Let’s Not Quit

"Me, Myself, and Lies" Study Leader, Angela Diemer | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #NoMoreLies #P31OBSWOW! And just like that, we’ve come to the end of our Me, Myself, and Lies study. I know Trish and I are so thankful for getting to join you here on the blog each week. Thanks for hanging out with us!

Before I get all misty eyed, let’s do a quick “look back recap” on what we learned throughout the last 5 weeks of our #NoMoreLies journey.


Week 1

  • We got into, and began to sort through, our personal thought closets, starting to learn, recognize and replace the old wardrobe of lies with the new beautiful truth!

Week 2

  • We discovered that the words we think and say to ourselves have power, remembering we need to choose and speak wise truths to our hearts and mind.

Week 3

  • We learned to keep our eyes fixed on God, “tuning in” and “looking up” to Him at all times, placing our hope in Him.

Week 4

  • We realized we need to “calm down” our souls and “look up” to God, remembering what we have in Him. And that our past memories can be healed and redeemed through Him.

Week 5

  • We became aware of the importance to “chill out” and find true rest in God. Plus being able to recognize, when there are those times, where we need to “press on” in perseverance.

We’ve really come a long way since we started. But just because our 5 weeks together have come to a close doesn’t mean we now have to close the door on our thought closet progress. Let’s stay persistent in applying the new ways we’ve learned to think, talk and believe about who we are … who God says we are!

So let’s not quit, because like Jennifer Rothschild says in Me, Myself, and Lies:

“If you quit, the world will be lacking what you alone bring to it.”

"If you quit, the world will be lacking what you alone bring to it." - Jennifer Rothschild #NoMoreLies | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 5 #P31OBS

Well friends, we didn’t have a chance to dig into Chapter 11, Lift Up, but we want to encourage you to continue on reading through it. There’s an important message on the effects of encouraging one another, and how that builds us up in Christ. You don’t want to miss it! Plus, you’ll never look at pink flamingos the same again (wink, wink).

We hope this study has encouraged you, revealed truth to your heart and showed you how the words we speak to ourselves shape who we are. Remember:

The more truth we say to our souls, the more the lies die.

And just two quick things before we say good-bye.  First, we’d love to have you join us for our next study, Worthy — a study based on She’s Still There by Chrystal Evans Hurst. You can sign up here. It’s going to be the perfect follow up study for Me, Myself, and Lies! And lastly, come join us in the comment section here one last time. Your voice is important to us and we’d love to hear from you!


Let’s Chat:

What was your biggest “aha” moment or takeaway during this study?

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  1. Susan Kolb says:

    My biggest aha moment was making my self actually draw my thought closet and it’s contents. I realized just how many lies were residing there. Then the lightbulb “came on” to shine the light on the truths, the blessings, and promises that lined the shelves, hangers and walls of my thought closet. I keep adding to my closet. Just last week I realized that long ago, something happened to make me feel unworthy, unlovable. As a child I remember thinking if I made a mistake, I was adopted (because being adopted was the worst thing I could think of back then. I know better now!). I wasn’t good enough. Well, that lie just got pushed to the back of the closet and replaced with the truth that I am a child of God!
    Thank you for choosing this study. It has not been an easy one but one that I needed! Looking forward to the next OBS! Signed up and ready to go!
    Blessings on your day,

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Susan, so glad to hear of the progress you made in your thought closet! You are a child of God and you’re fearfully and wonderfully made. We’re glad to hear it’s made such an impact on you. God is so good! Looking forward to “seeing” you again in the next study!

  2. Joy Ribble says:

    Thank you for this amazing study. It was my first OBS, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I signed up, it was only because my friends were doing it, and honestly, I didn’t think I actually needed it. I’ve always thought I had a healthy self-esteem, and I wasn’t worried about my “thought closet”. But through the last 5 weeks I have come to realize I have not always put the right things on the shelves of my closet, and because of some of those internal conversations, what I speak out loud, especially to my family, also needs some work. So I’m now armed to make the changes I need and make room for the right things as I continue my soul talk. I don’t have it all down yet, but I’m aware and actively working on tuning in, looking up, calming down, looking back, chilling out, pressing on and lifting up!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      That’s wonderful Joy! So glad to hear that it’s made such an impact on you. God is so good, and he orchestrates it all! Hope to “see” you in the next study!

  3. Caralyn says:

    This study has shaken my faith to the core! My Bible time is richer than it’s ever been by applying the study techniques taught. Jennifer’s shared wisdom and encouragement will aid in a much cleaner thought closet! Thank you! Love all my new sisters! 💝

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      That’s so wonderful to hear Caralyn 🙂 We’re glad it’s made an impression on you. God is so good!

  4. My biggest takeaway was to be mindful of not only how and what I say to others, but also what I say to myself. I’ve also learned that resting is okay! Thank you so much for this class OBS ladies!🙏💜✝️

  5. Deborah Dessaso says:

    I must admit that I signed up for the study but never got around to participating. (I even managed to misplace the book!) Anyway, I’m glad to hear that those who participated learned how to “undo” so much of what gets into our minds about ourselves over the years. May our Good God continue to rewrite our minds’ scripts so that they bring Him glory!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      No worries Deborah. If you can find the book, it would still be a valuable read. You can always come back to this site and click on “View Past Studies” to find the blog posts and study tips! The Bible Study portion is amazing as well, so please know that all of this information is here for you to work at your own pace! Thank you for commenting today 🙂

  6. Traci Lacayo says:

    That the more I thought negatively and the more I talked down to myself the more negativity spewed from me …that was huge for me…this book has totally changed me and I can’t wait for the study in the fall!!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Amen Traci! Glad that this has helped change your mindset and that you’ll be back in the Fall 🙂

  7. Cindi Blazina says:

    Love it all. Thanks for picking another great study. Just knowing that with God’s help I can stop the bad talk that I tell myself. The Bible study was great too bc it helped me learn more about how to study the Bible with more meaning.

  8. Gloria Hamilton says:

    My biggest take away was that i need to allow God to rule my thought life and focus on the positives without dis-reguarding the negatives. I need to learn from the negatives without dwelling on them and set my mind on the positives.

  9. Ashley P31 O-Team says:

    This study has been such a blessing, and I’ve had many aha moments. I loved the way Jennifer made her teaching accessible and the many analogies she used. Also, thank you so much for the additional Bible study that accompanied the book and the blog. It helped me dig in deeper to God’s word, and the lessons were invaluable. Can’t wait for the next one!

  10. Barbara Ward says:

    Do not recall how I found this website but am so happy I did. I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they don’t have time for a bible study. I have told several friends about it. Keep up the good work

  11. Some of the things I thought were okay to say to myself really wasn’t. Being a lot more mindful of what is in my thought closet.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      It’s great that you’ve recognized this, Tina! We pray you continue to be mindful of what you let in your thought closet. Blessings!

  12. Lori Friend says:

    I am grateful for this study and the transparency of the women who contributed to this book. It is such an encouragement. Jennifer give wonderful tools and strategies to confront the lies with courage and truth. Practice with discipline and perseverance. Know when to rest and when to move forward.

    Thank you OBS team!

    • Laura Meiser — P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      Isn’t it encouraging when we realize we are not alone in the ways our thought closets are organized? It’s been so helpful to me!

  13. Stephanie Quisenberry says:

    Thanks for such a great study once again, it was awesome

  14. Laura Meiser — P31 OBS Study Leader says:

    I really appreciated walking through this study in our beautiful OBS community. Through the study, I found the courage to address some ugly things that had been tucked in my thought closet since I was a child, really inspect them, kick them to the curb and replace them with God’s honest truth. What a blessing to begin to be free from careless words spoken decades ago that really have no business taking up real estate in my thought closet now. Can’t wait for our next study!!

  15. I could only listen to the broadcasts and read the posts as I can never afford to buy the books. I enjoyed what I could though. I do wish there was a way people could get the books who can’t afford them.

  16. Debbie B says:

    I think my biggest “AHA” was to not to keep looking down but to always always look up.

  17. I wanted to let you know that I have been working on the Bible study and have been really enjoying it. Unfortunately, I have been really behind due to going through some major stressful situations. I know we are coming to an end, but I am going to continue to get it all finished. I will also do another online Bible study after I finish this one.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Mandi, we’re sorry to hear you’re going through a stressful season! We are so proud of you for persevering. You will always be able to find the blog posts under the “Previous Studies” tab on the website, and you can even go back through BSL nights on Facebook!
      Blessings as you continue your studies!

  18. Vicki H. says:

    I enjoyed this study so much…who doesn’t love to just listen to Jennifer talk about how our Lord can help you over come those old misquoted beliefs in our thought closet? Clean it out and look up to Jesus … Prepare ourselves for when we creep back to our old ways … Because we will

  19. Guadalupe N Calderon says:

    The whole book was an aha moment for me, I really enjoyed this book and iam signed up and ordered my book already

  20. Charisse Scott says:

    I truly regret that I could not do this study cause I could not afford the book and I was wondering if there was a way to get all the info from the study would I still be able to access it through the emails I got regarding the study. Lastly would I still b able to order the book cause I still want to read it. I just have to find a way to purchase it. Thank you

  21. Donna Morris says:

    Love this study. Didn’t realize it but I had allot of negative thoughts in my thought closet. Working on replacing them with positive ones.

  22. Suzie V. says:

    Wow! Where do I start—-Clean my closet out and get rid of satan’s lies. I love the chapter on Calming Down and the gasoline and water words. And I really loved digging into God’s Word!

    • Nancy Griggs O Team says:

      Suzie, I would love to talk with you sometime. If you could respond to my comment, I could get your email address. I am on the O team and appreciate all you do. Thanks!

  23. I don’t have just one moment. This study has shown me so much. This last message of “if you quit the world will be lacking what you bring to it.”
    Thank you all for every thing.

  24. Denise Moyer says:

    I’ve enjoyed this study so much & of course it came at just the right time. 🙂
    The Lord has been helping me for a long time, understanding how our words are powerful & hold life or death.
    This study help reinforce what The Spirit of God has been teaching me. & help shine the light on not only what we speak Out Loud, but what we speak to our self on the inside. And how our thoughts need to be examined, to make sure they line up with the Word of God, & what He say s about us.
    I want ti repeat one someone said here in the comments, which kinda sums it all up…..
    I’m actively working on tuning in, looking up, calming down, looking back, chilling out, pressing on and lifting up! 🙂 I love that!
    Thanks to All of you, who helped put this OBS together & made it Amazing! <3

    • Denise Moyer says:

      Sorry for all the type-O’s. I guess we can’t edit. :'(

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Denise, thanks for sharing. It certainly was a great study. Glad you learned how to pit it to action. Blessings!

  25. I loved every bit of it!! What is in my ” thought closet” and gasoline words !
    Amazing to think of it that way and has really helped me!

    Thank-you so much for this study

  26. Thank you for this OBS!! Loved it all and learned so much. Because of this study, I actually cleaned out my real closet a few weeks ago and that in itself is a visual reminder to me daily of keeping a tidy and truth-filled thought closet. First time to read one of Jennifer’s books and I am so excited to see she will be speaking close to my area this fall. Thank you P31OBS for pointing us all upward!!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Karen, thanks for sharing. How great you might be able to see Jennifer this fall. We pray that you get to go and meet her in person. Blessings!

  27. Hello, I just want to say to you all online ministries, thank you so very much for having this opportunity for me and for the people in this world. I was so very lift up by this book. Thank you Jennifer ,Rothchild for writing this book. I was very emotional in every part. It was like i was right next to you in some of your life journey. And the verse in the bible had touch me so very much. I would not know how awesome this would be for me to read if i did not read it. And, i read it and i loved it, and im going to keep them verse that you had wrote down. Because i would like to read them verses over and over again, because i was deeply Encourage by you. and by the verse that you wrote down in your book. Thank you.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Phalange, thank you for sharing. We are so glad you liked the book and the Bible verses. May God richly bless you!

  28. Linda Mae Green says:

    ThaNk you!

  29. Sarah Liddy says:

    In week 5 I learned that it may be hard but in order to “chill out” we need to focus on God rather than the situation at hand. I am going to put this into practice.

  30. My “aha moment” was finding out that cancelling out negative thoughts with scripture and truth from the Bible really works! Hello?! Thank you God and thank you all for this amazing Bible study.

  31. Suzanne says:

    My “aha Moment” was when I discovered that it is okay to talk to myself and it is even better not to believe the lies I tell myself. But just discovering this was not enough I had to learn how to recognize the lies and how to change the lies to truths. WOW! This has been a life changing discovery. I have learned so much from the Proverbs 31 and today still use my teachings. The one favorite before this one was when to “Keep my mouth shut” now this one has move up a notch above that one. I love learning. There have been others too but these are my favorite. Keep me posted on the new classes. Thank you Melissa and Lindsay and all the staff at Proverbs 31. Love ya all.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Suzanne, What a great “aha moment”! So glad you like the Bible studies. Blessings!

  32. Jennifer says:

    My aha moment occurred in chapter 8 when I was reading about painful memories. I liked how Jennifer described giving meaning to painful memories so they will be profitable and not harmful. Asking God to give meaning to my painful memories is definitely an aha experience for me.

  33. Amy Ackerman says:

    I like picturing those negative thoughts as ugly, ill-fitting clothing taking up precious space in my thought closet. It makes it a lot easier to just chuck it away!

  34. Jennifer Butler says:

    The biggest aha moment for me is to recognize the lies and them replace them with truth. By doing so, I can bring myself up and encourage myself. Typically, I would just wallow in the lies feeling hopeless. Now, can do the opposite! Thanks everyone from PB31 OBS, Jennifer Rothechild, and all of my buddies who did this study with me! It was a lot of fun and hard work, but I learned a lot!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Jennifer, so glad you enjoyed the study. No more wallowing! Blessings!

  35. Mare Hindall says:

    My biggest “aha” moment is taking all those lies about myself out of my thought closet and replaced them with God’s truth!! There were times when I said, idiot, and then told myself, no, your God’s daughter and He made you in His image and, He’s not and idiot!!!

  36. Fay Hintzen says:

    This is a bitter/sweet moment for me. Bitter because this study has come to an end; sweet because I have benefited so much by it.
    I will be reading and re-reading my book in the comming weeks. I have friends who are going to be buying copies of “Me, Myself, & Lies”, and i am looking forward to guiding them through their reading.
    Thank you and God Bless you.
    P.S. I love the closet cleaning!

  37. Biggest ahas – that I can ask for WISDOM and God will actually give it to me. And insight. And understanding. And discernment. and Common sense. I had no idea that was in the Bible. Also, that I can take my thoughts captive and make them obey Christ. How powerful is that!! So grateful for the journey this summer. xoxoxox

  38. Janice Alston says:

    Thank you so much for inspiring me to learn so muvh for such a few weeks. Yes, I never thought about a thought closet, and how to clean it by removing negative thing with positive ones. Before I did this study, I dealed with having doubts, and had started to get rid of the negative thoughts, and being more positive. Of course this study has given me all the much needed tools to cleaning out my thought closet, and I will continue to know what I have to do to keep it “clean”. Love this study. Look forward to the next one. Just need to stop being behind.

  39. Kim Hatch says:

    As I read through I Kings 19 I am can see that Elijah was scared, he had had enough – but as he ran away God pursued him. Brought him an angel to comfort and take care of him. Spoke to him in a whisper – that still small vocie and gave him a directive – encouragement that he was not alone that eventhough he didn’t see it, God was working behind the sceans, provding in ways that Elijah didn’t see. My life right now is in transition. My husband is sick and we do not know what each day will bring. I feel like running away and giving up. Satin trying to plant seeds of doubt and worring in my mind. God’s word reminds me to be still. Listen to God’s vocie. Listenisng is hard to do when I am too busy trying to take control – and or run away.

    I appreciate this study as it reminds me where the truth is, God’s Word. Leaning on those promises that verberate through it from beginning to end. Standing firm in the faith of Jesus Christ my King.
    The old Hymn says,
    “My hope is built on nothing less
    Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.
    I dare note trust the sweetest frame,
    but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
    On Christ the solid rock I stand,
    all other ground is sinking sand.”

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you for sharing your current struggles. When days are demanding and sickness lingers it is so important to keep God’s word at the front of your thought closet. Christ is your solid rock. He will not leave you. He will not leave you. Not ever.

  40. Theresa Bridges says:

    Wow!! Where do I begin😊 the moment I started this study and met Jennifer I knew I had in my hands a treasure that I desperately needed!! Every single chapter opened my eyes to Lies I speak to myself, and things that I can activity do to cast them out, replace them, and learn of my value in Christ. He loves us all so much and desires for us to make Him an active part of our live so that we can be all he has designed us to be. Life is not easy for sure. But by tuning in, looking up, calming down,looking back, chilling out,pressing on,and lifting up it sure gives us purpose,direction and hope! My favorite verse has always been 2 Cor10:5 about taking our every thought captive and bringing it under the obedience of Christ. This study has shown me amazingly beneficial ways make it happen!! Thank you everyone for your time and sharing, especially you, JenniferXXOO

  41. The Bible study was my favorite. It really allowed me to get in and read my bible. I also loved learning to cross reference. I had never done that. Now I do it all the time.

  42. There have been many moments that come to mind but the one that hangs on is how God’s word is powerful powerful. When I use His words instead of my words things change – I make progress. When I use my words instead of His words things don’t change but get worse – I regress. I am putting my new wardrobe (wordrobe) to action so I can be styling and profiling a new woman of God.

    Thanks for an awesome study.

  43. Debra B says:

    This is the second OBS that I have taken. Both “listen, Love and Repeat” and this one have been very valuable. This one validated years of therapy regarding self-talk with the added bonuses of both the wisdom and power of God in me. Looking forward to the next OBS.

  44. Christy G. says:

    I don’t know that I had a major “aha” moment, but I was glad to have the reminder and challenges of working on my thought closet and making sure that I’m filling it with healthy, positive, God-honoring thoughts. I was also challenged to think about how/what I think about others in my life. And realizing that I need to work on thinking more positively and giving them the benefit of the doubt more often.

  45. Sarah Barton says:

    I am a a stay at home Mom with a one year old. I so love the time I get to spend with him, but struggle daily with not feeling worthwhile. While needing some appreciation, I know that I should only look to God for all my needs. I feel as though I need some direction, or perspective on how to be a Godly mom for my son and future children.

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