In Pursuit of the Answer

“She's Still There” Study Leader, Brenda Earley | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #FindingIAM #P31OBS

It’s Friday already — can you believe it? Brenda here to finish Week 3 with you! But before saying goodbye to this week, there’s one thing I’d like to share.

Several weeks ago, my son came to me to ask some questions about school and life in general. Right now, he’s in “high school senior world” with lots of questions and no exact answers.

Do you ever find yourself in that place of having a lot of questions with no answers? Or maybe, like me, wanting to know ALL the answers … NOW! Well, did you catch what Chrystal Evans Hurst says in Chapter 15 of #ShesStillThere?

“Your job is not to find the answer that leads to a master plan or purpose. Your job is to move forward as you become aware of an answer you can act on. You must accept an answer as part of the process to getting to the answer.” (emphasis added)

Wow, y’all, that’s a helpful reminder! Just knowing we don’t have to know all the answers brings some relief, doesn’t it?

So, back to my son’s questions for a minute. We decided to seek God one prayer at a time. And then trust Him to provide one answer at a time, knowing that by seeking and following Him every step of the way, we’ll eventually find the answer. It’s like Chrystal also says in Chapter 15:

“And because God made you in His image, the more you seek Him as the ultimate answer, the more you will find out about yourself and the answers you seek for your life.”

Friends, rescuing the girl within starts by seeking God daily in pursuit of the answer. It’s part of the journey to embracing the life He’s planned for us. The question is, will you start?


Let’s Chat:

How can seeking God daily help you move toward the answer for the girl inside you? What does seeking God daily look like for you?

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For Your Weekend:
Don’t miss the Session 3 video from Chrystal Evans Hurst to wrap up Week 3! And if you’d like to view the transcripts for it, click here. Note: this video will only be available to view here for free through September 28.



If you can’t view the video above, click here to watch on YouTube.




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Transforming Our Scars to Beauty Marks

“She's Still There” Study Leader, Brenda Earley | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #FindingIAM #P31OBS

Hey sweet OBSers! Brenda here on this #WorthyWednesday to chat with you.

This conversation may be tough, but I promise not to leave ya hangin’! There will be plenty of hope hugs at the end of this post. 😉 So pour yourself a cup of coffee or your favorite warm drink, so we can get comfortable chatting together … Ready?

Pain. It hurts. It wounds. It scars … and it’s inevitable. And believe me, I’ve had my share of it! I know you have, too.

Because of this, pain is something we oftentimes try to avoid, isn’t it? But in Chapter 13 of #ShesStillThere, Chrystal Evans Hurst reminds us,

“If we skip the pain, we skip part of the process.”

Years ago, I was “marked by pain” and didn’t know or understand where to find help to heal. But I ended up reaching out to a Christian counselor, who helped me see my pain had purpose. This helped me so much because like Chrystal says:

“When you know your pain has a purpose, it changes your perspective.”

"When you know your pain has a purpose, it changes your perspective." - Chrystal Evans Hurst#ShesStillThere I Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 3 #P31OBS

Yes, my perspective changed when I searched for help and found an amazing truth in God’s Word: God had a plan and purpose for me through that pain! (Psalms 147:3; Jeremiah 29:11 AMP)

With purpose found, joy came and healing followed. My wounds still brought scars, but I like to call them “beauty marks” now because no longer am I marked by that pain from my past — now I’m marked with beauty from God’s truth!

Like Zephaniah 3:17 tells us, God will save us and rejoice over us with shouts of joy! Shouts of joy, my friends! And this calls for a celebration because, like our VOW tells us, this is where we find our strength — in the joy of the Lord!

Nehemiah 8:10b (NASB) "For the joy of the Lord is your strength." I Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies I Week 3 Verse I #ShesStillThere #P31OBS

“For the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10b (NASB)

As we continue this third week, I’ll be praying over each of you. Let’s hold onto our verse this week, so we can remember the joy of the Lord is our strength. And then we can move forward, allowing Him to transform our scars to beauty marks.



Let’s Chat:

Do you recognize your scars as God’s “beauty marks”? And if so, how has this change of perspective helped your progress of healing from your pain?

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Embracing Our Life {Week 3}

“She's Still There” Study Leader, Brenda Earley | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #FindingIAM #P31OBSGood Monday morning to you! Brenda Earley back with you as your study leader for Week 3!

How are you doing so far? I know we’ve learned many truths and sometimes our brain is on overload, but let’s not stress. Let’s relax, take a deep breath and keep going!

And while we’re at it, since we’re going to be learning a bit about how joy can help us embrace our life this week, why not begin by putting a little J.O.Y. in our step? Do y’all know what J.O.Y. stands for?


Isn’t that easy to remember? And because it’s easy to remember, let’s apply it to all we need to get started this week.

Let’s spend some time with Jesus, embracing the Word while we learn to embrace our life. In our Bible study this week, Melissa Taylor shares a great way for us to “take a break” while quietly listening for His voice. I know I need a break sometimes; what about you? Check out the Week 3 section in the download below when you’re ready.

I’m wondering what our other friends, Betty Bummer and Worthy Wanda, are doing this week, aren’t you? Do you think Betty Bummer is closer to believing she is worthy? Let’s check it out and see. (Our videos are closed captioned. If you need help accessing the captions, click here.)

If you can’t view the video above, click here to watch on YouTube.

Don’t ya think Betty Bummer looks mighty pretty? And do you know what else? I’m anticipating a worth change in Betty Bummer soon. We do have three more weeks. #RealHope, y’all!


And let’s not forget our Study Companion – You’ll find everything you need right at your fingertips to be in the know for the week. And you don’t want to miss those beautiful Facebook cover photos of our VOW! Check those out to use too!

There. Now that we have some J.O.Y. in our step to begin Week 3, are you ready to continue on this journey of rescuing the girl within? I know I am!

Looking forward to embracing life with you!


Let’s Chat:

In the P31 OBS video, did you notice something different about Betty Bummer? What’s one thing you can do differently this week to add some J.O.Y. to your step?


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Steering Towards Truth

“She's Still There” Study Leader, Brenda Earley | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #FindingIAM #P31OBS

Hey sweet P31 OBSers! Brenda Earley here and it’s Fri-YAY! This first week has been so worth it, don’t ya think?

We’ve learned so many truths, such as:

  • We are God’s masterpiece.
  • We are okay.
  • We need to choose to fight for the girl within.

But the truths don’t stop there! Here’s another one I love from this week’s reading:

“Drifts happen when we unintentionally move away from who we believe we can be, what we believe we can accomplish, or where we hope our lives will take us.”  – She’s Still There, Chrystal Evans Hurst

Drifts — they creep in. Unexpectedly. Unintentionally. And I struggle with them! Distractions cause me to drift from my focus and purpose and lose the girl within. But James 3:4 is helping me with this, so I thought I’d share it with you in case you struggle with drifts too. It tells us,

“And a small rudder makes a huge ship turn wherever the pilot chooses to go, even though the winds are strong.” (NLT)

Let me explain. The person at the helm of a ship can turn the vessel in a given direction simply by maneuvering the rudders. Even the slightest change causes a course correction. And guess what, friends? We too can choose to shift the course of our “life boat”!

Maybe you’re asking, “Brenda, how do I do that?” Well, by choosing to use the truths we’re learning in #ShesStillThere and God’s Word as our rudders!

As we journey through these next 5 weeks and beyond, let’s start navigating in God’s direction for that girl within us. Let’s steer in the direction of His truths to rescue that girl because, yes, she’s still there.

Let’s Chat:

What truth(s) stood out to you this week that you can use to turn your “life boat” towards the girl God placed in you?

One commenter will be randomly chosen and emailed to win the optional “Who Does God Say I Am” Teaching Series to accompany your Worthy study.

You’re Invited to the "Who Does God Say I Am?" Teaching Series! We'd love for you to join us! #P31OBS #ShesStillThere

For Your Weekend:

If you would like to take the study a bit deeper, you can purchase the teaching videos that accompany the She’s Still There study.

We want to apologize that the Session 1 video is no longer available. If you’re interested in purchasing the videos, please click here for more information.


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Our Resurrected Identity

“Finding I AM” Study Leader, Brenda Earley | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #FindingIAM #P31OBSHey, y’all, it’s Friday! SHOUT OUT to you for sticking with me! Brenda here again to close out Week 4. I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat anticipating this day.

Ready for another teaching video? Atop the Mount of Olives, Lysa TerKeurst brings us a picture of what this week’s “I AM” statements mean. Aren’t you loving seeing the Holy Land through her eyes? If you need closed-captioning, click here for instructions.

If you can’t view the video above, click here to watch on YouTube.

Jesus wants us to understand His heart, today. He’s ready to make all things new and have this “I AM” come to life for us!

John 11:25 (NIV) I "I am the resurrection and the life." I Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies I Week 4 Verse I #FindingIAM #P31OBS

He is the One with Resurrection Power beyond our understanding, my friends. He can bring Life where there once was death. Remember Thomas? Martha? Even Jesus Himself?

In our video today, Lysa points out these resurrected identities:

Thomas “The Doubter” to Thomas “The Deep Thinker”

Martha “The Distracted One” to Martha “The Chosen One”

Jesus “The Coming Kingto Jesus “The Resurrected King”

And He wants to resurrect our identity too! Like Lysa said:

“The Resurrected King is bringing His Resurrection Power to you.”

He’s bringing His Resurrection Power to you, and to me! So let’s invite the Resurrected King to invade our lives and resurrect our identity.

I so enjoyed “doing life” with you this week!


Let’s Chat:

At the end of today’s video, Lysa leads us in an amazing heartfelt prayer. Did you join her in the prayer too? What deep places do you need Jesus to invade in order to resurrect the new YOU?

Join me in the comments, where you’ll be entered to win this “I AM” book with cards:

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