He’s Not Finished With Us Yet

“Me, Myself, and Lies” Study Leader, Melissa Taylor | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #NoMoreLies #P31OBSQuestion: Are you the woman you want to be? This question makes me stop and think a bit. But, I have good news. Together we can become women we’ve always wanted to be.

Think back to who you were when you were younger. What were your dreams? What were you hoping for? Were you full of excitement and expectation of all this life would offer you? I’ve come to find that as we get older, we tend to lose a part of us. Not intentionally but through different trials, life circumstances and situations.

Our next Online Bible Study, Worthy, is a study based on the newly released book She’s Still There: Rescuing the Girl in You by Chrystal Evans Hurst! We’re going on a journey to find direction, purpose and most importantly, we’re going to find hope. Hope in God’s Word knowing He’s not finished with us yet.

And that journey begins September 5. Y’all. It’s going to be so good. Through this study you will:

  • Recognize the woman you were meant to be as you set out on a journey to find direction, purpose and true satisfaction.
  • Realize how valuable you are, regardless of where you are in life, as you receive the encouragement you need to pursue your passions.
  • Find the hope and answers you’re looking for as you learn how to study God’s Word in a meaningful and personal way.

The next Proverbs 31 Online Bible study is on the book, "She's Still There" by Chrystal Evans Hurst! Study starts September 5. Learn more and sign up here --> http://www.proverbs31.org/online-bible-studies/ #ShesStillThere #P31OBS

So, will you join me? I hope you say yes and click here to register! I don’t want to do it alone and I think it’s going to be one for the books.

Okay, friend. Rest up, enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll see you right here on September 5.


Let’s Chat:

Will you be joining us for our next Online Bible Study? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Marsha Foland says:

    Sounds awesome!!! I miss OBS during the break times !!

  2. Micah Dodd says:

    Oh yes! I’ve wanted to read this book since it came out. This topic is right on time for me too!

  3. Yes! I signed up and I am excited for this one!

  4. Kendra Seaton says:

    This sounds like a perfect online Bible study. Yes I’m going to join! Thanks!

  5. I am looking forward to this study. Life setbacks have led me to question my value and purpose. I pray for direction and renewed vision on the journey.

  6. I just signed up for the new bible study She’s Still There. I’m so excited for this study and looking forward to what God has for us through this journey on finding out who we were meant be! I know for myself there’s a little girl trying to come out and express the woman God wants me to be. Thank you Proverbs 31 for all the beautiful online bible studies you put together. We are truly blessed.

  7. I just signed up for the next Bible study. I’m looking forward to it.

  8. Alberta F Griffith says:

    Amen. I have grown so much from these bible studies. I want to grow more and more to be the woman the Lord Jesus wants me to be. Thank you

  9. Amanda J. says:

    very excited for this study! I learned so much in the last OBS, and love that with these teachings I am growing closer to God 🙂

  10. Sharee Gaiser says:

    I’m in! This will be the perfect segue from Me, Myself and Lies! It will also tie into my soul question about being good enough! God so wants us to know the worthiness we have in Him. Bring it on! Book is ordered.

  11. Karissa Swanson says:

    Count me in! I learn so much and with the online community I do not feel alone.

  12. Wendy S. says:

    I am so ready for this study and need this topic so badly! Count me in!

  13. Kimberly Jones says:

    I will join you on this journey

  14. Lorraine Green says:

    Looking forward to the next study and trying to find me , the woman I’m sopose to be, God bless xx

  15. Morgan Rocke says:

    I would so love to do this study! It sounds like it’s very relevant to the way I’ve been feeling lately.

  16. Amy Stanley says:

    Yes! I’m so looking forward to this nee Bible study! I enjoy these studies so much…I think I’m on my 4th one now. Thanks so much for maki g these studies available.

  17. Angela Lucero says:

    I’ve heard so many amazing reviews on this book. I can’t wait!!

  18. Janice Alston says:

    Love the Me Myself, and Lies. Need to try and read faster, but I like to really understand what I am reading. But, have enjoyed it, look forward to getting a fresh start with this one.

  19. WOW! Another perfectly timed. You all are such a blessing. I will be doing the study.
    This one was hard with all the interruptions, but without it, I would not have known how to deal with so many of the challenges that were presented. Most important was going into battle with GOD by my side and allowing him to guide my words. Lose and be okay with it because it was GOD’s plan. Be verbally attacked and make the choice to not let the words being said even make it to a shelf in the thought closet. I held them for a few moments, but realize they were not GOD’s words. I then prayed and thanked him for all the support you women have provided. Then as I was going to sleep, I heard the email and realized it had to be you. I am so excited and look forward to the opportunity to grow into what I am supposed to be. Yesterday was not an ending, but the opportunity to find the real beginning of what has always been planned.

  20. Marilyn Marie says:

    Yes I signed up!

  21. Candice Rice says:

    I will defiantly be joining y’all again. Thank you! II definitely need this one, i absolutely can spend hours on end, on all of your different resources!

  22. I am signed up , looking forward to the next one.

  23. I’d love to be part of your study I just moved I never feel worthy but I know God sees me even more!! I’m joining your study 9/5 with no book❤️

  24. Count me in!

  25. Brenda Blanchard says:

    This sounds Amazing count me in😊

  26. JOYCE MURIMI says:

    Thanks for these Bible studies , they are indeed great, am learning a lot ,I cant wait for this awesome title too.

  27. Melissa.. Wow..You just don’t know how badly this title STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS!! Since 07 I have been mourning my ol’e self..my prayers where asking God to make me like I was.. I SAY I have 2 sets of kids first 2 had the Mama I was..the 2 now have me.. The ‘Broken one’.. Yes talking bad about myself.. Recently is when I discovered. Or God showed me..I’ve been i n mourning WAY TO LONG.. A Kidney disease changed me forever it seems…. On sweetie I’m going to find this book and look it over.. WHY??..It seems too good to be real..to be TRUE..AND I’M SEEKING TRUTH & REAL CHANGE!! This will give me time to finish ‘Me Myself & Lies.. It was so good..THANK YOU!! OH Is there a study guide that comes with it?? I may not order in time to get what comes with it..Yet I want ALL THAT WILL HELP.. Honestly besides the BIBLE STUDY..THIS I NEED TO HELP..TRULY I Have tears of. OH FATHER PLEASE GUIDE ME..AND IF YOU KNOW THIS BOOK TO BE YOUR TRUTH ..WHAT I & OTHERS NEED.. I WILL TRUST YOUR WILL FATHER!!! I WILL BE SIGNING UP!!!! Oh I’m so ready to FIND THE ME GOD MADE ME TO BE..LOVE Y’ALL HUGS

  28. When I was trying to answer the question did you look at life with expectation s a kid I couldn’t answer that. You see through circumstances I lost hope and value but God little by little ha been restoring in my life what was lost and I’m learning each new day how to walk in His freedom. I am way differently now . God has truly given me beauty for ashes . I still have a lot to learn about my value. I would love to have this book and join you guys in the next bible study adventure.

  29. Darlene Sokoloskis says:

    This study sounds so great. I would love to participate. Thank you!

  30. Just want I need! Hope!!! Looking forward to this! Thank you~

  31. Chris Ehlers says:

    Looking forward to this study!!

  32. Kimberly says:

    Oh yeah, I will definitely be doing this study. Can’t wait🎉🎉🎉

  33. Sounds like the study I’ve been looking for. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s last year and my dreams for the future have died, I’m trying to find purpose through it all.

  34. Lisa Muniz says:

    I will most definitely be joining the next study. This sounds perfect. I just told my 14 year old this week that I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up (I’m almost 48). I really don’t know who I am aside from my husband’s wife and my kid’s mother.

  35. Cynthia says:

    Yes! Already signed up yesterday. Love P31 OBS.

  36. Looking forward to my second online Bible study with Proverbs 31. My, Myself and Lies has truly brought me closer to God and living a purposeful life.

  37. This study is just what I need right now! So looking forward to it!

  38. OBS has been a wonderful blessing for me. I can’t go to bible studies right now but P31 has given me the chance to grow more in God’s word. Every study I’ve done has benefited me greatly in more ways than I can write. Thank you.

  39. Yes I will be joining you for this study. Sounds great.

  40. The next OBS sounds great. The current one is great. I can’t wait!!!

  41. I’m on a journey, 44, divorced after 20 years of marriage, my children are adults, yes, it’s a tough journey I’m on. I’ve lost my identity as s wife and mother, I’m not sure who I am anymore. This study sounds perfect for me, I hope it helps me discover what God’s plan is for me now 🙏🏼

  42. Cathy Williams says:

    I am loving the current study! I would love to join the next one.

  43. Linda C says:

    This study sounds great! Looking forward to it.

  44. Every study I have done at proverbs 31 has impacted my life. Life is tough but it helps having hope in Christ …and something to look forward to doing. Can’t wait for this new study.

  45. Michelle G says:

    Oh I hope to! My group begins Finding I Am on August 3. If we can stay on track and finish within 5 weeks I will definitely join this study!

  46. Deborah says:

    I’m not sure about this one… not too sure where it is headed… I seem to be so far from the few dreams I had… Maybe. And yet, all the studies I have done with P31 have been great, so maybe I should just join as a step of faith! thinking about it!

  47. Yes! I love these studies and all the teachers at OBS

  48. Theresa Mason says:

    All signed up with my book per-ordered!!

  49. Donna Morris says:

    Yes, I am doing the study. Looking forward to it. Signing up now.

  50. Tiffany says:

    Yes, I can’t wait!

  51. Michelle A says:

    This upcoming Bible Study is EXACTLY what I need with everything I am going through. It almost feels as if God put in a phone call for me! I will definitely be doing this and it would even help more to win the book! Thank you for being Spirit led and God obeying OBSers!!!!!!

  52. Josie Horton says:

    Raising two children as a single mother with no family around and not other help, I have realized that my laughter has gone away, I have become so much more serious. I would love to get back to my real joy, my real big dreams I had a a child, as a 21 year girl who came to this country with two suitcases and huge dreams to build a big family. Although my family now consist of tow grown up kids, I want to get back to my big dream. Somehow in the busy life I have put God in a box. I want to dream big, play harder and think long. I realize that the size of my dream reflects the size of my God. Dream big again, my God is more Hearn willing to fulfill my dreams.

  53. Signed up for the next study! Looking forward to it!

  54. Emily Krafjack says:

    Yes, I’m signing up. I must say, completing my first OBS has been a wonderful experience. I’m glad I stumbled upon your site, you provide such a great service. My chronic illness situation doesn’t allow me to attend church, so OBS has filled a void I’ve had many years. This new study is perfect, illness has turned my life upside down and I struggle with who I used to be often. I’m looking forward to this study. Thanks!

  55. All signed up! Looking forward to it!

  56. Gina Fox says:

    I signed up! This will be a great study!!

  57. Janice Elrod says:

    YAY!!! So happy that Chrystal’s book “She’s Still There” has been chosen for the next OBS! I am on the “Rescue” Team to help launch the book and cannot wait for lives to be changed forever when they get this book! Thank you, P31! And, yes, I’ll be participating in the study.

  58. Hurting but still has hope in God says:

    I’m looking forward to the next OBS. My husband is loosing his job the end of ’18 because his plant is shutting FB down. We will need to move from the north to the south so my husband can still work for the same company and keep his benefits. Our youngest will be a senior in college then. Big changes for us. Having to make decisions because of the coming job loss of my husband that was not of our choosing. It will be hard to leave the community we are in since ’99 and have to start all over. This study should be of help to me.

  59. SandraAnn Weatherholt Clark says:

    Im in! #Imstillhere #worthy #DaughterofTheKing #HisPrincess #OBS

  60. Roxanne says:

    I’m sad this is our last week in this study but it’s really helped me to understand my self talk better and replace it with soul talk. This week the key word discipline, oh the dreaded word but I know with good discipline is yes when we experience something supernatural. Since I’ve started this study one thing I’ve been praying about is my job and if this is God’s calling for me. I covet any prayers

  61. I’m in for sure.!

  62. Patricia Williams says:

    I bought a book for a friend for the current me myself and I study. Would love to be able to bless her (or another friend?) again. Just having some financial struggles right now. Thank you again! Love y’all. Hope Lysa is ok…..

  63. Theresa says:

    Much needed message as many of us have never reached our dreams.

  64. Somewhere in the midst of raising a disabled son, an abusive marriage and working 6 days a week I have lost myself. SO excited about this study!!!

  65. This study sounds like it was picked just for me. Can’t wait

  66. Amanda Reynolds says:

    Sign me up!

  67. Mallory Allen says:

    Very excited for this study! What a great way to follow up Me, Myself and Lies.

  68. Jennifer says:

    I’m in!!! WOOT! Can’t wait!

  69. This sounds like a great study. I was just thinking the other week how years ago I had someone tell me they could tell I was a Christian without really knowing me too well. Because of things that have happened over the years, I’m not sure my walk is as evident. I look forward to this study to get back to where God’s light is shining through me again.
    Thanks for the studies on line!

  70. I”m in !! Can’t wait!! These studies have helped me so much!! This one looks great!!

  71. Why not join the next OBS! I love the accountability and videos

  72. Jocelyn Lacey says:

    I’m looking forward to this study!!!!

  73. I would love to join the study, just need to get the book!

  74. I’m looking forward to this study. Things do change as we get older and sometimes I have mourned those changes.

  75. Mandy Woodmansee says:

    Yes! Can’t wait! I was talking to a friend about this one day, about how much I have lost myself through so many trials and heart ache…..as a child we view the world so differently and have big dreams! not prepared for what life can throw at us! I love pictures because they capture special moments that never change! God has me on a journey to let go of all the pain and to find myself again, the woman He has created me to be!
    This study is perfect timing! God’s perfect timing for me!

  76. Sarah Morgan says:

    I would love to do this. 🙂

  77. Marilyn says:


  78. Rebekah says:

    Yes I’ll be joining! Looking forward to it.

  79. This hits hard with me. From juggling marriage college work and a new internship all at once, I never even have time to think of me, it’s always go go go. This will be such a good read for me. I’m excited!

  80. I would love to join you in this study,
    Thank you for taking the Time to teach us Gods ways..
    God Blessyou.

  81. Latina Marie says:

    This is awesome. Actually,I am beginning a new course in life and this would be a great OBS for me now that my self talk is right. I was an accountant for almost 10 years now Im pursuing my passion as a seamstress. I know it’s not to late and I am capable to everything God’s called me to do and be.

  82. I just signed up because it sounds perfect for my season of life. Would love to do this study with my daughter.

  83. Sabrina Fevens says:

    Oh my goodness. I found out about this book last month from a post Nicki posted and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been struggling and didn’t really know what the real issue was until I read what the book was about. I pre-ordered this book locally over a month ago and have been excited to read this book. Now that it’s a study, I am even more excited. I’m praying this study will be the best one yet! 🙌🏼

  84. Karen Whaley House says:

    Hoping to be able to join this study. Love the Proverbs 31 family.

  85. Bethany says:

    Sounds like a great study. Really enjoy online Bible studies at this time in life.

  86. Yes! Looking forward to this study.

  87. Harmony Jones says:

    Yes, I can’t wait to fo the She’s still there study!! Sound like an amazing book!

  88. Linfa Torres says:

    Oh this sounds like what I have been looking for! I will be joining this study and am super excited about it!

  89. I can’t wait for this study!

  90. I’ll be joining you for yet another great study!

  91. I will be doing t h is study. I am already registered.

  92. Annette says:

    Sounds like another great study! I would love to be in on this one!

  93. Nancy Ferguson says:

    I am on the launch team for this book, and I can assure you that it is fabulous! Can’t wait to study it in depth!

  94. Absolutely joining!

  95. Shawna Vaughn says:

    When I read what this bible study was about it sounded exactly what I needed. There is so many parts of my life that I feel like I’ve lost who I am when trying to be everything to everybody else. I want to reconnect to what God wants for my life to make me the best me I can be 🙂

  96. Mary Jo says:

    I met with my 34 yr old daughter & 2 friends to do the Me, Myself & Lies study- what a blessing! God helped us overcome countless obstacles in just getting together for study each week. Praise Him! The scripture study & principles behind the study are clear and practical. Thank You Proverbs 31

  97. Wow this course couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! As my birthday approaches (September 1), and getting older, I feel so unease about my future and God’s divine purpose for my life! After my two little ones (God knows I love them so much) I do feel I’ve lost track of all my goals, purpose and career aspirations. I’m been so driven all my life but feel in the recent years with all of life struggles and demand I’ve lost so much momentum, so much of myself. I pray this bible study course will be able to offer/ or more able to help me once again believe that God is not done with me yet and that the best is yet to come! ❤🙏🙏

  98. I love the way continuing to do these P31OBS keeps me driven to continue in the study of God’s Word. Even when I am involved in a women’s Bible study at my church, or I have others that I do on my own, I still like the online accountability of completing the study books we do here. Thanks so much for persevering and continuing to bring us great books to study together. Sometimes, I am more involved than others with the online interaction, but I always complete the study one way or the other. Thanks P31OBS staff. You are strong women of God and I appreciate all of your efforts.

  99. Tanisha Grant says:

    I simply love Chrystal. I’ve been followibg her for years. Her podcasts/website is amazing. She also did a Bible Study Class last year AMAZING. Wish I had made the launch team for this book. Can’t wait for this study.

  100. Yes I need this study. I retired and am trying to find my passion and purpose God has for me in this new season of life.I grow so much as I study God’s Word and I am so thankful for Proverbs 31 and each woman that reflects Jesus Christ!

  101. Jennifer T says:

    Yes! Sounds like an awesome study and just what I need!! Perfect timing 🙂

  102. Christy says:

    Yay! I’ve been wanting to read this one. It looks so good.

  103. LaChelle Gordon says:

    Yes I will be joining. I need this study as I am struggling with feeling as I lost who I am. When I first hear about the book on Chrystal Evans Hurst’s website, I was hit with a heavy feeling. She was speaking straight to me. How did she know I was feeling this way, questioning if she’s still there, the woman that God wanted me to be, is it too late to go back to the woman. I have enjoyed the other studies that I have participated in and am excited to start this one.

  104. Christina says:

    Already signed up!😄 I am so thankful for these online studies… I am at a point in my life where I simply am not able to attend any groups/studies at my local church but would love to be able to. Y’all are such a huge blessing! This new study sounds great, and so needed… God bless all of you ladies at P31 Ministries ❤🙏

  105. Yes, I plan on joining in on this Bible Study as well. I have so truly been blessed by all the studies I have been in with you all. I will plan on doing this again if it is the Lord’s will that I live to do this or that. Thank you for your many studies. I have truly been blessed and I thank all the authors you have that God has blessed to help me on this journey. Love you all.

  106. Brenda Guerrero says:

    I just signed up for the next Online Bible Study! I’m super excited to see how I can go back to my old self! I have loved every single OBS that I’ve participated in so far! Thank you ladies for everything!!

  107. Sharon Burkes says:

    Peace and Blessings! I always say I’m gonna do these Great online Bible studys…then I forget to mark the date or I forget to order the book ..I am really interested in this one right here ..

  108. “Rescuing the Girl in You” hits home. That is what I have been trying to rediscover. . . the passion and dreams from twenty. . . twenty-five. . . . thirty years ago. I know that they are still there, but need rekindled. Looking forward to wading through the journey with you. Thanks.

  109. Your statements are so true. We should never ever give up. I need to change my my mindset for sure.

  110. I will definitely be there for the next P31 online Bible study. I totally love learning from everyone and digging deeper myself.

  111. Kara Smith says:

    Yes to this study!!! Can’t wait!

  112. Michelle Vasquez says:

    OH, I’m already reading it and on her She’s Still There Rescue Team. So, yes, absolutely!! I’d love to go through it again with OBS!!

  113. Lydia Chadwick says:

    I am currently going through a nasty and unwanted divorce. I scrolled across a post about your book and this study on Instagram and decided to enter. As I become a single mom of two, I not only have the desire but the serious need to get back to that girl I once was. This world has a sneaky way of robbing us of all of our joy. I think my children need to see that person I USED to be.

  114. This study sounds like exactly what I need

  115. Andrea Smith says:

    I’m in!! Can’t wait. Hopefully this study will send me the FB small group link. The last one never did so I missed signing up for FB groups

  116. This study is coming at a great time for me. I have been in a period of wait and feel it will help guide me in the next chapter GOD has for me. Thank you to all the OBS staffers for their faithful work. Have a restful break❣️💞

  117. Bethany says:

    This sounds like a book I need! Can’t wait!!

  118. I am so excited for this study. Often times life throws situations at us that cause us to question ourselves, know what I mean? Cause us to look internally and sometimes experience disappointment. As a young girl that just hit 21, I have already experienced disappointments, some that I allowed myself to get into. But I always have to remind myself that with each day God continues to wake me up is a day God continues to work on me and mold me into the girl He designed me to be which is really the girl I desire to be. <3

  119. That sounds like a great study! I will definately be considering!!!

  120. Lori Grimm says:

    What a perfect follow up bible study . Looking forward to it

  121. Annie Glass says:

    Wow does this study sound amazing and lime a true eye opener! Would love to be a part of it!

  122. Lori Grimm says:

    What a perfect follow up bible study . Looking forward to

  123. Lori Grimm says:

    What I perfect folllow up bible study !

  124. Yes, I hope to do the follow up Bible Study.

  125. Anne VK says:

    This sounds like perfect timing for this study. My son is leaving for college and I am not sure what my purpaose in his life is now. My daughter has special needs and it will be a change for all of us!

  126. Robyn Crippen says:

    Yes, I will be here for this one!!!!!

  127. I always wonder if the next study is really for me; how can it be as relevant to me as this one has been? But I’m always surprised how the Holy Spirit uses it. ☺ I would love to win the free book.

  128. Michelle says:

    Sounds like a great study I’m in

  129. Janet Wallace says:

    I have done like 14 books in a row, I can’t stop now!!! Excited for the next book!!!!

  130. Melissa says:

    Yes I just signed up. This one sounds like a good one!

  131. Kathy Allen says:

    Yes!! I’m in! Sounds like just what I need!

  132. Would love to do this study with the group. It’s right up my ally…. I am in the beginning stages of creating a program for women that is just exactly about finding your true self – the little girl in you!
    Have a blessed, safe rest of summer.

  133. Please count me in.Just love getting these lessons eachday.

  134. Katherine Pitts says:

    This is a much-needed book for the body of Christ. It is easy to blow off the greatness in you because of what you have done, have not done, or have had to happen to you. No more of that craziness. God had a plan, God has a plan, and God will always have a plan. You are a part of it. It is all for you.

  135. Karen Harding says:

    You OBS girls rock! Always something great around the next corner. I can’t wait to begin the next study.
    Thanks for all you do. Your group is such a blessing to so many people.

  136. Andrea Nickerson says:

    This sounds like a study meant for me! I am going through therapy this summer trying to heal from sexual abuse as a child. I have struggled my whole life with who I am and finding my purpose and passion. God is at work in my life and this study will be a perfect compliment to my therapy!

  137. Charlotte Parker says:

    So excited to start this next study, Worthy….I also won the teaching series for this study at fb online party and have never taken part in that part of bible studies in the past…looking forward to that!

  138. So excited for this study! I can’t wait!!

  139. Theresa Madden says:

    This study goes right along with rediscovering my passions since my daughter graduated and left home. I’m excited to dig into this book!

  140. Susan Kolb says:

    YES,YES,YES! I will be doing the next study! In several areas of my life I find myself at a crossroads–dreams and expectations vs reality and hard choices. Sounds like this study is going to be just what I need! Thank you!
    Blessings on your day,

  141. Jenelle says:

    I already registered! I gave been struggling with finding me again so this came at the perfect time.

  142. I am looking forward to this study! Uninvited was great, and so is Me, Myself, and Lies. What a Blessing to be part of this group and the studies!
    Thanks be to God, and Thank-You to each of you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊🐶

  143. Can’t wait for the bible study!

  144. Vicki Anderson says:

    I’m signed up and looking forward to studying with everyone!!! Would love to share the book with a friend!!!

  145. No I’m not the woman I want to be, the woman I know I can be, the woman I believe I was designed to be; I’m not really her yet but I want to be. Yes I’m in. I’m excited about this study and I would love to get the book. This is perfect timing for where I’m at on my life.

  146. Lauri Welch says:

    Definitely a topic I need to spend time studying! Thank you for listening to God and writing a study so relevant to so many!

  147. Lou Ann says:

    This sounds like another wonderful study to take part in. I look forward to reading and studying this book.

  148. Definitely doing the next one, I can’t wait!

  149. This sounds perfect for my life right now! I’m so excited about joining an amazing group of women. What a blessing!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      We are excited that you will be joining the study Brooke! Have a great day.

  150. Marissa says:

    This seems to be exactly the study I need right now.

  151. I want to deepen my relationship with God, and become the woman He wants me to be. I want to find out who I truly am in Christ. I feel like I have been going round the same mountain for too long. I look forward to how this bible study and the Holy Spirit will place me on a new path.

  152. Chelsea Schopper says:

    Yes, I would love to join in on the new Bible study in September. I have lost so many on my dreams… I need to learn how to dream again!

  153. Sara McLemore says:

    Yes, I will be joining the bible study in September. This is exactly what I need.

  154. Stacie Danks says:

    I very much look forward to the next OBS. I feel like God is still working on me and has big things planned for my life. These studies help me stay on the path that leads to him.

  155. Valerie says:

    I can’t wait for this Bible Study – it is exactly what I need – I have followed Priscilla Shirer – her sister – for years, and have listened to her podcasts. Worthy? Not what I feel at all….but am hoping to change that!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      We will all be working together Valerie, learning what God has for us to learn! We are excited with you. Blessings.

  156. Signed up, looking forward to studying with my friends in group 55.

  157. The work you do and the love of God you share is inspiring everyday! Can’t wait to learn more and start my first study with you all!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Welcome Sarah! We are so happy you will be joining us for this study. Thank you!

  158. Lori Herron says:

    Can’t wait to join in on this study!!

  159. Susan Cutlip says:

    I just want to say I can’t wait for the next Bible study!!! It sounds like I’m not alone 😀

  160. The work you do and the love of God you share is inspiring and so needed!! I can’t wait to learn more and grow in my faith with y’all and this study!

  161. Yes, most definitely participating in the next P31 OBS. My day is not complete until I have gleaned knowledge and special thoughts from my P31 OBS experiences.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you Melissa. We love how God is working in your life through P31 OBS. Look forward to studying with you. Blessings.

  162. Sounds like a great study.. I am in

  163. This new study sounds like the natural continuation of what I need! I thought I was the only one who started out as a hopeful 20-something only to get bogged down by the every day. I have definitely allowed the everyday to steal my joy and I don’t want to do that any longer! I am looking forward to finding that hopeful girl again!

  164. I had so much fun with the last study (Me, Myself and lies) and learned a lot from you all.

    I just want the learning and fun to continue in Bible study.

    Definitely I am in for this next study.

  165. Rosemary Osborne says:

    I will be joining! I am so excited! I know that others struggle with doing on-line Bible study, but I love it! I make new friends who I can count on to pray for me and share my heart out. Also, I enjoy the ladies who lead the Bible studies, especially Melissa and Kendra! You two always bring a smile to my face. Bless all of you ladies you take time out to help us to discover who we are in Christ as well as leading us into a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father!

  166. I Need this

  167. Christa Dempsey says:

    This looks like a great study!!

  168. Looking forward to the new study in September.

  169. Kathy Ecklebe says:

    I am definitely signing up!! When I read the descriptions of some of the studies, I think hmmm I’m not sure that is for me in this season of my life. Those are always the studies that God reveals amazing things to me 🙂 looking forward to doing this study with you!

  170. Juliana Martinez says:

    I am very excited for this book and can’t wait for September to come.

  171. Whenever I hear “she’s still there” I have the mental picture of a woman on her knees in prayer.

  172. Debbie Oliver says:

    I am definitely joining you for this next “Worthy” study. It is exactly what I need in this season of life…God is so timely! Thank y’all for doing this!

  173. Stephanie Clark says:

    I am going to sign up here in just a few minutes. I am a new comer back to God and I am so thirsty for knowledge. I am like a sponge

  174. Deana Johnson says:

    I am very excited about this Bible Study. Definitely something I need.

  175. Latrisa says:

    Yes Ma’am I sure will be doing the Bible Study with you. I can’t wait I so loved the current one. I think I’m hooked 😍😃💜💜

  176. Can’t wait for this study–Kathy Ecklebe!!!

  177. I LOVE these online Bible studies! I love that I can do them at my own pace and wherever I am! And I love it when you hit on a topic so close to my heart! Can’t wait for this next one!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Laura,
      So many of us need that flexibility in our lives. So happy you will be joining in. Blessings.

  178. Very much needed. 💛

  179. Looks like another good one!

  180. I am joining the next one!! I cant wait. 🙂

  181. I would love to join you in this Bible study !! I sometimes feel I missed my calling , now that I’am 66 I need to discover it! Thanks again being willing to help us women to be all we can for the lord and family members

  182. Just signed up. Looking forward to this study. My dad passed away almost two weeks ago, so now I’m way behind on the current study. Looking forward to finishing it and starting the next one.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Shari, we lift you up in prayer as you mourn the loss of your father. Take your time and be kind to yourself as you go through the coming weeks. We are happy that you want to finish the current study and look forward to seeing you at our next one. Blessings dear sister.

  183. Mare Hindall says:

    Yes, I’m signing up. I needed to discover who I am, now that I’m a widow, and, all my dreams won’t come true, anymore.

  184. Melanie Boling says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I feel like a new woman after going through this Me, Myself & Lies study! Having a group of sisters in Christ to walk through these simple thought closet clean-outs has been what I’ve needed! Doing it on my own was taking too long, and I tended to discourage myself. So THANK YOU, Jennifer, Melissa, Kendra, and the rest of you delightful ladies who put this together!
    It was an answer to my many years of prayers! I am beginning to feel more like a new creation in Christ!
    Looking forward to the next study!

  185. I’m DEFINITELY here for the next OBS study because Melissa just described – verbatim – what I’ve been going through. I definitely feel like I lost a part of who I was… I was a lot bolder when I wasn’t living for Christ. I feel like I’ve achieved all I wanted, so I’m not as purposeful as I was years ago. Sounds like this book is an answer to prayer. Thanks, Chrystal, for writing it!

  186. Crystal Bell says:

    This is my first ever online bible study. Not quite sure what to expect. But for some reason I have been led to your website and this course. So I am excited to jump in with both feet. I have hope that through this I can figure out this crazy life and God’s plan for me. Thank you for your time, encouragement and excitement

  187. Beth Haag says:

    Count me in! Looking forward to seeing how God continues to work in me through Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies.

  188. Ali Foury says:

    Can’t wait!!❤️

  189. Soooo excited about this next study!!! It’s definitely something I need in my life right now and can’t wait to see how God speaks through the study to all the women!

  190. Kim cooper says:

    Yes registering now. This is exactly where I am in my journey. Thank you!!!!

  191. Holly Patkowski says:

    Sounds like a wonderful study!! I am excited for it!

  192. Kerri Arredondo says:

    I am looking forward to this study! I’ve been feeling like I’m not living up to the life God has for me right now. I’m trying to be still & listen for His voice, but I’m afraid I’ll miss it, (or already have…) I’m ready with an open mind to take on this soul searching journey.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Yes! So happy that you will be joining in Kerri. Coming to a study with an open mind to what God has for us is just awesome. Thank you! 🙂

  193. Would love to win this! I am a school teacher and during my lunch break, 2 other teachers and myself, do Bible study during lunch. This would be a great one to start the year off with!

  194. Yes I have already register. I feel that this bible study is just what I need.
    I have really enjoyed the Me, Myself, & Lies bible study.

  195. Yes! Looking forward to this study.

  196. Angel Lynn says:

    I always find myself talking about the desires I had as a child and wanting to get the sweetness back that I had before life happened. I truly believe she’s still inside of me trying to find her way to the surface. I can’t currently afford the book but maybe, just maybe I’ll win it!! I really believe this study would do a world of good for me.

  197. I enjoy OBS. This one starts on my wedding anniversary!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Well that is a very special day then! Enjoy your anniversary. Thank you for joining in with us.

  198. Rebecka Blevins says:

    Count me in! I love OBS!

  199. Amie Camps says:

    I have been studying God’s word on my own, but could really benefit from the input of other God-fearing women. I am really looking forward to the study. Thanks for doing the give away. 😘

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Amie, we are so happy you will be joining in this study. It is so true that sharing with other women really makes our learning go deeper. We just love studying God’s Word with you all!

  200. Jenny Shults says:

    Yes!! I am really loving OBS and have learned so much from Me, Myself, and Lies. Looking forward to it!

  201. Robin Bordwine says:

    Count me in! I am looking forward to this study. I always enjoy the OBS studies. Thank you for all you do! Blessings

  202. Jessie Young says:

    Would love love love to win!! I’ve been reading about this study and think it’s going to be great.

  203. Cheri Taylor says:

    I’m in…. 💟

  204. So grateful for an opportunity to get this book. I am looking forward to the study and becoming more confident in Christ as His. Growing in Him!!!

  205. Kathy Hughes says:

    Just registered. So excited.

  206. DELLA YOUNG says:

    I can wait to study ???still there. I am in. I love the OBS studies. They are great and fun.see you all in Sept. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  207. Yes, I will be joining for the next OBS! I love all the studies I’ve done with you. I really like the book selections and the deeper study of them, as well as the Bible studies, video teachings, etc.

  208. Yes! As soon as I read the blog tears started pouring down my cheeks because it resonated with me so much! Life has definitely gotten in the way, and I would love to get that hope and purpose back!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Lisa, sounds like perfect timing for you. We will be with you all the way through the study. So glad you will be joining in. Blessings.

  209. Michelle Duncan says:

    Yep, signed up as soon as I saw the update on the home page! At the beginning of January I decided 2017 is going to be the year of ME, and I feel like this study will be more reinforcement for my, shall we say, adventures.

  210. Guadalupe says:

    Sounds awesome yes I will most definitely join you Melissa

  211. Yes, this sounds like the perfect study for me.

  212. Gail R Carlisle says:

    This is amazing! I was looking at books at Christianbook.com and saw that one and marked it to buy! BUT, after hearing the news; I bought it with P31!!! I’m very excited to read this – Priscila Shirer is awesome; can’t wait to hear her sister, Cheryl Evans Hurst! <3 <3

  213. This bible study seems like something I’m really needing in my life. Me, myself, and lies was right on target with where I am in my life. And this study seems to be the same. I’m really working through some emotional things in my life and you ladies have been just what I needed. OBS came to me unexpectedly but I know it was not just coincidental. God is working in me and growing me to be the woman I should be. And by the help of you ladies I’m learning so much. Thank you! ❤️

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Abbi, we rejoice with you over what God has been doing in your life. Keep up your hard work and know that this community is always here to support you. So many of us share similar concerns and it is so helpful to chat with others. We are happy you will be able to join in the next study. Have a great day.

  214. I love OBS. This study sounds like it is just for me.

  215. Dana Clement says:

    Sounds like a great study, and I can’t wait! I just signed up!!

  216. Dawn Sloboda says:

    I’m in!!! Love your studies!

  217. Dianne Bullock says:

    I, of course, signed up for this OBS study!!! My life as planned is a train wreck, but I know God can turn this around for me and still give me a great life, even thought what I have is NOT what I planned when I was young!! This study starts on my 60th birthday!!! I will be there with bells on!!! See you girls then – love y’all & until then … my love and prayers are with you. 🙂

  218. Rocio Enriquez says:

    I just signed up for the next Online Bible Study!! I am looking forward to it….come on September!

  219. Lisa Owen says:

    Me, Myself & Lies has been such a blessing to me. God is so good and amazing. This study is working right along with the messages from the pastoral staff at church during this time to help me to uncover, clean out and repair some of the lies hiding in my closet. I have started on the road to repair the relationships that those lies have tried to destroy and my prayer closet got a real good spring cleaning as well!! I am excited for this next study!

  220. I am going to step out of this next bible study. I have several books that I need to read and study. Please let me know about future classes that may applicable to my life. Thank you so much for all you do. Keep me on the mailing list. Love you all at Proverbs 31.

  221. Julie Overstreet says:

    WOOHOO!!! Just signed up for the “She’s Still There” OBS. Looking foward to another great study with you all at P31!!! Would be an added bonus to win the book.
    God Bless you all and see you Thursday night at BSL.

    Love & Hugs!!

  222. Christina says:

    This book is what I have been waiting for! Honestly, I can’t wait for the study to start because I’ve been struggling with this for a while.

  223. I can’t wait!

  224. Thank you so much for doing online bible studies! They are a great way to be able to fit studying the bible into a busy schedule.

  225. Just signed up…sounds very interesting! Can’t wait

  226. Patricia Jaracz says:

    I’d love to win this book!

  227. Hi, I am enjoying this Bible Study but a can’t get to the Thursday night Live Study. I live in Ca and it is not a good time for me. Is it some were I can see it? If so,how do I do that. Can some one help me out? 😊 thank you. I am not computer save and doing this is wayyyyy out of my comfort zone. I am stepping out and reaching out.😜 Thank you💕

    • Suzie V. says:

      Hi Holly………..here’s a link with all the info………..

      • Suzie V. says:

        You’ve arrived at our #BibleStudyLIVE event page. Bible Study Live is a fun and fast hour of Bible study — right here on Facebook! Join us for this exciting hour of Bible study & community Thursday, July 13 from 8-9 p.m. ET. This is a LIVE event that takes place in the “discussion” tab of this event page. In these events we will share prayer, worship, encouragement, fun and questions with you via numbered posts. A new post will be added approximately every 3-5 minutes for you to interact on in the comments.

        More to know:
        • The event is not a video or Facebook live lesson, though some of our numbered posts in the event may include a short video or FB live
        • During the event (or after), follow along with our numbered posts, posting your answers in the comments. You can even reply to other’s comments there!
        • Refresh your screen often by clicking on the “discussion” tab, as new posts and comments will be added all throughout the hour
        • Whether you’ve been studying the Bible for years or never opened a Bible in your life, this is for you. All are welcome!
        • Each event remains in our event history, so if you can’t make it live or are running late, you can still join and participate anytime. In fact, women from all over the world continue commenting for days, or even weeks after!
        • NOTE on privacy: In order to keep our events available to everyone, this is a public event. It is not a closed or private group. What does this mean? Your comments will be visible to your friends and the public, so be mindful of that.

        We cannot wait to spend this hour with you!

        Things to bring (optional):
        • Bible
        • Paper & Pen to take notes
        • Colored pens & highlighters (if you want to get fancy)
        • Note Cards or Sticky Notes
        • A friend
        • “Me, Myself, & Lies” book by Jennifer Rothschild

  228. I love P31 and all of the OBS opportunities. I have had to break away from joining them fpr awhile as I financially can’t buy books right now. I will follow along with the blogs and any videos. Thanks for these.

  229. This sounds amazing!! Love!!

  230. Kimberly Black says:

    Love Proverbs 31 Ministries! Especially the First 5 App! Would love to win a copy of the book for myself and a friend 💞!

  231. Yes!!! I will be joining the upcoming study!!!
    I can’t wait !!
    Woot woot

  232. Tracye Sheffield says:

    “She’s Still There” sounds like just what I need to help me carry on being the woman I want to be. I think I’ve given up on things along the way and would love to get that fire and passion back for things in my life. I’m 51 years old and I feel in some ways that my life is just now starting! Would love a chance to win this Bible Study book! Thank you Proverbs31 for all you do!

  233. Vicki H. says:

    I am signed up (my 24th study) and purchased my book with a donation and ready to go on September 5th…just have to get with my girls in group 12 😍

  234. Becky Talhelm says:

    Participating in these OBS classes have brought inner strength straight from God’s Word. I hope to encourage other friends of mine to join me. I would love a chance to win this Bible Study Book — a perfect opportunity to reach out to those friends!

  235. Lydia Chavez says:

    Just signed up. Looking foward to another great study. ❤

  236. Candace roberts says:

    Not sure I can buy the book but would love to join the study. No extra funds right now.

  237. Can’t wait to participate in this study !! Thank you for all you do !!

  238. Can’t wait for this study. I loved Me, Myself and Lies.

  239. I am a full time caregiver to my mom who has Alzheimers and also help to care for my mother-in-law with cancer. I am also a wife and mother of 2 children. Sometimes I seem to lose my identity in that that’s all I do is care for others. It can be very hard while others go about their productive, busy lives and I am basically in a small circle. The next study could be helpful to me in my walk with Christ and becoming the woman He wants me to be. I signed up for the last study, but did not get very far in the book and study because it didn’t really connect with where I am at. Thinking this one might and would be grateful for a copy of the book!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Jennifer , we are so glad you will be joining us for the next study. God’s timing is always so perfect. It sounds like you need all the help you can get. We are praying for you. Blessings!

  240. I need this.

  241. Suzie V. says:

    I’ll be joining the next Bible Study 🙂

  242. My life is certainly not as I dreamed and planned. I have had many dreams shattered and suffered losses in my adult life with the most devastating becoming a widow at 47. I just said to a friend recently I know I’m ‘in here’ somewhere, but I just can’t seem to find me, referring to the very thing this study is about.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Gail, God’s timing is perfect. So glad you will be joining us. Blessings!

  243. Jennifer Palacios says:

    I would love to participate in the next study!!! I can’t wait! I have done the last 3 I think and each one of them have been such a blessing!

  244. Marijane Cronk says:

    I look forward to another one of you awesome Bible studies. You girls pick the exact subjects that I (and I’m sure plenty of others) need to read about. Being in my mid 60’s and retired, you’d think I have it all figured out and am enjoying the plans I made for myself. Far from the truth, believe me. Each study helps me more than I would have imagined. Thankyou.

  245. I will be there! These studies are amazing and I am SO grateful to P31 for helping me build a deeper relationship with my DAD in heaven. Thanks Y’all you’re all amazing. 🙂
    I can relate to some of the women on this blog who wrote about losing who they are. Realizing you know “she” is in there somewhere, but where and trying to find her can seem daunting at best. :-/
    This book is going to be amazing and help many women find the “she” in each of us. 🙂
    Have a GREAT day!!

  246. I have been wondering what the next study would be. This book is perfect timing for me because I have been prompted for the past couple of months to pray that God help me be who he created me to be.

  247. Bethany Swartz says:

    I just love all the books chosen for bible study, they are all perfect! 😊😊😊

  248. Cindi Blazina says:

    I can’t wait till then. Sad that it’s so far away but glad to have some time to catch up on a couple studies. Would love to win this.

  249. Yes, I will be there. : )

  250. Andrea Green says:

    I’m looking forward to joining!! This seems like just what I need at this place in my life. Can’t wait!!!

  251. Just joined! Love your Bible studies … always get new insight into the Lord and how I should live!

  252. Pami Baillie Ballington says:

    Trying to sign up. I will try again later. Looking forward to the new study.

  253. I’m liking the sound of the new study! Excited to continue to be a part of the OBS world!

  254. Elizabeth Irby says:

    YES, I will be joining! This is perfect timing, and I am so excited. My oldest starts middle school and my youngest will be in 6th grade in Sept. As they gain more independence, I am wondering what specifically to do with myself–how to be more diligent in pursuing my passions and trying to even remember what they are. I just signed up and purchased the book. Thanks so much for the extra “freebies” for purchasing the book early. They look like great resources, and I can’t wait to begin this Fall. Thanks, again! 🙂

  255. Stephanie says:

    I will absolutely be joining in on the fun!

  256. This sounds like a timely book for me. I feel that I am striving to find my purpose.

  257. Deborah Yanez says:

    Sounds like another really great bible study!!

  258. Yes I am. I so need these studies so I can grow closer to other women of God. I know there are so many wonderful women at my Church but I have difficulty with the opening up and trying to get to know them. I still deal with so emotions of the sin I have lived in that I struggle to feel good enough to have friends who are part of the Church…. The ugly negative self-talk that inhibits me. I know on our break I will re-read our current book too

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Gen, we are so glad you will joining us for the next study. If you have confessed your sin, you are forgiven.. You are a new child of God. You don’t need to feel ashamed. Blessings!

  259. Pam Luckie says:

    Looking forward to this study!

  260. I signed up for the upcoming study. Me, Myself and Lies has been a very powerful study for me and I look forward to reconciling with my inner “girl.”

  261. Sandra Welch says:

    I want to be part of this online bible study! Sure hope I’m lucky enough to win a book 📚 Thanks for the opportunity!

  262. Heather says:

    I just signed up for the Worthy study and am so excited for it!

  263. I am interested in the next study! “Me, Myself, and Lies” was my first OBS and I really liked it! Loved the Bible study portions and the weekly verses that I could put on my phone lockscreen as reminders. 🙂

  264. I’m looking forward to the next online Bible study its refreshing and encouraging to me It’s exactly what I enjoy since retiring

  265. Rebekah says:

    This is just what my friend and I need!! So timely for us!

  266. Lynnette says:

    After the first P31 OBS I signed up for, I’ve signed up for every one that’s come along since then. I’ve found that even if I don’t think the topic really relates to me, once I get into the study I discover that yes, it does! So, yes, as soon as I read the email about the upcoming study, I signed up! 🙂

  267. Rachelle Q (P31 O-Team) says:

    Yes I’ll be joining this study! Can’t wait to read the book

  268. Michelle says:

    Can’t wait to grow one step closer to how I SHOULD be seeing myself the way God sees me…always a challenge! Thank you!

  269. Me, Myself, and Lies has made a terrific difference in how I talk to myself. I catch myself thinking how Jesus wants me to talk to others AND ME. My sister and I live in different cities, but have done this study together. I think one about our purpose would just build on what we have started.

  270. Christal Wyatt says:

    Thank you for another opportunity to challenge myself. I have learned so much in each online Bible study and have loved the sense of calmness each study has afforded me. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to dig in to this new study!

  271. Jennifer Harty says:

    Looking forward to this next study! I am definitely not as confident as I once was. I want to accomplish big things! Can’t wait to be in this next OBS study!

  272. Melissa says:

    This sounds so good!

  273. Yup, I’m in!

  274. oh yes! I have enjoyed so many of your OBS bible studies that I can’t count! This one sounds like something right up my alley!

  275. Can’t wait to start this study!

  276. Cherie Repp says:

    Looking forward to the next obs!! Thanks for helping me to stay in the Word and continue to grow my faith!!

  277. Jamie Watkins says:

    I will be doing the next Bible Study and looking forward to it.

  278. Lorianne says:

    Yes already signed up and ordered my book!!! Looking forward to another great study!

  279. Lori Chadwick-Jenkins says:

    How exciting! Signing up!

  280. Cindy Gatlin says:

    I didn’t even need to finish reading your email invitation, Melissa! Done! Pre-ordered the Kindle version of the book. Come on September!! 🙂

  281. Aloha! I’m signed up & super excited!! Can’t wait!!

  282. Hi, I am enjoying this Bible Study. I am stepping way out side my comfort zone. I have never blogged before and I am not savey on navigating the enter net. 😜 I have not been able to do the Thrusday live part of the study and don’t know where I can find them. I sent out a blog before this one but did not change the notification part so I can reserve a response.😜 So I am doing it again. Can someone help me? Thanks Holly

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Holly, for the Thursday night Bible Study Live you need to be on Facebook. You can go into the post that you got on Monday and check out the study companion. Click on the link there for the Thursday Bible Study Live and you can say that you are going.

  283. Dianna Sharpe says:

    I am struggling with my sweet Jack going to be with Jesus. I know my answers and hope will be found in the LORD. Just so brokenhearted and want to live a God honoring life, I am kind of in Limbo right now.

    • I’m so sorry. Prayers for peace and comfort.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Dianna, praying for you and your broken heart. It sounds like this will be a great study for you. Hang in there and look to the Lord to be your strength. Blessings!

  284. Looking forward to this next Bible Study!

  285. Looking forward to doing another study. Me, Myself and Lies is the 1st OBS I’ve done, and I’m really enjoying it.

  286. Mary Garcia says:

    cant wait for another good study

  287. I can’t make it to church every week anymore, so I love these bible studies. They help keep me in the word.

  288. Yes! I am looking forward to another study! And what perfect timing – when the back to school rush sets in!

  289. Oh my gosh, I so desperately want to know what I’m supposed to be doing in my life. I don’t know what my dreams were or where I wanted to be. I got stuck in a rut of wife and mother but I was perfectly fine with that life…until the affair and divorce after 29 years. I didn’t know what to do then and here two years later I still don’t know what to do. But I am surviving and just living day to day open to what He has planned for me. Because I was nice and comfy not having to think of what my life was going to become. I guess He just wanted to wake me up. alarm heard loud and clear, God.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hope, isn’t God’s timing wonderful! God apparently has more planned for you. Keep looking to Him for your strength. Blessings!

  290. I feel I need to take this study. Ecause my hope is hanging by a thread. No matter how much I pray, I feel as if God is just to busy to listen. I relate to losing part of myself as I have gotten older. I would really like to have a copy of the book.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Karen, we are praying that will not lose hope. That is a lie! God is never too busy to hear us when we pray. He is always there for us. Keep looking to Him. He will strengthen you. Blessings!

  291. Yes!! I’m so excited-about the next study topic and for the timing of it ! !
    thank you to all of you at proverbs 31 …. you are all amazing and I just love learning with you all!! <3

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Vicki, we are glad you are excited. Isn’t God’s timing great. We love that you will be joining us. Blessings!

  292. Dawn Chadwick says:

    This would be another swesome Bible study to be part of.

  293. I can’t wait!

  294. Sonia Wild says:

    Signed up & topic seams to hit a topic very every woman.

  295. Yes! I just signed up! I’m looking forward to another great study!

  296. Looking forward to this.

  297. I’m ready for this study!!

  298. Sounds great! I would LOVE to win a copy to give to a good friend of mine. Thank you!

  299. I would love ❤️ a copy of this bible study for myself and my friend. I’d love to go thru this study with her. She has taught me to know my worth. To see myself as God sees me. I’m so thankful for her and the love of God she has always always shown me even at my unlovable moments!!! Thanks for the chance to win these copies!! 😊❤️

  300. This sounds like a great new study!

  301. I would love to do this study also!

  302. Most definitely! OBS has become my routine and I absolutely love it.

  303. Christine Dombrowski says:

    I have often asked myself what happened to the girl who dreamed ….she has to be still there! I’m encouraged by the little I’ve read in your email would love to do this study!

  304. Ana fernandez says:

    Would love to find the me I lost with the busyness of life I lost me! Please help!

  305. Yvonne Pollard says:

    Yes I will join your new bible study. I love what you teach and share. Learning lots.

  306. Vicky Taylor says:

    Sounds like a great study !

  307. I sure will be joining y’all for next Bible Study ,really enjoy them all .

  308. Wende griffith says:

    Sounds like a great book and study. Thank you Jennifer for Me, Myself, and Lies study and book too.

  309. Melissa says:

    I’m trying to come back to God and its hard but I’m trying.

  310. Stephanie Matson says:

    This sounds like a great new study!

  311. Jessica says:

    I cant wait. I am in

  312. I’m super excited for this Bible study and to have been introduced to the Proverbs 31 resource through Chystal Evans Hurst. I’m in!

  313. Traci Smith says:

    I’m in! Love my OBS!!!

  314. Yes!! I will be signing up for this next online Bible study! As always, I can’t wait to see what wisdom the study will bring!

  315. Rebecca Smith says:

    Sounds like another excellent OBS! I will be looking forward to it.

  316. Judie Shapiro says:

    Why do you make it so hard to order one book. Every time I,try to order a book I go through this trying to order just one book!

  317. Caralyn Taylor says:

    Thank you Papa for continuing to bring study books I need! This sounds perfect! I am ready to begin, hurry September 5th! Lord, if it be your will may I get one of the free books for myself and my mom, she really needs to remember who she is and regain confidence. In Jesus name, amen!

  318. I’ve been looking forward to reading this book for months!! Looking forward to the study.

  319. Can’t wait!!! Excited about finding myself again. Knock, Knock I know she’s there.

  320. I’m in!

  321. This one sounds encouraging!!

  322. BETH OGDEN says:

    I am hoping to join you for the next study.

  323. I have been meaning to start a bible study but of course “life” gets in the way and everything else becomes more important. I’m so hungry for God and decided THIS IS THE DAY! Well here I am! I was browsing online for bible study tools and God led me here. I am super excited to join and can’t wait what God has in store for me. Thank you for the opportunity!

  324. Really looking forward to doing this next study. Been doing a lot of soul searching and trying to find myself. These two studies, im sure will help me do so. Great studies to do back to back I think.

  325. This study sounds like something I have been really needing. Looking forward to it!

  326. I’m looking forward to the next online study!

  327. Cyndi Schweik says:

    Great fillow uo study to The Lies I Tell Myself!! Can’t wait!!

  328. I am finishing my first OBS – Me, Myself, and Lies this week and it makes me sad. These are just what I need for so many reasons! I am addicted now.

  329. I’m so excited to be able to start the new study with other women who are all interested in learning about our Lord.

  330. Janice Alston says:

    This has been a rewarding challenge for me. Maybe this one I will be able to stay caught up. Got behind, was so hard to catch up. Wish me well.

  331. This Bible study is exactly what I need! I so miss the person I was when I was younger.

  332. I signed up! I’m excited for this one!

  333. This sounds like a great study!!

  334. Melinda says:

    We love to join!

  335. Karri Upchurch says:

    I’m very excited about this study. I could really use this!

  336. Karri Upchurch says:

    I’m excited. I can really use this!

  337. Looks like another great study! I’m in!

  338. Danielle says:

    Oh My! I’m psyched. I am currently doing my first OBS with Proverbs 31 called Me Myself and Lies based on the book by Jennifer Rothschild. It’s so informative and inspirational. I got the book along with a friend and couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait to get this one, Shes still there! Bring on the Worhty Study! Yay!

  339. Perfect timing!! Making time for Bible Study & gatherings has to be a priority.

  340. I would like to participate in the next OBS. Finding hope in God’s purpose for me sounds like just what I need.

  341. Dawnielle says:

    Just signed up for this new study. It’s amazing how God leads me to books and study’s to do, that are so timely in my life.

  342. SUSAN MEYER says:

    I am so looking forward to reading this book. I just turned 57 and my purpose as a mother has changed. I am SO searching for God’s purpose for this phase of my life. I want to be all that He created me to be…but I feel so lost. Really hoping this book will give me some answers and HOPE!

  343. Tammy Soave says:

    Wow! Just this morning I was journaling about how I’ve lost my center and feel like I have no purpose. Then I saw this in my Facebook feed. Timing is everything! I am looking forward to this OBS!

  344. My daughter introduced this Bible Study to me, and I just finished the Me,Myself and lies,.and I really enjoyed it,..and I am looking forward to this next one, because sense my husband passed away in May, I have been feeling lost, like what’s next, and I think this next one will be great

  345. Tabatha S. says:

    I can’t wait to start the new study. I have my sticky notes ready to mark the good stuff. I can truly say that I have not been disappointed in these bible studies.

  346. I’m thinking this study will be just what is needing during new seasons of life…
    You realize life doesn’t go as we think it should, though we have much to be thankful for; one can wonder if there really has been any Spiritual growth…

  347. Brenda Wendling says:

    I have enjoyed the past two Bible Studies and books, and look forward to participating in future ones. I have already registered for Worthy!

  348. I love Crystal, this study will be great

  349. Sarah Liddy says:

    I don’t really remember my childhood very much. I was molested as a young girl and with celebrate recovery and the blessings, grace of God I am where I am today. I would love the honor of winning this book “She’s still there”, I really enjoyed the last 2 online bible studies I have done.
    Sarah Liddy

    • Sarah Liddy says:

      Oops, just read the name of the study is “Worthy” not “She’s still there”
      Sarah Liddy

  350. Misty D Joe says:

    I am 43 years old and I am just now learning who I am! I have always just been someones daughter, sister, wife, and mom. I don’t know who Misty is but I am slowly learning. I am praying that this book opens even more up in me because apparently Misty has been in there the whole time and she’s ready to come out!

  351. Angela Nelson says:

    Yes I will be joining you for the next study. I am learning and enjoying sharing my journey with other women.

  352. I signed up…looks like another great study!

  353. Jeanette Meyers says:

    Looks like another great on line Bible Study!

  354. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this! Thanks for sharing all the info! 🙂

  355. I will be joining you for the next OBS.

  356. Yes, yes, yes! I love all our studies, but I’m especially excited for the topic of this one. Can’t wait!

  357. Looking forward to becoming a stronger and more faithful christian through learning He’s not finished with us yet.

  358. Cleasa McLain says:

    Sounds like another good one 😍

  359. Elizabeth Smith says:

    My job ended on June 30th and I am looking for the next opportunity. I have been working as an IT Consultant for 9 years now. I know God will provide for me my next opportunity, I’m in the wait period and I will be faithful. I would love to do this study but right. Ow I need to be wise with my money until I get my next job. I pray for all the women that Proverbs 31 reaches and affects.
    Proverbs 31 has been such a blessing to me. I have grown closer to God and I have learned so much from all the wonderful people associated with the online bible studies; the staff and those who have participated in the studies. I am so blessed to have gone through Fining IAm; Listen, Love, Repeat; & Me, Mysel, & Lies. I have found out about the first5 app and now I enjoy spending the very first part of my morning with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. I have connections to so many women around the world who love God just as much as I do. Women who are going through trials, just came out of a trial, or just about to enter into a trial and having their support and me giving my support to all of you has been such a blessing. Lysa has used her calling to help so many woman find Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him. I pray for Lysa and her family as they are going through a difficult time but I know our God is right there with her and so are my prayers. May God bless you all and may He bless Proverbs31 and allow them to continue to bring woman and Jesus together.

  360. I love these studies and definitely want to be a part of this one.

  361. Shannon says:

    Yes, absolutely! I’ve signed up and I can’t wait! Will you be providing the videos? Or should we purchase the DVDs on our own?

  362. I am excited to do this online Bible study. Thank each one of you for offering these online bible studies. God Bless you for doing this for us.

  363. I signed up


  364. Renee Blevins says:

    The past 13 years of my life have been very difficult and disappointing in almost every aspect. I use to be confident, content, and involved in ministry. Then everything changed. I was hurt deeply and I feel like I gave up and lost the life I had imagined. I have experienced one disappointment after another and felt that the person I was and the dreams I had for my life were gone forever. When I saw the title of this study, my eyes widened! Yes, there is still hope! I have signed up and ordered the book!

  365. The words of the study speak to me. Glad to know he is not finished with me yet. Changes in life are real yet you have to remember to look to God to find the light and all the darkness of this world 😉

  366. I am excited to start the new on line study. The month will go fast, so hope to get caught up so I can dive in Sept 5th.

  367. This sounds great and I’m really looking forward to it!

  368. Sounds interesting!

  369. Kimberly Fielder says:

    Wow the woman I was meant to be and have longed for many years to figure this out and to know how valuable I am.
    And knowing that there’s still hope in my life if you coming all the guys created me to be amd
    YES I will definitely be joining this Bible study and have already signed up

  370. Erin McGreal says:

    I hope to do the study, if I can afford the book.

  371. I’m all signed up!!! this next study looks fabulous! Thank you P31 OBS ❤️

  372. oHHHH! I feel like this study is just what I have been praying for! I’m so excited!

  373. Tammy LaRochelle says:

    I am signed up and really looking forward to this study. Thank you proverbs 31.

  374. Stephanie says:

    Would love to win this book! In Canada we have to pay outrageous shipping fees so it would be nice to win!

  375. Penny Guynn says:

    Yes count me on for the next Bible Study starting Sept 5th! Can’t wait for it to start!!

  376. I plan to join this study.

  377. Natalie says:

    I’m so in! Already registered! Whatever P31 is doing, im down! Love everything you all do! ❤️Can’t wait till September!

  378. Michelle Staton Briley says:

    I love P31 Bible studies and books! Would love the book!!!!

  379. Theresa Benitez says:

    I enjoyed Me, Myself, & Lies & since my car accident, I really love online Bible Studies especially P31 Bible Studies. I am really interested in doing the next study but can’t afford the book. So, I would love to win one or if anyone has a used copy they would be willing to sell, please let me know.
    Thank you & God Bless.

  380. This study speaks to where my heart is at in life right now. Would love to win a copy.

  381. Jeannette Tucker says:

    I hope I win. Have a great day

  382. Thinking about it…I am going to read more about the study.

  383. Thank you for all the encouragement and joy that you share of Jesus!

  384. Christy G. says:

    Already registered!! Can’t wait for it!

  385. I have learned so much in the last two bible studies that I want to know more. Can hardy wait for September!

  386. Carrie Hearn says:

    This was my first P31 study, & this new one sounds great. Last May, I committed to study Romans through Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), & am excited about it. So I won’t return, but wish I had time to do both!

  387. Carolyn Flosky says:

    Always enjoy the P31 study! Thank you for providing such an awesome tool for so many women!

  388. AnnMarie says:

    Me, Myself, and Lies was my first online bible study and I loved it! The format is perfect for my unpredictable schedule and I’m looking forward to the next study. Wish it would start this week!

  389. This will be my first OBS but I am looking forward to some time in the Word. Lots going on in my life right now but hoping to find some direction. This should help a good bit. So looking forward to this study!!!!

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