I Love Proverbs 31 Ministries!

One of the things I love best about my job at Proverbs 31 Ministries is getting to see first hand the work God does in transforming lives through this ministry. It’s absolutely crazy amazing. And it happens everyday. Check out this video~

Join us on the front lines! from Proverbs 31 Ministries on Vimeo.

I love that video so much because I can relate. I was once, and really still am, a woman who receives much from Proverbs 31 Ministries.

It was eighteen years ago when I first learned about Proverbs 31. My 2nd child had just been born and even though I had a wonderful family and friends, I was lonely. I felt very inadequate as a wife and mom. Proverbs 31 Ministries became my mentor in walking with me daily, guiding and teaching me what a personal relationship with Jesus looked like. I learned how to bring my faith to life for myself and in the lives of my family. I can’t believe I get to be a part of that today. Not only do I work at Proverbs 31 Ministries, but I’m also a monthly partner. I don’t have to give money to this ministry, I GET TO give money to this ministry. And by doing so, I’ve become a small part of bringing God’s peace, purpose, and perspective to the lives of women all across the world. Proverbs 31 Ministries changed my life. My family and I will forever be grateful to God and P31.

Maybe you too have been blessed by Proverbs 31 Ministries.  If so, would you consider joining us? Below are ways you can be a part of all God is doing through P31.

1. Prayer. This is the best thing anyone can do for our ministry. Would you pray for Proverbs 31 Ministries?

  • Pray right now.
  • Pray once a week. (Hey, that’s 52 times a year!)
  • Pray daily.

2. Giving. We are able to do what we do at Proverbs 31 because of the financial gifts God has provided through people like you.  No amount is too small or too big. One dollar helps! When I look at what this community did through Dove’s Nest during our Yes to God study (you all gave over $28,000!!!) all through the combination of small and large gifts, I am still blown away! Never underestimate what God can do through our gifts. Online Bible Studies are possible for FREE to all of us because there are people out there giving to financially support this ministry!

3. Volunteer.

  • Do you live in the Charlotte, NC area?  We need regular volunteers we can count on. Email nicki@proverbs31.org if you can help!

4. Encourage. Ministry can be difficult at times. Our office is always grateful when we hear from our P31 community.

  • Send a card to the P31 office. 630 Team Rd. Suite 100, Charlotte, NC  28105
  • Email a prayer to the P31 office. prayer@proverbs31.org
  • Let us know how P31 has impacted your life. Click here to tell us your story.


Thank you so much for being a part of this OBS community. I love y’all dearly!

Here in the United States we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. One of the things I’m most thankful for is you. That’s the truth.

Thank you so much for your support! We need you and we truly love our community of women from all over the world. You are a big blessing to me personally and to our entire team and staff.


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Greater~That’s a Wrap!

****There is still time to enter! Winner will be announced tomorrow, January 25th!  Read on for details.

If you are still with the Greater Online Bible Study, let me salute you!  Great job. This is a super big eye-opening book! Hard-core. Challenging. Awesome.

We are now at the end of the book, Chapter 12, Strike the Water and the Epilogue, These Bones.   When Elisha struck the Jordan River with his cloak, that was the sign he was ready to step into the future as a prophet in his own right. What does it mean for you to strike the water and move into the greater future God has planned for you? What is your next step? (Question #1 from reflection questions)  Funny how we are finishing the study Greater, but we are beginning our lives of Greater.  How do you feel about going for greater in your life? Are you ready? What are you excited about?  (Question #2 from the reflection questions)

I’m so sad to finish this book for a few reasons. First, Pastor Steven Furtick is the pastor of my church. My family is on fire for Christ because of him. My kids LOVE going to church and volunteer on their own. I respect him so much. I see him live his faith…and his insecurities. This book study has been very special to me. But also, this study has changed me. I’ve decided not to settle for mediocre, I’m going for greater.

Today I’m asking everyone to post a comment. How has Greater changed or affected your life?  Would you leave Pastor Steven Furtick a note in the comment section of this blog a note telling him about it and thanking him for an amazing book? I’m going to compile all the notes and send them to him and I really really really want everyone to participate. Let’s bless and encourage him, ok?   Everyone who does this will be entered to win our entire 2013 Online Bible Study book package. That includes each book we will be studying this year: a copy of Let. It. Go. by Karen Ehman, Stressed-less Living by Tracie Miles, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa TerKeurst, and A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. And you’ll also win a purse-sized Bible.

Speaking of purse-sized Bibles, we have our winners from this week’s give away. These ladies have won a purse-sized Bible for themselves and a regular sized Bible to give away. Our winners are:

Nancy Silvers

Jenar ~ email beginning lokua02

Danielle Wright

Lee Hagins

Dana Young

Congratulations ladies!!!  Our beautiful OBS Executive Assistant, Angie, will contact you via email with instructions on how to receive your prize!

There are many more give aways going on over the next few weeks. As we wrap up our study of Greater, we are gearing up for our study of Let. It. Go.  which begins February 3rd.  We have  books, DVDs, and study guides to give away plus more Bibles! Stay tuned!

Thank you all for being a part of the Greater Online Bible Study. I’m so thankful to each of you. Keep in touch or better yet, keep studying with me! Whatever you do, I pray that you have been blessed somehow by studying with our Online Bible Studies Group. You have for sure blessed me.

Love, Hugs, and Blessings!



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Greater Hop: Week Six

We truly hope you’ve enjoyed this opportunity to share your personal thoughts and reflections. We can’t wait for you to join us for our next study and our next hop!

This week’s suggested topics for our last Greater Blog Hop!

1. Open. What are your thoughts on this week’s reflection verse?
O LORD, open {our} eyes so {we} may see….~ II Kings 6:17a NIV84

2. Believe. How would your life be different if you believed God’s infinite power and potential was at work within you? If you could do anything for God, no bounds, no limitations, what would you do?

3. Up Next. Now that you have finished walking this journey with us. What’s next for you? What is the most important lesson God has taught you through this study and how will you apply it to your life today?

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Greater~Chapter 11, Open My Eyes

As I read Chapter 11 of Greater, I couldn’t help but realize what I should have known all along. That what matters most is not what I think I am or am not. But what matters is what my Father sees in me and what He says about me. Fortunately, God has given us a book full of promises and truths, included is what He thinks about me. I don’t know what I’d do without my Bible, God’s Word written for me. So many times It has been my Source of confidence, strength, and security. I can beat myself up all day long. Someone can easily hurt my feelings. But God’s Word sets me straight.

I love God’s Word so much that the leaders of our Online Bible Study Small Groups gave me Bibles for Christmas. 43 of them. Not so I could have them for myself, but so I could give them away. You see, I can write and speak and tell some really good stories. I can teach life lessons and encourage others. It comes naturally to me. But my words will fade and be forgotten. Only God’s Word will last and can 100% be trusted. And it’s my hope that anyone who needs and wants One, will have One.

The grass withers, the flower fades,
but the word of our God will stand forever.

Isaiah 40:8  ESV


Last year, OBS gave away over $2000 worth of Bibles and books, all donated by our own OBS leaders. They bought them. Paid with their own money. All because they care. They love and believe in the power of God. They are generous with what God has given them, more generous than any group I’ve ever been a part of.

This year the giving continues. And my prayer is that God will Open Eyes through His Word. Eyes that will be open to receive what God says about us.

Our first give away is going on right now. We are giving away 5 purse-sized Bibles, small enough to carry with you anywhere, in a random drawing to those who sign up for the Let. It. Go. Conference Call Series and can list the conference call guests in the comment section of this blog. (warning: you must have good eyes or eye glasses~ the words are small, but the Bibles are awesome for carrying around on the go!)

Let. It. Go. Conference Call Series ~ each call includes interview with special guest and message from OBS Leader, Melissa Taylor

We have a great line-up of 4 women who will share with us what letting it go has looked like for them.  Our guests include:

Candace Cameron Bure~ Actress (DJ Tanner on Full House), producer, NY Times bestselling author, & international speaker

Jill Savage~ author of 7 books, speaker who is passionate about encouraging families, founder of Hearts at Home

Sharon Glasgow~ Proverbs 31 Ministries Speaker & Writer, lives on a farm in Virginia with her husband, children, their milking goats, chickens, and organic fruit and vegetables gardens. She knows what it means to let it go and give God the control. Her story is both inspiring and amazing. You have to hear it to believe it.

Karen Ehman~ author of Let. It. Go., Proverbs 31 Ministries Speaker Team Director

Just to be clear: To be entered to win one of the purse-sized Bibles~

1. Sign up for the Conference Calls

2. Leave a comment listing our fabulous guests

Comment by Wednesday night 11:59 pm. (this is a change from yesterday’s post, extended an extra 24 hours)

Winners announced on Friday.

And as an added bonus~ each person who wins a purse-sized Bible will also receive another Bible to give away! That way you can share God’s Word with a friend! 

Bibles will be given away throughout the year to those in need of one.

Praying that all of our eyes are open to see ourselves how God sees us.


Greater peeps, we are almost there!  Just one more chapter!!! Now that our eyes are open to God’s Word, it’s time to “Strike the Water” move forward to God’s greater for us! So exciting!!!!


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Let’s Go!

If you’ve been around lately then you know we are striving for greater in our lives. And greater is possible. But only if we are willing to truly move forward, let go, and let God.

That’s one reason I’m so excited about our next study. It’s the perfect follow up to Greater.

You are invited to join me, Proverbs 31 Ministries, and lots of ladies from all over the world to participate in our next Online Bible Study, Let. It. Go. by Karen Ehman. You can sign up in the right corner of this blog at the very top.  All the information you need to sign up and be ready to begin on February 3rd is here today. Just read on!

If you plan to join me, leave a comment in the comment section. And read this post carefully. There are a few give-aways contained within.

Let. It. Go.

with Melissa Taylor, Online Bible Studies Leader, February 3-March 16, 2013

Everyone who signs up for this study and orders their book from Proverbs 31 Ministries will receive a signed copy of Let. It. Go. by Karen Ehman.  Everyone participating in this Online Bible Study will also have access to the entire DVD series, courtesy of Zondervan Publishers.

LET. IT. GO. How to Stop Running the Show & Start Walking in Faith

By Karen Ehman

Foreword by Candace Cameron Bure(who is also a guest on our Let. It. Go. Conference Call series. Sign up for the conference call series by Wednesday, 11:59 pm EST AND leave a comment in the comment section of this blog post listing the 4 conference call guests, and you will be entered to win one of 5 beautiful compact Bibles, small enough to carry around in your purse!) Not only could you win one of these cute Bibles for yourself, but you could also win a regular sized Bible to give away to a friend. 5 winners announced on Friday!  

Aren’t they oh so cute!!!  And because they are small, it’s convenient to carry with you everywhere!  So, sign up for our FABULOUS conference call series and you could win one of these plus all winners also get a Bible to give away to a friend!  AWESOME!


Women are wired to control. We make sure the house is clean, the meals prepared, the children are dressed, and everyone gets to where they’re going on time. But sometimes our strength of being conscientious can morph into the weakness of being a slight—or all out—control freak! This humorous, yet spiritually practical book will help you to:

  • Take control of your schedule yet welcome interruptions from God
  • Draw the line between mothering and micromanaging
  • Influence your husband instead of manipulating him
  • Learn to control your emotions when you can’t control the circumstances
  • Stop pursuing the appearance of perfection and start pursuing the person of God

Sign up today here.

Order your signed copy of Let. It. Go. here.

Are you ready?  Let’s Go!



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