Digging Deeper: Cross-referencing

Sarah TravisHey friends! It’s Sarah Travis joining you today from the corner seat of my sofa in our wee (that’s Scottish for little) apartment in Arlington, Va.

Can I be real with y’all today? I love all the Bible apps available to load on our phones, tablets and computers. I’m so thankful I can pull up the Bible instantly and read it anytime and anywhere! But, for me, nothing can replace the feel of holding my Bible in my hands and thumbing my way through the pages.

I love to turn to a verse and see where I’ve read and taken notes before. I love to flip between books of the Bible and often find myself using all my fingers keeping my place as I study and link verses throughout Scripture together.

Do you have your Bible with you today?  If not, go get it if you can, because I have an insightful and fun Bible study skill to share with you today! It’s called “Cross-referencing.”  Allow me to explain~

****Note from Melissa Taylor…sorry y’all I just had to interrupt Sarah’s post to make sure you watch this video for 2 reasons. First, Sarah is a great Bible teacher and makes learning fun. Second, she has the best accent in the history of the world! Check this out from my sweet Scottish friend:

If you can’t see the video above, please click here: https://vimeo.com/118524492

The whole idea behind cross-referencing is to let Scripture interpret itself. If you are unsure of the meaning of a verse, you can search the Bible and find other verses that reference the same themes, words, events, or people to gain a deeper understanding.

Let’s take a deeper look at this week’s memory verse:

KISWeekTwoVerse (2)

“Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” Psalm 34:11 (NIV)

As you saw in the video, I have the ESV Study Bible and I love taking notes! I showed you how cross-referencing works in a Study Bible, but don’t worry if you don’t have access to one. Another great way to find cross-references for Scripture is by using one of the many online Bible study websites that are available.

Bible Hub is one of my go-to websites. If you go to http://www.biblehub.com/ and type Psalm 34:11 in the bar at the top, this screenshot below is the page you will be taken to (or click on the image below).

Bible Hub

  • Look on the right of the page (screen) and you will see the word “Context.”
  • Beneath the “Context” section, you will see “Cross References.”
  • Under “Cross References,” scroll down and there will be list of other verse cross-referencing our memory verse, Psalm 34:11!

The great thing about searching online is that you can just click on the verse and it will take you there! Quick and easy!

Today, let’s dig deeper into God’s Word by cross-referencing and see what the Lord teaches us. ***Warning, this activity is so exciting … you may find yourself getting carried away, leave your bed unmade, and possibly study through a meal time! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!***

Digging Deeper Challenge:

Download this cross-referencing activity to help you get started:

[easy_media_download url=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/p31obs/KIS/Cross+Referencing+PDF.pdf” text=”http://proverbs31.org/online-bible-studies/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2015/01/DownloadNow.OBS_.1.jpg”]


For those who want more:

Why not cross-reference one, two … or all of the “Top Ten Verses To Help You Watch Your Words” Karen lists in Chapter 4: Zip It and Pray (page 75 in the Keep It Shut paperback).

Let’s Chat:

  • Do you think cross-referencing can help you learn more about Scripture? Why or why not?
  • What did you learn from cross-referencing Psalm 34:11?

I hope you enjoyed today’s Bible study skill as much as I did!

Happy cross-referencing!

Sarah 🙂


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  1. • Sarah thank you so much for an in-depth but also simple and practical way to study the Bible! Sometimes with my face to face Christian friends I feel like the Jesus freak because I just can’t get enough of studying the Bible. I love to read His word and let it wash over me as well but studying His word and seeing all the awesome ways it connects to each other, telling His grand love story for little old me is so exciting. I have also found that studying also gives us a better perspective of His truth and allows me to mediate on His word in a way that it sticks in my heart and I am truly armed to face my day! I will be utilizing this great activity more than just this week!

  2. Cealia Fleming says:

    I use the American Standard Bible because of the cross reference. I am enjoying the Bible Study..Keep up the good work.

  3. I like references because they open your heart on God’s word to follow his path which encourage me to listen and learn the message; it’s nice because you received the love of The Lord.

    Psalm 34 :11-14 to beckon the audience as children represents a typical pattern used by wisdom teachers (cp.Pr 2:1;3:1,4:1;5:1)
    Pr 2:1 My son,if you accept me my words and store my commands within you listening closely to wisdom and directing your heart to understanding….
    Pr 3:1 teaching referring to the entire catechism of instruction found in the book…
    Pr 4:1discipline “exhortation of warning”in this context consists of loving guidance from both father and mother toward sel-control…
    David announces that he will teach…the fear of The Lord which is the essence of wisdom.
    I love it enriches more your Discerment and how I get it is clear to my understanding….
    Thank you Lord for teaching me your open heart, Amen.God bless

  4. Just wanted to say that I really love this new Bible study skill feature! <3

  5. Cross referencing is one of the things I like to do. It’s almost like surfing the web. You can just go on and on.

  6. Sarah, like you I enjoy the apps on my phone and tablet but I really enjoy holding my study bible because it adds more depth and understanding in the notes and cross reference materials. I also keep a note book for my bible studies as I like to wrote down the verses as it helps me to remember them and go back when I have trouble because I have memory issues. Thank you for showing me where I can go when I ddon’t have my study bible with me! The link had been bookmarked for future use!

  7. I believe that cross referencing will help me understand the bible more, especially because it gives more of an explanation. I enjoyed seeing the slams cross reference, thank you for showing me that way!! I’m excited to try it!

  8. Bible Hub is my “go to” site along with Bible Gateway when I’m studying scripture. I love cross referencing! One of the cross referenced verses I found interesting for Psalm 34:11 is Verse Job 33:33, “But if not, then listen to me; be silent, and I will teach you wisdom.” We must listen and be silent to become wise. We cannot be taught wisdom if we’re running constantly running our mouths without first opening our ears. I would have never guessed Psalm 34:11 would cross reference this verse. Crazy!

  9. Stephanie says:

    Cross referencing is a new skill for me but already I love it. There is so much more in a verse than just the words of the verse….ideas that are implied but I don’t understand until I’ve cross referenced.

    In psalm 34:11, in order to LISTEN to the Lord, I must first be SILENT.

  10. I think that cross-referencing is very important in bible study. It always helps me to understand scripture better.

  11. Thanks for sharing about Bible hub. I usually use the ESV online study bible or biblegateway – but this one looks really good. We can get so much more out of a verse when we dig a little deeper – thanks for reminding me of this. PS lovely to hear a voice from my homeland today!!

  12. Kimberly Yule says:

    When I start cross-referencing I tend to keep going and going. Very interesting to learn and see how thru out the Bible we are being told the same thing thru out the new and old testament. Cross referencing these scriptures I learned if we stop and listen then our Father will guide us thru life.

  13. I love the new skill you taught us. WOW did I need to hear one of the verses that were cross referenced. Job 33:33. I need to be silent. I pray that God keeps me silent so I can hear and learn His wisdom. I knew I needed help but I never knew how much! Thank you.

  14. I love reading from my Bible. A while ago I stopped taking my bible to church or using it at home. I used my phone or iPad. But then I felt I was missing something, so few weeks ago I decided to carry my bible again and using it for my daily devotion. Wow I realized what I was missing . I love holding it in my hand cuddling on my sofa and turning th pages to learn more. Nothing comes close to the joy of holding my Bible and writing notes in it, Thank you for being part of this bible study. I am loving it and learning how to shut it up:)

  15. Cross-referencing is a great way to make sure that I’m not interpreting the Word for what I want it to say, but rather for what God is really saying. It makes things much clearer to be able to move around and dig deeper into the meanings of scripture.

    • Excellent point, Adora. Your absolutely right. Cross-referencing will protect us from our own interpretation and focused on what God says, not what we want Him to say. Such a blessing.

  16. nancys1128 says:

    Cross-referencing is an awesome way to get the full meaning of a verse, or actually a better understanding of a concept. The things God has for us to learn from His word are many, and without their repetition our basic understanding would stay at a much more shallow level. Can’t wait to check out this new – and seemingly very easy – means of cross-referencing our memory verses.

  17. Christa (Proverbs 31 OBS Volunteer) says:

    In my cross-referencing this morning, I learned that “listen” is also often translated as “obey”. So I have to take it a step further. Not just hearing what God says to be, but obeying what I hear.
    Loved the activity this morning! Thanks, Sarah!

  18. Terrie Delbridge says:

    Really never thought or knew much about cross referencing before. Awesome skill that now I intend to use! Thank you so much!

  19. I felt the same about my bible. I came this morning to my quiet time thinking how thankful I am for having my new Bible which I can touch, underline, write down etc. exactly the same you described at the beggining of your conversation today, and I see others sharing the same experience. But I know that each one is different and have different learning styles.
    I loved this Bible hub app! it is such great tool to cross referencing and study the Bible. Thank you for introduce it to us. Have a blessed day!

  20. I always thought it was strange that the bible was telling us to Fear the Lord, but through the cross referencing activity I found in Psalm 111:10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom” We have to start by fearing the Lord. Makes a little more sense now. I don’t have a study bible so the website is an excellent resource.

  21. Sheila Watson says:

    I bought the Chronological Life Application Study Bible in NLT. I love it! Best $35 I’ve spent!

  22. Good Morning!
    Most all the cross referencing to Ps 34:11 NIV in our outline boiled down to one main ingredient….for us to be an active participant or ….relationally speaking….an “INTENTIONAL” participant! Listen, be silent, pay attention…..Yahoo! Really loving that we have multiple teachers and for them, bringing different aspects to this study. Thank you!

    To add further…
    Bottom line….Most times when talking with my friends in conversation, brainstorming with colleagues at work or talking with anyone, I have just blurted out whatever came to my mind….what I am about to say may appear to be very stupid but through what I have learned so far is that we MUST be more cautious and THINK before we speak or not to speak. Therefore, I must retrain and refrain myself to a place where I must think first. And to be to honest, I think by the time I have to think what I am about to say…the actual conversation has left the topic. May I ask this message board a question…am I the only one that feels this way? If someone has some good advice, pls pass it on. Or am I just taking this too far off the spectrum….

    • Brenda I am absolutely with you. I too find this “obvious” message to be MONUMENTAL. I too am a blurter. Assuming I know what people are going to say, imply, request, state. I am really just so RUDE!
      I too am loving the blessing of the knowledge that I need to retrain and refrain myself. I keep in mind the story of the woman who after a dinner party complained to her husband that he never spoke up during the conversation because she thought “he was the smartest man at the party.” What her husband replied “I already know what I know. I want to know what they knew.” or something like that. I love that message and try to keep it in mind. I pray God teaches me to put a guard over my mouth and bridles my tongue.

    • Brenda I LOVE how you have linked into last week’s #BeIntentional post! Audrey that’s a great quote to keep in mind as we discern what and when to speak. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  23. sally phillps says:

    I love many versions but do my daily reading from an NIV study bible…and my studying from an ESV. if i get bogged down i open up bible gateway which allows me to view several versions at a time. then i pull up the amplified, the message and new american standard. i love to be guided in study; however, i am attempting to study without a guide…..i figure it’s time for me to grow up and see what God wants to teach ME….instead of gleaning off others lessons all the time…

    • There are so many great commentaries and resources out there Sally but you are right, sometimes we need to just sit down, Bible open, and let the Lord direct our reading. He says: “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” James 1:5. He wants to teach us 🙂

  24. Lori Jean Simpson says:

    I have done referencing before and love it. I usually use bible gateway. Thank you for showing us bible hub it looks so much easier. I am excited to start using that.

  25. Sarah, great job!! Cross-referencing was my very first step in growing my love for the Bible and in revealing to me how God backs His Word up over and over again within its pages. Truly, I could not get enough. It opened my heart to the call God now has on my life to teach His Word.

    And, like Melissa, I LOVE to hear you talk!! I could listen forever. 🙂

    Love you,

  26. I must admit I have never personalky cross referenced, but I thoroughly enjoy hearing my pastor share these. I really like knowing about this website!

  27. I just bought a newly released Bible called the Didache Bible. In addition to cross-referencing other Bible verses it also cross-references the Catholic Catechism. For those who don’t know, the catechism is an explanation of the Catholic faith. Quite often, the Catholic Church is accused of not being a Bible church, but one look at this Bible and that claim will not hold up. I’m so excited to have this great resource.

    • Betsy, I just read your comment and I am very excited to hear about this bible. I was involved in my first bible study last year and we were required to bring a copy of the catechism with us as a study reference. It will be wonderful to have it all in one place. Thank you!

  28. Judy Hunter says:

    Gosh with all of this technology going on I thought that I was the only one that still LOVES her bible….. I write notes in it, highlight it & even have arrows & stars…. It shows me how much I’ve grown & matured in the things of God, the new revelation’s that I’ve recieved, etc. So, I have one main bible, my women’s study bibe a NKJV (which I LOVE) & 2 reference bibles, (& yes they are actual books), a message & a amplifed. I also have my bible app for convience when I’m out or if I so happen to need another version (trust it be like that sometime). I LOVE my study time with God!!!!!!!

    • Judy you are awesome!!! Technology is wonderful and has advanced our learning so much but I just love taking notes in my Bible that I can come back to over and over and like you, see how much I’ve grown and how the Lord continues to lead and guide me 🙂

  29. I use the NIV Study Bible also and have never cross-referenced verses, but I like this idea to give me a better understanding of my readings and to expand my knowledge of different verses in the Bible. I like this!

  30. Sheri Vrancken says:

    I am really glad that I didn’t miss out on watching the video today with Sarah demonstrating cross-referencing. I am familiar with cross-referencing and have practiced it in the past but I never really looked at it as God speaking to me directly through a particular scripture.
    Thank you Sarah for being obedient to your call. You helped me today.

  31. LOVE THIS NEW ADDITIONAL ACTIVITY. Digging deeper is so much fun and really adds to what I learn. I must spend more time in cross-referencing, it is such a blessing! What did I learn today? In pursuing the life God has for me, I should not speak evil, deceit or guile; I should leave all evil behavior behind, and do good; I should seek, crave, go after and pursue peace. All of which are active, not passive, behaviors. Things for me to do, not just expect or demand from others. I’m not to just sit and complain to God about how those around me are behaving. I need to keep it zipped, love on others and seek, crave, go after and pursue peace in my relationships. Ouch!

  32. I have never really cross-referenced before unless being led to through a particular Bible study. I love it!!! I had an aha moment: God’s Word is the ultimate authority on God’s Word! Don’t know why it hasn’t struck me that way before.

    I learned that attentive listening is key to being taught by the Lord. The Lord gives wisdom and understanding. It does it through His Word!

  33. I find myself using technology more and more and now I will use biblehub.com. But I am like you; I love to use my hardcopy Bible, take notes, reflect back on what I’ve studied before. Biblehub will help me with that process!

  34. As a Sunday School teacher for over a decade, cross referencing I knew. (and to be honest, I felt pretty smug about it) But the BibleHub website was a whole different ball game.
    Thank you so much for taking me back to basics with a fresh, new resource.
    What was that again that this verse says about listening?
    Have a great day!

  35. Gina Bautista says:

    I love the bible study tips! Thank you for giving us this refresher. My bible is full of notes and sticky notes! I do cross reference all the time. It definitely helps me go deeper and learn and grow. I look up items online and I also use several bible versions: NIV, KJV, NKJV, NASB. I love to study and learn so when I have my bible study quiet time, then I go for it!

  36. I have never cross-reference before but I had all the verses next to the verse I was studying and I know now what’s it for…yes!…I have quite a few bibles that I would use to study with..King James Archaeological NIV study bible, Real life Devotional bible, Names of God bible, Niv The Message Parallel bible, Everywhere bible,
    New King James study bible, Regular Niv study bible, The everyday life bible by Joyce Meyers, The A mplified bible, God’s Word bible,
    The one year Chronological Nlt bible Now I can go through all of them and try cross- referencing…I just need a bigger desk…haha.. Thanks for opening my eyes! My main bible I use for everything is The New American Standard Bible its the best for me to understand and its my first bible. God Bless you all my sisters today!

  37. I found doing the cross reference was very helpful. I havent had much experience with this. I too have a Bible app on my phone but enjoy using my own Bible to make notes and highlight. I wasnt able to watch your video Sarah. For some reason I coulnt pull it up on my phone. Hopefully I will be able to pull it up later.

  38. Do you think cross-referencing can help you learn more about Scripture? Why or why not? I do believe that cross-referencing can help me to learn more about Scripture. A particular word may have a meaning that could be interpreted two ways.

    What did you learn from cross-referencing Psalm 34:11? – That there is always more to Scripture than meets the eye, but meets the spiirit within us.

    • Gail Harless says:

      I just love that, Karen. “There is always more to Scripture than meets the eye, but meets the Spirit within us.” That’s very beautiful.

  39. First of all, thanks for sharing http://www.biblehub.com. I definitely feel cross-referencing scripture is beneficial. As I took part in the Psalms 34:11 cross-referencing exercise, it helped unfold the meaning. I feel it is telling me that Imust take time to listen so I can hear and understand God’s instruction in order to gain the wisdom needed to keep my words in line with God’s teachings so that I may honor Him.
    I then cross-references Colossian 4:6 and got another eye-opener. I am rather new to bible study, having begun a Bible Study Fellowship group this past September (where I learned about OBS), and every tip I can get is greatly appreciated. I am truly growing spiritually and am at greater peace. Thanks!

  40. Cindy Richardson says:

    Personally I’ve never really cross referenced scripture. I remember doing it some when I was in youth group many years ago but nothing recently. I believe it helps to break the verse down on a more intimate level. Like your having a conversation with someone. Thank you for refreshing my memory on cross referencing.

  41. Lynn Fincher says:

    Thank you Sarah for your video and ways to dig deeper into the Word.Cross referencing definitely gives you more insight into the scriptures.thank you for sharing Bible Hub website..it is definitely helpful..Blessings to you..Love your accent too.

  42. I used to be afraid to highlight/write notes in my Bible. I think it was the fear of “messing up” the delicate pages. Whe my Grandma went to meet her Lord and Savior, I had the opportunity to really look at her well worn, tattered Bible. It was not full of clean pages, but rather, it was a beautiful work of art! A visual representation of the time she spent with God and the lessons He taught her. I decided at that very moment that one day, when my granddaughter finds my Bible, I want her to know the relationship I had with Jesus and desire this as well.

    • That is a beautiful testimony of a great woman of faith right there Loriann 🙂 I love seeing old worn Bibles that have obviously been loved and show the communication between the owner and the author, their Lord <3 What a wonderful legacy to leave 🙂

    • what a beautiful treasure!!!

    • Sally Weber says:

      So, so true. It is easy in this digital world we live in to set aside our real, tangible Bibles and it is a mistake! This has been a great lesson – I have always loved cross-referencing, but needed a fresh reminder of that and to pull my Bible out and touch it, use it, leave a legacy with it!!!

  43. I think cross-referencing is great! I didn’t know about biblehub.com and I love it! There are so many times I can read a scripture and wonder what is it really saying and now I have a reference tool to help me understand. I do have a paper bible, but I admit I do most of my reading on my tablet, I take advantage of the tools like bookmarking and highlighting. Just recently I went back and read some of the verses I had bookmarked and remembered why I bookmarked them.

  44. I am definitely digging deeper from this study. I am in awe of the cross referencing skill we just learned. I must admit, it is rather addicting. Today, I printed out the extra practice worksheet… and like a cartoon–all of HIS words jumped off the page in tiny word bubbles floating all around me— making connections with each passage I studied!

  45. Thanks for sharing biblehub…I bookmarked on my Kindle. It is a super resource I just learned about today. I love cross referencing in the Bible because it reaffirms what the Lord wants me to do as a devout follower. It also clarifies verses for me I sometimes just don’t get. I appreciate all the comments today…definitely teaching me more!

  46. I love using cross referencing. It gives me such a clearer insight into what God is wanting me to see in His written word. It is a fun way to familiarize myself with my Bible and it is actually very challenging, making me think and ponder on what is actually being said. Thanks for bringing the website to my attention. I didn’t know about that site, but will use it often now that I do.

  47. Thank you Sarah. Cross referencing helps us understand the Lord’s words in depth and it’s cool to see how many ways and times He uses the same theme in scripture to get His point across.
    I learned in order to receive instruction I need to listen to what my Heavenly Father has to say. I’m pretty good at saying what I need to say in prayer but I need to listen for His answer which doesn’t always come in the form I think it should. Same goes for talking with people as Karen says in her #keepitshutbook listen for heart drops. Love that

  48. This is my first on line bible study, I wasn’t sure how I would connect with others. Just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who post, your comments have inspired and enlightened me. I am learning so much and looking forward to using the Biblehub website.

  49. I have always enjoyed cross referencing; it gives me an adrenaline rush and I get caught up and excited about what I’ve learned easily. I always have more than one version of the Bible and commentaries at any given time. I am grateful for technology and the ability to have God’s Word on the go, but nothing beats flipping those pages, highlighting and making marginal notes and reflecting on your personal handwriting of what God has shown you through His Word.

  50. Thank you for this reminder! Although I have been using Biblehub for years, I often get too short on time to remember to cross reference. But I love that it has everything you need right there and the website is so easy to navigate. I too want to leave my Bible as a living testament (so to speak) in hopes that it will encourage someone in my family or close circle to delve into this beautiful gift we have from God! Really enjoying this study; the timing couldn’t be better! Praying for all participating for blessing and mercy as you seek His ways and His character in knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to shut up! God Bless You!

  51. I really do like cross-referencing and did find I need more fingers to hold the pages. What a great way to really study Gods word and where one verse may have sounded confusing, the next one helped bring light. I use the Life Applications Study Bible and love the study notes on the bottom of each page. I just wish there was more space in the margins to write my comments!

  52. Kamika Grant says:

    I have a Dake’s hard bound bible and there are cross references everywhere and I love it. I have used bible hub for different translations but never for the cross reference tool so I am grateful that I was informed about that since I don’t always have my Bible in hand. Cross referencing really helps me because it’s like going on a treasure hunt and the treasure is more wisdom and knowledge. I’d simply start with one scripture and possibly end up with ten lol.

  53. I’m really enjoying this Bible study:) Can you tell me where the practice sheets are found to print off?

  54. Azziale Arnold says:

    Cross referencing will help me learn more about what He has to say on a topic. Also, if I’m having difficulty understanding a verse, I can use cross referencing to help me discover what the verse means instead of relying on man’s interpretation. I find this tool to be very helpful and I’m grateful that it was brought to my attention because I never really knew what to do with the little numbers in the muddle of my Bible.
    Cross referencing Ps. 34:11 help me to see that God wants to teach us the way in which we should go in life. As he is instructing us, he will keep his eye upon us and guide us through the journey.

  55. Today is the first or second time since this study started that I forgot my Bible, my planner, my journal, and my printed chapters 1-3 at home. So, I had to use the biblehub.com website to cross-reference Psalm 34:11. What I learned from today’s skill is that I need to KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT AND LISTEN first. God will guide me to a life of wisdom and understanding if I’m open to His instruction – and He will never leave me to go it alone.

    On a separate note: I LOVED today’s video and learning session. Sarah Travis is a natural teacher and I’m so glad God uses her through Proverbs 31 Ministries. Thank you for all you do (that means all of P31 Ministries ladies).

  56. This was a great reminder of why cross referencing is vital in studying Gods word. It helps to reinforce, make clear or just reaffirm what God wants us to know. We have to remember His word is alive and as we go thru the cross references He is speaking to our hearts and I have to apply what I hear not just hear it for the moment! That’s the part….live it out! Today I am really focusing on listening with the intention of ONLY listening!

  57. MaryHeiden says:

    The verse I chose to look up was straightforward. “Don’t let your mouth lead you into sin.” Eccl.5:6
    I was surprised at the interpretations though. You don’t just sin by saying too much, or hurtful things. You can cause your flesh to sin by what you say. Like making a vow and then changing your mind and saying it was a mistake. I’m sure there are plenty of ways our mouths can lead our flesh to sin (like talking to the opposite sex when we shouldn’t).

  58. I used what Sarah taught us today to cross-reference our memory verse this week. I saw a repetitive phrase “Come, my children, listen to me” (Psalm 34:11, 66:16), and I thought to myself how simple His request is towards me. “Come and listen Kate.” I have responded to His call to come, but I do not typically listen. I am usually in a hurry so I will meet Him, but I still do rather than BE in His presence. I am attempting to allow myself to BE rather than work to BE. This phase of my life is allowing more of a BE mentality than DO. I think about how much richer my times of communion with God could be if I could slow myself down to really listen.

  59. Thanks, Sarah, for the great reminder. I spent an hour just cross-referencing. After that, I finished reading chapter 3 & 4 in the book. As a former Michigan girl (Owosso), I can so relate to Karen. Her story about being determined to study her bible at the park was so like me! My lesson is to learn to “be still” in my time with God so I can actually hear what He has to say!

  60. I had a Wonderful pastor a few years ago, who taught a class on Bible study. I was 50 years old, and had NEVER had someone SHOW me HOW to USE my Bible!!! (I GREW UP IN CHURCH!!) This doesn’t come thru osmosis, Ladies, teach your sons and daughters what You are learning, or know!! I am so thankful for the Obedient, who are Listening, Learning and Sharing! I don’t know it all, but I’m learning!! (Now, I have an exhaustive concordance, an Interlinear Bible, a Chronological version, and my Study Bible, for when I Just don’t get it.)

  61. Yes I do believe cross referencing will help to give a more deeper understanding to scripture…. Different angles to look at for a broader understanding….. I learned that if we are quiet and listen we will be guided and educated while being protected…..

  62. Cross referencing is not new to me – I’ve used it for many years – but the Bible Hub website was. Thanks for sharing. I have been using several other websites including the Blue Letter Bible, another website that includes many tools for Bible study.

    Concerning Psalm 34:11, I started by reading the whole chapter. First, I learned fwhen it was written (when David feigned madness before Abimelech). A cross reference told me that Samuel 21:10-15 is the Biblical account of this, and from these verses I learned why David fled and why he acted insane (he was fleeing from Saul to Abimelech, also known as Achish, and when he heard what the servants of Achish said about him he was afraid). From other verses in Psalm 34, I learned more about the fear of the Lord. From verse 7, I learned that the angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear God, and He rescues them. Verse 9 told me that for those who fear God there is no want. In the verses immediately after our memory verse, I learned how the fear of God relates to our words. In these verses, David is teaching us how to fear the Lord, and we do that by keeping our tongues from speaking evil or deceit, by departing from evil doing good, and by seeking peace with those around us. Psalm 111:10, one of the crossover references listed in my study Bible, tells me the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. And that’s just one concept covered in this verse. I could do a similar study on any of the key words in the verse (listening to God, how He teaches us, etc.). Cross-referencing allows us to dig as deeply into a verse as we want to.

  63. Holly Bauman says:

    I think cross referencing really helps you to dig deeper into scripture! You can learn more about the verses and also in another verse you could understand it better. Thank you!

  64. Marilyn Marie says:

    I have been cross referencing for years about seven, so since I began to really study the bible. This has enabled me to become a more proficient user of the bible… It also helps me to be able to share the bible with others in confidence…

  65. Jennie Buettner says:

    I love cross referencing! It absolutely helps me to see and understand scripture in a more personal light. It is definitely essential to any persons spiritual growth! Thank you Sara:-) Biblehub.com is great! Never knew that website existed. You really get such a deeper look. The ESV Study Bible is now on my wish list!!!!! Thank you Sara!

  66. Sarah ~ You ROCK!! And Melissa is so right about your accent…LOVE. IT!!!!
    I am SO EXCITED to try cross-referencing!! I am always looking for ways to dig deeper and this seems like a GREAT one!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    God bless,

  67. Heather W says:

    Yes! I am glad that someone finally showed me how to use my study bible better! I can easily become confused in trying to decipher what God is saying in certain verses. By being able to cross-reference, this not only shows me what He is trying to tell me, but it also proves how important the information is, because it is REPEATED. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  68. I was struck by how many different places God warns us of being a “fool” with our words, our company we keep, and calling us to listen. My favorite cross reference was Ecclesiastes 9:17 The quiet words of the wise are to more to be heeded than the shouts of a ruler of fools.
    How many times do we clamor to befriend the ruler of fools … whether it be in the workplace, or in a social group ? It is human nature to “cozy up” to the one in charge … the one who maybe has money, clout , or social status. I know that I find myself looking for approval or praise from people that might not be so wise in certain areas of my own life. Rather than look for validation there, let us look into our Bibles for validation from God. Let us find the quietness of wise people and be centered and rooted in Gods love so we can not be romanced by the shouts of the foolish rulers in our own lives.

  69. Mavis Tipton says:

    I love to cross-reference when I am studying. I do the same thing as Sara does. I like to learn all I can about a scripture, especially if I’m going to be sharing it. Thank you for sharing.

  70. Well I love cross-referencing and realized after going through this exercise I need to do more of it to increase my knowledge of the Lord, and grow stronger. I actually loved the valuable information from Psalm 34:11 cross reference. It essentially told me that the Lord is all I need to make it in this life. It also provided verses to explain how to accomplish this. Thank you for BibleHub.com. I will be using it often.

  71. I totally agree with you all, even though I enjoy using all of the Bible versions you mention, especially a parallel Bible, I have never used the cross-reference tools. Bible-Hub and the knowledge to use your fingers holding the pages of the Bible’s references on verses has been amazing.
    Thank you Sarah (Love your accent), and all OBS Ministry Ladies, for teaching us wonderful things in a fun way. God Bless You All.

  72. I like cross referencing to find deeper meaning to a verse or to learn something new about a way a verse is trying to get a message across. I have never used Bible-Hub but then I don’t have a smart phone or those up to date tools but they look exciting. Today I really need to apply the learning of to “Keep It Shut” as I am ready to let my words spill out and overflow.

    • missypettigrew says:

      Debbie, seeing a verse of Scripture from a new angle is one of the greatest joys of cross-referencing for me, too! I just use Bible Hub on my home computer. We’re all working on that “keeping it shut” right next to you!

  73. While cross referencing Psalm 34:11 with Psalm 32:8 I saw a parallel to how God instructs us as His beloved children with how He wants me to instruct my son with my words.

  74. Although I have a study Bible, I found much more at Bible Hub, a new site for me. Cross-referencing Psalm 34:11 gave me insight into what the one sentence verse truly means to me. If we are quiet to listen to God’s wisdom, instructions, teachings and counseling, He will grant us understanding. I must slow down my mind and give Him my total attention when studying so that I may truly understand His words.

  75. Lisa Sisco says:

    I really enjoyed the lessons taught today about cross referencing scripture. I do believe that in cross referencing you gain a much clearer understanding of what God is telling us in scripture. In cross referencing Psalms 34:11 it showed me how important it is to listen when God is speaking to me. He speaks to me in many ways including through this Bible Study, through His Word and through lessons taught through life experience. God does instruct and teach us in many ways.

  76. Wow, already loving this!!!! Yes, I am enjoying this time with the Lord learning more about his Word!!! On studying this verse , it is applying to a situation I am dealing with and when studying this verse the word Listen kind of scares me! Because I have struggled with that all my life even in my walk with God! Sad right? But that’s my fear in this situation once again, am I going to listen? But, you know when we did the cross reference it also gave the verse Ps 32:8, which says I will instruct you & TEACH you in the way you should go. So I am claiming this truth today, if I am afraid that I wont listen, then he is going to teach me! Who could ask for a bettef teacher, right!

    • missypettigrew says:

      Kim, it never fails to amaze me how a Scripture I am led to read will shed light on something I’m going through in my life, at the moment. I love that! The Best Teacher – YES!

  77. Wow…I need to start getting up earlier so I can have more quiet time to do this! How totally addicting!! I loved this activity. What I think my key take-away was that I need to come into his presence; diligently seek him and desire to hear his words and when I do, he promises to teach me, to lead me, to impart wisdom and instruction in and for my life. The key is that I need to “be silent” (Job 33:33) but I’m often drowning out his voice with my own or with worldly worries. Thank you for this!! Now to continue cross-referencing the cross-references………. 😉

  78. I really enjoyed this Bible study skill video! I definitely think cross-referencing helps when learning more about Bible verses and how God wants us to apply His word to our lives. When reading Psalm 34:11 and cross-reference it with Psalm 32:8, it shows us how God truly is patient with us and teaches us, at our personal levels, how to seek Him and fear Him. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go” – this verse not only encourages me but reminds me that He has been teaching me and instructing me all the days of my life! When I stray, He patiently waits for me – and sometimes even takes my hand and gets me back on track when I don’t want to (yanking me back is probably more like it!). “I will counsel you and watch over you” tells me no matter what situation I am in (and lately I have been dealing with a lot of financial challenges), as long as I keep my mind focused on Him, He is guiding me out of this pit that I got myself into and is leading me to a wonderful, green pasture that I will be able to lay down and rest and finally say “Ahh”. So, because of His teachings, counseling and promises to keep me safe – that is why I fear Him and want so much to please Him!
    Oh, how I love my Lord Father! He pours out His grace to me on a daily basis and every day I am amazed at His love!

  79. Thanks for sharing Sarah. It’s like going on a scavenger hunt in the bible for more of Gods of truth. I love it when it leads me to a little nugget- that opens my mind to something new God wants to teach me.

  80. Angelina Koenig says:

    I appreciate the fact that it was stated that cross-referencing helps us to learn and understand how Scripture interprets itself. Too often we look outside of Scripture to interpret what God´s Word is saying and too often we can get it wrong. It is important to interpret Scripture carefully and to understand what God is saying to us through the Scripture. Thank you for reminding us of the fact that Scripture itnerprets itself–even in the historical and cultural contexts in which the passage was written.

  81. Althea Minto says:

    Hello Sarah, hi everyone, I totally dig bible hub. I still need to get more aquainted with it though. I really love to do cross referencing. In my KJV, the references are normally at the end of of a a particular verse and I would go back or forward and just read and read I find it to be fulfilling afterward. Osalm 34:11 has really taught me a lot a real eye opener of how to speak and what to say to my children.

  82. Thanks! Im excited to do this☺

  83. Nancy Cole says:

    Sarah, thank you so much for teaching me a way that is fun and adventurous in learning God’s Word. In my 40 years of Bible Study I have never found a tool that taught me so much! I followed the references for ‘Fear of the Lord’ and found wonderful things gs, not scary things; which will provide accurate and beautiful explanations to my grandchildren. Fear means so many wonderful things when it comes to Our LORD.

  84. I love cross-referencing. This gives a deeper and greater understanding. Thank you, Sarah!
    Wishing everyone a beautiful and blessed day!

  85. Good Morning! I have done cross referencing with my NKJ in church, bible studies and retreats. I have used my study bible and concordance. It is important to dig deeper in the Word and gain more knowledge of it. Comparing to other bibles is useful. Good skill to have. God Bless, Vicki Vieth

  86. Pamela Knudsen says:

    Love it!!! I actually have a Women’s Devotional bible and it is all about cross referencing!!!!! it’s also great because in the back of the bible you can look up topics of all kinds from A to Z and then it will take you to the page of a devotional by a Christian woman like you and I who has gone through or experienced the topic that was looked up ie: depression and below the devotion it will list for you all the scriptures regarding that topic.
    LOVE IT!!

  87. Hi Sarah—Thank you Thank you, Thank you for teaching on cross referencing it really helps in having scripture interpret scripture and provides a deeper understanding of what God is trying to teach me!. And I loved the quote–THERE IS NO OTHER COMMENTARY ON THE BIBLE SO HELPFUL AS THE BIBLE ITSELF!
    Also the biblehub website is a great tool too!!! Although I am like you and also like to hold a bible in my hand and turn to the different verses.
    From the cross referencing PSALM 34:11 what I got from cross referencing the verses is —Make sure your conversation is always gentle and respectful. And only speak what is helpful and builds others up and is a benefit to those that listen.
    In cross referencing PSALM 141:3–Those who guard their mouths and filter what they say, keep themselves from getting into trouble.

    • OBS TEAM-I am so glad that you are including a Bible Skills Day in this study. I went to Bible Study Fellowship for 9 years, and several Bible Studies at church, most just teach about a Concordance, Bible Dictionary and interpreting words from the Hebrew or Greek, but not much on cross referencing and it is such a valuable tool!
      P.S. Still having problems with the video pausing a great deal, I have cleared ALL caches (browser, java, flash cache too) I have tried different browsers, and even tried another computer —. I would appreciate any help on this? Thanks for your assistance. Do we have to join VIMEO???? My sister said it could be just too many people trying to view the video at the same time.

      • I’m sorry you’re having problems with the video Suzie 🙁 I’m not really sure what else to try. Have you tried it from a cellphone? I just tried it on mine and it plays so it might work for you 🙂

      • Cheryl Spears says:

        I had some trouble this morning when I clicked on the video picture itself. I then went back and clicked on the link in the study and that worked better. Depending on the type of router and or service provider there may be a delay due to not enough memory or the speed at which the video downloads. Might make sure that you have nothing else open and or chosen in your browser as well. I can see the study through FB but run into issues like this so, I bookmarked the bible study site and go directly to it and that seems to help.

        • Thank you so much for your help Cheryl. This is a brand new Dell 8.1 Windows with plenty of memory and I have AT&T. It’s funny because I have no problems watching things from You Tube, videos from our church or other websites….so I don’t think it’s my service provider or speed, it just seems to be VIMEO. I will try your suggestion and going directly to the bible study site and see if that helps, thanks again~.

    • You are welcome Suzie! I just know God is full of joy looking down on all His daughters digging deeper into His Word through cross-referencing today 🙂

    • I wish we could edit our conversation–LOL–Make sure your conversation is always gentle and respectful. And only speak what is helpful and builds others up and is a benefit to those that listen. – is from Col 4:6 from Karen’s key verses.

      For Psalm 34-11-Be quiet and listen and pay attention to what God is saying and he will provide us with wisdom and understanding….

  88. i have used cross referencing b4 as Sarah showed with a study bible. biblehub.com was new to me and very informative, kind of like cross referencing on steroids! enjoyed the study and look forward to plugging in some of the top ten vs listed in ch 4 but i need to wait till i have more time to do it! thanks #p31obs for this great bible study opportunity!

  89. I’m Excited about learning how to study the bible. I take time to read my bible, almost everyday, BUT not really time to Study. Ready to take a step deeper in God’s word

  90. Loved this study skill today! I think cross referencing helps to reinforce the message for me and I NEED that! And I agree with your friend, you do have a lovely accent!
    Blessings on your day ~<3

  91. Cross referencing in my bible is something I have been asking allot of questions about lately. I have been feeling the pull to build my relationship with God and what He is telling me is to study. Unfortunately unlike some people I need help to learn how to do this……I pray but I want meat now instead of continuing in the milk. So i asked my father who is also my pastor and he suggested I find a online study program to start. I did this and found one that will work for me now. So digging deeper is something that I am beginning to do.

  92. I love cross referencing and notes at the bottom of a study Bible because not only does it give me more insight about the verse or passage but it also makes me think of things that I probably havent thought of before.

  93. I think the sentence “cross-referencing is a way to allow the Scripture to interpret itself” (or something like that) is very powerful. What a wonderful gift that the Lord so purposefully and with great genius gave us even another tool to make the Bible something approachable, untainted, perfect and accessible to all for deep understanding and not just surface!

  94. Samantha Waring-Jolicoeur says:

    I think cross referencing scripture can help me because I can get a proper interpretation, clearer understanding, and rhema regarding what God is speaking to my heart.

    From cross referencing Psalm 34:11 I understand even more that God bids me to come to Him and He will teach and guide me in His ways.

    I’m encouraged!

  95. At one time I owned a Gertrude Battle Bible. It belonged to my mother in law and it had been cross-referenced by hand. I gave it to a very dear friend who was going through a difficult time in her life (she lost a son and brother, and was fighting for custody of her grandson) so I have no regrets about parting with a valuable resource. Thank you for sharing the Bible Hub website, it really does help to get a better understanding of Scripture. For example, one night I saw in a dream two Bible verses, Galatians 5:8 and Galatians 5:18. The additional cross-referencing helped me to better understand the meaning of these verses. When I woke up I thought I saw Ephesians rather than Galatians, so I looked all of them up!

  96. I have used this skill when studying. I get so caught up in following all the references that at times I get overwhelmed. I have to remind myself to not get to carried away. I love it. So in following the cross references I found myself pondering the word “listen”. I know we have been talking lot about listening but this was different. Over and over He asks us to listen so he can instruct. To truly listen we have to be silent. Silent doesn’t just mean the sounds coming from our mouths has to stop. I realized it also means our minds, hands and feet have to be silent sometimes. We might stop talking but are we thinking? It is hard for me to sit silently. It means no worship music (because I will sing), it means no walking around or doing things because my focus is on what I am doing. So am I really listening to Him? I have to say no.

  97. Lisa Ferris says:

    I don’t have a study bible and I’ve been too lazy to get on the laptop while studying so I haven’t used online resources to check out cross references. Today though, I was not too lazy, and I’m glad I checked biblehub.com out. It was so much fun flipping through my bible to look up and highlight the cross references. Thank you so much for today’s study!

    By the way, I’m German and I have a 10 month old baby girl so I started using my German bible a while ago so I could teach her everything I know about the bible in German. (I speak only German to her, my husband speaks English to her). I noticed that this week’s study verse Psalm 34:11 is Psalm 34:12 in my German bible. I wonder why. It’s confusing. All the cross references are the same verses though.

    • Lisa Ferris says:

      Oh and yes, I do think that cross referencing helps us to learn and understand the bible better. Since there are multiple verses that say the same or similar thing throughout the bible we learn to memorize and understand what we’ve read earlier over and over again. Repetition repetition repetition… 🙂

      I learned how important it is to just LISTEN to our heavenly Father. He has a plan for all of us. He is in control of everything. We don’t need to get it all together. As long as we listen and follow Him we will be fine. He loves us and takes care of us.

  98. Angela Brown says:

    Love chain references and cross references. I also use Study Bibles with notes. So much information available.

  99. Thank you for showing how to do cross referencing . I think this will help in finding more meaning to a verse. It will help in doing my Bible study. It was very helpful.

  100. Thanks Sarah, I love this cross referencing! It really takes the verse more in depth that I can truly understand what it’s saying. I use the YouVersion Bible app and just discovered how to turn on the cross reference option. I can’t wait to cross reference the other verses! 🙂

    I learned from crossing referencing Psalm 34:11 that I am to be at peace and to listen to the Lord for He will teach and guide me and give me understanding and wisdom.

    • Christa Hutchins (Proverbs 31 OBS Volunteer Team) says:

      Great tip, Almira! I didn’t know the YouVersion app had that feature. I’ll have to go look for it. You are one smart cookie 🙂

  101. Lene Spencer says:

    Cross-referencing is a very effective tool because it can either simplify the verse or show other verses with similar meanings providing a more in depth definition. I enjoyed this lesson. Sarah Travis is an excellent Bible teacher and I love her accent, too! I actually listened to a sermon recently about Psalm 34:11 on In Touch Ministries. The Greek word for fear in this particular verse means respect and obedience. When I cross-referenced it, Psalm 32:8 was speaking about how God keeps His loving eye on you to make sure that you are being obedient. I really need His Guidance!! Yesterday, I tried so hard to be intentional with everything I said however I accidentally said the wrong thing. I think where I have had a history of saying the wrong thing, sometimes people can question my motivation. I know these are consequences I will have to deal with which is understandable but at the same time can be frustrating. I’m reminded what Paul said in Romans 7:15. When I cross-referenced this verse it gave me plenty to think about. I looked up the 15 verses on the assignment. I like how Luke 6:45 is cross-referenced with Proverbs 4:23. I was very convicted when I read James 3:5-8 and all the listed scripture. Looking up these verses was a great reminder so thanks Sarah Travis!

    • You are welcome Lene. I’ll be praying for you as you continue to #BeIntentional. Plant these Scriptures deep in your heart and meditate on them day and night. We ALL mess up and have to deal with consequences…but how we react following our messes allows God to be glorified as the people around us witness our repentant hearts and changed behavior 🙂

  102. Just wanted to say thank you for showing me how to dig deeper. Answered prayer! I have an Life Application Study Bible in the NLT translation and it overwhelmed me before. But, by just watching this video it made it so simple. So, a million times…thank you, Sarah Travis! I’m SO excited I could jump up and down with joy. Can’t wait to carve out some time to start digging.

  103. Lucinda Humphrey says:

    Love digging deeper in the word. There is so much we can learn by cross-referencing the scriptures. I learned that God gives us wisdom and he wants to teach us his ways. How awesome is that! Thank you for that nugget of truth!

  104. Hi All: Thanks for the information re: bible.hub.com. It makes study a lot easier than manually digging through all the books I have. Cheers.

  105. love Love LOVE this idea. My version of the Bible doesn’t include the cross-references but I have noticed the links between stories before. Thanks for bringing this up. I’m going to start being more intentional about looking up the cross-reference and writing them in myself. I LOVE the addition of studying tips to the bible study this round!!!!! Thank You!!

  106. Thank you. The studies always make great table talk for the family.

  107. Terri Septer says:

    I have the NLT study Bible & it too has the cross references! (I didn’t know that’s what they were till Sarah told me) lol anyway…I cr several of the verses so far & plan on doing more when I can! Thanks so much for this incredible journey to Keep it Shut!!!

  108. Thank you so much for this online bible study. This is the first time for me and i am truly enjoying it and desire to do better with keeping it shut.God Bless you all who are taking part in this study.

  109. Nikki Burnett says:

    Love cross referencing! Allows you to dig deeper into God’s word. Thank you for today’s study.

  110. I think cross referencing is really helpful – it has the capacity to she’d light on those verses that may be confusing. However, I also find the footnotes down at the bottom of my Life Application Study Bible extremely helpful too.. I have learned so many new things from them that I would have never known prior to reading them. Both techniques are great ways to dig deeper. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing and I LOVE your Scottish accent!!

  111. I really enjoyed this Digging Deeper today. One of the verses Job 33:33, says “be quiet, and I will teach you wisdom “. That goes so well with our study. If we aren’t quiet, we can’t hear the Holy Spirit speaking to us. Without following the Holy Spirit’s lead we are going to be saying things we shouldn’t be saying. This study is really speaking to me that being quiet is important in a lot of ways.
    1. Quiet so I can hear the Holy Spirit.
    2. Quiet so I can listen to the other person and really hear what their heart may be saying.
    3. Quiet so that I don’t say something that I later regret.
    4. Quiet so I’m just not talking to be talking and not really saying anything of value.

    • Carolyn thank you for sharing what you learned about being quiet 🙂

    • Cheryl Spears says:

      Love your comments – really puts it into perspective for me as being quiet is often hard for me. If I remember these “reasons” to be quiet, then I have gained wisdom.

    • Gail Harless says:

      I hate doing this so late in the day. I fear no one will see my comments. Because I do want you to know that I too really got a lot out of your analysis, Carolyn. Quiet to me means quieting my mind (from thoughts), quieting my eyes (from Twitter), and just focusing on Him!

  112. This is such a great idea. I will definitely use this tool way more. I really liked the Bible Hub website as well. This is awesome…thanks so much for sharing!

  113. Sarah Velasco says:

    Cross referencing is really helpful! I would like to get a study Bible now actually! lol It helps you understand the verse you are studying and really drives home the important point of the verse. I love that with this particular scripture, it emphasized on each cross referencing verse, the importance of LISTENING and that the Lord will lead you in the way you should go. What a great reminder to be quiet and still and listen. 🙂

  114. Jan Hunnicutt says:

    Cross-referencing just helped me learn a lot more about God’s Word, how exciting!
    I also learned a bunch from the parallel commentaries, wow, that was so rich and it totally blessed me.
    Thank you!

  115. Panjah Of Jesus says:

    Cross referencing has always been an eye opener. Instead of plucking a verse and putting your own spin on it, you’re actually cementing its meaning with the Bible itself and gaining a deeper understanding of it, it’s milk versus meat, chewing and meditating versus drinking and gulping. It’s communion with His precious word.

  116. Diana Martin says:

    Thank you Sarah for sharing with us today.
    Yes I do believe that cross referencing can help us learn more about scripture.
    You explained it so well and it gave me a better understanding of cross referencing.
    I learned so much today through cross referencing.
    From psalms 34:11 To listen to the Word and walk in obedience to what The Holy Spirit speaks to my heart about. To pay attention and follow the instructions and to gain understanding.
    To attend to know understanding of what would serve to enlighten, enlarge and improve instruction. To hear and know understanding. Proverbs 1:2. To know, understanding in order that you may know or gain understanding, PAY ATTENTION. TO ROUSE ATTENTION Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore get wisdom and with all your getting get understanding. Thank you again and may Gods Blessing and Favor be on everyone today.

    • Christa Hutchins (Proverbs 31 OBS Volunteer Team) says:

      Wow Diana! You pulled out some great stuff from your cross referencing. Your reminder to PAY ATTENTION was really helpful to me. Thank you for sharing!

  117. Debbie Hodge says:

    I am sure that cross-referencing Bible verses will help me understand the Word in more depth. Thank you for this lesson.
    What I learned today from cross-referencing our weekly verse Psalm 34:11 was from Psalm 111:10
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of WISDOM; all who follow His precepts have good UNDERSTANDING.
    To him belongs ETERNAL praise.
    This is why we should come to the Lord and LISTEN!

  118. Do you think cross-referencing can help you learn more about Scripture? Why or why not?
    Absolutely. Thank you Sarah for introducing me to BibleHub! I think I have been on it before but did not approach it from a “cross-referencing” focus. What an insightlful way to study. It helps me to understand meaning and to interpret – rather than verse-slinging out of context. It also shows me just how much God thinks of us…how many times he tells, and in how many ways…to help us understand.
    What did you learn from cross-referencing Psalm 34:11? – Again, that wisdom starts with the fear of the Lord. We have everything we need in life at our fingertips.

  119. Tammy Galligher says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have learned so much today.

  120. I love how simple you made cross-referencing, Sarah. Such a great way to study God’s Word and listen to what He is saying. And as we spend time in God’s Word, we stay teachable to His voice.

  121. CarolAnne says:

    thank you so much for all this info! Very helpful,the way we are taught how to dig for more! A bible that has opened my eyes is Eugene Peterson’s The Message/Remix:Pause. He takes the Old & New Testaments, breaks them into daily readings side by side, and walks you through the bible in one year. xo

  122. That was fun! I’ve never taken the time to do the cross referencing before. My husband does it and he will also get his Strong’s concordance, but I have NEVER done it with him! I have always been “too busy” to put that time into it.

  123. Cross-referencing is an awesome tool!!! That was one of the best aspects of the Bible I use now!! I love to see how God connects the whole Bible together. It makes it so much more real and true seeing it in the Old Testament and then again in the New Testament. Thanks for the reminder Sarah!!!

  124. We can definitely learn more by cross referencing because God clarifies himself and reveals deeper meaning. When I cross referenced Psalm 34:11, I learned that fear of the Lord is having wisdom and understanding. And to gain wisdom and understanding, we must be still and listen to God and let Him lead us. Great study today!!

  125. Oh this has gotten me so excited!!! The whole reason to joining these bible studies is to be able to dig into the Bible more. I am not familiar with the Bible at all and I love this cross-referencing stuff to get me more engaged! Thanks so much! LOVE IT!

  126. I think cross referencing is so useful to use to be sure you’re doing what God wants. If he says the same things over and over in the bible, he’s trying to get you to take note of it and remember it and follow it. Just like a teacher repeats themselves over and over in different ways to make a student remember and understand.

  127. Cindy Stone says:

    I love cross referencing when I really want to learn something more deeply. It reminds me of college research days. haha

  128. I have used cross-referencing and the bible hub. Love it!

  129. I have a study bible and have never done any cross-referencing until now. Wow…what I’ve been missing! I’ll be doing much more now and l’m sure I’ll learn more than I thought I would. Thanks.

  130. Loved the cross-referencing component to this study. I have done some but not to this depth. Loved it and will continue to use it.

  131. Is it not true that that when we still our heart, mind & soul…God’s Word speaks. Context Taste and see that The Lord is good. Wow!! I’ve used cross ref in many ways, but I agree with Kirstin, “biblehub” really pulled our tools together quickly to bring us to the throne of God with only a key stroke. Did you find the treasury of Scripture? “Come, I will.” Henry Matthews used a word we are coming to know during this KIS study..”practice.” As believers we practice crying out to God when in distress and is our comfort that He hears us. The Pulpit commentary pointed out two reasons that compel us; tender love and care of God for the righteous and His hostility to and punishment of the wicked. Thank you Sarah!!!

  132. I enjoyed today’s video and I appreciate hearing the many ways to cross reference. I have a study Bible for women – the Holman Christian Standard Bible and I found 11 verses to cross reference with Psalm 34:11. How encouraging to dig deeper into God’s Word! I am learning so much through this online Bible study.

    • Christa Hutchins (Proverbs 31 OBS Volunteer Team) says:

      Oh Wendy….thanks for the reminder! I have a HCSB and now I want to go run check and see what cross references it has. My NIV cross-reference Bible didn’t have very many for this verse.

  133. Lord, my teacher, remind me to come, help me to listen, and teach me what it means to live in fear of you (Psalm 34:11)…

    Daughter, to fear me is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10. To learn to fear me and gain wisdom, assemble (Gen.49:2) and be silent (Job 33:33), paying attention to gain understanding (Proverbs 4:1). Then I will teach you not to sin, but to do what is good and right (1 Sam. 12:23). I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you (Psalm 32:8). Come and listen, learn from what I have done for others (Psalm 66:16). Learn to follow my precepts so that you will have good understanding and eternal praise will belong to you! (Psalm 111:10)

  134. Tara Rivers says:

    I liked the cross-referencing. I used to do that when in school on my subjects but never thought about applying it to my bible study. Thank you for bringing this skill back to my memory.

    I am enjoying this bible study and I feel it is benefitting me a lot. I now try to stop and think or pray before words come out of my mouth!

  135. I love to cross- reference! Not only is it fun, it gives me a much deeper understanding of God’s Word. I love the video and download today. Hope we get more pages we can print off and fill in. Thanks Sarah for sharing.

  136. melodi russell says:

    I’ve done cross referencing before, but just because. That time it made it easy to link everything together in my mind. Not quite sure why I stopped. Any whoo. This is a great tool. It keeps you reading and engaged in what our Father has to say.
    I will have to reincorporate into my studies.
    Job 33:33 another verse telling me to be quiet and listen. It’s coming from everywhere.

  137. Thanks so for this handy tool. It is so helpful to pin down meanings.

  138. Oh Sarah I hope you are still there, Loved loved loved the bible study to day. The ESB is what? English Standard Bible? I hope to get one. I have a large print New American Standard Bible and a Joyce Myer Study Bible that’s an Amplified version. I really like what I saw with yours though. I wasn’t aware of the Bible Hub which I will now use now too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for you part in this Ps31 bible study and may our God richly bless your efforts. God Bless and keep you Sarah. <3

  139. Thank you Sarah for this great cross-reference technique. I will be using it in my Bible studies. Its amazing how one verse can tell you so much information. Its like layers and layers of information. You start with one verse and you have no idea where it will take you. I love the word of God. I love opening my Bible and see where God will take me each day. 🙂
    I am enjoying this study so much. Thank you ladies!!!
    Have a blessed evening.

    • Christa Hutchins (Proverbs 31 OBS Volunteer Team) says:

      It’s like a treasure hunt! And that one big shining A-HA moment at the end of trail? Well, there is just nothing quite like it! So happy that you are enjoying the study, Jenny!

  140. Cheryl Spears says:

    I love this cross referencing technique. Had not tried BibleHub before but did today. I love this site. Have it in my favorites and will definitely be using.

    What did I learn from the cross referencing of the verse for today? In order to gain understanding and know God better, I need to be quiet and listen attentively to what God is saying and pay attention to the instructions. As a retired instructor, I preached this to my students all the time – make sure you read the instructions carefully and pay attention to the question – I am learning that I need to heed this advice as much or more than my students did.

    Still waiting for the sun to come out today – not going to happen, so hope it does tomorrow. Ready for a little sunshine. Everyone have a great evening.

    • Christa Hutchins (Proverbs 31 OBS Volunteer Team) says:

      I”m waiting on some sunshine, too, Cheryl! But cold dreary days make for great Bible study!

  141. Jamie O'Reilly-Goad says:

    I love cross referencing in my bible!! I love that it helps me get a deeper, clearer understanding. I also love that sometimes it takes me to places in the bible I wouldn’t normally think to look in for something related and helps me connect scriptures I wouldn’t necessarily connect on my own! I haven’t really used any websites to do it before so thanks for the reference I will be using one now! I loved the reference to Psalm 111:10, by listening to God we will gain wisdom from his teaching!

  142. I do think cross-referencing can help deepen my understanding of the Bible. I learned that the Lord wants to teach me and while doing so, He will never leave me. And, to begin becoming wise, I must fear the Lord.

    Also, in cross-referencing, I was reminded in Job 33:32 that my God wants to vindicate me. What a blessing and comfort in a time such as this.

  143. Tiani Hicks says:

    Thank you for sharing this site on cross-referencing! Job 33:32-33, Psalm 49:3, and Prov 2:6…all about being silent and the Lord will teach you wisdom and understanding! Amen!

  144. I like biblehub, I like that it provides other translations and the scripture context, etc. I remember as a young christian that someone told me to always go back to my bible after a sermon or advice given to see if it aligns with Gods’ word.

  145. Sarah-thank you for sharing the cross referencing I had really never used it before but now I know how helpful it can be, so thank you for sharing that.
    I learned today that I need to listen more, pay attention (to God), be patient (with God), and to not shove my two cents in every time there is a chance.

  146. Thank you for sharing with us today. I am going to order a study bible. I can see where I will gain so much more from this! Loving this book and you gals!!

  147. Good evening, all! I have been waiting on this portion of the study, cross-referencing. I love Sarah’s accent, as we spent 4 years living in Scotland from 1972-1976. Lovely people, country and culture! When reading the Bible, sometimes I get confused when I read a verse and the same information is in another chapter and verse. I thought it has to be important as God repeated for me. Thank you again for this study!

  148. I think cross-referencing is a GREAT way to learn more, about the origins of certain concepts, as well as putting the concept into a better context (which I often need.) I realized today after years of using an ESV Study Bible that I had been reading the study notes at the bottom but never used the cross reference – the biblehub site is great! Psalm 34:11’s cross references make it clear that God wants our attention so that we can learn from him and absorb what he is instructing us. I do have a question on this – often times, even with all the tools I really don’t understand what the bible is trying to tell me. Should we always seek meaning when we read?

    • Christa Hutchins (Proverbs 31 OBS Volunteer Team) says:

      Rose, it always helps me to pray before reading the Word and ask God to make plain to me what He wants me to understand at that moment. 2 Timothy 3:16 says “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,” There may not always be some deep meaning that we need to dig out….sometimes I read just to know more about what the Bible says. And often, when I’m in a situation, a verse or passage will come to mind and I’ll think, “Ahhhh…..so THAT’S what that verse was talking about.” So keep reading and keep studying. The “meaning” may not jump out at you at first, but over time as you tuck more and more pieces into your heard, they start to come together and you’ll begin to understand God’s big picture for you. I’m so glad you enjoyed your time in God’s Word today!

  149. I have never thought about cross-referencing as a study tool. This was a great tip and thank you! I have never used Bible Hub but plan to go to the site. I am enjoying the activities with this Bible study!

  150. Can you explain ‘I will teach you the fear of the Lord’? I am not sure what is meant by fear the Lord.

    • Joy Chiasson says:

      Usually when I think of fear of the Lord it would be to respect who HE is. So when you respect Him you will want to honor and obey His direction for your life. I am sure someone else will chime in maybe with even some other ideas. But that is a good question and would love to see what is posted on this. 🙂


    • Christa Hutchins (Proverbs 31 OBS Volunteer Team) says:

      Barb, I have most often heard it described as a great respect for the Lord, an awesome reverence. When I studied this verse, I found that “listen” is often translated as “obey”. So to me, the verse means that if I come before the Lord and obey what I hear from Him, I will learn to have such a deep respect for Him that I no longer question His clear direction to me. I trust Him completely because He has shown Himself so faithful. He teaches me every day that He is in control.
      Great question! I’d love to hear what you think!

  151. I’m using the ESV study Bible for cross reference too. I love how God’s Word repeats the same thing so that we can make no mistake what He is saying. I found these verses to be very clear on His wonderful counsel, wisdom, instruction, the Way, His glory, and they go on… it’s such a great way to dig deep into the Word of God based off of one verse, and I haven’t done that in a long time on my own. Thank you.

  152. Tammy Barnard says:

    Hello, ladies.
    First thing before I forget it. Sarah does indeed have a fantastic accent. I could listen to her a lot! Cross referencing. Very interesting. This was exactly what I was looking for, as far as how to really study Gods word. What did I learn?? Well, it reminds me very much of this: BE STILL, KNOW that I AM. to remain more quiet and listen for His whispers. He IS the ANSWER. So, it’s Him I should seek more often, than relying on my own doing (which never turns out good). Currently, I’m cross referencing those 10 verses. I’m enjoying it so much. The seventh one so far. Wish hopes, I can finish the remaining 3 tonight. Thank you for this addition, Sarah. Very insightful. I think I will check into a new Bible as well. I like my NIV version, but when you can get something with many references. I’m for that. Have a great evening. It has turned very cold, very quick today in the Texas Panhandle. Many blessings to you ladies. Tammy

  153. Amy Black says:

    I think cross referencing is amazing. Not only do we learn more about a certain subject, we also grow in our understanding of what God is truly trying to reveal to us. LOVED the sweet accent.. From cross referencing I learned that God is always leading me if I allow Him and stay in HIs word… not just read the intended verse and that’s all.. then another verse will lead me to another and another… hey, I WAS WARNED wasn’t I…lol

  154. Joy Chiasson says:

    Hiya gals! I really enjoyed the new method and the new tool biblehub.com. I was able to glean from this that in order to learn the right way I should go I must listen. That is not an easy assignment but, I willing to learn and practice this skill. Also, the right teaching from the Word of God and not my society will bring wisdom and understanding. This was so helpful in finding the true meaning for this bible verse. Happy Studying and see some of you on the FB live Bible Study tomorrow night. 🙂

    HuggieZ Joy

  155. Thank you for showing us this helpful skill. I willbe using the bible hub as mmuch as I could.
    God Bless you

  156. Cross-referencing definitely helps me understand the Word better. It’s amazing how one scripture can take you all over the Bible. I too like to flip through the pages of my marked and highlighted Bible. Thanks for a new site to study from. I’ll be using it soon.

    I learned that we have to make the time to “come” to the Lord and listen to Him. He is always willing to teach us and take us deeper, but only if we take the step to come to Him.

    • Yes, love how you put that, Vee! It really IS amazing “one scripture can take you all over the Bible.” So true! I like to think it’s like God connecting the dots for us of people, places, and events that tie into His Word. 🙂

  157. Theresa Adams says:

    I enjoyed the video and wanted to participate but I have not received my book yet and was wondering if P31OS would email me chapter 4 & 5 to download so I don’t fall behind. I am learning so much and I am glad to be in this study:)

    • Hey Theresa, I totally understand the position you are in. How AWESOME is it that so many people ordered this book that the publishers have had to print more! All orders from the P31 bookstore are now on there way out. Due to the delay we’re going to be able to share Chapter 4 as a PDF to download on the blog tomorrow 🙂
      Thank you for being so patient! So happy you’re in the study and learning 🙂 xox

    • Hi Theresa! We’re working on trying to add Chapter 4 to the blog this week and will have a “Catch-Up Guide” next week for folks who are either just joining us, or only getting their books now. It seems that there were thousands upon thousands of people who wanted this book and it far exceeded publisher’s expectations for printing. (That’s a great problem, except if you’re the one waiting on your book!) Glad you’re able to be with us! 🙂 ~Steph

  158. Kimberly Dodd says:

    Yes I so enjoy cross refernceing, it’s like looking for hidden treasurer i get so much out of it when I do the Holy Spirit guides. Me into all truth when I do . I have not got to get my book so I can’t read chapters 4 &5 but hopefully soon I can order it

  159. Patricia Q. says:

    Cross reference is great. It expands on the topic of a verse, sort of getting a fuller view. From reading the other verses along with Psalms 34:11, I learned that if I would pay attention to the Lord my path I walk on will have road signs to follow and I will have benefits along the way and at the end of my journey.

  160. Love this ‘sacred echo’ here! On Sunday, our pastor spoke about how fearing God can be both “good fear” and “bad fear” — kinda like cholesterol. Because He’s a loving Father we can trust Him, but because He’s in a godly place of authority, we can also revere Him.

    So, as I see Psalm 34:11, one of the cross-references on Bible Gateway took me to Psalm 19:9, NIV:
    “The fear of the Lord is pure,
    enduring forever.
    The decrees of the Lord are firm,
    and all of them are righteous.”
    Then … A closer look and I see The Message version of this … which I loved!!
    “The revelation of God is whole
    and pulls our lives together.
    The signposts of God are clear
    and point out the right road.
    The life-maps of God are right,
    showing the way to joy.
    The directions of God are plain
    and easy on the eyes.
    God’s reputation is twenty-four-carat gold,
    with a lifetime guarantee.
    The decisions of God are accurate
    down to the nth degree.”

    In other words, it’s easy to listen to God because He is so very trustworthy! Accurate, down to the “nth degree”!!!

  161. God’s word gives us meaning and that is why cross referencing is so useful it bring what we read to life and teaches us how to apply it into our lives I enjoy the NIV/NLT versions of the bible they help me understand God’s word easily.

  162. I absolutely love cross referencing. Have done that for years. It is a great way to learn other scripture and also to see how the OT and NT are connected. I write in my bible too. I can remember when I was young, my mother taught me to NEVER write in your bible. LOL LOL Welllll….I can honestly say that highlighting my bible and making notes is the one of the best things I have ever done. I haven’t cross-referenced the weekly verse yet. I have been busy since I got home from work at 5:39

  163. Thanks for the very useful tips on cross referencing scripture. I plan to use it and maybe buy a study bible soon. I love this study. Can’t wait to get my book so I can get caught up. I need this bible study. Thank you!

  164. I don’t want to sign up for video. Does this mean I can’t watch the video?

  165. Do
    I have to have a vimeo acct to watch this? I don’t want one.

    • Karen,
      Unless Vimeo has changed their settings recently, then you don’t need an account with them to watch a video. (That would only be required to download a video, or possibly make a comment on it directly.) Hope that helps!

  166. Anita Friday says:

    Keep it shut bible study is such a blessing to me.
    I’ve always had a challenge with with my mouth and feeling guilty when I mess up but I’m grateful to God that He is forgiving and always gives us another chance. Im really excited about doing the cross reference.

  167. Kimberly Dodd says:

    Praise The Lord.!! I went back to work today. Thank u lady’s for your prays Gods word is so true. 1 puts a thousand to flight and two ten thousand. 44 000 beautiful praying women put some things to flight in my life this week and I want to say thank ya. Bit most of all I want to give Him glory and honer and praise him and thank Him for. Hearing our prays and for his son and spirit that leads us into all truth and what did I get. From cross refernceing psalms 34:11 I think what jumped out at me the most was the c r from gen 49:2 as I read this I was reminded that jocob had 12 sons and each one had different personalitys and a defendant. Perpose Yet God called them all sons and called them. All to hear so he could teach them. Fear, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Gods ways That you lady’s for this bible study it is helping so much

  168. Anjanetta says:

    I like the cross reference tool. I do think it is helpful because you are digging deeper into the word of God.

  169. Cathy Vist says:

    Thank you so much for the tips on Cross Reference. I have not ever tried it. It sure helped me understand and get so much more out of the verse. I will be getting a new Bible now so I can use this tool to better understand the word of GOD! Thanks again!

  170. Cross referencing is a great way to dig deeper into the Bible, and discover verses that we might not have ever thought about before. It is a great way to get a better understanding of what I am reading, and reinforcement of other scriptures that promise the same thing, or similar! While cross referencing today, I came across Psalm 143:8, which is a verse that really spoke to me and I find great comfort in. I was going to start reading at Psalm 1 tonight, and probably would not have made it to chapter 143 this evening, so I find it to be a blessing that this verse was shown to me through cross referencing during todays lesson. Thank you GOD!

  171. Thanks for sharing about the cross referencing. Enjoyed going to the Bible Hub website. Look forward to using this information.

  172. I learned that fear of The Lord is the foundation of true wisdom. Psalm 111:10. I believe that is what we are all seeking.

    Cross referencing is definitely going to continue to be part of my bible studies

  173. Wow Sarah – your bible looks like mine – I tend to write often in it! As to cross-referencing – I love it, do it often, helps me understand the passages I am reading at the time I am reading. Thank you for your enthusiasm and for helping us learn to dig deeper.
    Blessings, Serving the Lord Together

  174. Bible Hub is such a cool website! I brought up the context, and enjoyed seeing that chapter in different translations and how each translator phrased the memory verse.

  175. Esther Pineiro-Hall says:

    Cross referencing helps reinforce the lesson from one verse…God’s word is so consistent!

  176. I found an interesting cross-reference between Ecc 5:6 and Malachi 2:7 :
    Ecc5:6 Do not let your mouth lead you into sin. And do not protest to the temple messenger, “My vow was a mistake.” Why should God be angry at what you say and destroy the work of your hands?
    2:7 “For the lips of a priest ought to preserve knowledge, because he is the messenger of the Lord Almighty and people seek instruction from his mouth.

    it teaches us that we as well as our pastors who are God’s messengers must Guard their mouths in order to edify the church body and keep us united as people of God.

  177. Amy Bible Hub i a cool website thank you Sarah Travis for opening our eyes to something new God bless you both.

  178. Beth Ogden says:

    I think cross referencing can become a healthy addiction! Doing Psalms 34:11, I learned that if we are silent and listen, God will teach us and instruct us. I find myself cross referencing my cross references. Lol The more I learn and dig into God’s Word, the more I want to learn.

  179. These kinds of tips are EXACTLY why I feel so blessed to have found this group! Cross-referencing will help me become more familiar with verses, vocabulary, and related scriptures to deepen my understanding of God’s word. I love that you shared a view of your notes with us, Sarah! I appreciated hearing your reasons for preferring the ESV Study Bible, too. Great information! Between this cross-referencing tip and the verse-mapping tip from @currinak_anna on Twitter, I am feeling better equipped to maximize my learning. Thank you, P31! :o)

  180. Cross referencing is a very good way to learn more about a scripture. I followed the download exercise and did learn a lot more about Psalm 34:11. This is a great way to learn more about scripture. I will use this more now that you have introduced me to this method. Thank You.

  181. I wish I had more time to do the cross referencing that I learned to do when I was in training years ago. I have many resources and barely have enough time to read scriptures on a daily bases. I pray all day. I have the old testament in one 3 ring binder and New Testament in another 3 ring binder each page in protector sheets with several pages of notebook paper with notes on them. I have a Strongs concordance and a commentary book on the shelf above that (I pull them out every once in a while when I have a question about something someone said – usually trying to prove them wrong and many times I am wrong). My Amplified Bible that I carry to church and read out of daily (the few chapters I get a chance to read) and my binded blank hardback book that I take notes in week after week and review between Sundays. Then I have the Amplified version here on the computer. I have many resources and use them all at various times. I do cross reference often and read the commentaries for understanding. I pray for more time in my day. Thanks for this opportunity to share.

  182. Desiree Grosgebauer says:

    Thank you for the great reminder to use those cross-references. I recently got an Amplified Bible Kindle edition with cross-references that is really cool. I also love my study Bibles- reading from both NLT and NRSV this week. NLT is great when your brain is tired and for reading to your little ones!

  183. I loved this study skill lesson!!! Thank you sooo much! By cross-referencing scripture, I learned that I can use other verses to better understand/confirm what a verse is communicating to me. After doing the activity, I confirmed that I am to listen to God because He has much to teach me as I live my life!

  184. Like with anything other field of study, reading about the same thing written in a different way can lead to better understanding. Cross-referencing does that for you because each verse phrases the same lesson a little differently. I relate it to when I tutored geometry in high school. Even though it was the same principle that the teacher had just lectured on, the student understood it better when I explained it in my own words. Cross-referencing Psalm 34:11 taught me that I need to be silent to listen and that when God teaches it is counseling with love. Also “the fear of the Lord” is wisdom and understanding.

  185. Kiffany Stollings says:

    I definitely think cross-referencing can help learn more about Scripture because it gives us a different view of what is being said. It helps us dig deeper and look into His Word. What did I learn from cross-referencing Psalm 34:11 – To come, be still and listen, to pay attention and gain understanding. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

  186. Helena Saravia says:

    This is awesome! And I’m glad I’m not the only who writes in the Bible like that! Cross-referencing is vital to really understanding the Word. It’s a way of putting everything into perspective and realizing that the Bible isn’t just a bunch of books thrown together; they are all interconnected! God is the same in each book, chapter, and verse; His character is constant!

    When you cross-reference, you can really compare and contrast different biblical characters and accounts. Somehow, they will begin to pop up into your head and give you that moment where you think ‘Yes! I remember this verse! I get it!’. Everything becomes so much more clear and your mind really opens up to what God wants you to understand.

  187. Janet Dougherty says:

    I do think that cross-referencing helps to learn more about the Scripture and how to understand what God is trying to help us understand. In cross-referencing Psalm 34:11 is stressed the simplicity of the message from God was to give us assurance that God will be there to take care of us and we should not doubt that. I did enjoy using this Bible study skill and will use it to help to understand God’s message to us through His scripture.

  188. Thanks Sarah
    I enjoyed this Bible study skill lesson very much. I am always searching for new ways of reading my Bible.
    I followed the download exercise and learnt how to use the on line cross referencing for the first time. I feel excited about being better equipped to maximise my learning. Thank you once again .

  189. I love cross referencing. It is a great study tool.

  190. Sarah, thanks so much for this beautiful lesson! I found akin 33:33 to be one of the cross references that spoke to me: “But if not, then listen to me;be silent and I will teach you wisdom”. It reminded me that to have fear or reverence for the Lord, I need to listen to him and to listen to him, I need to BE SILENT and keep it shut so that I can here him. Bible Hub is not one I have been using and I love it so thanks for that. Like you, I much prefer my paper Bible and always have it in my lap so I can see it, feel it and hold it–but I love these computerized tools!!!xoxo

  191. I learned that my bible has cross referencing verses. Now I know what all of those verses are to the right and left of the pages. Sad, I know. I’ve had this bible for a long time and honestly, never even noticed them before. EEK! Thank you for explaining and teaching me something so very important.

  192. I really do love cross referencing was doing it then i sorta of quit. Thanks for helping me get back into it, it will help me understand the word of God better…. Gonna start now.

  193. Thanks, Sarah, I needed your reminder to cross-reference…I just got a great nugget to help me go to Him first…and I’m eager to pull my Bible out when I get home instead of using my tablet 😉 This email and video was for me today – even though I looked at it a day late. LOL

  194. Thank you Sarah,
    This has really made me realize and discover a new way of seeing and studying scripture. It just makes the Word of God come alive and have a whole new meaning and perspective on whatever it is I’m reading or looking for to understand better.
    I’m going to share this with a few close friends who are also teachers of the Word and who I’m sure would find this a great asset to their teaching and research.

    What I’ve learned from cross referencing Psalms 34:11
    God will teach, advise and watch over us when we choose to fear him.
    He wants us to listen to Him and tell others of the good He has done in our lives.
    We need to reverence God and fear Him, striving to keep our lives pure for him in every way.

  195. Sarah,

    This cross-referencing video was awesome! I learned so much just regarding one scripture, when cross referencing Psalm 34:11. After reading all of the related scripture I came to the following conclusions:
    1) You need to be SILENT, in order to LISTEN
    2) If you LISTEN, God will direct your ways, and help you in your words and actions.
    3) Obey God
    Because as Psalm 111:10 says, “The FEAR of the Lord is the BEGINNING OF WISDOM, all who follow his precepts have GOOD UNDERSTANDING. To him belongs eternal praise.”
    Great message yesterday, love it <3

  196. Alicia Newburn says:

    Makes you study scripture with different points of view. God wants us to listen he will teach the right way and how to fear him.

  197. Sarah, Thank you so much for the “tips” I had never heard of BibleHub before. My online go to has been Bible Study Tools. But, I love the layout of Bible Hub, & you were right, I couldn’t believe how much time flew by while I was studying!

  198. Thank you so much for telling us about Bible Hub! I stayed up late last night looking on the site (probably too late, lol). I am super excited about all that I’m learning from this study! Thank you again!

  199. Thank you for teaching me about cross-referencing. I knew about the references in the study portion but never looked further into the references at the side of the reading. Loved it! Sure pulls everything together. I learned from Psalm 34:11 that God will give me wisdom if I follow him and listen to his teachings.

  200. Thank you for your cross-referencing bible study skill and introducing Biblehub.com, what a great resource to help you dig deeper in the Word and grow closer to our heavenly Father. God Bless!!!

  201. I love this new tool of cross-referencing … altho’ I am a ‘scribbler’ in my Bible margins — thanks for sharing.

  202. Alexandra-Leigh says:

    I absoLUtely think that cross-referencing can help us learn more, as well as become more involved in, Scripture! I have a Key Word Study Bible, and I can remember one of the first mornings I tried using its many, many additional study features, namely the Old and New Testament dictionaries. I started out just taking notes on a piece of printer paper, I think, but one thing led to another led to another, and I ended up with twenty or so verses to look up after researching one word’s definition (if I remember correctly)! I remember being struck then by the thematic connectivity between the books in the Bible, and how much more deeply I could understand even a single word of the text by looking into its context–linguistically-speaking and by way of cross-referencing!
    So, Sarah? Thank you so much for bringing cross-referencing back to the forefront of my mind, and thank you for challenging us all to look at the Word in that way again. It was really nice to be reminded of why it’s so helpful. 🙂

  203. Katherine says:

    Sarah-thank you for this answer to prayer! I was struggling to really get something concrete out of my p31 morning reading. I have limited time but want to get maximum return on that time investment. Cross referencing has really been awesome. It sets the concept God has for me that day more solidly in my mind when I reference it other places in the bible and gives me the opportunity to study it more thoroughly.

  204. What a wonderful lesson and tool! I have always and forever wondered how folks cross-referenced. I mean, I always heard others say this verse and then reference another but never had any clue how they could possibly remember and find the other verses than corresponded. Thank you so much! I know this will help me learn immensely!

  205. I never knew about cross referencing. This will be such a great tool to continuing to study the Bible. I am so excited to learn more about God’s Word!

  206. He tells us everything over and over–one line at a time, one line at a time, a little here, and a little there!”Isiah 28:10. Thanks Sarah, it is so amazing how these lessons hit us where we are…this spoke to me a little differently than many perhaps? I am finishing my PhD and am a researcher at heart and it was amazing to learn God wants me to cross reference or cite His amazing word too.

  207. Alicia Cummins says:

    Yes I do believe cross-referencing the bible does help you learn more about the scripture. It reinforces what you are reading. You are digging “deeper” into the Word. It also helps you understand verses you may not completely understand. It helps you link things and events together also.

    In cross-referencing Psalms 34:11, I learned that there is a lot of instruction in the Bible about listening and being silent as a way to obtain wisdom.

  208. Brenda Schiesser says:

    Thank you, Sarah. We can’t ever get enough instruction on how to study the Bible well.

    God Bless!

  209. Thank you Sarah! I do not have a study Bible and have never heard of Biblehub before either. What an exciting new way to dig into the Word!

    I plan on practicing cross-referencing right away.

  210. I use to more less do this when i was a teenager in church as a game because i never got much from the preacher he would talk to fast and i would get lost so i would keep up as i could then once i was lost i would go on by myself reading what the verse told me to go to next…i never knew i could learn so much and sometimes i wow myself…i was out of church for years but i went back 4 years ago and in the last 6 months ive really been digging…its like im looking at it with freash eyes…i want to be closer to jesus and i want my whole family to be closer as well…i feel like i find myself preaching and my pastors wife told me to keep preaching that ill get them there…im the AWANA teacher for cubbies and I love it somedays Im like why am i teaching 4 year olds and puggles come to my clas which there 1-2 in that class cause we have a very small church anyways but wheny daughter this last sunday we was goong to sunday class and we get up and say verses and other stuff…i told her to say jesus loves me…she sang Jesus loves me and my heart felt so blessed cause then i knew that it was all getting in her head even if i though she wasnt listening and shes only 2

  211. Cathy Bates says:

    I know I’m about a week late at getting to look at this post (life you know), but I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much Sarah for sharing with us and explaining how to cross reference. 🙂 I grew up with parents who always used the KJV and each page had the section down the page with all of those little numbers in it and I never knew what those numbers were. Now I get it. 😀 I really love the Bible Hub online tool and how it not only has the cross references but also the different parallel verses. I am DEFINITELY going to be using this wonderful new tool to help me dig deeper into God’s Word. I know it is going to strengthen my faith. 😀 Thanks again Sarah. 😀

  212. Naomi Reed says:

    Cross-referencing is very beneficial! You see where the same ideas/concepts are mentioned in other areas of the Bible.

  213. I have cross referenced in the past when I was deal I Nguyen with a particular issue or subject (dealing with betrayal or anger, for example), but wasn’t using it as a regular part of my Bible study. I may need to rethink that!

    Thanks for going over this with us and reminding me that this tool isn’t just for research in those times, but should be used regularly to help to show me what God is trying to teach me.

  214. Sarah, you are not alone. I love thumbing through the pages in the Bible as well. The apps are a great resources who you need another translation or sharing scriptures in different languages. I have a study bible that is full of references, end notes, summaries, outlines, maps, etc. It has truly blessed me in my studies. I would encourage anyone to get one. (Warning, you will need to get a sturdy bag as these bibles can me heavy! LOL). Mine is about 2,500 pages.

  215. I did learn something about cross reference. I have the New King James Version Bible and thought about purchasing a study bible as Sarah mentioned. Honestly I considered it a bit pricey but realized it would be such a GREAT INVESTMENT IN MY FAITH.

    p.s. Love Sarah’s accent! <3

  216. Charlotte says:

    Thank you Sarah. Cross-referencing is a great tool. It really helps you understand the verses meaning better. We have all come across verses that leave us scratching our heads because we sense a deeper meaning but cannot quite figure it out. I love all the notes you take in your bible. I too, like to write in mine.

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  240. Thank you!!! I’ve been searching and wondering why and how to cross reference!!! I’m so excited!!!! Now I’m ready to dig into His Word!!! Thanking God for your assistant!! God Bless you!!!

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