Give Us Jesus. Week 5!

"Healing From Our Past. Week 5” by Melissa Taylor and Nicki Koziarz | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #BecomingMore #P31OBSHey, guys! Can you believe we’re starting week 5 of our #BecomingMore #P31OBS today?  Goodness, how times flies!

In this week’s video, Lysa TerKeurst has some beautiful truth for us on how we can get unstuck from regrets and move into a place of purpose.  Her words will touch your soul, friends. You don’t want to miss this!

OBS: Becoming More, Week 5 from Proverbs 31 Ministries on Vimeo.

If you can’t see the video above, click here to view in YouTube.

As Lysa says about our past:

“We’re only going to find healing through Jesus.”

Yes! Give us Jesus.

Here’s the Weekly Lowdown with everything you need to know to be ready for your week. And for all our OBSers who love to plan, we’ve got you covered with a suggested weekly guide on the second page of this downloadable PDF.

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Here is this week’s verse to share, print, pin or post wherever you want!

Hebrews 12:1B-2A (NIV) | "And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus." | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | Week 5 verse of the week | #BecomingMore #P31OBS

Let’s Chat: 

Observe  What part of Lysa TerKeurst’s video teaching can you relate to most? What words of wisdom from the video can you take away and apply to your own life?

Bible — Take a moment and read Hebrews 12:1-2.

In your notebook or journal write out your answers to these questions:

  1. Is something hindering you in your faith race? Ask God to show you what it is and how to get back on track.
  2. What can you do to ‘fix your eyes’ on Jesus?
  3. How did Jesus finish His earthly race? What does that mean for us as His followers?

Stretch   Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by _______. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

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Happy Week 5!!!

Melissa and Nicki

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  1. ? Are those Tori Burch boots?

  2. Observe —I loved when Lysa said your past can help someone else’s future. It just reminded me of the power of testimony and allowing God to use you. I know I can apply that to myself because sometimes I shy away from being vulnerable with others.

    Bible — Hebrews 12:1-2 -I’m excited to reflect on this deeper and really mediate on what it means. It’s been hard for me to actually sit down and write everything out. Having this a part of the bible study serves as a consistent reminder to do so. I grow so much when I take the time to really dive into the bible and write out what God gives me. I think this is something that is personally hindering me, or that I am hindering myself by not doing more often.

    Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking him by calling a friend/sister in Christ. I’m taking the advice from the video. God has blessed me with them for a reason. This is right on time because lately I’m starting to feel like I’m letting my busy-ness impact my relationship with God negatively. I feel like I’m always racing against the clock lately and that there is never enough time.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      I’ve learned through these studies that it helps me grow also when I sit and write out the verses. Thanks for sharing Skylar! God Bless!

  3. Marilyn Marie P31 O~Team says:

    Observe~ “Our past can help others” was reassurance that I can be light for others if am willing to share my transformation…

    Bible~ Jesus fulfilled the Father’s will and plan by taking on the sins of the world and sitting on throne of God, so that I could live… I am so grateful…

    Stretch~ This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying and reading scripture
    #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  4. O – God can forgive any past. And then use it to help others.
    B – Jesus’ great love for us led to giving up his life for us. To fix my eyes on him, I will stop and pray for the situation. When my eyes turn from Jesus, it’s because I’m focusing on the problem/people in front of me. I want to pray, pray, pray!
    S – This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will seek him out by praying for the people in the situation. #liveitout

  5. Donna Morris says:

    This week I will stay in the word and will pray without ceasing to feel God’s presence.

  6. Lori Starr says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. We do need to remember to reach out to others and get our minds off ourselves. I enjoy going to sermon audio and listening to sermons during the week if something is really weighing me down.

  7. This week I will memorize my scripture , saying over & over throughout the week, to feel Hod’s presence

  8. Mary in NH says:

    O – Let my mess become my message. Troubled childhood didn’t stop me from going to college, it didn’t ruin my life despite some foolish choices I made as a young adult. Every time I set my eyes back on Jesus, I am able to move forward.
    B- My faith race right now is being hindered by unbelief. I’ve focused on the problems in this current season, seeing them as “only getting worse,” rather than looking to Jesus for the possibility of some miracle. I need to focus on all the good Jesus has done for me in spite of my current circumstances. With a grateful heart, I can trust Him. In the end, heaven awaits us, our joy. Meanwhile here on earth, He will be with us during each rough season.
    S – This week when I don’t feel Gods presence I will seek it by remembering the good He’s done in my life.

  9. Penny Diamond says:

    Regret can be such a heavy burden to bear! I have a big betrayal done to me that I have to learn to let go and allow God to walk me through the pain the regret of what I could have done to prevent this betrayal and rest in Jesus! Also feeling that I could have done better with raising my boys; being more kind and less impatient! But God is gracious and through my imperfections will bring about grace and victory and a new day!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Penny, I’m sure your boys love you and think you were a great mom. Thanks for sharing! God Bless!

    • Brenda P31 O-Team says:

      Penny: You are a wonderful person! God has a plan for you….by moving past this regret you can move forward into God’s healing. The Bible says that “He heals the brokenhearted and BINDS UP their wounds.” I had a wonderful teaching on this very verse several years ago. This is what was told to me: He is the Great Physician and we know that He heals us. Our broken hearts are probably the hardest to heal because those images, those thoughts, that past, is always there – it always reminds us! It is as if you go to the hospital because of a ailment or wound. What is the first thing that is done? Cleaning out! Then antibiotic and bandage. Well that is exactly what God does! He will “BIND UP” bandage our wounds and heal us! He is doing a new thing in YOU, my friend! Don’t you forget that! <3

  10. O: “We only find healing thru Jesus.” Yes, here in Indiana there are so many young people ruining their lives with Meth and heroine. So many manufacturers who can’t find people to fill jobs because applicants can’t pass the drug test. So much hopelessness out there. Have they not heard of Jesus? As Christians how do we reach them? I’m praying about this a lot lately.
    B: I will keep getting up early in the morning (just like Jesus) with my Bible, my journal, my prayers and OBS!
    S: I will with run hard after God by finding a quiet place and pray, by saying the name “Jesus”–sometimes that’s all I have time for, but He hears every time!

  11. Danielle Mackley says:

    As I have learned to deal with difficult people in my life, I have clung to Hebrews 12:14-15. “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. 15 See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many. ” The bitterness root is so sneaky and creeps up so quietly that sometimes I have not noticed it until it is deep and much harder to uproot. As I develop relationships of many kinds I do my best to live in that peace.

  12. Diana Wilson says:

    Regret keeps me away from God. The guilt I feel with certain regrets in my life, keep me from actually praying because I feel such regret. When I actually look head on at those instances and ask forgiveness, it is so much easier to come to God again. I do find it creeping back up in my mind and so I know I must let it go. Keeping focused on Him, will help me not let those thoughts creep back up.

  13. Good morning!!

    Observe: I love how Lysa talks about using her past circumstance to help others. As God has taught me several times in my life, even though our situations may be painful in one season of our lives, that same situation can be helpful to someone else in their difficult season. It’s been almost 8 years ago that I suffered a miscarriage. It was one of the most devastating seasons of life I have ever gone through. It was emotionally painful and created a lot of fear during my following pregnancies. I never thought anything good would be able to come from such a painful and fearful season. But between then and now, I have encountered women who are very special to m and I love very much and who have gone through this painful event in their lives as well. Every micarriage situation is different, but I was blessed to be able to be a trusted support for these women in a way that not many others could be. I felt like God really used my painful past and transformed that pain into a blessing of being able to help others.
    Bible: there are all kinds of discouragement a and distractions that can throw me off of my faith race with God. Many many waves that can rock my boat daily. But God tells me to take my eyes off of those waves. Take my eyes off what is seen and keep my eyes and my heart fixed on what is unseen-Him. It says in our Hebrews verses that Jesus found joy before him as He endured the shame of the cross. He teaches us that we can find joy in our situations as well. It may be hard to see in the pain of the moment, but if we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus the perfecter of our faith we will receive that joy.
    Stretch: this week when I don’t feel Gods presence I will seek it out with my heart by filling myself with inspirational scripture, songs, podcast sermons, anything that will help being me closer to Him.

  14. Stephanie Rast says:

    When I don’t feel God’s presence, I will praise Him. I will put on worship music and position my heart before Him with thanks. Praising Him drowns out the noise of the world, and causes my enemy to flee! Often when I don’t feel close to God, it’s because I’ve been listening to the enemy’s lies about me. I praise my God to silence the liar.

  15. O – God has opened so many doors for me to help others in their marriage after I went thru a nightmare with my own. I found a faithful God and therefore show Him to those who had the same pain as I experienced. Our God is an Awsome God.
    B- This book the Bible is my life blood I am soaking up the words like water to a thirsty soul. Jesus finished His earthly race with giving his life for us what more can I do for others?
    S – by asking and sharing with a dear friend that I trust and pray with.

  16. I’m in the middle of realizing how much I have let my past affect my now. Letting go of anger, guilt, shame, & regret has allowed me to receive healing. It took receiving forgiveness and forgiving others to let Jesus minister to me and break bondages that have held me back from #BecomingMore. Thank you, Lysa, for showing me a better way to live through your book.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Jodi, too many times I’ve found myself letting the past define me and it’s a pattern I need to break. You aren’t alone!! God Bless!

  17. Kerri Buckner says:

    I find so much comfort in knowing that God can use my past to help others. There have been times already when I have been honest with the youth I work with that have helped them.
    My faith can be hindered by my attitude. I can let being overtired make me cranky and irritable and that keeps me from being who God wants me to be. When I struggle to feel God’s presence I’m going to pray and review the scripture I’m trying to memorize.

  18. Melissa Brown says:

    O: Let my mess become my message. I have used my past troubles, hurts and regrets to help others. I have came to this point because of Jesus. My friend said to me your not the same person by how you speak how you act how you love and how you have changed. I said its Jesus. It has nothing to do with me I give him all that glory. If people can see Jesus through me I have done what God has called me to do.
    B: When I have circumstances to come I focus all my energy on that and not on God. I don’t fully give it to him. I give it to him but I hold onto it and it weighs me down. I have to just trust in him fully and give it completely to him. The more I learn to have faith, praying, and keep Gods word in me I will start believing he will do.
    S: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by worshiping and prayer . #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  19. This is timely because lately I have been looking back to my past and thinking of the things that I could have/should have done to be a better me now. I really need to stay in the present and enjoy what God has given me right now. No regrets, nothing I can do to change the past now…only to change my reaction to what is happening now. I need to really stop and take a breath/pause and look around me to see God’s beauty. I do think that the things that I chose to do in the past have shaped my life and I need to think about how I can use those lessons to build a better me, not a different me.

  20. Monday- Still so sick from last Thursday. Up at 4:50 to do my Bible Study. This Bible Study has taken the same routine every morning. Up and Bible Study before social media, tv, or meal prep for the day. God gets my first through the recommendation of Lysa Terkeurst, and BOY has it made a change in me. The verse for the week is so fitting for my life. PERSEVERANCE-RACE-FIX-JESUS is how I am keeping myself motivated. God is so good. Thank you, OBS ladies for getting my path directly to Him through your ministry.

  21. Ashley Lambert says:

    O: I still struggle with forgiving and moving past some things of my past. I know in my head that God has forgiven me, but I just quite forgive myself. But I love how she says we can turn our mess into our message. That is powerful and another perspective change. I have not given that a chance to happen until now.

    B: There is so much in these verses. I want to take all that entangles me and lay it at the foot of the cross. I will be shifting my prayers from please forgive me but please take everything that entangles me so I can be more free to run His race for my life. Jesus stayed the course on the cross to ensure my salvation was fulfilled. I need to stay the course even when life is hard and keep my eyes fixed on my eternal life with Him and living the life He wants me to live.

    S: This week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will turn on Pandora and listen to worship music and also pull out my card with Hebrews 12:1-2 personalized and pray it to Him.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Ashley, that is something that I still struggle with but I keep reminding myself that I am not greater than Jesus so if He can forgive me than so can I. Thanks for sharing! God Bless!

  22. I’ve really needed this. I’ve got things I’ve not taken away that are hindering and it feels like I can barely move. I need A good kick to get going, but morr than that I need success for not just me but those connected to me. Obedience brings peace and I need to make peace with others and peace with myself. Courage, here I come!!!!

  23. O – I love the truth that we only find healing through Jesus.

    S – This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praising Him and praying to Him. I may not feel His presence but I know He is there hearing me.

  24. Lysa’s message about dealing with regret touched my heart. The phrase “make your mess your message” stands out to me and compels me to live that out daily by healing others through their messes by sharing God’s love and grace. It also makes me want to go to the She Speaks conference!! Praying for that door to swing wide open this summer! 🙂

  25. Marthe Hjortshoj (P31 O-Team) says:

    Observe–It is important to get to place to take the lows of our life and allow God to refine them. Then they can bring God glory or shield others from the path of difficulty. I can be bold to allow Jesus to turn my mess into a message.
    Bible–I have been hindered by anxiety and fear. I can fix my eyes on Jesus by refocusing when anxiety starts to creep in–praying and worshiping Him. Since Jesus finished His race strong, I can follow His example!
    Stretch–This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying for His presence. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  26. Thank God for reminders from wise women who stay in tuned with our Awesome God.
    I will keep on keeping on…pick myself up and start all over again. Hopefully remembering to keep my eyes on Jesus. Firmly believing He has control and I am perfect in His eyes even when bad stuff happens. To live in the joy of the Lord and know each day that others need to see that joy I have in Him. Praying we all will share the Gospel with boldness and without fear. God bless you minute by minute.

  27. O—Let God use my past to better other people; unlocks us from the prison of self and ushers us forward. “Your mess can become your message.” Beauty from ashes! And I certainly have a heap of ashes in my past. Thankfully, God is an amazing artist who transforms even my mess into something that He can use for His glory! I also love the “DON’T QUIT” quote too!

    B—1. Right now, is something hindering my faith race? Fear and Fatigue. Fear of the unknown, how are we going to pay our bills, how am I going to pay for my medicine, how…blah blah blah…God is my provider, and I need to CHOOSE to remember that. Fatigue from not sleeping. Worry gets the better of me, especially as soon as I climb into bed. Hours later, I am still struggling to fall asleep. 2. So how can I fix my eyes on Jesus? Through God’s Word: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you. Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.” (Matt 6:33-34) “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:4-7) Letting these familiar passages (and many more) come to mind, and even seeking them out if they get stuck in the gunk of life, really helps me take some deep breaths, calm down, and cast my burden once more before the Lord (1 Peter 5:7). 3. How did Jesus finish His earthly race? On the cross. Death. Conquering of Death so that I don’t have to. Which means, though my earthly race may end in death, it ushers in a great entrance into Heaven for eternity with the King of kings, my Abba Father, and my savior Jesus Christ. I’ll take it. That is a race worth finishing. Until then, I’ll train. As the semi-colon reminds me, it isn’t over yet. God is the author of this life, and until He stops writing it, I will press on, no matter how hard it gets, for God is my strength, God is my fortress, and Jesus is my savior. When I am weak, God is strong, and pulls me through. Sometimes He enlists His people to grab my arms and drag me, but He pulls me through!

    S– This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by PRAYING and READING SCRIPTURE. To jump-start, some worship music is on deck. It helps that my 3-year old son’s favorite song is “Soul on Fire” so we listen to that about 5 times a day 🙂

  28. Janice sylvester says:

    This life is a marathon and not a sprint. I must daily (and throughout each day) rely on His endless abundant grace to persevere toward the goal to which God has called me/us heavenward in Christ Jesus. Thx for your encouraging study. Janice

  29. Melinda Marzan says:

    Observe — I Have not dealt with this pain and regret like she talks about but i have a friend who has dealt with this. My friend is not a believer and I often wonder if she truly healed from that. I really like how she said we cant change the past but we can use it to help others.
    Bible: in my journal
    Stretch — Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying for God to reveal himself to me.
    – See more at:

  30. Lynn fincher says:

    Wonderful encouragement in today’s video.
    O looking back I can see my healing only through Jesus.
    B keep my eyes on Jesus .Open my heart and pray without ceasing. Continue to preserver .
    S prayer and scripture..
    #LiveitOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  31. Observe- “By His wounds we are healed…” This passage is said so often during this time of Lent…a time of reflection….
    Bible- That passage really hit me today…it all goes back to the cross. When Jesus finished His earthly race on that cross he freed us from life’s regrets and mistakes. Jesus, only Jesus…
    Stretch- Through Bible study and prayer…I also like the suggestion of worship music and quiet…finding God in our crazy lives.
    Thanks everyone! Have a good day!

  32. Shayla Donaldson~ P31-O Team says:

    O- I must deal with the pain and hurt in my life with Jesus’ help. I must allow Him to heal me from the inside out.
    B-I will pray and meditate on these in my personal devotion time. I have written them in my journal.
    S-Praying, Seeking Him through His Word and Embracing His Presence

  33. There are times when I look back at all the things I’ve come through and wonder what purpose there was in the suffering. I pray that the Lord will open my eyes to what is holding me back from reaching out to others going through those same sufferings.

  34. Louanne braylee says:

    Quand je me sens loin de God, jr relie des passages de mon journal et mon coeur s’ouvre a nouveau encore plus grand pour Lui. Merci Lysa pour ton message sur les regrets, tu m’as fais sourire .

  35. Observe: i loved hearing “your mess can become your message” .isnt that just like our merciful Savior. He can take the worst sin of our lives and use it to His glory by making it a source of redemption and strength.
    Stretch: when I feel empty and seeking God’s presence I will do as Nikki suggested and listen to praise music and rejoice in Jesus.

  36. Autumn Smith says:

    Observe – The part of Lysa’s teaching that spoke to me the most was the fact that we can’t move forward with God if our past keeps pulling us down, and the only way to find healing is through Jesus. This video made me realize that there are parts of my past that I didn’t even realize are holding me back. I am in a beautiful, loving relationship right now and I’m happier than I have ever been. However, the pain of a previous relationship and a devastating heart break is still hanging over me. It’s causing insecurities in my current relationship which I know shouldn’t be there. I feel like that shadow is holding me back from really giving my all to this man. This video made me realize that I need to open my heart to Jesus and let him heal that pain. It’s not that I haven’t prayed about it before, I’ve just been asking for the wrong thing. I just always thought that pain would go away in time with my new relationship as that love grew. But I need to ask God to heal that pain and dissolve those insecurities, as only He can.
    Bible – 1. I think something hindering my faith race is myself, and not dedicating the time. I get so caught up in the throws of life and everyday stresses, that I forget to fix my eyes on Jesus. My prayer is that God shows me the way to make Him more centered in my life.
    2. To fix my eyes on Jesus, I think back to what Lysa said in Chapter 11 about being in a constant state of praising and thanksgiving. In everything I do, the moments where I feel I’m losing control, I need to stop and praise God. That will bring Him into that moment, and keep Him at the center of my life.
    3. I think Jesus finished his earthly race with perseverance and endurance. This verse says Jesus endured the cross – He didn’t let the pain keep him from his faith. As a follower, this was an eye opener to me because whenever I feel like my circumstances are getting too much and my faith starts to falter, or I feel far from God, I just think of what Jesus had to endure and see that God was always there. So no matter what I’m going through, God will always be there, I just need to persevere.
    Stretch – This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him by taking a moment away from what I’m doing, say a prayer, and praise Him.

  37. O: I’ve made a habit too long of letting my past hold me down. I need to break that.
    B: Memorizing scripture and singing praise songs is what I need to continue to do. Jesus finished His mission here on earth victorious over death. We all need to be victorious in the work that God has called us to do.
    S: I will keep seeking Him out by praying and reading His word.

  38. O—I enjoyed the time with Lysa again. Throughout this whole study she has spoken directly to me. My greatest regret is that I wasn’t a godly wife and because of that my now ex chose to have an affair and abandon his family. My head knows the choice was his and my lack of godliness did not have to result in that. But opening my heart to let Jesus in will result in my healing from this hurt and the entanglements of my self-destructing thoughts.
    B—In the midst of all the clutter and noise of a very busy life with 3 young kids, I can choose to shift my focus to Jesus. In the past I have done this by simply whispering Jesus, Jesus, Jesus (well honestly in my kitchen, I’ve actually yelled it out) and instantly, He calms me—but I have to allow myself to feel His presence.
    S–This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by playing praise & worship music and calling out the name of Jesus.

  39. Linda Hansen says:

    O – That my only healing will come from Jesus. I want to discover the freedom that Co especially from putting

    O – I am struck by Lysa’s transparency and honesty to share her past and how Jesus healed her. I have not been able to share that same experience in my life because of shame and guilt I have carried around for so long. To hear someone else speak about that journey to healing has given me a whole new prespective. Jesus can give me freedom through total healing.
    B – There is hope in this verse to keep going and keep my eyes on Jesus.
    S – I am going look to the Lord’s word and keep Him in my focus!

  40. Lynne Martin says:

    This week, when I find it hard to feel God’s presence, I will welcome Him into my situation with praise for all He is and thanksgiving for His blessings no matter the circumstances!

  41. There are many regrets in my past that I have allowed to hinder my faith walk: drug addiction, not going to college due to fear, an abortion…you name it, it’s there. That’s the first time I have ever said that outloud to anyone. Thank you Lysa for being bold enough to share your story. I have never told anyone about my abortion and the guilt and shame weigh me down and have kept me from truly committing my life
    to God, even though it was more than 20
    Years ago. My thought process was if I didn’t say it outloud I didn’t have to answer for it. But God knew, he was there through every tearful, heartbreaking moment. Regret and guilt are my baggage…I am so thankful that we serve a God that is willing to carry that load, forgive it and forget it. Thank you for this message today, thank you for allowing God to speak his perfect words through you Lysa to open my heart and begin the healing process!

  42. This week when I don’t feel His presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying through verses/listening to music. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Being more intentional. #liveitout

  43. This week when I don’t feel God’s presence I’m going to seek Him out with praise and worship and opening up my Bible and get fed.

  44. Laura Ashley says:

    Observe: I love how our past can also be our stronghold. I have seen this firsthand with a bad choice I made while in college. It affected me in a way that I had no idea it would for years. Through the experience, I was able to come back to God in a way that I never would have imagined for my life. I felt so unworthy of his love and during that time is when I felt it the most. It’s amazing.
    Bible: I think there is sin that hinders my faith race. Trusting God fully with every aspect of my life is a difficult skill that I believe we all fall short of at some point. This is probably the biggest hinderance to my faith race. I always want to be in control and understand all decisions that have affected me. But my ways are not His ways and for that I am thankful! I have to remind myself of this daily, especially during adverse circumstances.
    Stretch:This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will seek him out by praying for him to help me come closer and make the effort to rely on the truth rather than my feelings.

  45. This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying and telling Him all that is on my heart and reading more of Hus word. I’ll also ask Him to reveal any unconfessed sin that I am not aware of, where am hiding from Him? where am I not trusting Him? #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  46. O- to not allow my past to ruin my future.
    B- I needed to look at people’s hearts, not allow their personality to block me from seeing their love for God.
    S- praise Him with Thanksgiving; I have filled my Instagram with spiritually uplifting people so that I’m inspired all the time. This is a big plus!

  47. O- We’ve all fallen short and God can use our mess to be our message. We can find healing in Jesus and it requires us to be free from self destructing thoughts.
    B- there is still a stronghold in my life that I battle and that hinders me. I’ve got to stop parking my mind on shame and thoughts of unworthiness that I know are from the devil. I’ve got to allow God to heal me completely from these destructive thoughts and the sin that entangles me by truly receiving his forgiveness and letting go of my shame. He endured the cross so that we can be free.
    S- This week when I don’t feel Gods presence, I will call on His name immediately and seek Him in prayer.

  48. Bethany Navarro says:

    Observe — Everything Lysa said spoke straight to my heart and soul. I love how she explained that our past regrets don’t have to be shameful and upsetting but they can be a testimony to someone who needs to hear that wisdom and word you have.

    Bible — I believe something that hinders me, a long with a lot of people, is fear. Even when we’re on fire for God and running the race sometimes it seems fear can creep in and mess with us! Fear only slows us down and takes our eyes off Jesus! Just like when the disciples were on the boat at night and Jesus walked on water. Peter decided to take that next step of faith and he started to walk towards Jesus but then he took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the circumstances around him. I want to keep my eyes on Jesus even when the storms of life come my way.

    Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by faith and worshipping him!

  49. O: Healing comes from Jesus
    B: Fear is hindering my faith race
    Thanksgiving and praise will help me focus on
    Jesus finished His race sitting at the right
    Hand of God
    S: This week when I don t feel God s presence I will keep seeking Him out by Thanking And praising Him

  50. Observe — 
    I think what stood out the most to me is that Luda could take her experience of something she regretted and use it to reach out to others who may be going through the same regret or help prevent them from going through that same experience. I think if I was able to find ways to use my hurts for good I would feel more like there was a reason for it all.

    Bible — Hebrews 12:1-2.
    I think the only thing that hinders me in my faith race sometimes is doubt that I can do it, but that scripture says “since there are a multitude of witnesses watching me” and remembering that I am a witness for God will help him to stay on track.

    Fixing my eyes on Jesus means not worrying! Wow is that hard 🙁

    Jesus finished the race doing his fathers work, and so must we, always be witnesses no matter where we are, grocery store, church, work, and even at home.

    Stretch —  
    This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by finding silence in the chaos . #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  51. O — I can relate with not being able to move forward because our past keeps pulling us back. I love how she uses the word “Tangled”. WoW! What a perfect discretion of how I feel about sin and sin in my life. “….we need to be free from the entanglements of self-destructive thoughts.” Amen!

    B — As I am doing this lesson, I took some advice from Nikki, and have worship music playing in the background. As I got to this part of reading Hebrews 12:1-2, Come as you are by Crowder came on. Wow! What a reassurance to what I just read. Just wanted to share…….

    S — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by turning on some worship music. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  52. I love “fixing our eyes on Jesus”, It’s been a difficult thing for me. I pray I never stop fixing my eyes on Jesus, I feel that when things appear well in my life I tend to stray away from my faith so today I give thanksgiving to God and pray for wisdom, peace, and perseverance to never let go again. In Jesus name, Amen.

  53. O-what an eye opener and a freeing time for me about something that has pained me for many years. I am so glad for this day in dealing with the past that is hindering us.
    B-Jesus died for my sins and I can look forward to spending eternity with Him.
    S-this week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying, and reading the word and singing praise to His name.

  54. Faith Park says:

    I love that Lysa is so honest about her past. It makes it easier to see that for myself. The statement you can turn you mess I to a message is a perfect way to explain what God can do with anything, even the worst things. That will be my prayer this week “I pray that Gos will help me turn my mess into a message by placing people in my path that will allow me to do that” Staying in constant prayer and being still will help me get back to feeling God

  55. Jennifer Wines says:

    I love this weeks verse. I memorized it years ago and remember always focusing on the idea of “fixing our eyes on Jesus”. In any and every circumstance if I fix my eyes on Jesus then his peace and love can flood my spirit. I have had some many regrets with the my kids. Just days you wish you could get back, but I’m so thankful that God is faithful to fill in the gaps where I fall so desperately short! He has surprised us with a new baby. We did not plan or even want another baby now that our kids are almost 11 & 13. But oh what a blessing our little one is. I’m soaking up all the days and trying to live without regrets! Thank you Lord Jesus!

  56. Cleasa McLain says:

    O-Whatever we have went through in our past, can be used by God to help others. We just have to be willing to give it to Him so He can use us. It is so encouraging to read and hear Lysa TerKeurst’s story/messages. It is inspiring to me to know that others have survived after going through so much. She makes it very real to me.
    B-Hebrews 12:1b-2a And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, 2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.
    S-When I don’t feel God’s presence, I have to intentionally get alone with Him and pray, read, listen to music until I am revived by His spirit. It always helps get me back on track 🙂

  57. O-Lysa’s teaching — I have lots of things I’m not proud of from my past; I’ve felt like I blew it and can never recover from those things. But maybe God can use them for a message that helps others.
    B – The “weights’ that cling so closely as described in Hebrews can come off when I remember the “cloud of witnesses”. And yes, there are many–in heaven already & also still living on earth. Jesus finished with resurrection. I must believe that is for me as well.
    S – When I don’t feel God’s presence, I will look into the eyes of the witnesses I knew and still know and also into Jesus’ eyes.

  58. What I relate to the most is when I let self destructing thoughts cloud my mind. Maybe not just thoughts about myself but thoughts of other people as well. What words of wisdom will I apply to my life? To open my heart and let Jesus in. Jesus has my heart but I think sometimes I keeps portions of it to myself so that I can feel in control.

  59. Stretch: I will seek Him with prayer and patience knowing He will answer in time.

    I want to share a praise in hopes it will encourage others:
    Sometimes I get so parked into a negative situation that my mind even refuses to listen to praise music! That happened last week… with only 2 hours of sleep, worry and regret weighing on my soul. I was feeling like a failure but I did recognized these traits were not from the light & love of Jesus. (Separating the circumstance from my identity!) I simply prayed for Him to bind satan. (I refuse to cap that name & he is targeting me due to so much Bible study and decisions lately.) I asked God to remove the darkness. I then went about my work day… struggling to stay awake and focused that morning.
    In the afternoon… the fog lifted (out of the blue) and hope came into my heart in such a dramatic way it was hard to contain myself! My situation DID NOT change but my heart DID as it filled with the peace and joy I desired. Thank you, Jesus!
    By the way…THAT joy can also keep a person from sleep! After only 2 hours of sleep I still had trouble settling down by evening due to my spirit being lifted… not because of worry. I have ‘hope’ instead of ‘problems’. Geee… I did not feel exhausted OR sleepy. I still feel refreshed & recharged.
    The lesson for me….give it ALL to Jesus. All concerns (big & little) are important to Him. His timing may not be my timing but that is ok. That is why it is important to keep my eyes on Jesus as I run this race.

  60. Michelle Strickland says:

    O – When Lysa explained how a mistake can weigh so heavy one’s heart, my heart became heavy too. I’ve been there and honestly, there are some wounds that are still fresh. On the days where I want to reflect on what I’ve done, God can become more and more distant. This week, my prayers will be geared towards how I can focus on Him more. HE is the way of healing.
    B – Like stated above, I can focus on the negative. I wallow in worry and sadness, when I need to delight more in His glory. Focus and prayers to Him. I need to surrender all of my reservations and fears to Him. Jesus found joy in the glory and gave Himself for us.
    S – This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by prayer, thoughtful loving prayer! #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  61. Sarah McClellan says:

    I will admit, I’ve gotten a bit behind on my study and played catch-up. But I can’t help feeling that my delay was by God’s design. I feel like each section has really spoken directly to me in the absolute moments where I was seeking wisdom from God. It almost felt like God was saying, “Ok Sarah, you asked for it. Here’s what I have to share with you this week. You asked…now take this information and run with it.” While I have really enjoyed all of the other P31 studies I’ve done, I truly feel like this particular study has been a significant answer to my prayers in the absolute times I’ve needed it.

  62. O- I love what Lysa said about turning your mess into a message. After getting a divorce this last year through circumstances that I felt I didn’t have a choice in. I got very weighed down spiritually. I felt like I couldn’t be used by God anymore, but He definitely proved me wrong. I have had such an opportunity to be a witness for Him just by being able to talk about my circumstances and how God has brought me through it all. He really can take any mess and turn it into something good for Him.

  63. I refocus by worship music…..i write out my scripture also… I have something from my past I just out together. I want to help others with the same past.

  64. O- God uses our past to help others! This is so true. Many years ago; there was a murder in my family, committed by a family member (who is now out of jail and doing totally awesome!!). About 1 or 2 years down the road; I worked in a day care and discovered the sister of a woman had murdered her children. I was able to get right to her and talk, explain, encourage, pray – God used it mightily!!

    B- I believe I am hindered by always being concerned about “what everyone else thinks” I worry way to much and I am still trying to conquer it through the Power of the Holy Spirit!!

    S- Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by searching the Scriptures and praying specifically!

  65. Observe – I had a baby out of wedlock, and felt that I had let God down, my parents down, and that no one would ever love me or my baby. I have had so many rejections in my life that have scared my heart. I felt that I was not good! But God took my mess and turned it into something Good! I have been able to share my story with others that have been in the same place I was.

    Bible – I have several areas where I get hung up on, rejection & doubt! But God is bigger that this and if I allow him to walk me through this, learn what his word tells me, I will then be free!

    This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by writing my thoughts and feeling down in my journal, reading his word and singing praises to him. I love to have christian music on!

  66. O- don’t ever quit; add we’ll work things out for good especially changing one’s perspective.
    B – not praying enough. Pray it into his word more. Jesus rose and went to heaven and we are saved.
    S – when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking him out by praying.

  67. This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by UNRUSHING MYSELF, BREATHING, and LISTENING FOR WHERE I NEED TO REDIRECT MY ATTENTION. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  68. Mindy Corradi says:

    O: I can relate to God using our regrets for His glory. We are human and sinners and therefore there will be times in our lives we make choices we shouldn’t. But I think it is important to come to the realization that it was a bad choice, accept Gods grace and then use our past experience for Gods glory.
    B: Lord, please open my eyes to what is slowing down my passion and desire for you. I rebuke whatever stronghold is apart of me to be gone and never come back! I pray that you fill this space with an unquenchable desire for you. I can pray, spend quiet time with God daily, and make God the first priority in my day. Jesus finished his earthly race by sacrificing himself for us on the cross, so that our Father would see us as clean and blameless in his sight. For us it means we are forgiven if we just believe.

    S: This week, when I dont feel Gods presence I am going to just take a moment to pray and listen, whether this be with worship music, time in my bible or just simple one on one time in prayer.

  69. Adele-Alys P31-O-Team says:

    O- The prospect of inviting Jesus along into my past so he can release me from the pull it has to drag down and equip me to use it to guide the future of others really spoke to my heart. It reminded me first of Mr MacGregors Garden in the Peter Rabbit story. Thats what the Enemy would have you believe about the thing you most regret. ..dont go near it or …when you do…cover it up and deny that you did. When actually what God wants is for you to allow him to make that old thing new. As I was pondering this…a scene from To Kill A Mockingbird….came to my mind…You know the one…Jem gets his pants caught on the barbed wire fence as he is escaping from the Radleys yard…where Atticus told him not to go to begin with. When he goes back for them…he finds that Boo has folded them and put them over the rail so he can put them on. Thats what Jesus will do for you.

  70. The part of Lysa’s teaching that I relate to the most is instead of parking my life in guilt and shame give that to God and recieve healing. And my take away from the video is ” be free from the entanglement of self destructive thoughts.”. I can get so carried away with regret and self condemnation. Having to remind myself God !oves me, He robed Himself in flesh and died for me so that I can live freely in Him.
    I have a 25 mile commute to work and back, this gives me opportunity to seek Gods presence at the beginning and ending of each day, and the days I close out all distractions and turn to God I feel more peace, even in chaos.

  71. Donna Lee Little says:

    I can not begin to tell you what a blessing Lysa’s book and this Bible study has been for me. In today’s video that is so much me, living in the pass with my guilt and shame. I can and have forgiven many people in my life, BUT not myself. That is something that I have had ring true so much in this study. God has forgiven me, why can’t I?? That is something that I am really going to start working on with Jesus. I can’t move forward if I am stuck in the pass. Thank you all so much for this study and your wonderful words of wisdom. God Bless

  72. My mess is my message. Testimonies are power things. They help others to not feel alone. They help others see that there is hope for them.

    The bible is my guidebook for life. Whatever I’m going through m, the answer is there. Take time to sit before Him. Learn from Him.

    Be still …. Everywhere I turn that is what I see. That is what I hear. Must be my words for the year. So very hard for me to do. Yet Gid is making it evident that is exactly what He had for me. So many questions surround this command for me. First of all …I am rarely still unless Circumstances around me ” paralyze” me through sickness
    Second… What am I going to do with all that stillness? I’m an action person.
    Third… Stillness takes the control out of my hands and places it in the hand of God. Novel idea…. That’s just might work 🙂

  73. I love the Monday videos.
    O – Lysa talks about her past and although my past isn’t the same there are things that I can’t seem to let go of and just let God heal those wounds. I have a hard time forgiving especially when the person doesn’t say they are sorry and ask for forgiveness. I need to just let God take those on Him and let it go and try to make the best of what is now.
    B – I need to let go of the weight that pulls me down and I need to let go of the past. I can focus on Jesus by keeping in His word, having gospel music on and I have sayings on the mirrors or by my kitchen sink. Jesus finished the race set before him with joy knowing the outcome in the end.
    S – This week when I don’t feel God’s presence I will put on worship hymns that remind me of who He is and what He has done for me.

  74. Crystal Buffkin says:

    My past is with me everyday. I am divorced, 3 boys from that marriage. I am 6 years remarried to a man that never had children. It has been a hard road getting them all on the same page at the same time. Some daysare good and others are very bad. My husband always brings up my last marriage in negative ways. That marriage didn’t work out but 3 beautiful boys came out of it so I don’t need to be reminded of the past marriage. I want all my boys and my husband to get along so we enjoy our NOW and future. I am leaning more and more on God and prayer to help me have the peace and love this household deserves.

    • Brenda P31 O-Team says:

      That is Satan coming to you, reminding you of your past. God wants us all to move forward into His hope and future for us! Stand on His promises for they will never fail! No matter what anyone says……I like the saying: “When Satan reminds you of your past; remind him of his future!”

  75. Observe – The part of the video that I can most relate to is getting stuck in self-destructive thinking. The take away that I can apply to my own life is using the actions that I now regret to help others who are in recovery.
    Bible – 1) Self-centeredness, self-absorption, self- focus [ME] most often hinders me in my faith race. 2) ‘To fix my eyes on Jesus’ I need to reach out to Him both in my morning quiet time and through out the day to ask what He wants me to do; try to still my mind and be open to His message for me. 3a) Christ finished his earthly race through death on the cross to a ‘joy’ous resurrection. 3b) To His followers this tells us if we ‘keep our eyes on Jesus’ as He kept His eyes on the Father; we too can know the ‘joy’ of eternal life.
    Stretch – This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by using what I’ve learned in the Mindful Meditation class I have been taking.

  76. I had an affair in my past that caused tremendous shame and regret. I know God has forgiven me, but there are times the enemy reminds me of all the damage done. I have committed to sharing the terrible consequences of this with women in similar situations to keep them from the same sin.My mess is my message! I believe God can use even this for good!
    Also, when I don’t feel God’s presence I will sit and be still with an open Bible. My walk is definitely hindered when I don’t feel his presence for a period of time. Lord, help me experience you in a deeper way!! I pray this for everyone in our OBS!!!

    • Brenda P31 O-Team says:

      Know who you are in Him! The past shame and regret of your mistake isn’t your failure! He looks past all that and sees you as His, as a chosen woman of God, as beautiful and captivating. Quiet those thoughts by standing on His promises. They are truth! God uses even the ugliest messes for His good!

  77. O-Turn my thoughts about my past and use them to help others to have a better future. My mess can be my message.

    B-This passage reminds me to be sure to spend time with with God every single day and to never give up, no matter what I’m going through or regretting.

    S-This week, when I don’t feel God’s pressence, I will keep seeking Him out be ________ (daily Bible reading and listening to praise and worship music)

  78. O: “We can’t move forward w/God when our past keeps holding us back & pulling us down”.
    B: 1. I become distracted by life instead of focused on God.
    2. Pray & be thankful throughout the day.
    3. He sits @ the right hand of God. It means I am forgiven & I can finish my race well.
    S: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by saying out loud: Thank you God, I am grateful.

  79. Becka Harden says:

    When I don’t feel Gods presence I will keep reading God’s word and spending time just being present with him, asking him to draw me close.

    I also loved the idea about calling a good friend who can remind me of God’s truths. #beatruthteller #liveitout #becomingmore #P31OBS

  80. This study has been FANTASTIC!!!

    This weeks verse is my verse for 2016 and my word is Perseverance. I’m so excited to dig into these chapters and I just love the teaching information from Lysa. Thank you. ??❤️

  81. Another stray thought: If God seems far away you might want to ask yourself ‘Who moved’. (I can’t take credit for this thought, but it did come to mind.) Have a great day.


    • Stacy Lowe, P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      You are absolutely right! And there’s also something to be said for the wilderness. Sometimes, we can do everything “right” and still be unable to hear God’s voice and feel His presence. It doesn’t mean He’s not there though. There are lessons to be learned during those times and things He wants to teach us there we could never learn on the mountaintop.

  82. Thank you for reminding me that the sins of my past do not need to be used against me but can be used for good. Instead of dwelling on past mistakes, I can use my past to help others.

  83. This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by stopping what I am doing and taking a moment to pray.

  84. I can really relate to feeling the weight of regrets and shame from a past sin. Just when I am feeling God use my “Mess for His Message”, the enemy pulls me back down into the pit by bombarding me with lies of non-forgiveness and uselessness. When I stay in that pit, those days are dark and lonely and my attitude reflects my thinking. I search His word and “feel” as if God has left me. It is only when I can say ENOUGH to the enemy and put on God’s armor, that I can begin restoration. One of my favorite verses is, “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10 When I take time to really be still and listen to His word, the healing begins and He raises me up out of the pit to be used by Him to reach others. Oh how I pray that God can keep my earthly thoughts tamped down and my eyes on Him

    • Kate, P31 OBS O-Team says:

      God can keep your thoughts tamped down, and remove them from you, if you only let him. We hold on to those thoughts because we think they say a truth about us, and God’s truth isn’t good enough to overcome whatever that so-called truth is about us….but nothing could be further from the truth!! I have struggled with this for much of my life so I am speaking this from my heart. We don’t have the *feel* worthy in our thoughts or in our heart to BE worthy. But our job is to release our grasp from these not-truths and allow God to seep into all our broken places and fill in the places where the not-truth has broken us, to make us whole and lovely again.

      Are you familiar with a Japanese technique for repairing broken pottery that uses gold and other precious metals to repair the cracks? That’s what I think of when I have this image in my head of God seeping his precious truth into our broken places.

      Per Wikipedia: Kintsugi (金継ぎ?) (Japanese: golden joinery) or Kintsukuroi (金繕い?) (Japanese: golden repair) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique.[1][2][3] As a philosophy it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.

      Look on Google for “Japanese gold pottery” and you’ll see examples. I love that they treat the breakage and repair as part of the history, not something to disguise, and I believe God wants to do the same to us!

      Open your hand that is grasping these not-truths so that God can rebuild you and repair you and make you beautiful. He can’t replace our so-called truths in our minds with his truth until we let go (and keep in mind what we think about doesn’t change our status as saved, unless we actively reject God….dealing with these not-truths as they are, not-truths, just allows God to work more freely in turning our mess into his BEAUTIFUL message!).

      I SO feel your story in my own. But each day, we must vow to ungrasp the not-truths for HIS truth, and he will give us strength to do it!

  85. Observe — We find healing when we use our past to help others and guide them to make better choices. I appreciate her openness about her past…gives me hope to see how God has transformed her life! Praise you Jesus!
    Bible —My hindrance is not fixing my eyes on Jesus and not always confronting the enemies lies with the truth of Gods word! Gotta get my warrior on!
    Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praising Him and art journaling scripture in my bible!

  86. Dee Dawson says:

    Observe: Forgetting the past, the pain, the hurt. Being healed of the past. I will start asking how I can use this to help others. Bible: I do believe that unforgiveness and trust issues are hindering me in my faith race. I need to seek Him first every morning!! Jesus finished his earthly race by dying on the cross for our sins. Stretch: This week , when I don’t feel God’s presence. I will keep seeking Him out by reading the Bible. #LiveItOut # BecomingMore, #P31OBS

  87. I loved what Lysa said about turning your mess into your message. Like so many people, I have some huge regrets from my late teen/ early 20 years and for so long they have been holding me back and made me feel not worthy to be loved or just made me feel inferior. I work daily to overcome those feelings. Thank you for your message today.

    • Stacy Lowe, P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      Oh, friend, He is waiting to USE your past! I once heard the best analogy for this. Think of a stained glass mosaic- it’s created with hundreds of broken pieces, but it’s that brokenness that gives it its beauty. And I just ran across this quote today- You can’t use an egg unless it’s broken. Let Him use your brokenness inside from your past to bless others. He WILL use it for His glory if you’ll let Him! <3

  88. Sandy Sweet says:

    O – Turn our thoughts from our past into helping others have a better life.
    B – 1. Right now I feel like I am where I am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to be doing.
    2. Continue to get into His word each day by reading, praying & worshiping. Fill ourselves with God instead of the world.
    3. He focused on Gd, His father, even while enduring the cross. Keeping our eyes on Jesus, even during our trials and struggles, will help us get through them & win the prize Jesus!
    S -This wee, when I don’t feel Gd’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by calling out to Him, reading scripture and worshiping Him.

  89. I love the First 5 app. This has helped me so much in the morning take the first part of my day with God. This bible study has refocused my priorities. Making God a top priority in my life each day makes things go so much better! I am continuing to work on my prayer life and focus on that more. Each day I will continue seeking him first.

  90. Getting stuck in dwelling on past regrets/mistakes has caused me at times to think that God couldn’t use me–which I know is a lie of the enemy–because everyone has made mistakes and has regrets. And if all of us allow our regrets/mistakes of the past to keep us from moving forward in God’s purpose for us, we would be a paralyzed body of Christ!
    So, let Christ into the messy places so we can run the race before us and let our mess become our message that it will help others (not to mention ourselves!).

  91. O- Not to worry about the past, and focus on what is in front of us right now! We can not move forward with God if we keeping letting our past pull us back & with Jesus, you will find healing if you open your heart and just let him in.

    1. I am holding myself back, I need to stop daily and spend time with God and my bible. I need to ALWAYS make time to read the word and learn His word. Stop letting life distract me.
    2. pray daily and spend time with the word
    3. he died for our sins and I love when Melissa said “by His wounds, we are healed and set free to move forward” that right there is something that touches you so deeply

    S- This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by getting out my bible and reading scriptures and praying for his presence.

  92. So thankful for these bible studies. I could really relate to todays video. getting so caught up in life and feeling so far from God. Also allowing regrets to define me has been a struggle the last few years. Constantly reminding myself to let God turn my “mess into a message” is something I have to do on a daily basis. Im still trying to understand Gods purpose for my life. I know my life is not a mistake. Thank you ladies for all your time, prayers, and words. You make such a difference!

  93. Julie Newton says:

    Great session today. I too have past things that are hard to let go. great words from Lysa on that..

  94. Tammy Stoll says:

    O- Let Him use me in those areas I fell short in! Help others to make the same mistake.

    B- 1. Busy schedule; constant interruptions with people and/or my own thoughts.
    2. Re-focus; get to a quiet place; pray for those interruptive thoughts to stay out of focus for awhile to just get re-focused.
    3. Pain/cross!! If He can endure such sorry, sadness & pain for me (us) then I can surely endure what’s going on in my life!!

    S- Praying with my whole heart/ seeking Him with my whole heart. Being ALL IN!

  95. Brenda P31 O-Team says:

    There have been so many times in my life that I did not FEEL the presence of God. Whatever that looks like, feels like may be different for everyone; but for me it was just a sense of WHERE are YOU? I am sure that so many people can relate! But then there have been times where is Presence was very evident in my life. I believe this week, when I don’t feel the presence of God in my life, I will continue to seek by worshipping Him and reading His Word. Something is said about a person who CONTINUES….even when they don’t FEEL. And I will continue because I know in the continuing that is where I will FIND Him! #BecomingMore #P31OBS #LiveItOut

  96. I will fix my eyes upon the Lord God Almighty who graciously saved me. Only when you learn to “let go and let God” can you truly move forward in your daily walk with Christ. It can take half your adulthood to realize God can set you free from your past, no matter what you have done.

    Praising God is a forgiving and loving God. I hope everyone can experience true forgiveness thru HIM and and have a BLESSED week. I am so thankful for this Bible study!

  97. Observe: We will find healing. The only way to find healing is through Jesus. Open your heart to Him.
    Bible: What is hindering my faith race? worry, need for control, looking to others for approval or acceptance, people pleasing…
    To fix my eyes on Jesus this week I can listen to praise and worship music, I can recite and personalize Scripture verses.
    Jesus finished His race by dieing on the cross and finishing the work God had sent Him to do. He paid the price for our sins, so we could have a relationship with God.
    Stretch: This week when I don’t feel God’s presence I will keep seeking Him out by calling out to Him in prayer and then being still in His presence, listening for His still, small voice.

  98. It’s difficult for me to write this, but I too have the same regret as Lysa spoke about. So that is what I can relate to most. I was very young and scared and made that horrible choice (I cannot even write the word). In my past, I have let that decision keep me away from God because I felt so ashamed and not worthy. It is something that I am still struggling with so many years later, but I’m getting better. I am strengthening my relationship with God and am so thankful that he has NEVER left my side and love me no matter what. I was in tears listening to Lysa and I say this every week, but I am so blessed that she has come into my life with this bible study. I know God had a hand in this and I am so amazed by it. I cannot thank you all enough!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Renee, praying that you are wrapped in God’s overwhelming peace, and that the knowledge and truth of the forgiveness he gives you is a balm to your heart. We are so thankful *you* are here and in this study. <3

  99. O- I loved when Lysa said that my mess can be my message and that I am only going to find healing through Jesus. I feel so unworthy so often that I find reassurance knowing that Jesus is the only healer and I need to seek Him out and that I need to move forward and persevere.
    B- Hebrews 12:1-2 reminds me that I need to fix my eyes on Jesus and persevere without regrets of the past.
    S- This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying and reading His Word.
    #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  100. Rebecca Roundtree says:

    Hi everyone! I just want to say Thank You to the Proverbs 31 OBS team for creating this study and for your continued effort to encourage us all. It is quite remarkable. Just watched the most recent video and my heart was touched at the enthusiasm of the ladies…you all are glowing in God’s grace and it shows! The book is amazing and honestly, the enemy has tried to cause distraction regarding reading and watching the video teaching but Praise God, in those moments of distraction, I plead to the Holy Spirit to bless my devotional/prayer time and without fail, God shows up mightily. God is so good and such a good, good Father! Again, the teaching through this study is so incredibly rich and my heart is so grateful! Looking forward to participating in future studies. Blessings to you all!

  101. Mary O'Marra says:

    AS I woke up this morning the first thing came to my mind was my sister having all her testing today.
    I said ok don’t start you know God is with her. I kind of of laughed and said to myself Lord are you here?
    I closed my eyes and started thinking of a dear friend I have, who loves the Lord with all her heart. She is my go to person when I’m not feeling Gods presence. The Lord put in my thoughts some of our conversations and it was so wonderful before I knew it I was reading Psalm 103 because of my past that had been my struggle. I was afraid that God was so disappointed in me how could he forgive me, what a blessing now that I know that our Lord is so loving so forgiving that he died for my sins Wow what a great feeling. The amazing thing is how he has used my past to help others The more I was honest with myself and others God just kept showing his forgiveness and his Love. I was so late this morning in listening to this wonderful bible study
    I just thank God for ladies like you all. Your message this morning just reaffirmed all the answers in my life come from Gods words. Thank you Jesus for placing me in this study as you never make a mistake and always place me just as you want what is best for me Jesus I ask that you continue to Bless proverbs 31 team and they continue to grow in your words, Father God it is you I give all the honor and glory to. In Jesus name I pray.. Amen

  102. O: My mess can be my message. Love that! Like Lysa, the things I’ve gone thru in my marriage can help young girls with their future marriages and other wives in their marriages and with their husbands.
    B: Remember that everything works out in His timing; especially in those times of (long) waiting.
    S: Looking back at the previous weeks’ OBS notes, past journal entries, listening to worship music, and art/Bible journaling helps me feel God’s presence.

  103. Observe – I struggle with letting go of regret. Social situations are hard for me. I have always been a people person, but I will come home and rehash conversations over and over again. “Why did I say that”, “She probably thinks that I am such an Idiot”, She probably thinks that I think my child is better than hers.”. I will do this for several days. It gets so tiring, and makes me not want to be around people. I tryg to pray instead of rehashing, but I am having issues with doing that. I have asked God to help me let it go, but my mind goes right back to the same old behaviors. I am just going to continue in God’s word. Thank you for the wonderful bible study. I feel as if I am writing this book, makes me feel less alone.
    Bible- I am hindered in my faith race by poor self esteem and my need to please and be included. To fix my eyes on Jesus, I will pray and be in his word. I hang bible verses by my desk and also on my computer to help my focus. Jesus died on the cross to forgive my sins. He loves me and is the only person i need to worry about pleasing. I am included in the family, no matter what I have done.

    Stretch – I will seek God out through Prayer and staying in his word on a daily basis

  104. Chris Wheeler says:

    Observe — Regrets. So many. I see that I define myself by my regrets

    Bible — My past choices are what are hindering me. I have found that listening to worship music while I exercise keeps me more focused on Jesus

    Stretch — Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by being silent and praying for his presence.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Praying for you to be released from defining yourself by your regrets so that God can move in your life and show you how he will turn your mess into your message!

  105. O. My mess can become my message.
    B. Anger is hindering me in my faith race. I am asking God to show me how to get back on track. For me, focusing on Jesus requires prayer, worship and scripture reading. Jesus finished His race by persevering. No matter how difficult it was He kept moving forward. This means we too must persevere.
    S. This week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep searching Him out by focusing my thoughts on Him through prayer,worship and scripture reading.

  106. O – God can take the bad, hurts, and regrets and use them.

    B – Reading this scripture it says to me to always get up when we fall. Also, my race is the race God designed for me. It may not look like someone else’s race.

  107. O – Like Lysa, I have been filled with shame for an abortion many, many years ago. I will take her advice and turn my mess into a message and try to help others. B – I love this verse, it contains a strong message. Never give up for Jesus is always with you. S – This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him by reading His Word!#LiveItOut#BecomingMore#P31OBS

  108. Observe – Living with a deep regret and allowing God to use it to help others. I had an affair and my marriage ultimately ended in divorce almost 2 years ago. I have gone through many stages of grief and frustration and learning over the past few years. I can say that God has used me to help others when I have been open and honest about what happened and how I handled it. The fact is my marriage didn’t survive the destruction my decision caused but once I let my PRIDE go and turned it all over to God, He has shown me and others what only He can do!!! I’m not going to say that I don’t try to fall back into that regret and live in the past on occasion but I refuse to allow satan to hold me in that place! God wins that battle every time!!! I am not worthy but His grace and mercy cleanses me and for that I am eternally grateful!!

    Bible – Thank God Jesus didn’t finish His race hanging on the cross. He was raised 3 days later and because of that we can live in God’s grace and mercy.

    Stretch – I will listen to my praise & worship music and I will pray the Holy Spirit just fill me and God show me His presence!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Praise God that you have let go of your pride and allowed God to work in your life, and that He wins the battle every time! Praying for continued restoration in your heart and in your life.

  109. Cassandra Johnson says:

    O- I like when Lysa said that we should stop focusing on us and our mistakes and begin to focus on helping others not make the same mistakes we’ve made.
    B- whatever I’ve done in the past I will keep my eyes on Jesus. Just as Jesus didn’t focus on what was hindering him but kept His focus on the goal. Jesus finished his earthly race by taking on all of our sins at the cross.
    S – this week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will continue to seek him through His word and in prayer til I hear or sense Him.

  110. Kathy Conner says:

    As a ‘doer’, I get distracted by the things I feel I have to do throughout the day. They capture my thoughts, robbing me of my quality time with God. Sometimes I feel I am going through the motions. The part of the Scripture today instructing us to ‘throw off that which hinders’ us resonated with me. It is difficult to run the race when we are heavy laden. When I don’t feel God’s presence, I will continue seeking Him through faith, knowing He is always here…no matter what!! When I am faithful, He multiplies my time, allowing me to get things accomplished in accordance with His will and agenda. Truly amazing!!

  111. This week is so pertinent to what I am facing. I need to focus on Jesus to get out of my cloud of disappointment!

  112. What I took from the video with Lysa is that God can use even our worst mistakes for good if we learn to focus on him rather than on ourselves and the mistake.
    Bible — I would say that my insecurity is what hinders my faith race the most. I am learning to let go of it slowly but surley.
    I agreed with Nicki, when I am having trouble feeling God, I will but praise and worship music on my Pandora station and that helps.
    Stretch — Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by spending more time in prayer, reading my Bible and praying the Rosary.

  113. sharing our past hurts, helps others to heal and don’t feel alone, it creates a trust when someone shares a deep hurt and gives you hope, that you can overcome.

    People are watching our life song, our spirit will be tested, make sure I am living real.

    Sit and wait in God’s presence in solitude.

  114. Robin Puchala says:

    Observe — I really appreciate Lysa’s honesty with us. I used to beat myself up over mistakes my younger self had made. I lived in condemnation & shame– but drawing closer to God & the wonderful church I now attend have really helped me overcome all the self condemnation!
    Scripture — I need better habits, but I’m in a growing season with the Lord!
    The best way I “fix my eyes” on Jesus is by starting the day off in His presence. I journal my problem, find God’s promises to overcome thrm & then stand by faith on those promises!
    When I don’t feel God’s presence, I will put on Worship music & praise God! Learning to have stong enough faith to know God’s heart — He is always there!

  115. Joanne Thibodeau says:

    O. I need to turn my thoughts about the past into helping another have a better future. I liked that and will seek to do it.
    B. My lack of patience hinders me. I need to seek Him more in prayer and study.
    S. He ended it as He began it, by doing the Fathers will! He rose again for our justification, and all was done in love!!#liveitout

  116. Being aware of my thoughts! Recognizing when my thoughts are becoming more about me than about Jesus and others. Sharing how Jesus has transformed past hurts, regrets and choices into living a life of radical love for Him and others! Jesus girls overcome!

  117. Observe – Let my past mistakes only help me to be a stronger Christian today and to help others.
    Bible – 1. Is something hindering me in my faith race? I’m asking God to show me what it is and how to get back on track.
    Stretch – This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by prayer and scripture reading and by calling my good Christian friends if I need to.

  118. Kelsey Godfrey says:

    O: Knowing that I don’t have to be defined by my past decisions makes me honestly love God even more. I don’t deserve a fresh start every time I mess up, I don’t deserve forgiveness and grace and devoted love from Him but He gives it anyway, and thats the beauty of it all. I am so thankful for my identity in Christ because in Him I am made new!
    B: I think more than anything the world gets in the way of my focus on Jesus. I sometimes get so caught up in my to-do lists and things on MY agenda that I forget about God’s, and also the bigger picture that this life is only temporary, let’s run the race that HE set before us, HIS plans, HIS purposes for me. Remembering Jesus in the midst of this life is so important!
    Stretch — Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by: praying when I don’t necessarily “feel like it” or when I am overwhelmed by life and can’t feel His presence, also I liked the idea of just turning on songs of worship to give a few minutes of my day to refocus and to remember who Jesus is!

  119. THANK YOU!!!!
    I need to remember there are more than just me out in this world 🙂

  120. O-We have all fallen short … be free of past entanglements.
    B-1. God search me & show me what offends you. 2. Study Bible, pray, community, volunteer. 3. Lived it out to the end…completely.
    S-This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out through prayer, worship and community. #liveitout #becomingmore #p31obs

  121. judy ruggiero says:

    Hi everyone, O-Giving God my past is an amazing thing to be able to do. And my hope is that everyone could walk this Christian life that my friend Donna so gently lead me to through Jesus. I had no idea even though I knew about God being raised catholic, that you could have such a personal relationship with Jesus. Im so thankful that I was able to give it all to Him with the hope of moving forward.B- i just need the courage to get out of my comfort zone and only Jesus can help me there and those I know who were sent to me by Him. I have been trying to use His word back to Him in prayer to help me “run my race” is anyone else here having the same trouble of leaving your safe place and stepping out? S-my answer here was something I learned from a teacher i trust. Trusting Jesus and doing Good. Thank you everyone at P31obs and all of you terriffic people who are brave enough to share with us all.

  122. O: What spoke to me most was her transparency about a difficult moment in her life. That’s brave! Words of wisdom I took away were to not let the past entangle and paralyze me, and don’t ignore it, but pray for healing. I cried.
    B:My dad has been a pastor all of my life. I have been incredibly blessed because of that, but also incredibly scarred in other ways. I need God to intervene on heal me from what has really cut me deeply beyond even what I can mention here.
    S: When I don’t feel God’s presence, I will listen to my favorite Christian song a boy God’s love that always makes me weep!!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Praying for healing for you, Brandy! Chances are very high that others who are pastor’s kids who have experienced similar things to you, maybe you can support each other and minister to them as God heals you from your past pain?

  123. I love that Lysa said that our past can be used to help someone’s future… I’m taking that to heart. For so long my past was my little secret but in the last two years I’ve learned that it really was my little secret prison. I was a prisoner to it, but I’ve accepted God’s forgiveness and I’m free, and taking this so-called secret and using it as a tool for God’s glory.

    • Kate, P31 OBS O-Team says:

      It truly can be a prison, whether or not the past events were a big deal in the grand scheme of life (I have had issues with small embarrassments turning into prisons of thought patterns in my mind, nevermind the big deal ones)…our thoughts continue to hold us in that prison. Praise God that you have been released and set free, and that God is using it for his glory!

  124. Monica Palmer says:

    I love these bible studies. OBS is the bomb. Knowing that I am not defined by my past is so reassuring and give me PEACE. Praise God.

  125. Janice Bittner says:

    This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by making a list of all the wonderful things God has done for me, both the answers to prayers and the seemingly random good things that have happened. Thank you Lord, for helping me to wait patiently in a less-than-desirable living situation because you had a plan for my being there. And my reward of my brand new apartment. I look forward to waiting patiently in this current living situation, knowing that an even better single family home is just over the horizon. Thank you for keeping my rattle-trap of a car running, and for the accident (no one was hurt) that allowed me to be able to afford a newer car. Yes, Lord, all things, even car accidents, work for our good when we love you and strive to follow your will and purpose in our lives.

  126. What most hinders my faith race? Right now it’s being caught in habitual sin. I am a stay at home mom of a 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old and I have become a yeller. I hate it. But I can’t seem to break free from responding this way. God has really been growing me these last few months and teaching me the importance of the fruit of the Spirit and I know those will only flow out of me when I am focused on Christ. In order to focus on Christ through out my day I need to meditate on scripture throughout my day…memorize it and continually repeat it to myself. I need to pray continually just keep talking with God and focusing on Him. I know that He can break this sin pattern in my life. I just need to stop trying to do it with my own ability because that will never happen…I have to rely on Christ and His strength.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thankyou for sharing all that you are learning and bless you as you care for those precious little ones.

  127. judy ruggiero says:

    Hey Lisa,thank you for the reminder there is more than just me out there in the world. I noticed in what i wrote alot of I and me. Not good. What Lysa said is true we need to turn our mess into our message so maybe even if it helps just one person, its worth it. This is what I was talking about when i said God brings other people into our lives to help us grow. we dont even know each other but your words remind us what is true, helping others to Jesus with His story or in practical ways. Thank you. Ps. This is in response to Lisa who commented just a few places before my comment. Short and sweet and to the point!!

  128. Regina Vollmer says:

    I struggle daily with my focus. While I take time out every morning for my bible study, I find my mind wandering as I read. I pray daily for the Lord to help me focus on his word. Everyday I feel like a failure because I can’t stay focused. I Praise the Lord for not giving up on me and with continued prayer I know my focus will be on him!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Regina, you’re not, of course, a failure. May God help us all as we struggle with focusing on Jesus. He will do it, He will help us! Have a blessed week.

  129. Sarah Brubaker says:

    O Stop focusing inward. Turn my eyes out and focus on what God can do in the situation and how it can help others.
    B -Right now social media and internet are distracting me. Not necessarily bad in themselves but not good in the way I am handling using them. I can fix my eyes on Jesus by reading His Word first and making time alone with God a priority.
    Jesus went back to heaven in victory and I believe He will bring us home in victory!
    S this week when I don’t feel God’s presence I will listen to music and get alone with God and His Word

  130. observe- our past is just that a past! God has forgave us and can still use us
    Bible- 1. I ask God to help deal with life as it comes
    2. I can keep praying with my prayer parameter, and try to listen more.
    3. זה גמור Hebrew translation of It is Finished
    He keep going to he had done what he sat out to do. I think he expects us to keep on do the best we can and always strive to do more!!

    • Stretch- This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by prayer, repentance and asking for advice from a trusted friend!!!!!!!

  131. Wow, I really felt that Lisa was directly speaking to me in her video. I have been tormented by my past mistakes and how the ripple effect has impacted others lives. But in opening my heart to Jesus, I realize that I need to forgive myself and learn to use my mistake as a message. I know that my mistakes are part of my journey and I need to let go…..

    • Kate, P31 OBS O-Team says:

      Monica, I am praying for you….that you can let go of the grip that the past has on your mind and heart and allow God to begin to show you how he will turn your past mess into your message. <3

  132. I’m struggling with staying focused on God. not that I’m sinning all over the place. but, during the week, when I’m on a regular routine and following this bible study during the week, I feel God all over the place! today when I came to work I was anxious about having fallen behind in the study (haven’t read chapter 12). Then I started doubting whether or not I was doing this “right”. was I, truly, focusing on God? do I know HOW to focus on God? will I know when He is giving me direction? ugh!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Praying for you, missie, that you feel confident in the ways that you focus on God and how He is giving you direction

      • thank you! chapter 13 in lysa’s book was just what I needed. God is communicating to me, in me and thru me. I just need to be still and know that it will not always be as obvious as I think it should be.

  133. Observe — What part of Lysa TerKeurst’s video teaching can you relate to most? What words of wisdom from the video can you take away and apply to your own life?
    We are only going to find healing through Jesus. We need to open our hearts to Jesus & let him use “even this” for good.
    Bible —
    Is something hindering you in your faith race? Not being able to concentrate & focus.
    What can you do to ‘fix your eyes’ on Jesus? Pray & study the Bible.
    How did Jesus finish His earthly race? He finished it with strength & grace.
    What does that mean for us as His followers? We can do the same.
    Stretch — Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by ___Praying & turning to His Word.____.

  134. Angela Hunter says:

    O–My mess can become my message! God can use me if only I will allow Him to!!
    B–1. We all have something that will hinder us from time to time. We have to seek God always and He will guide us thru whatever issue we may be having. 2. We all need to dig deeper into God’s word daily–prayer life–filling our minds with worship music. The old saying goes–trash in trash out. I want to always be seeking Him first!! 3. He didn’t quit until His goal was complete. We should never quit!!
    S–worshiping Him thru music! That always makes me happy!
    Have a blessed day everyone!!

  135. Pam Woodward says:

    MY MESS CAN BECOME MY MESSAGE!! I just did a verse map on this weeks verse. It seems like when He speaks to me with a verse, I hear it multiple times. When I don’t feel His presence, I call my own truthteller, my cousin, Kristi who he has given an amazing gift of ministering to others.

  136. Dawn Bennett says:

    There is no doubt that I have had past regrets. I was a “prodigal daughter” for a few years in my walk with God. Jesus came and got me out of my “mess” and God threw open His arms wide to welcome me back. It took a few years to get back on my feet because of the regrets, shame, and guilt. I can honestly say that I have walked in a few shoes, and I know that God will use this to help others, hopefully to prevent regrets of their own, but also to help those out of their own messes ,without judgement. It was the verse “fixing my eyes on Jesus” that pulled me away from the shame. I kept pleading with the Holy Spirit morning after morning to keep my eyes “glued” on Jesus. This went on for over a year and then I realized I am back in the race and my eyes, and my thoughts are where they are supposed to be. I truly was fixed on Jesus. There are not enough words, of course, to say thanks to my Lord, all I can really do is show this unconditional love, this Agape Love, to others who need it.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you Dawn, for sharing that powerful testimony with us. May He help us all to show that love to others who need it. Amen!

  137. Janet Wallace says:

    I will focus on Prayer, His Word and His beauty around me.

  138. This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying and trusting that he will work through me in every situation I face.

  139. My takeaway from Lisa is to remember who we are in Christ. My past does not define me because I know I am a child of God and I have been forgiven. I’m human so I am going to have thoughts about my past but I’ve learned to let those thoughts go just as fast as they came. When we rewrite our story with the imprint of Jesus on our lives, we are destined for glory in heaven. Sisters keep moving forward in your journey with God and remember who you are in HIS eyes. Thank you Proverbs 31 Ministries for keeping my focus on God and for growing my faith day by day!

  140. Any time when I don’t “feel” God’s presence, I start praising Him either by singing a favorite praise song or putting on some praise and worhsip music. It’s an old cliche’ that “when the praises of God go up, blessings come down” . And I also hold firm to the word that says He inhabits the praises of His people (PSALM 22:3). I am a worshipper and that continues to be my sword and my shield!! Yes, GIVE ME JESUS!!

  141. This verse reminds me of a teaching from Ray Vander Laan where he says…’how dare we dabble in the Christian walk, how dare we take discipleship as a part time stroll in the park, how dare we quit, haw dare we let up, we are God’s Olympians and our run says to the world that he alone is King so run to win the prize which is Jesus Christ. I don’t want to hold back anymore…I want to cross that finish line, win my race, with nothing left!

  142. I like to switch up my “prayer/devotional” time by walking during my break at work. I need that time to disconnect from all the busyness and distractions; when I do, I feel connected to God. I appreciate so much your simple, to the point, loving reminders on all areas of life! You ALL are such blessings to me. I’d love this journal, I love writing my thoughts and prayers down. Thank you All for your constant encouragement.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hilda, we’re blessed to have you with us. Have a blessed week, and let’s run the race together!

  143. Beth Anne W. says:

    O-I could relate to what Lysa said about your past holding you back from stepping into the future God has for you. The pain of the losses I experienced almost kept me from stepping ahead and finding the courage to risk being hurt again in order to pursue my dreams. I was really impacted when Lysa said that our healing will only come through Jesus. Sounds so simple and obvious but I find that I run everywhere but Jesus. I try to find healing in being busy, by trying to keep things in my own control. Jesus is the only one who can heal me.
    B-My fears keep me from running in faith. They hold me down and hold me back from living fully. Fixing my eyes on Jesus means looking to His Word, worshipping Him in word and song, and be thankful….not just in the good times but in the hard ones as well. Jesus endured and he gained his position in heaven. If we endure, we will receive our reward in heaven.
    S-This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by worshipping until I do feel His presence.

  144. Johnette Peck says:

    O I will take my past to help others. I LOVE “my mess can become my message!
    B I can “fix my eyes” on Jesus by starting each day with Him in His word.
    S This week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will seek Him out by reading His word, listening to Christian music, & just being aware of what all He has done for me.

  145. Aimee Bartis says:

    This question sticks out to me: How did Jesus finish His earthly race? What does that mean for us as His followers?
    Even as he hung on the cross, Jesus forgave the crowd, welcomed the thief into the kingdom and made provision for his mother. This means that I have no excuse for showing God’s love no matter my circumstances. As difficult as it is, I have to remember that my circumstances do not define my actions.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Aimee, love that! Your observation is right on and such a powerful picture of what Jesus did even while on the cross.

  146. Genette Fletcher says:

    OBSERVE – The part of Lysa’s video that related to me the most was when she prayed that God would use her to help others going through similar struggles or failures as she. I don’t want to be stuck in my own past failures. A word of wisdom that I got from Lysa was to allow God to turn our messes into a message that could help others.
    BIBLE – 1. When I concentrate on the fact that my husband and many other loved ones have not given their hearts to the Lord yet, my faith becomes weak.
    2. Playing worship music, reading the Word, or sitting quietly in prayer all help me to “fix my eyes” on Jesus.
    3. Jesus finished his early race by never giving into the devil and accomplishing the His Father’s will. He spent much time with the Father to make sure he knew what his perfect will was. How much more we should seek the Father about His perfect will in our lives. We won’t give in to the devil or give up if we draw closer to God by spending time in prayer and in the Word.

    STRETCH – This week when I don’t feel God’s Presence, I make a conscious effort to spend time in prayer asking God His perfect will for my life and spend quality time reading the Word to where I know God is speaking to me and showing me His will for my life.

  147. Tiffiny Palm says:

    O~ Loved Lysa’s statement “My mess becomes my message”. It is really so true. I get scared sometimes of sharing my past because I worry too much about what others will think or that they won’t want to be around me. But God wants to use my mess to be a blessing to others and when I am willing to let God use my past it truly is amazing! Jesus finished His race well, He accomplished everything He came for and is now seated at the right hand of God. If Jesus could endure all that He did for me then by His strength I can do the same!
    B~ This weeks verse ties right in to what my Pastor was speaking on this past Sunday. Keep running the race, to not give up because the race doesn’t end till I’m with Jesus.
    Fear many times has kept me keeping that faith race. Fear of failing, fear of not being good enough, fear of letting others down, fear of not having enough or the right education and so on. I can fix my eyes on Jesus by getting out in His creation. Anytime I have gone out and sat on the beach or walked in the redwoods His presence is there. I can also be in His word, listen to worship music and just be still and think on Him and give Him my thanksgiving.
    S~ This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by getting into His word and listening to praise music. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  148. O- I love “my mess can become my message”. I wish I was willing to share such a painful regret so publically. I’ve thought about how God could save others through my message, but I don’t know that I could open the pain within my family. Maybe that’s the enemy making me afraid.
    B- I can fix my eyes on Jesus by focusing on the joy of being complete in heaven because I invite Him to refine my character now. Because when things go wrong as they often will, I keep my eyes the greater glory of being refined, rather than my comfort now. I allow God space to work. I keep trying to open my eyes to new areas God is working and refining so I can release them to Him, so I can be free of the responsibility to fix it and just allow God the room to fix me, rather than feeling trapped & helpless in that circumstance.
    S- I will keep seeking God’s presence by praying praise, allegiance, and truth until my mess is so far removed that I can hear His call

  149. Lysa’s reminder of letting go of the past.

    I will keep seeking Him out by keeping my eyes and thoughts fixed on Him and talking to Him.

  150. Jill Buford says:

    Sing praises and read His Word.

  151. Cristyn Smith says:

    Observe: What I loved about the video was the emphasis Lysa put on how God will bring good from the things we struggle with from our past. This week marks National Eating Disorder Awareness week, and as a recovering anorexic, as well as a licensed professional counselor I use the story God wrote for me to bring awareness to this disease. I am able to relate to my clients struggling in this area, and know first hand the process that goes into walking out recovery. He truly has given me a message from the mess I created.
    Bible: Right now what hinders my faith race is this desperate desire to become a mom, and trying desperately to control when my husband and I will become pregnant, choosing not to trust in God’s timing. To fix my eyes on Jesus I will rest in His presence, pray, and fall to my knees in worship. Jesus completed his race on earth by staying connected to the Father, by not giving into temptation, and accepting the Father’s will so that we would not face the punishment we so rightly deserve for our sins. He is calling us to draw near to the Father, never give up, and endure the race marked out for us.
    Stretch: This week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by resting in Him as He sings over me. I will fall to my knees and worship Him.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Cristyn: How awesome that you have turne d those messes into a career where you are so much helping others. Praying He will help you to rest in Him while waiting for that desire for children to come to fruition. Many blessings.

  152. This week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by prayer, music and His creation around me.

  153. Rachel Duchesneau says:

    So, this weeks verse reminded me of the song “Fix my Eyes” by King and Country. (Yes, you should go listen to it- right now!)
    One of the lyrics says
    “all of the mistakes, all of the heartbreak, here’s what I’d do differently:
    I’d love like I’m not scared, give when it’s not fair, live life for another, take time for a brother
    Fight for the weak ones, speak out for freedom, find faith in the battle, stand tall
    but above it all
    Fix my eyes on You”.

    YA’LL- this was such a breakthrough for me- when we live out the Gospel- love like Jesus did, and love sacrificially, and endure our trials with triumph because of HIS triumph- then, somehow, our eyes are suddenly back on Him! Because we are following the greatest commandment- we are loving Jesus and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

  154. A heart of thanksgiving ushers in God’s presence.
    I will seek Him out by singing praise songs.

  155. Ramona Richards says:

    Love the message. Find healing only through God let him in also by his wounds we are healed and set free to move forward

  156. Jamoria Pughsley says:

    I enjoy this bible study! I have learned to look at the bible in a different way.

  157. Beth Warren says:

    Memory verse: I love the fact the race is marked out for us we just have to follow…..thank you Jesus. You can stray if you want but you would be safer and feel more if you follow his path for you.

    Stretch This week if I don’t feel God to regain the closeness……..PRAYER PRAYER AND PRAYER….even if that prayer is just wailing the name Jesus!

  158. O: Just because I have regrets and have made mistakes in my past, those do not define me. And God will always work everything to my good, so I need to see my past as an opportunity to do His good.

    B: 1. I know it’s my time with God. I’m not making it a priority with all the business and hustle and change in our lives, and I NEED to make Him a priority. The more I neglect this area, the further I feel from God and He doesn’t want that. And neither do I.
    2. Spend that time with Him that I am so neglecting. Read His word. Ask God to open my heart and mind to it so it penetrates every part of me. And then just speak with Him. He is there to listen and I need to talk to Him.
    3. Jesus finished His earthly race by enduring the cross and the shame, but knowing the joy was coming. We need to do the same: not stay focused on this earth and the little joys that we think will fill us – only God can fill us and oh the joy that is waiting for us when we run the race for Him!

    S: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by opening up my Bible and speaking with God. Spending that time with Him. Make Him a priority.

  159. Observe — What I loved about the video was the emphasis Lysa put on how God will bring good from the things we struggle with from our past. We all have made mistakes. If we open our hearts and let Jesus in, we can be healed.

    Bible — Hebrews 12:1-2. I will run the race with endurance and keep my eyes on Jesus. Praying and studying his word.

    Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by singing his praises, praying and if I need help still ill call a godly friend. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  160. I LOVE what Lysa said about my mess being my message!

    This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying for specific needs, being mindful of having praise music on as much as possible, and being in the Word regularly.

  161. Observe — I can relate that everyone makes mistakes. I’ve made big mistakes too and have confessed them. It has taken a while, but I know that God has forgiven me. I know with God’s love, I can move on and live the way He wants me to.

    Stretch — Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by reading His word.

  162. O- I really liked the part that my mess can become my message because I really can make a mess of my life sometimes. I have many “I wish nots” from my past (I don’t like to call them regrets ?) but it gives me hope that God can even use that to help someone else.

    1. I feel like there are many times that I cannot discern if a thought is my own or came from God and I probably miss great things right in front of me because I’m afraid and unsure who’s will it is.

    2. Be in prayer more, study His word, and worship Him.

    3. He finished His earthly race on the cross and then rose again to defeat death. After He rose He did some more works and then ascended to sit at the right hand of God.
    This tells me that I also have works to do while on this earth. And I must not forget what Jesus did for me.

    S- Worshiping Him, and being more diligent in my prayers.

  163. O – I can relate to making mistakes and having regrets. Even after asking God to forgive me I am still reminded of my past mistakes sometimes and often I still feel guilty about them.

    B – To ‘fix my eyes’ on Jesus I read and study my bible, listen to worship music in my car and praise God along with it, and I pray.

    Jesus finished his earthly race with the ultimate act of love: laying down his life for all to pay the price for our sins. This means that we should strive to show love to everyone we encounter, even if it is just a smile. Your smile might be all someone needs one day to get them on the right track, you never know.

    S – This week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by actively praying.

  164. Ah, the mess becoming the message…I’ve tried to live by this. I went through years of infertility, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, hysterectomy, and finally adoption. It was definitely a test, that I felt I failed miserably at times, but now I give my testimony every time I can. I have spoken at a few different places and have been put in contact with other women going through the same things that needed support. It was so hard at the time, but now I can see what God had in mind for me. He definitely met me in my mess and turned it into His message.

  165. Hebrews 12 1-2 “Therefore since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God”.

    One of the clearest things I have taken from this week’s reading and my Bible time is…

    **turn your mess into your message**

    I think I need to allow God to do the healing he wants to do in some of my broken relationships, even if I don’t feel I want or need to have those people in my life. I know he will be glorified in those healings and I think by not allowing this, I may be hindering moving forward and growing in my faith.
    Fixing my eyes on the cross is where I need to set my sights, so the focus remains in its proper place. The cross is where I should be, however, Jesus took my punishment for me and remembering this is where I constantly find my humility.
    Jesus lived as a servant, although he was a king. He died in my place, still pleading to God on my behalf “Father forgive her”.

    I owe it to my Savior to live out this example with each day the Lord gives me.

    This week when I don’t feel God’s presence I will keep seeking him out by filling the empty spaces with serving others; maybe even those who I have thought do not deserve it.
    I want to intentionally be looking for opportunities to care for the least of these, and pray that it would glorify my rescuer, and turn others to seek their refuge and find hope in Him.

  166. Carolyn W. says:

    O: I think I got more from the book then the video on remembering I won’t feel God but know it in my head, and eventually someday, Even though it’s 40 yrs later I will feel God like Lysa said I would.
    B: I know I am still terrible spending at least 5 minutes with God, I don’t I forget and just get up and do my day. That is hindering and that is also how I need to fix my eyes on Jesus.
    S: “God Help Me’ Three simple words which can do a lot for me.

  167. I think something I want to try to do is when I’m going through something I don’t like or I feel bad about write down how I felt or ehT I need to get through that moment. Then every night do some studying on that weakness! It would be a great way to answer my every day struggles and dig into the bible more for everyday answers.

  168. Good afternoon sisters,
    O- That we find complete healing in Christ. Nothing we do can cause us complete failure because we are children of the King.
    B- I get in my own way. I need to stop focusing on my past failures/mistakes; stop comparing myself to others; stop anticipating the next major problem. I need to simply always turn to God to redirect my thoughts.
    S- I am learning to stop and breathe in the blessings I have in my life already and thank God for them. I can also turn to scripture for reassurance and to other sisters/brothers in Christ

  169. Amy Farina says:

    Observe: I related with your mess can become your message. God allows struggles in our path so we can use the experience (pain, sadness, anger, etc) as the tool to help others at risk of going down the same path.
    Bible: My own insecurities get in the way of seeing Jesus as clearly as I should. I dedicate time everyday for Him by opening my Bible, praying, serving others, volunteering so that He is always in focus.
    Stretch: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by opening my bible and praying.

  170. Observe- I love how Lysa talked about how we can take something negative that happened to us and use the experience to do good in someone else’s lives. It really put into perspective how bad things can still be blessings.

    Bible — Take a moment and read Hebrews 12:1-2.

    In your notebook or journal write out your answers to these questions:

    My daily sin of impatience and frustration is hindering my faith race. It seems to creep back in on me so frequently I begging to feel defeated.

    I have begun to really focus on memorizing scripture so that when I have moments of frustration, exhaustion, and impatience I can call upon truth instead of my feelings. My current memory verse is Romans 15:5. I feel like I really need endurance and encouragement in my life right now, in order to treat others in a way that Jesus would have.

    Jesus finished his earthly race with complete trust and assurance in God’s plan. He saved us from our moments of doubt.

    This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by picking up my bible and reading through some of God’s truth instead of relying on my wacky feelings.
    #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  171. Observe — What part of Lysa TerKeurst’s video teaching can you relate to most?
    What words of wisdom from the video can you take away and apply to your own life?
    Jesus is our (my) only way of healing …
    Bible — Take a moment and read Hebrews 12:1-2.
    Love the ‘homework’ assignments’ to be interactive …
    You ladies manage to create new ways to share each OBS which is AWESOME!
    Thank You Everyone @ P31

    Stretch — Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by following … Nicki’s example and digging into worship music. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  172. O: I regret letting life get in the way and get my husband off track in starting our family. If I let myself, I can worry that now we’ll never have kids, that maybe there’s something wrong with one of us and we will never know because we can’t afford to seek infertility treatment. But I know God is good and I have to trust that it will happen in His perfect timing!
    B: Lately I’ve been feeling more scared than excited/nervous about our decision to move from Ca to Tx. We leave this Thursday for or trip to start looking in the areas we want to move. His loosing his job last week could make me more fearful that we might not be doing the right thing. But I can’t let all that get in the way. God is good. And I believe He has better opportunities for BOTH of us there. I need to keep my eyes focused on God, and hold my husband’s hand as we make this jump together. It feels like a now or never type thing. And it feels like if we don’t go we’ll always regret it and wonder what could have happened.

  173. Lysa was talking in her video about using her past regrets for something good now by helping others. I want to see the good that can come out of my past regrets and need God’s help to see that. This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him by reading His promises in the Word.

  174. Observe — I relate to being dragged down by regrets about the past. Now, it usually isn’t a big regret that weights me down, but the small everyday regrets. I’ll have a couple of hard days where I am not handling situations well with the kids or at work, I may eat too much and exercise too little and I wind up feeling like a big, fat failure. And when I feel this way, the negative thoughts drive me away from the heart of Jesus. I feel like he couldn’t possibly love or use me – even if my mind knows differently, this is how I feel. I love how Lysa describes this as a “prison of self” and talks about our CHOICE to park our mind on regret and shame or focus on how God will use these experiences for good. I know God must use these experiences to help me shift my life around to re-focus on him.
    Bible — Self-consciousness and negative thinking about myself are what most often hinder me from living out my faith race. I am asking God to provide further clarity on what is hindering my faith race. I can fix my eyes on Jesus by praying and surrendering to him. I know that scripture can speak to my heart about these negative thoughts and what God thinks about me. Sometimes, though, I get too caught up in learning or memorizing scripture so that I can be a “good Bible study girl,” and it becomes a chore or burden that winds up holding me back from getting close to God. I find that if I just focus on prayer, he will guide my heart to the scriptures he wants to use to speak to my heart.
    Jesus finished his earthly race by suffering and dying on the cross in shame. Luke’s gospel says that if we want to follow Jesus, we must DENY OURSELVES, take up our cross daily, and follow. We have to be willing to endure embarrassment and shame if it is for the purposes of God..

    Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying and asking others to pray with me.

  175. O: I struggle with letting others see how I’ve messed up so that God can use my pain to help others. I guess I really haven’t given that pain to God if I don’t allow Him to have control over how its used.

    B: I get in my own way – I let bad feelings and exhaustion get in the way sometimes instead of turning to Him and sharing those negative feelings with Him and asking for a different perspective.

    S: this week when I don’t feel Gods presence, I will turn on some worship music to remind myself He’s always there.

  176. Observe —
    God redeems our past choices when we allow Him to work through us.
    Stretch — Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by _______.
    Spending time reading the Psalms and worshiping Him.

  177. Observe: I like the idea of turning your mess into a message and not allowing your past decisions to define who you are today.
    1. Me – I let life in general overwhelm me and quench my fire.
    2. I need to consciously look for Jesus in each and every person and situation I encounter.
    3. Jesus was victorious, but that victory did not come without pain, betrayal, and suffering. Therefore I cannot let those same things stop me or throw me off course. I need to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and follow where He leads.
    Stretch: Refocus, change my perspective, and ask Him to reveal Himself in the people and circumstances in which I cannot see Him.

  178. O – I always look forward to hearing Lysa video messages….her ability to openly share her own life experiences just speaks to my heart about me being more open not only with the Lord but with others. So many people including myself try and hide the dark places in our lives, they don’t want others to know about the bad or wrong choices we are carrying. Lysa’s ability to be so see through has been such an inspiration and blessing to me. It’s helped me to be more vulnerable and open my heart to others….and by doing so I’ve learned I am able to encourage others who have gone through the same struggles. When God forgives our shortcomings and then uses those shortcomings to help others for His purpose and glory it is so empowering and makes me want to keep on keeping on sharing, encourages and loving others as God loves me….bringing light to His name is such a privilege and using me the fallen daughter to do so. Thank you Father God for your love, your grace and your mercy and turning my messes into encouragement for others to keep running the race….as long as we are running to you, we can’t miss the finish line. In Jesus Name, Amen

    B – 1) I usually hinder myself, by tripping over my own feet….(not starting my day with Jesus, or talking with Him about problems I’m trying to handle on my own). Jesus has always come to my rescue, I may have to back track a few steps and start again, but that’s okay because when I start again I know Jesus is running right next to me.
    2) Keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus for me is starting my first waking minutes with him, then expanding that time throughout my day. I’m learning to keep my focus on Him no matter where or what I’m doing or the circumstances around me. I can not let Him out of my sight or I will trip over the obstacles of this world.
    3)Jesus finished the race by keeping His focus on the joy of Father. He endured immeasurable pain and suffering as He ran His earthly race….it was through His perseverance and endurance that He is now seated in Honor at the right hand of the throne of God. Jesus faith brought Him honor and God the Father glory…by following Jesus example, persevering through the hard times (which don’t even come close to what Jesus endured) helps me to keep running…keeping my eyes on the heavenly prize is worth all the pain and suffering….I know that I’m not running this race alone, Jesus already ran before me and is running beside of me.

    S – This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by prayer, reading the Word, mediating on His promises…calling on His name….for as long as it takes….and then some more.

  179. Carol Masteller says:

    I really love Lysa’s quote: Let God into your heart! Let Him use your past to help another’s future. xo

  180. Observe — The part of Lysa TerKeurst’s video teaching that I can relate to the most is that we all have regrets, but Jesus can heal us, help us move forward and use us in His service. The words of wisdom that I can take away and apply to my life are that I must persevere. For example, I can regret that I let myself become unphysically fit, but I must persevere in my quest to be physically fit.
    Bible — Thoughts on Hebrews 12:1-2.
    1.Is something hindering you in your faith race? I am easily tempted to eat calorie rich sweets.
    2.What can you do to ‘fix your eyes’ on Jesus? I can pray, read the Bible, read devotions, journal, exercise, eat right.
    3.Jesus died on the cross and rose again for me. He gave Himself for me. Should I not give of myself for Him?Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by reading the Bible everyday. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  181. Lynn Davis says:

    O – so many of us have had failed marriages and sometimes we feel condemned by social gatherings, like sports meetings, choirs meetings etc. But what spoke to me the most is that my marriage may have been a mess but God provides me an avenue to reach out to other women to move past the shame.It is a message for this generation.

    B- past relationships with people get in my way whenever I see similar character traits, I freeze up and become very judgemental.

    S- this week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will be still and know that he is God.

  182. Jennifer Story says:

    Two things really struck me today #1 that I really need to stop looking at past opportunities and ministries and thinking that that is the best it will ever be. I may not be doing the ministry that I want to do right now, but God has a plan for all that. I need to be looking forward and running my race in a forward direction. (Perhaps looking over my shoulder while running is why I keep “tripping”. 🙂 ) and #2 that I can only do what God gives me to do, and I need to do that ‘all out’. Like Jesus did. He gave everything to do what God willed for Him to do. If God doesn’t give me much to do right now, I still need to be faithful in the little things. If in the future He gives me big things to do again, I’ll need to be faithful in that as well.
    Gonna go lace up my running shoes… 🙂

  183. Hi lovely friends,

    I’m going to post again, because I was praying and reading in Hebrews 10:25 and it caught my attention. It is about drawing near one another. Unfortunately, I have a very small number of Christian friends to draw near to, and many of my Christian friends are experiencing so many challenges that I don’t want to add to their burden.

    If you feel that you have room in your hearts to pray for me today, I would be so grateful. I feel very far from God today. My patience is thin, my son is sick, my daughter is teething and literally almost bit my nipple off when I was nursing her, so I am having all sorts of bloody breast milk problems. My husband has been working 12 hour days, and has a torn mcl so he’s struggling just to walk. I feel very overwhelmed, strung thin, and weary. I’m trying so hard to be more than a good bible study girl, but I just feel like I need a community of support in this moment.

    I feel so guilty feeling so needy right now, because I know my problems are few compared to so many people out there, but they’re feeling big to me now.

    Thanks for the prayers, support, and a place to unload.


  184. Racquel Peterson says:

    This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by reading His word and meditating on several key verses. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  185. Twenty one weeks ago I suffered a massive hand injury that required fifteen hours of reconstructive surgery. God has never been more present and quiet at the same time in my life! I am blessed beyond measure. Since my life as I knew it has ground to a halt, I have been able to prioritize and put things into perspective.
    On the back of Becoming More there is this sentence, “The adventure God has in store for your life just might blow you away.” Consider me blown away! I am waiting, anxiously, to see how this adventure turns out.
    Thank you Lysa for your ministry as well as Proverbs 31. This is my first OBS and certainly not my last.

    • Proverbs 31 online bible studies team says:

      Hi Nicole,
      I’m sorry to hear about your hand injury but happy that you’re able to able to prioritize and see things in a new perspective. We are so happy you are enjoying this study! God bless

  186. O— I actually like her quote that was mentioned. “God can use your mess and it can become your message.”
    I take away that no matter what that God is there and he can use anything for his Glory.
    B — I think Time right now is my enemy. I am still struggling to find my sacred time with our Heavenly Father and the devil likes that. I feel the weight bearing down on me. I need Gods help to find my sacred time to just be with him. Jesus praised God and forgave the ones who persecuted him while he was on a cross. He loved others even when it was not convenient for him. He endured and kept on as we should.

    Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by: Praying , reading my bible and personalizing his words.. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  187. I love when Lysa says she wanted to use her past to help someone else have a better future. I have an amazing story of salvation. God rescued me from the clutches of addiction and saved me from a never-ending cycle of poor choices and unhealthy relationships. I want to use my story for His glory and help other women in similar situations to find the Lord.
    This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by turning to His Word.

  188. Gloria Freeman says:

    This week’s verse really speaks to me. For me, I am not reminded of something that hinders me from my past because I have surrendered it all to God. My biggest problem is my daily walk with God. Sometimes I fall short of my faith in God to deliver me from my illness. Because I encounter pain almost on a daily basis, I easily get discourage and doubts start to set in. Hebrew 12: 1-2 reminds me that I have to persevere and keep my eyes on Jesus, no matter how I feel and what my circumstance is. I have to remind myself that this race is about Jesus and through it all, He will give me a testimony to bless others that may be experiencing the same thing.

    I remind myself on a daily basis that “By His Strips I am Healed”; especially when I have intense pain and I also thank Him for healing my body everyday, several times during the day. I continue to study His Word and keep my eyes on Jesus because I know He has an awesome plan for my life.

    When I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying and studying the Bible to keep me focus on my journey with Him.

  189. O.) I loved Lysa and Melissas time this week I really enjoyed the reminder that. Your mess can become your message so powerful.

    B.) Hebrews 12:1-2 is a great piece of scripture to remember to never stop running the race. Jesus finished with such passion and love.

    S.) By digging deeper into Gods word!

  190. O- the part about it was only when she turned her attention off of herself and focused on using her “mess” as her message resonated with me. Very easy for me to get self-involved: keep eyes upward for help & outward to help. ?

    B- 1.) yes. Not releasing control and trusting Him-truly.
    2.)make sure I am inviting Him into my day w me-continuing to have ongoing convos w Him-not just during my “quiet time” but throughout my day.
    3.) finished it perfectly-relying on God when needed. We have same access to God. We also have His example (understanding we are not perfect) but he can help us.

    S- reflecting on powerful Scripture.

  191. Michelle Fullerton says:

    Stretch – This week when I don’t feel God’s presence I will keep seeking Him out by praying and reading/memorizing scripture.

  192. Kristen Jackson says:

    O- I can most relate to the fact that sins from my past, no matter the size, consume me and my thoughts. My anxiety takes over and it breaks me down. I love the idea that through helping other we in turn heal ourselves.

    B- 1. I feel that my faith is hindered because I get into my own head. I overthink listening to God simply because I feel that I don’t know how. Should I be hearing a voice in my head, or a gut feeling in my heart? I need to be open to learning how to listen.
    2. I can “fix my eyes on Jesus” by continuing to study His word. So much that it becomes ingrained in me and how I think.
    3. Jesus ended his race by dying on the cross for us. This means that we have all been at free of our sin and can simply focus our lives on becoming more like Him.

    S- this week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will k seeking Him out by listening to praise music because it makes me feel warm in my soul.

  193. Sarah McCormick says:

    What God spoke to me today was when Lysa said My mess can become my message! I love that and gives me great encouragement that God can still use me

  194. linda ruggeberg says:

    When I don’t feel God’s presence I will keep seeking Him out by prayer and silence.

  195. O – What I loved most this week was the saying that God takes us our messes and turns them into our message. Love it!
    B – I really love this encouraging verse. It compels me to continue following Jesus, even when I mess up. And I do like the competitive edge to it as well.
    S – Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by slowing down and journaling.. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  196. I’ve gotten behind on reading, what chapters are we on?

  197. O- God can take my past and use it to bring others to Him. He can turn my messes into my message!

    B- Jesus is not only running with us but He’s at the end waiting for us, cheering us on!
    Jesus gave His all, He gave His life, so why shouldn’t I give my all and my life?

    S- This week when I don’t feel Gods presence, I will keep seeking Him out by stopping and getting completely focused back on Him.

  198. O: This is exactly what God and I were talking about the last couple weeks! I had a foot surgery in Nov and expected to be completely healed by now. I’m praying that I will be by my next appointment on March 24th! My benefits are running out, there are options but not sure if they will work out. In my past I use to wait for the pin to drop! So many people disappoint and lied to me and they always proved me right when they did it again. Now, I have healthy good people in my life and God has given me the opportunity to start a ministry, Celebrate Recovery! I started some old behaviors of isolation and procrastination, which is why I wanted to do this study. I am not a product of my past and God is bigger than any company and is in charge of my foot. I’m surrendering every day now, I love this study!
    B: I love this passage, in fact is very similar to a passage I read yesterday in 1 Corinthians 9. God is do faithful when I seek Him!!
    S: This week when I dont feel God’s presence I will keep seeking Him and out by journaling what I am thinking and feeling and continue to do the plans He has for me. #faithwithoutdeedisdead

  199. Your mess can be your message…really struck me today – actually brought tears to my eyes…very emotional today…not sure what the deal is, but I sometimes do feel like I have made such a mess; when Melissa said – Our Mess can be our message…and then Lysa went on to say if what she has been through can help someone else realize that they too can be used…What a blessing to me!
    God’s blessings to all .

  200. I also related to Lysa’s statement ” our messes can become our message! I found comfort in that thought –to find something positive in the middle of a bad time or bad choice I have made. To be able to encourage someone else going through the same situation. To take the focus off me and shine Gods light into someone else!

  201. This week when I dont feel God’s presence I will keep seeking Him and out by praying and asking Him to lead me.

  202. Christie - P31 O Team says:

    OBSERVE: The number one thing I took away from Lysa’s teaching this morning was that I can’t move forward with God if I keep letting my past hold me back. I haven’t ever had a real father daughter relationship with my bio dad and I kept letting it rule me. I have learned through my walk with Jesus that I can’t control his actions or the lack there of but I can control me and how I react to him! Thanks so much for reminding me of this Lysa!

  203. When I’m seeking Him and don’t feel Him, I go to His Word. I browse, read, look up verses pertaining to the need … and I pray. I pray that He will reveal Himself to me in some way, and I wait.

  204. O: I loved what Lysa said about turning your mess into your message, and how we shouldn’t let our past imprison or define us.
    B: “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us fixing our eyes on Jesus…” Runners persevere in training in order to strengthen themselves to be able to finish the race. They also stay on course and aim for the finish line. I learned that if I persevere in my trials, continually focusing on Jesus, the trials don’t seem to “touch me” as badly as when I focus on myself. And the trials or persevering gets easier and easier when I keep my focus on Him. I focus on Him by continually pouring out my heart to Him. It’s eye-opening for me to think about question #3. Jesus finished His earthly race by sacrificing Himself!
    S: I will keep seeking Him out by praising Him, thanking Him, and pouring my heart out to Him.

  205. Yvette Quinones says:

    O: this video speaks to most if not everyone I know. When I get together with friends and family we speak about the past regrets and somethings just continue to hinder. I have learned that once we pray for something we need to leave it in GOD’s hands and move follow because he has forgave us. I take away the comment ” your past mess can be your message”, it’s so true but at times am so blinded that I miss the message.

    S: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying and asking him to speak to me. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  206. Harriett Baker says:

    I am at awe at how this weeks message has just ministered to me in the place that I am right now. I have struggled with a drug addiction for the past year and have been ashamed. It is hard to even confess that I have been delivered. I thought I would be judged and scorned. This OBS has richly blessed my life in so many ways, I can’t begin to name. God has truly used each and every one of you to minister directly to me. (I have to take it personal). I believe He can turn my mess into His message! I am on this journey to have a deeper relationship with God so He can use me at His will. I can’t look back, there is nothing but death (spiritually and probably physically) for me. I can’t let my past define who I am or who I am going to be. I know I love the Lord and always have but it takes more than just words or lip service. It takes a real relationship with God. I have a hope in Christ Jesus and joy that is beyond all compare. I press toward the mark of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus and I will lay aside every weight that so easily beset me. Please continue to pray for me. I am praying for you all.

    • Proverbs 31 online bible studies team says:

      Hi Harriet
      I am so happy to hear about your recovery from drug addiction. Jesus loves you so much, and in time you will use your pain to help someone else…we are praying for you too! God bless

  207. O- We can’t move forward, by holding onto our past! God will take our past and use it to help other’s!! “Your mess can become our message” Love this!!!

    B- The fact that I’m losing my job had me off track a bit today.. God had me re-read and re-read this very Scripture over and over today until it sunk into my heart and I began to live as if I believe this Scripture!Hebrews 13:1-2,With Preseverance! Fix my eyes on Him!! Not my problems!! Wow so needed this today!!!
    2)Worship music, very loud!!!

    S-I will keep seeking Him out by- Believing His truth for me!!!

  208. O: Your past can help others future. Your mess is your message. God forgives all past mistakes.
    B: Keep your eyes on Jesus and open your heart to him and pray.
    S: when I don’t feel God’s presence I will keeping seeking Him out by praying, talking, learning, more about his word his love #LiveItOut

  209. The part of the video I relate most too, is the part about releasing your regrets and shame to Jeseus so he can bring healing and good from our past. I grew up in an abusive home, and was ashamed and had very low self esteem. But as I came to God he has healed my broken heart, has shown me who I am and uses this sensitivity for me to minister too children today.

    The thing hindering me in my faith walk is busyness and pride, God is showing me that I need to be more like Mary not busy like Martha, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a thousand things to do but that I must spend time at Jesus feet first.
    To ‘fix your eyes’ on Jesus I have to choose a grateful thankful attitude
    Jesus finished His earthly race via total sacrifice and God is asking the same of us, to pour out everything we have in the service of the King
    Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by listening to worship music, praying and asking God to open my eyes to see where he is working, and get into the Word

    Love the journal, journals are my weakness, and are such a great tool during devotions

    • Proverbs 31 online bible studies team says:

      Hi Deb,
      I am so happy you know the truth about how God feels about you. He really does love you. Your plan for the week sounds wonderful! Be blessed

  210. O – I used to hold on to my failures. I would remind myself of how stupid I felt or how everyone thought I was a complete failure. It kept me from fulfilling my calling. It took years, lots of prayer, and a wonderful husband before I realized God made me who I am for a reason and I am proud. God forgives and uses each situation for good. I love Romans 8:28 as a constant reminder.
    B – I let the stress of my day and the negativity of the world overtake me, I KNOW the Lord is always by my side, but sometimes I loose my focus. Thank God for second chances!
    S – Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by spending quiet time reading and praying.

  211. Samantha Smith says:

    O — I love that God can turn our mess into a message. So many times in my life I’ve made a mess, but God has turned it around for His good.

    B — one thing holding me back is distraction. I need to cut things out and focus on God.

    S — this week when I don’t feel His presence I will seek him out by reading His word and listening to music that puts my focus on Him!

  212. Tangila Webb says:

    I can really relate to allowing God to use that “thing” you regret to help others and how focusing on others helps to heal you. God has used my regret over a painful divorce, to help many people hang in there in their relationships by speaking truth and encouragement.

    This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praising and offering thanks.

  213. This week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by PRAYING!!!!

  214. Melissa Dwiggins says:

    This is such a reminder that if we let jesus into our past he can make something beautiful out of it
    This week I plan to fail seek God’s presence by spending time with God every day

  215. So grateful for this ministry!! This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking him out by praying, praying, praying!! I speak to him so much throughout the day. I can’t imagine doing anything different!

  216. O – I relate most to what Lisa said because I , also, at 17 had an abortion. I live with this regret everyday. But she is right, I can use this to help other young women, instead of dwelling on the past. To “help others have a better future”. I have to take the focus off myself and let God take my past and use it for good of others.
    B – I can fix my eyes on God, by just taking the focus off of myself. Praising Him for His forgiveness, loving Him from right where I am in my life right now, instead of waiting until I “feel” worthy. Because I will never be worthy. It is only by the Blood of Christ that I am clean again.
    S – This week, when I don’t feel His presence, I will stop and think about what sin is my life at the moment that may be keeping my heart from being open with him.

  217. In the video I love the reminder that God forgives in all circumstances. Our mess can be someone else’s message.
    I am hindered at times in the area of being alone in God’s word. I am easily distracted at times. I have to work on this area of just being still and un distracted, focused in times with my Lord. Jesus finished his earthy life by submitting totally to God’s plan. Even when he prayed for the cup to pass from him he still submitted to his will and plan of salvation for our lives. For us as followers this was also an example of how we are to submit our lifes to Him.

  218. There has been times in my walk that I didn’t feel God’s presence so I reminded myself of His promises in His word that He will never leave me nor forsake me!Psalms 139 says there is no place I can go apart from God’s presence. His hand will lead me and His right hand will hold me. Such beautiful promises. I have this verse taped to my dash board in my car to remind me.
    Joshua 1:9
    This is my command, be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

  219. This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by asking Him for Help! Speaking with Him and reading His word.

  220. This week when i dont feel God’s presence, i will keep seeking him out by: looking to the bible for guidance and praying to God.

  221. Observe — What part of Lysa TerKeurst’s video teaching can you relate to most? What words of wisdom from the video can you take away and apply to your own life? The fact that God can use you and your past mistakes to help another’s future.

  222. Observe:
    Trying to erase regret and learn from it and let God use me is so important. Sharing with others that God is what gets me through my struggles is how I can be used.

    1. Not attending church and not talking about faith with other believers enough are things that hinder my race
    2. I can fix my eyes on Jesus by going to church, praying more, and analyzing all situations prayerfully
    3. Jesus died FOR ME, so that I can live! The least I can do is run toward Him.

    This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him by whispering a prayer in the moment, asking to be close to Him. (I hope I remember to do this, because I think it will really help!)

  223. I am so thankful for this. I have had to Dealed with some deep grief that I have had for three years. You don’t take care of someone for 14 years and then be able to just walk away. And you do ask that question why . God is speaking all kinds of wisdom to me. May God bless all of you at OBS.

  224. This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying, spending time with Him in His Word, and getting wisdom/advice from friends/mentors He’s put in my life. Typing out that sentence and writing it in my journal made me realize that I really have to do this, and this week is already tough (only Monday), so I know that I will have to use this more than once…putting it here is going to hold me accountable! Can’t wait to see what else unfolds in Week 5…

  225. OBSERVE: I can relate most to the need to not stay stuck in past mistakes so that God can use those lessons to help others. The words of wisdom I take away is “turning my mess into a message”

    BIBLE: I can’t think of anything that is hindering my relationship with God but I will pray to know if anything is & to get back on track.
    I can keep my eyes focused on Jesus by taking everything to Jesus in prayer.
    Jesus finished His earthly race by laying His life down for our salvation. That means I can find Grace & forgiveness because of what He did. Thank you Jesus!

    STRETCH: This week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will stop & listen to some music. I have songs that really move me, & I can always feel His presence when I sing along with them.

    I am really growing in my relationship with God through this study. I am so thankful for everyone involved in bringing these studies about. Ya’lls obedience is such a blessing to all of us!

  226. I need to let go of my past before moving on. Sometimes my doubts tend to hinder me. I need to step away and put on a good worship song. I am going to keep seeking Jesus through worship

  227. From Lysa’s message I learned the most from her comments about leaving the past and forgiving myself; trying to use my mistakes to help another.

    This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by heeding the verse I wear on a bracelet: Psalm 46:10 Be Still and Know that I Am GOD. I need to really take the time to be still and feel his presence in my life. I can’t really do this if I am constantly busy.

  228. This week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him by looking for Him even in the small things, and I will seek Him by fasting and going before Him in prayer. -Jerimiah 29:13

  229. O=Open our heart to Jesus -Turn the thought about the past to helping other people have a better future
    sounds promising to untangles thoughts of the past

    Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by _______. closing my eyes and practicing sitting before him and calling his name gently

  230. Kim Greenbank says:

    This has been a great study! Thank you!

  231. Pamela Martineau says:

    There are many things in my past that I have great difficulty letting go of. I never felt loved by my father who abused my mother. As I became a teenager this caused me to seek men just like him. At the age of fifteen I became pregnant and had an abortion. I never felt guilty as I truly thought I did the right thing but I have had people make me feel guilty. I also turned to drugs and dealt with addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, pot, and cocanie for almost 40 years. I have many regrets and I’m working on forgiving myself and others but now I do my best to live a good life for my three children and six grandchildren. I love what Lysa said about “our mess becoming our message”. I kept all my horrible “things” secret until I realized that by sharing how God has worked in my life He could work in others lives. I can not allow myself to stray from God because it allows Satan a chance to get his foot in the door and then it’s a knee, leg, hip, arm, head,…you see where I’m going right? So when I feel like I’m separating from God, I go right to His Word and begin Redington scripture or work on a Bible study. I have to keep working on my relationship with Him because He has never given up on me or forsakened me. On the contrary, He had blessed me!

  232. Priscilla P. says:

    OBSERVE- God can use the poor choices I’ve made in life to bless and help heal others. In doing so, I can find healing and be released from the self-focus, guilt and shame. That is pretty amazing to me. But that is what God does: He takes the bad and uses it for good-mine and that of others. Now, to discover where and how this transition will happen…
    BIBLE: Hebrews 12:1-3 MSG
    1. Is something hindering you in your faith race? Ask God to show you what it is and how to get back on track.
    • Anger
    • Unforgiveness
    • Pride
    • Hurts-see anger
    • Fear
    2. What can you do to ‘fix your eyes’ on Jesus?
    • Spend time with Him each day.
    • Make the choice.
    • Learn more about him and his life and what he endured.
    • Let God be my strength in my weakness. Let him carry me if necessary.
    3. How did Jesus finish His earthly race? What does that mean for us as His followers?
    • According to the scripture, “he never lost sight of where he was headed.” (Hebrews 12:1-3 MSG) The troubles of this earth are small compared to the glory of heaven.
    STRETCH — Fill in the blank: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by Praising Him. Bonus of making satan flee!

  233. Observe – I am not proud of particular parts of my past, but I know that I have repented and been forgiven by God. He as helped me to grow fro these experiences.

    Bible – 1. Work is a serious distraction for me. It takes me away from God and my family.
    2. I need to make time daily for God in order to keep on track with Him and with my family.
    3. Jesus gave His life for us. We should be able to follow His example to some degree with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    Stretch – Thus week, whenImdon’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by listening to worship music and praying. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  234. Stretch) I will seek God by knowing He is with me and not relying on my feelings. I will study and read His Word. Also listen to worship music and sit quietly before Him and “listen”.

  235. Observe- her words really spoke to me about not letting the past regrets define me. Let my mess be my message are powerful words.
    Bible- my excuse for why I don’t have time to grow in the Word sometimes hinders me in my faith race. I am going to pray about it and ask God to take away those excuses.
    Fixing my eyes in Jesus means not to give up. Keeping Him first in everything I do is so important.
    Stretch- this week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by continuing to pray and read His Word and to praise Him for the good and bad things that happen in my life.

  236. Stretch- this week I will begin and end the day with Bible reading and prayer.

  237. Casey Toney says:

    Very relatable. In fact, timing is everything. I awakened late in the afternoon on this day, having slept for the past several days. I feel so out of touch when I fall into one of these sleep routines (chronic pain and other issues). Sometimes this makes me feel so far away from where I want to be. Guilt? don’t get me started, Just the simple reminder of keeping my eye on Jesus is enough to bring me around. His word, so timely. Found several suggestions to stir me this week…..journaling, talking with truth tellers and listening to worship music. I am so encouraged by this study. Thank you for making this a “thing” and giving us such great resources.

  238. Sarah Chezum says:

    Observe-I loved Melissa’s tip in the video to call a truth telling friend when you don’t feel Jesus.
    Bible-my attitude is hindering my race right now, praying for forgiveness and a fresh perspective
    Stretch- this week I will seek Jesus in quite time and speak His truth to myself even when my feelings don’t align

  239. Steph Valades says:

    O- Love the way Lysa spoke to us in the video and can honestly say that I can relate; I myself get so stuck in the past choices I made. So much that this past has follow me and become at a point a huge stumbleling block in my life. So grateful for her words tonight, I will give all self-destructive thoughts to Jesus and allow him to take my past and use it for others.
    B-obsolutely Give to Jesus.
    I will fix my eyes on Jesus by spending time in his word, meditating and speaking life unto others.
    Jesus gave it all for us, he finish his race with perseverance and never quit. In the same way as his follower I will not quit and follow his example of perseverance.
    S- When I don’t feel Gods presence, I will keep seeking out by, trusting his promises and worshiping him.

  240. Brandie Nealey says:

    Observe: I have had to remind myself constantly that God is using me right where I am to help another. Having a disability I’ve often felt purposeless but he can always use the bad for good & touch someone with my storm. I was made with purpose, I just need to embrace it.

    Bible: I need to stay in the word so that he can guide me, use me, & furfil purpose through me. I’ve been doing 3 Bible studies thru the past couple of weeks & its been hard but he is faithful if I am faithful to believe & live out my faith. I know God is working on me & I am gradually getting on track. As long as I am faithful to believe he will work in me. No matter what the devil does to try to pull me away Jesus already has the victory I just ask to believe he is mighty to save, he can use me, even me, that he has plans to prosper me & not to harm me. ..

    Stretch: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by trying to stay in the word, prayer, keeping the faith & seeking out that still small voice & so much more! #LiveItOut #BecomingMore

  241. Crystal Sumner says:

    O- the part where she was talking about God flipping shame and guilt around for his purpose spoke to me.
    B- I think most of my fear and low self confidence slows me down in the race. He is there always giving me water and strength to keep going though.
    S- I will pray and tell God my feelings and Let Him shine to me. I will turn on worship and praise to connect to Him.

  242. O- I love how Lysa says God takes our mess and turns it into a message! By talking to others about our past sins/mistakes/”wish we had do-overs” we may change another’s perspective and help them on their journey toward a better life, full of less shame and toward God.
    B-I allow too many “things” to distract me from my time with God. I need to make a better effort to push away those distractions and open my bible to spend time in His word daily.
    S-When I don’t feel God’s presence I will turn on my Christian radio station and listen to music, take quiet time to speak to him as Lysa says ” God let me hear you, God let me see you, God let me feel you!”

  243. When we truly live with the presence of God in us all things are possible in his will.

  244. Observe: after reading and then taking time to pray and focus on thanksgiving. I will pray when I am feeling like I am not close to God. Because he never left me. I leave him. Thank you God for you unfailing love.

  245. Jetta Headrick says:

    God forgives and He will forgive your past when you let it go to Him. He will bless you with a testimony that will encourage others when being faced with the same decision. Unveil the shame so that others may enjoy Gods forgiveness and comfort.

  246. So powerful! God can turn my mess into a message. Romans 8:28

  247. How wonderful is our Father that He forgives us, no matter what our sin is!! As long as we put our complete hope in Him, even if we fail sometimes, He is always there for us! “Don’t quit”

  248. O: Using my past to bless others – from mess to ministry.
    B: Jesus knew how wonderful the ending would be – being with God- so He endured. To me that means I cannot imagine the joy that will come and anything I deal with here is worth it to be there with God. Therefore I “fix” my eyes on Jesus through daily prayer/conversation with God. That is really my go to.
    S: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying and asking where am I. (I’m most likely wandering)

  249. Carol Love says:

    O – The part of Lysa’s video that spoke directly to me was the part about getting release from past regrets by sharing with others to improve their walk or change their direction more toward what the will of God would be for them.
    B – Jesus finished His earthly race by submitting to the will of the Father. It means that I need to continue to lay down my choices and pick up God’s best every day of the remainder of my life! It must be a daily intentional choice!!!!!
    S – This week I will seek His presence by stopping, taking a deep breath, smiling and saying thank you! Works every time! I can just feel the joy welling up and overflowing.

  250. Grimilda Naveira says:

    O- using my past not only to help others, but to reflect on my mess and turmoil, to praise and thanksgiving.
    B- God knew the ending for Jesus. Therefore, He knows my ending as well. I just pray and hope He is proud of His faithful servant. I will run the race, fixing my eyes on Jesus.
    S- This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will not fret. I will continue to pray, hope, and have faith, knowing He loves me unconditionally. Better yet, I will pray without ceasing. Amen!

  251. O- I can really relate to the mention Lysa made of “self-destructive thoughts”. I too have a past that haunts me from time to time and certain mistakes I’ve made that come back to make me feel worthless and damaged. I’m still battling it years later. Lysa mentioned that it’s these thoughts that keep us from being free in Jesus and it really struck a chord with me because I often feel like I’m imprisoned in the past. Combating these thoughts is truly something I daily apply to my life. It’s moment by moment. Day by Day..
    B-Speaking about self-destructive thoughts and those are most definitely what hinders me in my faith walk. It’s the barrage of thoughts that I’m not good enough at work, that I’m pointless, not pretty or thin enough, not a good Mom. So many lies that Satan wants me to believe and that I sometimes do. I have to pray “God fill these empty spaces” when I’m feeling like that. “God show me who I am”. I know that just by being his is enough it’s just hard when I’m out in the world. I have to read scripture to fix my eyes on Jesus and talk to a Godly friend like my sister. Jesus finished his earthly race by making sure the end of our race is eternal.
    S- This week when I don’t feel God’s presence I will seek him out by going back to all the encouraging and uplifting “a ha” things I’ve read in Becoming More. It helps bring things back into perspective.

  252. Observe – Lysa said “My complete healing didn’t come until I was able to turn my thoughts about the past into helping other people have a better future.”

    This had a huge impact on me because I have been questioning the outcome of my first marriage ending in divorce and after that his abuse of my daughter, over 30 years ago. I was so young and so naive I really believe that if I had known how to be a better wife and a better Christian I could have made the marriage work and things would not have turned out the way they did. For the past 30 years I’ve been asking myself, “Maybe if I had done this…”, “Maybe if I had been more…”

    I am going to pray and ask the Lord to help me to turn my thoughts about the past for my healing and also so that I can use this to bring comfort to others.

    Bible – Jesus finished His earthly race by hanging on a cross for our sins. When he died he said “It is finished” signaling the fact that His race was won and His purpose on earth was done. He had brought Grace to a sinful world so that He could stand in the gap between us and the Father.

    Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by processing life through His truth and what His Word has to say. I will not say “I don’t feel close to God” I will choose to say, “God is close.”

  253. O-using our past to help others and focus on the future.
    B- show me what I need to do in order to go forward in my faith
    2. Study more; have more personal time with God.
    3. Jesus died for us. Gave himself for our sins. All we have to do us trust in him and relying on him always.
    S-just asking God to show me. Spending more time in his word.

  254. O ~ I myself have been where Lysa has been and her Testimony just open a can of worms that I had Shoved so far down I forgot about them… I DO Struggle with my past of abortion, turning my life into a mess by being a 13yr Drug Addict and letting my sister raise my daughter. Although she and I DO HAVE an Awesome relationship now.. She has Forgiven me but I still struggle with forgiving myself. Lysa has given me a better thought of how to help me with her words and Chapter 14… Thank you Lysa for your Honesty and giving those Encouraging words to let me know I too can get PAST my PAST.. B ~ Hebrews 12:1-2 I had it highlighted but never really understood what that scripture meant until now… I will reflect on where it says, “Let us lay aside every weight”, WOW that is so powerful to me. S ~ I always listen to m Christian music and find myself in the Spirit giving Worship and Praise.

  255. Michel Hodges says:

    I loved the part in Lisa’s video where she talked about turning my mess into a message. That feels so full of hope to me, that something good can come out of something negative. The part of Hebrews 12:1-2 that especially spoke to me is the part about the race laid out for us, i.e. MY race, not yours. We each have our own unique, wonderful race to run and I can’t run mine very well if I’m trying to run yours too:)

  256. Leaving the past in the past and learning to look forward is a daily challenge. The enemy would love to weigh us down with past regrets and remind us of how we failed. When I begin to have those doubts, I pray and start thanking God for delivering me out of those dark, painful experiences and placing my feet on solid rock. Studying scriptures and journaling daily also helps to keep my thoughts positive. I try to walk at least 5 out of 7 days a week and this also helps to keep mind, body, and soul in focus.

  257. This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by reading verses and giving thanks! #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  258. I need a weekend alone with God! What I learned from this week and the book so far is my feelings is not the truth. I was thought to listen to my 6 sense, and most often it got me in a lot of trouble!!! Know I will go to God before anything else!!! Before I speak before I react before I even confirm it to anyone I will give it to God!! thank you that I learned that the only truth is in the Bible!!!!

  259. This week when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking him out by stopping everything for 5 minutes to praise, read or think about Jesus.

  260. Just wondering… are every one of these posts read?

  261. Angela Barbour says:

    I like what Lysa TerKeurst has to say I. The video, “God can take our mess and make it a message”. Thank you Lord for being the “Clean up man” of our messes. I love you Lord!!!

  262. Observe — Feeling like I have fallen short in areas of my life. Allow God to take my past mistakes and use it to help someone else.

    Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by saying His name. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  263. Observe — Fav part of video: I only find healing from Jesus, when I open up my heart and let Him in. Turn thoughts from my past into helping other people to have a better future. Unlocked me from Prison of Self and ushered me into Place of Purpose and Destiny. God erased the regret and shame, God used it all for Good!

    Bible — Jesus endured the Cross by focusing on “the joy set before him”. The Joy of the Lord is my Strength! Spending time in fellowship with my prayer group ladies Mondays and Bible Study ladies Tuesdays always puts a spring in my step. I cannot do the hard stuff of life without my daily portion, my daily bread from my Lord.

    Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by praying and calling my mentor to pray with me.

  264. O: I understand the heavy regret of a bad decision. I love how they talked about taking your mess and finding His message.
    B: I think we all have a lot going on, sometimes finding the time to study is hard. Maybe setting aside a certain time each day will help. Grabbing time alone in the car, or when I first wake up in the moment may have to do for the day. Jesus finished His earthly race sitting at the right hand of God! That’s what it means for us, too!
    S: This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by __finding some quiet time for just Him_____. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  265. So thankful for Lysa sharing about her past and brokenness. I feel liberated, a bit. May God grant healing to us all:)

  266. Forgetting the past and looking forward to what God has planned for me in the future is the only saving grace…….
    When HE has cleaned up my mess… I respond with gratefulness and move forward in gratitude.

  267. Felice rodriguez says:

    Observe — Turning our mess into a message!!!! Love these words

    Bible —
    Sin is hindering my faith in a bigger and more dramatic area…I can help fix my eyes On Jesus by being intentional in removing this sin from my life and allowing God to grow me in this arena of my life.

    Stretch — This week, when I don’t feel God’s presence, I will keep seeking Him out by _fixing my eyes on him _. #LiveItOut #BecomingMore #P31OBS

  268. My lack of faith and trust in God hinders my relationship with him. I am a major worrier and this is a major indicator of my lack of trust. I can develop my trust in God by reading more of his word and learning more about his character. I can record all the miracles I have seen from God and review it on the days I need a faith boost. Jesus finished his race by fulfilling Gods will for his life. Jesus tore the veil that separated us from God. Because of how Jesus finished his race I can have a relationship with God. This week if I don’t feel Gods presence I will turn on worship music aha praise God. I will remind myself that Jesus finished his race the way he did so that I could feel Gods precence in my life

  269. I love the statements our mess can be a message and our past can help someone’s future. I have struggled with anxiety and depression since I was a little. It has brought me to my knees and to rock bottom many times. However I know now that it is my cross to bear and I have the ability to listen better to others who experience it too and make them feel not alone because I have lived it too. Even though I struggle during the panic attacks to sometimes find God there with me, my faith is what has kept me going for sure and on this earth. I have become more sensitive to peoples struggles and pain and I have had many ups and downs in my past but if I can help one person even on a panic filled week God is finding a, way to make my mess a message.
    This week when I don’t feel God’s presence I will turn on church music or some of my favorite Catholic hyms to feel closer to God. Ty for this idea in the video!!

  270. My favorite statement from chapter 13 is “When I process life through my feelings, I am left deceived and disillusioned. When I process life through God’s truth, I am divinely comforted by His love and made confident in his calling on my life.” Oh, such sweet truth! I am so thankful for this study.


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