My Favorite Bible Study

“Finding I Am” Study Leader, Melissa Taylor | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #FindingIAm #P31OBSI can’t wait to start Finding I AM with you! I had the awesome privilege of sitting down with author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa TerKeurst, to discuss her first-ever straight up Bible study – which has just been released TODAY!

Check out our conversation to find out why Finding I AM is my new favorite Bible study!


If you can’t view the video above, please click here to view on YouTube.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Purchase Finding I AM here.
  2. Get out your Bible, purchase a Bible or download a Bible App. (I use YouVersion.)
  3. Join Lysa, the OBS Team and me on January 23 as we kick off Finding I AM: How Jesus Fully Satisfies the Cry of Your Heart. 

Let’s Chat & Give some Bible studies away:

We are starting 2017 off by giving away five copies of Finding I AM!

After you sign up for the Finding I AM OBS, come back to this page and leave a comment announcing that you are all signed up. Then spread the word by letting your friends on social media know about Finding I AM and inviting them to join you. Let us know who you invite – we can’t wait to meet all of you for Bible study!

Here’s a graphic for you to share and use as an invite:

 The next Proverbs 31 Online Bible study is on the book, "Finding I AM" by Lysa TerKeurst! Study starts January 23. Learn more and sign up here --> #FindingIAM #P31OBS


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Bringing the Joy Back

"Bringing the Joy Back" by Melissa Taylor | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #WaitAndSee #P31OBSHey OBSers! I have a situation that comes up every now and then, and I want to see if you experience it, too.

So often I read the Bible and wonder, How am I supposed to apply this to my life? or What does this even mean?

So today I gathered some of our Proverbs 31 OBS Staff to discuss our verse of the week, Psalm 51:12, to learn how they’re able to live this out practically.

Check out our discussion — plus a little “Happy Birthday” serenade at the end:

If you can’t view the video above, click here to watch it on YouTube!

Now it’s your turn, & we want to hear from you, our awesome OBS community!

Let’s Chat:

Take a moment to share with us: How can this verse help bring the joy back into your life? And while you’re sharing, go ahead and wish our amazing OBS Executive of Words, Katrina Wylie, a very happy birthday!

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No More Fears

"No More Fears" by Melissa Taylor | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #WaitAndSee #P31OBSHi OBSers! How’s everybody doing? I’m joining you today with my sweet, fun friend and co-worker, Kendra Schwarz! (You can just tell from our picture how fun she is, right?)

Soooooo, we read your comments yesterday in the “Let’s Chat” section of our study blog, and let’s just say we had many of the same feelings and obstacles in our wait as you did. Here’s the thing about obstacles though: They can be overcome. Click on the video below to join our conversation about the presence of fear and the lack of confidence.

And please don’t laugh at my hair, y’all — it is not a great hair-day. I tried to get out of making this video, but Kendra wouldn’t let me!

If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch it on YouTube.

Talk to us and let us know how you’re going to overcome your fear and gain some confidence in the process. And by “talk to us,” I mean leave a comment so our entire OBS community can benefit and learn from you!

Let’s Chat:

OK, so now it’s your turn and like we said, we really want to hear from you!

  • How will you deal with the obstacles that are holding you back, like fear?
  • When you don’t have confidence, what can you do to persevere?
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How Do I Find God’s Faithfulness?

"How Do I Find God's Faithfulness?" Nicki Koziarz & Melissa Taylor #WaitAndSee #P31OBSHey Everybody! Happy Tuesday!

Melissa & Nicki here with you today and we want to chat with you about something.

Have you ever doubted God’s faithfulness? Or maybe you didn’t doubt it, but you didn’t feel like He was working in your life in your current situation. Today we’re talking about this, double chins, working out in the wait and more!

If you can’t view the video above, click here to watch on YouTube.

Let’s Chat:

OK, so now it’s your turn. Don’t let us do all the talking!

Share a time when you experienced God’s faithfulness — and tell us how that helps you get through the times when you’re not getting the results you wanted, when you wanted them. (Or if you can’t think of a time in your own life, share someone else’s with us!)

We “can’t wait” to be inspired by you!

Join us for an hour of fun & community on Twitter tonight, November 15! Our Wait and See Twitter Party kicks off at 9 p.m. ET. We’d love for you to join us! Click through to learn more. #WaitAndSee #P31OBS

#WaitAndSee Twitter Party
TONIGHT! Join us at 9 p.m. ET on Twitter for a fun & fast-paced Twitter Party! You’ll find some helpful hints near the end of the video above, from Melissa & Nicki. Of course, this is 100% optional but if you do join us, here are a few keys to success:
2) Use the hashtag #WaitAndSee in all your party tweets
3) Refresh often! 🙂
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Melissa & Nicki Want to Check In with You Today!

Wait And See Study Leaders, Melissa Taylor and Nicki Koziarz | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #WaitAndSee #P31OBSHey Lovely OBSers! So, how was your first day of the Wait and See OBS? We got off to a great start yesterday and my favorite part was hearing from so many of you in the comment section on our blog! Thank you for being a part of this community and sharing your thoughts with us! Please keep it up!

Nicki Koziarz and I are excited to talk to y’all today! Join us in the video below as we chat about the Wait and See OBS, our assignments this week and the optional (but amazing) Conference Call Series we have beginning TOMORROW!

Note: All of our YouTube OBS videos are closed captioned for the deaf/hard-of-hearing.  Click here for instructions on accessing closed captioning.

For more information on our Conference Call Series, click here!

You’re Invited to the "When You Feel Like God's Not Showing Up" Conference Call series! We'd love for you to join us! You'll receive solid Biblical teaching and practical application by Melissa Taylor, Wendy Pope, Whitney Capps, Karen Ehman, Sharon Glasgow, and Nicki Koziarz! Click here to purchase the calls --> #P31OBS #WaitandSee


Let’s Chat:

Yesterday we got to know each other a little bit by introducing ourselves and sharing where we do our Bible study each day. Let’s continue the getting to know each other by answering this question today!

What’s the biggest obstacle for you in completing a Bible study? Do you have a plan for how you can get past that? If so, share the obstacle and your plan. (Or if you don’t have a plan, but have an obstacle — share it with us, and maybe someone here can offer some help!)

I’ll go first: My biggest obstacle in completing a Bible study is staying as committed and excited in the end as I am in the beginning. I’m tempted to sleep in or say “I’ll do this later” but then not get to it. My plan: Accountability partner. Guess who mine is? It’s Nicki and all of you! That’s right, I’m letting you in on my weakness so feel free to call me out and ask me about it!

Nicki: The biggest obstacle for me is time! Most days I feel like I’m just a hamster trying to keep up on the never-ending wheel of stuff to do. But my plan is to do my study first thing in the morning before any interruptions. I love that everything comes right into our email inbox and I can even do Bible study in my bed before my feet hit the floor. I’m going to need Melissa to hold me accountable in not reading my other emails first though. 🙂

We can’t wait to read your answers!

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