The Wait Continues

"Wait and See" Study Leader, Jen Folz | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #WaitAndSee #P31OBSHello! I’m happy to be back with y’all. Hasn’t this been such an awesome study?!

We did it! We spent the past five weeks learning to find peace in God’s pauses and plans. Do you feel you have a deeper understanding of your wait?

My hope is that your spiritual tool belt is filled with applicable tips from our book, so your circumstances feel more manageable.

Like many of you, I’ve had multiple “waits.” Some have come to a completion, while others are still in progress. And because waiting can feel really hard at times, I’m thankful that trusting God’s timing is a step we’ve all been learning to take this study.

Throughout Wait and See, Wendy Pope provided us with many tips to help our waits feel less overwhelming. Tips like:

  • Be close to God through quiet time and prayer
  • Read, study and live out His Word
  • Surround yourself with supportive friends
  • Tend to your “pasture” while in your wait

Now, when the timing of my wait feels hard to grasp, it’s easier to remember these wise words from Wendy Pope in Chapter 9:

“Things don’t always turn out exactly as we planned, but things always turn out as God planned.”

"Things Don't Always Turn Out Exactly As We Planned, But Things Always Turn Out As God Planned."- Wendy Pope #WaitAndSee | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 5 #P31OBS

Yes! When our wait feels hard to accept and it’s difficult to surrender control to God, we can remember that every promise God makes is fulfilled … even when we feel it’s taking too long. Amen?!

Thank you so much for joining our #WaitAndSee OBS. We’ve enjoyed walking beside each of you.

~ Jen

P.S. Want more on the Wait and See message? It’s not too late to order our “When You Feel Like God’s Not Showing Up” Conference Call Series. You can learn more and order them HERE.

And don’t forget, our next #P31OBS begins January 23! We’d love to have you join us. You can sign up for our study on Finding I AM by Lysa TerKeurst HERE.

Now, let’s grab a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever you prefer), and meet in the comments to share!

Let’s Chat:

Observe — What’s your biggest takeaway from this study that’s helping you in your wait?

Bible  In Chapter 9, Wendy refers to Psalm 119. Read verses 1, 11 and 45. Which speaks to you the most — and will you grab hold to take with you — as we wrap up our study?

Stretch  Ready to hear Wendy’s last thoughts for us? Watch this last video below OR click here to listen to the audio. How will you use the last step she shares in your wait?

If you can’t view the video above, click here to watch on YouTube. Want to download the free printable from Wendy’s teaching? Click the “download now” button below!

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  1. I loved this study and got so much out of it. God reminded me of things He spoke to me long ago and I am focusing my heart on Him as I continue to wait.

  2. Thank you so much ladies for this OBS which was amazing. There were so many lessons we learned from all the stories shared and also from the life of David. He does have quite a story! We all began this study strong believing that God would teach us life lessons here. My prayer for all of us is that we continue strong. For those of us who are still waiting, I encourage you to keep pressing on. Don’t give up. Don’t give in to discouragement. Absorb everything that the Lord is trying to teach you through this waiting period. When you remain faithful, you will experience joy in the wait and realize that you have drawn so close to Him during this time. Be blessed.

    • Jen P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      Thank you so much for your encouragement. I’m glad you enjoyed our study! God Bless

  3. I think my biggest takeaway from this study was learning how important it is to trust God during times of waiting. I feel so much more at peace trusting that God is in control.

    Psalm 119:45 really speaks to me because it shows me that I have freedom when I choose to follow God’s commandments.

    I will continue to seek God and praise Him during my wait. I trust that He has a plan for me.

  4. Thats so encouraging to think that things might not turn out like we plan, but we can be assured that they turn out like God plans…..which is way better than our plans anyway!

  5. Courtney Reese says:

    It’s all about TRUST IN GOD!! We must trust him & his plans for us because we are on HIS time, not ours!

  6. Melis Chambers, P31 Study Leader says:

    O: Doubt had crippled me from living out God’s best for me but I have truly overcome that lie and won’t fall so easily for doubt any longer!
    B: “I will walk in freedom, for I have devoted myself to your commandments.” ~Psalm 119:45 Which is exactly why doubt will no longer rob me from walking in freedom…the freedom Christ sacrificed Himself to give me!

  7. W.A.I.T.— watchful always in trust ———T.R.U.S.T.—totally relying upon sovereign testamony

  8. I’ve learned so much from this study and I know I’ll come back to Wendy’s book and my notes time and again. But the 2 things (I can’t even narrow it down to one) that have most impacted me are the meaning of humility, and how God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble; and secondly, the revelation to me of Exodus 13:17-18, that God led the Israelites by the long way around knowing if they faced enemies, they might turn back.

    This is so personally applicable. God had to bring me the long way around on this path to the object of my wait because He KNOWS me. For many reasons, He knew if my wait were short, I wouldn’t be committed to the path and the goal in the long run. I’d lose interest, not take it seriously, etc.

    I am so grateful to P31 and Wendy and the conference call speakers for addressing this timely topic. I’ve never been hungrier for the Word each morning as I have on this study, because I believed every day, God would speak to me, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve bought Wendy’s book for several friends for Christmas and I hope it blesses them as much. <3

    • Jen P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      I love this Cheyenne! I’m so glad you are going to pass on Wendy’s message to your friends. What a beautiful gift. Have a Merry Christmas!

  9. Lisa Gallup says:

    Thank you for this study. I enjoyed the daily emails of encouragement as well as the book and video from Wendy that we got each Friday.

  10. chris ehlers says:

    Thank you for this study!!!!!

  11. Althea Davis says:

    I have enjoy reading the book and writing my Chapter 10. Throughout the book Wendy Pope gave some great tips during your wait so now I just have to apply use them.

  12. Karon Fluharty says:

    Psalm 119. Read verses 1, 11 and 45. Which speaks to you the most — and will you grab hold to take with you — as we wrap up our study? Psalm 119:45 – “I will walk in freedom, for I have devoted myself to your commandments.” (NLT) IF you follow God’s commandments, you’ll have freedom, peace of mind, and being obedient to God. THANKS SOOOO MUCH Wendy for your BOOK. It was well worth your WAIT and is/has helped me in my WAITS. Praise God for PROVERBS 31 ministries. Thanks, again.

  13. I think my biggest takeaway was knowing that God is always there, even during the wait, and that He is in control. In fact, the quote above sums it up nicely: “Things don’t always turn out exactly as we planned, but things always turn out as God planned.” Amen!

  14. Observe — Oh my, there are SO many but the one I would have to pick was at the very beginning when she talked about sometimes it’s hard to trust with your heart. In those times, trust with your head. It’s ok. Eventually it will go to your heart. I had carried around such guilt over my heart not always being in it and it was such a relief to hear that.
    Bible — Verse 45 that says I will walk in freedom for I have devoted myself to your commandments. I will always have freedom in the Lord and that brings me such incredible peace.
    Stretch — No matter what wait I’m in, I understand what the Lord wants of me and it’s all part of his great plan for my life. I have all of Wendy’s words and my notes and the things I’ve read that all of these lovely women have commented on to help me through any wait.

  15. clsavigny says:

    Thank you for this study. I have been waiting for over 30 years for my husband to come to the Lord. It has been a long hard wait at times. This study has been an encouragement to me to never give up, never stop praying, look for the “little” things that God sends my way as His encouragment to me. Continue to lean on Gal 6:9 -Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

  16. I’m going to try to rest in God and trust that he has my unemployment in his hands and a job will come in his timing.

  17. Andrea Smith says:

    Whew! This again has been exactly what I needed! I’m a little behind because of work and stress but I’m hoping to finish it up tomorrow or Sunday. I was in a wait, and I guess I still am, with my furbaby. He was diagnosed with cancer and the original vet dropped the ball so Monday I drive about 2 hours to take him to an oncologist to see if there is any hope. I can’t have kids, so my furbabies are my kids and are a part of my family. Prayers are welcome. Can’t wait for the next study! Thank you to all of Prov31 for all your hard work! You are all awesome and I appreciate what you do in order to give all of us this amazing community!!

    • Jen P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your furbaby. I will keep you in prayer. Thank you for participating in our study.

  18. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you wrote this book and offered this OBS. You’ve helped me in my wait, especially to recognize how important it is to praise and give thanks while still waiting. I don’t know how it’s all going to unfold, but I do know it’s all from HIM! God bless you!

  19. The verse that speaks to me the most is Psalm 119:45. I will walk in freedom for I have devoted myself to your commandments. I have been waiting and watching for the salvation of our children. I have not seen three of them for at least seven years. I can be free rather than feel guilt knowing that I have devoted myself to following the Lord with every decision we made raising them. We are waiting to see the fruit from the seeds we have sown in their lives before they chose to turn their backs on us and Jesus and follow their own plan. I am grabbing hold of this truth once again.

  20. Donna Morris says:

    I like the statement: “Things don’t always turn out exactly as we planned, but things always,turn out as God planned. The verse I like is,Ps. 119:11. ” I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not son against you.” In the past I have memorize many scriptures, but this is something haven’t done recently. This is a challenge for me to work on Bible memorization again to hide the word in my heart.

  21. My biggest takeaway from this lesson, is learning that my wait time is not punishment or a “no” from God, but a God-given time in my life to learn to trust Him more and to better myself. I will cling to the words of Psalm 119:11, and hide His Word in my heart, so that I may live a more pleasing and abundant life for Him. I ask that God help me to use the statement we have built through Wendy’s videos to remind myself that the LORD is my Shepherd. He is good. His plans are good. He has everything under control, and I need not worry. Period. I have been so blessed by this study! Hope everyone has a great day!

  22. I would encourage anyone who needs “more” to grab those Conference Calls! They were each different yet they showed how God will help us if we just ask then listen! I am still waiting but feel more calm about it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

  23. Melissa Holderby says:

    Thank you for a great OBS! Even though our wait to adopt has passed the three year mark, I have peace and joy. I am finally able to surrender the outcome to God.

  24. Krystle Luz Cintron says:

    Observe — What’s your biggest takeaway from this study that’s helping you in your wait? My biggest takeaway comes from my favorite chapter in the book – ch 6 “God is our expert caregiver. This is something David learned, and like David, we can flourish and be fruitful because of the great attention God gives us as we trust in His unfailing love.” Before this study, I did not feel as if I had God’s attention because I had been waiting so long and felt like He had forgotten about me and my situation. Through this study, I realized that when He’s the most silent is when He’s the most attentive and caring to me and my situation, so much so that He gives me little blessings throughout my wait that I was so ignorant in not seeing before. Thank you, sweet Jesus, for ALWAYS keeping me in the forefront of Your heart.

    Bible — In Chapter 9, Wendy refers to Psalm 119. Read verses 1, 11 and 45. Which speaks to you the most — and will you grab hold to take with you — as we wrap up our study? Psalm 119:45 “I will walk in freedom, for I have devoted myself to your commandments” is the one that speaks to me the most and I will grab hold to so that I can remember this when I’m feeling impatient and/or forgotten.

    Stretch — Ready to hear Wendy’s last thoughts for us? How will you use the last step she shares in your wait? In my wait, I will use the one thing that immediately struck me as I watched the video…”Remember PRAISE God, GIVE THANKS, and TELL SOMEONE” PERIOD!

  25. Cari Webb says:

    Thanks for letting me be a part of this study.

  26. I have been deeply and richly blessed by “Wait and See” OBS. Thank you Wendy, for your encouragement in learning to appreciate, trust and value our “waits”. I especially enjoyed the “dig deeper” sections in each chapter Those were very valuable in providing deeper study and understanding in what we were learning!

  27. Mallory Allen says:

    My biggest take away from this study has been to keep my focus on the Person of my faith rather than the object of my wait. That has brought me such peace gaining that huge but simple concept. I am going to be holding onto Psalm 119: 45, walking in peace going forward with holding God’s word in my hear and following his direction. Thank you so much for this great study Wendy and Proverbs 31 and can’t “wait” for the next study! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  28. Michelle Weibel says:

    This was a great study. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for the next one!

  29. Alice Lonetree says:

    This study has been very timely for my wait and I. I would have struggled more than i have if it were not for this. Praise God in His infinite wisdom and power and grace.

    • Pat OBS O-Team says:

      Thank you, Alice, for your comment. God is so much greater than we can even imagine. It’s too bad that I can’t always remember that! God bless you. 🙂

  30. I have learned much from this study. I am trying to focus on doing what I know and remaining clise to God whike I wait. I am learning to give thanks, even for the tough times.

  31. That no matter what God is still with me at all times. He is always faithful. And everything will turn out the way it is supposed to!

  32. Thank you for working so hard to bring us this bible study. I appreciate all you have done.

  33. And by faith: I will do what I know until I know something else to do.

  34. My biggest takeaway from this study that is helping me in my wait(s) is a reminder that I AM in the right place at God’s perfect time.

    Psalm 119:1 speaks to me the most!

    I will use Ms. Wendy’s last step as encouragement and confirmation that I AM worth the wait! God IS Faithful!!

  35. Brittany L says:

    My biggest take away is to be still during the pause, listen. I feel like I am constantly in a “Go, Go, Go!” state, I feel like I never have time to do things…but in reality, you make time for the things you love/want to do. So that has been a huge revelation to me that I have taken away from this book. Psalm 119:1 is the one that hits home with me: “Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the Lord.” It just goes to show, when you live a life that is solely dependent on God, you just cannot go wrong. Thank you so much Wendy for this amazing book…it has forever changed the way I look at my waits…you are truly a blessing to Proverbs 31 Ministries! <3

  36. So excited to read this book!

  37. Kristine M. says:

    It seems since college God has had me in a wait for His greater plans to unfold. I am listening daily and heeding Christ’s direction for my life. My job role has been altered along the way as I try to obey Him. Am currently in a very unique place with part of the career side of His greater design. Not my will or my dreams that are unfolding, and realize 2 of my most precious childhood dreams/expectations–just are not in his book of items for me in my earthly lifetime.

  38. Linda Jones says:

    It’s helping me to see that is had nothing to do with my timing at all. I just have to be patient and give it to a God. No matter how many times I see ale it back. He’s still willing to take it back each time. I don’t really enjoyed the book. Thanks to all of you any hsve s merry Christmas and a happy new year

  39. Thank you so much for having this study! It wasn’t in my plan, but God dropped it in my lap – He knew I needed it! ☺️❤️
    I have learned so much that is helping me in my wait….

  40. The biggest takeaway I have from this study is learning to let God work and not try to help Him. I always like to think that God needs my help during my wait so that it will go faster and I have learned that that is painfully not true. God wants me to sit back and enjoy my wait. He wants me to trust in Him so that He can give me everything He desires to give me and so that He can protect me during my wait. I have never felt so loved and protected.

  41. I think my biggest take away is learning to work out my salvation. Meaning to keep doing what I know to be right in my faith (with God’s guidance) and to keep on keeping on instead of just sitting by the window waiting for my blessing to arrive via ups in a nice little package!

    I also REALLY needed to hear the part about not making the object of our wait, our idol. Keeping God as God in my life and not letting the object of wait become a god.

  42. Araceli Kimberlin says:

    My biggest takeaway was being ok with the pasture I’m in. There’s no shame in the pasture God has placed me in so why should I feel any? I can learn to love my sheep (family) in a way I would have never grown to love them if I wasn’t in this Wait. I can embrace this Wait with my whole heart!

  43. What a blessing this study has been! Feel more equiped for my Wait!

  44. My biggest takeaway is just to wait on God. It’s his timing, not mine. Me trying to “help” and rush doesn’t do any good. I’ve really enjoyed this book!

  45. O ~ My take away from this study is being close to God through quiet time in his word and prayer.
    B ~ Psalm 119:11 ~ I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.
    S ~ I love Wendy’s last survival statement: Period. It’s so final but so appropriate.

  46. Thanks so much for this timely study!!! It is reassuring to know others are in and have been in this waiting time as well!

  47. The biggest thing I have learned is to thank God, even when the wait continues. I love how she ended this study with praise, thanksgiving, and telling others. Even when my wait goes on, I will thank God because I trust that He is still working, even when I don’t see it.
    Psalm 119:1 I want to wait with joy!

  48. Hi. Thank you for having the Bible study. I suggest you slow down the study. I am on chapter 7. I have had to save my emails and watch Wendy’s commentary as I catch up. I want to participate in the next study but you all move too quickly.

    • Jen P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      Thanks for participating. The blog will stay up on the website under Online Bible Studies, so you can read and refer to it there. I hope this helps you.

  49. JANET Wallace says:

    My take away is Don’t fret trust in te Lord. He is faithful to see us thru the wait. I have so much more peace about my waits.Thanks for this great service.

  50. Sabrina W. says:

    The biggest takeaway is god is always their for me especially in waiting or difficult time’s is also let god take control not I even though it is hard especially in my life because there is many times I wanted to give up with friends. But knowing god is there is amazing and those statement s Wendy’s given us I will take to heart and share.

  51. Observe- My biggest take away from this study is don’t fret, delight. I am feeling more peaceful in my wait and accepting things as they are right now.
    Bible-Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the Lord.- I am really working on following the instructions of the Lord and not helping Him, not rushing and trying to influence the outcome. It is truly HARD.
    Stretch- What I get from the last message is there really is not anything more I can do. I have dug down deep and committed to hand it over to God. Accept his plan and live it out. So I am going to chose to enjoy it.

    • Jen P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      It does feel hard at times…I totally agree. Keep pressing on! I like when you said “accept his plan and live it out” Thanks for sharing!

  52. Michelle Trott says:

    wow! what a journey. god has healed my son from a heart that would not pump correctly. He does not know what to do with himself. It’s great to see him have such energy being built up day by day! I now see boys’ energy levels as a huge blessing instead of something that needs to be tolerated. I have some other issues I am waiting on God to change, or work in more. I LOVE the how’s Wendy Pope places in this book, almost as if I am sitting in her living room listening to her speak to me directly. She makes it real! Thank you Wendy and Proverbs 31 Ministries.

  53. Jessica Taylor says:

    This was a very timely study for me. I have learned to “wait well” and I love that phrase!

  54. Observe — My biggest take away is that God is with us in the good, the bad, and in the waiting. It reminds me of an old saying that I’ve heard “While you’re waiting for God to open another door, praise Him in the hallway.”

    Bible — I love verse 1. Joyful are the people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the Lord. Oh how I strive to live this out. I want to live in integrity to follow the commandments of God.

  55. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. NOOOOOO, I don’t want this one over. I’ve been so blessed by waiting with YOU ALL. We’ll done, Wendy and team.

    • Agree. This study has been such a blessing and it’s really sad that it is over. Wendy Pope your book was worth the wait. Praise God.

  57. Jessica Taylor says:

    I am finishing the principle in your pause section at the end. Maybe I missed it but what does an “And by faith” statement look like?

    • Jen P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      Hi Jessica,
      Wendy explains it on page 223 of the book. She was at a retreat where they were handed index cards with “And by Faith” written on the top. They were to write something for which they would trust God. Hope this helps!

  58. Observe –my biggest takeaay from this study that’s helping me in my wait is to trust God’s plan. His timing is perfect and I need only to wait on him
    Bible — Psalm 119:1 Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the Lord. is the verse that speaks to me most. I want to be joyful!

  59. Wow!!! This has been an amazing study! Thank you Prov31 and thank you Wendy!
    Psalm 119 verse 11 “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you”. This is such an important message and one that I am working on (and have been!). I struggle with memorization. Yet I am going to keep on working at it! Keeping God’s word in my heart will help me stay on the right path, be able to make better choices, trust in the wait, and be able to share the word……to just name a few!! I can do this!!!!!

  60. Lauren Bradshaw says:

    Psalm 119:1 (NLT)
    1 Joyful are people of integrity,
    who follow the instructions of the Lord.

    I want to be a person of integrity so I love this verse. I know if I obey God and follow Him I will be. I took away so much from this Bible study and have enjoyed it. I’m in a bunch of waits right now but I know God has a plan and I need to wait on His timing and will not mine. And God doesn’t need my help to try to speed thinges along lol

  61. I am still a little behind in the book, but am still working at it. I am sad to think these emails will stop. It never fails that there is always something I need to hear that I am dealing with in my struggles. I thank God for all of you ladies and the things I have seen since following P31. I am looking forward to my next study!

    • Jen P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      Thanks for participating in our study. You can read the blog posts online at under Online Bible Studies. They will stay up there for you to use. I hope this helps you out!

  62. Learning to wait on God and trust him no matter what has been my biggest take away.

  63. This study was amazing. I found myself making it a priority as I wanted to find out what else I could learn. I have learned that being impatient and rushing the wait steals our joy and ability to grow in faith. It also lets us rely on our own understanding and not Him.
    I actually like verse 165 the best. In Him we find peace. And I long for peace. Just until the last few
    months, I did not understand what being peaceful meant. Now I long for it constantly. Being peaceful with Him. I really hope I can apply what I’ve learned to not rush life along. It’s in those moments of pressure and fear I think I can grow the most.

    • Charlotte Regan says:

      I agree with you Kate. My wait has caused me to slow down and focus on what’s important and the importance to keep this at the forefront and not rush life along.

  64. I really enjoyed this book Wendy Pope! I have been praying about something that is happening in our family. It is so frustrating and honestly I was wondering why this 5 year battle continues. Thank you for giving me different perspectives to think about besides “I’m not doing something right”.

  65. What a fabulous study this has been. Thank you Wendy Pope for writing this book and sharing with all of us that waiting is part of the plan for us to grow deeper and stronger with God. Your book has brought a whole new perspective on my wait. It’s been 21 years in the waiting but through those 21 years God has matured me, grown me, and given me such a deep sense of faith that now I am ready to really listen and understand why the wait has been so long. I look forward to finding a new book study that will compliment this one.

  66. Michelle Weibel says:

    This was my first online Bible study, and I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the next one!!!


    Thank you for this bible study. It’s my 1st one and I hope I will be back to do another one with y’all.

  68. Rebecca Moeller says:

    The Wait and See study was awesome! Thank you to everyone for their devotion and hard work!

  69. Joyce Farrell says:

    Wendy thank you so much for writing this book and teaching such wonderful lessons for us to learn from. I have been digging deep with The Lord through this study as like most of us, I am waiting on The Lord for a specific answer. Your teaching has eased the stress of the wait and helped me to rest more in Jesus instead of pursuing my goals. Thank you for your openness and honesty, God bless you abundantly for all you’ve given!!!

  70. I have truly loved this study, it has been such a blessing to be a part of all this with everyone!

  71. Observe: my biggest takeaway from this study is knowing God is in control..God does not ignore our cries, God will defeat my enemy and God provides everything we need..this just gives me soooo much peace..
    Bible: the verse I love is “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you”
    Stretch: Don’t fret, delight, remember, don’t rush..The Lord is my shepherd..wait and be strong..period!!!
    This was such a wonderful Bible has helped me sooo very much..thank you all for sharing and teaching. God’s word..

  72. Amy Farina says:

    Observe: First, I must never make the object of my wait an idol. I’ve done that before and I must keep my eyes on Jesus. Second, friends can’t help if you don’t let them in. Find at least one friend to help you through the wait no matter how long it lasts.

    Bible: Verse 45 stands out the most. I put myself into my own prison by not leaving the house, no friends. God freed me and helps me walk out the “door” every day now.

    Stretch: It’s easy to praise and thank God but I don’t always tell others what He is doing to me and for me. I must change that and through that others will get to experience God!

  73. Can’t wait for the next study! This will be my third online bible study

  74. Shannon Eldridge says:

    Tending to my pasture and not focusing on the wait.

  75. Psalm 119:45 is such a wonderful reminder of the freedom I get to walk in

  76. Virginia Maguire says:

    I’ve learned to be still, listen and wait on the Lord. It’s his timing. He knows best.
    I like Psalm 119:45 best: I will walk in freedom… turning my wait over to God makes me feel free, like a weight has been lifted.
    I like today’s word, Period. Period, the end. Not the end of our study for my wait continues, but period, like Amen, all we studied is the truth.
    Thank you so much for this study; it has been amazing, not just the leaders, but all the people who comment. I take away so much from them as well. Have a fabulous Christmas. See y’all next yeas!

    • Charlotte Regan says:

      Virginia I agree. I too have learned from all the comments as well!

      Merry Christmas and Thanks to all!

  77. This book was truly awesome and I admit I was a grumbler when I was waiting and this book has shown me how to grow closer to God during the wait which is awesome. Cannot wait and see your next book whenever it comes out, Wendy you are truly gifted and talented as a writer.

  78. Andrea Gautschi says:

    I’m challenged to simply do the three steps, period! ….and to share my story.

  79. O – My biggest takeaway from this study is while I’m waiting and negative thoughts caused me to doubt God and disbelief sets in, I can use the weapons of war truth, prayer and praise. Truth will always deflate the lies of the enemy.

    B – psalm 119:11 is the Bible verse that speaks to my heart iand is closely tied to the weapons of war that I previously mentioned. So the more I digest God’s truth, the Holy Spirit will bring it to my mind. This way I’m reminded to walk obediently and righteously during the pauses and wait of my situation.

    S – I will use the last steps that Wendy shared in this way: When God answers my prayers and the wait is finally over, I will show my heartfelt gratitude by sharing what God had done in my life. It is through our testimony that we share That draws people to Christ. This is the ultimate purpose of our wait to glorify our Lord and that others know the Lord!

  80. This new book sounds amazing! Can’t wait to read it!

  81. My biggest challenge, I believe, is if I do not interfere, I feel like I am giving up. So this bible study has really helped me in realizing I am not giving up, I am just waiting on God. Thank you for the reminders of how important it is to stay in study with God. I really loved this OBS and I am looking forward to the next one. Thank you

  82. I have absolutely loved this book and study. Praising God, thanking Him, praying continually and telling others what God has done in my life while I continue to wait for God to move in my daughter’s heart. I know he has in mine and will in hers as well. Thank you, Wendy Pope and God bless you!

  83. Such a great video. Thank you Wendy. I am going to wait and be strong and lean into God in all circumstances.

  84. “Things don’t always turn out exactly as we planned, but things always turn out as God planned.”
    Thanks OBS and Wendy P. Great study.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  85. Lisa’s new book “I Am” would be a wonderful start to the New Year!

  86. Chris Collin says:

    I have loved this latest study of “Wait and See”. Not only did I have an enriched study joining the online study and conference call group, I was privileged to go through this study with a group of four friends. Every week we met to discuss the book and what we were or had been waiting for. Wendy was so right in her last video when she says we need to praise God when we reach the end of our wait. Working with this group of friends has not only helped me in my wait, I see their testimony of how God has worked in their lives and I am awed by the privilege of seeing God’s hand at work. Thank you God that you know best, Holy Spirit please continue to guide me, Jesus thank you for your continued example of being humble and having a servants heart. I pray that I can be humble and have a servants heart as I am in my wait. Amen

  87. O — To not focus on the object of my wait but to focus on my faith!
    B — Psalm 119:11 I have hidden your word in heart, that I may not sin against you. I like being able to pull little hidden God sayings out of my heart when I’m getting down on myself.
    S — I want to share with others even during my wait what they can do for themselves that will help them get through a waiting period. I need to remember to praise God for all that he has done, even the wait!

  88. Observe — What’s your biggest takeaway from this study that’s helping you in your wait? I have an issue in failing to totally surrender to God and TRUST HIM and HIS PERFECT TIMING. I tend to try to figure things out for myself instead of following God’s lead. So Wendy’s points—1. Don’t fret, Delight! 2. Don’t Rush, 3. The Lord Is My Shepherd was most important to me. I need to trust and surrender my wait to God instead of worrying and fretting about my situation and count my blessings and remember the past promises God has fulfilled, and most important remember that God is always with me, He IS my GOOD SHEPHERD—he is there to protect, guide, and direct the plan for my life in His perfect timing and His way. AMEN!

    Bible — The verse that resounds most with me is 119:45—I WILL WALK IN FREEDOM, FOR I HAVE DEVOTED MYSELF TO YOUR COMMANDS. This verse says instead of trying to do things myself, rush things—which makes matters worse if I surrender my life and wait to God’s direction and plan for me and stay and apply His Word, He will give me delight and joy in my salvation and remember, things may not turn out as I planned, but if I trust Him, things always work out as God planned which is best for me.

    Stretch —Her last step was PERIOD! To me this means surrender the situation to God, learn from your wait, and when it comes to fruition —THANK GOD! PRAISE GOD! TELL OTHERS WHAT GOD HAS DONE–share my testimony!

  89. Testing God for his plan and provision while we wait for what is next for my family!

  90. Wendy Raaft says:

    This has been an.amazing study! i have learned things that I didnt know and reaffirmed things I did. I have drawn closer to God, prayed harder and with more faith. Thank you Wendy Pope for this study.

  91. I’ve been waiting, wondering if I would regain use of my left arm after a serious cycling crash this past summer. Last Friday, 12/2/16, was my last day of physical therapy, five months after the crash. It’s been awesome to go through Wait and See, to see how God has been faithful in meeting me during in this painful and frustrating wait. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned in your waits with God to help me learn to be a better wait-er. <3

  92. Billie Albertson says:

    Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to seek God outside of my own perspective.

  93. Rocio Enriquez says:

    This study was great! It is exactly what I needed during this season in my life and it is something I can always come back to. Thank you!!

  94. O:. Philippians 4:7-9The Message (MSG)

    6-7 Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.

    8-9 Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies.

    B:Psalm 119[a]

    1 Joyful are people of integrity,
    who follow the instructions of the Lord.

    S: continue to seek him and know he is with me

  95. This study was my first online study- I have already signed up for the next. It was applicable and spoke volumes to my heart. It was easy to commit to the plan and it even traveled to Mexico with me. My wait continues but instead of being weary, I feel strong; instead of feeling alone, I feel His presence. My time in the Word has become precious. Thank you and praise Him above all!

  96. Monica Archer says:

    I loved this study and can’t wait for the next one!

  97. Thank you for the Wait and See book and Bible Study. There have been many wait and see times in my life as I am sure everyone has. I would like to share two of them with everyone because I am overjoyed. The first one I want to share is my baby cousin who was born this month. The day after he was born, he wasn’t doing well. His lungs were not working, ended up on a ventilator. I asked for prayers. I prayed more than I have ever prayed for one person in a short amount of time before and even with the continual bad news I felt he was going to be okay. He is now off all the tubes, his lungs are working, the only wait now is for him to be able to get off all the medications safely. It is a miracle and a blessing.

    My second wait and see has been happening for years. My brother has struggled and because of his struggles and choices, the rest of the family has struggled in ways we never would have dreamed. We began a prayer wall in our hallway and I have been spending time with God in study, song, and prayer. Lots of prayers and lots of praising. Now my brother is making good choices, going back to church, attending meetings he needs to attend to get better and I FINALLY have my brother back! This was a wait and see I never really thought would happen. I am overjoyed! I’ve always known God is good but I have a closer relationship with God now and I can FEEL that God is good on the inside.

  98. This has been such a powerful book and Bible study! Thank you, Wendy Pope, that you were faithful in the wait!
    O – My biggest takeaway, I think, is that when we are waiting, we should do what we know to do. We can love God, love others, and continually seek God and His will for our lives.
    B – Psalm 119:11 is my favorite. I remember learning this verse as a little girl in Bible School. If we hide God’s Word in our heart, it will help us in so many ways.
    S – Whether the wait ends or not, God provides all we need.

  99. Ellen Anderson says:

    Observe — The biggest takeaways for me are that there are ways that I can wait better and how not to make the object of my wait my idol. I should be focusing on God and others and tend to my pasture during my wait. Be present in the present.
    Bible — Psalm 119:11 speaks to me the most. I will try to stay in God’s word and follow His way for my life, not my own.
    Stretch — I like the Don’t Rush the Wait survival statement so I will be referring back to that when I’m feeling down or discouraged. I will also be referring back to Wendy’s book with all the markings I made in it because some of those statements really spoke to my heart.

  100. Marilyn Bucci says:

    Just wanted to share some of My wait,My husband and I have known each other since high school but went separate ways until 11 years ago.He was going through a battle and didn’t know the Lord.And I was having a hard time and got in my car didn’t know where I was going I was just going and all I know is I ended up in his driveway and my attention moved from me and my problems to Him and I walked into his world helped him and led Him to the Lord,We had a tornado of rough times that are still going on today,He has been diagnosed with manic anxiety and PTSD. So it would get bad at times and I would leave for awhile and then come back this has been going on for 11 years.Well seven years I believe God was ushering us to live in the southern part of Our state where no family is in a vision he showed me a house and everything I even went to the house but do to the caos it didn’t come into flourished.Well back it August on a Sunday morning I went to church and my pastor was preaching about Elijah going 250 miles in wrong direction well I felt the Lord ushering me to contemplate that and 250 miles from where I was would be back where we had moved from ahem! Then I was sitting on my porch and I asked God for his direction and I looked up at the sky and three little clouds formed an arrow and the arrow was pointing north,well I was still contemplating and didn’t tell my husband about the sermon or the vision and he pops up one day with we have to move up north well after that there was a big fight and I left by myself because at that point I couldn’t take it anymore well while I was in the wait of packing up my stuff and waiting on my daughter to cone get me peace fell on us and it was like from that point on God took the reins I still moved out and am back up north he is still down south I am still at peace and I was led to your study wait and see.He is yet going through another battle pertaining to his teenage kids that are with him and I just wanted to run and help him but no that wasdwasd notrnotr my place it was Gods so I dug in my spurs and I am waiting on God and as long as I wait on Him I will see His glory! Hallelujah!!!!

  101. This study has been such a wonderful one to start out in as a OBS newbie! I have loved every minute of it! Go met me right where I was in His PERFECT timing!

    Observe — My biggest takeaway from this study that’s helping me in my wait, is to know that it’s okay to wait. There will be these seasons in my life. I think I was under the impression that if I wasn’t moving, God wasn’t working. I truly loved graspig the idea that in our wait, God is preparing us for what is ahead. He is working while we wait!

    Bible — The verse that speaks to me the most and I will hold onto as we finish up this study is Psalms 119. “Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the Lord.” (NLT.) I want to be a person of integrity who follows the Lord in every aspect of my life. This verse meant a lot to me because during my waiting season, right before this OBS started, God brought me into a place where I had to make a decision. For the first time, I learned to listen to the still small voice of God, seek confirmation, and walk completely by faith alone! I am joyful to say I will follow the instructions of the Lord. There is no place I’d rather be.

    Stretch — In my wait and whatever happens, good and bad, I will choose to praise God, give thanks, and tell others of my testimony! I believe God gives us our struggles and helps us overcome so that we may be an encouragement to others and share our story. Testimonies big or small are stories, just waiting to be told! Lets tell ours.

    • Pat OBS O-Team says:

      Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing your heart. SO awesome that our God is so big to to guide each one of us in each of our struggles! God bless you as you continue on with Him!

  102. Marilyn Bucci says:

    Also I will use Psalms 119:45 I know Him and His precepts!

  103. I loved the verse about walking in freedom. This is something I struggle with and am learning to break free more and more!

  104. I have really enjoyed this study. I have been though several “waiting” times. One horrific waiting time took over 4 years, but I kept hearing God tell me to wait throughout the whole thing. In the end, looking back, God was faithful to answer prayers. Right now I am in a season of waiting that is giving me some trouble. We are waiting for some financial blessing or help. We have been “waiting” for a couple of years. We have been praying, tending our pastures (working 2 or 3 jobs, raising kids, serving in church etc.), seeking God’s will, trusting God and expecting Him to answer while we are waiting. The problem is, that while we are willing to wait on God’s timing for financial relief, our bill collectors and banks are not willing to wait. We are trying hard not to try to manipulate or solve the problem on our own and let God handle it, but the problems get worse because financial institutions are not on God’s timetable. We are getting discouraged because we are trying to do the right thing, but our prayers aren’t being answered in this situation. I really, really loved this book and Bible study because I think it really is how we should live our lives. I’m just having a difficult time applying it to our situation right now and that is disheartening. We are willing to wait, but the waiting seems to make things worse in this particular situation.

  105. Loved this study SO much. It’s helped me realize that I’m waiting beside so many others, and I have peace in knowing that in His timing, the wait will end and His plan will finally be revealed! Honestly all those verses are just perfect, it’s hard to pick one! Although, if I had to choose, Psalm 119:45 literally feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s just so refreshing, and brings a special peace to my heart!

  106. My biggest take away from this study is that we are always in a waiting season. When one ends another one begins until we reach eternity. God is always there in those waiting times and He ALWAYS has a GOOD plan for us!
    Psalm 119:11 speaks to me the most. “Your word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You, O Lord!” We need to read His word daily. Another verse that speaks to me is 1 John 1:9- “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Thank you Lord!

  107. Natalie Gad says:

    O: The biggest takeaway from this Bible Study that is going to help me in my wait is that God’s timing is so perfect and different from mine and that I need to focus on God, the person of my faith rather then the object of my wait, a husband.
    B: Psalm 119:45 speaks the most to me. I love how I can walk in freedom with the Lord, it is so refreshing and it gives me lots of peace.
    S: I have loved all of Wendy’s videos and all of the survival statements. My favorite survival statement is this last one of Period. It helps me know that my wait is going to end eventually just like a sentence ends with a period so is my wait. I can’t wait until my wait is over with and God finally brings me a husband and I can get married. I can’t believe this Bible Study is over with. I am so sad, but I have enjoyed every minute of it. This was my first OBS and I am so glad that I joined. Wendy Pope’s book was so awesome. Thanks so much for a wonderful Bible Study. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Ladies!

  108. Karen Moss says:

    We can walk in the freedom that God’s timing is perfect. I’m taking away that God has perfect plans for my life.

  109. Waiting is tough when the season is long. Thanks for the reminders of how to wait well:)

  110. My biggest takeaway from this study is to tend to my pasture while I wait. In this time of waiting, God has shown me how I can serve him and others instead of focusing on the object of my wait. Through that, God will prepare and equip me to receive the object of my wait in his perfect timing.

    • Pat OBS O-Team says:

      Amen, Candice. Being prepared to receive is something I tend to overlook! Thank you for your comment. God bless you. 🙂

  111. Anxiously awaiting the next study!

  112. Carla Beck says:

    Anxious to begin the Wait and See bible study.

  113. Deborah Yanez says:

    Truly enjoyed the Wait and See Bible Study!! Learned so much and will be able to share it all with my family, friends and sisters in Christ. Looking for to the next one!!

  114. Tend to my pasture!!! What a privilege it is that He sets us up to honor and glorify Him right where we’re at, may I not take that lightly. Gods will be done, not mine.
    Psalm 119:11 Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.

  115. Would love this!

  116. -My biggest take away from this study is when Wendy Pope says “the best thing you can do while you wait is love people.” I can do a much better job at loving others better during my wait. I am going to start with the unexpected friends God has put in my life. I need to be able to let friends into my wait to help me wait.
    -Psalm 119:11 is a great reminder to continue to dig into the Word of God and cherish it in my heart. Louie Giglio says that carrying my bible in my purse or backpack or having it in my car and here and there is great but the only place it can be useful in affecting my life for the better is in my heart.
    -Through the thick and thin God should be praised because his plan and his timing is in action. Don’t fret, delight. Remember, don’t rush. The lord is my shepherd, and I will wait and be strong, period.

    • Pat OBS O-Team says:

      Thank you so much for your precious comment – after all, that is what our God is all about. Thank you for joining with us as we all try to fulfill that goal! God bless you, Megs.

  117. Christianne McCall says:

    Unfortunately I am behind on this study but will try to catch up this weekend. I enjoy all of your studies and look forward to the next one!

  118. This study has open my eyes to see the truth in a different way. It came in a perfect timing in my life. I have cried and I have wrestled with myself for not trusting God enough, but he is so faithful an so loving that even in the midst of my waiting right now. He gives me the gift of learning what wait really means which I know I will be amazed and I am so grateful.
    Thank You

  119. The biggest thing for me is that God is faithful. I always forget that, and also not to focus on the object of my wait, but focus on Him. I loved this study.

  120. DIXIE WEST says:

    I have loved this study and understand so much better the wait that God has placed me in. My patience has grown, my cheerfulness in the midst of frustrations, all of it is a growth experience I would not have thought possible in my own strength. Of course, I cannot do it in my strength, but only through God’s blessings of WAIT on my life. Thank you, Jesus. And Thank you to the P31 team for such a wonderful experience.

    • Pat OBS O-Team says:

      Thank you, Dixie. Some of the worst times in my life have been those that I cherish the most as a time of maturity. In His strength alone absolutely!! 🙂

  121. Observe — My biggest takeaway from this study that’s helping me in my wait is to continue to Be Still and Wait on the Lord while leaning not to my own understanding.

    Bible — Psalm 119 Verse 1 because it is important to stay a person of integrity and follow God so to stay joyful….even when some situations may cause sadness.

    Stretch — I will you use the last step Wendy shares in my wait by remembering that this is my testimony and that I am to tell everyone and continually search for the Lord after this wait is over. I will remember what He has done for me. Also, I will not fret but delight in the Lord while waiting and being strong.

  122. Observe — My biggest takeaway from this study is trusting God and his timing and using a wait period to strengthen my relationship with God.

    Bible — Psalm 119:1 speaks to me the most. Its a great reminder that following God’s instructions is what leads to a truly happy life.

    Stretch — My wait came to an end yesterday but that just began another waiting period. I am so thankful for God and am praising his name but need to begin sharing what he was done for me with others so they can see his blessings!

  123. My biggest take-away from this study was “what to do while you wait.” The second verse resonates with me–it motivates me to memorize scripture. I will continue to ask God to reveal any hidden or suppressed sins and rejoice in the sanctification process

  124. Charlotte Regan says:

    I want to thank Proverbs31, Wendy Pope and all the leaders for this opportunity. This has been an amazing experience for me and I totally feel God brought me to you and this study through the work he’s doing with me in this wait. I have found such Peace, Comfort and a strengthened faith in my wait and I can attribute this study to that. THANK YOU.. the timing was amazing as it was something needed in my life right now.

    Observe- Pauses are meant to strengthen our resolve not weaken our faith! I so strongly feel this and will make it my focus as well as keeping my focus on him through his word, truth, prayer and praise.

    Bible – Psalm 119 verse 1- “Blessed are they whose ways are blameless, who walk toward the law of the Lord.”
    This is a great reminder of what’s important and during my wait and after where my focus should be focused on the Lord and his ways. I pray for the lord’s ways to be my ways not my own.”

    Stretch- I will remember to Give Thanks and Praise God as well of my testimony to others. I will also “Remember” his works and continue to seek him through my wait and after!

  125. God is always with me in my wait. He has plans for my life and I will trust Him no matter how long the wait is. Everything is according to God’s timing.

  126. Thank you so much for this book and this study. I am in a season of waiting, one season I have been waiting on a long, long time and the other just hit me out of the blue in September. I want to wait well in this pause, but it is very difficult and I am so grateful for this book at this season. Thank you for investing your lives in our lives! God bless!

  127. My biggest takeaway from this study is that I to remain calm and trust in Him to lead me when He is ready through my wait.

    Psalm 119 verse 45 speaks to me the most out of these 3 given. I will take it forward as I would love to walk in freedom as I devote myself completely to His commandments.

    I will use the last step by just waiting in my wait. Period.

    Thanks Proverbs31 for all you do! Great study!

  128. These verses are very inspiring. I’m going to try to keep God’s word in my heart for every situation. I definitely need God to help me with that.

  129. I have learned so much from this study. It came at such a good time. I was ready to give up. Going through this study I feel encouraged and have learned to trust Gods plan and His timing.

  130. I’ve realized that I’ve had several seasons of waiting in my life, but this is definitely the hardest one. I’ve never done a Proverbs 31 online study before but when I saw this one advertised I knew I needed it. I signed up at the hardest point so far in my wait…and even though the study didn’t start until a month later, the prospect gave me hope and strength. This study was amazing and I’ve purchased the book for others who can be encouraged by it. I know it’s a book that I will reread over and over. It validated a lot of my actions and feelings during this wait and gave me new tools to strengthen me and encourage others. The best part is that every word in the book is backed by the Bible ♡♡♡♡ Thank you, Wendy Pope and Proverbs 31. Thank You, Father, for leading me here and bringing me closer to You!

  131. O- My biggest take away from this study it to be on line with God to not become discouraged when you wait. If I’m not in the word, I’ll fall back in my faith. So I have to keep walking towards God.
    B- I went and read these verses in the MSG! It clarifies these so much more for me. so I’d say the one I get the most out of is Psalm 119:1. That says I will be blessed when I stay on the path the Lord has given.
    S- I can rest in the peace that I know a period will be coming to end my wait & that God knows and has his best vision with me in mind.

  132. Veronica Epler says:

    My biggest takeaway from this study is that I am not in control of my wait. I need to let it go, and put it all into God’s hands.

    Psalm 119:1 speaks to me the most as I need to follow His instructions and trust Him during this wait.

    Since my wait isn’t over, I won’t try to rush it. Period.

    • Pat OBS O-Team says:

      Thank you, Veronica, for sharing that as it is a fundamental problem for most of us! Praying for a peaceful and faith-filled bridge that you are on as you wait. 🙂

  133. Paige Stovall says:

    I am sad to see yet another OBS come to an end. I have the most awesome leader Audrey Williams. And our group is the best, in my opinion. I have learned so much about the wait and I think the biggest thing that I will take away is the opportunity that God gives us in our waits to help us grow and to teach us valuable tools we will need for the next wait to come.

  134. Thank you so much for this Bible Study Online!!!

  135. This study has been great, and it began around a time that I needed it to!
    My biggest take away from this study is that God’s timing is impeccable. I also learned that if I just stop and wait, He will reveal what I need to know regarding my future. Not because He wants to cause pain but because He wants to show us what sort of life He wants for us, if we can wait and stay prayerful.
    Psalm 119:11 speaks to me most. I have made a habit of starting my day with God’s word and working to obey what’s in it, so that my wait focuses on Him.
    God’s plans and timing are way better than mine. He does everything in love, my wait will soon be over.

    I’ll see you on OBS again soon, ladies! Happy holidays 🙂

  136. Observe — My biggest take away is to do what I know to do while I wait. There are so many things that need to be done while I wait. Practical things. If Good were to say’yes’ right now, I’d be I such a panic! Although I want it to happen, I am really not ready and didn’t really realize it until I read the book.

    Bible — Verse 11. I am currently trying to hide His word in my heart. Taking encouragement from the word and memorizing verses and passages applicable to my situation. I want to know the word and be ready when tempted by discouragement and doubt.

    Stretch — If the wait never ends, I know our is God’s best for me. His plans are better than mine. Period…He has the final say and my job is not to question but to give thanks, praise Him and tell orhers of His faithfulness.

  137. Laurel Lancaster says:

    Thanks for all you do P31!

  138. Charlie Kovanda says:

    I didn’t know that I needed this when I bought the book, but God did. I was fired from a job I loved 4 days before this study started and 2 weeks after I had purchased the book. I was living in my own pride and felt like I was winning at life. I didn’t need God. And He used this wait to shake my foundations. He and I had a reckoning where He has taught me that He provides every good things. That He alone is God and that He has me. He has me in this failure, He has me in the sense of making each dollar stretch, and He has me in the right place for the future He wants for me. I have been angry and cried out, and I have clung to His truth to combat the Uninviteds. And I have seen how faithful my God is. How He is my rock and my refuge. He has lead me step by step to a new job. My wait is over and I praise Him and thank Him for getting me through it. I praise Him for knowing I needed this study. I praise Him for showing His faithfulness. I praise Him for turning that which others meant for harm into good for His kingdom. Thank you all for making this happen!!!

  139. O: My biggest takeaway from this study is that God’s timing is perfect and He does not need my help in pushing things along. It is difficult to admit that I was trying to help God move along and I was trying to manipulate the situation to make my wait end. But, I have truly seen all the wonderful blessings that God has given me that I may have not noticed before because I was too busy focusing on my wait.
    B: Psalm 119:45 is a verse that really speaks to me. I can walk freely because I have devoted myself to the Lord and His commandments. That is an extremely comforting fact!
    S: I am going to do my best to remain strong in my wait. There will be some days that are wonderful and some days that are terribly difficult, but I will not let the difficult days get me down. I will overcome those days and remind myself to continue to commit myself to the Lord.

  140. Carol Love says:

    O – My biggest take away is that I really have been doing a better job of waiting than I thought I was. Yes, there are times when I am just so tired of the wait and get very frustrated but over the long run, I am doing about what God would have me to do. I should pray more, maybe. We should all pray more.
    B – I think I need to park on verse 1. I need to be truly joyful – not just smiling and happy, but joyful. I need to celebrate the life and good health that God has given me and not worry about the future. Yes, that is what I need to take away from this study.
    S – I like the period, the end, that Wendy talks about. Even when the wait is on-going, the period says that I will let God bring the end of His choice in His time. Meanwhile, the period tells me I have ended any part I might try to play in the process except what He orchestrates. Period!!

  141. Kristina Diem says:

    Thank you for all your encouraging words. I love this obs thank you I would love to join the next obs

  142. AT POINTS I WAS CRYING. It was spot on for exactly what’s been going on in my life. My boyfriend and i moved in together 8 months ago. Oh how we’ve been waiting for our season to be over. We’re struggling financially &spiritually. I HIGHLIGHTED, so much of Wait & See. At one paragraph, i highlighted, circled, puts stars around because i broke down in tears! showed my boyfriend and he was shocked. Wendy pope has to be the best damn author i’ve ever read. I think about that book 24/7, i could re-read & re-read it. I’m so excited for the next bible study book, in the mean time i went and purchased other p31 ministry books! i’m so happy THAT a friend showed this website to me, she’s amazed how its touched my life. Thank you, Wendy Pope, for opening my eyes that even God’s greatest had a wait season that even he went 17+ years through heartache and “tending to his sheep”
    AND I LOVE… that you added other experiences from friends & yourself. Thank you for opening up about your personal life!

    Bless you!

  143. Have loved this series as I have been waiting on God for several prayer requests for years. In the wait, I have had to keep my eyes on Jesus and daily surrender to His direction for the day. I have learned that God’s will is to glorify Him in all that we do and He will take care of the rest.

  144. Cindi Blazina says:

    I can’t believe it’s over. I’ve felt a change since I started this book and it’s great. I’m ready to wait on God ready to wait to see what amazing things he has in store for me and mine.

  145. I need to live in the present while I wait for the future.
    Psalm 119:1 “Joyful are people of integrity who follow the instructions of the Lord”
    I will know that if I have done all the steps in the survival statement well, I have done all I need to do to survive the wait.

  146. This was my first OBS and i have really enjoyed it, but life got crazy and I haven’t finished yet. But I will. I loved it so much I bought the book and the calls for a friend that’s in a hard wait and sometimes feels like throwing in the towel. I’m praying God will speak to her through this book. Thanks so much for all who taught and Wendy for writing this book.


    Verse 1 will stick with me the most right now. It will help me remember that I should and can continue to press forward in truth even when it seems the “not-so-upright” are flying right past me in different ways. It helps me remember that only God can determine whom should receive which blessings and when. In this study I have learned that waits are periods to prepare. It helps knowing it is not only recommended by modern day therapists but the great writers of scripture heard from the Lord and advised the same. I can rest my anxiety-filled nerves and it’s okay. God’s working it all out. Be blessed Sisters and thank you for having me! Sorry for completing my last post at 2:09AM on the Saturday after the study was done! ? Oh the life of a mom-trepeneur, wife, midlife-woman-of-God! See you in January and have a blessed Christmas and awesome start to 2017! ???

  148. Thank you Wendy for writing this wonderful book! It’s something that I have needed. Thank you. I’m learning to stop focusing on the object of my wait and instead focus on God.

    Verse 11 speaks to me because I am tucking His words in my heart ❤️ using them when I need them. His words are reminders to me that all is ok. He’s got this. He’s worked things out and I just need to keep a watchful eye out and an open heart. God will lead me through my journey on this Earth.

    God bless you Wendy. Thank you!

  149. Lauren Gonzalez says:

    What a great OBS Wendy, thank you! Your quote is my number 1 take away: “Things don’t always turn out exactly as we planned, but things always turn out as God planned.”

  150. The biggest takeaway was realizing and acknowledging my Wait. Yes, I know of the Big things that I wait for but looking at the small ones, like being able to see a verse and know it before I find it in my Bible.

    This study was wonderful. It opened my heart and pushed me to allow more God time in my everyday.

  151. WOW! Where did the time go? I have enjoyed this study even when I didn’t like to hear the instruction given! Am I alone in my rebelling at discipline at times? I thank you that you were faithful and called me to be faithful too!
    O–The greatest take away for me is to tend my pasture in this wait. I have shared bits and pieces of my wait and would like to share God’s timing with you. On October 23, I announced in church that God has called me to a new ministry in our children’s department–something I have longed for for many years. It means that I will be stepping down from being the pianist which I have done for the better part of the last 20 years. Big change! But the next afternoon I received a text from my husband that his company announced that morning that his office would be closing in 9 days! After 20+ years with his company, he found himself without a job! This study has encouraged my to tend my pasture–the children’s ministry–during this wait and be ready to hand the ministry that is so near and dear to my heart off to someone else if that is what God calls me to do. Not an easy thing to do! BUT I am not hiding in a cave, not having my life threatened as David did. He stayed faithful. May I follow his example and the example of Christ, who gave His absolute all for me. So while we wait on my husband’s new job, I am enjoying being where God has called me to be at this time. Please pray for us.
    B–The verse that I am holding on to is one that has spoken to me for a long time. Verse 11: Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You. Scripture memorization, while not always easy, has always been a source of strength in times of waiting.
    S–When the Uninviteds come, I am going to shout PERIOD! IT IS DONE!
    Thank you again for this study! God bless you and Merry Christmas!

  152. I enjoyed this study so much. Im sad to see it end. I will re-read the book now. Hard to say yet what the biggest takeaway is. It was all so valuable. Thank you all so much for making this study available

  153. Bethany Swartz says:

    Loved this OBS! Can’t wait for the next one!! ❄??⛄?❄?⛄?

  154. I’m far from being done with this study. Because of this, that, the other, company, Thanksgiving (you get the picture), I just completed Chapter 2. I know you say go at your own pace, but this is crazy! I was so hoping to go along on the journey with everyone to get more out of it. With that being said, at the end of chapter 2 I know I’m in a pasture. That’s no doubt. My question is…what happens when you’re on a roller coaster ride in your pasture? How do you get off the roller coaster in order to take a breath? The twists, the turns, the climbs, the rapid descents. Whew! I’d rather be on a merry-go-round in my pasture!! Please pray for direction and clarity for me. I so need it!! Thank you 🙂

  155. Karri Upchurch says:

    Loved this study, a lot of learning to wait experiences had during it and it helped! ❤️

  156. Observe — Tending my pasture. This portion really struck home with me as I wait. I’ve been waiting, but now I understand what I need to do in this wait. I know God is faithful, and blesses me greatly. I am excited to see the outcome, while I grow closer to God.
    Bible — Hide is name in my heart.
    Stretch: I will Give Thanks and Praise to God always, not the sometime I have been doing. And I will try to be better with testimony. And I’ll be patient during this period!

  157. I figure if I keep trying, maybe someday I will win. But, the best to who ever does! Blessings.

  158. Michelle Duncan says:

    O – The biggest takeaway for me was learning that I need to focus on the Person of my faith rather than the object of my wait.
    B – I like Psalm 119:11 because I’ve been sharing throughout this study that I need to read the word more and commit more verses to heart and memory as mental reminders when the Uninviteds pop up.
    S – Like I shared in prior posts, I will work on getting to the point where I can recall the times He’s been faithful to me so I can remember that He’s always got me.

  159. Some days….like yesterday and today….are just hard. I want to stay in bed with my head hidden. I know God is in this. He has me. He feels my tears and hears my cries, but I’ll be switched if the emotions don’t yell louder then His voice. It’s not easy to trust…but it true. It’s what I choose. Even so…..the pain….internal feel eternal. My part? To trust God….that’s all. A day will come when the wait is over…now or later…no matter. A day will come when I feel my Savior’s hand and the work is over.

  160. Observe — The entire study has helped me tremendously. First and foremost, I always find it helpful to realize that I am not alone. Although my wait is different than all of those mentioned in the book, I could relate to thoughts and feelings that each individual experienced during her wait. This study has also helped me turn my eyes upward rather than inward, to focus on Him rather than me. Very early in in my wait all I could think about was myself and all that I was losing. Now I am trying to focus on what I may be gaining and how it could bring glory to Him.

    Bible — I think verse 1 resonates most with me. My wait involves me being obedient to something I truly believe God is leading me to do; however, it is not necessarily something I want to do. In fact, in many ways, it is breaking my heart. This verse reminds me that I will find joy if I am obedient to Him.

    Stretch — I will wait in a way that brings glory to him. Period.

  161. Rosalyn Wallace says:

    I have totally enjoyed this bible study even though I didn’t participate in the Facebook or conference calls, I enjoyed the book study and the weekly blogs.I know God has me right where he wants me to be and I have marinated in the Digging Deeper ” segments where he has revealed many mini lessons associated with my waiting.
    My biggest takeaway is finding graditude and trusting God while I wait.
    Bible: of the 3 verses of Psalm 119; vs.45 spoke to me about seeking the Lord and walking in His daily precepts.
    ~My prayer is that I continue with the principles that I learned in this study. The Holy Spirit has made a difference in my disposition and I have been demonstrating the fruits of the spirit.?

  162. Angela Tseng says:

    I know that waiting polishes us to be a better version of ourselves for He had made me waited seven years before. Now, I don’t know what my lesson is or what my wait is about. Please guide me. I’m interested in the next series, and I’m encouraged because these past two series, He has spoken to me.

  163. Observe — Hope! Whether my wait is around the corner or not….I am doing what God wants me to do: study his word, pray, & praising him for the many blessings in my life. There’s no stress that I’m not doing enough. This gives me peace.

    Bible — Vs. 11. Hiding his word in my heart so that I may not sin against GOD. Studying God’s word is preparing me for whatever life may throw at me next. Vs 1. I am blessed because I am walking with God. It’s reassuring when you know you are doing what God wants you to do.

    Stretch — Don’t Fret, Delight. Remember, Don’t Rush. The LORD is my Sheppard. Wait and Be Strong. Period. I will give thanks to GOD, praise him, tell everyone about what he is doing in my life. God is faithful. I trust what he is doing in my life. I know I am experiencing GOD in my wait. I know everything I have endured and will endure will be worth it when I reach the end.

  164. I teach yoga and I like to end class with Wayne Dyers “I Am” meditation so this book will enhance that experience.

  165. I’m a little late but I am finishing strong!

  166. I really, badly need this… and I am glad of Proverbs 31 ministry. Thank you!

  167. What a wonderful ministry to offer OBS. I have loved every one! Can’t wait for the next one- Finding I Am! It would be great to actually win a copy of this book to share with a friend!

  168. I am just seeing this for the first time…Lysa’s new book, and it has brought my soul and eyes to tears already and I dont even have the book. I signed up for the online study and my heart is longing to start. Thank you for the opportunity and your minstries. I dont know if it is to late to enter into the drawing for the book, but I would love to be apart of that too. Things are tight right now — the Lord gives and the Lord takes away blessed be the name of the Lord. My soul is hurting yet I know the Lord is faithful and healing our grieving hearts and helping us through life changing adjustments, yet we feel so alone…though my mind knows God is there and faithful, yet it is overwhelming at times. Looking forward to this book and study. Thank you ladies! Ps. 19:14

  169. Cheri Zelm says:

    I’ve been gone awhile, and so looking forward to jumping back in! Can’t wait to start!

  170. New Here and a New Christian since May of 2016. I’m trying to learn all I can. At 56, I feel so far behind the curve in my spirituality. Even though, I did just preorder the book on B&N, if I win I will give the book to my sister who is really struggling right now from our many childhood traumas.

  171. Christine says:

    I just signed up last night and preordered the book today. I am so excited to be in the Bible study for this book! I love eveything that Lysa has written, it always speaks to me. This ministry is such a blessing for me too, I have recently moved and have not found a church home. So ready to begin!!

  172. Becky Smith says:

    All signed up thanks for the chance to participate

  173. hey I’m Cathy and I just signed up for my second bible study Finding I Am the first was Unenvited I am looking forward to this! hope to win the book. Will invite friends

  174. Cathi Major says:

    I’m signed up for the study, I can’t wait! I need a bible study I can do online since I can’t get to a bible study that is convenient for me.

  175. Cathy Mayer says:

    I am so looking forward to this Bible Study. God Bless you for offering it!

  176. Carmelita Chavez says:

    I am excited to join the Bible study! Thank you so much!

  177. I have been out of work for months, and struggling with where I currently am, but know that GOD has a plan, and since I am here, it’ s NOT over… There’s more on the way, and I have to remember to do my best, continue to give 100% in everything I do, and continue to learn about and LOVE God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit….
    So blessed to have you guys… Love these studies!!! I am going to do the FB Posts, as well as FB Live, too!
    Thanks for all that you do!

    Nancy Horta

  178. I am signed up and so looking forward to it. I need it badly. Thank you so much!!!

  179. This bible study is so timely as I’m currently facing trials in my life one after the other so I feel drained right now. I know it will help a lot to have a community that will support you through tough times. I’m really looking forward to this study.

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