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"Me, Myself, and Lies" Study Leader, Angela Diemer | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #NoMoreLies #P31OBSIt’s Friday! You’ve made it through the first full week of study — great job! Hey there, I’m Angela Diemer, your other summer study leader. Thanks for joining me here on the blog today.

I’m wondering, did anyone else have the sudden urge to go clean their bedroom closets after reading through Chapters 1 and 2? Because I did! But then I quickly closed the closet door, after I saw the extent of the mess.

It would be awesome if I could poof my bedroom closet into getting clean and organized. But even as cool as that would be, it’s not going to happen. I actually need to get in there, right in the middle of the mess, and do the work!

It’s the same thing with cleaning out our thought closets. It’s not gonna just happen on it’s own. We need to get all up in there, as messy as it may be.

I wanted to encourage you with a Scripture I recently read out of the Old Testament, Haggai 2:4b-5. I love how The Message version phrases it, saying:

“’Yes, get to work! For I am with you.’ The GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies is speaking! ‘Put into action the word I covenanted with you when you left Egypt. I’m living and breathing among you right now. Don’t be timid. Don’t hold back.’”

Don’t you love that — “get to work”God is with usPut it into action … “Don’t be timid … Don’t hold back.” Words we can grab a hold of!  Ladies, we too can be freed from our captivity — the captivity of lies — by remembering and turning these words into action!

We want to think good things about ourselves, right? And we want others to see the good things in us, too. Did you catch what Jennifer Rothschild shared on page 21, of how those two things correlate with one another? She said:

“You are a reflection of the way you think.”

"You are a reflection of the way you think." - Jennifer Rothschild #NoMoreLies | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 1 #P31OBS


That came straight out of the Bible! Truth found in Proverbs 23:7a (NASB):

“For as he thinks within himself, so he is.”

Summer study gals, it’s time to take inventory of our thoughts and do some lie tossing, deciding what needs to go, and what needs to stay! But guess what? We don’t have to do it alone.

Remember what Haggai 2:4-5 said? Go ahead, it’s okay to pop back and read it again …

Yes! God is with us, living and breathing amongst us! So let’s stop holding back, and get to work on those thought closets. Are you ready? We can’t wait to do this with you over the next four weeks!

Hey, before you go, come join me in the Let’s Chat section below. See you there!


Let’s Chat:

Let’s end this week by sharing one good truth nugget about ourselves in the comments. I’d also love to hear about your favorite part from Chapters 1 and 2.

P.S. If you haven’t received your book yet, no worries! You can download the first three chapters here for free.

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  1. Mary Byam Smith says:

    “We probably never completely erase old memories, forget old thoughts, or wipe away former self talk.”
    This was a nice thing to no so I can stop trying to get rid of all those memories but instead replace them.


    • Misty Weare says:

      I agree that was very helpful. I’ve never known what to with all that negativity. Forgive yes, but when it comes back–replace it with truth!

      • Deenie Marsh says:

        I also agree with what Marry and Misty say…..just replace those negative thoughts with the truth. However, what happened to us is part of who we are…..we just can’t make it define us!

    • Michelle says:

      I totally agree with you Mary!

    • Yes, I needed to hear the same thing.

    • Kehaulani Bohannon says:

      When I read this, I instantly teared up.

      “Okay God, I hear what I need to do!”

      Every single day, literally, every day, I kick myself over past mistakes, events, relationships, etc. I need to stop kicking myself down, and instead turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. How did that all mold me into the person I am today? How can I use that to honor God now?

      That was a very special moment for me!

    • Traci Lacayo says:

      I totally needed to hear that. I thought there was something wrong with me that my past comes back again and again…ugh..but now almost 20 years after all the abuse and everything God is showing me how He has used my awful past to show me how far I have come since all of that.

  2. Colleen S Fueg says:

    The daily reminders and scriptures give me a thumbs up to toss out the old thought process and replace it with the new one. When I catch myself saying, “That was stupi!” I replace it no I am not. I am a child of God!

  3. Colleen S Fueg says:

    The daily reminders and scriptures give me a thumbs up to toss out the old thought process and replace it with the new one. When I catch myself saying, “That was stupid!” I replace it with, “No I am not. I am a child of God!”

    • Yes! Same, here…I am recognizing how often I label myself negatively when I do something I am certain is not good enough! I am a child of God!

  4. I try to turn negative into positive words, its hard because I go though a lot doing the day but I also will try to speak peace to my mind and soul.Please keep me in your prayers.

    • You know what might help and I have though about doing this as well, writing positive scriptures and comments on some sticky notes or note cards and just posting them. Posting them on your bathroom mirror , on the visor of your car or truck. Doing this to show that there is more positive than negative:)

  5. Seriously all of both chapters have been my favorite. For years I have struggled with depression. It would seem like I was in a loud room with one thought after another just attacking me. Since I started I feel like things are starting to get quieter.

    • Jennifer Friesen says:

      Kayla, I too have struggled with depression for years and I totally understand what you mean. Being depressed can mean you can be in a very dark place. But, although I know that depression can be a chemical thing, part of it is or can be our thought process. We are the hardest on ourselves. Being able to recognize those lies and replace them with the truth, a bit like SPIRITUAL BREATHING (breathe out the lie and breathe in the truth), may in part be the answer to some of the depression (and I am speaking to myself too). Anyhow, I will be praying for you. It reminds me a bit of a poster my dad gave me a long time ago. I got rid of it years ago but I wish I hadn’t. It said, “GOD DON’T MAKE NO JUNK’! Hang in there sister.

  6. Olivia F Williams says:

    That my husband’s actions are not a reflection of who I am. I am not the Holy Spirit and I can’t change him. The soul-searching questions to ponder are my favorite things about these first two chapters. Realizing the answers to these questions was heartbreaking but necessary.

    • Your comment struck a similar cord to mine. Can you explain what you are going through? I hope I’m not being to personal, just may be in a similar situation. Thank you!

    • Even though I do not know your personal situation, I feel a connection to your comment. Praying with you and for you.

  7. If any of you are also doing First5, the idea of putting off and putting on from Ephesians can help here, as well. Instead of thinking “I must stop trash talking to myself” (putting off) we can focus on the new ways of labeling ourselves (putting on). Instead of thinking about a rusty jalopy, we totally think about the shiny red sports car. When thinking about the sports car, the thought of the jalopy doesn’t even cross our minds. I love this word picture as an example of the transforming power of our Lotd and Savior.

  8. Jennifer says:

    One of my favorite parts that i have read is from Laura Story’s sneak peek, “it’s when we spend more time hearing what the world has to say about life than hearing what God has to say.” That goes right along with Proverbs 23:7, and mt 12:34 (out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks) so often we find excuses not to spend time in God’s word, but that is where we find the truths we need. I’m enjoying this study – even though im a little behind

    • Laura Meiser - P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      That really resonated with me too, Jennifer. It’s SO easy to lose focus and forget Whose we are. So important to be grounded in the Word.

    • I’ve struggled with this a lot in my life… I need to not be distracted by worldly things and make more time for the Word. I know that my self talk is worse when I’m not in the Word enough and much better when I am. Yet I still let distractions get the best of me much too often!

  9. Donna Morris says:

    Read both chapters They were great! Turning my negative thoughts into positive thoughts. That is something I am work8ng on.

  10. Grazyna says:

    Angela thank you for your Word . I have been really battling with my thoughts and it’s hard. Thank you for reminding us that God is with us. I needed to hear this. Instantly I felt liberated!

    • Angela Diemer - P31 OBS Study Blog Leader says:

      I’m praying for you!


      • Grazyna says:

        Thank you Angela. I really appreciate it. It’s so good to know that someone whom I don’t know is praying for me.

  11. Loving this book!! Everyone I think negative, I draw from something I have read and remember… God loves me…He made me, and he doesn’t make mistakes!

  12. Ali Cohen says:

    I AM a compassionate person!

    • Penny Guynn says:

      That is a great Start! Using the I AM and not the I AM NOT! Just as I can instead of I Can’t. As you think it is you are…

  13. Kelly Stauff says:

    So far this week there are so many things i learned and appreciate. I’m one of those bible study over achievers so i have read through chapter 3 and done all the Soul-Talk to Ponder questions. i think that is my first favorite, being able to put the word of Truth into my heart and do the HARD work that it is going to take to renew my mind.
    Next, the Soul-Talk Starters in the back of the book have to be my second favorite. I wrote some of them on pretty colored construction paper cut them out into small notes which are now taped to my computer screens at home and at work [and will probably end up on my bathroom mirror and over the kitchen sink, LOL], so I can see those wonderful truths God believes about me so I can remind myself consistently, “I am God’s Treasured Possession!” [1 Peter 2:9-10] and that, “I am gifted with power, love and a sound mind!” 2 Timothy 1:7.

  14. I love this study and how scripture is presented to encourage me to see myself through God’s grace! I am working the Bible study accompanying this and the extra time doing this is so worth it!

  15. Pg.30 “The truth is always authoritative and gracious”
    So when we have negative self talk we are lying to ourselves.

    • Pam Vandermey says:

      Or being lied to…yep

      • Traci Lacayo says:

        I totally needed to hear that. I thought there was something wrong with me that my past comes back again and again…ugh..but now almost 20 years after all the abuse and everything God is showing me how He has used my awful past to show me how far I have come since all of that.

    • Yes! This spoke to me also!

  16. Kim Hatch says:

    I saw that I have to measure what I think about myself and what does God’s Word say about me. As a christian my identity is in Christ and not this world. We are made in the imagine of God, our creator.

  17. I have been uplifted this week. As soon as the negative stuff enters my head, I have a little discussion with myself to try to turn it around. I still have a long way to go, but I know as long as I rely on God, I can do this.

    I don’t have a favorite part, just enjoying the study so far.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Tracy, so glad you are enjoying this study and doing it with us. It is a daily battle. But the more we replace negative thoughts with God’s positive thoughts it will become a habit and we will start doing it without evening realizing it.

  18. Roxanne says:

    It seems like I’ve always known that what we put in our mind is a reflection of who we are are attitudes etc. when I first started my treatments for breast cancer I was very positive but as it got harder and more challenges came I became negative with myself and so far this study has helped to steer me back where I need to be. I get feelings of not being confident. Inadequate, why me? This verse in Colossians on page 33 was one that really spoke to me stating let your conversation be gracious and attractive so th you will have the right response for everyone . And I realized if I carry-on a negative attitude and don’t let people see how God is working in my life through this situation then I’m not pertraying a very healthy attitude. God has been very gracious to me throughout this experience my cancer was caught very early I received a lump ectomy which basically took care of the tumor I had no cancer cells in my margins are lymph nodes but I am currently undergoing chemo therapy to help prevent any type of reoccurrence so these are the challenges but if we portray that you know God And he will only do things for good so that we can have a better future. I pray that I will be the workmanship of God another words I pray to him this question on page 35 that I will refrain from the old boards in rephrase with new ones and not be a name caller to myself but that I will see that I am a workmanship of God he calls my name and he knows me

    • Shannon Delchamps says:

      Way to go Roxanne! You can do it!!

    • Sue Owenson says:

      You can do this. I am a 8 year breast cancer survivor. Staying positive and hopeful is part of your healing. Praying that you will be able to look back on this time in your life as faith building and growing closer to God

    • Andrea Shuman says:

      My mother is a nine year breast cancer survivor. She had chemo, then radiation for a year, then oral chemo for another year and it really, really messed with her body and made everything so much harder. (It brought on horrible arthrigtis in her hips until she can no longer walk without extreme pain), She might have gotten arthritis in her hips anyways, but not this severe or this soon. And afterwards, exercising became so painful and hard for her. But what’s so amazing, and why I bring this up, is because she never gave up or gave in to negative self-talk although I know it was a daily battle and now she is able to bless others so much more because of what she has been through. She blesses me daily and I see her blessing others. I think that valley made her so strong. God uses things like that in our live to make us stronger than we would have been without them. Bless you, Roxanne, you God-loved child of the King!

  19. Shannon Delchamps says:

    Wow! This was a great blog post. I’m pumped by the verses in Haggai. I’m going to get with it and get to tossing bad self talk. I made a little progress this week. Heard myself say to me, “Good job” rather than something negative. It wasn’t scripture but it was a step in the right direction. I long for the day when my response it almost automatically something from God’s Word. Think I’ll get there?

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Yes Shannon, you can do it. It is a daily battle but us forming this habit of replacing negative with positive will change our lives for good. We are glad you are joining us in this Bible study and that you are excited about it.

  20. Theresa Mason says:

    Angela, this a wonderful post that hit home for me, thank you!! What a great way to start my weekend with that verse from Haggai.
    I love in chapter 2 where Jennifer reminds me that God is hearing what I am saying to myself, that He loves me. I also wrote down that if I would get angry, hurt, offended, etc… by someone else saying what I say to myself, change what I am saying to myself!!
    “Instruction brings life, condemnation brings destruction” (p. 32).

    • Angela Diemer - P31 OBS Study Blog Leader says:

      Hi Theresa,

      I’m so glad it encouraged you. Knowing that God is with us right there in the trenches is empowering!
      Thank you for sharing!


  21. Cheri Cook says:

    I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I WILL make a difference if I don’t give up!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Amen Cheri, You are fearfully and wonderfully made and God has a purpose for your life. We are so glad you are joining us in this Bible study.

  22. God helps me speak wisdom to struggling friends.

  23. Lisa Hartzler says:

    This is something I’ve been working on for about a year now…it is definitely a process of erasing “old tapes” in my head and replacing with God’s truths. I love when Jennifer said, “When my words agree with God’s Word, I am free to be me.”

    • Deenie Marsh says:

      I, too am struggling with all those negative thoughts and bitterness that has built up in the 50 years I had been married to a Narcissist before I finally divorced. So, the roots are deep as she explained and it is going to take a very long time of replacing and pulling out that root and replacing it with the truth about who I really am – a child of God and fearfully and wonderfully made! Amen

  24. Vicki Waide says:

    I am directing our VBS in a couple of weeks. When the pressure is on it has always been fertile ground for my old negative thoughts to take over.
    I have been pleasantly surprised when as the old thoughts sneak in they are often followed by the new I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
    I loved the reminder to ask for His WIsdom. He is keeping me more calm and focused.

  25. Jennifer says:

    This Study has been wonderful so far. It is tough though because it’s really hitting home of things I know that I need to change and habits are not easy to change after many years of having them. Love the analogy of our closets and cleaning g out the junk and clutter. I am praying for God to help me to get on board and as I clean to remember He loves me in the process. I have a lot of junk and it makes it harder to tell myself I am a lovable person with knowing what needs to be cleaned.

    • Angela Diemer - P31 OBS Study Blog Leader says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      I’m praying for you. One of the things (I have many) I love about God is He loves us just as we are. We don’t have to get cleaned up to be loved more. He adores us just in the state we are in. Whether it’s messy or not. He loves you, He adores you, and He even sings songs over you, Zephaniah 3:17. I’m so glad you’re here!

  26. I love the part that if I don’t control my thoughts they will control me. I have to purposefully think good thoughts especially about myself. I really didn’t realized until now that I think more good things about other people than myself. This is going to end right now.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Amen Sonya, we have to control our thoughts and replace the negative with positive. It is easier to encourage and build others up. we are our worst critics. But with god anything is possible.

    • Sonya I so agree. I am easily able to think of bad or wrong thoughts of myself instead of good thoughts. I have been in counseling for probably 6+ months and I am finally getting better. I am able to think more positive thoughts. I still have those negative/bad thoughts at times but I am healing. I haven’t received my book yet but I have downloaded the first 3 chapters to start reading. I am so excited to see what I learn and how much more I can change

  27. Patricia Williams says:

    “I am (wow, just noticed the I AM!) fearfully and wonderfully made.”

    Is that from Psalm 139:14, I think?

    • Angela Diemer - P31 OBS Study Blog Leader says:

      You got it Patricia! You are wonderfully made, a marvelous workmanship!


  28. Amanda Stubbendick says:

    I have been working on my self talk for a while because for a long time I would really beat myself up and it was often over some really insignificant stuff. I’ve come to realize though a lot of what I’m telling myself is the devils way of holding me back from the truly powerful person God created me to be. Those lies the enemy was using against me were causing me to shrink back from God’s call on my life out of fear and feelings of inadequacy, but God called me because I don’t have it all figured out so that in my weakness he can demonstrate his strength. So, when I saw this OBS I was so excited to have another resource to help me plug into what God wants me to hear, to rid myself of those destructive lies of the enemy and replace them with his truth for his glory! Praise God I am a work in progress, hopefully, pointing others to God’s mighty power and unfailing love.
    One of my favorite visuals about what is appropriate self (soul) talk is that if you wouldn’t say it to someone else or if you would be offend by someone else saying it to you WHY do we say it to ourself so freely?!

  29. Awareness that we have a messy thought closet is the first step. This week I’ve become more aware of the negative thoughts that tried to creep into my mind. Now I just need to learn what to do with the thoughts to stop and change to positive thinking. I’m looking forward to studying this book and sharing with all of you.

  30. I haven’t been able to get started on the study yet. Life is just too crazy. I hope I can catch up.

    • Molly do not give up, I am praying for and rooting for you. I love the online Bible study Life is crazy Bible study does not have to be, not sure if I got it correct. The main point is if you are in the season of life , when you are crazy busy, do what you can, trust me there will be a season ,when your family especially your children will not need so much of your time and help, enjoy this crazy life, God wants you to be present in your life. If that means all you can do is read the book, you are still getting God’s word in your heart. Have a blessed day

      • Thank you so much for your encouragement. I just feel like I don’t have time for needs or wants – it’s all the “have tos” taking up my time. Just one thing after another coming at me. Wish I could start from scratch and just pick and choose what I have in my life. I thank God for the privilege of serving him, and just need to trust in him.

  31. What a great first week! Now the weekend is coming so I will take some time to clean out my closet!it seems like I am always struggling with busyness,margin,balance-white space! Ps 90:12 teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom!

    • Angela Diemer - P31 OBS Study Blog Leader says:

      Love this Lori! Thank you for sharing. I know it will encourage another who reads it!

  32. I have been struggling with my thoughts for a while and going through menopause has made it even harder BUT I will NOT let my thoughts control me and the negative only has a short amount of time left in my closet shelves. I am a child of THE KING and that makes me royalty.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Yes Missy you are a child of the King. Keep replacing those negative thoughts with positive thoughts. God has great plans for you.

  33. Carol Ann says:

    Good truth nugget about me: Jesus thinks that I am to die for whether I believe I am or not.
    Favorite part of book: “We can hold them (lies) captive until we determine whether or not they belong.” Because it made me think… God says that I am to take thoughts captive to the obedience of Him, so that death thoughts don’t hold me captive any longer.

  34. A truth nugget about me is that I appear to be happy and confident on the outside, but I still hear the words of my childhood and from my ex-husband.
    My favorite part-and the one that I really needed to read-“You can’t remove those hurtful thoughts, words, and memories, but by the power of God, you can drain them of their potential control over you.” I need to do some draining!!!

  35. Carol Buckels says:

    You know, I did think about a good “spring cleaning ” while reading the first 2 chapters. But isn’t it funny how Satan attempts to attack us when we are deep in God’s word. Like a flood covering me I felt overwhelmed by self accusations that flooded out of my thought closet last night almost, and I repeat almost, robbed me of my sleep. But one thought that I gleaned from the bible study is to take my eyes off myself and REMEMBER God’s goodness and faithfulness and grace and praise him. I also thought about replacing those destructive thoughts with what God says about me. What a difference that makes. Praise the Lord!

  36. Truth: I am great at pretending I have it all together. Many people do. It realize the anguish I put MYSELF through with all the negative thoughts about myself.

    Favorite Part: it was not actually part of the message of the book, but she has the same eye disease as a former student as mine. So I loved hearing about how she handled it.

    • Laura Meiser - P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      Bobbie, one of the things that has spoken to me most through these first two chapters is the recognition that I am not alone in this struggle. It’s so easy to look around and feel as though everyone else has it all together and I’m the only one with a problem. I love that we can talk about things like this in community, support one another, and grow as we focus on what God says about us.

  37. Sue Owenson says:

    I know this isn’t exactly the type of self talk we are learning about but my 18 year old granddaughter is on the verge of suicide. My self talk has been to banish the lies from Satan that cause me to fear the worst and keep reminding myself that God loves her and has a plan for her life. I can see how her negative, hopeless self talk has brought her to this point of feeling death is the only way to heal her pain.

    • Laura Meiser - P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      Oh, Sue, I’m so sorry to hear you’re in such a hard place with your granddaughter. I think the way you are approaching the inner dialogue in your thought closet is spot on. The things we’re learning truly to apply to all the thoughts running through our mind. I’m holding your granddaughter and your entire family in prayer.


  38. Penny Guynn says:

    I am learning that I have to get the Can’ts out of my life and replace them with can’s! Same as cleaning out our thought closet with I Can think Positively not that I can’t! When I catch myself in those negative thought processes. I need to replace them with God’s Word. I can do this through Christ who Strengthens me!
    This is something I have dealt with my whole life, so this OBS has come at the right time so I can dig deeper and turn this Ugly thought closet around! Just like in Chapter 3 the last page on 49 says Be patient with yourself. Roots are strong, but with wisdom, you are stronger.Applying the strength of truth to your faulty assumptions will help choke the life out of your bitter and sour fruit! How true is that!!

  39. I am learning so much. These chapters express the reality of my thoughts. Especially the part that says if we don’t control our thoughts they will control us.

    • Brandy, I totally agree. I’m getting so much from this book! Any I love that I’m being given the tool of Scripture to replace my negative self-talk. “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind, Let the words on my lips and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you O Lord, my Rock, my Redeemer.”

      Thank you Jesus for this book and your power over darkness.

  40. I rarely have good thought about myself even when I’m receiving a compliment. I can turn that compliment into a negative thought because in the back of my mind I am never quite good enough. It’s time to take the compliments at face value from other people but more importantly, we need to start complimenting ourselves on a good job rather than put ourselves down for not doing well enough or fast enough. Once we can start to learn to accept a personal compliment from ourselves, we can start to clean out those dusty and moldy thoughts that serve no purpose other than to drag us down.

  41. Jenny Liebenberg says:

    One Good Truth Nugget: God has created me the way I am because He has a purpose for me.
    The thoughts: “Does God approve of the words that I am saying to myself?” and ” If you wouldn’t talk that way to someone you dearly love , don’t talk to yourself that way either”. Both these have been very hard-hitting and made me far more aware of my self talk.

  42. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about my internal dialogue and how it affects my thinking about others. The fact that I am hard on myself keeps me from showing grace to others when necessary. If I become kinder to myself, my thoughts will lead me to being kinder to others.

  43. Charlotte Parker says:

    I used to keep my mind whirling almost non-stop; rethinking everything over and over; overviewing several times every conversation I had with others; it was exhausting! Our Lord has helped me to let most of unhealthy thinking patterns go & replace them with study and prayer.. Jennifer’s words on p.34 were helpful in understanding how this thought closet cleaning works. She says, “You can’t remove those hurtful thoughts, words, and memories, but by the power of God, you can drain them of their potential control over you.”

  44. Dena Sharpe says:

    I really need to capture my runaway thoughts right now, it is o so hard when emotions are high. Struggling with I’m such a bad mom thoughts while my daughter keeps telling herself and us that she is stupid. Why did we not know that a D in geometry is not good enough to pass when it is passing in ever other class? Please pray as we try to sort this out and may have to do summer school. 😢

  45. Chrissy Grothaus says:

    As life gets more complicated with family, busy schedules, and not so nice humans, I am know the thoughts that I think HAVE TO CHANGE! This bible study came with my name written all over it! One good truth nugget about myself is that I this week through Part one of the bible study it that it felt good to know that even David felt empty at times. I need encouragement which I found through the Psalms verses! I can know that God is with me and remember all of the times he has been faithful!

  46. Lesley Galloway says:

    One Good Truth Nugget: I am a good person. I love others and love to serve others. God made me this way because he has a bigger purpose for me.
    One of the things that has stuck with me from chapters 1 and 2 is on page 33: “Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone” (Colossians 4:6 nlt). I am a people pleaser and will often go out of my way to please others, even if it makes me uncomfortable but I don’t do that for myself. EVERYONE includes me and I need to focus on that.

  47. Cindi Blazina says:

    Lie I’m getting rid of is that I’m a bad mom. I liked how she talked about deflating the old thoughts by replacing it with truth.

    • Cindi Blazina says:

      Oops I guess I answered the first part wrong. Truth nugget I am a good mom bc God and my baby boy tell me so.

  48. Been a difficult week with capturing my negative thoughts, really getting hammered over a bad family situation right now. I was feeling like I’m not even trying to do better with this bible study when it hit me, this is exactly the stuff I’m trying to stop. So….. I stopped that train of thought & told myself that I acknowledge things have to change, I’m taking an active roll in trying to change by doing this study & acquiring the tools I need & I already recognized a situation where I was doing the negative. I’m going to score it as a win & hold that feeling as I go forward into the day. Bless everyone with a good day, safe weekend & successful study.

  49. Deborah Duran Yanez says:

    From Houston, TX – I am fearfully and wonderfully made!! The part that pulled at me was when she was trying to get a passport and forgot her birth certificate. I’ve neglected little details like that so many times and have felt like such an idiot in the past. Now I realize it’s not the worse thing that can happen and I remember that everyone makes mistakes, and we learn from them.

  50. My truth nugget is that I know I am a beloved child of the King & he is there helping me learn to love myself.

  51. I am a Child of God and am woderfully made. I also have a bad habit of telling myself I’m an idiot when I make a mistake. I really neede to see her response to that thought this morning. Thank you!

  52. magen ruchala says:

    My truth is im loyal.

  53. Rozzy4Jesus says:

    My truth is I’m learning and growing in this season and God’s wisdom is generously available to me to help me face head on situations that are beyond my ability to handle. For with Roz it is impossible, but with God all things are possible! I’m learning how to trust God more and leaning more on Him through His word.

  54. I learned that my lies are similiar to everbody elses. There is no reason to put myself down and think poorly of myself. Others are fighting similiar demons/lies. Some people ortray themselves like they have it together and are perfect, but it is only a facade. I am the daughter of the King. Time to act like it.

  55. I am in the food business and we have all heard “you are what you eat ”
    It never crossed my mind to extend that to, “you are what you think” i had always felt my thought closet at work was pretty good because i am most comfortable in tbat enviornment. But let someone question what I do/did and it is not a pretty picture. Home is even worse because of my insecurities. I am about to be an empty nester. Sending 1 child out into the world was fine but now my last 2 will be gone in a matter of months. It is like I am doing everything i can to hurt now so I wont hurt then. LadieS, i have a lot of cleaning to do!!!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      We will be right here with you as you clean out that “thought closet”. It seems so easy to let those negative thoughts in and we do not what to become them. Thank you for your insights today Susie!

  56. Karen Harding says:

    Truth nugget: Jesus loves me, this I know.
    Lesson learned: I need to keep remembering this, and replace some of the outdated material in my thought closet with a new and better version.

  57. When friends start to believe Satan’s lies and say negative and false truths about themselves, I tell them that is “Stinking thinking”
    Remember the scripture in Phillipians 4:8, “Ponder on these things, whatever is true, noble, right, lovely, admirable and praise worthy😇

  58. My truth nugget, God have me a heart to love love.
    I like how she said, you would not call someone you love an idiot, so don’t do that to yourself.
    That really hit home, so true.

  59. My truth nugget is that I have a heart for God, and I am His work in progress. When I am critical with myself and feel overwhelmed or weighed down by negative thinking, I just need to pause, take a deep breath, and praise Him for continuing to work on me through life’s little experiences.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Amanda,
      This is such a great suggestion for when those lies overwhelm our hearts and minds. Thamk you for sharing this with us today! Blessings.

  60. Suzanne says:

    Truth nugget: I’m a warrior princess child of God and my prayers are powerful.

  61. Kristina says:

    I’m already a week behind. I’m moving next week which I know is going to put me behind another week. I really want to participate in this study! Should I just do my best to catch up, or will you be holding it again?

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Kristina,
      Sounds like a busy time in your life. We would suggest picking up where we are now. You can always go back later and go through what you missed. Do what you can. No need to put extra stress on your life right now. Blessings on your move.

  62. Truth nugget:I am a child of the one true king and I know he loves me but always could use a reality check. I cannot do what i do alone
    Learned: that I’m not alone. My lies are like so many others but we don’t have to let them define us! And i need to catch up on my reading!!

  63. Hey- I’m a daughter of the King… no one should talk to me in a derogatory way, including me!!!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Yes you are Carter! A beautifully made daughter who is learning to speak the truth to herself. Thank you for sharing today. Blessings.

  64. I’m so thankful for this study. I had thought there was something wrong with me and consistently had conversations in my head about it. It has been freeing to learn this is more “normal” than I had thought, although destructive. But the great news is, something can be done about it. I just needed to know how. Thank you so much Jennifer Rothschild for bringing this to light!

  65. Susan Kolb says:

    My eye opener–words matter. I knew that but the next sentence put it into perspective for me. Jennifer says, “We cannot risk speaking untruths to ourselves because of the strong likelihood that we will believe them.” How true is that????

  66. Leticia says:

    I am a child of God…he loves me and those thoughts will not reside in me..

  67. Replace negative in my thought closet with positive ones.
    Keeping my mind soaked with scriptures will keep my mind on the things of God instead of the old junk that has been in there.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      This verse came to mind, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” Psalm 119:105 (ESV) His Word can certainly transform our thoughts. We thank you for sharing with us today. 🙂

  68. Page 34 really made an impact on me. When she asks can we get rid of what’s in our thought closet, and you expect an encouraging yes but the answer is no. Even though it’s hard to hear, it is honest and actually I feel it validates the struggle. But it’s not just no so you might as well give up. There’s hope in the fact that God can empower us to drain the power and control those thoughts have by helping us relabel those thoughts. And it’s so awesome that God actually does choose to forget and love us.

  69. Heather says:

    I think the thing I will take away most is that I would never say the thoughts I think about myself to anyone else, so why say them to me? I would never want my children to think they aren’t good enough or loved enough. My thought closet is my outward appearance most days bc I wear my emotions, so I need to make that change before it begins to affect my children’s thought closets. Thank you for this study. Let the cleaning begin!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Heather, these truths really do hit home. Somehow we don’t show ourselves the same love as we do others. Together, we are going to do some serious cleaning! 🙂

  70. The Lotd is really testing me on this “lies” thing this week. The good thing is, even though it’s been a fight to not listen to the lies I did recognize that they were not true…victory!! I’m learning that I am NOT a failure; I am a child of God and He loves me just as I am. My favorite part this week was the idea of how wearing lies is just like wearing something that you don’t like. Great word picture.

  71. E Mendoza says:

    These chapters & video have shown me that I have, probably for most of my life, been my own worst critic. The chatter in my head, about weight, or guilt or bad choices or mistakes that I’ve made still hit me sometimes, and I’m in my 60’s! That’s a lot of chatter. 😱 I think my AHA moment was when Jennifer asked if we’d say those words to someone else? Thinking of a peer, a mentor, a spouse, or even a child ! Whoa, convicted ! So if I wouldn’t say them to someone else, why would I say them to myself? & why would I give those words such power over who I am ? I’ve always ascribed to the notion that ‘when you know better, you do better.’ So no more excuses now 😊

  72. My biggest lie … one that made me feel all of the other negative and self talk was real …. was FEAR. When I shared to my family (in hospital) that there was no reason to be afraid, that God wasn’t scary nor did he want us to be scared, I admitted out loud that fear is the devil….. I felt my entire closet of lies simply wash away, as if God sent a wave over the beach and the sand was new again when the wave rolled back out. Everything I have faced since that moment has been seen through different eyes and a different heart. I am the daughter of The King and I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

  73. I like the idea of beginning to hold my thoughts captive at the closet door and relabeling what’s already stored. That covers everything. Everything can be sorted through and relabeled into something positive.

  74. Valerie Bartnicki says:

    As a person who struggles with chronic depression and anxiety, I need a closet clean out! As a believer, I have always know that God loves me and cares for me. Putting all of the truths in front of the “voices in my head” (and sometimes words of others) is a real struggle! Thank you for this study. I am looking forward to the weeks ahead and putting into practice the things I am learning!

    • Valerie,
      As a person who struggles with BiPolar, anxiety and PTSD, I completely understand what you are saying. I need to to the same thing, by putting the Word of God in my heart, so the voices I’m hearing in my head are from God.

  75. Truth nugget that God is always with me. I’m never alone! In my thought closet I’m lonely;(
    It is time to commit and rely on God’s powerful word.

  76. Oh my gosh!!! This blog post mentioned your urge to clean out your actual closet this week. I did the same thing but actually did pull everything out! My goal now is to try it all sorted, reevaluated, reorganized and much of it donated before the study wraps up. 😁👚👜👗👡

  77. Jesus loves me this I know.. Now I need to accept this truth and start living like a loved daughter of my Heavenly Father..

  78. My favorite part so far has been on page 31 she talks about how we are loved and created by God and the fact is when we say or think those ugly words about ourself we not only hurt us but also the ones who love us. That’s not just our family and friends that includes God. It’s like I am saying his master piece isnt enough it needs to be tweaked or conformed to something better. I learned that just isn’t true. I am made exactly how God made me, to fulfill a purpose that only I can do. I need to celebrate that even though I may not fit the standard of the world. After all it’s not about the world it’s about being who God wants me to be so the love of his son Jesus can be shown through me and people can be saved and change their lives for Him. But if I don’t have the right thought life I cannot make an impact for God’s Kingdom. This book is awesome and I cannot wait to dive in further!! ❤️

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      So wonderfully written Fran. God has made each one of us just as He wanted us to be. We thank you for giving these thoughts to us today so that we can all remember just who we are, beloved daughters of God.

  79. Thank you for that reminder, the scripture “as he thinks in his heart, so is he…” and love the quote “we are a reflection of our thoughts.” I don’t see myself as a confident person, and I never thought that me thinking I’m not confident may actually make me not confident! I wonder what would happen if I started to tell myself I am confident and competent at my job. I am sure Satan wants me to believe the lie that I’m not good at my job and I’m not confident to prevent me from making an impact for the kingdom (I work in healthcare, lots of ministry opportunities there). Thank you for this study.

  80. Angela…. I cleaned out my clothes closet last weekend (with the help of my 19 year old because I probably would have just left it otherwise) 😉 so I am definitely ready to start cleaning out my thought closet. I am so waiting for my book to get here but until then I will read on my phone or on my computer..

  81. Friday:
    My favorite part of chapter one is what it really means to say “All is well in my soul” and it is okay to say it when things are not well in life without feeling like I am lying. I have said it often to then condemn myself for lying to myself and if I say it to others. This speaking out affirmation has always confused me about whether it is lying.
    My favorite part of chapter two is keeping watch of your closet. I have always believed that television and some of the music today is stuff going into your brain and down to your heart that is not good for us. I know people in my life who watch television 24/7 and it is hard to even have a conversation. The one thing that drives my nuts is the gossip in talk shows. But I can’t seem to get away from it long because it is everywhere around me. I try to tune it out but sometimes it is just too hard.
    The one truth about me is that I am not organized and I want to be. My bedroom is in a wreck because it is a bedroom, storage room and teaching stuff and sewing room too. I keep praying for the Holy Spirit to show me what to do to organize, to give me an organized mind, to help motivate me. This has been years of praying and it has not come about yet. I do need to take the Haggaii scripture apart and study it.

  82. I am learning to be as Christ intends me to me. To be as patient with myself as I would want some another to be patient with me.

  83. Looking at all the underlines, stars, triple underscores and brackets of importance I have through these chapters, it’s safe to say I am being spoken to by this book. And chapter 2 was so powerful! Still rocking on waves of u steady emotions, hormones and captive self-talk, but hopeful that change is coming because God says I’m not beyond his reach or ability to change. And he wants freedom and a full life for me. Adding that to my “in-ear” reel this week.

  84. I am discovering so much! At first, my thoughts were that I did not have any negative self talk. But there are so many variations of how we view ourselves and what we have been programmed to believe over the years. I could never accept a compliment (and still can’t)! Instead of being gracious and responding with a simple, “Thank You” I always feel the need to explain myself away and put myself down! I think I have confused humility with graciousness….

  85. Elizabeth Ross says:

    My big take away this week was that while I do speak negatively to myself a lot. I do it more when I feel overwhelmed or tired or just downright beat down. I don’t take time frequently enough to take care of me. I loved so much of this I wrote 5 pages of notes!!!!
    This book really hit home.

    • Deanna Harrison says:

      I feel the same way as you! I am smiling more and taking care of me more too. I hope you keep growing in God’s goodness through this study and not lose sight of how precious you are in Jesus Christ!

  86. Right now I’m so excited about what we have just studied. Between our church bible study, and OBS I have been able to relieve myself of the torment of mistakes and messes that I thought I’d created, and I had, by accepting the thoughts the evil one has given me, and my failure to take those to Our Loving Savior. Now I am able to more fully accept the words of Psalm 103. Praise the Lord for His perfect timing in both studies, and start training myself to take those lies, and finding my soul talk.

  87. Obs was a little confusing for me last night I kept getting lost.
    One good nugget about me is I am a good housekeeper. Yes I am for hire lol

  88. Melissa B says:

    I am loving this book. I didn’t realize how much I needed this. I have found lots of things I love in this book. I have highlighted and written things in my journal. All is well with my soul!!

  89. I am more than A conqueror!

  90. Laura Meiser - P31 OBS Study Leader says:

    On page 33, Jennifer said, ” Remember that what you say matters because, sister, you matter.” Isn’t that just the most encouraging thought? It was like a breath of fresh air right through my thought closet, that’s for sure. I think we all need those reminders. We unique, individual daughters matter. Right now. We don’t matter only if we have a powerful job or a fancy title behind our name. We matter because we were created in the image of Almighty God and became dearly loved daughters of the King long before we ever even drew our first breath. That’s what we need to focus on. I’m thankful for truth and working through these hard places with my sisters in Christ!

  91. I am a wonderful mother and the things I do and say build up my children’s world.

    I’m loving this study! I just can’t tell if she’s actually talking about my real closet sometimes lol

  92. I am a wonderful mother and the things I do and say build up my children’s world.

    I’m loving this study! I just can’t tell if she’s actually talking about my real closet sometimes lol

  93. Suzie V. says:

    Positive thought—I am a loved daughter of God. Thoughts from Chapters I liked, —we are a reflection of our thoughts.” (this also applies to social media and what we post too)

  94. In chapter 2 , loved the statement : Holding thoughts captive and making them agree with truth requires that we have the wisdom to even recognize truth. That’s it…we have to have the wisdom to recognize what is true or false. Also, we can refuse to open the door to lies, destructive words and untruth !!! Love this book & study !!

  95. Suzie V. says:

    Positive thought—I am a loved daughter of God. Thoughts from Chapters I liked, —we are a reflection of our thoughts.” (this also applies to social media and what we post too)

  96. SHELIA W says:

    I am transformed. I am made in HIS likeness. HIS banner over me is LOVE

  97. KC Armstrong says:

    I am not my mistakes! And I can toss the lies I’ve stored up in my head! Blessed Holy Spirit help me clean out my head!Help us all clean out our heads! In Jesus name amen!

  98. I am loving this study. I hear so much negative self-talk from my daughter, I see my teenage self in her. I want to replace all of that and show/help her to do the same. I love what Psalms 19:14 says,”Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.” It just solidifies the idea that what I think and say directly affects God. If I believe that God is the Creator of all things beautiful, but think or talk negatively about myself, something is wrong with that. I look forward to cleaning and reorganizing my thought closet so that it may truly be acceptable and pleasing to my Lord.

  99. I appreciated the interview Jennifer did with Marilyn Meberg. “Instruction brings life, condemnation brings destruction”. Marilyn clarifies the difference between the correction we sometimes need to give ourselves if we have said or done something AND the self- condemnation that is corrosive and destructive.

  100. Thank you for this scripture today. I have been under attack all week (and I haven’t even gotten through the first chapter!!) I hit a breaking point yesterday and today, I am struggling to pick myself up and dust myself off to keep going. This is perfect – I am claiming this today. I am ready to get to work and I no longer want to be timid or hold back. God is with me!
    Thanks again!

  101. Jamie Walters says:

    I am beautiful and worthy of love. There is some who will love me for who I am.

  102. I’ve really enjoyed the Bible Study so far. My counselor and I have been talking a lot about my soul talk, so this is perfect. We were using a different book, but it kept bringing up things from my past that I don’t need to deal with unless I’m with her due to the things that it brings up and the potential to push me over the edge mentally and emotionally.
    Jennifer, thank you so much for writing the Bible Study. Proverbs 31, thank you for doing this Bible Study, God has already used this Bible Study so much in my life.

  103. Pam Vandermey says:

    Just like I should be more intentional about how I eat, I need to be more intentional about how I think! I love the message from the first two chapters that we are and will become what we think. What a limitation! I want to become what God has intended and so, being more intentional about my thoughts, about who I AM and who should be in charge of those thoughts will bring me much peace in the days ahead. Blessings to you all!

  104. Elizabeth says:

    To be honest I have trust issues and it seems like my thoughts are always attacking me. Since I started this study I do feel a little better.

  105. jeanlindsay says:

    Last night I worked on study sheet and rereading the chapters , I have already read all the way thru. But find doing it the second time helps me grasp it deeper. Sadly I am a 68 yr old woman who still hears the voices of my childhood. I have been told by many people how great a person I am, and all the things I have accomplished, but don’t feel it inside. How does one get beyond that. I was a manager in Health Care and was always being told I was a great boss and person to work with. When I retired to take care of my m om , who was dying and a husband who had major surgery, I feel like I lost my idenity. So I am hoping to gain more insight with this book, thank you for writting it.

  106. I am struggling with getting my eating under control and lately been calling my self a self-sabotager
    I’ve been reminded this week that I am wonderfully made by our Creator and I need to refocus and reprioritize

    • PAMELA TAPERT says:

      Calling yourself verses recognizing are two different things. I too had to acknowledge self sabotaged ways, i found it was anxity driven..when approaged at work and i hadn’t completed a task, or not as well as i had wanted…once i acknowledged I had to learn my trigggers, stressors and learn how to get further help. I worked closely with my very trusted husband, telling him i had learned of my self sabotaging ways and if he had any insight…Today i am aware of my self sabotaging ways, can stop before I proceed, think, pray, and ask for help when I need…

  107. Elizabeth says:

    I tend to constantly be afraid of being left out/forgotten/alone. And it’s because I constantly tell myself I’m not interesting or fun to be around. The quote that I like the most says, “What you think and say about yourself will impact the music of your life.” Music is a big part of my life! And I don’t want my ‘life-music’ to be sad or depressed. I’m looking forward to moving through this study and being able to move past the restrictive thoughts and words I say to myself.

  108. Mare Hindall says:

    A truth nugget I have learned is that, “I can do this!” On page 17, I liked what Jennifer said about her soul-talk revelation, “God Himself reminded me that if I don’t control my thoughts, my thoughts will control me.” Boy, ain’t that the truth! Then on page 29, Jennifer writes this, Words matter. We cannot risk speaking untruths to ourselves because of the strong likelihood that we will believe them. That sure has been me!!

  109. What a gift this study is to me. It is truly profound and powerful to recognize that my thoughts about myself shape me and reflect to others. I have read it, and heard it many times through the years. I believe I wasn’t ready to shed that skin once and for all and step completely away from the lies. Well girls, I ready now!!! Hallelujah!!

  110. Soooo interesting that Angela mentioned the urge to clean your closet – I have had this urge as well ever since starting the book!! I have thought about how I will clean out my closet, getting rid of everything I don’t need…only to have it fill back up very quickly with unnecessary stuff! It is amazing how fast it happens…can’t help but compare that to my thought closet as well…if I am successful at getting rid of – or at least packing away – unnecessary items (thoughts), they are very quick to fill up my mind again!
    Something that really spoke to me in Chapter 1 was where Jennifer talked about her frustration at her brain seemingly being unable to resist negative thoughts…”Without my consent, my mind keeps reaching into the dark corners of that closet to retrieve the ugly junk I have inadvertently stored away over the years.” I can so relate to this – I have often felt helpless to stop my brain from thinking on such things! But I am not helpless…a truth nugget for me today is, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

  111. I am beautiful inside and out. Lately I’ve been putting myself down a lot. Telling myself I’m worthless, a burden, a waste, a trouble maker, stupid, pathetic and even thought of running away. It seems like everybody likes to pick amd take advantage of me. Maybe because I’m a soft hearted person. But I can begin to accept that God made me like this for a reason. I don’t try to get even or hurt others like they hurt me. But its very tiring and stressful when people just do this for fun. Like today, keep me in prayer. I am going to court for a restraining order against my niece who accused me of trying to steal and sleep with her husband. That I ruin her marriage and I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even give one thoughy of doing such a thing. But I pray that God will help her and have her realize her problem. She needs Jesus like we all do.

  112. I am precious to God!
    I must speak truth to my soul because I seldom forget what I have stored inside of me. I must filled my spirit with the Word of God because I will believe and live it.

  113. Diane wilser says:

    In this empty nest period, I’m thankful The Lord knows my heart.

    He has always loved His children but gives us free choice whether to love Him back. As humans, we have to give our children free choice whether to love us back.

    Lack of the others love doesn’t reflect the amount or the genuineness of our love towards them.

  114. I am the first to correct someone when they are negative talking about themselves. Especially my son and future step daughter. Little did I realize just how much negative talk “I” do. Including the blame I put on myself and for things that are beyond my control. Especially things that I tried to help with, prevent, or avoid, only to not see the outcome “I ” wanted. So apparently I can talk the talk, but not walk the walk. This is going to be one powerful journey!

  115. Andie Hamilton says:

    I’ve found in this first week that each day is an opportunity to stand and “fight the good fight” (1 Timothy 6:12). It has always been a struggle from moment to moment depending on what is happening around me and in my life to keep my thought closet clean. I always get up feeling good. Start the day with a little time with God and move forward enjoying the positive place I’m in. Then life happens. And continues to happen throughout the day causing clutter and negativity. This week has encouraged me and given guidance to stop those moments of clutter, take a breathe, seek my Father and His truth and return to a positive mind set. These next few weeks are going to be wonderful!

  116. Jamie Joyner says:

    This week has been tough. Mostly because I have started taking inventory & realize I have a lot of work to do. But I am excited and eager to move forward.

    The hardest but most rewarding lie I replaced this week was that my purpose is to please people. The truth is that my purpose is to know and glorify God.

    My favorite part of the 2 chapters was the explanation of how we have to hold our thoughts captive. It showed me that I am not powerless over my thoughts. That was so freeing!

    • I can relate to that people-pleaser lie! So glad we can replace it with the truth! I long to please God and give Him His due worship…our original purpose. Thank you, Jamie

  117. Truth nugget…I am trying! Even when I fall short I am trying my best to be a great mother, wife, friend and daughter.

  118. Truth nugget: I am made in the image of Christ. Aside the worldly ideals and how we should act, look, speak, be… I am a Child of God.

    My favorite part of the first two chapters was the sneak peak into Laura Story’s thought closet. I loved that entire section! We, myself included, too often forget that we are NOT our past sins. God forgives and he forgets, forever. Jesus said, It is finished! It has already been done. We are children of God. I need to remind myself daily of this beautiful truth. And focus on the grace of God and the price Jesus paid for us to be children of God!

  119. Maritza says:

    My favorite part of chapter 3 how it explains how our thoughts hold us captive and we can be released by cleaning out our thought closet. This gives me hope.

  120. melissa says:

    Truth Nugget: God loves me as I am; He does not need me to clean up my act or to accomplish XYZ first!
    I’m enjoying the book a lot so far, but I liked the realism at the end of chapter 2 when it talks about how we can’t completely erase old memories or thoughts; however, it’s what we DO with them that impacts the quality of our lives. I’m ready to improve the quality of mine and to learn how to shift my perspective!

  121. Truth Nugget: God gives me wisdom to recognize destructive thinking.

    Truth Nugget: God gives me power to stop destructive thinking from taking control of me.

    Truth Nugget: God gives me grace to change destructive thinking to beautiful speech forever.

    Favorite concept in Chapters 1 and 2: With God, all things are possible.

  122. God has a plan for me! He has a purpose in all things and is able to make grace abound in all those things! I just got back from neurologist with some answers hopefully to some strange symptoms I’ve been having…He thinks I’m having partial frontal lobe seizures. I’ve been on the seizure track before and even went through brain surgery…so I thought I was done with this sort of thing. So I feel so many mixed emotions. Sad, frustrated, but relieved also, because there’d are so many things that went through my mind about this! The seizures brought about incredible anxiety and boy oh boy does that make me lean on and go over the Truth again and again. Satan has been attacking me with accusations like crazy. I am Gods child. I am sealed by the Holy Spirit and he has a plan for me yet!

    • PAMELA TAPERT says:

      2 years ago, Sept 23, 2015: I underwent brain surgery for 26 years of severe facial pain. Addicted to prescriptive narcotics, antianxiety , anti depressants and after seeing a neurologist every 6 months plus a pysch every week we had an opportunity to move, this meant transferring my medical to a new team…which i did, thats when a young neurosurgeon saw me, ordered a newer type of MRI, which revealed a birth defect in my left 5th crainal nerve. I had surgery to correct, a brain bleed, stoke post op..God however had greater plans..i was freed from prescribed medications, all!
      I havent had a face pain , nor headache in two years, no need for antianxiety, antidepressants at all. I have been blessed with a new life!
      2,3,4,20 opinions can be neccessary

  123. I stood and looked in the mirror and told myself I was God’s workmanship several times. It made a big difference in my day.

    • Angela Diemer - P31 OBS Study Blog Leader says:

      This is awesome Alicia, thank you for sharing!
      Keep at it girl!

  124. PAMELA TAPERT says:

    Boy do I need to work on my inner thinking, once diagnosed with stinken thinking!ive been working, clearing out old thoughts for years….Im so thankful for the chance to grow and clean out my stinken thinken

  125. I’m reading chapter 3 about the root and fruit , it really gives me truth. It talks about the fruit of hyper sensitivity and perfectionism. I would like to break free from these.

  126. Rosemary Osborne says:

    Even though I have done this Bible Study before, I still need to work on my negative attitude. We watched the video series and did the workbook and it was good, but I am finding that I am getting deeper into this one because of reading the book and the Bible study helps me to dig way deep into God’s Word. Always, even though I should know this, as I read the other ladies’ posts, I realize I am not the only one that thinks the same thoughts. This community has helped to be more positive and how diving into God’s Word helps me to cover those negative thoughts with God’s Word! I have even shared some of what I have learned with others! Again, this has been so-o-o-o good!!!

  127. I have been much more aware of my self talk since starting this study! Sometimes it’s not even name calling but rather an attitude of second guessing myself. Today I saw a friend at church and as I’m walking to my car I was thinking “oh my gosh Cherie you talk too much! She was probably getting tired of listening to you.” Why on earth would I think a friend would be tired of listening to me in a 5-10 min, 2 sided, conversation?!?! That’s so silly and needs to be replaced!!!

  128. My truth nugget I have been spending the last several months (over 6) dealing with my issues of self-hate, negative self-talk and so many other issues. I am finally getting better and realizing all that God has in store for me.
    One thing I really loved out of Chapter 1 “If I don’t control my thoughts, my thoughts will control me.”
    – it is time for me to stop letting my thoughts control me.
    I haven’t gotten to read chapter 2 yet but I will get that soon

  129. Verlene says:

    I loved the seven soul-talk statements: tune in; look up; calm down; look back;chill out; press on; and lift up.(pg.18).Those for me are transforming thoughts that will help me speak truth to my soul so it will be well with my soul. I needed every one of those statements as reminders this week … you know .. good things, bad things, and shake you up things occurred. For me it’s mandatory for me to remember that if my words reflect God’s words, even I will be amazed and astonished at the One who speaks truth to and through me.(pg.30)
    Laura’s Story; “To focus on past sin is diminishing God’s grace in my life,and more importantly, what Jesus endured to deal with because of my sin” . .WOW! that was like a boulder rolled down a mountain and smashed me. I must learn to make every effort to bring every thought into captivity. (2) from experience, I know that some old memories are almost impossible to erase and don’t mention old thoughts. It seems something happens and triggers those thoughts again. But by the power of God, they don’t carry the same control over me. Although the thoughts may be in the lining of my closet, they have definitely been relabeled. What a mighty God we serve. No condemnation.

  130. Ironia Broyles says:

    My problem is digesting others’ negative opinions of me and their non positive reactions to my presence. I need to overcome this. How do you self talk this?

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Ironia, start confessing that you are a beautiful child of God. You are the daughter of a King. You are loved. You are worth while. Blessings!

  131. A good truth nugget about me is I am loving, caring and hard working person that will help those in need.

  132. Lynda Parker says:

    I started the OBS Bible Studies with the first Made to Crave class. I had just lost my Mom and these studies helped me so much! After several years i quit. We just had so many studies in our own church. Well, I just lost my adult son in April and I “remembered” how much these studies helped me in grieving. So, I’m back because I know the only way to heal is through Jesus and friends. Thank you!

    • Angela Diemer - P31 OBS Study Blog Leader says:

      Dear Lynda,
      I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Heavenly Father, thank You for bringing Lynda here so we can surround her in prayer. I ask for Your peace and comfort to fill her heart, body and mind. Father, You are close to the brokenhearted and You bend down to listen to our prayers. I lift her up to You, and ask for every need to be supplied. In Jesus name, Amen.

  133. I am encouraging to others.

  134. Deborah Napier says:

    My truth nugget:
    I hate myself for hating myself for listening and believing what others say, and on the circle goes… September 18 will be 2 years since my husband of 27 years, my soulmate, the love of my life, the father of my children walked out on us, the lies he said about me that me doubt myself, I went down into the abyss quickly… I know I’m a good person, I work hard, I give and give and give….my counselor said ” you’ve given so much you have nothing left for yourself, you need to stop giving and take care of you.”
    Its so hard to move on when I still feel like I am in a tornado…..

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Deborah, thank you for sharing, We pray that this study will help you to come out of the tornado. Srart confessing those good things over yourself. You can do it! Blessings!

  135. The words we speak to ourselves can contribute to our vitality, or they can begin our demise. They can build up, or they can tear down. Our words have the power of life and death, we need to be mindful of how powerful our tongue is.

    • Angela Diemer - P31 OBS Study Blog Leader says:

      Yes! Death and Life are in our tongue. We need to speak Life! Good stuff Lydia, thank you for sharing!


  136. The self talks have been a part of my person when alone, even as a strong Christian. I termed it ” trying to figure it out!” Rehashing the painful past and not stay in the present with gratitude, and Sabbath Rest. What a release to not allow this any more.

  137. Jennifer Palacios says:

    My truth nugget…..I love God but fear the unknown…especially since I’m headed for divorce.

  138. Hello my name is Heather Kendall. I would like to share with you that right now I am healing from a swing accident that I had in February. I am doing well, but I have been having ankle pain so please keep me in your prayers. I would like to let you know that I have a blog as wel
    l as I have a page on Facebook called Heather’s Blog I hope you can go and look at it. Hope to read more of your blogs.
    Heather Kendall

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Heather, thank you for sharing. We are praying for your ankle pain. Blessings!

  139. Paula Jones says:

    Hi, My name is Paula and I want to say thank you so much for writing this book. I have not liked the self talk that I’ve done in the past to myself and still tend to do from time to time. I have been asking God to control my thoughts in my morning prayers. I have often wondered why I’m so hypersensitive to other’s words and the perfectionism that I’ve seem to have had in my life. What a revelation!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Paula, thanks for sharing. We are glad this has been a revelation for you. Blessings!

  140. Melinda M says:

    My nugget? Learning to stop the “name calling” or replacing it with a truthful name. As we don’t go around calling our spouses, children, family and friends “stupid” why should we do it to ourselves? Why should we always sell ourselves short. This very day I made a mistake that was avoidable and my first instinct was to think in my head “you’re so stupid!” BUT, I quickly arrested that thought and replaced it with “That was a mistake that could have been avoided had you been paying more attention; however, what’s done is done and now you just need to correct it and move on with your day.” Guess what? I did and I have had a blessed day. No regrets. No lies turning over and over in my mind. I am loving this study and am excited for the journey with P31!

    • Elizabeth Midence says:

      I can so resonate with that Melinda! I have really been trying to catch myself before I have a full blown corrosive conversation with myself. I have “arrested” the thoughts but have not taken the time to replace it so throughly as you have. I’m on it now! Thanks for sharing!

  141. Jan Stovall says:

    I have been guilty of calling myself names, but honestly don’t usually even notice that I’m doing it! I have paid better attention this week to the words (and thoughts) I say to myself. More than once this week, the harsh, cruel words have fallen from my lips, but the difference is that I caught myself and quickly replied, “I am God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which He prepared in advance for me to do.” Baby steps!

  142. Love this book and study! Love the point you make, Angela, about what other people see in us. They can’t see good things if we’re thinking bad things because we are a reflection of the way we think. Great point!

  143. This right here set the tone for this study…..

    What I put in my thought closet I will wardrobe my life with.

    Eye! Opening!!! I immediately told myself, stop it! Stop talking about Gods daughter like that! You are a Child of the One True King! An Heir to the Throne!!! You are clothed in Robes of Righteousness…not the horrible things you say you are!! See myself as He sees me. I haven’t said a bad thing about myself since I started reading the book. I’m in tears now thinking of all the years I’ve put myself down. How dare I do that to Him who created me fearfully and wonderfully. I love this book! I can’t thank you enough!!

    And I cleaned up my real clothes closet and have plans to finally start clearing the clutter that has been weighing heavily on my heart since my divorce. I’m gonna make it. ☺️❤️🙏

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hope, we are so glad you shared. You are getting the message of our book and taking it to heart. Wonderful! Thank you! Blessings!

    • Cleaning your physical closet can be as painful as cleaning your thought closet to me….we just moved & I’ve done two cleanings of physical closets (walk in big closets) once for packing & once for unpacking…each time tossing more “stuff”. But I also found keepsakes I treasure.
      You will make it!!! I love this study too and thank God for what I am becoming from the teachings & blogs.

    • TERESA MARINE says:

      Hope {what a glorious name} You Are Awesome! God’s Masterpiece.
      I am also divorced – had a very hard time getting past that label. Wasn’t what i wanted for sure, however, God has used the circumstances of that divorce to allow me to minister to others in the same place as me and you! God is so good – All the Time. He is walking through this life (journey) with us – So glad to be doing this study along side you my friend.
      Serving together – in Christ

  144. Loved today’s email message re Get to Work” God is With you! (Haggai) and He will help us to be free from the captivity of our self-lies! Thanking the Lord for this extremely important study!
    God Bless you for giving it, and for the healing to come for each of us!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Lisa, thanks for sharing. So glad you are enjoying the study. Yes, we pray for much healing to come for all of us. Blessings!

  145. Michelle says:

    My good thoughts are that I am beautiful and I love myself. I love everything she says in the chapters

  146. Amy Ackerman says:

    After a week at VBS, I can tell that I am a good storyteller who really connects with the kids. My favorite part of the chapters was the Biblical soul talk.

  147. Megan L. says:

    I’m always thinking less of myself, judging myself harshly and I never realized that by doing that I was basically offending God. I have a hard time thinking of myself as being a daughter of the King. This book has really opened my eyes to how I can capture thoughts and not let my thoughts bring me down.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Megan, yes, you are a daughter of the King! Believe it and walk in that light. So glad this book is is helping you. Blessings!

    • TERESA MARINE says:

      Megan – I am with you my friend…something that helped me is to surround myself with God’s Word – especially in song…Music has always spoken to my soul…Matthew West’s – “Hello, My Name is…..” put the idea and truth that I AM A CHILD OF THE ONE TRUE KING deep in my heart. I know i have listened over and over to this sog, and others to keep it playing in my heart and mind. Keep on Keeping on my friend.

  148. Debbie Downs says:

    My truth nugget: I really do love to see others filled with joy.

  149. Susan Richerson says:

    I often think that I am not smart enough or as good as others. I have those thought a lot. But I am now telling myself that I can do it and I am smart enough. Ps I want to clean my closet out too.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Susan, thank you for sharing. We are glad you are wanting to clean your closet. Blessings!

  150. Jennifer Butler says:

    I liked the scripture: Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. I really like that from the book because it clearly states what we need to do as women of the Bible. It is not easy, but we can do it with God’s power and encouragement from others. That is my favorite part. God can change us and people can encourage us on the journey.

  151. Guadalupe N Calderon says:

    I have ugly thoughts about my apperance, I’ve learned my words need to be gracias just like Jesus, and that I need to control my thoughts

  152. The first week of this study has been so helpful. I’ve thought about what I say to myself and redirected my thoughts this week. I’ve always been hard on myself. My devotional today reminded me that this isn’t going to be an easy or rapid change. It’s subtitle is “Transformed:” ~ “This transformation doesn’t happen overnight and will seem very slow at times. When you are tempted to condemn yourself because you aren’t making the progress you think you should be making, remind yourself, “I’m okay and I’m on my way! Remember that through faith you have been made write with God and even though you have not arrived at perfection, you are making progress.” Fron Wake Up to the Word” by Joyce Meyer

  153. Lee Ann Davison says:

    This study is so timely. Before my book arrived A wise friend was very clear with me that I was listening to Satan’s lies..and some are so deep in my soul i have to get rid of them.. they are keeping me from being and doing what the lord expects of me. then the Lord showed me several things in the song stand up for Jesus….every enemy MUST be vanquished…so this study is what i need.

  154. I have a big heart; I care about others. I am more than what I think of myself. I am allowed to discipline myself but not to go overboard with it.

  155. Amy Gentry says:

    I am strong….Whatever I truly set my mind to, I can accomplish with God’s help and guidance. I love the part where she talks about deciding whether your thoughts are true or not. About how to line them up with the word of God and weigh them out. That made so much sense to me. I have always tried to treat people with the utmost respect and consider their feelings before my own. My Mama always taught me that the world did not revolve around me…I was important but everyone else was too. I, however, ever stopped to think of how I disrespect myself. How I talk down to myself about every mistake. I will analyze things over and over until I am depressed. This study is awesome.

  156. My favorite part was in chapter 2, page 34. You can’t remove those hurtful thoughts, words, and memories, but by the power of God, you can drain them of their potential control over you.
    He is a perfect forgetter;

    • TERESA MARINE says:

      Angel I totally agree. I had never heard it put the way that Jennifer did – but sure did hit home with me as well. He is the perfector of our Faith. So glad He is…He’s got us!

  157. The teaching that words have influence, but only God has power…that stuck with me this week. I have been stunned at how much I ridicule myself. I would NEVER say those things to someone else! I’ve said many times this week, “I am the workmanship of God” and believed it, in place of long-held and believed lies like, “You’re so dumb” and “You should have done it better / been more.” This is the toughest closet cleaning job I’ve ever had, but worth it!

  158. Tangila K Webb says:

    So, the rack in my closet fell down this week so I had to literally clean out and rearrange my closet. With that said, I have started to listen to my inner dialogue more and I’m amazed at how negative I can be. The analogy of taking a dirty blouse from a dumpster and hanging it up next to my nice black dress really stood out to me; especially since I have a clean closet!!

    • Randi McDowell says:

      That analogy stood out to me too and really made me appreciate my thoughts more!!!!!! I was so moved by it that I literally can’t wait to start cleaning out my dirty thought closet and I’m already noticing a difference! That is so crazy your closet rack actually broke! Lol that sounds like something that would happen to me lol God bless you!

  159. Beatriz Lugo says:

    Transformation. Is going to happen! I must trust and let the potter do His work

  160. One truth nugget about myself is I have been given the spirit of power, love, and sound judgement- NOT fear!

    I am ripe and ready to receive all God has for me through this book! I am tired of negativity and lies!

  161. Thanks to this study, I am more aware of my thoughts!😁😁😁. As a caretaker of a very critical friend, my self image has really struggled. The scriptures and the readings have definitely started lifting me up! Thank you!

  162. One good thing I learned from the first 2 chapters is that it is God’s will that my thought closets be giving Him glory…so if it’s Gods will & He made me, then what can stand against that happening?! I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength to do His will. proverbs 18:21 really says it best.
    Reading the scriptures after & before and applying what I am learning in the moment is a new study technique for me. I love it & doing it with others struggling as I am.

  163. Elizabeth Irby says:

    One cool thing that happened this week is that I’ve shared some with my 11 year old daughter about the Bible study I’m doing, and how I am trying to change any negative things I say to myself. So, when I catch myself, I stop and rephrase it in a more positive way. For example, just today I said, “I am so dumb,” after I forgot to do something, and I rephrased it by saying, “I am not dumb, I am just human, and I made a mistake.” By saying this in front of my daughter, I hope she can learn at any early age to be aware of what she says to herself and to be kind to herself by my example.

  164. Julie Williams says:

    This is a lifesaver for me! Learning so much from the Bible study, but boy it takes some time to look up the scriptures. I’m trying to keep up!

  165. Janice Alston says:

    This is a very interesting bible study. Witb plenty information to help you understand. I am so busy looking up and explaing what it meant to ne is cool. But it is worth it. I need to catch up on everything. Very inspiring, love tge articles that’ll help me dig deep in my though closet . Love these 3 chapters.

  166. Randi McDowell says:

    I am loving this book, it is so full of truth and also direction! Lots of times we here about what we don’t need to be doing but it ends there! With no direction on what to do next or how to actually go about transforming our bad habits! My favorite part from chapter 1 is Jennifer’s explanation of our thought closets and her ability to be so relatable. I love how she uses the analogies of our thought patterns with dirty clothes. I loved in Chapter 2 how she reminded us of Jesus words being full of grace.

  167. I am loving this bible study. It’s so crazy that just like the funk and feel of life, the negative feelings and thoughts can overcome us more than the positive ones. I love that these chapters and the authors speak to us about speaking the truth to ourselves. And we can’t totally eliminate these thoughts but we can hide them back in our closets, bringing forth the truths front and center so we see those first. I have often been asking myself lately “is this the truth that God speaks or is it of my own mind and Satan?” I think the biggest homerun for me out of this was in the beginning where it said…if we wrote down all of our thoughts and feelings, placed them in an envelope, and gave it to our children, asking them to view themselves and say to themselves the very thoughts we wrote down, would we be happy/proud of that? I would seriously feel despair if my children ever viewed themselves in this way, showing me how God views us when we say or think these very things! It has been mind blowing and awesome and I love this book and this study! Thank you so much!

    • Colleen says:

      Shannon- I really appreciate your comments especially about butting our self talk in an envelope and giving to our kids. Must have missed it or perhaps this was the moment I was open to it. Not only would I hate for my children to have these thoughts of themselves, but it gave me better perspective of how God must feel when I speak of myself in this way.

  168. Enjoying the study [but lagging behind] and can not wait to get the actual book. Very thought provoking on page 28 of the print out that Jesus’ words were gracious and His words were powerful. I pray these for my thoughts and words and that they are given a litmus test for truth.

  169. Vanessa Selman says:

    This is a very challenging study and so right for where I am in my life right now. Going into my third and last semester of my nursing diploma and I know it will be a very challenging six months. knowing that God is in this with me and that I should let he words of my mouth and the meditation/focus of my mind be acceptable in His sight is encouraging. I do so much self talk and cleaning out my closet will be challenging with so much old/hoarded stuff in there that I know I do not need. I am God’s workmanship, He sings songs over me, He loves me and nothing or no one can take that away from me.

  170. One good truth nugget about me is that I am ready to look closer into the closet. I have been glancing in at a distance for some time, not really sure what to do about it..or how to reach the top shelf with the oldest bin.
    I have read chapter one so far, and the take away for me is the phrase..”It is well with my soul”. I would love to feel that inside. On to Chapter 2.

  171. Enjoying the book, thought provoking material and an area I need to bring to attention. Loving the Bible Study Melissa put together! Have loved going through the scriptures! I am crowned with mercy and love, wrapped in God’s goodness and my youth is renewed! Psalm 103

  172. I am so excited for this next bible study and book. Throughout the last few years my marriage has been a very unhealthy one. Due to my husbands negativeity and negative self talk, I began to exhibit the same behaviors. One that has resulted in lots of insecurities and lies I began to tell myself. Through lots of prayer and heart work, we are in a much better place now. But from time to time, these things still creep up. That’s the enemy trying to defeat the marriage he use to hold in the palm of his hands. I can’t say how ready I am to do this study. I love p31 ministries and what it does for all the women around the world. Not only does it build up the women but it in return changes lives in person at a time. Thank you for what you do! ❤️


  173. “I am a refection of my thoughts” The timing of this study is God’s perfect timing. There’s power in the tongue. I can speak words of life or death into the lives of others which also includes myself! I’m realizing that myself talk really shapes how I feel about myself and the way that I present myself because my thoughts turn into my actions. I’m tired of my feelings and my thoughts dictating my actions. I want them to come from a place of God’s truth about how he feels about me and who I am in Jesus then from my old baggage and my junk drawers in my head that have come from Life Experiences.My church talks about The Best Is Yet To Come and that’s how I feel about this study learning more and more that The Best Is Yet To Come. I’m so very grateful!

  174. Joyce Newsome says:

    I’m not able. But that’s okay, because God is. Rewind, repeat, remember.

  175. Oh…how I desperately need to be kinder to myself. During a 40 day fast from meat and carbs for lent, the enemy made an entrance! I am now struggling with anorexia. I have convinced myself that I am fat; that’s not true for a person under 100#. Working on putting negative self talk behind and focusing my energy where it belongs….on Him!

  176. My “truth nugget” is that I’m intentional about guarding my schedule and avoiding too much busy-ness…recognizing that down time is essential.

    Chapters 1 and 2 contain so much truth and “aha” statements. Looking forward to reading the rest.

  177. TERESA MARINE says:

    Hey OBSer”s – I just returned from vacation – and am getting caught up on the bible study Me Myself and Lies…when i hear myself speaking lies, i do 2 things, I speak to satan and say I am a daughter of the one True King – He loves me and would not say these things to me. Then I recite Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Before I started this study – I had been dealing with some negative people in my workplace, and added to my talk, May the Words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.Psalm 19:14 = I had not thought of applying to my self talk…but boy oh boy – Jennifer got it right. This is what i shall be doing….And i loved the little excerpt from the conversation with Laura Story – “To focus on my past sin is diminishing Gods grace in my life…I needed to hear those words….Thank you once again Melissa Taylor for bringing God’s people together to help each other along….Love you Girls.
    Serving together…for Christ,

  178. I am only on the first chapter, but it is very comforting to remember how God sees me. I have lost all my confidence since I started school, finished, and started a new job. I have trouble allowing myself the learning curve I need. I am excited to continue this study!

  179. I am good enough, and I can do it

  180. Truth nugget: I am compassionate and often put others before myself. I can’t pick a favorite part…light bulb moments are happening everywhere!!!

  181. Amy Stanley says:

    I just returned from a camping trip and am catching up ob this study. I’m so excited to be studying this book right now. I’m in a very bad time in my life… I have depression and my husband and I are struggling raising our 2 adopted daughters who both have special needs. We are also having marital issues as a result. My mind always feels cluttered with negative talk and lies.I want to be set free of them and that’s what I’m looking forward to.

  182. What an amazing bible study, I’ve never experienced anything like it! Today I faced myself in the mirror, no I didn’t look at all the features I’ve always criticised before, I looked into my soul and with unbidden tears flowing started to speak biblical truth as I have learned this week – God made me because He loves me – be still my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name – years of carrying forward lies from my childhood have started to melt away. Although the closet is stuffed so full it’s daunting I know now that God truly cares and will help me through this, bless you sisters for your faithful ministry – so many attitudes of mine I’m ashamed of but under your God provided guidance I am being transformed by the renewing of my mind! Praise God.

  183. diane hecksher says:

    its nice to know that everyone has self talk. I’m looking forward to cleaning out my thought closet and replaacing it with constructive soul talk.

  184. One positive thing that I am going to say is that I AM DESERVING. Although I am loving every bit of what I have read so far; the one thing that has stood out to me is at the end of Chapter 2. She talks about when we ask forgivness or lay our negative thoughts of self at the foot of the cross and then take them back; is offensive to Jesus. I love how it was broken down to Jesus being on the cross for ALL of our burdens and we offend Him when we take it all back and stuff it in our thought closets again. Love it!! This is what helped me change the way I think about the negative things I tell myself.

  185. Devoni Huffman says:

    I am immersed in this study! I come from a background of sexual, mental and psychological abuse so you can imagine how difficult it is for me to stop believing what everyone called me or told me. I have a Thought Closet journal and it has helped a lot. Thank you for this study….many women need it!!!
    In Christ,

  186. Melanie says:

    I’m catching up on the study as we were on vacation this past week. I do struggle with anxiety and negative self talk. I know the negative self talk definitely contributes to my anxiety. I have enjoyed the first two chapters of the book and look forward to diving into this more. I do feel like reminding myself that I am made by God who loves me and made me the way that I am will help. An eye opener for me is when Jennifer talks about saying what we are saying to ourselves to other people and realizing that I would never do that! Time to be nice to myself. 🙂

  187. Deb Zeigler says:

    I guess I’m ready for week two🙏🏻

  188. First, it’s no accident that I’m in this Bible study. I missed the first week so I didn’t have time to order a book. I called Barnes and Noble to see if they had a copy. After a couple minutes of being on hold, the gentleman came back on and said that they had received one copy that morning. I knew then that God intended for me to be a part of this Bible study. I struggle bad with negative self-talk. So bad that I don’t like to go out in public, especially in the community I live in, and I suffer with depression. The part I liked the best was at the end of Chapter two when it talks about us not being able to forget painful memories but with God we can drain them of their stronghold over us.

  189. I can make my husband Happy!

  190. I have already started catching myself when I do negative self talk. When I do this I immediately replace it with GOD’s truth.

  191. One thing that gives me insight and some peace is when she was talking about our soul. The song verse I can hear in my head is: “It is well, It is well, in my soul, in my soul, it is well it is well within my soul!” I’ve never understood my soul exactly so I like the fact that we can talk to these thoughts and start to free ourselves of these turmoils going inside of us created by our thoughts to ourselves. Perfect timing for me! I do hope I can apply this and be committed to ” stilling and quieting my soul.” , ” my soul at rest” ” my soul being strong” etc…. and much more!
    “Awake, my soul!” (Psalm 57:8)

  192. roxanne says:

    the thought closet .. needs cleaning. one statement, I can’t do it has to go.

  193. <3
    Just catching up on study, received my book! Excited and feeling overwhelmed where to to start. The statement just have to get in the middle of mess and start is a starting point. Feeling not alone though, thankful for this study!

  194. I am brave and beautiful, and God is using me. Im giving my testimony this Friday, so please pray God uses my story to touch hearts. I loved the chapter extras. The interviews on the website had such wisdom. I love this study.

  195. Linda G says:

    one good truth nugget = I am redeemed, loved, and forgiven! #NoMoreLies
    I loved how in chapter 1, I finished it, and decided to go back and look up all of the verses on page 18 and write out a few of them. Then I opened the Bible study and guess what? That is what Melissa had us doing. LOL #GreatMinds ha ha – it really made me laugh. #GoodTimes

  196. Jennifer says:

    My truth nugget- I am a beloved daughter of a Heavenly King who will never leave me or forsake me.
    One of my favorite things about this study so far is the way cleaning our thoughts is like cleaning a closet. I actually love going through closets and drawers and getting rid of things. I am the complete opposite of a hoarder. However, on the inside I am a hoarder, and unfortunately I hold onto many negative thoughts. Not only do I need to work on removing these negative thoughts, but I have to replace them with God’s truth. This reminds me of Matthew 12:43-45 when the unclean spirit returns. If I do not not fill my mind with God’s word, it is very easy for unclean thoughts to enter.

  197. Rebecca says:

    My truth nugget-God loves me so much He sent His son to die so that I could be with Him in heaven.
    I love the examples from the Bible where they talked to themselves with soul talk. I love the phrase “soul talk” it motivates me to talk to myself that way and take serious inventory.

  198. Connie Haley says:

    I’m a little late on sharing, but never too late! I love how Jennifer talks about how its taken us a lifetime to get these thoughts into our minds and it will take sometime to unlock them from our minds. I love how we write down the scripture and the one’s before and after the verse. I seem to really put the verse in my mind when I write it, say it and write it again. I’m beginning to say these verses to my mind when the enemy is attacking!

  199. Kristen says:

    Truth: I am a beautiful person inside and out. I’m running a little behind myself as I just finished 2nd chapter and the last email of week 1. However I love being a part of this study and I love being able to read the emails at my own pace.

  200. Heather Marintzer says:

    One way I regroup when my learning as been kicked up a notch is to play with my son. He makes my heart smile. He is a great distraction from even being in my own head. I feel rested and ready to get back to learning! I am focusing on God and changing for the better to be the best Mom for him. I don’t want him to have to recover from his childhood. He reminds me why this is so important.

  201. Christy G. says:

    So many things jumped out at me this week. A few big ones: 1) Our self-talk shapes the life we live. 2) The thoughts that go through our minds become the inventory of our thought closets. 3) We can refuse to let untruths and destructive words and thoughts occupy prime space in our minds’ closets. WOW!! All of those are really powerful statements on their own. Together? They become even more powerful to me. I was also reminded that I AM worthy. I’m important. Simply because I’m a daughter of the King. What more do I need?

  202. Got off to a slow start, but I purchased copies of the version of the book for young women for my 15 and 17 year old daughters. Today, I sat with my 15 year old for at least 90 minutes and worked through the week one homework. We looked up cross-references and talked about the key words and how those amplified the message in the main verse. She started to open up a bit about how she talks to herself, and had answered all the questions posed in the young women’s book and allowed me to read her answers. So, I am excited about where this will take us over the coming weeks. Having the framework of the written homework to guide us is very helpful in promoting discussion!

  203. I am truly enjoying this study so far, especially having the Bible study along with the book. The scriptures and messages that tie in with the book are amazing and help with my soul talk.

  204. Brandy Ward says:

    I’m compassionate.

  205. Jennifer Jarrell says:

    I was reminded again while reading this book how the Word truly has lifelong truth for us to live by! Romans 12:2 stood out to me yet again how crucial it is as Christians to renew our mind by transforming our lives. I think they go hand in hand, we have to transform what we allow and entertain in our lives in order to renew out minds, while at the same time monitoring what we think on and entertain in our minds will transform our lives. This is a great study!

  206. Laura A. says:

    My self-talk is different from what she describes in the book, but just as destructive.

    I am a master at justifying my bad behaviors so rather than lying to myself about how awful I am, I lie to myself about how I’m right even though I’m wrong. Mine is a sin of pride.

    While she didn’t say it exactly like this, it is true that in order to recognize the lie, you must first know the truth.

  207. Dawn Campbell says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I really enjoyed her personal conversation with Marilyn Meberg in Chapter 2. I liked how she delineated the difference between good “soul talk” and bad “soul talk.” It was helpful for me to consider what is the “fruit” of the conversation I have with myself. Marilyn states: “Sometimes I need the correction. Sometimes I need the discipline. Sometimes I need to own the truth.” That’s instruction. That’s good for me. But when I feel condemned, like I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH (emphasis mine), that’s not instructive. That’s destructive. INSTRUCTION BRINGS LIFE, CONDEMNATION BRINGS DESTRUCTION.” (emphasis mine) So now I’m going to go in my thought closet and “check out my fruit!” 🙂

  208. Cassandra Boyce says:

    Hello Everyone,
    So I think the lie I tell myself the most is about my weight. My family are all very atheltic. While I can do those things, I was never a “jock” so to say. I would rather curl up with a book or spend hours in my studio painting- which they still don’t understand.
    Weight has always been an issue for me. Due to my own words and constant nagging and degregation by them,.. I keep trying to lose weight, but get discourage. I have atually started to believe the lies.
    SO my truth nugget. My size does not determine my character- it does not diminsh who I am or what I can do. It is just a number, does not mean I am “lazy”.
    Now constructivly I can do things to lose weight- this is helpful. But I need to stop beleiving that weight makes me a lesser human being.
    I am amazing.. no matter what size my jeans read.

  209. Amy Sparks says:

    Let’s end this week by sharing one good truth nugget about ourselves in the comments. I’d also love to hear about your favorite part from Chapters 1 and 2.

    My one good truth nugget about myself is that I am a kind person. I love making friends and being a positive force for everyone I come in contact with.

    While the realization of what we are doing to ourselves by believing the lies is uncovered, it was great to recognize it and start learning to use God to rid ourselves of those lies. Pretty powerful!

  210. Carolina says:

    After reading chapters 1 & 2 I realized that I am a reflection of what my mother used to say about me in the past. Those words marked my teenage years, and are still within me as an adult. I rebuked those negatives thoughts in the name of Jesus and replace them with truth. I never thought that negative self talk had such an impact in who we really are. WOW!
    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phillipians 4:13

    Looking forward to week 2

    God bless you all 🙂

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