction!

    My favorite takeaway is the phrasing of “chasing down a decision.” Other friends have told me this in a different way, but I like Lysa’s phrase. It reminds me that I have to make an *active* choice – not just a, “Oh well, I didn’t decide in time, so a decision has been made” (basically a Cinderella Into the Woods choice). If I actively think of the repercussions of a decision, even if that process seems daunting or intimidating, if I do it, and try to see God’s hand *in* each situation, He will be faithful and give me the wisdom to know how to proceed.

  144. Jessica Coffey says:

    The one decision I have been faced with recently is pretty silly in the grand scheme of things, but it still has me confused. I was invited by a friend to a girls night at her house with a bunch of good friends and other acquaintances, but I declined the initial invitation because she scheduled it for a Friday night and my hubby and I try to reserve weekend nights for each other (even if it’s just catching up on the DVR after the kids are in bed). My friends are trying to convince me to still come (“there’s always an exception!”), and I admit I am tempted to go because I know I will have a great time. I can already see myself pouting at home that night while we do nothing stellar and I miss out on girls night. On one hand I think “there ARE exceptions to the [unwritten] rule” and it’s just one night, he’ll understand…” But then I think “I need to hold sacred what is sacred.” My husband comes first and “today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances.” But is it that serious?? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? What is the wise thing to do?

    I will listen to any advice you have to offer! Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Jessica, It is your choice but as Lysa says, today’s choices become tomorrows circumstances. You choose what is sacred. Would you be able to reciprocate should your husband find something on a weekend night he wanted to do? I cannot tell you what to do but these are things you might want to honestly think on before you choose.

  145. I do relate a lot to what Lysa shares in the video; however, in a bit of a different capacity. My husband and I don’t have children yet, but I feel like I do run myself ragged serving others through my work. I have worked in child protective services for eight years and have spent these last eight years following around the families I have served to make sure they are able to provide their children with the safe and permanent homes they deserve. It is CERTAINLY an underappreciated job! In fact, in most cases I believe that the parents would more appreciate my disappearing from their lives forever.
    I have been disappointed so many times, putting my faith and dedication into a person, encouraging them, fighting for them, advocating for them only to see them relapse on drugs, or become involved in another abusive relationship where the boyfriend also beats the children. It is so disheartening and discouraging. I ask myself, “does the work I do even matter?” The answer isn’t always yes because I recognize now that I am not going to have a positive impact on every family I serve. That not everyone is ready to change and as heart-breaking as it can be, we sometimes have to put children back into situations where we know the parents have not endured sustainable change. And that’s hard. These children who are innocent and have done nothing wrong. The children that Jesus himself called “the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14).
    But, I know that I have helped make the lives of at least three children better, and that is enough to sustain me for the rest of my life. I know that I was able to share the love of Jesus with one parent through a simply hug. She had just signed paperwork surrendering her parental rights to her children. She was incarcerated and handcuffed/shackled. She was so distraught and emotional (as every mother should be in this case) and said very quietly she just wanted a hug. So quiet I don’t know that anyone was meant to hear it, but I did. And so I hugged this woman. This woman who has been battling addiction to crack-cocaine for years. Who has been using drugs since she was a teenager when her mother gave them to her. This woman who has experienced more trauma in her life than you or I could ever imagine. All she needed was a hug and so I gave her that. I wrapped my arms around her not out of obligation but out of love. I didn’t really see it as giving her Jesus until I later told my sister-in-law about the story and that’s what she told me. In the moment she needed it most, I gave her Jesus through giving her love. This woman who is desolate and disparate from society, viewed as wretched by others, is someone that Jesus loves just as much as He does anyone else and that act of giving a hug… well, that was me sharing Him with her.
    I believe these are the things Lysa refers to when she says in those quiet moments of serving, God gives us a gift to build our character so that it matches our calling. From that moment on I tried to find more ways to share Jesus with others, and while I cannot do it vocally through sharing testimony with everyone, I can show love, kindness, and compassion to others.
    “With humility comes wisdom” (Prov. 11:2) and trust me, I have had my fair share of humility/humbling experiences with this job. But the most humbling of them all was the story of the woman I shared above. And the wisdom this experience brought to me was that I CAN share Jesus’ love with these people, without ever having to quote scriptures or reference biblical stories. Just by giving them love.

  146. Sometimes the daily ordinary things seem so mundane, so it was good to be reminded in the book and through the video that God sees. He is honored when I take care of my home, even thought it seems tedious to me! I am going to make Proverbs 27:12 one of my memory verses, to remind me that every decision I make leads me in a direction that affects my future and where I land in accomplishing my dreams and goals.

  147. Fav takeaway – p. 64 – Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances & p. 71 – There is hope to take new paths that lead to new places.

    this really kicked me in the booty, to realize that I CAN make better choices to get out of the rut I am in, there is hope with God’s help.

  148. “Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances.” “Your decisions will determine direction. Your direction will determine destination.”

    This statement will be ever before me as I earnestly seek Holy Spirit direction for the NEXT in my life. My husband and I our empty nesters… our children are reaching for their destinies… and we are sensing a shift for us… WE NEED WISDOM.

    Thank you Lysa for the steps to Chasing down the Decision… I wish I would have had these steps before today… when I would have answered can I carry the EMOTIIONAL weight of this decision – No… and saved my heart the pain of a less than BEST YES decision.

    I’m hopeful for the future – that the decisions that come now will be intentional, prayerful, thoughtful and HONEST! Not made because of perceived expectation, obligation, guilt, “I’m the only one”… I can trust God that if my answer to a request is a BEST NO that he has already provided the BEST YES through another vessel.


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