Why This Study Is For Every Girl

"She's Still There" Study Hosts, Kendra and Melissa | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #ShesStillThere #P31OBSWe don’t get to say this about every book we read here at P31 OBS, but we think this one is for every girl! That’s right, we said every girl. Why? Because at some point we all struggle with feeling worthy.

Hi, I’m Kendra and today Melissa and I are both going to give you our honest opinions of the book, She’s Still There by Chrystal Evans Hurst.

First, we’ll hear from Melissa:

“She's Still There” Study Host, Melissa Taylor | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #ShesStillThere #P31OBSI read this book before it was ever printed and I was captivated from the very start. I don’t know that I’ve read another author who is so honest.

Often while reading I was caught off guard. Chrystal is the real deal, a fierce woman who will speak her mind and open your eyes to the greatness God has for you. She’s brave. She’s courageous. And she shows us that with God, we don’t have to settle in life. It’s never too late to make ours a life we love.

Side note: When I gave this book to our OBS Review Team, it was unanimous. They all agreed that this was needed and necessary for every woman. And so, here we are.

And now a word from Kendra:

“She's Still There” Study Leader, Kendra | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #ShesStillThere #P31OBS

When the author of a book pulls you aside and says, “I heard you didn’t like the first part of my book…” you immediately start sweating. This actually happened to me when I met Chrystal Evans Hurst.

Let me explain. Part 1 of She’s Still There is about how we tend to lose ourselves. Depending on unwanted situations, tough decisions, and propositions, we lose the hopes and dreams we once had. For me, as a 25-year-old, I felt like I hadn’t lost that girl in me… yet. But hold on just a minute! I am so glad I kept reading! 

As I continued, I realized that although I might not have lost that girl yet, I need to protect her from ever getting lost. The rest of the book taught me I could develop in ways I never imagined. That God has plans for me that I’ve yet to see and I want to make godly and right choices so that will happen. In the end, this book rocked my world. So much so that I read Part 2 – Part 6 in ONE DAY.

This book is for you. It’s for the 25-year-old that still feels hopeful for the future. It’s for the young mom who might feel like life is centered around her kids and her dreams have taken a back seat. It’s for the ladies who need to remember that they are worth fighting for. It’s for all of us who need a little encouragement from a sister-friend like Chrystal, who points us to God’s Word for the truth about who we are. It’s for those of us who need to remember that we are worthy.

If you haven’t signed up already, we want to invite you to join us for Worthy, an online Bible study based on the book She’s Still There by Chrystal Evan Hurst. The study begins September 5 and you can sign up here today!

Comment and let us know why you’re excited to study She’s Still There with us, and five will win a copy of the book! Winners will be notified via email.

Comment on the blog today and you’ll be entered to win this prize! | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #ShesStillThere #P31OBS

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  1. Crystal Bailey says:

    I’m so excited to start this study. It’s perfect for the season of life I’m in.

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      We are excited that you are joining us for this study. It will be fun to journey together with everyone and see what God has in store. Hope to hear from you on the Blog during the study. God’s Blessings.

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      I’m so excited to do the study right along with you, Crystal 🙂 <3

  2. I need a do over! And Chrystal motivates me to go after that do over.

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      I could use a few do overs too, Erika! I’m excited for you to join all of us for this study! See you September 5.

  3. Susan Totten says:

    I’m excited about this study because right now there are things in my life I don’t love and I am sure it’s the right book for the season of life I’m in.🙏💚

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Susan,
      Thank you for joining us and we will learn together how God can provide us with a new plan and purpose. We hope to see you on the blog so you can share what God is teaching you on your journey.

  4. I’m excited for this study because like many others there are dreams that have not come to pass and there are issues and health concerns that make me just want to learn more.

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      I am right there with you, Julie. I have dreams and I hope they come true but through Chrystal’s book we’ll learn that God is always working. Even when we don’t feel Him moving.

  5. I’m excited about this Bible study because I have always had a hard time feeling I’m worthy. I’m looking forward to finding ways to like myself more. I want to understand God’s plan for me too.

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      You are indeed worthy Robin and loved by God. And God has a special plan for you. Scripture says, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advanced for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10 (NIV) Blessings.

  6. Catie Vela says:

    I am so excited to read this book. In 2014 my marriage was at rock bottom, I had no idea who I was or what I wanted in life, and my dreams were long gone. I’m here today and I know who I am, Whose I am, and I have dreams again! My marriage is alive and well because of Jesus and I am continuously moving forward learning more about Jesus and who He has called me to be.

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      I love your testimony, Catie! Wow. Praise God you and your husband are doing well and you your dreams have reignited. What a journey! See you September 5, friend!

  7. Honestly I can’t wait for this bible study! It’s speaking to my heart right now and the current season I’m in. At my age in life I feel like things have not lined up the way it was supposed to and that too much has happened to me to get my life back on track.I believe this book will change my perspective. I’ll be able dream and have hope again

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Natalie, we are so excited that you are joining us for this study. We look forward to learning and sharing our journey together with you.

  8. Karen Pendergrass says:

    I’m 57, I’ve raised 3 children. I was raised in the church. Never really planned my life out, but along the way, l knew I wasn’t being true to myself, I didn’t even know who I was or why I was here. Had many, many rough years, but God always held my hand, no matter how far I slipped away. This year, during our church’s annual fast, I began to realize the Lord’s movement in my life. He was opening my eyes and ears. He was healing the brokenness. It’s been a process. Started awhile ago. Messages during women’s retreats, scriptures opening up in a new way for me. This book is part of that process for me. Right on time, like manna.

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you for sharing your story Karen, it is always interesting to see what plans and paths God takes us on in life’s journey, Scripture says, “The Lord establishes our steps” (Proverbs 16:9-ESV). Looking forward to hearing what God is revealing to you through this Study.

  9. I’m excited about this study because I want to be able to relate better with my daughter and help her where she is in her life right now. I’m sure that in the process I’ll be relating to my life as well.

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      Maddy, I love that you’re doing this study to help someone else. I’m excited to see how it works in your life. Excited to start this journey with you on September 5.

  10. Christina Diaz says:

    I’ve been a home-maker for 18 years. My children range in age from 11-21 years of age. I have given everything that I know to my children’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. I would not change my choices to put my dreams aside to raise my children first. I am soon approaching my 40th birthday. In the contrary, I am a Grandma now to a beautiful rambunctious 2 year old toddler. I am blessed to be able to watch my granddaughter while her Momma goes to work. Lately I have found myself questioning my dreams. Everything that I set aside to do, I put on hold to raise my children. I have a aching desire in my heart now to pursue goals in life that I feel God is calling me to reach out for. I struggle with the guilt of wanting to walk thru new doors in front of me, and once again laying aside my desires to raise my Grandbaby. I feel that all I know how to do, is be a Momma. However, now I play the role of Grandma too… I don’t know how to find myself within, the gifts that God blessed me with to share with others. My gift to give….Is it the unconditional love that I share with my children, and Grandbaby? Or is there something else that my Heavenly Father is calling me to do, and so urging these heartfelt desires that I have to pursue my dreams now…..This question weights so heavily in my heart.. What an opportunity it is to be able to study from home. This book seems to be very encouraging. I can’t wait to read it someday soon.

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Christina, God has certainly brought you to the perfect Bible Study. We pray that it will provide you with encouragement and guidance, and help reveal the special plans God has for you. Blessings.

  11. I’m excited to study this book because I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a book like it. My walk in faith is still so new and fresh, I am often consumed by thoughts of who I am really called to be in Christ, and if any of who I think I am is useful in this journey. Trusting Him and listening for His direction to use the gifts and talents He’s so graciously given me is a daily choice that I struggle to keep making, often several times a day. This book would be a great help to aid me during this Bible study and my goal of getting closer to God and feeling that I am worthy of His love and direction.

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Paige, we are so happy that you are joining us and look forward to hearing what God is doing in your life through this Study.

  12. Sherie Arvayo says:

    I never win anything but I am so blessed to have found and purchased this book, the very first chapter had me crying for I often asked “WHERE DID I GO??” I had to put it down and gather what I was feeling. I’m starting chapter 2 now but already feel good about me now. My Sister-in-Christ is wanting to read the book and I’m thinking of purchasing it For her… This way we can go through it together… Can’t wait until I read through the whole book and then will post on my Facebook page how it was!! Thank you for writing this, I feel it’s for me…

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Sherie, it’s wonderful to hear how the book is touching your heart and life and has been a blessing to you.. And that is great that you want your Sister-in-Christ to join the Study, it’s wonderful when you can share how God is working in your life with a special friend and in our community too. You mentioned Facebook, and you might be interested in joining an OBS Facebook Discussion Group, more details will be sent in an email when the study and Facebook groups begin in September. God’s Blessings to you.

  13. I have been a follower of Dr. Evans for a while. So, I am super excited to be a part of this study based on Crystal’s book.

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      Hi, Rena!
      I love that you’ve been a fan for a while. How fun is that?! Looking forward to studying with you soon!

  14. Excited to do the study, and the timing is such a God thing!

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      He’s so good at that whole timing thing, isn’t He? Excited to dive into the study with you, Heather!

  15. Jennifer Kimmins says:

    I’m so excited to start this Bible Study. For me personally, it comes at a perfect time! I have been feeling stressed an frustrated an honestly not worthy of the responsiblities I have been recently given. I look forward to this study an learning that I am worthy!

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Jennifer you are indeed worthy and loved by God. We pray that this Study will provide you with God’s insight, encouragement, wisdom, and give you His strength to help you in dealing with your responsibilities. Hugs!

  16. Lynda Jett says:

    I turned 70 in May . I expect hope from this study . My life is currently my daughters and my 2 grandsons . I desire something for just me .

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      First, Happy belated Birthday, Lynda! How wonderful!
      Second, I’m excited you’re joining us for this study. I hope you enjoy reading the book and walking through the study with us!

  17. Stephanie says:

    I’ve experienced unworthiness and it’s not a place that I want to live anymore

    • Stephanie, You ARE Worthy, you are all God called you to be. You are the head and not the tail! I pray that you are able to see yourself through the eyes of Your Father who loves you more than you can imagine!😘😘😘

  18. Ruth Kenneth says:

    Somewhere between marriage and my first baby, I think that I have lost myself to tending to and being there for others.
    With this study, I hope that I will be able to revive that girl and thus be sure that she is still there!

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      Ruth, I couldn’t have said it better myself! I have good news, I know she’s still in there 🙂 Now, let’s rescue her on September 5, okay? <3

  19. Maria Pane says:

    I would love to win a copy – these studies put me in touch with God so personally

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      Maria, I love that you have joined us in the past! Looking forward to walking alongside you during this journey on September 5. Winners will be notified via email soon. Thanks!

  20. Dinesha Green says:

    I’m excited about this study because I’m in a season where God is pruning, molding, shaping, torching (I could go on) everything on the inside of me that doesn’t reflect him. Having to deal with my bad decisions, shame, letting go of the past hurts, bitterness, pride etc hasn’t been easy. I have been frustrated, thrown a few fits and Boy have I shed some tears….BUT when I get in the presence of God… I sense him saying…daughter this is necessary. This process hurts….but I trust God. I’m still here…..ugly cry and all….laughing and crying at the same time…but I’m still here. And I know God is with on this journey. I’m alive right now for such a time as this. There is purpose on the inside of me! Thanks for being obedient! To all my ladies that’s cleaning out their closets to make room for what God has……LET’S GO!!!! #2PumpsRaisetheRoof

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      We are happy you joined this Study Dinesha, it will be fun to journey with everyone to see what God has in store for us. Blessings.

  21. Karen L Goree says:

    Hi. I’m really interested in this Bible study because I just recently got divorced. I lost everything and I’m starting over. I’ve lost myself in the process. I need to find me again. I think I will really benefit from this study.

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Karen, praying that God will use this Study to help you on journey. So glad you could join us.

  22. Excited about this bible study!!

  23. I am in a season of my life where I definitely feel like I lost that girl inside of me– the one who couldn’t wait to get married, start a family and a career. Now 26 years later– facing a divorce, going back to school to update my skills, and experiencing a strained relationship with one of my daughters– feels like life swallowed me up. I need to find the girl inside of me and get on track to living this life God has for me.

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      Judie, your comment really stuck out to me and I’m so glad I scrolled past it. Your hopes and dreams to get married/have a family are my current hopes and dreams. I love how honest you are and how you desire to get back to who God says you are. You are worthy, my friend, and I can’t wait to walk alongside you during this study.

  24. Maya Franklin says:

    I’ve just finished my first year of college and when I first left for college about a year ago, I wanted to change who I was in high school. In the midst of changing who I was, I lose the best parts of me like how strong I was inside and out and I disconnected with God. The demons of my past began to creep up on me and I suffered a lot with anxiety and depression towards the end of the year and it sprang up ever so often throughout the year. When I left to go back home, the whole in my heart never felt deeper. I struggled with accepting who I was and loving myself unconditionally. I came home and went to the BLOOM Conference in Honolulu, HI and was touched by what Havilah Cunnington, Tiffany Thurston, Blanca, Jeff and Alyssa Bethke shared with me about l loving Him, loving your significant other, and loving yourself. I reconnected with God right there at that conference and looked back at my life this year. Disappointed with the choices I had made throughout the year, I asked God for forgiveness and let him back into my heart. He has showed me what it means to have a relationship with Him and with others, and I’m starting to love myself more. However, I still think God has more in store for me and I’m hoping this bible study will guide me in God’s plan for me. Thank you 🙂

    • Proverbs31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Maya, thank you for sharing your story. We pray that this Study will give you guidance, direction, and revelation regarding His plans for you. It will be exciting to hear about your journey, as we all share what God is doing in our lives through this Study.

  25. Christy Grant says:

    I can’t wait to read this book. I’ve been struggling for years to find that girl I was. She’s gotten lost as life has happened. I’m slowly finding her again and am hoping this book will help.

    • Kendra Schwarz says:

      Christy, love that you’re already on the journey to get that girl back. Goodness! Can’t wait to see what God speaks to you through the words of “She’s Still There”. 🙂

  26. I’m so ready to read this book. I think I lost myself somewhere from being a single mom to the mangy health issue. I need to I’m still there. So ready. Thanks to you guys for having the obs. I love it.

  27. Can I be honest? I am excited about the study but I’m also scared. From the moment I saw the title of the book I felt drawn to do the study but I also felt afraid.
    I don’t know if I really do still have that little girl who is full of hope and optimism inside me. I experienced sexual abuse as a child and I feel like the girl in me is full of anxiety and fear.
    I have experienced a lot of healing and I do have hope for the future in God but the thought of finding and rescuing the girl in me doesn’t sound like it will be an easy task!
    So, to sum up, I’m excited because I believe God has called me to this study and he is going to use it but I’m also scared it is going to be tough.

    • Suzie Valla.( P31 O-Team) says:

      Hi L, You have been through a very difficult situation. I pray that this Study will bring you continued healing, and that you will feel the presence of God’s love in this journey.
      Don’t be afraid, Isaiah 41:10 (ESV) says, ” Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will hold you up with my righteous right hand.” Hugs!

  28. I am so excited to read “She’s Still There” because I lost “her” a long time ago…I have four children and I am headed towards my second divorce…I just crave and need peace and direction right now. 😢😢😢

  29. Jennifer Parks says:

    I’m excited to do this study because my life has taken a detour. I’ve made bad decisions and I’m in serious need of a tour guide to help me get back on track. The girl in me needs to know I’m still loved and God has purpose for me even if I can’t see it.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Jennifer, we are happy that you are going on this journey with us. There is no better tour guide and no better guidance than what we can gain through the study of His Word. Blessings.

  30. Marcia Whaley says:

    I’ve been feeling lost and out of sorts lately. I’m trying to get back on track and when I think I have one foot there it gets kicked out from underneath me. I want to be a role model for my 10 yr old daughter.

  31. I’m the mom that feel’s like life is centered around her kids and her dreams have taken a back seat, ….like I’ve lost who I really am! I’ve been feeling this way for several weeks so when I cam across this study, I didn’t hesitate to sign up–I knew it was for me!
    Thank you!

  32. Kirsty Allen says:

    My dreams were torn to shreds two years ago. I have accepted that they are no longer dreams God wants me to be chasing after. I have grieved for the life I believed was promised to me. And for the last year I have begged God to give me a new dream. I don’t have one yet and the outlook appears very dark. I am desperate to read this book to discover hope and maybe even what that new dream is

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Kirsty We are so glad you are joining our Study. The Lord brings us hope when we are discouraged, “May the God of hope, fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” (Romans 15:13 ESV)

  33. I was so pleased to have come across proverbs 31 because I feel that I have lost my way. I am so looking forward to studying ‘She’s still there’ and finding that girl God created me to be. I don’t want to wish my life away but I cannot wait until 5th September. X

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Welcome Lesley, we are so happy you found our community and are happy you will be joining the Study.

  34. Cindy Brown says:

    This book sound like something that I need to read. Feeling worthy is a HUGE struggle for me.

  35. I want this book because after being on this Earth for 50 years that girl is lost. She has been covered by dirt of life. The so-called friends, church folk, educational system. She continued to be dirtier through a negative marriage, society, and course low self esteem. She allowed the dirt to petrify by allowing it to affect her outside, inside, and of course the choices she makes. She reads Gods word, goes to church, pays tithes, but still knows this is not all that there is for her. Unfortunately, through all of this mess she doesn’t know who she truly is and wants to spend the rest of her life doing those things that are truly from her heart. She no longer wants to be a mummy. For under all of that mess is that true girl wanting to come out.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Mav, thank you for sharing your heart. We are happy you are joining the Study as we uncover together the true girl God created each of us to be.

  36. Krista T says:

    I am hoping to read this book with a friend.

  37. I am excited to begin this study because I want to know that the girl I used to be isn’t completely lost in the woman I have ended up becoming

  38. Deborah Logan says:

    I am super excited about this study. I cannot wait. I need to find myself again. I feel like I have lost my connection with God somewhere in the last year or two and am ready to take my life back. I am ready to concentrate on what is important which is my relationship with God. I am worth it and He loves me! I hope I win!

  39. Dianna Linville says:

    This is so timely for me. I am struggling with my worth as a woman at an age in between. I am just shy of 60 and feel I should in the most exciting part of my life, but everything points to my life of past experiences. It’s as if I have no value anymore and I am floundering with where i belong in my career and in what I am called to do in this stage of my life. I’m in a real season of change and I can’t find me in it.

    • Suzie Valla P31 O-Team says:

      Hi Dianna, I can relate to what your saying since your nearing 60 and I’m in the 60’s age group. Be encouraged because your past has provided you with wisdom and knowledge which can be used to help and encourage others. I pray that through this Study God will give you guidance regarding you career and direction for the plan He has for you. Blessings.
      Suzie P31-O-Team

  40. Krista Petersen says:

    I’ve been struggling with this very issue. I feel like I’ve lost “her”. The title of this book grabbed my attention or rather God got my attention with it. I’m so looking forward to reading it.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Sounds like God’s perfect timing for you Krista. We are excited that you will be joining in this study with us!

  41. My why? Because at any age we still want to find those dreams that might have been lost. Life can take over and sometime, no most times what we dreamed of becoming and that girl we use to be is lost.

    Would love to find her again.

  42. This will be my 2nd Proverbs 31 OBS, and I can’t wait! I really need encouragement through God’s word and the reminder that I am worthy and am destined for great things. I believe this Bible study will help me with that.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Bailey, I’m so happy that you came back for a second OBS and are so glad you are here with us.

  43. Juanita Pattico says:

    As a SAHM and a homeschooling Mom, I feel like my life revolves around my kids and my husband, and because of that I’ve lost who I am as a person. So I am so excited about this book and about doing something for myself!! I can’t wait to get started!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Welcome Juanita! Thank you for sharing today. So glad you will be joining in this study. Blessings.

  44. Not only is she still there, but what’s it all for? The struggle is real but why so much struggle? I know my platform is my family, which leaves little time for “her”.

  45. I’ve been slowly finding myself thru Christ and all the challenges I’ve gone thru these last three yrs. It’s nice to kno I’m still here, in this body, even for only a short while…. 😀

  46. Colleen Dorsla says:

    I am having my daughter, who is my daughter through guardianship do this study. She “hates” herself because her bio-mom “didn’t love her enough to stop using”. I am hoping this will help her see that her mom’s addiction has nothing to do with her and that she is loved, by many, even bio-mom, but most of all, by God.

  47. I ordered my audiobook after you announced that it would be the next Bible study. I was even more excited after hearing her speak on the First 5 app from She Speaks. Wow. She’s captivating. Yesterday it became available for me to download and I couldnt stop thinking about the first four chapters I listened to her read the book on the way into work. It’s like she’s telling me her story over coffee and I completely get what she’s telling me. Her words speak to me so deeply. I can’t wait to finish the book and then reread it when the OBS starts.

    • Great did not know there is a audio book 🙂 where did you get it?

      • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

        Hi Romy,

        Proverbs 31 Ministries does not offer the audio book, however, you can purchase it through Barnesandnoble.com, Amazon.com or Christianbook.com, and other retailers.

  48. Thank you will be a very inspiring study we all need.

  49. what a book that is needed in todays society. thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  50. I am excited about this bible study because I am the young mom whose life revolves around her child and husband. At time I’ve felt discouraged that my life is “on hold” right now. I believe this study will be a blessing to me, and many other women like me.

  51. Having just turned 56 years old and never more lost and lonely, it sounds like, yeah, I could use this encouragement!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Lc,
      You are never alone, God is always with you, and you can communicate with the wonderful group of women on this blog. We encourage one another as we share and grow together, so you don’t have to feel alone, we are all here for each other. Hugs!

  52. Jennifer Anderson says:

    Hi! So looking forward to this study!! The girl in me could use some wise words from a sister/friend 😊

  53. I am excited to start this study…I am a SAHM and feel like that has become my identity. I have lost my former dreams and passions and now my life is my children.

  54. Bobbie Myers says:

    After recently letting go of my baby girl to Costal Carolina (we live in PA), i feel like both my daughter and I could use a copy of this book. I feel like she could definetely take away alot from it, and i know that i would too!

  55. Enid Gonzalez says:

    I am a 46 yrs old woman and often times think about who I used to be and the dreams I had that are now lost in who I am. Feeling that been a single mother, carrying my family has left me in a point were I no longer recognize my dream. Thanks to God, I am delivered and free from chains and my heart lives in His Grace and Joy. Still I feel that on me dullfiling others needs I forgot the dreams and hopes I had. Although I have to say that some of my dreams are gone for good, as I had them in the ignorance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Enid, How wonderful that your heart lives in His Grace and Joy. God does have a special plan and purpose for each of us and it’s exciting that we will all be going on this journey together and uncovering our hopes and dreams through the studying of His Word.

  56. The more I read about this book the more excited I get for the study. We all need encouragement and we all need to remember the girl we were becore life started hammering away at us. I can’t wait to get started!

  57. Jojo Skinner says:

    I am truly excited to read and study this book with you all because at 52, God is helping me to repurpose my life. I am finally ready to accept that I am wonderfully made, the daughter of a King. I’ve gone from insecure and aimless to educated, professional, and christ-focused. I look forward to continuing that growth.

  58. I’m excited to join the study because this book sounds like what I need in this season of my life. Staying at home with 3 kids, I always feel as though I’ve lost myself.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Amber, we can understand the season of life you are going through now as you take care of three children.. We are excited with you that you will be able to join in this study. Let’s find ourselves together! Have a great day.

  59. Donna Morris says:

    Excited about this study. I think this is one study I really need right now.

  60. I’m 63 and excited to read this book and do this study. I’ve struggled with myself for most of my life. Yes I’ve won some battles but there a still some I need to win. I believe ready and studying and learning and listening will bring me closer to that place. I love being in fellowship not just weekly but daily. I never get enough and never want to ..
    Thank you

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Patty,
      We are so happy that you will be joining us on this journey. The blog is a good place to fellowship and connect with the wonderful ladies participating in the Study, as we share what we are learning and how we are growing in our relationship with God.

  61. Kimberly says:

    I am excited about this book because I battle with energy and strength stealing autoimmune conditions. Some days, it feels like I’ve lost me. In my place is this illness. It’s a daily struggle and if I’m honest with myself, I do feel unworthy most days.

  62. I am a 49 year old divorced mom of 4 adult children. I am no different than the next woman…raised my children the best way I knew how, am still a working mom, and serve as a greeter in my church. And in this stage of my life, I realized I’ve lost ME along the way. And when this study was posted, I truly believe it spoke volumes to my soul. Can you help me find her again?

  63. I had the honor to participate in the book launch team for this book. It was so amazing! It was also hard because it forced me to look at things that I would prefer to bury and not deal with. I’m so glad I went through this book. I signed up for the study because I feel like this is not a book you can read just once. Different seasons in life bring different ways to get off course. I have a copy of the book because I pre-ordered. I would like to share this book with a friend so they can experience what I have.

  64. Jessica Maldonado says:

    I need God more than ever I’m 41 years old and my life has not been great since I was a little girl. I have a 12 year old daughter that’s having very low self-esteem due to school. I want to learn more about God’s plan in my life so that I can speak and show my daughter how great God is. Thank you!

  65. I am excited about this book because I struggle with getting lost in day to day activities of children, work and the hustle amd bustle of day life. I feel I have lost me along the way

  66. valerie n Yarbrough says:

    I lost myself in my marriage and I am finally getting myself back .. I am a mother wife who prided hwrself on taking care of everyone but me .. I was the friend who was always there and couldnt depend on anyone .. I am going to purchase this book this may help rebuild my confidence..

  67. I am in a bad place in my life at the moment! I have a feeling of helplessness. Totally unworthy. Your comments on this book hits home. I am trying to pull myself out of thse feelings. I am anious to read this book. Thank you for your comments and for your ministry. God bless you both!

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Moxie, I am so glad you are joining us in this Study, we pray that through it God will provide you with encouragement, guidance, direction, and hope. Be encouraged, Proverbs 23:18 (NIV) says, “There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off”.” You are worthy, you are loved by God.

  68. Somewhere along the way I lost my my dreams and myself taking care of others and now I am trying to find my way back. So excited about this book and this study. I know in my heart that with the plans that God has for my life, I am not too old and it’s not too late!

  69. Cindi Blazina says:

    I need this book bc even though my childhood dreams were to become a wife and mother, which I am. I’ve recently felt like I’ve lost who I am in God. Like always P31 picks a study that I need just when I need it even if I didn’t know I needed it.

  70. I feel like the girl in me got lost long ago. I’m desperate to find her again

  71. So excited!💙

  72. The world is so busy screaming at us, shoving the next most important thing in our face, that it’s easy to lose our inner self, and hard to hear the whisper of the Spirit guiding us. We forget to tend and protect our inner self as carefully and as fiercely as we do a child.

  73. I am excited to read this book! I gave up my dreams due to some circumstances that happened in my life and made the most out of my circumstances. I still don’t feel like I have made any impact in the world. I have to believe God still has a plan despite the fact that I just turned 51and feel like time is passing quickly.

  74. My daughter has been struggling with depression. She’s far away from me at this moment. And I’ve been praying for a book that I can send to her. Reading the comments has helped me see. That this might be a book that will help her. Thank you and God bless.

  75. lynn vaughn says:

    i absolutely feel i have lost myself, I can’t even remember what dreams I dreamed way back when. can’t wait for this study to start!

  76. I’m excited to read this, not just for myself but so I can also share with my daughter in hopes she doesn’t make the same mistakes that I have! ❤️

  77. Michelle A says:

    After having kids, it feels like you lose your identity. You no longer have a name because you are just so-and-so’s mom. I look forward to reading how to rediscover my own dreams while still assisting my children in theirs…but I need the book!!!!😉

  78. I got married 4 years ago. I moved in with my husband only to find out he was cheating on me. The place where he lived had a deep rooted hatred for me because I was an outsider. The happiest moment of life was the beginning of an ongoing nightmare. My child later was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I didn’t work for 2 years, I had brain surgery and 2 other surgeries on my stomach. I am tired I look in the mirror and don’t recognize the woman staring back at me. Who is this person. I’m excited about this study because I need to find the woman inside that is buried under all this mess. I am excited to learn how to get me back.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Vanessa, We are thrilled you are joining us here at Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies! We pray you get peace and from this book.

  79. I would like to read this to know how to be more than just a mom.

  80. Joanie L says:

    I’m so excited for this book and it’s coming at the perfect time. I’m finding myself as a single mom, again. My second marriage just ended because of horrible decisions my husband made that forced the kids and I to leave. Raising teenagers alone and trying to stay afloat financially was not where I thought I would be.

  81. MARIA POSNER says:

    Can’t wait to read this book. Saw a video with the author & trully felt her warmth & “real-ness”. Would love to receive a copy of the book. Thank you ladies!

  82. I’ve been struggling a bit with my purpose, my place and who I am. I’ve always been confident in these areas, but realize that I got lost along the way and I’m doing a coast through life. I want to be the woman God wants me to be – and feel sure in my role. I’m hopeful this Bible Study will point me towards that direction.

  83. katrina laplante Mcdougal says:

    I am so looking forward to this study. I have a twisted history of physical, emotional and mental abuse. Those alone are enough to cause me to lose myself. BUT…………….then add to all that sexual abuse both in my growing years and into my adult years. So yes I have completely lost who Katrina truly is. I have been everything that others have labeled me. all of which has been obviously negative. I am in recovery now from drugs, which I had turned to because I couldn’t find the real me amidst all the “Katrina’s” that others had said I am. Through this study I want to learn how to at least start to find who I really am. Who God created me to be

  84. Liza Love says:

    Tho I haven’t read the book yet I’m excited that this will be a chance to dig deeper into what She’s still there actually means. Also this will be my first ever P31 online bible study yay!

  85. Chrystal says:

    She’s Still There is for me as a 36 year old “girl” who has just put both her children in school. No more babies to rock…no more sweet afternoon toddler snuggles…no more time at the store or doing little crafts during some quiet afternoon time. I need to find my girl!!! And how that girl does this new thing with her bigger kids when she was so comfortable caring for those tiny kids. And I need to teach my girl that she’s worthy in each role!!

  86. I feel like I’m slowly in the process of losing that girl and, like Kendra said, I want to learn how to protect her.

  87. Holly Dossett says:

    I’m looking forward to the encouragement from God’s word!

  88. Jessica S says:

    Reading these reviews has made me so excited to begin this study. My husband and I just recently celebrated our five year anniversary and it has definitely been a challenging five years. We have dealt with issues with family, work stress, financial troubles and then my husband had a TIA mini stroke a year and a half ago and was hospitalized. I felt as though we had made it through so much but his health was something I never thought I would have to worry about as we were only 28 at the time. I felt so lost and hopeless and I found myself on my knees crying out to the Lord. I was in such a dark place in my life but I can say that Christ has pulled me out of that terrible place I was in. I have a renewed faith and I am beginning to look at my life and know that God has a purpose for me far greater than I ever imagined. I can’t wait to read this book!

  89. Always thought I was a strong woman, then realize only at work. In my personal life I am weak, give in and now at the age of having grandkids I have given up having dreams and desires of my own. I am numb and its just “whatever” you say, everything has a negative thought and did not realize how bad I become until my sister came to visit and said “what has happened to you?!”. My smiling cheery laughing heart is buried so deep inside tears are forming in my eyes just writing this. I want to be happy again from the inside out, not just a plastered on happy.

  90. I am in a season where I am unhappy with my job my teenage children are almost done with high school and I’m finding myself a little lost in with the thought changing roles. Excited to do this study to try to find the true calling God has for me.

  91. Amy Stanley says:

    I’m excited for this study because I feel like I’ve lost who I am. I have multiple health problems and suffering from severe depression and anxiety. My husband and I raised our 2 adult sons and have adopted 2 little girls with special needs. The youngest one is in a treatment home right now. I worked as a social worker for our state and then worked for a private agency providing therapy for children in foster care. It was during this time that I became very sick and couldn’t work anymore. I’ve been devastated that I worked so hard getting my social work degree and cannot work. I felt like I had to do something to continue to do something that would make me feel like I was giving back…so we began fostering. We did that for several years and that is what led us to adopting. I feel like my plate is so full that I don’t know who the real Amy is anymore. I want to find my own identity that I feel like I’ve lost so many years ago.

  92. BrendaThurman says:

    Good morning everyone,
    I am excited about this study. I have been asking myself were did Brenda go and how can I get a little of her back, or can I can find her anymore, has it been so long that she is just gone. I love doing things for people, love it, but for 43 years I have been doing for others and not doing anything but these bible studies for me. I always feel guilty if I try to buy something for myself, if fact I always put it back and buy something for the grandkids or my doggies or my hubby. I just can not do it. So I am excited about this study. Probably still won’t be able to take time for myself but excited about learning.
    Right now going through a trial with my brother. He is sick, lost his job, owes a lot of money, fixing to loose his car and house. Needs to find a good home for his dog. So if you girls won’t mind could you pray for Roger McClain please, he feels like a failure. Part of it is my parents fault.
    Your sister in Christ
    Brenda Thurman

  93. What girl I lost her years and years ago and I am only 37 I am very interested in this study and what God will do thanks for a chance to win the book 🙂

  94. I am so excited because each study seems to be exactly what I need at the time. I’m a 41 year old stay at home mom of two beautiful girls and would not change that for anything, but I have little to no time for myself and my husband doesn’t understand that I just need a little time to myself.

  95. Kristina says:

    I feel like God has led me here– I’m in desperate need of encouragement and refreshment. I’m looking forward to reading the book and participating in the study. Thanks!

  96. Julie Duncan says:

    So excited to do a |Bible Study because A) there hasn’t been one given form women at my church in a long time,and B) this topic kinda hits home for my life.I have often struggled with how my life turned out.Am I living the life that I was meant to live? Surely not,cause I had other plans.I was destined to be something great,and I am sure that I still am .

  97. I am a mother of 2 boys, 17 year old and a 7year old (and a male German Shepard) . I am the wife who has put her selves aside and feels lost. Going back to undergraduate school with a full time job trying to fulfill my dreams has become turmoil. Volunteering at Boys Scouts and at my church has given me a sence of belonging but not completely, as I attend to others but I am still searching for my soul. As a Catholic and guardian of the Eucharist I still struggle to find myself through Gods words. What am I not seeing? What am I doing wrong ?

    I hope this book will be the “one” to make that difference.

  98. Excited to read this book and begin this study! I do need the encouragement. Due to poor choices in my past I do struggle with feeling worthy.

  99. I need to get closer with God

  100. Michelle says:

    As a once young single mom and now a 40-year-old married mother of a college student, I can relate to losing myself over time. As an art student I had dreams of being an accomplished artist and living a creative, vibrant life. Don’t get me wrong, my life has been filled with happiness and creativity, but I still lost myself and my dreams, as a lot of parents do when they are raising children. After an early cancer diagnosis last year, I realize how important every single day is and to not take anything for granted. I need to find that young artist within me and let her light shine!

  101. Amber Benson says:

    This study seems like it will be just what I need in this season of life I am feeling reluctant to dive into.

  102. I want to get closer with God

  103. I am excited to start this OBS because of the amount of fun and sharing that I had in the last study (Me, Myself and Lies). The amount of learning and encouragement that I had from the last study helped me to pull through life trials and struggles in my daily life. It also made me aware of how I need to protect my thought closet.

    When I saw this title, it intrigued me and made me think about what were my hopes and dreams as a young woman. Only to discover that I dont remember. As a single mom of a teen and also a caretaker of my elderly mom (and recently widowed) This study seems to be exactly what I need this time and find the “my lost hopeful girl”.

  104. Jamie Wellman says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of being on the launch team for this book. Unfortunately, life happened and I didn’t get to approach the study of this book the way I normally do (hence the reason I’m doing this study with you all). Even so, I’m 2/3 of the way through it and I feel its impact. I find myself thinking often about Chrystal’s words of encouragement and her words that equate to a kick in the pants. She is honest and open. She is funny. But she offers wisdom that anyone who feels lost needs to hear. I’m living in constant fear right now. I try not to but it’s hard for me to keep my eyes on Jesus and not my situation. I’m all alone and I don’t know what to do about the huge problems I’m facing. Chrystal’s book reminds me of truth I need to hear to face the fear and do something. I’m so thankful for that because it is only by facing that fear that I will grow beyond it. I’m looking forward to reading this book again, taking notes as I usually do, and gleaning even more than I already have.

  105. Kim Werdebaugh says:

    I just lost my mom and I am struggling with the new normal I am forced to live. My world has been flipped upside down. My mom was the most godly woman I have ever known. She is the one I called when I needed the right scripture verse for my situation. I need to find me and become that person for my kids and grandchild!! I can’t wait for this study!!

    • From one Kim to another, I too lost my mom. In fact both parents, 10 days a part. However, I truly believed when momma died my world would shatter into an infinite mound of pieces because she helped “define” me. Infact, she totally did. That was a tough job for the both of us. Losing her opened up some space to lay a new “work” and a “different foundation” to redefine find who I was “outside” of being “Sally’s daughter”. It really gave God a chance to open my eyes to show me who I am him. I miss my mom every day and it has been several years since she left to go be with the Lord ;but,I’m ever so grateful that God saw fit to bless me with the mama he gave me. Kim it does hurt and everybody has their own timetable of grief that looks differently and lasts with its own time table. There’s no right or wrong to it ;but,I want to encourage you that you will find yourself and you will possibly define yourself a little bit differently because without our moms we learn who we are as we stand alone being created into the child,sibling,spouse, momma, grandparent and friend God has cut us into for we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. 🙂 Sending you lots of hugs….

  106. Sally Fistler says:

    This study sounds amazing and I can’t wait to get started in September! I had 2 different emails in the same day recommending this book!! Thank you for leading this study ladies 💖

  107. Leah Bethea says:

    Because I wonder if she is stil there, I long for her to rise up and be wise from the battles but shake off the wounds and scars.

  108. Margaret Layman says:

    After I watched your video post on Monday with FB live; I knew this was a study God wanted me to do. So without taking a breath, I signed up and I can’t wait to see what is in store. <3

  109. Michelle Warren says:

    I’m excited to read this book because Chrystal seems like a breath of fresh air who will give practical instruction & real life experiences from a biblical perspective. She seems down to earth & open to sharing her experiences.

  110. Losing yourself in the midst of losing your hopes and dreams… so many times. I am learning my identity is in Christ. I never lose myself, I am a loved daughter of the King. And that is who and whose I am

  111. Mindy Sightler says:

    I’m so excited about the book She’s Still There because I feel like I am lost already and so desperately need to find the girl that I used to be before marriage and and children. The girl who had so many hopes and dreams and now have lost them. I live my dreams through my children but those are not mine but theirs. I so want to find the girl I use to be.

  112. I am excited to do this study because I feel like over the years I have lost myself more than once. I would like to once again find where I need to be to fulfill some of those old hopes and dreams.

  113. I am trying to find that girl. She got lost somewhere.

  114. Regina Stowers says:

    I am so excited can’t wait to read the book.

  115. I have just recently lost both of my parents this past year. I feel as though my life is in limbo. I pray everyday that the Lord will help me to get back and track and become the person He wants me to be. This is a new season in my life and I am looking forward to this resource to give me some insight to make the most of it.

  116. I was never forced by my parents to attend church when I was growing up and have just recently started focusing on finding God’s purpose for me. I’m a very ‘in control’ person and my biggest struggle is ‘giving it up to God’ when I am stressed and worried. I am really looking forward to this study and I feel that the more I learn about myself and God’s love for me, the easier it will become to overcome these struggles.

  117. Michelle F says:

    I’m excited to find out what is inside of me that I’ve forgotten about or allowed the craziness of life to cover up!

  118. Lori Grimm says:

    After 25 years of being packed away , I’m excited to learning the freedom to dream and be me again ❣️

  119. Monique leach says:

    Big,black, bold and beautiful like me. I can relate!

  120. Would love to win a copy of this book. I don’t know who I am. I’m a mom, a wife, a friend, etc….but when alone, I don’t know who I am suppose to be….

  121. Im excited about the book, I enjoy her podcasts and I too was a teenage mother & single mom for a long time. Now I’m a grandma raising her grandson… I know I’ve lost some of who I am. I struggle with being able to juggle it all

  122. Stephanie Barre says:

    I have never done an OBS and I’m excited to see what OBS it is like!

  123. Even though I’ve never been married nor have I had any children I’ve lost myself. I’ve always compared those two factors and summed them up as “life styles” to have no “excuses” or “reasons” to lose myself. Never, haver have I extended the same mercy, grace and understanding that I too or we without these roles are deserving of. I guess, “deserving of”.
    When I looked into this study I saw that same “girl” I found in “Uninvited”, , “Me, Myself and Lies”, etc…. all of the OBS studies and books that acknowdge, listen to and celebrate “that girl” that I so readily skip over.
    Thank you for the “love jabs” reminding me of her presense and significance.

  124. Teresa T says:

    I am looking forward to this book since I feel like it is answer to my cry to God. I feel like I have lost me over the last few years and I want to find myself again.

  125. Lynnette says:

    Ever since the first P31 OBS I signed up for, I want to do every single one. I’ve found that even when the studies don’t sound like they’re “for me”, in some way they actually are! Reading Melissa’s and Kendra’s reviews of She’s Still There this morning made me even more excited for this study to start.

  126. Susan Kolb says:

    I am excited about this book because I am not where I dreamed I would be. Yes, I married the man of my dreams, have four beautiful grown children and life on the outside looks grand. Yet, there are dreams that have not been fulfilled or that I am questioning if it is worth it to pursue the dreams. Stress at this time in my life is my constant companion–or wants to be! I want to hold on to those dreams and be the woman God created me to be!
    Blessings on your day!

  127. Trusting God for His love to breath HIS life and hope back into my often sad and heavy heart…

  128. I’m interested in this book because I have e felt and still feel sometimes that it’s to late for my dreams to come true at 48. I wonder if God can really use me at this age? My dreams of being married to a godly
    man and raising godly children seems as if a far distant dream that I missed because of poor choices in my life. This book speaks to me
    because maybe just maybe God can really still use me. I’m excited to so this bible study.

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Lisa,
      It’s never too late to experience the dreams/plans God has for us. We are so glad that you are studying with us. Hugs!

  129. Phyllis Nuttley says:

    Hoping it will touch my heart

  130. Malory B says:

    I have heard great things about it and I would like to check it out for myself!

  131. Margaret Kempf says:

    I would really love this book! I am looking forward to this study as I am 54 years old and I don’t even remember the “little girl ” in me. I have been going through counselling to deal with childhood abuses and would love to find the “little girl” if she exists in me.

  132. I’m excited about this study because I have given up on many dreams and I think God may want to renew them. I had a lot of hope and was excited to pursue God’s will when I first became a believer. So much that it became my focus. I got lost and frustrated not finding what was God’s perfect will for my life. I rebelled when I thought God might call me to something I didn’t like. I followed my own path. Now, I’m back following God but haven’t wanted to risk pursuing any goals/dreams. I do everything I’m supposed to do…but I don’t have any dreams, desires. I’m hopeful that this book will help me dream again.

  133. Anne Largent says:

    I am excited about this book because of all the trauma, crisis, and deaths lately in my own life. I need to realize that my dreams hopes can still be resurrected. I have felt many times of giving up because I forget “she is still there”.
    This book is real essential for me right as I try to resurrect that person inside me that has been locked for so long.

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Anne, It sounds like you’ve been through a lot of trials and difficult times. We are so glad you are joining us in the Study. Be encouraged and not discouraged, Romans 15:13 (NIV) says, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with the hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” God’s Blessings

  134. Margaret Suggs says:

    I recently separated from my husband. We have 2 children 9 and 12. It has been tough on my oldest. My faith is what has kept me going. There are many tuff days and nights. I am also waiting patently to begin a second career in teaching. School starts for us in 3 weeks and I still don’t have a job. I am still work some at my previous job. But money is very tight and I worry. I try and remind my self that God is in control.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Margaret, We are happy you are here. Please remember God will provide. He will! You are going through a heartbreaking situation. We hope you find comfort and peace here at P31OBS.

  135. I am excited because I am a 46 year old mom with 3 children who are ages 12-19. I have elderly parents, my husband’s step mom, my husband and a job. Life often feels all consuming. I feel like I have to be everything to everyone all the time. It is hard to find time to take care of myself. I know that I need to. Lately I really feel like I am running on empty. I still do my devotions most days. I talk to God frequently throughout each day. Lately it feels like he has been very quiet. I still trust him, but I just wish I could understand. We are going through financial difficulties. My husband is a sales man who works on straight commission. I think you can see why life gets all consuming. I really want to know what God is calling me to do. I love being a wife and mom, but that was not my only dream when I was younger.

  136. Janice Elrod says:

    I am captivated by all the reviews of this book. I have wondered if it’s too late to recapture my hopes and dreams. I can’t wait to do this study!

  137. Janice Pacowta Sylvester says:

    Even at age 66, I still struggle to measure up. I am grateful to know that I can’t measure up to everyone’s idea of worth or even of my own. I am sooo grateful that to God I am worthy b/c HE is.

  138. I am really excited about this study and am thinking it may be good for my daughter too who is 12. Lots of pressure on kids to become like someone else instead of being who God made them to be.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Melissa, What a wonderful idea! Life is difficult for pre teens and teenagers these days. We pray this Bible Study will help you both.

  139. I need more JESUS and to be surrounded by women like you all. So excited to watch what God will reveal to me. Thank you!!

  140. While I finally feel like I am beginning to find myself, I am in youth ministry. There are many girls there who, like most teens, have no idea who they are and are searching. I want to guide these girls to the truth, that they are children of God and find their identity in Him.
    I know God has a plan for my life. I want to reach a point where I can be bold for Him.

  141. I can’t wait to read this book. After reading the last email I’m so ready to see what God has in store through this study!

  142. Ann Connell says:

    I feel like I have lost me somewhere, I would love to find my hopes and dreams. I wonder if it is too late fore this 58 yr old to find her dreams.

  143. Barbara Snodgrass says:

    I am excited about this Bible Study. I am 56 , divorced, and alone and I know deep down that God is NOT finished with me. I am taking this bible study as a spoon that is stirring me up to ALL that God has for me and for an abundant life.

  144. Patricia Williams says:

    Man, or should I say ladies, when y’all first advertised this book and I saw the title, I was like uh-oh! I’ve actually been told this while someone moved my rearview mirror until I was looking in it. And they said, “look pat, she’s still in there!” Frightening….

  145. Robin Sweitzer says:

    After being married almost 20 years to man that puts titles on you. Being a mother for #27 years ..I lost me Long time ago. I believe I am the titles I am called and somewhere down the road I forgot who I was. I felt a flutter of hope when I read this title could I still be here just buried under everything?

  146. I am so looking forward to this study. I am 55 years old and sometimes I wonder if I have missed out on Gods plan for me. But at the same time I see His hand on my life. May God bless all of us in this study in a very special way.

  147. At 56, I feel like me hopes and dreams are gone… I need this book and Bible study.

  148. Brenda Scott says:

    Just reading the preview description of this book tugged at my heart! This will be a wonderful study, and I would dearly love to win a copy of the book. After several crazy years, I really need to hear what she has to say!

  149. rebecca kauffman says:

    I am truly happy to find this study and it will help focus on God

  150. Karen Reese says:

    Excited to read this book! I am in some need of encouragement…and inspiration to dream.
    I think this book fits the bill for the guidance and encouragement I need right now.

    Thanks Proverbs 31!

  151. A Lawless says:

    I’m very excited for this study. Ever since having my daughter, my life revolves around her and my husband. I am very hesitant to do anything outside of my husband and my daughter and usually if I’m invited I decline. My Husband keeps telling me that I need to go and have time with friends but I tell myself that I’d rather not. I”m hoping this study can bring “ME” back out of the situation and help me understand that I need “ME” back.

  152. Vickie Mullins says:

    I want to take it because no matter your age we all feel like we put things off for ourselves nit just our kids but grandchildren husbands all the above….

  153. I’m so excited for this bible study! My mother died 9 months ago so I am still trying to find myself without her. Having a 2 year old, 6 month old, and working full time it doesn’t leave much time to focus on me. I pray that this bible study will help bring me closer to God and help to find me again.

  154. Margaret says:

    I’ve been dealing with postpartum depression and with that ending up feeling like I don’t know who I am or what my purpose is. It sounds like this book may help me work through some of that.

  155. Jess Book says:

    I’m excited for this study because of what I’ve seen so far. The quotes that I have seen on Facebook and what I’ve read from you all about the study has got me hyped. I feel like due to dealing with my depression and anxiety has taken the little girl out of me and I want to learn how to get her back. I’m excited to learn and see how God’s gonna use this study.

  156. Charlotte Parker says:

    I am in the later autumn years of my life and look forward to reading and studying this book and how it relates to those of us who are aging…

  157. Stefanie says:

    I am so excited about this book and study because I struggle with my identity and worth. Some days I have it all together and other days, I want to bury my head in the sand.

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Stefanie you are loved by God and are indeed worthy. We pray that this Study will bring you hope and encouragement. Joshua 1:9 (NIV) says, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

  158. I can’t wait for this OBS! Unworthiness is so deeply embedded in my core. I remember that little girl I used to be … feisty and full of joy. When events happen that pull me backwards into a downward slide, that “you are bad” comes right into play. I know there is something for me in this OBS… persevere towards God’s truth!

  159. I am excited about this study for two reasons: that the author chose this topic of lost identity that most ladies know is real but often avoid for fear of dealing with what we find (in our closets) and secondly because am in the season where I am allowing God to raise that little girl who dreamt big!

  160. Sandy Sentelle says:

    I’m 66 years old and my husband and I just sold our home to go full time RVing. Most people would be so excited and consider this an adventure. I’m feeling overwhelmed and that I might not make the transition easily. What about my friends? They have been there for me and with me during some tough times. I’m leaving them behind. I have never done an online Bible Study but I felt led to make this my way of connecting with new woman of God in a different way. As I write this I’m feeling thankful that I made the decision to do this study and be reminded that I am Worthy!

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Welcome Sandy! We are so happy you are joining us! We have a wonderful community of women here, we enjoy encouraging one another and sharing what God is teaching us through the Study, and how we are applying what we are learning to our lives. We look forward to hearing from you on the blog.

  161. Michelle says:

    At the age of 48 with 2 adult children and a life that did not go as planned, I find myself wondering…what happened? I have been on a year and a half journey with God trying to find the way to the real me as well as a vision for my future. I’m hopeful to see what God does through this study.

  162. I am looking forward to reading “She’s Still There.” I am expecting God to reveal some things to me through the study.

  163. Amber Ritz says:

    I’m excited for this Bible study because I am starting a new path in my life where I am the new kid in the block. I have taken a teaching job at a different school in the same district and they are so close that I feel like an intruder. I need encouragement because not only am I having to make new friends, I’m having to teach a new grade. I have prayed to God several times these past two days telling him that I am thankful for His plan for me. I know that it is going to be hard at first, but it’s not on my own understanding of why I was put in their new school. He has great plans for me, and who am I to question Him the Creator of our universe.?

  164. Rachael M says:

    This book could not have come at a better time for me! I am so excited to start this study and learn She’s Still There!!!!

  165. Karla boone says:

    I am excited for this book and study because each study I’ve done with p31 has given me strength and built my faith. And, I am a single mom of 5 kids, the oldest being 24. My “baby” is 15. I am realizing that in 3 years I need to figure out how to have my own life again perhaps away from daily momming. I definitely need help for this one!!!❤️

    Thank you for all you do… Karla

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Karla, We are so happy to hear that OBS has strengthened and built up you faith. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in this Study. We are glad you are with us on this journey.

  166. Linda Clavijo says:

    I am excited to hear what Chrystal Evans Hurst has in her heart to pour into mine. I have never listened to her or read any of her writing but I love her father and sister and I can’t wait to hear her heart.

  167. Anastacia says:

    I’m so excited about this study. I’m only 20 years old and I’m getting ready to start the next chapter on my life. My husband and I are moving to a new city and buying our first home. Often times my dreams get stuffed down, so I’m excited to learn how to make my dreams honor God.

  168. Yanira Ramos says:

    Just the simple title of his book pulled me in and ever since I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how amazing it’s going to be to be reminded that my dreams are still valid! I am one of those moms whose felt so caught up with life , children , family and my home and I’ve let the fire burn down on my dream of writing a book and answering my call to be that woman in me after God’s own heart. The woman who wants to share her story and share God’s love with the world. This book is going to help me light that inner fire in me to bring my passion to life! How exciting!

  169. I’m so looking forward to this book, I just wish I had the money for it. Praying for your ministry.

  170. Kathy Ecklebe says:

    I am so excited to get started on this study! Whenever I feel like the book probably isn’t what I need God does an amazing work in my life 🙂 I also work with many different women and I am so excited to learn from this study!!!

  171. so excited and hopeful for this study!

  172. Tara E Black says:

    I am excited about this study because as a 43 year old woman who came from a really messed up childhood, I have struggled my entire life to even have hopes that dreams and know who I am in God’s eyes. I have always conformed to those around me in search of acceptance, which led me down many wrong paths. I am believing that this study will finally help me realize who I am and what God’s hopes and dreams are for my life.

  173. Angelia Morris says:

    I just got my copy of the book yesterday. I’m so excited to have it and can’t wait to delve in!

  174. I need this study because half the time I feel lost and unworthy due to circumstances in my life. Hard times that I try to keep from consuming me. I’ve been looking forward to this study since I first read about it and can’t wait to start

    Thank you!

  175. Bonnie Rohrer says:

    I listen to crystals podcasts weekly & would like to get the book she still there. She is so real!!

  176. I bought and received my copy, but I know plenty of women who need to be told who and Whose they are!
    I am in a weird place. On the one hand I am living my dream, but on the other hand I feel parts of my dream have taken a backseat to being a mommy. I am excited to learn how both are possible!

  177. Victoria says:

    The first time I read the synopsis of this book, I cried. Fot years I’ve felt like I’ve slowly been watching the woman that I am fade away, and I’ve been left asking ‘who am I?’ I’ve struggled with lost identity, and feeling like a shell, because everything within me has evaporated. For so long my identity and who I am was based on what someone else told me I was, rather than who God says I am. As I read about She’s Still There, all I could think was HOW DID SHE KNOW?!? “She simply needs someone to hold her hand, to cheer her on, and to believe with her that she is capable of still being the person she intended to be or discovering the girl she never knew was there in the first place.” I’m so excited for this book, for the healing and encouragement God has in store, and for the hope of discovering that the identity I lost, the ‘Victoria’ I no longer recognize, is still there.

  178. I’m excited about this study because I feel I’ve been lost for more years than found. As a mom of 5 (24, 12, 8, 7, & 5) life is never quiet, slow, or dull (be very afraid if it is)! My feelings of how I failed my oldest by walking away from God for so many years, pales only in comparison to how I feel daily that I’m failing them all now! My youngest was born with a life threatening disease and needed a transplant to survive. I struggled to maintain a sense of normalcy for my 4 other kids while most of my time was spent on saving my son’s life. My husband’s drinking spun out of control & he left us, but he won’t actually leave. He comes around and wreaks havoc. I try to keep us busy (church, scouts, sports, etc) to limit our time & exposure his drinking, and feel divorce is imminent. After being home to care for my youngest for the past 6 years, I will be returning to teaching (subbing), and worry how this will affect our dynamics. I certainly feel as if I’ve been lost in this world that I willingly revolve around my children, and feel I’m the most inadequate & undeserving person to be their mom. I have 5 great kids, surely God didn’t call me to be their mom to totally mess up their lives, right?! He has a plan for me, and I believe this study could help me uncover it!

  179. I am feeling lost and overwhelmed these days. I took a new job within the last year that I prayed for and wanted so badly. The reality is that the transition has been very difficult for me and I just haven’t found my place. I’m praying this study will give me a renewed sense that God is right here in the midst of it all and his plans are far better than what I can see.

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Brianne, God is always with us to strengthen us, direct and guide us, He has the best plan for us. Deuteronomy 31:8 (ESV) says, “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” We pray that through the Bible Study you will receive the encouragement you need for your new job. Blessings.

  180. Jo Ann Van Hoven says:

    So excited to read this book for both my daughter and I!

  181. I kept the girl for so long but have noticed the last 10 years she has slipped slowly but surely. I miss that and want her back.

  182. Hilary R. says:

    This study may help a year long struggle I have been going through. God has a plan for all and loves us unconditionally; that is an attribute we all need to remember. We are worthy in His sight-how great is that? I am anticipating a good, in depth look on the reminder that God created us in His image and we are special to the King of kings.

  183. Sharilyn Robinson says:

    I heard Chrystal speak on a podcast about a month ago and she really caught my attention. It was then that I heard about the book and the upcoming study. The title of the book itself is intriguing and makes you want to know what’s going on. Knowing more about why things happen with me most definitely will help me to understand my relationship with The Father.

  184. Sara McLemore says:

    I need this study badly. After what my family is going through. My husband is a veteran after getting out of the Army. My husband lost his job last year and we have been struggling to get back up onto our feet. By finding jobs in our area. My daughter is confused why I have to go back to work soon. My daughter is 4 years old.

  185. Looking forward to reading this!

  186. I want to read this book because growing up my parents and older sister were drug addicts and were very abusive towards me and my brother. Along with that I was molested by my step dads uncle who lived with us for several years and was my babysitter. Sometimes I wonder what kind of person I would have become if I had a different childhood, but then I realize that God had me set apart from the beginning. I got married at 16 and had my first daughter at 18. I dropped out of school and went to the community college and got my HS diploma a year early. I know have 3 amazing children that my husband and I are raising in the Lord and have been married for 10 1/2 years to my knight in shining armor.

  187. I am ready to find myself!! Life has thrown very hard lemons my way and at times I have just wanted to give up. I am a single mom to an amazing 8 year old girl who is my everything.
    I am so ready to do this study!!

  188. Can’t wait to dig into this study, been in somewhat of wilderness mode as transitioning into new career with husband and living abroad, trying to reinvent myself while trying to find “me” who got lost in the shuffle, while still striving to be great wife, momma, mimi, sister etc. Think this is just what I am needing right now to help navigate through this time in my life! Once again P31 always the right study when God see’s I can recieve and gleen from it!

  189. Even if we have not lost it in ways others can see, we can lose it in attitude of heart, so we all need to cling to the only One who can heal both, Christ Jesus

  190. I so need this study! I’m yearning to grow as a woman and a mother of daughters in Christ. I want to be strong in my walk and live it so my girls see it. I’m in a rocky marriage and my kids are being affected but I’m believing and trusting in my God. I’m drained physically and emotionally and struggle to make it through each and every day. I can’t wait to do this study!

  191. Jannell Rivera says:

    I need this study right now. I am going through a hard season in my life right now. I want to become much close to God.

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Jannell, we are happy you joined us for this Study, and we pray that it helps you to grow closer to God. In James 4:8 (NKJV) it says, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.”

  192. Kristin F says:

    I’m excited about this study because the topic spoke to me and I need to know that ‘I’m still there’. Have been feeling lost for quite some time.

  193. Wrinthia says:

    This will be my first online bible study and I was moved to participate because despite the,fact that I have been following Christ for years, I still struggle with seeing myself as He sees me and not the damaged individual that I believed myself to be. I was molested at the age of 5, which left me feeling devalued; consequently, I grew up seeking value in relationships and substances and both led me down some dark roads..Thank God for His grace and mercy that saved a wretch like me! His love continues to draw me, heal me and restore me.

  194. Dawn Sloboda says:

    I’m so looking forward to this book and study! I lost the girl in me and the dreams and so want to find my way back to what God has planned for my life!

  195. I am so looking forward to reading this book!

  196. Janet Wallace says:

    I just got my book yesterday, I am excited to start it!!!! And I bought one for my daughter for her birthday!

  197. Brittany says:

    right now my husband and I are going through a very rough patch. I got married very young and am now more than ever unsure of who I am. I am hoping this book and study will help me to find myself in Christ once again, then show me how to maintain that sense of self. These book reviews have spoken directly to me in my time of trouble. Thank you for this study!

  198. Lorissa Christiansen says:

    I can’t wait to read it

  199. DELLA YOUNG says:

    I am excited about this new study. Is it not Sept yet?..

  200. Susie Pate says:

    Even though I’m noT a young woman (56 years young) I am anxious to study this book and the word with you. I have been divorced and single most of my life and raised a son on my own who is now 33. I work with a group of young ladies who I would love to lead in study as well but most of them do not even attend church. I would love a copy of your book to help guide me. Thank you.

  201. I’m excited to get started in this book because for a long time now I’ve felt like I’ve lost myself. I’m 62 and have gone through some really hard things where I’ve had to lay aside anything for me to care for others. Now I feel like I’ll never get me back. And I wonder if I’m even supposed to.

  202. Kelly Anderson says:

    wow! I am currently studying Proverbs 31:10-31 and this book sounds like the next step I need to take! so amazed at how God lines things up!

  203. I think this book will be good for me because I feel so lost right now in my life. I feel like I can’t find me.

  204. I am excited for this book and study because at age 55 I have been separated from my husband for 3 years due to his alcoholism, my youngest of 3 is headed to college, I am in the house that I raised my family and am finally able to slowly things to it that I’ve always wanted to and have a great job at my church! I know that “she is still there”! Here she comes…joyous in the Lord!

  205. It will be good to reconnect with the girl of my youth like Daniel. He never forgot Jerusalem and remembered what was magnificent and holy about his home, even at 80 years of age while praying to return.

  206. Kathy Gurule says:

    I’m looking forward to reading this book because I’m 57 and for the last few years I’ve felt lost and adrift and without purpose but in the past 6 months I feel like with Gods help I’m on the comeback!

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Kathy, I am happy that you are joining us in this Study. We are looking forward to see what plans God has in store for each of us. We are never adrift with God at our side, Psalm 32:8 (ESV) “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”

  207. Christy Blackburn says:

    I have struggle with this issue most of my life. God is healing me and battling for me daily! I see my daughter and granddaughter being attacked in the same way. The enemy can’t have us. We do not belong to him! Hallelujah for studies like this!

  208. Jeri Ann Mikell says:

    I’m almost 44 years old in 8 days and I know I’ve lost the little girl in me that God had big plans for. I’ve been praying for the last year for God to restore the girl he designed me to be before the world told me who I ought to be. I listened to the world for a long time even though I have been a Christian all my life, but I refuse to listen any more to the world. God’s the author of my life now….NOT the world!

  209. I’m excited to read because I’m in the in between stage of life. My kids are getting older and I have some time now to pursue more of my own dreams but I’m not sure what they are anymore. I’m hoping to use this study to refocus and get intentional about this next season of life for me.

  210. Daniela Ramirez says:

    I’m excited to read the book because I lost myself years ago after a person at work sexually assaulted me. I’ve been so lost in the wilderness of self loathing and worthlessness that it ruined years following, my marriage fell into separation for years and even until present day and my husband does not speak to me at all. Within the past year I’ve gotten healing from the Lord through church, His word & therapy, but I’m still waiting on my marriage restoration. I’m hoping the book will renew me even more and build me up stronger than ever.

  211. I am so excited for this study for a few reasons. Last Thanksgiving, my husband and I took in a troubled teen and to say it’s been hard would be a gross understatement. We’re only 27 & 28 and our rules don’t seem to matter to her. When she signed up for a sport it was on Sunday’s and my bishop was totally understanding. He said that’s where my family needed to be at the time for her. While she may have progressed, I regressed. I felt my testimony slipping away. We were at Rugby from February to June. That’s a lot of church time I was missing out on. I felt like a lost sheep. I just got back from church camp and I am starting to feel more like myself again but I know the real me is still there. She’s still there, somewhere. I am excited to find her and reconnect with her again.

  212. Keisha Simpkins says:

    It seems to be a very worthwhile read. I would love to have a copy, not just for myself but also for my niece. Thank you.

  213. Jada Huff says:

    Having felt lost and adrift the past few years in my home life and my professional life (house fire burned our 80 year old house–where my Mom was born, raised and married-to the ground and my company is going thru a ‘reorganization’), I have been battling with depression and issues of knowing God wants His best for me–I KNOW it in my heart, but my head is arguing “why the struggle, then??!!”. I know this book will touch a place in me and ignite the passion I once had!

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Jada you have gone through some difficult trials and issues. We pray that this Study will provide you with God’s comfort, joy, and peace and direction for your life. We are happy you are studying with us.

  214. Jennifer B. says:

    I would love to read this book and participate in this study. I find myself 4 years into a marriage and about to be living as a single parent again as my husband goes off to a 2 year rehabilitation program. I need to discover who I am, and find out if any of the old, joyful girl I used to be is still inside of me. I find myself fighting anger and frustration more than enjoying the peace, joy, and love I know belongs to me as a child of the one true King! I feel like need a reminder of what lies beneath the surface because I refuse to let the enemy drive me back into the depression that God took from me about 6 years ago.

  215. C thomas says:

    I have always struggled with “being good enough” to be accepted. Never truly felt accepted even when I was included in “things”
    However, I felt at peace in God’s presence and used my faith in Him to support me as I floundered through life.

  216. After a recent break up with an emotionally abusive partner, I have been looking for any and every Godly outlet to mend my soul. I voiced to a friend that I felt that God created this situation for me in order to strengthen my own self image and my relationship with Him. This friend introduced me to Proverbs 31 and told me to start reading. I have yet to be disappointed. I will be reading this book! I only wish I’d learned of Proverbs 31 sooner. Thank you all for the hard work and daily inspiration!

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Kara, we are happy to hear that God used Proverbs 31 to help mend your spirit and strengthen your relationship with Him. Your story is such an encouragement to the Ministry. We are happy to have you on board for this study. Blessings!

  217. Bonnie Johnson says:

    Excited to join another virtual Bible study with the Girls!! You always do an amazing job so I know we won’t be ssapointed. I can encourage women to come in and join!!!

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Bonnie! We are happy to hear you are enjoying OBS and encouraging others to come and join us. Blessings!

  218. Cindy Williams says:

    I’m excited about the study because I know God will meet me in it. I know that the Holy Spirit will reveal to me things that I need to hear. I need to not just hear corrections, but also love and compassion. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and Jesus wants to speak to us. He wants to tell us that we can do all things through Him! He does have a plan!

  219. I am 47 years old and on the verge of an empty nest. I lost my inner girl a long time ago but am hopeful I can get some of her back. I’ve struggled with unworthiness but have discovered it has to do with how I see others, not how they see me. More importantly, I see my 18 year old daughter heading down the road to feeling unworthy. This would be a great book for us to read together. Whether we win a book or not, please remember us in prayer.

    • Suzie Valla (P31 O-Team) says:

      Lea you and your daughter are worthy and loved and cherished by God! I will be praying for you and your daughter. This should be a great study for both of you to do together. God’s Blessings

  220. I cant wait to start reading this book and particpating in this online bible study! 🙂

  221. Sheena meeuwsen says:

    I’m excited about this study because my heart and life has been transformed over the past year….I’m a 34 year old wife and mother of three. I spent their toddler years at while attending nursing school, achieving my dream to become a RN all the while not realizing God had already given me my calling of making disciples of three little ones who looked up to me. As I chased my career dream, my dream of being an amazing wife and mother was dying. My marriage was coming to an end, by fault from both of us becoming very self absorbed. And my children were learning all about how to be selfish. I didn’t realize the enemy was pulling us all closer to him more and more. I found myself depressed and in despair as everything fell apart. Although I attained my career goal and had my dream job, I was so lost. I didn’t like who I had become. I didn’t even recognize myself. Well our God is so graceful and faithful….He convicted my husbands heart and I witnessed an amazing transformation in him and God then came after me…today…I found my identity in Jesus Christ! I am again a stay at home Mom teaching my children that every day of our life is a gift from God and we are gracefully given opportunities to glorify His Kingdom! I have been given the gift of a marriage that we believe was created to glorify God, not ourselves! And I know that if/when the Lord decides to use me as a nurse, it will be where He wants and when He wants! His Will not mine!! This world will not define who I am! I will not lose myself to this world again! We are all created by God for His glory!!

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you for sharing your amazing story on how God transformed both you and your husband’s lives. We pray that this Study helps you to grow in you faith. Blessings.

  222. A couple of weeks ago, my pastor’s wife, Holly Furtick, preached “I’m Just A Girl”. She confessed that although she is married with children of her own, inside there are times when she feels like she’s just this girl. She went on to talk about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and how she was just a girl – but she submitted herself to the will of God. It really resonated with me. Then I heard about She’s Still There, and I knew that I need it. I am eager to read the book and begin the OBS. Thank you! I know this will be life-changing.

  223. Nicole Carr says:

    I’ve been searching for a study just like this! I’m going through a giant transition as a new mom having recently moved from overseas to a place where we have no family. I used to be so involved in our community as a Youth Group Leader, fitness instructor and other other activities…and now I’m a stay at home Mom. I know how important it is to have the support of other Christian ladies in my life. Excited for this study and online community!

    • Proverbs31Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Welcome Nicole! We are so excited that you are joining us in this Study. We have a wonderful community of women here where you can interact, encourage and share what you are learning through the Bible Study.

  224. I’ve found myself in the hardest season of my life. I’ve raised my kids,who are awesome people. I’ve been blessed with a good daughter-in-law and I’m expecting my first grandchild in just a few weeks. I should be thrilled. I am very excited to be a grandmother, but I feel like I’ve just lost myself in the middle of my life. I home schooled my boys and I loved it. I knew I was called to do that, but now I feel like I’m in limbo. Just waiting on what God has for me next. It’s been 2 years since my youngest son graduated from high school and I’m still waiting. When you can’t see a clear picture of what you’re supposed to be doing, you start to feel invisible and forgotten. Especially when you’re watching everyone around you being used by God in awesome ways. I need to rediscover who I am and what my passion is. I’m pretty desperate.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies says:

      Hi Julie,
      Thank you for sharing your story. God has a purpose and plan for you. We are happy that you joined us for this Study. It will be interesting to hear about the path God has chosen for you.

  225. I am truly excited about this study. As an empty nester I have wrestled with wondering how I got where I am at and where do I go from here. While I have come to a place of contentment and true happiness, I believe God still has more for me and I would love to find out what that “more” is.

  226. I’m excited to do this study because I’ve been away from OBS for a few years & I’m ready to jump back in! Also I LOVE Crystal Evans Hurst! I used to subscribe to her weekly emails & want to get back to doing that too! I would like to get a free copy of this book because I want to encourage my daughter to join this study!

  227. So easy to lose ourselves when we are serving everyone else at any age.

  228. To be honest I would like to know if the person God created me to be is still there. Let me just say I don’t think so not after all the abuse, loss and rejection. I want to believe she is, but I just don’t know how to find her. I have hope when I really shouldn’t I guess.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies says:

      It sounds like you’ve gone through a lot of trials and difficulties Lydia. We are so glad that you are joining us in this study and we can journey together and see what God has in store. We pray that God’s Word and this Study will provide comfort and encouragement and hope for you.

  229. I am super excited about studying Shes still there, because as a mom of two kids and a busy full time worker I feel like I lost who I was 10 years ago. This seems like a super good study and I cant wait to read it too! Thanks!

  230. I’ve been feeling a disconnect lately that’s really been a burden on me. I’m excited to connect with other Christian woman and share my experiences so I know I’m not alone in this crazy life!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies says:

      Hi Sarah, We are excited that you are joining us in this Study. We have a wonderful community to connect with and to share your journey and obtain encouragement. Blessings.

  231. I am so excited to start this study. In the last year I have started a new job, moved, tried to find a new church, raise a 6 year old, take care of a husband, house and life, this transition has been hard. Looking forward to finding myself again.

  232. Seems like a great book to engage with other woman about.

  233. Dianne Bullock says:

    I’ve been through some tough times in my life and I’ve come through stronger and more compassionate than ever! But the season that I’m going through now are some of the toughest times … things are happening to me that you never think would happen to anyone!! I don’t know even know what to do or how to deal with them – they are HUGE!!! I will be 60 years old on the day this study starts, I’m disabled, and I should be just kicking back and enjoying my life, but I’m having to fight through the hardest times of my life…why now? Why at all? What did I do to deserve this? All I can do is turn this over to my Holy Heavenly Father and ask Him to take care of them because He knows I cannot. He is faithful. He is the provider of all things if we but ask.

    • Suzie Valla (P-31 O-Team) says:

      Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your story. It sounds like you have been through some difficult trials and continue to experience them. I will be praying for God to give you strength, comfort, and peace. God is there with you no matter what the storm. Psalm 46-1 (NIV) God is our refuge and strength an ever-present help in trouble. Hugs.

  234. Juvannee Torres says:

    I am so excited to start the new bible study. I have always struggled with who I am and why I am here. What is my purpose on Earth? I know there is a plan for me. I want to be the best version of me for my children.

  235. I am so exited to start this study!

  236. Desiree Flora says:

    I can’t wait to start the Bible study!

  237. Rocio Enriquez says:

    I’m so excited for this book! I feel like I could use the encouragement and truthfulness of the Lord’s words. Being a mother, student along with every other title, I have lost myself to it.

  238. In this new season that I’m in as an empty nester, grandmother, and employee facing retirement I need to read this book and participate in this study so I don’t lose myself before I finish the race and leave a legacy for my family.

  239. Danielle Guidry says:

    As a single mother of two great children, a son 26 and a daughter 15, I’ve spent all of my adult life as a mom and every identity that comes with that title. I love being a mother and my kids are awesome, but I struggle wotj9 feelings of worthlessmess and fear of not measuring up. I am trying to find MY TRUE identity in CHRIST JESUS.

  240. This OBS study comes @ the perfect time in my life! I’m feeling like I need some direction as to what is my purpose? Have I missed something?
    Thanks u God and P31 for answered prayers! I know God is going to teach me something thru this study 📖

  241. I am excited for this study. I am in a very hard place right now in my life and feel completely lost as a person and mother. I feel overwhelmed, anxious and even depressed MOST days lately. I feel this might help me at least focus on how to mend and get back to a place where I am at peace and happy. I am so tired of feeling stressed out and scared. Where I am in life right now just doesn’t feel right. I feel like I was meant to be here for a real purpose and I haven’t yet found that.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Monica, We are so happy you will be studying with us. We hope through God’s Word and the Study God will bring you peace, comfort, joy, and encouragement. Philippians 4:6 (NIV) Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Blessings.

  242. Debbie Chatley says:

    Hoping to win a free copy, as at age 48 I can think of quite a few dreams that have gotten set aside for family, for work, for whatever and I’m curious how God will use this book to reignite one or more of my dreams

  243. hello to all I’m so excited can’t wait for this Bible Study I love them all thank you so much.

  244. Ronda L Campbell says:

    I am excited for this study because my friend in another state is going to try and do it with me . I have done all the studies on here and she is finally going to too. I love these gals and feel like they are good friends , plus they are not far from were I live. 😉

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Ronda, How exciting! We are happy to hear that you asked a friend to join you in the Study! It is always nice to share what God is doing in our lives with close friends

  245. I feel like I’m constantly saying “I’m in a hard season right now”. Life has not been sunshine and roses very often. Don’t get me wrong, I have 4 beautiful children, a husband who loves me, a home, and a job. I have clothes on my back, food to feed me and my family, and a car to drive. But none f that reflects the disabilities, mental health problems, financial struggles, parenting screw ups etc etc….. I need this book to help me remember who I was and who I wanted to be. I need to finally it on my mind Who I belong to and who he’s made me to be. I am very much looking forward to reading this book and doing this study!

  246. Mary Davidson says:

    I’m a single mom of three girls only a year and a half out from escaping a horrifically abusive marriage. I am struggling emotionally and financially and many days don’t think I’m going to make it. My biggest struggle is believing I have value and worth. Most days I feel beaten down and ugly. When I saw this book come through I knew that I needed to join this study and refocus on my value in the Lord. I need to see myself how he sees me and renew that joy.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Mary! You are indeed worthy and loved by God. We are happy that you will be participating in the Study with us and that it will provide you with hope and encouragement.

  247. Sarah McC says:

    I cannot wait to read this book and participate in this OBS. After reading the dust jacket for this book and reading a little bit more about what this book encompasses, I feel like it is what I need in my life. As women, we get so lost in the craziness of life that we tend to lose ourselves in the process. For me, I know that not only have I lost a little of myself, but my relationship with God has suffered as well and I am ready for that to change. Cannot wait until September 5th!

  248. Patricia Jaracz says:

    I always feel unworthy of so many things. Looking forward to this study.

  249. Karen Harding says:

    “She’s Still There” sounds exciting! Can’t wait to get started!!!!

  250. At 52 I am at a loss. I look at pictures of myself and wonder where she is ( not the skinny pretty girl but the girl who had hopes and dreams). I would like to find her and realize some of the old dreams and be able to dream new ones

  251. Jeanette Meyers says:

    Value insight

  252. Melissa Fenderson says:

    I lost myself in my marriage, job, and parenting. When my husband left me for another woman, I was crushed and realized I very little of me left. I’d love the book. I’m on the path to finding myself again and learning what God wants from me and from my life!

  253. Kelsey van Anrooy says:

    I would love to be a part of this online bible study! I feel like this study would really speak to me because I am a 24 year old mom of two beautiful children. I have put aside my goals and dreams for the time being so that I can stay home and care for my children. I am hoping to win a copy of this book so that I can participate in the study!

  254. Eileen Santa says:

    I find myself sometimes wishing of having this or that in my life or maybe IF hadn’t done this or that and reading your posts help me focus on Jesus for the answers and to stop the wondering

  255. Arellys Peña says:

    A friend and I are wanting to do a bible study along with you girls! I’d love a copy of the book ♡ thank you for the encouragement!

  256. Hi! I would love to win this giveaway. I just turned 50 this year and for the past 10 years have been in a emotionally destructive marriage. I have been internally shut down for almost 10 years. I have lost hope, my health has started to fail and I ask God why has he keep me here, for what. I am physically , mentally and emotionally and spiritually 100% depleted. I feel I am in a prison. My world has become very small and I am isolated. I would love to read this book and just see if God speaks thru it. Thank you!

  257. Caitlin Ippolito says:

    I am so excited to study She’s Still There because, even though I am 25, I do feel lost in life and sometimes feel like I am drifting from God, AKA the worst feeling ever! I am going on a year and a half of being sick with an autoimmune and a muscle/skeletal disease. Sometimes I get angry, sometimes I get sad. I always know God is there with me, but sometimes I can feel myself pushing away. I cannot wait to start this study! Proverbs 31 OBS is always something I look forward to!

    • Suzie Valla P31 O-Team says:

      We are happy that you will be joining us in this Study! I am sorry to hear about your health issues and I will be praying for you. I will also pray that God provides you with strength, comfort, and hope. Hugs!

  258. As a single mom who has spent the last 11 years raising kids, I’m now at a crossroads. They are all leaving home almost simultaneously with one out of the country, one planning a wedding, and another starting out his career. I am unsure of where the next chapter or season will lead me and excited to read this book with you all while I’m trying to figure who I am and what God has in store for me!

  259. If I ever needed a study like this it is now.
    God is good.

  260. Kelly Frye says:

    As a result of childhood trauma, I never really had a dream. Until this past year of going through some healing, I feel that I am finally ready to begin to thrive and not just be a survivor. I fight with thoughts sometimes that at age 50 it is too late for me, but I have to remind myself of who my God is and He is not finished with me. I ready for what He has for me. This study sounds like what I need right now.

  261. Amy Faust says:

    Can’t wait to start this study. I have been lost in a cult for years and finally pulled myself out. Have lost my kids in the process (not completely, I just don’t have custody – I still see them) and myself too. I have been so lost and sometimes feel so hopeless and unworthy of forgiveness.

  262. Cindy Gatlin says:

    Counting the days until we begin this study!! If I win I’ll give the book to a friend since I’ve got mine!! 😊

  263. I am that woman who goes completely silent when asked: what’s your dream? I forget!
    So happy that this Study is coming up…expecting great things from it!

  264. Oh I can’t wait to get started!! Empty nester that feels I’m just not worthy enough of being a Mom anymore, well I have stopped that self talk from last Study with Y’all and SO excited to continue this learning journey of I AM WORTHY of whatever God puts in front of me, it just may be a little different, I’ve NEVER had so much time to myself EVER, I’m 53 and just NOW finding out there is a life without constant care of another person, Yes It’s ME!!! So I can’t wait! I’d love to have a free copy 😀👍🏼

  265. As a grandmother to 10 it is sometimes hard to remember what I wanted to do in my life. Not that my life has been terrible but there have been some things that I still have to deal with from my childhood. Looking forward to finding that person left behind.

  266. Nikki Hinkley says:

    I was forwarded this upcoming study by a friend who knows I’m going through a lot of these same questions; am I worthy enough? Am I strong enough to move from a rocky position in my life and seek the happiness I deserve? Will my kids hate me forever?

    • Suzie Valla (P31 O-Team) says:

      Hi Nikki, It is so nice that a friend referred you to this Study. We hope you join us. Through God’s Word and the book I think it will provide encouragement and guidance. There is also a community of wonderful ladies that you can interact with and share your journey. Blessings.

  267. I’m excited for the Bible study because this book speaks to me from the title. I been through a lot but with God I know I am still here because there’s more to do. I can say to myself now keep going.

  268. Shirleen Holmes says:

    I am so looking forward to this study. I am 58 years old and feel lost and dissatisfied that I have not attained many of my goals and dreams!
    Here’s to ‘She’s Still There’

  269. Vicki Sellers says:

    I was blessed to be part of the launch team for this incredible book. And I have already given my first copy away and ordered another one for myself. I have another friend who really needs this book! So if I’m one of the winners she will get the copy. I loved what both you and Melissa said about the book, that it is indeed for every girl. And that while some may not have lost their girl Crystal does teach us how to keep from losing our girl! Cannot wait to do the study because I want to read it again and I know that it is going to bless all the women that signed up for the study! I truly believe that Shes Still There is a book that will change the lives of women for years to come!

  270. I am so excited for this. It comes at the perfect time. I am always doing for my kids and job I feel I have lost my worth. I am also fighting for attention from my ex husband as we are trying to reconcile our marriage but I never feel worthy to him. I hope this study shows me I am worthy of a greater love and I don’t need to fight for attention from a man.

  271. Sarah Mckinney says:

    I’m alwayyyyyyyyys so excited for a new bible study from p31 🙂 I was recently at a friend’s house and she had just received her new book.. I flipped through the pages and knew instantly this was going to be one of my all time favorite bible study books 💕

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Sarah! How wonderful that a friend showed you the book and you decided to join us. Welcome to OBS! We hope God uses the Study to strengthen your faith.

  272. God is so great and so good to me!! He knew that these are exaclty the words that I need to hear at this point in my life. I am beyond excited what God has in store for me with this study.

  273. I didn’t really think this was for me, but now it’s really looking like it’s meant to be. I keep getting a tugging. I’m real excited for this now though. I really would like to find myself and my purpose. I turned 50 and just kind of floundering with career and stuff. I don’t really have a passion. I’m hoping to find it soon. Hopefully this study will be really good for me. I really like Mellissa’s and Kendra’s opionion’s on the book I love the statement” “She’s brave. She’s courageous. And she shows us that with God, we don’t have to settle in life. It’s never too late to make ours a life we love. (Mellissa). I needed to hear that. I don’t need to settle. Can’t wait for more.

  274. Suzie Valla.( P31 O-Team) says:

    Hi L, You have been through a very difficult situation. I pray that this Study will bring you continued healing, and that you will feel the presence of God’s love in this journey.
    Don’t be afraid, Isaiah 41:10 (ESV) says, ” Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will hold you up with my righteous right hand.” Hugs!

  275. Becky Parmley says:

    This book will help us to see God, We all haves times we need a closer walk, God can use all things,, all experiences for his glory, God does not waste a day or an experience. He uses our good times and our bad days. I hope to read the book very soon.

  276. I would absolutely love to win a copy of this book. As I continue to get glimpses of this study it’s revealed to me more and more that I’ve lost myself.. it’s been a rough few years on many levels the worst was the passing of my mom last year.. it’s sunk me into a bit of depression and the heartache has changed me. She was my mom and she was my constant, my cheerleader, she always spoke truth even when I didn’t want to hear it but I know she loved me but my struggle is to live the life God has given me but really not sure what that is these days. I know these storms will make me stronger in him and in the path he wants for me but I am lost!

  277. Linda ruggeberg says:

    Sounds like an interesting book for all ages!!!

  278. Eileen Irwin says:

    I enjoy getting the daily devotionals and reading them every day. I don’t seem to get into my bible and spending time with God the way I should and the devotionals help me to keep on track. When this specific devotional came up and invited us to join the bible study starting Sept. 5th, I knew I had found what I needed. I have been searching for a while for something that will touch me and get me back to where I once was and this drew me in right away. I tend to pass over these types of things and yesterday, my heart said, do it. I felt God’s hand on my shoulder guiding me towards this study. This book is going to be what I need. I grew up in church and was very involved and I got lost along the way due to things that happened in my family and marriage and personal life, things I have done, things that have tugged me away from who I once was, a very devout Christian girl who loved being involved in my church and thought I would never go down the wrong path. Especially in the last 4 years with being a wife and a mom and getting caught up in the rush of life, I have lost my way and many times that is where I have been, LOST and feeling alone, trying to find my way back to who I once was. I have felt God’s hands out to me beckoning me back, even though I have never stopped believing in Him, my life hasn’t been what it should be and God is waiting for me to take those steps to becoming the woman of God that I can be. So this study and this book is my starting point to being found again and being who I truly am. Thank you.

    • Eileen … You will love P31 bible studies and this book seems like a perfect fit for you. This will be my 24th study and each one has touched my heart and brought me closer to God. I pray this study does the same for you 💕

      • Eileen Irwin says:

        Thank you so much Vicki. I am praying for the same. I don’t know how many times I find myself in tears, not knowing where I should be, feeling like I have lost my way and thinking I need to forget about what others think and concentrate on what God thinks. He has worked in my life so much lately helping me to forgive myself for things I am holding on to and helping me realize that I don’t need tons of friends and be going out all the time to try and find fulfillment and acceptance and to feel loved. I just need to look to Him for that and everything else will fall into place. I am letting go of many things and trying to just focus on Him and it is going to be a journey for me and I am soooo looking forward to these bible studies and knowing there are many out there like me struggling to find themselves and become what they once were.

  279. I CANNOT WAIT for this study to start! Woot Woot!!!
    God is so faithful; He sends the perfect study for me as needed!
    Thank you P31 Staff and God bless you all!

  280. Taisha Turner says:

    I am excited to do this study with you ladies about Shes Still There. I am currently in a place in life with trying to find the Godly woman inside myself and also about to have my first child. I onow this study and book will be a great beginning to my new start.

  281. Nikki Bell (P31 O-team) says:

    That is so encouraging to hear from both perspectives! Coming from a 28 year old close to 29, I feel like I’m still younger but I am also hopeful for what the future may look like and I don’t want to miss it. I want to harness the dreams again.

  282. Shelley Ward says:

    Ever since I was a young girl, I have struggled with feeling useless and unworthy. Those feelings have been a constany in my life and I would love to get rid of them once and for all! I would love to win this book so I can participate in this study so that I can understand that God loves me and I am not useless and unworthy!

  283. Stephanie says:

    I am excited to dig deeper into this book. I am still rescuing the girl inside me and it is a daily effort for me. The promo in the mirror prompted me to take inventory. I am looking forward to the experience and different views as we study.

  284. Andrea Runyon says:

    In the busyness of life, in the sadness, sorrows of it all, it is easy to forget we are a child of God.

  285. I am looking forward to this study because although I know I have dealt with a serious traumatic act that occurred in my youth, I still sometimes feel I am not good enough. I know it is a lie, that I try to catch and turn it around when it happens, however there is still a little nagging doubt once in a while. I think this study might help me with getting the young woman back.

  286. Elizabeth Arneson says:

    I am in the middle of a divorce that has shattered my world and brought up so many past hurts. I want to find my worth in Jesus and live the life he wants for me. I think this study would be perfect right now.

  287. Nicole D. says:

    As a wife, mom to young kids and busy corporate executive, I usually glance at the online bible studies, wish I could find the time, sigh and move on. But this study… THIS STUDY. It caught my breath, pierced my heart, echoed in my mind. This is exactly what I need right now. At 34, I have essentially achieved my dream life. I have worked tirelessly to climb the corporate ladder, build a strong marriage, raise God-fearing kiddos. And now I stand here, surveying all I have created and find that I have lost myself in the midst of chasing my dreams. Where is the spark in my prayer life? What happened to my daily dance with the Lord? Who am I and do I actually like the person I have become, after realizing my dreams? The book of Ecclesiastes resonates with my place in life right now… is this all there is? Is all of this worth it? What happened to the girl with the dreams, who knew she was invincible with God by her side? So many questions, but this I know… I lost that girl and don’t know if I will ever get her back. I lost her in the striving, the doing. And this I know too.. my God has not changed. If only I could see myself in the mirror He holds up to me. What would I see? Yes, this is why I am committing to this bible study. I cannot wait to find that girl again.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you for sharing your story with us Nicole. Welcome! We are excited that you will be joining us for this Study, We pray that it will help build your faith and help provide God’s direction for the next chapter in your life. Blessings

  288. So many times in our lives we feel somewhat forgotten and unworthy. I’m excited about this book! I’m excited for all the women that it can reach! And I’m excited to mostly share it with my daughter!

  289. Rebekah Nougaret says:

    When I saw this book/study, I knew it was something I needed to drive right into. As the years have passed I find that I am losing myself…Questioning who am I? What is my purpose? Watching my dreams drift further away. I have been married for eight years this September. God has blessed me with an amazing, hardworking, and supportive husband. We have two beautiful daughters (3 1/2 & 1 1/2) and an angel baby (we are grieving the loss of our third child, miscarriage is a very hard thing to go through 8/2/17). In Oct 2015 we moved from Va to FL for my husband’s job. This has been hard on me as I resigned from my career of eight years and became a SAHM. I love being home with my girls but I have noticed that I am losing myself. Everyday is about the girls, which I know is what Motherhood is, but I get no breaks and that is what is wearing on me. I own my own business and working from home can be very challenging… Findinrg balance in the daily craziness begins to wear on me. Leaving friendships and trying to meet and create new friendships is hard. Some days I feel alone and emotionally drained. I look at myself in the mirror and wonder… who am I and what have I become. At this point in my life, I am way too deep in my head, letting negative thoughts control me at times. I am stuck in the everyday hamster wheel. I pray that this study will continue to help draw me closer to God, help me find my purpose, and make me the best wife/mom I know I am suppose to be. I am grateful and know that each passing day is going to have its ups and downs. I need to focus on the positives and continue to pray. God knows the plan for my life, my families life, and I need to trust in Him and His plan. This book is what I need right now in my life. Good Luck everyone and have a blessed day. Praying over all of you 🙂 (apologize if there are any typos…writing this post while making lunches and playing tea party (; MomLife)

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Rebekah! We are excited that you joined the Study and will be going on the journey with us. Don’t believe those negative thoughts, those are lies of the enemy. It sounds like you’ve been through some challenges with moving to a different state and leaving friends, career changes, raising a family and owning your own business. We hope this study can help in bringing you closer to God and providing you with encouragement and guidance for you life. Hugs!

      • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

        Also Rebekah! We have a wonderful community of ladies here that you can interact with and share what you are learning and provide encouragement.

  290. I am super excited to do this study. I have been doing P31OBS for about 3 years now. I have grown through all the studies. (I haven’t missed a study since I started) When I saw what this study was about, I felt like God did this just for me because of where I am in this season of my life. I have 2 close friends that I get together with weekly. I ordered the DVDs so that the 3 of us could listen to them together. I think they are just as excited as me. I am so thankful for what your OBS has brought to my life. Thank you all for your dedication and commitment to reaching out to women. 💞

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Sherry! We are so excited to hear that OBS has been such an encouragement to your faith. How wonderful that you have 2 close friends that will be doing the Study with you. It’s always fun to do Bible Studies with friends. We hope all of you enjoy this study and that it brings you closer to God.

  291. Tracy Akanni says:

    I am very excited about another Bible study that allows us to focus on ourselves! I think this goes hand-in-hand with the “Me, Myself, and Lies” study we just completed!

  292. I am very excited about this study because I often wonder what my real purpose is in life as my sons are both grown, married and there are no grandchildren to love and spoil yet. I am physically disabled due to my multiple sclerosis and I enjoy helping others as much as I can…especially some of the elderly women in our community but sometimes I wish I could do more if I only had the strength. I truly believe that God’s plan for me will become more clear through doing this study….who and where is the REAL/TRUE me?

  293. Joneashia S. says:

    I’m so excited for this study because I want to continue to renew my mind with with individuals that have a need for dependency on God to know that despite what we are going through, he is still in control and have always been available to us and we are still here today for our opportunity to seek him and allow him to lead our lives!

  294. Tammy Hayes says:

    Can’t wait to study this book. It should be freeing to find that little girl in you after so long.,

  295. Jenny Brooks says:

    This study sounds wonderful, just like all OBS studies and books, it seems like every book I read from ya’ll is pointed just at me. Even at the ripe old age of 64 I know there are lots of things I have to learn yet!

    Jenny in Florida

  296. Kim Edwards says:

    I’m so excited to start this. In the last year and a half my husband of 16 years left our family and 2 weeks after he left our 14 year old daughter was hospitalized in icu and in hospital a total of 59 days!! Yet God is faithful and “I’m still HERE”. A little hurt and bruised but still standing or “kneeling” I should say!!! 🙏

  297. I am so excited about this. I feel that I’m worthy and I feel God’s love. But (the famous but) in my family and my ministry I’ve given and given until I feel that I am being eroded. I’m starting to feel like I can’t keep up and I’m losing touch with the God who can fill me. This was totally accidental that I found this and yet a God-send.

  298. I am new to your ministry. I am currently going through Suffering and Souverity. I got started by watching the online video of Crystal at your She Speaks conference. She was amazing and spoke right to me. I cannot wait to see what this journey will entail.

  299. Vicki Anderson says:

    I am 62 years young and still fill like I have missed so much of what God has in store for me! I look back to the missed opportunities in my life and I ask myself why I hesitated, I am trusting God that through this study I will recognize His voice sooner and be obedient to whatever the Lord would have me do. Thanks for making this available to us!!!

  300. Brooke McCann says:

    I’m so excited to read and start this study!! I’m 37, single and although have been blessed with a wonderful job, family and friends I’m feeling stuck and have given up on many dreams I once had. I have been blessed to also fulfill some dreams but just don’t know what God wants me to do now! I would love to start a family one day but as the years go by and singleness seems to be my only constant that dream seems to dwindle and fade. Thank you so much!!!!

  301. Glorious morning to you all! The moment I read the life story and testimony of Crystal, I was drawn in like a magnet. Why? The way I have viewd myself was synonymous to what I was reading! I thought I was coping, healed, and had it going on. I didn’t realize how I was fooling myself. While reading Crystal’s post, tears began to flow. It was a slap in the face because I was feeling the same way and need to truly heal frim some things and couldn’t run from some of the exact points of hurt I was reading. Can’t hide, run, or mask this mess anymore. With crocodile tears, I said, Ok, Lord. I surrender and am ready to LET GO of the past hurt. I need you!” I truly believe this was ordained by God for me, among others. This is my season to be healed and free from my past. It is time. I would love to have a copy of this book! I need a copy of this book. Thank you.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you for sharing your heart Anitra! God is so good, and He will help you through this!

  302. Elizabeth Beeson says:

    I am not even finding the words to describe the timing of the book/OBS study or my gratitude for you ladies that are willing to connect, be transparent, open and loving in His name. CANNOT WAIT!

  303. I am 47 and so much has happened to that little girl. I am excited to discover if she is still there.

  304. Laurie Kilbride says:

    I’ve wondered often what my purpose is beyond being caught up with my identity as mom, which I know is extremely important. But I’m also aware that I also need to keep in tack Who I am beyond that. I want a confidence rooted in Christ so I can fulfill Gods purpose.

  305. Bethany Hardy says:

    As a Pastor’s Wife in the middle of painful transitions, this sounds like the book for me. God is always good, but it is easy to get lost, even in ministry. Looking forward to God’s grace as I find myself again in the middle of hurt.

  306. I’m so excited to learn about/what my God given purpose is! Over the years I feel like I have lost my identity to being a homeschool mom/teacher, mom, and wife. I feel great joy when I think of becoming who God intends me to be!

  307. Kimberly C Moore says:

    I just need/want confirmation to know that I am still there!

  308. Madeline Korten says:

    I’m so excited to start this study. I’m 24, recently married, and, taking a look at the past and the inevitable future, I’ve been feeling frustrated and confused about the Lord’s will for me. I’ve always had a desire to be a part of something big, something meaningful to me, but while so many around me have found their passions and have pursued their aspirations with a drive that I envy, I feel like I’m still waiting for God to take me off the sidelines, give me my passionate purpose, and say, “Alright, go for it.” Instead, I’m wrestling with this urge to not let myself get distracted from that goal, that career, that purpose, while realistically I’m looking at a future of motherhood, something that I’m not actually that passionate about right now. All of a sudden, I find this site, and this study. I think it’s the Lord trying to explain what his will and his plan for me actually looks like, to some degree, and how I need to be patient and wait for him. I pray that this study, as well as constant prayer and devotion, will help me to be still and hear what the Lord is actually saying to me.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Madeline, we are so glad you just happened to find this Bible study. We are glad you will be joining us. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  309. Eileen Barrios says:

    I don’t have a job, so I don’t have a way of buying this book. I look to ministries like you guys for constant encouragement and the Lord never fails to work through you guys 💟

  310. I am excited to read this book and participate in the study because I am a new mama to two girls. My oldest is four and my new baby is three months old. I’m so wrapped up in motherhood that I’ve forgotten who I am. My name is “Mama” not Shannon. Even my husband calls me Mama around my daughter, so I truly need to remember who I am and who God made me to be.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Shannon, motherhood is an amazing responsibility, but it is easy to get lost! Praying for God’s guidance as you seek to find your girl again 🙂

  311. Bethany Swartz says:

    Really excited for this book! All the other books have been perfect, i know this one will be also! ❤❤❤

  312. Stephanie says:

    I have been a stay at home mom for almost 18 years and will be launching the first of three kiddos off to college in a year. I have been blessed and so thankful to stay home with my kiddos and homeschool eachnod them at different times. But as the time is drawing closer where they will be going off to college, I have been praying about and wondering what to do next. What dreams from long ago that I released to be a SAHM are still there? Are they the same? Have they changed? and what will the answers to these questions turn into as God leads me?

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Stephanie, you’ve done an amazing job as a SAHM! That’s one of the hardest jobs in the world. Our prayer is that God helps to answer your questions, and this study can be your guide. Blessings 🙂

  313. Debbie B says:

    I’m still on the fence trying to decide if I want to do this study. I’ve done 12 other Bible studies with P31 & have loved & found things about myself I never realized I had. I’m on a super tight budget & not sure if I can afford the book. God’s blessings to all

  314. Lorrie Barela says:

    I could have used this book years ago but I’m excited to read and implement changes that have been long over due.

  315. I’ve been a stay at home mom for eight years now. We moved overseas for five years and are back in the states now. When we lived overseas I tried to make sure my husband and kids didn’t feel alone or feel like they were missing anything. I put ‘me’ aside. Now that my kids have started school I feel like I can be me, but I’m not sure who that is anymore. I’m excited to read this book hoping it will help me find me again!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Amen Tammy! You’ve done a huge job for your family. Praying that God and this study helps you find you again 🙂

  316. I’m so excited for this study. I have been feeling disconnected from myself and God lately. After hearing several reviews for the book I think this is the real deal. I can’t wait to dive in with Chrystal to reconnect not only with God but also myself.

  317. Lisa Harris says:

    I am so excited about this study. So ready to see God’s plans for me through his word and this study. I mean who wouldn’t be excited. It is a Proverbs31 bible study. Woo Hoo!

  318. Elizabeth Hines says:

    I have been a Christ follower for the majority of my life. I love Him beyond words and I cannot imagine my life without Him. I have seen His hand in my life countless times. And yet, I am going through a season in my life where I feel alone. I run a successful home business with my husband, we have 2 wonderful boys, and I feel like I am being overlooked. I put so much effort into everyone around me but I feel that no one would notice if I was no longer here. I don’t know who I am or what I want. I am balancing everything, I am feeling overwhelmed, at any moment everything is going to come crashing down around me.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Praying for you Elizabeth. God is still there and He knows what is going on and supporting you. Call out to Him and He will respond. Blessings to you

  319. I literally looked at myself in the mirror the other day, and asked “who are you?” Scrolling through Instagram, this title definitely caught my attention for where I’m at right now in life.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Deanna, how awesome that you discovered this study through Instagram. Welcome. Glad you can join us on your journey. Blessings!

  320. Princess Williamson says:

    I literally battle everyday of my life to truly find my worthiness in the ways of the world..I lost my identity trying to please my flesh and letting my spirit be drained.This book truly speaks to what i need in my life is gods validation and will keep me focused on my path to make it straight…I get so distracted with everyday life that i forget that i deserve just as much as i give to other….#RoadToRebuidlingPrincess #ShesWorthy&Deservant

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you for sharing your heart Princess! Our prayer is that you find that as well. But know you are so worthy in God’s eyes and you’re a beautiful soul! Blessings 🙂

  321. Holly Paplow says:

    I am excited to grow in my faith and in my thinking.

  322. Lori Herron says:

    Can’t wait to get started!

  323. My friend & I are going to do this study together. We both need this study but for different reasons! Can’t wait to read this book.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Emily, that is so great that you will be doing this study with a friend. May you both feel God’s presence as you study together and with us. Blessings to you both!

  324. I’m that girl,and yes dare I say ‘girl’ in her 50’s who still struggles with not seeing dreams and goals I thought I wanted not realized BUT God who has better plans than I can think or imagine planned and given to me now. Can’t wait to share this journey with my girls!!

  325. I’m excited to study this because in high school I was molested and emotionally abused by an older guy. Ever since then I’ve always struggled with my self worth and everyday feel like I battle with myself.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Prayers of healing for you Carly. You are worthy and beautiful, and God will show you that. Blessings to you as you partake in this journey.

  326. Michelle says:

    I am even more excited about this study after reading the reviews today by Melissa and Kendra, because it seems that it is one that my daughter and I can both enjoy doing together.

  327. I am always checking to see if I am all He wants me to be. I’m still working on it. Excited to study with all of you.

  328. Julie Overstreet says:

    I am VERY excited about the ne OBS based on She’s Still There!!! I know I really need this and I am sure it will be as awesome as all the other OBS I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of!!!! I’ve been so blessed since I my niece shared the first P31 Devotional, through this I became aware of the OBS and I’ve been hooked ever since!! Thank you P31 and to all the awesome leaders, volunteers and everyone else who loves us and to Jesus Christ who guides us all every day!!! God Bless!! September 5th can’t get here fast enough for me!!!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you Julie for your words of appreciation and encouragement. We are so happy you will be joining us again. Our God is an awesome God! Have a great day!

  329. Cynthia Elawar says:

    I would like to find me! I’m hoping this book will get me closer to ME, the one that got lost along the way..

  330. Natalie Nieves says:

    I’m a stay-at-home mom who has chosen to set aside some dreams so I can raise our boys. I wouldn’t have it any other way but I often need to be reminded that those dreams are not dead, the time will come when those things will come to life. I’m looking forward to this next OBS. 😊

  331. Martha Brogdon says:

    “It’s for those of us who need to remember that we are worthy”… This is what I pray for!!!

  332. Christal Wyatt says:

    I have enjoyed several OBS’s this year, however, this study is screaming my name. I’ve always worked, been successful and been social. Then about 2 years ago I began not feeling well. So bad that I had to leave my work, continue asking doctors what was wrong, try different medications and wait for a specialist to see me. During that time, I felt so bad, I lost my confidence, secluded myself from everyone because everything hurt. Now that I have a treatment that is helping, I’m ready to return to my “old” self. I need to work. I need my friends. I have days my confidence lacks and I don’t feel 100%, but I know God has seen me through this and will continue to use me as a vessel of His love.

    • Hey Christal, your story struck a nerve with me. I was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia 9 years ago and since then there have been 6 additional diagnoses that contribute to my official label as “disabled” which makes me, a formerly type A artist/graphic designer, bookkeeper, & highschool teacher, feel worthless.
      I think we can relate to each other well.

      • Christal Wyatt says:

        Hi Becky, I know the pain of fibromyalgia, although mine has been controlled for now. I seem to have inherited all of the bad genes in my family tree with the addition of daily chronic migraine just recently, but I have always pushed myself, gone the distance, until I just had to stop. Luckily, I have a great husband and we have made things work. It hasn’t been easy, but that’s where my faith and OBS come in. I have also found comfort in groups on facebook that focus on chronic pain and migraine. I’m not one to overshare about my woes, but I find comfort in sharing my experience with those who may be newly diagnosed, are trying a new treatment that I have tried…I like to keep it positive. It’s not easy. The good days for us, we must celebrate and shout from the roof tops! These days are going to help get us through the not so good days when we don’t feel so good about where we are. Girlfriend, we are worthy!!! We may have challenges no one else understands and that’s okay! We have a loving God who made us worthy and we have a great purpose! I hope you have a great week and your pain is eased somewhat. ~Christal

  333. I lost me a long time ago – if she’s still in there, I think I’m ready to find her.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Deb, we are ready to help you find her. We hope you will do this study and join in with this community that can support and help each other. Thank you for sharing with us today.

  334. Diane Wilser says:

    I’ve done every bible study for almost two years! Have loved EVERY ONE!!

  335. Nina Smith says:

    I’m looking forward to this Bible study because I read one of the authors daily devotional and I’m stoked for a whole six weeks of her wisdom.

  336. I’m excited to start this study because somewhere along my young years of 28, I lost myself. Severe clinical depression consumed my life and defined me for close to 14 years. Through the depression and my poorly-performing thyroid, I started gaining weight, and gaining weight, and gaining weight. Now, when I look in the mirror, I don’t recognize myself and struggle to remember myself as an excited 15 year old ready to take on the world. My hopes and dreams have been neglected for so long that I don’t even know if they’re there anymore.

    I really am hoping this study will be a huge eye-opener for me!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      They’re there, Chelsea. God will reveal them to you in His time. We’re so glad you’re here for this study; it’s where you’re meant to be!

  337. I am so excited to start this study! I am 27 and a mom of 2. I think I will really benefit from this book and study!

  338. Samantha Keadle says:

    I am so struggling with this right now. We moved out of state from FL to NC. I had to dive right into work, which is something completely new to me because I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last ten years. It has been something dear to my heart being able to stay home and spend time with my three kids. Now that I am not doing that, I feel lost and unworthy. I feel like a failure in life, to my husband, to my kids and to me. I am looking forward to getting back the girl in me, to getting back to who I am in Christ!!!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Samantha, you are not a failure by any means. You’ve done an amazing job raising your three kids, and you will find that girl again. God has a plan for you, and He’ll reveal it in His time. We’re so glad you’re here joining us!

  339. Right now I am not feeling worthy of God’s love. We have been trying for almost 6 years to have children. It is a desire that God put in my heart when I was inmodde school, but I am now 31 and he is still not fulfilling it. I can’t wait until this study!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Lacey, we are so glad you will be joining us in this study. Please know, dear sister, that you are worthy and that God loves you very much. Lean into this community of women. Blessings.

  340. Rachael Pearson says:

    I’m excited to read this book and work through this study because I have struggled with this very issue! So many times I feel like the girl I was, that frankly, I really liked, is just gone. Now I’m in roles I never imagined and going places I don’t want to be and doing things I am terrified to do. And I’m not sure I like my life. I’d be the first person to question, “God how did I get here? What are You doing???” He has been steadily drawing me close and softly telling me, “You got here because this is where I led you. Trust Me.” So I am in the process of letting go of MY plans for myself and accepting His plans instead. I’m hoping God will use this book to offer me some new insight.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      He will Rachael. The first step was signing up for this study! Keep stepping in obedience, and much will be revealed to you!

  341. I’m excited for the opportunity to do an online bible study with the focus on women and their journey. I am hopeful that it includes women of all ages and experiences.

  342. Jo Derevere says:

    Hi I would be very grateful to win this book! I’ve been wanting to read this because I feel like I’ve lost myself in all the grief and stress of a difficult divorce and adjusting to being a single parent. I am hopeful this book and bible study will help me feel alive and valuable once again.

  343. I am so looking forward to this study because I recently turned 40 and feel like my life is not where I expected it to be by this age. I also feel like my ambitions and dreams have to be on hold while I raise my kids, and while I enjoy being a mom, I feel a little bitter sometimes. I want to learn to overcome those feelings and regain a sense of worth for myself.

  344. This Book sounds ABSOLUTELY Perfect for me! I’m not sure where or when it happens but we stop Dreaming; stop Pursuing our Hopes and Dreams. Stop Creating new Dreams etc. Society says that’s for Kids. Adults don’t have Time for that Nonsense. And yet our GOD says differently…….HE is bigger then our Wildest Dreams. And if our Dreams and Aspirations aren’t scaring the heck out of us then they aren’t big enough! After all through CHRIST ANYTHING is Possible!!!! If we’re not actively Growing, Nurturing and Pursuing the very Dreams that GOD HIMSELF placed on our Hearts then we’re just merely existing and saying to GOD whatever?! I no longer want to just settle……….

  345. I’m not 25 or even 45 or 55. I am 65 years of age. A few years ago I had breast cancer. It has been a struggle. BUT when I first read the title and a brief introduction I thought, “I HAVE TO read this book.” I am still there and wanting to remind myself of this very thing.

  346. I have had a rough life.
    But 17 years ago, when my 1st husband was fighting leukemia, and the two of us were living in a hospital room (our 8 year old daughter living with her cousins, my sister & brother in law surrogate parents), our battle cry was “Someone always has it worse!” We believed that we weren’t facing the most difficult fight;and others had definitely fought this before. So when we prayed we were thankful it wasn’t worse & we prayed for the others going through troubles.
    But back then I had hope. I had faith.
    Since then I have gone through the gamut of emotions & “beliefs”.
    But I KNOW God brought me & this study together at this time, because I need, and am ready to get my girl on!
    I have come to realize that there’s not someONE that has it worse or at least as bad, but most of the women I know over thirty, and many younger, are STRONG because of how rough their lives have been! I want to do this study. And I want to share it with the women I know!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Becky, bless you. We are glad you are joining us for this study. You are worthy and so are your friends. Thank you for sharing. We look forward to doing this journey with you. Blessings!

  347. Connie DeVault says:

    I saw this book on Amazon and it said YOU NEED TO GET ME! so I put it in my cart, but didn’t purchase. A few days later I saw it on Lisa Allen”s page and i was like ? It SCREAMED YOU NEED TO GET ME!.. I went back to Amazon and read what the book was about and cried…This time I purchased it. Lisa said it was going to be the next OBS so I signed up. The book is on it’s way and should be here today. I’m 53 years old and I have lost myself somewhere being a wife and mother for 38 years and now Mimi to my precious grandchildren. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of being a mommy and now Mimi but life happens. In 1995 I went back to school and got my H.S Diploma and was class speaker at mt graduation and began my 1st year of class on intro to Psychology, I wanted to be a Guidence Counselor…along the way I was leading bible studies speaking at Retreats and writing… I thought I was going to be the next Lysa Terkherst! lol! Love you Lysa! xo We moved south and it didnt transfer and had to be instate for 1 yr for instate tuition…anong many other things, Life happened and long story short I started a Real Estate career trying to make ends meet and it almost cost me my marriage. fast forward to2007, I began healing from the season of craziness and began to come back to church and began leading bible studies and co leading with my husband mariage classes. life was good, I mentioned to a friend that I was thinking about restarting in the path I started many years ago in becoming a counselor. she said, ” you could never do that”…she was finishing her schooling and was a counselor. so I listened to her and the voice in my head telling me I could not do that…not to long after my health started to decline…and over the last ten years I have backed away from leading and teaching and at times church as well. In 2013 I had an encounter with my beautiful Savior. It was just me and Him at the beach and He spoke directly to my heart and showed me His great love for me. He read over me psalm 139 and spoke very tenderly to my heart and He said He sees me and loves me unconditionally. I will never forget and have been forever changed by it. In the last 3 years or so all hell has broke forth and i was reminded that He said we were going to the desert…and it has been one disapointment and discouragement and struggle after another. I lost my Dad, next year lost my mom in law, and next year my health took a turn and my heart gave out and had to get a pacemaker. I n it all I was trying to figure out where I belong and what should I be doing..I began MLM and was disapointed and tried to start up a franchice , and soon after in didnt go thru my heart gave out…Just a few months ago I tried to restart my Real Estate career and 3 days later was diagnesed with Lyme among other things…It has sapped my energy and all I want to do right now is quit…I have given up on all my dreans and figure its too late…I decided its ok to just exist and try to be a good Mimi and wife…but somewhere deep in there ….I don’t think “She’s still there” I think “She” died along with my dreams…A few months ago my husband said as we were talking about lofe…” I’m afraid you have lost yourself, Connie.” He has never said anything like that and He said he would support me in whatever I decide I chose Real Estate and now 3 months in I’m about to give that up…It’s not really my passion anymoe..and if I learned anything inthese last few months, and about dieing in Dec it is do waste time pursuing the things you are not passionate about…So Long story long,,,I’m skeptical… but at this point..what have I got to lose? Is “She Still There”? i’m not sure I think she checked out

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Oh, Connie, you are precious and you are worthy. Hang in there girl. Please do the study with us. We will stand with you on this journey. Know you are loved. Blessings!

    • Brandi Provias says:

      I was reminded today that our scars and experiences are trophies!! You, my friend, have lots of trophies!! I am praying for God to give you His mercy and strength!!

    • Jill Lindsey, P31 O-Team says:

      Connie, Thank you for sharing that! You are most definitely of alone! God has sent you here to journey with us. He is pointing you in the right direction. There are so many who know exactly how you feel. That dreamer is still there. You will find her again. Will you be joining a small group this study? That might be helpful to experience one on one interaction with a smaller group of ladies. Biggest hugs.

  348. Rebecca Burnett says:

    This book has helped me, stop drifting. And to remember I am Worthy and unique, and God loves me no matter what.

  349. This book is so timely. My son just graduated from our homeschool this past May and I feel like I lost myself in the process.

  350. I’m excited about this study because I want to learn what God’s Word says about being the woman He’s called me to be.

  351. Glenda Hammel says:

    I wish I had time to read all of the comments. I am excited about this book because at 61, I need to feel worthy and I am hoping and praying that God will use this to help me improve, from where Me, Myself and I were left at. Loved that study, can’t imagine not loving this one. Love God’s Word to us.

  352. I feel like the real me does not exist anymore, since my relationship with my 53 year old son in broken. I am 72, heartbroken, overwhelmingly sad and most days feel hopeless. I have apologized and forgiven, but after close to a year we still have no relationship. Looking so forward to this Bible study! God is faithful and I trust in Him!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Oh Gail, we stand with you. We are so glad you are joining us. We’d like to give you a big HUG. You are worthy! Thank you for venturing on this journey with us. Blessings!

  353. Carrie Cox says:

    I’m excited to start this book to refresh my relationship with Jesus. Sometimes life gets busy. And with that busy schedule I often forget to feed my soul…and it’s yearning for God. I’m doing this study with a friend of mine who is a stay at home mom. We look forward to discussing the book together!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Doing these with friends are wonderful! Prayers that much is revealed to you both 🙂

  354. Denise Moyer says:

    I’ve signed up! Looking forward to the study!
    My kids are grown & I have 8 grand-kids, I’ve been living in a place for 5yrs. It’s like being sat on a shelf.
    & except for my neighbor, don’t really have friends here. So I struggle with a feeling that I’ve missed my purpose, & have lost the me I use to be. & don’t even remember if I had dreams or not. I know that God loves me, that I’m not alone, & that He knows my name. but have I missed it somehow. So yes, I think I need this study.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Denise, so glad you will be doing this study with us. You certainly sound like you need this study. Thank for sharing. We look forward to sharing this journey with you. Blessings!

  355. Aimee C Bazan says:

    I am so excited I did my first ever bible study me myself and lies and I have never felt more blessed in my life while I am a work in progress I am certain this next study will surely be exactly what I need ….

  356. I haven’t completely decided if I’m going to join this OBS or not. But this blog post has gotten me the closest to saying yes. I love Crystal but I’m a little scared of the emotions this book might bring out….. just saying ha

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Kim, we hope you decide to do the study with us. The Lord might be wanting you to do it. You are worthy! Don’t let your emotions drive you away from growing in the Lord. Blessings!

  357. I signed up for this study because I really need it. I have not been receiving any emails or confirmation that I’m signed up. I will be doing this study even if I need to come back to this blog each day. Thanks for providing the study to us.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Linda, good for you. Be sure to check your junk mail. At least you know how to find it on the blog. If you don’t get the beginning email on Sept 5, you could contact angie@proverbs31.org and she can help you. We are glad you are joining us for this study. Blessings!

  358. So excited for this study and the reminder to dream big with God!

  359. I have participated in a few of the studies and they are rich and never dissappoint

  360. Linda Sedler says:

    I have joined many OBS and I am signed up for this one. I am a retired teacher and really loved it but I feel that’s my identity. I would like to find out what God sees in me and what big dream He has for me now.

  361. I know that that I lost a lot of the girl’s dreams over the years. But I’m very excited to learn what God has prepared for me through this study. Looking forward!

  362. Sherril Mcclure says:

    I can’t wait to do this Bible study. All the studies I have done with P31 has had such a big impact on me. I am sure this study will too! Thank you for the important work all of you do.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Sherril, thank you for being a part of this study and this community! We are so blessed by all the women here 🙂

  363. Lori McNeill says:

    I am all geared up for this Bible study! I have enjoyed the last few studies, and this one has me anxious for it. Counting the days for it to start. It is such a blessing to feel this way about learning about God, His ways, but in the process of learning yourself. Learning is such a joy, and I am expecting to take a lot from this Bible study. Thank you so much P31 team!!!!

  364. Stephanie Davis says:

    Excited about this study!!

  365. Ashley Hemminger says:

    I’m excited for this study to start-especially since sometimes I feel like I’ve lost that inner me due to focusing on everyone else in my family and their needs.

  366. Sheila Watson says:

    For a long time I’ve looked for that girl with the big dreams. The girls with all the excitement of learning something new. Of creating things. She disappeared and has stayed in hiding. She’s afraid to come out with her ideas due to lack of encouragement from others and the labels they placed upon her. I’m praying this book with help release that girl from within the stuck place.

  367. I look forward to this study. Sometimes I get so caught up the crazy daily life and don’t dream anymore, so maybe it’s time. I feel loved by God but not necessarily worthy. I think this study will change that. I so appreciate P31 and your enthusiasm for God’s Word and ministering to women. God bless you all.

  368. I would love to sign up for this study, but the link doesn’t seem to be working. Can you help?

    • Carol Love says:

      Janet, please call the P31 office and they will sign you up. That is how I did it a couple of times. I do not know if it is my computer or the internet browser or what but some of the studies I have done were not accessible for me to sign up on line. Blessings!!!

  369. I feel drawn to this study because I really struggle with feeling unworthy, like I don’t matter, and with not knowing who I am. I had a tough childhood, and I have suffered some pretty significant emotional wounds. I lost myself early on because of those things. I’ve never felt like I had a purpose, and don’t recall ever having any dreams. I know deep down that the person God created me to be is in there somewhere, but it sure is hard to find her. I need this.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Cari, we’re praying that God reveals what you need to you during this study. He has a plan for everyone, and He will help you find that girl. Keep going in prayer to Him, and here for support as well 🙂

  370. Heidi King Wood says:

    I’m 58 an searching for what I’m supposed to be doing for God the girl in me is buried way deep inside somewhere

  371. Looking forward to this study. After dealing with health issues I seem to have lost my purpose.

  372. Jamie Brown says:

    I too was just a child that had a child at 18, and then another one at 21. I went from being a high school graduate to being a new wife in the course of two weeks! Yikes! For almost 10 years, I was mom, cook, cleaner, laundry washer, grocery shopper, and eventually a “nurse” (not really) to my girls after they’d been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Eventually, the girls were able to take care of their medical needs and I FELT WORTHLESS. That’s when the Lord spoke to me and led me to pursue a career in nursing. That was 23 years ago! I’ve since been divorced, remarried, joined the Air Force…and then separated from the service. The one constant through my life was God! However, through much of my life and regardless of my accomplishments, I have felt less than worthy. I want to find the girl in me again… if I can. I’m not even sure who she was anymore 😏

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Jamie, you’re amazing. You will find her again. Pray, and let God do His thing 🙂

  373. Carol Love says:

    It would be really easy at my age (75) to think the time for dreams is past. I know that is false because God is still growing me and changing me and using me. And so, I know this book is an opportunity to look deep and unearth the dreams and see what God has done and what still may be coming. I am EXCITED!!!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      We’re so glad you’re here Carol!! 🙂 So excited that you’re excited!

  374. I happen to stumble upon this book club a while ago. I joined but never followed through. I read the blogs everyday and they are truly encouraging, they actually start my day! I saw the blog that the author wrote and was truly moved by it. I also noticed that the book club was starting a new cycle as well, so I immediately signed up and purchased the book. People who know me would think I am blessed because I have a husband who pays all the bills and I get a chance to live out my passions and my dream which has been running a bakery and a Dessert business, however there is truly more behind the scenes! The daily struggle of not knowing what to do next as it pertains to business, my life, my marriage. There are times when I just want to walk away from it all and just start over again, with a brand new slate however realistically I know that it can not happen. I am looking forward to connecting with others, exploring a deeper sense of self worth and seeing what God wants to do through me as I read through this book!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Kimberly, we’re so glad you’re here with us in this study. Prayers for you as you begin this journey, and always turn to God when looking for your answers 🙂

  375. I struggle on a daily basis with feeling worthy, as so many other women do. The world that we live in today doesn’t teach women how to feel worth.
    I struggle with this in my marriage, workplace, friendships and self image.
    I am tired of feeling unworthy and I want to change that.

  376. As a busy mom of 4, I have lost myself in trying to pour everything into my children. I am trying to carve time out for myself as well as take care of myself, but it is hard to find the time to do so regularly. This sounds like a study I need to do. I majored in music and music was my life, yet with kids, I rarely have time to pick up my flute and play. It was what defined me pre-kids and the one thing that I know would help me find the calm in the busy life I lead now.

    • I’m in the same boat, sister, and wholeheartedly agree! 😘

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Jen, it sounds like you still have that fire for the flute. Praying God sheds light and helps you find your “me” time that you need. Being a mom is tough and it’s our job to care for our kids, but we also need to take care of us. God is good, and He’ll reveal so much to you!

  377. My life has been full of “seasons” that brought me places I never thought I would have to experience. I have definitely grown, yet I sometimes wish for that girl from long ago and to be able to relive my life as I had dreamt about long long ago. So looking forward to fresh insights on this upcoming study!!

  378. I would love to win this book, I have been struggling with my meaning of life.

  379. Misty Hopson says:

    I am super excited for about this study not only for myself but because I am affiliated with a org that houses woman of abuse, addictions,protistution…etcIts called Heavens Army home of amazing grace.I am going to do my very first class with these ladies…my very first class period…I attend classes at this place but when I read about this study…God nudged my heart to do this one with these ladies…Im super nervous but excited. Thank you for this opportunity…I know it’s going to grow and strengthen each one of us.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      You’re amazing Misty! You’ll bless so many women and God will bless you. Can’t wait to hear about how it all goes! Thank you for listening to His nudging 🙂

  380. Karri Upchurch says:

    So excited for this next study. Is this not a better way to issue Fall in???!!

  381. Donna Wolfe says:

    I’m excited to read the book to regain the vision and excitement of the dream God has for my life.

  382. Rebecca Cruz says:

    I really believe this bible study will be enriching to my spiritual life. This is the second OBS I participate in and I’m really looking forward to it.

  383. Needing this study. I’m the mom that has a hard time dreaming. Thanking God for you ladies and His direction with this book!

  384. My heart is overjoyed to find this study! I have been struggling with ‘what is my purpose’ for several years,yes years, and a sense of worthlessness, regret, and failure knowing that all I dreamt about becoming as a little girl (and not so little girl) did not and will not happen. I struggle with all the ‘what ifs’ that come along with it and wrestle daily with the ‘what now’. Praying this study will give me peace, guidance, and a new found purpose/or contentment for where I am at that my eyes and heart have been too blind and hardened to see.

  385. These studies help me stay connected with myself and focuses on Jesus. I’m excited that this book will help me as I struggle to feel worthy at work.

  386. Jenifer Fleming says:

    Hi everyone!
    This is my 3rd obs with proverbs 31! I’ve been feeling pretty flatlined trying to find my old self but do so in a God pleasing way.

  387. Margie davis says:

    Need this to remember we’re not alone better together when the lies come shed some truth of who He says we are . Bring freedom and being real about our struggles so we can grow together

  388. Margie davis says:

    Need this to remember we’re not alone better together when the lies come shed some truth of who He says we are . Bring freedom and being real about our struggles so we can grow together . I’ve been in a dry season not knowing what is my purpose now that my kids are grown . I raised them that was my job. don’t work feeling like a loser people always say get a job . Feel empty and not hearing anything for the Lord just silence . Dk where I’m going . Need prayer and direction

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Margie, we are happy you will be joining in this study. We pray right now for you, that God may grant you His peace. May you feel the Holy Spirit guiding you and giving you direction for your life. Blessings dear sister in Christ.

  389. Stacey Rhoads says:

    Please enter me to win. Wow does the description of this book paint a picture of me. With a husband, 11 month old beautiful baby girl, moving across the country this past month and being a full time working mom in corporate America, I feel lost and off track often! I used to have goals, dreams and aspirations. Now, I try to get through each day. I need my passion Barack! Praying I win this awesome book. God bless you all!!!

  390. I’m excited about this book because I’m taking a leap of faith to find that girl who wants to still fulfill the dreams and plans God placed in her heart when she was very young. I’m 62 now and quitting a good paying job to go forth with Jesus to develop my calling to be a speaker and writer. To help those who are hurting to find their way to Christ. To encourage those who already know Christ deepen their relationship through the promises of His Word. Thanks for ALL you do at Proverbs 31 Ministers

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      This is exciting Debra! We wish you God’s blessings as you move forward in a new direction in your life. Thank you for joining in this study with us.

  391. I would love to receive a copy of She’s Still There. See 51 years of age I don’t know who I am any longer. The kids are grown the Grandbabies are all in school. So I set here alone and wonder who am I supposed to be now. Where do I fit in?

    • Julie Parker says:

      Know you are not alone. I struggle. My husband says it’s because I don’t have friends, lol. I do but I spent every minute of my life being a mom, chauffeur, coach, volunteer etc… I am lost, I search for my purpose often Perhaps we need to find ourselves for the first time and then we will find purpose. Stay strong and positive.

  392. I have been. Blessed to be a stay at home mom for 16 years. I am so thankful for the things I was able to do with my kids, I have lost myself in the process – I am not sure what I even like to do for fun anymore – or maybe there is just no one to do it with. I would love to find the little girl again.

  393. I’m ready to find my passions and dreams again. Being 37 years old about to be 38 and putting my dreams on hold has been hard over the years. Listening to what everyone else says to do and worrying about doing this or that just to survive has put me in a state of fear for the future at times. I shall worry no more with Jesus as my guide. I’m so ready to read this book and learn about myself again and what God created me for. I’m so excited! Thank you for writing this book Chrystal Evans!:)

  394. The timing of this study is perfect! My husband recently asked me who I was and what I wanted to be (now that the children are mostly grown). I wasn’t sure what to tell him:)

  395. I have been a stay at home mom to mt 4 boys for the last 9 years. My youngest just started kindergarten, my oldest middle school. I feel overwhelmed at times. I don’t know what I should be doing, sometimes I don’t want to do anything! Most of the time i feel my identity is just mom.

  396. Chelsea D. says:

    I need to read this book because I definitely lost who I was. I need to find me. Whoever I am.

  397. Julie Parker says:

    I am a newbie to P31. SHES STILL THERE caught my attention… I am a wife, mother, gma …. My youngest is starting her second year of college and I am realizing that I am lost. Me, Julie… I have spent my life being their for everyone else and am realizing that I lost ME. I am blessed beyond words with my children and grandchildren but know deep down SHES STILL THERE.. I look forward to this journey and book.

  398. I’m a better version of me than who i was 3 yrs ago. I know my identity. I love myself. I’m a good person and I don’t want to lose her. so I can relate with Kendra about protecting who I am. When I read the title, She’s still there, I substitute “She” with my name and I am reassured of my identity, value and future.

  399. I am so excited to do this study!! I’m a stay at home mom of 3 kids 4 and under so my life is crazy and sometimes Im too busy to work on myself so I do feel like my dreams have definitely been forgotten and that I don’t feel as worthy. I’m definitely excited to dive in and learn 😁

  400. Bethany Edwards says:

    I am really excited to try this study and learn to find myself again. I have suffered from depression since I was a teen and finally found Jesus light in my life again.I know he loves me, but I don’t know who I am anymore, I am his child that is my new identity, but who am I? I am hoping to discover part OE the new me in this study.

  401. Zamantha Cortez says:

    Can’t wait to start reading this book sounds just like what I need . Amen

  402. I used to have lots of dreams. Go to Bible School, be a teacher, get married, have kids…I did all those things. Now my life revolves around my kiddos and trying to be a wife with 4 young kids. I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything. But I don’t dream anymore. Most days I feel like I’m holding my breath hoping I make it through raising these precious kids. I am so excited to do this study. Especially after a rough summer. My dad died, suddenly and totally enexpectedly, at the end of June, it feels like our world fell apart. He was our rock! He always had advice for all of us and was willing to help when we needed anything. It’s hard to imagine life without him. And hard to dream when your world is in pieces.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Praying for you and your family, Shari. God will heal you. We’re glad you’re here and doing this study with us!

  403. Vicki Dial says:

    As a 60 year old widow of three years now I have been trying to find me again. Many days wishing for that familiar life (not perfect) but then realizing that I can’t have that life back and seeking what it is that God has for my future. Right now I am on a vacation get away (escape) to try to assess, recalibrate, formulate a plan. Asking myself what is it that I want to do now, what does God want me to do. I love the statement that “everyday is an opportunity to do the work of honoring the plan God has for me”. Just reading Part 1 has already blessed me so much. I want to believe that I still have a chance to live my ‘uniquely beautiful life’. I am hopeful that through this study God will reveal the plan He has for me.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Vicki, God is so good, and he will reveal that plan to you. Enjoy your vacation and REST 🙂 God wants us all to rest. It’s in those quiet moments that He will reveal much. We’re glad you’re here 🙂

  404. I was excited to see this study because I am starting a small group for ladies to help grow closer in the Word and this was the perfect flexible study to help guide us!

  405. Trying to get my positive mojo back. Been beaten down by the demands of the world.

  406. I’ve been going through a lot of turmoil lately within a relationship and I really need some self encouragement. This book sounds like it would offer some help. We all need encouragement and to be reminded of our self worth during hard times in our life and this is one for me.

  407. Alysia Gauthreaux says:

    I could really use this encouraging bible study and small group to help me grow and feel worthy! I have been lost in anxiety and taking care of a new child that I feel like I have lost hope for the girl I dreamed I would be. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE– I hope I can win a copy so that I can participate in this study and join a small group that my soul really needs! In need of a revival!

  408. I need to know that she’s still there.

  409. Judy Ortiz says:

    I am excited about this study because, at 53 years old, I seemed to have lost that little girl a long time ago and I would love to find her again. I am also trying to grow my relationship with God and I just get so excited when I learn something new and in a new way than ever before.

    • Proverbs 31 Ministry Online Team says:

      Hi Judy, God doesn’t look at age, and He can help you rediscover that girl in you and your special purpose. We pray that the book will help you draw closer in your relationship with Him, and are excited that you are going on this journey with us.

  410. Deanna Offerdahl says:

    I am a 47 year-old mom, with 5 kids. (2 are step-kids)
    Their ages range from 22 to 6. I feel that I am caught in the middle. Seems like I am still a kid myself, unsure how to raise them. Then, I also am experiencing my aging parents, that are also now like kids. These days are scary – midlife, gaining weight, no career, busyness, church-going loneliness ….
    I need a new identity. Not the same girl I was, but who am I and what am I suppose to do? I still want to be the child 🙂

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Praying for you Deanna! You’re doing an amazing job raising kids of all ages and helping with parents. Hang in there. God will help you find that girl again 🙂

  411. Paulan Daily says:

    I know the loss of self well. I raised 4 children with my husband who traveled for work. There was no me time. As the last one is now independent I need to reconsider my dreams.

  412. Irrie Campbell says:

    I think this is going to be a great study.

  413. Ann Chapman says:

    I am a wife with a husband whose going through a rough season with his disabilities. I am tired and weary and need to be renewed.


  414. I am excited about this Bible study. I love that I am not alone in it!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Lyndie!
      Welcome! We are so happy that you will be studying with us. It’s great to be able to share and encourage one another with our wonderful community of ladies. We can all journey together.

  415. Debbie England says:

    I have 2 adopted daughters that are 17 and 16. They came to us 11 and10. They are beautiful girls that have overcome sexual abuse, neglect, and self esteem issues. They are A students. They are the leaders of our youth at church. One us a cross country runner, the other is on the Belle drill team. Their self confidence has soared. They have discovered how to overcome to be worthy in all things through the love of their Lord. Thank you, Debbie England

  416. I’m excited to do this bible study alongside a friend and my mom for the first time

  417. Joanna Kearns says:

    To make a very long story short we have been through alot unexpectantly and this would help us out alot delays suck especially when you have serious need in your family please help us out!

  418. Im excited to start this study because we all need some encouragement no matter what age we are

  419. I am so excited about this study. It is write on time with my journey of finding self-compassion and self-love. I’m also bravely reaching out and inviting other women I know.

  420. This is my first online bible study and I’m super excited! I just got my book today and can’t wait to get started! 😃

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Welcome Hannah! We are so excited that you will be joining us! It will be fun to share with one another what God is teaching us through this Study, and how we are growing in our faith.

  421. I have mine! Can’t wait for the online study to start!!

  422. I am so excited about this study because I have lost ‘me’ over the years. At 49 God reminded me that I matter, my hopes and dreams still matter, they may have shifted over the years, but there is still hope with Him. So I’m ready!! I haven’t been this excited about something in a LONG time XO

  423. As of August 25th I will be an empty nester not sure what God has in store for me next. A long the way I lost myself. I’m hoping this book will be an inspiration and encouragement that I so need . Feeling lost and lonely. Deb

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Praying for you Deb! God will help you through this new transition and journey in your life.

  424. When I read the description of this bible study I knew I HAD to join. 4 years into the Mom thing and most days I feel like I’ve lost “me”. I keep saying that I believe God has a major assignment for me and I’m hoping this books helps me to unlock the potential that’s hiding behind an exhausted momma whose forgot just how valuable she is…

  425. I’m looking forward to starting the bible study because I unfortunately lost myself through a pursuit of wordly things, but I am falling in love with God all over again and finding my worth in His grace, love, and mercy. I may only be 20, but I believe that gaining more wisdom and insight into my walk is beneficial at any age.

  426. I am interested in reading this book because I listened to a recording of Chrystal’s message at She Speaks and was blown away! I feel also for where I am at right now that the message of this study is one I need. I have some situations that haven’t exactly turned out like I thought they would — I need inspiration to keep going.

  427. Barb Carter says:

    I’ve missed our bible study time and excited because I’m confident this one will be as good or better than each one before.

  428. I’d love to win a copy of the book. I think this on-line course will be beneficial to me so that I can resurrect my worth. Through the years, I think it was set aside while raising kids, then fighting for a marriage to be restored. Now that I’m 64, I wonder if I’m too old to care anymore.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      There’s no such thing as too old Terri! You are beautiful and worthy, and God is good. He will guide us all through this!

  429. As a mother of 3 boys and a step daughter and the bread winner for the family, I struggle to know where me is. I find myself giving 110% to everyone else. I struggle in finding quite time with God but he gives me gems in conversations with my kids, husband and others. I’m looking forward to reading and applying this book to my life

  430. I am very excited for this study. Often times I feel unworthy to a mom to my children, a wife to my husband and a daughter to my parents. Where will I find my worthiness? I hope this study will bring fresh revelation of God!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      You are worthy and loved by God Jenny! We pray that God will reveal his special plan that He has for each of us. Blessings.

  431. My dreams ….sometimes it seems they don’t exist. I feel like there are days that all I do is the bidding of my husband and if I want to do certain things it always has to be around his schedule. If I point this out to him, his passive aggressive nature comes out and then I feel selfish and do nothing. I love the Lord and want to be used for his honor and glory.

  432. Debbie Ornsby says:

    Can’t wait! Sounds like an awesome book! So need this in my life right now!! Some words of encouragement!! Thanks for doing the online bible studies!!

  433. Susan Cutlip says:

    Wow! I know am not alone after reading some of the comments above. Like many of you, I want a fresh revelation of the freedom we have in Jesus and our worthiness before God because of Him. Let’s grab hold of it sisters and NOT LET GO! I’m all in.

  434. Alicen Chaffin says:

    I can’t wait to dig into She’s Still There with Proverbs31! I feel like September 5th is a thousand years away, but I know it will be here soon. My deepest hope for this study is that I actually let Chrysta’s words impact my life and ignite the passion for change and help me find the courage to change. I can read and be inspired and desire to change all I want, but if I don’t put some action behind all that inspiration and desire, I’ll still be stuck on square one. Thank you so much for putting this study together!

    • Suzie Valla P31 O-Team says:

      Hi Alicen, God’s word brings us all hope and inspiration and direction and purpose for our lives, and gives us courage to change. God has a plan for your life to hope, future, and to prosper. If we trust in God and allow the change to grow, we become more like Jesus. Remember this verse, Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

  435. Kim Heying says:

    After reading both your comments on this book I’m excited to read it and start this study. As a mom of two children, my life revolved around them and their sports, They are grown now and off to college and I now feel like I’m lost. I’m a professional business woman but I’ve not chased the dreams I had as a younger woman and now would be a great time to get that passion and fire back! Looking forward to starting this study with you both! Thank you!

  436. I’m very anxious to start this OBS, I’m going to be 60 in a couple of weeks right now still struggling to find out why so many bad things happens to nice people. I myself just had a serious operation, not to happy but just take one day at a time. This would be my 3er study, praying and asking God to please give me more health so I can go on. Haven’t even been able to go buy the book or even order it on line, still have my staples on my incision, let’s see if I can make it throu.

    • Suzie Valla P31 O-Team says:

      Hi Lisa, I am sorry that you are dealing with health issues, and I will be praying for your healing and for God to give you strength for you to complete the Bible Study . And I want to wish you a Happy upcoming 60th Birthday. With age comes wisdom, and God can use your life experiences to be an inspiration and encouragement to others. Hugs and Blessings!

  437. I’m almost an empty nester so I am really looking forward to doing this study! ❤️ I need a new start and some new changes!

  438. Jessica Maldonado says:

    I didn’t have a childhood growing up too many things happened. Now I’m 41 single mom working hard to provide for my kids; I know I need God in every area in my life I’ve been lost for far too long. I have a daughter who’s turning 13 this year and she’s going through some similar stuff I went through putting her in depression and very low self-esteem. I know that by me sharing God’s love to her and everything God has for her it’s simply beautiful I’m sure she will feel better. I hope I can be one of the winners, thank you in advance….Jessica M.

  439. Hi! I am excited to do this study. I had received it in my email and read a little about Crystal journey I found myself relating. I had my first daughter when I was 19 and unmarried. Once you become a mother its easy to lose yourself in duties. It is a blessing to be a mother but I don’t feel like I have ever gotten a chance to find out who I am or how God could use me. Most of my life is plagued with bad decisions and shortcomings. This study is perfect because I am ready to align my life up with what Gods word says.I find it hard sometimes because I replay the past, I feel like those choices and feel like I’m wearing a sticker that says bad choices. I am excited to grow in the Lord and see what God can do with a broken life.

  440. Heather Hintz says:

    I am excited to do something for myself and also with a group of women from my community who will be reading this book along with me. One of these women is my cousin, whom I look up to and who has had an incredibly tough year. I am excited to read this book with her and support one another on our journeys as mothers, teachers and women.

    • Proverbs 31 Ministry Online Team says:

      Hi Heather! We are excited that you and a group of women will be doing this study together! It is fun to participate and learn together, it provides fellowship, support, and encouragement. We hope you enjoy the Study.

  441. I kind of struggle with the concept of losing that “little girl in me” because I feel like I am still a teenager at heart, living in a 50+ yr old body. When I look in the mirror, I think “Who is that old hippie?” ha ha

    But I am looking forward to tips on how NOT to lose my inner child. Life can be so overwhelming with adult responsibilities and I do feel it beating me down more and more as I get older. My parents are 80 and right now, take care of themselves, but I don’t know if that will always be the case. My girls are mid-20’s and sort of on their own, but do need me occasionally. It’s a calm place right now, but I feel like it won’t always be this easy.

  442. Stephanie guignard says:

    I am soooo excited to share this awesome book with the ladies in our life group 🙂

  443. MarJean Christiansen says:

    I am doing this study with my daughter who is in prison to be connected to her in a way no one ever dreamed a mother and daughter could be connected, loving Jesus as we both learn new stuff about ourselves. Thank you for being here and can’t wait to see what God is going to do in both of our lives.

    • Proverbs 31 Ministry Online Team says:

      Hi Marjean! Isn’t it marvelous to see God working in your life and enable you to connect with your daughter through this study! We pray that this book will help you both to grow in your faith and your relationship with Jesus. We look forward to hearing what God is doing in both your and your daughter’s life.

  444. Emalix Infante says:

    I’d love to win! It would be a definite blessing, but it will also be of encouragement to read about how to work through challenges as a mom, wife, ministry leader, blogger, etc. We wear so many hats that it’s easy to get overwhelmed!
    Many blessings!

  445. I am looking forward to this study because I have been thinking about how did the person I used to be get lost? What happened to my dreams and even my attitudes about life? I have been feeling so lost. When I saw the title of Chrystal’s book, I knew I had to read it. Doing the study will be wonderful! Reading comments of other women of all ages will be a blessing-to me!

  446. Michele Blondin says:

    I just really need to read this book to feel worthy. I feel the needto be able to do Gods work.

  447. I’ve always struggled with worthiness, which is why I’m constantly battling striving and people pleasing! Can’t wait to see what truths Chrystal will offer to help me pack away these persistent lies!

    • Proverbs 31 Ministry Online Team says:

      Allison, don’t believe the lies of the enemy, you are indeed worthy! You were bought with a great price, God loves you! We hope this book helps to uncover a new sense of hope and purpose, and His special purpose for you! Hugs!

  448. Syndi Rowe says:

    I am excited about this new bible study and book because I struggle with not being enough. Going through a rough divorce and not sure where I fit in anymore. I have definitely lost my inner self but am determined to find her! Can’t wait!! 💜

    • Proverbs 31 Ministry Online Team says:

      Hi Syndi! We pray for God to give you comfort and peace as you go through a difficult divorce. We hope the book will help rescue that girl in you and reveal your special plan and purpose.

  449. Hollie Bowling says:

    A friend sent me the link about the book study and it sounds fantastic! Looking forward to the next year for both of us as we each grow in our careers and learn how God’s love can transform our broken and scarred-beyond-repair hearts and lives. Looking forward to this next chapter! Thankful for Crystal’s courage!

  450. This book and study are coming at the perfect intersection of my life. Our youngest is graduating this year. My life has been consumed with activities and keeping (well trying to keep) my son on the straight and narrow. I am ready for the next chapter and to begin focusing on me and what God has in store for me in this next chapter of my life.

  451. Dar Floyd says:

    I want to study this book because it sounds like a great one. I’ve been in P31OBS for 5 yrs. Group 7

  452. I would rrally like to win the give- away! I am a recent empty-nester who is trying to figure out what is next for me. I gad hopes and dreams when I was younger, but I can’t even remember what they were now. I’ve spent my whole adult life taking care of everybody else, and I barely know who I am now that my role has changed. I want to believe that God has a plan for me. Looking forward to doing this study.

  453. sherry wilburn says:

    I guess the reason I would like to have this book is because I am now 57 years old and I often feel like my life has no purpose anymore. As I read the message just now I thought to myself I think this book could start a fire in my spirit.

  454. As someone who’s in their early 20s, I definitely struggle with my worth and believing that I am seen and loved. This book is spot on during a time when I am finding myself and where God is calling me to be.

    • Proverbs 31 Ministry Online Team says:

      Hi Sonya,
      You are loved by God and may His love comfort you! We pray that the book and this study will help you find that girl inside and give you direction and guidance in you life. Psalm 136:26 (ESV) Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever. HUGS!

  455. Nicole Martin says:

    I am so ready to began the online bible study with this book. I have not purchased the book yet because i don’t have extra to spend at this time. This book is much needed for me. I’m 40 years old and just now learning who I really am. I thank God for the opportunity to learn more about me and I belive this book will be an inspiration for me. Thank you and God Bless.

  456. Amanda McDonald says:

    Wow!! I definitely needs this. 35 year old single mom of a teenage son and eleven year old daughter going through an unwanted divorce. I truly have lost that young girl in me and WANT/NEED to find her and get my life back where God intended it to be for both my children but also for my best future!! Thank you for this study, perfect timing.

    • Proverbs 31 Ministry Online Team says:

      Hi Amanda, going through a divorce is difficult for you and your children. We pray this book will help you discover the girl in you and that it helps to give you direction and purpose. May the love of God comfort you and bring you hope. Hugs. We are happy you are going on this journey with us through this study.

  457. during the last year, I have been dealing with some really tough times – the death of multiple family members in 8 months has really challenged me to look at what I am doing, what I really want to be doing [which have been suppressed for decades and not evident right now] but knowing that God is still present and has something planned for me. I have been realizing that I have forgotten to dream about what, how and who I am in God’s eyes. the concept of this particular study, I hope and pray, is one that will help me go back to that place of willingly honestly hearing what God has/had planned for my life.

  458. Judy Stuebe says:

    After 47 yrs of a heart-breaking marriage, my life seems shipwrecked. So, this study is calling my name!

  459. I have always struggled with basing my identity on how the Lord sees me, so this study will be a consistent source of encouragement and mind renewal. Thank You!

  460. Nikki Walker says:

    I feel like seeing the post about this upcoming study was an answer to a prayer of mine because as a working mom and wife, I sometimes feel like I’ve lost my way or that I’m not doing as worthwhile of endeavors as others.

  461. VANCHAE ROLLINS says:

    Im so excited for this book to come out. I feel like its going to transform my life. And help me to see all the wonderful things God has in store for me.

  462. Jill Sweet says:

    I am a new missionary living in Bulgaria. I am looking forward to this way to stay connected and accountable!

    • Robin Kellygoss says:

      Hi Jill, I would love to hear how it is going for you. I am embarking on a similar journey soon. Praying for you!

  463. Stefanie JP says:

    I am excited for this OBS. I lead marriage and parenting classes year round and lead a Ladies Bible Study at our church each spring. I am looking forward to something I can just relax and learn – knowing God will then ask me to teach and share with others.

  464. Stephanie says:

    This will be my first OBS and I am so excited!! This book looks like it is perfect for where I am in life right now.

  465. I seem to see these questions and give aways after the fact. :(.
    I’m excited About this book because quite often I feel a disconnect with the girl inside and believing that she is still there after so many years of neglecting her. I want to learn about that girl and learn about what she has to offer and encourage her to keep moving forward and to keep looking up. These OBS studies are so helpful. Sometimes when I lack and struggling in an area I can hold onto the coat tails of the women in these groups until I find my way. I love the way that we stand in the gap for one another.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Kimberly,
      We are so happy to hear that the OBS studies are an encouragement. You are so right, we are right beside you on this journey. We pray that this study helps to encourage you to continue to pursue the dreams and plans that God has placed in your heart.

  466. thank you for your encouragement! it really helps to know that we are not alone

  467. Amanda O'Malley says:

    So excited for this study👐😁👏🎊💙💙!!! Come on Sep 5th

  468. I am interested because I believe vulnerability is how we grow closer to God. Our willingness to make ourselves humble and experience humility is how he refines us into Proverbs 31 women.

  469. its a hard time after another. From losing my brother then grandma then aunt and now my dad is slowly going as well. Plus i was abused and i have a really hard time with that as well with guilt and all the other feelings.i also have depression and strugle alot with feelings of not feeling worthy. I am interested in this study to help me grow closer to god as well as helping me emotionally.

  470. I am excited about “She’s still there” for many reasons. Sometimes sitting down and reading the Bible can be intimidating if you don’t really know where to start. So I signed up for this Bible Study to find a little more structure in learning His Word. I am also a Stat At Home/ part time worker mom. I don’t work in the field I got my degree in so my passions, aside from my children have been placed on hold. I felt God helped me to find this study to give me the right direction to go in to find a bigger spiritual purpose! God Bless!

  471. I’m interested so please sign me up!

  472. I don’t think we can rightly love others in relationship unless we first find our identity in Christ and His love. I am glad you are helping women know God’s love for them.

  473. I am working hard at accepting myself and loving myself. I want my children and students to have a role model who loves the person God created me to be.

  474. Robin Kellygoss says:

    Thank you! I am so excited to dig into this study. As a 51 year old women, I am new to studying the Bible. I am recently divorced after almost 25 years of marriage and am embarking on a lifelong dream which also begins on Sept 5! So such timing for beginning this study!! Thank you!

  475. Maria Clemente says:

    God bless everyone, and pray for me as I attempt yet another study.
    I’m excited,and desperate for this study because it’s exactly what God has been putting on my heart lately. I’ve been dreaming God sized dreams, yet something keeps holding me back.I want to accomplish everything God set out for me, and my family. I’m excited that this book and study are answered prayers.

  476. Rochelle R Meidam says:

    I am truly excited about this study. I can’t afford the book so I am prying to win today. Even if I don’t I know God will lead me to the next study.

  477. I am excited about this study. I am pretty much starting completely over due to being in an abusive marriage. I would love to have this book but starting completely over for the 6th time being on a fixed income because I have MS and 2 beautiful children. But anyways hope I can still do the study without it.

  478. Hi –

    I am looking forward to this study as I feel I am close to a changing point in my life. I feel this coming, but I have no idea which direction I’m being called to go in. Like many others in the posts above, I too have been a family caregiver and I also work full time as a social worker. I feel tired with life – but I know there is more to be done. I am hoping for guidance at this pivotal time for me.

  479. Teresa McClain says:

    I have a daughter who just turned 13, would this be a bible study we could do together?

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