Before Amen Week 2

Happy Monday, Friends!

Are you ready for another great week of Bible study?!

We have a special treat for you guys as we kick this week off. Someone pretty special is joining us in today’s video … guess who it is?

If you do not see the video above, click here to view on Vimeo.

Oh, that was so fun! We really hope you guys are encouraged by these videos. We feel like you are right there with us as we are talking to the camera!

If you haven’t started the Prayer Challenge we referred to in the video, click here for those details. Hope you’ll join us!

Before Amen Week 2


  • Memory Verse – Let’s get started learning our verse this week. Pin it, print it, write it and learn “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” -1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)
  • Monday – Begin working on your memory verse and read Chapter 3.
  • Tuesday – Chapter 3 Chat on blog; work through the questions on p. 116-120.
  • Wednesday – Max Lucado video clip on the blog and questions based on video clip for discussion.
  • Rest of the Week – Read Chapter 4 and complete the questions on p. 121-124. (Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends! There will be no emails or blog post on Thursday and Friday. This is an independent assignment. We will begin with Chapter 5 next Monday.)

Optional Events This Week:

Live Conference Call w/ Ann Voskamp, Mon., Nov. 24, 10 a.m. ET (Note this is a change from last week. We had to reschedule this call and it is now today!)

More info on the Before Amen Conference Call Series can be found here.

Let’s Chat~

This week our verse says we should “cast ALL our anxiety on Him.” What would this look like for you to actually do this?

What part of today’s video really resonated with you?

Let’s discuss this today here on the blog in our group chat section. Click on “join the discussion” and share your perspective.

It’s going to be a great week~ Let’s get started!

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  1. Anxiety has always been an issue.before later week releasing anxiety to my father would have much more difficult. I purchased the journal that goes with the book, that has made even doing my 4 ( really more like 15-20 minutes) has been a huge success for me. I work in sales and each morning I lifted myself to my father (since this is my only source of income) I even ask my father to lift up all who came to the Christmas to help all those with troubled souks and heart to guide the and protect. Not one day did I have anxiety, it was amazing, my sales were more than doubled from last YEAR . AMEN

    The video gave me comfort knowing I am not the only one that struggles and that there are resources to help guide you.

  2. Anxiety and fear are huge issues for me. I am so thankful for this study – God is good! To come to this day after a weekend full of anxiety to find, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you,” means more than you will ever know. I am going through a situation in my life that doesn’t look as though it will have resolution until late spring or early summer of 2015 and I am exhausted. I ask for your prayers.
    Christy b., I thank God that you are having success in letting go of your anxiety.
    May God bless this country. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  3. Edwina Cowgill says:

    Anxiety seems to have become a way of life for me. I know, in my head, that I can trust God and in some situations, I know that in my heart also. But some situations seem to “trip me up” and I allow anxiety and worry take over. I’m looking forward to this chapter and the rest of this study to teach me to trust God in ALL situations.
    Thank you for this invaluable study!

  4. Before this study giving my cares to God was difficult BC but now that I have the visual from the webcast that Pastor Lucado gave us,it truly seems to release my anxiety. I know in my head God heard me before but it takes much less convincing now.

    I was not really excited about this Thanksgiving, although I do have so much to be Thankful for, BC none of my children will be here,but all your excitement got me excited and so we are going to just enjoy our dinner the parade and old movies! Yay!

  5. Jean P after reading what you wrote this came to me and I want to share with you
    I will give you peace, Jean P, at all times and in every situation. 2 Thesalonians3:16

    Father, I lift Jean up to you in her time of need, guide her and give her the peace you promise. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

  6. ANXIETY – seems to be my middle name lately. I’ve had to deal with several “real life” situations in recent weeks; helping an elderly parent with finances, a rebellious 20yr old that still lives at home , a possible job change for my husband that may require moving, a wrecked van (poor deer), and a potential engagement and wedding planning for our oldest. I’m trying VERY HARD to cast it all at His feet; let him carry the load and know that His will will be done. But, there is always a But, it’s not been easy.
    This OBS on prayer could not have come at a more perfect time. I’m getting so much from this book. God knew I would need this book and I’m definatly spending more time in prayer.

  7. Watching that video has put a big smile on my face. Thanks so much! I actually felt like I was right there with you.

    Great memory verse this week! Looking forward to learning it.

  8. Casting all my cares unto God looks like this:
    I have a journal that I keep that I write down all my worries, my concerns, my joys & my praises. I literally have to write these thoughts down as though I am writing a letter to God in order to let go of them. I used to have something that I referred to as “My Something For God To Do Box”. I haven’t used it for a while, but I should probably pull it back out and start using it. I went through some periods in my life where my thoughts/feelings consumed my entire life. These thoughts would literally take over my day. These thoughts were the ONLY thing on my mind for weeks/months. These thoughts made it hard to breath. These thoughts intereferred with my family and friend relationships. I would take these thoughts, write them down on paper, stuff them in “My Something For God To Do Box” for God to take care of them. At first, it didn’t seem like anything was happening. Over a few days, I became happier, friendlier, more social…back to my old self. AND, I knew that God was taking care of my stuff that I stuffed in my box. It was my way of literally letting go!

  9. I love Max’s explanation of the pocket prayer being like a cast to help us grow “right” in our prayer life. It has been such a blessing and motivator in my prayer life already! Day 2 of the Challenge is complete, but I see how I will use the prayer throughout my day. Happy Thanksgiving, ladies!

  10. Anxiety has been a friend of mine for a long time….I am doing better as I focus more on Jesus but I can easily fall back if not careful of where I put my eyes. I chose TRUST as my one word for this year…and it has definitely been a word that I have needed. Cast all my anxiety and just trust that He will work it out for His good. So thankful for Proverbs 31 OBS…it has been a huge blessing in my life. Happy Thanksgiving ladies!!!!

    • and we are no longer friends…anxiety and me. I will not allow it to run my life or stop me from doing the things God has put before me. Just wanted to add that. 🙂

    • Stephanie Butler says:

      anxiety is something new to me. Other than a few nights where I would worry about whether or not I offended someone and they would never speak to me again, I was anxious about stuff. The big stuff never got to me, I could easily hand it over to God, it was the small stuff that would break me. Now i ever know when it is going to hit, it started the week of my wedding in July. Now I have more panic attacks & emotional breakdowns than ever before. Lately it’s been when my husband drives – I hang on to the door handle with my eyes shut tight, cringing, sometimes I’ll even end up gasping for air. I don’t know if the stress of being married, or the fact that neither of us have steady income or if it’s stress and tension I feel from my husband that is getting to me or what. I’ve never dealt with anything like this before. This study is really helping me pray about everything and give everything to God in prayer, including this anxiety. With God’s help I will be free of this Anxiety and able to fully trust him in everything.

  11. I wrote a blog this morning about my feelings when trying to pray Daddy. I can’t call him that. Not yet. I didn’t have a dad growing up. I cried buckets of tear this morning. I’m always afraid and ashamed after being so raw with God, afraid it will push him away. I’m trying to rest my head in his lap, letting him comfort me. I just never had an example growing up. I didn’t expect this morning to happen. I didn’t know I would break down like I did. I pray often, but today was brutal. It was raw. It was honest and to be honest, it was scary. Its scary to tell God out loud how I feel and how disappointed I feel. How ashamed I feel. Can’t imagine what chapter 3 will bring.

    • Jennifer N, Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

      Stacie, my heart breaks for you, and I am praying that, as the barriers come down, His love will, like water over a stone, wash away the fear and disappointment and shame. And that He will gently show you that, no matter what has happened, He has always been beside you, hurting as you’ve hurt.

      Much love,

  12. I’m thankful for the pocket prayer as I often wonder in my prayer so the “cast” is helpful. Casting my cares to me means even the things that shame my heart and I feel broken about because there’s no one here to share it with. But Jesus knows and cares.

  13. For me, to cast all my anxieties on him is to live each day with peace. To not get “riled up” about everything that doesn’t go my way. To embrace my place, knowing even if I can’t see it, He is working out the masterpiece of my life. Thanksgiving and Christmas is not working out the way I would like and what hit me the most on this video is that Max’s mom in law is close to heaven. Melissa has some absent seats as well. Nikki’s holiday is working out differently too. It’s not just me. And I’m thankful for the ones still on earth and in town that I get to spend time with. That will be my focus this week. Not the absences, not the unmet expectations. But the filled seats and the time with others.

  14. Letting go of perfection when praying. I loved hearing that Melissa!
    Hearing from Max is great and thank you for the reminders of the prayer challenge.

  15. Stacie I’ve been where you are I had to hear from my father (earthly)that yu aren’t mine. Those words cut deep for many years. Then I discovered that Jesus was waiting with arms wide open and that He knows our thoughts before we even think them. Being “raw” is how God uses us for his glory. B blessed and Happy thanksgiving

  16. Love this Bible study. Last night I had a situation that was very stressful. I stopped took a deep breath and prayed the pocket prayer. In a matter of minutes God had changed the situation and answered my prayer. God is good. Thank you for this Bible study.

  17. Amy from MI says:

    I loved the video of you guys and Max. Such fun and a very pretty background.

    I am starting the prayer challenge today. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with everything going on this week but seeing God in action has helped me trust more.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Alicia Hargreaves says:

    I struggle to cast all of my anxieties and cares on the Lord and leave them there. I will go to him in prayer about them but then I pick them right back up. So this is something that I have been working on and trying to give over to him more.

  19. Cast all anxiety on Him means leaving it all at the foot of the cross. For me, this is many times a day and learning to not take it back.

  20. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
    What a blessing it is to do this study with you each day. Casting my cares on Him – to me is part of my daily thing, “Lord – I love you – you know me I will try to do this all on my own, but I give you all my “stuff” – it is yours to handle today – Please guide and direct my paths in the way you would have me go. I love you Lord. Thank you for your love and for hearing my prayers. I look forward to divine encounters today…”
    Love You guys…

  21. This week my anxieties are very minimal. Having Thnaksgiving at a Nursing Home with my 95 year old stepmother. Next week may be another story as I will be having a combination of Thanksgiving / Christmas with my family. There will be two families staying over night at my home. I usually don’t have a problem casting “all” my anxieties on God. And then,….another one comes along.

    Video reminder to keep at the 4 minute prayer reminder that I signed up for.

  22. I LOVE the Pocket Prayer! It has really helped me in the past week and I already feel my prayer life is stronger. Like Max said in the video, I use it as a bullet point guide to my prayers 🙂
    Having dealt with more anxiety than normal recently this verse has been a resting place for me. It is such a comfort to know that I can just release all the thoughts, concerns, and tensions to God because He DOES care. He doesn’t want me to carry the burden of anxiety and stress. He wants to carry it FOR me! Thank you Jesus!
    Love you guys!

  23. “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He care for you.” 1 Peter 5:7
    This resonates deeply with me. My mother would always say, Let go and let God. This is what this verse is saying. Worrying doesn’t change things, but God does! When I ask God to help ease my worries, anxiety, restlessness, etc, I feel His peaceful presence in my heart and find myself relaxing.

    • Just would like to add that for years, I struggled with this. It has only been in the past year or so that I am able to truly cast my anxieties upon Him and feel at peace. I do feel OBS and BSF have both helped me tremendously. The church I grew up in didn’t really teach the Bible or its verses. I am beginning to understand His Word much better. I thank the Lord for all the wonderful people and groups that have made this possible.

  24. Jammie Tompkins says:

    I love this weeks verse. When I remarried and my little girl would have anxiety attacks this was our prayer to help her. We would say it every night before she went to bed. Lord, I lift all these women up to you. I say thank you for what a blessing to have so many sisters! I thank you for each one of them. I ask that you strengthen our prayer lives, that you shine through each word and pierce our hearts with your understanding and not our own. May you be glorified and seen! May you continue to be our light and our everything. In your Sons amazing name, Amen!

  25. To me, casting all my anxiety onto Him means total trust and surrender to His will and way. Before coming to know Jesus in a deeper way, I used to have constant anxiety in my life and never understood why I was struggling so much. It was because I was trying to make things happen on my own. I’m currently dealing with several unknowns for which there are no ‘concrete’ answers, so my faith is being tested in a new way.

  26. Such a good verse! I’ve had a longish friendship with a non- believer. It’s been a rocky go for months and out of anger she told me we’re done. Now many wonderful Christian women have been telling me for months to end it! But I feel lead to try and end, if need be, with understanding and not anger. She has consented to take a phone call from me this evening & I’ve been awake since 3a a bundle of anxiety trying to pray myself to calm. So perfect verse for me today. & if anyone is lead to pray on our behalf I would be grateful

    • Dear Heavenly Father,

      You are so good to us. You know what Lynn needs. Her heart is burdened with the ending of a friendship . I thank you for the peace that will be Lynn’s. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  27. I am having surgery today ave that is a wonderful verse for me! I am trying not to worry if they will find cancer so I need to just leave all of my anxiety with my heavenly father!

  28. Pocket Prayer is huge, I have shared this with others and my wife, we enjoy praying together even more!

  29. Casting all my cares on Him is to me a privilege I receive as a daughter of the King of Kings—to know I am able to give or pass to Him all my worries and burdens, stress and concerns and in return He offers me His Peace and Surety that nothing has escaped His view and nothing is too much for Him to embrace in care and love. It’s much like bundling all the hurt and worry in a big bucket then running home to share those pains and concerns with your dad – knowing that he will give you a big hug and reassure you —“I’ll take care of that sweetie!”

  30. Thank you for this study. I am finding myself using the pocket prayer daily. I struggle regularly with giving God all my worries and anxieties, especially when it comes to my family. I always think there is something I should be doing rather than letting God do handle it and remembering that he is always good and he has me right where he wants me. Prayers for everyone for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

  31. I am so thankful for you two! What a blessing to see God working through you with love, joy and enthusiasm! Your excellent programming is such a great kick start to each day! I love Max Lucado and all of his books! God bless you all and Happy Thanksgivivg!

  32. I am really enjoying this book, I love the pocket prayer as it gives me a starting point to begin my conversation as I pray. Also, i joined the prayer challenge and it’s been nice carving out time for my conversation with God. even though my thoughts are all over the place, I am able to come back and refocus as I go through the pocket prayer. This book and OBS is perfect timing. Thank you.

  33. Anxiety and fear has being with me a lot more recently. I am waiting on a God for a miracle, and anxiety takes over each day that goes by. The verse is what my focus is going to be. Trusting in God it will happen.

    Love what Proverb 31 and Max Lucado is teaching us. Thank you!

  34. Casting my cares on Him has taken on a very personal meaning for me since my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 18 months ago. We all know in the back of our minds that we will not have our parents forever, but having that finality playing out before your eyes, and knowing that he is leaving us a little more each day, that his mind and memory will be gone before his physical body, drives you to your knees. Casting this care on my Abba Father is a daily, sometimes multiple times daily, is the only way I can walk this path. Hearing Bro. max share his Thanksgiving plan of spending time with his wife’s mother as her days draw near, resonated with me more than anything else, because it describes my plans-spending time with my father, because his days draw near.

  35. Crystal Reyes says:

    Good morning;
    I already have this verse memorized! So, that’s nice, now, if I actually do it, I would have less stress and panic attacks! I struggle to trust God and I’m afraid He may do the opposite of what I ask – it was a pattern for me – I asked God to heal my Dad and he took, I asked God to keep my husband with me, but allowed him to be deported.
    The video talked about the challenge, and I decided not to do it, but now I think I might. I do like that Max talks about the cast and they move into talking about the Pocket Prayer and how it’s a guide. Since I struggle with prayer it’s beneficial to have this guide. And ironically, I’m a writer, but when I pray I struggle with what to say, but it’s a relief knowing I don’t have to say much and it doesn’t have to be graceful or eloquent. I also struggle with how many people need prayer and become overwhelmed, because I don’t necessarily know what to pray for. But just offering specific names up to God makes it seem less overwhelming. I don’t want it to become a lazy thing though.
    I’m sorry, I said a lot. I hope I remember the challenge 🙂

    • Randelle R. says:

      You said what was on your heart, and that’s a good thing. No mazy thing here, but God knows what’s going on in everyone’s lives. Just offering their names to God is huge in and of itself! And if it helps you not be overwhelmed, amazing!
      God bless.

    • Randelle R. says:

      *Lazy thing

  36. Let it (Anxiety) go! Pass it onto the Great I Am! When I start to get anxious I have a mantra – in my mind I start singing some old favorites- Jesus Loves Me & Amazibg Grace, etc… Works for me!

  37. What a warm and sweet video. I love the enthusiasm that the girls share with us. Anxiety used to be a MAJOR issue in my life Nd it still pops up now and again but when it does I quickly rebuke it and claim the verses that give me strength. Proverbs 3:5,6 and Isaiah 41:10 and also the promise that HE will never leave me nor forsKe me. If God is for us who can be against us…etc, etc…so much power in His word. That is a battle well won with the power of His promises. So dont let Satan tear you down with worry and stress, just claim His pro,ises and know that he will direct all of your steps if you listen for His counsel and then when you know you are in His will you have perfect peace that surpasses all understanding. Be blessed!

  38. Ann Shortt says:

    Casting all my anxiety on the Lord means to me that I don’t worry about anything! Easier said than done! I know God loves me and He cares for my every need, but the human in me still tries to handle things. My Sunday School class yesterday had the verse…Psalm 56:3 When I am afraid, I will trust in You. My prayer is that I will cast ALL my worries on Him with all faith that He will be with me and walk with me each step of the way. It’s a minute by minute resolve to trust our Lord. May He help me live like this!

  39. I just wanted to say what a blessing it is to wake up to the beautiful countenance of your(Melissa, Nicki and Max)beautiful, joyous faces. I went to bed with a heartache, woke up, cast my anxieties on the Lord and then opened this video. OBS is such an encouragement! Thank you for all you do.

  40. I lay everything at the foot of the cross…and then I begin to tell God what to do with it! It’s that control thing! I am making imperfect pregress and have found more peace as I truly give it all over to God and let Him shiw me the way.

  41. To cast my cares upon Jesus simply means to lay everything at His feet. Our lives are a full circle, nothing broken. So there isn’t anything or anyone who’s connected to us, that God’s not concerned about. I joy in the fact of knowing that even the smallest or trivial concern in my life, Jesus is telling me to bring that to Him too. He knows and He cares! Thank you Lord!

    The quote from the video that resonates with my spirit is, “you need an outer discipline to create an inward strength”……this prayer challenge will be the discipline needed to create the inner desire to get past the struggles we have in or with prayer. Abba Father wants us to be free when approaching Him, not bound with not knowing how to pray or what to say……just talk to Him……

  42. I’m enjoying this obs so much, the prayer challenge is going great! I’m so glad I now know that I’m not the only one that struggles with prayer and that I’m learning how simple it should be. Thank you!

  43. Randelle R. says:

    I guess, to cast all my burdens on Him means that when I’m stressed, or as I’m working through things that I need to do, I call on Him. The verse “pray without ceasing” comes to mind. I need to have Him constantly involved in every aspect of my life. That way, He’s there through the joys and the cares.

    I love the videos and how down to earth and natural they feel. We truly feel welcomed and like a part of your conversation, so for that I thank you guys!

  44. To know that I can give it all to him and relinquish control of anxiety in my life give me peace.
    The prayer challenge so far has been easy for me because the 4 minutes seems to go by so fast!!!

  45. Meai says:
    God knows what I am going through.I can come to Him honestly tell Him my emotinal turmoil and He listens .He cares.But most importantly I need to pray.Just as MaxLucado taught us the simple pocker prayer.It is an encouraging verse to memorize I Peter 5:7.

  46. I really liked the part in the video when Max Lucado said: “Sometimes we need an outward discipline to create an inward strength.” And the “cast” that he referred to, I realized as I listened, doesn’t have to be grandiose– it starts with small victories. What a revelation for an all-or-nothing kind of girl like me! I always think that if I can’t get it all perfect every time, I don’t even want to start. But with prayer, practice makes perfect, and consistency is most important of all.
    BTW: I’m on day 5 of the prayer challenge and already I’m seeing what a difference consistent prayer makes!

  47. I really like Max ‘s pocket prayer and use it on my most busy days, but I find if I get alone with God and my journal I really feel a closeness to my Father as I pour my heart out to Him as I write my prayers out. My current stubble is with the memory verse. It is hard for a senior such as I to retain things these days.

  48. Rene' Lubbers says:

    It was comforting to me when Max said some of us need an outward discipline to create an inward strength. Discipline has always been a struggle for me, but I am overjoyed to say I can do this one.

  49. I have been looking for a new job for 1 1/2 year now. Casting my cares on the Lord will mean truly trusting Him to guide me where I am to go and to provide for me as I get there and afterward. I truly need that outward discipline for my bible study – Thanks

  50. Great video. Always inspires me to keep on going. The prayer challenge is something I am taking on and hearing how it has already impacted everyone on the video helps me to move forward. Many thanks to Melissa and Nicki for all you do to help all of us. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  51. Casting my anxieties on Him reminds me of another Scripture that reminds me that His yolk is easy and His burden is light, so casting my cares/anxieties/troubles/worries on Him lightens my load and puts them into the most capable Hands of all! The part of the blog that resonated with me was the discussion of the pocket prayer. I was asked to pray publicly in my Sunday School class yesterday, and guess what was my ‘outline’? The Pocket Prayer! So thankful God for Max Lucado and Proverbs 31 OBS!

  52. Adele-Alys says:

    Loved the image of the prayer challenges practice as a cast and this quote “We sometimes need an outer discipline to develop and inner strength.”

  53. Gail Harless says:

    What part of the video resonated with me? Um…all of it! But my favorite part was Max’s thumbs up! I really did love that!

    I often cast my cares on God. That’s what surrendering to God is for me. I actually have a visual I use for this. I put my cares in a plain box, shove it through an open doorway, and shut the door. I am totally a visual person, so this really helps me.

  54. Casting all of our cares on The Lord means everything. Not just the big stuff, but every little thing that we care about. The good, the bad, and huge ugly. I need to spend more time taking the small stuff to God. If I took more of the small stuff to him, then maybe they wouldn’t grow into big stuffs.

  55. Nancy Silvers-Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

    I loved the video! What a blessing to hear from Max AGAIN!! What I got from athe video is probably different from others. When Max felt called to write a book on prayer he felt like he couldn’t because he struggled with prayer. I feel called to write a book, God even gave me the title but I struggle in the area he is calling me to write about. Max gave me encouragement! Perhaps that is exactly the reason God is calling me to write this book! I’m starting to believe I can do it, with God’s help 😉

  56. I realized that symbolic actions such as Max’s example of cupping my hands & filling them with my burdens then lifting them up to the Lord as a I prayed to him, really helps me visualize his taking those burdens from me. I believe I will use more symbolic actions in my prayer life. As far as the video…I guess I was not alone in thinking “really, Max Lucado struggles with prayer?” The sincerity in his admission and his expression of the mission behind writing the book to help others who also struggle resonated with this prayer wimp. 🙂

  57. Anxiety has always been an issue for me. In fact, I feel depression and embarrassment are directly linked to anxiety. I have battled the three of these since I can remember. One thing I realized I do when I want some personal time with the Lord during one of these battles, is I write down a letter or prayer to God. Just last night I pulled out an old notebook to do this very thing and I found several pages that I had done that on before. I must have several notebooks scattered that have written prayers on them. Sometimes I use them as a journal of prayers for a short period of time and other times it is just for a day. Last night the several pages covered 2004, 2007, and last night. I ask for guidance, I admit my failures, I ask for forgiveness and I almost always make sure to praise the Lord for the good He has done in my life. I never realized I did that until I pulled it out last night. I think I just get so overwhelmed and getting it out on paper is my best solution. I think I may ask for an actual journal to keep by my bedside just for this purpose. Then I won’t scrounge around looking for a notebook.

  58. I was pretty much care free until my son started High school and I spent more time in the princpal’s office than at home. Things at home were bad because of his behavior and then my husband made him move out because my health was bad because of the stress which made my health worst for a season…That’s when I talked to my in-laws and we all prayed together and I turned my Son over to Jesus Now my son is grown up and our relationship is close and Very Peaceful. I now When I come across a situation that over stresses me I turn it or to God or as Max says cast it. I hope everyone here has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  59. I work really hard at casting all my cares and anxieties on God and I can do that but it is very difficult for me to leave them there. I want to take them back and wallow in whatever they are. I loved the part of the video that says using an outer discipline to build an inner strength.

  60. Love the video this morning. Can’t wait to get into this week study. Nikki so thankful you said you were going the Disney for Thanksgiving. When you pulled out the hand I went straight to the Hamburger Helper hand. LOL…..I am so sorry simple thinking….LOL Blessing to every one on this Thanksgiving week.

  61. I have the head knowledge to cast my anxiety on Him but in the midst of it I need a neon light reminding me to do it.

    I started the prayer challenge and love it! I realized I don’t pray for me. The pocket prayer tool will help me to remember to do that.

  62. I loved, loved, loved the video! You ladies are so authentic and make us viewers feel very welcome. I really enjoyed Max’s honest sharing as well about his struggles with prayer and helping all of us to just pray without trying to be perfect. I’m so glad I signed up for this Bible study; it’s blessing me very much! Blessings and have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday.

  63. Forgot to share about our memory verse and what casting all anxiety on Him means for me. Honestly, I’m just not there. I don’t think I have ever been. I want to be. For now, this means that every time I am anxious, to intentionally leave my cares with Him, to force myself to leave them with Him and truly believe God is more than able to handle my cares.

  64. When I cast my anxieties on Him, I put my hands on my shoulders, name the care or anxiety,wad it up in a ball, and throw it at the feet of Jesus, giving it to Him. I sometimes have to do this repeatedly when I take them back, but they are eventually released. The statement Max made about “needing an outward discipline to create an inward strength” resonated with me. I don’t have difficulty praying, but being more disciplined to pray and study on a more consistent basis. I can surely tell when I haven’t been praying or in my Word enough, and so can the others around me! I am so thankful for these online studies! They really help hold me personally accountable. Happy Thanksgiving ladies!

    • Caren, I so love what you do when you cast your anxieties on Him. I am going to borrow your idea. I love the physical side of seeing your anxiety wadded up in a ball and throwing it at Jesus’ feet. I can see Him picking it up and it disappears. Thank you for sharing.

  65. Jennie Walczyk says:

    For me to cast all my cares on God would be a great relief! It would mean that I wouldn’t worry about my grown kids anymore because I would KNOW He has them securely in the palm of His hand.

  66. I have never been afraid of much but lately I have been having anxiety attacks crossing bridges, don’t know why. I know I can feel the gravitational pull over a bridge, and the humidity increases, I have vertigo and Shortness of Breath sometimes. And I confront my fears, still drive over them, but don’t like being anxious and when everything changes. I pray every time I know there is one coming up. And I want to be able to fly again, I just do not know with my vertigo if I can. So, I give it all to You Father and ask for complete healing physically and mentally. In Jesus Name Amen

  67. Michelle B. says:

    Love this, thank you, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

  68. Been trying to do the challenge. I can still find my mind wandering in under 4 min but I just bring it back when I realize I did it again. But I did go through something Wed and gave it to God. Ask him to come with me and He gave me peace. I love that He gives peace when we just ask him to carry our burdens and fears.

  69. Oh my word, if I actually cast all my cares on Him…I can literally feel the stress and worry being released from me. Why is it that I hold on to things and struggle to let go and let God? I know that I would feel so much better about life in general…but why don’t I just do it?

  70. What a great reminder today that we can cast all cares, worries and fears on Jesus. Todays reading was such an awesome reminder that what is hard for me is simple to God. Something I definitely needed to hear.

  71. ChefMEDeborah Agosto says:

    If I actually cased ALL my cares on God. I would have peace, joy, security, a transformed mind, I would be HAPPY ask the time.

  72. Casting all my anxiety on God for me is something I am still in the learning process of doing. I will pray and try not to think about my struggles but sure enough they creep into my mind causing my whole attitude to change. I have to learn to let go and Let God! Even when I think I have a solution to my problem, I know God’s answer is far greater!

  73. Lisa Richardson says:

    To cast all my anxiety on Him… to me means that when I feel anxious I run to my Daddy and cry to Him. I tell Him what’s wrong and ask Him to carry it for me, to work it out according to His will.
    Today’s video was great, as they all are, I loved the analogy of a cast.. the prayer challenge and pocket prayers as a guide to teach me and guide me thru prayer.
    Happy Thanksgiving. I love you all

  74. I love the authenticity of the P31 ladies as I feel they are, just like Melissa said, normal people who struggle with things like prayer. Max Lucado fits right in with this group as he speaks as a regular guy on what are to me very intimidating subjects like prayer, God, the Bible, etc…You don’t have to be a pro to walk with God, in fax He knows most of us are not and just wants us to be real with that. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  75. Oh God is so good, I just stared a new job after being a stay at home mom for 20 years and I’m so anxious and this is just so like God to ordain this scripture for this
    Day,week. God you are Good.

  76. Amy Punches says:

    Years ago I really struggled with worrying and anxiety. I have gotten much better about that I was divorced leaving me my 2 boys to raise by myself, one with autism, and working 90 hours a week at business I own. I’m now past 4 years. I have managed to cut back my hours to half physically at my business, I drive hours every week to get son to therapy and God has continued to take care of us.

  77. Joy Kimbrell says:

    Love this weeks memory verse….I’m a control freak (not really) but I do try to handle everything myself. This is so comforting to be able to give up my anxieties to Him….and know he loves me unconditionally!!

  78. To cast all my anxieties on God seems like such a burden to put on someone, but I have to remember that is what God is there for! I worry… it is my weakness and not until recently have I been able to admit this. God is showing His presences to me in more ways than I could have ever imagined possible. Before this study started I had been struggling with this very act, leaning on Him and Casting My ANXIETY (Worry) on Him… I made it a point to pray EVERYTIME I started feeling anxious and worried. And now God has provided this verse, through this study, to help me see that HE IS HERE! Max said in the video this morning that “sometimes we need an outward discipline to create an inward strength” This could not be more true for me right now in my life! Thank you GOD for loving ME!

  79. I just have a fun question for Max.

    Howdy Max! Your two thumbs up~~was that a Gig’em Aggies? From a gal who lives in Aggieland. 🙂

  80. There is such joy and peace in knowing that once I have cast all my cares on Him they will be taken care of! I can walk in faith knowing that He will take care of everything. I have four children 21, 19, 18 and 16 and they are all out of the house, on their own and in the world. When I hold on to them and try to fix their lives it becomes a mess. Letting go and giving it all to God brings such peace to my life. I can then truly help them with prayer and with words of wisdom. Trying to fix it in my own power only makes for stress and arguing, letting God fix it brings closeness and love.

    I so enjoy the videos you all make. Your honesty is always what comforts my heart. I am not perfect and I struggle and knowing that I am not alone really helps me to trust God more. I know that sounds a bit odd but if I were out here struggling and everyone else had it all together I would feel left out and forsaken.

    Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving. Please pray that the weather is good so that all my children can come home this weekend. Thank you!!!

  81. Jennie Buettner says:

    My life would be a cake walk if I always cast my cares upon God! My problem is, I always take it back!!! God is good and he is faithful! When things happen, I love telling God “this is your problem now, not mine”! I just have to leave it there, at his feet.

  82. Casting my cares on the Lord looks like going to Him in prayer and His Word with my worries. I loved how Max said the pocket prayer is bullet points or a cast for those who need it. I’m thankful for the pocket prayer because it’s helping me bring balance to my prayer life.

  83. The memory verse for me is so relevant to my life. I am a type A person, ready to try and fix all things. In my family I am the “Go To” person. I must Cast All my burdens on God because He loves me. This ministered to me today even though I have read this verse a million times. I need God. Also what resonated with me about Max was that he too had past difficulties with prayer. I am loving this study…God really is sooo ool Good.

  84. For me casting my cares would look like, me on a beach standing in the water and lifting my hands up letting my cares be taken away by the wind. Letting them go into the Ocean to be washed away by the waves. The part of the video that resonated with me was when Max was talking about him using his driving time to the airport to do some prayer time. It is so simple yet why do find it so hard to decipline ourselves.

  85. Casting all my cares on God would free me up to live in freedom for Christ. I pray that I can leave them at the cross and not take them back.

    I love that Max says he prays in his vehicle too! I live 30 miles from the nearest small town and 100 miles from a big town so grocery trips, etc mean a LOT of time in a vehicle. God and I spend a good portion of our alone time together while I’m behind the wheel. 🙂

  86. Sherry McElwee says:

    I have a real issue with anxiety. The times in life that I have prayed and given my worries and problems to God, I have an amazing peace and know that Lord Jesus has everything under control. I dont know why I sometimes try to deal with everything myself. I like the tip Max gives in the questions for this weeks chapter to set a clock ir my phone to go off at certain times so I can give Thanks, praise and my Problems to my ABBA! It will help me remember to spend time in prayer. Blessings to you as all!

  87. Paula Johnston says:

    Loved the conference call today with Ann! Thanks for all the hard work you ladies do too bring us the word God wants us to hear! May you be BLESSED richly!

  88. Please pray for me. I get angry with people who reject the word of God and live in wickedness..
    I need to be more understanding. I try to tell them what god says and they get angry call me names and tell me to be quiet! but I can’t! This homosexual marriage in my state and all over world is really getting me down… how do I handle it?
    Where are the great leaders at??? Is this how it’s going to be?
    Know one standing for righteousness?
    Please pray for me, I’m getting very discouraged and I do pray all the time!

  89. Tiffiny Palm says:

    Stress and anxiety has always been a hard thing ever since I can remember, even when I was a little girl. I don’t like being stressed or anxious and I don’t want that for my kids. I then end up going to God when the storm is raging when I should have gone to Him a lot sooner with my stress and anxiety.

  90. The memory verse is one of my favorite verses! It is wonderful to know thAt God loves me that much to carry all my burdens and worries and fears. It is hard to let your burdens completely go though. When something comes up in your life that needs fixed we want to see results by a snap of a finger. But I must learn to be patient and just give it to God and let him do it on his time.
    I loved the video today! It’s good to know that it’s not just me that has problems with prayer. The devil can make it seem like you are the only one having difficulty and you become ashamed to confess your problems. This bible study is a blessing and I’m so glad God called it to my attention to join in!!!

  91. Jackie Epstein says:

    Hi Melissa and Nikki! You girls were too cute in today’s video! Loved your special guest too! The verse is great because for the most part I leave most of my worries with God but on big issues I find that I start trying to “fix” things and come up with a resolution but forgetting that God knew it would come before it happened and he has a resolution…so therefore I must remember to lay it all down at his feet. 🙂 …ps Nikki have a great time at Disney! Welcome to our sunshine state!

  92. I can be a very anxious person at times. Playing the game of “What if…” in my mind. If I were to cast ALL my anxiety on Him, I believe those anxious thoughts wouldn’t stick around. The more I talk with my heavenly Father, the more I am freed from worry and doubt. Now if I could actually do this everytime an anxiety came up, that would be amazing. I am definitely a work in progress!

  93. I had to smile at the cute pun between the video and the memory verse…CAST all your cares….& Max Lucado encouraging us to put our prayer CAST on with the 4-minute prayer challenge. Seriously to be able to cast all my cares on My heavenly Farher and not worry would be huge for me. I am not there yet but hoping putting on my prayer “cast” will move me in that direction.

  94. I believe If I cast all my anxieties on Him, then my focus will shift from looking at my cares to sitting at Jesus feet. A deeply calm place. A place of gratefulness. How is it that I so quickly forget?

  95. Most of the time I cast all my anxieties on Him but not always there are times when anxiety gets the best of me. Having a prayer ‘cast’ really helps me because all the other books about prayer just confuse me with all the different prayer styles and the Pocket Prayer is simple enough that I can actually remember it.

  96. Stress and anxiety has always been a huge part in my life, but something I have been working hard on all year to just cast on to Him. It has helped me so much and so often, now if only I could always just leave it with Him. But there is doubt that always tries to move in.
    Love the pocket prayer and I signed up for the prayer challenge, just did not receive the PDF book :-(.
    Printed out this weeks verse, one of my favorits.

  97. Laying all my anxiety on Jesus gives me peace – unbelievable peace – peace that only comes from God. It is almost overwhelming how much He cares enough to give me such peace. It is sad that I often need to be reminded to let things go and let His peace in.

    I started the challenge on Saturday and I, too, have wanted to keep going when my timer goes off – so I do! It helps me to know that I am not alone in my struggle and that even someone like Max Lucado and the P31 Ladies are just like me.

  98. Casting all my anxiety over to HIM. For me this looks like it will be a little hard. As mentioned before, we are suppose to have a 6 month old baby at our dinner table this Thanksgiving. Yet it will be 10 months since Octavian was stillborn. I have had lots of worries and anxiety, high expectation for myself to include him, remember him and honor him. I had worries about traveling to see family yet making awkward if I brought our centerpiece to have him present well in a sense … now that we are not traveling to do my eldest child school obligation (wrestling) the Lord has answered me, we will stay home and honor our baby…

    today’s video was comforting to know that I am not only one the struggles with prayers, at first i thought that it was because i am a new believer … but hearing others that have walked with the lord longer I have still struggles, so glad i joined this OLBS,,,

  99. “Cast all your anxiety in Him because He cares for you.” -1 Peter 5:7
    If I were to actually do this, I would always feel so at ease and relaxed knowing that the faithful One is on my side, caring for every aspect of my life.

    I enjoyed watching the entire video. I like how Max stated that sometimes we need outward discipline. So, the whole setting our timers for 4 minutes while doing the prayer challenge is really us disciplining ourselves so that prayer because our natural habit each morning or whenever we choose to step away from everyone else and spend time with God alone.

  100. What would it look like to ‘cast all my cares (anxieties) on Him”? Wow… to actually take a moment to sit and think about that evoked a little anxiety in itself… but I imagine it would be amazing!!!!!! I’m such a control freak… I want to have my hand in everything, not because I want the recognition (so I think), but because I want to make sure it all goes as planed. But whose plan is it anyway??? Nevertheless, I would imagine that giving all my cares to Him would free me to just be happy… To just bask in HIS glory and grace… To just simply enjoy the moment and the spectacular beauty in all He has created… all with 100% confidence that He is by my side every step of the way on life’s journey.

  101. Roberta (Proverbs 31 OBS Ministry Team) says:

    If I embraced our memory verse completely, I would have absolute confidence that He is going to work everything out and I would live a carefree, surrendered and peaceful life. I struggle with pulling away at a time when I know that I can totally concentrate on praying and some times I feel like if I pray as long as I need to, I will be neglecting my other duties which leads to my life being out of balance. If I feel unbalanced, it sometimes causes me to become anxious and then I feel disappointed because I have allowed my emotional state to overrule walking by faith.
    The entire video was awesome but a couple of things that really spoke to me were that Max Lucado stated the purpose of this book clearly and succinctly:it is for folks who do not know how to pray. Also, it is okay to have a guide if you need one. I am enjoying the short prayers because sometimes I need some guidance and direction when I am praying. This is a really great study and I am enjoying it immensely. Happy Thanksgiving, Melissa ,Nicki, Max and all of my beautiful OBS Family and the entire P31 Ministry.I am thankful and grateful for this ministry which is transforming mt life and my bible study in amazing , wonderful ways one day at a time,

  102. I let my husband read the “forward” to the Pocket Prayer. And now we both, in our own way and time, use the pocket prayers every day. This study is such a blessing for me. Thank you!

  103. What resonated most in the video to me was searching the Bible for prayer examples. John chapter 17, the prayer of Jesus, is my favorite chapter. I also love looking at the Psalms to see the relationship David, a man after God’s heart, had with The Lord and the way He approached Him in prayer.

  104. This week our verse says we should “cast ALL our anxiety on Him.” What would this look like for you to actually do this? I would just be able to rest in Him during this crazy week. It is only my 2nd year of sharing kids since my separation/divorce. I need to give my loneliness to Him and try to enjoy the moments I have.

    What part of today’s video really resonated with you? “Your life may be crazy, but your Bible study doesn’t have to be!”

  105. Deje Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team says:

    On Friday, I had the opportunity to “cast all my anxiety on Him”. I had a doctor’s appointment and there was a lot of anxiety heading in to the appointment. I alerted friends to pray for me about a week in advance and I walked into the appointment with my husband feeling calm, no matter what we found out, the anxiety was gone and I knew we could handle whatever God had in store for us. It was a peace I had never felt before and I am so thankful for all my sisters here at OBS who prayed for me.

  106. Lynn Fincher says:

    Powerful verse this week..Lower your anxiety with prayer…
    Enjoyed the comments by Max Lucado and Melissa and Nicki…

  107. Jill Reinstadler says:

    I love the new memory verse. Our congregation is going through a difficult time right now. Our pastor’s 10 year old child is going through a difficult time with a recurrence of brain cancer that they have been bearing over 5 years now. I pray for little Kate and her family every day….and am amazed at the strength and great faith of their family in the midst of it. If I could have that kind of faith that “always” trusts! That is my prayer. The four minute challenge has already enriched my life…and I was most encouraged by Max’s statements that “some” of us need an outward discipline to work an inward change.

  108. I think what I needed to hear was the phrase “Letting go of perfection.” This is an area I struggle with…..thinking I have to say the right words for my prayers to be effective. And yes, I’ve always been taught prayer is simply conversing with God, but I still always struggled. For the past several years, I have used Scriptures to help in my prayer, as a start, and then the conversing comes more easily. But I love, this Pocket Prayer concept – a guide to guide my thoughts – keep my thoughts in order. Love this study and am thankful you are allowing God to use you in reaching out to others. God bless!

  109. This scripture is taped to my lecture at work. Those moments when the Superintendent walks in and my anxiety goes sky high, or when a student is purposely testing my patience, or a parent is berating me because their student refuses to work…. I see this out of the corner of my eye. It is my breath prayer. My grounding moment. These are circumstances of being on this earth, but they are not what is going to define me forever.

  110. Natalie Tull says:

    Casting our anxiety on Him! I think this definitely fits right in with prayer. Because in order to do that we must do it thru prayer. I think so often I cast my anxiety onto him but then don’t leave it there…I cast it to Him and then continue to carry the anxiety with me….I need to learn to Cast it on Him and Leave it with Him knowing that He is going to work it all out for His Good. I am enjoying this study…and Am also enjoying the Prayer Challenge…I too Melissa have found that when the four minute timer goes off I am far from being done talking to my Father. So grateful that we can talk to him for as long as we want and whenever we want. Praise Him!

  111. Barbara Robbins says:

    The best way I know to deal with anxiety is through prayer and thaksgiving.

    Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭6‬ NIV)

    I am currently dealing with many health problems, which are not yet completely diagnosed. This could be a source of anxiety, so I chose (in spite of emotions) to spend a time in prayer this morning, committing my situation to the Lord, then thanking Him for His help and goodness in the midst of this situation. Giving thanks in the midst of adversity helps us to see things from God’s perspective, and gives us peace and joy in the midst of difficult circumstances.

  112. That was a nice chat today on the video. You all just make it comfortable to have this bible study. The prayer challenge is something I plan on working on this week. I have used the pocket prayer and really feel that its helped guide me in my prayer life. Thanks for this bible study. Looking forward to getting my book and reading it and using the study questions to enhance this study. Have and nice Thanksgiving!

  113. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” -1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)
    Cast all your anxiety … I would live in complete peace, the peace that my Savior offers : )

  114. Hi sweet ladies, I love this verse. I always do the Thanksgiving at my house. Without a long story, Last night I came down with this nasty bug. I have so much to do. I woke up congested and sore throat. I have to tell you, the thought that went through my mind wasn’t (Oh How Wonderful). However, my first prayer was Daddy, I need you. I thank you for your love and your healing power. And these poor people need you to protect them and help them enjoy this meal I am preparing. For Lord you are good and we are so blessed. Amen. Now Ladies, this was at 4:30 am when I couldn’t swallow, and my chest felt like a heavy rock. I am so thankful for this study at this time. Happy Thanksgiving.

  115. Good morning all!
    Our God is so good! I am so grateful that He is able to carry ALL my fears and anxieties. And it means just that…I don’t have to fear or struggle to pray… The One who hears it is powerful, He knows what I need even before I ask in my inept way!
    I am so grateful for the cast that He provided through Max so we can all grow strong prayer bones!
    Have a great week everyone!

  116. This is one of my favorite Bible verses, and my children are learning it now as well. It has gotten me through some difficult times in my life, such as when my 3-week old baby girl was in the hospital with RSV (she’s now 4, and healthy as can be, praise God). We love I Peter 5:7!!!! ALWAYS cast your cares on Him! It’s hard to let go, but once you do, it’s such a relief. I highly recommend Mama’s Way by Thyra Bjorn – a book written in the 1950’s by an amazing Christian woman. It also deals with prayer, in the same context as Before Amen. A great read.

  117. As I woke up this morning I seen what our verse to remember was and AMEN just what u needed God is good and He knows I needed to hear this WOW my month has been crazy :/ I’ve had to move back in with my mom due to income issues mind you I have 3 children so its a change bcus we’re all use to our own space now my transmission on my car is slipping so I need to get that fix but no money I have school to get to but thank god next week is my last week til feb 🙂 I have the holidays coming up and as xmas approaches fast and my kids write out their xmas list I dnt know if ill have the money to even get them anything, I have so much anxiety on my mind today but I got to remember God is in charge of my life He will never leave me nor forsake me I love this prayer group I joined bcus I can read n gain some peace of mind knowing everything will be okay <3

  118. Oh, this verse… One of my two most favorite verses in all of the Bible! It is one I remind myself of when my anxious thoughts arise within me. And they are! We are going through a parenting issue that is heartbreaking and anxiety-inducing. I keep casting my concerns on God. I know He hears me. I know He cares for my child even more than I do. It makes a world of difference to put one foot in front of the other, knowing that truth deep in my heart.

  119. I love this weeks verse, it is something that I constantly seem to need a reminder of. I frequently use a visual in my minds eyes of casting a net into the ocean with all of my anxieties. This helps me to “see” the freedom of no longer having those things in my hands or near me. I loved the video this week, Max Lucado is one of the sweetest guys and I just love listening to him talk. I have learned so much over the years from his books.

  120. Shirley Neilson says:

    I have not received my devotional study book on this Prayer study. Is there a way to track it. I did get an
    email explaining it was sent, but not here yet.


  121. For me to do this would mean me getting in a habit to STOP, and give my anxiety to him. This it tough because it is so easy to get carried away with our anxiety and forget to give it up to Jesus. The end result though would be a much more peaceful and grace-filled me.

    The part of the video that resonated most with me was how the prayer challenge is like a cast to get us in the habit of prayer so we can then open the door in our hearts to God.

    Hey Nicki~ Maybe I will see you at Disney World because that is where our family is headed!

  122. GretchenPerkins says:

    I love this week’s verse! There has been a lot of anxiety in my house lately and this is such a great reminder to come to the Lord with everything…EVERYTHING! We have such an incredible Father, Daddy, who cares about every aspect of our lives. He wants us to bring our stress and anxiety to Him – He will take care of us!

  123. Suzanne R. from East Texas says:

    I love Max! What a great video, thank you Melissa and Nicki !
    To all of the OBS ladies and all of the P31staff & OBS staff.. praying for us all to have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    I am so very Thankful for all of you ~ Amen

  124. Ladies–I am reading your posts and see a lot of anxiety…..I have never really had that much problem with anxiety, but a girl in my office gave all of us this statement printed on colorful paper: “Good Morning! This is God. I will be handling all of your problems today. I will not need your help. So relax and have a great day!” I love it! What we all know is that God is our Creator….there is no one more powerful or knowledgeable than HIM. We all agree on that. So when you are starting to feel yourself worry about something, read these sentences from God and know that he truly has “GOT IT”! Keep praying girls!!

  125. Linda Sutton says:

    First off I love this weeks memory verse.,It tell me we don’t have to bear our burdens alone..God is there to take care of us..I am so glad that Max Lucado decided to write a book on simple prayer..So far it has helped me pray on a more deeper level than before knowing God hears each and every one…I like that Max said that sometimes we need an outward cast to develop an inward strength..We are indeed are living on a prayer and by the way you guys sing the song way better than Bon Jovi but dont’t tell him I said…

  126. Carla Clark says:

    This week’s memory verse was easy for me because I knew it like the back of my hand. The funny part is, although I know it, it seems like the hardest thing to do. Yes it’s easy to say but I often find myself picking it right back up after I’ve declared and decreed that I casted all my anxiety on Him. I enjoy praying and talking with “Daddy” it’s amazing how this bible study help me feel confident that my conversations with God although they aren’t all deep and wonderful with dialogue, is truly deep and wonderful to Him. I am really enjoying the book and all the video clips and I pray that not just myself but everyone that is doing this bible study gets something great out of it.

  127. To be honest, since I started this study I have had 2 days full of stress. Last night I left my house right before 11pm and went to the park. I just stayed in my car but had a great conversation with my Father/Daddy. Satan does not want me to grow in my prayer life. Once I finally grasped what was going on and quit having a pity party I was able to regroup/refocus. I focused on the pocket prayer as my guidance when pouring my heart out to God. As far as my circumstances, things are still the same but I know that God is in control and He hears my cries. I believe a breakthrough is coming my way. Praise the Lord. Love the study

  128. 1. For me it is to make sure I don’t focus on anything negative, that I am always grateful first for God’s goodness and content living in His will. It doesn’t mean I don’t have moments were worry can overtake me but that when I feel that coming on I run to God and give it to Him.
    2. The videos are about friendship. I love watching Melissa and Nicki just volley back and forth and how excited they are to be spending time together and with us. Max fit right in, he is adorable but not as adorable as my girls!

  129. For me this is a tough one. I am a total worry wart and worry about EVERYTHING especially all these things in the future. I am going to consciously reflect and remind myself that God’s Got this.

  130. I think “trust” has always been something I struggle with – I give Him my anxieties but then I sometimes take them back. It would mean some real peace if I would cast all of my anxiety on God. As far as the video goes, I am one of those who needs a “cast” so when Max said that we sometimes need an outward discipline to create an inward strength, I could identify with that. The pocket prayer is GREAT for me!

  131. I do cast my cares and concerns on the Lord, but I find myself picking them back up again and carrying them around like a burden! For me casting my cares upon the Lord is a process of releasing them over and over again. I’m working, by God’s Spirit, on releasing and leaving the concerns with Him. I can not do this on my own, I know. And I’m thankful for His never-ending patience with me. If I could release all cares to Him (and leave them there!) I would be completely free to be who He wants me to be.

    • I too have the same struggle. I give it to God then I find myself picking it back up. So thankful that God doesn’t get mad at me and is teaching me to let it go.

  132. Saturday was the beginning of a bad time for my family. I started praying like I have never prayed before. Alone in my car, the shower, walking through the store, while my 4 year old slept on my lap. My 4 year old had surgery Thursday and I co tinted to pray and put my family and child on our church prayer list. The week has been better than I could have ever hoped. Prayed was answered 10 times what I could of imagined. My child has never once said he had pain from the surgery and has not acted like I was told he would. God has blessed my more that I could eve deserve. I am working on not being a prayer wimp, purposely taking time throughout the day to pray.

  133. I’ve discovered that praying out loud by myself, (you know in the closet with the door shut) helps me to stay on track and really talk with God but when I pause, I’m also aware that I’m available to listen to Him. Wow! What a discovery.

  134. The part about the cast resonated with me. I need that outward discipline of scheduling a regular prayer time. Too many days go by without me praying a lot Sometimes I feel like when I do pray all I am bringing God is my needs list. I want that close intimate relationship with my Father. So, I signed up for the prayer challenge. I am excited about the 4 minutes a day in prayer and closer relationship with God.

  135. Cynthia Cox says:

    To cast all my cares on the Lord, would be a lot, I have to admit I am not as bad as I used to be but If I let something worry me, or keep bothering me it can totally take control of my everyday walk. I love praying it is one of my favorite things to do. But when I have this anxiety just feeding inside of me, it totally loses me in it and I cannot even pray about it because I am so focused on it. I like the part about taking just a few minutes each day to really pray and listen. I like this because it gives me hope that not even the worst anxiety is going to keep me from taking it to the Lord everyday and focus on what God has for me and not on what the problem is. I love this study I am praying that I am going to gain so much from it.

  136. I love this verse. My most is fear and anxiety. I’m trying to deal with that and I pray to God to help me with this. I have to work through my on line study and this bible study and that is my anxiety is to try and do both as I’m working to do my best on both.

  137. I am a control freak. I have trouble giving up control to anyone let alone God. I have a habit of trying to wrestle back control anytime I do actually let go for a second. Casting my anxiety on God would certainly relieve a lot of stress. Baby steps, right?

  138. Patty Simpson says:

    Last Friday, I went to the oral surgeon to have one of my teeth extracted. I was so scared as I do not like needles in my mouth because my teeth and gums are very sensitive. My blood pressure when they checked it was 195/101. The hygienist put the numbing stuff on my gums and it started working immediately to where the surgeon came in and deadened it I felt very little pain. I need to have more patience when dealing with medical issues as I do not like waiting when it comes to test results.

  139. Wow, excellent video as usual. I repeat this verse so often! My life would be much less stressful if I truly cast all my anxiety on Him. I have severe panic and anxiety attacks and it’s very life crippling. If I cast all my anxieties on Him, my life would be free and I could do those things needed without fear of things I can not control at all. Today was not an anxiety/panic issue but a God showed me the day was not going my way but His way day. I was so upset, in tears and frustrated but there is a reason and I just needed to let it go because there was absolutely nothing I could possibly do to restore power. It was also good to see Max say that once children are grown things change and you have to give. I feel “strange” not having everyone here for Thanksgiving day but that’s a part of letting children go and we will all be together as extended family on Friday so not a big deal when you think of it.

  140. I have a difficult time casting all my anxiety on God because there is still a part of me that wants to control either the situation or the outcome. When I am truly able to surrender and turn all my troubles over to God in prayer I am always filled with a sense of relief. I do feel that even after only 1 week this Bible study and the prayer challenge have already helped me to do a better job with this!
    2 things in the video resonated with me. First, Melissa mentioned letting go of perfection when praying and that the pocket prayer had helped her to do that. I struggle with the same thing. The need to pray “perfectly” and I also found that the pocket prayer really helped to keep me focused on the prayer and not worried about the perfection. Second, was Max’s comparison to a cast. A mold on the outside to allow the inside to mend and heal. I definitely need the structure of format of the pocket prayer, the 4 minute prayer challenge, the reminder to pray alone, behind closed doors. All of these things form the “cast” which is helping to heal my broken prayer life! Thanks for another great and inspirational video!

  141. This verse is a promise of peace for me. If I could cast my cares on him I can relax and know I’m cared for. The video helped me to see the prayer challenge as a “cast” to start to give structure to my prayer life.

  142. I have been on meds for 20 yrs now for anxiety/panic disorder, and it has been managable. Last yr at age 44 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Went through surgery, chemo, and radiation. Then b/c of all this, I was thrown into post menopause and some PTSD. Thank God I am cancer free but the anxiety has kept me from work and debilitating other areas of my life. So I really needed this to remind myself to cast my cares. (Even though this is difficult for me to do). Love this study. Thx

  143. I have difficulty giving my anxiety to God because I want to be in control. It is hard for me to fully trust God to take care of everything.
    One thing stuck with me in the video: 1) Melissa mentioning letting go when praying. I struggle with letting go even when I pray. I am always worried my prayer must be perfect and really, God just wants to talk to me. It is so hard for me to remember this-even though I know I must.

  144. This is a great verse. Casting all my cares on the Lord means peace to me. The power of prayer is in God not in me. Oftentimes I tell God my worries, but have a difficult time leaving them there. I keep thinking about them in my mind over and over. My focus is on me instead of God. I’m trying to get better about leaving my worries in God’s hands. God is good. He will take care of everything. I just need to get out of His way. I need to let go and relax so I can hear God’s directions.

    Thanks for the video. It was fun.

  145. Brittany Eby says:

    So when Nicki was asked what she was doing for thanksgiving…I honestly thought she was holding up the hamburger helper hand lol.

  146. Nancy Wiseman says:

    After reading chapter three today, while I was spending some time in prayer, a song came to mind that we learned at VBS on year. “You are good, you are good, when there’s nothing good in me”. Then when I googled “You are good VBS” to get all of the lyrics, I came across another song we learned also sang “You are good to me (I want to scream it out)”. I encourage you to find the words to these two songs. God certainly is good to us and when we realize the magnitude of that, we can confidently “Cast all of our anxieties on Him”.

  147. To not worry about anything… so if I found myself in a place of worry, I should pray to Him and hand over my worries, my anxieties, my fears, etc.

    The video helped me see that I need to be a little more intentional of setting time aside to pray with God… I am going to start setting a timer each night to have at least 4 minutes of continuous prayer with Him. Additionally, I really liked Ann Voskamp’s idea of having a timer go off a couple of times throughout the day that prompt me just to stop and give thanks, praise, or uplift someone in prayer.

  148. Elaina Willard says:

    Anxiety is something I deal with frequently. I try to hand it over but am so much better at taking it back. Each day since I was “let go” and I try to deal with unemployment, the anxiety and be overwhelming. Even today with yet another rejection call I have to remind myself to give it to Him. His plans for me will release the anxiety, if I give Him the control. Our verse today is perfect!

  149. Linda M(nyc) says:

    Just sitting here thinking about Casting All my Cares on the lord, makes me cringe! Not in a bad way, but in a way that makes me realize that I truly have TRUST issues. As humans we tend to TRUST more those we can see than THE FATHER IN HEAVEN. Its a natural thing but this bible verse is a reminder that Casting my cares/anxieties on the Lord requires me to Trust, it requires me to be VULNERABLE, it requires me to LET GO, AND LET GOD IN. As Mr. Lucado said “Before facing the world, Face God first. Its a reminder that I need to hit that PAUSE button before I run to those of this world and cast my cares/anxieties on them, I need to take that moment to Lean on God, on his understanding, to trust him in ALL things. It requires me to ALWAYS remember, “Father you are GOOD, all things about you are GOOD and everything he does for me is GOOD.

    • Ouch! Boy oh boy did your words hit home with me. I hadn’t thought of myself as having trust issues, but in light of what you shared I think I do too. I guess we have all had our share of hard knocks in life, though it seems some have fewer than others. It’s easy for me to get in the “Oh woe be to me” mode and get all prickly and defensive with people — and with GOD! I loved your choice of words . . . TRUST, VULNERABLE, HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON, LET GO AND LET GOD, FATHER YOU ARE GOOD.

  150. Casting all my anxieties on the Lord is something I struggle with. I really try to do it and I think this study is helping me even in that area somewhat by teaching me how much God just wants us to come to him like children with their troubles, worries and fears. I tend to give things up to God but often end up going right back to worrying and carrying the burden again, forgetting to just leave it in His hands and find peace in that. The more I am able to do this however, I really do feel more at peace, not so weighted down with those things that worry me. Knowing that my Father hears my prayers and cares for me brings such relief to my soul. This bible study is truly helping me to grow closer in my relationship with God and is helping me to come to him more personally in my prayers.

  151. I really like that verse. It is so comforting because it doesn’t matter what the worry or stress is, God can handle it. He can calm my fears and worries. I just have to give it to him. 🙂

  152. Giving God my concerns is the easy part…..LEAVING them there is the hard part. and remembering that God IS concerned about the small things too. Bad internet = unsuccessful video viewing today. I would like to add that when I’ve waken up during the night, I start the pocket prayer and usually only get to God you are good and I need help! and I’m back to sleep.

  153. I LOVE the quote for the week! I have a very close friend who struggles with this on a regular basis. I sent this quote to her and she loved it. I told her to write it down and refer to it often. I also wrote it down for myself because HE loves us!!

  154. Leaving my cares and worries with The Father requires Faith and trust. I am used to trying to figure things out and brainstorming solutions – AKA worry” I need to learn to pray and cast and not stay up worrying.

  155. Janet Dougherty says:

    Being able to give all my anxiety to God, and leaving it there, would be one of the greatest blessings I could receive. Anxiety and depression have been enemies of mine for many years, going up and down based on the trials that life can bring. I know that God can take these away from me if I just stop taking them back.

  156. It makes me nervous to cast all my anxiety over to God. I dont know or understand how to give it all to God. I try then I feel myself pull the worry back to me. I need to learn to trust our Lord and know it will work out. I need to stay in prayer for those things. Letting go of profection really got me today in the video! I always want to say or be one of those people who says the most beautiful prayer. I need to just do it Kim’s way!

  157. Audrey Russell says:

    Hi. Audrey here from Australia with a house keeping problem. I can’t see where else to open the videos you send me so click to have it on-line and it is jerky and distorted so I can’t understand it. It is the same with the Pocket Prayers download . Collins Harper said to download latest Adobe (I thought I had the latest) and I can’t download that either. Any suggestions. Other than that enjoying the study and comments very much in deed. Love Audrey.

    • Hi Audrey …..I am having the same problems with the video too….they buffer and then freeze and won’t continue. I have the latest Adobe and have deleted the Flash cache, java cache, browser cache, rebooted my computer and even tried different browsers-Firefox and Chrome……
      Any suggestions?

  158. I am traveling this and have limited access to Internet. Please keep me in prayer and I will work through the book until I get home. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  159. If I cast ALL my cares on him, I’d have a never-ending running commentary of my daily life going on! My husband says I worry too much. I “what-if” too much. I can’t seem to help it. When I do turn it over to Him though, I feel much more capable!

    And!!! I already have this verse memorized (yay!). I never did get last week’s down quite right. 🙂

  160. Have this week’s verse memorized, but I can speak from experience this is very hard to do. I’m so much like Cassie and then worry about whether or not I upset someone.

    Enjoyed working through the study questions this morning – what a great way to start my mornings!

  161. “Casting my cares (anxiety) on Him”. In my understanding means that He is the First One I run to in my time of need.

  162. Cast all my anxiety on Him….. I need to purpose to do this! I NEED to do this! I am getting to a place where I am becoming immobile because of my anxieties. I am a lay counselor and finding it very difficult to even consider that I could be used by God to help the young lady I am meeting with. I am filled with fear.
    The first image that came to mind when I read the question of what would it look like to cast my anxiety on Him was of writing down each anxiety and actually casting it – in a basket, wherever, to show that I am giving it to Him. I also thought of making a plaque with the verse on it and having some way to hang those cards on it- dangling down on string or something. Then when the particular anxiety tries to capture me again, I can look at it hanging there, read the verse, and let it stay where it belongs instead of taking it back! I also know I need prayer and accountability in this exercise, so this is my first step toward that. I have some close friends I will also be enlisting to help me. I think I need to get a case of index cards and get started 😉 My fear can be strong, but JESUS is STRONGER!!!

    • Carolyn, thank you for sharing your creative ideas on casting your anxieties on the Lord! I love them and they are encouraging to me. Another idea is to not only write it down and caste it into a basket, but to write it down and caste it into a fire (in the fireplace or an outdoor firepit if you have one). I found this very powerful when we did it in a workshop recently. We caste our anxieties into the fire and we spoke a piece of scripture outloud that addressed that particular anxiety. It is very powerful! Good luck and many blessings on you.

  163. Cast all your anxiety on Him. This to me would be most freeing. I do struggle with anxiety and always trying to make others happy at my expense. I have been working on this the past year and things are getting better. Father God please help me to leave it with you. Thank you Lord!

  164. Thank you for this study. Its good to know that we are not alone in different things we go through. To cast my burdens on Him is not always easy, because we try to stay in control in what we go through, but who can better take care of our issues than our mighty God. I am thankful to get deeper in prayer, its like the scripture says, the spirit is willing but the flesh is week. I am a mom of a 2year old and my husband and i try to teach her that we should pray daily so i need to be an example and when life is getting busy its not easy but with the four minute challenge i have the opportunity to get stronger in this area. I am thankful for having the opportunity to do this bible study. Thank you.

  165. Happy Thanksgiving! Love the video! 🙂

  166. Cast all your anxiety on HIM, because he cares for you!!!
    This is an area of struggle for me because even though I go to God in prayer with a concern or need, I still have a tendency to take the problem back and try to fix it myself, or I worry about it. This study and lesson is just what I needed to help me learn how to surrender and totally trust God!!!
    The pocket pray has really helped my prayer life!!! And I find I am going more than 4 minutes in the prayer challenge. I am appreciative of God giving this anointed message to Max, it is just what I needed.

  167. Erika Stewart says:

    Casting all of my anxieties on God is something that I continually struggle with. I am naturally an anxious individual. I am a chronic worrier. In saying this, this verse really hits close to home for me. If I were to cast all of my anxieties onto God, I would be a much more trusting, faithful, and a less stressed me. I wouldn’t feel that icky pit in my stomach, or feel physically sick at times. I would feel less in control of my life, ultimately giving control to Him.
    This verse was definitely meant for me this week!

  168. Anxiety seems to be the “main dish” at my home. Everyone in the family struggles with it so much so that all of us have been on anxiety meds at one time or another. While meds can be a blessing, they can also aid in avoiding the real problems. Recently, my sweetheart and I went to a weekend workshop by David and Christy Grammon called Triumph Over Trauma. It coached us on how to give all our past trauma and our present anxiety over to the Lord.

    I am memorizing this week’s bible passage for sure. I need this scripture written on my heart. I need it every single day of my life.

  169. Awesome frame work far a prayer … Gets ya to a focus point to start a prayer … Which makes it so much easier to have a prayer life without gettin distracted so easily … Thank You …

  170. Pam (Frum) Woodward says:

    I liked when Max reminded us that outward discipline creates inward strength. I think learning to have the conversations with God can only make me stronger every day. I am normally a night-time speaker with God, but am going to work on working on my prayer challenge in the morning so that I can set the Lord always before me.

  171. I’m so glad to hear other Christian’s deal with anxiety because I find it tailgates wherever I go! Even when I put God first I know my fears aren’t far behind me. Lately I’m been writing 4 mins of questions daily because a question is like a tree that can cover multiple anxieties and scenarios at once. I’ve found this is helpful, and I’m getting to see patterns where I know my faith is weaker.

  172. My husband and I have been trying hard to memorize Scripture every week. I love that our verse this week is 1 Peter 5:7 because we actually memorized verses 6 and 7 two weeks ago! : )

    The part of the video that I enjoyed hearing was the part about how Max states he didn’t know how he was going to write a book on prayer when he doesn’t understand it and that he struggles with it. It was reassuring to know that even people that we good up to struggle.

  173. Remembering to cast ALL my cares on Him is the hard part, it’s easy to keep some of them for myself, or to try and take them back when nothing seems to be changing (like I could fix it better than God can! NOT!!). It’s also encouraging to read that I’m not unique, anxiety and worry seems to effect us all, the challenge is in how we respond …. I’m learning to pray more and worry less!

  174. Marty Hamernik says:

    I have struggled with anxiety for yrs. almost to the point of being shut in. I have recently signed up to be a volunteer with the Salvation Army to maybe help combat that. I have prayed about it for yrs & this yr it felt right. I had to pray about it everyday & that God would give me the strength to get thru & So far it has been a cake walk. I have talked to more strangers than I ever have in my life & the Lord got me through it! Praise God & his wonderful & glorious name!!
    As for the video, it is just comforting to know that I am not the only one out there that struggles with my prayer life.

  175. Today, I’m caught up with the study! Yay! Dear to my heart is starting my day with Daddy. I used to do this a long time ago, but this got swallowed up in work, church, getting married and having children! I’m grateful for the opportunity to rekindle this love and find that tenderness with God again! What’s more, it’s awesome being able to share in this study. #sothankful Loving it!

  176. I have such a hard time to put all of my faith and trust in the Lord. God has proven to me time and time again that he is with me and he is helping me through but still I have doubt and I just hate that. I want to be able to put my full trust in the Lord and not doubt for a single second. I want to pray to the Lord everyday and KNOW that he hears me and KNOW that I will get an answer to my prayers, but on God’s terms and NOT my own. I need trust and faith and I need to KNOW with all my heart and soul that the Lord is here with me and his plan is greater than anything I could ever dream up on my own.

  177. Nicolette Milliron says:

    i really like this memory verse this week. Haven’t got to get on here this week until now to see what we have going this week. Today was an awful day, dealing with an upset client and trying to handle the situation in a professional manner. I have been harassed and threatened all day and is so stressful. I get on here and our memory verse is case all your anxiety On him cause he cares, make this day just melt away. I know that he is going to be there for me no matter what. Pray for me in the next week that everything works out just fine.

  178. Carissa Grasse says:

    After reading chapter 3 and reflecting on the memory verse, I’m reminded that I need to stop fighting my own battles and ask for God’s help. Especially when it comes to work – that’s where my anxiety comes from. I’m really struggling at work right now. I’ve worked at the same school for fifteen years, but a recent change in leadership has me questioning whether or not this is the right school/position for me. I fail to forget that what I’m going through is not a surprise to God and I just need to ask Him for help and strength. I know He is good and can help me through this but my words and actions don’t always reflect this belief. By scheduling at least four minutes a day to pray I can ask for his help every day and begin to feel that inner peace that only He can provide.

  179. What stood out to me from the video is that the pocket video is like a cast that needs to heal yet-I thought that was a unique and different way to view prayer, I sure need a cast and thank God He used max to help all of us and I regarding prayer. I do havve alot of anxiety than again who doesn’t right after all were all human. My question is how do I know in my heart that I cast all my cares unto Him? I know I do in my mind but how do I truly really know i do in my heart? I came up with this question as I read the coments. Thanks and everyone have a Great Thanksgiving!

  180. Beth Hollis says:

    I admit…I jumped ahead in the book as I could not simply put it down. I even carry it everywhere and have a list of people I will be gifting this to.
    As for casting all my cares and anxieties? Well, I am fortunate, I am not by nature a worrier nor prone to anxiety – unless I fly and that’s another story. I do find that I am consistently reminded to remember the Wholly and HOLY sovereignty of the Lord Almighty on a daily, moment-by-moment basis. After all, if I let go and let God, then I can relax and enjoy the experience. I realize this may seem a bit naive or even idealistic – and honestly, nothing could be further from the truth. I am a former control-freakette and reformed cynic. I have, however, found that letting go of trying so hard to be or do or make happen leaves me more contented and to that my husband will say a resounding “AMEN!!”…… (loving this book)

  181. If I could actually cast all my anxiety on Him, my life would be so peaceful and full of purpose. I could get on with discovering and living God’s will for this time in my life. The thing that struck me about the video is that I’m really not a “doer” but I still need the checklist for prayer to keep me focused.

  182. Bruchillica says:

    Although I am a work in progress, casting all my anxiety on Him would look like peace. The kind of peace that passes all understanding. After reading chapter 3, I think I get too caught up in the day-to-day and become overwhelm. I forget to whom I have my hope and trust. I forget who is the pilot. That is what I like about this study. It helps keep me focus. And reminds me that this day is order by the Lord.

  183. Casting my cares on Him, to is inward peace, not fear, as my husband goes thru cancer. Our God is so amazing!

  184. I struggle with perfection… Expecting it of myself and unfortunately others.. This study has helped break that down for me.. Better affirming that my prayers need not be perfectly worded, but be humbly and honestly offered..
    So much pressure off whenI adjust that way.

  185. I am learning so much on how to stay consisted in my prayer. I am learning to focus on others and humbly ask for others and myself.

  186. Good Morning! Today is the start of Week 3 in the Before Amen On-Line Bible study and I have yet to get an email with the information. Are you still having trouble with your site? I am enjoying the study and am chopping at the bit – I will continue with Chapter 5 but enjoy your weekly outline.

  187. Wow! God is good! This verse is exactly what I needed! My husband went to the Dr. Today and we found out some news, but still do not know what is going on. Please pray for him. I am behind with the study. I started yesterday and I am learning so much!

  188. De Jordan says:

    Casting ALL my anxiety on the Lord would look like me cleaning out the garage of things I never use anyway and that add no value to anyone, leaving them outside for trash pick up and forgetting about it. Only to enjoy the peaceful and functional space left behind. It’s a visual sigh of relief.

    I am a doer and a list-er and a check done-er. I find that can be very distracting in prayer. I find now that it’s my time to have some undivided attention with my Father and I need it to help get anything done.

  189. Micaela Fonseca says:

    Hi everyone,
    What would it look for me to cast all my anxieties tube God? Well, I think I would cast him my worries on money, family, illness, and even my future.
    The part that touched me in the video was that I am not the only one who struggles with prayer.

    • Micaela Fonseca says:

      Okay, seriously, I need spellcheck to stop helping me. Hahaha!
      I meant “to” I stead of “tube” 🙂


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