Will You Step Into The Batter’s Box?

“She's Still There” Study Leader, Stacy Lowe | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #ShesStillThere #P31OBSHey there, friends! Welcome to Wednesday!

Last week on the blog, we began a discussion of how God sees us and the potential we have in Him. Today, I want us to take it a step further.

Imagine, if you would, you’re at a baseball game. You’re excited because both teams have incredible coaches, and the players are world-class, so you know you’re in for a treat! The hot dogs and popcorn have been bought, you’ve settled in your seat, and it’s time for the game to begin.

“Play ball!” the ump calls out.

The players take the field, but you notice something strange … even though the fielding team is in position, all the batting team is sitting in the dugout. The game begins, but there’s no action happening.

The pitcher stares down home plate, but there’s no one up to bat. The players in the dugout keep watching the scoreboard, hoping for some runs, but since no one is hitting, that doesn’t seem likely. Eventually they just give up and stare at one another instead, waiting to see what happens next.

Pretty boring, huh?

I wonder if that’s how WE look sometimes, though.

God has gifted us each uniquely with certain interests and abilities, and with hard-wiring to accomplish certain tasks well. For sure, He’s the best coach and play-caller we could ever hope to have! But then sometimes we just sit there, wanting and praying for life-change and the chance to make a difference in the world, but too afraid to actually come out of the dugout and step into the batter’s box ourselves.

As Chrystal Evans Hurst reminds us on page 93 of She’s Still There:

“You have to participate consistently and intentionally in your life.”

Because see, y’all, here’s the thing — just like in that baseball game, no matter how great the potential and how brilliant our Coach, until I’m willing to step in and do my part and you’re willing to step in and do yours, the world is missing out!

What might it be missing out on?

All those good things He has for us to do! Ephesians 2:10, y’all!

And sure, we may strike out from time to time, but that’s ok, because sometimes we’re going to connect and knock it right out of the park!

So what are you waiting for? Batter up!

Let’s Chat:

Are you ready to step up to the plate? How will you participate more intentionally in your life?

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  1. Tanya Stermer says:

    This devotional is so where I am at. Am I ready to step up to the plate?! Yes!! Thank you for this reminder and encouragement.

    • I can testify that as my own life experience. Since year 2010 till early this year I have been praying for my calling but was too busy in the things of this life such that I could not hear God until all my businesses went down. I took time to inquire of the Lord and for sure, He revealed this purpose and immediately I obeyed, I settled. Now am fulfilling my life purpose but for the last seven years I have struggled until I discovered the work God was calling me to do. The moment we step up we enter into His rest.

  2. Stacia Harmony says:

    I will step up in my life and make it more intentional by continuing to set small goals and strive to reach them. One starter goal for me would be to take just two minutes every morning to thank The Lord for this brand new day to create more memories and habe more experiences. To express my gratitude and allow me to walk in His path. I also will set boundaries between my work life, family life, and school life. Keep them all separated so to not neglect one or another. Also giving all my worries and concerns to God.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement! I am ready to step up to the plate!

  4. Rometta Ison says:

    What a truly lovely thought.
    May you touch and inspire many for our Lord;
    Rometta Ison

  5. Otilia Caraveo says:

    This is such a good study I feel its so fast pace. Yet wanting to step up to the plate is total and absolutely surrendering daily. I need the Holy Spirit’s power to reminded me to more intentionally participate in my life moment by moment.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Otilia,
      AMEN! Surrendering to the will of our Father, and relying on the power of the Holy Spirit will help us all to live intentionally. Great plan!

  6. Bethany Swartz says:

    Yet another great bible study! ❤❤❤

  7. I’m going to step up by stepping out of my comfort zone. By realizing that I am capable and smart and to take (safe and smart) risks in my career. I’ll get closer to God and not think of Him as “just something to believe in” but as someone to talk to, confide in, and who believes in me.

  8. I am suffering from sever anxiety and depression, to the point where I have almost ended my life. Come to find out, the medicine to treat this is making it worse and leading to these insane feeelings. On Friday I will see my Dr . to figure out how to ween me off of these people with out any harm. Prayers needed at this time of confusion

    • Praying for you Staci!! I am glad your Dr. discovered the issue.

    • Staci,
      My daughter suffers from depression and anxiety too. Recently she was tested by “GeneSight” – genetic testing designed specifically for depression and anxiety medicines. The results will show what will and will not work for you.
      Check into it if you haven’t already. Good luck and you will be in my prayers.

    • Angela Nelson says:

      My daughter also struggles with depression and anxiety, so my heart and prayers goes out to you. Praying for you Staci, my the Lord guide the doctor with wisdom and knowledge to help ween you off of the medication that is not helping and in finding out a medication that will help you.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      We are praying for you Staci! We pray that God removes your depression and anxiety and replaces it with peace, comfort, hope and joy. We also pray for your doctor to have God’s wisdom in finding the right treatment for you.

    • Brenda Ronan says:

      Praying for you Staci. Some medications are not meant for all people and I am sorry to hear that is what happened to you. Be sure to lean on Christ in this most difficult time! Now that can work for all people.

  9. So blessed!

  10. I’m ready to step up to the plate. By using my gifts for his glory.

  11. I’m realizing how afraid I have been to step up to the plate. I have wasted or feel like I have wasted many times where I could have made better choices better decisions which would decrease the drifting I have done in my life. I’m ready to step up to the plate because I’m realizing that each day is one day closer to my not being here on this Earth, she points out and in a later chapter. While there is breath there is life and while there is life there is hope so my goal is to use all that I’m learning in this study to make wise choices that will benefit me in the long run and will bring me joy instead of the pressure to always be behind my 8 ball of perfection which is denying the fact that I’m ALREADY HIS MASTERPIECE. HE LOVED ME FIRST.Striving for perfect only leads to exhaustion and defies the whole meaning of me being God’s masterpiece because it’s me that’s trying to make myself a masterpiece when I already am one. I choose to “get out of my way” and step up to the plate and swing knocking that sucker out of the park carrying the lies of the enemy that try to deny God, the artisan, of me His MASTERPIECE. ..

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you for sharing your story Kimberly. We pray that this study helps you in making the right choices and choosing the right path that God has for you, and that it brings you joy and encouragement! May God bless you!

  12. Susan Caldwell says:

    This is so hard for me. I think I ran ahead of GOD so many times and then prayed my eay THROUGH. I am just talking about EVERYDAY life. Now after all the adversities that GOD alliwed to affick me, I have been afraid to do much. All mtself confidence was torn aeay, who I was changed, my role in life is over. How to I play the game.? I read my bible and prayer all the time.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Susan!
      The best thing we can do is when we run ahead of God is to re-focus and slow down. Lean on God for encouragement, strength and confidence! We will be praying for you as you go through adversities. Do not be afraid God is at your side.

    • I think sometimes we think we should be DOING something significant all the time, when really we are called to serve Him wherever we’re at. At the moment I’m ‘doing’ nothing, and I’ve had to realize that my calling right now is simply to be a mom and wife – to take care of my family and be as Christlike as I can each day. Maybe this season in your life is just that. You say you pray and read the Bible all the time, well then you’re doing it! Just relax into it and strive to be Christlike each day. God will work in you and give you things to ‘do’ when you’re ready. There’s no rush, and no reason to think your role in life is over because you’re not doing anything particularly significant (in your eyes). Be still 🙂 x

  13. Madeline Hager says:

    Thanks so much for thfor encouragement this morning! It’s something I really needed. Keep doing this amazing thing! I love Proverbs31 Ministries!

  14. Marissa Kristine says:

    I’m still struggling with this concept every day and every moment of my life but I’m trying. Thank you,all. For what you do. It provides me with greater growth and hope.

  15. I will step up to the plate by taking my game one day at a time. Some days I am not entirely sure how to intentionally get involved. So each day, I will take it step by step. I will accomplish small things every day, and find something wonderful to look for in within these days. I am going to remind myself to think of God’s word when I find myself in a bad time of day or stressful situation. God is here with me. He loves me. God wants me to live happily and love myself, even in the darkest of times.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Kynzie,
      If we take a small step each day as we journey on, one day we can look back and see how far we’ve come. Relying on God’s Word during stressful situation is a wonderful way to live intentionally. Blessings!

  16. Zelma Ellison says:

    Itruly thank God for you and your encouragement! Amen

  17. Jeanne D'Amico says:

    I love ❤️ how beautiful, all the teachers are… they have genuine hearts and spirits
    …They make me feel at home and comfortable, and that they are approachable and not some Christian celebrity…thank you for this opportunity to grow and know I’amm a masterpiece..even if it is a messy one🌟🦋😊

  18. Corina Lujan says:

    I will intentionally participate in my own life by making time to write! God will give me the right words and our final manuscript will be a masterpiece that helps heal a readership that can relate! To God be the glory!

  19. Brooke Katz says:

    I will live intentionally by getting out of the house and going to Bible study I will not let depression keep me bed ridden it is defeated by the blood of Jesus on the cross. I will be consistent with my time with God, and I will say yes when it comes to helping others I will ask God to open my eyes to the needs around me.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Brooke! What a wonderful way to live intentionally! To be consistent in your quiet time with God and helping others sounds like a great way to beat depression! Prayers and Hugs!

  20. I am intentional in my walk with God by studying his word daily and living a life for him. Its not always easy but when I trip, stumble, or fall, God makes it easy for me to get up and try again. And for that I am grateful!

  21. Melinda Marzan says:

    I need to step up to sharing my faith more. Most people in my life know I am active,in church, but I don’t know if tbey know why?

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      That is a feeling many of us have Melinda. Our faith is so important to us but we find it hard to step out of our comfort zone and tell others our good news. Thank you for sharing today. May we find that strength together. 🙂

  22. Kristi Betz says:

    Love the study, so needed at this moment.

  23. SANDRA OTUBOAH says:

    Yeah, God is a God of purpose. He cannot move when we aren’t ready to move. He moves with those who run to His side. Just trust and obey as you move to His side

  24. Honestly, doing this bible study is one way I’m stepping up to the plate. I’m not happy with where my life is at and where my relationship with God is at. Doing this bible study has already opened my eyes about things and has helped me out of a drift. And we’re only in week 2! Thank you God!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      We are so excited that you are having such a meaningful time of study Courtney! Cant’ wait to see what else God has in store for you in the coming weeks. Blessings.

  25. Jamie Carson says:

    I love this study! I really needed to know I am Gods masterpiece and I struggle with my past and often let the decisions I have made get me down. From this day on I can do my best to stay focused on Gods word, communicate daily with him, and know who I am through his eyes and not mine. I also would like to see my boys be closer to God and my girls which are grown. I do feel it’s my job as a mom to teach them and I have but I need to improve in this area. I have a 13 year old and 8 year old that of course still live at home but my girls are grown. Sometimes it’s hard getting the 13 year old to be interested in church or studying the Bible.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for sharing. We will be praying for you and your children to find a close relationship with God, and a deep desire to be focused on Him in your daily lives.

  26. This really helped me this morning. So many times I know that I should do something or participate but I don’t because I find that I’m worried about what someone might think. Only to find out later during a discussion that someone needed to hear what I was going to say or do. This has happened many times so I will listen more to the little voice inside that tells me to speak up when I want to keep silent.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Teri,
      This is a wonderful discovery you have made. You are important to those around you and your words of wisdom count! We pray that God will give you the strength and confidence you need to step up to the plate! Have a great day Teri.

    • Teri, with practice you will discover that each time you speak up or participate in something the closer you get to Abba Father. He will help thru the holy spirit if you let him. It took me several years to be willing to speak up. I was one of those who would get a message and my first reaction was “God you can’t be talking to me. Oh yes he was and I have finally accepted that might as well listen and do.😀

  27. Caroline Burnett says:

    I am new here and I already love what i am reading. ready to learn so much more as i progress!

  28. So many days it seems easier to sit in the dugout. Not use my gifts because of past failures, hurts etc. Satan whispers “it’s ok to sit” and somwewhere I lost that discernment to realize that is not of God! It’s time to get up and do what God has called me to be, do! I may fail miserably at first but when I keep moving closer to God I will be successful in the shoes God has me! One stroke at a time for this masterpiece that I am created to be!

  29. Nicole Seese says:

    I will step up to the plate, it is time. Recently accepted my dream job, going through the steps now to be able to have a firm start date. It took a lot of encouragement to get the nerve to even apply. God knew though because he made positions available and put people in my
    life who believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. I’m stepping up and going to score a homerun now, slowly but surely with God’s grace I will get back to home plate.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Nicole!
      How wonderful that God opened doors to help you find your dream job. We pray that you receive a firm start date. God certainly believes in you, and has a special purpose where He places us in the workplace. We hope you hit that home run!

  30. I really have to work at identifying my abilities and using them intentionally. Thank you!

  31. Barbara Oglesbee says:

    Absolutely LOVE P31 series!!! 💗

  32. Pamela Grady says:

    I have felt lost and off track for quite some time. I have been looking for “the girl within” not knowing how to find her. This book and online study couldn’t have come at a better time. This has been a huge blessing!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Pamela,
      May the blessings continue as you dig deeper into this study. We pray that you will find that “girl within” and encourage her to come on out. 🙂

  33. I will step up to the plate. Today I will intentially take my bat and chase Satan around every base and out of the ball park because Jesus has my back and said Satan don’t belong here!!!

  34. That sentence really spoke volumes to me this morning. Before I finished reading the rest of the page I stopped right then an there and made it personal. I (Ronata) have to participate and intentionally in MY life! Thank you for those words.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you Ronata, for the reminder to take these verses and make them personal. It sure does bring it to a whole different level, doesn’t it! Have a great day, keeping God’s Word close.

  35. As a coac, player, and lover of softball, I love the analogy of the baseball game. It’s so true that we have to do something for God to work through us. The Lord is coaching us daily but if we don’t try, we will never see the outcome. He is the ultimate coach!!!!

  36. Catherine Brown says:

    I’m really loving this book and it’s opening my eyes to see that the girl I wanted to be, is still right here within me!

  37. Jenny Mullen says:

    Good morning, OBSrs! Well I’m definitely getting some practice at stepping up to the plate and participating in my life. My place of employment is currently going through a layoff period–the first in the ten years since I’ve been with the agency. An announcement was made in early July that this would be happening, but employees have basically been kept in a limbo state until this week. Needless to say, the staff morale has been on the floor much of this time, as people have been wondering whether or not they are on the layoff list. My family has been going through some trials over the last 18 months, and many times as the mom and wife, I have carried the weight of our trials on my shoulders and stretching myself thinner and thinner between work life and home life. A couple of weeks ago, I was at work while trying to manage a pretty serious and emotional situation with my family, and this question popped into my head as I’m communicating with my husband and fighting back tears…”What are you doing here, Jenny? Why is this job so important? You need to be home.” That was it. I went home that day and told my extremely supportive husband what had happened and that I would be leaving my job at the end of this year because something had to give and I refused to let it be the well-being of my family. Thankfully, we are in a position financially to be able to do that. With God as my strength and voice of reason that cut through my thoughts like an emergency broadcast, I decided to step up to the plate. This will be a difficult change, but God helped me see that it was a necessary one, and for that I praise His holy name. Having said that, I do ask for prayers for the individuals who have and will be losing their jobs, and for those who will be left at this company to pick up the pieces. Blessings to all!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Jenny!
      Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like God lead you out of your comfort zone; and He has given you His courage and strength to make the decision to leave your job at the end of the year in order to be there for your family. May God direct you and bless you as you go through the next phase of your journey. Our prayers are lifted up for those that will be losing their job, and we pray that God guide and direct them to new jobs that God has in mind especially for each of them. Amen!

  38. I know the coach is there. I just don’t know which bat to use and whether to swing right handed or left handed or which direction to hit the ball. I’m struggling to find my purpose. Prayers for direction! Thank you for this study!

  39. I love this analogy. I think it is awesome that God wants us to participate in the things that He is doing in the Kingdom. He doesn’t need us but He delights in us and wants us to participate.

  40. Love this post!! I so need the reminder to not just go through the motions and work routine each day, but to really engage and live life with purpose and joy.

  41. As I reflect on today’s blog, I had to ask myself why many times I shrink back from stepping up to the plate. Why I second guess pitches or plays that God- the great coach has for me. I came to realize that the answer is simple for me.
    I struggle believing that what I have to put out is of any value. When I put out any product, I srutinize it and criticize it for fear if I do not do it others will. The goal of criticizing and scrutinizing is to make it perfect. Desiring perfection is what keeps me from batting. The fear of hitting a file ball or missing it all together.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi LoReal,
      God has a plan for each of us and His plan is perfect, so we need to Trust Him. When we realize only God is perfect, and acknowledge our weaknesses, we need to lean on the Lord and call out to the Lord for help. He will help you to overcome the feelings of criticizing and scrutinizing everything, and help you become all that He wants you to be. He will bring you that home run!

  42. This is a great reminder. I’ve been stuck in fear for far too long It’s time to step out in faith!

  43. Leslie Simmons says:

    What a difference this world and our families would be if we got out of the dugout and played ball!!!

  44. Laurie Marie Parker says:

    God made you amazing!!!

  45. I plan on MAKING myself sit down. Most of my day is running running running. I know that there are things I want to do for ME, but I just can’t bring myself to SIT. The hour in the morning where the house is silent, just before I dash out the door for the day, is the only hour I get. So, I read She’s Still There. And I love it. All through it I recognize myself, even if the circumstances may be different. So after reading this past chapter, I am starting to realize that God has given me so many little quirky things that are just mine, and I have kept them in the dark. I am a dancer, and even though I know that I am suppose to dancing out my worship and prayers to God, I don’t. There is always a reason why I can’t. Sometimes I don’t even feel worthy enough to dance for God. Sometimes I feel like its all hogwash. Sometimes I feel like “its not going to do anything”. So I am going to refocus on my dance, and my worship. Its tough..but I need a break through!

    • Lee Ann Womack wrote a beautiful song called “I Hope You Dance”. The words are wonderful…they may inspire you to dance more.

      Google this title and watch her song video that has been seen by many. The children dancing add to the song’s meaning a great deal.

  46. This is a great analogy and loving this book. I have to admit though, that I recognize the need to participate, and change things in my life, just not sure how…. I will keep praying, and I know God will give me the answers.

  47. Cerena hastings says:

    My mother in-law bought me the book, and I’m glad she did. There are some things I’ve been struggling with and I’m happy this book proves I’m not alone. Thank you for the inspiration.

  48. Linda ruggeberg says:

    Enjoying the study even though I don’t have my book

  49. This study has been awesome so far for me. One day I broke down due to life’s circumstances. That day I opened up to chapter 2, I’m ok. It was truly God speaking right to me! I’m loving hearing His voice through this book!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Amy,
      How wonderful that God provided you with comfort and encouragement through Chapter 2 of the book. God is amazing in providing just the right Word right when we need it. We pray that you continue to Hear His voice as you travel on this journey.

  50. P31 O-Team Kara Miller says:

    To step up to the plate and participate, I have to make some health choices! I’m in Spring Training, realizing that maybe I didn’t make some good decisions over winter break… 🙂 So, let’s get to stepping and prepping!

  51. Frida Bogle says:

    I totally Agree with todays blog. We need to do our part to see a change in our lives.

  52. I’m really enjoying this book and Bible study!

  53. I love how God has equipped each of us with gifts to be used in our lifetime. I am taking a new step by getting involved in a women’s group at the church my husband and I just joined. I know God has been nudging me to get more involved and this group is very active in projects linked with helping others. Thank you for this Bible study…and the wonderful book that inspires. As a retiree…it is wonderful to be a part of a group of women linked with this Proverbs 31 study who are so diversified…in ages…in experiences…and in their willingness to share real life moments.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Donna,
      We are so happy to hear that this study has helped you step out of your comfort one and get involved in a women’s group at your church. We pray that this study continues to inspire you and helps you become the woman God wants you to be.

  54. I’ve been through a lot of transitions in the last couple years and so it’s really easy for me to just kind of float through life. But now that I’m in a more permanent place in my life, I know I need to try to start putting down roots. I’m going to participate fully in my life by finding a church home and really diving in and investing in people.

  55. I absolutely love this anology!! So easy to imagine and relate to! I’m going to remember this and use it each time fear sets in and I feel God convicting my heart to do something but I’m hesitate or afraid!! I’m also going to relay this message to my children when they are facing fears! Thank you for this!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Amanda!
      We have lifted you and your children up in prayer. 2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT) says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

  56. Yes!!! I need to step up to the box to make some changes in my life to improve my overall emotional health!! Praying for some gentle nudges from the Lord to help
    me to discern how to swing at all the different pitches life can swing at me!

  57. I am going to petticoats more in volunteering more for my kids school. I have been complaining about my friendships that are a little on the lacking side due to the less communication that has been given. Do I figured I should step out of my comfort zone and meet new people! Which is funny, I love meeting new people is just usually better when they come to me…. Not anymore!

    • Disregard the petticoats, darn keyboard ☺

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Jennifer!
      That’s wonderful that you decided to break out of your comfort zone and participate in more volunteer opportunities at your children’s school. We also pray that God leads you to true Godly friendships. Hugs!

  58. Billie Singleton says:

    Yes you have to participate in the “Game” just like baseball! I am forcing myself everyday to get out of the box and use my purpose God has showed me! With him anything is possible. Thank you God for bringing me courage to conquer my dreams. Thank you for this day and everyday. Amen

  59. Raenette Powell says:

    As hard as it is for me I am willing to step up to the plate. You see due to the abuse in my marriage I’ve built up walls for protection and safety. Put on masks. I was afraid of being hurt or rejected again. I was afraid of what people would think of me or the labels that they would give me like she’s divorced or she’s a single mom or she couldn’t keep her marriage together or whatever it may have been. Those fears kept me from stepping up to the plate. I have learned that God will be with me and that even if I am rejected it’s OK because at least I tried to plant a seed. Nothing will change or happen unless we take that step forward and help with the change. I am willing to begin to step up to the plate and shine my light. It will be difficult for me at first and it may not happen overnight but with Gods help and his strength and guidance I can do this. I know I need to make changes in my life. I need to do this for my overall well-being. I can no longer live in the past I have to know that God has forgiven me for everything in my past and I have to live for the future and in order to do that I have to step up the plate. I have to take down the walls and remove the masks. I know God will be with me through this journey and will give me the strength as I step out of my comfort zone remove my masks and my walls and begin to move forward in life

    • Allison Rodriguez says:

      The label’s I would give you would be~ strong, hopeful, survivor, careing, brave… Keep going, God’s got this. You my dear are a survivor. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”Joshua 1:9 NIV

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Raenette, Thank you for sharing. We pray that God provides you with His strength, guidance, and direction as you tear down walls and remove the masks; as you move forward on your journey. May God lead you to His plan and purpose as you uncover the girl within.

  60. Christi Yarbrough says:

    Great study this morning.

  61. so many times I feel like I am just on the sideline waiting for God to intervene and do something… but I have to be willing to step out in faith, trusting in His guidance and if I get it wrong, if I am judged etc.., if I am rejected… He still loves me and I am still in the game to keep trying, following His will, His guidance and His ‘gameplan’ He still loves me! <3

  62. Donna Morris says:

    I will step up to the plate. I will participate more intently in my life by living alert and looking for ways I can help others around me. I will be consistent about digging in God’s word daily.

  63. Intentional was my word for the year for several years in a row! I still love the word and want to be more intentional with every opportunity to grow and share His love.

  64. Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you God for speaking to my heart.

  65. I have always been on the sidelines, watching my life go by!! I will step up to the plate today and start being more alert, paying attention and focusing on My Heavenly Father and His love for me! How I can show His love to others..

  66. Sharon Burns says:

    Simple yet powerful!

  67. Allison Rodriguez says:

    In reading this book (she’s still here) I have come to realize I do not recognize myself anymore. There is not one thing that I am doing that is what I dreamed of as a little girl. I have drifted so far, that now I am out in the ocean just trying to keep my head above water trying to survive. With God’s help, I will get that girl with the big dreams back.

  68. I’m really enjoying this series and am also trying to keep up with the Suffering and Sovereignty study I’d already started on First 5! Thanks for producing these tools!

  69. thank you for the message today, its just the kind of pep talk I needed to “hear”, it is a really great reminder that to me that I need to do my part in the ballgame to get things going in the right direction. May God bless you in all that you do.

  70. Corrina Eriksen says:

    Love the baseball apology! I don’t want to just sit in the dugout;I want to get out there and swing that bat! 😄

  71. Earlier this year, at least once a day, I began looking for a way to be a blessing to someone else – intentionally. Most days it was nothing grand. Just opening a door for someone who had their hands full or holding the elevator doors for someone so they didn’t have to wait for the next one. But it was intentional and I loved the feeling it left me with and I hope the receiver as well. Also, my growth group is starting our fall study session and we have decided to do more service projects this fall. I’m searching for my niche and my passion, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing new ways to serve. Have a wonderful day all!

    • Thanks for the reminder that the little, every day, not so special, intentional stuff counts!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Julie,
      How wonderful that you decided to intentionally be a blessing to others and be involved in more service projects. We pray that God leads you to that special purpose He has planned for you as you discover the girl within. As you bless others, may God be a blessing to you!

  72. Adrienne Thames says:

    This study is exactly what I have been needing. Thank you for the reminder to get off the sidelines and jump into the game!

  73. Melanie Zuehls says:

    So far this study has already changing me into the person I have been longing to be but I still have a lot of work to do!

  74. Rachel O. Carty says:

    Yes Lord! I need to be present and involved!

  75. I need to be out of the dugout and in the warm up circle preparing to take my turn at the plate. Yes!

  76. Melissa Tenney says:

    I am really loving this OBS. I am so glad I bought the book, have the study companions and bought the bible study guide. I really feel like 5his is going to help me. I am constantly changing and trying to figure out who I am. Now at least I am assures that I am a would meant for God’s purposes, created in His image, in a physical body. If that is as far as it gets, that is enough.

  77. To be honest, I don’t know. That’s why I’m doing this study! Lol! I’m Italian, so I feel guilty about almost anything. I feel guilty all the time that I’m not ‘doing’ enough. I feel guilty when I take time to do nothing when there is so much to do. So I’m hoping to get some ideas and direction from some other people’s comments today. thanks for the great baseball illustration!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Eileen!
      It looks like God led you to right study to help remove your feeling of guilt and replace it with purpose and direction! Our wonderful community has provided so many great ideas on how to live intentionally. We pray that the community helps provide you with support and encouragement! We also pray that God guides you to just the right suggestion. God bless you!

  78. Really enjoying this study and Chrystal’s book! I, too, needed this reminder to be present and involved and quit sitting in the dugout waiting for someone else to step up to the plate!

  79. Hello.my name is Phalange. I am ready to step into the plate. But at the same time i am not. Im missing out on what the lord is trying to tell me. I dont know where am i going with myself. “Shes still there” is one of the book that really speak out on what the author have been thru. I step into the plate for a long time. My god is an awsome god. God has a way in me. Sometime i get caught on not knowing about quiz that god had put for me to pass. God use all his cheaps even the lost cheap God us. I would like to have a passing grade. Because i know if i have a good grade. I would be okay with steping in the plate and i would be just right in the field. I just dont want to loose my purpose in being the girl god sent for me to be. I dont want the lord to use me with me without believing. “Fill me oh god with your power once again, Fill me oh god with your power once again, fill me oh god with your power once again,fill me oh god with your power once again, I need it in me,I need it in me, I need it in me I need it in me. Fill me oh god with your power once again, fill me oh god with your power once again, I need it in me,i need it in me, i need it in me, i need it in me. Fill me oh god with your power once again, fill me oh god with your power once again”. Halleluja Praise the lord every one amen.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Phalange.
      Thank you so much for sharing. We pray that God helps you find the girl within, and fills you with His power; so that you can fulfill the purpose He has for you. Praise the Lord!

  80. Sometimes my comfort zone is from the sideline because I’m afraid of failing. I tell myself I’ve got this with God’s help. Even if what I’m doing doesn’t go as planned in my mind, I know I got out there and did my best. This study has been wonderful and only into week 2. I’m finding that girl that God made uniquely His.

  81. When God speaks, He speaks! Yes, Lord, I am ready to step up to the plate and do what you created me for.

  82. I will step out,be strong,and know God is w me and guiding me. I will share his word and pray I may bless others in his name 💜🙏🏻

  83. I have enjoyed this study more than any other. I wish i had a group of women to study it with in person. There are so many things in my life i need to step up to the plate with that its overwhelming. Im starting with just taking several moments of my daiky life for God and myself to better it. I ask God to soften my heart and keep me strong in things that i do. I hope I will see the tasks he wants me to do and I step up to do them.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Janine!
      We are so excited to hear how much you are enjoying this study! We encourage to become part of the wonderful community of women that you can lean on for support and encouragement. We can all learn, grow, and share as we all journey together. We pray that this study helps to provide you with God’s strength, and that He softens your heart. May you discover the girl inside and a deeper relationship with Him. Blessings!

  84. Janice Elrod says:

    I love the analogy used today! So many times I sit back, knowing what I need to do – what God is calling me to do – but I wait on someone else to do it. Someone who I think is more qualified or has more time. If I do not following the leading of the Holy Spirit then I am the one missing out on the blessing!

  85. You have to participate consistently and intentionally in your life.”
    This really hit home for me. I filled out 3 pages in my journal and I’m using a spiral notebook for this Bible study lol knowledge without action is just information that really hit hard

  86. Great study – always relevant. Thanks!

  87. Michele Gurley says:

    Thought provoking. Thinking & praying about how to be consistently intentional about my life makes me more aware of opportunities to step up & be the me God is making me to be (a work in progress)!

  88. That was a great post and anaolgy, Stacy. I loved your way of asking if we are willing to step up to the plate. Sometimes, I know I am not if that task seems harder or outside of my comfort zone. However, I need to remember that God calls the plays and has coached me to have the skill to perform the task. Loving this book!

  89. I need to participate intentionally in my life by doing things myself. Not always letting someone else complete the task for me. There are areas where help is needed and at times I sit back and wait for someone else to jump in and take the lead, if I feel the Holy Spirit leading me, I need to jump in and take the lead.

  90. There are times where I do not know if I am using the gifts and talents God gave me. I love my job, I love what I do but there are times where I feel there is more for me or something better for me. I just don’t know how to start what I believe I may be called to do. I talk to mentors or other people of influence, but they respond with “I don’t know either” or just don’t have much to say at all. Which then makes me feel like I’m not suppose to do that. It’s hard! But I do love my life and where Hod has me right now, but is that because I’m content?

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Tara!
      Sometimes God leads us to a “sweet spot” in our lives for a season where we feel contentment. After awhile God may take us out of our comfort zone and lead us on to a different path He has planned for us. Perhaps God brought you to this study to help reveal a new plan and purpose He has for you. We pray that God reveals the talents and gifts He has given you, and leads you to the place He wants you to use them, as He reveals the girl inside.

  91. Elizabeth Smith says:

    This book is meeting me right where I need it to!

  92. Andrea Stricklen says:

    I feel like I have been a spectator for a long time. Afraid to strike out or even face the plate the wrong way. I became very aware of how disappointed people can get and it froze me. I am intentionally stepping out in faith and God is showing me how faithful He is inspire of other’s opinions. He is also helping me be grace-filled instead of critical. Not to self or our naysayers. 💕

  93. The idea of getting involved, participating in something outside of my comfort zone is frightening. Changing my attitude and mindset on who I am doing it for is essential. I won’t be perfect the first time.

  94. Judy Hazelwood says:

    Love this!

  95. I have grown so much in my faith and my walk with God through my Bible studies with Proverbs 31 ministry. Such a group of ladies who love the Lord! Thank you!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Shela!
      We are so happy to hear that P31 OBS has helped you to grow in your faith and walk with God. Your comments are such an encouragement to the entire Team. Hugs and Blessings!

  96. I will be more intentional in my life by taking care of myself and taking care of God.

  97. Chloe deslauries says:

    Today’s message went straight to where I’ve been struggling. Often I’m too scared to step out of my comfort zone and do what I feel nudged to do. It’s time I start listening to the Holy Spirit and start doing what I feel promoted to do unafaird and unashamed of what may or may not happen!

  98. Batter Up! Thanks for the encouragement. As I end one journey and begin the next you made me realize I have been sitting in the dugout. Lord, I am ready and willing to step out.

  99. I am loving this book! It has come at the perfect time in my life. Having lost my job over seven months ago I have felt that God was telling me to take this time to be still and rest. I’ve learned a lot about myself during this time and yet I find myself directionless. I want to become intentional in my life and I pray every day that he set my feet on the path he has chosen for me. Show me the way….It’s the not knowing which way to go in my life that is confusing. I know I am a masterpiece, I believe that, yet becoming intentional in my life is something I haven’t done recently nor do I honestly know how to begin. I guess I’m still searching for the girl inside. I know she’s still there. Praying every day for Him to show me where I can best serve him.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Joanne,
      Thank you for sharing. We are sorry to hear that you lost your job, but perhaps God has a different plan for you. We are happy to hear that you have used this time for reflection, prayer, and asked for God’s direction for the next phase of your life. We pray this study will help you find the girl inside and the special purpose God has for you.

  100. I needed this today! Thank you!!!

  101. Christina Ladner says:

    I have lost myself little by little over the last six years and due to my current living situation/family environment, I simply could not see any possible way to come back from that. This book and bible study have truly been a godsend. It is a slow process, but I am beginning to see that even in the midst of unchanging circumstances I can still nurture who God made me to be. It is time to step up to the batter’s box!

  102. Charlie Kovanda says:

    It’s hard to actively participate in your life when it feels like you’ve struck out so many times. But I think that remembering Gods faithfulness helps me be brace enough to step up to the plate.

  103. Lynsey leath says:

    This is my second online bible study and I just love the fellowship. She’s Still There is an amazing read!

  104. SO THANKFUL for God’s daily encouragement to me thru this ministry!

  105. Cheryl Phillips says:

    Yes, Lord, please help realize exactly when and help me not to be affaid. Alot of threats and past trauma keep me paralyzed sometimes.

  106. Elise Oliver says:

    You know, in many aspects of my life, I’ve been known to jump in with no both feet, just desperate for a change. I’m now at a crossroads where there’s potential for change (which is needed because I’m not finding my worth in God, but in my job. So here I am again looking at a jump to soon to the wrong thing moment!). But this time, I’ve been praying and waiting on the Lord, for like a month or so now. I see where he’s pointing me, but I’m too scared to make the move. I’m afraid I’ll get it all wrong again, even though I’ve prayed hard and see the signs. I’m pretty much like that baseball team sitting in the dugout. I’ve let fear creep in to my waiting and praying attitude, and I’m working to stop it in its tracks!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Lord, I pray for our Sister-In-Christ, Elise. Father, we pray that you remove her fear, and replace it with Your strength, courage, confidence, and determination. Please guide her to the place You want her to be, and reveal the dreams and passion You have planned for her life. May she find her worth and value in You. In the Mighty name of Jesus, AMEN!

  107. Crystal Quarteman says:

    I’ve loved reading this book!

  108. This is the first OBS that I have been in and I am very excited about it! For years I have wanted to step out and do something, to make a difference in the world but I have been paralyzed by words spoken to me in the past. You’re worthless. You’re stupid. Nobody cares about you. This book and Bible study really hits home because I know the girl full of hopes and dreams is still there, still full of hope, still dreaming. I believe this book, along with God’s word, will give me the courage I need to take that next step and move into the life God has designed for me.

  109. Jessica Weber says:

    I’m exhausted…. I mean utterly exhausted. I’ve struggled with anxiety & depression on and off throughout my life. But always get passed it, usually by faith. But this past week has been hard, my 4 year old had to have emergency surgery after breaking his elbow in a place that put his blood flow to his arm in danger and is in a cast for four weeks. The cast has been an experience in itself with a four year old boy. And last night my husband’s car broke down so now he has to take mine to work, leaving me and my kids stranded at home. My anxiety is through the roof because what happens if something happens again to one of the boys? How can I keep my babies safe? I feel totally out of control. Not to mention, we now have to figure out financially what we’re going to do about our car that is broken down in which we owe a lot on still. It’s been an uphill battle this year and I’m just so tired. It’s hard to think about going above and beyond, using my talents and skills, when I’m struggling myself to keep my head above water….

    • Rebekah Aldridge says:

      Awww Momma, so sorry about these challenges you’re facing. Try to remind yourself that God loves the boys even more than you do. When I find myself in these situations, I beg God to help me trust Him more. Prayers for you all!

  110. I am worthy.

  111. Tammy Walls says:

    I plan to be more intentional with people I interact with. I’ve gotten out more and made new friends who m I’ve grown to love.

  112. Rebekah Aldridge says:

    I am ready to step up to the plate!

  113. Yes,I am ready Father give me eyes to see your direction and ears that hear your instructions and the anointing thats needed as I step out.

  114. At the beginning of the year, I felt God was telling us to Wait… I’m a planner and waiting is no fun. We have had many set backs this year with our 2nd miscarriage, potential job loss due to a merger, looking for new opportunities, and a potential move put on hold. I’m ready to move forward and step into the batters box.

  115. I used to play baseball (with all boys & one girl) when I was little. My Dad was the coach and I wasn’t old enough for softball. Then I played softball when I was older. I pitched played short stop and third base. I remember how much anxiety I felt when all eyes where on me. I, quite frequently. Feel like a batter up to bat every day of my life. I have anxiety. I’m afraid I’m going to stoke out. Believe me I do strike out a lot. So , I’ve come to realize that life is much like the game. You need to have the right skills to play. Many of us might not have learned the skills we need. Depending on our life/ circumstances.. We might even feel like we’re starting with a huge deficit. That is where the wisdom and grace of Gods holy word comes in. He’s there to teach us through the grace and live of our Lird & Savior Jesus Christ. He is the one that can use that very deficit to give you victory! Other Christians can also mentor and help you grow but this must be done in love and kindness. I believe that is the very foundation of our faith. Gods love and kindness. That is how hearts change. I also think we need to be very careful in all situations. Seeking Gods will in the situation as opposed to making our own plans. Or, even worse, planning & interfering in someone else’s life. But Gods Grace is the starting point, the foundation of love where you can stand on the pitchers mound of life, in the batters box and not be scared. He is perfect. Only he is perfect. He’s there to help us learn & grow.

  116. Christina T says:

    I’m absolutely ready to jump in with both feet and completely step up to the plate. I think, for me, that looks more like being more intentional with my daily life, being more focused on my family, making my relationship and walk with God more intentional & savoring this season of life. My husband and I are in this daily battle against infertility, and I’m choosing to believe in God’s plan for our lives, whatever His plan may be. I may not understand it, but I’m choosing to have faith & know that it’s a divinely created plan.

  117. This was a great reminder to get up and get out. Physically get out there and “DO” something for the Lord.

  118. That was an amazing analogy. Do you ever feel like there is so much that God wants you to do, almost too much, and you just don’t know how to being? I feel like that. I have a passion for women, but I am often discouraged with the lack of participation. I always here in church, “We should do this..” or “We should do that…” but when “this” or “that” is scheduled, they wont participate. This frustrates me and makes me retreat to the dugout. I’ll say, “Let someone else do it.” I know that’s the wrong attitude, but it is very discouraging to continue when you don’t feel like you are making an impact.

  119. Lisa Buchanan says:

    Ready to step up to the plate and praying for a homerun! 🙂

  120. I want to speak the truth in love as I participate in my life (especially my marriage). I’m learning that prayer is the steering wheel in my decision making and not the last resort. Yesterday I participated in 2 activities that I used to enjoy NIA (form of exercise) and I took a floral design class. Being with other women helped me with celebrating who I am in Christ. Each of our small center pieces were so different and unique, just as God has designed us.
    Thanks Proverbs 31 and Chrystal for this wonderful teaching, but it’s up to me to do the things I need to do and then trust in God to do His molding since I am still on the potters wheel!
    Have a blessed day ladies 😘

  121. Keri Cornelius says:

    Stepping out of the dugout in faith is a big step, especially for me. Like others, I struggle with anxiety to the point of I don’t even want to get out sometimes because I think this or that could happen. But I am ready to do something about it. I am ready for my Coach to tell me “Batter up!”

  122. Thank you for this devotion. I like the example of the ball game. You are right . We have to step up to the plate. Do the next thing for God. Today there has never been a time where being salt and light is so needful. Asking God where He wants us and what are we supposed to be doing is critical. Having a willing heart to go through the difficulties to be where God wants us (me ) to be is how I want to be up at the bat.

  123. Trisha Clinkscales says:

    I am ready to step up to the batters box! I love how Chrystal reminds us basically that we have to put forth effort if we want to accomplish anything.

  124. I think that’s where I’m at in my life. Trying to step up to the plate. I love the analogy and the reminder that we have to DO something.

  125. Wow! I really needed to hear this devotion today. I am on the crossroads of leaving my current job to a potential job God has placed on my heart. I feel just like the batting team. Just sitting here, prayers for continuance and that next step, when God is probably waiting on me to take that next step. I think God placed this Bible study here for me at the desperate time in my life. Thank you.

  126. Thank you! I want to step up!

  127. Love this! Action must take place- we gotta be willing to pick up our mats and walk!!!

  128. I’ve been waiting on the bench and doing the little things Gods directed me to do such as cleaning the dugout, exercises, serving others as i wait. Still waiting for my time up to bat. Great way to look at it.

  129. May we step fearfully in the wonderful purpose God has set for us! In Jesus’Name! Amen!

  130. To take that step is so very hard. For so many reasons, some good and others not so good I put myself in hold. I put myself last. It had at one time gotten so bad that I even put my voice last. One of my issues is that I over think something to the point I talk myself out of doing something because I either think it is a waste or that it will be rejected. I used to enjoy crafts: cross stitch, beading, and learning new crafts. Over time I just stopped doing those things. I often found joy and peace in doing them. Mind you I seldom made anything for myself I was always thinking of someone else when I worked on something. This was how I shared myself with others. I am not quite sure why I stopped, but when I think of it I feel like a little girl looking in a store window at something I would so love to have, but know I will never get it. So I move on to something that takes away from me. I am always thinking of others before me. I know this in and of itself is not a bad thing, but I think I have lost me because I chose others over me. Maybe through this study God will show me how to step up to the plate of being the me he wants me to be.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Melissa,
      Thank you for sharing. We pray that this study will reveal God’s direction and purpose for you, and leads you out of your comfort zone. May God help you discover the woman God wants you to be.

  131. Virginia Maguire says:

    Planning to step up and step out of my rut! Thanks for the story. I am an avid baseball fan (go Yankees) and can visualize the confusion!

  132. Cindy Morrison says:

    Awesome ! I will batter up!!

  133. Jennifer Smyth says:

    I am ready but it is so hard. Life is crazy and it just keeps throwing curve balls. This study is amazing.

  134. I just love P31OBS🙋

  135. This past year has been a journey…a journey to find myself, a journey to revamp my bidy, mind and soul. God has an amazing way of letting you know He is ordering your steps. I was burnt out, my marriage failing, kids out of control, working a crazy schedule. And God wasnt on my priority list. He one day let me know in His own way of course that enough was enough. I developed major issues with my health, life was spiraling. 3 hospital stays, 3 blood infusions, and a radical hysterectomy and 6 weeks in bed…I think God got my attention that something needed to change…God ordered my steps once I gave it all to Him. I developed a personal intimate relationship with Him, even more than before, I put my marriage and my kids higher than my job. Starting Monday I accepted a position still with the state at the same pay and I get to keep my benefits that I am now that allows me to balance work and family and still keep working. No more weekends, no more late nights, God knew my need and filled it,but I had to step up to the plate. I had to say batter up God its all on you. I had to let Him direct my steps.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Traci!
      Thank you for sharing your story. You can see how God was there as you experienced trials and difficulties. We pray that you made a full recovery with your health. How wonderful that despite all the difficulties that you took a positive attitude and used the time to deepen your relationship with God; and how He lead you to the perfect job. We praise God along with you that He met your needs. AMEN!

  136. So encouraged by this study. It’s so key to where I’m at in my life right now. I’m ready to step up to the plate and serve where I can. I also want to be more intentional about my study of the word and do what God has called me to do. Writing down my goals has really helped this past season. I’m so excited to see where God is taking me and this study has been a great start.

  137. Janie Wagner says:

    I really enjoyed reading this getting out of the dugout just like getting out of the batter box if no one take the first step nothing will ever happen

  138. I would love to win this!

  139. This is my first online bible study. I purchased the book and tried to follow along with the study last week. I just want to know God more and to know my part to play in the “game”. Thank you for this study and the daily emails that are so enlightening!

  140. Shelia Trogdon says:

    I am thankful for this study because it is making me re-evaluate those areas in my life that are dormant. However, the Lord is revitalizing them to the fullest potential.
    Thanks and glory to God!

  141. Thank you! This encouragement to keep going- to get off the bench and swing- strike out or homerun- the importance is that we are in the game!

  142. Stacie Martinsen says:

    I definitely need to step into the batter’s box more often. This is my life that God has blessed with me with. Sometimes I feel like my schedule is everyone else’s life. Lord, show me Your path for me!! 🙂

  143. Rose Hardin says:

    I dragged my feet for a more convenient time to begin an exercise class at our church. I received an email announcing an exercise class was beginning, my procrastination stung as I watched what I dreamed of doing being initiated by someone who stepped up to the batters box. I need to live more alert and ready.

  144. This past month plus everything has been related- I hear things that confirm what I felt God leading me to do from places and people who have no clue about my situation. I am struggling, but I am reminded that the dreams God has given me are worth fighting for. There is no such thing as coincidence – it’s all part of God’s plan. He is so good!

  145. So thankful to be doing this Bible Study, or at least as a Bible Study. I read the book, and am so enjoying re-reading it. God is at work, and conintues to be at work. He is never late. Thank you for doing this.

  146. When it comes to “stepping up to the plate” of my life, I’m kinda scared. Being honest here: I’m scared to succeed, as well as fail, so I don’t even try. What kind of life is that to live?

  147. Stephanie Rodriguez says:

    Am I ready to step up to the plate? Yes!! It can be scary because God can take me to places that I’d never imagine but I am ready because I know he will be there with me. I will live my life intentionally by taking action when something is tugging at my heart. For example, sometimes I get the desire to call a friend and then I never do it. I want to be intentional by following through with those moments because that friend might need a call from someone and I can be that person.

  148. Dianne Tucker says:

    These words hit so close to home for me! I keep asking God to show me how I can help others and what talents he’s given me that I don’t use enough OR that I don’t even realize I have!!! Thank you!

    • Dianne Tucker says:

      Sorry I hit done before I was done–my point was I ask about these things but then find myself shying away if I think it’s gonna be too tough instead of letting him coach me through what he’s given me to do!

      • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

        Hi Dianne,
        We pray that God will give you strength and courage as you step outside your comfort zone to fulfill the purpose and plan He has for you.

  149. Zenia Higgins says:

    I am so glad that stepping up is today’s message! I have been given a new lease on life and I am excited to see what God will gave me to do! I am praying for direction and I ask for your prayers in this area as well.

  150. I’ve been feeling a little lost like I’m in the stands watching so the study of the book and the added scriptures here and there help since I’m new to scripture as well.
    I think I’m in the process of walking towards the plate.

  151. I love your analogy! I so want to be intentional in what God wants me to do in my life! Sometimes I catch myself so schedule- driven that I miss out on what he wants me to do… I want to step up to the plate more& not miss out on the better life he has for me!

  152. To be more intentional with my life, I need to remember to live in the moment! So many times I’m thinking about what’s next or everything I have to do today, instead of really being in the moment and enjoying time I have with my kids, husband or friends. I also need to ask the Spirit to lead me and help me share more with others when he puts them in my path throughout the day.

  153. Patty Buckner says:

    I just recently retired (for the second time) lol and have been asking God what the next step is for my husband and me. Now for the courage to respond when He gives us the answer. I believe this study and your comments and prayers will be a great encouragement. Thank you again ladies!! God bless you all.

  154. I’ve waited a long time to claim the life God intended for me. I’m way past the normal “strike-out” limit, but by the grace of God I’m pushing myself to get back in college and trusting God to help me find a way to keep my bills paid and see it through. My hope is restored, I’m excited and I refuse to do anything but look forward and hold tightly to my faith in God!

  155. i had a moral failure and others who discouraged me so i basically quit. i also quit because i didnt see a way in the mess of my life but i guess i better keep going, what if Chystal gave up when she failed, there would be no book no marriage, when you are down its really easy to stay down sometimes.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Alli,
      Don’t let you past hold you back! Don’t quit! You may be a work in progress, but you are still God’s masterpiece! Your right, if Chrystal quit think of all the people that wouldn’t find help and encouragement through this study! Keep traveling on God’s path and don’t look back! Hugs and Blessings!

  156. Xinia Pansano says:

    To bring intentionality in my life I need to pay close attention to what what is leading me to do, I feel numb with my life and since I started this study the pieces are finally falling into place, showing me what I have done and what I need to do next. Only by His Grace and the presence of the Holy Spirit I can walk this walk, but is definitely time to step up in the plate!!!!

  157. Thank you for the encouragement today. I’m excited of doing this bible study.

  158. Karen Harding says:

    LOVE the baseball reference! Hey, batter-batter—-SWING!!!

  159. I never did like baseball. Wasn’t good at it. But as I have gotten older, stepping up to the plate has meant meeting God halfway. He is always there, but if I don’t make the move in that direction, I won’t get to where I really want to be. If I don’t play the game, I miss out on the camaraderie, the fun, and the experience that comes with fully living life, and living it with God.

  160. Mary Tullila says:

    Don’t I know it !! So many changes in the past 14 yrs of loss..sometimes it’s hard to see any good in it . Until I trust in the “grit of His Grace” will I ever be confident to swing a home run!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Mary!
      There may be pain and trials, but God always finds a way to use it for the good as part of our healing, and transformation into turning us into His perfect masterpiece. And as you said, it helps us trust in the “grit of His Grace”. Take heart that God is leading you on the special plan He has for you, and keep hitting those home runs!

  161. I am ready to step up to the plate even though I am not a very good baseball player! I trust that I can hit a home run!!

  162. Intentional is the word The Lord gave me for this year! This goes right along w/that word. We have to consistently “show up” to our game. And when we do, be intentional in “the plays” in order to progress around the bases to home…
    “I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”
    ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭3:14‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

  163. Jackie Sponagle says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you for being a blessing for so many women.

  164. wow.. what perfect words for this season of my life.. the last of the Golden years.. when I read or hear messages like this..especially speaking of your gifts… and I see others ..younger..to-be-sure..out there doing what I used to do..and loved doing.. utilizing my gifts… I sometimes.. (very infrequently) stop and mourn the loss of ‘those days’.. but also realize that “I’ve already been there..(in my younger days).. done that (utilizing my gifts) and yes.. sometimes.. longing for that season to ‘come back’..but being the stubborn or slow learner that I sometimes can be..God had to get my attention that those days are over.. and that this is a new & different ‘season’.. how was I grounded for this ‘season’.???.thru 3 chronic health challenges.. that made it impossible for me to ‘continue’ as I had in my younger days.. BUT GOD answered prayers that were prayed years and years ago.. ‘to become a prayer warrior and prayer intercessor”.. so this season has become just that.. thru health issues..that require me to be ‘at home’ & less commitments since the body is unstable and unpredictable.. and I need to ‘exercise’.. (as in walking many times a day..) – thank God we have a large basement)
    but even to walk..to eliminate the pain… I didn’t do it consistently..UNTIL GOD.. said to me.. the PRAYER
    WALKING is intercessoring for others.. and then.. it wasn’t about me..and cessation of pain…but it was
    about using the simple act of exercise as a prayer tool for others.. and my commitment and dedication to
    that Prayer Walking for others.. has never wavered..
    after all.. the Christian walk ..is ‘.. all about GOD and others..and ..’not about me”..isn’t it?
    blessings.. Joy Ce H.

    • Prayer Walking is my favorite thing to do, early in the morning as the neighborhood is waking up. I cover so much more ground–physically and prayerfully–while walking. Thanks for sharing!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. Despite your all health issues and pain, you used your special gift of Prayer Walking to intercede for others! What an inspiring journey! Hugs and Blessings!

  165. For me, I feel like I’m at a standstill with my life. My marriage is at a stalemate and it has caused me to just stop living my life. I am going to just start taking one day at a time and do the next thing God calls me to do. One step after another!

  166. Diana J. Bolinger says:

    Recently I began writing down 3 things I am grateful for each day. Remembering my blessings helps me not get swallowed up by the negative things that inevitably happen at work.

    • Angela Nelson says:

      Awesome thing to do. 🙂 I will keep that in mind to do.

    • thanks for sharing.. how to get out of.. or stay out of the negativity…thru gratitude…
      I find that even before my feet hit the floor .. I have to set my mind.. recently I heard a sermon on the
      Power of the 3rd word: as I listened to Pastor Steven Furtick’s message.. it reminded me of my departure
      into the New Age ‘religion… the I AM’s… but this was the Christian way..
      and indeed there is power ..negative or positive in the 3rd word..
      so I start my day.. while still in bed.. counting on my fingers…
      I AM happy to wake up – I AM glad to be of service I AM faithful in my time with GOD
      I AM grateful for these arthritic feet that still move me about.. etc. etc..
      by the time..I have all ten fingers standing attention to the positive I AM”s…
      I’m ready to face the day.. with a positive frame of mind..

    • Suzie Valla P31 O-Team says:

      Hi Diana!
      I had also started a Gratitude Journal to help me reflect on my daily blessings. It really helped to show me that God is right by my side each and every day. It helped me grow closer in my relationship with God.

  167. Hard reality, that sometimes I’m the only one holding me back from all God wants me to do and be

  168. Margaret WB says:

    I had a number of hard things come my way and a couple of years ago I more or less checked out of living life to the fullest. I was present physically and did what was required of me but the joy wasn’t there and I just went through the motions. This study and rediscovering how much I mean to God and the masterpiece He created me to be has caused me to choose to engage in life again. I am excited for the plans and future He has for me. I desire for my life to be intentional and to live with purpose.

  169. Stefanie Bendiburg Crum says:

    I need to step up by learning to trust and remain in HIM no matter my urge to control it all. When I do that, I’m relying on myself only instead of inviting God in.

    Yes! I will do my share. Absolutely!

    Lysa TerKeurst said it splendidly in the “Finding I Am.” She mentioned that our job is to trust, love, obey, abide and remain. HIS job is results!

  170. Being almost resingle has shown me many things that I need to improve upon. I tend to get distracted from being filled with God at any form of attention from other people. I get insecure and ramble and become almost obsessive with how the attention makes me feel. I have always longed for closeness with friends/spouse but have never seemed to attain it. I am coming to realize that sometimes it’s my selfishness creating the barrier but mainly that I try to get my worthiness from how they make me feel. I need to be very intentional and careful to guard my heart first and be filled with God. Then make sure I am more available for others to build an equal and lasting relationship. Any advice is helpful too 😊

  171. Stephany Green says:

    I’m ready to step up to the plate. Me and my sisters are going through some stuff and I have handed it over to the Lord know I just need to be patient. That is hard for me.

  172. Sarah Biggs says:

    I need to be more intentional about spending time with God instead of just trying to fit it in somewhere in my day. Because I feel like I’m expecting spiritual growth when I am not feeding my soul.

  173. Good morning, I just have to step up and say that I am so enjoying the book “She’s Still There!”. At the age of 69, She’s Still There! The drifts, the decisions and collisions were many, but to be reminded that, I am loved, and not forgotten, is an awesome thing! So far chapter 7 hit home the hardest for me! So me! It brings tears to my eyes, but to know that God still loves me and He does have plans for me, keeps me going and looking up! I’m never forgotten!

  174. Gail Mitkoff says:

    I love your blog. Beautifully written and always a blessing. I am grateful for the gift that God has given you and your willingness to share inspiring and encouraging words that speak to my heart. Thank you.

  175. Yes! I will make God my priority every day, I know that if I am not in His Word everyday, that it really effects me. So if I really want to step up to bat and really knock it out of the park, I have to get ready with the best coach out there, God! <3

  176. For me to get out of the dugout, I’m going to have to take a huge step out of my comfort zone and start doing what I feel God is nudging me to do. It’s a scary place to be, but this study is getting me excited to go up to bat!

    • Angela Nelson says:

      I struggle with getting out of my comfort zone, it feels so scary also. My God give you the courage, strength and wisdom to step out of your comfort zone in faith.

  177. Denise Ellis says:

    These are so helpful!!! Thank you for doing this and pouring into us (women)!

  178. Sheri Montgomery says:

    I stumbled upon this series by “accident. I was struggling with finding my purpose and completely on empty. I have not been able to participate actively. But, listen to the audio book every day at work. And I’M LOVING IT!

    • Angela Nelson says:

      So glad you stumbled on this study by “accident”, may God bless your study and your search for a purpose. You are a wonder creation of God and He will lead/guide/ you, just remember to ask.

  179. Brenda Curry says:

    Thank you for the batter’s box analogy. It is so true.

  180. Angela Nelson says:

    First time I need to do is list my strengths and areas i am not so strong in, then fight what path the Lord is pushing me to take for a new job/serving opportunity. Getting out of my comfort zone is soooooo difficult.

  181. This study has come at the exact right time in my life! I’m learning how distracted I’ve allowed myself to be and learning how to get back on course!

    • Suzie Valla P31 O-Team says:

      Susanne, God’s timing is perfect and it’s wonderful how He led you to the study just when you needed it. We are happy to hear it has helped you to re-focus and get back on the course God has for you.

  182. Stepping up to the plate. Yes, I think I am ready. I want to step out in faith and be who God created me to be and do the work He planned for me. Easy? Not always. Do I do it perfectly? No way. Do I learn each time more about God’s love for me? Absolutely!
    God is calling–gotta run!

  183. I love this book! It hits home for me in so many ways and Chrystal is so funny! Thanks so much, Chrystal Evans Hurst for writing it!

  184. Love the blog I find them very helpful. I am really enjoying the study.

  185. Wilyakay Butler says:

    Would to win these studies to learn more of God’s Word

  186. I am currently in the batters box with a new position at work. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I need to remind myself to seek God first and remember that he is the one who put me here. When I start to freak out because I start to think about what I am actually challenged to do, I need to remember to go to him in prayer and seek his guidance. I need to get in his word more than I have been, I have slacked a little, because I have noticed that is where He talks to me the most.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Kristin!
      CONGRATULATIONS on your new position at work! Ask God for guidance and wisdom as you meet new challenges and learn new duties. And God’s Word is a good source to find His direction in our daily life.

  187. Love the blog

  188. Rosalie Luna says:

    I am so ready…

  189. I want to be more intentional about life, but sometimes being a single mom, juggling two kids, working full time, meal prepping,ect leaves me exhausted with very little time to focus on or think about me. Spending time with God is essential to my well-being and state of mind and can accomplish this is simple ways, doing this online study, participating in weekly activities at church where my kids are entertained/in the word and so am I or simply having KLove, Moody, or another Christian station on in the background while folding clothes, making dinner, ect. One of my favorite things to do is go for a walk out in nature and listen to my favorite Christian songs. I sometimes feel guilty that I am not in the word more, don’t have that time for 30 minutes of quiet time a day….its then that I have to remind myself that God sees my heart and the season of life I am in.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Stacy,
      Spending time with God is important, but with our busy lives it’s difficult to carve out a large time period in our schedule. Ask God to help you make some time and do what you can, the important thing is to take some time out of day to spend with Him. God does see your heart, and sometimes our best time with God is spending it in the nature He created and listen to songs that speak of Him. It’s the quality, not necessarily the quantity of our quiet time. Hugs and Blessings!

  190. That is such a good analogy. I am enjoying this study so much. I guess I’ve been blinded by my own battles, pains, and feelings of uselessness, that I never realized just how many others are in the ship with me. (I say ship because there are too many of us to fit on a boat.) I hate we are struggling; however, it brings comfort to me just knowing that I am not alone, that there are others who feel the same way I do and are fighting to find some normalcy in their daily lives. Thanks P31 ministries!!

  191. Michelle Duncan says:

    I am ready to step up to the plate. In order for me to do that, I need to not dwell on what I could accomplish in my life but haven’t yet, and instead dwell on the baby steps I’m making now. It’s important to nurture the skills I’m using now, like with my job as a music therapist, and trust God to handle where He wants to take me with that. And with my emotions, I’m going to be intentional in reading and re-reading valuable quotes from “She’s Still There” (chapter 8 was awesome with building me up) and other resources. I even followed her suggestion about writing out “I am Michelle, and I’m a uniquely and divinely created soul”, and wrote it out in lipstick on my bathroom mirror. It’s hard to miss, even with the light out!

  192. Taslima Stephen says:

    She’s still there! I’m still here!

  193. Cassidy ptomey says:

    “too afraid to actually come out of the dugout and step into the batter’s box ourselves.”. This sums it up for me!!! To afraid! I’ve lived my entire life in fear, fear about so many different things and the severity is different with each fear. But non the less is debilitating fear. It’s stopped me from participating in my own life.
    Thank you for this blog. I needed this painful eye opener.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Cassidy!
      Through out Scripture God’s Word tells us not to be afraid. Put your faith and trust in Him. 2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT) says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” Cling to this verse. We will pray for God to provide you with His strength, courage, and peace. Hugs!

  194. I have learned that I am the one putting myself out of the game, not God. Life is full of challenges and changes and once we step up to the plate our Lord gives us then we are in it to win it!
    I am happy that I am part of these studies. Great introspective learnings and thank you Crystal for making it so easy.

  195. Love the baseball analogy! Like so many things in life, it is scary to “step up to the plate and swing”, because we are afraid of striking out. But, we have a Coach who always encourages us and never leaves us, so we need to take that big breath and STEP UP!

  196. Tawana R Chestnut says:

    Good everyone,
    First I want to thank God for who is. As I read the reading for the question, I said to myself, wow, I asked myself this question years ago, because being a single mother in the military is kind of trying at times. I know God gave me a vision and a desired destiny on my life. I looking forward to starting a new chapter in my career. I always willing to accept a challenge and pray that God will help me along the way. Being a female in military can be challenging in itself. I pray God continues to give me knowledge, understanding, wisdom, guidance, purpose, strength, courage, and direction while on my journey as a mom, my walk with Him, and my career.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Tawana,
      Thank you for your service. We pray that God be with you as you perform your duties in the military. We will pray along with you that God gives you knowledge, understanding, wisdom, guidance, purpose, strength, courage, and direction as you walk with Him on life’s journey.

  197. I love this because I feel all too often we are waiting for God to write on a billboard what is next for us to do. He wants to partner with us in our lives; He doesn’t need us but he WANTS us. That is such a cool, freeing thought. God will show up in our lives when we step out in faith and seek his will. So try new things, be brave, and take that first step forward with Him. He is ALWAYS with you (Matt 28:20). Seek Him first, and “participate more intentionally in your life,” He will meet you there!

  198. Love your prospective. I will think of this often when a ball game starts. Thank you. Just the right tools for this time in life when we need good couches! God bless you and everyone reading this.

  199. Carrie Bell says:

    I am stepping up to the plate. Next week I am stepping out of my comfort zone and going to Texas to work disaster relief. Pray God uses me in a special way. I’m really scared and nervous but I know God wants me to do this.

    • That’s wonderful Carrie. I’ll be praying for you, your safety, and for God to use you in a special way. God bless you!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Carrie!
      How wonderful that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and helping with disaster relief in Texas. We pray for God’s strength, peace, and courage as you help others. May God use you to show Christ’s light in the midst of the recovery of the storm’s destruction. God’s blessings to you.

  200. Many times we put things off for far too long. The longer we put that gift or goal off the more we create excuses for ourselves. So, to answer the question….Stop procrastinating, start being intentional like the Author quoted in She’s Still There, start participating consistently with my life.

  201. I want to be more intentional in prayer, Bible study, and physical exercise.

  202. I have known that I need to step up to the plate for a long time. I look at myself and wonder how I ever ended up back in the dugout, but unexpected life happens and there you are, sitting and watching instead of doing. I am so grateful for this book because I know I am stuck in place, frozen by the fear of getting hurt again. I need to get back to trusting God for what I need. I heard another analogy years ago like the baseball one, the person said God is willing to drive the bus but he can’t drive a parked bus. I am ready to shift the gear into drive again.

  203. These last few days have been a trying time, but with the grace of God I’m pushing through. The devil tried to put discouraging thoughts in my mind. But this post brought me back to where I stand, WITH GOD!!!!! 🙂

  204. Great chapter and discussion. I have stepped up to the plate this week by actually attending a small group thru my church. I was extremely nervous and avoided it last year but decided now is the time. I keep praying over time that this will allow me to grow more with God and the community as well. It is definitely something far out of my comfort zone, going to someone’s home I have never met. Yikes. But I did it and am still alive.

  205. In the reflection part of today, I think we avoid making time to look at our lives because we are so caught up in the business of day to day. We become complacent with our lives/tasks/jobs/living situation. As Chrystal says, in order to change your life, you have to do something different. Make it happen ladies! “You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward”. Bless you all!

  206. God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. 2 Tim 1:7. I can be timid! But with the power of Gods Spirit I can be bold. So I will step up to the plate and look for those opportunities God has prepared beforehand. I will be available in the small things and the big things. 🙂

  207. christine ash says:

    Love this study!

  208. Thank you for your encouraging messages!

  209. Joelle Erdmann says:

    God is at work all around us and I want to be “in the game”. How do you know your part? I don’t know, but I try to listen to the Holy Spirit and be present. I’d love to hear more about this!

  210. Veronica Robinson says:

    I have stepped back into the box and have started going back to minister in the healing rooms after being away for a year and a half. My husband and I have agreed to lead a small group on evangelism. I feel like I have life flowing through my veins again.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Veronica,
      How wonderful to hear that you and your husband have returned to ministry in the healing rooms and as leaders of a small group. May others see Christ as you go about this work. God Bless you both!

  211. I was the kind of person that just set back and let life happen and realized I was getting nowhere. I am learning that I must get out there make the moves. I am also be more intentional in prayer and making bible study a priority in my life.

  212. I am learning to step outside of my comfort zone by just doing the things that make me anxious with God’s help. And I realize that every time I do this, it really wasn’t that scary after all. It gets a little easier every time it do it. I used to be afraid of what others thought of me, but now I know I was created uniquely by God to be ME, and that I’m okay no matter what they think! I am feeling more confident because I am resting in His promises!

  213. I am enjoying the book. I feel like I am changing, but the devil still reminds me, I am not worthy on some days. I ask the Holy Spirit to control my mind on these days.

  214. Barb McInnis says:

    I am willing to step up to the plate. Seven years ago, I decided to leave my teaching career to help our husband on the farm and be more present in our children’s day to day lives. Our children have left the nest (two years ago) and I have sat on the sidelines absorbing God’s word and wonders and reconnecting. I’m feeling ready to step out there and work for Him……..I have agreed to teach Sunday school this year 🙂 I pray often that God present me with ways for Him to work through me; waiting patiently for direction is not my easiest task, but I’m learning to sit quietly and listen 🙂

  215. So happy I found y’all! Can’t wait to get my book in! ❤️❤️❤️ Ready to step up to the plate!

  216. Randelle S. says:

    Wow. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stand still and wait for God to move and when to actively move forward.

    How will I participate more actively? I am currently praying and hoping for a new job. I believe that will come soon. But in the mean time, I have sort of checked out at my current job, and I know that that is not okay. As much as I know this job is not for me, I am still being paid to do it. I know that whatever my hand finds to do, I need to do with all my might (Ecc 9:10).

    Still hoping and praying and waiting in expectancy, but I need to be active now as well.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Randelle,
      We pray that God leads you to just the right new job. Here’s another wonderful verse that might help you as you continue to work on your current job, Colossians 3:23 (NIV), “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” God’s timing and plan are always perfect so continue to pray and wait on Him.

  217. I just recently joined a group at our church called Fearless Mom’s. A program out of a church in Austin, TX . But I signed up to be a mentor to a younger mom or several. This is our 2nd week this year. Excited to be able to serve in this way!

  218. Amanda Cross says:

    Leaving my home with our family in our car even if I feel anxious about having a panic attack.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Amanda, praying for you. May God give you peace, direction and wisdom as you leave your home with your family.

  219. Great reminder that life is like a ball game, we must participate and do our part to see the winning results…

  220. I pray daily for God to show me ways to witness to my small children so they would have the same love. Also praying for God to show me ways to share the word with my Husband who is not active in church. These words speak true to other areas in my life. Nothing will happen if I don’t get up the plate and take the pitches!!! I have to stop being afraid of what other people think of me and just go and do it and hit a home run!

  221. Very thankful for this study. I pray that I can use what I learn to begin doing something more.

  222. It’s not enough to know you are unique – you must believe it – that’s where I struggle. I know it in my head – trying to make it seep into my heart and soul has always been hard. This blog and study has been helpful but so has reading everyone else’s comments! I’m ready to step up – to stop just letting life pass me by – pay attention!

  223. Laura Stabile says:

    I’ve been reaching out in order to access the teaching series that I purchased with my book. In other studies an email was received with a link to
    access.As I have not had a response back from my email to Proverbs 31 ministry, I wondered if anyone else experienced this or has a suggestion with where to locate the teaching series info. Thanks!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Laura,
      We apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Here is a link to the Teaching Series information with all the dates and times. We hope you enjoy the series:


      • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

        This teaching series will contain six sessions hosted by Melissa Taylor of Proverbs 31 Ministries with author Chrystal Evans Hurst. They will be joined by dynamic teachers, authors, and friends of Chrystal! Each one of these women have lived out this message and know what it’s like to struggle with who God says they are. Session dates are listed below:

        You are a FIGHTER – Chrystal Evans Hurst, Wednesday, September 6 at 11 a.m. EDT
        You are a WORK IN PROGRESS – Wynter Pitts, Thursday, September 14 at 11 a.m. EDT
        You are LOVED – Michele Cushatt, Wednesday, September 20 at 11 a.m. EDT
        You are STRONG – Nicki Koziarz, Thursday, September 28 at 11 a.m. EDT
        You are READY – Jada Edwards, Wednesday, October 4 at 11 a.m. EDT
        You are HOPE – Valorie Burton, Wednesday, October 11 at 11 a.m. EDT

  224. This story was great because it reminds us that even though sometimes we might strike out or fall behind, God is always there to show us how to get back up and continue on. Sometimes we just have to take a step back and then get back up and continue your life journey and always remember that God is there.

  225. I am praying that I am able to be more intentional in my life by saying what I feel and communicating better with my husband- I tend to keep things bottled up and not fixing things when they come up because I don’t like confrontation. This has hurt me and my marriage. I am praying God can help direct me in this.

  226. Let’s play ball! Great analogy and loving this study

  227. My life is going into a new direction. A new season to serve God. This post is especially helpful because it would be easy to just roll with the flow and not get involved. I know there will be difficulties and that God will guide me through these. I realized I have to engage for the party to begin!

  228. Ashleah L Baker says:

    Stepping up with intention is exactly where I am right now. I’m not sure what next steps are, but I am seeking God. In the mean time, I am working on my writing (my ultimate dream job) and watching for new opportunities to present themselves. I’ve also started working on the process of getting up earlier and getting in the Word or spend time praying before I start my day. I have found that my days have been going much better since I started the study. A lot of it has to do with changing perspectives. I have plenty of learning to do, but I’m making small steps anyway!

    • Hi Ashleah its no coincidence in me finding and reading your post. I too am coming to a realization there’s a book in me, a story to tell. I just listened to Margaret Feinberg and a gentleman on a training video, free, on writebrilliant.com extremely encouraging and helping me take my first steps in overcoming obstacles of writing. Hope this helps you, someone needs to hear your story.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Ashleah,
      We are happy to hear that this study has inspire you to get up earlier, get in the Word, and spend time in prayer. We pray that God leads you to your dream job.

  229. I need to stop hiding from people. I need to intentionally make plans to do things and stick to them. I cannot complain that I have wasted years of my life, if I am not willing to start doing.

  230. I am so happy I purchased Chrystal’s book. I love the P31ONE it is enlightening, eyeopening,heartfelt and inspiring. P31 is awesome

  231. I am stepping up with intention in many ways. I am beginning a Community Bible Study in my town that is a Women’s group and is non denominational. I have never done anything like this and am a little bit nervous but I feel that this is God’s calling. I also have connected with a friend and her young children and we are going to have a fun day together next week. I feel that is God calling me to reach out to others! This Bible study is helping me to bring out the person that loves connection and helping others.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Leslie,
      How wonderful that his study helped you in beginning a Community Bible Study in your town, and God is using your gifts of helping others. May God bless you and the women in the group as you study His Word.

  232. I think a lot of our fear of stepping up to the plate is we don’t want to strike out or lose. If we just remember that as long as we try then God will use it for good, then it might help us be more confident and hit a home run.

  233. Rachel Jackson says:

    I’m ready to change but my mind really gets I n the way from believing the Truth. I guess I’m like Bummer Betty. How do you get past this? I feel like it’s getting in my way to freedom.

    • Hi Rachel Youve made your first step in seeing and ready to do something different. Make a plan for whatever it is you want to do or be differently. Realizing what you’ve done before, that’s not working and planning for something different. Finally sister, whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things. Phil 4:8
      You’re life is too beautiful and valuable to be Betty Bummer!

  234. Nancy CaballeroGray says:

    I usually start off feeling like I’m ready to move more intentionally in my life whether it be starting a new job, being more involved with my daughters interest, not allowing the past to creep on me and allowing myself to start overthinking but I seem to get discouraged when I don’t feel I’m making enough progress or I did something to disappoint someone. I guess the way I plan to continue to move more intentionally in my life is to continue to seek God to help me heal and grow my faith by joining bible study groups like this one and make more time to speak and listen to God.

  235. Jenny Whittaker says:

    God has done too much for me to not step and to the plate and fulfill his calling for my life. I remind myself daily of where God has brought me from when he didn’t have to. My marriage has recently been restored and God is placing people in my life that are going thru the same things I did. I’m stepping up and out to help as many as I can. It’s all for his glory!! and I am so excited to see where God takes my husband and me.

  236. I have been in a season of “waiting on God” This book has made me realize that it’s time to quit waiting and get to living!!!

  237. Jenny Whittaker says:

    God has done too much for me to not step up to the plate and fulfill his calling for my life. I remind myself daily of where God has brought me from when he didn’t have to. My marriage has recently been restored and God is placing people in my life that are going thru the same things I did. I’m stepping up and out to help as many as I can. It’s all for his glory!! and I am so excited to see where God takes my husband and me. Here am I Lord!!! I am your vessel!!!

  238. This is exactly what I need to hear. After being a stay at home mom for 20 years I forgot who I am.

  239. Kaytlen Woods says:

    I needed this today. I need to step up to the plate & take a swing. No more sitting in the dugout waiting for the game to happen! God will be with me the whole time. He is so good!

  240. As always, P31 knocks it out of the park with these online Bible Studies. Thank you to everyone for your labor of love! When I’m out and about in my daily living, I’m going to be more intentional on how I can bless others. Often times I don’t step up to the plate because of fear. God has given me a desire to draw and paint. However, my perfectionism is keeping me from creating anything! Time to move past the fear and just do it.

  241. I want to be consistent in my time with God, praying and studying His word daily. I believe drawing closer to Him will lead to great things and this online bible study is already helping me to make time for Him and His word!

  242. I am always ready to step up to the plate. I may be scared to death, but I know God has my back. I am waiting though for the next chapter in my family’s lives because we have been in the same situation for the past 10 years. I just need some direction from God on what to do next.

  243. Amanda Lohec says:

    I think one thing that stood out to me in this chapter was when she said time was her most precious commodity. It seems I never have enough. But if I want to realize the masterpiece I am, I have to take time for me.

  244. After my divorce a year ago, I felt like I didn’t have a life anymore. I am 70 years old and living alone. But because of good friends and my faith in God I feel I have come a long way in the last year. And with this bible study, I am feeling more like getting into life again. I am enjoying my hobbies again, starting a bible study at church and am ready to do whatever God has in his plan for me.

  245. Great analogy!
    I want to step up to the plate and play the game…to do what, though?? I’ve never known God’s special, unique purpose and plan for me! I’m not talented nor gifted😬 How long does one have to stand there waiting?

  246. I run at a burnt out pace right now. Keeping up with a full time job, housework, 2 kids and a husband. I have committed to taking a time out to doing things for me. My favorite yoga class just started back up for the fall this week. I commit to being there every Tuesday at 5:30. My son just turned 7, I am giving him more responsibilities and chores to help out. Since motherhood I have struggled with finding time to read, a pastime I enjoy. I have been recomiting myself to finding the little times I can sneak in reading.

  247. I will participate more intentionally in my life by first staying more aware of whose I am and who He made me to be and then as I go about my days and interactions, remembering to step into them in the shoes God gave me to wear; learning to walk confidently in them.

  248. I’ve been intentional this week by writing down my prayer list. If I tell someone I’ll pray for them I write it down so I don’t forget to add them into my evening prayer time. I plan to do this at the start of each week adding to the list throughout the week in my journal, so over time I can see how Jesus has blessed my life.

  249. This book has been such a positive experience for me. I’m learning that, to participate in MY story more intentionally, I need to share my heart with God and with the positive relationships around me. If I just keep my plans to myself, I will be more likely to fail and steer my ship in the wrong direction. With God’s help and the support of loving friends and family, I CAN get the girl inside me to shine brightly again. 🙂

  250. Linda G - O-Team says:

    I need to get in the game! I stepped back from Girl Scouts so I could do more things with my church and volunteer with a ministry that helps girls rescued from human trafficking but none of it feels right. It all feels like I am missing the point (striking out for sure!). I might need a new pitcher. Or a new coach. LOL I will get there, just need to listen and hear where He points me in the coming season.

  251. I want the Word in my heart so that I can live in his peace, joy, provision, blessings. I write the Word in a notebook, I read God’s Word daily and I recently ordered the bible on CD’s so that I am hearing and hearing The Word. Your bible study and this book are life changing in reminding me that I am HIS.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Lynnette!
      How awesome that God’s Word and the book have been life changing for you. It’s great to hear that your really delving deep into the Bible. May God bless you as you grow in Christ.

  252. I started reading the jump, loving it, and decided to jump around. It seems each page I read is speaking directly to me – in this out of order random way! I love how Chrystal just says what is on her heart – I feel like we are sitting around having coffee and she’s sharing her story while I nod and say “I hear ya, that’s so me”.
    I need this study and this moment in my life. Thank you P31 for offering this ‘life bread’ to a hungry heart.

  253. Determined to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and then to act on it!

  254. Love this analogy! We can have the best of everything (God) but if we refuse to step out of the box, we’re stuck! I believe God’s timing is perfect. In my life I “stepped-up” to the plate in January 2016. I started a closed fb group just for ladies. It’s called the Inspiration Cafe. God impressed on me a passion for hurting women. ICAFE is just a place to come for encouragement, edification, prayer requests, giggles and a lot more. In this short time, God has brought roughly 2,250 women together for His glory! So humbled to be apart of this exciting new ministry.

  255. Intentionally aware of those around me that I can serve in whatever capacity I can. Whether it be time to listen, an encouraging word, Truth, forgiveness or grace, a meal or glass of water. Lord help me to be a light unto You.

  256. I think you are right– it’s time to get off the deck and into the batters box and swing😊

  257. You are right! It’s time to get off the deck and step into the box and swing😋

  258. Valerie Ramirez says:

    I an absolutely amazed by the love and hope this book and group gives me!

  259. Thank you so much for this analogy! I have been letting life just pass me by, its time for me to step up to the plate!! I am worthy, I am loved and most importantly I am God’s masterpiece!!!

  260. Patricia Jaracz says:

    I’m ready to step up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. That analogy was great! I felt convicted in a good way! Thank you!

  262. Daleena Van Kooten says:

    I would love to step out and give it a swing, God will always be right beside me even when it doesn’t work. Get up dust off and try again.

  263. Tamara Haverkorn says:

    I love every chapter so far. So much that I can relate too. I always want to do things but I don’t want to do the work. This week, I am learning that I need to step up to the plate and actually do the work to see progress. Nothing comes by itself, I have to work to see progress. (sometimes I wish, things would be easier)

  264. I love this book and study! It is helping with so much. To think I am a masterpiece made by God, intentionally made by Him. It’s very encouraging and lets me know I can get through anything. And to know and believe the truth, I am going through things, I am not stuck there. Praise Jesus!!

  265. Ruth Pinkston says:

    so enjoying this Bible study! it is encouraging and makes me ready to STEP UP

  266. Linda Ozminkowski says:

    Great word! I’m ready to get in the batter’s box!

  267. This was such a good and thought provoking analogy! I just feel so lost and wish I had a clear picture of what he wants me to do but in the meantime I will pray and listen! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Nicole,
      God reveals things in His timing, our pray for you is as you continue in the study, that God leads you to His special plan and purpose for you. Hugs!

  268. I love, you have to participate consistently and intentionally and your life! This is a great one to remember. Be excited joyful!

  269. Miranda Sponaugle says:

    Such a great analogy!!! Really hit home in a great way! I’m ready to step inside that batter’s box!!!!!

  270. Thank you for sharing everyone, I am enjoying reading your comments. I pray each of us will see what God wants us to learn from this study!

  271. Michelle Shaney says:

    I am learning that if I don’t get in the game nobody will do it for me. I have to participate in my life. I need some daily time with God, to study His word and prayers.

  272. For a long time in my life I was going up to the plate thinking I was ready to bat but just standing there empty handed. You can’t hit the ball without your bat!!
    Doing bible studies like this allows me to come to the plate equipped to hit the ball rather than watch it go by.

  273. Jessica Rains says:

    I am loving this book and everything that goes along with it! To know that I am not the only one who feels stuck and like a am losing myself and then learning how to change my mindset to help me get back on track. This book so far has made me laugh and cry and know that I am not alone! Thank you!

  274. I want to step into the batter’s box and do what God is calling me to do, but fear has and undeniable grip on me. I feel like God wants me to use my blog/writing to share some of the painful parts of my story to help others. The fear of exposing myself that way and what people will think holds me back.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Amanda,
      God’s word reassures us to not fear and not to be afraid, God is with us! We have a wonderful community of ladies here where we can obtain support and encouragement. Please feel free to share your story that is how we all can grow together. Hugs and Blessings!

  275. Connie Saathoff says:

    This study has been awesome. I love baseball so I love the analogy of the baseball game and the batters. You might hit a few foul balls, strike out a few times, but if you get up and hit a ball to the outfield or a homerun you know you can keep going in the journey of life as long as you keep God first and foremost in your heart.

  276. Christal W. says:

    Ever since I found Proverbs 31 and OBS, I feel more “at bat”. There is definitely more connection and interaction to God’s word on my part. His word helps me feel less anxious in guiding me day to day.

  277. I love this “until I’m willing to step in and do my part and you are willing to step in and do yours, the world is missing out”. This statement alone paints a million words, I was immediately reminded of a sermon from church the other day, our Pastor suggested that “God will never fight a battle for you if you are not part of the fight”, willingness changes everything. Deeply encouraged! Thank you, Stacy.

  278. I need to be less afraid, or perhaps a better way of looking at it is, I need to trust God more. I am an introvert I prefer to just stay home where it is quiet and comfortable, but even as an introvert I get restless because I was not meant to isolate myself. I am trying to listen to God and see where He is wanting me to branch out.

    • Suzie Valla P31 O-Team says:

      Hi Kathie,
      Don’t be afraid, God is with you, trust Him! One of my favorite verses is Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV), “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” May this verse comfort you and give you strength to step out of your comfort zone.

  279. Love this. I need to practice being more intentional about my life and the choices I’ve made.

  280. Yanira Ramos says:

    Often times, instead of placing both my feet on the batters box, I would just throw excuses at it. When I say excuses, I mean the smallest most ridiculous excuses. Being part of this study is already helping me realize that it’s time to answer that call and bat those excuses out of my way. I love the community of woman who love Jesus and uplift each other. Thankful for P31obs, the leaders and bloggers and the ‘She’s still there’ book as well as Chrystal! Thank you all!

  281. I’m really enjoying “She’s Still There”. God is speaking to my heart through Cystals stories.
    Thank you Crystal for sharing your stories to reach others!

  282. I love this bible study thanks for sharing with us

  283. I have been that person sitting on that bench waiting for someone else to step up and go to bat. I have always believed that there is someone else better to step up and do the hitting. I need to stop and listen to God more. I need to be ready and willing to step up and take a swing.

  284. I see how I’ve been on the bench.. Watching others play the game..letting fear stand in my way…and a bit of laziness as well…so much easier to sit and do nothing…today I will get up to bat, and so what if I strike out!! I will get another chance to try! God’s on my side…kinda scary, but I will keep my eyes on Him…kinda like Peter walking on water…wavering when he took his eyes off Jesus!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Pam, I love your comment of, “so what if I strike out?”. You WILL get another chance, and that’s how we learn! Keep your focus on God, and enjoy playing the game 🙂

  285. The analogy of the baseball game was truly unique. I imagine my life as one of the batters who looks at someone else to step up and make that home run for me. No more. The bat (Bible) is in my hand! I will continue to use that Bat to understand that I am worthy not for my glory but for God’s and to be used to work His plan not only in my life but in each person He places in my path. The home run will be for Him.

  286. Diana Jeffery says:

    I am often so guilty and lack motivation to step up a notch and enter into the kingdom life so I drag my heels often waiting to be noticed and almost coerced into participation. I am afraid that if I cannot enter in without real passion I will appear false or disinterested or will come across as a failure to complete tasks with exuberance and confidence. I need to exercise more faith and trust because I am beautiful and God wants me to be in the game of life with Him, appreciating who I am and being confident in what He has created me to be. With Him I am a winner and with Him beside me I will complete all things to His glory!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Amen Diana! So true, He wants you to play along side Him. Keep up this spirit, and you’ll not fail!

  287. Courtney Dollar says:

    Love this!

  288. I’m am going to come up with action steps to help move me in the right directions. Then I’m going to “do” those steps!

  289. Thank you for writing the batter’s box great way to explain things. I happen to comprehend or get a better understanding when using examples. Trying to stay focused on God and have no fear on moving forward.

  290. I just need to pray more though, I’m anxious to understand how God wants me to use me but honestl I need to get deeper into his word and understand him for us to get to that place. That’s the action I need to take.

  291. I was a little late in starting the book with y’all but now I can’t put it down! I’ve decided to pass it on to a friend when I’m done with it so she can enjoy it as well. Definitely something all us women need to hear. WE ARE MASTERPIECES!!

  292. A Chance to be someone. Be the change you want to see. Intentional living. Great things to thing about and not just watch things happen. Staying focus on God our coach and following His direction. I love this Bible Study.

  293. It’s often hard for me to push forward with how busy I am every day. I feel like I’m participating, but I want to participate and ENJOY my life. Sometimes slowing down is easier said then done.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Amen Carrie. He says, “Be still, and know that I am God”. You are right in sometimes we need to slow down and rest in Him.

  294. i think this is so important to remember – sometimes as a busy mama that works full time -I get caught up in the hamster wheel of life. I am not controlling it or even participating in it – i am just hanging on. I have to step up to the plate (so to speak) and take an active participation in my life for it to go the way of God’s will and his purpose for my life.

  295. I know I need to rely on the Holy Spirit and put off self sufficiency. Stepping into the batters box will begin with ending my knee at the same start of my day with a simple prayer of Lord I need you. Help me this day to see your plans and follow them.
    Also plan to block time to do some online classes to improve some tech skills to make myself more marketable as I seek work.

  296. Brenda Pierson says:

    I’m ready to step up to the plate, God use me be glorified in my life today

  297. I need to let go of my fears. There are so many of them that take hold of me and stop me from doing what God is asking me to do. No, I’m not perfect, but God doesn’t ask me to be. He can use me right where I am. He will equip me to do what He asks of me. I need to remember this and step out in faith to do whatever He asks. It’s time I take action on my beliefs and experience the change that can bring.

  298. Richa Nelson says:

    I’m discovering more each day that I focus way too much on my past mistakes. I want to live in my now! I do want to step onto the home plate and start swinging. I will pray for all of our Proverbs 31 girls to join and excited where God will take us! ❤️

    • Yes! I am right there with you! Too often do I focus on what happened in the past that I am forgetting there is an incredible future! Praying we can all remember our past does not determine our future.

  299. Melissa Lopez says:

    I am ready to be an active participant in the journey God has put forth for me to explore!

    The journey and process of God is not easy but well worth it…cant wait! This book is amazing!!!!

  300. Sherry J Wright says:

    This bible study is wonderful! It is really opening my eyes and I’m feeling that this will help me to change around the drift I’m in!! Thank you! Sherry

  301. Loving this book & bible study!

  302. Tammy Rice Michael says:

    Loved this analogy. I am going through a divorce right now and this book and study have been so timely. For 32 years of marriage my husband were a team and now I am learning who I can be without him. Finding the ME I had lost sight of along the way. My husband told me he was gay 5 months ago and left me for a man and wow has it been hard. But my God has been so faithful. Everything about and in my life is changing and I am grieving so many losses, but God is showing me peace, provision, favor and joy. So I am at the plate and ready for this game.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Tammy, so sorry to hear about this difficult change going on in your life. Praying prayers of comfort and guidance for you from Him as you go about your days. We are so glad you’re here, and God is forever faithful.

  303. Okay. So I debated whether or not to leave a comment today, but since so many of the comments here are helping me, maybe mine will help or enlighten someone else, and I can return the favor. After today’s reading, one Reflect question has not left my mind: “What parts of yourself have you forgotten, walked away from, dismissed or devalued?” And, the thing is, I’ve been doing some soul searching for quite a while. So I have looked at my gifts, abilities & interests quite a bit. But looking at my NATURE & reading that question–one thing came up. And interestingly, a few weeks ago, our assistant pastor’s wife SAID it to me–that I am a “social” person! And I was taken aback when she said it! But that’s the ONE thing that’s been buried. And seemingly with good reason. Because I have been HURT. But like another’s post said, I may be an introvert, but I STILL shouldn’t isolate myself. But that’s a BIG LEAP out of my comfort zone now. Obviously a necessary one, but still. Need all the prayers I can get for that one! But it might be the clue I was looking for….

    • Sarah Liddy says:

      praying that you hold onto that gift that has been told to you, and use it for God’s glory

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Cherri, thank you for going out of your comfort zone and sharing your heart with us! God provides, and gives us so many gifts for many purposes. He will help you use that gift of being social…you may have no idea how many you have influenced for good because of this! And Chrystal’s advice is so helpful when she said to ask others what gifts they see within us.

  304. I’m going to use a quote to speak how I want to live my life. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

  305. Tiffini welka says:

    Loved the quote! ! I need to quit fearing, worrying and be present in my own life and to do what matters!! 5 years is too long to live in fear and not be present

  306. Debra Bardwell-Simic says:

    This devotional is exactly what I need right now. I have been feeling as if I am in a holding pattern for a little while now-I need to continue to trust God for my life plan.

  307. Thank you for this encouraging, thought-provoking study today! YES, I am definitely ready to step up to what God’s calling is for my life. I am in a very transitional point of life, where it could be easy for one to get lost and very depressed. I am working to actively spend time talking with God daily and studying the Bible. I’m seeking His will in every decision and looking for those promptings from the Holy Spirit to step out in faith. Blessings to all.

  308. Great quote. OBS is great and has helped me so much in this short period of time.

  309. Bingo. You hit me head on with this.

  310. Tammie Vessechia says:

    Seems like each time I step up to the plate not only do I strike out but the sheer force of it, knocks me down each time. BUT I serve a mighty God, who not only raises me up but also sets me right back at home plate. I strike out, I hit home runs, I even walk at times, BUT the fact that God gives me the grace to keep trying, means everything to me. Ladies, we serve a mighty God!!

  311. I will participate and step up to the plate by, loving myself more. I let myself go, after my husband’s death. And, just recently, I finally went to the doctors and had all kinds of testing done. That is the first step of what God is calling me to do. I finally am taking care of me!!!

  312. Sarah Liddy says:

    I am still continuing to wait and see what direction God is calling me. I am a stay at home mom/wife and recently put my son in preschool, so I have 3 hours on Monday Wed Friday to be in the bible and do my OBS, and also the time at naptime. I am making it a priority to make time. Waiting and wanting to hear that still small voice.

  313. I have sat on the bench of my life for so long. I know I am made for more. I want to step up to bat. I want to honour God with all that He has blessed me with. Deep breath. Praying through the fear as I will myself to stand up and swing.

  314. This was such a good chapter, as a reminder to me that even though God guides us and works things for his purpose for us, we do have a responsibility to act. I think we all get complacent sometimes, and don’t think or remember to live intentionally, and to act intentionally. I think sometimes we expect God to do it all for us. He can do it all of course, but I think he also wants to lay his plans out for us, and have us take that first, or ten, steps.

  315. Just when I am reading and feeling like I’m not feeling connected to the book along comes a chapter that speaks straight to my heart:) I have been living so long without intention, just going through the motions. TODAY, I will put my lipstick back on, drive a clean car and take pride in ME! I know lipstick seems weird, but 15yrs ago I wouldn’t leave without it and then my dad got sick and for some reason, I stopped wearing it. It was always part of me so it might seem trivial, but wearing it again ( I started last week) has made me smile more, I have had compliments and people ask what is different.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      That’s great Michele! We all have little things that make us feel like “me” again. Glad you’re smiling more. Blessings to you 🙂

  316. This is so enlightening, never knew that there were others out there that thought there was no meaning to their life. I am still a masterpiece, even though I am not done yet

    • Well I’m just one of many I’m sure. When life gets tough I have a tendency to forget important things like God has me in a process and no matter what I can trust Him. My first thoughts in a crisis are usually panic unless I can remember, which takes discipline, to pause and go to God.

  317. I will participate in my life by being comfortable with my life the way it is. I always say things like my life will be better once I have a husband but honestly there’s nothing wrong with my life now! I can do so much as a single woman especially for God. I also can participate more in my life by tackling goals I always wanted to accomplish like overcoming my fear of driving.

  318. I am preparing to step up to bat by being focused on Gods Word getting it into my heart and looking for my turn at bat. Would love, love, love to win the giveaway today!!! Love First 5.

  319. I know I have been made for greatness, I can feel it in my soul. I am just scared to death t take that step. My whole life I have been told i was dumb, could not possibly know things, how I am too young to understand, etc…. People look down on me because I work in a high school but am not a teacher not educated so how could I possible have input. . My mother said that when I was 30 she would answer all my questions that I had when I was little. When i was 30 i truly thought we would have this eye opening deep answer holding conversation. After I approached her and reminded her that I am 30 and ready, she replied ” there are no answers, I just said that to shut you up” It is really hard for me to trust that step into showing up for fear of being knocked down.

    • Oh Janine, reading your post just now made me so sad, but our parents will always disappoint us when we rely on them instead of putting our trust and belief in what God says about us and how He sees us. You are a daughter of immense worth, a treasure to be honored and loved. Forget those other names put on you, those are labels that are peeled off when we put God on the throne of our hearts and believe His Words and not the lies. God loves you beautiful daughter.

    • Please take a look at pathwayscoretraining.org it will change your life!! You will learn like I did how to get those tapes out of your head and live to your full potential as God wants you to do. Let go of the fear and live according to His will! 🙂

  320. I started appreciating God personally first thing in the morning and thanking him for all. Looking unto him to guide me all the way knowing whose I am and who I am in him. Sometimes I forget but consistently go back and remind myself that He’s got my back. Now I know that I have to live intentionally.

  321. I am stepping up to the batter’s box while praying that God will direct my path according to his will! Even though I am afraid, I will do it afraid. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real!

  322. I am stepping up into the place God meant for me to be! Without fear and without fear of judgment! I am fearless & wonderfully made!!

  323. tennille besil says:

    I love the book so far. I really needed a book and a bible study on this topic. Sometimes i feel like i just going trough the motions and I want to find me again and start living my life and stop living the way I am. I have had so much fear in my life about dealing with my past hurts and now I know i need to find out who I am before I can fully live my life right. Thank you all.

  324. Linda Jones says:

    I say let’s hit the ball out of the park!!!! We have to get off of our lazy butts and do something about what is going wrong in your life. Only you can do it, but you have to be willing to step up to the plate.

  325. I am stepping out to bar by taking part in a class at church. It is a deep class and I know it will be a hard journey. But I know God will be walking alongside me in this journey, and will bring me healing.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      That’s a wonderful step Ashley 🙂 He will be there with you every step of the way. Blessings on you during this journey!

  326. So I’m probably the only husband on this blog, but my wife sent me this post. I have not stepped up to the plate in my marriage and have “hidden all the bats and gloves”. Not intentionally but because of fear and anger. Living intentionally is something that we all need to do and God is willing and faithful to meet me where I am in life. I want to love my wife intentionally as Ephesians 5 tells me to; husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Cody, thanks for being brave enough to share among a bunch of women. We are glad you are willing to step up to the plate and do a better job as a husband. Blessings!

  327. Amen sista. I have decided to step back, quiet my mind and dig into God’s word to help direct me to the batter’s box. Sometimes I am involved in so many activities (all which seem to be what God wants for me) and focusing on the hustle and bustle and not His intent. Great book and great bible study!!

  328. I love the She’s Still There bible study series!! I never experienced a bible study like this. I am letting all my family and friends know about these bible studies. I am going to be here all the time and do all the bible studies. Thank you for having me.

  329. I’m stepping up to the plate by taking an initiative in my health. I refuse to sit around and feel sorry for myself. Instead I will trust in the Lord and doctors he appoints me and do my part in the equation as well.

  330. Nicolette Hernandez says:

    Thanks to the Bible study I’ve started dreaming again. I’m ready now to actually make short term goals in order to accomplish some of my dreams. I realize I’ve become a bystander in my own life and I want to be front and center again!

  331. Elizabeth Irby says:

    Today I started filling out the GAIN information about myself from Ch. 9 (Gifts, Abilities, Interests, Nature). I plan to be more intentional about my life by noticing what I’m good at or passionate about in these areas and recording it, so I can figure out how to specifically use my gifts.

  332. kasia louise christy says:

    For the past year, I have not been working. My school closed down and I was hesitant to find another school to teach at. I had a bad experience after my school closed, I went to work at another school and did not like it and had a bad experience. I slowly have been looking at schools and praying God would place me somewhere I would like and feel at home. I enjoy teaching and working with other educators. I have been a hermit not doing anything hiding in my home, so this book encouraged me to move forward and use my talents that God gave me. I have a new job now and I do feel it is a good fit for me and the hours I needed.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      That’s wonderful Kasia! We’re praying that this job is the right fit for you. God is intentional in everything He does.

  333. Caralyn Taylor says:

    I have talked about creating more structure for my daughter so we can get the most out of the day and prepare us both for homeschooling. I got as far once as making part of a poster board of rules, but never finished it. I want to step up and be the teacher mom I vowed to be! One day at a time, sweet Jesus, is all I’m asking! Thank you!

  334. I am ready to step up. Loving this study and thanks for the encouragement.

  335. Yes, I am still there! Understanding that I am a work in progress will help me enjoy the journey.

  336. Amy Hodgkiss says:

    Most of my life, I’ve lived in one place of fear or another. Even when I was confident, I was afraid of something. I stopped working midyear last year which took a leap of faith. Since then, I have made a huge effort to get right with God. My intentionality has been and will be to wake up each day with God, giving my first moments to Him so that I can have a deeper relationship with Him. I want to be a light in this very dark world for others to find Him so I am intentionally going to step out of my place of fear and share my love of Jesus with the people around me! I will not be afraid anymore!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Amy, thank you for sharing, Fear can be very confining. Father bless my sister as she moves out of fear into confidence in You.

  337. Thank you for this study.

  338. Ashley Largent says:

    I’m stepping hip to the plate to volunteer and help others.

  339. I step up everyday and lean into learning more about God and His Word. As a caregiver for my mother, I’m always on base somewhere or fielding balls that fly through the air. I stepped down from some positions to serve my husband and my home; which take a back seat sometimes due to caregiving or my health. I live intentional, even on days that require full rest!! That’s important too!!

  340. I have been recooperating from two knee surgeries (both on my right knee – PVNS disease and bakers cyst removed). I have been off work for awhile and have had time to refresh my “unique soul” with this wonderful book study, “She’s Still There.” Thank you!

  341. Rebecca Robey says:

    I hate taking risks for fear of failure. This post made me understand that failure will happen, and that’s ok. Incredible things don’t happen without risk.

  342. Debra LeBarron says:

    I enjoy the bible studys too,it is so very interesting to and I love to read the blog page too. God Bless you, Debra LeBarron

  343. Kaiecia Smith says:

    Man this so refreshing

  344. Right now my life revolves around caring for my disabled hubby and not much else. I used to think that there was nothing for me to do because I am stuck out here on the farm with no neighbors, no one coming around and no way to go and do…I used to run the food bank and was active in church and ran a face to face bible study but as my hubby continues to decline I have had to give all this up…But God always has something for us…I volunteer on line with P31 Ministries and I am able to share with each of you. No matter where you are in your life you are important to those in your life…I have my hubby and two boys to care for as well. Stepping up to bat my not look like what you think it should look like and that is okay, it certainly wasn’t what I thought it would be in my life but when I let go of my expectations a whole beautiful road opened up before me!!

    • Dear Terri

      You are an amazing faithful person. I pray you continue hear God and never lose hope. He has a plan for us all

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      God has a plan for us all Terri! You’re doing an amazing thing being a caregiver. It’s a challenging job, and God has you there for a reason.

  345. Thankful for P31 for bringing such encouragement to my life!!!

  346. This bible study is amazing! (my first online) Thank you for opening my heart and my mind.

  347. So enjoying! Live in the country and not many studies available. Thank you!

  348. Yes, I am ready to step up to the plate. Getting rid of those negative thoughts about myself, be an encouragement to others. Really wanting others to know that they are loved plain and simple.

  349. I have on several occasions attempted to sit silently and evaluate me. I don’t know if I’m not giving myself the time to do this or it’s so much going on I can’t hear the girl inside trying to speak up (help). Gain Perspective Personal Assessment has given me a start. Chrystal, I thank God for the journey he’s taken you in order to help your sisters.

  350. I’m in a season of my life I’ve never been before. I am new mom. I stopped working to be home with my little one and it’s a blessing I’m able to do that. But I feel like my job as an RN defined so much of who I am. I love nursing and caring for others and the challenge it can be. But I feel so lost without it. And staying at home makes it hard to enjoy much else when it is such a demanding job to take care of a baby. You hardly have anytime for yourself. I’m trying to find the balance and joy in it all. I want to be more intentional in my life as a stay at home mom and enjoy it more. Because I know it won’t last forever and I know I’ll miss it.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Keep going Abbi, you can do it. It will get easier. You’re still caring for another human life, and God wants you to do this demanding job for a reason. It can be hard many times, but it will get easier as your little one grows.

  351. Brenda Ronan says:

    I shall take the plate and intentionally get out more. I am becoming much to satisfied to stay home, by myself with all my time away from work. With the exception of picking up my grandson three minutes down the road and bringing him back to my house. I am intending to do more volunteer time at the crisis pregnancy center, something I have swept aside, getting back to my Women’s group at church on Monday’s instead of going to bed at 7:00p.m. It is hard because I do suffer from fatigue and am required to wake up at 5:15 a.m. for work but I am going to give it another go around instead of giving in to it. Wish me luck.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Brenda, you can do this. Getting out to volunteer is a great way to help others. The Lord will help you to get to your women’s group. He will strengthen you. Blessings!

  352. Lois Sanders says:

    This is my first online and I am thankful for the encouragement from it. I am ready to step up to the plate. This confirms to me that I am to continue leading the Friday morning ladies fellowship that fell in my lap. Plus at home be more focused on being a wife and mom for Gods glory.

  353. I’m loving this book and study!!! Thank you so much for listening to Gods call to do it

  354. Cindy Henry says:

    I have to be willing to get up to the plate so I can grow in Christ Jesus. Be willing to challenge myself be around positive people instead of focusing on the negative I grew up with I will see myself the way my heavenly father sees me and not my earthly father did. Christ loves me. Thank you Jesus. I LOVE JESUS!!

  355. So happy to finally have the book in my hands. I’m finding myself underlining so many things. I’ve been stick in an uncertain situation for about 2 yrs. it’s lead to severe anxiety. I can see that I need to take my bat and step up to the plate. The situation may not change for a long time. But I don’t need to stop living out the unique plan God has for me. Or let the situation definite how I view myself/ self worth. After all, I’m a daughter of the King.

  356. Edalia Vega says:

    Hi! Thanks, for another amazing Blog.. I’m ready to step up to the plate and take those challenges coming my way…can’t wait for tomorrow evening Bible Study… looking forward to it…

  357. Yes, I will play ball by doing my part. Sometimes it is confusing or fear-inducing, but I will remember I am on God’s Team! I am a Masterpiece and won’t get bogged down in the “messy middle”. Even though I don’t know what the final score will be, I feel all of us will be winners : )

  358. I am willing to participate in life, to step up to the plate. Yet I don’t think I’m
    ready because of the grief work I am doing right now. I cry easily and have bouts of anxiety randomly. Good days and bad days. But I’m doing the work while God is preparing my future for me.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Praying for more good days for you Michelle! On those bad days, remember who loves you, and that He will get you through and prepare you for the works He intended you to do.

  359. Kathy Rasmussen says:

    I am Gods workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for me to do❤️

  360. I will participate in My Life by ‘suiting up and showing up’ rested, nourished and rejuvenated. Self-care is vital to my physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
    I am adrift in my new location and new teaching position. I now Want to participate in re-building my life.

  361. Loving this OBS! So glad that God has given me the gifts he has blessed me with. I pray I appreciate them and continue to develop them into the woman he has created me to be.

  362. Darla Cintron says:

    I stepped up to the plate this morning as I was unexpectedly contacted through LinkedIn for a job opportunity at a well known company. I sent in my resume. I realize that I do have a lot to offer. As they described what they were looking for, I told them I don’t have certification in the areas but they didn’t want that. They wanted passion and life experience. I’m interested and excited for the next step.

  363. This study has been so amazing so far. I am a teacher and some unsettling things happened at he end of last school year so going back was not something I was looking forward to. This has been an amazing return to work and I have these moments in my daily devotions to thank. I have stepped up to the plate when I did not think I was going to be capable of. Praise the name of Jesus!

  364. Absolutely want to step up to the plate! What I am doing is opening my hands each day and asking Him to direct my day. I’m available for what He has and what He might do with me during the day even if it’s different than my plans. I know what I’m purposed for so He creates the opportunities and I follow Him. That’s the goal and I pray He keeps me there so I don’t stray. Sometimes I do.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Anne, what a great way to step up to the plate! Thanks for sharing. Keep those hands open for Him to fill. Blessings!

  365. I’m a little behind on this study because I received my book at the end of week 1. Love having an attitude of Gratitude!

  366. I am ready to participate more fully. I haven’t been using the gifts God has given me and I know I need to start. A person using their gifts and glorifying God is fully alive!

  367. I am really enjoying the reading and the videos for this bible study!

  368. This study is really showing me how unworthy I feel. Not sure I’m ready to step up. I’m in a bit of a funk and having a hard time getting out. I know god sees me as worthy but it’s hard when you’re here on earth and people around you make you feel less than. I’ve got some work to do. Nice to know others are struggling.

    • Yeah girl! I feel you! But I have to think because we are human, and not God, we aren’t always privy to the knowledge he has about us. It’s ok to be in a funk! It makes getting out of it that much more joyful when we start to align our thoughts with His, even if that joy only lasts a short while before we are back in the funk!

  369. I love this study so far and can’t wait to continue!!!

  370. This year has been a struggle, but I’m ready to step up and be engaged! I know God has a plan for me, and it’s not to sit on the sidelines.

  371. Are you ready to step up to the plate? How will you participate more intentionally in your life? I’ve generally been one who can step to the plate of what God is directing me to go. Currently, I have been really struggling with this question. I don’t know how to answer this question right now because there is so much going on in my life, family, etc. I’m sad that I can’t answer this question. I guess my first intention, which has been a struggle lately. And that would be to develop a daily prayer time where I can get into the Lord’s presence.That’s the first step for me, asking Him to show me where to use my time and how to use it.

  372. I have been struggling to find the the right form of study group. I left the church I have attended for many years. Because I am retired sometimes there isn’t a study going on when I want one. This is my first time doing an online study. I may use this method to fill in-between my other studies. I am craving non stop studies. I like the group at my present church. I still need that face to face girl time. Thank you for this online group. God Bless

  373. I want to step up to the plate by being a better person towards those who love me. I have a tendency to turn away from the ones that genuinely love me. I don’t know why that is. I have difficulties being in relationships. I steer towards people who say the words but don’t act on them. But I run away from people that truly, and deeply love me. I pray God is still working on me and who I’m meant to be.

  374. Though I have many interests and abilities that I tend to pursue more often…I think God also wants me to hone the ability of taking care of myself! I’m single living alone so it’s hard to sit down and get small things done, like schedule a dentist visit for example, because I could be using that time to be with friends or family since I don’t have anyone else to consider yet. I can be more intentional about keeping me healthy and my living space clean so I can be fully ready to step out of the dugout.

  375. I am the person who is always wondering “What is it I am supposed to do God?” When I was teaching it was easy….now that I am retired I am always in a quandary. I volunteer for several organizations but is that enough???? Just need to keep plugging away.

  376. This middle aged woman feels like shes been tossed and turned by life. This book is hitting me where I need it to be more intentional about stepping up to the plate and really live!

  377. I’m willing to step up by being consistent, staying focused, being committed and taking responsibility for drifts and distractions that I allow in my life. My slogan for 2017 is “Lord I’m going all the way no turning back”.

  378. Rachelle Clark says:

    Yes I’m willing to step up to the plate but kinda confused as to what I need to be doing . The book is really hitting home as I realize that I need rescuing BAD ……prayers appreciated

  379. Kiffony Wells Pool says:

    I’m willing to step up and be consistent in all areas of my life not procrastinating.
    Staying focused, ignoring distractions and Believing what God says about me

  380. I’m going to sleep up to learn more about our God so I will be a better example to my kids and others.

  381. This study is just what I needed! For yrs I’ve been whatever someone else needed or wanted me to be. Now it is time to re-discover who God created me to be!!

  382. Katie Rettig says:

    Wow! I am loving this study!

  383. Jennifer Huston says:

    thank you

  384. Wake each morning asking God what he’d have me do today to show His love to everybody I come in contact with.

  385. ❤️ this ⚾️ analogy! Put me in Coach; I’m ready to play! 🙏🏼

  386. I feel like I am ready to step up. I just need to find what it is that God has given me for my gifts and how to use them for the Lord.

  387. I feel like this most everyday, like I’m in the middle of a stadium with people looking at me expecting me to do something , but no ones saying anything and if I do the wrong thing something bad will happen! I’m tired, worn out, feel unwanted and unappreciated by my husband . I need to move and I don’t have the money for the first month rent, last security etc. I feel like I’m failing my children and I’m exhausted !

    • Praying for you! Lean unto the Lord for strength!

    • Kimberly Isaac-Emery says:

      Oh Mel, I am so sorry to learn this. It sounds like your soul is exhausted. Focus on moments. God IS with you…even if it doesn’t ‘feel’ like it. Praying for PEACE, CLARITY of next steps, and comfort that you are LOVED! God is FOR YOU.

  388. I have a hard time stepping up to the plate, like it will open its mouth and swallow me whole. Lord, please give me courage!

  389. I’m loved this blogged today and how it spoke to me. It’s time I step up to the plate and use what God gave me and to make a difference in this world and community. 🙂

  390. I have discovered so much in this online study. Ready to step up! The book is so simplified and explanatory to understand. Reading the comments makes you so comfortable to know you’re not alone. I had given up until this study. Thank you.

  391. Tarah Dotson says:

    I am intentionally going to focus on my love relationship with Jesus. I want to study his word and pray everyday. I am going to intentionally try to live each day to the best of my ability to glorify God and be obedient. I also want to Glorify God with my body so I am focused on my physical health as well.

  392. Latasha Matthews says:

    I’m willing and ready!

  393. Kimberly Isaac-Emery says:

    I feel more ready to participate in ways that I had never prioritized. It feels exciting to me too. I am grateful for this next step.

  394. Jennifer Mata says:

    I am so guilty of saying “I want to make a difference, God” and then sitting back and kind of just waiting for it to drop in my lap instead of taking a more active approach. This definitely speaks to my soul.

  395. Lori Spradlin says:

    Loving this BSL! Thanks ladies!!

  396. In this season of my life, I know God is prompting me to find His purpose for me in my life here on earth. I have experienced delay in my pursuit of His purpose for me, and fell into wrong company and toxic relationships. Now, I’m willing to step up my plate and let God be the coach of my life. I will pray more and listen to God more! This is a season for me to rise up in my walk with God and I know it will lead me to deliverance!

    I’m thankful for this platform for me to reflect upon my life and also read about how God is moving in people’s lives!

  397. I am learning to believe I am loved by God and that he created me with a purpose. I know God loves me but believing it and living it have not been something I’d been good at. Thanks for this study.

  398. Grateful to join this OBS, God speaks timely and purposely to tell us His leading…. thank you so much for this group OBS!!

  399. This was really good guess I need to get going I know what I need to do. I just keep procrastinating. I have a book that I really feel when blessed people. And I know it’s not me it’s God doing it through me. But I still keep putting it off thinking that I won’t be able to do it. Thank you for these words of encouragement. God bless.

  400. Chelle Schefcik says:

    This was such a great analogy!!! Through being sick the past several years and losing my ability to do so many of the things that I loved, including my 15 year career as a trauma and addictions therapist, I forgot that just because I couldn’t do many of the things that I loved that it didn’t mean that I couldn’t do anything. I literally just stopped going up to the plate to bat because I was unable to play the positions on the field that I loved playing so I just walked away from the game. Through this study, and a spiritual revelation I had a few weeks before this study, I realized that I still had a LOT of talents and gifts that God had given me that I could have been doing this entire time that I have been sick. Yes, they aren’t my first choice but I also have never given them enough of a chance to see if I could love them just as much as I loved the things I was doing before that I had to give up due to these illnesses. It’s like God gave me an opportunity to explore other pieces of myself and I was hurting so much from losing the others pieces that I loved that I just quit. I am committed to going back up to bat!! I may not be as strong, in my eyes, in the new positions that God has given me to play but I need to trust that HE KNOWS what He is doing in this unexpected season in my life so I just need to get back in and stay in the game!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      That’s wonderful Chelle! I hope He reveals so much to you in this time of change. You have so much to offer!

  401. Nice analogy…I often hesitate to step up to the bat.

  402. I struggled daily with, utilizing my talents in a manner to Glorify God. These daily words of encouragement have moved me to step up to the batters box and swing. For that is the only way you can try to make a connection in life. 1 Peter 4:10-11, is a great reminder. Be blessed All!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      How exciting that this study has helped encourage you to “step up to the plate”! Thank you for the reminder of the powerful words found in 1 Peter 4:10-11. Through us may God be glorified!

  403. I believe I am stepping on plate and getting up to bat with this study!

  404. Autumn Gilman says:

    This study is powerful! It’s inspiring and challenging me to step up and grab hold of what God has for me. It’s easy to go into autopilot, but I’m encouraged to step up and intentionally structure my days to move closer to God and the plans He has for me.

  405. I have struggling with a situation at work for a while now and wrestling with the thoughtt of whether or not I should approach my boss with the issues or just seek other employment, which I don’t want to do, because I do love the mechanics of my job. My very special friend gifted me this bible study program and talking with her and reading today’s blog has solidified my decision and strength to approach and discuss the issues I am having with my boss. I’m going to step into the batters box!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Yvette!
      Situations at work can be frustrating, and it seems you are really stepping up to the batter box by discussing the issue with your boss. We pray that everyone gets resolved to your satisfaction. Blessings!

  406. Tanya Lea Lewis says:

    Thank you so much for this! I needed it !
    I have been feeling so stuck lately and realizing I’m the only one forcing me to stay in my seat.
    This was a really cute concept with a really profound message.
    Thank you

  407. Nice to know we always get second chances!

  408. The #She’sStillThere study is exactly what I’ve been needing in my life right now! I’m learning so much about God’s truths and realizing the decisions and actions that need to take place in my life. So happy to be with such a strong sisterhood and community here in Proverbs 31, thank you for sharing your time and resources to help others like myself.

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Rachel!
      We are happy to hear that you are enjoying the study and the community here at P31 OBS. We pray you continue to grow and learn as we journey together.

  409. Christina Wirch says:

    How do we participate more intentionally in our life?

    • Ask yourself what happened, what your response was, and why.
      A simple example is: every little thing that could go wrong yesterday did… just little annoying things, on after another. My response was I needed to get some chocolate! Does that make my issues go away, nope…but in the moment it makes me calmer. However, too many times like that and I am not “dealing” with stress from little things but the fact:
      1. I relied on something that won’t help.
      2. It causes weight gain and clothes not fitting.
      3. It was a distraction to not deal with the issues.

      And that’s the simple one… we are so programmed by our past, busy lives, sin, and so much more, I think we just forget to think about what we are doing and go into auto pilo just to make it through the hour or days.
      At least I have…

      • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

        Hi Deb,
        Thank you for sharing. Your right, we are impacted by our past, busy lives, and temptations. The answer is to focus on God, study and apply His Word, and go to Him in prayer for guidance and direction. He alone has the Truth and brings us encouragement, comfort, wisdom, peace, and hope as we encounter stress, anxiety, and frustration. Hugs!

  410. This Bible study has been truly amazing and such a blessing to me. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for all of you ladies who are leading us in this study. Life changer for me! Praise God for His goodness!

    • Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team says:

      Hi Paulette,
      We are happy to hear that this study has been a blessing and has helped you to make changes in your life. We pray you continue to learn, grow, and share as we continue on with the study! Blessings to you!

  411. Jamie Carson says:

    I feel I am starting to step up to the plate with this study. I have needed to see myself the way God sees me. I need to love myself and know who I am. I often let my past define me. My past is part of my story but does not define who I am. I love how she writes in Chapter 2 that nobody else can do what what I was put on this earth to do to fulfill my purpose or love the people I love. She said it better than me. I have went back and reread those words several times

  412. So me and my life right now. I know God’s hand is on my business and is just waiting for me to “play ball”. Thanks for the analogy being a baseball mom and huge fan of the game I know it was a message delivered to me. Much gratitude for the lesson. Now let’s Play Ball.

  413. This study is such a blessing!

  414. Great analogy! I do occasionally stop and ask myself, “What have I done to please God lately?” Sometimes we get caught up in the daily commotion we call life that we forget the real reason we are even here: to do the good work He created us to do.

  415. Your discription of the game was great. When I look at certain areas of my life I see that has happened, although I wouldn’t have said that during the time it was happening, but it is amazing how time passes and I have ended up just staring! I see so much work ahead of me and the need to prayerfully participate where I haven’t been is so long.

  416. Would love to win these books. I would enjoy them and share with my friend. Thank you.

  417. Yes – God has been faithful to issue this challenge right when I’m ready to receive it! He even birthed a couple of ideas of steps for me to get up and BAT!

  418. I’m looking for a job closer to home so I can be with my family more and start doing all the things I’ve said i will not and never have! TOP of my list is more time with God!!

  419. I would definitely have to say that I want to continue to seek the will of God for my life and be able to step up to the plate by stepping out on faith and putting things into action.

  420. Kindra Denise McCook says:

    I actually went to Crystal’s conference this past weekend. I bought the book not knowing that we would be doing a study on it. I am excited to see what God has in store for me.

  421. I actually went to Crystal’s conference this past weekend. I bought the book not knowing that we would be doing a study on it. I am excited to see what God has in store for me.

  422. Karen Pendergrass says:

    I realize that I was floating through life. I now know that l can make a choice to live my life and not just float along. So I am purposefully developing a calendar to make sure I do things that add value to my life. I have plotted activities each day after work so I get some things done like changing an empty bedroom into my office. Now I can actually see my accomplishments daily. I even plot my day out at work.

  423. i love the blog, you just confirmed what God has been planting in our hearts for months about a new approach to youth ministry, its time for us to hit a home run!!!!

  424. Michelle Lewark says:

    I am loving the references to real life events & how it feels so personal to me (as I’m sure it does to many women)!

  425. Linda Mae Green says:

    Lord, with your strength I will be open to stepping up to the plate!

  426. This study has come at the most perfect time in my life. I have been battling the “Who Am I”, “What Is My Purpose”, “Where Do I Go From Here”, I have been so lost for so long and I need to now figure out with God’s help where I go from here, where does he want me to be. I want to be happy and fulfilled and living the life God wants me to live.

  427. Laurie Brinson says:

    Great analogy!

  428. Love this batter analogy!! Fantastic.

  429. Desiree Flora says:

    I will step up to the plate with finding out God’s plan for me . Then doing it!!!!

  430. Nicole Vincent says:

    I’m ready to step up and start living my life.

  431. Jasmine Hayes says:

    I am willing to take a step!!!

  432. I have decided to use the questionnaire of who I am, & what are my abilities to discover what is realky passion before I enroll for my Masters. So many diff types of counseling! What should I focus on? I believe finding my strengths will help narrow it down. 😊

  433. I want to step up to the plate by having a daily journal time with god every day after work. His peace, comfort and prayer time really help me have a restful night. So thankful to have a heart of faith for my heavenly father 🙂

  434. I have stepped up to the plate often, but sometimes feel like I am just standing there but nothing happens….and sometimes I knock it out of the park. I just want to be consistent…..

  435. Wonderful analogy–I’m a softball coach. I get it. And the Lord has really been highlighting this message for my life this week. It’s been such a breakthrough and miraculous, really! God has a plan for us–we cannot let fear hold us back from being a ‘game changer’! I would love to be one of your winners!

  436. God has shown me patience in the past couple of years. I have always struggled with having patience and taking baby steps. It has been difficult but in the long run I have found out why God wants me to have patience. I have always rushed into relationships and this last relationship we have been together for 2 yrs now and lived together for one. We are building a house together and in the past year we have had some interesting conflicts arise and I am glad that I have God to help me through the conflicts. I know he has a plan and I know it will be a grand one..I have learned to live one day at a time and not be so “wanting” the future to happen. When God says its time…its time.

  437. Jennifer Broom says:

    Great reminder to be intentional with the things that I do and say in my everyday life.

  438. Alison Wall says:

    Since I have started this study I have been writing a lot in a journal. I’ll write the chapter questions down and answer them, I’ll write scripture down that really spoke to me, prayer requests and things in my life that I feel like God has intervened on. That is a lot of journaling but I don’t write all of that every day. I’ll just take 10 minutes a day to write any of those and it has been so rewarding to look back, even from a week ago, just to see where I was at with God. I want to keep this up even after the study, that is what I will do to be intentional.

  439. I am just loving this study and book! I’m ready to go all in and participate 110%! I’m done sitting in the side lines full of fear and doubt 😊❤️👍🏻 God will open doors for me, I just know it!

  440. I am learning so much through the study of Job. I have had a lot of my questions answered as to why I got cancer at age 72, why my children are a source of concern (trying not to worry- ’cause worry isn’t Godly), why a car accident, and why my living room ceiling fell down! Yea, it really did that. My desire is to go back and study even more Bible studies through Proverbs 31. Thank you for all you do for us women.

  441. My book just arrived today. I don’t even know where to start. I was hoping to use the group to keep me on point. I feel like I’m doing an independent study now.

    • Dorine- I received my book late too. But it’s ok! I just read a couple of the blog posts. Watch the Friday one for sure. And then just read the book til chapter 11( I think – or until you read to part three) . Then NEXT week follow along. Don’t feel like you have to do everything! That’s what’s great about these studies. Sometimes I do EVERYTHING and others I might just read the book and one blog post a week. I hope this helps!!

  442. Thank you God for sending these wonderful new Sisters in Christ to be in my life. Soooo much re-learning about myself.

  443. I just want to say how good this book is! She really gets to the heart of the matter. I love this example of a baseball game! I need to step up to the plate for sure!

  444. Eye opening❤️

  445. Alys Snyder says:

    Sometimes, it’s scary to be intentional…
    We all like to go through the motions of life, go to our jobs and do our duty, enjoy our kids and their activities, enjoy our friends, enjoy church on Sunday’s, but never really “step up” to the Batter’s Box because it takes us OUT of our our Comfort Zone. Lord, I pray you guide me to be brave, in all things YOU give me strength, more than I could ever have by myself! 😉

  446. To participate intentionally in my life, I pray that God directs my steps and that I be willing, ready and able to carry out His plans for me.

  447. Katie johnson says:

    This is exactly what I need right now. Yes I am ready to step up to the plate. I am needing a change in my life and I think this bible study will help start that process. I am so excited to see what God has in store for me.

  448. Beth Williams says:

    A few years ago I was in a state of needing much spiritual whitespace. Life had me down. I was working a job I no longer liked-mostly due to office manager. My aging dad was having multiple medical issues needing my attention. I asked God if He would allow me to quit & be available for my dad then I would become a “local” missionary. He did & I stepped into the batter’s box. Got more involved in my church. Now I go & help with “Feed the Multitude” once a month-not only baking desserts, but dishing out the food. Took on role of secretary of Ladies class & joined Relay for Life. Just to name a few things. I sensed a need for more of God & less of this world. Currently I work a part-time job & tackle all that God has for me. My life is full & I am at peace. My dad died earlier this year (91). I am glad God gave me the time with him & allows me to do what I can in my town!

    Blessings 🙂

  449. So about 1 1/2yrs ago I made this step in my life to persue travel nursing. I was in place in my old job where I was being made to feel like my work didn’t matter and I had been working for them for 6yrs, I was hurt and wanted to feel more important in my job, and I thought leaving would fix that. I was wrong… so I made this leap expecting to feel better, but really I didn’t! I missed my family and home so much! I am grateful that I am only a car drive away from my family, and I still visit pretty much every month. But stepping out of my comfort zone has helped me be more confident in my nursing abilities and care,so I am grateful for that. I still feel as though there is a void though, as if I am to do something more!! I’m waiting patiently for God to show me what he wants me to do… and pray that it’ll happen once I am back home next year! I am so thankful for this study, it’s really gotten my spirits up and helping me feel the love of my God!!

  450. kristina Quinn says:

    I will step up to the plate by setting more realistic goals i can achieve – making me feel better about myself and accomplished. I will intentionally add “read” “take a walk” “relax” to my daily schedule / calendar. I have 6 children and i will intentionally schedule more of what THEY want to do, versus what they should be doing…..add in some park time and maybe more trampoline time…..

  451. Are you ready to step up to the plate? How will you participate more intentionally in your life?
    Yes, I am ready to step up to the plate. I am going to be more mindful of my spirituality and I want to step up to the plate of taking better care of myself physically and emotionally. I tend to overdue myself and then in the process forget or don’t have time to tend to my needs. I also need to focus on some weight loss. I have neglected myself in all areas of my life. I pray for God to help me turn that around and I pray for each one of you!

  452. Well, in spite of everything that happened in my life, I feel I did do what God intended for me to do all along…and it was not at all what I would have thought I would do. I had to quit school to go to work. I got my GED and that alone is what I had to complete the first 30 years and what God had planned for me. The saying
    He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called’ rings so very true for me. I am 62 years old and now retired from the first portion of my journey…I have sense been doing a lot of soul searching and finding my soul is what matters…This book has given me the opportunity to see things from my past that I never saw before and a chance to forgive certain people that I never even knew needed forgiven. God gave me memories that I didn’t remember and He felt i was finally ready for them. It hurt……..a lot…..then it healed…..completely…..now to find the rest of the girl in me……She’s still there..:)

  453. I’m going to step up to the plate and put God as a priority. I think this bible study is showing me that while the girl deep inside of me is still there, God is also still there loving me through all the crazy adventures I’ve taken in life. God is good. God is so good to me!

  454. I am a masterpiece!

  455. Amber Guidera says:

    Thankful and blessed that I am doing this bible study with my friend. Also very thankful that where I am today is NOT where I have to be forever. Nor is it where any of us have to be forever. This too shall pass…

  456. I was challenged yesterday at church to make spending time with God and growing spiritually as high of a priority as I make of my physical fitness. Wow!! That’s a challenge! But I think it’s what God is telling me the next step is for me. To fully participate in my life, to continue to focus on becoming the woman He wants me to be, I have to do this. So, I’m committing to catch up with the study, and then remain caught up for the rest of this week.

    Thanks for making me think, ladies!! LOVING this study.

  457. Katrina Dougan says:

    Thanks for all you do!!

  458. Donna Bazan says:

    This study couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s so hard to find you’ve lost all your dreams and cannot even see the light any longer, but this is when you must focus on the most important thing: walking by faith and not by sight. God and His promises are always true and reliable, and He is always trustworthy. As long as I have my faith, and understand that I am a work in progress, I know I’ll be just fine.

  459. I am ready to step up, I will spend more time praying and in the word so that I am strengthened and prepared for anything God sends my way. I have been reading Colossians and Paul says in Colossians 4: “5 Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. 6 Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person.” I want to be ready for those opportunities.

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