The Dreamer I Used to Be

“She's Still There” Study Leader, Stacy Lowe | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #ShesStillThere #P31OBSHey, y’all! I’m Stacy Lowe, one of your study leaders for Worthy: An Online Bible Study based on She’s Still There by Chrystal Evans Hurst.

As a little girl, I used to tell anyone who would listen that I was going to be a pediatrician when I grew up. It wasn’t just a possibility in my mind — it was for sure going to happen.

That’s how 4-year-old me felt. And 5-year-old me. And 6 and 7 and 8-year-old me. It wasn’t until somewhere around middle school that I realized science was not my thing, making doctoring a pretty poor career choice. Teaching then became my new future.

But I didn’t grow up to be a teacher either. Or anything else I really dreamed of as a youngster. In fact, my life today looks nothing like I imagined it would so long ago. … Maybe that’s true for you, too?

While there are a number of reasons little-girl dreams don’t always pan out into adult-size reality, what about the dreamer who dreamed them? Where is she? Does she still have some dreaming left to do, or is it too late?

All those questions are running through my mind and THAT is why I’m so fired up for our next Online Bible Study!

Worthy, beginning September 5, is a 6-week journey through She’s Still There by Chrystal Evans Hurst. Through the book, discussion, and Bible study, we’ll begin to rediscover our value and purpose, and learn more about the woman each of us was always meant to be!

I don’t know about you, but that gets me EXCITED and I want to invite you along!

The next Proverbs 31 Online Bible study is “Worthy” an online Bible study based on the book, “She’s Still There" by Chrystal Evans Hurst! Study starts September 5. Learn more and sign up here --> #ShesStillThere #P31OBS

If you’ve already signed up — WELCOME! If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? You can sign up for free right here, then purchase your book here and you’ll be all set to go! And if you’re new to P31 OBS and have questions, you can learn more here!

This is going to be one of those journeys you won’t soon forget, y’all, and I hope you’ll join us!

See you in September!

Let’s Chat:

Has your life turned out the way you always imagined it would? Are you ready to rediscover your purpose and passion?

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  1. Michelle says:

    My life has definitely not turned out like I dreamed it would. I am super excited to dive into this next study! I am ready to re-discover who God created me to be and what he created me to do. I really need this right now. I feel lost at times with what I am supposed to be doing.

  2. I could definitely use this book and I am looking forward to doing this study!!!

  3. My life has never turned out the way I wanted. It has been one disappointment after another. But I’ve learned to trust God and I’m content with it and my focus is on being the best and wisest mother that God intended me to be and wasn’t before and to be the best and wisest grandmom to my precious grandbabies too.

  4. Melis Chambers, P31 Study Leader says:

    Wow girl! If I wasn’t already excited about what God and Chrystal have for us in “She’s Still There” this blog would have done the trick! You so beautifully set up our journey! LOVE!

    My life is NOTHING as I thought it would or or worked so hard for but I am more blessed than I could ever have imagined possible. I don’t dream and I have, at times, mourned and greatly missed that part of me. I am looking forward to getting to know my dreamer again and all of our OBSers dreamers too!

  5. In some ways my life has turned out the exact way I imagined as a child. I wanted nothing more than to be a mom and be the best in the world. The only thing I didn’t count on was doing it alone and dealing with the trials of raising people in the world we live in today dealing with the negative things our world has to offer.

  6. susan green says:

    I maybe the only one but at 8yrs old I was bring sexually abused, and so my dream was for my other family whom I did know would take me away. Well that didn’t happen. So by the age of 13 yrs old I started trying to get pregnant to get away and finally at the age of 19 I succeed in this dream. I thought if I had a husband and child all would be well. It didn’t turn out that way. Today at almost 50 yrs old I am praying for God to show me my gifts. I know that I am more than that 8 ur old victim, the one that used others selfishly to get me out of the abuse and an alcoholic and drug user. I no longer drink or use drugs, I am finding what I was looking for is God, my Father’s Love.

    • Jasmine Xie says:

      Thank you for sharing your story Susan! It is amazing to see God’s work in your life! I think each one of us tend to look to things other than God to fill our lives, but like you said, only the Father’s love can truly satisfy us! I pray that the LORD will continue to reveal Himself to you and fill you with His love! ” ‘For I know the plan I have for you,’ declared the LORD, ‘a plan to prosper you, not to harm you; a plan to give you hope and a future.'” — Jeremiah 29:11

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Susan, We thank you for sharing your heart with us here. May this book and Bible Study help in the healing process. Only God knows the terror you went through. We are here to bring comfort and hope to our OBSers. The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Psalm 9:9. We pray Gods stronghold will get you through the days that are difficult and help you rejoice in the days that are good. Big Hugs!

  7. Robin Laybourn says:

    I would have expected to be serving a lot more, instead sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a cycle of entitlement of my own time and desires!

  8. Berri Martin says:

    I am so excited to start this book study! I love the Lord, learning about Him, and discovering the woman He created me to be.

  9. Sherie Arvayo says:

    I now through the Lord am living a life that I never imagined…I am blessed to be teaching the Word of God to 4yr olds at my home church… I never thought me, a scorned woman, would become one! I’m looking forward to my first online bible study with you!!

    • Jasmine Xie says:

      I can’t agree more! God has given me much more than what I can imagine! In fact, He is beyond our imagination! I pray that you will continue to enjoy this privileged work the LORD has given you and bear fruits in your ministry! I’m looking forward to learning with you too!

  10. I am definitely looking forward to this study. My life is NOTHING like I anticipated; not even close! I find myself wondering where I went and if I can ever get “me” back. I struggle with even knowing who I am anymore. Let’s do this!

  11. Bobbie-lee says:

    From where I though I was going to be as a little girl to now is definitely not what I thought it would be.
    I was a dreamer when I was little then became a realist because people would make fun of me for dreaming up crazy things.
    See I grew up in a home where my mom was dependent on government for money and it was a very slim chance “I, the little dreamer” would become anything more then the same as her.
    I may look like her but I am now her opposite, I am my own person and have made my own path with the interventions and love from the Lord.
    I have never been good at anything or had hobbys, or even many friends.
    But my prayer for this, is to be able to grasp ahold of the promises God has for me, and to find who I am and to be pointed in the right direction for God’s will for me.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Bobbie-Lee, Thank you for sharing your story. What a wonderful redemption testimony. Our God is good!

  12. Mary Bowman says:

    No, it hadn’t, but I know God has been with me all the way. YES, have had some disappointed events in my life. Still trying to see where God is leading me. And who I really am in Christ

  13. I need a complete do-over. I was so sure of myself as a child and now I have no idea where I am, how I got here, or where I’m going. With a family now I feel like my dreams have to be put on hold.

    • Morgan Houghton says:

      These past few weeks I have been struggling with some things, and being VERY selfish self-centered and self loving! But today God showed me that I need to be Thankful in Every situation and be grateful for everything even for the hard times, I will be praying for you!

  14. Diana Gonzalez says:

    Well no way has my life planned out the way I wanted it my way wasn’t Gods way and now that am older am starting to get, I started making my life the way I wanted the minute I turned 18 I knew I wanted to get married have & five kids and a nice big house, well it didn’t turn out like that first of all because God wasnt in my equation,I was angry at him for a lot of bad stuff that happened to me in my childhood, so to make this story short it took 3 failed marriages and my 3 lovely boys I dragged into my marriages and was so but so broken in every possible way for me to cry to Jesus if he was real to save my older son he was doing doing drugs and I asked God if your real please put him in jail tonight don’t let him die, and God cane through and from that day on I knew he was real and loves me so and my family, don’t get me wrong I still made bad decisions but I got convicted by the holy spirit and am still a work in progress but God is showing me each day how much am worth and how he has never let me go when I had.

  15. I planned on having a family and homeschooling my kids. But that’s the only part that happened out of all the things I had planned. So MANY other things happened that were not at all what I imagined. I am current;y at a point where we are deciding where to live and buy a house and I want to go where God wants me and can use me but I’m not sure where that is or what that will look like.

  16. Tammy Hayes says:

    This sounds so exciting! I’ve always wondered about that little girl in me too, who never got to those dreams. Can’t wait for this study! I’d love to read this book!

  17. Elizabeth Irby says:

    My life has not turned out the way I imagined it would be–in many ways it is much better than I ever could have imagined as little girl. However, I am currently in a season of life where my two children are older and more independent, so I am looking forward to re-discovering my passion/purpose beyond mothering and being a wife and implementing it as I seek to do God’s will for my life.

  18. Raelene Osborn says:

    I am so excited for this study to begin. I’m in such a hard season in my life right now. I find myself getting caught up in the comparison trap a little too often lately. My life hasn’t turned out quite the way I thought it would have. I feel so far from the girl I imagined myself becoming. I can’t wait to begin this study and discover my worth, and for my soul to be refreshened. I’m so excited to begin this journey of self discovery with God. This is definitely the book I need to read in this season of my life. I’m ready to get my joy back and to start seeing myself as God sees me; worthy. ❤

  19. Margaret Kempf says:

    I am looking forward to the study! My life has turned out nothing like I dreamed as a kid!

  20. Melissa Swartzfager says:

    Hi, I’m super excited about this study. It’s my first time doing this, and I have been craving something to help keep me accountable and out of this slump I’ve been in:)

  21. Jasmine Xie says:

    I’m looking forward to this journey with God and my beautiful sisters in Christ — what an encouragement to know that we can be the best we can be by walking with Him! What a privilege to have Him walking with us, through the rough patches in life, where He shapes and fashions us in His likeness! What a reassurance to know that no matter what happens in our past, we can be the best version of ourselves and fulfil His great plans because He is LORD Almighty!

  22. Nancy Levine says:

    Career and marriage have not turned out to be what I had imagined as a little girl. But this bible study and this blog just gives me confirmation on not to give up on my dreams. That little girl is still
    Inside dreaming and believing that I CAN still be me and accomplish my dream goals. Thank you OBS for this bible study

  23. I’m so excited about this study. I was supposed to be a lawyer but now I’m a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful girl. I’ll take it.

  24. I am an avid dreamer and trust God’s guidance to actualization. Some have come true and more I can feel coming soon ….

  25. I grew up in a very dysfunctional home, were my parents were fighting most of the time, my Dad was an alcoholic for my entire growing up years, and I was the eldest daughter, so had to help with the raising of some of my siblings. I enjoyed some of it like growing up on a farm, but everyday living was often overshadowed with fear…in what condition will my Dad be in tonight, and will my Mother be safe. At one point she thought he was going to kill her, she was afraid too. I’ll leave out the details, but today my siblings and I are paying the price for what they did…by God’s help we have used His Agape Love to forgive him and her! Anyway we all married really stable and lovely partners and we are living and learning and thank God for His great Love each and every day!!

  26. I wanted to be a flight attendant… I also knew I wanted to be a Mom. So Mom it is….. didnt go for my dreams, and didnt trust God to lead at tge time. Things would have turned out better, if I had. Turned 50 this yr and I know now, God is in control.

  27. Rebecca Burnett says:

    This book is so wonderful. As women we have dreams and thoughts about who we were going to be. We may let our circumstances control who we think we are now. That young girl in us wants to be remembered and have the fun and show the love to herself again. She needs to remember God has created her for a purpose.

  28. Parts of my life are definitely what I dreamed they’d be, but I didn’t chalk up all of the disappointments, hurts and pain that also accompany life. God has used many of those things and brought good from them and for that I am grateful! This life not being perfect continues to stir my soul to long for deeper things and gives me more of an eternal outlook. Definitely craving the unending hope and dreams that I used to have though. Really interested in this study!

  29. Karen Gresham says:

    Just really looking forward to this Bibke Study. I had a friend suggest the group to me and glad I joined looking forward to learning more and digging in to find our purpose and And study Gods word

  30. My life didn’t turn out as I had planned, but I am typing this as I am on vacation in Italy-something that I had dreamed of but never thought would happen-so I learned many years ago to trust the plan God has for my life. I don’t know where it may take me and at 51, I still don’t know what my purpose is. Maybe it is simply raising my children and being a good person. Maybe He has something big just up ahead. In the interim, I will continue to work on believing that I am worthy of it all.

  31. I always knew the gift that was given to me by,God,whom I did not know yet, was to serve and help others through their trials in life. I would often stand in the gap and lift their hands when they were often too weary to do it themselves. I was always there to listen, mediate and give any advice that would calm them. Little did i know at 4 and 5 years old that God didnt want or need me to rescue these people from that age and up, that was His job. Everyone came to with their problems and I just wanted to help, in anyway. It wasn’t until later in life sitting in my therapists office i realized i had been trying to do what only God can in rescuing and i was living and giving from an empty cup. Somewhere along the way, i lost that little girl inside of me and really never knew her because i became someone to everybody else and lost me along the way. Im getting better now and encourage and pray for not only others but for myself also. I trying to rediscover myself and my dreams hoping to find my authentic, healthy self. I still know my gift is encouragement, compassion, help and service to others but I now must allow God and others to help me along the way so that I do not serve from an empty cup. Please pray for me as I search and serve. God bless you.

  32. Betty Lee says:

    Thanks for writing to teach and encourage all of us to step out in faith so we can continue to share and live out the Gospel!

  33. S Stewart says:

    I am excited about your study!

  34. I always wanted to be a nurse all through school especially in kindergarten. I’m 45 now and finally in 2011 I became a nurse as my second career. I had always thought I’d be on my own for awhile after high school but I ended up married at 21 and it was a poor choice because five years of my life was abuse with an attempt on my life. Even after my divorce I had to move back home due to finances. I met my current husband and have been with him for 20 years now with 2 beautiful children. I did always think I’d had children but I always told my mom I’d never marry and adopt. Well, that didn’t happen. Life is never what we dream it will be.

  35. I am still looking for my purpose at 45. Until God opens the door, praise him in the hallway.

  36. I’m not really sure what direction my life is heading into. I’ve had some ideas that I’ve just sat on for a while, answering questions about my future with them without really knowing if they are plausible. But I’d love for God to use this study to point me in the right direction and show me my passion!

  37. Kristine says:

    I remember dreaming about becoming singer and dancer when i was growing up but I realized later on that this is not my path to walk and many times in my life i would come up with a dream or idea of who i see myself to be but none of them really gave me that passion and excitement,so up to this day i am wondering what is my purpose God has sent me here to fulfil and I pray that He would point me in the right direction so I can serve others in the best way I can!

  38. Angeline says:

    A dreamer,I have been and I love it.few years yet I attended a seminar how to discover your passion and your purpose, went through the exercise and did understand what is my God given purpose for my life what a joy! I was on a good path and close. Life is moving and starting to see things driving away. Bringing many questions in me. So I am excited and expectant for the coming study. Thanks you for that. May God bless us.

  39. Not even close. I wanted a husband, house, kids and while I now have that.. I didn’t get it in the way I dreamed it. My husband and I don’t have any kids together. My kids are from my previous relationships and failed marriage which makes it really hard.

  40. Loving this online bible study, it helps with my new transition moving to a new state. 🙂

  41. I suppose we are all dreamers at heart…I dreamed I’d be a nurse, then a veterinarian (to be around the animals I loved), and at 11-years-old I was sure I was going to be a missionary like all the inspiring biographies I loved to read. Now I am a wife and mom (with a degree I loved and am trying to use with family and friends whenever possible – lots of anatomy involved, but not nursing). Not the life I imagined, but my life is always much better off in God’s hands than in my own! Learning to pour myself into my family and love people where I am, because where I am is where I can make a difference…learning slowly…
    I enjoyed listening to Chrystal’s speech on the First 5 app and look forward to delving into this study 🙂

  42. For me my dreams became my reality!! I always dreamed of being a mom and my dream came true with a lot of heart ache and pain BUT now since we don’t stop dreaming my new goal dream is to spread the gospel through an organization that will reach out to those people and families suffering from disease or sickness

  43. Maria Pane says:

    I can’t wait for this study. I need to find me and God within me.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      So glad you will be joining us Maria. Together we can help you find you! Blessings

  44. Samantha says:


    My name is Samantha. I just love reading all the posts from proverbs 31! There are so many days where they are just what I needed. Each morning I look forward to see what the post will be about!
    Thank you,

  45. Lesley morris says:

    Looking forward to this study. I so need this now!

  46. Michelle Milner says:

    My life looks nothing like I dreamed, but I am content with where I am.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Michelle, that is such a blessing to be content where you are in life. Look forward to doing this study with you.

  47. I can’t think of a time in my life I’ve felt more alone and discontent. I rarely remember what I dreamed my life would be. I only know it wasn’t how it’s turned out. I’m sick of the rollercoaster. Mostly allowing other people to dictate what I think, and feel, and how I live my life. I’m ashamed of where I am, in every aspect, especially at my age! My lame efforts to draw near to God, family and friends have been futile. Very discouraged.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Lc, we are glad that you have commented on our blog today. Being discouraged is a hard place to be. May this community bring you fellowship, shared hope, and a feeling of peace. We lift you up in prayer today that God would surround you with His love and peace, as only He can. Love and blessings to you, dear sister in Christ.

  48. My life is definitely NOT the way I expected it to be. In fact, in my quest to do great and be great I have managed to complete my undergrad degree many years later than I anticipated, but I feel as though I have no sense of direction as the close of my MS degree draws near. The dream of becoming an attorney went away when I worked for one at a young age. As I strive for perfection or greatness, I have become lost. It is at this time that I am finally seeking the Word of God to learn what His desire is for me.

  49. Life did not turned out how I had envisioned. I have a great life so I feel guilty saying that, but I definitely thought I’d get married before I did (at 30) and I always said I’d be done having kids by 30. I had a set of identical twin boys at almost 31. We lost one of our twin boys to SIDS last August at 3 months old. I’ve definitely dreamed dreams that have not come to pass, but I am slowly learning that His plans are better and to rely on Him more. That being said, I’ve kind of been lost the last year, raising a baby and grieving the loss of one. So I am very excited to rekindle the flame, so to speak, of dreaming!

    • My heart cries for you. What a tremendous loss. I am praying for you that God’s power and strength will pour over you and you will feel surrounded by the peace and power that only God can bring. And that in the middle of this grief and joy you will dream amazing dreams and see glimpses of all God has planned for you and your family

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Tasha, Thank you for sharing your heart. We hope you can find peace through this book and OBS. Tragedy throws us off course sometimes. God holds us along the way until we find our way. “You who have shown me many troubles and distresses Will revive and renew me again, And will bring me up again from the depths of the earth.”
      ‭‭PSALM‬ ‭71:20‬ ‭AMP‬‬

  50. Excited to start this series!!

  51. Laura Kinard says:

    I am looking forward to this study! My life is nothing the way I pictured it. I am wondering if I followed God’s will or my will. Thank you for this study!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you for joining us Laura! We will be learning many new ideas together. Blessings.

  52. Praying the Holy Spirit will give that little dreamer inside of me His dreams…

  53. I am excited to get started! My dreams did not become reality for me. However, I couldn’t be happier with the way my life has turned out!

  54. Michelle Logan Harris says:

    I am excited about this study. Life hasn’t turned out as I expected either, but I’m looking forward to this study so that the she inside and I can reconnect.

  55. Rosemary Osborne says:

    Life has not turned out the way I expected. I thought I would be married to a perfect husband, white picket fenced beautiful home and a stay-at-home mom. I realized that I like working and staying home was not for me. I admire the women that can. As for my husband and house, different story. I married an alcoholic, but praise God set him free from that and we rent. Our marriage was a struggle, but we survived. I would change some things but it has made me who I am today. Yet, I am up to the challenge to see what God has for me!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Rosemary, welcome to the study. Thank you for sharing your story today and encouraging all of us. You have certainly overcome a lot. Excited with you to see what our Lord has in store for you!

  56. Daneen Finn says:

    Im very excited about this series,in New to all this but her proverbs 31 on Klove and thought I would see what it’s all about…thank you ladies for your vision,dedication,and for all you do. It changes lives everyday❤🕇

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Welcome Daneen! We are so glad you are joining us for this study. Thank you for your kind words. Blessings.☺

  57. Bayleigh says:

    I am so excited for this study!!

  58. I am so looking forward to this study. My life is nothing like I thought it would be. Though I’ve truly, truly been blessed, I often yearn for what could’ve or should’ve been, so much so that I’ve pushed people away because I don’t want them to really know how my life has turned out.

  59. Erin Libby says:

    No sometimes our lives don’t turn out as we imagined. We can take our life experiences and circumstances and use them for God to help others that may be going through what we have been through or currently experiencing. We must trust that God sees the big picture of our lives and that yes He gives us free will but we need to look to Him and seek Him for our divine purpose in this life. Every Christian has a purpose and that is to share the love of Christ to others so that they can have the unconditional love, grace and mercy that is bestowed on us daily.

  60. I am so looking forward to discovering His plan for me. So many things swirl in my head. Need/want direction.

  61. Kellie McCord McClendon says:

    My life has turned out COMPLETELY different than I “planned”. I was a musical theatre major in college. I changed to Speech Pathology because I finally caved into all the “you’ll never amount to anything” voices around me. By my senior year I knew it wasn’t really what I wanted to do.
    I graduated and got a job. Got married. Eventually, I began running a corporate health club. I found my passion. I’ve been a certified instructor ever since.
    My husband has moved myself and our three kids many times over the course of his ladder climbing career. When we moved to Tennessee 12 years ago, two of my kids wanted to try martial arts. We found a school and they thrived. I finally joined as well and now all three of us are certified martial arts instructors. It is a passion to teach adults and kids self defense and to believe in themselves.
    I still struggle with being “worthy of good enough”. After all, I “wasted my college career”, to quote my brother. I don’t doubt for a second, however, that I am right where God needs me to be at this moment. And really, I tell myself daily that it is His opinion that matters and no one else’s.

  62. Tammy Rodriguez says:

    As a little girl my dream was to be a mommy and a teacher. I would line up my stuffed animals and teach them “school.” I would pack up my “babies” and go grocery shopping…

    As I grew older I started to dream of being a nurse…even applied to nursing school….

    BUT THEN the Lord blessed us with our first child after a few years of infertility….my mind quickly shot back to those dreams of being a mommy! It took a few years for me to get to the point of staying home and then eventually homeschooling out then 2 children…

    Fast forward a few years later we adopted 3 precious little girls and our home is full with a many children…a lot of laughter..and an abundance of love!

  63. Angeline Roberts says:

    Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m happy things didn’t turn out the way I thought the litttle girl inside me dreamt they would, but I miss that girl sometimes. She was so brave, so curious, so trusting. God has other plans for me, he has given me a wonderful husband and we have 5 beautiful sons and I have grown so much closer to Him than I ever imagined. I’d still like to sit with her or take her to the park…

  64. Laura Hervey says:

    As a little girl I always wanted to be a Mommy and my chosen career path was a teacher so I could be home with kids during the summer. As I’ve grown and now stay home full time with my 3 littles, there are other dreams floating around that I couldn’t even imagine as a little girl. Each day I pray what God wants me to do with those dreams so I continue to fulfill God’s purpose for me beyond the scope of motherhood.

  65. I’m not sure I ever had a passion or purpose. My dreams of being a stay home mom were never realized. My happy ever after ended in divorce twice. Now that my children are grown and I’m approaching retirement age I’m seeking what to do next. Where can I be used by God? I have loved my job and thought I’d work there until … but I am ready for something more

  66. I am excited about this upcoming online bible study. I know God has so much more purpose planned for my life to impact women and young adults in a positive and motivational manner. I first, need to become the real woman God has planned me to be!

  67. Stacy Banks says:

    This will be my first Bible Study with P31. I read the blog everyday, but I am very excited to see what God has in store for us through this study.

  68. Mary Beth says:

    My life has certainly Not turned out the way I dreamed. But God is good and I am blessed. I would like a free copy of the book, Worthy. Thank you for the study.

  69. Penny Guynn says:

    As a child Inalways wanted to be a teacher, then as a few years later I was helping taking care of my Mom from having diabetes I would give her shots when I was 10 years old and then she had heart problems and I always told her I would be s
    Nurse well it never turned out that way. She had passed away when I was 16 and I tried but had an accident and was never able to do allot. I am excited to see what kind of plans God has planned for my life and to go through this Bible Study!!

  70. Yes and no, but I miss the dreamer and feel stuck in the work, family life balance struggle and lose myself in the craziness

  71. Diane Wilser says:

    My life is better than what I expected!

  72. I’m excited to begin this journey with you. I’m 63 and dreams have been in my heart for along time and have changed many times. But one has been fulfilled this year. But you wonder at this age do I have a purpose what is it . Looking forward to this and what God has to say for me as a woman and his daughter .

  73. Sarah Morgan says:

    This sounds really neat and would love to do this.

  74. I’m looking forward to this study. I am now an empty nester as my youngest will be a junior in college. My hopes and dreams have changed several times through the years. Because of my husbands work will be shutting down within a few years we will have to move. Lots of unknown changes but is also a time to dream again and trust God in the future.

  75. In some ways my life has turned out as I envisioned but certainly not all! I used to play “teacher” wearing the high heals and lining my students up after recess. I was a teacher for over 15 years and loved it. But other dreams have fallen away. Can’t wait for this study!!

  76. I imagine I am not alone in admitting my life hasn’t turned out as I imagined it would. I’m not sure I can even identify my purpose and passion – past or present because I’m sure they have changed through the years and seasons of life. Looking forward to this study possibly more than many others.

  77. The only thing about my life that turned out the way I planned is that I have kids. And even then I’m short 2!

  78. Donna Morris says:

    As a child I wanted to be a flight attendant but as I grew older I wanted to be a teacher. Many years have past and now I am a,grandmother of 7. I have been Blessed!

  79. My life definitely didn’t not turn out the way I expected it, but it definitely turned out the way God planned it. Praise God! I always said I’d never have children. I was free spirited and didn’t want to be tied down by children and the responsibilities that came with them. Little did I know that God would change my heart in such a drastic way. I’m now 39 years old, a follower of Jesus Christ who has 7 children and is married to my high school sweetheart. Praise God! It is because of my marriage and my children that I am a believer in Jesus Christ today!

  80. katrina laplante Mcdougal says:

    My life has definitely not turned out the way I dreamed it would. I always said I was going to be a stewardess. Even today, with all the “history” I have and knowledge of “life” my life isn’t turning out like I plan. But I know that God has His plans and obviously they are not mine, and they truly are greater then anything I can ever imagine. With all that I have gone trough the only thing that makes sense is God and His plans

  81. Jennifer says:

    So excited for this study! As a Christian counselor I love helping women remember who they are outside of mom, wife and the many hats we wear – a beautiful child of God!

  82. Marcia Whaley says:

    As I look ahead 4 years when I can retire from my current job and start a new chapter, it’s scary and exciting. I have no clue what my passion is or where life will take me. I also look behind, to where I have been, to see if I can find some clues to help guide me. Has life turned out the way I thought it would? Nope. Sometimes that is OK and other times it’s hard. I am looking forward to this study.

  83. I can’t wait! I’ve been wondering about that girl lately…..

  84. I can’t wait to start this study!! I always dreamed of being married with a lot of kids!! I am divorced after 35 years of marriage! But, God has blessed me with 4 children and 8 grandchildren so far!! I know God has a big plan for my life!!

    Love these bible studies, and can’t wait to start this new one!!

    Thank-you all!!

  85. SandraAnn Clark says:

    One of the dreams/desires of my heart that has turned out the way I wanted it to be was that I always dreamed of being a wife and a mother. It hasn’t been a picture perfect marriage nor will my children say their lives have been “Leave It to Beaver” lives BUT I have been married for 35 years to one married (although we divorced and remarried — never was there anyone else though) and I have two fantastic grown sons with families of their own. They are great young men, handsome, intelligent, great spouses, fathers, have good careers, provide for their families well and seem to enjoy their adult lives.

    As for the other dreams I have had well I didn’t get to go to Duke University and double major in accounting and journalism and I never really had specific dreams about living in certain places, or a certain lifestyle, etc….. but one dream I always had was to go to Paris, which I did in 2013. Other dreams for my life, well there have been a lot of disappointments, heartaches, emptiness yet God seems to show me the joy and beauty in things and life once I see past my perceived outcomes.

    I started reading this book last night so I know I am going to be uncovering things that are still there that I either did not know about or buried deep inside. I am excited to start this Study with everyone.

    Sandy Clark O-Team Volunteer

  86. As a child I dreamed of becoming a surgeon, I watched medical shows and even tried reading medical books. Life happened, doubt crept in, and I left my dream instead of saving lives on the operating table I help children begin their lives through learning as a teacher. Today I still love medicine, I read articles and watch medical shows but live with the “what ifs”. I’m hoping this study will help give me the freedom to dream and to pursue my dreams.

  87. I’m interested in reigniting my passion but fear and anxiety tried to creep in. Sometimes “not knowing how” and a lack of motivation creeps in. I’m really looking forward to this study as it will be my first P31 online Bible study.

    • Hi Najeia
      Welcome! Glad you are joining us in this Study. It’s fun to travel on God’s journey with others.

  88. Yes…..great question. Who Am I and what do I want to be when I grow up? I cannot wait for this study. I have sometimes felt I have lost my identity along the way as I have been through many phases.

  89. Looking forward to this bible study !

  90. Stephanie says:

    My dream was to become a music teacher. I love music. I even started college in a music program but got discouraged with my lack of performing skills. Thankfully, I am still involved with music at our church but not as much as I had hoped and dreamed of. Today, I am a mom to 4 wonderful kids and work at their school as an aid. It’s been a very humbling transition and I feel as if I’ve lost a part of who I am. I know it sounds crazy but that’s why I’m anxious to start this new P31 bible study!

  91. My life has not turned out the way I thought. I thought I was going to be a wildlife veterinarian and here I am as a receptionist. I actually just wrote down a prayer yesterday for God to help me find my passion again and find my calling. This study has come at a season of big change for me and I’m looking forward to it!

    • Stacy Lowe, P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      I LOVE how God works! His timing is so incredible, isn’t it? So glad to have you along for the journey, friend!

  92. Gina Minter says:

    I’m so glad that I stumbled across this bible study. It was definitely God answering my prayers and I can’t WAIT to see what’s in store. Thank you for everything that ya’ll do, Proverbs31 Ministries! 🙂 God Bless!

  93. Krista T says:

    Looking forward to this study!

  94. Sydni Emery says:

    My life didn’t turn out the way four year old me thought it would. At the time early twenties seemed so old to me, now that I’m in them I still feel like a child! I wanted to be a singer, and all through elementary I thought I be married to the most handsome man by 21. Well I am past 21, not married, and well I should stick to singing by myself. I’m excited to learn how to recapture the heart and imagination of a child. To rediscover believing that ANYTHING is possible with God.

  95. Jeanette says:

    Looking forward to this study.

  96. I think this is going to be a gift of a study. I am still here, i just lost myself along the way. I look forward to sharing growing and discovering with other kindred souls who are longing to find their selves again and fully develop into who God created us to be.

  97. It’s so hard to know whether how things turned out is a compromise or an answer to prayer. Having a positive attitude towards life As it blossoms I s a fight between the flesh and the spirit as we look towards the amazing plan God has for us. But it is so worth it to be open to it!

  98. Yes and no. However I know I am where God intended me to be. Each season requires something different. Sometimes its hard to know what season you are in!

  99. Ashley Hemminger says:

    My life is nowhere close to where I thought I would be. I thought I would retire from my previous job-instead I quit and moved to a different state in May for my hubby to expand his career. I’m ready to rediscover my prurpose and start a new OBS!!

  100. I am really looking forward to this Bible study. My life has taken me in so many different directions but I have always known God was there. I experienced the loss of a child, a complete change of direction of what God wanted me to do with my life. I have moved several times and started over but as I look back I can always see His hand in each situation but it has not always been easy. There will still be challenges and I feel this study will be helpful.

  101. I had a lot of Dreams as a young girl. My life has not panned out to those dreams but God took care of me and I am so very Thankful for Him. This will be a great bible study and I am ready.

  102. Barbara Prince - O-team says:

    I must confess that none of my “little girl” dreams have carried over into my adulthood. At 71 it feels hard to dream of bigger, better things. Yet, God still has placed something in my heart that needs flushed out. I look forward to getting refired during this study of She Still Here.

    • Stacy Lowe, P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      Sweet Barbara, you are a TREASURE and God isn’t done with you yet! I can’t wait to see the dreams He reignites in you <3

  103. Still praying if this is something I should or can commit to!

    • Stacy Lowe, P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      Hey there, Aimee! We would love to have you join in! Just do what you can and don’t sweat the rest 🙂

  104. Jennifer Anderson says:

    I’m so looking forward to this study! Taking some time to reconnect with God and myself – thank you!

  105. Seeking the Lord to reveal what He has for me next and excited to see what He leads me too.

  106. Michelle F says:

    Most of my life has turned out better than I imagined! The career part is totally different but I’m okay with that because God has allowed me use it and my husband’s career to support the people in our lives we love the most, our children.

  107. Sheila Watson says:

    So many of us don’t feel worthy. We compare ourselves to everyone we see. Social media posts of great vacations with friends and families that we can only dream of. We need encouragement to know the person God designed us to be is still there.

  108. I cannot remember what my dreams used to be. Life happened and I am where I am meant to be. But I am intrigued to find out what I did dream and discover how much I have accomplished and what I need to let go in order to be the best daughter of a king that I can be.

  109. So excited!!!! I am ready for this bible study and finding my purpose.

  110. My life did not turn out at all like I dreamed of as a little girl, but God has indeed blessed me richly. I never want to take my blessings for granted. I am really looking forward to this study!!!

  111. Patricia Williams says:

    I was actually told this once while being told to look in a mirror; “Look Pat, she, you’re still in there!” Wow, didn’t realize others had this same issue too? Thank you for this! (Is it possible to try n do the study w/o purchasing the book?).

    • Stacy Lowe, P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      Hey there, Patricia! To get the most out of the study, we definitely recommend the book, but even without it, you can still follow along on the blog and different social media outlets, and get plugged in with our amazing OBS community 🙂

  112. I come from a family of teachers! As a small child, I played school with my two sisters. It was destined to be my career of choice, with absolutely no regrets! God is calling me to help other women, I hear him calling; however, fear has rooted itself deeply! I am afraid, yes afraid to listen! I fear failure, financial burdens, my children questioning my choices, how will others perceive my new journey? I struggle and ask the Lord for direction daily. It’s time to listen!

  113. Amanda Becker says:

    My life like I am sure so many other women, is nothing like I thought it would be as a child. I grew up in a pretty abusive home, so I am blessed and grateful that I am not in a situation like that and my children have never had to deal with that environment. I still feel like I meant to do something more than just be a ‘cubby hole rat’ but I am just not sure what -yet-. I pray and listen for guidance from God though! I am excited to do this study and it would great to win one of the copies of the book.

  114. Ramona Ross says:

    Reflecting on my life I can say some of what I dream of came true. I wanted to be married and have children, and I am. I have been married for 32 yrs to a good man who had two children are form previous marriages and we have one together. We also have six grandchildren and one great-grandchild on the way. The other thing I always wanted to do was be a teacher, well this is what did not happen. I actually wound up in finance instead. I truly believe this was God’s plan because I have been able to reach more people in the job than I believe would have if I had became a teacher. But you can say I am a teacher, a teacher if God’s word. So I guess you can say my life worked out for the best, His best.

  115. So glad to have found this OBS She’s Still There. My husband just passed away (7/02), so other than finishing raising my two kids, I need to figure out what to do with myself, so I’m turning to God for my answers. With that I’m very much looking forward to reading this book and doing this study.

    • Stacy Lowe, P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband, Nancy. I am lifting you up in prayer right now! I’m so glad you’re here doing this with us. <3

  116. Susan Kolb says:

    Yes and no. I dreamed to being a Mom and marrying the love of my life. Done. The road to get there has been rocky, even to today. Never has God forsaken us! He has lead us on this adventure. I would not have chosen some of the paths we were lead down but I wouldn’t do it any other way.
    Each year at this time, I have to evaluate what I am doing, where I am, where I am going–in other words what God wants me to do and who He is calling me to be. This study comes at the perfect time! So ready to get started!
    Blessings on your day!

  117. My dreams of being a mom and wife did come true, but none of it looked/looks like I thought it did. I had a great childhood and automatically assumed that’s just the way it would be. Not so. Abuse, disabilities, addiction, divorce, blended family, mental health issues…. And it goes on and on….. However, I also didn’t know of God’s faithfulness and unconditional love, mercy, and grace. As most of my children are out of the house and the one still here may be with me for the duration I am desperate to be reminded of the me that still hide inside. I’ve pushed her away and hid her out of fear and hurt and I miss her. I am so looking forward to this study to get me back on track and closer to who I was meant to be.

  118. Debbie Myhre says:

    Looking forward to this study. I got excited to this in my inbox thinking oh yeah this starts today I am bummed I have to wait a whole month. However what a great day for it to start …on my bday September 5😀

    • Stacy Lowe, P31 OBS Study Leader says:

      LOL! We’re ready and excited for it to start, too, Debbie! How fun that it gets to start on your birthday though?? And even though we don’t start until then, we have several more pre-study posts coming your way between now and then to keep you pumped up and ready 🙂

  119. Briony Arnold says:

    Same here. Loved Science and wanted to do medicine. I always thought I’d be great at massaging patients’ hands and feet in the hospital just as a way to soothe and comfort them. But, at 18, pregnant and left to be a single mom, reality knocked me off my feet and woke me up. Life is still great, God’s brought me so far…but, like everyone else, there once was this dream. 🙂

  120. Stefanie says:

    I am so excited for this study. Sometimes in the hustle of life, I forget I am worthy.

  121. Shelly Rivers says:

    I am so looking forward to this bible study! Ready to re-find, re-focus, and re-define the me that has been stored away for a little too long!!!!

  122. Erica Edwards says:

    I grew up knowing that I loves to talk and I am bit of a nosy busy body. I thought being a therapist or teacher would tame all of the inner busyness, but nope I turned out to be neither. Then entered the HR field of hiring and training. I love the art and style of Recruiting. I wake up and go to sleep feeling fulfilled that I assisted in makong someone better that day. I know I am not done and there is more to do in my role. Worthy yes I am!!

    Recruiting with a Purpse and Passion

  123. I always wanted to be a veterinarian when I was younger. I even shadowed at a vet office close to my house in high school. And I didn’t like it at all. Then I decided to go for acting. I did this through high school and even got my bachelor’s degree in performing arts. Along the way I did a lot of behind the scenes in theatre so I decided I’d pursue both. Now I work at a grocery store. Definitely not the plan. However I am on the production team at church. And although I still long to do performance and Tech professionally, I’m loving where I’m at and watching God move in the process.

  124. This is what I struggle with the most in my walk with Christ. Not feeling worthy. Thank you for your words this morning. Would love the book but can’t afford it right now.

    • You are worthy, you are loved by God, MaryAnn–“But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us,…and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus,” Eph. 2:4&6

  125. There are still childhood dreams that have never been realized, and now that I am an empty-nester, I hear the clock ticking; if I intend to make those dreams come true, it’s now or never.

  126. No my life is not what I thought it would be but I’m not exactly sure what I thought it would be. But I knew it would not involve becoming a mom and definitely not being a stay at home parent. I don’t want to do anything big but I would like to do better at having relationships with others.

  127. Annalisa Roughton says:

    I am not at all where I thought I would be, minus the fact I have the two children I wanted. I need this study so badly and cannot wait for it to get started!

  128. Nothing in my life had gone according to my plan 😏 but I am trusting HIS plan! I do feel I’ve lost myself and can’t wait to try and discover who HE made me to be

  129. Jennifer says:

    Definitely had not turned out like planned.. but it’s never too late, hopefully.

  130. My life did not turn out the way I thought it would. I never saw myself as a stay-at-home-mom. But I’m glad I am. I am so excited to start the next study!

  131. Mary vukusich says:

    I wanted to be a bible study teacher to teach young married women how to live there husbands. I have allowed fear and have never taught at all.

  132. Mallory Allen says:

    For the most part, my life does not look anything like I imagined it would as a child. But dreaming is something that is not just for young girls and that’s why I’m so excited for this study!

  133. Carla Penn says:

    I too had dreams as a high school junior. I wanted to be an English teacher. I became a nurse. Now I’ve retired, due to the early death of my husband, but wonder if there’s still more God would have me to do. I am so looking forward to this study. I know I can still be used by Him.

    • I’m retired too Carla and I love this Psalm:
      Psalm 92:12-15
      12 The righteous flourish like the palm tree
      and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
      13 They are planted in the house of the Lord;
      they flourish in the courts of our God.
      14 They still bear fruit in old age;
      they are ever full of sap and green,
      15 to declare that the Lord is upright;
      he is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him.

  134. So excited to find my child like Faith and dream again!

  135. My life has not turned out the way it would say back when I was 16 or 17 years old. I had dreams of going to big university here in Texas after graduating college. My best friend and me were going to go to UT Austin. I met a guy from another town and we had started dating my junior year. By, my senior year, that spring I had moved out of my dads house because I couldn’t get along with my stepmother and in with my grandparents. That summer my bf decided he wanted to go to school in Houston and I couldn’t bare the thought of hardly seeing him if I moved to Austin. I gave up UT Austin and went to Uni of Houston so I could be with him. I really disliked it and wanted to come home so many times. We pushed through and after his graduation we moved back home and I finished my basics at a community college then started at a nearby university. I got pregnant with about 2 years of school left. Made going to school so much harder and had to go part time plus get a job. My bf and I did build a house together which most kids in their 20’s wouldn’t have been able to do. A few years later, when our son was 2 yo, I had a major car accident that put me in trauma ICU for a month with several injuries. It took me a year to recover. Then a year or so after that I FINALLY graduated college after 8 years and we got married. Within a few months, we were pregnant with our second baby. We live in the same community we both grew up in when we were kids in the country. Now our kids are 9 & 4 years old. I still have complications from my wreck but I just try to remember what blessings I have at this age. I still wonder what would have happened if I had gone on to Austin 15 years ago? This is where God wanted me and has such wonderful plans for me and my family.

  136. Lori Grimm says:

    I have let circumstances of life shackle the carefree dreamer I once was.. I am so ready to break free.. thank you for this study😊

    • Hi Lori, The Lord will unshackle you and bring you freedom. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom—2 Corinthians 3:17

  137. As a little girl, I’m not sure I even had dreams. I don’t remember them if I did. For me, looking back now, childhood was more about survival and not becoming what my parents were. Maybe that was my dream? Did that happen? Depends on what part of my life you are comparing to theirs. And that’s ok with me. I’m still striving to be better. 🙂

  138. Courtney says:

    When I was young I wanted to be a botanist and a scientist that cured the diseases of the world. I used to collect plant specimens, soak them in water and create “cures” for AIDS and Cancer. Though the reality of my life is different, I still work in a field that helps others. I became a speech-language pathologist.

  139. DELLA YOUNG says:

    I am so excited for the new study to begin. I hope to find d that My dreams are still there all though they might have change, I can still dream and become what God has called me to be.

  140. Gail Carlisle says:

    I always wanted to be a teacher. But, growing up, I did not do well in school, or make straight A’s like my sisters. It dawned on me and others that I had a love for kids like no other thing! I’d be walking down the hall at church and would have a group of kids around me! So, I became a day care teacher, after college. Kids are what keeps me excited; teaching them about Jesus! I still have bouts of “poor me”, but God in His Grace and power always finds a way to get through to me, how much HE loves me and what HE wants me to do. The last study was perfect for me! This study will continue my growth as I continue to grow in the Lord!!

    • Teaching those kids about Jesus and help their faith to grow is a wonderful and very important minstry.

      Teaching those kids about Jesus and helping them to grow in their faith is a wonderful and very important ministry.

      God’s Blessings

  141. No, my life hasn’t turned out the way I thought it would. When I was younger, I wanted to become a professional dancer or dance teacher, but along the way, I got burned out and gave up. 15 years later, I have no idea what I want to do. Why don’t I have a dream? I think about that guy on Pretty Woman ” What’s yo dream? Everybody has a dream.” I hope God helps me rediscover mine.

  142. Life turned out very different, and in some ways I’m glad it did. Looking forward to the study and to focus again on my dreams.

  143. A Lawless says:

    My life has turned out very different than what I expected (even from 5 years ago). In high school, I fell in love with accounting and I thought I could join the army, go to college and then become an accountant. Well the Army had other plans, I received my discharge before I made it out of training and I gave up on going to school. I finally landed a good job at a law firm and then finally decided to go to school for accounting. So after a few years, I decided to stay in the legal field. Well 15 years later, I am no where near an accountant and I’m out of the legal field. I did go to college for an associates degree but never went back for my bachelors since I was pregnant when I graduated with my associates.

  144. Hello. My name is Phalange,Clermont. And I have been joining Proverbs31 online bible study for 4 month. Im thankful for this opportunity to join and read. I love the idea of catching up and i love the books that we read online. Stacy lowe had asked if “my life turned out to be the way i alway amigine? ” my answer to that question is no. As a young girl. My amigination was not about my goals in becoming a doctor or a lawyer. My image in my past as a young girl was to have the biggest doll i can find that have silky hair to braid. My image as a young girl was for me to have cutest boy that i like to talk to in school and hold hands with him in school. My image as a young girl was for me to have fun and play a lot with my friends in church every friday night after church service. Giggles was one of my favorite thing to do with my friends in the church. My life style as a young girl was not to think of my career. My life style as a young girl was more like hey its a new day i wounder if there is eggs in the fridge to boil. I wounder if there is apple on the table to eat. I never thought of becoming anything on top of my head. I was just living my life the way i thought was right. In school was a challenging for me, in my family home was ways and action and discipline,in my church was silly games ,silly hair style, silly boys in the church van holding a girl that they like in church hands while we go home from a lovely church service. And now my life at this point is really not what i expected. Im very strict on who i trust. I’ve been hurt. Wondering and also not knowing. I get very emotional at times. I get stuck in situation that i can not believe is true. I also get panic attack from things. I us to laugh a lot about small things that are not to worry about. My sense of humer in the past is not here often in my future. And if my sense of humer is here in the future it is not the same as it was for me in the pass. Im not satisfied with my life. I alot of stuff change and i seem to always loss at what i think i could have won. And those things tear me apart. I could never smile the same because i was not heard properly. I was shocked to a new journey of disaster. And till this day no answer. But im striving to get my life and im struggling at it. And its only because of ways that i did not know about.Ways that i was not thought to know. Ways that i am learning yet lossing. For so every time i stay in my corner i get bother. I miss things in my life. And i dont know if i could ever get it back. But what i do get it back. Would it help me with my project that i am working on today? I just dont know. And that is why i pray, i read the bible and i try my very best to humble myself.

    • Hi Phalange,
      It sounds like God has taken you on quite a journey, trust Him because He has a plan for your life. It’s an often quoted verse, but God’s Word is true:
      Jeremiah 29:11—
      For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

  145. My life sorta turned yoh the way I had planned. I am married to a wonderful husband and we have 2 boys. I had hoped to stay home with our boys when they were young but my husband had a stroke early in life forcing me in the work force too early. Now my boys are grown, I am glad to be working. Keeps me busy. I just wished I had more time with our boys while they were growing up.

  146. ALL my life I’ve wanted to be a Vet. I have always LOVED animals. In high school I always felt that I was not as smart as my older sister. My Mother thought she was perfect and could do no wrong. Her grades were always great, and mine…not so much. I honestly didn’t put for effort to get the “good grades”. I was the “social one”. I love people…the bigger the crowd, the better for me.
    Soooo, needless to say, I had fun in college too, and didn’t apply myself. I knew I was not smart enough to pass Vet school, so I never even tried. I became a teacher. I have been teaching Kindergarten for 24 years. I love children, but almost daily, I dream of being that Vet!!
    I have 8 horses, and I run a non-profit therapeutic riding center for disabled kids and adult…now that is my passion. I love it!!!
    In Jan. 2017 I lost my husband suddenly and unexpectedly. I am ashamed to say, but I haven’t been active in my Church as I should be. My youngest Son is ANGRY that he lost his father, and does not want to attend Church. I KNOW that is where he and I both need to be, but when I go, I cry through the entire service.
    I will never completely heal from this loss.
    Excited about this Bible Study, and hope that it gives me passion to read and study God’s word.

    • Paige, your childhood resonates with me! My sister is the brain and I am the comedian! I cannot blame her for not pursuing my dreams, my weight is what held me back, and still does.

      I am sorry about your husband. 😢

      Heavenly Father, please revitalise the hope I know Paige and her son have in you. May each day get easier and brighter as they remember the joy of being reunited with their loved one someday. In Jesus name, amen!

  147. Marisa Makuve says:

    My life has definitely NOT turned out as I had pictured it. Most days I have to remind myself that despite my current life/situation, God has a plan for me and I just need to continue to trust Him (Proverbs 3:5-6).

  148. This study sounds exciting to me. I’ve never really known what I wanted to be or do. Have just taken life one day at a time. Can’t wait to start this study.

  149. Truthfully, I have everything I ever wanted minus the superstardom! The only thing I lack is appreciation. God granted me the desires of my heart: a loving God fearing husband, a daughter with hope of more children, and yet…I still have dreams, but no energy to pursue them. I want to mentor young people, finish any one of the books I have started writing, and travel. I know God wants me to minister my family, why is it not enough?

  150. Bethany Hardy says:

    I have always felt called to full-time ministry, but in the ministry I am in, I have felt that there is more I should be doing. For now, I have taken a step back to regroup and let God lead. He has some exciting things in front of me and I am following one step at a time.

  151. My life has not turned out exactly like I thought it would. I’m OK with that BUT I am ready to rediscover my purpose & more of my passion! 💜 Got my book in the mail yesterday!!!

  152. Sarah Biggs says:

    I recently turned 40, and my life is not what I expected it to be when I looked at this age as a 20 year old. However, I have been able to achieve my goal of being a stay at home mom. I just expected to beyond that phase at this point in my life and have a professional career. I know I can still have that once all of my kids are old enough, but part of me feels less because I have not yet achieved it.

  153. Charlotte Parker says:

    Looking forward to this new study…Thanks Stacy.

  154. Jessica Rains says:

    My life has not turned out the way I dream it would when I was a little girl. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a star on Broadway. I thought I would be living in New York City and performing on a stage under the bright lights of Broadway. I still love to sing but I realized in college that it would be a hard road to get to Broadway. Also, that as a college student/graduate I did not have the money it would take to get me to and be able to live in New York City. So I let that dream go.
    I am so ready to rediscover my passion! I want to feel that fire inside me that I used to get when I would sing on a stage.

  155. I try to remind myself to make my life all about Jesus because everything ends up empty and when I start thinking about what I want to do or be, it just seems counterproductive. To have no dreams seems sad by the worlds standards. I would love to be doing what God would like me to do and from that feel satisfied and give God the glory. The Bible says He wants to give us the desires of our hearts so the concept of dreaming makes sense I think. Oh Lord, I’m making a mess of this again :(. Sorry

    • Hi Wendy,
      Our spiritual life is a journey filled with many seasons…..sometimes God takes us to a desert experience and a time of waiting to prepare us for something special He has planned for us. Be encouraged.

  156. Brenda Scott says:

    You know the new ad for JEEP, where the theme is “recalculate, recalculate”? That is my life! Never would I have thought this is where life would be at this age–ever! Recalculate! I’m very excited for this study, as I continue on this journey!

  157. Danielle says:

    Oh how I would so love to have this book but I cant afford right now. I did the last study Me myself and Lies and it was an incredible learning experience for me. These studies are amazing to help women grow together in Christ! God bless you girls!

  158. I’m excited for this study, because for the most part, I don’t feel like “She’s Still There”. She disappeared a long time ago, and I sure would like to find her again….

  159. My life is a lot more adventurous and less settled than I ever thought it would be. Jesus changed our family upside down when we each gave our lives to Him. We always thought we”d work and live in our hometown, but not so. We follow His lead, which has put us in Central and South America, and now the Western USA. This journey we are on for the season is not at all as I expected it to be. It’s had some valleys and brought some unecpected pain and tears. I’m waiting yo see where He is leading, and praying we learn what He is trying to teach us.

  160. Lisa Muniz says:

    I’m almost 48 and I honestly can’t remember what I dreamed about doing when I grew up, other than being a veterinarian, and that was only because I loved animals. I’ve been a SAHM to 4 kids for the past 19+ years so I’ve been devoted to the kids, my husband and running our household. I’m my kid’s mom; my husband’s wife; my mom’s daughter; my brother’s sister, but who am I? I love my life, don’t get me wrong and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but when I think about my hobbies, what I’m good at, who am I when no one is around? I don’t know. I’m really looking forward to this study.

  161. Tenelle Wilder says:

    Lord knows my dreams have changed over and over again but it has grown in so many areas and gotten smaller other places. But now I am at place that I am allowing God show me His will for me!I hope I win a copy of the book either way I am going to do this study!!!!

  162. I am looking forward to another wonderful Bible study.

  163. I still have dreams. I think we all do. When I was in elementary and middle school I dreamed of being a teacher. Then I dreamed of being a psychologist. I am not that today either. But God gives us spiritual gifts we can use in all areas of life. Just because we are not the teacher in a classroom like we dreamed of being when we were young doesn’t mean we aren’t using our gifting of loving to teach others that God has given us. I’d like to think I have taught my children many valuable lessons. I also try to be an example and a mentor to those I work with and socialize with. I “teach” everyday with the way I live my life. Even if it’s only teaching myself lessons at times. Our dreams don’t always come to fruition the way we would like, but we can trust that God has an even better plan for us.

    • So well said Connie, so true, God has the best plan for each of us, and our ministry might just be living our lives so others can see Christ in us, and being an example for others.

  164. As a little girl I always dreamt of being a teacher. But it wasn’t until middle school when I realized I hated school. While I was in Middle school (6-8 grade) I wanted to be a super start singer. But while I was in high school I realized I wasn’t that good of a singer. While I was in college I changed my major too many times to count. I first wanted to be a nurse, and then an X-Ray Tech, CNA, and then a Pediatrician. Well, honestly I can’t tell you why I wanted to go into the medical field because math and science totally not my thing. I then changed my major to Mass Media/Journalism. My goodness did I love it. I wrote for the student paper, I was secretary to our student chapter of SPJ (Society of Professional Jouurnalists), I interviewed so many interesting people and wrote articles that struck a nerve with people and that just pushed me more. My dream than became bigger. I wanted to do documentaries on crime, more so on our governments policies when it came to child predators. My goal was to make a difference and change our laws based on the stories I would share. Fight for the children who don’t have voices. But somewhere a long the line I lost that passion. My focus was no longer on sexually abused children, it was just on my child and finishing my degree and making sure I went through a high risk pregnancy successfully. Here I am today. A homeschool mom, singing to God and the children in the Sunday Class I teach once a month, starting a blog with my daughter and teaching my son how his body works because well he’s so interested on how God created us. So I guess in a way I have lived up to my dreams as I was younger, except for the one. I’m not making documentaries, I haven’t started a non-profit that will provide services to sexually abused children and I have not changed any laws when it comes to those who hurt children. In the past few years that my husband and I have began coming closer to God, I’ve always wondered if this is where I’m supposed to be in life. Or if there’s going to come a day when I will get to do what I want to help children. I know it’s in Gods hands. I guess I will find out one way or another.

    • Hi Rozelyn,
      What an interesting journey and you desire to help children is admirable. All your talents and experiences will be used by God in some way.

  165. I’m really excited for this study! My life has definitely not turned out the way I imagined. I was a very young bride and mother. Now I’m knocking on middle age and no longer a bride. So I’m in the process of rediscovering who I am. Is the girl I once was still there and how do I pass on what I learn to my three daughters?! Excited to get started! Xoxo

  166. I have a wonderful life and have been blessed by God in many, many ways. But the older I get the easier it is to forget that childlike faith and joy I once had. I’m excited for this study to help me renew that!

    • Hi Kate!
      I’m in the same boat as you, I’m retired and completed my career and I’m ready to reignite that joy and grow stronger in my faith, the Bible shares stories on how God used those who were older, yet called to do great things for God.

  167. Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to be a teacher. This year I get to work in a school and I’m so excited. I have dreams of teaching abroad someday but I’m not exactly sure what that looks like right now. Excited for this study!

  168. Sheryl Henley says:

    I am ready for this! I haven’t done a bible study in a long time and I miss it. And considering the topic…I NEED it. I am praying I can get back to the close walk with Jesus I had and begin to feel like I matter.

  169. I hope i win!!!

  170. I may have achieved my young girl’s dream of being an RN but that career ended abruptly when I became disabled. Even still, I dream and wish I could still work in that ministry. I’m learning slowly that God’s plans are very different then the ones I have been making.

    • Hi JoAnn,
      God has a special plan for you and a special way you can serve Him. By seeking Him the Holy Spirit will guide you.


  171. Linda Wykowski says:

    Excited for this study too!

  172. Growing up I always thought about working in a doctor’s office (not as a doctor) more behind the scenes—something involving helping people. Instead I worked in a business office for 42 years. However, with my mom’s health issues, it did seem that I spent a lot of time in hospitals and doctor’s offices as she battled heart disease. Perhaps that was God preparing me for.
    I’m interested to see what God has planned for me at this stage of my life and what opportunities I will have to serve Him.

  173. Samantha S says:

    Finding my passion and purpose have been the driving force between my reconnecting with Jesus, I know I won’t find the answer without looking to the designer of my life and future. I am excited for this study and it could not have come at a better time!

  174. My life has not turned out exactly as I had once thought it would. But it has been a wonderful adventure so far! With God guiding me and showing me the way I have and still am experiencing wonderful things. I believe God is doing what he thinks is best for me and not myself making my own way without him.

  175. In some ways yes, my life has turned out as I dreamed. In others, not so much. I am a wife and mother which I always wanted as a child. Other dreams God has said no, or not right now. I’m learning to wait on him.

  176. I already ordered my book and I am looking forward to the study!!! I am praying now that God will speak to all of our hearts and guide us where we need to go.

  177. My dream was to write but I abandoned that dream. God willing, I’ll get inspired to dream again.

  178. Yes I am. I am at a new chapter in my life and am not sure where HE is directing me. Blessings.

  179. I’m looking forward to reading this book and being a part of this study!

  180. Well my dream was to become a flight attended, but that wasn’t my mom’s! So instead I went to college to become a especial aid teacher, which by the way I almost did. Later meet my spouse and been married for 37 1/2 years, later after having my 3 children decide it to change field, and went into Dental, which became a Radiologist. But God surely had other plans for me. Still here now better, because now I share Christ with others🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  181. Shelly Jones says:

    I have my book ordered. Can’t wait to start! So much going wrong all around me right now. But God’s still in control and I trust Him!

  182. Somewhere along the way I had given up on any dreams. Learning to dream small, but really, really wanting to dream big again.

  183. Florence Martin says:

    It would be a huge Blessing to be able to win a copy of the book. I am looking forward to doing the bible study with all of you.

  184. Melissa Davis says:

    I so look forward to this study. It comes at a time of great discernment and deep desire to live my dream!

  185. Merrylin McCaskell says:

    My first ever online Bible study, Im excited to join in with you from Saskatchewan, Canada.

    • So great to see someone else from Canada (and a fellow Saskatchewanite!!! ;)) posting here Merrylin! I am also from Saskatchewan but currently in Alberta. Praying you will be blessed by this study 🙂

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Merrylin, we are so glad you are joining us for this study. Welcome to the community of women who love the Lord. Blessings!

  186. Kelsey van Anrooy says:

    It would be wonderful if I were to win the book so that I can take part in this online bible study! In soon ways my life has turned out how I thought it would; I am a wife and a mother. In others ways it has not turned out like I had expected; I don’t go to work everyday, but instead stay home with my children.

  187. Geanean O says:

    I was definitely a dreamer as a little girl! I wanted to be a doctor or a nurse. I even took classes in high school that would lead me down that path. But once I got into college, I realized my weak points in Chemistry and math. Many other things derailed me and I certainly am not the woman I’d imagined I would be. I still dream. I still long to find purpose and meaning for my life. That is why I signed up for the next OBS, and I can’t wait to see what God has to say!

  188. Jamie Brown says:

    I would LOVE this book!

  189. My life has not turned out to what I imagined. I know God has great plans for me. I’m right I need to be. I’m in a season where I’m letting God take full control. The surrendered life is beautiful. Now I’m ready to live out what God has called me to be. I took a leap to go back to college to finish my undergrad after years of putting it off. Cheers to the future! I’m ready!!!!!

  190. Patricia Jaracz says:

    My life has definitely not turned out the way I imagined or wanted. It is a struggle to accept that and still feel worthy.

  191. I’m so excited for this study! My life has turned out so far pretty much how I imagined but I’m not sure I ever really knew what I wanted from life. But I would love to discover or rediscover my passion and purpose in line with God’s will!!

  192. My dream as a little girl was to become a lawyer and never have kids. I didn’t become a lawyer, instead, God gave me three kids. I wouldn’t ask for any other life. Now that two of them are adults I wonder what’s next.

  193. I was actually present during the book launch this past Saturday (at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship). Chrystal was one of the speakers for the conference and it was blessed time worshipping and fellowshipping with 3,000+ ladies! Unfortunately, she SOLD OUT of books so, I would to receive this copy and bless my sister with it; I have already ordered mine👍🏽

  194. My life is nothing like what I thought it would be. All of the dreams I had as a kid and teenager haven’t come to fruition. I do like my life, but I feel like there is so much more out there that God has waiting for me.

  195. As a new mom I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately! Motherhood has been amazing so far, demanding and tiring too, but I’m so grateful for this journey. However motherhood is just one part of what God has planned for me. This study would be a great way to meditate , pray and focus in on what his path is for my life.

  196. When I was younger, my dream was to have a big house on a horse ranch. I wanted lots and lots of beautiful horses. Instead, I am a stay-at-home mom who never did own a horse. The house I live in is pretty much what I had imagined, but it sits on a lot in a suburban neighborhood rather than in the middle of acres and acres of land. That’s quite alright, as I’m happy where I am, but I am very interested to see where “She’s Still There” is going to lead.

  197. Thanks for giving us a opportunity to win this book.

  198. I love these online studies, and think this next one will be amazing. I’m looking forward to it!

  199. My life has and hasn’t turned out quite like I thought it would. I am a stay-at-home mom, which has been my dream since I started thinking about a future with kids. I’ve also always wanted to be a writer, but I find myself feeling a little overwhelmed in this busy season of life with three littles and a husband who works long hours.

  200. My life definitely did not turn out as I had planned. I always loved being at church when missionaries came back to share and talk about their work. I had planned to go to Japan and work among the children there when I got older. Well as to this day I have not been to Japan but love anything Japanese and still love when I meet Japanese families that are here. God has put me in a role that is so fulfilling that I had no idea I would be able to serve in here.

  201. Misty D Joe says:

    My life, just like everyone else, has not turned out to be what I expected as a child or even as I expected over a year ago. I always thought that I would either be a singer or a big time hotel manager with all the glitz and glamour and then I would be married and have kids. WELLLLLL I am now an accounting clerk for the local government, I do have 3 kids and now 2 grandkids. I have been divorced for 16 years and the man that I thought for 10 of those was my Boaz married someone he just met face to face less than a year ago while I thought we were working things out for us and then found out they had been talking for a few years while he and I were still together. SOOOOOOOOOOO needless to say my dreams and my life are FAR from what I ever thought of. I am desperate to find out the purpose God has for all this mess and for me. And I am looking forward to receiving all I can from this study.

  202. My life has definitely not turned out the way I had imagined it would. I am not a teacher or an architect. I do not love or have a passion for my job (I just love the people). I am not married and have no children. Right now I just feel purposeless and without passion. Add the betrayal of a man that I have loved dearly for many years, and I am really struggling right now. I am trying to fully surrender everything to God and let Him rebuild my life and give me purpose and passion for what HE wants for me.
    “But more than anything else, put God’s work first and do what He wants. Then the other things will be yours as well.” Matthew 6:33

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Linzeii, we are so glad you are joining us for this study. We pray that you will find renewed purpose and direction for your life. Blessings!

  203. Melissa Fenderson says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book!

  204. My life has definitely not turned out how I imagined as a child. It hasn’t turned out how I imagined it at age 40. But, I believe God has a plan to help me and make me prosper. Along the way of my 56 years of life, I do feel I lost touch with the dreamer inside me. I believe part of the reason this is P31’s next study, (I haven’t missed one in about 3 years) is God knows I need this and so do a couple of people I care for deeply. I am excited and cannot wait to get started

  205. My life has been a dream at times and a nightmare in others. One thing about growing up, I began to realize that everyone has a story and some are more tragic than others. Saying that, we can be one huge support group no matter the journey. I am desperately seeking the Lord daily in my growth of this life. I have failed Him time and time again but I so strive to be a child of the one true King that He would be proud of. Showing love, kindness and compassion to all.

  206. I have been rediscovering who I am. My life up to now has totally not turned out like I would have expected. It looks so different. However, today I’m okay with where I am. I’m learning and investigating the things that make me, me! I’m excited to take this journey and I’m so encouraged by the message of passion and purpose in She’s Still There! I watched the She Speaks keynote address by Chrystal Evans Hurst and I was so inspired and moved. Looking forward to this study.

  207. Definitely not where I thought I would be and ready to discover new purpose

  208. I always dreamed of becoming a teacher, prayed about it, and taught for 30+ years. Now I wish I could do, accomplish things but seem to drift through day after day.

  209. Emalix Infante says:

    I think when we’re young, we see we have many years ahead of us. Once we graduate, we still have quite a few years ahead of us to accomplish our goals and dreams. Somehow, life gets in the way. Your work becomes routine and you work your best at it. You strive to do the things that surround you with the best intentions and giving your heart and time for them–home, husband, family, and ministry. Your time becomes so occupied that weeks turn into months and months into years, and finally when it hits you, you realize everything you dreamt of hasn’t been tapped into yet. I’m at the time at 39 years old where I’m wanting to strive towards my dreams and goals, even if I have to lose sleep for them. I don’t want any more years to pass by and not accomplish what I believe has been embedded in my heart to reach.

  210. My life has definitely not turned out like I thought it would when I was younger. My life is not horrible at all, but at 56 I want to find the purpose for my life. Looking forward to this OBS.

  211. Karen Thompson says:

    No, my life is nothing like the vision I had for as long as I can remember. At 47, I thought I would still be married to my sons Dad, and would have four kids and would be a civil rights attorney living in my hometown on a farm. Instead I am married to the sweetest man, I have three stepchildren and seven step grandbabies that I adore but my own son is lost to me because his dad and I divorced. Our marriage was filled with cruelty and hate and after a lot of counseling, both marriage and spiritual, we could no longer stay married. God has been good to me. I have a good job with nice people and Blake is the love of my life. But I miss my son so bad I can hardly function. Sometimes the image of what could have been keeps me from enjoying the blessings I have. I look forward to this bible study.

  212. I am looking forward to this study and being reminded of how much God loves me and I am enough in Him. ❤️

  213. Lori Herron says:

    My life actually has turned out like I thought it would. Of course there have been twists and turns but God is good. I am very much looking forward to this study!

  214. Carol Costello says:

    At the beginning of 2017 I chose as my one word “flourish” as inspiration to get my insurance license and to lose weight. Little did I know how much the good Lord would stretch me. After living near our entire families for our entire lives, my hubby was transferred to another state. Never did I think I would leave my barely adult kids, elderly parents and job of 15 years to move 550 miles away, all in 6 weeks. I have been here for a little over a week now, trying to convince myself this is an adventure. Where will I work? Will I meet friends and have meaningful relationships like I had before the move? What is God’s will for me here? So many questions with so many answers that remain to be seen.

  215. Boni Killian says:

    This sounds like me. I may have not made to where I wanted as a child but have kept striving. I do still question at times if I am in the right place. I know God has lead me in my education and track at this point but still have doubts. I know in whatever happens in the future, God is leading me there.

  216. S Greiner says:

    Can’t wait for study to begin. 🙂

  217. DEBORAH FARIES says:

    Love ya’lls studies thank you so much

  218. I dreamt I would be the first FEMALE Baseball player, which did not happen since I was born after the first amazing ball players…but saying that, I was devoted in sports from 3 to 20! I love everything about soccer & baseball & ups & downs & cheered on my playmates & it taught me to be a better player in life! Believe me I have ups & downs, I have kids, I have a Husband & after 20 years…of Military Living of hurry up & waiting has stopped now our living permanently in one place instead of every year or two years moving. I would be crazy if I did this on my own! Hahaha! Lucky thing I know the Lord, can burden HIM & then keep moving & shaking because my life did not stop when my Hubby retired! Everyday HE shows me how HE wants me to look toward HIM! BEFORE getting outta bed in the morning, before my coffee, before everything else…I MUST REMEMBER TO LOOK UP! We make plans to move & shake & GOD already has our design for Life already there for us. He waits on our eyes to look up!

  219. My life has totally not turned out the way I thought! Praise GOD for that complete Mercy and Grace! My life is being crafted according to God’s will instead of my own. I am so grateful for His love and His provision. I am looking forward to seeing what He is doing now and next! Recovering from a major medical procedure has caused me to be still and quiet. I am loving hearing Him. He’s bring to mind so many things I had forgotten! Cannot wait to read his book and share a copy! The Mothers and Teen Daughters Life Group my daughters and I lead is going to LOVE THIS book!

  220. My life hasn’t turned out quite like I dreamed it would, it is close in some ways. I always said I would be a social worker and make a difference in the lives of children. I never got the degree but I did come close and worked in social services and became a therapeutic foster parent for 10 years. There are other dreams that I know are still there and with God I’ll find them again.

  221. My life definitely didn’t turn out to be like I ever imagined it to be, but I am learning to embrace it as it comes with God’s grace and help. I often find myself completely stuck in life’s detours, but great that I have the best Tour guide when life throws you down those random paths. It sounds like a wonderful book!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      That’s great Chasity! He is like our own personal tour guides, and we must always remember to ask for directions! I hope you can join us for this study 🙂

  222. My life is nothing like I wanted or thought it would be. After years and years of trying to please everyone around me I feel like I have lost myself… It’s as if I don’t have an identity outside of what I am to everyone else, (whether it be a wife or mother to our 7 children, etc.)… and I don’t really dream for myself anymore. I recently came to terms that I struggle with depression and I’m trying to find new ways to, not only, help me deal with my depression but to also overcome my thoughts and feelings of being unworthy. That’s what attracted me to this study! Finances are tight right now so i’m hoping I can find a way to purchase both the book and study guide before September. If not, I’ll do my best to follow along with the videos! Thank you and blessings.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Amanda, we are praying for you here. Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and it is so easy to lose ourselves in making sure everyone else is taken care of. I’m glad you found this, and I hope you can get the books for the study. If not, please follow the blog posts and videos and other resources! Praying for you!

  223. Guadalupe N Calderon says:

    Good morning, nope my life in nothing how I though it would be, not even close, I’m super excited about this new study, and I purchased my book already just waiting for it

  224. Life has not turned out the way I had imagined it would. I’m in the middle of tumultuous times that I never saw coming, but I am learning to place my trust in God. The more I trust in Him, the more peace I feel. I am beginning to see the purpose in all of the heartache.

  225. It’s easy to get so lost in the “doing” life, that we forget about our purpose. Looking forward to this study!

  226. My life definitely did not turn out as I had pictured it as a young girl. The thing that I am definitely experiencing is that my plans are not necessarily the Lords plans and vice versa. I am ,earning to be obedient to His plan and His callings, and that blessings do really come from trials, maybe not immediately, but eventually in Gods timing the blessings bloom and from storms come beautiful blossoms. I am trying to instill this in my children. I am still learning myself…. life is a journey.

  227. Rocio Enriquez says:

    My life is nothing like what I dreamed it would be. In middle school my goals was to graduate high school with honors, get accepted into Baylor Univerisity, get into law school and focus on my career. Well, my life is nothing like that! I’m married with 3 beautiful children, still living in my small hometown. But I wouldn’t change it for the world! All the twist and turns have made me stronger, wiser, more patient, and I rely more on the word of God. I don’t question why things turned out the way they did because I know God did it for a reason.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you for sharing Rocio. He works in mysterious ways, and we must trust that. What blessings have come for you in His plan 🙂

  228. Yes, every young girl dreams of being that special person, God calls us to be his, It’s hard to know what that really means sometimes, We are pulled in so many directions. He gives us choices but ultimately he knows which one we will take, This sounds like a great book, I hope I get to read it,

  229. My life is definitely different than what I dreamed it would be. I can’t imagine a life without my three daughters and six grandchildren in it. I used to dream of being a wife and mother of a boy and a girl. God richly blessed me with each one of my girls.

  230. Veronica Hargrove says:

    Has your life turned out the way you always imagined it would? Are you ready to rediscover your purpose and passion?

    My life has certainly made a lot of twist and turns from the way that I imagined my life would be. I thought my life was headed in the direction of being a pastor’s wife and after six years, my husband and I stepped down from our position and I had no idea what was next. I was also a stay-at-home mom and I truly felt lost as to what direction my life was going to take. There were many tears but God eventually allowed me to see the path he was taking me on.

    Now that I have been on this path for about 13 years, I feel God preparing me for another turn and I do not have specifics. I am definitely ready to rediscover my purpose and passion. I feel like I’m on the edge of discovering it and I’m praying that this book study will speak to my heart and soul as well as everyone else that will be joining in.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Praying for that as well Veronica! Thank you for sharing your heart 🙂

  231. Anita Barnes says:

    Hello beautiful ladies – I know God has led me to this study. I recently met with a Christian pastor who spent several hours with me. At the end of our session when she was praying over me, she took me back to when I was a newborn baby and a little girl. It isn’t easy to describe all the emotions and thoughts that surfaced. It wasn’t by chance that I was introduced to this pastor, that she prayed for my “little girl inside”, or that I was led to this OBS. There are other little things lately that have pointed me to “my little girl” – God is really trying to get my attention!
    As a little girl I felt alone, something I’ve slowly realized as I’ve gotten older. I had a “good” family, nothing tragic occured nor nothing too deeply memorable either, at least for me. It wasn’t until I had children and watched them have dreams, starting at young ages, that I realized that I never had dreams as a little girl. The only “dreaming” for me was picturing myself as a dancer – not ballet (ha ha ha). My momma loved to watch Tom Jones’ on television (I beleive he had a show); I loved to watch it with her. Watching him perform with those dancers was so exciting to me. I imagined myself being able to dance like that! I do love to dance but never took professional lessions. I “dream” everytime I watch Dancing with the Stars!
    I don’t know how I “expected” my life to turn out since I never had childhood dreams or visions, but in retrospect, I can definitely say,”Wow, I never thought my life would have looked like this.” I am not proud of many things I’ve done, choices I’ve made, and the person I was at times. I’m beginning to feel emotional as I write these next words. I’ve come to realize that I never really knew the little girl I was, the little girl still inside. I want to know her, embrace her, and love her. I want to tell her how precious she is and help her to believe in herself and all that she has to offer this world. I want to tell her that she has nothing to fear, that she is worthy of love, and help her to believe those things with all her heart. The 59-year-old me “knows” these things (logically) but doesn’t really believe these things are true. The heart, spirit and soul of my little girl are aching.
    I truly believe that many of the struggles I’ve been experiencing are are rooted in the untruths that are buried deep inside where the little girl lives. I know it’s time to dig up those toxic, ugly roots. My heart is pounding heavy as I write those words! However, I think I’m at the point of least resistance — the pain of where I need to go now seems less than the pain of staying where I am.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Anita, we are so glad you are joining us for this study. We pray it will be a big help to you. We pray you will fin a renewed purpose and direction for your life. Blessings!

  232. As with so many of us, my life has not turned out the way I thought it would and has especially taken a turn in past 5 years with multiple medical issues. I have always felt and known that God has a plan and purpose for me but have not been able to find my correct path. I feel that the trials I have faced during my life have been God’s attempt to get me to my path but so far I have been too dense to find it. I am excited about this course and hope it will aid me in seeing what God has planned fo me. 💜

  233. Aleksandra says:

    Hello there!

    I love that I get to join this Bible study that’s to come! I must say that in so many ways I can see how God has given me the life I’ve always wanted / dreamed of (for example with my education). Regarding some personal things I hope to be able to aspire to be everything that I’ve always wanted to be – and yet was hindered or not able until now.

    Thanks for this article + this Bible study that’s to come! 🙂
    Love, Aleksandra

  234. Vicky McArtor-McAdams says:

    Excited to start this journey!

  235. Phyllis Moore says:

    The point that most resonated for me in the introduction was not the question about whether we may have veered off course and traded one dream for another. It’s the deeper, more important, question — What happened to the dream-ER?! Where is she now?
    I cannot wait to dive into this book study. I just have a feeling that I –and hopefully everyone else who reads it– will be given the tools to search and find that girl again.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      What a great question Phyllis! I hope and pray we can all find “that girl” again 🙂

  236. I thought I would grow up to be a mom, than a grandmother and be surrounded by a houseful of young people. I did become a mom but at 68 no biological grandchildren. One of my 3 children is a prodigal child, one has multiply disabilities and lives with us, the other has a son and daughter through marriage and lives 4 hours away. The kitchen set I purchased to easily seat 12 is too big for the 3 of us – a constant reminder of emptiness in my heart.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Alvina, God hears you and knows your heart. Praying for God to help fill that emptiness. We are glad you’re here and hope this study will help bring you closer to God and bring you peace.

  237. My life has not turned out the way I ever dreamed it would, but in the best way possible. More than ever, I am realizing that God’s plan is greater than my own. I went to college to be a teacher and my husband went to be a doctor. He is in his third year of medical school and I was a teacher for a while, but felt something was missing. We ended up getting pregnant, which was not according to our plan since my husband was still in school. We were excited about it, but had no idea how amazing parenthood would truly be. It was a better plan than what we could ever come up with! Now I am a stay at home mom to a 5 month old and it’s the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had. We’ve been blessed tremendously even in all of the struggles along the way. I am really looking forward to digging deeper into my newly discovered purpose and passion in life: motherhood!

  238. Sandy Griffin says:

    Very much looking forward to this exciting journey!

  239. This sounds like a great and very timely study!

  240. Madeline says:

    Aloha kakahiaka (good morning) from Hawaii. I’m looking forward to this OBS and just wanted to put in some of my thoughts. My life didn’t go as I thought it would. I married at a young age and stayed married to the same man for 43 years. We have 2 children, 8 grandchildren and one great granddaughter. We were supposed to spend the rest of our lives together and enjoy my retirement (in little more than 2 years) but in March of 2015, he passed away suddenly (one day before our son’s birthday) after being flown to Queen’s Medical Center on the island of Oahu. I live on the Big Island. I was supposed to fly up the next day to be with him but instead got a call around 5:30 in the morning informing me that he had passed away. Talk about shock!!! So now, 2 years later, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my life. Sell our house? Keep the house? I pray that the Lord will deem me worthy enough to guide me in the right path. I hope you all have a blessed day filled with abundant love and joy!!!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Madeline, we are so glad you are joining us for this study, We pray that you will find a renewed purpose and direction for the rest of your life. Blessings!

  241. Bonnie Collins says:

    My life just happened. I know there was a little girl who dreamed dreams but I don’t remember any special “when I grow up I want to be” desires. I went to college, began a teacher because that seemed the only choice then got a Masters in Library Science that took me to some great moments that I had not dreamed of. But now I want to reconnect with the little girl of a far away time and ask her what I missed. I’ll take her hand and see where she will lead me.

  242. I would have to say some of my life ended up being what I dreamed of. I always wanted to be a teacher and I taught elementary school for 40 years. Now I’m in a preschool but not teaching. Now to find out what Gods’s plans are for me as a retired person.

  243. Oh my soul!! I just received my book in the mail yesterday and I am so excited to be doing this study.

  244. Mechelle Bowens says:

    Waiting on my book to come in the mail. A study book would be awesome, I can’t wait to start this OBS, I’m so excited to rediscover the girl in me!! Have a blessed day!!

  245. Kim Locke says:

    I feel the same way. I know the Lord is leading me somewhere even better than I ever dreamed. I just have to bring my disappointments to the alter.

  246. I always wanted to be a mom so that became a reality BUT I thought I’d be everything my mom wasn’t. I’d be present, happy, loving, a perfect housekeeper, etc. Well….every time I snap at my kids or fail myself in some way I fall apart and think this is nothing like I imagined. I always thought I’d be a mom with a full-time job outside of the home. Nope. I always thought I’d live in a big city. Nope. etc etc. Not that the way I’m living is BAD or WRONG but it’s definitely not what I anticipated. I do wonder if I have any dreams left so this study will be good…

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Annie, it’s amazing how we have these dreams in our heads and they end up so completely different! But there’s always a purpose to them and God is so good in His plans! I hope you enjoy this study and discover those dreams you have for yourself.

  247. Heather La Conte says:

    Has your life turned out the way you always imagined it would? Are you ready to rediscover your purpose and passion?
    Although I am living a very blessed life and I am thankful for all that I have and God has given me. This is not the life I would have chose. However, somehow it took living out this way of life to learn that lesson completely. And although it is too late for a do-over, I can at least take my blessings, love them and make sure the purpose God had for me is lived out in the time that I have left.

  248. It’s hard to remember how I once imagined my life would turn out, but there are a few specific areas of my life that I never imagined would turn out the way they have. I’m married to someone who has never attended church with me and probably never will. (Why wasn’t I more particular about that when I decided to commit to him in marriage?) Also, I have one child who will most likely be our only child, and I never imagined myself as a mother of one. (I hesitate in mentioning that because I don’t want to be misunderstood as seeing him as less than enough.)
    I am ready to rediscover (or maybe discover for the first time) my purpose and passion!

  249. Monica Dunlop says:

    Looking forward to it!

  250. I am looking forward to this being my first online Bible study with proverbs31! Winning a copy of the study book would be amazing! 🙂

  251. I love the online Bible studies with Proverbs31. This will be my fifth study. I can SO relate to Stacy’s post about the dreams as a child. I wanted to be a doctor and then a physical therapist but science too was so difficult for me even though I enjoyed working with people. I have many dreams in my heart that I am still trusting God on how to live out. I would love to win a copy of the book.

  252. Don’t recall much about what I dreamed of becoming when I grew up. I know that being a mom at 16 made life a bit harder. I now had this little girl I had to care for and no clue how hard it was going to be. Thank God, I truly believe He held me guided me through it even 6 years later when my son was born. Looking forward to rediscovering or discover my truth in life. Ready for the study.

  253. I can’t wait for this study! I hope to reconnect with that little girl and ask her what her dreams and hopes were

  254. I too am excited about this study. It will be #2 for me and from what I hear (Ive been following Chrystal’s interviews with her parents) its going to be a great one. I didn’t know there was a study book to go with it though that would be great. I will be ordering my book shortly.

  255. Terri Granillo says:

    I used to think I would be married by age 23 and have a huge family with 7 of my own children. I’m currently 34, not married, and have 7 nieces and nephews with another on the way! Wow, how my life did not go as planned. My life has had its twists and turns, both good and bad. But it’s okay, I could laugh it off as my life is still a blessing. I’m excited to get into God’s word with this unique bible study! It’s my first and I’m looking forward to His revelations!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Terri, we are do glad you are joining us for this study. Thank you for joining our community here. We pray this study will help you to find meaning and purpose for your life. Blessings!

  256. I am looking forward to this study, it will be my 3rd one. I always thought I would be a teacher, but never planned well for it. I chose marriage and working at an ordinary job instead. I have never regretted getting married. I do regret that I never went on to study after high school. Is that young girl with dreams still there? Can’t wait to explore that further. And I would love to win a book and give it to someone who might join us for the study.

  257. I am in the career I wanted as a child – librarian. The career itself has morphed into something completely different than I imagined, but all God’s leading and my inclinations still point to this as the best choice. The year 2000 seemed so far away when I was a child – I didn’t think I’d ever be there, much less 17 years beyond it! My dreamer is still there, nudging me on occasion to take a more playful approach to work and life.

  258. Chrystal says:

    I’ve definitely drifted as Chrystal discusses in this book!!! I can’t wait for the formal study on this amazing message by my favorite pod caster!!!!

  259. I’m so excited about this study! Yes, my life has pretty much turned out the way I always imagined it would. Yes, I am ready to rediscover my purpose and passion. I love these online studies.

  260. Michelle Staton Briley says:

    I will be joining the P31 OBS for “She’s Still There”! I have enjoyed and learned from each OBS I have joined! And I would love to win this book “She’s Still There” because that is what I am trying to figure out….

    • I don’t know about y’all, but I am really looking forward to this study because it is something I struggle with every day! I left my career to stay at home with my kids and while I am so very thankful that I’ve been able to do that, there are still days that I look in the mirror and think “who am I?” And “what has my life become?” I feel lost, like I don’t have a purpose, even though logically I know I’m probably doing the most important job I’ll ever have. Anyway, I am super excited to dig into this study!!

  261. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a nurse. Guess what, I do not like needles. Then I wanted to be an administrative assistant and I was in my twenties. So, no my life did not turn out like I had planned, but it did turn out the way God planned. I am a proud mother of 3 and I am one of the few who get to stay home with them. I home school two of them. It took me a year or two before I realized this is the role that God intended for me. I love taking care of my home, husband and children. Home schooling is my passion and I love watching my grow and learn.

  262. Donna Doverspike says:

    My life has not turned out how I dreamed it would be,but God is not finish with me yet. I want more than anything that his will be done.

  263. When I was young, I wanted to act, perform, write. I let discouragement hold me back and fear of failing made me not try. I also don’t like to tell people I did those things. I also imagined I would have 3 children and I have 1. I am grateful for my daughter but always wanted a family with at least 2 children.
    When I recommitted my life to the Lord, I sought His purpose. Things didn’t magically fix themselves. People I loved didn’t get saved immediately. I got discouraged and thought following God would mean I wouldn’t suffer or have pain. I went through a long time of being afraid God would ask me to do something I wouldn’t like–marry someone I didn’t love, live somewhere I didn’t want to live, give up everything. I rebelled again and found myself living how I wanted to live.
    So yes, I really need to read this book. I am ready to rediscover God’s purpose and give me passion again. I’m afraid to dream, plan, set goals for fear of being disappointed or let God down. Ironically I am in France right now, the same place where God met me in 1998 when I was living on my own as a student. He sent a Christian neighbor to my door when I was in great pain. God used a wonderful loving church, strong believers and friends to strengthen my faith and help me grow. God met me in France and I am back after many years (last time here was in 2001). I am very blessed to be here and I don’t know what God has in store but He can stir up old passion, purpose and give me the strength to follow His will.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Rachel, we are so glad you will be doing this study with us. It sounds like it is the perfect time for you to study this. We are praying that you will find a renewed direction and purpose for your life. Blessings!

  264. Joyce Jackson says:

    I’m excited also for Worthy; She’s Still There to begin. I look back at my childhood and I don’t recall any thoughts on how I thought my life would look like. No goals whatsoever. I do know that my life right now is not what I would have longed for.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Joyce, we’re praying that you can discover and define some of those goals you have for yourself!

  265. Sara McLemore says:

    I look back from my childhood I always wanted to teach kindergarten. I have a college degree but, I’m not state license to teach yet. I never thought about getting married until my late 20’s. I became a stay at home mom. I never in my life to married to a solider who is in the Army. God knew what his plans were in my life. He is trying to tell me to work at home or work with children again. My husband is part time in the reserve and he is looking for a full time job. My husband lost his job in the Army last year.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Sara, we are so glad you are joining us for this study. We pray that you will find renewed direction for your life. Blessings!

  266. I am excitied about new study!!
    If there is a book giveaway would love to be in on it!
    If not I will try to follow along! I can not afford anything extra this study!

  267. MY life definitely has turned out different than I imagined. Which isn’t a bad thing

  268. Sonia Wild says:

    This sounds like a beautiful study to do!

  269. Looking forward to this new study.
    I have to admit, I’d love a free book.
    Have an awesome rest of the week.

  270. My life turned out as I planned by becoming a wife & mother. When I was very young I wanted lots of children, we are talking like 12, God gave me 2…😊 My dreams were to become a Social Worker or Teacher. I did teach for a season but not as I had dreamed becoming my purpose/mission. Looking forward to this study.

  271. Stephanie says:

    I honestly try not to imagine it a certain way because I don’t want to end up disappointed if it doesn’t turn out “perfectly”.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Stephanie, we are so glad you are joining us for this study. No one is perfect but our Lord and Savior. We pray you will find a renewed purpose. Blessings!

  272. My life is not what I expected it to be. I made a lot of poor decisions without consulting with God. Many days I wish I could have a do over.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Tia, we are so glad you will be joining us for this study. A do over in never possible but you can begin anew with a renewed purpose. Blessings!

  273. I listen to Crystal’s podcast and am looking forward to this study. I can’t wait to see what God is wanting to teach me through this!

  274. I am in a season of change and and am really looking forward to this study!!! Can’t wait!

  275. Auanita Marlene Corley says:

    I’m looking forward to this online bible study. I became born-again at the age of 20 years old, and I had two small children. I had gone through a lot of traumatic experiences in my childhood, and for the past 30 years I was not able to stay on the path of healing and wholeness. God has put BIG dreams in my heart, even as a child, and I’m ready to accomplish them. I’m looking forward to going through this bible study, because the girl within is alive, and finally able to pursue my purpose. I continued to press for many years, and finally allowed the woman with so many issues (ME) to touch Jesus, and he in return has healed my inner soul.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Auanita, we are so very happy you will be joining us for this study. We pray for continued healing and that you will discover your purpose. Stay strong in the Lord. Blessings!

  276. I love these Bible studies. I can’t wait to start this one. Thank you for taking time to talk with us on your blog.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Kathy, thank you for posting here on the blog! Can’t wait to begin this study and so glad you’re here!

  277. I am looking forward to another amazing Bible study with P31 ladies! :)The topics always seem to come at just the right time! Thank you!

  278. Bethany Swartz says:

    These bible studies are such a huge blessing! ❤❤❤❤

  279. Silvia Guerrero says:

    My life was turned upside down 5 yrs ago when my husband was deported. Now we have to live 1200 miles apart and things get tough. I’m really looking forward to refinding my purpose.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Silvia, that must be so hard. We are so very glad you will be joining us for this study. We pray it will help you to find your purpose. Blessings and love!

  280. Jamie Watkins says:

    My life has been crazy and now calming down into a normal state. Finally So now I am able to focus on me and my relationship with God and trying to find the purpose for all that I went through to help others.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Jamie, we are so glad you will be joining us for this study. We pray that it will help you find purpose in all you do. Blessings!

  281. Michelle A says:

    I am looking forward to this study!!! However I do need the book😉

  282. I’m looking forward to this portion of on line study !!! I purchased my book and I’m waiting for it to arrive. I trust this study will help me sort of this part of my life. My life is nothing like I planned nor dreamed. I know God has an amazing purpose for my life.

  283. Yasmin B says:

    Looking forward to my first ever study!

  284. Donna Wolfe says:

    Super excited to start the bible study!

  285. I so need this! Can’t wait!!!

  286. Alexa Wendel says:

    Need this book!!

  287. Melissa S. says:

    Cannot wait for this! Chrystal seems so genuine!

  288. My life hasn’t even come close to how I’d imagine. I need to discover who I am.

  289. Others saw me as a nurse. I never did & only pursued it due to a grant then for nursing & nursing only as a way to get into third world countries to share Christ. The American hospital system was my mission field for 35 years as an RN. Truly “He ( God) leadeth me.”

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Ellen, you’re amazing. Thank you for your service as a nurse and sharing Christ. What amazing work! He truly leads us into the most unexpected places and situations. We’re glad you’re here for this study!

  290. I am ready to rediscover my value and purpose.

  291. I am eager to do this bible study! Lately I have wondered what happened to that girl who was full of passio and joy. I can’t wait to see what God is going to have me discover about myself through this book.

  292. I feel like I lost my identity & my dreams died when my husband asked me to quit a job that I had longed to do for years & went to college for. Though he was in ministry & told me that he needed my help, I was not ready to accept his decision & believe that I have struggled with it for many years.

  293. My life didn’t turn out how I had envisioned it! Married at 20 and in 4 months he was killed in a car wreck! Things just went wrong for the next 18 years! At 38 I met Jesus and life did change! However I’m at a stale point in my life and I’m glued to this study and ready to find out how I rediscover who I am and to really open up and become so close to HIM! I need to hear what he wants me to do in this last third of my life! He may even give me more time to do what He wants of me! In CHRIST. Charlotte

    • Suzie V. says:

      Hi Charlotte!
      Im glad you joined this Study and I pray that it will help you find God’s special plan He has for you.


  294. Looking forward to the study!

  295. Frances Day says:

    I am also looking forward to this study. Self discovery. Who did God create me to be? Things certainly didn’t turn out the way I had dreamed they would.

  296. Looking forward to this:)

  297. Paige Stovall says:

    I am so excited to start this new OBS. It has been exactly one year since I began participating in these OBS. I look forward to my daily emails and reminders, and especially the Facebook parties!!! I love to read the comments and make an impact when I can. I always come out the OBS better prepared for my day and looking at life with a new and better outlook.

  298. Dawn King says:

    I am still a dreamer!!

  299. I would love to win
    My childhood was such a struggle … I want to do this study for me

  300. My life has turned out nothing like I expected! I have lived in the same town my entire life. I went to a satellite college location because my mom didn’t want me to leave the area. I got a degree in education, taught for 2 years and called it quits. I work in an office as a secretary. My life in nothing like I planned it to be. I guess that’s why they say, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plan.”

  301. Shelli Salinas says:

    Honestly, I don’t recall ‘dreaming’ about what I wanted to do with my life, until I was in high school and was taking a drafting class. I really enjoyed it at the time, and dreamed of being an architect. From there, I wasn’t sure. I was playing softball and dreamed of obtaining a full ride scholarship to college, which I obtained. My entire college experience was paid for, except for a small portion towards the end. I finished college with a degree in Psychology. Did nothing with it. Went back to school for Forensic Science. Did nothing with it. Worked as an admin for many years. Finally, made a career move into the engineering field. Went to school to obtain a degree in Engineering Design Graphics. Haven’t looked back. Love this field. Wish I would have dreamed of this field when I was starting college. I believe my life would have turned out quite a bit different. My dreams were all over the place. Nothing solid. Until adulthood when God got ahold of my life.

    • Suzie V. says:

      Hi Shelli,
      Thank you for sharing your story. I pray that this Study will help you find the direction and plans He has for you.

  302. It’s funny how you do have all these hopes and dreams of the things you want to do and become. Then you get married and have kids and nothing is as planned. So I still have passion for certain dreams to accomplish, but they have changed now. I am really excited to start this study!

  303. Tamara Brown says:

    I appreciate your story. Things happen in our lives and we wonder about the plan God has for us. I am going through a divorce. This is not something I planned to happen in my life. Especially coming from a divorced household. I vowed that I would not allow that to happen to me. I have strayed from my faith and I am in need of some spiritual fulfillment.

  304. Ummm…my life is not even close to being what I thought it would be…this girl thought she’d be married, knee deep in her tiny armies lifes’ battles, all while trying to teach other children skills so that they too can claim their stake in God’s kingdom. Instead I have found myself as a single woman, with no tiny army of any type of littles, with a teaching degree I am still trying to figure out how best to use with my skill set. The only thing that has resonated over the years is I am good at assisting others with raising their little ones. I could delve further into how I have done this in various ways, but I can say all parties involved – once we all knew how to work together – the arrangement seemed to work nicely. Now, I am in a place where I am not sure what to do next due to some bizarre life circumstances. What I do know and finally believe, God has gone before me on this life path of mine. I need to move forward with the assurance I will step in the same places He has and believe He’s got me every step of the way.

    • Suzie V. says:

      Hi Lea!
      Teaching children about Jesus is a special gift. I pray that through this Study God will guide you on what plans he has for you to use your talent and experience in serving Him.

  305. Julie Overstreet says:

    Hi Proverbs 31 team of great leaders and teachers!!! I’m so looking forward to our new OBS. I just know it is going to be great just like al the others I studies.
    Thank you all!! See you in September!!!

  306. I often think that the life I’m living now has to be a nightmare. I would have never imagined what I have gone through this past year to ever happen to me as a little girl. 2 years ago I found myself in an abusive marriage making excuse after excuse for my husband and that it would get better. Then we got pregnant and I really felt stuck. A year ago my baby girl was born and when the abuse escalated with her there I knew it was time for us to leave. Since then I’ve been fighting for my daughter and I and hoping one day the truth will prevail. I’ve gone through every emotion imaginable and angry at God for letting this happen to us. But as he continues to heal me I can see that in the midst of this valley he will see us through. I know this is a pruning season and I am trusting in Him to bring glory to our story. This study and book is exactly what I need. I know that girl is still there somewhere… my confidence and who I am had been completely stripped of me…. I’m ready to win that back and give God all the glory.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Bree, we are glad you’re here and even more glad that you and your baby girl are safe. God will heal you and help you re-discover that girl for His glory. And what an amazing gift that would be for that beautiful little girl you have to pass on to! Blessings to you 🙂

  307. I am so excited to dive into a bible study!

  308. Carol Love says:

    I am not a young lady but I am a young 75 year old. I have often said that some day I would grow up and learn what I want to be. I still am searching. My present life was not even a twinkle in anyone’s eyes when I was young. I live full time in a MotorHome and travel with the seasons – with my husband of 46 years. There was no such thing as a motorhome when I was a youth. Well, I have seen pics of homes on wheels from the early days of automobiles but they were creations of the people who had them – much different than what I live in!!! I remember believing that I was called to preach and then that I wanted to be a teacher. Neither came to pass yet but there is still time. I never was a formal teacher but did train my staff to do their jobs and use the equipment we had – so some aspect of teaching happened. I have taught Sunday School and mentored so perhaps some level of preaching also happened. Some day I will grow up and………….

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Carol, we’re so glad you’re here! And you’re 75 years YOUNG 🙂 God has great things planned for you!

  309. In some ways my life turned out the way I wanted it to. I became a mom of 4 boys and I have a good and loving husband. My problem comes when I think about my career. I always wanted to be a teacher and I have my degree in early childhood but we made the decision that I would be a stay at home mom. I know that I’m blessed that this is an choice for me but I feel that I am scarifying my personal dream and with this I often find myself in the ugly comparison cycle with other family and friends that can have a family and further in their careers.

  310. Helena Fulmer says:

    When I was in middle school and high school I KNEW I was going to be a singing star. Even had the songs picked out for my first album! LOL But now at 56 I still sing but to give praise to God……in my Church and other’s. God gave me a gift and I just want to give it all back to Him. Although not a dream but a prayer…..that folks that hear me sing hear what’s in my heart.

  311. Excited about the study!

  312. Shelly Burns says:

    In some ways, yes. I wanted to be a teacher and have done so for 20 years. But, I’ve found health and fitness coaching and have a passion for it. I feel like I could do so much more!!

  313. Has your life turned out the way you always imagined it would? You asked, but are we really in control of our own lives? Are you ready to rediscover your purpose and passion? By giving our own lives purposes and passions, do you think they’ll change our lives into the way we always imagined? Are we to be stubborn and throw a fit until we get what we wanted? I’m curious. This has been the questions that I’ve been asking pastors and none seems to be able to give adequate answer.

  314. Mare Hindall says:

    I really had no idea of what I wanted to do or become, until my Freshman year of high school. I wanted to be a Home Ec teacher. That’s was until I toured a vocational school and decided to become a dental assistant, which, I did. Then, an even greater passion was to become a radiologist, which, I didn’t. I then became a wife,of 37 years, to my high school sweetheart, who passed away coming up on 3 years, a mother of two daughters and a Badaw (grandma) of two beautiful grandchildren.

  315. I wanted to be a dancer, lawyer, astronaut, doctor…I guess I was a big dreamer as I found many career options exciting. I am a nurse, went to college and planned to be a labor and delivery nurse and have been a hospice nurse for almost 15 years now. So life hasn’t gone as planned but I am very blessed. I do struggle tending to my needs for rest and self fulfilling activities. Juggling a full time job, a husband, and four children is challenging for me. I usually sacrifice me time for helping others with their needs, usually leaving not making time for me to do things to nurture myself. I look forward to this OBS because I am hopeful I will reconnect with myself and the dreams that I am sure are still there somewhere.

  316. When I was about 5 or 6 and sitting outside with my Grandmother, I would tell her I was going to be a nurse and when I was a nurse I would live at the top of that hill, pointing to the top of the street we lived on. I had such big dreams as a child. Somewhere along the way, I lost my way and my life has been anything and everything I never anticipated. I guess you could say I took the path less travelled and I was somewhat of a gypsy. It wasn’t until many many years later when I began to get into the word of God, my life and path seemed to be illuminated and I knew what I was supposed to be doing. I read about this bible study and just knew it was for me and am really looking forward to it.

  317. I can’t wait for this bible study to begin. I done the last bible study with Proverbs 31 ministry called Me, Myself, & Lies and I have to say I learned so much.
    I had a lot of dreams but I have also lost my way! I have had disappointments, hurts that I have allowed to stand in my way, can’t wait to dig deeper into God’s word to learn more about him.

  318. Looking forward to this! Sounds like a good one.

  319. Vickie Mullins says:

    No i would have never imagined my life and what God has laid out for me..

  320. My life is not as I imagined it would be. As a child there were so many things I wanted to do. I have a family of my own now and still don’t know what I,’m going to be or do. I have a bachelors degree, but it seems like I picked the wrong thing and can’t really work with it. My husband and I are separated due to his anger issues, and he is so unloving and hurtful. I never imagined things would be this bad. For now, I help teach Sunday school and a couple of other children’s programs at church, homeschool my children, and help babysit for friends when I can. I would love to reclaim some positive, hopeful dreams.

  321. Alysia Gauthreaux says:

    I could really use this bible study!! I hope that I win a free copy so that I can participate in this OBS. I could use the positive community and the dreams to be put back in my heart and to rediscover God’s view of me and all that I can be by seeing myself through his eyes! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

    • Alysia Gauthreaux says:

      My life is not what I dreamed about as a child. Those dreams were torn down by a childhood of divorce and unstable home. Can’t wait to see what God wants to whisper to my soul through this study!

  322. ANNA L GARCIA says:

    Can’t wait to get started!

  323. When I was young, my dreams were shaped constantly by other’s expectations. Now I leave my life to God’s dream of me, and I can assure that it is the best.

  324. glenda reasor says:

    I so love the Proverbs 31 ministry and I do and love all the online studies.
    Yes I wanted to be a lawyer. I loved school but my Dad was in the oilfield so we moved a lot and I didn’t like the last place we landed Wichita Falls, Texas. So being the rebel I was I went to live with my sister in Tulsa, meet a boy got married. No More school. In 1979 after 10 years of nightly physical abuse and 2 beautiful daughters I divorced and moved back to Texas. I loved helping people so I got my GED and wanted to become a cop. Passed all the tests but they didn’t like the way my back looked so I was rejected. Now I am a volunteer Chaplain and I love it and want to go into full time ministry but being 65 no college wants me . So I go to church and Praise God where I am now.

  325. Sharon Murphy says:

    My life has not turned out the way I expected either. Growing up, I wanted to be a psychologist or social worker. That changed when I realized that I would want to bring all of the kids home with me….wouldn’t be able to be objective. I have my degree in Healthcare Administration and for 13 years I was a military wife. I am still the wife of a Marine, but he was medically retired due to an injury in Iraq. Now I am a caregiver as well. I have 2 teenagers and I work in a middle school…..oh the hormones and drama!! 🙂 I love my life but sometimes I think I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!

  326. Tammy Tolbert says:

    I wonder what am I doing here? Losing my best friend/husband last year to the same motorcycle crash I was in and looking back over the years of unfulfilled dreams and visions. I am super excited to do this study! What will Holy Spirit reveal through it to me about the woman I am and have been created to be?

  327. Sonya Wattley says:

    My life has not turned out the way I expected. I have a graduate degree but due to a severe lung disease I am unable to work in the field as I had planned or thought I would continue in. God has other plans for me. Plans to fulfill His plan and purpose for my life. I have to remember to stay focused on Him. So many distractions get in my view I need to be intentional about time with the Lord.

  328. When I was younger, our teacher assigned us a question to answer on what we wanted to be when we grew up. I didn’t know then, so I just wrote down the first 3 things…waitress, stewardess (what they called them back then), and nurse. All things I thought only girls could do. I wasn’t a big dreamer. As an adult, I got married young then had my first of 3 children young. All my married life, my “dream” became my reality and my job of wife and mother is all I wanted to do and be. But then the fighting started and the affair was found out and now I’m a divorced mother of 3….and don’t even know who I was back then or wanted to do for myself. I followed everything my ex wanted to do. It was never about me. People ask me all the time about what am I going to do now…I have no idea. I’m not a big dreamer and I don’t really remember at 19 what I wanted to do. I’m hoping this book will be good for me to at least start thinking about something. Because right now I’m just one of many divorced women who are having to start over in life at 50.

  329. Dawnielle says:

    Life hasn’t turned out like I thought it might. Excited for the Worthy study.

  330. In some ways my life is exactly how I dreamed it. I have a family, a husband, and two beautiful boys that are two and three, I should be completely happy and blessed but I’m not. My husband and I have been going through stuff for awhile now and it most recently just got worse and I don’t know what to do because I feel so broken and like I can’t do anything else but I need to lean on and get strength from God. This was not the life I intended for myself at all nor marriage so I am very happy to start this study. Ever since I have become a mom and wife and I also work full time I have lost my identity of who I am and I am excited to dig into this book with everyone and discover that who I was is still in me today.

  331. Rachelle Q says:

    Has your life turned out the way you always imagined it would? Are you ready to rediscover your purpose and passion?
    No, but in the end it will be better than I could have ever imagined. God’s plan for my life will always be better. Yes, I’m ready to rediscover my purpose and passion. I’m in the middle of rediscovering my passion during this season of my life.

  332. My life definitely overall is not how I expected to turn out to be…

    Several Years ago I came to Christ for which I am grateful & 2 years after that I made the choice of being a Catholic & went through the RCIA Process & had my Confirmation & was the BEST Day/Decisions I have made thus far.

    For the past 6 + years I had been’ in a very abusive Emotional/Verbal Abuse Relationship that I made the decision to get OUT of with someone that led Me to believe they too were following Christ in the Catholic Faith. However, their actions & the way they were treating Me outside of Church made Me question my own sanity for years prior to coming to Christ & even after.

    I finally stopped pushing my needs & feelings down & also aside & made this decision that I deserve better some day with someone that wants to be in a Mutual Love/Respect Relationship & follows & wants to be like Christ.

    It has been’ almost 2 months now that I left this Toxic Relationship. I am getting closer to God & my Future is getting brighter. I am looking to REfinding my Self, Healing & continuing the Path that God has chosen for Me.

    “Would love it” if my name happens to be drawn for a She’s Still There Book! 🙂

    Your Sister in Christ Debby

  333. Christine says:

    There is a piece of my life that has not turned out the way I expected. I am excited to begin this study and rediscover the person I was and my purpose and passion as I enter a new season in my life.

  334. I don’t really remember many dreams, other than just wanting to get away. My parents divorced and Mom worked all of the time to support us, yelling all of the time. Dad wasn’t very useful and drank and they fought……. It was better w/out him around with his belt. Of course we didn’t have money for better education, and I didn’t like being controlled every minute. So I joined the Military and got out of there. It lead to a poor, miserable relationship. Then my dream was to get some skills and find a wonderful, loving true Man, if it was possible and have a loving relationship. I know God was there all the time catching me through all of the troubling times. He never gave up on me thank God, and he still hasn’t, but He did send me a wonderful, loving Christian, Godly man, 20 years together now. I am truly blessed. Now my dream is to learn what my mission is, what am I here for? I don’t have a passion, What is my purpose in life. I know he’ll reveal it in His time. But I’m ready anytime. I’m so looking forward to this study and how it turns out, and if I’m changed. I’m so glad to be here with all of you beautiful, Godly women. God bless all of us!

  335. Stephanie says:

    My life has not turned out anything close to what i imagined. With all the abuse and abandonment I am glad I was able, with Gods guidance, to keep it all together and somewhat normal. But now I find myself so lonely in motherhood with a toddler, no support or family and just feeling overall lonely and lost. Praying this study revives my view of my worth.

  336. Stephanie Matson says:

    I did have a great childhood and so far a wonderful life, but not without it’s up and downs. I am kinda where I imagined if be, but not totally.
    I know God has a plan and his timing is perfect, but letting Him stay in control is a difficult task.
    I can’t wait to start this study!

  337. I ordered my audiobook after you announced that it would be the next Bible study. I was even more excited after hearing her speak on the First 5 app from She Speaks. Wow. She’s captivating. Yesterday it became available for me to download and I couldnt stop thinking about the first four chapters I listened to her read the book on the way into work. It’s like she’s telling me her story over coffee and I completely get what she’s telling me. Her words speak to me so deeply. I can’t wait to finish the book and then reread it when the OBS starts.

  338. Is this study still open? I’m having trouble getting signed up–the link doesn’t seem to be working this a.m.

  339. At 62 I am reflecting on my life and wondering how the rest of it will be. Is my life like I dreamed it would be when I was an idealistic kid in high school? No, but it has not been bad. I do feel that my life has been dictated by other people and circumstances. Is that Gods influence? or is that me not taking the turns I should have or wanted to take? I have a lot of life ahead and am wondering how to proceed.

  340. Patricia Green says:

    My life has not gone how I planned it. I wanted to be a Veteriarian but ended up being a mother. I would like to find myself again.

  341. I would love the study guide. I have being going through life surviving and not living. I feel like I keep making mistake after the other. I was a dreamer that never accomplished what I set out to be. It is said you’re never too old to find your purpose so I’m ready.

  342. I am 63 years old and feel that I have not done all that I was meant to do. My life has and is good but I know there is more for me to become. This study is timely and I expect it will provide many new revelations that I need.

  343. Ivonne Layuno says:

    I have always invited my girlfriends to join me when I have participated in your studies and none of them have ever done it with me. I always end up doing it on my own. I just wished I could have someone to discuss it with locally rather than just sharing on here.

  344. Flyfisher Scholl says:

    I believe I signed up twice so please excuse me for that as I was trying to get to this page and post a comment. Anyway, I would say my life hasn’t turned out as I thought it would be but God’s plans are always different from my plans. I started to realize that the Lord has a bigger picture in mind for my life and these pieces (blessings and challenges) are forming a jigsaw puzzle of my journey and won’t be completed picture until I reach Heaven. It took awhile to realize that and He has me here for a reason that I need to embrace it instead of running and hiding. Over this past year, He has sent people across my path to reaffirm why He has brought me through these challenges and wants to use me. Yes, I do want to capture those dreams and pursue them with His Validation and will be in prayer regarding those areas. I am very excited to do this bible study with this ministry and all of you, ladies. Also, I was wondering if I need to get the “She’s Still There” member study book and/or just the book itself? Blessings to you all!

  345. As we get our oldest packed for her first year of college, I realize all of her potential and dreams. I also am aware of the disappearance of my own over the years. I’d like to reconnect with those dreams and that younger me.

  346. Barbra Rowe says:

    All I remember of my dreams as a child was just wanting to be rescued from all the abuse. When that didn’t happen I ran to drugs and bad marriages. Eventually I found Jesus and he turned my entire life around. I met the man of my dreams who loved my children. I had so many dreams-dreams of having a ranch and opening a treatment facility. I went back to school and was even working on my masters and it all hit the fan. We lost everything… our oldest got in trouble and was sent away, we lost our home, we lost our business,we lost our animals. I lost my health and started having to have surgery on my back and my neck. We went from living on a ranch to a tiny apartment raising our grandson. Then we got three more grandchildren to raise. It looked like things were starting to get better and then my oldest daughter died. It’s been a struggle ever since trying to reconnect with God and I know it’s not him. I know it’s me. My anger’my sadness, my wanting to know why. It feels like all my dreams were smashed. I’m really looking forward to this Bible study because I’m hoping that it’s going to open me up-maybe not take me back to where I was but at least put me on the right path. I miss that blind faith. That knowing that everything is right with the world. I want that back.

    • Penny Guynn says:

      Hi Barbre, I can see how you would not be able to have the Full faith as you once did becaus of life always going into a whirlwind all the time, once you start something it all falls apart.
      I am so sorry for your passing of your daughter. Just know she will always be in your heart and soul and hold on to the good memories you have had. I have lost so much in my life and just don’t know where to turn sometime but if we just turn back to the Word and ask Jesus to fill your heart with Love and understanding. Sometime I find it hard to have faith ,but through everything I know he has brought me through it all no matter what it was. If we believe and know we don’t always have to see Him he will be there for you. Praying for you to find what God wants you to do.

  347. Monique leach says:

    I am 45 years old and have given up on a lot of dreams I had as a child. I wanted to be an astronaut, a ballerina, and a classical conductor. ABC. I know. Funny, huh? But real life experiences, weight problems, poverty, racism, family of origin friction, homelessness and 4 stays in a mental institution have killed my dreams. I am praying this bible study helps me.

  348. Amanda O'Malley says:

    My life now is not what I expected it to be or could even imagine. As a little girl I have all these dreams and ambitions that I wanted to do for God, but as I got older these things seem further and further away. But now I can see God traning me to fulfill those dreams and ambitions I once had

  349. My life did not turn out the way i thought it would.its a hard time after another. From losing my brother then grandma then aunt and now my dad is slowly going as well. Plus i was abused and i have a really hard time with that as well with guilt and all the feelings.i also have depression. I thought i would be out on my own now but instead im living in a residential care facility.

  350. Traci Hudson says:

    We just moved to a new state. I’m a SAHM again-Whoo-Hoo! We are living on an Army Base, but I don’t feel like I fit in since I’m not pushing a stroller like I see all the other moms doing. I don’t feel like I fit in & wondering how I will make friends. Moving is hard enough. Making new friends is hard enough. I look around & it feels like I could be these girls’ mommas. Where and how do I fit in???

  351. Penny Guynn says:

    As I was growing up I did remember a little bit of good things but My father was an alcoholic and a gambler and we didn’t have much food or clothes for school or just some things just were not the greatest! I lost my brother, mother, and father all when I was in my younger years. I always wanted to be a teacher but when my mother was sick with her heart and health I helped her allot, and I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up but when I tried to do my schooling my health always failed and Had bad depression and anxiety. Still to this day I try to do things and then I never finish because of how I feel. All through what I have gone through all my years I had faith and went to Church off and on. As an adult I just thought about how blessed I was to have God in my life even if it was of little faith he carried me through. No matter where I go or what I may do He is with me. He is with all of us, we just have to get into The Word and it will fall together. It all makes sense. Thank you Jesus for loving me just the way I am!

  352. Maria Clemente says:

    Has my life turned out to be anything that I ever imagined?
    I do apologize if I may sound “too spiritual”, but no absolutely not. My life is nothing like I ever could’ve imagined. I definitely would’ve made it a lot easier on myself, if I could ever have control, yet it’s everything I ever imagined as far as my God being glorified to the fullest in my life. From a young age I believed, I expected, and boy as hard as life is and has been He has definitely showed off.

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